Newspaper of True American, October 4, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 4, 1838 Page 3
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iea ta33%Ta-TG3 OF VTERY DUECRIPTION, ItMDIL.Y,HA4IDaGMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT vTs oIrPOB Or THn True Jmerlcau, ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRASI m93 LOUISIANA IU3NSTURE WAREUOOMS N,. 53, dwiiVlie street. W ILLIA4 R. CA .NEe, (f.rmrrly of the firm of Flint A i.aroes,) wouldl reslptclullv inf.rt, his ftida sand the public toat he is uostantlly receiving os Nsw York and Bston a good assortment of Fur. WgaeaJ oahl o| sih.a alm lli chuirs, el,f s.,'ed teals, ina 'kI and pliated chairs, naiple and cherry bldstesad., mahogIeav sod chtrry talies of all doscrilplion., Ou * lrUoai.tlete. oecrotarye, wriliUg duoko, worrlr. esool mahoganOy and cherry, wash stlnds, loi.,ig glaseos, feathers, ledding, &e. &c. NIl. Furniture pasked for trunsportition with great 46are. jen MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOAROING HOUSE, Rcemovedfrom 17 Cuslomlousre 5* TO NEXT DOOR ToSTr. CARILESTH EATRE, Consr orP P5OYDRAS &. ST. CHasRts STREET. ,s19--1838. SiINE'tc POlt'rERt BHOI' 'LE.S--S groos wole and t0 groom porter bnttles, for ale by H,ILAIMS & SlILtS, ji H. ank %ller. PRIVATE BOARDING IIOUFR No 13, Toulouse st,-lly .lr lloffflmar.n. T H[ house ie sp'aciou and convenientilv situated for iqtin of business, near the Levee and the New '. 'ie aage. ' The tale willbe well supplied and attelded to, and ' the charge modnate. B orders wiollti to have lodginr, can he nceommo datedat differsnt prices, wilh monldiouson furnishld rioms, loaoders will hlavr te siliafa, liol to meet Ihere, pnerlson speaking the French, Enoglish and Span ish kangog -s. aiist 3m PENSION BUltRGEOLISE, Aus Toulouse n. 13. tensu. par A/lte rV. Hfanne . I E'T Stablieseielnt eot liacrieux, el oe trouses eito resgd. la Lreve et de Is Nouvelle Uourse, c',:t 'dir at oaoltre does nolires. La htible es t bien o ul nie, peoprement tenue et A r prinaoeldhrk. .un qui prenant pension dt.ireraient y loger ll reant des epsarte nons de difflrens prix, isen garnis et coliEtodel. S Les ponsionltaires noront I'ag nment d'y trouver des parsoanee parlant lea lIngues francaise, anelaise ,e . goaloe. 2_3OU ALA'IA Wia,,iawert end dry, in quarter casks, I. dian bbls.,forsale bt ug23 7 JlBank Pace. 1U)tNITU.IE--lut recei inog n - i' ph from New York ant Histon Pea in "wantof PUR PUKI.. wonli do well t call at53 Binlls le street before psurcllsing elsewliere. Termn Cash. or good city acceptanc. R ARNE W R CARNES. augl2.-2w EDICINES, PAINT' & O)l.-A large and general assortment on haiod, for ole hlow, by JAIlVI'a & ANI)IIE,VS, or Conlmoo & Teho'up itlu NIOITI'E. THE ·Coprtnerhri heretiore exl tting in thi city hetween tile lstoteil ers, innd, r il, firt oft Ialon 'Van Vyosn 4. t:n., i New York, tiilhiv 4. Co., olnd nto NteheS , )lis., Van Wyck, Laidlow & ICU.. is nllsol rad by muntulconeient. Joilhn L.idlaw, Peitr S. Vni Wyck, and Thnonso \W. Van Wyek are autllhorzed to .sethe o name of the fi lia i iidationI oely. JilItN LAIILt.AWV, AN ittWV LON., P.T. R S. VAN VWYCK, a llth)M.AS W. VAN , YCK, New lrleani, aut. lllth, I1838. CO-P It I'. .tSlIIP. "he suleieiltlr! hive fnrllie, a Centlllnershidl in hisoit ity lader tho ir,., l f Van I.'Vck 4. ('ii, and lII .now York uide. the irin of John Iliidhtw A. co. J.llel LAIltI. \W, I'ET''Elt S. VAN WI'('K, g8 I I'HIOMAst. V,\ W\VYCI(, atigt8-t- 18.l. TO TII!. PROIPIETORS (IF, PIOPERTY 7 N the 3rd weld, ,iclnI Ihlllun+|,lit, tolnd ly . II t I property holders ill ty h ohl 7th ward, now 1th : lrd warl; in all thie eainine portion of iii :tll wart, it a neporaed ad s nriit Ilrlild i for, to iI) a e their hau qlet 1 of elhot, andiI r 11 III nem mof bri-'k illn runt of their repecir ve plrpleries,1itlth.d ill d it p rt of the ulunmnororahled subhurbm of the "i wat, reoln I1O leet west io \piol, Ire t, toI)rvadi.e Irer, an a i tl ilini. le l)dh naiel mf l II m Io )lrval . trici It the .olt it Ccil) (.unwed+, a pll rolll ve1·,d -e llelllh,"r tio :+.tll d, I; requiring toie lir uielor, fpHertV lo lak, lhtir h en qguettflI.t smnip'm, nln I f.ot 1s.t are:ml mr ick, .Ji.l t delay of montll l mmll i ull t Ih psiol.gllI of ni I ordinallnl.;t lhise r IfUsio, Ill ]l.I l l'llwer ,, Ito do l I ( I ie cUlj -et lo fine Ii ilm eai l le t ,i f a ,rtv 1: ' Ir a tfr every ia o n le.r i,,lw l ,. ori rlnl toer ' Itel, of ten +dollerla m 1 lad ; swid la fi, to he rr. I.." ' rd Ielmle o.u, competent lrulal or the l nre of tr,l crpI, ,rll n. f'et-fl Con. rd V1'd. 2l d MhsI .l'ity. Aux proprictlerre de terrain, dne :e 3.. detri t, ctolnde 6lnnieipmmcte. IX J ar I I d d ,i du j ti c d ,' at u a ti , avi s e t d. nnfi r iliue re m llm r dp IIcn o lt lls r e h'e r t, u1n.on dt e t t, ii llte na . * ri ullrt t s d r ldit , ll l o tlllll Svi.iull ie do e ' a lrre dle' I' alnqu e slle ll dlo"t s deacel canol de i Ilre lp n llo l e Iill. , ite doti tUra nie I lenier inclure le. deal (o -i d. I rue I'' dr-1r oirnqi urx linite- tmll ari ira do 3 Ioidiliet,.',i'o to HI'an ll u dl aine n. l' n.eil t ie viii. ll, mplr, i 'le i I Septe r'nhse I ., exien d -s L pror i ai Ve, n lcrstl .deo .rI te: dc I , i+ die, dah ,n1,1e t mi t vnee I r n ,m 3, jiun lldt I n i tie au.tre mie dIn de hlm le Ie relte. ard Iie I lel;eu lea'elie rel'ols tie ligel'tl e i- s o'ans l hii 4 l o lt e l lln e a a ' ll l e t t e, p t l .e l t l i . d 1) . ,r c lhll eq A.oel dn 10 pam'ie.; In ilie mire id imolllr lle ie lnlt u -riunall of .a ltr A I'll a11 il n elrirllll. 2He12 Ii B r4 Il111 \ i.ll, Plm i. 82e clm vi rli ,%blh eiir . Ia"I I l. C IIc )I'ET of ra'I 'r v l ii e tc T k, 'rI rhe , u ,mi eiand . ln,; by lie al ither fn Idel.+of 'Il ovel in Egipt, trmebia-,'eireied a od thie Ioly Land'-with a m siup,,l e.a avig-,in 2 vol . ' le I'eonv laaciy en of l e Silav foar thlle DiRnl-i ofUeefua Kmw il e. b'llmle ,5. ur 1A7,rh IN.,' 3. The 'enny yCleldii.d a of the in.ieiv for, te ,il1" - ion f TUseful lh tnaeJe, vale IX n.ll ]X. riee p e evolume 1. 'Natl e and TreaLmmn of Dail ofilhe Ea; Ir OIr. OWilli ten Ilanr. reOildn ediaien of ihe tnt Ihar' hiTrlilenie rnihro i ell lae; .mlleh iir;red iad eln lar.gel; lransalied froin the Ger Ilm'i;ll the ilet iIi ireon meng oaf the a iilihr tine the (lmea Lundmin elimuii. ay :•alis l'idhna Irilneit, Il lI A Halloa'a Ii Idle Age. N'liw edition; completr In I vol. i'lo* New 'l'arf, 1or 1'138 .. 18.19. Ali.iner. the .v'eteriet, 2 o e; ly Ilauler. Leia;,r, Ilie Sieges of Girena labi do. rhF it Kihell:r,a Tale, ii tla . h JI Jamr... a IIper' Faiil Lil ri; 811,rv r ionlete. eos. earj ail E ,,uf lle, (-f ailnne C Ano iIANANA A.9' ,t.--% lil., and i.roei, lienx . o the Urit f a pri qn illuit, I alteding anl vri ale by S G BLA"hII IRI. "fL'N. ' Y'LI..ofl a preiie ialelhe Counte uand lra ived an d for sale by S d G BLANCIIARI) . Oct) 31 t.r ieret Ilit) LET untll ns NIviriniher iext- he eletant )weing lose, No 11 I. Jelh L tree CO Appl Y Stait . 74 Paydra st raieel jyt. eIU lS'I', 8 ii)OODI.--Iawlerce i . Co I-Io heavy J. Iiroan iiileeting-. Jackmie Co .311 repin hrow i hirtingo. Lowelel An. 1 & 2 brioew noattn. Fir s alte eag4 ea Grazier , trea. A NI)REWS . BnIliers have remoerd therir .Count a ij Fuuane to Nao.0 CanEp Itreet. IRVING'S NEW WOttK &c. TlHE ROCKY MOUN'AINS-Or, iei.eitle.a a 'nd adrentaure in "thle Funr \Vesl,t' digesled frome Ie joardlf Captain Bupl 1 ii BoinnVille, iif the Amr of the Untaed Statee, and illnstrated fiim vearioua ither aoureea, by Vaalinil.t, Irving, in 2 vote. TRiO VICTIMI OF SOeI:'bIj'Y--By the Countesa oaf BleanIr.eton, In 2 vole. Juta reelived and far male by " E~j ,-N Ci for 183', jhe.t "icveem.pei shen A n kaelaa, (rom New York. 21 griee Amierican aCom Alicnacac far 1,839 25d i. Criekett's Alm.anaee for 1839. 5 ta, Peple'e Aliacnaa for 18:19.+Oialnma S edfo every sataein the Unioi, atnd eontininng a great varietL of aigravinge. Ibr aele by Ihe grace, dn,.ei and ainglaeby I)'.VII) I-ElI' & CO, N Y Sttlioner's Hlnll,24 Chartrea et. R ULED Rreord Pp-- er-Juat reeieed a few ainm - Hudcd n - d ery fine blue record Cil. ioth plaia a and ruledfrsalel be + DIVID FI:I.T & CO S maug23 N YSitni'.,,er'a Hall, 21 Chlartres. * IT RRIN rs-5. kegaCurrants a gaeperiar ticle, eao male by LA .VREhNCE d LEI,:oGNcRE, 11p 1'1 2lh1anl 29 New levee. 1( BBLa. feirt qality Limard Oih, fbr rele by G. UI){ .1', repIb 44 New Levee. iV AILS--5I kegs asaoredl foe sale iy , AI)AMS1 & WIIITALL, . .mp 15 tf 67 Gravier treet. cit THE GREAT PRAIRtEA-Train-of Ce'rr * 1' will lena the Dnpoe at the foot ofCanal oe. lor ah 1 PR AIRIE CO'I"IAGE,everv dar. Deatmre--8 n a i-b p in.--glnrcr 19 m.-6 p Smadrcm-4 a in--10 a m-4 p m--8 a ar.-I p ne Tlti6 .rrajiement till firtl'er not:ean. Sept I4 JAMESC It ALDVEI.I,, Preed't dOIFpEE.--l11 blege li. 14'i du. Havnren. Fr '. Nale by ST£ETSON ati AVER|'. * ,ug4 88 Gravier tree 0 .A'i -2..50 muankeOant tct arer, Gfr alhby C:IAIAPLILN & c:OlPER, aep'-l ii Jilea at. For the ZInterior. FOR IFHE PARISH OF ST. HELENA & LIV INGniTOhN, Touthing at Passn Janhac, mouths of the Amite, TangipoaBltood, and Tiekfaw,al Warsaw, Rome and Springfcld, I he web Known and light ughteteamboat M IZEP'PA,Capt Grifin. leaves the lake end of tihe rail rold, at teaoarrival of tle t o'clock cars, on Sdur day. the 6th in-t. Returning, will reuvlt tie rail toad by i6 'cltuck on aunday evmting. For freight or pas cage, hngvinogaperior accoaman modtionT Apply to GEO. WHITMIAN, New Orlenta & S obie tlail tfite. nell Iinder Ito Eachn.lege Hotel. St Chancrle t. Far ..ringfield, (Livingston C.) Pass 1nnchae,metuI of he Amite I anchipalo anditteeromediate landing-. ''lH E well known and light draught Stloouer Off aCH 'I'A, P. Ilijord, master, will leave lthe Lake end of t Ral ad on Wedtleday aondtg the 1tlh inst., r the arlival tbr 9 o'clock Ch. For ftieht or eble, ppliy to tEO. WfIITMAN, . U. and U. S. I OSfie, under the Exchange el, St. Char lea t, New Orl.ans. rep 15 FOR LVUISVILLE,CINII'INNA'I. AND ALL INI'ERMEDIA'i' PORTS. The Rubhtontial steam hant OOJ, V. St HEI.B JJ Kermhval, '_i-i s master, id hourly expected to arrive, and will have de.patch for the above po'ts. For Iteiglit orpassage, having etperior accommodatioans, apply to IAWRENCE & LEGF.NIDRE, sep8 20 & "29 New I.evee. For M.-.bie and all lnhrmediate Latdio-g 'rf The low prename steam boil . C \1 R O I.IN E , ill leav ,e " e. rlI, a . ftr Mobile every Thursday and i Sandayi at 1 l c k, . tochinte I. all t w; er:n. urher at which passengers may with to land. f'or frether particulars, apply to iE!). WHITMAN, f Tr Modir, tn-o d Sall rr, aedter the arrive pr th ever' 7'd.oeday and Satued.r', alter Ith urrevalot th. car. ). WHITMAN, jv24 Eznhange IIotel. t( Charles Pt SA PUIl)A' EVK NI'ii t ND SUND.t.Y. xCURSION TO MANTDKY F: t.tI a . . i CONVII.E.. The leamner S)UTI AI.AIBAMA, Cap..l- ' I.. Kn'ght,will leve the loke end oflltheral-road br the above pi. ce,.very . Mlrtu evenin ", otI the arrival of the 2 o' elsek cars. anti return tie sa ne oiq it --andleave Sul ,ty moreiltg elU toe earivnl of tile 8 o'clock cars; rturtn ium leave Iads.onvihle at 4 o'clock, P. M. a'l itaw 2kn , ule IADhI. oI.VII.LE. I.OUI ,II;ttL, ,.IAE VItI.L & COVINGT -N. T, f ~ The filet runlu i and splendid steam , h out eSOlT. AI.AIA tIA, I.. 'I. .. L.Knlight maste'r, will run at a regu ar ttoil buat or Ihe nlve ports onil utndnys, \edlne don a ad Fridaya, after the arrival of thie P ,'clock .are, A im. tetruriun. leaven Clovineton l'noelda,a, 'l'hurn do)a and .,auitlea . at l' o'clock, A 1. N it. All bagave and ,parcels at the riak of the own mrs, unlear a bill of laditg is sigtwe:l. ,i10 WII lI')IAN, Newo Orleano and Mobile ,Mail it caie, o2 FExchtlo'e Iltildiea,., t Chluerle at. NOr'IIiE. ri RaIVE I.EK S going to alobile by thie heail Line I ,n hounddoy. Waeduetdayc anod Friiays, wdi orgis :er t0ee'l i.otnes ot thte ollir, as no aselt call I secured tce the otag at I'alteo'ula tn tile ttabuv ilolated days, inl 0 baril.Jr uatln sa b, placed oil tile way hill, Those wouo nilve Itcvy b tgage cilt l:ave it taken Ji'r0.tctu 'ltaile by aey Iloats during tlen weck, exce , e IcIettbuve . n..ued dnye. __ i 1.t.W VIll I',1. .. 51) bOe's a .ocheese, I bt relJ c aluked t uuguea, Ite nlke. I' , ttrtlc, -II Lux a ".liI lI' stlurch, Received per shi litutavllw, for sale by jy . . er_' ' +l i t l _IL!.A ii. iJLN` . 7Ci-O Al ii u butL . c ria. Just Ieceiv fi',r sale y ( a.lY, vs·I ,14 Leve. 1. Cup1 , Ilslrulmens!, PIt PIulp .ynrt'ý, Lt anlld biuo uc:t I'u,, pa, 11 o tile ilot Pi.pllu d de- 1 iirlniiui Ie.irell b. IIi. . Ulscldlers.+ i la.Ln, t li .lle bl outl', Liul if t lalumbli , WIrdi' L Hou utl, it mn slult , Awl uud cu l'tl lrtruJlu , ._. .Kc. r I t -1.i'-i - I'ibu ui.e , .d .ind .iaa.Ir:e l.l li,, iI: Tb, 's A,'dl , o i , , I i:i rcle l.s >outului l Iom "I . llil kllhuiii , aliitry, alid ut-lil.aP, + ac. !.aII to ip jy 2t corner L 'I'hui ul,it ul.. u lI l .'1, I n I , L I,.AltL - , g 1: I kt e:s tsr ill i r : b' l lhle hal;,pi ng id r l, uu i A. by ., I4 ' -8,1, I 'll.i 1' 1 l'l:1.-,-u-- -, iihd- o , tle 1an:i i I. e ll Is, t e+ ,.ied b c i ia'l i,'la r piu, amovel.y low lua,,d; ill e.c, m s a L ,, iii ,t 1;It ; h ,p i:'r, h; cul - tia i k l li ir l:l ; i:, : r u lil l u e is,,: I-'lc,' I lhl-I " let4 -iI,"; II ,C,.- . -upLIs U .ll ,. dl l aicn LuLLr!ine %.r [or .u.., ,o ds .e sad ,mal, uy vi 'T 1 Co, w t . .. .. . 7..r'. . a 1It i ti.L r. - Ine 1 I tl-eu T --p l. u Lr ·,11 ,13a Il n,5hl*,< l, lI'tT Ase on Ibe ,llh Rail uloal neqar anh L.,, Soirel.t lial.u tIL, RlUII, ,L .brlillL, J):I Ilium .liley. (1 ARPI'NT ::i'S Flu'. EzLxtriut of SNarsaparilla-. J land alt utier aiunplo'. l'rIu atn ,,. rtc .led t Li t).'n'm th l. I Iv car Tch upLiloula u. Natchezl ... ons iL EIliiN 'SILUP in buies o I dll. eactlh lor -. .ate by RIEAL) .v B L1tT-aum'' IW uaug4 7, Laiik lLe. Stil HLouse luloa.eia-il harrel lilr sile by U l iu J 'l' &. Ct, aug.3 74__1'_i"dia s.,eeil IC.EC--23 casks itie,ju~t received iand aor .ale ly aug23: 74 Plydas nar eI. i A.etVA SL'.I) liais--in Ihlide, tiercen nld bbl,. in Slaorn, ai. lor as li b LAYEr & A.II:LUNG, aug23 17 Cu. uinese m alet. lN.IN i 4 Li,1u ,rs-6i 0 asuie Cialm ,pagne S illie, (Cuagre.+a br.iud.) Ituu ,u wine, (utf eitte r d; I ,i p11aes .dladira; 2..0 qr. culk. ialltaiuaon lad iia willei 11u store d tlrul by aug23 9 m lWti at. -ItOLASiaES-70 b7 l . in store, fir sale br L71 LA .K i Eil'lt .\, LI.Gi,NI tiRE, aniu n. l2llld L 9LiLL\ew Levee. 1t | % RY Nules-LiIUil d-l.. f.rsial b SiJ Til ,YI:Lt & CIo, aug23 74 I'uoyres strect. d OFI. E OLF TI'rl ,N:W' UiLE NSA.\N NASil, VILL ItL ll.' ILAlI. y ItAFTm on New Yurk at eight, lot sale at 4 per U c.n,,, premiume JAMES H CALDWELL, raepl _'rea'l. Lsi' PUB..ICATIION,'. - 'tIE Nove.s oflJiJe Austiu, containig 'Pride and it I Ilrejudice, ''Atani'eid i'llrk' 'i.eansr eiLnd "eii bilityv' 'Ei ul ' and .'iurlllalger Ablirey lu whinch in ,refixed a Liigrallical notice of ti. autliuor--eoipilele Non. 3 I 4 of 'The Life and Adventiroe of NickohLs - Nickleby,clntaliiaiag a failthfl accouniit of lthe fortunes, Y mull,hrtunea, downlalliugs, and comnplee carser of tlhe Niaklehi Family. Edited by'Lua'--wiL h illualraiunas Ily " Phz.' AILS ', e An additional suiply oi No 1,'Nickolns Nickleby.' 'Oliver 'I wias,' part Ofint, and 'Pickwick Papers,' just it receised, nud for eas by lept8 corner of a oi. n.n it - 1NI i LILL--175 Lane. sperm candles, besi brands, s . landilg froue shitp Plati, fr sale by ISAAC llil tibllG 4: CO, ! pS ,;134 atazilne st. er L'XCLLN UE an BoIatui-tla ataiio s uit ,La chsr an, tor MIsale by re STETSON & AVERY, aug2l 88" iravier st. H'AtPAIt(NE Brandv-I-n liLt and lfltiiPllre. by a very superior old article na aore and far sale • by 1' K RH M . & t UtO., tn aingl 39 Co onimn, fry d %IUL.L-S-3 11- 'arnti erd fudar ,ale i d Ii LAWRENCE i L1i.LNL)LIlL, d ep 13 2 aed 19 :ew Levee. d t° l it-7-Iti- loL -2.50 hales tlay, and . ing F'rta brig Caroline, and for sale by LEVI ItI iAl,E, - augll 93 Coauaill street. ma Ie. it KLU. RANAWAY froml thI sebscriher Ihe yellow boy R lr'tARIIlb.u ou. reursold.5 tSI( e illl , hiih, stolul anl well built flai tfrhead, and whensp ra e, ken to rilher down lobkian and slow of rpeech. 'Ten I dulla s rll e bpail tu ay per-on returuilg hitn to thie ubsucriber, at 52 lNew Levee. 8 & W G iRVAN. sep70 aI - A)04NS", hosua an I 'Lippers-l-I caraes, COin SI ) prisinig an aauulellnnt at .lIen's an I lloy'a fone kip, Itgged and Ru -elt Brogani; ten a ull Btoys fine cal' al.ues; lIen's and wotnens pumps amdi sllppera, SehiLtreas and in alilnt bnolot, shoer atd ankle ties; Land L ing fromul tip Ohio, and tor sale by ,r IL.AC t dIIGitE & CO. algil 134 Magazlines treer. S AIt)-I19tb larea Pilime L.e Lard iI. LA saeby LAYbrT e. AMELU sepl 17T Coum, er [)LICti.-l5 t.elcautlai;u, landig er bg aniel 'r lic Webater toi, ftes, ty mm.,. .,.Ai'ER t I'jdrtA,, a espl 3 40 '0a at. U maitR fi-100lt gallonu ai t 'ine atrnined tperum s3 oil, for sale bhv \IIItTBIGE & CO, at. sept lt 76 Man-aine strest. bHIPPING. For aurope.. FOR MARSEILLES. The fast sadli.g btia CAROIINE, Capt. Thonislon, will h ,tvO inmediute despatch Ier , the above port. Ftor freight o, 150 balescot tao, or passage, apply to LEVI H GALE, aug43 93 Commnon srt. FOR TIIIEST'r. The fast soliilg >lip HELEN MAf, Capt. - , havug full cargo engaged wi.l have despatch; f.r eaply to SS.J1P W ,lI Y , auo S 8 Coati st _--YI--- rl Coastwise. TUOT'P receiedt at the l.ouiosinn Furniture Ware S Roaems, 5I itienville street,200 Mapleead Cherry uedstesdl.; a first rote article. Alaso, a gado a-sart ,nel,t of Mlaple, Walnut, .nd Poi:nted Chairs, which wadl be soll ftr the lowest earh prices. j*7 51 Bitaville street. \ Illt.k :SAl.'. A N D I E 'rA II. -'4 i -l A N i: yf VAIIINl'Y S''ltlR, In. It Cam;, trae .a,-. d~r Ilisoul's laotel--The subsletilnrs a.1 now o.p-i" at their new stand, uextenlsiveassaortlelt ol e,1altse tieir lille, a uolrisilg ever) varlie}" ofCoalths, tlrt'te, Ptllilllllvy, l.ktila lasses,. Piaotig Cardls t,i a large nulmber of Fancy articles. Thi followina is iprt a tdescription: U.1 11-T'l'ortoisenl d irazilian high tolp tack, i-l alel canredl; do. do. twilt. long, neck, Ilfl; side, posIe aIl dlressing, ivory alll lorn fine l3tlI, dressing Land ticket cll.llas; hoti, redhlilg antl aJrn rtmlIs; wood.,l, h"essing, fila, too, ll ald pocket on.m. PERIFUIIEIIY--A genlerl ass..,.as t'0 F rench tnd American Perfaunery, onsistil.n , ...l te walt-? in, otlles, of all and sizes;,. Floridh, rose, orange, lelo n, tlesaritne, herg~ lsto , .ullerlteom, to. fI'aney soaps of lrory tl.soription; macaslear. an tiqts, anid veretablle Ihair oil and curliag fluid; eltorhlie tooth washt, carlonic and ltchorine tatI-,nfic.; Lrerteld and.lain toile, powder; pIttoett; p.'estoa salts, eta. IIIIUSHES-Coml..isiwg a great variety of elothl, hair, Iat, hflesh, tooth, nail, wene,., shawitg, plate, hearth, ile and plain dtstitug, sweeping, crumb furniture, wsruldinig and white wash, horse, store ald luPner's courillg paint Andl varnish brushes.and sash and grain tg tclsa tf all sizes. LOI)KIN G(;LASSES-Co.tll, lsisg ,ItI frames ol atrios sizes, 5, , 20 atnl I draw toi lets German satatias toilet andI, oker glass, msgdif)inp, mrorors, ete. I'.I.\'1, Hairy tht, Braom, -Highlanler, Spiel Larten, French and white back Play. ing Cards. FANCY AND VARIETY AItTICLES-A supe rior assortment of portable desks, ladies' and gentle mel's dressilg eaass and ladies' work boxes; t'ane ) bo. es of various descriptions, slitaller for the new ealr and Christmas' gdifts; pocket books of all sorts; suspet ders, antsir-boxes, lead pencils, crayons, violins, bead hags and parses, an assortment at' fanEy bheadls, superior oahlrty billialrtl halls, paste labkin; bone, sthlirt, vealst, fa sll alusalpemler buttonls; pearll ilons andI shlirt stuld, razor Mrops; gas machites lior cleating ligt;t .nonidu ad metlese agars, mat(tlbht, Paris, ralplee and Swttch snutis; an assortment ' plainl anl saorld alles; Iack. gammon boardts; dlie, la.ey screens, optics, Jews hayhs, hartnoellicas, liciter matchent, Ilns, needles, peraeussmn caps, drinking Ulps, hunting flasks ant game kags, steel, silver aid platedl speatacles; thlimbles, twine, etc., a (ltaltlct)ce aastlrtmert of engravings, and a ilarge valie ty of tllher articles, all of whiclh will be sold for low prices, for cash or city acceptanEesl. may l}IES Ic D,l.ANG. l)| II L1. tlELS 1,1 NIu lauding froan brig Uttcle jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY Qr U INF, Pr i.-11 S I.Ti, AND CALI)IM .. S15ll ollcers l'rmcl l Quininell Il0 bids Epsom malts : cu-eks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Calhmel, lpec e.. Jaloa, Ithubrb, car. te.. Ianling from brig William, fro, Hloston, aud fur sale by 'JARVI {& ANORMWS, Wholesale Drtegiets, jv7 rar Common "to 'chouptitoulas street. . T.trl' OF LOUISIAN\ -FIRST JUDICIAL an D,.S'RIC' CIUt'l'.-The State of I.cusailaa, lea 'I'To all tt toe .llee presents "lla.Oll rou, Lretlillg: \t herona, lhoury Vilhtann Palfrev hating purchased lil ait le ae t de t lldle udt oi t;reditorst f 'dwarnd a t-hahzn lle prop erty Ilerein alter de cribed. bhas p. Iliel , tit a c lrtthe 2a lh ofe Setaember, . I8.;, tar it linilto rnd erntisemntl in conlorl ity to anll et of the le i-latare of the Slnate of I.ouisiuna, entitled "An A:l fr thel further asauanace of tiles In to rchl R-ra adt j mdinlal eales;" ul;proved the tenth day of St slart It, I:ta. \ow, ther.fine, know oe, nnd all peroonn interested herilln, arle hraoy clted ana ltd almninhed ill the nanme i ufai l .eo lauri·i.lan aUitll ll First Judicial a li ill t anllllt, who can 1 ! utp liV rig I. t, tills or e liln in and Iia the lprol, ity I rmlnalter described, in Closequemn e '. i nlyv i..' lltonly in th ordlr, ;ecree of juIdgnenn of thl rllrt l under ill the sale as maide, or any itr R rgthlrity or i letgllIv in hIn- anlt truiim e ts alld alIver• iaI l an, i tonita, trl i" le,or fn r any otler def'l rt whotsorer,, '.hotw cau+e, wiain thirty dlay bol li, iy ahi- imunilion is fi nat in-Tad in lit' pu.,li, Sult'r, ' It" the l t le . so Itaudae h uld not be tunolial-d a+lt, Ih log hurtedl . T ohe. s;aid ,,ro,.'r'y was sold by the avntlih. atoretid on ite 1w Ns-f. a tl,, i , afJune lasnt, A. t. 18"18, by tir n,,P of i d."ct:,"f tlhi.- cootl, taeanred on th. fiaaii da.v of o n,i. .\. II3.181: ill iI Ill;tlner of .Ed"a ll at altlallllall v- h tis Cr ditors", \o. l, of tie da ckea to thill, lllrt, at hI t s;al: lhnolr W. Palfrey Ieedte tihe OI , ara r ha, tIhe p toe a $7.tt10. " a Iaarei ti I oltropertly aa giva n i tll J.ludicial Con S| t ln . af aroundl, daaioeanaltd by the numlbers ihl nine,l ten, aaeren, atlld lta let , inll - anre. a , ola. ,,tlilli.. t',I't," nthl, r, tLLtLaTe ii t1ot lllpall O|' Jc,'t. re,. -I"m llae.a.aaraal iall talne a alaa i ap arel a na Laille ln Ia--V llgPyi - thiee ahlt- it ha'f ioch''s froa on I eeo shkeet, atoe hutn IJ.ed I oI t ilt' fty tat r all 'lonltd atrut:l, Iy onel- hen i h d alnd ll itt'-thri, J,'l l thl,, ihn ra· all fiv. li e".+ ill di th io the' li e tI vidill.g lil a frto lnot o seven and F Ibirtv-11 eetr inll depth.ll ll frnl o JeffR ot "I t rect. . Twelvy ls ol w grao n silUlll hildsrha l ll naaat t, allll dt .i:lted y thi e mIll ertltani aa lrlala l tw le twUleni, - atltee it v aleve, ia staln e Ga i MA lot a i twelve, ta laa s -, lrilg hi It fl rnllt rla 'Ia Third ,tre, t, by olne humlbed oana l tlilt "t et id ,h, alnd eteen p.:rllel lines; said hits tIollu thirte.en t to lw .nt, tw a inclusive, IlleU urinea ,.te h till Iv I rtl Iont Tin Jetl rson at net, Ibyv ile hlln dlrlll lllld'd wellty I;er in de l lh, betlse, ii Iaralles lilh.+l atidll mi lot :\o trealay tree lle.aoaa llrina thirty fien l front nn. Ilurtl eatleelht ue iundetd nani filly feet in de o,i etaeen parallel lines. 3. Twentry tulr lots of grunrd,sitalre in said Caroll I)nll, alna d, Pllenate by the inulltl,ers trOlll one t tIwen atv f ar itarln-ivq. fartitt^ the whtole l quart J, bounded Io ('anmbrone, Third. Jefferson t. ad Zinzal arnsats, tae wltte it onaoraniyv .a lnt ' certain ilana dr w lbta I.auis lttaiaer, tuaeenr genenm, dlead tla M.laa. 1831ai,aldd IaStilted ill Ihe oices tf all B lCenam, nolary u. \lad a certai piece or parcel of ground situate in said t arro't II. in. t auling two hundread and eleven eetl l.ellve il:hes llolt o, L.eve treet and extendllling in death 'wohudrelaad lift feet t t fil public road,on hichll it lan a like 'rlat aof two hundred and elvens Irte elevell inches, houandd an the in aer side by Jef. fersaon stleet, "ad on the Upper sale by properly ing ta \Vilham Joaes. All whicll suir lots nfgronhd make partof tile tlo erti allrreaaa!er I by saod ins,.lvenl Ea thih cditors and arc iln a siame .tltiah beltad arcltasto d nrmnt II W I'a.fy, ty act belore In B Cenas, notary aboresnid. thn Jaunury, 181J7. S vitlane, the Honorable A. M. Eurha. . n.aa, Jadgte lf taid eanrt, this twentieth duy of eptnaeTbar. 188. LWI . Orlt-3t lDepuvy Clerk. OAP--i2t1 txea Valent ne's No I Soap, in store I te ant fa."nsale Ian LAW. RENCE & ItEGENItRE; tsepa0 _8 & 29 New Levee. r ri Alt-8t labla, in fine nsiaping order, it atore, end S for sale bv LAWRENCEr k I.EGENDRE, I. ep20 28 St 29 New Ievee. S ORN---10O naushl.Is lwite Corn ilt panie older, CHAMIPLIN & COOPER, 83 Julia st. l PEI\ OI1, CA ND)I.E, 4c.-30 casks New lnt a fird Winter Oil;2 i0 boxes do, do Spart ( Candle 21 casks roofing Zmnc,lhtl bones IBostona lould Candles 30tI sheets Braziers' Cppr. In store, sale by nJSEPII COICKAVN B, "1 20 a25 tGrvier street. ItEDAD--.]O bl Pilot Itrlad in can e, "or nalt by SCIIAMPII IN & CUOPI·:R, at sep22 81 Juliae t. l .1 Ea-151a1 (Casks la'ltnat.on Limle landing frant lnig Chieftain, and WHale ITNEY S i& J P WlHlTNEY. s. aung . Ci ..ti atreet. HITHR HAVANA SUG\lR--S0 boxes of prime S quality, in store, for ale at StLATER & TRIER, u- usl 40 Paydas stree nIý KE eo bii apil a t i rthe PFIeatin Drn iI Dock, a.ined anl appraved by nwtme, Iaik, will hereafter be paid Ily the agwnnt yg the lwner oing Dry a Dock, ale said Jamres Ii. k having pever been authora ited to make IIIIV aonrnnaCt. Moreover, nllbillt Irom this date will have to heap proted ant signed by the agent of Ihe Flaaling Dry ITk. IIERftlUitE BROI WN t, C.,I atag3 - Con i t. -T'RA tEl-tlIn thean 1th insat. a Steacn Waite r T'errier lut, black on the point of the nose, hair a httle raua.ltI. triaaever has the sa no will alease to rturn her to this offtne they will be liberally re at. warded. aug I2 Ita(PE d& tAKUIt. ay ORTY Bales ofOakuan and IOcoilst Manilla tape e L assorted sies ,just received and tor sale by SLOUKE i& CO. aug7 g"Od ILe I 1IPERIA L etters, ri0.OtI for sale hy nap il LA EI'lR &.tla t, 4 Poydans at. It ACON SIDES. 65 Illdsn Western Baneo dtiles, B in flae shipping order, for sale by LAY &T & AMF.LI EUO, sep0 17 COllaerce at. TADLE AI.I: 30 Cases: 60 boeas eaLch: fineta T I shal, tfor sale by READ k B.lItSTOW. septll 7. Rank Itlce. TE-XAP bla.C\Eh--$IS., Trentury . nre Ifnr ale A. Y 1' It HYDE & tRaTIIER, anly 28 39 lCommonta. ecr. Alarazin at DIEWhY'S ...R tONS. UST receivedal t eapses of Morl ViewsofCom tlt meree ,oiety and Lolitic. in twelve diaeouraes utby R v.Orvil Dewnv. For els hy SStAVID FELT Ct. t NY 8atimner'a Hall, I Yi.artres s,. BUSINESS CARDS. PAsa o NABLE COO-TrING TAYLOR & HADDEN, Ne. 14 Chberaree Msoree HAVE a costontsnpply I f every article pertaining to gentleman's dress. of the latest style, at New York priers dee 2. TEn.T"i* rILtCRfoUS METALLIC TEETH. SPECIMENS of these beautiful tyeth,and the man. .aner of settig tlhe., lmay be at the office of J. B. Re SUROMON DENTIST, No 46 Canal street. tl'hee teeth rover change colour, and are by man, and ie many cases, preferable to the oaturol teeth. Ill Dr. R.will wait upop ladies at their residence, equeeted. ap9i al S A PERHOoIto.1.. [MDIRORANT TAILOR, a 67 Common stel, a BEG s to inform the public that having pumrhased from Messra HOUtiH, SKEtitiS A. C. part of their *tock, he will ontinue tint huineass at thleir old taond, oppnaite Bislhop,' Hotel, where he hbpes to meri a a share oftheir petrorage. He has made arranget.ents at the North t, be lupplied moo hly with the latest sad uoel fashioihable goods ear 14 CLAY & CLARK, OUSEa AW aseP PL mU RS, L No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans. MANUFAlTUAFaS OF Led Pipe Water Clemet., sad PImps Of all descriptior . WARM, COLD, AND BI1o H'ER BATHS Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &e fTJrders executed in any part of the Southmn' State. mr 9 Dr. Aelberg F. Lidee.. Exurrosao IloTrnL. um CLAY & ClARK, Plumbs.h .ad Lea PIpe natloCeturer., No. IU0 P.ydra sttreet, [I E P on hand a e natnt soupply of Lead Pipe, L from 2 in. diameter down to 3- t. diasmeter. forS ORLEANS LITROGRf;EAIR PRINTING EnTAo LI3tiMIENr, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLIAMM GREENVE, PROPRIETOR nrl # IL PARKER Commslailon and Porwarding Merclman No 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New . leeanFeb. 2'. JARVIS & ANDREWS, a WIIOI.E<+L.E AND RlTI'\Ill. I)EAI.EIIS.IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE .T'UFb'S .4A. W9INDOI9 GLASS, Corner of Common and 'Theuoupitoulas streets, NEw O01.Eb s NATHAN. JARVIS. JOHN W. ANItREWS. A large upply of Garden Speis, warranted the growth of 1I37. AT MOBILE, Ala, S. I. & I. I. JOUcES, AUCTIONBEERS. Nos. 61 and l3 WATEI SIIREET. T F HE undersigned, habing estiblished themsealos in 1 Mobile for the Iprpose of tra..nctmlg the Auction ansi Co: i tai ioln bhsillere ill It variouiti branches, Ieg Inuve oi iltoert their frietto and t ie ptolic, that thvey are now prepared to receivre eonelgnlents, anld make liberal advances on the same, eilher for private or public sale. S' )IlOIIA N I. JONES, ISRA EL I. JON eS. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. nMotile, FEb 9, 1838. feb I13 A CARD. SAMYruL SLtLta. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Porwarding &a comllm 'asos Mlerchauts, No. 40I Poydrlns Street, NI: \V I, lEA NS. They will devote their particular aettention to the sale al v'estoro Produce. Referencee. "Abijah Fisk, REq. ) S., tIt.uitlrd, Ilrt 31 Shill, ) New Orleans. A I N0than, 1 M essrs.: <uh , Dlaron & Co. I I & M Williuams, ) Sriggsu,Wiil S Co. Ifoston, RL'b rto lroth era & Co. , Iveoret &'l'htoaa. New York. Von Pahl Mc 171ti. St.ntirdti & TIo.." St Louie. 1 l.tgow, cihow , 'T'ttum. S Ruler .0 Co. ) Ithwlu", leueg . I)I ularI. Alt n. A Il Skidmre Esq. fil II lursh+I~tc , C to.- I.Lnuineille.. . . . |LI ATONE. 5. ". ~TO·E. E: & . '. STO ONE. FPrwsrdani and n.esnrituia MtiercLhaess, F'URNIISIlI.IiE OF SHilP AND BOAT STOREr , No. 114 TIInouvI rlotl.. A bTREIT. N . w irlicans. Ileterele 0: lessrv. tlALL, ItKEO & CoL . oston E.eE.IEx Veias ix Co U A. i' lEAcu & t'o. New York. / II. PUTNAM, J. & P. IIoLLo , Cincin'ti, . 0 I)AvlIr "TONE, I).+y.*i Io H.CoMirTOC Jr& Co. Coluorn:is I. N. AI.I):ICH, ( o....U isvysle, ,.v WIILLiS,STiEVENS & .&LrkTI.o t Louid 1Mo A. II. lion, Alton, IlI. Wu E. WrrInaow, iRusliille, 111. J. & P. P. I AuTrWELL BaLlyoU Sura, La SOLOsON lothot. Now OiIler.s. jan 2 POIxl.kte & MAI ISRALERS iN AMEIRICAN & FNt;LISil CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CROnoDI.i.r STREET. oI iF'll'li; iI N s INSUILANE E CROMPlANY l'his Comrpany arer now prel are to take RISKS AGAINST PlRE. uk k'I:r., No.24 Mus.oson' ll t ig, Caos strlu l a . EL TRACY, New Orleans, May 1. 1880. ieertnry. WILL.IAM IRWIN Comnnotmiion anud FPo warding Merchant, CINC'IN N ATI, OHIO. J.Refer to ls n New Orleans. m24 Itn RIOliCIlt' CN NON, 1HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I. Ctamp ltreet, Wholesale IDealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m3 i Wil,dw and Pic.ure Glrs, ao. Ac. :T. W. COLLINS .ATTORNEY & COUNVSELLOR AT LA . NOW praetisino in the State.nd Citv Cours. Cli sents nrill find himo at tie Cirerk's ofice, U S Circuit Cout, in the Cuatom dlouse buildlig. js8 A CA.RD. THE undernigned have opened a house in this city, for the purpose of tranracting a i. ENE tAL CO drldISsION llUSINE.S. o OIrice, No. 10 GRA.VlR STREET, UP slAIaR. EI P LRVY. The h.ate at Grand Gulf, Mils., will be cotulnued in the above mone. s Referelnes. Gndfrev, Larie& r Suall, New Oransj.L H i Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John 'A tiiluroe, Vicksburg, Miss. SHarper, Carpenter & Co Gr.d Glf, Miss. y Nil. lald.ard. Natchez . Miss. r. New Orleaos,July I -, 1888. jy1l A CARD. 1.kTATHANIFL. TOWNSENI) having ocatred him .1.1 self in New Orleans for rhe purpoae of tIransletrl a Qeneral Agercy and r 'ounldloo irlrinese, woild re. Sspect(ully solicit fruom the public a shaem of their Ip itronage. ir aving a lhoue in Texas, he ill attendno tie trans. otling ot alr businers tRlit may Ire in tia'. err try, ard oill grirrlllee roront eand unrelmitted'at. trlri. to all lu'ine's entruslell to iis charge. alld a faithful ailpllietiiu (irt accordl.rne wllli instructionr) of P aNall ttlnder tht navty ncoe ain his hands. Olffice in Ner "xchange. o tilravier trum, nopaoaite to Rev Mr ClaN l's church, and aJrirjing Glujmir's .e readirrg vrrlllsrgi of tile Texiar Criidauiate. New Utrlsan, loveurbher "5,1i17. Referererr. ioeasra Hillyer, Bfsih & Cu. New York Hitrr lWh ernL. e Alanrez F ik, Natchez, Misl. it IM Slrlo r S Leui-. Mo. J,.Ih T or T.Loulisville, Ky. l rlI . I, A hr e e. ;Arlorlrkrrill e, K. mtIr 6m -. WIEUIUEW'S INSVRUI COMPANY Of NRW ,ILE'rNf, O le. N io.4t M im '. mlIIa .; Jeu CANAL SI'REE'. GIlSONLI GUIDE AND DIREOVOtRY o! r13l0R e Stle o Lseuat, and Cilies ol New Or ie leavend Laf'ayelte; for slle by m Wi Mshf.kfN. e m:1 eot Camp and Cnmmura its C ASH. no Pie Benssr.iuSt received be t. l !fi t wr tl, ," 1!G TYUU AUUOcAR @1Wac3. In connecrion witl this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, eel TH10 ,RIraING or Pt-mphles Blank ObChecks Catalogues Bills of Labiag .L Dray Receipts, L.-.etl cousek Auction Bill., ill FPerm, Show Bills Steam Best oills Circ. ars, Ad every deserlpatem ofJob Worlk sest may be reqlired. 0Th. p., orietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to .e above Card, an I assures them that lil work intruete. ' his care shall be dune at the short rt notice, in a so.. unsurpassed in this city, and at the l:owet rates. D .PER. quil, steel pens, ink, fluld, wafers seling as, india rulbber, hlack .utd, iouine. aend every other article of stati.c~ y, of tho very beest quali, con ,tantly onhinala-Id forsaIr by DrVID FI'LT & O.r). "n19 N'Y Stationers' Hall, 28 t:hateenr t.v ro MERCIIANTS.' SERCHANTS eao have a beautiful eircular ertrtk -YRoff at two hours noti-e, by cnllig at the O)rleans Lithoraphia.fllice,53 Megazinestreet,opposite fanks f. ACI 9EREL- halfhls b 2 .i ackerel, tor sal ,U by ' REAM,& BAR-'f W. e ml _ 67 Gravier street. LEAP LARD--1000 keg in store, for .ale by jyl2 44 New Levee. SENTUCKY BAUUING-10t0 t for sale by K HOLIES & MILLS, jyl Bautk Alley SCICtCH B tGG ili N _l' pe heavy dcocl liuggitng 4$ inches wide, fIr tale by IOLIS. & MILl.t, jyl Itunk Al!ev V XCHANGE tON NEW YORK fur sale Iby -a hAWrIENCE & l.tiA:NIEltE, jv I 2I8 & 29 New levee. NE\ lItHIKr. SlllE American Demonret. or intt, on th enocial and civil relations of the United Itates. Ily J. Feni more Coovler. The Two Frllrt; or, Adventores in a Conntrv llouee; and'ather tale t, bh Lady BlevainCtos, EL Itulwer, .tMs Norton. Blirv Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain ledwin, end ,thers, in 2 vole. The River and tis Desert, by Mles Pardoe, author of the City if the Sultatn. l'he iCaok't oftgevns, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wood ea,'avi,.ge bv Aindeltoll. Jut received ald efr sale Iy WlM McKEAN, jel6 car roCavl, and (trcmmon ats. I)ORIN I)RtIS --70 rooin dross, landitg and Sfn sale by J THA, fit & Co, jy 1 74 Poydres street. C_ VE ,r SCHAFFE'S iC tipvun o Fnid Ex tract, ('Sars.iparill.s, for the cure ofounatinut eruptions of the skin; pimples or postule. of the fami; biles whli I urise tronm as impllure state of the bliod; soaly eru tions; p ins in ' he botee; chronic rheumatism;l tLet r; scrofula, orkiig's evil; whit s.illiug; syphilitic dacuses, asid all disorders arising Irum an impure state of the blold, b) o Itoig resideuc in a he elm'lte, or the nijudiious use of' mercury. Almo.-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrp, or In. ftant Preservative: thie best prparatolun now extalt. Among whish are the follow ng:-lIndian Dye, for col ringi the hair; Bear's OI; Russian Bear s Gresas; Pomatum; ichaw's Free le Wash: su perior Pearl Powldes; Lily W.i~te; Creamn of Resa; Vegetable Rougi; Oiti of RosB; Lip Salv; Kra. osite Tooth Waosh; Carhonic Dlentrftice; Orange Flower Wa er; Ph.wder Puffs an Buxes; Amenr. ent Cltarcuol. neatly put up ill four ouone viuls; P eaton Salts; Cologne; Kreosoto Tolth.tachl Drops; Hair Brushes; Enghlsa Dressing Co be In tait Hair Otl;-with a variety of other Parft iterie•, &c. For siteP by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRIINCH RD, Corner of Canal and Bourbonll streets ORL.DIdS LIIHO)GRAPIIC OPFFIE 1 TABI.ISHEI) f<r the execution of incs, plans j and nlrwillgnw, itirchltoli' .llculuros bnsiioOle ulld ddle-. cards oful ever descrlliion, funeral cilrullr- oin doei iuruorting paper, pothllei:ary olid alitggistv'l livels; bahi.cliecks, dviv receipts, &o. iprint -i ad exilictlt i. achialp aid epeditions styl.-i Iy the proprietor. . ank.Notes n..v l UtecutE. 'NB. Bnk Notes ne.' evxeiuted. 0,24 J UST receivedpar llserrivals from New York, fresh nait ltsiOaable a. trllet urt.f 1 A 1'S. T'e I eat:iber wiouldl partictulaly call til aliention of Iheo p lie t, a -trie of haver t.ltt of a Stuperit .finish, hie texture, ric and b, autiful lue re; also to a , floe duodn Iuboea but ofa a llllcrtor qu:ality; ai ualso I Alat Itdiitatiicle iofltlk ht, tilgotl er tt.'a geaer;l b ellrtatn t latufeltt rd by ilmselt, explessly for thi Itlllaket, whleulP.alt ua l rotail J WV oiBOtlN, 3 Camp street. N. I Cit) and country dealers are astnted to call. lib E PORTRAIT PAIINTNtG. . . 17 will relalin . ainot i t ia lll Aew urleans tor ,lie iprplloe olt ainiting teorrit.6 " IRut .urir ofr .Ctttal and St Clerlas, in tIstlloOe •lcul'llied by 'arll lv &L I.vo,t Dentist whtellele ;lt'ilteis a if his ltstitlii.g cana be seel. Entrance in .t i 'harles atre..t. ,ýid lI Wl(iLIS.\IlE TI N WAR IE tl NUt'v.I ItlIItY It) 1 K0 K Vo Ct., No. i2 Oll Levee, have in Sst are,, f their own mnullllactrlle, s liarge ll ex tenslve ilaeortllentof i wire, thitlt lIy iuvlte denl ers in the trade to exemliue; nl-o it, oltlo r, r"ear it house ski ,imers; ".btl do. Sugar Ldlles; dl do.. Copper oger Ihnls; ia B ithi tlubs. nasorted sizea; 31 gross asuorted sied t ',ie le Graigl:as. N. Il--tut, c.,vererd with zinc, coTppter I tia. Col.lpr and ii I gutters pa t ua, ti1 tae she iei-s eo lce. ,. ENULISH, FRENCH AND r al' x . . E iiY. IJROFESSOR IORPIIlYlaseisted hby entlemen of i proper qualifiaiho i la d mit ~)p rieata. Its la ope.ed alt Acaldeme, it it. Ibricla butldlag lelnpiutt ti Win. it Iratul lasql.. adjoitlint thlt: erar.llu , n lt. Charles i slreetmwhelte votiin glentltUrenaell disposed, will to a sive a guad educatioan. I ~e r. (1. solica I tie coa-peration of his friends and those of edacatiou, to enable hilu to redlder itist instai tution u-,eul and Ipermanent. Y-OTF E T (-- TH 1E PU. IC.-U.Ii d.ed rumors ot a t e undersigned having solld out, a or diacotitnned hIls old aid lntg enalhlished 0 GARDEN SEED STORE, lt 85 t dI atia house Street, Having beeit most industriously circul ted by self. interested parties, tlae subscrlber begs to assure his friends generatlly, aud tile liublia at irgeg, that 'to d still contilnesa within two toors of hIls late, or turileur stand, to be turnished with a full and t(x. tensire suppllt of all tte standard kinds of kitchen or vegetble .ardern Seeds, of tlhe growth and im. port of ile present season, .1837. Since tlhe early part of Saptmnhber, he has re. I ceivtd ample supphies, by the packet ships Vleks. burg, Kentucky, and Arkensa all arrived in short passagu., direct front Now York. UBy tie Maisis. sippi and anotther packet, hie is in daily expeta,. tion of a supply of Fruit Trees oan Asparagas Roots, having alreudy raecived inlvoices thereof by mail. The subscriber begs further to arsure tlta- public at large, that he is at prasent as wellt nubled to Imeet and exteute orders fur all the kinds of Garden Seedtl, either wholesale or retail, as lie ever was since his first establishment in January, 1822. Country Dealers e nd alilrket Gardelter' orders filled at time lowest and must reasona;tble rates. by the pound weigLt, and gnlltl or balIl lmeasure. Cataligues, eitnher ill Frencu or le :'glishl, ilay always be obtained on prreial ilplphcatiou as Usual, to WM SMI li. Gerden Seed Store, 85 Custmnihouse street. NO I'.--A colntannt supply of tBrd Stidl, either mix -d or plain; pulrerized.foup; herbs, mnd Sllakra' dried herbs,-with a supply of ieas and uoaom. IT ,.) Cla'l'H1S-3i packages l indsey., Ker. ot ea, ac.,auilshle tot, iogrua, tut ealteebly ISAAC MItliU)bi E - l:(), . 131 1at1o ,zlne st. I~ L)lR--lU li b eblet tqualilyi niade ,-f new wI eat I just landed fiom steamer Czar, und lIr sale by t I)" AUtSlV, wept 6 44 iew Leve.e. "b A r.lN & . , ki - l utT a ths r-Sl dnslolrts in I ms a, for sal, ty A AG.,ING .o1 It'a lKentucky Bsggit s , 5- and for slale *y LtYET & AMEI.l NO, k seplll 17 C.oI C .o e tt. 511 ltl.ASURV NilTEtS-For olae tlea da oAt $3 (0tl'reasuty lutle and $:'0S 0 4 o llnolle Sc:lleki on the RBuls. of Americe, \ ew. 1 's thlllr niut auns. Ab.l Iva at the ott.icea -owf Wit etsatt. Aplreatia GEO. WilaI MAN serp F.Acltnge Hotel.tI. a arti t.ttll.AitJJ, l'ubcacc asnd Ittall et ntillullt lurer, No. '277, Cuamp e::ret, New'-Orleaan, wishes to ialioltl his itrinlls and the public in gelll;l lt lle; 1 new prepared to lurnish alin tt lluIly, i the above business, siad thas onstautily for ale thb tullowaog articles: SNUFFS. Iose, iGerman Itaplpeq lMacabe, LnIglislh Pri ." ltegent Almratn RItappeetl Natshito ilns, Ilntaued, Anmeritan gentlema'las, tBergamot, Itilttlelmk let. Irish Llasrklard, St. (Otar, ourscot, Paris, Paer sietitli, Haltlf ourse IltPlaes labolch, antd ,enulte tooth powder. 1'OIIAC(I:U. Fine elt chewlng, sweet sentetl at plaint. File cut smoking, of uarious qualillcs. Vi.einia, Sluimisll, bu. hlat Latart'ertiesareiall warrnultd asg Id, ifa oltl tritrto anything of the kindI imptrted. and will be i urnised t'rdalstr, toll the aost liber..lsnus. ltay 4 II 'SI' aI fail 11N R .1 »r SR EAUTIFII. head of hair irs th rreenhdet or'-t ument hel.neing to the human frame. IHow -Irng a Iv the lost of it chatnre the ennlrtene e,and prna m Itreltv t.rines on the tpeaInrtle of rlld a',. whiI. rl u tea ansr to recoil ot hei ne ene.tlere. and onltnrttinIrt even to .llle inerirte to anid the Ies't anrd tnro ul their teequait.tneer the aroailderor a t.el livt P ' re t on teqlontlv rp, t il rettlllrtie t Ia elrt. nol even the Inas.f crrqpert fills the elopernu thI'nil. tolth with tlnt nenvv tinkine elntan ats i~e the lootn of thi heir. To avert all the-. unleia t inet r oteirr u.Ienee, Ollrid ne' Rain of ihinmthisn etlpa the hair fl llne nofrn the firvtt nplirtiLnn, ad to few hottler lnrtorr it eotin. tIi lih.ewite prmnrtaee eteirowe and whibrktm; eretvent the nlair from to rine gri. makie it irl he+litiflll, tr ld re it tfr. .eollrf. N imeronl ear.lfieteM. of tie first mrt.etnhJility in tlpprt of tihe virtell of Oldridgae Balm are adown by the rnprietnrt. l[U Rend the ufollling:-- 1 Rolten Whrton, EFq. late MawJr of PhilnteiEtph hat lertifie' no tnav h een helow, to thi high clhar s tet of, Ie fl tlowine itentleome. The nndteriened do herevby te, tifv tht iaeta'e urred the dtom of t't'rmhia tdiacvererd rby J.Ohlridte and hove fu.d it highly ereerie enorat only ai prerentiver aosisll the falling ifof hair, but ato a certan reotor tive. Wtll.l.A t 'TH TCtIHER. Senior, Methodist Mittiater in Gt (ieirlrP ralre. No 86f Nrth Fifth at. JOHN P INOdLISR321 Aich -trert. JOHN D )THrMAf., M D, 6tllteanett JOH-N N Fi'IIEIVI 'pruece streot. IUilI flcCUtll)V.24t onuthrid st. JOllN fARiI,Jr, '123 Arch tleret, Ite I known that three of the above sicnerna or mare than o50 ear afae. e, and the otireca not les p thtan 30. '[ e [From riRe Manvor.] Curimoonealih if Penm,vlvte niae. P Ciy , 'hio d Phl lpha. I, liPret Wharton, M eor of naid cito of, Philade. phia, do hereby certify that I asn well nqultinted with letntra J P ngli. Jin ,tnin Fure r, acd Hoel Mn Curny, o hote nanmee are sianed tn tire novre certificailrter tthey are gentlyoerIP Of hnrol.ter end retnc.ctNil ,o and ao auch o ull credit shou, te g.rivrn t, the said certifieter. SIn witnet h renof 1 ave ereunto rot ny J hoal and costed the seal ofthe city to be Nixed, thim fish day uf Drtiecemner, &e. fn . b.] ltOBEI(FT WHIART'ON. Mcaor. OIEIAer.s thtl each bortle nfthe oeintie wilam lint a raiiendtid engraved wrapllcr, o whichir i rinterenret the F ralln rf t ineort, iis Soldto hnleo.tle and retail by the ole nieen, fir AnP n rice, O 2 Fletlche street, n ir Antirlde ItLne, one doal below Pearl lreet,ald by aoit drugginasoand ilrprfutnra thrtogh I counetrv. JARVIS & ANIIIEWS, anm Wh ioesonl Ad.ents, eow Otr L.ron PROSPEC'IUr3. , THF, enboeriher Ioupeca ti to trlimh, in tile be. I gitnnil g of tile eaning waileor, a oalldentaolin ti tire wetllly voluate of rite Old and N.w Series of Marett',d Louisinoa Reprtsa, to It cnoprised in f ire volunme. 8nr,.., eecording to th miodel of Peters' Condensed Repurltt. This work is now in preparation by J. iurton Harrison. Eq , of thisr city. asisted by Willicm F Brand, Erq. Tie Editor is alsna prlerortld fyc a distinguished retired Judge of the reurerie Cirtt, and by one of tile sitting Jorg,.o, to exprct tf',i, their pernerrnol sllporvlsi on all thirt radvrtage wIiieh may naturnll be raped from tent.r exp,'riOnee. Such a work ia baecoming every dny mtote no. etoanry, an tile origilltl to vtollnilirs, enxpellrivo, and scarce. An inrroiaitur curihnily too is nani tet, in the otiher States of tihe UnliOll, It efireeren to thle peullrarjuttriaprudeonc of Lru niann; allrd tifi cicnmo tllcue t o tile nurmaetrous prfeiplc Iaere ale. tided ill the adjustment of calfliwit of lawr. inake the kituwledge of our adjudtned cres of prine uti lily tt le ajurists of tilt whole Lniloia. Morenova. the rising republh of'l'exaa hots adopted oar codes, ntd tihus there iton gralt derarnd for the Louisiana defalions from a frealt quarter. Convetiaient notes, irrrheating tihe parell'l sci, decided in Louiriatnlo, and occnasonally Itose Ir thie Illre autllhoritatlive foruns of the ulther Straelle, will Iha added Ito eaell ctse. Th'le work wrill farm fomr volumes, oyal orlvrn. and will Ie dehvered, blrrnd, to nuicrn i trrle a $6 per vl.; in rase it lloll b: fiourlld prctieollbe to onunpreca i ii "iI thlre volurotat, tile p-io tu sub scrilbrrve will ba $7 per vol. ubasriptiorn traceivr.d by je5 noear Caorlp nod (CI.Inorr s11o. GulNI:i.\L t:,Uill.- (tll UCOlllitEtb1C:. Tlin. rollr! in iolleued every inY1, rllt 5to . o'rclrck f.'., for eerimrilrg oiln i bra.uens rnfuc Ile I.ierITrv 011id ('nmnrlreio llotilUe fr e iollng eoti'mlel is pene, or hellli o'clllck A. 1l., to 5 o'rirrlr P. at. lulf liourldiog nboilola trdnlitell 'P A AUBERT. _ 't-nI- 38-.B.-f.' . . .. .. .. . . . .. NIlV UILLEANS CtUftit ii CLiAL INS. l I 'I UT''E Peace street, b tLeen Ioreau and Casacalcu, rb'b,. .41 rigny. PI'VCI 4L. Course of Book Keepint.--'I he enaroe < f lieo.. Koe pinig opened since osorul .ouothtl, will elose il u fiw ours, lauvs good aoccomiant, a, ong i. whom are aeenle tanir ,fhigh srtlliilg in lbhlieto. will be tIle recralel c,:s ollired ti the plulhe I allllege. I A ii w eValllll; will e satitt PI d as n Iae da n e tiinf. fit iet Ilu:tlner of h ul.aciblorrt ill aloe t a 1(hlutnod; it ill cu.e in Novemlber nllxt. Folr getl eelll residing inl tilt- Uppe prlt ol the city, an evenilog elous, lrtree lilln a eek. id be opened at the clrner ol 't. I.oci anod Excohange Ilace, if sub act ilpe are lel:eicd --R..ED. WLkKINSON i DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPP.L ,r LOUISIANA, . Flt It ha seratesn to Ih* public :; the depart. mntao. ioi ureoint anolld Cilt I Engineerine. lhoth illn tll ad couatriv. .rooolltoSidet.rb eIxpOrie'i e o sin profesio., and ily pro,. pevsn. and fidelit, i ,he - exllcutilon o busines entrulsed ot t Iil, lie hoIes to merit and eceive a shtarofa lul ii ptronae. IierIl' also leusulre and calulunt thle Lolt. ntas f wtalls anl oal.aa ilns. UOa No t bhartutreasrteetl,`ecoad lstory Iao:. - - 7 ? ' a1'1T DI) IA i.OjtlsI1 1tE-Coat de istriiett tlu premier di-tri.e jloh.iaire-lthunit 1 lll. e'ritoa trearest ia ci io--.\o. 165349 -I.a ens-iin des prop It di d liitta l n ire ylllnt "i.te uceti'iee par Ito lleto poar *a lufict de ses ta6, eaot dliertlti qu n o.i aseatl e deldits erinteuier ail liets all retlle d 1I, Win. Y'. L.atsi, tlltt. ltl ,iiue li e a oae ,lrnmr. ch',:i it 10 hellresn n tilltin. saill tie el.!er-r ear Is it ire- dothl .ti ia, unir., eteo sni tend:ei liutes tp or- - sulites colllte ai peirsonas ou nse nllt alti' tces 1'Ilmnin I'lton. A'. 11. Puchtilau,juge de Ina -oureci dea.uo ii Ie oaetibre 1833. G r II .o'pt:3 ": \ I,' W IE i , I)Pp. Gr.fli r nAiFoi 5I5 1,' L'lllIAtA, FIRST JUmolCI/oL IlSTMel I ov' T. I[IRAM'FULI.I.. Vs. HIis Cireditors; No. IN , bt. l'Tecesnilinon th' I'eiltitner't- ie re to tosing Itoed laccaptd bv the Coloti.lilr tihe Itlleafit olfhis elatdi tos; it is orher,'t[ Il I ,I oeet ng oI'f Iln slid creditrb. 'hl tkte ttlace t tie lttice of 1t ilJian '. t.ellle . a ctart 1 Public, lo hUlrsdu, the 4tl l tt ,fober next, atit l I o'rlocnk, A, M., lfr thei plhrpue of dehllerhting it llthe aldutirs ail sid 'etitlionr;nllu, il thie mlte time al: ju dlcis itrldedtllsn ageaintl Ilis perao;l nilld proerly, ire I tsared. il4ll a tlhe liam.A. l. laicliulnano, Jrdge ol th, Court all.renaid, this Ilot eltetnt e., I:l1.. epl-3t Dey. ('l'k. W eIt Vi IIN'i-.V X(Fg oerr fT s, asare I qluallits of tipeo)nell tu-i in shleot i Ilt, from 9 It 13eoz. weight. Alt,. a ojllUttlly of EE i€ h shee rllon Jus received all asoorItuea11 I.u(Ct.tIk alP.trlas .l._v_. lo' 111 i tte t p , l ll Sa .t "lJ. '(llJttllhhe Illds h.i a Pi IS-rIITON & ASPIN ,ALL's C OMPOUND IONIC 1ISX'ITUItX.-A -poerly Sand crn ltir tie Fo.v.:r nod Aguo,, remittelnlt anlld inlterii'ellnt fAv,"Is; prepared Ironl the orlginal respre. U-od w.';th tllnlet end oni versal nuccess in 1832", by persons of thei higliust resipectsoblit, is this city, ac stited iit tise aittnexaed certificates. 'This miedicine is highly reosmmended. stld has been etenivoty used in tile above diseases with 'susl distinlguaished success, that tie pruprietor of tlti rectlle has Iwonl IIIIduid tO ofatcr it to t!., pub. lie sit its prerlnt form in the hotpe that it Itthy be ithe mells of reullhevlg mllanly of tlln.e who are snufirng under the conutgeoau out sourltry. It is a nledicte possessing great vitue, and when usedl nacculding to Itie dircictionl has never failtnd of SefHectgll a ctore, evun in the mlost oibauil+tr stagte I of the disorder. It is no tat aI ditagreeablu, eno I pero.os of the welkest stolmalch,. utl eildten may take it with imptlllly. It strengtlels the tslstive organs. ereatus ult appetite, and reldoln requires 1 nioret thani onll, tr inll bBiatnae cases, Itw5 tottale to otffct a cure. There is leitheor ,ercury not raatiC in tie mtldit.ine, nont any tlhitg i.jutious lu the humaoUl cltitutiol. 'rile propriltors ar So well convined ul ts a ceffi.aoy that they agree to refunod thu pricof severy bottle which has been takan in accordtuoce watsl the diroectons sod Ihas Inot effected a a perf et cure of the fev'r & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent fIr Nuw Orleaons, at Shis whaleoalse ilsd rotail drug tand Inedlome store, 'cernter of Blrelltoll and Cihrtres streets. For District Agencies apply to ji5 '. W. V .MrITH, 48 Conti n t. ' -- TFO RNti. 'a THOisE large pnuu-esin litird strerl; ue lot 'roll. I stron..s.tlie tolc tisiro is OI letel, by a .lept t tr lIt-- ha iln rove., a conaist ,fa double iralne dls-uIli; lttse said kitcilhesn-tld ithe rear lot lUlls itg has oock olihlldtg 3,i by ho-i-dt1ilted into tore tetnamltsia. The whotl will be lton reasouablae not. sto good tenuat. Aplty to DOYLE & MAY, esp4 4 .I' mnd~di*ot* ,mew tttians, t:i5 Ang., t138 T IS Bank ischescking a No e York at siglt. j. tloI'. J. P1'ALFttL.Y, r ugf8 'n hier. pEA'S-I0 sacks Girman plts i store, fa r salo by ep CHA1JI'L1N & UteLPER, 4 epa' IS.' 8 iJueia a T~mo~n soatedamn the r qa is an airy and most admirabls SIMSIIUIMU9 Founklia, upon lh raltOrt.419t m* ftop bwll' At alg nod moetaiplt ttlp luto ntprlltKeutO. foroooo b.epit aelarb oieaes ca I iorurot dttatrt~. 'lbhe i.stlltuto is oppllied with to. moveriBU~4 atteotiro eale mad t tonlmpl U114oYJd apkvn!F aabw riuu0 mt 4lfl~ lanyua . ýe Pnrivat roams mayr lba hbd by ;e tluoia sqpyjaI Wre per dot, inmlurdlt. or trrlnni c.r AV0 't'ermo in the or toory wardtwoo dollara e, iki v tlaveoms a two dollors. Small PYo in like .,r cards, live dollars. A1l 'el'Olol ro rgieo opterntl stia. ." 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T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITE B.ANK' AsCA 'E %V GIEryT N retlrus his sincere thanks to in S frieds and Ihth public of New Orleans, for the palstrnlee I -stowed oil hii tor the lust t o o esta, eanl hbes lute to a=sure th*mn that all drders comn'.it;ed to Sls charse shall be pttaestull astesded It; He will us u-aul, keep the ofice open (Tluring tile srlmner. and shal be alwav, rs eaylv In strike off merchltot's cirea laru, bu ines. and sslhress carls, fun, rsl ,oices. nmaps, plaun, anIe, or every deseritrion, at thi shorlest notice, slid Ion Ihe most reasonable terms.. Beinso nssritedl y arrive superi r to any other aestlltish niest in the city ad from hlor experiene in 'the lithogrlphic line, he leeo s colfide+n or giving satire utisinellso . N 1; Apjihecaries and drullgeist' labels exesuted in is rosd stle as corplperilate epgraving, and eat o,e I Ihirl orl the x peune. J~"4 : AI)LES-25tt) boxeu best New tcdlfo'rd . and Nan'ucket hrii, tfor sale by IA tC Uiltll)GE & Co, ranntT 131 Mn.tainr strelt. lit boxs s isto s1\ t aoup , M.iJlae.kso a oew landlng frou' chip tesaMdi&, f tIr sale by J 0i 1yrl CIo:KAYNER, s5 Cumnit n lOtees .t.i,.t.\l i A\1) ai'll'.-lili4 soils Kentok" |I) It, ph, U1tl ice ce liKeoiiucky I lggil ill it: re Ind eeilse by LA\WlEI.CI-1. & I.I:.GEN1)1,. .laii '2f anid 24 New I.esre iA'il BIt.INLI. A ke Ibls old pch blul READ J EARS'rOW, AS PElS Nlhione Oil--1511[ gallons winter oprm ni: It S all: oll ii oue.nil 3111Ah galhse reflleg1 hat saie by WliTlBRII)tiE i , CO. I,3 Magsline w. (vI-lC- It.Ale', Cirrsi -s ! Circulars !- Mevrehant Slcwiehilg" tO have a btIneli sl' ceiuler brue.l orlct tle soIn.est, lte, iroe ias io cull at thet rleaea ip ; wais,, ;at i fwics 53 lesoslse hna upposlie.Bank's .eq h c g ar an septll5 tidEM slItltUlIU D1. AY'S LINISMENT.--NU FF9tiaon.--'hi ea. - trordlnary elnmiical eols., ritiol, the rcou:s or rseiulce, uand thle Inselltlstn 's It eelobrat d inedi ciul lOln, the inlrodul, it of which to the pukli was isvestlel wit, illsa olenltlty ol a deatlhbed leqlnrstl, has sitone gailiud a reputation unperallelekd. fully sllslllilsg til. correctorsa of the laenlteted Dr U(rdlelv'e lant confiasson, that "he dared net ite without givilgtoposterit to pontrty the benefit of his knowledge onai this suljebt," hlnd he tlerelbes bIquatlhed to his iinnd andu attteodant, oloaonee tsIsa, the .sect of hlis otssevery. It is now used ia the prinilpal hospitals, and the prlvate practice ill our noultry, flret and most certainllv lir thle cute of the Ploes. and me natern slveily a;id etfFclually ias to bhfis lesedulity, unless where its e nfclts are wiltoLsed EIsternallv in the followlng colsmplnmnt51: For extraordliaryabsearition at ontce" All Swellings-Reduc;ig them in a feb hours. Rllesuuitslan--Acute or Chrumulo giving qoek seure Thlront-By Cancers. Ulcers or Colds. Croup and WUhoopuog Coughi-Eeternlily and over the Ciisi. All nuitses, Sprains, and Burns.sCtntiag in a few hourr. ,ores and Utlcers-Whetlher frels or lnag standisg. ooid li vet mores, Its operations upon adults anrd dlildron in endue. ing rheumnatic sw.ulingid, and loosening tosugomssd tightoeass of the cht uy ielakatilun of 'tlie ~ls4 has kbeen burprielhg obeyond coaneption. The eullollln emark o'f tIliuO wle have uved It In the Pilots. is IL acts tlike a dhasrm.s' 'THE IlLES--'The pIre. l,1 is raginisd to any person who will use a bIttlle of Hay's LitiAmest for the Pales, said return the rmpty bottly withotol being cured. 'lThse are the puostive orders of the prIoprtoer to the Ageont( and out of many thol . solndls solds ot 0o0 las b en usnacessoe LL W.V iuightl insert oeurlltutes to any loeatls, bal prefer thuts Ilioe whlo :ll the dabnrleLeas tIae nriginal to pirchaaers. CAUTION-None canl be genuine witbha a jplsoldd nagrsavud wrapper, on whch is m oy ensI a and alou that of thle Agenat k OLOMOU Iu. Sold wholesale and retail, bl COX* Ol= 3 Co, New York. and by une Druggit ieth'.at town inl the Ulltun. For sale by the Wholesale Agels.t aIled a Coml.onen & Tloupktoao suulaulu i,54 i h.t Apothecariea geunrally. JeB 'UTO ONthL.KS AND USBRS O . 'IOWDERf0. o. N. ...Tahb beoon ltreduoad ntot the eentrp blot dno n ha , and thl e -as t sp ..o" , ig de amse y d with has emti ely exceeded thie wml ild a great subhet of gemtlsae b00115 aeep a*.v used and are deli"id WAt it. Itm oay improves the pest reltt e the t-em.nbat is r peranuaneutnd l iddiOu1dit. Ao i to the dioggists gmenrlly. clg r. A.A t,. PAPre Kl-Junst osae S . v quality. far *j AA1u I * ot sosfi r T tastisms',

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