Newspaper of True American, October 4, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 4, 1838 Page 2
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MO punlt to djoaramntnt.- SDAinY .. ad rdr, Alder. 9ý4 co... her.eing no goomm the JOHN GIBSOtO, Serertary. t AtRMIVALO. eme Smark in hl to in Iln lan . aWail...... OMsoo-r. y. h .from Mobip, wth. S .ti mote.. Ito, owne neld.lm Pol.0 0, . 0S0up.. s tiM W l a iSdo, W lnow r cI ontI nlua. teolb i Soireeiv Dsh e nel r.Se relo ,Adam & W bkit m ; rie .r b had ettn..C F AI SAAd RRIDGt 7 S -,ooro baheorsD. L 0 oo rtftmnQ ttWhuoor oo SdoWylowhrr "i J aolpl, Dpt Reed rd lady. Piro S" LI A WIN TE LOTHIIr p. C ' REMAN CO,. No 3, Mgr~elne street, edi iag their supplies of Foil ad Winter .JI continue to receive hipm.entsw read tiheo seeson. Thr boaortrent bing, tn I hem to sEupply m A Fiehen from I Ud the sor1est notice;rol wod,. W t i RIl caLkts. C.r I leahed, Asuormmer S Olaloing from bhip Mi..sippi, suitable F . l1. INT EBR CTIDGE CO S-eePsElAp. 1 CO.. No 34 Magnzine siret. SotON i-100 bales Lowell negro Coti hornto. 4 rop4th. rhonrie f by •- h elo4 o o 88 t wravimer t 8 brlrelsodeirog meroos. soft clear, ft S-" , trTETION & AVERY, "FOATING BATHS. " BE Floolting Bathe are removrd at few squares .' furSther down Ireo their forner cIneution. 'I he coi t ton Prei moonlbuo goe nr.rl) to the pres Stbooaoo of tre Bath.. T'he price oft bath ito e 4w11pwd wl2 14 .cnts. a1te .: INB -.tP-5bales L.owell Linorev, o.oe iod Lil pltloOf asorted color both osre and wide Ionretosdf by STETSON 4. AVERY. ect4 88 ;,rG errtn S, lo's ns d lBrogans-4-?7 coasrt ooln, 'J..s and Brogas lanoding from lips. Chero LbpllBmAn ,and enry, e mprirng a gogodetastor mlsNa.d suittoable for the city or country trad. and ," .[h willbo sold o thi moot aecmoaetionC terms. A F DUNB BKc NO, cl, 2 Coousletom House at. 1 J' FRg.EAIAN 4f O., - No. 3, MoonoAZIE 0T. ' "AVlsotntly on hand i lerge nu pply of Cloth. .ag, elulaed for the countoory trade. This a f. mai Ilrge. laerehcInt from the countr. can ,rooppliod at hbs shootis notice. oet4 S'' LMAANACS for 189-Jou.t pblliished ibe tar eihsot' and Plantelr's Almanac for I13P; oill nrawlotlonts or the No Ib old Soutllh Weltern talets, rItioo.laey Loaieino. Misaioirpi owl Alabanm. for Win by the gion, dozen orrtninle rpvi b C DAVID EI.T s& CO, NY Blatisners's Hall, 24 Chortr It ecl4 U ·Tlhe hilp Hon,,ibel, Capt. Matford. from New Yort, in sow dschlarging oppoeite the Min,. ('.,n igaeesawill pleese attend to ihe recreipt of thel goodd. LLVL li GALE, Agetl, , e. i 9: Co.o. _ ... t A FIRST rate Milch C:w for an e. Apply to Capt Gardiner on board ship Yaso, o,tposie Ve gets. A market. f.40 lt. T'O WAIt'.l I)EA1.h1ttt;. lHE attention of persaos wo deal in water, is A' auld to n ordlnsnce of the first Alunicipait'. .usII st'thser silti ol thebs l0th of Auglot lt,--lthe Asmfieasla' Water Workt, having com.pletel three :Public Uydrants. will, on the 41h inst.. be reod, to de , li e l w lte eons o y l r. o. . s o . m a y d eo ire th e .a ln e ; th e ticks Aor h s for stsar, canl be nto at die fflcflte of t.,O.lly, in.o 0, Maganine stret OfiCe hours froe I AA1,t3 P I, and uuld uighl. ELIOtT, oasn .3t Slr'v PLUUR--4Io bbla Imhe It ur, for sle ii" e~ .t 44 New Leved IED BEAN-I0 as a o to sa storc and for oale by 5 G DI)RS EY. pet3 41 New Levee 1 PPERASI-. bblo'insitoreteoa-or'nsle.hy ect3 4 New Laved ' pNb. sEOIL tJe and for tr aea bytt t.c cl3 ' 44 ,inw Levee 5htl1.S, SOAP, &s.-W.oter bllchred" tSper.i Oili . F all bleache t Sptri , il, i pure article. Nt,. ud i, Soap of Valeotiie end oilier Irnodatt--J uid' Ilt. osat-perm C.n lies, and malnil lot of Spnnili I'litci-l pe Sgerlp of aulprior quality, iii ttrem andl or saleby eO BLANt:HARI). Octt) 33 Gra, er at -9TlI'7-N G-v4 caoen Liverpetol etisped twilled iabila., Iading frner Pork .tieiro, for sale Iy ISAAC BttDiiE& it. OetI 1lg p agazine st PRINTER WANTED. A JOURINEYMAN lPrinter wantel; none need'ap. j.. ply except wealriqahiited with Job Work. bolth IJM and solses, pply at DAVID FEL.T & CO., S N Y tationers' Ilall, Chnrtre t AISO-- Lad to r prk in a Primling Ollice, and uok bldter ; apply no al ve. iU ltliti LL.Ai-6 ca es tal tua Umnbrelia ,landing from anip nliasisiiii. for .Ue by ISAAC BtIItluE & CO, Del 114 Mlagasind at. 'EF'INEFD WIALE Otl., I€e-O5 borreln ~te.t; Iledibrd refined Wholes(lit of superior quasllw lnauiks New JBedf.rd winter oil, worraoted plut, lo lndingl from barque HeIri, from tioPtoUl, for oile by JOSEPH COUKA YfI, Oats •5 Gra vir at A' lCa ofKiAG V t a u-o jrior srfi i- alEa. i.aive d a for cole by WINS'TON & SHALL, *spg5 7 Front Levee l'A. I.. i INE-I00 boxaeskhlte.u La n1th, S l00SO boxes Midlc, a giiwt article, lIcasle by -WIN.JION as H Al.i., 7 Froat Lease S'PA- NIE D'ASSIURANCE CONTIIIE LE iEU--D la Nonvelle O1 sons. , T IEs etUoainae de reols com a:nie sent noties 4late s ie versement eat du et payabl lit Od'Itolbre . tda an bureau do Ioueapugmio. 8 iept E i. i',tAUY,secretaire. 1iMEVN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORILEANS. TH0 SItaklaci o of this company are hereby no t i dihd, that tbs fturthin*ltlmnt in their stook i 'a ,add paiblaoe the ninth day of uctober uext, * 'inotl f t omapllay. E S T aCY Now Orleans, sep8 .. de'y. ." 0IACCO-200I Itoes maafcrtmured tobaren, s, L Ii, mnd pound In rps, of variotis bradali and qpa SIkr% lee.r ,ale by v pp5 ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine at ,LTrTER. 80kI egs Western Butter a storte a wtI be sold by LAYET & Al ELUNO, eapig . 17 Commerce st. 4LEAsI R tl Iatealcar pork in stolere and LAYET O AMELUNG, I lse 1 Ctmmoer'e steret. if rL tb d. & o lanea di I'l Tb as h (erdq. /trfr sale, liatlitkaroim ship a: -aad, . 9 . mixad negro a ct . bale .wllld S ied e slotb;ls 18 Itlese li.neye, asseried ul. e;lte"lse w. t u ,akin; l cace prtnled kerney" lwheavy rmifxed Cmlduraerreo;. 1 ba leiutliabshed ,ISAAC BRIDGE Ako, 1i - 1.14 Magazim stree S 'i S tld oia I oar. aIrirti and Swriand'-.I Ioat0 tue, rrca.vtl b " ';It II O\NAREL nape 'l't.repitoulas HI E-3-0 hiinut, for 4ale ,by aNg gI , G lUKSlEY,44New lever. S' )WLAND'S TONIC MiXTUIIE. 1 3IBRAE'I)fore the uesof Fevser od Ague, J D r)J debqilit). s r ro.ot this iovtlnoll.e 0 been reeived hy ti seeritbers, direct lrey who nsm prepared to supply siney r ,.rehdts, on the most ,eaou. JARIVIS 0 ANIREWS, Wholesalea e telit Agents for Lousiaino, '-vc jij MIDb't=.-j . caske Cuperilor Cilocinstii si rlIi e " toIr . aIl for sel, by i; tOWt SEY, O+ ' "44 Nea Levee. '':·-i) ·I u cr I'li Yw TR 3 4MKICAN. at'rua t. .JewMsr AllefMIt. T'HURSiA .... ..d.C..¢ I81 4. IssJ The Express . allesterday brought ' lor from beyond Charleston, rhe dates from which city are to the 28th September. The Sersn. Up to the latest dates, the weasher I still entinbed stormy on the spast; and we lean freot Charleston that the ship Canton, from New York to this port, hal polt in there in distress, hay-. inl sprung her rudder. The wand was hlowing a heavy gale from the N W, accompanied with much rain, and the aspect nf heweather was so very threatening that the iream pagketSoph Car olioe, for Baltimore, was detained. ' ('-I Mr. COldwell has been req ( osted byn large numbh r of Voters to rr-publish hsa. srguments; in favor of euhic tone pavements in pamphlet form, which he has consented to do. This array at farts, and ficurea, is making daily proselytes,; ot the leant prmrd of which iN the resolwrion of the Council ol the Ilt Muonieipaliy to pave I00,006 square yards of the block stones. Improvement is.emewht slow to enter the plans of our friends helow, and the promptitude of this inrin ,vti-.,, speaks loudly for the palpable advantages inoffers. The pamphlet will be r.ady in a dlay Or two, and then our ci iens can more carefully peruse than in a newspaper'erlumn, the arguments offered, and the proofs adduced. . Among the many mi.fnrtitunmentrehed to the loss o' the packet hip Kensur'ky. is the stoppare ofihe works llately going on at i, e Bdlize. Some heavy ch..ine, and other.artleles required by the dredgers, employed in eleaning out the morrh of the Missisnappi, woer on bnardl that unfrtunare ship. The delay conseqoent on this misfortune will retard operatitens for at least two months. We crn find no mention of ny immedrliate ri.e in the Ohio, or indeed any probbhhle prospect. The boys walk over from Cineonnati to Covington, and the steamers are laid up, by dozens on the sand. bare, in the river dwn to the very mouth. Public Improvements.-Few themes can be more grateful t the pstri,,s than the puhlie im prrv.ments of Ihis coantry. end through Lo,,isiana may have hut little inmmediae inter, at in those of Penneolrvani., she has a general par'icipation in her welfare since rhe success of any one state most more or less influence all. The following calculorions are received from a merrantile *riend reently in Philadelphiu, and we publish herm in the hope they mny he useful as data for nour own Ieilea'ope to see that in the matter of publie im provement a liberal expenditure is in fact the truest economy. PUILle Wotxs or PEaer'YLVAnrt. SDear Sir Yon. 17th Sept. 1838 Dear Sic, in rtviug ryet, s few dave s ao, o enortril tinn of the msvemertain the State of New York' on the arbject rI internal imrro emerts, I ro mir. iel you a statermlet of the diings in Penn'a. in bhe arne reood work, here it is condensed into as small n comprass ns Icorrld give it consietrnt with the desire I have tr cnnvey to you I proper under serndir r, flie matter In I111n 9 years after N tv Y-rk. the cmrmrn werlrl-t P rntnlvnnio.t . use their own go.l t rm. frr the r .nat ,armo.,rrerd a seriesl of plhtlie works the ex,, nt and preperr of whicrh I will detail here. sat. r; in the meaon timte for requhlriJt Insak I will fi t slate to .ou is fiscal p ai'in at tInat timrte, eal clrre my Ilter hv t irttlv you a view of how it stands now tin the name point. In 18.6, th. State tou ed d debt of $1,680,0"0 Aganlst which it was possessed of the tollow. inv. ttt env: BtSk Stcks, rto the extent of $2,100,700 lT'r spike Strctk*,-sub.erihed in nil oar httr dresraption of Im pr menllBd, 1,809,356 31 ShlrrnrS i, Bidges sod Naviga. riutl Stuck, 543.500 $4.461.555.31 Thieh e'eon.mfrrnbl poleibo truly so, far u' m ,i, Vwa, n em r erned, hut the great strides New Yo;k was taket hurried them on to an op posite couree Ihan what liad g".vrned their coun, seus bier,, r nd you will Per in ith end ithe,, te se.sdy eomtnliniarlth has eri'raeted a debt tof 25 ,tl,illra which like N. Yirk will bIepaid ff ane of theu: dans Irb, hnt h e wrr''ne fihe wourks fir ha leunsaitrtri,n /f; which it wasbnlrrwed. Now 'sr life rirt i eat thea works in qraliutn and their ngn tiude will, I think lseurewi ,i nbitnif h vou, learing deti.lm othin'n, ior day i! teoa suich Ifr lie pr,."nn tn i.a thet they emhrirr ifl tihe agnrero i 891 f n lee enl Ial and 161 '114 minhie l iail rea Illl nf which activeal,er. aetin rxclnt Ahluto 100 emiles now in flie course ofw .oeirtuculiin. .,er.e imcruv;imenl9 have coi 'he mlte mu fr $23,851,013 93 ernie exlcksaliveif co. lider'lel suule -aiule uiisburrde fir ru-entilre.ionn ncd repairs--ll of wlii'h with the rxception of a panr ul ti.e in.ut't redived frot the Purpls r-ve. uvo plprpnurmtiuen I1o bheen raised Irmin lime i lue as Iihe ltituty wae neided by an issue sale of Mlate tiit ds. F"ollowhing the aove named exienrivk werks ate othiner ctnsiruet,.d by individial erneriiris'.tin th liape uincl rpuerit.r4 eoipnnle., of whl,.h 286 mtiles ate 'll ari.elrtedy tompetlr ;st.o me 196 It4 noiles of rail rni'.,..,tt addilite io li.ese there are o6 atiles mre oia l bs in the. coutrano fir ntrua. tion. b, aides 368 ril ia o trail road.-judina Iroem thle tha1t tlin it is evident that wmay, are grow. ii.i i-,ia iciit Iaeiir fr;m the fact, I saplnst, if ithrir ,iviug greeter Irovt Iling facpliiiem with equ.,i tnpabrhieira litlr t t r.pioriaiiin if nroduct.,r Fruit rwha I lhare ,id aou will note Ih't tell Prto. ilna nlt iniprtiviclrnis illw emtnrerr 1i73 nmiles ci c nsl anr 7n54 uedes if tail ripd!;n-f-,nid t hy mie Ilennll .telll bounds to nurllhr -irhnl on thr e mesucne. .arrlvir oUt toi attentinn 1 repreamed in be Bank Prck. totheI extent of 3 .,108,oi9 'l'uroplkarnd Uridge S m.chk s np ,eided ito pmolic work,. 2,595.19. 411 ( anl d rall m rtnd belohg inw th ne dtrr, 3,85s1,0.3 93 d Can.I tnd N ivigitii BtouLke °i pil tuluhiu t u'k, 410.1000 Duaiuille aeld Pusvie tail road Stock and to pub. woraca 21,23t j4 - ...t.,..6,S8?.253 67 Due from Lnd meld, - r ' i,8 0.20 o Against the 'regloing the tate awe a "2 i 3 87 Soaued, oa:' ertinaug o publc t1,90,M th Loin lot Union CUsh l Caompad y o0000w 0 i'adnpe:rry Loan, It, ll 0 Unlaid op. far phblij works; 8ib2l 53 Inebhl pertainiog to amnals, amd railro'diL, 22,2r'.003 3? Surpliu reasutuedua to the U. 1 2,867 514 78 -26 8,'38,139 52 The frg;inag lhomwl that the StatU ha an exeuss of 1,72814 35 'fou,'hing the income' from the works referred to l' wa htwtt in the In 1536 $838,805 7! In 1837 they were 974,35 46 which showe in a: yearmn inrease of 137i,54 74 Fou will unldee.itd 't.h'd e fig.r' sa ntea. the eriel sums rei'eivi4; chat the ,zx;endliuree were durinng ihe ume perriod-, I ru'd nuwhera .el in Itrma tin dlno,; bt as the GCovernor in him lasm nietesag set dows, 'he prithablegra.m inpome from the wlata.'for 1}31 ao bt -h1,OOOO, itI is note p o hhle'lthal nnay ax pnditure A.gainst hnhat em will in erlre in irevent the ittpraretitent paying fair interen.,par irularlv t r wurko eti!i In thelr ii, fancy-- dd in which no doutt is eXpresed any hi reo itn Ii. ttule Iuin that the in.otmite will pro. irevivcely in. re tee, as 'hey hove dane it, N. Yerk, wi h one year only nu all exception-firki t.o pm the tntereat on tIht running loans and then €on trbute.yoearly to their 8traau.nI exinguiehment. T'hl toregollgu mty dear sir, may tie of some service inus one iof these days in our oanrtitlts wi'b the legl.lature. I en aemuro you that ii o'as gotten with itueh hard laebor. SWe rejoice tu ftind tat phlttetore of wisdom ;re no longer to be found eaclulrvely in the eeyinl of departed ugeti for ae mainy "wisne saw., t'ar now to be found among "modern instancees" as on the tulsty shelves tf the black letter boi.,k worn, --nay eene the daily pres, so often ridicu Ied, aid seietiones an justly lton, en. hbltlthu me geu, llam pearls ere found in theb rough en ouyters. If aty ascptie questions the juatice al this complilmentl to our fellow scribe we beg to refrer him to the leading article oa ncrtain tdtl. 1a, oiTuesday lest: yet, as the good things of ithe pres should be made known by all who hee an interet in its popo!srnity we nill aeeill in im. high place it desenu a etrhlaiu e Meel the day. - "True to the maifm hik`hhasu lwur. guided I oar eonduet, we'madeudpirebi eeoodce yieterday, f that of parle itesseetto the public, in recemilg the deilpublieatloerml the Bee. Having .no b ject is w. but the knterest of the eountrv,.we are Sever tredy to urreder ouear own ip e(der to pro. mruteit.* Nu,econbideringthe cireunmutentcr bf l;e case, we hardly knew for which of its qualities to com. mend it: its modesty is undeniable, its truth pal pable, and its eloquenee irresistible. Yei, are we, sonebhow forcibly. reminded by it of the delinquent who stole his friend'! umbrella, and modes .grand iAdrish about hib honesty when he restore it to the owner. co. . vomu1cATcdj Mr. , Voter of the First Ward,L"hq. ettetapted m the Bulletjn of yesterday to prove the fullsei of Alderman C:aldwell'e scheme .nt blukh pavement And to conture hise rglultente on the subject. Let us see in what manner the gertle. rine had ucnceed d. He admits tie h'"projeclt" would do well if it could be effecied with the ease wrhich Mr. Caldwell anticipees, but orsottlh be. cause the plan has not heen ad.,pted in Northern cities, whern the materidls are ehepere, he jume at the conclusion that it wo.ld * iniorsanlcaile here, nlnd to esablih this point, he adds the fl. I-owing m*t.lremarkhable argument ; that to his mind Mr. Caldwell "might as well, and wtth as much proprietl, prdpiele the p'ement of nour city with marble as with square stones. Perhaps to the gentletllan's mini." our dreoylen "milght as well sned with ams much p.prpriet" sltrubitute the high priced and delip.tsly forined race hnra in tlte plece of the haery .mtle and the powerful Icattherer. In atewer th the elahoraeat, nd admi rible lettemen of Mr. Caldwell (evidently pre pared with much patieene and enare) hewing an tnornenetol savint to our citienrs by the' sub.teo tten .t'h lnck pavement for the .reond stone. "A Voeter of tile First Ward," t'dbublt much if we coul I gelt our nrmeihrandine tra.nrport d at any lees texpense, if nur whoer city was pnved.with bl'cks of norne a ad.l m omenlts recall tln tnust cuonvincr n In one that.itwould Drrove tejureieu to hoeres t .an the round sa ne pavement." As for the gen'Ie mtan'u doublt Ite is walcomne to theln, but uur en. I ghtered commanniy when doubt arise in't lr' ullttd. geerolly Ireort to argument tn temto s thenm w:tih cours A Voier of the-First Wardt might din well te lopt. As the gentlenan has not ittempthd in denty the other tmne oif saving eshwn by Mr. Caldwle 's statement, we must con cludp-he h a no doutsof their correectlnes But Mr. Editor, slihb,' "e m.elntis rn olelion" m40 Sa"cnvince"t'A Voter eof the let Ward." tI (ha "lc stone would be mtore injurious to herses them the presenlt ruttnd stonel pavemlnrti", ii -wo.ed require a ureat drol mire refleetien to convince maly p r sons in this comiun.any f such a reiult: let thell therelioe have a 'me reason ifor seuh a eonviettnn. A Voter in his next sentence agnln double c he. the a ' con ract lor paving could been made with any almother individual motre advaretag'on than with Mr MinttlnnMrneln cltis.n have n-. such doubte. Let proplnrl ols Ihr paving be aedverltoed to invite the lublic atleltine to a candid ann care. lul inves igaltion ol M'lr Idwtll's artsu urnse andl data, nd .. firly to conlrast thetll with the t1 sI deite t" and dellatanllun of'A Voltr of the Ftrst Ward. A VO I'ER OF THE THIRD WARD. The "Natchez," Capt. Storey, cleared from N. York on the 25 Sept. She may be expected to morrow, or Friday. The a E.eulrcr iunounaell a that it will herceforth he printed an linen paper only, aeat: that it is worked off at the rate ol eia thou-and lsheetsl er hour. The public are invited en visits a its uew mamlmeth press, sad see it In operltioull Foraeign C taiaenets h.hitle nour amhaeeado. to England, and'the Irish agitator, are bandyiqg words that are "cousins gernlt" to blows: while O'Connel is reported to have said of our ouantry. "I believ- their very im'.aesndor here is a slave hreeder, one i thosli beings who retar ip slaves fI, the purposle of traffic; l it posat'reI thAt Aa erlen wotuld n I. ue here P !ltan who irac.isin ioDluud, and oho s a diegrace to hum li.i" and when called on,--with.out Jenying tile spirit of his columni ui words-contents himn f elwith ar serIing thlt it is ni "a corner rerport ;-two oth - or forrlgners.-of very opposite and dietinet char acteristics-are pa .licly expressing their warm ad. mtiration o1 Anmerica, and the Amerticana. Tiherr two re no uother than tle accomphehed, and elm. gent Celeste, and the binff bruiner Dnel BUrkeh Though equally heberty in their reepeclive way, the eompotnent Il the two ore as diverse, as their pursuits, and prattseee. The foot and the fise which each.can use as well, are not more distinct than their langtage, yet me bt h foot, and fint, a like, derive their inmpulse from the heart, on do the ppolished eompliinent of the elegant danseuae, and the rough civilly of the untulnred boxer, e.ring Itr,, the snmegnod fepling. Celeete takes leave ol her E.nglial. friends, and proudly points iti tfhe home of her adoption! B0rke makes hie..leat alt. peal to his fighting brethren, and if disappoint ed consolve himeelf that "there iq another and a better world." But hear them both. "I hevetrh cnnaitati,in 1."ft, Iam going to the land of i sy ad.ption-J mearica!-the r .gion ,.f th., moinhain and tle itke-- here hospitality give. wi.tecme o n tle tranger, and Liberty admilr .i. to the birthright of ti Ire fre. CELESTE" 4Ii bar 'neither noutnry nor color-are not .imepitna; and wheiher is be thq Gr;lihl Caunt, I hr hi ilardy anllt.ognse Bendigl, or any olther iten I wuio ever were a head, I a his customer, nda*t I mistake." II I find the race o oltd FRiuglill Iboxrs otlte right kiudney is extiiitt, I shall go back t, .'nierica, w hrre an honest ma.l need never want "a friend or a botlce." DEAF BURKE ", ?TlThe etuing racing campaign bids fair to be of utnuonal brillianey. The firt action will take placeoin'he L ouiniena Course, on the Ponchartrlin Rail Road where ,roopa of honee are to have atII fight in the las, week in Novetuihe: at the Ecl ipa trahk in Decealer, andi at Metairtein the eseond. Ak there are two tmonths to elapse beftre Col Oliver'soperations commence fltere is arple tim. tIr advertising the puoeoa-the PIne)une. ti the* eontrary nitwithhanding. Ti]he promise olestpri l*large. oarah Bladet is at the hecd'if Col .Bingeman's string, and Fanny fright kide fair to be one more .iall ny fancy painted her '' Mad An'tonyr Josh Bell, and nthirs in Mr. Rnrrow' seta ble are in first rate irder: and the Wi:lls' have a lng'etring of Imported yotung ones added to, their liht that will make the wind whistle aboult their J .key'e s re. There are strlgglers alto rouind about that now keep dark, Ibat will be very apt to prove of the singed eat order. The Cincinnati Races over the New Course eummnen~ed onartit inst. The pr-prieloralpuirs, mile heata was tiken by Roteksey in I 6 -I 51 - I 55 and the Bredert's lace by Gt. iI. Sinlaii's b g Victoria, 37 0. The editors therer;bout seem s, little sequaintpd with racing that they furnish no parieulare of pedigree, time, weight, or any other imponarrt particular. g7 Theoapmeof billiarhinn hnrsebhek has it length been p'aydd: the 12 points occupied three hours and forty minutes. The horses had worsted r stockings drawn over their hoots to deaden the toise, and the way they frisked about was euri. Iue; for when the rideFs took their cue to strike, the nags took their rue to blt. All hands beong called to table, the prni ing eretorn rehblered it very dtfficu t for the rider to '"hold himcelf "-on: and harder still to cannon, as they woqld tneilher steand fire, nor still. The players were well known for theirgaeme, and so were the her ee, aut the billiard balls reminded them too erongly of the frre et"s, and the memory of being obliged to I bolt rbe loiter, induced them intui ively to bhilt from the forms. The had .aete of the one, I.f them no tamete at all for the other, and the leaueiee of the spot ball were.lost on an imagination fixed upon a bolus. The louea makes ten pointea so that these two gentlemen members of the Jockey club could have been no mean jockies Ihemeelves. UY ieard of Flct.-The Cnurer Iaeurds its readers that the disease termed "the Drngue' has this singular earct, that it proves more violan, with the seed and inlfirln, than with the hearty and young! Il addition to the sommercial latelligene we hi published yesterday, we this day give two very interesting latterat one on the matters of the M neys Market, the other on the Corn Trade. A. It must be at least 8 dais before we get any fresh s.reige news by the Royl- William, these corn. ,manieationa have additional interest. Lofiros, Sept. 7rh. 18"'8 By the return of the Great We.tern steam Ihia, wbich sails to.nmorrow on her third Iriumphan ' vysae' to world, I rend you en seo ,btut of all that hite recently necarred of importance Ilt Vnglish merran.ile mone..ery and political nflr irs '1he meraentile intelltcence recevr.d by the r Great Weslern Iatn the United Stalt a. has been r ennsidered most cheer no uo this suleaof he water .tnd the.numerous extensive or terse r rot an English menntfaqeured gtods hteve given a ct n c viderabhle titulualt to buSinese in the ianuf:eic . t ing districts; whil-i the perfect lacility with whi h caeh paymense have been si. generally rteeuu.nle by the betnks, end the altnndint cropso ii every deasription with which the Union hea teen fe.vr. ed, give rise to anitipaet ins ol an extent of tr ine Atlantic businees, which will largely tllei itse the pressure and Isairesr which otherwise w,,uld pr-. baIly have been witnessed in Engtlanld during thle ensuing winter ntottlih For commiterce is int a very stagnant condition in almlost all ouarters ot the world excepting in the Ultited Stateet-no other natitti having the internal energlteswlii~h free inlatitttions allone rat bestoiW, and none thller hb:ving apperenily eonmteneed to he resteeitateid ron, the blows aIi tihb panic of 1836. With the East tnd-es-Cllins, nd all lhe Stulth Amierican Situes, the paralvyi tit trade continues with Jitlle prospect if an early improvelnt in of-eire, nn, the inanufactluing popularionl of Lance-ahire and Yourkshire, are t.ow priieipally kliept in tperaliti by the reviving transalcitllln in the Americari trdtl* In the Lotntn money tnnrkeir, affire, hower r, are extrenmely dull. I'lse shun lance oI miliney :n the heandsof the .La kesr and:bill biroker coi-. titees ttat.-resil, hbut petulattblms ere extretitlv fee. The .hseace if the prinaiW pautli.s, which is usilal at thls season of ield up irls, water 1ig ilaces, and caltinen al in a,l I is it a mnrke e.tet in e,ressains the, onnetis tif the S Ost Eaeangle: asld this dull less extendls ieelt to' all the Aiteriltan luelner. litn edlaion to the larue infla of trane-A-rant c t auiies, which hasheenl ,i sitmuch noticed tee-rnil), thete hle just arrived a gsentlelman f.rom Flititdi, .louel Gamble, wi h ltss millimns of dollirs an sterlinig htnise at pier stnt. which are aaout to tie negoe'alr5l: but the terms have nit transptled, nor is aiy thingt l kn*wn lt tihe prlsepeels of tlis new stlclo, excepintg thlit in the p elelt state t the marke ,1ir-nat tie so d ar a depresi in it price,. 'ite tit, k if inft Hal.. of the Unitled Stlaes hsl beetl lfiaelt den t in vtlce the crrivll of the Great Westrr;rn hillt it price ,as not reachell higaltr thlnn £.52 6 , aind I.,r large amountsU the qulltl ion ,ltiiot ir tail' n inI thle Iret tin lees. in miscellaneius Amllerrno rseairities the tIranslelitis coinuiltUe. to tie I rgie inl e agglregte hilut the irice is pilierltll) Sse8 ed iuolls br the weight onf Itock which is daily ,fferedl, end which dail contlnuOee It arrive. At the close of the En- helne thits llternio ill :, tloll 'w" Iw tc'iree '" q.l 1n. i nI, "t ,rrk, .: New York 5 par rents. IP-i); 93 (.9t do IPO0:4 .t 0t; Shan.ylroUlta, 0060-4-5. 94 13 935 Ohio. ,eti, t .1 ot; do b te entei . 1i.5, l9 I1(tI; d, 6 perc .rtit. Irue. Ilo t Iill; Loalaitat. (uarinlr's) 9n; do (Iuierdi'ts 96 0 Jui.. Altnbim, :t. Ia3(. 384; do Sitartonl oHd, 9:tIta O4 New York City. 91 is Ji Neo Orleans Sterltlu iiond. 91 t 9.'. LONDON CORRESPON)DENCE a, Set. 8, 1838 'rhe parlintenttary retcest as to, plitiimal watrltlr what winter quarters are ton war of hlotd, an tp;Oorteoilty of planning and orppringlt FUrC fn)r - r. atian's a hre-thing time In enah'e tihe helligpretti. to ealoul te their rea ttreeP and itt renew honsliirie with greater etirilt thn ever Inst,.al of parii.. menety ".iatrliigenre." ( the mark) we hovt now the iltelligernre," (anve the mark nlna) of ppoular meetings. The par'ilment hue ma ifeat.l tsa spjrit, or rather its want of n;irit, (I sooenl. t rhr'Commtnne) and tht pelene are nraw manil st, on, iheir spirit, or r t'er'h.heir would.lhe spit i, oir th y talk mlteht and do little. Thery vailerate I1n iI ahout liberal memhers, yet n nineli lle o ,,Io f tin they choase Ilrv or irukltng oes.l D ta na, rhe Inot Iesoion a.flrd ahllnlanl prnor oif thIs? .!rocely pa meantllre Prolped hv Ihp. Colltmmllllln w oa Ipased withoutl hring s.,r mantled ihr lt tortv lords as soareelvy o te rec.g",iztable. Thie .o, housea seem to have reevesolv he teelv.e il. ,ine' . and that o'ea to the house tof Irds Their hfrdthinn have had it all their own wiy, they have Itnhid wlhll they leolsed,a.ratochd Iour wheit thy tpleas", and the Commonsll h re idl, '"thank vn , r, shall do jutst what you plas,.'." What the In-. sreaioln We, auch will he lite n'xo ; if the rtlid e cannolt khlock th e Iree.ant ninis l trl doewn, theo will at leuat ra i tre tha they lall r , ris - i ,ve the ;: their immenae inter,,s t et.t c Lioedl i titl ioe indlf'ronene of thea iddlintg cllra will inui:e thern this. Mr. t)isller, th Isteward tof a gPiotlmnll it i Notf Ik, has .aoelv llade himsell rloontriltlo. Ir. I a to , t nd ot le t i f e e poetr Iamn bill Oflfnalve an his po,:i ia mright hei to hils mployer, then wotoid hnve Ibeen tontt,'ied, but Ihe became a defaulllltr; thte was "i horse .fr a dlifferent collor," ohereotrl, he deierv'dly ,i . misted. F.,lm Nnriolk M.r.O pro.eti-.ld t, York shire, de 'rriloon hitcnelfae a polllluti l ti rr'tr nwod labors with all his ,night rt excite the Yorkshire. o,Ilks to rebel ngtiine t ht e po.I r i lw lo i 1. lie o ccu.' sitonmd a moonltary sen-n'i..lo I,nt llout t~na quirkly over, then-l.nro w..l O tiler. The great ditltult, Lord lru.t ,ham, for no diel ltur could he netre poeilive th.n is hi re.ty LIrdsailp, announced he death and lhri.I tof the hear ehopa upon hit isnd the Duke of i.We :hl,~In on. abotitul fi t. Meany a day Ihae ir. Illerphl"r rel down for rain and s.trr that hlts utoe Id tIll tanr. otherrwisn. Perhaps Lt-d Broltgh:am and th Duke may fi more dl ot dlliculy to ptllini down beerh shopq to on the wisd,.n of elthbe or b hoi itrogathler may contemplate. Ntlhill sh.oot 'of the meatl linspoti: torrslie,lha greatelste rcleansna. of lhe I eo ,fisrts tf.the poIororud have naugrese rdlenh n on idea. LUsrd lJruuhllo oieloy dimed wirh tlhr icele. ad v.ctallera,:eli to lhtt publeans, :ntld tt ttlttli t1 I-r itllerwallFr, proosedll the "~meaure " a measure I much noire cruel lthn tllo a, hoo puhlilounl goeoerully are. A nmore tupotltic iteasure, or o.r tI i gr nt r injutiate was never ctnuemplited. Tihe lhetn. d wvlruullers are booud "y Iw to furih e rvlry entaer n with a se.t, a file toucoo.k at, aned other aconve ancnes, ilniat odf whieh nlleo ut , ter do utao supltj even a soait. i.,rl'y, elling tover otte cunlater Whera then is n te lathollrling manc ilt g.r a taner edr'saed, or a pint tl torer tot drik we h it 1 Nowhrer but at Ilab her hllI,s. Perhaps htl Iordshlp lt a l ri"ind to gMi; it brings a sit lulleS.te revenue to gtnverrnoent. anu a. Lord lU. draws ola incomie of ,f-05.0 u year for dut.g nthitg, n, w'uiter he lhould llpport 'th' enslles whereoly tIr Ival, i our gio'.,a nltoet, prolific a ureo of revenuei i My hlird tl Ex.i-es" la a his wtootk goiln 11. It uleltid is ni ad tot ItotIl el.el' to reur d ar hullli) it his IolI clloirnlui.p a lenla 4 timers a yea ito their chllurhes. Olia of ilm hoie ot.nly rerelh.t aulnal this panl coarges his eccluatuolltital supertli in ano taeasured I ruisle with vitlati al lot I is tIre. out' atl fie 390 rilrreuc.l the 1" Egtliah ourth."t tine fun th:tor Itlia enemtiet te oi .hurt.h lt lt law .elsullt, ed." Allotith r ..foll halt Ir. eapt.ellee. A Dr. [ilok, reertor I e lnie paIlll ill yookantre, and ehaiploaot tt the Qtueen. prt tced oI slri n tel re helr Moj e it in to hihnhe rellln.ritu

oi Ihe chlouei a. inu. pen ernt either ot liar or .' the state 'This wai at flilll repiteld it haletn. eausl d to,'i nce ItI the littlrl tlnd his dllsllie.,l A Die in.e r paper say'l ,Is ties lo slh thing, tll it wI . mterely eigtr lld io tll.Hm oitu el io r, i. oll that tee QuettWas aot p eas' with ilsI ptrint . pies, and he itndrrtd tip re sieaotn. 'iout toer tajety was sluptosed a! i tlt . loss mt Inow wt, to do -a trtend thet seaid, se d for lthe Duke oilf Whlotling.,o.' It'ha neLo pot wtea Illtt. suolll tirt Ile prollllunted the dl,cl r uollndlJlt x, ld ' he Qlu en in hil e etoun reintrl ateId t tht..l tlllie to ., too l.jasli't oolllsirrllge hal bean a.sti.lee il olluuch tpoeulat n, sorn. have aai snged h' r l ,,io o, iol to annahe', the mtt.ijorir tol Pinl a George o Ct. bridge. htlloeltallot Pal see is bei llt repalrd nad ahlilned fur hertcelsellt , realldelt e. I nave riery e*asoltn tortlloel fthliI ptrivte atnl-aurtelt uc);tillr-. SIntlillot, r Il ar talltri llll l ni ' ell . d thlI t iUL objecl,.tl her chomle is onoe o her calousllll hat aIthtt'a side,, a icllle at the housae it Cob .ers. Ndliltlall..dini heo atnInd.lel il wunller aid iitat we hove had three wei it mli .Itast.l u.t IInerrupt.d suItller hear, yet Iide c:oane Ilts pIe Iurltulnaeltarrivaed Ito llte taSlulaia as to reup al bundal t ll tr even aocuptarg ito ile ll tilt ilslat southerl colunlriels, even dnly thing alpproaching to an avearage cr.op. I'le wheatl wll tI Ita ltltt In weight asid soft to qu lit)t -ItId at Mlarth Ltne yesterday,tlh, re wer etsarcely uly sampleas wohirh itel nillers would pur haite at aty pilCp r -wwhil aund aold Enflllhto *, DItao iao Usod relatiy at lhe Setrbilstst plrie ut 73i, per qartler, of elgt %Vj WIa. ehester uatlel s, tir AllMwt g for rhe oiferele to quality. this prike may be take' Ii $8 i45 ur a bushel il1 Alteriecan Wheat. 'I'hb etto.,l, t Se corn erode ttuiohly iUpat.n rt it ytour rteru e'aIl.ts atths prysenl tune, tr It ith etro.eois ll0.e thalt In dUlt uipec toirlnt wheat has now Lllie down to tthe small rateu t of ton lllnga tn r clght prce per quarerlr, by ihe rasilll of the loalrdillg and ds"endill s)ystem ofdllty up an whch the Eto glish corn elw+ are Iraelled. T'henrfora a th prssuilll iU eit tIhere is vnrlaolllItI free trude to corn-f-or the sItaill duty oit bout half a duller oII aigh. hushels of Iheat, ia lie tle ltra tthtit a ,oi., ,o.tnil amount; and thiu isa he great English I market now u oni to you f ilr wlh aI and I..t.ltn gor.h after havllng ouoiLnuted clo.sllu lr to long ut prelatorsn ad elporlersann yor lle of tlLo wlater maot bar careftu:ly i miuo.lttto ttIs low rate oft dIty oay ,ra may aln at Ia.e-tol the aetNsle It ioe il slltit at the lnold al'T edeittLoudoea.eCh ewk.from thta evera:e of tale p i,. u.ofora fur thle paleliltg ,ix wnkl at 150 dtfp elldt mlnlet townstu mtnd thut if tiltaavertgts thould bh h.iher un TutaIday nrax, the duty may bec tlter raduced t, one ib lill per qarter; or ehouatd they be luwer.the duty olsy ba caie t.1n I,or even 55a per qua tar. a.ordlll to te eatetu iu which prie of turn may bare fai nt. To a.'tlme tbe perobaabliy .fsahL.tem or fall i the prices. ad unoeq la tha dat, the teihrteaoulC4 ofIths htrnt in inatlld, and tithe 3. e sel .isUniStUld Stm, . ut be ttea i'to the e to se ticlnsi n ssto the probe hl io i ttib ep''tu . Re7e ine the hrvsti in El na th bo ahtl stety expl ined to be delcintt in quslity nd~rgtll W t itallieece f otm e ly ond O.wPnilih ioebeebl deum ihex the summer to hive been qlsuyll -dd E ninr.sll, M uit the fLne sather ofthe onllth of dadsat to halro.s iIt ono ond, trired oto e l ba fo eilt - rip n Iths erepl of woenr; inad athte is m eto he rdtldth teir unmettt.I that In all the ports r f the a tic there nee .,t or0.'0 O quoertws of odnorn. and the qurutity in edJ ito Eled not sloe lh n 71atUOOt quolte altoetlher onetde ehhlv then th whole e tosom.ti nt of tirest Ritlin for the ih,.t p.iod.l of thr eet weeks. lfthere be uot thereeorein the tjted. -eteta e ttsreats n-p'ue from the prenset ha-ve.t ~o s·upp'y the p Hpaitier of the Usiont nd oflthene, trazil ad other MoLth Amrieanll State, whi,.h i|.nrd·y de.pnld prineipnlly upon ycur erpthlie tfo clppliee of toor, ond d ;nmciency to ree over to the Enllieh marest it thNe amn time, it mu Ott plrettlv folbow tht stleo on tins now been e..e rnt. erd of the prolsencn of Varites countrise tI loIsd to the con c'utoni tht the ril.t of all brpel -tllf will ,t. hilth, for the not r9 month.. a thou2 t Eteet.doly rescohin , to i femitn plei. Tite .tliutrt of the mtan expcripnced e arn merehontt at IEMark Ine in. that thle priiesofote. sled co't sequentlv thttldti ', -.will not mttesrlly ery from the pre etlt rate.; ald ean-quently tht thesr will bte free trade in core et et eolllet ptrl. fthr those who I rlunntey hwee Ih oenet tlty totell to o.' /ho. 0o fatt telv for f rnel oee, live ulldoersytemtn f ntrn laws iPelation hy which thes. tvroltictl prices of the Iaeeeouriet of life ore enttrely brought .'ouLt DIE)D, Last Evening. Mr. J IMES SLOANE. The flends of the deesaed--sd oleothose of Sloanes 4 Co --are ivited to st tend his funeral at It )tllck this mnrtit t, (Thursday) at lhb corner ufAnooelotion and Louisa streets. O CP-.51ia ceak. now londing from ('henrleleon, for saltby. is G ILA CHlD. SJyl" ' 3 Grevier street r \J LET--The Htlloe sittosle o lthe cureorr of P) rasne ond Religious sretee o;eply to. J U IIEIN & A COI11N, jy24 90 Cointnon sotc. +M DICAL, PAINT i OIL STiRE, Uorner of Ctotmmon 0 TchopitoltlU sltreets. SLARIE t ad g.tmral eeorettttlet or .ltoditinep, ' Points nld tIltconluntl oln htotd, and lur seol on the most reasouoble tetlst by JA1,Vld & AND'IE V3, nep8 corner of Co m In & I'clh pit ulate. C( b (lieEE-ie st nnt l tel nlitg, 25.1 loge prite J qualitel o liava. a CoTe, for snl Iby o G IIL\ONI"HARD, sep0 3'1 ;ravier street i.,)Lt A -01E Cke-500 llolaes Ililoe . it it .to I i. fto, eule by CHAMIPLIN & COOPER, sep2' . . Joul at. H AY.T 300 l tle N-rdlt'its talthy ,ay i srtore, Sfor sala by It H fn IjAMPLIN & COOPER, sep20 82 Julia Pt. )OD. 511 curds Ok oottwn eo, tasea b - sep20 82 Julin at W 11 UiV 4 ' -l - s of, 'the Tr louhou idn from br Sdmenme ofThee; iHow sweet the Chime"; Lucy Den! Dear! Iolh Noti why oto'; My coniltiho Lt holurs faore'el, BlarIett; Yen! Ilnk Ie hllpyl. a, Spro.; In tljo Cotr1se be lired, Cooke; Warrilor It.tlne; l... t e i re tl hi he lo, Ii amy Rillh; Thy tovep aid Hie; 'ennd of I.,ove; S"trt if the Be I; bri.'one I ll' deasrles to.e of England UI, toIi Fsh etrrert; Ha: p ji arees Briht, Bright t 'li'rte; Iiv 'Mnuntain Pier; s u, th rime* w to have fallen no tear we be tow. tRu el ; The pence of the Vail' , Balle; Sotr way narens fit, 'ounrt n h , Mitretel' tile l'Irolt nRBei d' '4,onrs: AI Co, ipo elln ;tori., Do"izetti; 1. I.itns,Tedoliei: So river ten p oe'io, Mtarlloni; '(entuekv graln morel.; Aotivreeary Qoirk ltep; Uarnival aIlte; I'ne ir'e a Waitst, ' CarnivaI Waltzes, Sir. n·; Viltorin IW Irz; L na ie Va.llze+ J ' Strl'o:L "'oF ure i' It ,lie, I 2 3 4: tlesembralneolen In, Dilices dt PIOpe o ra Italien Spanitsh Songl iot rte i ve, Il hi Selptrti rýots'P., .ho.. ta rn . I 1 ntsttmntr. uiniels r flr the rity or i'clllry i trnde. Il,.linLt fr,, t hip ('rneordit, andl fior 'lo lowts for cash,orapploved oapter, hby U t A K DUNBt R &'Co, sep8 21 C'ustosnllpu e E EGI.t.tS Seeanr, 1I50,n10 fr sale by ir eL oil t3 S.ATEIIt & T1:lF,,1oPoydreogl# " -- l EIt I. *lt R'FR &.t1AP PtAPERl' - r 5HIR ITY retns euperhne Ibdu wove 'uip, rul.ed; t3'i do It white nIt, dti 50 do low lricedlltluo. wii Cip oul'd, 50A do awsonredl blue . white letter, rul t Just received land for sale by SL).VID FEI.'T &,f 0, NLw York Stltioo'uns Ifall,. tepltr ottt4 (o cartle •I - A, 2 a an, of Vlalentline an I other bran.s. Judd'a whi e andl color d io tenlt llperm Candles, a sit ,-itjr article. Ia I and Winter bleached -pertn oil. in store sand lfor saleby b., S G BlDANtllARD. ';,t '13 Iriv, r P ,tl VI''I'G o0 "I'I'E. 'c1Ott SrI.t,--1 print-e, cmmnotet oi" a11 th l nit rtllo Ity+ ts ary thr t fiefl p .er • q a:snrt ent of P re(ach Inl'.l' ; severu Inrs of JoB I'vPE;a Iareeix'jr il pe i mra, cj, ,will Ie holl elr .n,, ati I on i t y tini . I ins "ann exc .ellecfl ehan e :or on" i lluteu l -lin t ii il i+ll t CO tI t opi . r, llll vi di .trhe UtrcItlnrr. Apply at this ilice. ,lo Perl.'s dlln1 hn ate r pents; Itl o I,.iy rubber n, ;.i i ationlllpl IAenl -; fr nlua by the grtct or itin- i Itld, ) FELT & Co, N Y itmrn 'alld,, Sfl nnelr; I.ivetrt ti swilrel., tw lled, anld whitie I l l.n shit; jl' v li tiV loieIr Irpl loll(ollto patallolnll landing fr .a nhit i onei, r i r lsa. hy i I.3. C Bll;ilIl: G CO, _srpI 1:11 \iuetttine Ott i.ilV INtltOFEIhf-l.i baho it soit, oti lot SL4TER & TRIEtR, peep8 40 I)'+irI. -tretpt. NiWV PUILIAJ.'ATIONS. Tnles of Fry .Vleihl/orthood, Iby the author of "The Ctllegsnais" it' vols. Aineosnie;bv lie author of "'I lie Iiroes," in twoo SEleon,.f.s .f ltdlerneoMo /LL o t, with a Sketeo otf the Rai/ Ilys. o i trk intietuled It slItw tihe CoiletruclttOll, ite mlooe o actinrg, andlthr elect of thott en;inrs in donveying heury lus.t ; to give thle mlenus of uacerlaill eling,u t Iort l t, stuit ot the load, and the results it will y pr Ihu;eo tner c arios ereu@.rctUllaa adi differeut Ito r entlties; io dttel"llt tile q.netitil of fnt el t and water it d will reqqire; to 4n the prolorti.ljts which oughtl to e It SadolIted in toe citttruttiul or ah etigines to sakhe ao ower aty in.tetded IturItoc t eto.tu: witl laeticl telle., g.ivllg at ntile the rsult of tlhe foreutlic fouttded uIpoin a otreat utitt y inew Ol)eriiettslt ode talla htlore scale, ta d ily pnacltc on Ille Liverplool ut tlaoitlelsteSI tItilwv, tllh tLoan dilfetentll mlollleulld n lu ldl'rtl ,lie It troisue afcrrings,t which ill, added an appendix, sholr Ii thei rXellese uolf citvevi geota Iby IteotnihoC. gfes:on rut ifUods, bhv'Clev. F ,%L (t de Pandnulto,,dla'ro .toreceivedondfeslrtsleby WM I 'KEA.N. itttwev. rf Calnmp l Commo:l n sure AGGIilNG--And Ilne lpe, folr stilt by septll 7 Banlk Phice J E a.ON l YI(UIt-P-50 boxes supr'r et: untnSyrul, J foir Plel by R BAl) & If 1 15I't)W. ettPil ' . 67 1ravirrtre"t. jj-..Ih.Aii WINl .--Swevtta. Ilry %il't ti ',Vp. iT in qr cAke k t.d Indi n b s, eutitled t idee It ,ri four al v II 1tE1L & IIA I1S .'OIl, aoptll 6i7 Grier est. n v tE .51 GANDLES-F.,r sale hb , S, RN E' ) & BARSTOW, S _satml 7 Ntlik o"wte. AN DL)L s'--I'5 hb o- of rperme Candles lratd of II C2 Vdleutin.e, It' i t f tint ship, fr sale by lAkA'1lt BIIlltii &Iiit, sep '3 131 llaegzinle Pt. L,% 1.,N CE121EN 1-'dir ter fr a.u Loudton, for male by REAItID S IIAILsrow, set.tll 7 Iath k Plaoe, S G',l IG-70llpiecns heavy Inverness IlBgging, I in store, and.or sale h e tlOL.I2S & HltLttS, sel ll 9 Bank Ilace. " tt t'iNI.12 & St.AP-20lt toxes New , Bed:bird piarut CaonlIes, bpat binldl, and aesorl. e d eleIs. S 191 nl, Sonp, Jackson' brhsd, now land d igfrom ship Poalu from lluotliu, for sol eby SJOct.P1I CuCiiKAYNE, . sell' I I " 25 ( ruvier st, e L% AL . UIt7, trrcam I.l r(t quihtty t;esired S L Whale Uill landing frosu ltilp Areo, Iod aine by "IS.bIC RItlDGlE Ia U C , r eptl 131 Magazine St. T0KltAGEl-IIl0 bbls or the bulk thereof, will be taken on accolum.'latlilg terms, by SClI.AMI'LIN 1 1 C O!OP'"R, se Ip22 82 Jlia et. 0o LASKS ofoene and haiulfiet IS sole Ity I- II Ills oN IBEt, le ell, c,,rrerof N:tch z & Tehopiltnillea t. h E i " . , %ISA I'S-eFw barrels rending oad lot sole ept' by I o hNAilht,., e sep~ corner of Ntcehez @. TIch"titlllulo ot. SCOrR- 30 b:ci. ebride tHavana cofee,just recei ie & J P WHITNEY, ntsall 8 Con:i street A UItI 0AT O) L tf Iheb st 0quallty. 500 galls iy S ebar.els,just lteci.ed by I Peep?2 corner of Natchz aid cI'hl.,pitoulaa at. 'g AL -0casiesn. otaining5dosinomx sall in satore '1 t and formalshy l ltHA.IPLIN & COOPER, eels,22 ' 82 Julia ot. i pero Cs:lleo, ,Geosg r lwlonls brand, landilng septh Ini. t! utRIDGjE 8¢ o Sj IAudin, froio brig htt bini, flr isrle ly ..r VI'f.I'N & AVO, RY. S jyl. -'8 Gradentr ctreets. ns O tK--t0 bblo Ales, atld Prime Pork, lanising irol e latbofr a Y IY T & AMELCNYI;, ad a 7I ( ae ,' street St. ChAges Theatre. THIRD NIGHR OF THE SEASON. th This Ereding,October 4th, 1833, te Will be performed the pa tit opera of the TURNPIKE GATE. Crant, lir. nwrll, at Henry Blnnt, Plumer, to sir id ard, Page, Peggy, Mrs. Cowell. h iThe Holly Dance, by Mad'lle Ravenot. Two Overiures, and the National Airs. t The performance will concludl with the laughable farce, call di the THE RLNODEZVOUS. r Qlake, Mr. Burke, ilmen, (oa'ell, Sophin, Mrs. Cowell. Oet4 SECOND MUNICIPALITY. % ERE hbroght tothe P und of the seoond Muni r icipalito, in Halonne street. betweent Heva and Girod atro , an t.p V3rd instantt, the t aimal, v;z: Alarge tav Mule. S Thle ter ne t requested to prqve property nd llake himn away litre ,atuldayv, itlh Octoher,or he will beha sold by P . Guillor, Auctioneer. r. II ll.RPER. sepo' Captain of Wat'teh La 6t6 amnene anl dibot delal dle .uIuniril a'tt6 1rue Iltao.te et He,ia rt airod, le tl3, une grosee , mulel bole. Le proprietatre *et rea uis de venir prol al er~nt lrpri.t6 att I'.mmener avwat aamedi, 6oetn tcbre, u a e a trlt tia on eti te par P A Guillo, etnralt ur. e3ti lid H itltEI, t,_ op thatb, Wde tin S 'TArET OF itIUilA\A, I'ari.hC art f rthe I Parish mtd eity of New Orleans. preset. tth tite able t h or es t lnwrita, .u Iee. Septamber '11th 1:i:18. NI. 1.8. 1" \\illil, Keayon, %e. IHis Cred. Sitonr;i tlI(tn rtalniu.g anid llin tie ptirtition and achled he, letlis, it i- ordr,,d by the Court that a lleet ine of tihe insotrent cred.tor do lake plact itn open court, ti lith Ilbth doy fC. tc.tber n oxt. et .10 o'clek, t. A Ii, then o1ll tihere to hew catre why tile sald intel vent should tnt the dtich lrg d .ccorhliag In law, aold in tlet etanu ti es aIl roeadonlga against tis person aund property ate stayed. ARMANI) PITOT, . ep1 -*tr:n:w 'lerk. ,TA-DP )D LA L IUI 11N,-Ctur de t arni oo ai -4pnnr le ptroiaseet villadte hi N-clrlenntte-o I o2 --I'rb+ent I't ri Charls Slalltrile,Jugs-- e -2(eptem m bre 18i18-O- illism Kenyon coutr atsa crean:taes- y Spree lecture rt arevistromenm t de In ptitions t t dl lttbleuu .ts o etllte .tfiir*, II eat dtlcrboet qu'une y. anoosmhlie do I'insolvable Nura lieu en pleeile ceot; l le jtur d'octobre prochhin a 10 houros dtu nttitn le pur d dllire lan raisons pour lesqottell clIlt inllts!v Sble te serta, pta ib Ibre: en atteId lnt toure' tonur.ttea p juoliciliran contre 0a perA.nue on sen pro rihtaerent Sartl reee. )I 2!lp:'f . AIIANn Pl'0".r.r Iher. CHALLENGE BLACKING! SAS.. S. l IS IN. of Ihilad I,,hn, Ihae re.prectfully I J to apprise he mePrchantls antI pnhlie t e.erllv of r New ttrlI ato atnd I. ultaaitn , tlIlt hel 1 pl!l pp .l ll itrn. Renee .ll l 'l.e o.the olleagentl tar the tale of hi- uneqttllt'd tol i i,.ita lie - CHo l lie I) tT \N I t le)E BLACKING in this setio'i oft coolntrv: ln atlicle whiich anlllla re minent forita beItuttili lhttre, anll uinaortyitt of qunl. ity 'I om atnmlltftnltarr worrlt the Clha t ge inl to retain isi vttteill in ellt cliltlttel nodll Itrnervet thle letller to whien it isapnllip :. I. offers~rO II pr Itcinm ttnty ersion who will produce tos entpeIntr. '. .fi(.a-e eran be reen at tile store of Mersls. Ileese and D'o.ange, l'rtm moerehant of the Iathe-I respetei iility, tearing'te ti lton to italenult attt sueltrtortty over evelv tltor llaeking in tboe'United Sltate. ,.11 trdter for thins rticle in .. Orleato, or antt ttt tpaftlhi t'elioinaotlt' Ilittint, tttot Io forta.rdtd In the Sole Agentl. as tlt t., cit i will pay parttculaor attlentitln to IlI satnellbnd fill thetI at the Ittanulaietrer's priced. J.r S. MASONts 'Philadelphia, sept, 10, 18R3. 95 C lowltill st. REESlr &. ID'LAN(E, Combh a dFancy Store, 18 Camtp street. l,.lj V\1 ( ' I C l'I:;1--39 primee gre o ilava I han Ctfee. i the nr cropt, now landing fIomt loCr. Clarles Cartrll, fur atx btoy Jt).SEPHI COCKAVNI, Octl 5 (travier t T. 11 G ) tttFF,-Ul - :-ut suctttol peri tr tqati Sty, flr earle by SLITERI & rlIIaIl, Ortl 4t Poylr a straet. -C -I', ll).1-It 1'. n-ait. rTI IlE c,. *.r, ltr-t-ipt h,'r," - ,tre undler ttle P fire tt 11,)0 t .) v tltf.o )i Nt l.,in til Io .x cltn. eet Ilt1 I, ita t been tlio :day di.- Ivat l by ttttotal eona arh. J nlt11 \ nnellllll if Ceh tred .. iib the a tie- t ! a ural i i tiC'Ilia il' rr of" t e hii:' , urtl' r IJi , anýd Kile naIP of hefr to will be aee oily t1 i .iq lislatioU. I r'lll l-;tri n t, t " t.lah i- ,Il,.r to io $s . ) Iartroel. fiet o If ha f.nhit.l. IBre, tttlh'lt.ootlltlll yt I -ty ,.oreI to tt fhll :,f her'ie slit. nn r t i: iL ititty r ' ...! "~+ C, GE" 15,Kr.. 1 1 t,;t't tt.t -.' t:,o f otm atII cl'.r lt, Ilt day of I t ' tt - ett v tot I' lilt. t--et I it r :,tt rtol it Ilia is to Wo \V k's urt , utI itf takel i t1li lt lt tc , an' hnt drItI t IL , h I' b'e I Ihv r.tI ltr.. oft I.rt.-t o . I t "lin e ,lvrtazut:;e llth thiti art.i:le of Ife l Ip,)aPs ..e o-. rI ,] ,l]v 1b1 in tO ttor ner, alll fret e l. ), the lnt t nsot : Ii I t e Lt, lr, lnL.J .h1lUle every la tinly to M11ake 0,,I rc r tee ivd at the Glns ULto in Bank 4h lev. 1011 1aor In i, Gtr sale ttV 1., \ \'RL.' SUIP ti 1.!'{I':;I EILE, Rep:9 Jt olr !t -Pw L.tvee ntlttit 5 oto.- rh c o Stein \rr tt.I-i Iol, willeta t a ,.amr-l aI l Iad lae . oaa tIP n. l ;v lien at thl e Colllli t.t et wharf Termto .ibetr apolv to t \FINSt'U N & SHIAIL, Ceptl) 7 Frolt l.evee FIFTY I)Il,\lt ILIiEVAtil W'6Tlt.L bein tlI I-or file ie ccti toan I convic W. oL. tloefor tlicte. woho lt -red nvy to tre, No. :33 Gravirrallest, Inst ilt, tlt i 71t iaot., nnI broke open an-d at J t is r of seletal trunkh , ntotallU it r retdy Oit t le tl.ltltit of tililrett desoiripiona sun ner an I vtat r elr'itin, of tItfrent ki ,di t..I quoal. iten. -'Tailort, sh ip llco r ad itt er pIraot are r' q lIPteI to IJP Ia tite Ilok o(tt .tr neeroer, or outt i mttan pers1no suoh artio . f r o le, asd the :above reward will be paid ltoe ,otvic i i o' thi ll t . U BL.NCL IAtsD, _ ,ept9-fit 3:1 Irovier ot -ole by : LA Ifil & l'otloEt, erp'li 4 itPo, dral at AV AV Yo t tcro Coe .I."; White g ll r, and dtffer out qualities of aegoar, for tale by SLATItE 4 TRIER, as0p19 4)t i'ovdrca at BU I1U t in1 ltu oo I te to Ite a1, by jU f.h.ATICrtL & tIIIeR, sel:l9 4 IPloydrca st ( il,ot11t4,INi-11 to ea, Clutttli'iltg a't 0,ssrt0 enl 2J of atutlet I.ouotd Jtlkets, ulnttlllonttl nlo l Ve4ar; Blue Datrr- otid 'ott,,ttlto Icotllo tl; Hetvv Liver. Io"'Itorited trlctl ond cotton eslurrt; Whitic A goola Flannel I'n lor a!irt, s, to Lookcll colltonnde Frocks, olading fro.I ship Eliza Anno for sloie by IS I\AC II)GE & CiR, sl, 27 1:31 \lMaazine I tiN ; ','ll , r, .-5 casee 4-1 lie Ii to toll hlteach 'd sllotioogt, attl I IIhlo Datvis. villc brown .-I l' thll, lnlding fro n ahip Chero kee anod Seam itt, anld for sole V se'.97 1:14 l.gazine st 4$ At! . iNt & Rollc. 4 ut ..i it:ggiog and i400 coilse trto., ln-tou rtald for al, Iv 1.,.Y -T " A :\1: L'J l., sep25 17 ot :o ertore at I OJi .- l ili e in ; .0 aItbln; I1 bhla ,lift cl o; .0hI l- sof, stat; .-t1 t ohl a toulders; 20 h bbs 11 U lork in toure, ad liar aeoirlv I.AYEfr & AIIELIIIN., se 7 Colnmelce at - l-OU it-44- lbi l- sup-' *te,120 bbla fioe fl8.ur new ' whlleat iu stose and tol ,tc ie hy I.AYEVT & AMEI.UNI( , sep-'7 17 Comomerce at AU d SII. i.i-5a tltds ali.en aides,in store LAYET & AMEI.U'UG, pepo7 17 Commerce at E- rI'sT.1K IIU I r1lslt-:5 keon nuperior qualli SI W.tern butter, r -ietre., -ti, - ale bhA SIEI'E'rs ' & AVElY, sept?7 38 ,sri r at 'r.\TE OF L.OUISIAN T .orilsh CourIt far the Parish an I Clty of N. Orile s. Slrsett the I lon Chmrle ors oiuraIn, Jud-e. No.l 123. John Wih to i .act al ota:ody,. n. his creditS orse .ad the creditors of Wltite & Foley. SeltenhrlbPr 13t1. 1838. UPON - an I ftllug he pe ition anld schedule in t 0i caue, it is ordaitn l hby thle Court th:lt a treet. og of the c ellitors of Jloihn WhlVts and of Whhte & Fo Iry do take p sace in oplen Court on the 6th lcay of Oc to cr next, the, tlla t-tere to delbherate on thie affirs of lonl While hi Ieis idlivtdual capll yl ano d an a muttnlier of ihr liont of Whilte .1 Fo'et, aotl soew cauoe wtyh tle naod John White Slould nalt e die - ch rged accordoing to I w, an I in the mtean time all a weedmonrgs aain t hie person and property are tay, it. urder ul the Coalt. Clerk's clli e, New t)rlean-, Septeoid er 13th, 1833. Ier, 1I 2w A d J.__ LIE,Clerk. - FTIT D: LA LIt)ISIRNE-Coot de Paoaioe 14 poor In ptroiaoe et villa letrc Ia Nttvrlle (ItlCoo, - . PrLoseot Hln. Charles lauriintt, jugo, eptet.tbre 13, 1838-No 1 Whlite contre se. creatitri el en crbaneciors et Ice d-teb'rcis doleWiite& Foley- Sotr lecture et eurlgistreometnt d - I petition et tableau lonts cette affaire,ite t dbe'trei par Ianour qto';rle a'. setnblelb s crbanliera uo John White et de Whlte . Foley sit lieu en pleIme corlr lo 6d'octthre prochain, pour v dl itr-r-rlr lie afIfires de John White dons os ct'paccite in.l o hluelle, et c tmle ulo mebrt de lano cibt! de White & Foley, et pour thire savoir pour. loi ledtt J.hin White oe sera pus d&chargb elo Ir la Ii et eo n.erhantnt tonute pottrsuiter centre sot pere -lone et eea tirUpriota runt tarrotae. I'ar ordre de Lacour. Nou telle Oribsten, se-t. 1838. tptl5 J I"LIE-, D6pte Greflt.r ST. OCHARLES THEAPTRRE . T HIS maotnieeat structure has undergone, durIng" a the. .tres .. eaentirenw ordr i". t .i, the whole of the interior ihas belen repaired; the hau delier ban Il*ee aken to piecen, and ite 13 cot. odent gleas beads ndai drops cleaned and pnliahedt nWling hs been negleeted, either inL the huildilg iteif or in gaegeloentr . which have been nmade wtl the llrst dra. ml tic tnlea itn the canlr', to prinlote the hilgh.cha. nalr which the St. CIa-r er has obtained both it ho ~e" ndl ahruad, for its hbeing one of the firat dramatic El.. tanlihnenate in the Wulld The ODrhestra, hertfulore acknowledged esuprinr, han been con, dfrablv inereesed in nlmtaer and talent, rid or ,eer aleficinees in partliculr matgberq of the Praeue Ihnahl. Dhaing he season the moast euceeanifuldrminl.eofl the day will hpirodaend,and in nII ayle wicth it I pro. tonld will gvre gener I .ntifanetinn. Phe fldlowing L.die and Gientlemen are in treilty with, end rcraged. JOh N II. B'RTON, Stage Manager, EDWIN FORIIIET, JUNIU RKRUTUS BOOTH, J. R SCO"'TT, H. 3 FINN, JOHN BARNE.S, S. T. BROWNE, and GEORGE HOLLAND. Mesarc. Harrison Mseurs. Plumoer, Farren, Porter, Williams, DParr, Cowel, Pa, D~ebar, ",Mnniitoe, . And ulhers in treaty. CELESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHINE CLIFTON, . Mfre. Barnes, ifirr Clharlotte Barnes. Mnldaines Fnrren, Mend'lles. Sidney Cowel, S Cowel, Jolal. 6 )ebr, 'heater, a P,mer, Se .it, Itarrinon, C. Smie, F. Brown, Raraent. t Madd,a11, Smitlh. S Mf. LEE. Principal .Arlist. N. Lewi, Costumer, h Wril, Tailor, I 8 S. Wallie, Propelties Maker. ORCHESTR'R4 i Meiur. Croce, Meslsr. Hoeller, Golienorl, Myers,, LSthrm, in Zitelart, 'lciani, ad eel arges, Charlta ' . art. B. Hhp.. t Fay, Eb .rhard t, k. rruoer, Ri1,,. lholland, Sonlgler, n Foater, Ci.-ll - n- Conduit. orei, P'arti, Ceipp, , In C Ilpl, Even te Palterson, And other, in treaty, H. W. JilAS, Leder 1R. WV. Eli ot, Head of Polioe. eep t7 an / 1Uli & tilJ I'EEK . I'ON..S-3110,lK,. rn m nL tot l fet ofrenrbh ndo Ir,tersetoane ,f ts e fullowina di nltnSionll. Ia in:, 16 u,.. h8 in., .t ill., 2t int., and .in., eaxchad t narrivre betlreel the lt ,l Ictoltr asl id Isthtt Januar nextl, will bae old Ily tlhe lubscriber an elri. ning, la tile illn ice. ''rerm.. Caoh ,in the delivery of the bill of Inding. Ilv Pera. n applsy Ir shall o eeeire thu inones as they ar if, ia the order of their altiohiat.ion. tIEI'E tS & MII.LARD. ale sep 27-if J.,"1r ',C { ".1' v . i [ .i Y. SI)RIIPAtrT tRY to, 3 fRronn (Cl e., nandto oth er e,nmdnleted by IIt. liranet, LL I). oh Excl aage Airey. Iet neen aali ntd ienevile. Thi tittlllio, was thel. must eliilhle, that calld be foan'; re neie entirety free rn thle a aise of the streets andtle lr , ea Jffr- in Aesdemay is dividedl into, two depra-r el: ts. 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Fr111N pu1lsic is heehy naliotdie thus on the first day l'r wtdeý n•es, the .tly Hotel, ku wna as Bisah oIp))(on (llllllu(ll ncreL will s be cled-lpr"pla-iIurto.ry to s ilpll Bllui hllhe reiri atot snill. neobeet'lll tioaillsa t the aondt er.iged, %hia :endhs thatn osraeisfol ueknsowl e Igmeuts tIr int. iberal icoaiollnge which lly have le. ceivd srpe C \WATIERKMAN & CO. . ty 21-) l-- t, _. wher, in the bai, ill at story llof the ,i el b a d l n+ urchl, Ilonlr all' Car hI, ,lto d owl rdrl,, uaiwer the id it, tedll 'ilh;nr, Ii- ib h. eclpied rho rha r of mails ,tnustir it, ;s eral .otege ol'the north, ;od who iL a craunute oion of lie ' l mst cleblratd universities lof rs will ace rsualalansstaa. IJ inlayh ' lulhweg dblita n ' iz, I. the 1; i_,ih d.pirnU'lt, eubrac.iing all the r e t.he, il ofa thoroglh amdt anc.ohpli1eld lnglllsh ed I. h e cla-.ic ls delarltldnent, comprehending the L avi ean n alll (reek ht lluaae+. I. 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