Newspaper of True American, October 16, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 16, 1838 Page 3
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( `P ·· 45'4&g'l 0l oF EVERY DESCRIPTION, IPEEDIL.Y, lANDor)Otr.LY AND CIHEAPLY EXIiCUTfED AT THE OFFICE OF TPHE True Si'lnerican, IST. CIIARLEN STREET'I', NEARf POYIII.AS. m23hI ,IOUIfIAN A PURNITURE WAREROO1IS No. 53, dienvll - strect. SILIIAM31 It. CAttNNIS, (ef.rmr-ly of thile firt of Ft'litt a ~tieie) wiittohtiiltspctllolly iclfere hti Frriieuds and thle ptie tlhat lie is :olitanlly receiving from New York anid lostotn a good aOsorta tiit iIt Fr i. turv ith as mahogakenyd cha tri, soltatie withe, greao 'pie anA painted chairs, anltple tied hlerrv bed stea d .% mahogany and cherry taldes of all deseriptiano ; bu r Raus, toilets secretary, writiu dsks, wnl7 Cr' es ofS. mahogany and cherry, wash oaunds, looking glasses, SNEXT DOOR Tar. CARLES EATE R. AND & ERSON'STREET. PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed f ,-om 17 Cuselomluse St. "TO NEXT DOOR TO ST. CHARLES TIIEATRE, CORNER OF PuYDR.AS &/, ST. CIIARIES STREET. augg--1833. . --l-fe irpo)llietstlt 1e l"l'l.le--ttei gnodo winre Sfe ard i00 gross porter thbotles, eflir eit INby jyrl Itaak Alley. of PRVATE BOARDING OUSE, i No 13, Toulouse at,--ly Mlrs lolflmatr.e. RHI houseo i. spac:iou uad conrveniently situated itfur men ofblltsiiesa near tile Levee aellnd te New ,lxchaage. Tle tabile will be well suplied adml artrnded to, send the charge moderate. Boarders wishing to have lodnj i, enobe lilne dated, at different prices, with eommnitious urniehe d reaom. Boarderes will Iaite tile satisfitul io ti sect Chere, persons speakiog tile lFrench, English and Span- i ah langitages., a Igi3:31t PENSION IIOULIG4EIA1SE, Rue Toulouse, n. 3, Oesiae par.Alde gr. JI ,fi.tnann .' EI' ktablirsement not lmcieuxt et se troeae situb Cpre ti la fo de I.| Nouvelle lourse, c'ett dire sit centre dtis ite'tires. La table crat bietl folin ieje proprcoent tc tet commiodes. i I Lee penaisioifoieeo siemt If'a inecllt d'y troillvtr desa pereaonnes porlant lea langocs |'rlllaluie, nic laid e .Rt esagaoole. -- - -- 2tu '11 1 A L A ti n egwhi i d ,;. d ry,( - in - iih te r c a sk s , i l oindian blbs .Tsr soit e Iy fRIAD & l.b 'to i )VV ag?5r 7e unk PIaieP.y alrEDICINEd, PAINT:. & OILAS--A lrlges a .1 geterul l·sortnmntolIo hand, for sole Isv, by jy2-I m.ire s Com. eu toi & ''hani r' l 1In Ct, grtershar hretofore. exi t ,ln in tli* city ha tIwe, . ttire l te firet ihers, i der te. lini s i i llai Vi1u ,Vyeka i Cn. iin New olerkl Iillini i. Co., Iaii in Notem,.l, M1s.., Voa ibyclk, Lcilnw i r Co., is dliosl red by Im ullltlc onllet. Ju'ai I.aidl vaw, I' etr S. VimJ Van:k and 'rib'hnal W. Vn 1V vk err la mzll ctd toi rmss hie b sny o ltheo lo ilm ifo ll I u ida ion tly. i II' You IN IA O ii l Iii) ,. ii, i ANItit ! V I1 \NII,, P.:T. It ft VYb"\ VV '!i HaTl h)'s.Midle Ag % VAN \w cpet, GrNew Odets, tu . I8h, . 13?., OcI l e s ite 'a'lder ail fir a f of CVil a aVmapr', a i. " ,osl N on i la nk tt.nta;, illl: f rm a lt 1,J' tl l I'.aIh',aw • ; 1 .IttliI. 1 \t l)it' W, ILn g ll~ji~rl~~e o 1 api-e ll A ,GI (flIt i ar r f-- I sIl- o I IN I ti ltli 5 in &we 11",Tl" S.b VAN IVY I', ) T l'.It fl' it 11il .i I i l HI .ll (itit 1 o r b -f ir i it i i i h -1I it i na t li la i Id le a r ,l trl"lli'0 , I i ll, d, alt Iiir ieer ,I ii-,. , i l I lli .: . nv .ri; lt. of . .l nileo,'l, d ii li. I u Lt .' 'i ti ti c t r ull Irle [i iit i of the ti l ul t o ra tl. .ti t ;. lla , 01 .. l ol i ,,1 rtra 11110 !.""" il.,."'a at ,H t"1 .1' lt t *., I lo l , ," n --1; '. - a;u toc-lul tll c b eth s f+ leetfea d, ,'v ,.l, -t ii" t, '-e upt 1per limit; ,lo il - iti.. d ", old. ao t litt i.: a I n ittllt 3nehst eriel·llr tll ee I iet ii ief virt, t lllc l tlI r b I i l f of ll ,t boat ulaltlrll , mlalo t fu :talrtr e t t, r of ,air, <rdina :r; t;,mr I,, it' re t neglt,,'rh ;,. to di , i .li l dndlars p¢r der; said fans Ito ba rrv 1 rRrrt I,elil,. elnlv '"Ill Iaeten r l ,r lllt it fr t hl.. <e oil f l Ib i r" ellela li ln. i t eti 2-e i 't ('inc.i:ed W ard, 2,1 !ihiti-ipeu it. l . plo-srca; t,,,, a ,It, l~rrtits rt,, he -et r-i- t,"et ct, f isteed Alf ttieiiaiii e d I not lll ft t oll fi l.l f t i , ,- Ifr c iltriete ':i l et.G' l l ittfi ,"t . distr l lp, dau la p rlill rlelhco e dll is t lsi t, d ' lalT t, I lirec ls, iht r il e f :r cl;. pr crcii"', rea tv,,s, o lli, unshlll cet,' ip io |.-s t.lahl , - ;i e i,log- tc lf a ti r 'e ' o re- t :i , tislt-l I , J 0 iild; ar ,m'' dS zi, I IltIme Itlu'll, 5 o II 10 r , de Ivlllnr lrs a i ' lrw l Iin d el, r.,,i" i do I rll'c rU lr , Illserge 't e illheils s- ll.fil 'e du 3 di-tllhey, Ci Vs:iti .u oret itlcmtt i dottiia Jieti t i leto c rdeit c d1ii li I lafu i e dblaii leflare rA oigde lIE dtiu riI c ce te Sat Ne a Ieii)de, si chne tot1de11 & fld pn.r E heque jour, dre 10 pia'rle.. In ite Iaeude re ouvral le drevut An ieo i e tritbunal ilt.cele it Flcage- tiy leu r utn . 2I t9 II ItI t I'I i( : :Aru , bt'y.u. Soiei ee i pile; Sand P'oland; by the ithr of ,hrideiits- lf 'eerrvblb in iEg ,c ,rtii-I'tread the poly iald'--with i l NAN 1I snot .1ILiltiru, ito l vcets. ' g tie oel ll g . llle of Iti te S c, 'tv - J.i lhr It, ifltio of Usefui vl Eat :I . VluTa 5. har 1 -;37, erie k3. -.T'he l'rtaly {.yrluio ~d i S of ith aeNil.I for the a lt) 'o ,i -i of [tsef ll ow bt~l,., cole IX nl X. r-rice pet Nature atlnd utrealeIt of fieiebs ofre he IEree by )r. EfVilli lin fcacr. ", htol. fitii of rheo e uther's ApTreatpise onl Chrome If ealn e1 ; . iice. j)rved dlll DU)o11:, Iii: (;· ,oUj- -I.-mac. Asc Co I-4 heavyv Ironll* I*Uniii* · w. 11:1\8111 & Co St) inch brow rII .Illlifl~d· Lo)I\I 4 No:, 1 &' 1 bPL)(YI cotton, l I·L· Hale ,,' IVT1S)N & AVERY, nug4 Sti Grinelr bflrlel It. All VA1,..t )RE'WSn IlSnIlrun line removld Ithnr CoIunnt I )WI (found to \o,511 iJ C.:tnII ,set. 'Cp4 II1VYIi;'S NIW-IS' \V ll c. WOk H lIE R1)UIC1' M~:)liS L'.11NSJ-Or soelllep, iridenavadn dvnme n117 "Ir(',,' ield(u of thle Uotlri i/lnfP!c II1I illllotlrnl:L1 lion, UTInoI. LICh. I T' ll", VI(: L'1`.lt )15 1 ..,1;51'1'-1y till, C'uulnte s, Ur ilXi·:I))), SInI'', -I* o hI tn'sVnit 2 In niet Irec I n-n ld fur Inn e by SN 11 , 11) 1 , In· in- ld ne iii Cn Ii ' Inimn lor 1ll) 2S- I's nr~kln'nnA tIm. ffol 16 i{). 5,5':oI. l'anp lc'w \1nlllnnl1 Ior lit .!t C,11·)lll, t: fu·r evyi ii-'w i nII)7 Un'nrlt, nil I noutaIn t nagnt )'nrirtI'nf gfn' l m g, 1,'r Silnn by the em,-,-, (lol~c'l nod ei,,ýobyI) XVII) I-1 I(.'I' & ('I, -'I 'IIlhny N 1' S3','i ·.l·~r'; If H.'1 1 Ch19: 1·rss wt (. i -ni eel, IN AIIAAi.)7 (n.15riI' X I 1 it Ill' II) ::'I 5'IA R IE-* rI'I ofIn will Indnv _ I uDlint ni thie foot of Cannal I. ur Lio i)1.1 3R (A.)I'T1AI SI,evr eny. Lhi)c nnIn-ii ni n- m-1 t m.-II7I)r, 12 m.-G pm i Sundadns-li la- n La it m-4- p n-G-iI na-I it -u 6 rl'Itiv orrange t tiil fiarlrn nnltnI. Sept 14 J 1I E IS C:1I.S)SEWIS. Ironi't ( OFi7F1;1--l IllInnS in. 14'1 do. lnnnnnnt. IEn oole yv SA'EI'S'SON & AV'ILR nv;4 CII8 (Ir,"iVr I ()S-rs-1QAI annnnta i -tl rei ur nnn b n h - UIIA)II'LINPS& I:00P..1i )Il,-'2 82Jolhn at. r I tty4i asshevyCW , ' ins sto and folr sna l by WIIITRIDGlR & (14. 7)I 71 Ma pnzinn `' for, Illi~tyl oln t Nnarltalit band-, for role byl p'IiK-:', Inl Si s+nrnt! rinielPork, lnntlin2 Ii)))) 1.rI?, ll' 7Clclo' Iy s r For the Interior. FOR Li'hlgSVIILEL,(CIN"'INNATI. AND ALL. IN'I'EIRMEDIAT'' P101: '1. . .P1 Tihe. l i.lln tial flw m bnllit lOY. S1fif.II' .1 J hore val, lntt er, i h I1tu ir' 1 (llecwd to arive, ta 'nwl W| + vi2" totlh hfttho y ttChi, tv l ' e 1 ,1. it'or freigbt or plssat e, X havin. ellperitor t'cco' lado lious, plplly to I,.ARENCEli & I EGN.N)IOE, r 8b elhe, and al latoorioedite Lanotgsal . 'I'lle low pl`l n I W't an boat ' -"- "'`" fi). ,iobili, al ry Thul+sday ar,,n. nll:es at which pas~nllgt rs Iay !.11b to land. For itrlher partieulart, upl tot 0 . ''TMAN, jy I . txchl~ln ze, lliotl, t. _'harlen it. For M1itbile and all lnletor ediatel Ltltdin". St W.\I. WAIV. I.. .ll+; , entirely in . re,'" state r. ', will c'vo New ()rl nn r- t ho e and tll interedlaote w:terint plt'.t j, ,very Tuesay a od Sttll o otL., o ll.r the l orrivnl ol o t Ih 't! o 'clhte cars. GsI). WlH I IT MAN, jii, E 'x,',anl o ' ltieel, St. (Cltttt s st:t h SlA'I'UItil)A I'VI(NINul ANI hUNl). li EXCURSIO TO MANDtI0IhI4Ig . MAln l 'tONV ,],'l III orP.. SA The otattalr 801) 1T''t A LA Itt X.l Jp,ý cts,ý y_. Capt. I.T. (enight,", ill leave the lake .- e a tea d oft the rail-ro d f' ithe aotct pl it- In o,o.o' ry . ittt ,tial ,,o'.,h , ,o , T he ,to ' iti ,, the "' 1, [ •lunk eat, anlld rernthrl _ilt ,-aa.+ leave "nn- dt li Iffa ilIily,, +*Ill lay morllit g in tioe atlrivoo t olhtlt, tt o'tltl'k Cl-O ; retuill of eave llldlsOllv l I o'clock, I'. Atl. an L't .tiN -4, , Vit .,:t , ,t,, ili At t.:-- it VI1.IhIt & I) tVIN tTN. e it , o' tttott 1i Th', e f slltral llllftt't l ld e!tlidl -to.tmt t- f SO A.- o nigt IttIoohte to :Aifi,At 1hAt I'it T anr m il f) nt fur r" imv pOlS 11 51 l tdh. t..'dn h - dto t to n llh , riler th aoi lt I rIt1it of I a loe. rr , A -.Itell. i &lll a',llll l e oVnll to n " t til i h :JtR)' ee and toottnrd i at it t'clock, A 31. SI , A bl l t.l ' 1 allt p ': t the r of tht ow cn , l a ssa thizl. " l g (:t .' ,1nt eJ lt Oat I . .and g ,.,. a titpt ,'jIto _ _ n2 ;xcbme,; (toil , S lnOr, 5t. Io , itVE, L:Ri go.n tol h)l 'il by the .L in. f r Ita lr u ibis ol i,, e l al ,1 (n tioo "fot'ge tet lnS(eoul:I ott lito+ 1hm',, d days, tfl tillE " ' liltt l on hill.t ire It o ile any ,at . ' hI a . Ittllti llliht Lnlll 1 ) \\'Ill( I"d I\ . I I 'l 1F'rY1' I61: ' (1 ,I3 11 14 4l 1- (1 (1 311 1`. I;U.!.Jil ll-1 + 5I11, tt 1 0 b icice t ft'In 'i )i boxed ('tlt nii u f i tl l ti ht ''' I 1 J al e tIty 1 1 'v ' . ', lj, irU- i ('1' 4 11-1' t i ; I',' Iii, ..--. pt.oil y- o ,1'3 I A lt 1 .II i , i,', tt " tl i't 0o , o 1 ','1 1' ,.'f 1<er , h. t 1+, ', .In1 1 $ J 1 ,rfill), . t [:.1( .\ti t I1.o ,i t lit i I.. t. to , ' N ' t', 'l ef . - t ih . t. tt t t ,e ,,, .- l ho l ,t, ,li , , 1 ' l Xi Ii , ftt,,. I ,. .,t, , , ; 'i,, L . ..-IC ~ 1'. I 1, 1 +l , " i ý' ,., 411 ., 1 . ll- , i ,l ll ! , i ' H ip il,,ll .' I "... l't li' I . . O.i l. t i ,.1) 1(14. o t 11.1o .\-'- 3 +," ,11' , , ', , ,,li i . i ii t'', t t 1 ! , 1 ' -'1 ,,. ,.. <.111 , . :,, . . ... .i 11: 11-. + J 1'l..J ?: II I', tl.(1 S"I. : , , I 1'1 ,'t. t- I A . . - , - , . ,. .. I t!h; . . i JAMll--' Nt XW NaliWl., &~c, I ll- Itbl : 1 1 It, a I'', it, by tht ;ot' r of " .ticl;' A1 g lon,' *The Gcpimy't 'Atila,' &c. in vols. Tu. Lovn Ct tA ,, at ta at .ldy .. I ci J ta; Sthridan Kslatta.e, Vuihor o" l.Vrgi. t , i *T"'he lDL.u)ter,' &c. &.0, loe, a 'I'ragedyv, in five cats, b!y t Theui:ct .'Nh oon Talthttur; t4th I ti t tat SoIu rY AND asI Ntht ,s IN AMERICA ; by I lt ri.t t MaL titnu, author 'of .lu.A~a ti~un~ of Polia t L. Ecnmt y;' in 2 vol.; Ith ii . Bil o X' i xc.h, ii aid PfoulisSaly N dei.; tOgt;l It--io l Xo lie 'ei, \ ttit.l lulll s ot thi- i ! c l)tl"lii '; by L F Foter, Accou:.tautl hr o ". Co .e ' l'reatise of l oo Ilk K.ti pitlg,i ' &"l'i: Clei.' Guide,' &c. ' ' 't'ill LITTLE Stt reaIi t o1,; a oulte iti vtr Iay lhs:uon,, it L:ld'p c , lFi ulrc, &e. by IG g: Bolh l; lI-t ,tt, at". .CI tr ,,iv,.t d u iti id bt WM McKAt \N, ALSO,-t n li- l"t, M ',-tiatlty of t "Thl iital Expn inedts of I.vtg-n ,:g ll tab ; i. a .I L iivllg up to theti: Ito..h Gta- . :tiil., FtI-Iu- Mand ;" I'Il quai i l t183; ,vu L'hte iyrco r;," "Ti e v . Ia,,' e. Tttt [taof FItairI ii2at o t itai'rSlt by L-ity , iet. a g i a-,TFILl, C i)d 'illl --.a, c:. . ' u ,,a u.e..t "I ti usrmt, rt l lt i ic i i lMit t i Pitlti ta' l: oIt -; It- t -,lt Iry i ;tilttu att d ; .ivu'l m,, tai t ,id t At alaulrus it Nlla l mlltt l Nitk lby , (by 'lt, _ Iupi a m. IlA." - IIrChIIIt' L t.i tiita - utile 1.11 tlugiyzin t jL by th,, Librar,: So--i ty, at theibcr.,o '.l r .i t'i ISAI'TIlt & TR.IE., Mar at' l ls t , fronting o Roytu streat ady of Lyonstby lw ; 1 vol. h copaii s.t Loss, by Lady C. --irri; 1 vols. ;, I] p - Tlti wi, Fli , and other Tales; by Liy Lies. aingto, Ialw' r, and othI .s; 2 vol.. Mi copi.a. n ivd rs al th, i es rt., by " is P r.; :,' copieo s. Tit R'tl:bbr, by G0P R uones; 5 ,-pics. The Advwntures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Loz, 5 copies. CHA8. RITCHIE, Librarian. TP. IAGO C:OFF..l:-LJ,) .,a,, or sll. hnor it.uli tr S!.ATI:R & TRIER, Octl 40 Poydras strat I I l.)l +\ %o-:-u bnx(e )nanluictured t.b o"-,, aS 12s, and polndl Il |unpa, of various bra I ttud quta plit L r .\C IIlIll):.I & Co, 131 Mac azine .t bHIPPING. ___ For murope.__.. - l'The fist sadling ,rig CA tLOI,1NE, Capt. ,. Th ntnl soln Will Ih .;,'u m i m te des.patch totr t1on, or ipassage, alpply to I eon:''tcV- i):I (·(ii\ f, _ Caipt. - , hi t, fuill t:rgo nagedV will hoave _____ _ I i ir-e pa-, Ijiii-- a n 3 I 8i Conti st Coastwilse. JCI rt .... . t tiii i .iiiiilna 1'tinituri ianre I ,t .ts, 5:d Il ,+ lill,, Fl,,,et,"200 \htple ttoll d Cherry i-este-lc'; a lir ii rit -' cci, ic. Alo, it c lcll a-iisnt iiot of tl-li, \VVdhlA , ii l It[ ilh Cic3ha i, which will be sold Ir the lowest cac l ikes. V,,7 5 t iavine street. ci liIIIIl. . - ,SAi , I- -A l It!l A1C. tll. O1 A I y. V \IlRII.y STO" )!"E, .1'.. 1s "amp slree ,.It er llishop's I icL--The ,:hscribers it no' opea .ng it th chr IIeW St l l, at lil ' t', i[I t ss i m lt l Ww't .,f r'tUt i llcc ,clr lhli cl rii. , t, ':ii-'i v oia i c. O s, 1 '1111|., Itge omllher of lVt.Vcy V-ticles. Thc followint - i (CO ll S--lTorhisc: l li,+.tili:n high top tuck, pt l mtr carved; do. (!0. tot.t, |o;:, twc.I, olpl, side, poinre kid tsio,', it :nrv t tl fin e - .ressig land pcek,,l co tlls Ittol , t.H]lilv ml~ l i.,ar., t'rllhs; wOOden. , I'IlI.'I ; --A oets. as.,o,,d. of FIrench tld Almeriatn t'erfunlll'et' eotlistinh .. .-A tine water i bottlesof ll , ca d size,;: la .tr, F"lor'ida, orilu, OHliS' e, Ie n, j. RItl , btr.;"nlll. ,nIdlerlletls, w'sh, (cIrn'iL- l i nod chlorill r lr lll- iict.; scehtedl atl lD ai toilet powd r( ; ), :oot on stoll: p:r s tm t . a l('tr. ir l tihn h s h tI5 !. , / i ,' *. shw ihn , prl I :l te, heailh, in, ii ndii lid- -i -i, i,€ ii , icom1, fnflailtl'l s t r n b hI n g I d i I ' .r+ " " , s .o e : ) t I :ml e r 'l t s a )cTiuh ii -A-- 'c,.ori V Nlinl :I iiul -,ii' lr -soh lli ihsa,sh l tllad bra 'i h' V" ' i lY i~ i V'111. 1 , i vaio, is i', 5 t, ,1 , loiot :l'H t, . to l,: .l', e irma stb. y Ii: l,hl~h Sic! t.:it?'-cq, P'i"c ,! a ., c hit. (rack 'lIc3 S11't OrI, . (rot " 1.1 I II inotI. (t u a'.;i tit ili' box -"1 I ( ii ' ,i i - i , l - ,i ,iii5,1 T f thi )ti2 U 11 - e.L trl' , I n " r-I.h'- = oi I , J .cii., 0;c!IIVOls h lioIIns, be ld h I.~;r;" li· i ia Iiu I ( ,, i (1lit(lf111 e b'lrll ulhe.l p s ior l i m. II I p :: t .. .I..l - -',;.u I ' o a I I 'i . 1 h l S - t: 1nr I h 1. . " I +:ls +19 I. 3liol :""111, li lt ; lle l lll tl l-ell il . :l 'I ' t " 1.1 , " 11 r I:": Ilnd,,, alr (1"c1·p ': L lll · ; Ic k-c ,ul:,,, o I ,,,:u' tl- "1: ,' ' 1.1 ',,n r\ a il . ,!,-f"I c wsh'lane ,; ballk, II'. i ,Iv : ,;'" i-Il, + t'y 5, 1 "' `I, :, rill! '", I J^ t l'5 Im. III tult . , " I: 1 1 '." 1 I n ":,, p "l , o'-d;:.. lll[ r olsll t o +I. S;. tL , . ..I l t .fl h I'[t~ ll :n"I l :|h '' e :U to - 1(!, ' l i ... .. ; . :l ,ii . ,iii ' . . . it ll h , i , I ... " 1:,, ov i,-h ,i.' c, t :,W . Sii I &I- -P WI-IIiii ( s 11 ' " iii' . i)i iJ 11W iT I h. .ii` i iii-ii: --ii I "- ,I - a.. l.ý t- t i." in, i i; : l : ,-;t l .' ,+,t , 11 1!:r li' h r,' , 1. '- , di.i.'i 1iii- la l: , , ,1 l 1' , ,1 ' is "., ~ 1 - .;, , " tl t /w ,, [I L II r i, i , J I i I :l ,ii ,I, ri iiviiii I 1 1i , + I-u' I t hI ,l , Ito it, t. .. T . 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FREEMAN & CO., PAHoksaIe Cothldng EstIdboihsea l No. 3, CI street, I AVE ccustantly on hand a Ilrge I mpply of Cloth ing, cah'aite"d lir the coounwry trade. 'T'heir as. cOrlllent bfing arce, iimerchants froml the cuhntr calll he tstr liid ag theshore-t notice. uctu PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLORL & I1ADDEN, No. 11I Clr.,.re" M)rent IIAVI, aeollnt nt 1 ldy v f every ollllo prtnlti'ni. Io genllltleLienlls [hell, of tlle ilatet style, at .\ew York pri 4s 1 E,,e 20 'l'EE ,l'art. SITCRO()TJS MITlI'.\ld,IC TIETI. C, PItIMiENS of thlee Ieu:lthnl teleth.anul tile Inman ), ner of sretting them, ai y e s I ll at tile olli s oft S. J. .Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No i46 Canal =tret.. 'T*hter.. teeth net.vr i'hfnngx celon r. n l ar by many, lllld in many cI seI pref, rahle to tile naololt.I t. l.')i I i" I)r. II. sill wait upOi indic a.t their re idence, S. A. PIiItllO S IEL.t, MERCIIANTB TAILOR, 67 Common street, l from] Mllssrs lI()UOilt, SKEiGS, & CO). Ilal ot their tock, heI will Iomnfin th o, buinoi.. it the.r old stand-, opt,omite l.ishop'. hioe', whtere he hopes to merit ai.l arl ofthen'l )itrOollnl e. Iit, hIls IIIIdt. IlnrmtllllcUhealltS at til Norlth to, 1.: s i ,lllied t oull yly with tile |:th.l aldll mot falshiohble gol ds, or 1 i CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 1112 I'oydrls street ,ew Orleanls, 1 4NI'FA1rI'TtRnS 'IF Lead Pipo, Water Closets, and Pumps f tall ' ,loriptioo:. I1ARJM, (COLD, AND SIIO1WER 1A TI.S Fixed aln the mint o .-provtel principles. MIL lI) 1 .E.11), P'1 l'l S, &. T(Ienlers executed in ayli part of thte Soulthe States. Dr. Hob.rt.! . tindoc. -r 1 I ' , .. x.. t , . . . I,. k - K Flumbers and Leal Pipe Manufacturers, No. 1.2 I',vtrla stret, 1':P .. h.,. c' a ;t:mt aIp' lv of Lead Pille ORLEANS L!TrtbIflRAP2IIC PrINTING I;sIT 1\I 1Q 1 HM I IN 1', No. 33, MIaazi.le Street, ()usi ,1" l.'ukv' Arteado. 1:I.LL'. ..1 N1 :':h ",'f, i't ol'.ICl ?T C.l)l SF. PA IE SR Com."ti',.-ion tdl I,'orl a rvdint Mlarch lant, ", l.lit If ! ' \l,l 2 .\\".l fh !+.i"+' U i, , i 8 1., Ne 7 1I, 1 N i it .4 i: \ )! . Ll. ' 11i I L S IIN), !' Iii EN3 !, P Z IN:TS OILS 1 ? ) Si'.i.l li N . li.S, .h ll 11 ..\" iI .: :t l+.,-: upply. ,,f 1 ,, 'p:: `:re, , \warraoted the gruwth 1 . I.I. . !..,ON , S l t, il , u l th '.iA,. :' "!. c t lol & RIE. l Rll I .,l i0, NI r o:rarda c'iOn: Irov&i' , (rhaunts, I . l .; o llll Ne ll l tll tel a li t ,,. t) Io. I.w Yor ..: Sslhli; otuisll . 7 A1. ITON1l H. T.hS & DT . I S1 Forwnrdang andl C'omuiriont Maerchants, NV w·(,h ' rled i .. l Ii,' I . I, t I,. l Ro stoll ;. i t ort; I o mNl h , & o . w r.' d ll ." . N .r..4 i A IC S id, .'te "..q. )j i,'l'l:Ni~l.. l'.!t OF SHIIP ANI) IlTI r ,'TotE±, 1iAi.l STONE, Illrtol n i:rt'+ 23 AM Ei'.II' ,C 1:77117711~~ CIITWN GL XI-S, NO g :1 TAH1,V:IF".PT I Nr' r. Zj 1i1L4 V7WIN: T hi, ('rl;l, 17777771I: uIIU'p m'i in l L E 1 T! ?\a.^111 uP n11'. l~ollln_ Ccnn ýrr 1", ýý J,"ý. irilldl, r, lIl· ) I'~ 7 - - - ' 1 L~:: I 7l} V l _ , IT ! IIOTJn= AD Sxar4 PAIATBCI '. XVd COLLPIIS 1 h ) I'1n 1'i' \ l LTTCXSTI .tTI \.lT 7 ,'ol , ITI'X TTIT ISTTTT StlT T'CTTI lET 1,TTITST ti'I it T CARD. THE 77! n 'I t- T ll e *II 1011T 0 iLIEN N. Go d,,, tl s.. i~l n, rlo 1'[ a r L Of F'ICVT OrITIT, ITPA' I The I c dni:;s.. l nia c atI & i I *o 'i',1eP GorlII' r ll II, liTTITIIg, AIio.KOrlu L ITPTrIcT '.TTil T I T T d l i I t I I Hill & Co, IT " liJ'ijlP. K_"T. A C XIII .1 1. .I I T'l tho p ITIIITIIIITIIIIIII ill- p vlo i'.Tl :IIII 7"ITZIITITII I ITT~ilCb Y I)U~ r· TiuTTI I V LiITtogl ITO I\a','TI -IWI, TT7T T IT x. cu:tI . Ill 711 iIT iII'T ToTTI ITl. TI~il nr nri ld - Le_~ b a.J IlT' ITW1'1IITT-TTITIT I ,1 MITT. Eld IT tlTlI~l (ItIII i .t *i 111T11111 . T . \III P I il I 1·( SEr ITTT I i nll, (:llOell d io. ,efn \eri~ v l~rl'n' fo th pupo oftruiacul it Geneal Ageer :uol'olnuiel on 1, 101., w uld ` FIREMPEN S INSURANCECL COMPANY OSIGo No. 24 fusion's Duc alu Iro CA XI! S CEr TIUE AMlEIICAN OMUFICE. In conneerilon with this Ollice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, Fro THIE I.IIN ING ,i " Pamphlets I Bllank Chocir Catalogues lills of Lading Labels, Dray ioacoipts, Legal Notioce, Auction Bills, Vill Forms, Show Uills ;team Boat Dills Circuaars, And evcry d.hcrirption of.oeb ,l'oi.l (hn. SI II r I) nl lJ ''re.i I ' d. Iall work inlltl. l itr h.l i .-hail Ib ,lou e :at the short at tle I est re, i ) 11K H iINill rtlS l i llli -cLll . I0, II1 , an +T; i other f t lit of t ll<ti:, lner 1tl h" of el-+)e h.-1 (,lo t i. .. -on- i Il; st ntly i lttII 141 .air t " Ii 'ID Vt 1.T ii -1't) M li t 'I·I I IN'i: I. i. f'L il l h) bII .I oti' I i j' .il w1, 1" i + l \ v'r i C 1 I II lltt I - ; I I, . i jII, > I II .1(c .111 _ j' II II 1 5 tWnii \meIvan !Li ,ucr:,Elo5irl'tco t" , s:,"" l'n!; 1,11 V,'ni l ,h I, .uI n It i I t i. 'oIII l'i ItI )1)1 I ,l) l, Ir hint++.m I t:,-.,:,,' f" ,o, I illi 1 > 1 3 ill rI ne l 'i ,, of the:=, I ,lI'hr o flt, tldo ,, I)s (.v Ill+> _, m },; ,I',It: (lif I 1;, d 1 m, 1 , Ii "r ,'r !, godWorm Syr -,Ior lo I jI I i'ro r a t' . i 1 t-i Il . ,i 7 11, . t d , . illl wih ' tr t , 1" ..' ; i fo i h t; a .% n h -r -tpi r .P l It llI. h i I ' ,, l o1t';.(' : o'i l t, ;. C rh ni c 1 t tI ll (11111t1.1to , . 1 ' o 11 '[1. IN ; 1e 11II XN; , IIII'IN Ni i II,, ) fin" - i. lli ti I "i I " , rciI) in- a II II, I \:ll) iv l- tif i in j Iijei fIII 1n, o y II Xl,.r , (Sti':lt; !, . .'uo ,t' !,; , , i H't t-s ,,,ht 1V i,,! ' lh: + e tI): ,,' I , ll t I l.;I I t- (i a , f iI . el1" S 1 10 loi.l1 ,1,,! , V' l'l'll ie I )Cu/l~; h' t L; ti' Ibis "; 1rl 11n'salt'; 1-hl Isur 'rti I , 1' n-1;on S hits: l',, o r e t l , N , s I l'- l 'tllt 1 -.1 I ' G reoo .; V i i t ItI l io : . , 1 ,; t i; 1'' I Vicl( I' 1.l-, N i. i H , l c :.; iI I V eit ,i, " 1 i o , , I oil, ~". r ,iwd' l It" , iol)-,, I , J io.I t lt Q'III XI Mtllllly _t s , ,.l , ; - I1 , ( 'li" ''orit -.r ,' D , IIlr II :. '.' ; ~' ,: ! ,h (', I, r:t t ', i ' ,,,'f ,l--',\lth \ e.s 1. i i "I t,, f a r i'v t s o ,' - n, " t t " l " , I -I, s I' - (S'' &T r Jl ,l -l;I), ; t1 re . u f . t l, " ,fte = t, l pIo' T'e '''! h , ; n of rh - p., - .o t , nt o e , ':.-'. it If, fr o n-, rif - aor -~ i l l ,i , L b y : ,)tilt'l ' el p r: ýI}'Cu tili th u e J 1t' ' ' t) e st, mpl t art. N. 13 r ' ii- , al. , l t- nta l r d Ai' tr. l m',, t tof all. p, th 1 , i,, h ,u t, a -t, n tI ,,llo, t ,," i.r the :'. l t ',)l n i, lni,, ' t l o ,si, , It h i o , a '. ) s l ,t 1 :::0.0 :, c S"ri:.. l (t ': l St tll . ; Itt l s 8 I, 0 ol , 0 i, 0 l, T l -l 1: a e,. L s ; i , ,'ar ir h "., U'll ,. li" t ar ilnll . '{}. II (I entIl'll lli ,e , p.ply ,11 t , h1 ," oiell: \u. furol:T inll r S ;1. \\'IIT AN, l _ ..i'sl l ! tL . . . ,l ;.'e hll , l C, i lt. !; 1 . t wishes 10 11:10o1 lpis iPne.tdis and the public in general SNUI "FS. Ge nnan IltapptE, \ c, ,y, E gitlish I. i .e Rttgtent, n,.ricn, Itappee; NatIh i s, I l anS, It1rganu t, Thusket, Itp"ee, Purte.Stll is, 11 Iu0 t )it-s R iappee, Fine coret che Ig;, swee.t scented n, 1,lin. pI t h*r tio an thing .1' 1'uI kih d it porth , and wll 1 ru~nislhelt I tullet: n lllp lll-t: . may 4 T Oi th"t Ct(' RiI tr N 4w t C \;-tFiI2-,eiT] ,,l.,;DTT Lii it, laii I:" call' RATI)NF!P. I''T'T1 F'1 , hrod o I' nir is tl,.. ernn'I'i r^ "Y ,,,,,, ,·,·,,,, il Slit Ir 111 111 111 n . In· 11 "+: r· ·- · at 1v· tilt l1· of it (·ll:III"I'E IIP IIIII''1II 1'.. , alit :IIr.,:U 1 I I)NF"b h·;:l - i~ri, nn thi e x in""n -'''x ll nxiii ,.....ix' li.:in, -, 1,r frlilv -"trx txtliixn fx Itiii 'x xi. xh xit fi'x g ill' Ii lii. I? 11·'r- i-q.l. dU" _ .eolt il l 'xx n if ",l i hI iiiiii li~ii 'II 'i: i 1-'.!:: \'xx ''';.~., Tall I xllt 'lr x-niotvi r...i.. , l ir ii ' "' I'..fa ~ ~ ~ I xxi~ bi .n" h harro, xxxiin IT.'' : 111·111 11i -.l i, n IlriL' s: II Iv futllr, r,"" Iun iti· kvrI1io. 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