Newspaper of True American, October 22, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 22, 1838 Page 2
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Iso oid.., I bas chohse. 5 .sgs 4sha, In hoses mustard and sundry sawn at Nol.. AT 1.071--Pee .5amm,? RAass..12 ltate 5050 ssswsss.Od S Iid. do. RECEIPT'I O PILODUCE. Rwi fllrs--P50 s10amer Lfisloagso..?S hsolo sostso, Sop sslds, AVO&tts0 6al s do, Nsosl WIll.It co; 96 hi. do, d sl yI 04,010 b a &s 75 o sl. do IW O n k s Sss6, os 4- 4r ; 6 hIs ds.'JOOsosrlarLl blsdsBW On o, 79 hs! do, Lomhstb &.Tbopsos, 119 bi. do, Je.5. Aosmou,; 14 bls do, 4l1.15 * 'tetatleta : OON:ifloNEEI. R.4 310.-0er Wo 05e0 Lrsgsson . .14 KIlo.. W Mller oelgsy aso lady. 4 .0sOeaO, U Jsoek, M Mild, I Mlid, MMIIOIANDA. Luosrls. .hlp Coscord, Sopt st, off,01 Wsas , ftro now OSlhiss,.os4O do·.. NOTII`E. HTTlse. lhip Ville do I'sria, Trott, master, from -II YEs, is dlirohargino two tiers belowo thse Ril Rood consignees will plooso attend to the rscrii 5 of their goamo. LEEVI II iAlE, 93 Common Ft FUl IIAVRE. Tosail on &Slosrd'y, MAe 27th Inot. The fast toiling A shlp {USISLL, Capt. Robhin, will sail or nohoe. A 00 bFor freightof o blos of cotton, if im Ine irtc application be lde, or 1j t'.p1y to oct2s 93 Coin oson t FOR NEW YIOIIK Paekel or the 2711 inst. LOUISIANA & NEWV YV0K LINE. The c'Tlo o rrd and copper fostned pook. of c1 hip Il,(UISVILIE, Conssll, sosaor, will sa.sil asl abso-For frightor ossoogoe, hloing elegant o eooortmodoiionO, apply to the Calptain of bsoord oppesilo Ito Vogctnlol markol, or to J DIIEIN & A COHEN, oos0X 9.) Comoson so OX hsTEl. Two lri -olof e cspolsy of 2to :10)1 plyl to LEVI II GALE, 001000 ,,,.., Commpoln op S .OLKE l CII, N ,. 1, fs-osnt l.erooletro, hose s5 . "lorired byt losrrivolo from tho Nrilten At loot e ehiegnd Iod rolse lo-rar rsl lili,, to 50 Ujr ritnek f Hllordloare and Sbis Cloondllrs, whi h nlow cobsks their stock nearly comprlelt aid- whichs they If, on fn vornble erms. or022-tf DU fA1-A few Cisoionnoi llrs o oslns-I, rod i) for olokby (I 1Jllo-LIE, oot20 44 Nrs-r Leror. ais-f 2' REDfil f.lui t.ISIIEN C1"'Trli, JL 1001, ' 'boxe hts,-, ---- 10 Ionlflonslo0 F1 ATs-rhf 10 lslllol es-lo hnr Al.-o-lrl; 100l boxe' lloolonin'o l'lroroironig0 Cider; 25 ,ntos wads Nolir'esi'; 10 lsrIl',rSmool d sliver ; 10Il hnlf ll flilrrel ik !dllrb.AI Hoerirrol per ship Os-oslo. los- olnto Iby Lr hilOs-sol. onll tr sarools-s Phil, Oce1,, and lilr sole uct20 -Irtdn tet IJIFprire of frtsh florosto-doY is $1) 50 wr barree , I tocoolisog to ohs-'orill; hol'e'ker's ,hlsol gier 155 ring lrho lsrros0t wrsk (from 9loodoo ;!'nd (k's.):1') 00n es- of brond fors-.hilt. Is's-so of the ssondl spolisy t rwqrired to woigh 15 per ces's . mor'i vie: 10 olwnrs. oot20 C. (CU'i 1101, Mo, or. BJ ACON S1t1iES-10 cosko rojosrior Cincinoati c)rtrl, in rboro '1 o Ifor oatlshy Ni 1)5tt110EY, 0.420I 44 New Loros F1E1) BEANS-I150 srks-h Ic rsald fo' solo Iy i 11101'V 00020 d4 Now Ievren G .UNNEY I3AIIOI-7.5 isnloo 3 . 31-2 brlsolr hops, ,io0 store , l.t u,.altk by (A l'IIPSEY, s-gtoh 44 Now loss-c T Hi undereicned having r been du ly srppointer d by the lHonorble, the lirst Juliein I)istrict (oort -othe State of Louisiana, Connnissrniotn to estimnat and aeeas tile rldamage and expense l opioning a now atreet Irrm royrdr.en to (irod, btwerecn Margcinre and Tehopitoulas streets, have made thelir nrtilmat, and na. setmlneatanrl deposited a truet copy th'reef, togrlherr with the plan. in the frce of t the Clerk oIf said Cornrt, for the inspection of all whom it rny von,-ern. And public notice is herchy given, that said esti ftltate anar neeemcnt will he ire.rnted r o said ('nllrt for entennntitt, on Saturtday. the '24tlh day of Novem ber, 1It3t ard all pernots mttretrdt in tihe eltillltet and assessment are hereby notifeod to make thetir ol! jeetione, if any they have, to atid ,tlilnate and aerets meent, on orbefrre the 22nd day ri Nroeltrer next, tile latter datae being ten dnay aofter the Inst publication of this notice. New Orloean, ,lnth October, 1t338. 13 ItlltSIMA N, JOHiN l ulACl, 1 Cmatitsttiors JAMtES R ElS. . nett0.--tn . AVI !-Lot eutnrigne ncvt etaIe nori nstonr I'ho torblte sour du Iremier district jdcialrbioi p)r I'tal de lat Loutliinan, colnmniennirre alr I'evanlutiton oe tableadu do doltage ol frni a encourir pour t 'ouver tare d'une nouvelle re, die to rue lirydrtn a I rue Gi red entre ellrgeint at T'etnpittllttle., orilr tnlrinc loIr bhtnl: denlt te, vttia toii, nave le plan, et di ,c pl atn bhreau u i g.rinier de Ildite cour, pour I'insprc ion do to.ns ceux que celm teat lnetraer. A.vis e ullle a nstparo lc preeetit tdon, qut Ietlit teileau d'eavlun tion et d'nseeecsretttt. secelteeitttt Indittiettcour ,ourc etnfrrnettion, soiedi t 2leojorll de Noverlllre tit: et tloesc petrsoIlte il(terettiet dlett Iodit trlilc d'evo In.tiona elt do lxea Font retqiiPec e fice ierur objt'etirnt s'illtten oxiste, n ,laveant t21 do ntovIhetirt perochlaitn, la derniareodata etant dix juur sprese it lOiuhcatin do e-l aris. t. L Mo)ddM-AN, JOIIN M BACIIJAii. I iRe, IJ nltissailtee. Nllt Orlerni, 20 oct 18138. F: are rnecrivrilg crtoel trip aw Lon villa from New Yo'rk, nnl Carolinra from Bosrloin, and .ffa fr eale on aeorr rmlntolntiig teams. 200 Iboxae Sperm Candlcs 50b gs Jatr Cofl., Ot0 boarets Lepler, 511 boxes tinleb, 50 Ibaketos (:huttm-icne Wine, 400 boxes Soap, Itubiirr't No. I, other hbrend, l50 reams Wrappieg I'ne r, 2 barrels A lImonds, 10 " Filberts, 1010 boxes (;Grdon's Lemon Syrup, •i0 drums freh Fige, 10 cerse laihle ralt, itt erahks Wit ,'4r-r.lrt Oil, kliegs Pickles; :0 caseos dt. aeetrled, nliteires Rice, 50 kegs taile assrtrl, t 0 boxes Goshen Cieerte, 0t boxer Muscat Wine, 50 bdxea oTallow Candle, 10 boxes Stueeghton's bitterr, 50 eaonrTea, with a var:arR nflther grnds. otn0 7 Front Itee ATLI1Nl'.N i tJY'bHt.r'n liruo Bindery-Oufr f riends al thb.pnblic i eoerh l are iflOrrNrtl. that we now tace l e -rlioting Otfce and IRork IlrlMle. ry in ftull petlo, snd. cnd d oadetrt by co,erter t andl i eperieeEl n. The tyie Ircing nli. eurw, Due arepte adW 1do every c nrirty of lanin antd fncy j.bte Pntngao severy earendy of ruling ane l btdin Ieat netand promptly executed by oIsVrII) IhIe l & CO, .N Stationer'e Ilblt, 24 Charlres t. V' e[ Bl\ Subseriber. lant Reltrtciur nt No. 119 CItote tree street, itllma tirirlitti. tnd tile publiec, t hat al &,ItnrJet, ( O:LOber, lie will open a Nrw RenrAuliT, ie the Tiheatre Ar enda, i atwen Ctamp and So. Charles slreate, late the Arsnie betlls. N. B;:-- ltioiers andl Suppers prepared in order, with deapattchandpttertuniity, cittler in pti.a.e rocros at StheI Rstatiat, or at private Ihoseas. - L CANONGE, NE " N-W BOOKS. NIAPOLEON and his Timer, tby cerlingeanrt, Duke oe f;Vnnta .in 2 vol-. The e1T i'WRITTEN and other tales, by the O' llara Falmilv, in 2 vaots JOl(lh d K'S Jrtinetar d Jolltiee; or, the hooting -edoting, rceieg, driving, s.iling, eatieg, cceltrio Iled traeg t cnAt exl:tits of tiat renowned spertarin citizen, ' ' MrI. Joat Jorrocks, c f StI. llttulph Lane anl Greatc , e.orao streestt, in o volet I.'HEALTH & BEAUcTY. An extlnnnatit of tih.e : i s ufarowth and Exe.rcise;thnrtOh rwhlich pit-n ýp-. aofonur, symmetry of form, and" grn,fPfItl elrria1 le" splins e atnd chest Iprepventnd, Jy Johrn Ietl, reI i). - just r.sivcd and for saie by eecti €cr ofCatlp & (:onreonrt ttesyol , 'r Jeasti awle G IflgN. Rid WA1TLYPJUu AN BOLD. 11NI'W OR LEANS: e. , MONDA Y, QCTOBER 22...: L83. 'fe Lake Navigation bids fair to be better supplicd during the ensu;og winter than it has ever been yet. That most admirably built boat, the C' Championf" the ho!l of which is the admi ration of all who have any knowledge of nautical architecture, hat been newly fiteod from stem to storn ; has had her engine entirely renovated, and on all defuetive psrte made new. After underfoing these extensive changes, tnder the personal nsper- f, intendenco of her oxperienced eommander, Coapt. linker ; she left the River yesterday for Pensacola, in St. Marks, &r. After visiting Mobile, she will cone on to the Lake, and, by the last of the month, will hbe at her post to join the Mail Line between this city and the last named. Arrange mente have also been made by which the splendid T steamer .Giraffe" will also join the line, for the it purpose of conveying the Mail, and so fine a it boat, with such an able Captain as " Joe Smiler,'' will be indeed, a welcome adjunct. The new boat to be called "the Jewess,* is to leave New II York,boetween thoeaSth and 31st, and may be ox.. C pected at the Lake by the 15th November, at the It farthest. These and the neat little " Caroline," p are all fitted wth low pressure engines, and thus I tha·Mail Line will command the services of four new boats of northern construction, besides the fine new high preast'e boat, " William Willace,'" the elegant C·rretel, bound by contract to join the line, together with the the Mazeppn, South Ala bame, and Ouaehite. The old, but newly fitted is Wilmington," shortly erapeterl here, is intended to run, not in the line, but in opposition to it. Judtfge Ii7ti[te-The Picayune of yesterday elatos, on the authority of a friend, that the htn, Senator died nkout the 5th int. ,at his rest. donce, near Kn xville. This is evidently an error, for the Nashvil'e elyp. to the 15'', make no mention of any sruch eat'nity. Ohio, we find, has gone the whole heg for the adminietration. We ate esorry for it: we have hitherto thought It a very roepectable state, but heneeforth must look elsewhere for cur pork. To t be seriouls,-te learn from all quarters that the "ptofe.ed"' whige have to bear the blame of the result. An unrighteonu ambition for ol-co it duene. t ed them so much more than pure patriotism that in almost all cases plurality of candidates wrto n in the field, and thus by dividing they fell. No ex. oune can be made (or men whit with the expcrtence of the past act as a hasten to warn them ltom the rocks, have wrecked the entire state by a con. temptible selfishness. We sineorely hope the whig prrss of Ohio will espose the names of el at Ihose real enemies to tohe good casee whoin the I disguise of friends hare wrought this evtl. It is k uivetsally allowed that the whig party predomi. n..neats throtghntt the sta.r, and yet they have enfered themaelves and the grerat principles they protfvrad, to be defeated most disgracefu'ly. A Shndrad enuses may be paraded to reouttnt for this: hnlt when they have all been scennrd, cant dour eompels to say, "the Whigshave thentmselve alone to blame:" "- -----tought roul, nke us erue, "if to oursehelr alone cee prored but trite." 'xian .Jlinitatslr-Dr. Annon Jonas at Weshirg ton on the 19th instant, delivered to the President his formal creduntinle as Minister from the Rfipuh lie o 'ITexas to the Government of the Uni'ed States. Fiitm the qen ,,i tity n u hich hini fn , t i = here It withn IhoeP tow dons, sin the strng indicalinoi.i Of a si ilar viestaoin spokpen of In the I st tn cnnris from C1neinno t, we hoav c nti hnif, h en of a speedy ne tin the rinv ro. '['ho dlr, no f ito r: sin.ei, and thei honrly in the iriea of t flour, and other immedirte nrcretnrts,, moke tie all devoutly hope for such sa nnluthrnaiion. B'sck bhrds are to be m1d iin xr ne.!ing ain- 1 dance in t;woe ,eghhnnllg Prntrle, and enare black I legs In the hItieee, and streets, if onr itmredilnt vicinity. These fall.carrionnr , the leg.S, not the birds, t e ai markod race, asdi shouldll oeri hoe o, There Is an inoehbbtlo stamp of infamy upon Ihem as diecoini'-le to the observant eye', as tie cloven foot is said to be on ilhe black leg of their tutelary Patron himself. We do not think it wholesome, rot them to contince their renrearroa in front of o the St. Charles Exchange. Verb. csp. Mr. Cnnnngr e was not able to got his Rnesturnt qulile rendy on Saturday, owing to the very rainy state of the weather which delayed hie preparet tions. lie will boe, however, in full blnat to day, r we have no doubt, end if any one, in the words e' thesonp, requlres ".' nirce it it for hies orn priratlpicrking, he can seenrodly get it hby clling on him in the Thentic Arnade. he Caimp - The first action or tthe cenmpatl n took place last night with the trnortp in Cnamp, unrcer the command of their geero!, (. l!. l.trictt and resulted In a complele virt ry. 'Iho Liady ti Lyotni led the wayv--rple ntir damnte, Ilriscl'e ehaiming in'y rou!l ecrcrrly l'nve bon horier ctedJ hnd the auohir ihonen h.tolwn reprrtitltni tvre. 'tlrs Ie niorte:' I'atli:e ,s- e rt. i of I' hno t' and effective acting, iler htcnjy! v pride ton lth first cenr rs, crntrasted with Ithe, lnt 'er.l .n of ihh soubrequnnt events, eithor when ckno !incg-r. Clsader' parent as her "moller," or whon t e: magnanimoin. bhut pleotiano !ver, retctledl her fronrr the insulte of her arisocratle enitonr; oan tlh:' very tenderness agnin enntrnated with the Itbti wrrnght devtnolln of the lset act; marked the con. summate skill of 'he nrTih e holi'nt in trutht , 'ci.e mirror lp to nature." Mr. Frederrks a e he madel his first pliearoner heltre the ectizens of Nrw Orleane in the character of Claude Mto!notr, re alized all the hith expectotions crented by the prninos of the northern critice. Hle illit trnied, like an arlor-and that is no smnll prniee.--:'t intntse Itelings of love, of pure devotion, which he bore the object of his 'rue sifection, and unpre. mediiated decsr'. '[Ihe high toned, intense lan guage ofBuwer o as given wi: h a fetling enrpneuod only by that ol the author himsrll. 11 hat Ilulwir imngi~led, Fetderieks illuetreted; and. the Carnp has not for mtney years had a lending actor sa, likely In become a genersl lavorite as rl. F ete. ricks. We have been unnern.ttentcl to see Mr. Barrett in any such character as the bluff, kind hearted, old so!dier " 1)amne:" but the pierire was not less potfect benmuse unlohked fer. ''hn hone"t, hearty, easitement with which he wto. penaed the affecting interview between Paulinc end Claude proved him equslly capnhle to draw forth teors, as we have known to exctte s Ia gh. We have not time now to go into the plea more at length just at this late hour, but must any that suchaperiormlnecease selre prreursor to a cer. tain mode of "Reining the Wind." Of Mr. Greoen and the other strangers, we ehall cpeak more hereafter. lr. G's " Sam.," and 3a rrattl' ' Did dler" kept the house to a roar ol Iaughter Ut the end. The house was crowded in all perts, and the utmost order and decorum prevaoilcd throughout. 'rhe decorations were greatly and umtiersally adtnired. Mrs liarrett spoko the openii nlddresi, .nd her beauuful appearnnce and lively nlnner, were indeed a Itvourable sanmp!e t f the comipony then behind tle cur:ain. The effTIet lvroulghout mutst have Iheen se gratifying to Mr. lanrreet as it we agreeahble to hil audlence. The mouth of the Red Kiver, it apposre, htra been opened by the spiri'ed sito', ofl Captaiti Etlwardal, l tie irngstlon, wholt iend a paronge Ikrongllb ie bar, sad tesd neveral t1i. bno'as up t tier eae w . mrst of eit b Aech Dnb r. 'hi. will, in vimr moaren , antiP : ait wYlhn ofaI Us. - trn:. dre bat, s f.r as tregrds t.ilt h .n iti of the a r: River; but theo frehic lormled raft above, requirr unue op.riatio entirely. When the sides rat first felb in, they fourmed another raft five ruiles in extent, at torne dietaure above S.irauveport. and us it is natural to suppose that delay, with the con- noe as quent semnuoulationes, must have greatly extedl dol ed the length, it will nuw require a large force to i open the navigation and liberate those boats which now remain iu the upper part of the river, entirely out off' front any communication with our 11 port. y o 61. Oliver was to leave Louisville for this city D on the 15th, so that his arrival may be very shortly 31 g lhked for. His presence here is greatly needed, for the Ecipse coursae,--as well as the Metairie, and the Louisiana,-requirce groat labor bestowed w in prepervione before the races can commence.- l If any stranger were to be tsuddenly placed in the i midst of either, it would require strong logic to 9 mlke him believe he stood upon a race course,- . id The rank weeds have so entirely overgrown the te tracks, that nothing but thrir shape remains to a tell of their intended uses. D b'er Fuel. We earn from the Engliah papers a Sthat blocks Formed by a composition of coal dust, tivermud and tar, have been substituted for coal he in the furnace of stonm boats, It is said that they produce fat more heat in proportion to their bulk' us being less exponsive than pure ct l·. h ' Sibltle em fire. In the great-dre which occurred Sat Staunton, Va.,no the 3rd instent a stable was e burnr, and in it thereby fire horses were consu. Is- md. We mention this calamity principally to ed repeat a warning, and piece of advice, which we led have before given to all stable keepers. The en. perience of the past has taught us the rroth of an obe rvetion made to us by one who had more than ey rone ample occasion to put his recommendation into practice. In ease of fire in a stable it is known that re snmpulsory mesurres will induce a horse to mor, blt it his erddle be thrown over his hack, hie bridle over his head, and the hand an I vrice to which he is familiar wil quickly he lead him nut, the cuotomtary dependlence of the 105 animal on monn 's ca ,e .d prtection, hilt partieit rt lary his atinrchment bhisr r;der, will irduet hirt. To even to wal' through he flames. 'fiThe raine relv rho rive precnrut'in will take harness horses thrnl:ryh the fire, of which fact thear are many living evi ha delees. We spenk on the faith of a man of long experience, and again recommend the suggestion to all whose raluable animnla may be hus oexposed oe ly n noble beset has thus been saverd, and m the ny more may be, if this sinple precautin bhe oh. n. served. the The Fronch "itlgete i"Astree" left Norflk on as the 9th and dropped down to the Pi .ll. Phe is e destned to treinforce thet sqadron now blockbati "g e .'tnn Sx.--A new Arnall paper 'r' .i'is nnie, e 1 1.hl(ni'g nine, was irneadl for the ( iroat hey tlime ie\R edi ay. It o n t lttie grvnrleel ltheit A elidrliby d"l -r. Andeoron ntl, lyn I. 'l'htn for tw, gentm!c'tn are noly quialifid Io ine'rte xc el-a lnoe to Ih eli, ch'anienti do(rndlpniArt n n t ' h'or sn joturnal, nrd no dlo:b, ale to its edittrit e. I)t Ives tirt raleas in the latler branch I of ht proeIt sion wo haI vei not yet otime r ol ,tl"' r'utinti i ly Jii I ; tle elder parttin r h ti na a iiin exlirriottr.e In ite ti leraldl,"' ol which he wa o in't ediltott when he niet wlth his cal'atriitiu accidontt wh'il h depr ved him no a lrntn. \ 0 ci nnorrl both Irg- o,trn l anrl J1 . ra ta :o tl.e kiltt can iietittiil ent of the rcdiilg puihie. AMin. EntLren: 'I' i o r. tiore r And te arn tairn. un, tha iji' t o f('l ee p rr.attI crlnil' w' .h b ,, locn'ed nh: in defiancer of o-r In ', nrr. I tru l ll y t rll not :,e back varn d in , en ting y'ur • id to brin about thit mnlt ch daaii red on j r ,c v i 7: the r€ e:l nnrnt of d'I e i' rnn. in hitre', in : the ,s - r; i;r. fi n ir yn r r.- ni oII r ru le r,.nd ·" p the. in a on hr the cu'e'n in (',na 'r una ,.. ao n l rn : n rlEcn , th , we. t adopl t th- le r !.n r Ther mtjn tty on ci rt ci on e in -tll,t ,nt c:t:t - -' ereatn n l thri tr e g. r enItrly tocc pied wi yoerltetday ore ensso h Itn maike every ro:', , w hot 'la, nn things rt ttke, to look shoot nr d Lh., :ho clay pfred fr, lth gfrnwgI , . r ,l.--Iubtless r many of it hasve oharve' I the tre.!om win h wb ch c I iree colored tewtarde at.I e .,ke tolf trhn arst hatst r talk fl a i'.oting aelvve to eacope from New (t r Ies in. titho tilpper ti'lttruy, and of Itoir wirho t,, naalto hlp I them. n!t ) u, his cltr nse of loid per nls us.e m lset covn ewol , / , rc +urllllr e les- - romet rYhave tbeen detected the laaast year In penitenitiryj ofiaencs. It la io be hoped Ihat omerthllwg will be, d-ne, .nd it a police should be formed, that the) will be Instrncltd to ltaok lter white aul,,h tinrttatl as wall as black. A S'BSLCRII!ER. Ocitoherr 21et, 1838. Oor 'Subeeribter' must certainlr br aware that we also have clled the attet inll both nof or mano cipal anthoriert% and the Legirlnture to this v ry crying e'l. The llrigal dwellin among us ofeo nvey nti.merue a bodty of: ee colore d lerons enlls alond fIr a remedy. 'I'here are already mainy old'nance exnisting that were intendi to rn mat the crae, but frlm somen error ill their formn tion, are ren'ered perfr Etly innppera'tve. The idea (fgtrv is g ithne all i' days warning, ia absurd. It thI it ipreence here ie wrong let it em be removePd In tanier, for itl two mi n he alt, or nearly all rth !t:rt !.tc' ton w ,!.ii h th,) n arne en , nr itt ,,ing which thecy emn r ,loy I!temaolver , may 1 o accomI R.hel , ,and the reIan ira n ,fia p eolOlrt weedr w',ih itnn int aelerward he erndicnterd. S< 7,T it N tO A S . rvtey' r'e eation in tht, L Ii, irin A nr teir Ol S'tllrtl y. I) \,1e ,:e eTrntier o the r nrnA by the *utrn .if , de s"'", ' n'! you'!l the dilorrl' r leer l tlt stt oen the iquire - ''u it etl 2 'he sutrn i |tb eado to whlirh tit 1d 2 the i iifrt en I. n n ma it have ie t r rlice. l d l iru' .d vo the side , f hI a !,,r so ra "--Tlhn by hovtwg the seat ,f e a au or rvt 'en. N E.XPlilrS 31 \1.. The eli a f, no Now YVrk of tho 10th i"snn bring Initrligence of the arrival of ha e set'r n ip tiRony l Wl'iarn," Cnpuin tSwinau l, in thi e I' ro noon rf that day haring leIf Live'po I on hl 'I 1 I Seprrithelr. lier paeange en rt.ed 19 dlayt and a half, aend wN rendered tha long by etorm.,.nd connttn ,d hard tindr, which nervr chnrngl:d hbut Ior ano dat when off Nova Scotia and then bt w a iarIcane. Fir rho inat two days sae was en*ire') Ont of flrl, and had nt useo enth sllhstuPrt not coul be procuted. She hal 68 parmeneert whoi were tr n ninny for good acrontllt dliot l n i d fir while e ncuee elime alppehrnnaon for IIt hnealrt of the ehip. Thes cnoale i trnn . t.. .l. . ntt. fr . I. inoo . anlineo .ru r 1 a1 w re n.t't nt th iales k.:h a iti nt ittit4 t i'14 t' T ire h l i n t; tllo el [r'I l 1t , tlnd ,ll llnTha i i mtllllt t tl illult of in ik e ti ln thu i nu n urco '.0t h i Ilr 1i ,n nloa r nout. 'l'hn , it ltl r n went if wtith i ati't. Ait n ttatrnllr l r .alor towe aery xllon o 1 a Im Ip l rl [r's b a. utar m r. e l . "lll", -Y a [I !)I t I'" I rant g ,o'J a 2,i 1 .ea. a ..e. At lllo iII , u,, u.,,ir w1 .", [,.tier.I ne!I try in th. I d, , l Tand a d ii ,wlw. l t roll -it rjl:,l e. t -U aa delined to a.11r to for a onat , -1 9tatt i 1Io :i - t"U, ,tank bairt fr the k i[ one t ,t i iI t . Thi litu otttlt ek, If to i ii; i: . hit iuir 111 i)l uI. i tit, it " ati. l L at'l. e t nltett ,l. L '. mn hray, lnd ch,-ta ttn9,te, 9i i 1r - - r t.L+t ' lhllIIl cntlC lllo t r rjl tlri I P[+t" t r ing, r tnt a "ot or er. Tile .lroe to our Il_."t i,, tile - nith tul ii, t lt t-nlljlaaititll ll the a 'alt e hti l l] ,r atill't tI I : l . T ll m rul I t' 1 IIIx ah '04 r tix l ltP, t'"1' vIt l'l ,ti tLe.tail, I ' 'tuatlar l were dull, witlit a • tin tt 1 e (tlIItli ill 1l'of.!.t .; 'tho per i eai n , ein . ni t .. ilt :,k Aitt tlitairnf.ulltiitu lin i d itt t h In,lmn corLe na ket reO,,s F . I1. thei i1th, r U lte IIg whear r it e. 7 'h," duy h Inic, .tt r le a r ,t i wit~ ri-.i to i .",.] til a 'ie ii itdny f[Im itt i tiN. i tie ita itd i i. t markett 1"' n .tl?: Z .( 1pin were i n a irif.-t ['mttsn in in n ad btc I na r ad op. thjeflin aa er iaetaar a l tautta , aC late lgnec ka ho herd apl ttfo a.6M. a& si ab4M a.'o: uou iat agl.rect t, withhtnd teir ermcn f om the mnrkt Ir at tree, t. nith theview f fr+tin ti u the prics. It ie Ero tl n that the display 01of nitllle of rth I I l ledwas very m ucl l: e I ced Oil M to i , and the f, store dottlln nded hibh er | r rate.. ehill b they evet.tuly obtaind of tite luiles to the oh tune of n. to 3. per qluarter. ad. SPAIN. The Spaeioh Mijistry hue been c.,ange -The ge new illi.tLer are as follow : I. [I)o Btrnardino Fernandez de Vslaseo, Duke th1 de Frias y Uredal--u'erign Secretary and Presi- o beer. tna 2. Don Domingo Maria Ruiz de lI Vega-Mi. as nieter of c race anld Justice. 3. Don Jose Vigil de Quinones, Marquis de to \lonte Virgen-Minister ad interim of finance. ro 4. Don Albnrlto Flipe Valderta, Marquis de Vailgornera-Mi- nister ad interim of the intem Department. th 5. Den Juan Aldams-Miiniter ad interim of pMeri.,e. 6. The same, being already Minister of War ad interimo remain so. ' A duel, which it would be dificult to prevent d was on the tepie hetwren the lair Minister of Fi n nince, h. Men, andil M. Agundo. Tho politioal chief of Madrid had been clianged. 'The negotiatine with the house of Rotchjild Brothers was nno yet concluded. Loanon, Sept. t1.-Lettars and papers from F. Madrid of the 101h instant have reached us this Ji is morniog. Their cenonent suggeers gloomy fore L. iodingof the anreer of the new Cabinet. Belaa eda w before Valladolid at the head of 4,000 Corliese, and acting in conjunction with the Curate Merino, it was feared that he would succeed in rean attack utpon that town. Thia news reached Sthe Capitol on the 9th, nd on t herls of it ame a deputation from the Corporation of Madrid, wih V a a long address to the Queen, complaining of cer ry tain appiniments in the Cabinet, and endng with anyeetiion for Ihe romnva of a host of ntaioi;al o grievonnes. The Queen handed over the Address to the Duke de Frias, with recommender tn to delihoeratre upon it. An Addrtse ed to the same effect, from a Provincial Deputationt owe to be preeored to her Mujonty on the everoning Sof the IOih. Talen nltiieithar, the tffiirt of Spain '0 were never in a more critical condition than they to ppear to be at the present moment. The 'Commerce' contains a letter from Warsaw 0e wherein ate found some particulars of a eereot a. aoleiation formed oby yongo PFlee, of the age of In 1i 13 years, rho object of which was 0o protrve their langoage, religion, and neaionl costume. an One of them anneinoes the plot to de Sehypoff, on he G'verno r of Warsaw, who arresled them, con ined therm in the dungeono of the citadel, and is there mthreald them. and ultimately sent the o wh!o of tihm off io the tnrtrr+e nf .lodlin, wihente they wolid most probhably ihesent to the Cin.e.qao te aind drafted in the army staiioned there. Those nd proceedin~s a re orated by the 'Comnercc' to have roused the lively, though impotent indignation of lthe whole population of W arstaw he Con'ce. Tt POP ,, Aoq. 07. T_ The Ottoman oee ia yet at Smyrna. 'h reo yorc ,ni: ri,,rn dhy n e in a , i'ft ier leteo, f an in. Itoa lertiew hetwein tho Copitan Psiha anil Mlche wnmet Ali at Aloeandria being is cl.templ.inioi has oh within the nwok been acain much spo e n of. NEWS FRi)I,1 (IRr1ASSIA, eve W e ha-e rree;vnd fr , ii -lit P ta. ralor i I etter of tng the let of S'p:, t.i the f! ing ffoctn : Col Freak ion ekinr, aide de cGmp to the Emporor Nichlae, and chief of the staff'e the army of the Blnok Sea d ivlesod with the ch nactetr of i flag of trutce, trae ns- ererd Circasio in the month of litne lat, arnd oh. had conferenci s winh the princrpnl Circneainn chiefs. Those mountaineers, in spite or the die asltrs which their country has suffered in fromn continual war, are, it appears, far from wishing to o liteon to any arrangement with Rieioe. To all is the propocitrona whici Col. Fr.ekshane made them to cotinclde an arrnisiTe, or evon a treaty ot com ig cerce, they rep'ied in their ietaphorteal lan giage-"As to comma en, you hlave gold, wheat, and rrndfaIolure. \'i' hove eteeo. We h,,y oUr niis aternhanihze of you at hU ri+k lof nr lives, In let eticg itto us yottu exp les yora. Ilftlickund, of root ciulr erco dlapile.,ee yg, , rohue hbcyonn tir Pirn, no rid we rwill not corme ther:, erek yo ou, A. to t- truce, on--te wi boar dolne not moake ence withh :o nlvetr. t y iii are a n n rO r ,,uist " wt ilv so ; we are I as un; overrto leo as wnlt hu ars. Ieio us 'fil. Allah i ion knows iefo el.lau i o ich iof 'l. wnil be vtit,.rious.' Li th e 'tv pr rt ofr S prirnl.r r frlncr d . Join .i!:o hal sild for Vrn lr nz Hih a cfiol If hrco hll o .R . h the riiP, and two bO mb ver-rl, for the purpl eno a1 reitnf ring t, he French -,mt b lor !hula I c ev. It + i o l ss di oi e J'1 on l in d'' n, trll hat Ohl, F each r,,vernl e": ! h,,v'" L+, Il"Irtr/l , "n "I p,,a 4+ hsi'', !hcll~ 'vr ; s I o tie 3 poi- t d'in 'rodi on the to,, , at of ' I A.nrt' . A; al ri' vini sthe h'r t l i I .:. e,'e I to 'rlke a 1i -,' if I .l . l.xlrn s ., nIor, t 'lr ', su Oli. iti to O r "l t !, g t, ir ft r l n it with fltl r it 1bl. nhe:, oc o' II.. Lh'n, to hil t i' . T il I h ' , , di .i., i :. ., o 'rt" , "h^". hr ,,, en 'r ,,-'rrt :!,.) 1j, toei L. Al i ýt . *. n , a. A. %,1' .,:'; : o' ,[ 'ýe h. sal van t ","a io ha 1', ('t . !.e n~hrr n-nA i- dp "'-oane a: ,ii f 0o te n " .t o yrn v-n o ii , w r r r ie eoeng n n 1 . It va ta " n'ty r, , i 0 ," " Inf rr",,I cierles ion Lof.nd n, ! at .re i r'o' w.r, , to a;ti'r Flerrnh rco r yp r e n r ,s ¾ o' aen the fr t in.ti. r i. m, r t rhat a un i,'i d . , . !.i'et nn San Jiin do L: , or ,,!,cnever .".or had d.eclroed war n+,aits Fl' nce. S iil s 'ln i vosola were rapidly arIpnr:nr on tho Thames, on he ,lNeriary, arc. at iBrielol, ready to isntl, at anyr nnmrrn, and io act i',der letters of m .iq, e frmn lMxrico or Iri. nos Ayr-is. 'Th d:p rna!c ag n'a of bor,h thrse goveornmrent were vary h, sy int p'rfeerng rhoeo ntear.of retaliation-dt'id ~' washlirovod in Enng antd, that in the areen of ant uien rpturer , the Lioench cnmmorce on the Atlaulic wou!d sutfer very suverely. PENNSY I ANIIA h:f.I:ilf'1)N. CSlit o" F 'aitri.40 LP0 IA. Trh rvotes for (:nvern rt s:u.i 0 .a tfilo.we. J, RiltcEr, 7,;"1' D)aJt1L , Pon, r, 3,156 Mnjority for ir;!nter, 30413 "This is to Inr, st v rio nd the ir'(iter n1 Il r itv'ver pivrn in Ph ladelIpha. Every WVnorl in thn city gave a Rft nr ui O rity. Itn 133, Mr. Rl.ner hall a e'jr·: ity over . sin'ts. W olf nid luhlcnlnhure of lIdJ, mnking n clear galn in tho city nlsneof2,15-5. O c( ura, the whole ti'kutt nnniton tid by the r Wvh'g city conference, Cone. gress, " sate, A-acl rhlr , hrherff, c.nmm ssieiners, Audi .ri ,t'on i , S &t'. irenrrl, d '" FIRST (hN'in F.ssi'n ti. itrt rain.r - ti, iis Dlistrice i ch td'ag Soiuthw irk, l 'irot ~ ,intg, Illiucrly, &.,'. &.. Sir. iray Itur, (V. ii) nas heno re.. lect Oe iy a rr jorltit ' 577 vn' ' o v r Dr, S5uti' erland. F:. "nu CSo.nIaR .so' tr.iL f'sra! r- I' rhis iE ti r, .,1ompr:; n t e ci. 'I o' 't" le'phoa proper. llte'. Sargrn ' n l and" 1 . l' d0 (. l :t ) mrer ' c. red lv 0n "m'i iy whi.h will not vary ' mu i n frmo 'M"0 seao." 0' thie 3rd I .etri t h ver , i iane it o- ! . , v- : Inetol"s rn jntma fn, C 'n arev int 1' 13rl I),"._ i i. r, as Ir an I, . ird fr-,mi, is aibolut 6(fi). T'ihe N Ioe _ L , lul nea nl cI..r. o, t h-ere ho it' ': elu , r te t ir'e'tra'i[' w'i^t t v 'plearn, as theay L:,ve !I I' ll- . )" a . I nac Irt" ne Ex ict n,0 -Il e I f I le .' ' ,'11se d f whI ' c ithe tlollrnis the reron: TuliIsa CNr; It.l'o.'cnt.AL ''I,-i-.t. C', r e,.ryss . mt n,!Faeerts IIngers t:, Naylor. f'ur. Against ,,p'i . ;tr,Iene di hI 380 ,'f, 415 31,6 3.1 do 271 :fil1 278 i213 3,l t0 315 483 436 313 ' L(rtii"i2rn ni il, 1 130 Ill .lielid, 218 23 ': 1 1 28' B. bar v. 54 11 53 80 Lfw f'Djblifn, 245 230 2?5 S201 Morrland, 57 23 60 12 REPORTED .I ' ir RIT!ES. ' Ii .. ; Porter. "1 ki c~an v, 400 C · s1,~tr , 'n 438 I r st' tip r",' 3900 Ia:castrr coun!r, 3198 DELAA\\ARf itUNTY. Ri'n-' ' r m lrtjotir 4 18 T]'n 0 hcle W hig tick el eo',t cl. YonR. (oc '. 1838. :olcnIrnen:-Porer'a majority tI YOR!K coun t I L1. A-'A'FTE1 eRounot tioi'se mnaj rily ex a 1n t l \I p'IltN co ntylv --a rli'iu'rd ditriri t i ,clu l -r a -- ,'v s I:rl,,Ie r ,n ajnrl'm t I 915. It Ilh' vao e I l, , t fri.l be releCI rI 1I,1i ,' i l vr w ,I 1c (£3 1 "!;ANON county givos IS0 i malrtr' ,i hI Rfo - n LI'.I ElERIAND county, 425 majority for Por te . i pr, I a t l. 1i i' , 1lr t n n J " i!, alld ,o ll, thr. L it ,1.~ll l t. ''th.h i Pm n" u a re ; rio sti art , nr t' . coi . ' l l. a -lsIi s ,in' ,' irs l I \tr. The three at IInmiltii ,,o .A i, ,ic 1, I· 11l i, nt'nd W a'llit 1i l t't. pri[;l Po 'i, x and T l, I .ii a,,i t .r Il l a. , ' 11 i Ir ,to int e to ' i.t' I n . Iia I. .li rtt , I 1t 0 w 'r. 'l I 0ehll Cl' d es _ol\' m rai: nu.,; :, i ', ts fliberiit d ,,I ht, ' ' h:C , h'n - ., i, , 1 ', 1 tw o , I, s oi ,:_.1 r u., ,. n\'lt, ~a I \v,. - ilt, loor c,,' ,u O d in I l o ll, , is r ,t e i t , l ! , e r y olua,)b e a ki'l ' h I n .kO W . j t L r , it r i ao,' ut i it y t , o tn ,t a ,i behingo ,o the ditr,, ,t \' ,~ii .o Hr w-as taken to arims r) at t os su tie, hut be g h A tpnt-t , n tts fl t r'o:anted a .rieonor of war. ue has nit yprtec.n Sr dl. tie Niag tra Rieporer .ays that on a rerrain v, it his aely, the selntrires the lower ferry werer h. tat by seote pirsnru a e, could not be discover .d. Alero. te atl ie sentry on the steiarnlet wharf iun Vo sthe at, a fcew drs alterr. Adl also, that " a great cumber at shote have been fittd Ifm the lAtaricain a due at tile sentries )osed netr the el' upper ferry." Anly one who knower tie width of e 0l the river at thit ferry knows that poi.iii.ns on the opposite banks would rive reod erfe duelliing dis tanic, arwukno fear of injury. Perhaps the reiu~ees are salulinrg Itulr friends in Canada. The late 1 visit of (lorernr Arlthur to Lower Canada is said art to Ilave been made in consequencea of advices received of the doings of tie refugees on this side, gci whoi have taken heart einee the legal advice o el Lord Brougham, and are getting ready to carry on ni ' the war in their way, while he manages it in hie. .. ----- A St. Charles Theatre. Ji 21T' NIGIIT OF TIlE SE.\ASON. I ------- et This Erc'nint, October,2l.r, 1831, Will be performed the oprlrtie rh anae of 01 THE JEWESS. E rlenrrz, the Jew, Mr.Farren, alln11 Forrester, ('wvell, Leopold, De i ar. Rachael, Mrs. Farrent, oi Grand Pas Saul, Mad'e Raernot. Previous to which theile LOTTERY TICKET. h Wormwoodl. Mr. Cowell. h An Overtnre, by Orchestra, l The pIrforttani e will conclude with the firere of SLOAN OF A LOVER. FINE GUNS 4' PERCUSSION CAPH. ,n 1 UL1CKFt & Ci.nt tlheir old stand No. leront I.vere, havejust roeiveld a few finre dIoule bar rolled Londo (in G s r\lo, 151,t lit fine IEtgli-ll percut alon cap, in tin boxes, which they otTer for iale. of IOLIV W iAR, CratinAt, &c-I80 tons of IIlo e l low Ware, omprisi, aill the vaerirs vtrsrelse, u. now in use; also0 tons of grate hnrs, RasRrted lengths; if, I01 doz steam (;uage Cocks, with copper valves, all n- 31 Oil (Globes for rteamr cheerat, for ein by d S LOCKiE & CO, he oct 8 Frrront Iavee e tiEALIN I i.tN 5TritPIi, ,en 121 Royal S'reer. or M IN I- . 31tiTE'STE l' , h s lr sale, direet ye from the mr m ee :l ,,ies in ^;ile,,ia, (Prno.+in,) it lr Int e ca,,tl,nt of l e , I\k a l I) iln;er'l'alhv Ilineln, rTorr'r,, Napkini &C. A l:l,- Sli , in li irlhkerehi.fe, (Irenie, Iir ,ii 'ri.t . E, r,lll . I'lal tl las, 31lesquito nterting, 'e, wlich are wcrranted to be r till pure linen. Also, alr ssortiment of Stockitllge! in. Shaw l, e. e_ octd2--3tp ns SriU ;-ia'-21 hni iriinii le Nit I, nijp,'irnndl of Jam,,n .Trowlhrirlge, lanrding from r hllip Caro lina, folr salo hy in, r y ISAAC BRICT)(E & CO. l- ;it) r -0i . jstit reni lrd raIvd ir lit.o by IA, J iiNii ;. .\e I'I(1V 1 1 W ,i. Se oet f ,l i llllnk Plcde - B -t Gl ii' t .t t- l ,,. I' iii i; I. r .. all Collar d P I . he t' " .I " r, , , ! it icd in nm rite. parlh of t.ivi:,. -to'.h. e.: L r -,riv d At lhir ol. 'imi- iie"' , ' .i.lrretr.rd . . . ,, r" . 'et, erotd2--4t 'ra In * ne t illlitlt ANrLtl ,%hunna Pt . lP Clllnt's I af rut'( nl A nl inacirfrr IrIIl. Illhul's Cullr t 'ilot, ln l It .-Ied ition. .xh'lgnrtte ' I'rnlr+. Tabe.s of aeleanfe iri, trIfl, and 18l1i, fur rtile biy Ia\"'Ili FELT & f CO, Pra New ) ork ad 'vIerk irtiinr' Ilnll lah n?_ - 2.1 ('hirtire. rt A I ;;1 nIA I,~I l"I t11 of1, oSn ' er. rir; rl4I: Il n , ,.'e e Ir·· iwin411 ii Oil1" nI \1'e ter rnlr-; Ini llrl- fl, (I · Scr ll Inn.'" ".E: 01 all ei \\). 'ltock of r lip.rl Iron the o o nf t,v fI tNnl in No-n. I \, 2 lanrltrl' V; Nn'. I & OII ell !I feel:!:, nn11 n~il, anld I -ill r lllillr i lla - llololill 1'r1·11 It greenI n!+o m oi~l. 1' In nele Spirt' n ,I .l'lrl e, 11111 1:1 1 i! F ( 10"· Arli-1'.* (;ollrll, e It {t 4""' Lon1'1( 1.111l'11. ) andr '' I 1 53 1 lee . II',, liii 1121221122, ,fre, by 111 FeT, . 0 01110 ,,Iiand 120'E & [llws H II' 11',1731 [' C1421,V~ r~~t fN "'7ilwl~rl~rrt '1' ," fly . ,r n r " : i51.1711 ,A! -, E()I (';. is l.,," 7'I v ln:_ 'an1- Jn"'i r a rn e ll u i: Ni i .i I: -.111 "II( F~EIT E 1 -IAllr l tvill1 111 I~rr Ii; I "' i,-e, I'ok l, c II r s111(1 tll 1 1 FL1 C Ne l lokSaioner 1.211 nei yyi-- li..ll I 2a ((I(I 1 II A :I'NI eIl Q ellip w~r ill: hli l rother Clll n l1 nr It. (Sure; a llul will conli nu tll' nil 1 n nd te n lii , .1, 211 'IIi l.I( 12 111 I )1,~ Pe 1I1 GEli, Srllrrl iii \ E ;1I., a :I';:'.i':,&l RIO )'I'P(·ll El ot q17 .3t '0 1. CI 11 !112-tret ii ' If lll II(IU +E I 1(·L 1:A1. 1 (211112' 1.211 rlix IT, ipI. S)II I T c rtnhl o~nu;rnt w Hll r unr I t Illdillll 2. I:VIl; n\I rNl;· Ur,. PI, n:I , iilrlIr r ll n llnr there willr "" n 1:I:AN II 1)11!;29 :611.!. h pl- li l-,illll il cilxvc nnnll hell r~, in 11 ,1 r Hill u fur hich 1 -11; 1 w h as k r I)Ii n lccr il l lc(·,e r II I I I lit P o llee . ·t. 17 . 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'E v'"n "', ,n ;,ier .In f ý : .! + . 1 .-:in.: Ie rin C#ansp St. Theatre. PrlllB Tbeatre wal openod for thle sea en o SSuiday EReain', to.'it ofOohber, ounder the ,naagrrmcu of roi G H. BARREETT. Iuling tho reesoe, tle interior has been newly nnd clA.gntlly decorateld, the boxes arrannged in the mst c yoen .et aol otfr ltli nmalner for tel crlneetmlar-In lio, of fatnllie and tnlhe panrq te utarnished il the ltuat nplreanlid etyle. 'lT'e decL HotitoB aRre :ter the Te sig anod eaectlion of J, cOWEINL,. A new drop certain Ires beent pinted by the Itelian artist, Cerera alln inetoli. t''he tcempn vn will tentati of the f.ilowing Indies nnd te enttleen:--ftro. U. Ilnrrett, nee, Anderson, Weor- tt tell, {fohl and Price. tlisso Mlelntnre, Iewts l Wnlli, and \Vrav.- Mdessrs. . Inrrett, tredl,rieks, Johnson, IhdgSe. . N. Brown, Gree, W. Serron, Ftranklin, avie, Haenttley J. Sefttt, 11. Kepptl.Kirklndtl, Murks,o AFstin, Iawatrn and l.ewi. .t 'ite ()ren trt cidl ho f'll tad effitient-L-.esder,,Fr. Jacksot-First Viotlin, FIr.Jelly; 2nd Viotlin, ttspeeinet ond J oikeo;'Tottr, ",llr Sonloen; Contre ate-at , Mrr. ier h li; Violi tttll , Mi r. latree; Clariontt*lt etlne,Moetre. i)trateattn .Molate; hornr, 3Mesrn. Reims ot and Anito Trt pet, Mr. Sielttelger; Trt.Thomne, Mr. Ocelhini; F Intte, Mr. Unreerl; E.Sone; Mr. Ilennineg. Mr. Sewell, Scaene l'ainter--Sir. Ilattley, Prompl)ter --MI. Vntlellt, Mechltlanitit. 'rte Mtanager folly ttare of tbre nee.seity of ltricl or terantld ecorum it at well ro;nlah.t, I ,aheotrte, ntd bIitg res.lYe l to render ltis eoramis eleOt eeyry way worthy N ol lite atLroloaget uan totiptrl of an eblidhtrtcotl Iltablie has reeivedl thle nssistante tf nit erfhcient ptoie, whlichl r will be ille the ilirectil o f Mr (CoTTn. The S oleet t bein oewlv fitted tlp and embcllh f ed, So as to Imnk it an agrecnble resret for visitors. D)tring tite seaon, it, addition to the vnrittas novel ties tlhat will be regutlarlv prodcned, IAN Y A lt'rl''r( ,oflaeknowltldgeod talent andl repototion witll :cerCOitR Glr. 0. H. BARRETT, I.esre r.& lnneger. t ON MONDAY EVENING, OcT. 2td, 1888, Will be petrfoormedthe petit entmedy of TWO FRIENDS. it Anborese, Mr. nt rrett, tr- Herbert, Flrudoricks, a Efinor, Nh-c. Berletht DUMB BELLE. 1 Vivian, Mr. .nrrett, ho Eliae, lMrs. Barrett. rid MARIIED RAKE. Flighty. Mr. IBarrett, r Mrs. Trittr ae, Mr. trrettt; Mrs. Flighlr y int, rn nllsnn, Adrlhrson. 'Ct Jl7 1e qne and Panrq mtte $it --Se+tI in ,ritatt III e. S;50-tnll'ry t50 ct. A t litUt. nA er fltl ,'n Me. 'of,1 Sft .t "crit'n everty tttrta It1 . t I I to ' M. nod hte ll)oort opeeti at Ihlf post six, P MN. Tih (Cr f in will ris o ll7lo'c Ntck. /ýllE. C -I,n.ruorrhi p hIrPoforr er",ieli:n; Idlll!er the Sfirt oft ,(al))I) & Flt ltt NNIlI.l, in te Ix oteety,` Ilotl, a Ito . ,hen thin day ,hl..<.Itr Iv t))lotlltt c.Ot t,. ll. John )t ,,)too llt'.t i' rtha r,;,. , tetltt,' :t h l ta na te e ft t athe sat l , nl t h e l ate s. op a rttl ,t li. ta , h ill, tnn, , o the tIrowll' b."i o,," it,, 'tly+ n , i ,'l Ot ll-I ____ ""cc +j.\ INI, II -- \ Intar.,' Otnt l t -it,' s, !, , nIlNI-lit ".torV of V I' "l.ith ,',,. cl.r , in a, ta tht ' , il,"t, : t t ntla , .ta b i e , htt, a, :2; are ti o,.r, "' (, do " t hao 0; ( ,h't tsit ti'h n ,t I, trt 1 jaa I tt, n t h (',,NN)N, 1 Camp t FX :<I,\NIF+ D R I.\ R(; fulU. TIrlll1'E rn ron+ h+as r e-iilr li te s hIn ++; Rn-'hin ,151 _ thr t. ('l,, 1' Fxrleh,"._ , (lt'ulrlr of t I r nir ro tlill 1St. I ll, rlre l[ln M , rn i 1|" loco lrrl , none l l on. r 'tl al l ye d 1 i n hi i. 1'.s ( p1' the Iir t i)n11 tn , Ip h "very n.+ not l e tl thr 'rutIs p,'ax ni ' an d 2a xi- w I, t n I bl hll n , t a i t,, -o m in r,. arll y and axtten r.n + h ldo," t h ,l l w h e ,' o, r tnil |or,+tl, ro v I. '. I of~ ~ ~ ~~,,,, thirbow ilgie hs i 2tomn af passinl~ n "ort reti, on a.ce+murn.. (ittri n t. < n,+ l bil' t oil I i, r 'lt l Al "Ih I tl ., - . l1' . i rs l 1 t ha lr ,nlr l , h e ;' 1'r ll l nllltvll l':i n 511 io lnl D 11'1. 5TI "TI r \Ie oplt nl ' ~ I 8 l' l~rle e+;Ill'hI "H'.+t'ltl dork lo "+ n .+nr 'p "o th • o[, ,ri( e v r, a t, il e..i nd,;iti'k, .'c kr,'i'h ne . ,-'l -"o me , s. r melIIc y u e,' 1o nrratis It-"vew (l e r; tl e.e ' " . th: eo , w. li t y, t i.'. , l,, ', i ,,IL'., r;in , 1 5111. Ionl ll/ 1, . A'hir t i e, Iot l revi. re i l I t 3 1 y liety , , r l, r., cll a h su-rw oks r1," lo+t l A "ncou b "r lt t , for th'rn - - e0. "lhor oldironi+ ;f tt, hll' i .bt|+l,: t1 ar IHe r "r t u l .l t+.y n f I Innl,. tl " LI I "t . , , \i;. Lllý .. t'1'~ r Cur- ". te o al ,n . xiii thesu I 1 ,-n , , , ,t g ,vr ,l t :, .rh e. , ..rn . lT nod , aln r Io r Jir" . 15 l 1nil 1 St""' , S; l :~ tll II' ( 1- l It i l . l . <D lll ll! 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SIt is tn h. I..1d lhnt aIl ll ·h. Lu Il tr e ,llt l r. i. lhe , \,,1,1 wh l)I,, dontZi-h thrl.) 5'11'1' or I', i,,ml. to. h, ýwilldl'," oio (f lheir hotr.t envli, ; I+1 Stllo . hl~1 , l nL o to,) - Ig lI t ) O lll lll ir own lil.'hh oi i tIIB oho ,l ,n,1 t '1 1weut of l.their br w, ill Iive thi t,(, i t:..enl.'nt Il ll.l· i U o N w' (,tlef ný. (),"t her IV2, )?· F~~~cpC~ ~ "IC,:XJ. ) IU 'i T '.t.' . \ .' o.'l'l y?. ('1!n ' ,ll I.NPa lnr , Ife r i "- • nn rem, iuý their soplk-~lp o'f I"ll and 1% 1555,1 IIIi, hin i il t ill 5l 5"l llllVP'V to 1,"1,5 ' 5' r6h iollla, f l"l" l;[rlr ·- o lnhll lnlot to'I C -on., h it nssortl , lt lt Llr l. I,1~ v'- i I '. l,lv Ih 111 III enpplyl t,'r<+ nnTs frn,!, thp r, ·o,,v, lot , o l lohs.; t lll . l. I)Io wholclalr or not oil, oll nc ll l'lcr lll llur Nl1tir!: ,+. - t I ( I' \ 1I. ' l•I.I( Ii I '. \I'1[ ; i nderi,"'l hrv ,11'," -.,+ it 1'o-p,, l rn lle1`hi ipl ti nlo the I~xclum on" ll 1, 0<1 '',. Ch'tr ea slh, from ,I 5,1 : ,oo 11,".l- 55 .5 ..+v ,:f N . ....",btr n ×to . I , - v Itn h 11, u i h.¢ I Ii rr ,r, . t,, tO , , itilzen'; -t'-Ll :r., nod Irnv tier= ,,:,.L,,+, l , ,;+r t. il o r t llr, 111` 'l,", rrer, ily w, hit.' lrh lo,h o^ tl p:'. 'l."+ , t, ,+l t, b ! l!oii ' 1 ,11 th. c'lr the,' I I,, to tIl, yi , t ti",, t , .r rt th •ii' ','l ,t' l ,r . t:, ,h'--,', IS',l ,"l c. Or ,iw or Ihr ; ,N- ni,1 I.= 111.:1[ t," 1:5 51t of1 th+ l .r,o,"- t "~, I n ,,od 1". ,,1 ' 1 v to ui-,llT11 nL conlti£11;aw-e ofl p~lhtr- favor'and I'ntlUnln~,'. J. ) " l ' +' ' : 'flohc Nntcrhe'z l r,'eM,Fr; I.,,ui-Silh'' .Itourn1l; N. Volk* ;+,`c - foI o,'hih l,'l in ]to r.. I Itool S,:nti"',"l; ho-+ tII,l Ill will' pleet<+ lllIhil I h e sh ove , Itt hree tilllllP. anld I'uk W ill,l 1IIh il :wl(' 5t'ltlI t t i, 1 oD u li t. llcll:+-- ill _ _ .+ 'l"i'1:1l',A ... i,, I FN".,=rri"......Ii. 1!rnu,,k Xwilh .+lill:s, lI r,l-.,' I", nall, 15' ,hle 1ll,2'r polo,e; onlolil ,+:1'. low p: r.,.d; Ii) 't',"+.+ .1,I,Crlirlr, w'ill. .lc finl," p~nl ktk l pos) t It,r,*-' -I,,; ? I:l~," :llll,"-lill, h,11,1l "rr.,ii r( l o~+-l ;'.: .. ' e tl[ ý i,, ,ti1 ," t o," n: ot. , r d,. l< .p -, fo~r "h",, ".vh t , i1' .. ol. , ,email, h" v 1 II "';I:.'[' 'sk (',I Netv I Olk S5,t;tllolw'l'' Huall, "L. I 1V. A~fiich. I,. - i n~e"1ivi'd 1 t .: ,: ,ll~i+'n+ ille .t., ita 'olnl~rior Ioi of ;.l1'lOllnr |iodl.atend=, .tlitnhe fill o551 .5- orr s1:rnll ,o+lon=; tIho l):hlit' tarl -pr,.- l let ly itivi t,,d I,, cull and rxnklliln( thol stlln.. W It ('ARINE>, .11+ -' v15 5h^ r i-1I.+. 2110 hal,'x Nothrnl, 1',, T,, ,thy tin.y io store... 1l for .Itlc hv CI t.ll,\11PlIN & C')fOPER, oet15 82' .lulit e't, I f'ST reeeivr,l e r d l'lip+,I +i'1.111!. fromn N 1'011( tý{ 15!igori"I.I hnrk Conrllt l'Ini, or, "19 !) Fho - c o.ld dh .d ud Itemo'.s ,"nh'ind 11[ngnesinl; doh It ..... 'r' A prin .... h ,io +eidl i z pow, ers, flor, lc Ih1 IXVI) I'I+II 111 & co0., <)+_.12 N ' r|,Ilio,rt, ts' I IM I, :htlrtre st ! ('))'l':. Shoos nodi Br+)'ul , (orepri~iu..T it ?'neort Jl l- minwl)lllll , itmLl t fi".+ .r tile oily or e' rllwi"+ Iln,"l, hdngliunn frmhip 1'1,11,urdin, anl fur l ulu I{ ifo` l~yalur, blvIUB\ ,C I".il,, l 'S" Cnlehned J! ......h in .....t "ec iv'd 1 .... f]t , hip Y"zo,cn front Ne1w '-•,.lc, a i's" g lo.' o i)nr iiIs rruiol [i)ialciuul! 1lllunein5 for Nnle byv tl:n dt~ ~ ~ u'roeb AVID FELTI &' (1), . I'IIS'4,T rate Inihch Cn"L; a pply nn I lard ship (1+ ( '1t'Eol,A\, lupposocl I i,+ \ '1at'hi ) o Iltrket. "(, t ] 9--I It T1hr tlppler pat t of 1Ih1 h1,5iS' ,No. 5.; (Jn , 1 .irl~l l+. o o~ll l):ny 1l 11 ,Ivan motll ditlls ; ui~lply ton Ill lpro:mi-,' ý >S .1 i! l,(otll l io 5 i15, lo l.+,ln 1'11 ;,l- l ,;r )ii " ollvl l 1' nt -c hinttoy 1,' l pr pr l ;,'., I ). 'V - T\I'..,'+.-I er,.. r es Ill Nut.,11,s it, ,.ttre, mlu for sale by J CII1.\1'FIH 1-;t't,, u<1553 7,1 l',,yd It at SECONUD MUNICIPALITYI W AS broghti to the I' ottl of the 12tld Ioonieiprl ity, in Iaronlerur r t et, rete cr.w'C Iiovr tnd (i' rod streets, in thet2ith Sept., 18 8, A Ihrge ayv Ilorse. Thie rowner i rreleted to prov1 properrty and tbke him llw vt'c i l lir e ill h odl by 1' A Guoilltt. Auction eer,n l .daturday, the l3th inst. ii S IIARI'I, r nrCaptllain of Watch I ri' -- i- t r t . t do' 'le far unuicipa e tittlll r il r o o t ll I ro tlnrer' n rttre rltrtlt vo erlit h • 'e(Irror pelr P A (illtlltrt rtro trr cht tr, I ertrltl lll i n Ibti di co nranot. tct It S IIAI1 ':I,(:,C lt. W\ lltch,2d Mlln. h7 I E Ir r b gottglto rio I ,, ,,.f1 titlle: ,o Muni eillrlit t It i lhtonter street. ilttetr t Hervin lind Girrd r tre r, r(1 thIe tint inrtaurt, tire f.llowig nnilnal, viz: 'rwodark f By;one hl a mllrk on the left 'it' wn. rt s rrrlpr tlt ' to rlrove propeclry nod take r irrt, aoay t reoreetlrhry, dr IlrltO orler, orho will I sold bi y I' ' U tuillot,Auctloncer. II S ISARPlCR, llt5 Captain of Watch NEW OelLIEANS Al) REAl 'IMtl()ILE LINE OF PACKETI'. ils linet will cronit of the following v8St llS whith hivee been builtr or pirhoberd expressely for the trde viz: Shipr SEAMAN, Captairn IllMir, nlortle AI RY, Nickerrson IRAi) ERItY, (nerw) Stevenso aO lSOLOMON SAL'US, L.n lham, prit Alit AR ll' r' , G Irn. Tll.,o ve"sels ore of tile erst c rl's-tr tI lrhnndsome flrfished treIac o o na nnd are of & liFht .drafst e w tr,,t o ee to nlmit of their rrrl.ivine avOl rlrl hnrging their t:.rg s in lltlitrtlt v'rtr t t' (Ci2/. Fr' iglt will be t tlr oIr Iprtse il rly (lesapeake o ro hm JnerL ' River, .ndl fi tardtllttl y the ngI rtI, rll'sro.h(lcrk & Kellogg, ut Itlltitre"tti Foxlr nst t on goodi ohipped will be ao1 vaenrt woa I oqu"ired. 'rlIt pir;r'c I'leasarec s Riixed t .$liO--nnpl: stores of th leer rI lnlire ill Ioprovied. Strrr utp rit down rte Mis8lrio..llr i t ill bie taken on Fe r rglrt or L "rn ge aI;r.Jl tto IlER iE BEDFORD, mrll -lot Itibrll n e Mr U-. It. &. . - . -.Ne onib, H3I' ' V' 't1t t' II lltl1t P 1 ;t r t hIt' tra act'li'gll enl'l orel I r l it'vrltnttte tt lelriit 'ior t 2 IIteIIh ItIe Ond lht~il . cotllided to them Sha i Ire fritlfnlly rttr'oled I 1 i tl* ( .Clllilllll k . o (0., Sirlh u Nte"ll Wlhitt ,& ct' . N w, (I rleonn. ndlil & I Mhky, ) o ,I +.: ,,o n t t l1. ' tl_ Trl l , i ri cr tuts tt Ih o r o n o . l : nlin. no x t r 12 j llh . l ol're relt . Ar plllt ol t r rrl e inriellli 'e r ewoll r-C W AIttACK, h y Ow w ill ntto rll t, ' l l , '-lnld iry nh r ý, T- d rr tIt ,.tl' I len r'e'r tr 'tlrt in irrsrecily. i e t:t Irxi' l 'r' rtlr svtrrrtt, ' l r tthiltr oi ero . vroi r_'.." Io .h, it.. . 'l i lt- n' ,, v xu ' eeio . By or nhtr of ('gre.nt. horlr Cans. 11I(N ( IiItIXON, ,,,, Iol Olrderly ierg'i.. UI' 'r yi: }crj1'S ItO 0(11'., 1.)(.E- 1) M3UNICIPAL oo l tl'('l'f'if'iet t h, r. ',' ,' Iun n tha tt in r'tl o rl nhritV tr a . I I7 ' -lhh o o Ille (.,'rlll tlle I rt he htseCl d MU ff il iu , + ,' lit i ll'it illtin 1Il 'rll'l· LtVda thile 15tk s t \ . t' n ' ,rt I :til' l I t,,11 thrI In : Otlotob r, 18tlr . odjo l rlh . ,i ellt, ' t o t ter Illto tl Itttrt'u Iidderrl tI,,, flr . d t I'I t , l lt lllli,';ot ill, fllr th'itdlt,1 11 eldher ' M uni irr w',i + t.t ' e nrL. v Ii-', ontlvly f ll luur llI e lle y eonIlrht,-ted Io h,,- ltl~t llrl t'rl'rh wlttrvr he wn'rlrv n os r, h , Itele,. Itt)m - I Itfgond ii ttlv, (rnPrl ulpill. I t eillth ,lt 'llr oe rve k4l.ll I^ ltril-l' Sth i lslr rhy ill , =lt'l' ll l lit ev I(i lll bilt A ,1P · wt tnto rir l'.rr (lelht.tlt lli:ell. [i t; l.I f1ItP',e r"'.-re lofeer-dTF.'IC i. Ct i i. ;,: -t,, t irth . t'c Itli, s t i' lll'. I lit nrll i, 15" t le. t i. i t i o o n t l" t r n , o'o rdr t,, rc e;Ii it n ihei , r l a r titt r - 111 i t- .r. i t ,:r .-l;i o,, -t :-l il petndant 1 n to "h :to~' ........... - 't_ ~iIE t~ye " ' '" L o. d prop-.als till be ',_ ; r1, t,.in I",' r ,: " t ' , : 'lirtv volr-t Yli trnea 1, lo AnnL . t,,..1~wr York '1! i:.... ' " 1 r , o ,ý 6 , ) '+ .r . tot or t hr, 1',' i .,..i " ,;,,. ........ ,,. ,, I r,, , ', .... i. ,,e, v , ' , , j (1MN CrALI OUN, ill C.r 'eu -- ',i'ul¢ unit ;, t'll, f ' Ii. lel-, ., 10it n .t C N re-:r tPrrot rth eiHof " , ,I11. ,11: {" r l,;:iti i , rot . r h ire ilttee tr,, l n :- rr l Jmt r.111 11, 1, '1., It .I jhur dI1 iilnlu h~" 100l G1 , 1J )L Ir i :i~ ,'I ctill e i, I vrell t de t t lit in tr' , - It, at t l t'ij odel ,111eiI I, r s " , it' " ',,,,,r II,,- nllr t, Neiw York oa a iti N lr artl s. r u It:, l ,e n o. noll Tl. helus I,( , of vnt·11. (rtre t p i i itrl tl r tel t nh Sliitrul 1,- i , h lt tl t I r Kihte Uloie, ltr pouI ri[l'l. r Ient I o 11 tlbl IIIte ' m 'l ? oill;. t o i t p1i11 1 n Lyahlea it t.'lll l . I i ilr lr.l, ri:irtns d tllvellt r trr, d rtot e -' "l'rnlltls' t flitr BoJn d~tl I8 t,,,art Jr.fiIN ('Al rol I iN,Co t, a oi'o TAT"E U`OF LU : t.N.\--it' ithnh Courl for bon ' ,lrih trdic.l ty lli ew t) ~nlll 're lllt the Hot .I.lll eVril It .o i. L.t i hvtLr, ilt, aitt li c atr-dy ol e Ill. .' 1,`i o aol tLir n'dltori tilitt oh h l t F lly. o h o l I o hiritl tll' . lot itl, l 't, lo't tiL- for the I n lt s UOiI l IIIi t i' t to. tr I, i u fuler: ulit that a suftiir ei l :llll,'r Irt- , r ollr ill lt'o lior o lo eilI olUt b d not lep I· T lit-hI -it-itor- It M N ."hll _,: tl .,,r ho, :a.., It l - thi er fir. to rdelred by tha lrt ti t 1I ,. -ur uh t d met I it d io , Irn l i tor of h t l, , tp' r ;;ad ul \ tirll t t'LIl F J II I lo [pt l et t lpe trIo itlotARI)iit. et. oil I G .+loil L-, 1 . I,!n)' .p <)c'tu\ S lp 13l, the i an1 ia I'irl t· oillut t ' ;lo t e 0 illt llIlirr i l f th I , titit/ll r, null ti h b.w ,cu-e ,Ih) the cent~ i+ c el s1hou th ald not Lt l-, r k tll -t I .t I. 'u'I. b , til tl, il potnie gllf.le (it r k' ti th -tu i, tillr 611l, I t IN Lt TCK. i, l~'I-- C .d . 1NO )'v Clerk 9' I 1'I' V 11: l I.O1 l l.01' I.\N --;nor di PnroiitJ C J,( ',ýol ;:1 I·nrI l.-t ,'t Li e d," Il l ,,Nin ·lelle()rl e ,- 1,lI.-il oo.r Ilo, ( iil rn ro btri't, J ttLre h in't , 1l3 0 -.\ --.1.t l t hiol d.iill trur illsoi lvabtt , attel iln i t , , it topll' l.. I toiiu ii' rb t I.i itA ,'t i. , 1 :u , .t- o. \\'1.,i".\ I'| .--+Il·r( otion do T ll i Ir t I " 'IIitLr ' 1iiitt r, t cl rll ofris t llrl n. l 111 , ,t j .ro' i t ýt, 11t 1',ii l ,,tr .ioil'to t r h.rlo rait ir'' llllui- vreu nhl in", it r - fi " e i O - p'lt r Iht r our' nl t ine a ,uo r.h ' , h hc ,lih c l{ l . yll ul~l lllr , lr ! ,' i eO V itO JUlIbi CAILdaAIUN, A Ir til el t h l l i l' t' l, i e nit h. ud'octohrt e o II N ti L!. Nib ItC W 0A BIAI I h *iur I r.' db' ioir.r olr in o nt ir, s d t o (iholitn , n l o. , il ilo" to, o ril t .I to1111d ite tll l s er - hs ,t o+i Bo lot -ltoI t tin Minter.tes- e or veIiiE It ito in o inn tov.ri t binaitt t't'tl It ; r l rli ol'r, t iiotld l too l:;ial Mlor't A l lo,; I:t E L w (11rd te gro e ller, lierty t, i o , It r ,ill , lt )tcl r e, 1 t i, 1838.d 1 , 1 i I a I llr E Illh illtll th. toer i ur Caing r llthi- i llo. i ., t with ti)o ttll. 5 gatllo S ofw irse. .lli. tl ltr r 'ttoet btri 'Io'tl'I * (t t l I' ttl o b' delivered atl. l'l 11.1 nl t.% In n hr lvtel +ed "l'rl, ,IeltiP1 fil O l(." .Il t I ; tit tlCt r tt r a or |,tta e +3n" florl h t n Is C rn ll ton es l hi, t . l t ir oy trirTe ' i , noma d Jaar lle y, it, L, gl totIAt . A JACthirty er. j A .r lrr tloh o , ltlt.d' Ilha t itl, Ilor re eots ully r'rel ll . aonk EnOlotlilSh cd a lilefy Firc-hr. Thrae oI reword wiOd tolloo ogeld Ion tl ale o8t11-f Chiefl 11 Fn1111 'inDer N.01 . & LC R. i|ttl, ll t or Itury llrtirn irln, brink stort i nl Camp Th tr I tori brick d tator f t the o rotler of t ollog k Alt ilnl tr hr l.rili street, i it i olillote, tcupid b rerres, lle Irtll r o.; the thirdi st ry 11 ein, ; fitted foo r a bed t|ll I.,ur h li Ih hLl Iot tiitir -theo t ' dll anlltd toripertr [rilo; ii ii t i t tiT It 'elt, U d pr r.rl i'ts o t ' t llo gi n to theo . t No m ...rd t.... o t.)-tl f, CIIAS. A JACrntioee MASON'S liAS. S. M\SON, of tit hith, ld, 3 Cahi m repectfully S(:ll,\ll1,ki',tH l+.Ot IE AND SI'O& BLACKINOE ill t :y rso who wll rodlice t sut rior. OIL, ec·! tv ctlwr Ls a+,ng .n the Utlted States. All

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