Newspaper of True American, 1 Kasım 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 1 Kasım 1838 Page 4
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ieb Ibh efs'riooi s eind the puible gene. gZmn at she is prepared to accommondate them at ia ie stablishment, and hopeas from her Let nf h render visitors conlfirtalne, to rnee tiv n .o S f former tivers. Shie fetIs confi. S iting Covi gton during the Pen t ld bettera acnothmmod.rtions tui ' aord them, on more liberal terms. T'o ihouse i pleasantly situated, and well supplied riel every convenionc; the bar is furnished with ^'t W ost ohnlitluprs, & . in short, she promises In ting shall Ih wanting on her part to give| ia t ion to all whto may patronize tile dppi IJnieiana lIntel. je3 Ill. TTIli PUBLIC.-The ,d:rsigned. having . C tdied under Dr. Sel.midt of Charleston, Carolina, anl for somn yours his assistant in , pi etioo of medicine and surgery, has the honeror inoffl" ia profehsional services in this eity. '1 S atr.s the ladnes and gentlemen that the most r lttention:will be p.lid to the calls which n t, made; and.sle ollhrs his servioes to the pI loltofslaves, being well aneqainted with the so wikeoesS common to them, having attended theml in rae stngiar ouse inl Charheston. vi 'the fatniotianti hilious pills after the composition - SoeiProfeDssr Smnollette. e ith directions, cant be had o: i u.tunderaigned. The effect which they have • .dcned in this ant other cities, has been attended --lthlthe greatest snncess, to whilh the best of e efrences can be given. Apply at No. 16G Mlaga. gsAe street. JNO. M'LORING. IILLoTW FIARE, VOOIf SCREWS, TAD IRONS, &c. y^--!rRHE rOWELL WORKS COMPANY. No. 2°38 Water, near Bckmlean street. Now York, received the past season, anln are t,' t.l + ring l ' ' ' enogi lnelow-wareo of superior quality, consisting of it 1500 tons, viz, its of22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, ieettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettlos, 15 itzes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Blkepans or Ovens, 7 datfrunot size, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillete,. . . 5 do Flat Spiders 6I do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, - . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 dl Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron ndi brass, from I :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jameo's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in easks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hatter'. Irone, eaorteld. Sash weights, I00 tons, assorted from 1 4 4 to I 0SIbs. Blells for Pl-ntatiouns, steamboats, churches, &L. emade to order, Also steamboats and other machinery mlade to orlder. The at ovn nesorntment of goods is particularly recomnlneneded to t!et atntention lll " Sothern ando Westerln morelrlalts, anl are ofitred rfr r sale tit low prices, anid upon tie it most hliberal tre ms;i it i be. lieved to be tile largest anld bet assorteI t ecr offered for sale by any on!e etabtiariilnunt inl thi United States. Merchanis, by iorwarding a request by ainil, .nl have a prin'z'd circular, with dh.ecriptlonl o 'I g, si s, prices and terms, froln \ihielh no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of melil. All orders will receive ilnnnedi.te attcntion. , New York, 1t38. j_ 3 Onnacn....... n n I n notn s n n Il l . l A ,lind 'in is, ei rtd rer,,s;also, 4 ': e.ienn le mon ny IlI t l& S list "1A12 en'1 C'a , ll llll ad (n e lll pit llbr u OA '--III l I h b 1xs i'X + ll. lbrund If Jtoll lta S n1t6 ti-4 i1agine, . n:tr t. '1'l t O t-NEsma dctllici ciusii el l "frilnn interl, he- I tweesn t',vrlIi Cir' nlc nd t nonidhlli- ",inn-n-t. ntl). Alnply to J li)l"t ', T dirt do. in t tor LP by t:1 pIAbiI'trN: S &1CfW &PI'R. mil A r5 c, 8h--io . ll;larsst l I Ni u t le I tIi, .! .ne r ,, rf eil*lt , Slilies co.r stl . l ,l vI on i"tit ir n IniIi l id, Ih lne O Si hitrl, ,,o l n d i luIlrll tl Ih d d n o g Itl I -mllG V cIn''i1t It+Ll & C(.1 `'ilt N i s i ..' itiin i.'l ; 1I ,ll, ,"i f liri +e.. tn n iStn i1cmin CniTc; - n 100 ,i "nt " v 1 idnc mii" ;e ln in neine1li 5!1 do o1.;! dho . I' Po'rt, Itln; `itl do etf d Inn. P beewv ,htre, i ;14 I11 plipes exlra SdeP I r. 1"or :ale I n n- . ti... me IInroirn n ' crIVN 0 1I11. I-tit- nn-fn Cnn'n.n. SIn hi tit I II .i l7I biNetdi nn erin lo. otin aiil ninn nn . anl Binding neatly eelCteltdnt l.hart t iroi, byi FLoim ti l Sen uud ] , i in l ID¢ no 1t I ntrles I ""." 1,I4 LOC- :,1eS t IbieN cid,+ fin .... e Icy 50 in.9 " I1)III..IY. 41 Nell .+re |.I 1511i iilts IplI mdii g fn ,o Amibai.i.orfi.r .Me by LA VET & AMI'iLU\(;, nil9 17 CuIIIcici et. from stn.user Go. \\'n . Wi, . na.I for c bllc by YOI:li:.I, B~.l'TIn.ERi., je6 (i5 Camp tII t. NO MYIERURYI NOR COPAIVA liew OIlh.,ici, lNo. He 18i'7. A BOL T six montlhs ago had the tlisfirtine to egt an scr'et diseasc, iltr c llich I Ilhave aplidl itu se rnl dicor lir a ce, ailtn the did iiniot nle meii, sllinw on 'lie above date I put lyself nnader the eme of niomtll Iluet, ned I expilt him to cure le. iee lthat Iitlle the dieone got ilworse, IIo an. Ilreak IoIt i laringe ulcers Ito hie inthler of snix Ior eight on c Ih leg, rad all ovler iny, lace, anl nlre thront, mand not alle Ito work lt lie i'ecenet tilll- Uel an.I c it o h til dii.csiel; ill iiler iii ll tile rigll it ile if llhe lhlll. I IaIn ni . v Rllitl myisell cnllai:cntly under tnle icin of Dr. Iliet, ,d Ilri. to be iiIeetly cured JO)HNll I)D N. io. 14 ly I DO CERTIFY that the mti e IIs'mentionlel isPnsP is quite well I.ureld to Imy nvin santiifihliin, fir nslhiih I Ithank llr. tli ; and moeover I assure thal t the medi cine I have taken read.,, litht, and did not inijre my cealthl at all therefore I advise mty f Iow nllurers 1Co lose no timet alld pply io Dr A. lihet, 1. 1 Canal ele.t, hbltweI all phllci land Ilo u llcii sresie:. I)r. Ihle is nle home Iro o'icklek, A 1, umail -1 1' l. l'hecy will find ai tril, d:tr lot this ctrliie4 JOHI1N 1li1AN. NII 0 ravielr'.tr. If any one wantis to see-i me, call at No. 4U GI avicl street, and thiy will lie slistied. To be published t ai tlne ti'n Of Dr. litlN. JO)1N OEAN. New Orleans. Feb 1, 1PR0. r, 1t4 iv iHP' Gellille Indhan Ilatms~ l l~tit ci , pie imu tle cnIts each, contaiining the itrinnthi of three oIInces ofI Live wort, besCils ila irinis ii1 miianl y other trooit, and -er-llsrl known among llhe Imliians cacllicjcious in crilng pulhuonarv colmpltillnt. The u inivnlle r suacess whicch lhas attedd lthe lse of: 4iis iiestln;ithle IRlc m al.ll ih er it hIn beel into diteed. ihas ibtlaid ile clienlleliC e ilh ie~: n - tions of respectllile pihysicians, for the ioiire of ouns, hildie, pain uli the side, want of retl, apiiing of bIooId, linlr cilnpliainl, &c. 'o whlle l it Iay ccncern. 'I'hisis ii n enlisn that wi have ill oir ractiice firnqllltly hesi:rill ll I (;aI!, WWr's Ilndiaul BltI o1+ rllrw(ort llld a -rh1111 eel, with a decided good ePifle: 'e can theretirei fiti ii lie I kiw ledge of the matcrinal it is mad flrom, . aIll cb.el lt ,Ini and eIxperiencle, rccomoeuLo it as ii e lnriecn priiiiit"ilen or all those atlectioni of ite lhng filr which it in ii. nlmended. AIt l t' 1 III 1 ,LIA , .1 CAIIVIN EI.IIS AI. I. Iletnben of 110 ith" itoI Medical Acsciaction. BRston, October 25. eale by . JA\ILVIS & ANIIRF WS, hI. 1i ll n ' 1 ni n11 I'intl it e ,1 :| sle I*en miilntiildti l Ii y Ii x r lmtllCll IIi 'II!IV. I UCTLER'S Effervei..nent Mae.neiai n Aperient--For Sdysrpcic orn ill ligesticn, ieIviiuit l lllit' , iiddi Ie,.heaacnche, ciity lf Ihe siemnithh, hbilual c..s. ranes.s, cutlualn ldis+'n l-e, gollt eranlel, &c. and much aiehd as n gentlll coolie pirngative. This desirable prepartinu h i s received the patr·'i - hige of l.tiyleninntll mlmlnti rs Ii f t e pt'l':ioni. . .d Irot i1 diseerningl Ihlic Iiiiiy re.p('clIhle id iil In .-ii cited ilMfinioninIal fits efliiary ts a medicine have baen elicited. With all thie pleilnsg ilulities of a flue of en.ra wa'er. it p thle n eivle nediciial prnlerties of the mrte i ace,. - red calilcnus iirnatives;it it pleus uat in the nd grutlcl tit iiitch. IMFORT'I'AN'l' CAUT'I'LN--Tii iicrinei.i repola. tion and grenat dranend fo+r ltlt!no' I.lmervencernt lltglle. Plan Aperient, has benen an lt i nllnlet for oithe, I cf. feran imitation of this valuable nled ci ie. llrch.Psers ine prtiealn lly walrlned of thin facIt lthat ihiiv mVay lie On ll .egiLldnl, Itll not plliurita Immnlpurp c rlm . " * gptlinhlin nrore.lmrcctnlly iiitur rd hlat fI.. subscri .. . - iptlied wi h t!Ic mrigmnal aml ge S lhsh es.lle. lmFor Pal, wIho real, It rt:ail. -SI;KLEc .S CO. Ageits, "15 40 Itenl tret, N n. -'- E A Ii A P Ve'getnble, Ilair Oil, ltr lhe aindngrowh oflir, giving healthmclndbeaudcand . Heir()il w,. offemrl to the pllhlie, i d hd ',r -k ef cases of baldness, hinlaurea, and ellion p" .P le hair, nm in every iimtncmi ic emldtnry eAP~ hns nle realisie. It hensnenrfoi'ndi toinicllmmn aew.nel ibenntifnl nrowth of hui, nu hei dIcs lrcndy held, In cnlas where ii becomest dry and iceases to row hi. tis( I e tri'y son render i hwilnnlthv, anmd prolilice en 4all.nFbe.te.tifitl.gronwh of Inir. wit'moitie lien h injary to "thelhead.*t I Oil gi'esn i .g.,.,lmle fro-. grsae inI in prnfeel'er ete any Oitliher s in Oilr for per uming, rurlintna l gloteine ihe hlir. The h ir uolte -r .e dye.f.i -tciT i' For nsalte.i E & D'ANGE., til 1M.OIs (I18'.P b. C', n nr ,w reo~ivmg Iro,. k.on bnnl'd ship, Orleansl. E..le, [li~hlaneir, I'okenr [0 'emry Anrlrew, c'hbr adc Gcnnen elay acldn; Bok ( em r llmrlPri l'linihe.n en. I-4l l nr 23-S crrrlr il li ard lails; ) i,9.!0 and 1i inch Ilade Iowie Kniven: / Lea h le' i od ere tcrcelelin, re; inu" l sri ; Tu b lc . |i l Poerk-t PtI an d x, ' et I)lullile Pitriil;deoublr end -eeld lirrelhp d Gifliers- leaere leg ht lielt P Icwder rod lislol h be.k - 1. a llc t.l .nt lrinki- D ieg g /R Ccr-vr-r'o COlh nhi (etp Ictdlir; fleClothm Ietil onhn: | red Nail I'ue-h,.s; Orris i.I (h-c 'h idrlC Tieh \esh./ 'oeilh Piwirrlcr Tileret II cIi ermlll: ZOeite, ill ret vs.l rrlt : l Hbe rir Iti, A eitlrlsfr nd Itrizvte- ho ar,/ ndl To&ile ni r. Eelrv lRe : Ivorye;c c'lnln ('aselnt.' c Pe trer SlIdee cr .lct.i'c.e ( .e .. I-la ctic sie sine e f Ial:r-d:ii ep \al I in-lern le: Ie-lrs let; Belid Neckla eli e Pocket 1)ak,l il anI Sipearcdin lieas; lntlis,u Beids-. horl. ande Toole.n . c h ell lwhich; they are Drepa dinz edCl ril; hiild rtradhioi r. Tei icnrmr aldici onhlle nd i vilRnl lr ar ltlrl l l vr v ro lllet ei ll w ill hle k II hn l 11111El ,ee ITc~lT cit Arehi nd 1r-ieciigt t' eei b lllilra! rm:. o. tll' siall of tile Golden Co bsh. i -tfll 70 C tuMrtlr s street. ig r]1. 111;. ,.l,.ur·il~ ~ er% Aezlnts f,rtht' e xtensive = Ibtise of ir 1 \V. , t. Il ickrr, eiti-lip in, l riei jua st ee,.h.sIon v-rv capts,.phol, e st rs" scis sors, .thea ,in oe 0 I Xl ibi t In t!le t Ir ,l.'lor' . 'rcl~las nlad COlcl lij'(alf i 1 c16 J.i.IEIN' cm rccia mi~l cN r, s eenll-enin ' io ter I li lne i (i m0) S.- i t l'eli-r Oil, I ,d Te CO.i l Aeli t ases: pasg .l~er ship' IhmtwIille, E c le, ry Anrdieeiid e ii.IRh ndel, lrnit i nllw (t i cill Ilocle i hal fephvin e eal : k owter, e smtiae Iwksh pistls; shcene raihne camspitn lnssist ca ls; rew Il onldt·vs; SthiSe S, ha Il .ns Tacnd S yve s (;, eo mIall :1 tlr steel ierns; Vwio-ii ns: Vi holia ne s ; shllr , ivst np y On ~l aHnd cOlllmmon w guiml-'i k, h usend e alI la e r sdo; |+tll' : hailrills life r Ollt m antc s s nerck i ht i lse1 n ills; (e ii n:c l :llcc c I ll eohi.e T-er. Idieailee i ne ccrasdr rili imit iore i do; niyi Viiiic ccriima en ebel ss rtmnteryiiibc ape t.Frsl ieine r siiig lleu yc iColl' I todney, r su ciselu d a hdi01st of May: hst, hlY heiClll i deathy of Sam el;il A Mason Ldev - ~Hajcnllrr qiltt l iat . t he; luieiiini oh ee l"si. in .ie l..i ....... - . l....... .... ,le. c c ,ae euI1::l'dref. w|it .llwitinn ,i ,t 0111 '.h~lllP .d.11. to filet 5il, e ci lr e lltce w -I ha ilsu - lel see l irm shi- ll i hool e tald schtew t llh irtum ore e Iarn.. ly r uei std 7 ch cie hil iar iin mlie; iarlyetic lmends and wlltoet hittleeng ll lie Ie iic ri e l; m i le.i ili end ll lunt ! ln= i sr Ameris n r c cedir tillenif. r TIher :lIsadho eII dil ienk t lo r et' sou a if Sincti ee ic~Y1 GliLu-I L-eiii iallcs mill~nkes of r ls olll 'l nnt,. xtr• sal b• e hi e, or reil;al s th e tabe i oilln oGtl t I O --Te pulcriceh- dirl %o K nih ehib u w.r, glr inii trl.e l lern le llr in rirr i , F irnearhi Icel I nn-iairt chwl adts ese;tgte il r Il rii en ,ln &ci O.l& , Nof fah icnne, llecri d.lsh-Vil h e ft e "i f 'n r Ih;l,-idec Iein de h i o ii- el Alllclcel o ; cl ie gn lie riery o n lle lo , ar hle le r rIc I I e rv I 131310 .lice i I.1RT &lOc ,nrcn ci li ic ll ir re nl ,erli red, PI nr iLfuiu pl erill cc e ehcr Ie w it ti--.'i icc lt] C o-i illF si id Iines as tid l ) II f luiti 11(15 K0 hrtrKill tret. IcrOliWcn ol)Rinen' Hut &c I .ev ( [o nrr s whe i ll llell, l h i the r wil thio" of t eire IforIl·er I oAn . IladIri&, ,a t N1 b he z 'i 0 II rri' I IKElI Ji ubr lrl i u it se d nclr-i ic h lruuireriic, hanno eii i i le i il I cunid e lcilicciand c' lh, ilrl atnirdl -c hl'l, sflilng oflr thelllll- R ' in~ssf~r~ PK,:i~lev, 31..on % ,), at el-n rhuII ul' IT-h i ll i-i lf',he -c veral irl ill- b rir l ll i i nn- l ./ .iri ll - n Teiil seI cF i ndc l rls, 1 ihr, u an etli y t rq v nl / (.• ll rwll rd t ll rll·C Iltlltl t. arj sll.' l melrlt: sIl~l ilh .e Iyl ilruulu\ kui lcili- III irulnlxill eccci-~l e ~l'lii iP nil, in ,iu(i(iiiiiii vc hds i ll la l.rli lr I - n lo i I rtl w tho t ldy I i ibl iii l iiiii , kiir, I Cu, A ulc e rierce k ii~ll' luu1, I.111(~ ll~l u~l,iriu-(11~1L'I11cc~ )(· licic i FI N - hri.n. J ii 1ilii7 , ile3 I r w 1i a red i r s~ho . bl kin , i or ' i . r si h1 i i l l . i so arleri· l le Iat w l s'leh r rtilt ln I w crce·,'o der I- I ,lfi. Itl i h iilI' "llill. i lllll t -icilet s 1m .C ln Ilh' - li ll · l nil cil-l'l Ac111 i ( .o { (elliieclli CI .lr ullcer Icdl-u1 I cir. elenh \ elell e' izehI) ilire eilil illl lll, t'li' L I c-irsl i,.I,'. i. I l v'ii lol nr r i llc ll hrlt \ ller. v:l lll;."°).s, I. il~ M r i I,. I'lllll ll. * ll'lV InU Ilrt tlldL ) v CIIII1l lie lull i h lc omb- r cIr Fle l I nlceiuuid iu lliiiil t lh . i ul l Icclt 1rr ith w h I i~llls II I1L III1 ~ -ceiCil clil .lnl eleii, ha I iir,h iili l 1 i li', i l i!.Pthe \\ ith iici Clii illel e l\' ruiirlc rh1IIl l il e ihlll cl nr rl reb c -iiciknii-ileuninc-i. riarui &, rE n-Illw 'cr11 . iiht: fr licl-eui lI't Iii lli Vau-' hid l til .iii il~i iLi Ii ll ikr - i he- II - r - h ' II lh iiil clll rii s u n iiilI ,lu-ric -lll~ iiii-i IlPlll.{Oll> lrld+o'tld s rp i l 1 lia i~h t il ii l worslucd l iii I f llli~iiio iin plsk u t li-ul uci ec ireof~.olcindlralicitir iulrl,ele. I iiidlhzi'.dw li nd huuciiitcch, ricel eli I ka "h In : tl.. lule~tl kie,d ie, liuerhe d .Iai. i , itl l.It'i (,cci cel~iisill~ ilii S, l.l¢~trildfil!,us I hdice 'hI mi~lu-cel ,i,, -ihmll,. i~iutii I nii- '. iw ilirmgi cim~l.,<imu is ucrn l h, s teue l h muic cmirh.Iih iei, l ii.'.iih ,qilinl rlir ,im culueci ccch , a lli-hy ru-hVc t.d.'n' N ) Ii, ] -liiill c-e i',l ie l~ It I:l'"i-.~'.l 'S'i. I? 111"1111' S11'OiIl- E -at it. , ,il1 of the golden1'1 uomi, ,1r711o (jila't re r1''lrt. 'T'Ie,' s hI·,* hoilr vl e I r and compicle assort meat oll)Clf If mti:i Icli i,, Ibrir titlel; ie.:: fntlcy1 :tltickl*. ,&c·· (·llliitiugl ins p..,,.. li flloaa .s: 1";1II,11 lure k, 1l11lF run.l , ; Ill.(.t' g, s d." 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WLI.L.IAMSI , OCUII.ST, NOW AT THEl JEFFERSON HOUsN , JEFFERSON STREET, [ LOUISVILLE n !it To the Editor of the Lototille .idertiser: sijb SiI--t aIppears by the observation. of tihe Editors paint of tile Nashville Presbyterian, Union nnd Trrans- trill, cript as well as the editots of he Memphise Enquirer, abses that teo "Old IentlelOIn"lll is among tie Doctors This nie st is proved by his kinzly rae, koiwinie that his time is tanet but short, nond that the independent iAmerican people ing l are able to judge tbr Ihemselves what are pulfs and peps impositions. TI' worthy editors who are I)Iottrs, chro the proprietors, editors s1 sub-edliltors of the above ty eo tnlled jtllrnlal r'i l every letter from petrs Ons I have is si rstoroel to shi;t in t ilh bove plaeeos, pittl:., whi I. The s i-is, tntt Iao er had snitt) groeat sttleo s juveI within so limited i peiod as te or twelve days. One thent will, was ned llllito tell years wio had o only seen ttle ofth liight ly) hi h Ili Iirth IeZnn to ote tot follow t is nltto t e itan to Itriv hotel, inted of boinf obhliedl to be trll by hill. S sw.o y tottl ;:lie,, it hit l eIt nh los t tile sighf t of so t t flies eve, one for ten years, and the other foir nearly two case yelrs, having both of them the other eve very weak; to tr v;e each iof thiee .oung ladies be.en to .ee with boll, I gent eyes, whilsl lenefit I pledge myself still eontilnllles, ex l c1ptinSg tlhey are tiinder tile inflsoieee or tdotnilti n of it the lMedical Ditotrs. Another is the daughter of a bifti respectable nlerclhalnt, whose ,lla e I al IbonIIld never of s. to enltion, (as he paid me my fees), who said she had mei lost the e.llt of one eve from tilhe me of 18 months, but thatle s ihe b t legin to read large letters with tile shall nwcwion is an elderlv eentleman by tihe Iname of to I Youent, nearlv savgpp y yeants of age, who declared illbt- Ine liclv httirystt which ie took to all the different oftices the in Nt e'ile e it one, tld t himself tt iuhld me e ihad paid ow fior the iusrti' whatevoer they detrandid, who detnlr- stiff ot in that lett tr t lt ie tha i iotall dPitvei d oft a tile tiht eof Into .ie firom fi re after hi Ihtirlt-i tun0 which ris thr state etd IlotI~ t .. rsseionid by the tde oistrlcon or small i en l ht no v ttIt leui not otllv isee othe litht of the s fr the first time tht h recolects, te /it iet til it, , , tirast !idt waf phtr o m it of t yih I ea Itlo othot.; and did hefiore I Ilef tlit e;tV cite t la- otie Inv pro of titan It,, oell see t o walk t b lt"rs tile streetsl tine towith the other reo eontlpltly Is lsed. te said hie btt hadnl temn a ,mbellr t the tlethii i ptooit sopal oehnrch tor lloh iy fsoty yters, oit I that his word w t, iever doubt- blt ed th imtroh the o lhole cmrse of his lie l ini i e. I rOetthl-oAI tod evte erehter ioeete thin an t NSshtville, and ttl t'le ntestil and c trical idoetors a tlon neverhohefo tan mt. reasoI to be irated ) Thei l i,,,,inienatin el s h e v. cr .leric l OIr Slllilth TPrves, I wet te r statddto mesit nhat ix yearis past,t thes wth con verte, r pe rfat anier fi c dt r o c el iee in the he ldth.l - of'he Btible, tha host elt have niitet, terilling eror,-- t it miulast oiave einllo to sia, ttll t efif lr tlIt -a end ofsit yea rs to ctorte, hie h.titl ite ctonvterted foi'm Ia his fideli t, as t ihe s p t of I1e trueo noister of the pe t penetl nm hid , enign dhtriuPs of othe Christian reiionI s dtes , t:t Ibreathe ont destl'lln ion, rtige, :ltlmllV andl o filsroeo, I to pla se hpris ot dicatl fiie ls, al ain'st the of tln whom ie knewt ha donfitte so nmcth ool, and iittll- ilt Sury to any iton ALttl the inhetitanto if Ntshville s tioke e "of Ire t.rmiht oe I hod, v-cp lt the medical h tors. l t ie iMost f the also had been infttrmed i iby Mr Yoltst of alt Sthe ure pPrfInled oil his totall blind eve. ill S . T"he Rieef toi o 'iit th l til tlli towi n, prletelntis tt t t' 1 have orst the atioel tl gained ill ti e Nortol , 'F trSee lil anoial in itS!l uitSlt . tl'h li y r tves howeII I veri hod i tii V ritnd thl I kept them until o arrived Ot this eetioe,. If o t to gaine nti Int lit neo f ot, o mIght tivet s : in-s nth oa ttllestro ith nti l to he sedt o thI e I ope it l es o he"at nd n isv ry ntirle brow onst a h r the d I leave, in al spiternl ao r the vittlueratin lf Sa tte i th h e nn 0 if neo - I ht hisolanit teihe molf haven ltet dy f N t i-t d to this I I ity il iti t r eie s ht t an e I t t ' tllcl ottlih f of tihe prlnt is to silln the isoned It i : e . .lit, j .g I o e r nds ttl Oei n e l t t e Slitn i tf the - re S lrey, tlh v tpellat a It S i te Ait rIllt b itlg tion s iotitlt i n rea w ei, t i t teit tortin, lt hore o ntser oisl , ad antii h i I arfltulero toy harivl in tw Ie or ts on. llns e. Ii IthI I ointii o l ttii buih tiiuitriio l t eit hs io i i tile nort r h .h i co To bird selfcb y p r ei.that ne thrto gait thishapp ,hi b, e o ).il.h e ity chicnaie rlays iont let i lh.n pre e f nd asil 1 ht.n fira dn , aw swl el nh mor n ahn ia n e souith I S lthe, , y !i lctool or fin d a I m all n t e ,rl in ofwli n e bxt wa r thi i TY, h l hii e tid h ern, os t wlt a l and i . . ' i Allnl ti it l le ; l ith t verl - i t he I hl ti rnl'lle, II w, ! hnt Hel- I l ,th tt th tI w e t heill in fd le i front tn s L" I- writen f hIt I m lt as writte itt e l i thati alnlk piolr , xals itlbut ,f all mi e si . Iti , . tole , with e r'tlndlitll I mi y tirlesh Itt Otto mansioesttingtiteosdtiotitoaaltws I, 1 e lo tli e jrto lto elf i tis eil t a a ltd t n-i e r y it tI, it O tie di wh I rI l iosi siie nII t c'letoo s otot I it ho - oiii a 1y otts tn f s tel , h eN r , An toth-ll- h) o t t tt ise in- a rrll dhv n wtltl rt. I a,'nlolllor d to t ll .] ll hom h Iair i: La itdt-ie t hI temidi etio r o'te o r t.t.hlv retle e s so s w.i l etheretthone thlsie letomtiss ers .. i o Rea f tm I) it. r -n' ito l ytlr llt, it s tilor e t i ll ilcl i 11r e Iot i Co J ilvr lilty-hl nltll h\L &, with iugeti-- Ocult i tsl, n r idti a uth' inhlll d of i , tianhll` f llda I ll l w olte ollf , ita n l ut--i-i e rn ol, i w o it l ttheis lih, t Iato e' a ti, in Io- ielo'lllti tn ra. h altil nloS l', m alnrolu tly ll hi Ivore s o firms or I ," r e t Is s ai t it't e ,ll I oln i- i llulilh hel - itr dstel blv it total trager llto daw h t llup suc h e nell rtice i w.ill tl . Itf e s nrl'lre o ll tslllS Ior ,i paie s' i t ri G. ll th nl· trnl rlll clea ieilh d Me di cal t o thinll rs oin i: over inttlllll t Irie t hilll To, l n ld ha e io Elt rd h li-id N h1t $. i lO, hJi' re lllltru lithe, 1 ill7taivi of l, a hlic, i llt lt l. l ht i.r al iollt I itotrtti rvne f th 10t- henca 8t . l i hf tinf id l lv. Itoetnr i ee n rBilel cona erted to -ileit It e itn ittes f ftlI " ti i tr e rayi olthe ct e ould i otd Osohavt plrnied tro eoue an etnie nlv Iiti il lAt- he-fli, sI t u lttt l si s nt Ithat Ittenssg . sodovebie ia n tsrdgionfof hris Dai ie hatecu alwys oe.od him r I gi lini ter of tIh e s sfet1hi loots el elouss Io) pat. .I ,. Itlv ttt benlo, reitlly onvertedo he wolo n- e 101 liot, I(iv thie p ok t al'fn st t hm e Altr.e, ll ins ithllt-i lns i Iwt-el, it i it teill iwni, o are ore tnsitrt , Atnid w- iE l l vr interdl to srill s ilt-it Sh ou d h vpt- o ft i -red i no t . t ise o - II' d L) InI(ihe it sr s llif t si -ltllt t -lll lit, ellrV (,lll Ipltor bi is tbe w-ii hitel dglilled Ftoeen IhbliSblle Ileill l t- eo toe - h t lli otv l bti he s vi sehell d h eo ooai ehn hI tv le r I it in awa. t"havel1 I11n ue i s l in See tinhifline . I Illlt Sthill 8 IIt1d IhI ih t d Dllclt l il• .leilo ln illlo to o lllilstet-o lene 1"0i the I dt ri o(foltottq i trla ].tlh III ? eo i ldtniisi t h at o.est gitittntais word, f tho Ihae lwyf the -oosdevr, sy we -ti gssll noll dfe ll< pl i." i os tiou expo.tts of tie lutly e l h1 i. i. welt tllr % know I e in, Ie m e umeo, t llald whi h to err toeri t m an ie i .o tieti itto altsltsst Sits mit its e Oarmt so1, ii if e wuld ishiVe I;lII i to lhe I l rI tt , rits o o dirilt(\V t illa li ous anliiiu;tryttIyi fillsi na- nI tht e ll tl i1,1'( tlillll I ioe t) hand on Iutlelllmttl I hd all irxnr,(unl t the ill hiC OOltI I toE ma. I I. I i .lenmly tilate IworC i|oIl, nlit- ait InIt hft'aid is, t,,,,hink In ll, a tit:, ess tIs wt I t:r erer, ia the i tnoe, h h c urse of ,12 'e~ll' i r tit uttt ill infidtl , Ioil f lie- ha ritttiot r ll to_- aatttstt ieia l t l stirt ei It tinlnshl ne ge of aI n tni h Iolvlesufll nr( t t hys e etdisss a t tIIuSdII d Irtlge.. I"*, elt ..e c ,o1 diill l f or thi s po Lu e ioll derollf the olyd ni t bh111,? l l i.wlel ·'ll e lheln Illd shch a d o lln in l ]s .8hp I td il'a hllilybley to ible of.:ll pievhe h f I ver! iirollyV't wttt peered ill tils win b til r t l lil h t dcull Gll h editomrs hat1r~ed fn their whoe orse ts,1 of 4'heer. us p fcthc e Noth, an d 1o shalt, l reat )ritaln, withn freer, lell t ole nd nt Illiti inllrol a in le ilnltal e l -ie ti Ult f esls aI iblernlle am t tItha e edqa inorlllof II dnvj aunt it llbluit its a i, 'l'llll l ll tf ti)h wo oe r tIhreupe weeks the tau I illrlv l tlh Ihie Ihll l I it t w nfmte rin ct redu.e rathedyslonger than add no t ftirs to TENNEI . IAPF OLF(JUISLAN.V,&,. L" it Nina' MP or LouIsIANA, ssih its cansls, roads rulll lintand ri Cro plae to (tlare, along trh stage and s zeall bunt rout~fte, 11. S. Te net. AIi 51~t-il'S MA P o,' THE IIIT~t- S1TATEP cYt-.silCg the principal TIurnike asdonun rod, I.hi'r ·Ii-a thle uieuniv tis iles ro ous place ,, nt motlhtr; asi then.cuse of tie sanuls itn! ril tiroa ntghro ,al the col'rt-,l.t carefuily cupiled fillm tits Ibest au tbjispb isii by. Aagntusnl ItiluiIei. IIrITsult.s 'toAst stI's fUts DE OIIl ROt-itt TIlE C-IT-un taTt.PT; ist ta atf tins rrioac, distanss- sten11? boat anduaul nroutas, &o. just feceived and for sale %VAI M'tEAN, CIIE:KS ON I'IttLADELttHIA-Fut- ial Iey C 'si(K P 'p cI iERS, 1 31 1ýtalpwvr( TiHE INDIAN'S PANACEA. ST "J',OR the eure of rheumnt ism,ser.£ula or kingsevil,gw(u, jIs iat!ics or a Io d oot, iuoieiont ort', ialt rheum, n si-hilitlo andi sorosarial disroseas, particularly uloers and paihflalhotioos of the bones, ulcrtedthroatart oC ut o trils, ulcers of every description, fever sores, and inlternal by absesscs, fstulas, 1ciles, scald Chead, survy, biles, lchro- hr olte so , orys, rsipolis,blnots, anotd every ovarietyofoes tonora alehotion, coronicn3torrhl, head reite lrocred- r log froottosyoaorid hmool', [)oti inlthe sotoolth ond dys-tt i-epsia proe~tdlic ni on vaciatcon, flcctionls ofthe liver, ohroic inolotmmotttm of the kidneys, anl gera iobll- nu ty eursed i a tornpid action of the vesslsof the ski. It Ie is sittgcrlarlyoliiecaiotslin rctnovating those eoostilttioons o l hid o t hct ov e bee l b roken do w no hy t s j udlt i ots tre atm e net, i e juleoilre itegsoltities. In gencral termns, it is eapom inentalo c all tlnthes liseases lio iariso fiom inpsuritiets io of thene blood, or i of whthe Itor, of olatetreee li oootow'l·kinil. tot1 Some of tite alnotve eomltlnoitlsmay reqtrtie some i- te flinoasstont a idticain s,, lwhich theAireumstlanees netl to le ease wrill dtiott'. ut for a geerl relymedy ol' tritatcr oe to remove thecani, the IrLftAN'S 'ANAIJEA will ott gtCeeci dlbfod ShlloiCfc.c T1I0 TIll" PUBIC., Inor true it is that modlerte Physicnia.s, siI tltrir am bitio to excril in terir ltoftesshcostrmtlot tie ost fiellls ioi ofs cieone by ite aid noflhemistroly, uil seri olt new re-tv medial ogentts inshttt, to rnrive ct crfection io tie ncttlee by erals i ofotto a lole,--cotirely ovecltk od C neglet, as beneatlth thprnti stc the, lerioll d hoains teots ti stores of ietdcilloe, hicll the Almigltily lots causled to Sit spring ootofthe ecrth inoevery oliote Aodlhow muoth do tmore true isit thot while the Ameriocn h'lysieiot looks it eto Ioeig eootooieftrs ff nclsy of his ost omel mon ando i thressut articles, perwetutlly colnttging as they asle at thle dictttes oftcithion or fonlly Io is surrouled i his ow contry wiith an endlesscprofslion of meTicl pLcts, o saffici'nt totancenroat inclieatioc ildisrase or to cu re Saniy ollIP ilra ritotder nllet ie th is igtntof the o tir vl'i tus, aool diebw or ulerrd rto 'waetedeir hanlitcg on theSi desert air.' I S'lte rieots onf vegestle medicioes upon the sytetm are temroray--tlocse of icinerls laostig. 'ihe lformner ex 1er t tiil c Anosd ph as otIf--ch lI Itt eriscy iu t r - I m tihellct cseanticailto the solisth, delclmposblg to i tllehboonesra culooolelriillg tile oeoslituttiot bh"'a slow tir stire destelncstini. i 'Ithe cogruialit.y, eofficioney aiol SAFETY ofoegeta hie rmeti es oethe mleral, maoy e estimatei hllby oichtst ingthce attreiott Itreotice witlc tcie mtodeo'n; or, so Icring iI nioreimnccliatrly ucclesr our owni olcervication, lt" Icli an ie'atioe uwith oot of the wities. W sole, imer oiei uas cot know orheor c 'd of repearted hllsltoes whereoi Ssome deoreldi, uteetnprdielg female altdio, bymeansof .0 r siaie leredclice alone, hls ailortrdl the most rcpidi rslihastoi shlnt c oures, terytle .la teica i etlite of tile s - nllt so~rirtie, diiected it the most soilfl Iotnner, Ioas foiledl Amldi who toas Sn oen sIrpritsed a ttlie ron mtoltve pae anc d Iccility with which thle hllioI fofres hiic selt ofi'nrolay disease,cltldct the alttist totl al'stiteoeno o l'c onic disese e a noseg othem? Who hot ee Ilearl I, elol Indian with a roostitutiou brokhot anld rleioeid by illttre'ttectlt A:d conis a otlterxtis tplcitwlts hIapc y ex- s t ell'ithm ofte c apae from slo t of lte ills olich te Sleow bean is hoeir ne is eldferly owiund to miore ge nia i. and sate iconii hhs e t ns This to ifg iterene i suesso, is tta file liicti ofa thtie-, ioite speriority of the sinlen saf meanso of cureYiccti whih God has created for the aesnL con his emlhleyn, omer those which tile eci lle cl tie ariotof mln itoarse it irom a long reithleoe amoog a pertion ofdtrllehorigic al inch:cicnctsof thiseocnlcry, sttanlo inctihnlae accuainc i tacewitthc tslethclalsof ctusolr some of iethil.Tmoast Ssoecessfill itllrctitioleras the pcl' ietor ol 'crhe IlliiII'S to Isoccta'ol''dresdrr aklokmclelgeof some of tile most i Ipoioefulacdl fvoritereltoiies. 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For sattcie lIItlE.NltY lItONNA!II.L, drucggist, oflc icic' Sb:.ite O iticcectcrs,'"'holt itt oneilas stersto lit' NIEW ORLEANS IV NAShIVILLE 1AIL.t .UADt COMIPAN I. T[ HE stock, l, ers of this compony are hereirv no . ttilld that bIy it resolution of thile Iloartld fe' dirnc o'rn ssedt1n tihe 19th intt.ll theall lltlle l el themll Oa thle i13th lebruar last, e fr tile ? llllt of livr tdiollar pt shr e, was rei-cindtd, and the steid stoCchiiders arc firthe r otifird thath i W\l RERAS, byt it eioot itla ofthi-lmard aesied n ii the 19hlIs ita thull Ihaes been aillle on th steoctkholders of the New Orleans aim Nashvill' Iaeil iRo ad Ci any fir hIe ltloirh yilgyllttae o the the sclatk hh itesec tiael tly Chamr, viz--two t hiiur- , lpe'' hmhI,, lyabl ll on the lrslut iat Septllehernext thro c;llu' ; or sane yade lon the tirt daiy of D)ecemilbcr ii.xt ; iai tel dtohiroper shaItte alnhi ie Oi l tile fst IdY o" lli.t: Icxl. ct owtl lcrei i e t l it Itesllc vedi, itllt Ihe Pcrtln!' of this coiil lpliV shall notify the sllliirC hiolier++ t1i'.erle 1 hr 1 I the" t U Iic Ic pr) ls of the citytl t incoi lormiiy wih h th il the cixtrt'th of Jh carit, they i ie, -m 1i td tio ostpiotic tiy cpacltit callsd in .it the stotck titta c11ompay for ti(e dit'tIeto "iltVyiltry, frontaitit afit Crtle dry ou p tlich it ia llade puiltet with tite txpless cion. said irollnttttioll of sixty ldaiys, fi'l illt|d citI det'l". day tl which it shiuhi have ieceit idI that IhClf the llt.l'! on which -aildl+pa1yImnts.hould have beePn mde, is and rowell t t!lrittied to t the eOlllliny, IholecUrtd l oil tha11t pmnlll Iletitl. ilplerative. Ill contilrlity rbhrrellre, iotsatid cull all stlock of tile shcwkholders ill said e~lolnllv,' ai thlnk proper to pat of' the navlleUts on Iheir stick to tle nliil of the addlitional sixtydialys, which the charter dalow tlAtr natliotiel hnt Ihe ilary nt o" treo ol lres per shlui called forAnd due t I the fII t o S.e'l tinllaer lez. Iliny be tpost)lnl+d ulnder tihe sixth sl,¢.lillnu Of sd llhlrlltl, I ntil the 3lt d'se of Ocetobier ntl that t pe ll ieyl it i6 , Iwo dlllll'r Ior share culled iTor, nild lue iualh tirst lar of lecember Inext, imy IbAJI t IIetit fIl wo dolllar6 IirhilrP Chlre lli6 f 1lr |11,. il Inie filrtll:lv yof Aircbll next, tllllfty be pOstli)pOlld ullntl tlhe 3!0 h dathe ofApril next.+' Extracts of'tal minutets of hile m.ld. jtmne! • It .McNAIR, See'ry. llats,for +le JOH1N II (ilRlIIAM. Sp 16 STA'TE OP LOUISIANA. -Parish Court for the JU S Parish and City of New Orleans. rFilll STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom - tiose Presents shall come, Greetinag:tWhererso| T Joetrs HMnse htving jrrchlreed at astrsle made by tile Sherifllof the poriob of Orlraor the proprerty 00 hcrcilnoter deocribed, rns aopplied to tie clerk of this| eiu cuurt, in whose office thedoed of osale was recorded on vmo the 2ddar of April, A. i). 1838, for a monition or adroer- Ti 1iseme0t in conformity to an act of thle Legislature of the go btare of Louioiana, eitiitled"Ao act for the fiortlher assu- a. rce of titles to urcertrs a rjudicalalsles;" approvedi ite I0tri dy of eMarch, 1834. is NOW, rlr'erfrre, know or, ond oil persons interesteri hlrrinra o rebyroyirer ld adonideo d io tile t r oferI t toe Slte of Laoeision, t nod ,rf the Porish C:oltr, woo cra sot ttp ory righoftitle or Cliet in osd tod tie propetty olereioofterdesirlbed in consrqeerlre ofn i rtobaolitv in rte rdcr,,lecree or iedgnerrrof Ohurbe Ant olerler rltltl ttle sole trae reorde, trr roy irrergtnrity ortr illcgatltv it tie a .ll riemetfsmrnt at d .dorersreet, ill tiere, ernlonller oldare, orfir any r tt er e ftd et wthatm-tr Pvthat shdlowto Cerosun i!sl( thirty idey from toie d ey tolfs tOreiticr is firster insterrd ini lre uhlihct paerrsr;ty the roln so mande h bul nodt be cnu~ed inrm ntd to legeted. tt Tie said prCelrty w osoi y thml e hnriff of tlie pn ish arforesaid Ot tir 4t, days of Acrile, A. I). 1883n, fry viritoe of decree of rtib Court, rndiroi therr .elrr da ofFebrroryA. A . D1383in ha oeit eotitfo'd Ailexaneder Clorwall vs. Jaer s lanste, No 0,.3f7 of tile dickroet of I trioourt, o at rihoi r srle tilde rai Jaellre rlns beaner ,trie rcroser lcr re Ito iee of tweety ylre tleousadotr dolt frs. Itcriptioe of aPropertr as given in the JudieialCoun le.. s eyaitcounu, ti Acerrtair lot rof cesround itted in the sburb An- o Iuttriti lia Loneorse of this rity,in sqeare No 5eie end lot hoaing rllelloht teanlre, tf0 Ibot iroatt- T''choa itolors treet, fficl feet tlennr trn Orntgers street, nrdt 0 tert ol Iavadte dll ntr tit storteirt, in uch ltusnaerto tilht saide lotn u 'i'rondl is tis feet wide tfom tle side of Stire squareo to tie other elhsr with a r weling hoost nse fntng on lie u N r lrrrlou sdretle, tile bitcer lId Itu peneic tlso, tIe distillerey cslarhlihlrrentsr erected Srthrrer l nd othler ouirdiof.r ro ilerVeolctir te 'oeoilr.rv utSrlilo, irlllrienle. itlrd ixeurd s berorobiong to ai rt dtir illryO its dl teorIr oe s as rullrr pe lr llr n n, nd tire rigrs, lracrtisrrr n rir ttovilegre teretoItl blotor or oill Irty ws to, ni, n t' - eltrTl ri.t c J.. t flUitA F t-- loFu de Ptrotess pETr la lraroisse It xilh, dr la N d uvclle Orleons. TI F I'TXI IllA LtOUISL l...--Atmoor rot qee X ers IoI'rrctl ers e rllrl rollert, 'rrl1r: Atrrrrrrr rtrro , tJles Iallse t arnotci r uoo vreios faote nr ler Slhief dI nbelap:roise tl'Orlorra to treelrI~tli o Ei-:e deCrIite, se tiadces& a (l r lete d e ctt terore oit ln l ire vellte lirt Selregisftor( it Oroo joe rio Met doe l'Prorrr 1838, poor ooois oorfornlelolrrlrerrtd rr, ero e Irt. Lbgistarti ere 1' Etat de ta Looostllec, lrtilrr. " ACo l o Cronr r llfrlo o lees Stitrnes lies tac rell er o a u ve llntsjdiciaire s;" a ,llr 83fs *d IL; O IOasj13.. (lru'i soitorou, et toteut rsonltoes irt tie(,strer soet loltr "es prosreetes soOlfro eltr a naerer e 1' oI riot t dC ler Lor, ilanre et dio to Ctrto de Ioeaeisso, " qni poucrlIiet avoir droll f la trol~iite r.-;llt.++ ,c t -rircr ir l f serretrr t o jrrc rrro t rtr l e t o n l lls 0~fI,,,nrlorerr re dc trt iro: oe jll rrrrrell e iera 'bgt'rl er tir..r.. " d ne'l la1 venlts a i ete fille, rn dr torts ilefignlariei. elu e r illrqllite dens c 'estiretro toori s co Ic telo l', et 1e II|olle ,r lde ;,, vtlo, ou r otr 'tie llstrrer car ser r ele toiri oo ll tr e Iril'tr " tr reil', dilnl t~lllt d orst ner.r der i e I tllrlrrllilrl t drI:ret arirr feleqnOi orttoore aillsi ftrit oao lersi r poo rolli'e "~ e holll~loolu~ep " h rn pro'i" fat vprren rr le srp erItritrf rsdiolaer ;t]tzbeIu ario treer'aoofe 18rrbo1 ren vrtt drr s I d~t:,ct de eette aour oI 5 der rrorier doe I'innbe rr:8, oI fedrirts Irrtflriro t '.\lerrr [ arrrrrldr. ell rroietr rf Jr trres e i Ilnrrro, Nf r0,olo7 dr dorkrr ie eerir rr onr, r lrrrerf +rellrr le dit Jamo s ilnhr e r'est reeda icqo('rerr nlodr i. le rfix rfe $ rrr r ir. Ie t Dsesr ptioll de c Prop~r &bl I' q.ris letranlsferJ udiciare, it Si*.,oi l' . C'n1 srce in I .t le terl~~rab s n ttafulilolll'g tie l'Aenon o-, eialion alias I~aeour se, tiecets rills, dallS I'ilet No 5, ri-e'r oleflrlt lfrir l-r fnrlto rrrrrl)lrrrrt fonor prir.d rere s itnnt 1 lrd ie fl iwce d' la itlte Tcl(a I i hillsuz ~t ) s eelltr p~ieds I[t r frril e t o llr.rrife nfr e r I'rr, el dlltt ll d 'of i de fm'e ;' ht fleadetc. dnillle larut. dn0j1 MarchbIde s(Ite a 1e I nrryrrfitnlrlr 0, rl-r 0 frijllrnt ife drirtd der ftr frr rrdarrul hiflr fb- i Ii t lre. Sllrr Trnr ritmotlee INorroflle OeitRoo 107 p tde.83i,. twrt l etrf 3 r,111e fl.h il lllf e rrr ie.lle - 0Royal C(ollreg of Pyllysic'iln4 , lliOIin. t'.F 1E original Vegetable Illgeian Univfersl Medi citne, prepared by W %liskin, Nsq. Mealncr of Ie llal Collg': of Surgeonslll, Ic.ietiate of Allntlhe 'l,'s(,o nllli4 l lo o l tIorl) ,1 " t)Il 4 o111l Society, Surg4 nn1 Place, WaIcrln Il: ridge, lo Perpetual Pu4il of G1,y This malabil millicine, Ihe result of twent y vers' experience 4 ild liiunpnrllelh.1 e vslc4 's in ti '1 exl .nsivC1 e ilisel Iy" tlhe thunlltvy nd illllu hililv, :aiw is nlow lil.Olnro uCe .! Io Ihe notice of il' Ameri ean inlic, at (hl tarn'is so licitatio' .f a + illlml lt n e 0l g tlolmn I of Il lo Ialnl I high tlllllln i lln ' in ( i .ssiill It is hi eill, Is a pi elimii ,iln slp, It check tleeh evils awl I'tal consllsii(enewers atisinlgfb.lron tl. use f (e ne lllllllol s ill( d hICtrimsllS In o h'l,. nI I u t lici c i O l l r' I " \ I h l . l hl 1i o f Ih b r ie a t 'd[ lproofs ol Isuili: ,lui s cart s, i i, U st 0 )o o I tuI h li-a ,llv e , 1!,:,l it ll poslll . 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York, Sole l enet l Agent lihr the Unitel Slates, mo. For 14lh4cl'4 ctk%, I' h4in4 ll: n of ii h!w 4 ' .rigin4 1I4prell to1n !4 ,a44 kl4 IIIrIilol"u, 14'1gi, s,) NO 11o Canal 411eet I.lsis 41,i1 .4 lle )4344'44l4 il . 4 14' , ) lllt ) hl..lil 14r444l, 4 44 4l4t 1 illr I I4I S ih ll1otf111 4 nl 4.h 4(4. jll 311 1"lkiY 14 LI, ýr 1,, No 3 111n14zine stret, arc Ss11w rece1isineg fom slips Nsill, Louistille, ,ll"'l' 6(111. sleJ: 4l4l1i44ll4434l.ll. ki 1,114ul 444I44 i. ll .IIII l'lnt:llks, I44l:4 , ait oIther 1 lore :1 a ills llllr m :l " S il is, ontsll , SIi lll ll.hoe s 4 n1id I llron4 1 s, I 41si.i.i's i 4 g1 n ll4llli Ci's 111 1 ,illf a i M,1 441 lil t, o Sal lrulityl; do bull'.d, amtlst a t ux elll lllllndts :Ollal varso1 s q d14 ities; menil lis 's fini eIl f, scI d I)'e4 d Ii11 r1.) d..= puplS a and brogims, f cr kski slloes, brokhi s n lppe'a s; men'11 s line ca14ll4k and kippet ll44 , 1 14 e ll shw4l4Ii i alu lc4 , l44i44lb Iiiii hll44 a k ylsclll 'f 44 4441 4 l 4,l lh4 P 1d brogans; genlehmen's best hloality c hl'seweri ihots, i klle shoes f and lt l 4l4l'; 1is 14 snl4 ' Illand . 4l 0lill of I 'ian sloesll and sti es, do clallf, 1 11 n ol sea l wn4gs, a leI article; so ne wil, soull and mF. occo qIC:n ter I iotal; b s', misses' ,' andchiTll en's p1g4 44,41 '4 ll w d inwed Llanlas, and slesof evllry quaity ll lwe il, Also :I gae end 00II'(Ias ment of owIn's stout was x aw ,r.a1 r hI a s' 44 o u E i t1oes 44 wu,) , le , 1tIlr p1t4 c 44 roh iwst I 4 lit, r4 ssett 4 rl4. ns, '1444 f44t4lh huks, clmiee sxpssly for plhuntatio use; a good :hs w farll4 i4l4,h d uarll ge 41 a hntityof a4, n fl444 iorqunt. 44 ILO iis' fine calf, sent, mored oacco and riwts, and 4mp s4e4ll s114 us (1 fi4 ne4 F(s 1 .1 ro14o1 4n4 kI4ly id r4n4 ) -ca4 ', sl4 d and sto e 1 l44 1, oote s; do 'I1'k u she, ol alnd boots, ke. etlllemet 'slllll inel shionwbll e (|laCk rilk lntlls; do h li ill i : becaverdo of ai sui.llerior quality; do imitationl 4l4 ratm do; brol:ul It na4irr1ow ia'n len's li)ne dra4 .u'1 bl: ak l insi slhortl' 1 e h ll410 hats, a new article. Youlthlls1 !:n ;e size Ints of dillerent qualities; doi ch il'drc n . i .4 'ls4:ot h 44's4 black4a4 4 d"l) b wool hats of vn4ari 4 s h: lln te, v4ith geiineral alssorl'l en of boys' ll nd 4 e4sll i1) l hns a;ssor m n..... w ,ill ie replenisshd by te of 00(1h packelshon rmte anmle nlmed clies, all of which x il I be sold on aconunodatinig terms. all -litllf MONiT) A( UEI'S I1.1 L.V FOR TIlE TEFTTI. r1 4144llt )estblised4 1 re1 ua11 Lion a4.y l t'4onslaIlhi nrll. 1 4 4 l) i demand for tllh lldl tu ll h rei lly of ini, i0lid Iret .seralive f t1 teeh, has induced the. sbo r oll.r it Co the A Cmerican public. Arrlngeniauts ha beeo uncle to sutly 0_00nuet15 in all the princill ritis mjN 11(Wl1( i - the Uni)ted States1 so i. 1o p14ae. t ithi 1he reach ll these sullring aind ike. lyt to uler this Imos hnrussing of all nheli,' Tooth-ache. \Vheo aI i ,lied Slrordillg to directhons gven Ollc bottle, t l 1: lever ntil e ld to alt l Ilileli lle an ld 4i nelt relief. It also arrests the d4carv in defectiv' -le( l 4t,4ild relieves that sor ieness hic, ll' so I'rd entl i tunders ai strong tooth unlless The applilntim and remed are simple, innocent, an' not I tl leasant; ll, the l.e numbler of persons in difll nt secl tionsl ollf lh country, that have air, ally experienced such deli4htfu and salutarly ell"'cts hronm t)he uise of tPhe Balm, are readv to hcar (tr the rublie gCood) Ih ir eslhliolv Ito |is 1t1 rivalled lan itoles. It is lian andiaeusl t rev htained sinlgllarly and unpoe letedlyl, nitn o ill. he re.nrtcd by the ci ilied world as the mirs itVllidle disoveryo o Il'llnaon IRlei' oh ufthe wod. ,O ou 'loCte tl "er btlei. Sold hvy 444I44 .n4C4 4 o E4 lI lll).S--Naval Sketch 4ook, 4 oi4 , the Service 4 L jhau t aneeid ash ore. sale bycharcterilc rceini Ics, fi) e asud oinilo, N l4 I tl Ie elll uthor of )i4lae.s of It n'dr, &e. s onld Sern iesm i o 2 v" O s. ll ftunlic n R.wregulr yTi ci of i n lo lse ro C ront:. flank the ve 44r I11ii11o the close of 18:45, minhding 4 Pelso, Sul sketches of the lerdia members-tby one of r o pft S ejust irreived aind for sale by \) McKIiEAN, SISO14VI.1, i llioii Novelb b the author oto. 4119 - i- 14.4lp an 4 Common1I .t4. JUSTPUIBLISHEDFROr ST2EAEROTYPi PLJTiES, "'Te 1ith Edilion of i .ROWIIIeTT'S TABLES OF IN'IF.AREST' Nt 10 whijt is nc adedi an Average 'rLime Cleula-Wes Ster, or consy mellllhs fle finding the average lime on stlorage, nles of hoa.d or bills of goods, when lurr- jIy t chsed at ditfferent dates, on differ.nt creditts, o-It or varios amounta besides a uselill11 and complete ftanking re Time Ta' le, the best 1lnak can be contllived. or tht fi gures call pr Idoce wilhi tile same ollldsend compalss, and size oft' pe. An a:ver'isemoentn in the look is in nearly the follow ing words: 'I1 Tile hight distinction this work has received throolgh k the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title u age, is a re' tommendttionl in itself, so nllenmmon,, nto so e.r et sive, Ih t nothing is necessary nore than by way of ad vertisement, to given eondllnsed view of some of its pe- o lliarlitlies:ls fer instance, the Inttlrest has been compls- Cll ell f'om,nll comlnlred withi, whlt is equivalent to ftour- i teen sets refelenaltione, ex:amiued in the pressthirty- Cl five times, and prilled from ,t-reotyple plates testl Id R thirtyty-one tines, fi'om all alhicll it must be evident jy; even to the skeptic (e'-recially nn the pe.sonal ofthe de- te taol of proofi tilhe prelce) that tle wcok nlst te arill- Nil letically inlllib!e, ad in confirmltlon of this beliefo Fa Prn,:min of two Illllredll and f lit dollar's, is now offer- W1 ed tfor l. detetion of al errt' ofta ellt ill the presentloit or fifth etlitiou, as expressed in the preflhe, making five j'I f large rlenmso offered for the :ml error since thile i st N plilication ill the year 15i.02. SOne ol' the most cinspllslpco featlllres of the inf(s is in the arlllgement of the Tilmle and ll A n111ts0, which No for expedilit.ons, rnference olll erspielily, wilhlhb 011lp 1 of tle side and index, e1nlnot he elxcelled; and tlI sally ty andt ease with which tike i 1teresl ctn , tih li 1llll the extent of genlel"s blsinless, withoutl dolublilg onfisllI islesnides eonvellience so essential, that ill the eotllli- Ie tion of some oi the mlo t competent e allll illi all'ild bllsi- na f nss men anellllllbllc o 'clr wholl hl.e n1lae getl llle l r of thewok, it lnhasbeel diostinguislhcl Iv theo Ilot-table il ealoellation efofa "master ioce". Anld onsiderling by td 1e infallibility of the method originally adopted in composin tile work, ,ailln Ite extl.Oolrtlllary luylllIler andi Svlaiety t thle examinations, anlld tests of every edition it lpassedinloe rss, eotwillilsttllilgthe woholeisin e stereotype, considerinllg, in shtll, he positive ncculcy fill seI.l h%' the Ilnp'eeedllnted inla1s elmlo cpo oil, tile vo most wonth rful hook in the w"slk;" mloet certainly no - Inn In cln l:imen 1,Rllre woltk of lthle sname extent, whichl since tile beginnllig of creation, has had the samle nlm-ll l her and variety of tests in tlhe same number of edlitorls; It Sno, nor one haittlthe nnlobelr, as is olearly shownl in tle d if 1Prelee. el Ilesides astest and stdardll, ithas been trietl maldcl ' recl in nearly all the bank and pult lic: llces in the U nited Slates, mltl by the public golerally, dulring tile long period of thirty-fine rears, ye't no error of ;he al S lllltions has ever been Ieulnl in lprin, althongh contillu allty chaillenged by the otlfer of tvey large pIremiums. Is Tne in flct expressly adlopled by all tlhe ourts of 1, oftaw cl sevrulal oftlhe States as the " rate of lcubltlon lilrstatute,'" 1 ilso hy law flr Ilank illterest, A ecorldillng s the book is used, m:1d a0 s 1 ay i le .lc 11 ill is art, by .,lll iillles of tile soLlllo'lll'BI, sIld t few of tle A n subsellllenl purtllallser.s, inllle list:lttlle'lll d of'the book, i i illnlsesesion of every closs of citizens ill every qlll' c toof thle Unit ed Statle. It It is lnmoreover well knownl that, hv its rearlt check, it ihas so oftliudeltected large errors, tnig alfte they were l ie madeeven t by thle most elrelll alltd mnost competent at'itlllnelicilts, tat its usefulness, alld thle bsolllle lle cessity for its ou, ihave beeur extenlsiycly insisted uiotlr, 11 in so evieltll incled, iha :elee its 'advlltlllges, anud its I, savings, tllal sevel'rt yearsgoill tlilst tlefirst edllition C was SlPC ri, tld out of plriol, il' geat ttmbonlc of seeoll C le hand copies were sought ilor, solme to a groe t dlistahce. r and puloerased at v' pr'es, its they clull occalsionll ally lle picked up at from $10 to L25 per copy, adl e, sonmepersons hlave reccn.-y skelared, and instances could he quoted that tlhey would pay 850, St$10(X, nmai $5011 n- for el elopy, ii ot to be had tf. les, all an illndividual , ll thle ltller iclsllance lparl'till'l', Bhaving at sile o1e Ie ilne rixlhibiteld stia.hctory pro, to several erI i nSl'pre sent that to himlit was really worh ht mollny dlll d 1 o1e till onh the sling 1f'Iis erv vanabl0e tillie, h' le bell I vl rih mannu1III ioi pnllliotlii e. 0it It is likewlise wo'ltlly of nilllcce nll inlleedl l'rl(l to n illlre n tJl such is the tnlature of figle work gerllll aund amt ecially when (i' the e, xttlt and imnportanee of these ta It, rhat h:ul this hook or its like beon prepar ell il tlhe iusul anni llllllone, b the most llco( pelelllt I-llellculator in tile wl Id, anld llirll aids priuth d lot 'es cauilolllv r h owlll colis rreotin of proof shlnets, it 3. ie wo1, llni o l to at certainly, Ihave hen Iuns2fe lt - rl - luroll n111d e1 l- lt allynllr Ill'' tI l e pelntl0 lel dariicu " 1 st1eotylle plntes of this woi'klher. llI a I, that tllI'ere d Ilonm, ilhthilir Ioun'ercui s and exltrald:llilntry exanmina tof ions,egainst tire, fw the ge'ne'al hemlit, lihey are (b' he- odlertislnlll) colllalllltly kept in a plal:ce of lspeeial 1111ak alll11; eX l1t Ii a ilt I" iii loin'ii, 11 t I 11le dir . i t lio1 t111 I n bi ll l ' i ht and s'tlllell intli" y cst \lith userful iotL's, ftllow Ihl p't l ce, lwhichll in lltlli tlah s in the (w . prle1d0Il lle llleditins, oltain mnll t iin s I'erlllmorn e,omt' Inagl th- t',, lau l.lliry lel l tl 1 0 ollLImpl i !i lon I 11% 1 k1b11lin' \vashh lrh it I IbeforI s1-1 I .i.s tihs a11 ee11 ,: i'lol.l- .nlill arl a1h:0 . c2111 ls 1 t. ,t, il I 2110ill, ihi nnc , l t.rP t x1110 il taist lit I L h lh al) m t. 1 lrooi- it htl s A r L et , 1 i 1 nn p idwilh i loer l. I ` lttee [ l l Ie,; of ii nI v l",t I .t.I.1· slstldl(i o( ll.a, llC l tl on sII 0 I t'l1 i t I '.t(el',;i( 1"Tti to [,.1)> S i, : I11 m t j iv Seditiono 7"I ;anlt: ,p t , risiog rholsly f 1 rom its bI l ic-il r11 I o l o r l i ,it tr il of.(th le -i l u ei eare toiln tilns nalll .ro'tite lo. ll\ 't e I20 h11h' till'.0 i ai . l I'tifs OIN h {em, dieecvurnt, olilgll-n.. ill i-' the pulhlic foro a cnlih: S t loT OIt . :I- . 1 I I. Y Ibe rotlo to u tl,, e t lt i tlov ut his flli e, 11: S('s i umr Ih *I t-, r- o t, 1t, :o I).upbtnr sue r 1. I ,t ' iron o 1)r. Joit soni . t1 e icen t ; ;e )ppe ttllnit in +-. If till' ll+o) r ', " Ih" :,t r , d oo l , m lot ren" , +..l'l ii. lN Y de oter 4 lo t e t oot h t'l t ' a d , lui1 t'( l n i+ >5 ; it h t'io ;i ol ' ' ,t . Newv tu I m l:, durhl.[ It th s h f illlIr..l{)il -t-Ul (',,o11r l li proe ice t o l llnilv ' , Ill - ili, . . 1: tle nu l l~l'lt t lp l'l . ln l l'll I .llý l'(( re,":,: "let is .:l ol) I - l l tiil ll m ,l' ft' Ill"tl]r ,lh h'Z ( +lli nt"I'+iut-ta I I o..lllll , :F ill days ,willl l t i jll i h tt l , l I rly other 'ldvhhrihuts me dheine, il u in , t'' Sl'tttll 'P1 c llle l lil l \Ill.r llu S+.\. ill l . . I t','l ,,l ont trAn ' 1 no e tilto on , hich en rilly fill n ,t-o As r n l-hrhttol rses of Vei s ti ldl. S.tndlo s I r. ll.erhted Ieý,t n "n l wo\ill lllsr, llml lved by a simple ll IIO il lof tr, uttr l lt ltlU'+t l ' IIu i llal| t or ilnltl-lult to:l st, itt h l I in from bi l storm+lll, I ra I their c ~i,) b' Itrl r (p o · ali +.lith li lloln, lllr) r.11 !ls a 1t . Illi. lllh ll dvic e, fl i lsl,"rI R ) Wl dirltmt' wie3tIw,ttit li. s to he usedto, dwar at ai e " i t s here patients e on n'ies e ll II i mtlltnta t wi t milt o r. AI fdsancOtn i rning untolt night, t t13 CIlltttl o s, Ill uodll, ys' . I t.s Jo l tiltions tritly co Wlidentihl in all e case .. oLe M A Y, oliose, Sign, o snlOrn, n nt ]Ainteto, No3 Cauiea lets lst cto two doe rsl.lom1 (e tal street. s luilo lins of i ehl fillwsi l . woolds :land i ll ili se ecutl . in l mastsl.l I aln:lllE". Wosi , MA it anIs. .h\ l tod, 's gp tiotlol eol jlk a td ghl, Ook, (si:onlae slut l Antigco, Pollarld i os , -,o io ntal l or veil' antiqiue, CJillrtllett dol a I}1.> "l Zicurled Mb plie, s Itol d n tdlM e, Ili rds Iye l os, iso bs y (rallite, S:tin Wood, s Pitolmac Corll s, ood, lDos e or I h rdello Yesw T clel lile , alorll Wh ile, CInronntintle or ltlck Soialll e nd hla itela, Hose Wood, in.tise l isn oil lrey, Ash Wlhite Oak, kc. k ke. SA cimens io be seen at thel shiop. llPints. ils, glsass, copal orslieshl, kci. til h od nfosIi!O o sale. ualllto /, si un al d rod icl onf l nail rods and lloiiugh Caot, Germnn, shear, blislervel, spring, sheet and Cl'owle1 stlel Hollow wo:'e, cut and wrought noils and spikes Zis e , lock tin, ll ill and gri sttlones, salt kettles Chain cables, nc Co 5 horls, eo Ox, log i dI tlace chains, corn mills AnT1s, S J i Oes, 1aimersi ad Eellows Cotsi, aind cookin stoe es A Ees, oto.Wlin l's l otiher spadesmll shovels ihok alnd liate hinges, door tsdl window l ooks CoIllilns, etsilitsohar , tlnot h allee elen he, s nge Ylar'd ntpd ilha o (I lfe, lhll , Ird )g iinlll R 011 twine ll h atmd o lwa il l col operl Naeval lstores A Iull ssortment of hmdlware and ship chandleIry, always on haInd, ild whie h are oi oseed fI r sIle a whole ll or retail, on e the eell t loea e lo ter s tirsy ees fs \lsd ltlessr isgttv cointllhsV fAoes t i ' TIIREE A EY JIOURNY FROM NE IV ORLEANS. in gtersalslol he will ie in readie.sby the first ay tof thl io Io reii seovilitres.r il e i an thin ist )nor the ill lefr f dl'tle allr t d tro, the ha e llft r itee i v e beenrllyar bi oelilved th t ley de. not illerior tl oW ga ll rin e otnd in flest lusic ll, t llis a .r llI it uof largh lo u mtr lffor.sha i returnin Iis ontliig nedtanktsa lr itm e very libherl hoe powhot iveler hi e large seao. cabinoes htv led from t hie ni e I i imi b .rotigsedtoding It i.s dleeId ua rces IllllliPylleBial illy lanyhillngt" inl parltllu. ler o the s tlla netirs to tellsit a liers, ol it .geI ly rsser s.asol. JNO CenM.lly TO 'Ill INI51Es. fbend at s ls ering Plase p will 'io s. A fslhis. ulely Jest reseiv l t t ll Ul ONs, h tiNo I Etchage bitenl, comss Hi inlaries and eolmlsr the ns ibra Meld. D e Evary'Day at 1 91. Northern Mail, Ciaoss Every day af ld' A. 3M (Dom eve( un d 1v \V "d "sday an Western MTail, Friday r 'o la, y adoy f' bly ntral o the 1 evry (und, Witnesda r ad Satnrdav, by 9, I'. Al. TheL ail everv l'i ''esday, I'hursdany, an Via Closes every Monday, WdAreadny EXPIRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAl., DEPAR'tUREIt DISTANCE &c. of the Express Mail, behrio,a Manila and New Yoik-leavlt.g Mobile daily at 3 P. AI. Nonhlaco New aork daily at 5 P. M bouthward. Arrives Arrve Northward. Distance. l'ime. I(eturi'g Montgomery, Ala. ipa. p 9B m's 23 h 1m. Colulaao Go. 11j 21 94 3S Milledoeville. Ga. 2 133 14 2j p.sit Colnmia, S. am. 16am 171 10 Raleigh, N C 4 215 2 1i 2 SWVarrenton, Va. 1I m. 5 5 l 6i Petersburg, Va. 111 pin. Ef 10 9a.ra Richmoin, Va. arn. 21 2 a Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 i p ra. WnWainog.t at y, y pm. 0l 4 5 l Baltialmore, .64 3 4 ti Philodelllhia, 04 am. 100 tI t New York 2 poi. O91 CI 1305 143 li. oir id'2li. I Northward. Coniing Sollth\ward,nthe tinme is six hoirs i'{a la.iacb' daol) 1ani 7 Ihours. 'I'EN I)OIl.I.AIa 1RI'RWA lRl. 1) ANAiWAY f natr. 169i (Cranddet n corner of Herie SI , ntraeron aie nightL aot3h of August, and wac seen 'he nesxt ..urn-itin I'nydran streel, n negro boy ccnamed (:IIAd i.ttlF, iout i7 years of a.e, eld 5 fee e r therenbotils in Ileiolht, very blneak, od an co impet e intent in his speech, one of hils logs is more, oceasione( by by a recent hurt; li hhad on wlhn he went away a whlit ltrolln or linlen shirt anl while cotton parntaloons. Mdlasers of vessels and steamn bonnt are cationed a it ginst receiving or Iharlring said negro, as well an anll othler perons, as n he ttlmnist rigonr of tce lawwill hI enlorlld againat thel. Ithe above rewarad will be apnll Sfairdetlivearinag hi intn any of tic janils of either o nthe municipalitiea, or at 169f Carodelet, corner of Maevi itaiean. .Mpf II rni i tna ,u i -- Thriin nil l rill n r in h el - ln re to o fi reo e -x i tin g nh uder Lthe firlt af Ilalauois & Garreton, has cmea dissolved. ie.. subscriber will linidnte rtho alhir ao oIaah coi,. inl this eit, lhnd requirac illsnto pe.l. ilebln ed to ule aoaent to hinouhl', and tlll tnnlcauv f i claials, tolprsuanttlhnl n forsettlesowlRl. cooe 11-7ft_ ii (IARlE'I'SPi% S o--- W. WtW. SWAIN. N- No. llCanal Street d'ew, Orleans u- AS lways onll hand con tantly k rueeiving Drt. El Dyes, Chemicals,and P'an:s,nanmg thet ar., ts ollownilU an 1)IIUGS. D)YES; it, Antinlly, crtlude Atgols, ored, n regulu, Aunllnlto, Spar . hArsenlio, cldle, A lnn, k, nl iownlall, Ilnoillelte waoos, Bnnalseonancvna.i Cotlineal, lloax, elrlie, ioppe.nSn, American, k, do reftined, Cup ear, e lrinstole, crulle Fustic, 'Tamnlico, l, Ilimlh, Freent Ie arriuo, its Casnoroil, Indign, ellngal, oiCrian tartanor, do alunilla, nd I Calthnlaidesi, no lnreraceas, ae. oGu nloes, dto tatn'mlonln, S do Arthie, Logwoaod, Campeachy ui do assatnttilda, dl St lDomingo :s do alnoniac, do Jamnalen, ad to bellzsltl, ~C~mwonl, io tn lon, rough, Madder, ailnic, me do l ao scraped, Niotut-agna, nmoanre, re- do do S Aneic.', do Coro, 11l do c:nmphor, l te, do Ml.arnn.iib he do r1t tit d" o I haihe. ndo giiaaam,t CIlI11ICAMLS. to do kino, Ac, nitrons, nii3 lie miiclin, do mrnie, in lo tinllla dulo, ln i ii , on, oit snhllac, tl iianiili e latl.. curga l, ':II I(.:t~octa1' P, in da nntinlc. i rlTOiVi'n silimnais ,l n ,iper hLerrioes, AaerinLulU enllti, n d0 di -alot ign, lied pript i itate, e agI sia, ,orglsh, ll colle ilh, So A nmericas n.iachromatle p.alO (h \launna flake, So ia, carp si do sorts, Sl p p)otah. ta Oil clCoves, Sulp zine,. t dllocassia, S" lpl qlilit "|iS U Ial2 till, i hi . o(ntl , L I'AINTiS- hl . t A Itit, l ic low,tt ll ' 6 l ll gIIiat, C to g vl, dryi SI.- di ljoint l, ti,' 1 , ml0", i Wl",d ll I In, La k it ,l i i seen i nshi, rh do "lc itA., I' ris whlht lp.tish, III 'Iiilslnp( gI I ia(;,'k ly toil, ea i ,, i tntitl She do carpi, R 1:11, I'0t tin: It, carla: nti n, d. l h .k , do 'tri ulth', Spa" bus, h, tr \, E 'l'i ..s. rs. 1 1 It1e ti , do i, A er i :e i ..... gr'Ilkl do gr mli, i tl' 1 - lihl an, r :l, \' ili , ( ' sc,. 11'211- [lt IMi/Uci the eir/i rI, b th author of iiCter Siop" &ll a t ' ni.n. .s, or a i nter or S, hh.silo n li'l'l h in L,,, ,' q ý i;. '.li 1 'na tin I amil llitl, 1I' t cl Nci v , IN'.I. of InIisin n IrI 'ri ot "Iotis. i ,al 's I wtl, r: a o i o.. Allan b t'e h roni , I r,. ..t ,, , l Ii 'i r e o l , Irnh e )or.i.. , cl i lin.,! It ,i+ llbl hu. / Liniel lltll ti ne "i I ivo'n tENJ. LEVY. lS AiN Nll lX l' h . rl) , Iy tmilv Ltibrar o A yiar of 11 l bl'einhi t i hn ri,, sts ll'or. er. r y eio'r'e p ICr tenicuc A Ish 'ti' U e arnuftg D riarIy , d on :'e tl'slarraen 1eturn.l nticye teh i of.iar n.. e A lSo- ,\ Ibi w m ra e ca ph'] f Cp 1 <e' t h'I e- bingy "atien'tlntcovincn'of ets mgit nl,'conf d ttly tin itter iti wth cihauc' eIillinro lc llsolo21-l at -l -2 i Ion NcS norih itt' s Em bol.Ps (i tileif (Imtic tIoe w, nfilbtt's il oven mealil n'e -, an d p la pr or, ga·.hts a Sr. Rc.O, &. Ch'eINl1n REVIoId ll, &e, byih r the Ith oe A ye r 1- iu ýld an,' in 2 vols. "'ritta ry totlllt rharSrtl reag, aie p oera pla itle tor GThe Political ro r, lcte o od n t ed ' an e ,ll t or ac tenetiee view l'tile Itheory orilll il lice ia onll en amn log sat rnolllenls, with tlec re't ci'g hitoCb then[ ofhnceid rlliiaKv. n'hov eceot 2 oe4 econcnrn eith poyiciont in omeingo oh Rcllicutn allt l dapted to the yIlollg Fen of' tilen Ulitd A'in od'cn llot olilt Tor ill ti Ipelpt ioc ti theYI beh i eluly Edg tince oif itl primit e , cron k riders n lbnc lacr .-- --lntlytical . .enoi, ad ge .nert index of nh .i.e. Chro fi CtuuneoS Dis- Pains ill te Bvolnes, by fle eases, iMe of Merciry the Cblod being in vitiated state. 'This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest huncrnlleticu lnd A nt itnie c rc l theyincn t coilt tin ie active prinplll.ille of Sats pdril ili tcLe 'niS Clcloncert tconted daengree, combined witihn other velgetbln substance tolexhibit o lclarge quantitcof Saofplla Cic a"t it o, s bee iocbtailed i'this a? c etaration--the been 103ly convinced oIfits inritte eontidently a dnite rts iL eolelreit oftchoir practien. c tielit oi io'.no'1EId' clrug store No. I ]Canal streetn tile ly ite had, fpreshIell n ecigine, ni lnr tofrn tile icr,.nc tionrs, citilcl' Panacea licd Veric itne, Potter's An.lollclc en, Carlienter's Preparations, and y large inid eea itassortnt of fresh drugs, Oenil (Gohlnstith's Abridgment c f tte.ntifi ntcry of login to wlieh is prein xed an introdith tio to tihe Study o miitction added 'thrcuthoilt Iln(d woikn oni tile i Mcoelnerc hncctitutiinc and Anto uiite of the ti on s; with Acp nlerous biographi ol a rid historical Notes llmd g llesl tioas fr oexanillltion at tto end of eah sY eticn. ItA lustrnted with thirty eniravioigs oi wised, b' Athllrtoln Pc/iocK's Ilmpoved Editiol oCf Dr Goildanitl's Iistory oftlEugelletd i fl c time ihvasion of Julius Cl sar to tle death of eCorge 2d, with i eocctinuntice to tihe yea 1c2it. Willt questioe s fin'i examination at the cidcI each section. Besides a vatiety of valuablo inforlnm. tine added ithroughlX tile work. Consisting of tablo Oif eOllt'lllnlet'aie SoVlrenig ll liie eminent piersaons Copious explauory notels. I.litrks IoItII toe pcli lies, inan9ers slid liteatucre of thie / ne. AU Ocltiee) tihe .oustitution, &e. &c. l olustrnted by bn y ellgrs lags. Guys' ET,3IIF.+ S OF ARonRotoyo aned anl Aori.lgmen ofKeith's New 1 reatise on thUe Use of Globes.' Now Alllm'iect cditionll, with additiosllr a1d iltprovelnhlt ani nit exptLtio ol tilhe astronomical aart oft t A. ciean Alllmnlllac. lust received uld for slo by \VI IM'iKEAN no v 4 ..... corner of Camp anled Cemnuse sty HAIRPER'S CLASSICAL LIIBRARY. 0L..AClEC,trnsraltd by Phillip Francis, I) D, with I Sppaelulix, elllttinllg tranllslato s of variuul odles, .. by Beo Jonsoll, Cowley, Ailto, D'l ltyd Pope Addison, Swift llatteton Cic Vakcfield, iiirsoa !iryan, &tc. and sute of thei more eiinielt poets of ith day--and PIII(LDRUS, will, the appendix if ;,tlulip transln tell by Christophear Snmart is 2 vol s ftin" , volu .s 1t8 and 19 t1f"lhtrper's Clo .+ienl Lib"a'v Smollctt, Al 1), with a iema nr o"h th Author, by T'/l.. us IRoseoe, Esq., uov edhtion, with illustratious, by Us TIIIE IPY a Tale, b] y lbthsauItor of "'Rich.lisl Mary tf 1' urguudy," '&.., tlv editiot, 2 role s.omplt IPAUL 'LIFFORI);by the aulhor ot "Palhllt T1,3 Diet r c, behld" beial volUlne ii' ol tl. now 0W li lI.Uf'"E t a ur' Cou111elt ]I(reS. JPins received s sale t) WM KIKi;AN IIACON S1OUFd--36 casks iinciouani Solos U 'an'lit; foll ,lhe tcalhboat Eulllll, lltor onilJv (it ER'I' .1t II.W r

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