Newspaper of True American, October 19, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 19, 1838 Page 2
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%er: , 'O4'BARMý76`8. . ` A200NAJw,. S I 3`.Ht A.hbtdli tn mmii.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ Groto &i lt;1 ,yfomPisllh ... to ' i J. Ashbobg - . oIhk, tnr W P.a onSo,,nde anoe , _ Ytozlr Manh tip .hp Cmliae, 1'ai tnescooner in IN" clans, onea leo.,nd up d sohr o thrive from h . *tt.14 toys frl Boet h s. 1011, IN d.i.y, from Phiot,,lphit, ltoto to _A -Atony2,6 dyo toot Not oo, - .'OTamps Bay, io bollast to ,,,.,or. . 6w 1 p '3 ds fromealomtn. Pl y.4 a rom *Ato.4.o8dýt Nso. f trom tn. ,toelji ý' yd, 1la soys, roo Vtloooco, lInbl oot Io 5..ito tok.foom Rtyon Soot, -., f.....m T r.inity. out.. o.lO , a 6i'..U8htth, L T Kooootral.b from s Louit, .0.9th 1UMMERCIAAL Lutrot Dnate. 1 . ........... ,W shio o .. eOt. ...... 9 il... "........ 9 t Cicoiml ti, O t ........ I - ;r.. ..... 10 1 luisvill, O t .......... I1 totjto.o.. ..... i... l . t o. Ott .......... * o .1 Livorpool, 8opt ........ ' +(11)' At.. t Pri Sept o............. 2 .. 8 L, "Jun, Sp ......... t 7 ............. t2 ItIn Sept............. 2 EXPORTS. i1Y.Per ship bolooot culto, xi99 bundlot s tt ttPlto.. t..6 bale mI". T Oe..l'tr thip Seoman..7lo boxe frestr, 5Oboxu loaf sugar, t,16U i tbl nolel.. 44 t.ilt relton, It llst tooo. a Ib.le, Imciugg, 0 b rope cuttling, 7 bte l tfolo robeho, 46 htlf ph pork, 95 pigs lead, 14 boxh s anood L bb! b okon - ll I tie aohps, I do clotbiA;. LLEl..Per big Padogn..3531 bales h otlon. LIg..P steamero 8wan. o.4 4 col. btleo oo nnd hog g1 "9 bogs coffeeo, 9 bile sugr, t1 I2ds pork, S raelt oels,7 caso dy goods, 35 bblsnppoles, bhoot rlitinl. 25 hblo whiskey. 5 i.s0 onion.; 6 ehep btthor, 8 0boxes leott,,o . se. s contuining 36,000 , gerL, 24 boxe. ,'les*, 5 r.sks hibton, 70 ' NW. .aot, 20 i tt, r45 Idd bcon..b25blaI wkiky, JII bulndles hardware t nd I ctokehteot ilPORTS. M.hPer -hip GirErd..O0 tokl toki.t slt 500 blhl. po S losos. S0,1t feett luor' er, 21 tons coatl., nllter ..Per ibi. Coaoline. .eort'd tmdo, J A Morriltt. -Per talk Fony..morted adt-', -stotr. - tON--Per bri Zoratouro....g1,102oo ako. BedOrd. YOIIK..Por brl AuOdulbn...10 pipe.o gin, R Gaing & t tt '00 ,r.,00 hblf Ihld. mackorel,)l kbog. hot 43 hltdllfo,t ItO) kp tniot. 4O41 boo t.toreh. 170 ho. trdlel, 10 cheOhl do, 74 hlf chests tea, 201u bblS Io"SO I0blt oil, 3 lierce ol', E Rtrtod. . XIA..P. . hr Aleto... fruit and segaro, to order. CONSIGNEES. e..Pett'o.ti C(roline..J A tIprretl, Adtm , & ttntwell; - .O.0tou o0 o; N Hetaer; ,.t,dary; E Stntote; CCr l oo; Bogalt & co; J Wv Htees DovioN Itlo J AMtorott, C q ttooo.. RECEIPTS O PRODUUCE. - 00r.,'Tr oteth r Roon Rtogt..70 tolet totton, * Tholmrn.; 3 holl+t POymox. Arcilloel . oo 13 ble -lIab.. Joeo & eo;'7 balm, lurk, Watt t o; 13 hIleso G L Ito hohbm Taylor. Gardner & to; 45 bolet .l. Flower; old t W Dasley; 16 bnles krrltlnrs. tIkri ; c,; 32 bollo --.te, Cle 1 & co; 35 bales Hato A :L.winr; li l btle. J Ar (6e, 161a C1aldwe ll 4' hrkoy. . htt0or Martlo, Plou.ontt -*l ke oel o W Sumner ' co; 31 lotll A Ritardie '- ot; ,tt.Io... Mauol tVblo & ro; 2tI) hothAlino & Trimnulet; 4-101.AL ndto meroy; 3 baasl, A Lodoux& tee; too ptnonll I.+o .ItkohtF .. E Fottall, I Iml, 'T'aylor, Gaordnor ro. T= Ml ohmo.uth of Ohio..Per steamoer Dian..ll ,000 pisees ad oil. hrle . nd b.pllg,h bilto st.oaoer Czar's argo, -. lcto o where .be o.naited ioland 2 1. It Ltolt..-Pr .toamer Go Shelbhy..3 bbl. whiskey. I catsk h LM4 kits otuekorel, t packgeo hbaket, t0o half bhtl,' t..xeo f stear. M W I-ker, lot of merehot ize,o N Boeoohl;4Ot6pkg. 'S rn.Oatld & Welling; 152 pdritoIgP Imds. J(Crosoo 1 ,o; .3' o.n.k b inge +.-2 coils rot1o, t ba'e toie. Aoldo.ell & 0.2L0. .otiood, f, orr & Poltto; :U poieces Inggino, 119 s sils f Ihs o 2 ol; M8Ctchoou & r.adl ey; 2 beis lYoen N. otu 4" 'weey ; hol'type. Swrtwout t & Ciark; 13 It n ils rope. I.ori,,g i so; ar;Ots T '; ''V Thump - m 2l fshl laid, M oGarto; :1 bult. twill. Pieroe, ytlatuooll SI 9 B" ti aOt t¢otto, Furjth t I.llcritk; O9lurtteo and8 a.. dof bove, T H T'uckr oil hoard. PASSENGERS.Y ayee- ol n..oPer tlemor ntton Itoupe..Cating, I.tbrinog Bptko. JHobShooar, C It Williams. tlr, ttroon oand ervan; JobIynsy, J Went, Snmuel lcKinley, J+,mnl !1 J3ckSoll, Albe Ioler., W M Fiol,; o V' Brtlly, D Darrlnburg. A (i s.umpkin nd tldy, ilenry Stert,, A Drenux and 3 ervallt., Itlplteoot.O Ihtoln,, A J Brtss,, Adam lutrrard and clilil,J RLayortandldy, A tentt hild ,mtoo...vent. Alt.. HOea,,.tir I Utlutgard anl family, tir Verborio oud lady, 1iol and 14deck la.,o llgls. SBoatoll..Pterhill Curolilo..Woi Dois,.J tlaekillht.h. Otr. N NIoinoa.onod t.1td, Me3t J Loke, tlyde. lio,,t Itaymonl. Ithan. lLaymond.J Woodwardl. Ilt Or., Murdockk, L Davio, oon Davis, C W Thayer. S M tololy. Ttrllty..Per stsemer DIan.. Mr Ithmlunolz and Iot , Mr Ibond, tooto.od eryaott,. luchills. t soatrdton, JIoroun't. Jletdford. t too, II ',oLto, Chtoo Martha'l; Ckh.4oar.hall, M Roan, J llluchrtk, David C..opUr, or.doutt h. Thouao, W J leoen.ou. It Louil..Ptr ile.,er(ov t heo!l,y..WVm Pattlleron. T J Tuokeor; NV, Reto., A Dol.noan, J'r Tolh..,In, tR.ord,C Tjil, D oowmtn, A Gautier, Jo. btrooW, Thtlos M 1tuck, J Ilotner, Ilmaro, M H Th.ompson. IVm 1.i,m, IIt,h.lhtrt;, J 1' Chulwoll, lody .nd l.hi dran, 1 S W.Y.rnl.oll.ald orvuut, Alllltr.,,1 J * T Cooo, F N Oldeo-40 waly alin paoougaoto on.l)1 doKo. Landed t1 huralt at di.erelt lilding SfThe packet slipS.RATOGAIlathwny manri, iA from New York, is discharging oppositle IIe Vegeta aie market; con-ig.tees will pleacs attend to the ro- i ceipt of their good.. G oct19 E XCHIANGE on Botto--Io swns to par l.lurs, ant I to 0U a~I nigtl, ol r ,Cle by I ibIErt oN & AVEII'Y, c aotl9 88 1 ravier t. C OFFEE -I4I Lbags il. 3(10 do. llui la. For Ssale by ST' TSON &. AVE'LT oct19 88 Gravier it OFFICE N. OIILCANS & NAS.1VILLE It. It. Co; Octoblr ll1h, 1818. I . T1E Cars until furllter .olhwe will al-t ts a ,llow1s: SJUND)AYS. ly o Deearttro. 7f lilr h f1 l I P ill 3PM 5 " WEEK DAYS. re Departure. Re' urn. aI PM 5P M ect49-tf JAMES H CALDWEI.I,, Preed't b MACKEREI., (Codfislh, Ileirings, u.c. p Il 2l00 barrels Mlackerl Non. 1, 8 & 3; p 150 halfbarrels de I &. 500 boxes Codflish. J 200 t' moked Ilerrings,Just received pet t lhp ordlo~ett and for tl by octl9 PETEIRS 4. MILLAhl. e ' U NlL.A D l\, ral d, 4ac. b 5 Pites Holland Gi.; 10 haOlfpipea 1805 Brandy; I t u tootun fine oll Jauica i Rum; 15 barrela Cherry flounce. lauding from ship Osceola, and for sale by oct19 PETERS & MIII,.ARD, COW Full cALE. A F'IRST rate muilch cow; apIly on noard ship OSCEtILA, Olllosito lt. Vegetallle Inomarket. oeti9-o0t 'Tu LET'. The upper part of the house No. 58 Camop u street; ploosscseion may Ibe given imomediately; 'tl9 apply o the prelo tis. OPP iR-I0 eases of light Brarler's 'oplper, fron 9 toll Ibs weight, meatoslring 40 by 30 itch., al so 3 bones 20 by 50 from 7 to 9 Ila, for saleUby 51 H DEVEREAUX. octl0 26 Tchopitoulas at Parlorand Bur iotom Stove of tte latest and I nostaptprved paternt, in 1tore antI for sale by A1 H DEVEREAUX, octl 21 'l'ehopitoulao at TO HIIRE, A EGO' MAN, a good servant-he has also beenaceustoned to work fur builders in making *wur, &e. Apply to . ATH. CO1LI.INS, oct19 At Clerk's Olfice, U S Court. K RJ.ANSand Boots--11cases,containing IIei'si kip Brugnlls, rf vriot, s qutlltis, ota iteno' calf snd thick boots, landing from thlil1 ltueell, Fanlly and Perdoaett, for suln by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, oet19 131 AlafIazine at A-i FISH, ic--16 cares aweet elmocolatrd; 140 boxes whin e f ad dry Codfisl; 3 eores Playing Ward.AofTvarious qtaGitieod 215 baugs Bonaie Salut uli 116 la Liverpbosl Itnle Salt, lading frolt ship Rusotl, iT litr, ted for sale by ISAAC BRID GE &. Co, cll9 - 13 MI gnzine .t IWDPlRWOOJD'S Tottso Estchtp and Musltrd, 7 'lauding frol snip lP'eunelett atl for sale by J TIIAVE oe19 74 1'oy dra 1A 'A -50 orats Cas~ls, laidiag from hip ler l' 1 deoat, and lot sale by J TIIAYER, S ?"oel9 74 lo'u dras 7TM ElDU-S-I1 cask Iettsh Nutiat*t it store, aud1fur ' ale by J 'r'HAYEIt - CO. otl3 74 Poydrao at S-Veryuper or lid Londotn Part l sae ' l~`~ (duih d e Madeira Wielin Pilpe., half pipl es S. ad elgth raske, and ltttlrd--imported by the • , dlregt feons Madeira, It7e eara sine c. J.o .'ohler descriptions of Madeirn, harry and Port oj IajoWsid and bottlsl, Ior esal bv S'I'ETrSON 41 AVERY, iaol i. 68 Gravier at T c Jolutolas St le by J THAYEIR S CO, 74 I'Poylrao ct Slll0 nushcla chile Curm iu prime orde, S; by CHAi.IPLIN & COOPER, yl repoired per ship Cheater, from Phil s, e ases of low Iriced bIlue and S- lterl sj'. r espet fem-v letter paler;, lout lnare.-e utcn peket.Yo, for sale by cane or DAVID F'EI.T l& tO, Ne furk Sttliontcl'o Hall, wtin 's4 Charte it U hlS ) ,f I IA .. Be ENTED alV ja&ie sboI t. TAITRYt. AND 8 . shi fW ot LV S4iLEA rata THURSI)AY, OCTOBER 1 *lb3P. The Express Mail of yesterday came through rol from Mobile in duecourse, but brought ndnews an from the North or East. A few Western slips were g' all that came. This is frequently the case, nay, th we believe that nine tenths of the failures of the h Mail are in the same way. It is not ther.fore just es t our own contractor to leave this fact unno*iced, D yet eome of our city papers not only forbenr to do hi Mr. Wlhitman this act of justice hut by imputation Ilt if not by direct ch:rge, leave the onus of failure m on hirn. This was particularly the case yesterday h when one of outrr compleining brethren said it was Ic an addtitional aggravation in tihe failure of the mail L to think that it was lying still about a hlundred f. miles from us., when no many were impatiently h looking for it. Never have the Mobile Balts of h the Mail line been an punctual under all cireum- n seteace as since Mr. Whitman had thecontract, but he can neither control accidents nor expedite a slothful rider. Last week the Ouachita was run into sed disabled, and being compelled to go c hack the best way she could, the mail was lost, but in most rther cases the delay eas occurred beyond Mobile. To our Stauisribres.--We have to apologize to you for some apparent neglect during the past four or five days, ariaing from tile sickness of our carrier whose customary route was the very centre of the city. We should have requested forbearance be fore, but were not aware of its necessity, nas.nuch as we immediately employed another hand to sup ply the sick rnan's place. Want of practice has, we learln, caused him to neglect some ofour friends of which we were not previoutsly informed, or we shloul have apologized on the instant. As it is we sincerely regret the cause of complaint, and trusting their kindnerss will overlook the evil, rwe will proumptly supply a remedy. Our weather is in one of its capricious humours just now. A few days since over coatsand cloaks were quite orthtodox, while yesterday's fashion called for un'r.llas and fans. Hleavy rain fell almost throughout the day, aceomprnied by heat lightning, and now and then when Sol took a peep at the Exchange Dome his smile was as he as pepper. The therntoretnr yesterday rose to h2. At half past 8last evening a well drassed mrnnt was found lying on the banquette in Gravier 'st between Caronrdele and lHaronne in a state of totrs insensibility. lHe was fiand, face upward, while the ruin was pouring down in torrents,in such a situation that death must hanve slhortly ensued had he not been seen hy Aldermen Gloyd and some frrendlewho instantly called loudly and frequently a for the W .`Watch ." For a length of time none an. swered to the call: at length tne cameno Irom Com. man e. aend being unahle to move him alone, rap,. ed lone and loud with his stlff, but all in vain - The Alderman thae ordered hint to spring his rattle which, on his authority, was done. 'lTh man rn tied until hisarm ached, yet no one came, ais atlgth a neighbor humanely torok the insensible a being into the shelter f his hu btle house. Such negliger.e needs no comment. T'he AIJerman Ir we presume, will report such a culpable absence n, on tlt.. par of duty it was to he on the neighboring Ieats. If such conduct lie not pramp. ly prrtishled, the 'watlch' may as well be disnlrsr - i, rdI at once. Th/e Gas! no gaas-Abour a qfurlorpat l last IIl night, the gas went out entirely in our vicinity, pl Iravinlg the Exnehanlr e linte, ,he stores ntid street " in uttrr darkness. The light was shortly restored iv in the l[,otel, andl othr hanusa, but throughout Gravier af., up to M.gazino,-Clarles to Canal, and olher streets in the neighborhood, the public a lamps remaineed without light with the gas ee coping all the time. When they were relighted, or if at all, we hnd no npportunity of obserinlg. TilE CAMP. oa The "little"Camp, as lamiliers term it, opens e an Sunday evening with two novelties, each Ihigh-. ly distinguished in its grade. 'The first is Bul wer's most exciting play "The Lady of Lyons." D We have never seen this represented, but we have di read it with critical care, and if experience give any weight to our opinion, it may be considered ase by far, the most effective drama of the day. We , pronounce this with a fresh remembrance of the p plnysof Knowles, and yet have no fear that our judgment will he impugned by those who witnrse t) the representation. The criticsof New York ac. n cord almost.unlimited praise to Mrs. earrott for p her performanceof Pauline, and Mr. Fredericks, I who played Claude Melnotle at the Park, lost n notlhinlg by the serietent comparison with Forrest. a When to these we add that Barrett's old soldier 'Dnmrs' was pronounced by all, superior to any of his contemporaries, little can be wanting to in- n sure the first performance at the Camp n triumph I The second piece is called 'Presumptive Evi dence,' in which Wet. Sefton plays a sailorin true nautical style. His sailorsrete te most shipshape on the stage. J ,hn Green plays Pryce Kinsheleyr, r an Irish peasant of an oriainal, and most peculiar description, and of hie manner, and look, we have heard able judgae say he is the corporeal realiza tion of the author's dream. Such a bill as this must insure a crowded house and a gratified audi tory. Loco fooum too much. Fanny Wright heas been refulsed permlasion to continue her tecluree in Tammany Hall, as even althe chosaent are ashatm. ad of her. It is perfectly surprising how men a with their wives and daughters whose moral feel ings they wish to cherish can he so carried away iy 'party spirit' as to listen for a moment to the disorganizing doctrines of this women. Wor! for Firemen. Some years age Mr. Bar. her Beeaumont, president of an Insurance nlfi:e in London, made a enalulation that there were seven t fires, ned alarms of fire nightly in the British Me tropolis. But the average of pnsirive fires is about two per diema as appears from records kept at st some of the olEes. In the year 183O there took I place 654 fires. Last year there occurred 716i i and in the present far the montil of January, 81: F'chruary, 65: March,6f5: April 52t: May.57: Jurne I60: Juiy, 48: August, 37. It is erroneously con r- puted by some who have commented ona this setement that there are more fires take place than S in any other city in tile worll. T'itis is only true er in a certain way. It in natural there should be a ore in London than in any other city known because it is much larger than any other with a, whose details we become acquainted. London te containa ahout a million and three quarters of in. t ihabitants, and from this fact, and its vast extent has a larger aggregate than others, but the rela-. at tire rick in London is less thia in many of our Sown cities, as the houses are all, or neatly all built of brick, so that it is rare thlat a lire consumes t more thane n ouse before it is put out. We ad h-ve no statistics of the fires in our own city with at which to compare this statement but have little ur doubt ouropinion would be found correct if the we tables could be contrasted. tSome coustderable quantity of rain has fallen at smad Cintionati, hut satte last adricvs, had not in our flumnced the river in tire least. A vluableo silver mtrine is eaid to It ve been die t covered in Warren county,Pa. 3UGov. Evtracc, in a recent speech at New air Bedford, it behalfol the Binker 11il Monument, e or rid: "II.ed I Ihe wealth of the Indies, and the nt atrength of a giant, would carry the top of the Pr shaft beyond the flight of the Eagle-nay I would th raise it to the home of the sunbeam." 0c Noble Visitors.-Many of the aristocran t of En- a rope have of late years paid a visit to our country, oa and in most cases, here they have been distill guished for their high famnilies, so have they for o their urbanity and good breeaing-the uMarquis of u Waterford always excepted. We are in hourly n expectation of hearing the arrival of the Earl of 'I Durham in New York adl have no doubt he will be highly delighted with trh evidences which will there meet him of the a Ivaunages of free govern, a ment, for the Earl has ever oeen diesinguished for t his great liberality in politics. Lord Charlae Wel. lesly, esnond son of the Dluke of VWellington and Lieut. Colonel of the 15th foot regiment, has been for some time in New York where he seems too have tarried with much satisfaction before joining his regiment in Canada. His quiet unaffected manners are the subjects of remnrk, daily, in the New York papers. 'These visits have a good ten dency:they serve to smooth away tie asperities which have too long existed between tlhe old country and our own, for many nmust return with an exalled notion of tor civ'lization and weltlh who came with the expectaton of seing little more than hall Indians living in log huts and fioresta. The British Queen.-lSo universal is the ixteresr accorded by all to the naviantion of ite Atlantic by steam, that we feel assured any infornmtion of those vast palaces that fl oat thr waves which par thle old world fromt the new, must be agreable. We copy the above fromn the Alyr O'sereer re. gardinhenexwonder the next onder of rthe Ocean the .British Queen, Stealn ship." *'From the river, the British Queen, owing to her elegance of shape and floe proportions, does not rlok as large as abe really is., but as you ap. proach her an ede wharf, coimporing her with other large vessels nearher, her tremendous bulk bh s coes more imtposino, her extreme lenrgth stretch - ing 275 eet, being 35 feet logerthan tile largest line of battle ships now afloat. But if the visiler is surprised while etanding near her, he is doubly I ets alter ascending the ladder, atrd gain g upon deck, which being flush aIl along, in length and breath reaosmble a tleranlle street, being clear over deck 48 feeal l, nd over the paddle oluxea 64 feet. The workmen are at present employed in fitt ing tip the interior, and she will he ready tt receive a be engine and machinery i na nlpr!h but will Snt he tinished for five or ax months. 'J'The ;nac ln her cabin Islarge eonogh for a ball room. All tile imaterauls are of the first quality, and the work ea nship is of the beet order, cam btinig durability with great elegance, uniformlly and chasteness of oraellLnt. We olntost wondered at the space see napa or tile passenglr's berths, which can be compared to nothing else than a barracks. t. ''te passage ies somewhat in thi form ol a hrse's I shoe, with small apartments with double berthe, s one above the other, on oeach side. I1 thle front part of the vessl there are additional berths, and a in all she is to have accoimmnodatioen for about four hd huldrcd passeugers!-the pnassegorc between the dllfurent suits ol apartments, anrd tll,:ir aIrrt e rme:lte rivalling those of a imodern well Iurnished p hotel. The hold is the most capacruus wu ever . saw, and will ufrifrd abundance ol stowage. 'he paddle barxes are entirely, and do not at all interfere with the sweep of her . deck, which stands at present fronm thirty to forty - ft out of water-of course when tile lmachinery, abohul 500 trnlla, is ul Imoard, her draulght of water, at preseut ten feet, will bef c,,sld rably inlcrr as te rd. ''hore shclles, iher glgautitc bulk thrrowing , every other steamer into the a adolun adllllrable I llu trationi anll a noble rlt numlnl lt of the irresis tlible power and progress of e. 'l'iT' atg 'li vi111 bcl he rmore attractlve somle moalntles ele,, whln tile boilers and machinery of, we llelieve, 4.50 llor owlr, are oil board, aund le intelrior to a mllro c i iwt rd w taou. Since Iher ..erriv l i Port Gl.tsgour', e she has been tldaly visited by hundrids ot oadllrlng sptcULtaore." Cnulion ito lorse-orcersa nd Oslers.r in England lately used his hItdktlrclelto wlf i h Ite head of hi horsewhhr ich wal alh'te.d wihl the r glandrs, and aliterwanrd in.c ui,,uly asc d It to lu i de hth, and the .oro ei J' ry otly d 1[0 mi hin liie r11Uincli rhue.'. 1 ·111P1'11Iiyi- g uhal to io ihtlnple l killet. OkiL+ El'[ection.--Th,, ehecija in t'hncinn+ri ned l the townlls8lips in |H[aulihon count, l tlt.'ook plac'e on Tienday h. D9ai and tho1ugh Dr). I)n'an i re- r elected it is iiy a grealy dierreaned mjrity, ,s it is prtbabhlu rol r ho returnc rcceived Ilut hit vil ver C tol. Pendltoln (Whli,)o will nwot txeed II), whie ,n his previhus eleelion he was carried in with Ihrete timns thr number. T'Ihecity gave' a Icandanme najority uo 1237 for lie whig candiidate, I: hut ie 14 townships neuralzed it and returtined Dr Duncan again to the infinite disgrace of the dietriot. This result is attributed by tlre'Whig' to the want of personal popularity in Col P'endleoon in Ihe first place, and to the carolesnetrat of thie whi party, in the second, as they might have polled al lIast 150 lore lhad they been active. 'l'hiur the nomintiioiu ol Guillfordt, or Torrnce would, i is thoughtl, have produced a cntrary rreult. 'l'he ie sue in lntmilton i county ald in a few tnwnshipyin Warren, Io all that is yet known from 0 ilo. Re, pecting ithe result of tliGovernor's t lection, tile t Whi. nays: We Inave no feair for the setate. Vance, we dilitii not, will be re-olect~d Givertnr by 8 or 10 iboou. saed majnrtty, and we shall have a tnajority in both houers of Ithe Legislature. Aladesi Ia Co nlte,l the celebrated donceue, hasln t arrived in Cincinnatnoi and is now playing at the Naitional in that city. She is to atpear at tihe Comp , where we hIave no doubt heri aipi.aranc willd excite in.veral otrtoin. 'IlThe tnorthertiers say she is superior to Aueuaitn, and indeed tu all hler rivals. We hatll be able to form our own opinion onl the mitter toon,and ia the menlt while applrine our renders that ahe comes asisied by ant eitile Corps dchallol, and alse by M. Lecomti who is said ti be a great singer, so that we are likely to lhave some most elegant operatilc ballots. o l- Tlte following comenunication should ihave appeared in our paper of Mindny, but was uoae vnidably postpotned. In the years 1834 and 1835 the frielda of civil and tctsritutional lilberty were shocked y the utesucesstl ltl pt o tt ynIhe l'resident if tihe Slexi. ncan Republlic,D).n Antotilo LIpez de Saota Ant ir overthrow the liberties oif his counltry and estanblish oil tle rums of le Reputlican ediiice a niliitary and ecleelsiastical oligarclhy, a few choIoe spirti were found iI Ihnt republie in wllos Iisoms the sacred tire ot liberty owas Uiiiiuenicihliii they re. seltted lie parrltetdal uttenlipt of thei arch traitor wi la her ic dtcvo:ion that was worthy of sleccessn, lher dicids and their nnilste will be recorded by hltinry anid transoulted wt id t lusturieto fnturte gel. ora:ito,ni whilst thle name of Sauta Anu will bIt os. sociatid with Intfmty, and only rememhcbercd as the sanccess'ul destro)er of bhe lierry of Iis coun. Ity. lit order to onve thelnelvel framoI thevlndietive S lrath o thei moekish ald mighlty rulers who con i troled the destilnies of Inhat dvrted country, and ruler who turnto Iihejesulieln doctrine et their SI Sec never pardon an Ilf'nce either real or inaLin. : aci o ,the d w tre baonished by the itpertal nlatndtoe el tlhe o.unipotent Santa Ana. (such wtis thle title sacri)gl iouily II.Bsttiwt d lponhilll Iiy the editori i f thie Cesor of Vera Cruz, a.d etIcIhcd by all the i survilo irrosses lthroUehloul the ileiexIl'an (overti iieit) ithey ouotIl an uaolicnl In thIe Uiiteld i nates where thoey sllon learned wIth j,,y lhat the gcmum Sof lib rty although stard d slid driven fro tile Sancirnt dlminiin of the Aztr s, had fiound an b diing place in Texas, whlete the descendlents nat the Anglo-;iu l had erIco d rcl a T'lcmle and h dedintid i t to her worehip, Ilcdiling thietuaolves in as did thelrslteas of old. IIo aerllice on its altars, their vtes, their fortiui, intl tnuhe etacred holtUSt . Irut ln whence a brillilt coIsteICllatiittI Iad rtsi. i hat gavte fu'ure promise of irradillnm thoe uncenl elnpite of the Monlizumasn, with hIe genial raey ot ivlaund relig:ouslItblerty, w hle induced then to r rally around ilthoe aOnduartt ol l't-x., and live r I1 lie like freeUmI en, TiLe IIeYlsilOllil gverttnIeIC It it 'Iels, aware lthat lanlta Ana was IirctIeng at es the hII al ol a hoe l ol" iilu r.ntlun with ihii tvowCd is detertUlttion to eeteriminlate the inhaltittitit ith v thout daitilltclui o f ac t , ir s0 x, ito ilily pryi , parld l"hemnlslvs lor thlo colllng evelsr,hut deter le uined ti carry tile war into iht enemies countrey, he and thereby save eliontcivcs Irullln th borrors II.o dentu ion waroofxlerlllnltllatiic , au mxpcd.dtl,,n wi siet i, Io, nit, and cotuductcid biy IhgittIieat e II ct xic , Gicern, ior the purlcuSe ,i' l, mairlllig oTa tlnp o; II a was coienipilated hit it ti n il serve ai a lnil cldui Itound which hie parrloITlilin ot ie rInolrtnt n liberals w,,uld rally, '.nd thud become a olinl d'l, I pui from wet·lict wuld rtduad e thie elementae I t ihe r Oliiiutllml ,f l ic on dllituoililn II - i;J4, ruthlessly overthrtwn by thle alld ul thl.t uill ilaigiotoot;t a inUble tnIitelllUUI! SuL·ce. alone was wanting to ennoiSe it nas one pof the most iheroic acinavemrlents ol muodelu hisory. It may readily he presumed that the expedilion was made up at very discordant materials and coul prisrd of nations of the different countries of Eu rope as well as America; some were enthusiastic in lihe causei f libarty, others hardy adventurers, ac- dlot custmned to the usague and warfare of civilized antione,and knowing themselves to be led by I. guimale officers of the Mexican Repuablic for thei avowed purpo'e of re-establishing consetiutional tin orderin that country, they tmarched with a tiral anes of purpose that aerited and even promised do. success lThe eitlrprile as is well known failed, HBi owing in a great measure to the impracticability Go of keeping the party united; during their noctur- ed nal oplerations itey were scattered, and of course I not able to act in concert at tilhe proper time. Itc The leader was conp lled to retreat and left be- am hind hii some forty of his followers who had separated from the main body, owing to the entire n. obscurity of the etight tlhese suireod rod their arms all and Ibeame prisonlat of war, airmotgst them were an two Frcinchiien, some six or eight English subjecls on domvetenor twelve Ameorican citizens, some native P Mexicans and thile rest were Germans, aliahans,&c. kh Wthilout any legal convictionl anld il open violation r of the privilges and i nmunities of prisoner of war III tiolatlon o the sound laws of humanity, of in terna.tiontl law, and of treaty stipulatilons; they were all shut except thie ative, by ) virtue of ln order thrice reiterated by Ihe Govern ment de facto through the clehbrat, d Jose Maria. T ornil figured at that time as Secrestry of war. Th'e blood of the Mex can prisoners was col- Ic aidcred to precious to mingle tn he sanme pool with Ihatl oFrenclmen, Yankees and hereticstlieiwere h consequetoc ly reopltrd and afterwards pardoiiud. dl ''htlssunlmary lethod ofldisposing tf prisonllrs of warwas oonnl oafer nonre fully exenpitifeid on the plains of Goliad when the gallant Fanning and his youtihlul band of followers wes tea tle victims of Mlexican perfidy and dou!)mlcsa wou'd I ivo been nurred out ad tnlfiitun if tlhe Ontnlmpletl Santa Ana had been vlorlots onil the plalus of Sutl I Jacinto c As soon as the rmilister of France (Baron Deffan. dis) was atticially intorlaed through the consulata lf uiTampico, that two French calllens had been execuled at that pIltce without any previous legal convictlin, he demanded *rtnm te hoMexican govern inent a satisfactory explanatlon of the horrid tragedy, which was attempted on the ground of h cxpediency, and citing at the some time a statute of the then uxisting Congress, ordering immediate execution of all persons who might be found with Sarms in their hands Ior the purpase of resisting the ta hen actual authorities. Milr. Deffandis appears to - have considered that law barbarous and ilrhunan r and in direct contravention uf the treaty wi'h - France which guaranteed to all Frenclimen the - apacial protection of the Mexican laws. That I treaty had bhcome a part of the law of the ilnd, er and could not be abrogated in whole or in part y without tie consent of France. Therefore, inn in much as France has never given her consent Io the d execution of her citizens unless preceded by legal cr conviction; hIe was bound to view the execution Id of tile two above cited French citizens as an oct of assassination on the part ol the Mexican outhori t ties, w.o he held resdconsible to God and the French Snatiln for tile blood thus illegally and unjus ly ll shed. Subsequent events p:ove that the views ol :O the Baron Lleffandis were confirmed by the French t11 overnmeent, witich tppears to have t aken even a i ionnr couprehenive view ol the selject and to ty ieave ncted lon he principle, that inasmuch, asn Mex f ice had outragred I;' laws o humnoiiy and of civi Ot lized natiuns, by her bailmarous procedure and hall e repeatedly violated her puolic f'ith to France, by despoiling French citizens of their property and 'a iwithholding from them ihe protection o: lier nwa, ., she had Iorlcited all just title or clain to the at rank of a civilized nali-n and consequently, id must li viewed by Frince iti the IIght of one r of tle Blrbary powers and as such co.ered in he to a asnse of justlice further diplomnntic disusansion Swith a nation i voi l of publle ifiith was conillsi erled d derogaory to ithe dignity and honor of thl French cr nation, tliereforn a pereullptor d:-mand halls been made in til ulilnmtumn of thle French minister for nd a enatinlltsed pension to the heirs of the illeually er executed Frtineh citizels, whichl we think is per ry f.cnly just and in sorict accordance with the sacred ' diuty wtiiCl that paternal and tognll niiii.O us natio nwes to ilself aild t its citizens. IIainG now Iw x sn lilled somlle of tllhe polllnlts at issue herwern ilh se Stwo overnmentPnls, in whiclh he lives t Frenllchl Irl zenas are involved, we pIurpnoe in a (tllre nl l!lcr tl draw otnt ouitr inenlory, taor sme oases thati in e valve the right of propeirty Ielioneion r t i nei 'a citizens, of which oreiltle possres-ie was taken ire ty thie ,\I nxicana uthorlti, s. A ,IERICI... (,OVIRN hi ENNI' SIIIN PLAR'TEIS. We hVI. before ut n Prr aib. a "f tiht fritisof thell (G.ertntrl xIlwri~intslq Iin tliP c:urrenfy. K.lllwip e nas , e I all k 11111 b l iu t .11, l j that ftt ln renl'n brief mirole has xoba'' I ld c n reaiunlnll Treasury iand ink tile , nation dch''ei in debtl . wl dill mot ullpp .se a fact :l sO i rnre' rn Io the Almelrin ll vernment, n that we arc s -tl l ll ll i t, .l n uld hIuvl e xisl,. l t ill.'y S. l.b lc paid . or a I lt of iovernment l,'nd ,t G(islab i Ti.r .II rI Nul1e. the 111rlll cat ut wb\rh nm otJre to $:i n4 I o- e otaont the a

n ll tlntt. cc t r is ili, ii Foir this sol Illt R.e,.iv. r,i1 in r(s of payinz M1r Ih'ehe vh l h Ith r,,ml.V,.' Imlro bnp hll lllr\. Irnl n a.h ill l l u- l et.r. I I bi J d II - a o w e d I " In '- i t th e y" c .I . s i i d l y rl nttir SIIc betitC .Iie sii it' n 1II:I1 i , ..I lhe following isa copy': bu R,- .ivR's ic., Galen Ilrs' tl, i , y l i, is f ' 11133. $3,04. This' will be received Ih nmit for Tire l),ullfrs r and lulr Lients, n pavy ent i' r Land, it brin! t ll" nltere sl, e te ln cei'tain Tlreasullry Illtol paid by iHenry S eebe, this day JOHN DEIIENT, R.eiver " 1l hirei, then, ie the Sub Treasury System, in full andi delightful operation. Here is the "httelr cur rency" whit we were promlsised as the result of the , Experiiments!' Hlere is the of tlhe " told and slver erisu' tere is the perfection of t "Glory and Reform l !i Anl is tt possibe e that tile Government of the United Stitehl, fallen from f its high r nk, to g this depth of irrede.rnableness? Hlas Vau Buren. ism stunk the Republic as, low that its oficers fob ofl'thteIwho purchnae linds ith such trash as tite for the Pteplt i to withhold their vltes from men who have thus ilpovtelishid and degraded StheNationlt -Al-tb ftoli ed The .-Yrth Jlnterican V'alley -A writer in the Hosperitn, a Western periodical, emputes that this traet, lying between the great Unlkes, the Al leglieny and Rrky llout tnins and Gulf of N1exicn, will contain three times the present population of the Glob-, and that fhe producravl lls of mhe soil g to capablie i siustailingl live ilnes thle prlesent population of the Globe. LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. y ill ,t nlll lituo Ir tIei llor tttilu l olt ut g geilrl . 'Ile willuciill g li o rlhctltilt etile firstl day of Oc-t tber, i l lbITut story of the Meulliiu l odist hurlillh raduate of one of thie most celebrlated universities of T uCl i orse of studies to be pursued in this slmin't - ry wi riI coi prutiet ded i cn ie following divie" in, vis . I. 'rble En ll depara to mir nt, ell cigt aIll the brances ofa t roug u IANNON,Lopliuset Englis Coed lie I A I UZKNKIITe A, 18 J NiNIlOLciN I;tI, New O)rlesns. 2. Te clarosice departmeld, ceompre ly'sending t C octle ser Nutchic & I'Cltiilltilnllu Latin ad Greek Ing"tll ill i . TI R S- 1 p lrt D of cnoere lanIllager in whichll will bi taght lll French, lltni s t d tiermun l an s , fo r ale? b y I S A A C G11 1 11)6 & C O , guage1. 4. The ntitthenteliSl .nd philoso,-ileal department the lid tr eillutratd by SLAtER & exeilEls. S Evl ing ClaPtes in the Md 'en La ydll aes twil t rl u formed u u L attendld to to l t sh I b st October. In l J IAIIIANN, A M. iT trC A I UZENBIRG,l s y , C DUNCAN I 1sq, J NIlIIOLSON ;q, New Orleans. I -r ... I A .L.i.- .O kis , otf .ruime ttsyt nu toy " II BO)NN N .\ I ,, / oct i clt cb r NntelteIz & 'r liopitoul.s Slgazinel nd hytte treets ydal to s ns .3 A SI OL I .V K C O II I ' RET , o,:tl t5 11'' Julia at ds "T\IUBRIELLI.AS--13 easel ludling Iron nshlip ilahl oetl5 - 1:31 Mlagazine el .iAVN (ItS--:,n,". C.,,,l,.., Reg- ll lilts a d Cannions of different brands, tl ahee, el and Ior sale by - -- I'I{IE -- - (" t S etl7 40 IOnyd.-ule ,.ct17 -4'! Poydzas j Camp St. Theatre. tilIIS Theatre will be opened for the eeneon on S SUN\DAY,OC't rOBERlst. Performers attached to the some will ple'se meet in the (4reen Room, on Thursday, the 18th inst., at12 o' clock, 1. octl8 G II BARRETT. B o CASEY, No. 19 Canp street, has just received f lrom London, or ship 't iger, Delty, Medium, tonytt, Stper nrol, tpcrinnl, Colnier, and double Elephant Drawing poper, Tinttd Kunyal ando tImnerial do. Toytnhll'o Londot Boards. I'luin anld Timed Fran B istoPhoard ;ivory tpnper; Trnonpareat Htro pope. 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Consigneen are i.prticularly requested to attend to the receiptoftllheir goods. tS & J P WHTITNEY, i. d, "tll 8 Conti t F rt & SPRM OIL---5 casks IilI and wtintetelrm I b e in store, and lfor sale by lT R IHYDE & BRO, setlc8 cor Common & Magazine st f )EACH IBRANI)Y--0 bhl1 very superior Virgin i- i old 1' Brandy, eor sale by h TR IHYDF A)RE, O; ly Ocsri; rr Common & l lagnzine st o ( LOTIjI4IN-20 cases en.s,mtkble ClothingC, ltd- h dJ ing from ships Itnlsetll, Iannly and Perdonnett, Sfor sale byAC ctl8 )3l Mlagazine a, - iIII'C'INtiS, Flanmnte, & Co.--ll0 loles hirtings P all of various qnanlitiee; til Ibales Ine arnd hen.y I by Ilompelhire shetings and 3 Ibales Angola iRntes, r ld aunditng lroets Rslussnellt, I lansnl nid Itcrderletl, for sale y ISAAC IItIlIIE& COc ltlt; t3le ilagazxlne it Y FOR FIEIGIIT1' O1R CIIAITEI'I R. .ne '!bThe nRew ertoner rIIIt wItON, C1t. n euiu, l40 to.tthnrent. A 1oly to S&J J PVIIiTNY. i nll! l 8 Cltew i Ls SFO S'I'. I.OUl & A tITN, AND 1iN'I'I~ MI:-l I ",a IIIATL I. NDIOe;:i. -ir '1 e Ipa: ct steamer "lI I .Ne Z I," I A ( I.cllnett, reishe. is fow receiv ing fieiiht, and having -tite er;ntrr Ir- p l her cargoeigag a l ging 1 oar, will ed ostvely teavi lnr Srturday ev,'aiIgr, tile. 21th inst., n it I4 n c0c k, '. l1. Flr friltht, or pnnssagn lving ex x cellent a lul Itulldti o apII aply to e Lu 1..A WRE: N(E ,F¢ LI:EGEND.E, IIl cello .r1 & 9 Nesw Levee Ne e l- tR. bing of light draft ~ I i tll rei c St. tour tit Loti r il . hlr d t.ll. nc IN .It 7 Itk t' or It'il l & l'+ : Ii Ntn tnc, oo I .' t o dI.T il l t niniI tn tt tit tlllton tth I lln nien tllin oi aiid Iorle b ay b IA·NEADl & I.II;A STI):, Ilt (l6" ,\tf) New I.eee Ihr ; Gt F IG I),O ', t''r ,rrl ,l c\e Levee inn tn;t It iInt' ' , " 1`1 11 11" : ;I,,,:l lhd ,r of 11"! .<.,c,,:ul .1 , ,i,'i llity Thu .. otli-I- , rllt,.t1t StiN il IIt AFIIt)I VI-ltl11 bits lil e I laning ocuL·sith. P,,. 7, Third h llnli:iiuIh, ap ply tol S J I' W!II'rNEY, ,,ctl7 a l Cool at NEW Ulll.lUtA uIONS. I r lll11 1'ellovllduh- h a t,'m're o h;lr o ,l ill I Vll, I I tIllrd Ihtllor lie, Ih e tir of IBloo. A TiTae oiflthiauua, Just receved and tor sahl hy Witl M'KEAN, ctl7 _r Cat l t l E XCIIANGE) It lton, for sale be ISA.\AC llltl(i;lE &- Ci, otl7 1:14 .lalgita ie st T. .IAGO COFtF.tE-105 bags of grcel quality in at re an Ibfor sale by tJ.ATEI & TIRIER, etl7 40 - olIas t (C 't PPERl-tit eu-i f tight Brt, r cCo pper. ftot 1 9 to I1 IIb phlte, iiasuriig ii0 by .ill--alto A Iloxes20 by 61) fr.,ma7 tull Ib, fucVsta bhy l l I)I EVEIIREAUX, enoi7 '1; rchoiuhas st iee.u,7 ,i tt) VtA I.. I1 ESRS. 1 S. .IAicKI'K &. CO., hawe remonved tIheir LV Sllili CaIItI\ ser al Ithrd tWaOre Stlck of goods frl o No. t22 Old LIcve, Ito No. I Frot I.evee, where they oilbr for sale a new anld extensive stock If gotds, receive by the late arriv:als. They alsa Co itinll Itheid ai tfactory of Collaerand sheet Iron andlTll CO-P'A ITNIRSIllP. FEORI1GE GRIIE N hIs this t'y farmed a eo-part "Ilcership with hic brother C(harles It. Gtea; adl will co tinue leri (:mlllilsioui lillCes t lldeI tle li tI GEORGE (.IllIElE, & IIItt' HEll, oct 17 it 2(6 Camp-street M ANSION HOUSE HOTEL BALL, ROOM. No. 2i NEW LeVe., rhiR slahblillnmeat ,ill open oln THUILISDAY T EVENING, Oce. too which tceaaio, there will lie a GRAND IDIILESS BAL.. The pnprietor will Ihve god orde:rat Iet BIl Roatn, for wahich ipurpotr lie has egaged ofltieera if tle Police. Oct. 17. NOTICE. T LIE Stockholders of the Second Mulieipality Steatm Ferry Company, are hlreby notified, that their Ite for ttile third enttathnent are now due, and nliihblet at the ottice of tihe I'reaident, No. 24 MlSautats ullildileng,Ctnal street. aetli.-2t FOR SALE. SILIL he sold at the French Exelhane, St. Louis istreet, on Saturdtty, tile '20 October, a Ilu. latto girl aged iti ears, warranted a first rate seinm stress., liolueketper tad watherwoict . T'lerlms cash. octl t--tlda IENRY II LEE & CO., are now receivinghv trhe lilte arrivals fronl the Northern cties, a large and newly saeetted Iatoretllltnt of IA'I', 1100'1OOTS, SIiOES AND BROGANS, consisting ofagentleiean's filte calf aull Moraeco boot; dio and quality; do hulll, and stout wax pegged boots tIlvaf tliou qilalties'; ilen's tlo eialf, seal and Ilorolcc sie, lllllp ani lbrogams; hbuckalsi shoe, hbrolgan Inl slirpeCrs; aleti fle tcalf ad i kild lpedLgged "ies ,teII brluanui; leatlnelui ihest tqali'y calfsetwead asho hrucnual ad Jack IDoating , do clt and MollrOci-o an kletoica aint tn,bega mrctdaoalfan rieal&ltcc Itdiant ues an sliperso do elf, bl aed " enh wllrgs, n nie tiorica; ititfie iadlif, s tl ;tand t'rai o lallnrlter oots if tica', iistuee' ad childrenii's lieggel and baed ro-a dlls, iad slioes f everi q!alit aiilld lkiitd. Also a eneral asslaorillet ir i elr Sinal.t wax liroa t at llit al lll , ton lleher with 10,11110 t pair tentl heat - quality. cItFelt IrItallns, naIiled hi the hllill, lade ex grossI fior pialittei iase; II goanl a.auaorciltllt of iluren' fie aLd Ritliit khp rtatset tlbru an, ai now artile, and ia laurce qialltity ofat itferior qIaliity russellt aUd was at rogans. .ladie s fine ealf, eal, mrc.eo, anlt grain welts, nnd pure sle .hoest; edo llne finte French Miorcei and kid run roand elippers; do roan shatet, with and withiuit heel.; dlo ra(,cal anti stout lealher llooteel do Pin ntallt atlllea oall killds andlqttalitia; I i tlating hrogani; ,- ttiltered ail Ioxed bhoioIiti. Mishnu' latin.'lll grll S.nlOi.i ,nll htcIIlgnti. Itillidreu'ila .olIed Morotucco al (Getl Illlii'. t ili ul il h iIild black cilk latc; do black au . drab,; hbaier ihi of ca sUll'ior qualit; do it-. 'itatii Itnrl ul do; biroad anid inarrow brlln nuli's fini driall tilack Illllssilt short napuped hllts a ilew trti tle. i'tiIt' iibrCie aize lat oRtt dlfr'reitqualit llliits; dl e ltl1lrel', Men's aitd Itoy'slt black ilid lrab wrIo lsts of viariu..a lltaes, with gecllrrttl asnrclllcit d' bays' alI Tuitu -auic/a-e-t will L repltnisetd it t.e.. ival r , each etiakel tfrlm lth. atve jiamedl cities, all of whlich till Ite sal ll t ict l u ill,"tiatitit tccrnit. acilfi-t- t c e I,)UR--litilhlrls (I'ie hrand) loladin fSlen shcain heaunt tllma~l for sotlo by 1t c I)'lSSEY, sctl7 41 New Ler. St. Charles Theatre. S 19u11 NIGHT OF'TIIE 3EASON. First night for three years Il tllis city ofI rod BR'lrHERI & SISTER. This Evening, Octobel1Btl, 1838, him Will be performed thie eccentric eomnedv of r BORROWED FEATHERS. Frank lllllhank, Mri agel, I Toni Tray, S. Concell, Rosanmnd, iad.T hicinman. pal GrnndPaaSr ul, Mnd'.,Rnrenot. On 5, After wicthl the benutilul opera called BROTHER & SISTER. , D, S vlo, S1r. Plomer, n Slint Chistoral, FIreren, Pacheo rn, Cowell, ip l Iltal, Mrs.lDeliar, Rnsenltle, lhieltlun. the eni i An Overture, by Orchestra, Ti'e per'onnance will conclude witll tile force of FORTY 4" FIFTY. Mr. Lihlywhlte, Mr. Cowell, Allamont Lillythite, le lar, Mrs. Lillynhite, Mrir. PnIATr. oetl6 G OLD LEA F. TO SOUTHERN & WESTERN MERCHANTd. ¶ [HE Subhcrihbr taken this oppartiniiy nf inlirm ig his friends and customers, tlls lie still see tinsen to mnanulaettnre tIle following nailned nrticler; iold and dilver Leaf, (iold and l'in Fil Blnaes, &e., nludwarraants them superior to any' nlanufaetred ill tu the United tates. WII.LIAM BRADh', tie No. ll Snnth Filtl at., Philadelplin. ml t '1All orders thankfIy reI'eifed and1 punetuelly an nnatte dtn. at C onrier' Clarlestoni, SC. 'Tie Triae Anerri sen'iNw n )rlernia,an d e llWhig' Cineiinati, Chio, will plenas i iert I above h tiles and send tit bills Iho a, the auifiietl ' Natiinal lninon,' Phiilndelphie, willb papers ontaining tiheadvertisemennt. l neth-Ai_____ ntCt---6t CO-PAII'lTNI.IRSHIP NOTLICE Pr'HjF. Cn-pnrrneerhip lirellire s nuetits ei elendcr tih L firn at GoLOYI & l3.rrNNELI.,ir ill ile Lax crlainge Hntel, lire een thui dey ClisaNolvnd by muitunl nt. eset. Jairn C ilhnictrelln i tenrgead t ilith then slc ent othrr nffirii s oleltno le i ot e tra elorshaiil. ad tIleo tiwe of lthe firmal wrill be nsed nitly in Linleiorn. Oct1--1R83 Ii T AlNISII'S-- A lrege and extensive ato Irk alt V tile nnufantory of' BPe Stirhl& Cr,. eoleripieig ini part tIre folltwirgr: extea polislhing ito , tieo ti; t Unitl n , o Iw nel, 3 do tre 3 r ulr varnisr en, I di n i l 2:varel tnnio 1, 2 13Ire inrer i 3 rr ts-k a brown jtipanp, for sale tby • ts*ptl. 1 t . CI.ANNON, I2 Chnpr st s EXCHANGE READING ROOM. T tlpropirietor lio re-lhteai Ilia lenalinrg I~o,,i it thi e St. lhanrles Excliange. Crirar rl U ravier and St. Chanrlra sntreet, in tile nateist nnll e. Berniles ill tire principal iapers of nie United Stntea, ! nfrevery city ad stiter rile Cnnde s 'e and Mixi e- ton rld ltava ,in l tie rtr is re elrlya nt and Xltnei. . it, v upplied w .h thl e lacea Em'eenr l laeee I.,o)l'i Listn, nltd Prin'n Price C(:Iu'rret. Also aitb tn~e'ly alll tile Literary P'er:odlicals of tile day..,o ml lls tile re: pulicntionst ri t re I.enriha, Edlirilrnlrg, Weslmhirlsler -. 3i etr nr leiot t ht we an d i h titck w to ln ilt gne zhl e . ' rle lelNrli Americun Ilenlen; tim (L t ittle'rn I.iterlr* Kiiiek byooaikerTitle Ariteri, e Jr,,llrlrll et' Stiatne, nail Arlsa Miergaein,, Alrinrileln rlrrilllehlv Ilitly'a ,tlirlelhiiny , tihe Mealer, Cl'irurglntl Elrterirw" dnd vaartry if lhere. i All tilee works nru reruelrly eibiaerihid hIte nlll ractr -rail. ike rnoei is ln itiler, tritt withr e heieii it Iflof, arap d e~tlase, N eJ ii*.istc~r, I.lvv'N Price Cui It. ntrnl aplrrril, Ciuillerit Nileot, *;oatei-aei t e tel (eir' I r of works lrefr ellce. '('le Itato an.tivle ti tihtellitpnt rretrtltoleeitors ant.em plrris.sI, give tile r arliee alrivalll i Iltills lllr OX I;a. treiRniWill bee s tpire Io rrtlare i Liu Iadhilil l tolnitiiiile lirrtti,' Unilerd Wiets. ao~rltio ae resliet tidur rm iet ' BFl \l'il\ A ll. hF A S IVI'lNli.I at., N 1 I. I(linkl , i carteite rliter tu illilllithh ' orl r en- Iv trOll, tile eltrie ot - IIIe t'tltrttt ttrnhthea tn w~ill prll wily to, heelilr 11111U nl .llool thlil? rty.i* Ih.. etiiI dlllttrn Iol·Onlll· btllil~ l. wilhu ill Jlliity it: i ire lirn ha iug t ,,, rj ar ,,small Iiin ti Ilm d ill; I Rilldlitn 1iiil l r In L 1 hl iit lil f01 io j l lo~i¢lc, 1? ri l~ii lltlhies ili' er~ I yIPI sii8 SIII·.ri j'l. ll' a1( Ir iire ll '.thih' lie arlvn Is, I'hliii lcll lllld . ht theI vIIII ch I ri of tie tlirtl'll t t' li iii , Ci lII li, kill tnlItte iliX rlItI d it al( r tIR s I llta · tt. tI ttl ttith ittt Ills I |'ll it WaS Illl ill Illliil td ettet y tilll elll' he It l ll lll heap Itf ill easl!, wlich, Ii* si(ll t 1 cw l h d a Vll~(l·t.( or i Il ill~ il~l d l~ - - lilt [li. n iler I-lttee l ltit hrl', hit IllItlllte lllllO - tlesf 'i II ',t r tlil e..P ~l i 'irlll 1,I! Ii.llit' rol~l l ll'l hlill cr,'di ii ch,'riCh,'d aml r,'inn : 'tlitt J1,1,. iiS .llll(! itt prl ll "" I t 'i" ill lllllr ro ilS h r*id v llt,n llrll i .,~lllc- ) il I.l'Ili. ssI IluiZII:T an , itultu IId It lii' I~ib.i.I- al d It'lilllr r 1 h1 l ! ""I rill I·t,ler el ,,Ill lcl hlhlirl,- ... Ir,-lllslil Fl ilg~ l)" llIr I""!"t. 'Ill# Iiilli''el~d lit tle l'ilt\ll'h ullll~t 1II :lll:l';lllld ti n tsiP t iwt ihtu tittr p' i l ie l I li llr rr '1i. ,l w )1l ,lF . ~l f11111- (Ih' ,. .'¢ I:,i.,,I). Ih'I1..I iml ,Is*' 'J . I Tmlh- ul dl ml· h .1 111 ( I1 i 1 '' 1.,I- a,.1. h,,m; I': t cl 'dihn. '( r I I i.illl~ l It l~l ,'d Ihi~ I Iii; ti .< .,I ,,r a he.. i II1I lllill liny a d. a,,l i uln, - "' Ii1 t : lll I If IhlrhlllT. 1III'- tilr~lli,,..l'* ~iil :I)-! \1 1111 iii ' till| 1llllI .i. ; ig~ll to ohlalliii ,hi r O\\ nI liYCilh,..d( by1 IhoC li(11i,'-i rW,'ll t i I;flh,·ir bll OW.I ,.ill li/t, lhl ,d11,,1 i t,>t],.cl l aI IIs FI \I.I. &. \\ IN I' I l 'l B Nllll :. JI P. FLREKI: AN & C()., No 3:, lgotzine striel, S a ir iie i t their o.ip lhto of Fall lod \0iiito r Clotlillj lllld t ill c o tII niulll ) lt ii .iv," hilllltelll g r ul larly ihroogiout the c oaon. 'h,,ir i-sort'uent b.ings hlrge will enabhe tlllhem to Pupplchy nllar a Illl fflrlo or retail, oil ccomodlll ting erms TO IET.'l A otn stotr d.,,ellinq Loose in St..J,'eph E treet, h tuII; St. h o Ch irrnlli, i d |c t t; Li J..spiited to it sIt ill faily. Apliiy to octl7 ' FORN E\V YORK. . The Al kit -ilin; shili It t.\tI, Calif. liol d ill ortlp ,lheieh. 1'n knight or Oci-g .slsCalpplva i tohlt Calpt. ii boardl, oppo-itt pos15, 3rd S & JP Will INEY, oct17 Conti st t A O- I'IN l:UISl IIP P HE andcrsign e l hnve- teemrllled i co-llnrtnershllip uln dor the liornf n l')ItINNEI'L & VA'I'E3MA1N if the lExclIhange Hotell, ioni St. (Clllles st., frolll anld Il' ter tie first iay of Novemlr t j xlt. Il itilhill under oblligatiis Ito the citizens; -llnn gers Iand travn llers enerill,, tlr thle liberall patronee, received wihh iilme n ctI It r:l ttto i tublic seits i ts city, they beg lelvttd ellbrts to' neele, while caterinl_ or Ie lass and g noer Conllluort of their giiots, anl hope tilereby to enslre ai contiiinuance of puIlic favorand pitrouge. JNO ' .T JNO MI'Il )NNEI J,. D) C WA'T'lIRaILAN, 'Ith Notchz Fetroderll r I.Liisville Jouirnll; New 'nork Exirest ; Plhilindelplho tltrold I Oll etliiel;l Ilos tln Atlsa will please publi-h the, altooe throc times, anlll fot1wnrd their accounts to this oflice. oeilS-i-h L-''EIt PI'AIPERI--Just received from, tohe Broldy wine Mills, ti cases tsup.lite blle letter pallet; sote very low priced; III sopeoiln whit e lettel paper, oit; 2 conos thin pilk letter piper; 4 cases tlpel file pocket post largu size; 2 clases superflie letter assorted colors; : ces.s stpierfiellU octavo ossorted colors. for saol, wholesale and retail, by ) FEIt' & Co, New York Stationers' Htll, nctl5 I4 Chartres street A INEW ArrticlLe. Just received at 53, llienville st., e a superior tf Aror lietltlends, -uittble too ofthcoo tor snoallu rooms; tihe lblic: are, irepctiully invi ted It call anild examinie itle saenio. W R CARNES, fiAl. 200 hiileo Norttlhn l'. Tn.ltly liv il store, H for sale ly CIIAMPLIN & Ct)OPER, oetl5 t02 Jelin it. TO I)ILUi7GI.TS. US'I' received peroship.Orlenls ftrom N York J 611o groce blck Cort I'laistier, 49 doit Flesh cold doi 2 do hInry's cilcined Mgnto esia; 2 rI. lliutter's A riolt doI 2 do Seidlilz 'owders, fo,'r ale bv IDAVII) FF.t'I & CO., octl2 N Y Stationlers' Ill, Chrtrre st B OO'l'.S, .Sll, llanid (trci-ts colmprishng a geletlI r assnitalent, -uittic Ilr tihe cay ort c iuaury trade, lllndlhg from hlll.i1 (Contourdii, and for sale low for cshl,orupploved paper, by A F DUNBAR & CO, _sePllt Cus(toml IIo- o. EIRJMI CANIDLESO. Oi +, $c. 3siO bsxes New Bdflllrd ~prln Candles; 40 llbrreld Ielined VWhItle Oil; 4 Casks New Iledfrd \Vinter Oil; 15 Calks Iloofintt Zinc; 20th bolos No. I Bostotin Soap; IIt lingo Havana Col'te; t 50 hoxes whie Haivana Suger, supleior qual. ily, i store anid for sale by JOSIEPII COCKAYNE, o uCt 25 Gruvier i L fIc~I rEN-61, bonoe jut tecie.d ild n it . y le hIr Y IIEAI) 4¢ BAI.lS'I'OV. oct16 7 tIark I'haco C LEESE¶ I5 boxel oine Applle; li0 do. round l chleesre, lliendinlg lild 'or tiol by . IAWIR.ENCE E I2 ETIENI)RE, octlr6 23 & 2 No\ow Levteo i' A eCON - ll.S--Oll cuiu.s stluehito Cinciltali L urd, ill stile anti ftor lil. bly G DOR1SEV, IOe1t6 44 Net le.ree -] ENRY'S Cialcined tlai.noi iltot receirved per 1.1 ship Yazoo, from New York, a few graet o nllnry's leluilie nclined M!Iagenin, tar sole by tha duz.or grooe by 1DAVID FELT & C'), t ep r N V Sltotiutnrs iltl, 24I Chatrp"ll SECOND MUNICIPALITY. W AS brought to the P. naod of thle 2od Mlnnicipal ity, in B aronn o slreeyt betwcc n |levis and Gi rod streets. on the2fth Sept., 1848, A large Bay Horse. Theowner is req lteoed to prove property and take him ao.y,or he will he sold bfy I' A Gillot. Auotion cer, on tIourdt.y, the 13th inst. H IARPER nct5 Captain of 1Watch lbs ahsilt n"Uoe lpuot de lto Seconde Municlpa [ litb, le oi septembre otn groad helvoal han: le pro pribtaire ct pIrint de vemr prouver sn propriftb et I'em moter auotremtent if sere vndtler I'enean par PA .illlotter, testtter, t ratedi to 13dat courant. blt It S HAItPEIt,Capt. W\Vtch, 2lde Mun. JERE brought tutire P oid of the Se ood lMoni ioipolitv, ilt Baonne r treet. ,lretean Ilev:.n and Girod sire t on the 3tlh instant, tle following ahlmal, viz: Two lork Ll0y Ilottesone lies a mark on the loft 1i' rwter s reqIstRled to prave property and take them atoay I. fire Saturday, 27th October, or Ite will b sold by P uillotAuctioneer.H S IARPER, octll Captain of Watch NEW ORLEANS AND BAI.I MOREI LINE OF PACKETS. T 1IS line will conlsit ofr the following vesselo which have beel ibuilt, or purlhaswd expretitly for the trade, viz: Ship SEAMAN, Cnptain Miner, Barque MARY, Nickersoon, S IR\I) FERRY, (new) tvens,to , SOLOMON SAL ''U, Iil talnm, Brig ARC.sI' ECI, Gray. hese vessels or of the first class--hve ItotrBD otR fuorni tell nccommodnti n, and tire f a light draft at water, so as to admit of tlheir reoeivillt and ilsichlrging their cergqees in Bahtitmre t tthe City. Fr..ight will be taken for Ports i tIhe Clhesopcokeo er oil Jtllet River, y and firwwrdl byiit hy e tihe etles, Kse. Ulhrk & Kollogg, at Illtiltrer; Expenses ott g'oIdS chiped will be ad. vanced when required. SThe price of pootttge iS fixed at $i0--ample stores of the best qualit will ihe proviled. t Steo l op stid down the Mioois isipi will he token on all txeuvi.ts For freight or passage apple to (tfRGE BEDFORD or. '--10t 22 Ilfenille at DI El & F. P. IN cwcoub, Ji AVE opened n houste fr the transacting of a gen raslt COtntissti tl bIsiaess at Natolt Z, ani any Irsiness confided o thReel slhall ie ftithli'tilly attendeti References:- n 1 IC Ctammaick & Co., ) p Manterll \Vhite. & C. New Orleans. Caldwell & Ilicky, t,,,irtf-rofim. TIt LiI:. The baeinent flior of No. 123 Julia. next f the crnerer f CiICamp sitrel(; etitile for ollicei ir store roomns. Apply soi the irenises, or to C W CACISACK, i t ott12 Citial Bunk. Or -- ---- ATTFNTION!!f nn - GOTfElNOJl'S IIORSE GU.f RDS, "V OU will attend drill evey evenuiig, Sundays ex 1 celrted,ltthedrill rom, Migooti.a lottreet, next ' idoor t lie Athlcofolonvi Bornk, at 7 ro'clock, precisely. lThe greatelt punctuality is requested, os a tnster s y engaged tI girve hessons in the sword exercise. By or. oc der of Captain Oborne Cross. N SON it JOIIN GIIBSON, S rtll2 Orderly Sarg'f. Is, SUILYEYOII'S UI'I I tIF-SECO)NI) MUNICIPAL, ITY. be 7oT 01ICE is herrrey given Ithlt in cE.frirnity to a' r. resolution of the Conceil io tlr Second Mu-" i- nicipnliiy, psied at theirsittin t of Tuesdrnv, the 1511s to" ,t.\llgrat Icot, I will it enon tfrilln 2tltrtIht.Oter,I 1838e a rdjudictle I Iy oflieei Ito the lowest bidder: the foar -ly niohing the fiber, re qliredl ibrrir.e veiar, front the, dile el the ,dldrrri ne, lir r idhlges, oil icher Mni-n mn ticil.11 work,, ex, hlsiie inllrof Ithe llber alreadur Ireto ile rnoeo(ct'vtress ofgiud 1ullitlly, ft're Irltd:tspandi willlh ill ilI ui nv i ki0.d Slti-factroy soctirily in tire oilrt o. .,lli will be re' xllircd. New O()renr, tic(. lllth, 18,li r . .ll sulv . eyor, BUREIAU 1)DU VOY ER .A' MUN ICPALITIE I1v N I:r llC tlluit 'n reosollllin din conxcil didel 2 SJ nlnlirplrhll",, paIbe'e a Ierloo l tll ,l len • die mllrdi, 15 nnat d({llli,"l, .\t iS eis C It doln e file h, .2{8 dsocto le, I 618, S Illii. i Iain ol net , ll 'l, lj erllt 'll i ll rl i . ,in tur li ere If, toullt II s di , han rlpeli ol:t lip innllhosiiaUlile' lolr It el n itr I,.oli pool r re. , Ilo .lit~x pelldllan tin an a, Ip l . du jon le d I'101juli.01 io. ; h Isi, dheju n t notes, poor les whaffittt exepel,, ; le1, halo e lollt de e-Is ite srfIe'. tio, Imo liltl, t. do IIP TI]Iqull t I- .le ll inlbler. |te pm, r,,trlllrt+ llo r i Iptqlue'. rll, e , toton e,.i ,1fi iunte, I t $111110l i .)1 PI Ise1, Voyel . ll· ll JiOB I'I1.It: Nopor. CO.n AllThO, El l '8 )0F III F -<ICNIA) MUNI '1 1 ' \1 IT 1 '1. N'ow tl,.llo,'l . Oi l Itll IXi R. RF .\IIIX lYi oI a IIres I too. fll e CouncIl.oil , llr ý 2,5ttb .4p1 i er, 1;;:1: , nleId propo..iis will be reeiv, I h e III lls- t lll:, e i. n l 1, t1 v Ill r l ic di v 1t SNovetllwr telll , I tlr f' l'.e Il dredll lllll nll l Il llnrl lBondls oI hi., 1lanhivi lily, pan obl4 £ tlo'lhy o e'r, I Nl 'b ~" p \.I I st i:i -ll "t ll;'! II oe itos ll I llllo:1 N11 w 1 'olk or )11 ,"o ()Il l 'l I l- l n., o it br 1I1rd In. payl bl- i |th I it, I eo"' d or 1:'-'511 .lr : ill h f rhe ilI" re I be 1, l"y 1 ( ts: iondon. 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