Newspaper of True American, November 3, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 3, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF E1ERY DESCRIPTION, o'IiEl)I.Y, IIANI)NIIIOI.Y AND CIIEAPLY EXE(CU)TED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .fliiericean, N I . CIIlI:t.185 STREET, NEAR I'OYDRIAS. 11183 LOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS N.'. 13, Sloondlllo stroe'. W I7 11.1kA It. CANNES, (r.Irmlonly of the firm, of Y Eliot & iorooS,) sc0ull onlyoetlulllo ilofrlo 1110 frioll~ dIIld llahe pIlniC that 110 0 slconslanly recivilng frolmNow York V ndkn tl l eallo gol loulol lllrlf FuI "hre, such «U s mnodgany on",rll ao(;, Irld tloo, Ia III and 0aademr, loplo fnod oloorrv IhodolnloI, gnnv and ,,alhere) tallleon of all dIesriltion' ., an reon,=, to0ilets, 0rcre11010, witiy19 donko, wur,! es of ,nuhlIonuy and cherry, wlonIl stands, lolIokiLng glongLo, footll on, Ilbedling,& &. &c. NIl. 1 urnllnro p1nked lr ilr~lnsportntion with great Carr lei? MIRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removoedfromn 17 C0.1001111use St. TO NEXT DOOR TO Sr. CIIAIIlES THEATRE, CdwinER OF PaIe0000 &. ST. CIIAoI.nS STREET. all-9J-18:33. jr)INl & c DETER I10 llR'S--oln groan wine1 W and LU1 grno parlor nlsllon, 110 polly hOLlU.EMS f& Mnl ILS, jynI Ilnnk Alloy. PIUiVA'I'e BOARDING HOUSE, No 11I, lonilnnn oly Ily Mrs ulolflnnal.. ,ulr In 0110100110n , 11oar thellOeveoelitth OjllallIew ·1l1I ca w rill he well supgplied andl attendel d to, andl l 001,0s 10in nOOgnon lave lodgin o eond le Nconmo ll0 bibl~a 1ll,1110 ll' lllll.111 l~nlllIIn a 10uta10, lit dlilrooel Icis, wit eonll landjolllndolls flrnllshlleld rms1,1 0 Illon~loro will 11a10 111 lllnllaO 1ti111 t0 01001 herer, pm"w speakilng t11e French, English allnd Spil, PENSION I3OUI:GEO11SE Ru1111110onxra110 13, ellnoc 7par RIde Ve. i flnoano. ((`I M i~ttulliiaemlnt eat tIIoo'k ux, et se trnuIVO Ritob 0Jlrc 100o Iacvihc et do la Nouvcllo lhlorlso, 0,1,t lire1111 a10 llntr de1 s 1 1 ire1 1.atlllll 0 011b01 area la Ih, 10r10100111 to11 e 0t 10 II pri x l 1 ' 83111 1, '.,e elx ,Lai C Ililflllt pen.=ion di+=ireruirnt y loser auili --NOTICIL. 11IIIELIClpnIneooIIiIIloeretolf e 00x11i1g iI Illil city elotweon the 1 ubslleooiloro, 111der 11th eillrmf 1.01110 N WnllI,, alICo., VIII NVIork, I.ollllO &' Ci.,and II n PriJ by unlmtInlll .JIn Jo I.niollnwPelIOr S.VIIIa \VyIck, nm1l'I'1ll ba1 \I. Voa \Vyck fre, IlutllOriled to JOIIN L.AII)LA\IV, ANDREllW LANE,,, PETE.'I S. VAN WVYCK, 'IlIIMJLA. \Y. VAN 'VYCK, 8010 OlIOIIII, 0118. 181ll, 11133. CO-PAII'NEeiSIIIP. tl110 1ity 1111110 11110h fir,11 of VnI \Vyck 4. Co., allnd ill NwYk dc e ia, JohIn LAIIIIAW,, PEIER S. VAN \VYCK, TPIIOIIIS W. VAN \VYCK, noel 1i-I f.:lI. _______________ CIIALLENGE BLACKING-! AS. S. )1.\SON, of Philadelp hin, blee. respectfully to aIllp irs th III mter:lllllchants and p bilie generally Ncww O sltd .l.,uuiaulllr, that lie hass nlapplillte~d t'il A 'IANtE i00 't1'T AND 5lOE It.ACKING i rs lthi s r.ti of 1 tIIIII' IIII Itrti I t h ' tan I d a et Slil but fol.its hetllilul ilus , an Id lllrmity nof lq l y The iwIiulllll.-rlller .lls Ransy the C alltl'llgc llack ili, it retainl its virttes in so) clitate , olll I.reiel-ve I hl~ hr to w IIId:ll:h it is apllied. I&e o rihere , A tli pr l) ily, lniyerson who wt iltlr to d ll e I supeior. v rtil v a le S r ati l b e nt p a t t le lo se s. J t |. + l . ItC'N e. a Ind 1ve 'ry ge, from nlr C au of ttie I 1t 'lc it' , r ls ti J 1bility ir h yil r5 lomv " t, it riellkltV +Itlt Stu1prin I tI oc{+ +v Ilhtr r I aii:e l"sn ' i t t oe II sitel Sates. A11 l ars lire this anrlich k in N. t )r .atll, ti or 5III5 pal ('lllil rtili ill l1s .l liotl, lll e II f 5 . he fr5ardod to Ihs .s1+ l rondi s ait l in.\P a, v is 511 paYay rillhi rtllaitetlllon to I1, +: , lltlo a d ti i hl1 55 a t the l liollt ltlrr t's I5i c5R' .. -ttr. t < i'1 rIaiintrs e, t .hirt'ti ol l t lb. 1 16 R I',l 2il: 1HO9 11I Nllhill st ItI' I Si,'t , & D'I.ANIi" , i Btlll Cou de~, ittli CALIIOedh t i)1t ItI t a p U .ltle olrI. t ý +r1,." _-- l,-, I IA S 'lit IL t' A - lit I ti ttie' a semlentt lta r :it No. 123 Julia. itt o5 -, ct.h a ilor ll lf i tltlI sablnd the torbli',. Ithat ,il ,t ll ', 'EN '1111/ O t , 211 I i llo itoe"1 I l.r',AuII rlly n Ihe Iheatr.l As'r (Nli ICl.'S 1101.58 GARDs +TUU alit i t ittt Irlilll te it ,ri ' e ielt'iig SaIan lya i ' 'l] ii' ititilttit f l ttal It i i lt either t't ili' ttiti at it itrlltt o I t I I1b+, ,h+lltl, ptr ll I~ivute hutLu s. L 1)5/ll I I I Ju1 2 610III 02. M , w- in ....I.. ......... .... . ' ' S' . tN Illoi & ir ta, .o "'t it aI L e. InIr go n 111i v t I. s rll nllt rv aI 5lh, Te Illatly l .o r t iu s'F'l'e8'N Ai. AADI ' . h h i ii rit thi' ortlo, r t5. it to t a:d tl Iet F tlt-li-'h '/t i-trtit, at irai'teottr .ct'i i ti si, tvtovit, S'ttoe darnks 13.gliIo sun a liII)I l l." I o.; the third t .ry b ,'i n ltte for a t l t A iso t te l i, 'lllly rero thue ri oe ill t .he trt en ll Alley lvry n('rolfI t I t d li t iti J d ni I uca lld dtori tlr :t -f e il l i 'l 1 .. R & n o n It.L I T H+Ee nssidJ to fr.. gi penoo t ri k 1 stN o ch in(pte , l s 5t"Br II 1's -tfw,.t. r Arg J a atO l Sat + s o' mi k lyN e J O t 7."5 t thht' o lintty ily 1u Nl a Avr. >ti- eut,+ t res ntll n ucrulf the tln il dessrs. ten 5il e t ill r icn br g 1 s le d p ia a lt be ctI' tv 'ES-t til Sit-ll it" tln itnTu iotly ti ai io'totit. Aso, e ir s o th e ri t lt iren 'l'n Alle cas do omllle +'b Tll-lhlltlhd- olld 3i l orkl s Ilullllb ie l tile git nl, 'lat1, Ile ld for Novemb next llh if o o IO s t r ltIe iyaleR il I IAth . elr o h IA leEACO J(1 TCALIIouNa N ,t i Orleans. Oct (/ll s 1838. ) L 5,' n 5l 0 u stem e n e 1:1 838, des rosl s will te eoi • t t+ e fll c UN t i h "dle 27ed Iur' t2 ls N Ie llw d uiveat etrt+ioLr nli lay astree ha e p l+ b ltriEtoo . itle hllsales, and fur l ;s t s U isc e, e fto -uropsIdI:1 ps f -ur bonds. . rrl''~l0 ,JOt JtUll N C.\l[[ UN ; on tro lr etht cre i'(3a ) r le Ir ofllcrs ( lar n st ro ()s1s /ea-Yro App Oil the p re , or to Nouvelle. S. \Vlf'1( E 111 ct .UA SK, " IJn1 wiaL Ncu5 drll tereve ni lg, es undare ex- cachtr. I imlbe i h 111,ruchanl por h lr cenl tmll ,pi asll tree dtree, I t Bonls 'e ito lllltelll Iv ie p*ayarble d, s I i i n astr ItnlagII I vt' hpar n\ i Ilrt Ila e swodrd, N- rew Yor - a rao ' Carello IO c l/ lrl, . crm ( ,er a onen 151 GLBeON, JIHN C.ILIIOUNComptr r , ai.r 11t Ca.Flia t rrn' of lop r rru andkT.u f..... .. I;'b Jll I' I' O I : t . t At;A I) D N . I' OUwIt ll mi ed dril t Jvtr) en g, Sondty th .11 cvpedrs · h (~Idrll.d room, 1 a. m e r tret, nI. . door t r Ieit , /n- rtl' a Bak, e at 7 ould o hock founy Ct g.t.. to . t ,Jll i n .r e r ellllelltry tiwo n rte nte fily or dll e. i if l Cap b r lea rut Crtos t a e 1alh ativuip ', lh.dler mtmdy, order uale dStckiof x ut. II oI I oc11; For the Lnterior. FOR ALEXANDRIA. The sleaer DI)N.NIMATlt. will run gts rsguI1nr packet Buring low 'water, fo mionth of lIed Rllivr to llcxlol. ,r particulars n ply to Sel2- J 'I-I GlIAIIAM. JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &c. T lE lOBilER, a Tale, by the author of'Rich' - clion,' 'The Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &c. in 2 vols. Tne Love CHase, a Comedy, in five acts, by James Sheridan Knowles, author of 'Varginius, 'The Daughter,' &c. &c. Ion, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Tlhomas Noon Tallurd; 4th edition. SOCiETY AND MtANNERS IN AMenRca; by Harriet Mattileao, author of 'Illustrutions of Political Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Practical Summary of the Law and Usage of h1,lls of Exchange and Promissory Notes; togeth. er with a aeries of tables, showing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will lill due; to which are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of payments, and general infar. nation connected with business of the counting house; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'The Clerk's Guide,' &c. Tur LrrTLE SKETCH Bool; a cOurse of very easy lessons in Landscapes, Figures, &e. by George Childs; tat and 2d series. Just received and for sale by WM McKEAN, jy8 cor. of Canp and Coltmmon ets. ALSO,-An additional saupply of "'Three Expe rilnents of Living.-Living within the Means, Living up to the leaons,-Living beyond the Means;" "Sequel to the Experitolnts of Living;" "The Ilarcourts;" "lThe Saving's Bank," &e. V INTER CI.O'I'IING--lI conos, coutiuini ,I as11 lrtlllelln Ol'Sltillet Beolad o nbllts l d P lllli loon.; Ilvv le IeItl'V u i V lOlll ttri red tt"illed hira, l inditg .ltt llil) IlnllL go, fil siale ty ISAAC lBltItIiE & fCO, vlitf 1324 2la.liiie Rat I tllll N thirciig --311 little- v ittcc lit, , irt h igsa, lhuding froln sliip l'iligiis,'lier lile by i I t AAC BRIDGE I'I & CO, Oct 131 Mltgzine st. i3"lerm Oil, londing from nlhip Nlioeseipliisuitolle for plintationt, and toe sale Iy Ocll 1:14 lnIutztoii .i . NEW ORLEANS CUOMMERCIAI, LIIIRARY 7INIIE following new w rks have been rec teed Thy the Library Society, at their room in the Mur hlants' Exchang , fronting on Royal street, viz: Lady of Lyons, by Bulwe'; 1 vol. 2 copi a. Ilulltphrey's Tour throgh Great Ilritain, Fr.ence and ll3lgiu , in 183 ; in 2 vole. 2 copies. Love, by Lady C. BIrry; 2 vols. 5 copies. 'T'lie Two Flirtr, and otlier Tales; by Lady Illes eing.onu, Iulwer, and others; 2 vols. 5 copies. Itivar, ald the Desert, by Miss n ardo; 2 copies. TheI Robber, by G P IR Jamcaes; 5 eopies. 'Ihe Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Boz, 5 copies. CIJAS. RITCHIE, Librarian. T. 1.1.- ('COV'., iilli .,cks o, s.,l114imr qgoali . ty, Ibr silE by iLATER t ta 1it , Octl _ I4i1s1 ofstreet R, oiltin/ Etitionsl.of eTarce . ad vatletibl-I \\orks: Farquiliar's rk,3 vols. Sucklings's Works, 3 vols; KI f'tstock's Mlesill, l vole, lvo. 'latltllle t nll oiirvilnlt IopUterus wih lliphll vol; Colhey C:ilblr' b i)Droalie t srks, , evols |lnlllli'ton'll s : irt ir-lUi of ount l lll l 'llllllOlt :1 vo Srle('t Works of tihe, EmpeL?.lurer J Illin, 4 vole" Life of Times of Salvauor Roua. y Lady 1Mor lir r ld's I.ilh of N poleon, 4ll vls,8vo;1' Melollirs of Nop l noIn, corrected Iby himself; Nullpuollo iti Exile, 2 tle; ThI, Ilrt IRoy l atin (rnll erllll voll , IIo, C(,raddocI's lemltir, 4 viols. llalittt's ,ritih Io-i, I vol, ivo; Fihblitg' I Works, t v 1, v; Giblboltl' l lmolirs lld ltJiscenllaol worIks, I osce oo Menmoirsof Lorenr)de Mued ,.i voes itesi urv' amelltti a isi' s, It3 vole, dit 1732 Eillibre ' A l vs, vdit'n 1610, I vol io. Vol t' 'l'ravli , vols; 11 \1 31 KIA N, lvii,, llt, ohr 181\, jtfrctii, . ir i; ; \li . It, li t 4 UII't o P N 0t11-'Ft ll -'ll-, 12 11 II11, ITi L oli e t A tll i', n llhlllo t'1 Iil i I lll ,-s m it l, Il us liar iltll Ilill e l l'" I i h M issb I' I \'1' I, 1 i dot, a . ii IInl .tl'l. ll N e w Vip ., I lt,.noih I o dThe .\lll l rit') lll (. . l cll :l lllolol o N Il• '.:IIII : ;, ooI Tl(.rI e I. 'rllll e ?I1iI i( i I. 4lll ei t l oth hlt., 3 o lo r (' ' ot nit ( t- I IItI'III n strEt { ll ,l 1 llo Iecs rlu nl'llb till'rI ll ( Itih t'lit; iolllm liil:. Ruslonlhn:l) ull Ifr sile by j v.' cot m ( Nlllll.llU 61 l'l, llulllt ollrllts slret.t. IyttAlil S & 31 P WIIIIINEY t )lvt, 1) l)t., crd fater-i1.:trecived a few recut. i* ..III ru le.ti-ur ulle b y ,ti IiAVIiFi-lt &. CO, octlli N Y'S ulfii-oler'' Iloll,''LI B) A VGlllNG And I[ode tIop, for ealt; y , - RiEADi & LtAti St0)'O\ oc l.t 7 11nulk 1qhrlle. L Al Al.t WINI-SwIaeet lnt Itp alolaga Wine, Ii 111 r casks findl IndJi it bbrsr, rlntinel to debe ntot111e, f Ire 01. lvy RIEAD& I& tAttol1Wi), IiitieCl CIm~ta. o,:P ont by 7( o e t `ý1 PE 10 CANDlLES-For male b vl sIJ tI IAI)L UAD & &ttRSTijOV octl5 r l7 Iak 0i.. nE ttll t27JK. (11'1' receied flew groo oftloroy Blank (loohe; also., a ticw ,nIcedlll IBank IIIaks,h Iir made by ther drove, dzel Cer silgle by N tAVID Ftt.T & CiY Stat;Doers hll, St ('[,mere.t bt i jnItMl~AS'rIN tIMtE A PI.IAT-tIlll lihnint lanlldingDR upIIUPost 7, Ilird tloni -ipalirt, ap. ply to S & J P WIlIl'EY, JtIIE price ofClke flouonlld cffer lb. lot day of n October, will be fifty centu por Ibartel in Ihile (ins WVork'C yardc, and if taken in quanlilies of onr rutt dred larrels, wit lie delivered fr.e of lrayage. 11'he idvaiCtage tlhat tlis article of fel pIo1ses1e100 vet the~ anthracite find b1 Iit Utttntot l oals, igniting molre readily th1an the foilrer, lad frel fot011 tlhe nplea t mlo~ke oIf tile tlater, slhlolld induce every fIlmily to mllake orders received at the Oat Office in tiank Alloy. E \\' WELLIS, rrph9 Se_'y. _ I, AC'KEREL, Ccdfilh, t)[oritig., &a. 2111 I00 lrreel al kit re rlNllo.l,"2&3; 1511 hall'bterrelr do I & 500 bloae Codlish. 200 Simtoked (lerring.,Jlltt recelnelr pe ship Peordt~ett andfor sale lby otll9 PtEtEITS S7 StILLAtalI PALL. & WINIER CLO'IIINGL. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., NIo. 3, Magaeeine eteet, lre 10cel,0 their supplies of Fall alnd Willtre l:lothin~ mod wi ,rlll contiloeP tor receive shipments regu-C'L larl tllhrlllogohlo thile eaoll. 'Ihir asoCrtmenlt eling la.rge anill enabile tiloa to suppllyntalrlellutC ra tile CIltty atthIehortesilr IIIIICe; for eae wlloleatle or retail, on neccommoluuling terms.e CU0 fAll I tN K~ttilIP.TlEadri~e aefne oprnrhptt Ider til el (toi of MlON NEIl. & OVAt'I91 .136, ho ileacllEchge lotel, oll St. Clilllet st., frolo at l anl tee the tirst dua of Navelibr nloat. I Ciiviodully 1 ui1er obigiat i1o01t ICh e itize; e0CC; - pors and taraellies glenerllyl, lifurtie tlhee t~ patronage receivrd whiile ctluutitS ser establishmentstlp ill tlla City, th1y beg leave tol e tmnte ICC ir do termin .tieu to rtetllh uIlnitCedCleflPrIltot plleleeL, hile catering Ibr tle, rolams Id g teal cutlal'urtlftlleir gulscts,CIdbll e liCer' 10 ytoCenure it continuanlIcC l public lavur alll patlrullgl'. JNo M'DONoNELL.. 10 C NVATERIIII N, The Ntcohez FroeleoIIrr; Ilolisvlille Journal; New Yohk Exprese; PhilildeldphaHeradIadlllinel; llos. tIoIn Atlan wlill pIlease ,Iplih thill c three timoll IOt, and I'm ward their accountOto thtlioffllie; uerl--_--- 'IA1Eu LUSAA IARIIIIIICOIYRT r tie tario. lIP the CiO of N0 P rea a Peet ihe IIlICoCCbllO C111.11 Mlau riao,JOdge.I10IcIc012Ct ,'II, 1738. No. t120ll, (I I). Coo~per, , . hliC Credbtars. Thle 011-011 of~ ICpe by the Petitiioner· is accen lv thi. Colllrt ior Illtas 01fit 1 ot'tlie Creedij le itjoiClrder-,iIhCtIICIelil f ~i creditoro IC 1,1h blela..e K. liBaett, Nota1ry Plllic, o ''TelsdallO-, h 7_711 of Novelbelc. 13il l, th.n at Ithere Io deliblthe la flll C t 1110 .9o 17 I nl, laeltl ell n the memo tittleilll all proceedii,-. against hi; person std mop.·III) artyCre stayedl. It la ulrltllr ll ldaele lhdlIJllJ. It. yItollnes, Es1q. ILo Ijppoilnled IC relpreenCet tile abIOIInt or ill tillhs caIe. By ..rder ofI t1e Coulrtt Clerk's O1icc, NowI Orieartns, 251, lloltye,103P. A M cUYIII., eeN-itliS tI'. C'l'h. ''Jt A't' DE7 L.A t.OUISI.Nt-CoIfIIIr p.loisse p .lIt ville l Ita Nolullle title ilts: Preelt I'ICllI noble Chatves lIutllllt,~l jtlge-No tI,203-We1t 1) Cooper Celatra -cC ereallCitlC-la p)etilitltl lse Iproprie tyie du pleheltimr.e 11911 Crlslleir eit alotep ieoar lu qtur pour lehienf~l(iee de. cot crrn lnlcrrl , it I;st dicrreti: qlle one lltelllblib deollits erCnlll/lyci iit lien1ll prollo dr E2 ialtrocI, IlObllill cp1bli mars.,C Is tolefI jour ot1-1 an' II r 1831, a 10 hocre CCu sa1till. afi de .let~t$ror Clil lertoflhiraodudit ptitio rl.naire, t en r tteda.rI lomute lOl tUritI coatre IC tlerlllttns CU csC ptoprifle 010nt d Crriilca. Par ordre de lit Cour-BulrOC du Grerlfet-Nilr Orllans t 5 Oct 1218. l 26 ant A 31 GUYL, Dep. GrCluer. bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR IIAVRE. A Auperi. A I rlip nll take. 110 Iblr.. col ton i|'lf lnalldi te ion her nootse tO lE I, 11 GAL.1, Ag.e,.t, I-u l hAVILE. 4. 'l:he fine fait! silig Al hip t 7. Z(rol 'F; Jaicoh Merrill, mnllster, will have i nl rliate - l, slpalcl l, aIn Il w lnt IM b les cottoI to ot.l plee her cilrgo; for i'tight or paslalte, alpl? to LI.Vl I i(11: L ,l oct3 9:3 t'muOil a.. Th. A'l l ship AILIANCE; F!nrwnl r master: havinh. till ]r ('argo eculel(rd, ex pr ,ly Oll tiU d, or tor letln2 l Cr lll i gtreet Coastwise. NE\V ORI iANiS ANI) It .lTIMIORE I.INE tOF b ills lice ill consi-t l" tle following ,elst's" whtich a: lveb n tluiltt, or pIreler. d exprllrn? for tihe trlllll, viz: Shir t -Ar lAN, Captain Miner, ll)rl Il0 Y,, Nickert n, " M), IOMON .11ITU.S, L.th1utn ie lrig A tt 'llrl'l, 'l', (i'* srinv. Tlese vessce| ale of the first clas-l. ht.e rlalllslolllme n hrnished te t mrlll lOlllln ti is, illd are ol f L i lih al t e.l i t vaIIPr, o it s t)lllndil of tleir rel'li vi4 nl d lipleIh"torine their rgllel.s ill Ih t cllt ire (l the C ity. F,'i iht w ill be k n t I k e nII ho r p o r t .. in t hI e " I ' h nlle ma k ! - ; on J c i l ' I i vel ' r , it t ralllllhnr e Il t. n asI l, I lO l lood s s hip p di ll I el ao ' - vl OR NE whoa req tilred. Tlhe ipr:l'e s IL Iofpa [ac iS fixled ant ln0--1ilipie stores of tile e tN AN li r I I t Lrovidl . S tIa ai ll t . ld d Wi tile tli a le -ippi hill a be aiken ll ail occa.t:i ii Otl '-n i EIN &A ( 1 ^ N, ].u7 l.'r c'hLe `21 N ornl/ \ tr./b L()OU1. \N S AND NIONV I't)1LK I.I4NE. , 'Th i very c las slilin. regulr paowk hstiht l t. I A'T I)(;Ai I4lutl iv IilatI. r, will ehl i vt. the n ons oa rdllR t , pl y on boliTd J'lllp .oil: te i Ve.ettb ,le . rtkJ, or tot " ?J 1 REIN & A C )III"EN, l.ll l nl lll lill st IT- lh lrlt t II.lla ikp II. I.l ), Hlwl e i snstrr, l vilolsti i+ lill her c Cllargo rllr '' . .. l cc . ll liit c ittl iletpnlh. For Ii in h let of 9 Jn & OtlgdNF B o tl Nh . ra, it ( k .q The AI ftl , 4 4,4ilh ,in sht li4p4ri , (Lalt. |I 'lllln lllo . is l o e dn e rIscur , v+ l lt . S ar lld il] iet lJa patn rh. T i lo n :sight fl l r pt II, a e litft ['apt. t in bnoad op oi po rp t SSa 3dt T & J P Will rNEV, ttr i 8rk k ntli r E A - It --ll- I; Hussini ''alie r e t .4 t--1, 4 I v 4( At +t1 ' A, - I L- l Ti ii . -.. ... . II Two I riZa ot t.,. et lyh of .o .0 m4 i to ll ti4n, to toad 4 4 No4 th4 rn prl; p -` ply.m, to ItIrdVI 1nI pAI i,, ot uli hlt' l -(I CYlll R ( .L lll li SFQ)ll Ii 4 I lI 1 1 . 1(.IIIA N EII' I I. 1414 (e h I.I 11 tiI i h & h i trh 8. lt tI o Glto ~i 11} C(onIi tI uuI I A , o.9 ( omnou It Magelll P lrel h,.ji lt r ei iet] S Tri l.N: lo l, p .lilt h ill , li(.r I l 4 l diutortI lRova. (.ilel 1 1 Noe il iIHi, lit frml, t:ole. ll ier, lll , , ( .ule t 0 T our n b l 'l I . ul I u l, r h a srd , . t hi h f o L d 'l 'i n he d 500,tl on Il ' r ail " T IN. I )n 1 prP & R 1 l art p Wh er;L t' t i, '4' Itln aer. i I)IudAlt general as t p(" ind-', Itecv,' & o n.l -t p4,'lvtl4utl 4 l i l e itn . I4roki-.I Ill alnI III I &. II ilE"I do. do. I N 1 11- ! 1 41, its. I. I$,. 44 N,., . I \- ,'s \ , ,, .tr , ,,F ;,, , ',t t t bLx S (i h n t I r a, t Iailma I a + ; (4hh e 1 aI 1ind' i ., ,e 4 t. ' uld 9d, t-to ; lor., .;l ,k,h p., 44l 44 .i i 4 3in a -'.1- P 11,t-,+ (+'l- , ,i; ' 49r 1 . 44e , ll4h ,l'il t"l,; 11,4)lln4.' C l- tlll t -i.k clo p'-;illll ,nlit d vll + |,d v-; it d (:1 vlls 8iw i.4t dti4ii tVll. t I nt4t; tIo hh4tt4 iid d .. jl lIt ) I & t0il0,l lt ; ! ýll . cc' t itv It i£ lI1. I oiners r, n1. ' arpl l ' Charn',ass re O t'',1 ]S()NS &c \\AItS)I'ST . \ ' tl tieh·s in L atiher Jhollket hlI ok , :1 -i 4 . I lvor ,leavs. a,u,;t ' l'ahhlr , whth l ilvr peuvil v..i'n. a l I tll lt hlT t., o i, Itxwo,,, M:t t hld, 'r11'; in. InI SI CI ,niiC -i_" l .c0 i - t ll , J I ] .. . . . 1 111 ; l li tm - o ,hip Il i ,l 1t +t clo] e " lortable ta e ndr ll S l h t er st ,.e s inr cot.+ .S too t, il store n oll : bryll+ by .u N t- toe i.epilp' m to orderi, lll u ind put tap any plart of llth city oiul holrt notice. ]1_I O.7,111..N (IIll :I",SE-S- ,I ll.8 Iboxes ill (: sh le, l C ii iv," husting lont shilp Ri ziiL, fone Now York, tuntt e by T II. Illll i & Itlon,,ale rl Sit't' (or Cut t 'O ,llit lll ++. illlag zile tlreet { 3 1 c+ (JlCim+l'e ts. 1 i, . ' li.Ol 'top'; cc~or y sires: :11 canii ters L'rmll (ileele ito. T ";ll.r' large cadll convenenl three Mort w,.h(l si'i IIt tle tru.lllr of Coecllllleee al Nnone Dlnrol street. I'Posessill givenl Otlalt I st of Ncvel).II ". At' ply to LAYEI' & Al:I.UN(i, oct23 17 Couterce st TPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. * OURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, undur the dractiln of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and I 73; containing a description of the geography, go. ology, climate and productions, and the nuncelt, omanners and atlstolms of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. 'I hle River and 'I Desert; or Recollections of theo Rhone and tlr0 'lhartreuse; by Miss Pardoo, aouthor ol'fth City Of t " S tan, &c. in l vols. ThIe Robber, a 'ale`,," the author of Richoliou, The Gypsy, Attila; in 2 . The Two Flirts; or Ad n.lure in a Country HIose, and other Tales, by Lady Blcssington. E 1. Buiwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in a vols. The LIlfb anI Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, edited by Ioz, with Ill.strations by Phiz, No. 1. Just received and for ale by BENJAMIN LEVY. S LU(KE & Ci), No. iB, 'tt leveer treS et, hlve ,, Ieceiv'd by late dricvals from the Northern At alllic cities lllld I~'O.o , a l t lare lddilitoll I t.llt 'ir slo('k of Illnrd~r e Rll t o hip Cltllp trlr '. tllwhich ileov ilk,'s thcr stuck nealrly collfll'll .l tid ~ hlicl tly ) , ll:,r oil I'u vorable ermls. ' 1 IIlt'111 I t lN .:El : , "ale, rI. i. e , - ls Pll!) i rel sI Ilaa Fe anilv,il vols. JOtt(h)olI( ' a1h:l. niu. iild .hllities; lor, I!Ie hunllti d houtilC. [iacing, drivih , sailingl euing, eccenltric Ill entrvall elllln itn l ,do 'tha llre lIw ed sphorting alllil t Cii ell 11., ..llt1 J. rr.,cke, ..f St. floto!lIl Luate lund (treat Cloraln r1,,c, iei vo0ll. IEATI,'f & IIESUTY. An eolnation of the law. of(irowlh and IExerci'ce; throgk 1h % , na pleh of tle spie ad cl esfll lllreventLed, fly JonlIh:l1, I1 I). Just recived allnd for sale by VrwM reIt<EAN, bet.0 ear eoftCllp & COllnon at 'HtIIAL' OIL,-l10,l0lI gells wlale oi flIr ell by t octl7 i/ Conli st TI.r-Gl LA.WRENCEIt I. I.I ,NIIRE, octlli its & 2!i New Lnevrr S toer do I, ot l int i frli lut- olti p Lotisville, nltidt fersale by L AWIREN;CE & I.EIWINI)lII, octld 2P , '& ) New I.eveo T ABLE SALT in cases of 69 loles each, i sonre, and four sale by oREAD & I k'IRTOW, a e tt b 7 7BIs.kPocD BUSINESS CARDS. 1. 'P. FREEMAN & CO., I5solreI L'elotlhhg No.3 t Maazine streer, l[1.\II/.const, ylhanlltd e Iar~resupply of Clotll n I .i' glttgt ,Al totally trhe." z 'hcourn n Lortlnelll llmillg larg~e. nllrchan t l 'OllR tieI1 COIOtI1If CBll Iii iiipji~ da ieslo(s oie bct~l FASHIONABLE CLOthtING TAYILOIL & HA)DDEN, No. II4 C(lnrlrles treeal IIA1yD a tttsllitilltlt tl t ity fFevery rtoile t eeli, iti r el tgentpletitn'o dresst t"h i te st s t) 1 attle, t ew I Otrv uric,-s +dec 911 'I'EE'I'II STLiCi()US 1 ITALLIC TEETI. 3 SPEI I MENS o~f these beautiful teeth, avd tile m/an tl'tr '1" t elli" ngt tiet+llltl' Iti . 'A It ll. t tile i l8.tI o|" Li J. d. folu SURGEON DENTISiT, No IG Canal lrreet. Thes, teeth wyevr change c rlolli, and 1e by maniy, add ill llany taset preflraele to tthe I. Itr. It. will wait upI t lp ladies t theit reidentr, ci. A. IE+:ItIii.e+eI l:It, MERCHANT TAILOR, 1;7 COllllllnllu sreelt, F G ,C " to ioftir ni the ptillic thlit Ihiving pourchased itA NiAm Metrs IIOUtili, SKEIGS & CtF U art of their +totk,h wUit+ ollt inethill tihe bulsintlss tit their old - 1tllllll, pl .mite Bnihop 8 Hotell , where hbe heopes tI mlllerit i1 she re If~li I l+ ltrollln.+. |t, iull nl~lde Itrrfll~tllilIll tS otlit.teN.rthl tl)i)(t oipiilotidnuiiihly rtiitiitthe Io t ant CLAY & CILARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, N' No. 1020 I'oydras streeitt New Orleano', sTn ANrFACTiFr IIi iF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps of all desctiptiiit. wi IA RM11, COLD, ANDI SIIOIi'ER IA TIIS Fixed o 1 tiit nittat proved triiteiptles. MIILII) IlE lit, PIPES, &o Tll( orliers exuted ill aiy IpIart of lie SioutheLt States. Dr. Ietom rl 1. Iindoc. t) FFI ICE : Exrci~nvE Honra. GRn1 1 f iLAY CLAIK ,bl Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, i N<. lII) I',,+ydril. street, SE.:P o)n h d a Alltttlllt tUI)pIv of Leind Pipe, i Iro l 2 i. dimunelr dowl to J- ilo. dianleltert , r ri snle .n ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING INIA LiNlNiMENI, No. 53, Magazine Street, i ilposite tinks' Ariade. 1'I.i.L.tI Gl E.l.YE, lIOPlIl TO7l j SH. PAR.ER F Colllnmisioi t llld Follrwtring lMerchant, No. 6, FRI(NT' LEVEE,/ Tr .TAIIO. Neit, QOIrtA . F1,.:2. _, JARVIS &: ANDREWS, Wiilt.EAI,(E AND IIETA. II :ALIERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1VE STLI'bFFS .i.1) tILVJ)DOW 1.qSS, - (:olrnller ft C u11o111111o1l Tlld 'reh pl)llitouhla dtreets, NA'I'IIAN JARVIS. JOlIiN W. ANI)IItEWS. A large uIply o' Gardei S't tis. tarranted tile grtwthl Af I1837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & 1. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS, Noi. 61 and (13 WAlER SrREET. rylr. Itln:lulerri~nled, hav~in.~ estt~lliilsed themsetso,~s inl _t M~i ih, l'.+r the1 p'·tirt-(sei (ttit'traiICtlnileX Ailctlil~l ad1lII { i(lllllll lasiOll s l(l il(:SJ il Iii vt riOu* lll' Il ll I r n h , hI1·lvl• hi illlll'llll (hPiA fritilll t illltd itltt pItlAlilt lllt A iPv llre lntw I1 prepa'pd to roeeive on gull'll nll~lR Gints, an ake, liiberatl ndvancesou (11tih+.tlllls lle r lith [livl o pu lic 'ol-. SI)IO\IAN I. JONE:I-i 1811.0 EL+ I. JON CS. Ih'f'r to WValker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. A.ll!' Ibtl t'liL feb-1 . tt1.L AssttRAHAMt TlIEtt. SL. &TER & TRIER FUoriAIrd ih.A.. t' tmitlit''siiit (lerclhnts, No. 4101 .aylr'lrl Street, NI IV 0H LEA NS. TRIe r will dc vote tht ir l ,.ticA ll: IAtielltion to the sal. • 1 n lit l.rl'.4wl' L r. ca Altipah -,'0ip'. F+q 0l ti U tl ohltld, ol lllrf. I lihn, ir o &" Co. Il~it A n11It, u St rt l 'a . New York. Stantfrd & I )nt,. it . St l outiS, Illglllo i hl w r Tattlll, I lit & ('A. ) iwl+V, Illa--e &i I)IItnhlll. . A rIl Fi Isd" )TN i l .--Louisvi . 1. '. s /oNE. +,,s S;. ST N k, r" rd }.&dT" T ON h. k rForwrderry aad I is Icems _owni. n A~lli*.lliu J11r~hlllll·, FURNISIi1IS OF 01ltI' ro O(IT STORER, No'I. I I11 'CH ltUI· I FOOULA,. " raINew O(rleanR. Nt-o-'Oeessr. - Refer enH. .A F' ( o IU alerrs ner.a., S+.arIni o Il:. Rit . rI I ttV t r IlVlO IItI.t AII.~SAFAFNA Ctt111tt',Stj LAIA(li Mo . A. ". EP r t w . tonA SArA, Ls. r N ot.oAo'th lt'i£a ti. eer EO.O N lti'l(rt ·ll+ Ihl\ hvilh', 111.5 ltIAI.Eiis IN AMERICAN & EN.GISlI CROWN GL.ASS, I NoI. :1 C*AIovnFEIEr SerierT. of INSUIIANC i C(OM I F NE OURLEANtS 'Jhis C(ompIIIa are nIIow prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. '41 MJusson's Ullding, Canal Ftre E I. 'I'ITAC', a New Otlaenu, May 13,1:30. e'crettry. u WILLIAM IRWIN Colllnission nd or.twardling Merchant, CINCINNATI, 0111. d. Iteft to I.tvet & AInte mt , No t Ortivans. Ja:. ,Lartdia & Co. IRl()ii:l'' CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No: 1I lll lp s;treet, ia.itaneai I)alettr in 'aints, Oil, Vardishe', Brushes, nI:t ( tWindow and I)itlllr (;lals, &~. At. T. W. COLLINS .1-TT"OI".'EY & COtL1SILLOR A.7' LAW. F; t OW practiain-' in the St.te at d ti Cit C lrta. Cli i lutt a ill t it llhilaatIi, Cilk'.,otli't", U S Ciircit a Court, in thei Cuathl l IlOsat buihilli%.i j1 8 t A CARD. TiHE mundersigned have )opened n ois:s in this cit , for thv u pull" e of trlncll lilng i ENER:AI. Co(\\lliSSION IIUSINESS. t)F'cta, No. 10 GOnav:in SrREat :r, l'P S Itneg. II P LEVY. The h e at rand (ilf, lissa., will be continued in ith ahuve IIll".III G dlitit, I.talattn rcd & "S all, Ne t &rla. La. 11 11 hill A Co, I ..vtillii, Kv. I iper tltllntpaln & L, Gr n Gulf, Mitss. Si's Lillurt, N te, it , _At j l. SA Hi i). AT IININ I. TOV+'N';NS NI hiating located hiim self in New Orlt lls for the p iao f tratitnstctilng Nl It lll llr tl llll IAgency rull lllwlli:" t hueiness, wo1 U|| ro: itio n aia .t Io lu e itn irt, Ithe ill ttendlo the trans " o " lt at y i lt rtn s h na ta h desired inr . l ah cot. a tr wrill h l-. lRUn l'e prolnt tid unrenlitted at I t o t dl lu sine s e u t us td in Ins charg , and a taitttl ta pication ait ncordatltte with n.strtcitaatn) of SFI IlMNlt SINStORcme ilo hands.OPN al itV ORLEANS, O(fice it N o. Illag,4 Musson's Buidineppaite lto Ittr 'app's h urth, atd n.l.jt.tit g It C. Ao S'R Mo-,rn llit}!yr, Bush & Co. Net Yrlt. .lvare Ft a k, Natchcz, lias. t Jat -T tt ' l. e ,,aitlh', Kta ,,. .hlt,,a.' St,,+e, IIt' kms 1 ll m 6tt , y. m 8 6m FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY (1F NEW ORLEANS, Office No. 21 Musson's BuatIn3 je. C1A\.47 r'TRt EE - BUSINESS CARDS. HI. K. & F. 1). Newcomnb, A_ 'iE opern n hdtoume lbr h trlll"tsneting 1o t ten I e'll u nlllllll lll hn sille. at hltII ill.d lil, hbuiness tonill d(llk to thelt shall be ('lilhllll % ltt+l ended Cold oll & Ilitk L wax, inhdlt rohilr, bluck .and, p ,4)llit lnd rt t.sery ltler arih ofta , of tho, very l e t, qtliua coi - tanly n ,i d atid tli llfi l t -iitlo tint, 1 I VI 1'I, 'It T A ('( . mtl] N 1' ,tntioiro-t' I1bll, ____h- _t___ i') IERCIA NT. I EI 'tt(It I t t it ht,,n h tl f i iti , r str k 0 o' atlitwo h' 5r : :ott. l ti', hey , a i 'i t til, I)i Itit . l . I i l i ,, , i, t l r nlhy r 11r12.1 & r t.\li. 1 l edwin, 1" 4e i hcn l 1v i 1 l)ssPrnlu tyr l f 11'1 I l 'o & 111.1. , jyl+ lenkm llk .l,' t 1 1.1 I ti \ ' of I) I N Sif BnI u g in g A Ai' 43 ittiahts wota , fur sllat , tro iby f" ! n t 'rpIA V & . 'iNlh II nI2 I ti'l p t \ . i t 1 Xth C il es w hlN i ' O N NrlP i Ye Ir m a n i p u ir s e o th 1_.4 IAWRENCE+'' . IEIH', If: 111,1, t jv 1.1 '!;i &.43 New Itrce. . . . . .n- - ; ins i. . . ...... ... ..r 't ripioi of're timl e of the iinii; iitt . 1y n . I o'i 'reidl iT i a t t; cli:late, or t ii (Ojudicioury usll of nd oher aile & atlltT r'ns Wortll Syr p, or his f'nt lriveorv ativl ti hIesrt pI hrs l otiol eio authortI At moo lll lh th, tllthal flll nig:-l idit yt, thrllno rinlg t liorlI ; hI .to IIl'; Rot, h pJrior Periltto'iior Lily Wliti;'Crenm ot Biter, Vogltolle r l nltt ; tlh l or f lt or-; Iip Salvt; lKr joite lTlooh W ; rl ll ntlllbo iotll;ill Irogo Cn tract ,ofl, nar lty pulat r i thel ur of uc vinl Proston siolto; Ctlglro; 1realooto loiotth.aioett Dropos Iltir o hesin; oglilts or p ts g tuh o t-ie I miot bile. r i ho itrs; it atit i te o tate of ther l - blood; scal eru,,t on.-; I tIp in ill , hate; ehrouie rheumr tio', to '1 rn bcryfiia or kith's evil; whit, L, ,LENN'S IEERFU0 I RIEi. Corng; r of Cytplo and olboll hsordert ORLEANS LITHOGRAPIIIC OPFICE llrisin g li f un itfpure sttil ior the bloI, lb a long , re .ideo ¢ in a i e' i lmate, or the mtjudieioof usn e o r niercry. Alo,-Cave &rwi Schaff Is W Ihrm Syr , or Ill. fai I're solrvat : to ile l t e i .i t rio t 11at Il i l eli nl . Ahmag which ore ftile, ollt e .g:--ld di Dyei ThUe l Srtiii-tr wnutl o rt tittlart v lto N i for J ou ring the hair; Rolar's Ihl,; l .itn elhars oIrefth l u l ola n iehaw'.. Fre.e \ tashI : si opfrir Iearl P)Iwdtir; il y Whit eL; Creamt of ,II c.; Vogetahle lltni ; Ott oiautofa Itrmi ; Ii Sale,; I rlo. Fnwer WVater; Powvdes r 'toll) anI 11 .; Amer., caN. IiC rcoal, neatly put tp in iui r i t n vi al. Drops; Litair Bruh es; Eng r li shli ng o .i . Corner of l a urbo streets itl'eet. fir, ll W l(i.E,"iA t, 'It N IVIli " At\tA N [0 '.\U'ti t+Y 4 t, ? I ()KI l& (1O., Nto. ii ( Ill lic.o', lot.e inr S * t , i l' toir ow mi e ni i t I llrllll lh ll .Ir efI x-ll tellive 'tml t of lill woreo , whlch l r' y inich di ~ - w -uigar himp a . Biltl, tb. u, aaitcd ,le.; 30t pron., c a sorted . -iz d I+,,:,, lf nir :Ig s. N. J;- It-l tol orfll hhl:J ,,c verl. . r a eill, Zille, copII) r I c r till. Copper t i.u lm goII C ttr oii it1o l itt O ll r. oŽlicl-. . AU RI Oi. ' ,+'i S SiO ) t A io ll)Y-. h ,noo i.+it4 l-Iy r"I' . ntlt to n Io rt o I- ie t i catlot ' t l u i '\p n, "11rh ' l, ht.o op.c- I al Ao ud aaelll.r i i I : ar k Iu l hIl,, b 'h, toillk h \'m . llrald i1e ..; ) ljoilitig '!h" Le',''ii, .,nl S'1 I 'hi+.,I,, Iret, w oh. t.lth. •p'otl u'i:l, .lltl .jditi ll1 ni i Il r'e Mir. M. o licit ¢ t ,he e.-o.i'jrtilioo o'f hi+rtientont io I lu ll o t lonU- ll 1 lld 1)Clrlllllelf , I 01 JO It; L U T i) 1 "TUlBE t -.ti si ooooted d i rumor l of ot unlersigned hlvo:l;i o id out, L or disioa tllltold his old and long eealn'heCd GARDEN SEED) ST''ORIt, .\, t; ( ol',so hoe e Stc e ,S1cl, Iloving been miost industriously circull tl-d by selr interested lparties, the lsuhscribler bge to assure his }pnd, generally, and the public at liege, thati h tornloptiu'es within two doors of lo l atI, or tolliivoind, to bhe furnished with a Iull ai, ex. or v oge.tbliv of all tu standard kinds of kitchenl i rei port of the ,pr;,. n Ses, of trl growth and im0 Stcoa the acarly 'joeo.oi, 1837. v r ivTed ample sru ilibe, ioi Slpte.rtmr, hoe too lburig, KeitohYoiv,d atl A1rkp!lup hel llt llpl. \likh. lassageo, dlruet ifrot New 1.N lti alelrll ii sthort eip~ti and oaotlter packet, hie Iu y tihe Mlii risis.e [on l of a llpllly of Frulit 'l'r eor .I;ally t xi pet) - Rooti, ihailng already rccuived i'lv ltoenh'l iaraLI tj mcofl by he 'IThe subscriber begs furloher to assure tune' pt,. if at laorge, that lit is at t rro o as werult l li .ii hhd to Illelet ttld execlute orders for all t he kinds of t:,rdc ll Seeds, oitiher wholesale or etail, no s t 1i eover was 0 since his first establilishment in January, r dth . Ii. Counlltry DeIalers allld Market adrdZnters' orders I filled at the loweot and looiSt reasonablo raties by i the pound weigllht, and galiti or hushel nmeaure, t Citalogues, eitliher il French or L:ilgllish, mtily always be obtaineid oi personalil nppli.iatioit al t usual, to WIl. SMllTI'II, Ga.rllen Soed Store, ti t'ttBIIIiinhouserCtr strteo, it NOTE.--Ao cnI.tllllt uliply of lDird Sieel, rill er mixed or plain; pulvereod soup; herbs, ano Shllakers' t dried horbs,-with a llpply of pels and beans. i j1 Ott ltndvd fro t lllel" ('ile , II,] litre ,ale Itby ieptlii + 1 to w l.evee. I it(ASt N Ir salt 'it day, ul o lo .o tI Extllolo I itci .-ii. ,Ni r.' Illlr ioelo l.t ptN i. '77t, tli .1 i oi:.,i tt, New ]tr a i -,"ish iirli his l, llils lii tIhe lulllic i gii f I tl.a( i le i t -i p l 'lll i thIilill, t riclSNUFFS. 1al e.ley, I .l IegeIt Aitllrical Iltapolee;i N fhrgnm, Nt, l;" il "(rla, Iiish' , I r iAnwri i c. w I tie, lc ma lint i h, hd r d t rs :, it.pee, Sctioeht , lld Rtr *h powder. Ite rooittw, I:toiook c t ot Il tln 0. litll cut sl kit g , oi f t iol qulliti n ;il,-tha. V argiii', Spaish, ke. TIhe aoire 'ii les te all warioeitd is g i, iItno - L inni io t C okiog of Ito ki ot ni iitit oo sl t ibt. l -lla oirnlloitbr ''iv :c b'totlo'Zi torllts'ua l 's (tslts.'i a lim! hxet t-ouo thind mp e od ti lt t]io i ellrtifiotttu t it. ..taiopoip a Ti1 h1\'.\ s bo~a poiohhelttri; ir t,-ll ftiO r1001 tnh ni ro. i .ltit ul. tot it,1 h ,r ig 10 ih t il;l rrelt pI i'l..I ToIIICI.; ieceived jtt tt il O-c-ola, It Ie Mt'Io l . .."1'1' 1'E·i1,71'1'1- , it II I..N R1 D. I D) l.liS-. i TI (A-000-l00 tbol iotl t ladigl sot 1iur a, u d ho r s h lV t I - RAWII -- h w doii ai t h l o., 1o i 0 001,ad % f IlI -1ESAt E & tt T t\Il.- -oi t. ot.l lhite i. ll l, pl uri-7.5011 ) dt do ,\,l+ 1. tl lll in he_ from o o .to tl poounds. roth; l0ot i.liu; and forooe at tile P'unt iI tor of rtetIchilteir . S 1EAtTIFI 1, he t ollfir l thl r et or fn , B ment heh ine t.) thl bii1n11 a;-me. How Hrange 4l 1 Ill , rin ri 1n t . r1i. tp t iftt iflttI t b e, whitIh ' I r l hini. t , ver.d, nt sman'ti "VO ~ ~aIva tIi IllV I | lq I. Iv. 1 t. I * .1 T~Il·l I PerI of t ft- w h it to t Allllt ime I ,II b"i : . "ll. 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I.o t f t u It IlrF of l,'it P lnt I It ri ~ise 1 ro.n i .n , ,h' ,, r, ,ow n bo ( i' r l l t lhn l l thel 1 hare Iflom id"em e m yl.a d( i-,vrt hrI r e ts J.i lh ye and ,!'H/I'* dIII f'lili~ln·.rtof ha£ir, tIbrl Illr ce'lll lestur e l ( a . \ 1Tn oo Tcite - ,o flx theitr I £ lp n i hin s .ippo er, n hirt u, pmor e nlt.r+ Itleo ' Vlt h onlt b efor ..t t i Ol I _ N bIi;lt l :ltt Alii h " r ,tt JIrIIN q Intl T IIIMAy'.C , I) hllI'. h tl. haEil J i l' Iu sri r .\-lseirn ,o1", noi . t I r ti e c h.r t intnig ofl tli ott1 nlloittil er, f. r totltwl o' n tInr thatoll t eti'.t ottiLit ofa toII he Old a) t N-to ' + n tritS- of. Ch tipdi' r hitd R lpo .tJ. 'Ttiowor i it now toin -porpiroio r ty J3 Horton r riso l, f nq i of hi , f c ity a lsoite d by nl ditin t, ho1 'is re ir i J tri o l t-i Sor emtt: tort, iui1 dc hrc·ehv A ,ii'tIIli Iitrioy tliit t yll teoii l wtio ito tt'l rl' jl ltl l. bo l l t ' . i nii lino i ll rui tc N L 1 d I. n id. - ihro n luu ,sa c oll' f i -' m' l ti n me ro , l rli lll·p l t her Ilh . cidte, oP tlin th a1" lj m nr oIllf c ontetll s nlll of h , m lity to ttett iiour . ot th )lll' t i l t lt I i I tcri t ttoe t S(oi 'oi ticnl tlxl. ho a . iit , il tod u ofrn . i ot s 'Itii ftbuim ft-t bui te ir, oito' to ct I knowOnv i tn t tbno iof i the pararl'tt t it''r ono iti l)lth o riati r of julithe ot her-l t ta. terr wl .ll C le ll ,lhrnl o rlly hhiO tt utl i ' it .' llvntli.lll l The,' hork w.l',, ibrll| f i sl ,_ fior r o~inof ryil!o ltno, ..lessll ,' 3 I' iaclehv rJlt' S rte h, tod I, 111(.'trs ay chos s. o tit ielito to e nl u llt"l h.i liic e tt tub I It t-ll el,^tlir t l-t ol d ho' b yen t Il.l dru aild .rflldi(roie [I.. rl I tIIIIS lll ll. ltlll'Ir )V jTill'pl· 9, jd, lltid %%'hobwrplrsl lfoilt, ( It Irlfr m n1%. TIh e P uhe ihr e-pl ,fir .Rlc n Il n i s rarc.i , sn h . einni o f t hellllcbe' snort, u'"t, \Valh i r0 I le Lorl n at l I t Con: d.,n..ed R( l.IL~ r -Th wor il owtlr ne i,,rp ,rd ine yraz rtion b SUIIF ra l, l i' bher dIhIcr i s a o leriIntit' by a di stinnin h nd rtn Judge ,f the ( Siil nle i n rtf ir w enth y ve o rumes itig .i the ( -d a N., l t ex fectfill volua ry, tr th., aordi g to whll modll oe Peterd' til l th e oilIe r of a. I s n:dit ih aliso g Ilr te 11y T uI d t IIII.I·I ll·td Ill r th IrIeJu gl ot het. i Srnlih. C urt , thIlle n.wh'dlle nuprf i o- aIlld c t ir " ad iriuilgo wh htI FRED. WILKINSON j ( DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL cr LUUISIANA, i .1 ' lt';l. his ordhers to Ilh- Pubbe i h; h* do art- h IlIlfr II[ I . llr '. i ! ll:: 1Ild ( .1) 1 II l'l}illCl'eit l ilS hl I .I i~ ili. ll'll ll.l.illlll. 1"111"TI,I plIlllllll'i'i: lll) I ~ldelih Ill lht I - ]li Iltl~fn(:llltI (t1" I hllill.' enl lll~h111· l II1I h illm, l he l h..'s t td+.1.111 lll'I·Pll'i li ill (lult,· (I(ll+ tllllllqI III+ wiOILLisP IIIIII Ol exr~llr~r ltlllllB OilicL.SI .t i +|ill~e+lrtl'rr trl~liero . dlo ltlttr el a,'*01 . "*' (I, t tZ. woi llt . Ai, Ii Iot llilly 1 Iii ih .l' I) Irm.lll~l 31 1 r..(l'elv,,,l an1 a+.11.rllnl't1l I.l`<'llll i li d I l rhl+~ (1 BtO ~l I I 'I 'l uS I .11 IaIn hIe.--t b pee dy -J alld Certain CUr,} libr tit*=, ]%ve~~t itnt Aplltt. r"mittllt and illttrle, i a lt feve. :; prepared |'rOll i ecxrll iouii.ii Oiol Ne . hltl r t reetel IlNobibtrc i a oli t uoo ~ili 1 3eI l, L or f s al th hi et I S ti ito ' itihe ci -flui ot Qii, tedooiriuI tho li taed : - RtITON & .AcI'INAL. I (N Ot VIOlND I'OoN IC VtI-r:ICTUE~.Avtoociy Hl hid cnrditin ic rihl rteoeIoneorcnot, and gos , Ir iiit xteitivili ui.d c ill i i ltoftc a;tv llstrio ls r rcl, Iw i th ilithl ditillga li . l ied w tlhsr. lhat tIe Ilolsolntlir n i c tlra tucclls cici 1832, by pil clced t r i.o th igito pui. hc ill os ltaily it For ity, i s tl o Iolte Ihi it Ilainc I in t L lP ltl if1111 r)l? T IIP illl.' IllilylS 01l" tll~ tB who~ Ur ulTiorillo diii t o th otgttiycr iog ' ii Oii eoiitory. i I i Tit ,L iloicl, pmioitc i cki hig h gr eat vitltlucii iticcil icn u ihie t ee exi. velg ut t h e be direstius has lie esr 'ibld wif ofi o icti gule dltlire, ovucl ci , thle ot tblii hiit O c Ft ti iersouri ii " Iti It i di lii tic llg i lot illcititblr e . lld te in witii i.i i ollrt iait itol-Inch, nno d childri a cii cn orgt eans, eretuJa ali mIan slre oflllll thse dlwosl are moe.l llll~rn ne thle+ o ur |tdgte o alut co ntry. It, q rts to setdct p etre. 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B ti I tltttll \Il It rlriii , II ly b n lt ll n Iill ti * Scittlict[iR t, lircucrc n I': Cinr I- ,lcrrcharti IJ c.isctccg to hice a beatcf.tI h'lear strck oilcfa Iti., shlumesl·, has whI u ,l lo t tlit e t (e.reonas f i Ihi !,hic i thee :,:f hi gaice cis ciktll h Batonk's .l rnh', ____ settl. I.1- ,l)llilOJOITS .. I AY'S .lINlM11:N''.-No Fiction.-This e>.: - treardinary chendiol donmptition, tihe reseu I of science, and the inIvetrllot of a celebrated lnedi cal mtan, the intre+dcc , c of which to the pubihe was invested with the solenIrt ty of a d.athcl-d' bequret, has since gained a rotlatoion unparalleled, foily sestjicning tthe correctness of the lamented I)r (iridley's last c,ofession, that " he dared not Iluo without givint to posterity the benefit of hix' k.nowledge tn this suhbject," and ohe hecrofurd b lquuathed to his friend and affo1dant, o'frtrneY. liy'es the ecrlet of hi dishoioyey. It cs now uced in the principal hospitals, and" the prIvate practice in our country, fist and mo10 certainly tfor the core of the Ples, arid so exten siv'ely and t tlctually as Ito bflte erodulity, unlees where its etretos ootse witnecasd Externally in the' tfollowig .coplaoints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption' it once. All Sw\ellings--Iedncing thoem in a ftew iours. Rh IeuolatictI-Aoute or Chronme, giving quaclk iore Thront-f-fy (:areerec U:ters or Colis: ('roup an d W\hoo.log Couglrh-E.ternally, an.d over the Clhest. All Itruises, Sprains, and JIurns-Cd'riig iS: a few hours. Sore anld Uleers-WhetlIhr of; 6lng staondlldg, rad lever sores. Ito itoperctionr upon admnttr antd chlidren in redls: ing rhtluatalic sw.elungs, alod 1oosemnrg cughts acno tIghltces orf the chist by tclaxation of tie partty las been surprising beyond .etception. TII6 Connan remarlk ofe those who hateo uaed it in theb I'llue, is " It acts hke a charmr ." TIIt P'ILS--'htc plri't, g$ is cerirndcd to anS person wsho will use a bottle of flay's Linioneint .or the ilesh, and return the empty bottle without Spr~q cured. 'hlteo arte the positive orders of tlhe' Sanddtor to the Agets;l eid )out of many thaou. Wq ti,, not one has i en ucnc.ccessfirl. prefer that' insert cecrificates to annf lengttr bh1 Inbit thee origif. who sell the artielei rhoeld el C-AUIION- o pirchasers. . splendid engraved . . t ."" be erihtin iviilftt.t I uad alsothat ol.f the Aier, on .. ..... ... O~IOtr t Nolo HAYS: Sold w ibl..ale and retan, ((y C)M 'I'OCK 0 &. (Co, New Yor, anld y one '~)ruggisat in everc town it tthe Union. For sale by the Wholesale AgeC., corner of SCommon & eltchoupitoulu strteet, ctd by the Apothecarie s generally. je30 STA't'E t)F LLOUISIANA, I IST'I Jedictial 1)ietict (Iotit. 'Ihomnaas i. Jedl. c kilS, ts. Ills Creditors aud theo Cihdltuois .terns y (t' : The cession of the Insohenris at'tepIrti cir a.c.c CteCd y thei Cotort for the benefit l Ils Lrr!dt tea f, elwd it il. rdetred tl tt a moeetig f is sa id iredithiid tllll t t reltlors of' lellre o C.o. eo take place at I.ib Iticie o tf J.t. lurkrs EIs.,., utey Pi'ulic, ct Atluotiv lt if t tit ct ih.f Nev ,det .e.t; at it)l 'clo k; A. lt; .uilt i I pur1lpose of leliberatiog ron the lRttlros f said Jirtnkitdi; . ,itd Otertt. Co., andl in the inea time all ojtidititl iuteerdingt Jgainit TheI",'rien :,d II ropeint iotre v.'d .lel, Ies C.o sliyedtt 1 N.c ' Ersq. Cs tifplted t e p reer t ll the iabsllrstl Ireutitiur.c t oeiaetre. Iat io A. ht. Ircalrnnnr, Jud olo Cuaolt atorectdi, tisa ,ittli C(tIcter, 18it8. 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