Newspaper of True American, November 10, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 10, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRPTLOtN 8PEEDILY, HIAND.OmNILY AND CIEAIPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True . ejttricalf, .TL. CII.\RL-ES STIREET, NEAR pOYDRAS. nr-a E I.iiIL OUA N A FURNITURE WAREROOMS N .. 53s, Il e u b" strur't. II.1AIM L. CAiL.'NEc, (f-rm(rlv of ithe firm of 11 Ih,'hot r ,t r mi,) .i r t i. r fri-,do antd rho p|btic ti at Iht is cou'otatlfy receiving rom, No w Yuri H,,1 ..... ... o.l ,+sort,.'.nt of Fur- t ui r s quell a9 I choiarno snY eh·ur, sifts, tell aends, nt- ItI iooe ad, painted ch:..irs, om ple and cherry t)diteaId-, C m ollg. nv and chiarry tables of all descriptio+, Uu- G rcuo.r, toilt, s retry, rwritio d 'ks, wu.riro' or of renuo iany unit celTlrr , wash srallds, looking glasses, I loettocs, bcding, ei'. AC N. rture , kod for transportation wit 'grenat care. ----- --i--i-ii-io-s MRIIS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Ienm,orcd fron. 17 Cuslonihoscse Sl. TO NEXT DOOiiR toSr. CTIARI.ESTiIEATRE, CoRNER of lT'RAS &S ST. CtHARLE.RS S0TrET. -auo- 8l3A Oi. ltIN.-G lOU.SE No , 13'l'oulu so qt-Ily firt loifol or.l t IJ. f srlineitof o|btsit'Ss feartt C ad.evee d the Ner - El'hr taie will be wNell siupplied and atltended to, and It., l i l" ,I ,n ll aec dermt ilc o r; a hlcii to V lane \ lcao he o- co " - datt t,at er t I I Ic. i. oithI cno l utio to r ed rooms. Rot rdcrs will have th, satt.ilr ti ,s toet re peak the I ech, lngliscai 1c ii M - f tII Iloo, I'c, lg .. . . PEN N J 1BOLUIttuEfoISE, RIce TO th.*RR. . f!, reue pa:r.Ilc V,1'. fIrnfnrt CirL i tiiseolieet ' iciA x et te truoe soitoi .llpres It ' I.vk e v e o le la ,ouvcllo Bourse, e'est dire au nl tre desulll',ires. Illllcble st biell fc tldie proplre n ot tenue e't ltuo oprix oO'lto. }Sooui 'topcoat 1en' on di:irient yom aer i no roN1t do. aitiLrtO ira, : di iilrcn pt ix, ido lga tnis ct oumlli.ode1 h3.. li rn C 1 IIr ne 11 ' l i IAte l I h y |,trop o c plico rfi 11 y IIlE fho .ric iloc ; ti os Ic li i o. I |J0 Clior in res stire , hcto rl his ho d' ld ict c l , S-hafp o2 c t n lnrlay, "-10b Oct,,ber, II wiii 1 t op w Itoct.rrulAro i Imhe Thtr-olte" Ar cade, ,et elle h " lll St. t'hulrli. all('Ul%, hlln e ithe Arc. 1 ai x .us N II.- I roninir In11 up)prs IctllilP I lrlhr r, with hle. l" estlolr~tl r it priv houses.!. C NUN(:[E tii' CttON(iEr Iýl\11: four tllry ir. proof brhck sturl ii (anti i tarc t, at [mJCcc t occupied by .tlNIOlsN . A 11 W\Vllace & (C. Th'le three stlorv brick sore t tlh rnfir of Ilolk A Il evalle an Na z e strlei, at present urrlspied l yvMessrs. iheith & Co.; th st1·ry ihail gd r iiledt Jul- a bed Aio, the 3rd story oiftie brick otar i hiook Allry, 4hh'ocr from irc last i act ed-t-i 2om i tl st riedii hIe ,g well itled l op. 11'ssess h i cc to pcb gi ,i i o I at Novc ctnher feX i015-0fi I 'IIA'. A JA11I".I , C;ihl'i Il l.%lit -i i-i-if ': I--.;i c \fll .iLNI (Iw r' , Iiru i( :l i ,ll illb11. ] [Ii E 1 I " . : lnlll :t t'' l nu 1 l',,lll ili ,hi olI· ..j. 2,-i I l,"r, I;;ilt, -ilt d plr. piu o -,i" be !roods f ," llxl, if l l lq, ,ll ' ho'· l ',,!, i -. t cuhlr ,1 r tq lll- 1u IH II)ll r i ., . 1 Ilrt I , , ' Ii ' . 11cc foc.i c~l~'ll:iihlhidj .l ' i 1,,~, . ,. c \..1. sler -1eeoi· 1 1,h' o 't hHlle, . " G O N3 ll ,:, :.,'1' a un. ol d 1 -rnt c:s nI v ) n, ' cnl, sl l u'. ... h11 rd, le ;.,,j )urd. l otrmbl {:r chvu, ),}J- Ir, i n i',,a il piasires dhs ter ac l (·-11 11 t d o t si e pi llS I bl it l f , t i te l et n I aYa * Yoar .,!., I, , lo n , ,v. Vork ou a ,.us( a .\onvc I, ,,Seann', co, Oil -,t l: 1, .ac dr - Ies -,Jtv i ltro { " ilri11,11" pinstr th'icl il . t ilt II XX 1X III X I K It I p I hind I. . t~a I,. r llr rgl .'k 1 r o I... ...... . i ... . . -i n ; , " ... X i e a , , , y, .] A l ( . J.r N ( ' tt1 I i'NVA lliar, S. ii. ail nil . 11 . 1. I I HRT \ llIl.l.. . ' ' • , . Iho," Nn, 1.:1 .h din. n,,tt -ht w e,,ill. n m e ti rl :, . { s e ,aa n l r l r' , c tl il I'w i r e titl er rtreena il tri e . ice s:oýr.u S 1a ()' {lt!",: & (h ., hulv," rrllmvr the r, c lnl my d t o c 'll t ",d ex ne t e I Io l i l \V lli C llnE ' ill " l 1 hl trcl y ih ll.ra I1h n x. -fti l i. - l lt t i lnorl f i li laln i i. ar YIxcha, ge Alloy,~ trl t~tvro r ntt. ~Ia,- al .l Ti* t s I). n I'o . II~ t le ! 'li;il rn l lll t (hA could Ito t u hi o - la ein ifdrs Iitu iT v I l a . I 4iou -ifat i e ir h, iofe iit a ns ii Fr eni. .T h . oit . . , it i- h n" • t u ' ",,ehh aiho ot ru d I n fook, " 'ln ia.h I niti'li lii lil Ph u i'i orde .. r ci pli il sl. bd Oc itt Id F ult A ; Sll R Nut lr a ew or h liaytiIn ia la. I 4th n baceam) Is to oe.fmade oo lt IIX every l pl t ST thi -A I ranra r ale 3t ll- 'c lo l l, ir li thlat - nt e . all fTilrni t Ariie i of tie lAnIr t I .il O srlc leol iny, and Tor w il " b is It I v IIyI. , . tIJX, .AIN t 1 ti I, il0A l2diuo.uls ThE I JlVlllligllt- llre rll.ulatd lJ N y'kinl OSltrs. P O ilE IaIi i B 11tl5 1 ta y il nned lat-aes- a ' utraltip iireli liir Iiouletr C hitriuh II ftrdit- e ll, ioills t uiiaa iltt uLii Iuasis a n i f ler sa l e by (oiZO.v IE Ik'EI Ži.F& tII.AITiE, lj 'tt I ItI ' li wli E nlia riitllit- ll tVa Ilhirilllly "ane nary Ii liill II in ut itlaVl aittiIAUX, ) iir, tlt9 -a- hh i tt ti t'I t ' aCho itul-- ati - fr l1in e lUdrsiti d hls removed - is Nitat ilr Ofiuc Itarrlltl n linltl hll a dt .1., ' \VILIIAM l II.ISrt Y.a O. p A I UI' N I I 11 ILClN{11 ' a aORGE GREENla Ste ili. aty f1 ttiled i co-part. adwill aon ainue te Clniasion B n udhutlll f ll iri o GEOtl GE iEENN ,&. iiOTtER, (let 17 3t 21 :Arm -street"t l.' I t'i A PER --i received frui thri BrVnd . nlsoe very low p.iced; Ill cases slrlli-tin, whit, llre! ll . a cktlllla l p lot large lasize; 2 tcease lpltnll etltr Sor tialel, hlil Iedil d t l l it ) ll ly .'' tO oIti15 h I lrtre strea a superior lot il f Aiol i r in edst eadsf ti titi ble aIt ted to ili i tii l he t hifala \ ael t AIde tEi a t -iri l lt i ,yI ti fr I' S .. . a .l , a at r 'i)l _illl i, si sal, , 3 ta ia a'r1ls, t',l.'ishlg i l uc- a of ia n:lrsGeti \W esni rll Iel.i tler' I ll I b u 7fu haifalieh mad:l-ie exlr.sly lea Cttalhlw.-' . II.dl .r., ldl lriles. IT'ell'. IBarril Ponl; F','lt's ;IoY. I, ."s d l.!ld',s' t-n; sl ldwarrlned aid fori sl, y Ie)DVIt FEAIT & C0, Na Yo t l laln aullill fiata t i H ll, L vari.,u • bnouo u.% l f,.r sallh by ( fLor salibly a ISd AAC Bitl <s&CiO, Roti 131 Magazydie a . AN..C. Y V--75 bb:* Auc 4i -id proof, lBrandy JI r sale by 'SAA: I|I IU(iE & G,), Raovl 131 Magazine s INSE t, 1i- ilS- I -ce a-..ltt a i- 1" iliCt stn a and i'i;r s alle iv tARVIaI &. ANI)aIE\V, -Ull-ClU(;4 'r% \--75- hslfvll s-i.t i '~L3 ra 'ii , ill te,mid lur-.le byJ&loy piol.! 21 I'oydras st h', nud forI sale It J T.1 ]VER .Y. CO, nu|t 1 74 'oydras . JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &c. T IIE iROBIBER, a Tale, by the author of'Rich' elieu,' 'The Gipsoy,' *Attila,' &.c in 2 vols. T'is LovE CHAvE, a Comedy, in five acte, by Jaimce Sheridan Knowles, outinor of 'Virginius, rThe Daughter,' &c. &e. InN, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomlas Noon Tal:ourd; 4th edition. SOCIaTr ANU MANNEaS IN ANIenicA ; by Ilarriet Mattineau, author of 'Illustrations of Political Ecmonly;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Prac;iecal Sunatry of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissary Notes; togeth or with a series of tables, showing whenl bills, notes and bans, drawn or accepted at any date will fill due; to which are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of paymlents, anid general infer. nation connccted wi:h business of the counting house; by B F Foster, Accouitant, author of 'A Concsi Treatise of Book Keeping,' ,The Clerk's Guide,' &e. Tlu. LITTLE SKETCI BOOK; a course of very easy lessons in Larlidcape.s, Figures, &c,. by George Child; slet nod 2d series. Just received and for sale by WM McKEAN, jy8 cor. of Camp and CoUnuon tao. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe rielonts of Living.-Living within the Means, Living up to the Means,-Living beyond the Means;" *'Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" 'The Ilarcourts;" .'The Saving's Bank," &c. INTER CLOTIIINi-Iil enave, containing an a1s,,rtllottn o' tnttinet Itoodroouts and ialnta o.n; Elvv ltiinoani Ioerry lants, illtt I.iverpo I etri pMad tsoilled' slilta, landilg front ship g 'ooue, for sale Idy IgA.AC lllUl)v i & CiO, yoctf 124 loago.yitte at ý2 It- -irgs--30 baelleavv brown shirt J) ins lutaing foin shlip 'alugus,y'fr saye by b ACo tSAA BIUtliDE & CO, oeti 131 Moaoczine et ,vI'll.:IM ii.-- le h-ke potre, blo-tlid, eat1itter S$pctirt Oil, latling frint shliptfliesotssiplpi, suitublh fior lntilttiulle, and otr sale by ISAAC: l.lill'f;l t i, ileiI 1:14 Dlaoozin sct. NEW ORL EAN S T.OTM aeIAL LIBRARY T H lE following now w rks hanve ben rec Ived by Cile Librhry Society, at their room in the Mur hoots' Exehang , fronting on Roya istreet, viz: Lady of Lyoen, by Balwe-; I vol. 2 copv a. ilumophry's TourthNrough Great Britain, Fr. nrt and Bl. lgi . in 183 ,; i, 2 vols 2 copies. Ivet, by Lady C. B Lrry 2 vols. 5 copies. fhs'l wit Flirtr, and other TiRle; by Ldy Bles. -ingt,7 Buloer, and others; 2 vols. 5 coptes. i ve .r ad tho Desert.y lis Vie cordee; 2 copies. tfh IlRhber, Iby G P R Jamoes; 5 eopics. 'the Advetiore ol Nicholas Nickleby, by Btez, 5 copies. CHIAS. RITCIIIE, Librarian. Sf.I GOi; teBf+I4 [tiilt 0erana at apettie 4ook SiTk; It ;.r vrle byy e Sats 4e lE h dtsUI sttreet SNIN' S &,J P W TCALMNEL. i FlirEtcii F'reuarh Ju-inine, t0 bblu lnw oalts Scoks Pearl Ashesry 4 caes Cbl aot t ld iet c.l, pJlit', iostoa, taied for sa N t b.As I AIelW, r \Vholeah, I)rii A ..ielS, j r7 cor Com ln I, 'l' hloupituoluok sPtr'eet. I .]I[.~. ] iS . I , landing ito;lk rig Uocl; 1 `'_LJ Snlltfr aate ey J J ruled, Iir sale. by 1;.I·l M1 '.\N Ii. --F'., r - sle tv e t I i ffC If if t! e i d i ( he , f o(r, i w fl e,: tll) e trs f llf er bf r si el ill lhe (l A 1 e, k' ' ve llt nldl if tlakenI II Illfllllf i lie I) l e, h1ll ulll( f )t !e latteq Shl, ll itllllNc evC ery llllily to ke )rd r, rece.ivedat the a f O fffli. f i l f fnk fev.. It ll Imi t .Ia &i t11 h el, xr'e 'odlli-L. - pll t 'll," hell dI I re 6'r ne il il ,, i1 .i. IR I-; A N & It ., N o :1, I . tLuL i , r ttr e ! or life rl e 'l'ht 1rth ir q! onpl of l"dl slid Wl .t.ellll j a t lll meA "lllllt I Nl, v, hi l..ctl., t'c . f th ir or lxr, ni ie * hoPlfto li ; la r -;tie whlffsld a l Sir rdtail, orIe lron.ll iNo rll.N &T N l, ...n:relith co t this li c. . . ..11 I fE " oetrl fcb' aer f h ef fff .. farlnef, finte. tI IIl :xlll, lie Itlelell SI. (r;hlrlea t., fr0 l UNtoLr a1 .d3 t rl r rP tr CioL r Bt V d f NO v l, ee r -lNXt. reeived while hng ele establishnls i f ff city, the 1e ,.v e , Ito ounce their do - . te fi ti tff f tflf ffe uflitefl .trtf s tof pleafe, while Fe ! e·.terini0 t r thle ea;tes In n g n ral T srle lor lif lheir gI fe ld If, le ifncesf to e60 f xe eua conin etncfoef u bIflff favuorald f e. ONNEI., 1) C WVAI'EsLIAoN, bea Ihe Nag ez ore aer; .Luisvile utrntl; New 'oi wllrll Nheir ecoulieo f l(in oltc. ee rct3 1,- mil n EIN . . . ........ " "'' I' F Of i )UIISIANA, 1 ) E.l til CfRT 'r telhe ar,'h othke City 'o New It o( letlant, I'res l, the Ilfortrale Charles Ma r- fn,Jft g e. flct ber lh, f1111 No. 1 13f, W ti e . I). ed (',,,eLr' . hiks Credilnr. The' oin of pro erde byi tl I" 'ctffi eri f al.Ce'ld by fthl ourl fir thl benefit e fhfl Crefil.o f': it isf lel Lt a lltetlll of e ;aid a crediff' bIe flfD i ihefti. Ilffelr Notry blic, onil, 'iu ay te 71 f f lre n, ffd l l elr , lthen alf d Ihere t. deliHberate on tile air e oi tie lf s olvent. Ii ti e' ,melan tillle ll prl)ceeelgS nist his person and pll rop. ertyarf stlayed. Its lief-r tdered that Jnu. It. ,I rI unr, lEA . hle al)illtee represent hefE aasent l rt i hilr ill illl , case. Ify order of tlh iert. t Clerk's Ol icei 'i e Jrtans, eth I Octohfr1, 1 03. fcft'2-- ct 1)'v. 'c l'k. I 1 t viell, de Iffff ef le ff, el ans: f Preentn I'i ono-i f ruble :Charles 1 laen, jegeli--f No .I l,21 c--\V ne cD It Coper eonlroe s des ciers--l.a petition ded ffprlfe -ftrf d pectelienairtrYnnt tl' uece repte par iae utr pour le beflice de ds crbtluneers. it est de(ri.t c qu q e utne tlwsenblfe des Cetfrleierslif lied all er-f ie .,i 1 Barleftt, Is rai ie pihle, ntartl, le 27e jour tie netv aln bre 101.0, i. 10 hess nu Inltinl, an tlie de, erer ,sun li les uf ihires. dndit litiillunirn, et ell atendanl btens dl pollurUilLtSeoltre tperSl lnnes on net proprible..s snlt tr.i'tes. Pal ordro tie Codr--BDreaU du Gretleie--Nlle i Orleans 15 Oct i.. ffe 26 8set A M GUYffL, Defp. Grelffler. --A-- bir sale hv WIT E AWLENCE k I.EGENDRE, F- tfctlf i & 29 New Levee ly' I---- e a -±UN 'flefliEclf lte polief 'f'-2e cffacefflftf 3 e ,,ter , d ee.l edille t'fr ll silf Lenifvilh,', and I ltr tlee tv WItENCE & fI.:LiflNDiI:, te octll6i 28& 29 Nef I.eevfe r. 1lf: SAl. in cases of 60 cOes eachi, in store, e e EDI') & BA\IISTf)NV. oe tl6 7 Bsk I' ac - lir II -l ' I IS I' f)l N i f l'h', ifn flltll f )f o tl e.;t vi- :,ill e' tllfei les; do 1Ici boxes Lf. oie Syrul, landing .rlnd lor Ie by S& ~J PWiIf'I'NEY, t,, o81 ('Cotti st ,- I a : t ".........-., .; . 1 r colnflete avsoltlnuent oi ic, i ed and for ~,irhe I, (tANNON, II lTchf'piteufc st Si ,'), ':)TI \ lrI . t . - - 21 elSee, cuntninillg an .. =.'as,:u:,Llh Iohm",/ l~uy it-,htit -hop .hDelhi, for . ! is "S !A BfI1)tiE f Co, , t::.; 31 Ml g;lzillne t * ii \ I: L]- - ,, l . fle if l ca frc, otffl ffs f f fhtie s , at iJ landigln a hhi[ eli, IrC o sale . Cc, -ef oat"30 1: e Maatne (t t's Ink, in 3e., battles, packed inboxes of one dIt Ler en each, e ur e oe y.tey g ce, d oIlle n, ot r r i ,gl h bou' le by IVIlI FLT' C), f New York and S,,toiner' Ihell I l '' t ' f 2 - I'oYdret 10 i .T Ye del. oWekbstcr'l pellig lte Book, Ir Ralte by |DAVII) FFLT & Co, New York Stationer'n Ilal, le at nt29 24 Chartres at ndy tAIL(cItfefgs eefffiefft sltfeet, andeforfilckby INI LOCKIlI & CO, eatl oec.t. I Frlt strPePt. 1,i1,l XCIlV: eto BLfett, fr alet ff7 i ISAAC BftIIl(E t& CO, norv 1:i4 laeazi ,,e al ,I IFll.I-- 1 A --%If kegs Ne.I & 2, gr.eed i l il,. ih sf re anud ful saele , E S" I.OCKI, & (o, I i- ti Front Leve e S or Sala by L.TER & TRIER. ', , cL 7 10 P,,lIta a in . I.E -" Panlf Ire lIu-I l I et e 'e R HI'DE & BRO, elI ot!,1 cor . nmnt & Maga ::nuet a bHIPPING. For Europe. IF(OR IIAVRE. }{' A otpero A 1 snipteon tabe 310) holes cotI I+ILda.11 Iprti "uIC h lotme ot fehIe tit fa+1 sailing Al cill '/l 11V; Jueeb 11,1rill, incrtr, will have 1)11 1liil1 p eie e herccargo; for freiglht or pil00K`', ulpl tit ..b.L' II i il.E. ocl 9I (CIutnnlln 1110 FOR O AVER - 'I1'h= Al hipy ALLIANCE; P'orceld nisr Iiigtll hr FIIrY(I eulC4Ccd. rx rctIb les otton, for ireiiglht ofwhich, a)1 ply ,Io bollll, or l S &J P lWIITlIN!, Dell.1 17 Cello 1i s0et Coastwise. P.4- A PA NEW ORILEANS A\1) R(2.'1'lrlOIRE L.INE OF PACKETS.~~ r IHiiA tite will colri-l ii,' he follouwing vessrlu wh11ich havloe hbell built, or oed tic y 1ly fr theo , vizd 91hi)1 SEAMAN, C.ptoit Moor, 1ltrque MARY, Njl:kerelln, IRSI) FEIIRY (nw) .:'(sool , SiOLOM11ON S.01 US, loililata, 9lrlg AR 'IIITEC:T, ~riv.. TI),ree Oeieelelte otf the first classt-have IllodaloOm furnished accoamodoo((lti its, and aire of u lighlt draft f it walter, so as to admit of their recrivini and Iliaellarging thitoj e0P171 Ot IBllilimore at the City. IFr fight will he lkebn for ports in Iho Cbeealyeallo 1. ott Jallli& Iliver, 1(1 forwloalrl l y tile ugotlte, Ile-ore. i;itark & KRllogg, at oaltimonre; EPerittee or' go01d1 olliltl~ed will be od vretttd obhtn required. 'File prce of c-Ige11 i91101d at $IiOA lemlle stotee of tile boat qulyllilY Ii itOided. Stear up atd dec11 he Alie.iooippli "ill le lahell on oil euila For fr.ighllt 0rpn agl Ilyl p to ý' 'ills BnR flortl it III:SH1", Irc·n, rnnattrr 11 n111 ntuly to m.eivo tar,ý,t, 27d till bars; dIepltch; for freight10r llxtiuo a2ply 101 hoardel, or to STEISOiN & AVERY, IJI ,N1V l I~ll '17 P N~r Ptrloktttf tile `'l/t NlltOtlther. 1.01191 INA ANt N511)1 VlER1 I INI. I'll0 very fileot nlilinlg reculor pnrb-k rt chipl SAI(A'PO(:A; I lutl bnwl?·, n 00(00r, ha. Sillsojil at s rwll; fi clr tlfreightf :311111nlrs otton101i; m lo~tion, Spada~1 onl bord, tr I a (1000 below (br~ Veletalhl e Marke 0or111 .11) REIN o.i fAtIlEN. nlnri 99L ('ulllron ats 1111R NEW YOtlRK. The A I packht s11ip1 IIEPUIILICAN, IllsroIIl, Ittltr, wiI 1 roeady 1o1t11 iho n1 ilt lid0 Ito 5th instt.; h110n1 otto altlf ofI ber cargo" r,"odv llgoon h oardln will haveV irmaeditlitr de'- paltch; I'llCr 'mill or pntlage, havi g eleglntly ftrtttelt. od rrollmottiodlolllltll, 0ppy on bord oplpooilo tihe V getable lorketor to PETER LAIDLAW, nova t 6 cant lp It F lR iOSTON. l Te lirst laso ship Ii4lROIf, Iloco. lrceltlllavinlg clost 1111her carg1 edeo y_ 111tt withtdtouitttrlt. For realllinder of freillTleor l .suOyaplply on Iboalr. o1r 111 S'T'ETSON & AVERY, t1l1t2 83 11110ter i liii NEW YOlRK. TTI Al fpot Ciiliof shlil lILAll, Capt. . nllaattne. is tIc reIadIy t) rTectei ve11a7go anlld witnomt dtIryottIt. IFI irlniglt III 1111o 0 0100 apply1 III lth~lopt. oil iloardt 1111110.11 11001 55, 3rd .Municipanlity, obt 7 S & J P WHIITNEY, 0I AN'I':i Ti, Brigs of to teycoite If 2 to 3(10 A ly to I.EVI H (1 \ f 01,11 9:113 o 1 ( t111 " ý_S & .1 IP 1)III'fNt(Y. 00:I1I CoIti - - - They FI the Interior. I ' I AILEX'(ANIRIA. Th, s:elaner IDEN1APK. Kwill FO:sA rea Ia. n t kaldnre Iow e -'.a'tere from o of Red lhev'r ru N.·.rl . ...... JN)i! GI RAII.\M, ( PI"U II :\ (III t l,l'.- .. .. . . 1oa1d, , l ' I , tn y ol,snys anm Fridays. For passagerplyiun boalrd to " 'APT.. ;1Vl.II. I. I P S-WheWI er a fsullient niumnel of p.sen°ersn ,li'r the (;iraitl ill tonch at noy of the inter,,,liote Inllings, upllprevius ntica .e illng give.. to ('na 1 wniL". nov7-Ti FIJI Far Mainchenb, Vicksburg, (rand Gulf, Rodney, NAulrht and all intrrnteddale I.,andnms Positively a Thursday, ith inet. at 4 o 'cllk, P M. T'l' fine stnleamer NtiRlTII Ail Ren AlBAM A, Jas. M. Grite, master, will leave on Thursday, at 4 P. M. For fieght Ullpanssag. apply one buand. n r to GIOVEI & BIBENIIAM no'7 n Cnamp st bo B-iAll harges pIai oil goods shipped by this C n peCAPY, No. 19 r n i ived Rnval. Sua.r R valIl, Imp rtlll , ,o .. nhiner, tnd dao ble ElFei, Imnt rIIIC pe.- 'rid periale ,do. Irl,,Il',i Londun Bllmrds. Klinll ndlTilted llsll board,, Ivory papenlr; l'ran lparelt Iorn paper j Goll nd .S ilver paper; iGold borders, WVlite nd Cuior. ed Rice paper. DRA WIN P cEN ;IL . Reeve's &L Sfn's est prnvIred Lead Pencils; Brnk- A man & Langdol's do. Ado. C(I.OUR, &ie., &e. Rese'es & S al's Water Colors; Newman's don; bex es If Calk,, sfl Cvo nls--3li, 7d and 144 dilhrcnti shadesa Li uid Gold; e'old and Silver Shells; Marble and lhina Ink Slabs China Sauners; Cina l Tiles, E3, , and 9 divislol; Ivory, Mlahogany, anlld ChIa Paltesri P oallh brastes; best Iladger Poliln bruhler; Ponah knives; lusie anlld Sketching Portfliosi apler, Leath er and Cork tallllel sMiiaile Ivories on d Cases Swan Quill PeIdils; do .lcnek iabllel d o. OIL CtOLIOU K, Prepared canvna; Japnn.ed 'in Boxes Blandder Co - lour, wital Peocis. Druwern, tc. I'repard Canllvas 57, 30 &t36 inche. C. POCKET' BOIOKS & WAI.E'I'1. Russia and M.oroEco PIcket Ikn; laus-ia I.enther Wa IIsiej Rusia.anlher Pockel e laks, 3 & 4 lvoy Re leaves; patent T sblets, w ith ,Silver penci , oose. SCRlEW, II kNII.Eb.. P'lain ald Reeded Lose~one d, BInalnd, Mal eld.1 - Burnishlled gold, Fancy culoedl and gold crew llahl dies. PEN IIOI.DERS. Pearl and Gold Pen tlolders; P[erl and Silver do.n a.-- lll |Il OO ED _,IL i. tiara and r l era by ] LA G LlIRSEY, aoctI 44 New Levee Toi ES--Landing arom ship Ilili, a l.-. Parlou-r Coal Soves, a iew article and very handsom.e; 30 Ronad Coal lvesra, suitable far bar roulas. Also olrable ;rotle nd ,,nll a llaer stoves for counntigR C roOUlll i n stlre and inlrr salle by d LO('KF & ('., ,,el?'3 8 'ro ,l i,,L e- set N B--So s M. o ie n nmadeo order and pui t u11 i ally p-rnt of 1he Elly on sorlt nolice. loy clmalell* Itn ructnllioin, lidlihg nli s, l and for anle by I llETf &a ll I 7.11, luct.' 17 t:Com,'r'e to. i it Rope; anssurtd siees: r n 3hU doienila do 1 dll io 3T0 da do ialaers assorthd fauor4 ti7 R ich.l. 5Ta kegs No. I & 2 R.btI'a i.labrs'a i.iite LanI t gr lound in oil; 300 canislers Cratoe Glreene do. S ed ,tchre.r Yellow Olchre, Spsniay l lrown, and Black painl, In kegs, groenl in ma; :n lvar Srai Putty, Chain Cables, Allurhos, iollks land Thil Jles, P rlnp,, slid it general llSlOIeI IoNll illlYnd. lery, fr sale by S LiC'I.E & CO, a, noc3 Fronlt I.eer - Il'U FION 1, a T AT largTnaa nd cnunel.ll lllihree stlrv vaurellnse S1 at tihe corn.r ,,f Ca., ., ie nod Nolre 1il, lU Slireel. Possession givel onl Uhe I st of AIp. Iply to I LAY'.I' &. AtIEI.UB." le ot2:l 17 {lllnarll.t II TPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNICAINO, &c. SOUIRNAL, of an E.lloring Tlour beyond tihe S Rocky Montalina. ulnder the dlraetina of tihe A B C F iM, perlbrmed ill the years 1835, '3 aInd 'V 73; containing a descriplion of the geograplhy, ge. elegy, climate and predualtons, and the nuan' Al t nla er and , ustona ot thle natives; with a Map - of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sam.el Parker, A M. y '1 he Rivear asnd "te Deserl; Ir Rlecollctions of Sthe Rhone and thb. Tllartreuse; by Miss Parldoa, author ofathe City of a ' Sa tan, &c. ill vols. Tile Robber, a lale, '. - thle author oa Ilnlheliau, TIThe Gypsy, Attllila; in l2 l SThe Two Flirts; or Ad. "hire in a Countary Ilouse, and other Tales, by Lady Bersainlgtn. E I. Boilwer, Mrs Nortn. Barry 'ornwanll, iMrs Gore, Captain Mrdwin, and otler.; in 2 vols. 'ee The Llln na. Adventuren of Nileholan Nic'.eby, Ire edited by Boz, with Illustratinons by P.iz, No. 1. Just re eived nd andfo nral by - BENJAMIN LEVY. n ,a.d_,,,,- ) na nl ,-a nLilia Cor.... ie ...d, foral by CII IPLIN & ('COOPER. ea n er3 . Jlia ri. BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., Ihferlesafe CIeIahUg Etabbksurak ti No.3, Mulagazne street, I AVE ona titl y on [oot l a large siIocti of C:lolt r inr, cnlcri.tted foir tho eountry trode. Their us. rorllent Ioie t lt rgei merchan ot frcinl tlle hc inllltg I'tll be ap)lliieI tat thehortoet noiute. -----.¥- - L . c----o---- FASHIONABLE CLOTIXINS 'IAYLO(R & HAlDDEN, No. 14 ChIsturre E Mlrcel [IAVE a co clctll 11 i llc p ly CI ee t IlrllL ' Illr l (il'rnll tolr . ultlel i's thleseof he+ I ote ito t) , ih Now Vol J.D. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, nov 8 No.33, lRoyal treet. S A. 'i It Iti Ei . f-t. MERCIIANT TAILOR t 'io t r o ii ortc to Ih public i that ho vit e pl ur .hno ed I) rell roMesssa IIUU(;II, 8I..:(;(iS V GO. lulrt of toeitr stock, l wvill t lllilllll' 1. c llills II tllheir bid ttand, ptosite Bieo': lue., white le Ih 's to l i P m-p a ofth ir putronnee. Ihe D ills in(e tlrr.atlll L' .llls et tilt Norll to be sf plilod ltool hly will Itlahe I ot and ico.,, fahittIiuhlth gontt., Ioi II CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, ,NU. 1i: I'oydris streeot New [deans, Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps of all ,e-crripllon i. ['.AR8M, COLD, AND SHO[WER IL ATIAS Fixed ol the ,ost a -,proved princiiles. MIl.I.'I) I.I \lD, PIlt*IS, &e t)crders execi ttl i it coy part of the doutlhein Sitteo. nis 9 Dr. Ifoberl F. I.illdoe. I) F F I C E teotl.oti [ott.rto,. fEl. . . . . . i A Y -& - ( . 1 1 2 1:,i Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, Noi. 102I! PIovr os street, Ti P n coo t i i;titut cIWI1tp iof let!i Pio,, -X frooo t2 in. di ...... d. . .. f .... in. ..iotc. . fill ORLEANS LITHOGRAPIIIC PRINTING No. 53, Magazine Street, (llosite I anllks' Arcade. iW1.LLI.f.'1 ;1 II ;:ECNE, PROPRIIET'OR S H. PARKER Comtliscion tind Forwarding Merchant, No 6, FRONT LEVEE, Ul' STalkS. New 3A leit- s c rb. "o :, JARVIS & ANI)IRIEWS, VIIOt.E1.0Al.t.E ANIt i I t'I'A., I IAtI.E . IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS I)1':E ST'UI,'f"' .1NVl) IVVI)DOWI GL.ISS, Ctlrnler of Colollllln and Tl'lhoupitoulus streets, NATIIIAN JARVIS. JOHN VW. ANIRItEWVS. A large apply o Garden Seells, warranted tile growth of [1137. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. i. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. f1 and i1:3 WAT'Elt I:l'fl TiIIE undersionedoi , [vittt Ilirms!oi it MI foiio I r thi picr i t r oll Itralll.llltttg Ici A LioIjt IandI (toUlllission business in its various brnlllllhes, beg leave to ilorlttl thir frieolts Itl tIhe puI lic, lth t the urn.iow tIi l I ii rtp.trod e teive .s o S eOllltlll cll aRd tiike liberal advanlles l tc il oee eIIIIC, ither for f rivttIc rit public dale. JStOIMIAN I. JON ES, IItA IEI. I. J)N I:S. Refer to Walker, .tliglht & iCo. New Orleanocs. Motcht, lilt0, tO'18. fo 19 ~---- -l A . CARW,. SAMUEL SLiTER. ARneAHAM TRIRtn. SLATER- & TRIER Forwnardingi & tontolllisionll Merchanll ts, No. 411 0[odrus Street, NI: \V IRIL EA NS. They will devotil othi" particll atteontion to the snle IIrol Shillt S New Orleans. A ,) Ncltha, - [(esors. fuIlti, 1)troi & Ci. J I) & 1Il Vlliants, ) Lcrige, Wihl & Co. P oston, '['hootV.I Esq. ) RI, rit Itlroithirs & C No. I.c'rt s ''lr lll o. New York. Von Pi.hllt & I. . ill. u tttut itir & If avts.o St Loui. olo-ult. t ho w tot T&tunl. o h[litot, Piegi & )tolefap AIlltn. A It Skict Icor If-sq. t J I l .ra h a L &0 t'.ln -ootsv lle.i ELI srToNU . . Tr. suto . '€ N( Ee&mo R. E -STONET. tt. FrwardslI arnd Commlssio nl uEerhanam, FU5lNIIIRItS OF S1111' ANID OAT STORES, 00ae No. 114 Tcotl:PI rOULA s'r°trT Ir N. w.(rleans sret. Referen c.r : o O o 1M 1 tto. 14 11. . BARER & Co. BoI t o t ErtEtti.L Vos I. .'o .o ioO A. I MEACH Co New York. lt. I'iUTv Ao, " J .V . o..N, I Cinionnti, . O. IotlAV I STOn , Ot vtoo or It.Cos oTocK &I (Co. ColtliRo. ti N. AuItIHo ic L (& Co.. L.,inillie, e ILwO l ,ISa S r, M ENS 1 C1:rI.T. St Lollelar I3 e A. It lto v, Alton, I tl.i int Wm E. %\1rrH leow, Itushville, II. frio J. & P. P.I'AOrEL, l.avou Sara, La. ill SOLOMON HInGHo New O:,lot.t. tori jnn 22 _ ten: I).EALE.IL. IN AMERICAN & ENGLISI CROWVN GLASS, N Ot N,. 3 CARONOLEPT StrieetR . nO -- 11- e :a-r-i;P i l Nt i ---, C ei, T WICOIEN buS INSUI NCI, COO MP pT O CARLEADS. _si Ito TIh h cs ol rnp nv r uoW prepared wll t1 eak tune tI0 RISKS AGAINST FIRE. ll No. 24 Russon's Building, Can. l lreint. E L TRlIACY, oh tew Orlaasn My 15 1838. Scrtir y. Rm So Comeivssio ald IstPorwarding Mlrchntil~l CINe INN tA''II, lLne. t ill Refer ho Layet &A InlCounoSt. N 3 Orli . t AJo. Lo n AtRia .r. fix R Iln IEalpu Ic I, A N NO.i i EHOUSE AND SIGN PAINTE . No. IiCao ipt sIroe t, I. l Tlholesale Ieneler ti PaiotG , Oil, Voroioleh, Blorusl , 1d io30 N lidow ond Pitoure (GhsN, &..i..c. T r.W.COLLNrS. I ATTOrNIEY & CllOU.,SELLOR A T LA. I. NOW tItrcisin n tole Sitt oan Cit Cooln. Cli- M g Coort, io the Cousto Llous e buildieg. jKy A CARD. NIA tlHtANIo'Nd t ot ht loi nglti lo h cttld . I sL l i N w'L l for fle p ,..e Of l llltIIMIMg tt llll " ENe El xtli i'i181 i:. ,N ItIt N w ldS. - lTheohlhln, sot ito ut S ioll, .ublio willtt. to., er p - Sill ile bot e . ilntd l ife 11 s 13 tl lar d i . w i .. .. .. I I II I t ill .h o LontI ov il , llI, y. h Ot.foe Netl,to ' IN I ,Iltti. tp' pJoit id io Ie OMtt (lard, thrl.a' .* ung tttct d,. ut ale. r l.N E T,., \VNns N h'owell ug holl LI llte d hi -[ ro Ne hiott ott, N tvottri'. .... 1817 it to11. W ill l lllrl "tlollll""'8 tlh > S l;. iCio. N Iwo ll ll:. 00 f, Itc a Itt ttt. tt h tt l h(. otI uo1. tO ho, 'Plldt ta inav(.llr cilil Is ll/e, •ur . K : I. OF NEIW tcilll",EN"' ire, O'fice No. 24 lossen'a Duidlig " CA1L ST7RET.. ~by, le, --------- PO Eti--ti T utvr In.lodt lun rhit Itttlitiill.. i311)r. P ohl'. p, et ' olttl dI ovi.itlyeo23 I nl Gm c il Sttoti, oin anto for t loIll dot Os OuiKiE & C, .Front Lt. otC N. B _ .tePipetr , a.." ,t ilc l t i,. o i,:rtt le L 6t. . .iiy et iblcri!ll BUSINESS-CARDS. II. N. & I. I, . Newco mb, lA VI: petno tll a ou+e folr lhe tran.actlati of a oeol L el'il c utuf i tol t touoinei 'at itoh z, m.d ll% husines coltliled o them OsOaa ll b le litmlll!iy iatn nded Ref.rrnes: II (' itlolnaai&k & Co., V Ill HI 1 i i & l i . i Near.,% iotna. :i d w lhck \, iocl tit ol I Iii. stunly on hii tn Dlud flUo it >l {g ill Ltl. L & ,ID "Iip l) 0 1.'! '& C I 1 . ll. 9 N . Satiti,,ti lull.28 t h 11. -1. \ 1-- I 4: C ' I A . \ 1 .- - - _ 10 9l llX I.lS ) (II,"II S ' ha, ' a b-.tii iiol ulr <t rnIi Ai tloO El t h l llg I : Ie .llh l t+ Ir 'n I l~tllIIIZI' ~i]++ I (olitc" + ll ugtmn10(1 s t Ot & 1 1 Uh tik lluuii 1-,Iby I;Ptlll .o hi\'r r t, V o t ii'1'+.i 'll.ZICV 1t-1\,;- F- 1 tll . [ I H ,ES & ,lill' , jylte llnk Allley _ 43 i nI o wItid tillrst. - a l iv " o l o "i lltain'tIL S & ,1111.1.,, t Xh IIA,\t , (., i N th.5 ii o tlI i a i ale lh a ay I yAVR JNCE & I.I":&: I a, J) III ThaI7 bl i r I r , n j IAVI &t2 &. 9 t ew laevird jy 14 e 74 L'aydel rllo Iltre . trialt o r Marrapll, Ifor iho cart otf tlobtintoa er l pto llions of t Ile kil; ia Stal e s or sti Jo l tiel "ii iur le woa rer. 'blo T wo; r oril er tio den; p in t bon e; clinr a l . lnr to trrl i o or k o2, t.,t The id tiver a n ad thel)e t ,orl ti i.sjidi ioturf iaolr f At r. v, & Sl.lLT r' Worto r pr or If-h fant Preso rvaitiof: r DI a bfslh (pr arailt tio nlnil iiot e .tlnt wir cnl rin l thlt hair; agrvi,, 0 1; Li . a siian Iarr a G retoo; PFootnltol; idaow'o Free lo h: 4 u V ugtattle t ilRgia; Olota oI f toll ; Lip3 S11lv ,; I r onite 'ooLo Waial; Carbori I)a triiunit ; Oange Fl INower WIt'r; PIo- dtII Pu a io ll . , I; Aller - caolll rfoal, n.atl b y Jptp it fi'r ac" vi&l;, Prcoton Sailt; Calhog iii; KrcsIoao iait faith oo I Drop; ftair Br.asih; Erll gli or the lie of u ti . Illlito n Hoir OIl;-i' tlth a variety olf te P o rf - bloonri, &ey. Feir ionl is i by e b es l L W GLENN'S PERFUM 111S. J C ''IN( . ARD, Corner of Canot tl aod Bourko' vil reeot . . e l l hl g s y pi h il ic d sl + <a s e s +, a i d -a l l d i io r d r. it Erisin all roultn inlmp ro lllltie Ile l itiro i lo Ii r ueide"" io Illn h eltlll te, or In e Intjul d ou uelslu lue of miter urity, Alt,l holave & ris l I'TOi ir i a r yr p t or i . ant Pres airvttivo: a h,' hutr plr ari oll now extallt ,lloe whi h arein the fllho w'l g:r l t l Dyet o Tforll rllg the haitor;Il e . tr'o i IIaluio ian Beti sl fGrea s; Polatuln l ia :iw'e s E] ue is s Islr: sit SMrior Pearl Powder; Lily l 'hit.; Creai of lions; Ve etah liel ;tii atl;toi i or llols.; I lltu ..i'; Kre. o oltiao Too ti Wash; Ci irbo oitiii lI liiie; Oi ang lwe rolt I'tier; Pulwder PuI e, tia ll l it mie, a lll el caoll Chaieroal, oiai lkll ilt p ii I four .ei e ,lviil. Preston Salts ; Co~uH4' oot; KrNos,3o i'ooi h.aihi lDrops; Hair Brushes; Engltish ])re III (i Jh merieP &b . For sale by J C TRIN(T ARD, a ti Corner of Canal ttlnd Bourb on Itreet motiapad , o aiats I lahiiiia t uctiii to; deep nouturlni p· rr, I h .ll e ort cud dwggllll.+'l ib,+.;% \t1' f 1 t.1.N'1 tiltt;I,.N t , ire. ll uI fi.lhmable obeart Hlat li t1 soirte "ia.o c ,,iltt ii it hi mse, n clll h llr lhit Nll-rke, whulesa t i li iio ' aai 'r 00 titt P iORT IT PAINTING.iOCO no° tic~el.. . . . .T -- 7 .-_ ,-- .-'. rmLoSl oF tliNCII ANud haoli.lit g i. ol-ot ":: 1Y . ] ,t IfrRO 'EISSObl MORI' I sV, o.i +led g roelth. ant f it .. li 1 an d a o th e r pf c k etio i ii i i i iol, h id a i i l t x m- li te . s rit iier tlt ttio f orttld t n i ' re th e ,1 ' lt I Il'. ll . se.licit ir cololtietllo o.r r ,lof'. htii frit . it ,ftc tiC o irdtt•tO tO - t inte h:,feist ,tolenaime hint reldn.r , Ils I.-ti- , ttior l d ou'r D llltac ertt rt. 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It is now usPd in thet prncitil hiOSpitaIL, and tlloe priv.te praelice in our country, first atnd inovt ertailll fr iht cure of toe Pilesa. ald mot.. - For Drpciy--Ctyreating lextraordinary absorplvtij: at elvct'. All Swellineg-Rlleduitnc tohem in a few hours Rhlcumatiittt-Aeute or Chlrome, giving qulec eace. Saort Thlrott--By Canot Uter. ~crs or Colts. Cvrvvcjp cnd Wipvrtpaog tioogit-Eai roally. actd over th tch Csvt. All Irtlcse., Sprains, attnd lturntt-Cnring ij a Sores and Ucirs--Wlchetherl oc long s+tanding, and flever slres. 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