Newspaper of True American, October 18, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 18, 1838 Page 2
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lith edc meetitg having a wpkly sitatemet 'of the Treaurer was. g thnlc eipfpef -Uie.paet week . 668. iknee ef tiote eta de35.943 40; haltance last ~ ein ipnce 6$25,73: S S; 5 8 hin 7asarigyC\U Fr G r. C!l lt .Ootta orn-l. i lhg34 'tet tait r t ftrinti td cthe Fitran C, ommit ion frpm owqlof proqprtC oan- Pcrdidid vIl rev'tide wall w ans d curb |d. fsrred to thie Counoittice oe, Streets prepop dof Pitrick Kean-o' lay.n tin Iig offocydras Market, w~i referred to tharmt. tr.eser.o as Chirmlan of the Finance Comli i tdlnccd the folleoing whlc!,tha reula be wa' takea n teken up alpd adoput. o, the Treaeurer pay on .ihq wlar. S reeCflilo 'of the Couwlliltan on nd Landi a made .ti folloawing re. 1 Tie Iiri hAn~ rl aay lepat ietf nih' A' 6 da i Ita 'idnf -hict ur rilTrr It:c dt . c itwee i i ftaken.uCp cd ad, :ed. oaFan;Bi'Z; sotl (and Le ug, trc:! ttbiCae'iir 'ttiy f--ta iold, aclermnu or thu.Lret.w "i th '" :ra ; ' I i uli iub tfor the l on.;,i.hraatlul of ilh . C(ll et tli feloig nnmed l oitiuaucur an:d resolu. it. An ordinance to esn:il c Ft a Fer neyir the t. Mry's market, ean i eonuueted will tiel Clt. Ad. A resolttion authorising the celltietor of Lrvee duties to employ an aonistcait. 3 rd. A rmnolution ppropntriatlnl two thenllnld Sdbllasioalid in tt.s C onariUctia enf a road iarulgti thi Carrllton avenue. lith.A resoluiion providing foe ffurnishing bricks for the ue of the mutnicipilllly for l:ae yea;. 5th. A resolutioa: providiag for p:l.ig leoops at sandr_ pdi:s withl,.; Le i,,corl.poied iltur; of 'SI'ENC II GLOY D, Chairmanal. . "AM'L J. PuETERS, ED. CW. SEW.ELL. An 9rdinarce to elt I'.:;It a .e'erry near tie St.. Mary'e Marker, rid co::mcclCd a: tiiaJ Uily of Lstiiyatlt.. . . . Be it ordained, tieal the Secoild Mlunicipality 8tamn Ferry Comyanty be and Lry ire heuroby au thorinid to 'eatthbl.,h, and to contiauu duai.g five yuare, one or more Steen Forty Boa, to ply i' on a landing to he eppapriatetd to said Con:.ipy b twpon St. Josp!lh anid Delord.streols, .r..,O the river, touoiing at tie city qj o jjk n,pi:, g .... d dl coning; tdevidcid naid Conta:dny sha!l cpiitu. i tol the conditionIl hereina:ter na.iqd c... 1. 'hefj. sheji. establishi l a iitii.le boat with a!i neaesary .convenieonees for carriag.e, htE rees and passengerbe and not inferior in any rsraert :., i0, I bent now employed by anid Compatvy , ni: ... u :: year from the lag esan ofe tLis ordintanc. S. They shall a at times during the exisle rct.,e their piivilege, keep a sinam boat run. legant. i larly at least once iI every-hour ftat i,, Ilnst to and from tile point docignitc n It i. erdleanO*, unless prevenelod by unavoidtlbhle c:.l. s cad the cnharge for fberiage shlllt ret xciad til erate heretolbro charged bythe N'lw Olelllta S'ea:n 3. Said Company shall allow anld tpav millothi:t to tho Treasuroer of ii. nlunicitalbty the -auti of seon hundred dullars.feor'the c:e o tiaot ith:i atnd ilandingl.waiCh wil he alltIJ d to thiell. T'libSecmid~liunlicipality'cuarhlntes i.o r,:h to eea,'ihii,,. tli:ty, ia caisce istou d a ,>ha .pa it Coo. flint with asy titulal r'ighl i l:.:u ll ac . i s by aiyv exisiting law of . at" . - n i·· ·~ ..g i.'n::ntll "iýln?.+ i ." !, days a:, or i l'BpIs:ag,.. it s::a.: uo f:.,e ., ~ io binding t .,. l h :ti t.,ua ' in ., :e i . ,., W is. tsii..i I. I.. 1.ll a. o. . o e a r : r s.. ,? (oin pany a rie o, ar iL. If eat Cxor i",.,, , ]ating .ccept' 4",·t ll . (o:. dli n hll ll cl; 1 !tilp ' thi t :i volvo eol ihe.i , iu ler I, A4 u;an% on-, ;f.crn,' mog totheir teie i s in a g mo inilg, st1 Cbompan shdr , i ig ,'t tic lonoi ih cta n oipality allthe rightlnh I t .:.*geý in I , , v , Tosied in odic Cnlini,. ll.y iy l an ,'.,lt% L9 -" ', solutions oftiih Cot.-l. Be it farther ordained tht in care ti: cnd Munifpa-"it)y-$pirn Frarv C'owpa y ,.ha:! Inu'. c cept thi oritdinahe, it sharll it, htw:ul for u,.' r, ,iax+ ! bar of respons.ible cit on' of sic nllltllei Ie! : , itt it lese wii ten, to .coh it ill I cn i tfi-tle Le 1" wi'G g to wit: A book of subscriprion shall be onven:r! !,', lamde High, Ithlldrhuc "Dimond ani ill. Hu.,bi u:t i dlter'nivt.da.,. otaicn, eron pi t ca cio a .l , ,-'il / j orty of:them, ,leli bouk oi ;;1 rmn.nm r -en during the day.. Tihc capitul hatl! i i l fxc-l byn aid Commimpon ra at 'auin ,t;<t- rxa+lt-'i atlt- li )i thouanmid dol.srs an:id shnil' hn 0vcded inio 'ii cso of ole hulln r:d dollars each, aliti -. iin It tonlla. seriptiou- are clelnv , ifa g ic er i;tell'o + g rt l ulcbotec than is. deootsiry, tl.lCn: iill l;l'! a diminithed by riducing the latrge.t Iab;l,:Ins, in auch manner :lat no uona' wct i:' Iw rducdr i - ailc - larger one lemaluts. l'hat aEon as a Caompany so f.iored shaloniM oorporate lsmooiveoa soaoec.'mn.y wy sri 1Il- i:vw et 13th 1Mareh 1837 nn! shnl! nos :s a hol t., r.icd, o' their aceptaorqe qta Lhis ordioaneu, av olD,- htl. I lag on san yCotnts and ,on kils 1pdii ti, prided oUCh Rptioi isc made a 180asxls. Liis .Be ;. . , t' r th.c4.l+ ',i:..- ·nb l n 't i Mtrel ie My rue .,c.aa.:e : t- "dn I h brasat lao .rdin r..l ". ; .5i lI.Sa I II .. of Ja so as ip o ic ti :y , -6 ":u e . . . i -esmber , 37. . Wherseas .ndry periclela o C·4:c; I .t",. petiteded the CorneI torr d to s n ,, : go- o .threatrCairokan ouse b +h~ ,o: w m C.':. : Banking Co, on ine. tl l k of"a n 6'e; n,+,. ,, ..,n", for'l thl'aue': rd c i bo o. f gse:s r - ,s ds.,',.,. Be it 4aesl ird,- iTlat t'e sumn of two twanto dollar. hso and is ba-by b l. ao;r :o ard , .II -_ dolet;an oftaid readI : " nt.,hoa n L, h, ' . , ul' dl ttidtkl for two e .rr.ged ;l- . :. w ,, I -zteoal4b of smtabre elevation o I!.a: w oo5t!': t u . trt, ditched on both aesos, and coreoed at lne' ,tr inches of sbe:s,, and pron id'ed the , o,.-I s .,. r.ade t tthe satas l,:on of lit e Chu;! be:;,l tihe mnoney hereby alropl:atd bo paid. .Reaovedr Tl',t the su v, olyor o and ne a, hetc a.luhorized to 'adver"oae for tre dea a l tlo Di:.o.e. and Tsoe A'maracan srev-v". ,:r, 'u En ,I.-, alto in Frenct, for propora s to a rc:ved ba. h m 'i: delivery of w' :iceks I.. : mavsie :rq ..e by i -;tnirepal.t f'(: twIs t..n mo:s:.5 s . ., nd.; :+ aorlt.,arl baid b bi , luo f . o... ... ' deli eotla.e ouot. qsaf - a c anylfromtimnstot.n::e qu., do' e.:ur : ResolvedS That :.o'-eto -ass. e a rosau bya thorizos .o C0uas lruap posts tto ie 'errctld at tlie fu.lowih.g pica. r·'z: At inivtec :oni o of tl nai, New I.wvs '-e'Ce : dodo and Laecurae or Raeo ie; o do \o .S i.,v-,: and R.fligEnasts, do do and .icd .-, ats; !,, io Roinbm atldodod eoule or R.ce a,; don dualge, a o. Ofsa s; do do Richard ,; do o ll al kt lrai do d.L t Ja-l. ale; do do Cleu stsa; do, dd., &o Onna;vj O.srgo ate; rdo dd L.:ccruae R do ds Rioraid; do do ltrkl;o tdo do8 Ju:.d; d0do" do y roas:; d.SiJo;, ,. .(; .pli dtp4 R ie a-ns at-; do do , d M',rkn.. do O I Jtuues It 4, c~r, do ita. Fo isc, tIsd; u~ 1' .C.,llturs , .ad npbin Is ; dodo .areur.e r ll J :eas ae,; do 0o Orijerag or O.ases ga; do do I,,rn'; do ,. tarke; do do t- Jameol do Annrc:r.i..;o ani ,Or1age al; do do Richard als; do do to ..icks i dodo FliOity roi4d; do Csiartaonsc and O:ag,,se r!i; d-4o .Elard ata; dodo Felihciy road; do Cromp sdp i '-ia gia; dodolRiobi apa; do do Roce ;; do do -'o--. do do Foltcity road; do Co!liseun do; aoims tlam eri; do do Prsisneum s .; do d,i tarsrpe sta: do PryiLaaeolm ai . Foio: i as,;tad; ldo do''aUhuoa*saa; de'do 'lTir, ,,o.oe .s;, do N yndes. d Felicity rod;do do .to l:vP tulslr; doo oE:l rpo; do do TedT aisor.e; do Ji a ano ta tc ,. iar; do doal Joh.a ta; do do S. PIul ar,; do G.rod :,, St JINs !a; do do S& Psi r rio; do do Si Pdv' u~r; d'olsv!ri nod St Join -'r; do do Si .ad :s.-; . tlson and 5ar. e ate; do do J~ekso:: s";; . u ,s "FtM - -,• ,, ot Ot4rtrtlhon;of!4r Pelts, it.rts . - ...j0;j"y ,,};rltatl U Polie Qstm itt:ee b3 reqi;redl t4oJ tri'tftils Coilohl what reoasures, it' our bei aoepHyf.olr, tsit'Coullail to uldopt to cary intol .nst stli ozdiuanoea icrolitiou t ttie redislg firri -ORDER OF rHE'DAY. Theollowiong cmolution introduced by 'r Po. a u IIjaosodo boia, is order wo tii.o ap I' ,t the Coratoiroler L , and l,, . Ia S adjuslo=cae to lthe Iligsert bid' I asd other qbssruclaasi wishis 4.hilaoa I drest rteasssng Irons. Poay. i Jkt-oiGaqý moaJ Tclhapllaalas and liva dale notiae, re. qassor a- tr otrosia to be re. stian w *fur tlr o +,djodication 'd ' Jayes n' Scpesdf ofamm d .t e "in rilaemtlmiit !. mhmym ý; a n ;.'~i < tm : a'" th Nixom intri m t id.ll amil tmontiot , whmimim w't mU.d nd"omlt .time mtit at. 1 d. ft1h day tmre h.. T humagsner m ll rla m T tl dC, etmmdti . mi. ltimm be aelming ein the Mlayy'om ft4bei.ii Pufo the nllmo frl oftthi ao' emtnvialt m negdlecmted to execute the ordinance in r:l,;4ion to fi:e wood, which was 88 rfmtrrotd t tthe PAhce e'teirniitit., -- . ti R.embived, 'J'hait a ctianuitena boe anppoii. th med to etxlmnin into thl:o t!lta of t:lm o i ,ttui.e prin ll ting for thlm Munielpmllity, and lta in. iL n timtl.uer tl.x- - isling ordin llacts' rii atilll lt1.reto !rmt- ieitmn ald. oi h.rod to amid comphled wti;iand hlt i mendauiints are awmn tinlg to. correct. tin dlti-ctll t thle irm nltl i Stoimlln teimn ('inc mi: ti.iero , d Iu ttle ijc+-ion of au cdl:c ltottar.vit tmI-t,::;i . in rl..hj,,tip ofl flat b atni . Le Wt.tiLt' i lt lIm t .+l imnm tile.umntimllllmimla loue oiI l MMr. yl "s". ir i .! ' eel " I:ev itl owmn'in re.rohl. .tm -twi I w , ;," , ei sd a'iltiweine tvdr Cit I mt24egy but a y h , "l.d R r,"nilm .ml, mIm mm. mii at mmv .ey i r a tma tldh'tl ii " atreliy iau.h,.erbte :o iYr~olay M . aM~ : Olluy to cover i ,wi:h-p:l olr , m m:. l 'iril te, antlto fill.em[ a i;mtv:- I -lmi cut u`. ih I lg'aiy" o i wio ii.payomtmeoUt ie .C.roI. ti hlt ' i. att , 5 collnm tia em~.lop L ycard; i p.,u idC all si u wme, !! rl.ll bu oume to iLhe. n ntmlaictin of tie ti and tmitmm fSimve mrt in 'I. d t.. m I.~ict, f, .r wmrk mcmoel a S:Lamit e&'tiet am pe the certifi. c a ta o f e u u ru ", v . .o . ·0: omot int,, tlic g'Ouu~ il tdj<mtm d tio Tuenday nexie ·i , the: Oatobernins.tit at 5 o'ciock'P. IM. JOIN (GIJISQN, FOl', OF _ -.L-f-N-. i I . N I , Nili .hipi.Y..:..'. nG,. G,.,LIn .r, i im l lOimk; "" " th in &i Coi ii S ,. ,,..ll,, vl'o .. .:r, I'i:, ,.l,,!lh~iai ' 'J 10 UIlegre itmim tlmulmullai4i, mi_'m(nlllit.lo , J m it. i . n 0 ,im AIt A .R" .hlp• " h ,,u- ". I. -l ,l-Qrl'li- , 1. M si Sl I.t . Thoma,. :R, t Pmroo,: rf l- th at a6 A .1.( hm;mmm:r up milm,, I'm'r, louili .,.lid ml -. inr e mi'ill' . ' rlol h" u .u,; :iu . :u .Oj', . Lo:xi t7 L·.l n .,-9; GvrJd I. nr. .ti. M,; . to llt up M .li;ll . er i i eid {, t m,!, 'I'o la ~ 'ih ,0. . inrih , i'.n, 1 eill 10It1 s h dl, , u osi av. tlin,l Sm,, Jii mlim ll o ,.,m ork, Im und to t ~ n" lt m, ., ' m, it y.lit lt.n.i . .m -i., t 0..I ., It mim mm, nm ,li l:mm.k.. tan 1,0'eu p i. - l m, ' Iki t. i, 1 , i 1rm t.!'i. : ,. Jim iisit f.;l,: . . :' .'P+ylr. " ".--. r r". J :h; . ,i i. ... . ImmmO' in lh , m iteit .. mi S i .. , .. . .. ..t I' . , . ...... .1 I ; !itit1i', , .d. ic ,, , !.I;llll,! r,.,,, 5c ,¢ I lctlll ,iml l t -- in:-. - cmlintc nc mmL ym' 1 '.a'tI O r'. p ý, p, ,r:I. ; rn..tu ra io . o N .l m t i -R: d.,',. . . ..C ., , I td v m.:~, i . m r i i :r(, t .. , ,r . .....; ., , au, a..u. l c. , ,idi· Y*,. a -I. e. , titt "Ir t im •I 11 t: H,:.. r.I u ,i, .. u, i I+ti.i~ru .n t '., I-,' ,' , tr l ' mmi - i" , "\m h I:i'e,' i 4it I & i - , ; t it, I . m m it ,.1, I, li lt- , pi ll,~ . lnil I3 , ' .. . . I'r J .: ".' , ' 1 1 mm ' ii . ,. " i h i mi.i:"rn. . ' .i T ml I,, P . . . . ...omim..i..m ...m m. . . ti , im;m Ill in ' J :" . i": 1 , -tmr & ' i IIl; m k - Iý.:ý ,' , l I i' m . ' l 1' it rm.h iJv . m m \mm f . i ,mIm , . - i 1w" 1 W.l + I. -' a,'. I t 'r l i .', " r,,, I, .'i. t;.: r 1o ; uc,& ·:·ti& . 1 t:nost J..1', r ,, i l- ,t,.. ' ] :J .,h ýnr & <'n: I-"l I llC ii to; J L; ,11 tl;",l"; ,, ,., I .| E [} lllgulr an r. I t<,h,,V, ,i', C. ,. Ci., ;,'l I i,. ... G0 G 'D :i I; 1' ";ir""n; t,.I it "n J 1..t: I 1, \'I1 , 1"-m,;m. . it Ji. . icinm mo: ooI !. ii;m "I mmim.t' 1 "O'- tii". m mC. immit:niminc lm "tim Ir-t ,,in , m ,m m nn m.· .¢ C.,, Ii '" ; s Iio l:lu b, .. mm--t;m-immm riL. . ,1't5hl'n i - 1 mm't ..h Lat. , it I 'C. h ' . 1-, ' i 1tah , , ll.' h ,, I.' It 4 ecCi i i !IO~it 4 go: 'i.. l~lt* Cllll l,;r IO |l le. C ai limi.& iim mIli jt 1 rm ill, ] l4m; c- \', .,.ti im Iinli- , tI9m1im'1imm oie L,: .i bards at t tilln . d, -ilemlm Pc--niml.tit. J m mI l l'IJ iI DJittPm I r 9.., . I • ,, ., · t.:1 , ,., F , ,'I ho ,' . t q , ", rnrk i i" i . , " ýJ0tU,'tltr1r,. I .: ;, I:·- - - - - - 1mm, ' .. IImmcmi- lime ltmteimem I C' .! t, P rl", P rl li l. ' lt. . t, I. t' t'hant E l '· , J 11 DIs ull. : m l, "lith mI im a!.- "t bli ila I;,'.alet . i u iur. ."l_:' , t, o i hh IJ L I .- r ,. .- ' 11, {tun)I . r, Ii, r, \1'r . olimmimi,,; im, ttiir..ii ' 1ium "tt ir r in ; l-i. mitO , "in-in 1~u. . ~ mi,,t. init t Dl% h, i n for Or, Ymmvmmn-mmnitithl3t.i ' £ l~ lin: '1, mim6mmertioN N !,: E® 0 1, E A"N : Ti 1UISDA ', GCTOIER 1S; 1S :. : ,' i . . 1 5 I. A c,,,.u d t:; ,t, ., u z a. ; ter w rii b'" e lule.:e be:, w. i ,. c=,, ' , y jian wit.h ; o t.'a ,ir ini 'll , lh lo . ; o..· , [ Ji .u a do.nF 1 il e lt l w | t p or In 0Ut 1I' the 'e . , r I nwo pe 1ee' erolt?,of e Coe eur, I II ut ol neltate. Tie e s ,ale c inuee s d f ut.ry :: ',:, o-0lm c ,C ati:: co c,::.m t Ilt ltb ir li. .infcipl!e cause to cutep.ein al dCsesi , rt o:uery or inas:b ordai:H.:l on aacl(n be e:vas,:t. e lue..d reasing tdmeeno tla:ia o f ovr nreglo pnoliulm Clann e lel to b et, e e eR 0 01 :... em.t ,a he'. To what ct 111 j - ..i:urcd, r n a' e ipa l,; tIh n e. tip pcrlit iul s :ampo se t. I wrn e ,,e .:e ioe 1' pte ple ! It is c mp;Ir lh .\lt. tru" it. e l tir et taler . ' Fb': , : a'y thati they lnow cor :. dwelliil Lmorg ch. Then why are Io/y suflfred to rett:::l, nil' rnt'c·,'ls O lit so, I gh a rate? Every s.ip,cvery steamln boat riht a-rves n,ingg usabun danne of witvl.e ]lhnurr·s, and tlherefoe it cannot be a scarcity of wor ,l on. Sc:arcle' is a moderate s eod pJause In o ply plar of tle cily, voac .ot for an teuer before enme of these illicit dwrllere sn:eatch it upto te o t e nlll. fLee. d trieLCnt of. our cit.zin:l who . cannot noe house theemselves but a' the sacrif.e of perhaes Ialf their income. Ob serves the nortnous inc.eanse cf iregro drinlkieg shops kept by thie very clfasof riiopfle, enecourag ing the per;iceais uae of qeeori by exrample, by precept, rnl feer Itelir wewn iumetiate iei.rt, oud thou tebieh Yf. tIIe l .eLaWe to our ; aU asend nfetly, and the natural dubasement oof or bloc). we peplie. 'lt indllTerenoae within ourselves to the pli a lr , ich prohibit alike this traffic, and the rl t ade-s: tits carelessness oil our own.port, regard-. be noa the good government of. ar slaves, givs tel double force to the insidious machination of those fi besotted fanatics who assault our instittistions from without. If we indolently neglect our own a p safet.y how can we look for forbearance from in those wlo hare both ous and ours: who seek with d the unwearying watchfulnass of the Lynxlfor thle w. priritinus momeant w then they can safely spring i upon us anl destroy. Tn- Thlre Caim street Theatre opens on Sun- 3( tiny niglhi,utad the performers are called together rG iat lo ia day. The tatjor pbryion of tihem are li dtraly in It.h ciy, anld the few who are yet to nI cotoe tie ihiurty expected. it het all the ttoop ti assembles ithre w4lI be alarge force in Camp. Old a shiorts aj an on the return in somei places if our citizens do not. On the Ohio the old original d mialle ol navigation has been, per force, adopted, anild hundreds of travellers are mouing from point a to point in canoes as in the olden times. S CaOTTION. We have learned lthat tte 'crack mark,' G. No vil, wan sold yesterday by llesetse. A.Ladour &Ca for 14 7-5ths, being fully acent and a half higher than the highest price quoted incur last pries a current, and 3-8the shore the highest prise given a this seaven; 14 1t4 having been obtained for the a heaotiftl cotton W. Nutt. i iReally such sales ought to encourage our plan 1rs to endeavor the producing of ch tise cotten, as it appears their labors are well appreeiated by our Amelican manufacturers, for it is for the American manufacturers that the above coltuna were bouglht. yThteretss an andmtirable change now for the I P.ayuno to endu!ge its propensity for aold stories,' I sand awrt otjotkes,for we saw in the Courier of laot evening a tale of ronme man being chased by lis wife over Borton Comnmon, wlhich Inas "made the roundJ," at least twice, has now agnain ob ained admissonw into tilerotlma.s of our evensing coidureporary: it is therefore just about stale ijc glih now for the Pinyanto. S£4rt;oga. Ittie titlow;.tg is an cxrarct from a rir log kept by a passenger on board the Sara ettp erer 29 t tio 10 A. .. left quarantito Sgrf il beltoow iNew Got silk rtstopping at q ors' i it, nit siceer ai ! nt leOtving it. Wetti I reo it thein :coon "allro aet," as tin report said: if o, I could ittI have breen in oudetd. Go i ,-c. theo baor tmen beg n to heave the lead; tIC vtet nIttion of which set nme "heaving too.' Oa t let'iscovered a wreck in lat. 30 47, long. 3 57: I rtCti to lie tc '"JamIes Dee" of S. J.bls S;. i:t. :h, s.ckt baelt. ittd; siell of diatie So i ;. us e'eratyl . ;:de . t~. poin: of A. , oa:.lti L.ouw IfKy. Ocl. 7th, wind squtrlly: seil the Caile, spoke ship Joh! Taylor and brig N t's.,n C rke, boulnd to New Orlens,. Oct. llih G.o Ic;ys E. N. E. 7 miles distant, saw what wa. nillspposed to be thetKenttcky ashore an Woe; Key. 0'. 15.h took a Pilo:, Tom Flvnt, wto runl us ''.lre in iuh N. E. N P n w;ih adin.rable precisrion. 'l'o'i aelo :. r p ot: lt sa.ei da) : got o of i. o 15Gth it>r ot Ic tourutotg." Seitlnd pi'o noroneartll S.; : ri co!d t gt agoun d ila he could ,, c i ;.' a-io it lhe liver on c : owe boa . S i t it-" i. 1 .1 ;-1 tur u , it u ,s the attaliun , 'Itln It.iiieo .ItooOI el o a av. Lookedand s.,uitad I Le a tolter, bat site p oved Poa i !', e too n suno t ni.d. g'tI in front of tihe ,wcw Il tict, but cowild'slt aity, so le'ti the Veotsab!es and I.CItL to .Vet -oevcral fionds at a late saut. ie . i re i . cHl l tliljl t rate: anid Caplnn first rute and a lilt, over. ]tHurah ! for New drleans! Stea ttm aedents ure now lu o so ceedinr"y em monn t thai they now scarcely excite a passing nojtice. No oII e wnould have thought it worth while to Inention Silue bo!d Ouachlilta" was run into by a schooner ie the Rilgolete and lost wheel house and palddies, but Ilsat Iho accident caused tlhe loss of a mail, which telldillng hlard on some of our ediloral corns j was nilicitionled cn pssant. The loss of the tow bti ,riion and tie death of htier 2nd engiluer would scarcely have been told of, but lthat some 0 dry guodsmllcn were waiting somoe supplias by the tow she ol.rtl to have brought up. In Mobile they seem determined that no accident shall occur, so they clap all the boats in limbo. New brooms lmay aneepclean, but new law seemn to work Imost motnt:sblus hard, at least In Alabama. it 112Cibber lmake mention of a suppoeod uncon. scionable jutdge who would it "ta t tiReg mui'telleo, ather ltaneelhid mnllon eold," Sand we, too, heard tell some two days since of a certain man in office, not a hundred miles from lMobile, who kept the mail boet and sixty pse sen:gers imipatintly waiting at a serious risk, rth er than rise liom his soup and chop to give tie ( Clptiain his certificate. The returns of the Georgia Elections are net ye' co.tiplete. Thosein the Augusta Chronieleef the 13th are from G5counties, leaving 7 to be heard "on:r. The a ccesse f the entire Sates Right par. ty is placed beyond doubt. Gen. Waddy Thomp son has been re-elected from tha e Greeaville Dis F'cai imtr;.id:ton. Mr. & hnrs. Seguin, both singers of great eteellence, arrived in the Samson, at New Y!tk. They are destined for the'Nation .1' where opera seem likely o flourish extensive ly. The vocal coips consists of Miss Sherif, Mr Wilson, Mr. and .Mrs. Seguin, Scgnior De BegRn :r, and two other basses of same disinlction. ( P-Clesto rook her benefit at the 'Nations!' on I.o 8.!r and introdlluced o:e of her many now p ect.. It isca :!.d the 'Indlint Girl,' a story of New England: rogtherr with a novel comedy, c.!ted Suzaune, her first comic effort in this coUn. ty. Mtrs. Gibbis in playing the Devil at the Franklin, --we rean theo 'Olympic Devils.' Vestria and he 'bL bh,)'re stil1 thie stari il the ascendant at hthe P r,, wnitltd crosses of Durham cattle, and ,c ps 'iYanl.e nrotions' are quite the raeo at Ntb or s. 'ine lair is at tile faull. (Our weather is beginning to get pretty cool, and though in the South we as'dun have it sevee enough to go a skating, we often got "a elide," part icularly at Mnemrpiis, Vicksberg, Natches eand C',11 Un.ed States irana tlock 1.22. Tiie dmi.slursements to the various individuals in trhe Nw York austtUt Ilaouse .xceed halfl o il. L. l a:lully. 'itoe direct patronage ill the state, agreeab!y to th lBIte l/oo., is 181U postmasterr I17 mat I toltnaert.s. 59 clerk's in tile N. Y. P'ost W:ice, i Li;ht house keepers, and 500 Custom Iltuso ;rft'e:s, besides what are io:aned the secret ippeca:ora: wuat is tile amount of irdirtne patron. age can be pa:tt! judgetd of from this sample. 'iThe loco focol"Past' of New York sayo:5"thr.t we can carry tleo city of New Yesk for the demo cratic ticet we fully believe: but our friend mtust not supposae that to aelieve a victory will be a work of more pastime." We shoutld think net, indeed: at least if we judge by the past times. The rhapsodical wish of the bombastic lover, ' Ye Gods a:uerilatle l/th o,are and limet, I seeams in a fair way of fulflinent. Time always tew lost enough, and rail road., and steam ships now render :ipar a mrr nothing. liad half as ltrange a tlh in olden tI:llrm been toldJ. .f that a wondron, dist.nce ensm of our ris have aesl off' plished since the Great Western ties brought Eel rnpe so near to our shoreo it would hbkv soon r| breen dubhed-"- e traveller's story," for now moen tell of travelling seven or eight thouund miles ai the fe:ty days and seem to thine nothing of it. As Cl an instance we copy the flloewing sen telerabloe specimen of "quick work." A gentleman who resides l Sehalkll contsy, t.l in'thi stmate, is passing tihtrogh this city eo Toes- tIn der , rddressed te a letter on butsneso, from which Ii w extract the fllowing.-U. S. Gaostt. Or i"I left New York is the Great Woetere sleam edr n4ip t Thursday, the 16th Augutn, at a quartet past five o'cloek i.e the afteramee, and ernred at I istel, England, oc the morning of Theredy, the 30 h August, from thence I went to Birmighaem nd iverpo!-n-then ereased ith olrish sea to Du.b- e lin, thence to to the city of Londonderry; and el lastly out into the meontine of Deegeol, the mset e northeen county of Ireland, where I transaated all an the business for which I went to Europe, sad have Pr now returned hy the same ship. I shall reach my kh homesc, Scrhltylkil Couinty today. I travelled abot e a thousenu mniles inl Europe, and altogether sitee leaving home between sevenr thousand ive hun- p drr d ant eight thousand miles. It Thus quilting New York eo the 18th Asgent. , and returning to his home on Tuesday thet th September, he was absent bat forty deys and yet accomplished a greater space than was passed by th. leraelites i.r their lorty years journey to the Wilderness. d l3 In order to ehow his stnartuee,tl~h Piayunu. amaeed himself yesterday with pointing our an error of ours, which we earselves aegrretda ,e explained, at the self eemmemoeet. The ileljgu io certainly a geed proof reader, ath:bagh an es. eeedingly bed joker. What a pily it Is that his am b.tion should gear above ale abllities. We have frequentlly expressed ou personal pre ference for wooden pavements Is those formed of any kind of etone. Our donviction hab-iong been tha they will eventually be high in fever with our citizens generally, particularly for streets sp. propris:ed to private residences. The United S'ater Gasefe has the following remarks upotn thie subject, to whlich we wish to dreect the earnest attention of our city authorities. Woo~rnt Parements. A correspondent of the Boston tiazetue, in roef ring to wooden pavements, says, "Experience tan New York and Philadelphia, hae deelied againet them." This is entirely wrong. The experience in wooden pavemente in Philade pits, has produced an optnion decidedly in f.vor of hunm. Such was our own impression, which we have frequreclly expressed, and it is clear that those of. ficial opinions lately given to the eoontrary were n il otlU lu.d on exp.eeioLe. If any one wishes to sec a f:;r pllecilllten of woodl pavements he can be t graitii by vsriti:,g the Mint in the front and rearof wa,,i, they are lalI in inrre pereet ceondi tiont than Ias yetr te- arccmnplishedl in this city. ThIe saamples in Carendelet and St Charles street are, however, each exselleet of its kind, bhat mere care and labour have been expended en thoee that a sd:routd the Mint. RtliO.r KEY WEdlI'. By the U.S. illa.l ,ti1r. Hlpte. Capt. Griflithe, we nave rEcoved a file of Key West papers to the 290th cluneo. g FLORIDA, Seo..Pt. h SfrrIoREu.t.-The brig iulahl, 01 Bangor, Captsan ii..ititch all, mastor, ran ashOre, elf Gardfe n Ilarnd, Cua, on the 8.h astant, unshlpped tie, . threw reabloard part of her cages aeud par in hs.o oil thre 114t for repaits. The sach. Marly & Augusta, 23 days from BIl timonre, atlOed lhere vesterday, with fear of the h p1aeneern of the achlr. Vinldicator, Rtetnoete, Itron h. Yetk, for Apalachicola, which was east I away n:ear (Gu Key, brings the follewing news. SEPT'EMBEIt 9. 'ltJhrorugi the potlitness of Capt. Boate, of the U. S. r ;Ivenueo .tter Campbell, which arrived here yesteorday ltomt a cruise, we have obtained dho. htwi(ni, eat rout r.tor:nttion. ,'sstodt til ,ieck ill tieu blig Ainer, near Ia ke'd ;;iJl oveLr, lea ,d her it po.elslssltti of .Uo in. diane; n:akikd oand killed thiro o l tiet,, the reat touok to rtI twriads. Four .d in trie brig severe[ se,'led letrtlr, a bir l a bhl ot olading, bh" wbli.t was asetI a.ei osn wao la ·neoi.lo ( Sbountd t, CUntone. It iS believed thanthe greater part of tire crew wore rlasesared by the Indliers, one a, the crew was ftlound dead near ils wreck; w . ntt at tite Lb:l:-F-,ulnd adrift near Cape Fir. r- r -c - Ill-:as ta a hb.g or shilp ilh rod ergoal, la wi: ia t.o;s U. V. on it; the Snacks which were Slut on tire Cape, from il ystic, were likewieo batnt. Bic Tor.--Bearonr Course anee.-The metsh betweenl Ratier end Dutchman, v er the B-aeon it, (oure, calte efflon Saturda:, for $1000 puase, and na Is desribed as one of tihe must iateretsing races on record. "' Solle live or ix years sires, the fameos tretting cr Ireu Coulumtuu turned the ilunting Park Coatso at l til.teilltlia-wcllch waes the thtree yards over o a mie-.uree itaues itn 711n i.68 Twoyear strset, is Dtniel D. Toalpkine troited three miles ever the ey !traviill Course in 7m uo. On Soturarcy, Cite first heat wo won by Rattler ea -each harse having broken up mere-an 7mi e4s. s Tile secotid healt, in y Delelhman-eacsh brelaktg once--:ime 7in. Os ; the winner coming k tip under a hard pu:ol,and treotting very slowly, every ose belng setisfied that the beat would be lmadte i. 7tn 48-. It Rattler had not made a bad *- break just bolero ile rlachsd homre. Tlit rI heat-a dead heat-in 8mr. aa. Fourth heat-wen eanilI by Dltehmtn-i- n tm. +' s. eo oes at the etsrt, $1009 $00 on Dutchman--end ae the start of fourth heat; 100 a.0 on Dutehrean. • -Con ier anod E.rerr. Gets Cresoer.-The 4Gled* 0sdtaI tkat the ateount of gold remaining nis "led Ia thi miset Son thee 31st of Aguso, wase 11,03t. There lse depoesied in Septelber 577,043 dollre. Coined iN Septetmber, in half eagles, 3tW.0O dellers. te. ma n mtinag uncoined, September 30, 1831, 147,145 dllarie. rd Facer a Charleston.-The C.etia of that eity r- s ys :--'" The total number of deathe for the week ending on Saturday least, amounted to fity one, thirly e'ght of wh!ich were by Sttnnget's Fev.., considerable lese than were repertel Iast week, but equal in nutruber to the report of he w. k pnroans, c:om which it appears there has boon no abate h ment wha.ever is the progress of the diselsee.' , Extract cf a letter from m Eisaro IlLaND, dated Sth Oct. 1830. t In my last loeter to you, I steted that tlis ie lan 1 weaild average mere so.ten t the aere thean it did tlat year. 1 feel no heeiarian .ne. in with drat itg Ihat opinien, ard declsring that, as email nas ie crop was of the past year, that the present will ict exceed it. I plant 40 acrese and haye gathaerd 14 bales (300 pounds eah) ltihe who expertsn more titanan equal qotnlty eo thel al. tready toused, I lldulgtIlng a copeo that will aUe Iv dsallilor nt him. It Is tihe opinion of all with r hm Iot hvet conversed,that the average pmrducat emill rot no more than7?i pnadaper sere. Iknoem our , iendri, the buyers, are overy loew of b·hlef in conceanug the growang crE.op, but I can disjover neither poicy or sense in an attempt to dice.vt." IawERI CA.sADA. The euatral Gaelloe of 'hursday evening says. *We been anferted that his Ilexcl:ency the Eirl of Durhatm his ex. pressed a enas 8,rJuiix C.,Iheu nhouli inm nu. di:..ely asuseno the adrnilllltratiou of the CGov. c:.nlent of Lower Canada; and that is the inten. t:onl o, .s Lordship, the rest of his tosi doneo in the i'rovineto, merely to exercise his funlstlinsasc iiah Comlmissionor in British Norut Amerna. Colonel Couper, the Military Serretary of the Earl of Durhamn, came passelger in the Canada StIamboat fronm Quhbeq to Sercl, and it ie undersaro,ld itha his aisit to sir John Co!borne is COu.nectud wits the proposed arrangenment of the Ear, o. lirnan. it i(;orge Arthur woe in Montreal on Thure. -ia, oas tits way to Quebec. MARK(ETS. New Yoaa,Octber 0. MONEY MttKKET.&e. TI'. IIhii-ins tr..e.aeIed .t th stNleek EeChn.eO eterd:lv aw..1 hI.ta lllla tnot, ud i..nil ut Iteclinlt lg 1 itesa . Utiteld i. s tie,i. ecdd wihoaut clangn at id2. eUrlaware and .l.t ,l...oli;.sLi, aldi Istltl eal dirosae esch declined 1 is-',t. co.o. ,sli.. s lt'te~lint Eu'Ixanes, for the Gieorge, I.I setlns',,(deaiuseuasiitiisolters s)lwere l..du i i .lu I :-I prr c,:lt prnm:.asa. Aublnabta Uaat Ce, i.'i..its, n. u ao 3t'a r i :S 7 ter ,lat dir ounst. ' ill: .il1t I Kl".-'.- toultn isell$eun *talo i. qsite firm at Id 7J. Coessa ieecs Bi'e", wiltl a fair maeat sfsales. Itll .TI MORT. 0SUGIIS....IAt uction th "ar'o A s ffs k e; mas frs -'uot Itno, wae cold is foho a..tb e ahde slett1 s40; -n us labt's s 'el 20 ad.dS .C. At'te sme Sine' 1 li5t.Cruis werosohdl at pe 0t $19 I. IIt)LAtSi:A.--Aauertion hismornine 195 bId. Netavis 5, puslt tart, were sol at "7 a 36a u 0sccu auas e8 do, adal a 4O% cts; "",d .l bblt at a1s cts. TIEASURY NOTES. TaThIeTt Daerstsasnl Oat. 1, IX0e 1 The whleamount ofTreesury Ntes aetberiseed be the aet o-(kOatoer I, 50L?, havrig beee t taui im ls 6 00,0(tn 10 Anittseres having b sees rd"md oth The new emission made in aee a there nuder the act o May 19. i. h., 1e" bees 2.709,e10 at There Ihve heen fetl.'nal is's the assi. dieg uallunouy aubout 8,0c,3g0 o0 L.EV W)(sIiJtlltY. S...'stary of ties, eau se'. Csmp St. Theatre. THlIS Thcllar will be o.Pned fir the snnson on 1 SU DAYOU3 I'it)tIIlt. the ereen. lRooao,on Ttcrday, te Milh liott., tl 1a t0 eatl8 II BARRETT. 3 d . I1 Copn elicit, hps jus bo e B m &roq Lngondon, {{ sip 'I i'err, Ue. , 3ediltti, Inea1, Super Roeal, IpaoritI, Clumbier, tonl dolublr Eltephae Draewing Alper: ri".d Roil t nd htIpeerile do. Tuoruttll' Landlo, iloanrds. IPlain ud ''iuted Idloiton d Ine Ivory patieri Tra peroet.d litln pi per; Gold h t t ilver paper, l olborderd, Wiitu rBd Coloe fr, ed Mice paper. Aol DRA WI.G.PENCU. l A Reeve'a II Snu'o best pr.. ined Lead P dencils; rook m00 , & Latgdol'e do. to. COLOURS, &c., &e. Reeve's & Son's Waver Colors; Newmel' dleo; box es of Chalk- selt Cra oas--3ti, 72 alnd 144 oii-)crnt shadles; Liquid Geld, ;lrid end Silver Shelos; Marble and China Ink Slabs- Chinoa San errn; Chllia 'f'ile:, 3, 6, and l9divistoo, Ivory, Mahogten , and Chino Platletti; Ponah brto;oes; bo.t l:ldger 'tiul Itroeno s.Polnh kivtes; M ete and R Setehing Po::nbliso; Poaper, I ,tit- N er an Cork stLol ti, Miniaturo e tvorrol a d .eaors; At S8Wmi Quill Peaeilig do blt.k L~t.L;e do. OIL COLOUR 4, Prepared easeeer Japaied lTim loxes Bladlder Co ilutsOwill reails.o Oruwere, }e. Preporod-Cenevass, 17,90 & ;6 leashes. "POCdAKET iSOOiS & WALLETS. Rsulstand Morocco t',chet (looks; RCs-ia Lr.ael lcr Wvtletoj ItuttsiLeaoilher I'ovlirt hooks, 3 A 4 lvoop leaves; patent Tobletorwith i:vrot ptcil con, . 1 SCREWY lI A tLl'.e Plain and Reflded flI.., oot , llo.twt ol,t l at ~ol,, SIurnihedgold, F itocy co:o,ed rid gull Stlu, om unt dies. sa PEN HIOLDERS. O . Pearl end Gold Peit Holder.; Pe1tl and Siler do6. nt 3 HITSi. tAVANA eSUUAil-4t, bliens tit botto ab end lot oslo by SLAT.TR &. TRIER, '1 < rac r si4 Poydr~Oit i By b l.Tlr1 f 'r'itE! .. SD tis ill PovdIrns til lIlfr nY-o. , iim.posVreriln old Broed., iso tVc, i T R yD & BBROTrtlg.P. )I octl8 coo Co ,.tonn & .:19 i. Pt !<1 le by .. . . ... . a ~------- -~`~ ' . SLATER & TIllER, l- t4 I t I',vdnrs t treht. p ,d (T.e mrU.~or soit, oCEP.n;. ntii:+, Hltero, N- from New York, is diochliraine tilpe lo ioe VeF tLn - I' It lMe moerkt; eolligeosa will ploase otrenl to lthe te et otheipt of their goods. LEVI II OAt.J,, oct18 831 Cotiltion st to NOTICEI . -lt7The brim Nelsont Ci.,ke, P:., nto); fonri N-i. or oti, ils ow tis'horgof oug o tier btt us to n; IBeef .,+ ly ket. Consignees tire plttiiel tl'iy titull: ,'d to attend n to clhe teeiptofllhei' gtoole. I S &JPWlITt.\V, ctT!8 8 Co' st to P RMl OLL--r,5 cE,,- liatol Lour, tl. ~tou:.itJ 0j.1 i 1 in srorsh apd log aen Ce dPo b It TR IIYDERI&BR O,' r tl8 cur Cotntoio i& o lurotic.; to )EACII BRANDY--30 blls veiv superior Viti-bn be1 ia old l'eoah 1Brod ', 'or .I-. t," f. or tale by L oat ISAAl C iIIL0 Co, S te118 131 M gzilt o s, ! tr SH IRTINti, Flait'l, & Cio.-tC0 ,a!s o"; lit of vlinils qgr litr s; `0 1,l '' tLo o t nitl Ir.. r Int. dimt; li*Or l sltlli .a .t;ll +ell. I I : ,!,,.I landt+ |111 .oll tlt' I'or otde by £.1 hIC t:ll.D G & r Or, & , 1111 ', W ,rIINI I roe 108. l. till ,o, A Llil 1-\ 1'n . L it.;t Ir ATE I.ANItl ,ti,. ,elt e n 3 m tu i.-..i ren , iý ii 1 t I, v n " p teelr, ohe. , cr o eadn l ,, ed clut. i te':Lb i hl E ell. oI lif C'ii* Io t it Lot i 1 vol, set 1L, i toi !y l r.eo i,.i ll tl walh. - ", , _:l lsIhe ".Uhl r; . I 1 t" at 4 ,oa' ck P.MAt. lor 1. r,. l hP t L noll l ;O : 1 h,'l " ;i ,' c cullcent urcillllllo i i l .l I,, "ll ,· I+r. I t. I: t .l t.. N rd oclla .. , ". ,. fed IB-'-Th It. il, of I'4l.t ,i., t ,,'it , '.:l .' I osu"a.l lta salte i v "t READ & lTea RT'I'C by, e"l netlti 7 le" ,I. Phi .i II A O I.E S Al.T i , t , ' ut . .t.i t , ' ... ,, : :. o tn) t refoe s hle by s otr E ) .C. t1't'Fi o W, kCtAlR-6O 7tol f, loe oo, o LAWIt,8t. o I'",;tN lIll tir s.,e by . Iith Ed N(CO , It I t.t ('l' t , ';. INtog ED IL ifstoic aid . ,lt. e hr, e Ion l ,i'O ti lre ,i of l nl T or, team Frn'tC i COmPpIt n ll, o ittrti'es letP , lr ithe le ofie e WT 'I Lewis, RE ., opl.r ice Iht it. E.I nehnge, is 3. Letje sorlet, it a t g.t be clou ttr all the oh UiHlOllM STON Ll"t I' O AFl.tlA--t10tO bcild tog NE l Oin lotoode Poet 7, '.i.o l uni,, , ,,, - io, Ply to r ti Jt I' Chl ' I 'tVliT I, oa lll ni 4' a, i it c n old oet tsl ad NEhW IIIBI.ICA'il'it7.-. r I iti' Yellivt liiltth Co - to-;tittit it I tt l, s. Tale ofAlobnma, J l t ,v ti ludIt hi Imnoitd y Wml Mi KEAN, ail oetl17 cout .,:p .& Com:mon . EXCllANGE onttl o fl =aleos ito. ,iCd!ei ?MC Oeil? :14 eonston 'ii t A" T. JAGO COPPEE -1,1 ises ot 'reitti qthiiy ist Ba t orn . ae d oir tal e ly A yltr ol, 145C. OPPER-10 en-,s Brazier's sonieti, Phom Boles e b iy 6 t trai t I i to 91 I t for ) le I t r At I 11 i- , A , I; O IIF: D .1 I.. j,' JESSRS. S. t.tO 'KE & CO., oner timott 1'.o'e r i' but geode fo It No. U, Old i..a , tit Nt. 8 rom J cvtin, s e, woe t they olitr for stale o ilt, sold .ti ;I; ii c .l0I 1.,0,° i te - good .rect:ve t tIt t,:'r. it t'o. h y a o t tlivooci ct oto f- tt. "I'i iI '1',.t I. I EORC.E (;It if'1".t4 IsIs all• d 9iis ,: It , It-)i GUEOtI IE t1 i l 6 . ,F .tl,. h I ' II I oet J 3t. ; e LALL oOO'. NI. 11 et \' otvhnn. T! i T;.vela-tincoti tilt opel oip t Trtl('iqn D\y le e a GRAND 1 , lAL, he tl t -li tit iw hbaeegoodoidvoab.~ L iioLl Rn , i, t .'to 'to hrboo entgagod tilrit v itt Il aol' \olice t.,. u7. .tt p Sta m ilh r,'E cmpml, Irt hckbtil nIcr t I t. et ii eIhotre o r hnts t e thit detlvoie rl'pir , hllot. ciiI yb a tlbll r o he Pn lPt iitttt No.i40 ilittlctOt' W W ILL Ihe sold at th Itrr h g Echno,.tr, So. t.oojt sto^~ n Sonluedar, the '"ohil Vetoier,, a tto lottogirlaged 16 tear:, wartotoreIt 6:,t hotell.,ut sloran, houwrboeepeo xn""1 K ollterwe::n,,, 'el oohoo-aaa!.. ort11 -etd t.;\Il ItI RF & CO.,, a e nu ahtvi, IIItin H l.oo :.,oaoc liwi Ile Notltcrit tiiros, n js;· and newly wF".",e*.( a-.n: uaenl ofl IHAT. 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Au Ovrluore, by Orchestrta, The performrnr ce will conclude with the firee of HOW DO YOU MANAGES hi Alh. PVlroiy, r,. Cowel!, rb ir. 8on ,W S Cowell, e M'-. Popjry, Mrs. C.well, lmrs.Snook, li'luter, Colit r r T.Hi prie efCo e C. n o! rftclr the itt *tiv of . :looe l, wilt It fifty enrnt peer ih.rcl in Ilh Glts Ni WV ke}iia -r, mid ifa l r knon in otrorities of oa hvn derd bar'el, iil bi delivt rel frIee of ,travl e. I"The advatlarte lthat t rlis tricle ofl'fuil pI sesseqo ver tihe ettittnocile o ad bittti lltl:oe core I, ig.t itinr t iorfl Ie ldv linll t re l lrmer, lld! re iuotrl thle unrpla l.rt llt rnllol.o uo Ie ut,lt r itO, or ild illduel err y frnily toa l ke usoe orf. Orders receiverd at the Gas Olrice in Bank Alley. DLI WiPLLA , . GOLD LEAF. w T'IO 'OUTHERN & %ESTERN MEtRCIIATS. th SIIHE tib:l iber It, er this opportunity of ieform- Is qt le g hiy iltlr i dl (i caroti . t eisl, a et ah 1i cUon. 1 toolrte to l'antttrloef'e teihoi0 oirg o.etei olrieles, of tulot it.d ' Lea; ( titi lR lIit Ti Veil cmrouee,c .., o ntld u, tlstt' IIheI t Ule to any! nutr ufu te'.red ie tshe Pited tatls. t RAD , No. 10 Sotlh FPitii e ., Philt delphi. aI IPAIllorders thOn!.ft!ot reee.vele etd puceirtonI y nlt ellrIi to. It'1 L..rir. t' Chrlrtnrtnl , C. 'The Tllt e Am ,,rr 1 ie,,· t wl tic.lIC l t .1:.I1l1 IiVI'W ' (c1 , i.1"I1t1,11 (1'o, wvii pl rae on 0, t I n bulh titi. a d s .i ei r hF ilt , to tfi oa o1 oi'i et.11 .o; , O.'.1 toi'o ' o t'.,' u O.0ihh, i toll nor'"rdecento t ' tl eadi ,-te . Ill -Pt i i I' o li Ii ll PNOTICE.' i F J 1 E Ctro-!+:,:,n =,i1 n, ce o'' re a.lo. ti. oo ler thelo fb G'n u: (I I'M l O I l ) UV:h ,LN 1.l., 111 thr e F· ch Inge Hotet, bIt. bhee shi- tiny dh,- elved by aintlll run ieo+ . 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U o,, il, i +e ~ill + i lllott u to ir ,t :o' ýh ill ll l l hu Ae wil t rfooet!t I oli Io nloare,' f J'h rter I~tfo t i je ;Olliy, ri the e+ .eo te+r'olo 'rot ~u`." w le . i rl t i.0, S , .,:1,, CJ oudie? r FOil NEW YOUR. The Al :cst sa;iirct chip ILAIf, Capt. H n.--. 1, "no nonll. i. low ready ti o ,:ne· 'e cotr>o. A ur_. a d wVl iu.-I de'al c h. F'u fisi]l or 1,46 " c pllltothe Clapt. on boa d, olpos.its oe Iflo 5, 3rd S & J P WHITNEY, SConti ci r ,, PARlUc'cccc Rc hl OIP. mill.: entlr .., .l: t helve fo r edl r O Ic - c.l rsc n " ,11 .-- r ehe nli'f Mcll ,; . I PeaTa , oA le at the ,e0o lh l, Oin St. nhehl cnI. fiol l :N cu;it; r'tv, Ic" hc; g Irec ccc no uare ib;" de. c cc, Ill I c e I . ic oe c aCtl , conliruace fl' JNO MflfO\NEICl Thri NmcliC ' FirCecllcl ,; L.cli-,il lcl, Jc' c New Np... ;slvl::; ; I'il i clc" arlld Sa, ic ul o.-ol, C, 1111i." whill pl+eI-r.l tl i i. tclhe W e0 ; ) ie ic, tili e.d 1 1 i 1 tc.1, 1 " ll L[* o.fice . L.L' .1"'il.l IT,11e'l .' ll.i. " c, rive biul n thle I ,1 1 ,x. lam ovr"r low h p iec l;Ily 011 ,0 ripee i etUIw it,, 11' ' i . ; (,c;' t' c hicc pdi. letter paper; I ccsep rcci e IflaI C adr:l p Ii ilt ; ir.; 1 ta' uporiue el ler forl ruIie wh ll ,e a .ll Iu Ilis coab1 l I;br Ft c' & lor*. 1\w lo k ilcatiocer' H01, o :!5 9 hiitlclrccra .Ctret I_ "Ii'L110p Ir . dll.l..d nc. cited u:1.oFir lln,;ml - t I C.l pr ,: o l ot of ,l - ' Ur i rec2c is - :, ule e iellt i offw-u. 1 h. l can e; fthel plll c c au i ec, idly )clvi Icd ltd cc l Icia clc,l . al cwcc.I , le. W R CARNES, aa -'v Nii vill e . _n h . , _ a, n Julilc ct. ll 0 0 oel :ul . Cl lll'Tlli'*ler, i i or ' do 1lur, a calcined May,2areia; c T1 N Y .'-tiouerrv' hIll, CNY nrkret In e, c ', icc c R ci , rI'mi.nil for rile l. S 4 DVlA ILTN & CO., S I'PI CODC. O I.,r. Sauo bo.ic'-hw 'L. docdlprc (r1nles; 40 la.rcal o' hiilce Icale Oil; 4 Co l"'a Ne.c lictir d Waler Oil; I15 Coe's P ooei a d Zc'; 011c Ic8s.c No.! Br .au,, cees III O g I nice mu e Cofie; 50 boiicce bii Havna Sego.-supehurr qual icy, i ] srcecud (r stae Sby lC y JOAFPN COCKATNE, casIONS-c'1 borcs jiet wceieadand fr sale bc (l iElIE 15 boxed Pice Apple; 60 do. reaud ti'BeeI., lnclo ng uud lor scl, icy LAWRtENCE & LEC.ENDREI B ACON SIDES-40 casks esuperir Ci'ci,., eI crr.d, in , turaru, d fur slml by i 00MEVY, 4(kO l 4 4 Ne.d Laerv SECOND MUNICIPALITY. W.AS brought to the Peund ol.tho ild l Muiuniipl ily, in lno lltl stlret, brlntreet lleviaand Gie rod otlhthe ith Sept., 11o4o, A nerge Bay Horse. TIeInoWUati i requensted to iriicdn'*bnerty and talkl hitl aay,r I.e wille4w noldy b r uillot. AlnaRioe oer, on eelordcy, tIhe 13L it. M ARPS oel5 .. Captain of Wa te -La "!, omen. an d.pot det, aeQnre a iunpa' Tih:, lo 24 .eptembre, tin grudrtl cheaat .i" pro fi irieet pshe dateir y an bl lrop ioatb..a.w, ue.a; nilt:eereot it peru elll, 4.i eenn P - Oaillaltet.lontenr, e.tledi So o Irla eounne lart IH H IIARPER, at'It. Vutteh,Qle Men.' ' - . ER& It-t-,ttt-treP d to.. .tneme m.IaL . W TiPptinht in Il.tonne ntreet. betwener lni.ela . " and Gired nire , en tie 13th insltat, tih following . aniem, t;Z:- . Twodfcle,,i gTh Hoecno;one lNs a mark on i.s blle themnaway fire at elo v, 2l7ttl ckuber,oreaisl told bt P '. Guiilol, Aucl; heeer. " " H R NEW ORLEANS A1ND DALTIMOR. LINREOP. PACKETS, . 111US lhloe will eoneilt of tne folloungnl.n' : Swhlich hone betn built, or plurecbed eanpmal-.. for the tr lde, vz.: Slhil' SEAMAN, Ca.Otain Miner, Bourque MARY, Nikerbal, IRAIt IFERRY, (new) Stevens, " SOLtOON SAL 1S, Lothuot, Brig AIt:HITE';T, Gray. t'.c TIhee teseel are of the 6retelusa-hata ts n1.9 fio cioed uccommuedoti, no, end ace of a light df el t. wotel, so ns to admit of their reelvina anda ttiieJr8la •, their canr;oe in Ioaltlinre ao the C ty., i.iraltlwi laken for pntas in the Chenupeahsur on JatiIll ,b re, aied f lorwrded by tie ngnaln.oMenClbtl h ,,. -,, iat Baltimorne Euipt. e oen geds . !lIpped !|i l . earled when rqau .i .l.' <.. " , Far Ihigl ror"p tniei ial" _ --iiK. z .Ie i-. A2.eii i " 1 'ib VE oplened u lo Io for the taedMtrtilIiTg "g a, vilm l Ci,' le..c:oa botsiteos ote NLiahutl, ned.,s , h o inc un tolifed to trtm Easioll be fclihfolly ale : to r' ' r' ngeeaol:-& , C. e., o, [II C (l.alllli''i L C ;, I C Ol . e n . .c eltIi. le itteC & C. Neflaw Orln eCa'l.eI& %liclry, ,.. 'r-it) LE-'i'. ,L The. Lin ,.e.ttctt Loc No. ol. SJllnl..ql t Ml hrh corcer ol'Canp sheel.; eitlbla , foreolle. J rI •Lc.r sto roos. At ly onlo the pr1o.838ore , %o t •l2 . , .. Canal Blnk. . . . ATTIf NT i Nl ! . " , - - . GOV"ER.VOI'S 1HORSE $ GUAQRDS, OU owill etaid dIill evr evening, i.uaulyftl.. colied,not Ill drill rem, 10 Milogoou streel;t, nE inle to, Ihe t1 hllnllholy' B akl or 7 o'cIloe.k prtiesly... 'I ou A ei cese Ipsnuoli' l it rgdeyablen a ra is r.,ti ce"l"oll o giane lcsneos'in he .cerci ean. ilyr- te ulder o. Ci.e ,i' e , nt 0hr lea CtIos. JOIHN GIBSON%, ecl !' Orderly Sarg'h. SU f"LX LOICl'S OF tICE-s- ECIOJND IUNICIPAL ITY. Sio'Irir it hrely gvel Ihnt in coanfotmity to a ir tr-.!i;,cn of the Coleil If the srecod Me , rcl en, ie i,'irc.clete ot Tlce-dn, tlehl5th r A.,u: c ,l.:. I w ' I, i lO l on r th. Octinttl eri , 1838, hIt ced' ict' ic ofteire e ito th Iotet thihel' lthe four m ml i, h ; tls ,, o " C e, r'Meile'l ilruo e rear, froln the le i n: ie d tdiru': ior Ige, and ether Muni oiii nl 1 i' , ex inire ullry lof tile tihlher lreanly Cocctlcl ll to li llurtlhei crl lll. Vles. The woalto tWl lIe ,uwci; (1"pL'Lr. n:'go d qGd llUlli, Git 4,lbn-apsn' ..lErnit flo om he mlI kindt il-,i-k , wry S nutlity in tile tom of $l0l18f ill be re Nrw Olecilcr, Oct'. 101113. JOS. PILIE, cell Hareeyor lIUREA-L1 UUf)Y IR DnotctoI MUNICPALITE I.liv . e l ii e l lll'le rIr"olti IIond loe elil delau2e _i ,/: i:,ll '.i ,ii . ll , r. i hll s Ief il Is ,i l'te le tii ni,i l unti te " :1 1iAa i tcIIOel c'C'c t Ill, I` ` ll'oct. lre,183 , i t lcice ct. Ato hiii L..Slaf 'djoue'.'e ll' il lbaiql four i ,l 'ec.: I, llct Ii chIlle I'ol le tlr ll :a lltt lcipalile If' CI'YIIý , I - i p It ij''i ' ito'I- t ,eI ec ple ldant ill on 1 n I~ ri ' " , 1,r .' '',I. lll,: l . llllll e ,It I , it etIjaeoa ~, c.I' " 'cc' ,1cl h iPe, c,'l, adiier. i ." ;, ,I i ,,,,Inl I.. n.: e.lcetcolt o..tifelivaltn S ^I'. ....(t tO 'IltIt,V/ep r. I't c1' ' :,11 l :'.'-i -(tFFlt _;X-.S1:COND AIUNII I'I '"i.1e i'. ' 1ew ttelehcte. tr 10tlh 11138. ' IiT AL'F.:I c -rc l ,'tcole l ' Ihe t toircil; dated nt ý '. h ,.l~lr~n :lU, 1;:1.3, ct el..h 't roiee oulswill he t i- l.,re , Allt i i, cL e il, ;i T ul.-, i t i .' l dolts ýutll,,I. ;..i. tur 'i ee<IT !1.e.ce co li nt.r ,d itelelnr 1i ,c ll:l. l .,ei tI , i e:r l, i t c;.," e lie e, n h l. rc tie n, i' -- i .. ,. tr e ,ei-lte'alll Ii' tl.oit.chiil New lork ill u' ,ee l ,':.*6lte fil.i Is. I'lP Iolle . Ig "n ',e Bldll,. to hei f' CtIII. tlllnl , fl l th t e llllnentIt ,"" 1,.f j, i. ,e ., i:. : • ..., ...... or ,l,"'!7t0 lgenebh if • ..1 ^"," . !',a .u . ;If 1, I.u; i. "l'he I t oo .| o· aInv , tOqN CAIlIOUN, td. ell rti t. ,. N ,ll vel!e( (, tc.,:- ID1 ctc .11;N) . cis ('lONI'OI. 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M'Millie, Co'et'l lir the Inuelnten 1c c-ei c- cti .i o i oi. o irt toteeelctc ltlceataoeltleieos i t ei l celmcec ice cc oll e oill cti- ind oc cii it hod olot np. 'reied ct tie Iu:nctitg uf crcetituro to tuthorie a d. cnere-oc-l'"d e t loan nt. tis thed-frer orterdd b.tbi r [utoos, that the neeond toeret a, of tlhe rctdiiorn of th, ye:i, n"ett ccl onftWhite aied Folley tuke plaoe in ,ite Ctol oe Menday, 29th day af Oetutbr, 1838, heq a.i t tIcere to de !;.ru on the affailr, oflthe petitioner, and ate iew roues wiy iht sand ineoeleel ahoald tl nnh pI d'ecn cred. E.,ra. t fram th¢ mlintest. "I Ctrrc' U ne, Ot l8,h, 18138. .rd A MOU GUYOL, I ort1i-.'twnd O. 'y Clhe j rT F),'I. I, I t,tst, ttINE-Co-te de Parole L/par'ý !llf·(j 1 eti 1v l0 to NItovetlo Orleat,,-' Yr~c .""ut 11 t( iou 's Mllnorion, jJupg ,oostore 10, 'I J0~' OXhi' 1q10 'ttttdtt1ontu t Icuo·, e., t o~o i'lu rt oc 1t cch',n e erhoselera ct I, , ("ai·:i :- . · Win o.he & Foley-Oaur motion do I. s'it I It, 01~ ,1t o t'i'tolonte, et en lieiaut te. notlo sufisant dnesc auclee. pit lmlnl l e1 ltlrlcltot ei ,-t loapt u aloeeotblesetIe -' ! Nw ;war an 11- 0 lichnttlt' nelt Ia b-lou do. Cotta oftairl 1 it Ia :t dt eacorn qU'Ufese. 1 ;I-· Illi"blCe tll pu fiiult ilOe ri deecoux de Whis & Fole, Ilti i'll e'plelne tour, I.tndite29tdeellshe I . , pour0y delilI, 0 sra Iot etohitiol'df John While, twat t'iirJt e.ieou ll qlcti t Ijtlit JobWhite notsete p,,;' II-·.lu -pit? ·lu:tll a ,lui Exl:·a~:lles u liuu~bd-Ba. ro'nll du gnliel uc3atobt 1' i. toe, t A AI GU'Oltdepute goofier. CO~iPTRULLIoR'. OF"ICE-.,ECVN8 YMUIIC5,,. I',iLITY. New Oleol'., Octobr,. 10th, 3838. LE EIE 1) jlt'lll'i0 1,1 it be recoejt at thiat 0Mtw 17 ot '~Int ire t0111ot,ll, foll tile- furnihing of rites: lllnl:""ii~ai;i with lil llhllun-d gallonsaorises' q olillv w IIt",' xl',", el Ojlplcl UiP, to be delivered sa I'r I thuiwra to be endurl·ed " opnoein for OiL" 1'Julo, CALUOUN, ontlOdit Cuamptoolbos. TEN DOLt L1uO O1WARDý P.111101 u ' lln thle Caeollton Ma tlIo buil t lltl h tIlI ty lour. lSaid sýapve ie atuur buill,:i 1e80 1 inches io hcilhthnag light er usanea b h left Io yo ohnee prk E1ttlkltCb ort alittle Frenchcl. Th~e alwvn reward will be paid span blade litety to theo aobrcrittr. GEORGE MERRICK. act:,-ti Chief E11Sineei NI. O. & C. K. R. TIlIFo wer story i rersof bkick sator In Camp tttTei, at pere-out octupiel bytN MNettc A II \Yullnc & Co. The tllrlsllcl bllck otolent tile corner of Bash At. lev anld \utrhrl' LIroo~t, at ptoseut a Mcupied by disuse. Mooilt & Co.; tIllw hild at ty beiig fitted for a bed A 00 ,thle 'tol s'orv of tll bric0k etere in Bank Alley, 4,11 don; "'"" alte ilslt lalledll-ritd Sod 0101 3d stories beitiy we'l t re-ld up. I~ua.:e<~., a to he 'l oa tlhe 1,' Noemtter next Ct!1AS. A JACOBSlP . CIiAL[.IEI N1t BLACKING! 1 A° .'. P'4 '8O v, o I0't'ii'n I'alt'tt F respeetfully wo ,- reI . Ill' e 0" 111' IInt"' : 0 Oh lobe geteerIy .5 %tte 0l 10:110 ott I "'II:.. 0, that he tase snuotnate Ac,.r. tttl.I)tl..,e e. utl soeeo OfO Ifor thle gl n tlt.l P:\cE tlt OT ASS.t NI,i)E BLACKING inll thlo 1,1 002 el foO'lt; ,t a istt whiieh etstatspee tIU nt110rt it OtiottItormoaeca u ittIo sly TIMw m!lltiir ,·turecaranlthrhaieg6J º ttg to retain iiv vliltoe in Iny Elimtu, and p1 50 tie letiter to shik' it lo attltlied. lie ofer 10tpia «lotmt'oa oy beet mite mittll ptodacs itt sejseeler. Ca liacrate, ena be totn tth altom oeM'"Measoas. os snd IJ'Lattgo* corn nel'ttt.t of'oha Idgo rspeti. i.iSily, at'a'io "toljo1 'tto its be. outy et nseeosolt oset eetoy tither itinckilt in the Unitrd St tle. AIl otteoe for.thieertiet. in N. Orteensoorshv.pal wftha section o' the Usios, meet he ftmaemed so the Sets Ageate as obate, Who willpay partieuloa atteatlma to tie a0me, and ill tIitot at site teenstaetrer'e pete.. Jrt, S1. Mason1 Philadolptia, sept. tO,1831.'t. 93Callobehat, u RE~CE br lI'LAlYoJE, 10 Cutnir and FacElr tore, IS (;,uuy sheet. ·el''*'

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