Newspaper of True American, October 26, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 26, 1838 Page 2
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t Pi. Strbh .% Y4rki- " Rr *dokop' Slkl lInrr J, obm J Lt a;, a t. 'r lek;l l', olo, Motor. h etr N p Ahbbrhlp. - , 8t Mark., 'ti PoItsootlo - SULVALS. Ab pnp Cobs.Coo, 10 dops Prom Now York. I bhot I, to't~I koirot.0Pt.oeoer reporotedyesterday. ,Tfhot Clark, botom Baton Rouge. Mtmer ellet. OFinch, It dnys frmn St Louis. ;,wMprob Rotre,Jno Irowin.from Bayou oars. f~ta~e It pflBeooorrt. oorot tOIR (t0Uod ChaIn, Red Rovor. Lotion UDtt te.. Hloton.(gt;"...........t 0 Waohaoeton, (ot .....18 ,-o :,. "... 18 Clotoot. (et ...... 19. 1 .I .1.. oIril. . ot .........20 t ..............19 St. luis, O .t .........16 tt ....ft . I.iverpnol, Sept .........20 oottiort ('Itoa.) Aog.10 Paoole Sept .18 ,Ot ............. 16 Londoo. Sept ......... 19 abiUle Oct- ........... 1 Havre Soept .............16 EXPORT'S. YORtl.Ter .Ilp Alseiosipp. .10'25 halre cleon, 139 bds slid '2O0 bles rtohacco, 6tso ud I box clotnhing, ond IS ickgo itdze. ORFOLI;Por brig Isaae F'ro ,ktn..6 loxe. old eeout.I . ook, 5 bacon, lod to b kego lard. .1BAOLA°Peaetohr CharIolltto-4 bret. flour. b.eofeo. td . oth. id 2 brlt upger, I hhds haeon rideo, 5 -. bl pork, tl I8ags co.rn, 2 olas claret wo. 1 * bnoppo.,? brie whiskey, oad 1I reams wrap ping pape. -*f AJ R PA ERAY. •Poer oletr loah..40' sack. corn, and 50 botes - koPP~P~rorro, ILI~ro oPJ ~ r: b hresss, 3*4ARKS..Per treamer New Ca-te..30 roils rope. 20 peo bagging, l0 oaokb bo.on. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. IAoton Rooge.. Pr team:r Marinor. .10 lt alr cotton, llenry Laurens; 14 dq. L L Coarpenter; i27 do, A MSIreon & cu; II do, Il_. ,Sa; olloq DebeOlo;l I do, A Rtilrde & eo; 48 do, J oture.Jdq.eorke, ,. co; 19 do, J B Plauche & co, 68 do .Qi7ollno; Odo, J A Braod ;' Landry; 40 had.orugar ew lop, and 57 bres molasses, J If Field & co; 5 do, F d onrdan. Btoot Rotge..Per otolmer Somaolhore..50 bales coon, A 0 4 c0010 do, Loui L Carpontor; 04 do, Fulainl, 1.I - oq 4'q tqolgeos;48 do, A lauri 00; 43 do, lo.kIe. 'tt &, Giordine & Reonnet; 6 do. (linl 4rStewart; 7 do, .8 ide !. 0 do, Wbite & co; 10 do, bV Flower, 5 do, B udimey0 do, Jonah Metoyer & c0; 16 do, Adamo & S ltat;'21 do, Durriove &r Lo Btulc; 5 do, Precott,Jo.el & . 8 6 do, I P OGalliard; 3 do, Woloey & Alontay.e;i h thld. . or, FElein, etolnocq & iogelot; lot oftornturo, B lolmonl. t Loolo..Per troamer Belle..351 bros flour, Rt Grondg Sooha. . foro, I hi doer kll,., tud 3S2 kegs butteor, fIt ito. Sill; l-coils rope, JAMerrtt co;5 kege butte, 3 brl flour i t heao caubigce, L Depo, bot bohrd; 100 oeko. bro, sd horse, Lori t, Clark otl bord; 5 pkh buffalo robes. Burka, it eoa O 100coils rope, C Doaer; It brtt apples; 1. Oannon; b horres, G P Tboml on board; 56 hatod ctbbhge, .ij doz ,ickso and orl lo, owner onl board; 6 bhead tcbbahgre, A orato htorlapple, J F CunOoihogam o2 board; 31 brl. - ri P Clipton aOerdl; 10 dot brooms, owner. on botrd, & " hfrl. apples, Captadoci. - ' oBrryontar r..Pertemr flnton Ronge. .162 oale, cotton, . o o ,ldlira , BlOild G aylo a Stow. r ; 1105 do, W Flower: - LioLlmtrbh& hoopsooi Si do, WV L Oaky; 58 do, Alilin ook tr; 51 do, Taylor, trrdinor & co; 39 dol, r. 1,i Lee; S!t, Burke, Watt i co; 36 [I hl0ite 01 cl.; 25 do, Gourdeo. -, looIt.t do, A Ledoux & co; t do, Rt rougier; l0 do, " ot. rldFiday . co0; A do, t.,lnrrio. Cleogg e; t5 do, . ltt.Joneo, & co; 13 do, A 0la, il t roe. I I do. Cooolr 4 r, id; I;1do, Jae Armour; 10 do. Pi'eoux, Arceuil & co; It ! , ro e FPntaloe - co; i do, Foil.i,, I llo q1 4 Ilogoto.; ' iAittrdea; 6 dooli, art I'leaon.t. & co 5 do, L Le Car eitor; 2A do. C'Poledano; 7 bris lrolasuot and 4 Irt t sundries. douoi r. Whitoert. Grand Uheino..Per stepmtmr Toche..s8 hales cotton, Surkb, tt; teel c 8 M While & eo; I br oted,Lamboth & l'honTp; 0i 97 hadt cattle, owoers oil bo:lrd. .ASSI:NGE R0. Pottn Rouoe..Perteooarmer larill..M .lnd Ilarli, heildnod ret, JA Landry, Armitagte, C De Arrn.o. D Iloouh, ii Lo trettoe, A Orptto, JDona'no. Ct Frentroer, Inntrv Ieytard eoard D Linger, r lonil, J It t h.lJ Io ' Iloe, o i' Bromoley. ko,i Duverger, S E Royor..0 oil deok. . l touis..l'cr atnmaler Belle.. J ,tetw rt" lady, ttinrg & i'rt, alker, lady and s'vt, St-o., 1V F Strertz, Baker. Leowi,. lot, CII Dlavo, WV G Mari., lady, aohd sroso, Itollor, An reron. Fl'ors, Cu..llinpboao atd lady, lls. CunnJllghnm, larply, Wlsoto, Jot Gaioo,, J P'Ti'hR, Jamiso anrod t 're t otan toooovt, Jor Reed, C orky, t Il Vnlrett o d 0onS,.tar - Ba you Sara..Pcr steamer Bntlo. Rouge..1 'l'hoonl..on Ade and a'vt, lrtigre J , lBondry, A 1t Brown II Perkins. Lobf,, Jno H Frorman, J Wtttl oo a boy, A CIeoat,0e, L 0atheoteurt' F Pine, 51 Thorwn., O tIter, G (Oblo. AI Doul, ollery, Allo. onn srto't, Jo Cbhrtro. Btr Gordeu and I2 oll. tlero, lad Eophen ,nd tvt, lIypohte lcbr, tohot, %n lda,, PE A. ho tV;t. bYt W B0tSlot; 0 0 t,+oy 00,, )t., ay lil, itstcl, tflr, tlrowo, Mbadt Fo tin, S,lod 't'tolli,,Ie, ,oB.e, todly ,od s'tt, lar Gavooek. duohoter nd,'vt.. iIl d.rl.. O Crand Cheito..Pcr stcuor 'oleo!hc..; lhllthf and fomlly, P l.vaytj P IHoswell, Kocpt, J A Stllt, Lc1t Llanelrd, ,Twho MAtotin, Melotler,'r, J to va latt. \V Alano. .Bto Ronge..Per oteoamer rSenlpbure..(Io A B Roman 4" e'vts, l It Ilolmoe :1 ld.;,l l 2ll chiblren & sf ereant, \W * lohtoolo d lady.,l l, Sa,1l Culoloal J Wag1. e, Itorpue, P tl lotsit , 1i- ht.t r,,. Ilo,,ttnt I.oeoil * o'r, .orr and s'vt, Ilawke"u ali .u1 r rocs. Sled li i olme, Hlarris ".!ad ('lark 4' e'Yt, Mis Slarrionne.o.x Jd.I D ' eryers,V ctr JPerrier lid lady. SYleo-tt, yl;,rtre.e, I, V-lli))a, lady cad tlro; .i:t HRoeil, lMaid i altcrtud 3 dauglters, Fitzmall Joubo MEMORANDA. Stc.mor e l', tl. ono tho t13h,wot acooplled every night to lie lo n accouro t of low water. Left i e Dau't 1Webhter egrouI at No hIt anld t6t. Otrelner Ir'eoho toeod down ship Altian.r, from Slanohno Ber, to New Orlo;,ll,,r. Philadolpho., i7th Ot..Cl'd brig Pi.tore, Cove, dole, for N M t; 19th Iot. up fur No,. Orlet., shih li o rge,. Choote; Now lt Iuln.hir tardigpl; and St 1.oi, Wet..; bark Poo.hor,t louse; brig Swao, Solto; to rail soon, F Marltets. MONEY MARKET-Cl'l'r NE(IYJ. AlthoI! B a cney to abundant in 11613 shoatyand to be h1ad stocks have delcined. Ayll sp 1e,6e- t a prlvul 10 of Loco Fe. eluo nppcola iuutautly toitlti ct capuahlilr e The Il States Rank toIll rontiunae to drov e rc812 on Londl2 on at I04. per II The smamunr sold withiso few days moot he very lar.9. 99's have I-eol lf cons3ider1ble puij 3ut3ll. u,, 8p the. f il13 la 33 I9hl. Tlllo part of it lhlbch rcl te0 to thwhalle sl,,, is tak1n from the Now York Prick:'urrent~ l h ccararyofwhich we have, no question. We havev neeortoilled the atrogeS pr,.a 4 for the lastr fourteen years, and then made up til he a-noegala. I We have calceulated thle weighlt of curh bode at foutilr handleda pounds. The whole oilnlimte is made i, Iprlbably iih as much precision as is pos8il.Ic..0, follow Growlhl of Ctton3ll for lbe la all 0,en, yea5, withl the price in each yeas, nd tie total o.11,1,, of t1e crop. 1014.5 l"lO0l0 l Ir.1 . 21 reIns, 9170l.10,00 1r25 0 7111,060 . 1 :ll,241,0100 1f86-7 967,0090 .. I 373113009 :827-8 712.18 0 " Ii ., 20,4811,1, 1328.9 857.91744 .. Il 31.309 760 1829--:'9 9,845 .. 111 3.1,873 .01 1830-1 3 1,618,R948 9 *, 7 3798,28 133 -3 987.477 .. 14 413,440.9 8 18313'2-3 1,070,430 .1,,,47,01392 1933.4 1,"205,::94 13 h 52,6811,531 2 4,1, is542 ., 17 85294,314 183390 1,360,721 14 1I3,115;103 0 2 11 - 62,60S.9-2 $, 3187 1,Ia1,487 Is1 11,3 79,56 11 We ,ouat very much whether there is any one st4ple of any notion oil thle Globe whichl is expol-rted wliici, will rearh n hie extraordinary sum. A sots amountingl~ to .Ihnost to thee Natmount deblt of thls country oft thI e late aIr. 3Thi2 etra. ordinaury cropl is tile product of seven, or eighlt states. slid I. such 0s tide-t ive three States a great rlvulntlnee. at will he scan from thrie following table, that the canroleaption to Quan- tlby terminated 9yauidin thel Alas.sof I·. musaruurllrl, 1 3; 8 bolos, 219,000R do do do Ie36 7 do t 2Q 54 do du duU 1935 6 do 080,533 do do do 1634-5 do 216,P80B , do d do 823.4 do 19lej13 de do do :5-3d 9.1 y o dr do 16911.2 do 178.811I do do tr o 1":10-I do 1822,142e do do do 1Pi69·30 do 126.512 do do ( , 103233 do 18,q3i. a do do do 21 -rl 9 d1o 1 o0.59r, isd do do Id~lf.? do 10,483 I-a Dk blandofasleWat;'f the Ws- loot Roseang of Rr S fal frih eaovingso. ' Allare elu. 11 bade. The let In LeFdl l! ifdverl' r dest rraLl93 3iIIy: Tareudoe Tao. lssi Lrill, on.the 73robd w1933111r3 $3191 of v re,9t bQirlrave of p : ThlitRu9 Irsaaao e Ile p301133. u: e nsr Flbow glerntySweieretA A n:uSrvJ Wlloalr'Ies ae.h Come while (ho to-' vouligbtt: 'the Swiss hepl ier -: Girl of the laughing eye. awake: The by nl:lf . Cl,-: My toy l 'l'amms:' he lords efe ieatinn lo co we null: illy hear isallalans: Oentle ladyb 8 bweetly sleep: Fertsl of the Tra R t: GTwead v:.1 o toil the' allod Ie el: llaure, a duaets- G[iveLasr unto ty words, 0 i1 ard1 : 5th I.93 1 e Solo, Chorus and Doxxology, with agar l nwcollppnt.i Sl3 $IWa, by C th, olol a ieo. a hoosrire, roianre: Da &r.-l, &iSe ria Wta a: NoLturta, a1W2 voices,: 11Fnilrs, ar Ibaliay ca14e5o'l by Alad. Caradot j A Iln. FOIL THIE GUITARB We Shelh l r Ilno more: The landrsas Rest; r1iter la li, Love: Thees llrllllgsrlless I'arroogr as 1113g (20 Slot 1y True love cats simer forge:; The s l,,velo He~art; Ieanv the8weep4. 1 al anmerry Switzer girly h Hriie 'r'. Seot dea a. henoll:I B (;niter: Riau nest rr beau que men vil. oage: Fom Diaaolo: Le br y ono olsree March in lC Nore h anna: Swiss Air, with variations: T'hree favorite Waltzes:. n '1'-e Duke of lieichstot's Waltz; l i'is the hust R ise of Sum3nerwilh arohti la e Atenolbrr ror I81e Gutatfr I FOR THE P TIANO F IA R, to L'udk, de l'opWer d, iV etti: 11 Torrountodfao. so, be HerAYRArria cllecozzlue, with variations; Fao- tl taols Brilliuat, op. 76d by Ha.1PIS iiRe at 'fool, Quertre petit Moreesruqby itretta. .Illthonaal Tyro Air, with var. by J W 11ottl: Re l ,.111161e113 f Home. with ari by E.Ta)lnulel. Th i, English Gallopade, fly aPeroa Vsl, dwsa I Folk': ':Trumrpet Gallopade. ~asorti's Gallopade: I~e Soitaire, a Wattsi: Veto Poole Vnlso Elegame: Lee BIuyaderrca P Setc ofZW·I(e. by SIfaUae: Le SAlon, a Aolleehi1, of Waoltman, Gttllopadrs, &c., &r..-Le Snleil,a Walt,: s Lu Lune, a Wltz: Funeral March, by' Hieethoen: of dlarelutoshi Rellitli'o opera lost Norma: Overture l~e 6 Oka atle Rayderc, arranged for two perferlhera; Le LSoiraie; Three Brglifant~ oltzeo, , r ngrd an duetls f oe 6 lop puýIiIR by }lunteu' Still so gently o'er me steal. tads Flulreils ad P~u Forta,by C Czernres. list re~lre 31oggale b apaJS pa r C ISe CASEY'S hi Pianlo forte and Motile store, hi eawia, 197 a i E Gnpowder ten, ach 18 Ibsand fn r II ilxallo. Imperial Tean il store, and Tuc Si piae low by wl JI . AYER, Ott", 741 Poydrau Ib anon I pa hsº le l~ roth the ship Wu in. an ~t" "bs -I TRAYFR & Co. he ' oelB 747 Poydlras at n u u11ý .Q i in landing andforeal u A111 1"U3 4nANIREWI~t, gel oeo f o'?. d ee tp TIchni iteola" at 921 r RV[ 4c ND S wt & a ~ to og sai 4 ar CmtORa cgapilule o TRWBE ARMRIC AN O FeICE. In conneetion with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE ro0·tile PtIrlnritO Or Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Eills Steam Boat Bills Cir ars, And every description of Job Work that may be required. Il'The penrietor reespectfully calls the attention o, the public to the above Card, and ametres ti hat all work intrustel o his care shall be done at triort Ieat notice, in a st)le unsurpassed in this city, adl at tilhe lowest rataes. T'IIH 'TRUE AMERICAN. EJDITED tY Jotew C.JNl ON. FAITR.'UL AND BOLD. 0 E' OR LEAWNq: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1839. The ..1als, nrce more. All complaints regard. ing the non-arrival of the MaN we trust are now about to cease, as ample arrangements have been made by Mr. Whitman to secure both regularity and speed. The prime evil has been remedied: ihe objectionable hours have been changed. Af. ter much labour, and pains, the department hae been prevailed upon so to regulate the Mails be vond Mobile, that they will leave that city hence forth every day at noon. This will enable the bosis to pass round Dauphin Island in tie day time, which of itself is almost tantamount to in suring punctuality: but we have greater security still. The old boats have been removed, and their places well supplied; nd as the neceessity for landing the Mails on alternate nights at Pasee goula is removed, freight, passengers and all, will now he sure of having a daily conveyance to JMo. bile direct. The Giraffe took out the Mail on Wednesdayv;he isabella brought it yesterday; the inilres will do so to-day: the Caroline to-morrow, and tlie Swan will follow. But we have vet an= other noorc of safety. Mr. Grant, who has been busily ertployeJ all suorner in clearing out a channel through Pass Hlern, inforrms us that he is even now prepared to let boats pats through, in case of very stormy weather, so that all ile dan. gere of the outer passage are removed. Thie now channel, distincily marked by stakes, or piles which cannot be mistaken, will be opened in all Januery. Mr. G(rent has been indefatiiable in the pur suit of his p-aiaeworthy nn dertaking. Alhiough" the channel is nt yet comnplee, in stormy weatlh. er Mr. Grant has consented to removr his Dredger and let the boats pass ehrough; the two bars which have an long obstructerd Pass Heron no loni per shut it up. On the wotrst of them, where lately there was found biut 14 inches water there now is full seven feet, and on tile other nearly sir. This will enable any boit to pass whose draught of water will enable her to navig to the Lake. It is not ihe old Pass that l r. Grant has cleared, ii is an entirely new channel, and one not likely to be again tilled up. Three ar.angementsa we doubt not will enable Mr. Whitman to insure us henceforth a daily Mail, which will be duo here at I o'clock P. M. but which he hopes to drlhrer Imuch in advance of that hour. There is no alteration in tile Mail's depar. ture bence. . The Steam ship "Cuba," Capt. Carson, arrived at the wharl yosterday in,,rltng, having left New York in lhe aftrroon if the 13th. She brought out 48 passengers, anid made her voyage safely, and agreeably. until about midn giut on Wednee. dly, when in comlling ulp the river she touched on lcCall's tnts, ard while backing off broke her rudder. This required her to anchor unail day light, and she reachedI the wharf about 9 in the morning. Her ten days trip seems to have pleased every one on board, who are warm in their com mendationa of both ship, and Captain. BIodyfound. Yesterday the body of a man was washed up by the Lake cl so upon the Nashville Rail Ronal, near to Bayou Algossuin. lie had on when found a drab overcoat, blue jacket, and good trowsers. Thi body was buried on the Lake shore, and the belief is, that the deceased was a south of Ireland man who penaed, nriong those employed on tile road, by tile common name of "Caplain," from his having a ekilin which he customarily carried provisions to the shanties on the alhore. On Saturday week he took a barrel of Whiskey, some corn meal, and other articles from the Prairie Cottage, intended for Vogan's shanty, some three milts beyond Doyle's where he dined. Then hoisted hie sail and deported; was observed within three qnritera if a mile of his destina:iion, but nothing further waaseen of theman, the boat, or the provisions. Ii was conjectured that he full n.leep, was cap.ized, andl drowned. Vernto,lt. \te have thi e oliclt l returns of tihe recent electimns in Vermont by whlich it appears that G vornor Jennison, (whig) had 5507 majority out of 43,9(0) vttes. Last year he had 4522 out of 39,998, being an Increase of 985 in his majority. The whig rla.o carried 'heir Lieut. Governor D. .I Camp.ernd 'I'reasurer IHenry I. Jones, by simi. lar ntnj'rittes. Yet with all this the Glohe claim. a probable gain tI Congress f' its party. Likely, likely. The flln. Hienry Clay was at Clncinnati on the 18th inst. ntterndiny the reat l Caele ahow. Ohio Y(/ihgs. The whtgs of the 7th Congree eioual I)latrict have done themselves honttr by tri oumphantly re-electing their unflinching champin, p and thie exposer of E.xecutive albuoe, Mr. llox. There is balm in Gi(;led. Ai r.tidm. F. Jlohnson, the Ipopular Come lian nof B ,ton, arrived yesterday in the Cuba. "Like an old soldier as he is he joins the Camp immedi t taly." Texas. The new Minister from Texas, Dr. A. Jones, has formally announced to the government the withdrawal of the proposition for the annexa tion of Texas to the United States. Ti.e Bank of New York has declared a semi annual dividend of five per cent, payable on let November. The site of the late floweryT'heatre is In the market for sale to build on. The Theatre will not go up again, as Mr. Iambhln can get no Insu rancen an one that he mnv own. O1)"The petty Pleayune is to its glory- once again: the enviable glory of finding out a turned letter, or a dropt space! Wanting wit to be an editor, he turn. ptoofreader, and in this ho's right: boys incapable of planting should he set to pluck up weeds. Whart ther journals would despise, the Picayune delights in,ae mongrels feed on garbage: and le employs himsell in seeking errors in an. otheraseheet, instead of furnishing good sense to fill his owe. Sauch occupatio is, perhaop, most fit frene who ie at beat but "A picker op ofuecouesidered tri es." Hie pony power stands out in bold reliefaginst his fulsome vanity, which promps him to believe his silly strictures hurtful, all frogs spit out their froth as thoegh it were the venom of the cod Since the 18th when he showed iis white feather, we have forore all conticest, nor noticed any thing that he has said of us; bat a correspondentit has,and his remarks we give below. The oser. enUtrt Picayane thought, with delight, that he had lit upon a mare's neat, but it proved a hor- e net's, and it has stung hie Singers. When boys e use too long whips they are very apt to lash them.. selves, and let their foe pass by, Wvreden Pocemoense. Although our personal pre. dilectionsare in favor of paving with hexagonal tl wooden block., our object is to elicit truth : not t to force the adoption' o our own partialS'iee, but to precure for our city the best possible pave- Ic .nat.n. We ee r ware that many improvetente may be made, aren in the use ii hex 'gon blocks, such as covering theu with a eoating of asphal. turn, or adopting any other means of preservation; we are wedded to no particular theory, baut seek prateical truth. With this feeling we willingly give publicity to any reasonable article which mlay be sent us by the advocates of any plan, like ly to be publicly beneficial: of any possible mode of pavemenr,-the infernal round stones always excepted. To the Editor of the True Amterican. Two plansof wood paving have been proposed and tested inl New Orleans, & both have be.en found inexpedient, consequntly wood paving appears to have been laid aside without any of our expe rienced Alderman having made any improvement on it. The following plan which is on the same principle of the Lafayette gunnel road, but to be executed with more durable materials, if tried, aould o doubt prove satisfactory; at all events 'he expense would not be greater than thouther wood pavings. Tes manner of exeenting this method would be to cut the eruss pieces of such lengths as would allow one foot or more for a curb stone gutter. The diameter of each piece of timber ahould be sulficient to allow it to Ie hewn, so an to give it the usual arch of ordinary pavingea-everal advanta ges would be derived from this method, viz: Firss, the solidity, therefore the dnrability. end., the decay of the timbers at their extremities, where the water mustt necessarily lodge, would be preo vented. 3rd., the stench arising from putrid wa ter would be avoided in a great degree. It is very clear also that the pores of the wood, not being exposed as in Carondelet street, the wa terrwould run off without penetrating into the heart of the wood, and therefore prevent the pos.i bilty of a speedy decay. This to not all that can be said in support of . method already tried in a cheap and rough man nsron the publie road, and new caneal, with liart boat gunnels; hut I leave it to persntts of imore ex, periesite than tnyself to support this article, if they deema it worthy of notice. PUSS IN A CORNER. The case of 7bTt Hughes. 'IThe Grand Jurors have presented true bills agninst Barney Cotrse Isaac T. flopper, David Ruggles, Jamves S. Gilb bons, T'homas Hughes and [henry Clarke, for the abduction of JMr. Darg's shlave, an I abetting him in committing the robbery upon his mnster. Clarke has absconded, and hue not yet been caught; and MIr. Gibbons and Isane T. flipper were arrested and held to hall in $3000 each, the otherparties being under bonds of $5000 each. Court. Ent. Mr. Editor, I notice this m ,rning that the fault findllng Pi, has dished tip antlter nrrreat, andi serverl it up to his readrriti on article headed 'Errata.' Speakin, of tile "Crusader" he takes you to task for enli ittn the vessel "Crusader" (which I know is thie only error in the article.) But he says that he saw thep eptain of the Crusader! My eyes, M. Eduor, he can see a long ways: for the captain of the Cru loder was lInt, Stnd the person tihe Ple saw, was Capt. Mitechell, a passenger on her when lse, and .otl/er ratptain. 'I us I know to Ie strictly correct; for Captain Milchill is an old and itli: mate friend of mine, annd when he was o o a alsy I was mnuch uwith aill n tnd tihave r im relte the accnnt at thie loss of thle above vessel several tlirtn so I cannot be inistaken:Capt. . was Capt. of the 1lylanti ( alln 'Iylaytt I think) which verve' beingsuld at Velaneco,-ha had taken pissage on the Crusader ftr Matagords. So you see, Sir, that thie Pic carn' toll a straight tale no how. Yours, LOUISVILI.R. PW PLAN OF A GREAT' WESTERN BANK. x. In the event tile Government of the United ht Staile should fail to os'oa lish a National Bank, es. the Staes re pei.rivelY will be left to thliremselv ad, to provide asnt acurrentC a as will t le it tt!ll views. Each illl ptursu lier .i ly po'it, and en ly dernvor to nadopt that kind of Blakini ssti" m which will in lier judgmenil go farthest to psecra Ille her the greatest advantages. Much seli-hkneio Lit may be exercised in the cdrse pursued. Aittei iip ' may be made bv large slt, a ito noverrule lthe i Ut e titutiooe of the emaller or Iew to 'ahi.s . Iltito t Peonsylvania and New York, tilhe one by charter. r. ing a Inrge institution, and the other Lby tnlkir.g la!nking free, have deiionstrated a di'posvii o, to control the currency and ralre of other lortions ol the Union:and partcularly of the pr.,duing S acs ed olfthesotih and west. It iy be said. otlier iStales Can o l whvht they lave dun- '.'hey si each grant charters for large Banks of milion.- , hit or they canl make Bvn.ini fr, e. Per, ti.s wl ly, noput a esmall State. or a western State on an e t i qoal Bfoning with Penrsylr.niv, or New York. orp Spios Deloware to pursue this course, would it place her on an equaliy wihl tihe two Iorge' Sitoti ter lust menioinedod No at all. CaitiilI would not ny gr to Ne'-CUalle or VWilmigtin htoe lud up tree he ainks, nor would 30,)00),001) million of stock cre tied by her, find ready pllrihaserrs nr her e nllev red oly - orrowers atI he, , l r exI ,l ,s e h r It 0rvert would be aoitSt hr, ntd , r o i ued v a broad I, Id at a disecount. t, take r lh mls or be. Slsslppi, or any other smile oate lbeyond tli Iwo 00s large Stte u jlit v na tiritrd, speeially oie 'it lre \ye.r or stt.lw estereit S:oats, andil et nih:r start ilne ingly is large a 'Hla as it plea'os sily w t:i a vd captal of 39,or 5, m llioni, ift woi Ir o id tits ii Iv nil isLud by It wou!d be at a discou nt in New York, he and thle cilzens of the Slare would lind exchange Sannually runesg agaiist is . It mi.iy le savid ti ed houlaee of trAdel against tihe Siate, or that lhe bexpense or risk riransolrtino bills Itrt o i t ditlan SState, oughto iojutify this litfrence iin the vael of bllys. As to the balance of trade operrii g a he gailst the value of bills, is out of th queslio'n. ,B - on cause, it the bills are ionvartiblo into poeici on of dtvaned, the balance of trade, even if it exisred, should effect their vaole. Ilnat the prvns, and to risk I tOrlansporlrien acordeinr to rei dstivnce of e tlhe Soate froit New York, or Phirorllphior, we do e notr deny. As long as each State teinv s to slifi d or itself n fermon a currencyo s f its oWn, whice nto the amounc ofa National Bak, orallo sine seb nI sittt te that iro l sa i pplyg its pilao o, so Iuno will it, such curreno be under ptr, in other parts of the les oni-- o lInt will tie llall o IId diiIs it States be under heavy tri,,uo to the large Al tic Slatea, -so hlug wil thie west and s;uthlwest hoe Iributory to Ihe east. II is a reeotrkhiie f rirc that tie western and toeluth-wealsr Satoe,. whirlr Bare eniphtitally exort iLgS Saira and p"olu;e ty Pnore lan lho remaider of h Ui.ti, yet aei vt of ally pay m anlo Blu oand Bills of]xnhavrge I Net only eov hut the b:lls eurrot io varions parts il Y'the valley of tile Ml1 ckssippi, ouilligh,Y in dilec 3. and daily trle d riitlh her. Anl "vicer ersa," blls i taled hby Ilny Staes lvinvin thro tillv ar, aind s atered by ihe samoe errtn River and triutcario., +ar not current in New Orleans, Thr Tlslhe producer of grain, park, cattle, &c. in the ultper states of the WVest, tinds heheo e gets to NwsOrleans I as ompoelled to receivemlev Sat dscoutii tllough it macy he intrinsicllov hetter lun his own paper. 'llla merimhaot in Nowv Or. Irons, on tite other haidr require discounts on tiollev hroughl him from manv ofiho other tvres trSo they all jle on, in eonfusion, son e s no rkini i, Aythis kind of moneyf and then lring it hy sonve I, other delsriptiot; nwhil thab seene is gilng on among tlie people and etltea of lbe \resr, the whole ofltele are anntiallv lerced by tile Iont to the amount . f mnillh tni s ln l hw thie titter tvetlieicrcy of a single state to fern a sound (or reny, I heyond the largoe states ieore ined; wo will only nlevion the ease of Louisiana, from whoeo port 57 millions of Eaxprts narlt their exit Yet wth s bankingy capinl ,l 53 milliors rf dollare "3 motllones greater in arnout thln ile ti la k of It 'annsylvaliia, while aitading as a smll sle alon wettl all these advantages of Expitor aond Banking Capital; yet her depondance in N. Yr t and Penaeylvania hase tien sihonr i the ltst ab-ni ject manner. U.S. nlank bills have bhev at ao h enormouapremiuen in New Orleans dkrinv the last it twelve nmonths, and cheehs on Ne e York still higher; ani more recently the banks have dealnr. ed that unless Pennsylvania, through their b onlt tand Mr. Biddlte give thm assisttance, they cannot resume specie payluents. 'Ihis favor was aobed ofea State B.alk, built oil nI better foundation thaon the oast of the Lousiana bankst and only proves assertinsl previously Inade of the controllint In. fluence oi largerrtates aoveranmall and new rstaes, in all attempts made to eatablihlt 26 separate State currencies. Svioe people seem to boink there is no re edy fu Itbest evils, lb t il ote erto· linnlent ol a Na tio v.l v !tnk. I think diod reriily. If the doato s cannot get a sound curecy ileront the hands oo tile General (tover tnment, thory mSt make t nah e for theme, lves, And this can ooly be done by actiIng ill concert. 'lpy plal is, for the Weaterte Store. to anite. (or a sollluiert numoer of then,) to ferm A tRIEA I' \\ ES'R'ERj rANK, Witit a heavy Coitol, say, tilt- or seventy millivons if ccessatrye nod locote the ilother Bank ton .Ar1c Orleans. .elt eachl state tn tae 'allry of thte Wliesnuiippi be privileged to saboeribe forluch a portion I thie capi:al stock (issuilg her botds for the same) as om.ght fall to her sltore and have provisions made thlat a Blrach of the Principal Boank shall be established 1I each state tht snbseribea for atock. It would require no foresjght to discover that monry isaved by a Balik oa this description, would virtually eupply the place, adN perforu nhe fanotiotie ot a Natoonal Biluk; and afford to lhe coulntry a soal and nunl form currency. It would'raiae the West to a level with the East. A maev with iats bills in hit pocket could buy Bour and pork, and pay his travellihn etpenses, in llluois, lndiana and O.iiO and lildeed q throughout the Vallev of the liha.aiiplp, and no queattuns be asked about dlscounat,--er he couls buy ugaer and cnf'ee iu New Orleons, or dry goods in New York, or Phladelphlii and never bh teased about dilcouatls. l'be batelul word 'discountt that now rilngl inlantdl tonlo-a erry Western ilallall eares, go whlre he will,wuuld raIase, Owrng to tile cause of perpatual esautlont the ptursult of hloeso trade and irduastry inL the \VWir, is a lite ul erase less perplexity. Then let Lauisiana, Alabtma, .Mlissisitlprl At kaitras, Te t. i stre, 1flsaoa.uri, tilinois. todiaftl )liio, an, .lichi i , unt to orni a A GIREAT' WES'lTERN BANK. And all will be well, whether the National Governmtent tnovi a in the matter, r not. Les these statePs ollte to produce a sound National Currency,a thin, no one state ever has or ever oan Id aeone, and unaided. The above States, by joining anil acting in c,oncrt, have tile power to create a currency, whlih shall nut only pass at par, in all tile staies and terri tories or this Union, but which would reach to the cities of Europe, and to the toit distant points of Amlerican Commerce. Besides saving mnillitons to the V EST in Ex change arinually, she wouil derive other great and mportant advantages from such anI institulion. The bills of .J Great 'estlern lisank, by finding a wide circulation, would cause a large amount ul capital to be always at intrest; hence each state would derive n handsomen revenu in the way of dividends, which could after paying the interest of bonds, or sinking them altogether, be applied to the iltpoltant purposes of education and titter nal improvements. All this, could hbe accomplish ed, too, free of taration to the people. The sale of State Bonds in Europe, would draw a solid specie capitol from that country to lie usel as the basis of tlio Bank. Capital would flaw from an old country into a new one, where It is most ineeded, and would given spur and animation to the whole of ltle Valley of Mississippi, that would greatly promote its welfare, prosperity and happiness. Should any one or two States such as Missouri or Arkansas, for instance, refuse to unite with the other Western States in lorming an institution of this k ind, their refusal would not prevent tile auc eos of the enterprize on the part of tile others. The bills of the Institution would pass as freely at par in the relusing States anywhere else. And the citizens ofhlose States would have to use the bills of the Bank, while they would fail derive those advantages froet a branch of it among them and the enjoyment of dividends arising foim its operltions, that would I realized by the people of the participat ing States. Each State colid appoint one or more Directors, accorlln;I to tie amount of stocl subscribed for, to manage the illstiltuion in general, who could on cunveninlg, rpp ,int a President Irom among their number, anv other necessary oeilcers. Much could te said in favor ol sich an stotilat ion, if time and space permitted. It is presuimed enough has been wrrltten, however imperfectly, to make Ihe sugcestion suficiently plain to attract the at te atin, If alpproved of by that public for whoas benefit it il iiaeorled. Editors of papers in the Western country, who mary approve ot this eomrmunicaetion by giving it as insertion in thir eolumna, will oblige A CITIZEN OF THE WEST. STATE Oh' LOUISIANA, I1ARISII COURT for tile Parish of the City of New I (rlear, Preasetr the IIonorele Charles blau rir e, J kgOc. (itet 2Ie'r tli, 18:8, No. 11!03, IVin. D. Cotoper vs. his Crediters. 'Ihel caeio of property by thie Petitiuoa is treeapied bly tile Court for the bhnefit iofhla Credtors: it s orrlerr'l that a ltetintig of enaid crediltors be leal lcfitee I. Barnett, Notare Public, on "uesdan, tie 27ith of November, 1838, [trn atd there t delierate on tle R fl.nirs of tie lnsolvetl. In tile imean lim all protereedings against hlis persot antI. iO ertyare stiyrd. It is firl'ler Ildered that Joa. K. Oryvneo, ls. he appoiuuted to re resellt tie auSllt creditor in his rouse. UB orderf the tIC (lt. Clerk's Otffice, New Orleanse, 1Sth Otoher,1838. A 31 tdUYtCOL, 'oietpid-:3r i)e. CI'k. l e'A T D E , A: I.o [ SIAs I -C lt d e pt ro is s e S t villd, I In Nt mvtorlle title mls: l'rerent I'1lao rnhle htr',sa Moitino, juge-No 1I ,lt;-WnA DI Cooper i'taio sear petitlot des proprib iover Iltnb.lia'it , e d se- C0taiciers, it eat dcie6th qua Ilve a ssomhll ee deolits ,ei'trtfieils n irt lielt an grebe de l is altitin: dt dit itc iitih nair, it on altendant rtlo ates Ip "')llySu es contre ;t iler.;uln' s oui sea lropriottis oent a rre W.s. Per orlro dIe In Cour-Burtcau do Crtelter-Nllo Orlrnni e 5 Oct 18.33. ,; oat :1 1 (;'''lG., Dep. lrlrer.

i, ill "Or N ald tfor sawls I 5 "s 1,OCKE & CO, oi:t 6 '8 ['roant Levee 1Elv' lI. . Ir o b ,it vrgoviavoc Ittt, tork .icteI J. IFulzer, \VI ;'li-no r lhi said trunk will gie noti.eo nt tile halll to J it IEIN ," A Ci)IIEN. Ortl'2 90 t(,lnlasn at t1l t11 lelt tiutit tll liar tih ch. .tl o o .t,>v.i g get llt S eo. l w'Iill .co it;,'ltti l t u.l t i[r v1 v 1 . tibtr, i o t1, bn.l'l I lt a I'V of il ,l' tVrl 1i a (7h r eh oT'rl rofl', udr!et hul gn er I: dr tll r er otl'Ih r U ll itsinell i lll has o ll titll oitt I It,, i:' " h O e lllv. in -.'rlat t CI o l 'tllt or ,cu w l o s at 'It h ti,' eon' ovf ,tt1i,:. it bto ptlaled it tldo irettia n ry w ll b,, entnloohel~ deo in il. fih .iov di, s , , i' I The il _iTvv dlte ttoil vtl o.iugviný" till Ii hrncLhov o oa tlho-.eo, u a10 tr'ot liv heI'l o lh.h ed I.t:tto i llbInlllll.d A7 I . will NIbluuht t i Ir' , ,ui.hew Orl t;ea's, - . = rt.15, 1338._ .. I,, I b II 1A13 ING -19 barre-, Wro. Ilorilap'.' fl j at Bh lae;'i i', irddong froe chip Itirvi, for ri,. sal by ISAAC 111111MB&CIX, hnalooirnr,' l Ifoi e St Phlip tret, et wen oy3 1. IIorhon. PjIIIll 'IIge ,of rIhr'rru',,,oo'dir 11,11 Iiom,grt l,,oili, ii oig h tot d on i or vrlsaos repe i hly informro th'roo ttheIi,, i-1mr3ha It kee iolrg'riforrther' ,ror t oof virtors,anrd io ,,~~~~~~ liv I, itr immrs II:s Ihe ba ,l be r surpasd bynn'in oltt of11 liquors, ad h ,,oIiiol rrorilllha r et y h hstloeuotorurr rin h ULitedr Stateo. '1'h" rues illre-oen idiSturday robolog, 3rd orf I~i.II 331111 '3 & .MASQUIERADIE BALIL, y~ ~~~~~or ndwltaepceisuulcrrv3IM~ond, Wcdroeo ,iroI da ndStrdrryl orOnijr, d riro tho retoorr,rrlriol n wil and o ,,h i lof y, 11(39. N. If.Th j~,,rt, rvoror.,riotroi wlli rmid tokr p -- - -1101(3 "ii INlIr. r 1S Irr~olt to tisj ohlio foyTlrrie u;teo n Y'V orcnhvim br~y irovirrgproper iyod pry SIv ilorti odrorroisnrri. ror013-.Ir T 1151' reeved ,at, tIhr Loojirioro Fruriroro Ware e *j us I b3~~ 11 IIrititle orvet,2O11 3lnrrlr r.roilChrry Merr( llof 1rlr, Walrnrr, oil Pointed Chirs, wrrnoih t~ ~~~~~~~i iiri sl o telwstcs riers. \V It CA 1NE.r y 3 anilstet NK-Jut recivedII grce3o Flt'jruprriorirBro k r il i dz rofligoo pmrefi olrrrrp ror 113, dozI by IIAVI II FKbLIt L CI, Nrrw Yrro~rkrad St-,tircr'e Illl I ct!I it! CII'ra Jatvir,,~lo, t II ,,.o' uprlo,. I' G1I0Ca, of 'llior oquaiI. it, for rie o w by 13AVI1 FE1 T & Cl), rvP Newr Yoork Dd Strioorr'r In1r,I j I:r S., i le I 'r e-,J - oe e It fro dloze, of Ne oirk an~frd Slrrtioner'sIol nil t^1 Chotirroe j o(r',-:r, sier: of London Ilat., reorrivedpr rol 1 hIOLlMlor & MIllS, oct21 7link PIera j Ill.] Pote lo l.s for sale, by r rr l1lJLlVES & MILLS "r, Sl (jr' 3,.:1 II' 13,11 UAirO.N 41S1v11 b R AIL, t 0. 333)111 II. r()o diraing in Newr York, in 011111 i ndfr010JAMES H L I'rrrior., IDlES -34 hsIrldn Bro, Silo', in goord odiiordlor, in J iLk VET & A9IELUNCI, 0111Ico Cr~mooro & Magazinr ol t~ury,, frroO'1le i~toO1osi, byd, 11rom Myron' roinwuuC. 11 IIONNAIIEL, _nci2 cor Natchez- & 'Iv lirijlnula, C ASSIA-y'o1;,10 trE nut s-aldirig licoa sip Pr 1Pe1 dlonuot(, ndfo Irleniby 110311 J 'lIAYERl, ____7-1 1'u. drnr l EIN -dVrryrornorinr ()Id Lorrdonr PrrlnrulnhrI VTSouth ut idebludroira Wlinr, irn Piper, brale-ipee, by qnlartr ardlrii h caslrroio,eud btled-l.I~,iwportr,,by 3e 0nboor~iire, drIcr lonl, MIadeIira, three year 1111100. - Aism ohr llrrrrrrritioiro 0t.1Iodeira, Shrrry Old Port Wiroes,jr wood end botledvi, for nil,: by \l So1 NIEl1SON 4- AVERY, 1 Cý .11'-iliAr heoovs Uouid3e No. I Soj;, ii. 11111 andi l7 forrelle by j1'rHA1EE v-CO, L 10113 _ 74 P'rvdrae at fhor ante y - ('13 cH1.3I1LIN & COOPER, rr'll) - 8I Julia It1. St. Charles Theatre. 26-1'H NIGIIT OFT"IlE 3EASON. First night night th.e an of the msoical drama of PAUL CI.IFFOID. This Eeening, October T6th, 1838, Will be performed the Mousical Drama of PAUL CLIFFORD, Paul Clififrd, Mr. Plhnmet, Ir. Stopperton. Farrenr Long Ned, De Bar, Terpaichore, Mrs. Farrea An Overture, by Orchestra, Grand Pas Seul, Md'e Ravenot. The perforomance will conclude with the farce of ONE HOUR. Charles Swiftly, Mr. Dc Bar, O'Leary, Burke, Julia Dalton, Mrs. Farlen. oct26 ' m 'i ii. s ii" ... .... i OFFICE NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL RlOAD CO. P URCIIASERS of property in Uncle Sam are oIn formed that the Title deed piropoerl. Recorded In 1 . of Livingston have been received at this of. St ready for deliverv. J.AMES II CALDWELL, oct22-4t Pren't. A SELECT and fresh stpply' of Iry Colors ofev ery desriptinor , fur' Scene paiting; Oil oad Wa. ter colors; IBrushte an1 artists tools, and an sextensive stocek of superior VARNISIHES. from the mhonftaetory uftP it Smith & Co., comprinlng in Nos.1 & 2' lurnitore; Nos. I & 2coach Varnish, nod 1 & 2 ordinary domestic Black Japln, and Brown do. Also, 210 kett, Crome green, in 25 lbs. seach, grortd in oil, and 15) ctannisters uoperior French green, also In oil. 12 b rrels Spirits of 'I'ourpeto:tie anid IBoiled Oil. Artist's Colore, &c, (tReeves S,on, L.ondon,) and 40 boxes French Lake, fur sals at the Paint Store of the subscriber. MONI)EI.I.I, rct`1 58 Camp at CO- PA\ RITN ERLS HIP. 'E'ORGE G 'REN has this aty foredl a ce-part. G E nership wiIth i brother Charles It. G reen and will continue the Cotois.ion Business under the firm of GEOIRGE (iGREEN,& BItO'I'HER, oct 17 3t 26 Camp-street" M ANSION Ii Ot USE HO TEL BALL ROOM. . No. 22 New LEvr.E rhlls establiolsment will open on THUIRSDAV J EVENING, Oct. 18, eo which ou::casi, there will be a GRAND IDRtESS BALI,. 'The ctprielor will have god order at hit Itll IRootn, tbor which e urpos he has engaged officers of the Police. O(t. 17. ILOUR-iiO ls - oll l.upr line flour, ust receivtd; S anid lor sane y L.AY]E'' & AMELUNG, oct23 17 Cotmmerce a l;EN1TI.E LI,.'tEN L S'I')IKE, 122 Royal Street. TOHN IL. MtARTENSiTEIN In or salerl, drect from tile iItnautHctlios ill Silesia, ( tr I init) a large nssortntont of rlalak andl Dicper 'rable Iteens, Towele, Napkins, Re. Alst. Stoevting, Shirting, Iou lkerclhievt, Crees, ItrotogOes, EOlotpilla,. Plstil Is, lasnuito nerting, ke, which are warranted to be till pre in. Also, n ussortnent of Stockings o1tawl,, e. Oct'2-3tp V vili from New 'oRk, and (Cl:lion Iout f lOtsltI, and offe fr sal , oil nlco llll ll llg telrms. (1111 boxer Sp,etll (, ldldes 511 bugs Jart Coffee, '(I boxea IPepper, 511 boxes Stacll, 50 hbasklet. ( ntlll) ',I r 1Vilr, 4100 ,oxoens',l, It' ,,in'l No.l, other brands, 150 reamsol Wrapping t'ater, 2f barrels .\ ltinds, F0 " Filbert., 101 henxs (Gultu0cia Lemnonl Syrup, 10 cases 'l'sa!c .aIr, 10 casks WS Sperm Oil, kegs Pickles; :0 cases do. nsr.rted, 111 tieres lte, 50 kegs nails ausorte-d, 30 Loxes (oahel:r Cheese, k0 boxes Msltect \Vine, 50 boxes Tallow Candle., 10o loxes SNtuglinh/'S hitters, 50 caoe TeaI , with I, yorie,} ofloler eode. oct20 7 Front I.eveo ()lt.t -011 boxes niTiToe NIe . n I , ;o;., ,nd SJacks n ,rt I'rowbridge, lnding from ship Caro lile, fLr sale by IS A(' BRIDGE, & eCO. W,0t' 131 Ma.gazine 't r Eli510tN- it boes just Iecivld andi tir sale io . 2 . . 7 Iohk Pl Ice ýI \ 8ll o .ttll , 10)p l*l 'W, - o+ 2 7 8lnk Pn Ice , i t i, t:, , 1 , b t No t',v 1 ot al l tatlioner Ifhll, ocl°. 21 ('b rtre,, Ptl ii':il a'l~ *0lt It~ fom NewI~r' ar t. cons:ist mg to lout of '!lre flit Peval ; (i lol. rtncl I'rll. 'ill ""'"'"'nl amt Races! (ryas11, curl Eag:nle 1"e as, ali arrant ted and fr saneti v 1) It l11 1 I11 & Co, !few 1'ik antd S tjatioer P!t!l, em 111 11lic l~it Itla1 _oc-11 24 Charts, s a Mgr ( si t', F1 811,&e-i6-l l cnass sr ecf chocolateta m7 bxe wh6ite anlitro ('ndli;*l; :S c emitlm Cards, 0· YIarin,* ( t nmllrih:i' '15 hag s Ramie S JLlt 710tasse Laornd lteSit adn f rt shipt li in stalre, loud folr lout.; by - oc1 ISA 4 ,t(IE & CIt, or1t913 1tn9iea or T NI)ER4V()UJ 'S l I macenta lKtchlupt anod Slaitartl laiding fr lat hp lcatl eiottand tlo salhe by at Jct19 IIAY'Eti, -cl _ 74 Ic'tlom oot UJ O,\L 1.UOIhtI :1 2ti ti Otacill o al in c asks e- LEI 41It (AiE,, *, A E Back (avine 4to-JoIttreceived an ns - ivieoflhaott & E lys superoar ('laving. Card;l(s an followsr: I.;IRlP, llsrrv viiiI, 1)CtlltUI, Alerry :Aonadre, Iiitydn s Pers, N's, &c, t r sale by' thth .a gra11 or dfr &l b, ttf New atrk Statiaers t linll, act22 ;!4 Ciartre titt s" viltL \lE LF:1; l1' AR Aii- 1AN LF'AClIOiIY. h C1 LtCKE ,` CO., ctotietto to mltanufture Tin a "tie in tll its various uiteru, Ito ttder. 'lheir p. ttock tf Tin oreaoOn hnand in very entensive, ias thick than oaihr Ilow end oit naccommndating termn~; cutrty tnchaflto and delerst in the antitlel in the city are nitad tt ao eit j thleir ntock. Also, at latnd 1110 Copper olLaU Ir boarskimmter; 150 dt Lodlic. ii- 30 dz. Co'mppr auogacr houe Lampo. Copper moRenottoi. Liqiuter Pmnpiit: Oil nm! TIrpenttine ('anoister of Cop per aend iul, nil of tlhir on manuTfatunr. -oct93 me L)tJIlK-ih50 blot 31-nt!d Prime I'ork, lninotg iintn y Lfit bants, far snalely 1 41 1'T &. AMELLPOI, oat:3 1717Cnmmerce slr IiiF 1 too I~ti do. IHavann. Fur t aloh by Sot'EFItJSN & AVIEIO ort19 l8tiroti rr it ý\ N(:I.ldll nli nl· 11 4 -Jast receivod two lon , dred pounds of En:lglish Sealing Wax of assort.OT1 a elitjqniitio, rooate very nalioperir, latr stle h LDAVID) I LI;I & CO, Note I'm ki StotionerHall, it oct95 24 Cicrtret st ' larEN Inlirroo fill i e pi L I k! 44 r.-on thli wvill retur n it hlltl atital ed iow, Durhaot breed, trtayed irtltt ttl, tetlariht I eatrp et. I neat2- 5-2 J It OoliOfNE, lACONSIDPES -30 bIado (tincnat.ti eocucd oftoupa B rior qutlity, for atlndIa SILE'TSON & AVERY, ''tUISlt NA A luiuaittt-JItIt r'ctived reaitttltthtt. i toot s .tdteontisn Almoanac Itir 111i:8, ceieulated btr Alnonttn SI taeie-i1tpi atd LtIItiiot for yule vttr cheap by the loz., grocerr oi tgIriby IAVIID FELT & CO, New Itork tlntionces te ll. oat05 24 Chanrtr tt ( (OPIOI I'\(i cRSih,-Jat i reeive- frottt New JtYork per s Ro o n ienzi, six vyuperior Loverpyig I'Prttooe sIX ftst ttttr screw aottrial Itressos, all war 'n rated, and for sale low, by 0.8VIDIFELT &C I, Nato YVak Stolitrorro !all, oct9_5 ';4 Chartretonl 'E:PP'EI-1SS F) Pepe a n l~ionsipCol a nttoo and ter galae b, 1 TIIATER &CO. oct2l 74 1'ttctes at lC NI0OhU OOO1iOO-5i) axeaInttilg Iton ritip Colanlbua, end for stle byy J TII.1Y'EIR &CO, Z. t24 'f Itoydrn lot ý iOUCH(lttNG :1-IOO Halfl ebr~·y; I'ollclunr't'ea Sin store, and fur -tale by it J TIIAYER & CG, fn oct94 74 P'oydrat at SRAPPoIN PAERE.-Lo reoms now landing, and for noe by T R HYDE 4,11100, J ort21 itt Common oot& Oogooeltit I lE~l.S-.4O1rg pakgInfItga it~ ~irjant 9Ieti~- dI IJ tinet, retria.J itJ Iboy rhhip Odrlealot, anil forolet by 1 IJONNABEL, octr eor Nntchez & Trcahpitoulos STOItAGE3S011 Oblo. or he !lkL thereof; will It enk oil storage in rho w urelrutu-r, corner of Mlagazioe and Lafay;ett etroectt; a$etp I to CDAMI'LIV & COOPER, oct15 82 Julin Pi 1TS lI lfU -lawrer~ andttg trat a hitp r a a , t fortsaleby J ISAAC BRIDGE & C0, rrcct5 134 Healagain e 1WHA1 10 OIL,,30,0109 galls whale oil for jy L S &I J P W ,IJITNTt oet17 ,8 Contii .Caup St. Theatre. Tp1IS Theatre wao opened for the easoen on T Sunday Ereidtgp, the ,21t of Oeober, under the managenment of . G.H.BARRETT. During the recess, the interior has been newly and elegantly deioreteil, the hoxe. orranged in the most convenieot andcomlnforltble manner for the aheentlln eln lion of familires, and the parqeette ftraished it) the neant eplendid style. The deeottielare ae after the do" -ign and eaecution of J. COW ELL. A new drop curtain has been painted by the Itali;n artists, Ceresean and Pitoli. The company will consist of the following ladies and rentlementt-Mirs, IG. Barrett, Greene, Anderson, Wor roll Hull and PrI'ce. Miusse Mclntyre, lewes, WVullis, nd Wra'y.- Mlessrs. G. Barrett, Frederieks, Johnson, Hldgee, J. M. Brown, Greene, W. Seftn, Franklin, Davis, Huntley,J. Sefton, H. Koppl. Kirklaed, Marks, Aoutin, Ensoman sld Lewis. The Orehnstn will ho full nnd efficielnt-eader, Mr. Jackson--First Violin, Mr. Jolly; 2nd Vielius, Maesrs. Espenheim fout Joikel; Teer, Mlr Solomon; Centre Bfeoe, Mr. Gnrdcinghi; Violinelloe, li. Ituroei Clarion ette,Mesars. Duran and Mate; IIorns, Messrs. Reims and Atmic; Trumpet, Mr. Sehmelger; Trombone, Mr. Ocechini; Fletn, Mr, Carrol; Ensste; Mrl. iennings. ,lr. Sewell, Seene 'ainter--Mlr. Ilntley, Preompter --Mr. Varden, Melthaneit. The Manager fully aware ofthe necessity of strict or eerand decorum in a well regulated :leatre, and being resolved to render this establishment every way worthy of tile patronage and support of an enlightened pubhie, hlna received the assietance of an efficient poliee, which will lie uodet the direction of 1r Corrartt. The Haloon has been newly fitted tip and enbellish. ed, so as to make it an areeanble rosort for visitors. Diuring thea ,son, i+ additilon t the various novel ties that will ibe regularly prodneed, MlANY ARTISTS ofaeknowledged talent anld reputationl will siueressie ly appear. G. H. BARRETT, Leasee & Manager. lt appearanece ths er senll of Air. W. 1F. JOIINSON. ON THIll EVENING, OCT. 26, 1838, Will be performed the successful Play of WIVES AS THEY WERE & MAIDS AS THEY ARE. Sir Wmn. Dorrillnl, Mr. Fredericks, LordPriory, Johnson, Bronzely, Barrett, Mrs. Dorrilloen Mrs. Barrett. Lady Priory, Cowell. Song, Mr. Ilodges. Pan Seoul, by Miss Anderson. The whole to conclude with the farce of MUMMY. Toby Traol, -Sir. Brraett, The.opiholia olea, J. Scftoen. Sueen, .lr. Anderson. oct'26 IljfBoxes nud Pearquete $1-Seats in pricaat Boxes $1 50--(Gallery, 50 ceets. A limited nccblter of Sea son 'Tickets teeo ih lid on appllictcion at etci IPox Ollice. DlBox Office open every irom 10 A i to 3 i' 31. and 4 to ti ' A1. ElDl)oorsopened at half past six, I'PM. The Cur tain will rise t 7 o'clock. oct2l--183:. CO-PA T'NF.RSIIl Pi NOTICEL SIIE Co- lnrtersheip hcrcc-otiire existing under lthe 1r ol G .t1t I & ,IiclettNNElin thi , change loitel, ha, beeni llhi+ ria} dis.olcdle by u",ntal" con enIO. , l te th llec ellt i c'te l'tet cc ilc- l tIc e cccttle melt Ofll the llthirs el til e latle cop ,t erll.hii,. a ile tanl of tlle t rll will hte toel only ill I lctcicatiol. Ottcl-cIic c c c Ice c IIuIe tc I :S--c c rc n l i tic ccc 21 l llctl r II .'I tNN.t It:llll i'u "o t ritl g in l rl th c holl wii : rI I ecllI I ,,c ci Nt l iillt l. H brow ittr na td f o 2r , t ,le b ; <,II. ,Lh ,+.X-l , I , ,li., i+ CEXCHANGE RC-I lU Icu\ ttIcIci l' , IInE poprietr ha( re-lined his Readiing Imcc , • the St. ('hanl,+a '":x 1t ,C:ellConrner of I(rllavier anll St. Charles street, in t ill- I 'ut -t ntrllllllr iesl des all tl e t princ-cl l paep, I.etel the Illhcr Stltes, of every city And state, fhe 'a rndasT ,l exs d M ll exi c-ll tile laterarv Ptr.i lca- 1 hel l i ; tlherll iubliecaions +f fit- c l don, t 'linu c, W estrinse letroe litan c eiec.,ws and iltc-kwoI lue, azci me. T' ie Norlht Ic mricnt llRle s;the Sulhe Li te tr Knik Mec r 1 t vinew d a "ariaty of ot . All the t aii.,,ee rre intl ,.c i s ,clcled , ai l, ,,..t vl. 'hceI rioom -c e cc nlctc ci, il I , ccc a tci 'i fllmapeo and atcttes, f Nihc I,,icccr, levy's l'tc ('a, alnt from t en I er t,,cicid ac riety a ef works of rtrefe teiculr cl, c "Pile nmoat al- tlve 4. inta'Illi,'I t l n's+n11 1 rl, r" € I al re ealt ]lo'ir el, to fit+ lho rPrle t Sm rivnlo , a nlit tii hll.s itlor t . Apea wioll bt cm'tcn-c to iender this Its cig I tn ull Ih fir-t l ntc, c1 l rt l ii llld e , , a hors r ipelito are resi e fullyl r., e ite il Io l li h Ir. hII) it arcinl tnhr nto l hlho rc Itiic - al V r ironl thei sP l iel II .N w. ,, tk, l Iro n ll . hel l llle t dhcttrrof IW l orthreie particu rlt,, ati nlroI with prol nrty t. citle l, 1llc l n nt of . nt il c it l st 1, thc , -cad d lltrt . ticcilnen ce , ccc cccrc aij c icece cIt icc 'i ; c eun Icicg ns Icnrcccc ," .nc- , bucct ilt nc c v il; I l al llccn of solle Irlcc [I hIlcl Ititctrolt Ic "- V i owlo ig, he. L eft his htls . s i+ eL @ IIP It ll- n l -i iirv I'm "f fientd whil he wen t to l'hicadel hi. I tlic C-i-In h the Spred I l'i ci, 1, c ht c-I'-lc killc, hIct re cc e 'I err 'l ic n rrlsp lu tab mily. InmmediateLy fl his reu, turn wasl moolnd chat he band lanrgelil icLr I l the L it i nt I ci c detb, in t ltcic th l llc c l t f six IIc u.c c nd doll-ol in r lsh, tr hick hit friend had mi he ,w-ed tr )cin t i cect- - d cnee, htrinc,'h- s aIct el-e,to cc ic hccc 1non lcion p t tmc. li, tnldeltr ctse tcitlcccc cctc s, -ct d his el'ci lore ir at reel-itc,, whih th-Iv kindyi ccrac,, hict, nl,, ih' chri.h cd eni r, ccpw ll hi, ese i-,,cc e icc pros cc - 1y his adroitc ess he readily cc rourte d Ic,.cc s i finn,, and a +died t his ficeccnc- cc c t re t<+s for me e pro rial ie t e pr ce le ds mI ch ccccc-c V ct te sctcric hciscrcdit ac Ic r dpc Ipossi !c fc ndl dc itt c I pore on (f ctfte It otten , which, it attcccrs he 'egltcc v ec lvet fur tii own prodieal pnrtose t-, c c, cticttlr madtcle his Ieesa t erlanc o he 10th olf(crcc r ctal; ac r o cnld u dtfctcccdch l thi c holm t creditor Ict is to lc hoped tatl a l l ths cred itor.; o r h ItNot Out~ of their hnnc,+t earneinfs hi th-c wh t ml-c h .o • , - igal to obtlain their own idveliho by i fite huc:t swea If theircbroe will gic'e tcis altlt"cc I e claet I t ssin c ,no New Orle tin, Orehor teI 1818. FAiI. & to' INTI. GIf.) hilNt;. in J P. FR2EEMIlAN & CO., No. 3, Magazinet tre-l, i .o are n'cehitg thtir oulllplir. of Ftll oilld Vinter Clothing, and will coltitut to rece:ive shipments eu ladty Ihnrughout tlh seaso Their itsstrililtct Ily It rge will enable thle to atulp ly w'rchanls iron i the counttry, at the lortest notil; lfor soalot whtoloesale or retail, on accoImntodating terlm,. L ' PA l II I ill '. THE Itndersinedll orlo i tl ,l 01d ft Ct lrlnllorslip t.n iter Iho liow of MIlItNNEI,I, & %VATE.1IAA, nt tile IExcllitnte Hotel, ol t. Clharlles st. fronl and it ter I 'trst day of Noveinber t ext. lndivldually under obligationts to the citizens; sPt'an gers and travellers geoolntll, for thei lhbcr patronage received while conductingll separate establislilnetsl ia thi eoit, Ihey J ltg ter tttmt 0000 their de. 1rmil tioh to exert thItir united eflkrts to Iplease, while oaltrrig for the tastlet tntl g o tgrnl coititrt of their guetos, slid Ilope thterey to eunsure a continLIUance of pllblicr favor aod potronagge. JNn M'D)oNNEI,. D) C WATfI'EIIIIAN T'ho Natltcle Freetrtolor; Inloiovilh, J',tlril]. New t fork Express; Plhiladelphl Iltrald in dSentinel; Ito:. otc Aolas will please )llbli- the rshoe eulie llyOa a ni fot wort thleir Ito uuts to tolls ol 'e. [- rTTEI II'.\I I."...h- e'c ivl lj i from the ork i ly Ll wine Mills, li 00000 _I11 lilhih In letter paper; .2me very low pricned; Ill cage anp,.llne whil, hle, p iperd; Le ase..tin ii letrer lalper., clse its U - titto packti toot largo sire; 2 tt'oroeo ttpito e Iette for sale, whioleole .... '.tailt i ,, It .a;.l'' t (to, o Nw York Stationer..' l111hr, olicasor mnpll rooms; the paUhlipare rerpecllfuIly ovui ted to call and elalie the Nt e. WI 1 CARNES, t ,l Mlvll [ H 1. 0 tales Northirn 'I'.lattty flay ir store, Sr foir sale by C AII.DII'LIN & COOPIR, J UST received pertippthrleas from o N York p 60 grocublck.Cownrt I'laister, 49 do Fleshcoil doI 2 do Henrv's cale ned Magoesao; 2 do Blutter'Alperient do i2 do Seidlit1'Powoero,forwa le hb So IAVID) BF1IL'L` & CO., octl2 N Y Stltioero' I lall, Cttartre Pt B .OOTS. Shoei arnd Bloagas, conIpruiHlg a general a assortment, suihalle orb Ithe city or countlrv trade, landuig irotlll ship Cenreordia, atd for satl low for cash.orpplvooed paper, by A F DUNBARI & CO, cep8 21 Custoolioeo' H ENRY'S Calcined Iloagnlsi just recrived per sh p Yazoo, from New York, a few groce o Ilonry's genuine coalioed Magnesia, for sale by 1th dozor grooe by DAVID FELT ,Sct C), aep27 N Y Stationers Hall, 24 ('hortre at COW FOR SALE. A FIRST1 rate milch Cow; opply on board ship OSCEt)LA, opposito tlt. Vegetable market. oct19-10t T'o LET. The upper part of the house No. 58 Camp street; possession oay beo giveu immediately" apply ou the promises. 1CHANI p BIoSton, Or sale by oelI7 124 9 sgariaoos SECOND MUNICIPALITY1 WMTERF brought to thl P and of the Second Muni Y icipnlity, in Hlltolnl.e aostre between IHleva and Gired stre., an the 13th intlanl, the following animal, vie: Twodark Bay Huasea;one Ihan a mark on the left hip. l'he otne s requetertd to prove property and take them away I itre Saturday, 27th October, or he will b sold by P '. .Gillor, Auctionaer. II S HARPER, oct15 Captain of Wut L ESSItS. . t.aLOIE & CO.., have removed tlheir tShip Ctntdlerv artl iatrd Wnre Stack of goods from No.r22 aOl ievee, to No. 8 Fo'ro Iever# where they onikr fr sthll a new and extensive stock of goods, reenived by tie JItearrivals. lTher.alno continue tIhneir uatnfactor of Copper and sheet Iron and Tin wore. oct17 N 0I1A N CtittltCt'1JLirrot front Londona in atore II. and for rale by READ & BARSTOW, otllti 7 Bank Plate S PEItI CAND)LES, OIL, 3"o. 3UO beoea New llaBdford Sperm Candles; 40 barrela liianed \Vhale Oil; 4 C:atska Now Bedford Winter Oil; 15 Casks Itooline Zinc; 200 boxes No. I Boston oronp; 110i bage Harvatna Coffee; 50 boxes whtlae Havanau S5roat)r s ior qruYP ity, in stove nld for saicl by JiSEPII COCKAYNF,4 octl _. ,M, UZavier nm I 'tNE GUNS & PECUSSIOaN CA I'e. ,LOCKIE & Co,at their old stand No. 8 FIront SI.oevee, lvejust receivedtl it fa'w fine double bar relied London tla iltta; Also, 150,000 line IE:ngli.h pereul .sion eap, in ti borxesa, which they offer fur n ale. TO LET. The basement floor of No. ?3 Julia., next a the corner of Camp street; suitable Ifor oice li or store ronom. Apply ou the Iremises, or to C W CAMI.AACK, oetl. Canal atrnk. .oti.. . ATTI'ENION!!! .... dOI'FR.n 'iOR'S HORSE Go. RDS, Y OU waillattend drill every evening, Sundnys a . elle lntthdrilh rilot, oagazll oo o mg street, nest door ta tile :tclltlahtvl tt Illlk, at 7 o'clock, preciaely. The greatest Iponlltt ityt its requaested, Ot it nmastr is engoged to agiv leosolsl in thle \orl .xercise. By or der of Ctiattaita iil )orllo UCronas. OIN G(IBSON, octl2 Orderly Serg'l. O.LMP'1'Itu..-.E11.. 1- FI(I,:--SE;iUfll iUN CIPALITY. New Orleans. Oct. 10th 1838. liýIEEAI-.I. taI o resolaution of lthe Council; date. tl " eaio ithaetltoer, RI;8l, settled proposals will , rcevivedat atf oflice ntlllil Tueday lto 271th days Novetmber next, for 'Iree:o Ilullrd '"Thousand Dollars Bonds of this tluaicip lity, payable in thirty years, orel beltrillug six Ipcr c.ntl Ipr IIIIoIIIon ilter+et. ('tie in terrat avale .at elli-ltlnttally. t ill Latlatton New York or New ()ra ll n ai Itr be I'gred otl. The Ilatatot ba: lnr.l[O00 attota, it' Iha intorest be irouble irn ltho Ulitedt Sttaies, nal !nr it £ 0 sgbeuch, i hillet rest b.e tlputnthl ill Intalldola. Tlae prolaausls to be codorsod '_frolposols r bonlds.' JO(IN CALIOUN, ctll t _ omptroaller. Jureo tlatlu Conlroa ut'- tc e unici.raile N louvlu l'lOti l0 .Ot -a 311838. o)NI)ioME'a 3NTl t nt, resolut ion duColaeel rot l re ataI t 1l .1 I 'I ttII a aL t lt:II' nlnnlil ?7e jourdeo 'Un Io1111te pII n( o I)oI , t"l' n.t m allle ainhtsresdeo J( liastt drl;t tctd at. taita.tia h, tt la tatle dutllta lntt e toln It -aOaaaaar ti itt ll lt.i atlrt' o tl ItIIIa aa 'lltil'l tn, 'liateret tat- IM I- ar , t: almo'ta, Ntw York ta th ýu .ll'. tir lll iL (. rritII( Sr t'illh n :i St'I'll NC\Y lVentln. Ii I r.t iaata.ttada, th t at , t.o at Uaian et pour Iten e to' t r err:latlt' lito at 'aiiilo: a'ils sor er alyublen I I.tooiilrt :". ý I. itý,il i.t l:itll. lt. ll1.t l t etrI' dr0 aen a-- tl ' a ' . t,, 1. ay t iha.Ll : a t t . ,,.-.,twul, Nb. i (' . 8th, 1838 J ill t1 , l io-t al t litat Ia lta an t o ttil l acltIItItaty I a Iil+ I'l/i\lillil· ll" . lltl 11.' il II 'tol. (I;f \llhltt, d& ll yI. O nlly. ulllliilll (o . ,\l'.\tl umi, ('or,,allil Iar the Inollven t ad t a (tritl Ih,, 'utl ml tat at-ta Iatllaa llt l sulaa ietia Ltl:oll,,"lt i ct·1 dtto . 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