Newspaper of True American, October 31, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 31, 1838 Page 1
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RIuCE 12~ CENTS. __ I-i-_ - _E u 12p ruE. NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 31, 1838. Vor.-VI No 17 l:r |'r f l t ri- wee-|. cuultr n" ,Iv , , ..e_ la rl- for tha tri-weekhly couutry paper,pn eny year it aivaeen , where itn city refrenc is eliv Ibtl.riiptio:l will bh,, diacothiaeunl d until urruar ettlelo. in ca.e of dicoltinuance, one week's o ma,.iatn,' t"t invarhub.y given, previous pivetiou of stbshoription. Aovn ristr':.-'aJn dollar per squore for the fire. niartioll a, l l fby II' th it ptrieo for eaeh sullr reunat ott: n,:, intori it tllltmicua fro n th original dlvcrtiaeoment will bn eh ,lm d Ino a new one. yixLot.e A)vntIltns.--lercetnts anid "Tra'erm , onty dollars evi aglise alonlen, nd sdixty for iotlh Int ,:.a . t lhke, Intnllaorut O!Tecs, .ind other similar p heie ia ctitttieou, fifty d llors in Ennglint only, and iwvt; n for both l.lgnaces; Shipn a cnd lteaalt Fac s, ,,r thonmiition mvrch"tnlt sixtty dollarS in Engliil ni, anld eighty lor both Ianouaget. JleIa.nI.os, Ont reRY INorlc s, and o rtielct eoll thie nttentio of tte p!itdic to santes ort trorty, cads of p10etegrt bienafits, &e. c. will Iet heln'ge.l lnetdollar pir lqtaro for the first ilnscrtiln ill ech Inna gJ YNs.' goo re. CtoeoetcA'rtoxs, or Advcrtismrtents, of any pvern at ntoit'o, wheu adclnosihle, sholl he charged dinble, saoil in olrnytlt A ded'tt1 IC twntvyfie per oent. will he mndP to A ctin ,'·ers' Ieu R..z..ztistlR o f \Vills, nn MI \1arshals 'oit sries of r " itatt. purlished in both, .nnod ttnlns and 10i per re"'' eglteh alone: lO por cent.on sles Auv cnecrtes t'rs ont of thr direct line of hneilnes of the aovertieer, sclll no lagal, aletion, nael pIlnts loll tale, rltlavly o avOes, stray lUltinta, &c. &c. will b charged fior site.atety, and lit the ordhitary rates. A.)7vrrtr oSe.TS net spevified no to titae, will ho eblishlti tee Inlo , tand charged ac ordingcly. No tdvertisl vtcts ef tanhkruplcits will tt pltblished Sn y cise, llve sq pcaid lli- prc vie us ll t ill.ertliln, or 'avt ,tl o :e ra1 nle 1 vn I oll po el ble pCi e'i nt1 i i lltWI1n Thinsre. uhld tIl+:r Ipltanes of mi"nilmIn+ , etverti ioe ally .rithe et',,n,, to h,, c h')rged l t$1111 ifr E glish i 9,Ol, nI'ld :5t il in lbth nll:,ZllcCd. . All In lo ul t 'l e ut. 01' " +l il l f t(R r . ol mhlitiCt othlers I,', ,'lit ;.,l Ilh llM the lri'e of oetlhr ndvotics, o ,0' tnn." Ow , -' e r, n't" o cll'4 r t ill( l t h11 I i" 1.11,r1 gul lIt l lp, tll,'l'vv not to II Ivrtlil or prii t tilll Ill" u I dllllteutl i ltlo, S ill Ic, age (Ilt alvanee ptyrivl itc. J. tAY)N, I'. P t IIP..t el" , ,, C iv, ill N .' tt. 1,1P III. DII ' 1,:t, o lu, 1".1 'lc II rC t yl I-' N'A,- ,i itdrni , af,'e to i' e}v t i ll'b t el IIuhli loll lh.e lto " 1,,, ,, 'le h llI [I· i tiit i s' o III/ot' s, 00t( . nd l tl pofl. -o rllt , .LI), ; .i+iV'Im l,,0 m~ I .l'lI 'I pit I , a. l ;4 hh oI \ - Ila l , u 'Il l ,\*it oo Lvttrsl, h" s 'It .\ rl it""i I i' t ie ll Uh li " ' v , t . ll. t) e oi)"li'h F ll~ Si r l ;tr. t 't >rll~ , : ' C o, re 1 {i , 8 ,I , ll ilt ;llln ado theril-ie l Lilor0lhl. v.~ l il" ,t 1 ' I(,tlt +, s or ir t(hIe m l'i+e. 0l,11 111nI. n. I ",. • iiii .o utlitrf llll't $lllit rl bt ,r onor • h1·· I `L oll, I 1'. V IS. :I1· L vo el he. lust rntc l 41V \\III I III C l ,I1' h'.,I I " ; 1i \ . I' . i t:' 00 t:1 . " It. N .llllll o r 11 r1 I i ol lilt' '+l . ip" i" II. I I . +1+ Ia 1:011 ; \ "' il. lll nlt 1tIrI t'l 'I 11 ,I, " 1'0 .lu.-1 " ,' , ,. o . . 1 ,a al hHI r t" r rail ' ll . " 0 -hld 1 -t of 111. t I, i' ' t1 i, tlv ,Ai s nL o t,, ll , IhI1i ,r, tip ill . iv , i "t o, "I %V1 . r [.o i N, I ' R t.n ,m r. ,'. l P 1i t i' t',. , '.t t+\ •i'' hl1lt t ;rmo~ul theVll+R-rla', a1, l. e pra ,l lln hi ,,1"" ,." , .,l; 't+ I " I lcr, I + A N .lo ,o . -I , II,,, t, 1 1 It ''l!' ' , l 1 .i. l II I, 0 , , "+,, ol lltollln mg th 1- 1, l i tr an Il i'llli ,,e I Jlic en "." I. I1-· iti h ie P~"acl ri a o dn ior tI i· t . l( , l t+ r (· .ll . v1, Illit . ill' 1 e4 ll e ·turn11 _ . to O 10 n ii q. 'ti ti Sl:-tI f :ll "1: t t i I ,+,' r oll t lll ol " It' .'i' ill.t ' ll 1' lltlnt, -' t he lusoJc, livr to0 ' l I l ililn·:l". ·l. c1)1( h l' l ,r t .t ,111' 't11t ! it l i- tt lll ,\,. 'tl· tI !`1,. ·1 ! lt'l FI , I melll l r t e1 - lht hll· r'sP lul t 111 or ., nev r I1i tt l 'll t til nnlioi'ltl byhare ) }It . p lo it' l"' "nl. tl.' I i ;t" lllio- ul. llt' l.r t . l r i n it'toi l 1'r r'lwi t \ " "C1 h ntcK Ai .'N, I(tmri('I1,I (,mstt 1 11 i;' :,:i Nu , oll f t rliA i' , i ll ll(l lt l. r; ill!,c ', llo t ,l ,ii lln ,p rt ,R ilce t ill 1 f I r, I t iLIl n i ti I 'l ,I t M . gl l . o , '.+ illte h pIa d' 1,i 1 Iwrym , ." \:, t," d 'll, g m n r oI(II 'I ll. (L iti Cll tllll tl )in t -the 'ir,',.:' ,l i or r . o . , i-,,tyri1, 1 il t i'lll)v, n l,' i11it .t' l l Ii le , o t. , I~ t I t-' al ,n . ithi a ir , t 1ithl il l 'l l t l ilf- , h,-; , an in he -b-i ' Ifr ,,1( o r hcav(e I 1en 1, llP l at] I "f hlll , thr o. tl. Culll +ill Pll ut i -llll :11 ' to t o i,14 i. b ,',I'a ,i h ri l" h 1, 1 '0 i (1,ii+. i lt u .+ ifilng.,. , i.l. l iil.( . , · hin n: lilbiW li InIn . i i-, . it I n (\i i, .itl. Ii ,-I llit t.. ', I by l nito, ytin illt po it li r.)ll ki t " u , -1 a irt, ti l . IIh n ,ie alk r .lt rpoi.'. ihe , I.,:l . I ,'o ~L ' i~l ri l ,. t pi t f1,il l . ll ,"t ' Iri vn'ikqn 1tni ll liolitn l 11 tar.y tiitheWla i yl te r.'P ivyl l nw d t e f S . oi, Ilol,+ ~ - " lll, lll i st. )l't , h or ~slthi q lii t th 4+, wt ".t,. (1,"i o,.'im N! ot n Lo'te. v r .,"1 ", "lllil ' "J hv ai " :.11:l l T )1",11 1'd rhln .I a, ull l i, llt i , i Ai.1 ll. I tl.. It t " a t .viu l, le f r l edi.lo t, b ts n, :ll, t bb lJ a" 'ill it ll li . ''lr,. h S ,, itllyl i ' Tltl fivt s -ll l' h ;iln Iel tl 1II Iro ';i'. ,lll, li ' 11 'I 'lt: i'- , JN. p h &.la o ' lVih-, C r bonillit,+ o1 Iof " 1 ,1,1 " l ,; h ,1" ,1 ,4 . I t, ,lurol,, of" .aL·t. ,10,1l l'i. lrit . . ;m"::o,' I',1' sa l ti r t l hl I f (1,1+0.1. iel aI t lll of i! .Ltllll iib l , lillvlr,n IIh l el.; i -lll pot-tntir ' ,tl•ltl " l"llI e tau I. T lo llund. I"xc VnI '.iv tt I t 12 t o i~tb ill laot)iP I for both szle,,al ve Ibetn elcite. t* . li; 1tll io fihl s prin..I Visitors "aL "toll thw'. on'1i v< Ih,' pI,.' liiw na.t.'ltanages Uf I rt+ l be S ".li"ll liii h .1".11 e I , llvlt.l . Sli ,vor \\'liLna V .'a will I' Oltio the ISllr l rillrtol filr fll i, ith " .toi, e.. ,'i-x t, e ixtioiiOli 1.. itiart noid t hi .:tit ollt ,1 " I'l 1 1il-l to ' IIr., .-l ll ( bt 'idvcrd to ilimel or tý1e 1:"11:+ itlphl m iir l. · ib q l l s fha Iof he ublic al Tl,1 " poplll im1orl ' oIf" thielll u I il Sulpit J rtlltr+ wit, tb ibler.d il , ,'.i pt . f 00[1'0 0l all S h a ttmlh rlll \'\''s I1i l.oI wI. e lt "1v n i lr.)l sill, par. \\FrL L d i c!ojl r,,s oif ,M\hira .L1uu of the lil n tlt A I lienn N, II o s ry or llil rnr , tlr , . ,l , I. w h. ,I np 1;id %:'11, ilinilBI:till(,, patl llt'cPptifm ,. I f r ild ion ar~t - ,J', `.Il· t of he i u' r llnerativ:; lar, id, lt ollr w llfthe r v-:(it. Al'oh It st pl lijinelot, R ly iig llmlr )1e, iulrs fi lth" ,'. li"lii t i l ,ri t ls, illustrateid ly tl t +lail lf the N n, ln .r',, \"'.",'. 'l:l'lri' lik i ill t iN il.m ro!-o th. Iltloel I)io[ll -ll 11111 l'tllt niOrt ni)[ th.~ "A. wf; l Dtl tisclosures;" fly \Vii. L: I,'o. ri ,". ."ri:1 nt of I ,, g..h , Li,,ing witho iu ti 1on . T1'h" Stud, 'S ill nlrol ,ti r in I Iraonintoll. wlid i'.,orkhing 1Tlb. i v olrIdersil'(l of Arlthifreture," ul'lly xla+ P hining tihltlil it .t d llor ti'riki l7 rmiltrk and| qtlhu lt iolileI'l rs t',.i" iunihh in, ( liilin. ni us ingI t'iiI um md IPtl.. tiJl llnl m thilt trne di<net,.r 'no ordr to any given height nl4 Yw-ilers, V(..; a lnd| il dIosigr fir door cale + el( _'o itool h,; - -.trellt-i.'s No+w Glitle,+ llrp eut tr' ".\ Praeth.:l +I'r,-at i o niit , tit' lCltuor f~ ilk," adnpt e~e--v 1,. Morin. Wlrar. J 1.t rre.ived Ill fur . le by ol , o f o r i t S '." 'I'3 0 3 & . . V r ; ' , " It. tirower & Coe. I -A'1Ei'ust I.ieiviellat tleiir Fltrtnishlig Ware-hobnt l No. 17 Uu,,ip streee, Iby recent arralv:s i'on I'. . oi'€=,arti thle Noltll, large astilitiatr to llair stork ol fI tiul aud Irliiltlilultteel hatR'ekaritllsg eti..liCrn, icrivelt (tlhey btclievc) t'arl an a iltna llt.litna IIIO "cas'g ' sI stlluleleuahtet thou i. to iv l'.unl in nay uilailal r etab lt.aIllni kilot l anrlesistilegof SILVER WARIl. Coltee end tea IsetsI; itlthrI's, waiteraS, salOes, eandle sticLks, ups, tensblers llrlt goblets: tablle atet slelnt eeol.ks; ta.l, deslert aut tea sploons; ialrlow ae a grayl.e or Ira gint tsassas; ugar to!egs; sugr, stllee andl soupt lales; ilitter, fruit, Isdtiinlg aat fisis kivnre; tiekle el d. d.sert knives sad ftrks, autipkianoirls, &i e riee ilesliy " Iee tht iaallauulntoary of l.r II. (larlilner, of NSraw'orkI whoee loiag established repluttlato for the an.ufaletllre of silvtr wasr is sulliciellt guarlranteelef its sUllerior 1uatlity. I'LAThD D w.. lg OF SHEFFIIELD AND Bltt \lINGHAM. Te. and cotie urn, tea setts; castr.s, liquolr aed col dial lnltsli' stllterb celallebras, ndll Epe'gaes 'with mit, ror platenux, for celltre' of the dillller lr stlluer tdbtle; waters Iront lllri oblnlg, from to It' inelles;i beel steak ettd vCgetalhie dishes; rich dils cerset; Ceke arid lrrteadl iaskets; letttselr sntands; mntlta! 1111t chtlller ellellestiks; wine sttllner.; coolers anld sylIeios; Itcal ler lales, etarit coah, ten strailere, table bells, tiel, il ble, egg tll neultlstletd t ns egg bonilers adtlt.'tls, toast ranes, eR. SILVFtll ON S.'I'E.I. WVAILE. 'Tablle ad desert kllave, folksl and spnos; ois ul i and allnce Indles; llltter and (ist klives, chelee sen. ~, s tpaIsug tOllSgs, irgetabl iks, reF. Free Gothic Sandwich an i :.o1l (,.Ir:..| , setnllll l · ie gleil, a1o 8i 1 l - . , , , . bIei Iah, lloI :cheme, l an kn:l'e Ii'<l r i l1.'t: h11l11)1 t,,. /I:tblt il·ll III)", qlt, C,*,III, ,, ,l:. ell;,ilU .HriI nl" I ieh ,l le'i' eil. tc. i liraK,'t httt'l F+F9 hli I 4'I I I hAIFa 1,1119PS. ('it.NI) "IRSIL AND) HANG(I.'I ,A.MPS. I'lll illtlt l Illlllh It s ltli l a t, i elt tl. r g ltin.a,,ntit a,', Itin, .it t 2 lithtse Ict lanet shtgl e rel'an1h, e. a'Tlll , Ei 8 liChlt hl'tlllt t Alii' I i, o i t t t i, l, t gnus n eilti tlll l I Ilttt aill ill li l,. sty.Itnnltiee let tieet scell; nete tue lI kImilk ititctI iticlllt tasns;ihnit t'tt Ieeak' .tek wllklJiskl lAilEN WA ICE. Iilin ', Idensr, tlel, IIt ie, I r.k.I) stI ettIpSII e sels;i l eitl tLl a ir lites A lso,( ir Ctl CAine l . innhlll a t.a CT~i ClASS, bolwlh , dlitiiil, I c tleel. itl i, salt s't.l. , sti ll'ek t:ll.Ir'st , brtlllntl li;ete b/ii , 1tent h1bite, 'ia at,:Ihtlll~illt. lo' i'~glinos e. All llso, ,5tlesh:(ub iC IIItNl .,''e AIjlie ell Ite t ne ei;uk I.II Itint h h 11 r t l i. tth cIr it i,. ci I A,.('. 1i1t t Ia slid ollid s,.r .l ct:s"s; tt ,ll a slic j t r;ad1 b- , IiCl c tr .lktlil iie: I.t IIhasAlh h Ishlh N i t 9 Itlll I Me i a1 li 'l .i ' i fihC ma'tls ., .; l(.V ca.d r h Il wg U ilea b kets bi Ii All T !lN A Itti tt' tI. I Ilcr h IIIg, dest'""r ', itl l, e. !l'cc . I~ckil ·II.lu1II ll s l .·ip le' sll olit % \:l. 1 HAItit . l (liltlllltlltl i m lg I1~11· I lsle t.e I''''' I·I itt' · I (,. li: 11.1 rIiIIt 1 t 1i lll ii . I .II l t t lll i t *' ' . ( il ll: hokr a vss. . ep rAul .).:ul :d,. Ta ::`. : @ 1I i I Il I o' b l .X.\ N it 't il 1<. I .iN N lit " c) h r, n khI4lan 1 li n l0 th, sta.n+!, ItLill II t \' I'lt; , h 11. It I,,N , I N I 1 " + 1 It IIl' 111 tl1t +,,. II ·lx*ilt'L ·]·, h1t,+]tl,; I+++ .., :t S ${; Fp r ,,+. ,re V , -, . < m Io I or 5 sats inn (li',+l./iL ll l)I+l~tlll-)·llh (+I aC) ItLW if+ it, S'''t't, l i t',.3t JLLer ' t, t o o I i I,(i. l;lt. F ,r a i tlt] i' i if S l ii i,, it I itil Cttit , llCdCitS, , ii,'. Il, bli( i ?o t,m. of nosaiws, with het'ders. &e ,itp sun + ++i) 2t13., It. I''i , ''', il 1 tod,l t ,.r-,t&' . l i 7.+ lil1. 13 li.. tr o ~t r~;s:l ,v~I t w ith l 'iedtr i. it i7 itl (1 +it5t it'r s'tw+i Itt't'iIt S FetrtIIttI ,lt i herI ti.' siiil d, fiSt I*ti.d,; , supt li i d ; l I c i t .lit tt t iII t 'tl m'I· I iill " i fl ett h. tl t II'i i i'thll I r oi f t '' . O( li t i" 1s1t of l) il i s' 5: 'idctred h,,w + ,r, will we lt' ' o lt tw o l t lhre stis o sons. 1'.tla saws supplied at rol cslts cch.t \h, (it I retli.h,h till h i t d tliv tit'd it ' the ,i i tut lph ll t ers in :.rl- I h c tO )I tht, c ti. l lb, ill;i. II1SI·)lll,.+llil aIlll++illUII· t111 th'atleil·(. +lllh. III hI'l~f~- l·l~hi ,+,,+ fli p +~., <. It . Ill Xe \'rI· ;' t+,~L lllll~l e ht l i,. . b rgersihlef t- r th , ain, u nll t T I l'. :% ! in .::-: I si ' t inche;lh 't i e , the a 12 I ith h i. i it, , tsh l otr llit, h it .r , s1, A o, -It 113, w hile .lt l.. ittt itti dy g itf At Ii 1,13 I, I lhl. Th -o , '.lsn l di'1 , h t In t e,' , t. the , It rwit),Sitiola Hul, w it,13 be t tld n eihuto'i'tl thins toi i ,, iptin it lrt,. . ty . giton in no Jitdudi. .l Cit. - A lilctitni Ilt t\ell I r htitll, ttllillu I Ie Lt , ti e butilt ,,littittt , ttlttet itul: t1 innhl ,u illhlioiti t itI'tii t ll r1',,lrd nI t I t; it l ItI' tl eo.ot til tlite ti +llit tieltli't-oht t te Sg tit N il l rli t t hl htn u l lt feI e ll t fet IIiit ni il, in s it en I 'lel ', i,,.++sltu.e I,.. t ' t Ni,,. 1119, iiu (llll i ll+ wilil 5 .t' 6 (·il, s l .l't +hP1 s 0+ 1) in uxI~ l t.,~I whle oJ:iltl. lll)l IIIl· l'tlIe Ilc~lll rlrl.l11 ,:l ." <it ,)IIo+L .1II ll wish SIlWS IIl'l h ; n\tI" G e l W IS IIep ~ I llr' t il W l " y Ibllil'llnl<+l'l~l~i).llB r+.|'I1) :l·lrt~ Slltl elalulleill O"i t I tlI~ ll ula ~ ll. X III, It , it i. Itl'I to 1I ..w i~lll t Jllll C1 10 h/ I'OilldSc tht le, ni o Ih+ il t ill ilt 'll o +it il l llua be telvls . Ilr 3 Clllo !+I rrlll. ST\°'I..llt OFnl Iull. (;ISIA. "o a-\ll whoni \Villhil+l Bll:kH V hIRitiii! I)ITI II~ rc f Le t 111 it 1ie lo+, by the Shlerif I1 ll R I~lo llii~li i' l e11 teIr t"t *uIl'll, il whli+P (,it'e 1II Ilre. ( , i et lllle~ Ivllr recrlcnd o thle 51 l~l I1t lai, irli . I)o ltl:lu fo~r it I~ll~itiuil or [Id vortise~llellI iul clullllrnlhlv 1~ I, an ac of thle I.egi+ Iltl re· of Ihlo Mtalto of I.o+>lllril IIuLlllIIICd I'All Ot/+ ihr tile lilrlhor It++.ll+:t~llt++ oriihll +~ Ill I)lll'fhllar t lrl. lt jll/|,l. l iultt ; + ,i ll lIr"l;'el htin Itlth dny ot'Jhilrtrhltl~3]. Nil+.'+' therrre kl'twe . 1.+. va ld t I perso l+ ri~lt:rcsletl heurein, lfe Ilcrir eb ited lit i hnollll~i*ishd ill Ilia i~ll) eo tile Stlate t"oul .Ili~inlrlnll nd Ill IhI J,'irTf J~lllii~ial I) (.'ourt, whc cuii~ aot liii itv rightf, lille tor clthl~l in 1 d tl tlii~ llllrll ll iV Iltr~in tlier llFl-it| i i e e "uv hl(llllnl~illil" hitlloI ordCTlerle I et, "e i rj t ufi~i 'ti elolil't umle~r wh~itlh th.llr le mrJt nlnd |.I nl' li r +t.+tlear v (it ill,,gtlliy hi thoile )l~rllra.o l.lipnt |ol lulv··li·;llelili., in ilnl,~ie m~or llner uf Jale, (Jr lot auI oth~er dlelb :t whailro I.'+P. IoI rrlioW cal~,le Wi~hiu tilirly t ;.,.s 17,< t t tll flyn t iis i~liililoll is Iirst ius81eI i e (II 1u++il PIh'm)II r I RII. Th'le *aiiJ lrolertv wnfi so d by tile ShrriB 'iof tlh psr iahll.+oreaaill| oi Ilio 73d d.~tv of +\ .ri A. D) Ili:X IX vil11 i o|'t1 d1cres of tllra c~ltlil, relirl'dcn l nIlho~b d 31;1u lIt whlichl sla i~ld 9111illilnl laC~key b~eII na U IIe 1 r chanser LJr I le prl c l,I" 63..ttli, cantli. l~ceslipiun ol I'r~lp rly a.+ giwnn in iliO Judicial (]on A certain lot ut ~l+ .oul, tourled ictwh ltill te bulild o()rllrllls, int rlll .qaro lounllttdc hv New ~r e L~uuiant, I'illli ilid 1)·l)hlrdl ClrEetsY ((diSfa'he~l( ly t eC Nd GeICrll| l~ln thelillll I)eeellnheT I83t1. atd e tlo. ted[n publo. ruid lut Iloi~un:suiti 70 fi~r I I i.b Tnele.lrll i: ewLeveeI RPllrfet7,. ife, I ill (lepth no il e Yi e adj )inill Ioi .ll g, lind~ 1i, fet 7 hinclls lrd ,i li lEs i leptlth Ol Ill .+hle ndjoIhIgI1 t~lC Tl~rolliy ii.)v l+latlylll hehlmb~ll Il N ooudal, intt 19) lee I1 inches w diril; n ebr nre alhe,;n It frclll..l l ll it ulle." nf ttllro feet nh~le icllsh ea cllllons to Ints Nn* ·., 5,'R, 7, 8 nld 9,. t'lerk'r (illhce, II I "l Mnv I I iq. iill~iJ ii r I 1F++\ I' Po ('lerk. Ailt. WILLIAMS, OCUILIST, Loutsvl+.LE, UtLY 21. It hai teen sail that I tan away frut L2ouis cilie and (nmng otlher place) had inae tr'cks c' the Ni .aern-cthereefnre resolved on 'needev as, trip) t. Cincinnati, for one day only; I returned n''egain lt eight. I n etn ti'eovel thaten a very npot rtnnt idi andnal, atis jcinstant th' Journal el tens city wae nit A ov s e.nd,,etatine, nonecst n gnreat man o i. thing, that I had actually run I env from Lcntivill to eeaepeetine effects of the winn erfnlcl mgnetic nee le of doctor Snip. the hneight uf the thile, aliants, A iS , SIn' return, however, Proves ntt t he ' aie of cit he and wei', lia nilielie to the J'ietani, Thie tile it "A I nv ent emp leyed to wtclt a g ive the i leth whentdie wolfaclteercedi he neinlg eilner 'fa nnenn,'a nior.'si i p, or aliarfqennnl cried out 'tlnn w'l i r'e~nit gt tie grettdisntty of tine eitiieea Thi y e" Iasi out his rei chrenter: that hn , was a liar, nr etto betheh, evedeveen ciee he stpok the trth" 'line fiet i, that caucteslnmst trdluce tleir e'fnts. Sr ii will pr'en o the all-wei ewreiters, Dr Sin & Co. if tle Joulrntl. I wmnltnd adnvinie themnn to provide them ncii tneer~ineeenn etnn y n'lt eh','n,,nin inn selves with ai stoan enpiue pwes, inl rdher to m tni the wanderfeldiand and increase of a aIer n it i well known, there are many whf seek for ng ion.ut falIeh.n.deout of rilver love totil, venders of thaterti ci. lut n'nm'tuntnn, fiar (inlinh Siin, of ,,nee, cnnd thimble celebrity, tineogreat Itnne of tin illinesof A ctlenden people nrht factie nid tfr fi'n d an lvre(n t tenth . The'ri u.e thusy will, (ae elibctn i',dued byi the, tus) nntllrl' say, I n' t ttrld a paper, ht I uay rely ml. tl..'refbur! I will seek ou~net'm ,. It T, ~om, n sni,,cni n h rtt to , n n.n in t.tnt , , n .i se stn teinnnn te wnill'ot Ir .:' , jR, e -tn a. it t.upal PIT! It II heer .. ,,,. ,,ott n ,, m .. ,:n'n n !th't i . .. e tt1t.ine'ttt uing e m y ifte,t 1 C .nenne A n o ln it I te ('s vie f I l, 1r t", I~ eýi, . . t i Dr Snip .l Co.,l "ihle) err t 'p .li:,to.; Ill i 'lls (%,a J.nini~d o n '+, r fIhils to brtill' lirt" p.a li,"nll. ,dil. Thut I'rtnn C'ir.l:lmai [ shall pro, e.d to wle f,' tof nhu Nine, hra, tt ti l tlk n, (ifl)r Soi. & o, do not lake axi ,liy m l ift!,) on it( I:It ofI'nt. tqthe,r nutl l N esw sltrk thee lth ol'Nuvember, pclll tre w ]tad S'itn, nxt entlllur in order in laugh at ti ne t+ l l'idlimlines- lille medical Golinh++ ol lBoston, Philadcl nhia, sit I tN ant,, i ll le it e , It t we I trobal n 'ie leti l: tnt tinee arrive at l d.;rr,: l ia i 't Io n t re (:.. liefo d. Crriter &e. n t ninl make litr niNs, mnh+ 111. Go Ilth r ul r iu lior .rill", t'eetilnn. s, rnn tenlr. ! ick , sln i r'e. l ;,,Itd it tlre ireO lint ~rn:; i lir,'11t of nil Or,. ! +th rt t, lrm l i , l: ,:," tl" :. &a . i.,: ,,,,' I told l t ,y I nt. 'hi l r St, . 1'u r I.rl++w limnt I an'heibr . t int'v ,,r,: tn e t"r,', in, Ia nee,,, ! e,2'r ape' ,r , n , ti nt+'+ ' Ia, .e ." .a "', ic. t",r t i, .. . re +to i i,, ni tintht't,, I, tint loi ' , wa;1. It r.olhetut~r of'lris |lije+aty's ,:Hstvtoors+ iti trtqnt l11it I te. Itsint vei n thlen, )in,,'' lli ov d t int' l l't t t innoore kh'+ t l'ulritee'; the hat'ness ml ket r ll, r , sw' e art, olo-r; thie in tied fretln s't e kinn ... nio t i tle nlireit hntn r Sn ip,, evti , nt' , mttt ore t duum inn he 'ims ihh t do tin like! 1 w' fe Jou'nal' i iate innhall n tit e Ivb ,,s anid 'lnia nrs "i.ll I10 to A '1. andle.inin'nnh flon nit,,, 5i "Iona Eve" da', t, ub a no p nl n without te, as U'Ui ] it h ur in ' h, h J't)iN \\'II.I.[A \/q,ftOl'i~t tntfl r' n n lit r-, 1 i J dr' , 1t;,7. ni'. S.-imt n n', Init 'I itn'~ lastn'h'v latet inn Ih tttlt,'on' thert a `iSgi ~I}l llt rit r t f the Jou~trnll . andz~ hit n,,hh, .lluster, are' Slea t. i ,,-If p le e w ll'. 'sl ire•'t*;' owH'tl ta io ,,them l ineter, il n ,, I slenre lilarks,ovt iresl sir prll+li',tlv r see I •," eac lh r: Ilillil the, a, ' "l~hitis nif it nin' i,'rt a l th t to .. ' '. '"tnr nu i te lnAih . 1' r tr a- ine. I"'lll'h le "t ht le, rail."o f the" co ot ulhl ('nn " "V \ lt.+et mi++hll.;ttls, the" l'l•pll l doeto. 1~ 1 1' h + " 'ote " . I. ," It ilt is true, he i tui,,,ht i Intl, l t,, l ev , ti r m llotleli d +ilhl" r I e, . the 'b),ng' ..f mm r" .s~ pl"" Iih ow, don'lli-bil~wl,, 'thl ales muiral 'in, r dlo t in, , on his Itiln t :, w ' rid h," ielt 1 - 'r,5 Iha seno iJ,"sre bumrfl missr, others hone~~v lln blterl w lilt s wn were ntnrt.,d to be p 'ro '. p oe , rel,"vi i h 1. rki~ hil of ith- rail. "I'h cltl~ -om i vny;' the on hl iha it r.ll Ih,,r , he knitt';,' .fn t l nit,,,' l l-. d tln. ict %+,,,fir knighm t isl se nt only oii+ l +ie :n, le , tr, m fle.Ils p't lilint burin s, I" join i, ' tio,,r, 'h' ' ni::ht "1' II + ihhibleo,h in tImlinuioh , tll he wtorld o is at so .-ill ini Iwrf;, b.' ,,a,rd :ac Ihl "m.,loea, a-111 fill d,\v It ',~se-' -pr, :"I I nu bnt Iroje t nt'''wc, ' f n tint , ! a "r el i ue. !+' ;! 7ir(ten'i tine, het . o lwhich, tire-l lll t Dr l , te n ., hint' the lit i, i, ,\ te,,i l n h , i,,,u, h s ti t e I " ' -i,,i, c" ,n "h ull, le ~Iill .!;is +. ,. i, ,," d, lri t, ; L .r I, 31m, ', In t el nl. nnlnn. T 'nI, ' ... irtte ,s ,1t1n ri 'inn In ,,,t, min en in . 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'"lh wr, tr a l itle and'e iv Il fia t f l it drt n c r ate,,,, witl l set all inht acynd they willl ni d c rlllll iqeeale 1'+3 ln i o. t i t te ie 1 1•1:1 tm l upl.eilt.. "( their rvat,"+rs, at hre l.u " I:; lt ure Me ( '1. IIIII'IIIL I"(rtlllrlt,,l,. tier" th m Vier i r s " n wi ne% S bbul,l tIsa It o-mol o'l')" in whIch .,) zthey ro o tb ir Iir:, vm 'rk." J \1IL[ l.Aint, !, Ii.--I have jesf re,'.ivrd n hirttr, dated It n Y, in+i~t in , Inf lac onitiln aplt oloffv I"te dI .... r, is lot this; ct'i . 'lhr" ~rit ei style, t • i;-ellve "Keotut Srrel tnr'Ill'T s"+ ureIt'udt, d ;. tlit'/ itl i hl In •h inmy btitll lettl.. 'I i,,' lla "+ rst + +s l' I, I, did lo.t I.u. o r e'ven| .I+ lpeer ll,," t nl+J otl; l'" ia ,1"eI ,ff i n 1-..n i'villr; y1{',, i'ti t+arlcup the anyl .qrit Itema he meat cutrve \+ ' I Ii ,t , e,+I h ":,t +i"r, fehl.' I l lple. J', i 'l '..' l 1 't .~ . , l ,le .... tl l+ .iulv,18 to r a ýl~i", ,'l cif. ., ,"n ; e ilJ rile. ýI. Tlo it,+ to, h, them, ienurte ,"td. :" Tlo r..,, m ,", i,', th. It l l,a i~tsli+ it,, ti vil e pti [hats I lhl! ,, Ml tlit l (;+)hlh S. \e .v, ho~ap le toJ o; h,'lo,ac to thrill an thl "ir lanvful righ. i. Th'! ,t I oili roads toi 1-hrli. Ow-,l aniedrm dollars, ini rol.te ol tiru. I'. S. hunlk, in the• hleeds oif his lh.llI Ithe i av<.r1) ftl hie its, age in s t si I I ilr ra in to be pl,-:ited by all the gr at lindl g hty Dho'trSe.& C". that I rr~store to, sighit m ore an..ed, lie -dl :ed, totingli liersaour and children, whoi were " ftuity if, .ll* ] a'r blhind, thai| ithey do; anid that I nllnt, •ole t" cure t glruntelcr iltlil.,h of short, wclk .r t . tr-,I )rsr',n doling tll short visit, tit.,+ they do,, 1-" 1q t w, h 7u~ ,my~ xtisel 7.ahliillitillrc rllt lin" to ' r "n I l filhe r;e 1 desterv,.dly rcbll''Icb, td rlo,+,,svors unit It, .tars ofal the mpdlii.ii ee l c" 4P+Seiiq wel, :t: the, i .ll"do+ ,, a d gm •I ritl tora t by, Ili,+ld hit :r',. a: r toa't ct, (..JIf, :r," oi fIb,%!htthe. S...... Iof. ...... a tls hllt: .. . Irl onm I e r ill '1 rsee wIISVV 'hets:e n arcr. t ler, .h~ts ne t.,'ll ,qt! d ,; lIllllm li lclu,.s, whiose, ulliles tug t tto beh indt'd dew.. as lowis s posvilble tol late-,t nlstrl'l-t. 'I. It he0 clearly nil4 t m, l r tot hat all the rtores if' anly, onl built .-idl, , ms. ni I:illt irucvt. )l~li horte be ni pertruonle.,I\itihout the aid ofaa etslluglcll o,,cration 5. 1'l os'Rllts n llr+eally"meri t ill(!e e st the Lure s, liberally ail~lited to me,* shun o lbriit th e :$.til lire t o 'I IIIH CRL llnu11 0 ,!llh l m oos of f¢Ivrhoo~,l tiSnCd S., whicih ddnerv 'Iliug but illy siley t can tempt. Sad l Idnow Intl evInhtg of the great imnrtI* e of A S S, 1 shoulld haI1,I tented the lost of thea three sotto, o hat b I t at tunilllnl) lln I howivler Int complliment hit nmster of th Ile 'r 1,nnl litr Lis buga. it, t npi h'y fire farmer knight (noI nfheculilt' o tr thistle., kuI) ontk't tIenclin nd111 hkioir., ill orr Inthat I my kill Itwo birdin with one anlnun il. Int pth h IlI,it- I Inny jIudge nntoltht nn.l!- i t nnnlinnr, I)r. Snlip's Ionlet i", poliiI1 inAi nInIatt ,'redl ol'lhiaservices. Wh'len nut, ci non etmtcrrao ciur , whethler donensticrtl I or 'ulitiully, whicih requinres Iititer, hltther on hi owt nrse ll o jte r I uil lot 'tio whodnot hapi ncl to pl'nnnhI, Is, lncg ulike Ilin, (w'litb lruthle t ,rea mifitton!) Ie i is t ringn kin HELL, nkicn nftl'Irnlis Imaliking nose thantt if Iit t'slnning bri m nnr nltiikLing lilbll ;'' ytI to , iew it In an-llr. lIrI iooks tt ell; hint iwith an 11. It. A. S. S. anfer it, ul,hnnrr magnificent'!' Julv14. rý VA SWVEET1:itF.Al"'S-.In ltIretnunt.\ a jab nor Commonu and hlagnri tir Y ' I ERIL YD J 'l. E h1d1 m Itltdnnittn, nndi bockKitnuk n. E oil thn otnnmrntnttorn of the If tle tim rri I rnn Ol , tnt ilntt Iti nut St. Chnlles Atre. AtilntotnHtnoIihllIfe rs-. ApplytIo Jclll JAN CtISIJN d;tr Tre Antniegn N AILS: A prime assortment oftrt N`1hails front tn 1('d, for sle by CH)ASE ,it IISEY, 'rtl Customl House dtrYOt. MLES' COMPOUNI) EXTIRACT' OF TOM A TO. +t sUns'l'r'L'r.T FOa CA*t,+.I.L. r-. liF doetliu t ro nltt wh o mth asuit R Rntce L by r:any empir'ices of the present dr1, 1ht ono e Ie dici. will cte HIl dtilseaseos, is .ot, ani never ca. be tllre; till i he who asserts it, is eithelr : l f h l orn ,ol ima |l'", 1~'l. |Illl it irl it Ib'tt (h..;Dosl~u~ lI etIU ,)u h I· let'~iillcc. tlh;It comnblrlljlul! of nlellicuille lu IIrll I~ll teol~cc fl'rn| c VE(rrAHLE KINGDOM, thllat will l.0 SO tll -lOh lveHIlnay O1n tile systel, whllenll alil.n lselSOllyl~lH nll d injudicious pr1o port"tiolls .as tto , c '. in tie aseswlt e i 1, all distuses withlin thle reaelc d power " tlot ill tol'll t ilte well kiloto n .' l t stahblished o Illutotl on of Cal lome, it has log beeun mplogelt by tI htemi,il, aln tcie titic l o t siiL an, as o le j ot " the t Io ost pit owrll agenllts fo " lte re tm ov·al of dlsease. 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'IVlls I IIe " h traIp r I. !. im t .li nit u4 h d.l4' I:, r I 4ar n u- i 4 llillo4 I:1u p lllrnia l ki r ain-1 !rip and of t tllll't ll i : i at l'tl'lr lll" Vin,; Ili ,ii ct trl'ls lptlucl's cr.I pruli~f: lll.i l ng ,iI. e I t , i I i .~4. li 4th' i'' ItV 1 [ y'o V • . Itli4an % i nt lhl par. AlIm, rI tl tilt, w t. , 'l l l ie A l iso, 11 ,n 1 n t l, T1 e111i l s olt P l s s.R .U l : II( ydra11 uc il lll l dli ' ent t nll Pri.t6 ri i. Lo. ir l) 44e, Jio h 4rl 4. 44 l i4th 4a 4 4 Ii,)1 ,tm : d' hi, brn mllt nt i1i el1ll ankle p ihnGt usu l s'rhldan dc i flrIn Ill Grl tex 4444h 4 t ,t n ,w e c tn rnd huhit l I, sur e Iat IiJu.41 llnlh oL I ill I lla [ Ira ti .it, i 'll' t lilp I V I h. i.lh ! a . I , Lt tl' Veinu ,`knt v n tt ,t et bird,, dlx punl rt I 1 l'nd hitl= s ,hot sti " tirc I e, i,,' [ . Iha e h4. 4 4 r4 44t4 r oi; + ,4 I t4, ill l) dd- I+,,ral l l p ai t I.. i,; , hhl,,, iquI l..p i'·' tt' l 1 N ml. NO +','il' 'l. I+: V i t $I tllhlU :r,'.t" ,it'iP8 1 lllll 't'r Imntts VI ynI` lrl ll llo iru ' s Ia.II. I a nV d', N. lli . vi nli I.illliliL li ti t ' . " II I plan Jim- J. ['ih,, \.. ., r.' dr I:, v ll ,, Ill 2 .id 'I' i slre lului r d ,FIi' m ,1 In I'21 .hnnln i K·i.1 'I¥ '1 lh ,..t. 1ii . |llLlhliul n, J1· 8e d l' In ('e .' L iS Ii.. re C1I AIri I'l. 1'. I.kl Ill.4NI, ', i4 444,7 l)4 : 44444444 4 I444 4 -(',Il4444 II, I'44,444 Ilr. -1' rl· I'A'·i D . · c1.. I, l.ii I'-Il.\ 11, A1 ol , 1 te (ll l seVi!: tm, habo kv wornk achr + |i e veit, hall' ar jc e h. l Ii i lst'll iS le ', ItF l 1 &1 - -RlOU . ki'l'r , P <n III, l ..," FIll i·ilcllb +It's l'ulr lithl. ,t`uill nit ,ni ri' i' It . h, 5n l r jmllir tl,. i " 'all n e " i 1,;I Ill(. sr l I ne. n - .-" rZI .(. V~t a II II "VI, 'III In Is gll lilirFillutr Ipus th l,+1 it , t, l .rVl Ullr S i x Irn..".@judiV I ,'+ I,"c i l-u ."l Iun·t' Illd . , Ill r p;. II'In Sl it a clr @ll 1 uI l( I, i lo" 'l ',t d i i J.t ,li J neJ il' I.' "n do ri l re t t+ ""N' ole no Tl . l J f V, r t : t IT " f l;, t d.- t pour IV kris d" ?1," 11 t ',, pllati!. jes Itt1CS 444444444,'D 11K W. KVANI' CAMOAI5tL I kT F 1 1 S h g h y v a l u a b l e I ei c i ne yo i -t aIle antd re l ,i l at N. w Y ork lri' . • ,osZ f DLANGE.i18 Camp street. i in confidently treommendetd for the iolltlwnt .j fease.: Dyspeps6i in lfl ts f intic; biliouns !t lI .fh f IlictNlot. in every tifige ncrd ldegrea more perticulurl the ntaree ideimssde nttt alhun, f-eer anni gs.e, iaeipient ptsip' ttelr, ltitherof thie lineror longs, heaii . nie, l ea of appeltie, nervaoul treo , lea il delirium trtemene, leasodie alfoetion ofafll i m .lin, ihetll he ronirh or infal amnaory;t h a - bilieou levcsr, o. every variety; rorufitl, rita ti and all blotrici., had ltumoan, ad imsl.are nt tithe ckin; rie leniues at night, end dRa, and oneionc:hb'y; tile Sammeeer om"inpitft tiorbu e or diarrhoea in grown pens n ; an iny, with l hirath; ehl tuririui and psiit heart antd heAd'rchanges of fenale r oenstiisl ilirrnirtu antd hisroreniied neontiutiorns in thý. , wtllih have not heilt pe main llly relievedab i-.n inelicine, A ciinle trial of ltr W Evers' J edidtl lin any oIfth il, uC ill riipr odite h nrleoai sa dt5 diraten thir icontelrabhe ne seriorive, and adirn.o . o ia ue of themr as will inutre a plecify tand bii cure. Dirtirctins fih r foeie .omppllt..y g Ntulitrrlur certificttea of cure will bntie h.d a , thi nle-tlh of the caictil-le it is tml.oaibletiere li L ~ Illliicitrht he ne.lun oe f a n ewee.tre, o.n 5 19 e "Ckei tr o.vnns' cntalolc rthereirme uwurdns of Q.Di,.flj.ts arid iu ticha city we all refer to mtany 1r0 sn whoise biernl elleved, and in aolnt inrlamone oitreiy teulethr id lug atlltding dilseare, by Dr evatnm' Camoalton, lrit giio-0 fil SI'AT ill' ' O LtOUISIANA-Firatludito Cotec. - Pg\lIE STATE OF LOUISIANXA, To adlL ah - thtce Pri-e.tin roheI tcne, Greeting-. " J:itmcer ltc'-ti Igitgs ht'iag I tllrt-chimcra Ilisre Wjc" ihlr ltheritftf" tIhce Ini i oni Orl thet prILitpl. b.. iltir clee rlell ii, tns Iplited to the hte ofsiiee t will Wille o.fle tilhe dleel of gaL :lll I'theoliled On the oud Ireo ofnt%,lil. A.. 1). 1t38, fol.- itionitilo or artderlireo i l sti l in ll l rll~ltin to , . l c lt of thre t.reislnl lre of t h ilt o' .i . , tiall , l il d -iLr l * r e t for tile full intS - :.alc( of titlne ius i hctaf i i juritlhoial m stretl" approvd rhe i0th tcloa of Mutcht, 18t3 i. NOW\, iii , ev,I koll' } e, onoi all prt sonn hltireenert h Iil l. I Creihitiyn cited atll admonti.od ill te tnme ,o Ihee Satllrot I.clinillnl, tolll of the Fit-si Jodicil District (Cunctlrn crl set upal righl title or elnim in and r rite ii'erIty lhciercleltile oirilitir cartriseeneae i'fs y ilx:,rnelit inle ordlr il decree ore julgtct of the ouro ldIr blli; h Ihe nle was mcle,'or ely irregulrity or hillegaly it ili t lr sttoiinelrtis tllid adveitisements , itl lilll,, ci- tn:nlte (tfsale, or- fc.I ai onther deete wnlatso . cilt., to tlow cllule, witlln tlllnty dicos from thie s ay this oil i lil ai illclrtd ill tiI llblihc li.ler, why thlc solic n cilllr - ellnfllrd nOt e .-rfeno anca hie.l min t gaiesl t Tesid: prllllwoley ,s s, Ildlby the Shririlt' of the partly, , t-e s .id all Ith e nui t ii: t lit .liptie i i i A . I) IIf s, by vf"t - it,. of1 clederr ftf this en-itt, raom driirtotilte 2tt clay J:mnu:., A. i1. 5i.38, in a stilt eiilltd Janmes Brn I iggs cc. iRfts Grien-ee, No Il,191 of the docket nft (Coitl, at cichtLil caiisd ,tnmecs Barnes Diggs bean the /uicll.l~ll"ur I litrlee c tel In;.-fie thouusatid d (l oiipirti of priitriiiy as giren i the I dol i -I Arrvi:6i.,, lce rpFi f io'pelilrl' or lilcel Ofgrou dtogulhe i" t .lf all t rltr Ieihf'il. n, im i) - mi, t ls l ereond rights' iierriuhehiringinig, oe in ann w seap I c-ri,- ii' , citiate iii Etriglolt'. i Critir tioCrltor e this tin u ithiriltn r F hglisht meacune, thrte nihaund ndc liltlh-'in tl·t, alll il l tu )l'. l) "ll hl'teo fi 011n o the rollllice iio ln Ni-n It-,c '" . thre-e hlullrcled nct sixty • ,-· i'ul , its k :hch f.l.ntfl- ght-iihsl of ac inctl i-annt on est t r. Iono tohUIded ril.U tiiliiyctiie feeit niie icnellsana to,-eigl.lh- r,lr illtohro it It linc Irlttilng on Old Levee c e iinil i stirilres Ie-illhoi+rn. lil, f Laueitis Mil I .rtia1n. -i, ci..'1 II thee oln ,I of O-ll Levee and Nuanl i i rl ,'ii ri! trl rindeII t'l' erle i " ol Ilirgltniah.l l h Mnj." .4 li 'll, ., . d lillr iillllrrl' rinolttlv o liioil h Io ¢leio " I ' it: rr irr, I'irlrllriii rr i ri' h liil ind ext cotittl ,sl1 ty.j. ille.- hiti i il,'- i isilbsrl ni I, ilillee eigltlitrf ati ioohy'lkt Ittltlll ll "+ ý TI it,,. talt riot 'll i ith c ts and i five eiglhL - of too inch -i ther o iRil.r lno'iirr siid Dithis ii.oit rtra i n.,htl eIL+ Co.Ille 5rr--i n-t;- ltihre felt!illie erOtle Pierig "ic Iv, tIal .UII , u-'lil l n:'r hmldrod tall sty ros elll e n i eet t-t il i-ti. : olld I nit' t Ii i ihths rf a h Ich cI tie rlld isa hliar ol" s:ild D"lh.!"'s I~rlv 'if paclhli to tlte ublic r.aeld iih N," . te oet til"i e-lle ti nct Itbtur incles andl f oibtghth. of :ithnch I oitvl. Notl's street, rccorl. ig itot lca IoI%- J. iPliii, ii}'ill oincn, monnlle 2ct1 Jan , :n1",, I.;2 w.,e.,r d t" n acnt orased before Louis T' Crhii-, Nri-ti ti'c, o Iil iii Jtitityrly, 1832. \- iiilcss tlh. lhri A. Mi. lrhincra:,i Jldge of lthe 1t 'lllll-i l ,tllin ltfd April, t838. rp,ni.'r13 1P. .E IILANC, epl). Clerik. oN.\CItIJNFID 111 'TiltE Il°CUL fI OF %IED LINE. 7j1ittiII\'ti cterrrri"""l Enlnoct f Coirtiitn nird Sai-ac J lilllli r-A crIllt iec lle Inatmstli.hrCIin ilelml t1 e ic'c~ ilicir .rii )lia tihe itf iiotll-lrhte, (;le, tt -l ol ii't-a, Niliirea, Ptone in the back stills litn, sesonlj w ilk.cts, .t Ii.titcis of tLhe kidlliler, grMlel, sotloritii 11, i I, oi tlltetonl R: tadiciln+ possersing the itlerf al1 rllti lk hiue o i , lhe e n;ow ue rd ' Ito hIse pub ,, Ir p pl" + Itr I rl i ihat t tI -iclie t.ot o iit l e I en tr-us 'ctee - dhIci tliacuh hlinll< Ih, il o"Ir ,fire ititat it Ill tebe'l a t ii tit Id .r Il iii o lrr i: i i . le l is i mt Itr ltt lsqih o . ' I 't inltr.::llt Ir c .Ol,,p) l ,. c o U\ti nll i rel t htlly} itti, tas l eI - in tn' ii- li too, hnoitr dlinlikhe olithl pctieun s lornt-i: ixlrrniti 'retrolicg is iliiorate taste, iml lrtiioce plnIdi t, t ',d ill thell I.,,,,% Is a 'toml ld.. and it+ he'reolh +, iriliii, , t icll the ith-iti ,torny ilge. ' in ~g that rte nar'u :lcinritinsioti- Iold thceeby be otc r, iIor vooeoiurmt, stilll mre useill nd ully ldo erdl, tl. c in th o' p re ont ,I tlt r. T h ine rate d n itlci te coiiii rrer i giilsculieints -lhil lle in t he it st copuliie olscoo iI a tilln t sti ltific h lelir lti-enllle in the t[elfetion. 1:: .r drill; iln the Olm sitiollol'thli.sp+tl. ti ia tonnci ase ' clti,:i., o ie odretl., li,,tdc ;c a ct perntinry tnt ilih.r nr nir helit i mtr lir e the n lotl itrtgr ft its i , 1t he liare l- - -o. The ltost emanent thvsiiti r. age (tin!" t .. lroioittrny-tlr + resi iielt'lieide,, nan h i Srnelno'of tintitriOis thIit hts ute it ". r.rhncial hopitalho ant, ubio liutnerlint instihutions I he n, otln tilli c ita, tetTecntite. lIt wac a iil lto iwnrri.a with the neleltotet Dr Abene thy ertp i a-'isnig iir-on :t disoirder~td ste-lc n lrtheotigrstiaerunoti Ileving hcn- : sililtt d to the ieit urd erperieonce t - dlot ct-lehritcid a g isiltc.h .ilictyt het' tarenexpra thl h.. l hflihul rat' hts eXat-titu'dilury fil-c- in ei rrsre cird-T il.he, clerrs, hcv clupitign it boih in i- - blh a i.:,tr n pr.ctircniTe. iTei oni ertlOitcl wil Lnciluci hel'tirre., rleplred bIn J B 'pin:a, Clli+L, " LomllhOll l''i~en ; 1311 oerpDlot S1fESTtIOutALsf Frrmlt A 11 Unionh, Eslq, F n, BrSogeouto Ii . St 'I'e'llstm rlnspiudawl : Le.vere on A .tonw. T h e ta i:,l wI ic h I tf e If t ot e oo ' t r ta l '1l' . dhi t, . rlarh-ly t,'cases, Loth lnlle and fv...le, in its result. . Iproved n hi.,h"ll Iofroultirf, thaIt I to ulot hesiltt I)1""1o"11vag it oIlt. of tile ,nosef turtlhe IuOtd eoifnu t, reeldliesl eelr lf'frcl u to Iow luhllic, llilla .fe i w.f h:i., liv~m enpotic,.c, I ":,n r xeeever reliancea , whiles · dIos Inotl pl ofiillu tile so nnlI tlaou t eot.fcl usualf y wf , ;i:criuvlid tlro1r eul-ibL . S F rom G 1f Iforo wd, \M I C S, Physitian to e tt i Al:1\all l l e ])/*il,;ea.t.,". I iala roe ptI j .uoo v. ill Aodiing my te ;wimo.o to.f SnhJ'e itr1pe ifief o1f loll" uloelapetion, wishing" fy)l o i slccel r S U fll ) • CCI~ "l itl -lll -- I~ ti'"" i hdnr aud t e intonelir lriogiog it to sof e. .. pleti rt , onht From \\V 0 Counper, F It S, Surgeon to Guy' lito (I hle · 9 \L' 'ee ...~tl h h hilis a'tendevl the dmlnfi Icr1117 !1off· plivl o t aotg tot fifiteh ts offliettfl oft, t~olaln,(' disatLa..ltl , stigfiedf the i.hlhact fit it " It." II e t lto ' aioittn did. Mlophe 1 -1s yon no w e~ll lrolle, molfd) rod shcedits repsu, tll ,. lFron Sir A Coonue, F{ It SPRCS, o"e. R. to sty' tofu El:xtrat is r- ii eaýLb r tiolat Uonla'La m, wl ucl adhihet I: I, otoofttrifrlttlItuuln· ijfh ftu mlot·; f n Itrfigl' .. doi . . ,. trr.edh. , . , oe,.w. . .. .. so' Ie :uud emelcrs tleCted b ivt, ill Ia ew , ;, l tlltll tltto ttll l f o t a e rth f I f it f hoth uhli :ld pivate recolnmenf sodt.. .tlhti.. ... .., r.t Pllfll C \V It lh',1 h.Z , Physitiano to Gu's I o pil.,l. T'e .trie tet wticht I htve giyen ur Ion . tll:l It % tat allit llt. .,l its ii' Vr r he suc'cels W " ,, I f'II S l Itot e tOe Ite lll'vt- in i ll use, oulnd Itf '~tlt sitn :l.1- ot' ...tnulllemfld 01" l t y o sold i} layfelb~le ltat, ll IIP il2ooI 1) IaIIII otlll of tlitlflylflO si .i t "t" ", I i t f "I hn pso , Al I f It S L . tI oo/rl ul ." ol tIal i l hre' th lhkS , I eo esltthlbly tt. ".,h .d" ,,,nr }':ot-t ll.'l t'~ he tcurle of Ulio ..11.lte b, ( IuIi grt, frill thaltoo I ieot, C. A ltot hutlrhinortitomeiti, i toa,.e whhl, w ill rowt e tetideratnomi itIl so -l,, ilt th'. ,r tlie,: of I- a sure, srev hall .lb tss, .,; tn, ro.rifo. I,.aove cuss. It ttttthts toe great plbo.... ll dttofiolig to 1wv world the 'sdtwble qootInsog3t. vere it ncliesrt, Ite ploprletor Could herel UIise M"1"3 mo.r"e u',Stal :I," .ls ulg l aS em,,'n b, to' l## tl t: .'lt; hot toots fl.,it i, great suoces ihithetto his omuo 1h ws -ll s tI t llo l it hasl been is el aed, will pr Its' &rurwooti· hfshaeitqP~ II ir~wt riommt,,1,itlirnao n flt dtierfoftfitis OUJbj S tIte ifooinituti iS..tfif eti fsi-ft.ttsp ..t0 05.Uth n.,le i thh Lit ai he kot. , I)e g bitlhtepylt' pl'le nl- -its tastnl, ~'f i ne, with ao ' flay or ottireetorilt firm fo'ire 'tn'lretller, -ýseo f"li ti,, tfhi Ioalieioeine . hgfy uteful, smti Rý . s moeh fo ri opt.aoitd d with a uptrirsation ptotsesdlgls. dI volage i ushothei offipeieot. onqfo t bes ot ofl fftre ifffeiolt freges ofithoJg,ss eubttuifiutr e, coutaittifog toll ansmut'l F6 till' I Taw FOn o ttoi l ... . o"__'_"irft 4ffGthlstsj4_

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