Newspaper of True American, October 31, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 31, 1838 Page 4
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, n liberal terms. y-"itatted, awill supplied r b difig nvensnhaed with 0 a 1 f :i ii ahtnha promiaea k *t . eI (jnon onoeparttto give sa n l waeo mayptliroanzo the 4t 4 oa ieao, llateti. je3 do Dr. ~el.aidt of Charleston, oliia0 at fnysoriome years his assistant in ing mediehao and surgery, has the honor is :preaioanl services in this city. a agentlemen that the most g lWbie pata)n to the calls which , abso "ffars hia' services to lhe toerýibcng woll acquainted with the stt m, having attended them in Sihr Charleslton. enttiliaus pills alter tile composition ear...ollette, with directions, can be had i d. The effect whichl they have p s int and other cities, has been attended ratest su.ces, to which the best of vas cae be given. Apply at No. 166 Mega. r ot, , JNO. M" LORING. W A WOOD CREWS, SAD 'IRONS, Sc. O E1LL WORKS COMPANY, No. 38 Wat.r, hear Baookman street, New York, , cvd the post season, and are constantly ng large and extensive additions to the stock Sbove goods, which now consists of the ing assortment, suitable for the southern and nara marletls. tollow ware of superior quality, consisting of Maiit 1500 tons, via, to~ - lts difa'rent sizca, frn 2:8 to 50 gallons, tc .., 1sinzes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, . 15 sies, fror 3:8 to 18 gallons, at c or Ovens, 7 different sizeo, Tea Kattles, 6 do killets . . 5 do FlatSpidere . 6 do CCgdred, Spiders, 2 do Oriddlee, - - 4 do - 6 de fes from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cao do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Sciews, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from inch, No. 3 It 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior and finish, and loss than Jmo's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbm for aM1, anl hattor's Irons, assorted. .nt'.ellwe[ights, 100, tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to tale for Plantations, stcoamboats, churches, &c. L tade to order, Alsot stnianbeate and other machinery made to eider. 'ae Lahove assortment of goods is particularly recoWomendd to the attention' of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. l eved to be the airgest and best assortment ever ,afered (orlsale by any one establishment in the - :nited States. Meachants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with delcriptioo of goods, prices and terms, from which no deviation is ever nmade, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 4 1 I.MON SYRUP & iICKL,.-S-Underwood's l.e Io I tVl:li anird 'ickles, nscrlced sizcit also, 60 |ox,-s of l.e\iis & I-laskell'e |'ieickl; for saile It clo-e a : ar cousigicitu, by JtALVISl h& &NDtlEWS, 9, . c coIr 'alln l anu 'Tlehopitouhl s , 'OAiP-lii hull l, b ixa Na I Stp, libriandelfrJiosa ntGotld for saleby lSAAC ltlIt(;tiE & C). "'a. taslk 131 iegoaziee eerile. O. aIasm d:.ollin:g helea on Triton street, be . l c tweeo Tivoli (uircle nid C'arondulee ;tret. " t29. Apldy to J1 OTT', IV ii 1t ,LBARLUOWS, -.5--I ii c lerlbarroc, .5 dit't do. in stoic, fior w,,he by Cl.\tI'LIN & COOPER. ll5 R ,lul'ae t joLy A aunt rUoed Unvf nud Ltev f or t'operv*. of all y; n i j 1 liaise, roneiagl of verr sul perioe luoe laid, 1110u'j1 atld white wor11l, noodNaIirlDud rule roglhOo edge recod ±0,l ceuslbtptly 1 hand ollain olle I - b , DAI'IDl F LT &I CO. O() BAGS SuuBJ alllllr n Cultlea· iJ Si5) bowrs o!'.7 dot s uch 6loselle \1 ire, 18011, 50 d lo oft d Noo do 112:1; 5t1 do of, do I. I' 100t1 1816; 501 dloo of 2 do 1oI. brown liltotoy, 18 (30 piers exxlm lloileirn. For : le by IE RMt1OGENbI, B3ROWN &C4 . M1 4 Coorti street. pLAN1 BOOK S, ;~~ of my v trietv of r oliog and andBllItlndldg nlatly eoecutld,t of hort nolerF ,by A AVIDI F ll & CO. anl N ' 1Ito11,loe.' I loll,21 Chartroes <1. lolodi gr flr ....,..o, ISAAC BRIIGE & Co. m __1 134 Mlagazbne street. ----` I`O 1NT -- A NEW wo toryl blriok l'oue, sitalrteld 510oor0 froont Ihae deoloud M ieiuoiluty Il-alloloStChr:es stie0t1 Loot very low, Lpossessiol giveoo oLý dollleIy, Fooqotto, tit lte preonooc. tod1l, If. jtLuUIl.-o0l bblo fl Folole. for sole be .n110 iLOD ebY, 44 Ntow I rvec. 5(ý C BACON vidre for 1le by ·CSV t o 9 G D''RSK. 441 New Insert. ID150 00,10 nllolo lol~dtolgf o~ln Aonl~~llo~odrl Iirtol 150 coils Ropen, lendinlg frm arusaorfcst Jy LAI YETL A&4IELIU'G, 0i19 17 Commoooce It. 'A(TilNG-1.5Il p110e Kentucby Iloggla, lt id in tram selamer Ul1 000vna. dl foer sale by YOI1KE, ?ll1OIIlEtls, ,lef It5l liCoopvtreevl. NO MERCURY NOR COPAMVA lNlaw O)Ie~l~lt, Nocv.l4, $817. A BOlT s01 Illollboh ago I had t11e tlofoetulue to got 11 a oecrcl dioeuse, for 1lticl I haove apopled to seve rol doctor for a cure, ood lhey did not cu00 ollenoo now0 on tle above date Illt mlyerlflunllerllle cre of IDut~lul Host, an&d 1101100t 1imo1 to yore Ill. Sioce l[holt tim Is' thle Jdjeoae got wor0,1, s as to br00 ak obt in large ulcere to thle nllber elof ixor eight on e It leg,oond all over lly ffgc, andlllre tllroat, oun 11ot able to work at lie pesent t1ter oil oaccoulnt of tlhe diooeae; lilrge eller o thbeigllt oide of the thr10t. I 01t tItle putling myself bonfielootly tldertlto core of lDr. IFeet,eof roeris, to be erlfieetly oured JOHN DEAN. 16 1~o4 ly I DO CERTIFY f10nt the oboe ltenlt'lteJ diseaoe is q111it well Cured to s000 own uatiobnlalto, fIr Illhich I tlolbk LOr. HIer; aodl 1110eover 10011100 1hat tIte Imedi ci1e I have tbken 1110100 1110 lilt, nod did 10ot inlljure tlly nealth at all; therfoere I odoise mlly f low ,tuffrers teo Loe Ino tim10 0d lapply to Dr A. Iltlet, 124 Callol otret, bheveen I)Dauphlone ad Bourbol etreele. lIr. Baal is at h110e fron01 9 o'clockbA M, until 4 1'51. d'boy will food a trulle doc1or for this omlplaint. JOHiJN 1)EAN,41l Gravier street. If oIly one wants to 1ee m0, call at No. 40 iGrovioo street, and hlley will be Oltielied. To be poblished at the ojliell of Do. Il1t. JOHN DEAN. -Nee Orleans. Feb I, 1818. ,fe 14 to J'¶ Genuiloooio dlolo lllooollf Liv0rwrt10 000d Nera J. hound, is put ap in bottlel at thle low Ipriceoft30 veatst each, contlaiinlg the strength of thlee ounces of R 'Llvoewort, boesilee tea 0irt11 Illlany 01 er roots and herbs known among llllodialn as effiolaious in curing pultonary 00001plaints. 10hJ10 u trivalled 0uccess which 100 tttenoled thle 'roe of I etlentlaldldo Jnlotouo wherever It habo been iotoll. dhad. hbo obltlined the c0nfidenlle alld reclollmendo. reseeetable lIlVl iianl, for the Itore1 of coughs, cold1; pain 1 1 tre side, wont of rest, spittilng o+ blood, liver complaint, 11&e. Tollhom it maly concern. This is tocertify tIIat we. bave in eor p100t000 froeloently prescribed Mrs Golrd. 11110 IndilBll s lamloo of L.leerwolt s1 llottIhound, with a ,ieoidod good elfelt: wo can thorefore, from the kbnow. lge of theo materials it is made fromlluollcdt.bervnoao :ant lllljriertlev110010101011lle t 01 11as 1 ' prparaliol r oall tbhos oaletotoe of the mlega foe which it is re oooosded. AIBUFRf WII.LI&M, MM.D. CALVIN EI.I.IS A1. . Merobers of the Boston0 Medical Asaociation. B311110 Ootober 25. sale by J lEVIS & ANIDREWS, ith 19 (C e n000o11 I rlllIoitnolalloao nee .m oondediloy tolt Poledlcal Facultv. L 'IPI 1'S Eflbpeoelot tMallgtasint Atarionit-Far .i dyollrpolo 01 thioIgetioll, nervous d,,bdlite, gidi" t;vae,headoloe,oclhity If the Itatlavh, Iobitual co. ` 0tlleotetteoollundiceoel,goolt graoll,&Ic.odlobnuch valeda a pgentle, 1 oline putlgative. deimrlble preparation hboe roecived the patron. tom, enity n ient embrs of ate profusionn, andd logIlgIulOic many especlllble taid 0nsli. it 0101 fire efiacy as a medicine loave been tid ntlel~$¢lt plaeog quolitiol of a glass of' tile aele medicinal propeltiel l~fie wll tp ion$purgatives; it to p tasalut QI$th0111ttlt OjI lesetorgleeo 118pc ot. ir tolclel iogeltl Ii fOA `." - he incereasing repute. t1018 tiedgre111010114 fur 1111'. I.Iferrescntefagae. slue~ j AIoltose n 1 in00101 . - 10 for othebe to oof ^ *rc0tt itiation of fiis valuable tllmd cine, Pttcbhaeers lTrreldlly tarted of th1s factt that ibey mao be eegltdaldd not prootwrltoampurearticlle. nblloaewresepoetfutll iefor etdtbot Iheltuholi. 0mttneIotly ottplield ei. the origiootl and ge. 4 Prepolti a. Fer sale lwho ealea dretail. 8IICKLEfN & CO. Agents, o , 40CaoeltetmeetN 0. eget.a a f e r ti KW reottorttloe Ih of I~nirrI ribiugbhaatband benuty. J QlI t w oaffred to the public, it bolt r rnosee of baldneas, ethinllnes, ln iqofu hlthred huerorg ectanen its salutary , btIeaw r0il tpflJ. tllah eserate iled toprodule lý o rOf of hair flu hotado already 11°..t`aIleeudryaod'ealc ealstoro b *ttoug*4vt healthy, and 'produee, _ et - it bahir withoutt the least the hood. This Oil P ives on agreeable fri. is prefrrajblo tUIo other H ic Oil rer per ogl ndgsloeaian ha-r. The bhi rr di lper -tbit ·ertF. ale at -e Ip 0 an t a tieane $ d outdo; Gilteseti and Silved maaStIndil l Rd, Balls; 11, 9,.1011d a l eh blade Bowie Kniaves Li. rs and other traellina t. Dreing Cnasr eailt i tomt hitochman' ad uon ellina PMi-t 8 dst onnba and 1 hi r naoliadtnlle tn; iname Rug; Sho t alt; Powder ItdSe Fnt lunaks; Drman Botttle and Drinking Cupt; i: Parfton Cape and Cap Iilders; Cloth, ilair, Tooth; l ' ti"N'ol lBruahs.; Orris rad CIhlorian Tonoth Wah at l'ooth Powder; tanilet and shnva"an Sonps, in garet va '. aiely; lnng Hair Braids, Ritnlets and Friazetta; Peanr ti oi LToilet Pnwder, Emery lBans Ivory Tlbnh Cushions: Potent Sthden . r Garter.; Glln Elastic latnspentlers Powder Puen{s and Boxesou(ilt laitaas, Stln and KeyR; Earedropa;W.iVa st Buckloe. Bneorleta; Beaal Necklaoes andiChains•; Gilt and Silverea Beads; lIndan Bends, Bells antd Plumes' Shell Twint; Side and Drelo It CTnmo; which,in aadition to thir fonner stock on hlad. .tketa their n raortaent n very ro lete, and will he saol ow and onlibaorl teralm, at the sign of thle Clol, l, Cotb. i25-t f 70 Chartres stret. rHE Kaahoaihnr, Aents fo the eherlntiae haosil of \v. i&r. Blanlr, SheI.lill, eil.inndl, have jlst eeeived a vaer extenoive set ofa al' "at ' , consi-tin ofi Tal lleo d Dessert Knives of r" ... despl rition , Penr Pocket, tirk, and Slpear point Inlave; Razort, S,.in Iora. Tool, &e. &c. &n. whirh they are praplrn( It ao exhibit to thle trade Ionrnorl 'rerms aond cnnditioni I, will e mand known nt the tilt, . mi6 J. it). HIN & A CtOItEN.l Common at, NF\ W 'iOIiS. n I\MONS, HART'I CO.--Are now receiving per thip Ihntsvrille, Eagler Merry Andhe w, Ililr rtier, atrench al German dolale heand laving ca11.i: Isteell ard irlket ,iistols; nid ail, rialne a aan;d sli cussioal caps; crap hklders .leis'_Ir, .zorl.S, ;t ea. yesn; illn i'- -n ntiaa:--ri, alinda oilier steel lrenns; inre k, head anl ileather latreanisi hair talilsl fln.llt and nak i'illaletn; negro lalftfa; G(elrm:n, llnll rtolFeh c ollgane eater, It.awlalod maccasser it, imitatio tlon; oatihllle lad bearsoinl; portable dlesks and dlaeslag caaes: tpnna blneakig; stanlinnaad toilet glanses ctnvex otaaa rtOr ; op cal glasses and views; Inali Ianatd, hellstld illumc; aeorlaeoln; whit-twine; toilet lald slhatniag soaps; toilet owlel'. c.,smetie w:ash hanls; sennaetl atlia euslo1a; aaool Stalnd; rrnrer calaioaa; sfalcy l.adl chails aIal neckliars; Iilliarad halln; pockeit baoks and walletts; Grmann hones; razor strapr ; a la e aI rommnnallllfaaa - "lastin ntnlpalaers, alatclnsldo, lillsuiluilar matchea s sil ver pencils; Cevolla, ra. &c. The nabovein adlditio to nour former stack of laoney nrticlcs, aoaknonlr anssormenat very oa-an et*. For saale wholesae or eltail; ans tle nigl ofldhe (oaie Comota, 70, Cllartr, e Stllt. mLR, of New Orlean ; Mon , I klrr &Cio., tof Nalhez; nd Harrin, Kellrey &Co., of Itoalarv, wag dies'lved ono hea21st of Mv Ist, by, tlhe deathl of SaumuCl A LLMason, ant of ther pnrnerar oft ile fir-,,n. T'le unlderaiglledl, aurviving partnera, an ill he ehrgetl witlh thie setlling anil closing aid lubainra a . f,ll.nws LeviC Hnrri-awill hoarl t, lo e setali, no' a bl'inee. r of Misola, Harris& Co.. tll Nnatltr; nnl tllrriar, Kel et & Co.,nat l{,lnnev annd Ilenalrv IK'lley will Iantllol to lie settling of the hlalnesan nofKe'llev, M.,n tC' . & ati SNewa Orlernims. The nnnmeo of lthe aevalfaerl r'a wiilae used in litnidlatiol only. 'I'hnoser iuda'lahad to nid firml are eanrnatly raqlleataal ocomn fanrward nad aian rau-lv ontl atlrien; no tIlnse Shnavig clilan a will aleasnr pl.rp'iot aarthem willthout delaa. iEVI C tl.i tils, NewOrlenna, Jane 7, 113N7. t , 2 nnase t inore al tille .)arliOr Calogne aatetl, juta re eive)l at d for sole by the dozen Orl. d.t£ bol)ttle.,.- SAlro Anlmricn nalllld t ,'am nlah toilet a pv;tara , Blolaarde a uff, a ner Io nhtlaal dla tolea t s.ra a aeonlllc wa Ia bulla, mailk of ro,'ara, en nllaia coldl 'r:nla,, extr o r ae do rn , Floridaa . laa a nh, rose lln dlnlaarO i ta)l a av 'ratI.* alre aaa.' a raIaIaI all: l ' ll l air ,l y ill a nlli k, ve,,oala ble r In! liquid rnr,),t Chlnrnle Ind'Orris tlooh was+-tt.h, l elddliliolal .supplyl of f;tkllionalhle Ilhrll oanld shell aonlba and j;iwelryala iraLI rlw at v hoalealle or r.ataail jU.,V G 711 ('hartre I't.Nt a NEW C;0-iiR\ - Si~ll-G-()i ~-..i 7I,1 i' c;,aaaarrnaln,a'", raeeivin a froml on a.nrd llhip Yazoo, atd maraga na aalbrig Concordia, farom New' York l It agi e vnrlaarty o1 alods in latheir line, which tgol h, cr I tl their lorl l a stark olt haal. maake their ai,, rto aa t veryat -,- ah'. The toIllnaa a ralaaEla I1r partn in: t ell twio, a.,r,;l:, tack and drnaa' allsll ololh , haria ' ala llAl,'aal ainanloaI Slrahal lo ernr,.a illk and a d en1i llle. e rt , commol II , ins elastic undiistelnts-, locao Eanaoiad L ta ili'r nah,'hs Seidlhtz powider , lp t lldll . llr i1 and Ihosxes, toih't lller .'plwle, ocket alaa ks amlI lllkia l nilaa1it le anI' ol , .ll, h ll, pe rl, *vory snidntaaaaanaaalil LarIo atd ,le'w, i TI inlotn lillllll co ca raaradl h erk, r nechto hlll e hi'ndIC bl arlee ,,lL ata naao n l . al i ll aia , ,r-l tll' ra!iaaaaald lt baladla , India eIllal d helll L I aaell lind lai ; aialt aaIal n od ' lnaoa'.v - J rietllno ln l shot lb)el , I llal',.eal t . aIcket mtlla, li a II'' .atlnialsaadtableaalsiaigle bari'naled laa nlli, tiowne knivesn allaa ra elleoq n raian l, a"llraia ll , l uh [ r, ttaaa tla , l:l a lllom) cra mib, lhota , paa re, na io rlll dalo .tine a ral laoi naaa l itl) I, anallllerns, 3nla1alarala n.aar lal, I, laa alir ain lantll, ''aattll r etlaa la i r Iaar ilra o, vie n ilt na f ; d - criptions, hdlle-' Antd g Isro etl. doke. rood Iiiii c r la i1. enaaes, d ori-aa haan l.,l'rnizaa it,. na i bohld, alain, l'llnai Ico muiew h id <.rk plain id h gilt fi,.'a.a! calolat unoi mlid silver penct'il ta.ivs, to llih vl.e tand tw eze'..lhti nlted aand gilt lna'akat' , n' h ur, ala g l ilve'r, lan'aas tai a ta rl iinalie alia oakalaaan rll'ls, haia, r illi ,,al i uitatiat n , hlilnlk anall reaink,aralara.aaaailla Vitlans and laital rag raIa a nad plain llerc .ion ca s, Ihi,:o tithIa a , scaaata.d eaa l h ienIIetdndiiili r hloe Aid fImne, lmter pap),r puue g ihdp lotal all nilt ,wIlry . "r AT'he aannv, talaaner with a d.ara, vnar'tv "f aoiier artl W llttl.E$A (l A hi)R.Ftt·'e·t . 't'tc ,uiiriiit Inter ro cciveel, in additiion to their pert ions Mur k on a nnul, n lu~ Illlll a ld cmplet )lialtmet of- i It's IInn thir it i fu acv aIhatlcs, ý.c, r.1nallin, iu iall ian, fmlnIwi qnilttad hack, lung aond, dnacciiaa, nilt' lter ,Il neck, l rsrliitrnllto s of eve aaa description amongst which are· somne "llxinatn iplaltr, I vaanaaoa of evey daaa'.aipaiana, hann, dlananig and pcn ha't, othrwha gaaertiaa naatlntinaaS a11111 11 la and ina"ri gnnERFlll twiol Y-(pllI of te, Ilaill, 1 r1 1 l rido· 1 hale;:, stp ,aanaal eralnaaa 0ow'er wafers of eveh y site anal de cripation, s a sl l ,rllr e COIante, a itint otf n ' natata ttaaaay aaps aip dI tnindsta, lahaing do i aakan s alau sn ,1s, Xl'au,, ', talrla I, 111 oi lte sa l liu do. IPrc sllml's slllcllinl; salts, plain anlld Il(rl'jlnll'l toileta alade, pear pode, o arpl'aan oxs a nlattlu ia puts unllt rUllsr anan chloraianeoth iash and anvde . nitla as geanral atsn tmtlut at JEliWELLRi'l-tn flntlth Ininnainust null II1t f ., btaasaatsn, consiting a wllite nd it ' dl 1,uun uu, gin a, jet eatndaoanaet aI i ii ,'',geasttarias gret ;-ir tv of P'lil:I)IH I, watch n.illluniiCt "lg l 1 -It and ilyC' ocklesI tilper tlaiaall eu, ilv- r luuatd :nt,-d uau Iilannand golulrd aihaltuu hat, flaes, tootah, plate, oal,, baiu, shaving, s!!i ang aataitaan'.'lbrltushes, LOOKINGd Gil.ASSftSi-Ge nraun atnt, andl toilet Qlas:1P l)Iagillu'ialllg aad FIaauht ras ini gtln'.saa, honm da, witahit vaiian~y ofutller kisnauuut enumrated, 'FANCY AND) VAR1t.'I'l ARICt~LI: Frn and Aimea-ican paortable lanka anIdIu druen'inug ases, om aery rich mid finely liaiah-u i wor Id drkieu - sin ctases, withanid witlhoat anltt", 'tioiat (loxan , Ac eortitnas ata vuriua ndlat, a iolis and ;i'titars, silver -aau1 platld pancis-nail letaaua-nnd pe'ntils ut-, carpentersan canynla-,lmu tle oana gaulu ainandpistolswith ulndwithlonu eases, percussionap, elacna-u.n capa eeigaus nipple screw ntrivers, ahtat taltag nnb, paiust uatuctiaig, toy ten aett, Indiluubadns of every kjind, titl, and ptume,, fiane unia common knit es, enzanu Ind euisnAua, tiimhlrstn naeedle, piai, snilv pi-ind, circa and eutamla speeta alet, pacret baunks anld waltltn,, it va rioa kinds, ainising curds and card cruses, jllt ty'ing B ads of F5'a leh, Gm1 Y)·tlrw stud American Jlillllllliti (L , olls. imitation fruit, sou nll~ oxsprnso ariousn kian I, ha 'ninas' Pl'nul aa'u , Eaaaeranuu'a, hlilt ann'and l luwlai' azo-, matna' n nletullic Ilonnadiirak, aunmy tine-ad a.- kinuns, do wlth ryea drnlitr~tov NL(ellre, gilt land ilnulda,, guan canatin SuIe ell dens, and gartas, plaianmuad s wnrd auuis'', lu-kgnanuaaun bnardn, dice, ptatical vicra-tu', jaati~alurpa, otaiilaau moa ea ndildinkinga cupl, aithn u great varietyuut1 u 'r n-aj ales, all ufwaita I will he soldntir cash i,'i. y acceptan ceaa ol 1:: atuutannaredit. 1t II i l is, & d4 70 L,5a'trluf. jDOLIIEAlt's scielncn at1e~m~h(1rcie n Dlfar sade ntit hei peranenl \Yiaitng AtnuaI'aaina No. 8 ('atute ' et-sa, ntiaa\r n Orlo l'J, Ilauladwny New 'York, Duituneutj nu.,.llubil,-. Itis p1araiculnualy 'isigiil laur privatae Iana-natas, aid auuladi alculanen lailt e-atlunill aa~,'nain the synataua fna tl-ataeln t , L.asnson areagivn nit .Tear slantsnna Han p a-lit tih a-nvenienlce oall, and tn clases aoranad in 'ntay pnart of' thle city. ludlisnaalin prcefe itcaan ra-cuntac unsa theirowu ref sidences. Peas ns tanvianlag ft ono ann i nany al ICnni na-a ldsirad a atteand ual they nait a aell [Itlmnay latl t It.).3: dEA fin Idol)1 HalI" laEAFaNtiitn. A.NE .article anp's touble wint l enleaa Ian the nnsn nIf' hinh, thea aliglutent una-lan-tntn pateb maaaaaoic in dianlaaal cnaaey'd tonthea. asl hhause er bee Olige'd tascnes ihI v iJt haou taun eflly snn'ihhr o athe dtlietinnl a el ara alnt epera-'aad hnushi Is themsetlven aad ha an dividunal sn unfuali- ate ataituinad. fl Ie hae an at al Fear I'rnuapat. thin abjananau in anun aty aniuaaaa,. 'Tine tanaingatned tahn'runnataa. For ale sita 'I' F GUION's,, Fnancyaaatoae,nnoraara'alCommona and Sa CIkaalcanaa-atre at 'a ,raa l'antaa~i ii~atat. fel a SPERTM OIL-Unit) galinns ar a in e npr i, i aks and blae, faa- antde ha JAR-VInt & .'iaatmvi', Whanlanale trnog aan, aarnaa C aa-nona nand 1'l'nlip hIa streeats. anp a.i 40 eg, itt l0 Enatimab do-tik 1-4 blal.. 41 0 an tauha~iut sines I an .a Va amit iaa a it blat' Cplaaa Vtal atitat 2 " Japtan fl0tpanhe Gold Lea-f; l0 ala Sila-a- dat Itta ala Dutach )altal. WINIDOW GLAStS, Aaanrinna, and Freanan -1908 anaes, natmana sitesu anal quataities. Bolttat tracta dla.--iiitibnaasaaaaatsigtaiaanat, will Ite soltl low. Alsn,' Ra gtarat nanartmaent f alatistan' colnara and lalli, far sale by A WY SCA't ES, N R. Alabattan tnota tat-e, at atr a-.nata Mtnniaippi notes witllkareceiveaalat titat cntadiacianaaaaforgoaods, a, itt taymniat at debits. ja I It. 1ILOUR-30t0 nalting fa'-,t stnnitana Iaatapenat. L ear', .1 I DOIitF.Y. * waila 4it NowLa'Lves. Mi. WILLIA h'OCULISTI\, owr ,.it 'fik.EFaJ RSO R OUSOEtt, JrrsFFgRSON TIRT, LOUISVILLE. lb tie Editor of the Louisille .dn,rrliver: SIR-It Jp~Ppea by the obhrvation4.of the Editors of th b Nishvlle Presbyterian, Omh n and Trons ript, sno well as tie editors of the Memphis Enqulrer, Ain thst the "Old GOentlemn" is among thle Dtoctors. This it is proved by hisklin ly roge, knowing that his tintm is to but shorts and that th independent Auleriann peoele in ore able to judnoe for themnselven wlht ore puft and ' impositions. The wnorthy editors whto are Doctors, the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the ablove unamed jeornal, cn.ll every letter from persons have i restored to sieht in th above planes, puilts, i 1. The fact is, tihat I never had sai:h great success ju within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One n who wans ncd nabout tenll yearns, who ihad only seen the of liiht iften hit birth, iennt to nee tot follow tis nnnstecr n to mvy intel, instead of being obliged to Ie led by him. Two young ladies, n ho hnre encloeint the sight of onne gn eae, one for teno turs, and the other for nenrly two ca years, hvig botll of them tile other eve very weak; to vet each of thoIse yonl ladies begitn to see witi both eyes, which itheneii I pledge myself still continoes, ex eeptil they aoe under tihe inflouene or duninn ui in of the lMedlical Doctors. Annothe in the. nniaught' of hi respectable erIllt anllt, Vwhose name I am nlllnd never to meoioln, (Us he pnid ine tny fees), who aid shie ihadn lost the sleht of one eye fr.on the nne of II monthsa, but that sihe now begintis to rand larde letters wih the nother eye cclnpletely shut.l This the doctor editors kncw,n na tine gpntlllnan tolad te himnselrce in oi con die ell his daunihter to tr i office of the Inedica: editors•. that they miglht he infirlned of iha fact. The last I n shell inionl is anlehlerly gentleman by tile name of t' YoTnnt, neanely eevmAly eals of agen. cwholeclarda poab. - liclv ly iletter, which Iet took to all tle dilffL'ernt offices I in N.l^hn'ille but one, and himself told me Ihe had paid o ftr Ihe insertion whatever they denrandedi, wilo declr- sen el in that letter that he ha n otallv deprived of a thie iet of one e'e fi fit b ks aier his hirlth, t which his mutherr tated to hti. "t ccasioned hv thei nlenslas or small polx; that ,I.'v ',. could not only se ithe lighit of tite nun fnr file first time thant I. recol[ects, In ilnt tile nlats aloe, ennd Was bh'gintlitg to dismincuish e crony onbjectn; m did, befin'e leIti thint criy, egve i tiy irnf tlnlt ne conlt see to walk soutll tle been a metber n t the let ihodis Episeopal Chlirch for nr rly I'irty vne.r, a I. thiat hist wac n never doubt cd t'tnnghl l tio wn hoes conrten of thi lil.t I. 1ravte nath. Il l'ai never greater t cnea than At Na - tvillei acd tlc .ht e ltedicai anui clerica itd.enra had never h e o .fre o m le reason to Ihe enrarelaI The pi lans indigeattien c rlha Iec. crical ir hli nl iteoVPres, owherna, e tatdto 1aoe that nllolt sict vtnars nen, he wtas t'nverted from Ieitaa n perfect ',iinil1, tin blieve in Ihe deterin a of 'he Bible, that he nmut h av mnade a rinflin Ili in-fidt 't , to the s pin t of thI trne ini.liter f ther pentaef, and enin dol rinesi O toi e tIn istian retligioan does nitt iant oa destrution, rae, nialelnv andn fi alseond to please hi medic na ! .in 'ih acglintt tile nman whonuln he kne inaw ,in ionai niach eotd, andi ei) in , jly to ntv onrie All the inls itants lf Noshvill- le nke nMost lcthem also hal tee infrin'el by Me Yount of - tile en i t pncrfied n o' l Iei.s tolltnl Ind eny. i it Tec fi t intl ln, i, S.e it ni S toi wn ,rinCA tehat I Inhan Int th'e fi ':rels I gained in tilhe Noritti ( i oe my arhival in the Scafthwet. This proves, h'etet:rI hend tltld bthat k nept thenl Illil arrivei d inll this snel on If I gatinetd ton ent tin te north, t oughot o ivc ne t ntr ill h moith al d el e i tllllletit tn I still hee tin ie toeltl oil II1m very yollhfoll brow Ooi tie dey I Ileve, in spilte of tnh' vituperatin on i f t n reat DrS.,if I nany Otjudge intot the nt, I I lIye alrndly benefi'ted in th.i .!city w.ithin three daysr,. i The a bli'ect o the present is to ialfrn the mei S11 (;olialns and aelitnors of the Ilepnblient ,nd Tra tn t' seript as wcell 's fit e nclerical I)r Smlith o tlne C lies o yto 'in liant the anionn, of Nashviie, iaas well ei ter e. eunt fl w int tl naet l ealidionte ýd ito t h t temd i Id n lr oDtnl, nand also itoeala cned ' lin h wiiin r of thish .- nit , tile Ill' t e) S., lhat I shall h r it ac ionlls nt illst thLeln lih, fir vitll lnatio , l mlllllO o r o ( llllllll, ir owhld ietely aftler nla arri.,al is New \Yotk,as well as ;ahlsl lii n th ei:ir mi 'i: be hr io te inpincl nt o liih Ol'tie nor thn I tnow ind nvsetft p -naic, t'el(rlttit tq u ita inl ln y land of libe~ty, hauntil have thrugt the treia of ,it imy editn l (ioishts of the Ilolth, l well as Ihe shaot ttfitr', tUni naicn'ihttie oni findini e t l'n in the ioia t of tiext riate i nt ew genoti lne letter,, pot id, aail it a .ell the, uili be sore to reah ntt. t1 '.''oi itl nn nrthe ;na line tlhn th liinnl so va'i'doi wi, T Ile ien. et tielly '.tuarledi riusidelhiond wian "o h wil ell r it e im , w rl'itten In ore hIilr n t week prin e eiand in nt nd for ilie Ron. 1). llownll, who rend it in , in clll restl.,ill[n t ill ti t' n it i .iiltn nn ( iantn rll enn a, tta Ibeonelmttrv toon it t "o hisstut' in id etanen-el it int cthe w i ie di , which hti aid ire lott eana wouln anti S t" r Iy tpo'u t'-te tta; Ie c nel itered theln bu't Ine, c t+ ' fi prn ten, li a hiea that I wan ted to bribe hi, 'ron t l , duty, nn t 'e il netolt'i n ntl e 'I N tol nlltir ti hatll ntie ttln So r llar il nrtilny cUllentv for tatl nin tRlelt. The RI , e ndl til t ' i di'at i ittt oho C trt i a o i l,ti ate fri.c nd nf i ri i as well tt' tin hrIolt o of my h, pa'lan'titll i yIli wih another cl, rfynl n ntll , n in thi el uAll l i he th nt 1111 tint' i tl nl l t] ii t ten ts ton ' induced it- ia total \\ ralet'lr Ito (haw tip sucan tiill e arl 'a t. I", wr te hitnna f f.m ' pit lit c tion, ,eI addreto ed it toa nr Snltcnnntintr', rtdI r ,ftb" S \1t C Advote. 1know',, by i1tsfruit " Itnit'lt may th, i ll el t ltllt, SbItn 'Ii aed c tfan n nt p ',ll ilI iS it in7 ll e e i tll tl w'nt i. lled to e ii blt'i tIno.l t hn r it i ari n itsnlni ll, b illytftn ot i itt hQinan li wit' s'' w het n nn i ihen . 1.:1 oilse, whethterl he s a inn ti't hilyttt ieccc of silver wi nll t appl to hIIIc , tow ll as it was welln nt- ied 1to n',i llt'- , nntrintn l io t e',tlta llnn llt nn, l'nh 'inl d 1o n an inin in ': 'ntlti n t of hi- n Divhc Mahler, nat:l, ' e tlyt'nta him fir tat an n iher of Ili, Otl f silver. I 1i' n nn.' er i,, eIhot t a ll rt fitllnih r lrit'] le.t l a ' .nttr's l , of $1 per sa t.rc'. it ollntil elillln Iwo 1 It r i ouJ lnatds , of , illpr ted 'a moteit wiich tc bena e int tlr h't ret. litmes hi th ill,,P rretbl tt lian, Unio lnld 1lll in lll'lllirtn , Ilad I al t 'pe ,t' r ttl"a n o ribe hini I shoul Ildtavtttntctnd ciatt tn lt e st I "1t.' , hi s un.iin r fI'ne, iati ad on "$ (' , w ich, in nili prolill t Int'lit, h' tild hnln gladlv ien i a r d i'n s his f'tn e tl a d utn t es a hrih, , . (In ll " rdilO, i f [ht illl -o ;at hPe oit f.litlla_ ht rlbe, [ shahl cI.ertainly have done the+ I-clifo.f tIia d,.'rine,; of lho :'alnim ,' hle woubld not alc e in gonlln in el tn c'o e and exmnnie nn it atients ,'ith. oat keepnht ' nts'l t''n wor i, a in i' h tve alw.a hi tlln ev , linislne' ofa innitca:nn't enl rr",l n'c to , alo. lit Iv a ve, spokn'' n iaa sllilc t the Amart i nn i tint italyo ll whbich, it i les o l'l ll knlown, me nll llIe r u tlo , mudat t\%b h rn ter sulperior to iiylav it, Slllane pmts i of u.llhrop+e. His iltito l'c I ntI t ei ga n tnlled a tin liltnn ' r haet n- on tihe nc it eytinn violey nt noll emit ionei ta' exg se (tanlt'a s he is nealunini ttd) iiahotdh h' ta inty cf tink hllEels a right to abuse the Al nllri nlln institutiot', t ho l. he' is n (conere imn tn l I nit nt' tl e d i inot-nas antover. I faII' the gallant Caaeptainnl1tt, nnnn sevraln othrriae.1ii m h voting gieatleninfn of Naenolinhn, -ecntftt t wellthe iinndnet of t hi. pious expoa' nd'et f thl hotly J 1, 1 Iieq(c t saw su th ita' n inn nn ni n' n Siln o as ,I t ntie It n'. litteo \tn' nia n the dha ' I c 'al of t ' r ll e nti tin n ehi 'nt, c . en nto it n ae d mt einy grey hairs with an ut lifted 'm- I g gn t (i •, am if he wrothld halve filed me to tine r- erOnnnin eItr tnitltgn teohaw i pou minister awney 'ot ni f tiellii i ti m re t n it ilt: "Old tient le' Nte" had (li ic, of nt "i y reas n rn ethe its tani t lintt inta ot t ' ttn lritni. m, Fi ance, 'l t' ile l l t and .ll 'it , in It ingle h meat' n't'ke Io. a- c fcor as i he iii atntOllt to hei ediaor of ":ny jort u i snore incliuohld to redutce.P, I'lher I ado rll v iitneO Lo tisvil J', lyo y I "l .. C:, ltd/ frrra e!rr S. mI'. C.. d,,rretne . f rho 2l0 .r.or. 1'.37. At the nrlq irrL of Ile. \Vdlit to., we irsert thle lihllow in+. note fmlO the Rev. Ir Ilow ll, of Naltonlloto Ithe edI orof thb .th , nWet.rn Christian Advocote, who, it, oo eoamieorod Ith ,litlom.os ad other docu S l. . itclh ive ot l'te Doctoor': claims to public to irot ago i co.sequclce of ot acident, Dr. \V: Wo ill ra inti in Nashtll at few dtays longer than he at li'.t it;tltlnl--+tar tile l't Julyv Rev. Mr ntriinefold:-ilOavig beren re rillted by Dr. Wit lliamo, the oculist, now in this cityot, to eaie hi iUmerous di liolnj s itid other doerncoots evineiv+ of ris claims to othlic Ot llo t t lll his liroo tlbssion, I hove, -1Aoo-t them I k lilonl I lettr tt I Mlr Pllgrotoli pre sent O'lorgei tl'lfitires of the Hsio n of the n French, t \ lashinto o, ltolressed to ir. Williamsne testifyilg the rgt tilnte on the dilelotomto from the Kings of France, Belgium, \e. Its wellt tha~se from tohe .+J+,iCr e tier intieos ron on . I lUne ho nmrous votllchero frolllt In kllo ll toi e e f i o toIl tliol ill this Itr, received sinlc e I a aroli v l l Uw t i teU d ito l t ii it n ti ll , t es lio groat succet in tile rtltortll of sightt t the t;lll. hiave seuen n rlv all Ili por d padtients ih this c.:. I now k innv n e Illn Iie iuus to tbeir. rntllllinl nos care; bhllt ll I uave sen say tHby tOro nll qeECtionably bOcfiltedl. I01OT. B. C IIOWVELL, Nothvilton, June 21, 181,7. P.S. Silce+ w-iting the anoove, nte of Dr. t+Viiamt' ,ntient hrts ctn letlllr l Itpon lld o tody te had atctltollv and toltallv hst the sRiht f ontCe eye for neventy y.rLtr but now dhltret nnimseltt bt ert thttust it o tot llttlt, Itt t'loo tfirst time in hois life tiot Iht call rncolletn, ie could dis titneuieh,wilh tht t o.e, noute oftile protmilentto are. I learon thant tlti old geootClooonon aiots lirved tnly year.e in lhis rdgion, atd says he Ihas beCn a Methodist duriltg Iorty years. Yours, truly, noug0 It. .B. C. I. TiENNIF't'I MAP OF LOUlToIANYA,&o. Oor NEWo Alp Op L|OUISIlNo, with its caneot, roads Sauod distanceo,frooo place to plaer, along tte ntage dtld streal bont routes, by II. S. T'telner. Al ITCEtILL.' MrAP Of THE UNITI.I STATEe nltowiltg tile pnitcipnl 'eTurnlpike and oollUon ronads, on elrhich aoe irti thile distsotos in miles frot oe plave to annotler et o tle rotrse o tf othe nalsto Itld roil roands tlrough ntot tile cootllry, carltdln compiled fi'om t le best ou tllhnirtos--putl'ioslhd boy S4. Auguostuto Mitchelll. AI'tCHEI.L'S T.n n lLER'non GoIDY. TIIROUGH TIHn '.tIrtoI+.Setoreo; it loop tiof the roads, distancer steal0 boat nlldoculal iroutes,&,c.jut received aLnd for anlte . .WM ,I'KEAN, '1 IIIE'KS ON PIIILADELPIHIA-Fnr alht by SYORK-. K ROrIIERS, 31 (fi5 Ioltp ntreet. .. 11 INDIAN'S PAAs · LN . 1fOlR thenurenofrheumatliosetdrvfid tk a'e iIgaQ., r idties or hip gect icianinntmsataea lthe~at,. - iitll and mercurial disees, particuarly lers and psiafalafnnetiaos ofthe hones, ulacrnted thcaatsoid aor- t rils, ulcers ofevery ldescrtption, fever sores, and internal by hbeeser, fistulas, piles, seald head, scturvy, biles, chroe alorneeeyos, e ,csqtelis,blncdcas, and every varietyofata Cuat laneous alfection, chronic Cntarrh, head ache proaeed- l1ce ingfrom any neridt humor, psininthe stomach :ul slys pepsna prouoeding from voriatlon, li'eetiosnaof tle lover, b1 Ehrooin ilofiamocotinn ofthe kidnevs, nod genertl debili- run ty caused by a trpid action of thvesaelseoftice akinit citc is singolarly eflicacious in renovatnv g those eonstitutions Ic whiclhhave been broken down by ijudicious treatment h juvenile irregularities. li general terms, it s rettm- li mecled Itn all those diseases which arise from imspuritics the of the blood, or initiation of tile humors, of altecer itt name or kild,. Somle of the alhonve comlailntsmay require some tri- ill fling asstant applications, wlich therciumstlaees of the ti case will dict-a; but for a .eneral remedy or I'ofioatrr eV to remove thecause, thie INDIAN'S PANACIEA will m generially be fouoc sttfieiett. t TO THE PUBLIC. o blow true it is, tlhat modern PIhysicians, m their am iitilon to xcel in tlhecir p1rofession; explore tile vast lcis is l of science by the aid ofclhemnistr, n td seek out new re- vi mediall agccts; ia short, to arrive at perfection in tce oe Irctice by meanus of art aloe,--oltircly overlook anl C neleet, as beneath their nroticc, therinclh 'ill iocntceous ti stores ofcedlicielc, o hric tile Almightly has caused to ti s510icg out of the earth io every odimel Anl how much d more true isittht bwhiletheAmerican Physicianll looks to L'oreign contlries fol r necy of hIis most oonnon and nectsa;lnry articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates ofl'fashion otll folly, ihe is surrouodtllct' ill his own erouetcy withial endless-profusioelof medicl pl-ants, sufllicint to cltswerrany ildieiction illc disiease r to ce11n ally cetablc ,lisrder; and yet hle is iignloclt of their vir- t t es, nd they acre sulferedto 'wastctheir healing on the desert niir.' lThe elfcets of vegetable mdclines upon the system Ire tertccnm vcry-those of minetds la ting. The locrmer ex ertctheir ceffeots anld pass oiY--the latter, merulcly in par ticilcir, act lchmically upon thtc solids, decomposing tc ithe hoces anid uncLermticangi the onstitution by slow . 'tonl sllre destrnetlioo." 'The congceoiallity, elcienecy cul SAPIETY ofvegeta l te remedies over linetal, too)' h e estimcated bhe ontcist in gtheanlcientc pIaticc with themocder'; or, to bring it core immediately un:lycclc r oowirobse'v:tion, tI hIldi an icactlice with that of the whlites. \'ho, ill Alerie, oas not knowo or he'rd of reitcced instacrs wherein Ssome derelhl, unpretendingfEcnlalechlidln, by Ieansof hler simple ,rmcllitccdnc, icals scriltee t tile nmst Ic:cid1 a 'oicstocistci g tcoreos aicer tilc.lltcira'1t vedtiea of tile -emmol tractlie, directed in thie most skilful InclllOer, has tfoiletl? Andl whlo hals not been srllc'ist'd i t the eom patl:iveeose antd clcility with which the Inllan frees him- 1 self from any dcisearse, lnd at thie alnost tota labstince t Sof chroni dcisease amongg them? VWho Iha esrt heard ol an Ilcndian with a eonstilttio h bcrokc andul rined Iy ic ill treatment? Acd enl a clucbtexist that this happ) ex emptitl of the osave from meost of thie ills wtcih tihe lv"h 'lcolm ii Ivhtlcici, is chccilv owiol1 to nlol? fEcllca Sinf diin'clclce ill slcecess, is a ftir exellclificatlion tof tile cccilitille stlloiotiy of tile siailcccicid scinticlaons lccf eccie : o cclccich ocl ccs crecatcdc fir the hlccict of hois 'lclctIc icc , oer clcOSe which tile pride and the art c i o have ic - if cected. SIom cll m r c a m on o gesidec nllt a poiion of the ablorlgion i nconllll:lhltlltsofthlSeOllntry, alllIan intihn:te ;eqlluaiml Stanee wilhthe incethtods of ecllceof snlme Iof theirc molst Y secesslcill pol ctitiollers, thelerloic'tor ot 'lThe hins t"O t I' a caric : 'cci\uirvlo klo ligh e f sice f tf ie most powerfulall d lIworItj e r.m~ledlies, Ylgom these heuselectedi i lcllch as were inost emcacious cr nt aliucroln'cintccs anv i lifter variols exeriienlts to test lthcilpricciltlcs antid lrength, " le ats eonlited them inl tile forll here lresentel, as tile ci most perlf Ct Ia benCLicial l oLr thile purpose or whichl it l' isc itetellnlied. :. The proprietor ofters this laelraltion to the puhlic, t with the consieousness that he is placing withinthei sea, ta temlle cch"alie of c;lic cin mnllly lof his alllicted tel lo lw I'eii'as, wcc rei succ' rin. under tie vaious chronie and obsticti .....cirv laii .ito.. thcihct 1 is cvclienllev 1o suchv it cill prove of inclculabcile vcllcie, cts the IlmceaIic I anl i. many, cases, the only me:lls ofle lievi-g thelr sul I icc.' s accscoc.og hem once mo e to health wvd hap . i lne~s. Thlisis notollfred as a enmmon remney, thtt of ci lly pier vhccnci ie 1 e U rilly good with 1unl y otlherS nowI d ; ill ust, blluts oSnle whichlh is call talle iof sa:lilgli: ill lmlllll extclreme clases hich all thie unlstlunlre ediesfaicl il. LThis t Shas de I'Itce:dclv; and this is tloe 'ttlctoi i tiisoilil b c tcitlrdiclciherCever iljlhas beII lltrohlcetcl. SIt isonlll tl It e u rcco ssii e tlhis c reiac l tion c s n pricsntecd cl thle clblie: Ilbuti that short sle O tvI, 11;i some hmllllldrI S(-Is I~er·S(1Islli~ ht hletoundll w1II { woll i olcmlllV deeltll'e that they bi:ieivei that their lives ..\e I .a'ed Iby it, atlld ill anost .asesaftlelrllley hd tried man~iy aud l t1 : elIhap:lS ulli OI l l relnt, llleis in vain. WVhel' Sever it is knownl it is iclh c colmiiig ilto uset, i nl l this nll ,lstle enst substlnt ill adconvincing, prolf of it ccc viri cccicvicsc ] The Cvable iof tie P'naes i most cons iculos ia those long n ig" s'ci n m l philiic :rol sclotiti s :l':etios hic ",hM av'e deielh' nil othe't reme.dies, and ,patiuldarly in tlosl' cas"i \ ". lele nmercurY iuel so lat is ly usr d t as t, cLS .l istliessh i, ns ~ a insily the ho ls, t, esl nlel.c Srialtlecirs, derangellltct orfthe digcstive olg:, ns, de. o These itc clmletclvc removes, aclll 'in call c:slc it entire Sh- c:l cicts the inscc s ' .c:,vucli bes l mnltellc , ieno.i ,! voes the constiatmio , ustll le trtthe pat ie t sa', d t n . well ll. In rh alt m :olll ul 1 ulcr(:tl tSlll s 'te th o i ts, I ycli. L ets arl~e not less lpiel'llnt, g Iilllng abl ost inllulnLt2E I civc ,t'ciri iclii 'l'a i c iv 'n op. dtsev theihulvn'c c 'ctvniv c a oer 'laoes ,· :i s '.I ;Jilt'rll:i\ e ,tn(II dote~ I cl'.lf a1 dhl't:hl I't:tie, lilhl~rti, te mIuIl h , lllti les a nll l vantio s amoIIeIL a lld a lndyne; :IIm iln SI ,-)l", r v s,::,es, as ,stm ci,,,, anllt] elnulen dl oi gu)* .it , ;ene. ] ihy ex wesse~d, it inct eases 311 the secrcetations :rode I ivf c ctionc ci IcIIcit C 'It ii the cticLIh, aLi Ixcc Iesv le cccl ti v iccichl ccio |i )llC' I iio c'r'c lIiallltr c "t'llccii c'ciiill rcinclc. cc- sl I.c i wolc lt i ll succl ess ;i s : S)rill :ted a Fall I hri'er, Ih\ cc n alet i lceettcomi , lintslcvthe chlist ,and who coustitutii , e it l oe u tw ivccr. Scch per' clivilU I~l liii1· ccclI ' sons , ill do 'icic or lit c s , t o o lrthl'ce hoItltlesill s cmall ih 'S es. Whentever1 adtiatht(ink is considtered Ineeessary It this [he elll, take i, a, snal d,,sc; wI lla swer all (I's i1 ccicttoses, cc illcg lc less c im , lt less texpe sei alll in a lie mlllollre reeable manrthllll: thle comnmon diet drlillk. l'lhe tilr owic g ccrt ilctes, ulct clr lllledsil shct illt t , ' . which nmihtl hle proeoredl, are :in Ii o show Ihcc ellboet oli co ltlnnetiocll;c llt ivlso' to i'hi' l in tile Ilost on'ati'lcl c Gt / l.-.llllr i bbs lliril'ity or lhe sOi~ lllll J IA ll'lflS I[. ', I GSES OF: It IEU'MATIIS., . tHAllR',KS'goa Nao. 15, I1.3-2. Du)!inglle ansl inter and sling, I as aalllictd with a very severe and distressing rIv umntisni, occansonud ,i e~x posure hn I d weathea', I' no% ala graaab t pgeas l , sla llagItl ':it six blleI.s ilht. [ndat laI, s III: I l.el leStulll ll me to lerllet a h'lalthl and lt a:allaulLtaaly rtraanaIala d it o all Simila'ly afllictcdl. JOlIN FEIGrCUS)ON, Kia, st. CI:alnaLEsrov', \Iarctlh , I ,t1.1 I was se:er, l a hnlt tharee a e:aa s sin:ce, w ith a diltess:ingp rheumatism, caused b) takingaa severe cold, a ile utnlde lroam tsiCss nea 'ly evaT a sill t:. ')tllill a Isis period have hel n a patient im y tile Ma hin h e s id, il tis it Upwarltds ol flr nllth, a: llll nearly the same t'llet r time in the altainmore l nspital, ml tried admost ever, rLledvy, wills little bene fP. On the I6th of Febrauar Inast, at that time scarcl)'y lle to mluoe about upon evllcl1 es, I clllll'llnl'Ol d tilhe IUse ol In"llldil lslllla naa,a. In ()n itmlonb 1 ltound en)ystilf'entirtq, lvl elrld l |r ain, and aln now happy to state that 1 nlsdermts i Iprel telli W .\I. T1U -.|i ta, 1: t 'latk at st. CASES 1OF SCROFUI.LOUS U;LCIIERS. Nvw Y\oRa, Sept. In, 18130. This may certify that in tile il of I825, I wa:s seize with a swellinlgin maay necak and I'eC, \hiC afterlware., ulcerated andll became lal'ge ghlstly ulcers in lly neck. Afler alyilg severl physicians to no advantga I wen' to Philadelplla, and placed myself unlder tie crLd e D)s. P'hasLC anlld lIaelach, when, alter repea'ted salitatlot to no eiliect, I was ,pronoulnced utterly ineurable. Afier. ,a 'iIs ,, I al. botlles ofwa:im's l'anaole anl ri lattilc+ ,i 'l onlt's Catholicon, with no materkd beneft , ,', xhich had now become a hu tl.hen It eie, Iretus r ,J to myl pare:nts in New York, in 1859, n. g' s O elifup t" a lin gering death. Heaing f Ith rea't success of The l :,,.al's :Panacea, hoever,; in caw similar to my own, I wal s el.,aded to try it,' aa Iast iv. sortt. To ny great, as WVell as stilsfaction, softolaltld aaysclft"apida y rco'elaa.a;:., tad aupon takllt seven bottles, the ulerasthealled anlld i'i:e pcrtectial) well inl tile course oftwo months, ald have etained so ever since. l makelthis statemen and wash it published lor the benefit of'tho.e who nee sullfleing unde sililar seortill, s or svyphilitic aleetiolls, that lthey ray know what hs e red one who has sullred everyv thing but I death, tnd x ilo consitders his life sa\eted by tie obove sy. W'M. IIINI.TA' CanuLI:sTox. ,huly 12, 1 31. I wa:s afllictaa, for years with an t: lcer lar the eg, oe rlcasion:ly 'm l:,illed wth cre sil 'latouls inlnth latioan anl excessive nain in the leg an anclea joint. emicnet Iplysiacias exerted tllheiskill upon it, but with otll prlLlalelntl benefit. Il thbis ease five bottle Illlla's y'aallaaa maldeaaa ef Ict al cl aae. n iAIIGAII kE A WE St' , 121 Market lFor' sale by IIENIRY ONN ABEL, drugg;st, agen to.. theaproprietolrs,1 Te'oupaitaltlas street 16 NEW ORLEANS & NASIIVILLE RAIL 11AD0 COMPAN '. I llt staoclnlahlders of thias company are lahereby a, ti.iad thlatl by a rcstoaltion of tlhe botund of lhr'ec tianll ltlsed on tiae 1th inst. thearall aIld tin them o' n alae 13l Feruariy last, fI r tler paymlllLLt a f a ive dolalr, a shalel , Iwas rescilded, uand thle sad stoead ludtel' ore ' a'ller notified thlaat itll, .RIlAS, ba a resolutilon o this board passed tin of the New Orleana allltd Nashville tluil Itoad Coa pany a slr tdhe allowilnga ptvmnats int l the tlastuock held lrespll tivaey byi tulat alZ:'-two doilar pel" sharl, : pa: ale til l[e dat of Se)latLtbernext; two Ola ar per saa rea pavable on the first day of I)eceanaler next; and tsw dalla.rsper sha'ale avalaale oil the i:st altv ati' .darcha next. Ntw th'el.ref ba it resolved, that tile secretary of Ilbis caatpaay saill notilf tlh share hol'ers therein' thlougt a the pblic prits oa the city,that in conformtity wilh the aixtllt sectiotl of the chairtear, theyare permitted to potiipun ary paynmll. calh'd lled ilt tnIn tistuck otfslid crlll )tlll? ftor ile terla of sixty days, from nlld nfter the day oil wdhi ia i it a made paayaable awith tle.eaalaeacon diiOl hlowever, that if not regulara y la il within taa said laprlaonaation of sixty days, ftiamn and after thfe day on whlic it aishould have bieen paid, that then the stok'. aot waicl: said payleaa tlloaauld hlave been made, is a',nd ellla: i l orti-ilted to le alpoally, t charter II tllhat poiat bei'a il leraltive. a1a aconlfaniaty therefore, to saidl ca:ll, allsatack of tile stoakholdler ir said coanlyaa v, as think proper to itat off tlho ayments on their stock tt the aalat of the aadiioanal sixlty days, which tila' chalrter allows tha m, arae t ti'ied tlat Ihe payment ot' tw' dol. Iars pur salatr ealted fiar,and ala oa the first of Sep tlamber next, may be plstponed undtler th sixth secatiaon tf saitd clhaater, until tla d31at day of October next, that the pamanat o: two dollars per alare called for, and dlue o f llt lrst (day of Deember next, tay be post ponedl until thae 30th day of Jaama'rv naox; and fhe ply maaat of two doltrs per share calle'd for a,dhtea o til ae fitrstlay of Marclh aext, may be poalptaaan'd util the 30thl lasy of April next. Extractsr of ti minutes oa thla hoard. june 21 . A R MlcNAIR, Sc'ry. 4 00O. HAT:), ir Faaaa-25 tIaras, aalaite Wa,, SIlatt,ttmtoalae JOIIN II il5 11A.,M. Sp 16 BSATA o -EL)UIS Ti'AIA.Prioih Court for the .Jfl Parioaand City of New Orleans. ill TATE<OF LOUISIANA, To all.whom t.. dh Presents shall some, Greetingr--WherenP, F .1 ioso having tiuralhased at a- sale mode by thls Shori nof the parish of ohiL-ner the propert 1 hereinalter desoribchl, 'ias nptlied to tih olerkl of tilf llsn onurt, in whose olice tile n seed of nale wa recorded on/ hre 2d dna of Anril, A. D.1838, fo~r a monniion or odasr- Ti tiiement"n conformith to an octofathelregiltnrs of the tiate of Louisianan, .ntiiled'An nact for thie further nassu- n nce ltils to un:hasers atjudicial sales;"' approvd in the 10th day of Molach, 1834. NO\V, heressrs, know re, snll psrseuis iteraisti hsrsiu are heroby ited an.l dmonaiiehd in tlhe name of th tihe State of Lonisiana, nid of the Parish Court, who can set lp nay rightn title or ltaimn in and to am the prolarty hsrihaflscrdcroibed in conosequence oanyf inhlamility in the ardnr,decreo or udgaenot of tho rouot nllsdr ohio.h tile l nc w ionlai ineaor oily ioregulnrhty or illegallt iu the nayprnnisimenlts aiid idiirtisaolniis, in tilne, oir manner of sale, or for any oher defect whaPto- Ies ever; to show ncause, within thliltv days Ifrom thie day this fi monatioi l is fiist iai sertoi in s il llic pnis ,er y thy tlhe snoll so ulnde shoeld not be soudirmcd and bollom log:ited. 'iTe soaid ropety iya soldb the Sherif of ltihe pnr itih ofosrsnini oin thi 14th day of April,A. D. 1838, by lii virtue ofl a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th day ed ofFelPatnry,in, AI. 1.18:, in a suit entitled Alexandor ni Caldnoll vs. anotes llouse, No 1t,38t7 of the dockt of Ia this Court, at which saleo thle sil Jiames Ilnse becauel Ihe purchaser for the psine of twenty one thousandt D)scription of Property as given in the Judicial Con p ,.. vyunce, *in: o A certin lot of Sr.lod Pito.:ed in tile suburb An nuncimtion alias Lacourse of thlis city,in square No 5, and Ilt halving Firech meansi le, o ;ltb.l t liront o Thou-on piatolns Etroftu nl6)-nict hront oin (}runigrs s treetiandnns 1,0 feetlu n .I~ala~dO dql ..llar(:(' StrTPll t iu sCh IIllnaunc tilhnt sin dtLtotol'srOlln in iat i eetn winilde fnll nie side of tins -i1lonre in tse otlasr, iaagclsher wiith a dwilltig holl-rn Inlnll iiioiitonlani striutl, te uitaehunodda- 01 ala,,encies, isio te diotillerv espinblihonlent slrected 11 thereon° aud oth~r hnilding; olln iipryovolssito, tile mnahinrsy utentils, oillsle isenliao lionurieh belnonging to saisd deistilciin, its ilatoeainaa·l aancp nd olntriniusmna, h and the rights,.atnionnm il riviilges theretoi beloiging S or i l annyy wi0e nplrel'tiilliill. C!r sl's Oflaca New Olrilon, May 7, 183. it I Xl Ill' Ij I JiL . 3M )1-1, a. dsi'si-a aal n Cll , I iorlti I:-aroiss Ct 'lill. dI laI Na umello Otlcens. 'II'AT I1E LA LOUISI\Nk, .-Atous eux ao b L es Il'stlltos COllernennlll,. slut: Aitt'llllllh yin i.Imes llnse . ynalltalth.i l uia ic vlrna faile a u. Ia o Sheinif 1dala lpamoias e d'(Ollnans Iltaropsiina, n ci-:ris m entriis, aen-t aHim-rSs all ("sonia de ce olts tn dia scllta foit er regislhtae . le' naemjoua de lJ, die sPlonee 1838, lour n il avis Coll[lfrUllC - nal a I1 Itl de la Lagislt re de 1' l' ' tat (]c lh Laouisinne, intitula- l Aiti pulr ii olliinlr lesi titres des neqlue1curs aux ventes jlldiciaires;" alpplourv6 d c 10 lars 184. (qu'il soitclonnau, et toutCs 1Personnes intbr'(scelssoot ipa ces uresellltc so 1nmlee anl nom dle 1' IEtat die la ln Iianiaune at de la Coiur de Parnisse, qui pour raient :avloir droit A la propri6tC El-up rh " all·citi, 1 on 'collmaenllci- il'un Iitillat di fa-rnle dsnsi I'l'dnl',! € (l ecorert o1 le juagemnelt lie la couI. r ,ll Vn'v'tu 1cluqul ila Vn llte a nnc fail, ou d' tol te ilnl''6gi laii, onia ilhi g liiln e all s I'esnit nati iat , on,' si a olle tn-ps - t lc isode t aIi. Illvtll l pour I0Iirr a Ull {en ulr e (ililt2n emlll llt u sconirm e "~vail., hl~ll.s tl'entlttt ittis n d. ta i e· hII-l }ulll~illio~ll Ih* {:c~eIie :1 .,pUl' ll l. eCttealllhi fait. ie eeC~jRIl~lilt I1.1 i..ll URnl lt iia-atnnna i fait Vetnl '.e par iaslensia-inpalnit] le quaa ntolnzinillne lour d' nil d in I'annui e 138n nll vnrlu ina l '· siad~ ll die ({tic etltlr |. 5 de f'&riror lie Il'all{]oi lii18,1 Snt l ' tlnniiyrt d'i\nlxa r Cutoocll, olltre o Jnlll li tnr, N to 10n, s i. i locket de ciltse iour inil' lqlle lle vCn.I ae dit Jlnll1rS [tannninse rendou lcq(latleln r Souir Is p-in ie g21I ;o0. e cacription deln Pnoni-iin di'ilo'a- le transferJ udiciare, it n retain 1 t ene t ler drit. all tllmorg sle t'Annon an areia ialinn in lcaeur,.n inhel - -lts vilne, dos Isit No 5, .'d' l(it ,ltdv t··lr l, (I!·llllt [IIIPe1 ll't fr ill.llis.']J Flqixlllel lie i l: fa lt ' l l ll{ l I0i l..18r, l i IIIII r it 'dr L'o I!e, |'illo "1 11lfill':ll·Id{ 10 1' rue' IIu \I:llt(hlld·(CP snrlt' Ilt"· Ie ti i stli i 'lnf -ln-il': etln I tiltl e a nt. Illii ,l.lll t lill.e A It I, Inn y l C'o llaae of Si canll s it lej, .lll "In I ' m statln, e ,l nrit r leit t hi tl n lo utri lle-I awsi St. aThLI n mniis ' Inal inilll-l- is, s llii t l-l. :iv i lllll , lC I, a . } ? 1i:~r el uln ~ li t d~ill.r11 I1 d Il irle, s d }I:II~l se- Thi7-st, ( v ;,ccinhl meicine thel resullto 1twetyL BOI earsI·II nan aa- dina- i ins, litnnposin n ti o e sapei uI aNI·s tp I tllll e t-n e 'it s I n - l in tn :l tall i n r il S iii anta olilininntiiaa ntnilna~i~inana~ i slll In lIIIh l rh. i ilnin .[l- i C ,;llll·l CIh:ll~l g olla lr.9 ('lrl('all% ],"11 711(1 il:..llt , I{ , hk lloy` fo pl i' , I han n he l_,, rm llovu ('o ltPl, o|" llJ . Jit )'alll. liiiih~ll.rY a§lr91nsin; nai-~id 3 ageatl, lnIIasnaa I'nan niv.P~ -\ldi sii.i.Astyn-aieta i. 33mpon hlaakia,l 3lasaintnmti aL_, nthi Ti odig, no.n'u PSs hy. ik aI s.nsal Aoyn h1 e k h~e {al lhg' e f 1a omni'tt mi -iaine I i imort" Aintoa L of :4 1towhena ni appictioslngede ee.) 's0 Honldlm N, I.1_.lo Wat"lid vor Plcie, . Yu'gonk io le at la Ull a en till· Ahe ciUiteo Sals, &c. ih e 'lio .anso i .o S ' ta-s" t Lu'c'tI. jllny amnlbi ttnnt. nanthntnhtin lh~iala llt~l Tisain~ianlnlallnnaIlnaanntnaan,, anln"Iell sI' Ininaisoil-it:l 13 annallnalno nat'lti'ta innit' itltc~ l I. inn1{ limo l anntntaa ant .1:n[a -\na'-a--intt o[ tai-t. .}in I ~t '5 in setintlint l-nln Itdl'n-nnnnn . hlana Iu~ tiniwt ir}uc, alh u. t c t " aih A t !in-l "t'rlnn i-nntae ih. annn Sts lii at tio-lan1 I itntl ta tintT tat t,.Lflcl~lttiti lntlntn-an-ti -annIaln' st an to hec I hninat ninls nlnaI tint'~ In Otannqin[l~' -n-nil"I''ll it I ini an ti, I1a n nt- n am, imtththnl'ittin n i1analsintt~lnta.-t1 iIilltinntt-tnn e.',nt {lnatt ID -~ul:..I. }c lh lfhs t nt Intl. nai,cs II1 I dh ttat n ali na--r,. ta ". -"-n- il. lansalii{}l 'in-.ll Tala,v tan .ll 0 -.llial a 3 Inn tnt ti I n ant ( Itt-an-n-lal ,it c ltnanit nanl nh.Bi~tl a i. f;a-na.tnihtlnatllt't nnnllnBa nna o}"il{li nana ta ilian imnan fr main ann .0"11'I"o' It-I 'in,33 - - -".. 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Il l% 11 do .i 11' t(i ill ;l( 9 |Ol'rOlct'l li shesandslipicir, lio cnlf, biul :o seaisl wiis, a new hsicth'l do fine allc, soull itd mctilOltiqai e ots; ho's'c, nsis li,'nolld uchlidt.n's pitgeld al sI, hsite L, ogans, :htill shi is el' e 'y q urll; tilt l and kid. Also a genlerall IassortmenlCl t otf 1..n's stout w:a and c''tt Il'loga.ns uul1 shoets, togctlier wilh IO1,1)(I )pair, ,:~glro I )e st i U a li tI y l r st) t R ol ' elsil I n a ile d ill il ( I kttlllll of i ellt s i lle :i lil tltt ot kii i'sllslill l"cl l'.X llinii r, W :uihl,", an l: arle'' quantiyii of n inferior quali) r ".e1 tll ll a hldlwx i lls. icllics' icne call', cal, mnlni eco n'i ll glrifilnielts, iin'l lp"ml) sole) slims 1; ) o l li Frcn.: h \llt, c sson di ill rI't, a IIII 111lip asl dI rllo shll O s, withl and with tml Ileel.. b! c:lf, seal :nul stout leather hooktsI; di Prunella shoe 1 fll kiis Cllnldls l su S ei i c;i CI d ltsti y oa( n lll' ( s; o gaill te . r:l 'litsd tInoed his'lii:.I IIh se Cs' lastin, eiiii l.bin sh oe s . is , tl gals. Chihlren's colored i oicor amd lasting bi r ,.lilnu booets, ee. n itltnn's tlii ne ishionable Id:,lck silk haii; doi bltet SIdi'drb beaer . o of a' siuperior iiuality d iniiati 1, ram do; brood am; narrsw lri c mIen's fine dri b anln cl; 'k Ressi' short unplued hists, a iw iarlticle. u oths I.u ;e siic, Ilalts of ilitltreullt quialnii s; d do lillrten'. I m's aniid bi')is black :iot dnieiub ool hats of v'uiiouls h es, witih gelneral assortmentl of boys' and Ilel's i u l l ips. ' lls tsslntlenlt i llhe rCllenishced y the lUearrival of ecllhll Ilacketslh'lln theanore ,.Illted c:ies, all of wicllh t ill e sold en aci.lllo illng te!rms. lg 1--t R..4L,.i !' ORt TilHE TlETIt. r 1"ItE estalishtedl 'e ,' ht..innlS c& nsAt)ll incfiti ,llw t' l mlllllll I,)r till li;iiicl ntlil 'dlu)vii llic cll .1 ic ". sorleot ve of tl te tth, as11 iduced l ti c l-elberill lter it Io the Alnelian pblic. Arrlangements iav beelitn ntilIe i ito sippl ein ts in all the plincipal citile and twll inll the Illid aeats. so i s to pi, :ncet it lli iltro ach it b , h l se ult riil altld Ikl)l " to sullcr this 1110s hnrtasing of all aches r, Lt'ntlt-avuiF. itWhen alieId sil( cordingl to direc-tiols givel oni bittle, it alul ever fitiled Ito atied in!lnedile and mllllentlf rlief. It nso itrretst the Iny: in r de.ecliv' teeth,and relieve Ithat soreness i\hlich so) freqluently i'onder a ,)ong tooth uiselesIs The appll)licatio andll lrepledy ore ilh'inoit t, in ceit, iu iot iunhenietul; nlid ltie lar'e iiIt niiir ptI'irsonLis ill dilisrent scCions lf tII counllltry, that hnve alr,'ady experienced such delihlhtfu lndualiutarv cli.ets'li from the use of the Bulm, ire ready II illr (licel: the ier plic Sool) thePire v ti eto its Iu uilglnellcrly anll: un.eixpectdly, ic ' n'ali be re'gliarped e Sthii :iiizecci world its hi. cceinit ccltdltble h sicuoler rdMo:on of" the, wools. !'ice $L Ler battle, Soldh by JAlRVIS & ANDR.EWS, r 5 Cor Clnlllron and 'l'chpnllloulus sts. IE® W ENi JoOKS-Naval Skletecl llook, oiI,the Scrvice [ Allu.t d tllashore. 1Vih characteristic remninisec cec, i'ramenlts alld Iop ini ies ilV the e uthor of "ltdhOl 'ri'ccr, &cc- ScuId ieFsPriesl I X volsc.A Helldtlel Rleollectiolt l of thn: Ihlu.e of Coinltns, lolNl the year 1O -iI to the e cose of 1e35, 11 :luih dig perm nlt sketches ofl th le lillo Ing ubers-y one of no par LA'T'E PUIBLICATIONS. <t R1 I\VEI., on Novel, by the author of -/ • 'll trothllel',," c. in 2 vols. i'opular Mledicine, or Family Advis'r, consisting of Ollllll.d'. ofi Anatollny, lhysiology, uand Hlygiene, with Slulci lintls eit thie ipracticet of Phiysic, SutgrCy, aunild lik disases f women anlld chihlren, u. may prove uLsefil in faGilies when relhguaIr p)hysiiaus C olllot be procured: being it Comtpanion and guide Ibr inltt"lligent principals of iln lllllcorie, ' hce lltiti oll, ie lld icllitl d ci schIol, ends of Iinilies, llaster lo" vpsseas, niissiuCnarie, or Stravellers; Dnda ieful wsketch for Volltg IlM.ImI enl:enc ing ile stUdY of medicin '. By tl.ynell Costhes, t|. I). I'Peer P'atley's Universal ilistorv on the Ihnts, of Grntgraphy, f'u l" th use of families, illustraled by mnps nnal enigra1villn, il ° vols Just re:Tivedt d rI fOrsale hy AV t KEAN, 1119 ..,lr .;alnprnd Clltlllon sts. lNOTICE.-Theo wtter of sveral paekog'+s mereltn IN dize marked Mhdame V. Artiqueneave. per shin (irotna, from Nuw ,'rk, is hereby nnt:fied that they have Iell.stared by STETr oN,'AVKRY & CO. m31 (ousigaces "tlrot, ,' JUSTPUBLISIlEDFROGJK SWTRzOrY PU LT ,. Thte Fith Ldilioraqf IROWLETT'S TABLES Of NTERETI. Tm T °e whici is ntw adided an Averg Tinme Caleula tor, oa easy methods ftrfindinl theaveragetime We on stnrnge, notes of haiad or bills of goods, when put. chased at dilf.irnt dates, on diiflercet credits, and for varionusnmoits; hesideabuseful and enepletelankilng 7/ Tinme TV le, thie hest at can be eontlived. or that fi gUre esan pricauce within tilte same cntidesend eompass, nild siZe Otype. An advertisemient in tne book is in nearly the follow ingwords: TI tbTI heat dsl inction this erL har received Ibioul a the tenl legislative acts prefixed to tile title pnge, is a r commendation n itself, so ucommma,, and so eonel- I sive, th t nothing is necessary smore chnn by was of ad vertisement to given eondtnaed viewof some o its pe-l cullrities: s fer instanee, the Interest is been ompas. Ci ed fiom,eand eompaired with, what is equivalent to tur- m teensets ef elelulatione, examiued in tile pessthirtiy- C five times, anmi prilltedtl from tereotype plates teated Ri hirtyty-one timles, tiom al wiIich it mittt lbe evident ed even to tile skeptii (esvpcially an tlta lc.sonal ofsthe dte- l tail ot proof in the prefane) that tie wvrk mst tle ariltl- i ntetiaally inftllible, andot iln eotniriaititn ofi this belisne Ft Iremium of two hlunred and fifty dollars, is now offlr- 1 ed for tihe detection of an crro ofa cenet inl the tresett t or fifth edition, ias expressedl in tile itreface, mnaking five P1 lar1e remilns affered for the saine error sincethe first N pdhllicatio iin tile year 110'2. Onle of tlhe most conspicuons felatures of the tables is inthle arrangement of thile Time atd Amnotnls, which N for expediti.ns, roference ond perspietity, with tile help I1 oftte stide and i aitex, cnntiit he excelled and the safiy - ty ns easee iti vitieth tihe in:erasi call t ftief tntoithe 1 extentof general business, witlhnt doblitng ofssums isesides a coavenieni e so i essential, that ill tite estima- st tion of some oi tile most conmpletenlt nai p.ltical busi- I n iness men aniiti public ofliers oltothtae madegrct t tse of tiemwotvb, it hlasieec ditgiisigatlh yltho Iotno hlati e it ntcpeilanioO eaFfa "ttnastter tItne''. Attd eonsideritig b te tinfallibility of ttle imiethodi otigittlly adlopltedt ini eomnllosing tle work, and tle emxt tlllaoT ryounnher and variety of tlhe examninations, and ltests ofevery edition it has panssedin the Iress, cotwithstandit g the whole is in stereotype, consideritg, in shl61 t. Ihle positive arecuracy secntret liv tile aniipreeetleirded meccaselnpiottnyl, tilevo lutteltins lbeen htelhiti1, tnai eritsIIliotiacly ttylatd L the most wontrfil book Ia tle wzeslk;" most certainly tja mnl canl ances igire work ofthu same extent, lhich since thle ibegiaing oft creation, lhas lad the same nt m ber and variety of lestsi ill tihe same inumhb of editors; no, nototlo hal tihe illnbel, as is cleally shown ill tile p tltre. Be].side·s, a:test ani s.tllldrl itl.ns b(,eiiN tri,'d al l prrcedl ill aneal.v tillilte blanka:nat pblh i·flir ill thle UlliteldStlltes lu'll biv hepulaile genrlslwli ur in'thelil lottin period of thirtlvlive reers yet ne,'l o f ht h .el The i te I aet ex itl giiiiciid bI alot, lheii - oflaw El sevtlral ol'the Stales as thi e i Ioku ael cillclllaion Ilrslaltute i alll.lrle," Hsuls ii Iiw flr bsllk illteresl acordillges tihe book is Ised, al as w-y Ie selll ill part, by eta ntltes of the sniitharliels, iail a iaw of itti suhse iint purihasers inlthe hit atltieltnt oftlhe hook is in lsessiltn a'P iCel.) os oif citizensI in every qunal - I tc of tile Unlitil Svtales. It is llloeover atell known tilet, iv its rcarly elleck, it has so .llo2udetcted Illage erll'os, Inlg iltet tile)y celre mladle, evtn ih thie molt ccreli alllt illnoSt eonlllletent arlithmticitaltlt.c tint its usetlllhlcss , tile ahsIonti ie cessitv fi'I its usr I haveI heIan extensivt'ly insisted iu|.11 so evidentciI ineeCd, ihav bee its ait valtagel, ali its savings,that, sevcrrcl yiarsag, ilithilst tile first eition ( vwasslllc, ail olltof Iprlnlt, glc'.at lm ber of seeonllll I Ihatnd ctiiet s wera l sollght Ilr, snine to a gre t iiltanice. I i and i tlll.ra. d lt vlliolls prices, ls tilley ouhll ctasioll ally be picked up at efrom 10 to $15 per copiy, andi some persons c ave ireecn. ly declnel t, instances could be qiolted tiat Ithe woultl pay $511, $100, iiid $500 for necoi, Iflnot to ielihad fIr lessaI ,nillli inlividual ii tite tllelil ilslanoe ipartiel:lrly, hIlaving at tile sanme C iile rxhiltiltll atistlctnory lloai 1 to sevltll pclrlioI illtre seil that t i ittc was really worltll that nttioniy und nore lin ough the savilg of lhis vtV vtaluable Ithce, lie beh n Skery rsli lial lImo ip uIIliicoffice. Iotit isc ite I ill ce, nonll ilieel Iiroper ito ilrlil'e, thlt llcll is ile nlltllre of ite llvwork gIrally an a1l n cially when of the xt.Xt(llt ald illmlorlalcle oe tlnse ltn Illns, tialt llll this look nr its like blelln prepar edl ill the uIsual ilumliieri dolne, h) the most coampitentl iul itir it the tItlhe and tiuttielwa prtio d i iii enltionll yh Ilnl r Ilis owll ecloltctilo I proof shctets, it woih, .lmot n vi cilvtlily, hat t 1Beel IIusalii i11 re Ilrel'll, andl dear .t any pr)lc, ais ti v l.lhee Illrtta IlBllle cph , lan. t s. plerlt alind aiutithrle htivie lthei st r tit p i plaiites i this wlv klheen naitcti thit tnscvi re Itleml, vidlllleir llnumercluSsil an , craoridnal.V exainlil.t tions. gauinst Iel thic l h gei vIcR l tlant fi, ttloty cile (by dveir'tiseolllt't) oilltrantly klei in a hl"c oft stecial iaiLt-, i I i ccllt , i ilh iie t lln llhl f.. AAini y < li d eti ls 1 tI h111 1 ks and s htat1te intOr eat tillhl 'uif l iate titllhw i prI lfac, ti l icll, in this fitll :s il the t io l ultrdtnlli dil tti c, Cltltllal incht ill I .teratitntlil (tlill Il i lt two lanI't11 l lodi i s of cot.i llli t-i ,e i lg i t, d:y i t l:uf eIu no(t, ktf.ti t- i Ltr, a ;,i s l t. i i tulllaCt l ik ih , is ill I eal s I - .h ltlll ]I t~lltlilllla( ., h;l1hcenstIextclsirvuh ile Rio Ili' lly~(l i p atroni(i i it t hot h ts i it i nt1, i I h a l uticuIe t, r i ll i , tott11, ill o. ii i i{i R N, Is sit Ve.neso tilnw, frr ll 1"70 to a115, ullstllill o) th).l . ed lllil ,,7"al'isin. chn'ly h-iim its p(hlib na iI tiollin e lhat linl , nl no mulrll l ri. ic , tt sotl noihillN ofI discn llenms ii or f-lli. thn e~ a i li'cll. t 1" a' c , toilnu i nce ofii s:p'r~e. %', handlq ihpatrn hg r E stile b'ylc tihe I rift ul lal ostl!ets inl t/he I "wl/ I ,.?ldes. lobl, lhedwof 1\'ilii, l, ill i.14. Thr. \'oung 1ilb's Ibook, aI ianual ,. moratl wtli .lilt recelism.I iula thlr .ilel by 1V3T. M1'K IAN, 1RUC {;'i'Oi it ,I O IIf' %%OVl A),Y nn e C on ii dlti dI clni'iellv it his ,l llir., 11i3 1 Cusiot lllll ouse l' rcet,lntr I)ltu hlinl strelt , or, the ttralll iiit oIf a certaiu hl~ns of delicate lito Ltses. nrioiIn lr. Jhusigs 'xllli.iid iloporniiii inelli ly d oil l It I to lllt ninli of Veneri:l 1ni S\ phiillic t plm ints; soti lsd rosut neli' Iii e t i'iin of ve i l t s in i.Vew oi, Idril wich limle IIc'.in insnuu confli edII niig isi ro'ie solely t., ithe bI1 uln! of Ihul ) r ilit asoln withim t e imlu s -t llreTal a· llml o f VI n ert asi j Pnie is en led 1 re isit of leh, Ilnli iyitnmplintes i frim 5 tol ! a.witnut illjlll-.tht reonstrl ti Oll Ily n Irrutrv'e or nall, othnir n lih lil netieisii, (oennorienr. iletl. iS ' nctnl i, llu tl o ts i ' sl e he patiolits cl" Iht vlll derr, Ihl IMd ioslalCiom alhlld, nutl ulv oif th.ose namer n s tillr.ii ofll l" fi,.titlo , which gleneri ly follow nli ll, t Pld or :lnlut-reatel d a , of Vle criaI. Scriollfuil lls oires, ulrtd let anlldf o Imi'ng riniVd b i1niln,n Ceti lmn ti llof u. ltll , ,without r ritiou il dit i ni(it o rs , ll p tine lio b l Yti esy P',mniisreshmn i th· e cuIntri, and who feL deli 1 mlnlnl ill" ue lhh Ill-ir i by letih ( lopat nird wUit fleeI Curle.11d) ca t II r.1 obusoud'1 advice, i,r their itwnne lire, s . il . ...i . thubes,'y ,obe . .e d, fo . i i,/ SIil itei of, pr idd lre pati ts c nverII Ulli i ol in a t w i :l icrItb h l o I e Tli euldte , I. o u L liil lt, t 113 Custo -t' i le tie S W l' ri l Si'uui iln d Bla iitllai .Dee 1 3 niIm alimns o be r 1'} , in , i . i n. t , i, hi:um mi, himltlt' ictl i a i lle t ni ni so liiii i cn l , nnIsmlsnl.lnn -oln., Holl'od ton, rhtrennl or vlnd anspiqe , Cmu, bllnk time, miI nii grind Stone, s is CS:in Widls, ncihorn, ho ln , iils, iVdes, lhll e mn i ln dellos 1X'1 ,lw Treen, ii llnlli m 'lhoi ite CuOInnuii. or lack i:ni a inn d ieintolla, iliknll nl iinllni igns innolslindsIl{inyl Ashll, %%himluts , inii s.s i e' Inl s nl'ultd ,l l l llcimoilnnus to e einso atln ho. Paints, n o iln s gltsep ish,opl ol lvrrnsh s.. olu ad ftor sale. alyond handl, iron, wels nfasortednnl. eni oi Z sllc i tl n.k tili nl illnoignilid sionei, sal kelilel Chain cables, anchors, i L hoes ( lx, log adtre n. chains, corni mills An nils, i ices, itammers hini l bellowss %Vire€, sheet, pig and bar lea:all ulot imvml, anti cudoking slovees Ar es, I owissnold'S alie oeilonl co l s a ind shlnvels Ihuck and piate binges, door imcd window hooks Collins, Ilunts, Snilinlnlns, andl Anet inges I'miilc anud maSnniln cnrdage, lines ani twine hln' and sheallni hi sopper; Navai storesrn laints, linseed allli nspnrm oil A itnll assorent tof l hardwaroe aunl shipi chandlery, always on haisd, id which are tffelsed tfr sale at whlbe thile oa retail, oil tile most ivorablL ter'ms, bypon i \linonomnery county, Alainslda. pTHREE D YS JOURNEY FO, I N .IV OR LEADNS. SIITE proprietor of libs esmRblishment has the plea Silre ofiliua oil ioont his fric,lns and the public in gi'ernfal, tlt he will be in readinesby ithe first day of lsl:v ti rieceive visiters. lie will also etate Ibr the sL. nelrt oftlhloe at : ,li~tauee, lhat thlere have beea large impronlvements minde, and iollhers nlw going on and in rapid iproSress for (cormpleion, Uhieh will nable the nllbscr bel' to uo:l:nUllnodnea a nilie Ilarger ntlmber than herl~tofmc, and lit the sallle time inmeh better. Ehaloilish can he achlconslmldaed s iti good rooln, or oliao,- who peler cian ave large cabins !etachedn froil the mlali bluihliug. It is deenmed tlllllnaecestry to fsay anythling ill pnrlcll, tar of tile clharacter ot Ides willlers, for it is generally believed that they are not inlbrior tlo anv in the South ern States. All the amasements that are geierally Ifuild at Watering Places, will he found at hllis. The best mIIIISiC that thls part of tlh coantry af'ords, has been eongged, adl will be ia constant attendance at the Siriags during the whole season. '( (lo sobaelibhLe'will avail hiuselfl f this oppnrtunitv in returnlag his unfeignod thanks fulr Ihe very liberal support givea hint laslt SeesllSl and hopes by the exsr timts tllha have been ltlllldo ill iolltroving and extending lile acconmmuodntionl, o merit a liberal patrona.(, I.lh present season. JNO CRGP,. T-- '-'H T +H LA DIlS. , TK[NSON'S DF.PILLAT'(ItY, I-r remolvivng sit zb pe luous I air flo the fi e, neck and rms, will qlh al safeily al certainty, learing t|he skin finer nrd , whiter thaa belbre tIle application. A fresh supply I jiles rceivaml of , IUIO ' Yo Is` ,xehaoe Ilitet, ornltl St (Cnmles and (:'umo, r lr.sop - MAIa ARRAl MENT N .ort ers.fai, gDue Evert.a at 1t2 M. lones Eyry4. ay at 191 t A. M I. 2. e,, ( e .unduy Wed- sday an Western Mail, Friday, by ,P. i. by t of te Closes every liday, Wednesda £0a0, " I and Saturdayr by 9, 1'. M. he Mail Dae every 'ueda Thursday, an We Lnke £alat |{ Satordy), 6.y 5 ,P. M. . via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAll,. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPAILTUtUI DISTANCE &c. of the Express lail, betwoo-v Mooile apd New York--leavins Mobile daily- at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daiy at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arerie Northward. Distance. Time. Return'g Mlontgomery, Ala. 2pom. tll m's 23 12 lm. Colambus, lG. 114 81 94 84 a.m 4iolledglevile. G . 2 133 447 24p.,m C a lolrie. . C. 71 aml. 1631 t7 pt Raleigh, N C. 5 21o 5 22 12 WaNarr.ton, V. e2 m. 55 rlan Petersburg, Va. 10 pm. 83 10 9a.m Richnllond, V. 1 am. 21 3 61 Fredericksbure, 8 67 7 tIp m. Wnshiongtun erit, 21pm. 61 64 1 Btaltimore, 6 38 4 i 4 Philsdelphlia, c 1 am. 1ti0 11 2i New York, 2 pm. 90 C4 1305 143 h. er d 231 Northward. Coming Southward, the time is six tourn S rlee; britrg5 dloays 1nd 17 ours. TEN DlOI..LARS REW ARID. . uANAWAY fren 169 Carondelet corner of Heevi II otreet, oan rlh ight of 30ith of Augoet, atd was seen rhe next morning in Pydra street, n negro boy ntamed CHARI.ES, about 17 years of age, sad 5 fee c or thlereahotsn i ieilh.t, verv black,n ad tiatan imped iolent in his speech, otl of his logs sore, ocnasioned Sby a recenrthu; e htelod on wl o i he went away a n whit. cotton or linen shirt l ad whioe cotton pantaloons. bly sters of vessls and alelll boats are cautioned a Sginas receiving orharbroing, said negro, as wll as all other personr, as the istiost rigour of tie law will ba enforced againsd t thor. The above reward will be paio Sfrdelive:ing hino int, any of tie oils of rittler of th manicipalitioes, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of levia. -teeet. s u pt IJ R TIE i--The eopaletneLrship heretoulre existing 1 under thle iro of Ibnoits & GIrretma, has been diassolved. The snbocriber will liqridate the oftairso th11e coanere in tlhis city, and rcqirer all pasontasindeb cd to nrlate Imynlet to hitl , aoolY rnd all tlosehavino crlritllS, to itreselt i beit for settLeOtlaoo t.o i sue 0t-7t ti GAltlETSTON W. W. SWAIN. Lnt. liCtctac l N-,re. aVet Orleans J AS alrways ooirroand con eanlly k reclvini Dnr. I i ctes, cloloorl rand I'ulone,aolomg tel: t.r'r o tIlo c i . DTES; Antitoty, ti-olt, Argtols, red, ti roitgldrlus, An4trto Spato' e Arseoic, eride, Alum, do Iowdered, ltrazillette woom , itanlsota cellarvia, Calchiltod, lttnrao, crdie, C roppers, American, do hrell ed, Cpbajlter, tUirrstroe, cruotir, elstlice, Tnmpieo, do e0 ll, do C rmbon, do flowerl, dno i atrite, r lilrlllrto h, rl Lcrr-les, is Costurtil, tlrigo, cugal, SCreta trltar, do Al seillo, o tatolllritleso , do Ii aeectroas ae. Gn aloes, do Co, ttmnla, - do Atici, Legwood, Cenmpeaehy ru do ssaolatida, do St Domilgo rn doho c(;nein, rio Jamaica, in do btrellZi, Ctowoode at io orle, itoutg!h, Aldder, omhlIno, to ito rIot slelr',rlro, NitSOrerlgrlo , bleatire, a- rio tie SArttedioae, rio Corn, lioo c....mpholr, eritte\ d do bt.....ih ire dio dr r lil ' io ltohe. ido guiltl etl CtIIfltuCALS. to ltekin, Aeid, nilotrlol t"ie ioohll ac, trot littrio l to1t s.~ etug,.d, , . ... ,,,,n I,, rt tie t rt roerhivlrraie 'a tio, ti l attlc do tgrr.aoartt, t'hlorider t iote e, - I (:lmir tn , I'SoIp asals, a- ttett rEremito,-rooc Aetertooltun.r catsti-, Ill. do do loreign, khutl pcclpi.teet re Mragnesir, tnrglih, titeitile sltlt, ti- do Aroorivilln eRled chl'olnote itoalta b ty it ernr fliake, otll cll.rp l tio sollts, S lp it Lrr"ice ItaltI, Stg-r t:ot, O 1- ri ehltes, S tlll Iti o . ri ot ireliassia, Still,tutor ine duo Icm , I'PAINTS-IIIaet, ot lo t eIl'rrolltt Ilitot, e il tos Rit ' i-ll t, rhi' n -r-i yellow- hy eie , noir , ta, Id l r tllotire "st. d rhihlbtsb h, El , I.atnbltuk Engish , t f titot .Sr~t vioc Ieialar , ' lill, tit- o isio, In rAI i tllOilt n th tooioll i ttollI l , tters eilldo hl callr ml ii II, tln (;iigsiltklrl, riot l'loilll.t 0000 Spa I0 'lillll IhTt, Ilt li h !o fit icdtde, di dh A erica n I duuri~l, ........... ,il l gtroolt io- itr ir t Iitnt , oo lo t il, tie ou ltltto n, . ;llS ,tiiicr, S l troc, , t r otn mil i Si l it l' i' , o t et:il tiir, (:k yiesr, Sto 10000- S ig tr-tt ot e IIl riooA , d o C as tile , o o 1) tooo t il (tticksilcte' gt" W d t 0--fioim I'APTA!'IN Mt11iAm' YAlT'S NE'V NOVELS. Ralt / the A.e 'r, lby the atutlhor of Iter Simple, &o Cul mits, or a \Wite l t .cih Iss I5 ulit l itn eiton . ti'll, l ( C:atit il Hsi ll, tRI l Navy, F. . tord I Jolrlea, it rulnnmre. Il ln t al ngella ,l V I hepprd L, writn b liinel i 2 vols. e Colulit. Ilisor.' larl, ail tillaiteld, root the original lihn, by Nthi6nel ( -lo ihn 1 vn te for tiliug' Noi. T711 i rla '. s E rInilv Litlrarv Vol. 3 &, - lfhclo news, ompln e Ien l a lndeirlio edlition If It'.ins'i,,ao Il.i.,'s Ioros. orl're'# FreTh tnd :,/ DI)li/uery, it 1 voln, 3le A',rtfs FI ahrtd E..t/ish I Aihliotr,. "llirnz~i," Stlzvor'lsl'o ("mm~. (n ' lltarri le i \ltw A it ln Iln rall i'e nls a n 9 'I iN 1.2 incl o ne nillltt's eilllpruocd tdetlija l'vlt ,jtlltlt'll li n "l., weighlt & c·. &. &o. Just received, aned for sale bIy liv 31 IIENJ. IEVY. SAI'IN IIEVISITEII,&d . &c e - SL IAIN IlEV"ISI'Tl'l'l , ti by he atlltr , A year ill Spain,' ill 2 vols , . o 7'vri/. e',.,tau rlr Prr~rtcol ,. , , a r 7 ll applicabl. to tle , hri is-irs of N rth Alerica, ly ( Turner, Eeq The P'o!tiel (lrammar, of Ihe IUllited States, or I vt11'Iý"h. s itlw oII lh o t aery.t lnd Ilreltice of the genera htl :' - !"l~v{IIllll·ll7s wirl; th eI , relations Il tweoll tlherl ,', !i, rd "I'll cud ted to the youlg mleI of theUn tttet t'I l,-t,, I f. i t emansehI le Esn. ftr A /ti :, et Il ag'J'u.lT . ittersper ldi wiltl charaeler isa i t" all,t: teho tts, sa ty in lg s ai n d d ol illn g s o f sp o rti g oe In e , in lahdiil, iltiles ,f the , lrilcil, l elack v riders i .Flngllnd wilth anlalytical contetlt, ntand geneorl itidex of nanteel - -FOR TIlE CeI;.E OF Serofuli oir Kine's Evil, ('Clhroic hlllumatism, Chronic Ctutaneous D)is- tPalls ill the Ilones, by free esases, use of Mer"cur the blood beieg in vitiated sttte. 'lhis very colncentrlted Syrupl is Ilrepare with thl greatest lharmaeentlcul core a l i ee i 'a cyu ad contain the active prtinLiple lf Sa.rsalarilla inth il tine Icam CoIlee ttrated degree, comlbintd with other vegeable subnstance nio'k lwr elliraev. 'lh i reat desideratutm with phvsetiiins in being abl to exhibit at ihue quantitv of Sarsalplrilla in a ne duse, hea been taihoined in this preelaratin--they, being fully convinced of its nmrits, conldotetly administer the course of their practice. I'rie'e $ 51 per bttlec. Soldl only at SWAIN BRl.Tl EllS tdrug store, No. I ICLatl streett, who' loy Ihe lad, fiesh aed genuile, direc tfrom thle prrie ters, Swaitm's Ptanace and Verliil/te, Po'tter's C t.taol con, Carpenter's Prepraetitls, antde. rt. p ead gOnera assortmelent o ltrash drugs, mi4 I'INNOCK'S RlOMNE, &e. 1 INNOCK'S IMPROVEI) EDIITION OF DI L tGoldstnith's Abrhilgnnt of the History of Romn to blicb is trelixed al Introdut:tion to the Study o Roian llistorv, end a great variety of valuanble infer ttation addled "hrienhotltt tle work, oil thle lannoer Institotitlns and Anttlqtities of tihe ltoelans; with no I neros biogrnlhicol nd hitorcl Notes and itia Nele; ndqe j teis for exalnation at tilhe end of enehl seetin. II lustrated with Ihirtyengravings on wood, by Atherton I',.noce's Improved Edition of tIr (ioldnsmith's History of England. tfolt the Invesion of Julius CLesar to the death of George 2d, with a continuatiol to the yen 1832. Withtquestions for exnatiationt at the end a each sectiona,. lesidcs variety tof valuablh informn lion added throughttot thle work. Consisting of table o|" otntellel'nane Snverigenl tand etinlttt peraona Cltopiuns explahiatory notes. IRemarks one tte polti tiens, tntteers and literature of thte age. An outline) !thle Coastitution, &c. &c. llhstrated by many engr'a Gnus' Er.EtEveS OF ATtan-oonty, and an Aoridgmen ofKeith's New Treantise on the Use of Globes. New Amnerican etditionl, with aldditioas and ilprovmennt and an expiation of the astronoauical ert of tile Ana eient Alllltnae. Just received nit for sale by Wi I M'KEAN ntv 24 corner of Camtp altd Conmoniaets IIAIRPEJ:R'S CLA.SICAL I.IHRARy. r7Il O.ACE,irtuslatad by Plhillili Frtinei, I) D, with l. aappendix, eCOiiill-ng rlltraoilatits of varioun mtlc, &h. ty Bei Jotso, Cowley ittin, lDrydon Pope Addison, Swift Ca'ittertoui, Gi Vakefneld, I'treon Blrvan, &e. end of tle moreetilnent paets of th day·--and PVIIEDRUSi with the appetndix .1 O/adilu transla tld by Clhritoiilteer S.eart, in 2 vs vaulutinnS 18 antd f"ltIlltlacr'rs Clanaieul l li/lraree S'lehi Elxpeditoi if IIUMlt'1Uth' CLINKER, by St"olhntt, itt) wi llt a nlnt,hir l tl ni, Atlor, by Thota lelnlnose, Esq., t..le nlitilt., w.ith itstl. in... by 0. 'ItlE LIPu;tr a Ttle ttle atittilr of GLiabhdije ety .rli etrguady, rSc.,',sw ed iti il, 2 vain " ilnpija AUI. ,LIFI"'ORtt;[ y the alntiutr ot Ueplhar '!'iit,. t ,lc," ea ltiln leanluit, IV O ltn nenw .4 Inlf"hltl aIer CaIIlplni ~V)nki* Jtmree.nied a sale .y WiVW MaKIiAN I AC/IN ,lU1E--3'i Dasky Ci./inane at 'lo.i .J!ae'lieq "troo 'hi slend l Eolaalttu l far Imtni I.auhi;RI lk Lftwr

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