Newspaper of True American, August 25, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 25, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. -- - - - - - - - PLEASURE EXCURSIO.N' TO BAY ST. I.OUIS AND I'ASS CIIRISTIAN. Fare $.51!! . ThT lit.t running stIrmbllt MA Z E P P A ,C aptai a G rilli a, leaves the Shlake en otl e rail onlad at tihe arri Tnl of toe 7 mlcstok etrn,, o cttinll av eve:t Itlr I e rslst. and every ensai n Saturday. leturnifg, will riach tile roil roadby 6i'clock on iMonday inYii IFg. Apply to1 GEO. WillT MAN, New Orleans 4i Mobile Mail t1iice. aungl18 Under the Exclhange Hotel. St Charles st. O .OXI PA CA(;iOUl.I-, Twike r r n neLl. 'wle fine low preu.tce stleamer _ GIRAFFIOE, Ctltr. Swile, willleave ll for tile above places on tri moroings of WEDNESDAYS & SATURI)AYS, immediately after tlh arrival of the 7 o'clock cars, and retnrn on'Thurldnys and M lntlays to the onil Road The public may depend npo gre;at punctutlitv. Aug 14 For paosage apply to ('Cpttin Swier. For Mobiler and all Inlernedite launlngs. The low pressure lteam bont AK O.AROLNE, ill leav New Orlean for Mobile, avery Thursday and Reapnlat d P lock, M. tuching at all tile w'tering places at which passengers may wish to land, For farther partielarr, apply tOGE. W ITAN, GEl. VIIITMAN,*0 jy24 Exchange lHotel, St. t harles st. MVFICE. For Mobile and all Inlermediate Landing#. The fast runnino anil sn.endid steam cant WM. WAL.LACEm, entirely in state rooms, will leave New Orlans for .llo -ni, d all intermediate waterin. rpl~ac, aevery Tuoeday an Saltucday, after the anrrt a l 12 o'clock cars. G GEO. WHITMAN, jy24 Exchange Hotel, St. Charles st. MATURUI)AY EVENING ANtLD UNDAY TO MANDEVIhLI, L K& IIt:lONVILiI. TO MAI TE Ie steanorSOUTl AL.AIIAMA, L Capt.L.T.Knightwill leave the lake enaoftherail.roadfor thile above p1 curavery gata) evening, on the arrival of the on' clockcrs, and return the same night-ani leave Siun dlay morning on the arrival 1fthe B o'clock cars; rturn ins leave Madisonville at 4 o'clock, I'. M1. n2 3taw 2nm S2ADL IitJONVIIlE. , LOUtIIIIJICG, 'IUANE VII.LE 6& OVINGiTIN. 'The fast runnintg end spllendid iteam. boit SOUT11 ALAItAMIA, I,. T. Knight master, will ran as i rvgt laIrmail -at or tlhe above po'ts an Mo1Mtdaysl , WVedes di ts and Fridays, after thie arriuval of lthe 8 i'clo chrs, A i. Returning, leaves Covingtoi 'iiesdnya, 'hlltltri days and .turdlavs, at 8 o'clock, A M. N II. All baeCtt1e and pinnrcil t ti risk oftthe ofwn ers, unlesa a Iil of lading is signil. (Ilt) W'IIIT''MAN, New Orleans aonld Mbila Mlil Office, u2 iExchnne IBulitdllio, S t therles ot. - FA RE I.EULtUC;EU! " lThe ewulionit M 'IZEPI'A will . "leave the .Lake end of the Raiil IlRol it, cilundiv, Wicdlneluays d I,'ti Ilay St. Louis, t'auss Chitian, Ililioxi, Ae ; retantino, will leoVe Pascagtila o Iday ligihlt, itilitrrice aittO leoans at 3o'clock, 'P. l., tull ngn at illthte wateriv gl places in dny light. Fare freiim New itrleansto t1 lin St. luin $2 50 Ililoxi , 101 l15)i. WIIITMAN, nl Exclmng llrotelr, St. t'horlr strel. N4T'I'CIX r! RAVEI.I.EIBiS gains i, i tl ile Inv the fnil I o, ndlys, Widuesdlay, andl Fridas, wccl 'iii. ter their c IIoIeI ot this oi)lici', n t, tt ti tih s,', rIt in the itag att Ptasci ollhl a it tilhi IhIIlvrI lnl'd days, unles "_he r oam,,s be placed ,n eltbP waly bill. 'It~ll* 4 ,IY11 ilaveR bILeavv batugaI (.,itll hive it tllLk'l direct to ,Mobile by u1ny blnats dalllring the vv c'h" kPhCL) ,nn Ihebtlsve iamnaed days. lIlt) \VI1'T.1I.1.1, l)OlK--Prime and 1.s Pork, fll[ bral led. PI't Ali,, 911 pieces Kentucky Ilaigittg, |1, ,lts INte; fIhl alt hy 111' Il".1'.V a-. l i. jao7 II tlnr virst Illl stairs. . ti ;]~i-1, ipe.,. of Pinar,, II ;i, it-n,-,,,. wt'I g Iulhei ', lhiii. I ; s . t'lrilhmtn, for -cth- Iil jell; 2l id ' N ,v v . ltWlElrlTN ItU'tlenIo-- s ill kIg- iii t,tic , 6ir soho bI y i I.''Ii ,:e ,ll TI'ltinto, J ugg.IgIII ci ttil day Ii t.ihn, titleotll Ilirt. 111O212 N Y S'mtioner' lhdl,,,21 Cb.trltrs st. sale by iith l lilt t M S, jrlt2 6 .3. trict. 5U buxes cheese, 2.5 buxea bulnatl raisine, LUo boxes uhperlu tla, IlU I iellls erry beullnlr, IU Iaull u.l rcls ultoll Ialllr keU tlltr.r e- 1' ., cl.l./ boe1111r. r rlrrjcr I srt 11" I, lleeived Ier si lll nti-, Ior sal .Av . Uirlg-- Lei le '11 Fr, bi.,. c aI . o usOr 1c. nisi fIbr aulue y lh is .1 , jerO 14-i . rleve. R ULED CAP & LE'T l'l.lK l'AI'Eli--On halFtr, large aseurtreIIt ol low perd t un very s iurt, ei.U r a tl lllh lt, 1 t uve ral d ullll 0 l. l . as l Ilal'ell lirle Sle by UAJ\ ) 11151. 1' & L~b NeW aLrk d.Sllroll eel lail, jy23 "c-hn r tnvllrier street LEAF LAI--IUII 0 egs, Il hle slllllllng urndr srurleiur qlal.ty,slt lllutrlldllg Irlr t rlle by A UI(E tIr e .1e jy l .tI4 a rw flc veW . A U DI TI)It.'O 1)iiA,1'3--on tte '1 reuallt l' I .as purchafed bon d A rI'I'L Toul% Hn..\eIll, Jye Exclrrrrg Holel, Flavoer suer, yI.I--oJ up iotorc good uit wit, bu a L or,, r eplu , laying au t seflland nen t artole, for sale by CIIASIE & IXY, San elegallt lsortwllet of laulltlld Letter \Vri ors, o le half o buuld, for tile Coutllting I orlle, lild reine Ileutly dOlr rll it ilo.iece eFsas with Ibacks ire travelling, a very uetul'ald eoleellillt artcler , r or -ale by 1) FEL I . Ct., New York aid Stationerr s lal, jy31 2,1 Lhailr rcs street. lt.lh.r. -rr ibls rUchfled Wlmloy, lrlrding SIrot rrateaulb t lnl11ttlrol, 12., do, Atr sltlor, li' sale by LA4Ir l & AMELU.IU i, Jy" y' 17 CoIIuC rLe stre dUlI'lN.. lNStl'ltLlbml' f', &e.--.A ejpply of .JCupping ItIrlurmentls, Ialent 'Pulllp cyr elgeFe, and S.lmr h iPumpl all of tie rlost iprll-oed des cription, iec.ired by the SubscriLCers. Alsoe, Cologne VWater, liallr ol Culumjbin,l \'trd's Hair Uil, Fire alHit, aill atd I'ooth Bruseis, t. rFc. jyli aiCc&.h'.J, & Co, du C.oall streel. Il TO ir-trEN e r-Trre Houser inrrden adjoing rirlrby'r UI Academy, o T''tvolltCircle cutllmaillng .lI rtoolls with kitcheln, pantry, ard ot-ieioeur, O&. -rpl y to JAILVIO o- A'IiiI.FWS, jy er_ crer er''llourpitoulas (Clrllllno streets. rEAF I.LAil-i)UUII kegs superior article, in Ille shiplring order, and lor oaie by L. )U(JIlJ,.e , jyt 44 Nruw Le ce. i TT''t R PI ER. --Jut received fromr tire Brand wine Malls, li case supllelille blue letter iputL Lsole very low priced; 1 ecases superille wirrre erte paper, dro; 2'cases 1t11 lrpink .tter piaper; 4 cases suler ilarr ipcklt post large size; 2 cases sueperlille tie auorr teolors; e" ct ·a supereline octavo usortrrd crrrr .s; for oale, wlhluooale and rertail, by U I1'E.I' & Co, New York otationers' Hall, jy2l 2.. Chartres street. *10 1u E-- -o esasn gtreulr rteredartly, file n lormro o0 the Poth Rail Road near the Lra.r Shore. 'l1Ie two PanihoriU n B lth, near tile itoo Orerins and Aaohville Karl road. Ceveral krroms in the Ctar Ilouee of the BaIlts Rail ar d Counlplay. For tile Irorlicular ualply to H IIONNAIUEL, jy_2 . _oreier Notches k Te 'chouprola lo sa. (:(r,'tCit ALE-72 casks Scotch We, (quarts .r d pants) ito sale by HOI.IES & tllll .L, Jy21 Bank Alley. i ALRPEN1'ER'S Fluid EsieraY t of Sarsaparilrh- and all other Carpenter'a Ireparatiols, received lately by I ito.iN NAlItl, jy~l eor Tchlopitoulas & Natchez sto L EMON SYRUP in to.xes of t do., rech fir L a e by y EAEA D & UAtILSI'tW, aug4 7, Jaulk Place. Sf UGA Ile.e .itrraeses-n0 bcarrels for rale by J THtAYER4 & CO, acg l3 7,1 l'oudlo n es s;reet it c anIi ee, joe. reero.d . fu. rale iby J 'IHAYEi CoII, sug23 741 'orlrir sCtreet. Al .VASei, It Hn-si-ie Ihde, tierres and bbls. in store, anld ot s lei by LAYEf'' & AMELUNG, ang23 17 Cotchrerce street tltºE-tUOo co8ko Tuuii nnoriiriiiTO Irrr ole by IIE.tOUtjINE BIIUWN ' CO, aug23 U Corti st. " 1Nl Eitr-- O trr iskets Chamlpagn'e Wine, (Congress brandt) loUll dol wine, (LefiryeSte brurd;) 1F pipes Modeira; -,50 qr. cuoke imitation nladeira wine, mn store and oresle bF ug3 HEItIOGINE BROWN t', ", _gi 2 Ciotti t. LAWVRENCBE A LEGENIIRE, augti3 98 and d9New Ilere, ?I\ItASURY Noren-tOOil dolls. forenotsi J TIIAYER & Co, Satgri3 74 P'oydrs sireei. 20 DI)LLARS REWRARD 7ilLL be paid for the apprehension of the rev A N W IE.Wiw, who albcollded fromn tre Ribeerlirer on tile 5t 111iRr. Said b.y is about 15 years ofCUe, about five eert high, black face, end rathler got Inekin:gt Sl"rke laos aurIan liltle nSantemcring ohen hrfet ollrkre ti; )t~dost wheo hie leli,.cFtgillerde ptort, etripr,- shiri and -truew iat. ".JO1,4 lIN'llitiN, rrgt-.t lxctntge 1'.a,, x SHIPPiNG. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOIL. - The A l n fist esilioe sRlo STEIG. ITZ, Capt. U;ih-on, will eo,.ive daspn:eh, ".'vin.. . the greater purt of her gmreu engaged; flr freighlt ol 2111i lales cotton, or passage, lvilng halndsomelll n collunllllllluu tios, applly Ito IEVI II GAE, 15iO3. :t 3 li t l llllllnln lrePtL. The A I fait stnling ship CAROLlNE AlliG UST.\, Capt. Buss.t, having fall cairt eeilgell, will til with dtspltch,Ifol p taage o lyvinil good ace all l ta appl'ly to tle (Cit, on bolodl, or to S o& J P Wt'I I'I'N IY, nuglt 8 Conti street. I O t I VEIPItII.. The Atl and lst sailing hip Ill (iERT, Capt. Seldoa, will recei+ imlumediate old patch Ior the above port. Foa freighlt Tf .511 halers o cutlh or pnssage, hlaving hliandtOelll ieoi tiodltilions, apply to LEVI II (AI.T5, a1el I 9a Comlmon street. FOlt IlI VEKI('POOL. The A 1 and fast railing bnarque LAU RENS, Capt. Merrill, will recr'ie despatch. . l or patnsage only having laidasotne uceoll lnludatlons, apply to LEVI II. GAI.E, nIg9 9 Coltlinaon street. -FOR LIVIEL'.POOL. The A 1 andl last sailing shllip GLOII , Cllpt. Oliver, will receive nuinediuit deo. partch. For passage only havinga hndllldol e accomolldtions. App ly to LEVI II GALE, jllg9 9.1 Comlnti street. It LIV I.Kl'( OL. The coiere d nd cipper lfarteliedl hip CUMBIERLANDI, Capt. Hi1ly,, Ilhavitg mo.t of her carlo engaged, will have deptiit h. Far tieight ofilO0 Itulen or passage having tllieri'r acconsmodations, apply to S&J P VWIIITNES. july'l 8 :onti reet. I.O11+ Gil i+tA l']AIt. T 'he fine d stilinetir brig 11O, Capt. Kansih, will reeoive. iliellrdilllte lor uccollo hodations, aoiply toi nll.9 913 C.nilnllll street. - 't-FR M A lSELLL 1.1t 1S. The filte fst a.t ilialg birquo NOBIE, Cap t. illnnuia, sillt orcire drlateli. FPor I passrge ntly apnply tr IEVI \II G1.1i, nlgi] 9t3 l 'omnl lr mtlrret. FORit. l Al-SElil.l,lE/ I'lThle well kiown nlla last eailint picket hrig l)It. U.1Iti]Sd, I'ngre, r -ter. wll - c ive il elllaHle I sai h lo r he , sillllvl llrt. l ll Iller e i ati er plrt If her lrl, eolgied. Fllr 17,eieht .l'-d.( hiller 0 ,1(t0llll, r1' llllIltlnge, havillng lanlldsoille Iilu lllclcmm lnuduti,, apply to, A I) (;ORE rr LI;VI It 1iAlil', nlli 'g7 (93 Commonl stlt .EL The Itat oiiliitlgrio ('A tO1.I'tE, (onpt. Thomiaiiion, trill iate inile.loal+til hor .:.-n. atbveilhioetaot. For Ireighit ol 1511hil li t tan, Itr pioitgi, ol.ply to LEVI II G IC,, n lla r l3 9:·3R i tSlll I o t, _ '1]. fast s~iing ship IIEItVN 9 i1t, hat~e, dpt}ach; fr pal .-age ilipli to I' J I I II[t'NIvI, Coastwise. I Ie 1, ckt shill (.III ), ((: i jiirt ',I Il is unw receiviiefncigh md I vi l - A ý- 1lr Corso en/!/ell, will meet with ll,",pa~lchll; iao treis-i or Ipa.sar,u ill oi ond < toi nnll[I :.8 I; r& iet strelPt. Th 'r lmor sh. VI '.(.EINT, Capt. "unal To soil ou RaturHrii, the INvh.. I f Ii ' I X I.he': l "i1' .'u fI .r 1 ( 11); : I,, (eoi. J.'i . - 1 1_ ,, ,,.e I,i l --,, , ,,fi i " l l, i,, It-, ,,,a p,& 1,1·1',p , ;I ll b I b '~ W i lil HI' e, N ( 'l Il . l 11e 1 1:il llrell ro ll ., Iin ,,-'. il i I'Ifa s ili o Iu f 1aigtd t ibe nu .1 1-f l r'V The a-m e Ir - niliu .Ir I ! ' 1A ',Ol h ie. dcsi nmol h (' ru zll o tr ovl,'v n t14% oe lud , 0 ti 1 V, II i lit !- \" VIAn I I t.i i ---iIi'11111 m Ip, ) .'. I Ii. Ior-ii. i is Ii iiT ii ti . isf l i ttIii (-no.irerlls hI - /*9I,'r i-i nll:,, alw,.,il,) I: pl.aml h,1 1ti, IItlltsli lon r I ii i h orii oil la Ilc ) illil n I o 1, ill CCSllIIIEI- Iii oiiiia oi i-n ilio higho lr, lroil'b js . j_ 11ci Ili ll. '111g1111 tir ei. .. . ..--lt--l-\-l-:.: ': - lEllbU II II-- I ilk. . N Ent 1I ,, a 11.0 If i. 1,:4 tie 1:'1 . Ife,,l liu i . . rlii:ini . . . il. . I n. ar, li ro i' . .. i.. "i.,.. VAKITY1 ST 'tOlt 15. IS o Camvc stre ,t. der Ilisho' s Hr tel- The sub l scrmibers e ,Ila , 1en :. at their new stand, an eXtes i le I ('rIc tl or larml s s ,Per.(II "ltloo ilt a I PIIP l a I Tl ?,in, Crd .. a la4ge nu ,er r n F l-ci a'nllels. ] h'i,', lhillowill r as plitol iIs--C eila iii ii gis iio, iy i ii i-ol s',, COI-l- -- ' Lortoisi i ll lllzill,,l iii ill, toiick, i Ina I illtl hesi ni, ivor n r; fi loh, I eisi :, d iiinieais 1t , 1 ollhili-onoiii.ia kiwi. E rliU RiY--A g-eili l ssui,~I iidt Oi k oa i i i Pnh AmerianD CPrfin-I gry , c niti h l Xiii, waeir i ln b o t.les , M - a .l i l h . si) e i z s' l l t, ' ; e , Fl( " r r ) rose, VAutge, le t essarune801/ , No. sISn Caro llersieurs, wash, caribonsi te l-Th ch bscrlor in iiice; sEentowal pleain toilet snew l s; Il lr n ih, t +nsi a; r , in r e ,t .s . iiriI' itl I es, t, uil, oikinui c lo m, u ai-ii gi i-b , i tHIiii a binlgl ifii bi do i Fain , w uiale.I thlles i.i;, .u ,uituhr ow rui ing, lilvor and va r n; f'is b r ol'lleS. s and erai .i -ng , Ie toon l all si pi'tes. iiiiAmroicN iL r iiSES C, cn isting s ,i s-+oiilt frm iater aiilt iIii uiztes 5,i i, a I a Iil i ew toilets; o ierlns stFo i, toileto -1n g , keio Insi sII io, -I. i' liAh , o ti ) lirA1cii , Hiell, ll ser Spiii el -tslel, siiii scii nhbs o iti , ack b'ig). 0ANCY ANI) VA0IlET AltTICLES-A sulii tor tasl r2sm ellap o l ef p tallt· I .dslkS, Inlnies'l , a ntlllhRel lle lli' r iles .lsi i ast . ) o'nil' lol bolf l llud ; ) boi - dPrls mie bxs l er tls, l os ss o. in') vili's ,ril large iary oiBe a a4 d _ d .1 1 lll 'ikE ! Iee'; l A).CiE. 401 l t ) 'suspd-er bupttons; pe l uI tt s d sig su.s, rzo l·-lrol S Co; Ks l l raill s or ceatin ligt;o Sl olnis , hliiiiuiiie, sears, lid mn i c o iab, a rdisgafi ngi e laiii, fcrtoh inuSle ; dns o .t lst nof iliond ainri s ien d c nes; byac cruobl bin ds; l ice elac reeall h olPti"s, anews langrls, sorha l-ln blllls 1 I )ler I llbl resu , llll I 4. 44s, alli ldels, lll l'gSItolls o ll tll b si- es.l lll? lol: Ill lli, ps II, iUrl IING h gilAS uEd CI p .ii g lit fo r Iarcs i siot tle, ls al bl sleal siiies tlbe l isii s tie, roho1,o i cllEs, liln Siisel trnlt bnci e nchn. ilb1il 0 'rloS.. ron lst m lAle oifi o le i l k i adires f ing id irg n..c is onlil, uldilu i lior s sile by - ug hi ero dar's , lula boxesb , l dh pena il, sb, sh1)(hie , violinte leat igl.ll sh dsr. ;11. r:it hrnuh, h s I sIIrl an r illlCis bi1, in iiii io , all si ales n lo a fr ds sipil ior AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, VIOiImse .iauderSilic elre d, T/ II rd toilet wis ( leeln l lltyatiao sqql ards beall , at e Rac il Ro ,hd. CTlEl m ld s lslpnd Ir p ; i is Uionliu i sai s.ll. il t is d rhin wsric;g may tendit to orerlianl furr or rhli ilrs sh dr eigh r Sp s arlet n ,w Freoi du ish ad ors allder ock I( root's; a assortme nt of ptlleain c,'kl l ,I gord aleus lc a lopn ofilir h iot ce, rls. UIII d scre nlis.s, Jew harps, irto's dlr rl ii a nd 25 l de w l fur c $ iE day ics n cf a ri s matc s h'e d ns sllh.s e ree wircu.laion I T,.ri rikOf a gnibsw illt ing etlo s l s tr tol 5 g a ThelSe bathl s i ffr a nl at llluild t lll l np , of wath l lle 3 i e Sli iii lhlsel ass oli frlen tll o i) r ai ll ab I r ri e a. i.-l Sfot.ali. illioErd e Il ls, s a ill ii wh nhwilou. solu by sto ali y1 n d 4ni oiib lllI 11 I iitiis i . sir slmsIn 10i0'sisOrl i s·l O 1 oili.isitl g i t; iiIiinils in ll .l IIo ic s, e e augi .l vori lns street Oj lps ll l lI h.I .l dcl I 81r +, lI.,,dinqt li'..l i,- U leo y9il luE T e I sri- h VI IiIiTiig f a _l__T " 1 __dr_ Zrnl BUSINESS CARDS. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, Ne. 14 Charrll.e Slreet IfA VI: aconstalnl 0Pdy I f every a0ttle t [I , tii ifJ ufltle 's dress, o the lat,.t stye, at .o w VIk 'i'lE, 'lI'H. ,I LICM Tl" 1t R ,M ETA ILIC TOET). SPE(CIIENS of 1hese Ie0l0ll'al Iteell,. II lihe lla ner or oettillg theom,omay be s c r thIe ollies uf J.B. Ross SUIRGEON DENTIST, No 4( CanaI ''rlt. Thesle teeth never chonge (olo)or, lld are Iby Illlny, and in malny +ases, preflrabfle to the tllotllrl leeth. [L. lIr. I1. Will wait tponl ladies at their residence, S. A. P'EI{I(JS+II;,;P. MERCHANT TAILOR, 7 iCommoo street, B REGS to inform the pulblic that havin purchased l from Mloserr IOUGHl, 5KIG(1S & CO. oart of tlhir stck, he will continue tlhe business it tlleir old stand, oppolsite lislholl's Hotel, where lie hopes I merit a share oftheir Imtronae. lie bllt I~lla tTla rrnealents at thle North t, ie supli1d mo1hly with t1 iltes iI.Otn mlR1)11 lieillll hCiIr~idf most fosllio.,nble gtonde r 14 CLAY & CLARK, rHOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANE:FACTURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all description . WARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BATHS Fixed ioln tile lost nproved prioeiples. MILI.'D I.E D, PIPES, &c I0Orders executed in any part of thr Southeln States. mr!) 1)r. uobert F. l5.indoe. Exelthoro I oloot.. ho ..... .A-~Y &C. 2 R_' , . Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Polydra trlet, IL I '.'P on Ihln a conttt oupplyo of Ileal Pip', S mIIln 2 in. diaotnehir down to i-' in. diameter, ho paIr. oRLIEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA LIS L 1 FN F'., No. 53, Magazine Street, Ol'i esite Banksl ' Arcad. tVl.)Il .h1 (IIEE.E.I, I'[OP'lIT7')'. r II. PARKER (Comnmeir..ionl tand I'orwrdirl op 7tereatnlllt. N IN fth. It.,l"l' LlVE JARVIS & AND)REWS, \1IIOII,14 tl1l+ AND IRETP\ls, IntiId,\,its IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, D1)/: .TIF/7." .2Nd) lII.DOfV .i../SS. orlne r l ( :.C omllon altl !CTfllftui llnbs streets, N NAT I . I . IiVIM. JO11N \V. \AN!HIIIWS. A large ippply of Goarolfo 50PPI, wlafrllaltd the growthl 1,1f)1:17. AT M.BILS Ala. S1.. & I. I.JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. il and \'ATi': l S lRl T'. r'llIII :l undersitned, hI , iu e , therto oto! in i hhile ftr the Mrpol . 0l tronf lrhao ti. f he, Attelion iii (llllllio ll Issio l'n - inl it vllriolu lrnl s, bt eg lave Ito illtl rrn tI ir frio nid tI l 'po lllic(, that they ,ie u1ow pre t o re .tivo,"noS, and ttake lil]] lal lldvtallelr 0000ll te s nl.+, enll"l"t filo Il.+iv ltte bl l hlic waIlA EI . I..(JON .5. Refitr to Wn.V kr,. Knilht & Co. New rt leaus. Mhoile, ab :, 183. feb! 13 A CARD. Sote.'E SILATFr . ArlttlrlA Ts RIE. SLATER & TRIER Utorwartl g&llt eo i & O n llsl ro.r 11 ller chatl,l No. 101 l' lydras Street, N I IfV 1) ti I , I, A N S. 'T'ey rill devote their partol- i attention to the sole of Wel 2 torll i'oldee. Refern rre. l.l, itH It.mrd, Ionrt 11 Ihtll, New r)lean. AI 1) & 1 1 1llit ) i( ri \,\V ild & Co. l ·, 0',l ' Om Vow, E'l. Lv ,, r-1 ".'..Thoan . S New York. O ni ri... I, i,..o ot.ui lngoof, .Show t 1 'I',',tto.l ItN ltlr 1' Stn. t ) A i t l ' r i0 & .ll T. N I. IlaI ling a'o lltt omri i l rn. o.I S tlT.O, s Mt:..r 5 I'orwnlrllot ,u 'al ( IO llllli·IliOll ,:lrrl'lllllla l V H lI Istu l MT Hl 5roo tj.+iT iit. t.. N,. rLN, Cs. O It e [erel(`P aco l, Winos s9rE S &t .rIets ,-rtttl S 1 os c,.\ars. 1,. IA ., & Co, Poti on A. . I il ve , (tht Alti i. W, 0. W t.1 t ts o, NIt erilw York. Ij.o on I H. NUT ral.. J &hi 11. "aI.PN , ..w pre are t, • \V.N.Tr N 5I1ITH I'ItiiWN (lA to' N Tr4O NEl Iytil O If. CRII.(OMSI 'CK & C o l a . "ll I. Ne N. O Arle t . lC,, 1 1 o. &o..o iv lle, I y. WILLIAM IRWIN OJININA 22 Refer lto l.vr' & \milo nes ( .. J 11. L I r.lis f M.k. oit,11\ I. t N IN HOUSE AND SI: N PAINTER No. 3 C. o:l:r S -retr., T. W. COLLINS O.TTRlt' N;& 010 LICI.LQcR .T I N to9 ' .s oill fin i. It' it Clek' Iftollit' 2 ,, ir 0 it C ''i, i Ct m l pany ln r nw realouse lirll. o take A CARD. Il ,N L 4 O MII il toi. . 1 N . ti'o' l . OFFICE, N s. 1 y0 tl. : .0t :T. ".eT c E ST nY. .Trr.c t:, N r.... 00 tt lr, Se , w i inl l W ab LLIA n INe. fre Commission ari nd Fo a t Ne g " Orlltl n :t-:, CIN N N I ,ill, L1, .l llRefer t' ltaI t & ttlo.r IIII u i l I Jl' , .'ill a ed i s li tttlZ, 5ssl' . _o t I~, I, ,', j.' I . .. . t.. . . .. .. .. No. Iis Camp street, Ne, w 0 rltVtas, JuIle im, Glu s, jyl&e. N-ATIIANIII. 'I'TW.NS.NI COLLINSg d e ill . ("'T7 OIVE icy & £O(l I.,W.i.LO R )? T L,'I I1.. (I\\V lravlitislll ~ilh StLdit anld City Cotln. ('li tro ll'e.t il lA e i n' tl lh t lerk's tlie is ti tr,,it ocringrl . toyl tutri tat t morl ttr ett dsOo irt'e ie l irlt,. coulltry, illd et i C.ll lt lltrut. oIt ll,t nd u el,,l .. ....... A cer. . it to. . r tall u nd e tllrt mlle y d r or lm e r i n this irl'. .l_ hor lo oct s Nt i ot l ;.tlt erutg ,t G E Al nir iL 1r lan Nl, e Ii . I :l "; ";. IIIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY 5The ll ote Sate (i Gliris, Hso. C., ill I cto tir ueO I ill lhe a lbove nme. I, ivfirem'es. (odfr , +. eoai.ri & jrdl, r ot os o i... . Pio'o "s s .e tle.o ,tt "r nor Ot. Iarper, Crpsnter & o o Gam an,d G rull; niss. itASI ,r Hil uad nk HNa tlez, i&ss. New O ettn, July 1:2, 100. j3"-lo u GenerllA gl A t m.+Oli· ol buLii)e+:, Wolllhl re actiug of 00' ttll sinss that may te desired ill that o ]iy t1Mr olnpp's chor'h and o.joining Giso'n'r tqldill rolnsigu of Ille ''.xian Consuilatie. Now OJrheal, NOVember :25,I8;37. M assr++ Iillyer, Bunsh & Co. . New Tork. I{ M1 S Iroth r tit lan-. \ 1,. ) ,"hI 'm , t,.+ TRUE AMERlICA OFFICE. I connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, 1..o1 THE PRINTING rnF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Noticci, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, And every dhescriplion ofJob Work (lhnt uny be required. [_ "The proprietor reslpect yll - a:il the attentionl of the puhlic to the above CI urd, I, , assures Ilhem that all w ork intrusted to hIls cnre shall Ie donI e :t the Sholll elt notive, itn a style unsurpuosed in thes city, mud ut tle Ilk ,est rnle. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF TIIF CITY OF N*ew Orleans and Lafayette ,`TAS phlitste oen ,ll)o e!ax, let lMay, lnd ie now for solo atIk tihe rlllloit tlo. io ithep lllishe E:xchllu e Il oltl, t (harles Ireet,--and at thle eelk store of .lIesrs. 1E. Johns & Co.corllner .t Chnrltes lld C milmlloln l streetsl. ..1' : IPirate , own Hook. r 111l: PIRATES' OW)\VN liI)OK, r aulllthl.tic nnr L r[ lives of the lives, exploits,nnd l exctions o the ,most ceihbrated Sa Rotbers, with historicl sketchell of thel Ch, I samee., Spa ni'sh, I .Irllnl, k est India. llniny, a nul Algertr e I'irates, ill I vol., just received, and for stle by \ .|. II'KiEAN je:G er (lllllp & Comlon stleets. JO- IN H1OEY, ,addle, farIess and l -'rnk Mlfatf/ rer, anlt fur' nicho ofJ Military FqoipIenx o/'eery dlbcriloi/ta. No I!, 'r llno llroct.As srKh.trT. I I5 VING in en1plo seI eral t l ilit- ryv \Ve tnir II h is ready to execullte w,)rk in thi. a lit e ill all me stoi: l rtsll, noticet L) llla the I s iil & raso hI le ter s i·l,,urrtllnts ll'ad l'odl~tl Pal'S' Pa sIn"l'' k f evrt serlr lltlslh'IISlr Iti (rofl IIon Ih . .h ll:\ "iIL -"!0-li corn mhl-,-..IL Iil ,utr'I . ti - - . r , c.,llhwlu. ( 1 m,.aln ca,'] cril2' or :30 I,,t-hels Ste.i il o dhP 51 with Ihe I i'll'II, aIndt they ranII I tI t s !ý". r tl l()t . " , ;ltan| are particu!arl, cmleol aed ,. ., r' ue. AplpY tI l ll A nlii strlet, I'O I - I 11 l . ....... `1.1 T cam last,, ,, . .nautifI ci, r,|lar, 1 T lt to hIurs no ict , I ly e i llinh l P t1 h Irll ln I.iLhltr:llh l ,i 3 , g e.l l , l lT street, I Ilpj ithP II:itIk. Sr I,.. l l I- I f b s inekrel, IIr ola II by ItE:AI &S . I ' ,1T V, I ll ] I k I t rII l tl ie r r , r t. I.A1\'ItLVcI; i S I.E< l ;I I)RI;, jN1 :I: t.I- H New I vt e rF iflI su1is-riber ive iithi v d o."as niad thiln c 1eths i osints"', under the firm l f 1.IIrSL y A* toberLson., rned solici.t canitilmance( o IllI, pltrlaniu ,ee .,! lite l'i d by it ! I' n I y whlop iil l to ea l in lhtin ils his b nia e, nol I , l eral .\1gent anl Cl anil u tllliillls .-eIt ,n1 I.f 1 AY, jyl:0 titl IER11II' A I I& ll| "1 O I N,. . i 1" i EAI l: -ll -ll t kt gs iln s.t e -, : i t -alk h)" XliI 5 liJ tiJ'. Y, j- I- i ve I- It.: . i 1-Y' T .Y lT. '(ia|-tll " ps ,r s . le - - IIOLM1EN & ,11.1.s, 'jy' Kl Alley.i 1 I t ' I 11 l he III-;1 tI( h ll luggii t 43I: 1 ,ll ,ll ,: wd t;)r ,,l,. hvch: s a·,d', "', II- .I .) ,I I; & III 1 5Il l , I yl lihuok Allot l XCIItN(:E ' )N NI -: - lI "(t- K fir TrL e hI - ;- II A LAWRIIIITCIL & lH I ib'NLCl, _"t l A \i f I'; I. I. II N I pl)Onlllld ill'bl of l l uwillpowd,-r lill L il ellti , lt-.m. I'),t ie i f i. o t, l Tillll- r i Irt I -l .n l To dl' s ImllAii clu"(s:lit o| lplnoett^ ]itriie tonlille cask 1 "w i '1H I Il a d nillt enl i nal ', l t nill ii l' c r , f1i t- s-lti lw y ,Ivto' 1 1 l "L ! New i i T r pIrAll| I lo r 1 ,f]| t tti[ll, lth arihls t" Nl w tI e rl i. |'1 1-lt tl"e : | I 'le ( hll :i' 1 1h) hr. i l lrnll .illan ,l, \I:s"` IIý I I,,th , . - . N.I Mall \Vm. n . lllrl i', mai I""h rI. ,.. 1 ol t t , ri Th '.r ('relit· n l , t hI It, .li t < r,,,h · ,If Varliar i,, d 1.) t. 'I'll, ceslsmt tI pti ( t·i h1 u ll, s• pethl m i- h " 1 . nll t eelih cp ) ti h, flip o r 1< i ll i .r i ~l,.r I.s ,'i vf th rier· e i rs rr t'e&r, n il ilt isodered that n li, i 'it, "o :iii| Ir., ll sb I.i i d ll t hi e Sliv' . olf. . )l arl.ri '1 t .,i . \ot. I '111 . ,,n \, .d W o, ,.- i,,v, th, I1:1.h ýl e l ... ,+ , . ,r tit; lheti" r In halhii it .llo, l hll te ti h. thle fll : ,; o'l ll, L Iatter oI rered( , that IUT1 e Iii ' r :lll 1 . hI, /at D l Ip u itr tl t'nr leeh, thu h i ltren --r r .ni tl . o ist e ,t r t, eh s,'l a . 1(thii :1 " . en .s.,I N Min'l et Itih'htd S , r ()It ho-rs Gu- r dd ierset Nos ,+rsy it n insl d'p Mri r ep rs t- Ivor he i thim ,,iom] . r. aval (" . e ig), tlr I i nui, iurtiu du hi'eltier, u ele 4i h.Orl( Il out111383 . . . . . .. . II+A+. ) IT < (hrltler. V1,ý Ii! t" r'riert' lt.-i rrr t. or ihth , ,ir the sn,, no And i-il relatio , of the Un.ited i i tatisr . liv J. Fe i nore Cooper. 'l'h '1' wo F'lilrt; or , hlvt lr -u it a (:,r, riarr Ilt'iP; file ,fl hier h de , I ll,e It, qhd I .les1ll 1 I'] I. 1utue r, Alih. Norrrn. Barry t(herrce II, '1rs turre Caro ilirr hedwhi, und other, hl n vol. rThe iwr riid the t )etrrt, ry Miss Pardon, author of , the City If the r uhon. Th'e I skvlt o'tre,., the .it of n iUncle and At rnt witrh fine ll od r'I rni a ll lll i 1 i lll 'iLon. Jur received and f1r sale by i.' , l IIloKlAN, jelb coe 'n i I, not it1 '1 sin. j+.16 n r I i ' Ii ll).l 1 a iC , 1. -_.,.., fir sale by J T1'II IA% I: ,x. F: ", jy I I 74 i'odrao sreet. & IAV I & tCAFFE 'om C Fpou r F .ii Et trat r r.arsip rrll , rrrr the ltre of lst. nLb Iptttl ~S o r' the riln; p mplesh or postal of tihe tI ;.; bile w I arteo tro all t ;lllllure rlite otf the Iol.l!; -e lv 'ell oIlllo s; ] i l lt h Ibo'lll ; clnoi c :h,, eI . inn; le . I; s:rnfiia, or kln,_'t evil; whol., i i ; ypllhlitlc dtileases, a id all disorders .lesin;g 'ooI anll Ipure sate oot'lhe blnol, b) u long rrodenl,e rn ,t hl elunlrte, or toe r judicIous tloe! ofe mercury. Alor.--Cave & Schlaffl r's Worm Syrilp, or Il. fant Preservativte:. th. best prerparroratOi.on ew extant. A, nrg which are toe followng:- Indian Dye, for col rrng the hair; eLar's Oil; Rnssian Bear s Grease; Pomlltutm; ichaw's Free In W"ls: su. periot PI:rl Pl..n:er Inlly WlVtei; Creaml of Roset; Vge.tabilr Ruog.'; Oui, of Rie. ; Lip Sale; Krc. osle foolh 11Ii; (:.rlolllle Detrllice; Olalge Flouer \.Vi el; Powder lPthl. an loines; Amer.. caln Chrcoal, ltlly Iput u'p i flour ounce vials; P eston Salts; Cologur'; Kresot.o 'Lo-ilh.ahe Drupe; Hair iBrathes; Enghii Dressing tCo bs-. Inotan Hlair Oil;-wa-th ir vely of ocr Perl - meries, &e. For sale by L W GI.ENN'S IPEIFI'11CRIIES. J C 'TRINt'11IARD, Corner of' (anal and r uoarbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY (MOUN''AINS, &r. JOURNAL of an Exploring T'our beyond the SRocky Mountains, under tihe drrction nof the A B C F M, perrformed in the years 1535, '3t and 73; containing a descrpltion of the geographlly, go. alogy, climate and productions. and 1the nui ocr, manners and , ustontl of the natives.; with a M1ap of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sam et Parker, A 1M. 'I he River and trer Desert; or R"colrtlrtitrsr of the lhoone and the Chartreuse; by Mlrss Pardoe, author of'the City t the 8,t tan, &e. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, by the autor eof Rrichlieo, l'he Gylpsy, Athila; in 2 vols. 'Ille Two Flirts; or Adneunur in t a Cotlary House, and other Tales, by Lady Blestington. E 1, Ililwer, Mrs Norton, Ilarry Ceortwall, Mrs Gore, Captain MedwmI, and others; in 2 vols. 'l'he Llth and Adventures of Nirholbtas Nick bchy, edited by lBoz, with IIlurtrations biy l'rz, No. 1. Just received and for t alt by BENJAMIN LEVY. 1.' lartld--irtit kegs 'torte Irest Irrl, ii rtr.,' /i Ir sale by ,.lA ''l' ,%- 7. till U. ai l I I''o nnlllll.rre alre t I OL.LA 5NDi G1N.\-3 pipes Ilhlam grui ill tre Itr J. E It ,%. cO, NI.ENCH IIl.t.lNHI--7 hall pipes Freach Braudv, Sin stoare, tfor nle by J TIIA·V R &. O't),. aug'l 74 I'o.ares stlerrt. ORLEANS LITHOGE0AFPIO OFFICE " ti oi,,p a:; eplrloti ' stlteI,plii, to trn,,.t, - , Ele'.T llI.iSllElI) fir tllr exert' lllili r trm1p, ],rit. INI' linkl N1 nlv lxei.ut tll Ied 1 b 1TTl t e I.'t 31)N SYRUPI AND PICKLES. S1001) JOXES Ienon Syrup; 145 bursý assorted "1 I'nkle4, i4n 'qrty Iwol qualrt ' nd 4 4'114n bol tlep: tfromn the innIlIl +il.uetofy of \Yu, I TIIIl "pu V lliJ[[s llnd I.ewis Ilk eII.rll, f lntoln; landing from big 'Tlalle-y rand and ship Carlesteil, l fr slle Iy JA IVIS & ANIIIIVWS, In11 ror Conmlnn amn TIe'Illpitlnnlln ts. (4 UA Y.1CIrll. COCOA-lil01 I,,1 i1 J. (, , t1t 1, -1., I.' !ilI .. r. I, I. . l .i I n 'l,n mpr a ,R . 0.1.il1G in. It)IIPE--13 I. Ken, Ou'ky 1"gntl, d o In , I C r l .il s R o p e d a ls o a . n4 ll ho t f ' vi , iu.n Sr by J.1)ANIAI.I., 7.1" l1 59 C-i , p street. il lli l l"IrE--2 n I est ld li.i CoffeeIIl, Iiof gol jetll' ."EI' iN & A\IFI1. l of Pe, ple' Almlnlllnek*s and Cl kell'n \hli4 nuck, for saile biy 1.1Vll) ll & CO., New York Slatioter'e Ilall, je2O 2 Chalrtres treet. I lor's Draft , on ltl 'l'ren 'urv wanilllled I NATII'LL TOWNSENDI, jele Exhnllge Ilotel, Gluvier st. rjEXAS IBOUNTY rLA1D wanted v NA'I't'L '1'7)WNS.END, jil Exchangeln Hotel, Gravier ltreet. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY (OF NEW OHLE\NS. N 1TOIr'E in hereby given, iht the IolkIa of slaherrip S tilllo Ifr the renvoini ng shares or f thile .apitnl l tock tof tlli Cmnlpn, were reopenI d n Alndny, thl 'tIIrtll lit. betiweetlht I 1 hurs f 1 Iand I o'llek P I, nd 1 renitll open tile sniteC hoar onielc day tllnrenilnar, urtil tlre whle..e shll |itte bhenu lluAenlh1ed'ftir. 1v order of tile lBord of Directors. E I, TI.\C", JIunetl.,l183ll.Seertnrv. F.PED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, I1I'FFIS Illn serviees to the public in the depaRl I mnlll~ol Surnening and Civil Engineering, both inl, and eounr.i . Fro c'noniderahlleexlpe'rienrein lns plteeinl anO . l Ly pirullnens and fideliti inl Iie i xillll ll.o b( l i,'ess elntrusted to lhim, he h]lees to aienal' ol[ inclPer e n t uiI- of plhlic In nlrotn ir. le will ill~, ills'no llre sate a d c· lc0lll r Ii" the tIn, t lllls t l lll . nll ienrti,llns. O"e No 8 Chartres lrreet, second storv [ 11S. Il) till., in C44k4 s ud in l ils, ,tarrnled article, I'r sale, whlenale and retail, by JAR\VI &S ANI)REII\I', Medlicine, Paints & Oil Ilealrrs, jelt- Corn ler of I llunon & TcIhoullpilmullii tt. jRp I.I N SIIEEn'II .IS-8li,un vIrtids 4-1 rown I ' Sheetings. hlanding f ou ship ('berake., n itable ILr the lexialn mllrkert or Cit trade, Ior stnlh., by SlTETSJN & AVERY, jell 31 (;rlvier eareet. 31(1 eU~lSk Xety I dltleln'd V inte'r Oil" I' 'asks Ro line 'ine: 0 bolx t I4 rtl Il.lhlvn Suglr; (l) ul coil l Ittle i llee; 1 1;iak1 s lin n ead Cr1cibles; ilt :L 1 sks Paper Hu inell l; 514 baskets (:lllllmpagn \11 ile. F'or snle Ib JOSII'lI C II:KA.YNE ji_ _ _ _ Gruvier k,', F1S'I'I+|N Il[TTTI'|R--3! bea4 , 44 ecei4vd per swan tir Vi,l iliu "rom Spr ingfiel4 ,Iiiaos, in superior arlicle, lir sale, by ILAI'ERi & TRII, jrPl 40 Pvdrllae sIreIP. StRK(l u-Ruip, >ot, lehss anId I' I), thr ule by ,1 pi ( li t)I4 R 'Y,n 4 I4 New L .ee. PERI; .,C. N L DLIIIYS, &e.-314 1ankn Nelw II,. o fhrd \VinteI Oil; Sll bhoxies do1 do S perml Candlesli. l 4rus uns rorlinlxZlel,11, I eu 414inn .Ilorld Candles :illl Suherts Ilraziurs' C( lpper. lI stUre, for ale 1by JOiSEI'll CIOCKAYN, an^ltl 0(I (:er vier slret.l, E FI ' 1.4 4lA - l kegn 41 s re11 ,forsa1111414 y . e\ls l (IIt 4I4II ,'Y . I.\,(l.0 4 ,In.' l, \'1'1: I'til l.l. ' IIlt)NS I ll 1,- E 1.> " I nlgs nl, ll> lii:l.d Iiudllnu4u 4 )1ill F II ,, Ie l c.' r ii'.1 'lte.'ll-ltlllr 14 .ll' nii ,ulr e4lnell4. liv GeurI e nll1 i Lker,'L'iel.4i r uoflThe sli. Ifnolel lier raelr,l I llnull ; iby ,rhs ll, u1141 ho, r lief 'The spirit of the Woods, illurtented by I' unired n - graving41 , hI the llll th4L r lf'llhe loral of . owers.. itindeu's Views of forts anld Ilarbours of Great flri ilora's Gears, or the T're=lur". of the Parterre; I I bu44itIetI ni.r.rwn u. 1 c llored l'ron m lllnn re, b. Jlme .\nidrt i,, : n with poericnl illust rnation, t lbouisa A\ n 'I1', 4in , l 44111'I''r - 4If' 1' he 4illlml.l> 4 A IGlo-n' 1' ' T'erm used in I re"in. Roman. Ia niar, nl 44i h it4 r e ood edition.n, en I,4,' d: e.xeI pliie,i hy i" ' 4 ql. 4441ns. Addhck's EnIlgineers' IPo4ket Hiok. folr thie v n4r 13:; wih an Alimal44 b11y hlury .A'dIick, Civil !;nyineer. \V lrkn.h ,,II ard ihio'r.i' itnlr hn i4 .h1 .-,ry es4sa1, anod a portr:it; neiw elliion, 1o1 pliete 4in .4 e.vol 4i-hbp Ihurne4's Ilistrv .'nllu h ow1 '1rne: form the .1. limton of I4 l rles II. 11 lithe treaty of peace 1 t 4' r411 4 , Inter n ulof tlneen .\nne. .1 new edit ,, wll ,II 1ii ie t,,1 e hh sn'li nt eml u lplete ill ue IVtl MKEAN, enlnnr nlnp mid Co,".l tit FRANKLIN INFIRMARY tlutiun Ls erel'ldchl liar mll st improve ( I d p1;l1, andi to IIn n t v lllt IttaU1 l untlirnll heiesttulltiOl , ill lhl Illoanhour Il'rnk I , 0upon hre rilr1(ilul, one mile fol dthe ,liosis 'I l hohlndi i harge and mo.teommodimish, divided int, I ; r in t, r I i g sep eclll I tllltt diflereIItcl I Iles, ThI e iuntilntiol i lluppllid wit thI'ie mIl t skilll and Ite ntitVt n old e n d finr " lllsm e - n lt sp eahll l ile dva wardcs, five dIllr Ns. 1.uImzem ,tcrq' , No 17 IRampart sII r t. Ipl IvI IJE LAl i~-6 10l keg in store,, t l ,l," v .i '~ .11 New I.evrr. rjlll: NATURALIST'.So\VN S desrlphoualll U htll lhutC anuledoten of Ullldrpll eds; sciti "rllyo UAoged el'.wOdhgll to til sxtell lll t L Clel Ibv tihe uI lihoir I I i lle "I otnlg .IIIh II ' w IIIltk! '111 AAlU LtL 1HilTlOltY OF lNSEC'l'S-.l tiwo vlIUleS-vo I lf'lming ml(.i.4 t1 the "lalily I1 brory". A digestoftlhe LAw oF .IIII :CE I C RIMINIAI. CASES --byllclll\ |(iflet+O EEsl. all t ma I I l' IaunIt telllC e l - elir llll decislo, Uld t tili R '- 1 1 1 lliIhI( tld 0ecelqaa l lltl rpiolts by Geolrlge ,l l'y w llll. IN IIAIGunlhI tIlI ODSI,)n i1 oI tilll +' HE lir--lrie.lip. - on lthe IIlllllrl O I Ieir hUIo I, I ra d .neol l ai C gae, by tL 1 rYU (UUId, .11 1 lIIINIIPLES Il' p.tLIIkI)llO It AnD PI £0C' IC1, OA P'SAlC--l y JUO \lackNLluk, Jl D, flrom thle il Ln 1on edition with ll .r lld UddliuiN by S'awuel (ieo. olorton , I , in r v2 l . HE.M.EIRIC+AN QUA'r0 11 U III R IO t --No 36N forI DecOemer l1Ji5. Just rieceied aud wl , loe d bly s w +L t l il, t & f lill ,y LA Iil &- AU h I.U l ,7 g 1, U.\ 5V11 )I,5-:-I3 hhI s I a.on sidl.i, Ul d li g -rmN l I ou t l i'lerl l \.1;a 0 , fi n e aill l b Ii.iET yI I.. \I.I.Uili,;, t1 1N I IIIAC3 L ' I II I us11(101 1 1I) 1 t,, ill I lr 1 .b & ( A TIII O i 'lllil , 7 I Ill ll' . ll.pO KIIt k ll l by III IL I-I , )Il+lo. , li-A.+ ' _ .+; nlrl l Is t - l 1111 lnd IN+ N llo I i i I I U 1 l k 1. 1 (l "' .... 17( t11:1l. +rLtlT r -t , J i- 7 ill k 'a lact.i I I-Ai CII:ll ,i '1- I l-li ah bliN ' - - ; yi ' I l I 7 I alokri I ter. WI. . l -- '1 0 ,J i l (l K e n t t k y hlal ,z ,+ , I, r ,i ale b y nu. I Y I 1 -71 hll 'iladb... INl t etn f1 tllils l'll l Tr IIlily :Inll Lg li- n.i-J l lb t lon r , fn sa le bl . it ' \ I l' ; cLE " 0 ck17 ('Ollllllnltn A slrnl't I) ( TiN--7 l ll lundi alnl ir sl ded ) J 4LN 1110 J k' 1VII0'1',b\ , " - ! Di OnIll i street I , iN A SI:.. ,i 11111 11,--- 11011 OINll le'rll , killd., H inl ,lu '.I., : A+le I ll , 1:1'ER & '11111I:11 pE gl XI1 l:;1, 1 . A e zeIil 11141AD & t1.\I{1JI'OW, II fil Bl1. Ax I C'OI-N, n V Al USIC-Shore a wreath if ttsees IAllen 'ITreee Loak fortn my filat;'l'hlestar Spirit; Co e sin rotir lesaon, The heath thia nitglht; L t tel Inv o t r Imuntlolier; 'he lady let vet the haqluet •ll; Nn P aleun's relldSgh view. Just p Peeiv o rind ,,r' sle at 12 CASI: 'S, tr2 l'naaloerte nmill Malica - IRtVIN(;'S NEWIV WI)Il. &r. r'FlE ROCKY 1tatirN' IN.l- I.terse t-.hls r nile 'n t ',' i l I e F L nr \ lnte " din, l+hl , Irngt, ) J1 r li l :lt;li: Il, II I l Rv l4 it ih 'tit, tI e I .' 11 l snte .< ti e,.. m . illhlntr:l hla tftlliln e rint n eluer 1 111.r. 1, . \1 11a-hMI n I T a.i.a. iI or, a. ,a ah'l i .. ' i Al], ].I l ii v is.r JU ft gA-l AtlvlA i1 8Lir Il, by \t i it r:Il, l 1it N & 111 (. ', lYla , ,,t! , ,n ., 1IA. .Y a , ,a n . n n: , ftin. 5 n e n at, , ., nx, -it riIbee id'r..I ud, limn'.,, ie. rl." y olUIer nri-4l0 letinnierv ,for the 'ver qLh a' ih SlUllv h on lR eEd . .4 Nsl' ne. InAF l.a D- to llll e ' i lanll, I'lppilTg der. f'I'e Iby ..1) tiS (S-L ..-- , I n. m g Irlo n ila:llrl' et nar ea!. l, f aint tan m t9 anIk AI' of it TIIl, P rate, i l,- XA Atl)NEi++'--iR;a .;re-, ,r +\otes-f.r--.l Il '1' ITit i ti lln' y ilt'HER, t",. . 18 39 Commllolnlln. ellr. .fl .t.+frll at nin-n3' f tig illhls i aldn , Ir snale , b y k I Ii R ,I1S4 Pr wnvl.evn., TU.reCi- eintp Ciarai.teu.alnt fred, in tVink, lfr, mli, l blt anartmea. lio AR'S., jnf 18n _ lic . a tNele If h er.. LOUR-40 fine 0 btl, ill salare, for laIe by jetl G. D)OR:SE , ',4 New ].eve+. fIeAF pin Ra--)0 kegsLtf , in iner Ill lllt; Onidr. alr ,. a ekrae1 by G. 1) atSa i.S rt. St 4N, 1 CNew Luteet. -- ---- IACKI.EI, L8E, &c. .'74 tre, N. 77cker, nCans. i, o NeO i 5 he ll barrels manl al te u li in ge l 1129 casks oflifnll Lunline frit, ari Rinaldo tand for a'le ,bt J 17 STlE'PSON AVFII\ & I:0. NEW artiAT SNUS. yUST` received pcrlate arrivals froim New Yolk, 1fl+uh InludI fiishnnahle assortment ,f IIATS. iThe sub, ri er wo Guld articular ly call the attention nf lhe tllhlic a ,, It -,le of beaver .trs of it tn i ' eirila AmiiIh, file tetupre, ric , and hnuifll dlu-ons ; also to, fi i ai lll takgunsl l, s i. q al r llltV; nd ls, sl lelulid article if sllk hat, l lg.lP er with; a gell':nll in. Caurar t nl iCt d h sll, expressly f t s mlarrket, awholesale a t r rltlni! . iB Cilt antd lte nr ll dealers are invited to :all. lurier, Nto ti7ni, CSatm ic: :rt, New-Orla anlls wishes to info'm his th'el ots ibnd the publi . i r SthatNlei nnw predlred to furillsh any laig, in tre I AZIIEiLS CI iPEl-lllll alh'etr r aove busigingess, and has att aaitl for ale th e ollowng $ itticlet: SNUFFS. Rosne, german lual pela raneatnhta frn ingithe, 'rti, ,ttvg AnlrietanllItalpe; Nah Nltnahtrl, Inmltaltd,e at A ei'k lA A m n t elltelr l 1's,. Berga otin , It unkentlt ale' , Irisli Lllaeckgulad St. ()nlr, Curie ,:, Paris, Purr S iotcih, ]hdf1' .lnot .ll I l ]hql· e, 2cnto In Penline tooth owde'r. TOiltIACO. Fine cmu chewalng sweet sn ntell tart illanll 'inve rit smliking, of v' nlioul I rIualitit's, triblia Virgnia Spanish , dT lenahotelri arts int all warraned . as d, t'lnl si !erlr tu an thlng ofT r ie kind inl .irted, I: will eC rlriiSlhedtI I drille: tooe tile lnos lihta:e aterll l al V 4 IT T -I S P l) 1 2 O i T +i S r i . :l\i -t t ) i -.- . - 1t u f i , ,xn so ll of ew dIllr oril'tprui Caldles landiii,. I;il thip n .entmcky, al l l r'atIla btr je- &l :9 New L.rrvre Iý It I'":II.S (I 1PFR -1 sllh.--Islll-h ri i l lulllpl.r wl 11d, i I A At'ell llUlds 1 .A-tli ha h toite, ta Id i C I ..iIIP U 1.KY . ,L', !iewl O nrleans a lls!errellllln Rail Relgd .lrralL.eP ilem li! Isfr rllllllhi the lolun tllhi date, 1eanl Irdelld do d dhi 9I ',,,o e ',I',do d do d, ,, ty It2 I t Ite A At 8: do do 4 _,_ do dIo d,_ 7 , I do d 8 In 8 do The Jaclksoin streei ear.s ind Inllnflvtele half pasti 6 l' .lock, .\ 11. Unnlnl street et t, o'clck A A1, and Iun nilln hIllurly nit 7 o'clock. ' e'llse. caI': will it(1111 . e . runnihll; evwrv halt hour, rnd eontinue Ihl' u oughu Ihll dux tnlti )7 ('rlocek, P 31. 'T'henrrttnlell atlt lbr liel a C. our.e street curs tlh -J per bri., ltr, in stlolic ai~r sole hI" hI. ill; l lto I I" lit )+ \ t A ; ., cdr Nntrhez mil Thl'i',- touhts .qs. ]. (l The t'enllinit·lle-s iIl' I.tLI arl;e~e i |ll'llved s II' l e! nph.llorI h r Jfthe+ lll Ullltlilllrt.r, Jo111 nll Mftl'iaii · llhl. , ap'24 ` II. Ire giver ill ea ch ,,ce P a Trcel tr( \I Hala :I +I. I' 'if llNl G, ito ch ' n i'llu it. Pt . )m Iv in l Ii tro om are invlttd to enhl alnd ex nlllhe u .lilt+ h le l l iit t iIe o (IiNe i N NAT'III'L. TO\TlNSENI)I. I 31 Excuhthge Hotl, (:revier At. 11 . U IL-AJNI -ol ' v.. .h. lauritne,'p) ll, T n al S l I I'G 111)IT,.T ', j,-13 41 New le.ven. lir shbd Ily REAL &L HiAlS')\\ 1 Al uIt l aga I IlainiTI . lii 12 IT (Till l'itTr 1 112i}11 1 halt do . l l I. dl . IllTll l d peilus en liT Tllln Toll's . 21' L)uw s IrlTl, rllt I lra lSet 5r1s11 ;IloIx \ l IIl l t ll) lserior ChllllIlpnIIIg . Cider 275 cnltea Jurtllva UxClar. 3t cust' superior Old Port Wine. pipers old 1 I, le , & irill. 711 kegs prime tiGoshe Hutter. 5) Toil, .lullla 'TI rdIllge, as1 llrled , sizer . 21 cIll ll t arlrad ll . I TI.II l 1I11) dozen lpllerior Corn ronoms. 50 kegs ms.urtcd Nails. 511 kegqs Ni' A, \ hite enId. Ill crlskll \WinteTr Strlailled SpI)OTIIr Oil. Il1II boxes Nlw IIellh1rd Spermn Cadltll es. (i t) Ibxe.l lTosloll l i t 1 i, JA . 111 huxe, French Bruidyv Cherthis. 11 Iboxe- Ulderwuod's . 'ickleh, ussortd. It '1hls lenlarila ll (;iTl. I'lt lb F'll I l'rlltlg ilra lI d vI 5 tr cask Rnrcla' 's 1frt Wine. LSIaI . uIltter, \.Lter L n ld ,da (l'rackrl , IPilol it ,I Nao yv Nre.d, m1anll nrtlltlrd i) tihe Patem Swt n Ra ke Stm i rtlll .i b nd, t,..tlLer'w ll It (geernl a wa-,Ir nte ofI rllwelrieZ, whtalesale it II IITIrtil, 2111211 & 1iu 'll , .e `7 ;r Unld Leveu c lreet. I. I+.;P,11 111I.--5'111 g.!Im +h8t. l ::tng lE lhm+, .[ l4 i, aI , IIC A'lala.. llI llei: \'il :llll. I rT l t I,,I-I12 . l1 11 .:tlltl m rgl lll'l I oT'Io I2 IriI r l IlllleamI ltl'nII' lill2 erl ,iL, in cask, n.ll ti rel , ill nle. ,an ll n hr - Ih w byo JAITiVI . . ANI,'lC :\t't, " \I/ lol + uD r \I n gi-t , 3 IýI ,"Lu ing fr lm ILi l AII o Ar l STliK ISAA.C IIHTIT)T :' \TtT'l oI i ll I I4'.ll l'v'a jy7 1:11 X!: eg n ha r.sired t, Pl t k . fI r.ti ll e lt) I & a I11 Sm aht1( I:,' t lrl",5i let t p Ltea "',' .I ISAAC 111> IoII &1"GC,, l. 5\ I 5tI: t'E & Ilit,; IN'S , 1 16 . IIT 111. llll9 \ .ll ,vlelr, I TrIIn . . l .\IT:nIt r c 'le, n; ) tIht xes eul it: ti ll Ttn.I l'e it, tcrl HI lN v, READ 1A ItI.\ItuT'\W,. IlT r 7. n.4 Ptlo r's l o of W e ido, It the luh r kli, nin, T Iir , n n.g ll't Work Ip r W shrvinbto IrvinFg, n ew efitiond it, 1. .'luk of .lss,. hin.i, 1hdl \\'amtm, will ..0n1411, t Irtuhae ctr t a t \V I.inand Cunltlnlr at, t Io.- i qual t r1tne(IN . I I{. T 'ilu lrv r. . . Iriond f Ihe allho r of l, io lllgu rd the pu',l cbli d, &,u Ell 11 -, 1)u C R STI: LIt+ l llt-I t hu r rnd ti I'let ,1 srin& Jo~ to,, citi u+kud fIr sale by V, McKEAN, c+r (' and Commo'ln lrlpan( tlll ~trel... r n frt.r supply Alice, of thL I l.a i- C ; (l - ll t 1 k a-:U nrit.rm .ikur lln u 'ni i rut : J TuHn Its 1 . u1,-: R ,,,,,,,, ,.,,, . o"= ,7r ll', lraI ai redI I +,'2 clli " sks of T h a n ?o n " li nu t r s L'0 i )1 t£; h.--I11 Ihlis IleHs d .1 G l'Ltk , i125 ail, = llt--c1 1 Polk ,r le b I.., \\'it Cl. , & Mat.:H NI sEt , , I. A J TIlA 1 n o t \ Co t , iyIl 7t fo ' Ira, A tree I'.oI 7 tt~o',. I'I.'.s NEW PURBLICATIONS. L FE in Lnndonor tht'. Day and Night acenee pf Jerry Hawthrn,, ErTq. and Corrilnhian Tom, anid e'lliinied by Anh Lorfic, the iuxoiini, in their rnmble nald' npree(rr laumgh lie Metdpolis, hbyj Pierce FI: I, in, i vole. Vioilo (;rev.ia iNvcl by lraoee!i, onnlihiie iii 1 vol. T'lwi iinorhDuke, I nttnel,hy th.e .nllor of Viviand (iroy , emnplete in" P v,,. The l oi-a.orrit, I:,liteld Iby 'iei re I lloot Atlibr 64 I;ilt lrt I enrueev. ,1h-i reiive.ildl and ; lill an at ti· ne Fner of C'alnmp' and '9 lOl i riiierhl I I, t o i, t ya IVm )telcKEIN. -1 N (I- F-I..- l Ti UI-C- s; .10 otrv , Sprfor plat d, anatl.setlbras tI--nhnh.,rf tu' l ma' ulpie.': jl atrerited per sIt * th'i Iltn l, na nus Cr il-e hti I h tIT A riTII F(t., au I iO* 1 , * ev : -ý IIECK.S .0 THe O iN iTED ST E--d - Sof Philatel lia, annd.n soumsa n t ointr pre for sale by la. N &WiENE at I ~EIE|N.E" jyy t tB{ & nS New Lenart: f.utliAN-(m Iwe+ Merr'i ifi.l liye' Kip and luotsett ltro:rn't- ( it lltNe lit IdAAu uIaI)G a& Co. jy9 134 lugazinoe steet: i R. ".11II1rL. -HA:lr.PEAUIlt is our anticlized i Ageln during omy abselnc f s in tii N: j'g-lawhv. i--C ½~z RALDNESS. A IIEAI.f ''.Fll, bhed ofhoir it iih grrnriule orni S pnt lrlnntine Ito thehuona franm.."Hfo I etreand ly the lone oI it chingoe the enrmennnnice, and lpromon tnrily I.rines on tIhe appearaner of old ageewhihnch -el es i mniv to reenil at being Ilmnvrerd. and no*leima.: even to wht oietyli to avoid tie. iets and ainoerr of their ieluuilil.tnie: the remninoler of their l ve ane on .seql ntlvy Pllnt in rtile'ment. In short, not evt}n tIld ltl-u l royn-perty fills the genernln Ihinkine Vonith withl tlhat nenv sinkino tnomo as droe the Iltos f hfa hair. "'1'on,err all tha P nP Inlenrit i-ntl eir itmlllllnnneoO l tldgn' Ilolln of ('uluhnmhii sripe the hl- r froio dliliog affln the first nupliention, nod alifew lotitle rItclore it again. It like-winl priruinelller eiehrowt Alnd whiskrsn; preventsl tIh nnir fron ll nlline .rai., makes it eurl beautifully, Ind free, it fr.o sullrf. , Nnlernie ertifirates 'of tihe ira resnectalilirv in snupport of the vilrtue of Oldrndgag Bahn, ara sliown hv the proprietori. [oI" Read the following: Rnbert Wh-rtom, Esq. late oaver of Phinadelph hiaoierlifie' l In v hr iseen hilolv, to the high ellnr r of hei fidlowini o entlemen. 'rThe undleriigned Indo here eertify thant wehave ulf the Ithl .if I'O!oulia dli'ciieredl by J. Oldridge. ano have fn-. ul it hiolir ni-rii-ahh(enlt Ol1v asa prevenrtivd ioiolast the fulling i Filf llhair, int iuso oacerltuan rstor live. WILLiT T F11AThI'ThIER, fenoor, Metlmodist Miniter in St G(;eere n talare. No 11 Ni-rth rhfilt st. IJOIIN P INGI.IS,3I't Anchstreet. JOHN D T'l'HMAN. M I), 163 Racest JOHN S FL'ItEI ll t1 Spruce street. 1II1UG( flcCUtI"I'.2d43Soulhhd ata JtiHl,' GARD,Jr, 123 Arch atreei. It i' klot no a tlhet tre of the Ili.ia y r,..irene morn( tian ,.l)eru.r .f Mo,, anid ilie otlherr nt lens thal 30. [From the MII r.] Cmmonwehultih ,f Penneyvlan id, Ci'o if Philahblphia. , IRobhert \lhartoo. lnvowr of anid city if 'hila e. Ino do hirei- eerlii- oltht I all WI a.qunollelt with \lloro J I' loolii. toiom S Fore+ antI l Hgh MCurdy; v hloe unlllllle are iIIed to IhPllllecerfiente,ihal they are nItIIoI tnle) : .o " e i *er al nti -ol l teili•ilit Annd nit flll credit 4l llle siedvll t: ot e nid eerrifirteu In rwiln, l whrreef ILI tle hrentilh rePt m lrnn I 1 iiiiio n tl.i ' eal of hit tit-h to bl e, tn e .I , this lri o d, t, r l t aiofhn Iii. eiio d lthi. dinrl if d ii i. mt drugpi-. and perumes JARVIS & ANnREWS, EII!t N','"'elu' hViIIon, iN tlravoer. THR nlllincri-ilbr pri-intuuei to (lultlich, in e he. gi linog of tlhe on'irtIi wintier, a Cohdin-ntimn if. thi- o'wetit vonloume -of thu Old and Now NSerime of Mrtplid' LouisinulV Iwrponrtl to he nmirisc d ifurstnte Sno.h h.henlh nac rditil g toie shdel onf Peters' ri . Coon .eo he l ret i it iden IRut, pnrit. I'slPrl o.1ri is now ibn mrP- rtiln i by J. rfurtn lHurist o, E.i., if tuo citi. liote y Willilhmu F. - hironl., Eni(. Tl-i- Editor inoit 1oi-eimiti-d hv a dtilliLodl hd retired .Jutg if iti Se upnrtm( C(ulrtn aln \lll ne onll t iitt Jdtgres, to xpec Olean, thEr suerserihl ruprvisien nll to blnish, in tie n tey naing of t hrl e rniped wir, a Cohir d exnarion nuch a work ias hOeoitIg everOyd dNew Series o Martnry, on tuie oripn ls v, to he inm, exprisenivo, oand eue.I U An iccordingr urinoity too in mani Tll, i t otior Stnow of tin e Upr io, in byre J. urton to thle perin, arjuriprudenc, fci Lted y Williamd tFh Bcirclnumace of the nEdit is ro ls priltermlte hete d aldd in tone ofdjl the sitting J e, tlr expect fromat tire knoial dge rvif iour aljl thd e i of prime whuti. lity tI, the jurists of the wholet Union. Moreoven, tih, rising popuhlic of Teian has adili(fed our codea; an1il lthu there i a great demland for thil Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. t(onvrnient ontes, the parallel canse decided in Louisann, andtl cca' those in thei tlre authoritative ftoraiis of the other States, will e adlded to each case. The work will form four ivo!unes, royal ooetvo. and nwill Ih dlelivered; hltnnd, to n alctihers at 1na 0 per vol.; in case it chholl be foundl pructicable to comprnl'es it intio three i'olilame, ithe price to uab. cerih,,ru will be $7 per tol. Subscriptiona received by W.II McKEAN, joa chr Cainp and Comnmoe n ita. ``Li;.\1:-till Ilklave; grin ep0 Oll0 ko0ei. ISmils (i. Ii 1111, (or 11030 Iby Ur It IYDE & BROTHEIR, 11t49 39 'llltll O I Rt corner ofr~tltgazine it. 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