Newspaper of True American, November 3, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 3, 1838 Page 4
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t ppWlhi1In d Lr ngstna oteZ, Seopopectfi!ly an o i n.1 Itohe publi gene. Altl-l se ~ r r1 .4 oeotnetopdaloithem at 2A ht frtm leer A P trooii0htors comfortable, to receiv' ~lnti!Ihh&AnA. $ r. sbe fin"ts onfi. bnhinp o itif.gCovi.glon during the eBetmf .t, nnint i.l b aLttr ::ccomnmtlodatiot,s ' ia ilo 'Pce rd thoi, on n0morn hl:ral terms. t. fonn 1plo asgily sitoutold, and well osupdlied WtVhr£oenyiet e"; tht e h tr is fieroish!el with o0 t itoe li totrs, &c. iii short, slhe promioces ng shall b i wanting otn her part to give daeti n to all wtvt may patronize the i t t i 'Lltuisiana tIn,,t,. j3 LIC.-Thle :n1er ien, hvlorog 0 thOAk.olr Dr. Sc..aidt of Chrleston, "St |rlt ud for sOno years his assistant in .,1. med io; cie and sIrgery, has he hnn or offs is prof"sional se.rviYeu in this oily. assureos ti l]adies and geoothomenn tlht the moot pl attention till be paid to the calls which y be miade; and also oti;:ro his services to the older ofsltavos, being well aoeq'rinted with the diaeasesconmmon to them, bhaving attended tihenm in t eiognr hountu in Chorl-eston. Th' e . 'ntno.s antliillous pills a: ter the cnmposition Stol',P'Ofessor Smollete, with directions, can bn lhad : "ihnW t undersigned. The effltct which they haveo piOduced in this and other cities, hes beon attended with the greatest enecess, to which the hbest of references can be given. Apply at No. 16t6 Mngao. -tfiO street. JNO. M'LIORING. iLLOV WARE t0ULb p IN7h1tWS, SA IRONS, &c. I D-E 1T OWELL WORKSti COMPANY, No. S 38 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have roeqived the part season, and are cnmstantoly receiving large and extensive additions to the stoek of lothe aboveo goods, whlich now consists of the ollowing boorinlto, suitable lbr tile southern neol w'nstertn moarkets. .i Hollow worn of superior qualt;ly, consistling of about 1500 tnon, viz, Pots of 22 difflrent size.s trom 2:8 to 50 gallons, -Kettles, 15 sizes, froln 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15sizns, fro,' 3:8 to 18 gallons, Slrkeopans or Ovens, 7 ,talibrlntl izeo, Tea Kettles, . 0 do tokiilets, - - 5 d F'latSpiders . . dto ubvared Spiders, 2 do Orlddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . i do Wagon boxes frotm 1 14 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Shrews, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inoch, No. 3 io 3:9 itnch, No, i- of a superior quality and finish, and less than J.mto's imported prioes. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's anod hnltor'. Irns, ,soorted.o Sitsh weights, 100 tont:, a-sortod fromt 1 -1.4 too 20thos. Balls for P1lntatlit.ons, steamboats, chu-tche,- &c. mnade to order, .. A!so stuamboate and otlir ma:chionery made to order. The at'ove nasortment of goods is p:articnlaorly recomlmendedu to th!l attentionl of Southern and I WVeslertl merchants, alnd are olt'ored for sale at low rices, and upon Ilo most li bral t0erms ; it is be lieved to be the largest acnd best assortment ever Ioffered for sale by atny ono ostablishnltc in tohe United States. Merchants, tby lorwtardno!i a ro.qu"tst by mail, ca.o haove a print d circulatr, ovith do cription of gouood., pricesand terms, fro,oom whoich no deviation is over omade, fnrnishld by return of mtail. All orders will reecivu itmetditatte attntion. Noew York, 1 _38. J I 1 - 'U" E()t N 0Y R lll ' &' lI 'tl ';iIS- lt-'mlh,. trotl's I.t-' yl. rL in t t ott o a nd l'i to Pt s, s:.0 lll sotiz( ; ,II:0 , (1 ) t 'hexes oef L.o .% ietotoltets t'(iol. -; tior ,t-s 00 tlrlolo:e to nctd "outL.teel,y 00 b 1111 nhlttllW'O `' " " cafr Common n d l . 'k e It)1I. eI+" 1.c s I -t td, for . t01 Ilt ) 11 (' t I. t f I r1.11 \t:.+(i.,l i ., Ir,.i*t. S 'Tivoli ( 1'ie i mic . , tro miw h i 'rv ,".. 0,290 Alg.1Y t: J 'fTTt, _ 111{1: 1t 1::I 'vII\I O rrl rr'r r \r , li hucibarro~ý:, ".7, dirt 0d . in t , h, C111 .0 ,.m1 0 & 'to't0 't I 0.:l"R, -i m 1 .jlA tofil o ,ltn ec t l, a lh I.v,,,,r t'..t l' . l t t, .1 :l I'. 0 t t l00 i e.,i o n -ct i y. el ' ,r ,t i,0titr 0,1l a, tI,,t,', , it mto white, 0 0 .00 ,, n00 ,li-00 ato s-tlool d o t,1..h oo .ot oIo-to c .'tt NlL' on h0 td d £tlo e ".Io,. b -tO 100 ."11 "4t.11o .00100000 "... o ilt. do l 2 ti, cn d , 5a l NI OOt to ItI ,r !, -lrv IIt t llftftlI l', Itr I;Ni l;, ll ; ll \V ,\ ( i. and Biudin;; g eatlyv l c :t,, ! nt .l:.cI I),-ir, icv l t [i) i' i ':. (" l. tt . ,) 0 0,,, 0d 0:00, t trke t h 0 ' I toth 1.Ioot. '0 J:It; &.No l, by L.1 I':1.T : . 3L11:L ; \ , YtORi le ,i ittt I'lll'.l{"+., NO fr.1RfU.L' NOR COPAIVA w " h t . ,ill it ,, Ani. JI, ; :7. A BOL'T six mcnnlh n n Ihn i.tihlh e to -2+t -a s cIrt Idi;.:oas, lbIr "l hich I have tlppihd to .e"t, , tal dctors for II clote, itlloil lit+; dr l Il t+li or , n le'em , ýol llO+X on the tbove !atro I pat utacell tnha r tl,. r'n r" o hn tot Ilunt, and I expcri t ihi t ' cure , i t t tlhedie d ot w rse, , so aw . s te l l to c I o t i tll'.t lIb'e to tihe number of ' ix or eri"ght o ea h ire, tE l ill ovI" lily .te, anld i reor throat, nd not ilt to work at h present tiellrt, oar + t t lin o n, i; l r.. 111[er I t tie right aihe ,Ir rti nrlhr'rrt. 1 r ilr rrt v Ir rirr r -r.ra %arI eonli.ja t!v ullerl hl. cnre of Dr. Illet, ,f Parei, to beperetle thured JI)\ I \A N. Iia.ll 1I y TDO CFaRTIF'tht rtl hilt , vi e moht:ned ,isrnso is r qUite wt elt en rt:d to , stoy li-t;ti lr, , " ich rrir tr rirle I haave t llnllltl . le I lt, alllt nol tI illlloj o V sltle lth at all; fllet'lire I ahli·. , ,y f llllw illll;",er 1;1 L e tlen tiL andi apply to ler A. 1 1le, 111 t r .o street, between L aphin auld I:our e it . ). ifract is it iine fromll io'i ,.ch , A rI 1, i oil r1t Pl 31. They H ill find a Irap dvtor for hie s L llie lilll JOIN 1 t : 1N.. C r4 r siret. If nlv one wants to see alec,l tt NoN. ,iiU tlmlitr ' PitIC t, uard thltv will be r irtis;t d. '" T be plublished at the oprtir n of Dr. Illnt. JOHN DE IT N. New Orleans. FPlI,, 1hTl. iil I Iv r T HE (Jnutine lldlliutll linls ill l , I crwurt nrtl Ilioa,. h. iound, is put up inl botltlr. at th low griLe ,f.dt goutet .au) rlelllailning t ile Itl Elag l" Iltlell ilt Ho itlrlG d Liveauort, l -resi le thts irtuIrr ,s el inr l r t rr r ir urlg her)brRll own Irllllrgr the Inrira i . a llcihtr l p a rlltien v ear flltahl s L ."lo hc r ol l - C;u h h J . .. . IS , A., ,.li 'Itto ii]e kEterrreraise si, irt 'nravel, abro cito ji ln f a"is a g .-ilr lita1 i t lrr r ., r lll, t Ivr e . ill i"'"t pu reet ate rcrr irirrr lic rare I roerrrerr ntwiofdr tpea perrr n;.i. " I Y , rts l'rl ttr tl" blood,r Pirer conplint . c. r 't a ni rrriare it t ti nt wi rtlo wr oirrt irn o 1 ti arti l t .tr r r ei r rrir have i of ractir yrrrtr 1ir r resrt rie ,rr r rr (rir' nor's tdhi a ) l iwnrt a d Iht rhelrir, I t' l rir nitnde dded g nd e ri- at: canth l"sti , finltheiknew ledge of th e r -cl| irndt ris mhlu fro.",, :od iIh , v:bary, toif all [ho.._- li arna of tie tolein F",r whi l[h tp is Ir e lt.uaeuri. AIutlL.oI r i'IIILL. ti har. D. "CALVIN ]I. IS -47. .a SIMemtibmi, soi t'h ]Bostorn Ltcialra Ia.Artlatire,. " . .atsni, Olrberr i5. salobrt J.ILVIS & ANI)RtI,'La 1:.. il "Ill ,-.i n ol "ur I l: h Hit a Il ee, era rat rrrim- . ,lat , y ity rt, tr' ;,r 1'I ,I . . ) UTCLER'S Eiffervtecent Mlrrrusirrc Aperirt--F r a.. l yS dyir'aepsia or inligetrrm, rer r wn ddit, gidd - i itsl ear d tLerh , ni.r tv LiLrf the st-ll rorrlth rllrri'trl aC s tirtrtts ,a ut.a'nerralrie'e tsgrrrerut rir arvt, raLrd rrtrch ' valried a s a gentle, cortiitt purgntive. 'ti desrable prepararion hat reoriwed tilr ntrr ttr s orfol riy etritelr t ntrrr nhre l r i Lof t e pif: ll=+, J, S1g1..'s.sra lahrll-iroitllic rrairy reirecathti ar l nnwli i% ti onals, fts eillve ifllre a 1eii r ' hllIla G 1V itLtallthe rileasritf tualitiers a f ar rr i or f r tr;rJr, it p'40e00ei tire lcIv niteththrt l rnlertit-s i0("lietol n alajpr ,r'il san iuu pur..tives; it is rrriasen[r ltlrte tlhtte, .nd grrafrllt t i, ltllllt n ah. plioR RT 7' CA UtH'l )N--h hlr, .it' r I .f relpo". t r ' TIdeo inr fore luti. 's i.lrr rv,,c t 31 .. 'e p"ritertenet.'hao been ae idrrrarnrt for [he f tr o-r , a t. n tt i trtat lir of th rrrauriOl red ci le. l lrvlitis , e,?it p itl r' h ly Ittrr'd ar this fact that thL.r v mr br • q "tlgtthe|'aarlaonrtpaO errtnpurrr nr rt'"blif erara reslrecttlh y inftor e that ti it uhrerr - m .For l. whra t trr er i d re:till. ': "+ SICKLES &.I.(). "Agrara "lendgrowthLofIIttrivingroahthnrdbeatut ,ad S&- thtis lHlarr Oil wise ofl'red tar the polrtie, it had " ' iOn hti ttlrda easof Ialdnes.+, thinriae aaoi .j Of#e hair, arnd inevery tiarotanc, Irlnuarv +tti realit d, it ttl utttn erafaitr d toa prrlure °< . " i'ttfol gro Ith of tiair tat it'orat rhi rrdas 14-. thias Oil girtes at ogece.herL faa t i ari t p gf ,a : .e to a. . . th ,e r lI it O l fao r t ee [tlt tl v 14 'e ' r . .sae 4 ," " " 7" " -f. S ."-.- . W nti boaed l shii Orle Ins n Eoale, Ilidhlander, uv er i- jlclui. Andrhe-w, i r-c 'hand ciir la, ii-t.ic ,- ck B r ckc ic- c1i85 clnui Ilicani (c br==men, i 1-4 andi '2 1it8 ill tll t d l Roll.; ti- It.10 t11 - i -t:ch hiblla e Co..iio K.ivc e: l t i Par l il ('i lli T oi '; -f' la I-n , 'oi- ' 1 c iit c . I .8 an -t i cl iii i , u 11 ' thr ILI S te h \L, 1 Vti kI'a e'n ,P lr T il~r :n i . ir h!s, r lent vl hll I , l 11/rr { ir l Bra idd-, i nlelh and |ri,+.lll n s- Pealr. il d o'!'d ih Pry v l 1icr ; t" t -; I"," rl u ll (;I.u him t .is P teint icl ci, \ or (.' ,rae (ii cI: italici ;tiit rI ilt ,t- Il b: ::;l ci- l, i nll S i -'hucqihttittciillc- tc II i rttalnd wnl lilt--si cl - ti k ll cllc. 1 - nl.clii 'wi"i I ide nn,1ii l'rri ii i l .t h h-;i in lh l i ,forner sto k o i tsl, m; • 1h1("r nl ;-ol lllptI I ,l'l " ('h (ill t ic nd .l",ill II',h in n tli iLii ii:- ta lt-rim t ii sit ;n of l he ( b lc llo h e r li ng o. the -l 3 f K l 11, 1i i 0t & tr . . lt 111: rib+, rii,-r+, I \,_rot< cic r ti" iciln-ii e I hin- ur r i -. v ery m I ii-r . t-lof i t' v in i -tiroi ill l . - n dii )r .-il c-in . I " , I icclll lill .l K \,ill I ,, Ii~ l i -ll nI c L l l c I i lii l.c l I -llc i .I!. Ii . i \ "l III a Ic II c .il - i-, t ei i t. ) ';ll\.0 i i iOiiii r l (.-- ie nw i'ev O~' pler pi l i il ih-illt. I: l -i(tt- ii\h ti ' I li iiIi o iIntler., Fln h :i1i t (h n's' ain,: t.h de Iei'i irisit--i -iri ita r blie h nal, I l ttl inls I p ha n rihb.d nIl stlsi r ii" t r -t-; ita Ito -tdi i; s iti i--, I t.1 TT s ii ce .i i iiliiim ' h ti-i s s p nII ii c ; I ilttii calii nti ciII il :i iii-:li!B t · l 11 :1 \ 11 ; Rsli roll stI .+-rg; shi t y am. ! ,i h .mI . !,; it ,.t . I - l-, e ll i tl t-it I i t'h Ir i i+ !,I, 111 fr.,1 all llul hlrl c; i.]l · (.ll ii l'.!!:,; 111 I;1 l !il,, ai llll I'. ':..."1, v, C II,) ciiIaterk Itl, u i tic llc -It''"v oilt {lt Ititl::ine dn. i1, iii il li t Ie: i it. t - l ,t;h .oti ", doii sass eas : Ittt' I I i t .s<I" ' t t- - -ll (tie s ;. ,h h ,, 1 , itr O l dcitt l -it l-ctitIwhit; i , ittI -d si in , . tilet O f P o - s t a n d : 1; s e r e t a cl i i -i t t l; - 'tta c h ai i l :a- i n ielkl , I,,i; tt Itil I h t:-.llm; .o t tl t bool ;v ail wallet-s" I i t-G i t-u n l i l it- t ;:l' tench,; ( -et -tl t i t-. \, i, -1 \ll'h i lt o l : i ll , old n (: i'r, 70,it1 11t Jh:wa v"!-- l- - i iii - Il- i t- -, t ' -ý:'I'li't _': on-i- .- , io okqh. h,+ n Si h l"s- r. i -ll ,i ( ,ol^'y1,li. lill 'l l, ( 'o. , l of ,.* os i l i h ttilt e I il'll l la i b," at .I i t c ui tI ti ti b1 i nkit i nl Levit.l C uII'mr- ill aI tend I toIli .'erlltlhlty o lhr hnai ,.;v of nI'.Vo,, 1V.: llr! ';,S t ., Il'.. t rbli( ,N' l 1 Ihiri, K,.I - i - i t I\ ', r I.r i.'l iV" I nrv Kt'1t I ill I ,il-te l II i l'l n ll. h i 1rani n;'oi o h ISit itluinits fillll ti- tl in I i li i,lt iooouly. ; T s,.I'I r ldvbid to 1,aid fe - rr,+ , are ':llnP.'v rv>t u 'i l:l) b~t-s, d iiinodii it r4 o - l- ,--it- nl ti l -lii litt ill t ill-it ,1 iii ititi ' 1 'iii ti -ll' in .it- llt delu',. lit-I ()t ! so' . til l . ),,, i l. t--ti i ,it ilt -I -i ! .i--t.1 I':\N l \VIi ': :I:II A \' ,. ,\1;<'. 'I'II ai va+v,l, t+: iii .il' I" \ (llrll II ,+"Ii :,I I :II ('tl l i e "w l. y itv'l'; ; ald fit ' late- Iv - h' doT.rl o ·i. bit: I 11s I . i l " i I, '' ' 1 'Is t.l t' l "der" t' " o I it ll llii il 'Iii It ' +iii i iii ii . I III .,i- t id 1%1t'1 O 1 1're.+ +,'s , t.'IiI+ +!ar-tilh'. I.I nt' h rl,, iln trllill s l : 'tl. l ;'lZ -'~ il l 'c I i cI ii i thull it l ;,llt+ tl ) IT , I+ I t 't - •.h ith. Ibsir, t dl, , so1 ~1 1 ,+ l .'-" I ti ,i , "e.: " ....... I ill, alI IIi: of ! l:., l rt,,. -hx lb . i ,bell r . ;i:,, ill from I -ll h l I IIht, :tt,, l . oid l[i ' 4 :iiO I 1 ' iii ii i,iit, latr , ,t-, itis ll ll" II ,sllil. _, l nh r a, s ,oo.. , , ,lll !!s; , h =na ra';" =n a ,ot i: t,: , r,.;+h' t loIk i^ r!!os,'-in,: h-rt.1 1 (ru i( 1,,. : .l iit· , hI) , der shl i-i ,'l'l-1 ' slll silk l.. dI o o ,l1t- ioh , "t- i 1'"-, I i- llit- l • ' hln t iv· S . ii.nI' lllri- i , I i fii,,i :nii l itt.l l" islllnav r Hi, l t itic I- , :it - lil'tI, itt il- l ;ii l l t in-- ,lll ,,-,l Sl1el, bokI , tI : I ll ".' ll 'ty I, ovvdh" I·,t,,,k' ,hell, I' , tll ',III( , e ilnl-lh , :I bilt, bi~ · llbli l ,- w h' l l :tI i( !i' il!i-, nI ý i lltlntici i S :\ i i1 .1tt-i t iil," b i' i i - till-.h Iii le il, Il lails Il. .,+ , vi- or I - , rov-lttL l,'.i i-t<1 I 111,1 11 .rlh.i l-k:, hwl I,,Inl % e, fl o. I.,! 'l i_. f h- -vl'-, 1' lio 'l nd ,; h, n a 1- ,.' 11m1id -h..h, I. r".I r i nl., II ,+', i ,l , d'-,II ", n lif( ti o,-. <l. a i- d --v illrlll.,I d -1,-il a d ,i ,i - tll-l , II~l , iii i ,lil ii i li .I 'lh, I .,ll ll. 'li~ l iF. ,1 IIil I .,i .li i.. ,lr Ilil.l i ,{,l" + 11 I!.!i !-i'tl, vll- o-'l,.<+ i l~ll, l ,m, + ,,,:. I, , l ,,I:.v" ,, I olh ii, l- ,nvl . -oi l.{ , h,,- , ., . le lZ 'I: lllll e,, hil, ili , t, ind l,+, l-l iitll , I ll <, ii,-, ii 1· l 1h, 6 ,. i h niiil n',il,, l s: ",,H, h,,..i /1;,i , i l ;,i 1d m , i , lld l ' ihd ain .oil l h. I~i ·i, l i,- llr . ih , ~ ;ll r f11,1 - 11 l. .1 1 , i lv, l':lllll l.~.i dl(l· I hiI i i ll ,, l Inirlrl ,ll h i it i ,,\ ,| ld n 1·dh l. l Il 'lS l lll,,, eon, II-t L' i~let llcc- 1 -c-it v "il' l% . 0 ;, ,II· ti ll\t' IM· t I'''' u -+. o r!, ll <,l il .:i . , , u.f it hw : il l i ; i ,d l l. h.,h,. ih ill i ' l .l ......" Sll li.',,I ib() I.Ili ý::1i1'ý :ýci."o."c 1II' tYl.':llui Iliili]) tl(.('Vvdc lllll Y lilr ..tic u l ll11· 1 p.·1111w 41·11 \V t.111 11 \(I·L1 II1 s It t, pre: t,."nI·I .!? :!:"i··:lill for priv~i.ll:( I",,rniers( and( r r I::llrl·, illd t 1 ("n1, nII1I1·1 liarp"ru. Il· .-lll.- 1I i . "x.· Iii) ~ i IIIII ·l. d er.d tr ,' _::."n to sI1 w h It n t i t il Li(·II'I.P 1 t nl ,I -111 , an-4l I 1i, -'i" ii ni.I,, t , P u A1111 o nllct .,l -la 1.,," v .t r ii : II t.:-Ii In 1) lmrlI i.Uli(llI' ; I~il IV 11..1t1 1.11, 1,1111.'.11 L1 `ý Nll~l i ' nIrt1. le 11'nr , p;r ili .3 Iru tl )l. .I with .I ·il f11 cull'.1 tl ' III ;:u ''I':' I t/ I ý `t,) I ::,; In!I t I .."."n t.-,. ll- ill jC tt~futvou -o s 1li '.141:11 cu te -d l, lit - r. 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TheI .v. pions iml l .l t:::7 " 1i . ,llll l IDr ,.lhh nI I lll loV,"V I I e,.w<','tl,- frot1 bet.: t. l:-'f t iu'to t', I', illi. ll T e, ivtl'- li ] i t i 'ot h it,. u lt ti o it l i ll t betfiru I li of hi+ infill; l n /v. it. the I pi , ,, the fr - iloi-er 'r l" . n itflil~ ·I:Jt b rttv l l t,' ~ lllll lll ti'too ll (.! rt 'it o 1 )V I1 id., 11, h t i I,.ao I tlo t it t tl l It'It tl ll.i, I:tl tIm tl o •ýI ; 111· :1to 1·:11 I i rne ] . i ntl ll l fl(',' l tt ll. itýllll lfl-e ,iVr to any o ,.l ] ." ,It iuhiii , ,f'il .\o.tivllo s+'t of ii rt o- ,.h , I htt l, ,-eio l iot'teti'' dt '"to " Ho'st ' lt'' lst , h0 I' ' lllo i''''' l I,, ,it I Iit' of It it, r'Ia n i+ t ), ' I tilto t I t t tl.lly oolitd Ie ,. . 'The f, o1 I+ II , 'i h, S. fl'i t t o otI n'e + at I I t iha lost Ili,'lhI. , 'lai It lt. rc ed i IhIo. t'orlh, . Iun ," ty ,I . tt, Il 1 il l tin e tic lllhw .t J'lt[I: p 'o-. 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C..Allý",.ý ~t, ,J r A" AlA' .1,,,,, ]' n.II l 1l [::c I.(l in (li/lelll"': I rl I ( l1 I tI . ll,, ,, "llllll b I 'll, I ,u" bitti I(, I , . 1 r I eii l . .,t ,,il ill I.oI of Ih " uII ii 1 III(1 It(iil l· 1,I(I)1 I· t (l V i-caw" llll·L. it alII1 , L t, vv1 I mllllj the diii I t, aIi l .. hte, I d uel \\'ri.i l:lul,, iiue of theIIOl· tor s taint. tolll~~l ~ li(·il. I "nol II, r o e .... i l ulol· I , Il u l l i lout, Ilr. l1 _ il Iit r Italia II li. ;:llli:le a f,",v 11::x; ll Ill~ier llllll Ile at liI\. t i,''. All Su,,, ;liel. 1 -I Ill, ill,; her ll * cqI lit.·i I,,' 11,-.· ]ci lii the oi It i,, it , ri t , l t o Ili: i I':ttil o l:- li:L; LI1J: .I Ulli II olh il, d~I ~ Iu llt 1 r, iur Iv.. ul h I ai, 1t,, it i ll i' 1· 0111 IItt' il i, I ll1\ (;. i l ha iu eoluli u lý ~ Ills .I hied , ire' I'l ...".I ,, ill, llru: arr luolln thri llr·~!I I tiflllllll :t I,",, ,- fio11 ti, I'n( 1I lli Ir 11'n ,L iI!tou, :,.llrr-,." II I D r. ,* j toit , i llyt 11 t'-II Jueu,"alr l th illI I tt' li-m 1. It ill _ivy U,.nO I~Iel ·i lil Ac. 5 wilt ,,:+ til.I-e lA tt the 1.1I(I(·i I 'a tE Chl Fr allI I.' Ile I,.:, ,,tale, Ill, vuu (l It; r: bout uleu 't't'Nhi t't' i tu ll [oI uit:" ýI ix Itt l t:it. u tx. o iii it tiitttii-. ti t i, ' I'I tIn l II , il t' 31 I.,." I: " of tL " ,l ee iI t t - r ll ll, I~utirl:. ha- t."d e 1 I A it itttI ;I .1 I lltt II, ,IilI1 iiut~~~uiYtjttii IlIrIr .",~eo h Iu'u i~rt . I ,, iS THE INDIAN'S P'ANACEA. ET, Oltithecur'eofrhleumatnism,ýr fulaorkiugsevilgnot, S aciatlica or hip gout, incie:nt cancers, saltrheum, s]philitic and 'mercurial diseases, particularlytuieeres ad irs pailulalections of the bones, ulerated thcoatltrit nos ls trils, uleers of every description, fever sores, anm internal er, labesses, fitulas, pis, pi, sld headit scurvy, biles, chro Il nice sore eyes, cri sipllis,bltilhts, tid every varietyofe'c in t tattis aitetion, chrol~le CU:t:h, head alche pl.toceed l i ,ng from any arll dlil l umo t, pin in the slto ach :1iltl d .s itl pepsiaprce.etliie gftl r vmr l tion, nlfctiosr ofthe liceir, r-0, cllron.i illebmatic'ln ofthe kidwecys, tand generlal lebili ve ty caisedl h'y a torpid aclioi o 'the vessels of the skin. It t en an" i -or kind. 1" Some of th, shove coltplaino may r'equire soe trii I,; et t' remtv tlt. .licls the INDIAN'St PI'NACGIA will thi generatlly be lunld ltill ili. , i lt 'cTO ICi TII TII I'UIi iC. " n Il tiue it is, that nlliodtin tPhysician l s, in their am n 0 ,blitin to ex\c( in their irofession;t x lort the iast Iiels a' of :aience by the ail ot'hemlstry, and seek ,ut new ro b., niedhll ag t+ll;s in bh(t, lto arrive at Ipefi ction in the i Ip iaetic lv by a ans of al t aloe,- ti , tirely overlook mid , n"glect, as bIe+tnth their noticte, the rich ad IbouIlteous - stil(es of ledicine o hich the Almnightly has caused to ,e sprll'ig out o'f the ,:llrlh ill every clime! AndI how Imlch Sl1orC true isit tlhat while the Amerien Physiienl looks of I to llclgn cotnitics finr liany of his most commll n adll I,- t itces aliiuty aiiSl's, I|.Clll ally Chlalnl illn uS ti tiie ai ".. the dietvtes ofl'..ishhm ortfolly, hIr, is sula'onnlldel in his id owu cglutlITy with an endlessprtofusion of medicall plhats, rI'- sauki 0lle 1t to lnsllSwel.lov idllict:llioa it disease or to curel of aoy Curaibl .lisorder;. ai d et he is ign|nCC t of their vi'= h1, ]ties, allr Itll atie slfetrete to 'wastetheirhllcalillg oil tlhe he Idele 'rnit lailr.'I a 'ce Thte elfectsof vegetable nwl icin esupon t esysten mre to, (emotna";--thse of l',minerals lasting. The lie, er e art tLhir elfects tuol pass of -=de latter, mercury in par In- lie| r, act chet irally IIupon the solids, Idecomn sing ,i.le htt'o andu < n ining the cnostitution by a blues LT'he colgeniallit I, lofCioieney al SAFI.TY oFvegeta ble rtem edieo, we a d man ti e.sti lattd In conrast-IIS I ei lt ille t eum iiCCmn ciit'vul.t ii tci the n li llg;or, to :n hig t ",o ,.' i ihned( i: eivCr, nIHlour I w tilhservti olia, th- i ,i iCe l a ofC practice with that of theMite s + Ct ho, i l A ria, some decrhlhliil, aunrotendinst ittnoe lalian, by n'canfld h",sil atl reu,.,i lit : 00d1(0,, Ia o u01 te d the th s t ra pid he l , .t i 'h l in g llll I ofrestDare thh ill . e ill of the ]t ^00(111011 pr tic, h ir ot. , i n t'hclly o c0nliii mlwe nneo i, po riit . ini ' lseo0u s, is li iti lt eem iicii ludian l e oshime nt s' nle tr .l t :ll'i osea 1Se, llil ll :1 thl e :liost to+allS als tie lce y oech(nic disease among then(? Who has eer "earl hr. titni I lian wilt, a constillation broken:Ll and alined by n- i llllt t aivent? :. cot.alll h dou btlllll istthatlltlhi:lts( h e I- I in;t 01itihn ih h tralons is cure of siolmn i of l 'oilo n t t is sui hl :Ii tih tii i' '. t i p r C.itii i 'T ml i hCin'i 0,ot whir, (: 00 bInclricad far the purpobso lbhi which itd with ti et, n'!- i q I S e sth i : p aion 'ii C c li c l kl Iiti'thll t tb" cinth epl'it' lht l 1*111% of letlet .1 - low Ima , ii, , si, r li I. ,m i " he ii i io us chc o ,i.,c ,d 1 1 ohsl i, , tn ,I.lh t j , u ii t is apC liebi. lr T hd it n iwill 'tIbi t'm tlt:,i'hle va C'e as the i 3olne , unt in. tI1 ;h Inca 1ts, t]C e tI l I anII i f s ni I ee ihgt ir, l i t''" h . unt I ' t' og' . thu01 o00 ce k .0 ill e to healoth a n e I' ' 0II0000 "r l li 01-,1':1 aI00,. ,l' .adio 21s. 1'CIm lltlmtll nh " th : t t'i n,\ pcl 'as + vi e rl u h-.oo~one d ca a ppoi pri alt esh, ) lh teh ta i ,. It,xirit eI,,tt..hM l " ,, !:h :i,,' s I[lts i ,, strength, hnn s .1 ,, iu, t.llv t.dh i ll i t li h"i l. ,t 1't , ' l " tli b n 1111 th is cttu od. low bc , h00:ri 00 iiiclly b iio 0 0 tn, ' ul c' It and it t we: , t ii t.i s .to tb l.bt1is p lici nl. I , snobt iot,,,. ll 0I0 ll 0 C ih.l r; , I t' : i sl, the 0,f" II, sihlai iii 0_iilie,' ta Iht l iy'l,' hlI I h0 tw io l , .r, Le I, illlt l i+,Hc I+ scaii i l i ( , to Itot 0a+lil IthL - . t, i otil ]e 0led l t l ir Iy lare ' i hs 1 , l 0 , in o1os , (ll 1 h Is i I cll b tl: iis m gb d!, s atlt 0 t!, . iili lll! il liti ii ia ';,Ce. I C0ak th0 : I Cl Iit ei C U hi i itilt+ ''c ia 00 , ' it ill b, L: t I h .I. lt, ltnod 4 S , i ,m .ui 1' h , :ili , , i at i'. t l"e i ' i, he ,pih in inein t .' noh., hc,' a nrIt' l neo t, oul ti I0nt l, itmlm huhl ' 01 h,,:1i.,, ti +iL, li iict.. iciiiC ,t" t ',, J "" t~icm ii, lt ', al ci'r i i'i'u is i it t iL illu ' i10, i l . imtcI clnt cc a0t0cl c. t ti 00 1 'l ' o n v t ] f, l h ~ t bt , : c, " 1 r li, , l',, out i n i o n, ,, I I('uI .I. O . ,I my 1! l ".il. 1 ,rus ;,li!ll·:lel' , fi'll'? e,!'uk \ 11, :u ,u lot I. h.,· II.,, IL (Z I··~ulflillc :Il lu illlil \)ll C·) ~it, Ic lllri~tll i IIr toll biex e . 5ive . . ,, i, Il to Iee j lIut. , tl I 1.1, i' ' h' ý l "rl 11 e 1!11 1 i to in·l:ll Itpoil 4,11 1.(11.141, byt it l : u 1u 11 h, u111-. 1N A I(IIbN -! II1' L l CIA IIII'i. A \ ES I' sil IN {I , us ulb IER ~)N 1:,rrlýsue 1is\'ll..uii.\, I,, Ni's a'sIN bsuull,ib s' 11,,,, NEW I!1II il;l . - \AuI· VILL- !C.'.I,. 1.U! , I ,, 'I I,,, Is Ii)s',,ssIsI sl. l i,' 1 liss \ i) . i "i'ii-j 'Iu sAss ass sss I~ i ;: :s- s Ass'1 1, (tit s,, lu liill: ' - t. I s, "". s r s," siCll,',,Is h y hl, 11 11 the tlii 1·111111 1)1\ , 11·.1 I I1-I. ·lil . -I11I· pa" 'wilt of l I li~e :l ll I \, l lstiss.ssy I l,ss1sss"'ss,, sluis Is~s,u ,,,5+or flski'sr u,X ii, I Iii's \t' I I AIti";.. 11 I :1 It n AIo n Aof thII!. 1 aS ,-'o- ,1. , \ t tetZltl t 0u·t . 555 u iisj hum I b. ·h ll sii I ll55l·II I I'ur Ill "1::;1":11 11. 1:u II~ * t= 1,1 il ill-tookhalt the11 1 l llli(\ d .( Il of ifo ptc i l'1 'lliil.1 Il~l per ·ilIll III1 ,,,I rite lint rl :,' ~I" I -iil? eee,?* I 1 "r a " <I; 1 il l I - ,1·111 Il·I I lt+, o ;:, , . .II 11,111 i, Ill.- ui. IIL·:" It-, I + (1 1? 1111 " it 1 pr u f!:e, l~jldi~ 11 Ji? il,,tho i u, o 1;11 11l iu ? to pu-tý: , l:: ,-ui t c "ItI1I· (iljl·; , it :,u the I. ,~~ ,111,. i, 1 iti+ n ui" p ,'h e,~Il !I, cuI e"e1. ,d i1 . u ~ , l t i ' , ::,: t I,,_ w lli u I'I'A I'E OF' LOUISJANA.--PLariyi Ctourit r thei Parih anud City of New ( Or attit. TllE S'rATIE OF LOUISIANA. To all whomi l tlih.|lOs Presents sha lll c le, Greetiu:t--iWheCrenr, Jumes t Ifnonr lin Iii.i" Il et it o sale matde by the At. " tilol'tif ll ep)lih Aof it' (lhe rl, perltsrtt 'hrci at'tor doscribed , on jpliel to the cleri oP thiF corlltt, i wh olse offie thie {,u.d of rsle ,-n recordehd on the i day o ftAprii, A. it. 1838, ir t monitiot trt deit't tiseme l in otir r il ito ai ct oftt ieltdgon t ,r ' o f tho e tDtle orf I.p-i o ll mi, elr illerd " nllti a the Jll rlher al snl ralne ii' hilles to nrrhll+scrs at judicial hlu .s" Upprowed t flte I f lt dcl' t lltMrch, 183b1. 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