Newspaper of True American, September 29, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 29, 1838 Page 3
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tP EVERY DESCRIPTIONa, aIPtILY, dIANDSUI)MELY AND CIIEAL'Y EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .l.nerican, iT. CHARLES STREET, NEAR 'OYI)RAS. m23 LOUISIANA SURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, lienvilld street. ILLIAM R. CAItNES, (fIrmrll·y rtherl firm of Flint& Carnea,) would respeicttilIv infl,rm hIs 'friends and the prblic ithat he is cronstntly receiving Ifrom New York and osalon a sgood i*nortlenot of Fllr aitlnr, such ne mnoah(ogtny cl:irs, sorhs, lred-teads, rma :pie and painted clmirs, rmtlie and cherry hedsteRdI, ,mahoganv and cherry tnies of ill deserifirioni , bn reau., toilets, stcrerrys, writing bdrks, wordroesre of mahogany and cherry, wash stands, looking glasses, oeathers, beddirg, &.'. &c. NB. Furnture packed fior transportation with great ware. jel8 MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed froem 17 C~ulonthouse St. -TO NEXT DOOR To Sr. CHARLES THEATRE, CORNER OF POYDRAS A. ST. CHIIARIE STREET. aug9-tt-183. 'iYOiiRAiLTY OF NEW ORL.EANS, Council of AMunicirplily No. I , Sitting of August 30, 1838. A N ORDINANCE crcerningy Burials in stheir iry ing gtRunds of neiciaorlity No. 1,ro f the city of Now Orleans. The Council of Municipality No. Ono, ordain as fol Iowa:- Art. 1. From anl alfers the 1lth of Seoptenmber next, it shall be the duty of the guardiant or guardinans of emeteries within this laouic t r litii to drln etao a err tifiate sigaed i.v n lienaeid physician, or the coroner, or two reepectalle cit neis, jointly wirt the cornmish iary of the wrdn in whilch tile dt'il inay ocalr, stluting the date of the dislese, nrlale. age, irace of irth, sex, color. ad cause of deuth of the body brought to the scemetery for serulture. t.!. The certificate in a' enases,to he furnisthed by the prig.en or peresons ringi toin th e cooretery te dad bsdy or dead irodiieond 'ent crse shartl thie keep er of the cesetery receive for irtrTRnt brdier, without harving obtined the eertiicalo e lnove Mten t toned. Art. 3. It shell be the duty of the, keepir of the emesters to recoroli ill hook keit fi)r hat irpoeose all thepne tarieorr itaiterd nby coilitfiale relintog tor the tale i hevineg received inhlllrre, alid alson to four ajsi monthly t reort to tilte sovcer of tile cily, eI seining a copry "f tie rnc sofeIlt es ps-Ie, of birl, cula. ae ofdeslh, dates r liedease x,no ctlor of ah billries, lamess of the phvieians or otler tiaellnn alestaing tile Ari. 4. A fire if ten ol lres Ia lln en inoenr lpiontIhe parsen er persons ereing itahy or hIeies furisrp tare to the enrllteries of tri rlrUollllllilliti ir ail (icrts where the eertifcaroe ierehrfirre neolllilltd, shall nlo have tIeen ftrnishrcd. Art. 6. Tho guardian of the cemeterY shall in suel saes he, and he s hereby nthorioed, to take iroens ins e of the htrse or imrses anId ,chirtc bringing said odies, and s all keel possetsion of said lrsees ld re blines until the fine shall inve bieelo id. Art. 6. The mayor in trechy nut o horised to mpulidh the present ordi.nacne ail tIIIe newslnpers tolin ciy, bodt in the French and Eoglish lIngugeI durt ig ten days. [Signed PAUl. IIERITUS, Recordelr. Approved, September 3, 1t3l2. [Signed] C (ENO IS, Mlacor. A true crpy. 'ItE.AsrID, Jun. Soc'y. SITT'ING Ot' SEI''IcItt E11111 :r, I23". Resolvet , 'I r T t tie trerli lce orocrr ,ro ing tire hit trying gror.rrsa, tred l ie io11h ir., he so rnended as to sustlirtute thie words "let tf October lrexl," or she wordsrltttll of SepICtrIrr'e mo)trll," ill tie first article al the seh ordinnnce. [ r.igndr] IAUIt IIERTUS, Recordelr. Apprrved, Seprtember 5, l11:l1 [Signed] C. GENOIS, Mayor. A true copy "'TO.: ,e Jan. Sec'y. MIIAIRF )E l.A NELLF. ORI.EANS. Coaseil de in Premiere \irrcicipnlite.-S'fnsrre extra ordinaire dr 31) ont I;.38. erdonnrlaeo eorrcertono Iu r ellllelltrre' lane. s eilec - tisrea ie ld t Mluricip alir ' Nr . r , de r I ile I 'r li'er it s. Le Conneil dle In Iurciprlitt' No. on, r Ilr Ville dc Ia Nelle. Orlano, arrrrgrreler l ]uir : Art I. A dater di ia so t'iert hri("r Irl'in il sere du I davoir du gtrdieu oat dhes earc oeS?1 s a ilas u(.ildi rcs din ee rte rlrllloit. rtlil i' o.x rer an :ertlil alnrll n it li' Ier i lu l ar r alone llir·, I . e ,,t e I ii 'c l, II. aIali dl i(': l.r - I fi nt la date dtie t-r I rfn'r l , I' liio 'tt: 'i since, ilenex, ltorts ahrr,iirsr i r a ( r ,oor, du decnr aisi tort I[ . i II ,,"r i,,ur , '.tr . P tl ,rr(,. Art ' I.oelit ~rrrtlilit sain loot, tl'a t Io l ie,' 5a. In pereotoe un Ice ie-Ir~lollv jai, toot it' imetitro irre c otr rips t'tt oIto i r;- , c' h. I, 'tt ( Iht.i vra aersifcll cile":rio .s.lll ,l)ll'. A 3. rr 11. ieu rr llllll-r · dll _i"l ir'..,h toas r lli llll lll io r d'i o riretinl 0rjo irin. nu ,.,_.i-n"',llrltn t l, t IitI' flanr ee 1 e ails .i , e ..oi t L aoooi,. d.', cl',ll lui [' v t. It llli auo an nl5 I tl I d r c i i lll c'l l 1 i nix, c lps Ci - m lin. otlI cpd sttt[ttOre Ii- mwtlllit Iiillro 0(l lttt t it ' dell na e, flic x d eilll rl,' , 11_1.. 1 lalce e lt oesdl dh,: ,se t. l, or' l o ,l' . ld, ('r - 1111 rll'rr(s |1.I rle Itr ' l' ti h ll to. 11.,htlll. iii i111ps e o111 ce .l illlt eurea. tIo'u rh e. bptrlci,,.cs. lam Sllprsatnl. a .p It ii l ' plll 'III CI I 1|l co is o ]t l mel ,l, pora I co;ll ent llt ll" t;ll o.·l eel - I.......... It£ hl c er tifient sidooeoH t r l,tlliiI "ll I er; I"I'1 tli rllllll Art 5 't'out l.l l..jiclln doI ull.L, Iimetii-n" l,, -111 ,e( 1,v(' doll]e le ct idesRscllc e llll;ll -'(,Y illr ehewd A r Lir e r o s a tur i e o t i i tI d t o, l lrt t l l' i lrt 'i t i t . pueliferdanstlobts _n 1 .g ' de te oilleolltelarr't sdixjoors, Sig , I'. iI. llI'.I ' Rlecorder Approuvn le i3 s 3oo ' olhe 1 i:32. airla' ; I;Nel I',, Moir', Ponraopjirecifoerie, TI Io"A l , J r--'eeri1taire Resoln que I'lordon llll relati nu i11 teilnl t+r ilo pte"s Ic 2 litno dIr.tivr si m nllll lellllO lie llltllie' ·ubstituer dan+ f'rt ler "le herocot( b rochto: lahin 10n sellteltbre plrotchin, 0 Result i lre o .II atenlldetlmet sllit fait iA iartiy I de I aLodis, titrdnttlltnttt. digne. IAIL itER'TiUS,Recorder. Appritve o 5 e ptoln re 1183. Sigte, C t i Nii.S, llu i rt. Pourcopie conforerl, TIiEAI~ i), Jr, secreltire au8:10 INE & P)IOTI'EI liHt) ii'.EeiS-S- gross wine and 100 gross pirltertl bottles, l.r sale by IIt),IEKS & III.,t, jy2t htnk itAlloe. PRIVATE JiOI li . -NG HOUISE, No 13, Toulouse st,--ly t Mrs Ihefo'matn. 11HI8 hlouse is slm:iotl+o ll toenieltlvy italted Sfor men of business, near the Levee alld ithe New Exchange. lrhe table will be well suppliOd and attended to, end thle chtrge moderate. Boarders wilillg ta httl Iodgine, can he n:eomttlolle dated, at different prices, willt t otuelm dit)us furnished rooms. liarders will have the sltisttlltttion to meet there, persons speaking the Irechle, English and Slan ish languages, autg'.ttm PENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Totlouse, n. 13, tenue par.Mhle Ve. litfiann. CET 6tublissement e.t slpiteux, et Cs trouve situa pres d lan Levee et tie la Nouvelle Bourse, e'et+t dire an centre des atltires. La table sera biol fournie, proprement tenel et A no prix mttodEr6. 'Jeua qui prenant pension diosireraietnt v loger : ront des aplprtemens de difigorens prix, bien garnis et rommodes. Lee pensionrlnaires aurlmt I'agoiiment d'y trottver des personnes parlant le ltngttes frencaeie, atglaise LIA aittee t tl dry, T juerter tks lt, ilI Indin bble.,fersnlo it) READ r BD.RSITO'W, aug25 7 Iank Place. LIURNITURE--Jit receir'intg tt -I S ply frlm New York and ioston Pets in want of PURNITURiE, woulid do well to call at 53 Iienville street beftore purohasing elsewhere. Terms Cash, or good city aeceptance R CARNES. aug25--2w EDICINES, PAINTS & OILS-A large and general assortnletlt ano hitnd, folr ode low, by JARVIS & ANI)REWS, or Common & l'ehoup iton in NOTICE. rlHE opartnershrp hieretolore existing in this city Sbetween tihe subhseribers, under the liren of Lane Van Wyek A Co., in New York, Loidlaw d Co., ald in NotChes, Miss., Von Wyek, Leidlolw j' Ci., is diastil ed by mntunal conosnt. John Laidlaw, Peter S. Van Wyek, and Thomas W. Van WVyck are authorized to lunbs name of the litlt in liqLidation only. JOHlN LAIDLAW, ANDREW LANE, PEIRll S. VAN WYCK, TIHO.MAS W. VAN \VYCK, Now Orleans, aug. 18th, 1838. S CO- P. ITNERS II P. The oesebrilbers hilve formed a copartlierohip in ,ttis ecyi nder tihe firlt of Van \Vvck Ctto., oand it New York unde, the firm of Johnl faidlaew & Co,. IttllN LAII)IAW, i'F'.'IEIt S. VAN WVI'CK, TIIOA1.S W. VAN I VYCK, augl-1. "3n,. LO1'H1ili--IIT C.e.., ret. priiine Itnvv aetrl"t iI lannels; Liverplol striped, twilled, mll whlite cot Ron shirts; ieavv IIbi stripeo Iottnttade puItaloons, landing fromn shiit Coneordia, for sale by ISAAC lIRItItE & CO, RepB 131 Magazine st. HIAVANA COFFEJE-I50 bhgs it stole, atd for H H ale by SLA.\TER & TIIER, sreR 4 ' Pltdras street. 1'ItlV7I.1V OFFICE. OR SALE,-A printing oltive, cmnltpoed of all , the mterinali necessary ftor It newspnper. Alt tssortllut tof I reac atcents; several ,'o of "101 TyPE:;a lar eexlr rtr i rlllt preiso . ,ie.., &o, .ill It e 1 o cheap, and on enlv tetrm. Thtis,. an errlrell n cllanre for te le nlieiz to ettblih it ot untry .,.r :td vil. ]ntre Joti ti.her. 'tot' to, pio . ~ill n , sold -rliittly from thie pTtres shob ld m?,l t oo 0t.000 , :to nr il - date the y , 1; I iv t , .. For the Interior. For Springfield, (Livingston Cy) Pass Manchac,mouths of the Anute, l'anchilpahn and intermediate landings. M 'ITHe E well known and light draught . Steannar OUACIIITA, PI. Hi n rd, t master, will lenave he Lake end of h Road n Wednesday morning the l1th inst., after the arrival thr S.o'clck Care. For freight or pnasager appti . GEO. WHITMAN, . O. ad Ud. S. e I O cee, ander thie Exchange Ilotel, St. Charles et, New Orleans. sep 15 FOR LUISVRI.L,R, CINCINNATI, AND ALL INTt.ERD\II') ATE PORTS. 't1e eal substantial steam hant J. GOV. SIIEI.IY. J J Kercheval, y. master, is hourly expected to arrive antd will have lde.ate rllr tile above ports. Far e"rrigit or pssage, having superior accoullodations, applpy to I.AWRENCE & LEGENDRE, retl8 28 & 29 New I.eve'. I'LEASURE EXCUIHSIODJ TO BAY ST. I.OUIS AND PASS CHRISTIAN. Fare $2.50!! The ftast running steamboat 14A ZEPI'A,Captain G(rilfin, leave, the lake end of the rail road, at tbe arri ntl of the 7 o'clock aers, oSaturday eve: the 18tll inst. anI every ensuing Saturday. Ieturning, will reachl tihe rail nand by I6 o'clock on IaMondny mrnig. Apply to GEO. WIIITMAN, Now Orleans &r bMobile Mail Office. nug18 Ulnder the Ixchange Ilotel. St Charles st. For Mobnle, tndal tl dltermelate J dings. 'i'he law pressre steam boat CtIR)I.INE, aillleave Nray Orleane l nr Mobile. avery Thuradny and Nanday,at 12 nalnoclk, M. touching at nal the walring piacesa at which passengers may wish to land. For lrtller particulars, apply to GEO. WHITI'JMAN, jy24I Exchange iotel, St. Charles st. For Mobile and all Intermediate Landings. ".,. The fast running and splendid steam J- c±::annlactal W,.1I. WAI.LACE, enalrely in 4. state ro)idls, will leave New Orl;ans ir Mobile, andl all intermediate watering places, very Taesday and RSaturday, after the arrival of th ,i oclhck cars. GEO. WHITMAN, jyO, Exchlange Hotel, St. Chnrlee at. SATUIRDAY EVENING AND SUNIDAY EXCURSION TO MANIDEVIILE & SIMAI)IONVILLE. l in.he steamer SOUTH AI. AIAMA, .I..T. Knight,will leavetlne lnke . e. of therail-road Ibr the above plna ra, eer atnrna3 evening, on tile arrival of thle 2 o' rlnek ears, nnd relurn the sanne night,-and leave Suan ny mnoriug on the arerival oftthe 8 o'cloek ears; return r, in ave Manlurville at 4 o'clock, P. 1I. n" !:+taw 2Ln utlr Auie islt)NVd.InL L) OUISUWIT, MANUE VII.: t (COVINGTIIN. Ir n lin.The fast running and splendid steam I k 'lf -------- Ioat SOUTH AILAiBAMA, L. '1. . .c.- Knighlt mnaatrr,will rnt atn a regu Inramnill nnt loi thI above ponrts n Mondays, ned'nes dI ns and Fridays, after the arrival of the k o'clock cars, A Il. Returning, leaves Cnovington 'Iaresays, Thu rs iave andn Snaturdays, at H II'clock, A M. n- It. All blakgage anda tarcelsn at the risk afthe own ra s iless a bill oin laingta is signadt. ( Eil WHITMAN, New Orleanr anHld nlbile Mail Office, 'a2 nxcnanee Ituildingn, St Charles nt. FARIE I.LDULCED! he ten . anboat MAZEPPA will leave tie Lake enld ofthe Rail Roand . w'- m n Mondays, Wedlnesdays and Fri y.n, nn ithe arrival of the !ao'alock ears, touclling at lny St I.naisan,Paas Chintian, Ililoxl, &Ec.; returnninn, wi1 l:eave Pa,,agIala at nday light, and arrive att ti)rw e tnanann ati 3elnek, I'. M1., tauninIng at all the watcring placc n ill I)y hghit. Fare fromn Nenw Orleanas to Ila St. Laois $2 50 " " 'afs Clhristian 2511 I Biloxi 4 0o (;lEO. WIIIlMAN, 2 Exchlanga lHotel, St. Charla stlreet. N(OTICE. IrtR.AVl..LERS going to Mobile by the Mail Line I n Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, will regis ter r nlla.te-t t trit rlholls ice, as no seats canr be secured i t ils egrtae I'oasceoula .on tilhe Ibllve nlamed days, unlle-s theitr fane a he I, l aced ,Io the wl ay hill. Those wluo 1l1ve1 heavy baggage eCnu hve it loko n direct to Mobile by illy Ioats during the week, excel llo Ihlýthonve nIa.iied days. G· . WHITMllA ., .1F i'K KEGS FRESit H Go11lHEN BUT'I't, , 5 hoxes;t ihlllt:]l raisins, I11 11 h es impeli.l tll, IliI mwitlr rll ll, 111 hall h e Iv i, l ih mlh arket i l e lrls S lmoked toli Ins C, III bhoa,, 1' .t relI'n l e, ..II l, Ii e11l i sta lln, 1 111 i i Be clv,+ v er sutl,., I Ioo ... d, e, t l , sol,, b,.y j . i. -''Ito ti IiK \llllii.All ). ii y li t 1 .lm 11i. 1 tl , b ChlooI , julnt ltefve'crl I 1Ji) Ilrlllp IIUlim ll' nureent Plpinilt res, i .ml u li achi li mtc isi ,fle o- i l lod de-i i : rlllo I. kit l, ot ir .i ml - ni i,1 l.t1 Py Iirer.i il 1, crt , Tlllt l' it', llhn of i Co.tI lillb i, ]..i rl' I liIr l, I 0 i le l m, fail fimil io Ili ilrt nilhe, I hm tei 1) I10 nlCl II .l.S ,t Co, 411 .+tnllil a elle el. I lal -i AI ta I'- I' nil lone lnod eit m. oI ijlloll i o ItIh . .. di. oy r oi n llJl +X, atll fl irell i e oet'Oll I· ix loom, Stilt kiiqiin, ei.eilr, aiml ount- l nllse lte. apl y tiE I ji li 'il ilpinrrmi Coml ihn ..IiilIs. 1i 1' I .Ali ii-u-lin i I e supeltrli o riiliim crlie r t. e A shlipping orldl, I til or svi le by 0I til hSEY, jy'ti 4lN:w Lete. -- i l I P A P El l .--. 1 t received fro i dl ie Bll nd ii lone l Mills,m h ease.o Soll rtlle lue lletti r r il o sie very low prIolieil clat Si l ll.p Ierlhie ttbitI, len l ,aper, do; 2 cases nUn pihk stie paper; I cases super tline piatket postlag l tlnl lize; 2 case unlperfihe efe li sltf, whitnlhiiu Nd netuiliy by tELT & CoII Jy i irk k Stationers' all, jy21 24 ' artres street. SIAI IE,'FTI-'9s Fl.sdni r- nlei oilneditel, tine i loase on the loIth Rail Road near tihn_ LaDe Shore. The two Pavilions io Bath, near tile Net the lttiuhiars apply t 11 t ItNNA IitS ., S pls) for ale by HOL.IES & MIILSi, Jy41l Bank Alley. ARugEN rE3 'S Fluid E Stra dt of S ,rsapurilla- - lately by 11 tONNAItEI., jyi t car 'Tlehoupitoulus &e Natchez sts nug4 7, lailk Place. SUtIAR Iluuse miunlasses-2I Ilrrein lir saile by J T1'HLAYEH & CO, nug23 74 Coydrns s tiel O1CE-- a caks Kejust received and foR saEb J 'T'ilA V'EKI &G CO, nlg23 74 Puyd rl s street. FANC .,NF' I Illams-in hlldO, tierAN sand bblAs.i Astore, and for stle by LATYET &B AIMELUNG, tl1a g 3 1 7 C 'o u i ule re o s t r e e t . `, INGS Liquors--6i'10l baskets Chailn plgne a V iue, (Congrenss hirld,) 1001 do winle, (Laftiente I.lnrl..;) 10 piipes adenirae; 250 qr. coTk irmitarion Madeira wine, in store nnd ureeale by HEItMOGINE BRLOWN 4. CO, lug.y 3 9 Cortti st. ll OL.ASSEal-70 bile. ill store, or siole by 11 LAWVREN(CE LI.E S-I:NhNIIRE, No ig23 4 28 naid l9New Levee. rleEASURtY Notes--1001 dills, fir sale b J TIIAYEI & 'Co, augn 3 7,' Poydras street. OFFICE OF TIlE NEWoIKLKEA N tcAND NASIiT VILLE IRAIL ROAlD. jjLAFTS on Net w Yrork at night, to sarle at 4 per JAMES H CALDWELL, sep8 Prey t. prefixed a biograltieal notice oaf the aultor-t-eo plete illI OAe volmne. Nos. 3 & 4 of 'The Life oad Adventlron of Niekolvs Niekleby,ontaining a faithful neouet of thie fortes, a minsfortues, downlallinog, and complete career of the Nickleby Family. Edited by'Bloz'--witll illustrations by "Phiz.' ALSO, A additionanl supply ofNo I,'Niokolas Nickleby,' 'Oliver 'lowint,' part first, and 'Piekwrek Sapers, just received, nld for sale by WM. M'KEAN, selptl corner of LComp&i omlnrmtnl et 401 DOLLARS REIVARD. SOST or stolen from on booard ship KENSING ST ION, while lying at the Lervee, 9,5 Colbt in oand .5 Melicean Doblons--the above rewnrd ,ill be phid ftr outy inforomti flthat may lead to the discovery of the oatmie. repil -It13 tNI) L rLES-75 boxes sperm eandlea, best brands, 1 lurndllSg tran ship Plato, for sale hy ISAAC BRIDGES & CO, -- l tp _ _134 lMagaznine st. 1XCIIANGE on Boston--lIn rns to suit pur 1 chiaers, tor sa.i by STETSON & AVERY, angd n 88 (;ravier ort. i1IIAMPAIGNE IlBmly--ln pipes and half pipos, C a very superinr old article to stolre andl fr sale by T R HYDE & BSO., nng20 39 Coltnen, corner en azi uI3ULASiSeE-3t Il-ls trte olrder n lr srle Ib S LAWIWENCE & LEIGENIDRE, s'Ip 13 2 2lod D New I.evee. flI IE-l70 Itnrrid- of Lttne; 250 B1leaeir 1, land ins frou brig Uaroline, and for sale irv LEVI II (;AI.E, .allll9.9 (9: inlCollon street. bE\n .oRD. tANAWA1 from 11e sbllescrier the yellow b]oy I It e'IIw! llnnhllnut :2 eears obl,,5 Ie.t 1I1 inche lit,[h, stullo talld well butt', llut forehead, and whelin s poq keil - i rm lhr iel Itr i Iif in l lok ii i r i l d slay of ellpeiI.. e1.I1 dollahrs slll h pain dla In itm. peLtnrlmll rt tuirhuii0 Iihii ii ti.l- I1" f iilto" I'n .. o fI rg bSHIPPING. For Europe. FOR MARSEILLES. The fast nriling brig CA ROLINE, Capt. Thompson, will have imR iateRli despatetc for Ihe above port. For freight o: a151 b;ales cot tonl, or passage, apply to LEVI I G0\IE, atg23 93 Commlarson Pt. FOR TIllESE. The Tfast sailing ship iHELEN MAR, (apt.-- , hllvi full cargo engaged, will have despatch; fr passage apply to S &. J 1' HlVI''rNtY, au;:23 3 Conti st Coastwise. FOIl NIEW YORK. I.,,uisina and New York line. Rgaire. l'racket of tile :!I iostaet. The reguilr and last sailing PI'aeknet ship VICKSIIIURG, Ward, u-ter lhaving half of ir her rurga engaged and rinfg rr bio:trd will plositiv,lvi roil on Saturdav the l~2I isrt. Ir- cfrergt of 130 libals cotton or the bulk thetreofor passage hav illg spllendlllid accotmotdations, apply on board oplposite tile Vegetable Market,or toi J ) REIN & A CoIEN, sepl5 :.00 Conlllno street US.uI received at the L.ouisina Furiturae Ware e ltl lrons,53 Ilienville slreet,200 l plt anld Cherry lHeldteeal,; a first rate article. Also, a good arsorl ment of 'Ilapi, Walnat, and Pointed Chairs, which will be sold for the lowest cash pricer. WV It CAENES. _ jy7 53 lianville street. WIHllIlESALI. AMN) RETAIiL :O.lit- AND ,1 VAIIETY STORE, No. IS Camp stree ,un Ider Ilishop's Ilitel--The subscrihers alr nlow open tg at their new stand, an extensive assortment no ertllrlesl ' their line, comprising every variety ofCorhbs, tlrasles, Perfumery, Iooking ;lasses, Ilaying Carns r in a large number of Fancy articles. The followirg I prrt a description: CO.1 I S-T'ortoisentI Brazilian high top tuck, peal rnl carted; do. do. twist, llong, Ileck, p"f, sidle, poece anl dressing, ivory and horn; fine tooth, dressing and pocket combs; horn, redding andl htors, snmbis; wooden, dressing, fine tooth and pocketeon.... PERLFUMERY--A general asar,;,eat ol' French and Amerieca PetiaueryT, eonsisting . 1.alr rgne water in bottles, of all shapes andt sizes; la. meter, Florids, rose, orange, lermo, jessaiire, hergameo, .mllerfleurs, etc. ;t fancy soaps of every onscription; naessar,antiques, and vepetahble hair oil andl eurllil. fluid; htorine tooth wash, carbonic and chlorine denu'fice; scented and plain toilet powder; pomatutrn; preston salts, etc. IllIUSHES-Comprising a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, toath, nail, narob, shaving, plate, hearth, fine atnl plail dtlrting, s ning, crulni furniture, scrllhhlg srtl whllite wssh, hlorse, slione andi tanner's coaritng, paint and varnish brushes .alld sash and grain ng tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Coaprisilg gllt frames ol various sizes, 5, ;, f and I lraw toilets; German statia, toilet aInd lbket glass, maglifyintg I tinors, tc. PLAYING CAIlDS-Eaglh, Hairy tir, Broom, Highlander, Spiel Cartelr, French and whlitea alc Play ing Cardti. FANCY AND VARIETY ATI'ICLES-A rior assortment of portable lesks, ladies' and gentle mell's dressing eases and ladies' work boxes; fancy box. es of various descriptions, suitable for the new year and lClhristmas' gifts; pocket bolks ol all sorts; suspen ders, tmusic-boxes, lead pencils, crayons, violins, head bags and purses, an assortment of fancy beads, superior quality billiard balls, paste blackisng; Lone, shirt, vest, fall adl suspender buttons; pearl lalltons and slhirt stlls, razor strops; gas machines flor creating light; Spanish alnd melee scgare maccouha, Paris, rappee and Scotch ealuffs; n assortment of plain anld sordI canes; back gammlon boards; dice, fancy screens, optics, Jews harps, iharmonicas, luoifer matches, pils, needles, pereussion rars, drinking cups, hntinrg tlisks and game bags; ateeel, sarbkr aItnl sr itales; tIhimlrs, twine, et,.i a Ialldsomle assoritment of engravings, and a l age varie ty of other articles, all of which will be sold for low prices, for cash or city RcceptanDreeGs. ma) 4 IIEES &o DLANGE. 1 -( IIA RRELS LI 'liF lauding ]it-ot brig Uncle 1000 Strm, lir sale ry jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY UI.NINE, EPiOl' 1 SALTS, ANI) CALOMt..L. r150 otunces Frencth (tirinte, t bhills EpRslm Salts 3 ralks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Crulonrel, Ipae ic.. Jalbo, irtinharre &a. c.. landing frot brig William, froen Bostoni , ondfor sale by J.IRVIS & ANIDREWS, Wholesale )rt.egist., jv7 caro Common ir 'T'chollpitullus street. SWIMI MING SCll)Itl, AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, ()lpmos te .lirarlrtille stre , I' rd .4i rr'/rilalitl, biro squarrs Ireurn thle ltl Jrtoad. EXERiCISE, ('I.EANI.INIMSIS, PI'EASLURE AND I i:.11.T II. 'IlE ilarranlenll enIlll r this eRtidlillshlnetrlt re rlOW I l, lllqle. d '11 'lt Pro ri'hlrlto s h vll ] II'oo ]del Pr hin bl, Whei ... i .ln to, t- fa ir rir rs. The.r 'r h roo)(s r'' now provihded wiiitih door, trrr lick o it; nd lers and rope; orepre or tint- ding ft'.ln hall'; Imth ,cocou suppll .11 . r1 , an t 'y. o·cte.s is kehpto I hrherittrrs 'Ir, ,W-lin, rrrir h tltn'rots ti itlrller ble T uade, over 1 ] 111 011l, durin., tho blent h o Ihe lrcy, i t ill-ri! w horr t eantrtr l n111 allovsa ir.ulltion Ire a , t"lill Ir wilh i rt flwll, $ 5 It fljthre inrSirs or,- apen frloio I .tlo.ok A. 1. surtdil ill'. I' 1. The I ,w a fr lt ,ro l r ", r'id td v r th b I f wat, e r w of'3 tlo aIrti, I tInrd i ,r , II .- ,ll nl ait;n ti llt o i ot , f lr y :O hronil,, 1l'ritrrt{d't 1 ht sl ra ili thi r, l e srlop, r'llrrnl of .".e,.:'i"--Ire<... 1119N tSr NEW WORK Vic, r 1l1 Il RCKY 910111N'fAI'A I NSl-,01., i,, ullntx Hoaid ,,lte Irl l FI al r Wl d roigtlol m boo lirj arllIIIn ' Catai II I. 1: I9%'1111101 , othe, 7 rm 'iliit. VIII[ll'. IF OO CIE''Y-14y the Culntess of lieroo-otl,n, to vls. Jus~t received and fo (ir sale by J V c . I oob 1.NY Tj\O lIl:T I tl 1i Noemoberl Inet the elegant App llin7 Hln, No. 117 9(. Jol h urrn.I. Apply t! ht No. 7·1 I'loydlnH street. jy19 ll br i s lh·etilggr Jackso~n V ('milil inch brownl sk~irtings. ILoeull Nov, I & 2 brown cotton.l For sal STETSON5119 & AVERy, 174 1 G(iruier scree A kansns, from Nelw Yo~rk. 21 grace. Amnerican Comnic. Ahnannsls for 11333J. 25 do. Crckett's Almanacse 117 :19. ,5 ca. PFoopleo Alloooooo for 11939. Colonla tdll or ery st0tel il thle Union, and11 containillng a grtat sle byl thle gralce, doen and sinlle by IDAVIII El i' & CII, N Y Stati'oner's 1111,24 Chartren 01. I II'EIi.AS-111 bils111111pr110.n stor flor Hill ooIby C GU. tIORSIEI1, onlg16 41 New Levee. 11 ,% tloooo P Mnd, Floo1r and Lord, iV stor Ilor~~ mile by G DIORSEY, 111176 41 New Levee. JT rIIAYERI & en, 01og II, 74 Fondrst street. F LIII 11-I3 0 bbllto Irll ground f0our, landing front 111t bunts, loor alerbo 1LA1YET & A711EI71NG, nuglfi 17 Comeorce strleet. * )RlK.-400 hbla Moss o 1 O, 1(,11111n1111t. Primor I jolt injlllokd, for sale by (:. IiOIRSEY, jyf6 41 Now Levee. 5()() SACKS SAlT, landing frolto Salon a nnd John, for sale boy jetli S .11 W111T19P7Y jII A95 aod Shoo desor-ll1 hhd. Pickled h1111 and ohouldero, laoding from 110t booro, f11r sle by LAVEr' & AMELUNG, nugl16 17 Clorolorce street. SXCH.1A IAE Ln Louisoille at ollht, tinyolo iby SLATERt & TRIER, noglol 41) roydloo or. fI1_ OiA~NS-30 Coses MrWa Ind Bloys fine anI lB 1wg~ed IUrOS'L"ýI f~ll solo by ISAAC I1RItGI! & CO. nng3ll 134 lugnoillo rtreet. II REL.LAe-6 caseo of UJ obirellas sale by l.ý LIl'I'ItRIHG(E E &CO, nug:28 1311 Magazine 1t. H IVCE 11111 rSugor-50 bolxlenhit e Haviana nogor,of ery soperior qullity, non landing from brig A. E., for axlebLy JOSEP'H COCKAYNE, nRug8 95 Grazier 01. Idrl' UILZKb II~rIARDL . hL1. be paid by thre uubscribers % r the apprehelnion oIl ihe boy ANDREW, ab1,ocondeod on tlhn 5th init. Said bay is about 15 veors of ageI 5 fet high, black face, ond very giexl onking; %hl brst tpokenoo IIto 01p01k. quick, 011d otomlmllnlrO a little-had1 on when ho left, blue cottonode pan10, blue striped1. thirt and straw hot. JOHN MINUIIRN, 01108 13 nxchtngre st. - ULED Reoord Palper-Jll t rereivr II few reom l l11110 0 rery finr blue rbordl C7011, both plain and1 ruledl, for sale boy DAVID FELT & CO, 01193 N___ ' SNtl~ler'1_11al1, 24 Chnrres. A NDREWS h hatheorso ha. ctlonorll Iheir Count 117 Maonse to N1.51150 C11p street. sep4 (OFFEE:141O longo Rio. 140I lo. HtlOlll. For sale by STETSON & AVEIRV, aog4 88 fitovirer tree (IURRAN I'5-N57 kegl(lrrontt, a oulperior artcle, C for sale Iy I.AWLENCE & LEGEINiRE, oop 3 941111142990ew Levee. INIln aldo vcrylalrgertrk oforory varirty ofhblck, bl'h e, l erobn and rell lfluids andI n5.ll wnrrln led to 10e of nolpe'rior quIlllity, fo1r 01ale1 III tlte 01010, ilnCII· bottle, by D)AVI1) E'EL'I` L & CO. N.n York Statiooerro Ill, _l 1Illrlorssl. 0 f. ql L Ined 1i, 1r 7y, l1 11. DIIN,,lEo'. sep I.I _ I New1!"v".1 BUSINESS CARDS. PASHI t)NALE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chnrtre Mirsest IIAVE a esstant supply if every article pertat1ing to gentlemen's dres, ofat the latest style, at Neaw Yrk priers dec 211 TEI'TII. PILICEOUS METALLIC TEETH. SPECIMENS of these beautiful teeth,and the man Sner of setting theng, l nin. [ s !en at the oflice of J. B. Roes SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canlalsreet. These teeth ivcer change colour, and are by many, and in many casee, prefera le to the natural teeth. riC I)r. It. will wait upon ladies at their residence, rsqeesed, ap 9 dif S. A. PEItII)OSSIEIt, MERCHANT TAILOR, 117 Commnon street, B EGS to iforml the pslic thst havine purclase, fLroea s ers IOUeII, SKEtIGS & CO. part om their lachk, he will enntilte th lllbtiness at their old itaod, spesoaire islp'sla Hotel, wlhere ie hopes Io meri a lhare oftlthelr atrag.e lie IhaRs made arrngeo.enrt at thie NortIh to e supllied moshly witlh the laest anl most faalimalhle l gooads. Ilr 14 SCLAY & CIARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. lIP I'Povdras street New Orleans, IANUFACTURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all desariptiasa. WARM, COLD, AND HIIOWER lA TIIS Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LEAI), PIPES, &ce [POrders executed in any part of the Southern ltates. mr9 Dr. Robert 1F. I.iedoe. ()FFICE I EXCHINoE HOTIL.. 6me CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Poydras street, EEP on land a conastant seppl~ of Lead Pipe, Sfrmn e2 in. diamaeter down to 3- il. diameter, for sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLISIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. IVILLL.AMf GREENE, PROPRIE.IOR nrI r H. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New -leans, Fehb. i., JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOI.ESAI.E ANDI RETAIL. DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D FE STUF8FS .flND WINDOW G~IASS, Corner of Commelon and Tehoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANS. NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANI)REWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. GI and 63 WATER S'I'REET. T IE ndlersigned, having established thlemselve in Mobile fire pfrpos e of tIralacting the Auction andl Co liesion businass in its various branches, beg leave to inform their frienass and the piulie, that they are now prepared to reeive coneigniments, and make liberal advances on the same either tAr private or puhlic male. SI)LOMAN I. JONES, ISRAEL I. JONES. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mobile, Feb 9,1838. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATrR. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding & COImIUn'Sion Merchants, No. 401 Poydran Street, NEW ORLEANS. They will devote their particllar attention to the sale of \Westors Produce. Refereees. Abijahl Fisk, Eq. ) S ti Itlalehard, larlt 11 Shil; New Orleans. A ll Nathan, I Messrs. Kahn. Damn & Co. J 1) & It Williams, ) C:rires, Wihd &Co. Bonston, ''h-,n Vole Esq.

RiL,,, rtes rother S & Co. I.taerti &T'l'h ll..l New York. Von PIhl & Ml gill. Stan)frd & Itnis. St Lo.uuis. i(lagow, Shaw . 'l'atm. S . Ilee & Co. lltwlev, I'agr & I)anlan.. Alt.n. A lt Sltidlmore Es,. ) tilt Il arshII & Co.--l,aaisille. ELI STONE. a. T. STONE. E &B. '1. STONE. Ferwnrdllng and CmnOlllllisea.ll ierclannas, FURNISIIERS OF SIIIP' AND O.AT STORES, No. 114 TcnouttrOULAS STREET. New- Orleans. Reloet oo's lMessrs. BIL., BAK1rR & Co. e e E N E V O A fi A. B o s to n A. Bt MocH & Co. "NewpYork. It. l'urnAem, J. & P. HoLLAN, Cincinnati, O. WRIGHT SMITH Cinci ti, . I)AVID STONE, Ivtao O II.CoMsT'OCK & Co. Cloln-ols (). N. AI.uni)i, & Co.. Louinville, Kv WILLI ISTEVENS & Cui 1a, S',t Louis Mo A. It. Rore, Alton, Ill. Wa KE. W\VITHoIw, Itushville, III. J. & P. P. FAIITWELL, Bayou Sara, La. S. otonon HIGH. New Orlbal;. jan 22 DOYLE & MlAY, DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 .a5ONDIerP STREET. o1 FIREMSN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OFI NEw ORLEANS. This Company are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRS. uFPtCE, No.24 Musson's Building, Canal siree,. EK L TIACY, New Orleas, May 15, 1. 38. Secretay. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission anid Porwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to In yet d& Amelng, I New Orleans. ]ua. Landis & N ru. la m24 Iim ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street,. Wholesale Dealer is Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, mn30 Window and Picture Glass, &s. &c. "T. W. COLLINS .ATTORINEY & COUJVSELLOR AT LA iF NOW praetisins in the State anl City Courts. Cli ents will find himi at tle Clerk's offieo, U S Circuit Court, in the Custom House building. je8 A CARD i HE undersigned hlave opened a house in this city, for tis purpose of transacting aI GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS. OFFICE, NO. 10 GRAVIER STREET, UP STAIRS. H P LEVY. The house at G(rad Gulf, Miss., will be countinued in the above name. Relfrences. Godfrey, La. rie & Sall, ,Non Orleans La. Peters & Millard, H B Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John M Gilmore, \icksburg, Miss. Harper, Cirpenter & Co. Orand Gulf, Miss. IMuir, Mioore& 'Co, Silts Lillard, Notches, lsen. New Orleans, July 12, 1818. jyI2 A CARD. NATHANIEL TOWNSENID having located him self in New Orleans for the purpios of transacting a General Agency aild CIIIilaiton Ibsiness, would re spectfilly solicie frou the puhlic a shlara of their pa Ironage. Havin[ a Ihouse in Texas, lie will attendta the trans acting el any bsriness that may he desired in that country, and will guarantee promiI; and unremitted at. tention to all business entrusted in his charge, and a faithful application (in accotrdance witlh instructions) of all fund tlhat nmay o,m into hisa hnolds.. Office in Nenw xellaonge. om Gravier street, 1opposie to Rev Mr Clapp's ilirdh, and adjoining Gibsona's reading rooii.rigo of the 'rcxian Ciosilate. New i)rlraie, Novenber _5, 1837. alifcrcores. Moears Ilillyer, lBusih & C. New York. Burr Waikenaiin. Alvaroz F sk, Natchez, Mias. KRM Struth r, St Louts, Mo. John T (;r.y'. Louisville, Ky. Dr tabc A Stoc p. eIi opkiiirille, Ky. mtn' Vn FIPEMEN'S INSURANCE COMPA01 NY OF NEW IORiLEANS, Office No. 24 Mason's Dui ding Jet CANAL STREET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY 31l R the Satie ot Liolsinna, and Cities of New Or SI' lis cand L. liyeoitt; tor sale by Mc L F - Sr Cliuamp iild I'ammoi ,t ls. - ' ' iii,,. lirt lines,- net recive,,d hv TRUE AMERItCAN OU50ICE . In connection with this O(liee is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR T'rE Pli NTIrG .-F Pamphlets Blank Chocks Catalognues Bills of Lading L.abels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circuaars, And every description ofJob WVork thus ssny be l'eqireld. ILThe p.'.orietor res.en;tlfully tlis tihe atlrntion of the pllubli to I. i alllve Clrdt, o'al Ilaslr thin i hat all work intrust'. 't his care shall b nedIe at the short. est notice, in ia at,. unsurpassed in this city, and at the I etmst rates, GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF TIIHE CITY OF ,Y'eair Orleans and Lafayette WAS pulblihed ;tts M..lndav, list iayt, and i no for sale at tlhe .ultlltiltg roau ot thue publishe;, E:xchanne Ilotrel, St Charles street,-ntd at thIe lo.ok. store of E. Joinas & C.,corner St Challrl, and Commonlllt trets. r21 P tElE, quits, totel pen. ink, fluid wafers sealing wanxhdt c lr,rubber, blanck lhItd pLounic, andll ever other articl ofrstaionry,l oft lilt very best il ualit),con stautly no Ibolld onid tbl ucle bv lilVID FLT & ('O. atl9 N V' Stltitervra ' I ilt, 8' Chartret s st. H '(O MERC HANTS. 1 ERCHAN'I' cal hnrave a bIautifhl circular struck J olt' at twro ioOllrs llotier,, by lallillng at tie Or eatns Litihoraphic t tflice, 53 Magazme street, opposite tIanks Arade. tt24 ACER 35 halfil No 2 Mackerel, for salt t1122 7 Gravier street. LEAF LA IUl--lit0)U kegs in st~re, for rll, by a /tOtISE', jyl2 44 New Iraet. jjENTUCKY 134itINil--iIItit r sale ba lIHlOMEt & ,ItILLS, jvl2 lIBk Alley. 43 inches wtdt, fr sale Iv " HyOL:ilES & MILl.S, jyl_ . honk Alley TXCHANGF )N NEW YOIRKl f h-nl -- -y 4 I LAWRENCE & I.It;I":NI)KE', jv 12 li &L2) New I.rvee. T IlE American Demnocrat..or hint on the soltil nnd civil relntilulls tf tilt UitItd tntlea. 1ly J. Leltni more Coopler. The Twvo Flirts; or, Adventlures in a Cmttrv ollaMse; ati other alte', by lady lllessigtiitt, EI, liotnlor, Mits norton, Btrry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captailln itledwin, and others, ill vols. The tivetr and thi Desert, by Miss Pardoe, author of the City if tie Sultan. The Casket of Giems, the Gilt of an Uncle anld Aunt with fine wood elgrnvings Ilv Aslltnersl. Jusat receivaed tll for sanle Iy WM McKEAN, jeli cor (Camp and Coallllnon ss. R OSIN I)l"OSi--7 bhile rosin dross, landing and Ibr suai by J 'THA\ Nlt & Co, jy 14 74 Plydras street. 0IA'fE & SCIIAFFER'S Cntttjuat Ituid Ex "- tract of Sarsapariila, tor the ctro of otitinate eruptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the face; biles which arise from an impure state of the blood; scaly erations; p -ins in the bones; chronic rhcumatism; toati r; scrofula, or king's evil; white swevlling; syphilitic diseases, and all disorders arising Iront an impure statl of the blood, biy a long residenca. in a hot olimato, or tilh injudicious use of mercury. Also,-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syraip, or In. font Preservative: th.e becst preparation now extant. Among which are the following:--Idian Dye, for colrring the hair; Bear's Ol; RInssian llear'a Grease; Pomatumu; - ichaw's lFrecalo Wash: su. terior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Crclan of Roses; Vrgotable Rouge; Otto of Rose; lip Salve; Krc. osito Tooth Wash; Carbonic I)ontrtfice; Orange Floweor Water; Powder Pul's anid Boxes; Atmeri. can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials; beaston Saills; ColRPogne; KroosotOe Tooth-ache Dropt; Hair Brushes; English Itrossing Coa,ls. In ltan Ilair Oil;--with a variety of other Perfu meries, &c. Fur sale by L W GLENN'S I'ERFUM ERIES. J f" 'TRINCHARD, Corner of Cantal and Bourbon streets I'AIRKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. IJOUNAI. of an Exploring 'Tour beyoud the J Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A It C F M, pertbrtmed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; contatining a description of the geography, ge. ulogy, climate nlld ptroductions. anld the nloumber, llmanners and a toa of the naltives; withi a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sam'. el Parker, A Ml. 'I I ae River and he DeseIrt; or Recollectio,ns of tille Rhone anti the thartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author ofthe City of St taIn, &c. in 2 vuls. The Rabber, a Tale, ' the author of RItchliou, The Gypsy, Attila; in ti' The Two Flirts; or Ad,"-'ttro in a Country House, and other Taile, by LadIy Blessington, E L Bulwer, Mrs Norton, lthrry ('ornllwtal, Mrs Gore, Captain Muedwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life aon Adventures of Nicholas Nicklclry, edited by Boz, with lltlstrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just received and for oale by BENJAMIN LEVY. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPIIC OFFICE EL NrT Bi.IE12 K lfie thic e .rti,,c,, f matce, plats adder-s cardslnl of~ever?' descriptionl, funleral cir~cular- onl depc.wtuttieg paper, .,1 thecoc'y a..d d. oggioto'Iaheio' bank heck, drayv receip~ts, &c. irilllcd nod exec and1( its .chelap,,and eapeditimow styIe, ib the prolprietor \VIIJ.I.LM iltEENE. NB. Bonk Notes nen'lv executed. mid4 NEW hIAl S'L'0I1OE. TUST received eer aite arrival tee... New Yolk, straoi..n.l i...h..hi: e aeaortincct "C FATPS. of the ,tablic to t,,tistle of heaer !att.f is uperior finishi line teetreO riik i,..tatleyifuel .Iti.,; al.-urto n zIlelalid article of silk lint, togetl vi n itll; it genera~l its ~ntce.nt e..tutiectu.. d bto., (c l c cli. apiesaCl foir this maorket, whiolesalehandl retail J3 (5 2,OS1100,I 3 e Cam p tree't. N. R City andl countlry tocall fob B PORTRAIT PAINTING. Il. P'AIKi.It reeyLcjwalee I-uru . theublic .2tha he will emalin r. sh alttie, in New Orleans for tlhe purosIeetecfaintiag pertriat. Rloo...cecoranr cof Cana.l stlelSI Charles., ie thle hiose occupied by Parodlllly & Lyonll, Dentists , whll Plerespeeimen o .f h cu gaeein g can be ween. Eiutrecce ine at Iteorlee etreet. teeli te WTHISKEY, Fluor ande olrk, ile Etorelcfr ciae bly m:12 . i 0 tllIliN', 44i New Levee. ,t ALE RUI'h E '&`WeNF-l,, :alc by iJ SL t1'10 & 'P'RIER, aag0l 411 Iayall' street. WIHIOLESAILE TIN WA RE MiANU F NC ACTIRY ``A L O)CKE & CO., No.. id 01.1 Levee, have in KS. cteoe, :Ctheir own oma lactate, a Imew, U ,tll lx, teteiveeaeo .rtmeeent oi tie war., ,wcl h tlhey ors itt thte trade to eamncct~e; also.,51 2(221 eSu houcoe hki,.lneree; 50 '5 do. Sugar Ladlee; d22 2oz. Copper 02g..r I..eps; 7n Bao h .tbisi. oeo,,ede., seie,; 122gross oacrtedel seed Collee tI,,,igIe. N. t1-Rih...:.f i,..,ieiilCdg....eoeedi willhl zinecl Cpper Iiis. Cojlppr oand tine guttees Ipat 22(2 2III222ie rte. coderc. nor;i TNIEBW0D0, Pickle, Ketchulp,a tell Maet,.rdl in) j2tre ancr fOttor le Iby J TIl:1b r" I & Ct, cotg 1 B 74 I'eeyeleetoetreet. ENGLISHI, FRENCH AND 5P. NISH ACAD. EI Y. I)ROFESSOR llOlRh'IIXaeoirtedI le gentlemeen of e Sprper et1lific0tiooo stal, expo trie22e, hs op,enwed an Ae..denty, in lblot.riek htuildlnbelonegirg o Wm. Ilteed Eoq., odjoeieeing the t I cr.b ,, 2.n St. Charles steet, where aewieg gentttIltentt, well dsoewl o 1"61e tl total educantin.ll Air. Cd. soliciLt lith cot-olperation of1 his eiraeio rttld these neiueiattioo. to enab(le. Lim to rce,,der t hsinsti. tution uetful and pereconent..t iuaceŽ3 NEW (ORLEANS (lOkIMERCIAL LIBRARY.! T lIE following new w. rho h.en been orcetvad b.Lhy the Lihrorv Socierty, at thttir room in rite Mercihanet' Exchange, frotting on Royo. street, Lady of Lyons, by Bolwos; 1 vol. 2 eapi r. llumphreyt. Teertteroogh Gleant Britain, Frence and, in 183ili to 2 vols. 2 copies. Love, by Laiy C. flurry; Belo.l. 5 coptes. PThe ITwo Flinty, an.d othler T,,les; b~y Ladiy Bins. 0ington Bulwcr, and other0 ; r vols. i. copies. Riveesa ttd tihe Desert. iby Mise larder; 1 copies. Tb. Illbltor, by ( I' R James; e rnepies. The Advenlures of1 NEchelo Nieick ly, by Boo. 5 eojies. CHAS. IIITCIIIE, Librarian. -- NOTICE '1ti hIIiEMIEN. T I . e aros ettoel,eeeI 222 21he Fire flit a of the C'omn. ttte etiel WatVer eo. , .re to hiloe been chan2.d itstcse leett ie ec.eebt in tneCrttneinec 2l the rio= tirta n c~tre o th seera cots tie,,s tat 2 ios rid pod list t1IC spannler-i to it the cape, th e ch ange lilts1~11 6c Iubtaiued t.itete ofhi e2( tit ,rom, ert, No, tut 2,32222 rlnr street. "Tlte nllenlilol I the 1?IItlnll'l iol chlr9P 2(2,2 lie oreer. 1:1.1 .10 1" 1', PIIP1'I'! 1 Iii)iv, rp :; :ýi v. se cb n ,. ,". '~k o Alt IJKOGANS-40 cases Men's and Boys' Kip anc S Russelt llrogsne, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, jy9 134 Magazine srier. It. SAMUEPL. SHAKSPEARE ite ntv nlerorized Agent during my absence fru'l the'city. DANIEl. )ANA. jN-latw4w. R NI.DNESS. A IEAUTIFUL hPnd ofllnir is the grnendest onn I ment belonring e.e the human frame. Ilow rnnrce Iv lheP loss of it crlnges tile rlnn*ennce, and promo Inrely Irines on tie appenrnnee ofold nge. whih e e r Pe manyv to reenil at rheine Ilnovered. nnd rm.etimles even to shlld snciPMv to avoir tlh jrsts nnd saneers of iheirt rcqunit.rrnnre: tie rP oilen ro'e t ,eC r li nre etn riquo·ntl rpenot in reirementr . In Eier.t not even the I1e,r flm opertv fills the mgeeprms thinkieg .h :tlth with tie t nroevv srnkine iceom na do·e the In.f hiT hai. hr Ti . err nall the n ecePtl nt riren tnnrreer. ()ldridgei"' onlml nf ('cieelemic Rtoeep the hair fonml fliflllg ,ffen th' (frst a hplicatien, atew e f r l ete r rre it tMa ni l. It lihetlker l prnleh'ee rerr erow el ned wheiker prevents tier heir teen fllrnlnrl gray, mtkeb it ltee hreetiltflly, endl frees it from eerllrf. N.Plerons cerlfi tePet f the first Methoetdbiltv in splort of Inte virnt l of Oldridge Hnlh, are slhown hy the proprietor., Il Rend the feelowlng:-e Robieert Whrton, Erq. late Mayor of Pilndeirph hers ecrtifir' easeu e ise ePn hloYw, to heehtgh lchre tIrolf he Illowinetnriet e n. Thep Ilederigner t hlerhv eerrtifv thnt wP hre uPre the It.d ol f ('oleoIIie dieerrdeil he J. Olndridge. Ane have filllnl it hiehlv seerviceablP not nl s a pnrevnteir g.:inst ie flling efi ef hair, but also aertmn rsetor live. W|L1.t.IA 11 TATCIHERI, Senior, Methodist Mliniterr in ,t (elnrre e'lnrep. No Li6 Nerth Fifth ct. JOHtN P INo I.IS,.3-1 Aceh street. JOHN It 'I't1)MAse. M It, 1b3 ilneest JOfN S FIqREY,101 Sprece street. HUieil A.Icf'U lfY.3yiSouihedest. JOHN lARi), Jr 13 Aree ht reet. It is known t ifh t lhree of the nlt)ve spnerf are more than 5( years rofre, ad the itilers noe iess than 30. [Felon the allhevr.J Cueolennlnweallh ;eff Penervhieni, Ciy e f Pel blhirleliheie, 1, RoblIert Wherlon, Mylor of aid cit, ef I'hlelere. h,ll do t.rreiv cerrifc lhint I lev eri nedqueiterl will lessaryJ ahltlis, Joriln a Fi roe, lnd Hough "xCrdv, c hose Irmes aerersined n to tile IeIeree errtifiee (ertie i;V re tentileene of chler atel mite Urinte, in lir, arncs tc ihI er:e li eer seel rgivren eo the saide eetifnt(e. In witne, r wherleof hellve ero eunc rne le he . aled elnsed the eal I'tle city ,e .ir X . efi, thiie 6eh dae of Drcemher, Ac. II.. S.] ROItERTI' WiHA rTON, envor. OBfSEI VE ts eac h hlttle ofther (nnnine Ietilel ele, i srlendid Peegrived wrapper, on whic is reprcontet the Fnlls of Nia.ere, &e Sold hLoesnle Iand retnil by the sole asents fr Anle rice, o 2 Flrtcllel street, neor laillen I.ane, nne doll below Pearl etreet, led by most druOggie nd perfumers through he couetrv. JARVIS & ANDIIEWS, etlg Whlesnle Arerls, New Orleans. PROSPEC'T'US, THE slbscrilmr proposes to peurlisi, in tie be. ginnting of tie enseing winter, a Condensation ef the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martn's Louisiana lieports, to em comprised in four columes, 8 o., aeeorditg to the model of Peters' Ceondensed Rejeorts. Tis work is now ie preparation by J. Burton HIarrison, Esq., of this city, assisted by William F Brand, Esq. Thie Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Coart, and by one of the sitting Judges, te expect from their personarl etspcrvrsion all the adantagoe which may naturally be rapod front their experionco. Such a work is beocoming every day more no ressary, as the original is roluminous, expensive, and scareo. An increasing curiority too is eeani feet, in the other States of the Union, in reference to the peeculiarjurisprudeneu of Louieiana; aeld the eircumstanee of the numerous principles here do, cided in the adjurstment of contflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged caee of prime uti lity to thejurits of the whole Union. Moreover, tle rising republic of Texas hes adoptod our codes, anl thus there is a great demand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Coteonrent notes, indicating tce parallel eases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally thIose n tihe nore anthoritative forunmt of the other Stales, will le eidcd to each case. T'he work will form four volumre, royal octavo, nod will lbe delivered, bound, to uheicriwbers at $6 per vol.; i ecase it snioull be fouud prracticaile to cemnprest it iota three volumesl , thie price to akb scriburs will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, jeO5 or Camp and Coemmon etc. GENEIAII. skOUKl E iF COIINERICE. This course is opened every dla', from 5 to ,9 o'clck I'. Al., iLr exercising on he dlillrent lulttnci:tes .tfuc coulllltabi'l y. Ilhe Iitear, and Cassommeriai Iniilllte for vo1'ng tlllellen is orad fo h o'clock A l., to,5 o'cluck I'. Al. lfllihoasrlisg sachollras PldileI 1' A AUBIERT. elipdl--Itl-- n it NEW OIILEAN'S COMMERIICIAL INS'I'I. T'UTE. Peace street, brtween .MJoreau and Casanearni, sub'b. .ttsrigny. I'ECIAL Course of Book Keeping.--'he eoarse tlof l i aKel ping aopeed since sveral monlls, will ,lose in n few ilays. Ma. lgood aecounsatsa , oaaong ahma are gentle soaan tlll'hg tsIItl in business, will I.e th releren cas ,tli'res I to he lublic Iastroslsge. A alaw evPllilng :lllna will blse enedI ti st n eas a a.fss ltssies ltss,'ler of r ulblcribers t olllsLute beel; oasialstsnt; it will cloas in November next. Fur gei'tlemen residing in the uppr Ipart of ihecilv. an evening clars, three times a week, sill be iopeleI i thle corner o' ~I. I.nls and Exchalnge llace, it sub sct ipmltum are receivcd. NOTICE TO SUIISCRII:ItS (IF T'IlE GREAT NAT'IIONAI. t, ilsK. I'IlIIoAUIELIl#IA, July.']0l,38. ,ESSRS. NOIMAN, S'l'EEItE N 'O ,are tle 1 on lv aulthorised agnts in New Oras anlld itsi vicinity, Ino. ceive llsonies fonr"Th'l e Ili.iry f ti Io, dlin I1 rilse of North Ameri'a," now baing lssllllshel ausd for tile dslive'ry of tishes mbs Istl.,s,l ima sIsacri lsas. Signed, F IV GREENOUGll Noi. 9Ijust received and ready Ior delivery to sublseli ALSO--Cuompletl aet frll I a 9. OFFICE OF TIE GREIIIAT NATIONAl. WORK. No. 12 ienvill slreaet. New OrNleans. DdJsubscriptions received asusual. sseptl -s OIlOIMAN, S'I'EELE, 4r CO. PREID. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, 1FF'ERS his services to the nblhic it. ht e depart 1 rntasof Surseling anid Crl Engineerinae, both ill twn I rlla llaolrt. FrImlconidir·nle rxperience in his plrofssain, . il Iand t prutpInssaa ld IIeli ill Ith executis, of bIsinea s entrusted to him, il hIoe s to mnerlt aind ie¢;nive it share of hpslic lsasrsssea . ie wil" Islso ss'aaure and calcullate Ithe Is oIt'iss slf walls ant excavations. (lOlice No 8 C(:halres streel,seconl tory sask. jr7 'r1O KEN '. A TWO tlry srame dwelling r nll kilclsensr, A '., silloted i . Pvdr as stree, bheweI' St. Clhnrlesmand CLuroulndel. Atpplv io repll 1)YlllE ,' MAY. rPATl)l I A LOUISIANE-Co-,s t de Distrit dl lreUmider di.trie joliiaire-lhnanis rsullter co Ire sea crisebsaiers--Nso. 1M9--Ia erssioih tesi pae irib i tt Isthiilslt ssil- ire a llsunsl I-is a'eistfe psar I llsllr Iosr Islet'alli s le atnessrr is'rsil set dsisrbtl qigs Sssc aaessmbl.e desl its srt'.sl:ilrna al lieu ansl c.trT sie ilir Ill, sdud p Hliti taia, sen s'trendn Illle5asss s 'r suies .onics.. I ..eraur.. te .t. lrl proriter .n.t. atrr." Tl'nln,i I'lona. A. At. urchkasmm,jug de In eain r hi test ce IIs aseptetsbrt e 188. 1 II apt:3 U W LEWIS, ti-p. Greflar. - STIATE I)F I.OUISIANA.t FIRST JUsInAl. I vtssTlICT 'ollT. I i_ RAMP FiLER, a. (H reitr; Ns., I.1 'seai ce Nsin I- I'reitisonvellr's tropert tsssiag (en accsptel by t i Colrt, lbr the e.hiiss'isin rradi ls; it is orierpd thilt a treeain nfhis tid cretdilors dtl lake place atI the ltice of Wlllitam i'. I.leans, Ntlry Plllairn l 'lh lrsllr tv dth e 4ith f llctler nesatl at Iit ,i'hiock, A, I, for Iah e itlrl oni f diellsernins ois the dhitsl pslaesdsIllf talgatilllst hiR is, tss sn,,l n lrs prlty, lire savedys. Wisesllths IIhln.A. A. i.Ilts iaiiIi .alslg' s It shl Cosalrs afrcsnid, tIlis la Selltenlhl.r, I.8t, sepll-3t sI,'y. ('k. COhIPAGNII' D'XSiUtANCE CtN' RE LE F :1--De, In NouvellPe Ohll'ns. t IESnionlnll tes he cIaIe cnml·pnni a anht nnoifies 0 Sept E I. A'IiaC Y, ecretaire. FThI'tEN' S INSIURANCE t'OKPAN ' OF"i'lW OIR1FEANS. ri'IIE SayykIhlss rsof t hin cormpny are hereby noa I fiils, tls t ithe fourlth iststsinsa sn their scsk i n so, anl paavnlle n tihe linth day of tltober next, a the oilier, of the comlpany. ES TRACY New Orleans, sept. See'y. I ARITIN II llM-IVREUX ifers for anle, a large IT Lu5antit of asUnperor Ituslln sheet iron, from 9 to 1-o0s. weight. Also, a qlanlit of Engliish shec Iron, Jnust seceived an astorlltlll oCt'Cnok and Parlo ti'vs of the ' latest parterns sat h., Tchrnitoulaa srrret .ril(lt.+.'i "li- 0 -oxes tantlln'airtuld tob.on,, Rs . i''. nin I pollildl i iulna, of t ilulls brandtls llld gIna litielI r sae by isplI l'<\.( IRIll);IT: & I(', tn1: Ma snzaitha st ti''. ill.I.l.Ei Co., i nsi.rn ed nt N3d saept 14: 3d lATlE PiitL IA l1'lu.. C HE S 51A IE EASYi heing anew introduetinr to the rudiments oF tt . r :tentifie nd opunln'r game. 11y (George H.alkeiTe'itherilt'Chees. Uncle Horime, i novel, iy Arer C Hall enahor of ketrhes of Irish (CharacteriThe Iuccaneer, d&a. . n volJ. The Spirit of the Wnodlr; Illd hiiritl hiv eoloured eor graviogs, ib the author oIf TI Mlorl a of %.,owers. Filnoden s Views of iors anod Harbours of Great BriL tain. liorn's (en.t, or the TrenutreR of the Prtlrelt ID ionurl s.edrawon anti co!olnred fro, nature, by J1me AInodrws: oitlh portiif' illustratiouC,h' Lnonsa. Aht 'I'+ amley, lilhor f h''le Romnaonc of Natioe. A Glossary or rf Terls ll sed'l r'it, r !n ILtmnar Irt iu, IuilrI (olhic Archii"',are; the rno.l.n editilon. en.' hire" d; exemlii|rl by -,r 1 .' n it t,, \ddock's .lEngine'irP ' Pocrke Iuok, -for tile v o 18811 with aii ,lrrohfIi ;" bIy flPdry Addock, C:ivil Works .f Lord Il+acoo, with an iu'fnla..ntry en~ay; r i a portrhiit; iinew editioli :lllplet ill 2 vYle. fi-lop lii irot'+r Ilia orv of his liwon 'lnioe: flioe the' reltriltion olf Chnrles II . tr the rrt of of pedie re floretl, imthe l .l rol ol Queen Ann. A new edltioo, with hisiloriicOo lr. bigurphlicl nores ;omtploto' i one volulme. Jus received'l lrl for nal hiv W,il McKEAN, m' ll r Cinp and f oramon esa; R.. i.E Liii inrmmAui T" TIf E poihlic are res peefully informed that thta ineti Idotiois iercrte oni iIP ih st imoll ipro ve'pln, and' in an nirv old most nhllorae alttionril, in fhe foanhourg Franklin, upon Ihe roilrodi, oirne unle hoia' hLe Minsis 'i.. hildlng i laurge nml i.o.1 olmmoliouely dividedi iato ipitiients, fi or ki'iplng separ'ateo different nlanere, Snd II id folu t iJiseaIPs., ITh ilretlut.ln irs 'pplied hrith tin moot skilHfl and lr+rnti e Iale and fnnellr nfin., and speaking the va rin' iiaii rn loflin ai . I'rivnat huons may be had by erntlemeri at five del lars per day, includin. nrtternluce, I&c. ' r'erm in oi' or ionro wards, two dhllatr periday. oover Iso two do2oro. Sma lrl i P io tlro t 'idrtear wards, five dollrl-rs. All eupiutl iurrgeal operannne emtr'.' The r'psident )hsi,:ita is I1 WeddiOnn, to'Whou licatihn fon r aNlhuislon musi be madeo. or to I)r C A .ui.', ir.i, 'nt 17 I pngpdrt otreet. pgl9 IV T I. NATU RA LI ST'S OWN IBOOK--lmptising' descriltions anud nuthentic mlelldotes iof itL.drunp ild; srirntilirnllh orrorlord cculito e Ir o t iln or'hlr e' Cul.let o the illltho iof the u"Youoe Olaon's (wn bohk. 'I'IIKINATURAL. If.ITORY O)F INSECTS-Itn two vol'ues-vol 2i,firmhig n' . 74 of the "Fh'lilu Li bruru". A dliestf the .LAW OI EVITINCE IN CRTMiA[ C..El -yIl I Inro liotner,, E. q. withll lnts and referenese iv Are.I1 nu. eisioun, rid to the EInlish . millnorolaw and cri'siasti'i rep.rlO'. Geoti e bh nrSoi haronolllld. Oo I)inAd'os.s or riSanss: of t .H CHE'or--4iled rtp mi t nre ron riso ( i their physical and gcarral sigon,. oby It Gerhard, oiM 1). PPRINCrIP.Es orr I'oerHOLOGY, AND PRACTICE no PI'Ho o'(--vn John MAicklintuk, M, D., from thle la I olel dn editilon with notes antd additions, by dllorlel Gen. ilorton, AM D, in .vol's. THE A.\ainrlcN (IUAIO'YRLY RnVIEW-N' 36 for i)cerler 1835. Jtnoreceive'd ind'iibrsale by S1'_1 I o \clKEAN.orlronr ofCamll and Cm. r A l Sln 11)'S-1-l.ihhhdshaliorninr.i , .d agfro.e i)O hboat' Gner' Wae, foo r sit ho I'.AYE'P & iIF lllj treef FL. UIR, WillSKE Y, PORK & lEl'.l--148 bbls sllerle and 151dl fill' lou'r; 10 hlon conmoln an': "'1i hbls recti'ied ohihkev; 7 hMs noes and 15 bbl" prime l.rk; hhls r ime ben ; thile etCrgo of a rfla bt.l lir srdu liw, to close, hv .'AYET & AMELUNS, 2jy 17 C(ommerce snYfet. AMiL V TiAMS-741 hicaiunvas ed Vmily Homei nf I uellrior quality, linding frllo stenlb Mononrrh, foreaoe by LAIT1' & AMrELUN(,, je26 17 Commerce sthlea. SOS'SAN-h75 barrels linoin, landiii and lfor aale 3y t k & J r WHITNEY, Conti greed f XIAN D' SEOA dto1i. , dIl"i d :ront brn h kk In nrohe; hiCr snol bh SLATER & 1 RIER,' nogl4 40 Poydrasetreed SXCHANOE on' Molbile wanted by, Ad ABlIJAH FISK, iugi4 L RAN,'Y.r .-bu bbut 4h MPrecr Aimerican brandy for I sal by ISAAC BRIJU!GE & Co, angl4 134 Magazione lretr; *.1AVAN A SE(A'RS-?Og i'ags u'grteen coffeea nd f1 ine l frmon achr Liberty, and 21111 IgPs in etar for .loiri by SLA'ER . TRIER, angld 41 Poydrus street I.E 100 casks Phliladelphia Ate, Arbt,b reed Sjst received, nod Ior aile by J U EIN & A ('OREN, jy24 911 Common stree, Newo Orlenm ndmnd Cnrtollton Ioil Hood A rraOngenit-f ibr rolming the cars tioni rios dante. FIl on oras no, Lrun FnoM NEW ORLEAoS. 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I'.41 EI 011.-5 h1 gallotr l1,test English lainsoe 20 e 1 rllote foteign .nd aorthenl. nrt.tetntted linseed olil, inl casks dull barrels, in crate·,, and fo(cr eslc low by JAlihIt.I & ANItI1Eh1., \holeltrI arl. tggi't", ,y7 tcr Cntttln &I'r'cllaI ltIIias stre~et 1 (IAI'-35t httxes Not nortp, I011041 littauld tloatding trata bori Wi~i,01., liar .t.Ie by ISiAAC liII (tEi & C., jy7 1:14 iIag..eine trnal. relty, fr. f.. le b ISAAC IIIIGF.&Ctt. j, 7 34 Mgn la (Tet ire p1,R(K-.25 W T fleua e01d Prile 1 0odPI 0 Tucrk, for Pala loW byV LAWRI:NCE & I.Et(;lfDRE, j"lf Iiltrtain Nra elr re. t1-3fcases (160 bloeie teak) t111a' pellt, fir naid ho b EAI h & IIARr'I'OW, Jill 7 Rank Plaeo, tOt111-_l1ia blnIohlading frooot.ailboat Johw Mill, hfr otto 1.y i I)OtIhEY, jyl7 44 New levee Laochal.rt'. it..e If Wsltrr, &n. I)A RI' 7th Ilntl 110,t I ~ tllttI Li lt o1 Sir Wa~kV in'_' vol: 'I I he WorLr of Wslhington Irritin, now editiolnvoIl I. I tw 12. 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