Newspaper of True American, 20 Ekim 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 20 Ekim 1838 Page 4
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lot tremiailpOa Hotel, IitTEL re. i Lteis hr MilMds andt ulino ^`t accolii Siitttn t tc ,ne tinhey lotnr iuWt~oo-rtoh to tine tiem She~iels eifL. X:' O *tVil1 t+a gtoo during the S ýe 1.of.ttelM~ e l terte.' y`P 'a~t d.u wellsupplied hed with r ý@n:-1 short e jig omises kt nton on terap to give w`ll who may pattonizo the islna FHotel. j13 [C.o ,.'.r d.der.igned. having l Dr. Se).midt of Charleseln, d f.-r some years his assistant in Lo o mibhetdi szrggy, has the hoinor 1 e reisional servient in this city. i die ld gentlemen that the most hi paid to.the calls which eldnd d o others his ertiosee to ti h levee, boing well noeqainteid igpithl the ommon to them, havinig eteonded them in hnusein Charleston. Moeus ditl'.lious pills aftet the composition i StStnollette, with directiotiin can be had I e effooft which they have InI th .i dhh' ercit.s,has been attended the grei.ot succeess, to witch the Ibest of eti can bhe given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. S' t reit. JNO. l'l.ORING. A T WO SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. 1i IODWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. B"' 6 Water, near ltickmnan strout, New York, )Lwe reeeivod.the pait season, and aro cohstantly iving lante,andl extensive additions to the stock ufihe above goode, which now cnn ists of the e .-.oing assortment, suiebluo for the routhI rn and .istern markets. 'oMllow were of superior qualily, coinsiting of hi.-lOO to00 ons, viz, to 22 different stno, fronm 2:8 to 50 g.tions, Kettles, 1 sizes, fromlll 3:8 to 3t gallion- , S KetleIS-15sizes, fre: 3:8 to 18 galloun, 1aceprns or Ovuns, 7 hlt3Trent stzeTs, T- ea Kttles, 6 dit slIillets, . . 5 di, Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do lriddles, - . 4 do -. .Do, - fi de feason boxes fromn I 14 to 4 34 inelies. Cart do. 5 to 7 iochns. SWood Srows, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from iiEiielh, No. 8 to 3:9 itnch, No, 24 o f Iulterior -Itlity and fitsh, and less thll Jaels imported ~PrIeds. Sad Irons, assortsd, in casks cf about 500 Ibs for ttiilinhg. Tailor's and lhatter's Iron, ssnorlcd. sh weigllhts, 100 tnoll, aone.tled from 1 4.4 to Bells for Plantations, steamiboats, churahes, &e. i. to order, Also stoaibeoats and other machinery made to Wrder. The above assortment of goods is partictlarly recommended to thie ttetou.o t o Soutlleirn ilnd Western merchants, and are ofiered for sale it low ,rvices, and upon theo most liberal terms ;it is he. leved to be the largest and best assortment ever i a red for sale by any one10 etabliluhent in the anited States., Merehants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed ciruoolar, with description of goods, pricesanid terms, from which no dovtation is ever eade, farnished by return of mail. .Allorders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. j,"3 iiOEM-N-YRIP & I'ICI.I1S-c- ilc'uinil e _I meon Svrup nid Piuklce, nenuinwi dcirec; nc.o, 6tli boes of Lel is & Haskil', PI'ikle:; in- sele t, trf,.e til eo,-as ment, by Vof ti ,thI)tlt , tiOAP--lii huilf bxesa No I a oup, bral, of Junes (t Gold,for sle by ISA.AC liltl:)( t aE. CO. 11116 131 llug 7ise -t't. -tO ItO L IET. Ii tl.sma dwelling h(Isi on Tritt n s tier,, he tween Tivoli( Cilrcl and uloudt:det .Ire, t. mitl. Apply to J OT, Wi HEEI.tIARHOWS, A,-& 5 liIelb:hlnms, CV dirt do. ini stalet, lier tlP by (ll.\151 LINE: ('O()ER, I ml5 hIh ,llilRat ij II\iui uit, i led i C a nd l.etiSi li, i,'rJ, of aill IIu i1, liies, cotitithg oi very optliifor buo id, bh -ed while woes, aillalnii nod ruled 1Ol It11 de Icurd dhp, cenetsntly on ha l tnd nl i lot le, Ib ItVII) Ft1IT & Cio. .eJI N P Sitionlel- ' Ilull, ' It nlite 1. I. LtV i--.ti l e S ftlil lili c. I n'e i i.. . . 511 do oft2 do it doI lI;'1; a 51 do of'2 do 1, ' f'rt, 1l;ll; t0 liido oft u I. I' o1" I tl i, 1 L. a I f .llt N ll ' IIO\'N & (',ti . wir 9 t',n:tih ccrt. Ii .tn 1'- 4t1 tli le i n .i t. i i. i. : . . ; f rt , lt :n ,,. R hilldiln , nti v l iyunh al: ,Siu(d ilillninise l, uli Ii and Binding Ieatlly exr.ctlllrd,. -boa t Iller ,hV m31 N Y r S tori ,lll th,11,, I inatr'es It. a eding, l er sale hv l t1LICilillilil &COt.t m1 ) RI " ENT. lizin tr I NEW two sialto brick Iniset, situlted 3 doors t ul A froemthe Setionl(tnicia.itvlii il.:d,o'te ('harlh. stoel. en t very li,, p oses.+siun gi ven I elellliateln\ q OLUR-StIh bbl* st a I' flour. lftr nla inv 1 10ts0 s f iIii·I':Y, 41 Nl w I een.e, it 1ti1 me9 (; I){)ti°I':V, ,ll w T iv I .. Ihi i 5 |coils Iooet, cioti i lrollt .luui os, It rA sii t e by AI. IET . A11EI .;,G, 0119 17 Commtrce st. 3fro setoater Guen \VavtIl. ml f;r a1le hy YUI.RKE, Iit'I1llt Rt , Je6 (le tupr set. NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA Al dttors oroeill. nid, il !,a .ll an the bove datle Ii ou t ll el11f d, O|1' 111ot of Dt. NsUr, and I expect n t to i , m ile thatll till: te diRjase got worse, so as to break out ill Ilrge Ilers to the number of rx Or eight on vul l Ile, Inild ll over y faces, andi siure tlrolt, tolaI ll aill0 to k out he rieelll si do till n thet th ct.ll I ia+1 m; tue i ihu r Ol3l01 solit.le tll y tuIderthlt+ cnlr oil 1r. 1]1,,'1, 1f P ris, to he irfectly cured J,)I1 I DEAN. fo 14 ly I DO CERTIFY blot the "rne us Irined " to is quito well enred to ouit i wu sati-fccttite, for ,Irish I thank ltr. IlIrt al moreove.r I asare tha. th, mueoli dinn I haveb tke oltll.t tiuiit llh, aitd11(1 ul iut,[ ipjelt( iii a.Inltl at all; theruetf e I tie ,. i I y i f IIbtw alilti.rc to Itesno timetand apply to I)r .u Ilu ict, il al trait betweten Dttlounttl Id (lrlllll t It'te·s. Iir. .eat i at homea frol 9 o e lot:, `l, uItil 4 P i1. heyu will find a itrle domtor fr r this ·on,l:lint. .JiliN Il I. l l lirt er street. Ur any one weaI. ttso it, cta ell tt No, I0 tlllvicl streel, and tlhe will sulie!hIl. Tabs publljcsed at the oltin of I):. tllet. J.1,ie I)E \N. I ew Orleans. Pel 1, 18,.1i . 6, IIv TI1HE Genuine ltduo thultnunof ot ietw anua lanc Shound, in put alp in bottlhs at thle low price of u0 trptas seh, coltalint tihe strsnotlll of tlhree oulnlies i' i.sltwo, hesi.ea m. its itlet ilt illtllv otler rolti anud herbeknown among the Idiuis as elicac:iuus i, curing palmoonry tmnptainti. Tls utivrallod sucoe t which hle attenled the ,use of Ait illneisdnhble i Ballm .ulelreter it hit bLe,i" hes, ban ,l:ied lhe iandlleni eit atI reolnllltla s frespeetlle physician, fo r the of ,llnts, solds, pain in tlle ide, walt of tretl, t,iitting Or bltdel, liver complnint, Se. "o whmn it tny conoern. This is to netrtify that we "ave in mtr practihe freqmttly {,retrished ilrs (ardu aer's Indian Bnltll of i t itvreWort t a I Iion lllnd, w{ i a tldcidd goed eeerl: i cull Ith-r,lsreliom oile Ilow. ledg ofthe materials it is made from,t ;nd t Lte, vtation delmlerienee, recommentd it a csolllorit tru.tltruitilt oralll hos olictiono or tile iltmtt fur whth it is Ire Iesmendoll. AI.BEIRt' t.IILIA1.S, I, D. CALVIN ELI.IS II. !f. Memtobes of thll Boston Mcdieal Association. -oston. October -5. saloeby J.\ I.It'. & AN R)I'WS. iec,,mntotdetd ',y Ilte Medical Fltl.tly, .t I) "PLEIR'S Effervescent Magnesian A IerienttI-F L3 dysptepia oa il lig.sntin, tertmto, lebtiti , idl-i Iseilheadaeheaci'ditv of tile stu:cttiet, habithtl cs titetssesatsaoutei ndicta os, gout glravel, . auld imul h tOaid U aal gestle. :ooIilln pUrgatveo. This desirble prmlinrntion hit receivedt the nntr'o agel of nan.tly etllinelt etttiimler If tL tp.Of:i=iitt, tlld otnadilsacabio Itultlie notiyt resiecahl :l,,d utush*i biied tsstimonials fitsorin" ate-v u nolatdin,: blurrtbenl elicited. Vitlt ol11 thie plearu;e qtutlitit ' of o eooss of udal wlaer, it p estesta tile Ittive medicinal propertire - the most olap rt d i alilts purgativ.s; it is pleusait go the palate, and grateful ti h n talinit:h, INPORTANT CAUTION--'l'he inercosinge reptlnt tite .nd great demand fotr Iluatt,' .lfltervtoit.te IluJgne ienhAe rtrlentt, Ila been il iniltldte, e. fnIt oethae, to of *ra. Ismitation of thia valllo, iierl ei. PIirctni. ni les ponrtitlsiy whrsed eIf this fait that teIoy ooy rbe iae rd l not lsioe an ImIre aricll. Thl llubl. i pect hl yItn for e+ thantth, sul cri -ef-- bis lta oir .Oililed wt i h tile nrig:iiit ltni gp piL4tepatlte,.nai For iale who e-ale a d retnil, SeICKLIS ri Cr. . fIerto. cth e156 ' 40 ('Pnsl etrcel, N O. Slind rowtlh of Hairt, oiig h oalthh aid beta tand : uotati oing bldnost. thin Hiar Oil woe of re 1 t': thl Itlihlh., it hnad Ni li4 bondr-'d off,;slesor bali,,ss, thihmnnee anli _i lbis hair, ntiit illosery ist:ci' ii: ,nluotrv al lnv been II os te' er fil'od to prlnoc'e u begtitsful dgrowlh of hir ntendh blrendv l;ii wllre it becoine dr. ad nl e. CP e one;" -' _I veryy .oo rendler it hemlthy, and rloduces _:-id~sildb iln l growth of hair. w t'lnlm the Ielas flii the bluff. ' This Oil givelsl a n.gre-re ,hh F'1-, iqp nd is praferable to any ,,ther IT ir Oil foir per trgtitlg, ce lldnig e d g~tilo l the hair. The I ir ea beor dl yaftei r"i·llt! For sale at o E . .BI .: d'I tG.. i. ..LUCHY tldKIL`t.l & CO), aie iuw ruee..mgitrot .WOiJ U C Orlen1n. Ehawe, i nhlaler, tnkor' l-drsR Wrriet uleh ands Goronnn plty enrdls; Blok ElUll l.lmtll Cliesame ll 9 1-4 and m9 tt'8 intI:ll Lil and altl]se gl tt and 1S ivch hladet ]lowin Kin vH.; .l ariud .6[iar ta elli Ch arrtitrs Casnr" eRl. .ckri, Hwrtlanls, ellid fnallins Pistol.l; dlouble ani| col.r a;r ll ad u Inrm e |H'; Sllot heltm; Phunolor If miatiiliienika, m nttls onil Drinking Copa; ed '.O.! inab i.i; C tHlotih, laito, Toooho hond obllnwl d-h.s. Ortr n;,,l Ciolonino Tooth W\Vlh tooth'.rcr ilb n'laud Sohaong Soona, in gpor t nol itto ni o pnoooiloi Pi'tn o nnh, H i or Brids Itinalett ald Friaetts; looar-. .ino otpent onthnro oknl.rv tironoo Itvor T noolhl,.r: tatS de.+, it Zrcuter.:~ C;un.I J~altiS .uISPtmlldrrs ~owdvr r P~tflj a.el Bbx+.s. niit t mlii si ..e: .l an1I l:P.e,; F:ar-drlop." Valet Baekk,'. IlmrneletP: Bead Nt'ckla.;es ndion.orh ol, ill tno oii o'rel I olorl - hOdiau e. (a'n!tion ohhloto 00 thoiotototo, the lol'+rsokon hooaond.oo Inakp. their I\'iql~rt~ltHClt VPI·? rOlll 3.f. andl will hoF s,,ld onh, 11AR il3-tlNA CO lOlrrNE \\roTt -o ooon .h tod ooruhooloto on o i ln e i too-oo F'hl l nmI I)oo'Irt ''o l e '0 0 .... , lohto. i oii O ol ooll, tonooio fbi o~thoro-.o- , n 0liti0 le r to ii I or l ':lh- .. Tt'ol ,rltooi Fno lnn liti ms rrnil Jn Ito Io:. .t \('(MI.Eol q{ o t (o t I.t. o ''otto 0000 t' olllc-lr S~~, \r~ v-III·I. Iirl by I I 1NR 11f \RT lt A--Tre n&w .O,'ln o o ,,-oto to e ooooo ooolo-ioo h T hfo'rl i i o rtt o iI: oiv A or 1 ' ,dloo l., Fi c1h0 io carood ot orno o,, tdoo,, o a l t phh 'o* (il otl tootF nototln~l~i l Ot11 00001· otiooo-l ooo II~ 'ilot ra Ialeh h n ,uluhw i'ulnt ne lilers I calllhl chaln nill1 H 0001 0 oton o ith r .,s : bl io ll'pllr lll n r:l . to o h i t:lih rn tooll ih. i 0i0. n t, oIolr i t~oroo- o o ro koo o I I re.o hir hm.o o rou, al·k '1. r· 'ill l 'l.: ]~i.l t:1kI; n··l'lrtli r;~lll llentlh tmt,,lle a ln d h'lailn fIt: l l'l lie r l ill..l:+ .tll er ,h' lllnl. e : III 1 lltltcilll. JII.IIhl·IP ·,h~l i:!.t '.:I,.+ ": (( i,+l ,. .h~il T ·I·II(Oi'$ fll no'.o told m h -t otlil lttl l olU lmhu s s (i o,,. ,%lP 11 I li. :.iJ CI)··' ilh sll Sl t'dr;II I JIllhl ( KIus . mr N ,+It hilr lk'l'l h , h l notl1~1 c t oowooor t al 0 0 r0 0 oo , le ntll ooot oc(, l,,e+.+ O toiothu',l ,ll ot j oilot r-ootl·l r1 o o . orl I tolllot Ilurtilql (lltll' h+ ll-lI'Jlll'.ril·(; 1)1·',1llipl Ila :ilillIl lll i-I. Ir11a Iit' +tll( 111·rl -1'i (, Itn rl(li+l"< ' tto lls ht0t'0 110 0000 , h il-t 00 .-i to-lot totIh-t o i.tolon&,ol oatnoolooloo.-o-oo+ o h ith ) o tooooot i.ololorino oto ck ill"loil('+ " i ·.'#koh( - )C.:i d! m" r-h il; :t+ Illl' 'iu l tgl. l I):. Iillhl *'il r ni]lm.. 0, r "nl ll hn 0. ol o oI. ollll lll(ll [rl.o (',,ll0ril / ,ld Illalui=.{,l h,; 'l) II &'I' ll, ill+ IIl il C 1V )1 wII 111 di s Ived it ibv httogtolo t"too lao ,i, oioo. etotoot " ill0ll 0 .1c oi to')l oot Irilo llr l toiloo- l0 0 10 r'I00 tI ottll itllolo er ot'ott-too "tooo toottotno 1 ' It 0ei 0 (. t riooo onooo. I ot1 to'o h o Lot llll. t. oooI n t ol o olt l Oilb tt, tio nll-i~l. ( ,IItilo l Iot ot o too l IIrrl% o i. e." &tot . . 0000,to.0 eb-0 noIl ortoo,. ot too t oto'oot t iI,0.0t'l lh h 'n of boo. )iv- on I.('.l.. Ne l to tOrh ' T.I too oooo tototo Iott' oIt oto' I 0 tll'ln w oIott ed In· Irls . lll i t. i Ill il 'nl'hm:P hllnllr, blllrd t.')1 s~lu,I,~ u fl i *rl. nrP II i-r ih' r . I .'s e lI. hliv~ln., cl+;li. Il(IIP 11it- 1' -,, 11 p Il,-'e lhint :;ll~ (ll~ll ilJtill'. NoI loot lill.l,I Y. Jill ti. iur , tott0. tn',t P'\lt I1l0' "tlt II I tI \.V1'1 00 7,.au ttootooolntoos olrtooooooroo ('oh00 l+t-tooroI-t..t tPoon I ,loo1 tlo toil * t" otoollo ot o it onltooor nll2.h bolio '. p~l ,:., .. l,;llih, n nll , d i l +'ll ll fl t-[h- t .%ill.i 0.1( "+nl++' !, i C<11[++l~ I)(ttnxt' 1l1( tl+~l] lllh] I+ •1- 11·L:<,i, Il< . + il,\: I oll+:, inil . ,,f ',,-,,s, (t.Ollootgh ootohl rootooo too lr .i' t nlosrllll, t'llhrli 111 · \Vnld'<t II "rp it!t" till rll,iF O l ll~il l!III "," Ill~et'il' p i'":1. 'H <,rlid:.( In l.i: 1r+.r, hrl~ 'llll hay Willt+,.. tIote' n :,'s oo il rto ilho , h too'to- (ot toot, t t i.o onotoo olIt 0000 1 o 0 000oioo I otoollo.· lili111( of~ 1 i - ;I oooooo to I ooo1-oi 00000 '1111 ~liarldllh· ' lidr.! 11I1', Ii jl Iil~it, tl~ llt)'i iiol h I lltl hl onotot, Jhair, to tool, 'llila. not,"s '~ ~ (. tvh' ill ~lia lhlhlil llr . il :(lilY +31 th h ii nbll lllr lll niul sl ,!1.11 e~lb tdj.xt] ls l I i i llt wh 0e+l At 0) td by .31'%tJ.S I.IfTTolootoooto "~llB ii .? h rits .n. ATN 0~ ~ oo OtOvO7)+ oooo--s o,-h b r-t ii 1i<2 , :. ,'00 .0'0 ooot h'r o borot r ltoo o 0 , 0 hi0 1 ot oolt l Or- l '0lilll0 i ,,ithro, ('lilootoo illo Itt rlto a fi r ,111 v i 'll 'I I hiO'to hetot 00 000 h t.oo o (,oooh'o r "ol theh 101 1tio' o :,tlt~ Oi l.l.1 muk :+ h,'r a <ott oo oI1 olo11"-oo, 00 h'.too "Phe1. .1 !1-·lm;'illS 11.+ IIl.·.l.Svll a l I pa t ·\i.: 'll tl l iDI .+,r, h tu, 1('1 a1 1l dr \--(·(1, cl 1i,> h~l~ l·n I 1T I!.of' ~l ,', l~illl . I n-II'( Ilie· r~l~hr- , slil k a)(·lll(~1 W1 1l'lt.t c\lal;l. C ( rllli 'l'.., -i 'lillll~lll ; . . clhl. Phlf;Ih iullullillli,.s, h(I11I fiI11I \lillrl· .,'tm Illlil Ih'h+' ', Inlgeh slli I1wdet<.llO/lh' r Piil iii,< I ; +'s hll.: t l i 11 d'l',11~ oro ololt b ooo. ttlld oooo' otoll, t o oilolt btl. hoo oo ll, o ill )lltl+. 'IIlI i'l" i " I'/'o e 1·.+ (. . " t I (IFII;,I illoilI ill~·- in u - tItooltoooootooo,1ooo, tool l olol ooo-ootoootl tIto-Itr o h 'to , laotnn I ool: o 00000l 0 0i floot o .oroo.o,.w ierl ht( k s hot l h+, I~tl''i l i ,'s.lil I..h,1·1 · 111 It .k l ilhll( du+'ilh l+. ooot.onttli iooLll " n ilaoooo ioll 'roo , J too '.' iolltio l o Ito Il, 1;\ ott , (tii~h to0 ooo, t]1loo, noo r -too toot hi l0'0000 t',,+'n , tIt' <ill l'Pli-- (''l, I'Oll )111.11;lllll hav Wlllt'llf'l'h-tl e.<t,(1110.+. 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E" NCE A\ 1) V.\ III':Tlr lln filit L I- EreLlaE E cr arou a lll r'l a ll Im, lne i ll P I'n ' l ili ," 11 ! w it llh i]I . 1 1 AIll Dll I.1 11 h+ ll:.'l i1 \.1 ' I ll- I.ill,.t' lllldl-t,"h inli, i riI , f lia 1 ail-l w l l k ln. i,':d h i.-,s n ' nr ill e u a ali ll l 11I' , pil-, , + ll-tl lllfdlil i l .li ld hney I llr 1 so 1 ,a i llld ,, I w l, l l Il,d ,I +i: 1 l l 1'11, r ; l".7r . nd ru tullic, h nel art ..I ,, ury - " t,.I hcil . r to willt tlr I aI . i ,,t,' h,,,,I - sil ai' E i l , h'I., w A , l '7111 ~7t peI n-I; al""r, Iti t I' ll~ll ' llll iii ti' \(r i ' il l lllil Itill'P I l lillh' cls, al t 1,, ;. ; 1 , , iii, a at e , ala - , ai . ld i llllli(:lll llllllrt11e'ill i l , l,,l', il.lsittl :l ylt ll i, ll ItaX e', p 11(it 11" a ,ll ,l"l' til-, ia, lll E' llill' 'rv" mlellItla lii hll'c 1,dlrl..s, .11 4n-Y bvmd tierl~kll et".,+, dill w I .It ,n dN ri , EE' f ltrihe-, n u l l l Ianth l .wd r ll.,.,., eni. 7ll1 lh ll ean l e d ibe , t sill ,, IIIII e l t. 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To the Editor of the Lo istille .',lerttli er: / fit-It 'ppears by the ohervntlioni of lie Eilitoi Lof the Nothvilh Presln torinn, l'nlii..ll an d 1:Tlra cript, ta well as the oeldtore of tle .ilenmt phis Enltuir'e that the "Ohl Gontleltu" is among, the IDoctora. 'lThi is provedel by hili kinrlrhl, ie knntirne thlo hil time i but sehort, til t that ib' iide neei iut Atm ritte o peopI ilrare ablh : l tejtie t i heleu ,elw t e i t rliei ti le l, illposiitiions. The wm i thv edtitors who alre l l,,tort tlhe prpriettrs, elitors or sub-elilors of the abhov nlntC " 'I~jo 'ila, ei l : ev-ry !i;ter fIor i'lt so, .t C Irsetoral to vight inll Wh or n;l. palrric, I!ll',, I. T he fitet to, tit:t l 1 'vr h!l l pv b grimat .uee , SIIInI n no limited n npr'iid 11tt tel .l I dal. ( 11 lih1t tromn hi, birth, I r-_, to , r to f 1.",ll0w !,i, mlln-tl' t" Illy ho lel, instefu t o ,f be .i ,,li.ed m be !1." by him T',,vo " l" ' Indio '',, ~ I h l . h '1 , ,t he t i,, ht of on,,, ,ev , hiot b enth o1 frlfl e "h r < ' v e-v e' ,eI ' .,tl . i o1" I hl i. teI 'lll f t,1 ~' I,' l l h t rye, wl ihh hen ll l I i(rhld'e oir 'e lf .ll Ce o tllh ",- . o i,+ 0 lt Ili " tiiht' yl e r ii r the il "Ill l n ,.lli'll"iliiit riln N ' ll, t0 ill lllee tr nll't, u : m i i ttt I t tt hl 1",t' lli it -1, h hi'ti mnn I -, I'le t '.1d1 I"," hlitii lht th i tht I f lt o i e fii t m n ... ,, '' if : month Sllnt 1: tl h t +l Io·v I n, iI to rl l r ut,, ifll l i e't i t IotIh 'i. li ll i t-' . sll , h l il . r · him i that the~ tniht her hul:ro.eI ( th ,I,' rt. The dolt It'l ie i a lit . I hi e I tderly i_0 t ,lll , I l1 t 1ll,.l,,tllllo 1,1t I o,:\etl ·y yenlls o ifll +t.<', t ill I,· ! cuIId I0 ''lltivhi oi ' r, h l ~! ll. Ie n Llli.k I .' it' lln ti ri tliV-hII h hlt' b t inoel n l hilt i.i' r1 l . I l, i he : l i S ''it 't i l l t n jlar th, yoi l .. hl'l11 i+ they of't dlltbll lht pok111 +i' I ll I i lihat Idlet r OIlit ho h'l n11 i I' ti lle i-ht , f oIel l 0 0 th ll l ll I., N ', h iier li.1 ill i r d, his w mr ,ho r ., f t h l . . ... oe't'-ile h th i O ,000 0,11 1,: ',, ,, I;ll, Ih ll Im, -+ noII t onl y " ." I r liI'_ht o 1 1' : " - , i ' t i el f' tl I lei i tl r't 'li , 'i iut the ,,t',r 01-", llll v I illnl int t dlilllli tl i II Iil0 tut, lll podt" I ,oll, ,' I it'Ill. it,,, . il ,- , 0,v Ifu Itoi I t I el·? rttl?- I1 t ( v.i 01 'ii ' t Lt . I . :tr'l't it ed oth1,C.00.h' e. ll ."+:.)' Iii1', 1 . 11 -- , d I I l, it. n: it Ip tt lll l 0 r* , It h.a hil, lll - ,l ' lit.a .I) ,huni l III 'll ti'' Itli t' III ll' : i , ·i0 f i.' li + .ll I lh i Iad i ,ll i i i l I t i. l 1 I 'lt i lltliol, l zt lill l t pt-lin:r-th lll l It j tllnst h e iitl 0l !)r ll th t I, r ill 0 !1. ! I'l, ll I:e ' !tl.l l, to t Itf a 0 "0 , i x ,,h ,,i .il :lttl ' r \ lt i i,, li' _ i l h d i te Ii t, . i t i u I-I. i il, i h I w lt tl t ,e unf' h .ill 'fth ,tt 1 h > n11 n ' h th e ii fl b I , le eo I:,lt tr lhe ot iit hl llave m,. l 1 11o ,0.illt ill tI ofIl 0xy haiii ll .' io, i< ii ll, rh." l o Il ire i l ote ~r, i oll n I i ll c 8 1" " Ill, th ultI n liti 1P1, ln ofblil monll l ,ll Ii .h· to0 I. n, t ' .i i . lie I ' .;. ''11 1 . 11,'i 1 !1i:,1 .h . - lill I , I " 'tt+l, 1 Jr te i Ilia iet' it. th,' ill, ,till s 0,"1 I tll hoI h " , %%e !pt , or thelu . Iii ;lul•v \Ollhl',i 0f l i l" e'' o )r f i I I 0. \,, j ! dlt di'oll t, . flit , I I uv',+ I r': ' I 'q .il +,,I in Ihi out( iilitl, td r - l'qle !' v - II' . ,.. 'i.i 0010 otjl.'' t'il,'i. ll. tr th in"" f ' ('m 4 1:' d. i - l, o i t" ' " f Il" !:opIll i !. m 1 w,. . t "a il ri' ptl , it l it' , Illin , o\ ievii Il l .So l idh , "I ' Ill. C. 1't',''li, j il we al ot 1 an r te nillolnlt. I i I r'. of ,icell~~iil ,\-, t',l' ,.,,,":,t . It IIh,, I , "1, 0 h, rot' ', 0 0 :".t[ .," tih :m ,li'i, I, \," t ,t ,. n, i et >i ot mml.l, ,. ,7 1u ,~ ,i ; <', li melt'. I' iii lll I: l .\o~, 1 ,"knl" ,l'olt l :ii , oll 'dllllll. th~ir 1 inlht r hin" l re r 'tir0, ! it e ,iIh t~ l llit!> i0,llfll' l ' nmlh np ' oIw I ,i lll -.e! i-"ll . n1 , opt" rlti 1, ,11 ! ,0 ilt (t!i- , hnl ., Itllll ft libe ti'. tlm il ( into In~ llll h \ illlt 11J0l 0,,,,r- ii f'lil·t. Ii'nit' llotll lln r h 1 1 I",l ll ~o . d , ,iot 10 ,' I '001 ",It t ollibt r ,r in \e It" 1 "ltll, \~ h rl'e il ll p 1 ,-I i , !~ , (it Il00 ,.f ,, , ; Ill"., i tll ho ~ o 1 I'n,; h, : v.i, 1 ',t' i l nln Ill .l.,ti. ,Ihli," , oti, t+,+' -. !r :l 10 4 l; ,e;l ++]l l,. l:l' . .tll +,Iv , 0100 it'. ·1, <+ll.1 1 " ll o!, j oIt, , - I t, e-llllud d, 1000 hili , , ilv, ll 'il+lln , . Ii1 : : , • ,,, !,: i." Ii1%" ire-ontel t IIe tll l!i-.i ,,, lIo lIt Ill t; i iiv m 1 to-! it t" .i r i: ~,,,It l . , ,01, 001 <. Ii. 0 , , Il ' I %;1\ Il lid, h', iil'l -:id, Ill 0 I ,',_, ~ ol ,ld : lnor my url i un'i 1: 1 I , . lil t d,,L"V , 111 ,,. I. n' i 1, t >:.r .\ih l i ii I0,, it,,, , I-,w. ,1 h it,'I hll.i, Ii' h:i; ,"; , Ii1 llltl i 1 ip 1' , -, , iI i 1 , r 'i i (I cn: I. . .1t I· I IIII- "1 r III) 1 I.. I.I I . i\rý: n .n" I ,,r~ Ih. it,ý. 1ir~ II Illi-, ilr. I, ,.I \~l" 1 ý, 1h,·]li Ii ·( -., , ; of II: III .ll, I'l, ( I .":,r+ t...... .i·Iil" t,. 1 I.I· nlr1in in .\'aA"1 1 ( n 1;",r 1 .1. I"·.n;(1: that Iri, :.t 1i)-t !l.^I _r i II .n r Re ,. .11r .Siii ric·. i.i 11;·1 11.1:-Iln -\ 1 h,'"1r ( r' l. 'l 1 ,l h" Ill 11'llh:+n." Il Ill ,n ll-I , 1·1/)11 Irr tl: ll rl- l,, n. , r~IInln^ Ilii hi+, l C I n- In Ir hlr. III , l,^"., I , rn Ili, yr jlh"-..ill I h lill - "',I,;, I .1nnll'l I hrn+ I 111- 1111. :r lI 1, i,. I'",.,r l I. l'.t', n l rt Pr V_ ; w" t I'lll. r_," ,lil( II;I '·il + ,I 1(·;i l ;i- 1( 1,, '+. rl., ýr 11',I"Ili-ll "t,.n, n l, r "..,", I Ir. 11·1. /.I ' ."! I . n. 11 ! C " II. ý, ~f lli , I 1.1/- . ·.I I 1 , I I · . i i I,:, , Bol i~rnn, .\ , . ,"1i l 11i , i ',:: : , 1r,! 1 i, ti -. II il hirlil 1(·11 11," I:. ·11111 I·(' ., l rl , ,r, ) . r= \Ijl(·l ·1II CI..n~' to he,. I I: l I)- in 1h -(··lr I.)i( r ", - ilL:; cnn": Iri, nrr - I r n the I"JI ,~ll)// ll~ll~l -ir l ", (,'1 ..;.." ...., .n I. 1 Ill- , s,, it r;* 11 11, :1 - r llli.. r. ":n - in II. iI .l e I lll.lllt / T1IIn· L +.1 jlr:": I··r i i ..l lnl ,0 !. ...... yý,"-ti~nl~rii II.cil:! IItur h(',1 II -, I ,.+. .,.I ..I I " I ':, , 1- 1 I. Nv,ý,.n, If"I .! ' .%I eh';-~ 31 It. 1:. 1'. I t thecureofrheumatism,'e fulaorkingsevil,gout, aciatlea or lllp gonllt, iulie;nt nt caners, sdtrheum, sildhilitic and merelnial diseases, paruticularly ulees and Painfulntfeettions oftthe bones, uleentedthronatsn nos trils, ileers of ever. descrtption, faeer saoes, and internal ahsessas, ftulans, piles, senhl head, scumry, biles, clho ,ie sorei eyes, eirysillis,bltthi aid every varietyofean tlaeoun alfetion, chrlolic Catar'rh, bead nahe proeaeed ing fiom any Alrid humor, pain ill the stomach and dy epsia peroc'edil fitomt v:iaiatinn, alPleetin of the liver, chronic inn.ammrt tiou of the kittl- s, and getemld debili i ty cause I by a torpil.etion of the vessels osthe skin. It is sing :]tly eflioevious in reIovat:i9g those constitutions whli :'1 have heroll Ib,,lel Ir1wn 1,h1 tiwilulisous tlrealtment, juitr n'ile ilrrezulaitits. In 0,onl1:ld] ttlg it is I'lCITI stlcned it tll tose diseases I hch arise li'ln frm implrities Il ile or kind. none Motille alov'e Eomii:plaints m require some rli 'flin stsinna :t plintiono, lihchih eit Pkiret t.uanes i f the eae will diCtI:'.: .It for I genera II l remely o I'uriFica.or to remove thel :se, the IN 1 1IAN's P'AN\UACA n ill en.el:dly befi'undi slii:ient. TO THE PUtIbTC. ItoII true it is, thlit man ,tI, r lu l Ph icia.':s, t thei r Itll ,itito to excel in their ,i:ri e n exp hre the vast ield oI'.ce: Ia.j the :uilg d l fllch l" :1ull sck!i tiot new rle medial t,.antS; in slo, toi ut mitt It taii-htini tnkhe ic.t'ice by menuaos of oft obll,--ntirely oserlook anti | gl ect, i s I e:lt cat li o ne, e, thiel rct I Ii to tels'n stor'es of nmedior, int hlch tht,. Ahlightilv hs cunlsedt to sprillo it~ oti t'he e'thi .t, u i i i cli noi i Iud Low much ionretrueisittity whilethe Anrie:nn ohysic:in looks to i~, leigni colllties i' nl-a ? o:ll f his most c no n ll all ii ioluiy lutiahees, lperpletmall chutiltanI ais they are at tii e dlicLt s itil,.s! ion tor -'ll', h i is su lrlunlt l in his lo.ln coultrl wthalln aeliessprlofusion rof melitaa puints, s:ali- i,'nt to:lhswc lleln iltdli:ntion ill idiscuse or to cure :oiy et .,lr ,li s,:rd er;1adl) et he is isgnrrunll o" their vi' ttales, .andtl) lie suei'l'd tio 'wiaste.thleiri Icalig oni the desert :ii.' Theethl'ts of vegetbl:de mnldicines npo i the s;stem -tire lahn ..u'ry-tho i of illinerlis lanIita. aThe lbmr ex ert ttl'ii etttls olt pass oil-the latier, n ircury in pa til I' tl t hi lnictiel l po iii the sollids, d lllll ing th ,ones :d l l IderlII'giti the consi.ttin l by a slow atl sret destruclltioa t 'I he coneiallity, eIfiviy wdl S \1'I'I' of'vtiegeta bh,,muedi'S )letr miieral, m1v be estimated bVcOntl:rlt ing the ancient practice nith thie oe n der'; o'r, to bring it I loreinmmediately nolerour ow, ohser.atio, toh' hldi. t plactice with that of oth whites. \Vh, in Aimerica, a:s not klnown or lhel..l of .rehIeated insltlncles w herein i n her siple iremedies alon l.ots I ffected the i ost ir:pid aulanstnuisbinz cureSO :I&1 the 11uteirn Me lelica of the -rmnnl Ilcicie, dlirected inl the nmst skilful mlaner, rns obidf? And who has nol ht.u surlprised it the com iarntiv .:cse uno, fEurility o ith ohich the Indian frees him self lion :ty di.ease, olad "it the almhost tot abstinenee n'fhrollic dise:e amongllllll t(hem? WVho II:h, ev herItd ,l an [lldianl with t constilution broken anl rdined by ill tredlteitll?. A:\n :In, a , .lo t l exist tohnt this happy exi trn lion oftlhe snavan.e fl'om most cf the itls which the iollh,|e sl eric. it of the -i p l a i ness 1" re ui-da l trod es cle: ,d fo the enelfiu of his children ne rdose which thie pride and the art eof m:l hve in i' e lltLtd. 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TH !REE' D.1I "N ,IOUIRNEY F" '1€0.1 SE17W S 111 p h0 in r all that he a li, ll h I o1 s shv l t. L nl+ nt I+1. 1 rII .Tl, ialt .l illillt ; I ll' Ihes a lte !h r th ,, " wih..'l +. i ~htau'e th t there hae b.'l't lalr+. II~r ,,1.' ,ll i n h lr m- i n. r ii a vote:~I III~ Hon 8,~ c f1orlH itr is cases ,rir ti . I i n• i Ln the Io s't~i,, , a n~ wa ihe sa o t ourl attU n . raea i rib i nille 'r a, n..+lllld i neetf or hishg)) r~ll opp ra it In-, tq, ,rh '." hi au in t. htrg. a tdbhops, by thed from h on~ , i i aeinipovn ade .tn ,l' 'Tl tIN l II, N' u,> ill .1h1 toIti in remoing soli]? I prll ,<l t. ir fa11 the tlh e.. el,ll. nec t n ". m , wi... l, ,elt anll y hatd ith ai ty tl l- cing th alh I ha.n 8 iti. 11 han7 blll ire ,.m e R..'linto11 . 1 N1+ ;lin'l'OIII l o teIl ,lh. o re Illit tl hbarles anld ,ClonIhne si.ltr tlolll. ap.[ t'I I orter *lt' tltA N JON '1 lde Every liar at 12 AI . Northern Matl iit lr Everya dra at i A. 1, . lWe rn Dil "ue I erl", d. VW edicaday an by Te.,.n " t hi", ne ir ,, l ,, , w,ý,Weda dd d oas, cnrn Slatnrd t'h, !,P b. . e Closes everyv lItohly, \o dnesday EXPIIESSt MIAtI. TIltES OF A RRIVAL, DEit'A I!'ti ill? DISTANCIr Yolred-- ilaino ll ble il at 3 lit. Nah ar!. ionuimatral erAa 2Io Qmti 1Roa ih ia rt :lhn i 1 o. C hrrr ot nd I a. t al r" tr1 4 f lw j, tilt ertgilitie., r t 1(a. ii t lt co14 24 p.e vis Me ,,-o n. make In h im onnl , and .alto I.1.e in. ('rllllltll t S. C. 7h nr aor .163 a 17 I Mntrigi, N C. 24 '212 1 t - WVrre'nan. Va. 1W o. SWA iN. t .ur, , Va . 1 ,1 ! o 1 in -ia. I n iitimor, arout' ea I r a, o 21 d 64 vA(tairsnicr, talr, i l 67 , 11 pm. ali aa it 6 p 64h f t nnl. a , 4 1 1 6 dotrrt 'tp t aie,, i n, 4oeona on I lar edoiS A nri'e,,8 SNeaw Yr. 12 pa. 906 4 ,Ioratlaln ra. Co l.,a o altllaard, tle til( i sam aaao a Cl; illa - kn d l 1o, Ilour. R d NAs WAY ral , 1ii Clo:lroalte6 t 1 nor of (Ilev ae alBtl rai e a tallolan, n Ia' aratra to t, n ne g ra b b a naeat\ ;lln I It i,TI, ot aaa yl ero a I rea t n elI flle h u ronl nin ria rcalacke of Ic i n Iaok i soel ocaniaOa t ai s rrnt' lh a Aaert i w iht e royol raIiaanct lL. II 11T ` Wh"vePti l i lalk, k . k lln |loliL.. nlf· eR l dli Sll.6lusl rece hin o orl· n trb ri I s iloe.grn ai w(s] nil ', itrer! a hrr .Iaa I Ia tl llr lllrrar t I(ia ot a t 1)1ioe luw a IV llaii altill' ard t ng a irtl Ih raa. hls e arrr la d till beot pai-_a . firdrtliei all al: illrat laally of tlar jrlitn Of iatare. ar fl" hnltlllieio li e, Ico at trio Caaondalre r, coaner of Ilnvih N "",'' :E--Tho ,i, ,rbri, & Gaacrln, sp airath. -ia.Ii aa1,1lllirr 1 ta lln allr el Ilu br'oit Glltrraltatt htar atl c tla 'iIlr(,eali( t t filatl', ' 1' tl r: n elI ruq 1re sll rlrola naa b. ert Ioailrii taavreot to Iaiaraortr, ainrtd rtti a :thee iapne l , ao t l an't.r. l a ran i fa ' lrlh, 'a . ..... 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II," 1t o e Q /lll hly,,- IthI r ,iat i rllom t. /.'.i- ,i i, Id.,., n l.·r,,~ .,. 1 y· i .1111H~11 111 lli; lln [ Ti"i l • "%/.U r Lw' nt,, v lru.i',2\a ; *"*'. . I ;,,.:/ ,,' u l l, o Iu l e ./ l • . , frn d t -- I{' I: : l :A Il , h ", Ih li+l (r'l,, in ] vol, 3ro I it til iitt-ittieisiittii an iliittiittt wigtiitis litNi. LEVY'. I il' N 41 !, I Itl-1 ii ,tli ly- I 1 Ayea)r I '/ t l , it-. ia l ii t iirmw tr if iLth I n it r 'tt fee, ior ,%l! ll' ll/ls/li.·..11 :l. IrH ,.'sll'ork,,.l.lC Ilj'lh ·i;R /? ..,,ras l"r u.' inh .dl"'./Tou shi ,'tiorsper j d inh Irvo, tor A.i~-I I·.l.l'l", I1II.h rd l' d gli e rl im lr f m th boi beii it- iiitta seo .1 the ctttttttththtirbeieg ritii I ii) i itt-ti it' . 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Thil, v~rl~rllll' I"O l¢'eiilrofit~ .ll i 'I ]re I + m. wll I lh+r . et(,"l~l .~illtll' t 'ntI)l'l<LT r.II dII t ,1) 1I1I I')· •F R I i thl illlllx+ ]lrm ieit'l·- I111 "l~il'l\.lliril'a (·l llll i , en lrle(i~l IIII 11q~o ctllTll~iL'IIOI 11ith o lll,+r v+'ff 111 . lsu ta e o 'J'll .l'el ttill d11(l~d rltlu wlithl ll lyl ' nl:i lll Withl. abl toI.I1 ex ibit l·~it :O larff," lan i~ t ln ill ,4t',l r oc* illl n Illlc· d-.: hll . 1I· Prl .btalirll~dil' tli pr'p.-ti -11 ·11 - r1)·) be·i~lll.I Ii ~ c~m ill :1 . it. luit:% , I11 I l,. i (;III IIII i li.,ter th '(}lP'1( 1e 1;1.lh1ir L)I illf l Il (li lill,0.l 0Ib e I:;: h+. \ lh~d ql~ri,, ll + +lilrlill ,, irect lti'll the 11 rt 0l-r . tu lrl , srrt + s Ilrl IL~ 'l ll \ VIl'lllt ,_q+ lo lltr' VII IIII tlll-I1 ri'oll I (+rll tt(i.'I Ih l 'tlrlll )tlrt llC I11; tu id t aPe tlll: r 11nerll I IilI'l~~l I.nn+%(.i.+'+ II{O ll"+, &'e. S~A~ n _le (;,ll i th'..:i UI1 ++il;rld.rni,,lll of1 thlI". 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