Newspaper of True American, October 3, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 3, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY,; #AfND.aMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT TUS OFFICB OF THE True Jlmericafl, ST. CHAKLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 - -- Ii LOUIISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS Ni 53, dtenvIllI stroet. "W ILLIAM R. CA3 NE., (ftrmrly of the finrm of Flint & tloarne,) would renpectlullv inf ,rn hIs nrieuds and the public that he is colstanlly receivin. rum Now York and Bostonr u good ansortment of Fur l tre, such as mahogany chyors, sofas, ed teIds, ma le antd painted choaire, maple and cherrv'bdasteud-, mahogany and chorry talles of all description, Ibu reau., toilets, secreturyc, writing dusks, warmr, Ite of mahogany and cherry, wash snuod, lnooking glsseos, feathers, bedding, &c. &c. NB. Furniture packed for trntsportation with groat care. job MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Rermoved fonto 17 Cuslomhouse St TO NEXT DOOR To Sr. CHARLES Tl E ATRE, CoRnaR or POYDRAo & ST. CHARI.ES STIEET. au9--1838. T7lNEkP TfTER lt1tt'L -5i genun+ we Sand tOO gross porter bottles, for salfe by H:t)LIES & MILLS, jytl Bhnk mlley. FRIVA'L'E BOARDING lOUSE, No 13, ToluIiuse st,--ly blrs Iloffolntar.n. T1I lS house is specious and conveniently tituated Sfor men ofl buiness, near the Levee aotd the New Exchange. The tabi e will be well supplied and attended to, and the charge moderate. Boarders wishing to have lodgine, can be accommo dated, at different prices, with pom modntio furnished rooms. Boarders will iave the satisfa til)t to meet there, per ons spenking the Frencr, English nof San. ish langllauges., t bhl3m TPENSION BOURGEI)iSE, Rue Toulosne . n. 13, ten par prAlde Vr. H fmnnn. de' ET ablirsement ot e amcireux, et se troueR saitm pres d "Ia Leohe et tIe ht Nouvelle Bouruse, c'e0t dire an celtrey den oflirres. La table sera bien fourire, proprement tenoaol t & un,j rii'modhrh. eua qui preanet pension dsaireroient v loger om rCat des opparteooeos de diflorene prix, bit, garnis et cotmmodes. Les peDsionairesn urnot I'ag16.nent d'y troeover del peraonnes parlant lee loagues fioaeoais, n eIotlse A-.A-- A Wine sweat and dry, io quaýrter casks, j tdian bblefs.or sale b) REAl) ;8 AItlhl'ffWr. aug23 7 Ihk Piuce. "I-R.NITUItE-lunt ret-i ing i - Vi' plv from New York an, IlaBoto..n Pe.t in want of FR KNITURVE. wol, Ldu wrell it cull O53 Bienville stret efolure pirchsinag elsewlhere. Term.t Cash, or good city aceptuct'. e CARNES. A i W CARNE N. aug235-2w I gEI)ICINES, PAIN' & t)II.S--A large and general oanormeut otn haId, filrt ,R Ihoo, by JAItVIt & ANI)IElE\V, jy28-lm.ia.c or :ollo, on _ttt'c..lp ito u TEIE Unpartnerehrnl hretf,tre exi-tin in tohi chy i btetween the ntlsftlier, udIlllr thie firm o1f Lut Vnn .Vycu dl CO., in New York, I.amllaw ,x Co., mud i NsIahe., Mies., Vao WIeklt I o af It ut., is di.nil Neld by umetul cotetntt. JuIo1 l.Idlw, Petlr S. Vtn Wyk, at '' r. V Itt, V ttre aullhourlzedl to pss'thn e Bat n ofttel it i ittqioitionl only. \JOIIN ,,ImII AW, A Nt I VIIA I,\N :, PitfIt I S. VAN \VI CK, 'T'llu)ll.1\ '\. V.11N \ YCI'K, .New' rleant, sno . I thi, I, ti. CO-P poi \ I lrf llflIt. The soberilr. have lrn l itt lot, ttnerslip it Il),;,city nwder thefirm, of Vlell t\T I, ft, slid it New York tldodthelt to f It,,hh I|,+lit $," Jtt1t1 L.ItIf \ \V, tau l-l.--|['4l 1 N theI 3r ward , ,Z ni \sleonIl' n 1 h, n e 1111 til from rll t I' s'lt", hereof i- hr,,ht Plyl v n 1to i property hider,,r. in Ih+ hid 71h wnlt. uow III h :'nd wlard; It, ill lIh i( tlllnl lllollrl Irt'ton ilhle :rl T I ii1m , nt t nc.orpurllelr csti Ollllrl unpro d d fir', to om ,r II nr hno'- i tl l|et+. lPbon ,,I mI L II 1 rind 1 ia lpn ·r , ;ll h III, l ll.. L I,, flt r of Illr ir I, Iplctivi proI l 'lllrt: ' i , I I:: II n ill tl r of the Ullilln eollllllll'l t llll lrl :1 IIe :i a . from 1:0te,.t wr.- of . 1m . I tr t. t.i I)ol rc hd. e tr eh int I'o :i itI:iri nr : Ish .lt i::I fsa¢ .'.I ti Ii ,"1.J:- -t ," tI il e u i :r ii , t .L II:lll ' ii .I .111 1 Ihil t y i )' di:tllli Iii o1 l oe ir C ollorPl, i e lp r , '" l i' I r lllrintl", the I,,, lletor-of pl rnp.rh' tor l: e h ,ii b:Il wi ," Ia lln of"'.lr mIII1111 u Illlll r O t " Ii.+ I i I lrdllilllrl·meC I r l lr r c l ig ri. I l: I ..1111 Ihe I.llj, cll tI , li l e l Im e 1w)1 u lot..f r Il " Ip I r h -._ for every lay , "n ne . li i Ila t i fu- in . I III'. r Of l dollars ,er 1 1 s dlli k lt'e to Ibe r,-,'.."1 " II brI.tre alny emupete lt tribunal lfor the a-c . f . na eth rnuntn n, O'i.--I' (fC'n. :1rd \ aI: i d l I lit. Aux propliet'.iri.e de terrain rt dns ie 3e district,, dedl . . ,ticipliate. "l. X J)fl.I adItri duI: r.l ' ai', t dlllnllo r antl prop i l rl' i L : an T; I: -l il innintelnal: tlll b . l c l lr:i II . llll ' 1111 I 3 . distrier , inon ina inp:onre :t upol ' l I'i l I I I ,r ., vleion, ll dP tlle it I h ire ll11,-r "('e th elnl l, d . "t r h,.i de ch lanll, etl lid re vet enl ,v o h dillc u,., I l , lll ltll'l 1" lur propribt .+ r ll.tlliV , l ( 'flo l. " pII r'Il i des full ,.ourns lun i .c cr : rh+ d1 "'e, t 3e 1iltrt er, le ]t1i piedIs Illlrst d Irr rue 'lIn,d I: l, e I)I r .ri ni,: doe trnni rs d inelure le:< d(nlx vo (,a ,1 t rue P o ' drlis,i juoqtn':lx li:uite- e0inpl i Iea du: 3 di-Iirit, eln vi to d'lun ord inm e onle I rr vi.,. n'I ,a i nl'lrlll v+ I. :. epteM bte 183.5, lxi -ea t d's pII) , 11, e l 'erp ) r ' ol'+tt(l d, hlalqll'e te+ dill h, i. it de ,It. l l In t e tlluv. l brll t. s, seit o:llrl r t i Inl ilS t r o lln iln i Ii dale I ee cite nll-n lalnce; b u n -ile e:an oi igligencer i l m s II IIolllh ti ue am end dheIu figu 1000 ire d, 1,"1r c lque jour, do 10 piilastre; la lie nlll:l e rel.uln or ble devalll ao::u ' ribunati hl r':ar ent, AI n::ti e ' ea I cIc rlmr . otai 1I Bi ' r111 CIbI,, inll. ,e hi l n Ira:1:hae NEW WI1RKS. SNCII)ENTSaofTranvI i lirep'ce, TIrkev, I. sia Sand l'aluao; by lhe nlthenr of 'liidInt+ of I rnvel in, Arabia-"etrel:d a I1 the iloly i.aLd'--ith a i ,e PernI ao rllle of lle i Sci-v for the Di.ln-iclt of Useful KA:nrwl 'de. V'i,"Irne 5. Ir 18C7, price 13. The l'renoy Cyclorpd a of lhe iniely for the tireIe sion of usefui, vola IX and X. Prire per vrlame $3. Natire an, Treatmenta orf Di3sens ofthe EIar; hv I)r. Villir n lrmarrt . SeIlllll edilin of the ,i ulllrl 'lraie o i :lole iM: I:llnpcl ; i I:tle9 i ipr::ead inud el trovl mienut of the alllth r .inrl. the last Lulod n eldillin. by lamles I'isdon Benelt, 11 I) Halloua'a liddle Age. New edition; complete in I vol. The New Tariff, for 1i:3 A 1819, Alic'; or. rhIe rlvierie, 2' vrl; by lilater. Leila'a r, the Sier. f GairealLa, by do. The anobber, a nTal, in '2aols bh Jamea. Ilarper's Family Lit rarn; HtI ls, complete. Just received and f tr sale bhy Or12 :2r e `a tf a IIjo (aon1mlln a i H ANANA SUiAiL.--lh Kiir sld liu.n.ic. Iox i ua - grsa, ofa prime quality, I larg and fnr sale by S G iLA.'Or ii\RIo. )tt2 :13 Gr'irr a ý3f1c. 'niFiEE til a Bierme qunhty au Moiy  . and lalding, and for soie by S (I IILANCIIARI). Oe12 3:i i;rtvle l st r l 1.1T ' until ltl Novelbll er Iem tl ele;aent I welling H)ouse, N 117 hI jaeph Slltet. Apply at No. 74 LP'ydras street. jy19 J)OAELS'I'IC (iiOL)S-Lawrence a C I-• heavy 1 a brown ah:eetigs. Jacksoan & Coa iii nch brow a shirtioga. Lowell Nos, 1 & Irer.n: cottoi. F.r sale ST'I'E'TSN & AVI'lIth, ard4 S% G(raier Itree A NDREWVS k hflrthrs Iohve removed their Count ing House to No.50 Camp street. 0ep4 litRVING'S NEW WOtl & Ac. T IE ROCKY MOUN'T'AINS--Orseeer,incidents and adventures in "the Far Westa,"digested fruin hejournalol f Uaptain BI IE liouneville, of the Army of the Unitea rSttee, and illustrated fromn various other soaurces, by \WahllietUl Irving, il volr. 'rHt. ViC'llIS r)F SOCIETY-- y dthe Countess of lileesir.rton, n '2 vols. Just ret rived and for sale by AL.IANC f lo 1839, js raicolred Te i kansas, rnom New York. 21 groatc Apterican .Conic Almanacs tlr 1839 :5 do. Crocketr's A kanicni for 1839. 2.a o. People's Almnaacs for 12:19. Calaula ted for every state ih the Union, and contiinig a greut variecv of egratings, ftr sole Iy Ihe otae, doael and ringle by IAVI) F EiN & (O, N Y' Staiatior's Illrl,24 Chartres at. aog30 j)ULEtD Record Paper--Just received a few earns Hudro' dson' y fiue blue record C.;.p, Loth plaia Ind ruled, for sale by DAVID FELT & CO, augI 3 NI' Slainr'rta Hall, il Chai treo. tITRR \N PS--57 kegs Curratia, a sperior article, C ot sale by LA&RiENiNE & LF:GI':\I)RII, sep l3 28 aonl 29 ew Levae. I0 BBLr. first quality Linseed Oil, faIr sale h Oe bG. DrIitSIK', sep1 .4 New [Lere. AILS-S-UU kega aasrtoue, for sle by ADAMl S & WiIITALL, Ssep 15 tl 67 Grvier street. F nl( TiE (KT PlttP2 TtEI ATaioiaf (A s j" will lesve the D+pnt at the foot of Coal at: tot the PRAIRIE CO'"PIAGE, every dar. Depasrturs-e -8 a Ir--I p m.--Itlurn, 12 m.--6 t1 Sunda-.-6 a mi--10 -a --4 p m--8 a --I p pr Sp. t his arrangement till flrther noteae. - Sept14 JAMi.ES H t;ALDWEI.I., Preod't OFFcPF--litl bags Ril. 14I doa. Havira. For sale by ST'ETSON & AVER I, u l4 S i8 Gravirt tree OfAT 5950 sacks Oats in store, fur sale hy CIIA.IPLIN & C'OOPER, errl n,.2 JulRa st. For the Interior. he'lail liiond in Wednesday morning the Rtitl inet., Ftr thr algfirll, ite lso'clt k C') Pa inc ihc, nut lo alt 8age, aptly t- lED. WIIIiTMAN, pa. U. artd II. S. I ()ile, ullder the Exchange lHotel. St. Ulrlse t, 'ew Orb ans. sep 13 FORi LOUI VIlILE,L'INCINNATI, AND ALL IN ITILMEDIATE PORTS. ,a-rt ,t 'ci0The subataltlal steam boat GOV. SIllI ,I J Keal a ch l, S.a.mutster, is hourly expected to arrive, and will have de.latch Jr teltlh veabove pJ't. Ilor freiglht or pansage, having euparior acconllludatiaon, apply to IeAWV(RENCE & LECENiI)IE, sepl 8 & 29 New Iave-. PihEASURE EXCUltSIO.X TO BAY S'I'. I.OUl ANI) PASS CHRIISTIAN. Fare t2.5lt! S1 !Ther th-t rlnnine stMeanboat Al A oL t-PyPj _ le apA.lnptIati lirilin, leaves the C'lake end oI. t e rail rad, t te a l rli val oftle 7 o'el tk tiar o0 Saturdyoveve: the Lath in-t. ad tenry eldui , rng ay. tuc eintlltuing, will reul.l tine ail ritd ic 6 oa'clk on M\ ay I silh rtlI . apply to GEO. WHITAN, New (Olensa & Mleobile Mail )ffice. angl8 UInder the ExchangeHthtel. St Clarlea st. FoailFte, sad all lcirtaedin- e Lnuattditgs t-iv l- The I.lw presllle seam boat ery~ T fr ,hrobile every Thneiadrry md Sunday, at Nis clhck, ,1. tanehin'tn all ,ea wna eacn, pl aces at whlicll pasengtrs stay aisll to tlald. Ior urlllther tartieulara, esppl to O (gEO. WIIHITNIAN, jvyll Excliange lotetl, St. hlhrles at Fbr Mobile aurd all nlerrasediatle I tandinns. ul ' a" it r fat truanins and i plendid steamN ;.- ,ilnt XVt . 1, WAi.LIC, eitiely iit "I.ia bie still roatts, will -e'e New orlt atls fiar Mobile, na Ill intercedianltie ;,teritep platu.-, every ltteeday arnd Saturday, alter ti tirrial of th Iu' o'cluc curs. Gl"E. NHVIITMAN, jad Exhalina- lintel. St. Charles slt. a'sUItDA' Ii:VCNINtI \ND SUNDAY IXCURSION T I ,IISVl ti EL a' to . t5lgONVIlI.E. l . tliThe ntlaner S()UTl Anl.A BA 3IA, _..L . Cop, f iI. Knilswiill Iar . ie llbke aer 5 Ftlle rl-ond lio, e tiitcfre pill e'i, sveory ,alur-a evenil ,on the arival of tile ' click ear, ald relurl t.he slle nig'at,-iand livU:Tlln day morhIIa, ll. ta rivI of tile 8 oll'e cearS ; retarl illn leave .ll.alh iinvilleat , o'clockl, '. l1. a" .iatw Ymln Fuilt dADle)t.IVIlLIE It)lliilllUlt(i, IANIE Vitl". & (;IVINitU1 N. he I'ul it r et tin. . Itt. d icl,len.lid ..ta.. . . t" ight maIller, will llA iAs a lar I tlil I ablliter I1 e I tV rt 11 p nll l n .d , \m ldtnes dahi sald (L ridailiy..,.lter thle aerriil if lthe P ;'cloclk cars, A ni. Itu rlinid t, Icc oa IIvh tLIn I'cllt da.S, T llhr .V It. All ltdatel andi at tlhe risk ofthlt own ss uIlcaB a bill of' laudtu is signed, I(;: t) WIIIT'rIAN, New Orlenw it and lobluile Mlail llilice, __.,2 Eilhill" Ihilhllnc St Charles st. ,,.p llThe steaubnt o l. I\ZEPPA will SJr_ It·ve;· Il Ine neeitend flh lie l ioails n i " alllul , I V , thL .da.i and a It i diave.ondotr . hvl of nie I t o'chock !,r, toocioel at litiv ti4t oui s, Pas. (hritiat , Bihlxi,ta &e rutm tin:, will "1 n~n I'lari'.l nll ¢ . IuilV li thl, ItII1 arrive u t (lr hlilrl.o 11 :3 ol'l:lolk, PI. M.,, tIotcLhinlg at It I thl. "lit,) .in, ittl c tu m "ew ti)rlenan to li v S . I .nc M lllc is $2 .8 Ililoxi 400 F ). \ N111T ,ll 11 a`! I, iiicng, Il tcl, tt.ll Ihirle slret. ` g!hItAV II. I eu. 11t: lt IIlbtu ile by fle Mail Iilie ' it. i1,(,i. it I ,, lc alct ntt 1,, o s-i.1c cn-till cil :u ," i ,i t tit ' ldlllIn Il t iibi ii l ed daiytlii i'll ." :b.l, " C t'l . I ii pi l el nit tie way bill., Jo' - t c ifl h. say i'~ti domur; tnun \.clk,excach I c li tl t i, Ii entil'l tien I;il \Vi S 'i 'll I , h Il i b -i I. i t. I ,l titl t it :._,:; 1' 1':.,<.. '.. '311L1 A\ I. Jrr:d lu , i I'le ;l, 111 llii ti , d.u , " e - . M h+ - I t tC l.'io_ %i t aItel:, II lt I tllllillil r l . I :L , " i , l l,, .,l .. . & , SI , + t i .. I'- 1' l w I'- l kl,. , a.d 1t ;r , 1 u .i . ,r I l _\ a.l i, t o I +t llu. ui i ll i,, 00 tbty" lt aill , .:ca 11, in l l ot i .i It.itaiiileli iii li t t t II .\+ i. , illl, i- A a H,.se ,d ,l.e Al lll ulil HiniJ o mJ I l.. ' i i J" =1 tp o I)Ul p ULll n & t'o:.,111 111:1, Ijl I >lu Itmg . a dir >+ ' l. 11.11,' l, Ili .Eli lull py II b ,U N tI i c1, j, ca r 't h Julpii tler nllJ .; llt l s sil L -iri. by iKEAI & e- upln lit ll, g ;__ Pugl , l.h e. lohUin, <lt e and ,aeil, inv ti lE T & ton, ni 3 llnJ0. intnl'n1 IhniIl, l nl-l i Ilo e l a l e lliith Rju il Roal nle r ltde L kI 11, v r hotse o i 1.,ih ia lad . ulsor) yia .tr eir. M sts loo sale by II.ULIE B.L L., LAYEj & AlEk Alley i n an, l eth ' lru) 1 7- 1 ren t aulhl , t cr- rlted .Y..I LA I I t lC 5 l-i IC .\.|11111, - . b REA ndD & li, \ i-niy. augi 7, l , ' ltn i n t. Ill lAIf . l01i llI sc--I t II t rrLlfo r N aDle b y 41 J 'I '11.t iEli L C ,OA ang.3 71 "ydrdas skteet CI E-rtFTLS on Nn Yrnk nat ighi, Ion sn ale I per cnJp SIES H C'ALiDWELL, d 'lIE N.\ a8 i lauIlSenl illn- ihdt , tnillrieg'Priid bbl. in bility '-iiiiiin'n iiiid 'Nontlinngri- AbShen' Io whiS. I in r ln'ni a biogriihic l slotic , h auo aoI 7 17 (;o.+O1;i2 ioltl a icklAely, is..; qiniUn i )th l aount ofu ILt-, frtugneo , wine, (I tf luite or a tilld) I'd lnt.+ +nl hhll l; 2:,0 qr. Netniiik Ihntlt) Elad'iha wip ,ll nl-wii t idll Jrnalle by byALS P, ndi itl .OGdAi Bip O\V.\ " ('t, a AnNndditionl dupply of No 1, 'Nioknlas Nicrleby. 'iv3r C ti ar , ' kw k rs,'ju t. rceied, ad : isale -. ny er, r t ie br tpltlt ,18 ill8 and -J New Lever.. lnnl\, 1 i1 shill P ulnlt C .r nilhe Ir ISJAAC Btll. i:il 4 CO, E nx-p3 o 7osto n I a iretIlr STETSON & AVERIY, VHIl l INll.. ndRAI-ln I1"illnd . a erAyI auprior old a riktight, n ore snd a sale by TR 11H1YDkE l 3Io, sepl8 Pren'n. eili 13 _ :___ _ '2 nhrliilNriiw LrE-n. - 3 Il lil-le r Inreli:lneof llnP; r50 iO l n yuid, land i irejud i brig ".\ansoln, ld r 'ale nd eby LEVI H GALE, anllgll 93 Con onn n tr Nirikh, abyo anm iell bailt fai t h reheadou n ld the L prtuel eni to riltnes dol- anl l-oakin nlld low e reer of c lh. - uieiltarl i rIll.ll y. Ed ited l lr'n reruritlng iutrtion iby -alPniz.' ui .ne Lre S & IV - 1R1AN. A additionl m lpply 0i No 1,'Niokolal Nickleby_ ' 4v.'r ' 'Intnprt fu-l, and 'Piclkw k lilopnrs,'jnn tn h ,i p d ilnnI nl llt nl; zl e n lnts. eieidn handefr hot ale by "i Ns , an orean dy--n iperm cand beat bri land,, iC ludl o e ry n shl'io p Pl i uto r slid .il, b a tyISAAC T It1E1 & 1 C.. 4 bep 13 2 m132 N eniim -l-. SHIPPING. For Europe. IO R MARSEILLES. r The fast e.ilit.e rie CA ROLINE, Capt. Thouween, willil"ve ;leteltiete despatch for the above port. For freight oe, il bales cot- ti [uo, ur passage, apply to LEVI H GCLE, all'i F tt 1 tl. I:lFt. a-The fast suiling ehtp HEI.EN MAR, Capt. -- , hm full cargo engaged, will haI.te duspat..l,; for pas-atge ap[ly Ito ..u--, 8 Conti at. Coastwise. TUSI' rteitedl at the Leonieinna Furniture Ware Sitornls, 5:ie3 l ' illle strlt, 200 lapile and (:herry le .iteald; a firse riteP ttil,.i Also, a gelod a esorl etnt ef 3l Meple. W\V,,lt, eel Painted Cllatre,wlhiel vait on bold lur tile lowest cullh r rie. R ' RIt CARNES. jy7 5_I_ Bivitie street. It tILI.SALI.' A t) tIl'lTAIL '5i114 A'NLU S'y VARIlI'TY ST'It)I, Nio. It Can, s,tree .tt,- t der llishoi's IItel-The subscribers at ,arew lpean "ig at Iheir Inew sta *tl, a" extensive assortmn of of srti tles " PeHitnerv, I.ookie". (g!Itet, Pltinhg Cartls .nJ arge nulllmber el Faucy articles. Tie I'ollowina as pert a deseriptlin: COIM IlS-'l'ortoisetne'I Ilrazilian high top tuck, I.l ,ld carved; do. do. twist long, nek, puff; side, po.e adl dressi.g, ieonr and ho,;l fine ;i'th, dressinlg ae nokett combs; horIn , redding iand n.aJrJ a steh; woolena, ILTussing, finro tooth and pocket cone. PEItFUNIEIltY--A general assat,;,aet el Frenech and American Pel'leetery, consisting ... al lIne water in botttles, ofi llalt tapes tla sizes; l.t,ter, Flornida, cose, orange, leml n, jert.te:ll, hetuetl., a.llleltreulr, trt.; lanee-sop:s of e''t let'lltiOe;iInettsldar, ttliittI, unit veretelse hair oil and curlnlg fluid; ehlorine toonit wash, erllonllle aId chlorine .tl t'iliee; seenteldutal plain toilet powder; pomatuml: t jeston salts, etc. IlRUSIIES--C +mpriamg a great variety of cloth, hail, -ht, flesh, tooth, tnil, cnllt, shavihng, Ilate, heartli, tlne tIod plain Idustillg, swat, lill+. Erumlb furln.itlre, slcl.Ubbinfin white Wlallrl. ItOtSe, sloe an btl'lller'ls enuring, ptie ae tt ish blr'ushes.and sashll and grain ig melis t;Ill sn izes. ILOKICNt( (ll.ASSES-Co'.qtising ,tl Iramee at vl'iotslsiets, 5,t i.,2andeI . Il'dIW toilet; tealnalll Illait, toelt till lk.l , glhter, nghit'itg etore'taet.ei. I'I.AYING (C:AI)I--FI:agle, Flairy 8tIl, Broom, Highlander, Spiel lartei, Frectih and whlite back Play FANCY AND VAILIETY AIITICLES-A supe rior assortmentlt of prtallle desks, ladies' anllll gentle iell''s lrrssilln, cast elllll l lllie' wt'ork boxesl fancy box es o)f valnlrlla Ileaeriltions, ,sllilatll, folr tile new yeallr atll ChireiIIIs' gtltS; ihIthket I eoolks o ll sleti suspen ders, ImuII-boxes, lead ilencils, rl'l'ns, violins, bead lgs agiedl i atSI, aLSomllllclLete of fIt.y letll, asupe'rior JI a 1nd suspendellrl blllOllS; peail l I otllllS and shirt stelts, razor stlrolls; g:t manllchines ftlr icretilg lighlt: SIlalish asll meleesegarlls; IlrunceuIbn, PIaris, Irapllee'lmd lScotch sllufs; lt :ssortme'n t'f plainl Iand Stlrd ctaes; back. nnlmll Iboarl ; liceli, hll al screens, optics, Jelws h'arps, harln ildcas, hllehre iwralches, |ll % IIeedlesI ILercussion l steel, stlver ant platd speclellls; thimlles, twine, etc., a IIhn(isome assortnll|nlll of+ eullgl'tlillgs, slid Ia large falite. Iv of nlb,"Ir atic:Is, a11 of wVhMic will be soht t'ur low tnrices. cashl ti city L ceptii .lllller.S n.ia 4 lI"ES & I1,I.ANCE I "11I ItI Ril1111 :litudingireni brig Uncle I.. S . m1 , fr sale vby iyl!) "S & d P WIIITNEY 1.-.- 1\[I:i, 1:1'- l11 S ilTS1:, A LN.l CA l 1S, i :3 cn-k, Pearl .\,h,'", .I 'a-es Col'ahmtt, Iliac o.. JIop, I 1hulr, ¢, \"e,. haudig frmlh, brig Willi am, fui'tt oItomnl, :od-ri.tule Ly J.1\1'I .in ANitREWS, \\'h ,leestl I)rl.cgist", j,.7 ,. ( IoIIIIIIt I o Tchoupitllih street. T'I' (tll Ili i..I O IN-FIRSTr JUDICIAL I)-T'"Itl 'T 6 -1? :'T.-T'he. .State of L.outsana, T'1, llI , oill t ," titetlltee sl:ll roue e, rli:lg; lt n sllu ,, de ,)-thIll' "\llhhsP If the credih+tootf lKchsald l l ltll'. ro ll p ll e'tl the 1'O ( P IV hereql illr Clle( l'ied,l II) 81 Lled t h) al coi;l.[ Ihr :l.' , tof Sl+h ti't bert '.)D.te 1 ,, f4 a mIothlw 1" o tdi iii-ltie [ it; c itelrtdita Ift; at ,1net of hr th ,ei-aillre 'f the Sl" t- of Louiltuna, entilied I".n .tt i Ibr Si h Itt.lte' uir-nl ce i. title to purehiu ,' ~lt Jlldilt Farsl" UltoiUv(i d IthI tenth day of .larth, I:,. . \u ther .fi', hI:ew ' v e, mrid all p,"r.ons interested her-' if., rie h-,l, bvo ,r 'd ,In1 ldm·onilhed il hie itne of lht'. St reo ,, . im t awl the Firlt ,udicial llisbt.ri .' t, o i ,, n i. ut 11 it t I r llll I'tr tI. LIh or ce it, iLn and l iht , 1e pro i 1. n h i, i ri d.estiti , t, il e1111 qtletqu re Ii1fn il m i 1 o ,, ve of judgmleut of , w , itu lle, ".. I hw Ow .,I, mfadile, or anv ir r'l.enu lit or' i l. iii -1 a irvii. el t s mld silver li-e'll tlll:- , lilt'i ,Oe h r l, l r of :a11 ',( ) r o l.r y other t. I ,,I' II,,y l~i- Ih ,nunlll i- tr-, iell.'lle ih l tht p ll ," "\ii , 11 i. _ ~ . m dultlil -, t ) h ] t ili d 'lI' ,l, il I , .,.' t o ~ d11 by tIh- svndio aforessid 1 fl In - ,lll ld b, : - I 1 I iiL rl lte Ia1, . . 1, nil, 1,v l ir iii gill ,h , , 1 . Im' o1e f1111 dItIniIl ill y lhl" 'l iv W \ I.., 1 1 . ill ik en, I , ne rh . 1 I' Ta zm ananl .'3,117.11111r I:,-I'~ - ,-G . d ,1 the d ecke[ of ,hiI Il I:,1 lh ' b, t -l'. I|, 'll' u \ . Puhey bccaml U I the 1 h 't l; i tlý, 1 - c11 t ill n [ lll-I ill tiee. rudicial Con It, ," ' -I t I.];i-, I ,'ll I . t.ld Iby the numbers ei I! oli,,',h'/r," [,!c lt, .oh hrr/,"r,,in .,p ihre i, ,d. i , 1 loo t. ,,oLlo 'll r.-1,,, llt 1'1,, p llh tiV t J e f ilT',,,i oie' i, I t i- ". i i -, 11 m e e ;1111 111 l i thi n ine ---,". , tee .1e1e1 1 II I ,lll - 6 oiti-I I t.l, sl etl , ol ne la h n ,+doI ,m1-, ,1,1-i!hr' h ' l e.' r," i, L t, mi il liav li es in toe t, h t, ,h , h" ir l , , i' ,ul f. II I lt -' )lm ll No stee n ,dl l i, Io , i i tre, tel till d, i ll .th II' , n I B ttlllat Im trlll -fretr. ll" I \l,. h of r,, 1,,mTlll m l nll in uull l arr hnld a n ieliI ,llhlte'td iv ti nudtle tiIar1 tee w h e to tllenl. olitl;i, il'l: "l, ialome (I ; - nit i l t.ý tl welt e, nttensu i t- ttill tI II.el; l l Thli fet ir te.Ie, by onie hunaded "1 i , 1" 1 et i ll le I f hl o , an'Tl 1 11tw n p:I llel linen; .mid ftc-le l; f ;;t, intl tie; t lle etlt'l tlllle hy talterty heleegi L [ts ui t ,i ie 1c m 1- t , t,,,,,,ivc'lusive, me -ilri.g t tillh t v hle in m i ' -i i st eie , by one hull il.d aI dtw t, 1- I .el i l.felenb, ltlh e n part l;f t. lines; fro,1 o,. 13 i I n le Iij i l ie hlv ldlu d nnd tioly z eelt ill e. ' tI r ll r bolie el rle ulel,sit lt is taid C orall t,'' Ito l in d dsiL( te 11 I the iul ter tlll l o ed o le toi wrP n I ti ic I l, -i - ft; i te wh lea Iqunr Ce, nlryde Iiv ( brne, T"hted, Je t ters rahne Zi.xa sLtreets, ",e hlhe it, ct~lhlrlllil ,rih I eertll lcl ihn pldr ,wn r, i ad d lited i'tbt lt s f B Cenaa, eaery S\l ,i erti piece r pariel of ground iwentielt dtity if rioe nmke partI tO. L hEpWIS, i mrn 'i'l ' lu t ,, i cig It I hndrd ald elevenr feel taIen i'', an. on Leee teet nd xedig ee t ti( hle-, beat ehed on a side by Jeh. Sf'ersou soee, ",hd on fie Upper saide y property belnng. dyI \\'fei,,ll"r J OLEWI.S , .P' A oses Volemtine's No I Soup, in storn I.\Al RENCE & I.EG.ENDRE; sepr0 28 & 29 New Levee. ? rAIl- 1i bbIis, in fle ishippng order, in store,and fi ftsalo h . L,1WRENCF k I.EGENDRE, sp'1)0 2.8 Sr 29 New Levee. GUR-- 0110 Onush, I lhite Corn to iton . rder, CIIAAMPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia ,t. /t1, & N NTE R ILOHINI.;. SP. Filli':t11\ & CO., No. 3, nMagazine street, J lechivig their supplies of Fall and Winter tClthiue, and ~ill .intiUen to receive shipmients reau larly thlrlighollt the seasoln. 'lTlhir assnortnent being ure will euahl Ithem to eupply rI rehanis frotn litn CIu tlll , nt th. 'Ihrl' st noltice;i for sale wholesale alo retail, on accommodating terms. ,t Il:R t11,, Ctl.,.ANI)LES, &c.-30 casks New Rea I tlr- W.\inteir Oil; 1111 boxes do do Spermn Candles 2tl calks rootiae Zinc,101it0 hoees luslotl Mould Candles 300 sheets Braziers' Copper. Io sttre, for sale by JOSEPll C(CKAYN:, ap211 25 Gravier sirart. L Rl.11t--rl blds Pilot Irioad in stn e, itr seat b)y C C.\t.MPLINI & COOPER, sepd4 8. Julia st. I;IE--I-310 (Cxks T'I'hntston Lime anditig fuum lig Chieftuinl, and fr sale byHITEY i l i & J P WHITNEY. oaugt 8 Ceti street. V IIIPI' I.\V. NA SUG \1--50 boxes of prime W qimlit, in etoe, Ior -.le ty SLA'IER 4. TRIER, n21 40 Poydras srree yI ,liE Notite tn lill agaitst tle PFlesting Dry ikl)ok, sivned anI approved by Jaeus Tlik, will hi riafler Ih, nid lyi te ownlers or thi Flonting I)ry Dock, the sid Junlleo l Ii k having never been author I-,'d to make -to? m.otrmcts. 1Itrenimer all il- lion this date will have to he ap vro, d anl signed by thle agent ef th Fltoating Dry __ck. I;EIOIU GI\E BROWN Jr Ct, ang23 9 Con St. `'vt'I(AYEl-.-nio thle 10th insi. a Scoulch RWieie S l'errier Slut, black n, the point of the nose, hair a little rin. \Viniever lias thie will nleume ti rettlrln her to this ofice tihy will be liberally ree nill. d. aug d1 IulPE & OAKUMI. "!OR'" RlIe of Oakun and 150coils Mlanilla rope assorted sdize,jast received andltor sale by S LOCKI; & CO. aug7 22Od ILe I. IPEItlAL Sezars,'0.l000 forsale by Ssp IJ SLAt'tIEl &'ltRIER, 40 P.ydiase st. ! ACON SIDES. 6 Hhids Western Bacon Sides, in fine shipping order, for sale by LAYET & AIIELUNG, sen?0 17 Commerce st. / ABLE SA1.'1: 30 Cases: 60 boxes each: fineta ble salt, for sale by READ &, BARSTOW. septll 7, Bakb Place, BUSINESS CARDS,. FASHIONADLE CLOTH--I TAYLOR & HADDEN, IV. 14 lharares Mtree. HAVE aconstantsupply if every article pertaltini to gentlemen'e drew, uf the latest style, at New York prim: a dec 20 TEbTiIl. TLIC EOUS METALLIC TEETH. PECIMFENJ of these beautiful teeth, and the Iian Snoer of setting the mo, may be at the office of . 1. Ross SURGUON DENTIST, No 46 Canalstreet., These teeth never change colonr. and are by mIauy, and in many cases, preferable to ile aturall teeth. 13 t)r. R. will wait upo t ladies at their residence, 6eque ned. lP'i S A. PEIRIlOSvIlBlt. MdROHANT TAILOR, 67 Common street, BEGS to inform the public thlit nbaing purchased - f'om Meesers HlOUi H, SKEI;iiS & Ct). lal' of theirstock, he will lontinuea thu business at their old toaud, opohgie Bishop's Hotel,. where he to rncri l siare oftheer patroeage. lie has neldte arratgeaents at the North to be supplied monitly with tlhe latest and nest faehiotrpble goodnt tr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 103 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Cloaets, and Pumps Of all descriotio ti. WARM, COLD, AND SIOIVWER BA THS Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LE.1D, PI'PES &o o13'rders executed iD any part of the Southeln States. nr 9 Dr. Iobera F. Lindoe. SF F I CE EXceHANGo IloTeL. fAt GLAY & CLARiK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manultcturers, No. 102 Povdras street, K E:P on hand a con.t.nt supply of L.ead Piepe, from 2 in. diatmeter down to 3-9 in. diameter, for cale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIO PRINTING ESTA BLIStI M ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Batnks' Arcade. WILLI.J)II GR EEAE, PROPRIETOR nrl _ 3 H. PARKER Comnmisieon and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, ur STAIRS. New 3leans,, JARVIS & ANDREWS, WHIOI.EKSAI, ANID IlET e.II I)DEALEeIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS YFE STUFFIS .VD IVI.VDOWI' GLJLASS, Corner of Common and Teh)upitoulas streets, N .EW oRLFASI NATIIAN JARVIS. JOHIN W. ANiDREWS. A large apply of Garden Seeds, warranted the growth olf837. AT MORILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 andl 63 W\'ATER l'fEE'r. TrllIE nderseigeed, lcring ecteblihedl thetonmsetos ic M~ b olell for tie I'teen'ee of tla,,aectelig tIl. Anclioll andt Cotlloeiecica businecss ill Its varioce ecuchcce lit, eeg leave to inftorm their frietee andl te' puti.c, tiht tht,,, are now prepared to re.eive coltilttento, and niccse liberal advances on tile same, either fr r rivate r llie sale. e l,)IOIAN I. JONES, ISIAEl. I. JO)N 'S. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleanos. Moleile, Feb 9, 1838. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIDE Forwarding & cOtI 'anou n1lerchants, No. 41i Poyidras Street, NEW i. IE N\S. They will devote their partcul.r attention to the sale ol \'estorlt Produce. References. A1cijt Fisk, Elsq. St, Itlale rd, liart 1 Sill; New Otleans. A I1 Nothcan, lestars. Klhn, Daron & trigos, WVild& Co. .Boston, "tec Voes Ieq. ) Il.,b rta Ilrotles &.GC.) teveret &'rhreoo. . S New York. Vece Pehl ,i. tle tiu. Statferd& l)avi s. St Louis, Glasgow, Shaw & ''.stunt, . ) S ltedere& Ce. e lawl v. alce & Dniuel . Alitn. A It Skidmore Esq. G S .arch .II & ('o.--I.m.,vihc. CLi TOtNEN. 0. S.Toh. E TI. & TONE. Fer.. nrdunecand Ct..a.,naiiot. lerehan. , FuRINISHERS OF SIll0 ' ..1) It0.\T S'TOI:S, No. 114 T1ctocPit TtEc r. N, w.t Orleans. Relere ttct,e: aMesses. ,tALLo. e , Ae o. B 1R fosto EuarNEoEct fUset. hatl' A. Bt MIEACH & Co. New wYork. It. PUTNAM, J. & P. loLtANt,t. Cin.lun . ti O, I)AVtu TONE, [)a.lo lea) ItS. Ctearoch t Cultnno s ). N. AauUeca, & tc.. L.o euvllcle, ty WtLLItS,tEVENS & t'Ct.rl,.St Loui 110o A. .It. ROF Altone III, WM E. \VrrHRow, Ituoshvile, liI. J. & P.P. AI alWt ELLu.t llau.Suara, La.

SOLOMOt LhIIGo. Nev iltelats. jan 22 DEALEIRS IN I AMERICAN & ENGiLISI CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARltL. e SraEET. 01 4 INSiUR, NC COMPArNY OF NE lil'LEAIN'S. ...--. This Company ar0 now prepltred to take RISKS AGAINST PIRE. No. 24 Muson's B ltling, Ca nl , L.' itC \CY, New Orleans, Mlay 1t. 1838. Secrtary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission anld Fornwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, Olit). Refer to layet & Aeln Nw Orans. lJo. Landis & Cu. S m 244 _lh .IItilIlI ct, \ INNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I: Cmtp street, Wholesale Dealer inl ai'nts, Oil, Varnitheo . Brushes, ma30 W\itndw and Pic;utte Glo-s, &e. & c. :T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY & COLU\SELLOR AT LAW OW practisino in tite Strti, and Cilt Courts. Cli Senlas will lid hatittt the tCler.'u oluce U ,US Circuit Court, in the Custom tlouse buldlig,. jte8 A OCAD. T HE undtersigned havir uoped tt Ihose in this city, for the pulrpoe of a GENESRAL Ct) l diSSiSON Io(XSINESS.. OFrFICE, No. L0 OnGtavI STREET, UP oTAIRS. HlP LE.VY. The house t Grand Gulf, Miss, will be conutinued in the above name. Ilefetrenes. Gdfrpy, La rie & Small, Ne Orleano. La. P.tros & Millrrd, H It Hill & Co, Louisville, (y. Johntl 1l Gilaute, \ icksburg, .lls. Harper, ('rpentr Co Ga.d Glf,iss.. Al nMoore & .o, Si Ii llard, Noatchez, Mioo. _New Orlen, Julty I -', l18. . jyIP A ('ARI). NATHANIEL TOWNSENI) having hloatct him s elf in New Orlertns lto th, pIurpote of trtansacting a General retttl tttt m tt tIttllnlilljbll bsine0., wounld re pectltully elicit fromt the pljlic a share of their pa trooatet tr ving oa h lse inTrea, hle wil ,ttendlo the trans acting of any business tht may he les:red ill that con try andtwill tualolttttelut't attnd ulrctnitted at. tltltl to l all tttt-le'. etrtosted nll )lto - ch rdt.e IIIt a aithful tp tlicatitott i ucc tt n lll et wtit itsltrctiatti) of all lauds t ot m ay c Jome111· 1intol Ili hlanid is Office it Nowu xchange, ot Graiier stre', otponite to Rev Mr Claip't curhll, anod alji ititg Gtoon'a ream, . roo.stgo of the T'exian Cuouauiate. Newo trl8at, November t5, I887. tRefer,.re. . .lsars Hillyer, Buoi & Co. New Yor.. Alvarzn F Lk, Nathoez, IMi+. R lI SIrn th r l, . .t t , ,tlt . Johll T Ir y. L, iiIIsvlle, ln. FpIMI.N'S INSURANCS COMPANY OF NEW ttRLEANS, Office No. 24 Musuon's Duiding jo2 CANAL STRIEET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY nOR the Store to L,.tlsina, and Cities of New Or 1j Ims and Latityette; for ale hv W31 MlVF PN, m2 coar Camp and Cntlmu'l stl. ,ASH.' Bank,-iut recein-cdbv TRUE AMERICALN OWBICE. In connection with this Office Is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FoR TUE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Beceipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circu.ars, And every desocrlptios ef Job Work that snay be required. O"?The p..orietor respectfully calls the altcntion of the public to .e above Card, an I auslres them that all work intruste. o his care shall be dune t thle short sat notice, in a st;.. unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. P -'PER, quit, steel pens, ink, fluild, Wafer, healing - ax, india rubber, black -and, pounce, nd eocry other article of statiotrv, of Ithe very best qualitl, coa-. ttaully ail handsd for sale by DAVID FFLT &CO.. m19 N Y Staticar.o' H-ll, '1 Clt:otrcc rt. E'O MERCIANT'S. iIERCHA.NTS can have a beautiful circular ,trick 1. off at two hours nnti-e,by calling at Ithe Orleans Lithographic ftliee, 53 M egazmse street, opposite tl4nks Arcade. 0n24 'l ACKEREL-35 haltfbbleso ,2 .loluckele, ifor sale ih by READ) & BAR rT -\, _m ~i7 Gravier street. EA LAR- keg in store, r sale by t It tOROEVt, jyvl 4l New Lever. i ENTUCKIY lAGGING-tll Ilaor ale byl . ' HOLMES & MllILS, jy12 BIn0 Alley bCtI ICE-C BBAGGINil -8it, t rrarcyytrilct lougiaq . 43 inches wide, fur solt, by HOLlIES & .1111.t, jyl2 Hunk AIll.v 3'XCHANGE ON NiEW YOtK for .eale by EI , AWRIENCE & Il.i:(il':NllE, jv 12 28 & "9 New I evee. NEbo ll tlirEn. IHE American Democrat. or hint- On tkhe social and civil relations of tile UU, d Otales. Ity J. Feail more Cooper. The Two Erlirt; or, Adventures in a Country Houte; and otlher tale,, by I.ladv lessilnton, E I, lulwor, .ltas Norlon. Barry Cornwall, Mtrs Gore, Caprain Jledwin, nd otIlers, inl 2 vols. Thne River and the DCeert, by Mhas Pardue, author of tle City of tle Sultan. the tasko t of l(ern, the Gift of an Uncle and Auct with fine wood enarovir.go byr Au.thKrlh Just receiwd andl fur sale hy WtM ItlKEN, jel6 car Camprll a (:Cnnon alts. R OSINE rltf)S--7U bble rooi dross, landlig and four sale by J TIA5 Ell & C,, jy 14 71 Poydrns street. AVE & SCAFFER'S Crolapourr a Fltild Ex S & tractf Sarsatparilla, for the cure of at ,inatl eruptions of thle akin; pimples or pustules of the f.te; biles whith arian lrom an irmpure, state of the blood; soaly ernu iona p ip s tn rhe bouem; chronic rheulat*smn; teltb r; eorofilia, or kin.'a evil; whit..i st lling; syphilitic dtseaseJ, and all dtaord:rst arising Irote an impure state of the blood, , by al ton; residene in a ho, allmate, or thie njudiclout use of mercury. .lsu.--Cave & Schaf r's Worm Syr qp, or In. flnt Presorvative: the best prlleratsLn now extalt. Among which are the follow r g:-lIdian Dye, for cal ring the h.ur; Boar's O1; l.tsana Hear s Grouse; Potnatum; ica:w's Frtcle \VWashl: sl. perior Pearl Powder; Lily W\Vitc; Crin of' Ro-rn; Vgetlable Rouge; Otto of Ros,; Lil Salve; Kre. ,osite 'rootl Washt; Carbonic Dtentrtiitce; Orang Flower Waoer; Powder Puff an r Hoxres; .Amern. call Chllroal, neatly put up in four ounce vnals; P raton Salts; Cologne; Krasoto Tlotlh.aclhe Drops; Hair Brushiles; Entght )rtsint g C( r .r Il etan Hair Oi;--with a vallety of othur Pl'rfu tlerlee, oe. Frr saleL by L W GLENN'S PERFUMIERIIES. J C 'Tl'INCtIIAIlee Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets ORLEANS LITTOGIIoA'naLU rFrFIC N O .. o.i . u_ ..z.,. .a i .-,. l al . . - . it s .. < .. 'STABI.iSHEI) lir the executln o.f Inu,p ,+ Jlts ni midd cesa curds olevel descriptionn, hl ril cils(itlltr on 4l ,let o r i pall+ lrl ll liper:, t l callli .'l, . r u;; d, (·ll ort<;- p11 i buck clheks, dray receipts, &c. pliut -,d u.. I l,\+cut. d i,£ c. ncheap anild expeditions stLyle, Iy the 1l,ritlw. NB. Bank Notes .it'IVi exe:utd. mi4 NI'W II 'T SFi'.ll I 'l. J UST' received liie r iile. ui' uiv , fomi .New Yolk, - The unbscriber would p.l 'tictlu lly v 1 li thile utllle iotl of the pi i Lic toa -tile oi f !t< of , ,i i per I l fllih, lue tnexto re, riic lnd bi ltlllfii! lus re; i. Io III fine Ilain Ilunia hat oi a ini rior oiuiiii; nil t|alo t lI le idid article of silk hIt, tig'ti . sr w ti a o ellrl i iort'nent ii iaufata ed by hitnn [ expleesiy fur thiso llulrou t , whulb itlr: Will[ i'etuiI N J \VO ,ltolI N,31 tCamp t'e. ,. N. B Cilty and ecuntry dealerr are cutteed to, a.," PORTRAIT FAINTING, "iR. PAR ti ,.It reteellltli) nI or - lhi blw' thai I hV ie will remaIll IE. sh llr' t IIne .IN w UrwTi-m for Ipuo . e ' r of Cailt t Iu ir Charles. in . el . hl ouse occupied In, P1rin .On L. ynu i t, l li rq%, whe e sle:i,u~.uo li'i painti,+ Lu" be "eeu. l ltuci ii it 1hi ,rie WIIUL'ES+\I,.E TIN VARI. Ii \NL'I \lntIY i I.OJKE &k CO., Nio. "r! Old lever, have i 6 . slt e, f lth ir iown IlI u l.tlll t e, laiue aillet ex tentive . aslortmlet of lin wil Vde, w h b IIy InLie idll ers ill the atrti to exanlie; tl-"i t''li lipT r, - l rt hoieiski riineri .01. to. Sugar Lidles; .I dii. C'ilper suagar lat,-; 7 Bot t lubs. aniutted sirze; :IU cles assorted sizqrl t'tlbe Goridcl.s. N. l--liolnit'of lu:idillo s csver.dl with ziln, coplle, t I tin. Cuppi r and till atters pait up on iit iie ' - .ice. n -l , ENtUGlnI, F'REN~C \D i '.,Ui i ,. pROFESSON .ltOR'.lllY,assi+eli lby r'entletimn of proper qualifcatiuu s allnd enlp iiu iiil le .I p , old als Awtldellmy, iln th. Ilriek b i eLt. it Ihea lt; .iill tollW ll. 11 Brand Esq., adjtoiiln g a. ternalat ,tt n 1. C'halles h trelet, whe.e voell lgeltlelmeu , well disposed, will re n ecive a eodlt eeatio.iuu Mir. l , selicitl the eu-operitiln of hi, fr'iends I and athioe of pd'lcutlool. to enmt lim to i render this intli tutilti u Ie' a d\llermnueut. -OTICE-TO F1E PUBIC.-Ui,,tnded rumors of thi undersigned havllng hid out, l, or discontminud his old aindlon e.tahhiilmedl GARDEN SEED S;ORE, " i\i i U11 ltrliti housle Snreel, *Having'been most industrnruily circui iimd bv self. intetested Iparlies, thei lubscriber Ibels to aSsnre his frionde generally, and the public at, Ibtry., tllht e d still continues within two dolors of li i late, or IornTer stand, to be turnlshed with a liil and ux I - lenoive supply of all tim standard kinds of kitchen or vegetable .arden Seed., of the growth and n.l 1 port of the presen.t easin, 1837. I Since the early part of Septuember, lie ]Jin re. I' ceived ample suppies, by the packIeit ship Vekis.I t burg, Kenucky, and Arknllemn, ll urrir0d ii short I froni Now Yorak. BIy the Mi iis .ippi and another packet, hei in iu dtily expect. i tion of a supply .of fruit Trees nad Aspiarlagusl Ruote, having already reced v iued uoices thereof by mail. ThIe subscriber begs further to assuro timt. public at large, that hl is at lpr.tlnt as welli I nlibled to meet and execute ordera Ior all the kinds of Glidrll Seeds, either wlholesale ior relail, as lie ever wasi sineo his first estiblishmIen in JIriiulry, 1822. Country Dlilternil ad lurliPt Grdinl,ier.' ordCer filled at tile lowest iland iot reaToilble rateL. by tile pound wetigll and gal on or buShel msulre. Catalogutie, oitlhr in Fronch ol'r lglhsh, may alwayP be obtained oil persoiuill iIpliICtlluoin as usual, to \'11 S1ill, i G trden Seed Store, 85 Cutlmolluoe street. NOTI'E.-A constant Upplly of lirdl Soed, either mixeld or plain; pulverized miuL; herbs, and Shiakers' dried ierbs,-w-itll a suppiy of peas and bea, i . N..u.. ) CLOTI)uIIS-3il paicel hs l.iidsey'i, Ier Lý .' ,ke., &c. table lo a r ,, lur ale LLAAC uiltl Itii ,, thO, & I31l tln ,,iulu sat. just tlanded from steuu et ri, I ir ale b sepL 6 a l\w Leveer. ll in arulle,fur i,' I aiydO , i HIAMI'PLIN & CO I'ER, AG ilNGi .i0 p's ientunck i.gging, ii a I and for &al A l by s .ITRiASUItY N lt.S-t'or ni le thli day'. ull $ ,,lltu"rt'suy inotes ad n- .ll t110 I'ului in eki laIon the lanr, of Alllele, .e, York, n dlttier tcut uls. Ap, ly at the otiio uO tEO. WIII'r\1N,1 . erp pl Exl.changi e tl.St. CIi rle .tI KIChIALt(US, 'I'ooaOcu anlld allUl" Iii lllelL i turer, Noi. :77, C, New-Orleans, wishes to inform his tienllls and the pIiltn in gIcL.:I:I thatti i cnw prepareul to 'frnish ai v tllug, iI the above bliliesaa, ailId liIs iutalllmt) otL aie b I lollwitag article=: SNUFFS. Rnit, hi: llliSn It. P .lp , Naulmy, E lLishli t':tent, Almnril l RIappee; Natchiio i4bs, Imitateed, Anricanll genllem:n's, Bel unt , irunkeot llappue, riaiil Blackllgard, St. Ilmeor, Cltll'a sn, lI wlI $+ la'sl ai.ish, .I itorse Ilappee, bcouch, and oprimii toloth powder. "1'O bACIiU. Finse cnt elhewUg, sweet scented or plain. Filme cut smokinlg, of variouos qualities. Rlil-liia Virgimnia, Spanilh, Jac. STheabuveartidleauareallwarrantedlnag d, li'ii lln pelio to anyr thi.g of the kind imported, ini U ill be frnishi lu drnt c tk4 Ion ihc molhti lhbemlm it n. . i..y I 4 IBEAUrIFLr. head of hair in fhi grne.l 'tl mnent teloneine t.i the hnuman frame. HIwv irilllrn v thloo id tif haneL the enInteen'l ce, and ','rma irPl 1rinsll on thp n lea.rane of ait n ' hib n sen rant to renoil n t bein uiteoveredr.and l sn i etile i ven to slltln etietv to itvhi the leati an d asners o' thelir nequait.tnnie: the trminder o tlheir lives are con seqtgntln pi't in retetuilednt. in sntirt. not ev'n the lnnfiininperte Ill. tnlt e llereut ih:nkble vntth witt tlt aenvv i inilin i ni l is doin the Ion.e of lid hnir. 'fi i rt n ill theP tnitiet -nt cirtlimstin nrie, t)Irtil e'' loln of'lnlhtiin .tiin the hair Ifrmat ftlline elff,.n the firt nnplientirn, annd affw hottlin reftrrt it aenin. It likewise pronlerra ei eblown ned anl liolke: ornvnnt1 the nnir fromi turini ern'. makes it etlr henltifmll', nald frees it froni senrf. Nnnerin t certilntetrr ifitl firnl respectnbility in snpport of the virtuer of Oldrildgl e almn ure lieown by the proprietori. . 17 Read the follitwing: Robert Whalrton, Epq. Inte Mayor of Phhledelph has certifiet' llnov in seen belowv, to thdhigh churn iernf lie fdllnwio'eentlemein. Then udenrianedl do hereby ro,ifRfv that welave owte tie Bib. of ('o nlpllia di'envered by J. (ildridne and have fund ii highlny ervieetle not onlyly n a preventive iemainst the falling off of hair, but almso. certuin rester five. WII! Al2 'i TH ITCH.TR, Senior, Mnethodist Minister in St (enrr., e'lmr-e. No 86i North lifllh st. JOllN P INGLIS,3 .-I ti.eIt tret. JOHN D THIOMAS, M1 D, 1f3 Iarest JOHN S FI'RlEY, il Sprtestreet. tIU3I- tinCUIltIiV.213 Sout ':d nt. JOHlts ,1ARI,).Jr, 1273 Arnli ri e. It ij kiinwl lthat three of tlhe sinoe signers ale more thae 30 years of a.e, and thle others not less than 30. [Fron, the ,lanvnr.] Cumemun eithh i'f Penr.vlvani., I City o,1 I'hlt..delldl, in. i. Robeirt Wharton, Mavor if raid city of PI'hile.t. Ihlii, ldo hielv eerlifv tilut I iininnl etcqulin ed wiith l nnnsrn J P Inglie. Jeihn S Fine', andjlciut M Cuende, e hose niinen aiei.ilmiened Ith IeoIeni riClltifte,ltht they nae gentltiner If' chlt ratl tr nilld respi ctlllitv, and a. sulid full credit nhld he ii iven t, tihe l id certifirrte. In wilnei, wit'reotf I have IhreLunito net my hdl om emnuIa1 Ilse ltI of thie cit to be felld, thit itlli div olf DteibIn iPer, A . [L. S.] " ItlIiB ' IT WIlAlti'ON, Mntvr. OIiSIS\IiE thlit enchl hltle ftlle (;nile lirlan hai n pilenhlid eilunvd wrappellr, on whichl is rtl"pr-t ter tile Iulls ef Niacrtll, Ac Sold el hoelelei and retail hlv Ithe sole o.enlt n for A In rien, n2 li lchee streett, tiner "lideii L ine, tone out below Peurl slteet,nlld by Imost druggiaLuIiind peretimi!hri ihruetfih I cnitinr. JARVIS & 1ANI1l KEW1S, i Wholileele Aeentt, '"-w r' (tianl.. PROSPECT'Ud. TH' subtcriher p-opesca to phllish, in the he. g.ilning of the nsling winter, C'ondlenntion it thewenlit voluimes f nth Old and N.w Series of Martiln' Liouiilana Reports, to lie cnmprised in fneir volumel, Slt1., acnording to the model of Peters' Conrldelred IReportts. 'Tlis wors is now in preparation by J. Burtnn Inarri-on, E.q , of this city. u.,i'lcd by Willi:am F Brand, ESq. T'Ie Editor i. n alo permitted by a distinguihed retired Judge of the Sprme e Clourt, and Ity one of the .ittlng Jridlgs, to expect lrenm their person.m tl supervision all theli av.tnit ge which lmay llaturllie hu reied tromi tlttir Lex'perieCe. Such a W'lrk is btcoinltnig every day nalle re. ceeslly, y. the I orTglill is volumllinouls, expenll. anld sear. An incriusine curiosity toun is t man.-I lt-, in Ihr other etleseil thie Utii.n, i1 teflritee to liih ptllllar jurispie lirudenen of Lui.siniilla; and theI citrcuiiit:,nce oy th initienrous prliciptlels here ti, cided in tihe adjustment otf coultfvl, oe l'aw , Itakes ithe knuwledgel of ,or adljded caloes of prine uti. hity ii tohe jurIts of the whole Union. MiI+ reovtUl, the rilsngl replublic if ' lhas alidptod our ctlnes, and thu there Is a great dlnla:id fur the Louisiaina decrision, from ofi.r'hl quarter. Coenientn noutes, indicating tlil parallel Cases decid!d inl Luilla, alld otitie llly tlhose i llhe nolre alt rltilive frutsl uof tlie Jther StateL , will fl aIddeldi to eauh, Tle wosh will form f`or volumes, ryal octavn, and will ie dehveril, bned, to snubser.irs aot e.$6 per vdol.; ti ca.s it shtu I ho fumd praei' c tblt to ctlmlllpro it ilit thmree voltu Is, the p-ice to sub rsceirir will he 87 ptr vol. Sueni plions einccived by iWt.,1 ,l' EEs i Ait . in ear Cei anil Clm inti I .j5 rl r i e n flllici ReIcI (tteil. Iill I.. Thil totrl" i, trioed verv ,s, rln e to l o'el-l ex,'rcishing on thle didlbe a ,rtnueh s o ac ' lne ' r c inlllll C tlrln eIrcia| In-tlitte Ifn5 r yo ~nl1 grunlclllt.lei 1 i i l o,,rn d t i n i, to oI , k A.. t|., 1t)t (nncluck P. 11. llalf hoardiug scholsl. p.mlnited P A ,\UBERT'. - . ri - 1: t I sn-- + . . . . . . . . . NE/a\ OUII/Z'ANS c'llcl h1.i:-'JA, I|.\N-' Pace sareet, Lcbtcec .Ieora, .,r and Casacal/a, sra.'b. c/VaI/-;a./,a a Cs PECI:11. (elll.r-e of Book |e ilphe--'l he (courae af L n l i Kc e. pc a g oac/ etl sinca ,, ac -outl<, 1 clo- ill a ew ,lavs. luL . t call d neIl nhllcl/antc c alad - ,h ca are aentl l e ellc fhlih at thl in bonincr., aill ie the arierau/-a •u~s oil brvtl to thie pubhc Ii annglllh '. , I In V,'l"v. "ll n lltt s will he. iope(n ' 1,] n: lllll cu a' a s'f Foir gertlemeln relt lintg in the tppr1 part of theeitv, tlo et ntc chie s, three limi s a xcetk, /clc he ' o/penet t lthe ,o'lrnesr a at. I lll Land Excllua tg IPhae, if lub .cl il't-L'c re Ic ececI cal. FRED. WILKINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPL i;r LOUISIANA, O F'Ft'/RS his se.a.ices to cIll puhaic c:. the- depart aaacicll ac/eii. SUri ngdd CaC\II a Enicerina [Itllh in town /c d ,c/ itr/ . rsul n ca n-cc es.'c e cli/a/ic neP in hit c /clasaio . end -taa cc-nacc alca C/ tale in Ihe exccrul'Ia l o i b siltlles e tlutlledll to hilm, he hI tes to e i ,t c1IIi l'le'ie e la sal c-. ' f ulll lie putrunnl e. iewd' c.a Illtc easure nlld calculate the .a' tents ofI walls nlld cacu.clli/lcs. Oicea \o 8 lthartreasataeat, scOch ttoaryaa lha.r je7 1 . I'l'T 1) I.-t I..a l.l t \E-Cam de. istri, t S4/au 'in 'emi' r diItrie jscd, ianrca-Ilin/ a F'ul'er cr ire es t - c',i,-.\ a. I1649-Ia. en- sin des propai/ - t cl/l illnollcun e yII ntI -ai' accepar'e I ar lU Cour Ic se ac/ss cicti -e de Eadits cr r il'a nit liea al eretli' lid 1c \Wac .c Y. a .e \c , ntil . 1 a b ic uli e 4 ,cc I ibre pro illl r a 1i 1 a helra cc' ncares la. aic de del/herear asur l IT ire" d dat piiliinunir,, el it to da tla d ules p llr aliles coud e a c periostlu on sea proprhir·- slt a/ rl' eMlainnl Ia.l, A . iIwhnan,c jugce da In csr ei drI-u" rc" 1 I s,ýt&tbre 1{;:38. II ti:3 , 1V i.EW\ IS, le).Gr lli r . . . A IF,./tO 1 Ic G, a. Fiaas JcrciIAL 1)IsTIr T a IuaT.a -I AM F I I.:K, vs. aa is/a-arditcsa ; No. I,,4. 1een nc9e, l -- by tle Coollrs. for the llll'eft ofhi" 'trdi eia,; it ic or ca .a Ili t aalic etn' a llfc hLa sIc' cc il' ltoa a ti/t takl' al/l ce au / t, ialitce of \\ illi,'a T. I PoI- . Nottrv P' blitc, on I hltr 'da', thi ,li of Oc;toper n rt, oril t' l i'clock. A, 11., fr the purplll-l of deilbernlt:n on the ala cars o saold I'elicionnSc ; / nail intea, m anc ti e a ! 'ju ci' acIl c'/c Iadl /i caaciac ct his iPrca/cc and pea pera/ , - a r the" Couarl alresl ll, Ih IIa 1 aet aaPct ecr, 1 ac38. U IV . I. I, 1aepl a/l-,r . Il .rfr . Cl'k. 7 I" l " 'iI R-Ii-X lY-aa.'f ar slarec e unaalliic of ca peIrc n Itu/ a-i.,n shce, il n, florn 9 hi 15 tie. weighlr. AI-o, a / antity c lf 1: ia ll shoe aro'lL Jult receLved ap assca inoT of cIIlo i ki id Purln sa va I a/ll/e Iae-s aic aslla ,c t , 'a ''lll ltn Ian SlrI . r lUS)ll'FON- &. /51/ t aI,Ls 301 PUUN/) 'ION IC IMX l UIE.-A tp/edy and cttlin caron for cie Fnver sald Agu,', rtccittent l a ill inel te'la a i t thers; proe lre.! froa t tie t.rcginaal reeape.- U.'cd w;th enlLeata t and uni versal success ta I1832, by piersans ol tl o highe I repcabllality i-c this t cly, as stated i il the anneixed ce rlilatctes. This aeIll dlCi t ij hig.lly resrnamaendecd, and has b'clln exteIasi.,y used iol the above / Iiseases with suac distlg guistaa d success, that ahe proprie/tor ofl thu recpa has been induced to offr iat to the pub. lie tin its pre-ac.t foriam lt te hope that it /ayt, be the i anlls o -f reliv. .aain l lay ofa tnhal whc o are suf rnLg |unde(r thle scourge t ourl ctuulltry. It ir s of the.. disorder. It is not it all disagreebbhe, and persons of thie acpaakest l.loacaah, /aaa e ahl:gdren may take it wathiiapuatty. It streuvitlens ,the digvstivw organsc, rc/atca ac appetate, 'and atldoga requires more than one, or in oblsti/nat c s, tto bottaha Ito ffect a cure. Thlaroa is leither a ircury nt arelllce in the IaePdItclIa, Inor aien th g allll. I tLIous to the Ihccaan constituiaon. Tlrle lproprietora areL sa ,rell con/vined of i ts a 'i.acy, th.t lthy agraee I to reftnd thle price of every "bottle whclh hIas lben takenl ill cc.Oldalllce with the adret'olls anld Ilas :lnot tffc:etd a a perta: ct cure of IIto Ievr & ague. A. OLIVER, sola a.gient Ito Now Orleans, at his wh',teale /a'c retaila druga and u'tedcc:c store, c/arllner of lcevelle alnd C/h/artres s/trets. Faor District Ageacte.s apply to j,"5 T . 1, fITrI, 48 Conti a/t. S._ I1OSE large prenisas in ;irond tareel; one lot roan ltarona.e.athe l tio a/ta Ui l , Ia leaen, by a dept'l 'i lot--lheimprovsca ccu4rist i a doaubat I'rmcc dw Iliu Ilthuse anRd kitchens-and the iear lot adjumt icug has a brick cctcldng 3,1 by cl-n-dvidwed into thcre cenemsnas. IThce whole wl e AI t oIn tae.'oabli terms Ina good tenatu. .Ipplv to DOYLE & MAY, sepl 8 Carondelet At CI'Y BAHth. / New Orlseans, "5 Aug., 1818 r HIs Bark is ch!eckig oa blac YFork t iigha . gWli. J. J. PALFlas.Y, nug43 t shbier. PlEAS-I10l sack/ Genuan Pens a stoure, Gtr sala by SCH.\llMPLIN s. .;I-Ml'L.R, ILa mtion is ereeled no the mos t t an a airy and nu aIhnh'able astusntaint u6 Franklili, upon the railroad, on# ulit Math IuiI l'h ebhoiong i large and mutcrti.Aloilft ttl int., nl tnmeol r lir hepridg saparate dilMmt aht a andl |ifereit dkseasr.. t l'he iusrtuuoll iOn isuppti4d with the osiuwadn trtertive mule and trelnol, (mut"., riuu inonern ang0ug en. Private ruolt. tarty be At'd by gentltmemlal 614 41 larn per day, inecldrin, ntterndanre. d&e. 'IToero ill the or IonrY wVard, two dudlisf . Slaves ablo two duimrr. maull PIo in d fl wards. five doll;rs. All capitul riurrioll operarlret eOtrsa. 'Alle resident phvsleiril It IDr N eddetna.vOr I upptliatitl tir uadh.rorrn moust be londe ,tl'r p CtA A( AC . SIDTiS--I.hhdbucaoniottie.,l .d .lgfr6u LI nO . Iut ti .aoero Wayvne, fr rrt .ho. 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T g o 4or ruMo'l'AM 1eat car atzie Att. dot do 4 do rio do doilld T hA V Ae .k t sl t r;A R ---s nll db.a aefai eeth a.h.e rd S.m Lac, A i.' h Liberty, and 2l11 haI M, sn rtu f ho r rale tl n dLATo E da 1tlc 40Prr Jlk ear at Btt. l.E 10 tosks Philadrelphia Ale,1 Abedeo /d L o lust received. nod fur d al d R d 1 tEIN 10 A dCO rN, j)sl 9U Cnmmnonieet .' New rlen c ied c , areroll ael B all B Il .teum hlor ci do to do do 9 io d 8 do dol do do 11u do .ld, 1I. o i, do 1 I earo. or o.t dol u 'ure stera et 3s de iaeto n c0 r 2 ro t i ' c do" bl dei do do 6 do lt. do do 9 dti d.. do 8 do It. Thl Jath:kou street curs and l.afavette, halfrnal o'lock, A N. Canafl street at be o'clock . MIand run-, nle rhourly at 7 o'clock. These ealor will tqcmmene runalce in evr hall hour. tld cont;nu throm'ughout the -'llre arran-e :taut for the La Cottrse street car lie I atllte IN fit'r J.faek.,n <trPct. t. per I.ri. Saro, inl store, ar satle tby SLA'Tl R' & TRIER, m _irn Proedrac street. 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T GI(ET Ne iurlllre his siniere thanks to his C liiotids and the publlic of New Oilaeps, for the i trontlee bestowed on ii Iibtr the loat to q vers, and o Itutr to ia-sure Lh.lI that all orders comu-.ilied to is ,chIm e shall Ie plUclu ulb all tteded t,; he will ai I.n ei, eptIh otiitce open during the sulptner, aad shallah Ise |lsb rIhs , mlto trike off merchalt's eirao. arn., bu iles- and nards, fu ral oticees.naps, iane-, aw, d'rawtines, of e"ery description, at the Ihoiestl niler, and mi the nost rsae.oalhle tL.ria. einog t.i-itd fy artinls esupri,,r to any other e'tablish. Ilt(rt i th e cliy. anlld froi Iotp reperienee in lie Ilgrtaphict li.,n he tealo coolident of giving entire N I Apoitecurites and dlrug.ists' Ipels exeir.uted in i- gtood tle an copperpolate engraving, and. at one, thui of lb" exptonse. Jy24 ie. i. t. \ \DLIS-E-ii250 boxes bett New Bedford and bNl.ucktt , truadl , tar sale by ISAAC hit llGE & Co, anal 131 Mgazin etnreer. 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M rant .wishitng to hlave A uintifJl circula ttruck off at tilth shttr'st nIt'tice, hst 4iny) to call Ut the Orlesins Li. thogtu lhic t ittice 53 Ntugzitne est opposite Bank's .t rt,,e. sept 5 li.-IE\1OtIIIIOIIDS. _3 AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fletion:-This exo EI traordinary chemical compttsition, the result ot F piolce, and the invtctit, ot a belebratod nedi: cal Itn:, tho introdo.d , n of which to the publio owas invtVted will: tle solemnity of a deathbed bcquttt, hisn sline gained a reputatioon nparalleled, fuiiy satotllning thii cori.etiness of the lanented l)r Gridl:y's loot confusiion, that Lt hb dared net Iht without giving to poistority the beilefft of his ktlot.l.tage tit ttis audjebt," end he therefore b quealthed to Isis folilnd and attendant, Aolomods lilys, the eclret of his disbovery. It II now used it the prntcipal hospltals; and the private praetiit in our bouttry, firSt and most certainly ith the cure of the Ples, and so exten sively and eiff"tually is to baffle credulity, udlesi whern, its effects are witnccdid . iternally in the foll olloit roCllplalnts: For Dropsy-Ctraotisg e.traordinary absorptilti at olc1. All Swer.llings-Reducing thbm in a few hoiirb . Rheumatismn-Acute or Chrn6mo, gifing qiick asepr. Sore Throat--By Cancers, Uloars or Colds; Croup and Whoopimg Cough-Eztenalil, nnd over lith Chest. AIl luosses, Sprains, and Burns-Curihg In d few hours. Sortes and Ulcers-Whethef fresh ed lone setaodtlg, and lever sores, its olerations upon adultd and bhildren in tedun. ing rhouinat to swellhngs, and l.osening oaughs and tightners of the chelt ey telazation of the parts; has been l urprising beyond conception. The cotltllno remark of thlose who have dtead it in the Ple.. im o It acts likes acharan." TiH oE PI'L ES-The price, gl is refundd ao ny person wtho will use a bottle o01" i)' laintent itr ine Piles, and return the empty bktt tithoust bemtg eared. These are the positive orders of tin proIlnotor to the Agents; and out of nasny Iod.t sntins old, not one hti been nnattoesesfil. \Vt natight insert certdeatea to sy lengtIh, 164 prefer that thoue who sell the .ritihle, shtilidte. Ilblt the .riginal to pa.rhniaura. CAU'T'ION-Nnte cant be genuise elpt S lplunoldd engraved wrapper, on whicsh is P4Asallt ad alaso that of l'tihe Agets. Sold wholeinle and retail. bI . Co, Newc York, andl by one I- bvery town in the Unlun. For t ae by the Wholesale A,.A iti 4MW Cumn.t..a & Tlosoupitoutla issset, ea l I th Apoth riesrua generally. TO O\tNERS ANO USRS O 'URGEON WA.LUGR.AVE'S " POh DERS, &c. N. I...-TIsM i bha been intruduoed into the gaontiy ti lt ~ita the anon hs, the sLtomshsLg dsualsd ks t'st with hIIa entirely eoeeed .t Ioe stl inSlaat, hiopoa sullti prop irtr. 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