Newspaper of True American, 4 Eylül 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 4 Eylül 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 12; CENTs. ------ - ..--- .. P - - -, ' . NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 4, 1838. Voi..--VI %o 1780 Ters~ of Lke Newspaper Press of New Orkleansy --- i --ua. e" - . - Terms of he Newspaper Press of New Orlewna nxeraine'enlracaeed te at via aejonredl meelinag of the Prpriet ,rs, hell oa the Ikth of Marec, 183 : SeuacatrTtvs.--fwalve DI)llnrs for the daily pg Spr per iman , p tyable smi-aaannually in advance: ten .ellars ftr thsa triweekly countrv paper, payable one -ear in t4aane, where no city reference ia given. Na sasht.riptnla will Ile dincoationed until arrearagec are enattle. In case of diacontinaanee, one week's n"tiae a orising 1ie ba inv·ardablay given, Irevious to the eapinatioaaof sulscription. Asar1tltslro,-- )an dollar per uare for the flrst naertinn, ana half that price for each subheqnents one: aiat materinl alterationa aro the original advertiaeme.n w 4leolhchtageAuas a new one. Yacl. "Atavsa'evnaa.--Merchecle and Trade., tys dollar fleem nglinh slone, and nitit for both Ian. asm..eai n Imks, Innurance Ofices, and other similae a, et.naiatitut aa, ifty dollarsin nEnglteh only. and -igity for both. linasageao; Ship and Stenambnot .paa eeor nna nio anteechantA anty dellarn in Englieh ais, untlegbpy bnth languages. 1lanataesq OnrlrsTlt NoTilcs, and artile sall. the natentian of the public to sales o property, ards of paenbigero, henofits, &. &e. will hbe e.rged as dpllar'per equare for the firat insernion in each lan. OCs'aeetcavtone, or Advertiaementc, of any peren., and o adva ct :l ."nre, w1a elaninnihle, 'alnl he charged dlashe, A dedcnt f twentylive percent. will he made to Anctieners,.' tgh, ROgisarnof Willand Mathnlsl no . alen of teal .ate.. pnliehed I hoth, langagee, ond.b0 per snat. a gnlhanh alone: il percent.ssnalnn of ether ptepory. Acvna1l5T*t.len out of the direct lies of bo esn e -f the advertslpr, eaeh as legal, auction, qum, plants inn sales,reeway slaves, stray unimalns, kb de. will iechareged for .epa.ately, and at the ordinary eates. ADVaalTlnnafl9T not apecied as to time, will be ohllnsl| oni month, and charged aecordiogly. loadlverei e ease of bankraptcien -will be published • a y cane, unldes paid for previons to insertion, or .a omnat garanutc d by aenpmopm mle person in town. (heacren and ether plaeas of amacttnataU lrqclnsg nily dr th, maan., to be charged $t1e for nheglis a- i sec. and 100 I in both lngOngeo.. All announcemente or carnlidates for political oaiene he charged double the price of other ndvertise. itr n., to the iammense loesnvustained ly newspaper niwnetot, they have come to the canclusion that the .nca.s of persono wh.o aeeouant. hove not been paid within one month fter pvreeantation, sharll lie mand aa va to ro far nc praeticable) to each other-they obli. uaag tltemslveea not to advevrtse or print for such clmqatllut, unless in cane of edeance pn ,enta. ' tigned) J.C. Da dir. iOMES J. RAYON, 1P. P. REA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN GIsOQN, LUMSDEN.N N.eeklp Prees.-We, the undereigfed, agree to achide yl.ah. abon conaditions, a for ns they are applicable to (alieedI A. B. LAWRENCE, 49 Ne suhcriptions are taken for less than 6 months. Letors mustin all eases, be post paid. RIEL0 1PAIN REVISITEI), &c. SPAIN REVISITEDI) by the authorof "A year in pa," in 2 vin ole- Hrrry 'dverly, a novel, hy o aier of "Cecil Hyde," in voi. The Actren of IPadea, and other tales, hy the author of "The Forom ken," in 2 vols. Nintrod's fluntmTl'ours; interspersed with charavteristic aecdnltuae, .avings anal loings of e-corting Men inclcditg notices ofthe principal erack leom of Eagland with anoalytical n teanten and general "dct rl name, to witich are added, Niamrodl's I.eter aa eilg . Honds, in 2aveai. lien Brues, the leiatol .leta'er Agamemnaoae, lny Cnlt. Chmier, It. N.,.nlulto r *l the Lite of a Sailor,'" &e. tan le. Ceaamentariae oal Eq lity Juriqerudenceas. a administered int Etn-ald an.l America, ay Jouepah tory, L. I.. I). Ovidl, tliaan isledlly IDryden, Ponta, Cangre, Alddison alud othier. int.val, formiag No 20l and 21 of "Harler'e Cla.eietl .ihlrarv." Infantry T'anctics, or roles ftr thei. exer:ie oa, Imasaaneuvres of the Unitedal ~ta Stala try, I, MaIjor shaeralcntt, U. S. Army, in 3 voala. Jsant eceivcd andl for ale any WM. iMcK tAN, 7 corner Caln, &e Coalnlnen asa. NEIWV MUSIC. i hlae Ilour is she noat pasig flal r; Oh thlis in It.aare; Nothig:I I .iappay Llat, lSwitzer Iie linons; Italy; eaauteauo Landa; rell not tan of broken Vows; I love talwoell in thle hoaana tell; WV: ablall mleet anoa More; Come, a) Coaae;Ca*tinets are gaily Soundliag; .aeof taaiaaltahbber; tatty in elaaail a o'er the pillow; rirn t.awlaal Briale; My light Ilrigntine; a i h a not narly Frewell ;Jeany Jones; Thl Yoa..a A 'ialw; .onag of'the "iincaera Wl;e; Rll.aae anv le a .raa"r Evei; Shallh w err trt again; lVhe'a aaaaaial kilo vea Cltilaim ; t'h ia h, foar tile Ilatle; Aaa·, i blaon aa . i chaet; atla ioNtntol, lair earied,) lay Ileilini; Saill so tdn-att a'e.r aa Stellalini, arr.alged lier C Cvreraae; F,:,l reto air fracl ,*ears l.a Zaira, rarill 1ey IF Halunle; Ileau tie' oft the aealerated ,per;t I.aI Noraia, lay V Ieilliaa; Ttareo faa.oriae aira foa, tlt.,e aaaa I P aarilaai arraagia for Ita. lalslva.a laisaa; Viv, 'li ari.u a t.aa Ilaleur arr aol falth .Flats ,al Panno' I.'iaa ittlilaa it aa vil hv I Iy VoaaaVolaV; FVarewel atlaa lay I c iggnon, lnanaa- .&iaaaa:'at.aa W1altz, ho Ctraca, RLoin WInltr. Calaoae lt.acarite lohnec; A new ael afCtatilhlaea Ifro ra t.ra oI'f Le MaLcnan. For stid It Piano Foirte anti .ltore. inon 9l) l,'rll)tl stree. Il/mre's Prwan. Collection of Collunoel Phtraes,ain very topic Ie ce,.Airy tl, laintai Inilerstitnilll, Irntllell anler i ireelht bleds, with inueterous remlrko. the asieeliad" rro.:c'iatino and uae oft aioul word. TIe whole I I dilepsd a.s considerablv to facilitate tile Rc ainitic, oI'm correct prulmiaution iof the French. By A Bohulr, a new ediion, revised aid eorrctr d. A selection hundred of Perrim's Tales, nrcom panied with a key, containing the text, a literal and free Snendation, arnnged in suet a manner as to poinit out t.m.di'ernce betnween the French and Eiglish idiom, pr a lgred pronunciation of the French, accorenling to she helreach wornks entanton the suhbject. 'TlI whole reoe.,l by a short treatise on the ouhnds oftle French language, onmpornd wit those of the Engliah. A Prnouneing French Primer, or the elnhlar'e Guide to the aecurate pronunciation and .'thogrnphy of the French lqngl age, mrneinng its elements according to the hest usnmge,-y Bernard Tronchin, jst received and tr aleLy WM MeKEAN, mg (Cor Camp d Com sin. - LUENI 'LPHUR SPR NG!O. GREENBRIEi COUNT'Y, VIRGINIA. frl ISfavorite watering place inthe mounntino I Virginia, Is mileswes of Lewibhurr,and 21 from the White Sulphur, will be open inl due seasoln or the reception of company. Mnmv important improvemreni hare been made since the last Asno. A opaciasno bll room, anod number of single.-betdd ronom have been added and now finishinr. affording aceoanmodaeions. by the Inter July, for 2:50visitors. An excellent turn pike read has been construeted passing by the springs, and interoeetian; ie Kanawhn turupike near lewis burg. Over this read, by diection of the post ofnioc dlepartment, Mesre. Beldin, Walker & co's. line of emarl oeaches will run. A post office being established etth aspring, visitors maD receive newhrad coHrce pond daily,eastand went. Of the m'edliinal qoulities of thrse watcrs, tee preptietore need inot Speak. They lave been analyted bk able and profalemd chemnist, and neud to hold in solution all the valuabln ingredientsol the imest celebrated springs in Virginia. iTheeombinatin 'Vontains ntueh Sulphurettell Ily dmrgen, nlp late of Magnein, Sulphaote of Lime, CHar bonnie of Line, Selphate of Soui, Mhuriate of Saoda. and Merinateef Magnesia,"' the sanlutary elffects of wiich are enhibited in dieauen incideoit to feo aleRs;nd cehron ic anrletak k of the Nuomach, liver, and howels; iclota neons affetion or diNeaoes of the skhi, no retasdy more peernt or efficeioas can he found. F.atensive bathing establihnments for bkth sexea. lve been eteceld contiguouo to the springs. Visitors cao at all timesenjov the peeouliar alvantages of their be ilig anud wkmle e oe efnentm. Maj'r William Vras will eontinu the superintend mace of the spring. Everp exertion on hi part,andl on -the port of the prepraletorn shall he rendered to iebsre for the BIne ..alphar a liberal share of the publir. lat nonage. Tie proprietors of the Blue Sulphur Springs wilt be ihernl in the receipt of notes of all S there and We it lnks which are considered Molve tat par. MARIA MONK, &c. A WFUL diclosures of Maria Mon of the Hotel .f Dieu Nunnery of Montnenl, vvnlti, with nit al. rpendl containing, part I, Reception, t frst edition; part 2d, Sequel of her nnrrative; parmJd, Ileview of the case. Ala, a n spplement, giving more particulars at the Niunnery and grounds, illuntratad by a plantof the Nunnery, ne. Maria Monk and the Nunnery of the Hotel lieu--be ing an account ol a visit to the Cunvents of Soatreel mal refutation of the "'Awful Disclonurecs;" by Win. L. Fourth eaperiment of Living. Living without means. SThu Studeatns Instructor in Drawing and working '"The Five ordere of Arelitecture," fully explaining she methoda for striking regtular and quirked mooulders; d£r dmiaimhing and glninng -ofepllmu and capitals; fbr finding the true diameter of.a order to any given height; for nertiking the Ionic Volute, circular ior eliptical: with finihedl exmnples, on a large escale, of thie orders, their plunchers, Ac.i and som deesignn for dor eases, ale genmly engraeve on pianm, with txplates-b.j Pate Nioolson, arehitnet, author of the "Mechanic s O.Ontnlaio:t,'-. .Carenter'i New Guide," 'Carpenter's .td Joiner's AuOitant," &e. "A Practical Treatise on th' Culture of Silk," adapt ed to tbhe all and climate of the United States--by J. 6. Ceu.tenek, meaeretry of the Hartford county Silk Sn ietv, and nditor of the "Silk Culturitl." "The Silk Rtaise's Mnmnnl. or the art of raiei-ig nd feetding k woworms, and of eultivating the M Iherry jeS--4y M. Maris. T'he Celok'e Guide. or Colmmrcital Correepon tenee; comprining letters of bIusinress, frmsna of bills, invoices, ceoont-ealen, shd shopkeepere, equation of payments, eo .mee.|a term, &e.-by B. pF.aFetar. "Hiutory uof the War in the PeninSla andl thle Nouth of Franee from the year I807 to the year 1814" by W. F. P. eapler, C. B., ol V. to which ure perfnxed an awere nt ame atteaks in Robfinnto'u ile of Picton. and IncIter Quarterly Review; with eono.r remarks to Mr. Dedley Mentago Pertirnl'o remaode upon mone panna getei Coleenl Ntepitn fourth volume of the Peninsular War. Juff received n for ale by non JOPPERILAS--i bils, in cere,- . mile l G t)OREVy, ejaw , 44 New Levee. Q UGA.- h prntlm nrtiele, for male he je2 k 41 New Levee OIRK-tt bl Mes. Prime nad otherrdentipii Fo sale It- STFTUI)N & wVFRi je7A B. Browr &'Co. rAVE just se.eivedlat their PFrnishing W -rehoun, Il No. I7 Calp iret. by recrnt arrivals tlrom E. rope, nld the North, large additioil to their Cock c" usefoi ailornaoentul t/Aoekeepung articles, whiel hoel lectivuly (they believe) form mn annortinent more ger. al antid ompletoe then i to he fuand in any lhnithr etab l lmelnt knownl consistingtof SILVER WARE. Cole od tea sets; pithersa wrriters, oarors, sanderl enka, nastas mblern ptd goblesi tables na deaenrtPrks; table, decet iteal t ons; aitrowe arnd vy, or t le,,r, pdmutng fand nsrtlive; pklekl ea desert knives and forks, apkins, rin, U. eprineilpally from. the mt.utactory of Mr B. ardinaw, of New Yor, whose long etablihed rep.tlt;on for the manufactue of silver un- r is asnirent garrantee of its mlspric quality. PLATED 'R OF SHEFFIELD AND BIR MINGHAM.u, Tm and etol or un, tea ettsi; eitors, liquor ansl ore. dial slaist luperb emIllebras, aMI Epergues with mir roe plate.,. for .nt. of the dinner or supper table; water, romtl and oblong, from $Rto aihltehi beefr onak and vegetabi. dishesi rick dims covea; ke and bread basket;l deoenter atands; mantle and ehember nndlestlcks; wlie trainers; cl lea c and yphons; dems . ter label, claret cor, tea Itraine", table bells, te. ta ble. egg and las .ar d Ipoos;n egg boiler and tmlada tont ranses, It. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. Table and demt kl~ivesa, fnr.* ami apelon soup and sue ladlem; Itter h ad k kanive. oe , asesop as. psgaustongs, vegetable forks, ita. JAPANNERY. Fine Ghetia Sandwich and roundl eornac waiters, in settr and ingle, from toil inchn i do ofpapier maAc; i bread, ouees, and knifie Pys; large upright plat wmnern; spis, ugar and · l bane.; prenglctog ~ niaL; acc eble.1 in nea, anddklJ I of ric tottHet N shelL d. Pl " AIN LAMPS. An eltelsive a rtmncnt, aumon wrot re Aseral limpc, ll bronzed and gilt, and of rich cut gats; mianle lomps do, do, eaehphn and with gast'oprnmd ; very l sploenidI aot glae do; broe,d and Japanned stdt or CHANDEIERS AN1) HAN(GING L.MPS. E.glish anml French o;t glare handeliers l r luoanres oi 8. t0, 15, 18, 'Wand 2 brg tl; French bronzed and gilt Grecian lampa, , 4 anl 8 lights; hail lampas and lan terns, rich bmnze boat or centre lampo for drawi.g oms, from I to 6 lights, lamp hadnes, glasse and MANTLE CLOC.C, CANDULERBAS ANiD VASES: fironed and nrl rble; bronzed and gilt. and all gilt. with fixtures, et; cotiiing house and kitohen loeeks; iroaed inkatandl, segar do; paper weights, thermomne. era, mard rckse, sandiletioks etc. CHINA WARE OR POIICELAIN. Englibh and French diilan g desert, lea anld coffee sr vices of ipain white, goli edge, and very ritel lanne stylea; spl edlii toilet itts; wvater anl milk pithers, nmactle lteI; fallncy crd rock, anL It ckets. i r iAY'I'HEN WA RE. I)ining, desert, tcm,, Ireakfand and supper sttch toilet wane; pitchers. Alm, Cruatca o lita diloer setta, eta. C.1' GILASS. Ilecelters, itchersan; claret and colonel honk decanres; howls, lishes, celery a ass, oclt stantd, aslugr bo. l, butter tlubs, filger baminas, tunablersl Willne, oIIaimignae, claret, coruials, leaolilae acll jelly glasses; f ale colored hok glaaeso. Ala, auldele shades. TABLE. CUTLERY. Fiie ivory balance hadliesn, elf tili ait buck handle kllies an! 'lrks of 51 and l53 liece, or Iy tile dozen; ivory aipolle kiires only for silver forks; guard aId guna earvers; long alieen forna rmnid beet; oyterknivets, tIut cntok and tiicks; ngar cutcers, cork srewa, et. IItRITTANIA ANID IILOCK TIN WAR.. Tea aiii coftre Batts aid iitsni, with Ili sod fiaeetn, uiltable for hotels andl ateamboiau; spooll ai;d lades; venlers dishes w ith covers, oysters or ehufng:(liiliesi ; dilh i coversc , ilate leaters, cotlo gtregs; tea kettles o stanilai with thealters, e hoilors, etc. 1"AYCY HAIti)WAIIRE. Blt aaand wire tinders. broanliliis; bioa. anlti stecl sitovels and tongs, etc; capper ro.ll hods anI iuncih ket. tiesi; |tuaos oittons, chimuaey hooka; Jiiip ilcu -I, bian, ;i(ii brlinze WeItle hertn h ibrushes. lineoy iollows ial :l'tiId hl bes; eriminiig nid tluttiig ichlinue; U larell staisiis, gaite tuiotmei tier wcaroliig plates. KI'I'CIcKl l Uii NI'L'URi-.eo,,,uiuiga oflirctaiiit, j brasrrs,, cupfeoe adlcl w.oodert wlleLr, Ibeil.g a nnlleeit1 of aill aiculilsually rtiliyiiv irciloruli..ry i oi;ronese cn. i is. ibiefalao.ic eve'ry article wanited b" `..... a knepr.a calicli llll liutu ld their elilcii l mtid i. ,nw. l.;ucus' apaiitil uad Iaeurui. ze... lc 31 SIRDEitIS IRERU:IVED FOR1 JONES' IP.TKNTCOI17TT7'O. U. Ily the Patentee, No. 5.3 Maoaziane street, New( )rleans 'IUll MANUIFACTUIRtE.DI iN NI:\V YUKK UY IROUBERI'I' IiUE k C.. SC.d.A. OF' I'IIL.S'--I),ul G(our . For n dlouble (;i olf 1 awls ow mine n taaichn yliolder, lotkiKg If6 oos te t gad. l I will l'eedlr tloolo, &. at $ I , 56 ,,, el. r .i t,:1 t ) Fora Iuhlle Isll of MI ue .s oi a eý tlider or 11 SaWrs ill the stalld, lseeders, ~ . a $1 per saw, or 7'1, 00 Forldo. of .s0,wsontdo.or t saw ina statndl, at $f6 23 Iper satow, nr n1 t lordld. of ti saws o dlo. or 4ti saws i a st:ual, at $6.50 plr J ra, or '60 10) SINGNtUI GINS. Fora single gin of 5o saws or more, with one set of eeders, boads, Ic. at $6 per For dl. of 60O uws, witllh leeders, r t $6 1 lwr tow, 3911 00 For do. of 40 saw, with feeders, e. $6 75 per saw, 300 00 For fo. ofS't saws, witllhllwders, &e. at $7 Exrt tMeed where desired, for feders, supplile a lO lcets eash; thie number ofteeth being stout equal o the luntler of saws. One set of feeders, it is co sidered however, will wear out tw. or three sets of sows. Extra saws spplied at 80 cents each. The Gins nrdere., will be delivered to the agents of I planter in any of the sea port towns of the cotton plan. titlt Slatef, at the alOse Irines, the gellts Ityuilg the I'tuight on tile sase Ifso New York, aIst becomingg re spaontible fit the amnount of the Gill. A t;iinl wri-tl willbe senilt with the stinis to pot them up whtre de. sired; the charges for whese services will be extra, bnst moderate. Iron running gearcan also he ordered where desired, on reasouable termls, lst will he charge . exlts. Horse Iower, ofany dleseription, atn be furnished to, like terms. Snail steam engises cat also be ordered if de. sired. It isdesirhbe, whenl Ilanters give ordlers for Gins, the. shoulbtd eoastomy them with their views in trgard to thearrmagemelnto saws, Ibreasts, brushes, e. It is found they slie, opinion. Sonm desire saws of larger di:mleter th:t others. The imost common size is 90r t0 inchets; . some wish theom Iinches. Some wish 5 Ir i rows brushes oil an axle, while others do not want more that at most. Some wish saws with n or 9 teeth to the itlch, while others want 10 or I1. W c hll disrepalny, we plaier they lshould, at the time oafgiving onlers, fullish a statement of their wilshe, and tie mnnufacturers cat fllfil thlem in every particular. Where it is left to ourdiscretion, we shall make lhsm on slie nost mudens and approved plan. Aa orsIer ca be exeated, from the time it is received, in the sace of eiglht or nine weeks, and the Gin in that tiote Ipacedin the hands of the fsctor. To he in time for the next crop, all orders ouglht to be in the handsl of the mnilnufactauerolsy the first or middle of May; exuept for plantations whore they arelate in uomtllencing to pick or gi cotton. N. B. The Patesnt Right, for any one of the cetton growing States, willbe old on resouable terms. m'13 611ios STATE OF LOUISIANA..-First Juuicial istiariet Court. HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom llthese Presenat shall como, Greeting--Whereas William Malokey having purchased at a sale otweI by the Sheriff ol the parish of Orleans, the Iroperty hereinafter described, has applied to the clerk of t ais court, in wheae ofllce the deed of idale was recorded on ithe Sh day of Mai, A. D. 183, for a monition or ad. vertisement in conlormity to anll ct of the Legislature of the State ol Louoina, entitled "An act for the further assurane of titles to purchasers at judicial sales;" ap. paored tihe 10th day of Miorel, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye, ad oil per.oa. iaterested herein, ore hereby cited and admonished in thie nate of the State of Louisiana and of thes First Judicial Diitrtct Court, who can set up any right, title or claim in and to the property ltereittafterdoterited,iss cosseqenete of any informalitv in she order, decree nr jdgment of thecourt under which the sale was made, or any inregularity or illegality in the appraiseitents and advertisements, in time, or manner of sale, or for an. other defect whatso ever, to allow ecase, within tlsirty days fsom the day this toonition is Irst inserted i the public papers, why ths sale so made should not hbe confirmsed and Ih olo. gited. The oaid property was old by the Sheriff of the par I ish a:onreail oin the 23d dy of April, A. D). 1838, by virtue of decree of tIel coit, rendered on tie 3 dady of March, A. I). 1839,in a snit entitled William Mackey vs. Samuel Bell, No. 15,535 of the docketof this cours, at which sale said William Mackey became the pur chaser for the price of $3,310, cash. Description of Propsrty as given in the Judicial Con veyance, vsz: A certain lot of ground, together with all the build. i s ansd iatprovemnts here-on, situlated in the perish lfOrleons, in the square bounded by Nsw Levee, Ltuiis, Paul and Delord streets, designated by the No I, on a psn drawn by C. F. Zimpel, Deputy Surveyor r ene ul, on the 16th December, 1831, and detosited as plan No 10, in the boak ofplan of Felix Grima, notary pblic. Said lot nassre 20 t I inhe front en New Levee ssreet,75feet it depth on tile side sdjoinisg lot No 8, and 80 feet 7inches and 4 lines in depth on the side adj.iintg the property now, nr lately, belonging to N ioodale, and 19 feet II inches width in the rear, where it fronts on an alley of three feet nine inches in conmon to lots Noe 4,5,6,7. 8 and 9. Clerk's Oilese, Il"t Mv k1838. ml6 'ii W I EWlS IDp olerk. MR. WILLIAMS. OCULI.T, LOUISVILLE, JULY 21. It has been laid that I ran away frlon Louis ville and (among othler pIaces) had made trucks for the Niagar--thelefore resolved on Tuesday last. trip( to Cincinnati, for one day only; I returned again Ia ngoht. I begin to feel tht I am a very important indl vldu$al, al this instant the Journal of tilts cily wan pat into 'y haud, statling, amongsot a great 0 l0,n e things, that I had actually ran anay from' Louisville to enecpethe elfeets of tihe wnderfnl niagneti needlle of doctor Snip, the knightaf the thimble, aliaa, A S d, MNy retrr,however,pronst that the' fable of the be ani wolf, ie applicable to the Journal. The fable in "A boy we employed to watlh and gtvi the alarm, when theo wif appmeare.d; he leiag either a 'footman,' a tailor'senip, or tlinr, fiseqne:ly etiedont 'the eolfin eoming,' to the reat ldimay of the 'oitleens Th :y at Iest fotud'odt hiis 'relt eharacter: tht hae was t mlieri sid not to be believed eveo when he spoke the trolb.', The fart is, that eauen must produce their elaete. mo it will prove, of the al.wise writera, Dr. BSaip & Co., isn theJoutrnal. I would advise them to provide them. elaee with n neam engine press, In order to meet the wonderfal demand and increase of thet paper, as it is well kli.m, there ate many who meek for nothing buhat faleehood,out of sheerlove to the rendersl 6tif'tht ari cle. Blt ealafrtnnately for Qolish Snip, of needle and thimble celebhrity, the great mass of the Inillinnc of A= mericsnpeople, are fne, mind far famned ad lovers t truth, " Itein they will,(a elbecs Ite pmdned by the causes) nturanlly sa, I want to read a paper tat. I may rely on, therefore I will seek out ueh, and becoame a esuhriher to the other journala, whometllatmenti will notp.ns, false. Their Is: statemelns are too pal pabi to reqsin tra h.ftation yt I will state: Int. I am again tm tllmi ol. Md. That I ehallrentato tll the 31st Jul , 'the Iit Snip & Co., have seat me a letter threatening mny life, it remaied aier the20th. 3d. Ih'( from this,i shall proened to Cioionati, for llnrteeasday enly, of whieli wish Dr Snip 4a Co., to inferm the .ailieesde their ows aomialeo never failret bring me patioeta. 4t6 That Avon CLnclnnati shall prmoeed r the Fell of the Niagara, to be at ilaehi, (iflr Snihp d Co. do not take away ay life,_ on the Ist of loptember, ana atNew Yorkon the Ist of November, lospead the whole of the neat sluomer, in order so laugh at all the wholll Philietie.; mhe medilal Goliohe of Boston, Philadel. phia, Memphis, Nashville and Loulsville, who misi probably. (befose thattime arrives doors,deltah lot, Rope andl thre Goliah 2d. Carrier d&e. (olta maker for asnes, males, &r. Goliah 4th. Corn cutter. neli ah 5th, Paints and drug, and piokls store. Goliah 6th the most magnificent of all, Dr. Snuip, alias Bell, &e. pateher to the proprietors anid editors of the Journal. Lastly. I would have the loble IDr. Snilm & (Cor know, that longhbefor they were abol to thread a near dleor spread a Ilister, I lind been for veors, in the habt it of restoring sight to tle blind, anmdl tht too when o was collector of his Muljemy's castosmats mm Great Brit tin. I wa even then so employedl. DlI tim threai spinner; the eurrier; tihe harness maker for asses; the corn curtter; the paint anl drag utore keepel, and the magnificent doetor Slils,ever, even more thmi dream of being iable to do the like? I wiml thie Journal at state, I shall receive lolies and otr germ from i0 to I A M. and sgentlemmen from 3 to 5 o'clock P M. every da to, obtain my opinioln withomt foe, as usual Il gero' tIhaste, JOHN WII.LIA M e.,Oolit Jelferaen House, Louiville, Jly 2 1,1Ua7. P. S.-Sine writingms lo ost, I have been informem that une of the causes, wily the pm'r lacqueor of the Jetroal, onil his noble nlsmcer, ore swell Impleood will me,is, for not osocitmism tlhenIt toetmer, imm y latemre marksoHs they no perfectly r semmlmse each iet mer they fullil the adage, "lirds o.f ftmitllm.r tdomk together." 2. For not ppayng tihe latter, Mdr. Pretlice, alias. "kglilmt of the roil," of the m'mmemv lf Canterbury, Mla uehCimoetts, the respect ds. to siuch I ligenifled i;romm, r ale. It i true, he miglht lbare iecs so elevoted, ats ortmmmentd with tir, ndtrl lsn+ mllnlnige of aomtler. coea elalllls own dlng-hill," witholst amy moral merit, doi eservingon Lis part; as we fiId by aueielt Iieter+y thmt caslewere burnt alive, mthers hluag by a halter wllilt msme were rlimed itl be emperors, oreievoted be knigtils of the rail. IThough somes sv they ,mghlt st haverulther Ieen the kmiglm omf tlme mmlter. But oum womrthy knightl is yet mot only alive, and ab e, frmnmtIl )rolile broins, to join him Ibrotier, :ti kuigim If the thimble, in illhminoti.r the world, but is ao s o slill ill perfect Ilelth, anl as blomi. as a faIll blown rose eome'imlly on thtli projmmtile, we, lthe vu.lga', ell a nose. btum mf wmich, thot groit Ir. ,ell, mmlio 5". knight n) tie Ihimlle, he. willexpllain to ale, im his slyim. inoperet rmte technical imhraeolmogv m ,f that whmrh somneliitmms A rievs !ler stlIf, antm at otllere snitm ims delicimoois pimm mmllle ot onalml frmo bln s e ls f gnrlim,, Irmkm omm oummm. eit leaech •lm vir edof Imv .mie ladlie. :,l. 'I'mitmml.ntSonlIv, mremd time lteseleeam,'llsereme of q oflh sf imthm, savimgmmeinmiostslll t IIedie f omlimhe, mios, khmights of Ime drumml pilt .nd pick , mltrea lf elsUlmhim. 'f'is,, great onc I refer tin N. 'ordl: iimut whalellme slmlke .f s.4llmw1 I is almoslasfraid it wmts tlmmmes I llthat he nnml ils nie mrotlhers, the Go lioheof tle Ilivt, im, l mIlmirnllv rriatre, -r m gi mi re m+'rmvssm timesm11 sei h, almsems mm Vl'ricol Ileor umme thsinkm l t so l es.ll, Irlllls, time kbmelt ' tlhe mllimllmle, ec.. lavre g:inecd tlhe eage, as I mot1 monl y restmrc Ito mighil mlm gcuthllmlm m all mul yslerldav e L 'hos rae, thmmsgll, in ,sthmertimnmmler, nd will sletac tie mlimmm. i lem sm mm arly inset 1hbi sight ia 'Iml. tie lefi fo m New (Or Irma, ierir he hopted to Illee nl. I mlimdl loeft ikr Ihm wet,. ie follow aed 1,,l andi y sterduav 0 o'clock fRir+ beanme mlU patient. % itllin onle hmrllr lie could clearly see omlmr)et..whierh wcre n, visilIe ti elil Iefiree. i'T. lay tiri gemtlemlnm i mil omlch imnpraesl in sigllt, as to astoUish all wiom herr himm. He sIs his gmiwrodisn. Immm no mmlsd thImmgh he piid nil the" im.nay I denmm .-m midi; mld Ihat tid he plmid n ma houtmaondl d.lmalrs, I b shmold not be Ise greitell., Iolth to Giml and to me. Whllen aked if hItI tlr,,ncel time retrediec with whieh I Brewed his eyes, said he wo I d rather pay $211, than loose u single drop. Ice come upwards ofI '4110 miles tome. ,The steel pens of the worthy ktights of ithe rail and the thimlle, will aencely mark legihlv, oier remiang the abl iasty letter. Ihowever llttile enodyie, im the form of o drink or two or thrlce will set all right and ihey will modoubt mremre .omelhing lo suit tlhe mental oppetite, mf ltheir reoders, at brealkflst oui Men mlm morniug. Fomrtlummtely f6mr them.lhere is a whole hbahoth dmiy,(lso-morrow) il which they caon do their dirly work. J WILLIAMS, N. B.-I have just received a letter, dlated l2atJm y, illtill oP n I OmIkIng 0O apology to the druggists Sthis city. The writers slyle themselves Keantuec Screamere,' prelemlisg that I ullnded i++ them ia my loast letter. They lay res assured, I did not know or even suspeet als Goloha aomoltg the drggists in Losl isville; yet, if the calp fits any gentleman ie monust course werr it, though ot intended by sue. Jefferson Hlouse, Saturday, 22.1 July, 1137. JarresRea HOUSa, LOsevSILLE, July 13, 1837. To the Editor of the Cory (asette: SQlR-Having listenedl to the entreaties of my prot o"ptients, I ant resnlved, if my health permits, to re. main in this city till the end of July. 1. To try to do talemn more rood. 2. To convince the ilohbitants that tite vile opt thets the Medical (loliahs 8. &e, have applied to se, belong to them, as their lawful right. 3. Thbt l al roady to deposite two hundred dollar., in notes of the U. S. Bank, in the hands of his hnmei the Mayor of this eity, agnllst a similor stun to be de posited by all the gr at andl i ghty DIoctors . & Co. that I restore to sight more aged, noiddle-aged, vooug persons atod children, who were totally or partiall blind, tian tlley do; and that I an enalied to care a greater numbert' of shoret weak tor ditn-asighted person during toy short visit, thoa they do. Yet I wIal silo. mty wie coalnisnLtoi to call in to their aid all tle erhe deservedly celebrated prol'essoro and Detare of all the mtedial colleges, as well as all the dctors andl quack doctors o be boaud in private iraoctice, (woll are nots fow) in the States pfKeat weky, Ohio, Indiana and v i*a islternessee; where thel are a indeed seioe two '.lthra ruinous doctors, whose names oug it to be ihtided dow Is low as possible to latest posterity. 4. It ,mat be clearly oner stood thatal the curesn if any, on both oidle, montet lie oe-t ) haell have been penloontel withoot the aid ot any surgioul oI,eoltio whatever. 5. Those who really mehit the epithets they have as liltrally applAied Wto me, shIll ffeit the $n'd1 fur ttl benefit ofthe alms houses in tlls city, and the other iar ty shall fke Ieck his own 2W1T, whoever he or they may be. If even tIm mighty mtedill humbgger eSt shotuld prove one of the ouceeslal candidates, I wilt fulfil the old proverb, aod give the "old genotlemoan" hi duee ti. At all events I would advise thle last nomed G(teoc liah S. notto suffer that letter to stand alosso, as it gone for '"simpleton" as well as "sapient," .oilt yest v itrlapl lna;* but I aldvise hitn to sod toe its legitiltttln companions, A S placed before it, in alplhabetical ordea then tim independent illhabitante of the city would ol waya know the writer by tile melody of his voice. JOHN WILLIAMS, Oeuliot. • was weak enough to read the masse ol falsehoods signed S., which deserve nothing but my silent cot temtpt. liHad I known last evening of tihe great importance el A S S, i should have treated the last of thle three otee what differently: buhot let that tass. I will. however compliment his master of tim Journal, for hi. sagamity to employ the former knight (not of the garter or of the thistle, but) of the needle and thimble, 5 order that he may kill two birds with one stone, i.e. to patch the holes Itt may be in Ils , natural or politisal garments and, if I may judgefrom that excellent paper, the Ad vertimer, Dr. Silt's amaster is, politieally,in enetlan! need ofhi services. When lv cirnmstanctrneeuro, whether dotmestieallv or politically, which requres a blister, whether se his ,,wn nose or o. the reputation ofthsee who de not hap sen to please him, beinsg unlike hilt, (which tnsast be u great misfortune!) thei it is he rings his BELL, whice sfterall is nolting more than if it waasnennding bruas or a tinkling cymbsl;" vet, to view it thus-Dr. Bell looks well; but with an M. D. A. S. 8. abter it, sppenrs magnificent!!! JOHN WILLIAMS, UJulia. July 14. AVANA SWEETMIEATS-In store and tor sale Hby T RHYDE & BR, jel ear Comnion and Maganene sti. TO RENT. atm.A THE handsome STORE and hack Kithens u en the tasement store of the Tree Ameri. SeanOee,two tbar d trem St. Charles The. Mitst rate stand fsra Coffee House. Apply to iU18 JOHN GIBSON, Editor True bt enen. N AILS.--A priemssarteeat of Ct Nails from ml to nda for a by CISE DIXE, t ml Cu om I])bune stret. MILPS' COMPOUND EXTRACT O( TOMATO. A aalnrrlTTuru vie CAWNEL, TIr nl doctiile Iromulgated with so much assnranee . by imany ersiies of the present day, that loneme dieine will cure all diseases, is not, and never cmn nb ter; tai Ihe who nueaty it, is either a fool or n io pos.r. But it is n fat dlenmostrable by enotrienee, that comnbinlotun of medicine may be forn. lom the voorrlLEa tKIaono, that will nct no utiveasrllay on the system, when takes seasonamly, and in judeidoes ie portiotu ian to ourt, in tine lales ntt often, Ill diseases within thereac and lower of oedicinlle. From tne well known nwl established reputtion of Cotaelne it has log beeau employed hby the empiric, aund sientifin plysiniso, as me of the mot poweraid agents for the removal of disease. By the former, oI. must every I has been deluged with nostrms, that their authrs el aiuel as pecilies in every dieasd ine. dent to the human frmily. The folly of them preta n Saon sIals oe somment, for asecorte chemical i n.seni gation has showns that the base of most of the Psmana.s, Setheblieo,; ae.. which have been trumpetted the commemity, with so mueh ssuranoe, is Calenl, or meroryin some tIormn. Nowt if thi potent srtielee even itn the htnds ofthe mUost sklful phIyssino, f(requst ly eerts an influnse on thn anow system, unforese.o , wid entirely beyond y athe otrel sf( ; undermining tb,. aontitution, and bringingon iremnture old tge, disease and death, what es dt shoud bh etlested e when it.t sibcd by the ignorant? Coulld their tany thousand sictimns ste., a voie faro ctie tomb weld oons dislel .he 'pecfc' delusion hat now sways the mins of the living. humane Physlebtn e deplore d sad evinle teittlg from the mreoria retlg ec, as will rladlyb.hil the in. tredeution of an rtile that ot el felybe subtituted far mlonlIL Tisey feet, anl that keenly, the uoertainety of its pri j oprei t y wheheer it nill he fovealslder san daierble. Thery aliake, anId wieh, thet iiren let tlolt s e miy at i time, inn jtiol ee smuel.ey anloteq uenne st fellow. Bnt Ihey nmis ehoote the leat oa twao etls: they koow no otler sntidoe vlet will rossas ty.dluiro, resonse obstr.e irtile tet will asi free ation the whole glmlduolar lyotenl, And it bheig indilpenashly necessary to do sloi, they oaetinuc its uin, tolwithbatm ding the eil cosnequotoes which follow. 'I'hey hare long desired old sotmght an article tlst would produce the good efitect of this drug, witheut ml jeithng the puatielnt to it deleteritu results. Sllu at dlenidcratlm, it is Ielievedc , has o lengtll here ohtaited'| in the article now lorLenttedl to the tihlin. Tl Iprolu.ietors of thisn artitle keeping in vie. the feet, thot a wiser nld benevoent l.riu , ha placised with in the rachb of all, remedieo andatedlto the dlisease in cilelit to the climate they ialahtt; astd knowing, like wise, that most of the tisedlses of ine Souid antl IFest .lte Iloed ulull lrganie or t'uotiolol dlerangetment ef ise liver; d irltel thleir ettention to those articl es hich auIt isore ala illty ol the biliary orfis n e. After tlong, lhorimou, anti exlenrive reseorre , they ionva succeded in extrautilg a suhstance from the TO MAfTO, wltich, fromn its pieculiar effect ulnl the hepa tie or biliary orpints, they have letominated Hepatine. It is medieloe that will uroduce all the belnficial results of Calomtel, in huoth acute and shronia dieners, without te I onsibility of icodueilg the leeriousod teon ettu'eo esOnllnloo to tinhat atritle. Its action lllnm thle ncsrtitutioun ist universl, no port of oe t qoysteml escaiing its inflouLnC. It is. howevor, npun die oesurn of t eretioun sttd excretion, that its gtlet power in iearticulurly manoielentdol Ilenoce it is pe. culiarlyo ndptel to tle trelltnltent of biliou fievers si other lliw ius inn which a Ir gidhy or tllelontioi of tle liver naln prstal circle plrvai. It is adnlisible in ol toares, whtoere it is neeeary to lenle the inlraly anll Iowels. It relmolve anltrue iolon, ondl excites a quick all lleualthy acliotn tno the liver lnld otlnergllnllulr vcnra oftlle allot nlen,. Being dlii fulal ile it its opiull it nrlu ets i flee circulatinl inl tloe vexsls ole t lae iuolce of tho Ibutlv oaccm leinied Iy ui gentile terll itiunn. It due l nt euhlu like lnas TIt irUnes; still, its clion is tnore onilvetnl, lal nn li lttel Ible r elletenll, tol nmrrly with minlet bi with greti Iana, fit. 'lil. benomes inliiltaenrlaly iieea.lery ion eAsI. u'ln. noliug; for io then intenios lentnliOlnry ilniresc oio nlshould l) sitrotg lcediiuoeo, seldlln ir' ever tieo g..ol; inhut ten.i to injurl tnle nOtonlla lof ine allntliloiota. ti isuleuningun d t nrilying to the synaet, luts in nerfi.l liomntiny with the known lowsolsi life, sadl is

lnlsieouhbe nine of the Istl, n valuable uartilel ever ultrto edl foir Iulllc tri tl unll inlietielln. For Cosm lenielnle, thiis oleliuil e is ormed int e grain pills. The lnite illu ane ic thurlie, olterutive, ila. orsetiae on dtros'etic. l'hr yvllouw tillas re tomie, aton. l/nolt unnd sdiiphor'eric. ie n followilng etract un the nhnject is front the Cinoin Imli Jonleol. MIl.ES' 'TfMIATIO MEDIICINE. 'lline villen s of timl'enlo, iolt only lle a delitioto vegetbl fur tile Italle, ionit ale, asa nnloteine, have lor a eonsiderihbl timena lOn, strnacted no little lttention. It has liratr Ilievled t osonses anti.bilious qualinies wliedl, it they eould be rlfmstueally r ntrected, r enrtetl fromt tiea ueltluaons multter, Woullll Ire nilvatluable. Tlins thas been abeoteliedoj i a ailines ra lntry. A large Intrl ilo ot'tle liisirdnsesu ien iol nliilnestum livers, or froIn de rinll;nelmllbn i t glanlultar n teln. 'Ilsis is estecially tle ease ill the west, nIll still more no at the soulb. Its ealllvety, oasy, sole, ietuol is it owerelhti , and leia ilmn tIle nol.titllous oiattinilrd, inoul me iiscinvereli for milions comlnoiltnt, hlim unll oh lnqouetiatahlly be ailongl lie noat Ielthy cliunate in tllo world. anlouiuel ia t brent tihe slnoat uniterml remedy fne r sisenen of this cluncteer. hlun it int remedy whichs inothang utne iesily huuld inldlue nti e u e old I ony beoi eoaideilt as teausp nieg von the lagOniaie ofminotner irol t esinea i i cr a rot thin, l wet weYin bo ernnitred It ealrsnl eor erllg oanvieto that CnlImel o lln aot be usnl willhot in.itour ie d mlatingio the lsln the sys teas, 0lioter or ler., ocordilng to thie qourntlties taken, IIal tIle ifrc.1etoy o its use, anl thie conutitution of the latient. A snbstitnlut for this, theitnlure, fenlat line vs getalie kitoadoa is a diolidereau il Olilm coultNry. We believe this delelratum has heve olilernrctl in he Tounato. ie. Miles, of this city, lael lislassoeiates witl nufic labor andl elpllese, as r llnlnilertd, hbl. sroeeedeJ it oitaining nuch eln etreet from thi vegeta bie at, it is Iolel, will ine found sn elfeltunl Hubsitute. We have tlaket ntae Iits no elequire nlaong medtical meu nd tlhere wllo hove used this sedlicin, as to itsi cfilsn, atl ne focil well Utilfnd that it will prove a sont valuable renledy in bilious nomplaint. So far as we live bleet abile to lents, It hains Itroldned die Ideitoed effect , ilerating to plrodnc a healthy notion of tle liver, jiroeusran hilitut dicharlgen whlen needed, saindn soOle Uslotnlloe breaki til l feeres, with even more eertilntly and in a ihoeter tloe thasn nlauoelr For sick or bilious liotllehen, it ots h.en foulnl a good iemedy. Thoem who hIve used it my that it does not Iprodue the dehili tatilng effts of ioton othr kiltal of pulrgative l.diilnela liot there i no ineilcraseld dnlger ia oll ehls alter its use alnd whery large dosesof colomv.l wednl be neetel his olertes without toy dlanger of l'the distressingll sand injurios effeete of eanlosel whln lrodeatinlg salnatnon As we hlve irassl to hope from onr ilveatigltitt, his .ucrelt of lthe Tomatlo will Iroe a lhbgtiit t;o hlomel ill a ghat variety of cases, we eannl o ied it as bleSlilg to the Ihnmnl lisnity. nqa lperlieolly safe. oand Iree Jron oiall miner is e thatwe sltuk of it, and e travultthl ilnureno tillv testled hy ft.ililieo. W.' tlve every danl subn , an.,l. The aboave medicine can ie obiined only of the G.. nr.r Agerlt, e tl tllhno+e r.tililig age.ts Iturig a e.i n mission signed Ily "A. Miles, Pres't E. M. C." aId cuuutersiguod by 'k & 'l1 T Sono,Geueral Agents for Louisiaatl," and bearlg tilh Company seal. of ,dagetcrre. E t 1 TStwoe, (;eneral dgits for Louisiana, 114 'reh.eupitulal atrest. Riedar & Co. 133 Old Lovee street, oppailte Veg ta ale Market. Paul atrtil, cor Old Levee snd Hospital street. Wmt Sliearm, cur Camt, and Julia streetls. mr Muellel, car 'eloluuopitouula sare. t and St Mary)' Illarket. J I' I.arbat & Co, corner Tchoaplloulus and Ginr, streets. J & P P Hartwell, Iayvon Surn, La. Ir Win Stansbaury, Natl:hitomhes, La. 'Tlhoslll J Stollhary, Houston, Texas. Frederick Serda, corner Poydras and Camp tis. (ira. Jones, Tivoli Circle. Wm. Evaas, No. 4 Building Co. Row. Application foragencies or by wholesale* must b, llade to the Geielral Agents at New Or)eans. All letters, post paid, will be pttlipllly attended t.. iu21, ly STATE OF LOUISIANA. P ARISH COUt'r. bir the Parish oal City of New Orleals. Present the IIon. Charles Maurian, Judge. June 11th, 1838 -No. l0,9tl4.-Jacques Potier . Ihis ereditors.--Upoa reading salid filitg Ilte lltition and tItedule in this erar, It is ordered ity tihe Court thai tsre ereditos of tite iaesulyout da slow tese In a ren eourt on Saturdat the 7th (aly of July, 1838, why he should not bedlaeharged eaccordein lto law; atd in" tit. meantitame all proceeo llg against his person and pro erty are stayed. Clerk's Oilies, New Orleans, June 11,1838. jel42aw AKMANI) FITOT, Clerk. P.TAT DE LA LOUISIANI .-Cour de Parnue la pour Ia paroir a et la rille di Ia Neurelle Or leans.-Prentel I'bula. Charles Meurian.juge, lljuin, 1tl38.-No. 10,t84.-Jacques Potier coonte sea cr6kt. riere.-Sulr lecture at elaregiltrement de la petliiun et laschedule dana eetteaffaire, II elat derer liar aoour que lea eccaieiers de I'insolahle faire savyoir leur rai-. sons aen our ouret, ai..edi 7 de juillet, 1838, pourquai ilt te crait aitnt dech .rgo eonformeeaent Ia lat, el en athtad unl Iotesl polrauites coalrea paersnlne on sea proprieliea senot arreties. Bureau dle greier, Nnuvelle Orleans. II jtib, 1838. je4l 2aw ARMANII PITOT. Grlrier. LIN -EED OIL-0 bbls, lalding Itralt steaUalbet SAlbany, for sale by G I)ORlEY, jeI3 44 New Itvee. EiARLY'S SUPERIO HAMS-Now ionding fron Ilsteaboat Sultana, a srlrlr of the above, put up in hbds, tlierce and btle; tar s.le (ly I.AYET , AMEIUNa, jel2 17 Commerce siret. L INSEE) OIL--It ibia taod 2 erak beat Ligee. SOil, now lauding from alIip No-hville, iad for ale by JARVIS & A..I)IIEWS, WVhole.Ie l)rugcgita, jetl Ctomta and Tehapiaoulaa t. jet9 Bank Alley PAIMTS,OILS GLASS, BRUSBIES, &c.-'ust 1 lading roam ship Constitution, and for ate-rle : i6.l feet ofglae, best quality, froan 8XlO t r bXOs; 00 kegs whilte lead, pue; 350 do green paint, in lihr. kegs' 24do Japanedtine forsigna.tiGlOLl ll.hrage-; pnlendid 00010 ground brauhes, alo of0000 and 000 do; 2aae eromegmea n a powder, auperior artiule dodo m ns. o large aoseortlneet of sach tools of evory le and qualit; sablepeneil fol artits; lat narking. mhea for meehantoe; artist's moors ino nil ready pImn paed, in Loes, ltied "p ith all sneom.ry brushes; atiet' tools, &c. Flake and temnaty white; 2O aoka gold leef; white d yellow wax; gem arabic; ad a large ald clriee ae. anmenat liaultr dr clondli oil. turpentin, varnish, ., fork ale,whulsaeaa a rnd .ail, at the lowte, prires, by MONDELLI, o 08Campea .vzW EDmO.Y Or THE CIYVL CODE o" LOUISI4In.E. IT has been Itw eate thas made known to the puhlbe I that the subrurilere are enaged in prenprilg for the press a new edition of the Louisiana (ivill Code. They wer. trmai te first, aware e the great difficlt, ad "repo.tlidlitv attending the publication ii tihe work, sad it was not without great hesitatiim that they run. seated eo the undertaking. aut the present elitionl, atmoeutin to bout three thousand copier, and which, had cost the State nai than thirty tbonuhead dollars, was entirely out of llritt. Far more than two year. pust, the usual price of the work lils hen firol tleirt to fifty dollars. I is n system of written rules weirh e immediatel oleraten upon every individtul of, the state, iaterested either in apeicLlture or omlnmerce and which goveran thledisplontion of so lmuch property onminie to us frin other states, that-unlike alneio.. ay other treatli upin law-it is as touch the teat-hook and umnaal of tile merchont ati thepl~nter, aitit is of the private gentle iN tllMlo e lhofebslonal advnoute. rhe lawyers oftilei.ljiiiug state., and i facet ofal thonse sttes omn tile Ollin aIld Miiies,l,pi rivers clheh =ind a martn for their prodluce in Loaiianin. have a re qurnt nrcessitv olf reerece lto the ode, nild make it n indispensable reqnisite to their lilnries; ndi ill the gite of New Orle..ns tle look ain saure to lee fond in the merchant's counting r.oln , on eirn lie desk of lle jnude, or tIe table oftlhe olttorne. It i nut sulrprising therefore that the first editiunl ol'tIe work was eo quick ly dilspoed of;. ld laltolugh a menre reprilt of it would il some measnre upplv tile pullic secesilty, yet it woiild be imperioct anil uncaiiortiuuterv antiee ao"otatedl with references to the Reloirti aud ..lule-., in order to nlnracse tlm nalleraui aiolleodnlmots whliclh allve bken made by the Lgislature, and tihe ialtrlantie denieone andleoitrtllcrtios which ihave been given ipot nmany its articleR by the SIipreile CuOllrt. The pildibhere lnve secured, Ior. the general anper intellldeae nad eliotric al llartcal of the work, tie proTessional saetvicmes Ir WhtIelck o Ulpton, Eaq. a nie.dlerof the New Orleans Bar. The ion. Judge Bullurd, Jmlc b-e ,rmudust and Hon (;ierge Eustis, lave eambt kicdlv assisted Mr UItona with the valailde rtter whtih tIley have olleeclted i tile rnr.e of their studies ald proctice;nml to Mr N R Jeninsce,the part ner of Mr Uiton, who is also enrtagel in tile work, Ger Strawb'uidge. Esq. lhs presented tin great mass of ref. Ieoen.,omatainel in his offile copy of the ode, and which nave been ilde by tilm dEring the whole lperkd ot his dli:inguished Irleslaional labors. The publish ere may tlerafirm nell trust that ttt.anUOlaltions of the work will he all that inldustry oid labour, assisted by learnilg uld e nprrielice, coll parlorl. In otting foirth tills prllectus, and soliciting gene oal shteerilers it the work, tno lprdlihelrs take ride in ithe fact that the I.iulatuiur of I1-oisianou Ias uithiirinad the toverfor to nrder uie thousanltd COliesof it flr tlhe future tor nthl Sntate. The resdlineass wilth which tils nantrte wa tinkll y hlie Assemrinbr, *vinced their Jist ense if tlie value at the workan d iltey thlreby exte al elI that confidence in the ability of the publisu ersad ilitors wbie it is I li ed iis it wholly andcserved. Tle work will he printeC' in French and Engl;sh, spon uood paper andi with clear type; nior will any an ieSe or cure ti spared to make tile whole mechnticul axeiultiln ofit eurrelpeid witlh its great intllrtanee It will probably lie ready for delivcery in the moltth of eptemlllber nsat; tld the prier will be, to sabselriler., ifrteel dlollars--five dollars to be paid at the Irate of sub roribing. The eliscriltion lists once cloted, Ite store price will he twenty dollars per coyic. ap 6 E JOHNS & CO. Publiahers. ftuR NEW YORIK. (Louisiana slid New York Line of Packets.]J Iti ips ran lpooslg thi ir Allwl i tm e comt eningt on tli :th dii nvemher, sid to liaunr tihe will hereafter elotnist of lice Ships eiz: Slip sir.o, Calpttin Trak to leave ia thie t1li acv. Ship Loitientlk, Captlai Panter, to leave on the 4th Decrnler. Shilp Haruheille. Captain Eldriluger to leave on the J8ltll:ecmb t. Shilp Vicksbur, Captain Wondhouse, to leave on the tat Jan try. .hip Mienesppli, Captain I)avis, to leave on the 15l Jallnarly. I 'kThe above ships are all new. if tile firstl clase. reppured and mapper fudmened, and upwanls of 500 ttrs bu-theli. are of light draught of water, Icing ibilt in New York expresslv for the itrde. Tihe price o paion ace is fixed at sone anudree doUnar. Thetr ealilin are ftled unluo tihe snt improved and convenient plan, and finlilled tit a neat and elegiant style. Alple stores of the first qualitv will le pmridld, andil every reganl hail to the comnfort ml ed ntire estialatiunel p neetigero, who will please take notice that to berth cati be secured un. tljtuid lor at tle offlce o the consignees. These packets are eosmniomded by Captaitt well . perienced in the trade, who will give everv attention, and Pert theamelves to accomnmodate. 1 hey will at all tinm hbe towel tqt apill Iown the Mliosiippi by steanmboats. anid the strictest punctuality iduserved in the time of sailing. The owners of then -hips will not he responible for aey let er, parcel or paekage seant by or lpt on Iboardlof !hem. unless a regular bill ol lading be signed therefore t thle ncnting liounae of tile agents or on ners. Fcr rlther pwrticulura, apply to II BEIN Ac A COHEN; now 13 911 Comtno st,. W AS found fifty milesfro a the llaliae,intlie mosnth V of Julv,a large launch, (English built) copper fastened, tul ase been coprpered. sine in `2 feet lotg, and eight feet ealll; ad linhas oien sloop rigged, an there are iron traps forward for rigging. Wloever re eognises said launch, will pl.tsai call at No 711 Old Levee. a 0- 1 PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSEý NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T HE suberiberhaving purchased the lease ldmd fur Salluredf this well known antablilshment, from Mr Taylor, the lte pr rietor, will be ready to rerive t i. iterd by tile 1st of April neat. Nmoerous and costly improvements will be found in the arrangements of tie beMnsion House. New a.d more commodllious bathlisp houses will be built, anIl warm b the will be provled a niall hours. A stable will be attached to the lhouse, with g;ul aceommuda. I ionn for horses alnd carriages. Filet rat. hores anid cerriagees will also be kept lir hire at mdlerate priees; and sail and i rw bboats, with percota to t nInage then for thie use of viaIter. Billiards and othel aln.uslnetl. usually feund at watering places, will also be funlished, asd so enlueted nas not to interfere with the comeilr and quietofthe Ioarders. 'lh wines snd liquor* will Ire l tlhe best qualit, and to ensure an oll uipplv of ice, a cargo hba alredLy been ordered, whici will arrive aimut the let oml May. Mr Frederick aiInard, who formerly kept so popular a hotel at Washington city, will condactl lils lao el for the proplrietor, abh, with seah aidl,tl'nlilently Ialsred the visiler of laeat wer, atd his Irreite tlenerullv, that they will receive every npossible attention; and tiereby elwecte to gite genra~tl .ieltsaciion. tl'lme lona advantages f this laotuse are too ell knownl to need a letngt. ened decriptlion here. T'he facts tlrat Pensacela is teim largest naval station of the (Gvrnoerment the general rendezvoun of the Gulf equalnd. run; the sealu.Lity ofils climate rehirathed eonstantly duo ting the sullumer imontlls ib the coolett Ireaees from rihe Gull the be.auty of tihe hay and tile neighbouring ilanmls and rivers; ihe abuldance aid drlicaey lof the SIh with which tile waters abennd; and its proximity to the Ieat Southern markets, give Pensacola the pre ference over oer al tr plces in these latitudes, as a heallth and delirhtflil summer rtrent. First rate heboats will ru-, between Pensmacol and Mo bile, and will at all tinmees e able to take the ipassngers from the New Orleans boats. N B ARNOLD. Pensaeeola, Feb. 15th,1838. R7 Geentlemen wishing to enggae rooms for their fanmilles, lan adtlrena thie prmpritlor, at Ilmcac*alu, or Mr Sewell T Taylur, the tormmer proprietor, at New Or. leans. Reilereices. T Snafiert, E.sq, Mr C Cl ullmn, 1 MeAlpin, Esq.. Lt. Kibby, in Mob Ie; S T Taylor, PP Rea, Etq, in Nei Orleans. 1i S-A letter baf, to receive eommunniations fur paetmes at the bhove hotel, is planed at Geo Whitman's ofee, 51 St Charles Each tmge. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. i13 Travellers desirus of taking the Florida mrote, via Pe.leolu,te lia North, are informed that irse rat, beats will Eotetnnily run free. Mobile ti Penseiola, leaving Mobile and I.'enncola everyv ther day anler the let of Mar. Good stages will alwavs be pmvideol uy the nubhererbr to be in readiness to take peaengers fromt Mobile, in wase of the failure of the bonts. N B AnIeOLD. The etetnmioal Champion loaves Mobile for Pensa cola twice a week feb 28 ly SU AR.--ti hhds, n prilme artclel, r t ey se22 44 New ! eer, IiUmIPHREY'S FOREIGN TOUR. &e. G REAT BRITAIN, FRANCE and BEGI.OIUIM, a short Tour in 15s--Bfy e Mnan tenmphrey, D. ., Prea.tdent of Amlherst Citlege, in 2 vols. The Works of .rs. Ashe lood.-Being the only complete and uniLfm edition ever itmbiehed in tle United lStmare, eael. 13. Just eeeived nd fur sae ly WMM'E AN, Coner Cuamp &keCetmam stres. DR W# EVANS' CAMOMILE PILLS. TI 1tS highly val.shle medicine nmay behllud wholt l alin nllelreil" at New York pricees, of ILIK" & U'IANGE.18 (:Camp streetl. It is confidently rceaomn enlded for the fLllowinp dis eases: Dlepragg in all is fils s*; bilious and liver at itmns, iA crete intge and o lreer; fevmaler ickhnuie, ,more particrlarl thne nausesa hk.c ent so Mothers; uaor sabua, fever ntl gcue, ineipniotr ennsaulo.pthmsi or de clines, wheiher ul the liverot lung, hes.'hlehe ir Fiddi hser, lose of allettrie, aervous trwlnorie hnehratun orsi deliriti arn reareons thl mdio afe uOa of el kinds; rhen milisn, whethler chlronic or illa'mmineloti nervses - ilian.a leero, ut erery variety; aroflula, salt rheslm. and all hllhelws, lad humre, and ims.urf rmtaiexain oftheskil; re-lleuseaeast naglt, alud alta Irtihllity and ime anehos ; t he summer ompnllsios, 'ud cholera mrehinus or diortilaa in grown per.s m; wori, and nit tm - lency, with lhod lf.ailt; cllorosis end slpitnfiones i'f the heart and heald ehanges of fen.ale coasnmitatio; a fur i imrpairsedl nd disor.szi sd coustitueisna in *itler seo. which have noat sin pelnlaenlslv relireed be nr other meliinen A sinile trial of Dr W Evase' imediines ia any of theare sases, will pDroe ae onch effects ie will i-s dicate their ieonplrahle slperiorilr, and indnce selch a use of thleom as will inen a speedy and I.mn0stio.a sle cure. I ircetiluso far la s sEconmlrsvi I theial. Nlsseroureeernties o flurfese will haeshown, kh frtom ile length of the eatalosue it is isllp nsible lu give them publiit hrl, thugh the medinm of a newipnlor. r, tiD Ertiin' clutongmie tercnr upowards of 2il00il i easeR, and in tih city we can refear to niny perslts whoI lihr lscesl elirres,'iend in tsome instnneer entirvlv eaerl of Inoag itamlisg diseasesoe, by Dr E.ala' Camn' ile Pills. all.0 hal STATE OF LUISIANA--First Judleisld. Court. SHi S'I'ATR OF LOUISIANA, To all wholnr Sthese Plrseits .halo come, Gt', Isames resco Digge haeing ller'"hemel at a ole ladle Iby the Sleriff l' thime itisi of eltita in w ltse teny hl inralierRlerihe, hea applied o the clerk of tlhi court ill whtos oftfie tile ded of sale wota rirelsa osr the fl Vay l'AIipril, A. I). 18aIs. forn msadim ar ndvertisem meset in, eonraoteir to an set of lthe Legtlslus of the Stlte of lsliiialus;earitlrll "'Ai set for tle hlltlier lstl m.mee of titles o irclrasers t judiciald oiles;" ailerorll the 1011t l y of Mar eh, l&31.. NOW, therefore, know e, nod alld I'amtl itererne l hi mii, are heirreby cited salt ltosiofhedl is, tie "sme ol Ihe Staseol Louisiala, osi of the First Judkeit iastisct Court, who coa t t u as salright, title or esin isll ed to die plwrtlerty Ieteniatr e lrite,iul conselelte i tfsany. efi tlnalito In the order, dese ive judgn. t f udite coutn .lnder wlidh thle bale rwas mser , o or sy ioregularity or illegllity ii thie ariiisisanleots andl r dventisell.elts, is, init, oieoasI toi ealle, or fot ainy other deicer a hsteha uer: toainw cstaue, within u hirty sudats fiton she ay this otion isie fine insurtl inl the Itlblic Itre, why n the ale so mle nlsonld ilt he so firnmed aitl hoioloogatedl TheM id ilroplerlty was uild Ity tlhe Skeriff f" the lIaaia fl'oresili lltl the tth dlay ct A. D t83;3, by vie toe of. de.ree of this comr, trel kaHurl Asz t2e l nflaT o anutsrv, A. 1). 1838, is a tsit entitled Jnties liares )iggs is. Lti it (Greine, No 15,191 or thie ldockt of this Court, at which sale aonid James Barnes l)iggl Ieame the purcllser for the price of tmwenty- ie tlousald dal. es. esltriitis of rlsopelwy wos given in tlhe Judicial Con ve.or ane, via: Acertio, piece ol prolt.y or aucel of grlud tl igalp erh with all tolr heuiliegsn suil irpermeruis heero, right piivileges Us. this.lnulln(teloegisg, or its ny n ire s lar nrleiuliisgt, litllate in flunsegll AndIeiri.stioss, sHaI this citi ad neamuring in nglio sh inealsnr, thlnre hounde.r sll fiflv.six feet sisd our-eigllth sf ont iso-Is cioit o il tle rsltlic iload New lrtoee 5e, tlrtle Ilasilndll ossil xti .lav ieet isix sleIanl llofnut-eiglilsh fn iI h inmh fnit oi Coleste s. two hunldreolusld filftv-fii a e liloe iishsleslend two.eilhtls of an iPeuti s lisse e'rsaitsg nil Old Levse sweet, uIstil it strhken litne IMlllauchr Itaon Of Ltueot til ndirdon's lilmirtyy, ah hlorter us Ohl Levee said Nlls strcet; thee foUiihig a right osgle, . i tnextinitig eighty-fire reet asnl thiee ilchis delA. alotIgthe Illillsary line of taid iMillsudon' plroertny erallel to C'hemse tsctle; tlha. foroign a i'ighllt aliglee, stad etlllldlio aixtl - thre Ifeet elevel iltlesl enid h hst.s ei hlhstlIs of Ius h ' the tiosNSlnda liole if l.i.s Ieue's I t"'ely, rinoille to Dl4 Levee ilsir;threere Inaniilli aiii,er rigliltiavs.ld xtendlilsg fety two feeto ni se iet iesal sis fie elihlhs .Af an ierh ml the lleh rthey lie of aid lede'a l rlll.erty, anrlhlel to Celeste stiere; thel foresillg sieslheis rightl rgle, ursl lenitelsg in o i hle(leld alnd Ito yaes i lent ten inclsaslid folr eighths of nt iilhs, he tirsclarsy line l laid Irile's prlmntty opalnlll to tie publi roal aHs Now liveer stewetinal rseleny tin lue fsou ionches mil fonriglallh ofrnieef fesnlt oi Nun's atneetllseilnl. isig too lnhy J. Pilil, City Snli llcll. isade 9ll fnis a r, 1l2S allne oed to a llnet ing;hatal Itwl lcoulw 'r Caile, Nsite Pubilih, on die llir h latiaris 1. 8ior3 Witsess the Hon A. M. lltiesnmlma.s Jllage of tIie r Cort aladresaid,tlsis tflth Alltil, 1&8.1. qtl3,iai&t13 S P. LE BI.ANC. IDe. Cloelk. )SANCTIONED MY THE FAtUL l'" io MEI) CINE. Te HOReN'S Compmdn EItract of Cnmibna and S rI S a rillta -A cerin, IYhe, andul i ei effuetatl rmlnea vere dieontered for the care of O snolrhea, (;iete, Strirtures, White, PaiIns in rile heak nd slins, sem.nIl wekties., ffeetitnis of Ithe kidoies, gnrsel, scsrbulti rnltionis, Uc. in the introdoetion of Ia melisine plearilg stie aseftl ancl actire rirtue of die one now offertint dite liblie, I ner -t.ior lees hts sn refer to hie snmesrnui reoe lelstlhona received Il.e n she most elilnt tsf thie lsle _u-il facully in lltrslte, believing thot it will he duily uitaeited wlhen i'e tiarits almorInrut s ill" kinows. The Belnsas of usnliln, nsn aivrely nels, ieos Itr macld of its cremlit rom time dislike -hich pasiients Ielrnerl) . ire i rganrdiig its shigreerhledr taten sllehlursatce nurolcedl in tie howels • staunlht, iand ith hlertnfin - Ieisffiiensc whes old its th inheinlomsiry stage. The p.preietor lhee nne an enllysis of the ltlllal, comleei sig thUet he tn' alisve qulttalities wmll srtLeehy ise nls mort eotneenlrted ind more useflly aslsini.tee-ae tllan in the rltelent satrs The shoe maldsine eolhinea in grediients whtil are in the ligihest epue O mtt the moet slelltific and lerned ill the profestsion. .l tieUs in the somlmsision of thlis pPelnuilln ilcreasesllit elicacy of the other, pomdutieg Ia ol eration truly atil tlliaitg, tld surpaslling the mosit slignins exretatioun; possilsgnt the sase timse the advlasle osg Its eing ndreinisrid with perl(fet blce is ll lhe sliffeml stage, f dire above disease. Thie mostntesiet lhylislesninlnd slurgenlls of the pireseit daty eCxprens theslrile l all. prolation ii favor of Setns.seill whilst illts use in tiL suinliptl holltsitals anl iohlir medical iltslitullttfis Ios Lhe n, slid still cmlinue, very7 extensive, It ton s lia. rlte reti.eelyl with tie olehrbetl De Acueirslty in at eiruelll atl.'elaiois, allll it ohlntiasteutaleotr ellsenllsia, riisigfromn a lisordnleredl stItr of thedlgetivefusithits. Having bhei nulsmiltedt toh test sid roperice of the soslteeleleated anmong the fsclty, they hove esirewI-l thrie sctisnlothie of its exUnaIlndinary efficasy in ever mlw under thleir thoirge, by mloitilsg it loth in tlhru i aell llad wiivate lrlhtile. rlheir oh erlois cill lies Ltmilerl lerelafter. P-elared by J B Thorn, Chiseisi, Landslhsn. Ptrice $1 511 per I.a. 'I'ES'IMONIALS. From A 11 Salmou, Eml, F R 8, S.mrgenn to the St Thannas Hospital, and Leemurer on Anatuomy. The trial which I have made of your ilaeparalion in a valriety of enues, boti male nll female, in its r.talta have proved am highly favourable, that I it, nat Ihesitate il. iwonomarieg it onie of tlhe most valuable anll erfllimeies mvmedies ever oluerel to the public, and not in which, haema experielcr, I cuml place every reliance, whilst it das niot Irol.ce thi e sll unplitO liaut etleitsusundlly m perienced from eovliha. From G H llaywmal, M RC S, Physician to the St Maavlehome Dipemnmar. I take great pleamsei in idding nmy testimony to Lie valuable properties of your ielimratinl, wishilng you, the success von so fully iserve, in an ample reowamt fier lie lalwralll explense ncunled in britnging it to such a mn picts pleriectiuon. Fromm O Coulmr, FRS , Surgemo to Gauy's l lmital I'rhe uniform saaeess which lha a:tenled the all ni-nis aering your llivi|im imionpi IImy aient aiflictcll wilt l the above disuese, hat fully atisied Ier that it hls tla ly to be known to ie truly apetlrcntedl. May the rlcce.a you so well delte, annmply and speedily repaiy ou for your valuable preplration. From Sir A Cooper, F R S P S, e. Ne. Having been idtlced to try your Extru t in severrnl casesof violent Gonorrhea, which hail hitherto Ihlled every precril.tion adlnniistrld by me, lammig found sare eumadscd)" cures eficted bly it, im n few days-; : rlel myselfinduty lmonult to state tmht I lnow imr niy prm . tice hoit public aid private r.ecotminndl uad use |nolle other. From G W Blair, M I), PhysioLan to Gay's ales. pitil. The strict test which I have given your mediaeia among my Ipaintst, a its inmmrimlah saueess thus the, will inducme It to Iersevet in its use, atd I deem if but an act of justice aid of dltv to alhl ay feeble iesti. noial in commenaninon of its virtues. Frma LC Thcomaomt n, iM F I L. Srmturn you ay olcera thacnks for I e valuable pee lent uf yur Eareat for the curm of GonoMiohta, kr. I feel thaint you have at last iought a mediSlne, into ae vhich will p trove dldermaa long suaghtfor in the medlical w.h[-a smr. ipeedly mcnl eStttuail care in oines if the aove claas. L Sihohlrk me tOgat pll re itm iaahilitlus tIehe: worCl th aliam qldkitieia o your Extrsct. Were it necessary, the Ipoperi.eo eaWIh here f.mlitiah amany moce testimoimals equally as cammaenitor. as the abure; bht trusts that its great successhltdtno--iLe m are & expmnse at which it Ihs been prelim l,,I will inou e its rgesat roamenain titm mmnonga dla nle im ubtli. 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