Newspaper of True American, November 9, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 9, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EtRRY DESCtRIPTIONs SPEEDIL.Y, iA it..)MELY AND CHiEAPLY EXECUTED AT THi OFFICo OP THU Trite .'IiitcrirtCa , 'TF. CIIAnLECTS SfTiEE I', NEIA'l POYI)IRAS. mnn3 LItllsILANA PURNNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, dieshe I. 1.LIAM It. CAItNES, (fessorlv of thn-' firm ol 'V Flint Cornsrs,) wssll d ssalassesllav intlrnn Itos eriasds and tlle pltblic tlalt he io coastansly receiving 'rots Now York and loson a goodll asortme.nt of Fur hnissIrl snols as mlahogany Cshirrio nol so, tosditeado, nse- i pie R1d painemd Ctlo intple and ciserrv Il-dlteads, ssasoloav and cherri y talesos of all dseicrstioosl, Isim Deans, toilets, tercetarys, wr tls5 daskot, wasdstealet of olahogny and cherry, wash stansl, lotkinatg glatssesI, fosatlerst ssddlieg, Ac. &e. NB. Furoiture packed for truansportntions wits great joe MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, RIenoved freanl 17 Caslomnoste St. 'O NEXT DOO)R To ST. CIIARILES I'IEATRE, ConesR OF PoYDenaS &a. S. CunRl.ES STREET. U EB ING 9--183UE, No 1., I'soi usse or,- Sly Blre Ilo'ssarsao n1i IS is.use is epaioos and coeveniently situated L For men ofbu inoas, ear thie Levee sod sise New Rnecsassgo. 'lse taBle will be well SUopliesl and attlsnded to, and ho chsrge gnlonerae. hBosardera wiolitg to leave lodging, cno be accommo dated, at dii'eerst prieeso, wttil osslll iooo foeiish'd hle. o.ardcrso will Islysoe stisfiss'stioUf tioss Itoeet here, persons sileakisg tlte Frolell, tnsglish told S3pain sslt langoogs'. _ __ o.23in pNiON IBOUROEOISE, •Rue T/sosae,n . l.3, less s. pe nlAde Vs.f Hf nolss s (JET hatadiosolssessl cot sllsas iox, e0t0tro00 e iluB ssret ds la Levoe o t dl ia Notivelll sotraeo'eet 'dire ou centre dtos alisircs. i.rtable scrt bien faarii, proplrement tenue et r an grin oodhret IIeo nitreonu r pnrsion dfItiresoieot ys lser Ao Von det oliarneare ina destioret.ns itrir, oino r nrs set .collllllodes. .se pstid.tssiree gn lroslt IsisteLsln dsy etroUer rleo persosnneRs istrlantseia languosfrinlite, a8 slisise I RE Sunlseilser lote IaSlnitlsea ot e o 11t9 lsar tres aireet, illorse a Ilsi Irielsl ssd tils publtio, 'IrislsL ,peasa N'W I.tsro.eaoor, ill ste, Ttsaetre Ar cde, k.wee Carop sand CSf . ariou strets, late the Aroade ldohcs. N. I.- Ilinerst and Soplp.o prepored to order, ithi s]eol'stelhsnd plsactusslitr, eithser is prlivate roomsnt lie cealanrltor ast priaate Iunset. CANONGE. ----t----- ti T(J KIENli'. Wi, lIE Fear etory fer. f p rl'tsrick store in Camp . street, at present nosaisiedi by Mesrtt. A Il tVallaee d Co. "l' ttiree otory Ileck nsore at siteI enorner of Iloa k A l s'eynosi Nssts et ttreet atisroos't.tssssssaiedd tas~re. -teeth& cetlse third s ey hbeIg listed otr a bed t .ooln. Also, the ltd stl-y of the brick nrtses in Ilonk Alley, stld dssnr froass tst lst ilsassed--slh lind and dlsi stsries 'h"itg well fitted un. i'nssetaienssu Io given on thie ist 'movosllr ext" actS--eF t:IIAS. A Jotjt 51S. ~iv~d tTIe IJL.E E ', sl-ltI Ill I'rth 1it 11.1 S(R I{|'I IABI.'i" In R~llli'r lllll',l flYilli sssslsls'sseso, lo .... at ;€, ' I>.;t ".... ,' ° rs'sss'iesnds s t*o' sieis' i ',ss hls s llsrss Is' (,nl~ll ++ll r ill. .I ;I,. ll~ i t l ;( 1I.. " <lfl'lll ·? I t l ' ~l ' i [* '*+ I1 sosolsre ro sss.555el s l~l-liss's' sods- I.osiOl .'"i, Tile Ill da:tb ts Is.- ht irl~s ldgl, ll Il .sI~ *s' t it oss.... eisssnntse Unoited ios' o ...... .... ',,i 5 .,',;-.'',; , issiners' st' sLstsll s is Io'lludi s +oador+s'sll'esost l ui 41' llIllt(( l 5 ~1,~! 111,· Ji~ll:( d ' . tfi CI:Ilrl . iaeallle do (s-oileolre -- ,s roas's .tiq ssases .isle, rlr ·lll N I( .I II,.ulelllr lrl ~l' llS Illl. liil' h,: l, d "ttJl.ll~r Il)c·l: UIII(:MIT ai. II.i\.ildll liil d a(I nllII )ll~lil 'ass It tlissss 155 U 4Jels dl11e l I n .1 10 sotonl, lclllrl dllct'( lll UlltlllllnaIIVh', I ·I lavltd tl~tl. ·II'n Ilt~lljl ,t t 1111(rl· ~ltl L jI ihl/+ l + il ,ta lll ih 11,11 Is a f rstsess'i el e"i r los ,eos .. .. so ososs Is, t o.o..''js t55551 t lll'lls ,,+ c~.l[ ie Ilii' lIll: . +4 , 'llltt': -'l'+ ll Imrr ab "::l I, l s5l5srst'. ' I's5 'ls'lilt'l+ i O ll'hr ii r,l-le • -L~l'o -,s IIIIIrCI~fll U1t I ·I (Itl lll (.. 1 .11 1·. il;N 11 ,<: lt l (I ·lir p - . . . . ' ' I o 1'; '1 ',vI t s Thrie.,lllcJIv II..ti (;rll.,o* 1. . 123Joh.IWl I~xe lh,'l· illt, bl~t Jst('il it 1sli'ls" silsles fsTssillstes 1s l ;t iV. I I . .iI.~ e'~hii. ssos'sse I ssl iil Isoar of's" Iatrea htn ' ra~~l~ine; VI Im· Nll strrlls K. .'l~ ll frolll I l All . 77 () i, dive dl',ss i sl rlllt II ssye molvht.r"I1+ ol~' r feunr >le iiis lll'lv (lnltlxulil.It"+! FOTt1IY e ·ar.ld-, brt'cTeivea Iiv ibelal earelivl..T,'l in 'll~ocolt mue F'sItt'-s NI tiie. neol7 3 "slllrFPAtssis lss ItoJ,.r, " Ide ant otln Ire erecl emdlclied tiyII. (ll ni-t ol , ti 1s s S'I's stts'r fss at s s dltit Ah Itei ! .llt"' I li lilid lhnillel *iil. rl Issotll sslt st' il I.e n th a'is' ' lluh ll lsaseh e Allely Ise-ee iroou sise roide Itie i slrle. 'fId the rstrhngofds-nys nsdonrsiages. 'Tie Jeflssrossss Ardestsnll is sdirsl'S 55155 toss depysrS' nre:So. ThIeduaioror eleoo'sstay ds'lpest ford's earioaot balbesesle ofssool~snll edssosstislsis Fs-esot.isssnd i-n Essgislh--l'ls0 Sossiar stsspartlslu ''s r Iss oissn (lreech, ftaslsesoioeas &o. I'uotao htssys sorder sas diwlisliac see striottlyosljohaes tradoslseoas't'. '•eesso.... Jo,,iss ,,.p,,ts,. ....... 5t5....... $10 1st. Daoss esser ,a~s, er, As'. olsoreest eeplarlels' Caid, A eodsas'ehlen ao~gloltse oImd iasslil; " trd. N's slsstsstissss for ohossssse ss'r Itsrhady: 'Isis PaI'tossss ass be+ tss' ssssls' rose tsstlr' every ilis'sllIs. sclsoot loriru - e 3olok Ielto hus -II,..AN. W %., r-ndy, J,. J .5 Pijes lolland Gin; 10 halfipilpes 1105 Blhandl; 2 punchetnn fius old Ja inica Rum; 15 barrele Cherry lSouce,. lauding from ship Osceola, and for sale by octl9 PEiHTERS & MII.I,ARID, (OPPER-I0 eases flight irazier's CoPle, .rti J 9 to II the weight, menst.ring 1f by I30 inch., al so 3 boxes 20 by 50 front 7 to 9 Isl,fr nslehy 51 H IDEVEREAUX, octl9 26 Tehopitounlas t ,srOVES-- large 1 asortment of C okinr Stavnes L P'nrlor and Bar eom Stoes of the latest and most approved paterns, in store and Ior sale by 51 II DEVEREAUX, octl9 2t;iTchvpitulas at REMO)VAL. T HlE Undersigned has remowv d lid Notarial Office to the Veranda, on St. Charles street, between tdComnlOu and anllu.l sts WILLIAM CIIRISTY. oe;t1., 1838-1-n. CO.PARTNIRSHIP. i ORGE GREEN hNs this diny onnted a en-pert. Snership with his brother Charles It. GCreen; and will connijue tile ConniioEtn Business undar Tr itn e GEORGE GREENE,,& BlttTHlI;. net 17 3t L6 Campll-tret ý EtER PAiER...-Just rceived frlfom tie Brandy wine Mills, 6 ases spetfine bIe letter palper; some very luw priced; 10 eases a.e~titiNe white lllte, paper d; 2 cases thin pink letter paper; 1 cases supe, floe pakebt pnnt larg ni.Ce; 2 ca-es superfine letter assrted conlrs; e ast 'n spernfie oenvo assnred colors. for sale. whules 1e aend retail, aby I EI & &L C a, New York hiatineern' Ithl, oett5 '4 Clnrtres sireet -orE- ntii- teinust recViwd at 53, lienville st., o.icesnor stll roUms; tie pandi: are respecttully v i ted to call and examine7 tie amev R CARNES, 1 Al. 20hal b res Northern T'mlth y flay is store, 1.-!1 for sate by n IIAMPLIN & COOPER, oetl5 "2 Julia Pt. Sula r Parlour Stoves, just teeirved :ndl ur Cr.` by - S ,,.KE &t Co, AIt 31 8, front Iever. jO-)lEtSii0l4 bhnes, fler sale ,by SISAAC IllilltI.E & CO, inel 34 Magalziea st E-Juis t~ r ed a hnarde e a-ortv t entI of it-.el S Penatinss!ing in part of the ireat \Western fen, a new en.l beautiful article, mide enpressly fIo Etati ter's Hall re i sisaes. F-elt's Barrel Pen; F'elt'i fe.,. , a&dt 2 l and Ladies' Pev; l l warranted ni ibir enlesy ; :r & Cli, New ; :k :.! i ,:e,'e Illl, ºi\Ol)b-tO i-LuD.oxt6T ,t;uea .-iitul t',,.,cc ,, of L cnri~tenbransld, veil tfr ntie by fer rale by ISAAC BiilDiE& CO, tovl 131 ,lnghzine at J- -I'A, --75 bbs . cab lhrre I,poof, Ih'audy for sshe by ISAAC BRIliGiE & C., nevt 131 \tegtzine st j---i-.-l)1)-11'qL-.- rce- :.,egiish L Oilfi;t store and fur sale by JARtIe b & ANDREW'VS, nnel car Conmn uncu'l'elThopitulas il iiCtl;t5Ni -7i'R- h--7halfc h.nts( t Pouehon n Iea Sin store, and rbu nle y TIAYER nofle 74 Poydras st 1.UlNTED PA\II.S --=0 dtz lantling font ship Dcl .1. hi, and firsale b J'Tl.!.ER c CO, inttl 74 i'oydras ', " NR1 ICA-;.--lii ,O e.orvit= sitaed ts ,t S eron A Canndll," 1-!;qe'' eon lr .lri i'r'·. , r e'lt : JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &e. THE ROBBER, a Tale, by the author of-Rich' elien,' TThe Gipscy,' 'Attila,' &c. in 2 vols. 'Tea LovE CIAsE, ai Coimedy, in five ants, by James Sheridan Knowles, euthor of 'Virginius, The Daughter,' &c. &e. ioN, at Tragedy, in tive acts, by liThi :st. NUoo Tallturdl; 4th edition. SoctITy AND MaNNESB IN A a.IIIC ; by IHarriet MUiatineau, Iathor of ,Itlustravtias of Political Economy;' iun 2 volt.; 4th edition. A Practical Sutmn iry of the Law and Urnge of Bills of Exchangen and Promissory Notes; togeth. p or with a series of tables, llhowing whetn bills, notes and loune, drawn or accepted at iany date will fIll due; to which are added, rates of coumission and storage, equation of payments, and general infor. olation connected wi:h business of tile counting iouse; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' lThe Clork's Guide,' &c. THE LITTLE SK.TCT BotK; a course of very easy lessons in Landscapes, Figures, &c. by George Childs; let and 2d series. Just received and for sale by WM MeKEAN, y8 eor. of Camp and Commnoa sis. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe risnonts of Living.-Living within the Means, Living up to the Means,-Living beyond the Meana;" "Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" 'The liarcourts;" "The Saving's Bank," &e. W INTER CI.OT'IING.-l cases, containing an assortment of Sattinet Roudullots anil Pnlla loons; Iheavv Mlethun Derry pair, unit Liverpol steri pod twilled shits, lundiag fronm ship I'ausess, fur sale by i IAAC BRIDIE & CO., Olct 124 Magazine st \VOWN Shlrtirtigs--l0 Iae, he nry brewn chirt- I Li gs, lunding lireo ship Paugs,,for sale by ISAAC BRIllGE & 1311, _otIf 131 MaNlarzine stc mI'ERiM thit-hIL cursk pure, blteba umned, Spernt Oil, laeding frue, otip flinaieusipli, suitable fur prlentatiuos alrd lo sale lby ISAAC RI;ll'GF &o iCr, Oct4 134 Magrzine st. NEW ORbLEANS COMMERCIAL LILBRAIRY PrHE following noew wrk have beena roe, Ived h by th Library Society, at their room in the Mar, hants' Exclhatg', fronting on Royal street, Lady of Lyons, by Bulwmo; 1 vol. 2 copi a. II uolltt rey's Tourtirough Great Britain, Frnce and B. Igiu i, in 1835; io 2 vola. 2 copies. Love, by Lady C. Burry; 2 vols. 5 copes. The Two Flirts, and olther Tules; by Lady Bles. oington, IlBulwer, and others; 2 vols. 5 copies. IRivers and the Desert. by Miss I'ardoe; 2 copies. TI'h Rbber, by G P R James; 5 copies. The Adventures of Nicholas Nicklebhy, by Boz, 5 copies. CHAS. RIT'CHIE, Librarian. ST. IAGO COFFEE-1--L sacks ul supcrlor uqiIaIe s ty, far sale by SLATER & TRIER, lmctl 40 Poyd slre etre Q UIJININF, EPSOM SA'TI'S, AND) CAIOM11:I.. S15 o "nce m French Quiline, u10 lll Epasin Sllsr .tvcaskusPal Art hes, 4 eoae Caldeuel, Ipee:r., Jalobe ituaiti,, &c. &e.. n etiig fita rag Witalla, feiii BeIloum, and for sale by J.\RAVI.S & ANDREWS, Wholeatle Dru.gists, jv7 cor Comi ont b ' Tehouptoiula street. 11 h| IBARltiEL I; L E llanding tiou, brig tncle eSam, tar sale by jyl S & J PI WHIiTNEY " I UIED uEonrd Paper-Just received a few reams, lb Itladsn'erylineblue recolrd Cp, both plain alad ruledl, fIur Ptadei b r r ) VIU FELT & I't), onll5 NY lataiuer's eaI , J.i ' nI'I. .M C Nll .teS-Fe r sall by t,. HE rri..t 1l!, I'Jus t ''re p, Inr!:",tly .thr1u u' t tror ir d, . 1 n, , . .c m n ..;tn . t .rm . r i l th I the tal .tChl e t,,I" , ro a. ed l. than rls. l ln: , .. I fr t.. IL Iiril ,onlll P stit o n toe xot., t tr uted, l. .r to ile, ! hia tudh irr.ic , ,r d utn ful utid IN L j.• ~1 erC W M.AlNiP ,, ~ ,,. ..~L '. ; ,, `In 1110t l vuiIct I Ii ll1till , i ti 'I'iractittuIiiii tieti The1v t t chl wllOltltt eri inits J ti to t ll s lN' Yr tih rettitti etitiesti mmitt Rle irl acentiiiloaale c 'is will l 'st bli-t ' t: . ' ,v hrll' . l . , . llll t.ler r "' riil agot et tfueiphit a vffe.,adi p ,t em ten Iovttoore Inti·rel, ir eli. Choarlne ot., trout aud a, tc clteirltid,. i ofdeceiit utr.',m . ,:l er and rrells .-aedlh,re c tr l e.v 2 pe ru ccage rnci'vrd whilr vuttlitimic,- oa. ,i tein ettebtiuwttbting a th1 e in eAt ll they ve mt ttyitOtiner tr d de inehteit iti ' i .i ckt their utle rinoL, eilntf lewiho lleae o lenr dti, un Ib arcidy . r etaun ataihuace Ibe NItelhee lretralen, S Iti.iiC lr l, ftinrul; Nrew Inrc Eatire tel Peioclthduttian h rlv nll r tc lltudSc ilnl ma Atle will plratet Ititgi-l inteo nlotve tlremtller, didt fhri ,stllV. eir the iorenr nuo d amthi oleuwelc- hle c ratrl:gFrth a-. s nd .ierlciootofle S'rATF O( LOIUJISIANA, PARISH COURT turte Pash f the aR City of New SOrlealns, Presett tire hon, atle Charles Mau rian, Judge. talctber25it, 1838. No. 11I83, Win. I). (aooper, vs.iis Creditsr. The aes-iml of propertv by he 'eritimer is atcell ted by thle Court flr the benefit fhiriCraditelor it is ordered tlhat t loetilla of esai creditors be Iheld Ibefore E. Barnett, Notary Pablie, on Tuesday, the `27th of November, 1838, then and there to deliberate on the alflhira of the lhsolvent. In the nean ll tele all t.eedillgs against his teroll end prop. erty are stnyed. It is furlaher ordered tlhat Je. U. Gr(lmes, Esq. be appointed to represent the absellt creditor in ths case. By order of thle Coatrt. Clerk's Oflice, Now Orleans, 25th October, 1838. A I GUYOtL, oct.--3t D'v. Cl'k. SAT I)s LA d I.OUiIANE--CUuN de E'J atl vine de n a Nouvelle tle ns.: Present I'Huan rhble Charles Mauria, jugs-No ll,203-WVm 1) Cooper entre see creanciers--La etitiollt des protrii, thea u ptitiittaaire ayant Uti acesatte par losoura piour iebcbeiee de sea crhanciers, il eat tlerett qua une assemblte desdits er6anciers nit lien att rerff de E Barnett, notaire public, mardi, le 27e jour dte nav am lire 1:18, a 10 heures ntl mattit, tilt tde delabhrer stir lee afflires dudit pititionuaira, et en a'tendant tautt s poursuites contre as personatv on sea propri6tea solt arr"Ftts. Par ordro de In Cour--Bureau du Grelfier-Nlle Orlena 8t5 Oct 18.18. 26 oat A Mi GUYI)L, Dep. Grefler. rMAR-60bbls far tale hv LAWREWE N CE 1 F.GENDRE, octl6 8 & 29 New Levee £ UN P' ., ItElIt ad lt perial Tea--25 cansea anis ter do do, landil i'ro,,t shlip Louisvillte, id tbrsale by I AWIIENCE & I.I".iENDIt'i, twtl6 28 &L 29 New i.evee T AIILI ' SAILT ia lttcas eff0 boxes eae, in star, at d for sale by READ & BAlIIST,. , aet6 7 Baik I ec IIICKLES I&tc-It01 boxes Pickles, it quart Iattli.; S 811 d Mlreilies; do 1II8 baoxes Iillie, : S rl, latiing end for sale by arett etL t tatd .MetAtndeo jt re'ttitI, an car s ale Illv 1 'A D: i, o0 0 _t __l __ 11 t'cli. l'ilii ,la¢ st 41 IOT iI\ t,. -1.1...7. -;.- cts,., (',pinin;; an rs ·i· llll tlothil.g I nglli lf frolll D:hip Dellhi, tlt tle it, " 1- 8 .C l311)8 +l:) tar Co, ort.ll) 11 Maln"azine st `i l--AIRS-Il.. ai" dles Chairs, vurtous qualities, a'. landing from ship Delli, llr s le ISAACI BRIitFE & Ct, oat30 1i31 lMagaztne at SINK-Just reserived ti g acte F Ilt's eltsterior Illack Inlk, in doz. boilttles, palrked It boxes of uione de en each, hor sale by the g "a'' 'len, er -itgl' bottle ty .181111)) I't , l'a C)), New Yoi a and St. ti aerls Ilall lact"9 t24 Yoydlras et y.' l~it$'i'li31" Silttethg look--. t.t receietd 10111 V do, al aWebtar'e aspelliag il(,ok, ;or sale by DAVIDi FiLl' a Co, New 'ork Stationer's 11all, aoct9 -4 aCI nerrs st NALS-510 kLgs eall t tiat ill stre, titid tor sole by S LbtOCKEl & CO, oetifi 8 Front street. XCIiANGi oan Beoton, for sale by 4 ISAAC BltlliiF. - CO, novnn3 ;4 lna:azninest WV H''Ir .LEAD--5tl0 kegs No. I & 2, grouad i W oil, ill stoare sad for salaelyI' s LOCI<E & CO, oetC.6 8 Front Levee LEAF LARD--NIL kegs of pirisne qnality. in ....str SL.iTER & TRIEIR, oct17 4 P'tylra s -1-RA- 1Pi.- I-. FitR-I150 rants now taadisg, s" ,I for sale by o t^.1 "r,,' .· .a'yZ C;ý4.S C.O> bhlPPING. ----, ---T - / For Europe. FOR I lEA V IE. A aperi ,AI snipOcill tae '.0 tles S 'tine fatdlig- At Phi, Z(I'tJIFF; d sit e nclt, alf ~l) ht' os el iTll to cunlli - ite l.or cago; olr ireight or passr.e, anlt; to oct:l R 931 Colmnloll et. . . . 1;1)R'i VR . I The Al ship ALLIANCE; Ferwnlt rceltfpil0 ha lea-cotton, fti Ireighg rof whitch, np - ply on board, or to S &J I' WIlI'rINO, oetl2 U Conli stt'tet Coastwzse. NEW ORLEANS AID) IAI.TIMIIRE LINE OF st PACKET . T .IIS line uwill colsie t of the following reerlsa which have been builh, or purehased expressly in fir the trade, viz: Slhip 1 EAMAN, Captain Miner, liargnue MAIlY, NicYkerson, IRA)) F).RRY, (new) Stevens, " OLOIOl N SIA'I'U.S, Lathlm, Bri0 ARt'HI'IE'IE', (ray. These vetnsel ife of tie first class-harve hatltldsom flrnishled atttnodtoiti s, nd are of a light draft of water, so as to ildlllit of their reeillvig ald lieicharging their InrgIrusin Blimore at then I City. I'n ight will bh taken ir ilports in thie C:hesapeuke or on Jates' River, and forlwarded by thIe agents.,, Oleornrs.I irk & Kellogg, ait Haiiimore; Expnnses on goods shtipped will be ad vtneed wvhen reqlluired T'lie prhle olf ssaoncg is fixed at $6i0--ampltstores of the Ibet.o olilty ill be provided. - Sthann up and down the M lis+ioippi "ill be taken on For freight or pa-sage apply to ( I MUMIL BEDFI3RD, net -t -111 Bhienville et S The line Ibrque Il.NI:.Y, Deun, master, i. ~ no v ready to reeive cargo, oad will have _dIcl.thi ior freight or ig passage apply on ioard, tor to STETSON & AVERY, nov7 ia (;rolner at lt1: NEW 5(011K. Packet of the 9th November. LOUeIS INA AND ni\t, V o0eIK .INE. - 'he very fs'it sniling regular pnck et shilp SA i A'I'OA, I luthaway, master, ha. vincihe printipl prl ot her cargo engtged the illk theoref,'r passnlle, ihating ehlgtn1 alce olnlalo dntios, Illllyv on board,o t iers below tle Vegelable mlrkeht, or t J D REIN & A COHEN, nov5 9i Cotllton st FOR NEW YORK. The A pnackert hip REP)UBLICAN, I tunell, tnter, will Ie ready to take in on Monday the 5fh ilnst.; having "oe halfof hier cnrgo nlnlv to g oun board will have immedeiate d|* atc fr fright It r tt)lt .+ e, havhng olellntly ftt itllsh nov3 ;6 Caml ps FOt R o f)S'TrlN. t nittwto I onritto tho V. l-toh o ,t tr la Io .N I, Il: wr .It tootti the 'nttior'o. tt 010il oc_ 8 11oLnti ltl Two o rvl' of th I re andt ofn hr rto :3 IA , le to, t lotld fr a No rta i n Irrt; id ply to th tLEV , 'L - 'I"' ,,1 n." at,;t llll,' ' ( t , 1' Il l:h"() S . G ulf ' 'h r a. n ewl t , " . ", tt O , Cc.n m b ltt i i l t i ,I';' o; I'I;i AI,' ai nn ''itt liAo Iv t ,1 o 'wr the rnte 'itof ( N tcher ad .,rimiedr I'Ea 'ndnitt. wts r uibl ctt, to ofh loa lor N erherd e Posivtiy o it tl i M. i ~leave e lThured t f fIle hIail "-offer tIhe arrival f Ow I;! o'c1U k cr., Thodt on ier B , For p 1Aitor alyl io n ollrlrt to (CA'T.. SW'ILEIE. Io'llr th (:i,'tO ill toutlt itttly of ttti, initen totditrn Fon, Matcnheser, Vie/neitie, Gonai Gulf, Rndrny, jtl ehz 'andallitltrrnt,'dtole , .ond,tl.,.i P: ostivel. on' i'hn-.. a , 11th in,. ,,f i dclOcrk, I t |M ..he fine isratner NipIPIE At. t leav JS.A . A. (;rio, nnolosry o T 'hu rrd.h y, at 4 P. n.. it tor 0010 a-., nplet e bo {Ad or to 'IIif. LOVER E& B.HIIEHAV I N U g .nllclrgP on goods shilled y thin 1) CASEY, No. 19 (' istreet, ha jnst received )t from Loonl dne, 'lier h i' L)ev, Mledliumn, Rieal, Super Royal, I perinl, Colunblier, and double Elelabnnt IDrawing paper, Tinted IVRoyal and ill)eril lo. 'l'urnn.I 's Londoln Ihoar,. Ila n and 'linted .listol board-; Ivory loper; 'Lransparenlt iorn piper; Gold and Silver paer; iGold borders, White and Color ed Rice paper. I)IA 1 WING PENCILC. Reeve's & San's best pr.pared Lead Pencils; Brook man o Langdon's do. do. COI.OU RS, &e., &c. Reeve's & Son's Water Colors; Newmlan's do; box es of Chalks; soft Cravoas--36, 72 and 144 didthrent shades; Liquid Gold; '3nl and Silver Shells; Marble and Chitn lnlk Slabs- China Sanuers; China Tiles, 3, 6, and 9divi.r.ns; Ivory, Mahlogany, and China Palettes; PUaiah brusLes; best 1'onalh brushes; Pnoln knives; Mlnsi and Sketching I'ortlliusa Paper, Leath er and Cork siumps; Mlniature lvories a ed Cases Sowa Quill Pencils; do Ilock Sdhle do. OILL ('OLOUlt9, Prepared eanvass; Japanned T'in Ixes Iladder Co ouars, with Pencils. Drawers, 4c. Prepared Canvass 7, 301 & 361 incheno. i'P):KIi I B110)1KS & WALLETS. Runssia and 1Morocco PIcket hooks; IRse-ia Leather Wnallets; Russia Lenlher P'cket books, 3 & 4 Ivory leases; patent lTalets, with Slver pencil cases. St:I(Et\ H ..NDLI+IS. Plain and IRelenhd Rloseaoodl, Boxwood, Met sold, Burnished gold, Fancy colored and gold dcrew liun dies. PEN tIOLDERS. Pearl and Gold P'en Holders; Pearl and Silverdo. oct18 LINSEED OIL in stone and .lir saleajb by (i DOIRSEY, onetl 44 New Levee S'1'O ES~-Landing fronl ship Iilahb, a few Parlour L Coal Mnoves, a new article and very handautoe; 3011 Rolllld Coal Crlves, suitable fior Iar roolnos. Also Paortable (irates I land Slaoll delllll r stoves for coulting romlll, in store and for sale by SLOCKiE & CO:, ,ctn23 8 Front Leaee st N I--Stoves pipes male to aorder and put up in nay part of the coly ,on lort notice. 10 in'ntI . ; n . :.nng r' toen 5 + t d I' + tno y al .y 6y "- - Ieli'elre.-, ello inh ', Sp niolh llrown, an, r 'ls .P u ,,y t,, a nn,,g- a d no oe Iar an 't ,o '.la.nnla oie, oFnn n "l 0., dnnnnjn , ,da , , e :.,rnb .n o fl*t -'h t .~" ilnna. Sn ~uneoo iby L;C T lAT r lre and s cons ( arne Greece do.ra nahoue liet tchre ornellow Och ren, Spn ish Brown, and otreet. Pooenosino givenoco o oi le nnf Nnnnenlnber. Apn ncnt23 17 (Commernn(ne ct J PARKERS ROCKY MOUNI'AI.Nn, dcc. OURNA;. of an Expl~orinng Inninr lnyonnid tnine Ro lay Mk unpinn , uinnder tie d.r in oil ti e A BCe Ptty, Chain Cabled in cho yrs 135,'36 aind es3; onli, niang a descriplion of the gteogrpny. hand logy, clunate and parduotone, and tie nume CO, annT lrs and onvenien of tihe Iativory with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sanmnel Parker, A MI. Ine Rivra nnd 'ne Desera; or Recolleclions of tit Rhone and ther f Cllrtreu; by Miss Pardoo, author ossession gien Son tan, t. in volsber. A Tl e tobber, a 'al AIe, tne authol INiUchNliN, Tine Gypoy, Allina; in 2n - TiAe Rwo Flirts; or Ad. -tur in a Country HOURs, and otlfer Tlsn, by Ladyg Iloninton, E L Bnlworo Mrs Norton, Barry Ctornwll, Mrs Gore, Clogpin Madin, and other in and tols. an Lnerf and Adventures o the natives with a May, of died by BTer, with Illby trotions IS Pker, No. M. Jth e River iva d an Dsrt or Recollections of BENJAMIN LEVY. the Rhone and thl lartreu e ; by Miss Pardon, edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1. V ,erea by I Cln iPi.iX( ,"C,"i7eR BUSINESS CARDS. J, P. FREEMAN & CO., flRoresale Clothbaig Establtthmestl No. 3, aooazone street, II AVE ccnstntly on hond larde supply of Cloth I , ] CU nt le tie rlr.l iorlouIry trtde. [hr Itse. . orltmelt blin large, melrchmt, fro.. the ciontr callo e .supllied u l tileshortest notice. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)I)IN, No. 14 h:b arfres Sreer I1AVI; a Ol stantlll illlj y i f e er. arti'le p.etslalmin S.gooltleomet, d'.. , I. the lati l t. le, t .eo ' ork tJ. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, nov 8 No.33, I1oyal treet. S A. PI;RIO-'SSI1:]ER, MERCHANT TAILOR 67 CommL. lont street, EGS 3 to inform the .oulic that havine purerhned Nfo. 10rs 'o()Uls stIeI.e;G & CO. irtOrl f tLead oporite Water hp' lote whe is hop.s to mp eri share ofteir ptroae l has mad,, rrneC tlen mot faohioohile goods. tr 34 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 312 P'ovl ras street New Orleans, 0ANI'FACTIprEits oF Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pump. Of ideeri tiOll. IVARM, COLD, AND 5110O'ER BA TH1S Fixed on the mot a;i.proved principles. MILI' I) I.1.1 I, PIl'Es, & tTOrders executed it any ]part of the Southel n States. Dr, Loberlt I. indoc. U? F F l C b, C:LAY & ,CI.\RK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Poydras street, -K E.kP on hoodI n a Ceto:tt sup dV OF Ioead Pipe, sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA IILISI131MEN, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite lBnks' Arcade. W'ILLL..A. (Gl E .'VE, PROPRIE7 TOR nrl J H. PARKER Comntisoion and FIorwarding Merchant, No 6. FIiRONIT hEVEFI, New 9:Ieano, rheb. JARVIS & ANDI)REWS, WVIIlI.E \L.: ANID ILTf.Ili. )IILALIEIIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIE ST''UL'1'i.<.VYI) If'YItI)OIV tl..ISS, Currner of I;onno anod 'lehoupituulhs streets, NA'I'IIAN JARVIS. JO3IN WV. ANIIIIEWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds. warranted tile growth of i3:137. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS, No.s. 61 und (;3 WATER STREET. f T1 ,"3I dersignd, having eotlbliwhe, th setlvns in ,I l Ctm iisi.nio busiu' ill Itis variu.. I o',nhP s, eg ag leave to inform their liir.olul0 anld 1 t. it e olii, that they nre now, nelnrotd to ro,,eiw e.oi.1.e. nt,, anI maKe ibleral advll alc oil the olmeln.eI i r t rlri r I tr publicl Refer to W\ alker, niu:,: .': K ',.. :', ,, , r. . .. . . . . . 'I l . . . . . .. . SAM.t- SLATER. ArHnA +.IU'tEo. SLATED & TRIER -ortw a rdlng 0 ,.1 : i&. ion 'iert ni'h nt s NiBh F Iisk, E-q. lh 't b, Ihiho; New Orleans. N1 . r t 1)nero n & e C N is 1E 111, 1. 1'I A New York. nne r I dcvo e their p:IrbcunoY a ttentio iit tht Loui· e Ilnrt 1o Shaw New Tatum.s. A 1 NthaIlln, , I) & 31M Wlli3 a. s rig., ' ld & I u. .i oston, Ro.h, rt, Brothers &. Co, I.everet &'z'hu'I'l . . New York. S lido. & Co. A S Skidlore ,',tq. (il Maroh'll ('o. -Louisville. _ S&l.1' T. STONE . Fprw'nrdlng nnd Colmlision ,lerchanlts, ANI) FUIRNISIIERI S OF SllP ANDI) \'OAT STORES, No. 114 TcHoUrI ro.LAS rsran£r. N, w.Orleans. Ielerenee+ : lotesrs. mRALL, BAKER &. Co. lBoston EsE0I1' 1Z001 Vo: o Co A. 11- MEAH & Co.' New York. It. 'UTNAM,o, J" & P". HotlLA' Cincinnati, O. NVatIGuT SMITH ii, I)viTU STONE, D:IOyDO. 0 l1.L.oaoTotC & CO. C.'IWn.Iis 0. N. AI.IoICtO, & Co.. I.ouisviIle, i. WILL.IS,STrEVNS & CI.hrS,Sit Lo01 IIo A. It. Rove, Alton, Ill. Wi E.. VWITHROW, Itushille, III. J. & P1'. 'A'tro'EtI.L, lIyou Surn, La. SoLomoN HIGlt. NO.' tO)reas. jan 22 DOlI, R & SVlAY', l)EAI.EIRS IN AMERICAN & EN;IASII CROWN GLASS, Ij.. 3 CAI.ONILELT STREET. 11I FlIR ItI"1 EN'S INSUW %. NCE COMP OF NEw oRLhIA.NS. This Company aor now preparedI to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's o ulhnog, Canal stre. L 1. TI .'CY, New Orleans, May 15, .1I33. Secretary. WILLIAIM IRWIN Commission IanId lForwarding Merchant, CINLIINNA\'I'I, 0111). Refer to Iayet & Ailelung, Now Orleans. Joe. Laadis &, Cu. 0124 1I ROIIEI,;It CI, 1.NNIIN. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1'2 Ca(+,p Street, Wholesale l)ealer in I'inlts, Oil, Varnihe', Brushes, i3U.0 WVindow and Pictlre Glassr, .c. c. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEI ' & COU'ASELLOR .AT LA. It N(1OW practisiin ilthe State olid City (C:ourlts. Cli ents will lihim at thell, C:tlerk's oflfice, U S Circuit Court, in the Custom IIlouse building. je8 A CARD. rilliei undersi.ned havIe e.loed i house in this city, for the iurlos of trae-acting a ENEit.1r L CI)O\liIlSSION IIUSINEHS. ()FrtcEI, NO. II) GiRAVER STRELET, l1 STAIRS. T ee h,e ne (;11 rad Gul, Miss , will hIe coollnued I :he al le n .lloln. IReferene:e. ( ;t,'ray, ]+sw rh" & Snail, ( Non 1hleetls I . l trten & 311i I..d, S ' 11 Ii Hill & Co, Iaoui+vil ., Kv. .ilJohi G Gilmorre, \ icEh uro, 1'lisa. Ilarper p'ur ellr t, Co, Gl;a .I uitl, H1iss. h .ilr, Aln.oore . Cjy, NewOr' loo, J201 I ,.1.;.0. jy12 A C1 h.ll - NATIIANIEL TOWNSENU) hItvmg h.tled hit. se'lt in New rlnp s hor the purpose of tru lneting tl aing n house in Tenas, he ~ill attend In tile trans Eacting of any Ihu ,lne ll aIi. t 11, le desred in Ihut l co .try, andwilt gaarans Ice 0.t and unbreerhtted 8t ltui. n I lo all i + hle o. entruon llt io hi charge. i1 1 I ,lthlill Iplpli nliathn (i ancoCrlllln.e wit in1tructiono) of ail ullS that nlur coe no 0his 1 hands. ) lice in No.r ExIhitllge oi (l eo r K tro., nappO mite I to Ileo Mr Clallp's cEhurch, and na lj plng Gibhon'r readimg n rom.sig.l llo lACxian CnO:llllnln. N+wlOrlorls, No.'vember 215, 18B:1. NfLrerr sRET. M Vsers Ilill8er, Ihd1h & Cor. New York. il IlsBurr lli-Iilo, I.. m Alvanr. F ok, oalohe ", Mi. s Itl M Sm ranh r Si o oil, y..... J ho' rl t y.l..,isw'lle, I(o . J .hlh A wo e., ,1pkm..sille, Ky. ni6+:. n ia ~ FIREM EN'SI INSUANCE COIMPANY OF NEW (OIRLE\NS, OBice No. 24 lusson's Buiding Jdo CANAl. 31 'RbEE7'. ri VOVS--64 -,;4-1ov;' . tinlil rl-hp HItu isvillr( sn111b oIf which are ol'cllti,ely uew pa"telns-- a!.o 30 I)r. I'nol' patlelnt :o.I t. +tve.; ,8 onica cooking S-tnCoe, in tCore sud for solo, Iy a , LOG , S CI,1 .+_ BUSINESS CARDS. R. K. & F. D. Ne we oib, I AV E opened a loon'lfr the transnaciiii o a gen - erl Coo1itnenil btinesl t Nnta h ut. , m.d inv business cenfiitli tI tilema heiall be Ifitihlly attended to IeC rtnrnS: !1 C I'ii, i nck y Co., ) aunt-elt \-',.ii & i. New Orlenune. C, lwt]2-.l h.. so . `) \1 I ,ouils, t l len-, ink, tl. id, w9 nfe', , i"r taux, |nti rubbEr, blown sun.l, l,,nc.e, and en ry other article • f -tstionerv. of ahe very best ualit., con atantly u ni hand u'- d Io, sale by D.VIi Fl-I' &.. ni9 N Y Statitnyone' Ilull, 28 Lh, nites .t. I'O) .I.EICI.1NT'S. e I1 ERI A1IX I'e n' hane n 'nntifiul ihedlnnr truck v i ol" li two ours n i ti-e,'' ,y alin ai t i the rlans f ilbu raphie dice,.33.|ugzt enitret, positr B:nks . e ttliKERE, -3i hai f l 'e.nti ct l Ali by R{EAIl & IIit'' TWI '1 Ina'-2 6;7 c i ra ier strn et. In UN'l'UCKY' IS,\(i :1I.i--1un X.I ' Ir by fir ]IIo MIIS & .ti1.l.l.. ni" jv.l, laenk Alley l:'GI) CI1 (-hI] ~{l).U -.01 o. |eavy nocJlwl i],agglUg A3. ,iuchzs wide, to o' sle by B intO IlES & MILS, jvl trnIk Al l t n hx 1 A G O N eN EW OR K t 'iby itPrd u a th r o -jy 1 3_. & ;" New Levee.\ th inii iof Nth r , t he : i ft o n c U n hl an1 S .ni t .n1I Amer car Inti or Lints on e .ru.i d 1 coil r tlhions f the Unhed Staves . fly J. Delo ti osier 'sp n lr i'S i . C i .Norcton. B arry C rnwlla, 11a or tecr, Ca oveatina The Itivnir an the )serill b iit s r dust n ul r oft tire faits ,f the Sella".iof TI'b i;askct of lle.,+, th~e Glift eo" al Unoh' and ..u~t wc ine woti in elarn. ; b hs\ hbcrson. n Jost received tal for -ol,' Iv WV 1 McKT'.1N t j'lit cor i t 'al r n p t n kin lnd la ciinin nl. I(' IIN " ---70 -, ri r-, b g dinli Iii f tr santiie by J 'i't.t\f E"l:t, & t ain, jy Id1 74 Piivdras stre~et. traict ,r, iniarioilleti, or thi cure o, i s(inat, o euplios of the tkn; pica es or puStul, of tIn fu.:l."; lilac whi t orisu Item an imlpnre stite ornthe blood; scaly erll lio~ns; p inls inl Ills boese; chIronice rhuntPatesrv; to : r; scrofula, or kion's evi; white. s.vl lung; syphdlite dieoasj, a,,d all dhsorders ar'isinlg froalluu itapure state of tihe' blood, by a long residenc, in a ho: climate, or the injudiciouu us;. of mercury. Also,--Cave & SchalT rco Worm Syr,:p, or In fast Preservative.: tib,. best Ipreparation nom, extant. Among which are the fotlow ng:-Indian I)De, for colrugn the hair; Bear's Oil; I nessiant Bear i Greasu; Poiatul; inehawl's Froc.Ii Washi: nn perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Creamh of Rosenc; Vegetable Rouge; Ot,, of Iose; L[p saive; Kre. osite Teooth Washil; Crbotnic Dentrilie; Oriange I Flower Water; Powder Putfs aili Bux ,; Amer .i can Charcoal, neatly put tiup in four .nee vials; Peston Salits; Chologuen ; Kreaoto I'onthl.ahe Drops; lair Brushes; Enghsit lro ng Cuo bIe-t nlit an Hair Oil;-with a variety of ather Purf.- i merte,_&e. For sal,, by Lm W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C 'T'RIN( ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets No., :l3 11 'l io,.All e ', p ,,-ir winlks' Aicalde,I pirSTi'A Ptr.isI'lE flor tlhe executimn orf als, pitan.; Sand hawillg;, lerch1 .' cirultareL, bSine.ies and addiess ltcnne ol ever, y IscriaptiiOn, fuiietl cilculr- oe Prein tI'urin .hn; Utrinihernn ry anid diunin iili'lbel;i bank cbe(:1.; drugy receipits, &o. print-d d alll|'tlr'~ll d inl cIheap; alnm expeditions sir le, by lie e Ipr.nler. iNt. niank Notes int.*lv exeluted. mif .. - N E\ IIAT SNT'(IRE,. I''S 'l t rl ivel per I tla arrivals frlii,' ' m ie,, "1l Ire-Ih lunl I s iomabtle ,as.,,l llneul idl' I I.l'l"4. 'r be wl ou.l' l d'Vlll m etrtle lm'lv y c lltheattenio of I nb pnli be to 11[i ti' I l at ri !ratl i t a s rio |In-' I ! aninnii ln t rimln b:n 1 uin ful ld sent ; "u.i 1 to ai tline in it ss t bil a i iple or iualidityIi .al ti I •a=l "lro al'lll ' Ill''41 het. tl.P e a 1 aII k t rll " - I so~rtlllell *n t I 'oeo t led b, ho -el o t. l, e I l'. f'r Ibla Ni'ket, whoilnh , n tlnl e, . 'is t I ' S J \y ,)>1I.IHLN,llI ('ol itln r.l''{l N. City and country detaler.utuv Ivnt'ical, t n i lih I PORTRAIT PAINTING. II . Ii' i rl i- . ili nclhllh iI rllle tile public that he will rlneln I. short i"ne In New Orlealnu for hep • .1.(, ul pnilllillg putrlrnail;. Ilttsit anreir Io ('aal atnl S i Charlet in the hnose ne-vupie l y Pareln t .Lyo lentislswehlelrspecmilna of his pl ai rttiit.a i i1 liu e nseen. ltiniro inc t. , i t c t rbes %reel. -tlil tIau WVIInI'UrA, 1"1'IN 'AIllIE \I ANIFAC'I'LY ý 10:. ).'1 CO). No. 2. Ohl Lever, hatve in 1 stor., .f their own ninullfaetore, ai [.ree and ex tensive *ssortmlent iof in ware, which they invite deal ers in the tnrla to n lntinlilt'; Jlio il It)tolp er, S.itg.i h.,mee a ki ,ti,nrs'.; 25U do. Sugar Ladles;! 211 der. Coppewr sugar i lll 1n ,7n Ilatt tubs. innUrted sizes; 3(I gru.e imsorned >irrd oInll'. (-raiglns. N. I-loito; of buildint coveredt with zinc, copper I Stin. Copper iendt tiln lgutters put up tin tinhe nb rtes - notcet. tir . FNGL IIi, FRlENCII AAU o-l'.t ,i Al.L 1111Y. SROIIISSOIL MOlPlill',a'sistedby reutlemren of a prop er mdifieathe.s and (-,\' i Tiree. kin "pitonied S1a Aitndiyilli in 113 brilk budllinl. belini.illn to Wll. Itrand E-st., atjoining the ihri nalia on St. Clerhsln tr-eet, where uni ni'ntlemen, well dinposod, will ren ceive a oodl educatiOn. er. I. nnlicit tie' co-operation of hit friends and lthose of educlntion, to eiaile iim to render thi lhn u.u tutiont useful and peinnanuet. nuz:2:3 nunti ______ jO'TICE 'TO TilE P.UBLIC.-Uniiiitnidid rumors of the undersigned having sold out, or discontinued his old and Inun. established GARDEN SEED STORE, N.Ms U t'cuslomn house Mnrel, Ito Having been most industriously clreil ted by self interested parties, thle subseriber lngs to aitsure his friends generally, and the public at large, that he still continues within two doors of his late, or formter stand, to be furnished with a full and cex - teonsive supplly of all the standard kinds of kitclhen or vegetable ;anrdein Sids, of the growth and inn. port of the present season, 1837. Since the early part of September, ie hasl re. - ceivcd ample supplnes, by tIhe packet ships Vicks. burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short passages, direct fron Now York. By the Missins. sippi and another packet, he is in daily expecta tion of at suppllty of Frtit Trees and Asparagus Rooets, having already received invoiics thereof by mail. The subscriber beg fiurther to assure thre public at large, that he is at prieent as well enabled to mneet and executeo ordners for all thei kinds of Garden Seeds, either wlholesale or retail, no Ie nver was since his first establishment in January, 1822. i Country Dialers and Market Gardtnr.r order fillnd at th lwiwet and most reasonable rateasrby the pound wenght, and galnon or bushel measure. C ntahlghts, e thnr iln Freniti or E-nglish, ttan always he obtaiited o it rsotal aplbeation As usual, to W\M SMITil, lGtarden Seed Store, 85 Cunominnousn itree..'u NOTE.-A constant tupply nf Ierd Sneed, either mtcitlnlt or ilaint; pulverited itoupi ierbs, atd Shaknrs' cn, dried herbs,-ewitn a inupply of peas and beans. - LOU l{t-tlolbbhlsIe*t, uality, snd,.,,dneww-Ie;.t just landed from sti acti ii ariti ant1il sele by sept 6 I4 N.,. lnven. at 13 \ l ink Nt t'l'l.N-i-cor sale t'hi dli , i t clitlrraury inanes c1d $'1ll20 nnnerimutn't ceeks on tIne Bank of .liirtinat w York in atlthtl' t0leO. WIIIT AN, sepl inxcilance Ilotult . t h rh L.7 Ita ler, \u. `:i7, c _,, 1 ,m; , - n."I, \rt 1lrlv .', , wishesto inllorl his tl lends ld the pblic to grhnItL' th .tlheli rio pir l eiarled to f`lurisl l antY !lng, in the som" business, and has constantl) lur alc the t so,5ig aricles: SNUFFS.I Rose, Gicrmn:n lllppee, I .Iac:dtIa, English I'ri "lcItegent, Amursrtu lItile; Natlchio.h· ts, Illtedl Amtercn gent le.a's, IM. " h, I1 XL appIei hIIlshl to all t)gusn(I St. I c ,llllll ihe r .llpanish, iIl ltli l ,8 l.' I aPi e, I ,aothi, ind gki ile . Iol, ptowlder. JiISI'I'II COCK iSNI' Fine ent cheluvn, swet s ent~ ed eo plain. Fine urt stloki'g, of iuito'uS ilalities. IilSt-ilt irgii, , Spl ui ,h, e e. i. a'eir edllll hll i ll l,'l' uh i l tar an ,I 1 1' 'hll al. I at 'll ie o )ll Le l waIll lt' d Ia ll g IIA, I nt SfurnshIedIto. l I de lo the ,st lih Ilerd a 1 \a Cottee, of the nLw arol, uo p tdtne Lulu brig Chailes earur.lfr Fal- h O Ik" f 11101 a ,'ah rh,'es a', 1 halfhnrreo 1 . i I ' II I1 hall brrel< .dih.s Sh, d; l101 hox' li,,on 'm' Citt.ani.igon Cider; 5 t I --r a - ii l it l 10 half hartelt picklehd "T'ongl,"o; oivprd ( shipi 'ai ol. ior sale h& i l.t.. I.. . _TI'E r. L MIU e.ehi).l i Lea I, pure--7,;O i do do 1o. 1. tut up in kho s hOrn '.t et 111 !Hunts each; !ot lanhd.u!g anld forsale at the Paint . tu.e of the sahls'ril r. C ship O('col, and t.r -..e I.. .. E in e r Ct ff1 ¶1 '11fo of, no f o 1 . ,1 I.N ooS. ' f,. 0 I 0EITTIFI'I Ibnl of'hOir if the lndelllrt non S mel. nt belolnin t. the IlInersn a,'fmrP . HIlow sýrnIII . V lII,, hn.l olf it Cboners th e1r.otennLOr., and pronao' i lrrl I.rl .nllyl0 n fll, fl Oarnr' of old f e, which o n, even to shol . rietv to avoid1 h e I n d tee,'r of trheit li al tI nl'ne; tfhileo holoe re tho i eir livt arn f. I. aregw.t leipro : u l n er ow,- rant. w hn kert. Tirt ev,,n the, Io,*,'f property fills the to'rnlrrou th;elking vo1.h with lo l m nPtavv 'iinint . -, n u dl oes the Inr; of lir hailr. l0. of er f all I i r. lnllflo.nnt rifOm oors.. ohf i ..*ll ol 1 11 ff , , , off'ol,,ooli sopf lf ihe flor t h nll f off'o th1 irrt Whpliretion, sq o fw Iloffioo, r.!r.rf ilt nsa0. II 1kr 1 f fr prot rlosol rn f r'o wiskfow, v o . - fl,, h a nnir frn l thlrfline .dr.. kr.r ,u it a.arl n,. nltit, iv, nd tiper i frt r. ,o, f. rlofo i'nff e vrtbllffOe of rfl |trst11 M00 1e ftoidif t i'll s.llu .rt o rif the irtues1 of ldtidgr I illnh aro -|.ra vo hoby thle pruprieloro. 167 Reoo the followinog oloert Ah'frtOlo, E.q. lof' ,er of I'hiloo3 f"h hlaoo t 'rtilirrl J, on y Tlnll on il bh llbo, lo il t hlgh cihar t I erIt0," h 0t 0 ffow ifll recnle hne 'I'Th undl""r.,r uea do , osr."y h r'b t if t thl at elave us.ed Ihh .Ill o f 1'o , i i u .l h i-ritoToeId by J. f()ifll f d e ond lte fiIl'o if liohV 0,r i' oeo othr, I n o1 n rleo s ,e tive 0 d.:lill the f, llic (sll" hafr , but ulaor. cermm ector \]iff.1 (Al 'Ff11 ATV'ff:FP, Senilr, Methodllli l llro ,if ill St i;e,oore 'lhrrP. ]111\ 1) 'l'lJ()Mz..S. 5I 1), l (3 flar o.! J IllN : < i 11110 Il ,ihl SpIIIl' ,ur IsnIe t, 11'111 1h 'I'I ruA 1:.11 . o. l A.1 f n f t. f Joffi (If flf0, Jr,'l. Arh f , e1 . It is kno n thelll f hi e to the hbvleA sig er I ll r 1 1 l o l r foff 1I-i, I fe A l, 0. 0 (foonsso "telll l.llll I Ill P,.nt.+ylvn l fI fol e Ar ., 'i'v 1 1, I If'o lll, ,ll 11 , 0 1 . I, I rII th1. ' l onl l t111 tl r ) f" tol o 'll.t ll I'hi . hi. d.l llf.' " i f',, ,0lfl'.I'I ll o, ,1,,00 't la ,,ol, 00 1 1'i-, eslsrnJ Id' Ci. 'l ll n, wr er , ioII [hi c 0 i 0ll0 * u '. h e I llll l',o - , n o. , n ilto b lth 'o'o'l' Ir l nt0r0,hnt io. S ria 1. o 'Ul', l'lor Ih I e fotorl, ' f t , llllo' I00ff bt v, a Ind I so llltlh l full 'llnil J lllllh i vi rofll' it llf hl ,erIfi ,llliete. In rinr.s r heet`0a'| hy ht drueiili etn, ll honn ;I[ffll' ' fio'lolliol l' fflolo boo l l ttol " ,l I y llit o 'ly0L ll I 0 ll thel (ol,'ll t O f'Ill h '' has' giIning ofp tn o e nIo l lwipltler, a w ohdih saifonf u. thewo0ty voluoo' of "l Od a01 Nbw Sn'rin, of Mlorlon' Louisi;l, a l retil, l .be ol lle ri0' e d I00 fkillr volulells. ro.,o atlioalnlg to ll ilrudel ollr eoftrs tCo delgh RI f hoylrt. rrinlong, Eoq of hhois oilt. rotitod hy Willionm F Brand, Esq. ThJe Editor is also perllntted by a dlstinglishled retired Judge of the Suprellle Curt, and by one l tihe 0ittPin JudgfLs, toI expect fromlo their persf o al0 s0llpervlslollll thl l f i l! advan.o e whiloh 11y11 Ilal lly bI rl " ;pd from t r e'xpori !ce. S.lluch a wrk is Ib looling every doay mlore n1 o cessary, as tlle orig inal is vo1l innl10s111 , expetnive, I anI scarce. An inllcrasino curiosity too i ma IUli teot, i:l tile other Stalth. 1t Lin Union, 11 r.frel llCe to the p0cuhar.ljurisprudnee of L.asillln; alld the cireull.salllnce of the InulilrOl. prillsll'ts here 1de, llIed ill thoo adju oto,llont of' onfl0 ts0 f of I ow , Il Uakes tIhe knowledge it our adjudged " rses of prime uti lity to thejuro'ts of Iho whole llUion. M1oreoivel the riso'g re.pubh0 e of'C Texa has udololId our codes, thlls Ihere is a great Iellla:l for the Loaioiana decisions from a frooh quarter. ('Conveniellt notes, inlt:iatlll tl pnrallel enser decided in Louiiann, and oc'a00onally those In the more anllthrltrlvre ftrums of the other Status, will bo addtod to e.,h cal. 'I'Th , work will Iorlll flour vollloume, royal octavo, a:d w I1 Dn. oil,',ared, lounll , to slln,'r.b ors at $6 p,'r vo..; mI cafe it shoul t I lllfund pralctcable to ompressi iit 110 thLr'le vol ums, th p'ice to sub scrtrs n will he e 7 per vol. t Subscriptions uceivetd by W1! MfcKEAN, jo5r ff llClm a(dCommllln)ll of. NLuW uILL,.A o'S tlo .M o,..L" '.. f.'on'1'I. l'rPece streel, b, (ltemn .11,/ar, anfd (C'aculva, tub'b PiEC[ l f'uourae of floo.k eop'nlr.--'i he ' oure 0f lin.,, K.c,"p g oup~ letd silce ,: toful haluths, 1- il l close In i llll' t'.e l l s. 11 r 0110 lllto' e0u( 11 'll llllt o . WIoI are fen -lle 1l0111.1 i h h l '1o,10 . i0 ll0 0 bsh Le'' ill I, oleorel on-o .1 Ilo' I Ie Iu 1m, gl will h. so ,rud as assn n, a osf r I i'"olt 00u:",lb0 of su k'iib0eros ll 0 1l ll"e , ee ubpanln d; it ,ill close in Nov.'em er next. For ge0,tl .lno residing ill thoe upprl plnf of tl:city, al veniu0 cvlI's, throe 'lols week, will hobe opIod at 1ole corlner of t.o I.oui, and l:xchllng P'lace, if sub s:cri|,tins 'u L ore i d_. . . . .. ... . . I FRED. WILKINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Jr LUUISIANA, O FIF:.: It h srlmca to the put liec i the- Idepart mr ntsof "mla eling uud ('1,ll E11 itl.grilre, bteth in townIu alld('lllr tcu Itry. F m ilsidi",h eI Ixptrit'nc IIs prF ,ie I.ll, MN d I i, o lt ha d e ti debtt ilu 'he execlllllao t h,tL .e s etrulli to him, lh holes to e mellrllt antd e.e ir n shlnl: I lllpulli( I) ,e. FHt. .k j, *lso no ue ýule oldI cah ulbtt, the t oot,'nts . f wnof .!I t ; i er'n a' iuus. OUInce .o ' Ih:,lstwntreet,lseodstolllry tl tqunttit p of pr,'ro llu-i,n shct it n, tol, 9, ou, 15 iz. wei lht. .\11,,, l qu( ,tllll y " of E: jh hllw lronul J -, receive:l. d atll + rtl n "tt ,'ci ( llu lla 11( 1rh lliiI'IION & ASI'INAi.L'S SO 1 I'OUN l TON IC M I X1U) I 2'.-A 'eev Sttd clrn lor till Fawver anld Agu. remittent and intermit telnt fevrs; preparmd (roan the origlnal reclipe. Uted with ull nu t and ulni aersol success 1n 1 l32, by per.a oft the hiaghst resptcttb.lhty itn thlts city, ts statetd .l,1 the aittnxaud This itdicwinel is highly ltreOt.l.endtt l t .i and hast Ieell xtlensivoly usetd 111 tile altv dItSelas wvi such (distinguished success:L, tha:t 111 proptrietor of the relplle hIas bon hll llnced 1to oft r it to tihe pulb. tI Iltl .tis preent Itlrn It the hope that it itay bel the oLI.mIs ofi reiheving lmtLy of thselt wtlt are tdilla IgIII udr tle scatrgo I tll enulntry. It is a I cl lnu elll p sessmin g grt: t cviltIlle, ainll whl'll ule d jc. li i lll t .llo rtdltl nlllll II1. ii r i lllTa d ifi eoil'rlIug a olre, evunll in lhe mosll t Iotitlllll stagsle of the dlsorder. It Is not at all dllsailr pble, (.i plcrsolns of the weakest sltlo.aIc, eand childrenll Ia) take it wtll iipullLty. It slreigthensi the dligestte orllgans, createsi an lappetitell , anlld eldonm rlellires ulore that one, or in o~b.tinlte Ias" , two bhut!hs to ctat a cure. Thcrt Is leith lr a lerurit y nar ars.lul illn the medicine, nIIr Iany tillg liJunious to te humn Llllllill tiLutI l. ITh proprietr are so w ell colvinccod utoI s, atllecy, t!ttL tliy agree to relond the price of every btle wiith has been takln it uecmldauce Vabl the direlt'tons and les not ..tlicted a a tpert: ct I ure of tho ftver & ague. A. OLVlAR, sole i ao11t 1ibr New Orleans, at his whild-Mtle iand retail drug l nlld medicine llllllluru, ccrner of tllellvll nod C'hartres vtruets. 1"or UDistriot Agecws allpply to j,'5 - LT.W. 11, ,T1l, 48 Contist. I itI' : ollt1lr- in"d a t iI .,h'ýk t 1 d ..) intrll bv, i-a a-a d' 1tallrlallaa t tt h i - ta s Jleli t ii Ia a .ict- l (,i I tar of th'e cwt , it aI " ti , I l, Mllii ollla la N . t i ilntlt l Ite u id +-,sSI th dum1_ 2 Nid expeAe I oI n. It oe, l'e t tlln l ydr I s hII hood, i etle. II Jhllag.'. It n Id ch p o[ las at reit, , t.I e t oaioe t heir |lt ua-it. a In.d i - nI "ll tlll tnd dlpotitc d lli tone l ll'y ilt r etili. t eho i. la ht IIplan i4 l l lll t h Je t 11i 1c t i 'i a l l.t 1 .t d i ui lll 11 tlli( ' III i lltlll' |el hl 'h) .III , t.Mid Ce'tI - lir the ISpetci-l of a ll w. 1 ,In t mayIt tlled h ri, iher, lii.i;: ii1111 ill peruns niietli i r i III the ear 1 111O' an (I 1 :,"l :t111 e lra herl1\ n mllltied hto alkp IhIair II. j inis. i lltu the, iltt a i l. : l t a a a e.d iI nll, lnnit lle Ihre II' tlllr Id il it No- llNll r l&'l , hori. ltter l ele tlvig ten11 I tldyr after the .at lpublicalllon ul eaa .i )rlenrn 19th I'loh4t r, 1;!30. J lll, .t IAL'II, ( Commissiunere . Iý --Le. Il tlS-l1llt It t cui t ell, nomn,.l 1'Mr T'h0o 21 uruhle colt du prmiJr ui~tritt jltd :insr, ]) us 1'ItltI t , de l llllou u uI' , c l~s I lila l O r II:l p e illJlun'i e( tIabllllnes d damuge Lt lhi+ In etorwI r poulr ',:tFtlvlr ture d'uL e lnoi ei, tll m I t, I l e for 1' lll u an rait. r li ; rod, e(ntie .l,+genius at I napit th, Ion, terunlne leur t blt,: d -uIt our i t o, le! , ian t o. Ir iplll llest d ephse a1 buccall du gellior de tludte rlo4r pour I'ouipecuou de vleus crux que cel l Peit co.cen,.lr. .tai puhi c .est pair le prlm donne, que le fit trublean d'vvalun tnn et d'a.sseFev.'lt,1 i taraeolle ina r1e rout pout i; nfirml .llnl , lanl.hi I: Ye4 jour de N. v, m ere 13.t8: ct tlles prls llltles intar1" ..eos d ,llR ledil tnl.llu d',va. hltlrn m1 de texas smt r11 qieill . d''1 liehr Ilers object lIs .' I in exime. h oi avant il 2l'1 dito niire Peaech-1, In drrnl:lc.e t. etant dlx Jtl ullr,, s lIn put,,liatioln do erl l |e+. d. ULO,;SM1AN, JOIIHN 1 I ICII.JA .IHE8E, WNle Orlirnna.c', 0 i3 'i. S ! i,'h',rd Ihllris;,lr t|he .\,-, u "r of I$1tmed. A 'Tale altla amnt, J iat cr. veidl Ind f.t sale by \\ 1 M'hbcEN, ort17 cur Ca-lip ('m¢ulln st T R HYDFr & nllBOTIFl:i, ocl9 car Cot.mIoIn l :arn.up e Ft PA - -1 v 1RANKLirn THlE publr nar ror'OpOctiO, . I ouitin itroer'ted on the moil, in an airy and nwat nadirabneiltttiojn,. F'ranklin, upon ihe railtoad, one mile fromnt 4 The buaiding terge. and innsortnootdi'norl i td r intot, nporuorttt, lolr korpioig njioroto dotloerol cinnaen anod d Iferet I I sitrit 7"hl" ioentiitPo0 i ontpylied wiith Ith Inot rIkilf ot end n nitnir' mait-` nnd (iouIl- mlller, and opookino ike ro rIOUE Ilatlrm Iallqltlllad n-feuf rnllnlls Illl h,"( hadl bY ir-li'rnrn at Ere Clot fErns in tOn or miirl nrds. Inn,,,,I'no per day: dovedo.,n tan dollne. bloooi I'oX ,n Tiihe rdinntd onorde ,ierdoitllare. Ai i c ,np,,.oloourrotonl per oo. ,tion rr h irle rL·nU~I l lliet ion is sir )relldltlF· a, to whow [np0.iiio'ooe Itfr niioAgln mnutst . ,.!de. ii Ior (; A I. oririi, f,1o 1, Iionl.Ort olron. ao1,t9tr 14tLt~l( YI 'oottlt, I ýIi ta .8 Ittl-i4iO nu, 465 ýbt r`,.otirid o IiioLro 7 dolts Tonoa and I bhi o~il,. r"IP in obol llll·fll rin8t- e .: it-18 ~h" ;tc, . , iii, lt o ti Mor sale luott, to ,u, yi o lit .,,,,,o..uioonio'nni .0). 070l. !t~i;7;tt=;ini~ilo'jo, i;oii~io~iiiiC~; roilo r W~lon r, b, fos s·i e ty I.AYP:1` k A51I:i-I;Nt", 17 &I'omu;rcr .treat , l).ýu\-::, I.atr.oi Lc~in, ,r,1( line nodl li~r rliuena not, e~ t;e it jj 8ý, 888 ni 0.1 1i81-.iiiiiO'i of Jir rou L 1I ino lu.,0001 coitoyik norti _ _ _ ) ,!',dru*onoiet ]I -----------I I - J X~liA.'ertl. on Jli~iilr,o nnolt,, by loOM)1; 111(1;10: At Co, 11'1X1 ,It;AtShb~retn t ion,,,.' 000'Bt * i r r I.iiertn, and 2i1 1 lgso n nolRtur 1"o gle LtII & i 't it.t oiigi4 -ii 1'Voodr,.o otroeto `el.l: 1flncasks I'hiladetphliu niol. Abb.Ca' L'raaJi( i to ot rceeirv,"ii.,d for trolo by J no 101Ž.th . A 0 oi171'.N0 jyvlr Yol Cooli:.r l tl treet. np1rt g l,,,,,, xLd (.nrrolllon 1Yi Rendl l irsoceo"of+ lie uuoiti or cur the flute. ri1hr, ara 'lk A 81 nini. ",, iou 7i .8 70 .it not ur ii dlo do do do i d do d u 8 lo do do do It do, i, 1 do do oo I st."acnr our Ii do do *oooi ear lt 3 dt eteu car 2 Jo ' 51 ,io do 5 do to d d00 t4odu I do, do 7 do do do 6i do ido do do 8 e do. III 0 it'. do Th'le Jnnksoln tootlcll out, and lrafrve. Itulfpant6i ,,, jockt, A 51. Canall ,1,r·ct tit o'clock :k: il, and run- 'ti,. .toioid itotoi ti ,,tococ.'Ih caibrs oin tooin~nrol do io7 odc,I' it.odiiioitlooooto 'I'III. arrun-l:lio for tlt- I.a Course strent tore ilo s - -iy for -- ---- ý -u - rf, "rLO 0tu.iiis t .i~i oi-Iv h.o-Iid ooi o,· ..'1" 1 i ·o,6lorono,,oo,i.'iii ii .-cL, rc~rc it diit 0 1 iio·iloot. a - A C onil. to RLy ItS LITIIOGRAP1JIC L'STABILISHd t1IE. i J 7 MAGAZI.81J STREEL', al n11l, SITE DANK'. dRC.d R 0, \`T GI Ni roriotr loin hiince,'ore 00,,,', to 1,1t at- Y1 It eo~ Iart0 tho' totiulit oi \ooo (irl,.iait, fuo llt II i iiiooniloiwdrdiiiitioodill l- for theblo to ear,, and o oi ll,, toi l tor, 0 10,,' t pior to1 t rl l in o rd on ,,":,,, I'. oi ill,,hart-. . hpil be poov·odly nhoood.d to;uhr iilt aid, 0,0 t, k0,0p ,tooon 0p,,0" ope floini d.''u..iioiooe, 00 sh Ih be .iii-_ to'oo oilt ut strik (i l tiot' teib rchoi'iotd c inc ! LoraI·, hu~rlea; n avid rdB-i :·otf ; flirorrill rotlo,,. mraps; 0e oou.od tiool dro o.lioio, oloooogo doinn, opioui at loon to shortest t aoice.( , anld on tilt- 11t(1; rer--00nllllll terms.Y i:, Iuill no.,iaJ ted by uiti* rLIJIrri- r to any other I ctlothi h eIwII OIIill hIi ciii, Iud 1 0000 l11ie i'tli0tn0. 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