Newspaper of True American, September 6, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 6, 1838 Page 1
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~-. - ------------.--- - ~ PRICE 12' CENTS. - - - - NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 6, 1838 VoL.-VI No 781 Terms of the Newspaper Press of New Orlean unoaisuetsly arreed to at an adjorneod meeting of the Proprietor,, held on the 13th of Matreh, 183: uascatrriox.s.-- welve I)allara for the daily pr pesr par alnua, payable stahi-annully in advance ten dllars for the tri-wesally aonutry paper, payable one rear i advance, wlhere no city reference is given. No nubscriptioan will be discootinued nltil arroaragoa are nettled. in case of di coutinance, oae weeok's notioe a erittin must bI inovarihb y given, previous to the eapirationa of subscription. Asvrartstso.-- )ie dollar per atuare for the first neartion, and half th,tt price for each subsequent one: ilns material alteration fro n the original advertisemsent will be charged as a n w one Yr.sar.r AIvnRTISeaR.--11erchatse and Tra era, orty dollars fit English alone, and sixty For both lan guavia Batiks, Insurance Ol'icea, and othser oimilar public tnatitutions, fifty d ilers in lnelish only, and eighty for both languages ; Ship and Rteamhont Fnee re, or Commisioa merchants sixtaly dollars in English ue, andeighty for both languages. danatrss, OaITnuar NoTIcES, and articles eall tlat attention of the ptllic to .11tes o property, arde of passengers, benefita, &e. bhe. will be ehbargl one dollar per square for the first insertion in each lan gu ge. CaUthsadcrtOeer, or Advertisements, of any person at naturs, Who, admissible, -hall be charged double, nad in adva A dedu.t ice f twentyfive per cent. will he made to Auctieneers'a n .'es, Regiters of \VWills, and Marhalse ?I sales of rO t, t*e, ounlithedin botah languages, ..i. 5 ..s.. " e rc'" I&gha h aloe .t. 0i pe," cent. onalao ift other prep rty. aut af thl direct line of busine.s of the advertlscr, soeh as legal, arction, and planta ion aleas, runaway slaveoa stray animals, &c. &c. will be charged for sepa.ately, and at the ordlinary rates. AnVrEgiTastnNTs niot specified as te tiwe, will Ie ublished ote month, and charged accordlicly. No advertisents of bankruptcies will be publisbed Sa y case, lnless for previous to inaertion, or savmont guarasteed by a responsiblo person in town. 'P.atres and other places of amnsement, advertising nally irtthe season. to he charged $1010 fr inglish a ne, and tel50 in both langiago s. iOH announcemento of cotelidalc s fitr political omees be charged double tho price of other advertice T: i. to the inmonser Io sanstained by newspaper lrietoto, tiev have coiea to Nic coane t aion hat the aiols. of pere tsi whose nceoalts have aoit been paid within one month after proeontntion, soall Ie made 'k w caieo far as prcticable) to each other-they obli gatigslhemsalveu not to advertise or print ilr ouch ndlinqune's , unless in case of dvetnce pam.teals. 1ignaed) J. C. Do ST. IROM.S J. BAYON, P. P. Il'tA, J. C. PREND)EhGAST, JOHN GItlSON I.M SI)EN. Weekly Press.--We, the undersigtned, iagr'Se toIll aid y tile albove conditions, as far as they are applicbhll tI a ehklOV lpers. S~diqned) A 1. t I.AWRENCIf., l{ No subscriptions are taken f ur less tbhan i wo na h .i l.iters must, in eIl eases, hbe post paid. PAIN REVISITEII by the authorof "iA year in Spaihl,"in O2 vole.- Harr thcerly, a novel, ly ilolther of "Cecil Hyde" inl2 vols. The Acieres af landen, and other tales, by the altheor If "Tie Fors i, i" 2 vole. Ninrodl's Illuttn'oars; intrie rsrld wth chtracterstic e anecdotes savingit; :oIt doioIlI lf Oa ort ig Men, includinig notices oftthe Irinaitll crl, : Iare of E.glanid witih imlllylinll CollallltelIItnd lrlltIlr/ lb' Io nnlat.e, to which allre lallle, Nillirod's L.tlers IO oiig .Hounso, in 2 vrol. lien , Ilee ike la0t 01 Nelcoýl's Agollneolnollos, IV Cat.bChamier, It., N.,althor 1 the "l.ife ofa Sailor,"&e. lat VOls. Cecnllltleries ll i:iti y Jurisprudence. s adminisii tered in -hu.I 1nd1 Alerricn, ly Jorepl Story, I. I,. I). Ovi(d, t nre llled Iev DIryllen, Poer, Clolgrevt, Addison and lItllsr. invol. for aling Nool) and 21 of "lr11r's COllnilcll I.ilrarv ." Infantry Iactics, or rles for Ill, exlecise ,i lllillln roeuvres otbe United Sttsc'nftaulltrv, Icv aIlor Elloeral Scott, U. S. Armny, in 3 vols. Just eclvedll lll for sale qy Wt. MrK..AN, 7 corner Cuiup &L (iomlmlon t ,. NIOV MUSIC. ' isll Illlour; Is olin not i pniam fair; Oh this it. IL .1vc; oothillg: I;t t lv t.11it, iy Swvitzel IIemle; Itally (llll;IeIIomi t.i/Lad; roll not lnlof hroklen Volws; SlovlWe til dllell in tlile ,llorn ell; WV lhalhl reurl llo Mira; Come, ) OCalne; CuLastillel are gaily Sloundillm1 C h(gIalltn i llorI);y nlai. elhiicv o'r the allllow;li rile lI~ultaIlriWie; MR liht Ilrigaatiie; loh d11 no hall ., I e..r ,a -et awln; WVhenl evnllini hal.1 arr' ioirlt i.i;Sialiby! for thle IBoIttle; Aqlni b,11 IIa Ri .s"bom"l;Jo anm'la t,l(air varieit,) lby Illi0i; Still ao l.•" i-' o'e.r miei Stealina, r,'iiigedI hiy C C.lrnev; I"ilo c..e air feliot ,lgorit I.iZiira, Vr.1i1ld aie F lunilel; Ie. I t i..a of the elrleratd lolera l.a Nlrult, by V Illllellil f.r ,ie- Isl"ite lli I'itno; Vio T0 i fIll ., Amn I 1 .1 , trrsolgd firlthI Flute1 :111 PjiOi ,'ii Vil atliu t Ini vol. hb C Vto I\Vellto-; Ftr,owell .altz bv I, .:uihlrl;, Cel ,ie' lFavorite l0lllc0; A newl et lfl:uotlllioll, frlolml el i.) ,rnl eo Le Macloll. Flor l aillt It C hS.-t p 1 Piano partee and NaiE Starr. ion 20 It l'aiull.rllte. HI.Ianr'. Poe~oru. & Collection of rColl.qntl I hroe, en,.rv topt1 m. F, ee.,aary t'l lailltaia c.ol vl.rrl tilonll, nrrl , llluall l or i errn theads, vitll nnlroul re arlks oar for ol(llilu p1 o.Iaetiatio and ure l'vuriilOnt d,1. tct 'li ole i.F. tIpot ed as considerably to flilito th lc iiio l • -rrect pIro ancnialtion of tle Fre ,ch. Ily . . BIm , i t F ew edlition, revised and correcl i. A eletiol ofLA t lulnlured of l'erriu' Tallesl,: clml pualied with a key, contailing the text, a litrlll and free ranslatlion, nrranled in such a inltner u to porillt IUt 9e. differece betareen the French r nd Inlisl idiom, F .w a figarell prounciation of the IFrench, acordingto tle best French works extaoton the subject. ThI whole reedeI by a hort treatise on the soundl of tle French language, compared with thse of the English. A Pronouneing French Primer, or the Scholar's ;uidr5 to tihe accurate pronunciation and othollgraplly of the Freneh L.angl age, nontaining itas elemvats acclrding to I tlhe best usage. Jy Bernsard 'l'ronchi, lfist reeived al , ar sleaL. Wll McKEAN, mr, or Camp e& Cm n l AI , BtUE SIPLPiIUR SPRINliS. (IREENBRIEk COUNTY, VIRGINIA. IMildfacwrite watering place in the mtluttoltn SV rginia, I8 mile wes of tIewisburaand dl frrmn the White Sulphulr, will be open in due season fior the I' reception of cunpanv. Mianyo imti stteot ijtiovoetie ts i have beeu mutdelsiae thelastseason. A pn:iol.o ball h room andt number of single-b-dded roomls have been added and now finiashitg; afordiog ace ,mmodations. I by the Isttf July, for 25) visitors. An excellent tar,- s pike road has been constructed passing by the spring, , aod intersecting tle Kanawha turnlpike near l.ews- ,ltrg. Over this rad, by direction of tilte pout office departiuent, Messrs. Beldin, Walker & eo's. line of mail coaches will run. A post office being established at tie springs, visitors mnla r:ceive tews,and coronre pond daily,east and w st. )f the mediintnl qualities ,Cf thJe woterts, te proplrietors need lot speak. Toi t Iaave been aalysed hy able altlprofessed chemint, sdo ouad to hold in solnti n all the valuable ingredientsol thle ant celebrated springo ill Virginia. the combisoation e otain ntuolt Slphuretted ffy drotgen, S.lp rate of Mhagesia, Sulpthuam of Limt, Cire tIrlate of Ltit, Sulphate of SnJ, llriute of a Soldo, anWd 3Itiateof Magnesia, the salutary effects otwicHel aree tihbited in diseases incident tt femules;and ehro. ie afftctila of the itnaclteh,liver, and bowtel; inecuts neous affections or diseases of tihe skin no remedy more potent oruficacionu ton he foundl. Extetsive batlng establioltmentu for ot1h sex1 lanve bee erectdicon atigeaou sI the spriltgs Visitors can at all times enjoy tile pec liar advantages of their be legn and whdtesome efSlcts. Major William Vass will contialue the superiltend ine oft the spriug. Ever) exertioa oonhis part, and on time part of tle proprietors, shall be reitered to insure for the Blue Sulphur a liberal share of the p aublit ntt ronage. IHe proprietors of the Blue Stlphur lSprings w t he ibertl i en f e reereilt of notes ofall St o thern alld Wes Sn Bathks whtch aree onsidered salvr tt,atopr. MARIA MONK, &c. A WFUt lidclosuresa of Maria Mnt of the Hotel SDieu Nuaery of Mlontrtal, ..t., I, with an np poli a,catloininac, part , IRteeeptimt , i ftrsateditioi; part 2d. Sqeql of her narrative; ltIr.l, Review of thel case. Also, a supplement, giving more particulars 8 the Ntaunnerv antil grounds, illaustrated by a pluo f tlhe Nuatery, &c. Maria Monk and the Nunnery f the Hotel Dieu-bce g an account of a visit to thet Conventas of Montreal o fd refutation of the lAwful lisclosures;" by Wim. L .Stone. Fourth experimaeot of Living. Living without means. 'The Sttudent's Instrctor in Drawing and working "The Five onters of Arehitecture," fully explaining the methods for atrikitg regular and quirked moulders; for diminishing and gluoing ofcalumns taid capitals; for finding the true diameter of an order to any given height; for strtkig tithe lontio Volute, circular or eliptical: with finished examplles, on a large scale, of the orders, their planchere, r.: and sate designs for door cases, ale gantly engravel on ftrty-one platos, with expiates-by Peter Nicholson, arahiteet, author of the "Mehaniec a Comnpaaio:lt,' "Caronter's New Guide," "Carpentoer' and Joiner's Assalstaat," dc. "A Practical Treatia. on th Culture of Silk," adapt ad to the soil and climate of the United States-by J. G. Comstock, secretary of the Hartfird coutty Silk So cietn anl editor of the "Silk Culturist." "l he Silk Raiser's Manual, or the art of raieiltg and feding silk worms, and of caltivating tlhe M tbIrry tree-b M. Morin. The Clerk's Guide, or Commercial Corresapondence; eomprlsing letters of husinsa, forms of bills, invoices, account-sales, and shopkeepers, euatioa of payments, ommoercial tarots, &c.-by B. F. Foster. "History of the War in the Peninsula and the South of Fera.e, from the year 1807 to the year 1814" by W. F. P. Napier, C. B., eol V tuo which are perfixed an swers to some attacks in Rbinsaon's Life of Piston. and itn the Quarterly Review; with couoner remarks to Mr. I)udley Moatttgu Percival's remarks upon some passa gesa in Cdolonel Napier's fourth volume of the Peninsular 'Var. Just received ad for ale by mBQ -LPP':b AS-2- bblh, in store, tor Oe byr G ,SORSEY, je6 44 dNew Levee. , UGAR--i O hhds,prime articles for sale t je26 44 New Levee o0RK--l' 'bbls Mess, Prime sad otherdesenritn Froeale#,o STETSON & AViFR tau B. Brower & Co. SAYE just aeeivedat their arnidshing Ware-house I o. 17 tassp treet, by recent ar-vals from otu rope, and the North, large atditions'to their stock of tsefoul and ornamental utaekeepin.g articles, which eal rectively (they believe) form an assortment more gener 1 coot complete than i" to hIe found in any similar estab !lnsm"tnt known; conslstingof SILVEtI WARE. Coffee tad tea sets; pitehers, waiter, castors, candle tiens. supl, tumblers and goblets; table and tesert forks; table, deset anti tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or ra gout spoons; sugar tongs; sugar, sine and soup ladles; 'etter, fruit, ptocdldng and fish knives; iickla and desert knives and forks, napkin, ringls, L.e. principally from the mtaltactory of Mr B. Gardiner, of New York, whose long established reputation for the manumfattme of silver ware Is suffitient garrantee of its superior ,elnty. 'l.ATEDt "' ARIE OF SHEFFIELD AND Bllt. MINGHAM. Tea aned cotre urn, tea setts; eastors, liquor and cor dial stonds; superb olndlehras, and Epergues with mir ror plateaux, for centre of the dinner or supper table; waters round and oblong, from I to inclies; beef steak and vegetab.e dishes; rich dish covess; ake and bread haskets; decanter stands; mantle and chamber o tndlesticks; wine strainers; coolers and syphons; den. I ter labels, clarel corks, tea strainers, table bells, ten, ts. I le,. egg and mutatrd spoons; egg boilerts and at-ndss toast races, Ite. SILVER tiN ST''REL WARE. Table and desert knaves, forks and spoons; soup and aunce ladles; butter and fish knives. cheesy scoops, as. Ipnrgus tongs, vegetable forks, dtc. .IAPANNEItY. Flle Gothic Sandwich an I round cornel waiters, in sett and single, from 8 to 31 inlhes; do of fppier manhe; brea.l, oheese, and knife tras ; large upright plate oarlelr; spice, sugar and cash hoxes; Ipsiofg ases; India ten tables in neeta, oaddles Japlt.t l o d lid of rieh tortoise shell, etc. I AMPS. An extensive assortment, among wnlo re Astral Ilmps, all bronzed and gilt, and of rich cut glass; mantle Iamps do, do, eneh plaio aod with glass prisms ; vert. sptledld ct glass do; bronzed and Japanned side or CIIANDI.LIERS AND tANGING LAMPS. English nawl French cot glass chandeliers or lustres ptl ., 10, t 8, 't)ll I ltights, French bronzed and Kill Grecian Illn;ls, 3, 4 anId 8 lights; hall lai|mpis and Ian rtels, rich bronlze filat or centre laImllS lor dll'rawilng r onls, f'rome I to 6 lignts, lalmp shades, glassesnlld nicks. \I.ANT''ll1 CLOC(KS, CANDLEBRtAS ANDI VASES. IH.otozed and narbleh; bronzed and gilt, and all gilt, SItollll.oes, etro; counting house an kitchen elocks; cot n..el inlkstands, eegar do; paper weights, thernmomer n, calrd ricks, candlesticks etc. CIIINA WAIIE Otl PtICIIZELAIN '.glish ad French dining desert, tea and coffee ser of plain white, gold edge, and very rich tancy S'; splendid toilet setts; water and milk pitchers, li:." vaseus; tlhany cun.l Iracks and baskets. EARIL'THIN WA RE. I)inihg, desert, ten, cokee, breaklast and suipper setts; m1le ware; ;pitchers. Also, Canton china dinner setts, CUT GLASS. Ictllntooers, pitche:rs; claret anld .oot edl hock decentres; hooisn, diOhes, celery vas.s, balt stllands, sigr howls, iltter tub)s, finger basons, tumbloers, wine, clhamplaigne, claret, cordials, lemonade alnd jelly glasses; file colored ook glasses. Also, nandle shades. 'I'ALIIlE CUTI'LKIIY. Fine ivory hIlance Iandles, self lip and huck handle knives Snl! forks of 51 and 53 hieces, or by the dozen; ivlory handle knives onv ly r siver firks; guard and ,gne enrvers; oIng slices flr round beet, oyster knives, oint eIC ks and pieks; snugrcutters, cork screw, eta. IIItl'Tl'ANIA AND) ILtOCK TIN WfAIRE. 'ITa oas coffee setts and urns, withl and 2 fallcets, suitable for hotels and stealbouts; spounllsal. ladles; t venson dishes with covers, oysters orcmhfingd isnes; dish 1 covelr, late heaters, coffee grecgs; tea keles oil standsla with henters, egg hoilers, etc. FANCY HAItI)WAItF. ttras andl wire fenders, hnssacidirons; brlss and steel I shovelss ind tnllgs, etc; copler coal hods anid punch ke t lien;, s )itollos, cllllore% hooks; .Hlilllnltt'd, nioson Sil lcrnze Ihandle lherthl brusles. I'ocy- bellows andi orIs I trushes; orinpoiog and tlintiog achlnies ; ur brell; stands, grate liiotlmen lor wnIlolllillg lhies. KIT('CHE\ F'UlltNITUlEf.---Constingnl'iruot, tint, ,nass,, copperalnd uooden;vares, being a collection of I il uteilsilsistinlly required lforculiarv ptll'oses, and ii. hrieftalnost every article wanote;d oI '-",'e kerepers cal lie bonlnd in their establisl it on. ,+ Silvertutl iallell ware relpalird llnd repolishdlR a new. Lamps repaired and relonzd le 1 IORIDERS IRiiIEtIVi'I) FiOR JO.V.E S'l TP .,V O TTd'O.n "GL;I iB the Ptleitee, No. 53 Magazine itrert, Nn'elrrins i 'TOBf E 31.ANIFAC'ITUI11I) IN NIiWt YiORIK lY I ROB()EhlRT I1lt; & CU. 1 SC.3.tE OF PRICES-L Double Gins. Fior lldublelGin of ill saws or mnl1e oill ahllahe c c linder, making lunaw in the stand, willth ieelk., hnllde, ei. ant $6 perl w, or $l911i l ' For. iouh ll Hio l of 610 sa s ,ni a cc ilnlelr, or 1110 saw0 iln ihl sutand, Ioe.ders, 3c. a $6 per saw, or 720 1K) fordo.dnof 40 sawsondo.or 1 saws iln. sOtal, a .l 115 p.l' salw, or 51tH (W1 For do,. of I saws on do. or 4l saws lit olatndl, pe1r saw, or 21111 )I Fot" single gi1n ofll Si uws or IIoe, wilh onlle set of l'eelcrs, iatoids, i. ; no $f per nw $4810 F'n. ihd. of (0 Stlas, with teedrlt , &', I t$6 311 per saw, 3110 111 For ol. ofi41) saws, with feederl , &tnoe o'6 75 ier saw, 3W mto nor do. of 11 saws, wit h eln'tor. t &t ot g7 50 per aw 15o 1'n Ex;lateeth where dl red,o ' Ic , I ' leo, ipplied. 4l cellts cash; the Iit oillr ol'tclth ill labout equaloi Sthe onimb'r of saws 100e set of 'eol ;.,, it is con siderled hllowever, will wte.r out tw oe' three .ets 1, sows. Exhtaslaw sup plied an tl)el1cns 'ach, The Gins 1.lrered, will be de ivere to ihe agents o! plnteir in anyI of the sea portltown, ,li the otllll oIor l linlg States, nlt hee nho ,te price,, the aget.s pa insi the tieight ont the solon fl'ono New York, colll iireconinlog '" apooniatble for the amount of the Iih,. A 0;iI wright willbe sellt with llb ins tllo pt i 'll up where de siredl;the charges fir whllose services will Ir extra but moderate. Ih'n running geair ca r also be ordered where desired. o rensolnbhle terms, hut will be ciHargelore.xtrn . HOlr, iower, ofally desclipltiol, can Ie foliskrd oil like terlom. Small steam engilnes cll also be olrdlred it' de It lislestirble, whetn plalntel'· give ortde'rs for Gins, tllhy should acconlo }tll hllem with their views in regHrd to o a rllrgelnellt saws, breansc, blruhes, daL, ht is fnoo lllllthe iile olilhlioll. .mllle desire saws of la'ger dli:mletrer th otlhlrs. The 'lost com ,onl siz is 9 or to inches; some it islrh them I inches. Somle wish 5 or 6 rows brushs oni an axie, bhile others do not waint more thl.. 4 at o n is: 'i', ,iol.ol siaws with 8 or9lteeth to 'he inch, while others want Ill or 11. W Iluch lScrepl.nlt l we iroet'r tlheo shouold, at the time of giving orders, thirnish a slatlielit of their wislles, and the nl;alllieltcuirers e'lon liltil themr in every ilarticular. WhereIil ii isi left Ito onot disorelion, we shall nioke theni ol the oolt o dirllll and appIIrovd pl4an. An lord'er can lir .rtlletll, iltron the cine it is received, il the spler of 'tlihl or lillo weelks, illnd thie illn in thto titoe pilacelllin the bulind. of the t.etor. To be iln time for the next croi , all ,order.s olob tho le in the handl of thoe mianufaelturo ris by the ilit or midodle of tlay; except for plllntatons where they are late in commencing to plick or gilln clllotl. N. It. The P'.ltet L(tight, for any ole of the cetton gitonig Stoel , will be sold on reusountle terms. nooS fooos STATE OF LOUISIANA.-First Judicial District: Court rIfTF , STATE OF IOUISIANA, To ahl whom I. these Presents shall come, Greeting:--Whereas William Macke, having purchased at a sale mate by tie Sheriff of the parish of Orleans, the property hereinafler described, has applied to the clerk of t is court, in whose office the deed of sale was recorded on the 5th day of Mai, A. I). 1838, for a monition or ad vertisement in cnloratitv to an actolf the Legislature of the State of Louci na, ettitled "An act for the further assurance of titles to purehaster at judicial sales;" ap proved the 10th day of March, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all persont interested bereia. are herehb cited and admonished in the natme of the State of Louisiana and of the First Judicial Distrtct Court, who can set up any right, title or claim in and to the property hereinafterdescribed,in consequence of any informality in the order,decree orjudgment of the court under which the sale was made. or any rregularity or illegality in the appraisements and advertisements, in time, or manner of sale, or for an, other defect whatso ever; to show ca-se, within thirty days from the day this monition is lirst inserted in the poblic paters, why the sale so made should not be confirmed and homolo. gated. The said property was sold by the Sheriff of the pr ish aresaidaon the 23d day of April, A. D. 183,lby virtue of adecree of thit codit, rendered on the 3d day ofMarch, A. ). 1838,in a satitentitled William Mackey vs. -amuel Bel , No. 15,535 of the docketof this court, at which sale said William Mackey became the pur ehaser for thle price of $3,300, caslh. Deascription of Proprty at given in tile Judicial Con veyance, vin: A certain lot of ground, together with all tts build ings and itproeemontae tlereon, situated in the parish of Orleans, in the square hounded by New Levee, Louisa, Patul and Delord streets, designated by the No 9, on a plan drawn by C. F. Zimpel, Deputy Surveyor General, on the 16th IDecembher, 1834. and depaosited an plan No 10, in the bomk of plant of Felix Grime, notary public. Said lot nmasures 80 feet II inches front en New Levee street,75 feet in depth on the side adjoinilng lot Nea 8, and 80 feet 7 inches and 4 lines in depth on the side adjtmiug the property now, or lately, belonging to N oodale, and 19 feet It inehes width in the rear, b here it fronts on an alley of three feet nine inches in conamon to Iota Noe 4, 5,6,7, 7 and 9. Clerk's Otice, II 'a May, 1838. m16 t W I EWI1S Dep Clerk. MR. WILLIAMS. OCULIST, LOUISVILLE, JULY 21. It has been said that I run away from Louis. ville and (among other places) had made tracks for the Niagara-therefore resolved on Tuerday last, tript to Cincinnati, for one day only; I returned again lam igrht. I Iegin in f el tlat I eln taero ;irortnl indi aidhal, as this instant the J ournal I' t is city was pt into y hand, Statino, anmoro.rst a erea tI ny other things, that I had aetuarll rrn a ely fiern Lrolsvill to escapethe effects of the 'udecil rtrf lr:ut c nee Ie of doctor Snip. the knighlt of trhe thirlb , erire, . S S, Mv return, however, proves that the fabler of ther I andr wolf, is aoplicbe l to the Journal. Tihlestlle ins "A hoy was employedto wntoh and eive the paltrnl, when ihe wlf alpeared; lie beirg either a 'footmranu'. tailor's an p or tr r, fre qently cried out tthe wolf in eoring,' t tile greitdiarnay of the 1eitizei T h y s last found out his real aharaeter: that he -asn lier, and ot to be believed even when he spoke the truth." T'lre fact i', that causes must produce their effects. So it will prove, of the all-wise writers, )r. Snip & Co., il fie Joiurnah. I woald advise them -Io provide them selves with a stsro engine press, in order to meet the wonderfuldemanrt and insrease of that paper, as it is well known, there ure many who seek for nothing but falsehool, out of sheer love to the venders of thar arti e. But unfor telvfGoliah Snip, rf neerle atrd thimble celebrity, tIe great mass of tie millions of A eriean rpeople, ra fnilled, and far faeledl us lovers lt truth. Therefore they will, (aslffects lroduled by the cohust) naturlely say, I want td ured na iprre tilat I ay rely oil, therefore I will seek out sch, and bhcomle a Nohririber ti the other journalo, whose stnterumets will noot prea. false. Th6ir I s statemsents are too pal pnble to requis ..mfutntion yet I gwill state: tot. I all. aganron f Ill a nral. 2d. That i slhullremtr tirl rhoe 3lot Jul , 'rho lit Snip Co., rhave sent me a letter threateing mty life, if I remainredh after tllhe0th. - 3d. That frlri this,I shall proceerd to Cileirokti, fAr fourteen daRss only, of whlc I wish Il)' Soiil & Co.,r iT inafrm tie af lieter, in their owr ale iel w never fail to bring ame patients. 4th. That front Cincinnati [ lhallproceed Io Ire Fesllo of the Niagara, to reat iffrht, (if tr Snip & Ce. io net take away lay life,) on the lot ofBeprtemtber, so0 a rev Yorkhon the Int of Novembaer, oolpeud tie whole of the nest surarer, in order o lohSf at all tile awhrlli I'rrlistis;s tie medical Goliahls of Boston, Philarlel. plia, Mllesophis, Naoheille and Louisville, who wvei trobarly,I (refore ttlrt time arrives r toor, f.alirolh st, lirre and tilre i-,Iav 2drl. Currer &-. c;lt make fr nesesr Inles, &c. Golioh .4th. Corn oetter. (lrll 'h 5itr. Ilints and drul, ad pieklh store. eioli, itl the mst1 rnoifiverrt of arll, lt-1. lui, alias Bell, &c, ptleher th t, proprietors andl editrlls of the Jour al. Iostlv. t wruhl have thIe ohble l)r. Snrilt & Co r hnows tilot Iogleofortley were alle t It thread a near Ileror spreod a Ilbiter, I hall been tor Vears, in tihe at it of restoring siohtrl tIae llind, an drhat to wt n o 00as00 corllertor of his Majesty's custrrla t Itl (rea Brilt uin. I wavvsn trhen so enlployved. Didi tIhe threas plner; tile currier; tile harness illtker f;r ases; tie orn crtier;t the Ipant and drdg store kier,e mand the nmnnifirent doctor Si1,ever, even mIre than o renm of bheri able to ol the like? I wilsh te Jouroer( t tate, l shall reeivr cldlies rand otra ges flot i to I A l. and rleontlemen from to 5 o'clock P p . ever dlav, to obtain Invopinion witlhot fee. as usual - Il great blastast, JOHN WILIOIA MSS , Oellst Jeffersorn lose, Ltouisville, July 21, 137.i P. S.--Slin- writinrgr lost, I hkae I-ecu iafoerelorr hat onveof tile easers, why the poer loquaVr of the JournalI, nurld hirs aie mlusiero are so wvell "stre wi . tn,is, Ibr ilot assolhlktirr themr toethler, ill my late re larks, s thlrey so itelrfectly r oelrbre eael otlher rthey iltll the adlage, "lnirds of s feather dock together."e 2. For not "tyingt the hirer, Mr. Preatioe, alias. I "knight of the rail," of the eoutrv of (futolane, lase I IoCItriers'tI tile respect dlre Ito such dignrifrd irvoro age. It is ire, he Illight hirve been so elevated, aoe ornament tl with tar, ani tile plumege of sootheree nc uIpon his owl dung-hill," withot ay noraRl oerit, do deeelrvirago his part; as w findl by antient hieitarr5 tlhalt souewere burnt alive, others Ihung by a lulter ildsl sllle were reised to lie emlperorsc relerated be kuiglrs of tile rail, T'hough some say they orlrh t have retlher Irbeenr the knighlts of the Iloter. But ot, rvrthlry kight is yet not only alive, and ai r frorr tIs prolific bralins, to join his hrother, :b knigtlr of the thildlle,in illruminatinr e thle world, bt is o Still t pert.rt hedth,p l a is Irlooivings as t fall blowt rose- etolrrer-ll r lrhai perjectile, we, tile tloeo, cllo nose ilat ofwliheh the great I)r. Bell, ali,, S. kort lr f, the tirimlbole, S-c. willexpltin to me, it his dlyinr alteerlrt tile techoncal ghrtoologkgof ,rthotohrhh sooretiaroroIn erivo-enr llr slll, ld ily .,tltea nit.'ha clime tha parh foterlae oeoresferomsr-, oe ofgarlle, leek lo Ilehoton. osr m thrk lpv ved of vameslue lrIhliet. i ri. ' rhlis f rreer'r trl ellly, I rred Itl o'eleant s lls t of S oftit luit oavihg rrrrehion h r th,- for h erlerrf :tlirlts, l nli e, knight s. til h df t llh ldr rl n rp ill w ick 1 lee storerf itoorlrvhio. Tlertogreat: orrtrs leriottr, N. errrd: brute Orhrt ie poerl of $,0, 1 was almost riroid lrruvnlml, tlan I hell, hiir I.nv'r ivl. I)ivr r horink.;rhrl to .rell, ierllhail tle knlc illn 'tlrd rir beth &tnrlilel Ihnlae Pinot the gagral,as I ad only restiolrd to oinE.I orrorcentl,-o nill tlnc vosityvloa, whnarreose, though, \Vorhee eirtuslirrttr icillr aac the tiren liresir hle h Irslued were Ire ,pesd lto Inwllet toreh- I llir .ft ,ftr the meet. F-totrllrrowed urrr, art %Pitrrtrilnrrrtrrtr-lrrvk ttr.or eoose v Illp dIrorlrrrnt. \Viitlirroe llhor rie Ireold InIa see selrjrt wshi t-hcoe e or vitihle totihn ft ire. T1 thr Ihihl , willrenoni soe mu'h legsor i , r ighi thsoo Ir-rornlf, thg e I pi ll ti se a ri shurd irt- l I Ios ryireroplcr l, L ore tetire uos ti oPlrk dlIeernlnIsges, said ot, wolrtr retihere sile , trawh loose sooirgc deolup. Its camsre up~twordo oht' 2070 Ilriles T'he sted peno of rrIe ovwrtlly kwnieht of tIre sil r dilsrh ole, will Irsr-ly trek legibly, aftee readino, tire oh ve ut letnter. torweveu a little ratdylnes , it tire fort of o dvrinntkortr vrrtlteee wll setoll riglrt anr theo willtrodrlrs t flintretrlire snolerr to t uit the lrsrrtrl ltaperite' f their srenareI, at1 dlreifort ,w Moeu eve mornrpg. ll rrtolrhlstey flrroller,, herr isra whole Sllat yeh i (teo-arrowl i tanlrelthey clr n do trhir dirv work. JJ WILLIAMS. N. 1.-I rlove julst received a letter, 8rated SttJu ,lt,',tise orollry ktin ant, .trology to tIre drggist lrV this irte. I Ire werters style tlrerirelvee 0Keontrle Svcreeooree7 eareteurlivg tlrrt I alluded to thlrer in wy Ivst letter. iT'reyrmoyvteot asnureil,rlitdirrrrtkntow or even orspeot trofdolidrs oarovg the dvgeiogrr inkLon locille; yet, if thle cap fits anty gerntlemanut he rorrotto coorse wear it, thoughe notalkrrrd by tile. J. \V Jefferoso Ihousc, Sotatrday, S2d JulylY7. JEFFERSON 110 SE, LoUISrtLLv, To the Editor of the CtLy Ga(ette : SI-plting listened to to e entreaties of roy poe lpatients, ta resltived~, if y helteh permits, to re maio in this city till the end of July. i. To try to do thlem tmre good. 2. To convince the ilnhabitaots that the vile apt thets the ledical (Golinlah S. &e, hare applied to toe, belong to theoo, a thir lawful right. 3. Th t am roeady to depositrtwo hodred dollars, in notes of the U. S. lank, in tihe htroodsof his Ihona I tile lMayor of thisoity, against atimtilar slntn to be de poesited by all tie gr at and in ghty Doctors . & Co. I that I restore to oi,:t ht more agied, tIn ddle-agedt, young cotoont and children, whol we'e totally or paorlloli. blitd, thon the,; do; od tthat I sin oaafleOd to, cure ao bgreter numhoe of short, weak or dim-sighted terson dring my short visit, that they do. Yet l wtll olto, my ise calutnoiators to call in to their aid all the vere deservedly celebrated professors and Doctrtorof all th colleges, Is well as all the doctors and quack doctors o be tfold in private practice, (who are noatt few! in the States of Kent ,cky, Ohio, Indiana endivoe= in t ennessee; where there ree indeed soae two Itrhre famous doctors, whose names oug t to be handed dow as low as possible to latest osteroity. 4. It mIat be clearly utnlrstool that all the cures if any, on both sidl'.s, must be pi'ovel shalll hove been perlorrmed ,tithout the aid ofany surgical o.eration whatever. 5. rtllose who really merit the epithets thve hele st liberally a plied to ame, sh,ell fiorfeit the $10 foIbr tiln benefit of thie alns houses in this city, and the other par ty shall take back his own $2011, whoever he or they mav be. If even thie mighty medical humbugger St should prove one of the succosleul condidates, willt fulfil tile old proverb, and give the "old gentleman" his due! Ii. At all events I would advise the last named Goc lish S. notto sttflbr that letter to stand ltone, as it gone for "simploeton" ts well as "sapient," both yesterdal) ant.;' but I advise him to and to it its legitimatn companions, A S placed before it, in alphabetical order then the independent inhabitants of the city would al ways know t1he writer by the melody of hie voice. JOHN WILLIAMBS, Oculist. *I was weak enough to read the mass of lalsehoods signed S., which deserve nothing but my silent con tetpt. Had I known lstevatolng' of thle great importance ol A S S, I should have treated the last of thr thtree some what differently: but let that pass. I will. however compliment his master of the Journal, for his sagaoity to employ the former knight (not of the garter or of the thistle, bnt) ofthe needle anti thimbler, to order that he may kill two birds with one atone, i. e. to patch the holes that may be in his natural or politieal garments and, if I may judge from that excellent paper, the Ad vertiser, Dr. Snip s master is, politically, in constant need of his servicos. When att ciraumstantepecurs, whether demestieill or politically, which requires a blister, whether on hic lwn nose or o. tile reputation of those who do not hap see to please him, boeig unlie hion, (which must hes great misfortune!) then it is he rings his BELL, whien after all is nothing mote tshan if it was "sounding brase or a tinkling cymbal;" yet, to view it thus--lDr. Bell looks well; hbut with an l. D). A. S. S. after it, appeare magnifieent!! JOHN WILLIAMS,tculist. July 14. AVANA WEET.MEATS-In store and tor sale H by. T It HYDE & BRO, jeo co Comnmon and Magaeine sis. rTO RENT'. TI.HE handsome STORE and iack Kitchens i ont the naement story of the T'rne Amori call Office, two doors Irtm St. Charlee Thle atre. A first rate stand fora Coffee House. Apply to Iul8 JOHN GIBSON, Editor True Atmerican. slTAILS.--A prime assortment of ('ut Nails froto to 2nd, for sale by CHASRE & I)IXEY, mi i"nstom ll use street. MILES' COMPOUND EXTRACT OF TOMATO. A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALOMEL. TfHE doctrine promulgated with so mich assurance I by many empirics of the present day, that one me dlicine will cure all diseases, is not, and never can be true; and he who asserts it, is either a fool or an im iostnr But it is a fact demonsterble by experience, that combinations of medicine may be folnedi fitnom the VEGEnTABL KINGDOM, that will act so universallay onil the system, when taken seasonably, and in judicious pro Iortions as to cure, in nine cases out of ten, all diseases within the reach and power of medicine. From tme well known and established reputation of Calomel, it has long been employed by the empiric, :od scientific physician, as one of the most powerful =gents for the removal of disease. By the former, al most every land has been deauged with nostrums, tlht th-ir authors claimed as specifies in every disease inci dent to the human family. The folly of these ireten sions needs no comment, for dtccuate chemieal investi gation lasalhawn, that the baseof most of the Panaceas, Uatholicons, kc. which have been trumpetted befort the community, with so much assurance, is Calomie, or mercury in some form. Now, if this potent artielee even in the bands of the most skilful physician, fienqueit Iv eerts oat influence onn the human system, unforeseen, and entirell beyond the control of art; undermining th, constiitltion, anil birieing on premature old age, dioeasa and deatlh, what result should be expected when pre scribed lby the ignorant? Could their many tliousand victims speak, a voice from the tomb would soon ditsel he '/peoijie' delusion that now sways tihe mindsa of tillhe living. Humane Physicians deplore the sad eviia resulting from the mercurial ractice, and will gladly hail the in trolanutioc oi al arlinle thalt call saely he stbstituted for dloamel. Tlhe feel, and that keenly, the uocertainty oft its primnar operatiotl; theveeannot say whether it will be favorable or Infavorable. They I:so ktnow, amnl Iel, that it its use is continued flor aty consider.ble time, in tliouts secondrar· consequences must follow. But they nmust choose the least of two evils: they know no otIer article that will arouse a torpid liver, remove obslltre tion, and set ill lee autiol the whole glandular system, and it beitng indisplelnsally necessary to do tois, they aolltinue its use, notwithstandling thle evil consequences which follow. T'lhey hcve long desired andll sonnglt an ortinle that otildl prolduce the good ericts of this drug, withaut lllit coting the platient to its d'eleeriourrt resultt. Such a tleslideatllum, it is betlheted, has at lenglth beln obtale..' ii the article now pre..sited to the public. 'The PI.lopietors of this autiCkI keepling in view tlhe act, tllat a toise ntll etn-tvolenlt eing, has Plaecd with ii thle lreach of all, remenldies adapted to the diseases in cidritit t the climate they inhabit; dnt knowing, like .ise, that most of tile diseases of the South anld InWest re based upon loganic or fullentiOll derangement of te liter; directed teir atntention to those larticles which s.t more esp cinlly on the Ihiliar organtos. Al.rer long, laborious, and extpensive research, they have succeeded in extractingha substance from thie 'TO i!ATO, which, fiont its pecoliar efceet spon the hepa tie ore iliary ontg"nst, thet lare ileominatedl llncmtite. It is a tlinnt ,e that mill lproltuce till the beneliial esults of ('alomnl, in both a;oute and chrotlic diseases, ithOlt the possibility of PIrloducing the leeriousde Leoni seq(ulences cOllllon to that article. Its action uIi tthe ctllnstintuion is universal, io part of tae )ystem esapidngits influence. It is, howeveer, ipon) the organns of secretion anlld excretion, that its east power is IParticularly manitestd ; hence it is pe :uliarly adplited to t:le treattlmelnt of biilrtts /ers anl ther diseases in wh ich a torpidity o' congeatiou of the iver and portal circle prevail. It is admhissible ill all tases, where it is necessary to cleanse the stioaclh antil bowels. -It removes otsl'uc ion, and excites a nquitk a lld healtll cti iin of tile liver ld olther glndsulai' ,ictra of the abdo)men. Being dill iusable it iits operation, it produtl ces a free circutio n tile vesrsls on tlhe srllll.ce of the bodi, accompanlie y.ia gentle persplirtion It does not exhaust like dtms tie lurgeS; still, its action is :ore univelral, alll Il tlien e repeated, not nl rely with saelty but willS gre:s iwn, lit ,lThis becomes inlhsplensably necessary oI casv. ft' llon stalndilng; for ill thel illlense temporars imlpres aiss tmad hr btrOllng iedicine~ , seldom, if ever, do gotd; but telnd to injure tile stm!na of the constituilon. It is cleansinlg and purilying to the scoten. . acts it petrfic othalrmOny with the known laws of life, aIn is aunllllotedly one ol thie mlst valuable articles ever of.l' il tfor public trial and inspection. 'ol'collllelielee this ledoiunle is forimed into S gtt ill ills. T'l.e white pills Ire clthie tir, oltrn'.tiase, lin phoreticant diuretic. Ta'd evllo plillsaretonic, art, dant alnd diuphorletic. ile following extracto n the suhject is frmn the incio s MII.IS' T''t.4O 4EDlUICINE. e The virtues of the "|'on:uo, net (ily as a delicious sir vegetable for the table, but also as a medicine, have for . Sconsidetable titlle I;st, atrnactedl no little attention. It hlas been believed to possess anti-bilious qualities which, it they could be etfehetually ex.teacted, or setarated I'rome the stperfluhlots omaUer, 1ulud be invaluable. This oLas been characterized as a bilious country. A large porlio of thle dliteases.llise from ,lisordlered fivers, or tronl de lnngements iln the glandular at stem. This is especially the c:ase in the west, and still mlnre soat tile south. Itf relll , easts s:lf, effbctual is Its oleration, and lhar il th constitultion unimpaired, could be discoecred for e hiliou comnpihnits, this would unquestionably be among ib thile most heal{lly climates in the world., C; lllel Ilas beenl thle aluost unliversal remredy for sa diseases of this chalractr. litut it s a remledy which lit olunlg but Ilecessity should induce tile use of. It mIn fin be considered as Iraesassing on tile prot iuce of olBletlel th lproeUssion tos s 'ak lit this, )et we Ilay be ipermitted to Ito express our strongr conviction that Cnlllloel can.iont be wi used without injlurious ad lasting eCiets uaon the sys- til teon, :reter or less, accor'ding to the quantities taken, anld thle I're( UtIitny o1+ its use, and tile constitution ot the Pr patiellt. A substitute f " thlis, therefore, from the ve- m getaille kingdom is a desideratum inll tlhis country. VWe believe thlis drsiler.atum has been . .s,..ered. in I he 'I'Tomato. )r. Miles, of this city, and hisassociates with nmuch labor and expense, as we unlerstlnd, have a succeede., ill obtaining such an extract folro this vegetaoll fie is, it is }luoped, will !e BIond al n effeetntal substitiute. ;h We acl e takcll sollne lpains to enqlluire aomlo nllical Inen ald otllelrs who hlave used this iledicine, as to its effects, at le feel well satisfied that it will plte a. mr tvaluakble renlmedy in bilious complMints. So fin as we have been able to learn, it Ihas produced thile desired effect, o)erati ng to produce a hdalth) action of the li'er, fa procu rn11 billous discharges whel: needed, and ill sonle a installes bhreakI, tit) tci'elrs, with even imure ertailny ,1 .... i.. a .. ho ,re,' tf. Itcl. calomel: For sick orllilious t,, headaches, it has belen found a good reacts. Thole I who hase used it say that it does not produce the debili tultingetfects of alost othelr kihlds of plulrgati\e lediciles thtat there i .ail min reased danger rlin cods a rielr :tS use, and w Iwre la]ge dunes of, voulii be uudeud this oIecmtes without ally danger of the distrcessing [adn I injurious effects of calon el when producin- saltation As we have reasolln to lolpe 'roel our ilv.stigation, r his extrlaet of the 'T'omato will prove a substhtitate to alonel ill a grelat variety of eases, we canll !i ard it as a blessing tq tile hunl lanl; . oli/. lat perfecthtysule and free irotu all miner is e thatwe epeak of it, aud we trllsthlllt itsuran t fullv relted by fmiuilies. W\\e have every toal sube lThe above edicine call b obtained only of thile Gr oneal Agents, atod lll t o r'tailing nmeelliS l ll rute coullnltrsigllell by ': & T I' Stlne, (jlGeneral Agents for Louisianu," aud bearing tie t(Unqmpay seal. lAst qf Agenes. E & B T Stonlle, General Agentlls for Louisiana, 111 I Tehouplitoulas strent. Ri eder & Co. 133: Old I4evee stl4ee4 , opposite Vegl to Patul Martin, car Old Lever and Hospital trceet. Will Sheary, cor Camnllp and Julia streets. DIr Mueller, cur l'choulpitoulhs str, t and St Mar)' J e Ilarbat & Co, corner TchoupIloulas. and Giiid streets. J ,& P 4P Hartwell. Bayou S:ln, La. I)r Wint Stansbury, Nehittcilohs, La. 'I'llnlla J Stanshllry, Houstonl, l Texas. Frederick Serda, corner P4oydras snil4 d 1 Ca14 p 4 ts. Gue. Jones, Tivoli Cucle. Wm. Evans, nr. 4 Bui8lding Co. RKw. Application for agenclae, or meticines by whaolesahl must 441 mll4lle to tile (iellerai Agetls at New O)4rleans. All letters, post paid, wdil be proullptly attended to. t STATlE OF Lt)UISIANA. PARISH COURT'.lIr the l'arish and City of New S Orleans. Present the Hon. Charles Maurian, Judge. June Ilth, 1838 -No. 10,934.-41 Jcques L4i4er vs. his reditors.-Upsa redig lli ",d tiin f ile etit'iPr that the creditos or the insoIlvent dt4 ehow Inlale tn opeln court on Saturdas the 7th day of July, 1838, why he should not bedlscliargedll according to Inw; tad it" the I meantilme all proceeding against hlia person and pro erty enr staved, Clerk's Ofice, New Orleans, June II, 1838. jel4 2aw A4i{ANI) FITOT', Clerk. - IA'I'-DE LA I.OUISIiNE.-440ur 04le Pa14n44.4 ° ý pouer |a pamroiss et la ville tIe |n Nouvelle Or leansa.-- resept I'hon. Cllharles Maurin, juge, Iljoin, 1938.-No. |0,984.--Ja.cques Polier co!ltre ses erban ciars--Sur lecture et euregitleeent de aIn petition el la schb~dule danrs cette afartre, II est decreti par In ·tour que les erranciers de I'ulsolvahle faire savoir leurs rani sonsen eor ouvlt, So,,edi 7 de juillet, 1838,pourquui il ie sersit point dechlrgo uolnforlntetlteactt t la ei, et en attendant toutas pourSuiles contre aa personne ou sea proprieties sont arretee., ° Bnreau de greifier, Nouvelle Orleans, 1 I cuin. 1818. SIN . +E D O I - bblsb le nd.l ;:i tcom a stea m hun t Albanv for sale by G H)IIOEY, jet3 44 New I 4evee. E ARLY'S SUPERIOR IiA.s--Now landing Ifrot stea0mboat Su4ltana, a sup, ly of the above, put up in hhde, tierces and bhls; for sale Uby IA¥ET c" AMIEI.UNG, jelt 17 COlllmlnree street. i- -44 4 I ) 44ii--4 bbls m, d " casks 4 4 es, L.inlseed4 i_ ll Oil, now landing from ship Nadrville, nnti for ale by JAIVI3 & . ..ItEIWS, o Wholes..le DrunT is., jel3 Conltuon and 'Tchapithlas st. eUOTC.o rit- i cnaks -Dis td , lari k.s) in 1tel, 4 nd for4saleby ,, 4444OL44ES . o ILL.S, jel4 "4 4lol0ck .of IP landing from ship Con.titution, and fri sale--vi : 16. IO0feet afglass, best quality, froene XIl tes3X2i8; 3(11 kegs white lend, purae; 3:0 itd green paint, in 2 libr, keas; 2l dod )apaned tin lirir signse;iHiiO II lithrage fi doz spl.endid 010000 ground brushe-', also of00U0 ahui 000 do; 2 cases crome green in powder, superior article do do ln eans; a large aeasrtment of mash tools of every size anl quality; able pencils for artists; fat markina brushes for merchants; artist's colors in oil ready pre paredl,in boxes, fitted with all necessery brutshes; artist's teols, ec. Flake and Itnlity wlute; 0 packs gold leaf; white and yllow wax;eguna arabic; and a large and choice as sortmetlt ofpciete, dry colors oil, turpertie, varnisbh, &ec, fur salea whlesale and retail, at ti lawest prices, by MONDELLI, ea8 58 Camp 5 t. YEFW EDITIO.N OF" TiLE CIVIL OODE OF OLlOUIS ljJ .0q. TT has tbeen somr tie e time mad known to the pubhle that thie subscribers are engaged in jpreptaring for the presa resw edition of the Louisiana Civil CorI. They were. r, the first, aware of the great difficulty and respoerbrilnr attending the pulbllication ul the wolk, anad it was not withlut great hesitatnion that they cll seeted to the undertaking. But the present edlirtiol amotntinl to about three thousand copies, and which lhd cost tle State more than thirty thoulcsald dollars, was entirely out of print. For liore thll two years past, the usual pice of the work has been from thirty to trifts, drlatrr. It is a svetem of writtcn rules wnich so immediately operates upon every individual of the state. interested either in agieulture or comlneree .and which governs thredislposition of o much property ctlllillg to usfroll other states, that--ul allmos a iy other tlreatise upLto lw-- is as mIluch tile txt-bl(ook anld llalanal of the merhanlt anld th. lalter, a s it is of the private gent a ma and tile professionail tldvo-.te. T "he lawyers oftheradjoitidg states, anl i fact oraf I Ihbe stUts :liaen the t)hlio and Nlis.itippi trir whichie find a rartibr their proldu, e isn Louisiana, have a fr'e quent necessity of referelce to the t oder , i , mIike it al ilcitpens erae requisite ari their librariesi ael ia sie id "e, or ithe tahle roftlh rrtnttrtv. It is at sull .iillg ihrefire trhat the first edri m i l'ta e work e stsr qor ick ir dlioseod of; snril altlhonLh a mere reprillt of it would in some neasure supplyl the pulblic ietiesitv. vet it woll d be iu peri*ot and ie. sat isl ltlllv tllle iuotlllllated witl lfer t l.e al to the Report'. a td Siutu - , it orrdrr to em riae the ,,,tnuer,,,u, amlen, ll.ts which hove i. .en smide ry the . gisinater, ald tie timp ortant decisoas Iad eoust ctiouS whicht Irlebe ergiven upont tny o its articles by thle Supl'emlle CourIt'.l The publishers have secured, l;,r thie lenerul sper itelldelnce anlld cditoril de rtrnenllt of the work, tiet professional service, of \\1 heePlok S Upton, Esq. a Bullard, Jude liermudhs, and Zion George ,;.tis, hlave each kinldlv assistedl ir UIptonlll with the' valluable notes witch they have collected I itthe tOrse I1 their tlies and prlctice;alnd to M r N II tellillns, thie part nor of a r Ulpton, who is also erl gared ini the wrk, Geo tStrawbridge, hi presented tile reiat luass df ela' renr. ,outatticrdr l i lia rffiiets uo ,a of thi e code, ia wtcich nave been rdlale by him druir, the whele period of his dis.ingnished iproteaional labors. The publish er ay tv feertre well trur It t h l e lrltOltatioti ns of tihe work will he all that iidustrv a'd labour, asriseld by 1 learning and experienlce, san prforlt. I it putting forth this prspectits anI solhiciting gene al subscribers to tihe irk, trt pnliitsrs take pride in Sft tht te f Letesiat the LrL'ilrtar ps I illl thetriz,'d the (;iovernor t)t order oill thosllallld I pie of it fi i ll ' the future use of the State. lThe rendi'es with which ti's imllbler was take , bv tlhe As.semhly, einced their .los ed that onfidernce in the ability of the publishers aitndI editors which it e is un-t ist Wholly u!IdserveI. The work will Ie printed in French a Il EhdlIsh, rlon trod paper rlanrd t li ll'ar te; nor will ma ltie executli.n of it t irrespr'd with ir t lrlet i~ nort.l e E It will proildlr ie ra'(ltV for de'livr i tril moth of' It Selptemtber nex; nd th prikc' will Irr, to ruher-ihrriI tifeen dollars--lit i dotllars to be a lais at tle tlti e t ll sts b- II i iribiini t.t I 'lhe be cerriptito lists once closed, the store price ire twenty dolltar per cop' . tip ti I- Jl)Iu NS & CO. PIublishers. ittr Nt\ri W YORK.tii-i [Louisiana and New York Linr e ofr Packetls.] Si g ll a r' s h i ll's C a s ai a lth is I l l s a il f t lu ,w - O 1 lean. N h ew York on every other \lodtl+ "HIIlllIVIEcillug o11 th,+e '-itll iIImrllllbC alllnr Il) is'llire the strictest p n ull alt'll t aill ter nilll of ail g, o t he lit w ill hereater consist of five Sifpt vi z : Ship Yazoo, aptain Trask to leave on the -10th nov. .hip Louisville Ca ta Puser,Cp to leave on the 4tht Sh .i tsille. Captain Ehlridger to leave on tshe Ilth Decebnl 1. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the ,SI llNirs rppi, Captain Davis, to leave on tho 15th i Jalullary, I I;J''l ablove ships are all new. of tihe first class, eippardpl tnd ) cop)1per fih.lsleletio tltsl rllll.rd s of500i toils l r are of light rgt f waer, s ei b uil n hew York exi)rtesly fare l tfr llssips.' ri. ''h, prie of Is stme is fixed at one iundred e ollars. T'Ier clabi ars rilned uiiUn taie mrlst irl)rroved atnd 'ottrVelnient iplan, sl filishP 11 ea t at d elellllt sityle. Atlllie isttres ofI tile irst qalit y will be provided, und every regard Iha to lre comfortadnt eltir e.a isactionol Ipselgers, who iill please take natilce that no berth Cn be secured UL til paid for tit the ollice of the ronsialnres. These pekelts are come nnded ibr Captailr well ex perisrred in t ie itrade, who will sive every attention, inld exert themselves to accorlllrodate. 'I hey will at all imes be towed up and down tie Mississippai y stellamboats, and the strictest pen.iUality observed i tihe lisre orf sailiig. ThIre orwlters Ti tese hips will not be responsible (or sV let er, parcel or pit kcae .eset ir a1" put iO l.{ n !helm, unless a regular IBili t lal ing he signed therefore. It tile l mltieu hh¢c of the ageats or "nlers. Fee Irther particulars, apply tIt E I" BEIN & A COHEN; Sinov 1i3 9I Cocnan st. W AS faed sisy urlesero r trie ileileZe,1rrtinre mouth W of Julh,a l'rge launch, (Iuglish built) copp er fastened, arl liets ieena eiopperedr, sll' isa- leet hIrlg, lrdt eight fIet bealll; alld his .ear sloop rsgCedi, irs t aertee i'stir rls Iforwarac fir Iriryilta. Whoever re- I elrgtlliaas s1aitl lrauniut, mill Iureae cul rt No 70 Oli Level-. , a i PENSACOLA IANStION HOUSE it NEW CITY, P tENSA.()LA. i FTHE am<:riherhavinuc purtla.baed the lense snol fur L< itljre'1 f this well ulloell aoorbli'hent, flro' Mr l'ylor, the late iproplrietor, will he t cudd to reo ive vi. ters hv the slt of April next. Numlerous and costly improvemelnts will be fond in tit the "rrmneme0nt h of ihe Mlusiool IoIse. New and l mire conlutwlinous htlhiag Ihouse, will he hIilt, nl, va otlI wll also he keIOltO t fn1o h.ire l t ioniooloe price.;'ll surll ra uind row hohoats, with -sood t l ge henudla i lr Ithe ue of oviltors. Billiardollld othe1 I IIIIIIIsI Rt islually lfod at watering plces, oill aolthe ftlurnished, I lld so conducted as ut i'rire wit the eollrt nlld quietolthe boarders. Th ' wines and IIquors will N be of the best qual1ty, and to ensure • ull a11ply of ice, t cargo Ihas already beeu ordered, which will arrite y bhout theo Ist of May. ts Mr Frederick Burott rd who firnerly leotf o poopullr n hotel til VashillealU I cilyV, wi I4ll llcl:u· t|his lht el for 1, the proprietor, who, with smelt aidlt outlenhtly assutes tIoe visilors of llst alr, Iu l his friends generally, thatI I they will receive every poemihle rttention; and thereby pi ex pelrts to give .,+llral aiaishtluioll. ' I'e o bt I ' llv It n nllles ol IIl ; holloe are too --ell ktow to aced 1olern melted des, eripeiin olr. The pe faes l ilt Pe Isar ola ihe illo Inrget ill l s ltiull of tlh e t (liuveromu ; th• e gell vira rolltudzvms l'he cit l lll'g uad r lh esl u ' ot l im aterelitsllelellncol ltlllll dl l tnte Pttlo t'lll r nlo tlo * l' h thle c est I oree'esofIo''I 'le (411d tle hteaull of the abl mud the i seignhourg r tlands at "rivrs; tloe obuodatoo and dlolitacy of thl 9.iIi with which the. waters ,|hound; aid its proimxinlit) to tll. belt Southerl markets, ive, Pensacola thes ,re- e fr.l'ente over till other placoes l thoseo lat itudew, Ot 1it fleththv o i deniot ll o nlh noo r reto l. t oirst rate boolt will tlolthe'ween Pellntaltol tt d Mo-tt hile, and will ant all titoes l a slo to htake the paoaoengor0 from the New Orleans boats. N 11 ARN)LID). Pensnola, Feb. 151h, 18113. i t e (tntletet wisthiogo 'en-age roo m000 firotheirt faon lihe, ' ol addresso tilte jl'rollr ll o.r at l'etln.ouil t, or Mr Sewell T l'Taylor, the t rlnet r t prl riortr, at New Or leans. T ia Lor, F, tol Mr , C ClTIIlumlB P I m'loino, el, I Kinbl, in Mob e; S '' TTvlot, P l' l ,e , Etq, in Noo Orleans. ' t--A ette hoag, to retceive omllotllto00i'oion0t for persons at ltlh. ioooe hotel, is plaoe, at teo \'llilltllttlls office, 51 St tharle' ho ,tEth otf, FLOIRIIIDA ROI:'l'lI FOR NEW YORK. 'IT Travellers desirous of taking thoe Fhloidoa tote, Vi Petsacolte the North,toro ilo'lttmo e that tirs raol,' boats will contllanlv rto f'rio. i\,lohile toi ltotoaeolt, eaning Mobile nd uillt'enmol terv otlher ota. after the let of May. tsod stagen will nalwtva e lprotlen ,v the bthsor;herto he in redlineo s to tke passengers forohl Mobile, in cate of the failure othofe oento N It AtlNOI.D. Tile steamhoat Chtolpion leoavols Mohile fior Pensa eola twice a week felt3a ly S .I. -)., P .-t-tnt ofAtl, ....'. rttt'+o, ito It Iol complete and noiottio n edlltion r w'ro, Itllolli-to d in It e ioiUnitid sttes, vol. 5. .hi.t oove't'ld ImIl folr sot by \., .o'E \N. - ( to.'.i,' I t" v. a '.. DRl W. EVANS' GAMtIIE I l'IL.. r1HIs hiehly caluabln medicine mey be hbd •hol. tsl sassle rnta lont NeW York prices,of KEtS D'lANGiE.18 Cam'p street. It is cofid,.asrl recommended lor the fallowing dis eases: I)Dspein in all its fnime; bilious and liver aP iicttons "is esery stage and dspree; female sickntss, sarte arIsioCUlar the nasea isesdenl to a lther; linr lbhs, sfiver ald ssssu itncipient ctlls ltdtias or de-ir elnde., ue lne of'vthle liver or lunags, hlanalnehe or giddi n lss, latf C t Stler. norao tlresores, imebriftih or delirius rlscel .nr spoa di alictionA of allkids;rheu mnhslte olelther lero f ors ifiammsetory: ervoust or bihOlsl r ofIPR every-er sariety; erafuatl, salt rhetmn. alall ule Itolsa leh l,ssd hI mars, and im.tnresssmtlexions Al ieklis rs-tleilessasa nght, Endt dtiilv irritability iallll Illlil~ehlH.h tile d.l'nner actpl iorthnd heolera un o r tilrera n srowa n pers ns. worl itetsd aentcd I msc l wlbssd brIsnasrchlorasin euls solpisatiunt ofthe heartt aul head; ehangetn of feale cnatitutio; and for1 inaires slad disorgtaaizscd scsniLtilsn in either teas whichrlhlsssR nsat sea mtttsssenn tlv ertiers-lby ans ethee aesdietas A sinole trial of Ir W Evnst' medicinss hit ana of ttese easea will paroduc such eflsets as will in listne lstseir iscsohprnlade superiority end induce aseh 5 use cit thlse s awill inu a spmedyesnld steulnqartiOne si,- cure. I)rreetions Ibr us- assoulsasaoynt hs-eln N s llteos sacertiientsr ofclres willbe rshown, as frmetn i sl sno f Isife aut:snres it is isposaihe do gce toIe thi oetas' sstslawSs salsess osst Ikrnss af25gOOO! sbeer, wpurbliitetroughthepr,.ice ofa uwntewospaer nd Dl sclit n o, l sv we sasn asirer in tnRe aterile. aodaef h t Itndeil o disesaes, by tr Evsar' anola sIru Pilla. -.Sl. ti F 1 l itOUlrosIN-- scirst JludiCiHl. Coue. IR ST I.\T 0I" IIOUISIX'A, Is all wlm -, I··* t ,,.e J,., chl~nl come (;tmatilg:--\VYhereas, J:st-sts IHar ,s--a I)isl- la, slsg i lssss ssst at s a sie a desss be hI sshvIiH" tile asrish ol Oileans tele isro sety Iae. hlioner t on Ncrwl L ever t , t hre . el dr kothisioxt-, sls whste osice ti ded lneof sle waitsaseetsttll oin tite tld LpyolA l~r, .2 D) 1838, for. tnoluaitinl or intvertii~e snits at er asty , the 8 r Itat isla rev of a li e i se ou" ary li- e 5 isss ish d. 'l prt erti , puile 1to NHl es ill titlsess Iessrlr atjusicl ss less" shplsacdOV hten nit brtl twi I kf tha' eh, 1 ; i. ce n iv egt S'X()I\ Ihellll fior',~ kno(~\ C'e.:llld a!l l11l(9(1onsillicel ed.(tl ie iofui. Il rt. hpTtrbv shed a r;l :.h.,.,,i.h dll the ipu lli, r it si se S t --slll s. tslli sisllils , . sn d s f tslh a t i , i sst J uici lia 'ic t Ca tlssssiss.sss ts uss:iss s rihlt s s ssll sh i's st ilrile I l . la i . .ix' h to o teis'l .rl.hs ed s- ic f slloSlel. l issty is i 1it I t " I II o l le I u n ofl h the.u plirl Ic.\nl l 1 i . it le \ l n Sadt+ U l l A n laieiiork. Sl Ist-s shes ~:ismtseasasssts Sbsdad'esflsvcltts n i~lle l lillll:1\ltq'1) lIt:Y .ilit l" fill ily I~lltil;"( dr'lee'!i IHt hatso -i el': in how c tt ", willlll ihlrl} "lllX sil fro licilt"dt Ihll llo ' i s i -,' s si h l -l.-rled 5it s i. ll tile Its-i-llasls t lslsslslllhssls s slit_ stltlse snd ilssclostal.lsss ITh t Si t i ll sesc aOl S .h l b\ tht' rifl'ifllie llih I ci\ l.11. i ll l~l(ill ;tllt[ IrlulRI l -%ll/ixbllr A- l)1·.( JIIIVL~l, h I Iuri(:lt. ot : 1 i(h' \lt'! l 1(thI· c.'o ,11!1( lttf,.ll Old1(1 ih,: l .{Jt ]|t o ,in r,1;c it. 1).((Lill JISII8, 1in a IS tit ' il~ d ameOlt (IartI } l,-e.lts . I l.lil'll (il'tCq( t . 1 5,1 l i .II lill(il f ile Ol { I rk'tofths ktl·ICI l'l, i l it wh LIi .le sf h I1C llillall~ls\ llllrl FI ·HII·s ll l ils he l ii I~leltrd i',tsr fol , the pric at t wcn .lll..l ,1 til e thousalid dol- i losereisssissssls'aits is Isla theJud esls sl tliirl all lhl' f;,u lllliiT. llill Hl tn ; Iir c Ien (·Xhat'l~ill], rIghl s • iii'.'. I{<%e iht, rtlll tll~il~tlit XlT i(ll'I Ijl~l any .) ielll 5' s55 iS ,,Sllslai til fan s.tIs sssIs CIsss lion, lsshsssIL S hi it ssitnI tsl.sllr . i :t sis tiss .lssisssshs- ' hudssisi drIs Ii t--s-isassle-x hses li l l st Ilr illlshC tsi'stltt ulic 'lsl~ill at] Nvw·( I)1el.I'e·I ',ll,~~l r th!e u ih'e Illlud II I . ix - 5elsstsssssssl hsscht'si sif t-el~stf.hd 'o (l ele1l ,.l hundres aLs t - I fll ss -sI I s tls lisacss tsss ls llls O ,,; i..t- ,'lllll\~ it) strike ii iil· )lidu' Ihi.o~lreol·C ·I ssst , "e Isskssli te " isssssssiO itll sss ellalssel el tli 1tssssssl sss' st~t~lilss esisssssnss Idesi teasgte csosttNlats at cast s tIlill.lssssits a sia seII al ts l. el toss lsts tisse ]ts issus-"5it of I ,es f~ts I Cs ss -IS(isa,,ell 5le5 ef DII e sul eussfs'5lt, -w. I sse s sstsn ttsin is an siv eiltst s-rtl-tt isst) (51 55 t~sttsssesitsstslth ea ass tssss-tl~lhcttiitt 55 ill, i sst - ssll stsls{2 s l srssit sl sii.i -set Ssi estl~ issslscs i' 55 li 5s;.. ....{'.tss ts et tisse" .V itsssss s sssssttet four gistiv sIs-t tease1i I sssP tsisee(1t ll'es ivsset, I;lsesttcts al- I Itsl 't I,%' l'sls., e i Inil. ts ls-ssec esss e sss-s is-2TsIss se lI d es cesr\' esshl seltlis'i nes J Isclsl'y lasts] I St\siistss ste losn A.S lhlsssiesss .algad of slss I ( ll':d tsm h i 5 l i sh Ap il 11.8.5 15 il~~ ] Ii, iil i !I.A C 1-l. 1lr. I SSASCrI'tiNS) li '11lite FAI:UL ' Or atF MEl) ic CINE. prie Hrlt1Oi N'S Compounllll Extaet of Copniba and Saran fori p/ I ailli -A ,teeain, sftl:, and most ef'ectual reme- en v dvtever discovered for thile cure of Gonorrhea, Gleets, hurit Srietures, \'hites, Pains in the back laniloilns, seminal le a weaklness, ifecltions of the klknier, gravel, sorbhtic dofl dec I t. iltr,oucinetion of a medicine the useful eodll and active virtue of the one now offered to the lpulie, I the proprlitor lhas but to reflr to the iumerous reuom- - 0 ei mendatlons received from the most emincnt of the me- |de vi dlc:al te ,it. in I ulope, believing that it will be duly da.a Spectcidiated wlhin it s lmelrit ar e o ii fklu kiown. lTher No. litcuulll oI Culpibal, soextrnsivcly uased, tils Ioat muchd, seal of its credil from the dislikce which patients tormerly piat exltecs d t.eip'dug tits disagti ealgte tiste, diturbatoce oDe Illodl ur ti ill tll bowels uand ttolmach, lld itl heretofore ineffiien.evc wen used in tile inflaulatuory state. The U t 'oplrietor Ihas male an analysis of the Batloun, eonceiv et ai tg tat the Ilolre activer lllllr telwouhl tlhleln+ Ie mulch peiv: more ,onIeI'ltdi'lnid udnoire usefully .dinuisitred tital Ihut in rie preslent state. The above lued ciue combiniestoi- augi Sldients whichl are in tiie higillest replllutte lin l the most scientific and iuernedu it ihe prolfsesion. lRdc I lt drug in tile IuolllUpsitiou of this preparation increases tle i 'I 2 qll ellienev of the other, producinlg an operation trl aAtlo- qIlI w ishing, fIo alU'lpaSsi'g. tLe lasill'uiltllllih xleliatin l Iig, po ... ,,gsls,, .... th i ....e . le the ,,,iv.ltage f1 , its ,,ig lig,, administerrd ilh i eriect success in the lifferent sltag " 41 of the above Itasc., l'The most eminent physicinusatand h It surgeons t' th i d p i elld l (cl- g .o u t rl i llt tie tOt of S.:tl ealll l wliler t ts i ltr lit liin ieu.pi te l h pllitalsndi poub tie cual insitutlo hiou as ll [ be bc , an stil tlill e- tinuelsly eltult iSiv. I wai n e lit - alet milte I" ltv with-!h le, otalcd Dr Ahieruneuhy in ihi u ult ari sine oI'im a disordered state of the digesti.iefu 'tionS. tfar having~· rn sulmitted to thlle test ald experience of th/e tell mo st celehIted among the iaHeuly, tthey hav\e Cexptlc' lili thei saititon of its exiraordilary eflicacy in every rie caS un der tliheir charge, Iv mIlotitlg it both ill heir h1 l tl Londont. Pi'ice t i 5l l per pllOt. veill TESTIiSO.NIALS i From . It Slumn, IEsI, F u S,. Sltreoni to the St Tilnuls hIospital, atnd Lee tll't l n Attlllott . ( T. tial wl i h I hav 1 d of tt' tte -t 1 ii ' iti h vai'tv iety uet s ,ot t 1 lahi sall itmt:ie, i its IreSLIs Iti A\I pro've; so hi-hly b hoomblra , that 1 ,h rlll hiclime ih II 'l ,1,iti.. it otr of t he moaic osluh , illb l it v i a ch i -: v i . rIluu'iscsW Iuer e liuo couiba. 'li i I 1h e great pr leaoS ph* v' r w in mi testi n i 1 dll srtctsis n out p o ullV I SbIle i, oiiitl anu clitl I.r I o r tll It i ealtorc lii 9 etnl l i cut el tit tI bit g g 'i t. otu u cl lu - at- l tl cut pui mrf icctio. ttii r I Fron O CoII' F Iir, 11It Surl t, Gute 's Itot J1il tieilu your ieiu litcns e aui 1 u l itt c iuo lit Ilicit d with- P our iet luay l c ,irelrtiio i l..., Irclml Sia Ir ni i llc ,u 1u, S\PI I)lt P , .I e. i e. tosocm F cV I luoir,11 Fite, Siuilll lutto G'il les- 1 e u n'l weSticr tnlers whic h I s h ell tihen iourl m Ici nl ci .ng oinit ai.i.. . ..a it ittit l.uc s tt th owt, a Ii tolie l knlo lneh. lul (atio ro .taha l I ill neers lie From iC l nir, omp , I1 Pll oieio, 1 t . L ut Then st to Etriet which Ior the . a ir·l !olrcinraihle i 1 l im llng abeet ind.ii t, l its I11 .. 1, l t. ls, u l. l it 1 ' li m coe-icie illco ill l oiletn eat ieton of e ilrll og ls tFromt ar I r olllS 1) Il F I tu cite I 'I or s the t res i tttru i ystcoc thatnikuisccesucithet ahirbae ire illo uise tri eh w hi ill hait eviu: , rii en yillt i o yttli in, to-n csi csl"a t ienellyt ta ritalns. ac tiidbo o ciang gr plcsu, i i wll h l isUil flis to Ilelo valabe' il llil I e sa o'c a e r it liP. .oi m al the tianiI o citorm Irct c lnllsh i-"tic ofire Iiti cte E lv as c:l i 1il-r l itohtit as th a ah o c' i tllll ,l c t lust thtt iittitt i . ilatttl.e ss tlilt c li-itr lle i let i Fo e, cprci at wc has t i it la re l I CO.ln i omig eheils anrllte s which tia preu i ove a deierlalmill( Iln i Is t fol t 't u llte l.ullti titr la itisht . "lell Canls eslcfi'lly Ivwoll ( 5mlthi6 iiiCilh hiOlhlv- · uhetul, allAl illhl elesr tn he Ull t e hilr O ecl a it si . p l't-l atio li lrue g riea slie a I "n Accopulsing nto the .ol lihiep is l avllullbet a Xl'aml-or d el Wer th' cliuatetr,1 h I uSpEatl o nul erh IliSa sg ithotlt n al e rla cg 'e oi, a fuo rulen d al e h 1 ad i r so V btio c lY +,/ Filtlr sO e rec . m t ImLFt o Co. tor o te iffret tse of hedieae, itou ay extrachars continingtall nd antle drectins. i THROUGH IN FIV AD A H.T DATb A From Mobile (Alabama) to AUgUtli 001tJ LT VES Mobile every other dan, imp sltti( f Sthe arrival of the mail from New O('.ems, perf steamboat Lxnres, to Blakely, to PeL " i.amnboats (per Pensacola Bay,p t Ktoa sound audlltd tahaohie and Bay) to Celdtr lhdf, eoastMliti via Mariahnn, Chatihnot.hec, (fbrmerly Motantg.Vr non,) Bainn Idge, Pindertun; Hawkintle aud Iealsr vilea, to Augsut. A omseoneeetnking htn se..tL f bile is in no danger of beiag thrown ot onladl - eterrece by other eonictint iataeg uneS ttle , A LINE ia but on onceia, and tndet one osap .tnooghot, and may rely w'ru ezXntLTi"w upo =ir arrinal at Augustla in tim speified, Ulrouangh all wiret er and at nvT sason, tmlesa IOtee motao --rem ~.. trlplhe shottl I ur. The Great New Orlean is oa.ried by this route. The Agents for aeomnt~ tion, leams, Conahesand Di'iers are not stpassed thile sothbaern eontry. T'he smooth, hard, natural roads, he safe an d iuts. eatbig water navigation, tle tin anod a u oaadt.tag tfford the traveler speed, eertlat/, comnaort, and apiea ing variety; connleted as it were with the Rail Road Chartolestn1 S. C. .tll the tterol paket to New ytart travele can o eat ah New Yorlk from Nw Orleus Las TaAN It o tArs-W\ashiegton eity in 12. IFrom Chottahoaehee, Florida, we have a flra.a Lion vioa Quilcy and Tallahlssee, to St Marks, 4hb post eochesl, also, ten BrIatnoches frot HewkllaafCV one to hllgeille , anhl otne to Macon, light two 1ho coaches. s lS'l'OCK'l'OS AUGUSTA, 20th Jan. 18.35. Officeat Malsion Holuse Mobile )istaono, New Orlteas to Moile, ISO mil Mobilr to Augusta, 540 Aogvtt to Claieslton , 13f (Chrleston to Neu York, I O-- Io ime, w Orlean to Mobile, g hourl Mobile to Agtt.ta. 1.2 Aoust:t to Charleston, 12 Cbhorleolon to Neoy,,rk, Sit-g Making li6 mliles tIl da. ma ? miles per hour, loalw siv of all sotitpagrs. noV 10 N. It. I beg leve to infolin the publie that 'tht litigr tt Ce , lite ldorh,.h oani and Hard Lahti creek hoaver jet been colpleted b~y the general govern, moot, (the, ol" obaot.les olperating agaist this sae and speedl) rontreae thus ho.ohily ronmoved; nad I have tie pleasure oo'le.'ltg fron l Irnsvetle's to ththe loabeheosa sts, drivers an o err l otof tie irolt "Olet" ;t to the water route iroum I'elsaeol to Cedar Iltt, it is admit. HARDWA2iTi T OPEPII KNETTLE, & Cu.--ltporters ofFnreilu o l.od tnooti lordwore, re roeeeivlin from La.n rojtP and tith Atlanlic Citieo, direct linom te lManulae tlursr, t-ll eten..silj aosworlont t Of Falty and Hear} littrwdwarc cOnm~l" lg everry urtile in the lin tiA they oflfer low. Coon lte t ltrhotets and ltltre are nvited to call and oxanine their lock wohbih .Oonioto, in part, of table, intcher's, poto ket, soddler's Allt straw knivesn platedtad liritooia ta sIotisOneedles, pint, hooks atA eye, she. :ela and na,!k. tongs, hlloverla, fenders, anodirons, Bit tania not joplued woare, truhe, bIlank booka and pa. ltr. looking, anviln, wIires, scr.w plate, bad, h aledge lnd tnil IIaImnr, aoliths biellos, American uand onglish bliaster, cast, ishenr, (iGno, anod oroeley tnenl. ,ll:,oh lot , .ld t ,oe,x and log chaot, weeding Lisi aons oodg arubbinag hoN? n.taok, piek axes ,oearn ad graoss .c-atle, Ctdllill¥ lKtOgs tuon Silnnsooa choppnlg ce ,t, ;"ltFoght, horse nid (.tit anuit, o tton and woo nards, cotlee and corn tilio],ploues tod pmi tls, gouges, locks, nod, iroa, books anid pistols, shot, powder and lilquor duaka,per powdier.taoo,flah, brass and bell Metl knob :bhest, trunk and pod l oks, bridle EO UISAIA N E-C00u r do PFreamre li tribt Juticllai.a. S'ETAT DE LA LoUISIANE._A tor eun qua Locnat ll tant eootooerllelt, Sluat.-Alteodu qud Joornes Barene Digges, ayant anotte d1 ,e vente site sat' le Sherif de la imtoise tl'Olleans o l prollttit ei-apnri doeritc, soe rat sthen an Golffa tie cotte (kr .e la dila wcote +tit eflregistlle le ei ce jouts #Avril +e 1'aobee 8it.8, pour tin atisa conltofntt,,elt d uet aete dlan L.gis loa de l'Etat de Ia Louialane, inttul ,, "Aate lout co..tino. r lea tittes d.o,. attsjaliciaree.;" api v le to Ana 18t4. Qo'il auit emnatt,et taunrl borollones inteess ts s o o t Par e en ple.ontes Ol ammCI nor de I',tat be Ia Lonisiataeet de la our dt Premier Jullioitaire, qu I tonndentavnoir droit l I a pen rindte ti-spret tleerite, en uconasequence d'ut tbdhaat ti fOrme ants L'Ot'or , le dearet oa e jngetouent do It coar, ell vertu dtlqUel ln vente a U It'ait,ke on Ie toute .rhgtt. I;uite ou ilt egalitddasl' I'atindtlon I'vis oul In tsemat le mode de Is Ver'e, Oil I,.u.,+e uelpoouque, do faire vil, s ete ior to ti du t' prltl nblplection de ettearis, tounetioi a t rote aioai faitra se'ait psa eopAlrtte Iomol.e iI e e 0 citnj,,,j tlie Sala-. tel0otI i 1.,Ib ell teotLU dou dtleret tIe eotto Ct,,,' ,nod,, Ir no ri, i'r J...lvi tie ouonte 18S., dan. 'Shi, ' tire d o Jam atpoo-nrs Di go V. Saint Greote,{ No. h,11til, tlu IJocktdo orue Cour. d bha clle eonll eacl t rou atluelour ItooI lo.t-ix do iugt claq etilee ý,tattreti - escrilution de la ProWpri.ld de aprlds le traMsfer Judia slainr, ravoir. Un ertaln mosresa sr . letine core tes ra o atiaes et nnetliottIioat Iua, Jit (ouoer, e lt lt al lersdroito, et preitleges eate. ) apprteaunt d're lmsulliore queloaloue, situp Lau ftxbolorg tla.iosasiti ai, Imersseti (tesuru sulialaie) lroiseelt clllltlant ir pi eltet quaAto Itetliemes (l'u porlkre a Clrlnlin urlliqura m. 'ii arue de Ia nouaelle Levre,trois trlut Joisicaaltt uo ipiea aiX ponles 2lttr.hi sniu emealureatla ruee Celare, soes ei aoius. qatte cihq pields iPort tees,Lt ttLah IlUitrlere r sulle ligue fa rudeaIt ir Ir I erille Lei t .. JlNiu flpr Intle ligle liaitropheaelr lutaoplaidte de Lanrelt Miisudu, i I'euco glgre deas Ius Veille dtroe, et des N ones ; de IR forumnt un angle droit et s'uteiultR a t d gailare¥.lvs cill ptrds et trois pouces ean Il~rcmre vrd s g doela ligte ltmilrophe Ie I", pliolriate do tit MilMtlon, par hlllel a IN rue C eleste; le hl. io'nt atau an gle( droit et s trenatlt ie Soixn te trotis liaet oatni peaces et tloia l .tllendB sUa e li age linirlpbe dle nl 'olPriet de le Louis l)edo, parwsllh alip rue vello Lxes :pt do I. F rl l srde of srl ehe t E pItia le( ian5 , Le riet aled [toa sier seart pitslehll eAls' Itiitrmeinle aos ligna tstitrophe tde It, mouie ' al'u dl rlai paraillel a in rue ri le st ; tel a I tiltttt lllta1t s 'ial e l ib.tnitt etj'eatel sins .. de"ot sing( s Et"II Ir ........ ("pusers ,,e oUi. " r its sa' Is lica a linati lltle de l ta rtrotilt its dlit D)lde Imrallel ai hllrnerpublique sur Is ruedelas No inHlle Iae irethr wiith seizrie!si qtstaiesiaorrset alhlatt lauitileltes rcedi I ;ate tr es l %onurlsi elormll.mme :tlt, pala re . ass a aa, J. Pilite a\'ura dll. lliie, Id2l blase1, a. t wute andtu, at pain at .er (levant Lo1u3 is f ut bli, le 26 )antis I P. '.^moin A les. o tl nae aiJuge de me (oar SeLudite se 16 ashi tt r I P, LE BIlAN(C :'D1 ]qO. Greleer. iTL'I 1 I DE LA L t(: v' fo.e--Guar do Premsor Did a 'I''AT Di: IA loUItIANE A toss eeos quo I I I e p.e,.tes ttincerlent, Salut:-Attetdu quo tillI st J l.ev I lytt l helara16 1 ul:e veute fite pat ti .lal tt It |ela Istets a')rlelas In proarile ei.o-apresl d e arate, a'e at 15.dln f at u GrIt lfele rtta e Cou on la dise tleen flat,.trte Ie 5' eiutejour de Mai, de lsUsnno' i s+et: poo .1t lole l l ' lrul et A to alle de l Leogis h)l'ts de I'Fttat de I t LuAisiard, intitle Ace ouoT ttttlirttlr Itr tieaslrraaaaaautrea I roet ee judisg - irl('e'F+ ll.tall l l It) Mars 1it4. Qu'i l ,te oanuiet tellt fite httllrtlb'('Fs FOllt J1itr t)em |oe Pi t Fessomm lln.e'. all nOmd d1'Itta de loa l.uNlraiIe er de In Ctour dul i'rntr ttt -rltrie .tutaieriore, qui pntrraienlt avtir droit s 'hetlrlariteittcitaties dlrecrltc, etttttsience dens de I trute tiern datts e'ordre, lo da:ree su Ie jugen ent de 'is aetret, e veratu deqlllI hI ante a fir lite, o de toase ishsr u iegnh dPar ]'esl tion I'avis ou lI tltrllt t et Itud de l e, l 110 p)oI le t uo t cause tI tti'tlitC ll, Ide ftire ti.r, at se tersn jruras i tlser d I& Stbhlall , dll ' I eto arPis bettll ltsi Is valtetsisi siloe n0 rI rirofllal1r atl hltumoltgaole. at las dlt.h propriete fa t vetale pator le tlherif, sssdit le atl .rie tar d'Asrld lasIat'a 1ee 18'511, ell vertu deao de Iret ldet, lte tor resed le :'inle Is blars, de I'aonn - 11:1, tll, o I'allre de Willitam Marckey ra, SaIaoel BltI, Noa. ]5,;535 io Iludsket de leet Cour, A laauelhts oraelle Ie (lit Willirto MIackey, s'esrit addu acq reo Ipttr e p ix da:3,'i rHo eomiptanl. Stl).ecriptios dela Prpriapeitb tlpr #I ttslasfer Judlssi i SaireSsvor: t Un creoin llat r le itsrtee.yecoqpril tour lo sOislsea i', rl rmtharaitiet sit.ib ten la Iparoism d'Orltaar, dan t I'ilct latU par let ruesd lr e to Noatville LeotA Louisa, Li- rPaul tand l)n'd, d-sign per Ie o196 d'asres on dtrel par CIF Zilnpel. Deltuts Vnyer tareseral, lI ]S tI)ecem 834, et srposi en I' luede re Feli Giasle 'Iatoire ut.le, eicmm pion p o 1N . .e die lot dtero - tnieslmnt tinei piedlsose p sre e ARio rsjioel" 1, i N lle Levrior oir as~ h quipae piedo e lrteon ust tdu -' tier qei otrhe 1e1 Eopiat le ilisso 8 eni peidl sept tle I Ame o 5 qare tliAlps er lrondmale ur s an qud I s ptrll a e ritIt spoteest, os dedslire in i adppiahto t d bN l oodall. at ar ndyt o lisdsreemgalt 7on0 phste Or d sarge doe Is f telluur, oRo sal yd i the lne ma lIl. /earer' pieou neun phuoes on Gomsrntwe aend R a ir s be It au dst o Go itM hRIAItBLE CLIMNEY hPIaCe ft astwoHme CustomsMuse etret. iopposite the poLofistios lie Tho ruhreritors see sow rerieiing frem their the. sheaLoris in Ne s York, and wvll llteopoosstosely an hood and a goneral osrootmeatif Marble Mantlo Plees Ily efesperior workelns ip, sod of the latest patters. el' ade of the beat Egyptian, Italian, Inlis ndl t Americas arbloe. Also, Mnumntst, Tombs and raveae Slonesr moulded and plain ailtI and lintels a- marble facings, hearths asd boundaly alsone plaster sy of Paris, Rotian s& Hydrsulir torrnt and Plastgr,. log Hoir, togrellsr with a spleodid aasortmnet at brass mounted aid plain Gerie. sod Resalss Ire Grales of the stesost and nesst apporved potteso. ,Ts Lettering done i thle neatest manner aostq the oh oest norier. 1 Theaoy hlar first ate torwoknes to set thai Alroro work. j,5 JAMES LAIN & I'TkouD

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