Newspaper of True American, October 25, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 25, 1838 Page 4
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t".it5 s 1ei5 .I tn-Losuisfsana Hotel, Sii~ttnOTan T,\ RS, MA, RY KIlKIt.AND repeoctfully an. i e, hler friends and the public gone. ';t ti ard to acoonmmodato theim at * bOO inhmcent, and lihopes from her t. tot r~der visitors e.omfortbli,, to receiver Saontitrcaniibdid former favors. She feels confi. hlust thal. porsona visiting Covilgtcon during tihe ' 0 ntll thlalr,. racnot find batter accorummodrtiore - anp afford them, nn more liberal teerns. S is plasantly situated, and well supplicd " convanience; the bar in furnished with "-t ot. 5 glt-rliquors, te. in short,ahee promises . " Mlt.. hinl bl ba wanting on her part to give t san'geifr'to all who may patrolizo the = i"` lflppi and Louisiana Hotel. j,.3 :,rO TilE PUBLIC.--Tlhe nieraitnd.d. hravig tyj~ died under Dr. Scl.mlidt of Challeston, SCý}.rlcliini, and byr soa years hio assistant i,, - p.piractice of medicine and surgery, has the hmnor r.'offer ht .rppronlfeinral services in this lity. i e Atslres tile ladies and gentlemen that. the mosrt r pt attotnon will be prid to the calls which m ',. .ilado~irnd alsp o.lfre his services to tihe d e'sl.vs, being well ncquainted with the 0t0e'eonmreno to tthem, having attended them in n. lio gar tnuse in CIharlestonr. ,.fIlammr a anrtLi.hilious pills atter the eomposition ftl eoflr Smollettn. with directions, can be had ' o.thse dtlderligned. Tire effect which threy have periadced in this and other cities, has Ibeen attended with the groalestt success, to which the best of .)eforeneos cai.nlie given. Apply at No. IGG MNlga. ni e street. JNO. M'LORING. SV OOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. T HrP HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. '. 538 Water, nearBcckmtran struct, New York, liPeertceivied the past season, and are cor.slantly rtdibirg largo and exlensive additions to the stock 0rllthe above goods, whlichr now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and Western nmarhetes. Hollow ware of snperiar quality, consisting of lieant 1500 torns. vis, :.F·t of 2. different sizae, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, rruttles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 ghlluone, Kettrles, 15 sizes, firom 3:8 to 18 galloni, * ikrepr's or Ovens, 7 difllrent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orddloes, . . 4 do Pire Dogs, . 6 de "'agon boxens fro 1 1 4 to 4 3-4 inches. SCrt do.:5 to 7 inches. Wond Screws, SO,000 gross, iron and brass, frrom l8~inch, No. 3 to 3:9 irnchi, No, 24 of a supelrinr 'rl9ajilty and finish, and loss than Jame's imported pritcees. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and haltor'e Irons, assorted. Slath woights, 100 tons, assorted tfrom 1 4 4 to 0iebs. Bells for Pilrntatiote, steamboats, churches, &e. eado to order, Also staornheats and other machinery made to order. The alove narorttment of goods is particularly recommended to the . arttolteolr of Souathern arld Westeri.tterchanrts, and are oslured for salte at low prices, and upon tire most liberal terms ; it is be. liovod to be the largeost and best astorlnerllt ever offered for sale by any ono o.tabliclu:rrt in the United States. Merchnnts, by forwarding a request by mail, canr have a prin'r.d circular, with de-cription oft gooda, pricesand terms, from which ni o dcviation is ever smarde, furnished hly return of tmail. All orders will receive ilnlnediate attcnlioon. Now York, 1838. j. 3 I N S1Y IIP & PICKlt.lS-Underro,ll' e hnalrittero ln.i a Itaoll' &'.le it fric d tlliae r; ch,-e t 'rl t cur Coam tl n I tn ' 'i T hr phooI l ta ml5i I>Alil i Il/LT & O. lt N O '-- ianltih ,xer I 0il, lt erl kn laort Could, for sueby I .t\., Uitlllt;I': 1 ic' 1 0risn d.ellc s hou n Triton sitrtt, e di' do io. do IIt hw, inr g~all h a1 CIIA.?I'I.IN tic COO]tIrR, mrlt 111t t la 11 1 t A jll eri;lng ras'tir td fu ,r ulngd I.:Illl' tllle . o elrl Iti . linihr, co n-i.t arnl ml reryo rtal r riu v Us , lid , ai . ild wh iie witn, o lpli'r i und ilcd r ioui h tlla Ig r,.ed canp, t-i t altly eil lid nd lll llr ti t b y a tll N ' intiohat rs:' 1lull, a-1 a "lia r t. . tlrl\ rrr CI.ll rallcli rrC,' l l .iu butat ert3 dut each str1it .:1le \r hite, 1r:'a t, i0( do lrat do r o do an :2; itt ih R.i it , l . I I b l 'ar r tt rt CIl :ell iho lift der I. 'i brown n mIey, iditely fitip Ki lA Xlt .1 O ar . ttor l-ew ve tsi r 4t'( r i i re l , l amid Bidinig eatli e ti.trr :aart uairt .y m31 N <'' ýnttilnui's Ihlitll, (.1tra i t i b e t i t. lta dinog, for rr lebyiI "ISAAC 11illtiltt'i & t.t -- l tall1t iatrtgar h lreel. I fe faro thtet ecr id ta tt ulltrtittrr I ttl iur t1'ht ir'>r street. tIlrt very LaIw, pnsu, ssiou givea ,llledilttlv, Ft:rrlrirm. al__th pr__aitre+atra!s'2 , 1f. iLtatit--ll hibblt e fI lurhIr. hta .il,, a lntt0 (a ftlttita' Y, 4,I New I tear. _1--n -. tA.-ONoito.- n d r ,are ... tic9 13 tOIirtEV.41 ,Vtw itrra.e VIA'NM A.\i. :Iti , 1 lie t.t. i,,.,lilg 151 coililliajlla, llliill from Allaalalhlclrali by L.AhE'l' & A II~L.U.\ii, trol 171> nl ll. r aae I. L)aI'Iic h -5,m s. aaya lit'U llla. I~ILI~ Ir ;: l hiLLEE, II il1flIL~d lail 415 l'IIma Na MRCUXRY NOR COPAIVA A LT' six Infull h ago I had fIe misfortune Iol gul n sal~rt di:;ad', Ifi a hialt l h Ialve l.pliad t aa'e el dlirclla flr a cll', lani thaa did el i:CdLb m, as , an Ille above dilo I illlt loyalf allilee tit~ cafe of 1)o, toe Hluet, andlaaeplcll iiml tll'aa l e nrIlao. lre Ihnl rs the di tiael gat waorse, all n to 111111k aat ill pt ulna to thie numberll of six or right on r,+ If 'l, awl all l SpreeS;at limn m: account of the 1e7ii"aIF; Inr.'s clear oil A, the iight aidaaf tha thaeat. I raw111 ua v1111 patigal sl eotiifldctly Ulahtre fit, cara of Dr. ll1, 1.ti 1 P'ari I" tId perfeattlI cured Jo1 N)ll- .%N. ly DO lia, lal'l ' ta I the llabrvr le·t~rll-l l. Irnnr is thanik dlr. Iluel; and m Inrcovellr l I r~~s ·r thatI titl' Illl·dli til~e I have takaa mudl.,:s IiI lilt, awl id nt tpill t ql tih Ut ull; thereforeC~ 1 dis tyf eail- o stretl. betwean Daslphalr: mdll oIuIboahIn o II 'r. (loot iUC t hoeI lu from lllllhck, A .M, 1111i 4 1' Al. Tl'hey will find U June dllcltorfo lthals 11111nilt JOHlN IIEANdIl Ilallir tet if Ully oUe wanla to ace l all at aa i . d 4a S ,uvida stret, Ulad tlllhy aill he satisfied. To ha pulliahlld at lilae alli'l" of l)i . ll'rt. New OrlcUnlU. Ill r, 1838. fl IIa %\iiE ilalluUllUgleldlU Ialnllllll .m t'rwI' llatu cents elici, cottaiuiug th de atrcelgl if these uonllles ofI Liverwort, brsi-lrt the +irtu's of many other root., and~rI1I1I hcrbs wllllllU UlilnUng tll Ililla asl rlllicalao ill aclullg pUllm drval cillmlaiUla. Thd iu aldlid succeia 1lllaI laat tende11 d life o this~ iucat lalinhle lalsalu ++ t, rover i It is b i-lr l iII1 o jittsd. hus ioblclind ila oafideoee mud arise au, ida k'itnr of respectable lplvriicimil, fo~r lr' cllrv of 'owesils coldl, plilln llt t ai erl, au llioF ra-lalalil, lll' liver complaint, &,:. To wll omilt lly cnier. This ll11Ua to cllli''v 1,11r 1 t hav" inll olu pracicefrequently prIl cribed Ilaa (Uea, ftr's llgaadisUl aihIll Ila 1111r tif flsha1 111llad wllah lodea of the muleriela it is ionic from, sadr rlrrilv.,tr cor l lexperiencell, lI it Ia lUrit d a u 1111iY" .1111 vj Ur nil Ill lla llll.lali tll h al' tlil I 11 1 I i' ii re ilnlasndeld. Al Ill Ill til".' i. C hLVIN ELI IS AI. DI mualeily J lIlA &Dc ANl ili 1Ei" eels I!' · n'ro, l f',1 t I)f ili+ ad, UdyaTLER' Ilf'arves'"elt 1lnnlltrinll \plririit-Fý'r pehelcencilirv of file ril*·olu'l lo habitual cos- "4ivmresa, clttunernll lauteill, Krat gIeLall~C a i' uft Ynllltil 0 a gioalia, cooliag palltllliva. This detirallle prepTallUliol his raceival'd the oate' .sgt of iiluy et.i tlIIhl i oUllll l f' Ie lpraf."s , nod bsa. alsdhioo1111 lgullic mallnly eaIaailll l i uli iitdJ itiahiitd it gilt alill U'1 or as ll lIinia Irilb 111'1ell' elicited. Witte all lile eIlsacllg ljuIi olli t If II of emla.lyn er, it p mrapca f th e active me liilial propel tiesP of th toalst nultV, w liaus purgatives ; t l la I t 11 llISpl * hull~ lar l, mi grateful t' it ,looerll. POUih7wiil'p' OLA U' ~lIlN-'I'lla ialll lnlail rralpota tbslts adirrat delmlalnd fr lutlc,'s I.ieaFcaaI'ls l ,lllll'ct Finn Apsriten'. III,- been fill ill(JI'J(II I (ir erne1L: s to ) Iff jerhnritaiililllldll isii d Ul te llbll ' Isl'leL Ara sr'icala'ly'v verned of this tauact flinlt th'v mayl* be p il heirl gUd, Sl d tlrt prclllr t an" ore 11 rtUcle. Thiaiiiahlsac sre realaiitlu lliftllr eli tlht ii. llslcrlil atts lire aeoti~tstly i lVUlitid I i-l1 tile atrig ' a11 1 . Usilat rLfparlali Ui. Fur sit''1 wit I tell U d rd 11il. SICIiL.E i &. iaAg da(:ll Vaiod tors. N n.O .a. r2eif0 i u ie Iluar Oil, lur IlTe rc",.nor111111 " ýl r Iolioir, iviling leaull IIIIIIbeaut1 (nll( titl irate' Oil uss ol5crale ·i thIlel I1li, it Ilnll .pea led5 llia Ilrrds lt ll l II[laniif Lhlldac 1111111 1111 a. asli Bolglsd i ir. and11 ievery i'ada Ill iif l sllidtla .' a; dll'p~s blvr b'oi ea malrd It horrne~erfni'a I1 IIIrI(da1 I edIs~r nib,eoiil garowth of tIllia oi 11e11·1 tde lrI'U ýýrald. I" whren itý Coomes dI~g iild reuses to crow ArkaOi will vv r + 'oust WEider it basllliu, and producetre resold ~bws lid growtth o oh aaa h , hlajrylWl ts'IU d. "'la' s Oil gireL 1111 ao " 1.lfI it riaese hd Laphtytaallll to allv llilla i I I lit lar pea ' Kti urliltill Utnills thle hair. 'tie It it he sort[ dry elhtit'ass i" For sula at s .r1 s 4 i "i rc D'LANG . rTlO. i .Il itI. t'I' l' COn n,"l , roi, ivns:ro : on buid ship O)rltans. Eulie, lilihlnuu"r, ;'.l;.r lliry Anlrh'ew, -nr 1h nwil (lcrnln,1u ny ttl(it ; I.lWdk l lll l nl'lu3uk. ( cI,- , Il.uln 1-4 mi .ll1u 3'l i up -lli nilr i llsr; I, 9,'hi . I ( i m , 1 - huo l a 1 Bnwi,. l¢.uive q: I'=tr r,' n lunrs- llt p " i nr, f - loth, iiii, ' Tuooth ndt N itl l )rshes. )rr I oi (l.l h rile, liTootlh \rl)'h itrChat- Itllnt irllr'n St 11ib ertal ill; el F'P r; ,?ul ril in "der.fl'lv. inrrv ll.t. lv.ryf Tll- h C' iihlli: I'owd.rr' lll'. IPn lI~mI P lll · l .. Gih - I it l s nl'l anall Be ,ol ('hil ; (;ll t"ll nn: l ,i , I-m 11"d-; I nri nn i ts:il.. itell ula; l Plu es; Shelf 'n"ll tl': Shid n aiil )I1ee-inI i lnh; whichhini ablitin, . t,: th!rif lllr r stoll.l u blllll . ea iel he ir vs+rt'rri t -re 'ln, elrt, mi ill hite - - I T lw e nd a tlh ll h rn I t r t o' l ll t of', i e',fll lo!i nl Sl iN .lh, 1-f 7N1 1t tri +ntiru tt',+t. 1 I (lll f": ,nh n ,ltr r, .\ , eItr fir ih^ rvi," P tt: it Jiln"ll 1 Fteek-ed n v+ 0111'rl31h.i +Kir t It ' r + , ', 1 i O1 " o lullc lnd r lNli0 I l t Illiii ' ofl . , r"ll tiIo , !,'&n, on,Iu lu.t1ul To llt u L , ,.:1,. ' li. Itill it, v nrru.u . lrt'a o x' h lbtil lo t'h tradl Inr or,!t"i/.+ l , 'I:11r + Ill tol.l liol - vi ll he lyanl,' I(? 1 lit ti.h im ,-. min6 I. Ilts .ll:A\& \ (111'II it,' iotl (Lmm,,n . N 1-1u , Iu u u r ul II I,'- i. s\I ;O n.. o I.\R'T'T,~C l _O .t-.A re¼ n- o re ili.; ma t r rl., il IInu lsincvilh.e, oi. l,:· : (lint,-'17i , tFr i lc a .I ,tttl, I u ,m h . I,( t .m l nd en t nut 1 tl3rr11 il loi d i lrkel li astoN ; Itrti n ribb1d m13I 33ii vcl: (1:ihs l ca m +li - run lll l lil l h twI lst i !Vt ; :l Vllo-i nore, iolin Strilgts shell, ivo ly mI d horn enlsuill ; t l.l ;i. owder, Ill II whIlt I- ( n k, hn iiind ul Latir lllln'll : hair Ir ll, front :it(] Nen ! n I lt(!;;lt ( s r2; :; m It': arl &. owu n >1a.. l'u,,s.# e'iskl ii , l qr lllel ,I ; ('.ci'lll:Il llui lt ir, llcill l il walt , u R alts Iur sl a rnill ,i i o 1 ilil I iI tt, ll' )l' : i' r-: t ll'.ll't'+tll. IrII '):,eki ll llll ll lllttl let i+lk l sus; lronn'e<. : t".rllrrol al vl:lssmt, an t ni e .: ll in ,Io ;, Il'+, h .:ll lis no! ; ,iI-,,; illO 1 - i, l ii l ; I t I lll i ;Ill s lm ll.o Illui- illl: , d'e'r Il thl I el -mon Illh I ll lls rtioen Ihon,+: ir ro lalull t nlu' e 'ltll heals1 rl ni:mh, I 't il. lI .ekluien s h cla i ll l I tle e - e II h l n +< a 1o: I w :tl ah . 11ernno n hon .: rzir n utpre: tii, t p,, ow t', l't 1Ii ' I ' h" l, I l'al i 11 I ', l'I:t n--i.t I.'rv. t , ,I ,I, t I',, ~,1 " Ihluhl,,.,dt, or re"h lil s thle sig.. of l tli l 'h CI . u, 7ti,1, oh l'r i I 'll d b x , laI s a llli . i I r , ',\ ', i . , twIll : hlll !l ir --L ,.-(..ll ' tlt h . ,I 11i , it .\rw I htrrl : llie , IInn-w coil tre.m, oftr n nlo m lsui'ri-, Kerley &('n., e lhowhi v, whole dial 01 ,h ,l n lto'I s .I .lhtutItl n t, It, Ih i.t h iIt li ti -ullt' -l .1 ..l O , m Wil. of lilllrr=m nifh ( I'o . Ii h, - lilrtitlt'drr-i: ,, 1 lal ll' l: I inn Dlit lllr = will hr cl ''lIr' I Iw'ith t Ie clal·rie w ill n <in i.dd I the i ,'ulhlo oi' lh, htl- l r ,ff'.+ no el l ,ll , I u c lrri s & 1 it i jlr, ilil l In hl i ti ' I lauin (illh l I& ( l wtihl . Itilit w ll lirn K.'lle , '1 v trill ntte'l ! Il.el," ()r t ,, 'lll t'h eilir e of tIIe1 I I'r.:of l tt n 1lhfir .l i ii \1 ill I e Sin flaii, -.'i t ii till ll y I. 'hose hindebt e tollll tlliill i'T .tt ir 't tu ll.i l rI l,·t ' . (i 1conc'c .llr tl l rin v ld n e uIer t e ilsr III le lll. ilnd lh,,,l sllrlf ll a I'IIwIlI l ln h ttt Itt illl ..IItt .t I htt.t wi u ilt'.ttttt ].I.I Il 'l . I ( I:it - It I. ' " IIIrNItY l fit'll.l:'°. .Nw ( .i ...., Jn o .... 7, 111,, . ll. n reo e: ..t in p of Ill, . e ltl, l ' ll ·:r Illliv int·h,, ijot-t reW W,'tl and f i"r .. he I "i Ike d i . o hsi.l, I<lil.,- wl k, I'Ilro doi l l \V _el':. il oll i lll d ,i, l I ll u." ,""rrl dl. to lull , l uhh. ]iLl ila ur, rnII alnd h,:y t.vw .::r n '- ,,' , snit' . , -ii.',risl,,yro!, llil-'l ili ( i-il l. t ,,'lIi rmh rklii I ' ,( ous- a nell , Ir a l rlI mh lor : I how-i h t rll rI's ((lid jicll , Iaor al, a Iow whole,.-i , or r il I I'V itikI ( n" i l re l I o , l l S\B e m :(, ( i' illlll h, o lo l ira 1'it h'e lls ' , I,, o: ii :Itill I. lri ( {+ii+.i'i'i in, flakm \ r , 1' ; , n c r:i r ,,:(I nr]i 'Ii' .,] g ,, ! 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II11i' ll Scion, 0, of P, ,:Ina- ill r illill I , :,oL:ll fur wdlclt I Iie a i NiU t ,,,. Nu. 'I~rl trnl:. ili* Iltl .\; ,. I )r lru t, , 1 .;"1 14~ tl· )I·(Ly IL,. ~ ~ ~ I.l u u I ' n"+~fiI+- )))i i :" · teI) I I~r,:rý nai·uv .,,llt Id ii) vj uu,I ( of i ll, and tU l. lf( cla).1 1 -e.; I,. I ll ulli-: 1 .l of ~III, L city. I,! Ii klis-,.Lopr lt ' rti I- bI l',I- u nyiu fr ar" \ r f ._:.n::rc.I.,rt (P lit INP,,: IIu 1r ul:t)L ; j~ ~"uIr" "I 1') lid [,v 144't'nI Iiir,' 1 ) )li e i 1 . I ,Iv Nr . li~u Lt. -v Iv rn 4,·~ ed ,,lc·, rll iul,),' did p . , I 1W· I))l ))))w4. I rd I ) I 1t r o , fuli6H e fuly +"Iý~e . i" ilvd ,w U II diviill al: "u I nurl UO * ,akv~ulln t II 1. 11, I ." u"" lIll." Ent- 'I'r upvt te r ice v c,, e 1i uII t- is dl ",l '1'l'" Ir i I)Ii · I.t- ill pot. 5or 'al. . f e w23 New I eee Canysute oncr(.Ieu l-. tn"t NOW AT THU JEFFEItsL' ItOUsE,e JE.FtIsbeN STREET, T lthe Ehlor of lhe Lcee,isl ille .4Ice, lier: l i-I- t apperes Ie- tie ebehervaletieon of the Ed'tors 'tof the Ntashvilte l'rr-b'i terinl, Inion and T''rns cript, as well as the edltteete of the 'ilemptli Enttei rer, thtt the "thl lenrlrmtn" it a, no,"e the lDoters 'rhli' is pro ed by t t is kint l" rae, knwinclg thit hi| time is bet I11rtf , n t thatt thl. it.Itendenlc t A ee.rienel Peale e'e abll to€ jlulnde J lit , Ih ,srlvee+ what are puttl a.nll poit osl' . '. Ih Iel thv edirtt "eors ' e iec I eecr, the tprurietor, 'leitors or nub-editors of the Poive ontlll ourl·l ll ctl Iverv letter flr'ti lereseOlls t It-e 1. Th' e fclt i, tihat It tvctr h:1'i sr-l" Iret t stuccte'. ithin so limited a pe: iod rs+ tee orl tw lve day;. 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II rr. 1 r (;y Ie ;.1!;:51 (',ta , u i i - I l 1 I A 11 01, AI 11t 1 rnn1 (·!." ,,:u."_" ", JAll'10: i.A ..11 A - Lille. iitlilCC S iA- a" 11 VI I.A l A N-L, ll' ti,' I;, . I:.. r ,, ll. 1,'.11 e ,'al aA o ,1,A , A 11 cii tf.'ary Ii(.l lo '! ,:,'i,5 1 :, I, a II I ll,;II :I11 I !`·i.(l I( II I. il: L.\t Inill:" 1 1 1 Wlt \All ::l i 1i':llaaa A · an'II a ( (11 of 1: y e o. 5s 5:'55':' s :A n, A ' lA 1,· ,A i: ,a. [!o t ,ilu ,-, (A -A:,, I, -.:5:5 A:lll il I \,II. ,iA ,l i ll AAI " AlA' fi'rolll ll 1I1 In:! ":i1~ Iu 1 u5 10 li e I"I1i. I r 1 ]l ';(l llil III·· 15.,1 n. :I llu!I. I- :Ii oI1 li·- II,., :I,:.'.:l ue ll il ".I 51,1,1 t11," cu ·lli ii I, I t ' s , . 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I" i.t- II.:S~ ,1- 5 AUAlu p Iift'..tIIIi it'lch l cittAN' 'A 7'ot\.\'"i. ..tRhe Ilenrftel'l !,umatism,er, fulo khiltgsevil,gout, e ficiati:l or hip goutu inri:,ctlat nellr, salt rheulm, silphilitlio ndi merenc.ial e, piariclarly ulcers and pall.ifululfections o tlhe bones, ulcerated throat a.t nos trils, ulcers of eeryei desarctieri i .,er soires, ad interntl labsesssa, fitulass, liles, smcot headl, scurvy, biles, chlro lio sore eyes, cr sipellisillthc, lind evely variety of el tancous affection, chronic Ca:tnrl, head ache proceed ilng from any 'crid humnor, pain in the stomach and dys i ppsia iprocedilg from variatlini netineilo of the liver, chronlici nii.mmation of the kidlnceys, nod general debili t enulI hby a torTpil action of theviesselsof the skin. It is sing itlarly eolociouts iln roenovti:g those constiltuions hic:l hlave beenl broken down by illdicious treatment, juvenile irregularitics. li gten-:d termls, it is reaonl m -.e lid i all tholse diseaoes whicla.:mis from impurities of the blllold, or ilitiationl of the huncors, of wthaLaeer Sname or kinhd. Some of the iabove enmpihitclsmay require snome trhi Iling sist:llt alll liclcatlons, bhich thboircolllmPtane of the Swill dicta.'_ c bot tor t goertoil remedy or t n'iictor to eto' thIe ianusv, the IiA N'S P'ANACEA will S~ eila ioll) be lifuind sulliciint. T) THE I'ITIt.t0. 'low true it is, that mdn.l. P'l-iciaais, m their am bithion to ex ll n i ei'r prolel~i;, el: Cxplore the ooiso- cls i tofisicnce cby t Iltl l fcll llis t..c lid seek olt tiw rtt Smedial A|gents; inshnrt, to aroiae at pe'l'ct io in the rIactgIi tee by irnll of :art a:lot ,--tc irelh clmel look ill lneglect, as Iemnaah th lwr i,,tc., tlherilch ol eilihLotl ous storesoliflicdinlwthlll. ,lchtile Ahnihtllogy las cusedto spring oilt of the rth ci%,- lite! And how c tcl'. i miore tr'et isit that while the Alt lric.ll I'hvsician looks If to tireign collllutriest l r i:io)"y ofl his most comllllll n andl necee, sy artircs, erpetlltlly clhagiug as h·r are at the dicitates o'ftlhioi orll flcll , h, is surrll tuelll in his owe 'ou.try with ao eitlessp,, reision ofn medical p.hts, selficila to rtsawelrallly irlic:ltioa in disease or to c rl Sallny caII:abc 'lib rder; d et lie is iglrt 1I their t i' - , utws, mill ih:) nC arublec Surlto 'w:tst thuirh caltlg on ithe S 'l'The rllcets of vegetale mcldclt ilies upon th Il1teml are I- ic l Ir, alt e!ilOli.t anll n iill te! solids, decIImposiwiI ti s- I aIIL ulliet Illbte a t hilo the eonstilutiotl by :a slo o I cil 'rllle , Cti clll I, i i o -'i ' c cc iillity, ef'ii'ncy aoclc S.\I". IY ofveetll e rr me:lld.l s l r 1I Ic, " l e~a o tic . tIlCtlllmed bl coanu:st i g the c..'cice, practice : t. ili the n.a. der, ; or, io bring it it I a re hlllnllaldi.l'tly n11 l(r tar o11 n Iob.llarvti: , ll llOp. I li in pt lll tice witl thltl f thL e awhites. l 'h-i, i Amerll ica, tat int kLtc c I or h.ald of reloa.ted inslstces whe rein Slcllll rupi, it'prete, i c lcL l I.. clcI-c h !i ian, bcy I me-usitf h i -dll t Ib" 'ullt' lli c ,llw Ir i clt" l.,, tI ic 't'ccciillito Sacl t l ccr c o- i a' ll tne , I, is Ilf rlt lia most n11id ,aI.,stenoih lg ',i tc, '-ct cii, . -tthi S elica of the tt olll'i.lll .i l ce , acll, -'t' il the uisll c l l ntll U lner,i cIris ,lcile ,l? A d wl' h:, nc t cll atstctlccl .al :lit Illlcotl llu i '. p .ick tecc stci d I t;cict c lc c it ",!:ti. the Incdiac i it'cresli - Itc ( clf ic l Itiat s liti :s(l, e t sl ll: t l C l illillst Iotla oa!clineclli II ahl e ltdisease laonig L e.' a'h Whll hasl nel i hoel'd SIllao l [lwdlia wil nll cnasll titutionl brl e tlll 11 rUlli I ied by ill ltreatI. ent A- :d c'llli Iitc dout btexisl gll tt hils hallp)y ex Vt lon o1. , tailan e th s frm looklst of the iIllis wleic tihe Illeh lf'manill is heir to, is c lhlly l a' iii.g to iore genil f alid llft rnemeti es tlhickh hi : emllll i a ys. 'hi is astonish I i nfI er, ic i a sul e-ccs, is i.,r aiexempltll ii' ti oif the i llt infinit ile speririt of li e sinmlel ld sIII meanllls of curel Sic ic (ol illha c.reated t? hl the b ll'. .c of hics c'iildrecii I, llo llta Ios ithich tLie pride I l|and the art of I tn il l vil e in f vente., - From a long residenc can:ong a portion of the aborigil cr alcinhb'l i ltnt of thislcountry, to itin intimate l : ' Ilin i io tl-a e wilith tle lccl c m tc ls of cure of so' l l il tf I r ll'"llSt succtsst.ll pr:allitin.eris, theI propri tor of -'The hllih. 's - -' len,' a ,c:toeda ,aoa. aclc of some of the mhst ipiaw iler fl:tlld lt : li et l. ,,di ls. ,Fromllthes : hi sele ted airch .is wte'i't ,ta,tefli:tei:atie clld appr i .liates, n ld llcrIl a, r mlt t( , t te'.t*L .i r p ,h: i et.11 in 1ciples l sll tlsrngth , I t' I1u L irl 1. l ili .:a for( thi e ptu1 rpose for lt Ilain . itl lt 'l I, . 1 e pr riet'lof llrs thi is r a:;Jiinn nto the public, t with thei cnnriau++lws th't hre is ,,lacinhg wi'hinlhe"r c'a, n r pcnlcr . ll api:le oifr li: i. n. n .of, Ili, allii tl..d il Saw 'eigs, " o 1ar lle i i --ng hle t.e t"crcosI cc,-,lloiic I.I:ln ,,stiatae I o l ol . pmi l .tI clla,:hlIch at is c pplicabl'. To i. slchll it will pIe\ it f ll lb,!: .i i alonale, as tlhe ho:eme, -'I i -i-ni, I ill, o ir- o f a l-t relio tillthc ,ir /-i.c Ic -ios tll l 'Ih iu ,' no to I'ultl mud hap lin'c,,c. 't!'hin ic,'lt li'cI a. :rli r'eincely, that l ic c. , at \ hw l i v apaile of ai ing lite i t'liy rxt vat :lie e:ks'.. al . , ia awl t ,C llm-t. llol w ne dia'stfill. Thisit l cc', i, , ui :lI v die : d i h ' at l ub ~in li~te'l \aac'c-ccclI i c c-cc i cIc. l ctri,'..-c ccI-c'l et. -d I cl I i! ,-.nlcl,- iiih Illt.l , liait p i .l it I1: , :ici, . i1lbas all 1h. , ol ..,!: m r di n it ati;ni, . 1 \ he r -', - - . i is:pldl- ; o t ing- c into uote, :uolli .s 'tic ,.ct": - c :c i c ,,t ''. :,I , .a ~ li, a c l cc, ti cni l. . oof of it c-c-cl to l- - I hito h s!a :ll, :. I s re ! i nI: l l.t , si i wl'l n th at[i ltll, s v. ,he h: ,a ,,. : .a all "<i,'h.' r, . co'ai1 s ati ll i.,I tst t;,.'; be e it coi !,!'I' v, ,,n '. , ill "I- l alt t'la ':, i tn :!iu v l - . . ... t,,:<.,i, , .... ..... i-- , .,. , i," ; . .. 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Avt 'in Time Cth.lelttlle le l o', o1 cosy muollridts fiur nmih1 iE h ae .r :lng lillle Ihts d 0 sllat dill;i-rent dasts, en ditlderrRil creditsl , and tio "- Time Ta le, theo bell lhat ean bhe cororived, or thtl ti l g res Ptlllr it I n ithi li e s ne'IIII l. c.I I.o1llll.o , U" a1 d. sim. of I ]ril.1 itt Ant t:vcrntismtnt in the hook is in t nel, y the I,'llow ianw irdts: +t `rlhigh disinct:ion lhliswnrk 1ls received Ihre gh Ifl thelel IvgisInlive nRra prefli.'d lothe 1i11" "le'. iS0111 "t' colln r d l ti ll 1 iitsellf so a1n1cI n di t , ll so c llllo to sire, i notIhing is noiorssry more lhom bI .al of ml o- vertisrenmn, to give a collensed , ie of son. 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I; i ii mildll illltll h' ll i th eb i 1i [, I I ' , h url 1 It 'it, li",' . , lii , s" , 1 K - d i h e nfall 1 U t o: o .. r I. ,c, 0 . i li t I ,,. It,' 1 ,;n1 tilll , cn h'ouL gh, l he n 1 ,8 hi, 1 u1 , I mod 1181,ml-, : i,,L d hei 6' II I , tl , II nil I ' I ,111 6, : 1 1, 11: i.1+ iii o )' I · l 'l· l, ' it iu· - ':.11\ , 1, 1.. ) i 1.:1 : Ill" ' Il l :1I I l.t.' I 1" b ,81 iml 14; , l i i . l , d i r 1 r l 'l ,n I i1n 1 o bl I t I r - .. . l \ , ' '. , I , , , ,, V . ,, ,, , . ,; , , . XI I ,li l ! ýia~ :"ýr,.. ., ,oat tr~d ý`A .1. , I :. dii 1',,,.11 I. It r.. i,. 11t - ·1. t -" ·! l- 1 ,n, I. a,,'., ":i ." ,55 .n 1 I s " ! 1 511 - , 1 1 1 11· 1 1 :,1 1 t" ".I ,:l rot . 1 , II I.Itlllll ~ i i ,ý.tatllllaiill-: : "..I a~l-:, ,5.1111 11 .. 111· · Il liv,' lot 11 No-,, \ o, k ,, ti!, tt +lot ll I.i I1 l I ::'" ll1;·(III,. 1 · i j Isar ir,' 5111 t ilijl ille tit . t,, al:"." 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III"l,,1I!)U Il i .. , Ira ,:rut, < III tl' ll ,li t'. !1t v.., ,, 511 :(il tl uruIrislC Naoi~to lEA (':5151 ,1 r, ,I"""" ·iji , r, ·\P(· ilil lIlL:!i.'1r \t t,51+1, lllll l1d IIIR· ?Is l)r ill :I1II il lluratnl at:+1 " no Ill il k Si,,,:,,,, i11· : 'itl It 1 eat It I! l'· 'I I.~ ast"\v,1...1t II-, ."tt t, i: rcl ll Ilus,"" , = llll; ," Ask \\ hit,' I/l . lk, ..ý..: .. - ! !11 illr Clll'lijl is lr~lIllriC a as In he =5,"~ vt 1' Il , d-;' . !': tit,,,~ll. ,sits \ . I l I M Iall III~IIII Pli- fl !:.1L I t utll; ~lill t .,a, Nr l -l r t T lll 1) 111.1111. 11 .t(,, sv roi). II lll at I,1-l i,~51, ,tail ,' 1116 :.. 1Itill: 13,111.,1 Ilt tll,.sblr t, :,r,", l,",11151,1 n 5,51!._1,, ! ir l, l j il(ik(N !I ice s, llnll u Lulel, c and SIlltrcs uld (:llllu lul I - 1 MAII. AlRAN GEME!NI1' .orllr l il I ue Evasv.Day at 12 1. orer ,.sf.!? 1 s E.:'v dfav alt 19 A. M Weler ~rei.'J I r vary he ny, Wedu,1slay an W f a Alas! F ,ly, by 5,!'. AL . v.a Closes every ondaly, Wednesday EXI'ItEsS MAIL. 'tIMES OF AlltRIVAL,I)EIt'ART'l'IJNI DISTANCE &e. iof lh' I"xpresn Mail, Ietw!as loaila and Neo Yalk--lvcaainlMobdile at 3 P'. H. Northwrar New York dlaily atr 5 P. soutlhward. Arrirve Arrive Northw Ird. Distance. 'l'ime. Ileslran' Ala ,,'e, A ln . 1 2 m. 9It tm's il It 12 .n. Cal om'bus, (;a. 11 8 9 39 Sa., Millldg evill.Ga. 133 14 24 p.ur Ct)unlnia,, S.1. 7ja111m. 163 174 10 1,,5i1h, N ('. 5 .215. I2 1'rn',-h ',[V., 1 psn. 3 t0 n. r ilrthllmlIVI . IV II. 21 3 8 trederi,:ks','h , I 8 67 7 I p VI lshinhl n city, 2' pm. fit 64 5 Lhalliara, 6i1 38 4 04 1ih, il nlpla, i am. 100 II 2 Nlw York 2 pa. o90 8 1:3115 143 I. or 2st 23 Na, lhwnrdl. Co(inlg hollthward, tIe time is six hounl ress: lwin"r 5 s d Ay n'17Slit hours. . It N I .iOl.Ailos I8iIWAIIID. R ANA WAY from 169 Ctroandlet corner of Ilevr r stlrPes,n the night of 30 h of August, and was eenell he lnxt Illolaia g il Po'ydras street, a nagro bay aamed ('t1A t I,!:S nlboat it yenrs of ag., cnd S fee or th.relboul ian hei ht, rv e lasck, and hau an imaed by rcri hrt ; e hr a rl o rolthen e wentnway yawhite ttolllir linel slirt anlld whlile c lttn aoi.talouna . Ilatlers of essels all tea.: llho tmasresaltissda I Niollltl cia' oa. alls ,jag aadgs neo, nas wellas alln aothear-s, saa eta ant rrigoar of th lanwwill . adil a fved. I 'stt er e'lwaae wll baoard sae sil e pair ilrlliv'e''": ghilla li lv y of t b'tl r jAilrs sf eit Oll tI ineb Innii sl aa, o at 169o) C Irsdalat, corner of Heck A1'''1 der lrh llm)fi o u i & (h aetll to, halls be d itl , t I',t s ltsh a il, esr siltlitill, amit tch, i . t , reln s in hs4 ria, -, ,, rc,1,lj fllc' p'sas ,simlcb. rrl in Inke fpo te ohim,,,ls, lldall l s ellhanvin I. it i AlI 1TSON, W. W. .WAtN. A's. liL'anal s ,rect Aesc Orclass SI ivs nai m nn stl :tasmtly .l 'i ilns. Drt. Itti ! Is, -ae.r n sic ,.l t's , as slltlll e are ollowIi7::n n111 (. tl'ES, I~ c.l h lIs:to , Sp.sit . ' t rl , 'r, isfl, Al a l, do ! poWderted, lh eacilhrlte w soo ts oS, a, s, s;chinal, o .e.l , ( ls It,. S ,-,, .t.. . I",, e, lanpicn,. irll, A tto Colo , do , 0,, t ''. do) Maim.', Rigr,.:1,, F'rench, I ~ a, riot, S;rt in t.rh , tfO i | ll ] I·(il . i l,' a, ,l.tida t''o St l lni '' l,.,ooh , d ittl amaica II, do S ,o I ' ' I , J uo',s it ,t,! cIao Iht.r, rsr ' 4, do M'I e,,teis I' !' Ift lt aa~l 'cso lachs. fI ' aalaalss'a g d,, lie;., Ar A,, nitrousl do ,lrll1 , B t ll lllirio, , sce.:l, , ,hn ,l -i, ,p, hs -t,' I ' lt' lc. .Is rros l. It,'I I1 anio s h, ul'-l, ; vott, . Clhlride no, litre, (ý . % ';|o 111 ; " Salts , jer b t1. at, Ir |+ et r i p le, r 1|t Ltt + . e ! 't He h U1i,·' Flln L· ow, I . uI( t, \ n l"ialr l Royal Navy, F.I i I o I7. S l;n t, 1e t ilm rr tlt'.elo~lc+ t otq oI, i n . Ir,., lad ulNuTn -Im I e i !: ' · ..iir , (,Ifp l,r i rs hl +"" , l r oIf n i€)n inh nil S.,,, ,~ -" do +a prcn weitV.. " ... .! ", '1 ,r' ,, , .. ... . . +,,, ,\,,,,9 ,,1 ,, ,I \ I,. %1;,. ,I \' redli . l i].I - l drl iI > ý,...l ):o. un1 dl P 11 .,,, ,I i, i, ,r h 1 1, h. ' I... r, I h , t-2 ,i. ,h Ty. "r i " h . I.!, ,!,, t do o e A l,1,' i al: . %..' ,' i :, , 1 I+ o ' '+, , iii gad , ) A olrlllllrl ihslit .I11·11s l a·iirr, 1 and forl sale byl ,adhrar h IIENJ. LEVY. 1' I'lN IlditII'l'IlI, &I. &a l. I'.rN I IhVal'ldlii), ,Il.,Ily tlhe ualhar Aycar I5, / I,/1 har rh*nnva/ra .ryI'aatIIe applicable to I e ,:tit III ar l %iIA iAerica,lby ' TfurnerEaq TI,,f'rt/I,r / ( rrIrrrr',ar, ri. fll- Ul';Icld Sitztesrn e ,,, :pI -I . vietc of tl ii,"~re mad p1 ne I fIrr ll,. Ih genera -d, Ia di,"l1i . I.1rdIrI·I itItr )eug l meni of tbeUnmled " ate Iv K I) IK u-fIiel, l.l~l. :. I Ii.!Iairrirr.Iauý urir.Ia ·II-Iaplri wIIthIIcaracler clodine ~ ~ ~ II h i-telicýu retraheataf England rI'I,) i~f oo;ua, nd eneral indexiof nainep,2 "r ur Iii,,^'s I1·,I~l~ll il l hro'lill e \Lb mulillO ibsm ne ''lo. .... o 'on";e ns ] is- rniul a in I?. l Iaoa', by fret Ioar I Mtarcry ti , ICI ~ 1/ III. ýi iII I t I Io nubd te ,'"',l,,ýni,~IcrIIIIrgacmalb~nlnsbecaei [i I , all-( *jI nralli I: lir· l Il/rr· l I ti b ,!~" ,ite prII·* Ilil(:li lil c , I S \-onIlllrll li l ti lt- fetal Conceal u l ll lill iI Y dinjr·B e o r . rr, lliT II(1III IIpre ,.IraitIIIII-a lybiIIg rrrr). toItIin, Ido tmriI,..I1,a l-aalgadganisera 1:)I1rIII h i1.·il IIIl tFbI iI I.:ll'l~lryO' OFlll Oidl lie,~ir, s I iei nIl r Iha il)r I Ronte 'r i, vl : ed l per Ii. I ra I Sold Ion y atl tAltt nd I L)\\'1.1(6 1III111)III. Irli; N, ,). 1 I Glldlil street, 1Oh J r Id1 1II, rlinurlr Irriril di' a fro, an tie Meatier J:rs, r\ill arr:, il bl S 1 11 I h'e rnlifil-o, lrrIn A W th till Irrrr~rrI Irrglal; rlrr1P~lal' nat lainar If Nat.;bl nsrnqma r iu, d 1p1II III·r; r eparatIorInsr and nardby And arloen .." · i'I;r:;" li" i ll, of e.III-61il1d Y r1I11 C16· i t N~i\~' El 'S I ii AK.aLIISO:1) EIIITION OF DRllc t~!Iýotc AlIdhI'aa of lth GIldeiah'nr IlftlRym toai , s rciv~ nlrrrirrr im t nfr life tartndy o rI ,Ii rrI added tl a/on·i I tir i lt, J inlita thenera ma n. ira of frr Itinnlc withland anero t hioetalabieol had hiclmli,: l Notes; and que t im" im. en tuatiu rlalk. Ce liaittiac aeonf tabl ull~l.y ]i' lrlralrrrrln. C~(Ilrrrrlbllalnnti p~Yth I t'ala atlid with t ill C v eI P 11111 1 s on woodl, by Aterto i'tt rc t:s Im rut-l Edtionof G artita. Au : Iiata d~~iOL rII. Ilrrrrnaa,&rr.&a .~1111 1 Illaalaa l~rdbylnaycagrlb fi 11t N' aro lrerirrrrrrllcr, lalrif (hinhsli·a. to rllhu'I a, laa an:d wihit~l 11112mio tupo teelati -arb seeiaa. Re ide larrlararirty pr valfabe iAurs C ctpl:untov mhs ImmhV.ol LlieANot d>, 1, by lnr~l 3 ritrrlrrrI Crlrillea, MIltun, A rtlne) t!;."a b 1,11 -alati, Air II IJ.r.Iilutr te by ciI lanlly aeans. rlrar,&' lL rLldaCrrInrrIIIIIIt iuiraIualau Aof then Ianl nnIxlafri, 11 tha ast~rrlnomIial prt of te lnAl. J1 cIr t lr Rli r id .df a I WM lln';RN rII~r ,11 IrI LUtt' CIt SICArI. IINI(E1i, y. fl t!l.Cli:raolald b" aillip Fh~l~rancit, 1) D wth fI I 'dr,!yirrrtralat "Rkhelje P by Bel JI*L;Irya Claia llMilt"on, IhIay arIiranSc and laurnIae h nacua. eminentapnejyaof il a-diUS ithth fIlakadi t :incn tiinnila

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