Newspaper of True American, September 1, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 1, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. PLEASURE EXCURSIOY TO BAY ST. LOUIS AND PASS CHRISTIAN. Fare ,2.h51l!! 'The fu-t rnnine Ftiamloat M\A ZEppA,Captuiin triltin, leavPS the laktend fCtlhe rail rnold, at the arri lof the 7 o'clock ears,o.n Saturdtv eve. 18th inst. and every ensauing Saturday. Reiurnig will reachl ithe rail road by 6o'cock on Monday tartni "g. Apply to GEO. W I MAN New Orlen a,- 8aolile lnil Office. augl8 Under the Exchangl Ilotel. 't Cha lea st. F BA A C.alA.l , BI LOYIx & PASCAG)Ul.A, Ticee a Creek. The finn low pres-ure steamer GIRAFFE, Calit. Swiler, will leave r for the above pla.ePs on the nmortngs of WEDNESDAYS & SATURI)AYS, immediately after the arritie of the 7 o'clrck care, And return on Thursdays and Mondayn) to tile Rail Road- 'The public may depend tponl gre at inetalitrv. Aup 14 Forl ptaage aiply to Catain F-- Mobale, and all.lhtermnediale Landlings. The low preseure steam Noat C AROI NE, illleave New Orleans S for Mlobile. nvery Thursdayn and Sud, at 2 ciloek, M. taching at all the wa'ering laces t which paseagters may wialsh to land. For rtherparticarsppy toGEO. WHITAN, jy2_ 4 Exchange liotel, St. Charles at. For Mobile and all Inlermediale, dings. Thefilt runninO and splendid stenm tat WM. WVAI.LACIE, entirely itt A eate rooms, will leave New Orlrans finr .ie, a.dn all intermediate watering plares, every Tiesday and clatrday, alter the arrival of th 12 a nrloek cars. GEO. WHITAN GE x. V IHITMAN,4 jv24 Exchange Holtel. St. Charles st. SATUR,.AY EVENING AN,, SUNDAY EXCURSION TO MANIIEVItI. l T MIACiE ONVII.I..E I , h The stearnmer SOUTH A AIIlAMA, __ .. Capt. L.T. Koightwill leave the lake S . end oftCherail-rad for te aboLve pla eery aturda5 eveeting, on thie.arrivalof the2 o' clOck eare, and return the ame nigi'rlt,-l tande ! lla lay morning on the arrival ofthe 8 o'clock cars; retart ia, lrave aMadtsonville at 4 o'clock, P. M. n2 3taw 2mt VIILFE & COVINGiTiN. S 'rt lthe inT t rullint¢a and sendi d -team '~ noat SOUTI ALAtA \IA, I. T'1. . = Knight master, will rtian s a rcg lar mail bont for the. above polrts n Moadays, WVedoee dant a and Fridayns, after tile arrivll otf the 8 oiclltrk ear, A M. Returning, leaves Covinigton Tl'edatdn, 'rlsra days asd Saturdays, at 8 'clock, A M. N II. All itatege tel parcels at the risk of lthe owI ers, unlesa NIill of lading is sigined. New Orleans andtl Mobile Mail t)ltiee, o a Exalnhtee Bildintt, St Chlarlen st. The steloltltt aRr % 1ZI'PAt will leave tile Lake etd of thIe Rail Ioadl .on Motdle v, VWednealav s and i-Ft iiyo .nt I aerrval Ioflhe lth :'cotilt catrs, touchiog at llay St l.ouis, Pass Christiat, Bihoxi, i&c ; retrn will leave Pareagouln at tiny liht, and arrive att Or leans at 3 o'clock, P. I., totftting at aIll tihe watering .acnes in day light. Fare from New . .Ileana to. Itan St. l.intia $_0 , PIass Chtristitn a ai S Ililoxi 4 01l (GEl. WIIITMIAN, a2 Exchalang HoItel, St.Charles stIIreet. rRAVEI.I.FERS going to Mobile by the Mail Line I n Mtoadayn, Wndic.aand Fridans, will re i, aer their allle at this c tilrl, cias seIIs c.ll be sl:I re in the satugr or Pasca-o rla n thle above irllnad days, unles te:ir fillnal be placed on the way bill. I'lhllse wat lave ialcvy Ia liiliaeia cai ve it takell direelttol tlile by any eatsl daring, the week, exele et the!lahove ciatted daiy. iltl WII'r IA, Also , piecls iKentucky lagging,85ctiln Ic e; f ale by I t t' &,c lf i je7 ll t(;rvier sta 1111 sair. f - ( artit-i- I"tpiees oIfat 1o" 4 t an i ,rian It g ltgeing, htdig c rt, s. nI. turittine, for -tilt! li LhI%'LLNtle & EGI :INI)'lIl;,t jel tnd !I New Ievee. V by SL..\iE lt & iall':t.., je2l ,l t o. dras street NJ V I)11CUA Ibk 1JA lU31 I I thi day, s dy ila. ila hl nD)irne r "1.ill.lNli & ltE tt IAl'l-aU I,' , Ina le lay . l.. li i el_5 s l dlil lalD iP ',, I n11 tole clcl Ilot rn leby llil 1111 a111llt, J151,2 ___, _ _ o__t _el" jtl'1'1 hl"ila l..l'.ill ar eeIIL\ IlL IhI +e. . boxa ea b llln ll ,'al Ita, I IIll blua s llrpenaUl tnll, |0 b crlad cuel, ry loullnnto , I l lae l" nalrr la n lll o lau l a. h a barrels s tmoked t1oge,, ll -l-bole al l, la bcl, .iee .ULI) CAUP & , LEt IEll AER-II lll r,. SULbU CA s LEu ''Io 1'A'li--, n IhIt er, car i aIlge anl ruorauln oultyt oe lan ricel anutel- Lety u lrua u hated b, uMAIo . ' uVti. fl, apail, Xlete Iot- sle by DA ill) i,'l:,L &' s t.u, New rch aLe Iulelers' HIall, jLUlt i STaMIgNtldt, aall srelan Nl suptrior quIl y alt of the alloIr wnllro, eby y bL asE tu ia,WXrld., jyl3l 41 _eIi n w Levee. .an hadIl'bud, Ar Ti a Ca l thle Tca insur aif'l', tralli chased by n a eo'llni'Lllt arl'l, \ : al) ta wine'o tle .t1 cnnu ge Hotel, lttver p.ace la e l-2U0 casks I gald ud ria Ci u.,d New Yor k WtandnrIL sti receal, S elegat asstneut ' ManLd Letter nc i travelig, T ver-y ual snaid o aeia.t nrtc, Ir ae y ANew York and tationers lall, Jy31 2a4 of hartres strieet. tre l atealaboat lan ultbal, L.,r do, all stonre, fIr ale bly LAc .iT' & AMIS .CNUtc, .Jyl 17 Cnialerce salro dUllii'la0.l-l.tiii.-IIE'it, Vc.--A Sul.ply at Cuplaillg istaraneots, Patent l'ul4 nayralsgree, land Stulaeh 'unapa, all jl thee most illlllrovcd des rIallOn, rerired by the sulsciaibers. Also, LCologan Water, UBahn oa Columbia, \Vsrl's Hlair Oil, Fine dlai, Zaail nd l'nlh Bllrualheae,d.n .c. Jylu s L CI LES & Ca, 41 Coannl street. t r t K E N'I '- l'h e H o ul i n a n d ( rd e u adJ oiu ig ll arb) ' s cC 1 Academy, i 'l'iv olh Crcle cuulll ilu ng six loo111s asth kitchena, antry, and out-lluses, ac. applily to JALTVIS & AVUIKEWS, jy 21 corner '1choupitnulas &a (Comtaeon streets. E AI LARD--C211i kegs superior article, iu flane Ji slhippaing nrdar, and otr saln by i l)OlaIEY, S jy I 41 wNea Levoe. L 'EIPA PER..-Just re0eived froma the tllaady Swine aills, I caea suprae iae blue laetter lalel lalal very low priced; I eases SUlarailanl while lealte paler, do; 2 nases thin pink aetler paper; 4 cases suplla lilea 1Luckt posIt Irg size; 2 cases sauperfine a Ittal assorted colrs; " laan.ea superfin octavo assorteda colora; lor sale, whaleaitle and reTail, ky I) FEL. & Co, New York Statuoutnrs' Hall, jy2l 24 lyartres atrert. 1\U Kl'l'-nPoaeanaut givet iUaediaUtely, the i. hiuse otn tke Balh Rail Roadl near lol Lea r Slhora. Tlie two Paviln nct al sathll, laaer lthe Ne Oaasetast and tIahville Rail Road. Several lolaaas in lthn Car House of tha Bath Rail Road Comlpauy. For tile paticulora apply to H BONNAbItEI., jy2t1 coraer Natchez U Tclloualrahnlaa s ate. aCUTCIlI ALE--72 casks Scotch ale, (quarti and , S pints) tar sale by HOLMLES & ALIlL.l, jydL Baoti Alley. SAPEN'I'TEI'S Fluid E.lranl of Sarsaparilla-. Sanld all other Carpeater's Preparatis, rareceived lately by H BONNABEIL, jy"l cor Tchoupitoalansa & Natcheaz sts SEMON SYRUP in boxes of l doz. each for La .ale by READ & BAI(tSTOWV, aug4 7,Pank Plnuce. UCOAII Hatnne !dolassen-20 barrels fir tale by 1 r THAYEIL & CU, aug23 74 Paydras s.aeet S ICiE-25 casks Rice,juat received and ifor sale by . SVASII Ei Hamn-in lhda, tierces anodl blls. i lsore, and lfo rlab sl LAYE'I' & AMELUNG, ang:l 17 Commllerce street. L IMaE anks 'Tnhomanan Liatan , lar nreT.T tLERMUUIOiNE IIBUWN 4. CO, aug23 a Cati at. " SINES . Liquors--610 baskets Chalaanaguc Wile, (Congressn brand.) lUll dLal wine, (Lafayette bralnd;) IU pipes Miadeira; "20 qr. cak. ilmitation Madeira wine, iU store and Ior sale by IIERMOGINE BROWN A- CO, iaig)e3 - . Coiti st. IOLASSES-70 bblla. in store, thr sale by 1i LAWIrELNCE 4. LEGENDRE, iagtg ___ und h9New Levr.,. a\IltEASURY Notee--LOlkldnLls.fare-tleb' J 'aIIAYER &.'CO, Ilig23 74 Poydran street. S 20 DOLLARS REWARD LL benidal fln tlhe apprehetslion od the, Iov AN IIItV, who alasconded frolm tie aIIlsarihcr oa hIc i1tiaetl. Sail b.,a is about 15 yearn of Ca., nlaoult five fIet high, black Inae, and r illar gnanl lakirga ap I-S fast lanll lilla ltnanllait iugwvta hlrs als, aken tit,; laa,dca when hlc lelt, ttolunado ptall, tllstlped shut al itew lan. JOHN U'RN, ana'cl--, 5 ! aer. SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A 1 and fist sailin stlup STEIG I.ITZ, Capt. Gibton, will ,cceive, desp:ehb. having the greater part of her cnrgo engaged; or freighlt of 2110 bales 1.10ton, or paattge, huaiag ilaldsome acconludations, apply t LEVI II GALE, alug"3 93 Ctomnta street. '- SFi L1VI2 1IIPOOL The' A I fast sailing ship CAROLINE AU(US'I' 1, Capt Basstt, having full cargo enaaged, will sail willth despatch,fer passage :nlily. h tvilg good accolllllloltit S at ply I tle Capt., on[board, or to S & I P1'VII'I'1EY, aglq ___ 8 :Conti sheet. S 1011 tIA ERPUOOL. The A I and fast sailing lthip HIIOERT, Capt. Saldou, will reeele immediate des path for tile alove port. For freigllt nf 250 hales ic oattan or pssange, having handsollme aecoa todations, apply to LEVI II GAILE, nsul4 9> Common street. FOIR LIVERP'OOI.. 'Itho A 1 and hast sailing barque LAU RENS, Capt. Merrill, will recire despatch. For passage only having handsoule accom inmodations, apply to LEV H. GALE, LEVI iv. GAEI,. anug9 93 Common street. _ FOIL LIVERIi'OGt. 'lThe A 1 and last sailing ship GLOBIE, Capt. (Oliver, will receive nmmediate des patch. For passage only having hadsomwe acconlloodatioll. Apply to LEVI H GALE, aig9 93 Commatcun street. For frelglht o:300 1 ales or passage having superilr aecnutooadatiat, apply to S & J P WHITNEY. jaly31 8 Conti street. OKR GiIIKAI.'I'AR. 'he fine and asuperir brig OM113111, Capt. Knabll will receive itmmediate des putch. F.r passuge onl)y, having handsonw ucatelllaodatiolls, apply to ILEVI I1I GALE, Sntllg9 9:3 Clmllo treet. Ft)I, alARl El I.IC . lThe 6ine fat sailing httrquel N(OBLE, Capt. Manson, will receive despatchl. For passage only apply to LEVI n! (GAIE, aug21 93 Common street. FURll :IARSEII,IIS 'the well kewn nad last sailing poncket brig COLUMBU S, Pearce, master, wIll I ceive immediate despatch for the nbhve port. liciu ie greaterpart ol' hrr cargo engaged. For freight I bales caltton, or pasaage, hating hlandsome aeOlllldaation Is, apply to) A I) (GOREI or, LEVI II GAI.i, ug7 93(:oP1 Cntln o t lI( F liL MAIt..IA l~llS. The litt sailini bri CA ROI.INE, Capt. S'hsmnlaaao, will lave ilmaediate delapathehl f, ,tLe above ,)ort. Flor freighlt oa; 150 Iles cot toll, or pltsatge, pp ply to LEVI It (ALE, ng23 9:1 Coatmon: tI a'IThe fist sailing slhip IIELEN MI\Rl ,apt.---, havng faill cargo engaged, wib have despatch t If 'passge Vply to S JP W II'NESV, 1n 23 8 Conti .t Coastwise. FOR Iltif'TN. l Thep',keteship Olll:i, Culter, molooer, is w re weiving feight, aild having con-idilr _ able vergo ,ngoged, will (reet with devpttch; lol Irleiht or pu:Ia gc,ap ply l V Ioard or tI S'1'I'I'St) N 4. AVERY, nti.l l ; (;rn ier treet. 1 PI I t I S l)':' frN. . The fle sell, VI \lI:N'l', Capt. Saord. .-~-/ - hIorn h'.in, art of hber Cargo e.ed ,.ill ,,. Icnlve de.. a. II--lor liighlo o' o00 l bo b r p na e; apply to S & J P \& III'N11 EY, itl I 1 Conti street. . 't lf l liti.ll [ 1' . .. TO sail o natnrdalny, the Ilbth. Sl' b ll ' it '. ~ibl'sil ito el loe; for ,lbt c lre .l I oloolloo'r Il,a- go. Iitvho, I.ol oc'loooot,' I io,1 , op1 i·ll. tl Ie iL hhll lll i b ed, hCloinlw &he, Itiil 0 1)ln, Ir )I," CII.\. IIo. ' I \F I , r" IIi t I i . t)' & N . ; , Th linellri_ Il ()lPllfIN Ccor1 C Jpr lt, a. , cn ihh ilr C igo oll fer, u lll t oo t , ih r d ruen.h F r freig l it ,a.Ja,'e rl q i , v ,im lurt or l r i'Ii.'I+D N &. A Silt, li L 1t I AI I ( w rltt iral. st a r tl. l 1 I\V.t o Col er I'ton l Pond Po lllod , o'a o loil oill o .s al Ir y to heloweta cat ri' fI. Ito. j~v7 Si-ll, vill. t trt , t. oA ) liT' I b Or1 Ao - VRITY 11T11k, too. 10 Lo1 o 'ree ir io p' s iotel-i'he stlroies al re t A I t opell L 0t tlteit' n rew stntoto, al, eoottositoe o st om' t noot too ttesic tllei lioe, eomo . . t.ris i '.g e \ ' vrio'tilv lvi ( ..os, . o , Pe'goi e' leook i.n ll e tl rs, Iiol oi Calrll nwll a l ooge tIu lr o' Y'nct Iart I icles lle llowir s t. CO.l IS-lo'l' o rteoise orl lmroaili llloipltop tulc k, '11 - tenl dl ve ;t llo.r do. twist, lolg, Alne , a o ide, poo*e will be i i r t toto; e oooth, drIowo ao a pries. ocke o or, e h dieo Ili nville street.;o'o les, d VARIrssn 1' Sfi I'too i, No. po ac , stn. ee r IEoFUMEsIoY-A gptte enh l sobse.ilrs of Frea'g od At t lerien Prfta , all ter, cnsi stie .e4 u lt se wa ter i0 bottles, of oll olepeoooo(osizoos; tso , tter, Slolrila, 1 rose, oratge, lemroo , Jessonori', b'g'.omooo, sll leroeu, oowlso, arbonriconot chlo oi'l'ou oot'ice; oceonoejonol plin toilro poooo low';joonoatm; po'estono salts,ot'. t linll 'S ES-Colising eve ry va rioty of o fibs, it'delo , prIn T I a etelipti·) ll: o te eait', lat, llesd , tootlo, t il, co llo1, o itg, llidte, loe rtl, n relig, plt ivory d usil hweollillig e bo llc dressifnlg i e tke- conrsullb l iid white washl, orsedl and ta . r arl nelrs oinssntg, e int: b o I ando ioris bb p oketon.,o.o l rin PrIERFUMF IY--A geuerail aSSu, t,.teat ol+ r, chiell i bottles, of all s izs r, Floria, C* LOOKING (11.ASSES-Coapoioitog poll fOr'weo oo tvrio.ts sizes. , 5, a , p and I ellrw . oileti ; .ermsar, elatiolo, fri Rll tealllhe blair oil and cturlingfllahilll; chlorine tooltb S Higl llanoleo, Saicd h C oarei, Fetoelll ai llen wsceit bck Plai lng Cotrt. to. FANCY ilet powder ItuY Apre'ICL slts, t. spe - rior sstrtmm-Ct omf prl ble l ats, lvaies' aol gclotrh, t iren's lritlesosing nooses a lies' worlk Ia oxev ; Ihlt, y rthox es of atioplai dlecritions, suitw lle flil be rew f eilre cooil rig, ilms' glls; va cbiset blOoks oall sost; an e gall V dero, otoi o,-bort, loooleH o'tenils, t reaots, violies, beool ng tools ol+ all sizes. bLOOKING (;Lreo oSSS-Co.IprC i f hieg bgill, \rasei o oall vmius suzs, 5, ,r butto2n; idpearl aw toilet ls anl ie stauit, razor stoops; gos toahloitoro fee coretitog liglt; Sleniolo toiet eleeose tr' o lnagoob, Paris, Itpilll 'idrs, et c. h seetl'o;oe onooeo'teot of plail' p alio soorols o conoes; boch gt n oatrls lhee, falcy screee, oatics, t ur, s, La hti iaceas, luiler tcla le, F irnch aned0 les, lI ecussPi rl of or ortimlen , al of p lolo cl bladies' sld gtotle-w s orice oa, o sr o s or city ccpt e e new ea ad Chis s' gll ; oos olpke ino g tfrn. al rig Ulitolel. tiers, nl ii-boles, le sAd pe ilTS, Cyo1s,1 vlollnsI bela Sbags lll o1anrsee, ar as 'to nelt oi' fio y bel I nsupeliol ualityrb, dbi . ll .. lls, p iste blackf bhri IVillio't, ves, it Botalo, odi lsper sale bi rl o ad shirt sNd)W, or ostropst gas ma h.le eatl g ht; Sp)ht , j oteorcas, CoInoe at es, 'ls, icdlesu I orcussiort. V, drkng , ntig lks alUL, AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, oosteel, silver allnde lte steelt, tlrd Jtibles, twri li, et. a quso s assort elo t.he lil od ad. HEAL'TH. T eoo'p"ed" orlt,:lprieo :b Iooe ICod ed t lin whielo artin tnrtd to tbhetn t bert of llbther. l dressio' room are oooo provided oitb dooro uoder bloe rt. Iel hc; loll or ond r-oity re p ran rl s or . edio molay 4,l; t o ooloEt S no ,Iyt No'cGr , r e 0is ko t for tite IatlrLS . The wil ingo tiro brig Uuc . b. o jreetole l elm 0ll l lll ly t t jdy, S & ro t Ie WoloolNloore Yolllrio [fJT'll.eOmlleplyiog hSoiroeA,, AlN .-lhl; antl ' 51'the loweor o nes prenc, every I lour w lshin li.t Boy obseription. 25 ticLrlS ftr $5 So! Prirerof o bohtwithaootowel, l'3 casks ahs are o4 cses Caou o'clocb A. Il. intolil hbese hthodo oll'erol togrelot elel lrpth of watr of3 to ?foetl ormed by oat ecloosro booio b froet lohp 'Jy O brohubarbd, protected by a ralding fron the Irg llia tr of et. the river, ood pet cuthS. tootly ojo'o tto tLlow freepas Bo ton, andtlbr sale brr. - onul-luos on jyt7 _r . o mmb l.e Pso i dru str-et. yV 1J IIN11 St 4' ol t Opposot e iiiK a' t efille stredt, Third . ohui.ripalito , lioe I71 EoCL~ANiNESS, LEASUR. n eiil ; m, t he blroprie llors hve li t o ed No Cr drewlg ool e OW provided it door under 101 New ILesee. " " JyL2' BUSINESS CARDS. PASHIO ABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Charttree llreet II, AVE aconstantauply A' every arllcle pera luIing i; gentlemenr ' dress, of the intest style, at Srew Yrork pg ricers "le 20 RILICEOUS METALLIC TE'IETf. S1PECIM ENS of those beautiful teeth, and the man o 1 net of setting therc,may he bo.en at the ollice of J.B.Ross SURGEO DENTIST, t. No 46 Cnlal strret. 'These teeth river change colour, and are by hrany, and in many cases, preferable t tthe nalnral teet. :1 i' lr. It. will wait upor ladies at their residence, irequested. ap9 if S A.PERROSSIEI, MIWBHA T TAILOR, 67 Common street, BEGJ to inform the public that huving purchased ZU from Metsrs HOUGH, SKEUGS 4. CO. tart of I their stock, he will continue the business at their old Sstand, op moite Bishop's Hotel, where lie hopes to meril ua share oftheir pntronare. tie hai mnade arrangerments at the North to be supplied monthly with thle latest and most foashiuahrle goodsl. - r 114 CLAY & CLARK, , HROUSE AD SHIP PLU.I3MS S, No. 102 l'oydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Ceosets, and Pumps Of all description . IVARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BATHS ii Fixed on the most approved principles. I , MIll.'D LEAD, PIPES, &c or (POrders executed in any part of the Souther n States. mr9 0. Dr. Roboert F. Lindoe. It, rE:ctiaao to lor.g. ir '' CLAY & CL.,RIlK, r P:umbers and Load Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Pvdr. street, rt. ,l""P on landn oI: i timtsn Illfly of Iead Pile, ro. lro ilh diameter dowIn Ilt:o - ini. diallrtletr, ilt sale. o'r ORLEAS LITHOGRAPHIC PRI TI G ES:TAIiLISiIEll N !. et. No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arrado. fet VILLI. S GillEE. pRIOPfEl'lTOR 3 H. PAR. ER Conlnrisi..ion ait1l Forwarding Merchanlllt, No 6. FRONT LEVEE, ur swrAlas New 1. Wa. r cr. Sj JARVIS & ANDREWS, . WIIOLEitS.E AND RET.lIE , DEALERS IN MEDICI ES PAITS OILS DYE STUFFS .IAD IVI.NDOW GLASS, t. Crner of Conmron andl Tchoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANS R, NATIIAN JARVIS. vitl JUON W. ANI)RE\WS. A large upply of Garden Seeds. warranted tile growth of 11137. AT MOBILE Aa. S. I. & 1. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and f1 WATER STREET. riHE indersiened, haiing esthblished themsehns in SMobile for the parpose of transacting the Auction nud C) iasion nlusiness ill its various hranches, beg a ve to inorml their frieiOs Itd the (plalic, that they ore now prepared to reetiv. onIo nn.ents, and make ileral advances on the same, either for private r public SaI.itOAN I. JONES, ISRA El. JtNES. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mnile, Febl 9, 1838. felb 13 . A CARD. SAMUE.L SLATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwardinis &I eoait slon :Mlerchantt, No. 41 I'ovldros Street, N i: \iV O R , EA ANS. 'They will dlevote thlir utivultllr attenolln to the sale ol \.cestrll Iaroduce. / lbij'al Fi+k, Oq. Aiut 1.liNew Otleoos. tA 1 NAthll;i, Mersl',. i h. i l)ro & (Co. ( ril /ia. l & C. IIt loston, VEon P1i'il &.ahe till. i Stantird & tais. Sit Lotui lasgow. sihaw & T~ tu.h Ilnw t , 'iag.t &. It lit. Alt . Alon Skidmt tasre i:. i I enhus, S& IP. 1'. S'tI'NE. Forwnaillnty Irlnd CIolaiuiaIouin Jlel'Crehnllal FUILNISIIERS IOF. SiliP ANDI Oilt.' S'otRESta, No. I11 TCllnouri rli.As sruEET. Nw OIrleans. l . I t Boston I..EN.ZII VOE Itt Co A. It' MEtlA & Co. New York. It. PIUTN'AM., J. & P. IlooI.AD, I Cinucinnti, O. WVIlur SMITII IlAtD S'roNE, l):Lvt, 0 1I. CoatterotrK & Co. ColuRIna:l. t. N. AtI.ItcH, & (Co.. I.utsvile, I.y WIII.LISSTEVeNs &.iCLt.Srs,:t Louis Mao A. II. ltoi r, Altont, Ill. WM 1.. WIoIHROw, lushvillet, ILI. J. &t P. P. 1 A.rIWELL, Bayou Sara, .a SOLOMON HIGa. New Orleanr.. DaIn.S & JskA, IEALEIRS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CRllWVN GLASS, No. :3 CIARONttI.ET STREET. ao FIR, I la N'S INSURIACI , COMPAl' Y t v 01'' NE'],\ (.fLtEANS This Company are tatt preparedto to take RISKS AGAINST PIRE. No. 24 Aiisolt'u T1Rn 1E.n st(rmt. I' L TRACY, New Oileans, IMy It. 183Il. Secretary. WILLIA1 IRWIN Colnmissiol anitd fol twarding Mlerchanlt, C'INC iNA. I, clli.. Relfer to Ilyet & .\elnlun, Netw Irleas. Joo.. Landit A&. Co. ut·t lttt RlElRT IL \INNfON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I1 at)p streel, Wholesale Dealer ill Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, mi:ill 8Wit,dow and Pic.ure Glass, &c. &c. T. W. COLLINS AT3TORA 'EI Y & COUINSELLOR .qT L.AIt:, OVW Irt'tisitul ilthe' Stote and City Courtsa. Cli ents a ill lintl I tittt e Clerk's oflee, U S Circuit Court, in tthe Custom tlouse building. je8 A CARD. II tiE undersigned hav" .p.ned ai hoase in this cityr Sfoar the purpose of trtllatcting a GENEIRAL 1), l.1 ISSIIN IIUSINIESS. rFFtICE No. 10 GRANVIR SrREET, UPI STAIRS. II P LEVY. Tihe hlo e at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in the above aaoe. RIeferences. Golirey, Lam rle & Stall, Ne . . .. . Peters . ild ,ew Orleans .La. It IB Hill & Co, Louitville, Ky. J.oh M Gilmore, Vicksburg, liss. Ilarper,Cttrpenter & Co Grand Glf, Miss. Mauir, ..aut" & Co, i Silts Lillurd, Natchez, Mlts. New Orleans, July IT, 1888. jyl2 A CARD. NATIiANIEL TOWNSENDI having located hitm .elftin New Orleans for tle purpote of trausacting a General Ageoey and t uannalsltoall bhsitrt.s would ret spectllily solicit froul tie lublie a share of their tpa-s. tronage. travingt a house i T'exua, lie ill attend to the trans acting of tal btasiness that lay be desired it tthat country, andtwill guaratotee promt and unremitted at totiaon to all busitess entrusted to his charge. tutl a faithful aspplicoln (tn i aceordtlt.e witl istruetiona) of all funds that trsy ecole into is hantdls. Otrite is New Exchalnge, o liravier street, k.tpoite to IRet Mr Clapp's elar'l, oltl a.dljoining hibhlat's reading retn.sign of the ''exi:iu Consulate, New OrlealS, Novelsber .5,1837. Sltefereetee. Messrs Hillyer, Bosh & Co. Nenw York. Burr Wakemsn. , Alvarez F ski, Natchez, Mlies. SM Streth r St Lttuas, Mo. Jobs T tier y.Louisville, K y. eDr Jolt A Ste e, lltpklasvill.e, K. it2 GOm PIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW OIILEANS, Office No. 24 Musson's Baiding JaS CANAL STREET. OIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY 3 5lOR the State of Louisina., and Cities of New Or S teans anti .afayetts; for sale by WM l MtEF4N. 111t3 car Camp nld Cutnmo'l sas. 'LISH,nr iank Boxes,--este rceivet by 1/" e' i; IRt)r i it ' &l ttTI. JY16 7 Cru l I TRUE AMERIR AN OfI'IFU . In connecrion with this Office ir a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, ran Yut 'Illt PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, , Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills ICirc'ars, And every der cription efJob Work 1thatl IW may b n required. [irThe proprietor respertully calls the attention of tilhe public to the abtve Card, lnl assures thlem that b all work intrusted to his caen shall be done at the short est notice, il a style unsurpassed in tilts city, and at the l,lest rlttre. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THIE CITY OF MVew Orleans and Lafrayette W "AS published on onr!av, l2st May, and Is no w o'.'for sale at tile Ecouting[ room of'tdzepohliehe-, Exchange Hotel, St Charles street,-and at tle Itook. store ofl essrs. E. Johnis & Co.corner t Charles and Ctnors etleet. t111I.i of lPirnie+ o w1 Hook. io i lEK PIRATES' OWN BOOK,or autlhntic nar- a rutives of tile lives, exploits, lndt exectntiolts t util the most celhbrated Sea Robbhers, with historical skehteho of t1h eChit amPee, Spanish, La.rone, lest ndic dlia , lasv a \l gertue 'irates. in I vol., just I ct ivd, and Ibrsat l 1c \It. 1'KEAN, re I i: [ c~itlt, l .an ' & Comlmld streets. Iaddle. Harness and l'runk lanuftacturer, and far aisl'r of Military. E'qtipments oj'every descriptiln. in "No 189 I'CHnur rTOULA$s rRK.'r. II SII lAVING in employ several Military Workmhno , e 1 he is rely to etxecute work in the albove line at 1 tle shortest notide', d on lihe most reasonable terms al Ilrrc:hpents' and ['edlars' PacXing i rolklto of vervy ie., e. scription.n, tsll tialV nnl ban., a C comtbineI. n, maon can eio'i 2, or 30 bushel. of mtIlle:l Ier diet with tiles" ills, andl tihey can be at tacheed to a cttoni gmi, and are particuhtrlr calculated for planter' useO. I L I I CtP ' IA tI'LIN & COtiPEh ml, 82 • ulia streetr. I'O MIEILCItANTS. in ýlIERtIlANc'l' clanl have a Ibeautiful circular strnck 3_l oll at two hours notice,hy calling at the Orleans Lithographic (illice,531 agtazllne street, opposite IBillk Areade. m41 RC-KElEL-35-ialf bbletio t2 M.ackerel, for sale 1 iby IREAiD & IIART, tVW, r12. 617 Gravier street. SACON--ll caskL pimne ibacon edes, received per B steamer I)anie! Webther, ior tale by LAWILENCE & I.EGENDRE, jel 28 & i 29 New Levee NOTICE. r IE subscribers have this day asociated them selves in business, under the firm of Hannay l Robcrtxon, and solicit a continuance of the patrtonae experienced by It I Hlatally whilteconducting business in hip own nlle, as Gelleral Agentl all Commission nt ieRi.OBtERT M HIANNAY, jyl2 RIOHu RTE A RIl)HERR'PSON. EAF iAlt)D-1000 kg iln atre, tfit('ale by f3 iORILSF.Y. jy2 44 New 'Levee.. K Il rtUCKtY ilAtlGING--IO U s for sale Iy HOLMES & MILLS, jylt Baink Alley oitt I tIt wi(tINI; -8l ta Leavy Scotch ltaing'tng S 43 iotth'a wde, for sale by i IitL.IES & MILLS, jyl Hnank Altev jXCIIANGnI, . ORK 't N NEW YO r sae hv E L IAWRENCE &, LEI:N IR., jv 1` 28 & -9 New Ievee. a rajIF.a I X ''31-I'.1J iS, &ac--.l)0 six andl thirteenl I ottttt cddiJt of gollpowt-r attld imperial tea, '5 can's of canister ilmperial and oonpowder. 21) half v chests of ipoutlchog tea; one cask lf iesh nutmegs, and ia geleral assoltln-itt ol' grecerits, for ade low by a IA \VI'INCi' &L LE(iENI)IF, ijy t' 2 l &9 Now N ve e - sI'A'I': )IIF 1.1I ISIANA. I )JARIiA COURtl , for the Parish l, of New tr ,eans. Pr O- the ionolahle t'll ate lea Marian Jdte, SAugust ltl, h2, Ito. ,N. 11112, \VWll N. Mortii and (ichlvrd S. ' fst, v, 'l'heir Creditors and the ('redirtrs of Martin nl 1i t. The cession of property hiv the petlilio - herhy rel ,e"d b, fi, Coot ftr th henefit of thelr crditorsl, ald it Illlr oidr dlthatit al)l tutiof olf I said cwdaorr 'dt s ore h,-hl at 110',, llike of J. It. 'airks, Esq., Not. Pub., on WVednesdav. the" I'- o" Sep ,,h-rr next; there and tih n I, dl'liblrate is the +allirs of the p Ilul to llor, alld inll thle Ieall i ll e l the l.peledinlf t I uir t t eir Per ils and ro I ert'I arte t i ll . Ie i fi, i er r, -l rell d Ithat ii l gll+.+ h. Itl; : rslq,I":.q. he air piotnll t]o rePr ntill tfer absrnt credilors.. E.trm+t ronm the minutes.-Clhrk'. Offlr,. ARM'd. PlTO'r, t. . .+'! - 1' : 8. .... . ..... .. .. . C l_ rk la paroisse et tlill de la Naqvelle Ori6as. Plresent: I'floon Challle. Maln rianll llCe iTM t N Martilt et Riihd S tot cotre lors erian t let .rtrtanciest dC Mnrti&n & Yout-No 110TI-10 Aout tit-i.. iteio de, prtprirto tite par la pIltitilonrillv ntai'tP , Ipr t I tour t Iout r Ii hl .tir e . i l r'i I re C lt i er ; i i .t t ,,rdontt p1 in cl our lie lesdit" arnllc:i,-rs s'nsl ehl1ernll t elnl I'tudle deJ t .oarkso , Eqr, nt pub, l urderrdi. 12 setp. tPhre lprochlilA, poolr preCe on considltratioln lro ffilires des pItltionn)aie. et on attenldant, toultPo ) lites centre sa pscronnrll et seo proprites sen ter de senre seuspendues. Et I cst de Iplus .rret qu Ge(., K |iogelrs, EsqI soit ntutnno pour r'epricnter leh o eanI n Par ordre de la Crom. Burea du uGretlier,Nouvelle Orlbans, 10anout 1,38 AILJI.ANll PITO I', Gr.fhber. THiElll A.merian Dlemocrat. or hints onm th,.eo:ial and Scivil relutioas of the United Staes. Ityl J. Feni. n(ioore COler. The Two Flirt,; or, Adsentures iln i Couetry Itlo.-se anil olther talc i, ,' .etltv tleesioto, aE I. ltul;ver, M~ Norton. Bulr Cornwall, iMrs (ore. Captain. Mledwin, ond .ttiers, in 2 voIt. T'Ihe ae ainrr 9t rh teserl, by Mass Pardee, author of the City of the SuItan. 'The C(askt .of, tile ;ilft of an Uncle and Aunt wilh tfine wilod byh AMlhhMrsto. Juvt reeried ad lo.l sole by W.I MoleKAN, j.l6 car ICamp and Ionlnon ert. I O)SIN lS' I i-7i b. Is rosin drrso, landohing and ltb fr ,ale by J TI'HAN\ IR & Co, jy 1.1 74 Poydras street. (IAVE & $CHtlAFER'S Crmpouln, Fm nd Ex tract rf Sarsaparilla, for the enre of oeotinate eruptions of the skin; pimriples or pustules of thie t li!; bileo whoi h arise from an impure stite of the blood; scaly cro,,tions; p ins In :he bones; chronic rheumatism; ltte, r; scrollfula, or kitng's evil; whit swelling; syphilitie diseases, a d all disorders

arising tromt an impure state of the blood, b) a lotmg resideoc, itn a hal slimates, or tile mjudicious use of mercury. Also,-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or In. fant Preservative: the besat preparation new extant. Among which are the followeng:-Indian Dye, for col ,ritg tile hair; Bear's Oil; Rnssian Bear e Grease; Pomatum; ichaw's Free le Wash: au. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Rose; Lip Salve; Kre. osito Tooth ttash; Carbonic Dentrlicee; Orange Flower Water; Powder Puffs and Boxes; Anter,. can Charcoal, neatly put up in four sunoe vials; IP eston Salts; Cologne; Kretsoto Tooth.aheo Drops; Hair Brushes; English Dressing Co thi Inulan Hlair Oil;-with a variety of other Perft meries, &e. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C ''TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. JOURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the dtractiou of the A B C F M, performed in the yearn 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of tile geography, go. tlogy, climate and productons. and the numr er, mannelrsor ad t ustotrs of the natives; with a Mapo of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Seutnel Parker, A M. I ihe River and the Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and the Chartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author ofthe City of the Su tan, &c. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, by the author ol Rehoeliou, The Gypsy, Attila; iu 2 vol The Two Flirts; or Adventure in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E L Bulwer, MrsNorton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Modwin, and others; in 2 vols. 'ite Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nick'oby, edited by Boz, with lllustrations by Pi.z, No. 1. Just roteived and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. I .tF L.ard--2Ut kr'ego plre leat laId, in, sletsalu IJ f.. sale by LAesET' A)IEI.UNG, 17 tCommeree etreet OLANIt GIN-:t tipes Holland gl it store tor J. IR ,. Co, F RLi.cH il IANIY--7 hall pipes FIrenchl in store, for sale by J TIIAYER & C _agtl 74 Potdr a ORLEANS LITH-OGnAPCH oFPFI Not. t:t tngazin, stactresotllpott l erls., A cslr. SSTABLISIHED for the execution of mape, arlan E and drawings, maerchants' circulart,businltr and uaddress cards of eery description, funeral cirett a oil dep mtournming paper, apolhe.ary and dorggiae'tlaU Er; tak checks, dray reeipts, &e. printled Itl exeeatt d it acheap and expeditious style, Iy the p teprietor. W't.lIAM GrK EENFp 'ICl. Bank Nhots onetlv executedl. m"' tI t Py 'r "'t"'"T.- es'tttisrt' - ~. ah, b i lifts & 1'11CR. l '1 In Poodrnot set. t· LEMON SYRUP AND PICKLES. '( BOXES lemona Syrup; 145 boxes assorted L.flh Pickles, in quart, two quart and callon boti ties, from the manotulctty of Wm UIndetn ond, and a ILewi: k Haskell, of Boston; landing from brig Talley- P rand a dship Charleston, fur sale by JAKVIS & ANDIREWS, m2 nor Cotmlmon and TchapitouIasn ts. iC U OCOA--1o00 ba Ie 'OI:Fl 1--49 b-hg prime green Hlovtoa CoU1n h lding frol brig Ai E, and Ior sale hro J. ) ttIbELL, jeo '19 ('mp p reet.l B AlGIruTli PE& PE-13:tpar Kentucky tuagging, J and II Coils Rope; also a small lot ofi' Twins, in sltore and for sale by J )ANIEmt.., je'20 59 Cno, t, treet. I JIlOBACC --25t boxs .nod 4 kes rimrIne CCn wmng '.Tobacco, (Leather's bralnt,) store nd lufr sale Sbyi J.DANIELL. lteSt 59 Cannp street. 0) IO COFFEEI--800 s hoe io cIoffee, of good ll qaalli, ending tfrom hrqloe Henry, flir mroe by jelU s'rET_ S N h _&AVERY. I.MtANACKS limr l89.--Jast le ivd.l , a small lot of Pet pie's Aallannek and Ctoekett's .\ma necks, for sale by )AVII) FELT & CO., New York Stationer's Hall, je20 24 Chartres stret. r tuiXAS FUNDED CERT'IIFICATES and Audi I tor's Draft n on Ihe Tresurv, wanted I NATII'L TOWNSEND, jeol Exbange Hotel, Gravier it. TEXAS BOUNTY LAND a -nted -. . NATIi'L To)WNEND, jets Exchange Hotul, Gravir street. -FIDININ'S INSUR.0NCO COllMPAlT IOF NEW ORLEANS. d\OTIcEF. in hereby given, that the books of suhaecrip d lion for the rem'aining shares of the capital stock of this Colmpany, were reopernd on ltoddav, the 18tb inst. letweetn the hours of 2L and I o'clocki P ft, ln remain open the salno Intour of eoach day tlreaftr, it mtitd the whole shall have been subserilmed for. By order of tile Board of Directors. E L TRACY, t June 14, 130. SeErLarv FRELD. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, FF I: S hius services to the ubalic in the depart me nts o Surveying and Civil Engineering, ioth ill Inwll Iand country. Ironlm coulsidreralbleexperieni e i lis profession. und by prilopteun and fidellitm ii tihe rexecrtion of't bliners entrustedn to hlim, he thopes to oUlerltatd eiveas aorol f lhlaetillic patniril. Ie will salso umeslre and calnilate Iie t.olteitsi oIf wialls nd excavalions. Oilice No 8 Chartrestres treet, secoid story IN El)D OIL. in Casko and i n bbls, oarnrated I A pure article, fir ale, wholealleHod retuilby it. JARVIS & ANL)REWS. Medicine, Paints & Oil Denlers, jel8 Corner of lommniua & 'thouipitoules sin. hROfWN NiEE'TItNfS-tOll lO oardt 4-4 IBrowm l Sheetings, landing ft uo ship (tlerokee, suitable litr tie tMexican imirket er City trade, Ior sale, by STETSON & AVER). jetS 88 Gravier street. I 0 P ;.4 "tCA NDILES, ()IL. &c. 200 BOXES New Bedifor Sperm Cimller; 31) casks New ledford Winter Oil; 15 casks Roofint Zinc; 6ih boxes brin rnlavana Sugar, r 100 coils Bule Rope; 311 pieces Baggnig; l casks Black IB ead Crncibles; It 301 casks Paper Hanginrs; 50 baskets Champagne Wire. For sale by JOSEPll C ICKAYNE Je8 25 Gravier sireet. J] ESTERN BUTTI'ER-139 kens, received per sr steamer Vanltialia, from Springflield, llinois, a on superior article, for sale, ATER &LATER . TRIER, jel8 40 Poydrao street. ~) ORK-Rtnp, So:t Mess and P O, for sale by 4 jefi ( DOREY, 44 New Levee. e. lPERIM OIL., CANI)LES, &c.-30 casks New IBem -afrd Winter Oilt; lll0 hoxes di do Speri Candles I0 erks rooftin Zlor, I.l)tiines Boetlaiu Moid i.Clandie 300 sheets Braziers' Copper. In, fiir sale by yJ(SEtI'l COCKAYN I, Sap20 '25 Gravier street. EAF LARUD--1O0 kegs ir al tire, or lale yn L l (G DDIRSEY 41 tw ilev,". lrATI PUtLIC A'II INS. C ESS tMADE EASY; being a new introduetion to tile rtdimenlit of that sclenltifie lland popular ae. me. lBy Getrge i ulkeri,Trnaherfhel Il uso. ic U;ncle litiraee, a novel, by .trt S C Hall, uitor of 'a, ketches of Irish Character,Thime Buccaneer, &c. it 2 all, VOI. S llThe S irit of the Woods, illustrated by coloured en i gravitiir liv the ithior of'L'he Moral of P lowers. Sindeio'a Views of Portiuand Harbours ofGreat lri. hbirno's Oems, or the Tereasurp of the Parterre; 12 inllqllels, drawn mni l coloured froom nature, by James n. :llldrws: ,iitl poetictlI illustratltions, by Louisa .Anni l 'i'.itmley, author l f The Ro mitacn of Natore. Id A Glotssarv of Terms sed in GreCin. Romann. Ita. ti lian, ind (ioihie ArhiitictiC re; the r ed old edition, en fit ilctiok's ngillteir' l'(cket Bolk, for the y or 1838; of with an Almnnno ; by HIenry Addock, Civil Engineer. 1i Workb of Loturd Fancon, withll n introdlu.t.iry essay, ale al it portrait nlew edilion, ciomiplete in 1 vols. Ii-bo, ittruet' tlliutrv ti 'his omil 'Tlimie. bfto the .iii retlration oif (harles II. to lhe treaty of peace at t li reellt, int is ini cIt Queen tiue. A new editlion, t.- with Ilinlr t hl . bio.ruphial ntes; compelele in llolne volaiU e. Jtltl receivedd ail for sale Ky , mrk I corCa mip aw Con:.l|n As. FRANKLIN INFIKIWANT S I\11E Ipulic ore re eetlllv i r ed t this insti Slltio i erected n tie nost imlproved plllll, nld o all lniry ali n mst IhuliTrxlhi sIatultliin, in tlhe fullbo Ilr IFrnokllln, up.on ihe ruilroid, role mile ront dc I lis i sa, qn. I'le I.ltlilie is Inrge amnd ino.colnmotioulNlydlirided intop, l tnllents, for keeping separate different class.s, nodl I ,T.trent dliseases. h ie siltittion i lliuplied with the moet skilful nnd attentive male and femle ntil es, and speaking the va riouei niniernt Inngtones. Irivote rotns nlv hd bally gentlemen at five dol laro per dlv, inocluding ttetndnnc, Ate. 'I'erlut in the or'inarv wtrds, two dollrsr per da!. S tlove o lsn two dollars. Small Pox in lie nrdinory words, five doll:,r.. All capitlal gurlicnl olleratinn exltra. 'The rresidlent phvsiiaeino Dnr Weddeonan, to whlonm nnllicoatiln folr dllniosioll mnl he mlad., or ltol Ir C A Lnoeriberg, No 17 Rampart street. apl9 ll EAF LARI-600 kegs in store, for oale hvy G DORSEY, je29 44 New Levee. NEW WORKS. ?lIIE NATURALIS'rS OWN BOOK-Comprising ded c riptions nnd anthentic anecdoten of tnuadrup ds; sieoieticallvarranged accourding to the rysltSnl l Cuviet by the author of tile "Young MaIn's Ow. Book! TIEH NATUR.AL HISTORY OF INSECTd--in two volumnes-vol 2,forming no. 74 of the "Famlily Li brory". A digestofthe LAW OF EVIDENCE IN CRIMItNAL CASES -byllenrv Rosce, Esq. with notes and refoerfnces to A.lericua decision, and to tihe English common law and ecrlesiastical reports by George Shuartwood. ON DIAGNOSIS OF DISEASES of tls CHEOT-h-bed up. on the comparison i f their physical and general signa, by Wb \V Gerhard, M D. PRINCIPL.ES oF PATHiOLOGY, AND) PnAcrtcE oF I't'setc--By John Mackintok, l 1)D., lionl the lust Lot. don edition with notes altd additions, by Samtuel Geo. Mlorton, M I), in ed vol's. TH' AME~IICAN (QUARTERLY RtI:VlW-No 36 for December Jl1.. Just received anl for sale by f.12 Win ofCanoiand Cin. o 1EAF LARD- 4 e211 ItIcp Li , g m sLtenuboet General Wuvne, for sale, by LAYE'IT & MEILU.AG:, jyLe 7U Conmerce t rt. ACU.u SIDES-- l3 hds bacon sides, landing front lboat ,tt'nerol IVayne, for sale by LAYET & a..IELUN(G, iyd 17 Co.tmerce street. YPIIt.S T'L.B EI[--Twon tlist,, nonstotitg a' uooutl.l4 logs, Iling at CArr.lton. for slea by '1' I 111I1 DE & BlRUrHlli t, jy. cor Connotnn & Magazine Otreetis, rl.llepine nod 1.: do fint' lolor; Ibll bll comnnIttttI unl 46 Ibls reclilied whiskey; 7 hlls imesa and 15 bbhs 1iprne ,ork; bl ' hlo neli bevt; lity cargo of a flat bout ifr sal low, to close, byI LIAYET & AMELUNo, Lily 17 Cillillttrce toreet. bil.-30 cals (60 boe.e . eol) tLiLe clte , foea 1 by REAII & IlAI.STOIW, Jyo 7 lank Place. U(.tMoo CEMENT-- or sale by 1I EAD) & BARSTOW, 1j)' 7 Bank Place. B AGGING-500 ps Kentucky bagging, fir sale by READ fi BARSl'Tiw, " j)yl 7 Bank Place. 1AMILY IIAMS-74 ltll canvoaosed Fontilyv llnm a of n ru erlor quality, landing frtn rldambout Monrch, for sale n y y I.AYE'(' A.IELIJN(.. Jo2ti 17 Commnree street. IOSiN-75 batrels Rosin, Innding end ftr sale y , S & J P WHiI'I'NEY, 'Conti street in sltonn, for sale by SLATER &At IRIER, augl4 40 Potiedr streti I,( II LANGEt on lltobde wonted by g4 ABIJAII FISK, RilI)Y-5J bla o libL proof Aerti an. brandy, tor ) sale Iby LoIAAC BRIl,)E & Co, rr ael4 134 Magazine estrer. LAVANA SEG lAI.S-08 biLsro fgreen coffee land iog from scht Liberty, ltt, .1,ll1 hnols in stor for sleb Ito SLA'rIi S TRIER, augl4 40, l'odr.s street. I'11ITE IIAVANNA SUtilaR--I5 hoe.. prime y qualily, landing from brig Plachler, fir saole by SLATEIL & TRIER. S 1Rnugll 40 PoydLra street. IIPEACII BRANDY. A fe bkl old peach blnndlv at 1forsale by in READ & IARSTOW, augl 7, Bank Plieo. oAl t. 1l,'Ianka i'liladelphia Ale, Abbot's raid, I t lteceived, and Io. Aatle hi J 1 BEIIN & A CoHIEN. jy2l !I Conlmmn steet. NEW MUSIC-She wore a wreath of loer; Elles Tree; Look forth y firest;Tbhestar Spirit; Come sing your lesson, The heath this night; List the lay of lhe G*ndolier, 'lhe lady leaves the banquet fall; Na poleon'a midlaght review. Just received and fir sale at B CASEY'S, apl21 Pianoafrte and Muaie IRVING'S NEW WORK &c. T HE ROCKY MOUNTAINS-Or scenes, incileenm arul adventures in "the For West."digested fromlll be jourtalof' Ca p)ain 11l. E Ionneville, of the Army ' thle United Statee, nd tillustrated ft oun various other woure, by Washivvtln Irving, in 2 vui-. 'He VICTIMSS OtF OCLE'IT--By the Countess ,f llessireton, in 2 vols. lust received and for sole by W M niinrAN AP EI, quilt, teutl pens, ink, fluid, wafer sealting wax, intdia rubtber, bllek sandl, pouce. ad every ,tter artiele te stationery, of the very best quality.cun .etntly on hbnd aud lur ,;ale Iy iDAVID FFLT &CO. ilt9 N Y Statin-rre' Hill, 28 Chnrtres at. tIliE i-I Vt'o.t 5UISAR--'t tiounndlittg Stronli chr'I'exas. fir ale by m tnv9!, os.A'I'IR . TRIIER, 40 Pavdrns at jI1EXAe MONEY--$1Bt ITreasur \otes fir ale M y "' K HYDE &6' ROT'l'IER, Imay 28 3' Common. ear. Marazin- at 1 UtAK-30 hhdts in ,l Zan i tit) ilteta. ,ACON-L10 casks Cincinnati Cund, in oret, for BJ sale, heby G. IDtiRSEY, jel8 41New I.evee. F LOUR--40 bblls, in store, for sale by jel8 G. DtRiSEY, ,4 New Iover. EA- I.AIRD-- 0 kegs, in ie slippig order. for sale by G. I)'IIL.EY, jell 44 New Levee. M ACKEREL, LIME,& . 274 bils. manckeral, non. 1, 2 a 50 hall bahrrel maokeral, non I and 2 1129 casks if lime, 0 buodles hay, l5000 feet lumber, aItn,lieg fromt brig Rinaldo and fitr emol,by J 17 I ETSOIN AtEIIY & t;). NEW HAT STORE. JUST' received perlate arrivals from New Yotk, fatrh uan tfnhionable neairtrneat of HATS. The shbtscriber woult particularly call Ihe atrention of the it,oulie to a satli of beaver hlati of a ulleru i finish, Ilne texture, ric n and heautiful tlare; also to a fineP plain RIusi halt of a rsulerior quality; and talei a sI lendid article of silk hat, togetl er ith a general an nortnoent lnnul;fctted Itv mll.sell, expr;essly for this market, whtlesale anl ritail J W O.SIORN, 31 Comp, treet. N. t Citt and country dealers are inittted to all. RICHARDS. 'ITo'ubacco and lloluff Ianillufc turer, No. 277, Cam t'", New-Orleans, wirlles to ilihrma his friends and the lpublie ill geoerdl, that ie i o now prelamre to .furnish ally thillng, ill tihe a.uve bulsiness, and Ihas onstalttly for ale tbc loliou tnog arltiles: SNUFIFS. Rose, German RIpiae,l Manaoyv, F.ngtlil Ptr :elteglui, Amrie.t Rnappeet N athito,:lrs, Imitated, American genttleman's, Bergalnot, Ilunkent Rolaa.", Irisi tlltekguard, St. ()mar, Curacon, Paris, PureSlttnih, tHalf coarse Raqale, hcotch, and genuine tooth powder. 1 OBACCO. Mine cut ohewing, sweet senlted or plain. Fine cut smoking, of various qualities. Rib-frtt Vi'rginia, Stnislh, ke. Tl'he ahlvenarlesare:dl warranted asg d, f not so erliorto anything of the kind importidl, and will he lirnished to dealet eon, tile most lilh l termls. may 4 LW LI.I1FOKI,.SPERLML CANII.E--I4ml Loxes of New .ledford Sperom Candles, landing from ship Kentucky, and Ibr fale by LAWILENCE.k I.EGENI.) e, jei21 8 & 129 New Leve B RAZIERSCOIPPE K-0l00 heetbrnzierocapper weighing ton pounds each,in store and for sale by SAMUEL LOCKE& Cl).. No8 Front Lever, between Customt Iouse and Ilien vij lle streets ju' New Orleense and Carrellltn Rail Rand ArranelllentS for runliog tile ulra from ithis dte. FiatoM CIARROLLTON FROM NEw (nRI.E0NS. The horse car at 4o'cl'k AM Stea car at 7 A M steam car 6 do do do do 9 dtodo 8 doP d , t ,i r odo 10 do do do I steam car 12 do do eteor ear at 3 do 2 do do 4 do do do do 7 do do do 6 do do do do 9 dv da do 8 do do The Jackson streetcars anid i.nfoette, half maot 6 i- o'clock, A I1. Canal street t i o'clck A ,l, iolh runi nine hourlyv at 7 o'lock. 'Thei cars will coonence 2 rnninng ever bait hour.and continue throughout the I day until7 o'clock, IP M. n 'hearran.emretrt for the La CUourse street cars the same as lir Jackson street. ý'I'. JAGO COFFEE, ia arusa , .--Ihl, rceived Sper brig Star, in store, ftir sale by pI,A'I K & 'I'RIER, n2ml 41I I',odrae stneet. I' OLOIiNIL WATER-Directly impalrted from Co t U logue, by H IkONNAIIIL., at car Natchez and Tehapitouasn sts. j gThe ogenuineness of tihe article is )roved by ithe ae utgraili of the anuacturcerl Johaon Maria Farinn. A GREAT IARiGiAIN S ./T-ILL be given ie t a thoin Parcel tof SUMMER tI.t)THIt.VNG, to close a amnsignmnont. Per o. an wishing ao purchase are invited to call and ex iulliae the allle, at the office of a NATII'L T"OWNSEND. jeil' Exchange Hntel, (ravier at. Ij gLOUI(-3iO bbIa at lte loadig, per lurt, for sale Id et )ILJOrEY, s, jy3 44 New lreves. r ALAG.\ WIN -Sweet and ro Ity Mala-a Wine, for n qr casks and Indi tt hlis, entitled It debtre"lt ; fur sale by REAL) & BAIRS'I'O\, jet 67 Gravier at. 50 C.A tcK linteriul, gunpotnwter, young hyroat nd e souchong l'eat. rv 101) b tax crt Mltlaga Raisine. ]O half do do do. lIh bags prime greee Havanan Cofles. lrau boxes fricsh Havana Swari Meatr. A 30t boxes Young's at.terier Champagnn Cider 275 cases Borenux Claret. - 311 canes ulrior Old PFrt Wino. 25 di do Sherry. 2 pipes old I. P Teneriife. e. 311 kegs ptrime Goshen lttter. 51- coils tdanilla tCtrdoge, assorted sizes. i0 cids tarred do dit do. ng 0ill dozen superior Corn Brooms. 51 Bkegs ansorted Neils. t t kegs No 2, Wi ite Lend. k! 11 casks Winter Stlrained Sponn Oil. In i(HI boxes New ledltrdSppermt Candles. i 1(0 boxes Boston No I Soap. 31 bhoxes French Br'andv (IC eries. t 2) hexres Underwot(' 'Picklda, assorted. to hli tins American Gin. d 15 bbls Atlnrican BIratndv. 5 qr tasks itarclav's Port Wine. ip- Suear. Butter, Water and Soda Crackers, Pilot a rI am, NaviY read, manufactured by tbo Patent Settal hake ctoonlatly o, hand, together wltl a geunral assortment acof Gtroaeries, wholesale and retail, hby rI- ZACHARIEI & litOTIIER, o. j27 76 Old Levee street. r INiEIt OiL--5tit gallons bert English litsee t4 nilnow landing ftrot itig Willian, fromt Ittatin. 1It ll ctonse tlreign and northern mann.factured linseed oil, in casks and barrels, in sttre, oid for sale ltow hy In JAIVIS & ANDIREW8, Wholesale Druggist., 1y7 err Catmnn & I'clnhopltllttlam treets. el. ,OAP--titt boxes No I ttIth, brand ot Jinra otuld landing fromn brig William, fhir salu by tnl ISAAC BIII)DGE & Co, _jy7 1e31 Magnoine nrept. ct. AI)AtE RIlOTC-ltl rtils bhlo rttp, ci aopnrtpe - quality. for sale iv b IAAC BRIIiGE & Co, by jy7 1.14 Mniga.ine street. Is. i)ORK-215i bhis Mess and Prime M and P 0O 1- T 'urk, for nale itaw b no LAWItENCE & I.E;GENDRE, An jelli 28 and i29 New Ilever. ut, ABLE SAI:I : 30 Cases: 60 boxes each: fna ita b'e salt, formale by READlo k BAl(RTt)W. t. _ july 19 7, Birbk Place. tle L LOUIt-aIl2n5 bbl., landing frt.m n-s tntmat-to1 ii L Mlills, fbr naid by G I)ORSF.Y, Cr. _jyl7 44 New Levrre. - O'ICE-The tubh:criir having purchllsed ith dl Stock of Messrs. Irwin, IlIll &.. Waltoil, will e, conuinue to transacta a Wholesale Urotery and Co0. tlisnian Businlles. Ho has oni hand Ita eullerul a bent oIf TEANM OAiT SToaa rs,wiclh he oilfern iri by on tmoderate terne, and sloicitn the pailrttetne o friends of the luormr et ncrt, and the publtc in gene c. ral. jyl1-7t JOtIN (CHRIIST.l me Lockhart'l Lifu of Walter coLtt, &c. out ;)A RT 7th andi lat, of Lockhiart' Life of Sir Waltar ct. Love, by the athor of Flirtation,Tho Divorced, &c. h 'lh \Worksof Washington Irving, new edition, vols. ,Iit. i and 1I. et The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, No - 43, tor Man, 1838. Just received and for sale by WMI McKEFAN, cur Camp and Common street*. at Also, a ft rlrr sutppty of Alice. or the Mysteries; a - eqllel n t Kerlqet tl iraevers. jelni EI ON SVIIULt-zt Itnxea e ntnitir teItictt at rat L far salt by L.EAI) lt IIAIlfTu\OW, - -n - 6Mr tiravier street. T- (tlOln-iOi bl.biMes ando 3 MU Otak,Il23n5bls print ter, i inspected Pork. ,or sale Iy LAWI(ENCE & LEIENI)REE, -d nm8 11 w oa bLevse. tor i tllSKEY--i9bbleroctified lahinigfromseteam t V er Splendid, IiDORSEY, et tml4 4 N'ow I.eve. ir ICE---5 caks eiand Ij ochk. Inntilmn ond ftwr sale Iby L bv J THtAYI.fR&Co, iy 4 74 I'oydra sstreet eat[ dvty I1M E-800bcasks of Thomeaton lim ftr ea le i CHASE t IXEY, jv I 6 CiItonhaons street. tee Q( i--.A- RL'l' RT I Lr."--.SO hanipers in etcre, end "ar lJ sale h T II IIYDE & BROTHER, rd jr* e4 cnw Commwn & Mneamna s,e. j(OMAN CEnlENT r itrci inlmpm tni i LmrIOn 1L oIn, ft4 elenlt REA)D & l AILTI)W. wet. .tiy4 7 *Ltiek 1'la e. NEW PURLICATIONS. L 'FE iLondon, or the Diy and Night me-saeor U Jerry Hawthorn. eq..oan Cornrtkbia t Tom, eab opotneted by Bob Loi. tle' Unolnat, in their ramhles and epfee thIronglv the Mletropols, by Pierce Eganr, in 2 rols. Vivine (trer . Novel, byh'rD'aenli eomplite inl vol. TIe Ytog.Duke, a ooel, b thie Author of Vivian errV,emlpletein I nol. The timeiofet, Edited by l'h.eodtlotM Ifook Amber ed Gilbert (iurev. Just received mlnd for sale at rtlecorner odCanip mand Commou st.retit, by W eKhK!. i i --- Ol FI-K;iii- Wr'-T i at- veye u -J oirior pltt d(toli! nets li iiug dur fatini' ir ,mplete: justrnreived per ship t(ir Hucitenan sed Cr sale bv I..J.' Ir('t & CO. aug 21 :0Is remo..· CHE:CKS ION 'tIlE: ') 'A It of Philadehlrhian d its leits suift t3uro4 for tale by IA WIthNJUE i I.(IlIENURE t j1'9 t ti&2'i New Lu.a. RItOIAN-4d0 sret.s Menil's o, Boy.' Kip adt B tuselt Broensr. for sale hb ISAAC BIDtl i & CO, jy9 1324 M anka, B etc MI R. SA MUEL. PAKoPEARE is my amnthoieed SAgout during my absene from the ciy . DANiEL. DANA. jO-l ew4w. l1AI.DNB S. A fRAUTIP.tI. hetd of heir is then granodea raet mtett Itoltnninr to the human frame. flow trangn' Ivh the letuen it thtn e onnatreV', lnd p.mtei Itrineos n the eppenra'cnt nfold age wheict e.oi ea noyn In mreoll at heing nvt,.vre, end sonmtetime* even to she.' a*irte to avoid tlhe ire.. ed sneers of their .eatnit.tcnre: the remainder of their (fee arnecon tequootly vp"ot in retirement. In sltlrt. not even the to-, ,f tlop.'rtr fills the oe..rrmoe thinki. routh with that nervy sinkine helm as does the hoe of his hair. To nerrt all thltr ttonleao ant cirtlltmoteeer,Oldrifgre' elIn of lor'ooIloelit totpa the boor from fellintofflle'tlt first noplirntion, a.d a fin w bottrle retore it again. It likeowise pnroidte evehrowo and whitkers; preventsa thr hair from tttrnlnr gray, temke it et'l h."urtiftully, and rtee it from eanrf. Notmerooe eertifeeffa 'of the first rei-'ctathility in rtupport of the virtues of Oldridge. Balm, are shlown hy the proprietors. [T Reaed the following:H Ruotrt Wharton, Esq. Iato Meaor of Pl1iladelph has certifte' as mat he seen helotw,to the high eh c ter of he fldlowin. gentlenon. 'IThe tunderigned doerrey certift that webove used the ahttl of Columbia dieoevered hr J. Ofridge. and have ft.und it higly eervireade uotoloily as a preventivr' atginst theim falling off of hair, but abt a certint restor WILLTIAM THATCHER, Senior, Methdlest Minister in St Ce.rg e* tree. No 86 North Fifth at. JOIlN P INf~i.Ib,3r2f Aeh street. JOHN D THOMADL , , I M, 46Ravelt JOHN S FI'REY,1fi Speeo'etrent. HUGH McCURIl)i.243Leo5uld I. JOHN GARI),Jr, I3 Areh street. It is known that rtree of the altva sigoers are more. than l6 years of age, and the others nft less than 30. (lrom the Mavor. Commonwealth tli fPe Ievlvanio, / City of Pidedelpris. I, Robert Wharton, Mayor of alid city of Pilae phi., do hereyV certify that I am weft aeqaDioted with Merore J P Inglia. Jotltt Ftree, and Hegh *CCurdy. - hose names are ,i.rne"o the shove certificare,thr t they ote eeotttltoller ofr' oharllter and reeretltility.lnd ae notct litfl credit shoulda Ie givel to the uol certifirate. in witne. whereof I have' herento et tay hand n1d coord the oeal oftbe city to be ..flfzed, this tfil day of l tcerlAr, Moe e. [L. 5," ROIiEt'r WIIARTON, Mayer. Ol I thnt errh bottle ofthe GeMlne falm iea a lrtdtlid engraved wrapper. on weich in reprevsnted thte lo l19 of Ningarn, &c told a holeoale and retail Ib the not agent. ftr Ant rica, No2O Flecher street, Maiden Lane, ae door teown Penrl street, and by nmost druggisuand perfumoer. thro:;glh h, couulrr. JARIVI & ANDREWS, tn9 W\holesale Arento, New Ot)lear. PROSPECTUS. TIHE subscriber proposes to publish, in the he. ginning of the ensuing winter, a Condensation of the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Marttm's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four volumnes. 8 n., aceordintg to the needel of Peters' Condensed Reports. This work is now in prepnrnlion by J. Burton Ilarrion, Esq., of this city, uasirsted by William E. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distitnguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all the advarn:age which may naturally be reaped from titoir experience. Such a work is becoming every day more noe eesnnry, as the original is voluminoos, expensive. oand scaroo. An increasing curiosity too is mani feet, in the other States of the Union, in reference to tile poeullar jurioprudenoe of Louasianao and thne circumstance of the numerouc priaciples here doe cided in the adjustment of conflicteof lwe, make. the knowledge of our adjudged casa of" prime ati. lily to the jurists of the whole Union. Iloreove., the rising republic of Texas has adoptel oar eodese and thus there isa greatdetmtaml for the Louislean decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient ntote, indloatintg the parallel eastu decided in Louisioan, and eceasionally those in tlr mnore authoritative forums of the other States, will Ie added to each case. The work will form four volumrs, royal octavo, and will Ie delivered, btlnld, to ouhioribers at eO per vol.; in case it shouldl be found practieahle to conprela it into tihrt vnolomes, the pries to to b. scriher, will be ?7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM MoKEAtN. je5 car Camp and Common sit ``sUGA K-170 bbdn very prime, or iPInneeien oWL miles frome the cite, For rfae by Tl it Ii Y & IRcOT5ItI, m29 319 Cvininnw, at comer edllayledrrra. IT 4LILAoe & PARAOOLS.·5lilae. csiare inno au aortmnentf Mntuna & Giel.sUur - hrell, anld P'arasols, landing rom Blarque Ellen Hand for seni by nldOJ TI bAC BRIDGAE . CO, 134 lnlgeemet DETIHArT' Pills, Brundreih Pill", Uwer Liniment, I mudhmno' Oiineollel, (ier,,no female pills, Butler's bffir-roce,,t Mgnenni, Boalm of Colunnibo, Sa. d&c. landing and (or aTb Iby IIO11AhREL. m75 cor Nn and Tobeapiturlslc a r .0 Li.T-A Houer on Canal riereet., ev'' Mil'ret uo ld TrrStreet, nuille f"r family. Apply to DOYLE & MAY, joal 3 Croundelce nereet FIL( tll.-2l1l 0l bl, uperfone Flour, tresh amt will ReLoap souring fir semor tin,', linr sle by G. 1H)RlQEY. je¶Tll 44 New Lerse. a r N4A Ct i)FIb di bo.1 trealaes L'oble, per cI ohrHereo, from Hnease for sle by SLAYfER & TR1WR, jrl4 411Poydecuietree. lVstoren lcal tr o.n le y te onboeribrna, t)tll'oPBchlBrondy in bble; Amnericanll Brandytelnd (Gin In do No 2 Mlaokrrl in half du; loble Suit ii cses ouf flt boor". Nolna Vt it, wrt aeri nd Itrj in qr ausk coo I tlhoo bbls, (entitled e.tdnbnnture;) $rpoobh Mleltiiug; L·ooulon Pttetr nod Ai"o; Lemon Syrup, J'bilolmdllrbin White Lend, No 1; oltsdll in boner4 Calton Ginr. REAL) & BIARN rOW, w12 lll'r1lf--ou lobe Gnorr eo itreet* VJ Liter pot l, exptresly fbr fnetily use, fer sa1. low, In clooe a crooiemrtn' by LA\bItbENk & LEGE.1RE, jrt7 _littnd'9NewwLr.yes U crinn bncen. in prier older, in rine, fur sole. by LA1 El & AM ELUNGi, ivt7 17 C,'ooorere strue. -1 A4357n1 hbldg23 tierceo. nnd 5 bbje olued hoooe, 311 blhle red 5! Ibls, sagged te, pent ep Ior fotnily use, a ropiehi rr articel, in store, for soe by LAVET s. AAI.LUN:, ______7 17 Cueonerrecs'eae k'RESII WESTERN RU'1"1'FEH--I tge neeejve l1 fr om ltclllnn l t'1·arlllin (ornate by SLATER Id .PRIER; jyl7 4uPoydresnnteet. LANKBOOKS-Jusreered t brerunst rrival. Nrue N ow Yn o an elddlitinsnl supply of Banek Rtoob, of evrrv varietrr of Reling and Binding, hsn,, erro nt itlBlank l oloosand Paper,arr requeeted to cll and renmine our enxtenirve etock, ubulueale or retsil by IAViII FEL'r & Co. Now Yorkto tneionrr's li1.1, jet7 l4 Chartre arreet. SoLOUR-liOb .bb flout, Indig, sued bee rne by J TIIAYER & (A), jri 74 PetI anisear,. j(r YAb)VAIoo.L I A.lton-.drehkob 'tciaripejtd canvsneed lnnms, for sale b} J T)IA'ER&c C. jy0 74 ['erdessrie?. r7 i L J TIIAYER do CO, _ _ _ i74 Poi dean street. j3aC5SN-d -3u3 t. Ineding frome steamer Rampie f DORIEY, jrIO 44 New Leey.. (Aril: N Icffl p. teneYrcD r i lor r ingl , rt uil ai f ,r tale by LA] ET r C E j> 7 1T07 q p v O EN l `j El kip spyl· i 1f lndieegfreoee leaner Ath. y r M e M STIOT * AYUVr Pi I E eeL-tbt.pic.Ud.R in ttmr awd krsa LAWKU it8 .AcEOIIPNtb1E, erg!) . WAs d er L mix e e f11(19 r" !.r T111R9 .r 445 :Ne Irene. I .~..1!i--i