Newspaper of True American, October 31, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 31, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DEScRIPTIO, JCPEEDIY,, IIAND-OMtLY AND CHEAPLY EXE1U'TED AT TUIE OFFICB OF THE T,:uce americeau, SIT. CIiAILE.S STIREETI', NEAR POYDRAS. LU11". . .ANA •F J. TU, "t WAREROOM1s S" r • r, dAenv,le arcreet. SILLJ.TA I l 'ARNES, (rrmtrly otllher frm of u'It 4tUrne,) wothl rispectlilly intf.ra his Triedtsll ttd thPptble thtO t l is constantly receiving from Newv York tnd Itllllota it ood asorrrtlnllt of Fur slllt u satloit a4 tnmaogrllOy h:Illrai, esofRe, Led terri, inll pie el rrutt I rlt irt , ple d cheir le d crry b.dstrad., ael, ritnrv rad cherry tables of all draeriptic.u, ou reau, rtoilets, secretur'y, writing deesk, wrdlr,' -s of erllaorlly lld cherry, wash stands, looking glasses, feothear, treddirg, &e.. &e. NDi. Ftlrnrture packed for tr trnportation with great arsr'. MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Rcnrcoled from 17 Cuslonhouse St. TO NEXT DOORI ToST. C1hARIILES T'll EA'iTRE, CornaR or Po.etIS &, ST, CIIAIIIeS erToEoT. •l|n9--1038. V.. INE&.-PI-lI'Elt EJ l' 'LtS--ltr gre,. cue Sor.Y d i(10 groes porter blttles, for seir by IlLI.tES & IllllrS, jyi IBnltk Alle. P. p1iti 'iEBOARDING IIOUSE, No 1i, Toulouse et,- By Mrs lloffant.n. IIhS house ir spacious and cronvenicatly situated T. ir ren of busiucess near tie Levee and tile New ,Exc'mnage. Lhe tabrle will be well supplied and attelned to, and "tl he harue moderate. Boardrs wishinig to have lodging, can be eccommo dateod at different prices, with oalroeiltous furnishied rootl. ls Boarders will bavo tile sutisfetion to erect here, persons speaking the French, English adl Span sil la,,:io ges. _ _'-__gi3:3 E-NSION BOURGEOISE, Raee Thuloose, n. 13, Lerue par Jilde Ve. IIoffrnann. ( ( E'I' ttalltlsselnelrt eot spaeioeux, etr so trouer citu6 tJ ieers dt la Levoe et hie it Nouvelle Bourse, e'et dire all centre ties all ires. Latable sera bicu fournie, proprement tenoue t .I tun prix .todre6. ",eru qui pratttt pennsion detlrireraient y loger si rornt des apitrtcelens de dilferens prix, lilt garli e t oerllerodes. Los perna onrarires alront I'aghl6mnt d'y trouver les Ipersones prlttat les illangues li'anclase, ttelltise "et espagole. -au , NOTICE. i naetw llof the subst ith er, tllder tlre lirt'll ' i oA t Vrn Wvek rr- o., in New York, L..idlaw 5. Cu., ard in Nrl;rtrr, Miir., Van \Vrck, Laidlrw -rto.,r is li.sol red by mtllu:l CoAll.e nt. Joh Laidlawl , Peter S. Vail "Vyek, d 'l'athomst \V. 'Vau \Vyek are aclotrizer J to su'ttlt eti:no o 'thre titte in liquidation otnly. JOtIN t.AIDLA\V, AN Ifth';V LANE, PI'TI RS. V.AN \VCIK, TH(It).MAS W. VAN YCItK, Niwt Orleals artA. ICth, 1t83.., CO-PAR I'N"--;Ihi1111'. lire e.rtretberralVe ftrmet a seprl0t0rship il S,;e city ede'r tihe fnir of Van \WVvk rt. t o., adc it, i J New Yori ullre, tile itrfJrirs o fln Iritr .'1 rju r. JulrN LAtII. NtW. P'I,1'il S. VAN I'CK, r:. "Itt ' IIOiA.k S W . V .t r Y h t ; K , .. ... ,,,. - 10 ..... }. = . . . - -- ... . 1A SLO .'S CIIALLNGE BLACKING! J AS. , MIASON, of I'hilladelphia, boehs roespec:tf.lly to aprlse the melllt.ltllllll Hland publi:c ceuerullv oI ei"W Orlelo o an1d I.'m)lllsi.llt, that IhU has poInIo l ted Mlessrs. Itl.esao l I)'l.anI}e, tIle an1e agenls lo1+ tle stle 'IAI, i'olilf.i IliIT' AND Sill)E 1I.ACKING wiv Th f It. II uoll olt r losurr a;t. th* ohilyonge llug to r mIllLil l I,'illllll ll IIIn .¢ not, l lllllll-, llloud' 0 (..r 1(1 ithele" alho'r to l i ' 'i it ' i 1 npIl ' li'll ,'i'o oIII ftre. lliU ll t hy slLon wh.I o wIll prod', e 1. s s.lo pell. l)r Curtll nle. canlll be seenaIt it e store IF f .I' l's. II e . ' Ind L)'iange, flro o rcl olI ntol of thu behle-I r'specll hilityl Ib larllugle-li 0llll, to itsl eau t, 0,01 1u llll .l·rll'rlly ivelr ev|ly other lllackllg ill Ilel 1.'oitdal l',_. .\I I orders fur this t'lilnlu in \. Orleuls, or 110. loo Iu Min ettin ll of tihte U(+non, muntSt l ilrwulrdll tol ts: ,hol A.emllt usu . ll e, w or t wi ll pay parlllll l r +Il~lni(o to tile n tlteI nIId fill th11 i t the m nllll ,lll ,tll'.l oll:es. I'hild l li , sept. f 0,11 I. 95 Ca 8ill st. I'ESI' & l 1I..N4 4,' C 4Co 4, and F1a',y Store li ' tn p blet. - se l '- ll It1 'l'. _.' --.i . . . I9 THIE Slubs.criher, tat Itet.qtatetur 't No. 19 Char L trey nlleet, illlolllm i I li. li, d t allnd lhe plbih( , that toli .N1l1r Ilay, 0Oth October,, lie will ip(lln ,s1 w It.l .,r.1Ut , i.l0 o the 'I.I ULtre Ar cndh,+ betwetl ltmp unto t. Chilles eloutl, late tit, +F'. lD t .IIh+(1d1+. N. 11.- ihllller. 1111n' i upp.' r' Illrepa ll Int orer, with lkl; . ttlchmllt I:I:l tohltlyr, t'ither ill p ite rTlO.ll. at tihe oHestura, or oat ri, atc hood's. IC.1G. oct 12--t In ' . ' gi . .'flir ,:1tr . Is k 8oo21'-f- ... .' W l ta I, ' llT pe lly' cim ll A I y 1 llrC. AII.l LCIIe.PALI'riY. Ifs er x ., uA' ,oe d ubotu tiditor t', ad lrs. 'l 'i\' i i I t .o oIt buillt, 5 ttoo I i. 'Ilt+ Hl.n.I o0Iri b l. ichily i yablo', is n I illy hb i rs , ircheek, l lw ak .Inglih tnot. a tieflk I 'tch. IllThe 1 L 0 va reward will b e iaid gn Ms hier t ' hN~tR.'y t aIe u u, oribc r l tih dni' . .... . n II.' fn , 0 i on r t T l. II .1 , 1 io in, oacle purheiestef Londrglwe , N.0 &Ork o. I S eirrNet, I p resosent o U tlxieI by ,l.-l rs. 1 . t I lhO Nol e 1t. rCoo.l Tii re r d bri 'lor o at te co r o f 'tankf o. . ley and t'lh.tllz ..hstreet, at presenot rcIoi,'d by r l,,, sr,+. llle l &. Co.; 1'.e Child lytI' being lilt, f u" ia bed I, thI e t .or of th IeIk .Cst...e i, .olok A. 4 si ln- orelm l ,: .st A pled--the d and id stories CI0 ALITO. New Orleans, Oct. l1)lh 1838. . OC RI l..uA-.l to a drei olutiovy eo tieg, ncil; d aty. . :5th g .e elre1o;s , 1 elt is r eted Ialt, sas will be reeivedat tle ofsleon t inll Ttelebly the 2T7h 1it10 or f v~lrlbe r iol .foir, h r'lo'ee ulldr,,d "'il ola lid ollar S o .le Ig hds+ o f .r i No mnicip lity, payable ill thirty evers, ond ,l rell Iuv sIx h110 3 1' r a llll . terest. 'I ' O in. ' tcresSt payabhe cIId-aSludiCy in Lialon, New fork Ieor N ,w llla iolr I IIs o hite agred o.e ro 'h ri e.lood to he fIr$1010 each, i h interest be 7 P) 0 1 i01ttle Ulitel 01 l" C sn an or :1;2 bo g e/nd ich- if tlm inter lle+t ie i tl o lle Loutdon ''rho pr'oillsl Tl beh endorsed lsropo als m t elor bo le ldtie .l..l' (tlol ' . .. . . ..'. ....1.. o. .. '041, ,, h I0 coo, ml owl 1,4 J~nIL tooNLorL I Notlvellle O~rlh |001't ,1 .38. Ioo eltioly re .5 treptellm oire 1 of38,des otl',o eacld te" 1rnot r.,t.- Ao ce tr l sIlvidod leto two d'.o.atr ro nre curb l ae u ' l jlile l , p)our Irui cent miine pihasr des+ Inoids del Ieto nioorlle'eolite, laybod or. Iten. o alli. elt or to lon . l'uc uAooo y o ntr i o r cen Ifll.', i'ilnC e .lo\Ot'rctle Oe rlenS , e tl e oltlI o ,1 , ord oon. . H1 I'ittero[ est yaptld. dtums l e Illl , ts Uniset pour deux cent ciu altltell livres strling s'ilts e liu t pavubles [.oodr.s .lloes o. irpollosi.nod dl, t oood letl. r drol ecs S " P.oS IIIor DI ldrin mi oth; $1t" 'or Ld TI. ldt. lit. T lobas ,ut t.O f cN, 1 Julia. nextd 1'2ol. A'or r sorelulxt.'gAppy oid ,io'0 o "C IV CA 1:I31,CK, 4.. ...Foyx,..... AIt.1, .l ooTol.rly Sto'ooyo.l SoIoIIn.o'.o'Irox.r 11.nk1, olo onoopi lCmo4 OaUs wil attnd drill,;very evening, Sounday ex y conlltlI lh drill roel;Ill ,.Jlll lelle+ .tre', niex doori o l AN0 I ' chlutl B.n1 I ilTIy, tl c. ll., , e .. y 1i1' grl'ettest ul l ottlltyl rlet is vil w strd s mlalster is i .SPipoo HboIoollIid ii. r l'nK It.l to diIe lessons il the d oroi d xercise. t y or. d Ir of C Japtaino le lof .i firo soip JOHN DEVEINEAUX, am .oll a;i n Che. dhLsrv i oi h ord. t lte tuck ofa gIo,8 fu.ol No. 2'. (hix o.eveSo, to N of : root ,:eve, whire fi il l ', r Ir ./ih+ a ,w Tod ex ," sive et,,ek of Sr 51' II IA 1'ICVE.IX eors cont] ot8ed if x'. xrxaxot, L L'. Ixehauge Al-y, I bt.eta " t nti uid 1>iuviille. Thi miotlion w s Ilel ,I o uslllrl eligile that eold be I 'y ol l cine Btiy frTe l frll ml the I tse of tl e streens and tihe r lnor. ira: d iand carriages. / v ttritus briLtches, o lnml l htc tlio i, Frelli anI d in I.glihl=-l'lte Senter departolent lirr tLati, Greek, SJlalhe ltitc., .+. Plunctahiy order un, discii ine TelrmsIllS. JInIoil 1)olpur utcOlt lmnro th; $11i 1st. olok+s, e., paper, S.e. charged +, ttralely; 2ud. A ,moth once bgau, to It paid in "Iull; 3rd. No dedhlmlhit folr tb.blele twor for hol :t las: 4hh. Pnytnl t, lot. I llm | mai;d regulhrly every'moilch. !, liul. L. |) + ;[ I:1 , lh' [ y,,'.C. 10 h~fl~ilcea 180.5 Bra udy; .2 plunheon. tine ohl Ja iea Rum; 15 Ioirelo Cherry flounce. ,,udlLg from ship 00oet la, olud f, rl asale Iby .11 11 11EVEIRE.\I , c19 -- "_I rtlltllnptintto ' at For the Interior. For Mobile, and all Inatermediate Landings. I _ /k The law snteam bean C,\ BOI.INE,vt illleavr. .. Orlreal - fur Mlobile every "'htrsae annd Sundajy, ai IT 'luck, 1. lochiig i "nat ll I e wa ering plhcs l at which passeangrs iay wish to lund. For 'urhor particulhrs, apply to GEt. VWHITMAN, jy24 Exelznn, IRaotel, St. :loarrs Hl. ever y sol adavrdnilr, after h alrrival oul Ihl .innala-el dExdlunlhe- htalel. n t. Cn rlev Sut. SI'ATUIIiVALT FAVIANIN(i ANlD SUnDlI)t T) NANDfVIIL- &d itVI)I:NONVII..E. : seI. The steamerSOUTIt AI.AIIA11.\, i _. , Ct np. L.T. Kn lght,will Ireav the lake +-d onfhrlml ., od fob r i l e above ple e, :, every Smurludni eveliilif, ou tile arrival of the 2 o' cluc:k mars, anllI rldl~ll It l e llle ,aiyjt,-- and leare Sunl day nlriday lil tle arrival ofllne 8 o 'clck cars; retlrl ia, leave hilhadtloville at 4 o'clock, s'. T1. ad Allaw kin P't. ADSt.VII.IE, ). WIHUIT 'MiAN,. I VILIM I & CO INI.ri0lN. iae T l fll e het ruillwine ard splelndid stam TJ R bat OUtH AI.A.lA',IA, i. T. k'ig .. iht Inmer, will run ais regu Iallnail e llt ltr t above pn orts on l nldav, tll lled I. El\ Itan Id Trda, aR Tlr the UIrrll r of8he o' ,"Relck hnar, A hli. t!,ii'l, leaves CvinnglA n 'P'.lasda, n2l.urs Hdals ald ,lOturdays, at 8 o'clock, iA il. N II. All bage .e und parcels at the risk of the oil qI's, ulelss a bill of ladint is signned. oGI,(S O A WAIT MAN,i Now Orleans ad aa o n abile Manil Offie, al 1 Enxchlange IPtilding, dSt Chayrles st. d Oln. ALIaEXANDRIA. il nf lad eaier Dwin wnbRIC. will a . run o d acc egular packet nduig Io l o wa er, efrom I.lnt of fRned Riar to Alex udri. or particulars apply to in JNO H GRAHAM. JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &c. HIE I OIIIBER, a Tale, by the author of Rich' elieu,' 'lThe Gipsey,' 'Attlila,' &n. in 2 vols. Tl'E Love Case, a Comedy, in five acts, by Jalesa Sheridan Knowles, author af 'Vlrgiliuas, iThae Daughter,' &a. &c. lun, a Tragedy, in five naes, by Thomas Noon T'talt;1rd; 4th edition. jncniTrn AN MIannns IN AeanICA ; by HIarrinet ' Maitileau. author of ,llaustration of Political ELv'onnuly;' in 2 voln.; 4th edition. A Pena.ialM Suninary f tim Law and Usage of Bill. on Excllinge andt Promissory Notes; tageth. or witlh a aeries oa' tables, ahIowlg when bills, notes and leans, drawn or accepted at ally data will fall dun; to wliich are added, rated of colnm~iansin and . storg, equation of paylmelnts, and generalinfar. tmtin conlaected wilTh businasa of thne onnltilg anouse Iby B F Foster, Aceountallt, author of 'A ConItnaa 'I'reatise of IlBook Keeping,' 'Tile Clerk's (;ail,' &ae. Tale LITTLE SKETCin B IOK; a counrse of vntr. .:v lessons it Laallda ipa, Figuiis, di., by G ;,.I , Clliild:; lta il d l2darino. Jast rucnivnd and tii eali by WM iIt a1/ N, jya c-r. of C-,, a!id Coir .i ,.; ALSO,--At rid'.ilAona, l snppiy el ',Tieree Epie. rinil. oi ,~vilg withi tilt. Neas, Llvrng up l t.i, r . :.c,-- Llving beyolnd Intl Mlu is;" .aqt- ri ,o lthe Expierilmnts of Living;" 'The |lerloutt:,;'" "7'ithe avllg'a Blank," &ei. t W IN' lflt T ct nlI I-lliNi- psyolining iilln • as rtl,uelll oft~liilt lll d lnll ln Tono'llta, : t:in nutvl a 1 tlt l Derri il ats, nil i verpool -tai Pl till rtd nlitii , I mnthlii g I lillllh I iI I, ' allnl, for sale 1 , .. . . . . '4 ,Ilt l azln , , n i i - 1,KO , .; ml,.- bvy bunu:. ,t I ) ingus, laudng I in l. , subt l o": m 131 Ile 'ls., lR MA C l l lf-h l , (c I jr. Elxblias, and ur r i on y ree AAI'I:It'GliE 4L I'" NFLdy of ALn-A lile; I vol. L co. Al.Y 311 i.E Tlowin g uritc w ,r havo batean, racei by eII i tbrrt . i ocity, 3 t their t' t I llc il l e Mt hnts' Ex..l..g f ronti..g On Ru.ynl aeat, jL.dy on1 non., by B.lwea-; I vol. 2n eoi,a. Iltll .rpI.-'a I',urtrtough Groat Britain , Frn,I.. anid IIgigt ,. in 133 ; Ai 2 vol... 2.cpies. .L'av, by Ldy C. Barry; 2 vols. 5, ''The 'I w ilrtl, and other Ttle,:; by Ldly Dies. ington, I.ulwcr, anld ,others; 2 vols. :; copies. Rivers anid thI Desert. Iby .1tis I'ardo.; 2 copies. 'lh IRObber, by l P Itl Jtnes; , ropies. The Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Buz, 5 coplion. CIIAS. RITClIE, Librari. ý T. 14I., i 1I Fcl.--il .acn,,; ut n.[ 1up tor qunii i t.., f" ralee by SLATER & '1trIal, U. .\". 11 lhi, s ft I . ell: udT vanluble W'orL: hI.a I l'lv.v ; vole; {'oll,'. Cilbber'1. ( 11 ])aull ic (;r.ks,5'4 1 l; Y Na 'leo i in E nxil ta, l, lul; 'lo'hb f'lort Roytd alatiln /:lranmer, 2 rolt, 8vo, (Crutl 1ila.nemnira, 4 Voil.. Ilhl.lit' I lrisi lb Poets, I vol.8vo; litldin- ', Works, 1 v, I, l;v; G.illbht'I %lanemiars anld Aisce llaneona worka, 5 vola; RIosnen'a iemoirs of I.orenzo dt e lletdici. 3 vnls ,hatesbury'a Lhsruele-isties, B vulnn edit. 1732 IO li rc 's Plavs, edit'n 1841), I vole 4o. Volhn's ''lravels, 2 vols; Volley's llillns, I vole; ('ongreve' s Works ill :1 vols; Liit Ibf Oaltiarhl Il, Etnlpre-a of Russia in vol; Jiat received and lbr satle by WVM M'KEAN, octl2 (or Catnp & Conalllllllln at ANNU.\I.S FOR 1l39. III GlIF: a Critttltns and New Year's Present .for 11139; dited bly .Mia .Lesalia. Ihiu \ioltl, a Cnhristtnol anl1 Now Yeal's .girt, and Birth Ibiy iretent. Ifur 1~3.3; Edltlhd b Missa I.eie. IGo A-lml'd!! The Crnckett Alnalnuc lfr 1839 con ailllilg lVenutret , exploits, paroes anld crapes. in tle tW\rit fe anlid illanners in tile ltckwululdo. The Alir slen Cotoic Alnac lIr la8:39, with whima, notrin land uldditie., front ltan hand of Joihny Bull, llr,,ther ,Ionathtul nod M~onsier Nonotongpno 'TIhte Ptullt'a Alhlniane of Uasehiui nnd Lntetrainig Knowledge, lat 1839, juat receivead and la tile ly W31I 911'.IF.AN, oct8 aor Ca.ln Iland (COmllollln at QLUlNINf EP'tOM SAIl.'I', AND CAI.O9IEL. 151 l)o nlltcen IFrltell (f.uif ille, 10 bbll Elpsom Slll lta :1 caska Iearl Ashes, 4 caaea Catloel, Ipac ,c.. Juloa, Illthtlrhl, .c. &L... landillg frolla brig Wlillial, furonl Boanon uld fbr iale by DJAIVIS & ANIDR.W.S, \Ehol'esale nrhegistsa jyv7 cur Coltlmlvin houpit(oullt s street. jyl9 S & J P IVIIITI'NEY it ULIID) Rol.lrd Patmr--Just raeeived a few leam~ .lt Ilddsn'+ l vy fine blne record Ci.p, tlth plaint a,Il ranldl,lor sale b, DIiVID FEl'. & C1), octl5 .. .n. la...... . il ,e tAI+AGA -"St-',l- t c a ly ll ti,. .,.,'u, Wo L. itl r coike ai i , G , ?s, cled to dalOlut. fur sle by RE.) & 2 3t;IS' ec', oct 5 67 G(;raerst. 1EiiMl CANIDLiS--l,'r a le by 1 IIEAI) &'II.RSTOOV, oe tls 7 nBonk 1,r. B'Ki It ,); K'i. B.I U(ST received It ew arnte of I)alltV Bank Books; l a:, II,'v itaediln nabllanL . a,,f'lor ale by the Crute, d tzen oIr iagiuc by nt1t Ni1 N.lationHlerr ill, lt 'latllree at t0l'lPPIl--fl0 s f lia.'h I' h af lzi,:l' t Ubaer. ir onm J 9 to II Ibtlhttl', .ioleirlong hi, by 9l--alao 3 IBol 212 by till frot 7 tol9e In , f,r sal by 31 11 101VI REAitlix, ctil17 1i ''choiionhla st rll1l)i' '\STN 1.1..11: AFLO 1'--tIIitt btlsa Litle la .ndig oppsiten Pot 7, ?, Tird Mu.i ipnlit, op anply to & J P' WIDlXti.O, mtlt7 8 Conti st C.tK E. r l1111 pr-ce afCoke f.orn and after taho lt day of OI tloler, will be fifty enta pear Iarrel in thle tis \Work's yardl, and if taken in quilntities oa one. hln dred btarlel , will ihe telivared frea of travan.n The ildillutllle tlata thin article of fuel possesteso ver tiletanlltilaitanlld tliunttlltllta coals, igigllllg mn-e readily ltllan the ftormer. , and frea. IaOlt tba Ullleanant amohtof he lattaer, shoulnd induce every fIlmily to make uae Filt. Uldero recnlivnd at tihe Gas Olice in Bank Alley. E WV WI8.I., Fe|)_9 Sec'y. ,A7if;Kltj .LJ 11i, 1, littinga, &c. LII 200 le-!arela Mtaekerel Na. 1,2 & 3 1351 halfhalarrela da I dn; 511) llboae Clo,.alt. 2110 S lloke dllerribga,Justn receivndapel shlpi I'ordlel,tl, and for snle by octl9 PE''IT'tS 4 M11.1.IA,1D JLA- LAWRENCE I.EGENI)RE, oetlfi 2 & 29 New Levee UaN l'i\\i ilalIt anla Iptlel-il Tea--'25 cneneania era d di thndioi irllomi ahip Lonisville, and farale by I AWEENCE & LEi.ENDItE, octlt 28 & 29 New Levee / ntABLE SALT1 in eesan of G') boxes each, is storle, asad l.r .qlp &~v BEAD & IA.RSTOW, eell6 7 Bs: k P nee SHIPPING. -or Europe. lOR IAVIrE. t To sail on Salurday, the 27Ut Oast S The Ihst sailing A I hli RIUSSELL, d Ca pt. Iobilins, will soil ts anbove $ For Lritght of 00 boles of crttoln, if tio ir nItlln et alppliIetion be tnadle, or poo lge, Iilll. y I1 LIVI II UA.I.E, oct.2 93.3C 11molu It lFUl 11 0 VI(E The line fast sailing Al ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, mauer, will Iamve i0nnonalea Sd suatchll, anld ~alts 8l balles lc lrrln to co-ll pete her calllgo; for reight or pals e, lpilyl, to P. R T R4E-Pi, . Tlh Al shi) ALLIANCE; IFeranld Ilrl ; Mloving all her carlgo ellgseed, r t uir l .10 l, es cotton, far freight of wlliellc ap ply ot r bultd, or to S AJlP WIITING, octlf 8 Couli streel Coas-twise. NL. ORL.EANS A\O D T ,l'I.UIlS E lI.NE OF PACKETS. firlll4 line will coti a-t of theo following vessels e which Iale been built, or ptrceLased exprelsad fir the It':rd:, viC i Slipbr o EA, AN, Capltain Miner, Idurtluoe MAIY, tNicKlierton, IR\I) FERRY, (new) :tven,. "SoOLOMON SAr''US, Lathm, Brig ARtI'IllTIC'IT, (;ray. These vessels ale of the first class--ave hlandsole ftrnished atcommdllduti ns, lind ate of a light draft of water, oo as to Udnlil of their reeeivin_ and TisChearging their cargoes in Balhinmre at the City. Fn. ight will be taken for ports in tile Chllepeake or on JUolle' River, and focrwarded by the agents, 51essrs. Clark & Kellogg, at Bllinmor; ExpenePs oUt goods shippe td will be ad vnneed when req uired. Title r. oe of t'sage is fixed at $60--nA le stores of til best quality m ill b le o orovidcd. Steam up ald down ithe 1lia.ioslpi t ill be taken oi all ocearions For fliighb or poassag & apAlyr to (i EIUU E BEDFORD. ortl' --0Ot 2i Bintvillo I FOtI NE It YORK Ht Packet ofo the d l ore t br.or -" et apl JARrttATOGAC Ilathway :,ster, will " J D E]IN & A CJII)N, I n 1t27 90l C&ol bi onl st The first class shir t IA RROII), Howes faster, havillg Itost oil her cari o erlta ied, lly n,,ot > th dei;,uteh. For I'(1n illder ot lirghtl, r )IIolisugn.tLLo rii bolrd, or toI o tl i. :. n iiir sti Joc tl. I Conlti st . t- ,l'i r rtt, tti-, fi, it 'i . ...... 1Pac1c1t fthe1 2th instI I.OUISIANA &' NE\V A ,Ki I.I, E. Tra.e copered and coper felnlelld pack. /L et sli ) I .)U .'.VILIA.':, t;,mnell, tlna llr, mill s-ail it, abo.ea- F1ur fiv'igbt or paIssage hIaving l''cool :":c( r.I lllldllol in IIoIn- dp V to llIe UnI ain nll J I) BEIAN . A tc)ItIiN. '.'w ll T o ri~... t ,e .:.pri ty ) I f 2 to 13001 tI ales colonl, to load for u Nolltlbrlien Iur;ap ply to (EVI (t 1 1,1:, .-1 Tile ..!w s, 'h)oa r tl1 110N, CallI. Mluhti,,, l1,. tot s llsh lrleall Apulhr II urt,0 8 Conli st ed clie WING Pl"'(ILII ,) l A EY-, 1, l 1 . C: ua, .mr eet, P ectsjust r or kive I frtiuu Lotd Jvr..hip)1 a T e! r .0 ll, l I_ lilts ii.,l i" , toly l, intr Rnttli , Iwalh cr l,' 13lu ll ler, ul ,d double ld:le hintt I krawtn2 la'hel 'lahted r..val ind Il ,erinl l o. 'ltttt"I iru blbind S i itirils. l'lain od 'din i d I nli, ' bl atd ; lIorv aprolle 'I r nil) arei I elloru l tpc,; ( hivol; n uo Pailpe r ik igr or boIrdrlis i h a. d Color. cd BiIe ]laer. '5'AVCCNG CI' CiIii. Rlu'e ,"'¢ &1 So's be-t p. altdladLad Pencils; Brool, Ctl.t ) I'S, c & . & IhPep 's &: Son 's n Tr.n 1N1 wm lnu' do; btx. sth i ul ni.iold; raw dr Sdver ahLlla; Marhes I tllll II Jit tnt I vory, .M dtotuaa v, 0 II (bins NIaiitti 1' riirhi iuidhe.l ie.-t lIuol~d r l~l-l; I'o iIi lhSl Iue ifii. Pk enive;liad G.aotl ISkell Il l ]Intl'lie'l I a Iliior 'Illth. f I aid Colrk ll.1 ;i , rlhiatun v, o ,, I d caI ie, S io tlul cil; o hack S 44le d i ir. I l ll IS riligr i ihiia l;' hh, liii Ii iIu r ro o m s ir, o idr h in d li br sale b y l'tli LOOKS &LII.:& Wall' tl ; Iiont II;ilt 'cl\P Bunke.t -I htn v N Ielito n 'l Ilhiles mWII to irdver iend pil up i" S. L & Co. GOSHI1( Cil'ICESE-34 boxiS- (ouile, ill-hosr, S 'IEV II IIE & S. RO,, octil3 rcoErCoIii iII ,l la ig e tret' Pearl K all Gold r 'e hlden;Ckly -igging it i re LA'ET & A5EL'NOG, oirtif II Ciiiiii,'ri ii. IN '.I'.)RE-J tl i r e ir aid 120 crille by roe I o , a ; GaorII )es: d d EV ed' 44do l la w Leveed ii di dE i H-ilnrg ra irniti d Ii iii 4 Ii ? i irlo, 300 iOllli'r C i'ii < i e SpiBrownrdia. li, I'uloal i, n. a gerl u o rticle ld l vi rliildsllle; Ptrt wae noiGratve our arinilln lotic nu d i ur counting ry i inl olleeratio ndld ct y cn d ltr dltI by S LOCKF & CO, xpeienced e. e ye i tirl newt ., st are e-SI r eed to do e o ev vnrad to f oriein and ltl jillb i allluy art of tie city oil oI iltlict of e .i bioll.'. dly fuo Ls ale by A L iJoAGVINb . 511 hiii i Ceick i iggiu iog in Scio JPRLKER 8 ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. O NA o a ploilg Tour niyod l Roct3y 17Moi.iaii, und-cir (e dilr i fl tI n. A BCe; ss, ortcd in h yar 1833, '3tidze: 73; conaini ang a dudcriplion of dhe gdo doraphy, . ology3 cliado liad prduu asortei, d sfrom 4 to7 ii h. iaiOr canid sters ur of thGe adoivea; wtI ai Map of Ored Ohrerir, Yll, by Ohrv.e, Sanel rkwr, A .11. ,Ilu e iverand o'I Dosirl; or Rtci'llectiotiu of the R o intu nd lt. olnr'r giou; by Mi.a Pl:rdo, thor olfty Chiy ofCable S, Anhoi, &c in 2' Tis. hles P lbosr, ad TgIneral o, th e author of h1i Clio' ld T'lhei "'vo Flirli; or Au '.'tuinre ini a Country lrysi, ard oilh TIee by Lady LBcruingon. EL Billr, Mrs NortFIi, I.rry Cmiorwd i , Mle Grn, Co airl Midwiand b, and d othubiri; iirn 2 vl . r . h'l we Liow anie Adovlturel riiu Nicoll and Niclk B,nd ry ill by Iz, withon Iltraidcodctds by Pw1iz, Neo. 1. Juarepearecd to do erd for yl a t BENJAMIN LEVY. *rilil ; tlle I lry va riety ul i l ; i , ll o n el yf oAdue sid Sid Cindbrrtl' exeu le ior iuakes H!he T ,uo:eHI, TE1u: a ;, othee tale ,, by e the O' It lt -k' 10 oiiilr ku l 'l'l a id oi llihie Itir, ti e 'hi i l ly IIE1I. ..I E II l IW N I4 G o c tp . i C_ ' t i e ti OUNALEON iad bin 'xplori, by C eurligyond tIihi Ri eky Mu taisd, in tee direti.f t 'A B F M, perub'rt'led ii the yearni 1835, '3by iln d 73; cont 'Sining Ja descrip i of thi' geography, u eig ileiogy, clitluit i d piroduiin tiilni , anld tile p tinu nl el, ialllluore and ,llstoulll of the natives; with ax Map ofI Oregon T rritory, iby Rev. iaouel Parker, A die. li h irfiver' and 'ri Deior; tor Rtg ollctin a pof thsi Ru c niuur,,d llt 'ifhartreCe; IIy Miehs Pnardoc author ofthnid ity ofi ii Sni tanI, &I ii lt, 31 vls . The Rubber, i Tl '. Ta ", the autior o I.le:eiiou, Iouei and oiier Ter by Lady B!cssington E L Captain ModWii, anid others; nh 2 voikE TheO LSi and Advcnturns osfNiipohuu Nieoinbyi oe-- -l h1I.I 00E OcaLs T, i0 g.alls u. ihu i iLi 'r -m a. b NE O aJP001( NT. ll ori a il , iC 2 vlt. BUSINESS CARDS. - J. P. FREEMAN & CO., IlSokale Clothiag Etsablshkusentf No. 3, la uzitne streel, L AVE custantly oon hand a large eupply of Cloth g- ot iun , calulated AIr thle coutlry trade. 'ITh'ir ,s. orttealt being large, ulllcllnts trut l tie countr curl be supl.tlid at Itheshortest nloieo. at OcIý FPASIZIONADLE CLOTHING S TAYILOR & ItAD1)EN, No. 14 5hartre. Strerl IIAVEI: a cosotantdlupply t f ewer artclel pertl.iig to gentlieeiln' drass, of tle etylu, at NPew olrlk 'i''Ek"Il'll. * SliICIROS MIVETA L.LIC TEETIh. SP1l;I151EN1: of the. benullful teeth,and the maen iler ot settinlg tie , l y be I a III s n. It thel otlho of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal .ltrett. 'l'he;e teeth toverr tl-hate rolour. - and lre by llly, tlo d ill Illill" Ll.s.., prehiod ble o to thile E Dr. I. will wait po t ladies at their reidence, 4. A. Plgllht)h, ilo.I, MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Conootio street, rcS to. infit m tho e oIublic thal t Ihtl-jo purch asol f¢om ll ssrs IIOU(tII, SKEti;GS h Co. tort tf heir itck, hw will outintue t. husine. at th ter o!d stand, opposite Bshop's lo11t:, whoee he h..pes to merit a Share ofthoeir Ile has otlodorrltg.ta.rnlt at hthe North to be suopplied nontdthy with the latest and moss Ihslooll ohbe gotla. otr 14 CLAY & CLARK, IHOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, lto. 102 PIoydras astrrt eow Orleans, MDANUFACTI'RFas OF Load Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all descripliou t. WIARM, COLD, AND 81101Y'ER BATI.S Fixed oni the most naproved principles. MIILL'I) LEAD, PIPI'.S, &e t ..)rdOers executed in aly part of tile Southern States. Dr. Robert 5. Lindoe. tO 1F C G hi EXCt,i oNE I-Hort:L. Plumbers and Lead Pipo Manufacturers, No. 1021 l',,olo olrorpet, I E:'P on h.ond ni c9nJttllt supIhy otf Ltead Pipe, from : ' ill. diatoeoer down to 3-.0 Il1, dietoerto, ito ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA b 1ISII51 ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, (pposite Bunks' Arcade. WILLI.MI 011 EEI.VE, PROPRIETOR Srl 3 H. PARKER Comnmis.siou and Forwarding Merchant, No, 6, FRO)NT LEVEE, Ur sTAIns. Nw t:leat o. Fr.d":. JARVtIS & ANI)REWS, MVIO DICINES, PAINTS 0OILS I MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS clorlner ill toollllllln and Tchuoupituolas streets, NATI'tLAN J.ItVlt.. JI)IIN W\. ANiltEH\S. A large upply o a ardtlr Stls, warranlted thile growth AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. os.GCl und L3 W\VATEII SalTREE. Fr lIE undernio'ned, having eatl,lli'hed thlmselon in .- Moh ,lile for the larouse ot Ira.s: atin thel AitCliol a111Cllll olnmissi~ ln btzsi~lrts* ilr Its varioluq branll~lc he, begi ]ru ,e to infrm their fi iemt a t:I]t uncPlf' ht thl'y utre now pr. ,ared to re..eive c re gtulmilenlts, arid malke lileral advances oni tile amrI , e ilr riv r ullic L. it.O\IAN I. JONE'S, Refer to Walkr. KIlilght & Co. NALW Orleaai. Bh~hle, eb 9 I~q].Lfeb 1,' A CARiD. 'ALMUEL SI ..TR. Aanicaut 'tlan. SLATER & TRIER Forwalrl'd lit cig uniL .ioii Žlerclltllttst, 'No. ,I Poy' rns Street, N l RlA NCS. They will dev.loe fth pJ r strl iion to the sule S\ ih Fit'k, :la*l t I IIaaa .hica, Ih~ 11 a 1 ,ti New Osleansi. AI 'I I NtQilca lessrs. K\hn, I)uron & c,. J Ii 31 W/illiis, ) ('ri"gs, Wild & CA . Gsonll, A'lit I ilaltlie | Nut. V.I,L al'hl aat3 Icl. ) alak Stanntid &. l)nis. . St L.uis. (110 gow, sh aw Tatum. I ' tIt & M ula p. Alta. A II S'kilticie Esq i )tll (il A , iari..ll & it)-- .usvl' FL ToNE. S. T. SrU:E. E n&B. T, STONE. Forwardanli and tnamission lerle¢hanllt, FURNISIIERS OF 4W1' AND H(I.AT STOIES, Na. I14 TII)UI',IOAvLI aTIiET. Nt w.Orleans. E~el erinii-ei Saagea~l·. ~tl.lae Desis I tci & a 'rk . Ess'. I&lI. BKR , CO. IC A.i I L Co oston LL. |{' M):A . I .NeW York. lt. ittiritll ,VIL~iLL SMIllL ij Cin itaisti O. D)ivei NTOSNE, D)Iytoln O II.CJO STOCK 0 l0e. .oluIIUIIDIIs ). . : Al.lll l'l, H 'E o. [.(}UIRV I L NB ,h 1 0 A. II. Io , Alia , Ill. VlM 1. VITHaLRW, Rusaliilh, Ill. J. '5 O . I. ]'AI W LL |lltl..l TU I LL. SLo osO Illh. Nwv O .rlturn,;L. Jaln 12 I)AI.EIISi IN AMERICAN & ENG LISIIl CROWN GLASS, Nci. :A CcactOtDLEt ,rTr:sT. t iNSLIIIANIr (OMP11 l'This CLrtpaniary Ilr itowt prepared a to ake RISES AGAINST FIRE. ta llitag, No, 21Musson'. 13rludJI:n, Canal *!re 7. E L ''IRAC'Y, Sac Ort' ut, MciI' 1.13.1 Siaritary. WILLIAM- IRWIN Comlnlission lind Por~ Ardinllg .Merchatnt, CINCINN AlI, 01110. Itelar Li layvet & Aiielan,ia Jr.r I Laeli~ &l I. NewOrleans. cd ~l tn _ . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . IIEI'r' ('LA N NON, IHOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I Itamp sLreet, WVhloliesal' Ilriiler ii I'aiut, ~li, Vaanihes, Brushesil , i,30 lindca ald l 'i, a e ;lia s, c. a .. T. W. CO3LLIZNS .·1 TT"'OILVI Y & COLIS!/.LLOR Q .T LU: I; elits usill findl hilll 3lth 1I .'h::P rk'b ~,llCI!c, U ,. Cilreuit Colrt, ill thles Cualln oLal. bulildli. jal8 A CARD. rlpliR udh, rsigned have ope,,',ed a I,,nne in thin cit,, Ii loE r Ihe p,'lole of Tr llne l lg a L ENE.AL COiAISIgION bUSINESS. t)LIrci, No. 1o i;RAVLitr SiTRLET, UP STAtILs. It I LEV'. Tle h.,se t (;rnd Gll Miisi , li., ill e coutiaLued ill Ehe alove llaae. tatlnA Ihl(illaidl., 3-(l*[I8 ~il tL i &L, ereti el.l . ilaqse-,r t jaiir&)11P U: Law VrldI~~·~is AlioL, dfre a rt e . SudI t O, , peui Morpent Co, vira .d Gulf, 3!is.. Sills Lillhr,I NutLrhes, Mla . New OLrleaa,',Jaiy I -, 13I. jyl_ A ClARL. NAT~Al NIIL TOl'VlESI'ND I ·nintg llcuted hiia sell in New Orllela l f lor th , I tutlhe ol'trnllsactlllg ei iellari | Agc' ilti'y 'a' .OltlliitauI)llllilli.* ta wIUld te apeatlulle alicit a From tile ipulliabl a n le a l c t heir c a htetieg'." lliiga houseli "i ' in t'a'ia he Ii ill iattendti the trans act rg o" an b u,4iness tlhat mIay be desired inl thatl L~titgettlry'V ltedai lal'.-illiLiLiu Irlll dactnd ditrlaitte t It iliol'to ll tlsilO.8e~l l a~ to i tliechage, ciid t laithfu la lita tin (ie at'ei dail ce wi h iLniir' tio s).f all iild tati I n aU lacOl e inl I is han - ias. I a tiLicL it tlI'' lich'ane, oi , (iri vier a tre'i , ntipokite' to lIe' ,\Ir Clap 's ehurIh. ard <raIthil m n tlbp s I r(ltldill.. rlOlllll..iSI orll ·Ihfl 'lluu ..;tlt.lllo.11 NcworlatiLs, NSovcauber .3,11;. Refere, c. s. Mcl Illl t u llush & CuI Nel - Yurk. Acearcz F t*l, Natlach, ,lil. .tai,'l'i'r y. L .i itlh,, l'i. .J rA yl te ,tp ac le, -. n,28 6m FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY I IOF NiWV ORLEANS, Offeg No. A24 MLason' ut ding 301 tf.'AL sJRIr BUSINESS CARDS, II. . & F. D. Newcomb, Jj AI'E .P end a house fir l thrunsactriltg fa ttt:u th but n.s coylly ed to threm :tltll be fhillt,, u aytt,'uded ' lRef iprlrl.:- I1 JI C &a orLck Co., ) lnt ll \\ hit & Co. New Orleans. ahldwell I& licky, oetl2--elfi tn. P \PI",.r lu, , l..... per- , ink, fluil, ,,'unes-sealin JlP, i d, ili rubber bl. sndi h yii, ar, tt n al 2trv I oilier article o:f tnltirlierv or" the v'elt v best qtuality, co01 - L altn iAty o n hand ad lord l it b tv t ( i - .l'VJ D I,') Fi : C (O. -il' l tt > IY ,,..rnt e'r' ill .2i, , i u 1. . . rt S 1 ofai two hours inti-:.b., li .lini at It ll !i)lanls I 2th2o2 rahltci itlit t , . 333aItILm steerl,o ipoi. e iBlalnk ACKER L 3 bEL-3 half ot.n yt . .a>, lea auk BtEAt: & a T it: W ! H1 HOLtl;.s & .ll LLS, jyl'2 lUnl Alle y. 4 hl u11 w1ide e fr els l b v " jHOLlIES & MIll.l , jy lC A I li1 A I'ev j 1 : 1 8 &"9 lew Leve2e. 'Irt 'l'otn llirtr or, A2v'ntl, rs ir l n Cplitl2 . 222 liu , tl atyltr tulr , Oby i Na t2 s illtf. Fo lr n1 ln ,EI l r Norton, Ba trt yt rnw ], 3rN t GE 1,iJ y:tt . Tlae thier llll llDn Iertr, b Miss Piardn o, oiuhur or tie City of tp e Sultan. Thel Ctasket uft'Gei s, tl e Gif(t of an t Uncle and Aunt Jwiyyth del i .td t u rtihg .2 n lLIl ill cKl. N j(ivt car t iT u ant b' i, l t lo N s- 70 b s rsin l rl , Iotn nlise au o lRr asole by Miss P'r a o, _.lAVE & SGIIAFFEIR'S Clnplou,., L,.nii Ex ) tract of Darsaparila, th or i curt of h oy U ic ate trutptions of tilre kin; pim ples or pu.ntl, of the ithc; bles whi I arisa Iroly an itllnre state otf tLt e Iblood; bcaly coru litOls; pI iln It tih bout's; nroliC rhournatlou2 ; te t r; ycrofil'tt, or king's evil; whit lwtelll g; syphilitic disa·, sie, allnd ull dlrordur. ur'hillg Irolli all imnpure atlut of the blolud, b) a iluoL / residene in a he clitnate, or the nlljudiciour use o 1' mnercury. ont Prs trvattive: tile bestl prepration t M extant, Am 2ong whitch aro thre lslowndg:-2Indian Dye, t for col ring tho hair; Bar'ls 0l; lussiai l lh&ar Grease; PoIaltuln; itllaw 4 'ree.lo \ ll: strUe. perior Pearl Powder; Lily WiLte; Cruonl of 1o.syr; i Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Rost; Lip Salvtr; Kre. osity 'rnoth Waib; Carbo lic Dentrtlice; OraiIge Fltoerr Water; 'Powder PulT ae r Boxu ,; A:ller:.i eattl Clarc oal, natlty put tllp it four .ucls vial:; iPato n Saltls; Cologneo ; KrI o2lty I'iln2th.-a;e ho Drops; llair Br;uths; Enghasi Dro ng (:o I w Irian lair Ote ;-wtith a vatriety of t t2 r P2e, 'a oletries, & .t Fo yr sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUM11 RIES. J C T'INt ARD, Corner of Cearal and Bourbon y trcts ORLEANS LITHOGIAPIIC OFkPIAL NA. &: S,t.U,,2ll e 2 2t, 2,2 i: I2W.ohm Sy2,22 I'tl . "or cl i r IEIg t fo r Ihea eeuO ti; o lti.. ius lutislr ld Ilwil lgs , l rc i llll e irllr 1, J ,tlli llll t Vlekt I biioirnlie'l Rotug; r Oi t, of t Rh2 y. l dlllrl2t. ; K.t el;t allke checar, dWs r; ei p,2i .a pbio ni d 2l Ixti eu l 2n2 , Fachawe aurd el oedlitiuus stPlc, h le Ilox itr r. oIn S IA2i ('lit'ol NIl'] NB. Bank Note s o t..*lv cxecue2 l -. NEW IIAT SI!TU1R'I . fU lth relei lOt u a, ti r'ivl friety Seof a oPerli. 22ie-i d & allic For2il 2 2 as22orIt t f r 2 I1. rll b. T sule :lk t Ih r t 2 l2 , I r t 22 ilularly2l l t2i l or lli J \V GL tlllRN 34 1Camnl, p trt. N. B ('ity and o illryo dcalr aue Puu ted lcall. PORTRAIT PAINTINGC I ane will rei r. . icat i u New l reb 'l-i anh the 2 hos a t 1(21 2 p rtraits 2 h22 2. 2 2 f p ils aini.g pan p "e tie . Ellitlal ce tiitd 1 t "g al (ble; ',eet. h eW2 2 2 22j int d d l2 2ll22a2n te'llsivt nitasolrt le t 2 lll waryl, w2h2 l h . t he y il'lll. deal NB 1. Bi1n2, 12Note22.2 22 2 ( 1r Lts. y r2 2in2 2le.2 lsa . 2 xYYib'e 0 2s22sorte CosizsI2 12 N. ul--l l b rllk ol b ull;dlll is Cu 'e rd \il will( Cte) I iel Slii. .C oller aid 1t: I gutteers !uat o f i t l ttio 222V(22 l222"' l Id Bm t h22 2.l. remain 2222 222 l tlt l N2e2 2222 rt 2222 ol'0j ENGLilII, F LII Al.o 'o.O.0aIuro .,... I: l Y. )I)OFIHS(l. IO10RIR'lIY,nosslerl byv petlremn of S. troper qualifications ald e\l,..v~i,.l"ue. It.e ,,pa.,~",I iun Acddet,,v il, tI brick Ibulling b'hclogi,,I IV \\,. Ir,;a ed Eeq.. udjoining the ,eranla ,an 8t. Chain" ceise a lBad educatioln. l lr. 31. ,licito the i o-o-perl tion olf his frieuls Il those ufedelut oln. to elnable hm to Lender this illsi tution uselul and perlmanlncol. lO'1ICE TO THE PUBLIC.-Uoo.oooo,"d rumors of the undersigned having sold out, or discottnlred hi: s old and long established GARDEN SEED STORE, X, 83 Custom house Streel, taving been moast industriously circul.ted by silf. interested parties, the subscriber begs to assure his friends generally, and the public at large, that be still eonlti:lues within two doors of his lote, or former stand, to be flurnished witll a full noId ex. tensive supply of all tile standard kinds of ktchenu or vegetableu Jrdenr Seeds, of the growthl and im. port of the present season, 1837. Since the early part of September, he has re ceived ample euppires, by the packet stips V\lcks. burg, IKentulky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short passages, direct fromn New York. By tlie Ml.s*r. sippi and another packet, he is in daily expcrta. tiet of a supply of Fruit Trees and Asp..rTlguo Roots, having already received invoices thercoi by The subscriber begs futlher to assure thl, public at large, that loe is at present as well tntbled to leet and execute orders for ll tile kinds olt Gardell Sceds, either wholesale or retail, as lie ever was since ls first estuablishlmet in January, 182:2. Country Dealers and Market Gardeotur' orders tillud at tile lowet and most reasolable rates. by tihe pound weight, and galion or bushel lmeasure. Cutalogues, either in French or Engllshl, inao always be obtaioned on personal o n tlelal , usual, to 15M. SAllTI, [ oGarden Seed Store, 85 CustUml hou.e u trU C., NOTE'I.-- A constant supply oltllrd Soutdl, cill er mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, alnd Shake:rs' dried herbs,--wlth a upply of peas and bnl, .s jt LrltUl1-11 bildl best quralilo, otreh of rn(tow -heat .LA just lauded Iflroll aotolilr tCezar, Iroo 0,0r sale by tI DuRSVIEYE L sep or ooteoso $010000 5 L oi.lo 'le k or .i t c ll $, 0a I tli, .ienur , ellu t0V0t s Uti .er.s O,, ls ant th coui of l c ose , I i lollge ilohtl, :t. III r Ir e .t , SItCtlohiy',, 'l'noooooo oOPr i oo Oo eget, A.. tnr r, No. 277, Co-ro urc, tot, New-irioan , wihes i llno lm, t mis llblnl ds leo t Io1lit ill gellllo l tllatire .t ow tprepareld to .lrtish scrv tllll{ill tIloe aborto butitress, slod Ioob l.Ossi ottl) Ioir oIk thbU Lllowotg Iote, Geo moao RIoappe,. i aotosoy, Enotglisl' Psi .ullcgent, Aooarieoe ltos it ee t Natoisto ai,., j Ilnoltoted, AsterioAlo gcotleattstt, Ilcrgleoot, IJit.uto Itapu-o, j Iirltl Blackguar d, It. Oronr,, Paris, Pure Sopanish, IsIl ltal.lte, bcotch, anll genuinse tooth powdeltr. 'TOIIACCO. Fine cut chewlng, sweet tsl.ented a Fine cot smot0ki , of a.rious qualities. ltil-foot V'ilginia, Spa,,ish, ke. The ab. e.ia.rticles are aol womrated aso g f, tt'Keott Iloilto tlnylrotlellgf th 1e okiotltc implortl., so sii wll be almhed to de:let~lon tile most iihtrohllcrmn . may 4I U AVAA COFFE E-59i Itog plrioroego lroot v 0a (,llTle, ,of the now cr ls, tow lulding hromt rbig ('lCtalets Carroll, for aole by JO1SEPHl COCKAY NE, 110 tlh bo.s EIheese i Ill hal'barrels F al oeul; 10 half barrels ileet Shood; 1(01 heoxes Mb lllootai't Chaulpaign ('idr; 0 7'5 boxes Soda Iliicui, 5 hbrrel Smdsoked iBee; 10 hal! fbarrelsa picbl ledonguef ; l]ocivot per sril loteola, for fale by lc 00o PF'I ERS &l ILI-AR). IjtUit:HO)IL TI:A-biI0l lolf cte-t, ladtliugto frin labip Oceoela. tld lur I ule by J T'IAYER & CO, oct?0 4 I'oydras strreet. )IlAYS-A few Cloriloanli DIlvs oen lnd, od - Ilor sale by I)UI BEY, ocltO 4. Now Levee. -i IlE 0t0,chb olter, of tile .-. Mun llricipality I StealO Ferry Compian' ate roltet, Io call at the oflice of T' I lwis, Eseq, oeppos a tle City Ex changn, in at. Lo ois sore t, .a ig.;. Ie churtrer l the 00ll cli-t o ' Iud ;I O1" L) CV . lea J r BALDNESS. IREAT'T'IFIL h..d ofhair 1i th^ orn'Ill heinnciu_. l.J thi [tl~ll . ,,, t lntn . |li e s+,r.nnev Iv thll loss I it rl nneap tlh..c- ,.urn...e, and] prvina t'r 1'4 Lrinlo no then r .arane of i a-, 4 h, c r sea .onus to remit f, t hei e itmrvered. hutl soern irn s even to ,h' -cirety to4 r vid . rhPe rsIand 4 4 ,4 of 14 t4444'4,4444il.l44444, ll. re,, la4,.4r4 , tl4,r E-.s nreo4. :,-se l,.n Iv spy, t il rt m , nt. In short. ';t ev, file I.-I f 4 , 'op 4t ' fill 4h the a 44er 4.. fl , 4rr,,,n4th.4wit fihnt no ,,4,, , 'i k 4,4 4ln ,o1 a 4 444, the In.44 of h4i4 h4 r.I • t4 1 r4rf a4 El''',, .en lbe4f:ll'44 ir4,4 '( 'lrh.t , 44 I.1, ,l"n Iflumbh 11-l,.1 I' Ihr hinir fe'n, f.,+lhs-. off,,n th.. fir-t nlaplienti,.n, and a ,liw bottles r,4s',r+ it a anin. 11 lik 4 i.4 produr4 e., etbrow4 and w, sl4ers; pre.44rts4 t.he u itro h n 4n4in( ernav, t kes it rll hn4 tifliv, and .4,4,4t 4ront sc'u 44rf. 4 4, 44n4ro 4 4,r fil.c 4 4,'o4l. 4 l, In. t f; rsrcltnf.]itvi in~o p. A I Of Ihr. .]IrIU¢I of O ti . Banare+ ,1}0o'1 hy 'hr proprietor+. . I.' Read tihelb4l4hing: Robert 11'hrto. Esq. itile 1inver of"T h' ladelp hn» er ili it , b tl a 1- ileetn below, Ti the high chara .'1il'11 und .r'iglnd d o | rrD v eP1'ntr'v thor t Ix o+ a used -t he It 'I. , oom i i,it CoQlomblial dli-e.vere~d hv .1.Il()hhdd e tilda llffve f' t ohl it ris hl)v +e'rv i,' hle nor , iv asn Ixruvrt livP avaiul,»lt till2 |'illhng ,.ftuf bol, rbut als vu erlltai rester 1 II.I T.11 'T II .1T IER. , nir, 1edcllu]islt Mli[nittr in !it (;oroe'- 'are.l - No+ 2, Nm'th. Fifth st. JOHIN P t .IGIS,! ACr tit ifdt. (, 44 Ž4'I'lls) lA 1. 1 ) ', 1 3 Il .' JOAN ND i'Il.4..1 S'ur4 treet 'ron 4') 14. havr.) 1 tr ''f 44 [l3lk') 43 I" . I 1 Hubert 11 rton, a ,Jr nid cite of l d. 4Ih 4i 4 4 4,4in t o l r ao' filler, 1 ' nord v hosel [J):I raS tire+ iieni, Ul ti (eaohe. noc't liPScu tr~h, r tey Oi 1 1 tat <)lll Tli+tlh IVIf n!t . a'n~ ti ,i it \ v nrfott use a nd n p r o'n which i t e an o urer e, b f l cedio h t e rer tnll by the hle nindtt 6lr t nlre S Ilt witnrte MI wh reef I hlave' hclrrotllltl =rt' alt'" fonlld i d c. e l li t he m eal of r he, i ftr ten h |ie. o ed, loi, ( rill If ). 5 f J i yce ier, A r. i" J[. S.] |ttH'I.'1 \VINA&'T'ON,I).1 or, (T lHE"i 1 r'i bE th pt e 1. b lt' ofhe (,.rlts t in filh ha. thI t, .1 Ip ]hI,l rn_:'n, ed ..... cr ~l . Hi... ckh is . ... l......... t ne of ithe tlln,, &C n toluly holunIn J,, rion | o the io!e n Sen rs for Hia. : l+'lo,- be, sl sre if ,i r .yno i'leu y IJ. lli ai F , l bIt r .Trltl ll tnd bq T E drug4 ist. l p r, t eh bf y ' t ot'gh 1 tuu t *lry. " l,',9 .. . _x.:+,,+, lr. , .Ae.,,. ..s.' ra ....... PRt)sPEf1'l'U.. TIlE suh4lri,.er v-iopc,,a to pal44i4h in 4h4 , h1 . g+ilnning. of 111. ltll~'.lll Winlclr, ai f'unldlenlatziol ( |f t ill( tWurllv vubreaI of' the O id and New Seriens ofI Mlartin'. "L-ouisian.a ]R,.pots,rt to Io ,.'omprised in fisvlms,&.,,odigt hmoa fIdls' Conldalnad Rslprts. "Tchis aork is now i g preparayion by J. Burton ellariyo., asq , ofrhis n avuosiuted by VillinstiF. ho t'nd E.-q. 'The lta.htor is also pnrl ted by n distilun g nicd reti'ed Judge ,,f tho Supreme (',er|, lolld IIV otel ol thlu 'ittlsg .1,l "s,++ lie expect fro)nt thel i4 hronadI s 4,rvionll ,ath o advanta. whichk MtaV knoturalld I, r,.f r,: . roj t 4 in'ir f 4 xp' 4 rio4t4n. Such a y..,rk is b+'cornhlg every day itJr+ lno" 1ca,-sary, as the. originalla .v solltlllill I., expa'nsive, 1 {lilt,] na4-'ot-o+ An+r illerunstitle culrinnity too is I liatli lei t, ,t thothur State ot the LUnLion. l,1 re verenc tn ti- I,' se ,IarjurisI rudene, otf Lusiana n adtie cirt ll'ilent o. "tei inI lrngo t prin ilees hero tie. cidud in th. adjuLtmennat of o:chets of l ns, .thakes the kltuwhcdý~ of ooer adjudg.e*d eriles 0f' p"riI uti [iHy to the jorists (,f* th,' whohe IIoilo]. .Ml.'eovnr and,, :lthu tticis i.r grea,, xlcm..a|nIforI thil Louisidana (',.+ve ni+nt notes:, indu'eating the para~l,,l eamea de~cided inl l ooI.+l+ltll anld ll(ecisilonll[.+ thoseo it. the I'ore aulhorilttive fortuh s of the other States, will he added to cab cneao. The work witl form fur volume, royal octavn aTnd Wil li de;( + VLr ,d, o n, it ) ll] o .uhm-r'r.1 r nt ,yr.; per vol.; in case it ehll hr. tfound practeablo to 1 comtpress it into three .( iumi :, the p-ice to sub 4seri4rs will be .47 per vol. ! ,ubsc cr',lions rtc eivd by W11 MacKEAN, j,5 nor ('amp and ('uontno1 st s. 4't,4ce 4t, b 'te4e .'4 an4,, d ('-asc.rU, sb'b. ( l' l 1. cou.,r of " nltk Ie.p" ....'.- ...h . c .ur. e 4)44, 41 ' e. 444 . g ' ..4,44 4 44. 4e 4i t,1444 .. 0 4 4ill 4 44e u ' 4 44t .n 4 44444 ,,044,4. l ,: , 4,4.4..... ...... ...... *4 .....4,' 'h t oul g4d *4c4. ounnts4 , a 'o4 g whom are gentle no n'I i lb "lnl t "u.h g iln |£ e,1 , t, illbo. a e nter... l"!}» elIite t c i to till 1 iiLle tl'rt'tlgo. 44 1 4 4v . 4i4,4 4 l ,': 4 il h, ' '4 .:l4'd LP . on n 4.( Ifi, J uil ou "I tJ[J ' s t ll+ ,, !4l Nlu i[( i l l.,i; h . .cu to. oJ .,tnad; 4it' L 4 it, '44lo l.4 4 1 I 4 \un,, e . ro g JIt ion c ldi5ng it the upiflt ,nrt of therit), 1U r c 1 ' 4 ,. 4.4s, l 4hr 4, na 4 4 4,4ee4,4 Ill+y oIej. e,F 1 I 11, c 4, 44] i 4 o 4 rt "', 4ll d :''x.4C'4 ng44 p'lute, I , stb »e'lptlo,ol~l' le. Siu ei d. FIRED, WILEINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Lr LOUISIANA, a)I' LI;" I) ] i . l lt'.n l.. O to f it - r 11 1br t . 1 re ill g e op r t. 4444l 111;',1 i .4 . I " '.4 4 1 1 ( ll t4 1 .44 ..4 'l'lig , 1,0,4 t'xtc,,ltltI of b ,'s u 'o - . I h t him, [1e hopes, tol i:,elll an/d ,'cei"e it + t,Ho'''o iub~it, p"tro ulte, Ilrew' • a4. '.43:. 4..... No 4444444. , , 4444444,44444 44 44444 i-' . lt"i'i - 111, , ill 1 i:il . N ,i; +;, ,, ,,, -t,, h . . 15 Iz. w 1uiht . ,ol , , grllrtl itY Ii E E i lllllthe Iran J.l11 ien it.t ant nelr, i en1- 11 t of ruo1,,l 1l l'ar 22v I t ht ] r tl e t i,2ttnim .t 2d1 , T Illlito , Itn .r1. tUill'I'ON & ASPINALL'S (14)Ol1PUIIND 'ITONIC MIXI'UIXLU.--A. r1dy C Itlid ctLlln clro fir thel FPver and Ague, rcnittent and int.el11:louit fevere; preparO d tl'I 1e orignalll rcil, . w:!.h e ellllll t and Iuli scr~al success 1ll 132I , by pIarsons of the hghe!st respLetablllty ill t ctity, na ataltcd id Lthe anneluled a rt liecallts . fTis ined1cion is highly reoaumnendod, and has bell Ioxttfl.vely usIt i soi the 11bov d1inasnl wiith I ml, I1n' til' f '0heving ma2y of th.ou who aru ult: ring under the sCOurgle f ou 01 ounltry. 't is Sllltii llt: I)poleoingg11 2I g 1viLtu, tll d wh2I rl lled e 1riltng to Ii. direct2uost h2as never failed of off.:,t:ng it care, (.%".1 in tie most obtinute stage of the di11 crer. It is not at all dar.areeablh, a1d I sol s l f It' lh e aket sliml ll siI)ll.Lll lald c!hlhblon! l Illmay ptake it wall ithipunlty. It tlllllngtheUsl le ligohstvu greans, crer.,l> ti t appetite, uitd r: id lm rt.,itlal Illre thatn o1r, lr ill obltinlat1e cas0es, 0, l It I 1h Io ell:ect it lcure. T"hirn i neither ie llrcury or .. rei ill the udiiniei, nor anyli tlhing ojtniioo to the honl;tt l col11tiutlon. 1 1. o propl riet1 rs arot 1 0u well onvilc0 d ofl its 1li,.ncy, telLt they agreet to sllilnd the price ofe-very bttle which has been taltun in uecrdanc3 wath 1tll dlireltolns alld 1t,.t not etif-.hetd a a perf, rtt viir,, oil" Ihe f 'vr & ague. A. OLIVER, Foie Itgrnt tfir New Oriount, at his whu,.ol.le anld retail drug ald Iiltdluniue slore, c,,rlner Iof ltenvri ll alld (111tllres .tret.ll Fulr DiLtrl.t AgenLcis apply It jf , T. W. I'I'II, IS Conti at. treallI NOTICE d I( rnit,'(I l ltTUll b('.ni 1dolll itln l l0 li' c1 n i\ illJ'ub l, the 112 ,, J'1l t It iril t tlotg tt, of the 2tutl of Loitlll sii t1 ai. t 111 a 1 ,11 I e li, e sad L.I; I [teo dai tr s, nlld exi e llt ullhe n it a e." 1.1l2 2110otlll |1 "/ , tit I2 lt i . Itloo tol ll t |tllp .i' llglll t112i0 s 2rer I d o 2e21112 . toll ul wh l012t 1 I2. n ltla .,r 0.trn. 12 t 0 rih l i ll o Iht r 1 Iii, t tl h t t id thli o t t t Coot! he,;jtw t un3 I d, a positd a tre. nl v thercf, Iogeiter liti tel ll t ll 2 i the ot lir e I tll ,2 'lerk t " id 1 U ur ftll oi . for tit i;n e i I 1 o 1f 2i2l 2L0t o h ,it 2 , .1n1.r 1 2. Ilter dite ieing tln dIll, fier thl .lldt Into satid 1 flltr I,,r nllllih iiin, el .` tlnrdut, tie -,h ltr d y io in - 42r0, 312232; utltd all 32r01222l rletlh00.2 d io the estinate and sO.1, 2n0lt tle ioelby notiled it., makl t Ihiro oib. jeetiotoo, if aoty they hove, Ito ,,d doliooate and asteto latter date being teo daty, lafter 1he hiot ptutidttltiol of New Orlan.s, 1llth cltoblr, 1O31. SIiLOt). M AN, J iOIIN l31 IIAt, 'otormmio ,ners Jd..s RaEES. tIpatn e d le tal°ll nu 1212 '"lutl de I n cllo.: llalt, Ltlllnuisca i,:r pdlir I'evuluj tion et t.llea lo dl dllolage 0:t i'"o1 I eCuIrir lout |'oL veT tl'oto ,0rtiv 'm 111- leot I'o\lliat r tlarlt e 0 i0 - rod,ttoire hiogooginoot l il.11213212:u11 00t tur0ltite lou0 I blotl: dolt uale vo 1ni.1 ltijt, uvre ,, rat niti hteau du greflior do lahto1u or, pour .'lwl ec in doa Ioe colt qua cell peut il c lllo. r.ol s ipull c tl )atl Io prr.rlt don1,ll, t1t1 ledit labla lt ,t'eoltlu nt 1li1 e1t ld'n setsa.010,1 lel 1, 1e ) '1122e1 I t It ldiot IU. tl pour eonftootoiiott, onttodi Ro SS. jouor dtoN.n". otlojitil:vt 1rIt00 t l301dotto 12eh10,0r0 doe 0Ic1,il lllto.1o d'evu. ulootion t do Ilecs out requpr11e d file leeras o1j11ti10ae m'il lte eriSl, It11 avat t. t223 do 111221ot101 ItllnloltOtt in do2112ere dit. Ottot tldio jUU00 01.2i1 tIo fuoI2.0itiO0 do S. IILOSSMAN, JOHiN 1 BACTII,IJA.IIESS, Nle Orleures. .20 1338. NEW PUII.IC A l .,I. '. frtI+ •! r Yehirlu +ldu-h l oi 'tptlodIooce in I vul, ji hllulKoto tlcr, tloe Avollo.r of blllood, A Tule oftl2la.,,u0. Jtel rec vld od f.r ouleo tlI.y 1393 M 'ItAN, netlc7 oor Camp : ('ollto . t jIOlAI Y --..l 1111t1 liUllO ori. Uld lloeotndy ill tUlat lt lU lfo sale ' ' iR '111E & BIROTIHE., .110R "1Ir C, 10rt & run t12.21i0f Hb:i ae. . t.. t-- .lil. , ia i 'lln t : i4F sL \'vrR & TRIER, rpli18 43 P t' L io t`ee1 ra lution is ereed 6 o lIla.u tat j a an mirdy anmoalmt adraindfogahaaatt aaafna Jlaakliat, apl holaa ruoal,neaaaha, fI Ul* 'I'hrlailding 1 large eand mao reaaaoao la intot.,nt aajaaaaaoaa, for kaapaoA arjaooala dia and d ffacr',t d aoaaar. 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P LULl6, 'l Ill, b I, l'alI!K ti & V-4 ,f .upeli:: nod Cad do fil lao,, 111 balaaaaaa, '.n, 46 lblo re',aoli aal ila,'y; 7 lala wesJa abdi bl e arv 'a.1..k; dldaI- ariaaar boo.; If lea'aa-g of a £Ltbfei It fur salel law, lee lclse, IIV .AYET & AMEI.LNG, 21v 17ll Coaaauareaalr I 1A M-7labia auva-od laoly~lial qoad reel etilr gilyul aa alanlidi n ag rloaaaMnlaa. ` "Jensrcto~furaol. by LAP hA' & AX3LlJN·.. 3e26 1 ntTU'aaPnaatO AtO~tft .N-7,5\a. billaala lIaaaol, lanadiro aild ur sale a. f, &JPW1II'lNEK, Canti aaea I A VANA Sibt#.lOTlZ586,00,0 0l'ýi0ofalf Iral6ai' 11 i Moue, us- ante by SLAbTER & I RIiRI, Snnall4 40 Paydraaaarebe LlFll',l., aaa on 3lailaa oaataalav 'lnt AIIIJAII FISKc aug'4 )Pa " ID-5 bola a!4b proo' A ualarilal brody tot 1) le by IOAAC BItIt)IE & Co, aaanp4 134 Mlagaziaa atrpst. I I AIVA'A aE(. Al n-yllhg baanfg,'rra aalTe land a iog freshn wel., Librrty, and l`dlall baags in ctai. foa a sdo by ,iLATER 4. 'TRIER,' aaagl4 40 Iaaydaoa aireod. ALE 100 snak, 1'hilndphiu Ale, A ot's Brfjdi' just received, tied for Pale by J Lt BLId i. A COHEN, jy`24 90 Cotnnleultrcete Na,, Orihaca a ad C llirrall ilokRil Raad A etaogetoe r` floa-aaiaaF JIgo coo fi oatlahsdaae.1 lao,,a C~anl!aaLLaa.a IaaOaa loaf N (lza.HIaaaa 'L': rlaaa ae',caraa 4lo'' 'llaA Stea, caraat 7 A .I' .rouescar 6 do do dlo do 9 ala do ldo do dal doll la do l0 do do do I atruut 1ar 12 do do aaaoao erar at 3 do ra lo 1' 31 do do 5 da do doa 4 do do dla do 7 do do do 6i do dlu do do 9 do do, aa 8 do do ''he Juko-I aste a cua, Held Itfal'oVaa. blatrtaaagt o'.laok, A M. Caoal sear aa t tLa 'clock.0 lAliand ruu ar laaoolya i7 o sla Iaop I' oraaa aa wllll caaaaoaatla' : ery h hue, daaaalilu tao aaaughaaaut tlea dn o ·. IA:LI( 7 o,-luck, P . 11. u, nei·11 4,, aalla aaaloa\·lu**laf -Hat or tees- JcuLooCTItlaF.. O _.._45j dii'tl' I Iaa I a Elblliao0,n .a lag l0ll0, roaiaed S/.. plar b liaa i0 01l0,, lao pale by Al btIbt (A 11 tCR, ('CO')!. Oh' I'r.3C P1' . C Of' I OUIIV4.xO. aI:$'c r laoaWe hoaon p0,0lwo an prepaaing 7i i nod l now naaoaly comaaapleted, nwrla~aae ae tIneoflatll, (:oald'll Practice upon it alana wlalal oaaaoa rill toaaaa useful to ltrgaaofoa.,ian, aana'hicalaa ua - ird ae na', awfl lo otiead-, aailalaaexpaoaae an he loI of Int, of aaanlaatel OO m l'heatoaalaliaaaaoaaof aaa oaaaaaoanaaso l me aala a laaaoa h a'.l e pcial drefti t ,e :cutter has he.1"o Joel uteri, Sinc th appearaaa ll t laeai rlr a tcloaa o lar h t er oleaCiil Cade', ptublaiahd lay 3laauaa. E. Jollaaao &- C.. it wonatld glitu alaa al ableto pulihah Coala ad s'aatuie' jaa ala oaaaae uaua, thaat tho aa who dalpoi it, oaaa hL aohllad to lluad tae two lad- toaeaalaaaa. 'IoToe aaa'aareaaa.o trlaaaaaa, aaill la ,lill'area'. Alter' C.I11vr iar 1,11 toe deei.-ions of the 7-uprelutt, Court upon*nn " tl1 tle.. of practice ~ It Lih apply to IIitI .r)i DUI con a lajol aaall 10 la bo-tiraaaa aaaen d rrtd and lalaa- echshoaa~iats aaaell'aI, toltaa olaape Ufaa reaader lay aaaaaaaaato aanaaart,ijoaf theCoda, of aio" tie ilat aaa-e kowlaaa thaa'aea'a'ioaa aapaon lt. alaaca bor a- Iallo aaaaatoaan all thae ooteaallaaoot to tho Coadia" fPracotice aaa wallaa tilaa- haaaaoreaatingaaad regalattlag0, alaa taaa oet la of~ New ~aOalrooa, wild, a aaoaaplete ia- dr o aalaa' hole.a '1tcnuewr ill akehaits appearanaae as smu oathala'aaal,uaiaao.a u ido, aa olloadioaaaaa A Rlaaaa pa, caoajal a-ada l OOa, Al. C.REINEIC. aaaa3^t Aa, Aaaae, a Laaw A Card. ORLA ' 8S LITHOR;.IA PHIC ESTAMBLIjH .IE.'T, 53 .0l(IAZLVE STREET, OPPUOStTE nANK'i ARCA E. (V g !:E1 \ " ,-t rs I i i h it le iot thao nks to I11 i 'rhnds unJ Ih i_ pblic of New Orleans. for the atrnne bestirtrd ,i" H,, I6o the too earm, and 0i, s hle Ic , Loi'.L t i tiat nil -der i cou n;il;id to' this "hart,, shall eI,. ptottllv o tendld toi;.he will la usulal, I, Ille olthle oi,' oe nI dlurillg thie eI loIner and .ll be .lwus r·ar t t, trik.e olt merchant's cireu lals, bu in.e and allh'eos cards, funeral ootices.laps, Ilsnll-' ll dl(r, 1uiIto, oI sr desripttion, at the hr t no i,hd onl .e Inoto epar.l at ie rlno t.. ' ,'" .tiupot. licne, he ot ai confidehtt u"o lioin-g enir' its rga di n",ýIt llary cpite, r,lote otgrotirol , tin d a. ... tuIrd of thie O _irde. jr4d c IIma In ., t tiro t ito' wi-t tvolas !-- pleorh \ /~ii: i, ,t t hlle ItoUllltlnf.l o ircular drit hek ofl't It illllents II, linc, gIn d tl I o)ll D l o nt tJlun rle lne I i tlhlbi ulll tiC ('ir..: 53 'ltc gliZ ile .tps l amutilen Balt '. A1..l t 1I 1U0I I S. iAV"''S IINI N'I'.--No Fiction.-Thid no. Strltrdltlary chltiniC.l coIIpotitionl, tile reu I. of ti cieto, alnd hi llIVontliUin at a itcelebrated Inodi col innt,, the introltit , n of whichl to the public wi r itlvetted oite, heo solelltty of a deatlhbed I qeqo t, has i L in tt ined a reputation unlaratlleleit Filly tlot, illing thei correettota of the lantednd I)r Gridley's tart eonessiotn, that , lie dared not. die witihout giving to posterity the benefit of t.i k ohrlldg o .1n tllis ouhjeoct,' and lie therefo,. bslquathed to his ftiel anlnd attendant, Soloulo. Il,1's, the secret of hit discovery. It is now uced in the principal hospitals, ant,. thle private practice ian our country, first and mta. t certamlty lbr the cute of the Piles, and so eltel, - ivcely aid clffctually as to badfle eredulity, unlet.., wheru its ttlhcts are witn.iseod Externally in the followincg cOplllli lllts For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary ubsorptioutt at once, All Swe'lling--Roducing thema in a ftfw hour.. Rtheunutti.tni-Acute or ChrUoic, giving quito, Sore Throat--By Caneors, Ulnero or Colas; Croup and Il'tuoioing Cough-Externally, and; over tie Chest. All Ir lluises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a Fotw h oUt. Sores e tsand Ulcors-Whether fresh or loing standing, and liever sores. its , upon adults and children in roalrc ing rheulallt swellings, and loosening coughls an.! tlghtllnero of thie chest ny lelaxation of tha port.. has beel a lrprisllig beyond conuception. T't: : colllnlae restartk of thoe rlto hhave usud it in tih I'lle, is o" t ants like hi lharn." 'TIf'E PILES-The price, 1i is refunded to any poroin who will lue a bottle of Ilay'. Liianiemoe tor the fl'es, and returnI the iempty bottle wilthti; being cutrtd. 'I'lto are the positive orders of tlhe proptielrto to ile Agental and lutt of iIany thliu. Inaild sold. not one hasl btelr unnlcceseooful. W'o might insert certilleatea to any length, but prefer that thlos who sell tho article, should oe ilbit the eriginaol to pltrchiaiers. CAUTION-Nouit can be genuine withlnt plildid ulngravit d wrapper, oln lwhich ina ly ntil+o, [to otaollhat ol'the Agento. SOLOMON HAY.., Sold cholenl le anil retail, by CUMISTOCIN & (o, Now York, and by one Druggist in ewly tUwll in tlho Uciont, For sale by the Wholnsalo Agents, corner t fn ComII.non &T rolChupituOas salettl, and by 'i,-n Apothecories goClerallv. jti, STAT'E pOF LIIUISIANA, lt JtA' dtulcial Distitct Conrt. 'I1hi,,e0a H..,iv S ilrins, Io. tlia Creditors and thie Credidto rs , atcrerns &. Co. The cessiou of the Inonlvent'a prol, d , is ncopilled by tlhe C.iUL Ibr the b.n'fit of histo Lo." l,ioe, lloid it isoordered hiIt a weetinig of hhieoid caltti ,t uld IIh iredilurs oitrf s - de-t io. Ono llbte ilace It.'% . ithifoit ill J. t. eMarks elJ,., .\oti. 'ublic, ien Matni i:n itiohN tKeOhlll· le+l,nt iiLok I ftee , irllad oe1 detliberailing oU le okuto I f said JeunL.,. Snd oertl,sA . Co.. ulid iu tie uitoati tite ull judi,, .,, Or.:ceingc u.,inlt tie tuotinind prnoerlv i e",-iui JenLkius ite sticysi. Al. Mº. Cohen, bLoq. is pPnliui.i tlu rprtoesll 1ie atln .i.trcditlui. ii. I\Iitatillie Ilon. A. M. llirhatl:sn, audga e li Couit ahlre.iid, Ils hliiti Cltctr, IbhS-i act^i7--Sthdl&i 1 lEll.AN i. 1T ' ioi_,DLA iU 'T0.ttfis-UIci ht tiie -islict Judlllt . iei l Ihl, .te Jnkiins iet.oiorL e i c i'tn ItFd tt Lca crratllihy dll .Nct.aa,. ie+--L aSep i eun. o litlo de intloli able l.yat Eoi. a:oo e+it lour lat i"nuefice di't, ea Crraeer.; iltet eeldoni,e tfi'une eesams. 0e Wes orrPttt'lers i l di ceed x dct-n tcri do I e i , Iat Itat . ,ihf f o de J Ist . Oiks. iul0oet public, hntdii 260 joe d').I.-i .aooicilie, 0 hohitoc adh wuaiooi, pouir dbllib0"}cr tt ail'.0res iltadtls Jetkhic rt etie,ni . L'ie; en uaeg Ioo toloaot dtoieS jtdioiaireo Collotl laooi InLL I-t lI Feliotteu .t Jilolki uh lllrli oaeutiitii-t..oM t 'K c- lc.atile trti IproGirto Its, horet,!: itita ob-nta. 't etuiu Il"un. A., .. i, whsur.n,ýrtgo tic 14-iiL)ia - dasouii e 24 Ltubr, taitti. 2i ait-3 pLbIfI.ANiCe, Ilep b "lo : J. 1 sl'mr. \\1 hotter hue .ti til`-!Ul+.l ~ 1Dj \u"t !ý, o4 Irc rsPitfStc k "' gi o.i.. eo the.. .. 0tbk IEiN. 4" A C i rlt nga tie . !t ¢ 6, ci0 01 ti :lea) t I lalb4al, or thle+ itI-a gleblft aceuit7 , - . Ifo St vIh H uflla0 i t. P Caoia -

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