Newspaper of True American, September 13, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 13, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, S PEEDILY, IIANDO03IELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OPFICE OF THE True aJlmerican, 1'. CIIARLESl STREET, NEAR POYDRAS, mn23 LOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienvdile street. WV ILLIAM It. CARNES, (ftrinerly of the firm nl W Flint & Carnes,) would respecitully inirmn lls friel'ui and the public at lie is constantly receiving from Now York o and oston a good assortulent of Fur iturve, such an i1 hoganSy chairs, sofilt, Ied-teads, In pie and painted chairs, maple ond cherry bedstends, tnahognev and cherry tablles of ial description);, htt reaus, toilets, secretarys, writiNg dasks, wardlroues of Anla ogal and cherry, wasl stands, lookitng glasse, feat lets, bedding, &e. &e. NB. Furmutrue packed for tnrnsportation with great care. jeo MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Renwovedfront 17 Cu1tomhouse St. "TO NEXT DOOR ToST. CFIAIRLES TIIEATRE, CORNER OF PUYDRAn & ST. CIARLES STREET, au,9--1838. MAYORALTY OF NEW ORLEANStI Council qf Municipality .No. I, Sitting of August 30, 1838. AN ORDINANCE concerning Burials in the hury ing grounds of Municipality No.1, of the city of New Orleans. eit Council of Municipality No. One, ordain as foil lows: Art. 1. From and after the 10th of September next it shall he tile duty o tile guardian or gutrdiat of cemeteries within this municipality, to demand, a cer. tifisate signed by a licensed Ihysician, or tile coroner, or two respectable citizens, jointly with tbe comrins sary of the ward in whieth tile dea:h naty occur, stating the date of thie dienase, aln. age, place of birth, sex, color and eause of death of ths body brought to tile cemetery for sepoulturo. t. '2a The certificate in a'l case,to Ie lo rnishled n ey le iteronu or imrsoans bringing to tile cenintely a dead Fbady or dead bodies, and in tcase shall the kehp er otf te cemetnery reacivo for intcertnent bodiýl, without having obtained tile certificate bove enll tioned. Art. 3. It salrl lie the dIuty of the keeper of tile cetnneterv to record in a boIok kept for that ouipose all tile teticohlntr obtainedt1t Iv cnetifileter relating to tihe boiie haviioL reuivclnl sttiltturc, and alslt tn for niah monthbly a report it tll! nniayor ofi te city, con laltin t a ico t lof tile nates, ngesH pltcei ofblirili, ent. es of det, datittes of disease, sex color of slcl bodiesr names of thie piyicinns or other citizens attest-ing te Art. 4. A fic of ten dliarshall Ie ilpoed pnt Iton the person otr persons tt rintinz a Itdtn v ordt i.ti for .tpul ture to tine senttt tnef thisf Iunitc iltt lity; ill till nn m-8 wheretite t ie eerlificalte Ieretltofore nsetioelld, shlllnlot lave bpen furtulnhid. Art. 6i. The guttardli:tn ofnte cenetary snnll iT ,ll:h cases Ine, antin e l4 hereby alttori.-tln li itnkt. " smn. silonoft hor r hos orines ntin %ehicl ingriltnt nitt bodies, and slall keelt )ossesion of said hor.os and .e hiclt ulntil the fintneall Ilnave bheenl nill. Art. 6 'ie inaye r y s IherebIy IauthoritidI tno tttilish tln nec rt or liantrd n e in til tihe new i tles tnt is tity, bioth illn th Frech atinlln IEglish latngulltges duritg Ten [a e [Signed p' .IIFRTI;S, Recordeir. AppreVed, ietptember 3, 11138. [Si gne d] [eC ibGlNOIS, Al aor. A true copy. THElt l Jttlltnt. Si"' .'. Ro Sulýve 'hl t the rdl ia ll the Il ry it groundo pa ,I t 30th It., btoso ado,' i ftj ;o si t tte lite words ",at (if O ,11,her nillP I114r tile wobrds'lllth o|' Septe mber next, i tie hrst arlitl [i the l dlI PA[n . . Ill.RTIUS, l r<-rder. SApl".'v l l pte "" lber 5, I :S8. On seil t de In Prouirenn unic ae lite l 1 c extrll ordina'"re du 30 lOtu i't 1. i3. Ord[nuance c1igticernan ler ] lle In 1B l I e j .n il the lu nnivipalit6 . N o. un, de la ille de ls Nell t. Orli( ii I ar1iele cc illi sll t: Art . A e( er al ix m , tl iro(h lt n i l sera ill ,djaylJr dul gardl ien ol Ltes galrl li n 1" t u eilll e' ti bollr l iette ltl i 'ex gerttin certiliat stn o" r e i I ui e ci or10 t por 3 on l (r (.ti pr. lxr 18'i8. e lls r:estoulrta tie. co juilv e llC t l v'c Il. ( i IIIe S.ilt'i(, u dllu qliriri'r dautR 1'q II I e- frle + ti ll1erc l a on lion sle,'t Pot, , c exe I coltfoteur, 'ili I A11 rl (t ,tlllI Itt1 it .Seance Bdg2 ____ e b7 Bak1 c. > is 11< 1 6 flt. a ilne -'J I" t 111"r y ll'tw c dti rr(. Arto nL certlicn alln e r e inti oito It' cII otlrni ! tl p tt Ii t o ttHo. 1 O il I irtt on llet i tpt rtal 1t a ll , it 5tli ret , lips (II dtd.d e I I i r n ln e r. rl ll IlE R T R eorer. Appoil Ill t 5 somep t tma o i it3y . mi re.r IHI SPolor eopdi c tonloro, THEi Rhi , ri, ocreottiir % E, E 1. Ptnitrri A i n dill Vt ila p Oi-al la ellS -Ai htel I le i , :erPililt R cid lle LO ES-lltill . ge i anr 100 gtr o l tltleo t In , r li t dI IVrim'ey h t Itqn i Ne YIIIo k ll . i tr , Ieli C.l t a i nt l ' N i 1 a, Ian , Ily r H on , t "ill·is hoens nl dc . enitni ctlti ubun L Pot tet of eusiett, tot lite aLev nrd to Newa ' ,ite i.), illt o. t uti ettd and le ttce c d to, ttu t w n d cl . n ari o iS t u ill rli, ri 'e y k aill u ' t l o ri e l"ldi t l Il, ,.xcv e otle s des'curp4 ii IIl it lto gllol.11,d n tlle. rt ,I. Up e s Ia o e lie I t ix pi.Ftret 'eI lela ii nin-. AENSION BOURGEOLSE, t Iti ptrttM n ia IpoLrtt d till .i UAn- iie Y Cor ],I I',t - dueitre poa o y e tre de llt rrt . 1i t1 . IR lee CILA OU leer ta tiTale f iouMlti, iro peina t tfettnt \ , Alt . TouIt tantieln do tioito itlre ienlt ltoriott dalnt ren $ ed esl a, r t lmltiOnlI d t sIe tpH er . u Ien rhev. 8ou de, ehievnolx aillsi que thr cirbilhltmir .+n anlto vtt!lrei ....o .. ,iotirotto atiornt l'grtte"nl dyr Alir 6, Le latire aesn t evt e negrl autcorise rIalt fi Id'eittr datlts t tt tondlt ttettdt etitte ville, ell o ulgloig et Vol fraImaiA il ir6at.nte Orldlnidco Ieidalltt'.espce clo, dix junra. Signe PA'.lL/L:rlU, lrtecor.,er Si.. C t e ENa ~E , n Sl it , louo eepie cuoniforme, TfllJll), Jr--n ecrta ire H l IA RIlTOW , Seanee du 3 septenlbreo 13 MO. augeslt u5e 7I'ololane relative unx vitlnetire a lon tIes c2 I tit d.rai.r mli ll medee de mtilliereon C i, or gseptod ibre y acpain e ,tDellDlNC. PAIlTi t tILS-A narg ttti Ietl Ine la oiesom ameademnt t soi an, i Irtiby 6 le I sudite oune irdonn ee, - ttttc t to. naiNeot.iro, ttitlt So tiott andintt SSig . A lonen. BERTUSila, B Recorde. n PETRl S. VAN TIVCK, Appronve le 5 183 . Pign EI ( Vn OIS, Innre. K, Spour o Ie o iatienlr o TIIEAID, Jr, n ascretuiro U• and lg lxtras porer hoptoes, icr so wle by MISAAC Ii E & COILL, , pt 131Bank All ev. No 1p:o 401Tolouse at,-IBY Mrs lPoydln l en. ortlmni tI rnc is spachu ceand eonveritly ituated Jo T for lner of business, near the Levee awill the New Exchanp o e. y m. Thi i n ellt a rIhm table will be twell slp . ed and ttlended to, pad S datl hrge pmoduer. te.A ly ti t Boarders wiihingi to have lodging, can be aceommo dited, at diffferent prices, wlth eommodious furnished onluls, Boarders will ihav I lV e Sli'lat, lion to Illeet there, person@ spea king the French, English and Spout isll languages, anW23:3111 P-EN ON' BOUItGEO1SE, 1jue Toulouse. ?&. 13, tenue par .lde Ve. If,,f tann -C E 'r ctabliisse ulelt e st 8i n. i 01x et Fe toroni l situý tires do la Levee et de ai Nonvel e Bourse, 'e est dire an centre des iffaires. Lu table sera bien fournie, proprement tenuo ct A tin prix niodibr6. I "eux qui prnant pension di&.ireraient v Iour all rent des uppartemens de diflerens prix, hiehn garnis et commodes. S Les pensiollnares anuront l'agimeont d'y tronver des personllnes iarlant le langnes francaise, anglaise S et e.oila.-nle. ". 3an .-.di.. \Vine..- t tintl dry, in qlalrter casks, Indian bils., for sale b) " RIEAD, S" BARSITS'IOW, aug25 7 Batik Place. S -ULLNITrUtE--Juit recei, ing ditiln - 1.' PLy front New York anti toston( Piner in wantr , P URNITURF1. wonh'l 'I" -ll Ito c.ll al 63t ]tienville street beruotepnrchasieg- elsewlhere. Term,, Cash, or good city aeeeptances. W R CARNES, EDICINES. PAINTS & O)ILS--A large nnd general nssortment on hand, for side low, by JAIRVIS & ANDREWS, t or Commnon &'l Tebeup itonla.eo - FlHE Colpartershrp heretofore exiting in thio City, I between the subselribers, tunder die firm of l.ail Van IVyek A- Co., ill New York, Laidlaw A- Co., alid in Nalcte,., Miss., Van WVyck, Laidlaw A- Co., is dissol oed fly inetualnconsent. John Laidlaw, Peter S. Val - Vylk, anil Thinuomas W. Van \Vyek are authorized to ANI)ILEW LANE, ". I'THOMAR S. VAN W YCK . r TH01A.I W. VAN WYCK, . New Orleans, Oug. 18th, 1838. CO-PAIRI'NERSHIIII. . Tbn subseriblers Ihve fourned a copartnership in this city )flter the firm of.Van Wyck A- Co., and in t .lNew York utde the firm nfJebn Lraidlaw 8f <o. JOHN LAII)LAW, PETEIR 8. VAN W¥CK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, Lo T.0'H[NG--10 Cases, conprisinz bIraill scarl- C flaBnncl; Liverpool striped, twilled, and white cot. -.ton shirts; heavy hbue striped cottonade pantaloons, landing from ship Concordia, for sale by ISAAC BILIDGE & CO, aeo limls 131 Magazine st. AVTANA COFFEE-150 bags in store. sud for S by SLATER & TRIER, epg8 40 Poydras stroet. PRIVT1,G OFFICE. 1N, Ot SALE,--A printing office, composed of all F' the inaterials neceisary for a newpaper. Ae la-sortnuent ef lrench accents; several fiunts ol JoB Typx; a large extra imperial press, &c, &c, will Ile sold cbeap, and eneasy terms. This i4 an excellent chance for ou- intending, to elitublidh i eoantry paper, and vii .laie Job O)ies. ' The type 4c, will be sold separately froin the preolla should sneuh an srrangetrnen; acconnn[;= dathethe pircljiser. Aplply at this officu. For the Interior. FOR LOUISVILLE, CINCINNATI. AND ALL INTERMIEDIATE I'Ol l S.. l.-J.:.J -.--_- GOV. SI lF .IIV , I .I li' l.ihe'll ald I w nill lavi:lo tch li thle .ilop'tt . For treighlt or passage, having superior i:ecolt odaltions, upply to LAWRENCE & lE. NillNDIE, 'll8 it'S & 'h New Ilve'. PJILEASURI EXCUlRIO.'I TO lBAY ST. LOUIS AND l'oAS CHRISTIAN. Fare $2,5.!! e;,- iiO lK Tlhe fiLtt rtinnine stenaibont idA (.:.tote .+.ZEI'PA,Captain (lrillin, IeaciS tlhe : q- 4zi lake eall of ite rail rlmol, tt the arri val oftlhe 7o'chIck cars,ona Saturldav eve; the I1th inst. e i e orvy eneuing Saturday. lIiournii, will reahl tie rail ioad bIy G o'clock on ilontlav Iorti.'g. Ap'ly to GEO: WI HI'TrMAN, New Orleans l llnobile Mail Oiffce. q'iglI Under tle Exchange I hltel. St Charles st. FOR BA S'. IUIS, PASs- C 'TlAN, BI .OXI & PASCAGOUI.A, Twrice a treek. The fine. low pressure steamor GIRAFFE, Capt. Swilor, willleave for the above places on the mornings of WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS, immediately after tht arrival of the 7 o'clock cars, and return on 'lurldays and Mondays to the Rail Road The public my depend upon great punetalitv. Aug 11 Flor passage npply to Conltain wiler. For Mobile, and all laternediate LandingI. 'rie low presIure aieam boat . CAROI.IN E, ill Teave Ne. Orleans for Mobile, every Thursday and Sunday, at 2 ol'clock, M. touching at till the watcring places at which plasengers may wish to land. For iurther particlurr, apllily to GEO. WHIIITMAN, jy24 Exchange linotel, St. Clharles t. For Mobile atd all Intermediate Landige'.. , l ''lt e fast rutnin and splenadid stetnl ..t.1.lluoat Wi. WALLAXICE, entirely ia state rooms, will leave New Orlatns fer Moblle, anI oall intermediate waterint places, every Tuesday and Saturday, after the arrivl of th 12 o'oclck cars. GCli'. WHITMAN, iv24 ExchEllatt Ilotel, St. Catiiles t. I A'rUII)AY EVENIN(I ANDI 8UND,%¥ EXCURSION TO MANDEVILLE & MAIISONVII.LE. St The temerSiUTI AI AlAM.A, I SCapt. I,.. Ktnigl.t,w ill lerave lth lak . cud of thel rail-roadul for the ablove pla c l; every tirtlda eveniln, on the arrival of the 2, ,1 clock e:as, andl ret.lrln tlhe smne night,-andl leavI, Sull Idary lorlitg on file arrivt ofthe ooclk curs; return VII,It & COtVINITM N. I,.^ ,l^ e rile fnst rilatlil and o lllendl tcilli. It l OIStJI AIAI IArA . ollg Illmstetrlwill IMAll t, i r i Ir lllil boIlior tlt above Ipol.i. oiUlt Oollis \lldtie' olii S Ie,leiv , after tle irrit tl o ,f'f the . a 'cit k t.l A n. II t Loiui.itt, laVes Ci iltxit'dl s, rliur,. hw sil l leI , tttll'loato, I 't8 I ihtC l ll, A I, N It. Atll xott'l e ltoi latrcelt itt t risk of ti i own arsitlllle ,, b iillofllattg ii sigtiio . Gtll) WIIITlAN "New Orleao l to llltl idotilo t il ()OlceI t l IExcShtll e Hltilit,_ St hIrles stro. OTI#C ..!ealnbat ).AZEIPA will "'IL ..L leave lie. Ltte. end ol fihe Rail RIoaI S ....,l,, ndayI iIe id Vii Ii'i Iio" a ili ir it l II It I o'clock ur,, uiehinl it ]htlv it IIui, )a. (Jh stian ll ItllXi, .- t I woilt hte lasvaeh+ at Ilv ,lit Ill h vetit - 1eIlIu at 3 ' vi hwl)ck, I, 31., Itllill t ' 11 tl te wat ii, i II llil\ lil ll. " o tt i' ti loI (I0 GEI'/, I.). \'II I T1 3A N., i' S lxbhango li htla, St. Ch;arles rin-et, 'o ll th %IMa . nI'l di Lrilhl. I" llll lil" Ibv the 116il Lhiln - II" llll lllilai , \V vanlld. a I ;lll,,rln will Itr dlll lr ilaL t-ll. lit ibis oi tb'.. "':.i II I S- I.8 caItll ib l l t:tlc'rc tall s -tir.It nu s Itb pl:acedl iI11 the wav bill. 'l1hll4ýe wIIIt) IIIVc I V ,la " tlll Cm;II .ll(o it ial't-ll oil thilll lv i. Itihl.ll l". I s t :t) \(V: IIo ' ·ITM A , l lF:;Y'U .' Kl.;(;,S FKrlSlI ()IlIEN i;U' TI.I,|i he 5 e boxs b h i,5 l. i eI IIIIh r ill l i P) h l p 'r i' H"u i 111"'1 0 t H L ei C1 i n m i ekeml d i uiii a L a ulgnacnl b . iil ie S, ll il roh t e lrCulr, wiV ul0J]"r \lrJI Iti ill, ji U FE LT te Uo, Yint blu uln.,' Co, li Cel, t'l. la ein alla by, le I i i lrcl cnt i ix rh A i 5 lN. Leute. Allet. wa-ell kic, r, , l -Hlul pply L" ldi tol ;I lll I l lt' ll IWerA Wh 1 11 1y l rIII. LE.iF I.l VKil- llu e ri f erier rnic, ill le sipr rale by {A !. HA II SiL WL i S ]I , i jT t li ll I i l I'ill ctlllma Ji i rllait l iibeu e S k aull rl ine ablue loetter ppil t-ine very low rl. ie ud; Cr cil- a eie wti o iier letteI pApl'er, loh; M adlle \fier lin llr I Il e; , catllsb s CH dUPe liel 1kLAat pIj t i' r ie n H si; c iasie,, s e clile tl LJA +VET & A.lldLl'N,' ibeealeW*al it*^i k ,iid itt,,il, bly 1-L1L2 (1 necib, A)' ne T .rh , tllt lSa ' lner Cimll jIA-l Altl0rtres rs suro. ilter t Winea ilE Ci-U iieciengresi 1ii.- liaietdi 'ly , theili Sl )lAle e two rd lav l Jn iu r - i b Ilrs. eali the L e. l ie l 'er f raule by IIUcali.Eiii'l wii hii e let lL i k sta-K T i cta size. 2. cnlie s s i l i al lite i riert jyv I * ll hank Alley IA'S PEN. T'E'S w luid i I nai i of arsit ani riln iii- I IOr eled ad liuelle r ll elt lr'i d. lverai l urc sinved tlie C r [lease ullty e Both fail toiad Ntillially, For toea lattielars a OIy to 11 BONtNAKb.~l., jy.l cr Terhonu pitou lad ch Nolth ts .tn L .cION ShiltUP inA- tes co dle. ac luht ar pltsa lere by ILEAD hIi', MILST , lugA 7 Hunank Allce. aupg? _ 714 Iiyri ns & triet. SAr'A NAASsEI II r-ln lrald toiiaf ce ad bihsari atsur, il all t r arente tLAYETl & AIELlUN, Blig8 J THAiYER & Co. aag?3 17 Clioydrsc iiseet. JE i W lls, + ti - , s Jtll 61-i •l.ANKd ^)U I Punr--hliiO hhdtritrc JIsnd eIvb. i li store, s aito r sale by LAIET & AMELUNT , a lllg ll1 n ' i i ll lln,ti , L sat , ete 1 ;lr e.y IIE ltOi GII U ,E BROWlN .1 CO, ug: C li st. INS Liquors--Ch i 0 bcIi s s Chai aiigllne wiine, (Lafiyette traud) Ill pipes Madenir 25011 qr. casks imhnitation Madehiae wic, in stnrce and iit sile hy IIE108OWINIE iLO\ A--N tCO, ". aug213 Cooti st. IOLASISES-70 bbl. in 0ttor, ilr tsale by S LA.AwVii NCE & ILEGEiNDRE, augt'2l 4 an'' d Uc New Levee. rill AS ll t Notesl-1000 IIs. i iileale I. OFFICE O1F 11ilE M t , 01 t A II. A.\3- .f. VIIILE IIAIL JltAl), KtAFTs ol, New York fit sight, for sale at I per cent. JAMES I1 CADI. EL.L, sell8 Pres'l. r HE Novels of'JaneAui tiii, coitainiig'Pride und T rejudice, -Manfieli Park,' MScuie and n ensi bilite' 'Emnia' eall 'Nortiiliniger Abbey' to which is preaixed a biograplhical notice oif the liuthor-collplete Nos. :n & 4 of 'Thl'e Life and Adventllrs of Nickolas Nickleby,containing a faithful accoun t elll of the rtuaes, mrislLrilunes, (Iownlalliigs, stlld comleci!ale tllreer of' lha Nicklelv Family. Edited by llz'-- .iihilustralioa by "Pliz.' ALStO), An additional supply of No I,'Nickolas Nickleby.' lOliver I wist,' part fir.l, and 'Pickwick Pupars juet received, anid tor sale by Wi 311, 'K( N, sept8 canrier otaltiaplllh, nnlll na t dIll) DOLLARAS RIEWVARUD. LOST or stolen ironl on bloald ship IIENSING l TON, while lying at the Levee, 93 Columbll,ian and 5 lMexican Doubloons-the above reward r. ill be paid flr any information that may lead to the discovery of the stanlle. aSepll -18:18 f NI)Lid'i-175 holes iperm, cedles, best branlds, tlandiig frim shil Plato, hur sale lby ISAAC Bltll)Uitd S- CO, al.p8 1t4 Inhglnziet st. XCHANGdE n lostun-in-l snulas to nauil pIr chasers, r sal byTETSON STETSON & AVERY, aug28 88 Gravier sr. CHAI'PAIGNE Braillly--ln jipt s nd half p5ipes, Sa very slnperior old article Inl store nd fma sale by T It HYDEI)I & MlRo, aug8B 39 Coalieion, corner Magazine st. iANK NOTE PAPER--Just received a few thaou. aa.l id sheets of Bank Bill Papler of very superior quality, br sale by DAVID FELT & CO, aug28 NY St nurs Ilall,21 Chartres. CITY iSAc , lNew Orleans, 25 Aug., 1838. IIIS Bank is checking oi New ork at si a . T O OT. J. IALI.ilY, angiS Cahlie, SHIPPING. For Europe. FOll MARSEILLES. 'I The last sailing brig CAROLINE, Capt. -; The71.1n1iroli will hilrve illndiate ldespaltch for ll IIe above port. FouFr freight at 1501 bIuhs cot toll, or l gi'he, lllry tI LEVI II G LE, aung3 9:1 CoItilo:al lt. FO. T1%IE(STIE;. . The fast sailing ship HELEN MAR, Capt. - , halvin full cargo enlgaged, will have despatch; for Iassge vpply to " S . J P WHITNEY, ani2l3 8 Contiat __ Coastwzse. FOR NEW YORK. L,,uisiatan ad New York Line. 'I'll r.egalar and last sailing Packet ship lVICKSlIUtG, Ward, marter having part of ler cargo engaged will meet sithl iolediatli despatchl-lor the remannader of freiglt or passage hav ing elegant acoi nmodations, apply to Ine tCaptain on board, bppouita the vegetable market, or to J D BEIN & A COHEN, sep8 i Commolnn street. SUS'' received at the Lotuisiana Furniture Ware E c Rooln, 53 Uienvills street,O00 Maple and Cherry Iedsteods; a first rate article. Also, a good aIsert ment of Ilaple, Walnut, and Painted Chairs, which will le sold for tie lowest cash prices. W CA RNES. jy7 ___ 53 Binnville street. XV.I)LESALEK AND tlE'AIL 153511 ANU .V VAItItTY STORE, Ino. 11 Camp stree .nn der Bislhop's Hotel-The subscribers atr now i 'ning at their new stalld, all extensive assortment at alrtlat i their tine, comlarising every variety ofCoilns, lrai'les, Penlfulnery, Looking Glasses, Inaying Cardls .d a large nuiber of Faucy articles. The followitr is pirt a Iescritioln: COMr IS-trortoiseand Braziliin high toptnck, pial and carved; do. do. twist, long, nec, pllt.; side, tpooe and dressiug, ivory and horn; fine Loith, dressing anal pocket comlbs; hornll, redding atil nJrea siaiuis; wooden, dressing, fine tooth and pocket coma. PEItFUIMEIY--A general assa.t.e t of French and Amerinan Perfamery, consisting u .l loe water in bottles, of allshapeslad sizes; la., .er, Florida, rose, orange, let, jessamine, bergamot, aldlerfleurs, .rC.; fancy snaps ofelery isrniptin;o maooeassar, anitille, Yitl vn eteahle hair oil and nrlint fluli; ahlorile toothn wash, carbonni and chlorine denll tice; scented and plain toilet powder; pomatum; preston salts, etc. 1IIIUSES-Comnprlising a great variety of cloth, hair, ihat, flesh, tooth, unil, comb, slavilg, plate, hearth, fine and plain austing, sweeping, crunib furniture, stlr'.lilng alll white wash, horse, sloe anll tnner's coilng, paint and varnlish brushehs, anld sash tnd grain ng tools af all sizes. LOUtCKING (LASSES-Co,,iprising gilt frames at v:ious sizes, 5.A, si allI draw toilets; ermall statias toilet alI pookat glass, malaniffingl linioriOiS, to. II4IXI YNf CAIIDS--.Ib talra Ilasiahlt, latrIotl, ighlalili Spienl (arto, Frnalth nd vwil hiack Pla36 FANCY AND VAII:i A rior assortiient of tld ~i s, ' aIli gii l tl ien's dressinig ellsli s dl i hs ulit t; i blloxti ; It c. ox ti of , ., liti ' desi a Iita , stll l if . he, ac tetar ital C'IIItIIIs' gflts; L ckel book' i t all soits ; S tiP - d!e'a Ili. sic. ox s, lead ia 1en cil 11,1i)i II, a t lau tti ,. ii baigs ild ipurses, tian assolltient 't ltne he:mlssulio quality billiard balls, paste blackiai.; i.lln, shirt, vrst, til la Spelllder bIuttolns; peal uI !It anll shirt i.Ids, razol stlros; g lls miachi ll• clreatiln light: Spaolliish uand inclc segarsl; inaccuolba, Paris, Irapll te atI Sclotch slit'hals atssortnent of Iill la l ll 1h ias; hllUk gamnlo, hllarlds; dlice, tHllec slcreells, optics, ,Icws h:arps, calls', drIkig cops, huwing lllhlks andll game lings; steel, stlvlr land pated spctiacles; thimbles, Llile, etc., a hands-lne asolrtLilleit of elll~avingls, tolla it hlrge varie Ilicec, Io'ur cash or cit) acceptnllilces. nlay .i ItRIEES k4 ),IANGE L i) It iia 1rELS i l aiti'; riti brig nlcle jl S & JP NWIITNNEY Ul-Ei,. I.-t0M SAI.TS, AND CAl1,0i1IA.. S150 ,oIInw,',s Frewh Qlliinu, III hb. Episuom Salls ! tii-ks Pearl Ashes, 1 cilsve (Calonlel, Ilece., Julo,, i ritIb.,&. . e, .. ..atJing Iroul brig WillimII, froii IJARIVI, & ANDRitEWS, Whllesale )ruitgists, jv7 cr COlClllloll ta Tcilollopittouills stmret. AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, tI D .>,le Alalnderille stree, Th tir'd .llunariela/ily, two squares helow the lail Rioad. EXI : IISEl, C.LEANi.LNElSS, IPLEASURE AND II EALIllJ . I .1.1E arali ýei u ts hr this e stublishi el t tre l no h o t al ll cl a vi'ol i ii i o t h1enalor{ of 'nillers. The t. us e now pro vided with dst ors under lock rind ke, lad lors iud roiure it lreptired lor aecenili 'F H II bth; a sT oM strulti upyi v ofk'T ln Try owels A'i l rt I tr I'. Ib IIer. The ts g hich thro s a reti bl,. hde oI . 'r the bath, driu the oi t . fit the d tY, i rw ao cire c leated and allte ows a fi e irculation i tl ' hI I n l l I Pth llCetto I aI 'h with i Sctr C tcr ilthi Cl 5 ft lShe Biaths iere opel a o in 4 no'cl !k A. 31. notil Wli 1". %]. h'lhse hbiil uffird ait gradnatt Cd lepth of water of 3 to 7 1i',ei, ortied li ani enclosed baSi° ',I) flet long by 3(l hroad, prolced by aI rnilii from thle n lrong Cnrreo t of L he river, iaiud y tie teal o u nl f to llow a tiee Ic. I RVING'S NEW WORK c. iiull--1 n rl II W RCKY M(rOUNIA- INS-rScte, inelents I etlt ls.ltres i. "the tVsr Wet' t," digested from e joiureuattof t apain t 111. E lontelle, of the Army of the United iStatee, aelI illhstrtted from various other le <tins, ' b clttlsthit.t nn I rving, in t vol'.. ill. Vi rCTiS (s. SOr.'tin'-ll tite Colntess of ltlissitton, ill 4ý vols.. Just r Pived anild r saile t v r lT ) IiET s til It No . etber Iext thil.e elegant S IwellinZs Ilol se, No. 117 Itc . Joetfbt sireeti. Apply ut No. 74 Podr l.As street . jyl9 ttM il'STIC GOODltS-Lacwreuce & Co 1-1 heavy I bro l sheetings. JIaceksoin & C linch shirstings. Lowell c sa. I & hrows t lcotton, Fs ale STETSON & AVERy, iiat 88l Gra1 i ser stree IK li' I l Ll)GANS- -0 cases, of vario t4 n aii.u lISAAC IillDGE & CO, for 1839. 25 to. People's Altaneas fair l839. Caliaula ted ifr every state in the Union, and containing a great var ety of gravitgs, for sale bythe groe, dzen and ingle b Ly I.)AVI I) IýLc & uo, N Y Statiouer's Halll4 Chartrens t. J 6Ei O b d colto ras, It store fir saet by G . a)OIuil t SFY, augl(i p41 .ew Lri eve ee. dI I o 'KEY, Pork, Ilaton Sides, Floor an lard, I ) FlTORSY, S aulg2l 4 I News Leve,. F )ltiN.-li ti lt ,, te oii lr itIgt e li l i e int ral er l * in store, by Wh, J THA1YEID & CO, IBUgi1B t titis St groundflooiur latuintg frot AYETr & AillELNG, GOSHlillE al keTI k spimine Goshen but. augh3 23 & 9 Nee .Lve,-. anRl6 17 CoNerc l.reet. SC STA.-O l SAACnIl.l ft i .il gE Ccs. S 31 Nl-I'U1'( 7S.TI j l liAl & ll)iE li O, E SLATE R & liw file, nlug: 1340 P uag ine St. 1_o b i ,.i re 0 u perior lu liaa y, i no. la.din..g i nggd , an, fo r S.le lr ov 1e"k 1341 fe eum tei wliatl- i ", lc e . le1, blueottonadel+ taudh t, ofro tri e Ihea t f anr sa wy JOS1EP1H COCIAVNE, L be .i by Be cIIIIs e tb er. s-sits-ttaittpre ts ctio u s the Ila" ANIDRIW, wholabsconded eetlsth 51l inst. Saio d bPory is ruclut 15 sesas of r age, 5 feet high, black fra, oand very speitis q Yuick, ,h-tl e .uners a llt , ha . t whe lie left, bluet eecttceted lamt, blue Striped shirt and straw lAt. IJOIIHN IINTuEN, S glle18 13 cllhnge r t. tflu!ic V by WIIITBIIIIDGE & CO eug2i8 130 Magazine st. rOIl EblIg --l ill, fot sCel b y " by NWII ICIDKY e C, aiug4 3 Gravier 2 tree. -.J cei eby aSTeTSO .hii & AEIRh STEXAS JOUNTYIV wN easCed byn l I NAFFhIL TOWNSEND, jels 1ixelssngs Iles, fravinr at- sle BUSINESS CARDS. _ FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Churtre. Mtreet IIAVW aeonstantsupply of evera oartcle pertatinig to geltlemen's dress, of tite latest style, at N.ew York rier.s ". dec 20 TE T1*. SILICEOUS METALLIC TEETH. c PECIMENS of these beautiful teeth, and the man k-' ner of selting them, may be s.en at the office of J. B. Ro SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canalslreet. These teeth nover change calour, ond are by any, and in many cases, preferable to the I1. Dr. It. will wait upon ladies at their residence, requested. .p9if S. A. PEIKIt(OSSIER, MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Coommn street, D EGS to inform the public that having purchased from Messrs HOUGH, SKEUGS &'CO. part of their stock, he will continue the business at their old stand, opposite Bishop's Hotel, where e hopes to merit a share oftheir patroage. e has made arrangeawnts at the North to be sup|ldied monihly with the latest and most fashionable goods. mr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 I'oydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTCURFS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all description i. WARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BATHS Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &c gTjorders executed ir any part of the Southen States. tr 9n Dr. liobert P. Liedoe. (oF F I CE LCFIoANGF HOTEL. f -LAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe MIanufacturers, No. 102 Polydras street, M'T EP on hlIni a crmnn.t:nt supply of Lead Pip-, fromt 2 it. dialiten r down to 3.-9 il. diameter, fiw sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA !A, I -S 1 iL% ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opponite llaons' Arenda. II'lLl. V G!.l ;I:l.'I.'i: tI'OPiRETOR J H. PARIER No 6. 1 , .\rw .hmnls . ' ,. : : JARVIS & .\ 1)REI WS, St)l.tS.',! Ni .: ', t ) \11'; S IN' MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D1E ST'Y .'i . IL'-' i7'V VD0-.V tI. ISS, C, rner of Cu.rniin r id, Tehoupitoulas streets, NA'lTIAN JARVIS. JOHtN W. ANIIIEWS. A tlarge lily of Gar.den See.s. warranted the growth of i837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 iad I63 WATE'I ST'REET. ' IIE undersigned, having esta.blished thermseho in I lo lile tir tie i Irpose of Irutsctirilng tih Anotion elnd Collissinl businles inll It various branclllhe,R beg leave to illornl lhir frientfrs andO tile purllic, that they Ire o -pII r prepared to rervei colsgil.rents, and Iuake literal advances on the sallme, eithefr private or ulblic sale. SnoLO.tAN I. J)ONES, ISRAEL I. JONI.S. Refer to WValker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. Motlile, Feb 9, 1838s. ftl, 1t A CARD. SARUEL SLATER. AnRAHAIM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwardiln & COIauilni0'saios IIMerchants, No. 40 Poydras Street, N VW ORLEANS. They will devote their prticular attetion to the sale ol Wosturn I'roduce. References. Abhijt Fik, req. ) S I loucharold, A M Nathan, 11art31 ilSl, Noew Osleroo. Messrs. Koha, Daron & Co. J ) & 1M WIilliams, ) lrigg, Wildl &.Co. 3 Boston, T'loo Vote Es11. Ikb, rts Blrothitrs & Co. I.evret &Th esll. New York. V.on Pild & Me toill. Stanord & I)avis. , St Louis. (;ltgow, Shalw o IT'atu. ) S Ri er & Co. ) llewlev, Pale & 1)unlal. Altoi. A It Skil)n ore E"sq. G; I Maurollel & l Cl.-Lolisville. ELI STONE. X. T. STONE. E &B. T. STONE. Ferwardilny nd Commilssin Ilerchnuls, FURNISHERS OF SHIP AND BOAT STORES, No. 114 TcuouPiroULAS STREET. N,:w-O(rleans. Relerenoor. lMessrs. BALL, BAKER & CO. B n EItErZEKos VOe E Co Boston A. B' MEACH & Co. New York I.P uNAM, New rk. J- & 'P L. HorLA Cincinnti, O. W itsGHT SMITH I " nt, DAID, STONE, Dayton O B.Co nrocKr & Co. Colmntole i. N. AI.DIICH, &t Co.. Louisville, I v WVILLIS,STEVENS & C(L.hTI, St Loulis Mn A. II. Rorr, Alton, III. WM E. WrITHrno, Rushville, Ill. J.o & P . 1'. I AuTWELL, IBayou Sar, La. SOLOMON HIGH. N.eV OlntR.9. iun 22 DOvYIss & MAV, DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH1 CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CAinoIrHlin r STREET. ol FIIEt) EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEA ORLEANS. This Compallny are now prepreed to tak. RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Miuson's Building, Caun! I' t, 'I'ItACY, New Orleans, lMay 15, 1838. . rl.Ntety. WILLIAM IRWIN Commnission anid Forwarding MlerIlhant, CINcINNATI, OUllto. Refer to layet & AoIlttie, New Orleans. Jo,e. Landi3 & C,. RUtiO'; I.A.N C ,NN, I¶3USE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1 Camp street, Wholesale Dealer i I'Paints, Oil, Va nisle, Brushes, t:0I \Vi.,dtw and Pic:ure Gls, et, Ac. .'AW. W. .'1TTOIV'EY & COU.SI.LLOR .'I T LA I. NtOW lraetisino in tile Stat, and City Courts. Cli Uents F ill lind hNtit tLhet erk's oTIlE , US S irSuit Coulrt, in tho Customl loui' building. je8 1 for the iMUllroe of tlrasclltig ut (GENEIiAL CGotI ISsiuiN 'USINESS. OFrICEr, No. 10 GRAVItER STREET, UP STAIRS. 11 P1 LEVY. iThe house at Grand Gutf, Mliss, will be contmoued in the above name. tloferente. Godfrey, I.a ri & Sall Orlens. La. P'etors k Millard, ' .co rleono. t. I1 It Hill & Co, Loniaville, Kv. .lohi. M Gilmore, Vicksburg, lias. b zeroourpet & Ci Graj, d Gulf, Miss. Ittit"Ioo"er& Co, . Silts Lillard, NUtchez, Miss. New Orleanus, July 1, 1883. jyl A CARD. N ATHANIEL TOWNSENI) having leated hinl selflin New Orleanos orlthe urpose of transacting o GRenerlt Ageoc anld busiiness, would re splctiliy solicit froul the public share of their i'a tronage. IoSving a Ihouse in T'exa, ihe will attend t tie trans acting of any business that may be desired in thot coultry, and will guarantee plropt ald unremitted al tstilon to all businles eatrusted to his charge., and a saithful ap1lication (in accoldanue with instructions) of all toundl that Iany consle into his handa. to lev lir Clapos' church, and oaljtiniog Gibson's roline rom yoign ill'e, Ky.einCoeulate. New OrlOeas, November 2O5, RL7. :Referencer. OMesse Nilo. ly, Mush Co. B ao Burr Wakeinon. ' N' York. AlIvaeB F k, A Ntelez, Miss. R1 Stroth r., St Looui, Mo. JoAH T Gr y.LBouisville, Ky. Itr Jih , A e, H.pkinville, Ky. n,28 fies FWEIEMiN'S INSULNCOE OANIPN OF NEW ORLEANS, Office No. 24 Muman's Buiding joS CANAL STREET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRfOTORT OR the Stase ot Louisiana, oand Cities of New Or Ileans and Lafayette; for sale by VINI MKFI AN, m2 eor Camp aod Connosi ,ts. CASH,or BanklBoxear,--pt received by joB BROW 'E o s Ite, jy2G J7 Csal tieat TRSU AMERICAN O.FICE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR T'liE PII(NTINQG OF Pamphlets Blank Chocks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circuiars, And every description ofJob Work that may berkequired. Ut'lr lhe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public in the above Card, and assures theim that all work intrusted to his care shlall bee done at the short elt notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at [lie lowest rates. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF Jleiv Orleans and Lafayette SAS publialed on Mllatlavy,21st May, and is now for sale at the counting room oftlhepull lishe-, Exchange lotel, St Charlee tlret,-and at the Book. store lf l' iesrs. E. Johns & Co.corner SIjClarles and Colnlllc streets. tLc3 P APER, quils, stecl pre, link, fluidl, wafers sealing ax, india rubber, black sand, pounce, and every other article of staillnere, of the very best qualit, con stantly on hand and for ellI by li Vll) FVLT & CO). In N 0 N staltoll(re' IHlli, 23 Cheartres A. I{ITE IItVAN) UttAI1--2 baoxes landing 7 li uln e Ic by RllER, 40 Poydras at JOHlN iO1 EY, Naddle, lHarness a1td T'trunk Manufacturer, ald rfur nishetF of .lilary Equiptmei of'every descriitium. Nt) Itýt) |l'CHoUPrl'OULAS STREET. I iltAVING in employl l several Military Worklmen, S e is ready to execu.t work in the above line Is tLe slortast notie, aad oil the nlost reasonllable tern MIerchents' and Pedlars' 'acel.iclg'Tl'ruals f every dý scription, constantly on hand a ( )1 TION ,l.e-l t) corn lilil, of iter's piI nten J coblln.. On()e lane cau rind tl or 30 bnshels SIn'al per dill withll hee Iill anidl thIe *ca e at tUlTe r t: % coton ei, man i alre patcularly callulated tlat31PLIN & COOI'Eh, n, 15 829 Julia street. O 111-MCHANTS. 1I llticIAN''S cal hlave a Ibautif'llciculr struck 1ii ofl att two Ihour notice,bv cialflinl al tclle aIlan I.itluortlphll: t llice, 5l3 3ladll'sle street, ollposite aunks, .n tatle. miii 1 1 ACKE.tlEL-35 halfbIls No 12 luckerel, for sale Il v READI) & BAIR'TOW, 1t: 19i7 Gravier street. EA F LAltRD-1000 kegs in tccre, for sale by L) 0t tDORSEY, jyl2 44 New .Leve. I.EN'I'U I.Y B.GINGtll--100 pfior sale by l HIIOLMES & MILLS, jyl2 Bank Alley. C( ICHBAI GGI N; -8ui Sl heavt nscotch llugging I 43 inchfs wide, t'r sale bv tOt.iIES & MILlS, jysl( Bank Alley lXCHIIANGE .N N\.VEW YOlI( lKfr sale by Ij LAWRENCE & LEiENIMI, jy 12 28 & 29 New Ievee. g13 EAS, NUTrMEII(;S, &e- 50 six and h ollpound eAddies of tunpowd l-r andl inmperiAl e5 cases of canister imlerial Ilnllt gllJulowder, 2d1 chests of poeholl tea; olle cask ,f frush not and a general asseretllntlc frocerie-, for sale low by LAIVIL.NCE & LEI(;ENDRIE, iyl 28 & .29 New evee NEon l301_e,";. T HE American I)emocrat. or hintis on the social and civil relations If the United States. ly J. Feni mnore Cooper. 'hle Two Filrt-; or, Adlventurs in a Country House; andl other talel., by Lady Blessingtlln, E L lulIoer, Nlls Norton, Bairv Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Cat laiin Medwin, uad others, il' 2" volsr. t'lhe Iiver and the Desert, Iy Miss Pardoea, author of thie City uf tlhe Sulluo. lhe Ciasket of elans, file Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with linle wood en(rlvilug. bhv Anldersntn. Jct receiveoiand llId r le bly W31 McKEAN, jll6 cor Cap alolad C((lllitou stt. R NSIN DI)Ot)S-70 blls rosin dlross, landing and fior sale by J 'T'IAI EIK & Co, jy 11 74 Poydras street. CIAVE & SCIIAFFER'S Cinp uuu x Fluid Ex eroptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the kace; biles which arise from an impure state of the blood; scaly erutions; p ins in the bones; chronic rheluoatimti; tolts r; asrofiua, or king's evil; white sawlliog; syphilitic diseases, and all disorders arising Iros an impure state of tie blood, by a long residence ia a hlrt limate, or the itjudicious use of teresury. Alo,--Cave & Schaff, r's Worm Syrup, or Isn. fant Preservative: tthe best pr:paration now extant. Among which are the followoig:-Indian Dye, for colring the hair; Bear's Oil; Rnasian Bear's Grease; Poematum; ichaw's Freckle Wash: so. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Ross; Lip Salve; Kre osite Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentrifice; Orange Flower Water; Powder Puffs and Boxes; Ameri. can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials; Pieston Salts; Cologne; Kreosote Tooth.ache Drops; Hair Brushes; English Dressing Combr Inuoan Hair Oil;-with a variety of other Perfu L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINCIIARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. JOURNAI of an Exploring Tour beyond the SRocky Mountains, under the dorection of the A B C F Mi, performied in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, go. ology, climate and produetions. and the num, ci, manners and t nstomts of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Saut;el Parker, A M. 'Ilo River anttd e Deosrt; or Recollections of the Rhone and th, "hartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author oftihe City of S. tan , &c. inl vols. Tihe Robber, a Tale, ' tie author of Richelieu, Tbe Gypsy, Attila; in 2 v. The Two Flirts; or Ad;-tlure in a Sountry Iouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blessingtm, E L Bulwor, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Madwin, and others; in 2 vols. Tie Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, edited by Boz, with llustrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just ret eived and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHICO OFPICE -" N.l. a:' e.t, uoppte Oan ,Nls' Alade, SS'l'AItliSHlLD flr the exetution of maps, plans hoed drawings, alerehlints' circulars, business laod atdless ecards of ever t description, naneral circulars oni deep ilournilg paper, ulpothelarys and druggists'labels; bahk cheeks, dray receipts, &c.printsd and execuu d il acheap nod expeditions style, by tie propNetr. WU..ItAt Gi tcEENE. NB. oank Notes nt--lv executed. mo24 - NEW lAT T'OlRI. J11' received per late a rrival front New o Ylt k, tfresh attl tishionabile aso ortteut ef IIATS. The substcriber would particularly oll the attention of the pEl.lic t lo ia tvie of heaver lats of Stp eri fillish, fihe texture, riLe I ad bt.ti'ful luspre; iso to a fine ptin'ilussia t hol of a superior olualit ; tanld also a s lendid article of silk halt, toget er ithl a general o sortlniet InnufactU ld by Ilonsellf exproesly for this market, wholesale ae4nd retit J W o.V OIRN, 34 Camp stret. N. B Cit) and country dealers are invited to call. keb 0 PORTRAIT PAINTING. SR. P'AtlKIE respeetully inorets tin s pnblie that hi be will remain a short tinel in New Orleans for he purpose of billtiollc ortraeits. Roeoms orller o' toanal aI St Charles, in the house occupied hv Parnly &L o, Dentists, where poreien-s e of his painting call be seen. Entrance in St Charles Street. in8 Itm SIISKEYI, Flear and tPo.,ito sore for .leby sV ot G I)O:SEY, 44 New Levee. LE RIlPE &TWINtE'-for sale by B L'ITER & T'RIER, augl 40 PIoydras street. WHOI.ESALEl TIN WA REI MANUFACTORY S IiOCKE & CO., No. 22 Old Levee, have in S store, ,f their own Inanlacture, a large an etx tensive assortment of tilt ware, which they invite deal ess is the trade to examuine; sleo'tt0 Cropper, Sugar house skiototere; ft50 do. Sugar Ladles; 210 doz. Coppler sugar lamuis; te Batlh tuhb. assorted sizes; 30 gross assortetl sized Coflite Gruigl:s. N. B--Koofsof bualdiges covered with Zinc, copper i tin. Copper and tin gulters put up on tee sho rtes noliee. Psar7 NIDERWOOD, Pickles, Ketchuots sad Mustard, iin store ant for sale byJ J TtIAVER & CO, aug 16 74 Poydras sreet. ENiGLISH, FRENCH AND SPANISH ACAD. EMY. i)ROFESSOR 1MIORH'II'H, ssiltediy grentlenmen of I proper qualificatioas and ecx.srience. b,, oponed an Aeademy, in th briick building belonging to Will. IBrand Esq. adljoining thie herandn tn St. Charles street, were vyoung gentlemen, well disposed, will re eeive a good education. Mr. M. licit the eo-oeration of his friends and those of education, to enable himto render this insti tution useful and permanect. auz23 ii "T., Itt 5 LATE & ZINC--ottig, 50 lae I tin, ro, ..I'Oxes tin plate, end 15 carks ziuc in store, ofr sale by S LOCKE & Co jyl4 22 O ve W l ISKE-o bhi s in Kto, fer sale Ic by aulg2l1 (i DORSEY, 14 New I1p., B ROGANS-40 cases Men's and Boys' Kip and Russett Brogan., for saes hv ISAAC BRIDGE & CD, jy9 134 Malgazina street. ; R. SAMUEI. SHAKhPEARE in my authorized Agent during my absence fro n i citAy. DANIEL DANA. j9N-law4lw. ______ l LDNESS. A BEAUTIFUL head ofhair is the grandest orea ment Ielleiing fa) tile iman frnmr. Htow sfrtnr 1 the losat of it the ellnnlenannce, anti prolna tlreIy I.rints on the appearalce oftld are. whi'ch ca see nlnr to recoil st heana Ineovered. and sonertiles even to sl'hnv a :iaeY to avoid the tests and snoera of their neltuai.tan e: tih remainder or their tives are erm a epaluntlv speaOt irl retitemnt. In short. nor even the f property fills the eeneronu thinking vouth with tlat neavv oinking aloom as does the oss of his hair. Tf an.rt all theNe uneFle.stn ceirrEmstannepOdlridee' Balm of t'lltnmia strlop the hair from nfailing ofn. l thi irlt anplieation, ad a few, hottlea restorFi it again. It likewise produces evehrows and whiskers: prevents the hair Irma t rnine gray, makes it eurl bhnelifnllt, and frees it from scurf. Nllmerous certifietel aIof thl first restwernhilitv in sappert of ite virtues of Oldridge Balm, are hown hby the proprietort. D} Read the ollowingr- Rohert Wharton, Esq. late Mayor of Philadelph has certifiar' at maI he seen below, to the high chara ternI he f.ilatowsine renttllnee. the uEndaraitCed iao herlv certife that wehnve unsel the Balm of (thltbia dicovererd hv J. Oldridge and have found it highly errvienble nor nly as a preventive nasinst the falling iofff hair, lut alson ueert ns rener five. WII.ItAM THATCHER, Senior, Meltodist Minister in St Geaorge charrre. No 86 North Fifth at. JOHN P INGLIS,321 Aleh street. JOHN I) THOMAS, M D, 163 RaceIt JOHN 8 FIREY, 101 Spruee street. ItUGH . icCUtllRDY.243aouth aid st. JOIIN GARI,Jr, 123 Arch atreet. It is known that three of the above signers are more than 5t years of age, and the others not less than 30. [Frome the Mayor.] Commonweanth ;if Penn.ylvanin. City aa I'Philadellhiaa. ) I, Robert Wharton, Mavor of said citv of Philatide. phia, do hlreblv certrify tlhet I a well adquainted with Meesrr J P1 lnttlis, Jiln S Fare a ,ad IJrgIll -'Cnrdy. Slhose snamels are sin ed t t the ahove certlicate,that they are ealltilatler f cCharacter and retpectnhillty, and aits sateh full redit shoEld ,it given to the said ieertficate. In witnel a whreofl have hereunto set mv hnd nad naused the snel of the city to be .flxed, this 6Fth d: of t)aceellpr, c&e. [1.. S.] " ROEliElT WIIA IITON, 31sor. OhId:Hf \' thart each, hbotle .ifthe titnite liefla lans a saendid engraved wrappe r, on which is reprst enter the t.iuls ta Ninaara, &c Sold a holesale and retail by the sole asents for Amt, rica, Nt2 Fletchei street, a iter laitllen Lane, lslles o below Pearl street,and by most druggiAtaand perfumers therugh la choantrv. S . ARVIS & ANDREWS, m9l Wholesale Agents, New Orleans. PROSPECTUS. THlE subscriher proposes to publish, in the be. ginning of tle ensuing winter, a Condensation a f thetwenty volumes of the Old and New Scriem of Martim's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in finur volumes, 8%o., according to the model of Peters' Condenased Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton HIarrison, Esq., of this city, assisted by William F Brand, Esq. 'Th'e Edaitor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Caurt, and by one (of the sitting Judges, to expect fromt their personal suparvision all tihe advantage which may naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more no. cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, antl scarce. .An increanaing curiosity too is mani feet, in the other States of the Union, in referencet to the peculiarjurisprudence of Loutsiana; artd thi circumstance of the numerous principles here des cided in the adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of printa uti. lity to thejurists of the whole Union. Morcovne, the rising repulic of I'Texas has adoptlod (mr codes, and thus there is a great demand for the Louisiana decisions fromn a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those in the more authoritative forauts of tih other States, will be added to each case. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo, and will be delivered, bound, to subscribers at 06 per vol.; in case it should be found practicanle to compress it into three volumes, the price to shb. scribers will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM MeKEAN, jc5 eor Camp and Common sas. :7. -I I.- U - -. 111, hI . .. . ý ., ý - - - .. - -ý-.- . -- = -UG.AK--liO hhda very prime, oil nlantation ewV. miles ruin the city, for sale by T HYDE &BROTHER, m29 39 CoImois sa corner of MagazineIt. UTMBRELLAS & PARASOLS--25 cases. canplis ing a assortment of bluntua & Ginghan Unm brella and Parasols, landing fruom Barque nllen Hand four ule by m.'9 ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, 134 MnRagine at S1E'I'Ell.' Pills, Brandredi Pills, Mane Liniment, J uldkims' Ointeent, German female pills, Builer's Erervescent Magnesia, BUuli of Coulumbina, &c. &c. luading and for sale by 1H BONNABE.L, mI.5 cor'Natchel a and Tlchaplitouals a,-. tjILOU.--2lilt bbla superfiae Flour, fi'es and will kep nlim nonriag lir suine lilac Ir sale by g . DOHRSEY. jer22 44 New Levee. ' rAVANA COFFkIE-- 21 buags green Coflie, per I slr llero, from IlH an n; lnr mlo by SLATER & TRIER, jel4 40 Puydras street. N nurtoe ad frr sal b Iv the sabcribl rn, oI l d 'ecl Urandy in bbls; American Brandy r nd Gin in do; No 2 Malckerel in half do; Table Sill in eases of tilboxes; Malaga Wine, Sweet and Dry, in qr casks aid I diun bla, (entitled todebentnure;) Spanish Matting; London Potler and Afl; Lemon Syrup, Philadelphia White Lead, No I; Codfish in boxes; Cotton Gins. REAL) & IARs.rnw, ml2 67 Grivier ,treet " OSHEN BUTTER-60 tubs superior (oslen ba ulter put al) exprtssly for ftmily use, for sale low, to close a colsiglioean, ha LAW\VENCE & LEGENDRE, ljyl7 21 and 29 New Levee. 1OACOIN- l4lide viidcn, 33 hlda 8ihouilder, Ln i citati bacon, iai primoe older, in lore, for sal by LAfET & ANIELIJN'G, jyl7 17 Commerce street. AMS-71i hduls, 23 tierce, and '5 bbiscn;ra-Ve; Ilums, 311 hhds and .51 t:bhl, lugge. d do, lmt uo' lir fuaily use, a superi.r artichl, in atore, lar sale by LAYI.T O ANIELUIU, jy17 17 Comnmerce atrest I'RESII WESTERN BUTT'ER-49 kegs receiveid ifroi steadmbmnt 'larqliiin, for sale by SLATEIR & TRIER, jyl7 40 Poydras sareet. BLNK lOOKS--Juli reeivd hiv recent arrivala J fiul New Yolk, all alllili.loil ;uIllYv of Blank Book-, ol'ever varit-v of Ruliilg and Biliding, thofe in wanlot Bhlank Books satd IPaper. are requested to call and examine our extentivre slcek, wholesnle or retail by DAVID FELT & CO. Now York intltionecr's THall, jyl7 "4 Chartres street 'LOUIR-40-1d lils Huuoi, landing, and for sale by SJ THATER & CO, jy6l 74 Ioydras street. C 'ANVASSElD lHAMl],-l:Lkn Ciasklliaciai ti packed It canvassed hans, for sale by J TH'AYER & C), jy6 74 PcI dras street. L ~h.bUK-allbal .allh inuiil, par hsla, ioeoat L.J-UR-30it bbt s Atfil Sby G DOlSE Y, j,:l 44 New Levee. COLOUNE WATER-Directly iamported fronm C logue, by II HUNNABEL, cIr Natchez and Tchapitouoas ata. []. The genuineness of tile article is proved by the autograph ofthe manuflacturer, Johann Maria Fartin. CAIIEY'LK Cl EIilT SVr'lTEM. I E1111 Credit System of France, Great Brit ain a tile Uniled'StitPat-by II C Carey, an lth r 'l'riciples ofl'Political Econtiy,' &c. Just received and for sale ntv "VM. M'KEAN, natil4 Corner of Camp & Commlon at. 171UI S.LE-llllin of Colulubia, Eustace and e 'rteple'n Mlixture. Itay's Liniment, Rose Oitl ment, Iledahc l Leniedy , Burn's Cionll s Plter, &L. lur salebr JARVIS & ANDREWS, jy32 co' Conmtoni & Thiullpitioulha s8 IRIN'l'I. PAIlEIt-Jue c receive l1511ilrin e-. m diui printing paper, some very low priced, and some of file quality, for oale by D FELT & CO, auglS N Y Staitioner's Hall,21 Charnres;tl L OWELL Cotloiis-lll bales 7-B & 4.1 Lo*,il IL Ngro Cottols, in store, and for sale by STETSON & AVT'.Y. aoig25 88 Gnavier s1. LME--800 casks of Thomiaatun I-ne float, and for sale by CI.ASk. & DIXEY, jy2t 6 Customhilouse street. 1 uLAnOEs-32 lbii. L"lul.ea la.o jiter lis stcr iU Roe also al1 ditla in stere, andfor sale by LAYETr & AMELUNG, tug7 17 C,mmnron l, est. W ANi'EID-A 10OK hIhlDERýialt.oue ueSIdp ply but a workLmla. W MeKEAN, jyl2 cor Camtii 0' n'ilmnn tr et« TEJCN'_ 1W s i'-ru boxes litot Byrup, lainiuig Li frull alip Cuncord, and for sate by j THAYEK & Co. jY26 74 Poydras aIreet. '-i7d--d--e-- n a-r --- i LA'TI-1 OWi Lotti" in o, nlodtr ule ly jL 6 7J THAY drR s& Cu, jy ,26 74 P u od rao, sut 'e l" LATE PUBLICATIONS. C(HESS MADE EASY biming n-w imdIattle to the rudiments ol tiat scentiftlo nd popular game. By George Walkor,TjeherefChe«. . Uncle Hae, novel by Ar .' C Hall asulh.or o ketcheos f Irisll Character, The, &. tl *s Vol.. The Spirit of the Wmr.l, illuntrated by eolored en 'iMdeno' Views of I'Ports aiud Hubotluan ult li toin. 'lor"'s tGecn, or the Treanor e of the Parter;' If onaquelt.drotn Ino ehllered (frol orume,,byiJmmtW Anldrew: uith pnolinli illtolitotmo,, b. lUtiien Au* 'T'omnlev, author l'Tlhe Roomance ofNtlre. A GloSuury of Terms used in ireiwinre Inmn, Ita inan, and itnlhic Architort-lre; ther icone ntlio..eie lurged;exel]ilifilo, by 0. wNooo ceut Adtluek'o Keineer' 'onkot Bek, for the y'atlot1 with an Alnanacr by Henry A.dechk, Civil .L-.i ter. Workrs f I.orA Rcon, 'with an inondll'etil3ter y, nil a poertrait; new editiol, etmolete in 9 Volf. Blibhop BInrmnt' olhr owun 'Timt : flmh dI renPtration of Ciharles I. Nt th-, o.aty of pOO" Ot Ulrecht,intle rc n of Qunme Anre. A new e6dols with histnrical.r.t binographical nnotta; eumptla la It.eB volume. Just received ani l for aley MKE WM MeKZAPF, m31 cor Caenp and Cualtoa stak. THF pli.c re trepeetitl i " orool too Ithe hIur I totltn. it, erected on the lenot hnproved plnaand in on airv and monr almirlab, e Bituntinl, in tl fauhtorg Franklin, ujom the railroad, uone mile frutm the Mimi iiqtl.e Iilding is larre and mnttcnimmodionuly divides inot,, ipnrtiens. for L.eping separate different elae*e and d ffleret diseemis. TIle itiintiot i s mpplied with toe most skilfo' sadl nttentive male and fential- nrma.,,ad speakiong te v ritus nmotern languages. Irivite roonma may bu had by gentlemen at fee dol! lure per day. includin,, attendmne e.&. 'Term in the or, inorv wardo, to dollars pw.adny. Sblaves also two dollars. Smalt PFo in the onliwiry r ardA, five dollrea. All capital surgical operattioni extra. ''he resident physicial i Dr Weddemaa, to whom application fir a.lini.mino mat he made. orto Dr GC'A Lizelmberg, No 17 llampart street. apl9 l LEAF LAl.U-ftO0 keg in stna, fir ' alo brh L G DORSEY, 44 New Levee. NEW WORKS. NH 1 NATU RAI.lS''S OWN BOOK-- oumprtlng. " T liretriititinR nad enthenlic naoedoten of lAudrtp eds; ecieotihallUv arrantoed recurding to tke system 0 Cumet by tlle talaor of the "Youne Man's Own Book. THtE NATURAI. HISTORY OF INSECTS-I. two volumint-vol 2,feorming no. 74 of the "Family Li heory". A digentoftthe LAW or rVIDtonCBIr cIMINeAL GoA. -bvHe*nry Roscoe, EIs. with notes and referenese to Alu,'rnec i eeision, ond to the English comnonu law enwl ecclueiastical reports by Geore rI*lateWmodm. ON I)tANOSIS or UDisnAsai of the CHEnT-Iased Up on the ro onparison c< their physical and general sigae,. byW vV Oerhard, IM D. PnlIclPLES OF PATHOLOGY, AND PRACTICI OF PHrsic--y John Mackilntost, D., from tele last Lon don edition with notes and additioat, by Samuel Goo. Murtlln, N 1), in '2 vl's. THE Ane.itICc N ~CUATFrRI. Rnivew-No 36 for Decrenber 1135. Jut received nnd fbor sale by f11- Witie MelEA N. rontr ofCaul a'oid Cm. LEAF LARdll- 420 ket- , 4m sItenlmboat General Wavne, for sale,by LAYET' & AME'I.UNi' j._ 2 7 Cooner , et. ».AC N SlDES--l.tlhdlbaconsiae,, I id gfroem s. I'oat U'neral WVL 'Vitc, for ds bd LAYI't 7 Mt, UR , iv2 17 Couaulte treec. TLUR, WlIlSKEY, I'ORK & B rEEF-148 bblh r lu rfine lind 15, do fil? flour; n1 bole common .ntl' 4G Ibla reelifed tliskey; 7 bble mese end 15 bble prime pork; -'lihl prime bevi; tlie catrlo of a flat buat lor t slt low, to close, Iby I.AYET & AMEL.NOG _IY 17 C,nommercmotreet 1 hlLY l 1.ilAi-741 bltlo rlivtfed Fmdily Hini. I O ei r eior qrunlily, landing from steamboat un:irrh, for eule by LAYET' & AMELUNt., je2i 17 Commerce trest, : OdN-75 balrclle Iopin, landing and for Male 3y S& aJ P WHITNEL , Conti street H[ AV ANA RGAltS-Oll,00J of ditnot bid in stone, or sale by SLATER & '1 RIER, au-14 40 Puydras otree XUHANGE iou loblle wouted byr uABIJAH FISK, _ >upI4 it .4A ' y-5 i buls 4hl proof American brandy for sale by INAAC BRIDGE & Co, n41g4 134 Magazione treet. AVANA , HSFiAbiS--- lbags ofigeen cofliland ing I rom schr Lilterlt, antl 200 l e in lmor fuor »,le by eLA'I'EtR r TRIER, auogl4 40 Poydra streel. I r HIAVANNA SUGAR-5o0 boxe prim ty, landing frot brig Poacler, for sale b SLATER & TRIER, nugl4 40 Poydrae stree t SI.E IIl enosk Philadelphia Ale, Abbol' reai - just received, alnd for aloB by J ) BKIN C. ACOHEN, Jy24 90 iumm rue. New Orl0ann. and CarrolluR- Bait Rul FKoM CGinMILLTiO FioM Naw ORLZANS. tlr rlorae.orl 4 v'Al'k 1M ,ilen oar a 7 A AM tean aeur u6 do do do do 9 do do 8 do do do dol 1 do do 10 do do do 1 steano car 12 do do oeanarr at 3 do lteam cur 2 Jo 1'M do do 3 do lo do 4 do do do do 7 do do do 6 d o do do 9 dc d, do 8 do do Th'e Jacklont trecl cris nold Laofvealtt. hulfl ir o'.luk, A M1. Canal strtt at o'colka Ma.dru iing houllyv at 7 n',lock. 'l'h, cars wrill eotunieno 1T. J AGO s.CFFEE, io glos Iora-100, rorwiverw K pr brig Slar,i auro , Lir o sale r bynl YLAT' bE' & TRIER, *mo3 40 Poydras slro. L INS EI) 0ll.-5MI0ngllon@bestEngish lioroul i il,now lallding from blig William, from BH.i*l.o. II) "I oos tlo reign and otlhern noot.fractured liuper I JARIVIS & ANDREWS, Wholale Drl)uggiste, j.y7 e r Cninoon & Teooupitoulan thre SOAl'--350 boxes No i somp, brand otatJ el Uoul iT laondiLg from brie William, for sale by ISAAC BKIDGE & Co, jy7 134 MaiKaine tlroat. LALE RtO'lE-150. coils bale rope, of Ipwior qualitvy. for sale t IAAC BRIDGE &Co, jy7 134 MsagBilnte lve PORK--25 bbls Mloes and Pnime M O and P 0 Pt rk, fr sarule iow iby LA\WRI NCE & I.EGENDRF, j li R nanda 9yew Levee. AL'--31 ctenH (Co O boxes each) table malt, for sale SJ1 READ & BARSTOW, L.O)UI(-ll.ti blb, laiding from *teamlboa John F ills, for saleby O DORSEY, jyl7 44 New toree Locklart's Lite of Walter lcott, &a. 1)ART 7h and lasl, of Lockhoart' Life of ir Walter Scott. Love. by the authorof Flirtation,The Divorced, &e. in vol. i'rb Worek of Washington Irving, new edition,vols. Ill. It I ud 12. I'll A inricnn Jorrnal of tbe Medical Sciences, N 43. for lMy, 1838. Just received and for sal. by WM MeKEAN, , cr Calp and Common Istreet. Also, a frihr sul ply of Alice, or the Mvstrie#; a sequel Io Ernest Alntravers. " j616 IUOyRK-100 bbls lMiatio d MO l'otk,lS5bbho pril Sinspectedl' Prk.l or aule by L.AWI,\ACE U LEiENDRE, m28 8 I: w 'q NLeve e. W H ItSKEY-a9 Ibbls rdctified lauding from ltemu. W Spliendid, for stNlby G DORSEY, m14 444 New Leve. | ICE-50 casks and 5 casks landing ad foi sale bhy J THAYER d Co, iyu4 74 Poydm street. LIME-800 caoks of Thomaston lime for sau l CIHASE & BIXEY, jy 14 6 Cuatomhousn strlet. CL LAILt;'I BU'IT 'LS---- hampers In *toM. nodifr sale by TR HYDE & BROTHER, jlg8 cor Common & Magald. sI. 5ACON SIDES-75 bhbis bacon sides 60 hthd I Canvass Hams. 1000 hans in begs eoupcriur quulity, il store, and for sale l LAYET'& AmEI.UNO, a»g4 2 Cinlnom tonl. LUE & GREEN INK.-Ju.. recoived n intooca Soft'crrn.ene t Blue nud (iren Ink for sate by the dozen or single holtL by D AVII) FL O, N Y Stati uner'tsHo, hotres E f Lb'i2rUN Bl UTnmtio-A esulpriorb V .ale by SLAT.lK d& TEt Ji'4 4 Po ydn>M lle. H I-iibE Havniar alBa. lr.-l oieM aidi.oig iro f achr Liberty,for oleby Wog6l '___ . nag. ST I )O;t i'U.NI'fURe--3 sets PKrior plaot d. nd2 anbts4amo slding door fini:m olpllee: jualtreceived pet ihip Gn iodgeman and cr aleby LAITON &oCO , aug 4 53 01) * '. kLLINUIS & OH1IO FUNJSI), for sal by NATH'L 'IOnWNEND, jiei Exchange Hato l G vli at. . K USlIN -70 b".t uin in atore tatd for uea b J THAYERI&. BO, oag Ii 74 PoydMMlseo ttl).-41ý0 kegs VViy -or leaf l -nI.I b< hy JOSEPH CoCK23SBE, '3 GiAvtWr tM. ae18 ' -0nejgr iL K--41(2 t bbls,truae M tO. pIjA M oJi u o l L for able by boO tY" mug? ~wLwmk.

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