Newspaper of True American, 5 Ekim 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated 5 Ekim 1838 Page 3
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VOa"s WESEl EBu'1 ls 06 EVERT DIECRITidN BPEDtsY, 1HANDCDOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED FO AT t3S3 orrFO orP TaU To True Jmerican, $1'. d.SAI.LLE STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. s3roil rail LOUIISIANA iUrNI'fURl WARU3OO1MS -ag N.. r3, lirvan'Ib atrinwr. SI7IAU N R. CA ILNE,(fsrnsvly of tlr firm of Flint t tamhore ,) .oulld r ,eopclllly i f .a Iln _ rie.damand the p'sstbitlla e is hei ol.tSlally recviniL For IoRa NoeV YOrk and Boslon a good a.aortlm ot oIf Fr- of y.sItti Ilyak, d llnn Ntu- a ,slA pteold airs, mapyle and cherrv I-dsteuda , m s.aloglr land le err tliales of all d.acrittion ,, U.u aultu, toileta, sroetarys, wrtling dmIsks, wusrlr ese of maahogany iand cherry, wnah sa'undl Ioalasg glansea, febhaere, hIedding, noae. &c. lil. Furanture paaked Ifr transporprtion with great ' ure. jan S MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOU3E, llemoved from 17 Cuaslnwtouse St "TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CIARLES TIl EATRE. CORNEsR OF PoYDRAS &. ST. CHARLES TOREET. au:9-1838. anp i gE BeI't)EI' I BI0 'L.IS--5Al groas anae and L1O gorsa porter nbttles, for aolo by H.ILJIRS & MsIl, L, jyi m o n onk \ilev. PR 'I'E BOARDING IIOUSbE,. No 13, Toulouse st,-liy ilrolasnhn. 11 h i3 rtsraira spaciou and conveniently situated c I forr naen fbusiness, iear tler Levee ani tlhe New The ta ols will be wall supplied and atoteed to, and bthe clarge inodelrate. Boarlars wisisiag no hove ladging. can be aeomamo- - dated, at d ffersent priesa, with cmmuodious furnished rooala. Boarders will have thle satisfn lina to elect there, parason aspeaking tle French, Englisl and Slayn ish lailgusag .s, onuaif:la3n PENSIN.ON BOURGEOISE, i' Rue Toulouse n. 13, teare par Ille V.. H Ifmnain ol ET btabliasemet erst spmcieux, el se amuse ritan pres d d LrLav'ie etl le Ia Nouvelle Bourse, r'ret dire aa centre a es nr fires, - La table eSra bierl founie, propremenl teonu et A S ern srix moslra. ue qni pratenant pnasion decireraielnt v Inger ia rno des aptlarted eus de dilrrens prix, Iion garnia et des perasunea paurant lea langueis tion:is nnoluir e a e'' fr es asgoiess a o tuu s i a i On'yo in Su le·t co, iAL1:A Winewet anI dry, asin ualrter cadk, I L Indiadn bbls.foraalo b} Ill RliEAlD & BA LS''OW, aug2l 7 Balnk Pare.F -rUR N t1'UatE--I t reascei" a g a Flr El froa N.w York manl IlIasten Pel in wanlt of FURIi'UILtE,. won.l do well t, call at 53 Bieavilla street Ilane alnrcthnsinod elsew'hrete. 'renna Casl. or good city aceptancel. W R CARNES. A anug3--lw SgEDICINESl PAINTl & a11s -A In ae and gea eral ai eortslel t hal , fisnl sao lr Ir , by or Cs ,oasoa at o ' .ir o la _ _un _ prn N1)l' 1 1" r IIE Coallahrassare heretlsreal exeri sn ill t ii ityl laewea tile subse ilner lldl"r tile firo of aa ne Van Vyyc, ia. co., in New ori, aillan.v dl C. an I n Nastce ,, \a s., Van Wyck, I.oiiaw o. a W,., is . i ,sol vmO i by pultans l c on a aelt. Jh l.aidlw, la , I r . VIll a l' Wyck, slid 'I'o allllia it . Voant 'vck o res altllrls e l to da'lsaa nala e of tlse lillll ill lihe aid'a lloen only. JOalHN I.AllnAWV ANsIIRIW I.1N ":, P.:T. Rt . ViN i VCI, 'ilII MA' W. l VAN I\ aCIK, Neaw Orleains, aua. tIah, d;.:.. fn .' 0 :l II' r i e a. rlaI lipi. Tj he soubsserilsar v av e farn,l It coprtnrl lil in lai tl oind're thll e fir.i l of .asn I vcek hs L'ai nld' it as Nea* Lrk andel tlae firnIl of Jlhn Ifalliae v al Lo. Ji 511e .l l I 0lll . 0 , 1 'I:.lT'18 Sc. VAN WI'C i, JiIII,\IAS IV. VI \ III ' tCK, T l'll- I i) Pit+ I) RI E'I l'l)l: )p" P II.I : "i'ER r1 N b i nlle l w I a tI, .i con Illli ' p ilt,, t a l d v noil 1 lice f, t , h0 o I. hIr a ill hv*i ' lt. i, o til w aurl; eI ate T rea," t meni i p,,rtiol Dilltea :3rl war;1, h t n,:I poratl d l t. ,*emm nr. d ae d ,I i, , he h,-· 1 ,1et s 1i'he t g1 a tall i ti e II' lll. l l ll , , s i i Sr lln ..f MlO i radl, e l rl .'riawa a slnana d itoalat na It a [ rlal ofil tosrs d q i0 raa I . ea ill :l, . l, tfromsa 1 ) le,. i aweilaat l~ s ,a sIl rr tfnl t a l' d,, l 'l. , a M i lfe l li ats . th lrlll hd -'.'d uI I that I11 11. a llllii'11 o lt .s I l'.l I or elro a l l~ v.l or .-e , 111`r l ss 1 il,' 1C . 5, wit llr I illt oilll',, ,, l etr itlIo, a r ll q l ll i n. Itl tiol wl.a n.i'lade anv ol',r llalsilrl S I llll ia fli. t I1i " a s lar l ', falrllltlt ; lh e r Is s ila Ilo lle l t.Ir il' ll. ' d = lltl he als j.crt tol ille ni,,niaasl l i oIO'le p hr I"( I l r le1 r n-a. I fr l,cly d If .o u C oo l. adi l l- o , r ,'-i .I II I1 1 II1f Ia h llars pi I ;I' l l0 . ,Ir la l las t h ' ll ,,id'l.,' d illy e, 55rln 0tL llt sl. oillle ai "4 ,ns r i" i,,11. fhl'l, -- Ift C,1on. +1'd It 'ar d ;11 u il. Il t.l'. 4lv Icno de sC ll'd I,is .tlu I' 1 3s. rdistrict no l, ao rls i n r 5 pli" i55 , I nlio 5u-1 vish,,, d," Io lre le ss t re s i,,r r h "al 1il1i0, sa sIti l'ur. pri prias l t rcSelltiv' , ,ilt ll's , i nlls t I illp r , don fouol gal nont ll icorlo 'l is do "Ill e, t :j,. [ ; I.,tt dl, 1 ill . , nold. Ihrsa li' a Ills i1'll ] tt ls, a It I rll D' i ile , de llls l's. a in'lure lAe. r lx eo ro s' , , q'l. rii I'.. ,1 , .jnaq's'onx hn ilas ellp.ri tir: dn 3 ali-a-rias , to 1 o 5 d'oA l rd tllners d i onI +il de vii,, ItprpnIlel ' it. I lesilenh 113,, ext'ellls ds. ris a Hires , i l', ..Oy d banIqiete. dlr It i h l, lsa s lsta. Ie ae' e. Iart iss ae1' n dsli ~o edIoa ltr llssl li l I as , Isira la e a ra lrd a so-la'lc ;. i ' .-as e ir'ls, oIs si'gliprss d-,oe C i ai +'i A onae anl r., ri clinjslssia de 3fi ) pi ,l`da ir l l h tue jour, dA' Ill; in a t. nlsende ea' I. vra hlcel Ira n ii I nca, tri llbunal i ,, a lat, A In.llsge de In llralh.n 2al tv II B ; I'ltl .o - lI, ,'Is ,. i.e+ 5h ._slus . 'lila .0Lt b , l t ( il.. - , _ 'NCIlENTSofTrav,'l il si reece, Tnrkbrr I5n,-nit 1 and ; Monna; by alhe nulhorsd'llnt.ideutlo.'sf'l ravel in Egypt, Arabia-.'eareud aa.l tae linly ,asnd'--with a Ialso'a, elagsorviag ,is s in stla. ,el 'ea ,vo lagazme rf fol' e aloio trtr.- Dilruisaj of liserfnl Knowl -ise. VI, slne 5. hor 18.17, price $33. Me Phe Pnny Cyclaped a a'll"r ýsaietv fair the Iills n ' ,of Useful nootaledge, vole IX ampl X. Price por a lasne $3. Nastre and Treaotmert ef flireasc.r tlale Ear; h' Dr. IVillisii lornmr.r. Secod edll tie su of tlse nt it011'1 T'rriame.,, Claoasc Ilealaoec; soach i ,- -roned and en larged; translnsaed from the Gfrlllale; w Is Iiltest in rlus nosat-' of the alshor ilr lIse sans Loudon edl iion. lay Jasnla liisdoa Bennett, At D taslloaman ,isddle Age. Nerw editioa; eonping: In I vol. The New Taraif, or 1338 H, 1839. Alice; as. the ,uyaseries, 2 sal; Ihv Ihlwer. OcI 1' .lrlp.l alnllsal.ort 1. and lauding, and fo taale by S G ILANCHARD, O 2 33 tr.vier st rlIt) LET unttil lt N tumenber neat; the eleganl Dwelling House, No 117 At. Juselh itreeP, Apply at Nt. 74 loydran st 'ret. jyl9 01)o ,S'I'I hlOU--Lawrence &X Co l-I heavy / brow n heetings Jackson &(:o:,l, inch brow t shirtiuigs. Lowell nus. I . wb i ctt n.. FI,.rsale SI'E'I'St)N & AVEItI, ar4 8hi stree S.It r J .tt .. ANDRfE\VB W Br. thtrs have removed their Count t. fg Hlouse to No.b0 Cuarp street. sep4 IRVING'S NEW VOrIK &c. rI SHE ROCKY !IOUNT'P.\I N-Or, incidenrt I and adventures in "the lVar ses.,"digesled fro,, te | ouratllrtt' 'lprttti It L E Iloneville, .of the Armn ,of th e Utiteu Statee, mld illustrated fio various othel .eurc e, by r'nshhittt n Irving, in vol. . 'IH I. VtIC'l.nS ot. SOJI.ZIPYb--By the Countest .of Ble osington, mn 2 vols. Justar .e rved and for male by SLWh\Ai.hCS tr IR833, jtttlt .tictl trt eittrt Ar A at teas, Ifrm New aork. 21 grle Aiuericnt Cnotme Al, nanacs tlr 1839 25do. Cr.ckett' AlMan.e for 1819. -S.51o. People'. Almnnua:s for 1'819. Cal.mtla ted for every state in the Urinl, and collhtaining a gre. arit. of raving.,ravinsa. Ibr satle Iy the race, d,.eut ant slngleby IDAVI) PEE,.' & CtO, N Y Stationer's lt1ll,24 Chartres at aun3ý DULED Re, rttrt, rareivtld n i.. - iI ludou' - .'ey fine tlue recardl Cap, Lolth plait ead ruled, for an! a by D\VID Fr.LT & CO. Aug23 N Y Stalitter'a Ihlnl, 24 Chalrtreo SIrtE \tN 's--B' kegs Cu.rrantt, a superior article n .sale by LA VIEN : & LEGEINI.Rt, ep.!3 2~itaul "29 Ne.w Levee. -/iEr. brat qu. Ity Linseed ti', lire saile by .eep tt 44 New Levee. ].r'A4|--S) ktegs asst 'red, for sale ly J7 A DAM.\, , wtlII'ALL, set4 1 f i67 Granver .wesrt. , will 'em v the I-)ilt at the foot of Canl at. lo the .ltIARIIE CIlT i(1K, etery daty. Iretarture-- 8 a t-i It in.- ~'eatrn, 1 m.--6l ' Sundaya.-6 a ta-lIt a m-4 , m.-8 a ta-I p ti Phl s ;rrtr geement till furter notl e. _Sept 14 3 \Mb.5 II CALI)Wr'.l., Pre-d't COQi"EE--14IO braga Kin. 1411 du'. liavnas+. Fu .ale by tj'PTTSON ,, AVERt, aug4 '8 Grevier re. '.'O-2'tO asarietiatO,( in et re, for slaley S t 3JJA +1PINj& p O itt, 5.,r'"0. :"Jor 2or the Interior. FOR THE PARISH OF ST. HELENA & LIV INGSTON, Touching at Pass .Manchae, mouths of the Amite, Tangypon. Blood, anl Ticfa, at I oarsarr, Reme and Springfield, un on ., 'lio welt kItuwto attot linltt tiglt ,tenaotbont i \ ZEIF'A.Cslt (;rillin.e vens tile lake pnd tol tile roil eofot at o o oal ot ooootih 'nlochk Cno r on olollloa Ida thetil in-t. I eturning, will rna lt t ral l road lby 6 o'clock on "undao evcrllino . For freight or lpasn :age h'nLolv superior accon llll)( io Ts Apply to hEtl. IVIITIAN, New Orleaotno Mottbile .nil t fier. Foctl t uoeo t (L ho ExcO lge t ne chat rles .t \. . Steamer 10)L t(II 'IA, t'. Ooioord, j n tedeslday morning Ihe I9th in-t., ieo tbt 8 ot'clook Cutrs. For fieort' or o t IO. WHIITMIAN, il S. I O tfi:e, adj.rthelo Exeloohoe es t. New Orlheant. sep 13 FOR LOUISVILLE.CtiNIINNAT1, AND ALL " IN ItER.IEDIATFE PORTS. v r -li te The sutnnat'tal strem hoal tolo Gly. SHRI.llY . J Kertooo nal, In s=r l ter, in hourly expectetd I ul to aive, and will avre dptEh ar te nelo lt. Fhtr freight or paasrge, hoving superior anccommodatlot., alibIty to . ! LAWRENCE & LEGENIlRE. 'tt sepv 2 & 29 New Ievel. F or Moblilen and all latternediate Laadotogx do, The loow presslle stent m Raa t ChROloINE oilllea,. 'Ne ()rl olonvan far Mobile .very Thursdaly and ia und ta -ay, ti t luck, P1. touehint at all to a .. .n'e tn .n places at whio.l ptCssengers mayv wiahl to latol. For at: further tarticlursat, upplv to l "ll cGr EO. W IlTMAN, va jyl4 Exchlongo H ntl, St. Charles st. tol SFoar loltile and all Itdermediale L.aditAs. ha ,t , " 'rl Thea fast rotonin anad splenldid steamlr t gotat W. rl WALI..CEo eotiely in t * n O ste rooens, will enve New toltns tol flr Molnlil, tl rn i er .li e w terin i pnclaotn's, every Tesday and Salurdal, nl let the arrivnlof l'th SLt'! o oel. Coura. V GI i E ). WIIIT1AN, o S jvn4 Ex-hiong, liotel. 6t. (Charleo St. SAr:.UIIlA AO tNi \ND SUNDAY w Y EXCURSION in T1p) t ANVI , til it uONVIl E. St.p ,a . re steamerSt) UTI' AIAA IIA1.., n 5 burets ao nu r t0 et S iqn l ofuo l-rot ttb lor tle torooo plt e el severy t oo e nillo ouatooo ile rrivtdI loin , o ,lay mornrlillO ol n t rivl f ect 8 o l'lucK ers; Hi . tor ontaw 2 tn atl l aollth l L oi ot atre rae .n oo_ h_ _r l VIt.l': & , IOIVI NtiT N. ..l luIw T st rt ne ni splendhi ,tenn tin h.nt St ITlol ALAh o o 1 AA.IA , I, T .r-'^:` Kno ight isterwill ra n is a ro-u nt tn tr t oto oa slote bove o to o dtp . o tl o nu Id leS., tVd ol dots IIUI Frid ayl , after the of tle P o hlock llros, i A t e1. oeouriu l lernoveos na(V iallnto I o'llaodu, s, Tholsr - t oda- a r usal lt ol,'clok, A Mlt m It. A' ll oa e a nt par s at t.o roik o ft h nan aid latuolegya 11hI o af llu Ag is s Eglns Ip nIi no2Fllta tohlhllol. , oi tool-ellr.. S Ui .Lt V uS goiug to Mlobile bh tiher Mail Line I,.n .. lu.lya, \Vud. lald Fri.s;lo , awill lel . ti o o.-s oo"oor s o tm Jo ole p ced oto toe W 000ll nII o Ilo.r wol olln ol 7 InuIIt t e Ct1,~ll :u ec it tllketl t Jihetto KbL te by al l i ot. otrl ilN' we,0 kexeL 0 . I ctllt (.,tblu iuull iay ts. 1:111 t I Will '. W 11n . i, jtIV I+,Fr KF:GS Fcl',FI 110 IIElN LSU'I'=.tISLr '! : bloxesi Il llI:h rali llss, 000 lol h l o ll,l r lt 'llto l,.o lo O ket i L l 5 Il 00el, ll arltl to atll u,-, tog,; oo o .\,v, eoe. 0l'l d l:l o ii' Io - ll l Il l eI0 I t'tIII l Ioolo lllt ' nll It u t n d 10,1 It t'll b~, It. a ll l l u, t . l o ,n llt _ . iltl'll(' o,. lll tl',- tlh, l ll f . 1 11llse, o'+l.,Jr I 1 ,li lr tl t l l, l l . lo I II ti ll h , .,ad Ia ro , lIullll s, i.& . \ , [.0. , Ilot -oll 11 l\,.1.o1 . t(:,, 1 , C0 o o bll. . :,t", it) It,,.., I- t'ht' I I( ,ll o ti d t u L I r"L,.t I I Juil. it chi "s+ k io Atolold, ,l al lt 1-I t oht 0 10l0 0 0l ,f>, j l, .I I :. xi , ;.x I ' ,',ou :, oo , 1 I ooo o0 1 ol 'o 00 , I t!e : 1 f tid a ly llln ,o t _ 1 1-o lo tllo 'lllo l / ,Ia C' III Iit:l 0 o l0t0 0 Ito o11oor1 I ." l to; tC ,ll, .I 000. , 0 lvll: t,0 I: y.,,1, ortn i l LttO' , 'I 'd .olll , I , :iii t ; I ll~ i. e,+ lil ; : :I, .-11_ il r - onJ -a t olnh,, o oI, , ld ',lil,, L Io, o' I ,o o "o \,e ,. i ui ,,. ýhc.: 11: r-"7' Ihl I. o"to' Io t -o ..... ' t......... ' h' 000 llo0 e ole Jh0 Both oll il looat i a ,ar thno 1t -/ lo1". hta-+/e 1ol i :y. t toko I &tu} tla-111 ot l 1 1 il' .,ta i l,.I , al,,tlooit1 ,1 ta d \ ioll hell r, ' I r l e .. l y I I l l . a I , lln a o I It t oo r ' ot ell o, ty i J t I.l otollfh btoytlb ttu l.. .tlotol, 1, al, J tld al, othert' 1 l t r t totoh a ' etood 000 . _to, o to bxe l...lo . .... ...... .. I~ lA ll , 1& libi kU,1,," olt Unoot llutoe Mooooies2o1 o orr oostltr sole bya - it o, IN a J TI IAttIoo Lo. tl avel- 1 ugh3 L4 'uydrs sd Outt oiton J L'00 t ." I:l t ,ol " Co O otootuglotn7n l t o.o tnn 'l ..(laIA it I IL tie e a 0 ,· ea. / lg. +. IoII nll..(i = perl s 8tul, nl d fur sale by y [)r. n lng23 17 Cu. lterce stl ect, C;1- en- Niu, ( o\ In lll.r,ss br aid,) lo) dl, tim ! wine, ( ste erntl;) i popes lad,,ir ".O (jr. i Cas. eltk. ialutli'Oll Asd irlt wille, ill stor, and ttur ssle t,y ASEOLA sL -.7 bill l. In ,l.a, b r salle b L:t batENC' t ' ,.ui.yiNI)RE, i J rl.,1 fit & CO, VILI.Et Will, I All. eby I)A FTS on New Ydk at. ight, tut sale at 4 per cent. prenitmn. iers JAMES II CALI)WEIL. t ep8 l'res'I. L ,S l' P'UBIL.ICATIONS. rtlHE Novelrs iJllne Auttit, c iningill'Pride. and er t I lrejulldia,' lanslielll I'rkl '.ame and eleai - bilitv' ' llltll 'ad n iarllaanger Abbey' Io w, ic is 'ant eali.ed a allgradlhical notice utof tih atlulbor-ollle freer, II, o In VI10t11 19 Nos. :.3a 4 of I'be Life and Adventure: of Nickolas SNickleby, otaainioi a flithla+ ish accont of Uls" fi hrtun es, o Niacklel, 'aFnlly. Eaited by'Boa'--with llllstratiuns rsale by "Phiz.' stree An dditionni supply 1i No I,'Nickolan Nicleebv.' 'O!ii,r I wlat, part list, and 'l'eas. el 'apers, j.ust ount receied, and for aa e by WM. il'ItEaN, seplt8 eorner of Cllaa I iI i : Il t - A.+'NI)lI.--l1h\- b lle apenn andlles, busa, bltlads, denta lauding ruuen ship IPlatl, fir sale by frou ISAAC BRIIDGUE & CO, bry p 134 \laaie et.i ler L'AXCll..Nadl; oa. BBatunt--lalln slam tau .I. rAtl .haers, Ir sale by Intess STETSON & AVERiY, nang°. 88 tiravier st. SIt-I A IPALNIIN t1traal--Il pipes and ball' tipe, a tery aulperior old nrticl ina store and Ime sale mn- by T l IIlec, & BitO 'rin au,2t8 39 (Cno moe a lz, ale- JoAMIs' NEW NOVEL, &,. great 5 lI]E IOBIlEII, a T'ile, by thll, all lr ,f 'Rich' n and elin,' 'The GiUpsey,' 'Attila,' &e. tit 2 vols. 'l'TE Love CHA.e, a Com'dy, in live ac's, lby resat. James Stlridaa Knowles, author of 'Virgintus, 'The Da.ughtr,' &c. &c. r. lox, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon 1.i Tallourl; 4dth editiln. SloaiTra AND MANNERS la Aueate, ; by Halrriet ,trea. Mttvneau. aulthor of 'Illlnstratllun of Pollialc Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4lh eaitiont. rticle, A Prat iCail SuIm.ry fat the L w and Usage of S Bills o Exo. anga and ProamLasry Ntles; togeth. ree. or wtl'l a ucare of tables, shollWillg when blills, notes 7 and loans, drawn or ace.lpted at niy diat will tall ar. due; to wllica u are addd, rates' of anumilsllslo andll storage, equatiol of paymenlts, and gellerai infOr. lllatiotn concaeIILd w;i:l blli iiness of tllh C mullin l l house; by B F Foster, Aaeooutant, unthor of 'A Cara Coneie Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'Trn Clerk's at. or Guide,' &e. T'li L.rrLE SKaTCir B not; a course of very easy lesson. in Laldsap s, Figures, &e. by GeCorge pm l Clilda; let a.d 2.1 aeras. Just rcived and d or siale by WM1 MeKEAN, etd't jy8 cur. of Camp and Commonln lte. For ALSO,-An additional supply of "Threo Expe 1 riments of L.ving.-Llving wthiit the Meains, r re Living up to uth Means,-Living beyond ite iMlean:;" uSequel to the Experiments oft Living;" 1, 'The flareolrta;" ,"The Sa~eng's Rnk." Se. 1114 t., on iirrti., For Europe. FOR MARSEILLES. . 'ite fast sailing brit CA ROI.INE, Cnpt. ThTlm llson, will Itve nume i<te ldespatch hor the abo,'e port. For freighlt ua tu cales cot tun, r lPassuge, apply to L LEVI I G \LE, augd3 eltiomaou -t. be FOIII( l ESt'a... S i"The fact oal ilg 'ihip IItI.IEN MtAR, SCapt. -- , hlVh full cutrgo eaoged., wl:l la\e desplatcb; fr ota:s:gae iaplt tt i c . .1 1' \ tt iI I S I 'X , au,:t 8 Conti st Coastwise. UST rcailel at thie Louiialnra Fa·utiture W.alre I.ta)t.ts, 53 Ilienvill" ar1''eet,iOil tlaple ad tch'berry ledoteti-;tt t fiaa rlte arlicle. Alec, a u.otl a-crot aeat of top/a-, \VWlItta, cud PolbtetlChccaOdcl wlKC will ite solf t the llowest ca it ittAEet WI{. CAIINE-S. j€7 i 51 tAi ti lie art ot.t 1 VIIlI'IY ST at III I. 1i9 Car, staee .to- Ac ctr I'ishoaj' Ilitetl--'The sallasribel's a.. ow ,tt, ' ltt ng at tileira new satalt , ellexteusivel asortmellta t , thleir lioe, at prisiga ever) vatriely oaCrcautlt, lirat'et tie t t'ealitteot. y, tackil8 t!asstes, I' otaiag Caclhd ca l.gat tunitber oaf Foucy oartiles. 'The'h ollowi. ta prrt 1 de..ri )ibmn (t)MI lS--'l'ortoiseal'l Hrazilian high topa tnek, I r -lt carvdl; uil. do. twist, long, neek, Ieutl; idte, ipole I d dressing, ivoryv andta hort' file t.ith draesshig tatn. a-laealtcombs; born, reldiag anl nJras lloacts; woode tot h Ir.assIctg, filL tOOth ai lstai joketkonao.. 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LSt)KIN(s tI.ASSES--Co''.lp-isig gilt Ctame oat varioas sizes 5, a, 3,2 alll dPaw toilet Getrlan cstuati,. toilet siti oall -agiookt' cs ii m ti tciat;', rll- atr, a-to. - t',CIN1(; C( I)S--Eagai , "iaray ill, ltroom, Hillghlhader, Spiel Cuartena, Frenchl alt whiti back Itl)t iog latrds. FiNGOI AND) VAIIETY AIIltI(CE S-A stpe itllr assortnlllt of tl oitiable ds'tks Utlaiesa' anIll geOtle ts il'tsshg rases Iiailoliaties' work boxesa; iiath bou es l"f vrliioull. deslacriptions, clltabll. for tile new yea' anl Clhiutmast' galia; ockta alooks oc:nll olrta; suspten ala-rt ,taaia.-aloocs, hacta tattl ts, caayont, violins, 4kutl S11("9 illld IIl' , lll afissrll lll.tlllot 'a totaahtoatlls, soIaparior aa o.ita hillitard bollt, taste blt ckinlg; otoer, hirt, vt-t, S taUil 'a ltati llde blltnsl eall le ' t a lllh l SIIIa'hI r-zor satllolls; l gta s cll-illr folr t ea tint'g light; Sioallish /Ia Iatleo stt.garsc atatIOcOllalt PrisiIi rtlaaee alld aCtllCht mulll s; un asillst olellt of pillanl 11 a ndl.ol' ealles; bltllk i anlUoInIIII bart'Is;dlic, lanll. y ~ee nls, opltec, Jews arlls, iglctontltat , ieter m',atehe at, pi a teeles, -percussion 0 a;t ltrilckict cIps. hccting t oriks hu came bags; ta l, taltvtir attI ta II taIIe t ll i a iit:cleS aible, twittle, etc. - a tot'191] lll ll f r ll of e llrv l and Ii lar au (alie ty of ollu~lthercs gr ae, 1 of which wvill be suhl for l~w tprice I/I hS k I),I.ANlE _' 8 (Hil+ ltlg+ I1? It, utliag fr.+n brig Uncle jyl9 S J W VtITNEY t 15! o tuer iC' r tIQ'o I a ui e t i htti tt om II ilio al.1t t liro o-k 'etarl Aoih, '+ I a'oea Ifoaloar'I, titoo ,,IIo, a, I uIIatlca'', ca. c.'a-.. hticainag fatlttl irig \0illiotaI, factl osull,:lalld for nle h ARWS, Il "JARV1P! ..~. A.i.nrEW.$, \hplesalh l )t.egi=t-, jv7 car CoOiollaltln i T'cooulitoalas traeet. TAiE oaF t I, tANIA 5N -FIReiiT JUI'ICIAL ' I) .,T'ICItT C iU , I.--'rI.' dtte of iru:aman, T i l T. t r eb l had+u relselits sh tl coup ~ltraoPi~i ig: i 11 tber. ·l lieurv \ librqu Ialf sIlnl< )trel'n1Iced Silt ,I It II iiiiil le .li'tb. .. ] (hP III C h e .'+l hlll l lll~i I( l+:I1P ' ,d 'aColun oIlo ioe tthelril ala c le , e c le-tcr, ai - :p-a r5 t -r-c ii t 'ittc ori a ctr ti a/fac i to-tora ity in i l, l Ict iofltl alhe I, i- a tlilre tf I t1 aPte/ if orll aoit< a, tnlted i ne ll l1.1 Iit. ithe furtlhe il l n lu*O of tillel i IIn lrehn -l i t oal'' it Iidii,,-l aarka;" Iltlltrv ad he telnh dlv ot . 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Illl~tP dIP~·l·~lh 11,1 frollll Oln .h011 lli r I il. td , I e tlr [i is at g ulldlllla st ill e i .rut ld; i -rrnt-llll ,I to( -a llltl tl t V Ita uI' lIlt . I r- tarai; , Itila tl mac- ttllat Ihllu*erl" i -ll++rin Equ.(iare (. nil lot all I\welve, ii;JIsui r, li,,. t l 1 ' f mlllstli Thi d I t .-reet, hy €1ne hnuall ed rin l fi'lf I et i llt h, Illl a l'P b t, en bllll dl lel illli .lid In i, ll lnlll thlllllq'ellm en o wl.lll? tI1( ilclUsllP I nel m lrigll c-alt tah th v hta t, Iron t on th-ltaarton satr't, it! ie hll --- i dll iia(nd t lwe ty? fet+. in th+ pib, Ietwe n ,1 arallhel lin..s d oll .lli i lot 1 to lthree ot eItlllnllnr lirly teti a alh nhdd nn lih aea in Is le I vt l et ,e l ii rhle . II :lie . I , 'tr v tacoa ir lotsaot tartuar,,altate in i aid Caatil. oa rto. , ald all - sit e tan d hv the t nl'tumt r, froll oae tlt tln-' ty Iur ir.hluivef.;rint~a tihe who e .aauara ,t, Ioun'led I/v (''otirone, Third, Jeferfcon alI Zinoel tcretcs, athp w alh ita ri alll rlli ttla i a eartail in tat itaw bly tLa I a'a-,aahgit cailltr, iu'ata-ti toerl tl i d ' it 3Mlutl'l ; la t I 0o'.llarnd attitsitiodeia theotceslaf gaIIcotnal Ottatat hly . n, J ll la certai rillece or parcel of llrolu nd sitlanto Sslhid rtrth n ni ellla i, I tat t nndrtd ai lg tev I- il ; deaaoh itwoandreduoal iftv feet 'Olahe tbli r'oaaadoa tahir-h it bs a like i'ront aof two lnndrd and ileveu itet eleven, on lded o . t. ',el er thiae Iia Jel a fc!oSoai natood oc Iae Upperabioe by troperiy baloag la_, iig tatl OViliiiita Jaoneo. no n All whit h taid oots afgaoind make paroofthe tao, 'r.I :a- "aitoac ant or ilte atianle e ai ntuadi b f orii II t Palfrcy,ift aor befora t1 t elas, notoary I a foleo a hi . 0t h Jia nuao ry, 1tl37. - Ov+++ ...itat,ita toenoatite A, 1. ..rui.h ar 4 acouaa I, tigoie .1hl urt, this twentioth 4"4 Sdoy of Stelllbar. 1838. 'ttTEO- LEWIS, J (b"Octl--3t IDeputy Clerk. SATp DE IA IoISsIAN --Cour du premier 1A Ii trict Judiciaire.-L'rtat d la Laoiaian .-A :ons coex qr:e eas p I sentna canceraenl, ,alut:-\t-. nlhaqlla ellra,', ,' Pal reaynIyat nhe.bAan ctie vents alia pl le sanc die deI Edwa ralSalzma, aIn plopribta ci-alres decrile, s'est adiesne nu gref8 dercetter our on in dall vente lIt enrealrsaret le flle jour de septean. bre de I'anullae 1I38, pour uin avis Coalllnmlira liit Ai an acte de la Le-illntureo de I'Etlt de la L uii.rr, inlti tu:; "Acle poar cti airmler les titres 's ac lue lU rs iaventes Jludiciaies," appraue6 le 10 llus 1834. Qu'll slit coona,a et Ioutea personnen intaresCes sent lpar ces pr eantes sua.lles au nam de I' lit do in Loinsln et de lan Uur du premier district judicinire, qui avoi drait A la prapaiblt ci apres da rli, eall conllqu.el.i d'an d allt de :,rmeC dan: ierdi, ie der .eton le jurelllnt da la caIr, enl vertu ala qtael ivaaa-in i1i .tuie, aa de toataas irrgilariae iaa m dv llde Il vi lite oli piU liane nutlar cause Ilnlelcalnque, dle tere vair, danls trente juis A dlte ie lat publiaelta o ie sIet evn our-s nli la elltre airti faitr e ne seait pas La lite prellulpt f t vendue par le Svndie su.dit le 2h5 mIme jnor do juin de I'tm l be I8 8, enl vtu d'un d area de a.ettei - at, renhl ie 5lne.jour da In ii de laallnaai 11:18, daa;aa l'alire ala Eldward Sniltzman caatre sea a:raantiina, ao. 15, 04ad du lokat de celne c.anrA In. quella vetr II. W. Pllifrey r'est lendu aquaeur pour le prix e $790!. Sre c itron lde In proplilt6 d'apren I translfr jndi I. uciq lat da- lerre, dbaignba paa leanniam os 8 9, 10a 11, 12, haia. nt if, diax, uze e dlazn-, dosa I'ilat ', ase Inignnal,sial. iA Carrlilton dansa In paroiss. Jefferson, et menantllll ensemlble e qutre allangt dix sept peds, tr as pa ee et lle i, faIe a a rue e la I.evo, cent einqllsllle I:ileds I'la iee sr In rue Serende pr cent aodixnaIe et aroia pi--ls, trilia, i .uce et ecinq aganes le prafanuleur a lfae+ Ai I,, rue Jefl.rsann. 2. Danze Ilts d I rre itils dens eI dit Carroll ton et ldesiauls par Iesnaumbros le doul A Ainlt trois dlian 1'l. t ti, le dltl hitn i. donle nle-uraiat tracnly podl de fiue Slit Ip rue Thlird, llar caant cilaqntlae I.eds de iproli.:d'ýar Its lignas rla t paia ella, les din" , lata d ae aroize A viimr deinx iaallas. Clicaue n mlae-ne ta-elt i piedlr de laceIA a aue J.JIrnc palr caa t vlarigt pied de posfiadeur lea liilns rlant paralelies, elle dit lot no ring trils niesurant Ise.e wIeds de face lIl rile Iurlahe ai'r aellt aciiuaata ieadsd de prufondeur en re lianes panrllles. 3. gm te lats de terre sit al d ins le dit Car rollton, de ganbes ,ar ;es ns. id un A vaingl quare inacla farr ;aan t, h l'ilet J. bornr paIa lin rucs Caa bnnll Third, Jefferla n et Z.mple et meaurint alaen.m b e troin c.lll Iii il de face s:.e cIhnen des dinte rupa le atou conilrnabme Iia un certain Ilanl, re-s Ipar Liuia Ilriniervayer geuial, dtb lI remaer mars 1836 et dl.aaal dlans l'ataia de H. B. Cenas ntuaire public. 4. 't In certain morceau de tre re sit6 ouan le dir. Cnrra'lIla , ieniuant daea l:ent a a za pienlp , imze pearn en face h In rciade Lev.e, et s'etan l.teai a prutiuaecur deux ceant camqunte pdsi anu awmin publicaur leq -el i a lne face selmblab l de d ux cenlt .nze pidl sonze iouees. bhorn par en hls par l,, rue Jefferson, et par un haul par des prartoanates ap artenas. t h Wm. Joles. Tous lae dlins llot d terra frment parlie lde In pero pri6 e vendue par le dit inasolvable E. Sal zma h Sies Creami les, ct snt 's mimes aqu'il avait ahea6 , audit H. W. Palalr.-, par aete pardavant II. B. C.,as, notaiie sasdil Is 6 Jan i l r 1 A37. Tnmoin lhonnorsble A. M. Buchana, Jugr de is dlte oar, aa a i.gtlikme lour de cptemhrer All i1358 '7 "ptr-- TIEi.'. IEPI, dsp glr ir. BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. RIEEM'AN & CO., WPi.t*eale CldtekIssgt. AEI Iithwi.e No. 3, Mhistelne street, H AVF eonst.antl on bhnd l' large antply of Cloth ino, calculatod for the country trade. Their as. sorttlent eihg loare. melchalnts from the country can be eupplied at the ohortest notice. oct4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 thartren street HIAVE acoustaut ,sutlply tf every artlcle pertaing to gemtlelnenn's dlesS, of te latest style, at New Yurk ric-s dec 20 S,,,EOUS MET'ALLIC TEETII. SPEClJMENS of these bhuntiful leetht,a nd the mano. L nor of set ung the t , ,may bI hen ot the ollce oft J. B. Ross SV'RGEON DENTIST, No 46 Conal .lre0t. .These teeth loeer chnlltge colour, ald :re hby mIIV, and il many cases, preferable too he natral leetlh. fa' fIr. It. will wait upoo ladies at their residence, requcesed. po9if S A. PERIlOSIEE, MERCHANT TAILOR, oi,' Cotolno, street, GT)E.S to inforn tilep Pbtic tlltt Ihaving purchased I) from 1otessrs IT()UOIt, SlKEIt;S ,. CO. artt of their otock, th will continue. ttll business at their old otand, opposite Rish+)lr's HIlotet, where lie ht pes to merit Sohlaee of01 te1. tptOrotoage. lie Itos made arrange ents at tle North to be tuptp lied men lily witI the lattet snd mlosl rfnhiohable goo'in mr 14 CLA " & CLARK, HOUSE AND HIIIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Poydrlis street New Orleans, MANUFAO'TIRRIIS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of nll descritfiono. WARM, COLD, AND SIIO tWER BATHS Fixed on thle mnst a'proved principles. MILL'I) LE!AD, PIPICS, &e t.Orders exeouted it any part of the Southern States. in,. 9 Dr. Hobert I'. lindoe. IEexrtonno Itt+Tet. lm CLAY & CLA\ IIK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe IlVanufacturers, Non. 10'2 P'.ydratt It Oet, IK E'.P on ,otnd , c-,.n.t. t .,,ttlv of .ond Pipo,' from l2 i. diameter down to 3-v inl. diameter. for ORLEANS LITHIOGRAPHIC PRINTING E'T'A liLleLi M ENI', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLIAqM GR EEN.E, PROPRIETOR 3 H. PARKER Comnnois.Lion and Porwardin g Moirehant, No 6, IFRONT LEVEE, LrP STAIRS. Non.) "ltoet, Fte."l. _ JARVIS & ANDRE WS, WIIOIL,E-' \ItE 4N1) IE'!'tti. DI)ELIEtRS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE S''UfI"'S: l'.VD I,'I1.''I)DOV GLASS, C. rner t tollf C lllo;o and Tehoulpitoulas streets, NA,'TIIIAN JARVIS. JlOIIN W. ANIItLEVWS. A large apply of Garden Seesln. warranted tire growth AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & 1. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 63 \VATEIL SI'REET. I 111E vnderrirned, t es.tbli-ed themuse.o . in lhbtilh t ,r i the p ihrouse of tt ran, sO til.g the At tlion llm t C to tt l ii tieOl bllilett it n its vt ritous branct hes, beg l.n'tt tol itllen ll th.irt fi'ielml andt t o pu)llolil:, thi ot theo Tip,. nil v p ureard to rereivo co',nigtlhlentls, and I1uke 1 litr.d udvulcesl tioe the sune, tlhl for priVltl ler ipuhl ic sal. IS' ,OANL I. JI)O ES, e tRfr Ito WValker. Knliht & Co. New Orleans. i ti loile. t, 'It tt ...i . felt 1l A CARtD. r SA'IUEL SLoTEcR. A.t0RAonot TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwardoiue l ttntlutt eSiolt lerchnnto, No. 411 Poovlrs Street, N; W t)R I It \ N S. - Thee will !oetle their pa:lrtic.tllr attention to tile sale 1t \'estotrn PIrodulce. Referenerre. ,i Rf h rFisk, C-q. lort l Shilrl New Olleans. I. ri , Wild ' Co. oston. P. A'b1 ItIr, , Co. /- C.r' ee,'l'haolno+. New York. N" V,,n I'latit t ,\cill" ( .O: i itofitrid , )a ilt. St Loutie. Id la .n ,,, Shaw T ,tunl. SIRt ,lr 't ('. llw, ov, f -e l tuiutt. Alt.n. i Ir t arh to.-- o e. ill LO STTONE. 0. T0 STOnE. Forwss,'slas sn..I n o minsiou 01c00555535, FIJRSIHEIRS OF StlHl' AN) BOAT STOIRRBI, asol No. 114 'CIHoolrOovloS STREET. N NI wROrlorot. oo is RelereucrcR : L

81"Ieosio. [lolL, BAKR & Co. 2 Boston SlNEir:O \0Oh. iCO C A. 1B' MOOCH & Co. New Yori. lt. i'UTNAtO, 1. , P. HOLLANDlit, CinrinnrtiO. lir WRIGHT SMIITH etrC; IDAIVID NTONE, iytnlO reiv B. Co31TOCK L& Co. ColulIONos .t. 'A N. tl, & Co.. Louisollie, thy thoi WILI.ISoS100ES & 0ic.0L0.Oi Louioo o uhil A. 11. 11OF, AIuton, Ill. Wo 1F. WVITHtOW, itosIloili', III. J. i&I'. P. I Aloor LL, Bavou Sara, La. SOLOMON LHIGH. Noeo (rlIaro.. jon __ _ _ or[ DOYILE & ,IAT, 1)EiALERS IN AMERICAN & 1';N(!1,1oI1 CROWN GLASS, Ha' \So.TdCooEETII n . 01 jilt, lill INSURANCEL COMP ANY ir OF NEO\ O)RLLAZIS. tell Thin Ciompoany ailnow proonred to inks or RISKS AGAtNST FIRE. par No. 24 M11onOo'o loiloln', Cnnnl hIr't. CeiI E 1. T111:1', bur New Orleons, \Iov Ib. 1814. Seer,-tdry. pas5 oil,' WILLIAM IRWIN lint Commissio s n ud F Urwardinsg Mere sint, Ro. CINCINNA'TII OHIO. u Refer to L.yrt & toelono, 2NewOrleans. uoo. Lndis & Nou. ort IROiER'I CLONNON, Set 10USE AND SIGN P5AINTER Ii No. I2 Cotmp sreet, (ill, Wh[lesale Inalier in F'aint, oill Varnlihes ,lrusoles, [tho 11:411 \i iud lno Pid o re 10lie-n, as. .0. t T, W. COLLINS av A T1O'O VEYI' & s ,)i .VShILOR A4T L.AfII N Tom praetisi lo in the isitH oatnd fit Courts. Cli elite ~ill finad hioouat Io1e thrk'nollfie, U S Oiruil 5i Court, in tlhe Cooomlou hu buildding. jiO8 dri A CARD. T nderloged veo o.IplloliOed hooseoin this city, T 0E1or I 1ol1ur1u.e of trano.oiolgo Ci N F ttL COL L tIS.Ii O N IIJUINE OS. 1 OFFICE, No. 14 GosossO STREET, Us STAIRS. j H P LEVY. The hohot sot Grand Gulf, Sliss. will be cotinued hn tobe aboe naose. iKf'rOO00c . IL I GodfreyLawrie & Sut, II,t Nen Otlins. La li 'S H,~ill :h d, uiilKy oh', AI Gilmore, \). FI ie~n*IIIrg, liee. Ill,' t- ,lnr llllllO Iill CuGrand Giul, -Mn I a1ir, .loors & Cuo, eI~ii'S d.81,1.'ntl1105, ils a NewOrieono,J oy I 00S. JyiN A [ARIt). cc I ATIiIANIUL TOVNSI8NDI hatinlog setcd himn. e oell in NeW Orleans 0ur I[t lopooCse ol510an51511g it lnd i'llmsizlllonloblsiness, would re TpoCilliiy sllicit from the pIublic a slars of thesir p5a Ia Mving a house iO'reooF, hoe will Ittend, n thie rans acting of ul'v bueinres thatl may he des red in thlat wi coAll r1Sl'.0llguairanarelll00 prop"llt ad olnrellittid ast ci h itl.i lli0 nIl ibu-i,,,''s ellntrluted io his chargse. md a1 r fauitbhi oll[liiauSlll l (in accordae wiilth instructions) of S all luidIIls that aycOlle intii hishsnds. 50 Office in jNo hS lEchage. on (orialesstrasw, opposite to Rev Sir Cinili's lthrob, and al.j pining GibsoiS'h New Orleanls, Nuvewrber 05, 1837. r Reforenreo. +I iS3aso Ilillyer, Bush &Co. ?Neo' York. SAlvaorez F sb, Natchez, lion. R it Sir.h r.4, Llo-,,1l.'. JohoTI hor y.i L~ouivill, KRi. 's Alit e '. a e, H .pkitnoie, Ky. i.S 6m FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPAIIY OF NEW ORLEANS, I4 *see No. I2 usson's Dui~dina 1 ( '1 .V.41L. ,'R1E 7'. TRU1B AISMRBICAN Wud IJu. ýD'OK dL. &'OB IP'RERVEWG In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOI THE FPINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circuaars, And every description efJob eYork tbut may be required. n.'lThe p.,orietor respectfully calls the attention of t the public to .e oabove Card, and assnres them that all wo rk intruaste. o his care shall be dune at the short st notice, in a st),* unsurpassed in this city, and at tle I',est rates. A.PEIR quils, steel pens, ink, fluid, wwafers ealing P ýnax, india rnbber, black sand, pounce, and every ather article at statrinary, of the very best qualit., col astatly n hand ao'td frnsale by IDAVID FLT&CO. n19 N Y Stationers' Hall, 28 Chartres st. rO MERCHANTS. tet SERCHANTS can have a Ieautifll circular etruek 1 nl o at two hours notioe,by calling at the Orleana Lithonraphic lice, 53 M agazine street, opposite Banks Arcade. n'24 SACKEEL--35 half bbls . No2 ,tackeret, fir sale L by READ & RAR.T, W, m12 67 Gravier street. L EAF I.AKD-1000 kegs in store, rir psle by jnl2 44 New Levee. SEN'I'UCKY BAOUI*NO--t I n fior leI by 43 incieis wide, fur sale I l HOLiIES & MILl.A, jyl2 Inck Alley I~XGHIANGI )N N~W OYORK for sle by A I. LAWRENCE & LE'til:NiRE jv 12 28 & 29 New Levee. N1n tnltuuKS. T lI.E .Ameriean i)el,nerat. or hints on the snn'ni and civil 'elationsl of tie United Stoles. Ily J. Feni core Conner. 'The Two Flarl; or, dvertnrtnrns is a Countra Hotae; atid tther tale , bt Lady lleresingtoen, E L iulnt'er, Illo .oren.nR. BFrn' Coewnell, .les (lore, Captst, Aledwin, and nthers, in O vols. 'rhl Iiver and the Desert, by Miss Prdoe, author of the City If tie Suhana. 'I'he I aukt of tieInt, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wnld enroravinga v Adlerson,. Just receiwndnnid lfr sole Iy dVIn McKEAN. jcl6 cor Camp and Cotnntnon trs. R osIN I')'yS-70 bbls rosin dreae, Inadinng and ibr oanle by J 'iHA' El & Co, jy 14 74 Poydrrs street. !'LAVE & SCIIAFFER'S ConnpountIn Ftnid Ex tract .f Sarsaparilla, bor tlhe cure of nslitnate cruptions of the skin; pimaples or pustules of the fitie,; biles whi h arise frotm an inmpure state of the blood; scaly eru tions; p ins in the bones; chronic rlheunnatasm; te't r; scroftiat or king's evil; whit s ,nlling; syphilitic diseases, acnd all disorders arising from an inlpure state of the blond, bh It long reasdene in a Iho climate, or the tnjudicious use of nerecury. Also,-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or In fant Preservative: the beast prneparatlon now extant. Antnng which are tie follow ng:-Indian Dye, for col rnng the hair; Bear's Oil; Itnssian Bear a (trees,; Pttnluatult; ichawv's Free nle Wash: so perilr. Pe:arl Powder; Lily Wllhe; Cream of Roses; Vegutable Rougi; Outr of Rno t; Lip Salve; rec osine Tooth Wash;i C'arhonic Denlrtfice; Orange Flower Waoer; Polwdr Puffs antt Boxes; Amnter. casl Clsrtcoal, neatly put. up inn four ounce vials; I enton Salts; Cologne ; Kreosote Tl'oth.acnhe Drop; :Lair Brushes; Ennglisnl Dressing Co ,bs In tan Ital ir Oil;-with a variety of other Perfu Inaerlte, &c. Fr alen by L %i GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C 'ITRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICO N .,. t Ia , /.,, ,,t, 0 n,,1t," e .0] , t, 0' .a 0n,:,;,., ",S t .Ttlis4IEI) ftcr the execution of muts,plansr It :d le·P rards . v, .>. description, funeral cileulur- Oil .uank cheeiks dly rncnin ltS, tt' rinltdn an' exeutlL dn ill Sa cheap an.d expedition style, by the Irprietor. W 'ItI.L.t.M G It ENE. NB Bank Notes nnc . v executed, n124 i I;U'tS rceived ierlale anrrivals from New 'nYolk, SIrnnl anr I tnaeiinnnnble .:as.rtnneat n-f IIAT'S. S'lie .untncrnilter wo uld t t p itrinul l'lY cnli tihe attentio of tIhe inn lie to a -tvI' e of l.ener .totts of a suplerinl fini lb line texture,e ic andl b, utuiful lhi're;also to na in ,' tin Itualesa nt ofat a tperor nuality; and also a sI leudi article of sltlk hat, tngntl oel" ltl a genrtl an so rtnllt itllntmnfnntt Id by hltntneelI, expltcly for tlin I 'amrje, w[lesaule dnunn tteIel j J \% esBOfN, 34 Camsp 'treet. N If nt;ajnn nttountry ueoure urnt nnr n iunnnnnnnn PORTI2AIT PAINTING. * R. PA sintt n'nnnl,:etlalln m.ora, Iht ptint blic that I1,. will r neitn I.n' tica no Ne Ill r . n lnllnw nrnr neipur . oeapl paintilnng ilrtitl.i ithe cirr f t il an d Charle, in the beoies neepid isy) by rnnv&y Lyonn, Dentist.t,wherespe hueac ,f Ilia painlil+g cull be seen. Entrance in t8 ('harles Atreel. III8 Jn Wil(it lS.i., TI 'l'IN WARE \i ANIJIF'ACTORY I1Ot'KE & CO., No. 22 Old Levee, have in . stnrne,, Itheir own mlnnunfaiCttlre, nl Iarge ntuan ex telnive assortmcltof tin were, which they invite deal ers in the trae to examinnnie; also 2ril Cupp r, i ýgar house ski n.mers; 2.5.t do. Sugnr Ladles; 20I do. Ccpjper sunir un i)s; 7. B+ tnh tnubs. assorted sizes; 30 gross asnnried sized t'oflee Grnighe. N. IB-litotfsofhn;Idings envered with zinc, cnpper I tin. nCoppn!r and tint gutters pt up on le shl rte o ice, "" ' n INGLISi, LF'RENCtL AND St'AuNla i +u.... EMY. PROFESSOR \IORPHY,ansiseed hy gentlemen of proper qnalificantions anend eprieltce, hs topnenld an Acadenmy, in th. Ibrick buldding belongntg tIo Will. Brand Esq., adjoiting the (eranda tnt St. Charles street, whe.e wount gentlemen, well disposed, will re ceinve good eidacntion. Mr. aI. suli its tie eo-operation of his friends and those ofeducatioI. to enantle tiln ito render this inlsti tution ueful and perlntent. au:,'3 OTICF O TilE PUBLIC.-Utntundend ý rumors of tile undersigned having sold out, or discotntlned his old nnd long established GARDEN SEED STORE, jit 85 Customn house Streel, Having been most industriously eircul sted by self. intere.ted parties, the subscribor begs to assure his flttnds generally, and the pubtle at large, that he still continues within two doors of his late, or former stand, to be furnished with a fill and ex tensive supplly of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetable Jarden Seeds, of the growth and innm. port of the present season, 1837. Since the early part ofl September, he has re. ceived ample suppinne, by tile packet ships Vicks. burg, Kentucly, and Arkansas, all arrived in short passagtes, direct from New York. By the Missis-. sippi and another packet, he is in daily expecta. tion of a supply of Fruit T'lrees and Asparagna Roots, having already received invoices thereof by Tine subscriber begs further to assure tihe publie at large, that he is at Iresent as Well o nabled to meet and axenct.e orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was snte his first establislntent in January, 1822. Country Dealers atnd Market Gardiners' orders filled at tie nlwest and most reasonuale rates. by tlte pound weight, and galion or bushel measure. Ctannlguns, either inl Frenchl or Englsh, nmayv always be obtnined on persoald applieation .e usual, to WM 8M FllH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhouue stre . NOI'E.--A constant supply of Bird Seed, eitl r mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shiakt, n ' drtud herbs,-with a supply of peas and beans. N . CLt'THSi-30 paskag0d I indeey, Iv, r. . J s, a c., suitable Ibo eegroe, fur saule ,y ISAAC tiRIII)H & CII, 134 tlag~ ine at. SLOU R-1- Hi bbl" best quality, mnde f new whleat 1 just landed hnom steamer Czar, andl ir sale by , IDUIRSEY, sept 6 44 New Levee. k C a -ltat lrý-Il J euc ac Brun-ao do Ni, erta L in ore, for anne yh o .H'IMPLIN & COOPER, sep(I __ _ ii .Iuliast AAGtiINH ..tnt pnM esentnckhy ttggn s Iý and por sat e by and for ae bLAYET & AMEI. NG, r tnAURb' Nt)'Tf2-For oalein ti a - o 'll' rrensury ilotes and a "0ill li rn n necknn otu tie Bants ol Alnln.uca, New York inn nnuat Sums. Aply at the onuice of GEO. WIITlIAN, nept Exchange Hotel, nt. CIhanlres 1 tiCatIAK)ll, li'oaccu anld 6nutil mlnulac, turer, No. 277, Carp,., New.Orleans, t wishes to inform hi trteltns and the pubile in general (h.t nie t anw prepared to l.ureist atny tthnIng, tn thu above bnstitsloll aid Is ctnstantly Ior tie the lullowttng articltes: SNUFFS. Rose, German Rappeo, Saaboy, nglish Pri .0lRegent, An, riean iRppeel Natahitontmns, lwimatetl, American gentlemsan's, Bergamot, Duoent Rtappee, Irish Blackguard. St. tOmar, Curaeta, Paris, Paee 5atneish, Hull" eoarse Rsppee, bcotmh, and genuine tooth powder. I OBACINO. Fine cut chewmng, sweet scented at plain. t Fine rct smoking, of various qualiniea. Rlilrtat irginir., Spanish, km Thre altweartitles are ual wua.nted l qI d, I(nnt sn pior e o aey t hmg of th kind import,.I, ntd will ble hnieetrdte idrnel ,nrm the weet itern,.. nn:,v I!Mil l " R AIDNESS. SRBEAUT1FUL head of hir i the grdlresrt orn ` ment helnning t t the huma:n frame. How 'trance Iv the lost of it chnnec~ the enrerrn,nre,n and prornm tirelv Iriter on the appearance of old r e, which e u ates Inr n to rcoil t h ine rnrtoered acnd omretimet evrren to sit r.)cittr tor avonidtltt IP'th n.dt snernr of their replit.ltonnrr e the relnnindlr o tPeir litve are i.nn requnntlv epnon in retinmeent. In shortie not rven tire nrrr if rnpe'rtr fills thre eenrernit thi:nkhe vnnrtil with tlnt nraw tilnkine ilornm an dof the ltse of hi' hair. T' aeort cil the'' ttrlnlioe-nt eirenrtrnne t ,tr,)iride'l' Rbllm rf 'rdruni s tetn. thp hair firfling nfl imn th firctapplientinn. arid rfmfw hortler re.rorrn it narit. It likeinrri proiteer rrehbrwrs and whriirber; :revent the nnir frm tninr ernv. maker it curl hrbeautifillv, and Cree it from sellri. irtProni eertifieFter of the firlt e Ipelahlitv in nrrppnrt nf the virtncs of Oidridgre Balm, are l'hown hv the proprietonr. 0Ib Rend the frollwing:- R Wiert Whnrtnn, Eq. late Mslaor if Philerlph has certifier' as mray h seen below, to thehigh chara ter of he follorine entle.ttn. The rnrderpirined do hereby certify tlnt erhnver used the Bal.t of C('Onmbla di.c.rered hv J. Ohtrldee and have fiund it highlv rirvieenhleno only i ar prevenrive rarinat the frlliig ff or hair, buhot also ertain rector five. WIl'i.LIAM THATCIHER, enior, Methodist Mlrister in St iGeorer r'rerte. No 86 North Fifth st. JOIHN P 1N11.IFS,3I Ach Street. JOHN D) THOiIMAR. M D. 163i tIreat JOTIN S Pit'REY,161 tprurestreet. HUGHt MtctCUItttY.2i South' d ast. JOH(N G(t RI,nJr,13e Anr'h street. It ie known that three of the in.r signeers nee more lthan 80 yeare of nee, and the othero not Ples thaIn :0. [Frra the Mayxor.j Comnlmonwrahlh of Pl "i.nti ie, . I Ci'v of Philadelphlbi. a, I, Robert Whartomn. Mayor of'said city of I'hilode. i Ilisrdo heItreby ei rtify thit Iarm well ncqrnrinted with Messrs J P iogli.I JnIn t Fire r, and Htnei NI Curdy, wthote names are signed to tilenbove certificn te,ilht they eare feotrlvnn r l" c.Iirirrai.R tern retr lilt and aretiitri o ,sock full credit -h,,nhl he given to the said certificate. i, n wietnerr wtrrpof I rlave lhcrernto set r y hond nid iHIcnrli the seal oflhe citr to be lirxedl, Ithi Gf 6th doev of lDeIrrmber, &c. [L. S.] Rt)HIIERT WfIAIlTON. Mfavor. t OlI.SEil.vE that eacrth bottle of the In'riri'ire Balm lre a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is reprearnter the Fall (.irgrra, &o Sol ' holeloh, and retail by the tole seemlls fr An. Sricn n FiCtebek street, near iraidiet Lnne, one dorl dhe . Pearl strert,antd by iourls drlgglesiirld iperfumerr t ugh It country. a. JARVIS & ANItiIREWS. m9 Wholenale Aentrs. "ew Orien t. PROS PECIUS. THE subseriber p-opotep to pLuliih, in tihe he. Sginning of the ontaing winter, a Cotd!nsatilc n ti th e tweinty volumes of thle Old and New Serires of iC Marttn't Louisiana Reports. to he comprised in filr evolumes. Bor., according to the model of Peters' Condensed R.iports. f This work is now it preparation by J. Burton at Harrison, Esq . of this city. u.i.terd y William F Brand, Esq. The Editor in also permtated iby tdistinguished retired Judge of the Stupreme Court, and by one of the silting Judges, to expect dfrm their personal sperrvision all Lthi advantar e whicih may naturay ratnallm be r,,ped from th;rir expr'rience. Such a work is becoming ever dy day mor nie Ocessrry. as the original is volule intso, expenire - and sarcen. An inerua:sing curiosity too is mani e tI-t, in the other States of the Union, in refureno, ''to the pecutiarrjureiprdence of Iotu.ttana; and otit r circunlmstance of the nIeirouoF prnreiplue herei dte le cided iin the adjustment of conhilets of iowe, Imakei the knowledge of our adjudged cases of preie utel lily to the juritst of the whole Union. Mitoreovet the rising repuhhc of T''exas has adopntol our codes and thus there isa great demanod fir the Louisianr decrisiona from a fresh quarter. Ls Convenient notes, indicating the parallel case decided in Louisiana, and occarimoally those Itl tit mre autlorrtativeo forums of the other Statue, wil "be added to each care,. Thor work will tiorm four volumos, royal octarr i and will be delvered, blond, (t srhser.lrs ;at 0 Iper vol.; in case it shoult be flound praelicable t li cooipres it into three volutmes, the pwire to at asriblrs will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WR''? Mc ,EAN, je5 cor Canp and (Cornmow t St. GI' NIE.R.\I, CUU.SE "%F II).MFINEhC/. o This ,crse i, o opened every dayn, tmn 5 tn 9 o'rlor. o '. M., ior oexer:ising on the ,hniirrnt branches of it a lie IeiterTry onId C ioencnnr'iai lontitlnltr fir rinur or critletller it iletlr iud unII II i ' 'lr(r'k A. Al., to " O'rtIoc 1i '. 1. liulioialrdngr r olars arllilert 1' A AUBERT. t. srp--T137--1 in NEW t)ItLdAN'S t'l,,\(AlAl.UtAL INUe n ct I'ace tirore, rbe teent .lforrau r d C'anactlro, sub' 1)r .MI.V lry. `Qo t' I'E( 11. C(urse of Book K'epine--The c-' rn us til f Ion, Kheping )pe)d since rr.veral ,totth rs wt wllclone tn a few nrsa. es ,llnyv goId necountants, aroly whllom are enllll men Whigh standirg in bausiness, r ill be the relrea ' ofiireid to the public i ain'roinlge. t A new O vevuin class will bie plened a sno'n Us a so in t ii t lle:nnu bPer (Iof se clibrs r sill have eenll obtailnl it will clole i November Inexlt. For geht'eliimin ireldilg in the uptprl port of tlecily, an evenlla cl. s.s, threle lill , It week, will he opened at the icarer of 't. louis and Exchlinge place, if ulb. sce ip tlln ore recelcd FRED. WILIKINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPA. .r LOUISIANA. O FFrIRS his services to the public i , the depart m ints hl .Surve ilg and Civi Icngineerinn, hoth in tolwn al cIuntry. F'rlTae ohiderah.e experience in his profession,. nd by promllells and t idelit, in the :xe:utoll of businless entrastell to him, Ilhe lhorpes to merit and eceive a IshIn of publlc Itironiae. Hi' wl' alto llýasure sod calculate I e h Lo)Iotlls oIf walls ann ix'almions. Othee No 3 t'hartlesetrtr,ee co idstory i I'A l 111: IA . I.tUi , IAL- C ul tide 1)ii riht r.i' lu premier di-trip, ju 1i intr.e--iir n P'ul'er con tre ese 'a ci i-- no. t6.,4-I-.acunion des proprih. d 6tinow Rile tRn.l h H u-eurtbe pal !n -,Ur Ipoir I Io fic.' do os 16 m 'ies it p+t ','o'uses qu:' u le iotac itell de-flits curtai u illr nit li l ll on re.' de Mi Win. V. I.edii-, not. ni..juldii e 4 t otbr lrol ch'uin a 10 heltreon multin, atfin de delt.;lreitr lte f thire - dlldbt iplitihio: nir , ett a u t end. i tl l. utes p I llr mitllls cuntre by personis ou d it prtpllrttit sent arld 'I1 moin l'llon. A. M. Iuchmanlnu,juge de la cour ci deseus ce I I neptlmbre 1838. '3$1'', AX' Li-Ul SIANAt. i tpl i \V Ii\VIS, Dbp.Grei r Fines JuDlictlt. IIISTRI u 7t'UURT. I It RAM1 Flilitl.l. v. E Iis i,rehtIor-; f o. 1;,54). .L heOUesPiouol fiOhI PetitXIonr'UprAerlt.]Vitd ibeet nccpled by Illt Clurtn fir thle inefit oflit clellt tl, i; it is ornderti h t tI t metline of his mid lelitells di Itke pli:ine ut thei Ilfce of li illill 'r. Le s, i ntnry SPublic. n hlreday, thle .itll of ' oi.t hier lne t, iat yli n o'clcIk, A, .ti , for thle purpoe of deibernting otn u te . fuans oi said l'lietione;ntl in tghe Ulenn time ni!ju di'titl plottidinl't unt1iist his person andt poterl, orie stua edl. .t ii ltpii t t e Itt l . A. i i . Itulntel a n i, Ji dtre of tihe Court iforesttld, this let Sepi ctllheit- ti-n. rsepll-3t t f py. I('k. I I-T R'I'ITN II) D VER8F.ItX nl'era fiw-raT-r*.a".ar it quandtit opf spertio Ituini sheetl i n, from 9 to 15 oz, weight. Ailo, i qlnnltity of E t i ishl fhee Iron .its received an ansortmnt ofi(Cooki ld 'urlot a lrvhe of+i - t ltri1 p t ltri s t .i,. TIltltu itl In i ,irePi t - RUSlIT'ON & ANPINALL'S [ OMI'OUND TONIC MIX'I'URE.-A speedy iv t and cure oIr the Fnever iand Agoiu, iremittent and interlittenti evers; prempIred tr(iln the original recipe. 'Usid with emlnent anil yni nI versal success in 1832, by persnns ot itho hijhest r respeetabiLit.y in tilas cty, as stated i the annexed certificates. This lmedicine is highly reenmmended, and fhas r. ben extentively used it the above diseases with isuch distinguRlsod success, that the proprietor of the recipe iLas been tIduced to offer it to the pub. : the ts present form inl the hope that it may be t 'the means of rehevrng many of those who are y sullring undcrr tise scourge of out country. It is a medicine possessing great vitue, and when used ,accdtit ng to the dlctiona halils Ineveri failr'd of .s efilectingia cure, even in the iost ohatinute stage of the disorder. It is nIt nt all dinagreeable, nutl sI p uerseus of the weakest stomach, and cuhilden Ilnni take it withimnpunity. It sttengthens the digestulv organs, creates an appetite, and seldom require. more thn one, or iil obstinate cases, two btottlte to eftect a cure. Thire is neither llolcury nil I arseni in the medicine, nor any thing inljuriou I to thle hunlu constitution. The proprietors ari n so well convinced ofl itsl efieay, thr. they agret r to reund tile prie of every bottle which has bene tIkAn in accordance with the dlrections and Ihal st not ebtceted a a perfFct cure of tile lvir & ague -A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, a es his wholeh.ts and retail drug and mediclns esoru is, corner of liInville and Chartres streets. it For Distriet Agenese alply to he j5 T. W. SMITIIH, 48 Conti st. THOSE large premi- s iu liired stretl;one lot frol S Buron -e, the front on Giro is ts feet, by depth of 1I0-- he improveni consist ,Eof a doubte Iralo dw Iliung luouse and kitchenu-arid the roar lot adjol iog has a brick ouddIng 31, by hb-d.videdl ltu thrl thnemelnts. The wlhle will be Ilt on resouable tsra ton gouod tnant. Apply to DOYLE v r.+AY, sepf 8 tCarondelet New Orlerou., 2i Ati.. 8!g3 lHIS Bank lschecking ve t ;aAkt shiht. .UNT'. i. PALFltrs, augti 11 shi , EA -lot acks Guinan Inet in store, fir sale 4 ep`i 6': Julia VP HE poblic ae reapectful y inlte eIll U tutiotl erreq 4 ti In an airy rnti Franklin, upon the railroadaen E il fioard` a' 'The building i. late. a menntt In " ttnty siyt int, apart tents, for klrpitng sepwfart dtiffctl clacaia uod i fferent dieanerL. The insttution in atapplird with Ice' mote all a. rttentive nmle and female nmi.eet7lteO ~in h ivT eione molern langunren. Private rools ilnay be had be iSttieartnot ant a4W a termpeedn.y ineludin tlnttndane, ce. : '" Ternn in the or hiary wardl, lto dollta ..e dye Slaves .lao two idolle. SmalU Pte in thim ypdliaa word, fei dolhrre.b All d,,itnl aurgiecal nperatttrestrl. The resident phy".irin is Itt Weddetnnto +flaifO Ippticaltin tir ilonirnn Inum l be nrad. L rte D)I C .erllibehg, No Ii RamLpart street. aprat*.e I AC. . ,Iikl.sPhhd baconihal] .d .l A Pe = eO oat reoneri Waynet , fr 1 LAYET & .-.'a .i'm " ejvq 17 Coamon eIltre ert F LutR, ~VWtlKtEY, PORK & HtEt.--148 bbtl' o i rtiine antd t51 do tin' lo.r; I0 bola oeitan P" ni 46 hbla reetified wihiskey; 7 ols mesWill 1d tblmdl1 itenle park; 2 IhbilI rina beet; tLh eare oftl a Eat be. sbr a.he low, to close, he .AYET & A tELLNG, 7 omtm ereea t ree,. NlAMILII iAM.-.4 d-hs c-i4 amililyr tla:., i n auirriot qnalhyiy rlldite g tfat TctlnERbo. Monrh lfre ale by LAYET & AMt.m INri. ;e.6 '17 CnOnp aena ttl t. Int .N-7-5 baures to tiri, lnoditir end oit hsale 1 l Coanti rset ujjAuAi-c 9! tU rm hffaetVr , rrretd, o u- in atone, for srte by S LATER h 'IRJERt asoe4 .4 blriYdr ini ttiw F int.vhE cor toile nln ted by FABIJAH FIRK, cod under,,(;,I n rretd proo Ameltin theadha3 fa Y) RA " n-5 bilk ib p otn iE & MCu1 Yf dare by ISAAC BRwel GE at the 134 1rating adruating i A\VAN.A I( Al-tiistottrlbatn ofgfth"bt eoletel i ct- r infrttule Liberca, m n its . etrane il ainle for rl e biv SLA'TlEiL * TFiRAlt, augl4 4t Pbtldthoa etrMt .E 100 eotakn l'hbitdelthia Ale, AldCt' t A Atlt lot fale tot i ) BlION d. COHNEIN j) Jk B n di y0 dum mo t. e-r i-e adm C ar..llAe.-n i rnl at . lrrallelnellt" for r tullri iia fnng e thnsr r 'ti.' fnOm Cinill,tiio.. N FRah ,oLt tN w leare. S'rIt e t ar at 4 o'etIl'k A M Steam car at 7 A M otecliltae 6i do doi do do 9 d ldo 8 do di t, do ul do do tdt do d i etentiait 1` Zdo do ateameerioat 2 do oeotnmice 2 n P 3h io dii Sb r do to 4 do do d do hr do tdo do 6 i d o o do do 9 d d. 1if. 8 do do The Jat:kiun street enra si ttlbteette. halflaetil o'loeli, A ii. knol street at t. o'clocek A , and rtup-' nie hotllv at 7 o'clo'k. 'l;hee cars will eoteumene runninr etrve hll hLour. natel eunttinu throughout 1hn dot utllil7 0cluock .k. P . 't'hPrrrri'eletnt for tl e Lu l. C fialbn stret eats tha sllm lifir Jackiot litreet. 1I. , Aliti.:I'tlhE E,in faoe b.a--1 , rec le. o er brig atar, iu ttire, ior oIal by SLAl' Ri & TRIER, mnl3 ii Poydrne etreet. COl),E O< , tl Ei OFR LOUIafIeJIk. aRid oii now rtey irearly comiplrted, Ii new edl tine oi tlhe Code oi l'rtc'tice, tlltn It plan which cannot I;il iii bLe cloe useftl ilo ther pl'feotilt, in which be is It,. a few oI hil biieide, tle ex.erielece in the I Iw lllit o,' ofh tllin dates fi Oin the eetablishlent al ur judiceial Oeeiite, etilt ilider willae erepecial directioa to tie irtit lr le ee pet-ilced. nisee the appealiaiew o the Opte irn ititnber oii ithi Civil Coie, publiahed tc ieseere. :. .iollita Coi..i it wi thought adviieahl to i'ub!i tile Code ut Prietice it thile eame ftrno, that Sitrhoe wlu detire it, haiy be etlibled to bind the two l t odee atigetier. The urrilglelrnt,inrwever, will Itie diferetit. After oij eoietig tl tlel deeisions of the ilepreona COturt cpo tot title t practietce a hich apilyv to the arlticles enon itt-ei | in ttie tode, tihe haVe tren digested and pla - cell uilder ielb taprtopritte attiele in the htipe ofa iittit together witilu refsreee ito the same; to that the entier I ii turiie to inv irlitte if the Codet of Pnae It tie wilc u t oncer lnw" tie iteieiuan upon it. Th'le tt, e ri i t ol t e lan i intl i t ll e iteuedeiltlrtnt to Ihe Cods i o Prneieie tn cell ir the Iitwi ereating ant regulating h 1 te City ('liilrlt of aecw Olleran, iitt a cempleta in' denh. t, iit t ewI le. Tie tlliie wlk hiill make iitpi appearcre an eaw t ie tl.r ir- of ,tlntleliua i, tit ltillt in giotl iillhlita I ilit ttteieU toiln ni tlo binding, ioild t0 si DOLILAS tier UV.M. GREINER. nl.0--.nm Atiant ate Law S4 Card. I OI.I1A 4 S LI'IITOGRAPIIC E.STABLISI .11E T, 5t MAG.IZINE ST'RIE'ET, OPPOSITE BANK'S ARCWr.E. "k i Gti.rENE. reIlrlltE ]ti tilitrle thanks tn Iti I tiild aun i t teublie of New Oriahs, for althoe titrtlllee bestowed on il ill eor tte linit two Vere and ei glsp Itxave IaI atl'sIr ihtin thilt Iall ordCer eetaltnlird tt II istl er ir t e h Iill i, i P IIa tlilv ctliei'ed ii; ho will to I. t.ual, kee, tile otlrI:e Otip n lliriig tie tiititii ier, lii lm Il Ihe Iu lnWun reilcv te tlrike itt' nlrerianl'se cielo. lce., bucinps slid Ietirecso ecurde, funtrat t otieeD ntp., '. t llltti tIt, tliaittice, of ewIer d.rerirtlol, at nbh rlic l.eeltid i itice e Indtbo itr 0 ie 0ell tb reo elrtblitle . rieiltt n.irted tfe-Ir pii.rrany other etacebiah rn ,I ot int the oily. nnd Irn , toielP expriee inh thie i lithhograhic. line, ie fels coe roiet 1f giving entire iN it Aplhreerires nil drllltetse' lai:el Prneilred in " ll egooI totle na eOltlltlelie r aigleving, tnd at lin i tlird oft th expense. jr4 d; a Ti Ot 0A ii OD1nLES-t hoxeshat New eliwtlid; , and N.ieucitlrlt ibanle, Ior antl by t, ISAAC LIIII)GE & Ca, id wlclit 131 Mgatdilne s.te.a " i l I, .rtoet S 1uII I uI .l tl S!i, tO J .ackLo n tor sale by JtiJ PH COtIKAYNE, 25 Common street . L At,,. i ) itit,'.-1ll3 coils Kemto e I_. Rpn ý, 8043 piacer Kenuekl t repin , in et( re and ,lr sale by LA\VhEINCI'& I. LEGENIIRE, septfi "9 and 2t New L.ev.r 'JEA 1It taNl NY. A fet bbls old peach binlty l for sale by READ & CARS'TOW, .pJll 7, Hunk lla a t tI'ERM Wh le. Oil-O1500 gallons winter spetnim n Ilo110 enallh s iutl aer ill; 3i0n0 gallote whal sale by \, HITIIOID,.E h CO. o1o 0 olaenaine rt. o. wi-hi, a tohe no e tntif.,I ciruealar struik ofite th . hi riestP II ti , l i l r ii nn s y t t of tthe (rletan t thg, ahin.llhce 3 1i ga iuel aeti hplunaste Jnallk' Sasepit IJAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fltti n.-Thie re, r triordllnary cohentioal eomn. ti tion, threi u t of .cieore, and the itulvotee. i t clebtated medi cuol ean, the introdu' ,n ,fwlhich to the public wie iwosted trit the solemtity ot a deathbed heqlest, hots since trained a reputation unparalleled, tllly ttilltilig the correetness of thie lantent.d I l)r Griley 's latt contfesstont that c" he dared not lie without Illing to posterity the benefit of his kowleadgo on this aubject," and he therenera bquuatihed to his lit nIe and attendant, Saolomta filay, the receat oif l ris discovery. It is iew used in the principal htspittel, and the private practice in our country, first and mluta certsinly fir the cure of the Piles, and so ltens. liely aid eff coually oas t, bhflu credulity, unles where itn effects are witnessed Externally in the foll owing rlomplainle: F or Dropsey-Creatiig extraordinary abserptlea stat ocea. All Swellingcs--Redueing them in a few houri. It Reumatison-A dute or Ch roic, giving quaok ease. Slre Throat-By Cancers. Ulcers or Cells. Crump and Whoopingg Coughl-Externally, atd over th1e, CIhesl All Brueles, Sprains, end Bucns-Curion l t - eI Cue hours. rores and Ulcers-tWhether fresh or iong I staidlng, and fever sores, Its aperntionn upon adultse and chidren in ted I itg rheulneati swelhings , and loosening eaughl aad t trghtnies of the cheat y ent laxation of the partae I Las bieet srltriselg beyond conception. 'ht I efilllllli remark of thwhne who have aued it in the I'ile. is " It Inetsa like a charm." 'THE PILEE-'l'he price, $1is refuntedl peron who wll usne a bottle of Heiy'l imOtea f e tle Ples aled return the emnpty bottle withoat being cured. Tlheuo are the posilive adtel of thI I proprietor to the Agents; anduat of maniry thLM V and asold. not one has blen taotaecrcef.L. Wi l, ight insert certlfiuatl to any Ipaglth. bit a prefer thait thlse who saelt the rutisele, hoald e S hibit the .rigiral to patobasartn CAUTION--Nona CnI be getaine withelt a asplendid engravd wrappar, ol which is ny namue eand also that of the Agents, E OLOMOlr HAYSa Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & Co , New Yak, acid by one Druggist in every town in thu Union. it Far sale by the Wholesale Ago*ta, caeat at' , Common & Teltoupitoulas street, adL by the Aputhecuarics generally. jib0 TO O\ NERS AND USERS O' HO.S0I58 I URGEON WALDGRAV; W tCNO T S PUWDEIRS, &c, N. )aTbhs c been introdueed into the countly s t Smann Its, and the aetonmahiitg denslod ihe with bas ent .sly exceed.d the a!et hopa atu the prop i t . i tly aN.rl and a geat oamber of geptleaneO oW4s et have uaea and are delighted With it. i t at ly imprvesa t a pre sht eppeuaorsa of t . t·ea. elis to of permanent ad a"st dedidd hs4. L c!pt f o the dsuggints oubit 3l1i tee. BANK toa'tRP P YJatat iwetiat 4o atgi uy quality, for i by DAVID I TLU