Newspaper of True American, September 6, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 6, 1838 Page 3
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NOTICE TO FIRIEMEN. HIIU Cors attached to the Fiir Plugs of the Con - rielrtertsal Wotei Works, were to have been strd on ta let ist in., bnt itll coseq ece l, thl ol, flc'e in charge of the severarl oomeaies not havio called for he lpamcrs to fit the bops, thi c lanaoe esI, been procrastinoted until this Iday. T'lm s anners te be obtai:lcd at thie office o the copauv, No,. it I'IaI, tine street. Tihe ttaatioa of the getleueo ia charec, bftlh Ergine and Hiose Company, are rtplctfully srli itCl. ly order. tepl t cJ retar, . FllH E rahsecrihro hco retirld from thl: IDry (i Is tl siness, in which they hyot, been enCO 'c,,ol hIr yearse pst--tt New York, llf'tsville, tIttn i1t h.e0 Or leans. They will cootiue their reosp Ie iv Bnr lles, Irtn.aneotly, st came alcees anod lllter ll samnt lill, tar the prpoos of conltduine, thie m'rcuntilekbtineos. Those indebted 6 theor will please call ati mwake ettlomeoat. Asy claims which may he due by them,, will be paid at eight. ANDREWS £- IIRITIIEUS, Names ofp arncrs and residence. u J ANDREWS, New York, Z ANDREWS, Now Orleans.; e L ANDREWS, Ilntsville, Ala. se1r4-1838--,1t REMOVAL. A NDiREWS S Brolthrs have removed tleir Count i_ g House to No.50 Camp strcet. SERVANT WANTED. W ANTED itomPdiately a good Cook, washer and ironer, for which god wages c ill he given. Apply to 121 St Joseph street, between Camt, asl M gaine streets aetlt BAUtllht--t piieo Kelltucky baugion ior sale byHOLMJES & 1IllI. 5, AI9 Bank Alley. CITY ft f RAFTS on Louisville, b Ir sole I, IIERMOOINE'BURl WN & CO, aug30 9 Cotnti sr. WANTED 'I'O EtN''7... . A large, airy and convre:o't School S Room. Apply to aug0 GIBSON, Editor. 3FFICE NEWORLSAN :r NASIlVILLE RAII CROAD COMIANY- rafts on New York at sight, or sixty days ldato, f.,r I. ito stte to suit pvor chasers. JAMIS . CALIWVELL, iv6t Presld,lnt. f ACON--l10o hll Ctmhe I t tre fur sale by LAY lI.N (1, in Ihtlv. JAMEIS .All lIEC I. 1UOI+ )osPR4C rrcE WNE OF L v O .,A . Sline St.bactiher hae beelrmett tim ill Ip rel'aring. and hae now very onarly Ctmapletd, a oew cdi 'tion of the Code of Pracicte, uponl, plaos whichlt ncoto failto a vecoae tseful o tteirm frs.l/i ,, i which hI is asrsintedh, aR few Of hi l'srien IlitP, expoerience int he 'lavw of sootle ofwhlll datsloteotl thi ceot hlisle,,aP ofs our judicial system, and I, 'r wose eeI c'C ldire;t: on :thle Imnatntr has been trelptltte. c.i, the ttI t 'llal CI' ,of the Slpcimen nlulmlber olf )11l:Civil Code, . Ipublished by Messrs. E. Jolhns & Co.. it w. s fit,-_'ht b+l itl'able I Ilhtlish tile Code of Prcetice i! nI' et llan' fotrlt, Iitn those wh dtesire it, tsly 'se teal'ehd to Itid sItctwo Codes together. The arrangcmento hoever will l ,t ,ilitrt. Aoftt eollecting all thle "le]cisior te tr Com C rt lo *the rule o) prattlice whelt' tply 5, Its+ artieles o,, raitedl in the Codel, the have Itero i et' st ang d . It red undelsr aci t alleroriats, rttel,-, i ttel clnic of note; toRhcller with relerc,,.. t. h, to tIr - ; s. that the reasler Ey turincg tr o tty rtmicle ti'cr (,,l,. l,"I' 'r - lice. wtll at otce know she decisiml tlpo it. iThe work will also colltlilt all lhe I1ll)(+ll/hlllllls Io lh,. (II(I d of Ptacices, as wellos ith. llaws mrl ting and I ngi e,-t ' 1ll ttlig st1e City fColl[t stif Ntw title,,,, s i thil tco llllelt ill-e desx to tie to.hOe. Tshe ahlov, wtork will tot,', it' ic , ',r+ailnwen 01, , as stle itltfir to rl t t l t it lllrlllll-s totl sheetl' Ci)ltsttttO ltow lilmilo , ttlt t1t IX DtOtt' \IttSt 0l. (/I[I:INEIlt IrNitll)-- .l m · Il FSem I 11: I A o f u e ·l' l- lt tl .It x" l V ItefIrec,-s for ,om,,ito ,:I cvu Ip tity ill, required, Altyly to " IlIt INN Sit, I li. l, I eomN' d &'I'le t 't\, m N 'I'tI, l-. t t .. .. I 0 .sks fir is a l )ri ll* 1in eoi, :eastS,.llerlll i il, lIfo k,'L. pur," \Vhii," I.eild 15q " No. " Alrs1, 10ea ral 1I-*.1o,+rfan 11 , i mý", ici . j I-+I r!. "," - took from I,, Nmelth,eir .Vtl,, I,'m Itm IJAItV \" ..NII';V¢. let111-1 ._ _ ;_ 1 '1'O++ , "- , , , r.-"1f ]inat1, tot eek i lli N ,' 1',',lt, tf 1t"111. 'i d S_ 0.,;l iiir latc ',r I:l 11It It e11 U ' ,i , , i, l I,'t \ ., ', i I 1 0't'-' l . . . I : i ..... . .. . ....... ... I a: l ONId r. tL . , t ,t l lc' ,11,"tii notIIA N V, \ ( Ir $l,--liI IIII - , ll tl " , .. i . 1,, ) ; v F l o , l tl w ream. antdoirl, fur sadet hy C" "IVII"| &l C0 A. N ] "h:t, litlI l' itt,, hl'recr l :o l*ue d l fur sal, by W'IIIllllttllll)(l ; & (C(, will L) 1 ' R1 I ):1'i lll(.: & s i l i t 1 TAIlItFII..AS--6 anseso l Ul,lerrlla. for ac leliy OV lltTrLIIfGE & COI I attlgl ftlta eoazineo st. W l II Iluvana RIar--+ hnxe iten Havana r ' • • Sugar olvPrv saIIperir oquail l, sow lundiug J froma brtig A. ., fie sAte h "o l JOSEP[H COIli'o SO NI onc -. itetos I FIT I) l~itn' REii AltO. e1 111 b aid b the silllicril,"rs( ANDREW, "-i, bsconded on III,. ,th not. Said bay isarbout 15 v3irs of age, 5i feet highl, blaek flee·, anid vrrv good lockinlg; when flirst spoken t- 1i lie speaks quick, moil ufnl,,mlula u little-11110 on when ho 11~ leftI, blllu Ctltllllle pants, b Ilue stripedl shirt o stra wt~~ otr. JOHN MIINTltIN, au_286 13 liSIchII IIR At. PORTRAIT PAINTING. ~11,1. I'Ali~iil Ie ledl tllllyll informls thle publlic thatt hepurpoeo panting Iort, tis Roomsr eornl('l of1 Canal~l and St~ CharlesII in thle HouseI occTipid by IE,,rmly & l.n, Diankt \s Ian, whelesperi i al" his painting1: cull be see,,. Duranc~lllle ill :u (:llarleC streeH m)O 18, I I n Illlf~t· 110·5 111 W HISKEY, tain ur andnn, rk, inrigta fur sale iy 11104il G 1,O \, "1V Iew tvrr on 4"1 ill ('nvdrn sreet. UC( CUFFEE-:il)U hogs Itio nli~e "1 title'[ llalilir bonlding froml brig· Champion, fi lir salle byv " jyl t 28 liruvier strterls. W AN'I'i:I,-A 1)OK SIN 1)E1-tn nee latp illy but i t worIIn;LmI WV ThREA\N, lyl2 cu"r Cannl, " 1 ",, -ninon street..,I jyEMUN dYIU 111 lxslelosrp b, 1A front ship Concord, mid 1,,r sal,, by lll· ))\· j C,''a, JynG 74 I'oydrro i rlmel. I"t1L ' t,, "·-ia,-uIai l es - L 1.1 I.,a,"ll Negnr C,tans, ia stoe.,, end ur ."e,' y YP 'Ili'SN k AVERY. ag25 I.13 C(ravier st. ý1ý II - U caks I ati,,a, and 1Y=11 I6 Clstomhous street. !-fbuL.tý SLS -3: hll :ult n l t I ,,IA fin idle liL n a1,,,, ')0 dita, intore, ai flr side bl a~t'7 17 C~nmn~on st'.","t. Cit:'SLlt Il I" A', ELUNG IIliS Credit Sytnema al o a, ,'rn (GreBrit ni, , tie Iinkedl SOtI-a- I H Curry, a('aina, '1,1iiaauplnn ofi lini, E onu,,ay,,,&, . Jull re-iv-d and for sale 6~ Carrir.n of( lp &C. man, At. 1F'11 Y !E-l-tllw af Cat al, KSnaae aid Peliealiisture , Iliy'a Liniment, I:uso Dintl ulotll ale . L'euIlclledy, Burn's. CortI Plaster, &c. o r0 jo JAI IVIS & ANI)II IVS, .n.0ivoi priming III aptr, waIe vrI, 01i, price dn I d s I E i lify fr f'iabtry ''18 llFET U 132 rar pI'oplawld, naoti set bnos lidi,':tr FUati Uor *atIiat': just rtceived 1) e slhip Gn .d, II U, dge, and ung ,l 5:1oI'OiJ~T~ F~ I,,-- - 1 LI7'H'1. a !IA H'.TOWI'Ný LU ExehencExu llo,,, flit LU , (I IEEN INK-.Just rec.ivn d * Cliat,2,t noa~I~~, link i cat 111,,- an llll? ud (irrcn Ink for sale by.l Ii,, ditt,', or niinhugl, tln ia DAVID EFLI' 0- C( 1' Stationrer's 11,111, 2.1 Cl,;,rtllea At sleataby 3LAI'Pi talIft r )r24 ~~~i lt,,du.t,ý - OF EVERY DESClIPTtIL., 11 SPEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CIIEAILY EXECUTED AT THE OP'PICD- O TlIE Trse aeInarican, STL. CIILt LS i Ts TitE'T;', NEAR t'OYDIAS. LIOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, iien vl,1, street, $ /III.IM R. CARNES, (I'rmtrly of the ErC oC rn t"lilnt & aricrnys,) worId I"esLect uly inllr iso fricodt und the plbice that he is cans taotly rceivirg frYnl New Yorke nel IBasrn a good assortmneot of Fur nitare such as Inal5 anIt y chIsirs, cfCe, I 'dtleads, ne. ple and pailted chairs, aplSe and elerrv bedstead. , mahogany andSt cherry tables of all descriptione, CIu reNts, t tilets, secrtaFrys, wriliug desks, wardrol ea f Imahogay and cherry weshl sreds, luoking glaosses leatheirs, bedding, &e. &e. NIt. Furniture packed for transportation witllhreal care. jer MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Remoeed frone 17 Customhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CHARLES TIIEATRE, CORNER OF PuYDRAS A. ST. CIcARILES STREET. a g9--183118. g Nl & tCCill ellT TsupliaLES-5O grass wine S allt IIU groCss porter Ibttles, ler sale by IOLIES & MILLS, jy DuBank Alley. PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, No 13, ToIlouse at,--Bly Mrs Hoei'saC.n. rIlllS house is spacious nd conveneantly sitlastedl lor Ine of buseeass, near the Levee and ithe New Exchange. The table will bIe well supptlied and attrended to, and th chargeo Inderate. Il ardlers wishi to Iave lolging, can be accommo dIted, at different pries, wilit conimodiu fartealshel rats. Boards er will I ave tie satisfactian tol elect tllcrc, pTrsI s peaking rt e Frecne , English and Span ishtlnlaugse aR nug2i'3::3lN 'E NS IOT-L-OURGEOISE, liLte ?7idleoue. n. 13, tnueet par.ldc Vt. JfeotfennC S'lET' (tabllisseeent eat etacietix, ct se trotavo sitt(' )tYres ds In Ilevie et te ta Nouvelle iBourse, c'.st dire allcentre des o It table antre Lien foatnieo proprelenat Icne et i o Illl ix ICd(Ir6i. wseux qui rnv tn lnt peI CsiolmnIirerCentI y htger al runt est a rPsrun n e dinerd i prix, Bicn gnarnis ctl Lee I oSlta ie re ront reCl'tgfn.ieel d'y Ittetedr dies pCersottot ln rlt lce ltlostet tot caet t i st , Cglee ' tt CspatotlY. 231atrI iu.A; i \ tVineswleettt adI dryin qarter cask, lmA lian Ihls.e t lhe sle bt SIE 11AI) - IAI 'sIOW, au1 .3 7 I(la k ]'lane. c. Til I rTI 'Ic I reo--J u; eet i'.ii , te h elliti n ply frn Necw Yotrk aE i Ile st ul Peunlis want eetf aIrIt\tlRlt Iee wielnede ell t11 call at 53t rel r wi,' street befet ptrthesing elsewelre. T er ln IV It C(ARNES. altg25--2w II-/I.ORRItlOIDS. I AY'S LIINIMENT.-No Fielion.--lThlis ex. Straordinary chemical composition, teo result ol scircuc, and tle inventeen ofa celebrated tmedi. eel tean, Ithe introdutien of which to tie public wan invsaeld with Ite sColemnity of a ldeathbed bequest, has since gained a reputattion nparalleled ficly slstaining teIl of the latnented )r tridlle'y's lat cnelesion thlat cIte dared not ic withlout gtivinlg to posterity the beuefit tf htis lnttvlcdgeo o ttns IEub Ectl" antd lie thnrefore b lquatedle t his fietltnl alleti (atell, Solomon ILt)', lthIe CCsaelel i liscoverYCy. It its itnw t cdl t ite plrinciSpal hoselital, andt the lprivale practice in our clt ntry, lirst and most certainly Iler th Ie elr o thie Ples, and no exten esiely etrd ctl'Cll lly as t)e ble slle redutlity, unless whre its cll eeealtntro witnes El xternally in tel f llw inl corl yla ts: For I)reop--Creatling extraordinary absorption I~bCmnatxI.--Acutc or Chironic, giving qutck t' eore 'I'lro It- y (C e-rse, Ulcers or Colas. (roueie tl \V ee erol e:Oglyse lg tcrn.,lly, and tav hnurs,' st ::.rils mIII U:C;.rts--'.hIC hiir ffc>t or !ong It't eln eer, "'Ftd tIe' ser-tt It, p,., . o ad s a d c i rn n redte c-' ' in:. rht mu I:, lit: s v,,l:u -,g .,,t h I ohlc.% :,llll Iat lit] .lld rlgsil l 'e-s "f t!,,' c',l ;1i ,y l l 'C\ .XW llol ":I' the pg ltat , I,a.: beenl : I ui I.r ' [ t .,r .d co ,,,:t; ti lo, 'fhil "In ,, r, ,I, oLI flIt. ll" n ,d it ill tile I'll,, i, = " It. a llc' il Ft+ e I Ce e l' ell. 'icll ; . 1', ': r-- h ', 'e I i, ,i,i. I an Lr,+'l:l who v. il u Iie c ll - ' ., eel lty I IO . t e' I t':,, eetl return *ee pi lee bath e i 'tbeete tI'r t e ," ti ' ';n ~et: .t el a teed el eeeeey , t iee but elrtc r hce r ,, wt sel eilesl t r l, I Slulhd ca Ili'It ! ' ,rl.e ltt te ptrlht . C'A\I'I'l(N--Nll os c.. le geeninee wthetlt etl ,(COL(IM(IN IIAYS SelI wheele..tls and retail, by COtStIOCK i-. [ e, New Ylik, and by aeo Dreggist in every letw it ther U eell. re For sesle by the Wholelale Agents, carner ofa loatena & Tcoulitoea tlas etreet, and by the - Alothecaries g enerally. jc3O I•o. ( i" rces gC. erally. jc30 2 ':1.,1 'ah tlu iby l- a u, I 0 i:ill j nil p,,t, il t. _ Its'I 10 Mahgazhine st. tin, II) .lose, tinh Ilht, ntllii 15 cask. zilC, in store, for sale by S LOCK: & Co jvl4 LOC O & veC . i V IIISIKY-.i a .hIdi inlIore, hor -e by h *ug , (: I (1)I( S EY, ,44 New lIever. in \..uii - uiit hI- usii nore, lur 151110 I Iu)iltSEY, _a_.·l 44 New Levee. au_ gl " 44 New Levee. I and N shville rail rond; -ili to Nto H. IiONN. IIEL, a uC.mrn of N.itchez. Q Tehopitoldus streetl .v /III.ViI'IV; Oh I'.l'ICI . ,'I (}1{ ,B. \lr : tl. -- n'h iii , a new-irp" r. nI sollrtlnllet of Irench nee "'nts; nevertl lillts of Jon T1 I Argeetr i pir.einl pressi &, &ci e t, wii I .ola it c llhlp, lndol Coele. m l nlns, Thi Ti111i fl exeellu lcl une hI I'or one intending to ectllliall 4 1It e l fv w i i r, u - Irnonl 1lhe preai cb d h u chl , ll ilt ll rrangement Ice ii I. o Jutil e i llrcl liirsir, A lllply fit this office. I'I)ICNE.S, P.IN'l'S %& ()IIS--A hlargo and general n orull ucll nt onihand, for sale low, hy jy'2-1 ni,-c Cli,, lII,, , T.l'CIhI u il ,,lua S NOTI'IE. r IIIE il ier~rI eretore exi-tig i t CK, il el, ee tlhe ll .ýu I Ii bcrsoll IS < h, illllf th of" .l l' Vtin Wnrk N" l.'o)l ., in llti NeIwY k, h l h idlw ("n. C o, U in NuL!o , Miss., VtN AVeli i y lk, hv ," C b n , isi \sso - \l tayl.,uin 'Th·ol11RsH. sI t W k llll . llV r e inI l" iem no AN I)E\ I,:\N H, PETIt . V\ WaYCK,, TiIII1At \ V. b AN ViCIK , \~ L ,w CO., NaUO. Ii 0, Lev, ha3ve i i h'1"'ie e lltr a l a bn d t iii,,tI ters a )i tli i. b uaIn! tli r Ih'i llf llu i , \ \r i I . I' ., d itr , Ne lti'. k nUeide the I uthln r lf h uit f llnuw a C.rh ,O1N 11 Isp .r)IA V aug7 4-I N Lcg. FNl R Ober i kIIkhit rill. ia ll ex 'rie le a s opeueardd i 212,l c i 1h ll i kbidei Irl ,, itil i , I o \V . I lb l i adj, o iigihih ei - n , SY 2 hlhi Ir iis' IUite -ic ll lllI. aul la rl'. Ml. solic'it - the co-op Kertaion of fil fi mnsand ilttiihn usshil andrllaerm (.ni, J t! I.OK[ & CO, No (s, O Leice, have in( i-1 nit-it-i/, I I'heir ownl n ll)tlr l rg. n ( 1n), tiii-' sortment of rill w= r , whet, they laud deal. i lrs ill aha Ir,, l. a ex aine,, alo . 0 aid l r o il- gaby aOl, I --:2~ i, I)lI-, ll-ri il U. ' IErA - lIlOvy Ia in {)R.SEY, , t Ii i P vdr& sl rei t. *i SECOND MUNICIPALITY. JTCLI I RIC braoghi to the Police Prisona eofta S"acond SM uiil lity, the following named dloves lto)l a''DO, eged about 48 years, seyo he Iwlongs tat O1r. Naeoat. S. JOrII, a.elld ablut 23 years, san he bele,,,s to Mlr. SI Batndwil. HENRY, aged anbout 19 or 9la years, says lie bh ton'soto Mr Ihldwelwin. The ownera ofrsaid slavea. lire reqeuestld ta proe property, pay charges and take lhe awnae. 1 I s rraIPer. sP] _ a Cptain of Watch. / EII I'troualht to the Police Pound-l of the 2 t ia: t auticipality the hl|lowing nated uninuls Fu- One large Bnay mare and Colt. One Reall Bae Colt. Lead, The owners of aid animals are reqoested to call tt tt- the Pounl, prove property, anti take the al nay. en nf- I S. HARPER atot, noglIt Captain ofthe Wotch. rant IC tttl 6 oa dfal epot die latd otia nlliciltaliral e ~r O lnimaux aulvans: One grandojulmell [ ie nvse slln - tivant- un poilsin bai. Les prnprietainrleledits anti atoux tot Ir6s de venir an dipoe, prouner lear Itrapri 6th, payer lea frtisoet emmeaner lesdits animanx, So nut H IiARPER, Capt de lIn Garde. "g ICE casks nw n mh onr flC-~ nlnnow loanding lenam Charledaoit.i _RE y. cloltly S Ga I.ILA\CtIAtt{D yi _? O33 cn3Greier otrrt. a. ?j~O"REN1'-A talrga and ailry lli`Ec;E. wll lTanted. atend ih thes noet hsineasapart of the rity. Toerm. ne ldcrate. Aelv to W.OREENIE, at tile Orleona Ieithottibagraphie Oafes 53 Stngaone etreet. jv24 FO-ETo ue ituae n ituatld on rtile oerner f O lhrange olad Religinns tareelal apply to J J DlEIN &'A COIIEN an N p bcais n dr 3iss clablsexcred nel Jy.l tC 9 taomrta street. u A Carct. New ORLEA.1 ITllIIOGRAPHIC ETAIDLISII MEA T, 53 MAGAZINE ,TREET, I 'POCtTE CANK.S ACAIDE. and t it n Si rW GREENE rettra tit elvncere altkt to Itia S friends and the puhll of New OrleIn, fir the lal 'atrna lbertowede ahC fifr the tlat two ealrs nt Re lae to aanure rtlaan thnallat ortera ctmtetieIl tat iraarge slall Ie punetuallv attended to; ts will a a n ialeete tile o1 iceoen "ierint the oo -ner. nod ltllta be waa ready . triike off n ertve ttscrci. t b b~ishlebaeiad alddres caru-d,faocrnl antices.tltnpy hr uestnotice and In tile not reanonatle terms. eat Itctngslted ilyrts ane rtoanyther bN h aenlo it tleh cit t nod fiROal l r onee xterinoo e in tls lithagrapdic land," lI feele cafitletta of giving enttire Oa I Al alatalhccarieas onvl irfaaietfao' lhela execatted as agood sttle n capprate agreoeing, anod aret tae tllird afttht.'exlaaanso. jyt4 d avI e aviur un( eronc a t-horougot repir, will be ena dv far ea in la few days" th 0 soat is coplel basttened ek ntlcopperOd, wihl a crllter cailer and splendid en ainta hler nccttdl t anaaea beillrt very extelive, aalr well'fonnd in every rispect: fir fur ler partlcnllarsa ol aeta pleottke chip yanl oftGreptry tlere, whene she notw lies, or to INI.\UANaiEI WVIT ,, CO tat at -tl t t-;t (_,.____er Iereet. tcAl,'l'--3110 sotate hate stalat atoaer atd faorstatle ha'. n-t S & J P WVII'fNI':," IlogSI- t' ti at. t I.IIPil 'llhwtai Os--10 'I'rll. Lxc+ + illet ; 1Iail boleaa C t. I IalraldI atoa 'fatl eat CIatat- o I - Jaalolehl ttaoiieeetataCkt,: .'l TOhrd.idgc fratreel by lISkAl I lttllitlE & CO. S oagl~lg ____ |3I' at. ad- ~ia''lajE N~Il' 1V t/lA.Nai &. N AaIllVllLI:; RAIl, 1l()A\1 ClIfII'ANa. YIF'I' New Yo k at , l tol h . Ietr late <al e a t a ttl tnr'tll t t aste,. iil. led Ita ilat tel d,'r to I:or i rs .I l . .. . IPIi. o ant anrett- .11 I, a II C I)\\ Ii.1.1., #. 11' .ti., /ll~ . tlI -il · i iil- I .., s IIili;: IIO;l JII. i~li., l; dr , /.I 1 Ill,.,s..eIm, llI)i ll L~llll~ '· ., v ~ ' l~ h..I·"rllfIerl he :IPIId hy the 1"11 ~ t.Hn,'s I'·llllm , ;)re ar et'int, Nat"tatatat .I..... ' tatta t,, i ai ,, ttto, .... 7l re i ti III ht 'c!t1 t 1i, tiiitai 'a Itarl. Mlai(' allllae.t t ,aaaaa-aa waeati a Ia pnd otab alan'ati l yI tate. lath ( l i aa'-)ataitca latat a tal t i av d. ) k, II Ilay I tI aoac taf ll t ll( aitV a a t. i ell, Ili g".'llo lt l "I\ (',nli. eta itak , UI.bI .i l.a l lillll l il' : i i-. 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L atelonIr, Ira tiaug tbmitttEa1 t rittnelt spep'v. tit.e b .b... . . .. .... .. ..o e 'iaoaaitr lttt- alalaetnealaleftlroltc s T1A'1' 1:L A )I, IANf - kCourt- Praniier TI District Jualiciire-p atrrek Dohertv and James 1' Nolen, oontress cr nncer et les ncri nciers de P I llcherty & I Co.--iNo, 16,19. Ircessain des 1rCprih. (as die lltioautcriea rnvalt (tu ce lirpt) ar p a our pouI lehnbiic dc Ihneers et.rncicra Ii aiest dier eft iu'rn e "Idssld(,e derdilr ireiaciers Hau lireun etll lCll de w I Oha rd Lnruelt, Elr. Not. lublic, Jeroli,i sep. Stemre prochain, aa 1 theurns dn iinltia. afinl d,. ,'0il, 0rer stir les ar ffiran depdits irtiia aires, et en 1 tillillt Olltoes I. nh.lllitee jluh Ri rs centr letur lprson lie 11 lreer proel av.xei c ta rlcane trI du reii lle. I'iersi InllelliOUllln'o· Idtiolls taOlel , t it es1i e llus l d re ert6 (ile lilico, Esq. soit onn1r ptonr1 trprfeinler ir ertnes ra vier iel.,d llls cets ia lltirs. Present I'ilh. A M Llauchitt,jougs de Iadite eour leN 4 lrt, A I) 18:;I. TIllEO. LEWIS, uitt23_ I)cl;at Clerk. 71OR'YI Iale of OOkulai andl 15ncuils iaanilla rolpe ad ir"s, just receiverd aind for slit by SLliKE & CO". ; _7 Sl:)?a lneveeCi rllilE uldersioitI Iingt aieeP duy Ilpt le In 1 t ti e lh o ra le, ti n firsl t tJ dillit li ia i eii t C o rluea .(' lllllllm erm Io cslinlnate l d ssss tl en e lolt ao or . e street ald 111he river, Ilae malude their uslinltut unitid ttep . teS l n e ht , a lI U I hllu l lt e d 0 ( 1 0l o d I l'l l 0 J c o p i e s h e r e o f , I o - gether waii the 1retici, iu IIhe oier ofI tie c lrk 1of si colrt fir Ihe ailtrlecaill of l whIn0 it nllv ricerai. ,Illl[ IISSe, S Iessmen will be pIrre ne dl Ili said c urt: lht. ct-,. larllation, on Satuirdia' tiltc tIrta-inillth i y " iip tellmber iInext; mild sl "pr 11n0 iutllfefslted ill properly s t iated on Ilaffiniii, stctl, or il vacta th i reoitl, aret heArely nutified to miake their uobjetctionl, ii i ly t have, o aidt.rll sUtitutld aiAssessnt, On l belre tile tirent-firet lay of Serptonitber nexi. Nvw Orleius, August 22, 1838. G. ttiJIKE, ) l. [ELtl, Comn isa herrs. (ll.\'S. A. JACOIJS, VA V -Ies t itissl(ag lyrtinl ici llueient Iiiieie I par I'houuruhl c I r do ireulirdistaivt jtadiciaire, iOlllitniares r lller irvnluer et taler e .hsagina et let frinislte I'i'lul'geirinell d- lit ru m . Iaglac, eitre It rol de ht Noivelle-Levict et Ia rineu, out eruoiatieti liar ttbll au ld'gvahl u ti on cat ie tliac, dullt ila ont deioser de vriems coleic e plan, ills, ec t "eai digrellet ':1 uvris ilubllc cot tlll· tulel It' .ausdit tablera sert Iprrselll. it hdliIe coutr iour ionlir lllti .ll Fitllt(i It i 2!) de Sctociirec lrochain; et trou personile iteressees ihiios ledlit tallell ud'0valuanltitn et d tileia suvair: toa tes lierstanes avauit iteiect Idlan les irliiites sCitu ios d iunlh re lliliiFmiae, l Ic voisiinagu ,ort Ir le r0 sent ietifesCde Clare al e t oir orjcctia 'iset 11 t r e lit lahr or etnluneti UloUi et dtnta, ou aROVani Ic vilgt el uon ie septeulbre prochlain. Nouvelle Orleans, .nout 1838, ( IIUHKE # S FIEI. , Comnina CIIA IlE A Jd COIiS is.l a FI 'll'ElTN ItOI.IARS IRt'-AlI)- W IL. be paid clt tihe pprelhensin iand Ioedgin in Sprilso im eithrl oft tile muticipnliiies. Il t, -IIAMI FEGIINER, all indented nlipeeitice to thle blacksmithl tral. Ilr sai tlla a irPntice i+ a ut five feet four or fivn iclmhe i hiei; iglt hair, lii leavet; u (Gvrlian by birth; peanks lthle'Eneclich, irrilt, rlel ci anllilnlfl. guinger. All persons ue forewrllell n ot tao Illllor r trat tile said tiupprentier, unler tle s.averest tlhtey o te iaw. NICIIOILAS 6,IURIV AY," augl-tl *t Blacksmith, "l'ritnl C, nlk. COn I E l lii taga Ilin. 14II ala. taventia. Fat s ui b SI?'IETSON & AVlEIit ag4 88 GIlaveir streetl. HAVNA - t; .IIdIO-I 00,lhiJo iidirmia quuiitv lar sal.! low, la close nt OSniplllglnti, tIIb STETSON nL A\ERYI a '2 I1S Gla ice r tree t . IV er Libl is ,fii,:rdale by 1:1 11,11116. Flor the Interior. id P IEASURE JXCP'RSIOSJ s TO IIAY S'1'. LOUI ANti PASS CIIISTIAN. /bre LJ50!! ga ". " 6 ~ The fast ruauhiuu rteamltaU t MIA p ILI<.A'F'tA. Ckrtrrlra it Grilli, ru,.tvs tre S i.- : r hte k e ru end rr t t rail rroad, it te jr-. Apply to HEll. Wltl'lt.,''N. New ()Orleans \. M lb ile 1ynil olice. ,ugle Untder the Exch'g, Huel. St Cllrlers st. It F1or .I I lI2 , Pi ; ' I i i , A C1 - 'J'-ukre urr. , ir- r IRJ It F a plrt. Strut, tallleve . ,;. firr th le ahute il ,c ,s on the mornings Sof WEIDNESDAYS & SATUIRI)AAYS, inmmediatelyv ft'r th, arrival of the 7 o 'clck c:ar, and return oat I'hrtrsdays al Mondays ttol the ntail oitnd The public ray deplnd uon girtint ounctuulity. Aug 14 For passage aptu v ('nrn tlt i t Wir!er. For Mobule, nd all Inlrrmuedirtte Lartrditgn ago'l'tIle low prras~~N te sruea. borat _ {3C \ O.1 N l , a il t N I y e i Orleank ihr lMoilel r oely Thursday and Sundaty,tt l2 cluok, M. tluchin,l l t all Itr wu'cring ?rplaces at which patssengers rmay i lsh to land. IFor lurther particularu, applly ltI ( Gl). WItITMAAN, jyQ4 Exchannge Ilotel, St. Charles st. For Olthile ald sll Intermediate Latditnu, S 11,it utt rnit . r n and sll!endhl steam f J -.. btunt Xt'il. WALL\ACE, tirely in salt h ranals, alil r tave Nt-w lln-,ns R;; Moitle ua tin a rll tnler ,lediurr wtaterirt pla(,rt, everry atrureday and ui aurdaty,h e arrv tharriral l 1 a c luc k c arss. GI. ). IITMA ' N, jya4 ExhFl, ar., Ilntel, Ct. tlharle. at. sA'UtliA a VFN A1.11 SIlisTUNI -. et1 Thie uuearer.itu-'l AI,.II. lAMA, SLB Copt. I..'T. isnight,will trove ie la k ."rr ".. end otaftr nhie truioadt r tire n otae pln ed a,r.,very n tit yir artin irea tl. arrivl Of iat' e, ilna:k nartu, iud retlrn the saulne Iliarli-- nln d Tltavr Sun daty mornin g l tll ur iu rival t ft h11 o'cloek ears; rulturn-, in Ih w. Madll s nvile n l I up'chlskck r i. M. t e hit I nl ts I aI bLtil I.F li II )l it illtt, 11AN E I & (;O\'rINI;'Itk N. i r' a t SOil lt t i.. eAlLIi i 81 1 11. . l ', ,. T. Niv OItt nlit n .r, ill ail al t rli.e I-ar ail b tit l t h e aty lllll tlll, Io ut ys, \Vedrilte d an t tt a ld rl :,.,fe rl-t e .rritldtIt e1k'ttlr rckr ars, - 1Ay. l tutis , hi I tI r Cr ovinltnr I'tri, e; , T hrnt..'r data arn rStuun l a at ilk aytlru ht, it rI. llllle It 3 'lll~, PL. M., touehing tl A ll \ 1. he w i ng l Itce Alllyr te u t l part-lu ut the ii-k of thl wia. ar, unltsst u illt of llad g is saig't I . Gair)t WillTrIAN, i New Orlea tt and lottoilt Mail itleie, S1"xchl:u urg e Il ntirilirn. , St liCh arles s t. II, -r"; -ul' k i rut I;l+l t 3; , =%l.. '+..l-r , Thr e l tonal',.',t M \zT"'I'+ will -r.t l G ( , in sto I ltu r c 1d, llb te tail Bldin a u uM.oli , l tdV c .trl d utu and Ili p ace. r nt, 1 ii -LC eI tO Iti ., bIill. Itdr St Irotar ist a l irlr.t- [h I l l;hn l -kh -tke it t illirll, il -t lt -iu-tt, tnlttha t Al t lary t I unll -irtiti. rit r- i ol ,l tl i lN Irle l lllent c la t itlny lt . lllrr ui 2: .10 S ltia re, I rstil u t i ,s1 w rth rr n: mc i tl t rrs iT T i e t k in , "t r c l-n lr s-inl e et i ) lt It .ot llra s trI t ory woo un , ham", mG'- , -Il ' ha v i li t ts kL r t t .t : rc : r u JR it pIr kkk inrkk. a t :rtoiltk it I1lil l.' ell-- tu. I-hl., uri tlr-k1,t -h -kr l n-ln)ll ....l.t.TE in..... i.nI..R.. S ., 4 6lt- ! b nid;t - n 1" " u i c .i at w il'ey 1 1 a :_l New Levvee ltrt-tr tl ti'nu u1tin Itkttitutkk.t l, It at il I hr sal i) li1 ll I) iLs a ll T t le ' li u a I. t ,ll Il r.r l 1'1F slwlll Il llll - ed(i nU ilt r ry h uele tp' i-i)Ctr leby I1t1 :il-l tit t, jiretatd 2lttth, urny ,r 'lk lu hlurrttrktn Jt aup - h ti rIu N aVItty u IItr ia .II i atta, S&l. -- L Rh n- ' llu ul) Irk, ki li: trllll l ie l ot I , asru.1 rru ri rarl td,ut tut ruul, Itr, turu'11tt .Y i~3 1 1 -Iiw It ve . & UD I' U.' 1)A11 11 -U.I e i l tsule UI Ai'"ea, jyt lxchan e lil tto , tarv.'er ,v1el 1lunel Ia) lug at O lulsg. ri'et whorl, ol r sale by ilul,.uL L& AlXJA', jy - J c b u lllAluu nluuA strel. IIA,1IAA'A A E.A tA'AA:i A, liI.A:RI-JA t r. , c, tif egllgt nnlltllltr r r r .rlnllulhl LtIt.r ,n rj.i lers, sillner halft boundl, tfr tlre Cr'u llutilg utleaa, uand somle uun, ly dlrue ul iIr tlr|lncu ,c1ues with baciks Iorr truavellng, u very useull aud couvestit ll rutnL , tUor sale by 1) ,A A Ia. \ CO., New Yolk land blatloers Ihaull, Jy31 21 LIartrre street. tElh,.n-iJ bni reeldrd UIrsrey, landing S rualll n elttllou Illlllztlll Arn lA2., du, tllrtre, tilr sale by I.At1 & AM1I.UN r, . I l. .\1 7 N+u+': l- lillc e tre i L ul ll,. IhlstUT. ll,, TI allEnt tlu p pl f.yile and S 9 l'uel b al l at t he ) ustllll+tl.+ea urtr,, Culugullu \A rutr, Al I al t' 4, nnbir Ward's unIu r' An!, FilIltin Anl Ie 1'nh lrh" Isr n ,.s . n B.c. T I.O J..\ I'-- rhe Ihi: awl Gardenl r ajuingil|urliy'u Aurluldllvr, u All''lVr Cicle oarianlrug uIX fruin' urh kitchen, anriltry, und ,ti-LHl iusrm , +c. . 1Ipply to JA iVI A , .+,Utý.l .I,', jy A crne_ r 'l Tllupitoulls or m mn ion streets. 1 .LAn IA-Ail1--' U kegm s Srr aa Pmrier unink,, i tnle J shillpping nrd, i , led l.r .ria bry A UA ItSIAE ', jy. d41 \ rw ILeaee. A'.AAAitPA' l'Aut -Ju ir e niv nrhm AlIru In 'aute very r ow prierl; 10 curn e sn llrur wh'its Jetr , Jnan ,' curnases thrinrI k. er A Tnur l cose sue liieu |11 t lnnst la rgu nic L; t'tl erli'll , iaartr d culerrs;l2r canr SLIIII:I e rn uIIt(. olrtCd .Jlur.r Jur kaale, w rltlcsalt lld eUtil, t I. ) I 'E1. r' & Cu t tjn rw iUl' i ll r t AIlt r a rl, V j v2 AuI A 'haA'trr' 'tretlt. 1 ll[ ure u he a -llh aI/ rri l ear alhe l., Onhure. 'I he twO m ar il iud lu rI t. 1\t'.e Url ail.4 allh \a. Ihvillu l~rul lrl,l. ýert *rul 1iJullltt ill Ih1e Cur Iluusu ul the hal 11 £ uall C1;. L IotI It. F1r *-ur1 A ur a rim Alu rr lhamhct ''Jho lds Sim. I Art'l' Ir E ALrin--? esIs rr AA al e ,u t., [.( g pills) Co ) ) r' bv lr 11Lll .., CHand all Jiher C p. ito', I'lt paratint, reelved h j,:ly I A, II I .\.SllrrrSil,, r ll.l by 1arlrrrr , IL.r X rr irr'u' , atg4 7%, A rmia k Place. A r ' 'r'r n d rrrrrurn'r llr, 17 C..1 l .tll trL E . .V Ar3EIP Al armn--m hd tIr e nrr . Co g3 J COnlli It. ive Ib ----- -- XA Aar AlA, LU ou IN 8 ? Liur-Bl as rulrals s S Wine, (a lla'r.I s I radllll,) nu l I viLe, (LAaytte branAA XIJ; I'J p si .Iadeira; 251 qr. casks Illlttll Maddrn ,.v, it, slur: and Iorsale by ! I"ILOGI.I. . 1;1u1,r\ c5 CU0, au23 Conti srt. anLIA21 °A ; ranad L.eI r Lu.u rrllIEASUfyY Ni tes-- U,' ,ll-I I.Inn. rlrrle -Ill nJ ug'ii'j'.IC &.Cu n) +c l1i)a dAl - R ,,rel tie . .'IAAS. LmA paid ft the an l I'ih,+ t tl l ,n Ia v A N. -• l.who.u, l ,,lu'lll I A I)A I, Ah - scr I te roA e A11,ihst. , nrid , r.rvnb, nA A %, , r rt I,.mrr , I uibt fve rit hrgh, Irlnr' im'In , ur ,, ,d n l In I , itll ,i1 . J - it mld 'mr l -~ ais+n ", bHIPPING. For -arope. AN. FOR LIVERPOOL. T heA T and faIst sailing ihap STEIWi LIZ, Capt. Gibsonr will eceive dsapI e . harinlthegreatler part o' hercIargo iCIageI r- r lird t ai f i)20 bals cittuloi or parauge, Ihatil imnlaolln, aticomiaodations, applly ao LEVI II AlE,. aug'n3 '3, Colllmm arec. F. LOR LI VEI.PIOL. a t.he A I fast nailing ahip CAtOLl NI .- AUGUd'I'.,Cap r aaeart havin gfual carg engaged, will snii with d-rpatch,fii pnasngi I aoniYaIellg good acCoiin alilnlOat) , app[ly l. tilr. CalJ, on loardl, ar io & J P1' WhI'I'NIEY, live - oi tteet OilO LV LI EKP GOL. L "- The A I ad fastsa iliag nlip IlH)rELT Clapt. Salldo, willl receve ilmnmdiite de. n pa:ch flr tihe alove port. For freight of U5l dIc- baler pliiscslt arlainge nlavi ig handsomae iaccus Inod t i J , apply to LEVI II GALE, roat FOI M.IVEK- O al. Tlh A 1 aind tast cailing barquer LAU, IEN, Capt. Merrill will ren, iei dnwpateh L'ur ptasage only having Ialasone anola. Fr Udalols, aply In LEVI II. GALE, waug9 i Commnon street, at. FOR I.IVER'iiPOOl. S The A I and tast nniling ship GLOIIE Capt. Oliver, will reneine mirnrdinrr des' an patch. Inr Ianerag only having ha vindnme anccl aLnlllodatiotta. ApInly t eaLEVI II GALE, S, ug91 93 Cunmrun street. The eopltred alnd cpper lEitentd alip CIMIIEIILANI, Capti. lalta, Ihaving Inwit . oal hiner cargo engaged, wll irave despatch. F er freight r 100 lnalte or passage havin.n iperninr aicitarlniillons,t apply to S & JP IVIIITNEY. A, julay3 8 Canti street. hFOe l I GIIiRAL'AIL. ag9 ....93 Commonnlon street. luThe fand f neniar birqeig IIOMNOLE, ,apt. Knlalih, will ereinet intepatct den. lah Fn psa ge o nl , haig h LEVI II GALE, - aug ll l 3 ('onr llln stniet. FOR F i £tAIlEllI,. ctive Pinlaed t ideSaliiar hein le Ni portLE, hvig the grater p ar t of her cargo riiged. F i. lhands e accon iodationll apply LEVI II GALE, illwe ll n l i Cls ilii piian sL1 .- or The farst i iling bri 'a i .INEr at. Iail Ig it hnrer , will ve adier arin ei les th fd. Far raenhollve plorlha. For freit 11 1 Ialgrelnaot iia, aur asalaanpdaily, ahply to LEVI II GALE, nlutll 9 :1 Commer Ie -te t. ill- wagi I- i Ciiii'iini i . '-he ilfe a t ailinig ship IIIrI.EN MAW , w. 1 t. rie n h'ill rlier il a r l rg I a, wie .iinheie de apat rlg fir ri p>8ge lrpn I oi S i 1' 1 (I rNE,l, ia'tu 'f 8in C'a i et. .,'1.. 'ai i Cr. -a i coastwise. ' 5FORIU ilS'1' 'N S The p.trkml ship OIILO Cnt er, simmer, /.1.'. is new recelsilg f'ero, ah, and havinz ce onid"r. -i' -_ .. ale csr all engagllied, ill w et will, di , ll. c ; fill Ireig it or pasauge applyv on hoard utr t a'I o.'SON \." AVIIRY, all_ _ 12l; (relire street. I) FOR l+ I':'I".IN, S Thl illr (Behr VI.CENIT,. Capt. Solid. ur orn, h avln' llr if hIer r i ig iCll 'l e , will h..lave despatch -l-fore freigihl: of 10 i h.ll', ur S & J i' ViIITNEv, S all ,-__ _ _ _ ('mlli .stretl,. To saoi l Satnrday, t/e I;l:h, -ý_-. Tli i l.l traisin' inig i g (Ct 2.l , Geia. J. i"i I(lurtis, will soil asIhoiwi; fia r iri k frmight 't" ply to IeC ria , L il l h d, belP.l lillow l lthe iidI R d or, f CII &I' & IlXE I', nlgl( Ii iallln Ill6 i roll IIIn e till li-ift 'l'ON. - ... . . lirfi Th e llid1 ll(IOIiNi), Coprr, Il,,es L._ e hr ii nliow r, ih' Ilil relaie l'ightl , aiid Inal iiug -S., ciirgi eilaoirid, will mee a i inls Sdesplilill For iarigll or l .aailrtr nllll In bard, rito S'I'E'I'SiIIN & AVE .Y,'' sn a i 'l _I (l ra v icr s llret t. .. . . . l 'ca i ' - lr itai 'ln V Ir l I :Na i - _li il.. ..i l , - T h e e , l l r fC ii M ianed lm ud i,(,p e red olai ' 1NF.T.I'anl a Ciapt. Ir . I.,iitii a havn aml,' ei'rai h i (fan erilago e rdg, will have -tat rch, fi ln lI iiiuh ie of i 'eihl t "l r iald a tr llavi'll, a g,,ll'('dgii il C ' n,r nt l ithe C taiit iimi t ,"r d, foot of' i - h, or to CIL.IS2 & DIXVY, ."El l Ii CI# {tlllnlilm Ihour. S Ifr aulficiellt frel-lt a llrs alln A I sui,-e rinr and fa st n ail gllrl lltg. , haville art , ,n a . lat ln-rrgo lngaged, hlr horve na i rad lrt will talilt hlh iunedadiael daippir. FIr bahlnce ur f lieight "l'p,·Y to IFVI II GALE , nl4 - Coillnn lrec. street.. rUST rI':r-%el at thil I.uisinla Furniture Ware RJU lsT 53 Bienvill a troet.200 Malle Rl o l Cherry Iledeaenll; a first rnle article. Also, u good aaer'. ultmt of 'laupl e Walntr, and Pniated Chairs, which w"il I~e sold for thoe 1twesi csth prices. 7 \V WR CA INES, jv751 llinvillr +etr. ere ULksALk A ) ; I11 0III N V" VARIEIT'Y S1'ORILK, Nao. It Camps tr e mae der Bishop's Hotel-Tile subscribersa e now opena'g at their new stand, on exteive nasiotnrent et aitthles .s their line, nomprisig every variety of Combs, tlra, es, Perfumerv, looking Glasses, Playing Carsl. .na i le large lluner of Fancy articles. Thi' followihk is pirt a description: C(M Bt-lTotloieandl rzniall Ihigh tol tuckkt tIll noId carved; do. do. twist, olng neck, plf, side, Ioane a, and dresslg, ivory and horns fine toith, dressihg and pocket combs; horl, red idhlg ait hrao sllnlts; wooden, r dlass snfinr : tooth ald poeketc ome.. P P~lIUMIE'lILY-A geoeral asattiast of IFrnlh 1i andl Aniericae Perfumer, consisting galsa rl water in boattles, 1' all shaes and slizes; lat, .ler, Florida, trose, orange, lemon, Jessarille, begitoUllc tlllerlleon, etc.; ihancy soaps of enery oscriptitll; maoassar, nlntiqui, g nal eesable hair oil and curlin Hflui; elhlorile toocth prwasa, carbonic and chlorine dtentritioec scented ,ol plain toilet powder; pomatumnl; reston salts, etc. SIRUSHIES- Comprlsig a great vairi.y of cloth, l air, at, flesh, tooth, nail,'oob, shaving, Ilate, Iulh file asitll plai dIastilg, sweelpilng, ctIib fLurniUture scrtblbilg atll white wasth, hoase, sl; e aidl tln er's o;urilg, paintl d vanrvishll bll dl.l. .11 sash Rnd iYgrai rg tools of all sizes. LOiKLN'G GLASSFES-Co.pris, i gilt lrames ol variorus sizes, 5, 1, 2 anti I lt law toiletas; iLoerln stati, toilet andi tooke! g[lass, nlmaggni'fvhtg om'oras, etc. I- 'AYIIY. CARDl)S--h;gie, Blaty ' th, roonm, Higihllaner, Spiel Carte, Frenbl aid whlite back l'lay ifg Call. 'ANCY ANI) VAIRIETY AIR'ICLFS--A sape rior assortmeot of portable desks, adios' a nod gentle mnoi's dresailg cases al ladiesli ' work toxes; I'any boa es of various descriptions, suitahle for thie new year satd Christnta' gilts; poeket books ol all sorlts; slusei ders, ittalicboxea , lead pencils, crayon, violins, head bags aId Iorsoes, at assortIment cof acy beads, superio auality billiard balls, patio ulackinl; hone, shirt, vst Iil andl susplender utollns pealrl Intlols alndlsirt sitsud ianzor tiops; gas mnahllies lolr creatillg lighti; lld . elee segllrti acouln., n aria, lpolee a:id ScOtel sll'ol; an assortnlellt of paill alld cOlld Cillltes; hack gamllun boatds; tRiee, lollra scitin lls, oltlics laws htrIs, calps, driking cups, iltig flasks nod gon e bags; steel, .llVCr ad Illllted spetlCules; to l |iO n s, twiCne, et. a h sl;lllds o le asslatmallnt ol' r e lng .vi l ls 11il ty oif othler artnlicles, all of "ohii %nil Hbu sold fil low Spices, fla eaah lor city) aleiptalcs. ialy 4 lib:S O I),l.AXCE 100() 5- ; u'uIbr galo bv tkUIl.\I N a EL') AsU I ,: A l.l1 150 ounces Frnellh Q..inilto, IU b1s Elnill'.l iI l0 3 casks Pearl Ashs, 4 cuesl Cal elllltl, I Aclloy, Rhllubarb, E. ob.. loadl g fro rig Wllil 1 iam, tritg L Boatnj, ald'for sale by JARVIS & ANitllWs, Viholeoale l)rtogls., jv7 eol. C.ollllon To'elllilaitlali istret. SWIMMIING SCIIO)(Ji, AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, Opin.ilte .lMadeville eh-ei, Third .d lilnriljllil, q' bo squarres hel:ow te lilltl Rood. FXEI(CISL CLEANl£NESS, I'I.E.\.UR., A\7) YphlIE irrilll.eUt+U 1 t10 this u1ttbfisluiel are now oleltdllld, il eProprietors hae •o vided r0 thing whiclh o1y ted to tcllcl folllrt ol oibahlltl. 'l'l e dlemiillg rolalloose t lw plrovided ithl dloors ulnder lck aild key; ladmIrs andr mploe:t preailred lor ascending fronl he balh; a cutallll supptaly ) jLloon drv rowele is kept for te nathlers. 'li'o hltotil aiiell tItr:I, ea agrleeable slale ovwr tile llilh dlrll In illo oot 1111111e ily, il ow Ille ele atlad alil lllows lt tlr c.rL01 ttlt11i1 [.rhileOllttbuscasplviig between Caallil treet andt tire lowerclotton prens, psns every II It 11. ,Ii itlbll thy stopn o the bif 1s, u|y e.uleripliot. 2.5 tickelt folr Xt 1111 l'o't+ oI oltth with w t t o I 'l, 2 Thlll'ie Balhs are open front "1 o',] "I: A. 3l. itil Il t'. At. 'l'ri. blthi li d fll nigrihtntd b.lop 1 rr to fiel ,l ruloted le v a eclosed aili is :;:ct o, I Irbpin, llotced bya riinl lfron the .r, - , r-, f 511 il i ie atier. aug4--lin 'Lokby Ihoss-il bald ilruiLt, i n ,,,.r, fu _ _"leby J li'llIle lilt 3tllllt 1'ohdrIai-,i 1t. ti "~ +,'i 17 I No I: illll .T-,Sg. . i,. "I.,t.'T.L,,:,.r- .. _m- :i. ----- _ _ BUSINESS CARDS. PAb AoLm OLOTU ING TAYLOR & HADDEN, n•. 14 Chartrei airflt iie. " lAV e 'uo.ataln, u ipy.f eveiry Ux tlle peiii "iu , rrIon!. . " hr t t 0 PE ' 'IMJi ENla of thele hIaullful tie: i, iaI tlhe uun fe er of eltilhg tie.l, tna" Ib s 'l HIa tIhe lice of J.B. Ross SUR:rEO DENTIST, No 46 Canl lireet. 'Jiltese leeth i.vyir (cinne e cllour Srhv ay, and in many cles, prferable to the alUlr llerl h It ,l|, l. P Je . I 1.. lIr. It, ill wait upo.2 ladies at their reiideni,e reqtlelel. i,9il . A. PERtIi ,SIIt., UROCHA T TAILOR, 67 Common street, E G to inonl, the tpullie thflit ialving purchllased froB A1cLsrs IItOU('H, SKEiGG &, Co. part o their strck, he xill ontiu ie thu hitec tea at their old ListeanIxpite tlihtlia whllte:, were, lie t) m ri a lirxe uoftbhl IltrOllaP. lie Hles iidci arrnngeisente at ihe Nrlth to bIr. Iuppljipd altly with the Ilatet iul P motiefa ndlLte gil.s, iar 14 CLAY & C-LARK, O30US AD SHIP P.J.l3 URS, No. l0 I'iuydrus street New Orleans, MANOUFAPTIO 'RPCS IOF Lead Pipe, Water C:esot, and Pumps Of all deucriptioxti. IVARM, COLD, AND SHOE ISVIR e A TI8 Fixed on the moat nappered priceiples. MIL.V D LEAD, PIPESP, &c omtmitrlar n executed jut any part ol ixte Southeln Siater. mr9 Dr. lobelit IF. Liede,. OFFIC CLAY V CLARK, Plumbers and Lean Pipe Manufacturers, Ni. 1092 Py,,vdra streer, oiPt on ihand a ccnnti.t ttpplv of l.ead Pip, 1xfront o in. dianeter down to 3:l.+ I. dialnCter, fir ORLEAS LITHOGRAPICO PRITIG ECTAIILISIIMEN'r', No, 53, Magazine Street, n ppleoite Itainke' Arcado. IVILi..11. GfiRlE..'1, PJROPIIIETOR J UI. PARER Comnliaolo aItLd Forwardig Merchant, No. 6, FRIINT IrEV E, uP STAIRS. New ') "Irnlns t' lb.?'. JARVIS & ANI)R I.WS, W VIOtlI:S.AIt ANId IIE't' ll . I,) AL.EteS INt I.EDI OI ES PALITS OILS DYI S.'LUFI;S-I.ID Wt..VDOC ' GL.ISSS, V~urner ol (OlnlllllUta t san TcIl'hooitonhls strees, NE-\' O LCANS NATtI.\N JARVIS. JitiN W'. ANI)REWVS. A\ lairge uiIIly of Gacrden Seeil.ds, warraulel the growth oi'1U37. AT MOiiDILD a. S. I. & I. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 anl t;it WATERl:l STREET. rTlHE :undersigned, haaing eitl.bli-hed ttlmsehio s inl Mobil, for the plprrwosfo tranaeling the intliou ntid iCollllmision.i business in Its vario, ii iiecietu, Ibeg ]lelave to iolltrln tdheir frieiniid m ii ipn ti, tllli llt they lfe now repl'ered to reeive COIhgn. etllll , slt anike liherl lances ton tihe nIe, cithe ir ifor ri ii lr iu lice sale. ShIt.0LtAN I. JtNIS, IIS .AEIL, I. JONEI/s. lfeer toi Walker, K!ight & Co. NSe () leans. Ahblie, FIiI, :I, 18::;:. fe'll A- C4ItD. JAMIUEl. SI..tTR. A;IIttItAM l'itiMR. SLATER & TRIER Forwlardtaing &. colll'utns si .ttrechantstt No. 411 I'ydrai s lteOrt,I, Ni; lV )It I LEA NS. T'lhey will devote their, pariticllifO" ilittli Ion to the sale oit \\eitrl I roduue. References. AIbijcl Fiel, t'i. ) Sti it[nl tlltlrtl , IIHrtI Slill; New Otleans. A l tchi . t i, n & Co. J 1) I. 1 1 i illiia s, t rig r,\ Ilrth e. & C iio. A tllkidVor Eq. . iIStInlla 'd i & I t s,- n istvill . , ELI SrTNE. B. T. STONE E&B.T. STONE. Forwardag annd Colnmlioion .lerelchas.n, FURNISIIERS OF SilOP AND BOAT STORES No. I11 TCH'UI'I rOUiLAS STIREET. New-Orlhans. RelerencIs : Messrs. It.L, BAXER O& Co. ) I',ENEEZEIIt VOse o C BoU A. III MEACH & Co. N York It. PuTNAM, New Yrk. .1 & P. lloto.As, Citsettsti, " WaI ltGr SMITH l]AVID STONE, I)y.ton O Il.COMSTOCK o (5o. Colunontsr I), N. AI.slCH, l& Co.. Louisvolle, s y WItLIS, STEVENS & C rts.rtoSt Llmuis Sle A. B. Roe', Altos, Ill. Will E. \VrHRow, stushville, IlI. J. & P. P. 1'AIIOWELL, Bv ou ISara, La. SOLOMuo IhIGH. New Otlettt;t. jan 22 DOYIE & mI lA., IDEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISII CROWN GLASS, No. 3 Ca RONIIELEr S'rtgET. o( SA'l Et: lIEN'S INSUR NCIR CLi PANY This C'ompany ars now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 94 Musson's. Boluihg, Canal areer. 1": T 'I'RACY, New Orltinlis, May lb. I3:I:. SecrtIAsy., WILLIAM IRWIN Collimission and Forwttrdling Alerchaltt, CINCINNATI, O11L;: Refer io I.ovet & Arhm, Ne rlns Jos: Landis & Cu. Nest'rlooo. IOIlERT t'IANNIJN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 t(:itlp street, Wholesale IDealer in I'nitts, tOil, Varniesis, Brushes, ilO3 Wi\idssw nol ii'to' ti(los, &c. Ae. T. W. COLLINS .1TTORA'E Y & CL'OCLSEILLOR AT LA ll NOW Iiirnt.tlhln in theSte Sitoti City CotrtL. (;li c s ellla ihiilhl i lld h in ' LIst'r . ol' IltllIi, U S tireuil Ciuttt, iu, the Custi llo e buiilisng. jet8 A CARD. S lii untdrsigned tost Spened i ous in this cit , for tho pumpo-c ~fIl Iranacting a IGENENl., I-)\illl'-ilSIiN lUSINESS. Or'FICE No. I0 (Il: FVIE SATR:EET Lr STAIR. I. P LEVY. ITho hiuse a t Il(;rll (rt.lf, ali s, il'l bt e ot t lltlied in IhO'." alove hi he Go elliye, I.a t r' & Sil . a , Oiu! I .1 I'etstn ý .Ililiudsssl, s is; Is II It ill& tos, L.suisoi lle, IKy. liohl, iL (ilihs re Vicks l ll, ii ist s ., ls lsarser, & C s G's d Gslf, Jilt Stisir, Mtoore &Cs, do :illi Lilhlis, NUtchez, s alle . .New Orleans, Jil, 12, 1,l. jyl2. A CARIl). AT( 1\NI hlIt 'u O1'OSENII ail ing liletcd Ilun elfAin N5ew (irl-ol:lt foulh, luri o.e oftrtli.sacti actllg of any busiues:l t:at mlily e dosred it s that ssti.lir toll l tgsswill golisllslte prIumOl'tt a i t rc I tteI aI tsultiolt to lllobusilses evtnrstedl to Ilis charge, g l d t iaitRhfll Illl'lihutioo (in ueouduace wItS illNstuctionl) uo Oall f Iit e that oI tlllloliisltui lli Citt t New OIt'ie iNc Nw LlExelnge, ol Gntvers.e s. , to l et, 1r Chilap' I ceh ltre s, ss-l a j'tist tii { .b,,-'i r dir a. .Sig Cotle 'e ilt ou nu it s. ici iA "ltw si' o, es ,uv e .1 Il. ( licar,-u.s. .h-is Hllillsr, I.s. & o < , ,;I I C., I t.-, 1,, FIRlF.N'S INSURANCE COMPANY4 tOF NEW 'tRI .IN', Otioce No. 24 Mlnson's Du.'ding .i," ("INA L SJ"LEE. GISOWS GUIDE AND DIRECTFORy lt)I the State 'of Lsisittsu, si I L itite 0t New OU A"Ilsi issilLtt Lalisto;totiir le ht cur Cutup u td Comoa s-s. ).~' 17 Cinp 1 et 1 MJiO A. JOEMiP(.Ai U4)sae C. n cillr eeli~a wi th , his Olfice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPEI Psmphlce.s i lauk Chocks Catalogueos Bill of Lading Labels, Dray Rosoipts, Legal Notices; Auction sills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Deat Bills I CircuL.ars, And every deaeripliou ofJob W4k thMil may be required. Ul'The proprieltr tes.le:rtully calls the attenthin oi the pIublic to lil above C(.rd, *lril dra res ihetd that all work intrulsted to his care shall be done at fie short-. e 0t notice, in a astyle unsurpl.sed It tlris City, add at Ithe I *.stl ralt s. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OP THE CITY OF . 'e, Orleans and Lafayette W Af. publisedl on MenJlv, ilst May, al is now Ior sale at rle countiig room of thepoblishe', DAVID V .LT&CO. Eml9 N Y Sxtatcer' Hall, 8 rtrle re and e r. t-e or ln. E.r . u.AN &lul ,i.--, boxea landing ,ay "2t I.ATER & TitiliR, 40 Psydra5 et Sohle, Inreero arrd 2'runk Manufacturdr, and far. Com o I tr clt .UAs. naTR t. I IhVdiN irn ermploy bseveral Military iVorkmanr ot he is ready to excti rrll work in the aboe e litce s cription, colltanlyu oa land. a m19 ol Yil oanroillnrrlI, H; r u 8 rhlrres iAt. of ue per dieH with hese mi-ll Y l they l ie ai trearraer Terrs: frirrilsRle boy JO IIlI.Ar IN & COPIY, E " ld/ I, I t ,'i1rn 'e rr ros r r arrrlifa ctrer, ala airr k Ithe nlr rihee ti lr,3 Ma gazin e aest reet onale term ank eriptiun, • onstantly n handc2 i N b .L-i READ & lIAI LT'ptjW, I te.l r h em wi h tes I ll r th e rlo aer sbe at. tarl ri, rio r I tor, g iln, U a ,irel rl lculaed .H'l /&ilN r & C Leree.l, Su e hi r aJoeiAtell shem. cRI e SI hII C U'I.S c l ll ae t i c rli t cirul n stru c. TL ol'hri ald wlilh hornliter,1by Lllint at Ioe Orlanse p'itlluie nlllel in ,, 1[. 3 on i me Stll teUt, olpp osie inks Ole rnti. m4 i EL-3atlblll:lll: A dllT M .IeAle jill RIrEi' A R IlERTi'eoPt, j teF It A I)Iir lt ete . irlloe, rlire s ale by Jy28t 442 New l evee. rIE srat I I h ve Ilo er k lv aso oite .t rm S'e l CIsr.a n " 1.d solic r lu eile patbyro e 1 ye'ak Alloe'. - i'i it rI I ri I ' i \ l;. l ll s l ,nnrsr. or Bagitr Ill iurt:t' r 'l HfI.AY" j IIOLhJES & MILLS, ... . Bank Alley. _j? 1· " .9 New Levee. ril'.S, NU ( I'I ,tl"t S, l c - ix a t rirteer p ioundu r:drlic of rtlir Iiln. arr rnd imporial teas,. 5 . 'ces ofilr listrer irinpclirl I nI ",Inr rowlrrer, 2 hall c'he.. s ll puuOllho e aleiy one .~kri 'nlig nutrcegor anrird r genieI onra r ll ' rrtl rrt i ri" nrrl rrrs, lor.eule low by I" . ,A EC \V I.E LEGENDlE, S 1"._ . . . . & _'1 ew eves .'I'."I'I: of LOUISIANA. )A n1 C rll nOrl. I I'r llt rtrirh of New Orleanc. P1r-.-,;nt Ili Ilul'i.:'able I' hrler MlmU ri n Judge. Ai I'irIt 1:,38. ,.). 11113,, Vrn. N. M rllti anli Itl'lrr dI . lost, v ' T'Ieir Creditorsa ad thie Creditors oit' ttrtir, nrd l ou . TI'ine cesto o r Ifrpnlrerty by thle ietiioni - h,:reby crlilierr in Oir, (:rrrt lirr tinl bern fit ril tllr .l'.lliturt. rlnd it is ont |ri tlrt It Ieetiong of ilul crld l lor* bebl o hld l it their rllila bfJ. B. trielr. Eti.q., +,l. a'irb , i'r Wl'enerii.n. i, t'-tli of SeIteoItmber l re . ln: thhn i In Ito d'liillrllle iu Iht e allriri of tlhe iir li. ~ s. find it the rer iterr II tihe iruoeedi.Xf n1e21i,' t Illrr Jer's an.ll lll I yIr, e y are stayed. It i frih rir~r'rern l thnt nrn'ge I. irnoeers, Etq. be 4Ip pul.i1 rd to lep ntl 1 , rrirrrtt ,r-r lr ,ft rn . IEn:trei Irrrr ile rrirr, t R's.- Clerk' P Of Ti'r. ______ -'__ 718. A Rl'ld. PI 'OT, Clerk. lelw: 'lheos l'll \all uriSanl, Julge A'I N Mart;. et liichd S ,.st eorre luars e'o : 1 r er.+tr lea ergntcieta do Marlin & Yos-t=A.d 1II _--l11 Afou t 18A-3-La c .oin dew proprilos faito p.r o. pi litinnu.iles nylll on e aCoeepll&e ar a couuar p oour le icuo de leuras v ren loiere ii eot ordonn'. pa oarn touri lesdits cl'alieors s'aseamblenmt en l'iid'led H Msrks, Esq,l nlt pub, mnrremdi,l12 sp. ltrale.e l iruchij, lp0oar 1re0 re eon oansidtjltlon lear. l lijre.i d us l elltltllt alileS el 1Io lltlellaullt t, o les pour. oie: ctloutrr sirt pcrs0otr et l e0s Goril.Cis taont erc. Iolders iIlelllt.llds Et II es0t l si orrnle qun Gee. K. ltos, 1~ti , oit IrIII11 plllut r praKellLr leserleN. P 1r 0rdre do |a ('altmi lIl; lu.eller, Nouvelle Orl n'1r lOaousl113 AIRMANI) P'IT0Or, Gresler. fI lil Aerllice. 1)incrlt,. ,r th111 In tlr e ocial and Scivil roelalil of thaI Ujited 0tates. u ly J. Felh ellare Coloper. The Two 'llr ts or, d'Iloentlres in a Ce.ntry Hlounse tll olher tile, ; Ilo L lll. Ileillt, lll, E L k uiIwor, MI Norlol. Bury (,;irnl ll, Irs Gore, Capllioil Medwrin;d and others, in w_' vls. 'rihe ltiver llll thln l)erst, y Miss Pardon, author of ithe (ity ,f lhe tul man o cu. 1he loCalset o .chlllls, the (ift of nor Uncle and Aunt with fins1 ter1 ellr;t ril.",i iv AallR01 lu iat r Jilr er lcivd aod j Ir stily lhy e WC McKfEAN, j.Igl R 'r (nlOlp olnd Collllllmll.llo t. o ie loth: rl;e C brllb .n . ic I .tr.. ., lu n li llg da d FlIo r al b od J '1 11A\ ERI & Co, j1yo 1 74 Poydroa s5reet. CI(AVE& ,$LA--7I'J 'S Coopouod Fuid Ex J tract ,i'Sarslpwrilla, for the curo oforatinate ertlltions of the oski; lurIpleO or pustules of the fLac; Iiles whijhl ar1_o froml an impure tatc of tie blood; scaly cruollons; p ins in the bones; chronic :IleuatiiOl;, Bits r; W er00100, or king1's evil; white s0 .lli ; llsyphilitic diseaoss nad- all diaorders arcitlcg troll anl ilpule rstet of the blaod, by a lon`g roeKdeRuoi, in a hO. alimidt, or the lnjudicious use of lmlercory. Also,--Cve & Scllaff t'S Worm Syrop, or In. .ont Prcaoruative: tlme bot prellaration hW Olxtant. Amoleg whih arc thile followlng-Indian Dyie, fir cMl ,rlln the hairr Blenr's Oil; Rnssian Bear'e G;reso; Potloatun; iehaw's Frecklo Wasn,: ao. perolor Porl Powdeir; Lily White; Cream of RoseAi Vegetable Roige; Otto ofl Rose; Lip Salle; Kre. oilt 'l0ol h \a'n-h; Carlonie Deotrifice; Orange Flener Wller; Puowder Puflh ncu BIoxes; Amort. can Clhrconl, neatly p1i1 up ilL four uaune yviasi P eotoo Salta; CoTgalne; Kreosaooto ''oth.acho I rope; Ilair Brllhe.; Englisha Drore in Conmb. I,1a1,10 Ilair Oil;--with a variety of othier Porfui Corner of Canal and Bolurbon aleet PARKER'S IROCKY MOUNT'AINS, &. SOURN Al, of an Exploring T'ur buyond 'Ieil eJ Rocky louantins, ul.l r the direction of ths A B 1 F M, performed in the years I835, '36 anM 3o; contrininlg a desoription of the geography, bey o'ogy, ellil.ote h.ld productlti. and the num,*h. llomris and ,.tton ij of Ito nl0ives; with a Map of l Oegoo T'i'rritory. by Rve. Saunl.el Pasker, A M. Shie R ivet and e D)acst; or R,-collection a thle Rhooona and tIs 'Ilhartr,-•e; by Mis. Pa.rdoe autholllr of ho City oJ Si tanl, &c. it I hob. ''ioe 'dobber, a Tale, ' l the authlor ol iculenied Th'(h S'yip, Attila; ito `t" l'ne '.'ol lirte; or Ad. "'lre in a Couetfb Ilnal.., am0.. tlier Tales, by lcdy Biuingtonn. BI Illlor, MinNortlt,. Borry yCornwall, Ml.n O(to N ;l1 itt1 ledoIIo, I od tl 1 30,. ill r voIn. l'lo, L'dE aOld Adlritntreo of Nichnolas Nieklk s eldttd Iby l.lz.z a. t to lhstrations by nis NU. i+ý Jut t re eiv.d lod f1o, ale by BENJAMlN LEVY: S 1.1 ~ o,.t ~a~e ate .llItl, t, l a 1 tne obiade, "~ -l Aill.iolEl li fr tILe ixolltion o maps, .lad FAl teoaliwiogs, ,oero Ihto' ecirr alir bu-ii-k. a.d II .lt i o cnur s1 of e i oeripi.oa, Inocr. cir eula, n l 1ep1ll Illi llO 1100aper1, nl( alnd dnggishllibelaj o, I l' Iotclxl', 1111 rce.ltst, l e., rill0 dd nd eXobaUtd in a ot-1, aid .0 pedt1i els style, ItV tile pllbprielor. "\V!I,1.I1M GlE .NL .N11 IBak Ntles I e.''v eOuled. nd4 ' -I+'r ret. l pt: -t 10lo ar'ivals frnat New Y•I, tr-oh not*l l.slatan,ble"lrln l .] 1I1TS. Ti ie salol.'rir a. tiult pnrnioulasrtyre l ai seellql 01t ti( p101,1e it. a syle of Ilettvor !IanIa euwe Iinilb, ne rlexturior ris . hand-blltl :.Si des lso to " fnle I Russia hota ofa superipr arqgi41 and aIshoei is lndiat atile of .lko h ut, t.gele-Ainl s1..- -.n " as seoglteiIs tanfIelt elld by hltlstiL. *eLa-i.PIn r niI warkel, wh.lesalo aidl .tan JW ,oSBOIN, 1 Camp rtest N. B. Cit: Ld d o'.ler. are irnviled uo s f1.4

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