Newspaper of True American, September 29, 1838, Page 1

September 29, 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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PRICE 12, CENTS. NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 29, 1838. VoL.-VI No 9 I_,.._,.. I.i.. lv ,.,.nrv nn,.r. | vnhlp .. I "- - --- -- -- - --- - - lae fite rl ri.werkty country pape.r, )an blet di d.r In advane, where no city nTftVreule is given. etibe.ription will te discoatinted nitii arrtarae settled. In case of di e itinuance, one week's net a writing must ie inlvariably givre, previous in the expirtion of subscription. Aepvltrras..- Mbin dollar per squere for tie firs neertii ai nct hllf that price for each sullleq uent oa: n malaterial alteration frio n the original advertisement w be charged as a new one. YnattLr Auvtoisriins.--frethint nnd Tralere, orty dollars fitl Eng;ith altn and sixty for both hn s oe i Bonk, Lnonrue 1l ifi,:e, and other sinilair bphlonlc tnititutiot,i fifty dotlars in English only, nnd flighty for bothl lnguages; Ship and SteRnnb.o;t Fac ra; or Com'niiiion morchantt sixty dollars in English be, and eighty for bith A*RRI, an , )RITBeR. NOTICrS, and artiles nall. the attention of tie public to sates or prperty, inde of passengers, benefitst &c. &e. will be ebare lt lte dollar per squar for the first insertion in eaoh tan CtoMUe ATIirticrs or Advertisemennl , of aony n rnn :flnatre,, whon adminsibe, shall be chanrged dounble, sod in ad.ianc A doditoi f twrentyficoe perenl witl tie made to Auctioneersoner't °n, Itegnisers of Wills, nd IMarshaln o alesr of r cent ioitas plttaloneld: in pcent. tonneaen, rof other proerteY. AarvIRTInE •TO otot of Itt direit line if musineRss tf the advertiser, snot as leglt, nection, andt lltnt ion salos, runaway slavey, Siry llillials, &ce. &c, will ,lncharged fir seho.nitety, and at the ordtinary rates. ADvZRTISoOOWTS not specified as to timen will be o.lished one month, and charged oceordint.y. No adverti'.b enim of bankruptcies will be pntbllhed 4I' y ease, un.ess plaid tor previous ti inertion, or t asent g onranteed by a responlsible terson in town. Tlihatres and other plitces of ilnnsemtenlt, dvetrtisi.g . oUl or rthe season. to be charged $SOlt fir Bmnglis a All announceinents of candidtea fir political ofcero S be charged double the price of other advertise St.. i ense l .. totl Nimrod'.s i unt.inped ti n. r apoterd ehIrietoil, tihe lhrve cone to tilla eontininIon Itmt the enne of persons wlhose.t u Cnlen itv not nn el elllilt within oln nonti after presaetetill, siaall tie nmde .known (so far Ios procietteib toi emi:h other--hty Itbli ating tohemolves not to ind evrline or print foir such delinquens , ulllloss in case oft lnarree poyn it os. y ig ned) J.C. l it Sr. IftOMES J. BIAYI)N, P. I'. IFA, JtItIN GIBSON, LI;,MSI)tN. A/eeroy Press.--WV, thie titderoijelltr to nhhtetide .y thie aoove conditions, os for its they are ianllicab;l to n@reekliv puers. Iduigned) A. Bi., tAVRit.Ct, N s ouscriptions are taken flr ltea Ionn f montls. I ~d tiers 0 u shin all c is0 0 , b e, p o st p aid . _ _ {PAIN RfVISI'I'D yIv Ithe nttuehrof ".\ tenr in A' %lain," in 2 v /le- *arry :- (early, oel, by Sne au&por ff "C.cil I vde," iln 2 vel. cThe Atresst c Padn. adil nolPier tales, he the nthl r of."''h Ietor.a ken,t in 2 vne Ninrod's HnIIllt((. 'otrs; illtr ptlreoet wilth rnrnmeterietic nlecdotese , 0t nilln ele (lttillo (ef ioneriin A.oen, ineltdiotn d ticees etfln' ilrint'imt l croek ern of Eglndllti with tnalytill ('ententen i eeril do itt nlem,, t which etreadtrt, Niltrodl' t iters li "oing ,ie toni ,to itl 0010. It Itrn vet . lhe lal t It Neltont 'n A.e.j llrntf , Ibv Clte. u ('l ltlnier, It. N.allther ol ihe "l.ifr otnf a Sailor,'"i&ie .. In o I' .s t'ounnl utarir' ott E:titv Jtriei prudentc 'n . Iet It-hnil0tiPret II et "lt d il A lllnd orr i , by l Josph St, re, I .. 1), ()viii, t ..llq Im e d ti tlrydt a te Ce f eereve , .\ddictt i n d others, Librari." Inft ntry 'Ilrtleh, or rult , fe r the - xvr cie ain il iet ntirre ie t tielle inite tintlt, i atry, by t irit oi • etnerale Scott, U. . 0Arty, in :t vls. J0iit rtePltetd nod ttr sole qy WV.I . iteK,.iN . eiriiiiis li ne ra e to olln 7 r nrrti : I Ii l.,n tI .Cii n i aI t h . I tor i t i1e 1ttlo r; 1ei isela l n ll slllIiI il"; tue ti llit e I ILotoveet; V ttciO tt11 pity I.'(c t, \I\ Swill- 11 .lo es to dw, ell f Llf lll'l ItmIl4, c, Ert; \ . sI all lt l IIImic A o irlt. (.llhle l I) : I)IvI 1o (c.t cIre I, lllTe hl ? llellhl t'f e I.o ll thI 'ri . '; 11 v li lu Ilr£.a ,llltr; All rh, d no( air F rltr. .ll; Jran0llV Jtl,-; fllr I 1111'000_ hI,11,0 0; ea:: i te i l lt relc . ol,.; 1.0i(ie oIe ile il '' I t L V '1r ll't.;e Shlio weL vll -r ill* +l ~t Ia+,tl \II, , '',1r ,,ni bl, ls tre ' i C llnait d ni ·rvo f e t IIn ,. 1 to(1,'; I t 'e( In II - crbe.flis; d ri e ', tel r vcrci I, l cl II t te; : cille 4nteinely ',i'rc t,celi,ct ; rlal~vd ltv (; i .oee l tl ; 1'x101 ikeo -if erci tel tc l iecl e I o .. ,r'ele , be V l ll ll"; ti' ree r., no esh+ lr1 I. t I c I I lr llt I II' l'llli, sarl ' d Col le- i".v, , iitt' le."- c I' 'tt( dlie s tle. , the U I ,ra ",I l .l.t l. ll. V, r +4,1 t jain 21) li ( 'aorp ýtn'*'t, ,ooII ll.ioo Ii li lllo gll I' hrnll +, 0111e0 1 y tll (l 11 n· Ai',Loo' ilL wnan oae-on otte d" (IIooul III I I till Cv o IIoIo I L L Io 1. 1 ' lex tole .,, AIOI. l Ol~ lli llIlIf II1111 ' ·lilli (\tli~. lr11111 ( pOnlrrct lI Ion O, n ullcllljlI lO 1the. t11, 11B 111 Ilo , I neILw edition, revivedll vorr"1d1.11 1A11 of Pi11 ', n" :one palaic I withl it key, , I tainin, tier text, I, IP*1 11 11 ' 1 oI 100 ATi1~llOll.IITHICoIg 1010111 .I I'0i1)1·1100ll LIII lillII1 lr difierener be'twrrn lb Ile F·r. n'h sal )1II/ 1·rlli'll idiooe, - P r OLIo a figLLld IyIL ntIrIIon 01of .1··.111 111100 Il ..oline the bratI F renche Wun nitnrite extant oil [hellllij.(t. The wholeIIC 15151drd. b a short i'Lhhli~e of for *(n11 tribe FreInc A 1)TrIn11un1i·il : 1rr('ll· P rinter, or I IIII'SI·IIIIuI'. (blill,·/1 to film neeur ate Irteellllliial lllI rlli -tit r ·Tillll (it' lilt French bang: 11, 14' , t teIIIiI! it, I'Ieal·· eta 111··I)Tdinl C to o~r tale Ltll3eK.N snp Coo Cauop & Cam 1101 rL:.r'I; ~ILPI11111 iorPI NS: IIP 7EoNISIIIEi. CIILLI I'V , V'III: IINIL S' Hli favorite watering~ ptncr in the Bailout; lil its the. White Sulphorwill lll In d ii on III r thI r'ceplliolnlf 01101j1101ny. tl:1v tni urtaaut ion'I lln) ar ae ic 1-o0 a roameano i 14.IL l11finglIeI-Ib.eId r1oe111r lav101 added 151 sIlo' a onishi fi y in:lilng aleolood 1111 l0 by lho IOltf JIIoIt, I '20,Il visitor,. LnI 1011lt M00r- Li poke radIhao bratLsonotlct1110printing lIIeIOIL ir Ipigs .a0LIiOr'0LhrgLIlthe,' Kanaooha onrllie nII l ents- 9I 'hbeg. (Leert' thn rad hy IdireLitin Iof1 the0 po1st 111e1 dlep(arlntlnt, ,eoIrO. hodido, Wetter & cat's. line of tail eollebeO will rIm. A punt olffice bring esilihilI atthrtpriasg, viitorL min r0011ive news01 nd runei ponddaily, eotnosd ront. (If th111 "eieial qIL alities of tihoate olsn, tee rntaietLIlo oe 11111 ,opma. They (ho have beeLL t ~l ooshId by able ad rIIr.Iioo cLhImIIts mud tUld to h old iS..OIII.5 La all thle il n11l0 oledLj. ol f vi the oantLelebrotod tfrinis ill ir'iuin. 'rho eLtLiilti OolL L u ll ILtnttun t IIIpISILOL'll Ih l(* droIeo,4o] i -loIfM LiorilL, SNIlLILIoOL of Iilll' t bona.. of LImLe, ileLphole of So10, M.iIiotleIf S1 1t, alndM0iOtlulfi .Wl41nia,'tLOIIhLelotar0eta lIoroLOcl are exhibitede~ its disr>.toes ineidlllnt to I.;lalvs;.aud ehronl I` it ar0OStionli olf thejLIlOellj livIr, unilIILIIILO.; IilI r. ll; lr 5011s aSeitilIL1 00 l Iirno tiL heIII Ilkin no rO0IIOLLIy Inure " potent or 11I1nciniIIInn .te fOllII. Exloorivoe LIIItlL eLlLtnLLIL LlliIljO OL for ulolIL, ha0e00 been erected contiguou ll the springs Visitors can (.1II at Iallnrr es0L Ioy theLlnlorL LiL IvaiO olL tleiLr be- I nign imd oleancne ef em t:rs to Major WilliaLm VaILs will innlatew thIIIe n u IIutI1bI- I anct If the sIjigL. ELert ooeriLonIL Inis 1p11r01. La il it tile IarltofCihe propLriLtoro, oILIII 1re111de11edIII to 1 i Aunr for tLe olue iulpLLILr a IbLnILI hIIILOO of tLhL pbIIIII t IIItI roosgo.- ii 'T'he (1IIprietori If tihe LIlII. i'IILILII S llLOOiS wi!ll'l I ioeral in the roeeipt of mllll of ill IL .tlILmallnd WIes- If n Babolwhichll are cLoOLLjiIreI OLLint LoL Lpar. I, MA.RIA :HIUNK, &11. A WtFUL disclooooeo of Maria 31( I f tIe LIlIILI Dieu NunnLe~ry f MIIIIoIIIo, 111,Iwith l il)ll 0L'g pettdi., eootsliliIO, 110rt 1,10 11 I Lec ilLiL I, a irtei ti' part Add, Sel('LII of her0 nLILrltive atll, (1e0ieLI Iloje 1111 can1. Also1,1 itLL'leIIIIII, Giviln m0i0re palrticlul, oo - the NuLtLLnoew eLnId grouLLd, illILolLI I pll an Il If fill NneLrtn'.. Al Murioa onk andIILI .mLinersLoI LIl 11no11 (lg nn account IL n vioitIinthe ConInlL ts tilolL on l. and1 refutaLioLL of l1t IAflull Isicolosluros," by WIII. L.I Stone. Fourthl experinllent of Livingp. L~iving n'ilbolt means.. Fre Sohde.0101 InniIrllnIIIIoil In DiLroLI1111 0011klg I. 'The Five o10ler1 of ArclhitelctlrII 1ll IOexplIailnLiI the sethodO foLr oLri'oillf eglar I nd quirked lderL ; v (1timini lin. iod LlOilllf 11 oIollllo f011111d 01011Llnl'; tits finding the fret Iiiallleter tfan tit onl to any given height 11 I for stroking tIe tlIolime Vollte, ciOlOllIr 11r .lipltlO.I: with I finished exaLLlIOO, 11 a largle s111e, Iof tih ordersllrL, th1111 planchere, rl.. a&o d s0e111 stins tier dIoor canto, al eaarly engravedl onl fatty-onle pintasa, writh erxltlaten-by t P.Ler NihoIlIon, nILOIiLOIII, luthloL of flIII "IvlrholO 0i' 'ý^Ol1Lni~e 001"CLa.LlrllLer'0 New ItIle 11110 LCur111L1 1 1" hi`oinuter Ai ssst,"a&ln . IyA Pre soicl ('ocnld III II'. Ctee'I LI 11 fiitrik " 111111( 1 (1,:Co11IItokfokl lecr of the I I.'rtlLItoILILt ilyII0 01810,004 'ditor of II1.ilk CulriLI' feedios Hi~ I51100 11 If oLLctivting tLh II Mi lbrry ,ae Go.' dILnk or CoILIIIIiL CLorreIpon T01e; tcomplriing let (1rs f hlLfono 00a, tlrnLo If billo, invoOices, aount-o0 leo, a1.1 th1LpkceOilrL, equatIU I lof (IoyLILOLtft, eomntercial terms, &&.c:I-y B. F. eoster. "lHuistory of tle War iti tIa rninLila ana Llhe ieLLiL of Frate from rIle yea0lIL?!)7 to tils y0ar 01811" bly W. ". P. Napier, C. B0, vul : to w0ichil re IILrlixeII 0n swor0 to someirt1I10 in 1ohinLsta'1 (ill If I'iotlLL. 11n1 .in the (tLorlerlO IReviow; witL colunLter reOILrLL tII Mor. Dudley MHofmg 0ercival's relmro rksoouooIIrI o IOI 01111 go010 Colonfl Napier'e fulllrltl rotatLL oLLf (1 I'eLLinsular `Var. Jutt reoOivnd 1141ur ale by ,101 gIUPPERAShII blIl, in storr, for sale by jies 44 New Levee. I UQAR-50 114,1 pri(0e article, for sale Iv je~l A41 Now Levee 0RK-100 11bl8 Mest, Pri00 Llnd othler III·II'0 ioLnl r For sale LII ''*E'l'T0 N & VFIIIV ivy I Ii. nrower & t h. SAV ilt str.ircei it their Furr'rtrnisir r.Varre-trr rtr [ No. a~Camp rtreet. IW recent a'rnrvals trm . ntp* ao'nttbt EHrth, large adsditibons Ia' srrk at ri.t tela ' roreaahlnu Aoa, eckee/tig£-artHilet%. "'inch rtr IRr-lirCly (ttlrey beliere ferm an at.*Hetraaet mo,,e r,,,e - HI arrt COIatptrle thrari 'Ho Ire faUld in an" It Hl lmrtareltab. tmrnr'lrt krraelaw; crarnistinagof SILVERI WARE. Colfee agl tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, eanl.e sticks, CUth, tumblers and goblets; talle and leselrt tarksi table, delect and ten spoons; marrow and gravy, o, r gat spons; stg'far torlgs sllgr, sanee and so lll; latter, fruat, pldtiag artll fishr knives; riebkle ant dsel. kaives sari frrks, nrapkins, rihgls, ..c. 1rtancitah"t on tire aaaautaetory of Mr It. Oardliaer, of New'eYor'., whose log established reputataon for the manairfeture of silver wualv is sauffiient guarrantee of its superior quality. PI'LATEID A'&RE OF SHEFFIELD AND IIR MINGHAM. lTen anl coffe rnr, ten setts; cnators, liquor and cor dial staens; srrperlr enatllehras, anrd Eergrtes with Ilrtr rmo platetaux, for eeotre of tile dinner or arlrpper taitae; waters rounda and t oblong, from I to 1i2 letes; Ibeef steak and vegetrle diashes; rich disha covers; eake oIrt Ibre:al bIlskets; drceaoter sltards; nrlantler anlltl ellamel, rndlersticks; wine stramers; coolers and sYrlllolls; ecan ter iLtels, claret corks, ten strainers, tnhle bells, ten, t. Itle. egg art mustard slpotns; egg boilers ar sttndlsarr toast races, Eaa. SILVEIt ON STEEL WARE. T' le and deserten kaives, forks and spoots; soup and sanlce ladles; hutter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as parags tongs, vegetahle forks, 8te. JAPANNERY. FPrne fGotbic Sandwtlh anir round earnel witers, in reltal aningle, from to r 1 lbcthes;rdo olfrt/iere tochr - Iread, cheese, and knife trayls large uprtight ilate :lcraers;sdine, sllrr rirand easbalnxen; itrSillroeast(s; hlatia tea tldes in rlents, ealnilse Jal)rlrnnell u.of rirrlr tortoise slaell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assanrtmsnt, among wele re Atseled Inlam s, all bronzed and gilt, allt of richr cut ltasn: rnt le ttl Ido, do, rethtldais niadi with gtansnrr'i msr sr'ry slldellid cut plalsl dot hi'oolzed audlalslaned~l sideu or rrrgck, as la r b dase. CHtIANlI .LIERtS AND HAN'IA.lG LAMPS. Erglish andt F'rrench ert glass ehlandeliers rrr lrttres ot 8t, It, 1H, 1Ot tltand '2 lights; Fr'I'ctrh brornzed errrt gil Grcciarl tlirrts, 3, 4.r and lights: hall Irnrlrs and lant til'l'lls rich lronze heat or ctentr'e lrams fir dclrwin ronto, ftror I to 6 ligllts, lalmp srades, glasse~ alln~ wMIANTLE L(LOCKS, CANI)LEtIIA\ S ANI) VASES. lhlenzed and mullle; hrlnlzed rlrnd gilt, ad allr al wi vtrtr'raes, etrrr; corrtirg trousrt and kitchen relnrkso; nrrllzrrr inkstr lls, Hrgar Io; riltetr weights, lrelrrolnoer el'S, e.l'lr fli'kb, tr11rrtt'sricbks erc. CItINA WVAIH, Ot1 IPtIRt;iELAIN Erglish nd Frrellch llrilrig de.rlt, lha nd erIllnrc c- i ices tt pain white, gold edge, anr very rih rintr cy styl,,; sltendi r tuilet setts; watrer rrd rnlirik tritclter's, nalrtle vases; lbiey canrd racks anlt haskets. EA I'I'ItI N WaA III. llinig, deser, tea, ealrtie, tbreakf·st ad Silt)er" serst toi!'t wr'rcr; pitchters. Also, liantaOr chinra iner seitse i ILUT fLASS. I)ltlrll, (t'lr iters; cIra et nr d t.rrltr ed hrrck drrb1 trorrl t's';, h twas, dish s, r c'ler'y va r, salt statrls, sa'.t'r. I rrrS' Illtt tr tllhs , fillRte , IIS , erh, i s, a illre, ctharrq:r iIii.rg , chartt,r tnrdial, ltetrrtade and jrllr glasras; ire ctlhartod Ilrrk gtltsses. Al,tr eanrle slladet. TAIILE CU'I'IRIY. lhin .a ivoy· alae h9andles, sl" lip a nld buck hleIlh, ivr t hllle knivl'sr onlh for itvert t'rl'k.; glard :rrr .-Irni c lrvers; Io g aRligesrc l . r een r',r; r'l rtaterki+, * nitl elral:. lndl l~iC.+s; 91lgar cutl'l·ersJ acrk scitw ,1+.I; tIlt 'It'ANIt ANt tiI.titt 'tIII I N .' 1'II+% Ten,+ mtus enliltee st'ts and rn~ls, with I mull 2 (\metlc,, slittile' for tltth r tn slt'ainhr a tst s' r ' sI t ,l' hlh,; nllll[l dishleS with covers, eyster'sonh ' i , : I.w. +h pCIt+, he Il[:lhnlll-( te rls cotlter gree sR; tet krttlr , lill S w1 ithi Ilhellelrs, Iesp hollers, etc. I"AOtt itIAItttlW III, th,",. inda wire I;.I rlhr. blli'nSl :nlllir·(llm;: lrI;+st nic(I el Iitin l tIlit',' Irlti cot'H perci'i' l hI d, ml .l a 1t h I I1'.~; hl+·1).i+.', 111· Ullil llll-t.h nn , IIIIIL·k, ,hl'l: ,,-'d1III hra.<, andll ar'ar. t hatltll r I, ,arth I rrlsr It, finc I.lh'twrI :,I r'r' rlnli IIll(' 1 ··1II'. €l'i il'll :111 > l h~l hn \l ll'llll i'h1 ,.1 u1 hts·h I rrrrrt tit',uc .l1111++k, [T1"111 I'l+til.ll mo :· I~ln• ·, s \vi ll ill :: i t IIII(·l II. l 1++'1(1 ")%lri blul~! I-' l · ll ·1.+" II.CIt I I,-<'.I ll,+..+l ';II IIC· (:.,. . #/! Sralss,%, ro],#+Jer : allnl "woo+'.' w wall rl',., Iithie . In I c lllh .1 : ll 11+ I;11111 i t tl l " Itel:It d lritlt I rt a ' II'\'. I.allllrat i.rtl'rlir l.l n rllll e tr t l t .'' ' il .10 I',.,' M. 17'IA']'T C Ti'"k\).'V 'r;., T. lE till, :. ( [.'A('ililII I 1 \ t'O . 11, Y (' 1:1 RC.1) )lil"lR' I -I)'i C '.. ofeJ Ott PIIICES-i)rt.' hs. Folr a ,ns hiln (inl tl" r n ..lwas ,i. o pe n ,, th ,. lin ly , imaking I tll)'s,:a s s i tll . tl i J, IIIIh liv. l.rn , hna ds, &v. at fi Ils i:0,, $gi( I(l I ' 'Fora I bl li, li, ,o fill s vs o unl a h, r, , Ot sawuo i, the stai.nd, le'del's, c. a i st' an, :it $4 ", per saw, or. . 500 1..1 II or 1do. o olit x'4 nldo. o ir 4) saws i i 1N I:1 ; G; I N S. Foir silgle lin of l8 saws or olllre, cilh oe set of icedlers, Inoidl, &e. at $6 ipe 'For d,. ofl f60 sas, with feeders ,&r .t$ $ Sper saw. 31)0 o0 t Fori do. it 4) saws, with feeders, &c. $6 Foi ie. t (2l79 snws, with, &c. at i.7 3 i 51 l1 te s o iaw. t15 Ott 'i Ixtra teeth where deIired, f. fti ders, snpllied : till .ce e:itl; the Illlllmber ofteeth lil, ahnt eiiiiii nl he nhi.r of saws. ()neset lIof tlledls, it is c ,n sid.ered Ihowever, will wear out tw. or Ilree sets of. The I rlis nrdel5si, will ie delivtred ol the ageits nfi II li g'ltlers in lt oll the sea Port towrns of the Eoiia pIlat sponoltlle tr le amountof the itia. A I ilt w'tight will he slent with the oins ti pit ithem up de eilii; the charges fbr whose services will he extrla, but Inlm lloete. , Ir. lrunning genrcan allnhe onlered wherel des.d, ol lreaslouable terms, buht will be charle I extra.. Ilorst lpower, aIfitV di riptlion, call be furnished oit like i .'imS. SmIall siteam enginles can alsol le ordered if de It idesi oi, when pla nterst give orders for (ins, 11 lliy shoubl (Ie Loltpany tlhea with tIeir reginl itI toi wiarrangelelt.l saws, breasts, hruslhes, &c. It islil nlll they dliltel opinion. Some desire saw iof I:ler d iial.eter th, e otlersl. The most clnlllon l ie itl is i 5 ir tI iroesl, bt shle woil oaxe, 1wh ielllhel. d1oI n not wanlt more than 4 at most. Same wish saws with 8 if1' teeth to the inch, while otheulrs wanlt lor Itl. \V It ch hlleriepanc', we plre)ei the" Sio11., iat I i Iie itile of gilihg o lrders, furnish aI stlt.ent of their ' wislls , and the anl tellatll ellels call lilll l hell in everl parlicular. Where it is left to our discretiel, we shall l make them on tie most modern iand aplll.oell pllan. Ai oder can ie exerlctel, from the time it is ieceil te, i g IIIthe IIecte ofeihtl tninetoIweeks,l tlhel"i in thatlell lime piiuuein itte hands of the ifactor. To be in ltorouite lit tie next crop, all orders ought to 'e in the kccis of l tint matuteturersb the i iri t or mitihle of tl' a; except ler i nntionss wh~e,'rethy arelay e int,,i conunencing- to if pickl or gin cottoin. It growilg SMlates, will be sold on PeusLounltlte-rnIs. i nlSi linios ''TA''TE OF LOUIpSIANA.--First Junicial ifstlrict" i 1 these P resents ehall comle, (t recting:-W\,hieret i I I ii» \licke) having purrha'el at a slh. nmlovi t thue Sterflfl ethe fLrish t o (rco rlcteoil'cil iiopliet Iity hle·reiunlaifer leslibed, Ies applied to thIe elerk olf t is itulllrt in whiol ul0irie tile deedll olf sle w. relrllnrld iin the f Ml ai, A. A ). Ill, for ta mniti, or ni- oo vel llSolatel iin anlorl ly tl an art oulfith.e filaitre of c the Salley Ifii.i Ila, enlitled "Ancr e t fr tlhe luloter N sundrlli of titles wl, pllchasers at judicinl salres;" al. p trhe rthe ll it of $3,30arch0, c1. Nt)\V to lPreoe know ye. and all person, interested Areit, r lrot of grr ited and todmtished in the aoll i l l lhoiae lalf l.oai Deloul f tile Firt udteiil by the No)itr t,llii w lloo leet ip ale right, title lr claieo ill ulld to liro.y ler1thiterdo..ribedk, i101 cocd lltetl of uov itlf No 0l i" te border, loeree or jlad lnieo tilo, eotllt ilnder whlih file ale wr s n made. oir lnly irree:lllnrity r r 11i eliltv in tie a iroiesi.a alld Iuvortl lllellt , in eliecl, eer nlllUnr oef eaete, or flr a1t other tIe eilo wjiiillti ele, to, illslhw uaeii, wilhin hllirty days. falaln the dily tisloa onitia is first inoercd in tie Anltor ptlpers, wit y thle sole so made thould not bo. ooUfirloed rltd honlo.o gI'hro said prnper. . was .old by the Shleriff nf the par ih n rres oil the 23ld dy i;f A pril, A. I). 131311,ib virtllue Il'a delcree of thie clxl, rendrloll oIlt ite 3d dtay of danol. A. I). 18l3eia a ,it emrioled millia tiiteckoy vs. -atuetl fllell Nio. 15li55 of tlie dc ketof Ilo s c.t'li awllhirlh sale said iWillialn Nackey becaln Itie pur cotlir tolr tflotllo of $3,o100, cas7. D Ieseiiption of Prop'rrly a-s given in the Judicial Cott vevanna, vlz: A certain lot of grolnd, t'ogeter wilh all the build illn and ilprovenIm-nte thereUn, situllatd i thte ptriso of .)r lexna, in the square bounded hy New L.evee, 'luuia, P'aul snd Delord streets, designi'ated by the No A, ond. hn drawn bv C. F '. Zimpel, Deputy Sgure or Geanra oil o ite ]Htlil)ecealber, 1831. and deuosileas plaln No 10, in .lie honk nfplasna f Felix ()rims, notarv i. uli Said lot m easures 20 F eet It inches fr ont eon sew Ievee r rPet, 75 feet ia deplh on lite side aldjloining lot Ni 8, and 81I feet 7 inehes and 4 lines in detllh on lhe side a djolining the property now, or lately, helngirg to ýe N v adale, and 19 feet It inches width in the rear, w here it fronls nn an alley of tllrha feel nine inches in n! Iulllll U to lots NoM 1, 5, 7'.I, 8 and 9. C'lerk's )(T1ce, I ,'l, May, 1838. 1l16 G \' I EWI' Tlp t'lerk. AlIR. WILLIAMSi. t'l'l. IIl', LoIu t l tVI'I.LE, hiir r l. It halls oeen said that I ran min, I'hHnl l.o is villp III l (:lll iR other plae') hail ll Imide traul k for tile Niaarnl-- thel efore r,..ohe ll ed a'I'tlP lll;+ last, Iri l It i'intijlnati, for line (iny nnl;: I rehterllP i" nil Inn tight. I b,'in to fi'eltlint ii iiu a vury i)1In' idi viinnl, it. this ilstant tI i Jourt ntl Uo t, Ii city was put int il r fndul, tlatinl, nlnonest a g:reat Iany eotn ' thhlini a'£1tt I hall a:tulallv rilun as llVa iiront l.lnlsvlll - te l-lllrapethe efll cett of th+'..l ' ntl rlwn llelrlll : mnIli , lire le, fli dotnor nip, the knight p f the thimble, ali'if, . 1w S _, My 'etllrn,holwever, proves that the iadle h f rhe ho anid alf, it ipli.abhle to the Jioilrnl]. The thl i- "A liv wa mplllllloyl' l Ir wth aI CYve the allnll when thel wlf appeatred; he bein e i er a ' Iotill,' a tflilor'xan p, or If liar, fr'eq en:l' cried (iut ilte wolfit, eomlitlu'tollit .e grultdienauyaf the citi .tl h'u I varl nlut illuil Inut hisi renu . alllra(.tel't that Iue ian a liar, and not to tubelitl!eved e'en whnln ulh s the u tiIlu." I'he filet i-, that nlluseslnut nproulllce thelr infheits. So iitwill I lrovrlof heall-wie wrintert, lD)r.nip.i L , in the Jonrnal. I wonld advnue thuin to lrovide tenm uelv'ns witlh i stlln ennnine prres, in irlter tti mtleit tle wui.iulrfuldeulnnil unit inreane of that Ip:ler,. i; it il 'ell known, there are many who seek for uu thing hu t f+lIsehiiluitt of sleu r lve to tir venI iiers if thiit rtitI tle. Bu ort=.'t fitelf Cy o .for oiS, feh ,dI thi hle l elehr britv, the r,,nt matn of til, tuIillini ,of A= l uliltn olli ao faned, and fr fllnnued ufnd +uloveru n I truth. Thlireftre they wviI, (al l, s eff(lts prod (, v Ile , ePases) nntnrall say', I want I) rendll a papler, tl' t 1 mny rely onl, th+.r.l)TP I will seek out sluch, ittl+ land e ,m Sstlltl ilbPle 'uf) tUtlt l ltle l 'rflllul u i whoe sti teiilu lt' will llnt pr tl fale. . Their In nll tllttllenllls flie to Ipal palie to r lllen r,.rutntiun; yet I nill tate: t., I alt nI. P It u isI 2It. 'that I rhil rmnt i lhi e 31st Jil , 'tho fit Snip &i. Ou. lare unt mnl letter tllreteillng lly life, f n retnined after the2gt11. :i. i'hnt from tl1(,I nshll prnoeede toniniuanti, for fanrtreenudosonlnl ofnwhielnwish le luill & Co.n ilfor n the '' , in their owa llll l never flilnti i bring ll tle p rlivts. 'llt. That frIonti b ietlnnati[ shr a lb 0 hrall a I e Flli of the Nia aria, t beloat I.ifTal,1, (i ' Ir Sni t ti , di not tahke u lv ulv lifen) o l tho' I .t 1 l i IpI thnllJ tno ulit,. ' i rk'r oni u litfiul s ol'N Il I iII ',r tii Iiiil e if t" it, ueXt n lnller, in ordeIr ii Iitulfi it till tihle l hull th'ltii , t he ulli medi cal Goi lin hu ,1,0 1 l, i l l, - pil t, ue.phii' Nflnlhville aidl l.oui vii llu 111(0 i I rb t, I. (hefiite r iteit time arrive r, l ul;lih it 1 , tolpte til tare linh til il.i C rrie' r ie. Golta hmi al for t s, lllot letrt h k Golirh ito ('f r lattrn ( i(i i ' ilts an I ,,i l ulpi iI ue " ;i"i If, II, Il" liiiritim i. i i na l if i l l, tll- Sniiii, i'! fut l.ll I wiruli 'lIr h uhv t l iea i i "'l;, , \i "I r l i b prile d I iia ilir, I lil t,'ve. i'uin ieu b n,,ith I, fii w tl l . hirluufth, iffrestoriu i hi l n a nli tt lt i..u, i ' r ll nuu o'I I h.liuuljn iy''u rtel'l l I'iat (hini ialt, t IiI ,liltii ,f. u nit the lli l oi e on 1uiluhu , Ii . l Ilas II Ill r d lh ll, n , 'I orl o I rio.' able rli li ke!tiku I uit l i tfiu di 'I il recoi l ii''uaiiiilu a ifniu fimi tf u I Sl ) ge lie t hasteV III, I . l . i(" l lt .Iliriran ti iI liljii' h ill , o I ,I::Ink .ii-,1; " I,. SlL .--+n.hl' wvritglmlinV tiiiiii illlu'i'u, a t inlOrIu n I iia ia r o uk, , said w hr p or pa y ,I' the t t singl ue (dr lpi 'li I '11 il ll'r Ic ii ars al ' ii llh III . 'IIarll Ill ltIh t'llul n hls rl.. * q 111hii' ll ' 1 1 11 w f ii v,' fi, r l., 1.i < ii io li ihell l er, it' ll ire r lrk , i1a flh e] o p li'ely riii" tilr rti o... iif i 1111 LI.I " r niiii I l iit +i nl Iihi lii,,, lli r r t , a I' ,, i, llt ,, il" 1th, . it.",,f the ,.,, il, o, ' ' t ou. , '1 Mie\I i-,., It i r i+, bie ~llght hnlvc , i0 , ." 1Je l td, sue mHII lII+I d , ihi tar, mId tf i u ' flu 111 i ,11 , 1 1 ' , " i, 1 hia "l~l'nl ihun'-hll," wilholit s. moa rl e rit h +.+t.,l in . his r ii't; Ms w,, h I 1 h i: anfi, Ii, 't o. ' iit mil--r bun i i alv , otlleri I1 h . .i IiIii hih . i.l" " 1o e, it.fee, l'li.d t" emperr if o' . ...i i ' 1 I. I ,nicllt 111 th, nil. '+Ii·'h llgb n sI o l IIey ono \ lll t l ii ' , lt n h, klelle l e lluliu' iiii+n hf Ito] out D , i n or arI.t ally 11 {11 , (ii l 1 , lnrl Ih1 ( 0 , r 1 , 1 , )1 , 1 u'.dilic' hruin , I,)" j II Ili, h r , i k lir t 'I' t Ii'h lluiu ' , i t i laJlr l l i pt t1 r l Ii II t ia 4 :, . ill i iLi IIi I i I i i I tl h l ll ii If ll i -. lI fa t If!' I I ~.e _ " "'ii fi i llt If 11 I, ifje il , ~' , fi' c ', I o ,.' ' r if 1, w [ leI h it e l a tII i e a-r" ifr i 1 a i in , ,_ ' lll' Ii ,li,! , i Ie. ilh l xpha ii t , ei , I,, If. I~.i ii , , i l I, I -l'+ l'lll lll:1 1 l l)lll v ii 't v il oio. 'i +, :1 1 A i t ' p'.11; 'uf11 i 'ifi nhu , lli ll I 1I. i, 1ll I.i i, 4 , ui i l" , ii" ,, 'lll I- i i i n.' l lt+ i. u Iu ir: l,, l,,. . l I fo l il.'fth i igihh, tllliiiFs heI d l·l l li i , l+l.o l I if .lr-ta . 'il Iin h , uiiiil in' t uful "it e fu' ~r l ~0iii ' j ii, itii :','I staY dhrop. h l~l il c...... upwarid ,° of ~'11111,1,,, , ......... 'l'.le .eel i, or, thew worlhy kni- hts t of the rail ndls it. ,dl m l!, will tt tly .l ik l .bile t fu ir rea ing i lrthe th o hty hleior ). Ilowevr n littlh ai tell(I v i' h c flls of d ik oe r rtur tit wi st al rilit r ay 0 utr ct i ;icthe tu l s r whole IIi ti t tlltV or it t Icll o ll c r Ot theirit ll m l 0 clllI\ (-it, li ug, e ll c llti le l byrhr ti c.11 as , i dirty cork. ,1 \V"1 1 .I.,3. ". N. ll.- Iee ;, jT e t re ti eivP Iat e r, iu d 2 u te, ' 13 j r, rinu;.i Ilt m m , kin cct t uut r l n t te I s . s "Ih s rites. 'rhe writest p ostyrh Ih ity.i le "K n ` .r illllr;I ' tre dil' l tlIc ute Iliod d t l theI'III ill cmy l eiit h cte.{h,1I. icil l,'i lleucV cii, ini ti v'm , It, li lt it S i llL r titilh e; allt, i' te I ll lit ailly t'i lle'i nt he oI: t I 'lltlr l ~" l " i, ihllugh t Ie tI lltedped bi y se .Je.. Jel'brson IIn,tm, rl y 22,11 J111y,f137. I n JtI. vt:IISt) . Ilous i, .ouisvtli. l t Jil y 3, 1737. . :tt'ilitlccs, tcc reil v, it't I i ltee licei tt ' t. oi. " 1 i 81 u tie tel tI ntl e ' i it, i ug I hci .t ien th ii Itit e cs t i ih itui e I g ro he d t f cJ'ul e i I. Two Itl e h to, rtao to them M Ir nolld: I. 'e il 'l i i ll' Ithe iltlll tlelnl I at i tl t vile o pt II etl. tl,i Iy l ieal u e lit t . Steu t lit' u. ih le t I ei I e bloha. h d hent, ih +it lt h atlw'all ri,.h. a tin notes uI t Uthl. . nit n u nt the nlete ti ' hi,' Ilet ithP MIItvII fllt lit s lit, gunillt sinlilnt In , ttie t r.l itt iti l t w llth. t and w t one t tn i.:loe . S. tc th th tit I r,'r. elr l to i lt m itore tliol IIcllh -ged, i o ll eliind, thn tittae ecu; nl te t' a l u, ttir. o ti -,car l i e lootk. wrtilll e' ' Eut it" II I1ttl ul ii rtlell- i r u. t 'r'lei r during my .short visit, that, Ihrv do. Ye Iv, at1 , II 1111. tier "isti llutct iut trs c l l I h r e t "i 1tt ii a, llu te + dlls+rvdlve lce., nr~trell Iotle 1ors t u IIImP tors II ll Ilir i ndi al colhleges, it w ll the I LLIAt iS , ct tulik cll tlor mLIe IIt lt i eII luite l l l( l cti, w h ' te1 I' 1e t i e I twe h ilee 1 t et ec h bil yit Ite ilindt tcti t he -v lute killteteet c cer thi tere art illlIndu e eet , h(ic Ite .ci lill eelllllleo , w t 1111. itiit ileu ' g t to it nllltl der t r a.stl Pl.w Ia po ibie tolaInfest [posttlrily. eIt I. be "tcrly tide erstood a ht till the cure ti iceo tuel c ii tittrriietr ullp rthe nu'u hlee tit n cr itiet tt heeh tilt r ,i IletlitgII e ihelOitt Ie llltll(lilly( leti'r eill e ltilht l Iti llg e aid o it rir til' g i .tl o'eiiti ll ioln rhautet frr. c I l. "rhot Ih ll m thle eplit t t ilik &tlye l lllrnlilall l to me, sh,,ll Itor jtiit ihe $: t ll; "o t . ht'nlit of il'lll lle oiohou lllll ikhciyll hi(h, atllll] IIV 'lh Ill(p Iyshal l ake hlak hi owLn $"lul ,whot I, r tl'. , ma Tt 11 he. lclll, ii the might nlil, c1uri t Ick .er euc t. At til tillteet I woul ndelicce tche ast nalled (mc e lt .l i tSi. o llnt h ls thatletter to llt dl.lll[ .ihl r s it gioLnle fo, " u11 l llrtll'1 iu well i1t , ll l ' Illltll ,,,esui-IT lP r lllll ito. te;" ctlll dllll ie him to i anl tl' l ilt its ete ll' atliu e t,u tiIhe inltlrpr t, t iillllml n ofht11l llt' vlh ily wouild fIt I yll kilIo , Il w iter i }}ll' Ine hbliuc i t eis tuice"l. A uet rIr VIIet , IAI S, e u culist. --- swi L tk +nutl gh to renl tcll , III Ills o lllcirl, d terrpt. |llll 1 klllown nllstVa llulgof tha grellnt 'llpOrlnlllr lel w'hltlilifallyr, nl hill let Ihlll llltS. 1 will, hlowevl r t.O l llc ii llelllex t h is o u list e t f Io h e l llu r n a l i fi lr h is ] s a l ll v illtimll ti h i ll+ltl lllR knightll lt it, iof lhe ,lll'lgr r D lrat Ih nr kill two hirtdI : with one s.toolp, i. e. topaticll h tht, hol"es thal I V lie iln his IiIrllttlt or p lt, li,.lll g tl a ,dif I J ly jude from hIat x.,llrh tnl p ta + tlwr Ad , rm , lr iis politicaldly, ill cul I1 I iled ofi h i8 ervir n.c. iV hiru n Iv (i hlltlust !e !cur.l , w hether ( lulm ticrllf or po .ti ll hlicit requires Ia bln or Idi llrr un ilh gr,e t fisfrtutle thrl it i he, rings it+ IsllElL, wtlten .l er.II is nlthllug "ir thIIin if it was "II.w lrlbl'lls, y T It I'ltlE B w&ll.i) MILES' COMPOUND EXFItACT OF TOM A 'T'O. A SuaII'rITU'rK FOR CALOMEL. T li dlctine promotluated with so much assurance Sby many empirices of thle present day, that one Ine d ucine will cure all lilases, is lnot, autl never can be trte; andI he who asserts it, is either a fool or an im postor. Hut it is a hott demonstrable by exlperience, that combinations of medicine may I foued lfrom the VuK.otAIIL KINiooM, thalt will net so uniteroallnv on tileh sstein, when uaken seasoonabll,and in judicious tro I.rtluons .as to cure, in line catsesttt of tIn, all diseases within the reach anod power of nleicine. Frotom e well known and established reputation of Calomel, it has long been ermloyed by tlhe emlpiric, and scientific physician, as one of the eosot ipowetlf agents for Ithe removal of disease. ]ly thie former, al most every land has been deluged with Iostrums, that thltir alulors claimed as t poifiCs is eoelo ditsea s ici. ilet to Ithe human lhoily. 'lte foil, toftthese pretl sions lneeds no comment, te aseoelunte chemicl it esti gation has shown, that the base of must of thie Panaceas, Catholicons, oke. which lhae heen trnllpetted hbefore tile community, with so ltch assurance, is Cabomel, or ilercury i some tormo. Now,s if this potent artticle even i i the hanls oftthe most skilful phlysician, liequelt ly exerts .n illrllence on tile hllumn system, unforese(n, lnd entirely beyondl theconltrol ofl'art; unermining tit, constitution, and bringing on Irematulre old age, diseas ulnd death, wlt result should ie txpe)ctetI when pre srilbell by the ignorant? Could their many tLhousand tiotims uiuenk, a voice from ttlhe tootl woul soont dispel he 'specific' delusion I(lut tow sways the minds of the living. ivlu nane Physicians deplore the sond evils resulting from the mnercrial praotice, and will'gladhy il at the in trlduction of On article that coan sifely be substituted for colomel. T'hey feel, and that keenly, the uocertainot of its pritar.e op.ration; they cannot ay whether it will he favorahie or unfavorable. They seltl know, std feel, th..t it is istt is continnerd for any onsiderlable time, in jrliosl secondary enlsequences mast fillow. But theuy must cloose the least of two evils: they know no other tliticle that will arouse a torpid liver, remnve obstrul c tionll, an set ill liee f Ictioun the whole glaldular so.steln, null itl being inlispetllnsly necessary to do tis, they ottuinoue its use, notwithstanding the evil conseoueonces w hicbb follow. T'hey have long desired and soulght an arlicle thst wo llldroducll e the good eflects of this IIlu.g, without siujclting thie patient to its tdeleterious resllts. Such a d.ltsieratunt, it is eheled, lhas at length been obtahllle.; ill the alrticle now pt.senteld to the ipublic. The propriertoar of this article keeping in view tie lict, that a wiue noul benevolenlt Being, hau placdu with ill t Ireach of all, remedies adapted to the dilsrnses inl cilttnl to the climate they inlllbitl; and knowing, like wise, that most of tlhe dliases of the South Rldl f'eut re alld UpoI o trgonic or flnetional deralngement of the liver; directed their attention to Ithose articles which :nlt more esp citlly oil the biliari organs. After lung, uiorious, andtl expensive research, they iltote Ouceeled in extracting a substdlce from the TO \!A'i(', which, from its peculiar tfftect uIm tie hela lie oir bliarv organs, they have ilenolinated /lealipre. II is a mdeliciae that will produce all thie benetficial Iresults of Calolnl, in llboth acuIte and ClhrOllic dieaesI without the possibility of iroducing the leertlusdle toon seullctu' s enllnml to tiht article. Its action uponl te rcostitittion is ntive~sal, no purt of tle stlul escaping its inlluence. It is, however, upon tihe. o.rgans of seCretion aoll excretion, that its ge'lt Ipowe" r is partincularly manilsted : hence it is pe culiarly ndapcted to tio treatment of biliou u.feds riand lhelr li S:ses ill whlich a torpidity or congestionl of tle I tlr aull po'rtal circle prevail. ht is ahllissible in all eauses, where it is necessary to eles Ille stllaschl anlll bowels. It rtllluo e bstruc tion, and excites a quick and healthy action of the liver Itd other glauls I s vitcern of the abdoment. Being diilg fulltlde il its operation, it producehe a tiee eilrclation t iin th on the suurface of tile bII)lId loCcomallliedl by it gentle prspir'tilon. It dtes intt exusst like drsts /ic Ipurges; still, its action is iioreIl0 universalI, andll say0 lens be repeated, not merely with satily but with greaLts' n fit Thi Iti, beomes in dlspetnusabl nicessary iu cao .c Io Ilug staLnllling;l for i m ll lhell hllse templn.ICSTl illm'es llnll ll:lle )by strong nmedieilles, seldomln, if evelr, ldo goold; hilt to injure tile stamlna of tile elnstitllion. It is cle:llling i lt iurilvillg to the systetnl, ets in plfr et harmony with 1 he known laws of life. and is I t h 1) ibtedly one ol the lmost valuable articles etcr ull~r' lI ti'n public trhial solill nsel illn. i ullcenlienclle, Ithi nlelicinr is formedll into 3 grain ills. The white pills are cathartic, alterative, di. /rltiO u dille titutc. The yellow pills oer tonic, st1m. auttu aIo diaphl.retic. 'lTe l ollwing extract tn ther sllheet is fonmt the Cincinl M1iL.ES' TI).NIA'lt) .IFI)ICINE. The vi e tes lll t the Tlomalo, not ontly uts a deliciou.nI veretaile lfr the table, but also as a telliciohe, have tflr S he, Ibeen believed to possess anti-blioions qalitits w hirh, it ty could be lbetulaty e.trateltI, or steparateld froll e superluorr.s matter, ~iotd be invalublr. This has been clhlarcterized i.s a bililnus counltr. A large )iportionll oft Ite diAcusealise frol solirderted litiis, or llonl tle Iangllllenlltsl in thle glahnduhlar siteml. Thlls is especially I I I :,s I ll he west, n:ll 'till Ilore so at the autll. If i r1 dtlo, Casy, safle, ellectual ill its opral:ltio, nl leav illng tlhe erltiltillo unim irell, could be discotrelll fIo'r bilitous col Aplintl. thlis olid ilutllestionably be anlnt g 1 the iost heahltt climates in the world. t. Cltoel l ltts been ltie alllost universal relnillt e lr ItF disse, of his rhlaiacter. t at ts a rendy lhicl fat 1 l hlo l blhilt 1 tceltssity shoul d i uII, ce tl e luse of. I h IIt o ' It be rln:idreld as trespasrsing onil thlle province eof nother ottolotienll tot sltak iof this,o et e mally be Prmllittel to .xprelss olurt stong otlietirn ll (tItilltot that C 0lI canllot be used wtihout itnjeriotus at lasting ell . ets upon thi e sys- tt tlenlt, iatelr o c less, cordilg to the llntilies tllaken,i and the frequency of its use, and the constitution tit the ,P ptintlll . A subltitute for thlis, therelfore, from tIle v .ge tahle kilngdott is a tdesitdeltlumt iel this countryv, I ot \\ ebelieve this desideratlum has been discovered in thl hie Totmoato, Dr. Miles, of this eit) alld hissineiltes

with ll iuclh labor allnd explense, as we undllrslt:lnd, lhave al s.I tt.lcled ill obtainingi such an extract rlim thit tegela- Ih ihail, it is (oiped, t ill be i undlll an elfeclual t uIstlitth . Ii \'e lhate take some pains to ettlllllilL nltlOlig Icol i IIen ilad othelrs who hale usedl thlis mledline, as to its ttelhat, and Iw Ietl well satistied lurtn it will prote I l-ot va:lable rellley inll bhl coll up0n1t ts. hu t ' as we that been able to learn, it hs prloduced thle dllesrd effect, ollratill to produce Ihealtll action of tlle liver, fi '.aro bilious discharges when needlll, stn inll olle en llstallces lreaktlg IIll fevers. with even more certainty th -ai t i a shorter time thy m calomel: For sick or bililous (i headaches, it hlas been found a good remedye . Thote I who It ae used it lay tht it oes not iprotlue the debili- ' ttingll I'tts of lmost other kindIs of p)ltrtie medicitnes thI:ttlere is llillncreas( d danger lre t lll oltopl after :t. use, and owhere large dosesof Ealomrl oull be ne0eld - this Ilperates witlhout any ldanger of l'tile dlistressing ad inoj riUs eftfets of calomel wheIn paroducing aIllationu :Is le hlve reasnl to hoe from our invatligatio , his extl.lct of thie Tomato will prove a sublstbtitlte Iti Ia g alornel ill great variety of cases, we tn on ard it as a blessing to the ehuman tiinhlt. e, ttll pe'rfeclih nsfe, and iree rrom all mioer is et iat we speak of it, tt d we trust thal t itSurno fully lesled by aitniesi. We have every asal sube The above medicine enan e obtninll only of the G. neal'll Agetis, all, tIo.l rltlilitil aets tll ot.lnlg a e m 1iss1611111 ignel V "'A. Mlilteh lo,'i't oI :. " oto countelrsined b' , ]N t'i' Slonei, lGenerai Agents fort Iollntiei l," andt bearimg tile Company sent. Js .1f t . ante s. ;' Ii T Stone, enelral.igents fotr Louisiana, 114 liklber ,& L'o. 133 Old Levee street, opposlite Veg to it 1) h, A tarkel. Paul iMrtin, eor Old Levee and ilol)ital street. t 1W\il Sherry, eor Camp aon Jiull stre.ets. n r .Mueller, cor chlluupitoulolls lre t and St Mort ' w illarketl J to Ioarbat & Co, eorner 'I'Teoutllllouls and Gino,d t J 11' 1P llartlvell. lanvonl art, 8Ln. Dtr Out ltl.nbt r, c ..thitet hes, L.. IItThonL I ,Stnllithln, [Itot.e Illcn1 iexnfi1. 1 I:rederiek Nerda, cornlr tVydllnr a I0l 1 Camp atl.I. m1 s Itilh e to ilhe (eneral A Igent t Ell w YlW ileans. ii All letters, post paid, will e piiuptl lly ndlla d to. .... . STI" - F LOi SI&NA. .L [ A . I ,Iot C OlA lI IT . i ;r th e I' Pr i h a n d C tr ' ey o f t e w O u -rleans. IL're-l thbe lh1. oharles bMaurin. e Judge. June 1IIh 1.:38 -No. Ill,184.--Jacqles Puotier mud stl"d(lule in thi, cuse II to ord,,red hy thle (:ourt that aI e creditors of the insol went d ,. bl w ,.l:Iae it open t emart on Saturdat 1Ie 7th dny of July, 11;38, why he should not bedIncliarged accordun g to law; . anld nit the euaintile all proceetlllngn algllinst his plerson anl d pro ehrlo aDre stayeol 1lek's f)lice, New Orleans, Juie 11, 1838. j e l I "2 w A it ,1 \I N ) I' t YI' I' l, C le r k . _4 por Ian panISaaeetl un ville tie la Nouvelle Or teans.--P'rseut I'hon. Churlr Ma trian. juge, Ij11n, 1.;38.-- \,. 1984--J::qiles oller cou!tre sns eremll la srllldlllr datna eriee ffiree, Il rat decrrftC par In Pour tie es crbuan:ciers de l'insolvable mhire eavorr leur+ rai less rn coot ouve,t, Sal ,,adi 7 d( it illet, 1838,pnurquoi it ie strait point dech arge . eonfor mte ment a I e loi, ct en attendant tolltes porlitles coltre sa personne on see je'll2aw ARMIINI) ITO1'0, retier. IdI j t I lN f I01.-1( y [ibis, lo 1011 o oalclihteonioce SAlbany, for sale i by DOKSIEY, jel3 44 New I even. ARI.Y8 SUPERIORt If A MS-Now landing from i E steambhoat .ultana, a supply of ithe above, put up inl hbllda,.tirces and bhls; Ibr sale Aly I.AYET', AI ME:LUNG, jel9 17Cnommerce street. I , I O"-. --.12 bbl. a nd 2 cask s b eat l in seed U' Oil now landing from ship Nhrville, alid for ale Iby WItholese Druggists, je13 'Comnumtand 'I'chapitnulas at. ndfurPatsly a IIUl.MS St. MILLS, jell Ian',. .\lie JAINTo'I,OIIS, (.ASS, IltUtInES, &r.-.ntr L l din from nl.ll p ionns illtun, antl foir h t --vi-,: 1)i.000 iRlt ofelas, IIsrt qtnltv, from I UIii t o 23Xký 11)N1 kegs white lend, ptree; ,11 d. green paint, al r Iihr. kean; 24 dlt Innapediina tinrnsig.nt;tii'lb. lithrag-' oi e don slendid 0lt1tttHi ground IrusaIe., also ofOtHN) rsud 000 do; 2 cases crome green in powder, anperior article do trn Irn-l , e t large assortlent of sash tool.ns f every size alld goal it,; snble ptent. for artiss'; flat Inarkhig. brnulhels fr nrrerhant; arritl'st colors iln fl readc re. pared,in oxesa, fitted y with all necessary brusa es; artital's tools, See. lake and ternlitr wahite; 60 .lacks agold leaf; white and yellow wax; glln arnbic; ani a large aind choice ats srnt'ent of paints, dry rolors oil, I rit)eolie n varnish &c., r fisale wo-lewlnl and etanil, at the lowest prices, by MONI)EI.LI, n98 58 Camp nt. N EW EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISI.AN A. IT has been hr r some time inmde known In lth pubhe that the sob-,ribers are enaaeed in preparilg for t pr Iess a new edition of thie Louaiiana Civil Code. Ti'11ey were,. Irdll tile firt, anwar of the greut ditfictrh and responriiity attending tile publin'atin nnt the work, alld it was not without gret hesitation that they con. selth, tthe mndertaking Butl tie Iresent e'litiont, anonltilln to nlnt three thousenSI c pies, and a lhic Illd cot tise t':,tn al er thean thirty tollnttanld dnnllnrs, was entirly, out of print. For more than two va:lr prst, the dnma ipice onf the work has been froml hirly to ftly dhllars. It is a system of written rules atthi'l no immediately operatea upon every individual of the state, interested either in ag'iculture or comlaerea .and which governs ·the disp.osition of no Itch nproperty Olating Ita na flll otlier states, that--unlike alaloa. asy other treatrtao aItn law-it is as ntmnchb the text-ollok and Ianual of the mnerelhant ntnd ti pla nter, as it is of the private gentle man saend tile prol..esioaal SThae lawyers of tsle tdjoining states, and in firt of at thoe ntllters apon the O(hino alld ia]isissippi rivers whih find a Iart t.r their Inprodt in Louitarna, heay a ire quet Iltlrresirs 'reference rer tahe cte, ant inake it ai indierensaable 'requ;ite to their lihneriea; and in flie :ity of New O er a n ne hook i e sture ttt Ita !atnd in the Ilcrehent's rsintag atnlnt, atp Iltn h desk ion' ie jidEP, or thi e table f'thte attorntv. It is not Rlllnl)l.iilsn Iheref ire thrtt the first editine'lothe work was seo qlick ly Ilinlatsl'd of; n ttll hpal t mre reprint or it would il eo)e noe fi.e Nllply trle pnblie nTheiteon., yIe it would be ilop)er:ec t alti unln.llatisft rv unlet L nnnotaied l witlh refr,.nces to the 'lj)n;tlts and ilt e-, ill order t,) hit race tie nellrintl ainrentllnllel witch hva h- en nao he I. e iatnntr, ant thel i t rtant tecit ' nr sa and IaIIn- cti lllo n d whieh hute been givC n u Ol Imtlay Ir it nlrtl(.Ps Ir tIP It t i llI e gontlrt . T'Ihe punlishers have sev lnrei, ir thie eneraol superi lftehidllve Iaiilld rtl.iol tienlartntt of tie Uwork the lrofessnnl e aerviea tel WtI ehrlt tek U ,ton, Isq. a thlleer ,f tile Newt Orleans lnr. itle hin. .ator ze I hlllhlrtnl, .nde lerlnlnroea, neusnld ion (irfe |lrtig hlave ealh khliv tacisled TIr Upton with hthsti vallle nltep whi'h tlle lavre seollemsted in tle 'tlr " their ;ludlief aldl paeti'e; and to Mr N R ,leimCnFutlhe part ner ,1ofr l;toal, who is also aenrk aed in the work, (Cete trtntlttrjida, , E . hta prernted tilte rellt nmnns n f eefi: renr aa.otailltdn in hi otffice oit y of the erol'r and i(rh lnav Ie't mI e hy hind il dnhlilm tle wlsle perld i at his diia.intuiti d pritdi n rial lrabrs. The ublitsh erna It ttleraf hfin tel trus t tat thle annoratlions ifl the w eord avill he all Ihro idusmry ald lhbour, aeisted by learnmillg Ilnl experietnc.ll e, (t l prficrm.l Ien pttin In tti rhfrlits pr eus toaand solatietinef ft al stlbs r ithe n lin to t( nelos, tin.e tltishrrd tlake pride itn tie d't thn t ine nli t inelta rpe of I isoiN a aa ieO s althorin rd the nvernor tn rtnr nie tousanan costaies oa it or (p future ale myrtl Stte't inTe rn'ttintet wiaa whictt inin tnlln.tPr aen t:lke, hv thr AsserPnlv, PViledI their oist i ense olf ile vnalie oIthse work;hnd tile thirb, extnid ,d thnnnt (n.lnlrd"nt e its Inhe ability at tlne puaisl rs st d rditortsn whichl il it Inos et ia not wholv fentd, servpd. The mwrn wil lie printed in French and Entglish, Ipotn .end apeIr mtId ntilh (h'lear ty.e; nnor will ant ex ese orcare- e P r1tpreti 1to mtake thtr whone meeihnircalt It wtill ptithahltV be re.Iny fhr delivery in rhe mnounth Int ep)tinltuer next; annd the" price will Ie, to allneribr., fifteen dtl-hn'a-tit e dolarse tn be inaid at thie tlue of uh scribin . 'The subscription lits once clsnned, tine store prier sill Inn tW'llty dollars per allyv. ap 1"I J(I.iN.i & CO. nlhblisher,. [Louisiana und Nw York Iine of Packels.] .1 Sl le.nallnlul New York onl every otiler lonallylv- nmellllUll. l Illg on the tlllr Iover her, andll I insuallre the rit pu ti.l ll ' liyl in the r time if satiling, the linel w hill hr fillc r e)n'ie t of five Sie his viz :i Sii Y azoo, t'll lill rI'U tk ti lei con tile `llIth nnv. Shlip I.oixrille, Catptain Palmler, to leave on Ihe. llIh hllip Ic;'it." i le. Captain Eldritiger to leave on e .he latih 1),"erlltl t. Bhll I'i ir;sburg, Captcin \'ondhouse, to leave on the ' shilp .lisi.. n telpi, Captaln Davis, to leave on the 15th th l ile lhv ships are all new. of tlhe irsit class, and Icopper titatenllted, iiil iip rds ofIi00 tiO s c iuri ll, eirr ll light dllllL t ti' waier, heing buii lt i .INe.w iYork exc'rlclv Ichr tihe lie 'heI price l IpIs- 3 ,nee is tiled at one hundred dollars. T'heir cnhins are i lited I onll the ItiI imiproved and convenient pilanI, mid t lit ia n int nId elaint stylen. Amplle store. oi I thle fir.t ality will he iprvidedil,a Itevery regltrd hadl toIlle illlllrt ull entiire I1 tis.fltioilll i erLs,whoe will please take noliceo that no berth can he secured nu- I til paid for n lt ho otiee .e thie consignues. These pa kets aroe conllandled by Captailns well ex perieneild in tile trnde, whll will rive every atelntion, and exerft themslelves to accommodate. liLev will at all limles he towed upI and down the Missi-sipplli P steil.miioutI and the. strictiest pil tt uality ohleli lv.t d t llt the tlimenof Iailinge. The owners of these hi1ps will not be responsihle e tot ery lete ci, pcl or 1'tiageea ent by or apnt lIheird vl Ih tet, iu.eeh.e eI relar eill nl Ioin he iged t.tori, it the cnnting lhoue of tie ageets or on nettr. le' t teiltr patri'ulars, apply tol EIN & A OEN; l hEIN& & A COIIEN; I nov 1:3 I) Connnonl e r, W $ l.lS fiound fil. milethlro n tie ILealrie,illtle IIIlll I ' of JIula .:lIrge launch. ( EInglish built) cop pelr fastnel, and halia bleen colpereld, she i ':2 feet lcng, li nllietiIht fitet heIm; andl I.ta Len slloop rigged, a Iher e are iron straps forward for riegiltg. Whoever re d'e'liees sanl launchl will pll.use call at No 7i1 Ohl Linevr. ia II t hit itIllt: Ihlldsi, a icrtiw aerlcle, tar sale 1ii v ti. Icit e"'; Y ," Jer? 4 NeJIew Levee IIUl' P I ll . F '.I"n R FII;N 'II)U \(e, c. RG EAT 111(1 AIN, PRANCE and I.lGlIIl:i, a Ihort IirI in 1P5-lv Helenn e IIni i phrey, I) I. I., lre.' lh'et oli'AllAherl l (I.ilege, ill 2 vol. The lIorkc of l/re. Sihero'ed.-Iletns the only Cn.llete andll Iliflllno edition ever I nIllhllhed in Ihe bililed otates, vul. 15. Just received antll fur sale by WMM'R AN, Corner Camtp &annlo: streets. PEi.SACOLA MIANSION HiOU1SE' NEWI' CITY, PlENSACiOI.A. i% Illll ai su'scribaer liavinl ipn.hased the Inlee and flt I _niriiiei ihii well known aclablihuehancnvi g it . Iccio the IatIe proprietP , will be ready to rereive vi. v ita hv tlhe ii of Aniril teaxl. Nteii'Innas aid Iasll ly illlprovlements will be found in I tiI' ai, entttete at"' lIl, t' asiaoni Houseln. New and tlore conlnoldious bathing houses will he built, and ware b ith. will be prevnded at all hours. A stable I "will be attaclhell to it-e housea with good uccoanliIn. i ins Ir horases and carriages. l'ilal rate Ilorses and clirrecren will also bIe keptf ir hire tat 'miderat: price; I Iii il nlld rIw bol)uI, ith prr.l I to tanaltig tIhe foelet ii' use if v Ilnltlv . lillitictis land olthl, a ltiaemlRtt I sunlnv itbul al w, anering paces,will a hb e liTrni lnd i nd su onllltl ed Itu not to ilterfere with the colllll r i ,lld uil laeto lte btmrders. Thel wilneand Ihquims will a DMr Frederick Ihlrliard, who fLrnerly kePlt so popnilnir 9 Shotel lit \ashilngton city, will eillidarl this theel 'ilr the iroirietor, who, with sch nidl,tonfidentll assures I the naiiili t In ist year, aIld i is friends g. ei'ully, that 1 l,, will rtceive aicryl possible altentli; and therIleby Iextores to ite gtercal stisa tintact e reeni. Iknown toII lneld l lenllgt.cned description h-re. Tle lucit IIlit elinllln is th e lar 'est nurall station of Ithe Sinv:¥runtlni; lhe ellerl rendez;z us of (the Go-lntf tlal la l ro a; the s dlll cl'ilv o ilit clitiin e re.i'rechd .ntie tle dil l tin e .llllner months by the coolest I leer.le fltula rihe Gull; Ithe benity of ithe bay and the neighbouring island- and livers; thei aundantc, and delicaci of tit'he fish with whi h the waters ,ih olnd; IInd its proximnity to Ill behIt Southern malllrkets, lute IPensaaola thl, pre; ferPneP oTer all other places ill the-e latitudes, as a ntllhy and dilelilhtilil cummnerrelreat. Firi lale ilonts aillrill beiweeni Pea.nellna and Mio bile, and will a nil ltimles he atle to take the pauaIelig' r from ute New Orleans loats. N B ARNOLD. I'ensc le, Felt. 15ll, 18:18. (i lt elletlnecn wlshig io engage rooms for their farmilies, can add'n.s the propriolor, at Penntacola, or a r Sewell T T''aylor, the former preprietor, at New Or leieeece. C,"Ilrenee-. T Sai. foeld, E lsq MrC Citlltni, i leAlpn, Eeq., .It, KIihhv, in lnh eI; s 'r 'Tayplor, P P kea, Esq, in N.e P S-- etterc hag to receive conmmunieaion fnr pernils al Ihe bor e hhotel, in placed at Gee Whitman'a, 51 St Charles Exahinge. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. T rr"ve"lleri desirous ct f taking the Florida rolate, Sia iie si tlcetco tihe Nirthara ihifrmed that fir.: rate le bonts will ,nstalt ily ran ftcal. Mhoile t, Pensacla, Meavit Mobeili and Pen .ascla e wery -ther da after the l.t I.if Ma. (ioed stages will alwn bhe proveldet I che IIhc r;hocr to Ine ic reillileit i ttake panaeagerc !iru to \Itie, in ase of lhe failure ef the heata N II AnhNOI,). The clstemboilt Champion i uecr eniil for Pence. 'ciial iice a week F'h . In n': . 3|110 . T 1I, Nx J IHiLinGk I IN HYl io AND A HALI DAYS' Fro.m Mobile (Albtntoma) to Aug unta t(.ne) I E'AVI,:. M' il, eo el y olher Ilad, mm,l.itnely tlel A the arit;al , Ithei mail from New OrleOs.i, per thi steamlboat EtRtv)iE, to Ilakely, enachesto Penosacol Miste ,,mh ,t.per ooieools St Uiotsmtosadtndtheo stac;llh,) Il e I'. e :all IIH) to ICedart io.N", nohais theme, vit . lllria:lll, Ctltll(iIeooe (foarltertl Moont Veor tn,,) llailhoii..e, Pt,.l'ojoll .-awkiltville and loouis ville, to Aougocu. A posetlngeretakio,; his seat at Mo bile i iin t1io da( er , of oeiog lthrown out or loding khi pre elrne, iv oltherT conflicetlig inte.rsts, as "he FLOlI. I)A I.lNE is hbu nt mle oern, and under uioe cot tro tlhooghooiil, andl may rely WITH CiHTAITT utpoi lhl arrivualat Au.usto iln time, reeif&,d, Ilroogh all weath er anl. aHt a e B1Rsn, unllll slone mfoll ulnforr.o..catasl trol'phe slinti occur. 'I" , (reoa, New Orleans Mai is carried lI this o(tte. The Agents for accommnlod ion"l, tTcol Co lod ohestd ])ivers oire not rslpasaed The slnolllth, bi:lld, t"Irsll roads, the sale and inter atsinl r. 0ai ionthile time sod accommodation alntnd rd tt r l eI orlord speod, certainty, conlfort,am d a pleas ,og varlet ; cotneo.,l as it ore willl, the tRadl it ClharlOltton, S. C. alld tlhe team plekets to New York Iroavelhr c:l rm' th N.oew York from New Orleans L tSS r .A.. II ....--1-.ohiigtnl oityito 12. F1 I . kt Chaltlhooehee, Florida, we lure lea lrle Linl vila tllllls oId'lu Tallahsuee, to St Marks, 4 her post aeolllrw. l two itllelnolre trolt HI wkooillooill ole tO \Milld,.getril, :le, d onle to Mleoo,, igtt two hol onches. S'I'S" K'rONS & co. A tionlt, 0', 1, )th .luOn.l13 5. (I.Il, at laosiouo Ilouse NMobile *'istaice,, NewI (l, e*s to ..o*ile, 151 mi lohil. tro Algullst, Pi * Alllstfa to lCharleton, 1O1) t * I'ha,oib.ten to New \ork, 9840- 111 Time, Nuw il0rlan to tobile, 28 loters tohbile to Aogust:. ,2 " A,+.+,tt to :'harleston, 12 C(h:llestono to New York, no- 125 lnkino tIf ,dileos pier day. or T miles per lotoo, inlmo siv0 lof :il otloll tls. , too'. Ill N. II. I l.g le:ne to inflortm the public that Ilte oi'goe" o,'ier th b (hutaboovkteswamp and Hatd lathot rele.k hayc, .lut hlo.rn coplefed , v tile general gnover - lrorklit, (Ill" ob nhcl OelOl oleratiltg againt thIs sage pnt, speedy nrodllte ,, lhllilihlil) remloved;l a l have th, I pleaslort of tlel i'gItIo ftro trvellerslthm the coacheos,lor s,+, dri(rs ad mII s aren o oo tlr iorrt iri'eleolt ate asr n tthl water olollo' , tfooom lroitoool.ootoolur Ithtfl; it is admit. ted Iby :111I lo a' trlmogth it to beo surclslb i~lnverltiv ,hea l hotvtd o lio-tty. t'he heailgeI tl rouit (;orgin have alt. Ibeiirepairoed. J .M1 C IAKER lAR DWWLARE. ll !!IAOAGtOE E nEREET, NEW\-ORI.EANS. 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Aiur Au cu it ('nlton~lhonse et rmed, opposite the post-effice. Thic serubscrbrs ore now receiving from lheir anc. eoria in New York, and will keep constantly on hand cac gneral assortment -if Marble Mantle Pieces ofuncccrior wurl kmanehip, and of the latast patternsa made of thie te't Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Amerincan marble. Also, Monumaents, Tombs and IeracA Srones, nunrided and plAin sillm and lintels, mnrhla tireiingr, hnarchs and Ioundary atone, pluatet of Paris, roimaun & Hpydraulie Cement snd Plaster. in" Ilair, toigethier with a splendid snsortment ol brass mnirrtmd an i plain Grates and Ruasia Iern IGrarea ofrhe newest and most approved patterns. L .,terirg done in the nearest manner and at ihe ia shortet noice. 'r'hey have first rate wlcrkmnns ti sot th crnva wrtcci. - -'r5 JAMES , KAI & STROt.p I t W. ueiA.5S,' C.AA',sMII. ILL.b. HI hlihhly rahmlle medicine maty re bed whrnler T o leestl lutuil at New York pricee, of KtE E & 'I.ANI.;E .(la mCep ntreet. hI i ctroefilr nctlh lecmnmeol, faor thn e rnlh awing dir eamet: l)opolwiu in all its fue ns; hilioui and liver at flictlon ,'is everr stoge atnd dogree; fesr.plepckihal,. more Dlt'iruliarlv thie stasro ilcident to mtolhri; floor alheto, fiver olu, ague, inoei;ieil l eonsmoptiwne Or e. c:neh, 'I etiter of lhe liver or, lhetacrhear giddi oea-, lon, of eppertie, nereoua tremtors, lfehricthai nr dlolirto trelmenro a rttoodi alA. irtoi n of all.kldriaet im:nisin, whelher tchronic or ioletnoreloryt neronte io hil of Aevers, ol every variety; rmnoful, r.dlt rheom. end atll hllrloo,m hatlioiora, t.hd imp.ure otuplexinOtt otiae Pfin; reo ltsoetritle night, red daily irrlttailite dnd nlelhllllo'.'; tie tlomooer ronplalnl,'nd eholera mrhu or dilrs n in grown per s nf O 00; oarlse noslflaI leIorn, awithl lhd Ihitith; hloransinond o Illpiith nmeofth thearo sld heod; ihann ·~ of femnle enrttitituionl isd fri ioliro t and tlitoresuian ri. olotiotlriis in eitnher sea whit lrive rnot lern pde .smenatlo retiro.edh nnh.. the ined lftes An in.tle rial ofl)re . sodo'mediotinet in any of heor c :.otr will pcdalne e loeh Pfer:tr isc wCi i-' lieral their iornotpmrahle noperioritv, asd indu.e mueh a uee of she, ns will in tirte a eet(v ol o unqtdstioni;a hi. cure. lDirctio.r s for use .eeomltnvifne them! Nuslerouso rtilhseofe of clres will hbe hown, tam from tie oIrnth of the otslogu r it ia imnpo-ribl to gprathem .aluiitr ly tIhlou. ie m mdilom of a sewe~l nre. 1Ar Dr Eviols 'a.rtlogue threrearer townrdon f tfr2. OOO..eot and in thiR city w.e an refertonny eeo s o, s-o wtohs lrae heell relieve, err in mora intrenllfa enohiriely ired of oemg ftanding dis4aer , ie y Ir venes' Conlmon le Pllsl. STA.ti'ie u Lo UISIANA-- Firsto.dicial.o Cotllr. TrilE STATF. OF I.UUISIANA, T all wserami thIo ee P.eseorts shall ruoor. Goetiog.:--Whaomss James IFNrooci Diggs Itaoing oirrhnaad i ,a sale npse by the Snheritffi' thie ,nsish of Orfents thie pi.ore herl iletfir dll rril a pnid h ot ou idh th cler· k oift this nmtrf. in whose office tlh ldeerd of slo u dare 'roorded ot tile 2io) Inby of Aproil, A. I. It t , for. mo liton er edendirus-' rmeIt in enltio.mtits so noia oof the l.s'ialotnr' of the" Stale of eltioianunycli.l "Al et l or the ht b assu rtoee o oftlrton tonoes .uoliial ode;" appisrtoed the lonh day of MLarchs, 1831. NOW, therefor'e, know n r, a d oill prennr inteersted hrriein, lare heeb cited s rid miholl s a, d illthe Iname of he Stateol Luisi olio, iod ot ire Firt JDlieoalr lilasoe t U ll who Ell oet ulrtops liyht' title or elill in Iot ld to the nro'l.rny hereinaller tesusrloe~d, io ot'.etsuesee of sty inofrl".trnlit' inohoho the obrder't, ow - ioooioototr of tonur's t otite whioth stlo. s.oon oooole, 000' 00t0 ioreogoo.h.i.y or ille1doilt inl the ilpprisuro erts ol a"tsrrti'iwentstro ill time, feir m ee srH e or eot tsoy other deretor nhatso ever: to th~s cause, wilhlll thir ili n'r s fro rtite das tIli mnotion is firat i.stdrr inllo sit' iSblCo I.Ilras, wiS the sale 1o mannlr should otte allnfirl' lc sd aorl hnmolo.iTd. Tine soid properlty ws sold bh the Snitr'ill'of th3 peMiea fotwlesld om the SBilllh d os aro'rlt, A. D 1838. Iy tir toe of a dec'ee or lthis ;.ourl, remh:rld on hotha2U f dlhy 0U1 JaloaIr . A. i). r183, in asit roth'led James Bars I)lggsoi'. lofotfs Geoels:e, Nn 15s,11 of the dlocket of Comrl., at which sale oaid .l.mes B:'Eo ae Digga beht the paroh:oae sitr rith price of t.etnII) fine thousil'd do (iewcription o'p,.oleorty as giren in the J rliia! vre.male, veer: Aeceltla piecp of piroery o00 marel of'grorldtntgather ith oll the Imooitlioos otil inoprovemnwtrs hooeret' risghcsr irivllegds, 's . hliereoltoloohllgoging, or in anv wileap 1ie'r'tainloog, sitsonto in fotto.tnoog Annttooootiott,'ahooe thin. city ltoil a ttenst'iog itn Eogl ll leaslire, tireleiae huldredl aln ity i f eei sad oiti roo-eightoohs of son inchl firt on the public rooids Noow I.oor v t, tl.rr eomotioed and sixty ro.o feet six inhes:od foour-eghtohs olo t itch linont on Celeste i. two hlllorelsdtll I li.tlive fret nile ilellhs asd" two-eighths Illc fltl tcl o a lin frlirortiog on Old leve steet. until it strikes the holooalVtot lilt of Laoorls Mil l rlll l'll'oi 5.ropley at tle orler ooolOld ltee and Stn s streert; Ithere lomioto ig a , right ogle, sno extendilsg toglity-five feer l sI three inclhes det'plalonrIhe houndaty lime of saild Iill:mdon's .o.rtopt iort lei roCaleire streert theroe fibro ng :l rightl tlogle, sol exltndisg sisty threer frelt eloeve ihlohes sllrl tohree eightlcoo' an inch o I tll bold:arv li'o e of Loois Intde's itoeleti. terolle Ito Old Levee .lotoho:there lotoitg aotlher righiotgilleand oexttllllillg lfoots t 5C fet.'rtoo iotohos ando fi.o eslglths of s ihsnr or the I oot'dar liie ofa s:id IDodo's nroperty, potololel l to Cotleste; t loere foorminsio otohetiro right atlloe, all ttxtolltingll oo lltogootltsd alld twetdro seotrel teet root itches sod fott oighths of ao iolh so ito hmrtdrry line otf oid IDedt's property trolht1tol toh Ilpo ie Ioto l stnlI Nas I st'e sltree, 0l0.w1 colltV tti\ srt four itehem noid foureIgihlts of atllilolh b: bot sl NUoo's stroot, neet.. inr tog pro by h.I Pilth, City Sorveoor, made YShl Jan vctR,' 183t ansored rto o. act tpasodl before I.oui T Ctas-, KNoomy Pullie, otl itoe `rftl J:Ioonosrot .i. Wiotoinotrle host A. NI Brlehatns, .hedge of rlh C.onrt ofs.otsld,tlo Ii f1oh A toIl, r5.8. ap 13,w.m:t13 P. I: BIll.ANC. Iert. Clerk. I SANurIOU1 Ou lk THE I"ACULTY OF MED CIN E. i HORN'S Compnund Extaert of Copniba and Sara i mlrilla -A e-rtain, Pale, and ont ertflie tual reme vter diicoveredtl fllt th re cioi of t;irrfit, Gleets, Stliectures, Whbits, Pains il tih back atll loilsa, semnalc, .tfrctibon of the kidnies, gfrael, scorbhtil erclptiolls, Eoc. Il tIh illtroduetion of o medicino pnasetsitg the useful snl active virtue of the one inow otli.led io the publie, tile proiprietor has but to ratrlr t tile ilunlreois reeomn nmedations received fliom tile most emninent o the me dteail iteultt ill EiIole, tlhat it toill he duly areneciated wheno i8 merits Ioire lere tlifv known. 'The BcktalIIIm of Ctepaiba, scextelnscitet s,.d, hols lost muci of its credlit Iron thlle islike hllile p.ltirelln tornlerly expiessl d Iregardingl its dis:lcgteeot taste, disituftlolnUo proltl edll in the Ino els and btoltlch, ad it ilhe'reolore inefficieollr nbhell ls iin tlhe illi:' toltlUlO singe. The Iproplelor ha:s nlm ,o an anlvsis of the Batlsll, coneeir nlg that the mcore crt itvel oli il.s woeldd thereih be muleh lmre aonceltrated sad molye usnflitllv ainitdtelred than in the iresent slate. IThe ilr nler cine clmblinesin gleditots which are in the fighrest replue amot. the most scienlltic and learned ill the protlfsion. Each ldrg it thle o.lf osniIOI of tlhis preIi aCtiotl tinreltes the elicccv of tiihe other, iOlloducig an operation truily sets nihiiog, iald Siirpe ing tihe most sangniu. expjoetattliasl posnwtasilgatilthe sltlne time the advlnltti oi its being administeird with perfect success i, Ithe dilirent stagre I thil abo dlisae. Thle inslst enlinent pltirjiansnlld rgeousi ofi the present d.v expiless their lecried aup. pro ltion in aveor of baStllariltl, whilst its eli in the principal hospityFe and public luedical institutibs hfae he in, llld still eontinues, very extensile. It wA.s a ray orlte reediy with the celebrated I)rl Abernetly in all veleltral ulfections, anl Ill obtinallect. aelusllel Ltttpionl, arising fronl a dlisoltiered state ofsthrdligestivpfuretifu.. Havil. here submnitted to tie test osid experielce of the most celeblrled among tholl tieliity, theI have expreesed their satistentcI of its e.tltnll"dinlry eficacy ici every ease under their cuhellei, IIy ottolticlg it Iboh in their public sldl priltr p..arttle. 'Theiri ci ervaltics w ill e innsered hereuier. icrepred hb J II Thialu, Clietlist, LoIndon. Price $l 50 per pot. I'ESTIMONIALS. FrIom A Ii Salmon, .eq, I" R Ni, S.rjion to the St Tihctlna Hospitil, and Lerucer ou A.ietoit. The tl ialr which I have nmde of nir priltaration in a variety.I ufseC, botih uile iand female, ill its reIiclt have proved so highly ftrvoturable; that I do nt. hesitate in pronolncing it nce of tile most vailuabe ian effioccisus remetdies ever otiiired to the public, and one iin w hich, from ex.iriecrr. I ean plce every re"lit ee, whilst it does lt roducle thle adme tnilocaaot effects usually ex. ierienlcled from coplibu. SFrom O H liaywartd, IM RC S, Phlysicinto to the St Marylehone 1islpelsury. I take grat ie.moll're in adding my testimonv to the ralable plrolerllres ot vonyr ireplnnation, wishill) ou the success you so fully 'iielrve, ill al oI litie rewordil fto the ahborei. expelnse ihettrred in bringillg t to unch O.n. plet. lerfi.eietin. Ftrom " O Cooper, F R S, Surgeon to Gy's IIe s pito) iThe lunifortm lneeren which has atendedl tlhe. nlinis terilg your mediei.e scinae ln l miticlta aflited with th+eaboe dimseasts, lihs hllly satisfied me that it has to be ktllWoi In ibe tIrly ap;preelated. Mtay the sltuelt you so well dese rve, amply mid aseedilc repay you 1i' your valuable preparation. evycc p ehlncfi.ninr knnetlui. ?"T 51" Thea:ll.t,+ sunul sa.P and sCeedy cures fl'rcled by it, in a few dayi-I ieel no.efiis duty b.ound to stale tihat I now i ils pris tice Ioth public cad private recoimmend and use nnme other. Froem G V IBluir, M D), Physiclnn to Guy's Hosc pitnl. The sticet test which I have gimen o our medacine among nit patiients, a. its invalriable ell esr tlus far, will inluclll.le o , lersvere in its ni , aeli I deem it buttco act ofjustice and of dicity Io alid ny feeble testi monial itl eoumendation nf ivitues. Frone LC Thompson, . 11) F If S L. I return onit nmy sincere thoakn for t e valuable pre. sent of tour Extract for the cure of Gonorlrht.a, ice. I feel grtinfi that you have at olat inouilit a mcdieine. intlo ce which wilil provne e ieiltiertIti Iln sought for in the medico. whol hi--sr selapec'ty sud eifretIml ourT ill cses of the above it seids orsi .let pleaslure i. publishilg to tih c orld the veluable qcuaiies of your Extlcet. Were it necessary, tlle proprietor could here furnish mlel, molre testintonisa equally as cnlc.nenlatof . as tihe absoe; but t, usto that t i great lcceaes hithertn--ie care & exlpertse t which it has beentp.rparerl, will proveits gratlrat recommendatiol umbong a dlscelar.ig public. One recommendati.ll this preparation oenj a above all othere is its sen,t, plortlb e toct m-put i p a pets-th nl in wliehich it may bhe taken, being othn easy and pleooant-its tastele nature, with no restrictions in diet, or confinement from business. T'ravelers esmpreisly would find this medicine highly useful, and oughit nver I to be unprovided with a preparation poussessi the ad I antages which the present one combines. Aoomlpunying the Medlineie ism •t cmpldet sploes. tryn of the dififeret tcuces of the diieacs, withelt aly ext a charge, colltainiu . afutll d ample directions. For aate by SICKLES k CO mr 14 Sticm il Canal * f ACON-25 ibds Sides, 15 hhda Joi I a U h Cncinnai cuted, lui'idl y" *r Baekhys. ad for sale bi.eT . s ic elravkr wave

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