Newspaper of True American, September 1, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 1, 1838 Page 4
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S' &ti+ :·iI . n1 .pioibe.alsa Hotel, All$&(1A.~ . .+.tT~ a.- s"relvrneen to bhe friund.-s od the public ztne. d ~~~IIFt)saI.he it prmpareJ to oeatnmodrate the-n at eh ahoe, establishteont, and hnprs frmi her lbe hiob.mrdehr visitors e.hitfrthle, to receiv. "611Eotinittint h of f'hattr favors. She fopls conti. leaul thal l rMuons visiting Covi'elton duringi the ummer month, c ilnot filld better accn amedl tions laittWeh can effolrd ther, oin marr, lhhral terms. lor houseo s pleasnlutly situ.rted, and well ulppliced wiPt.sllf adi(veniener; the har is flirnihed with .thleo stehni.olnllote. &e. inl short, shi. promises hosnat fatu haioa t ellbe wanting ont her part to give r"e,.sil,' ae ton all who may patronlize the .f4p h Luisiaena tliotel. ijr3 4O PUBLIC- ll e ign. havr g Sldndr Dr.'e lnidt of Charleston, ao$}'F..rniea, anld for someno years his assistant in .J l cl epf tmdisii , and surgery, lihne the honor tl q to r . jie prtremaionnl services in this city. t'dmlt e thee ledjenp -d gentlemen that the tost pri.teg. t.wtie i*ill be pIid to tihe cairs which , lloty . osdptnd also othe s his ervioes to the hllders of laves, being well acquainted with the jij joelomlpt.athelr having attended tpsem in the J.t aesa.i,Charlestoun , ;Illl~ atti.bilious pills atter the nomposition ot?. r 8imolette. with directions, can be had oiefu T T ,effoet which they have l t #ho haboen attended with w 'swhich the brest ofl' tehrse At No. 166 Maga. sins . M4'LORING. WIEWS, SAD THES L 1SQIPANY, No. T hia nstreet, New York. haws n aid are corstantly e st n x ain llditions "to thile s)oek of the a e oW .naiats of the olowing sarortmlpul suithtlo fur thile outhurn and westero ean elt. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of 1500 tone, vis, PbI. of l+ illirent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kc tieq IS sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, ttulia, 15.aiies, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, A.kepopans or Oven.. 7 dfferent stoes, essettles, 6 do 8killetr, . . 5 do Plat Spider . 6 do eovered Spdkers, 2 do tddes.. . 4 do . .fiu Dog., 6 do Wagon bo ns from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cu t do. 5 to 1 inces. Wood Srews, 10,000 groes, iron and brass, from 3h.Sllth, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and flnish, and loes than Jane's imported gaices. S d tirea aseortsed, in caks of about 500 lbs for uetailing. Tailor's and bhattor's Irons, assortd. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Baelle for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order. Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is prtlicularly recommended to the attention of Southlertl and Western merhants, and are offered tor sale at low price, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. leved to be the largest and best assortment ever doired for sale by any ott( establielhment in the cnioted States. Merehants, by forwarding a request by mail. can have a printed circular, with deecriptio, of gootle, pkanNead terms, from wlrich no dovation is ever arn , furnished by return of mail. A. srder. will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. jr3 f fOR SYRUP & PLcKLC S-Utnderwnod'o Le L omn .vrup and Pickles, assorted nices; also, 60 hnesdl tLewis & Haskell' Pickhle; for nie to rdi, e i eosigqament,by b JAIVISI h AN)ltEWHS, al etir Coiucon and Telh.npitronla OA P--I0 half IhloneI No I ile., rntlldt of.llumes i Gould,foruslaby ISAAC tUlltl)iE ,ta C),. 0er6 t13.1 M Ilazine slrept. 'l LETl'. niNEsma dwelling house oai Triton stree, be. V tween Tivoli l"irclo and Larundalet t-,ert. m1t. Apply to J til', S A IIEELIIBAKROW S, Ac--25 i heelburrows, 5 I SV dirt do. in lotme, for nait by CIIAMPLId N & COOPER. m15 3 ul'tfa st > l, 'ad ruled C(:h and Letter 1t'apate, of ell ynu Slilies, rotamisting of very utptrier slue laid, lile aid whilt wove. saptd'li a n,. ruled rough edgc rtecord cFp, ceenstedly on lund and It sale byv IAilID PbLTf & i7O. s1l N l h.ilclioc't' Hall, _ts fharlr,e enl. l(d) BAliS Sioarrn Coffe v1 1 5brI. ver of3 do. E e lole \\ iie, It i .Al do if2 tith l to 111H"1; 5t1 dia ol 2 do . I Prt. ,l l; it do of" do I, P brown ih-tr.r, :121 10 pipeas erla IMadeira. For IleI b IEI~t.O(;ENE, BIR+O\VN &"rT, t. Mr n Cr ti strn t. WjLANK BOOK8 , nf tcery ntriwtv ttf rillitl:t mid .`..' lidling, onaeatultev iti hald: rod Printing, Ihulin and Bitndidg neatly executed., hnl hoteli tr, hi IDAVIID FlI' T% ".O. n ll N Y taetinores' H1Il,24 Chartrets e. ýi" if i-4n Itbie frttih prt Arefirrit Ultiand.,i J ,lading, fur -ale by IS.tAC BRIDGE & ('(). m2t 1:11 Mln.giazie .te,"tt NEW two tory rhk oue, sitantrd 5 tihors A frm the daennd mieie.llily H aldlntit 5th1 rtes eet. RKent very low, possession given :mmediteivy ,jaire at the premiese. wt29, if. F LOUR-00 bbls f Flour. for sain by mlO (1 DOR..I;Y, 41 New I tcee. .S . 8A 'O.N sides for uae bve V tt m2 i DOtIIY. 4"PJew I eerm. 1 Icoils Role. , leading firom A bal:.ndor, l(r sale by I.AYE'T & ASIELUG, las 17 Commerce At. 11~KA1iGM-Jl pieces etueckv lggino , laud in 8muo stamer Gea Wyvne,. and lir ute Ilv YOltKE, BtOTHE'H S, e 65l Camp tleert. SIUROUUIoT NOR OPAIVA 1ew Urle:.n,, Nov. 14, L817. A UOLT.sij moalhthgo I had Ihe misfortune to get a secret disease, for which I have ap.plied to see rpdp o for a ccrlail thev did rst cnre me. mi neow am Msbe hoe date I tpint myself under th ease of lileo, 1 adIlenIu.t hlaa to elae min. Since that time b edseo t wersn, so eo to break eut in large ulcers e'filmoiuht of of iu or eight on ea h Ieg, end all over it yiTe, ald otre dtlret, and not able to work at he gwena; tJrhaaeeitunt of the disenas; large ileer the iih slde of ta thtbroat. I n no r plttin r " e seo.6.,ly ender the eare of Dr. Huet, c f Puris, , tfelcured JOHN DEAN. I d. C.,'lIPY that the abnve mentouned disease U' .iate welleurad to my own satisfieltion, for which I Ib;kr. Hsr, sal coreover I hl that te. eari tesed.lLy ,abe ikn maIhs tie Tar, end did lint incae tr:y selth at sll; ibarefore I adeisa mr i law sullnrerst o Lase tiia.a ed apply to Dr A. Huet, 15 Rourntltil it. fliay will Sad a true dmetor tor this cocplaint. JOHN I)l-AN.40 (iravier ltreet. Tobe published at the opltin of Do. ifnt. JOHN DEAN. New Orleens. Fehb. IItIu. ftI i It Sr* . vtasnutttn maon Iutseau t on -11·to lit .tc 0.e ·I und, is put up in bottler at tie low priceo 5t1 . ta each, containig the stnlrleth of three onices of uswOnat , heiit lea the virtnes ol many alner rants and !herhs known omnarthe Indians as rfficaciuu in curing pnlttmoay complaintso. Theu a rihaltd success which has attndended the 'use of this itesttmahle Raintam wherever it has Ienn itno. d,'eed. has obhtained the eQgnnluee and rcenrnml n a ionts ofreepetale lr iynlritclans, for lie atore of ononsn ontdn, p.n itt the side, want of rent, mi'iting ot blood, Oler _mqo eiat.4.. To whm it ay eonoern. Thiss s tn errtiv tint we have n our pretics fmeunatlly prescribed lirs tjard-. aoer'Iadlaa ,1 ie oew i+nvewort ad Ilhnorhcolid, with lbehldad goadlwol wu ton therefonr, fttnmn the kno.w ldeIeofdlln a otatrie. it is satt frotm. and ckhet eatlon int . par nea Arcota otmd it an a sultrio, preplarn tion ori hee nllt ctaiotu of tnhe lunS fr hich it s re atenMlded.l AI.BIR r W!I.L1 A'l. I.D. CALVIN FJL.I.,.h I. Membee, of the Boston Medical Association. Soetem. October 95. ealeby J.tRVIS & ANDRPOWS, tt lt * l t ttl I s t it rtt teomnmended by the Medical Facuhev. S1L TLEW S.Efermeeceau Magnesian Altnrinnt--Por t LJ dipe.wi no irugagint,. ereouo drli, iddi sth.e+hed, ,aetlity of t de ttmeh t , cinl tenwse.aeuta ,nousdiseegout gcmvel,&c and much ovaled as aslentle, eoolin+ pturgotive. .'lki41amI. premnlanati hasbo rceeavod the ponrn • bt prf .n eatitnio membera of Itoe profilrrion, sad toot dametmaitg lebi mnaty respectablo ani n~nali. acwldMeYleioll ,l'fits ntfluay no at nticinino have been elieitel. Witl ll Pe pleaou g n ualitie.p tat a tloe.s ofp coda U wtnr i, pt4wuta nle m tnlt tioln .iltltin parl erties f the I er lettneltpoe etllinnus purcatiere; it at tieae.unt tno th.e te,.aud gronteul t, b. stomanch. ,.IP0R'P&AT UAITIOIN-The inereoiotn repnla. tina amlreat &diead toe Bunoe,'n t.fereecet .gle tri'la jrnt. has bMn oan itluomennt fr odtann to of. rocom iu-alatnofthisaaluable medicine. Ptrehnteern are ticulaly warned of thisa'bet, t they may he - S+s nntlead, l and otn proeere an nmpure artile . Ttagillak; tr reolpectlully niner ed thubt tIhe onhsri ,nciN tnet.ttlntntle supptld wilh the nrillgnl atnd ge stdni;ýt p. pnratein. For se," whn ebnle a d retail. SIt:KI.S & utrn. t(,et. "i "a 40 ('anal street, N t). T 1nAitL'M Ve+toble liar Oil. lir the retorauion • . eme'.t of ltair, irinIg beallth a.l beauty, and fefboe hin lftUr oll wvasrl f nl the Ihc l I:, it hlad .eoen tled'in Lotldrtlerfcel lahnldnrs, thinne., nnd tisat of olthe halt, ead iqvenery iatannee is shalu'ury neaotaeeheeu rsen ,ed l han.ener failed to pcdute new and Ilentiafl geowth of hair an heads nalready nhlh. Ictuetae ethre it benroee dry Iand cenoes to grow uiine Mhwlb +otanureader it healthy, and plrod.c in I n wtinwh tof ha. without the laet eatiry to t a hld. Thia ,Aill i7rr.n le greRble fra. .granter elt.lcFM ea axn anthr Ilir (Ill far per I uoting,eadi;.e! n;ilte hair. l'imt h ir mtet ant h . l. t je r ti ro th i F or tale at 3eE3 & D'LLA;lGE. 'IMMot.N HARTT & CO ar now reeeivntir a i btitd sihp Orleans, Eage, Iiighbaader, 'pk,.c a IPtP tnroi wFreneh and Grnman platy arlpl; Balk L a'nnnro s; Chse.samn. 1- a nnd 23- itach :ii at "eil Rahl; a.9.0 luahn i ialclh l,hare Ba-l, Kiiatra: r rnlher eand lltllr travellilt"- lc)rcanaaa Cianes: hlla. .', r n anal ill ie- h i a ,ral:dual -, n. I, -'t a'rrll.Iv atfL.-es ane buns a-'; ,fant Ielt.r t';oler ndl Pinstl Fllaaks; I)ranm Bflttlrr a nd Drinking Can': P ac pa's:n Ip ap:l ft aIn Htlder'; Cloth, I lair. '"rL,,o, and Nanil Irusha : Orra rand c'alMainn T'oath Wa a tonth Powder.: Toilet ,ndl rhavin. Soltu, inll "elt r l' ri aa,: Inl I-fluir Ilralrs Rinlea..nal F'arialta.: po ,r, Itd Toailet 'manlr; l.:r Enorv I.In-" ;ra Tath (ThaI Iti." aratnla lidaPes r Gnrtrs: a Daam f i .''pat Enaanrr; ' ew, ft Puf:ta and Ianr.; G(ilt Ohainn, PSea l arikl Bet-: aEr-draons,; \Vaistf Ruleklor: Ilrs"rarl.: Sena. N,-ckl l.-er and Chains; Gilt and Riivered Ialrid'; LndiaJa ]I-ada. and Plumesr; Shell Twnis: Side andl DrFrsin" Canmlr:wlicha,i a dditin to their frrner stock on hand, a, anlherrhe aaortmea r vaery crnlnplre, anndl will hr gold aw and on libnerl tena , at tle iei;iof t llp Gohld ra Ito rab. i-f 7T! C'nrtrea sreet. it I.r.& Buteh,, PShelaield, En-lanld, barve aut h eceivl a vrrY exte.sive set oar n ' en. n., rnaistinr. of Taible and aDe.e*rt Knives olf ..... d,rri;tion, Pen, PoaI'+t. Dirk. nal Spear point In\lhe; Rnazore, Sea 505ode. Edge Tool, &.. &er. &re wha:h thy ar ne prprared S exlbdtrto thetranle orerrlne.-. Trtt-lndo n linns will madlh, knnwn at hrl. time. nlrt6 J. I).REIN & I Cohr' N.90Caaommn me. MIMO)NQ. IHARTT& CO.--Arenow areerivhn pership lhntar-ville Ele n-, Merry Ar-hew Hirhl e' antlr, eermancl a rarnliana nllllle I,:lla Ial:aa nvlnrrls: " tler,e lt nstl itacket stols; plain, .n . ea SaalS sllo; ec a "n c a tl ) u h i,.oders; Pcis r's, ,Il ' lws , tel:. net: (Gillo' cmttmail ataeaaal 'a ther steel nuns: Vio n Violilu stlrings: shell, icbrv tand ho ns; ra ao lla t' In lmf k, bfarnal nt leather natrsaaa hanir lheaidl frolt and nak 'ingl+l: |legl o r lit Ti; {Irat:ll Ge ntian md F·t"a:h eoltLnte Satert', Rol.anttn .t. .scr • or . anip,.,miati, ..i.; altique y ml hears nil; pnaale desk d dressinrlh. ases: pant Sbllckill; at.ritIYa nI raiP a P; unlaOrP; ap n ta glacaenst viewa; fn.ai1n laata= a ,llatl alaama ; d eotrlern; whit-. twine; I oilet nndl shailng snaps: toilel nwder, arlnnllftiae w:al hballls; srerlmed <altiln cash~onll pool stanrlla stlrew oalahioans; ftarv b,ad lnl al;lns aallli necklaces; billiard hallt; pocket I;nks arl walletis: Gel'nxln Ilones; t-zor sl ltp-; ills fIIIIn . amt io 11 41n e The above in addition to nor frnmer stcek oa fenaeav utlielea, makes our .ssortlttnt vfierv lcmdltaa. aala t.ale wlhotesale or retail; thile sign of the Gohlhen Canm., 70, Chbrtrree irl'pel. ND OTICE--the aartneralip ofa Kalle , wlnala ch I a t of New Orlean : ason, Halrrir &C., tf Natr lez; ad Harrisr, (tlley &Co., of rodneV., was aliaslraed on hl of Ma lat, by the n ey t th of Samell nel A Maopn, rMe of the partnern al the fires. The undleraig llplan, urviving partner, will ho e treel Alth ttr hmert'ting und anclfing said brsiness asr , llownr LeviC Harris will attend r the n ettliug of the batinnass Po Mnso ,nHarrs e & Co..,aat Ntheatz; and lfneia, Kel d es & R.Idnee; and Henrv Kellev will attend In heeltrling ofthaI bIrinser ofKEllevr Mnda & Cat., at aNew Orlrans. The namcesr oa lthe nveral firms raill ie utred in liqnidatrioaoanlv. Thanse illdbtred to said firms arc earnestlay rnllneted *Come liarwnrd inll nake rrlv seltlelnlltrn; and thllse havit g claimar will laesar peane ar iath wilthout delay. I.EV' C HIARtIIS, HENRY KiELLI:Y1'. New Orleans, June 27, 1337. 3 NAN MA lrIE FAiIfIVt' S C(fLOCGNNE W.ATERl i 2crse tr I ,rre of tlis iutlleli,r Col.elna ate, it 7 rereivel aHd lil sale icn' he dozaen or ainala bottl:.- SI nAlo Anricasntn French toilet p wh.ra i powder peofs and haoes, n havin and toileat ao, ,tornPsetir ein·l ballr, a ilk of mrOee ensmalia eolal erpam, xaer ac o maltsk, kephahan ll Wa'd's vagetable lair oal, pntlin , eedepll e arse, flaridn hlavenandr, roe and ha w.aitlel, a Pro.n.'s salts ,.HMarseille' perl.lnlPrr ill anllah. caveari-a ile at fi aqtl ru u ea, Ihlalrne aiall Orrit taaah wvapi, Sclotll haaar,toolh,aail niaatlal !at.n.hl.l . taaerthpr waai Snn aalalirianl slppl, of fahionble iir", nlld shiil Srcombs and jewelry,lfnrastp low at wholr .ale .r r tail by a1t.N\IONS, HAR'PB &11O, jat"!v 711l ('hatrPee PtrCrt 2-W:-GTiT i S-SPi't aaoas Ilarar&.i.,,-,u'e now '" - I caivni" froem on barld ahiaa inazoo, 1 aaaa1 .nrnt<.a i Sstdlrig Conrerdlia, from New York a rantl vprietp oa l iS grlds in Ihelir linr-, iwhnh toaCether with their fi.aea r str:k n btla dl, itaket Ileir l sa.ire t ant eala : , alaa I The I nollrwilg coallnaa e a partviz: ell Iawilt,i ,r . ,lae, tuclk 81dn lrP'i n cmnh., hot'll (to o:rn ii]l d erri pt o , I,i- , S' ntl rubber, e.aik bn1d praraed elaatic nnt-er, . aanlllln & fine elastic enapindrcea, loa Ialat La,.iar aanttalaes, a leifrditz powders, poawder atll ta larnd IbXear toilet arowaler, pocket books aaad nallets, taedle Ilooksla, shrll, learl, rory anl meorreco rtal r•aneeaa, haanaaa.aara I i tt lain " - -roat batrld, necklaa-as noal narligaeRs, bad epal ad 'neetiaklnsa aaac l a rat gin iand eeain,.i ilaUraod tilt .ti, It Indian headti, bells aial altattet; pistol ati meet ,ev 5 ler l nskHa.ltnt Ielts, lthorse belt . poeeketr !atull d,.ali tt Ta.tasr n double anlein.+d barrelled la tlns. Ihlt kni., and dikr eaisansore, slcaars polcket kni ea,rc .IaI-aa illt a Sttlld ribbonls, waisr t uhackles, cl h,l hair. ta.tat , nnilatr b, -rtmllb shoea plate c flor aad daeliae brtlsaene;;laa, Floridn, lavenlder, mss au banhr, ensorte ossen:tc I renll~el hIair oils slanvitailanlla toilret a aa s Waaaa ttla ara d ciption, 1lpr"' anta-, e ieanra' taaek a irc ine i a es, hair rirgd sl , fi'izet hv, a ndl br ids, plain, 111. li 1 ind usical a- work nlox np, lain aad' t, . ai+Z'ed rout Sdl vest tellltetll', t p arl and I Io' sl' l sIrt dl , i n l taat seea artlaaa a rd gilt lah'ke Ia tiaai ltat ttto nilver b .; l t tI 'Ambles, haoks an a e., haia r aia:, iaaailita aaaatl Ik radl dlain perInaannn enp, licata tarata ,-,aaabala-aalai. - ens, gold unatairda r 1,w , n lt I, tt'er paq,'r, ,I, hoe , s,iriding w'nipa, we!kinarun, Ila a 1 1 , ton t-,1 , a: -ig t, pl tad t.a ti trt lcw n \,. . 'hlae aboi e, aotaeh r with ar ate, : aricpt al, of ,. a a 1 lea are ora .red a t wh-n lsaalt o-ra nail inatraaaaaaa Ia terms. at a ,,ah IITillii.IN if, ANIFalitd i'J)111 W7 \ V RI IElY S'ITOftl-at ,r lt' '', tat a comnhb, Motl0 Chrtrs ste... 'I'llrh.,l'elrih' i, r eeived, inaldditon to theirpreviom. stark )Ilhld, n fill anti rnmplete asortment of artl, It ill thir I h'; vi:a combs, pertfunery, Jewellry, hrmhes, ID.kin' l.hase, Toney xrtitle.% &c. reonaisir- i: u n Iprt as fO!Ilows: (COAlMIt-- utnuie ·lr sll, r.'vr, htr annl plin tan ck.twint quiilled back, long rnlnd, dlre:.ains silde aa lla caul' ' lp neck, Brazilian combs of every deseription amoants which are anie Mexicain patter, Ivory ecombi of eveC daseriptin,a hon, darensin nld packet, together with a gaeanorelal noltlnelt oflFretnh aat Ameintrican. PERFU.IIERY-Collnntt, L.ellla , Florida , hanrt , hav, rose, and oran llcve oer wnfers of every size and d.s eription, camnphorated Cologne, extract of I:rgamlt, lancy spntn ol'llh kidld, hblainnlc h in cakes and alts ereale eonp do, W\Trd'a veetable bIir oil, Ib;r li illl an tiqneda. I reston's smelling sala, slain aai l lerfiued toiletpowder, pearl powder palerl and boxes po matum in pots and rolls,orrs andl chlorine tooth wath and nowdeae, with a genenl ensortlnent of JECWELLRl'-somen ofthe latest and most faahionla Ide setts, consisting of white nnd red cornelina, topli" jet eardrnopte, set in ilagree, breast pills of a re-" .oo tyIv of patarnte, wateh trimmienr, gilt and sil' ataikles, eilaer thitnlles, silver and inlal It oils and t uard I:llaili BRUSHIES-Cloth, hair, dulta. g,crunml tl,iitl, loor, hat, flesh, tooth, plate, eonlb, Nall, shaving, auhol and white.aslh Itrueltas. LOOKING GLASSES-German stntia and toilet glass, umagnifying and French dressing iglasse, tahome do, witl a variety nfother kinds not enanreneatd, 'FANCY AND VARIETY AlRlICLES-F crnch and American portable ldeks a, l dressing casen , some very richl andt finely isnlshd ladlies work hlxesaald dre ciugg eases, with and without mnsic, mnsical boxes, Ac eortaiansi of varios kindsa, violins anti nitars, silver ald plated pencils and leade,wood pencila for arpenters aln crnyonls, munldecloesn.gaunsonl pistols witl and uwithot esens, erc~sson caps, p:rcutsion enp chargmls, nlpple ecrew drivers, oht beoltsgame ags paste bbegs, ipec Lh tea seaes, Indian beadl of every kitd, hells and Ipumeil., fioeald common knives, razors and eisasors, tilonbles, needlelrs, pins, silver plotted, steel naicollnllanh specta cles, packet books attd wallets l naraiols kinlds, vaciing ncards ald cnard cases, playing cards lof Frenlh, Germat and American manufacture, ldollsa imitation fruit, sna laeas prints of various kindal, aSnmllrs' Polneaoreol Emnsrsr n's,alaillmmatl's alnd Hawkit'a razor lstraps ;aa tectlajli hones,dlirks, fancy .ead nct:klao.c, lt wilt, ..r drops, toy watches, piearl hutton, powder a laaks on. nelnd plain seed bende, gilt ald siliver ao, gunat elatiic sll, n eors, and garters, plain ansrdsnlotrd acnctaaekgalmola boards, dice, opnicatvi 'e, jewslharps, oco lec. n atch dl 70 Gcaartraen. th OLa IAR'lS Saien, atf Pna't hiv iea raa anei e iem t for sale It their perallnaclnt \Taitnllg .\Inllnli t' Loi. 8 (hllre s raer,.c ,ev ;ieasl-, li., Ilorlttalne Nite Ytrrei, anl alhillnto al., Ilobile. schools, ani ic s asculateitd Ir ele d iOln tain l iar , i Lotdies anti gst lle en c llare iltvLtel to altIIInt a laleliai a the systeln fixr tllhel b,:lvs, Lessions an givetn it sa tel lltl es as al t sll It ellvenie ts'entol, aiud t t eatlnt i ,lratae, r lr i ar t ill rl n f tilhe city. 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WYILI.IAMS, O.CULIST now A TttKI JFrlFRSO, HOtS.t,JitERJ kON ,STRE T, LOUIV|llg, IT to lhe Edtl.r of thee I.tsAille .dre-ertirr:e c:--|t tppear4s by the obervaetion of thIEd ;tnrs eIItIrf lhe N$e;!tvile Prer', lnien nrd 'feTteA* ript, as~ well n th.1 edrte'si oft the hermnlthi Illtaqunrer, thrt thtt "Oldt (tielen, -l i' aenonoe the I,.l.areo l'hWe Ill fleelred b h\·Iis Ikiul.'l|v r'.e, kn+.~rill. |hal hIII time~ Is hlt sllim'l, n.. 1 lhttt lh-· illd,.nendent \Il,,rir·nnl n~llotlle iare nttp ha ir thenrolrves whata re Ilatlr anl iepesitions. Trhie anthrYedin e .ti nee a lttera the rlplrttettor., edito or-o gtb t l editolt of the orve natourae u adi ii .v' h. fr -on' I have n·*,oroll In ·i~rlht i:l h nh;llrF.v Iidree., plli.. 1. The faet ie. t ,t n ver :Ie e n.h e .rent stceeaet ithhin ao limhirrl a On iod na teen tr tw.'.lVe '. d] . One "leen eaeea dt nlt ettt-rn -trrtt, lto htet .de ra n tile li~ht ftcn-at hit t-i-th, leer It , . . to fOet w al leo ;te to tny hotel, intrad of Ie.inea oblizml to hbll Id v hi n. T'wo'youno itdiee, who htlat echinrl t the t sliht of one fe, on- ftr ta- .ar tlr nd the otlher far learlv two years, hIavlnti bnll oe thm thrle other e.a verr venk: !et eB!ch IOf thOee vnree lndieo begtne to tee wtitl both evea% whleeh etle eiit rlal edg myee lfetill enntittteat ex erplitto tiher' al.a ender Ilt influoeeee r hleratineli a tf Io .!edio! tnlettle't. .Anttha is c tltniatRhtle of a raspeetrable merchant. wloter narme I am Ittunrd ntere to tention, (as he ptial me my fers), who ajil dhe hld In.t tllha reht of one eo from the ne of I montfar, bh that rlie now engin tot read Ilaren le'er1 wi'h tho ot!her eva eenlplet'l hehot. Thit the doltor e-hten !:new, Ra.the .'-ntlenmnn tnld me himsrlflln h ,d nn dne edl his dlnthter lo the otIRce of lhe medie'l aditore. Ito' they tihltlth ittf r:eed of alh feet. 'The atet oallh ma inion it an elderlv 'gntl-malen l' the ntme of tt'nunle nmely everrt elrse attft, arttt IPecllrel ltllb lihr Ity letter, wehihl t Itetreble ell tha dilamrent olfee, in Nirshrile butt neta .nd hie.'F .r.dd mte he hat l id for he insertltn whaltever tlrh: '-aneed, owhl d clar n iu thet letter that lIe hn "orally dler;aeit- t the ei':htl.f eouece from C" h thee hioleiralt, which 1I mrt:.r uaritatled to li, ... oteacsiened Iy tihe meaiese or eante poxe tIatrt nC V tat ct Iit ntt ttlTv ae tile lihlat ef the eunt for t!le first time thlat Ira reelleelet but the elart alsI, and was ,eginniele to distneui·h many ohiret; anld didl, beftire I le't that e;tv, rive mn nr par ,ef rteat It" eatohal aee e w'all taitate elrae et: ·itfl tln other ere tore eieteir elated. H' said lee hat hean a member he the t lethndaletr Ipiecnpal (tthtreh for n tily Itorla eeert, a I t it hie ward ua never dlbt etl ithroetth tal ae teteri.couru tahfir life. 2. 1 re;eat:rkt 'tad never greater theRt 0t Nashville, eer. I t r medioal and eteric- a dnctors had nevaerhefriee ; teh reason to h enrrateed. 'the pintiodiomnatiek a. o Rev. elrierientl )r Selntlt troe'ee, ethn e rstaredto t thne rohot n la rI· eer pata ha wttr 'nvorrterem beita, e per'rrt iee'idet, to helieve n i tier d~etrin t i fth ef ihle, tt'at he mteFt harn teedern trtliecn elrnr--rltrat le must hove nleact to nr, lt I hefore th-e rnd et'ltr eare to eome. he shultd he converted frol hi ilftlelOliry, a thie epirit oef itp trtoen minister of tihe peaneftll clet eerien eoertrilrr of the Christian relipian ,el hal teerlh ret dleta.eluieton. rene, tadlulteev entd toltriheoti to talenae tie medicel f-ieratte, eoaieet the 1nen rollal he knew head deee so tnleh .a)d, and no in jUre o any Our. All ther inhalebitentaenf Xalhrill- tt oke of ett'heereat Ithelt, -aeept tit , de r., tlt othttPeo elto hot! tarote efTleroted tVar Ale ut Of the reare perlbrnlerd onl his totaltliv littd eve. it. T'ier fl faaae tiet;ic' h S. rftlhie teoae, t"prteeetl lt I hare I tl ee'rceit. I etnd in the Ne.rtd .i, Y Airivnl in the Sllethwest. 'lhbi provee. hlo'ever.I hai, inld tha t t klept them u til I .trrlt l i- n alia l e.,tia n. If I geined oner ia the tactrh. I oataetat to hla-e eta' anoth tr iln the snla h ntr d a te hwtele , e lll I Ie ill e hotlr e e l a en' ielo on iiny' verv yVulhfnl brow Ol r on I tllre dall I Ita.,e in apite lof the eiureeration e F t'le c;roat lIr'.. if I may judge fre ,n the man I are atleadv btefaitttd in tlhli errtv itlhill three lraItyi. I. ''oThe .l- ire t f the reaentt it tee 1 t h dil d ·I ,e ;iIII 11 di nd~ I1 e ll'li(r .t .h (:ep~:l (.ienn r Ind ' l'r l' 111r1 11t, 1; w, ' 1llll .lhe~ clerc1 i dllnlr . nITh CIIII fI t ile (!. I're. I owhr Iindl nosIelf`II byIIIIC p lom i LemewrIIIt Ill byapyli Intil of a liita . laeil I e Ie t a Ii aLre tila aiet 1f a ir Ie-tirter aaad -ettl e e ·illlI e'dtitoertf tiealea erteie: . .,. n j .leld17 (l I r G a llitl'' t lahe l alri, < ,lllt a ,ul I ut'lr e.aIr' in 1.' llr mk,nrllln I iderr-, ploin pailldu¢an .tIv ¢T', i rinld ill Iuew .+o/h the w ll (ola , thie wan ahe alll, n hic he eIale etio loiaah 1 h . 1 ,.vI~n ~lld'la l . lit.elflr+ pll'l IIJ( e'. lle'l· hIII. C ! u I ii hiI ;'· 'l dutn n (i s be 1 tvo 1n 1 1 ] hwll ' e ..· l l· i I lo-p te" 0I etth itert e rot-tier tite a rttt-al lt e i trt-t tteaaaira tttatt etarta I f l l.tri l( t, eliP Itor o fi lh wP (\ lljl\ il · . I : tl f I ot)the 1'. ;t e ll.r I l.llld I i. atleaf. T Ita'-teue Ie1a- u h ltlatee la I!11.-aht 1 I ' elat ,i t h e tre e ] te ri le o ai aa ate 't.'i i t Irt. a ..; yII h·llh w -1 i , . ia r ratcd elleiot et tr here. t (he.iI. ,11a IaIe I I atae11 n a e a lllrl I ste ul I1n . I. e, Iteat iin a e3tete t iatu tal t lea~ ae -a? tt~Ia the wn li e -11 ,C a-r t--h aah e ian dt -ar t , tealllll,. tII n rate prmdtat tttilt't tea Ia .. t attIr eal I, II lte ti lla hat i i treel. ll h-u' l t nil I e Iv, 'hhr il it I I we ll n w , a e mol relll , rI I ii , hh i i d r, ., a terat It r tnte'e t at ta ,I i lollltllle t 11,at 1 t hat E u , 1 i orl~ ,Inv l h'rll ll'.'r roI· ·1l ·llp.% f r .i t h:. t·wlr "lii ' ll,. ;,',,v acte IrrsI, l II 1 t I rc ely111' ·~lllr I r air ' -ti aa'l, he aler ite lilly u . inlv i11 111 .i I1,. iiii lil fi. -\Ill~.llli ..r . ll il ,]1l · io llt Il lhe nl n il i o , nplleal i rie la-aalt- Iteat vttelt, r . ato itate-a ¢r JeI tea e ,'a eea l, . a 1t - i tat+tietr a',le l}-ta h ' I ird Ie h I Il h tal to+, _' It-.a-a-aate' talll ~ iII i'I II te I-e-i~lhu t eer. I f-acy he gallant Cla-at-itat Grnah d tat eni Iorber a' lblde YOIun enfrtlelmlen of 'nahv-lle re' lle:t alt il tlalldut I, f tllih l iaute -.-- pt er of tl Holte . !l. %l~. Ilndn.lh,,l wicar11 li~r t,',l~f lU.'o,ll {:a:,i ; ,1 Ilum, hll P Iwllel lb lm n laced r I. l'+.l1 e ,t-ell Imr lul 't , l - fiat ic a rm na ifheeale tea ll eai- --l' tnhe a th u l;.rl.Ioll ill [lh tl.~le,, ii,lCr rI~ol- . v,,,g; all,o :,+ .... of' 42 venlr Iractice! as anr OCtlist, inl (;e.nt Britaiin more nllca (lnedl( in ll aduce atiser than taldI~ rvInoaIII Ry to1 a'ei It-a--ieat-Ia-a Iw Iin tr'* bi Ji whicll is a suncieirnt proof`1 1~ tha i had 1a. Lalt v.-a he Memphir Enquircrfort wo or ahree with t illt tn t ealpt ilntil tlr e eroelP t.i- a.,i : U .. h i iat la etrui Iat I e h v blh" ia-' fantl .Il- " u , g. r, i.llnd y u W ill Cit. ,,- , 1 ,- ! , ..... ' ,% t+h , r. ly. satse erts-,+" : +h rL .h o or ... i+,e , week ,' 1[ ill al-' a tea ti o aer t ' ta, thI- i el .-te a-an ou t .er, e aa tbli'h taoa, a ,. le In a t a b tll at, t iila~lafaaa h]liatae t . Ia la aee a, rae I1 li ti, ,-li ,t , o I te lee. tee tea t he -a n li I - h , ele teal ftr11',11 e atl tar ber ] ee ,,tier tat.i ''at- tar +e d- , it"te 'ttaoelt a t., l., 1 a e ll~n,+ hlttee etr tl ~lar -t t, tea l, h t he {eat. It1,att i. thel hI tr'e;,e a~''' lh tote,'* ein I+ wortetat tae I hi , iw ,ti,+, e . • tein+.h, o t thety. I aeaen~! ettoefh) "t e. t-a lae areenri reeteatterl fteeae, teav~ 't th atvrtar.leatelterere eitetwh raeenlarae llttnortl I-ieee. hk~ tee < licet aio etle iltltel itateetle pat lette leeta,f to'111 e. rt-tnd tat (eee rn/ ho toi eeteeeiata-antV.ln aattttarat-!+ iah'ate ticeteak it-i htIo at eotletl ' te e thea-c- o + s " reret tm h av l teri dri.l Illd oat) le it tell eate ulet-attttl~ he i! ta'n lmltteatariatgo tari '1 eterlkJl. Itatev ei.l to nbutl ett he ,eeie 'iet l tea le t urd erli-e tetlltrttat.ahte eeeaac-aliV rl.teherele leeoteet ' lie h nriltetreee it.. atll teatrt-atetereetatti teilaarIe hrlleeteeta lee lm+,.itle , leer];ll terte-ra tllt Captat rat {i-tlnt leettete e~ert~lao rate ll nlteel' le e l thr.. taidu teet uer ofie thee Io1 ir teet l ee atI. ho tter witlo la eel tlcett elit cnon .il tr... .he.t. i/lll7lier ethl'te ieeet .i +let a .t hret at t al o ,d". e tL ,. he , e tee teal!,Ieer tea-ll att'o atretetet treatr eati tier et leer het duly ta to beItile ao teat lteteer.f thee tell -a-tate ilil', attn ilae rae tee ate-itc1 teeth etirea d'eiletooreoh,.eeere dodaeec nat !teoea tat2 etarl'e .attaie'ee-arettt teettetaal teet'eat erett ferudlis bi he [+=it'ulritnlll l lt' e cdi torO1t: titter it eat teet ns ateeot1to h~ltrarnorea thrtoets. ,i1+,'. ,i tetreetalew-a tttelt +at.-I elatei lelata teetatl helectIfllv mattehclud. lue ratterrreteeree lterr etelnta" tile'-r -ree a-te' i c-l wieli '' at sule icin r ++h I 12. I.,tt v.t-l'hteet eae'rtetetlli ttnttuirer rlwetereoaeela ltcrtttttehlteoneetiSleae 't7' Il, <.i wit t~h,. (unl~il i Jnn INl~ tOl)+rti I rli,,+, hN iir u tl id rl. n it fr t~lee rti t iie- t t I.l- llJsy 117 Cvl'.rdf.-lrnt heS. li. (drCeao e of Ski 311h AFn, C , t, Il i , .t it' 1'...I ie Itns..rI Huns 1i ,o \l (V Ibc'''q' tI I, )," eWut of I II " Is \V..I Yt ll r l li'i :\dI. Ieocute w it a tponlrs, h'Ir, eawllllil ed the l(/llllll tlS nail other dort,1 IIIII1~ ll±1Ii( Ill[II) Inrtl t.,evioeive. l t It t''l I tI' b ii n~ii In eon-gne~·lli ce of nn ill lllr lel?, Its. \V hill ll "_jl nuriu in ..\n'hvlillllR it fe e II:. davs tourer than lie it .Yn Iii tin"le-vt hi dls J ly. e . ,N 1- lie F itir t11, beie )i). 1gursted by I i llIUt 1, Fhe nr itIll In IITI IIty, to "5..155 hie IIIII t1110 sIItI1II 1: Illi I'I1 'tI~ili lll llI·· fltsimt'btrtllu lrbnut r.Tf I II I A~r II,' I:P lli~lclt, t I Tlrl~c IItI til~lt~t 1.11 111. i fe Iiifttntp.ll-rge '.\l · ire. of the n ,I, the 1 Wns Il ti r tou~lr, ddre .il? ' to Ili. :.Iiil Ion., It'-tiil I;I1 the l( owitinhe4 i 1 input snort i n hi- cnu jlV try, 1·:IIII1'1 mlie e hi. l elill l to f~lllli e Pa~lled -into-,lll r:1: l1*· 111 l l i: lli M cetrl " l ' r tt tie ve ., it t c 01 I-iol!)i o l '1 111 Ii if r1 Litr his vaic; brit all 1 have eI1· II jrlll .sty they ate in gactstinltably benn,1... jl~t·II·i F'I :IIt i'd.ll itWI .1% i filn INDIAN'S PANAJISA. T\Oli I henureofrlhenemtisserf fulaorkingsevilgout, s aeltica or hip gout, incioient enners, salt rheum,] sillhilitic and nierncrial diseases, p:ticuloarly ulcers and painlotf'lafi'etions ofithe bontes, aulertedthreoteo, ws Irils, t icers of evert dlesalption, fever sores, snd internal :lhsess iistlllts, piles, srall Ihal, scurvy, biles, ehro aic sore eves, er sipelishlotlt i, tedll every at'rieetyt ielt tattoolls lfeetion, eohronic Clatr'h, heat ache proeretl n tirol asy lacrid humor, pain in the stomach :mnl ds .lc pia prow: . ling ltavm v's'iatri on, :afsctsio s of the lie'r, ,.hrenic int :,,:mutio of the kidneys, and ,genendl debili= tv cas" tI.y trphil action f the vessels of the skin. It is sing k..v rlliefcious in lrenovating those eonstitutioos ,thi sohave been broken doano by iljtllrleitus treatment, JIn' :,i t, iltrregl. llsaritic, In.gelnerad terms, it is re ,om tdtd tn all those diseases which :arise fo'mn imstitl'itias ofthe blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatevser nameor kind. Somte of the above Iompltsintstmay require some tri. flig asi stant applications, a Iilh the ircums.toners of the eo it will dicpts';hut for a gsr;nerl remedy or IPri.esnlor to remtove heclns'e, the INItAN.'S PANACEA will gene'rally he foaun sufltiient. T') THEII PUBlIC. tow Itti it is, that nmdern Physicians, im their am hition to exI el in their proftssiots rxplore tle vast fieids ofacience by hI te aid ofcl'hltnistry, ttoI seek opt new rte nell:o agents; in short, to arrive tit perfeetion in the pralotias' ly ntrlna of art alone,--eotirely overlook nod neglect, an beneath ther nlne, tihe rich and bounteous stores oinsedicine, which the Almightly has caused to so+ring ant f tlhe earth itn ter'' clime! And how tmuch nae true islt that while the Ameriecan Physicit looks to ftnaeigl countries lir mosnv of his most common ant nerso;'tV' t ito'lest, perpetualy ohehagiog as ther are at Ithe Ilctat a. tal' tahi tn ' ftt, I ty e is sr'rt,sutdtsl it his onl clountry th all endless wofusion of ,melieal pllants, lIflicintt to staswer any indiet:tion in disease or to cwr'e t:oy eranable distrderst and yet e is iganmat of their vi tuses and they are sel'eretl to 'wastetheir healitg on the 'The efeats of vegetable medicines upon the system are temlnllutr--those of tnisetlis hlating. The lormer ex ert their etleats andl pass off-the In'latter, mercury in ipar tieubr, act chemically apon the solids, decenmposing tile ,holest:td undlerlllioui g thte onnstitution by a slow :ni sore destruction iTho colgeniality, eflirieocy smid SAITTY ofvegean ble recmediet ae'to misneral, mam' e estimated bhv contmst Sitlgthte anoient pttotice with the todernt ; o, to bring it more immediately un.ter our ownt ohbsrvation, th- Ihlli. :mn prctice with that of the whites. Who,in America, ns lnot known nr heard of repeated instances wherein some decrepid, unpreteldinagffrmlemldinn, ,hymeansof her simple temedties alntoe, has affrted the niost ropill SIstonishilng ellers, itterthe lasteira Mediaes of the -o'uenon pracetice, directed in the most skilfll manner, hts t:iledl Anlt who has not heetl surprisedl at the eom patatiseclse andlatoility ith which the ItlianfiRees hlin self from any disease, and at the almost tots abstinence ofchronic dtieaose among them/ Who has rales heard of an Indian with la onstitution broket and rsined by illt'reatment? And eos a doubt exist titI this haIppy ex emlption of the savage from most of the ills whitch the flesh ofnman is heir to, is c.!ieflyv owing to more gemis i so riemyes t c e 'emploays? ' his astonish igt dtlifelrence in .srecess, is a tsfi exemplfalettioI of the in lilnltue stllperiol'ity l Ithe 'i1 ,e nill! safle nleanls of ollre i i.crh (;11 has crIeaCted for the bcnelo.t of his hllilhren, over lhosae which thle ptrie ands the art oD' ltaun have in SFIrom Inllg recilene rllong a portiono'n oftLabnrigill al inhbtitantaof thits cotsot.y snalan intimate acqutain : tll.e.l witllhthe ethods if eIare of solnme of hL hi,most stccesstltl prtetitionert, i tle proprietor aof tbaista's la'tacent,'setluln'tetl ts knot, ledge o'f sotne of the most Inwerlllhlllll Favorie i, neldis. Fromhnllhtee chselect ,"d satslc ar werle must efileciot s and approprliates, aI aftle aio:llml s pll ler im t t_ lest theilr prillcip, s and strength, he l:tscombind Ithem in the oiet hve presentedi , .s thel mlst pert tl" t t ll .,enitsrlllicil t the Iu pllosel Ior '1 ic ll i is 'recolms. nsdeds "It' 11 r rirltls, ollrslhis nepalration In lt p balic,' wilth tt, ctnttci outsness tha:t hIe is pll till. wilhit heir S ,, n ,anrt,. capably of 'r vlievig ian nv of his aflliviel CIII low l''i1n gs, a h t,: solilria, IsmI It r lhet ari chron:l ic tintuhlibna conlplaiols to whi,.h it + a ppllie:,hlh, To l h it i l pro e of in a tlei b l l I a:li, sll thte metl s , total . lly tol' t sols, lh t n'oto , to l lse, lg heii - t r oil, aInI restoring ahem port. 111. I l to l ile th t Ir a p t ho l I' it l l ,is 1 no t oi l hr as n c t n, , ir srd,, in t f m:,, lies~sl~,ll~~~! clt 11 v 1 he e )l oil In,- 111, i oo i I t I' I . I h :, s , o 5I5I',, 1 i x ' l," it p OI ; , :,I-t tit 1 11 1g ·l t I I s o,, . i s , ' 0 .''L l ,!t c l lIt lt' tt: b al i 1 :,1 ' 't , i t r ateh11~ ,11, 1 " f , i n'. ,,, ,, t bi ete coihl, ] le, toodlhl s ,it at s I , er s l' . : l l l hs, l the ,i s,.ro ,ha tit:e . p a lt e.i:i ,l l'0at,'i h l i i o tal o, i 1 Is oi , ', ~I h, " u;m hsll , tsls,. . , a,'a 11a,, Is ,t, ln' t ,I ,' nst i, l ote . ,lta Io, t i ;ita1 :, ', , . o ,ta "i t ' .. . +. st 1 . . , .,1i "I, ,tl i, . n , .Il i e, , . ,r: . s. e bltto m.o.e .a o t I es 1 ,: ,", i:l. I ; I ,''.,e 't . . I i :... . l. I1 t l Al lnh I :I`....o nel . :stsls ', I tro lo trom s i a 1 ow hOtpy t t . . h. ist It m ysif i lroesl ' 4 S stl 't s .t t .o s It . .t t' :s ' l,1otat ti s.t.,tta o i, ' ,att tt 1 t a , ,,i pta :. sot , :.ia Lt t ,ills , : ih ; sl s 11i oi, .... .. i . s'e Olll: . . .... mtkl:i i c l e ..... i tertel tntt tsad titta ' losttare't ss ss l trs it t nesal ...s . Phy ,ee . , ,,, ,+H e , ,,,,t, 5 'r.t .ota t . . "1 .,11 1 ine +tp, Iw i hr o u ... . m t, tell l ye s , ljt, i11irable. A b r,4. JAi E '. . o"' ilt itllltlo I t ll I t eS l all' bottl esoi l t e t 1:1,1nells" o" and prmgl u1 1 al) I I Itt r l wefith " 'mlhr. tl , nd . ,, w~,,,as io- +etlEl h o r Ie o i' Js i llt9 Os. T o ":ore I t su1li iler , 1'10i WOtet' s ss taisoseti 11 'I ,ih s )' I a ,llillld tlb tioF tIl.I k o ai Col++,ll l il~l s nllclltlii th, m., , 1tH l,l i t1.1 l,' . ; Illlt I Iw . bs l t Il'sirt l eOls la t s. lll si iith llla' tea 5il. I A.l' I : S m ' llct''MVI LSnI.E. : 'll"'ao I tl s :Aolst'tl! ' Ai sttoll tt t'tsto tt ir Atis'r II,' i I h too ll t at t.l br sat l'.,or otL whi ch' stI att. l l sal l..l t'h at'i \ i pl's arls''a titstsltos.ts .l h it so iso st t r o oetso'?is hltol s s 'lle s g t n llls I.aIt I lot hSlt m' t I 't os l: tosoll tcit, lort altsy ofltnr. to'l os a IN'al t L a gstlt,.e ,It t )ii Fte tOs I l 'htooi.ats l I t ( t i, al ist l reIm lt ii·s l~u l-cIhltt hrotal 'too ll'n [ie 111'a t a loeo 0 % , oht' h slut'lae s]" Ille'olsals'll ls, , It 'sa shI tCh h talsahsl t r r l o. th Icsllallst'l ' a stol s :r le )Uillo m Slblst l)tuo n ttelil hrs'*t e, I n :t tltlt'lll the .s elia ' lie a l, i oil ' s " 1i t lal' mll 11 | my eiii' l enth ·olil llellyt e rom r pll ion aI at'" lhII:II rll the lclllille~l+l Ilres +hui :intl otsIsa t'hltstettt ta asI c:nln5 els e s i lt oseo i.ot t ll'lla' llolt t ln llot ' els . I a i' ; I··i7o111h | ~~l't ll:ll 0l os ns Iet., Osl l'a'latl'. )+U ll a 11( I ir not hap~y 10 Mtatle thatl I ct.idrOrlmwilfo a rfttly well. i t a ta'"tsI'UCsoI'its 13 Market Sts Nlo:t ' 4)a, Sept st18ool0. This only errant," Ilhid It inh lull of 18t25, 1 was seize p .ill, n sw khI'ek i loi'le, toss1 ollailrwa, Oiht rat l ant he nsm huge ghaostlh' 5lcrs in tv 'l,' \1I1: sVtloatI ol yrs NA 'hVIi rlE 16. Ittichl Ireb D Il at hr o nIl1 ft IN naltl f '' tll" II~l, :*r-~lll d iilI I*l·iil slcll~lr r .in I la ilelo Il t I f t of theP \ctv I )rl,·nll :I., I l i .N ii l IoS tl Umlp oI 1 ty 4' -I vo ,I I lic I -,y .l, I,+",,, .1" I1I ,1" ' ",f I-e · o Icr u"C;n t w ' 'i t \ ,r, l r (·r ro i,·,, 1(11n o , I 1 11t t ;1 ,l y · 1 : 1.oi en i . \ ".: il,: , · 11 1 it , '-"I II) 1! 1 , ti, "I i .e ,: ,"r, 1'~'t ;I,,, ljl~ll)\ G) III i ( if.I 0,.. .t\· Il .i 1,.,t II -I t 1,, ,. o,,' t".,h Il 1 ,11 1 ý."'1 , 1, of rh o ! 1. l _ !Io ll t It- 111 ,I"". "It (.er",rlt it 11_ 1',· I! 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To all whom Stheseo PrIesent shtil some, (treertin:-Whetreae, r Jamen |lance having putrchased it a sale d ade by Ith 'hoerilf: thfIs patrish ef'te the peroperle herleit!lter describerld it npplie o t he clerk of thse co~urt, in whonse oflicrl tle dteed of sole loons recnrded on i the '2Idav of .1plil, A.1).183d, tir a monition or rad r- I tierlmoutin i on rllor ity to an .cl of tic .lt e st'ltare of the g tI,, le f L ni-ltanl, en: itl'd -'An rt lti e t loe f;'b r fe t- e l re st le' irthb w aljutdicihlsalo;." approv, d ith I llhh tivsf l'arc', 18:,1. NOItI\ 'urefslrc, know e. nd nil ' rons lntereslel the aitneo If I'etli:siunn, ans d sol tie Palish (ourt'tt who i.n set ip) nll rigtht, ile. or cniln inl nd ill tile rpr t hereinlafterdelcrihed, in conseque ce o nov i na lity ia the i rdt r,decree or iudent oIll f s the court ninder which the sale wa:s Illade, or a irregularitl or e i-l'galitv in Intp apsrri emenl ts and amvertis.menl s. in linte, ormallner ufsnle, ne for Isv other tI''edCt shlsc-s. ever; tn show cnllne. within thirtIy dno from thel day this i monition is first inrs rtrld in the tthtlic p etrrs, t hy the ln so td sInie lhould not be cotlirmcd Unl hllllo l'he i said rrlperty wen srlld Il the Sheriff of the par i:h ofin'.'uis on the 14hl day of April, A. il fi:!8 by virtue of , deltctre of thi Courllt, reCndeled on the 5th dtl'v of"ehebarv, A. id. 18t1, ins a sit entitl'ed Alexntd:r Ctldwtlli.e. tnlaes tlanse, N is0,367 of the dls:kelt of thills Cort,lt which stil the said James IlInos became I Ihn eIrchaer fsr the price of twenty coe thousamld dolla rs,. Description of Property as given in the Jeudicial Con veyanec,viz: A certain lot of arnd situaetcd in the suburb An-. nuncistinn alias Lnelersee of thiis ityi.n square No 5, lid I.t'hlrvig French mealne, fill feet front on Tchou pitonlalus tteet,:,fH le et Pern. on1 (rnfgers street, ant 60 feet on s afleede do -IMasc street, ill s th n tasnnter thast snaid tlt gofstfrd is til feet wide from n'e side of the seqearo to tie other, ogetlher with a dwelling hlse front ng on Thoenpitelas atfect, ti. the kitten and ie prendencise also the distillery enthali:ihtmttts erected thereon and other huilliogs and iralproverlestth, tile tachitner, uteosiln, inlpleelonlt and fixures belonging to said dttlillery, its dvpelentelie and asps ltena'er.s and tihe rightres,netio anid Iriileges therto, belonging or in an .iVsr ep rrt iooos. Cledoo Offie Neseq ticleose, l ce 7. ff311. Clerk's (ree iNew Orieans. Met 7. 1838. toml-,I`:-idjt .1. fll. i'f . Ief, 'to' lerk pI'r la p:'rois e se t ill- do In N nt elh, Orlnis. Sl'I'1)1: I)E LA IOUISIANli7,.-A tone roux qte dJ erl tltoes':tes it:oloell.lonllt Slt i: Attorllll t 11on Jamles Iltnea s':llstmhtic, 'to to ne tIite p e le Selrif lde Inarois d'olrleans ta propri6ht cci-a- e deleite, 'Ienst asl lc la o'mrt'fde stde CItet llre ol n l lit relllfite 1l ieregirtske Ir 2 enljil.ll d~e Mtl e Iollllloe f38, iollr onl svi ennfole lnlrot t t itn ltle tie t Lre isltlll rle Io e Isat tie it Ln ietsan, inltilulf f' Asle lourl st11fitltlre Ics Shti es de i ltqlluer tlls llx elttes jltcleia'si c;" n liillof ltr Ie If.)t a I te it3. Qll'i tsiteu lllll, et tourl Irl lllsonn ilt.I1'hPss lleoss Ipo c es esCentes o .rlleoe Ilm dIt hIatlt doe to etr I llo ioe ct m t Clt de Palnsise Slet perent Al osti uit e l Ifr'offiite si-aol'.e ilte ttl, lot eotoe nct e d'nn 4 1,1t ll (It fl, r e da "I v l ell.l I. otet o i le jits * et t e tl It i , d I en .t t illl.i llfVgf le It , I 'se Ittl t Ot I I, illf ll t l lllll tC illl i ll velll' lie dalln I'estinlaion, 'ut is ,it1 Ic te, lllel t, nloe lh. l ,e & al l . ( o plllr no la . lte I lle l lnlll ql mll; si1oitLe voir, datlps trt oars n iilter' fd. I ::tllfil isl - ie: ete ct honnlogf , of otstf : o .f Iifrlslift'. fft VsllIf'fi par I!: osH ei rllS, t , Ic qlla t eezit o lour d't vril de il'lltl'l 1851. el ver8 t Won de ..... ct .c f ;:e - o , le de 1f. 'i- e ' if'::saee Il:: ':. de1s I' (I'I.le':,ot s:nhlwell, 'nnhe n Inle Iffll1e, Nio If,3;7 d:ll dl.set dIe 'ettot ('o' r, III lItquf lII vI le If lit Jfaf1 s I I lnl ce s'est r lltlfu fllC llr ll:r p r i I t p' Ilx d fta 1 t,1'11' e ' I tl ritlin ' l a-Prol o itt ['ed'aprtl' hee.' .sti'rI udicin'e, f ao I' s 0 1 , r •ic e t 'inII :e e: ll: 8 1!e f , l l ni' f It niro , e Ir-e ' I:i: lo1 - ft'io f :ell: I.'t::o: r+,, is etie Viie, duce I',hIt No 5" i t'r!'tlot. d l r' ll [ - ir11 I, li' I'Ir _ . Mli+ .] esoivn i, I IM '1'" al rI" . I cu Ir I llfr-, elir it si .ll :olll" Ii' l 'e fi. e;1 hin nl,·I .d hlr ld i llh t l. rIts ' o do l: 1ch ,ld' i Itlit, die "t ' rlhat aill' tl'l'r;.ll oixt plltl e tlll.' 1'2'11r I llilll "d I'ilel t l' t Ii to ll,,' i (1 ,l on I II~ oll C-1i11 t 11 i ' iii ll kI [ .I 1 r n I o 1 1 f P,1 l l ','h , ll]o c 8i,. t 1 ! o <1 Piin e l, . "^ ! " " i' , ' t .. r 'tr 1'tf 1 l :tlt:1:, \r'lttim 'l . II t ti ll ,, Aibl, e.;l :1 l .lr1 : 1 NI' Si dei , l 'e t h ll- i',s'1 ; ..1 V. c i 1) eec:iti' f', o l Ic: it '::len e: c elo a'. ml, roe It tl:.t estetrio. s l gotfee; e o'st, selfo ,'l:tal aNt,-.: Is. m , li ', ,,I I . \, . J.lf'sfg 1tf , oats-k i o1 , , l l . +o!,, pu 0".11 ,, ,, ', l \, liek. kins h' ' ., b . hr, o s - ing sp s m t'si , ;,,r , t ,;i , k I , ,1 .: ,,s ' l: , t . ..i t.r ...ns tf ': , f lets ' , -lle ' . . If t: '" . ", i ..ll s , ,,I 1", I ll' ItwhEl; s., N~ d l :, d liorn.. e ensr { , , , ,, . e f, fe , . . .l...k . .. Tangl ,ogan s s, i, ,al ad \, , o, langns. , o , .'.. s oes f i- ', : , i.... pr m ,l, ,,,ir As `5,loa ge, ; d , o lrl ine n or ) ' " { ,t;t was on Ilfsin syo ', li. melts'- t: t f it ico:l'seas ilIend: :l o- i' - 'iftts, ::sslf o st :s' s, :lf' taiel o , s tg-e ::f istI ( S l lp I old J "ge I) e thllll i, :,I d i lll and l \lt l nr:t ' (ellnlf slates and slippers, do alhl l :ten scan x 1 ' u ll .-"h:, . I ' r at le;. i: oi It. O -:I Ill, s , ld l lomlor . :ft ll'. ' le I : :'',\ .l l .;sllshes ll' l l t- itl g p igs hil l sll :tll I Is .ans - o bIll,"tIs r , o l ull 1 Igo ii:a.1:1ItI4 ffo0:'ls glll n a, I:ll: Nssnt,:ll l5 l s l.alxl: h II llv l, ; I "k h'rno s a dti:% ,,1 s i ,.t 11(,(1.1·lls IIII W eel t hr I I1f 1(1 Ia11 .lro s llo ll , Ir 1 e ll r l l[~ng :111 united in I Seallk booe , ma .lls-t sclll: lll e 'l ' lll: 0:'r and I;r. o.f LI f lee(si (s IIt- oll' l btCs I ln i .iloe e t.( e d el a -.ll'ous havIti s d f t a l 1 s p i lla l :o ' i Sr.hltun hlofIlallI no aro Iip j! nwlll ' hln l itl~hoj drobISI ] i 81...'e hr hase; s n llho e nt . aliti, calfs.' ' 'I ',lia s olt 'Isllllsliit.tI da st ol t 1111 il ll sotll I 1: ll ll-o a w article( lll:age qeearl stbiel :l isil' a.n i e:'lt, irii ck sI llt X'sl (I i 1 i( I , l 0 o I11:r1t:r i biin lrl o !' ill l la ne lttr 1nee --11 llki i I '|l. st. [ hl*i· ,i ! I 1. .11 .J If)J l : J J / ! ';Ii y.' t l:.,.StLtb i d r l :nl ,lcnlnl -I¢€ l-h l '. €' ,, ; i, I ,i F I.n..uu h, r thF rllF, IFF Fnll FIF F.FFIIl ',F FF II FF " S li l Ilh . IcF,,'i , *a f F Fu.b F ril-,I I FFer it I Illy lirn iln hi . \ lrl, Fn ne ti II(I v F Fll u F'l,' F t Ft)IIFpp nl Fri 1F Fill al thI'I i Fll lll Fi; Ll .F1 n ,114 FF1 n1 II I f l it llF i " l tlsL , I n , I n er l t Ithl I (ler l ti t -< nI t .l r l ho 1t I hl,. " i " , Irr ullI'br lthl inni tth P+£11. u; ,:I , h , !,rt . hwhl~r. I. IF l, Jllh , It ,- "i + r hti,.I .4 w. 1 i:lui". ,ill+ r ..h. ) t l r .: I I '-t t e c v I I F ,lr t h'r th, nnll rcr ir'v. - lhtnt tia tn,,s I ll nn ti J vlltolt =l r i1{ ' 1 i i 'FI I IF F" i 'F1 F1. Fll!·1)h t i - I u rt F, ' I. Fa l , 1 t I S FIit1I.rF, F n 1hFt I uII FF'r h. ' ilh'rl , XI V u I r: th. TF: iFFF1FtF, I it. , rltI l, ' F :F FF F . ji. Fi iFFl.'lFFtF F F 'I tl ''.1 F' IF IF I l F F IF FFFF , FIN,' : :,IF I ' Fr -t r'rll-... I 1 .1 . l r :,, ,I"",i,, ,i' ir , F, F r ,, iix i ir,,'I ..... h l i+ hI ·",i ",,.I'v , a t' "',,I., :-c,)v,.rx ,i .,i , . . II'' , ,'.rir +, '. ,, ,. ... .. ."' r'. 1. . .:i ., ,.,.;... t."1 . I_ ". , r . . . .,r 1... . r:" . . , ...... I ,.i S .l . , + III I. . . . Ij l" .\ I ' , '', r, 1:r. .. . t ý r "1i ,ý +i' Sl'",Sul ,, I," I", 1w, ,.r ,, . r . . ;,.,, ' i; r ,t I, I " t 'l , III . .. .. i~ l": .l, " , ~', JUST PUALISHD FROM STREOTPO.' PL.ITES, The .Fi) Odiio,, ,, I ltOWl.ETT'S TABLES OF INhlt' PcT: A TO w1hi0ochis nicw a1eld an Avr:e Time Ceallla tot, or easy methods tfr fintlino the ime l, sti o e, notes of Irsl or hille of ieodsl , hen pure bI I cthaed at dilf rent dates on difl'erceit credits, mlld tby etario,.mn m ,ns; heshel a n, fill And .omnplrte Isnkig I'iIT, Ta' le, the beIt' l., rant h., onltritedl . it, th:l tfi ilrles c:ltl pr Ihllee within lt stlne o lulllsc.uI coni| pn, as, and size fcdty p,. An a velgisienenti ii,, th bo ik ii i i ne'rl the i'"llw ing words: " t ei i ten Ihgislhu\ie asts prelixodl i, tile litli: iee, it a 1i", onmmenedxtion in itself, so lllnn llnon., aInd an eo(llll: sive, h I fi thing is lnleesalr moret than . wia of idl vel'tiselnme i, tlo gives co 'r I v ,iH, n n 1 t • t, - eliorilies::ifeintue IIIfi . lie i -ent-rest h:,s e omlp.s edl frrom,enl cimlpred wih, whal is ecquivalentto Pfet' ten selsefed tlllntione extnlined in the rt five liinies, :til preil:teid ir terlr it.r e le in t lt es.t Ihirtitv-neie time-, feioe oAl i llc lit iet be eident even Io the hkeptih (eisprile lv tuli(i r pe sioi efthe t e- 1 :ll ,oofhnthe pret'rn ce)than theT e t l A'kr mout hr he it otirelly iefd i le ll, ill lliellnitelol n i t i is eelir premum nof two hnlenhd amlfItlr dollarls. i now ofl um d feir ile d tc etion .le irl'l renlr lfiil, enl t in the vtoesill orl e fifth ellion, asexgiei..ii in tio Ilpeliter, tilkitgfive tiare lOremii iet el o frn the sami e error tinre thl firast pillicnliti l in the enar 1804. One of tllhe most enpiernio s f:ltllree of the tilde, it in the lrrullgni lclt ofl i tile eTiln i d Amn oent, which foe txpeliilnti, reference ii)ll Il lielitcvpi l I te el oflthe sile :n inde, ele',il li nt e ell saiti ty uan it . r with whiou ti e inl:Pe'Ofi l ll1 he lif nd to the exlent i gllenl bIllosinlce.s, tilhntilI douli Of sa m ns is herl i s al convetiene e s i easeillth thatm iln tli esttlnlo lrn 'f sorne ni the nlm.t eomletent ad plrlelrltHo hin si ones ml.l nlll pltdid e ou. ielt who htllc Iule l oi!e lit ule of the work, it al:ls leenl ditiiis hhle tleo Iiole otlle eppeleltll efrofa "mister cpiooe". Aed consiileeing the inf nllliliilt of the method oiginallv aldopte d in eomicosioeg te wornk, cnd the pextaordiuy tylllo be rii tei vlriely ofthle exeminlotions, cd testoer o ef ery eliion it haspntssed il the poss, eotwlinileiin.tan lthe honlte is ill stettl c lle, inlsilderinlg, in shfiet lae posiive heeliiC|e shee reo kI tile inpr eeedentsd ioaded lns rmpoil, the veo hIlaehns heern hl Ah S and emlp atiecal ~ stled "lthe Imoit wonderlol hook inl the woslki" mlos.l cerailh nlI nlllnenn tIeORs fi re work oftll t11a le er tenl, wtlill since the ilegllilnng el cretion, han had, the sEae nm bhe ot of estill l, same Ici el cr n f editors; no. nor one Iatill'tle inmibe, as is clearly adrow in tihe prefkHe. Iteaides, ndtet and tenil d ,s ithua blee.v ieeeiH I reoe, ien nbiy,' :lll Ihe lmtk aned pubilc m e," iin the lnitlel Slicte, iull . i IIe llilic guerlh llllCll. Ilg he Incg period If ti etvhfue cee ras, ,et niie rll of ite e al elllllinllt s I never1 bhee e n l rint, althoinogh enntiinu allh' cllleng0e d n ' the oflorinl' veri brge erimi:e s.e I'hie IbOnk.i itn fi l e Ilre e hIdill II . ill "It a hiaw el C ru ld ii l ' the e llies lIS thle "ii v:ty 0i, de alhl n h it -ul b e interes " Ils allsol by hl ,l for ba1k intelelst, EItie nl lgpe Ilih olt k i s alle, At l e s, I u - he seen il plet, by ,tr . no- ,i es o tll et slit ,itr le, o1v it fhe S~le, llt itIl 9ra m'ls i llll 1III Ih nllo en o dl', hook, 19,1n lill IItir i s~ lllr o e ct, ', 'I s of etl i 1z.1ts i oIvIIe , f tu - iti o ihe lfhiiieill iedel It isloll er sil ell knlnl n Ilt·, h it rll h cllt 1 eek, it bls s( a llt, n0 teot| lf ' oh , ' t (levi drm(I il.vI el , I uI-ll e lr t, rll . II I aIllot l es uItihlle lllnrate trd Illl l ~n w no sartlI i Ii1et IhII' rnlllt dllll f i, t Mine, ,mt o ill of, r tri ~c i e1 1 l( , lii ir. ii 1r ril. l l (ll~lllll' 11 \e11 l'lil )1 :l l , Iihl tp!'.l Rdill~l lii. :1.1111 i' l ellIl i Jlieu lint I.l 11L IIIII II I |" .1.1.,11111 a r iimi re1i 1 i r i rn. , y i l t o 1. s tll llrI 111 1 11., 1o t 1 l d l .t11 n Inl h,. lll y 1i i iapV, th1 m r1 , d 11 d11 l 1i l A/ . t.... , II I ~I I ih m (o i n .i t111 : 1 ::1, hl ,e, Ie lll I nt, l io I h oirl nl tim nIs , :II I it mll i , 11 . ., ionll <I ullltlti, ,I tIrl, r 1tict v \onlsis enti l l l tnll . n III I siie ral l lh t il iI l rilll .l ... :1 - ll l,, ,,l' rll AI~I) 1III - hewl q " ,eg"ll ' ,,ll 1, .m :,,,n l ll . l i e' li l' 11i . ilr 111 , 111I is II. l e ,l;. I i Ili illl 111 1 LI nml Rep,' talk shin tr, I clfi~~l\ · II , el II ,,l·.l Ii , I SIi" 11, 111 1 I l ,i I, h i 1 i . i ' ii ctle i' w I l II ;,: , ,ll" i ~ l " cll ,l"l , 'l " . H II ~e h 1he ii tool ." I' I -I' II'I I i . ,,1 I· :' h . I ,:"l ', ,"i d iil,, sui,, r, I, p':ol ,,t I iiF a,.: , ,.'f 0 ,0 l"9,, iwil L eh e , 1 c-Irli cII4 h i vo-tl I t,,111. I. . I IIt '11 1 , lI t:, , ,, . ,]l'h , . , r,,,, . ,I, : :". ', ,-~1 111 .1 01111 11ni11 . 11 SI · ]~ ~I ~~ · I ~i~e i. '" 1 '· II io i o Io . ii I -lll . . . ...lli i , ...1111 ,, , i ..h l .li i ,,ii , I .ill i , il' :?, ", ~Ir i t. t ., ,r""a i ",e rt ,,; .... .. n ýI .ý I" l :I() iii, I .'Il Ili •li lI II ci .I .-1-.1 \ . " i iii o : h, , ~.i., i 1'.. I 1111, 10111: r f i. 11 1 . i, ull-lili il dl, ,ll ui i -I , _ l ,: i + :,lll11 , ,L' i l i, (1 1, looI? ,},. .l ,, 11111' l. , 1 .11 }11 .ll. .0.11h1 h l . r, i (11 . h'·I1 II·111( tl. [. llllif TUIIi ' It l III " iii (lie l 'Iii ' -, .l I A111., IOlll I Ih ll e.l.[.i llll hil*- bl h I Hin lli ittler 0 l 'r lll.tll ' l . lll l ',ii fi I l. Illllll .dlii i"l.ll lll$l.hli il ,I ll1 r111 t 11 1 ll111ill ill 11 !' lrrl ion Irmol Iii i n,.AS. 11I 1II1'" SI 11\ II tur rel Ir :11 l (:n~rnl sir r'. Culed do, .:p llI l-lk S ;illr I1111r1· 1·· Is l, ·llril t·, (Hlt l %I will, !lair Wind , Irate r" . lhl llll·. I:lellr. ul, )II,,. ii II:I1I rr'lPillll il IIa(! LhI! II·I'.rrnltn :n11 1h1( i()l 1!11;:1111 : 11 111( il) l Irll Ihvvctr lllJI1II- I ;3::, ::::I: I ':"; t '''k:· `c. \ .\cc .~~ ·~.~! .ll, 1 Xi~~l II ii,, .11~·1 1 \ 111IY[ ~ ~lli \il I i rl ~I1·II(1:11 ii lli jlreci .I1'n s to hr scIrI l i· I ll , :i (I')L s ril it',ll IIICI· II~ (ll gh - nrt ~'i ,1 I:. ,r *i'a,ltli- tttt it it, to it * N i II I Xitt I I;1 )r MS - ! g nnrl hnn'llr i ron, aril n+ Ir!, !'"si l 11.,,1r, . 1111119( arn 1 11~. :1 it '1!1· nail e r, ,tl· 8 n~ l'.rxl, 1L(1; \Ilrilllr· s I:.·rr", hlislni~1, sll I\\.hill l.n fln11llntl ttnrr, cII IIL I xlrlll.:·i mils a rid k, z lli,, hln rli , I. ln, m ill n:II i "I r InJ :{rent ,It I.. i:" i!;· lsi I. ..I il I.II 11l· t ha rm., :111n· 1n 1i 1 t \1ir .I. t li: nnrl hr Ir S! :;h~r (:':tl, .r n ·l I·r·..kin . ? " . i. I .1 ·111·l · l illl : Ill~ll'i 1 7 l Ihrl" (i rr ;:I X·11~ 1 lll Illll·s /( `Ilic ill I Illil tr IIIII1)" /1II IIII:. I I 'I. ' 'I. )'!n l i , h 1I1I :u'l~ll n"1I:1 \I :II. rtu ,:,, -il line;and . il rr").1 11111:. () n". 1II. IirII' IA Ilri1\ ul -t:, o nrl:rcnI ril '. :~hr, :rl -: , "r I nd ,aril! x i""It;Irv ull"Il d ' r ,I '.I xhe ' sa " err aai!, 1,11 the mir es! ! 'lilr lr Ih: i Ih I tern,,, 1\ i : 1111, 1!11 : · 1. 1\·1 :1:11·· \11Il 'llI ··3ilild !seer1II~I C 1!1. :l. I~~lllll!.ij ~ ll· 1) ll.II II ii · a l IIII·:\ . C· 1)1 I tl'il' ."rt ," r~r! "r-. 11q ".· ill nl i +r tý !,,r l h' I g MAIL ARRANG EMEfaNTs I Aarflhetn at, Ilnaa Ev'r'l av tl ¶3:1 fr Clatet av/'t y , eat 1t} a ,1,tit n. l h y , l ie .~T, a nvay , y . , , a. - , ? Closes avery 1landav, \Vetuen1de I aodl, nLe t , atrdt, ,1 P. I'. 1'h...tra MAIL. S'I'IE OF ARRIVAL, 1)EPArRIt'1 1? D)IST:'ANCE dAc. of ire Exprelts Mail, bctr"-, Aloaile nald New Yotk--lI.viag Milobile mhil'' atl I':. Al. Nortwtar New York daily at 5 P. n1 ouathward. Arrivq Arie Northward. l)istnerr. 'ime. letrn'g MIntgoan rery, A Ia. ' pat. 193 m's 23 h l am. Calnmuulna, (in. 114 81 9,} 31.111. iil.,ttl villc. C;a. A 13 ( 44 24 t..t. Calaatlin S.C. 74 am. 163 17 .1 Warrenton, Va. 1. m. 55 0a Ptt'rarahut Va. l pmo. 83 10 t. r Richondl, Va. I am. 21 3 61. Fredericksartag, 8 67 7 Ilpm. Wa\ahianttla itv, } pm. 61 filt 5 Baltimoir, 3 4 0 Phildelplhia, 64 am. 101 1i 2 I Nen Yank 2 pat. 90 81 1, 1305 143 1h. ar d 233h Northward. Comling Southltwnr, th tit nI is six hours less; Iinty'35 days aad 17 hours. "iU4'N IIOlI.ARS RIE\VAIiD, D ANAWVAY frtom 1tl1 (Clrandelet corner of Ilcvia Il tltreetst,a Ith night of 30th of August, ant n waa sen ;h'e next nmrniang ia P'vlras street, anegro tat nanmed (l'IIAIRI.ES, abnut I7 yeara of age, atl .5 fee or tlereaboutsiu hci.Itt, arv Ilack, and has an impted. ilen in his sleehlt .a ol f his lags isasore, oceasioc by a rcetllt hurt;llt had an when he vlent away a whlit coatol or linn shlirt aall whilt cmtton pantalaonn. Mlatlers of veassel and letlnla boanta re catllltilmltt a gainst receiving or harboring anid negro, as well as all other t ersons, an the utmost rigour of the law will bh enforced against them. The above reward will he pain filrdelivea:in him inta . any ofa thI jails of either ol thl manicipalties,or at (69iCarondelet, corner of Ihvi, stonmet. $fit dissolved. 'The sbscriber will liunidate the flirs o the coonCern ill this eite, a11n requlires nil p'r"c e indleb. ed to Ilmake iipaymllt to him oul, and all thlosehllavine clamnia tol lrlsb elt Ihla forsettle.a t. nnt1d att i IAltiliTSI)N No. HlI Cana t.rreet Avrt Orl'artN AS alwnva aoohand eon tmotly k rretiviu: ;I r, I I)t'es, C.l-llicalolan IldPamin,,a mmý er," lit ollowmlr, lAg U,.'. D)YES Alllinlll, lrde, Argot, red, dto rel'glus, Anatoa, l+'." Arsenic, erode, Alunm, do pawdtlted, Bizillelte wool, !Mat '.l -o l ''iu Cochineat,. i1t0 x,c ld, (C uolll , Americnn, r11illnstlllo, clrllk Fnstic, Tampico, l roll, do C(ulbha, do lloer, do Mie, lii n.lhll , Frentch I.errel., I mast.uil,- Indigm , iatnltl,a (;IInnI lInlI.l Ido Mandh1, (~ elnea11Ido la.atlh, onlIt e l I -'o ll'l Jaoaica, Ih \bezein, !.€ woed, f I Il ln~j~i,1I I tt lll t i h IIi A, , , tllllll i , 'n Ill liI'S ltCl'l'X 't'llO ' \tlllt'l I ah, ma.nt,aa do ttan Int I,' I/atlt atlt, C 111,at I'A It t dItl.. ...1 II: . :. "I 1 ..II,,i ¶a ,,+l a t, nt1 and nai ' S i. , l l h. 0 h I . t (i t l ltttt ua t lt't' iaI'a lilnt Si No 7 , all ' Ittil 'l t't . \1de , Ih rono,1 , I . o 11. 1 - 1, I I ·· I;, n at l 1t ,h') Y L eTr: ' ' ' I :1,, , i o . . ,dali P ,J s p ... ... . . .i . +r .,at .re Ive, d h , ll'e, f,, ,or l ori,' . c , h , , Iv 'i e (,r'N" , i- , l+v, , , f IJ e,, y , i," ii.. ' [, ,,, I ,/," . . " , Pi i r i ' : c F ) ( C l. . . . . r L in t + i , iutp ral d, ,,. .\ : nslll pl l , , p ,,,r: ,, 'vi.;h .ls received, ,, and-r foru*i ,." S,,,: ! E ,,,,, , I.. _.:\-1". . . . . :: ,,,,', __F .·ri~ Inl orF1l t (',pl\ :' ¢ l{,\ \'' ' \ W N )\ * r i i- tl;, /l, .t/.' ~ l, it ~ r . , t . 1, ] . ITreils ofn'i ,tnche rnrrtr,,t , u th - " p|c I ni , te I - ndir " Io e! rirarmar, o f the lpontd r teia r ~l l w 'oln el view l'the t-lu and plno, r .icnof t'he o u, n wr I n 'lill t rinlrtll I t t i lh tr t ritK a r,, n tt he llat i ' aisrrrria' atlsy ' " " I I t I, r t tv .r1a, eitr iritr ,. r i :irtl' elhutir Tour hinterv , e ,i witoh eha r ,r thndiue I in g i ne a o ate tar j rrrer -ercury winh inllylltiL ril, I llll rt igcus an lln el l of alilm n', l'nR Ti nt of 'I:I n OP hrae,,alit tlt rina 'e v I l, i 'hroir IItr bhel Itraln 'teil ('tm i ae lll lletli r lith- 1a ri i onl i th in Ionll, bl free Ie at--, s. "`%te r t ue r the hblllood bei lg i latetd llteti greyltle i lulnrlllote'ia.ilIll can,' li itUF o c11K I llllil elr o cuv le li clll .r ia ri I i h, o a i n ll triaed dui e, mbi r,,d wih ether ve uI.iud ,lll ;il N(ll (i kn wlnll' e icy. 1"" Tht ta r .l ieu, wrattim w Ith i lvsi' i tr ii at rinC . i jT r ii t 'i e l l , i tililv y i' o r;.tlIlii ip a tj Ido, l., hit- ben oht-lhled "t n t Ih r re mn Ifion-Il '', lciug bl'ly' clol'Inc 'lvi i. ,, I 'fib , .i iii "att ii, n r tlh o lt tlr ll' th cir irac titico., flit', I1 511 ar h h. ,Sold on lv at 8\VAI. Il t'r ,t ta i '5' t ; dr- ,tor, . I I (lllt' tl it v' tra; hily ah bid, a fr, i tad ge ittht direat','r, the t ,ad 'h for,, .'.IVDuiLmi', Piuua ,ill termilil~e, I'oi er'' C" t',i!, rP, il'arp nt r'LIF rieparation, nourd r larg, iud ii" 'tt nl trt mlit I rht rirg, li'ir'r PINNU )C3.+',.; Itt) .:, &t-e. (itld~linh'+ A loi t ofauvi l usir : ih, t f ilta a 1o<J whicht i+ irotisled nu alr·l I iT to tie s tudy o I~ tml Ilim i'v midl a ' reeta triet" "tvialir e it ir Im' , od dhd "ithr+,'lt L the w v int, lt ihc , eri t tt11111l f1 r e' al taii utit t . end of e tset eii.m. II ' l rrtaadil hirt cll ns W o , I'v .ttrlt . Pix'En I,'., l'lovd Viih l i ic' - f i It ld i ii'i'tl' ; rt t ioi Xiii it i. ' Xie-la w Jui u i Cit toa ilt,, i ;1a 3 . j \tid i qF ei.ti ir tilt li' vi i it t l t , o I'nch N.'tin, l~ .l:·.1, - t vttie irlt o tItd l, ua hi hrnll. Im iid.1 addd ihrmv a hm, " ite t rlt . ('on it il fll" ties, Iuo c. o la d ll;t;,i.r. ",', f taltC le . :tit -Il'l' , hi1, l:utllttutrit, Sct t e. ' lhlr ,.atr d by Xr'lt enl;, Icel irt'Y" v'riit'l. ritai. " I ttI t Iti l .t p* . I +'e I A I [.I O hi' i on I i f (' -t ail'lhl . Nov l'' l','II\.';ItL\I, aXX I l i;- li/' . -. . shl , - i n't ,t 1 t t Ii;;'i W1{1+ ,_+1I1:\V1.

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