Newspaper of True American, October 9, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 9, 1838 Page 4
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1P8"tt. )coeptctfl'lly an. lanta nor friends and the public gene-. I "Ng ,shIobil b.pnlp fed to accommolat them at 14dk.l M-ubliehmcnt, end hnoms from her ullrtlons to render isiltors eomfnrtsabt It receive tLdntithannes of formir fanvor. ctie iondl. dIMt that persons visiting Covi'..o iing the -nearmoanth, ecnot Atid batter aiclOai alioes: Slai she can afford thbem, on more liberal terms. 1 iso pleasantly situted, and wtell nspplied amery Convenienace; the bar is furnished with mont hnice liqaors. &c. in shott,bhe promines ?,atlnthing shall bn wanting on her part to give irJt llasiaisfnction to all who many patronize the .' lesippi and Laiisiana Hotel. ,je3 -O* Tilt PUILIC-ThBindr;tigine. havtng ( Sstudiad aledor Dr. Sctmidt of Ch.rl.eton, lonth Carolina, end for nsome years his assinstnt in 1ia prebtien of medicine and sergery, has the hleor tiO pt hisn proelcaional services in this city. ie ases the ladies and geltlemen that the most ~ pt attention will hb plid In the calls which mam nde; and also offirs his services to the hIldnenoflast:s, being well acquainted with tie diseas ernmmon to them, having attended them in atiMllt r hmuse in Chlrllston. ".i'bhetfamne anti hillons pills a tothenmpnmetion ml Ptdfbasor Smulletto. ith directinns, can be had of thoainderaigned. The eflfet which they have iilmaoeed in this and otl,'r citie, has boeen attended With the greatest success, to which the host of evlrdbenie can Ilegiven. Aplyv ni No. 161 Maga. ret. JNO I'LORIING. 1 'Pi)W wAII. 1rOOD ScRBtEi , SAD IRONS, &c.. T HlE HOWELL WORKs COMPANY. No. £2 38 Water, nsar Bekman.street , Now York, have received the past season, and are eonsta.ntly Msewing large and xtesleive additions to the s:tic:k of thle above goiod, which now coniatse of the floewing aesortmeont, suitble for the southern and western' markets. ' Rdiow ware of superior quality, consisting oD about 1500 tons. viz, Pots of t2 difflronat elzcs, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallon,s. Ketl i , ISises, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bkeparns orOvons, 7 difftruntsizne, Tea Kettles, 6 do hkillet, . . 5 do Ylatfpiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, S doi Oridlles, . 4 do fep Doge, 6 ae agnn boxes from 1 14 to 4 3.4 inches. o.rt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wooad Serew., 20000 gross, iron end brass, from di inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior uaity and fiish, and leas than Jame's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for nelailing. ainlor's and hattor's Irtt.r, tassorted. Bash weights, 100 tons, ascorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for PInmtations, steamboets, churches, &c. made to order, Also esteatlboats and other machinery made to order. Tbe above nasrortlent of goods is particularly recommended to the attcetloil of Southern and Western merchants. and tire offered fir sale at low rices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is he. fiaved to Ie tim largest and best assortment ever I oereod for sale by any one establishmenti in the United States. Merchants. by forwardnlt a reqeost by mail. cat have a prin'.'d circular, with demcriptint of gaood, pricesand terms, fomn which no doevation is ever anode, furnished by return of lelil. All orders will receive itnnediatc attention. New York. 1838. jr3 won Svrllp cad [tel, lee, ,',uw. .ed . sni;a sols, h0 beeir of L.enis & Ileskelt'e Pitklev; for otle to litkre at aontitmtient, by J.\lttVie & ADILW", rii car Ctntstt ,tnt d Tchripitonl_ s i (tiold, fur sale bv I.AC BII I)(ihr ' Ci). tnlfi " 131 'lni e ine . street. 0 t een Tiroli irrle id L arunrlllet .tart. emto. Alptply to J O11TT', "IiC EIt. RlItOVn. &-a-:l 'i helelbartrins, :, Sdirt do. in sole , lir v:nl by mllAlll'l.IN: COP__R, m15 %! h I or'e t I u ies, el t is g t t :rio r . lue laid. h e sap, cllats itily t (,a t huond tet r n, aI e IIlt I l tV I iI+T & Itt ra. "ol1 NY 'tationol ' lt l, t-1 hivittrlta.t t S )nd , I r l' dlo I P.A Il llt mIt I' I ,:::10 It tia tall 0Ill pipe exra %nr lrirln. I'r it lil y 'e) :tA liJt en t v 1erI :pwo gie. a::: tmmuf liittt , Vl 1`1 :,t l ti l& 'f t. ntýltý 'a. t'iii I::l tli . lutii, Ilhenite ,d cih lD a ding, liris b.-." nl?1 ):Ii Mlagazilne .'lreet. NEWIV t tiinov aceeriuck ItllEt, Etitoitrnd 5 doors t fron the adec, " la ieilt l i'. I I.,ltll otr 'htir'es sliest. ::lenlt very I ,a', |p, ;or n rivonn dntliatelf ,,ti.. tite i_,.e ,+e . . . _-, f. 5SyCY..K BA WCON lbe f~ rtR~rX II et by A..Ybf & AOIEI.U%(t,\ miSB 17 1' ontotn~eet o it pil, I(.Onobnc Itoggto , tool l NO MERQ5URY NOR COPP~~A I tbenbnotdt $i'C· 1,,,tonroif ,, alrtl,,noont~o ttt al l andnbo.,twnroleI1,nt anttIlaler.'botl~·ett tit C'Ooic *t ytnalel,aotltrtet icttote itlntttiit'toth'ntt lt'll r~hero dllbr of hixottot aiph ~ u1 rnllalo trestilotir ondtin nonue of it Dlr.~ls II,., Ilcr to be pstiertly noted .otIJII I)LON. F Di) CEWR'IFV itt. tilt11,,,, I to eoltontrld d'ismettnrt tblli Br·. tlPInt;a tll elnlt~l etootroI Ibol1 teIon~di nine Iltote tolknt ,,1)·) itooibt tolf.I1I didl 1tttinjutrottly cnilltito n l; IhrtIttttIaI doittttt flY ·I'oof loRe'et to alo~tte o 1,00ant tylpic t l itr A. lltter, 1241 Connll ntrt~t, betweo~n Ilnopido.l nold nloti.))ll etreeo.· lit. I'y llfsatote ~lol~~n olr thin otnoplaintr. Pln il Jt)hN IIEAN. IIi lirooier trcot. I.1! cy one want. tovoo tor, intl ot No. 42 Connie, itreet, &nd tttro wiiUhll tee~~l To' b.. poblitdoo at tim opli~n of lit. llttot. JiIliN D)EAN. New (leloont. Pot, I111. foR t. 14 In yE hIlnl?.r ittoo glodt yl i nlotot· 1 laI~ ~lRcFY .rtt*t qooh, nontoiotttg ithe otritftit oF the,,l toeone olf Licntooet,b hs r ilet ~ jerlslonoo t,,,,,oo 0l~oe clOt nold herhehttoteanoonottleo IoldionoeUa flitorioUointorliogp nahootinery .,nmpininte. 'rbood u tie.ld tiooeeoon'l ltstht notoIlolllcl tote of1 n tbta ieorlttowit Itnionol ,n'hce~ocl it itl heroIin,-·0 ttonn ofienprotohie oltyotitoilln, foe Il~e d: of nougno, noldai, palo iil tint oido, wnlt of ro't, opilioi~l nF bindll, jeer onopirtitfo. rcult lrsrb dl (n ha loie 001W pe~ctc reoqoon tly peetnnibw Arlto DBo nl) oa1rs? lodoatr Itin(ll of iPotcr nlnd Frin loltoot wkP ithlt~ wtlreniodtooiiflcr rot:P~ ottiterfrn foo tit,,~*. PIPI~iotlt an ol titone tilotiotto of ttoim tt..., hir o'lrhh it ic en hiembee onftito liltotno Mordjtieonld~iotoo Ilooton, Ontloitr 22. nido by .IR~VIt4 &ANI)RE\Vti, ccI itt iiet.t.,Il I tIneot dtb~iflt', thi~in deebnabt peepototionc honona, etyd ti~nooetn agacd~ittt noinntl etembe~o ,.fto p ofentoot whitedtnoiinoo totofmitntllot aoitn redtt· lt n~itnlneto ualiphil. Wsiol~oiltt nPtnnbgqoitts ol 4~l luopiontt totMI tot mnntpnod~Bt oniittoc · oenttneo,~ll thae pleorott tiltbe itolntenod geotefot t~ tltotottacit tItPOlK'rA~rl CAL'I'ON-Titor totee~lnotow epltto.I tLin anud cardetntto fneltunl..'a tbtetontent Slagnoc NAOI Aeintohooana~oittdosnottte otfoethe~l e; tof. thq boinatn frlho eloorbie nled con. Illherhocro rann~b~itinldndy .noene ttf thin tint tbnt ticywooboh loot~a C attd·I not PrOottee no ttojttrn nrtlie. liplil e nnrloeettflin iner nej ht tint tttneri. haalColwthunOrtntp attttpiied oith the cttignosl ao~l ge IW~)p~lepinpraniilnl. Ior urn oote hioln tiroitnil. 2 ICKLLLd & Co. Agent.. 41I'enll ntnnntN 0. I 5 gpl~OInot t tit, thethe trauortitlt iad znoot of Dhni, 5ieio iaItna~ltnd heoOtland nntintgltdonnae Ana1t ith WiOil wee attend to the poiMin, it hod AnEn teeia hot ad~denwonra~ldAhlnn, tldnnony and Mum. tt nllsF no li~ir, n-tete ttM·I.oe 'ni.cttn aS~ttnhte hoa taenoPlicen$. It haaaotnlt~imi~d Io pendttcc o ~c.rnotd ))Onotifu ~rOttth .tF Itni. ott heode attend, boiti. 1It ote.,ttottttr it beretr tie eel tenoee·ltngct,,t tdf~it t7., jedi Itr Crl~ t·, '-0 liotltl,t·, c,,d nit·~l,, ·ct lodl reiy le et t onnt at TlU.o· D'LAVGIL. -', I.-r,.rullo rlJ;. i I' y. Cco, Ilr rw receivlnglro 1 on board ship Odeanr Eagla, Tighniender fakecr rtory Andre, French and German play elnra;i ack egamton RoaM5; Clhesacmn, 2 1-4 and g3-8 inltel t arnld Ball; 8,9.10 and 12 iSel blade Bowie Kniva , Leather oandl other tranrlii-s. Ihevin + Canse; iatr Pieekr: , Hiar. ran'es, id Dalline Pieatnlr:iuble ne a adoil lblethl CPed stle( s Bags; i ho t Helas; e lwler nrdl Piatoln; Facks; hmn Beottles and Prkinhe Ce; ' Prre insen Capi and Cl ap Aelder"; Clath, falir, ,hl: led Nail Orerl.l Creltril e andth l rasi. 'oeahs Pnwilelin oilit adio Sharvin .Soanec, in ra-t -i. Serlt: lllp i-air liradc, Rinaleteadlll Frireltte c r ares 'rail]s Paldler, eoer Slan; hra"vore Tab Cihlollm' Cakea Sthdeir or rter.; C.lsl r lml:et' Setip in lleadet eowlser Plbe and Hno.e; .llt Ctihica, Shle and iGsln E'sleac- t l' nat kle' nc rlBrcl etc Ban ind hilt cad uiivarct Baleah;m Indeia n Be a. Ille cand Plmee; SheR!l T-iet: ilde nland frcviin t Ceentc;a witieh,itl tddiaton eI eiher foaracmartek oi haliai, make their aiprtlant very eEmplete, anrlwill A be, el, ew and on ibacrl termn, ut tha eiLb n of thie hoalea lomab. ii.5-tf 70 .mhnertee reetrt. kllE, -ltlecrilers. Agenae fair ths rixtve hnllt aba Ie P V..s. nlellter, Stlh elirle Enallenc. ihave eat ntever. e very nelm.nivesert of" Dmi "Ittati, Eon lin'.. of nidhe rsld Deraert Klients ate- d.ein ristetiO:n lPen, ',cbl:eti it,.n anI tipear npoiaet nlhes; Razor, S.-i torr. Fdee Tolhe&. &-e. c.e whilet sthen e sre prsmta.ld eaxhibit tr trde trar eorrnlace. Terma nlind conlliacts aill he sadia kioeawc at sIe thitn. alki J.'. IIRF.IN ~bS A Cio llN.iii Cnaen. waet.t NP.,W G< sislS. GlelM()NsIs HARTT i CO.--Are an w areciintg "steri sltp IlsaVllre, Eagle, l Melr Andlierw, Hiht Tnder, Fr'oetin adildiCnern ltlndr re least lvinZ arfiny: nrtmlesclt alsd p lcket imeol; plair, ari aret llnll slcl oiitinu +apl ls:c! Illllrle;Rirs·.l alll,,rzfnil.s.% elt. sea: (iillns'a rsmteere.;:ll tatd aliascr steel tens: Vie' .nr d s t lctsIii:sia- nle ly Ie haierhllas- rcelill-lr aters. Roelnasts lnens lier oll. inuirion doi an Niqsse snd Hearbsc K1cet a'lev tCtit. t R.aod wisa-enell leg sa: tanl dlekistell; aehnd toilet glassel .avex o il;ru l o; cdei l'sssesasan,.ieec;i ltldaiihsnaieclcl,.ai'ses ;daeesca eee.'roi; eIhi.r- itaille;irt and slhraitgle n isP; toileti anerin, a -thsei wash hall; scealeyd atin a Cl ina; taonl slasll: slme aehos I ltei hedell :t fitm s inll eehleenr: hiillirlt biln Imaeket birtks nlai and :llths: IJ++el'nlpn hnne.+i Pillr uajll-i; filie anl|l en~lilnrll egilm ingtiel mais lleles, aliecrsd'; Berlsleifer i:atlhes lal. 'lar teircile;l C lncasnne, ec. ie.. Tite ahtlloneislitin toin er Formnelc' stateck eilasty atheles, ink:allllr .:llstlilellt r:-atl' ti'mlete. Pta scede hnllctlke or i:cli r as the lili fti dhe GCrlunm, CaOh, 70, tllsrk, tr lae s Wlrt lomS. a)r ---Thersle partidrehip ot le r rse, n .ibn:''.: of New C)rl+.~ ; Ma..5nea, lltrrie ACeI., of N.h.hez; ed Harrie, Krllcv SeCo., ci' Rednev. wseas :iies..iee oa hbells alflM lasls, b ilse dead ul Sn lncel. ilaeloea, tnsnFlel u p'l riners ott irsrk tirllr. The Uclllerigntot, tlrnivlinge partnser ill lte elrredt sill, ti(s ellieg and elniotine g.h ,iee il a f allals:e Levi C larri wsill ssattend tthe eetlln of tt e eislsncil ao Alaoest, Hlarline ( Nnellel' waed tlnrrie el ar & Co.,at Ilclhletv- ard I-enrv Kalley aill ciltsicld i lIe aertliisg of'thb Itltitlten ofaIeley O ln:oll & Cie., et tew Orleons. lTl, mes fte ci isar8 eeral fears awill ee dia - ie a ilinld oenlys. l'hser iladt-bdtc to skin ilrm. eare Ramaeltlv reqleetedI fr nrlce cdt t ahorsea c el - . ecetene dellne rainh.e eolat: alle :laee clrrac 5 setin: trnte t:l:delat Iaind: exrct~ls , l laenssr her, ati o ral tlrlW arell's ve-u ens.''es, binr r 'ieletdl.lrimettes an rid ,. pl+.ain, tlhncy an LEVI C IIARIII-' IIENISR' KELII. . New rlelst ne, Ju a 1i7, i8I7. JEAN IlEsisb FARINA'S COIdOiNE WATrR id 2 calea Intre if ithis eperolr Ccllhsan s wte,', jtc receiesil lctl FI 'rae tris dole ,i ' Sil.lve briattl. alren .seciican asinl L-',ncai tsiles .:vulect, ~'cvier; n-ninl aa pe renas ]lavion ani d toilet ++m )sen taillrtic cash - halls, lailk l,n rb, ero. lelir and.hl gerl al xtr, aoe slk i n Vie'e s vetelati t eghir oil a olariltllll, s i::n~r.,ale, Il,·rl'., Florida. Ivnlll'ellr, roise +ilid by wulrerp, i Idle ua Ih tld b oaef (theriee ain (drrie totlr arh, ++lotll.hailr ,,ton,,nlililill nesl ! i llrihcarPtl tlehr whid an0 n li i+ eel snlplllv of f1~i~lhlonn . . rlall~ s11 .11' I coitebs nnd jrelre, Wr td'e a w a t wholesale or ra tail by " II, MONm , IIA I'T u n&:C , pejt- 6 70ls'hacrtdltre a ct. "e-~i~~isa 1l::eneI;;raiile-' petsset I: s . I ceivinc froln oa, riri .sehis ~aetsi icOcle itat:oIt la:, a ndlIlrie Concordia, froml New Yo'lrk, i Frcnl vlricr lel 8l~l~lk all hl~ln. ~lllkea fith'is a l n' ant a eryis ': 'it. The~b follclwinz eonlplime a tart, viz: ell I ijf. It, ..r.. ';de, din ralhler, Eilk andartll vimmtic'l~ri ennrl.rr I~iilllllr~a Ltl (i le elallrie IIs)ll~p~dPIr ]ot·o focO nlid I~tleitl·r llohe.%~, Sesthlllit i powderssior deff pfcsioi.!a ft:ll:ic t .: Vi Pow er pocket sc ookh sa id ca lleea , nfreee Iinoka , sll, acearl,a ivory aetascelena acr<o ri| ae hltll b lrelet llieslsx, aetilclanc. , adl "beast nerkhlec ee falcel bead Nra t1'ee .!+lcins ! +ieeklaee, 1.iteu P nl fflassied .finetlrsilvernndl rihltlad.*, hidiaals beard.%~l hll nd *ill: [nl·IFI Illltle I:)\l( lartl' .,w tctitly:d i eand s ine. atrclt e at 119 lwt'. cc re sttlld dlirks,· $I.Jsm lr% +llrllirJ Ilni.].nt knliVPe% 4llal'll (.hl!+ill+ ,1IIIit llld ')Hlr , an Pi~ t bttckie% clllli Ii, a , tlotih, I:i l,ro llll,, F tlori da, htsl~ llr, teeIl e :ti:l. a illr,lsle orht l-ll -i! ae (ct;C: I~l dtarltiter~l. lkclacsetaial ear:- aelssassiiI .'li'r v. I Itteellll e ir aailps ss ilie il iicil tclil .e eilllticcell ,t l deI packe+t imckatssd-- slle.te, tlaasliaiisa eske •l;li~pahec.i * s:-'s' In'i- r riclea Itid-: tlet i+.l raliaH isssi, e Iain, l: aev an: u la,1111 n1~h 2~ea s's w r + l a: l:ia s-llil'd : il, rml, "aild ilt tta% li:r:::ncs:varv shhtsidsl.e::nlb ith< :is..oc - and siheacsr'nil na-see, tma, illplk 1 :ie-: tw:ll.:ierlkacltel' iIlnlll ei -t l :l:ti, l ;l:nliIre io ver, a rTLa: l iee: - tle scsilllltlt,, hmat:k. tilanevs, h:sir lilts b i':nl a:'illlf u eae sllll. an 'dll:::li~iael~ i:g, vi::aiitse : .g:iahs'r,ribhe:d raniplhee: p:'re-aachcaip rilsIice:n wie 'tde.h Izrralclohl al ild cbr l anel RI1d i'H ,lllePIII C IinllltIr pllllie hn~z, r u.,\v' i,% wal i s ea:tla, fliy:: s c 5 rtl1 r a ll i'he altov s Is,_,et:- i-tlal a.l ,r'e~tt sc':sitsv o l e r aetCI i ecI are :l:ieres: stlt:l hlaahle or retIailcI eao'n :c:nnndatii:g INic..lshelcmarpi, V IttlI'I'Y 'I'OIRE--at tld. sign of the gclden coomtlot'i Chrrea streer. 'I'Tesba rier haew rc ceived, in ,adidtion to their previous stork ou hand, a full and completre assortmenlt of articles inl their line; vit: it conbs, perfimnery, Jcwellry, brushrs, Iocking glasses, nevr a'nrtiesI&c'A. vcomistinain part as i ollw: a f('i)ilB--tortoise shell, wroinht end plaiin tck,twist, p qiilted back, long round, dressting, side pull curland neck, Brziliaul olabs of every description alOllngst which ar. sntle Mexican patters, I[vry ()comb of every daseription, horn, dressing and packet, together with u giirnll aictfl odrctiraitaalllli AIIvl'ciai. t I'EFIFUyIMERY--Coainge, Lavaitlcr, Florido, honey, iv, rose, and orunge tlowehr waers of every size and des eriptito, camphorated Cologne, extra't[of Pieraolout, lansy soaps ol':dlI kinds, shaving do, ill akens anlt pots, erer:it sonp do,ard's vegetable hair oil, bears a l nIe itluedo, i'restrun' smellini salts, plain and perfiuned a tepwerl powder,prl powde ow le rrptl' and boxs poa naItn ill puts tnd rolis, orrIs and chlorine tooth wash anrd Iowders, with a enelral assortment of J IV\ELlLIIY--soame ofthe latestIInd most fnlhiona- < rile setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, tofpa jet eardropi, set in tilagree, reast Jins of a gree' C aoi a of pei'n.ti, watch tria nniiti, gilt and silVe itekles, silver thilbles, silver anldl gull "- vells and guard chains IIUSNSHES-Clothl, hir, idustl i,cr.un,hearth,Htlor, iat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb. Nail, :hiaving, shoe and whitewaulsh brushe.)s. LOOKING tLASSES-- German sautia and toilet gites ioagfnifvidg and lercanch dressina glasses, hole do will ai variiv of other kintts tilt etticeruteld. I:ANCY AND VARIETY ARI'ICLES-French antam.ilerilan portable desICks ind dressiag aUSes, Ollle very rich rnd ltlv inished ladies wort bI.ii sand e ddres siag cases, with not without music, msiical boxes, Ac cor.dia of vairious kinds, violins iand gitars, silver and plated pencils and leadd,wood pencils fir carpenters and crayonsr, ultle cloaeKs,gul ad pistols witl tult without !scrnw drivers shot ulelt gamc Isnl Iust bpast cking tyv tea sellts, lalidian raIs iof every kind, bells iJand piaes, lineand tmmlon knives, razors nil scissors, hlilnbles, needles, pills, silver plated, steel an cotllnlllta specta--, iles, paclket hooks and walletia l variai kinds, visiting eard£and card eases, playing cards of Ii'rench, Germaal and Americaan manlacture, dolls, imitation fruit, snu ders,and garters, plain and sword Lanes, buckgaLUnlt boards, dice, optical viennes, jewsharlps, locolbc maItclh eoand drinking cuis, withl a great wrie'ty oa other arti ele, all ofwhik Ih will lie sold tar cash or city accelptant. cs on 12 monthsle credit. B il SI, lt1C: S, &. co. dll 70 haartress,. iOLEAIAR' S Science of lenmanship received,anl fo litr tale at their pIernanoet \Vritg Aead.l:mise No. 8 Cllatrea sreet, New trlean., I:iJ Illoadwa, NAw York, Dauphiine st., .Mobil. Irt is particularlydelsieigd rIt private learners, and schtools, and is cilculated lbr peronis of all sees. I.aies ,aId geintlemen are invited to call land txailne I tite svrtel for thaemselves. lessons are given at sjchi hitoate as may sit the convenieice of all, sliand to clases irllled in any paur oIt the city. Lalies wilo prefer itcan receive lessoans at their own ref sidences. Peros Ipaving f.or one : ltrse of lessons are desired o attend until they writa 1 sell as they wlil. atl DcAlEJi &11OIt i'rll,l1, DEAFN ESS. SNE\V article forpersoas troubled with dea'nesa, I J (callcd tlw i;ar I'Jrumlet,) lai jhiel beeo recivcdl, b' tIhe osc f, hiksell" . bl, slthghte~t llrtiu.lduttiu ll of the htt. IIan vu:.e is distiCiv coniveed to the Oar. Anty IIe r who Ias ever rbeein iliged i, converse with a vcrv der peosoil, mlnstI he fully selliblee i d ilietvy arid Pel Sharrasmieut experienced both iy theamselves aud the it dividuaals so ainrtiattel a llicted. Iyv the tuse of thi IEcar Trumiet thin obetiimlnisetiret o.iiuitad. lThe l ollo seeptch l htave ulunal a I nllr llll'n telc ir, iulbl - tiael d havina used te T'ru;mpe. For sale a - T I' GU[I ', Fancy of(Cnomlon ana d st Cihalles streets ", nl,:r alt iiau.t'ai. I[ tel. tl|' ]3 't ITERNI Oil.--:d0 galialoa pure winter d Sp. eAtrlll , in casks and hhla, hlar sale lv JAILVIS& A.N D.i i\VS, Wholesalc Dnrgg aen, cr nere C .una ane.d 1Tellnp f. Is streets. Is Ill llA.LEAk- e5ihln, I i iUsh7 i i c !41 kegs, Icti English do--i5 I-I bhls. 4do0 100 Painlt Irushna, varioue sizes; I ean.- Vermillim.; 5 bldg Copal Varnish; 2 . Japa ao I CO iC lC ald 20 packs (;aind Leaf 50 do Silver do; Ad (in do Duteh .Metal. td WINItOV' Gi. INS. Amerienn, Erclish and French ri --I1l(t boxes, vaones nires and qualities. r BoRton [roan do.-5(l0 boxe,consignmaet, will be Iv .uul low. SAIr, a ceneral assortment of artilts' cololnr anld tooa., tor .. tle I,. .A \ SCAtI E, ,I i , I . , , -, LOUR--?00 a.. aling from eteaner lndepe ,l mever. G ) HORSEY, am 14 N *w I c'aw. MR. WILLIAMS, t)CUI.IST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSEV, JEFF0RSON STROT T LOUISVILLE. T thoe Editor of the Ioieclle .rldnerrtiser: si ['--It appears hy the nhorrvatina.S of the Editors of Ihe Nashrville Presbytrian, Union and 'rano- r cript, ta well s tie editors of the Memtphis Enquirer, that the "Ohl! Gentlemln" is a0no0e ttle Doctors 'IT' h 1 is woved by his kinL'ly rane. knowil that ISa time is t bt short, anid that the indoencdent Amerilcan e lein are ale ton judoe hr thecmselves what are pole and o impooctions. T"he wo'thv editors who are I)octomrso, the proprietors, editors or snh-editors of the above O oarned ijlsrnal , call ever letter from perlons l have i reslorel to cibht in thll ab:ve pllce, olty. I. T'he hrt ics, t'et n'wer had sul.h oreat suetors jo within nso liniled a pieriod ae ten Ir twelve days. One : who wb s noeetl eollt ten years, whol had only teen thie ol liql't Ioon lic ibirtht, botoon to ner to fittlow ido m0t55r ot ter ts hotnl, in'Stend of hcino nblind to tct bd hyit.. Two voonso Idies, who hod each lot the sight of ccr e ye, one for ten years andl the other fIr nearly tewot veers, having both ol theml the other evo very weak; to :vet each of oe onunet loadios bean to lee with both 0CyeS, which Ienefit I iledre moelf s'till continues,. ex ceplinoE they nre under eis influence sor donlilati 'n of the Medieol D:loctors. Another is thedcngliler of a , respectSlie nlerchant, wlt. oe Iname I am bonnd never l lccnrion, (as he paid me iy fefe),s'tho oicl she hiId lot the sieobt of one rve frm the roe of S mnattho, hbti tlhat she now segins to roead large letters wih bthe I ctsir evo ocjnpletclj , ohut. This Sie triltt eittonStr s khteo,a tile cPoellltnl n old me himselfhe Iho d i on-tlO dine ed his dunoihter to the offieo of the mltdictI ecditors. tho thsey might be iolrrmed of the fact. The last I shll merion is an ehlorly gsntlemon by the name tof ' Yoaunto rly sevent'y ver: of aghie, whod clanred rib lilty hv letter whicc" lie tttk to all tho dilt'mrocnt otcties in nelbville but one, anc himself stld me le had psoi fr 'he insertion whbaever they d.oasnd'd, oht de lar e ii tloSt eleler that Itos h oltloy ,erived os'ti the sicllt f lfne oye from f ks .tifer his 'irch, which his mother stated t rtc,. . occositoned hIy tie measles or oatll pox: Sitt nc v he cttuld not onl ose the liht of the rlin, for tile first time elet he rel'tllcts. 5 but the sates also, astd was bohginninq to distinoeaish many ohbjets; nld didi, before I lef ht that tv, orive man ny tr'slf that ito eottl oe tot walk ahbot tile olrets ithi thi- othe'r eye ery mlot tcly rclhsed. nill He e handitbc hbon a membter tIe S lethodistt Episclpnl Chtrech for I oe rir forty eet . InSI that ilic n etird a never doubt ed thtongit sthe 'ls course sof hi litfe. 2. I repeat t~o.tI ad rnever roeater onecess than at Nashville, arrs tSh: :oe mnedical and cliertica doctors had neverhefoforE t i- rh reason to be enraoed. The picnIc indionstisl.on fPi Ret. CleriCTIl 5) Sciith ptroets', whet e statedtt n.t that nbmlt six oenro past, he watIV converted from c perfect inthiel, to believe ic l Ihe I d ootrin of'he Bible,t fltt he msot have mIadn triltiog error--that I mulst m eat have m tto a lv th shefore' tihe bio icoftttetifo's as Sito hpilrt uf the I trln0 Ititllter of tie penceful arid heu ittit d~otriltes of Slte Chrtistbin religion does cat breotho ollt doltlttctitt, rtge, s'agtllely 5 el foeri.totot So dee'e his medionl fiitltds, n_.aiitt tile ann llol he knew lntd donlle so muech ernd, nd ot in jtsry to any one. All the inhabitallts lof Nashvill sPllke of thie re'ot S'tte, t. I htlot-eept thte oe:hliiid ducitrc . ast otfttem t lcosotI hbeon iofoented by Mr Youtlt oflc Sthe c:o11 perfts-itot Ohi is tn.tllv Ithin e.i r i. Ile fctato tnG ich c . oftlit v SItnI retends thatt Shave b st the larcrtiss I ogineid in the North, shince ey arrival in the Southwest. Thlis prnve, however,I ha d, aod that b kelt lheml uttil [ arrived in this settcti. If I nintet 0ne in tie eaorth,[ t nsttf t to ttvts o n:nt d h lc too' - s r ill ei R'llthl andi s.lrlvl,ulwes, al I ·lill IloPe Io wetlr them on Illy very yluthfill brIoy on the dyo I lave, ill i jilte of Ite vrtitolerahtitt of the greol I)rS.,if I may jd'n from tho , man I ave already bnofitted in tilde S,5tv within threes days. i. The object the preset filr is to intrm the mlpdi t nl Goliah5 anld edlitrn'.. If !he iiepollllicaa .ln,1 T' ',s1 sri .'rt, as wril a. tile clerical I)r .'..,ithl If ther f'. P1res ' hIharian ,led of the Uhnioa. o" Nashvi +e, ais well ,an th{ t o'cr a std eni m edi.a l editor of the le lltt it it nq irer,' ias .elli es Mr I'lretic, tile editor of tile ltoitticv le e-oural and i"st t ht tt edtt id it O lie ediior of tcistr 'i y tltt 't e Srect lt.' t., thct I lcl'll brl. Illlltcy fl;n al.11111 t+ Vr V 1Cilli ·erat .n11111 shule nr eahunoIY, iIlh'.dii ctliv vlitrm v arrival i c New York ao woell lc :hailst , thei'r amiableb c: e hrcn the medicti Golithi ofthe t nc'thl i tI iow Ilind mselfhtv p icltellnelert qlsit tht i hclcvy land of lifetty, noltil I have brct ot ht 11 ithO es of all yv G,,liahs of theil orlth as well ns the slluth , tIld tilt wett, to tie rindsctone! T'he ltlitedI, thereIC rcllcemc c lc C 'entciat' clo fintlino me dlrictg tlie ''cl+ of' Inext yesltr tic Netc tt tlheric Ititer' " osc clie cdt i s. 'o ilo tli','he t ubli thcll t the IlicIt, so rtcc e -, cc'' ttctcctcliott ccc lll Itt' li l'l'. rit Iictol, sttt cd1 I cc·. ll~·llll wli c tlse 'llev. chriccallt' c llcrlid infidel crOnll d wc wr, irlle thr nll c, cwa c ml le llcl re tl haI'Ic itc c PI ', rllc iltccc llle l Ilc Icc t' Rev,. II). cIw ies, W I i. t iii m iy presencewki thout lhnllal~stilg anyV di..l p:robelitl oInI 111er nlt ary, toolk it to his o t lldl cellrll-edl l the way hbe diLd0 which he std 'cte ' hooht w'icc c n V .lr OIV ,Urlpt o heti el;he iIchI 1retd thelml b+Ilt t mIes witcc'uc preten ciln thct I Wa ill tel ti b ihe ]cil' co ' l h th i aI cIinc ccver 'tlc ct 01r.llle tl oilbr Ihat ,liltilr i' ot(r on ccll 'oelncCcite bfoe i lteV erC :hl c ni te ce e e l ll, a tetl c i t r 0'l al l t.ct..ll 't'. . h I c h t lclct L , icle .11 Sh rllhltlet l ieudo f hie. e. W welll Advlsill ,! iote . f ulv .aIe ~Ilr lt. ill c+)ll 1(.1 11nV UIl-))~lh ll.+hhlr elergvlan ell\·S' I Nll o llIonti ttchic t" tcl e, c i'e. l Il i c iiicha Niahaln~leIt k heaeltad, herletre ned itlie .ll ccll ccO 'VIl' ' co 'ltt cc-di .[rt~ ~a~ p.!~ ll OctlC~ f drls h t ini tith c hci-t Ih allcc owe ul, c ttc let ci, 1vs ito I 'ac ic 'elhlctnl foirc . of the sahid tct-cetc dnil.a] infdel. We read in the tilcc thao k'otw hy its firito." Id de sll the colVetd iofidel d a reohed from that bcct e. Slr". eviiatlnv tntlt( to intahltli his mural Pch r t n:au a u o m., by tIhewing that he wl . soee e hen i a b -ribei, 111et n1 eti whetther ihe =mn of thilty piece- of r silver will npolth ts hint -iei , , i n a t it woo well t p e ih to llllher lon.erte. in ihlel, wh o, in I iite lays ItI tite itl carnatin of his Dliviin MaInerI, bsolltely ;old him lrne iit n elll r of pii lr of silver ,l nilywer in' lihnt it : wahs oienr ientrll I i bie, r iet t , bi r ennui , llr nt iell so by noiv oi ,l s it ens rot even 1 -" I t l to I tt i eni tili t f'otlbl ltll llff i I% hree taohl lnnrN illof los,'Ivn ( otelt I y nmatter, which vwre to be repented three o inte tein in the Pretlhteri.n, ein irol ionitor joun rl, haod [It ever inte ,ed ll bri.e him, I should ae o d him at least $300, his regular lire, instead of $ 0, which, it, all probability, he wnild have gladly received as his fe, ant not e n bribe. On the coltrarv, if I ad beat ca tIble of ol.erin-e tt brl e, I shoull certainly have done out keepillng his word, as I have always Iboud every mioitelr of the gospel zealollus to do. 9. Had he been really converted, he wotthl nt pnlb h:lvn sploktn against tl.e AmeriCln instllilltution, wllhich, it is well known, ore more numerous, and whichs are superior to mny in solett parts of Eulro es. iti enondtlt son mlh dligusted some young literary ii llor tncere, as to Bie tetllmel restrained from ptnishtig himn on the plntby nlying violent hl.and on him. The iRev. gentlemtnn, though a Scotchman, is without excullsC,(llless Ie is calumniated), althtltOgh he nlliy think he ihas i rieht to nellue the American ilnstiltultio. becaule lie is a ieolnvrled infidel. I aitv he has not-as cil ought lto seak weoit of the ittlget hn e ge-rn safilV lver. I tirc the gallant Captlnin Gronde, Ind several other antiable youg gentlelmen of Nuthv'ille, recolleet well the conldct of this pious expounder of the HIoly Stciptuiet! J0. I nevelr saw such a demon in hulllman shape ns llhe ev. I),tllr vwa the day I cal e.l to reallsmo with him, when, Ite meuneid my grey hairs with all uplifted gignatic armn, ns if Ihe wonld have tflled me it tile gnnneiifor nribig no draw a pinneininistern:-way fent it duty, by h bribe Iof S0 piecee of tilver! I really traoihh d m+orv than il tle ")Id Gentleman" had ulp 1 thared itl his o etl t he! . I illelllllty deelllci before od,n nlilllint afraid tof il llill wVitnell that I never. in the whole clourse of 4 vellars prsctise a all oculist, in in reit Initninl. rlarncle, teilb n ituI tld . eiitI , 1t1 Ii S le in + 8 le i. ifenlied us a blibu IetV teniomlot I tlthe editor of d nllvjtri-ta llt arsi nt olpeslltion for the sipac Iili oe ie and lthe t l Lore in-lined to ireduce, rather tqhtr add ariy itne. e to the printer' bill which it a suffiien prin Itt I lha no intention to bribe. 12. Last y.--The lemphis.ii Eaqlrerfortwoorthree weeks colltains a tissue tl tla~rlnl fihlseholl, whi ch tlteledintl Gtlinah elitors learle I frolt thleirt brethren tof the Al. Golia.s of the North, andil I shall treat theta with illnt onlilllt it titit the lier titllle Unletn it il trete whal I Ihave Inen infe.rell--"nue o begg ar, and yvo will catch a L- !" 'Tlhough I ipid hii iir any tlvyrtil.tellentts for two or three weeks, h uly inserted Ihelm ole. luto wiil pleate to insert this letter in your next pa per, anmd oblige yours, se. In haste, JtItN 1I I.I.\.1310, I.otiville, l 137. th E gih Copied from the S. W. C. Adlo.atee e f t 241th .Junie 1t37. 1t ti l' rthe ,eet of tir. \Vdllill,,us, wr no e'.iler the llltew+ I lllor of th I South W\Vteell 'Iristiaell .tcelll, ho, it uppearl, has exmlninllPd ile diian I1nd ll'her c mo tllols,evicive lof tthe Doctor's lllllllras to public Ilro ' ago I ea 1 tlttI1 l lllllsegue ee of at lln ecidellt, 1)·r. \. will rn ooin in Nashville a fiee days than be t lh'ist in t. ided--nsa the Ist July. lcev. Mr Strintfiel l:--llvning been riequested by Dr. W illin ,. the i , utll t, now in this city, to I x C ine his ill coal ,llll with a valued friedl,dlole so wilh loeatunlre. nlong thel I nnl a tillllll t i leu:r from l I. otelll, lit Ilc. ee,.t C(harge di'AtfTires of the Kinl of the French, it \Vashitgton, to Ir. \Villimsn, te-tifeing the gennlillelans of th illullmn fr f he Ki1in, f irlet alltcb iet-illll %t '. as nwell tin th -e trlllo the Itedh'al ocle tie. of France. He has lllnumero voIlucher' n r men known to be if high repiltion inll hi clllolY, Treceive since his a.'ital ini the United ,tttei dn. hitii n cen of great sti:cs inll t e retnlatilo of i:ht tio tie .mu.1l. I kirae sei n no rly all lhit our pptiii ntt in tits c.:-. [ klnewv rll'( of IthelO pievotos to theli .'1111g1 ul. er his enre; hIait till I hatve even say th,,y ll - q.ltetionably Itl)It'T. B. C IIHOWEIL, Nashville, June 21, 1837. 1'. S. cilt'e writing the ntuove,ne if Dr. Wtillinms' ctients nhn ctalleI t.-n mcIllI Pays he had attiullI I id Itoalv Iont the oighln t tlf one eye rit seventy l ear i o rt how ileclares himself better; thau ,,st ogmihtil lr tue first ltilte ill his life tilet he call recollect, he could dis illietisl wit th It tve, nRome tlof the prtnlrmientt tir. I leali that thit o'i l git ltg tietlant hs lived II1tnyt-ye-. in this rdgion,tand nays he has been a ,loethodit during titrt)+ years. bry ea R.n. nC. II. TNE tiT AiAI'T£ itF)1Ui ANA,& A Nw htAP OF LOUtLirNA, W ith its uellln Ir dI, I anid distancet,fron plnee to plare, alongi the stage and steam boat routes, by II. S. enrlll. IITCHEIt.L' Ma.AP OF THnI UNIIED t TATFS 's hw1ini the principal Turnpikee nd commontti rnnds, on which trr eiern Ithellltl.nes inl miles frllollne Ido .e to antlll alrsllm coi r o fllf tilthe canals and rail roads tirniliah it tthe ceuntrt, carefrlly compiled from tict bet no 1hnuriti.n-m-ptm!ithed by .. Atgusteun Miteh.ll. MIlTCHI. II TRAVM ILER't GUIDE THROUGHII THE 1eITtII T t.A.r.; aT mnlt of tle roads, ilistanies teu:t, Si tu a ..l..,, l lr ., tC. jtttwe!eiveti and Iur cln S 1 (1lIH',KS ON PHILADELPHIA-FIor tlt hv SYORK, . ROTHEIRS. 31 si5 l , p tireet, O- ltthleeure nt rheumnllmlismtr' fitnor kingsevil,gonul, si hilitic or hip Ot, illnhi:int eltneles, sAlt rlellrm, r minflofmletions oftha bohoes, ahnolert thetroatch ntst J telile, iner orefl oltdrh s ni, f ries, otlihtseorns slisesot. ioloaon I;l thsid heses, soo y, iles, ol- Is sin sets ey-es, eeysaiiestts~hlottes, anod eoety vsttietyonns Ly'9 enused atorid, fo l actioni~l,:lci n of the ii; isoinle efctheciaosein eomplmin ll I' o whli .I have been broken dlown '~ i tetsnilt itte ,l hrioies, In toe sd I t iognmsayssnal htthonte siiie nees nt isv oftihe bood, tor i viitiatio s of tlie of name or· kindl. Soole ioiimtt tnove cmpfiektsman oessire some tri. hlill o as emta llt 1411 lie:ti ol'I s lt h'c ll ces of tkoe ease will dilctt-.; J(Ut for a yeelraI Iremedy~ or I'orifiemm'·I to rmomve tile tase, the INI)IAN'S P.NACEA will genemllly be tbual ,d lct.lU TO "l'tl-l PUBLIC. nilow trloe it is, that modern Pysicials, In their amn ibtion to exell in their prolessioo;explore the vast fields ofsciene hv the aid ofchemilstry, and seek out ew rcs e mllial gsnt in short, nto arrive alt perficetieon in the o'actiee bvy moses of art aloale,.--4ntirely overloonk aotlr newllct, asitthsnelt tfelr eotlee, thlerieb w ntl eeoriioteoes stores otnmedicine which the AIlmightly I ls eaused to sprig out iof tle eartlh in every clime! Anl how mt.h morenwtrue is it that while the Amerisn Physician looks to tuesigo eounltriestfor mt ly of Ie s most scommon t le l ecesnry articles, pierpetuahliy changing asl the are at the dictates ofr fashio or folly, h is surroellcd in his own country with an eodless pofusion of medienl plkmas, sumiceyst to answer any indicetion i disease or to Eue slly crIabh disorder; and yet he is igscrlnte of their A irs tuescn and they are sufferedto <waste their healillg on the desert air.' The effests of vegetable medleinesupon the system are tem nporar v--t ose of miserals Insting. The Iormorl es i es ntheir c ffests awlo pnss off-the Ifnter, mercury is par tiel r, act chemieally upon the solihs, g the beloles al d indecrmsnllg the ionstitutin by a f loi and stre ilestriction. l'he congelniallity, efficiency and SAFE'I'Y ofvegete - ,le iroleleies over minteal, mwy lie estinmated hv eoltlrast i1 theanieenot slpctiee with thle modern,; or, tor ilng i loreimlmedriatelv I ll lerolly r owl obstasltstios , h Ises llni aI practice with inhat of the whites. n Who, in Ameriel, jas not kllows ornhesrs. oF reatetd Intllteae sherein some nesgessid, Ullreleoity . ef f male i hyti:le , A y meof go hier silo dle Pemed~ies ulnle Ihas nfati~tll thle ol~rt r·Ypil ulnd ast onisling cures, after the +Mateirs Medlea of tile e tmmolno proctie, dsireted lin the most skill'el llaners, h'+s h.)iled ? And who hits iot becul sillur'is d at tile com inratiseetseoutitilisywith whietmn erIneoalirrsntshioi ' self 'r nmy disease,: nllat the atmost lott ahstlinence 1orchlllroie disease mong them? Wrho has t el he:urd otsan Iloiaon witeh a eostitulios brokse aned rlilltel byI ill treatment +' Ami cao a doolbt exist thai this lhap p ex emptsi of the mivage from most of the ills whitA l tie Isll otsf man is heir to, is ehiellv owing le lore geeia ao t fe ieme etes shish he emrloysts iishis asty oisns. ill ,lin ffel'tore e iln s tlee es, is a tfahi exe nsll difcat io H of tile t ililete sperinorlitv of tie simple and safe messs of enre Slsic slh God has eis-cted for tile benefiet of hisl cohihfen, ,overtlhose whslie the ilille nd the art oef mklle h:lve in Si vented . I I,'romal I<,ng edli~leoeemong ap ortionofthncbo rignlo :ll ilhnisitalltsofl wiscohntlsy, nllllls iisistliter cllnllal 1in uee witll tie nw1,,th leds of cure of some ot' their most Sseuccessulll plaotttiioners, the l riOr il at1'"he n i nlldi:'s nclelloeel,' alquitell i kllnlowlge of sOllle of the most shwerl lnid lteoritereiest I. Irom thsehteselcsled sech us rel'e mostt ensciilusas i asePnlsprpiates, ls l isalitr anials exsest 5Itel'l IIntss It s teslli t tst ts iini tlesoni tyngt-ll hie hautl'ornhllit'ned thleOl il ti e IIl It+Um he llt' l prlesn , ais t e ost persn cftue bslvcilf moit stsleUrlose tsolir which it I ll ,si lls l r on~t. * lllll ( v ille i)Illllletl.P· ·I( in'l hi+o O Illl et o f Isersthis erentioss to thte goliss fwith tI nesiostm S1ess th:ots il:t .ests lston wsthis i r ss t Iesifls v see l:tl o'rss lievist mfss is his atI lcl ed ii els l tlssIssst stsbsetinei otlll W ll. |ll': tie im ie eeilsoe osesut's of no+ne nislbeins, fehosneoso feetbingstdrte lsnfnnflsisscldsnc ai1d olhslin:OccmO011,111ils to which II I. applinlleh. To suich it w+ill e l(ros e of inell clll ellhdll " all + a1 tht° n elll llllI seIlll isInslsl Imn· iIss e hl e snt ly liiSl he s elllt llOt tlls.s eIs l I, |tIlr·ilr~l. l~lll u ' l'll'll'.i c II+I llltil" lfl 'I,: I a hl .l t ll~l :lIrr hll i:· - Il'onoslangeeveiennensonnn lsee tsennfiseeisossnsp. slTtis issssso ssienssttoiry. sststa osstsissttrmdht I; chaeItoL , he elt ll lll gllol Wl h manii ol n wIII., I - , Y n ~hhe iJ equbld of .:.ia[. i bI innnloy e.xIstill eTo i si s s hich allt the t tl ll n ell.l tedietll tll This il , h s ss ue e lsls tellt 1 t iti lt thir is l tl e sul'Sr s llte iln it t eIIsoh ls hined t hct1tvrl is has beslg .trocstsed h tseieshhoutelft.con istostlSl hisriteptlsion hl * .estested etn he s hlie:'hutin t:stl short sspate toss tsitsis 19 IIIic hlundre.l it" of ersoln. mlight Ihel+inlol, w he wouht it sel ittem is dsl, e t httl thes helitvte t ha 1t ear it'i s r s itend s i i it. 0 il I 1 ise nlitse s t ssev h: sisl sIr d net, ', lllld lpeh Is nill lhe canOl l r d i sle, II lilni si\ oi,. seti itisvtsltlsss ese~ isiisie sitl. onbo~li." ss ltsns flatIl~s ll ssI sstwt+ll llli, lisss.sls l111ssd 11 PO llllil. IIIII'll" it-ttstIttIstvtI ste lI . sitaodiog a d syL ilitic and s.1roliu s. all' s I.Ic L li d leid ll1 o Lther I, u lies, and p ali:rills as Ito eaw .listre.stlg paIs i, l the IhIoos, L..iLleg mr' I vial ulcers, deral't in en' t ofI hl+ dinesale onL+.1s, c,. Ill t'Ihe L.t it lol, eely rello. l , :.l d 11 ll lcas13 It Iiti'c-I I, eltlii .ule.l hel di .Casea : H du llticts olI 1:; rl. I"<=,reno- I 'i sb I II cos. ituti , andII ll easllt le th ti eotll sm lni iul Hell. I r1h ii ll. a tis l ainl i 1 l l .tlc s rllle th lroatll its t:,j:lc o:lift'. i llIkr11 ill p 'pIll '" dL res, tI h I i ll l' I ':Lee' oILL er' t1)1 t llfi1 ll rolt i l llel'r:li· : l id .itp l l n'I, / t ic', d Cu l ': iutIll axlis , an amso l i-spasml 1 ,I I I aII t ' .1 (*,tll. ; ,1 i m l 'pr clases, ustlllnl l netimnl h, inui le tlls% g .i ienll en 1br ult+ ,sii parllicnl 'rlunnlUa r. Fromn these princi.I kl,: s hl',lia l'i l l cely ila lb,' 1 nert oodh +a .. 'T ml ulic ind i l s ,e, sl:.l nl o iit loefil i l lly unlii lnld. 1 stlillus oIlUlt here sp illC i l, and it ltlat b n 1" h lil t h i tsl t Iho I illp t. tl e c O 1' ie r lrc lla inla ulII'th chestL 1lnaecoustitutior"Ine new , . Such lper s lo's i lll di l, I to usel o llor hillt i si tL . ilc s n ll dol jes. enever a listosink is cooaidI'd eCess0 ILLyL Iis Ia.aces, taken in a small Illm ; will al swer aIll its 1urlpo1 l es, in nuch less link, at ltess expeose, nlld in a tar More avreeblhe mamner than the common dhet drink. The Iilwing cerltiinc:, out of Ihillrds si ollr, hih tuighLt be prLLcuIrrd, aLe ginr to show the etteot ol the Idihun's e'aI.ulatet n io, i t.vio's .mpilotst nereil melllltllulladnd alsol to exhibit in thle mlost sati'stlery a 'tll ssul erl ull y over tile s'r r apsll ll in lollnl slll le. CASES tOF IIIEUIU A 'iSI. LOL 00 IOl L AlsrT L on, NoL. 15L, 183II. I During the last wIL ilter LoL nll siriL ng, I Las llhIIIl wth II a very L aLele I lll IlLLislressIFIL IlllI illi01' , o L'cliLoned by exp0o e in haIId weatIilhelr. I now tllkeLI reall pllllleul iL slating, that six bottles of the Indian's pinacea, restored mIIe to peritiet r herdtii, tlil I coniidentIly I.oIlineitl it to0 all similarlyf afli cted. JOI1N FERGUSON, Kingsit. C.antater'OLsL, Marchill 27, 183i2. I was seiLzed about iLee 0Iear siLeLI, OLwith altlrlI'es0iIg IrhelmtismI1, cliuedll lby taking a severe cold, lwhile lundeL thIe liiinllenceof ImerIcury, andiL whicelh hILs ILLblelLLd Ir fol blusiness nearly evelr sincel. IluliLnlg his peiod have lel I t lIatlieL.,t hi the M'rinhIe Iollspitll i this cirL Iuwardslol ols hulr months, id nealrly thle samle lenllgth, tinme intlthllimle Ho lL osplitnLl, lOI trield lllnmos ever0 remedy, with little Ieleliet. Oin the l il of kll.brallt laont, a0'that time cllarcly ailo nioLmove m 0lt uipon culIll. es, I o enllllIIL the uell of Inlian's PanaleI In l il Imoth I liund Inyself enIirel lieild tlom pan , mlllllll:iri urw happy to tate thato I nrseltl' iperll ly well0 W11. 1''TiUCKfill, 13 oMarket at. CASES OF SCIROFULOUS UI.CRIIS N.ow Vooiln, Soept. 1it, 1830. This Lmayl eertily thalt in the lill of 18b25, 1 w00as se with a swellingin LLy heek andl thee, 1 11ich aliterwlro tule Itet ant d Ilbecaml e liare ghasItly ut.lerl is m.V ne0. A.Irali').hg sea eg i ll l)hysiollils ton t din 11ntI::ge, i wen lt Philhadelpli, anl p.i1cel l)m self Illlder the i care 1)rIs. I.lh stl and lielnl, .when, aiter rltrla.el so'livatioo t to 3noeftl0t, I wlt'o ioLotnlledl utter1ti imiilible. AIoer. wardtls I took twenllty bolllesol'l.w0 n's Plltlanacel andl l elIgh Iottles olf lotlen's Cta:thlicon, 2witi no materlI I)li benel IIS)e1lllrillg of lilfe, which ha1d iniw become a lu .hei t ue, I retuell Io l rly iasn New lYorl.k, in 1875., allI ave mniysellup to al ILngerinIg ldeth. IelihingL of tiol ge1t. s ti0ess fltllt i Ilihe InlinL's P inie nl, howLelvel, in catl sin1lr1s io LLV ownL , I 0as persuaded Illltr it, 0asi laslt et. isot. TI'o ILy) great lsurprise, as well as la tisloolionl, sOlonfound toy selt'f rlpidly r'tovel'le iglll I upon takiS s1e. b1ottles, thel llcerah' ic. siold id I len,.e pIer0lecI l well ini tlle course oftlwo mI.lohs, and have lremained llIo se rsince. I alll k.l l this lltatei n anall l ish it publillshed ilr~l theneftcit ohosa wi. .are sullbring uInder similarv otl llei t rolhtlL lL WllO l lo"oll tlt l 'lil l.o 'Olllll ~l o ll ti ll w.,r"fulousIi 10 Iyhilitic a111tions0 , hll' t they imy k1now i wi.I1 hlr clredL,lo e whlo l. s ut0ired ll 11ery tO lla ll I deatllh, ll il1 hl considers l illlis Idl, auelll by the abtove v. \ 11. IIINI.-A 100A0 0 'ei' .h011 1 u 1. ,11 131. I wilo nlticterr , feImr eal's wit tll c ii i i' in the leg, ll c- ! I" nu:l y conIInllilell wvith cr sipelatolllll i tlitnui nll .0tld ex1 ssiv . ain int the ltg and :c0ll ict1 jI0il. SetU i emint ph sicia s exerted their lkill upon it, but with nlt 'crlo. lcbud'fii, . In hiscave li.eiolote hli .' .alm. inl idL tielLt cu t11 . tMAIl 1111KI A' \V1PS' l', 1h21 \l0'k-lht 'or saleh1 II.' lt' ii)INN.:\lt ,lrl, 0e.110 "i P - l,., iar.,trleltors, I'clhi,. aiah t a 16ir,- I. N AW ORLEANS . " NASIVILLE ILE.L tuoAD CO lP I.\N I I r E .tkh, 'lerl ' of this cominii ll re hereby lo IL tiiLllhd tl l by h'a .olultion o the bnoard oo f irec. t In Fed onl te l1th inllt, the all lan.le oi tlle on "t Iot, I Ilhrulrv Iac iIP the 'V0lloeno df liv l e oiolu0r1 r . 1 , by ti l reso.hition of thi-loard pased o on the 11th0 i 0st , a call l'os 0e,11 oon thetoc 0kholders I" the New Or.'l s .d Nashville iail Ro .- ,omliy 1,or tie ll ,wi l 111p y i. t oa t 10 0s 1 , to I!i ep. -v i nelh I, thall, vz:- two lo tr; lel+ slal.e,, payable, oi tlolh !, pl .oae pral-le itin the Li ot olay Ill' 101ch l xt. N\ow 1 h0 1rel 1iib1 14 t t >'e looo l, tit, i ii eertii' of this company shall otiy" tile shlre hold tll herein, thl to the 1 1 1,blic 0r 1 0 tol" lhe cit,.,that ill iooLlnorolot with the -ixtlL jioylli Llo t t lhe h rt; r111, ley le perutlll:i ti pO~tllle oony loltylltcit ell il rill hL1.0o1 ck 1 l'od ooito ,hdy on which it is noudel p, bile, with the exp ess con saitld plrofl ",,atiiotl+ of eiate d Idvs, Ir0iil till aft 11 lip d y oin lohirh it should have o ,.'el paid, t011 t theg n the stoioko oil whit : said pyoloo ents sthould halve blel lalte, is ando rt • 'rfeited ti the coopanoy, tIle chartrr o that point luing ilpelltive'. In cooutlorllilty thereforel', to sail call, all ,stock of the s.,.kholders in sr id r.notaonv, 0s tlhik iro.t otio l p o1he l ooments0 fo lhoir otook to toh tlostoloolo the ooltltillI Lixtytday'sioV, whic1 the charter eallows tllh:nal nrlotioied tthat the plLylent olf two l l la1ts por 0hl10 'r-tutlloo Iioo,oold 1hi0 alI tlFoe rint of Se If feoioeoextol. nlt hit postpneo lnolr Lthlle ixllloi lll.ecthiooo i oth tor s oilrter lll u til tolot doy of Ootlober next, that ' the poyonlll : lltwolo dollars per shareL callted for, andlLl due on the fl irst dlay of lDecellmbler next, l0y hbe po.t - puoied until the :311th day of January nextlld f ilhe liy tmet of two lollars per sthare called ftr and ' lue oo tole : irost day if11 March next, may bl e postpoined until the 30th lay of'pilor, next. -I lric'iroo ltoo minutes of the hoard. j imP_, A R IhcNAIR. See'ro. -I )t ,I AT S, ino caooes-2-5 dozero hloilo Will ST'I'AE O L.OIIINIANA.-Parir.h Court for the it Perish and City f New t)rleanto. T IE STAT'E OF IOIISIANlA. To . ll whom Ithlýc I'reselllt shall lcone, GreetinuV:-Whereas, Jol es Hnose havint puachnmed at c sale made Iy tihe Sheriff of tle pareth of Oleaan the property hereihiltper described, ao applie I tit the clerk of this t court. ii whIose olice tile deed of sale was recorded on jt h iv c of April, A. D.1838, fAr n munitioh or adter- 1 iI coInformity to an I.t if tile egisature of tile t lo.ians, enlilled'*An act for the flrloher assu at o, I chnrcrr atjudiciul sls;" uapproved refire, know ye, and all per-ous interested erely cited and admounish-d in the nIname oif of lteniiiann, and of the P'arish Court, I set u any right, title or claim iii nnd to s. e urta hereilafter decrihed, ill nonsequIen( c olny Ilt Illity in tile ordelr,tlecree or iudgiet i al lth: court ender which tlhe -ale wl mIlade, or II irregulariiy or ill gality in the e I raisements atinl u1rtiements, ill tirle. ir amanner afsole, or flor anva olther tCleat whntasn evel; to shoew causeo, within tlirtatluatiifrol tihediav tIlis monition is first inserted il the public papers, o hy the sale so matde should not be confirnmeld and huo log'terd si prapertv war soll by the Slheriff of the par- t ish 'foaresai' on the 14th day of Aphril, A. 1. I. 8 Iit b virtue of n decree of tlri Court, renrlered oi the 5th dlay of Fehbnry, A. i). 1838, in a slit entltild Alexanter Celdwanli as. James Hoanse, No 10,367 of the dleket ,f I this Court, at whic sals the said James lause became I the purchaser farr the plice of twenlty one tihousand dollars. Descaription of Property as given in thie Judieial Con veyance, via: A certain lot of ground sltuted in the suburb An ntnoci'tion alias Lacourse of this eity,in square No 5, od hIt h wing French measnle, 60 fent onrnt I Tehout pitoulus 'treet,:,o6i feet I'ron, ou Orangers street, and ni feet on 1.nfgoilde dol iar e stre t, il such amianner thalt said Ihtof ground is 60 feet wide froot oie side of the square to the other, together with a dwelling house front oag 'I'lchoapitoulas street, the kitchen and de pendencies, also the distillett y eslahili-htnouts crected thereon and other huildings and iiprotvettments, the machinery, utensils, implements and fixtures belonning to said distillery, its dependencies and appurtenannes. and the rights,actions, and privileges theretoi belonging or in ay an ise appertaining. Clerk's O()fie, New Orleans, May 7. 1838. mta,24Ij'l J. (1.1.111. ,Depitv Clark ETAT i)F, LA LiUISIANF--Ctntii de PIarilsto pour In puroisae et ill,' de la Nt utelle Orleans. - 'Et'A'l DE LA LOUISIANIt.-A toats cetx que liJ crs prlseltes coelrr entl, altint: Att'tlhu que James elausse yantachetli d uinu venle faite p it le Sherif dtelaparnissc d'lrlieans ia propriit. eai-aprS decrite, s'est adrhrss6 an Grelfe dle eette Cour oil In dite ventte tot eoregistrlie I eme jour de Mti de I'antetoe 18138, our all nvis confolmenentu Annr ane at e la 1.6gilasttuve e ti Ritul de a Lnuisiane, intitult, ** Acte pour eonfirmer lea titries ies saequetus a nx vetntes judtiiires " applrout le IOl Mars 18.34. Qi'il snitconan, et tonuts personnes int.lrscessonlt par eespresentes solne all nomn de I' Etat die la Louiintte tt dle is Cottuer e P;rninse, qui pouratieot avoile dirohnt ti lt t t l01t6ite ci-tin' tdecrlite, enl eonscnrt e t 'an dito lilt I Ielr(soe t lsits I'lelel, il decret on le jtltgemlent de la Io, el vertu luqel ita ventIl a Ste l(ite, otil e Uqlte irrt'gniulaitie ou illigadlite ldans I'estisiattuit 'atiunsis o le te'lmipb It le mtodt' de la venle, ot pour lnet strlte snuse qneleonqte; d fatire voil, dans trente j"ours a d. ter' diela pIub ication deicelt N is, pottlni la enite nlillsi Itite nt e seralt Ipus confirnlbe. et houlologlnh', Iu irot a t uli6th flit vendee par le sheli'i nsdit, il qnu9. torziuome tour d'avril di I'anluiire llt8 en vertu n d'tIn Ildecet li retre eolllr la 5 dte lItii,'r die llllll'u e It:l3. d Is lt'tl l tire d'.lexander caidwell, eonutre Jao es Ilan'e, .t 10,3;7 dil Ido',rt de I'rettle (our, A Ihnluelle veil n le st .lanes Ilnnse s'est reinu nequtlrer pour ' it, prihx de oa.; t,. 1e-,riptiml lhi Prop'iei d'pr~sletrtulsferIudiciare, iyeiit lavoitt• 1'n ertaii I t de terre situi( an f11lihnrg (de 1'nnon cialion ll lia .n Ieoursll i e o ni , rili, delln s l 'ilet ,No .1 ,editi loit dle t r iL nlint [ eitiit IIr lieIl ,] sot xutiI ir 'il, ' (tier A li lie '1 ch np tuit Ins+llnit Incut artls I-de !are iA it rle dles ilntll r, r t tsot oce pit d ale fi iae ti et Itt'ntde la ruili l'la lch ,he sot+I q ' le dit Ist de terre n voivannt gihds d( are,,ur d'ii, hoit d. I ibet A I'aitre: en'eod fe nor lii ol ler unt Int e al h rne I cho., itanl wP, o enisinr to st, deI proltntes ,,i i at que!a distil erle conl trlite orur It iht h.t+ et ,utres Ii lrisse- et n, thorntinw,; Ie- towehi, e ushnsiles. Inl-lnl iVI luions, &,. app r elno i la ,it distill, rie,,as li1 00li i uces, nltjriui .,nces vt les druit, actions rt privi.,',es .v a- it tl, . linriuuit ii retch r, nveilne (rli~ic, loP7 Alti. 183in t' , ( .lh . oi l '" ' ,. n ' . L.'i.a te tr ai i he .5'",ll h- I1 e.:ul'stc, nmplan , FullIw ,,f i 1i' h (o.l tI 't i elt , oll rgIn.() o the lol. "Ufio.n 1' Ait, li,'''-till,, nr p lIii.:, liiI'i t idt.' , 'nI I IerI.ti t l Iil, , il f (;ii ' i ,illt. T" g: : tIti' tt I uts nui tib', I.l. h tt This ini'h. l iiiditsiitu , I ht lll N i l) i" iti ty . easll'i lxpl'rienle al' l u. llur lll le ,talr 'ss in he .xil e siC + Isul hidhl ~ Wh! r pnsoPlc\ i " t ofl" :. h li lillriopr l i l +.rI-i1. I Nis ) .l I lith IJllNy l lll n hil2iS , N I i t u w i ltl 1 L u i N . Stle (detietti Agctit tt'th Ip u tlic ul atte nSic licif'tior 1I i llllltlt u ' ii i tiu llt ml ll" h,.ioin I to j i;1 I sIluliitg AIe t lie Slr tilo:ssil o i it s IopIi,' :t a joell'- i nal' step, to che-ck thse t.\ih an4 lb al caseUkt ence'illA II tINiFill Y !n t Ile e i h I IhfLE ,ii' o I it Ciellet ci i t . ilroolslof ninlhlluw llos crlntt :ti d lthti N it:'ts, ht 1 si il I, t 7Illl lltl', Illleq p ll'; l ed rt'll elllralllt'l'b -ro t ollolip t.a lt : Ke I tm chiu l ncii'Ic, thi t it thel' ti hh ito Ili lctll-c 'llit uhi e , n C.(III " S Ulon ',er t , do ilh l intelligll, i t +I tfn l 'i hi c o u ntLl l y V. "T h e - i , s ls , ,i 1 lln l llt i''nItirl e s hie hu.e lgeo t ilttosli. thtiltniotth c ii.e. of'si Mel ilh.ic , for, ithei h sisti B irogn h a., copi ill'l r1iit li,tll t 'lls , w lie colt cii i!a nII Il illlt io hoots I.tlolthi, Ilohh llcntle bt l hlloitti Ithttit. t Tthxti a'I' looth hi* tro.ktstt ilic.ies c eti. ' s1 ilt t 2 cail s t- y coil NI'Upit'c oiIt+,I ht I t ians:b, li tic h hit i s o s dit ei ionsii tIsllic. i lc cit 's t ies tilll cil Ic i'p o lieSI lllll ag ilice soiI' Ahern~ethy, hJams illlhdell, Ad. 1)., \V. lhack, .\I. it., .I. Assonl "Key, A. Frlatu tn , illi l. 1) , ,.lit mIIluneroll. FlhbecigThcis orhttilcit.eo'hiioct i cil tssseoeslio th sh ( c:l ciiIAg esot, bi whloil tlh' i, llicio hn imi 'ti l l hil o this cuI)niy, )llnd to ioi ,ati cii lllitctiOli Iblraeniite . mUSt be adtcle. JSO. 1sOLIcISN, 1s.h Wsiceily Plh c, N. Yolk, ' Sole ieleitl · elit tll tile U iiteu l Stltts, I i e.i F'or sale hv aont)mh~nent of the ++riginil ip'oprietor. tIb t tiu ol Iws iiT litiRii, I)'ugtsl, - II Csttal lt iri'.col ic eli, Aitn'iillI'igo Sttsthit otl L itttitti,'i jIl vt oi Y ic'lls' 'I cIl;E &so co, cta ;l:.icglt sttes, a'ittz ii.nw Ireceivinig folml sllilpl alsllryi le, I.iaisvil h, Ienlllck, Estost)lo laI )the I ti e l ar'vl't Ii t ttitic Ii " "."i,+rl +lte~o = satesa'i , cciit . itt cii l+lt a i olle l Eitio ialc e . n ew seletell lsstllllelnt i IsIitsin Boots, Nhloes andI BPCrogans eonsihlit ol'gesltlelllot's lille icalf mil korocot boots i o0 Sd lualitv; do bul.llt, and stout wax pl'ell hoolt n varlilolsqnalitites Inel's fith call sei at c I .\to'CI 'hr*llocoicc sto n Stici Itcndckskic siis, bIog ao nlts Illlfle s; teil'li ne cIll llll killlied lleggcd ishoesl'iI I soitlls do booSi dg o siccic t kip ts uI waix Ic oel" sies a i bl.lltsi i geitleloen's best ltuslity calf steweti shoesl, ilIotlnn mIl Jack Unwnlins; o e1llf iilllT MoroccoIl I leu cilltoe ail HlloLan iti colos toal atltIonl lon. I allian slhotu' ami1.1islippes, ,Io call, btll" ,anI seal wnl s, a new articleu; lo in.o c:lltt setil aol. morsclR' qeloiioel Snts; Iyts', inisets' illo ceihe's pel d seWed WaIt.s, i ! so h es of oleii ' lO' ito :l kind. AIso a t e al.tuccrl aeoulvtmni oit ii'i'i'tiit'tiloli wai ialii rlatl Inv,:s..s an11d ihoi¥5 togell iel with 10,1000 pI1il'r s-tr i tltt t ualit'lt rlstli t i ols.leltls nilel I ill s ht ILak inls, ilna eexprl'stly fIr pi dnntation ui.e; a good ui.', t of mni 's line ii sl uc ki p i 'sses i.gans, ow aiiglt iial c cioii't quatidl tili ta ialioi 'ualidi r use iaili was biroantls. k.liss' ccll cal 'l; i' l 'rocn !n .'il! welts., niii il'iiili sol sl sh s; In li lne FiRetih Morucco lull k ih ·Ii i l aiuuluitiiil t i til e iualill (Ii hisii-( it o ial."al ti ttloltl 'i tall , in st I a (d ali.t ies. ; ds lastIin g . rll·O i;i .u ah e r:ilI .t L It Ittecrs e e. .1 d IIhIiti ic 'pcio' ci i N at Kiuis. 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Arraiinllem.itPls helV i teill luua~ht Ill .ulll ril. a_,nis ill .1 tihe Ilrh..(illl .d ,:hk lts o ow in llite Unio d hNlue, so a plaet it iYhi tele rellach ,I llhole wllterin adllll likely i. sult er ts i J l ius · Ireisi llP~~e'.ill llt.Jl i lll~l~l-llt 11 'h III~P. I II;III lul'~l ng iI hlel .Uon'linl IO li -ctiouns given ola bottlh., it at . l vetlr ihi ua " i hllo .illld iiii ih lisli, ii manent rei i,, t aIlsho arrests. I e nledim( il 1 t.iv hrteth, and~ relieves thu sorenesCs ., hicil' so Irequenthll nd1l ary ul eto riltl 110.01 il e l, e fll 'ln e Bubnii , are rlaldv h irI 1 I i ,le iLl" g oI d) hI tell i il ullilll llll - i[ Ill II illltr I I(hltl aIvdYIII ~llricl It'l dl~leh deICJIll'i rivlled I lles Iis. all Indianl remendy, obtaia ed asi ; ihiedl wdllll. tl h PX e mot t luaible discovr.a I Irllllltll o ilthe U,.a,,d.. I'l,,e.u1 li hul Ll.IU·:..'7!,1 hv . lir . Clar (CioUninilai n ii itouls -r.· {] I% Ilat JHlO--Naval Skelch Hloliok, ntll he Servicp Slhk atl anJ asore. Whith clracteristic remlliniscen e ., rnagll lllt a d opl i hil ,ns. i, y Ih e e lu thor of' I ljllllolIi IL.-,:,dl~ eti n:. of· ihtl: (hull e (I1l C)l al i..,j tI alol the eTar,30 t&0. hCIn losees, o11"5, ullludhll iso m1ai kethelies oIf thIe leulia1d uaulbers--l,) ol4 l ni pil r Y, jl~ld IFCeived aad lor .lile hvg WV .%rieKAN, SLATV PUIIIICATIO.)NS. k 1R1O.%allI.L, il Ilistlri· at Novel, by the aulhor oi d I /"'lTe lrolthelr","c. in " vels. q oI'alihr \ledlicinle, or iBnlllily Adviser; con.sising of OIhi lliil,* olf AnIatuIoy, tPiiwiolollyl anidi Hiygiene, with allweb hnll 5 uu tihe ra re: .f Pla'hic, durlzery,.ad the di.,...,ns of wolelln andliI Cihidre,, as ay plir v lT e uefull in I'r f ilies when r ,'gular phby- icialn ca uuln be Irllcure d:I hlIeiul lo cuba i~nliiii .nd puhht l,r Iil" iiilligent pi'.llei mls S hulm,- uf fi ilcl, mllas tei,· f v, ,tsel( , uasl sonnries, or Sil,ff l.,. s;tudv of ~rinidin . Ily It nyall .a~les, t. I,. " Pl'cer PIai.ev'r ilirstoryv on the Ibasea olf {en..raphIY, for Lhob ue "l' rfamilie., illustraled by sarp I Just reivedlnll a for sale by \V LlrKEAN, mu): . or ;:amp a~nd Commol~n nts. ROTIlCE.--The uwnerofsevreral packnbage merchan 1 m dile marked .l~dal. V" Artiqlencuve. per n hip I S(;rotonI, Crolli Now i'llrk, is llerebv noliltld thai the" hav tlel tloe y .E.oNAI:,l CO.u .(l~n'i UST PUBLISHEDFROM STEREUTPR'i' eLiTES, The FbYt I.diliossr of ROWLIETT'S TABLES OF INIbTRESoT: t T11 whio is n es a tt Avs es fie Csaleala- W tor, 'esv mellols liir sillttinll thg e ntvlr.og limet I Ve tto slorage, t olesf hia, or bills of gonds, l hens pure. Y IhasECi at sPIieorest Iates, ton difirts-t creldits, asd I-r varioos amo:lts; ieessidesful asd conptlete .askissg pT. Time To is, the best thal t n he oostrtivedo s tl tt fil gures osn pr ouce within the same eoslesnd eompaos, and size oft) e. A. o- vertisement in the book is in neartly the follow ingwords: TI ills high dlstinetion thlis osrltk iss receited Ithroseugh thel toen Iglative acts arfixell tot the lille ptge, is a re cotmmestoto lhtist in itself, so telllslmon., at.d so eocllltt stive, th r.tthisiig is neeres~rv more tihtt by wa) of ad vertisement, to gives consts nged vilw of some of its pe- 9 osliairities:nsffernlistance, Irhe hitIest hs hIess compJ - Ct etd from,osd iomp:,red with, whaot is tquieltito ts lur teen sel f esisulasioise, eos.nltiedi in thie pre's thirty- C fite tistes, nsld printed i rom terelsyt'ee si tes testdI Rs Ithilt)tv-one times, from all Ihics h sit i nsi t bs evidentl even to, the skeptis (ersteioll os tis pe sone l of the lie- t tml o1 the relace) tiit the work must be ahril r metsieallv it'llible, tId il eonifirmotion olhtis twli't Fi premintI o f tw'o humnred andll ftiv dollars, is now offer* fd ior 'he dletetitos of an terro ofsa e.nt ilt the iPeselt i or fifth eoititsm, as exrirssoei it soe pelsfce, oakin g five P lare plsemills fiferet foe the satle eror sintehe firstN jsltliestios in the year 180t. One of theo most oonspieions feattures of the tables is inthe arrangement of tise Time ond Amoonts, which N for expeditilh.ns, referenee osdpertpienite, with the help i oftheitdetie aio ilex, callnot Ibe excellcst; tnd the s.l'ty ty twl Pass with whilh the itserel can ole fotusls totse exentlof geteral btsilhess, nilthost doushling ofssums is ihesitts a convenience s esslntiol, thiat in the esttma- 51 tion of some oi tile most conmtietent and ipractt Anti busi i ness men andl pblic ofil er who hale tade lgrelt tla e of the work, it has besI distigelished bytlio honolable 1 ppttelltioin effa "tasoter Iioer". A~slli ronsitering tke infullilhility of the melhosi otigislloiy adlioptet its comtosirg tile work, and the extraortolioly uumber sld variety ofthe txamilntions, and tests of every edition it Is jpassedlin the plIress, eotwithstaninog the whole is it stereotypse, conosideritg, in sh6rl, he postitive aeourcy seosret hi Ihe ulslreelisltesl means empilostl, thi vo-l lutehts 'hero helsiuI ant! emshotioltily stylel "the most wonderful biook n the wslik;" most oerttltl ' n - retaon namen figtre work ofthe saine extent, which since tile begiing ol creation, ihas had the samte lll- d her ani vearity of tests in the same nmlber of editors; I so, n1rone halfthe tumber, as is clearly sshows i the I prelkre. esesls, asiest and lstainrd, ithus bhee' tritdl:ioti prteed in letly ll thse sank aisd Ilii 'filses in tihe - Ullttttl St:lts, t ntld lv Itlhe pllsi g .erally. dirig tilhe long periodi of thirtl:fi'e retts, yps no error of the ral elnttiols Ihas ever been iobulnd is prits, aItihosgh conlinu ally chllhteogesl by the noi'er of veIs tglre prj slmms. The io f'oteittsesotylv oalttpsesl oi all Ihoestorts ofiaw ti severoal olftie tates stS the " rlls ocl e alion forltlulte itllerlesstt" asslos by law for ibaik interest, aoorotiltngs s tle lsosk is usedl, and as Iway hie rses it I'ot, bIy .st ,,s)men of the snllteritiers, a.d fewt of Ithe subsequent urchtlserso isthe list althecltil of thiii book, isin ipo-essionl ef'everly clots of citizens ill every | uta - t of tile Uuitit' l Stles,. It is snoreover well known that, hi its reatrlv check, it has so stltn detescted laisge elors, Inllosg ,fer tey s elr midt,, even br tihe most erefsul anld most compelent athrlieinlludic s tI'it its useslsinests, lss an t bsollte t e oessbiy for its st', Ihate bitss - .Xsetisivslo is-istlld up ,i so evident, inceed, hlave beet its g a'atst , asni its aving, tIhat, seerre l )arsit gl, t lilst tie first lediliot l was scalre, and oat sa pri.t, a geut'la I.uImbIerT Of tIt'S€cot: haood enples were sough at for, some to a .re t distanlee ltl puIreIrused T t ll lioOsl I cl'ieti , as they I:(s hl tcasii() ally riso iked si i t trom f 1s t Is $25 rl 01s, lsdt sOfmel ipersollns hae I'U reet. v sielnse Id, illlallS itsistttesd thitt tiepy wohls Iyt $3.0,$llt, set sI $s io'srs es, ll si nt Ilsttlel hall It'r lss,. a1tnl n inllivdual in tsIe isniser imsss nehl tisirti ,larly s teviii st the miss iitlleto rxhlt Oi-d t:llil:ICttotl ss',os. to sf, ts'e ils pest tILs i r. snlt tlltl tO him it s ll wr.ti retssll W as t t .s)ney sld smot'esthltsgh lilte :lill oflhi era \alstble tlie, he bingi .l v-i, ricih unu an tint ghlico llce. It is likewis e worllt ofI nit ce, s ,I. is elt:l proler to illlmlre ., th:,t sLuch is Ithe llat e oft'ti. " e wolk .,'lluh+ 1y till ails chidli whil o|f th. ~lxltlt mlo d ilstoutl alw(E st these-ts lts , lis this d lit hook orit 'it" h noprel.e d ill thte I1 1:l s Itilllller t lle tt h,5 . It i1s 1 ' :ioi t 1 1tset It collelll ll ill Ihn \Vt Ol. l ll'5 lel5 Il li'll{e IIII.t e:lllll olll • hIiits Iisous o c tiloll tt f s t' l s het,*t it WOubtlllll, H tll to t| cEtall.lintIV, h.,t b(ee.t ull lnlsuf J a ItL fsl.cst:,a l d :,Ir t aI.) .I utiic,as tlie I'fi; ce da ni - h urly x p h tla s. t ~u n s- t'le-i l t L s dssis bl ]e Ic th e steledllp ,t )lell , f {d hIis Workl~kbtetel lllll that |ltw elelve lhelllm widld.'it h 111. l 'leClw u e S lIII e'\Ir:llldil31·\ eX:llulillln slillllst t il-a lt i t .Ir I1 1'1h n :1 I Ira lnI fiIt Ih r are (by S:t (lvestiet2c 'ltt) onltlanllh kc t ill a pl ace' o|" slecl iul 1stali t i, iexe spt hihl e l i I i ll t tini. r Almle dilctl· lillons ItI ti. d bu11h h.,ks ulll. iii tu:llllte iltor)l e'st w ill ust ",l . es , h f l(th ls., w+hich, in thlis Il-llh it- ll ".l +' lt'llelll IIlilili lt'lil iil 1 4 - rlallntl l.i-'t , s ins'ttl us' t 1i t moI t es " llllllll I south olsts-tso-ssoi1,tobscilbtsiist t'I il, t. 1 . 1, ' il llst l sIss tof , at e t I 'alanl . Ih l c .)h l nli lit I liOtl t isittlh .tilllllil- I hllit I i lt I · I l'Isli i 1t1 t I l , is, I s d ilhi n t rbl r I t i n u t tI. me, at an . llll'l,,ll t ( I}. L n >tll/C ll· hin - i is t fi :itslit - tl.l ih ' n, lsito lm - ILL . i: r II bIC s t e en.h t+ + at. nd \ lV i ty l, thssob s bli tlo r icont unc +e o1f p l h tf s)ll 17 1ttn I i sal Itt tn sii Ih. l+ es . I i1 L is W'h .ic-ThisAll|i a h and, -ysi oiauter is - i e , ' II L.i~ l T~ llitlr t \:llll ' .l I :Il'l'r iX IA lhl+ Illlll I U I 1>1' I llllI llll:j i s : [ ll ab o i ar .[ '. u-il 11 l tl . . i T lhe "1'aue l"illv lha.k, a maua.~tl ++ mnral re!b 1 ill.s.,,1 t IDOPTO 'R JODNSON Q.\l ' I,I contsulted rt i -lently it his Iol ice, 1. 3 t1e. tltt.tuhtl Ilttc . . iwar ct.tuphtie u teh t, ore I the treaurnen of ae a.lalsso.1 s. h ,'it dis.s-ses. FIluII Itrl . J oiso. '.s exte nshise (llop iltlUllity ill sun! i of the moit cel;br-ateul 11h 1 lal- i la urpke, lexcllllilP Iv devoted It the treatl el lof leneri lllland )llp ilitic ..'(111tllI d + nodi iol.o Irmlo .i ........ live ye arss ill tac ic:e solelv to the tj llaint t lo' "Htt er diseases, witht | dIr, Weilteev te, Arunte die ci att t thse ntut.r I uostraiat of n:tit , wct ie k etitIt eteelily itlitw org. tleret ed les, nd worutre·ltoiIed by ia sis mllled ti re o e all f y tto Uwitlo tctrc riec ill diet lor 5 torrup tt ltllt illtleit I. l(ittc tll tl tution y.ll | u l llriu . ri v' t other e heir ri tit tiedr ntc. ihntt, rihety , letd ,i Irett ienllett, iltst dicine, Iletccatry tlo e u.trl,t trwart ded. .ort & norl iA, cirled rttiler tine tIltt|Is en nesoerI oI of teltulltlI.t, witht retrol.e tt diet or ilterrup Atciedgtcy Egyjtu c r 1nieti Iic, at 1t3 Cuitom lLeroseilllg 111 tHe ountr, and who feel deli Cate in o ,sltuit their fitll. p lhsitt au, by seAdintn i statement of thie, r rse by letter ( tpost pid with fees nlclosedJ ctl halive l)r..lhOlm itel e r r ittvceterte, w r ailtlllelt, wih Caillnl llestre ty tlo be d,rs fr-m Colecn illtie o, t ccntat wtth cul o t-ier. Anit sUlle ret. hlikiters,.NO S C Inolc. hotl two doors i room Imitations of the following woods anrd msarbles,ex eouted i t a mastlerlo ) t)rter, Mahogany, Egpti: black and gold. ()lk, (itt la ntd Antie, Polla'd ido, Orienl:l or vell anlltiqlue, CIUrled io, .Ihsper, Curled Mtaple, lIloE ! Stone, Birds yec Jli, I): by (.;.rnlte, Satin Wood, Potomac, lir Wood, t I)oe or Blurdello, Yew Tree, ltnlian \Vihito . Coroncltlle or Illack Sitnnt 'cnd lHirctella, lose Wood, Amnrt i nc (;rey, Ash 11c lile Oak, kc.c k e. .,Iuhed Ellm, I Jcilnl.s to he seen at th shllo. caints, sil, Slass, coplll varnish, ke. on tined nlcito sale. mi o -and hundle iron, well uso tetd. IlMop, scroll and rod iron, (tail tods alt plough loul ds ' Cjst, G(;rman. shear:, blhaer-el, spring, sheet amd Itentwle) steel Ilollnw cware, cut and wrnruht enils nad spike e Zllle,'llllck till, ill ng lllll i stOlls, tsalt k tles Chlloill uslle, alh[olrs, hlo= Ox, lt ; t i it btrce t htluils, It rn ills .\,Ft itl, i tes, lllllllm ersl llnl hellows 1ive. ahect, rpilg ad ar lend; shot (cItd, anl cooking stones Anves, Ituwblemtl', IInt Stheh' enI+tes ad shovels lhoos, :ad plate hinges, door .,rd window hooks (;o)llhlls, Hllults, Shrips, aiI( other axes 1 ar' d andll lallill coiane lines aIn tllwine lili itd sheathing t oppert; Naal stores IPaints, linseed ai l spetre oil A lilll assoulle clt I hlardwnare al ship channllery ai wa) s oin tud, At1. which aure oillt red f er sale at whole sale or retail, oni the most favorabi c terms, by l4 I.\Y'l'o \ ht Co. 5301 Ldoevete. . inRORG&rATE SPRING-S .ion'heIII+Z IeI'V t(IIlltVV. Atlellltnia. THREIE DLIYS URNEY FOM NEWIV Spriat proprietor of this estnlligshmnt has the plen sre- of atllllllclllillg i t his lrienls and the public in oeie,.ul,l .at lie will eI in readine. by the first ilay of l v rI. reiceive dvisit.r. He will also state for the be nelit of lhlt at t di-tncellthat there bhve been large iI prov euS bNllllde, tIld others now goire on and in raplid iproress ftr comletion, wnclh will enable the sublscr hePr tI larconmulnlUOdte it iii larger numllllllber thanl tenalele.n, allc ot Ithe samei lione i Auch e better. natlilir call |Ie e ullnlllldulthlled + itll good roOlm1, or tlhoee whlo pre'fer h.IIIi elt large catbinsIt ['lceched from the ,atin bulilding. It ic deemed urneeess.ry lc say unythinlf in partilu lar of thln character ol these waters, fr it is generally believed that they are not ille.rior to uv in the South Seru .la.ates. All tile al, llelnpi that are generally II l tnlul \\t Wtering Pinces, will be found at this. The e best IMusllliC thtt lhis palrt of th- country alords, has htela e5l.+"god, and will be ill coast un attetndance at the Sprh..cs during the whole eea.on. I h h w slnciibl wiltal i lliselfof this oppnrtunity in returning his untkinred lahks for the very liberal sn )port giveu hiss last senson, and ho.pes by the exer tio=s tlat halve been nllod+. iln improving and extending the alcotunlltodations, Ito merit a liberal patronage the Spreaset scasn,. J50 CRAM. A 'IKIN SON'S I)EPIIL.A'POILY, for removing snk i perfluous hair from the face, neck and arms, with; I agal e snely and certaillty, leaving the bkin liner and I whiter than before toe applieathd . A fresh supply just received at OVIoi[ '8, No 1 Echan.r Mostl, ornet %t Cslrlas sno Comme, vs M- . tep i MAIL ARRAN(IEMIwENT NortherMail, Due Every Day at . Northern Mol, Closts Every day at 194 A. A Weter Mil De every Stlni y, Wednesday an w Fridray, by :, P. M. by tray of the Cl r every Monda , Wednesda Coast, and.Saturday, by 9, P. 1M. . Di e every Tuerda , l'hurnday, all Tae le dlailMo Satlrda,b 6y5,P. lf. vin Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR"'I'UF DISTANCE d&c. of the Express Mail, bew-r.'q Moile I d New York--leaving Mobile dail' at 3 P. Al. Northwar New York diuly at 5 P. M bouthward. Arrives Arrive Nortvhward. Distance. Time. Return'g Montgomery. Ala. 2 pm. 1981 n's 23l. 12 m. Colum 11s, G 4. lll 94 Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 144 24 p. n Colnmbati S.C. 7 am. 163 174 10 Raleieoh, NC. 54 215 22 12 t Warrenton, Va. 12 n. m 55 61t Petterburg, Va. 10 pin. 83 10 9a. m Rielonomd, Va. l at. 91 3 64 Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 11p m. Waslingto cty, 2pm. 61 61 ltlol imore, 6 6 38 4 04 ePhilodelplhia, 6i am. 100 11 2 Nt ew York, 2 pt. 98 84 y 1305 143 b. or Sd 23h It Northward. Comin Southwardl, the time is six hours Iless; loeitg5 days and 17 houtrs. S TEN IDOl.l.ARS REWARD. e f ANAWAY fr m 1,69 Corondelet corner of Hevin S1 strreets,on the night of 30.h of August, and wao seen .he next mornlg in4t Pydrs street, a aegro boy i. named CHARI.FS, ahout 17 years of age, otl 5 fee or thOeshreots in loei:lht, very black, and has srw iolped le itanent in his speech, oneo of his leogs is sore, oc.aesinet g Iby a recent hlurt; lie ld oe whenohe went away a whito cotton or linen shirt nd wlite cotton pantolhoons. d Mlasters of vessels and steam beats are cautioned a it ginst receiving or harboring said negro, as well as all other persons, as he ontmoat rigour of lhe law will he Senforced against them. The above reward will be pi'l fordelive:ing him int., any of the jails of either o the municipalit ea, or at 169 Carordelet, corner of Heel. steeet. bspt lNiOTICE--The eo oltnershil heretofore existing nImder tlo firm of Ilubois & Garretson, has bemh difsolved. The suabscrider will liquidate the affairso the concern in this cly, and requires all p:erons indeb - ed to make payoment to hitl only, and all thosehaving clains, tol resen.llem forsettleleont. l00l I:--it Il (1A It 0TSON C: W. W. WAIN7"" I- No. 11VCanael Sreet Vert Orleans iiJAS alwas no iland con o tootly feoceivino D5r L nI Dyess (,lemicalsod Pam's,namoo,o thaol.. ar is 0llewnit: It i lo lUGS. )1'ES a, Antimoty, cutle, Argols, red, dit do regulus, Amntton, Sp-', . Arsenic,l crmle, Alum, dto o d'tlredo , IlhZtillette wooa, S iso1,.t cr.ovabo, Coehievtd, klastx,cisuole, Colwrutso, Americtt, , to relitltio Coillll l'r, r tllimatole, crllle, L'stie, Talmlieo, IIt o roll, Ido Colla, e- do flower, do Maine, Q, Itih'mith, French Ierries, its (:nstoroil, Indigo, iengil, : r. cram rlnse, do Nlotiilla, to toniharides, do (toernaecas, e llllr oes, do .. temnol, i . Altio, Logwmitd, C.npllll .l l sltid do St Doinloioge es o amonaioe, do Jamaica, oi doI itonzOio, Camwood, Io do copil, rough, hldler, omhino, or do dollnrvped, NiEauoogao, Lovtaolre, _ do do S Aoiile.o"lI do Cot,,, d don Oamphor, Eru te, do Marenirtb he do t itn . I'ttlnhe. i aI gtiott, CIIE\IIIUALS to do kino, Acrd, nitrous, Ily tdo n sti, do itlo, o lot tl'it 00, It t....tpho ,'ie, do ielhl Blue vitriol, t s. srnegtgl, lamnll, 1p P, tIt do ..n...o. :orrosiv .tsoblimlatio it do Ilqeotolth, oloerideto lime, - itllhge, tpsoon allts, - Junoiper berries, Aoerieotn,i.uaotr enustio, I ho do do Foreign, Ito d precipitite, We Magnesia, I nglts.h, Itoch'lle .lt, .;- to Amoricalo edl eol omllallte poltasi b , lanna fluke, Sy canl I' ik, ill do sorts, Sul1. iotal , 4i .t ice ballo , Stg:ll leaoi " Oil rloes, Stilp zinc, hiss do a ssi, Stillt quinine. II- II!, 'ill:lr r emetic; - doh l.on, lN'lPAIN - haoe',. do tprtllrtoiolt Ill ,el Oitt litd tllttit Chl'oonoiellew, dtvy h .t dto- ot o ltt eny, ll t I rll'lli , t tlo e t { n il , thl. It hittart , i. 1 , I.ah.ltlttck Eo lhseb, de, do srtd t-rmunollwn.: r, to rl , 1 se. il viett, I .itlh rge,.... :ish, i.1': d,, diI Tl ',.picn, l.,is white ngllll, SIthr usllN ll, lilll, Eniibb.i l, 'Ia :I, A1 , li n fs do funihlh, t, o Ameriot I p '1ti.S l:ll, red Ellglisl l dry, d f ine, Mcdh, no Annlritcn, Sol'ire,, S, iil t ground intoil,, I.,,li- j Nikre, crlue, V, witho,, Cbinew, o "t do do lreine l tdliti, r loy, , . clll hl l .Ailts, do ;;roild il.l - ll hI- |iiulili, Ile .lo iMaed Soap, Windsor, inglihh, bil, ald, dry Allel is d1 l dt o A' uriclllan, English ,13 do Cu.stile, no groundl in or ucksilvte, Au wsrrnt ootl poun . (CAPI'TAIN MliRYA'rl' S NEW .eOVELS. Rall/in the keefer, by the author of PeIrer Simple, &ec Cunmmin s,u r a Winter at Srhloss laiflield in L.owe' Stvrya, by Captain Basil Ilnl, Royal Navy, F. L Lord R1idnn, a romnice, by Allan Cunningham, I vo ilhenpre! Lee. written he himself, in ' vols. d Conpendlins Hlinory. of Italy, translated from the' origial 11aln, by INthniel IGreens, in I vol. fur mini, iNo 7i fllur er's Eimily Librart. Vols. : & 1 f hie new crmnplte Ih d unifoirm edition of lItoni,i +!,lnIrvini's i Ie'rks. Roger's Fr he t iald English Dictionary. in 1 vol, 'to' An'anrgt's F',irenih nNd '/o )ih Dictionear. few more ouloice f Comun'a Phrenology "Relluzi" Il'rge Surveyor's ('ulnait sen ofisnperior qut iv, with cdei ns Billiard Inllsoiinl-4 and 21-.2 inches' GiIott's improved metalie' Pens,japuned papers, weighw Just received, and for sale by m31 BENJ. LEVY. S'AIN IREVISITED,&c. &c PAI REVIS'ITEI &e,by the author of'Ayear in Spain,' in vols. 7'rr s ot'lxndsan ncharnater as generally applicable to tile Alboiinies ol Norlh Anmeriea, by G Turner Eaq Svols. The Political Grammar, of the United States, or a conmlnlete view of the theory at pIractice of the genera and sate governments, wiith the relations betweln them ---dedieticd andd dipitd ilhe .sung men of the United IStsii', bv E D Ilnsfield, Eeq. Nimro'as IlHunting Tor'I s nterspersed with eharater istic ilecdo',s, saying llsnid doinigs of sporting ment, in luding itiee of the principal erack riedersen fEngland with analytical contents, and general index of names,2 volulmes. FOR THE CIIRIR O Sirofnula or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatltm, Chronic Cutaneous Dis- Pains il the Bones, by free eases, use of Mercury the tbledl being in vitiated state. 'T'his very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest pharnmcuticul care and anee, icy, and contain thle ative princilie iof SuvsaNlarilla inane meat concen tentedl degree, coalbined with other vegetable substance' of known eflicacy. 'I'hn crent desideratum with physicians in being abl to exihiit a I[urge quantltiy of SaIsap)arilla in a lma ihise, has Ibeen otainedl in this preeiration--they, beint filly convinced of ritsi , confidently administer the cUltle't of thellcir practice. tPrich $ 50 pir bottle. Sold only at SWAIN BICOtTHEIt'S drug store, No. I ICanal street, who ,liy be ihd, 'reh and genllnie, direct from the prfrie tloe, Swaihm's Panacena and Vermiflge, Potter's Civ.taoi con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and genera assortment of freshlt dru g, nx4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. ,lINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR ( ioldsmith's Abridgment of the History of Romem to which is prelixed n Introduction to the Study o lti~lan Ilistery, and ai great variety of valuable ineor inltion added throeulhot tile work, on the Matnere Ilntitutions and Antilluitie of tie Romans; with nu moronms biographicall d historical Notes; and qiet tien for xitamlnation at tihe end of eech section. II lustreted wit thirty engravings on wood, by Atherton Plt.oicu's Implroved Editieo of Dr Goldsmith's Hietoue. t'Englnd, froiin the Invasion of Jelins Cesar to the death of George 2d, with a codnntinton to the yea I/32A. With questions for exaiinnation at the end . teh section. Besides a variety of vaetable infarta. tion addedl throughoit the work. Consisting of table of ientcnlllnerasn Sovereigns and eminent personae Copious explanatory notes. IRenllarnk on the pai. tics, manners and literature of the age. An outline, tile Constitution, &e. &c. illstratend by many engra Guns' E.4nxers oF ARTROnOMtm, and an Aoridgmen of Keith's New Treatise on the Use of Ohlhes, New' American edition, with addiiens and improvement anon all expiation of the astnrouoiical part of the im rieai Alnanan. J nt received and for sale by WM M'KEAN nov 54 corner ot Camp and Common snt HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. ORtACE,translated by Phillip Franci, D D, with J. an appendix, cotaliiii, translations of varloue odes, &c. by Ban Jnsoon, Cowley, Miltit, Drydon, 'Pope Adldison, Swift Clatterton, U \iukflield, Poroln B ryan, &. and sonme of the more emient poets of thi day--icd xTiiEDRUS, with the appendix al (dldiu tranela, ted by Christolpher Snmart, in 2 yule frmning vouluel It1 and 9f"Hunrpler's Classical Library The Expedition of IIUMIPRIEY CLINKER, b Smnllett, M D, with a memoir of the Author, by lbby us Kasene, Esq., new edition, with illuatratime, by ti . Cruikshank THilE PS Y; a Tale, by the author of "iottaliet Mary ofil urgundy," de., luw edition, 2 vals le - n one. PAUL. LIFFORD;hy the anute ra Pnalhas. 'lhe Diet r ad,"' &c, bong olume IV oltne new .4 nof "Et n.r:. Compileo Yeks. oJus re.teived anle, O WM IIsA KbiA ii 'BACOON SIQKS-36 eoka Cineinnati mlan - laiding fromn the steamboat egho. nai for .ateo BOGRRT & lIAW r

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