Newspaper of True American, November 8, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 8, 1838 Page 4
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hthissippi and Louniiana Hotel, ovml4TON. 0, Mi., MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. * fnounces to her friends and the public gene. ly tp i laie lnprepared to accommodate them at Ih above 'establishment, and hopes from her Mrention .lnder visitors enmfortabhl, to receive l eontinut 1 f fonrmor favor,. She fels confi. dent that pb ns visiting Covigton (lduring the ummer months, cannot find better accommodations ..than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Ier house is pleasantly eitujated, and well supplied Witlt eaery convenience; the bar is firnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises 'ot.nodthing shall be wanting on her part to give ot ire satisfaction to all who may patronize the iessssippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 r i'O TilE PUBLICA.TIieul dersigncd. having S , studied under Dr. Sel.midt of Charleston, Booth Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. He assurea the ladies and gentlemen that the most '-prompt attention will be paid to the calls which Ri.mny be made; and also oflbrs his services to the rholders of slaves, being well acquainted with the .diseases common to them, having attended them in Sthe sugar shouse in Charleston. S. Thefaemous anti.bilious pills alter the composition ol Professor Smollette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of ref.rences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. ., HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are corstantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 diflirent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilllts, . . 5 do i Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddls, - - 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 incihes. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and filisi, and loss than Jaan's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. TaYilor's and hlattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Ul0es. Bells for Pllntations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steamboeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Soutlhern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. lerchants, by forwarding a request by moail, can have a prin'ed circular. with description of goodsa, prices and terms, fcoins which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. j,3 7E31IN SYIRIUP & PICKI.RS-ttnrlorwood'o Le IJ 1mon S vrll and Pickles, osoorted sioes; also, 60 boxes of Lewio & Ilaeskll', P'iotklt; for sale to losoe s consigonment,by JAIRVISto .NDRI1EWVS, eld rot Coaioo anlt Tchmlpitoolos a ` tA'--lllll C bhlf boe No I Soap, Ibroand of'Juoors 1J (iotld,forsoloby ISAAC BRIDIE & Co)m) . TO LET. O NEsmo drelling houoo on Triton otrete, be' tweer Tivolli Circle nid ,ret. m09. Apply to JOTT, W W iHE ELBARIiOWSdI &c-dO5 11 tclb'rrus , so 2 11'rt do. in stole, forl· sal~by CIIAiII'LIN& COOPER, ,o15 St`!l oo t IbLAlh end ruled Caup and Leaste I'npcrr, ofF all ,Ion" Slitirt,conristillg of very superiorr l blur laid, blur aod whlte wove, nd o ltoit n0d ruled rough edge record cap, cootllo oin h dood aloooor sale bv DsA VID) FELT & CO. n31 NL_. ' V -Stotjooutr' Hull, 3i4 IC otreoos4 ] (º ". r. J 8 11,1trm Cofle; - - lll S isten t due, coololosllle 1t is, 180fi, 50 do oil do no du 1810; III do of do 1. P Port, 181I6 511 tol 3'2 do I. P b10o1 Shtttry, 18161 [11) pijoo extra. tIoltdirn. For rule I IIldRidO(iEiNE, ItUlIWN & CEO otr Oll,,l:ti street. SLA N BOOKS01 , o'f seer vtrioty of rulintg 0,01 anid Binding neatly exacouPed~ot short notice·, by DAVIID FRIT & (CO. ot:ai N VStntioarro' 114,1,1 Chlaotrort. 'y a II&lt t,1-Iel bbl fob rt pr011 ooof eooooo~o Brondy, Li Imardingf, fr sole ty ISAAC BRtlIDGi'E & (11. omt 13:1 Mloagazine street. I'() IOEN'.^ NEW itvstlorol trick tooot, o itutetd 5 doors A fn o I the 1,0.S d it 31oiionlity ' ~il,mtrot Chrle 500eet. Illela) ,ry' loo', pfolol'OOOiOI g10 'Illlonediotety. Engnqiro at the plsllit·* l' EoqtIttooltto blPls I'Floor.. for sal, b nint G DI06O.EY, 44 Now I, 50 CASKS BACON ot.11o for tot, by 50 ,00_9 I IG l ) '8' It 4N'rNrwl ror. A 1511 coils iRopoe, hoodintgfront Amhoooodor.rotale by I.AYET & AMIELUNG, tm19 17 Coao,,rco,'orot. fjiAGCT[l'.-5tltlpieces Koatookok hoggir 10an4 ill k)fromilteamer Genll Wavoo. coll lr wle bly YOIIKE, 183l'I' lldRd, eti f65 Coittpotreet. NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA New, Not. 14, 1817. A BOLT sit months ago I ad the misfortune to gat J a nsrrel disease, foro hiol b have applied to oere. rol doctors for aouro, anldlthey did notcor00e me.sonowo on file albove date 1ut llyyelf undIer rll cle otfF Ilotot If net, and I exproltoi cl u tte.SOIl nc. th110 ho time tlhe dioseasegot woratl , olas to lbreakollt in large ulcers toI tile n bler of 10 or eight on lo h leogton ol over my iees, an lollre thlrot, and mot able to work at he ptrelle tilnllol Re o aotlt of tIlh disease; large Iloletr o 511e righll side of the1 tliroat. I 01 no v Ilolling m3self tm~tlfillent ly tlsllertlo care oflDr. 1ilet, of Paris, to ho b lert stly cured JOHN DEAN. fe.1 14 tj I Do CERTIFY tha0t thre 11,10e 1000onel disease is qulite well cured to P10 own sati1100ti1111, folriwhh I thankh IDt. hu110; and olllolreover I 0000000 tha0t th1e medli cine I haotak l,,,ltl lon I61talnldld nlot lljljre rly 111llh at l rl; thltrefore I avt itse my f lr t suffeelrs Ill lose to tittle olull 10 to IDr A. illeet, 1'4 Coo,,1 strert. btrwee' Iauplhinil ad Bloulbollol streets. DIr. luet is at hu0,e frol) 9 o8'lock, A MI, uotil 41' M1. I'hoy will filed a tr101110 do tr for this com1tplaint. JOHN IIEAN. Ill (iraoior street. If 01ty one wnlts to see1 me, call at No. 140 (i'rvio street, oand thoy will he 11 tisi0d. 'To be Ipublislhd at thlt opoi·n of Dr1. 1 ut. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Fob i, 1038. Pot, 14 Ir TI I Ginluine Indlo, tulenm Iof l.ilerwo 't u01d Har holtoool, is putup in botttoo at 0l low price o f 5 lett eahll, coltllinillg tle strengtih of tlhree ous0 e0 olf I.ivc.,wort, hrs~i les thle virtues of .army other rootsn and heorbs knowv n ouuugn thle IndirllJ as rflcaious in curingg puhnunayul~ complalints. The a r;ivalled success whichb has attended the ·oae of btbis iokolll llllllltlo whereellr it t IOa been intlln 1110 11. hials ol,1t0in 01d th1e confidetole lled recomthe'tola tions ofl'011lpotale pllysiciarn, for th11 101re of coughs, cold', pn in tlhet side, wanttof rlt, spiftting or blood, livter rallplllitt, &o. To 'whol it may oncern. 'Thisis tooerrtity that we. h00 1n our pllrtice frelhlcntly prescribed Mrs (lord' net dinaulotBolsa of IIlerwort a00d lioouroltund, with ioa dltdrgooLdol efct: we can thereforefron1 flie knootw ledge of the materitls it is made from . iltl r.eboloottO n 0nd expe0riee, r0commntl liit0as a 1uperit" preparation or all those aollotiont of tte llltes f r hlicl it is or snoeadedl. AILBERT WIILI4MS, M. D. CALVIN EI.LIS MI. D. Memohers of tIe Blolston Medical Association. Boston, Ocltobor '5. salo by J 1LVIS & ANIDREWS, Ino, 191 C010m lot, OIoI 11111itotnlai sts R~ecolmnm dllebd 11y the Medliral Faculty. UTLERI'S Ellerveecent Magoneian Ape.rieot-For B dyspppsia or itndigestion, nervllos drlllio .iddi unme,headaebo ,oidity of the otnooooh, habituagl rn. 1i500850,OutlolIsts·diseaOl0, gout grooel,&o. an, oluch solued an a gentle, cooling purgative. This desirable preparation hab rcorived the patron. age of many emlioy ent metmbrrs of t e profustiol, slad fronts diserning Ipulblic m1111y r000110l1ble aod unonli. cited testimonials '-fite efficacy as a medicino have been elicited. With all the pleootig qoolities of a glass of seta waler,it 1 possease thle actves medicinol proplrties of the 05o01t 0150r vil maliotns purgatives; it pIpleoasnt to the palate,nltd grotohful 1, osolltoach. IMPOITI'ANT CAUTION-Tho ircresinsgrepllut. than aol groat demand for Butlle't h. ferve00ent Mlgan. aist Aporient, bha boen an ilnducement for otlhers to of' Rern imitation of thlit valuable tord cin0 . Pttrrbhnerr arepalrueil.lrly tarned of this fart flint tley nva be o0 thsh'gtaed, slid not procure a tsmpure articl. Thampublic are renpecttully infor edthot 11h0 oobnri. berm00 rat onotalir ottopliod r ilt$ lte origittol aoI go. swine pepardti as. For sale whno ernIe a d retail. SICKLES & CO. Agents, ,, mI5 4 Csnalstreeot, N 0., U'STARIYS Vogetahia Hair Oil, fbr the roatorotiun V ad growth ofHair, giringhealth andbeauty,and ! revrtinoialnss. &ifore this Hair Oil was offerd to the public, it had pss triedi hundrrda of coasof baldneo, tlhinneos, and f(iliOg ofof the hair, and irevery inotance ts s.iultary afthave hbeen realiad. It hasnsoerfailed to prduce a ew ald heatifiol growth of hair on hbends already Ie. cue where it becomes dry and ceaos to grow laO w ill very aon render it healthy, and prodiuce rapid aad b.ttiful growth of hair, without tie leant qjaj*S it the hnad. This Oil aagreeable fra graan ad in preferable to any other Hiir Oil for per unaiag,oarllag and gloaing the hair. The h ir aot bw ve dir v aer ,irg it For sIle at ERB & D'.A NiE. SIMMONS HARTT & CO, rse nrw reessivglfrol on board ship Orleans. Eagle, Highlander, t'oker etry Antrew, rench and German play cards; Back famnln Iloards; Chessmen, 2 1-4 and 2 3.8 inch Bil ard BaIsts; 8, 9, !0 and 182 inch blade Bowie Knives; ,Leatlher andi other navetlling Dressing Cases; Belt, P'ck.t,fl'orrmannss and d D lling Pistols; double tnd nmle s harrelled Guns; Game Bahgs; Slot Belts; Powder ntad Pistol Flasks. Dram Bottles and Drinking Cspe; Perce eion Caps and Cap Holtders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; snd Nail Ilruahs'; Orris and Chlorine Tooth Wasll "nth Powader; T'oilet and Shavinc Soaps, in great vs. ricts; Inng laile Braida, Ritglets and Frizettces; Pear Ian Toilet Pnwder; 'aeryc Bi.a; Ivory Tah Csshions: ells a.ldl .lantes Shell Tlvi.'t; Site ani D rc.ini Ctlnbc; whi.h,in adsdition to their fonner stock on hand. makes hleir assornent very compnlete, and will he aold ow and on liberal terms, at the sign of the Golden Cornh. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. BhlE etcbacrihers, Agents for she extensaie 'cnues o SW.&. 8. Blltcher, Shellield, Enslat , iavd jiuss eeiced ar verV extensiv'ecst of tal' Perst, cnsislinrg of ab'nhle and iDerssrt Knives of es " deserilptins, Pen Pockiet, Dsik, and Spear pa nines; as; R rs, SNis sora. Ede n'l'nols,&c. &c. &e.. shicllthev are prepared o exhibit to the teade Iton ore or. Terns sad condition will he masr known at the lniof m16 J. DI). BEIN &A COH:EN.9fL Cnmmn n a t. S IMMONS, lkHARI'T & CO.--Are now recelving lweer ship hlouville, Eagle, Merry Andlew, llsgh endor, FPreanch nd German dlble iesd phalvlin cards: lter, bet ltd packet Iistels; Iplnin, rihbbed aod split cnsinm eaps; Capll hlldels; ai sla's, llnazors, pen. vas; (il ott's comtercial and other steel ilens; Vio as; Violin strlngs shell, ivory and bhar conats; wafers; k, beasd sad leather prses; hair hraids, fnt an ask riglets; negro lllsff; German and Fesch ol ologne water, Rslowlalns mnrcsser nil, imiltion toli ntilqe udllhe 'ses oil; lorthle rleaks and all'salng oeases: pInst. hlackilt; stnlsa.ed toilet glnases; cotnvex I n l's; op od glalses ntil views; Indian heads, bellsntsl plmes; cuo.elesl; whito - tweas toilhei nd sliat"ng st aps toilet owr ser, clsmetse wash halls; cnstied srati llssColon pnnl stands; screw enoshlaon; fancy head chains snns necklanes; hbilliard ball; pocket shoks anld walletls; German hones; razor srap.- fine nld comlaon gum lastic sns les'ndcr g aters dln Bells lucifer natdhes; sil ver le cils; Cieeynls, dea. a&e. Tihe ahove in addition to oar forer streak of fancy tasehls, snkhesalr :issntmelr l vea v ernllllttets. Par sale wholesale oa retaili as the sign of e Golden (coml, 70, CharLre rel sret. m2R. NlTICE---1']le partnershinlti ielle's, lassiss NC, N m of ,w(reina-;,naon, Iseri r &Ct., of Natchez' ad lharrist I.llie &Co., of Rndlrv, waos dsoltdverl ta hae2st oflilar Ist, by the least of Samsutel .k Malson, fae of tle partners at tle t'irits. The ssslerf.nedsturvivtg partters, i he rherge wi tbe is'tll ttssts c lnssd cln .asii dasins..s as filllws L,v iC ltllrris will attend to tie settling of tbP builness of, Halltrri Co.. st Nalchez; and Hlarri, Kel c & C.l.,ai IRlodnev; anlld Ienrv Kelley will ae to bne celtling nf the hsisinaes nflKelley, lian.o & Co., at New Orleans. T'lie olnltes of ith e everal firmls willbe osed in lisaillntiatononly. 'lThose iidebtehl toin said l rs are earsestlv reqestesid aeoe forward alnd nIake early settliement; and those having cluiina will plialselrecrsnt themn willout delay. LEVIs Ci IIAR tIS, 11FENR1Y KEI.LI Y. New OllIs-s, .lssr 27, 1l"3.7. J EAN k itUl FgiCARINS CDICGNE WAfTER 2 ee- mlare of llsia s.psls'ir C:olonnes water, just received sail fIr sale yV the dozeii or ainllse bttles. Also Americsan and L'r'enlh toilet pswsder, powder in rInta nsnd scsiiss salotsinsltg l ssss ilealll I. conmcte Wah I hlJn., milk bf r'osn' r,,iioulie Cold crea, esexst ni ia saisk, klsliskhn i\snrd's vegetnhle Ilsir oil, aOllltellna vreme do prrsr, 'Florilda. Ilnvenllr, rose andll v waterst tri'ev 5'5 conta ll s erseillen ies fssts'reV is terts h, ve-'s'a Is t td li ass st'e Chslorine and Orris tooth wash, ettlut, hnir,tostlh nail slidll frs !irshess togelser sistl ll sdsiiti sinal su p liI of faishionlsle Iblrss ansd oseIll eslabs land jeweTller ssalei l as t wholesale is rl etnil by SItIMONS, HARTI'" '&CO, july fI 70 ('"hrtres street. NI V CGOOll S-Sinstnons }unest & en r anct--w'e erivine from on h, an sllhip. Yazooa and Seratoga adrieqi Cn nlordian frol New aYorka e -reat variety of gonlss in their isno, whiicht together with their fornert stock oa ho.nd, nsakea their nansrt rant verye, n lete, The following compose a part viz: I ell twist, .,,r!.,sde, tack atnd dressitga o mbns, horndo ofdll descriptions, I n dia ruhher, silk nsIn worsted elastic garters, enommon & fine elastic islunders, loco fone anld Lucifer nmatches, Seidlitz powrders, pnowder pnlf nlnd hoxes, toilet ipowder, socket hooks and wallets neldle hooks, shell, pearl, Iornev and ssroeeo aer ear s,head, end naments, plainneo rtl eadts, srhklnceso anl negligees, Ihea) chainss ead leckliaces, cut ilnss and plsin,seedl,sihser and gilt betdsl Indi badsl, bells ands plmaes; piistol ansd large pnv Icr f:rska, slhot bels, horse, bell. pocket and dllciling .dstols; dlrlnbl, and lsitnl barreld gn uns, owit kdives and dirk,. reinsce,, ainanr pocket knives, nguard itltilla, nat rilh .inn aist sknIklns, ehtlot, lair, toseti, nsil,cnob, trllllt, shoel , iate, floor and dullting hrt lltn Cohlgne Floridn,l n h ,nnder s rose alld Iy wte,;lass',assrted sPnLesi , and extenc·1,,ant enrssr, bhear, alltllle :lnd .VLTrl's ve ge'tnle lhair stile, alsoindg .'s toilet soaps of lil des eriplins, slis'' sansd entiennssss' desiks itnd dressing esesr, hair ricaletc friZettea Iand raise, plaiia fan'ar and musienl work' bIoxsa, plaien ani eilt fi(uredna, cst and vesnti tllltlaS, Pearl nitsll ivory shirt io, shirt studds, giold and silsver .en'cil -sears, topt'Ihop nsand tsweezertsaplted snd gilt hcktLtsr ainai n iit ne o srilver, hrass antstel tiinbcs, Ith eas and eyes, Inair pins, imitatit friuit, ilk and redinklise bIl'lkingl violins and guitnare,riibhed andi pfin leusn saion caps, linlls tswie, scented cunl leno,gohl iad silter slace and frnges, latts r s paper, vanie gefd, riding z'sips, w;lking etllss, plyt'ngearda, floe gold, plhtodl nnud git jiwellry &., IThe nbnvr,'sr withi agreat variet' of other arti. lea are oitiered a.I wholeslale or retail on acconlmodntiig terims. N B Shell eureka repired.. L, n.: aea omas repnlren. 1J TH i P 'l I'ANI) RI I Al! (01111 AND V YY RIE'rY SIORE- : tlhl HSn of the, golden coo:I:o7,1Mn7Ol rtres trret. 'lrlennne:: Io, cr hove re. ceivedl, indditi on totl eir prejn::o::s c k onl hndl, nfull and ::npletn nsor nltlnt lof 1,sl es in their line; viz: conlmbs, perf loneo, Jletllrv, brI1he-, loeking glasses, fI (Altitles, :nn:o otonn ctil in pits fallo-: t qo;llod blck, long -rond, dn-ietm, ilde poll; clt anl nelk, Brazilian :omnbs of leo:' nredription amongstg whic ar solmMIeticann pIot:on, Invorny o1o:l~nf enerv dnncriptonn:,hlonl, dresinog :nd packe:, tlogeter withln gencrl nalssoo.:e::t:of Fron:ul:n:d A*n :erinc:. I'11111 )IIIERN-Colognte I nlee lr, Flnoridlo, hlonyv, hav, rose, and o anln c flowe;r waters o If every size and if,,' criptionn camplhl:orae.:e:I Colog:ne, extnrat of Bergam:otl, lany soap, ofonl kind-:, olva oilcde n o crenm nsnpdo,Wardl's vnegetlal hlir nil, hears nut .n liqoe:In. I'rlosorn,'o stn::oli::g salts, plain nnd perfo:ned toietpo([r~eur p de, owlernlf I: : :01n:: po:0-n ltnttln in po ts trd rnlln,or no dll chlllori:ne tooth wah andnd ro n, Ic:: wIth n goeneral noo:-l::::::t ::f JEIYLII.LRIY-sotne oITthe" I;Itest and m oost foshionn. hlo etts, ::nstitigll of shin' and reIl e:t::Iei:tl, topns, h jet e::rdrops, ott inlflogtree, breast tins iofa go:,fn poAn e w n ull t-eInts, wnntch trin:tningn ,gKilt lIdIn' salVe icklen, slve ::hmles, silver ndln golld pi, Icily and Igul nrdI:-Ichiins Hlllihi l I~Sd-Clotll, hair, dust, t'lrr crnllllherarthroor, not, knl, tootllh, plote, comh, Nail, sh.nving, shoe and IlihIM. 1,1 klOASES-ftrmmnnnn:ltoia end toilet nlnnn, :ong::tf:-:g and, FrInoch dlrneeoing glasses, hnome do, with of vnrnn:: of nolher kilds onot eno:::en:toed. rFANCY ANI) VARIETIlY AII'I'ICLES-lFrenc:h nod Amer'c:n poitnlable ensks and dressing cures, sonm very rich ln: adfinelyl.:fioihelld bodies work lhoooou d odnno noll casesl t::::d :c itlhoutl 'l'0000, munoical booes, Alc cortions of vcnrie kin:lld, vi:li:oo:::l g:iltnn silver :nd plotted pencils andl IC(Lds(\ FoI d pencllils fur carpenters an dl ernoyoneln, e cloclko,g:ns:::c: whland IlstllS d without sonond, erinool::l lill:. pteoo:mo ilog:, c1:01p l:IneippletI screw alriver,,, shot beds., r( PUII( bugs, pa ste bl acking, toyO ten: senn, Inilian lh:ord of lev:y kill(l, heolls ::d :1uttn0, fioemld elonto,.ll kai ser~r, razur0 anld oei00urs·, thimbllles, needles, plinothllee pltlell, 01e0:1and COntaaue speet clnn, pockKetl ulnkn nu : walI:tnl o n v:r::::nkinlds, vi-ijinjj and Amellrican ntnuu tuetu;, m, doll11Is, imitation)l fu~lit( sn1 boxes, prinlts ofT variousl kindslr, SdIIId((Fy' Pomenoy'sl R::::ert n s, HIillmanlt', a::d Ilawki::'n rn.:or trulps an:d mretnllic Ioleon,:Iirko, li:::ey blandl t::,ekla,:: doo In :nth '-on dro::r~l:toy wntchel:-hen, IheadI Gallotn,1owdler fla::kl, 00t an:d pllain sed bends, golt anldlsilve-r do , gou:l::11:-::ien:C s Ipn de(rsldand gartern plnin and sword coue,.sc, IIIIckguIU IIno1 bonrdo, lice, opticnl vienn:e, jets sharps1, l::::inco :t:ltcI en and drinki:g cups, with togreit varirnietyc:lothter ui clers, all ofwhiiito will loo sold for cool: no'neity'::-o lrtto. nes otn 12 m::nthlscredit. B I1 SI.II~1tndN &:go. d4 70 (COC:tntreotn. V bOLIII- I('S Scie:nce of Pl::munshilnn received, o:ndI for 0ale0 their miIlaonntnlWl Wnil:tg Acnldemi:.s No. 0 (1:::lnon nloru-t, New tlnleoun, 1211 l::oudwoy Non' Yor:, Itn:lplhj::ne so., Ilobil-. It is lpartic:lbtrly deoglg:I 12:0 privane lnnrn:ers, and sch~ool,, anrd is calculate~d for per.,ous "full ages. nnldeli:nod I: enleel n are itceil.tto oall :td nxamine the yyoonem fr thef:c l:elcn. ILeot:::o::cre givet ut suelt Ihouose as may suit theh cotlvenienne on all, and to durs- lifnotedl in noy part of the city. ladies rr-lo prefer it canl receive lessons ai threir own ref sidsllees. pnyinrfor oilne :n, trorleonflsltnn are desired o ttelld untiltlhey write lt tell as thyll winh. all DOL2EARI dr IBIOTIII..R. IDEAFNSESS. NEW onti- nle forp neol:o Inoublhd with deafness, A (nollnd ilth IEnr'l'runtptpn.) lao jonat been reeived, b thlee ion ,t bahicl, tit slightestnlonl:nlnri::la ofn of e ha. raan voe is ditinetll conllveyed to tIhIe oar. A 1ty Oeta w noloon , ever b leen ,oligedl Is conen:vnr wiith a very den rer~ lt, mulll be lully aoloiI,, of 11he difficulty and not arratonl:oltnnpnnpriencedlbollh bIy themselven snod tle itn ditid:lnls son ::ti,rnllttnalt' :lited. l c It t te os t.f tl8o Ear Tnrumpet. thii objectio:: is etirely' othlvinte(d. the t101)l0 seepttie:l 1la:0e :11noco n: n:odornte:theii d:lotoo oftotl lavintg used tito lrulttpct. Frtn stlno 'I' F GUllON'S, Faocy stornnnllner of Ct::o ll and St Charlen streets - I tOr alto Eo:t.:Lt-g Hotl l. lbs It3 ['ERM OIl.- L'dl glion: pure winter d ISeml il, in tnokn n:ld hblot, for s:lt, he JAIlVIS & ANI)IlE:S, o~hltoslnol Dtltggito, orner~ C tmtinin antd Inltohp lots streets. I, 1 ''ý1HLEA L"I--Sbltl157lssllIh; ``40 kegs, 100 2110 do 22 English do-°_5 1-4 Itbi. 4110 " 11)0 Paintl oBtoss various sinte; l cosn VnOIIrillito:I 5 bl:Is Copsl Varnish; 2 Jn1:nt I " Coahl 20 pock. Gtoldloaf, 50 do Silven do; 10l do I)DutchMnlt l. WININOW GLASSl, Am::ericnn , Er0lish and Frenth -1009 Ihomn, vrlont oon es inod qualities. Ilntt o..wn do.-dtnU boxes, eonnsignmnt , will be Also, a general assortment of artists' nolours and tools, for sale by A WV SCAl ES, No 6t iC:nal -tree. N B. Alobama notsnaken at 0 r, o::d Mississippt~i notes will be rneived aot 10 perent cldicount for goods, orin paymont of dehbts. lot In, iLOUR- %0 ili::g fi n :t ste1r lndepen:d. rtes, t le '3 I)o) ooEY, 0021 41 New Levee. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of the Louisrille AJdrerrier : SIR-It appears by the observation. of tile Editor, of the Nashville Presbyterian, Union and Trans cript, no well as the editors of the iMemphii Enquirer, that the "Old Gelntlemn" is among thle D)octors. T'his is proved by his kinly rage, knowing that his time is hut ohort, and that the independent American people ore able to jndue for themselves what are puos and impositions. The worthy editors who are D)oetors, the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the above named journals, rell every letter from persons I have teton:l to sitetl in thr above places, polel. I. The fact is, that I noier had asuh great soecess within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One who wnas aneed about ten vears, nlo h only seen tie light from hIs birth, Il.rranl to se to fllnow ii h mawter to my lotel, inntend of hreine oblige to he led by hior. Two'' yott tldies, a o had ech lost tile sioght of one eve, one for ten yearc. and the other fotr hearly two rears, having hett o tlhem tile otler eve very weak; ver eeh of thloe olng Inodies began tosee with both eyes, which enetif I pledge mvselfstill continerr, ex eepting they tre onder the influence or dominnnin of tie Medicol I)octors. Another is the iagh ter of a res oletalle merchtnnt, whoe nane I not o ontd l evero to mention, (asr lie paid tloe mv fees), lo sai shile had lost the sight of one eve from the age of It molths, but that sihe now hegintt to reand nrge letters wit tile other eve cmpletely shult. Thin the doctor redtlor krew, n the gettleomn told me hlimsclfhlevod coa doc'el his dnaghter to the office of the niedieni editors. thlat they might Ie itformed of the fart. rlte last I harll mention i oan elderly gentleman by the name of Yountt, nearly seovenre years of age, whor leela'rl tt, lilho b' letter, whicht ie taook to all the differmet omcies in anslhville hilt tone, and himself told me hie lhad mid forr ile insertion whatever thley demanded, wtoi declar ed in that letter that he ht -. !otallv depriveo of tile sight of ote eye from fi hk after in hirth, whtich his motIer statedr to o,-- noccasioned by tile measles or small pox; that noon he could not only see the liett of tile ettn, fir the first time that be recollects, htlt tie statlrs nlon, anld was beginrnig to distl ish many objeits; nd did, Irefre I left that ehty, give man ny ptroof that hlt cotld err to walk ahobletthe streets with thle oter eve ncompletely closed. Hte saitI ie had been a membler ol thie Mlethodlirst Episcopal Chortch for nerrly forty ear,, nn.1 thant his word wan never dlorubt ed through the whole conrer ,tftie life. ii. 1 repeat that had never greater roreees than nt Nashville, and thae the medical andl clerical toctors hod nreverhbefore so moel reasont to ie etnraed. TI pinte indignatlon efthe Rvr. dlerierl Ier tnrilh ,roves, wller, .is statedto toe tirI abountt ix year past, he wnas oernertred from being n perfifct infidel, to believe in tie doetrin e of'he Ilihe, that he most have mtrode a trifling error--that I rtlllot rave rtetltlt to st, tl 't Irefore het end of six eenrs to c rme, hle srronlrl le re'orverred from ris irfideliy, as tile spirlt of tile true Inriniter of the prneefit tl andhiign Ilortrices of tie C(lristianl religion Ih.r ehrt breathe olt destructin, rage, calumny aid fiosehrorl to ipnse his medical tiilerdr, agaeilst tIe rran hteonlr Iet knew lbde done so mucIh glood, alld no ill-. jory to rlly oone. All tie inhiabritants f Nitashrille snprke of ihe great uccess i hoad, a-cept tile medical dctfors. Mlost oft ln also larod Irell illfrrtareId by Mlr Yount of tie ertLiefr perfor'med on hlis totally blind eve. 3. T'lrhe failots 'otialrt S. ofthis townl;lpretehrln that 1 irhave Int tie larols I gaIined i the North, sioeC try arrival il tilh Sorthiwest. l rlri. rrove, reveorI lindr, anld tliat I kept tlwtm untill arrived in thii section. If I ganied one in tilhre orrrrrrI r ghtrll o irncRoireI rllrrrt1i er ill the t arnd r lrlrtllrwest, aond Iiln] otIope to wear them on tily ver yroultifll Ibrow on tle dayin I Ioea, in fspite of tie vitrrpetrri.rn of the great DrSr.,dif I mIav jrdge from the rrrant I trve alreadv benirfilted in thfi rcity withint titee ittys. 4. Tile obrirjret or tile present it to itformt tie terli col (olirisn.nrod eiiriore of the liep ttIrirrt I f an TrtIs script,or well ona lcli eeritil DLr ,Itirih of tie t C, Pres I bvtrian and of irhe lUnion, of Naslvrille, ts well as tihe i e;litor mad sub nediel editorof tlhe Memphis Enquie r, as wtell s Mir I'rentice, tihe editor of the louioville Joutrnal, t nd r ilre, the maedica] (filil eriiir of this c!ty, the great Ill S., that I shall bring netioens naiast theal ttii, fir vltrliratiorr , slandIer or telu ttnv, tt dri nteir fterrte my arrival in New Yort, os well its ar' Iist ther n iall e be rrien tire 'nrdieo Golithtt of the wtorrh. I now bintd myselrf hy ptrtte, naetrto qtlit Ilie ]IaIpV lantd of li'bert', trnrtil . I ve broeght the r nrer of' al i tmy rtedical (otiiialr of the north,' os well an tlle solh Stilt west, to the grlndston! T'lhe afllirtet, there fore, may relcolale olt thilriig rlre urillg tile walot rtf Inext year it New York, t here letter, post paid, artt IlOOtlierst u, ill ie solre to reach f1le 5. To inform the tublie that tire pill, si ea 'st, which the Rcv, clerically converted infidel iratend w is written for hlirn., wis written r ore tlllr l it wrcer prior, and irntendedl fir tire Rev. I). llowll, who rreald it in liy ire,.onr' ithlt Initt l manifesting any disalpproibation; on the colltrary, took it to his stlldy andt o ndenr ser t inl the, wey lie did, wlic, lie sald hie IIIr telht wotlt ait wer my purpose betlier; lie tdehveredr thet biott Ito Ile, wihllut Iretedingi thart r wanter ttr, rhirllrrl fro lll , duty, ae I Ilever 'ol'ld Itertrtllsr tor t'er Illt gerlltemaln or Oitty other, inty tnt y ftor slr ling ieIts. 'e' e liev I)oetor'aenr stIIrIerrrrrllt iis before rite pllir: had he lnt exalneed fll It rttrroip as . & rc, withr a genlterrr, a;t intinalte fritrdrI f irir ar well as ith' whoe f ity pstient· i compllllalnlv ,Pilh nllolher r~le'"t vI , marl follld t erlll t l, tt Br i to lllrlh tlit , ar d tr a llt I ."lep r er o fe sore or ettrellrefite, ie Ir'levr clltletlac been induced hv i total stranger f cdrawu up muro tl'l iarticle as he wroiec Ilimelrfrfir p ublicatilon l andh'esed it to Mr Strinetirelr, etditre of lte S \V C AdIvocat.r ti. Nr wonder tihe clear sir hted meidircal Gollahir of Nrtl'rl lle took tihe nlal'.," ll'r I-, b tc ire t rl their t frire to join with the . Ilse all-powerhntt, rreiri, ptr s ienl and intellectual itree of tie said to-he-iotv.I clerincal ifidel. \\W e redi i tile Bible itiht 'l tree is known iry itse fruit0q.1 I dItre ry tile .e.r.'eerr infidel 7. Ile evidently wanted to estollilsh his.ral irb., aier as a imall, by showing tt t he was, be ibhc • bribeil. .ct os ee hellher thee FIIl of thi tlly IiieePs etf silver will alply to himt as whl al it was inellillll )limt to nnt er, llrt t iirrth, inwt oile , h i e days he tiell earnation of hisa livine 3Ihlsrer, alGormttly sold himn obr tt rilllmer of piuces of ilcver. hMy illldv ics, than t it ie nehver ieoentte as a ribe, noreoltd il titonsider ell so by nn n oin, as it was not Veiln cuel.d r lo tie titlh IUrl fa til t . hlrl et li prii'et 's l ie, i f .1 per sg u:re rontl rilln two a1. Ihree olmertis of (olv e lu;prted anltter, whiclh were to bC reptented thr'ee or otllr Iimes ill thie Presrbylteriann vnion lnid jlitt r on'lL Ih i everintene dl u en entl o , I il a i[ lli ii n ll tti l ld lil at least $i011, hie renielr me, i stt;di of .hich, i n fll probability, ahe' would ht ladlv reeied s is fee ol not lea a c ribe. ()n thi c.nltlrvt, if 1 ead bI e Cai. Iotbie ofooi'rint a hribe, I shuldlc erinly bhate dose it in a waY to ihae iell Ilis ae," 8. ltid the Rey. D)etor been retmlly coilnvrted to tie belivifof tlie d, J rilnes t1". tile Evioli Oulo not bave promised to enne slid exanlile nll patittllls ill, oit keeping his worde as Ive alwtys tyoalh d every linister of the Sotspel Enloe s Ia Alo, i. Itall he beeI ieally converhtd, lie would not pb-. lirov hsve ispkso againet tIhe Ar ericno iteitotilt, w liell, it is well klown, H are ulre nuo rouls, and which are superior to ilUtv i h I tlllrtrs of Euroipe. Ils eolllet sll) mucnlsllb dih sted sollle yOuln literacyl ch1r cetors, ais Ito e scarelh restrainedfromn it ihisn.g him no te potbty hlvien vinlelnt handl s lon llim. T'Ie RIe. entlemn on,lllough a Scotthel n, i without Nexcuse(l unless une is ahllnlliacWted), ilthog lie illy think he ble a right to Ibuse tile Anmerican irtititins, because lie ii n cenve:rted ilnfidel I rsay he lie i ot--i all ought to speak well of the bridgell lec gue safesly ver. I fellleV tlhe gallant Cnlta G.rundrlv, ald sevenl other oiaiehl colutg genotlemen of Nasolville, recollect well tile colldt'ct io thiS pious exrpouudcr of tile Iloly Seriptures! 10. I ilettnn saw sluPth t delmolen in hlumaI n EhOe pns tile Re. IDtoetr was tile dayl I l ed to reasoU withl hiim wllell he lenaeed lily g'ey hairs with an tplifled gignttis rgi r, a if he would have falethd ie to tile frtolln, for darilg to draw :t pioiu mnnistinr iwn ftrit his tlt, I a l bribe of :0 piieces of silver! I "retlv TteNtrmhhd inre thin i tit "()l GetOlmalema "eI ad ai penmrKd inn hi F own shaper! 11. I ltentily declare beforfiotl, and tm not aefrSid to crll Hlin to witness tlit I tever. it thle whole course of 12 yerso iractice ias 11n o'elist, ill (,eett ll"ittin, IFrllle, eleiiitn anod Anleltio, in a silltle iostance of ferell aso Itbibe itittitnouttt o tite etlitorof utnyjotrn te biat ase oplelllsltion finl.lhe spina ocpied p and tie troublhi. I otteasitneil thlemi; 1tu1d thiat I wtt o lways ilmore inclined tn reducelaltlher thanlu add erV I onv tito t ,in printer's ,bll; wlhich. is ,, suficient proof't,,a, ),od ii. l.eofty.--lThe Mtelpphli Etqtirer fortwo or thre weeks enttitils it etisse of tlhtrteit illlsell oo s wlieh tile ledical G(ulihl editors learnetil frotm thelir bretlhren of the M. Goliatt of the North, and I shall treat tlheit Utlllnss it is trite wlult I have bilcu iofuruild--"tue t Ieggiar, anid yo will catch a L--!" IlThougi I paid hilll folr mly advt./'tlnleni nets for two or three weeks, he tuttly inserttenl h out. otto will please to insert thlis letter it your text pao per, and oilige yours, n. e. In Ilenste, JOitN \VFt.litIAMeit uiil 8 the Englies Oculist. Cnopitdfroi the S. I'. C. Oldornet of the 1thl .Ime, 1tt7. At tie reqesrt of IDr. Wldliiams, we insert the fellhlw iue note fetia the lee. Alr Ieowel , .f Nashville, to the tdtlorof tle Suuloh \VWtetrln t'hri.tittt Alvocat wt o, it eltpeurs, hls examined the diliplolnas an other doeu mulltsevihoive ftile DIoctor's hliinls to public patroln agl 1i consequenl e iof an oeeideult, tre. . will ret. Iatl N;olehivle o fet doays longer talln1e It lit'st intetledl--say tle IetJ Julv. RIev. ir Strinllgield:-laving beer trequested by Dr. Villialln , tile culist, uow ill llis city to ex:lnlle is tUterous di )ioOllllal other ocuilleet eots eeotlCitriviof his claims to public tonfidntle t ill lis prolifessoni, i thve, ill conltipoy with a vaoled ltrienitdone t i wth pleasuere Amttl" tlhel i folld ait letter finlt i dir Pageot, t tre-. senot C(.Mrge d'ttAilhires of the Kinfi of ti Frellell, at 'IVoshitgton, Laddressed toI 1I)r. Willitits, testifying tile genuilneness of the diplltlltto ftrot the Kigns of Frltlce, Belgium, &e. as well s thote lfot tle t ite henil Socie lies of Fraote. lie las nutmerous voechers frotm tent known to be h flhigh reputntion in thiscountrv rceived eince his arrival in the United ettts, dletaiin g instaIIt. ces of great rueesr in tl.e restorittioin itf night to the oi;ltd. Ilave seell It,rl t atll his oor latients ill tlis cun. I knew It, none of tltelt ptevioso to tlleie conintg u l;.er his ctre buit all I haove sct say tlhey are u questionably benefitted. IlOB'T. B. C IIOVEIL., Naotville,June l1, l1837. I'. R. Since wrriting thle tabove, one of Dr. Williims' patients has caelled uion mie, itld oaVs he had antualy aId totally lost the right Of one eve . Ir seventy yearsc but now d eelares himself betters that last nlight (for t ine first titte in Isi life thtt ht e au recollect, Ite could dis tinguisl, with tli t ryesome tf tile troititlente tars. I learntlhtt thie odll gentlemtn hlttt lived Iany nyears in this rdgiun, and says lie thas been a .latltedist duriug fort) years. Yours, truly, -ugl0 R. t. C. It. TE NPIlRw MAP OF LOUISI.L., with its eA lms, roeds Sanld distnces, frolt place to ptlnae, along tilhe stage acdlsteatmhoat routes, by l. S. ITeener. IITCHEtar 's li oAP of T: UoITtEt STATES Itroingg the principal Turnpike and eotonoit roads, o whielt are given tle distances itn tiies Irom one place tot aotlher. also thel courres of tlhe ottaltl and ritl roads throulgh ntt tlie cotntrv, caefllilt coltlmiled frot thle best n.u tilnritias--pubtlitshed bIv S. Augustus Mitchell. tIITctHEI.L'S TRu rI.ER'o (GUIDIE TItROIOiH TtHE Uotl nl SntaTr; a loiap of tle roads, distances steroi boat auldeatr routes, &e.just received andt forBale w.\1 M'KEAN, I (' IIE:KS OtN I'lIIA..ItELPIII--For sale by h IORtih hriR RlII:]RS 31 S(3 t"ntp strel, THE INDIAN'S PANACEA. OR the oure ofrheumatism,ero.a orkingsettl,gout, sciatica or hip pout, loilent cancers, salt rhem, alphililtic and mercural disemoes, particularly-ulers andl painful affections of the bones, ulcerated throet ..d nos trils, uloer of every description, fever sores, and internal absesses, Adtulas, piles, seald head, seurvy, biles, chro- I nie sore eyes, erysipelis, blothel, and every variety of cn taneous affection, chronic Catarrh, head ache proceed- I ing from any acrid humor, pain in the stomach and dys pepsia proceeding from variation, affectionsof the liver, chronic inflammationof the kidneys, and general debili ty caused by a torpid action of the vessels of the skin. It is sangldarly effiacilous in renovatino those constitutions whioh have been broken down by injudicious treatment, juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is recom mended cIcall thlose diseases whicharisefrom impttrities ofthe loodl, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name or kind. Some of the above complaintsmay require some tri fling as;stant applications, which thecircumstances of the case will dictant; but for a general remedy or Purificator to remove the cause, the LNDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found suflicient. TO THE PUBLIC. flow true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am bition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields of science by the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the ptractice by means of art alone,-entirely overlook and neglect, as beneath thelr notice, the rich and bounteous stores of medicine, which the Almightly has caosed to spring out of the earth ino every clime! And how much more true isit that while the American Physician looks to foreign conntries for many of his most common and neces.sry articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictateo of fashion or folly, hie is surrounded in his own country with an endless profusion of medical plants, sufficiet to answerany indication in disease or to cure any curable disordler; nd yet he is igncrnt of their vir tues, and they are suffered to 'waste their healing on the desert air.' The efects of vegetable medclines upon the system are tem morary-those of mioerals lasting. Thl'e fotbrmer ex ert their effects and pass off-the latter, mer.thry in par ticular, act elhemically npon the solids, l eomposing the bones anod nmlermiling the constitution by a slow andl sure lestruction. The nongeniallity, efficiency and SAFETY ofvegeta ble remedies ever mineral, may be estimated by contrast. ing the ancient practice with the modern; or, to bring it more immediately under our own observation, th" Indi an practice with thatof the whites. Who, in America, nas not knownor heard of repeated instances wherein some decrepid, unpretending female Indian, by meansof her simple remedies alone, has afeclted the most rapid andl astonishing cures, after the Mateira Medica of the -nmmon practice, directed in the most skilfil manner, has foiledc And who has not been surprised atthe com parativecase andofacility with which the lndianfreeshim self from any disease, and at the almost Iota abstinence ofchronic disease among them? Who has enve heard aotan Iodiac with a coostitution broken and roined by il! treatment? Amd can a dolbt exist that this happy ex emnltion of the savage from most of the ills which the flesh of ont is heirto, is chiefly owing to more gento and safe remedies wolich lie mpldoys. 'l'lis astonish ing difference in success, is a fair exemplification of the infinke superiority of tih simple ani safe means of cure which Goi has created for the benefid of lis ehildren, over those which the pridle and the art of man have in r venred. From a long residence among a portion of theaborigin alilrhahitantsof thiscoontry, and all intimate acquain lance with the, methods of cure of some of their most successfil piacttitioners, the proprietor of 'The Indian's Panleea,o'acqoired l knowledge of some of the most paowrleulantd faioricteremedies. ron these lie selected such as were most elinious and appropriates, and after various experiments to test their principles and strength, lie has combined them in the form here presentled, as the most perfect and beneficial tor the purpose for which it isreconlmended. The proprietor offers this preparation to the pnbtlio, with t1he consciousness that lie is placing withintheir sea, a remedy capable ofrelieving many of his afllicted fel low beings, wbo ar sulffering under the various chronic nld obstinate complaints to which It is aplplicable. To such it will prove of ineclculable value, as the means, ndl in many cases, the only means of relieving their sl lrinlgs and restoring them onle more to healtl and hap liness. This is nltoffered as a comlnmon renredy, tlhat coay per chance he eqnally good with many others now lit use, il as one nwhichl iscapablc of 'snviglife imany trnle casesx hich all the UnUsual temedies fail. This it has done repeatedly; and this is the reputation ithbsob tained wherever it has been introduced. It is only about thrtee years since this prepanlation was ipreseted to the public: but in that short space of trlec Ssome hndre'ls of persons might be fonndl, who wol solcmnly declare that tlhey believedl tlhat their lives were saved by it, and in mostOcasesalier thev had tried maty and perlhas nll the common remedies in vain. W'ler tnve it is known it israr.dly coamig into use, ano, this afflirdls the most sulbstaan alla convincing proof of it tmerits. Thore valoref the PIrac(.a i most conspicous ooin those Ion's s ltattlt ,'it l ns olthilitic ao SCl ofro lolus Rillctiotl which Ihave ideied nal other re.cdies, unll pn:rticularly ill oS tlose as where nleecurv lts been so lavisl.y used s to callse distressing pains in tile boles, lles, norert rial ulcers, dlelralgemenllt olfthe digestive organls, ie. These it completely t remloves, tt nd in all cases it entir' ly eladlicates tile olisases IIIr effeCts oftloerrtllly, eo110 lvotesthe constitntion, and leavesthe pa:tient solmd iad well. In rhllumatism and ill ulcerated sore tIhroat, its hap I) eiti-ets are lnot less aplplrellt, giving almost immc i rtel iceuf. Taken ill propr (loses, tlltlltolitlto' Panneea operates as ato ahlollatrtive ant lcelgelt; o dlaprllrnt tic, drl ctic, and Inxatives, an antti-s'asmodIc and nodyne; and in pI'operases, asastoonmcni atnld (Gller ally expressdll, it illCnraS. all the serltalllls tlllll nex f rollota, giveSonle to tloherstnomtcll, atlloCltasnction in I ih glantls in a pa0tlcthoIrotanneror. Fromt these I "inci plcs itsopetr onslany re udllllrstood. l'hisomelicineas been fonnd highly usefil in many anllbigullos diseases inot here speciled, alld it halis been used with wolnderful success as a Slring and ta all t'to rilier, by those who ares sbletor conlnaintsofthechest, ald whose eonsitioornsrelqtuire new vigor. Such per sons will olo wll to use I ro or threre bottles in slocl do sea. Wh\Venever a diet dlink is considered necessarl, this I'tmaca, taken in a small dotse; .ill anlswetr all its purposes, illn mch less time, at less expense, anlld in til" enore agrleeable ianner than tile Clcoulon diet drink. 'The binllowinr g cerlilcates, out of hundreds sinilar, which might be prIcur I , are given to show lthe effect ol tte todloiI's P:uarcea, ill tllevariaoos complailltat nel.irn mentioned;cland alst to exhihit in the mosr t satisfoetory manner itssul..riority over tile syreps in colDnoDn use. CASES OF IhIIEt UMAfTLSl. Coot*sosT, , Naov. 15, 183g. Daring the last nioter atd slprilg, I was articncrl with a venry evere and distcessing rh. umotism, occasioned by expaos-re ill had weather. 1 now takegreat pleasure in statilng, thlat six bottles oftbe lodiaou'sPanacea, restored me to perect heahlth, and I ollonidetly reoommrnnd it to al aimilarly aflicted. all similarly alllicted. JOHN FERGUSON, King st. CHtAnLESTON, March 27, 1832. I was seized bshout three years since, with a distressing rhenmatism, caused by taking a severe cold, while tinder thinllnuencelf mercury, and which Ihas disabledl r from business nearly ever since. During this period have bet n a patient in the Marine Hospital, in this cit uplwardsol four months, and nearly the same lengtha, time in the Ialtimore Hospital, and tried almost ever remedy, with little benehSt. Ont the 16th of February last, atthat time scarcely aile to move about upon crutch es, I commenced theuse of Indian's Panatea. In oi. month I found myself entirh'' ied fronm pain, and an now happy to state that t conTsinterimself perfetly well. WVM. TUCKEI( , 1t Market st. CASES O)F SCROFULOUS ULCERS Now YonK Sept. li, 1830. This mniy certify that in the fall oft 185, 1 was seize with a swellingin my neck and ithee, which afterward tlccrated aoni became large ghastly ulcers in my tech. Afierl tying sveral phi)ysieinos to no advantage, I woen' to Plliladelptln, and placed myself under the care, D)rs. Phvsec and Beach, when, after repeated aelivatloa to no eltcet, I was prnounced ultterly incurable. After. wards Itook twenty bottlesofSwaim's Panacea aid eight bottles of Potter's (athtolicon, with no material benefit Desalmiringof lile, which had now become a borthen ta me, I retorned to ny parents in New York, in 1829, an" .enmysetllfp to a leingellg death. Hearing of tha great success of'1 The IlalnlIan's Palaea, hiowever i eart sidilar to my own, 1 was persuaded to try it, asa last ar. sort. To my great surprise, as well as satisfactions, sooln fond myself raidly recovering, and pol takinll seven buittis. the ulcershealeod atll became perfentl, well in the course oftwo months, and have remained so ever since. t make this stateimei and wshitpsblished llr ithia beefit oftthonae who are suflering ultier similar scorfulous or syphilitic af.etions, that they may know what he curedone who has suffered every thing hut death, Lnd who considers his life saved by tim above av. rnp. 'WM. IIINHA.) CItAnrLrnTon. July 12, 1 tl. I was saflicteda, fosr years with ano ulcer in te leg, oo. casionally accompanied with cryaipelatous inflamation and excessive nain in the leg anl antcl joint. Several eminent physicians exertel thclrskill uplon it, but with out permlanent benefit. In this case five bottle Indian's Panacen made a perfect cue. MAI1GAIRET A WEST, 121 Market 4For salehy IIHENRY ItONNAII.L, druggist, ages In tlv piroprietorns, Tchonpitoulas street tO NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. T IE stockhohlers of this companny are herebhy no titlul that by a reeslttion of the board of diree. tion passed on the 19th inst. tihe call maude on them o lie 13111t Febrtary last, ler tite paymenet of live dollars a shre, was rericlded, and tie said stockhollders are farther oetiied that WHII.REAS, by a resolution of this oarned passed on the 19th inst .a call has been made on the stockholders of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Ci.nptlany for the fillowing paymentso on the the stock held resplc. lively by tllhen, vtz:-two doirtrs per share, payable on thie irst' day of Soletotib' r -"%; teI dollais per share invabls oi tie hrat laiy ef DIe baer text; asod twI dollarsper shnre payable onit thle fist day of Morch lext. Now tllreforlle be it resolvet, that the secretary of this coilmpany shall notify the share holders therein, through Ith pnublic pr;nts of the city,that in conformity with thile sixth section of the chartr, thevt a e perlnittd to potlponte anlly paymivll called int on tle stock ofsaiid comepatny for tle tleon of sixty days, from and after the day on bhirhl it is imatde table, with the expesa con dililon Iwever, tlhat itf ntlt regully Iaid within tie said proloniation of sixty days, froml anld after the day on which it should have bee. paid, ththen the stotk oin which said pantent sttcutd hvee been imade, is and rems c forfsited to the cmpatny., tih charter oti tht point blaing imperative. In cnmlfonnit therefore, to saidl call,allalotock of tihe stockholders in said company, as think proper to pat of the payments on their stock to the sid o n the adlitinnal sixty days, which theu' charter allows thei, are notified that the puayment of two dol lars per share called for,and due uti the first of Sep rtolthernext, illayi be postponed tnder ti the sect, of said chrter, nntil the 31st day of Otoher next, tlht the payment of two iollars per share called for, and due- oth d first day of Decemher next, smay Ie post. poned until the 30th day of Janlary next; and the pay meot of two Idollars per share called for and die on tihe firstday otf March next, may be postponed until the 30th day of April next. Extracts of the mninutes of the board. june 21 A R MeNAIR, See'ry. y OI()L 11.1"PS, iu reoa-25 deans mhitei Wo V Y tints, for sale JOHN II GRA IIAM. IIN 1A STATE 0F LOUISIANA.--Parih Court for the Pariah and City of New Orleansa. TlHE STATE OF LOUISIANA. To all whom J tlhtse Presents shall come, Greeting:--WVhereas, omee Hsose having pturehased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the parish of Orleans the property hereiuntter described, 'rts applied to the clerk ot thia court, in whoh o office the deed ot sale was recorded on the 2d day of April, A. D. 1838, for a monition or adver tieement in conformity to an net of theLegialhture of the State of ltoninioa, entitled 'An aet for the further as.n rance of titles to purchasers at judicial salos"' approved the I 0th day of March, 1834, NOW, therefore, know ye, and all persons intereted herein, are Iereby cited and ai d onished in the name of who can set up any right title or claim in and to ile property hereinafter desered, in consequene ofany inobrnalihy in the orderdecree or iudgm.ent of the court onder whsh the salne was ma de,or any irregularity or illegality in the appraisements and advertisements, in time, or manner of le, or or any oher efect whtso ever; to show cause, within thirtya days from theday this monition is first inserted in the public papers, why Stle no made should net be confirmed and homo looted. The sa d preperty was sold I y the Sheriff of the pnr lht aforesaidt on the 4tt day of April, A. D.l 1838, by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th day ofFehtonry, A. D. 1838, in a suit entitled Alexander doilooe. Caldwell vs. James Hsose, No 10,367 of the docket of this Court, at whlhe sale the said James Hnnse became dollars. Description of Property as given in the Judicial Con v veyanee,viz: A reerTain lot of arond situated in the ensuburb An nunciation alias Lacourse of thise city, in square No 5, and lot having French meatsre, 60 feet front on Tehon. pitoulns stret, :61 feet front on Orangers street, end 60 feet on Laloaode dtt Marechi street, in such n mntanler that said lot of ground is 60 feet wide from one side of the square tC the other, together with a dwelling house fronting on Tchoupitoulas street, the kitchen and de pendencies, also the distilery establishments erected thereon and other tuildings and improvements, the machinery, utensils, implements and fixtures belonging to said dietillery, its dependencies and appurtenances, and the rights,actions, ned privileges thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, May 7,1838. mtl4,24&j3 J. OLLIE, Depty Clerk. ETATDE LA LUUIlIAN. P-oar de Paroles. poutr In varoint e et villa de In Notelle Orleous. ' tETA' DE LA LOUISIANE.-A tons ceux qte ces prasentea eoncernent, Saint: Attendu quo James Haose eyonancheti6 n ne vense faite par le Sherif de Ia parolane d'Orleaas la proprit ci.eaprOn sdeecrite, seet adreass au Gteffe de cette Conr ou I, ditevente fat eroregistrhre Ir 2emejour de Mal te I'asnoe 1838, pour ain avis eonformemetl .1 an actst de Ie Legislatre de It Etat de ia Louisiane, intitunl "Acte pour Confirmer lea titres des acqttereurs ax vetee judiciaireast" appronvn le it Mate 1834. Quilt aoitconnu, et toates personnes int6'.sneetsnot par cespresentes ommt est n m a to e t' Eat de lai Louisiane et de Ia Cour de Paroisse, tuin pourraient avoir dreit . ia Itroprite ti-aprda d.eerte, en consequence d'na dL"fat tsie forme dats I'otltre, le detrr, ot le jugement de to our, en vertu dnquel Ia vents a Pte faie, on Ic Iote it'rhgnlariti on illigtllit dens l'estinmtiot,l'avis otl e tempt et le mode de ioc vene, oo poor tnetautrecousequeleonque5 de faire votir, dets tentejors a dater tie lo pulication de cette aist, poutrquoi la ventte ninsi faic te setait pas oonfirmtte et homolognae, La peopribth ftt vendte par le Iherilfntedit, Ic qun. toi.e ts loue d'aaeil de l'nnnne 1838, en vertu 'uin tloctet de cette cour le 5 de fcvrier de i'onaho 1838, dtnt l'atttire d'Alexander Cldwell, cottre James Hlnse, No 10,367 du docket de cette Cour, e laquelle venae le dit Jomnes lanse s neat rendu acqutreur pour le prix de $21,000. Description den Propriltid'alprs ietrnasferJudiciare Utn eertaih hItt de terre iittnt au fauborg de l'Annon eiatioa alits I.acotrte, de eette ville, dnan 'ilet No 5, le dit lot de terre uyont [mesure fr.tenise,] oixante pleds dIe foee a Ia ren Tcltoupitoulos, troi cent piods le lrace "1 In ruce de Ia c er , et soixonte piods de ftce Ai In facade de la rue ds Miorcltede aorte que le dlit It die terra c soixantepieds dlcfarceur d'un bout le I'ilet lt'atttre, ensemble oee mtison casat face t la rue tc'a itoultA, Is cuisine et ses d peat tces insi I n a distil!erie cototrutile sttr le lit Iot, et t utret l. tisse et a:lioratioe; leeo machines utenie instal atiots, &%.tttpprterottt Ia dite dietiltrie, co &i.ptd. t uncs, pparln Iances ct lce droita, acttion ctprtviligee y lpt:'t nest. Ilarett du grecl er,Ne'velle Orlians, lr7 Mal, 1836. C l 4, il&j3 J. OlLi.IE Deutl.l Creftier Royal College of Physicans, London. ST HE original Vegetable Hygeian Universal Medi cine, prepared by W .Miskin, Esq. Memoer of Ist T sal College of Surgeons, Licentiate of Apothe caty'soompany, Fellow of Bolt Coirt Society, Surgeon to thie IRoyal Union Pension Asoeiation, Lancaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' andt St. Tlhomas's Hospitals, Lonston. This valuahle medicine, the result of twcnt yvears' experience cad unparalleled success ill the cxtensive and highly respectahble practie of the prolpriety, pItro nised bi the facult andl nobility, a!d isonow introdueoed to the notice of the American psublic, at the earnest so lieitation of a number of gentlemen of long and high standing in thile profession. It is hoped, as a st, lini nary step, to check the evils aindi fatal cousequencess arising o11m the use of the numerous anld deleterios nostlrums oistes upon the pnbtic by the aid of libricated proofs of miraculous eres, anld other fIalls, by a set of mestrl.lary, tsuprisciple prietenderi so tuitti iglrant SmutdiOasl selence, tlaat it ilmpllossible ithe oenstrosl Unid Stin catel an lher Crlownds, with cotIh ilrlligens in their wthre, esouald kept in ofessionl ability irse ,fsli illess, for, l; y stieir Isre mpsit as ,lmiistioiti, cho, Ason Keymp, sasrln, feversM. . ander ateromis Iienel* ge, whicwh to e liass rose I sro ta, lreirst spreli s ce or and to whoIfact, all applications ioragegoie 'all, should r he wittout then,. T'hiey ae stl' i N as at t) cOBENt, 12 st erlych, vPlace, N. York, tatire s'sggict, Isotksellrr, anti vesisiorot' medticitte i tlst ni Sole General gent for tse United States, .rcti togelir iash rtstespintls oft profesriosial soilitt fretr {,entler Agelntf elor Statthe of Lousinlall., jal v8; i fis0 ieg retitice fgro stle s NSir Atle, Coeisaer, Ken. Atot Key, A. rd other, . l ).ate arivals Iro he othern s. large o dls new seleen n ssssiortent unts i Boots, Shoes and Broganss conslsin Agent, emy nsin te dcinlf is imporo bot iot this eoiitry, slid so whuoi all astoliation foeragetnsin imusts be neade. rhN.t. ltOl,lt.1Nd 12n Weerly Ploce, N. York, Sole General Agent fer the Usited States, UI. For vele by apltroigsnstent of ste nerigial pnd riatoer. iy Stdase U sh OTs1R d s p, I)ro gists, No It Cuo street, Ursirse Agasntcfsr Sasttreli of Loeisiatia. jot VS II EwIIY rt LEE U ce, No S Mloie street, are nsewreceiving from slips Netbniite, Louisvit, Keots; oys, missesagle, andther late eivls m hr -lelters cities, elarge cod new selected assortmenst Ib(iso Boots, and shoeso oe and Brogakin s, conlisino a gentenl assortme calf aens storooto oots Ido lite; quality , rusd stot roans, pegged in ts o ariotsas sislities men's oe caulf seal antil Maroas, trn, es a si brgogas, bakskin shoes, brograns en Ladiet; men's' fine cl almoI kipeo and pegrain woes, asn Irmp sole oes; do footsine Fredoch Mh ccs anl kipeggd shoen a tidblles; gedtormen's bhest quality calf sewed shoes, l,3 sal and Jack uwnineatos; do calf snlld Morao i fckle skies anld brogans; dto calf, eal ansd Mnrocco: I fdias shoes atd tslipliers, ie calf, buhe sn seas waus, sstsealtaiicle; do Soce calf, seal nnd soroccoquarlet sats; toys', misses'and cildren's Morpegged and swed bn adrn, beaver does of a supery litquality; do ianatid nd. Also a g eneral assortment of boyen's antot w and restrs aogans ond shoes, cothbr with 10,000 pairs ro asstment will y, rsseplenishroged, naile arrival ofti Lonks, snside expressly for plantation ass; a geod as erpaket of mn's fine an stot kinamd citirues, all ogf whi t w article, esdi a srge qeettlisy f ast inferiar quality r.isteteod wax brogans. Ladties' sine call; seal, morocco stil grain welts, adll ' ipl sol shoes; acom fmodatie reng termsro and ki rn ssiHd n sllpees; do ruall so ndes, with sta ld winout edls srval, seal o sthe teether basot ; do rtella subscribers I fall kint he and qelities; do lastist brogans; do gaiter th'ea h foted bootees.o l Mien ' laiy tog suffer thisosa si sguns. Childrent's clored Msrnaco and lasting bra ha issand boolts, ce. aietsslece'sfnlltsofashionsble black silk Isets; do black sn Ideals boser do af a salprior quality; da imitation nhe o s e hats of rditoeret qdalities; do ohiltren's sit es, with genserl asortmento f boys' asd men's mans lifps. 'it s assortment will he replenished by he arrinal of eadr laketstroa tie nooae u mel cities, all of whists a it I e sot asn aemomeodnting terms. at o I-tFs NtON'f AGUE'S IIA.L3I FOR THE TEETH. r Tl Eeestlishml re pasation and eNstar:tly thcreahoni doomdrldy for this eelt talremedy ofspain, and pme streeive of the teeth, has induced thle suscriber oiffer it to he Ameicran public. Arsle e o ntseo hai tiha reach si those isuoserisig and likely so eaffer shis ,nt harasaiig of ell achis, l'ooshnsetse. Wialledn pdlid accordeting o directions giren on battle, it hln nster, filed to aondl immedi ate and thnent realisef. it also arrests the deay ts dofertie, eetad, and relieres that soreness which so frequently tonder a nsrosg tooths usaless The spiplication and reeedr are simple, innoeeat,sen not unpleasant;aad thle large numer oaefpesona in diS'ereea sections of th cossstry, chat sane olroldy ecxperieoed such delibhtf' and salutary escto toss she use of the Balos, ate ready to seer (fir the public goad) their cealisipnv to its sn rivalled tanlittes. It is en nladin remedy, idoained eingtrly and unexpeiendly,an.d ivy h regardeld by she ciriliied world as tile lose valuableudiscovpry rralit sof tile leads. Ptrice $1 par bottle. Sold by JAR IS & ANDREWS, atr N (or Coisoson and T'chapitoulus eta. EW BOOKS-Naval Sketch Book, o, the Sernice lAflset stud ashore. Withielteracseriotic reiaissisn reM, tragaesis and opinionas. ly the author o t ' Tihoet o ro a Tar, &c"erod & e e in 2 vols. l.'ohlanss eneallercticse of thens House ot Comnmns, finles theie es tr o stle close oa 1835. sabludiag perso nal oehes o f ietha leading asmembers -syl osse of Ie por yjsst received and for sale by W McKEAN L.ATE PIIILICATIONS. mRO 1\VEO l., s Historical Naovel, by cennthor o lltlhe Brothers," & e. in p vols. Iopuloar medieie, ar Family Adviser, ceaonsising of Outlinee of Asnatotmy, Physiology, ansd Hygiene, with Grol ints on the pratirs of Physiec, Surgery, ant the hlisatae of women and children, as T o tN prove useful in fmilier when regulatr hytsicians cannos be procuared being a somsspanion and guido far intelligent principals af soanulucaoaies, plantations, and hoarding sehool., heads of famoliea, Mastera of vessels,nmissionaries, or travellers; ansl a aseful sketch for young men eommenc ing the study of tedeins. By Rl'eynI Coates, M. Is. Peter Parley's Universal History on the bases of (Geographny, far the use of fnmilies, iltesteated by maps and engravings, in 2 vols. Jlst rcaeived andfor salehby WIV NKEAN, N OTICE.-Toss eoersfsevesal pahkages meechan dice marked lMadams V. Aesiqareteave. per ship Groton, from New York, i hbereh netdoied chat they hlaveo ten atoned by STETSONAVEERY &CO. eas tvCsigsowes "Graton,' JUST PUBLISHEDFROM STEREOTYPO L PLATES, The FiLth Editionor ROWLETT'r TABLES OF IN'.EREST: A TO which is now added an Average Time Caleula tm r, or easy methods for finding the averge time on storage, notes of hand or bills of goods, when pur- hj chased at different dates, on different credits, and for various amtloun st besides a usefu and complete ankingsi Time Te',le, tihe best Ihat eco be contrived, or that fi gures can prlduee within the same eondesend compass, and size of t)pe. All advertisement in the book is in nearly the follow isgwords: 1 't'hehigh distinction this work has redeived through the tell legislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a re eommendation in itself, so uncommon,, and o conclu sive, that nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to givesa condensed view of some of its pe enliarsties: os fcrInstance, the Interest has been compos ed from,and compared with, what is eqiuivalentto fo1r teen setsef ealulatione, examined in the press thirly five times, and printed from stereotype plates tested thirtyty-one times, from all which it must be evident even to the skeptie (especially on th pe.sonal ofthe de tail of loof in the preface) that the work manst Ie arith- I metieally infallible, and in eolnfirmatioo ofthls beliefa premilm of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer ed for the detection of an error of a cent in the present or fifth edition, as expressed in tie preface, making five large premionl offered for the same error sincethefirst I pnhtlieation in the year 1l02. One of tho most conspilcnons features of the tables is inthe arrangement of the Time and Amounts, which I for expeditions, roference end perspieoity, with the help ofthe side and index, cannot be excelled ; and the samty ty and ease with which the interest can be found to the extent of general business, witllhont doubling o 'sums is besides a convenienee so essential, that in the estima tion of some oi the most competent and practical buosi. osss men and pnhlic officers wio have made great ose of the work, it hlas heen dtlistiuishel by tho Itonolable appellation efofa "master paoee'. Andl considering the infallibilily of the method originally adopted ill composing the work, and the extraorttiuary uumber and variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it haspassedin the press, eotwithstanding the whole is in stereotype, considering, in sh6fit, the positive accuracy secured by the unprecedented means employed, the vo lume has bheen held 0p and emphatically styled "the most wonderful hook in the waslk;" most certaitly3 no man can namea figure work of the name extent, which since the beginning ol creation, has had the same num her and variety of tests in the some number of editors; no, nor one halfthe number, as is clearly shown in the preface. Itesides, as test and standard, it as been tried and proeed in nearly all the bank and puhblic offces in the United States, and by thelpublic gonerally, dturing the long period of tbirtv-fiee rears, yet no error of the cal eclations has ever been found in print, althongh continu ally challenged by tre offr of very large premiums. he book~is ill fact expressly adopted Iby all the suorts ofllw al several ofthe States as tie "rate of calculatlion forstatute interest," as also by law for bank interest, accordingas the book is used, and as may be seen in part, by ,e names of the subscribers, and a few of the subsequent purchasers, in the list at the ond of the book, iisn possession of every closs of citizens in every quar te of thle Unit ell Stales. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so olteu deteteted large errors, long .fter they were made, even by the most careful and most competent arithmeticians, t'at its usefulness, and the absolute ne cessity for its uso, have been extensiyely insisted upon, so evident, inceed, have been its advantages, atnd its savings, that, severrl yearsago, whilst the first edition was sarce, and out of print, a great tumber of second hand copies were sought for, some to a gre t distance. and prltcrsed at various prices, as they could occasion ally bh picked op at fron $l) to $25 per copy, and some persons have reccn.v declared, and instances eould he quoted that they woudll pay $5,t, $100, and $500 fora eopy, tf notto be had for less, and ann ndividual in the latter instance partievlarly, having at the same lime rxhibited satislactory proaf, to several persons pre sent that to him it was really worth that money and more ti ongh the saving tof his very valnable time, he bcing a very rich man and in pbtlic olice. It'as likuwise wolrthly of notice, and indeed proper to itul'esj, that such is Ihe Inattre of figne work genecrAlly and aspecially when of the extent and importance of these tn los, that had this book or its like bIoln prepor ed in the usatl tlannler vlolle, ly tile most competent ealclatorin tile world, nad aliferalrls pritlla nld s cauliouly under hIis own correction of iproof Ileets, it would, allmot to a certainly, have beenll ntsat Iflr re ferenec,and dear at any prier, as tie pl.tfale dricu larlp explains. lll so perfect and vainahle have the. stereoltype plates of this worklbreen made, that Itisetnre themln, 1 ilhtheir nlmercus all extraordlinal exmlill tions,against fire, fttr the general lenfit, tllhey are (by dvertisenaent) colstantly kept ill a place of seeial safat, excepllt ollile lei itn (laatittf. Ampledlieetions to find llotll baks and sloatte intor est with uscful notes, follow the lprface, which, illl this fith as il the two plcedlinlg editions, containl mnnh inl ferrlnatiocn aP.ncernlll thill two I:e fl lelodes of cIllltput iug illter stn, tec dalysa ofl ice, kl', ith rt::tas only to remarahk lhait, thit Iuncommlnilllv costly worlk, w.h.Ih wa:spl,luhli red before interest taolots W bq introdncvd it dollals aiul cents be yentd analntanne,a hatbeen soaex,atesively stlt so liberally patrollised, it has noty et so inch as paid witi h interest. tee ilheart Is of o.iely fonr thousand dollars, besideit six yeals atit liln from f 1799It 18:5 t , sllailnedl on the. first edition oi f 7tflt anpt is, le isigi chlllily ti'tl la its Iblia tiont attlatt a , nao tnlert price, It I all otilting of compell tllll n r lprofit t r allost a liov fe-fine f a're, toil, and sacrifice. \htrefol'e the anllr still relies on the listernment and gen,,irosily of the public o acolit onin:l alnce o r lllerence aid parour. FIr sale hv the JPririaol lH,,,s Iel/<-s lin the t I all. Slaiers. S l , I, Jli ~il I.: N K W %V t t I{K , & ,.- 'lT he, A r iI (ralln i The V 'llost Vl'b's ol k, a anuaolll a moral reli soi l+ a lnd do itllrStiln i elldutie I. •Illi'r reeived Sind rit soale lb V W91l, KIiANIt DOCTOR1II .IIiiiON AY I l lb teatiled onrentltntyi a lhis iller, 113 i Castoilna i iousle .lteit, nelr Ianuphite llreel, oIr the trealnltnt of a l rainl,.ss of ldelicute doisell s. Froml l)r. Jolllnhi s xli' h evic vP opportunity i olll'~ of tilL. inost celebrteld Ilttthtas in Etlrop ehl' l-i ly de e voted ill lh trileatment'o' Veeri ll and syihilitic cooaplhicst iod ol;o trono iile,-.lainre of five ten1 il Netw vork, dnrling hi lilclil itr.Jolhsooa oonailled his praoteie solely to thei treatment otf thoae di.eases, with the mlst uinprecedntltle, steeas; l. e is enabhld t re mIvl any of the followinl compol, its in from 5 to 20 days, without ijuri ther llatotttion by nerunrv'e or any other deleteriots medicine. iht onrihe , idlet, structure, Santinal Weakness, Allffections of tiinilnd. der, Kidneys, Prostate (land,nual anl y of those numer ous train of alietions, which geoerally follow neg. rt ed or nal-treated cases of Veaerial. eroftlot s ulcerated legs, and worrns,removted by at simple aeth o of trceatnent, without restriction in diet, or interrup tion frot business. eerons reosiding in thle country, and who feel deli cate in consulting their familv physician, by sending a areatment, with medicine, necessary to be used, forwar ded. S parate offices providaed wthere patients can never coie ia contaet wt eacll otlher. Attendancefrotu morning until night, at 143 Custom House street. CTtonsulatnions strictly ronfidential in all cases. dec 13 iOYLE tn MAY, Hloose, Sign, and Ornamentl SPainters, No 3 Carondele street, two doors from Canal street. Imitations of the following woods and marbles, ex ecuted in a masterly manner. woODS. MARBLES. Mahogauy, Eyptian black and gold, Oak, Glatla and Antlice, Pollard do, Oriental or verd antique, Curled do, Jasper, Curled Maple, Blood Stone, Birds Eye do, DIarby Granite, Satin Wood, Potomac, Hair Woodl, l)ove or Burdello, Yew Tree, Italian Whlite, Coromandle or Black Sialnna and Brctella, Rose Wood, Ameritan Grey, Ashl White Oak, la. &.. &e. Curled Elm, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, oils, glass, conepal varnish, &e. oghand nd lor sale. ml bRONSTEEI.S& HEAVY G(OODS--lat, square and bundle iron, well assorted. Hoop, scroll and rod iron, nail rods and plough moulds Cant, German, shear, blistered, spring, sheet and Crowley steel Hollow ware, cut and wrought nails and spikes Zinc, block tin, mill and grind stones, salt kettles Chain oables, anchors, hoes Ox, log an:d tLace chains, corn mills Anvils, vices, Hanmnersand bellows Wire, sheet, pitn l bar lead; shot Coal, and cookolg stores Ames, Itowland's and other spades and shovels Hook and plate hinges, door and window hooks Colline, Ilunts, Sharps, and other ares l'ar'd and Manilla cordage, lines ant twine Bolt and sheathing copper; Naval stores Paint,, linseed ald sperm oil A ifll assortment el hardware and ship chandlerv always on hand, and which are olfered for sale at whole sale or retail, oil the most favomrble telrs, by m4 LAYTON & Co. 53 Old levee. IHARROWGATE SPRINGSH alotegolnervy county Alabullta. THREE DA ,U1 RNEY FROM NEIV ORLEANS. T IIE proprietor of this establishment has the plea . sure of announeing to his friends alld te public io genelal,that he will Ie in readine.aby the first day of May to receive visiters. lie will also slate tfr the be nefit of those at a distance, that there have been large imnprovtements made, and oters nlow goi oge aend in rapid progress for completion, which will enable the subscrtber to accomnodlte a snkch larger mnuber than ieretolire, and at the same timne mnueh bettrer. F'amilir can he accon otdated .itlh good rooms, or those who prelor can have large cabins :eteached from the main building. It is deeed onecessoe ry te say anythinl in parlien. lar of tile charaeter ol tcec waters, fr it is generally believed that they are not inferior to any in tle South nern States. All tle amusements that re generaty found at Watering Places, will he found at this. The best music that this part of thir country affords, neas been engeaged,and will be in constant attenldance at the Springs during the whole season. '1 he subseliber will avail himaolf of this oppnrtunity in returning his unfeigned thanks for the very liberal suoport given him last season. and topes by the exer lions thlat have hee matde in improvaing and extending the aeccommodations, to merit a liberal patronage the presert season. JNO CR. St. e3 TO THE LADIES. ATKINSON'S DEPILI.AI'OItY, for romovineg su perfluous tair from te e face, neck and arms, with ql Safety and certainty, leaving the skid finer snd wmiter than heybrn tee applieatien. A fresh suplply just weceived at OUION'S No I Seehange lotel, conet St Cnarlet and Commol sle tm. ap 6t I MIAIL ARRANGEMIENT Norther Mail, Dn Every Day at 12 M. Closes Evrry day at 104 A. 32 .ater Mail { Due every Sunday, Wednesday an .ele, .ni Frij any, ny o, P. nl. bye tray ojhe odes every Moday, Wednesda .oast, land Satordav, by 9, P. M. e aike Mail Deeveri Tvmly, Thursday, an Vi . |satur(pii; I.,/5 P . vi Close, every Molday, Wednesday EXPIRESS MAIl.. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR'I'TURE DISTANCIG &c. ofthe Expreas Mail, betwn Mooie ad New Yeork-leain 7 Mobile d ill' at 3 1 '. . Nor1thar New York dady at 5 P.M Saouthwnrd. Arrives Arrive Nothward. Distance. Time. metor'g Montgomery, Aln. 2pm. 198 'a 23 12,m. Columnr, Gan. 114 rd 4 . n.m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 144 240p.m Caolumbin S.C. 7?dam. 163 17 1 RANA. A I· r lnleieh,,NC. 54 25 225 12 W.enrenton, Va m. 55 0r etreraburgl, Va. 10 pmro. c 10 o.m Riehmond, Vn. Iam. l 3 6a.4 Fredericksburb , 8 67 7 li1 n WVshlington oety, Spm. 61 6m5 lAoltimore, 64 32 4e philadelphie, 64 am. 1011 II 2 SNew York, 2 pm. 90 8 1315 143h. or 5d 2B Northard. Coming Soutlhward, the timmeis aia boua Iless; bein'5 dans anti17 hours. T'EN DIOLLARS REWA-ID.. I RANAWAY frm 169 Corondelet corner of Hei iltreta,on i night of 301h of August, and wne seen the next morning in Peylren steret, n aegro bay named CHARI,:S, ubout 17 years of age, mnd 5 fee or thersbnoets in heih, tverv black, andmio an iped itent in his spEroechl, on of Iris legs is solre, occasiond by a recent hurt;e ld on wlMan li wet away a white cotton or linen s hirt and white crtton pontalunes. Masters of vetselennd steam boats are cautioned a Sgainst receiving or harboringl said negro, as well as all other persons, os the utmost rigor of tile law will be enforced againat them. T'he above rewanl will be pale fordelivering him int aey of te jails of either of the municiplitie, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of Hevi steeet. nlats OTIcbm--TIe cnpolnterhip heretofore existing n1 tnder thle firt of Iluboia & GOrretson, hoe been dissolved. Thbe subseriber will liquidtue the lafnirso the concern in this city, and rCeqires iall p ,ruona indeb. ed to make npyment to lim only, adnio l tlose having olaims, toereuentbtem forsettlenwot. naug 8o--7 . . mARRETSONi W. W. SWAIN. No. iLCanal .IYree L Nie Orllcna SUJAS alwas on hnnd onantoly & raeeivinm fri Il.. Dyea, Chetienls,nnd Pnlmmts,ntongg tle or a ollownig: D311G0. DYES. SAntimeony, crude, Argol, lred, do resul=, Atnoatto, spalt, Arsetnic, erloe, Alue, ldo towlersd, Brzillette woor, Salsam eosavia, Colbiteel, Baona, eretdee Copperos, Amerienne dto refined, Cutptear, drimstolc, nt, Futia, "l'ampien, S Ido roll, Ado Cabl, da flower, i o Miine, Birmoth, French Lerries, Ujastoroil, Indigo, Bengal, Cream tarlnar, d mlenill n, I Contbarides, do Oa1rrnoes, (um aloes, do (hl,,tamula, do Antia , Laogwod, Cm lpenh y ido assllitica, 'to St il)oning dro onoio, s , do Janmaica, d o benzomi,, Canwood, do colpl, roogh, Maldder, enoibi, odat do saerdl, Nioaurago,, Iotnlre, do do SAatcerie-a, do m3ore, do caulphor, eru' 1e do la inalaib Lon do rfAn1 to ]nelth. togo uoloo, CIIF.SIICALS. do kiso, Acid, nitos% l tin itsieo dn moriotie, Io opium, do do, ,hurie, do salella, Blue 'ilttiol, '.:1. .... gl, .Gl nu~l...,I , I do otthll,,,. O:orrosiwo, sublhtio: a] I ,r do t'otleclltth '.lhloridie of lilac ,I ,otJII r elkt.taS Alnelol.Ulhor erunalir, 'd, ,! Foreign, liedll utetilitulc', ial,'tthh lotl sh, I lolhce slt. oti Atetieaon e le1chlrlomteottilo Iaa ' .lMlllntn like, Sttjtc,,,lSoa do soLt',, Salta iotnit iq1...~ie hsll, Stgar leol., Oil clovey, Sul, zie, I tiocaca,,l .SllptioItBl e. fI turk' totr itle .floIch.n'A IN'I'S--- Itea, do t(•. )tiint I Rl~cr,,~ · dri itwn e,, a, !,o t lt, il,o fieDn ljt,o,oti dogrer, rh "Iittlsck oenhsh, atttOt Sttt~ef, { titltttgt r 'i tgtt 1o ,' do srlovir, lillnwge·, r~nR!tzsh, (Int So~yl'o } ltlllfl~ ta,, dlo Alzltr i c·:tl' {l{ ,!. "'atli~co, P:lu'is s. bile E.,gliahy tio Atlii,·i, ; l ~li ealttln Olllll li.Sl" lit n ll d. ,· {; ia~ im~lk ,r dn ft~dcdlc, (ll. d "tAcribt'e Stinfttlgrtt, tin IaouA ttto ot te c Iltt l 'lt itr ll," I:I'r w il,:, is, om i, l Nitr eru I··ft., ll \ t mli~lllml~hiicsc oLIII Ih~.·, r,.fhwd, \ ( ,I GU S'Ilai Ifqlrl 1II:, n elil l Ilnl~ do fl ln l l ri d ) It'l I It'q do Calslihl, doa arlollnd in QulcksihtTl· \lll WIIITnlclII"'$IIm · I .)()--[.llt dil--film CAPTAIN 9AI2R:g''TI"S NEW NOVElS. Rtrllilo the Reefer, by the author of Peter Simple, &o tCummin .s, or a Winter It Srhloerss ni-fiell in Loen Slrvil, by Captain tlasil Ilall, Royal Navy, F. L .omed Iolden, a romance. by Allan Conninghmnl, I ro A Compeodios tlisleory of Ialy translntecl from tit origlnnl Itohoan, hV Notlhaniel Greene, I o el. for ming No. 79 of Hlarper's Eamily Library. Vols. 3 & 4 of the newo emplete and oniformt edition of a'nshiogtLn Ierine's . l'ork.. Roler's French atdl Enolist Dictionary, in I ol, 3ro Arett's Fre erh and Eoaglish Dietionarq. Altso-A few more co0ics of Comll.'s l' ronology. "Rlienzi.'" Inrge trvewtr's (ttonnontases tfstrior qta it,, with ehoits, IBilliaod Inllstol21-4 attd2 1-2 inehee Gillott's improved tmetalic Pen,japaoned papers, weights &e. &c. &c. Jlst received, and for sale by n131 _BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&e. &e aPAIN REVISITED &c, by the auttr o Ayear a in Spaint,' in 2vole. Trails ofndstan ehararelr, as generalsy applicable to the Aboriginies of North Amleric, by ( Turner, Esq 2 vols. ThePolitical Grammarn , of the United States, or a ncoml ete view oftIte theory and tIerthie of the gener nil t stle governlents, with the reltinens bletwen tlleen -dedliated atn adnapted to the )oung mten ofl te United Stotes, by E l) Mcansfield, Esq. IVimroJd's flunting Tours interspersed witl character istic aneodotes, eoyinge and doings ofjporeting net, in clutlding notices of tihe principal erack riders otlf Etfgland with analytical contents, and general intdex of tnmes,l volunles. FOR THi CURE OF Serofnnla or King's Evil, Chronic Rhernuatismt Clhronic Cntaneous Dis- Paint in the Bones, by free Cases, tse ofl Mercury tho blood being it vitinted state. T'his very concentrated Syrup is prepared witht the greatest plthartentic l care oans taetourmy, moI contain the active prniplo of Storsaparilla in the maot cntca treted dPgree, combined with other vegetable aobstane of known effieacy. The aret dlesolernt um with physicians in being abl to exhibit a large qntntity of Snrsaoprilla il a etnta dose, hares ben obtained in this prepartion--they being fully convinced of its atrrite, confidently administerr thecototrse of their practice. Pries $150 pltr bottle. Sold only at SWAIN BROTIHIIER'S rng store, No. I1 Canal street, who' may te bad, fresh and genuine, direc tfrom the profrie tors, Swaim's Panacea and Vermiftge, Potter's Ct.toll con, Carpenter's Preparations, oad'a large and genera assortment of fresh dru gs, n4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. P INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DRl Goltdsmith's Abridgment of the History of Rome to which is prefixed tn lntrodnction to the Sttludy o Romon lllstorv, anttd a great variety of vaouable infer maotion added tlt roughorl t tlre worb, on tite Manner Institutiots and Antiltities of the Romen"; witt nt ntcrens hiogrtpthicol and historical Notes; and atles tions for exl.lnatinon at the end of each section. I. l mstrated with thirty engravinigs on wood, ty Athlerton PtInoc's ItohrotvdE Edlition of r Goldsnith's Hstory of England, froln to Invasion of Jtlius Csanr to the death of George 2d, with a coltinuation to the yea 1832. With questions for examoinotion at the end o encll section. Besides a vanriety of valnable informna tionl added thtroughnn the work. Consisting of table of conttoittrtas Sovereigns and eminent persons Copious explanatory notes. Remarks on ite poll tics, mnannlers and literature of the age. An utlines th!be Constitntion, &e. &c. tllustreted by many engre GouYs' EI.EntE ro OF Anrnroo.ntY and on Aoridgmen of Keith's New Treatise on t ile Uste of Globes. New Atnetrican edition, with additions and ilmperovenctn and an expiantion of the astronotmicol part of tihe Ai. rican Altnoae. Jutetreceived and for sale by W31 M'KEAN nov 24 eaneer of and Comlnon atll HARPER'S CLASSICAL .IBRARY. [ ORACE,translated by Phillip Francis, I) D, with 1 an appendia, tontaining translataons of various odes, &c. by Ben Janeon, Covley, Milta, ,Dryden Pope Addison, Swift CItatterton, G \Vakhleold, Pjrsat Bryan, &c. and sCantle of tllho Inore elnient poets of th day-and PHIEDRUS, with the appendix of Gudin transla ted by Christopther Smart, in 2 rela feriinne vlatnes 18 and 19 of"Hllnrpee'a Clusaical Library The Expedition of IHUIPREY CLINKER, tty Smnollett, M D, with a memoir of the Author, by Thota o Roscoe, Esq., new edition, with illustrations, by G. Cruikshltonk THE 2IPSY; a 'Talte,lhy theanthor of "Richelie. Mary ot11 urgundy," &do., tow edition, 2 vla omnplte PAUL tLIFFOtD; hy the author el "Palhaa The Ditc trod," &e, being volumne IV oft.t new Dl nof"Et ta.urConltlaew Varks. Just receiveda sale t) WM MoKI.AAN B ACON SIDES-36 casks ciacinnati omlk ]anhlineg front ti" steatmboat ceno. and toar Ilate e iOGiEllT & IIAWr

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