Newspaper of True American, October 11, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 11, 1838 Page 4
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slppi an Luislana Hotel, OOnliaonc, ite I I. MARy KIRKLAND respeoofully an. nfnea s to her friends and thIe public gene. s , tibtt he s prepared to occ.eom.latle thor at. cb. hOE elli m tailialhment, and Ihops frn hoer etionsto render visitors cnmfrti.hlc, reto rceive '•,4 ance of former favors. She fieIs colli. I I sa'Y t l rsFnons visiting Cnvioglo durieo the , moths, cannot find bettr accor,nordle.tion U e b afford them, on more liberal termos. aY herm n plvasently ituted, Iandi well supplior SWi'h ey nonveniencne; the ber is furnielhed with the met ehoie liquors, &c. in .lIrt, shie prolnmises 5M meething shall he wanting on her part to give irU mditfction to all whor may platrnrize tie 'liImeippi and Louisinra hotel. je3 O TlE PUBLIC.-The u;dersiCgned. Illng e studied under Dr. Sctrmid of Chirlestor, Mth Carolina, and for somne years his assistant in -h- prantice of medieine and Errgerv, has tho hoUor t pihr his profeasioal servicer in tils city. Squenrea the ledies and gentlmren tlhat. thIe mest .cl-t attention will be paid to the calls which ho made; and also ofrirs Iris services to the b of srea es, being well acquainted with tIhe kieileoemmon to them, huvirg attended thlem ill 'h*irlM e hIahe in Charleston. falms ear: bilious pills a :ter the compositioen *I.Pefsor Spullette. with directions, can he had iadn ierdermigned. Thie effect which they have hiCneed in this and other cities, lhasr been attended eish the pgestet srce.s, to which thie beet of 'raleigenr n be given. Apply at No. 16(6 MagSa. IRONS, &c. SU HOWELL Wt)itKS COMPIANY. No. . 3 VWater, near Blekman street, New York, hav received the past season, and are corstently nivriinlg large and exterlive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now colurists of tile dewing urortment, suitable for tile OutIern aind wedern markets. Il1lw were of aiplerior quality, consisting of sabot 1500 tons, vie, It ofl difirrent sizes. 'rom 9:8 to 50 gallons, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 31) galloni , SKtle., leizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallona, Dakepane or Ovnu, 7 difllrhnt .izr, Ta Kettles, 6 do Lillets, . . 5 io flht Spiders . 6 do oevered Spiders, 1 di, Oriddles . . 4 do )ire DPgo, - 6 do Wagoo boxes from 1 1 4 to 43 4 inchtes. eart do. 5 to 7 ilchies. Wood Screwo, 1hi.00l gross. iroe aRid brass, frcm .4 inch, Ne. 3 rs 3:9 inech, No, '4 of a suliorrc -nmlty and linist, ard leet touar Jamire'is runpurtird ild Irons, assorted, in caskr of about 500 lbs ftr rtlling. Tailor's and hlatter's Irons, rassrrtcd. lea weights, 100 tons, asortald froi 1 4.4 to I(16s. Iells for Plantatio's, steamboals, churches, &e. mankde to order, Also teambiheats and other rialdlery macdel to S ·ea:ovo as .ortmn'. t of r+o!s iv parlitculil'rl .seinamendedl to thi. attnll(. o, if ii)thrll anld aren ,1Tr ed I Ihr al tii ihw pries, alld uprll the L IIer li l reri . ~m ; it i Ie ...,red to in the largeut arin beatisr . is:ur t ever red for sle b y iany o tci el ubhl i: t "eited States. Mlerchantus. by forcari!ing a riquete by nliil. c i have a prined circulir, withr deecriptiiu ur clg... prieseand toris, frnom whi:r h u dcvatior is cllr mmdo, ifrnihed hIy rcturn of il,,t. All orders will receive iluinedllte iatt(.nio. lte York, Ii838. j.3 L-EtON SYRUPl nO Ili 'Kl.l.:-- Pud.,.r,,dsIe tl non lvrreritilld llkl.c·*, ec,.re .irei ; je-c , il-i _Loxes of Le~i* s: & Iiake I + P'i,'le-; filr· I ,I,,pc-L +i e--rieanmenl, by .tAiVlSe r1)it ertO cOr CoP,-ml n hr d Ti h Iipl)illll i.oilP--lili Illlllhxr b~ll·xes ~iT'..+,il,.rjl..l-ilnl,,:. 3 (iauld, fur sale liy IS.At Iltllhli)i Ci, . mlit trll I I T&T. - I.nl9rn :hl liur hir . l ,lnii '/: n -IC' ll SIween 'ili d'ilJ i li II 1 ill .l eit. An ppln dL O , Idirt deili itui: i lt', lih uWNii, fhi mLAdiB.nding neaeeii,.r N I .in mIiis Nr in :..e .rilhrllll:r : n Ihi es c -li41Fil Tlll. ol lMlrt Uproof ill T lIII u thi d, hluo ett whila worli,., I llii m,,! i m,+,t r 1it . Iict'illll' .ap, ncnsitumly iie haIcr I nri Il.. tdle Ih kil'II lC Il~l.TC & t'(. m e I \' Y rrlr llrl. . li1ll. ::1 Iini '1 t. 100 nl;" le+ir ......... ( ;, JO d I N~.L cT. rilt J lr e il dio i ti .. h,,' ne ii. e L50 rli tit r II . . Ii. Ii '. I I till '"lic.o, inal,::,, rei, .... ow Ci lA 1i r)O tie li n |) llO'ii:,i :'hiii l i I t0 lliir, tuxlr u,11 iia. It.r itlel I h1,1 len(rding, lie clN I.'. SmNEW tier tr leit\ilwIr illl, lllllll " vel, meet "~dtr re lIuicuiVI! t.on:'. ririiii L L mticlt Nh vrl oftIli,+rrir .l. i,.:' 4"ntltsM Enri.·!llo.n~lll'--411 17111- llilrlh lmJ.f.ltllti liii, •Ro lrd Ir ,h, I11.y "i . It rin ;C-e.\ BACON nidrIo G f ior . I l rC I',ltI'. 4lul*l .Ser, iinee S15i11 coils Itope, liadin f no'' Amcbncscdlr.t lmale by I.AV'ET' & AIIEL.U., nl19 17 Conimerce at. fI feom X te.lZiter (inv Wi(atki Ia f 'it" ,:l Ic.+ YOmsac KE, solt(cll"aR-l , yRi 6i5 ('I nth eelt '-3 EERCUr Y NORI COPAIV acaw rl. ,sc, S.". 14, Ili :7 A BOLT six s oltth go I had the a salhitune to caI rn e dltors f- lr a tc, tcd tlha lil o (tiePew,.ot lll on the abosr dae e, Iut rl i. lller th,, ctle e I )uS. lluet,andl experlat li:nlia tle ui+. inr. ]hnt titae dediae t gal lot worse, nll as to brI.k out ll tlarge llcer. In Ilsie IlIther nf ix ir eight oil a Ih leg, uned tll over nay lace, andil re throlll, nlldll lnt bll i work st h', Itl- Cl-l ttll ilsl acl'lctl o' tihe i-e':I> rare liveI fn the righta tid ,f ti I no ta .' p ttIu"-- tca-lil cotfir'ntlyv uderthr. alr uf IDr. llue t, ,f '.,ii, to be speelrtly cured J.tllt DEAN. ra- 1 I)" I D( C lrTI " 11 it Ihl nl e Ir,,,,:l tIcisn i. quit. well e.~ ln l s ll n i :i- .coon,th lir which | thllnik Ur. tit er; ll l aent I ,rt I1 I ''re IhalL the"lI' U !ij rine I have takre. ,. ,';I ' , t.,t, . ,,l alc, tl in 'r ii . nealth at all theretllre I advise nu I IIw nlllhloer, I, I'oe no l inol andl appl t"o Or A. IIn'i, I'r, Ca('il trltl.betweenl It.uphil nod llou;rhou clreu P,. Ir. Ifuact ist It houe rli J o .ici, A 1II, util 4 P ,1. They will find a trt-ls i :llt l lt Ict lli iiti . J.i) I i llI N. Il truvier ". l sallt noAe walta 1l io snie, call It No. U tuaivle lnes', alnI th^.v wi ll e nltislird. l'o be publiahed at tIhc p-:i-,a of t)r. Ilhnt, New Orleans. Fell I, 1831. l I I H E ti l lInil l)t i ndiac i St' icc;] ., : t . 1. i , lt , ,, i ,, + hntaud, i. pt ap ic hnil. ts tihe, i prielP if 0 enlts lsuh, cotanlllin thle Ltrllncth of iine' cOc. f Lyvelu lt, tI si ilis thd irtl i ' ,1 i n'iu oi~h,1r. rr nt, (it n1 bIlrbs.known natmng tile llldill as tlicac:oua in curing pulmonary complaints. i -on eo repei. i,,lta, l h" ....,,cian , ..r .III. ct ,te of n..... .I •old., nhi in thr u e sl, va'ti a rell , it, in otri bh oud,lt liver colptaino, c. To whom it alnv clneern. Thi' i tt o r.ri- tlh,' t we ate eilla our prsai.e fr'l.ctltly +'rlrrl i ,l . a decidcd gaol e.lrt: eie ,.IIll-h-r.-l-cr,, hihI fit kn le'ste of thl mstrinlt i llic lI i s v.ft, , or ill ihose eiloctioor of itIh inll.,l ,r w iTc.llit.| it ti ite Iluillilal. AI.I':i.'I' += elhehr o IIALm L' m lMedical .I t:Cji liu. Deston, Oculll, r e . salesby Jaith'l & lN!tLi t I(eC"m tens Irl y it .1 "',I t1'"ro :t, I 'UTLER's F.Eirvee,- ent Ic'r'jtiall llrillt-Fori lyrspesplit 0 i~ lit'e ii-,,, el,','ill ' ii 'hil ta ,tlhhl - m t'slilsdhadCl-llcilitV af the taoh t lhic l o- tivene',eSltn5as..lli,.s l.,oam.l.url, ga c U t le an.llh i, valued ae a centlelc ctline pa ,ti. This deslir.ale pfrepitoillo tl ;l r.c ived i Ie.llI es -' yla.e,liaent lc lce'ac at I" oi .i-t' j,., t(oen i a diademictdl orHiccmlaie l-eroii ad ut - eitld tlatinlt lnl t its rricf1 ti it noIh h 1 a elicitedr. Tilt allt tt plt.ZcIe ta c tie, oe n i lm an it S ieh iaer, it pldans' fr l lt' c Il-e tII. ie,'l ll'r l hi -fl o the Y moud cersm leoatl al- Ie talic l r It is tlaguc:r ato rv hp rot e lise t nitl tiin rto is I -i' '- li r'Alll l U'ti llair l..... i,'r:"oi l " lcll, , ilm and greaut rlda .. f llutrow ' f lhias+ ohi I, t l.aill h. cli Apeintc als ee nt lIec iodll. l, s i ti r.o *sr'Mlsal-ecstlcn acti lI IptIlll ciIt t ie 'l-'ec.hl, 1'oa ma paarsmurly w-ar.d oar thes itr 0 tty tor Tlliuhllic ore re. ieetlul v inllur vll Ihtt "hrl· Ilsri - l*i a llretlo un ltiy m l ii Hi'It I'h te,r, in.,l shln gee 'Y·i*Un propllp tin... Flr alell w1l' ,',ll. a1 It re:nil. SIC(I.E'l- & DL. 'eiii, 1.1 4 lo a'nvl itreet, lN 5. , 'llj;i3 V 'tnblh Time i l, it.i ii , tnrati ,.,' anr d remn wh as lisrir, tRivilg ii..lllt d ba all)lioa I ias vI.irmill- lldl-, h itese . t' -Lla g lliop off litte Ilre, ,niI i el-en i-"laeir it,' alu:ur aeces h"ir been renliced. IL I.+-' n:.rrfai'sd rn prtnhe't Sasonmd bmleuttifl lrowthl n Inle l ill hliec: ld seoe. -Mad. in cmies where it bt'era,'as It' ,l eIt e I.mcn lcmo wisl (tii will Trrv soos r'llndr it -ba vllayd islad ,e Ws- ai md belutirul grotI o-t i hair, wifllwa t-- le ,. 'U-jiY r th bbotd. Tlhis Oil gives . u f, 'a...; n n..±erahlrln rull|,' other 1I ir Ilil frT , ",r", " a l -' cl te.I li e-l-t EESI & I'L'.,E. Sn n -t 7l l're&tre), .. P: ·ji ,.. I..'. 1{.kb' .. Co, hi e, rw roceivmz 'rott I bor hip Orlent . ~ gle Itighladnro, oker aReI, r nta rmei Flanh anrlt;a it n alo n at, s . "k. arllao irion, ; Chessmendf. t n-i and "2. 3-a ,dido IalI I B'talhb,; ," i. c 'and " inlh blalde 'nakie t' Iv h nalner ln oll t 'rt ine idrl! Cl. t hei , in o Co ItoC h t .adari dorne., a adt I bld rln" aPnrI doaT, sjle wa ttlain:. rdeli . odno. (ilane rbIs ot ot " Iea itou rdelt ; 1 Iila-aa-~l.ikr: ~ ta-tlrs 'ara'tankil Pear" a l e ltVaa I e ol I-a- lla-arr lkIib a nla,n .. i :rt n r n d Clla a l lr,; C'nlt n - (air.n l. , ohi . ' a taiorto anlln en tl,, 0Il,,,, , ttorore 1 .dltaoattitlr Taoie nna ild .h oia1,o ill o oi t ylh itit hlib l tli( 1b n 'tan d I rri- tote l Peao Paeaira,,toe i Otteatro 'ttniaa noaly o I ' , -. olt on:ar-dnips; inoirtl tlh'kle..: ana , ofe e Go Ncckld~en a,! ln iah~s: nill anti Siiver-( Bca;i Indian llrarlse ipt,. aiann P ailncas: blae ,t Two S ei- no Dret s I WCnb-;;o!l nh, L dioi . etlheieiri)nirst ck ttl o boor nt fl,n.k r -tlaor nntc,nlal, very e ,lp no an, will ba a r ld O n onal nn+actrn, I t(n l .il r l'arnp the GoPlan Conlll. it i- rf 7+0 t l rlrcar street. ,i \. de J. Bu IlChJr s ll tpin .e Eid,Eilerand ,lRai. jtas a )ll Rl anti ~e,,rt I l~ives ol" P· ... de...'ripthll Pen, Poe et ,. I I g e r pn •, I niv l nnoP ' i nor. i, ne l'aol, &,:e- . & . &, owlilei thl oa- nre prepared o e rhih n t rie anl Imronoh r. Terna stlld eondt ona oooi e rllatd' koarnonat orti lime. ott6 JI. I. IlIN & A COIlFN.90Comman 'a. ,.- P per lll, llII ille Eagle, Mon-v Andlara. iilt nataldo, Enenoit on,,I lionta 'inand, ,node le pl~itnianra tier, bol ea , plt a i t tlltolsi; p inie, ribbedR a nd I atlit u il, I tR r ;' hs ie n--Ara, Ilh, re, tern. veN1 (iillott' t comaerci a tl natlcc tectellens '-, Ialt; Violin atliag anii ltell, ir 'anl hoon conetah anfcst bia.alioanlalher ltea hlanini hllaitsa fronit naat a: atnrttIaoiltla ai1(1, nlael; (lea:kattdara Frlootll elnotle 'lort, I ~owlnnls mcll oils imit on i lol antille arbitI ltrs oil t I-l.h nl i ; I esks .4111 Ianka- lla l lantab 01, 1 lonna1n-ct'an nchnameftnrooi aaanaangatlilllla1 'til l ttn-; wthiltlw hie; loileol;' o it hya illt s-ll I;i t oi let olIlolt, l-o ir ,-n)e brih s; sCented &n.ia &nS.inll 'oti slalkorq 01 rt e alabt iOnaan ltne' no ea tto of fiany teektt let,' : t illhoatt h-. aaa ; plt cket Ito n. ks 'tanltin elts; Il·1(L aatar iti e Itt' 1 Ki nlmo, M ~anna1 I i 2l:'lic lr~:l lel, eIOI~t'. IIIr R ll ; ncl leciu I C lnclluon slln 7K l~las i. i1.; ) IYlflllltl'l lll'i-rs ol le 1 l. l.,ll le ;sl Tle atnnlnitn bahl deat h tir fnomer olaik f A inay SLill'tl lll:(lltlliklll''itllOl'llllelll ).UI·!.'C IIItI~IBI. rPOI'S.I|( athnh~srde r,r reltail;o s the sit n o Ifle dcl-ctarCnm,, i.) "ii. tttttaa io!a-;'1'aol e r,:sIii7,i ~i7 & , lot etw Orl tin l Itaitan, niltrrii i-an . t Irt Naatche; lici Ilurii, Kao lrt a Co. of tna n'vtwad tat ssired o-i al alla/o.Vlav lcata by thr oedea aa itlue A ri asonl tilnara of Ian ',narono'alb ftrnns anXT1 it ;I:lt ?;. :tttt uIt o" re-ltlrini he 'tIn' brlrqa ae w~ith l~l . rellillZ inn 'l~inllc X , i i o I~ev Ill larrI. l wIII nlE~doh, Lol_ of Ih, u ne I ....I i ll. i,'ll, Ilunair i ... .. '., 71.bS R ,, tllj~ K I t; iolre 'wadlllt' e r1111-1 l efl il l '(I ' f ill b Id toR ' ' " I Cl'l~llit+ ' tla n' alto alat-t ,, 0 'al o l, illh o i I,1, Illl.a ln ~n ldII~ ;TI 1lllll(: .)Itl~ i "~~:(lIi~iIil I .EVliC I (. PI1IIAtl H~IOIJI2,'+ eaIt Ittot at YElet' w""w ')I·I a +, ,ll·ti I-ct-a-, tn, to t,- ka-malal.i Aitl naia; Fa\t{'" 7ia0'IatiWATERi [ i~l- . \ ·i l· llIII ' rll(tS "'l{ lili i t i I ),'gl lll' Ilo(it w llera¢-1 j s tt -- a,. naal t i i,, t a~r n a-i' a'' thetttat n ac - +".itt ,otl' Il;1- ,irIrhuiil .I,, i] i,' elleh i ,,ilct , \., l'9 . 11 l ow1C( e·l -atta-td la~ttat larhid--iadI a .ant aiteo .tttiana c ,,l S'·,alls, mlilk ,If· r,,.-s, PI'lii1Plie· ellI ('rtP(m fint I'r a o atil.I., ktltnohanl nnp. t\tnIll' Peffaha h o i• ii larli aOIlllll • r,.ll, lil .¢rl., IIIh .· h'lllnrlll tIetarrap n I I .v wiilEli i ," II , sl~lilll '111., .lltr eilh.>i,erhll illllCr l 'l l krl , ve+D~ Ia=~j Jl h'nintlir 0n t-.1n & ff n I. nr shn'il e~rn-inoafn~n nna laonrrairhiailt A'nnnn~on-l xt .nalllllan- (oltnan.a illbn f wonnlr'1 ob Sn'a onttt crn hatay ta tita a latt aitttittato tltc ala.t~ite,;O tanta,I tati tati att lln ar anteat-;1e1 1 IrPt(e . a tolil a t nllata natilt a t , aatoitt c.i tnt-k nnialoo natto whltichtono liha tar nith th'ipltt I nrfitre : ], lill hitli t 1aia I tt l 'aat at l, t l. iaa-tl a' n , mtattill atoli'.lla t'tk l 011 atatt 1tt l io t irtt l l elta hvk-.tti I ,r --l tt-n . I todr,,- lll i taonnll, ' a lr n t-aalalha . al a -natti - drllllr. a, s nm~l' tatale d ia-teia-a io i rtttaa Cilatl l til t ati nnh' ni aatnr , )aa'a- Iaelnntn'eo n at- I 'r n c - at-tao 0l ~ tr~l t latta, klllie nli tautilr t~ate s natIn rl I. -;r lllil. Ti,, r IPoala' -taer at 1itl at-til oxst ( Iai oi tea l'*,it l.;r1,t l,, k pl·; l ] ,I iYI? llet., t(li P oll kq slit Il ! earIII I 'a', t .i-tla ('( laat lc-h r tot.t e I u tP o attaa-atiat ih l ii. tooI( n I/'ees, beattIo n-nan I a Io n nll-a-l a Pl I.-illate I Illld ph i n d ih, riIdil t beads hild I)Ill ].'mi... hell lii ( i~lllS1Ie..I t)i~llr Ri {P I " IYJ-t.+ Iln , r l~l )IIIr.,- Ph/!I~e. IIl 1III(lllr F, ! i tt. l ) IIII ' (o l 'l'lv llln,,,: , t ll~cll i ll n i a-ll a i rte nt -.llnc , 1 iwio l l ie nn' ilrts.tlios r ,totton t n e r i n-a-"I,,tt'tdtt hid,, tote Ill banat alt-a ala ", -latt nttjl nap~pilJ nndota{loihair e , is oknh n toakonm naigna, s, a ,n galal mailt, h-il o. a lat l iI ih ii!i - . ii li,,s hanl r{,n,,tet.{'z~ea, I a nitn a-tt'ta'l n'. tal ftllC I ' N Iih¢t 0'lk 'tll. .i , t-aa ta l a' d . ltf'' r , ,t . ir a 'li tl'. .lýn E t :E' .tire l .ic.l'i' 11c r -uJi) SN:r\ V.l, I:::' '"! S'|'f,: V+c ,c t I.,e 1 dr of tihe g clhen rel 'm i , i 7 i f' t.,:es telet, . 'The' esberiherl ave re. einved, iu~li(.;d ou ,otheir to h air ri st ark on t n11 d,a full c'cd r,'lu ci~oc aec mere, of ' rtic s in their lile; ii'i l c c , urcI nerv, k' wellhr , bru ei , i k i glasses 1 t. ll7,--ut c tciae 'ill' l'rollclt and pli t cktwoIint qc;ih'cld Lk, icic ricdlcdtrceidepo r ldlllfii an; ,c.irl ad lJv I, B-aziilll rnllb+ lf every Ytleslcrhiptin m It a ll)rigS, wlnrt1 ire m ae" afilte.ptltl , Iter ryaotie cc'evere. dlus..lilOll, hol', dresila g ll Itld ietr tingieter With a g l'ah'rlI Ii -Orlllllciut o"'re li i nl Aleric1ihI IL:fl' Illi:it- llSECgg-e Icacternleri FlaoriI honee hhlFe, rre, All Vl l'r W ltnern p tICLeI Sre n ad tl. :rptiu, knlplhoratced Coionilc , extract'of Bergilote, rcll a c'l, l 1": II kindl, sharinghl dlo in raker uand jlate i:11;1.llll IhW dol trd's te rdslei hai nil, helrm ani nn lihel cd. li ,orena acnrelliig stn, plain and perafured t "ll wdlr,hnl cl enwder, )oll' Irrplfse llllndXares po. 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ICeandrwod frniis ltu r carlenters an e1i rr1'ias t, tl'Giill i cic 'ceti c nl l ccilll with i darulridwilhout .wlels.i it" tllllilt rli i)r s, ellrea lse l cu ap chargi rsl ci rlec c,, fil , n lceprt r ec, s 'icebllt errt! h ,iica-p atllal c kcl ngcl ac to ,; 1 Ic' lcc, hd h, c cls ofievellrta ci ', ciaells kc n iiu Itia J lt [ ('alu' , vdilllllluu klilve% razor tull l U i-·i uts I ele cc cch i, p'nc, sil'' er latei, ' leai ol et aou uml , i clliaet-. w, e, !ocket h utcks ald vttletn ol variill kinds, I o ,-d a car'd , al 'i enlt 'cc, ilcaying cicarla o'i renchcc Geriu. 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' I,.,dws an: d r'ell ,oe a' ae 1l t'i"te " 1o 11 lllad xa ine 'ii w h1 prefer itaa'i receive essull al their own reld Adlleei. l,1 s, i, pavn, ftr i r " - i ir. ld. o I dssons ure esired c itthcl uutel luey aritllcall a . lthey wlich. i -- 1 I'cclEAF ',ccr. IA N 1!,\\·' nrirle, J , iL ., i ,,ce' linr irld wic dc n siii i -. eallerl ih, II Ear Trullmp-t,) has just been r lue, vtd u e one, .i he .te !, th if fl,', leililleii oflehlu. 11,"a. fa3 ecullY ýIc of the dile i ci lt' tad en •u u vI i hll eatt i,+ ilrlni d Lod, y Iheot-elves and the i l, r:a11 t I arI ecrt tllis dlreti' c i. eailcc I oi sl ed. Tflue ! ca leci , iher caineuubl·u r tti i -g :1l, i'. . lu .l lt' i f o ,'l ,. I t h.e t d t'. F-lc'i, Pshore, ii Pr lil'(iic lln 1aa ld 1 S' C IIlftr etl I "t I'I P, kI 1 1ill.-- .1i ltl tl ll . rr i ir inter it Li . i ri d ,7,f ae a ccliL u n.- l nl le, illt oc ccci i 4iir '' etre c ' Ii riecci l I c c i rh,'r"c.coc i 'ctl, c' ccl h'.lill ; Bit er ric c '"P+ Viiih il0 k ptru iihPt ,t " ..... . . lii dui 1iper dh 100 if, ' I)ctc'ft l fied hVIt'lrciui\' "L.X.' , Aceirenn, err F lut srli ed l'lrriclh - alcIt bocXcir, vccri iie' and ri uliciis. Ahia, e agneral aecOlilciert ocl' ntraits' rilcOarc ned tools, for sle hy A \V SCA'l rErSn N BI. Alaa lndes iite'l ice t p r irnd lfirasiseaipii ..... i .... ire rvc i.-. rat 10 per.c.n. di....... forgood,, rT3' 44 Nw l tvvic. MIR! WILLIAMS, OiCULIST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSON IIIUSE JEFFERSON STiREET LOUISVILLE, To the Editor of the I.oolsr ite .odrerlicter: S IR--h appoar hby the ,breorrvotit of the Elitor ouf the Nasiville "I'r'rbyteriao, o 'nion ail TI'an eript, s well as thie edttorts of tieo h1m orhis rtnouireo thot the "Oil (irontlrlnnol" ie otlortl!o thri l)ctt'r 'tIti is ptroved by his hin loI rary. kno. ioe thaRt his tinrr i Irt short, lnd theotIll- iettneendetot Ahneriianloeoorpl tre able to jUrto re r tte.elve, wha't ore ptlt IrIo. ilttptostlunr . r.le wort editrors tho orr Itro'tort tite prepriretor, ell/tore t subit-ei rtos ol ItIo ) o nanlrclnrna rls, er'rtycr letter freos petrsons I hot Fe:o rd ticlit tol thl eoooto rpIter, tti tl. I. The fact s, t rt 1 neirr had .tlt h reeatttt str e within so limited period an ten or rtwelve dayr. ()n who was rtedl .ooot tell renor, who harlltol"seerr til light 'rom hio tirth, Ihthhror, to see t l fi tllov i mari t rtory hotel inisltled of' trit, obliged to btlr. i, irri n I'woo'orng ladies, who haro each tlst thlr siiht of oe eoe, loe for tren vesrl. noe the otter fetr icerlr t' yeors, having both (t them tihe otther ee very 'e.oIL et eteeh if those ,tll0n hoies begean to'rele ith boti etes, wh'itth heielit I pietie mrselif stil eontinuer, ex eepting they e' unmder tile influent e or doeinatin I the Medical D)Uctors. A\nother is the daug'hte" of espel:tetblr nlereehant . worsie t:rnle Ito IIololld neve to mentiroor, (as le paiite mry fees), who sid ste ht, lost the siIght of one eve fromt tire ge o( It montho but that sihe now beg is to reatd laroge letIers wil tht other eve completely sholt. 'IThisthe letor editor: knew, as tihe gthtlotRot totid too himelrfite tlod con duc'ed his daughter to tle office of tie medical editors thatl tlhey mighthe itformred of the frr.t TIe lat I srhatll rotion is oan eldrly gentleotn oy tle name o 'Yount, nterly seventy Tvcrearsofl' age, whto'teelareol pub licle by Irttre, twrhicl ie tookt to all tro itfrent uoffice in Nrashvrille buht one end himrsr!f rtl mn he rhal poir foer Ihe insertion whrever they- "anrldld who d elar .l ito that letter that ire ha 'oltllv (de triwd o thre sight f one ve e fromf ko oter hirh uwhich his mothllr..m~tad to I,,.. .. o'.easioned hyv lti elO'oales or slnnl pxr that te , ve ro0el lol not i erl r s. tie litit of the oltl, for the tire . time thilt lo recorllerts but tie sltrsr Illort, and wao s I''ioillr to oietinruist nlrrrrohicbjr'ts; allird, lefioreet tleltthat o;IV, giveetlra tv leroofthiat e eh nldI se to o walk abo tthe, stireet: with the other eve contilretely clotsed. Hr sati Ie tlol hlen ta eenmber el the .lrethndint Eisieopal f'~tte1 ht e.erl' I'ortv neorr an I thait hris word ' o' never Iooubt ed thi oloht ttC '-hate cOrsoo (o/his lire. 2. 1 rltet ho.' ' trtd never reater ohrcesoo tR an Nashotille, oar :' ce ooitia::I andt lettricoa octor had neverhefe.e tellreahon to r e eoeraoerd. Tht pltls indilenatirrtr ,e t.'. el.ericit Dr SaotI prevee when e stated t .. tht rabmlt six vtars paost, hr we eonve:'tedfrom Lbo."q a perfect tlllid', to believe i t it oletrh i s oef'ho Bibeo, tiat Ire 00lidt tore trodt n triflinr error--that I e r'lnst Rhave tlreoIt to o, r IIl t befocre io, end oftai yeoar to rolP, ehe sh.tluld ie converted fror his irtilleity, as tilre epirt ot :ie tortil otinister of tilr pesteafro sttrl s iad tot itritres trf rite CIhristiano rolirim titers i:t IIrotIt otlt rdestrertito. rree, o olunot V salt fitlsteo,'ll to rleoe his friendto atairiot rlu lei m I tOill w ho et, klle. hod lllroe :too mhe tornd, lltrl oo itn ory to srry one. Aill ihittlhhrilanlsof Naolhvill. i pookt (if th(! ;gre.nt -lic .sn I hadot v-ccitt the oIeol;e 'l A fators Most oo them aoso lnl been informeeIb ho r Oullor o tihe cotu performed ton his totally blirod eve. l'h. lir fo'u (t torot) V olfthis rtown, pror .nde too' 1 havet loetoho Lrtees I gainedo io the Nortiet t sine t ereival in t!le Sootllwest. 'Thi proves, ho .verl horlad and thlt I ket .l Iher l eo:il orrived in thiso s tint. I I eoinIte.t oie n tihe nlort, I augoIt to Itoe ea;oed moth. elr ill tle sultth aind sorotllwert, i .nd I stil tIl0e to wle them on 0 e very ot (llltlfoll itow on Ihl, dloy I torte, it spite of tire vrtl] eretior of lthe creot IreS., if I mlro judoge freoso tile manot I eve olratody buneiltted in tilt withii tf'ce dese, ]. T'lhe obiject ot tihe IreIrottllt is to itlrlfotn tie medi rotl torliohrs and rotit orre r f ie repohlio'oan trd 'rrfes oeiirpt, ost weooi :ts h rlerieol Dr Smith of te C. Prsee hotelrian ,/orl of tie lI'utiot, of Nashvilh Ic s well no ill eltiar a od stulb medical editor of tire /elrltr is rirl'ttqtree toowe ori cM tr Prerltie', te eri tor of Ltir I.onrrrvilt Jollriooo, oioll ltose tlhe tnt'd:iGico ll Od eliti llr coitot tll roe, t 'e reot Dr S., that I thall Ilrl, ai ttOcms t Illito ll tro lllo f le i r t l'r t roti ll shi0 lr or ci it n , il e too otly iftore verrtival in eotl'rt riot i weltol .ooarst e amina,,l t oo, e 0rtoo to ttio, t,, ,ltoti oh 1d e f oth. I not fit ,to iiiro elfily yr tlllll , clteeroit roitt thI s I iapp hlnl trit bt tontil have i roueio Ito toroes ot tll ane Irli~r][ul bilol~iull lf" ohoi( noiilh, itsl w.ell ts if, soutt ta o ti o rct!, to tIht grindstorio ! The uolloietoo teo ree torte, tor toot trlcnlt iiii fin it t.oe r ii - t he totol el nlexl ver, in New ' rl, e.htere letters. lut paid, eo tr d l ot ote trt, . ill b oe Tlll.e to I rncrh ite. II5. To i ''oI ll he l olic' t Ih t Ii e iI I ;tl o cStle d e, owhir' l e I tioot'. oileoirll i ' I nc vorlo d ittulel o llrlell ia 00r0tten fir " him wo ' or oih'uiie io ore th i t0c, prir till( i1t,1i ori, lr ie ev. It. lhl we .llt ho read if roto re entttttre w.tioiut mtiooo .tlho loooy iott iot ro ih nlI ,he camre v took i Iilllly. ano it lit pl· Ii1h .". c Cl c I -e tie tIotto htI di Ittl ,Itl ortid hie hboot cllot t loetttn o er lotily' turt 0 t o blloi ; It , dr 't.t ere d th noth. t oth ,,e wichnuu i retenlllllu lihlt I W ltllld tie h,'ibe !6ini fruo ;ls :lilt y I n1 et rer could t oe II., i tot oll i t i that (to" 0 it thoo olhr nrally oo eyr fiI s ,otot i, tt ols Tihier lhet Inorl vi.e l ,own e iialein" I0.s efoot' ot/I h po i e allh e nllol xa otned or a r l ll o oototoi'I tire to ii lt/o 0t l t.o ait it t ei l to~l tt .1 i1 i ll.JllSt wteoo ll' Iati lle wi l, c of l Iv I tlotitll t ilrl f 't l 'ny wlilh l o iel (ot io Ir i klllo ll la ilin nTil h It, ,toFr tl li, nltl all t ," ,rts tet he iiJ' ir It , ro' h l itith ,d le h r t'r cr (could P , II i nd~id . ed b y Ii t o oe l lto l,0c0 l toe it ,'o w ti , 0 I ,00000 i0 lhi toi t torlote h Ili e tlc:roI o ire! l'rlolle I o ddt rsei it t Sir Str ioll e , edito~r oft it, :.4 WV ( All_ a.tle. lI" Nr wo de)I I e ·laer r. t i· r .. i 0d 0i00, r (t Ii os of "l e 1tottot toiol the Otla, r iflt th , elr ii Otat hr o irel ,iros iohoii rototihthitet o th o llto .tii w rflltoito ''tt o ,h s tillool ioilelltotlrt ill t , f o .aid In. . . tti 'r to clr00 ic l el• I00e rea0 i0 the Bible ott't or It,i.t iso Il by hs fruits." I doioe .it ohe o.toolerted iocoidol Itt I, re hood ttrotl toat pa-atc. I7. 1 toevio id l rworou. too shilhl/oo his bi lt d 000 'r ;:or, ers io lln, I;ov sho witolo h thIie %%,,t w ole ot bi tolbi lod. 1 at u'i.l. wl ~hqhtr the =a11 ( ,' h~iI I ece s ii" hit'er will a ppl, to. him -n "i. ll l- it wlas w.ell appiJed to titoto t otr 00r0 0 i rotlirrrtI , ill the dlays o "o th/ in taruoto ti of o iit Divho )itoo/i aloot, tiror o i lo t , il, for ',t Otottoo . of toot t' orooro' i llt' llot '' r ii i "it ' i - w su v ritn o rla tri toe roor', a.. o , hei cr. it too d hu rt I full fie mae uler pri l,, .s h , f o $ p .er ,II e. (oIn~uIIn'oo, Iwl'¢o 41' Ilithrp C',il IuInyt o ln Ili ittlt ilell . o whin:i t e elle to e)r .( t.,I l e w lou tint s in the Pre.h vl,'ok n, IUnioa nd the Ame rn in " hurnt etv r inte hbl te blie )lem n lll of ld hvle r e1.o r hll at hb st d30,i, h ii+ rti f -" h i n s o $io , ' ier iO l e ol lUred i lh ' t i' t io wurln have oclhilt roi t rI o . f jn - tll not si s rie . Oin. tt olltlir'i' rf t 'a t cI t ioulile lfoit r. i n h l, e I shoItl etertinly- hntv dou itie l n wi, tl have nsled luhfi. a epa t n e. t . )t let Ilt IhtiRItci. iteetr llleell y r tip eit lrton dt toe tihe I'cliefoft lie doitrines if thitt ott'iurt lie would not , have ]ro irli- q[ to rl,,r llstill examine t y. i. Ielnlt I,, - out kreeine his word, us la a Ice alw foud devery init ler ol"1 g p 1r37. A e lo EnIlt i Oc. li in , dIna bPl re e e ('ll onverted, hie would nJt lb-. i, Iv h ,ve 010 Ik 0ial s t ( R t he A ler d,'I iuaill ino which, it i is w, '11. knowil , are mol e numeo u sl , I and whvich Lre Il e tt o ti' I u s B lot ilots of EIu l ope II s etiitlltt oioll, i r i ielsto o lll i V it llo lle i tier acetors, oas tl t ih scaicely . lstrai ed from t hnu itg Iad rt tihe i ,b lrtvin L vIle hiul e s t fhiettt,. oturi e excluse, L( lle he is tcadlu atlel ),ll i t thotlh he ratty IlLtnk hlo b s i l uiht, to iit , I.i( Au r ll l L is tl rti en,, all ouiht to s oak wel f te idge e g i It'hItr letil liiI otl, her l i ten tf tN lille, recollect well tlt condh 0t of this pious expouuder of the Holy SlcI iptuti L gtre ' 9 ii .-l 1l. l ne¢elr sa t uch n )lore in human .hae its tihe ltrv. It ,' w ItLhe day I Itoll to re lao with. imwtil t .Jit d y gey h llrs with -t iled tL ltic iilitiiii h lt I e .llll d te to, the a iro ni, fi dttulr g to ildraw a piou' i nillio craw y fro his ' uty, by a I ii of 0 piees ,f e l real tremld,.d inre i hat in the tti d Gentit maL " hud Uih - peOIad ill his o, v, Shape' to tall Ii, til ti ilte. tht u roveii inte whole ctlr t e iritl re itu 'Itti t ll l ut'o oid .ttlill.l, i n Bl igle intIllllce ofl letiell yiti ci1t ii iL I t th e itr j , ..l f Ill sl On t Ltirn firirtheLsp I Icc(pl d It ' iit l a ott ' r 0ohiotott I I ui'ale d L t Itc n;ald that I was lwuvs mlllolr illnill ed !. redu-e ai her that old rt'd mone i to tio printer's bi i h is to sotti'e t prooftf I Id llO L" indliOito deb i-h tile Ill ie a icll(+ 'i~llll lltditor o r ,In 1]rOmll their br"etren Ilo c Li t. Uo ,1s ol he n orth, lll li ht ] trei t thell .Unh( s.+ it is trlit what I hoive Ii tff •ed -L " i ( beiigt r, ai d h o t will 'I I (II a --" ' 'houh I id d Lit'i in ie l Ii lr mrliLt Li t- two ir lirte Wei ks lied You will -'it l , to o in.ert tLI l i lettr in your next Li " 1 o - peri, and oblit'lge J eur I, : li. ' hite.g t L Laste, c ILeui ville,Jf Ivly 1;37. ttl I l t 'toett i i io i hlllh I. tl lllllIs wi i se ti L f W in al It o , ll l l l1e' \r IUnw.ll, of alaqvill', to the 'ei chio of tittit i .llh I",'.- rn t rit-i't Advocatei i ; 'tl lift lear lts, tins exi neolid jhr dihit'iA lt int (:tuo r d Li t In, otSVih lr/ i tt- 11I )18 i c' tiln I'vto tlbic p ro ii a e hi cutdll2 - Il'nofll' il' l it denltt r (I - pti ll r.t, lt,'lded--m + I ]I'lst iall . " 31it I, i ('iip snort, ititIt I-)DIAN'S iANAiJEA. O R th Iracure of freumtism,oercfula or kings evil,gout, r seintica or hip gout, itci ietnt canuers, salt thennl, aijhilitio and merclurti- dlieases sarticuvleuers and isinl'alfectiots ofthe bones, tlleertedltllrtoato, cd Strils ulcers of everv lesonrltitnn, fever sorea, osl internal shsesse-s, fitulls, piiles, scald heno, scuny-, bhiles, cld. ol: sore eses, orcuilnelisblhnulc , mint eeryn varietc itf enu iatnoun alsfctionn, ehronnie Cotn-Ir heuld aOlie poIet. iiing frmn any anrid humor, pain ii the stomoch mitt ohi proCe-ldinh.gfronlariation, afnletioneof'the li.;tr, chronio iiflanmmtion of the kidneys, and genenrI ibcili ty neused hv a torpid ectionof the vessels ofthe skin. It is sing-nlarl¢ efliwesioos io rin-oaln those cotistnitutiioia ilntictcoi- hbeen hroke own ily inuydieious treatntelt jisreoili irregultnuities. Inn gonocl terms, it is 'rrvo.m itnlt:,d oll those nijonise.s whictihirito from imloniitios of the blonl, or iiitiatiou of the hunors, of ulwhatever name II' kilod. Some of the lonve comilintsmanv reqsiie some tr fiiugasistant applicati onsi ahnll thn ule rlu,- taiees ft ie I ease will tliete-'h bit tlr a nic'eal remeonl or l'nrifeanor to rmnove the nannse, the INDIAN'S PANACEA mill generally be found sulitieint. 7T) THE PUtLIC. Ilow trueit is, tlht nmodern PhyI'sicians, in dhei am hitioii to excel in their nlofoession enxpltore tile nlst fields I ofseieoem by the aid notheliistr.-, slll seek out newre medial ogents; in stlort, to anilive at perfectinn in the lettiee Ihy merans of art aloe,-- ntirely ovenlook und leglect, as heneaththetr notte, tlleriot lnd holunteous stores of meililine, whicl the Atmigntly hIcs atinseit to slprinlg out of thle earth in every clime! And how mech more true isitthat while the American Physician looks to fomeign conetrieonor mar~e, o of hlis most . onmmoni and ines l'y s tites, prpetualty changig as they are at tte tictaces onffinhon or folly, ti is sutnt-naonded in his own eountry with an endless profusion of mediceal pkmts, sstfleirnt to answer any indleCtinn in disease or to core any inuHbln disadrder; adl yet he is ignrlant of their nir tues, anl tiley are sufferedtlo *wastetheir healing on the lesert nir.t The effl.ts of vegetable medicines upon the asystem are temllorarv--those of tminerals lasting. lThe fIrm, exm erthneireflntsaund s 5s of--thhe latter, metoury ii plr tieiilt-r, at chletnicnly ul)pon thin solute, ,tleeno nnsitig tlte ioues atm utndermining the eonestitutiaon bya slow eond sore destrnetion. 'lThe ongeniallity, effiricoey and SAFETY of vegeta ble remedles ver mineral, nmay te estimnlten Io- euctinst iangtiheanileint noetieew ithtl emodernlor, to .ri.ig it loosreimmeiiately ni:lerit r oen obs rvlltiill, II-, hu. an lre"tiee with chat of the whites. Who, ii Annerien, nas oot known orlnhelrd of repcated ihnsttnces wherein sote deepehid, npn'rtenndig Female Ifc nn ianl, h means ,f her simlle remendies alone ilas tffectii tiie inost tepid anlst tollishilngeiures, aft.r the Inteiram ellitn of tie I-mmon ilraetiee, dlireetee in thie most hskilfi naonnet-, nhan foilent And si"o hatn not bheen sunrptrised at tieecm toaesatieease nliltfcility with which the hutlisun frees rlin self io ano ny disease, mind at the almost ton alstinene ol'chronic diseanse among them Who has rvel Ineml nioII llolin, with a coniitution irokhon a Ini lneei Imy illtlur'ticenitt A:-d m n a dtoenthtexist thau this Ii - yeax emnlltin of the savage from most oflthe ills whicr tnte itnl-shnfoan istheirnn, is elhiefly nwing to 0cm-e gret: aimf sae reedues hiieCh ti enlrlnlcl'Sn 'tliS nouniiih. ing dliftince in sltcces, is uit extnemlliticeaticn of the inllsfi e superiority of thie iille anidl safe means of cuee whiith God hasetoeaten for thie Ienefti of hIis ctilrei, over hosle wticE1h the pride and the art of man have inl From a nlng residence nmong a portion efldheeaoigin alinhabitnntsof thisooiuntry, andatn iintim:te ac - in runce withnhe nthils of enreof some of tihei,most successful i.actitioners, the orietor ll 'The IndianI's PaInuca,"'cquired a knnoswlge of sorme of the must tInfowerliland Itfvoitelemeleics. 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Irci eht, ei·tie o l-n-lc igood eith iuniv ot-heits Innow i0 use, Ibt as I,:le n llieh b lsea ,ad of saiti;g life illnnl m~. extreme cases wi. h allitheuniisutil ruielliigtini. Thiiis it has done relenatecl' ; adl this is tile nutantion ithusob tiuiriltl wherever it'llus leeui iitr-nlued. 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Ahi.CT w.I·rII Ilnl,,k twtilltv boitles ot'l.w~inl'i |)lull~lee:ll I iii i• , ioll t~l or LOtPo SCller irn ! ( itl o l Ilo Ili:lttq'klll b.,ll'.il D~esl~tl~il~hlgof~lile, l hich had~ 1loWv belcorlll i lr1I:hlI.I l mll r.llrlin to iny piairentlls in New Yorkt, in 1c8IR , I l"p.Iia'll' sl'll e Iai s listibtsltllti dl'ih, ts, ' ise osIt ta ~lrtll slliretrs ol I 'llu |lil~li~ln's Ptiilll+.ili~ Iliowetl·~,; ill Fao s alililtr i sll e owit s l as ilersullelt to t it, sa laAlt Ier. salss TsIo li'ty tl''s C t tlreiise, iti tell s;ltirlcl o i,, sllt ait'stsgoi' l i sts, tlt" ielly Ittsi saiU tel.lll Htt Iis I stss o tlkt s gsecl'ia lttlts es the t l'ciher lletllt i d t s ' be entle emlll icl ) Fell i t tile s cous.t flt'wo Inolsts, ald I;' rmise so semtalllhls ts, il'sylhililic iye.ctions, tsIi ellly IiaY" kikllltW elhlt h lt c tll'. list h htl ' lisl ert d sItarl l tLheaei huIils I taetlll, lsd tlo consi.t.s a Ilia lifil'a svesiby ilblyboe l rs . rup. 111. 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We'rs i'll llt<+f~r ~le Jrll'," lIt'". ./. : STATI E Oill LOUISI1ANAA.-Paril Court fir the Parisht odo iityu fhoew Otrluls. fl'I1E STATE 1i' IOUISIANA N'r'U all wholm I1 these IPresents shull eonme Greeting:--Wherea.:, oJ lres Ilngei hlavilg purchased at a salh rladsr h i th hllooriheof Ille plariLl l' t ll re trptrty eolli'[, il Wsuih+ ilt IWdetd oi eloaiale recorded on he .liv olfApril, A. ii. I84:1, fir Ii lllllilil)l r lOrollil - t coi ueml:11 o llfrli'v II n 0 cto|the .egiubi rP of thIite 00ale o.l lIui.iana, eliilledl"'An art for tiho iio'thera..ui rallli:e otle ito Iir h tir judicial salp le;" a lruv;d theP 10thI day o el Mrchl I0345. NA\V, Irefioecklurw vk u nu nl ye, rs n htten, ierein, are hIerelly ioridd a liaish 4l iulln tih t ui w e the tate of Louisiani , uid of tIle Parish Cout,i wlo enurst lprrean t ci ilgille O eii a oI tileprop:ty in the rinfterldeciree ori i.unmenlo e ofuurt Ilnder wid l thle ·ale w 1a smil1, ltr nll irrtoullril c ir over to ll ow ' ar ile, wit inr thirtydays l froe II dy ti s tlnlonutiou i first ineruel f 1 inue eliiull IotoellPs. wy tile al so tei aoluld not be coeluirolad and hooliu lo~llted. The oHUldrrl,.r iity lion told ho tle Sheriff of thl plu' isha fonr'oii oui tihlt dal lily ilf April A.. Ii. 1188 lbv virtne uofa ieree ofthiii Court,renderedi oil thile 5th1 du. of FebPari, A. 1), 18:18, 1n a ellit elltitlhI Alexanlhr unlilu'll .'t. Jallen Ilnunt, No 1104187 of the duelklh If this Court,at which sale thie said JPalles o 1III Ieamle Ithe prchaser Ftlr thle price of twenty ole tilousli dollar++ lmml Description of Property as given in the Judieial Con vetyate, trie A certain lot of ureyd situsted in the sunurb An nuttitionll alias Lnourie of tl ii cityi qnr N, I8,. nd lot haling Ierenehalnoalue, 0i .t font l. nol;:honu piullniis itreet,: feto|rlnn rllcrs f etreet, I rn k liD feet on Inlunaode dli larcelP utloot1, in suo h a ruueuer talIt aidl lltofgrteooll is n io f.At b ioe feolm ou e side of tile qIntaro It tle 111her, ilgether w tlu dtelling holste fontrig oi Tchioupiatolaer stret, tle kitciten 11ul ile pendames tles, oI the disti ley et lalih arntt lerecti uieregl ard other iuildings ndll ilupnnelllI, tt e mnchinert uttertil, impleit!entl fixn il rlileste i to eaild dLotiiIelI itit lieodeniuos unui mllpl lllieisuo, 0111 the rights, nctionsu tant priveilgeas tleloetl Ielon iulg or lUtt ilue ise lpportanIe ig. Clilnlr'i Office, New Orleens, Mitv 7, 18:11. ut 1,34&ji3 J. ltII., Dlient filt:hrk ilour Ih jioisne el nill. lie to Nro uvele ile Olls. ['FLAl liE LA 1nOUISI1AN.--A tons ceux qu ers i'bsents eenerlurulentn, Sulto: Atloerlul one Jalmes Illuse reolE a ht i uu t "ite bI. lu Sehtif Delaiptioideu d'(h'olerit npropoilttl etl ai i o lj itsen s'est ullt'eth iU GOteilS de ieroe Culam ou ll Iiilrteiets filt el~registrie to '2 etineour nte lIea lie l'nirtee 1838, punt nil aris i leo tirelneiit i n etl e Ilo IkG ihtuiie ite I l1ats de lIa ouisioane, inaitult "Atle loolt elolfit le s t titles dtes aoollelTulu ulox oeinteSjldiciail"s 1" 0r'ur Olu0 le it Mliu11834. Qot'i r oilenlo, ct tonecsrss intti.'.isueeu solr ut "es preenites soluioet At nno tle o' Etot ie ian lou si1lte ct ie InCa(le C r isse, qu ji urlaielt v1rie c ltruit |i ln Itoi .iri le i-ilo,1 e dteeit, tin euteoiuseluoiine d'unai ililsut ite fuo,11e 1I 1s I'ol'lhs, lo dleer~et ll le jugemen t l ie i ll U, e·n 0 e011, ilihgahiie i ns l'estnlilllhllj'aois ou le temnlps ct Ic 111u011 l I'- Vellte 1 ou |} or Ill ll. alta e ile en.l, dn&j: It rIereJlIes a d.,ter de I n S rlicat o u li .ette Olin, j)l'uo1iui hn'jCIen aionti li Ie stcrait ires seooofti1 (e ot holn.ollgluei, Ill illliopi.'t6filt oeluei,t lu eshit ush e Stlrzlie oilsvel d'il de Iallllue 13,38o , tUo , 'r lla diilctt t telts l cutr le 5 de fiottrer die l'eull00e 18:1,; dlt I'clsfiro d'Al llnder ullherell, Pultr of ule Ilaunts, Ni luI3(i7 iid lecide it eie Ceol e ( Io I lllaiellio tienle 0111t Jau10 Ullse loe t tlu l lilll re1lour1 Ie pri tih o $e Ail0l.( LDrnleiiltion deli Proluoih~i.l'aoIu.ui lera tloofll 1 ditia Save r" Un rerllu ,I ie ers ituin all o i llll llr . 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I lol,: 1:,,.,:\ II . a 'l. . It Nil1h' 3 1.., , 1: iNk lh , 128 t . I+ I 'oool 11 .o,+,h ,' N. i, Sotltt' ool I' l i~a.ol fooiirt~li~iodsiou t:t Alt '10000 ,itloll, IlO.d , No 11' |Jcko ii.l• l 1110. 0 A pool[..\ . 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The sulbcriber will liqnidlate tile aIFairso tile clonerin itn it v, t I roirn t ill peri.onns indeb . ed to mnak lnaveoi nt in itin nyv, and oil those ivini Clilllam , to iresent r lll t em r s attle moll . nlt ti-7t II AIIARIRTsoN W. W. SWAIN. No. iifCanal oreeot Art,' Orlan. TAS iiways on iland c eni n tmelty rucitinttg Dnt. Ives Chemnicals, i nd I Pia o ittin t Ihet,. or, ulo owni : DilUGS . DYES, Anlinny, titrou, Atgoils, td, Arselitnic-i, cltise, Aulon, ldtit powderd, Ill'ziliotte woons, inal sa in nolaia, coc ltilnto llo el-llui , Yustie, 'rimptieoi do in oll, in (1,lltos, tin flunti r, it Sain o CJst er inl, nlg , letng al, dO Albie, LogwodSAt, (mnlonhy do ussslittiia, do St loningo 1 shoinies, lie Jamaica, dle zllelll l, CuS w d, do clsdI rInlh, Madde·r, mnbin do I tn s ell r 0 tini. lltl'.-lllllolllnre Jlo d llC A1(1 eltS l ,i do C rIl,(il Id ttiitinnt' CIIEiiiAiS. O kiltt itl,titro ,, do t nt lit, A h i , m-rica di , eintii lh i ,i n rit l, , ..... l. ':.t..... 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Op tI N ttEV(t1 . t) t . &.c A l olito I cl rano r,if. teie IUired Srtiftes,or a R galer's il' e n Ite an Inlisr irioal ry. ine I Voi me't Srot-ent i K 'th iind I c op h rui, tih tietion er l .r--,tine ritinid ie Pln inesuf (llheis Phrenologyte Riei rli ig irl l vi ti tler'd ( l'U se ofslner ior qo n RI'tIN RLyVtO IT EIr'rrr rai &c, rnd ge oent rof Ayenrin ifo in . n ite in' vells. h B r(ils/rt flha nhrtetr aCl gnlra llr appliable' CtrAlle Ciiiesof Norhi- Aleria, by tr lo Turner,y qbi rThe Political r raar of te Uitcr State or ur ' nr paltr t vie i r lt i ' 1 theor y i nri pri i t larie t.el gei erti Iol i.t ril a <r ib' with tel aiill t ir n tir et a i them -dediclted a nd adhptm d to the ,, i u o f Jlu C r t ted Steti, nv I"t ) st1 reield, Esq." A'imrodl's thanti, edTours inters rer seI wlh charater' toh irlire nitttir ir c.rrtr rer raliratedriryo in enmot idtic ia cd'tes Invtirliis irl ni r I ig o of rii eg menl elding notices at o priui oulcri onoly c S 'nglnd with rlyticald rOnlten tiie, NIde Iner idex of name, h loy it' ridrre i rYi gi'rlllI ', rii Hthe ttitR OF i ore, 'oiu l or King's tvil, Chroire Rh tinsr tin l TCi Cn ututeou tis- Pain ino tohe t l'esIby'F IasesI u''a se of ti ercutryoale great estr phurr tnll' tircr l crrirt irnde o irt o tiy a aonn r the active rinrocild ofIi SIItiiell ra i n ti e itoLtLon e with en trated degree, combined with other vegetable substance iof ko ollo nocti. II lt ieo I,. leot ds i'idrrtn i wilth iph ..inu i i'il bthe eal toexhibit i larqurate i ou of Srsapofriil a iona emna ndose, hay Ieen biu~d in'tlirporit. Cuntio-theyi of tbelen Belly convinced of its mtrit,:, euulldently ad n nie.t cr thi,'cours,- f P, hrar practire. Crice $1 ob prer bierth-. ISoe onky at SWAIN ol tBI) CaIllriioS drug store, No. IIi eCal by streety okwh mua be hLd, frete Iti geuoninoe, dire nn ithe A rrlgme tori. e Swait's ir'lro ce and t erii iI'r ge ar tter' Cet.lolei Iiohrl'tli rit of fresh dru gs, at, ilINNOCI','S e Irtd It ad tV ED IVTION OF DIIEN oldsith's Abrd~n~oat of thl C istory of Ru e to .shit'h iv prefixed an Introduction to the Study lo n mtilton added "tln',uellmut tilt w orlt, oul the o Mauer lnstinttions no rtlld III illllitii i ltifeRolan; w ith ani merons biorro'liro ad lamoinrtrw o I Notes; and qtoe l io n 8 fl r e x l t n nu i: n t hi l i l e n d ll o f e a c h 4 n t i o n . 1 1 Isted withtllrir r,:wr ,'n lsi woodt by Aherton h a.lit 1'0.huoproved l1'lio of lltr Gkldnutl, I Hstory f I' rungh I ' f toutl t Ihe l niva, of Julius Ci i r too the deItl of Gieorge r 1, wlitil cnltinLutio to the yea tine addi d iure ughu, ihe wortt . Consisting of table ito" irorteo' l o-va es rooo, io d+ ig rrane enuienlat yoew Copious exi tllntry notes, ltellt' ks ot ti h e oll0 ties, n a ii d ¾ lti'ert eof t.e Ia'e. .tne ouelhle. the Constitutin, &c. &e. llustranted by lnitny neeld +I Kiith's New 'i're'atise o, th, Use of Glober . Neov noalor irr' (I oe'Calnp and t ottafor etj

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