Newspaper of True American, October 27, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 27, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OP g.L.VnY DEsCRtPTION, IPgEDILY, IANDOMt.ELY AND CIEAPLY EXCA:IUTEI) At THE OPPICE or THE True Jlmericasn, 8T. CHlAtthLES STIREET, NEAR POYDRAS. h LOIOISI,0A. I13iWITREI WAItg ROOM.S No. 537, ilienvllo street. II I.IAM It. CAI.'N , (formrrlo of thie firm ol t` Flint c. ttarn al wtrl res.apoctoisly rinrfrn his r friads and the public that be i consotantly receiringl iroi Now York and Holton a god nastortmeont of Fur situa, such as mahogany eh:irs, aotoei t,ed-teado, ma 1TO and painted chairs, inaple nad cherry bCedoteade, ahIegaav and cherry tables of all description, buo- - mtahaoany nd oherry, woswol, 'an1, Ito kig glasses, (ahtlsors, ddhl g, & : &C.S N. Fu.lrnIre F pelked for transportation with great rses. O1 CJ MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, W Remot edfrom 17 Coetomhoae p St. TO NEXT DuiR "oir. C1IARLES TIIEAr'FRE, CocnEa of PemAS & ST. CantaLS S otEET-. ang9-l-838_.____ _ _ ij? -N-Z ý (ll'rEl3 llt31fLEd-.I- groar wie,, V and t10 gross prlOltr bttlrha, far nale y, jelt Ilank Alley. No 13, 'touleosc t,- 1ly Mrs Ilofnmar.n. 9r T I houset is pacious and eouvenill lv situated for men of business, near the I.vee nod the New Roalhante. The tat r will be well arupplied and attended to, andl t he chargre mopderate. llorders wirolig to have odgin., can be aceomtno dated, at different prices, with eomnloodio s furnilshed rooms. Boarders will have the satisfactiorn to omeet A here, persons speaking thi French, Englisr and Span oh languages. - P-EN-[ION 13BoURGL0SE Rue Toulouse, n. 13, ltere par Jide Ve. frrennr , ] C ET htahlissemenOt eat laerisux, ret e troure situ ptres d la Lervee et de Is Nouvelle hourse, e'ert dire an centre des aftires. La table srra bicn forrnie, proprermrt tenue et d '1 us pria moderr . 'en qui prenont 1rension doleerirraient y loner T roeat des apeareratns dr dial;rreu prix, birr gar oirs t rcommodes. M Lee peaionrniares auront l'ag hnornt d'y troouver dea personane pnrlant lelsrrglaes franenire, nghaisei Ct sepagnole. 2nau NOTICE. B lUIlE Copartnerlhrr helrotrloore exiting in tir cityli etwetas the subsreritere, older the firm of L.oro Van 'yck .Co , in New York, L nidlhr J ' Cr., audi in Nathles, Miss., Var Wyek, Laidlaw 4 Con., is dierol- a red by rntualeocnent. Joln Laidlaw, Peter S. Van Wyc, alnd Thomas W. Van Wyck ere authorized to 1 sseeha trame of the firm in liquidation only. C JOHNLAIDLAW, ANIDREW LANE, PETsR S. VAN WYCK, I THIOMAS W. VAN WYCK, New Orleanr, Sug. 10th, 1838. CO-PAIRINEISIIII'. The subscrihbers have formed a copartnership in ihin city nrder the firm of Van Wyek 8¢ Co., and it el s York uadertlhe firm ofJohur Loidlaw 4. Co. JOHN LAIIII.A\ V, PETELR S. VAN WYCK, THIIMAS W. VAN WYCK, augl8--1 38, NEW )fURKK. NCIDENTSofTrava l in Greecee, Turkey, Russia and P'oland; by the author of 'Ilnidet.s of Travel I in Egypt, Arsabia-I'etreen al the Itaoly Land'--with a map ad engravirrgl0 i 2 vols. The Penn ,Magaztne of the Socity for th DifflTusion of Ueful Karowldge. Volumo 5. lr 18.17, prire $3. The Penny Cyeloped-a of tIe Society for the h)iffu eion of Ulseful hKnowledge, vole IX ndX. Prirce per volume $:. Ntture and Treatment of Diseases of the Ear; by tIr. Willianm .ramer. Second edition of the Authoir's T ,atise on Chronrc tDeaness; mnuch ilproved anrld n 1. -ed; translated roin tIhe GOerman; wilrlt the latest irr pravemernts of the athlor siner the last Lonrdon edition. by James Itisdo Bennett, t D Bellowo's Middle Age. Now edirion; conrplete In I T/h New Tarrif, for I(33 1 13839. Alir; or thl e Mysteries, 2 vole; by Ilelwer. .eila rrr, the Sieges ofiGrenaa, lby do. 'The Robhrr, a Tale, in volsr. by Jauor. Hlerper's Faurily Library; , rot1 , complete. Just rrceived and fir sole by\vhy . MScKEAN. O. eef o(:fCailr) nlll COlllnlor st l1 g.rer ofa prrneia qraliti, rolin anorol re I , G BIl.-AntII.%I -lL t1 .t1 33 IIr , , ,re ' ,andlardirrg, and foer stIrv , C l Oct 3 r er st PjltO 1.1T until lot Norvreohrr eexaithe legant Dlwelling Ilooer No. i 7 t. tAohclh .reela. Apply at No. 71 I'7oydrs setrt. . IWEI.l. Nore CIoths--640 cses heavy Eutntum. 11 ins ouretand for sale by i ectll 7; 9agl)(i i" nt, fTurd, Iritl, and Norncket brtoed.for rule baly netl 7i Magazlarin at O 0II'0S, .lr o, a ndl Ilroans--ll)7 ases Bolots i. Shi eand llrogaus, lnoirg frorn ships Chelo hoee, Elite Ann, ad Hlern, orrtrrisilrng i good assort masltsd suitable ftur the itvy r errcoutry trade, and which will be sold on thIe onst aecoolnnodatirg reroms. A F DUAR IL & CO), art4 2L Cunstom House st. 1U.AI1Ni iT BALE I LI'10-lO1 pieces bgging J- 100 coils ropei, for sale bhvy LAWKRENCE 4. LEF..NRttE, tep29 "1 or 29 New L.evee JI-FFIRStON ACADEIY. PREPAILATORY to Jefferson Coliege anid to oth ere conducted by It. ranet, L L ). EeLotatge Alley, between Conli ind l ieoville. Thi; eituatlion was tle most eligible that could le found beinge entirely free train tie rnice of tihe streets and the rattling of drays and carriagen. Tie Jefferson Academy is dividled into two depart meet.. The Junior or elementary department for tie various branches of conmmon education in French and in Euglibh-.('lh Senior lepartmrenrt for Latin, Gireek, Mathematics, &c. Punctuality, order rnn discipline ar strictly enjoined and observed. Terms. Junior Dltpartm..e.t,pr maonth; $10 Senior do 15 Spaninsh 6 lat. Bolno, elates, paper, &c, chared seperately; tnd. A moontl once begun, to be paid in full; erd. No deduction for absence nor for holildays 4th. Payments to be mnode regulnrly every month. Rehool hors lerolC 81-2 t 3 o'clock, except Thure. days. nep2l7 I iOLE-SAL.. AND I A.. lti t 0o-~t. l Av.U W VAIIII.Y STORM., No. 15 Camp stree ,,no - otlr lihop'os Itotel-The subseribersare now oplea'ng at their new stand, an extensivt: assortment ol art stva s their line, seporisi.g every variety o ConOlbs, r o'teso s, Perfumery, toonoking Ilaosses, Playinng Cnrods ani large unmber of Fauey articles. Tim folltewioo ,s perts descriliotn: ( UOi dIt--Tortoise i"l lBrazilian high top tuck, ial! and naroel; do. do. twist, long, nett, pulf, side, pe.ce. s.a dressig, ivory and lorui fine Lotth, dressing and pocketco mbls; horn, reddinjg antl ntrto rsouos'; wooldek, drusaing, fine tooth and pocketcon.a.. PERIUMERIIY-A gen-lral aossn~,aa, of French tand American Perfumery, consisting tCol ,gnt water in bottles, of all shapes and sizes; :lat,.eer, Florida, T0w,e orange, lemtn, jessartune, bherganu, .nollertleurs, sI.; fatoy oaps of aerey ,.:scriptlion; manoassr, untiquo, lnd oveetaale hair oil and norlhn fluid; oblorine tooth wash, arboni oand chloriner delr, fie; st·cnted and plain toilet powlter; pomatunm; prneston salts, etc. ItLJUSHS-~nomprising a great variety of eloto, hoir, hat, lrnes. nooth, unit, ,omb, shaving, plate, lnhearth, fine sal Ipain dustinog, sweeping, crumb foruitroe, euobbing asd white wasb, hore, shooe andl tanner's monrinrg, paint and varnilh brushes, and sastr and grain Mg tools of all sizes. lAI)KIN(; (LASSES-Co.apo.rising gfio freoms ot mwrimr s sies., 5, d, 2 and 1 draw toilets; (;rman statia, tolut and igorkelas, nma , nifying minors, etc. P. I~I NG CAItDSE uagls, Ilrty 8th, l)rrm, Ifighlander, Spiel Larten, French and white back lPaI in, Cards. lANUY AND) VARITY ARlTICLES-A supe srl assortment of portalle desks, ladies' ndl gentle en's shrssiog cas sand lslies' wort boxes; tancy boa a, of narlots descriptions, suitable for the new yoar net hristnoas' gilft; pocket hooks ol all sorts; suspn. doos ntuire.boess luead ipenils, craypon, violins, bood bag a nd purses, t assortoment of fansm" beads, superior q.tsliy blial balls, paste blatking; bone, ,iirt, vrs0, fI l asd tutpentLr buttons; peiarl luttons and lshtl, seaor strops; .as ta.lines for creating light; Spat:ih nul mdleoe Laerst maCeouba, 'arisi tappee papd .Scotch o olfFls; an allrtent of plolo aondol orod nooes; hack am. lboarsooa ol dice, fnocy screel, optics, Jews harojt, o antsos, luotiler patleth, point, oredles, perentso nu s. drlnking cops, bullrting flaSk al gallur bags .a.d, silver a ld platnl to ; bles, tib iltur, e.; 4 oosow e asslotnrtmnt of eng.avings, adr a lane narie. y of .atderarticles, all of lwhicb will be sold lot low ipi3O% or east, or olty aceptancs. tILES ka 1,I.ANGE l 5 P.ptIt.S--Juot recte a few rases of eery ou (Jpo in bthluebh and bluoe and white wove Cap pa #lOs a 0 isplendid article, forsolc by IIAVIID FEll' Sr CO,. pett N Y Stationer's lall, 'l1 lhartre t tECilAlb l. aon Boston--In auems to ouit-pur --hIlases, at I to fl dooe iglht, lor slo Ito St.ETSoON & AVERY, ºS jTIT(i, Flou,tels, & Co.-.l.0 boles S!oirtings f bitni, qtualtidee; o0 blse fine ant no avy htajnpalira slrliteelng awl 3 Iales Angola Flannels. Islinbg irtin shipo ilstell. i'lapnol and lPerdootnett, At 41 by y ISAAC BRID(iE & 'O, acit - 131 it nentine st toi-;lJa "t received eo r sthip Lhcster from t'hil sadelphig, eighteen osaes of lnow iced blue and shiteo .tter laper;fnooet raes fatc letter npaper; bfur gam e.artn latte tize rnatot Poot, for salo y"y case o, m, by TDAVID FEI.T & .O, e Y)'.k At) tint'to R aoil. 0Ml9 21 (baoen" For the Zaterior. For Mobise, and all Inalrmediate I.andings. lThe low prOamire iteam ItOt lar N1ile. very Thursday anda unLday, it 2 ,'clrk, Ai. tleching ut all the wagering places at which passengers may wisl to land. i.r ase furher particulars, aptpl.; tEO WIto MAN, jy?21 Exchluna e _ lol, Sit. Charlr st._ For Mobile anl anl Inltermediate Ilandin's. Il ha the fat running and splendid steam want WAI. WALI.ACI;, entirely in sate rooms, will leave New Ohl;aa p ftr Mila.i , and all internediate watcering plares, every Tuesday and Saturday, after the arrival of th l ',clock cars. G12. WIVITMAN, j y.l E aR .hanaga li ntel, Nt. C harle s a . IATURKDAY EVENIN(U AND SUitDAY ply EXCURSION TO MANDEVI .l.E S. MA t~tONVILLuE. Tla Tbc ennmaer SOUUTI AI.ABAMA, ll.J_6.. _. Caop L.T. Knight,will leave the lake S oendo fth rail-road fr the above pla ces, eery aturday evening, on the arrival of the o'n cars, and returan the same nigit,-and leave Stnl lay trnming on tIhe arrival uatre 8 o'clock care; return in; leave M dldonavillo at i o'aclock P. M. a'l 3t aw 2in F .R MAllltONVRI.t.;, LOUkLAIUR.G, MANIE- Nb VILI. l & OVINNGTIiN. The fast runninn and splendid steam -i boat SBOUTI ALAIIAMA, I.. T. o Knight master, will run as na rngu f AInv i aor the. above prtts on Mondays. i Vednca dnt s Snd Friday, atr the arrival aofthe lai'clock cars, I 1. Renreing, leaves Coviniagton 'lnnTdama, 'ohura Md)a and da.turdays, at o o'clock, A AM. i l. All boacanage andl arcels at the risk oftth own re, unless a bill of lading is wiganed. (lF;Ot W\IIITMAN, New Orlean' and Mobile Mail Otffiae, n " Lncbane Bulilding, tit Chlarlest t. tln FhUR AI.EXANItKIA. an The s:ennamer I)IENMARIK. will at rin us a regular pcket luring low an wlter, from manlntb oaf ed hniver to tleiandrn. or partieulna apply tao, n ta sop"1 JNO It GRAIIAJI. JAMIES'` EWNOVEL, Ac. rhllKe ROBIIE, TCale, by the author of Rich' elien,' 'ite Gipsey,' Attila,' &e. in 2 vole. n THE LOVe CTrat , a Comeody. in firne ats, by James Sberidan Knowla., autltnor of 'Varginiu,. SThe Daughter,' An. Ac. l., a TriLangdy, in five acts, by Thoans Noon Taltodr,; 4th edition. OCluTY arND MNnERC an N ta atCA ; bHy W larrit Mrtinteau. attholr of a lllhstiationa of Political e. Economy;' in 2 voli.; 4th edition. A Praical Summanry of the Law and Usage of Bills of Excllang anl Promissory Notes; togeth. - or with a series of tablcs, showing wllhenl bills, tiotes and loans, drawn or accepted at ny date will fall due; to wbica are addedt, rates of cormnission and storage, equation oa payments, and general inftor. a Inatinll connected wih business of the counting tIouse; by B FFoster. Aeeoenantn, authlor of 'A Conael, Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'The Clerk', Guide,' &c. Tl.H LIrTrL SKLy TCO BIOe; a course of very easy lessons im Landscuap.e, Figures, Ac. by George Chnilds; ist and 2d series. Just received and fr sale by WM MeKEAN. , jyS dL.n . of Camp and Colmona ies. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe rimentsl of Living.-Living within the Means, Living up to the Means,-Living beyond the Meanlt;" 'Sequerl to the ENperiments of Living;" 'Tht liarncurte;" "'The Savmg's Bnatk," Ac. S INI'ER CI.OTIIING--II cases, cotariniog an a sa nrlllteeatallit ofStict Roudabout and Iantn• at lo ; bevv .ltloumL Dery pa s, a Liverrpool ntri a ed tailled sbirts, landing from ship l'atgue, far salei by IIAAC BItlDIEfl & CU, an octO 124 Magazine at 3. ItOWN Sllirlinga-30 lalen heavv brown shirt B ingWs, landing roan ship PaTgEn, b'r sale by vr ISAAC BRIDGiE & CU, oct16 134 Ma.azine st 1:`~PERM n i1iala casks pure bleacted, saaaer a aperm Itil, landing fromn shaip Miassassippi, suitable bifr plantlations, atd ior sale by AACAlIRII GE 4. CO. S Oet4 114 Magazine at. I NEW ORLEANS LOSIMERCIAL LIBRARY IIE following new wraks have beena rteclted I by ta Librainry Society, at their room in thl Mer hnnnat' Eanca~aga, fronting on Royal sltreet,. vin: Lady of Lyons, by Bulwe,; I vol. 2 copis. Ilnlmphrly's T'I'ourtrough Great Britaitn, Fr.nce land Ial gio ., in 183-; In volsr. b copien. st Lovea by Lady C. Brry; L2 vols. 5 copies. I- Thela'w, Flilrtr, andl otler Tac a.; by Lady Bles. y .ington, Bulner, and otllers; 2 vols. 5 copiaes. Rivera and tle )aesrt. by Mies I'Parous; 2 copies. Tih. Rlalar, by G P It Jtames; S COpiAes. t he Th rAdventcren ot Nichllae Nickleby, by Boz, 5 copies. CHAS. RtTCIIIE, Librarian. T.' I.v (ia) 1a ,taaltt;l--Lt M yaca s a l satpeor qllall t3 vI, tar ssale by tS L..ATER & TI''III'R, t)ctl 4_ I.'oydaal.trart i- - IUiytD t E;di(iia oa tcatc nsald nal.aibl Worka: , LJ's I'lavi,:1 vol; Slli'kllnga's \VW ,rks,3 v bd ; et Klapatlock's Atleahial,2 vol, iven. . d ;N aaaaa laaraina aah tCooIa, with plaUtnaaaal y ('ilen ('ibblcr'a Ilralnuanic a rk,, Sntle; Ilalatf , n's .i tlaaaira of tCaoit I;rna, aaont 3 ' el 1 iaSelect W Vorks V f the IEtapl aor e Julian, 2 v ile; Lilte of Tiaaaaa et o ialva eai ion. hby Lady Mae:. gaaa 2 vola, gee. n- tIrelald'S Life of Napoleon, 4 nola, 'ao; trt- laemoirn ot Nalanla, corarected lby himnself; aul Napoleoun in EBil, 2 nl.; hat. tae Iort Royal Latan Granla aer, 2 vole, ino, Cratddle k's Memonirs, 4 vola. it. Ilarlitt's liritibl I'oet , I vol, tvo; ; Fiaielaing's Works, I v, I, ive; Gibbon's Memolirs nail Miscellaneous works, vi Iaaoe'd ..ra.airc of l.ornzo do Maledici.3 nole S rltl.naburv's istiacs. 3 Vols, edit. 1732 Killigraw't Plavs,edit'n 16111, I vol tlo. "t Volaay's 'I'ravels,2 volte; Volncy' luinsI, S2 vol-; hi; Conrnrve' Wo rkas it :a aole; tad Lifetrf Cnlaaaitas II, Emtpre.'a of Rusia in volt tlr Just received and for sale by WM M'KEAN ar.--- e .r Cam.p &i Common at th - - - - - - - - - - - - ANNUALS FItR 1839. r IE GIFT: a Christmas and Nw Year's Present for 1839; Edited by Mim. Leslie. 'rhe Violet, a Christmas and New Year's gift, and Birth D ey present, for U119t; Edlted by iass Lealie. Go AIhed!l Trhe CrUnkett Almanaec tr 1839, con aiting adventures, exploits, aprees and acrapne in the tWVst, life and moannera in the barckwood., The Amorican Comic Almanac f ir 1139, with whim,, scrapa and oddities, from the land of Jo nay Bull, Brothler Jonathan and lMonsa r Ntmtaongput. Thea 1..aa,le's Almannc: uf ;seUll and Entertaniing Knen ledge, for 1839, just received and for sale Iry WA linKEOAN, ocrl cor Cap and Commn at SUIN NIly EI'i, iOM SAITtS, AND CALaOML. 4 1^ ) 1o8unces Frentlch Qui)ie, 10 bbl Epsom Snl, 3 eBaks Ianrl Arbhr, 4 cases Caluel,l Ipae.. Jalap, I lhuhalrb, Ae. &r.. lading from brig William, frou iBoston, and for sale byAR VR(, AJATVI & ANDtEWA, oWholeasale i)rtpgirtt, ji7 cot Common t Tchompaltoula street. t I lib-bIIAl ILL ,: L laiadin.trorn. rgUncLeg n \tOI, . Sara. for tale by jvll9 S & J P VIIITNEY eU . iLll itrr.ed Palnr--Ju*lt rI.ived a few reams ' .IL l udon'- r.ry fine blue r yctlrd C.ap, both plaia lnd ruled, for aele i Irv DAVII) Fl:LIo & CO, otul5 N ' statin.r'n Iail, 1 Chartres. )-A-.lGIN(-=-ed -lle Rope, for ,aIL h- 1) BEAD & BAItdTOW, [ ,tl3'1 l7 Bank Place. i. AiAtiA \V1NL.-Swert and liry tMalhga V Imne; rin qr cabks and Indi.u bbls, ertitled to abnlute, fur sale bv HEAL) & BAR.TOW, uc 67 Gravier at. t 'E(RM CANI)Lb --Far alte by ant15 7 B abk P erae.r BA'NK Bt )nKS. 1U1 T received a rfew Ignre aof Daemy Bank Book,; al.-,, a few Medicm Bank lo,.ka, fin sale by tlher gracer dazen orr ringle by DAVID F2'I.1 & Co, ortO N V' StatioaernItnll, 24Chaartea at J1 ton II lbplatr, measurinl 611 by 30-alao 3 ; Iloarxes2 by 611 frm 7 ton II, fr anlI by 91 II DEVVBEAUX, roil7 98 Tchopitoulna at y F I1OMAST(N IJME AFIOAT--1O00 bbl' LOime L landing opposlite Part 7y'rhird Muni :ipalit, ap. ply to S & 3 I' WHITNEY, " ve . 8 i'aoti t a ( It1 price of toie feat and after the' let day af ..Ottoaa, wwll be fifty cents per barrel in the (Ias i Waork's yardl, ':d if taken in quanthis ir otn ban - dredharrel', wilI Ir dclih-ritd free of drayage. Th ndvalntae that this article of ful pnseraeso ner theanthractteand hI,itlninuaa oals, igniring mnor rradily than the former, and frea front the unpleasant t:nok, ofa the latter, hlnmoll induct .very family to make une nfit. Ordera rae.ived at the Gas Office in Bank Alley. .aIja'K lICK1., Ohlijh., Ilerranga, &e. "1 "J910 tbrrclaI aaeaaraleNos. I,Al&t, 151t half barrels da 1 &; 5111 Ioaxe Codfish. t 311)( " ,maokad Ilerringn,Junt recervadrlna Sbhip I'er,, atd for sale IY SatI3 PETERS * MIIiD a A K-rid ,blm for l al. hbn t, . LAWILE " LEGENDRIE, a_ _,- I)ER and Inpartal Fea--3 cakes canis ,ter dodo. landing from ahip Louisville, and I for sale hy LAWRENCE & LEGENDIE. r octl 218 & 29 NrewLeee r . . , - -:LE T t, ,aa.s ,, i .n' rtclrA 7 ta tlFr ao t bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR HAVRE. o slatilon ~natord ythe i 1i laot The tI'nt saling A I ship ZTUASI...l., Cpt. Ilrobbinti will ialt a above. For freight of lull bt.l of I:tton, if a trnldi'tt applttl ohie be lnde totl or pta~tLge. aoqiv to b 9.tVI 1 G.ALE, N' i l t V.tlII Thie ine fast soiling I -hip 'At I'I'OFF; Jacob Merrill, Itoster, will Iave ilmadlite A. Al' sKElli, A.LIANCE; LI'rwOld noaster lving all hee r cargo olngerd. ex 'ept15111 bolos cotton, ftor freightoi whieh, ap ply oit boarl , or to S &J 1' WilITINJ, outl2 U CnLti ntLot Coastwise. - NEW ORILEANS AD) PtAL.'lcMIRE LINE OF PA CKE T,. '"llIh lina will conoia t of thle friloring vessels which booe been. built, or puroblsrtd exipressl fort the trade, vz: Slip SEAMAN, C:ptain Miner, Barque MA I Y', NieLerton, " It ) FERRY, (new) Stevens, OLIOM1ON SA'I'U;., I.atotn, r, Brig Alt, 'Il'I'EtT, (;:ray Tlee vessels ate of the firt clrss--rhave haInndrOtl flrnishO d orco mt odati on, anl otre of lihr t drt.ft It wateor, so as teattit o their rrceit in; aid 0if areing their cargoes in BIlaltire at llt City. Fr iplit will be taket for ports i the C esotpe:tke r ol Jlleh' Iliver, and forwarded by the ogento, tleotro. CIrk & Keillogg, t Baltimtorea Ex tltat' olt guoo'l shipped will be al vanlctd w ltIte required. TIe prrce if parage is fixtled at $tiOamplo stores of tile bet q aitr will tI, o ,r vided. Steam up al d down tht e lis -isippi till be taken on all oecsWionN For frright or paoogc Ppllt to 1I.:IL(tE BEItFtIRDt, ort '--I0t lliett+llliO t Packet of the 2d Normbert. LOUISI.N. ANA NE.W YORK i INE. The very lfst r;iling regular pack at ship SAILATo)tGA, Ilathway master, wrill sailo a oovet for freight 'r ansoage, having elegatl accnrllodatiolns,ao Pl eb t board tlopotitn thil Veg.elab le Mnrkl, or t . JI) PI'IN &. fOI IIEN, ~ ¢t27 9 t Commorn t "l'.e :;' ." .+ p ; I it R OID, l, owes -lI m t+ r, t; ." t:o . hter c rg o eg agged, n. tinmet witth Pr; irch. For remainter of freight,ur paoageo.apply otl board, or to SITEET'SON & AVERY. noll2 88 (Gratier at FOILNNEW YORK. S Tihe Al falt sailing ship IlIL.AH. Capt. Hammond. is uow ready to receive cargo, Sand will meoet depatch. "Fo freight or pas. sage apply to tle Capt. on board, opposite post 55, 3rd ittuoiopalityor lt AS &. P wHITNEY, 0 octl7 8 Contiet FUYRNEAV yt;RR. -_____ Packetl of the 29th int. LOUISIANA & NE\V YUIoRK LINE. The c parre and copper fastened pack rt ohip I.(UISVIIt.E Ctonell, muster, wrill ail as aTot--For frriqgt or llaRSt . tl ainpg elegalt oeomltllodationo, pplyv to the Cpptain tit board oppootte the Vegetabhle mrlrket, or to S tO IIEIN& ACOIIEN, ooet2" 911 Common~la VN1Two Brig. of t..e capacity of 2 to 300 hales cotton, to load for a Northern port;ap ply to I.EVI II GALE, oct22 9:3 Comnlno at it - FOR-l0hIllr. OtI CI'iO.Il' Ell. cThte n oew rhonor ;IERItON, Cat. SMelvi, 140l tototlurthon. Aptly t S & J P t. IIITNEY. oct t8 8 Cnti st R CASEY, so. ' 19 Camt street, ha just received Ln from Lonhdo , pr shi TS, ier, &. , Medium, Royvul, Uler ( ,oyn IW ,erial ColmrNbierand double are Elephant rawnig roaper'intad I a ad Ierialt do. Turnrls Lonh ;ords. ;Ilain ald Tdin ed anisd botChina Ivery paper; "'rt nqpat lora paper , Galnd iler pper; borer, \i he , aI ied Culor e Sie plC I' E Oer. A E . RPeev!' & Son's bel t pren pred Iend Pencils; Blroalk. C [ll II , iPng l. I 'dU n' d .o. dC cU)I.c)l'ISY, &c., &rc. Rrrve'hs Soil's Wa or Colors; Newman'e do; b ox es of ChaIlkG, soft .rolt..--36, 72 and 144 dlell*tcn shades; I.iquid Gohld ';-ld nlu Silver Slells; Marble and China Ink SLab' C fm Saucer.; Chi.a 'I :, l:, and kl9 diein+ Ivor , Mne oiniar aIie Chllea l.ale; The Por.alh rul"G atesnt Saladder tonth bru sh;co Pnah knives; .haetd anl Sketchlian Potilios; Paper, Leatih R or anIld C(ork ld fop; linlltlro Iv rieC a Od ;,se SSw (Lueill P en cil; do okoldack der and ph,. Preparied canov sL; Japannrl Tin n oxa Bm aIder Co Iltuts, dlth I'encile. Drawers, Rect. Prepared Canvass t7, AL ar. 36 incler. OC' KT'BKndo &le B y)IAh & VAILE'h S . Russi and orcctal e cket Ilkn; Ry a-i I.e .tller \Valllts; Iuaia Leralar I'lcket iooks, 3 n i It lay leavesd patent anldetsl, with Silvr pencil nrana. Plain and Reeded Rnose tod, BIxwod, Mfent L old, Iurniiled gold, Fancy cloled and gold ucrew Ilin diet. PEN IIOLDERS. Pearltnd Gold Pen Iollder-; Pearl and Stiverdo. L ORN AED UIL oI sture it sori male bEy IL octl6 44 .New Levee 'vcO y M --Landing fruom hip lilah, a few Parlohur Coal Stoves, a new article and very handome; 30 ouned oel srtore, suitable f'r bar A Portable Grates and Saltnander sorves for counting rooms, in store and for sale by S LOCKE & CO, any part of the city of ashort notice. o. -h30EN Ce IleESE-54 boxes Guah hel i4hnese, T 5now lading from ship Rienzi, from Nw York, and nfr sale by UT a Benton, and oct23 car Common r Mnalgzie street Ca~1tain p a' Ientnucky) Bggig oi stor le and for sale bY LAYET & .MEI. LNG ncto.' 17 Commndre ts. N STORE-Just recei'ed 1`20 coils Tarred hemp Rope; assorted sizes: So0 do Manilla do do do 30 do do Ilahrs arthed dIirom4n to7 inch. 500 kegs No. I & 2 Robert's idbert's Wllite L.ead gruund in oli; 300 canisters (.'ome Greene do; Red O~chre, Yellow Ochre, Slpanish Brown, and IE, Blcn k d adint, an nel f glnund rin l;.it"alat. ApO and p i g Telly .( pouid byh d o V ler, furn salt bytl. th ocl :( F rout I.evee triend. l nil t':, ;,lU 'a , e l.:ru l are ill'formed. r y i n f a ll e ,e r n l l ol m l d s a d , llll , ,c t l r c tlplel l e e t a ln l Snxperieno:td .eu. 'Tht type h iJollg etti l l" new, we are prepared to do every variety r fplain ali fancy jobt Y printingialso,Pvcry vaniety of ruling and! binding unt.ut. ty and prJomptly executed by IIAVI11 FEI.T & CO, is N Y Sta ioler's HaIl,721 Chartres aIt. • i IT large annd onrrement threer atn ntrelhoaener 1 at te corner if ulnlrllrl an Notre team street. Possession giten on the I at of Nnvecber. Ap plyto LAIYEI' & AMEII.UNI;, i t; ant'3 17 C:llnnimrcl at J PARKER'S ROCKY IIOUN'l'AINS, &c. - aOURNAI. of a, Exploring 'l'our beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the tlirr lit of the A D C F M, perforated in the years 1835,'36 and 73; containing a deancriplion of thile gegraphy. ge e. ology, chnltat ani praluctiolns, and thie lnlletl. InaInUIIO anrd ,ostn l o the native; witlh a Mlap it; if Oregon Te'urritory, by Rev. Saunel Parker, A M. ie ' Rlie Inver and 'ie Desert; or Reclecetions of te lRhvoo anti til. "hartreuse; by Miss Pi'ardoe, Sauthe of tlie City of. Sit tan, &c. in 2 vale. The Robber, a'Tale, ',_ tih at.tlor oa llithelieu, ' S The Gypsy, Attila' in a+.<, 'Ite 'Two Flirt*; or Adi.-toite in a Conntry House, aend otlher Talcs, by Lady Blaaaington. R L i , IBul wer, Mrs Norton. Barry Cornwall, Mra Gore, Captain Mndwin, and otlher; in 2 vole. C The LlIf' anJ Adventures of Nicholi s Ninklely, '- edited by Bnz, with lllutrations by 1ihit, No. I. at Just re, sived and flt sale. by BENJAMIN LEVY. af LIL.In d& Ul, .No. 8i, Frant l.e'e, l"tret, have as a received b1 late ariivals froi thle Northern At in- mnnlt cities and kEurope, a larne addition to tleir stock of Ilardware and Shilip Clandlery. whiclh now makes ' thelr stek nearly copill'te aid whichl they offer on fa. e orable retlnse. u oct2d2-if L I MEb 40e c a s k ''s l nnn t o n L iIm n. ar na 'y l IIE(It|OIN It01OW N A' Cu ,p119 . . . nti a' - NAPI'OLEON and Ili Tiule., hy CnirluPeoiet, JIlLke of Vicenna, in 2 vols. The Bri' 't\WIITTEN and other tales, by the O' Iarna Family, in vols. ,ee JORfadtK'S Jaints atl, Jllitie-; or, the hinti ng, racing, driving, nailing, ratng, eccentric and exlravaant exrlioits of tilat renowned iep,tiiaF citieeu, Mr. John Jreroks, ,of St i. Ilo!ph l.ane atid Great Crset street, iu 2 tola. IIEALTII & BEoAU'rt'. An exlalanatien af the law aofGirowutl and Exercise;,thrruah which a plea Is ing contattur, mnetry .f form, lnild gaceful cariaess and f tIne spine and lchstiprevuated, lt Jnlin Bell, ;l Ii. Juet re'ived and for tale by tnee OnI MIeKEAN. o- t n nor ofCa:ml & Comamon t 'tk- fel Iala n oII t alen', an . fCont BUSINESS CARDS, J- -j . p, I(tEI 1AN & Co., Hl+holteel ClethisX Ifstaltlisnratt No.3, J.iiii One street, lUel i- AVEoont lly on llaono t largoa upply of (Cloth to I1 inoIoalotdord tror otry trd. ho r n+. orto ernt b'ing large, ner.chnats froml tle coutltr? cal be suppFliltd at thleshorltu t noti:c. .-i~i --------- /./: oi-d iT 'f- - FASHIONABLE CLOTHING 'TAYILOR & IiAl)DEN, i Ne. ii 'lh:rlr.e- ritreet oh IHAVI a inooretooteoll ply ef ' ,,r H!lCle peor lll oin+ etotl' to ýetllh_'lrfn'. dress. u ills lot,-I rl vle, at New Turk priers d. : , - "I 41ILIC1U2S '1 1MTALLIC THETI. Lit 1.PELICMENS of thec beanutiful teetllh,and theo ,ln- ire L dc of setting the n,may Ie w t lit thile oltlre f 1. B. ROsS SURGEON DENTIST, .No I6 Canal treet. ''.he.e icr h never chanlge colour, I t anld are by inany , anl in manlly case, Irefrable to the natural teeth. oL )r. R, will w it upo i ladile at theit ri deneil requested. Sri 1 M~nOHANT TAILOR, t, Conoorn street, ). ( inform tile Duhlie tlaI hvine purcherd rnd lp oolll t r li sll- t tIIt, hr II leS , C 0 nert o tLeir tock, W ail ontiuer tlo bostls, , an t then old otaod, opponta Iliololto' tn. o e b Inp's to rooe' a tshore tftler potroonoae e I Ie h rt nlotr irranogeoll'lot t at the North to, se S:upplied luon Illy nith tihe lhtoot an no tuooo faehbiotunele olgoda lo 14 C. LAY-& CA-i;..n. hIOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, oo N o. 1U' 3'oydroa tucet New ftlaolo. ho, Load Pipe, Water Closets, atId Pumpsa o ' all dl.cri!fio: +. / NARM, COLD, MAND JalOi1'It.R BATSIi Filed on tle l nrt s .Aprvrd principles. MLIA.I'D 1.RE.Y, PIRERS, &e TOrditers ele. uted itl ony part of th. .ooutheln Statl. 11r. lloi.erl F. (.indoc. o I FI I IE Plumbers and Lebad 4'ioe Mlanu.lturerI, No 102 l ,ot dro + .ltreett, I F. ' E n hland a c n.t:r t sup`ly of Lea , Pipe. , froml _ in. diameter down to :i-R il. diameter, tfrit ORLEANS LITAHOGRAPHIC PRINTING f, S'Ti'A bLlSIt M11hN 1', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. i' WVJLLIAJ OREd.vE.VE, PROPRIETOR V --r! -- t: SIHI. PARKSER Colmnlistipn and Forwarding Merchant, h No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, U Vtr 0TA0. 1 New O:lens, Feh. 1. JARVIS & AND1REWS, WIIOI.EIAt.E AND) RET.AIL DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D'E .sTUUS'IN .'4.1V) WtIVDOW (L.SS, Ctnler ot Coultm and TedhoupitoulRas ltele. . NAT0I0AN JAR0VIS. i JiAIIN W. ANIIREWS. Alarge apply o Coarden Strra. warranted lthe growthl AT MOk ILEw, A Oa S. I. & I. I. JOANES, AUCTIONEIIERS. NoS. 61 and llT WATER STREET. rtltE undersignetl, lving etm.hlihoed theonelrc o in I ubil foir the lhrn ose of tcralnnlctino the Auciionl Hant 1+uo lnin bt9Oinro i Nn 1n vllOrlalnboches, beg l Ieaveto illornm their frieluor atll the pu1lli, that ttlt +C are n0w prlepared o reeeivrl colllOt nllqlf n ,'t and loakob lilberal advances on ihe saitne, eithetor prot r priate lic J SlrS()I.OtAN I. JONES, SIHRAEL I. JONES. IFer to 0Walkert KnighIt & Co. New Orleans. ,Motile, Feb !1, 1832. feb 13 A CARD. SAMotL or!LATR AnRAttMI 'lRIat. SLATEDR & TRIER Forwardtng & cOttt'tisiotn ,lerchants, No. I10 I'oyodra Street, N E V 1, E A N . They will devlote thil pnrti cul:e r attention to the sale h of W\lcsorn Produce.o Rreference. SH Oltl lch lrd,OlleE hlartt nohil, )Non Otlean ,. fA ne Nathan, o s doro, Kohon, Dbroi & Co. W I) & M 1. oliulo no, ) ('rgga h& PCo. .w Boaoto, T,1 h om . Is:al ) y RI trt IlBrothers & Co. Leveret & ohom . New York. ViM PiihlA & G LA:ill. d tanford &'. D rav . ois . tl- lasgow, Shaw &oto Tn. S Riderh.r Co. ) hRnwleyn, Page & )unlap. AIt.n. A R Skildotre Esq. t it Marhnll & Co.--.ooOnllt e. ITONE. T. SOE. E &B.1T. STONE. S Forwirdiorn and CommitIn Merehant,l ei FURNISHIERS OF Silll' AND BOAT STORES, 0 No. 114 TC NIOUPlrOLItS STROET. R Nrw-OrlOeans. ,[ R reanota" a trnsMer. 'A5,LL., tAER & CO. ost ENtElER Vu VO0E ,,Co B A. IIt' MSEAC & Co. New Yotk. R. PUTNAM, aJ- P &pot'. IOLL.Oe, I Cincionnti, 0. k, WRGH SMITH I D)AVtlI STONE, Dalrton 0 fI.COMSTOCT & (Co. Columou O.. e t N. AI.oIIIC H, & Co.. Il.ULViill.e, Iy WILLIS., STEVEN, ( Cltrlt St Louis tie A, A. IS. RoIt , Altoon, Ill. War E. W rrTaow, IR.ohvillc, Ill. J. & P. p. 'AlrtWtLL., BavOu Sara. La. SOLOMON.I GiH. New Orleaos. Op ja 22 DOYI.LE & 1AlIY, h. I)EAI.EIto IN art AMIERICAN & ENGI,dSIt CROWN GLASS, 0,1. N1 CIRoXUEI, ETITET. (l ' heIN S Ul ol.I o oN o I [o+ro' 1r t m-OY :\\ (,ILI':\N6. od RISKS AGAINST FIRkE. ' tol.124 l oo Mu o otlll'd [lulllllil l d o ttoro. Orew th Orleans, :oy to,11::1. oter,.tory. WWILLIAMU I IRWIN L ncol ,l..slou ntllil Forwlirding M1erchtlltt cNI I;NN.I'I, 0t1t1. IrLrtoot.evet &.\ltlohloool ?Noo(trlooe. J,). l.undin Coo. O en todl toot 11*tURtaI CL. NNON, SOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. N' Camp street Wlwlesule ' )ruler in pointst, o~il, Vurmiiher Brushes, m,,;H) Wiuddnv andL PiC!UuC (:loss, &o. ,ho. T. W. COLLINS .lTTORNEY CO& '(JUSEI.LOf .O JT La1 IT; O"W prartisin-, in the Start anlld City· Courts.R Cli. Court, in thle Coosooo 00r Ioio.i o. joU A CARD TIr 1iE ulndrrsid have opejn0od honer in tlui rcity or the piurpose oItrnno00O00g a ENEiL.\I, CI(3O\1l (IN IlU°1U° -IN. l)rrnce, No. 10 (iooO'l Y STRICT, UrP SToint. 1! I' L.EVY. The l'oo'seo at Grand G~ulf, 11i-~, wtil boo comunueJ in ther above name.. Ilolp,,o. Godfrey,Lawrie 1. S-11 , jolI rro. I 11i It Ilf R Co. Louooi'ilh', john .Tp0OlNP (&Tm , V(ikourg, (loif, Mooi, Mloorc & (b, Sila lilloardo, Natlo', M.Is.s. New ()rllrko. Jly i , 18)0. jI N TIhANIl L TOW.NSIE11 hoinog bo,.d Lino. N self in Now ( orlenul* for th · Iu,p~,se o transactingg a Gonerrl A'.'oe nuod /'o omi,.oo bLuoojo, woold ro oprcooilly o'icit from ihe poblic a oohore of Iheir pa Irooofr. ool f oio horOe in Tooosrhre a ill I -t0 ln the trans acting of any b osinelCl( tint tollv he Jes~Rrrd in that cootry, anod will gooraOt-o pyor.t od oonreoitjltodt. tcuti,.n to all bulriiess * atr.islred to Ms chargre, anld a faithful oprltlic.i0 n (it, accorl;nce with i(atrum rooor) of all fols ftotmoay o'oV i into iin hands Ofice i.n New '.E o'ortgCe. oouraviTr straw, ojop'oibo to R le * l-l'i al llomb, ood oalj'ioiong ilson'n ttnddlnt rorlmllea l of rho. T''oio Coooolalo, Ncvl',rlcan J, Novemberr 2), 1817. t ~ Reforcrrw. Messrs I;lt~iIy.', BI uh&C1. Tmow "rk. 10urr W.1'en0. A ýIva F o., Nol-,. N lii., e H'1S""' (, (St Loo'g. \1. Joho T'' y. L,,imUll, Kyo. , l.Iho 0,to 0 Tll. Aktojll O, (T". n.?F ( wIBtU!UWS U(SUBM0C= QO~14Ir! OF _;£W OR.LCAN Cam NIo. 24 1Inreu'o °'SI'(jr g t .1'.(I 5 J.ocFE 7'. BUSINESS CARDS. n. K, B,, D. %cewcomb, Ji VE pcl ho hrufr thre tnllusi wtin n V . " A ni i a talalaaaa'aa'ina r Ill Nitaa tttt ut.d eennv taatatt'aa caaataid l t tn tetat shltall hle tiaitiatlaliy attrndt l 11 l: CuIIIIII)·ck & Co., ttauaa'-ll Whit e (& o· Co. r (t!Priata. talld l flick., ' -3 . 'It n i fud a eln YE at,vox ,aaaanaa ai,h a, Ita' tand II,,l c, n~ u oa)ther lajac in 'at 001ca , tad t haaaaaa htoa t aj tat'l Pat lon s .nly i21aiEtd L-3i d to, t tud by 'tha 1)%Vlt , F a aalt'CO. 1a I'M "`" 1' ý[atiunvr+' 1 1 0 1 1 , la t honest .1. Iv it, 1L ) a''1.1' Itao A tar ,ttt.tlf~talANt.erI' aaaf'gttt'l i~ulrttrnr aap n or o -,IIUL t ala &lil, tte r a ! lb!,l jvl"llnU \ll a [a. Itds 4.b (itah a aat t;' 0, ~t arrnm t M l flatICK L.((1\i1 faaaaflr aaaad autatatva ,t1ttlatloala &aat lt'aaa'tala I ala.~IP ('t a t t Ciil relar aia Ia' -i, ,f 'I'll tla Itt · a. Feri VE 43 inces w fo, f Lur Lkaitt? t ( ^+I' 'at 'lJtraIt ar tli Iarfhaaaataaat Iaturttaaairt a aI tlat týta I ONtt t , N .at'a ttio fr iatatg'lea ral fa1 . t La It ENa 1.tat' ta aattajd'atuataF aaa a tatar cc . ratty. n Ue' rr t. r ,tn ini, lcKT N, I Aista-CaVOun &~ tche a tti' a' aat p'totes II a . e i-'n matae I'aaatptataia 1;a a'.1atltt'.t a Ataatagw attirtlatat, Adetlat' in aittat'ta g-'-l Ilu; I and othera Ptaa otiv iatatlrao'a , F:1., ItuA illc· \l,; l Notfa, B'oatic Ioaa'lt LIa lara, Csphrdrti~ *Ir F1tt itu r X ntathe.. Paoaeotb Nati ata duu l ueit co tnc ··I Fat.l.~il l ala itt: fouro ctt~ t'tllar th. Catityta o l a Ctiaagat'' Imatrito h l, It ltot' Ethe Glta iof nn tta, e and L nt i wllatlita hamidr~ (tt;tatl ,t"g btay ofdv to imt atarrara. & Fortlrrl~ Justrlllclcl11; d and fir ltaui. l by Wit I1ic K t 1AN jclb irF; yl r lilc dpr~ np a nId f ,, uicil"t'. till ROSIN 1 il R11;)1--7U bI Or r.-in drudiC, It 1181tg and L, IVur o l by 1 1' 1°FU t 111 c tra t --1' ivr, tp ·J il l T( In I h Le cur Al-li t, tut, v 1, lrpio oaaf ithe akain piat e alt o r puataltto io h ,aitr; ,Liltria t it a'oou from ll '1 a' alaat ftt alt baod ataiciyar,ta u~oi t-;pottt uia tat otti a hb t Ia;aarontica rhe ttnato a to t ltadtt r; ora'a a 't r kiup' vil; IthIT t swlling; syphilitic d~ C1ITs,"n) u a, a, rld all disorders Cl ar ingIrotalttaniapt'i ed t nta o teI' t bylo d { Alia.,--Cave Sotaf as . aorm Sy t, 4I. .1 ,'-t 're ar, tiv,, atl ,,tlataa aaatt~a~tta'ata t i tt~ tt Grtata; Pp ,ai * 1 t.lttt ''al alt O 1V attaa t pgitta' pool tater ttt Ia tWolla,; nant .1', R Pa an aaltot'taa an,' ta ItfRi, ],ttIta Stat t'; KIt. aaat'ptaa tattoo W.lattot lo~ U nrtr;O iv can Ch I1I)Icu;,l e , n l('r1)y put up in tour 1 Illl$$ c·l v ials~; .\1 IIllllkton CII) d; ut·(·1ItI1· I\IC·illult d I 1I l·X·(.LII(d v , Dropt; it~tadaatotat lkltta itmpa' l f t'a o Frrtla a I t'ttt'ttttatat oatl ad~J~; ·~ tol' i 1ata'll, ,ao atto ala to,1I I,tan httair O,?;wt ala oat' I. W GLENN'S I'ERFUM RIES.l. m~ JtTT* OAR a It'a, aa O2{LEAN LIl j ti tAPHI, UIFF'EGE t sa d dra a ilng,, I ' tat,, iit at e I oatta I bttatatn to ,a tdr "ap, l t O a I uIla t 'I tbci,; It hankchec', ear cve p , aatt 0od I tll .dexec t dill · 1! 1 1.u11l't t It tair th{NF. IE.\ll t. "a Iaaa . Ittt ta i~t T1i1 ~cvdprlatela rr'al s ttaaa atoo' a Ne a gaaaa I'll f bl- t tatfib a w iultaatica'aata' tatoll th a tta a t'an a a tat, tao l a. ato . adc ta taat 'a ta tI t a tfu au rv; tm a ato 'Nt'!11 ;.1t1( t 1f (tt l'ta: 4¾1I alj 'a1lrl* ' il a,. tl~ll t I tl fatnp1:i faq t hat )itt sltat n raatttal y; a tt a 'dtals o 1 vI 'It a nl oa'l tat ala,' ,'taIt,.Ctiattta a, ' Itiat (au',,,! 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ARItN SEED S'ItIRE, laving bren [most industriously ceircal ttrdby se rlft- r i interetr d parties, tilhe su ell berll beh s to eassure hI 1 frirhds genereally, and the public at ltrge, that he iull eorlti.rlllr Withrin two loors of hll r lrt or St rm e r[ [ .ru ie d , to oitt rtr t l t w it h a r r. trtll ttn rd Ix - tenllsivo supply if all tIhe standurdrl kinds of kitchen re or vegetrlbhi, .ardln .tr.i , of thile growth anld ln. th port tr the pres'nt ttetOt,, 1137. vt Since thle arly pert rt Septembore, Ioth r.r toe r ceivd aet atpleo suporh, by the packet ships Vtcks. rr burrg, Kentucky, nild Arkanta., all urrved in short prssragels direct from Now York. f1y thle M~1sir. b rippi and another packet, he is in darily expectsr . tiou of a supply of Fruit 'l'reen and Aepparagus i1 Routs, having already received ivuic [l tlrer[ by ' malt, I m.The subscriber begs further to assure thes publis"h at ttrr, that ht it at pratllrt ato welt t nldrtd to a meet olo xorecute order tr fal thI kindsi oft fardet e at Snods. sitter wholesale or retail, as he ever was ei since his ftirset t.ttabhti[n ot in January, S1`5. Country Dealers andl arket Gardo:ner' orders p filled at the lowhst and most reasorriler ratesl, b.y t: the poulnd weight, anld gallon ore hrshel moeaure. Caotalogtes, oithlr in French or relnglhsh, may I t aoway bo obtained oi perrrontl Ilo-htcottn atn , usual, to WM. S.Mr, Garden Soed Store, 85 CstllhoInhoutr sr.. t" NOT'I.--A cronstant supply of BHrd Seed, tllti er mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Srhakt rs' t dried herbs,--wlth a supply of peas and bean. SI.LtO R-1-00 tbb. t,1tr i , t qu!dit, mrde ,if ,r- wh,. t just landed troln e.mer a llle rl i wale by iept d 44 .,w Levee. g !Ittb.Art. 'ftY .%tr''tcs--or ollt r idtiu, oto I $ lt..)ltlll' [rr.urv iot totlid $I:'ltUt tOl trlrtr:et chor'k. on tile Iotlok f .Arlelrir, a\Sr York it l dif t r- re utnumtrll. Applt at the office of 1 - 7(;00.1l "(8, ohn.sce - and -nuti Ru1-e:, tuet, No. 277, Carn, -tret, N,.w-rtirnns, wilshestotrirm hllis Irllnds and thle pubhc in gllenerall above btltiuea, sllla Ilnl ha rnhialill) for uie tbe I ollol ig t SNUFFS. iW Rose, t erman E.rro,r. r Mub ty, r ittrtlit i iitLregent, Am.erircan Itappee; Nachito olral, , imlmtt ed, ltleri el n 'irttlerntrn 's, r r Bergamot }toittetolt ttatt:.rt C;1lr.oru, |aris, Lure pish, al nes tae, Seutcl, tnll pFnilre tllorh lrpowder. Fine cllt hewlng, swIeet a urle I ft ~aln. Fine cut monkillg, of various glln e:i., Iih-'lot V i ni' iil 5l:mirl, toe. Theaboveartilcsareal lwirllriled se i, I ,notsu- 1 brig Chtrles Carruoll, fr ole by C Atett 25 trarter ot SIFTt KGf'lti 1dilEN rUTfiTritue . 1 n botra rl 1eel, 10 halfhlrelllnalB F r.%1 ih in halfhnrreirplMea l had; 1t boxes Mlunltainl's Ihalptign Cider; S5 barrelu Smnokeod BlUT; r0 haltlhnrrls t piced, 1'orltr.; Iroerled per hip t )eetolrt, llr elo hv i Vc 'l 1'Fhrp itor S MILLARD. 'il)c)ifl l S \i-:6 '':-L-U .iT- het-·a landing from ship Oreola., Mlad for Lsalle 1 bV octl " 4 I'oylrt u ar rect. AY+-.\ few Cineimnatl Pravm on land, Rld D 'rslreoby itS h tinI , It or4r oi f o w Lrnire rllr ftttar'dern .o the .ocond tetoicplrlt I .t[tn t FLrro ('l a netN, ctt rtrtr l I to cll ita tb-, ,coo:" \V W T Lvin., Esq., pp".>:i u (i C:.v k;x. ieottrt, ile 't = o. r tL:;i.t , er miotll, eu ,\lrtsr ot thr I ý-mpanv. r ' ili-. ( r in t nlars :AA).' ¶R jcc ',),"'fc) ; Inr B.\ II N t'INJ i i :. T.T.ITTIFT T., hernd oFrhhir h. l. rnlldliet ors, ,'. Ilt~il I·.llolrin~ rl. tt e tIlo ll fj'all.r I.ln" rrrrns· Ilpl |l "t r ' 1 ,r i n g s o n t th e .p p . t in c o f o * c c ' c . chi eh c u p c- t I i tnrceit h ec t e · nl vler . ' nt .nlne t renn [ tirlv Ip int* few Imttp~lnnno rlln C.. re rs at an .¥, fo~t r l 1 111 . T tlllll-fil IT IThE"Y I1111· l 1 o Of r • B,., Rir- tllic ,i ·It; thtI@ tic,- icl C,.,,, Ctilctto c)cC h i clr. 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WILrINSON - -4 DEFUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL :r LOUISIANA, SIl' .ltd his s..r iie.s to the pu, lic i .- the depi art- t in tonlll and co nllltrc. I,' ro c.c nsider b e l xp Ier ince' 1 1 U+ 1 lo le-s iou, null by p oqi}4lllp.' h i f llll 1, ll tl tI e \YII· I aI rlr licou ln l tLIlt| ' lh h Loll ltllltt (,f \frtalr nlol it, cotutil':l . o)IIce o S .I'h rtrca treet,second tory c lir .___ je"t 0 . TIN 11 I)-, \ I"L: L X odtrs f'r. ", ' Wrge - ' s it iN ailtt al nu- itn sheet it n, ago9 h it, 15 oz. w+"i: ht . ab t. r1+lltoltity of E, iii tlhl L Irotn. Just rler·,'be aell t in ..alornl· I r ' f , "(i k rid P rlo d tI;a.Ui ION & A.PINA.LL'S ( OMPil'tUNI) TiONICt MIXTURE-It A speredtv a nd cut. for th !'verr and Agu, rcmittent and illnterlllittnll t fa~vls; preparld Irorln t the' original reelp. Uld w.Ih nallttlit anid ulni vorsal success 111 1832, by persons oa tt hi, llct la rtespectablity ta tue ctity, t.a tated in thi e at exed certificeates, f This imedlcino, in highly rnecomnntnded, and hI-. bern xtealnsiverlyt uad the abtvo dlsolesrs wih 1 such distinlguiire o sueesa. trht the proprietor ofl the recipe hals Ite induced to offer tt to tho putb. hle in il preynt fotrm nll tlu hope tha t it llay t lo t tie teanlcnts of rlelhevtng maly of who ar i ;.oltring under tie scI'ourge of r t oaunlltry. It is a milediitn potisetsing Igr'at tvititO, ald whit t ed i aeccoling to tili dreatiolan has never failed ofi eflfecting a clr., evn in thlo mos tin otiatlt stage Sof the dirorder. It is not at all tthrtrereabl, aind Ip" prlo. of the WeOitkLLt itOlali ct, IIhItd lhlldlren illay take it with imptmity. It slrengthens the di..etiva organs, eroute anl appetitl, and aeldlm requtirrst I iure than one. or II oili.tinate camse, two botllttls to rff'et a cure. lThereo is neither i ercury nlor aranthlll in the tredicle, not ally thing ilnjtiotn to the h.lllllimn cotiutioe.ll T titte ttirol ltirfl ls alm aeo well ionvincedr f oIts fenitny, tiat tie.y .gree ito refund the prlice of very battle which has bel!n tlkou ill necordanre woith the ditect'on. a|nd has nlot ert.ctcdl a It perfect ctlre of lthe fever & aguelt. SA. OLIVERI saole agent for New Orleanr, at I hia whulesal and retail iidrug andlll ethlua ora, r oornor of ientllhl anld Clhartro treeta: a or Dri trir't A lge tlie apply to j T. W SMITH, 48 Conti tt. t-NO'TICE, rpýI H` Vl' d i enr++ I.'d r ln Ic,1 r4*'.,- .ppointrd by , , tilt e ltmlu tblr, the Ita" tie i l DI-t rict iourt Iof tlie ,tate of ILt all.llll It I nllll oli lln to iti arle a e na+es a t ihe dtvl alad rtnl e I it') Ol'lig a tle tI . . l lrol PI r dlr P l ) t ined, bil ttwetli~ l ag i"i all S tlopr ioltllall Illlstr t r i, ve a' Il thetdir a rr at d ntl ta" the illsu etin of all whtnm it fuse roncern. tAld public note t~ hlerby glii, that vid r ti-a tiofi ot and Mesre tal lit will itlltpr . nlrr, to hsitl 'ollrl faJr r tanhlttioi m loti.ttordoa, ttiie :4th dt tf Nt rm ber 1.iei; and 0ll re, > , hill,n+estad ,I thre eatinuate t . ., iersn et I art hereby n),titied to mllL tl thrir ol, lt ,,,I or hit''t i,'- tcii, ienl lv Noaat-mbor neat, the latter dlate bring ten '.lyt alter the cat publication of tew i)rleanr, I.h i rtlor, r,1:33. ! ti IIIH'vý1. '1 . , p ) 11 11 i , I i it 'S niL m ert ,MAi-a' tILL.F.S. V 1. 've le tolur dhlo i-'ll r ,m-r t Jt cintre pour I 'etal de lit Lolueialo, colelllliserlaelsur ll r uution e at tableau i do 1 Lontoe iit Ila It , ltloir 1 our 'Pouvir I t I d'ull nlnte . sll l leI, il, rll ue P la'i i i la rue U IO rod lre .l u t11uguilt 'CTeh lapitouN, iout terminO l5ur t bl.nrl: dona lneC vrahis ropt +1, ct I,' h ) pll, eIt d. pose tu .bureat1u du grtllier de ladte cour, )poutr Iispecrion de tlnlls .eru qlle celt poe t cllllcer lner. .*vis publ r t r t par ! Ir , sn ut dol nlln title, le li t tltllth in d'ev alun . tilur et dtasr lll, l r.iitrstt ioirit.dte it latcr oua r potl conth mn.rthmn, snldlt |,o 2. jour d o N,,v,.:nh" It "L:, tiotir personnes itter.sloes daln ledit tabhlu d'ati, lunon, et dle taxes ent r.q mliae .1 file crieur+ abl ', o' l'd rn exitsle, ho avant l' it du navemb ' I. .cha'n, la dlrlllmre etnnt dix juur: nrrea 1" "Ipu, alttion dl It. flisa.tAN, JOIIN SI ItP CItE1 SAI tINES, l., lll Sr a-nilet. Nile Orlears, c,, 40' IGN. 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RI.E,1 S LI7Ti'fGli.4.IJC lOST fBLIUH YE.i7', 53 .1M:iGiZINE STRE1ET, 1i'l.=iiTFa itinK' , Anta. 1-0 r Wt riiE F it a nis iuaare tl[nlhn to li. ii i lal ant puibnlic of mm w it rleadd orb I no L'b. ;rntnrllnnl: bestoweder o,+ Ilia. for ile total twoye ars, and I,:sIravu to -snort, tlo,,o t hat ll orders corllo tied to ! ,rsao t h s 11l.:nl? shall he puinelu~lllv atended tai he will as ii, "LaaI kfee alii atatadatinat file sunniiner. and ifin bali.e ullalan ii wady ii e oitib dhtaf t n 'trafin nfnia talt- L(n tad dt-ii aia of daida v oryfiitiiiica son ap t lia. a 'Ia noticea, aiin th e moif rinatf.i. at terms. nOf lle l; an-itlC r 1baliste LnptiurI ft any other '.fi bliffaf m~! "'II the cit.. anti (ro11 little exper~ience in file i..iiir,; tftti I ,'fiin fenlnnnnlidaatiof gfaing enatie Ala. lllf I Ig I tn alieanta an ,reed t \ 1: Apothecaries and drugg1Ctsi la 186e e ecuted inl it;' gooi atnla n.iIoppef.latiafa. ln ail at ane a lirJl of o noaxpense. ji 24 ti Ito;CL.4Ilt ; l airen~ara Cataalnri. !- lain hung the .hfaeat ut-ii, i laa OnlyI.o Ball .mitalnt attatkn arI-, 53i.lGongitii nli inpiania Bank', nl.h v rial'. septic . . .IO. RRLiOI.S. I AY'T LINIMENT,-No Fiction.--T'his ei. S1 traordmary chemical comp, sition, the result of science, anld the invention o a celebrated medi cul tmat, the introdut' , n of which to tile publis wa. investetd witu the solermntly of a deathbed bequ, st, has sihcc gained a tetutation unparalleled. folly ustatiuing the corrctness of the lamented )r Giridley's last confession, that " he dared not die without giving to posterity the bentfit of his keowledgo ont this subject," and he therefore hb quoethed to hit friend and attendant, Sulomos litay, tile eoret of his discovery. It is now used itt the principal hospitals, and the private practice in ouar country, first and moot cotairnlrv lhr thle aute of the Piles, and so eten-. llvelly au;ldl etffctally as to baffle credulity, unless where. its ttlcles are witoersed Externully in the follt wing comtplatnts: For Itrupsy-"Croating extraordinary ebsorptios at otte. All Swellings-R.dtbcing thent in a few hourn. ltRhemtl...tioc-Atute or Chrome, giving quick Sotre Throlt-fly Ctancere, Ulcers or Culds. Cromp and Whlo oping Cough-Extornally, and over the Chest. All IIruiset, Sprains, and Iurns--Ouring in a few hours. Potes and Uicrrs-W-hethef fresh or long btlndlln, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and crildtron in reduc ing rhoumattii: swetllings, and loosening coughs ana tightneas of the chest Iy oluuretion of the parts, Ita been surlrising beyold toneepttmn. The ceohnmton remark of those who have used it in the Piles, is " It acts like a ehtarn." TIIE PILES-llThe price, $l is reounded to any person who wall tsen a bottle of Huy's Liniment flor the Potto, and return the emtpty bpttle without I bong ctretd. T'lese are the posetive orders of the itpolpritttol to tue Agents; sid out of many thou. i anol. ild, not one hue been unsuccessful. WV miight insert certificates to any length, but preofr that thote who sell the article, sthould o-w Itbit the original to purchasers. CAUT'ION-None can be genuine withaet'a splendid engraved wrapper, ont which is mly au~te. Sutdtelro that of tlhe Agents. hOLOMON AMTYS. * Sold lholesale and retail, by CO.1STOIT)K & Co, Now York, and by one Druggist .in every townt in the Uniton. leor sale by tile Wholesalo Agente,-c.err oft Coenten & oTthoupitoulae street, and by tile. Apothecarles generalliv je30 o ri'ATE OF LOIUISIANA, T Itil;T Judicitl Ulstriot Court. Thomas UI .n. n", .t. tllts Creditors nd, lti Credie tr of ootte& (:o Tc e reesicn of ttbe InsolErnttsttotisetly teis rilto bes ro te tourt febe t. benefit of fir Credo- r. e, c.d t .eordcre.t tit ta ieeetide. cia bnci ideredif ra Otd tet creditoers t ttern & c cu e tate i plaice atube grt fe def J. 13. Marks ga., Not&:e public, ladi Mo.daeJtd for abti Il Ote.he ttrt1t, N.. ted h tatte . t =1 o , tter tse h0 s aI deltit.rt ott te tite ti staid Jie kic,. elan treoute Co., arnld to the1l1e l eon tire all judin'al t la petole r'udl Jenkns 1 t. ruh et.t t te. Colnhed Itt nontlle poutl ert |r teee rueael . Th.,ueoln Hou. A. i. I.tchananjuge cour ci Cdet nsu, ce 24 Otbre' er, 1838. 1 ootO1'-3,d&c I' LEBLoA 4" lt t J. diclrtic-.'t'itc Ii Jenkies notrejn ti2e cotietio de Itt0)r able to nt , e o septh pIdr l. tteftce dr tee eroectittl; it S ott rrdotos qe'aoe sdtim de tee orroroicrrot do ot(t tie :Stete di Cie, aif liet st it-it do J II larks notaite public, luudii,26cjhtir de tl mtre, d die teurs di tttaitt pour dbljhbt r etc Itt lItiree doedits Jcnkitm ot Stero d& Lier; mmeina tottts touter procdltres dttdiciaifsontecet Ia pe .cton rt Is ptetrnr~e r'udit Jeeoinas tootarettororl t Ceblen ~tt nltttttcpor rtettrilteter toe orreuoietj cliscuoc, densu c e 24 clootebr, t8t3i 27 ,trt-3 I' LdIIi.ANC, DNp (t*1eMer. Sgive nic tice o thet nte to e, (kl 9 c losa sat oI~: dlo r st ? tltIt1wreotoo Isw" rt. ,ti.:. .. uidC snrp

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