Newspaper of True American, September 13, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 13, 1838 Page 4
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Mi hibalipi nsnti llmiiana Hotel, f - . .1» W rt.fl oi ., LI M8. is tARY khI.l.LAN respectrally an. noulnees''o Nhr t'riends nnd the public gene. lly that she irPteparod to aceommodate them at he abovt *dtalisbmret, and hnpes frlm her exetblo toe render vsitonr comfmort 'l, to racrive a Gentintqanee of formtr favonr. Site ftels conlfi. deit, thpt' persons viaiting Covington during the umoiter months, cannot find b.ttrrc acca-modations than ishe can fford than, on more liltral terms. Hea houene pleasantly situatedl, and well supplied with every tmnvenientc; the bar is firnished with the nost ehoice liquors, &k. in lhort, she promises "Al' nothing shall b h wanting on her part to give Stjtg ititiatifao n to all who miay patronize the .Ilmtnippi a»nl fL.uisiana Hotel. je3 alalMu , PUBLI.-The undergiga. lihveing Sst4Mlied nder Dr. Sel.nidt of Charlrson, Rslth'CQslint, and Ihr somn years his assistant in thi tdrc'iefinmediocine and irt".ry, lhas the honor to selli listi prolfeineal services in this city. He 0le tesi the ladies and goetlemen that the most prmpt attention will he paid In the cells which meq' poade; and lio 6fhirea is services to tin lil6e aplaves, being well acquainted with the dli ees eemnon 4 them, having attended them in Vawtuir'ieen in Cbarleston. S.T)pfpkn mnti.bilious pills alter thecomposition oi'TWUo l6hloette, with directions, can be had ofldiMtdl gigd. The rffcot which they have in this and other cities, las been attended wi t greatest mccsee, to which the best of referenace can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. iritrenstebt JNO. M'LORING. iOiL.,W. WAIIii, I VOli) SCitLKWS; SAD IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 988 Water, neur Boekman street, New York, lih:e lioifed time past season, and are co.stantly rebfiyitn' Ihge and extensive alddtions to the stock of t'li ahove goods, which now consists of the ollowing alsortment, suitaille for the oulthern and western, nmrkets. 6ll0ow ware of superior quality, consisting ol about 1500 tons, via, F4l*'f fS different sites, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, K'ittle, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 galloits, K.iti a, IA ines, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, la a orOvons, 7 different asies, etKttlea, 6 do skillo, . . 5 . do PAttS8pidcm . 6 do (Overed Spilers, 2 do Ohidle, . 4 do ilre Dogs, - 6 do Waeoghboes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. .Art do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from 3:B inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inelh, No, 24 of a superior quality and fnilsh, slad less thain Jame's imported prices. .ad Irons, assorted, in caks of about 500 Ibs for reotaling. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 01bhs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. onmde to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The shove nsmrtment of goods is particularly icrdimlended tothe, attentitn onf Southern and Western merclants. and are offered bor sale at low prices, and upon tlhe most liberal terams ;it i he. liered to be the largest and best assortment ever otaered for sale by any otc establishment in the United tButes. Merchant, by forwarding a request by mail, eca hane a printad circolar, witll description of gooda, pidoeesan tent; from which no deviation is ever made, fýrbalehd ly return of mail. All orders will receive immendiate attention. New York, 1838. je3 Y~KlIbN SAll? & PIIlO i-j-aiaderwaead'e La< L Iaon Syrulp alnd Picklas, aisserled sizes; meso, 60 Ia.i of leamis & Hlasnkell'a 'icoklea; lr ale It lotare it aonwsigment, by JAIIVIS k ANDREVWS, ell elar Comnaeon and Teonllpitoilnis A OAl'--1 hbulla Ioxes N., i Soap|, lbranld oulfJa-es S(ould, for sale by IS.AACU UtlRl)I E& Co. ma6 1.i4 Magerzite strat. St' LET. Oj esna dwellin lalttlla on Triton stree, he Stween Tivoli Cirele tnld t asrmalolet treet. mwt. Apply to J OTT, W HEELBlARROWS, &c-25 W\lioelbarrois, 25 dirt do. in stmte, lior sale bv CIIAMI'LIN & COOPER, ml5 S .liul'eat "i.'Al.-A and ruled Cup and i elter l'e 'llrs,of all i, oi Slities, cesisting of vert eiw r idhe laid, blht and White woe, eal a npl l n tleal rtdough edit' rectrd cap, comatently on Ilald aad aerr sale I, IAVII) FEILT & CO. '*a1 N V Snltion l:' Hnll, t2+ Clanrres st. 10( ,f- AGSu,,,.,ra 6,6-3c; -...--. .. . 6tboxes e f f doz each iM1elle A lin, 18t, S0 do of2 do as dol 1811; Mt do of 2 do lP l'rt, 1816; 50 do ofu do 1I. Proawvn Shlrry, 181t 1 JO pipes extrea .ldeira. For ale bla1 HEK31OGENIE, I IOWN &.Cat . or I Ct ste. IgLANK Oa)Ka, ..C -qlra varlr.y of rullint nld .PIinding, ronsatantlv onhand:and Prinaintr, tulihn and Bilnding neatly exr;:uteI, at lort nolicel by DAVID F!'El T &. ("Ol. m3l N Y Stationers' IlnU,24 Clmrtres lt. 1fB'Ai'n-iial iav) a ti l- pl'rouf A.lirietI n Bra.dIly, Ulardieg, fr salel i 'ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. m2t 131 lagazinetFlreet. A NEW two story hrick l aour, situaaltrl 5 door fromn the Seetltad Munieinalitr Hetl,on St Charles otoeet. itaent very hlaw, possession given c mtnediately quiatt the preises,. lu.a, F'. I LOUR-- 0 bbis of Flour. for sale by 1' l0, G D)JRSK Y, 44 New Levee. CT -,sTC S BACON sides foir stte y I, m2 n9l . I DORSFV'. 41 Ntv l.'vr-p. iAGUB-1! Afl Ittt;t-r'p ,,,te ,,, I AGUT i AtM) KUVriE-.zl% eceeeco.gtcceiin1i 0. 151 coill olm, lalding from Amnbasa.eor., or sale fby LAYET & AMELUNiG, ml9 17 Commerce st. T &AG pt6CS-s5 a s i Renriuck 3li:aginr, land in L -u a stermuer Uen Wavne. nndl for Mie 6lv YORIKE, BIOTIII'RS, Je6 fi5 Camlp treet. O NERCOURY NOR COPAIVA New O(rlens, Nov. 14, 1817. ABOL'T six momthP ago I had the mnisfortune tI gat A a sitw disease, for whicl I iave applied to seve ,mi dncfor sor a cute, and thev did ot cure mei so now on the above date I 1ut ityseIf under the care of Dontor luet, nd I expecit hii te cure me. Since that time the disemse got worse, so as to hreak out in large ulcear to the number of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over presint itin on account of the disease; large ilcer the ritljel side of the throat. I tm no v putting f 0a nom underth cam of Dr. IHuet, Pari.s, t'qhfdy cured JOHN DEAN. T DO CERTIFY lhat the ab, ve ment;hmed l isesse wJte'wellaoufe to my own satisfacetin, for which I ha. r. Hltnt; and muoreover I sistsre that thie medi nitneo l aeve Isen nmkeels me I:lt, and did not injure emy nealth at all; therefore I advisre mn Illw suffererst lose no time and apjlv to Dr A. Ihnet, 15 ltourheou st. hey will find a trIs ;ls:tor for this complinet. JOHN DEAN.II Gravier street. If any one wants to de me, call at No. 4U Graivie estreet, and thiv will be matislied. Touba publihed at the optin of Dr. ielnt. JOHN DEAN. Wew Orleans. Peh I, 1F83. el I Iv -pHjtl-entduislnTdiaie lleemee ,.ene,eo, ane. tne,-, bound, is put tp in hottles at thl low price of 501 cents each, containing the strength of three ounces of Liverwort, hesi les tie % irtu.s of mtany other roots and herbs kenown among the Indians as efficacious in curing Inttttntoar.y e.mplaints. The na rivalled success which bas attended the ilee of this iucstimahle Bnlsi whlerverer it hqs been intor decatd. h ad btained the confidence ani rceonnenda tion f tI'eJecteble physicians, for the reere of rotigns, cuf, ptiiPi thl sidele, want of rest, spitting or blood, liver (opltiol, &c. To whumt it nmay concern. This is to certirv thet we ivwo in oal pranete freouently prescribed Ifrs Gard rter's aInia Balntm of Lvearmtrwot al [Ioarholned, with n d"eideAgood effe6t: we can therefore, from the know 4lege ofthe lmaterials it is made frota, and rckervatonn nad aexpriese, recomnend it as a sul-erii. preiPartione or all those nffcctions of Ihe lu.e for wkiclh it i re meadedo. Ai.h 'R WIl.L AMS, M. D. CALVIN ELLIS M. D. mMemhel oflh Bnoton Medical Association. oDatoal, estober li2. ' labyl JARVIS & AN)DREWS 1t0 '1 , , 1" Vn1.1 -% - '1 *, lIllq sis * Reommended *'V the Medical Feultrv. UTrLER'S Efferveicent Magnesian Aperflnt-For .d oyalppsia or indigestinu, nervous debilit,, giddli i;el.e, dhsetacieeiyv of the st*nuaeh, habitual cos avoremi.,cutmequeiaBset goe Out pravel,\c..and much lustal'm a gentle, eoolintr puargstlv. 'lt'ktdesiablet prlpiratan has rec-ived the natrnn *ra of mrnyy emitesna members of tie prfesin , sliand romt dm erdnig tl uc many re|lXetablc anti unslli= citM .Mtthitntals efiht effipicacy a a medicine iaves ten elicited. With all the pildali g quelitile nf a class ol mod waiter, it possesMes the uctlve nmdicinal pr.pertrie. of the mont upprved salinnus pureatlves; it Is pleasant to thee tiale, aIld gratefutl t tit tomach. IMPORTANT CAU1'TION-- he ilncr.wtine reptet.. tibh and great demand for HButle's fl.frvesncent M.oe rian A l ripBt .ha been an indnieeniceet for othere to of fer . ýmiatio of thiu valuable ueed cite. Pereharern are sanrtic larly warned of this lact that they may Le .etllh jio tl rd, and not proetrte an impnre article. thee tiblie ai r>reeCtltfullv infor ed lthl lltie uhieri. te..rerbotitxantiv setppliedf with tier eriginMl nld ge tjqteipreeranluae. PFo sale who ecile a d retail. 8IKLOE & CO. Agent. aml. . 40 Cenal street, N 0. T IjIV A fla StIleair Oil, for the restorarioe A rIsj, Hairgitvig leltha and beaut, an. rOil wan offired to the publie, it hiu 5..i olfesnrs eofbaldness, thinness, and fo t hair .ad'iu every instance its salutary i tia ralMsl. It hnasneterfailed toproduee a mwtad hbatsil nowth of hair on heads already lh t dsM . tb*Wl kibnse e dy and Meases to grow ahis O vm.d - n a render it harlhy, and produc. Im>Mlstd hiJid 0 M w* at hair, witleut the least VilS 8torw . Thii. Oil i.ees mu g»rehibln ira. tl3| p'm e .tsrllP s*r ay other Hyir Oil for per utnog, erplgs l in diea isleir. The h ir erie e eta dee %, ftci- it For nale at ." & t, * Li. ', GV. i.l. Ai·'~ D-.A.rK I-MMoMl S IIARTT & CO, are now receiving ror ! on board ship Orleans, Eagle, Hihlander, 'okerr eery Andrew, 1renrh and German play cards; Back tiainmnn Boards-; "'hlimen, o 1-4 and 2 3-8 incl Ilil ard Balls: 8, ant I. i'nch lbladle Bowir Knieve: Leather andl oth'r trellile !'rr lt' Cas.,t ; Mh, l'"'kI't, florý'C,''s,' n, a D trllin Pittlt: double :ltnl 'islr l',e rrall,.d (lan'; (;ae; sihot !left; Pot Itr and Pistol Plsaks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Clrps; I'!rcr 'ion Caps and C(up Holder.; Cloth. lHair, Tootlh Iald Nail Dranshe: Orris and Chlorine Tooth \W sir l'Tnoth n'avler. Toilet afd Shaving Soaits in .reat vac rirta: Iner Sair Braids, Rinaletst and PFrirzetto: P'ar ind Toilet Powder; mnery Ilats; Ivory Tell Cnelalii:t Patent Shtdet er rartern: Gatý EP'ltie fs lien'loI; Powder Puffi apd Boxes; Glt Ghains, Seals sad KrYv: P:ar-lroir; \aist Backles; BRtnclest; Bead Necklnare said; Git nnd SRiivead Bea4de Indian nBetla, Iellm atd 'Plumes; SherllTwlms, Side and Dresi;nt Comli; wlhirlh,in addidon Io their larmer stack mn linal. sakes their nsp rtmarnt verv complete, nnd will he stll ow end on lilbral trenas, it thae sin of the Goldlen 'Comnh i5-tf 70 Chartres street. MI'lE Sltnrilepr', .Agents filr tlereXtensiv Ittuse of W. & S. Beittelir, Shrlirl'.! Englnnd, htve jiat creired a very extensive set of tino P s, consistinEt of 'ahle anId Des.-rt Knives ol'f a -. dascrijtioa, Pan, Polket, Dirk, and Spoor point nlives; Rnnzor, Seis saor. Edge Tools, &c. &r. &e. which they ere prepared will be made known at the timne. mlfi J. I). BE.IN & A COHP.N .90 Common at. fIMMONS, HARTT & CO.-Are now receirilg i..ncr shil) Hunlsville, Eagle, Mierry Anihew. Hilih der, Fren anl Gmerma'n dlouble Ibnet playing cards: atr,helt and porklt pistols; iphin, rilihed alsi split miasion (ap le cap helderal scissors, R(zors, nen. ves: Gillott'l eommercinl and other steel pens; Vio oat Violin strinRs shell, ivory and horn eoanhe;; wafarrs' k, hea sd a leather purses; hair ltnilds, front and ack rilnlets; negro pnlfs; German and Frenchl cologne water, RIowlandsl macesser oil, imitation din; antti.que sidl hearsoil; poarable desks and drealsing cases: past. blockhig; statin and tailet glasses; eoovex mairtorst oap cal glIsses and views; Indian IRads, halls and (plum.r; eoo~sleon; whit-*twinec toilet and shalving staps; toile owder, nasmmetie wash halls; Srented satlin nllshiolln pool slandls; srewr eilhions; fanrev heanld chains :tnel neckliees; billiard hlnlls; ptcket hooks and wnlletls; hones; raior sr.a p; filew and commolnln glll olastir mspender..s, garlters dol Bells lucifur matclhes; sil ar piencils; Creyons, &c. &e. Tte above in addition to aisr former stock of fancy .srieles, makesoar s'seortment veray empletat. For sale wlolesale or retail; as the sign ofilhe Golien CmIn', 70. Chlarte. si He. !it3. N'TICE---The partenrsaip of' Keller, IMnstn &Ca of New Orlean-; MIson, Harris &C.., of Natchcz; ald llnrris, Kellev &Co., o(f Rodetv, was dilsolartl Itn lhe21st ofa3ny last, by the death of Saiunel A Mason, me of tile porinors nat'l e firms. TIre undersignod, surviving partaers, will he chargfed witefhe settling andl eloning said busiess tas fo llnows: Levi C Harris will attl t, thte setlinte ofe the bnsiness of' laIso,Harria& Co., at NaTlchIIez; td IHn-ii, Kel. er & Co.,at Rodnev; and IlHenlv Kelley will attend to he Nettling of thel hl'sines oflKellev, M(on & Co., at Now Orleans. The'lnpes of the l overal firms wfilllI used in liqaidaltiononly. Those indebtred to said firms are earnestly requested a olste forward arnd mak eanrly seltlement; a11n those having claiist will pli ease. prsellt thra wiltoot delay. 1.EI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orlimna, June 27, 1837. i IAN IMARIi( FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER Seases ma sre of this stperior Cologl wate'r jutl received atil fr saole Iby the d.ozen or riltc ' boTtl. Also American and Frelnch toilet pawders, Iplwder rulla td boxcps,shalrilg and toilet soaps,rostteltl wralh Italls, mlilk of roses, esslnetic ceoll cream, extr a o atsk, kephalhn, \ nard's vegetable Ilir oil, pomatum, !rnllltelde pere', Floridn. luvendur, rose alUd hbat waters, Prates n:'s salts, Marseilles perl'fuory in truanks. vreet ble t ul liq uid ronae, Chlorine ald 'Orrli tooth wash, toothl, nil and fl Oes !raushels; together with an addlilkuml supply of fashionable Ihorn antd shell tombs and jewelry,lftrsalo low tat wholesale or ritail by lASIMMONS, IAIT'rTT &CO, jil.' 6 70 Chartres street. Si W 0 h i6l j-jtcllon arat &ir & c, are now Ire eliv p si from osl thnarllsilps Y'azoo, and SartttOga bndbric Conolrdina finln New York, a great variety of goods in their line, which tocetilhr with their itrmert Sastock on Il.d, takes thelir a.ort.r ent very a , plete. Tllelollnowing empose a pnrt, viz: I elltwiýt, (.,ri.t;de, tnek nndd lreseia.¢oml; s bornr do of all doesvri ptiolls, I it dita rullber, silk and worstesd olntic art'rsA, tc'tnnon & fite elastic onslppnders, loon fceo and Luttifr inalches, i ttidlitz lowlers,,p1owdr pullit nld blt s ,toiletf ItodCr poket btook antd allets, teatdle lootks, mltll, pearl leryor and l'lrlireo eelrll vi l*reo |leadIIIIIeI)IIPIIvocIul in (.o heal 'haIs,, neckaoes v nrelian' a, Itel h a' It'aint, lblot' Ierlitrt.', cot rltas sned plainseed,sil'ertend Ziltlbeada Ilndialn lenads, hell and phl ttes; istlnl andl lnarFe e)% ler flasks, shot belts, horae', belt. potcket andll dilinp. )istals; doalile and single lanrrelled lttns, Bowie knives andl dirks. seisasrs, nlernt pottket knivese, gua'lrd 'Ihtillns r u'1m1, sh1l1 ilat, p floor and di sttinI br sh es, Cologle Floridin, lavender, rose aend ly water,assortaed essences and extltetsta'lheesaraa, heanl, nti.te, and WVard's vt. getlable hair oils, slnring and toilet t oapl of all Idel cli tiolllt, l tdieýl' and gentletettt' deskt and dressine eases, hair rieClert, frizPTles nesll lraids, plain, fattc'y a'ttd mnsiell work hoxel, plain and cilt, lieured, cont ant! vlast bltttlllt, pearl anld ivory shi't do, shitl .tudds, gol, and silter lpen'il cases, tpoioltacks and tlwezert,'latl tnd gilt locketsi, n inittutre do, silver, brnss anl Stloap tillllmbles, hooks and eves, hair pins, ililatilon fruil,likl snid red itk,shl e tlatking, violins and itctitar.rihta lens'l,ld and siber nlace ald frwater, itler Itlter, all lotge .i ridi w' il walkig llej, plang ard, Iii a.IIInl(t.;,at d .dgilt i J6i llry &,. The naove, rtgelher with a garelt vat'riety ,ofaother .arti lIe are offered at wholsale or rell il oil aclC:lullmldaltia N lt ShIdellt rtoh repairedl. iTHlTflESAI.AESniAfH1AilfliIIANI VAr VT RIETY 'STOR'-F-at ihe sign of tih golden colb,1'l,.'7 CrtlreCo store. Thclrl' ribero have I ceired, inadditionl to their pre vious . tmek on ]and,a fill and complete assortment of articles in their lile; viz: combs, perfaumer, Jcwelhl-, bruthesr , lolkilin glassei, fanyevarticles,&.E ensistig in trt ita follows: COM3 l--t-roise shell, wrmoui anld w i loin tllk.twint, qoilled bak, long round, dressing, sid. putTof, curlndl n.'tk, BrAzilinn combs of every description amongst which arc mine Mexican patters, Ivorv coinhs of ever, daecription, horn, droesing and iackelt, trgether with i geonerl n1-orl ent ofFre.lall ll Aildmerican. L'lFUMERY-ICologne, I.n aler, Florido, honey, hay, rose, and eranre flower wafers of avery size snd des cription, camphorated Cologne, extract of BerTaio,. ILne soaRps sufll kinds, sRhiving do in t cakes ari n Creamn soap do, Wlard's veOetoll' hair oil, hears nd all iqundo. Plreston's nelling snltq, plain all perfilned toletpowder, pearl owder, poiler tlluf and hloles po. nmtamin istis all rolls,orrta and elidrini toothl wash and nowdean, witl a general assortmnent of JEWELLRYa-some ofthe latest and most fahniona ble setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, tops jet eardrops, et in filagree, breast pinu ofa gres, le tv of patiterns, watch trinmnigs, gilt anld silvc .tickle tilner tinbhles, wilverand goll dt ,eila and gnard chains BRUSHES-Cloth, hair, dust. zg,crnl,hlllearth,flonr, hat, les1h, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewahl lrushos. LOOKING GLASSES-German statia and toilet tasas, ma gnifving and French dressing glasses, hole Io, witlh n vurhv ofother kinds not enoumroted. PFANCY AND VARIETY ARTlICL.OS--French and American portable desks and dressing cases, some very rich and lanly fnioshdt ladies work hboxesanddres ingeases, with ad withnlt mtinn, mnaieail boxes Ac plated pencils anldleads,wood pencils for carpenters and crayons, mantle clocks,gune and pistols with and without oases, iOrclan Cnll, pCel.rssin cap ch:trgeoi nipple s trewlrivers, shot ,lt, be lne bsag, natle bllckhillgny tea sett, Indian Ieads ofevery kind, lell, and plumfes filcand commnon knlives, razors nod scissors, tlinibles, needles, dies, silver plated, steel anmConmmon specta cles, plot!ot books and willets ol vatrioos kinds, visitimn, cardseId card caes, playing cards of French, German a tnd American mantulactnre, dolls, intitation tiit , boxes, prnlls of various kinds, Saunders' Polnertv's, tatmeratso , Hil lan'so and ltawkin' razor stram s nd metallic honea,dirks, fancy bead en klnaer , ndo with rr drplr, ton watchets, iealt bnttta apowd.ler llsks, e. tndl plan eed leads, git r nd silvr do, gul iaiic suspe ders, and garters, ploin anl nvored Ianc, bankgnamlln n boards, dice, opticalvienmes, jewshlarps, nloierno mnntch esand tlrikin eulis, with a great atriety o other arci lies, all ofwhrli will be sol fcr ensh ol r aity aceptan cesa on 12 onttths credit. B 1l Sl.%llIC,4S, & on. d4 70 Cnartesiret. DIOLBEAR'S SriecLe tAf Peotnaaship reoeivet, anr otr sale at ftlir perntonest Wriunl. Italeaoniesi No. 8 Clhatreo sreet, Now ttrlInca, 10 lBrtadwayv New York, Dlllaphine at., \llobil. at is particularly dstligntd ioll private learners, anli thools, and is calclated for persona of all ar ..o I.adies and gnlllrln are invited torcall aind e atlintt tile svstenl for themsealves. i.essons are given at sreb as maot sit till! ConveTience nfail, and to claoses orlled in any part hoft tl citv. Ladlie wlio prefer itcao receive lessons at tlhir own ref sidences. I'tracota paving ftraone E i tre l oreisto are dlredn Sattend untti t" oey writs a "ell is they w , tal Lil. IEAR & " litTHt.R. I)EAFNESSc. A NEW article for parso. trIubled withl deafness (eallel th, Ear TruLnt)l lIas a jast beta received: b, tile t rs n I(A ,lhi 0, the sliglte artnitlatioll ofther isll. tlail voice is dialiuctlv covenrt-d tn ile ear. An, oll who asl ever bee, obliged tn, conversre wit a v-er dIe licidtalna, so utaitctantnl,' ttlliictrl. li fil use of tne Ear 'I'ralpet. tiies objetini niun irel .' nno.ited. TIle aost setptical nlave always a. adaoelledtheireolbtt, alter having used t rlt Trumpet. For sale at TI F G UIONI'S Fanay store.,orner tof Comnon and St Charles streets ider Ite K, Is rlte Hotel. feb 13 SPIERM Oll.--I0 I Cralinso pre w lia te d s Spermn ()i, an caskts ontdI, lor ale Lao JAIIVI. & A NI)IfIW8t., Whtleialu I)rtgg agt, tcorvr C totlln uitd nT-ehp lat s tre e .g t. n1r : OAIt do O5 , Entglish do--2 I- 14 bla. 4I0(I " 1Ol P'intt Irtshettvaritus sizes; I case Vermillion; 5 blls Cnpal Varnishl 2 " Japan I Coach 201 packs Giold Leaf; 50 do Siler do; 1M1 do Itach Mettal. WIINDOWI\V GI.A , Atmerican, Erglisll and Fretc --010 boxesr, vartons sies and quallitiRes. Beoton arwn do.--0U boxes, colgvignael,t will be sold low. Also, a general assortmeno t of arrits' colonrs aId tools, for sale by A W SUA'l E.S. N 1, l ,1:1 1treet. [ N B. AlIahama note taken at p r. anl Minssissippi notes will Ibe remeived at 10 par vcnt discoln t for goods, or inl payent of deLtr. je I In _ LM)Ia '-fll andli,- fratn ateanteae ludepnod- I - Rnili,, DAPM71"' I MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STREET, LOUISVILXE. To the Ediior of the Losiil.te dAdverlimer: SIIt-It appears by thIe observatioos of the oditors snf tlle Nalsl ille "Presbyterrin, lFnimn and T'Jrans cript, Ir well as the editors'of the lnepiLolsis e sqoirer, tisst tile "Old Gentleman" is onineI h Ie l)oDoonrs. Thisi is prvedl by his kinilyv rare, knnwho i tllat hI tiee is ilt sonrt, and that the iadeaeslosrnt Amesisain people ire onile to judge ir theliae wl h r.t nle pff fis.,d ill elotiollof. Thle wovt l editors whio ore sct boet, tsIe pi'pr ietrs, 'liter or r l sub-elisor of tile .bhre repe jalllrlhnl , ll evnvy letter frosm paersons I hate rmborted to siglh inr th abrvee plaeet, p.etffY . I. Tl'he ret ish tat I lorver had suleh creat slcests oithlin so limitrd a periood ae ten or twel, drla. ne wol was inaed snboat ten vearm, wlo had oslv'seern tile light froes is hbirth, heySi to sor to follow !;is maoter to mv hotel, lesterd of being ohliged to bIe led hby hi. Two'young lodic, at Io had earl lost the siellt of one ede, one for ten Sears, and the other bfr nearely two years, hnvin botho of theRe the e rlr h se rov eak e r eacls of thore voone ladies began tonRe with both eyes, whirchl benefit I plednge syselfstill rcntinees. ex reptinc thev are uidrr she intlueno e or d'lminaitl of tile Medical Doctors. Another is rie dsianghter of e respectable merchant. whose name I ant bond noever to oaention, (as he paid me my fees), who said she had lost th esight of one eye from the age of 18 nonths, tlin ht t t eil now heglfins to reol. large lettre wih the otlher pee e orspletel, shut. Thie tile slctor ellitosr knew, as tie resoltleano told mre himsclf he Ihd esn dsc'ed hris doubhter to the office of thie mediel edlitors. that they s irhe t be infilmed of tile fact. The last I shall ileon is an elderly grhitrmaon ibv tshe nonre of Yount, nerorl sevrAlv eears of age. whodleelared pub liclv by letter, which' ule took to oll tle diffrent offiees in Naslhville but one, and himzsoef told mo he lId paid for :he insertion whatever they demanded, who declar el iu that letter tlhat lie ha, iotally deprited of tile stihll sf ore ore from f, ks after hi birth, which his mot atse t ed o ..... occasioned by the measles or sanial plx; that now re eseuld not only ese the licht of the res, for the first time that ho reeolfeets, burt the staos aloe, and was beginning to disstinguish nmae objetrts; and rlid, before I left thaet rtv, grie man ny proof that he could see. to walk about'the streets witll tile other eve eomplitely closed. Ilne said lie hall been a member o; the bethrdift Episcopal Choreh lor nerrly forty veer, ald that his world wa never doubt. ed throogh thie whole course ofrhis life. 2. 1 repenatd thtt lad never t rerter cseeess tiln b at Nashville, and t. il th.e medical and clerical doctors had never hbfore cE eachs reason to be enrased. The piouollrdiget:.nd oliote Re. clerical Dr Siith proves, whet, le Rsated to ms that habut six yerr past he was convertred from being a perfect infidel, to believe in the doetrinse of the Bible, that he morst hav demad a trifling error--tht ie must have slelt s to sey, th lt before the end ofsinx aers to comas, lie sho,uld be converted frmn lis infideliiv, as the spirit of the tree osinister of the peaeeful anid henign doctrilne of tile Christian religion does n.t breathe ollt destruction, raez, calu]mo v and faleehood to please isl medical fiicdeds, agnit Al tie man whon le klrew olad done so Inuch gnode'asld ao il. jsry to nsoine. All tiie inhabitantsr of Nashville speoke of trie great llecCPss 1 had,.-cCpt tile IsedicilI dsetors. Miosr ofe then ne blhad heen iafrrmed br Mler heunt of thse sire jieroitnled on Iris totally Iblind ive. S. The ftaol (Go0iHh S. oft'his t ow.preteronr that I have iost tile lforelsi I gained in the NVerti, since soy arivar ia the Siurthwst. Thi.i proves, howrver, I nd, i and that I kept h erl n until arrived in this section. If I g ined tle in the Iorll, i onglhi to h lave raihred nnnrl e r ill the soulth and sdolth:Vesl, and 1 still hople to wear i them on Lao very vouthfal brow on tle dat I incave o spite of ilhe vitlieratisa of tile gre.t DrS. if I osY judgo from the mon ,s I rave alnrady benllfisted in thi. sitr within tsisce dave. I. rhe obieet nfl tie iresernt is to infiorm tile ma di eol alosiahs rsnd editors sf tie IRepsslicion snd Trans o o:rit, as well as the clericol Ier S,1itb olf tile C. Pres bsteraso fillof the Unioi, of Nashville, as well nerte e oitorhaod subb medical rditor ofthe mlemhis Eisqluirer, ini. well en Mr PIre tice, the Ceditls of tise O sinsville josasrt , ani ll 'c tile 'edical Goliasl cdiiio r of thisn eitn tfile 'reat ri) S. that I1 shall .iir i noraniss a.ainst t sesl r silh. f.r lltl ionoosib sllati lllcr o cal al lllnv , ilniordi. east 1ie, isr ey arrival in New Ysok, as well i.s s'ainst threirs nia]sss lfe he len the medical Golills of the nsorth. l nosw ind ioseolfofy psoiose, nevert quit thisi tihppsy land (f lillhe to, ut0il Inre brought the noece of alr I sa licl (dl s of thr nori h, ise well as tile i iutll ,lid wet. ti the grindstoe! The alllicted, there. Iore, snv calolsate oni fanding inllemhrin ftile wecll of I next vent, in New York, ihlere lettler,, plst pid, an so otnlsne , will be s sore to r terh ierle. 1 5. To iitbrsi the Iublic that tre isiff. so called, lilic the w ioe. cler icnlhs conmerted insfidel ietkndsi was written fto" inl, waile w"iften nore tlhn t a %-ee prior, ficld s i eteded fill fio e v. 1). .waull, who ros ad it n Ill' pr.esence 1%itllf llt lnallifestig nallo, dia . lljp' tol l ; ,r Ie etint orar, too it to his stllly Wild cg ndeuro ed it if te way le dd, which iie said lie ithshlit rrould anr %k\etr Imy' Inrtosw betier;lhe dellhvered' thell both ti, Illi, withourt pe ending that C wanted t lrtiie Ifir i'srom Ir: duity, is I ieeor erslhl islsislnle to oilfer tcihat o.lltina o sir "sin e yr. ioine for sitteting fics t.s . The reco exnlteined all iny diplimsoe &c. &e. ouiitel gfeneir olls n I aintioaooe fi'i-ol of hisi, s well ioisrth fioie of liy I lttet', ill comdn llv with rinother elergymaol n Iol fi l l tII 1 0+t Illllh' Ctllhic, and al insctnili t ih more or le ss benre ileed, lie niever coll b ltv s)l~tLL induced by It total strongfer to draw fi ll h til alrticle :v i s % te hirselffifrr puililr tin, iand addreslI sed it to ir StlringlieII, editor ofllUI e \ iV C Adioocato 6]. No; , oaller fit clear.e:ir h r lgrher diical rI osisit iof Nrshvsls took fiie ala. js und therrsore sisd their el forls iojoln wish tlsrs, Itesr sIppIPwerfeIl, aletthi, dl errs ls ilinfidel. \\'e rCil ill tre Ilitlel fIh 'to ;I... is kanown liv it., Iriý s." I (late sty the con-irtcd iltide[ 7 7. lie evlid lllv o\mltotd t est.ll 4is'l 1!i r world .11'r .i :or as s irish, I;y osscsI g i ll:t I l, , lr.e' oe lina oI rbed. Let il, whelh r fili p 1 on? f thtl' l pitoce of ;ihI 1 o 1r willl ap o+" tr.him s veIf s ir ts it s '- . i s piier ,I I. s lelebers' s eol s ie nr id' i ll)l influ dl 'tit't f' ll in IcO.ration of his tisis e r llcaser, lll r .sio lrey o sli Iih i firi tllll t wIittier1'1i Ii-r os If siilver. M y alrnisll is , l ltt i W sl lee' inrse ded s a isr ll lir rc irior h it ' l, ' 'r, -e d so ' y ssns tro i rn ss it wss soisisso ls l lo ln W:.I''ll plw sterilns 'r e roe,-n'sr pils rsc re, of"A .i 1 .r sqs' i . ( 1tsllls~ ilrzt1e f Onssrl i 'en' c iloo t, s' ln s ,s,' siP d m ltter, ,hieh wels to be reti etd. s ls e . ll.r frr ir i ilss in filhe Prsf llini sc ilonil U i fein lencrstri s i(rttll. sios(e I elsro, inte si d o re I, s'se h .im I s llh o d elil lo at leat i300, his reg lr I ell e, insteol drs Io$ ) w e, iii tll o)r!diliV, hs re o ldshael r giadly L ied sI hies'srIc n1l not eait bribe. On the ýotit alryr it' I all beo ca ithi soe pofo eri_ a orilc, I sheld Assertainl i have doill itinitiosr in shave ino.rted his aoe,, iisiI tec oielscyfthe doc tlrine of tr e iovioear, lie wourld loti have promised Io cinite and exaitnine mr ss itsiie vito o'ret. II fncise woro is C ptihae alwiys lbo and everyl are sperior to anllys ill s of Noasisili'srope. Irys cell the cosr.iret of this pious expounder of tile Holy i(i. I neeaeaw tOchT a demon in humaen shape as the iRev. Ihector was thie day I col eA: to renson with lii, when he menaced my grey hairs with nl upltifted gigantic arm, Ca if he would have fPAled mTO t to the ground, for cdaring to draw a pion. nlinlirternrayec frone his dutv, by e hribe of 310 piecc cf itiiver! I "really trolmbd mrora than it the "Ild Gentleman" had aIo earelld in his own h hapel 11. i elerny de lree befBre Godl, nl alnm not afrairl to nila lil e imto witness Ihat I never. in tlhe whole course of 12 years praetice as an ocalist, in Glreat Blritain France, teeillnin and America, in a single lnlatlce of ferel a a bribe IllV alnolelntl to the editor of anlll jourT bit an a opellnells:;tionl for tIe spcea I oclenpiel and tIle troue lewhicll I oes lione thleial;lld tlne t I wa~ alwavs miore tilt'linl tip reduce, rtlller thlln add tny mleoll ,'t 0 the printer's bill; which is a suicilent Iroof' that I ilud 1o ittenll o tl )1'ille. 1I. l.oativ.-'ls MaemphisEnquirer fiortwo or three wteoks enlttnin a tissue of fltcrneelr lldsehonl, wiich the inedical Gliah edilrt learCela front their trethren oanthe M. Golinis of the North, and I shlall treat them vithi silent contemi pt until the proper tilllm arrives:- Unleas it is tre what I have been infli.rlned-iSne a beggar, and yclI will calcll a I--!" 'Ilouagh paid him libr mny ahdrtlsemeltnts for two or Three weeks, he cnl v inserted them once. I'oo will please It insert this letteer in your next pa per, and oblige yours, &e. te Ileste, JOHIN WILIt.I. MS, ouvilJ 137. te Englih Oculist. lauinville, Jcl 1837. Ceieed from th S. H'. C. Adottent of the 2lth June, 1.7. It the reelleett It)r. Willials, we insert fae tie llw i.ll tre ' fail the iRe. Mr Itowll, elf Nashville, to tIe elditorof the Seceet W terntihristian Advoctte, lho, llt afe'nr% Ihas exllilled tier diploNllla and oliher (Ioel"c Imllls,evilrcive ofthe L)Dotor's clnailms to public corniI aIe li coaleluellce of in accildet, I)r. W. will ra enia ill Nashvlle few dalys longer than he lt lirst intellc4ed--sy tile Ist Julv. Rtev. Mr Stringfiehld:--lIvine been requested by Dr. Willieams, tie ocnlist, now in this city, to exalnaie hist nllumerolus dipillcaenes and lther ditnenets evicic of hIli clnimns Ito plblie confidellc ( in Iles prolbeasio,I harve, ill e lele oy a ithi a rvllled friendone so Willi Iler. .\Angea' theel I foutnd lel,"r fr'ml Aen r Patent,at A lte aselt Charge I'Alfefiire of the King of the French, at Watotington,addrept;Pe to Dr. Williams, te. tifviog file inlliflliess o" the diplomat, from he Kille of'j'FralllC, elfium, &c. as well its those fron the MeAdical Socie ties of France. Ile has numerous voucherl- from menl known to le ofl hinh rerotataion in thisecolntry, receivcl sincei aItial erval ir Ile Ueited Statrns, detail/ln illn ll. ces of great lleecce in the restoratioln of sight the Tuil li. I ]hove seen lnet rly all his poor patienllt in thi I:v. I knew nona of tlhem previous In thie conlinng :lner his caret , ut all I have seen say they are un beonefitted. ItRll'T. B. C IIHOWELL, Nashville, June 21, 1837. P. S. Since writinglthe atove,ocne of Dr. Willianmr' alien nhaac clla eller ae1ee, and sayt he hal atcluaily u eet totally l tI tllhe siet eof elveet c ir ,ic e ntyI %,ll'r fet lnow declaeei, himsetlf betes; it lasnr nrr nghtolr the first limtle in his life thalt he cant recollect, hl, rooli dis rieegris ,it. l llt tee., Ranee e ftc e e ' e Ieeeiie it r, i I learn Itat lliez ohl gentle llln tll.l livedl Intc V "l-ar in this rdngion,und says lhe has been a lMethodisi daering forty years. Yours, truely, anglO0 R. . C. 11. TENNEROS MAP OF .OUItiACt,;&e A NcWw MAP OF LOUISIANA, with its cannils, roads . alnd dietances,froem pinle to mplaee, along the stage nadstlall blloela reaues, iv I1l. S. 'I' enetr. MllrcIILl.'S MAP OF THLE UNITEI) STATES sll,,wing the princripal Trlllpike udetl lnleno roald, oil t which are gliven Tie distsncees in miles from one place T another. alno lhe coureirc of the canals aent ral mroads tllrough riet the cencre carcflly comnpiled n.'fro rfie blest ,a thorili,'n--pufelce'd by S. Aullelusee MiicIell. MI rctlcELL'S 'IRAVnI II.ERI' GUIDE e'Ial GH ln at Itienc 5.'Trts; a map of tlee nroeist, dihtan, lout unldc all;el routes, c.j.t receiv int fr rla Will M'KEAN. , IIEcK.S ON I'lIIi,.LI)ELIHI-FA-F'r ale ba ) InoRKr t IIROTHElS S6,iCamp rtreel. | om THE INDIAN'S PANACEA. F OR theecureof'rheumantism,scrofulsorkingsevilgolt, speiotita or hip gout, incipion t eanmer, salt rheum, siphilitio and mercurial diseases, particularly ulcers antd painfulafections of the bones, ulcerated throat .ee nas tils. ulcers of every description, fever sores, and internal absesses, listulas, I;ile, scbld head, scurv, biles, chro nil sore eye, cr sipelis,blothes, and every varietyofen tHmrous l lfection. ehrolie Cntarrh, head ache Irorcted ilg fro y acrid humoll, r, pain ill the stomlach :ut 11 plsia procedin. g from. vrtiation, atcetiolnol tl'he h.ce,, rofte blood, or mm:ltin o te kion ey, no th e uors of lhteer ty rlused ky a torpil action of the vessels oflhe skil. ih is singlrelyl ellicacious it recovatinl those car t;il a',hi.'have beet broken down by iiodlicisols tra':st.'t, joveaile irregtldrities. I general terms, it is rcoln enoded In all thoese lisese whlich arist from imlurities of the slood, or ititiation of the humors, of wlhateer tameor kild. Some of the abave complaintsma reqPsire some tri flingosistaot aplications, wlhieh thdcircumsitane ofthe case will lictpt-; but for a general remelv or Puriiceator toremove thecause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally he found soficient. TO THE PUBLIC. How trueit is, that modern Plhsiciars, in their am hition to excel in their profession;explore the vastfields of science by the aid of chemistry, ami seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--ntirely overlook and neglect, as heneath theirtsouce, the rich ant bounteous stores of meicine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much more true is It that while the merican Physician looks to foreign countries for many of his most common ald necesary articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates oifashion orfolly, he is strrvottldedl ia his own country withan endlessprofusion of medical plants, ssfficient to answer any indication in disease or to cmre any curablc disorder;and yet he is ignorant of their vir tuts, and they are suffi'ereto 'wastetheirhealing on the desert air.' Thle cflects of vegetable medicines upon the system are temporary-those of minerals lasting. The lfrmer ex ert their effets and pass off-the latter, mercury in par ticular, act chemically upon the solids, decomposing the bones and undermniniig tie constitution y a slow and sure destruction. The congeniallity, eficiency and SAFETY ofvegeta ble remedies over mtineral, may be estimated by contrast ingtheaocieat b'actice withthemodert; or, tobring it more immediately under our own observation, th- Indi an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, nas not known or heard of repeated instances wherein some decrelpid, unpretending femasleIndia, by meansof her simle remedies alone, has affectled the most rapid snatl ; onishlig cures, after the lMateira Medica of the ormmon practice. directed in the most skilful manner, has Ibiled ? And who has not been srpr ised at the eom parts titvecsenadfacilityw ith which the lndlia fiees him lelf from any disease, and at the almost tota abstinence ofelronic disease among them? Who has rver heard olf l Indian with a constitution broken and rlined by ill'teatment? And can a doubtexist that thils happy ex emption ofthe savage from most of the ills which the flesh ofman is heirto, is chiely owing to more getnia nsod safe remedies which he emdploys? Tlhis astoishd ing difference in success, is a fair exemplifieation of' the infinate stperiority of lthe simple and safe meas of cure whi, God has cretd rett foi- the betefSt of his children, over those which tihe pridioe and the art of mans have in vented. Flom a long residence among a portion of thealhorigin alinhabilants of this conntry, and all iotimatc aneqain lance with the methdl s of cure of some of their most successful practitioners, the proprietor ot 'The ldisAlls's Panacea,'nealuired a klowledge of some of the most powerful andfavoriteremedies. From these he selected stch as were most effieacious and approepriates, lad after various expleritnllts too testt heir principles al strenglth, lie huscombinetl them in tilhe form here Ipresented, as thl most pirf..ct alld eneficial for the purpose for which it is rIcommenlded. ' Ihe proprietor oflerstlhis prelarationo to the public, willh the consciousness that he isplacing withintheir sea, a remedy capable ofrelieving nmany of his alilicted fel low beings, tiho ars sutfelring under thile various chronic and obstinate complaitos to which it is alipplieable. To such it will iprove of incaleolulable vaie, as tile le:ms, aI1d iln Imanv cases, itle only means of relicevingtllcir sol ferilngs andrestorilg them once mole to Ilellthl atlll hll, pianess. This is notofoltled ns a commllonl remnedy, tlat may per cl.alset be equldly good with mtany otherus now ill use, hitiO as one which is calsable of saving lilfei inall lv extr.le cases which all theu insosoll eileleliestfil. 'ol isit h done replntedy and this is tlhe reputtation it Itosob taillled wherelver it has been introlduled. It is Olvlahlout three yealRsSillneCtllhisplreplllratll i as pireseNtell toothe plollie: 'but in thatll short space (o Ilse, ome hunlllrels of persolls mnight le toml,l who woull tsolemlsyi declare that they believed tlat their lives -were savedbI it, ati inl montasesail'er they had trwdv lany n pllel haps all tile common rlemst dio s illn vain. d Vhit r evr til it klnoWll itIsrlally conirlig into uie, td IiI i f;llds Ithe most substaltlalland convicing pro.f of it The valtuefthe oalscn i most collpicllolls i those long stalding Hld syphilitic ailnd scrotl'ols ttldions which have derfied all other l-.ncdies, and lpartiuhlhl in those eases .heve orrcurlV has beeo so Is ,i !" h, as to tllst distrlessiogllo Il inills till S sI oa t i 'l's ia Srialurs, derag ont tf ' tltll, e digstlive lorga s, l . These it emllthily mt.'eo s, ta I in all cas,:o it cLtire i n' s ill l olit lllilll :mI d · l I:llil ll l taIo . h,1, tt Ill'.llo i . :o 1.1 ill IItII.'l0'. I sloe lbi: ;, il t r in a q. . Iýn, m tpsl 5 otsottts lmas st otolistt hl'r' i i uilic:l e slrll' I.,. uthtlllm.d h figlY nil ill n k I l li :1 . i.sll ' isll i l. l iii d, t li l. it i. o1-d wils . ..... inue-s u, a tiotll I', rill h t. ll il IIIit O lllllllli :1 illtool Iu ril4 ll i Ilh e1ll l llcl.1t • 1u r n i :1 . S1 .".. p urt l l -. , solls will do ' 11 t sol e so i rltloee b lsole 1 l neai ll i fl,-I I.h )klt , llll t s o' :Is . 1.nce' .i i'iltslts, h!' stllla . htio l ltso sllott cl 1i lltt olellgt . llto ost l lo thllotl his Ianlacea,taken i" a smal a, ; will ..nswer aiL. il its Il nlos s, ll 111ch I ss tl ile, lit e ss xpenias, ' :nioill 1 0a 0 0 agrevtsble 'in0er thsl oe cannon dises drii. he 'r ll. owi ceelircate~' ,ut of h111red' si'miar, ite lo lllalls lS lla ca, ilt i Iee t d lrit l ooltsttltlo t illrsd il iont oseitllllt Iloe soclre, exhii ie ti t St.'t et .et ol' mannerl italsulerilrity over the sroollol s ir coIIIoIill list. CASES OF" R t.U:\I,\'II CuIIIIEIs'ro, i Nov. 15, 1S:3. Duriog the last winter aond spriug, 1 was afilicte.e wilh a vry s3evtre ainl distressing rinh iuniiafisim, occaioned !by . otlore iy tll l wlootlh. 1 llnw tllkeglat lleasllre is t me Ill erlet heahlth, and I cofidetlnly recon.ernd it to all simlilarly afflicted. .10OIIN FEIrGUSON, Ki. R st. CI(atrIL:STOx, \.larch o7.18:;3. CrAILLt.sTO, I.arch 17, i8312.' I was se;ecd about three ..'ats si[nce, t ith a distltlesil rheumitism, eaused bý takinga severe cohl, while, aln huilllllluenceofl mercury, ,n which ihas disablel I - froiat business nearly etve since. During this period have heteti tintii the Marine tliospitali., i this cih upwardsofs four months, ttltd Iinarl' tile same length ., tiIie in th le Bltiimore lospital, nl tried aIost evri trelneldl, with little beneeiti Oin the 16th of t'Ilruartl last, at that itimt scaitely iblet to nove illnut uloll cllltel. es, I commensed thleisee of llll's Pianacesa. In oil inlllth I fllnlld iyselftirel lived from pltaine , stil p n ow happy to state that I i sider lelfs t ltifectly well. VM. 'I'UCKiEII, 13 Mlnlttt St. CASES OF SCIIOFUIOUS UI.CEIRS. NEw YlORtK, Sept. ilt, 1830. 'This mtin certify that in the tiil of 18'25, 1 was seize willl i swiellingin ly neck lnd thee, which fieterware tlectvite! : lid becames ltast e ghalstly ulcers in lily Ileck. Aliter iryig ls'severalll ysteiais to no advaIntge, I wenti to PhillilleiDlll, and pidacd un Self under lhe callre I)ls. Phyllte and Heelch, hlien, aer repeatedit sl ivatloe tIo iio cect, I was proniouinced uttelrl ilnculllable. Afler. w,·itlds lioktk twelitv bottlesofSwainl's Painel:ace: ild eitlt bottles of Potter's iCatlllicoli, wjilth no Ia:terial belleti leslixhirig of lite, whitt hiatld low become a bitu:helln t ire, I.'tlurnedtto iiya alrents ilt New York, in 18,9, fll, gave i'selftupi toi a lingerinig death. Ilearingiii of ti g seat tccess oif The ludian's Panacea, however, it, ll ea similtar to ilIy, I was ersuaded totry it, as a last ret sort. "to tiy giet isurprise, eia well f as satisthects,- - s:loo iiMul lsefipitlyll ly recovering,alll upoi takhit settll lsottlesi tlse illcclt'slieitll l1 became lielfeetl) well in tie comuse of two lmonthrs, tnl have remainied so ever since. I malke this stttemen land wish it published ier the beIlefit ofi'ltise wlhoae suflerini under similar fulour r hyph asilitic satetiofs, that lhety mlay kinow what hP cured one who Ihes sulJfered every til;inllg hlot dIeath, ld hllo coasillers his life saved by the abose sv Wsi. IINIHA) CHAllESTON. July 12, tI .31. I wts nllietedi, fre yea.s wiith tiI uler i thel let, oeg ctl.ionially nlcomlll i led witl cr"siiclillos ilinll:lma tion aitld excessivYep In ill tile It leg alidl scle joint. Sevit :il eminllt physicians exlerted iltheuir skill upon it, but with ,l4 perllllllatt bellefit. In this case five bottle |liiltial's I'nieen madiie al piIt fect re. MAIIGAIRET A WVEST, 121 Maeket ,For snle ll IIIENItY ItONNAB EL, driuggist, algen tor tIei piroaietors, 'cItioupitoulas street t NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAItL OAD l COMPANY. ilTl. sttockholtders of this omlplansy are Ihereby rio- i Tihilt thlllt B a rseluitison of the hbolnrldl of lit:-i tsen lpasi d oil the 19tth ilist. the call nllde oni them ion it 1ti Februarl'irv last, fr the invlellntof tive ollars Sshar, wia rescindil, alndl the sitid stockholdl·s are ifurthr otified thant WIVHRIEAS, by a resolution of this Ioard piased on tI1 !!lh O lll . it rialli hIsbcen tlirilP ore the ulOmkkhohle r. Ivable oni the first dav of D)ecelmber lnexl; illd twn ,lllhflusper :llmes Ipayrflle on the fil.qt dIy1 fI'h tiexl t. itoit e'O tso be it resolved, I ttle .ctetarxtIt.s of this olplljnny shldl anoitil the shlare holdlra therein thrllou h tII li ittlic pirtil s of til e city,that in cont ormit ithhIl ,ixtNl tctisa of the chart ii, thev aie permitrd hto 1It-lonle all*y lpayml en ltlled inln ntih stock f'snidI tiellni fIt r [Itl'e ol;ltif sixty days, from aillnd liler the ii rll/lslllltit ot sixty dalys fro lnlland aft r the day o ihic it sotni hve beenit paid, that then teie arock il tv titsshouidtsl t hav. btn mad litis Ard relttto Ilie tiemp ', tile Cthaertster that Poinit htl ill er it utiveP . III ollll fulni V th erelfore, to F ii I All, ll atlrk of mhi strlkhodlers in sail cil tllue, aIit Etitink roie teo pi off tile itlyments iAn tir stticrk bh I itl 'f the additional sixty days hiC, se rtCtiitiit Slli, thernln, tre notifiedthu tile ftNc tbtie i'i har- ir llritim alled ffir,alind tte sn the firl " c,.l I rlleor lexl, illnv lie postpllmond under tile sixlh r.ecth, of iai t charter, intil the 31st las e of Octber slxt, tlht Ith jt` t'iits't (i l tiw ] thu 's ii't s erte called hricfor an (IIP 0, I thi ilrt day' of Decemlber next, Ifllsy t e pos pollol illtil (lie .a)tl day of Jtilumrv next; end I fie ply ttllln of twoIlt Id r per share cled fi For und t. tll aiyttt "i.-'t ( rrn If .lurch 'texlt , trl e Pnslltond uth il thile h i Aliti" nfApril i e t ds.t. Eýlrl se.. of tilt milurtes of tile x board. d ii i i .'ii -t"i'tt i ; 1 - II .-l ,r., II ;ti.t hl)h l STATE OF LOUISIANA.--Pn rish Court for the Parish and City of New Orleans. T IIE STATE OF 1.OUISIANA, To all whtom those Presents shall cuome, Greetin:--Whereas, Josmes Hanse Inaving purchnased at sale t ade by the Shorifnof thle pnarish of Otlennsr tne pron-erty berrinalter described, nas appln- I toI the clerk of this court, in whose office the d-ed l otale was reconrded on ntie i2ddav of April, A. D. 183I, fO r a inonition or adver tisent'ie colibrmitv to all act f theLeislnature of the -lat j f'l ouioiaon, ellilled All act Ibr the ffrthnr assu n--.- noftitles to purchalner atjuodicialsales;" approuvd 1,- I-In1 duayou Alnruh, t834. ir 'nn nllerefinre, know venod anil personsr inuteresne Ih,, are herelty ciled add adonmnnishd in tbe name (f the State of Louisiana, and of the P',aish Court, who can set up tny right, title or claim in and to the property hereinafter dsueribed, in consequence aunyv infoibrnnlit in the (.rder,decr'ee or iudgfent- of the uourt under which thie sale wau made, or anyv irregulsrilv or ilklgality in the appraisements and adlvertisements, ill tittle, or manner ofsale, or for nny other defect whlntso ever, to show cause, within thirty davn front the day this monition is first inserted in ihe ipublie pnmpern why the sale so made should not be conlirmed and homo logatol. The said property was sold by the Shulriff of the pnr ish aroresaid on the 14tl day of April, A. I). 1838, by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered ou the 5th day ofFebuary,A. D. 1838, in n rait entitled Alexnnder Caldwell vs. James Hanse, No 10,367 of the docket of this Court, at which sale the said James Hlnse became the purchaser for the plice of twenty one thousand dollanrs. Description of Property as given in the Judicial Con reyance, via: A certain lot of ground itumated in the subnrb An nunciation alias Lacourse of this square No 5, nd lot having French meansue, 60 feet front on Tchou pitoulas street, :160 feet frtlor on Orangers street, and 60 feet on I.alanagdo doi Alreufi street, in such n mannner that said lot ofgr-ond is il0 feet wide from one side of the sqn-are to the other, together withl a dwelling Ihouse fronting on Tho1upitoulas street, the kitchen and de-t pendencies, also the distillery estalilnhments erected thereon and other huildings antd improvements, the machinery, utensils, implements anal lixturtes behlnaing to said dintillery, its dependencies and appurtenuinces, and the rights, actions, and privileges thereto belonging or in ny twie alppertaining. Clern'n Office, New Orleans, May 7, 1838,. m14,24&.j3 J. OLLI E, Ieputy Clerk. ETrAT DE LA LOUUIMAN- --Co tie. Parolsn pour in paroisse et ville te la N nuvelle Orien:s. LT 'ETA'I DE LA LOUISIANE.-A tous ceunx qle ces pr.sentes eoncernent, Salut : Attendu (lue James Hanse avantanhet6 A une vente faite par le Sherif dela paroisse t'Orleans la propl.i ,i ci-apr6s deeite, s'est adress anu Gretfe de cette Cour on ln dite vente fint enregistrte Ir O emejour de Mat de l'nni-e 1838, t our no avis confornement ,tn nent dIe la Llgislature Ide IP Etat de la Louisione, intitul' ' Asoe pour eonfirmer les titres tlos nacquercurs anx rentes judieianies;" approlv6 le 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il soitconmm, et toutes personnes intbr-aesseenout par ces presentes sor;mntbes oa nom de I' Etat de la Lonisinne et de la Cour de Paroisse, qui pourrdient oi roit A Ikla propri6te ci-apru s te-aite, en consequence d'un Sliolt Ide formte dans I'ordre, le deeret on le julgement dle la conll, en veltnui S tluel in ventc a nlie oflite, on dle tonte irr6gularite ou ill'gnnlite cldns I'estimttion,ln'vis on le temps et le mode de in vente, onI ponr nune-utre case quelcongoq ; den tfiire voir, dsas t retejolurs a diter de In publienation de cette anvis, plnol uoi tent ainsi flnite ine scruit ipes confirtln6e et homnologuobe, La Innp.ni8t funt en-tl t par le lh"tosnusditl In qnla torzibn-e lor d'avril de Palnl'e 1830, en vrrtll d'lln d6clet de cette cour le 5 de f6vrier do l'lunte 18t38, dans I'alfilire d'Alexander Caldwell, eontre Jlmu s Ilante, No 10,317 do l docket de ceIts Cour, I Inquelle velon e Indit James Ianse W'est rend-u auq-rneulr pour Is prix de $21,1100. Descripltion deln Proprieti' d'aprins le transfer J udeialre, Savoir" Un ýertain li-t de terre eitu6 all fanhourg de I'Antmn inltioll alias l.aeourse, de cette ville, dans I'ilet No 5, le dit lot de teIre avant [nmesure fr n nisj, soixunte pInds de face h la I n e Telloupitoulass, ois cent pie, d t lae na c luan raln de I rannrn , eit n sot lanle i iun elu fire n4- nuln l -fad den In unlt du o llarchde sorte qn, le dIit ,t ide terre it soixante pid det i ahirt,o-ur aln Iboit d-e l'ilet A I'aurre; ensemble ane maisonll i-allnt Ithe a In ] rue Tel'clomplitoull, la cuisine et sea d pelndances insi que In distillerie cu-nstruite stir le lit hot, et nutrewl ++ tlisen et lal:liorationl; les nmlcliltes, lstensil -s, illtll ntionA, &e. urp .rn-nrtut A lal di!t disthile.-ri, dX pund annll'sn lppartenanlces et t le droits, aclillns lt privilin .es y anptit Iunt llnrema aiui greflfer,Noevelle Orlnns, le 7 Vii 182:. mi ,ý4&j3 J. Iill, )6putý Cwlior Rloy:tl CoIIlee of tPh tsican-. Illh. . I n orign-inal Vegetdle Ih geinh UnIn-o n-ohi cine, pelmared by W %13iskin, Esq. Memner , n-he Ilryal Colleg-, of Surgeons, Licentiate t"f \Aputitc caun 'snota n-lly, Fellow ufHlnl"-l t Cour- Sc- l ln- , Su lllgn-n to Ie Royal Union PInnL onn- I Aswint-n, annc..-. I lae, WI :t'ecrlooI Iridge, ,-n d i I 'lo etal n Puni il of -)' antd St. Thoas's Ihospitlns, Iondon. Thin 'l alu hlnn ble I edi n ci- l , the nIn- 's ll- Ifllnn - t- lin n ll ei ur 'llen: 'l'l Ind p rai k llelvd s ){yt in lhe II t ilsls 'i anld I-t n in l, n l-I.n- n 'n bln ornhin f n-Ln--- in-nn- n-n-I, -InI"-- nised i, n in Ihen i n: it I n- n--n,--n I n n-n I, tn the nlh ln tnics of thei Anl -ell nl(llll i i-n-n . :l I Illn t -h;I l Ii - licilation .,f a 1num11 er ot tnl'te'elm of if m p l Iigh sain-n -g i 'nt -- nll -! rolni nn- I-.I t is ho d, as i:I- : IIn step, I t n nhe k -In- nnil l 'l 1i ll .:i . nI ,-L-(nlllll I n-- nl nn-- III I o- ln-n- ll"in ll- l ,I n-In-- n -i n- Ih :l sc e I of th "n-Inl-nn : . n .ldi I 1i'clllS] 11 0.m it;111 1l e o l t , t I , ,,, ii , I van;l " Iildlll Im., I1". o i do ", il fi t' )I', il, , I M , i nIn-nn Ie It-nn -nnnn -n l mYI1 f." t1 hlr h nildll, h ln,, o f l.11 p l'r liC:d, , I' 'l ,i e ,l .-o lint-ln n -n II-- n- in Illt Il- :. -i 4 1s, n.n El-,I (.llllrldl ,.u, te , I · S,, ~,-i olus l I .lui , lll';1. 1 1' II. , , nI- - n---nn--nIn-n-nni-on-nn-n-nn--n I r n-n-ln -n-ln- - f n-n- ,i-n- , ani-n- i - n A.l'er-rthl,, an ,' Bit 'llbl , Ni . . )., 1\ . R;k, M . D.) 1. A- tn Kev . A r.I ptol, M. o IIn eni i - Thl orii.-,n I s ,n I - n ' ( noral Agent , u nfl n, u -i-n., n o, n t l I to lmo .dAl : , licul'a .io r agelc t JN-. 111t.n-1nN, In n-In-nnn- Phn-e- , N. Yo-k, Sole Ge:'nI Agent th, th U oiled Stetes, &e. Forl -e boy ippo oin -ll -t nf lh - -o-'i r" I Iny SWAIN . lit n IInn , D' ggi -ts, Nn II C;Mni itit, .o-.ner, Agent :fi-r Sn:-Lnnee of I.-isnnloioSn . jniN-S D] IflYil' I LlEE "3 ec N. J '18 mi- e i reit, ai I:, .+w receiving front 00ips Nash,;*le, I., svi le, l i.ehck , Eagle, a.o' other late a'ri-als :r*m , Slthern cities, ;. iarge amil new clellted lassortmelli cosisloing, Rel' .llntl's ie calf llV d Irocco bols ,Io id luality; dio bulPdl, alld stout waxs pegged boo.k waiOns qIialities; mien's fino enlf seal nod More, lii pumps and blrog.ins, buckskin Shoes, blrogans iam ~ppllel s; men's line ealf nllll kipped pqgged shoes:, i l roglls; ldo boots; di o stout kill .ii r:ax pleggel shles tl bhroganis; gentlemen's beist iiquality callsemledi shoes, I'gmnIis ai(d Jlek I)owninlls; i cal lllll Iand MoI I ickle shoes alnbrotgpls; do call; seal and J.Moroc.. I ilil shoes and sli ppers, do calf, Ieff ant seau wrop, a ,ew article; (do file calf, se:l and imlrocco qelalsrt, iots; loeys', misss'anld chliliren's peggedl ni:l simnd blingans, andl shoes ofl'evmrY qualitY aldl kiml. Also a general assortment of Ieln'S stool Wal and .a bons aiend shoIes, toigether witn Il0,ilft niir g ieo quality, russett brogans, oiiled il ith Iinks, llae exprde ssly for pilitation use; 'a gpoI :Is e clzenieof isen's flne tn swtmut kii russett lr.iogans, ; w article, andl ar ge qulalll.y o all iferlior qulality r. sel anllld waxI bItgaslllB. ailies' fil nedll, senlt, lirioeco nan gdrain welts, anld plmp sole shoes; ido line Frei.,h Moroccmo and kid rn rivtd slippers; do roa, shoes, with and without heel; It callf, seal anld stout Imotel.s; do IPruella shI.o I hill kinds and qualities; do lIasting brogans; io gaiter 4A Anid foxed Imotees. .Misses' lastiiigspring shousai , i .tgums. Chilhhelln's eolored Mlorlcuo eel I-ns Wi e'o 6 o,..nollhaots, ke. icentlenmlen'sintie shionable black silk hats; do black in idrab beaverdo of a l superior illnility; lo imitation Sralm do; broadil alln arrow brinl men's lie drab nld hI; sk Rssin short uapped hats, a new article. Yoiths' Lo ;e size hats of dilhlerent qualities; do childre'a. AlI.I's and ICrb:'s black ndl drab wool lhats of \ariols sl tipes, with general asso.rtmenlt of bo)s' allnl inl's -1., calls. 'lls assointrent will bie replenisdll bl tie arrival of srit Illpketsl ron tile ionle ilname cities, ail of Whill %ilt ifb sold oil acelllimodatingll terms. lug I-1-1 BII. LMI FOR TIHE TEIPTH. Irr 11 Ic esa1lisoled re 1othtion I nd uonstarIl In eenn c tin denud lor this eflbl toual n ellesly ofp:iin, anel prc servative of the tcelh, has ilduced the s.u-criber iotTer it to the. Aericni public. Arr cefeciiints liav been made to u i agents inll llthe lprillcipll ctie nid tolWlli ill United Stai es, so as to alice it inlii lIo relt itl lthosn suflrinu antd lileklv to anaifer this inolU harassing ofall aebes Tooth-ache. \Wlln applied atccorling to directions given on bottle, it has never faimiel o fi.ird in inlediai atec nd naiente relief, It also arrests ithe dleal in defeteiv' heth, ald relieves that sorenerss hllichso frequenlth roders ia ltrong tooth iusalss The app lieatimi m-uld CremePdv iare sinple, innocent, an inlot niipleasant; amllt the large ilillber of persoCm illdiffi-enllt secliols oif Ib counlltrly that have already expluriecueld suchb dleligllfln land sifultlUtV effects liom i i mse oftl e o lulo, a re lieadv to benr (for the public go.dl) their testimony to its un rivnlled f alllitles. It ii in Indid llun reinedy, obtaileIi it illm-llrlrlv nll x pIllelple tedly. astll l be rel'ar It-d I). fhe civiliz led w'ld -. the leanst valualde diseowarv " wldllllllll e e tile woolld. I'ice I Inr bottlec. Sold bl JAIVIN & ANIDREVS, llmr 5 Clar Canmon anai ''l:lapiloulus ts, , EW Sherch Book, at, the Servim IN Afloatand ashore. With characteristic reninisecen ics, firacgments land opislions. Bly tile Illultoll of IlhRI'sol ia Tr, &e. seeonld series, in 2 vols. IImrl0 Recollections of lhn Ilose of(oolllll fat fhie year 1830 ito the close 1835. iuI'uding per. ll oal ethesofthe leelini mieiberse-- I nie n f I ' I .r ..i, l - 8., 8 1.-I I - LATI 'E IIIJCATiIsi'S. r( 'InI VWELI.L, an Ilistorit al Novel, bi the Iautlhor Io S'Il T IBrothers," &c. in 2 vol-. Popular Miedicimne, or Familv Ad vis-r; ,,Ili f slir'h hints orl Ike pr 'tiea . of P al t tz,-vmc, tIr ,'I I 111 ilh. diseases of wollen and ehildren, as mrAy plrove ueftul ill flllilives when regulalr plhyL.ians canot(1111o ill protlred: bein.g ia `", )union and guidle ltr inhlll-Ii,r,,n I n>icipals of ni;lllolhtetories, Iplntationsi, anld Ilbolmllll g se)hoo[.+ Ihead of familie.s, masters of vesels, miseionnries, or tramellerf; anllldI IaISenl chketc (or vullee lll n lens pm lln'pe. gil tire dtai dcv of ulmeii'. llv I(t-lsom Colt",. i. I). Peter Paiiy'- Universn l historn ,ll the hrlses f (;G olgratphv, for the use of familie-, illustralred by mnltila tll,' eh."Ia.incs, i nel 2cIe, i Jiut 1rce.d Stll I fur cale by \ kW mKe ,AN IIL .o"r :alllmp Iri C ilinolln is. 1 N- rW-rC E .- T he "a %v '"ro-f severul l'" kan. ", . . i ,,rha, , Silze mrllllkettd M1adaroe V. Aartimqtluel','e. ier sli 1 (;rt i t. fro N v Ylk, is hr-by not l'l Ithat tiley 'iope ti tored m S'-ETdSON, AVI;Y & C.i, u,,;| ~~~t trl.i,.twe. "Grtonll~l, JUSTPUBLISHEDFROMSTEREOTYPEO PLJTES, The Fith EIdirio,, l ROWVIETT S TABLES OF Ii'ERLTEST: O which is ow abled ail Average 'lTime Caleula - tor, or easy melhosds filh fiiil the avlslge 'ioe on storage, notes of haind or bill, of gools, bhe pl r oelosed at difierent dales, rn ,lilrtlt credits, Had t'r v:lniolnl; smllholllll,; Jlt· iolnl S'fus l lin cooplele liallnkinllg Time Tai le,' di' het that nIt he osilerird. it. tiihat d gouresC ' l irloetlce wiiltile :llu clml o ndcomnlllaip and size otf p, e An a,'vertelmenicti in the book is in nearly the follow ingg Wllords: Tole high dlstiotilms this wr-k has reie thlh it. fel to giislatii'e act r . prefixod il aojil - cotilnl..ioditAtiln in itself so unicomlmon. , 8oi eOllol Five, lb t nothing is necesoary llo Ihan biy aryof aid vertisemet, to gsor ctndsit rinse w or" some of its pe .oliairities:nrlls feinl'ance. he Iltsrest ilrs Ibell eomt,ýa dl fiomn,anld comlmorkld t ith, what is eqirivillent to hlir hlen gelst of alellatiiol e, exsmiored ill tlh press lthirty five tinies, rol prlillltl tfrio tti eslvtope iileCs tesfted thirtvlity-e times, front all hich it' nlst hI evident yentor the skeptic (espt' iIolly otilh ie.soral oltoe is tilef iroofin tite pretonoe) that the oerk most o e to ut nmetilo ly inlallible, and in confirmntion oflthis belicr" premilm of twv o umlled and ilfto dollars, is l tow olter il for the deteetion of alln ir pr oft a ofCelnt ill tie pesnlll or fifth edition, a, expressedt in the preface, makingf ive laie ipreionis jffered fot r tile iotoe crror since tle first lhltolieatirlin the year 1902. One of thr most Ceikipielons fenstirs orfthe thlabs is in the arnllgemnent of the 'Timoe antd Amoiots, whic for expetlitiins, roference iorldperpienitv, with the help ftlthe side anli index, cannot lie excelled ; and tthe satiy ty and ease with whisc tilhe iteresl can e folnd to the extent of general biuoiness, without doohlinlg ofarlms is besides it convenience so essential, that ill thl eslitna tion ol'some oi thie most competent Rad praeltiegl busi ness men and public om,.ers whoil have nade glre time of tile work, it insh been disitintguislhei b thoe Ianolable aptellation ofn a "tmastor pinoe". And eonsiderihig le inf. lltlilitv of tile method originall]y adonptedl il comlposilg tih work, aslld tile extraorldinry nlumber and varlety oflthe examinations, anod tests of every edition it iaspasisedlithe preoas, cotwilthstandingthe wthole isin steleotype, eoitsilderilg, in s116ilt, the positive aceurley seloued by the utpi r eeleednted means empiilo oil, tile vo oio hnba lier lheoldrill ant emphatically stylei " tle most wondlerlil hook in the waslk;" most certoinly niW man can snmen figure work of the same extent, which since the beginningot creation, has had the same tn -I tier and variety of tests ill tilh sIame nuimer of editors; ipo, notI one halfthe numberr as is clearlo y shown il tihe prfore. Besides, astest anl standard, ithans been tried anl troeed in nearly all thle bank asll publlic pffires in tie nte. Stat s, to r v the publli gouerally, during the long period ofthirtyvfie rears, y'et no eror of ihe cal culations has ever boeno foundl in rint, althlongh continu ally challege(]oi by the offer of very large tremiums. "''Te is fact ex rni adoplted by all the courts oflaw cl seovral ofthe States as tile " Irate of elculation forosatate intlerest," asoalso ty law for bank interest, acolrdinlge s the book is usedl, atll as .v lie sell ill part, by ..e names of tlhe subscribers, ard a few of ite stllhserluent purclhasers, in the Ilstattheend ofthl book, isil ossession sf ery closs of eitizens ill every quar to oIf tile Unit ell States. It is moreover well known that, hr its rearly check, it has so oftu ndelteted large errors, long atler they were oadel, even by tile most ClUllrlil lind most competent arithmetiiinse fIat its usefiulness, itand the absohtte ne cessiit" for its ust, have beenl exlenosively insisted uito, so vvilent, ineecal, have been its adlvantages, and its svilgs, that,l severrol eS arsoago, vlhilst tile first edition was scarce, and out of print, it gloretl ti11luber of second and copies were soulght for, some to a gre t distance. uand urtrased :it variosll prices, as they coultl ot esion anly ho piciked p at from $1 (Ito $25 per copy, and some persoells have reen.Ic V declared, ankd insnanl, e cotuld beittoled that they woult pay $50 1, $1l itotd i500) for I cipy, it not to ie hadf for less, sll n1 individual ill the Iattelr instance particlarlvy, having at tile sane iinie rxhiltilld atisfactory proyal; to several persons pre seot that to hiln it was really worth that mlloneY an mor thrinolgh thie satoing h r is, very valaoble ltte, he beinlg very richl man and in plklic office. It is likewise wOrltlv of ilotlit, iemld indeled lprolwr to ilsttieoos, that such is the nitore of figte woarlk gtierally sllor tapecially, whenl oflt the xent anid ipon n ed. in tile vlsasl llllle, vtolito, bo the most competent callullatorl ill tile worIll, and Iiftierl.lrdI s pri'nl, IImIst cttioillIly ilndlr ot his l o Ltrrtttlln ()f tIof hLsrto, it woillrl, tllllsl to a l Certainl , hia ht ln IInst T ll i li elrllc, i ialt dear :It any pri ,, :s tI le prIll-, d(l: ii'ti lwrli expla'is. IllI I so I" I t :,' u' lld uia bll e rve thl tiit t;: .lP' Itates lthis .w lkll n i II:t ( .( t 1, Willthl hir lllll .l ius aid .ex:raordill: l ex:l . lllltlnl timsl.konll l t fire, f1" -'l r Ihl.. g'tw d her ftll" , I ll, " i e "i v adi'rti.en..n. ) ..... alk kept in a plhee Of s'pevi: sail t, tx tept t hil, wfe I in p i . eqI"l ,lti i 'll, to I., 1-1,1611- Ifill IwI I i l hic lllt 1nt6 f IIli. I, i llt lk .I i'. o,, |' d t hllll ll i..... . llst' hi l lli n ill l ( tIt. I LI ,1 i ll It d s .it,-i i rl li l , ll lto 1 r t111 t , l .i l ·.1111'411111n( ;6111]. n .Illl. il.',: 11·1 l' l ik jitth tli .11,,d I llll , ii r I i t i, l , , . I t iitn.l' ll d, .IIIt h ii f" n . s noll th I, pill pad ith i ,I.i I l i IF 1 ui i lll o Ik I 'I , Ah . i o hlll IL i It : t i I . I I.. o f . Di ts 7I',i fiiC l , I II t! % . i i bip 1ii Iillli ,,1 1 tI Ill i 11 t .i , 111 F . nl l ihw l" \IHul~[, ·I1":1 . \;il 1 I 1 iiiLtwl I ' 11wI I ', lfi], ilil ii P ,lllH. t , .l , I) I h li f Ii e w'" 1" hdil')ll".I AIM. t h DOCTOR:ll,.. JOHNSON]I..,.-TII \tHlll hess X sss , nmisisi ess lsss a I t his5 Iass. 13r css- sss-s c, irinsa cs lc mu i-s s r ,As is hs n rt ,ib ol I rce t l elyu tl the ata s- i st ., of a i ts ' , e disa s -, . ssst sis, 54 slss risssssa lhtsssnigsrlssi cWsl : obs cisia by slsr a or | o, d t " - ,.* alSt ,h's a" . .-,Ciw. , i offive l , .il. s t, tr cue A min a: l W,, kn'lsrLI,'d lll,< lAlhlli. ii o~f tl,, luib,. N.,l rk, Vol lloriln. . hwi<h l i alll. l Dr. Joilin.l ei lli)n? , ild i prae i,'n s hv, lolth Iivnitllal oif I ho-e diof lloe um, rIl kl vblllllvll i )Fl;l' lllh.llh• I .1cl',( a : Iv,. i, rnallnl d l I, re. o u. tr fin a bti u ' oe i es, w h ic h g e . .ra ll f roll o,, . " .. . r" tusl- ssre ste li e sit as o -rsascl . bcrs ulo . ;,r vl oerated l egs, nd wonusll m e by ad in il. le nIIie tAl I' olr lllo residliag ill thle flluntr", and wire fIel delli e t+ ill eo IIllltlll. their hlllailY phy i cian, by senqldiaill" i sretllnelt, wi h medicine, w iee vrallry oll be oi IIrwar. Separate omicesa prvidesd where patients call eveP colof ill .olltiell' t with rhll trll htiler. AIsc-ds l aefrsn morning autil night,at 143 Cf stom l[ lons.suldltigs strltlv econfide tial in all ases. ratVte i NI1AY, Iremsa, Sig n, ass! ,teadicig a I';ihtllrs, with m iCaio~halse sar t, Iwo dtoort s froill fllll liol ie t..e fillnwing whoods atd mnarba nstev eCllt.l in l ca m t. llw . lllllaa ter . wIo"l II. WI RHLE I. I oa adl o m (hn llgn tal or verd antislse, Crl d Mape, liII Stone, ll %zMAYaus esic Sblk sand g' stravo, iai e \Vorl . D)ove or Ilurdello, Yew Tree, Italian Whie, Corol madl e or l tlak Sit na a l lh ctellos ai, ex As jsSE W is , i c. & TAr le. 0 1 , ii l lSl c l s e thr . h l) , la i n , ellsre Man g htldh, Iron, el i [)lacknodtgold. lhAp, scr ll a l d ir nil rods A nd plough C'llast, m shear, blsl~ttd, s ig, sheet aandis llohw wasre, cut and wroughtatils ntal spkest , ZinA , block tils, mill a l gmrad stonl:es, sat kettics (allis Wablts, sal llos, oe a Ox, Ilo o dl tr Dove oi-i Bor, n ell m ills o Aavils, vices, ilttll erss and ellosl Wl\ire, shl et, l ig an tbar b s; t sot alt:, aWslookl g ein i sto les tiAms esi tow inel'sanl oithier sl . aes n ld sha vels. TnIIsIh lI shealdllhl lOe ilu Il storeS IA ll ss, o .tm. t of hardwaress I a. d shi sle ndlery ialwayr s lon hand, a nd whichllle oil) d fr sale nt whole sll h or s'etlilc nill he st favorale d telllS I v tts s crl er raliron, nail rodstied THREl ;e DA' J lUREY F M NEW its. ! sraaos rietr f a his establishl ent has thet plea .i ssts lsalst llll llor sig ta r his l is a sti lls ll te pl a lic.. In : bllee llohat ie wi h ll ln readin e sia the il rst k da ofl l t c alsrc ive wislesrss. s 1 will also state s r tlel nehit oftgt e a t illa Ilnceao, thci there l u ve hl en larg ilmprlo lemllnts v ni le, a lld o lher l wlll toiln ll aMn e ia rapid lrore th r i leti will enable he h mPlellllll. d t ai e ohaellll time muohd1 bellsr. lamlilitd paa hin eii.ollolldatld m ih geid rooLk s or the rind bMili c J e o neg. It is lteoeld unu essary sth ean aan hing" i parsieu. lar of nll e ed char pehr fl tlee waI ers,l r t it is geineaIly aIeliryed tl hant tll are snt infer sior i telIa Sota!th It'n shtsls. Aslltst am t sem' nrtlsi thatss are gelle lly sbund at ' s tering Plaees, will he s asc l at e his . The 1est Insie that this part of th k outr. all.r3 d har sen esgaged,'an will be incoa hata nt a.tendasceaa t ihes F1111s', wi a o ailhisesalisfh i ass thi s oppnrtun ity sssin r- rni t his uat l s'aned t sshks fisc t s very literal iss o ,t ai.e hi s last seasoli awil t I pes by t he exer A la novt tillas.e v i ailittil a liberal ptatero age the presrnt he astoln. JtNO CRAM. lasKINSI N a DePsIsasLsstsYs ns r rgovs sig sa ii Ir is perorss haisr rompe tl o, jhe. i ack nw l anss ttllt S s ti all t ssiafso ia, n ssisg tsihe sskig lrinser aten asstr at.ts a tXi Is. a., ps slk'tt is n. .\ faec h sups yty lirto. and at tesametime be ltter)N'S, . so I elsc Ibans as.! t! r ti, pI harleila n Comm.' MAIl, ARRANGEJMENT lu • "" i, Iaue Evryv uav t 1I Al. r'orternA Mail, C(lohs Evrrv dna at 10 1A Al We, tern Mail, Fri l, , Wedb.s day ow ',sNy otni a l 'ever itanlav, Wednesda .Th alake , Saturdal, by iI, P U. A Bdl. lha 'tern Tudatlat-, Il'htloy, an •T he1M'.t'Mail Iaturta, IK.. 5,l'. ni. " " ' via ! Closes evervy Motlnay, Wedlnesday E-XI'ItESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAI.,I)EPARTUItl DISTANCE &re. lfIhe Eaprena Mail, ber',, Malonilo and New lork -laviuo Mlil daob ile y ao 3 1'. All. Noortlwar New York daily at 5 1. AM aouultwardl. ArrivEt Arrive Nortllward. Distance. Timen. Ieturn'g lar.otzmtner.Ala.L llu. Ir2 's 23h 12 a1. ('olulnbu, ia. l1 . 81 9j 31a.m Millcdgville. Ga. 2 133 141 21 p. in I'al ,uina. S.C. 7j am. 16W3 174 10 Raleigl, N C. 5j 215a 2 12 Warrenton, IVa. 12 m. 55 A t P'n'ersolHrg, Va. II pino. 83 10 4a. It Iticliontl, Va. I ato. 21 i. 61 Fredericksliurt, l8 67 7 lp m. cv lpon. 61 64 5 Inllintiore, titj 38 01 I'hilh del iai, t6 am. 100 II 2 New aurk 2 pro. 9A0 C 131105 14.13 . or 5d 23h Nortlhward. ('oming S thward, ihe time is six hours ls' hving 5 dlays anll 17 hourts. 'TElN l)OI.AlltS REWARID. 1 ANAWAY from 169 Cruondeler erner of Hevia . streets, on the niglh of 301h of August, and was aeenhe next morning in Psrvdras streer, a negro boy nam'ed CHARI.JIS, ulout 17 years of age, oan 5 fee or therenabuts in height, verr black, and as an imped Siment in his speech, ona of his logs is sore, aocasione Iby a roceat hurt;o had on when he went away a whit, cotton or linen shirt and white cotton pantaloons. I.lonstr. of vessels andl steam boats are cautioned a gainst receiving or harborisg said negro, as well as fil other persons, as the atmost rigour of the laow will b enforced against them. The above reward will be pain fordeliveiang him ino an), of the jails of either of tlhe municipah ies, or at 169 Carondolet, corner of ievi. dsteetd. pspt NnoTIU,--IT ciler, eurslhic hTrmlcore existing aLtaIer Ihe firm of Ilabois & Glrretnain, has bee tdissolved. 'Th, subscriber will liqtidate the affairso eid o nmke paveti t to him aold, r nd all thosehavint claifs, to p.nslentea for eottllle ollt. datt a--7t II If ARIETSON . W. w.W. SW VAI N. No. lliCanal nreetl ewi Orleanst ITAS alwa.o oaitntd teonnntoly k rceiviagl Dnr ll )e] , CIhemieals,nnd l',aiong tlhtet ar.' oll own ',: illDUGS. DYESJ Antimony, crude, Argols, red, do regulus, Annatto, Spas . , Alrsenic, crude, Alum, 1o upowdered, Ilrazillette woon, tl.lsal colavin. Cochilneal, lonlax,crude, Copl~ tns, Amqtgria "i, dto refined, Cul lar, Ilrinltone, crude, Fuatic, Tampleo, do roll, do Coba, do flower, do Maine, Birmuth, French n erries, Cnstoroil, Indigo, Bengal, Cream tartir, do Mlatillu, Oanthurides, de (trraccas, Garn aloes, do (autanmali, do Atldt, Lo gvood, Campuoehy ato assafmlida, do St D)omingo o. ..a.oni.e, d.o Jamaicn, o benlzoin, Canmwood, d capol, rrgh, Mllldder, onthio, do do ersapel, Nicaluragull, lolnalre, (to to S Amerieo*, do Coro, ,Io oaimhbort, ttrnt e do l-racitoib no do refil I Illtche. do g,'iaeum, CIIElMICAIS. do killo, Acid, nitrons, dlo mast i., do nmariatic, o ,iute do olhUrie, It ieltalt ]Ilac a trial, senegal, 1nlol II, p,. Io s5nllllll. .orrosive lmlitaiw d.oI tragacntkh, hlorideol llme, OltnlttIge, l aosai itts, ,h ,iper hE'er'ics, AmericaI,'l.. ,u . . .ustit, Io Anmritauo lied chrootla e I lnsh :na linke, S carp S i. sorts, tIn po U , 1a1ll, Sugar clea, Oil ,cl, s, ui zi , ' ,lp quininc. I"do I. mVnA I'AIN llla.W. hdop, l rlll)l , litte, H lad g-tian, Chromie yclowa dr'. do I.m-, 1 l0 1 Ua.bla.k Eutlhsh, 'I " T, picm, Poriis wIile Englis, el iisi, ldo A r nl II eatni, Itre leald, Itlers Fw!Y,lic.1lc. -10 AI . -k, Kroc d i,, ,,il h1 SEl A hm ' , ps, , l lnpli eh hInl, do l. do Ata hl-I.,, S tt'bt' kt.y a.Atn'lll IS na hlave .h , lo glrllld oo ,i [ {1211-nol - . .... . ..-- - r(A'TAilN Ml.:ViATT'-"S NE1; NOVEL.S. Rtallit, /he R'/'ir,b hr thi aut lior i Peter Simple, &I, Cnuto it, ini or Winter nt ShI lws rlea lihld il I'nL.n l ,yrini (' apltai il sio l llall, RoyalI Ntvy, F.I. Lod i l J ta , iI rlllnetl let by le lll (U nniglhnl , I vi. lopar'fp Froec, writen Ei ih lidiiOe ryin 1 vol, v to Atrifal' Ftrhrlh y nel Ilka veee, i tim r l.. &i. c. E iy L v 'ieni." Lar'ge urWveor's Cmrnpasses rall appliaor leto the Alrihiis, of Nilliird l Alitlries1, sy 2 1-2 inher Cillor'sihpaovedumetalic ens,japanedpupers,weights Tle i li.ici ed, ind for sale by ed St , or m3n BENJ. LIEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&e, by the authorof Ayear in Spain,' in 2vols. 'rais of Imian charate~r,as generally applicable to he Aboriganies of North America, by d T'uruer, Esq The Political rranlmar, of the United States, or a .oll tottce view ofthe theory anlld practice of the geera itflll t Itgovertnli'ntst, with tie relations hbeteen them --dedirled ant d IdIilted It the yeang men of the United State-,l' E l) AIant lld, ailq. Nimarod's Httnting Tours interspersed with character istic oneocdotes, satinga antl doing etofsaporting lent, hin cltding notices ofthe Itrilnial crack riders of England with annlyticnl contents, and general index of nanes,2 v olumec. FOR THE C:URE OF Scronfin a or King's Evil, Chronic Rheoumotism, Chronic Cutaneous Dis- Pains in tile Bones, by free enae, use of lMercury the dlond being in vitiated state. Thli very concentratedl Syrup is prepared with ti»e greatest phartnaceatieat care'nnd accuracy, and conatint Sartive prnciple tt' Srsar larilla in the mos t oSWA:er tcnted dCgree, c rebind with other vegetable asustaner ofknown eaffiiea. T'hb reat deslidertreum with hvslciana in beng aibl to exhilit a large quantity of Sarilla in a am PINaas ben OC btined i'tl )li prepoartia -theyI beiO l ll collincse ofitis A eritdment cof te Hity odinitfRo lthe .ourfe olthe ltlr praetite. Ptricte $,150 Ior bottle. Sold only at SWAIN ltOTIIIER'S drug store, No. I lCanal street, owle" iuy be had, freh and genuine, direetfroma the proflit tore, eiw.ia'e inaoao and Verinifaeg Potter's Ct.toll tel, Corpienter' Preparatins,& and a large engra asnortim l tt of fiesh drugs, t4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. PINNOCK'S IMPROIVEDI) DITION OF Dlt tollsKiith's AlNreid.tiet of tlhe History of Roeb. tt which is preetixed an lntrtduction to tihe Studv a IRoinn Ilistrcy, fnd a greet variety ofvaluable infor niatiol added threiIghitot tile wonr, on thle lMannere lnatittitls and Antiqniti es of tt e oo oial ns; witlh n ittmrosi biogirnpieoi l historical NoWte; and qtea lustrAulCE, th thined yra hill oin wood, by Atheton P'iiocr Itiroved, il dition , Dr GUWakoliel's, Ptory o't Eigl(Und, wifll the lnvaiion of Julia Cdusar to tha atllet f George i d, with a eoetinuation to tit e y o Iu3. cWith uneations e br exalinati on at tlt e ei, by each section. Besides a variety of "vahble infelnn tion adel tlhroughony tile work. ti t onsistig o tomle ofU contenrLIFasy Soereign he aud eminent Perslha CTopious eiplinitrey nores. Renolrks otn tie poli ties, ounters and literature of ate ag. An ottlined thle Costltution, &e. &c. illsltrated by many eng,' Guys' El.tO.eyrn tF An.rRONoNst, and ol Aoridgmen ofAKeitO'N ew lretiseo i t !e Use of Gloibe. Newu American ditionl, with additions ai d imalirvenlent an till exrploatio of t astrnoatElical part of tie Ame eicall Altlattiie. Aut received and for aile by WMA MIKEAN to 24 career of Cteap ntd Colnloin st* IItAIaE R'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. ] ORACE,1rinIIItaile bfy Phillip Fntncip, 1I D, with Sall apllendix, coitailning trnanslatina of varioaaA uioes, &c. by iBen Joittnts, Cowley, Milton, Drydou I'iope' Addison, Swift Catilltecton, G Whakefield, Porsn.u Bryan, &c. asid settle of h.e inoreeioaeuet poets of ti. dav-anl I'IlE(I)RUS, with itile appendix il ;ltitta traasla tell lit Clhristohelir Salrtt, i 2 nvohl ftrteiti voluae IS 18 ant Il ot'"llarper's ChLsoie al Library bhe ltExpeditlon of IIU.2'IPhY CLINKER, by Sinoliett, At D, with a mnentier of the Author, by Tlitlt ts loscoe, Esq., new edition, with illustrattoas, by Go (Crlikshalk 'THE iIPSY; a tlr, by tlhenthor of "Rictuhlie Mary oil uorgaundy," &c., mawi editi,, 2 rui eoleltPIl PAUL 'LIFFORDy;hv the autaor at "Palha, The Diet r.d," &c, beit voloume IV ol to new etI. Ilof"tl nourl Conpletw irks. Jutat receired a sale 3 WMl McKIRAN AC(')N SIUES-36 ranks Citecittati anitt 1 te, i fiaic. ae' l tltl l'lntt Eicho. a. d for wile,, t V BOGENRL' & 1hAW r

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