Newspaper of True American, November 14, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 14, 1838 Page 2
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S e i s clored iveserda at 10 ad ane every day at 1 . - r vcleoosd vray a day ethal .pa: S --I. Ble with the great Eastern Mail. . i -(iin , La.) M s is closed r Wed vda ery and , set 6 o'clock. e every Tuesa, Thursday and atuer. PM.5. eoovanti ser o r er is closed every sWosdleday and Saturday, st 8 P M-Is Sreu.ned by steamboats.-Arrives irregu. ras or Coast Mail I. closed every y sd Friday. at II, P M-Is sent and tn. 8tflheteamboat, Brilliant. lea ex dria or Red Rier ail Is sent Ilrrego 1, He mbo e , twles a weik. t.ouisville or River Mail. Mon W ddayl , P d . JWames day, and Clov t 8 omse , Saturdatn y. Comet .lail. : usday and IClose at 8 o'clock, P M. ' ew--Orleans Chamber of Commerce. e rpe voe vest 1838. S S. J. Peters, President,. A . Quertier, let Vice President, W. L.. Hodge, d do. COMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Disk, Thomua Barrett, John A Mele. H C Cammack, Jas H Leverich, Abijih Fisk, GEO. W. WHITE, Se'y. PORT OF NEW ORIiEANS. CLEARtANCES. November 3. No Clearances to-day. ARRIVAIs. Towboat Hudson. Hourli, from the Passes. Boought up shlki Treaon, and Arkansas. 'owbroat Shark, Thomas, from the onlione proceeded to te Barlight. IBrought up ships Villa Do Bordeaux and Iieu caltoa. Leoft on the It, st It a m. Nothing in ight off the Sr. brgs at anchor at tie Penss td severoal i the river. Towboat Mohican, Eaton, [rom the Forts. Lt 4 o'clock n m. Broarhi up ships Jeanett et, od Cresoent. Towboat Porpoise, bavis, from tile asscs. hip Alexander, Turner, 14 day. from Alexandria, D C, to Master, Ship Crescent, Smll, 13 days from Now York, to Master... o0 steerage pasteuars. Ship Deucalion, Howre, 7 days from BRoston, to Master. Ship Trealnton, 0 lnw, I dlays from aoalun, to Maiter. Ship Arkansas, Dcani., I'dey, fron Noe York. Ship New England, wonltoo, 19 d ys from Path. to Mester. Chip Jeanelte, LoverS, t8 days fromt New York, bounid to Natche--cargo, ats'd mdze. Ship Chevalier, Kinaty, 49 days hom Liverpool, to S lrsth & ct. Br bark Daoariscott, Stotson,o7ith Sept, from London, to Marter. SB lark Tonamarn, Wlton, 10th Sept, (ram Liverpool, to t a J Coraell. Bark Edinlltug. Rriatow, 38 diay from Liverpool lo Mtter ,,treo, s.t, earthenware, and slate, tio order. Brig Energy, Shannon, from Mobile to Maiter..iargo. 63, fte lumber, i0,Ol0 shingles, and i hourn fame, to Master. rig..Coheoco, Crosby, from Tampa Bay, in 1llast, to Brig trRaymond, Miller, from Tampa Bay, in to Master. Brig C P Williams, Mallory, from Apalachlcola. In ballast, into Master. Polhr Ge W'nr~, BRlrkinolnn, 2e daye from Thnmastnn to 0o Bncdford..cargo, IO.i0 casks lime, to (; Itedford. Bchr olh cil, Rnnddll, from Apalachicela, in hballast to Bohr Brtoll, Darllnd, J23 days Brislotl, It 1, to TV Sumner A co. Pohr Caledonia, Potter. 8 days fronm Ioavn, to J Vg ni. Sloop Jackson. George, lo, St Jocques Steamer Aattlopo. Clerouo, grot St Louis. Steamer IPlatte, O'Hara, roe Mouth ofObto River. btoamor liuntvile. Jorla.,l., fre Btyou Sara. iteanmer August., Dey, PFrom Vicisbung. Pteamer Uaited Stiles, tIi. fromn St I.ouie. Steamer Gov Shelby, lather, from tihe onuuti of Olin. .}-,-,. .. . .. .,-. ., .1 mmm COMMERCIAL, " ,nIe6 Dateal,. Cherl. 6ae. Nt.......... Ci66i6. .11 ......11.. 6 Now loc. NOV........... 1.Clncioati, do...,..... a hi.1pIl 1 66.......... 6 Lo. iill0. d . .. 3 86nes... do.............,. 6 .Lou., No....... 2 Sa.1n, 6 Nor ........... iv. oOt........... Houston ('1 ' Nov...... ' al Ort ........... 3 stator. Nor .. .....8 L~ondon. do .......... 2 Nabrillr, Nor............ 8 flam~e do ............... 5 .IIPOIRT. lONDON-Per hark D1.611 06.o666).6.66g, a, bee, br66ody and m.d,, IIL B ., S He.,h & co, II Lllwlsnc. Foretell & o66; AG,.Gt & co, j ll Robateuu, Iaonlel At 611.,Sills l, 4 Byron, Kolll, & Pro. SIl.arma. & Heath, (; & A Leroa, Sickle. 4 co, J A Merl. F ea,, 4 rdler. BOSTON ..Por ehip Trenton.. iU loll paving steno,, 000 em6pty m01l66, t6.k,, 1W1 ellpty hall, hrl. 50 neart 10x00. 40 tone Seattle bloksh, to Muter, lirrri & Anldrew, and order. 11AT1..PIr .hip N.. Enpl),1..70 to.1 hay, 250 1161 pots. tore, a.d 156 tens6 parig ltonel., 11:C1ap16in LIVERPO OL..I Pe Be b, 1k T66ul6666r-6lgo, dry 11.e166., 1R6m), 61611, .n1 6clotibng, to Read 4 o, Sdhmidt & W.,ner,,J F Vo.II,4t co, 11 A W Anrersron, A A )enuisluuu & cu, It &1J 1orrell and ord.., ALEXANU)BIA, U) C..Pat ship Alexanlria. .cergo, hay, notes, anld dry goods to Mateor. BRISTOL., It I.. orshe fan toe,..66111.71 bal. onions. 10,006 6,61hr 1 do, 511 brl6 cranberri).l 101 8, fir. bea enld to retitle, !700 1-a P candles to W II San,. not & 66. hT JACQUJI)..P.66)l6p J.6k.6,n..666, 18br1, molasses, a hhda ,ug~r to older. IIAVAIA..P61 stile C1Ik)uni1..6116, 560,000 cigar, 400 bag6 codes, 100 b111g6l~r and 1.nlJry oll . Gi.. UVERPOOL. 'll, ship Ch.I.lilc..,6rgo 66'd 1d t.11 RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. St Loi).. ler Ste1mer Antelope.. 13)7 pigs led., )ereJy Lau61rie 46111.6,25 b1ri1 tallo, , 26 1alf rlO beef. I do 16,11,s, 16la6. ltIobaco, 5 boaipcga, J & WV Dwyer. I) b,), flour R O.aning cal, 52 I'I)o der skinl, 1 do 16)., 0 b11). slkln, 1 pa1ck bravr, J A MerliA C6, II ) rl) h). ;I bt, lee,., 16 lacki oalt, 25 bals. pota16I6.8 g,6 hu1ter1,4oup. chcken,, S bi). sundlies, and 40 b,6,1d c1ttl. Kcuc6611. Mouth o Ohio River..01 r e661161 1Pla6e.. 193 6oil6 rope and 64 pc& bsiug, C),,,6p6,i6, Ar 0oir1ud. I-1 ends 66,16, 66 6 I1hinlg.g, 05116,. 8 S6111g)61, 19066coil rope, 1.66.5 Ills ,,1 00 oil. rope, Barker &01I richl 4 males nold 2 horse,, Forsyth & LImIick, 20 b1l. U Pa.ron,. Bayou SIIa..PEr.ta6 11 1 llunI1vil!...242 b11lay co16on A Led 64l co, 215 do P6rk1, W1V6011co, 1571 do La.6,16)& T'bwp.,on, 13'3do1 W', 1'ower, do M 0t,11i.A co,66511o6G MI Lae, 62 do Peyton. Arceuil & co, 49 do Ito, nulrll, hyena 4r o,71 do Taylor 0611rdn66, 46 do Alien, 11her 466o, 25 do A Rlrar) . 16 c. 20 do CldIwell * Hickey3, 16 to Alen 48 TchII,668, 16 do B net1) , Ferrilday co, 11i do Rich,( I),)) 12 dl 11.11 M B666,46do W Cu61rti, 8 do Thl, 8,1rr61t, I do Lane, Fontaine 4' co, 7 do Gayle & 0,61rt. 6)6 1o)W Oa)1ey f-13A do Pr1, co1t, JollaI &c, I bale go11111 9V Ou616,)2 01 Jou6 1, o,1, I MoI. .8Il6l. 6 00.t, I 0, Sly.), & Goodrich, 1 1.ulnk It Le 4 co, 1 ill1 JI Lowerih, 7 coop61 chickens, ownlers on board. Vi11bhue..I'16,)11111 AiIIIM. .12551aler 1 otten Taylo., Gardner 4 co6,31165 do 1 1rri6lJ, Pi'I,66 o, 2435 ,10 1.6on6, Harri66 4o, 258 do Ng6ent. i unpin & , 109 do Il6.661n A Gooch, 40 do M111tin Ple)a.,,1. 4 o, I do A H W6llae1 & 6o 14 do I.oml)'6l A Thompslon, 46 do,1 Fo6tain 4 to, 12 do 6F,)6,6l l- nl1& o d5 do N 4 DiNk. & i tko. 58 do A66),, Asher & &n, 41 do 11606v6, Ferrid)y 6. o. 16 do John'rrhs., 10 do H P lIey, 866)o A II Leverieh,,5 do B11 oa11r, M,6 .,nna Jr WI\right, 5 do Rooknr. Stanton 4 Co. 2229 do, \ IV Pupnrt, I 4i611dze G,51161, 11ri.), 64 C, lllx at I tull nk 21) 4,1661 SI Lm~i,..l1ur 616161.11l66 11111161d 6..1111 . rl, flur ,6.d 40 tolls hrope V.aiill 4, c, 10) br doelIlls. J A Hds),. rn, lot furnitu1101,6A IA 16 1,6, 10 )ill, 16pp)16 VV (~li,,oI o oar, i 3 hhd. tob66116, W J)16lllp'ol, 161)161 Ieplill 6,11d 5 SI 18161 Lambeth 4 7'hompm~lru, 111'1 bal. our r lorfor$ 4 *ogelfrrc, 100 hits f6r FI'16,yt I" I.,,,nck, 568 p5 , P61 )1196igi d 64:1 1611bI61e 11 Iil w llllllull A&1166, 461,1)1 M,l,,;). 6.1)1)6;, 111 8o.. 6,66566.1 butt1, 611d 35 b51) I.611166, ULniled 616.t. 4aail on boo~~. d. 66outh o6)0hio..) 6·r 1161,116r 0)6r 0)16ly. .16 pe6 h1,6(16, 6 ocil. rope1, 6,nd1242 keg. )6rd, Lhu116Ioer & tii'A1j,, 2 bic 866ur, 66,11o o6 b1ard1. PAS6ENGEIIO. St Leak~Psi s teamer A),(elops.. Johr Mc Itermnt, 8 Wain, o B 1rry, B16k1 ll , 116 (i N666A.ol6I. Jo6)hn, 5,in, Air 61666 76,6, 61d lady, Me6 & Sin W iLo6, 11 Iub1:u, V Perkins, ArIII, Tone,. Month oOho Ri1er..Per t6am6666 III)t), St111r6, 2 ehiPrea and art, AI U' elowart, M t., Hay tan, AI, wl(`lnrboL so ttni, iIIl, 16,)by, Val)1,dbm, E Otev, 1.114611166 Meet, 7 It Lo.. Di.1l61n, LB Henderson..) Hi), 33T 116e1llr , JC 16ar61...., Whitener),, J J Ille,.J H B6.). 811 Sheplhlerd. ,6oy~ 6,66..P6r st66mer I16161),lle., 1 D aIker, LC. 106.1fu.)11,311.61)6 6y Alya) nder, R10lllldOoI Jord61n.1831,6 616,)ll , 1"vt, AIIIh8, M Cael6IyL CCIl, (W Poll.),11, C At lu,1,1, 00 R H 8,,I.,iI., II P111111 I I'16ma6, 111Hopk1in. 1 11166el, II Tele. White, C W Co1ely, I.T a1.6dry. 1' ,1 60,116ell, D6IeI6blluJy, Ahbrham, Hom1e and o1). C Bl661k. roi.y 6.1d a6, ZachlriI. 6ora61166, J F:1W11)1, Valley, R N Cron66, Jo6)ph M10. A H Lo86,dI, J P P.1166.l, dg(.6r 1161uur, ,NI)D1111611ello,.,1,I'161164., t,0E Amou6 It 6.3VI Dup)1, R.6lly, A W 99e aen, JA.,, M66)oll,1, J61,1 8hre, , Theroea, 166oul A 661, 316,lmlugI,1y, 516e,, DeporIee, T6er 116t, H86i1, P,61111r. V11.llurg..Per st6am6, Aog6116.. Mi.. AIli66l, 66).. R Allison, PA TLomp6n, F P Le6e, P 8,11 ury, 5.6 0 WyVl, .1 O C6l1y. 81 Lo6)1..PFr 1161mn1 Unied 81.,tre...l61 Field, iady 6111 art,01516, 066666 Co6all l6dy, C)pt H 156, U 6 AC,1n t, TI, Alexander. U N, A.0 815M)2ell, U764. l,1611)'1' H11661,6k1,,. S8 8 ADSpauld off1) WellerI,. E P111a1,r. J Wli160.6on and 1rt, E G ll6.e, I! G 1)l,6)l.,lI. A II 1..666.. E'Tufta LChltleeden, ,E1t'ub11. RA R01er11,66l,60C I)161161,d11, CA R161o6d, Wm6 Colley. A 6E Sp.'., Jahn1 N161h,6) P e))1,60, R1V Van E.pp., I66 Flr6lin and 61), 16w3ay c6bin611.11666 511..17586roo6. 1l 116 o611661. Mo6th o60hio,.Per ,te6ms6 6 ov 6Shlbeb.MrIe. litr 0 nd d t,4e1r1. 51 Hlay. ad lady, M1.. We1. 161, OverP0 ., P ll., 36.1116., Song, R Y.1..n. Now* York..Per ship Arkan ,...Mr Dexter. Me P Fanoicg, II.. Jenks. 86161166ood1, 86l ei lne, l61dy 6d child. Iri 16o.11,6lad and 3 childre, 6Mrs Bal. 3l1Sh1.e4. A8l IHughes 1.dy nd 3 6ch11ldr1,, M11.Smi1h. Mle 0.11)),,, lady 61. We 2,1111, IIe WaII1man Me Che, Mre ,8166 he11 , Ily.1, A11 Howard and 2 children My Brock, Me Norris, Mr. Dewy and son, Mrs Child, and 95 steerage. .hlp N1. E16161..Mr. R B661y. Mr. J Barry, fir r herone, . c~iod. McClellan, and 3 sle.r.go. PBh666..P.6.Iip D16oa6l6n..1oh6 H 1lil1ou & 2.616, TI,. G15ll.,lh. 1dde1, Clap.pR K1bl.o11m, 8 If1 4rri6, 66L.. Lucy R Seuthweethe Mt, Lacy Bake'·. and MI steerage. 011u6d,66411,r sbip Alexa1dri..A.Jo1. UH Dy ad W.1 Brice. I.116rp1P..#66 shp Cbhevli~e..Mr Mu a 815, d1 lady.. CONSIGNEES. 61. Vork-Per .1ip Ablvk u. .66681o .1'd m16611 H Amn,, 585I,11S161 CTyne. N kJ Dick, AOAA,.., U61i61a6d o. Wa Dino; .v Ailing C0,nn6 A Gridley, Whitin & S1.k, .sky &Dolbw0. C L.1n, Step1I, on A Y Levey, J A J 15e&6.I & a0, J8R6 6o6. 38H11d 1&r., W 8 S111616, 118b0. tog Avery. Bogart lHather), Fre6VIema D8&ii m, Gossip 1tin, J * W Dyer, Maddest R flail F. 4c J Anldrew., AIda1 Ha1twell. RI IMaL1h6o, O D 0Egn, Smith, Hub. bcd 6nd o66. n'Al6IOclI, 81166r a1d W11erm6n. 10o6., Stet s66 ad A.Ly. C II C.llar, Ricft)hard, 0061668664 Wood 3.1.6a11 8H1161661, Det611 6nd lBlanheard. A G61nd and co ulsi,..wn 5wi,.Idp. Lr..) Clark, AE C£11.. Whitin01166 gIqLI, A H W.Bac. A 11H. C Cre,.man, GeeHolland, P Grasso V11a W7661 66d w J Y66411 and co. W6at666m6n and AIdrI4b, 61Jula.66ol 6 WaItd .a1d 1emp, B Ao.e...nd 1o, 3. GelI.I1er, WI.. LG16iI.U Wood and Lin6t, Ladle, P,8. 66535and 616 J16 e H H1atI6811 , Jarv11 and Andr.w.. E C L A 661l.1.S ToepkI 811, Rei6 1nd Cob.. !!-Cu H R L 6a andc lto, W To1A6.aeJewe. R se,.11d p1) Wog P6Id86066keL. Williamu 661 Grant 8 518.1e, 0J1116esd 56, .o11, M65.66., 6nd Wcrig, and Bross, K LLoLwrns sad c J Widgal 1/pdm0,A eý 8adh ta Vwhw, J H .I~sda PrsecoR M, lý+beuc , W W, 411 Lyv. 71M t ty ~ 611g and k M g gas-i Jon t. qo, S C UmyW 3 O,16, H Mu6. RJR.00", l hqend 40'.1 aw, W J U.ºwr D'waa, p-. nd e.3.. ton u ,,.h, uae anl ,c, ae ,n1 So. a Adam, Welln Pbflif, lesefecand M114ed, 8 Pardo and cbreJehne Belfe a.. and Thmac ker C Plott oJe nobao, Conmelok, ioand o. A.ieten TO ylnac ln Madden, Panl Tnltne and ec1 IKdin, tephuCs and co, HltaI Lyon a.d re, Belsqamy cnd Gamauc. Anher MeAlkhsr, S PRckca.I, Wo04 nd 8 eJ LJn L u eecte, ULttnd.l'aleI Cda JohcLto, Beles nd eo, M A Ditock, a 8 Deanis cnd erder. loston..Per ship Deneallon..P M Well. P Shnclen & Reo Balle e BrownT, T R lydeT R Yatm l oel Champomler Giraud, G W I.Lee, Armour, Lake 4 Walker, Giles nbroak. E Le AL ca, Rnnlett e co, Schmidt A Wese. FOlg L BlocLk M While S co, P Wheeler, Norman Seel A o, RBegar SHawthorn, E Johnl. co Harris, Lyoeo S co. Dai S heobet, J Vairi e co, r G vepor. Bats a ll thornem C Ioae. Forytlh &L Limerick. Frer t* co, W Bnecrt, Chue & DIany, John P Allen,. Wood a Simmona; E"lw A Bridle, Iutchlnokn . Lampson, Geoufrey, Laurle 4"muall, Adamhe & arctwell. and order. New York..per schip Creent..earlo. us'd mdze. Petes -t Millard, G Blanlch.ed 2d Muniripalityl A P OGriy co, Rueknlan & Rmser, Yestman & so. Dobben S Browu. G ltrcey. l owesr co, Henderson . Gaines, F saron, Laba di. s" Jaqnelie, Gen (Ii Bll. Ravcnu..Par schr Caledonia..Palma & Johnseton. E L raid.. J Tiatard, David Marnto., R Gonig, W C Atwater. MEMORANDA. Steamer Anelope left St Louis on the 30h nll; mat Vandmi le 1tboe Che.ter; Wilmlneton at Able'. Ludine,; Little Red t No 21; eelms at Plumb Poin; St Ileui. ati Ne , Madison at 85; I.nuslaill at lli'a (tiff; Brazil t Troernity Bomd. Steamer Pse lat lt the Month of the Ohio Pil.r on the 7th Inlat7 a i; met tChillliothe at Mills Point; St L.erin at Ne 14;' Madiseon at No 3O; Belle of Missouri at RanlJnlth; Medit tar above Memphic ; Rodntey In Egg. BSed; Iolivijle saove Rodnaey; Gee Collier belo Rotlney; John Mills at Ellit's Cliffs. Left Claiborne and Gee lShellLy t Vicksburg; taet Altoen t Natchez o plsned Astoria at No i8; Rienzi a cund at t s aend 63, United Bte at 7h; Prairie at Eg e l'oint. SLeamer United Stste, left I t LoliS 2d ie. at 4 o'clecLk, p e, and proceded lto J nern .arracks, on the .tinot under wley at I a m; met steamer Wilmington at Turkey Island; 4th, meitt I.,wrene at 1lat Islande 6th left Mouth of Ohio at 7 t m, met Clyde below Mill'. Poltl, Chilllcothe at i.laun 14; thll. et alt Louis at Cndln Reach, Madison at Randolpbh; th, mt MemSlnphis at 8 t . Mediator at President's Island. 9th Rienzi cme up with us m nd grounded at Illand 62 and 3; 1 hm met Rdnely at Elg's Bend; pssed Olive Branch with 4 flat hutel in t.r bound t Nen Orleans; passed Prairie t Vieck burg. Dun Webster below Viek.burl, Yazoo at Grand eulf, Gee Collier with a brig in tow at Grand Gulf, Alton at Coleo Creek Island. Brazil at Glsreteck Island, Alabama at Adama'i Reach, Levant at Bayou Sara. for St M erk rnclt day. TIUE AMEIICAN OIPI.E. In connection itll thin Office in a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE COl TIIEl PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Chocks Catalogues Dills of Lading Laboel, Dray BRCeipts, Logal Noticl, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bill Circularus, And every deceriplio of Jab Wort cthai may br e required. IIs7'T proprietor respeclftlle calls the attention of the uble lic t hote Card, n ~nl ensures them tiarl all work intrusted to hic care Ishall e done at the short eat notice, in ia tyle nnlurpassed in thin city, and at the lowest raten. LSDIRSID) .Y JOlewf G mI.")N. PITII'UL AND BOLD. WEDNESD 11, NOVEMBER 14, I0lQ, Ntetm ehips.--'rhIre is no subject in which we are more intcerested thln Oceen areao Nnvi.otinn, for there is nohi, on wllch ilou futre preosperity so mlch t.. penles. We ihae much va'cahlt infrlntilnn on ohis nmntter, both from engineers and otevicatcr, n portion of lhich WO lay oar realer tlits day. 'lile egoren Ihat nlwaye viit tile nortlern anere, nn tiele strong westerly int. .o cneitnntlv prevailing tllere, illet necessarily eniue the Great VWtorn, tile Royal Willinn and tIle Liverpool, much longer pn.eegre, and n greater con umtplion of flel, during the wittier than herelofore: whernas in rtnning front otr port, to Engi!nd, ilhe hoats woutld he nlwo vn in eenootl sen',ulnhtlruchted y ,tore,n andl dlerviig infinite advantage from tei g;dlftream, & the tradn e winds. Betide which Ihe diret callrsoe from the Balize toIn tte l'e-endl would neceenscatily bring lenntcr within 20 nliles of Bermuda, anl not 150 from iha Azore+, beildes being ahle to run in to Key \'e.l, or linvncenae, ftr fuel, euplliea, or replnic. We rllequest ItI ntltllin of eur readers toIn or correspunlent's let Itr, antd will to-nlorrew give some m'lrc inflolnltion frlm tile sottne prntieal source. Mr. IEliler.--ly tihe variout articles e hic1have Iap peered ill ynour piper regnardlig the lnritlat ot of tile Atlhlic by steals cltis gcnerallyv, td miltr particaler. l' nnrelates toa rlicI t rltereole'o Ily steno Iete Ntnfhea'on t nd.iewporl, I foci eccniinclld that tIl; fel etlllitellet iutere, the ik mverlf, to ivte to Ite ipblic, rvely pescihle illlrlnntioltl ontthie tubljtl t, ilt It e, hop If nwaknilng alttrrti to this very imnitortaLn t sle jeet. As apractc.ll de;ti, h.aving l onidterttnlle nxptetllel in lte ftrinnein if stetl engilnes, & having thoroutghly exan. iltoce une if indt foglncndt nld 'nerirnI nmh pcrlhcps abe aln to nell.ol vou etne illlol'matiot tlhat nc v be Ine. fil. T'het this eltetrprier, if tttotpted, ethonldtbt rarri. ed lct on Kueh a sele as to ntlfrl no exelee for feilnre on lte eenre of preimcny needs tearcelv to he nsioc led on, and eft I tlhink- anl cantn rlrrtralcel-tilhatlt a vesel of ver 1500 etons in stt Ineceearny. I ilave tlhtroighy exnctincl the engilnee, ;nd boilers of thle Great WVestern atnd cotacientiouetetlcn not lhink they shllld hle taken aene odel exer1t sItl regard to worknantchip, and e ,ome mitor details. Plhay are altogether Inc ponderous, and absorh alu large it portion of the sihp'.. tonnllugeo I our al elldli-tillllta, nnd ,lhrfore Iln tenreilv bce.1, giogt lille clugiten" a elllenltlietitmn of ,nnliLtonti.d nttchinerv, nlhtoglclhr helindl ilte illldroved, Fipiilll , slate of ali ptenl ncltgilne oltf Ithe prctnt dty. Tln arC econslrle cted onl ile lllots that Itnave been in .oe lit oIallV , PyIre no, tlltigh utdotlltdlv powerfln[l nre ItelnhJly cet.olbrOtn.s I h lys nl.o cnrelitlv oIho.o I Ivel tllhutt' ofl he U. S. ntonr ehip" Fulton," nnd e( nlllnl bht t plvi It a pre Irence. I npenk only of her enginoe;" liber bull I hltnve tilthinc It soy, encept that it 0culd0 notl po,+il}v he eore etalculatIltd for its illoerdd IipurlIIe. 1'il1 ynolr lenIr. i will canlore tile menine of thle two sh Ip t'or tlhe purpon. e ofirving that nn v. ssel ofl:tIl tose ts tlt. ply large, nnd wilh thle ndopltlion (lf a different principle in the enginest, coull ncarrey ifinitely morte, nndl make 1It granter flttcness. 'li' elglitee of thle C;rent Venirn, nretnbtv to Ithe etlgileers Itg, are eslimated nt 4.1,000 Ilts, citt is lattl to 11 5 horle plnwrr, actorl ine to tlte Atnrin e'nalenlnl;otin: thdso consume a Ion and a quarter ot c 'n p rtiour. W'alehtof eneine .nd n heell, 310 tolns. fterr boilers, h0 e atee ie the boiler., O The "Fuhton's" engines are 4i60 horse power--15 more than the ulher's--oancolnume only the same quantity of tiel. Weight of E:ninrs, 7a tion. " 4 rnlto per boders, t ' ter, 41 Thus in thle .en, ines of the t1o st .mersl' the (,not age in fivor of Ihe , lin " n i •en l t es ill thel, " FIIInI " ane. 078 t"'n' weVight heas, rend 15 horse Iowr cltrP. " l think, ore valid r'soo.o n Iy tiht engines of the (.tioo'elrsllo llltllul lll liot e Inkon is tIo ,'el , naIl on tih ' ", ll ltmt h sl, rt l pro ed0 It, pIo.erI mit speed.I I thick y., .o will auore with ol, il the atrsas ttt t, 't,, t hlttett To otr 1foi llri Ittot alllhl o din thi.. oUllt.r -with II equnlly libelral ull --llrle t nlll aPaIql ri o tlhe i lject in votw, but pl tilti l -upetriotl to those o( iln my next I will lllndeavol to llo vlll thllat if this plann I. adopted, a veorel of 13l11 tons, will not only lit lle to carry ,tllndnce onl Itl htllt ix or oler, l',un dred tltls o" gool on freight, oaeides oalaeily for IrS. sengera lequal to any now alloat. 'Yours, II. (gj-There was no mail yestordity from the Nortll. This failure is parienlarly annoying at this time when all are on tile qui rive f. r aountst of the New York election,. .o news, is said to be good news, but as this sapient proverb is equally potent for loflocos and awhig., we derive slendtr conso. Iation from its primitive philosnphe. 7he R rvr, (t--The I.outaville Journal of the 6th sys the river had be ently rising for a leo days, and hopes 'cre enlertained thai the long siege of dry sand bars was about to be raised. The Canal was rt-opened. Low WATER -t used generally to he thouglht that 'lie river opposit to Natlhez was deeper than a llutb-could go: but it appeare Ihat lthe unpre, cedentedly low state of tile waters now have brought ilto view a large rock on the edge of the channel, imme.litely in front of the city. We are It Id that its surface now surmounts that of the M;isissippi by many inches. A St. Louis paper says, "reports from above ste that there is a small rise on the rap;ds." Pity it is not a rapid rise. A pretty sllmart storm occurred at Baton Roago, Plaquomines, and Donaldsonville yesterday wreek. Mulberry tresa or arnut pt~ tt, at least it ap. pears that they are not held lobe such in the Jarseys. The culture of the silk would sadly sink "rom its presrnt popularity, if no protection as to be afforded to its principal means. The New York "Sui't announces this curious decision of the law and lawyers of New Jersey. Last week a Ar. Bate, ofuCamden,N. J. had ometling like $105 worthl of mulberry trees pulled up and taken from his nursery. The tak. ttt was traced to an indivldual inl whse posses s:on the trpes were found. The taker was arrest, ed, indicted for a larceny, and put upt,, his trial, and acquitlrl-the eurt deciding that by law the laking of ulberry lrees was no larceny. But that is nol all. Finding the crtttnal side of the sourt ilncpable ul settling the sause, Mr. Dale bhrogtil suit in a civil seoton for trespa., agninstithe m: n before a justice and jury,and I after hearing testimony for part of a day and s night, and the arguments pro and can of the able a uns. I, the jury could not agree; and after pend ing many houre togetlter in a room at a hotel, one or two of them eacaped from the window, and thua the matter stood at tlhelat advIes. St. Charles.-The Burgomaster's Daughter is becoming more popular every night:the scenery, music, and eostume,-to nay nothingof the acting leave neither eight nor hearing ungratified. Lee's seen a of the 'Barniul Hlal' is a complete picture: the artist has made some changes that greatly heighten its effect. Tomorrow Mr. J. M. Field, an old favorite here, makes his bow in a new farce from his own pen. The scribes of St. Louis speak highly of it. The farce is called after the little queen 'Victoria,' and Field represents 'Bennett' and his vagaries, while squinting at the English court . The real Rayadrres.-A theatrical engagement with sin pagan priestesses ia certainly a novelty king Solomon to the contrary notwithstanding. There is something very amusing in the following ahridgement, from a Paris paper, of the agree ment entered into by a certain l. Tardivel, of Pondicherry, and the company of Bayaderes, or Indian danctng girls, whose recent arrival in Paris has been chronicled in the newspapers. The names f the hayaderes are Tills Ammalle, aged 30 years, Ammany Ammalle, 10, Ranga Ammalle, 14, and Soundra Ammalle, 13. They are accompanied by Romalings Modely, aged 40, as director of the dances, Saravanapoulle, 25 a singer, and Devonaysgapoulle, musician, Mr Tar divel engages to pay each of these seven the sum of 10 rupees per month-about 5 dollars-from the day of their departure from Pondieherry to that oftheir return; to pay each in advance be fore leaving Pondicherry, the farther sum of 400 rupees; and the like sum of 500 rupees on their return; and to defray all the expetnse of their living while absent. The term for which they are engaged is IU mouths. lte also pays to a certain Canagembalanl, of Pondicherry, tlIe sum of 1000 rupees--500 on the day before the sailing of the bayaderre, and 500on their return-for what ser vices in not'siated, but probably for assisting to negociate the ha erain, Five dollars a month for real Dayaderes I what a downright imposition. The principle which reg ulates getnerally the difference between the pure and the spurious, between the real turtle and the mock turtle-is entirely reversed here. For while these "legitimates"-Amma, Range, and Soun dra, obtain only five dollars per month fors die. play of limbs, those itnioation bayaderes, Celeste, Augusta, and Lecompte, net some hundred dollars nightly! This is clearly unjust. But there are other considerations on the part of the young Asi atics more obnoxious still. One, in particular, is not only tyranous as tending to destroy the glory of free.will, but considering their secular charac tor is a covert insult. On their part the Bayaderee engage to exhibit wherever required by Monsieur Tardivel, &e. with proviso inthat if any one of them shall become encettlic during the engament, she forfeits all mo nies due tio her at the titoo, or thereafter to accrue. II has been stated, in some of the papers, that Mr. Yates, of the Adelphi theatre in London, has en. ogagd these Bayadere's for England. hie has so. cured them, the Paris paper says, for 14 months, p.ying Mi. Tardivel £5000, and tnking off hie hands the expense of reconveyin themrn to India. They are priu'tesees, it appears, of the pagoda of Tirouvcndi.Pourham, near Pondicherry. The" little glass slipper" of our childhood's pet, poor Cinderilla is no longer a mn!ter of fable: it is now a re ality. Mr. Richard Baker, a vely ingenious mnnufac. turer, living at Ossett in England has invented a pro. tess for annealing glass, which renders it no ductile and pliant that he has been enabled to make ecloth of it from which lie has mnnuflrtured slipper hllat will ac. Itally hear the pressurt of the foIl. In mtony previous tlials the manufacturer hitmself nt t hii fot in it. "Look ont this pctlure, and on that.' The following is extracted from Nilee' Rreaierl and was taken from a Cincinnati PPice Current r Derernmer2l, 1821-'Pork is now selling at II per lb; flour $2 50 per barrel, line bef, lhand quar tors,2 cents; fowls 6, eggs 8 cents don; butler I c nate; partridges 25 cents dnz: turkeys, very fine 25 cent: lard 3 it2 Ilams, 5 cents lb; vegetable equally cheap-seociety excellent." This was the sate rf the manrket seventeen yenar ago. In the "Whig" of the 5h inst. are the fio liwing prices: Flour, $8 to $6 12-Pork, $20 fi mess; $1850 for prime; Lard II cents; whet $1 18; Corn, 621; Oats 45; Deans, $150; Potatoe $1 per bushel. "Rolla"-not the great hero, hut the great trotter to he raffled away on the 24th instant. lie is well know asa fast, and firm, nag not eanily to be passed on th roa'. We have saen him win a ssucnd throe mile hen in harness, it 8, II, lwhich is not slow. "Keep Coot" is the maxim of the 'Gothnnl neutrale while the partizans cry "fire up, and go n-head,' lik our boatmen on the hig-drink, as the Missomli hoys tcrn the. "father of waters." The "Sun"-an rpicene i politics-whose advice is, not to chew, but escrhew: t take cold drinks for fear of getting into hot o ater: iwh thinks n hatever be the state of man's interior he shoul not during " the three days" go any where to " meet any drink:" who being neutral himsellfpreaches temrperane to all others; and who being of no party, thus counsel all parties: Tihe first sd meat palpiabme indiidual duty in tie promi-h il to avoid strong drink. The man who uses leatn of it doe well-the man who touchnes, tastes rlld hndleslnog the ao clean thing does otter. If you are a Whig, C. C. C. will far no wors for your drinkin rronf to hrn..though yoa brainc may suffer by yor drrkisg confusion to thse. Ifyro irea democrat, hank istuee will not be shortened a dollar rh your drscoulnt oe blue ruin, while the issuert of h < p .roe ire New York, out of Ithir conrts and to their sheriff and rldepll IoI are sure to re advaredl in the ratio that liquor runi. I you ate an nbhlitiroirt drink Ilot..for sending the wits awn atherillg will not emltneipale thoaenne.g e If an anti-aboll litlller , keep clear of the anlntgnateio of blood and alcohol. 'tme a ile mixturee. Ia " native Amnriean," don't put a ub canee forrislel to your nature dowll yor throat..ind if yeol be ael " ndthted citieon," discard King Alcohol in yol'roth o ncruraliretleo, with thie rrt of tile frrign puelntates. No ibody can heep cool th Irquid fire in his k hiueye. (n- 11tr Biddle has perclhased .50,00 Chinoes Mllberry trees, end isabost going largely into rbh silk lies. Ought not the country to take tht lcrrt ? Is Ihe .l.onteur,' after monopolizinr the cotrOn trade end the wine trade, to he allowed ti niloll ze rlen ol our nmulberry trees and ilk nworms andti, eanrling like a dark and ntig'ty onspiratr in tire mildst ot Iis cocoonerier, to wind hy stealth hia hine ropes of silb around the liberties of hr( norriit Is it not prfeclly manifest, tehnt, altei getring his wer te well t aeinetd, their sromachs rel aet, snl t. ir teeth well sharpened, he will takt theta from the atulherrire and set them to gnaw. img, like so many crawling devilse at the tree cb Ameriean E'reedom? And is it not ebaordontl) evident, that they will, in less than one year, do' ours oery meounthfi of that tree arcd spin it our freo tlheir bowels ln the shape of silk-thus trans fihrning or country's freedom into a huge silk ball to be carried in thie monster's breeches pocketl Whilest all these startling eents are in progress whelre are tile loco loco editors? Why do not thr voiecs of those sentinels upon the watch rower go ifr!l o arounr t he slunmbring devmocracy of tnt nation? 'hce RSun,"-- ia -party paper-lpays the follow. ing rnmthnmesi to Mosrs II Grineinl, the ahin. canslidae for wtm,-Drcse in Now York. tre f.inneal is the senior partner in the firm ol otrarlr, lmni.ourn a co;-- t firm well known, by erpllnr:o, , nt least, to every voter. Ilie ltcrean :re knolerdge, practical as well as theoretieal, long since placed him among the very first of his tlas r in tlh er!irnittvie ofall business men; he is, beyond doubt, onle tI Ile most capable ment amona us to represent in Corngress the commercial inter est of this great city. Individually, he is a man habre reproach; ponesesirrg an enlrghtened mind, and,o at degree which has rendeerd iren the Ihen of mltcnc rearlnr grant modal wrth, activrmse brneo. lneet, and a heat ahich exercises kindnees to all, froma the sanctified motives of phlanthropie isn clination . Ioti air \ontre ioSma. PIeter Ill IEngle,. a De m'rler an Repuielian ti elected delegate to Con. gress from Ilows 'ertritori We have seen sufl. eiclt relurns to justrify the bell I that (ro., W. Jones, en unwaveras Democrast, is reel'ed to Congress fram Wisconsinethongh the elsection did not turt -n national ipolities, lerrs will be two more Detnocranic States in a few nmore yenreAStop that ll!' Quincy, (l.) .4rgas,. Eagle is notelected in Iowa, h r. Argus, nor is Jones elected in Wtseonsin. Both 'l'errituliss have elected Whigs. So, etop that bawtl.' -Prentice. Ladiesalhredd not meddle withjire arns. A sad acectden took place at ;itnsum, N. I. on the2lsle ult. at the high Schooal ill that town. h'irie tile young ladies were aut at recess nne of tllem placed perrcussiaon reap upon k gun found In In adjrining rotan which they erippaed not lIaded. Shr fired tle gun, anid tlte whole charge it nlntained (nmore thin 50 shot) was lodged in the shoulders and becomens of two yl ng ladies sald ing ni togethlber, at arout 520 fees dstalhce. 'the school and neighhnrhood was in painful ( state of alarm fearing the injury would prove fatal. But we. understand that hopes are entertained, though the wounds are very severe, that their lives may be saved. Let alone the gvns in future and mind your books is our advice.-Doter Gaselle. .4 Backwoods Heroine.-A friend, writing to as Irom Helena, Ark., under date of the 12th Intt, says:'last week a Mrs McBride of Monroe county, a widow lady, was infjrnmed by one of her chi'. dren, that the dogs had treed a Panther within half a vmile of tile house. Having no ammunition, she sent to a neighbor's and procured powder and lead, moulded sonme bullets, loaded her gun, and proceeded to the place and brought down her game at the first fire. The report of the gun started up another panther near at hand which ran up a tree within half a mile of the other. She again loaded her gun and killed the saeond also at the first fire, from one of the tallest trees. What would your city ladies say to this? I happened there the same day nod received the statement from herself." -Louisville Jourtnal. From the American Monthly Magazine. From the scenes in the life of Joanne of Sicily, which is a finely written historical scrap, we take the following affecting incident. "The Duchess implored her mistress to take some food, which foarninny weary hours had not passed her lips. She answed only with tears. Her dames strove with one accord to lead her thoughts from the costemplation of her misfortunes; and she gradually became composed, and relapsed into silence. They were deceived by the outward selnblance of tranquillity. Clemence seized the favorable opportunity, and taking from one of the damsels a sentall ilver plate containing breed, and a cup of wine, placed them on a salver, and offer ed it to the Queen, praying her jintly with Agnes anl the Lady ofD)urazzo, to take it if but for love of them. Joanna smiled sadly as site took the bread, and commanded her companions in misfortune to oraw near and partake her meal. There was an era. harrasttng silence; and tile conviction at length lashed upon her that the sole remaining miorsel of provision the castle afforded was nefore her. The terrible knowledge of their utter destitution had been in mercy concealed from her. The Queen arose, and without uttering a word, while all stoo.d alarned at her strange demeanor -began to break in small pieces the bread that had been offered for her use. Then going round the hall, where the dantes and female attendants were arranged in mournful adence, she distribu ted it among them, giving a morsel to each; her deadly paleness and the quivering of her lips alone marking her agitation. Then seating herself 1tt was necessary to endure even this,' she said, 'but all will end here, believe me all will end here! Give not way to despair, to-merrow ye shall he free! I promise it you oil!' lier voice sounded hoarse and wild; her affright. ed ladies looked doubtfully on each other, as if mutually fearing to communtnicate the discovery of the frenzy of their mistress. Auction jargon.-The following humorous sketch of the peculiar verbosity of auctioneers, is given in a po lice report in tile Boston Post. As this professional jargon is the same every where, the specimen will do just as well for one of our own sons of tile hammer. Going,going, gone.-A gentleman hailing from New York, and tnswering to the rapi,i nume of George Gal lop, wvva brought tp for nttttkilfntl drinking. When overhnuled, ft.t the loat time, at the corner of Prince & nlltcver streets, he staited thoatt lie was on alletionee fron Now York, atnd, toil a stranger in tlis ity, hod forgot his nonmther. Tle Citarley wanted some proof of lsui profesions, ntrl eposed ,' as n taste of 11s gttoli ty tyot he shtoul sell the lan -post closel r. Gelk cop leaped at the propositint, and trollint upt to the post otlt, kttceld se ll it New York style, tllus: " GentIlem, lol ot ogve eyour attenotion, wlile I ell this lump ost, out d gas light anid contents-vall good as newC, and omse a little hotter. lTh light torilliaot, as you ean see, gentlcmen. a hat's olB tre, o who'l give me a hild f-willig to eoettiiee with a t ow saI , In goive every oIr a shone... Alll I oftlred a qllotttr rl-u quarter ia olertl-a helf, shall I hnve it --the past lonte is worth tell tilat the nitlet,n getoulecen, even for old iron--tiglt wailth a little altratioin Ie made into a ship canno, or a field piece for tle l'exian or Coanada market. A balf I'moofered--who'll soy an eiglthl Five-eighths it is, then--wh'll saeto nher-- Ihve it -who'll say a clollar?--quik oritou'elllose it. lltnk o, air, hat shw Atwe lo spirit. A doltlar-two bidloer --ho goes tile other qurtlr. Tie light in warranted tlnt to go t tit til the g i all gute. Spek qlierk, than-a qcutlrtr I have--just see bow tila liglt p brkles t -the rlotsrtte of looking at it hurtintg nb ru, is wort o twice ilo oSill now t i . Yos look owr--ifloe properlies t fgas hadt t td hndi.t:,erd when the Iniverse was erenet , it" celestial I cand aemar of tie sn, otto aud istars would not itnve leeno Iecdoldl, nor tytuld it

orve been oeersncrv too PorV II tie itLr oe llu red of, to naillp vror, o aRrk nitlloc. NeitIher sllolid we have Itsanloecaeion to sttdlv utI rotOunIv or ]botletr our heads shloun t enlltloot atl ior eontritincnl ilroes. Ally ur. go ihe hllf, thn--th dollar anld half. Gioitg, gtong-. thave you all dole, tl --goe-t-one dollar and a half-it is yotrt, sir--losh. Chil/d eutgol bl on Eacg.le--The Nonvclliste Vaudois, Fro:nclh papre, slattt lhot last Year a ttong chi!d dlsappeared near S,. 'iourice,in the Volais., and ltis year a snilat event hlovin also occurred, no trace t.l th ehildren could he found, except a lshoe and souekinv oftheote last lct,aend rthle opinion prevailed thiat sonec wild beast had desto)ed thetm. Two eagles of ennrmnrssizle ind boen observed in thIe nei.lhtlorlhood, andl it was c,,neluded to watch hm to tc tetofiend it puossible itheir nest. After luong search, it was dosecvered a few days sincu among some lofty rocks & found to he thalt of the gollden eagle. The tid hirls were away at the time, anld two fine eaglete, standing tto feet higlh, were vrought from it, buo~ u the helottn of the nest and on the rocl near it were Iha blanched tones and reminas of the drecees of the two poor lchildreon abovre alluded to. FOR NEW YORK. S ThI fant sailing new ItrigFJ lEIBRSON Capt. Watis, will sail i wn a I days; far ,aO sage only, apply to l WOKI POR'I'ER, nll 93 Common a FUR liAbL RE. - The A t and fast osailing ship MATTA KEESE'r,Cnpt. Sptrage, requires 300 bales cotton to till. For freignt of which, or pas 9go, htaving very ihandsooe accorLnomd on"dtl ap ply touvl4 L H GA,1u. novr 03 Cotnmon si I O.i'lCE. I"The barque Dmnaaricotta, Capt. Stetson, from I.on' on, is di-iharging near the, uitper press. Cotn signeas will ittk' ont theirperotits ad att ent to tile ro ceipt of their goods. LEVI H GALl, novl4 93 Comu.mon A SCIOONER of the napaity of 100 hhds.Sugas to load for lMobile. Apply to n LEVI H GALE, nov14 93 Comtton st NO I iCE. SURINC the temporary oabence of the sbhscriber fDoot tie city, Charlos BrIiggs, Req. will act a ois authoriaed ugent, aud to him all' Ihving businesa with hle undersigned, willphease apply. nod 12 JAIR ILSNLEYJUN. nnolI1 tOO--tf Of/ice Ate Orleaons and,1 Xahtille R'I. Rd1. Co,0 November 14th, 1930. DRAFTS on New York t igt sight for ale, in sumon to suit purchasers, at I percent.tlre tliuu. JAIIES II CALl}WEI,~, novl4 Pres't. "It()I..A" 'TO RAFFLE. - T IHE celebrated New York trotting horse, hROI.A,' Swill be raffled for on Satotrday the 24th instant. 7 his very popular nnimal, the, winner ,) so many ravee, and possessing such uudonbted speed, and bottom, in now i tihe best possible condition, and mnay be seen at any time and particulars Iearned atthestable of OLIVER DUBOIS, Tattersall's. in St. Charles st. eorGr ovir ltChances $1o each. nowlfi-td. BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles 4t Common street, EXCaHANoE HOTEL. JUSII & ALl.AN would respectfully call the at tentio, of citiens and straumgers to tlhair coupleto assortmae otl feoclentmea's liaeo .hirts, do calbric, with linet fronts. fashionrble linen fronts: linen cul larc: silk, colltton d Idio IIotdEr shirLs aUdl drawer: cambric aond ilk handkerchiiefs: block and fancy eta vats iln grat variety: stocks ok'evely description: gnu elastic nd cotolu sitsro oelcrs: silk, coUon altd thread gloves: gents iosakin gloves: uobrellas and canes gold mnounted. A:,-Splendid nassortttent of itladies and gents wri ting desks, dressing cases, port folios. poerfuery, cut lery, and rich fanuy goods. uno l4 ONDON POR'ER--U casks reaeived per lant, L fir sale by IIOLrIES & MILlS, novl4 9 Bank l'lace p )'lA'I'lOE .-0 hampera Potaones, anlt 14 kegs Loo h fine lcrrings received per Mars. ftr sale by IIOLMES & 0l11IS,. Snov14 9 lantk Place C(COTCII BONNE'-S-50 Idon fttr sale by SHOLMES & M' LL.S, 14 9 ILa bk Place jAINTi0-l4 pokages, containinttc Verdegris, stal fine Illak, tscaes O:', litding froct a ltooeler I)a yid Coffin,and for sale byI ISAACBRII}GFE&CO, nov14. 131 ttetazino st AI.AMANIIRE SAFES ofallaz- sie wnrated Sfire prof, for sale byh ISAAC BRIDGrE & CO, arlc 134 dhnnazie st -t LASt--?t4 pocktngc: Apoltioectre Glass, osrsot, h Oa ials, pnttamtted;tine li IcEnselle do. (Cas tIr (il boteas. andt Vials, landing frum brig Swan, from IPhiladtellhia, ftr sale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, nouvll cr Cottlnt t& 'chopit ilan I LAYIN-i CAILDS-'lha cihbrikera have jUSt Sroreceived a large assorttent of Playing ('erdq, from the onatttfaetories of tlumphrots, Crehore, Bartd! et, Sautadr. Fortl,td uothers, and comtpriaing every nvariety nfllig.ilanders, MIerry Andrews, iarry viii, Decatur, Fulhon, Eagle', Liperial, Lafayette, Pokr &c. wholesale utd retail, by LeEKS & I)'LANtE, nov14 18 Cnntl ste S AGG.ING--And Rloe Role:, for sla,' bo u READ 6, BARSTOW, novl4 7 Boank l'lace. UGAuI -O6 hhlda sor sale on planlalIor, Meer the READ & BARSTOW, nov14 17 'ilk Place OMAN CEMENT-direct importation from Lon don,in store and for sale by READ & BARSTOW, nov14 6 Bonn Place j ANTED-Five good Tin smiths, to whom con V tant employment and good wages will be giv- 1 en; also two Copper smiths. Apply to M H DEVEREUX, nolv4 26 Tchopitoulas at O IL, UANDLES,KLRSEYS-85 barrels Tanners SOil; 20 cakes winter strained do; 10 casks summer trained do; 70 hales Kerseys, now landing front brig Seabrid, or forsale by LEVI H GALE, nov14 93 Common st - PERU OIL-.l casks summer strained Sperm SOil, lanJiugfrom brig Governor lCnddiltgton, for sale by L II GALE, nol4 93 Common at PCOTATOES-900hn'ampers Potatoes, of a snperior quality, landing lrom ship Roelseter, and for sale by LEVI It GALE, novl4 93 Common T A7Oi¶3 .5, hnmptames P. ttoes landing from Sbarque Eophrlate, and for Pale by S & J P WHITNEY, nov14 8 Coni st O LL--b23 taskk various sizes fall and winter strain edSperm Oil for sale by I' R HYDE k BRO, nov14 -. ar Common o r Maoeazine at SONDON POKIER -.ilt don London Porter, land ing from barque Euphrates, for sale by S & J P WII TNEY, nov14 8 Conti at $16,O0O! Capital Prize. Tickets only $5. GRAND STATE LOTTERY Drawn numbers of the Grand State Lottery, Class 51. 75. 7, 59, 74, 21, 29, 41,5, 25, 62, 30, 40. ( IASS No. 52. Aluthoriasel by the .Legislatre of the State. To be drawn TIIURSIDAY,Nov. 15th, 1038, at 5 o'clock, P. M1. at the Merelhnt's Ex change. S. DAVIS & CO, Managers. 75 Number--12 Drawn Ballots. SCIHEME. I Prize of $15 000 $15 0110 I do 4 0110 4 000 1I do 2 500 2500 1 do 2 00t 2 000 Sdo 500 I 500 o I 000 10 000 10 do 500 51100 1l0 do 300 3 I100 111 do 250 2 500 12 do 150 1800 15 do I10 1800 118 do 100 14 8110 6:1 do 50 3150 63 to 40 2 550 63 do 30 1 69011 63 do 20 1 260 126 do 15 1 89000 3,780 do 10 37 800 23,436 do 5 117 10 27,814 Prizest a nting to $229 590 Tce I - ne $2 0- e 1 Chartres 25. Packages ot'5 'Tickets for $125, warranted to draw at PAenagen of 2.I hall ticketsa2 50, warrantoed to drsan at ent $0. Panckugesor Qof urter a ierN et 631 25 war I totted to dranw at least $15. Fort Pckogoc or single Pickets, or, Capply at t Captive novl ri Cortmreon at IIORSE AND WAGG2IIN FOI SAI.E. io FRoST'I' rote s entloe larr, othe one.d to oarnd lrtlhre lft. Apply at Tniterteoll. novl3 ir., in v.o Pieaiont: or, Captiveit Capitire, Iby t. I). Snitiner. 'It Ie lrriio.Senate; or, o secondl rires oFf flood,,,, Rmeptlaetinnf ththe Inorde and u,,uir , ily Itbe i.r,. I tleorlh (hiaot Meotopolis, 'lim Bll e oacli and tie Itain, sin volts. R 'rinciptes of Polilicsl Econota,: part the Seconnd: of tie crauisees whieh retardl icrells ill to1, prodnciion l \Wcalh, snId iprovelellnt in tile phvsicsl and mor al colnilion oi Dtan--,y II C Cnreyv attlwr ,of an Eo t say no hile Rte ol Wavs-- vol .va. r Just received and ior sale Iby at VI 5l'KEAN, S oetl3 cor Calllp & oLll'on . , 1 CITY tOTI,;L, Corner of oemon and anamp strets. Iii R. & MRS(. GEG. SHALl, have thie m leelro i of itformiag their friende and th ltpuhllic, that the Hunse so aoorn hblv kmnowen B Bishop's Ilocl will be opeeld tind \entletedllv, til 141. list. for the recep tionofcnpnnvn. Th'I'ev' havl had Ihe llonse thIorouglh trlyrepaired andnewly farnished ithrouLglllnngh t end be, leave to ass(ure the tiravclor antl citizen,¢, that whatever tepotation the honse ic htim trgah irh , in pr dt, ' 11)exertions oil theirl loLt allill Ie wanliin to n aiulu ill it hlNreater. A (Ciollati.n will bs oprrnd tt 11 o'cht-k oa the nlorn iin, of lie 1 ll, in-t., to which thie public in respe:tfully ilnvited nov3:l FURNITURE WACREROOMS No. 5:1, iienvlie vireo. WV 1I.IIAM I. C'AIiNE:I wnould reup.oetfilll in fan, his friud+ fim th~e i lu ic that lie, is oen. ltantly receiving from Now York aod Istlon a n ,oo sanods, looking glnasr.e, feather;, trceddige. &e. NB. Furniture packed for tranrportalion willh cnre. novl 3 NOTICE. S4ECOOND 1MUNICII'11AIITY 'vI:'A.l F RIRYCO lThe toecklholfderno hih CCn omVbi re elreby n utiedl, lat teir lte for he Forth Intrltalnt to il Ie palllnd payable on the 5th nist., attlle I ance of lfth Firemannl' Inotlnee (Conpauy, No. 45Citnlo street. novl :-3t of i e geanuine arltiele, aunt rceivd by REES & I)'L.( N;RE, nov13- 1I Camop u t CuOIa)GNE WA'l'El-I'eefu.ry &., jut dinii, front the ship Salem. A plelodiil article of C:. logie,puttlip eXprelnsv fir lhe retail lnide also tlh plre[t Frelollperfllery, embracing every variely fot the toilet, for sale by RETS & D'LANGE, nov13 18 CaImp o O.IOMBS-'l'lhe sulbscribers ave jllst opened sever. 1 al culR of Combs. e IImn TOP TORTOISI TUCK. Quill top Toretoise Tok, do do T'wint, do ino long, do do ltolf, do do Side. BRAZ.ILIAN cOmns To all the above variety of Englidll, French and A mlerieon lanlitacuture. Ivory fle tooth Coolbs, in all tioe variety of size and Po ket, Rack, Horse. coarse and fioe, and all other Combs, for sale by REER & I)'LANGE, toovl 18 Ctamp At i1 t'.it'll ull., CA • I)LEn, &c. 5000 galls. WVinter presed Sioenn Oil, 5i00 ido Foil strained do 3000 do Refined Whale Oil, in barrels, 120 IonrrnelsTaner's Oil, 100 boxes Sperm Coandlee, 750 do Nu.Il Rhostoo oap, 100 barrels No. 3. Mackerel, for sale by WIIITRIIDGE & C), novl3 76 lMagazin 0t ItY IIOIUNY & CRUZAT. iyaluable Roeal Etalb e ot a ruciion Wl.TIl. be odll on 'I'llounv S, ill istantl Ilt 12 o' clock, at tlh City ExcFlange, St. Louis tnreet, SFOUR VAI.UABLE LOI'S 01' GROUNII, ThiT0 wi th te huildings tlhreon, fienling tlocornee .LJ.M,.of New Levee and Ilunter streets, imediately fronling the Orleans Cotto Press. BIildings on thiis eligible site would now readily rent atoi a hig rate, oltl are ,nuch in demand naotlwitbtand ing tle malty improvetments now prnogressing i the vinioity, all of which are eagerly engagnd before 0 i isie all tile streets anlid IalUlqoees ore already pa vei. P'ersons nwishing to Iblild Dwellings at Storer have now a fine opportonily to invest Iprotiahly their eapital. The pln oxllibited at tbe City Eoxchangl. T'eron will Ibe liberal. Paltiulars ot oale. nov 13 OX CHAIS--ImO dozen Ilto Choirs, jout re S eoived, anil ulitalblo for shiipping for sale at thel Louisana Flurnliltroe Ware Roolnms. lov13 Will B CARNES. A SELECT and treal, eupiply of Dry Co aoemincv 11 ery de'nripstion, for Scene painting; Oil and Wa ter colors; BIrushes and artists tools, anlld an extensive stock of superior VARNISHES. Imm the manufactory oft' II Smlnitll & Co.,compeini g in Nos. 1 & 2 lurnilture" No. N & oonell Varnish, and I & 2 ordinary ldomestic Black Japan, and Brown do. Also, 210 kegs Crome green, in 15 lbo. ech,, ground it oil, and 150 cannistere superiur Fren.l green, also i oil. l2 berrrels Spirits of IPtIrpertlilt and Ililed Olil. Artilst's Colors, &.(lReeves SF Son, I.ondon, and 41 hones FrellneI Lake, fur sale at the Paint Staore of thle ntbneriber. IIIONI)EI..I, iut*7 511 Camp t FAI.L FASIIIONO. illIE subrcribers tak o e Inv to inforl Itbeir patrons. and the public geeuerllv, tlhat they are non pre. pared to exllibilt their fall fashiont. 1OS511' 4' ('i, Fanlionoble Ilhatters, Enelhnge Illoel, li lO ~St. ChIarles t NOTICE. 1lllIE aubcribers have this ,lay formed a Co-prt' Snerrlhip.under the firm om G(i. . Pritcl, rl c and Jo. Tagert, Jr.,forthe transaction cl tile Grocery I.u siness,and hlave ,leoted themselves at the corner of Algatiue and Poyldras streets. ''hey will keep con. ltatlltyv it land a gneroal uitlpIly of fiimily Groceries and straOIt Ilboa itores, and .oliit tlhe patrounge of tleir friends end tile pobllic. G W PR[TCIIARD, J.1)5. rAEItl', JL. nov12-1838 TO LET. A IDwelling house, ruitable for a snall rIt t family, situaoed on Nnvodes street, frOlltill., S 'I'iuli C'irle. Aloe, tIle fmn'tnra in house oer nale;it wnr all po l t ertdollltrortlhato nry lown'rte, nold ill beva$ltl antn ltrgtin. F'r ftr thLenpartirulars,nnqutire of DAVID FEILT 4. Co, New York St'tiiotterr' Ilall, ,ovll 2CItehartrs sJ wmM . . .--.. am --- .. I St. Charles Theatre. TillS EVENING, NOV. 14, Will be perfibrmed the Drama of the lURGOMAST1'ER'S DAUGHTER. The Burgomaster of Cologne Mr. Paret Epihreinl, Prren Lnllsn Pearson Hans Bolt Cowell Adellde, Mrs. Farremn Nine, IHarrison An Overture by Orchllestra, Previous to the Burgomaster's Daughter, THE WIDOW'S VICTIM. Jeremiah Clip, Mr. Harrison, .Mrs. ReulLton, Mas. Farroet. TO MERCRANTTS. ID21ERCITANTS can Ihave a BEAUTIFUL CnIRCU LA atnrrwk off atfontr hour NOTreCErz, hy anllingat the Compting Iloonl of TRUE AIMEIICAN PanTnsNo OFFICE, St.Charles Exchaonge, adjoining itle RIDU Inn RooM at Corner of Gravier street. NO CURE NO 'PAY. D-R.JOIllNSON, Office 14I lienville streetr, con Sines Ills practicei to tile treatmient of Venereal Disease,un all its diiffrent filrmet. DrJ. Johtaon, from a residence of ainny yenrsin Ilons pitals in Eunrope, devoted to the treatmnut of Venereal Diseases and[ from his tresent oextensive practice in that particulnr branch of the profession, guarantees a safe, ntoedy and effectuale cure to nsuch persons as are tloubled wihll etny of tile following hlieanes, vio:- Gotlorrhoen. GIceus, Strietule, Chnatcrs, Rubee, Sentintl Veokness, Affectiont ofthfe lllddler, Kidnecys, Iiat, Urethra, prostrate (lInnd, Swelled Testicles, Ermtptious on the Skin, Sore rThroat, 'ainos in the S Anh the numerous aymnptoma whichl generelly follow ihie dhisnenc. lRecent cases nered in two or ihre. days withollt the use of Meret r inctrrinption from business, or altera tion in the mode of living. A metdicin to prevent Veneretl isean e can he ob ta;ned of Dr.Johtnson. It is from the recipe of tile Baron Larry, a celebrated Freinch Surgeon, and was Isedl b In dnring lhesevernl canpaigns in whlich the served osnurg.aon eneral in nt i 0French Anoy. SoiId thy Or. Jolinson, nt his office. Those persons ) Iavin og nyafte lin of Venereal ih)isae and ei ont I ytakig sea wleyrgem, or reoovilg to the country, woull do weltl ly givilg r. Johnson tha call, as proper medi ines aor therir care in the horlact tie can bhe pu toip with wrilte iriciena fo their a soe. O ice open fruone 7i the nornilrg until 10o'eloenk at eight. ABERNETIIt'S IDYSPEP Itc ELIXIR. tir. Abcrirnthy, the greatest of Autgllh etrgeoos awat ol opinion thint ine-tentho of thle diseases thInt iaffect rIllnbikilnd originate il the stotnleoll. Tb Ehlitir ne. Iused by him woiththe y etstt unnerrerdented etr ieet it Ihii pri'niotItoI ultphhic picltice for uotwardl of forty Iyear, for tille removal of Ihe filhawiig diseatse: Loss ofappelite, Flantlency, Dintenlion ofthe Stot oahPain in Ihe side, tteoviilss of tile en d ndl iAncli nion to slerl, Irregularity of tie Iowels, ant li ila eases Wlleret udigestion or a costive oinht is fonud to enist. This metteiner nulstnlntth nelltoeclt cnong thie host ofqolsck Iloslrllco now heforc tile pubhic, as it is t t sole invention of the ablest and nas ec ieotific surgeon Europeo ever pcldued, ai Ihe secret of plrepnriLtg it nas pimn hIO d by tile agent for vA, ry larg csun ti is Sagreooe and pIleoaant ro totictar e, acts ns nild npor iottt.olwnys kepas the howcs free, imparts vigor nand srenogln to tile sycllla, a clleerftllnkes ls t tal Ittla, and ia few :otRlt renlvoea tile nIoolt enltrnd casest of Ivrapetistio sliigt nd prcvcnl return at nrtr Oiny hinotre criod. Naw Yont,t17th A agnt, 113fL. l5 hitltilln. stlroet. SIR:--laanlrcn lleeq eeeflettt g a eed-ntllry rite, I hloe bsi tuhh'o littthct ytirhsittwtho i~hci.,+itglt ore IIrii tTrlll;i helr thle lull three y~llila I\ lu'ciySliwr I gs ve cIli illsupocrth!c. I have triPo sut vrll I wet .% inottIolll ittcofqttoli r (Itquk oll itiilhl , w ott tiroioi env htleleit. I dts shed +if ever ohltfinilajt V Iill reli,,f, illl~l ·~i't+ llled Ill~r ii~ lf tihe to liitd i.le ltlm tn-r. [ wase pcrsllnllld t tIensl' t l oiollllo iIctre AIbIoIIrV'f t vrl~rier. I 'wlen lr. I a l hi ve n o w ,h hiso t t ,to fot e Ito - ll,;. alltl knrw nt how to el )r r ul v ll ~I" :i w~lld o~rfll[virttlca and Ih ulic llllchlr it" (I:1 lam pcr rni,.(l i restornl i iIO I 0l fito htlll Ie hhl al,h·leh I tlllFI 0 0' ,. H t - ever.· dca~ llr Ilnshlf a dolrlEn hollellc mollre. Illill el~ell(p oty hthoni for hie bltstills tou oIhv c tlleofe eily rc nstlring nel topttlltetlieouhh. hrecnlnin vetrc, jA.ttt)l MONCIOE. Tile ngelllt Iin+! ill Iiis pnssel~sil,n severnl hllll redn1 los. hillloial s ,+ilnh" I1 llthi t alll,vtott ll" Ihe t xianllrt illt, lij v vir IOct oltlhit m1di,:inem. td.hlhy Ithqiltmmt'tt ult l +l)bt Jolhtlllno' I~lt) lienrilht . cilePt . tlank Chieekb, iilla or lfnihin, Atlioin Bills, Pnslnphletr, show hlln, Cmiia []jttltllll"Rofier tlme A/tn,-, tal ecetry oitlrc dee eriptioua oif tqqUlN' I'llI+..]] ,oir+'rrieel .ItCIIIIlliiII, liottti of' lth I ll lF~ILhib N, in erI. (linniko; I>.. ('H~aNG:, 311 dl~r~r Tr~,lll Ilravi·r ainlet. I.rcnmitre nal Ibotftil tltitiaitidint Jel. [ tiU,,rs. .rouNl [he bclIburl·s;, Ms "lldi s Ciril l he .ai&'d,t.lla h~(rej. i blen inmdded to heo rt'rltitly iel'il.orketl fSlonb/ishlesitt; --/rld t()allli:lt rri/I be r.'ccul.,l Il I~ow, aol (yhl~alyul, I :xltetitinlslt .tnd tulluBitiLtlllt, taal nny tither Olfico in Illlt (llay. Aro I --f at I.naw; P:rt lliri+, cluttilhlnlh(lok I. F1 rlls, (irenral snot i';liai,'d' flook II. The Statt. lJv Iranca Lieber, ll,''oIrs of Travels, in one volnme. A "Iri, tio 1+te i, a SOri, ofi I.ttere., to ihA Edi Woman a she oh-nhld I'e, atlI Womaan in 1. Social and I)ol etic Chtractlr, in I vol. Just reI:ecivd nill for dah by WtM. lhKF:AN, Oct 31 Corlner of Camp all Common streelts. ( UNN 1Ii' -I5b hales, I,: I bnehela,in reF IF and fur ahl, by T' R IIYI)I & IteO., oct".l cos (Ceolnlnn &+ Magazine r treet T` IlAI;I.E--Tl e hblk oit.hilll bnarreul ci, ble io-. ien in a irew proof i llrehola)e, inll .ot Dame sireet near New L.eve, apply to T IlltYDE & B.O, oct3Sn ri .O ommnlnn s & rlagazie l atreet T E lIE hnbcrilers ihae aociateidl themselves in hla ines il under thle firm of UIIRISTIE .' SIN NOTTI', anll slicit a contienuance of ti ti ptrn tge re ceived bIy their Jothn Chlristie, whlile elnliductig haeiana iI Iar, in ow into,, as Wheloreiale roner null Comnmission Merchant. JOHN CIIIRISTIE, nov2--aw N. SINNi"TI', Jr. CARDS 1? I'RINTEI) t Ithe elrleat Notice, in the lmostL elegant+ atner, in llack or Colored Isis, on Enlatel led, WhIite Flake, or Plain Surfhiocd CARDS, and at Priers eery reasonable at TRUE AMERICAN OF FICE, earner of Poydrae and St. Charles sta. &ceral New and lIeatifil Fouats of Trt: harPe just been add.d to the Establishlmet. Orders received at Compting Roaom, Ft. Charles Ex.change, 3rd door fron Gravier st. norll-tf Mondelli & Reynolds, ARICIIITECI'S AND BUIDI)ERS, I AVE rcmoed tlheir office to tile MEiiCHANT' 1 EXCHANOGc, 2nSit tor,, No. . Entrance from Eaehango Place, near thle Pot Olffice. ITEN DOLLARS Rl.WAVI D. R UN away on the morning fltle 30th October, the slave LCAT ARINE, a grife, ageld ahout thirty years; speaks French and English; is well known, and will try to pass hleralf as free. Thle labove reward will be paidfor her delivcry to the subscribers. DOYLE & MAY, 3 Carondelet at Caiptains of vesCecl, steam boats and others, are ean tinned against taking away or harboring the above na. Ined Slaie, lundlr the penalty of the law. oet3l--I t38 TUST received at thle Iouisiana i lFurniture Ware Rle oala, 53 Bienville street,h2l MSlaple and Cherry lBedsteadsl a first rate article. Also, a goat aasort ient o f aple, Walnut, andl Pointed Chairs, which will ie sold for tlhe lowest cash prices. W It CARNES, jy7 5:1 Ilionville street. OUFFI"EE-20 brgs old Java Coffe, now lauding T t IIYI)E & BRo, nov7 coar Cuolunnl & Magazine at N eRO C T'TONS--110 bales No. I and 2 Low ell Cottons, for sale by STETSON & AVERY, _noa ,0 8G L naliers iltA,. IIN(,S & Shtrtmga--2 bales Rutwia~ ieet . ing., and 5 bilaleas Lowcall Liada.)a, landing from shlilp No7oln,, lfr sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, nov9 134 MaIlgazine PERM CANDIIIE -131 bxes Naw I edi' .Csan-. . dies, landing from ship No.rtan, far ale by ISAAC BRIIDGIO & CO, nor9 134 lagazine st I)C O IO NS, e--7.i yca¢ea, olntailini--tepln's-,e Boy'S fine kip Brogans Men'sa extraaira : a i sset inc Ira. shlip Norman, Ianr sale bk ISAAC BIIIDE & (IO , nov9 134 MI gazine r I.)AIINS--10II baoxes ltn IatuKs.h ; a L 1,1t halfboxea do dii 100 qa artler d do dol 100 druom Figs, landini, for sale by CHAMI'I.IN & COOPER, ntv9 Li1Julia I)II.OT BREAD--50 bbls Pilot Bread in store. and for sale by CIIAPII'LIN & COIOPER, nov9a O2Jlia at IjITUMNATEID PEET-A new article, I5 bblls landing from ship Euphlrates, and for csale by S L')CKI. 4 (:d, nov9 H Plant L.evee TVltll ACCtIS-50 boxes Tiaoce, of 1 varitt.s brands, and for sale by for rale by ISAAC BIID(;E & :CO), nolv at, .gczit:eo Camp St. Thealre. This Evening, Novemnber 14, Will be performed the admired coneady of THE LADY OF LYONS! Claude Melnotte, Mr. Fredericks, Gen. Dlamas, Barrett, Beauseeo;nt, D)ebar. Pauline, . Mrs. Barrett. Oterture,by the Orchestra. After which the new Vaudeville of the LADDER OF LOVE. Chevalier, Mr G. Barroett Suzanne, Mrs Barrett. Dress & Masquerade Ball, WASHINGTON BALL ROOM St. Philipatreet between Royal & Bourbon. T "i Manager' of the above named Ball Room,grate Sfulto has friends and the public for thle onparal Illled patronage bestowed on him lnorseveral sesons, respecthally ifonrms thet tlhat ithe establiehteeut has Ieenetlalrged for the anmusement of visitors, and un dergone inunee repairs. The bar will be surpassed by nuns ia quality of liquors, aud tile Reslnurat will be kept by tle aelest ltentauratrur i Ithe Unitel States. Trime ro will re-open on.aturday evenong, 3rd of Noveleber next, by a GILANDI DRESS & MASQUERADE BAL., end will take place as usoal every Monday, Wetltes day and Sotutrdav oeoiilg, !urilltg tile season, which will and on the lst of May, 1839. N. Ii. 'LThe greateut attention will be paid to keep ing perfect order throughout the eslablishment, as was done last season. oct24 EXUIIANGE REh,\)lNtl RtOOM. j IIE proplrietor let re-fittel his R leading Rete, t i the St. Chnarlru excotange, Ctrttter of Glreier and St. Chnrles street, in thte neatest eanter. Besides all the orincipll Ipapers of the Unitod States, ofevery city and state. tile Catlldas,Tlexas tatd Mexi A inll llnvanna, (io room is regularly atdl extensive.. Iv supplied witlh the latest ESuelrpc e spapers, Lovd's I.ite, andt Pn-iea'a Price Current. Also ttith nearly all the Iaterary Periodicals of tle day, and Ias te rer pullienatisns of the IodLeant Ion.dinlterg Wesetintltee etropoliltan Reviews and Illackwoln d Mgazine. The North Anlorienn Review; thie Southern Iiter try,Knick whcker,Tlhe Aintetaon Journal of Sciences and Arts, Cabinet Miscellany Ienu:rentic Review, (Gentlemen'u a gazine, Ameriean monthly, Ilettly's M liscelltny, thl, Menieto Chirurgical Review, al a variety el ohrs. All these works are eegularly sblmcribed ILr anod ret-et* red. l'he room is also osnpplill with a large vttiety of naps anid atlases, Niles Itegister, Levy's 'rice Cur rentfiom its enllltltetlceentt Gazeteerr, tlnd a variety of works ofreferenee. The mnoeat active & itelrllig.nt news collectors trecum ploved, to give thie earliest arrivals, and lo pains tr ex pana will be sparetd to render tlhis lteldig Itoun ttle first the United States. Suhstri ttions are respectfully received. netl I--t) IL'I'. I1. McCalehb, Atttrney at Law, Itan reemovel his office to Exchange Alley, Ietween Couti ondi St. Loina streete. novl:i--tw FASHIONABLI.E I'ARIS MILI.INEILV. T llE subseriber Ihas the honor of infolrting the Il dies, that le has recetivaed per ships i.afyetto anti Mrettgo, a supply of fall atd winter M1illiaery, ofi tihe latest atnd richeet materials in Paris, which Mer. Scaalan expects to lav, op eedl anl ready Ibor examtn inatiat on Monday antI 'uesday next. D) ' SCANI.AN , nov3 25 Clhartree sP TIUIRPENI'rINE-15i barrels Cpirits of Turplentitn landing froul shipl I'erdnnett, for sale by JAILRVIS & ANDIcE\VS, D)rtggista, octr car CtmtnttOt & Tel)pithu lte Pt `I IGAiS3,1'O Pnicipe of superior quality now S in store, and Ibr salte by ISAAC BIRIDGiE & CO, i- AVANA SUrt;A lt.- Wbitt otod lrow. Itx Sn I of a prime qualit I nlia- n,[ ll i nhl b v S Bi tt o,\t \ i h,.A. SG BI.A INCIIiARt, tnov3at.. . 33: iresvi'r st Sil)R-I 0.1 - i) ne ,i-. -e.s -I- ISnlif- ofi'sea il I I n \n Val l t ine e t.;Il i t) e bl xest J ttdd't plttti w aile trdoll ol, redtl S.ple rIt nt-li,- a. s, l all lrs r le Six barrels coutry CatLor (0)il, ill sllru, for val," by S tWilT lt A II..\II), IARGOE nlltl llllllll illl- Ii on llover .e-y'a \ l t l' m1I,:, N N--The above ouuhs lis e n t s a h d rill rua.. til , n P ' l lo.lse a rl . ir ,r. _"umr e (·LI, b." / f Id, Brstol nd nlhilt ll ,i I r 1 -,& lci WIIIT_;_ _'_ t it, "t rr III: 1 ) 11 ice I eke Nl ew i n 'I,. ccc l ac icl," oil I(ieo" in nl d ved, fro"., un. l""r the IllilL' iulll Ilut' u, Nu. 7r, Pov ms etI c ccct a d a i Ic.: , I tc Iccc cc luli rilll be kril lel open unt ill I-1 t,, I'! .( 11. leer nollt h it.', 'l'lios url, loieIa nc farther Vv , l, nll lc patio tInPct PostOduae Ill '11. I , . noell I(ll).0 I XI1I'IIMN, FRIIESHI .1EIIl'l1l '.c-'Now Iurir cad ccc ccc Il.c lr lllnnccc~llll~a·l V,mlcccal'lccb'cclMc Rambler .adll Colomo.; .2:3pn Ia5esof 1edl e"Imes, sleeted under our 1-- lal obdllrintlolllexprusi ly for thcin maraket. Fourneaac, Calmeln 'J'lnt I na :lcnn ((lankl~lh ·I~l~llIIIWI( 4011 leenac Suli~cphate~ (katuicne, Twacriana uply. . Epanan. 'nlun rlLnnc puie Alcoholai, ltren b nIrr: s Alcm, Epsomac itd Dfdcler Suits, 'Tently boans liccad's 'cI'o Inic Mlaixtre. P(utili4,caocucd (linger, Jclcic, D pi 1111, $ (,r 1:1 apnpIenainl. l Leon Ilcalanlc Acid, iSodc,, edi onwdars, Soda Ponwders, c 'l c , lic seichby JAIkVIS &. A,\lIEWnt, hotlesle IDllruggist, _ ne I al (or i C anaI itid I Te kci lncia 210leaaaaIcn I I'iai.,i..nacn Blilccac.· nlaI IInc T part tlr i. and Cud Fi o lnl-ýIIl Hills. ul 1 No. I*, l `2 a43 Macerel, n whol and hilt'nilnr ur barrels-l 2(10 boxs of Co Fin, IIsie ni f al b ED. SPItADUE. ellt'30 9 2 C~ustoc 11cc,. an Fa by REALD & B,0I11 I(OW, A ýGNI"nIA-A supply lcifhyll 's ny'n uleab all : VEaaYni, andL Rliol'rs Magaen A perie n'cncn wa ralnteIdgn lillte justrcaived cy tauIn crccnibers. SICKLES & CO, ant'27 40 Cued tita V AILNISHESA-A Icage a~nd ext. aive alcnk Inoot themannA.latany of' IA B Smilth & Cc,. nomprnisag' in part fi.n fal~wiag: natra palishin.g an 1, do lna 9; iriiaa l no 1, dao nau , do :;nn l Aocahcanis ha Ino1,Id 2; varnish no 1,2 and 3 for ordiaary acn; black and brawa japan, far nale by anjdll Ii. CLANNON,12 Caamp at NOTlICE2. T 11 FIREMEN'S INSURANCE OF FICE, haa beenl tempnalilnremlcneLdl Reco d to 45C.anal atreet, anal a u.h larrnbana and T[raders Blank. anal- IIJAVIS-LalRnneaa d'da,,,snna nla I'+Pa'; nrat tnamparairnlanar ptllra ala no l45, ruiell dcaan I jaigllal Io Baaqnr dea Artliann. rano' k'1 HEETINGS 4' DILILINUS-4b kln 4-4 brona'c 8 i Snlvdga, and 10 Icaes i ne I ea illcapc i r Il. liatgn,laadiag cramt ship Dalmaatia, for sada by ISAAC fllItIDE & CO, anoe l34 Mananzc a AMnERICAN ALMANACI clir 18-l 0 aJne einrd ew cop ~iesaotll A~nlcan Aincannck lorlljo3, for manenby DAVID) FELl' & Ca. 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