Newspaper of True American, October 30, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 30, 1838 Page 4
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tuIp$ td ý Lithsiana Hotel, M. ARY .KitLND refpnrtfully an. n iOuanesa to l friends and the public gone. 1o ise Peaid to accommodate them at S bove establishment, and hopes fr r. her S U is to ftnder visitors comforthble, to receive S'. 4nimane of'former favors. Sie fulas confi. that persons visiting Covingion dtring the ' le:.°' otar months, cannot find better ecco,mtnodations a' she can afford them, on mars liberal loatas. ' ? ouse is pleamostly situtod, and well nrppflied pe ry convenience; the bar is furnished with S amlr atoholba liquors, &o. in short, sal promises --. A'it sothing shall be wanting on her part to give t I *lse saticsacton to all who may patrooieo the SiJisssaippi and L, isinna Hontel. - ra S TlHE PUntaC.-The UIrtgii itto d. having studied under Dr. Sel.maidt of Charleston, -. "B th Carolina, and lr seanm years his assisteant in Sthe practie of mendlciso at d psurery, Ias tIle Iolltor t iffrLt his profissional services in th city. f anjsns the lanlis anod ge, tlsm ,e..n at tIle et ~.Ai~ ll" h romtnest will be psid to Ithe calls wbicle . f. ma; elarid also offers Iis ats.rvices tI tlhe huld-tlg 'ofrslavea, linig welsl aequ"istled witt the i .d eaeseet common to thirn, having alottel. d thullu in 3-" Il sugar Ioonu e in Ct earlestol. r e.." Thse lous anti bilious pills. ater tie eomphstt ion Os trolbheo r Smosllette, withb lireclioes, can be I ad Ofthi.teridoraitgned. 'Tle elffit wtiel tltey have P opo in tesis anrd olmn r itire, toao beren alttndel ' ilit the grerLest szesere, S to wllich lle sllt o rof. eirol), 'a c be girve. App: y at No. llaG a. .ane street, JO. \I'i.ORIsNG. TEta LR- iV-RErJi- Io- R vc- , 6A; IRONS, &c. ' T.rIIE HOWELL VOILKICS COMJIPANY, No. k 238 i\Vter, near B,,ekms. l .trtc.t, N,.w York, have received the pa t s daleetts oand lrc eohslattllly receiving larga anti exlensive additiotns ts tlto tits ek 6if the abuoe goods, ilicsl now 1eticls ofl tile n llowing Oseortentt , astittble fr the il slltrthe t itrld Wetstern markets. ololaw ware of soperior quality, consitiing of abost 1500 tons, via, Pats of 22 diffe'rent sizes. fro.m 2:8 t2 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 siacs, frtom 3:8 io'30 rgullonas, Kettloa. 15 sizes, fro": 3:8 to 1d galltutt, Sadkepans or Ovens, 7 dtlThtt.!n tlzat lb Tea Kettles, 6 Ito Skillner, . 5 do Flit Spiders . fi do T(lnco red Spidrrt, I2 do Oirddlas, . . 4 di Fire Dogs, 6 dlo Wagoan botxes from 1 I 4 to 4 3 4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inclhes. Wood Screws, 2a.00n 1 gross, iron and blrces, from :85inchl, Na. 3 to 3:9 ircht, No, 21 of a superior quality and finish, anI less than Jame's importoed prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks uf about 500 Ib fuor retailing. Ioilor's and halttr'a Ironi, nsaortenrl. Solst weigbts, 100 tLon, aesoirted from I l I to Bella for Plautatios, stleamboalts, lourches, &c. mtoade to order, Also teaLnmbealts and other machinet Y made to order. Tilse ahove assortmentI of goodla is particularly recommcndted to ft:e attentliotn of SOtltlltrs itlald WVestori meorchantsl, anrd are o lirsrd fir saile at low pricea, anrd upon tit most liberal terms ; it is be. l(ved to Im the largest and bast aesorttllent ever offered for sale by any onte otabliJuetul in thet United States. Merchants, by tfrwartling a riequest biy ail. ca' n have a printed circular, with detsriptton of ;goeds, pricesand terms, foml which no dovlatiioU is ever made, 'frnished y return of maiil, Alorders will renelve imnediate attention. New York, 1838._ j,3 [ bears ei.r iii Illukll'.. I'iikle-;tii r i el tttlsrost e a E- t ...tki1),t "crsr Cd ltIs tll t lld ' It-tdl lll eitsh sI ecsianotent, yt JAI VIS & *tNilliNiVS, el. ar ote it'tptltae n - UAP-tttn'- it Isl bIoxes Nt I S.%npl, brltntt l Jatiats t . iGoutd, for csalt by ISAiC I'II)itl" .('s ) i ./ ,1 1.13 '1. u 111:liu tre trt. "`-. '"'llT o L I T. *4Ec-str Ntaellti e a n ,tts-ts m 'Ft-it tween Tivoli "ir cle lnd inreltll iPe I "treS. mnl. .\. J ,l'l"l',o I I -- 1-- ---_ J '11' " sV I .i t. y eIxO\t V S , S r -- 3 ___ _ t t lr s , I mI dirt t,. il ,tote ' l le l, Ul t r . CIlACli'LiN & Co()I'R. nm15 tot ellt 1 a wl.' ruits I tl 'up sIn:1 it-sits Po ar:, of -tl ,lo L t ries. , Ittl-ittlil f itt 1 ne lle , s leri tsr I l il, laid lhli, ard white woeira l,ttstid ii a: rsut .d ri u!i 1 . o , i - , cnp, ctlRuellrt-ty Oi It tllld t s sahi by Sl I mA\'II, I, \ 'IL .' (' . Il o31 . SN YAmoo tiAlus" it?, n -i i .lltl . ii 100 lI;I:1G .':,,.;,,,, CS·t, : .. I ", 1 0 l t bme s (f3 dsse esch 31llsetl ine , l'-f ]s5oI d i 'l"2 do 11 d' r I1l1 ' 51 Ia 11"t2 do ellll s ' I t Itc ; l t t lt V CIlllLli .Ers; 1 s pripes s ir ira. itor ale l, ' . bhilndinlCg, rol;slal y tlllllr i nst ell'rils ihls slljtlit ..d htdJiuCg neatly est'rllrlud,t hllrt Ioi e,, 1" r3/ N " -rnri,,,,r,' It I1 , I t'sl-rll. lss.i . '(1l.A~ nt, --ttsbbls.: 'tli itsI stsittl sectil liauittsi Ia + +&'m1 1:1 Mga n :t illrt A NF:\W tlo strlt brick lvn, it ttttt 5 la u stest. I(tnt very low, posSte, gSelI en nnnediatell 9:,: s_ int G L I, l .\c ' 5/ ,fint si IIBAON si .ts.. Itast s t.le .hl)Coils I.oUe, Iladinig fre- .fe ha- i s-,! rnues by L.tiEll' &- AAI.I)I , 1tl9 17 (CUloi ce. ,t. AiGING--Niii ,it.e K,.a'.,kv hl gn., islofh, 3 froln atealalr l \\ Vlle.iiI fir U.ala hv YOIKliIc, SitllI)III I, je6 GI 'cnp tret. NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA A RO C T six innlll ago R I i i h nl t n Illll: lllllll h+ IIIto y ". a' scret disnus.., ir ,.lhich. I have al plie.d to -.e rtl lOcturc fLr it lcure, nld ht, l did nit ems iii ..i) i an tile cbvre d te ii lt I'I u lf .ullidr tlh' .'-cl of i1Ilo,i Iluet, and I expre hill to cl ie ai .. illne that liI e tlhe li.ilMI got worste, so ias tIo brI:k out it, lUrl h .rci to the nllller of a ix or eeightl l ll. it leg, tell ll oveI alny lace, and wore throut, and not litle to work ,it h" presvlent llll a Oil aLCC.ounl of Ilt... llcPe l:trte lceC.r Oi lhe rigllt aile lof the tlhrlll. I IIIi a llhn i ll.lll l t l,?h It confdently Ullder tIIi' c re ol r U r. l oiait,.I .l"Pal is, to be perfectly cuted JIul. DEIA.. le. 14 ly I D O C ER T IF' Y lt, the It, v , I nllelll d l isonse is quite well ei0ud t, e.v ewn, for whi:i, I ii t nik Dr. llnet; and morem,,er I as .r." that the ruuti cile I have taken lnl,es l ume lit", nllul dl om illlllt, IIIsy nealth at all; ltherelre I advie,, ni I"l w lio, lerl it lawnovtimeund )lpply to lr A. Il .s, Ii(I Cuil.. trlert, beiweecn l)aiuplhc" nd Iliioerli.o lroiil . a r. Huet is at l)U)O, lfol ) O'',iCk, t \I, tutil 'I I' I. lthey will find a trll .dltor for tlli ell lllll . JOHN I)EAN.-f I;ravier street. tCIf ly nice wa , toea sie l.caill ait No. U lurvie street, ald the.v will I suliasied. 'l be plublis.hed at the opli ii of l)r. lIhuet. J.)IIN t1'. N. New Orleans. FeP I, 113R. tG. 1 I v SII E Genuinc Ilt l lull a.ulllll llc .ra . IIIi -11s, . Irhelan, isr plult lp in hutll:s t t low ii e o i ,"ic 1f 511i ce.ts eacl, conltalning the )ug.ll'Ih of lto-,. oll.l)ls of L,veswort, Ics illa cirrll' I)ll v olher rnlt and herbs kllow nlaon a tile lludiouls as licllclu o inll rin pulntaterv colplllilnts. Th'rit u ivalled successt whitt has aleded size ,se fa this inlletrnale llcloin et tever ii t Ih. benl io dnced,. hals .hu.ined Ill e,,iloe tld rtelemlnll h tions of re pectol le plhysicialln, for lit o IrvIii' of c llilJs, cold, pain ill thle side, walt Iof IrI, u +lili)ll u bloudl, liver complaint, &c. 'l'To whaom it ay concter. This is to rtifv that wlte have ill iae prlie'e frq lllrtle q lrl,.rllrll ra f:iII1. m.r's Lndiael .alt. ," l.iv rwoil-I I ll..l.l)lllh , wi a drilled oiod .l:lt \ ll w le dcl.l'h.rr l·, bes Iiii knoiawi I+,l E offlho inma rlnls it isr nl.l 'rntalllnl llpl vaoI: 11ro I andl esriol.e r p.c rUl nIimIt ii aes rI pcivf .i pIrn, , alr all lhoce altectio, oftIhe lm I l vic r which ta i re ntmoanded. AI. 1 Ri' tit 1 rII .lI.vS)t I. C.\IlVI N ELI.IS I. I, Nlllberea of d Brltd llou ,hiliel .taietiation. A Simde by J RVI Il,& ANIl)RtFoS ee+ll |. o In , I ei , I'.:If-Hit lll hi r SIs S hI "PLER' g E4rveI.crct nigin iu. Aplerienlt--l.r -M,shIeadtlche,ncililty f lhe hsaln ut,,t. l 1be 0 , tt.S n.cettlntnllaldi.Uo-eL.gll-ugut .rliel,Lc. ald lluchI i lued a a gentl. "',aiuci lr Iatatliv,". fThi delirlle ptreiCllllitlll las reetCived ulthe i,tn ats ouf iuany eleiti e nltntrot f Ie o lttt..nisuti, al tran a diernialag plblic canlv Ilee"rlllt iil.lll aslli-. cited tsatidtohiallaieit cflt.aey as n )Idlliill r lu' Ield) elicited. IVithall the Ipleas)ng .iuulitie. of a tites ofl "odn water, it po 00l0l00 the ctIvlle ,nedicinaul Properties A cthe maet oppr ited ealineaus purIIaive; it i. pleasant to I pe altet, ad graefull t D'L ANGE. - IMPORT'PANT CAUTI'ION--T'he i're.cine reptn. tlion and creat demanld for Iltlei's I.ffervesuenl .kIgIti. .iaa in A wrient. has t een na iciuldeleePm' e ir uther. to o. Apte vulltatirme l this Ihlvaurle nLe lld . lo.Prchasers er.,l.crtienly warnetd of lis fieact th)l thtU'y Ia e IIe .. o h t ir gl.rd, mild not ploellr. ll . tlrl nreoet. r hd pgihlec are reapcthltlly itfer ellhhat thlc. .leri J.taerare eletenltmnitlied ci:h the origiual and goe ; ,M_ n Paraa la.. Purcafet wh mrle a d retil. .?'- SI"CKLES Y CO. Agelns," .40 Ca'nl street, N .. A 'ip -.. getalie lair Oil, hr lie relru -ti idgr hfHair, giving Iealtihaldbeaul) ,aml Dleface thie Hair Oil wre offered Ic the ptbltli, it lid l nribla n htndr-d. nof sea of baldnedc, rliac.ti .d . elee .A1lnl4 aother hair. and tievery inaea.ue ias t, ,nlrv rpliiad. It hsac er fai'atd tor'lolre +'etI' emrwtlh ,tf hil c leuatlan nlreadlv "_ t Cew where it b.e.omea dry ned teneees Ui CrUe OdtIkll,11 very oon render it hlcthhy, and IrUlhce qepid ad becutifll gralwle if hair, withlo.t tine leas a-ls to the hbead. 'Phis lil gives anc uarcelle trea. ae d ia preferulle ta ntiv other i ir Oil cfor iper 'eisell and glaseina the hair. h'lie h ir - elgal.eI/hrtj Pior tale ti LES & D'LA\OE. IMYMONS fiATT r , CO, oo; now receih; ,ro. on hoard ship OMlean. Engle, Highllla er, I'k.-I an. t'rV Andrew, French ad German play card; Baek teo- S me. ll nnrdnl Clheasmrn, 21-4 and 2 3-8 iich I:il at trd l:ies; ,9. 10 ,nitl Id inch blade BowR e Knives:' her L-ntittrettn etlteritccvellin-" l)reSniny COtane; Bit., Ite fu tZk t, tlorset nte, Oldni n n e li irtnlh, n- doul. andtt a n-l. ,, rr7e ihd ( n me Ilagzt f ; ll t Belt; PId,'ttert th ll Pist~ol Il:faqks; I1rn,, Mo~tile, Tond Drinking Cap s; S+r ll r']; "1 + h onle n~r·.~ lrl'~ l ('alt Hnl,lr".r: ('Ink1I, (lair, 'I'amb:l~ e "I ,Vai) lrss Orrls sad Chlorine 'I', i \Vtst nta. I'nntl Pledlr: T'nilet ntid thl:tvin, itnps, inrnn :t vt . ied t e'hi: Inn. Ilair lRraeidel, Itlt.tets n: d lrizette-: fPrla llt "i'ell' l ilet Iv'r ,lr; Ilittrv i , ', I"e ter " rai n.ittn nes Pet tll )Rdlln nr tnrtlnt-r i (ti' -tit n-irr eirc mve Poweiir Pittl etai ll xeitii'lilt Clt-ins Se s dKv; ia Isnr-drnpn; liikt ll knehl ; Brne-tii-tc; Ilnil Nicklhc,-. n"llct;ttin; ilt n id ler t e itsi; l rnin lea. l Itorlie nod F lti e sT Shell ''w t: e nheiard l)rttin leg netlhiit tehin rtdditint tr.. tI k trltPlle l ck € hand an, ninas henitrl iii'trtienettc,.rvrt.,,ttlite ad ilhes d itowii l o a rn, tit the iien c, thne G l let, Ior (oI-'tf 711 t tirt nt,-e eetr , 'tn (y, r shint; vilt m le iC.; n the eat,-,r v hat I f ac 1r -1r, I+r S.h:.d(. remn+ d . l~, dae ht, ve in i n+c~'.d +trh.I i tm'eltmrtpiistols Ile-cl r bhe.itelsui hr .+ Pn et itch Io Sl penrtti tel lerit.e 'i - n-tkt ci; it neahl,,l tnn In-tles ttretl t-tnives -C,,tn aeda-tten, Iilien, h.I' d,,lti.+, stias ll Seaplli k'.niv'iI .ems; ':d'ers, as -c h, teen ntoathr &te. t ht. . , it y pi '.t e. Wl' ,IC t.Id.;L.+ ) mitilns7 tee l bI~l~lti~il;,ut a|t e ll ilr CO At (l e nte t-t-Ctts ste { ll l e ma;rl ,· knowlrln t-t tie 1n, tint, till -r~--- NF:14 (:(1111)5, rvr, CI\!\I()\S, rA~t-f r (. CO.-.{rennw ,zcii·ing 1041 per si ill g.++; i l dle E htle, drrt Andrerm w, I il n teel' tllclil t tIan(;ocIkeiti tItln tllan rit e noa pil st tilnt in s cap,;t' p ctll hat ch.t l ill elsl ; IIis'llle Rialoil rs, I '51i lllS; p,+. +,;llll.: %{.+ cnnhillll+,l other "1 pens; Yin LI) t in l linetttt,;sh ell, pv tykel -otrnk m -Iel dhrtns ktmm t h i,, o r liteti i teeet lue lair l e , It-ntilOll etI ,th r c l+ 'in t %Oto I- .++ Lo. ak v +el,, h .elhm h l t (, u Getrma a retn Ih lgnen Illy tIId Ih,"arsB~il; portahla desks sali~ll dlreslll g arses: past,1 , .k tdlnciln, f *likl., (tinl ,Il,..lci] lass's; coll. ex , i ners; :l.+ inie a li-ee-tctet-,vt.ce; Intti-tthadh cctgneete tidatet; [.ll~ttttltlticctm'itcs lid mCce. ai t mitt h l, ti c t tile antd tha t ln snp.; lnilet tn' -m t llllnr, , 'o ic ad ' l(; iiler innai ,i; ,s i n Hack haith l 21r0 haetllun toehet b tks cs nI lwes: hasoi ' ý | azlri so'll at p.l t, it e antlid, can a,, th ltl ou-++ r eastic , i.o. lr l is, eeinstr n Nr l(te 'll , inc,.th s il t:.t i'c,+il t (.l.le cn i &, . l"cr.. n eI'lel:If i , io lthi tenIs sfetir ftii t - ,n (lk .tenn 0-60(... oak,~ ,, ve r c ,era. F nr s ;wI1 : U. t' ~ti , t' I ini, c Iv ((iti ( Un a'ill , 7 , it- h et ht-inte, rii --- a-il ie+ T eitrlet -h r+leOteit, Ret ict e'ee itttne lr II litk,,llrlnr tlilI ni. e ,ri the o ' tI'l''tn't - I'Ieetti~ntreeul- i nnei-rrtr.ltu.-,,l \ 1' ,l \ENiY I I . I 7 . m fNet'eft s, Itilei 'ne lIt It837 , a . I hal(F ta ,,,b t l denittr tr (ti oale-n Ma-et n, ,Ille t s nl. eri ollyenl s , te lr r en ene-e li w te r.-tel hI ill enlilr'ttet , i r, l t ani ce si l cnktceu-pleh,a t nd cl-a-sing'idit,lnt nrss. ni , Innitnis r vi'r iv w l au en to fir o le tlu " .. o the b ,sIt : i-n llal,, tltrill nl c trin fn t ci*t l llh e t il ltnw rs, noen Ie r r,t el lt left, ti-tier .;i len. ilH. er tll tr wnie, lltie. tio FinseItlCi e of t hti alin s o ttltine il- n-ti & C'- . Cc 1 eeitl + f rose Ilo ilehip ecnid m +cill en-mtlre- i t titN v- kIehneeth', ef en t her m cnc,. rhn u-iits wte il;,,, sre, h ltlt i t- itinr I l iy: t t Ec e m 'as...te ttgvhcmi d, sai, firmt ae aiertnti ileleesn o oel h.,:irv r t,.q n~d +, +' h = eal Its " t+ en[ th,-r w tI, ....... hh,inttt s.' ,l v o " er it .ill li ce, , Iptte h Itt tt., IIA nil & htit-etitlteci KEcLLEY.l Ne Intlns l not. l7,neeintcen 1il ^ei0n71, Siin tlle .n lici tt{ I tt ti llartre t, . I Itil'- , eitle nr il itres ,umm il eri Ilul , poa, r I o nh eti, Ime ! t , ;le d j l il" r'.r sailk nd worsted el'n : a brlv o tirrr1+iiio+1 rI I1ia-tilnreutc en"ltr orhah taen-l tm, . c-nr,, o e lithti C thti I ner etmluh, , t eil ti.,wi. ral I'r:,do d nerk .s I 1 . l o flioeea, h d -le ,i++. III mid tnl,,kl lee eiti eAShl p lll tmm ;.mc- t wholesale r ,ill -il Irv S1.i(·1 hMLO1!1* 111111IIII 1Il*11/1111-(11111· IC( y (, eceittenet_ ,I1at e kem tirecent. diý F.n I ;(/(,e s b il :+ C n l an, &h e i ct ( ' it o 'reit . it .r tin .k s , i enitis-, h ' b oni t al, ne ti: ,c- n, c d'le c broi Nen Ill nirl, icee- i . f' IT. s c ll uu nllhll.ud, nui(t htz,'khlt+, Zhl,, a irus r t,th, iery- l, l+l+ p i +'rll lllbsh lit h "llca pat- I aill- rc . , ( , tack and dres sing lrld iiavs, horn do IIolill' dllsl rip tilllsl Ili-1 eI"llt4itil e neI I it ete-hntrlll n cl n citn, ei Iteteel',.o r lhlt h i 'IIIill ' lrl'I.+|l('t ' Is..ll " ll t'llTC d, II t 'T J~I tV nrd's v.,-. .1 dlin t+ I r Isbber , s hh lill rd ·1e elasti f a . arr e fllf Cto o jh I aI'n itilleilm hclhi.C Ieuc- eilltco lnclleo, Hd e nlie t racl ies hl ýridli["rrll pow lr , s, p Iasx rptic r Iatilt Jbnh·rc1. foil. 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WIL.ALIAS, OCULIST, . rOW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSO1 STREET, LOUISVILLE. f Th1 the Editor of the o i .Jld'rrtier: os - S il-It appars by tile ohmervontilnm of the Edlitore it.o f the Nashville Presbyterh Unlsonn aod Trans l rtpt, lIs well ns tie ehitor. of the Moltptis Isquoier, tIar Ih: t the "i)hi (t e inrll " isamont fthe IttctorsT. hi'B s proved by hltoi is rtly erage, knowine Ilnt bi tinme io i. t shortl nnd l t fotthe inslependent Alteri ,an pieule ir. te e ll rat jltti' tiot Ileotl.lves wole a re pinds rtlO t t. i tpoitttons to rt o t. t'tv edri tors wlot are I) ftoirs, ttnamed isr, roti every cottser froono pe'soas I lrtve restoredI to Riglbt in Ibi elmeve places, puffs. ts., The fr5t i, Out ot'oer hld .uo' h great soucelRs iit sothoelitolted ttperiod l Ion r twelvd dyi. One vI. t ntd'bll I t. l tt ear s, wO l o Tad o litt is n tieo " tI' t'oot f t, h 'ittboo'hooto to sett toh fohllo gt hitsmater Iii r'a" 'y hotel, illnted of" beanm obliged to h e Iby hvi I rl 'wivt\, Ivw ll b ,s t he hl i al h a eac h asf the e.ighl bf one rat el I)r e i oe fi re ien , t hears te oliher fr iearv L twoi tetro, hIy tnt both of thto m the otht ro veiry tielk; fi ot :e.h ot oi.totl ool soe t otrttototi'ottsee t ii ottt , whih lelh t oeit lish , til c~olt in s , ex 1't 0 li1ln Ih lt l . e olndr he in ruellc: fir hnv inalo l of eh ' i s.ho'tdie'to o:t3rs, Anotler i. Iltichtootlll"i of oot t, ortot ,l t i tth teh'tot, wo solt t noo i o I too o tnd oeverto s o tO oloi tlt' o satlie paId ofe ty f tets), who stisIl oie hit'l to 1 si'hs i tt oIf 'l b o ros tt e to th ooo of L mot t iu hll tllt slit ti)ov begi'i to reld h relcateit rsot wil the ttotl r to-e Ito' splee tllottt. '"'libo tile o o to r ediotoi tr kn.ew, a thleg illlllan lr0l1 file hinselflle Irt 'd car lill( e e h I lo i tt bto er Ioo tr , etllice of sle o oedic:l o ditor-. oIg tt they nigllt lte ilt,f rmt of ttso facot. T'he tlaot l lteall ntiti'ton is orsll lerv eutlecmal by t oh n ete of Is: rni eI l' ,, ne .rly ¢ I veiiuy yeiars f age, w oId1;Ie nrlT puh i tB ttlv b r Iettetr whilclt Iie tlok to al the dittternt o lices . , it t N sfvillfh but one, 'll d hilnmself toldt n lie had plra ftr'h ite li'ton wlht'tre, lthely dormhelt , h i ll d'ocair .soot i thlt lt"ter thilit, e o Oe otslo V deprlv,(d of tile .i'oltot fone otve from fi ktsalhter hisbirth, fe which I os mother otald to Ihltt Hoccasioled iy thel cc mensl is or slnlle l pox th tllll no.v he col dl nut el|y see thle flight of~ the s1,1 for the first time tlit plh reclllssetsh bst the stots al'so, alld woas belinnsng to ditt ngioisb l; l man nlbiell.; n dll ,lid, before I leIt blint rate,, give nl. nv tIlp oof linl l se coold se tot waolk flrot th ie srnt ;itlhlthe oliher ee coo ototit clsoosed. HI slotll hIo boto t bte itt. imeltieibr oi the teethoorlisl lepiscopoi Ctorch Ior att rlv Ifortv ears, nnoi t/ht hi.t wolrd wno ever loibtt. s0 i trlotsollt the whole toIl'rs't lfhis lifo. e p etel'Bll Ihril"l i never greater itwccss than e t tlt N ot vr heforeC O io till reao n tIto he . T rle Ih1lninldinnti1aofltho i Rev. clericO IOr ltll Irt O .i000 loltos 'e stIatoedto me ftllt albot sixyfetrh pa.slthe ws s o. t'sltterhtd from beint p nperf.ct t iidlt , to* believe itt tthe Idtrihl of'lie Bis l e,t lh t he inotot h o liV oi t i rif oln ,1 ofi ix year., to Ilcolle, le .thold the everlted frol it oot trli" t'oon, a os t ooe hli it of llttli iol minlcr i l the p++a('·filn l 11llbIInil i dtihlltes of tile ('Krislian religion llfe o t o breallte ouilt deSl.Uction, r o, ctiteounr ntdf I I olsleho od to pleae hlit nt edolcl frient' .s a-aSlnt t the mliili whollm hie klneW haIl 4Oll o d lo llell mu lltl eo Lld l no nl sootv to, ano on,, All tie ionhiabhlnts Iof itoo hville poi Oke of I. o : t 00000 ott. ss t I h ll, o-eept tote i edt ita dtcfrts .l. tloM tl lloftthe ti slt l oallooa been iller tted by Mlr l'tol of I I ti le ltre pt r.rtllmleo l on Itls totall 0 bliltl eye. I vetl l ttlhl lrotth e ls I gaiuedh inthe Nirtil, silne f y irlrill iallht n the llhwes.t. Tllh provet, hw~vcr [I had, nlotd 1h111 i p ll I II 1 un I lll I arrived intl t s section. Io ,r hi tll Chu .11ll111 '111 +aulllitwV St ant I still hope 111 weCrl lta tln ny- v+,rv voutlhful Prow entllle laly I leve, il phit, of the riOtll t eratioen of flfe frcl o)rt., f I arv ojtlglr trolun tite iralt, . t litit ahepdty o eliit leil int Io *r i0r t, i well ns tie tlericsl I)r e irhof Oht f. e (:. Oores ito teroiot td otf siOe Itioto ot Nooo.vili, n well . too t eldintor anlIdsb mtlltli sl 'ditor of tihe 3lfMemphit s 10 0( 'rer J rloootooi , stt aI'se Ote ootiotl Gillitto otitoo ot stohic illo, |ile .'eUl 1)r O .f (hat tt I 11llto tritO,. tittots Ogoio l :111111, Ifor vilupetrntion, slander or calutill ll, i+edl . a toIlv tloltr tlt arriv:tl ill New Yolk, oat well i agauitniti1, to otw t t Ih. t liso t bot' ON ettenCe rto ol l tl t tc I tII tIV l tlld oif hhetlot, iutil Ioave Io.o i ghtott 1 tt t o es o fi aotootlo my u me c'tloo t (to litlo f io the lortbs it s w'ello0 I sl te.o oo t Ioto nliol f It westl, t ot oe grilnd oton! iThe atllht:t tt,tllere-t totlr', i0nl tatliolote on finsling the dlrillg Ito .hlolo of IIt Vecl't inl New York, "here lettcrs post pai, taid lit 5. 't'o lillrtn ibe pit lio thla hile 'll; so elle d writteo' hmlth, wins w.ittien lt.ores tall a woeek Iro r t ollo t ilt s oled for the R tcv. lt. t' owel, who read t tn I IIlV )I"p.'ncu waillhIr fI l:niai-lt in It o b liit )rol0ti0ol0' os ti o e . i tl oor, totok it Ito th o ts o I 100 cylodt 00000 lt n, o t I l he 11,, he ldd, w ll h ic liesah lie Ihilll ii wouldati a1r lltill pu rliel b tler he del vered the blh o It on, I P wtoo t lirt irto n, t l.oo t I wt n eel to btoo b h h , : 0 dh lh,, i+, I ir,"I ,I' +. (10 (0ii Iflo oilir thla+t fellln ir i il I v t er.l t'n" h t 'F t cIlt ItI o~DIsto to tl ItI goptst. coo tThe I 1 t tlli(rl" I1 II '11, -t0tlll tl is before Ihe' P pt hIl: |illt h line ot 'xt19 i alulh 1,,v iet y 1 I llllllalt &C.ll , & l i. Ir i, rnll it tw1 'i:i intimlhlllate fltlio his, a'] wel a.l dle holei l" nv h)t pati ent=, in ",mllpn.V I tili an. he c crrgymnn, anidi 'I f I n;I them 11 tr o ent's' to d s f'. t toot te. ho mi1 c '''to b I ooe'o Otto' he i tr 11111bot h In t toots hihro, be a tranlg|liea r trl iTrxt Irw u. . upuhan ic'Ice l. 0 t11t 1110 , it.' lfo't' r t 1blc atihi and t do t t 'tot d t to t" 31 r li hi(·'i(lld tlilito r o f h 1111" 1 IV C \d v o c it . I " 0. 0 ,0 Itlootto ' hitlll e sight't r. edj t mlsedcllt (oaio nt"o f i \tolto tllO, too-k t'000l0' .. . " toto tt s re o sed t heirses - .0lw, i'e,, tom It .ithotiheo f iltt oi i-pt iott , so litd l it' c t Ot <'hrhilinl lfidl. o lo"o re lI ht ihe t lio le i a i t' r . ost' t know i ol 000 0 It ruito" I toore say t'tItoolt t (' 'd ,d h r: Tue< ll rIlp ;.lled from ia t pll las e. ll le , a 7. l's evhl entI tl i lo lt. tela i. ih i rn +'o m rol I Ir 't t.;er o .t t o i ii i, lit shewit J holo t he w astoo te1 0t h ot o o t l b r ib el d. L t l s te e w h eo he r te s. n f l h ity p oe 11,,.f c • * or , i ttll ti t" tli h s ooit a, tt ic s well apootf d ftoe too anothi ' otootoolrl li. lth itl who, in the toot's of ti' t I l carntt' tion fof hit Ioivhie ot loott r ' o' tiosollt o sft tot , 0 " 00i00 sctolch'r of (ce o fot vo r. ol l. nes er it tht it to toatocrietoo ntendeodoa.I b, ibe, o orotot io t ol h 11, t ots , too1......., iot ,, noto oto oc e. tot .t h...... t' lt' (C(nll.oninll 1.0 orto l ol c vio otos o f ol os elf 't i o it. tottter 0,t0lihh were. 0i 0 herotpenote thi e "ot t |ro r ime.: eto i wtootr il'tolelh t m brihc fhim, i sstouldhf lio'. tirett it l at lto 0000l not a o to ribe t.-. l) t h . trit'sry, if I Itol bee l.o- " it il o. t lotsve lhin s ord tIoo ac oeptomi eo the ii. Ihlid lIhr Rev. I)oelulr hel~l,, re~l ll 0.Ol,.'.ri... th lie , . Had aI ,e irlev. L)o ntr leen' re allyennt rteld to lan 'liflf tlae doetrin . t the Naahillnur, le ",olld not h avalalve arllll a aed t an olln I ad exal aillr ry patienllts r.ith. +il kea lin.r lhi a word, as I lave alwyays funr d e.vcry m l nillistle l if t nhe I g e l allx l u t In . .e. Ha Il :r belel really allverte r oe w o rld net pub lia.l a It a laaks a aagaa. . il tI AaIaeracan ina a itltaR ue. , e t, anait i ' w llk e naowna ' aranl re L-aa tnrna s and whlail lre -lilllle to ln insllv ll llle p 'rlS oif Eanuro t. IliR O allllla't so I lUch diur tnc me yolaa n g V n litlerary .al r-. nelters, ui e a, -'e su nly restralned frona aalishl; a hia ai n thIe aaal, aa, Iiv i na aiol e lla n a on h inla IaThe l aai.aaaialU l thoug )h a l alallllll is wit Oanut xcllsea (llllaess le is al.tlnllinted), althog It e n v I l .eaa h in, a a anrladl I aalanla hea Ilaa.--ad Ii 'lll a a tala al II ell a lUne he g ldeia sa Ifa e Sve' ltlll. I alv l he galllaaa Capalll aall a d'ainlll. a eIa veal aahar aaaia ale. alaa ail aatl naaa Naaahaaille, a'aalleca S ell l cane.ldl t w tl f thlia paiuun exlundne r f rahe Illaa Il I a .ne leaw a l l'a c al demon n ill Iliinalln .ln:pe av. ,tale Item. I)cltlr W ls the dally I t'l'cdl to realsoll will. him, .r . iana a e e a lay ei'n haairs wiatla aa litedn a li, nl n I S t:i f aaall a .iI OlalldaI a, f le inAa e 1te as ' lllb ie. r d ill aiaanaeafaTila S ' aWI reall tel ith l aaa u ia t he can "old Genl marno ha a l pear.d illc Ili, o he n h~l I l II T a II l '...aa'aaaa dl' a'lme b a'fnre ('od, Hlal aaaaa atal fraia o ,It Idiiiit) i llwitess that 1 ne1 lerl, lt) t lhwhole coursec 1, 'C! ' .1v pr act. ce a, i s tile I. IPt, (in B re .t lit erain, I ,reeve, I'ic llc - t tindll Am er r ill it single Instn e W f I; 11It" e1, l, '1t I I IK IE( Ien aI nuh r a a O'aaa [ I ln l raani aRKa t le a Ii H Ele ar al ir 'a, - h + ' a it a i r llde hlIha aa i acaaa a iataea ha r aa laalL )fl'ala N ithn - a 'l t th.h mI hnl I.rloem)il Jy idv.r.l asaal a fr two ar ree l ' eekh lle. .. walla alwell Alne Ina i ll ti lett, 'Cr in your aaa C xt plla - C ICopl.l "l the .. WI'. C..%lpoeate of the Cil Juner, 107. i tillt er, quet I l llr. \Vl i rlllll) we insert the follow ia u ac , t il, l the aall av. A a\r a weal lll of N ae aaill aa eaa'aaic fala t ae aa'aaI a aanaa alne laaalan aaaaaatie a aaaia'aaa ilt+ appeaaurs, aai laex amilld t aeapIo aa. aand otler .a . in a alt aellI loll'atailela tor a hanaalia a Ia ai lha aopu lic lara . Iaiii ina . nl' I I ew y o ge t l i it rall il~llllllJ·l--lI; W I1A3n$ I nt nd eiv. tin lie h l:-- Ilu v a n l been req a e ted by a la . Vi liralala e'aaaa IaE lala niaaL I'all I il y ta o eaxlaaniaa i IlumerousdllS di li11111 and olher +e111111 1 en tsevi civ" Iof AIIIIII.Ihtllo |g them I elld I i lettl, r f11. l rilll .llt 1 Y ln n l l pre. a ala'a aaalr a" i'llalarea Il, t llae K gil aal' tea llll., al alilhness the ilahaaa i lllaain i taae aa a lran llaa e Ilc.l · , Cc. s we I ;Ls 111. e Il frwe frt he ;lh 31diucly +,ie k ullWll Ili lie a iaala ih replta aa a alil a aia a I 'u.rv ralleaived inlle his a'ri'aa in Ile Unlltad a n lat naa+a a all l a. l an.t+ - cec f gilrl e lll cdJ Lll. l ls Ill? t l'c rstotl+la t f I ee tot" tihe Sada a laaa e Slaaaaa I al, a n all hi a a- aaaanaai aaai i ain i,:. I knlllew .I neI ,+f ieml, e l |p tev I u lc )lei, t' n g il caallta ara l; hl it all I a laa aana n sa y tay aala'aaaaaa iaaaall n iI alaalaanaa'analllaallalaann I n aalalaa.n. Na-lhville, JYne "1, :;::17. l. , am'e writia g tie aa' aa a ea r of i r. aa ilI.aa' alaia'at a haus callah In 1n l aiaa , al lla .n.a l e a taa , tna i ll aIId Illlluly hl thesihr t of one C ye fll r .seve ty, ver :lll hut ulll llaa rea hia n ella betterla thal a unlaal r tlalna l nia a irnt aime in his life that ahe ean r aco elaet, he could dia - til aalll, wih, aall t a t yea llmof lan ron eliltltt ars. I learn thl·llt lllii laa genllemna n as'a in this rdg lgin,eud .says lhe I d. beni a 5lclhcdiwtt'l rin, ugo l.l B .C. C l II. aa laEa aln P OF L Ul,8:1; with it n ils roads. .awl d at a acea fromL a I alae to a' 'e, along lh stage and saaa aaa aat roultea, y Il. S. ' a enn ar ir nlte all .ut.aal itaa d l'h, frm n l;e e IaI' her" la )aataaalaalaaa'are'laaaaa titala' anaanhalalad rala roaas ahranala' a oiiiiihl a tenarva carefully aata piled fine the hel"ain. a a laaa T tala.a a nSayls 1LIa'S (n UI TlaIILe I'Gta TaHE a naa.IE l'A'ral s; Iaaltl H f the roa ds, n i itamta saelae y, ! 6 13 C CIp alecl. THIE INDIAN'S PANACEA. IT, OR Othe careofrheumatism,~rofula orkingcevll,got, bilacatiea or hip out intciient canoers, salt rheum, phil. 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Some of the ashore eompllnts may vequire some tri r nilngasist nt aplieCnltilos,w hchhelhc·irmanlmstanceso fthe SC w ill dlictla.It I'ora . .e.eral remeev or Iturifieatonr ;to iemovevthecause, the INI)IAN'S I'ANACICeA will geteertly be lould sullfticieNt. Tit THlE 'UTtLIC. 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Who has eer-t Ile., e hs hant wositttit oostutlltion broetln aintd rined by illtelt A:l t enatl as. lcla htiis ihntlmt tis aply re te iotitna ofthe savge from most oftlte ills wteict the flesio n oian is heir to, is sohiely owig to vote geiia of a tsafe remelhec whienh Ioo etmItoyas t ' ,so1 sh itngdtiltfecne itn tueet, ios ifirt xem tol of tile t intfallte aset..iocity tf tihelesiett anood tl notcs of Iure0 p whieh fit.dt hoc treatcd f..r tim hoeirnfil of Its ettitlteo, over tllose wolicht tIpol-itjo a a tcri at of allotle iUn If ventett. 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LI(IL ... .. ,ll :Il ..... .. . •1111C . . . . ..IIllll (1-l rel~a e ... , , , rtesr Ilill r sand Ala c :Am lll nl ,li es a l t i k. t_ 'l e fuluwiig ecriti, tvs, il o Intullrll lc s similm.ll· le nrhivl l sslight be Il,·llcurcsl, are gilcll t show III, '11"'t of rise Inls 1 'nseen, its t 't veou ststnt n wish nrit to Incationed'laanlI lsoto , Xhiblit inl thle mosts satisfilultur sits Iss"".ilsso's 'li~(~r·leC 1IIYil UIIIUI UC ss'smevtssuperi'styts'stlsl.r1l,5icomn0 e CASES OF lillEU.l'I'1s\ UsttIILas'rox, Nov. 1t, 1t"'i. l)stingtie'istss'ilitt't' '5ii st I wlas atlictsts with ," a t' verty sverle aliisissilg 'h. unlatism, sitto ioeel II) ex crlonlre in had -earlier.r I wlrl ikelcalat p leacm'la in It stating~, 111:nta ss bottles of 'te Illloost's P'nacea,, resturrd is me to pel'litl hIelth, aisIstl It i Uidely iirs'wtxus itlto JOHN Fr UCusONi, Kingst. CstoIs uro'a, Mlssch 27, I 11t2. It I wan seinedl hOI 1tti'1·ee st'rs since, wishtt distsoessissg ossedinlat nt cauSed byl tkinga severe cold, while tknser 0, Isoiinlltsotssssf wl'ssere ', amt whoichasht(luIsidedr, a from businiless nearly2 everT since. Dolinglll thlis periodll itsaine set' n sptisntoti the Mali'ssHst, lbs in this i it upwards of fite i sotihs n erly iset wae length. ittissss in thl Iliiin so's lllotspitl aol trited aisit sss'r y emedy', wils little beitst. On1 tshIe Ith fl' Felbt'stss Is t, s tlsthan sile oscareiti able to mlolvet abou ' po'tt clcls t Isls, I commend theys IIse ofs Its laha'ostPasacea. In tm mOnth I LCK'l lblysl IOltiske ro 51natin. e now happyI to slate that tI consldlelc"llynnlsel1 i ntic ly welt. CAEiES O)F" SCIIIO'FUL' US UhLCElRS NEaw \1'K0~11t Sept. In, lhis mtyssestify tiat iti tihe f'll of 1825, 1 wsI seizs wicels sstl Ian tsbcae huge ghastly. ulcers is as mech. sAhetiss'yittgss's'etwi sits Itsttst.t 1w ltts stisatgst, I wets' .ssAl Ill) SICand Kat I,to hei Iaftlisiller sisited sC1· 5 II' rs Il~tstssststsl llstslssI( sit "CL IS·I~I(I sssiswtsssss to soefitsit, I was plsnssstwscsi ttlt'te'l isttulttisle Alisr. ss'sts's Itsl l tsk ntyt bllntleasissstti 'Ss tts 'ls I P enac tsasas inh' Issls'tes of Potter's C:Uholiton, witlh ss Inomtesal Ieeli met, I retss' ed to IIsIsyarelnts in stw Yorktt, in tl82ss, stn e gav mysll'upll n to a ling~eringl de~ath. Ilcallillg of lira gl eat a ieecss nltss')e lli'isn's Patniat t, howits idS c, si~ilar to Illy· own1, I was ptrsuIdt d tsittis it, u s a lae t n. gsot. sTo mysgiIseat surtrise, i'siwwell s's sGltislis\,t etstIclcst.tites lite ullcerslhetl sdIttlllsscastlse wfectl well in tite coaltse tstwo monsitis 'tid sha'e remaind sa ever sin tse. Imklesthis sssss sit awl wish ittsblishI d Pie li henef uftheewlt(,ar sul'erin undersimila aest's llts s iTs' Iat' tiltis tstlitstitsss tisst thsiey sssisy knsww rebute Inc rllo who ha:osIksstsred evtsry tlsitng sit death~l, m~its' tOlttsidets s ift' Itf s til ef by thie atse o v OWs'M. IINhIIA'5 CItstss.LsT.o'. Jtsi 12, 1 5,31. ( tsass aillisits'st ftts't ss its tlso't'i'sttls Ii'g5n ow1 ttsinttsslly tstcntltsnn willtiss siptlatons ndlamaa it td xCsI''ssive tati the let'g :nnl ttsssjII'jssisst. Sststtid Ost pstis'ssssssst betlssti'sl. Inttais Cae lise battlse MAlllAIll'tL' A WESI', 121 MIasket bFar' salesy IIEXIIY IIHNtNAIIEL, slsssggiss, aesn tor tsi's, pr l'sItoolsnhlitolas sltest IS NEOV ORLEANS \ N.ASIIVILLE RAIL IbitHJ (O31 PA N V'. '\I11i: stssc khsosders oft'lhiostssstospanysore Iherebiyno tisisd [ltls'sbitvss'set l ttin ts t he bor w osss -ss s l'iras' ion m.." l ,it the N llf inst. the tll ttsiso the. lis tlit. lathl l'sbrtuaiteO lists, ltjr thet Isaymient If listd llr n Arnie, nuns n u itt, and tIhe ssid stclslsoldsrs aetsre f00rsber l dried tat 1 '1 1 .lil'.h , its ,s s i imts of [iiti;ssstsdi tss1e tt the I!tth ill:[ . it s coIt I Is'e- tt' t ti ode n tlss'ol? +tsshisolti~t's oftist' l,,ltsle t 'tssti.ll nd Istili it sl Roa ssssssy 5 fur the Ii~·lfo cin l l r,, e ntl i Il·hcll: rite the stock held re llp·\ · Isitsl b' huls.'s vizo tw sst' nt~rs ttsst'o " p tuhe ithe brantdstsot 0.$tletshtrsltt; ttt; dalli s r 'lsiseIt yit's t iIs s' e tlits YI t ILIA, is f sti next;'tt t's dollrl""? · er shore pnyahh aXy ll the 'tit i t' t o M Iach 111\ . 1111 m.!lCII i llle it ts'.11-M ttlh ' thle tttkstlssssl o Iis list' m sl haI ts'tstt ti tle Aist r hItbi l s slits's l ist thre;; tCI i:'st lilt,' pr 111. of the uici, fllll dame i n 1( . Iyill sits is ItI t tie'l si a ipbl with ithi its press nest' Binhwvr htit'no resl'sgssarlt'ip'id wisis in ttsses tutid pts nsslsssss ofxttytt days, t riomtsodi ars thsttsi y 55555 ishiti sloisisiti Isoseltte ittisie b lesfltat' Itsll thsu ' I, point bStttg Ilstttttitt. Itt eonsss tisestheeoreLi t'list d sIltl'i stock flswthe sitockh ot5tld erin satsidt company,'a plinttope 'st-i nut' ot'silthet pmatile ter rde tse ut 1 t he lss nssslissi iss5tsl si ste t on e hichtie ch rer f ar a~llows t l-lr a e not it edthatthe s il tt 1. 1Is I to Ilwo . I 1 ile, 115tttt ss'ttl'tssslil't lt('o its thessiliesi of Sep temhe next, nayhe pnt pumed undr the sixth ·1 11·rl IIrl(I o n Itt fslitus ''titisi' usstsil t'ss:lt lleesis isf si~tsh stiltsh, 1 InertoIf tu Illlrs I51p5 elsr autls. csrled sr ,1suIsdIll Itei :neia ofylot ' 05I5l, otlySw be Iuatlsosssts until tile 3otli Iwo of Apri'l uis us ~Extracts of tot: minutes if rare board.l jlune21 A It iltN'AlIt. Sersse. , V 011. IR~1S, in cusr-_i ldl setu white \t',sC 51l. I 1t i. it S T.Tf ' W Loui SANAP-.iso -oP Court fr the tI. ', Pariah snd City of Now f rloena. tJoosHo usue lhootog noooooed conf redsl td S AHE ATE OF LOUISIANA,' To illo 1l James Hllnse hlaving p lrc mnerl at r. snal msde rhl by th Ser for Ithe pmlie of )tlea in. the prhournd I- tuhreio cr ofoscribed, ,to upplisld to tile clerk or this t i|eunrt in etio oflfic ts o lef of s the tos rtielCeorde . Iho "2,1 loy of A pril, . It. l], e fl e o t .hitio or 1 dte - ies porneent n tes tcottvoct c'lfth: rtoilte of fle . t tlle tl Iloti-itna, el i;i elttlA " net oIbr tloe ftrlel r sesu in 00r"1lcs toot pca0r01 irjlel dculno"s llnon a cd I'ed a Il rolh dun fem n 11s omf. NO\ lieref re, to e, ettod all serr ps nocrstne , I(I ereln, .re JIPmrcb litl~d lulld ad lO n .i '; d ill 111 1lan0l of tole StIol tf L.ooioinot, ttlt oef floe tatiolt Cootr, hueNo cl set ilp, ooy rlglot i ttre lor tclaion o tll tleprcrt vhIreitaroreItaftoerd.piubl eotnttoeroeIco'UIY infi ttl - ito; inllfe(,rr t lteo te or iUolg.o f tf foeCU " nder hEhtoes cals or iiler actvirreunlarilyo, illrallt i.t e )r i..~lnelt~ [ln ader s e 0niseoor'nclle ', or e te n o .,.I t hlif· do - or e, Wa too sooc rcdte, trio l tioo t tico alo P ltoo toe ooy ttl aVn l oS.Thowie Ilaptalse, w "] o "r d e ill to loltt is t ein' inetret- ill ilot s IlohliC o lOt len r, ot y tile Sole UO allllU ouodotld IItl to COolColiteltd lld loo0toot loogootoo. n- '|'le s.ild proplerty· wa*r rllt hy I ~e Sll ri ff f rlie par: sto mlelsryagi a t he olol y foe Sflli oA. Illo poe-r tirtne oore to detree r s fiorIl l, ren t tre . foonn u, foh to tol Fef to A. If ;lilioll, lt o suit e ilo-i l le s A ller tis tocrt, otoll h .lek Ifo e Nts flam es foe ttee floe plot eelo eloot I ictlt 0 c tol l ot, o tw fy otlint' floottoattoa pro fs1 nuar.l,. ' nalu t)ttstrptftfct of Prolteety 05 first ino tits .lotioial Coo he kI lle, Orig t eerneo lot of trotototl etiln fol it ltol the hnlb A s ctio otioaqclos LC otll otoe of hic cil ton oollonre No c , coolloot booihog Frenouchtotsoo fsi'ct 0itlct frofn eool Teho thai soidf loot olgreotitol is ill e)f citfo hoot, 'otto 'loPs of thoe eo~tore to floe Oftoer, togeoloer fofl a dwetllinog htoots,, tomo.hit.rv, ltenail.o, ioffpetlen ly s ood Iitncer boeloungitg S too saidf dictillervc its dh.leudt, i rlet ft p"lsena o eeot a ond tile righltfc uftooilotool ftrioileges Ihcleolo I rloeogitog m~ hi any ;,vkoe Ilpprltaliliull'. - Clefrcs Olleel, Note Orleons, Moay 7. 1838. nt Ij.l I t IfhlJ.tE 1 O ii, P. opityClork. otr tla patroisse ct ill. tde lo Nrolfello Orlcus. A IfTfNOUISf.-- A ttoetos cenx flne cos L'g l2.kseo conocrttnt, Sailnt: Atnlhtl (tliP Jaimces Hsc ItO ayasnsctatlheftfl o u vretlc faile por fe Skerif "1 ,l;aIln'isse dl'()l;, rph..c a/ldeie se 'est adi-ss.,,an Grlflt de celte (.our olIll [:z dle rvellle fnlt ehtegistltfle Ir memojonr ole Moot1 lie Iftotli.c 1185, potea ff0l atis Eouol'ornoet lectoe A oitt ottd oie la kgialott -li. 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ClildrilI's coloreio d Alorcoo aol d lasting bro I 5t'l0t-t ien'fsli 1ial1hioa 0l e bllck silk hats; to black ilo idrab l brae do of a superiom quality; do imitation I.s mm 1o; broad a1t oarrow brimn n1e5's line 1001 0m0 lh ;k iaiso. io shomrt noi +,e [,its,1 mo w ao iitcl 0.i Y'osls' 0l 1 s ,ize hats of olilrot qlUlaliles; Itlo child e 's o + nll '.sml ll e)IS Il:c) b ck m iid lhid I+ wod hits of v r)imrs h istes, witl genmal assotmlelt of bo1) s' and mi's I is ll .. 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P'er l rle ',,l0 IL'oiverool itr. ite to.o oo 11, J o s oot o nl d I l s t o fi lo o e ol oo b o i o \ V ' Ml o l :oi, l l N l.o,', J 0_'io- . . .l~oot o r oo 'ao np m00 li stO.o r 'l'l'l Cl."Theoowot'rofsooveral pookoooeh I i r I otsanso V. ArsiOlfotlotve " per s pt GOloOto ,, fro o 'soo h ,ito florho s airtl Iftoh sItey too- to en lorotoso by 9'I' d'I'l()l'l .VItiY &. tj. " jll oJIl Coooo'ooo~o "losotoo,' N' JUST PUBLISHEDFROM STEREOTYI' E PLATES, SThe Filh Fditionof n ROWLETT'S TABLE8 OF IN'T'EREST: TO which is new atded ul Averagoe Titme Caleutla e ltn, or easy methods fint, hulling tle alverge time S it stetorge, lntet of hlloal hlills of gooels, wten tltt s chset ll it t iferellt dates, sn Ilili'lrt(t eretlist al t fir it varlnamlsnnot besid!s II alitl a .nod enteitlte Fitnkittg r- I 'i e I len, tile et tlhat can te cotllllived. or that l i guers can pr Ithlce witllhin the smine clcndeseltl conmpass, tand size oi't,,p'. i n an rvetlisesn.nt in the book is in nerllV the I'ollow d iogseords: 1 the igh ilistitlion this wtork Sa reeo,ti thtnollugh the Itlel legislative atts prefixed le the title tigeI is a st ctnnlllllnttsLo in i,' elF so tlletlmonll,, nst so elcdol cssire, Ih t noltlling Is lieessalry more than Iv wa) ioIf d vertisertnen, Ct gives costo , ol. vid w ol sn e oot its pe lntliotitirs:tt fcr instanecethe haslttl co ) ni - ell tonCand Cnel lretll withle, what isu el t t nllros ,. sleent olsrcalslltiotel, cn it:e iatth ie Ioess tlihls floe I stles, atl lorilllt rni en i tlnol le lt es telso d Shllirtyty-tne tles, fotnr i all awhich itmost cbe evident even to tle skeantc ( .specially rn ti e.snnl ot"e dec ail of itroofn tieel reface)s Itt thle eek inIst etnoith oeescallty itftitbltt aol in, t reitt nmlel to this itf a y ir mim si twlo hst cllti Htl fll'sv dtollars, is now otcI iI altfo the hdelctren of al ril<oer .elt .ll lltle resent or fifth edlition, as tireVsse p tii tfle einlCe, aktinkg fi.e if la'ge rri tallis fal tred .c •f th s e lor r illce Ito first Sphlhicaolnl in the ylear 18to2. i OneT thInmust c rell co lstfeirs t lf the tolten is in the :irngrntngesli of the rTitls no Ainlllt.s, whelt bein aer rllclich a e fttle sitetttti indlex, calnsotO te excelle;iod tit- saity ty ail kease with wich he ineles can be lilnd.lo tole t cxto lesf glteltl bhsilnes, wilthont ttt lit i os'slm is besidels a eonve.llieice sot essltital, tIlat ill tti estlmn Sioen of'stme oi tile mast comietenl tt I ItraEti clltsi f ness men anti iblie oti.elrs who hlose otmtle grtlt us ao tile work, ith Iorel dlistiilletiisCl fi titl holonltiltl iapipellation efoi'a i nascr poice"e. Atld eonsilering the infalliility of ithe ntethoi origitnally adopted in eonsmpIng tile work, ant Ithe excocosli.ry suomllcll..oo arielty ofthe eatomaios, anllt tests of eeryel ctii it has passset in thlle pi's eetitLhsLtltlillg tile wll'olc is in sterettvlpe, enotsitering, itS sitf l, ,he positive aeclutaoy seceurl iy tIe antllrreclinttcd mealls nlllt Olnit, te vo lume in os een het ll ti and emI h;ltcltly o tyhe.o " the most wondelrfil btiok n the wsaslk;l" mlot eerlsillltti man can namen li.gre work of the tme extoent, wtllich ines thie begi'initlntsl e atino, Ias I tad Ihe same lim her and variety of tests in the soe m loberl lof elitors; so, nno one Ill 'tfe tumber, as its clarly shown in the lr reh.ce. Rlesilles, ani st and stkaa tl, itso sileto tied lall meretI iln nelly till he {nlk andi aidlt.lre in the sUntel S tales, lent te Itlr ebie goieoinally, tlurig ithe long ltrin of thitvy'tfi t ears, ,yet Io elre of itte id oulattins has ever been founsil pri t, aligt eotlint - ally ebhalleliclgl Iby thel oilrof very prlomittos. The i facet efoe resslt Aloled lt y alI thenno'ls oflfw ai se\olml ilthe f e es so th e .i rate os n lcslaoloo focesalte ilterest,"l soalllo by iew ftr blalk iitleret, aeondlttngs the I mrk is ilused, stt as i av Ie seeni in part, by t,,e names of the slnhsoriter.s, rtdll i fise of Ite stlltsetletlt tlllurchase es, iltthe list ttit etlI t i ofli hook, isin possessin feevery cli noltitizes in every t ll'e te ll ile Unit ell States. It is .oleovcr well known that, by its ariay check, ito hsss .eOtledettcteel etrrors, ltookilielr tley were nltlc, ctlt 1b thile most tnclill and most ooloetent tithmeticiats, 5ial its sefnillitst, cn tild te ithsttlette cesity lor its uos have beein exlelsiyelv tlnistsoll aIp. so evltittt, inlted, Ihave beel its :llalllltgtes, talt its savinlgs, that, scerrl vrarsagl, whilst tile rlitrst editioh was s'al'le, and ont of print, a gol'l thmnlicr of second hand cop ies were sougllhl IfLni tn a goet s to di t csr . alntl purcrascd e:i varionts nlres, As thleyr cmulct ,cc asi; sonie petsonls have receil.;v dchlalred, nd hsllaces could lbe quoted that tlhey wonhld ilar $51,, 4110, nll 45tal for a rpelv, it not till s be haI.hirisS, ,nd on i oitvia illt tihe llher instance eparti.etllt, htritg it die siane ii.n . . r ttllihitl e lls:ishtony tIPoatt stos'ertId persolls tire st that to hbl it was rtallt wort h t hat ts s nliny a more Ihtiou,.h the saving of hIi l,,rv 'lecteel,d : tilac, he, I'hltg a iet.t rich iane d tllot '.alllle itor. h is likuh ise WOrllh l l "f i li ice, aInI ilndCed 1 rni' r(· ' te til o tttciaily wile oiIttt. ale itmee "a.,.. , Ilh se ta I la, t itA hi h-m , , ic I. it oi , ,,... el otll to.i ll t tl til t ome'l l lt- I , tI il ,iltlo. . , , i tll toall llt Ititi wotdto aa a ntt it .i " .l c loll e idil 11Id r hisown clq'l 't; ,ion , : e, t , ei.rll e, noiltlll ttar It i tly l pli lc, illt tt. I nthem ,p i lcl rilllc r l l, slll : t :llk cIi. ii to i t II . tt Ie t ll s aitltot I' efet' i .t t llll'.lltbi. hlet' l ir Itt e. (r t safull, a "lccpt "a I,.it' lee i IIn p thu.s' I A ottpl tdi' ti tos t fi db l, t t i l e,:u : ll. . , t t li t e I t I . ll o - ino is tl;l I e.:p le I:I [1 ob; h i, IIbe t llls h m leer le t .+ ret.,ln .ý e dill:i..n. c, u.. I ,',l t il 7 r . -<e,'I ; ., d ,.,Is to: , ' . ll s e \ . I , It rl 'll lls oat till o r a 1 i't'lll ., e Il ll(, I ,,t,. hh i:,nrlr. !,li, i 1,11d all l lli'il ,hal l r 1(:1·. (;111 i , 11i h ll lll'lilt.h l .,, 11.'" , patrml iird, it h:,t ha li i .tt i lli llo l all li ; .1 . ilI . 'r '1:-i, a lcr sariller, 11 l;e:l. ,lri;, Ih, ;,lul"..lli r IIIttr 11 h- ', th I I : .' i, I 111 .. " ). .\1 1 In. cI u u- h,'d ~(l lli I, lillly n t h is ce , 1 1 I a tIe ll ti ll 1 'o I ta i hll t.l f tllla o" ditu11 . I u d Iir Il e. ind -Ir l e i a se oi'. +- i al. " ru , :n t rll it i ,g. it rol nsll,"il h,: .l1111 11 ,1n in . t h 'i co 'untry, a l w e t hlt .i 1. ( i cllll it l il a l t ,t it in l Iit l i'cl illi 1 li.. I .\'Ie·.IV I k,11.,,1 I ll'il1 lt O + hi lh lhlll l rI. , hl l l( ,.i ltl' I Ili.: ' rla e i t h we niteI nl I or thI,-t b -ita III t i l l ll lll Il iytih.i U, slIII ti llhallvd tU re - l vu t lul I teif·ll Lcll in .nLil L c n It ib e illble l , C .r Ci5 , l1at I oI nst., it jll1_ tr Ied r t' it ti layluli llllaUTll. - n der, Giidld e rolllll. t ie llllll:lo nllllv d IJ th , Iii olir .<A LcI rllll ifrlllalt. t.aritigt6)ai IItilli , . , i .l r lat Cir lio M ieso l s tl isi.¶i o If te icllaek by Sl lli llu ie l ,ii i l it- t led. s. pllrte oto1 b p vihd lltd t le pi nttlllll s CAln sl r S tle ri ll 5 mr m nn g t tiltihtIll ait 13 llg lol, f l Irlk . ts t .)ODS-Hur, -I a ol,ultl iu s trictlonl, ail litid i ullueag, . C t' IslclkA , lh itrse, Signl, a el .rlvetl a a all te ro l ri, c ii. rmld ielsi t l direy, nAdIll .lli O, i k l t ne. t to i ie s te a ther Pala I,. 'titII, i. naOik, ht l w h a sihtd A llUci t t i b )'11111'Ini do, Olietlal or- 11111 +lllliljtle (ul edo .et l l oe If o ll tl eone,h e !lirt Vothiel, or g or l ti hicrdtclldn, e tclsw 'i'rt, i t le lll line W hthl a tt r. S l l'll r' n to ill k o Bak ll Icamillsl Ind ch e ul lh r Sbelmlhs ic to i seen at te sho.. c n Pandts, ails,, c eal a lllelish . .. mcolr url llt . ae.. H I besb+(i. lw willI EAVY h II)IU 1 --Io is oppu ui -y i lllleun, sill ti l rol ki rt a .t e r d a liberll Casl tl, (erman, sl1a., bli l..d, sprin.. ig., slut:.t l (aitawle) sttultidio tt a l i ile, hi dt)l Iat eadI.hbt Io llt ta tt .i ac S ha COi r and cotov i ollinis, t lnits, Shari , an oii. r "hnt t':'lu l and llillllll cordage, ine, .:. ,l _ Iluhl anit +h rahh i t Icligl . IopE Iliac IPaint, linscd :oil spermi o.i i A full assrILItUnt ofll hli' S la ieC I tille ci. e llw cyso litat d, tiil whichare elh itt l i r . lg • stil't oi retai rjl, Ptiall' l t I es. i tittrtiah tl , I ita I l, iln1 I.A YT( Ngea Iau\ k ti l " l lvlhie TII E .1 D. I l I"C' II) .VN : L 'I A'l E ICEe r1 1ll1,ip N ctptro.'lh II1t III.s h e l *ll li" eiai'te pln .i tlrut'e c, ctl l netU ei t, his tige hcul IOiwul apbi hilin en llt iitiat Ie till blt in rialIic b ite tlacpt of I\ iy t, r ' ie iitE r.. I L lce w Il lr. ll li .il tlho fllr thehll : nelt l t'll l utll i-h re, dlh ie ave l a -a itprove iltii ale, i Ih Ita ea irstI w cad tn aIdaa in l i; i lld po re . far ullgmilcl ill, h willin:ti.l Ie slllcr heIr tlo acunnlidodhail, a imac loneTr n bet III; an l"alnile Cc ,ll n .te n o( 1 d th rn111iii, or ibtind at Walt rJJi g Pla-l c , willa i . w ill at thi s i. Thle 1eeai.! Cieii ll Ilild, l Iwill bLe IIe .I.IIII JItO t i LYY cl Palf I an' rii lln l lalriull the w o llle l loll . 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Time. rleurn'l Hlnnltemnrry, A . 19 n1a 23 h i m. to(lltill st G . lid 81 i 31 .mr Sildled geville O. 2 133 147 1 p.m ('dAnttlmle S.C haen,. l al 17d 10 Aithrlt, NI 'C. 2l 15 23 ait oVrrenlondV, 12 m. 55 io1 Pttrntbalrg, Va. l 0 pal. 83 10 m 9n. oa Ricltmod, Va. I om. 21 3 64 FPrederitksblrg, 83 67 W ,7 t otitntor et, t a t 38 4 h e 'lildtlelpltin, 4 meln. I00 is mi at New York, 2 In. 90 l 4 His 1t o r I305 113 I. or 5 23 11 •anrthlarvl. Co-inip Sttltartl, the tihe is sir boen I le s; hl.i ep 5 days otll 17 litlura . o ANA WAY from Il9 Corandtlet eorier of Henll I sltreoet, on Ihe niglt of 3111h of Aagtist, and wee aseeo;le nexa murnhingin Pevtdeos stree a negro boy named CilARI.ES, almat 7 years of aee, nl S fee he rlreabttllsia lrigllt, verv bick, and ins an imopel l illlet in hia s sloee, iot of his leg is sore, ocaisonel g y aIteellt iburl;re hdl onl when v eo went away a whboe eolton or linen slirt end wlite cltton Ialntaloone. sieWettorn of vecaals and setam boats are cautioned a it ginst receiving or herbgrieg nitd negrom as well as I it leer persons, as Ihe illlnnst ritoutr of .ie low will be cnorrced egilau thanl. The above re~ardi will be pale fordelivering him iatU any of Iie jails of either oftho maunicipalitii., 0 a. 169 Cur.t..ilei, aorner of Heei h 'o' Ctottvtea cotnitt dotoly, aad aollre tariting I \ tndertlde I irl of iubois & Gnrretann, has bas dissolved. The sullcrier will liAqidar e the O oireoa tlre olleer in this EcIty nid reqlluires ll perses indeb . edt Iko ma naelltt to i oailt Iy, nod anl those havrin cl "is,tto Irtaseoll, et I for ttaItll iurl Dlue It--7t H t;ARR ETSOON w. w. sW \ .. Ao . I I|C a nla Sreet Aire O rle'ans "rAS alwhae on hand cell .tllnily S raeeivinF Drml I11 l)ven, h a icalewld Pals {olllii thlere are allownig: D1IIUGS. DY ESi Anlimonty, ertde, Argols, reid, do regalsu, Aittulll, Sp at"I Arsellie, relllde, Altlt, dno lowdereld, Ilroilletle wont, isalsltan eopl in, Cocbhieal, itat, orauld, Corllt leo, Amerleen, do refined, Ctutear, Lrilnstone, ernle, 'iPnslio, Tonipleo, do roll, do uiill", do floAe lr, ltlline, Ilirmlhtb, F'renchl Lel'rie, CotJItSOil, Indligo, Ilengal, Clllam tanrtla, do Manilla, Canlltoritle dIe Cwriotes (:tIttI aloes, do (ioliaaeia, dv Alombic; Latgoad, Cauayeaoby do . . .'lletida, tia S ll flleitll' t St Doalongs alo itlontoia, dlo Jaaii toI do (, iooimtt, CNmiwoorg, ldo do SAinriroe, ,i Coor, do hom a 'fil, Ifrt Ito lae.H dIo giatit, ('IIi\ I ICA IS. do) kil , Artl,I niroi,,, ' .' ·' ý m e ' i p l ' v llol ta ' r f 6 0 It d. t 1 do:· d \I ,a , ; ......... p Cor , lie'.,,, I.Illl l h , + "i, 1 an i , 1 ,1I it' ,- n I ty Oll ,. ) 11 d,11 A t 1 ' , il trtln , tio al l) iIIftL 1,11 (>c h i',lli 110 in i i" d h.'slapn, v, IN"1' , dry t,. ,li Iccnclii ai, ~ih Id li 'OAl rg i' ,,bil. Engl ins rile .i "se llllllA i lli S .ivan l,: hel ' olrlllhI tfll· edo) (41111; I:+ lllr ,- l.l 1, in in 111, I'l . ri..h , .1 i'lll id Il l +l 1_11-- fhie ' i ,.,fi,+r..,. "I. .N:.+-vy ;'.x+~ N0,s,,.;:i: .I' t/ itlr /i, e th re ,lt f r ti, by c th ellii iir o t r rl e, & k 4 !u in + vol.., ' "" is C'ueruio;.s, nr u 11·'ir It Sr III,"< t laitiflini i Inoia o tria, bl npt I Ilhril lll,t, Iti alNa, FlI. IlI l.ord pl rhl a tcitlllel. .,V Allar (I "ninrlaini I o e or ,hep/)rtrd IeCC. w- ,'nbvhiuu .ii.u+ .vl; 'o S. ( Ctmtpendious Ilist of :l ai/yl, trottncsltl from the I"- Ori.llill talic,t ' Nit ie Gre i'n N voll for -' nthio.. No. 711 of Ilhrper's E mi I Library. tila+.:{ ; ,! ofthe n'twi croet leh, nod aoifor 0 edrlitloe I2, I Eaoe !i'ullou Ireiele's Iolrks. c ..x,,r's /reti', )tad. I'i'lish Di"lionary, in I tol, its {'- ,'a.+ta's I"re ,'h and Lnl'te/r Dictlionary. Al..--A l(ow ulllore u2011 ,s " (" i'as'8 Phrenology IioRienzi," l.ur T Slrvevlr's ( tiPlP t ofstlperlo qrt i~,kt lu ijs illical iiclIln t'ii.l" actd 2 1--' inche. "s (;illt'sint odtletui'crlr,t upauedpuport~w illb &r. &c,.+: &e.'t Jot urtecived, sad for iatle by nt: 1 BENJ. I.EVY. tIP AIN IIFIVISIlitI),&e. &c SS PAIN REVII'I'FI), Ac, by leo tlhtoro r Ayenar t iu Spahn,' in - vols. 'Trai't o/ttro tl'/tn eOhar.etre enernIItl applrenble tl ine *r riginiee ul' SNrtarh America, by G '1 urnerEeq The PoliLiret Grammane, f ti -Lniled Sltaete, or a irtJllitce niew ,oftlte tlheory awl I-nttite ftlte geaera Id state glvee,,,,e oti t witll the relltiolll balween them -.-cd,.iccted iind a ted too tle .t lstg I1tett of Il l Utntid Stat, s, by, E. 1) 1:aasliehl, I"l8, . A'imrodt's ltualin. /ot'sr inltrepero.d with rheemelr iotic anecdotes, siaylgs and doings of l'orting men, i d llt nolllltices of tne arincial lerattk rrlersofEngland with analytical emtentii td dgeneral iudex of namere FLO't' TIlE CURE Or Serifula or King's Evil, CIhronic Rhenmantilsm hronlic Cutaneots DIis- Pains in the llones1bty fre eases, use of Mercury the Idod beincg or vitiated stare. lThis very tcocentrated Svrrl, is prepored with the greate;t plhlunirutacttit:ll arl'ai t oa Itruevn ard cant.t. the active Iprttiplo of Saronptrilla in thl 'sot concei rottdl dortee, combined with other vegetabl substance of k tomb eficac)v. 'l'h f reat deidiralru with pheciantis hin ing abl to exhibit tr large. Itanit If Sorasaparill tin a ema dosc, lhs heen btained in'this prepartion-they, Itinl filli convinced rfi t mritas, crtlidcrtly adiniister the:cluirse o their practiec. Prri-l! 1 50 Itar biotle. Sold loly at SWVAI.N BRlnT i'i iR's drug stor, No. I i (lotl stroeet, whe" iay ie had, fresh titl getninet, direr "rea thi e r.frrie trrs, Sarlll Pr elltlr e ic lll Vertlltiliurlteo, otterl .tioli on,1 Cuarpettr'n l'rtparatille, and at large and genera rastortlll tt of fresh dtrugs, m4 PINNOCK'S i1IlO11, Ac. PI-NNrOi'S lIIiilt'1 ti/ EitiII'ON OF DR | (;"Ilnl lith's Arholl ut f the Iiastory of Rome itc i, hitchdt'ltifi to tie .tidy o : .. ·· '.,.: i , T.'I%, ailil ,r .^l 1 ': rl etri ' ofvnhluable inlfo . i. iriri t", l, c itt the Mainners 1,1,,, ' ! . titc'il tirtl ir t r R ooma ; witi notll ".. ". " ", ý , i hi ,, at his.rital Notes; 'ad qgoen t" i' i' \t.}o hl let thnll i Cd f tlelh sectitn. II. "'.'" .'1'' . l : ls .ltaVting;in wood, biy Al herton l."... ': ! I I,.. .ditiitoi if I)r (;oi ds tith's Hit tory o': :·',..+,t, it tIlrll ,[ l lliri of Jlllills Cesar to the iirpllt iof George dl, wt ilt etnltillrtion to tile yea 11;-:. \irlh tticth s ions lc otextmlitatior ato the end u e cmatsetet lit. RIides a c varily of valuable infunn• tiora iidet tltroughoiut the workt. ConsistinRg of table of cOiculltltclitrao intvereiglht alrd elltilent rppersons COlpirus e.,tpltilaltryI,tatIo. RIeCtrkt ott tite trli tita, llalllltrito and litecrtlre of thIe ag. A.i ortlitles !t! Costituitiui, At. &ic. tllustr-ted by rItroy engr infs. (iuy' EL.EMEYrP . Artt'IrernOte, ant an AoridgmeRn oflreith's New T'reitise ont te IUse of Globes. Noe American rdirtirl, rwillt additioltS aotd ipllrorenent nco an eltlction el' the' Fart of tire Am rictan Alnraiae, Just reoivced acd for sale by WiM 11'KEAN oV 2c4 corner ol Ualelp atld Colmon alt IIARPER'++CLAS.'IICAL ICIBItARY. lii 4ilt iAttijiAl. lIBRARY. F ORfACE,tranatto d by i'hilipi Francis, D D, with ILr tapedi t ntqa.-0ittli.trnslats of vnreiugl tcirs, .&. by BLIIt JoiioI'ru Crwlev, Mlihiti, Drvdoe Pope Addiion, Swill hlttolrtuto G W kVollioeld, Purso. ilryan.t, at, and stieLo ttlle Ituort elleitent pialc. of Ut Ji'I1EDRUS, wirtr the appenidix ai :tludio traneld tcd Ib Clhristodriler Siartt, it 2 rti hirtrtittvolumnen 18 atd i'guf"ilarlner's Ciltosiec lil'trvare iliht IExpeditrn o"f IIU1lirlIy CI.IKEI.R, hy StllItt, .11 It, with It etItritr of the ttllttior, bhe' tne ilt Ro 1tSl, ,new . e... titonh witih illtalr.tion;s, by'Ge ''111t ;dll'r51'; orleiry tlttriutlrtr of c Richoliee hliyitii' urgce 3,o ' c. row edirtitte, 2 rule t.oepIt PAUL 'LIII'OiR;bly the aOuthr ne nPe.wlh tlho l)il " ltl," ic, h.iil vuairai IV ot tne new a Itof'"El teri Coolllptlo Vr al. uJoei lt.eied sale t WdVM'lcKNAN IIACt)N .UILS--36 casks Cninntillaut amrt -Uall, unt OIIi hleuhloul |&Cl, ali r IIaetar l R(u:;I;.T A I!.W r