Newspaper of True American, 14 Kasım 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 14 Kasım 1838 Page 4
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"- #ýY ieiid ote 411h4 is preiared to cepod te them at ir .stibtbehaserht: enl lop sofron her Po nider rositor. eforatI, ble, to re'eivel "0 ' f ,Oresei thvoc. ,io feels .n.o. n rniviiting Coviigtoen during the pz et fitrd hvtor rcoeestoodatiolns ti" o,''iet0 da li.toral terms. to Sa ituatd, and-well supplied ie 8 ei the hat is furnished with an S . in short, she promises 1 boalnit ing on her part to give B t ln t a~io it1"h,'.o may patronize the t and Louitana iotol. ju3 He l or Dr, it t, . t r S i.rd ldtof " harleston,o ° t d nd V or sinie years his assistant itn pfmehdioine And surgery,hsasthe honor referosiltel services in this city. 9 S ladiei and gentlemen that the most tion will he psid to the calls which 7i Iand also offers- his services to the p se, being well acquainted with the to '1 oqni p to thema, having attended them in l ne in Charleston. isandlbiliou pills after the composition P r tnoltle with directions, oan be had So e elg d fe efect which they have ( rodtced i this and other cities, has been attended SWig the te sureat ess, to whichl the best of it, eresce e aabe given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. ' street. JNO. M'LORING. IRONS, &c. ~llE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 'S38 Water, near Baekman street, New York,   have received the past season, and are constantly tdeeiving large and extensive additions to the stock b of the above goods, which now consists of the oillwing assortment, suitable for the southern and watern markets. . L.ollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, via, Pots of 22 different sizea, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, a Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovons, 7 different sizer, Tea Kettles, d do 8killets, . S do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oidddles, .- - 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. ' Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, Noe. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior r quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported retailing. Tailor's and hattelr'. Irone, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4 4 to 201bth. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the atterntion of Southern and Western mercharns, and are offered Ibr sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishent in tlhe United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with descriptioo of goods, pricesand terims, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive iumetdiate attention. New York, 1838. j:.3 t EiON SYRUIP & L'lCKlllS-Untierhood'a Le IA nn SvtallSl and Piiklee, rassorted size; also, 60O loSir of l.eis & lla.kell'l Pickles; for isle o crloo a coo.iveeu, by JARIVIS ANI)lREiWS, nl'. i or Coin;non aldi Telhuopitohl o pp.,,P.tAI-II hlfl bortxes o SopL, brand of Juulane S(iouhln for sale by IS.tAA URlt)iE & CO. mlft 134 Magazine srieet. 'Tt) I.E'T. )'f) Esta doeltHno nlnrmte "ritn streel, he twero 'l'lrvnli 5trieL' and earoild:let Ifret. dCo . pi p so teJ OTT, 9 lIE.EI.BARROWS, &e--25 Wheelbarrows, 25 Sdirt do. in .oi.e, fie .-le hy CIIAbI'lIN & COOPER, -t15 S .lIo a ts I XE\ anil ruled Cap i lld Le:ier I'lpc r, -fall ql ib Siies.emisrig of ver y I superr rior bhielac ed, liae and white wioe, adl d ruaid rooghl rege record cop, crllartaltly oiltihanl 0ld ltr sale by AVIivll FELT & CO. 'e3l N V Sitnio:eta.' llall, '-4 Clartree st. 1- I UbGS S o,,rat Coe':e 50 51 es , el3 doe rc.h lo-elle \\ ine. 1486; 50 do ol' do cc do 1821; 5l do :f2 do 1. 1' Prt, 181i; nn dlo ofe o It' , brow 1Sl.r,'lrv ltL-, (10 pipes extra al edir e. I ,or hi a lve IItlI OGIdNE, BillOWN '4 o. to ( lo.ti street. gI)L"ANKI.ou OKi., if eier vaoiivty Tf ruli-ng uid I lidi:Ct, trro .ita fly oil lau ,d:clud Pri e'ing, ttulini ond Bindiag clatsly exeric ed,at hl oft nok iie, byi hAVIii FEl.1 & CO. rei'h N Y .tntiinera' llill, 24 Clartrea at. i at fit -u-41 tIls fiurlth pi'ootf reoricaI Broads, SlIeding, fir rair by ISAAC B1OII)GE&CO. n.Lt 131 lMugarine .cleet. A NEWv twivo story hbric:k ouIe, Kitunted 5 doors S e l Itlh sS e c n d ?, ) u n i e h m tity H * ld , o n . t C lh n r :e s; sifete. Rent very lou, pioeCLSlOit .iveln rtllliellately Enlqutir o at the pre eiiiee. i ta29, if. rOLOUR--)00U bbla o Flor. lor rl,: byr m10 tG DOR-SY, 44 Neiw i. VV 11129" ;t.OREW, 44" \ew |.,.ve,. AA ti G _ Y A N ifi O' 2liioputt.4is t.iii tlu 151 coil Ropleo, laidiig from Amnb.~lt.t. rf rsale I by LAYE'I' & ALMEI.U.i, YOIRKE, BILOTHFIIER, )Je6 (iS Car)mp -trcet. NO MERTI fY t tConisa is e iNew Orlctlu-% I-.ov. lo ]. A BOLi' six mouth.i ago lhad ihe i einfirlcuie to gel it a'cret diceaus, for which I have at.plied to seve ral d,ctora for a cure, and they did not cute no. so i e on the above date I put t.yself unhier thb care of )iethui Hunt. and I expntet hn.nL to curie nc. :iee that lile the ditease gnot wrse, so as to brenk out in larg. oulcerv tb tihe umber of six or eight i ea It leg, inal allover. te t lac., end sen ti.ret, and not ahle to work at i1e ptesent tie .t. ol aceiiut of the; litrge uler o al the riglLt sie of th trtt, I ate n t r. tt.i 'toutinig myself', eonfdesntly uder tlnm care of Dr. Iluct, .f Prin, Sbe perfectly cured JOIIN DEAN. c tel 14 ly 1 DO' CY.RTI-'' tihnt th uve mclte ,e'uedl disneasue is e qI tui e well c urt: 'tn - my own satiif sti -e, for whic 1 e thelk Dr. litt;er auwl in ,eover I assl re tii t tii t et di- to odie I have tuakhtll iktl Ieo ft. and td ilm n i.ilre ily i nealth at all; therefore I advUse aoy f Iw cti!Tneers Ito lose no time au apply to I)r A. Hunt, 124-1 Ciiiul sttnet.-betweet Dauphint and IBourbohu ttreis. Ir. c Iluett ia at hiomue frn 9 n acluek, A .it til 4 P l. They will fad a tru ele tur fori tiin comlplant. JOHN JEAN, Ii G.ravier street. If any one wants to nee .t.enll ut No. 4I Giiavoi . treet, and they will he satietled. tohbe published at the optiinof I lD. I iet. I JIIIN DEAN. New Otibaeni-Fel , I14-38. ftl 1 4 I h T HE Geua iue'lndm . lfa iu: n iof ltn-i i, Iui t l . ti -. J: Itunl, is pit ip in bottles at tihe low price tiC 51 ceats el, eoinliiig the lof tble onelllles of Livelwort, bsnai loe thle irtuen l clittuv otler ritts and herbs known among the lndiacnc as eflficaciui ii curing pulntimare ecoplnaints. The u :jivelleil scesstr a ehiel has ttentlel the use ,fC i tlis itwsttuabltl li.alal wth ate ver it I is bele itltloao d1eed- "has it.eitmne the, iiole'tce ldi ret co iinenda tittns ofrespectihble ittyicinie, ft r the ft re of iehe ils, cold, ptainu i the sidt, want of re.t, sfittiig un blood, lvercomplait, &c. s t To whotm it may concern. Tlisii to certirv that we have in our practice frequently prescribed irs (;alrd onr'n Indian Balamn of Linverwort a d llIoarh.iiimiiid, itll i dlcided good effect: we can threfor, flon ithI kiiunow ledgo of the materielo it is made frmun, ndil cbhset atiuon airndexmrienee, reeehiulsiud it as a stperi.' pryimratmnio eor all tloe rieluetions of the Iineys for which it is re mmnu:led. Ai.BER I WI.LI . Ms, M. D. CALVIN ELI.IN M. D. Meinhen of the Boutoni Medical Associution. Boston. Oitoliere.t bolohy JARlVTfI& ANIIREWS, I Iy d , n- it ndI Pfihtlm t3,tti tre hy the Medieal Facultv. 1i CUTLII'S Efferrvescent Magnesian Aperient--Far lid dylpepsia or itndigestion, nervonus debilit,, gidtli toiniheatdulteacrl4itv ofi the stmlnach, bnbitUal coi - .itue.ou.l,eutaanusdie.'aee, gout gravel,,c. ,and nmch * u a genitl, noolintg purgative. - 'Thi dlbslepreptaratnon hlis received the patron agoefmmanty elinent membera uof t e proFia.iun, anid Iotn a dicernloi Itublic many rettraletable and uiseli ciail teol. |ni I fitt efficacy ae a medicine have beet .lhiett With all the pleaasig qualities of a glains of esala cster, it pmeeaeesi tioetio e sneclicitlni properties er'.eeinet elipr .ei alinous purgattvea; it Is pleasant - .ptlh.Nbne and gratefnt, t th stomnach. }I RTANT AU'T'ION--The increaning repute. .lottons goat deland for Butlei'e lllfeeetent Magne , a-..nnntr hea been an induto.tetit for ntto to of. M M . ass t t~ufthisvalualble iedcine, 'Purchasers aI s e.ualy warnedd of this feet that they may be a.#t]. a4adt InI tiaot prnOtie ni itmpore artfle. . tll te asereennatlulty iner ed ithat the ahoberi " it a tp ttymct.ley tt.htltt w the orl gaul ao1 ge. " lasg lind iam. Fporpale wlo r.tea d retail. S "BI(tKLE & CO. Agente. M " I _ 40_Caal ltteet,N O. l ,.lFAM B Vegebrllo flairOil-flr the retoration ý ,," *tT III .f'lamt gsrl lt a" -eat'aed thin Heir Oil asna efereti to the palic, it had In hajuahe l ede ame nf baldtnss, thinneeoaad a tii hLei tandl lteiry inotanCon its alutIary - . o Itd1ea1uneIe mk erao rfaifed to prdtlue ' hauidhle.rtow ttit a st head already wnwewras W tamotneen dry and coupes to grot wl , a soon .mk. i bealthy, and pirodue :8 siWtlJ fn growlth of hair. witot tn.te least S then head. This Oil give n an ngreenle fra. ad i Ias prefemab to y other ii for ipetr. -...mal., : arelg n ad glnsio l the aitir. Thp h it aata o dry slie.r tI.img i' For sale E at EEf& DYLLA\AGE. IMXONS hA lTRTT & CO, are now recietlroa ro lon" boare ship Orleana, sagle, Highladete, 1e oler v lety Andrew, French ahd Germantplay cards; Back tfam.oa Boards; Chessmeh, 1-4 andl 2 3-8- inch il aji nll j 8, 9. 10 and 12 inch blade Bowia Knives; Leathser ndl othlr treelosli'lr lressing lses; Bellt, S i'ckehr, tilnrsmee ls, and fleslling Pistoln doubhia and silt!e hbsnie'ld iuns; (lme Bsgs; Rhot Blelts; Powder hi and Pistol Flusks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Clips; i Prccsesios, Caps mod Cap loldeors; Clotb, Iair, Toth ut sdt Nreil lessnaaes; Oreasod Chtlorioe Tooth Wash are l'sslh Powder;, Toilet snd Shalvig ilSoaps, in greattvas l riste' lOIg Wler Besids, Ringlets nd Friseites; Pear: l tril'I'oilst PoWder; Funrv Bags; Ivlory Tub Ceillilene: na Patent Slides nor Gartersc Gum El!stic .uspncders;l r Powder PutIf nnd Boxes; ilt Chains, Seals and Keys; Ear-drops; Waiet Buckles; lracelets; Bead Necklaces t and Chains; Gilt and Slivered Beads; Indian Blelds, Bells ad lllrnea; ,hsell 'twist; Side sed cDresinr ll Co ohs; whlich,in addition so thellirfsrstr stock en hald, Ca makes their sesoreaent very eotpletr, and will e sold 'to ow nd on liberal ternms, at thel sigl of tIle Golden es Coleb. i2.5-tf 70 Chltarres street. IllEH. ,h-criber-, Agerts fr the extensivre house of he I W. S&i. Bntcsller, Sll7celd, Enrlannd, heav juIst a reeived a very extresive set of on'e ,nte, collistingSol o th lable andl I)esnrt Knivese of e"l ,n' tdrsseltitn, Plit , Pocket, iltk, nod Sprer pIoiil Rnaves; Rsteles, Vi. ' to tora. R.le .'ool'el, . &S. oe &e. which they are prrepres d Is o eahilit to tir le des lr a ords. 'Terms aind conditiost b wili e a l i n r l k lown t st lit ti'e. Gti inla6 Ja. ). IIIN & A CltI.NN.9 l lsn mln at.e NEW CGOtiS. d coIMrMONS, HART'i' & CO.--Aren sow reeivping tl kI er ship tllltstville, Eagle, Merry Atndeew, Hliglt lh alder, French oald (eranls doule henltld avin enarsl Yt iter, elt andll In*stkrt pistols; loine rinll ad sclo lit l cassiou caps;., ea llhlers; eciss'rs, lRazotes, Oan. vera; Gillots's commercial anIl oither teel pens; Vie- fot as; Viclia slinaes ll shell, ivory sld honrn eollt; woners; e k, helad ad llelather ltlrsrasl hair blaiols, frtonstsd td n oet rsnglels; trgro pinfel ; cerms i sansl FretIeh colomnlst le vatelr, Rowlnlls llaccnsser oil, inlitatio do; anotilue t !ctl bears oil; ptealoble desks and dlreltin e:ases: t ast h blocking; stoatlanl toilet gldahsesr convex Iirrorsr; ot eul glasses and views; Indsian hlsads, blls aods Ipumes; eorieon; whirtwinettrilet sild shrtillnrs iollps; toiletot owoldr. cismctis wash hall.; sceued sautilt t shlons;es pool tads;al sI'ew cushions; fancy I.iad ehaits anld n necklsics; billiard btllt; losnloet bookst ali wallets; e Getomae horesl; azor sastnr; fine td eml tssn gtnllm olastic slslsetlel-s, garters do; Bells luteifer noathesi sil- N ner pencils; Creyos. &e. O&c. 1 Tilre ahov in odditien to olu" frerr stenk of flesy pV srticles, makeso,lr :Issrtlneat s ere' c,mlcmtpete. FYor salee wlolesale or irtesil; s the signl of ihc Godelnt Conlti, 70, , s .heiPr,'a ateret. slan. d, l eOTICtE--Tlhe prtnersrhip of" KEll t. lllMsn &C, r Sof New Orlenan ; lllell, lierris &Ceo.,s fNaclellz;h ndl Harris, Kelicy &Ceo., of tode, was dins o I le 21stl of May slat, hy the death ofSOisellei A Maso, oar of the lpartrners of thilhe f s. The uodnrsigoeld, aesrvivisg partlersr, eill Ib lfargedif with rthirle s ilole and loiste.. id lusiritess as ftllgws:nnn LeviC tlarris, will asllsend to tit sntslise of tlrllr aihireso of Mssoll, Iarris& (Cs., sit Natchez; and ilrris, Kel ey & Ce.,is IRudney; sd Heanrv Ktlle v ill attld to he eitlinl of the hbsisres of Kelley, 5lau<on & (o., Rat rNew Orleans. T''he nles of the 'everal lirsst wsill be used io liglhhldtiou only. 'hose ilidebteod totsid o ri rl e. e re eorellve rrqnted conse Ibraroend Ill n keo arly ettlelrtsrne; sClld those hlavitlg elailos ill pleae ser e thlsetr lssiloteolu dOsec. I LEVI C IIABIbIS, IIENRY'KELLE. . . New Orlels Jsalln 27, 137.o a lEAN MARIE FAIInrA'S COItltiNl, W¶I'svFI Scases mar-1lies of this sp elrior Cologn"l water, just received nd fire saote bto tlhe dozen or sitgln bottle' Also Aillnrltnllll nsio iech tilet p.wie, plder r.tnlh otlll ss shatl inc and tolilet soaps, aosntticr wal balls, milk isf ruses. t .seir es 'ols c axtr s1 o rol k.,he sls, Wid' vegelabl hair oil, pomnrllll, I nslll ve lln' In"llssidslsnI ldenr, rose aellll bluv wtllerl's c Prctb m:.'s sUiy, 1al.'-Cilln perailnl m ry ill tl'lllltem. 've 1.lll Ile r id liqull cuht-Ile, (hldorilne alnd Orl'ris tootle wash, eotl, ,hlir, toothll nl wil fl h s lbrushes; tgetoher with ot adlitiolt, supplyI of fashisonalle Iloss le shell oelbs alld jP'oelrs ,for salle low nl whnolsr!e r r tail Isy 8tNIMONS, :IIAITI"' fCits, jill/ fi T70 Chlltres cllret, noeivinse from on Itssoi ship liYzoo ansll 'arstogas 'atndherie sCg1snhlli.,llfn NewYork o a'lsgr' . ltsssly el 0 ggods nls heirsllno, olsich- to.esllsr with leir fornme lstok on hsns , ells llllS IhIs r Sc thsie so'ss verslt o plote. IThe followissos sels O s psiis r, as izIo I ell orit t , .,,ri, ;d, tis k tssll 'lesss.gisll. ssllll b dlsrt i o osall l s nhslqi sl s Illtsl slels nrlsler, silk rlnd wlrslP d elassrlS tis rIers, o'osllllslsosills ftsll clsstic selsIspllsllCre, slls'lsl sfoe' and L cifer lls.s hess eidllipz powders% piso-slsiOol(tI\ lisndss' Cixe T t lihlldl, - ill a e rocket books anlt d s oaoil.,Is nledlle Ioolklks sIell, llarl isorys and oi onlinslls cllsd -IsosI send nnoilnlint, plain co ras "bePiless scklacss nol eis.llgeerl, bead chains, batd necklaces, culst ainsss-t l slsin,sesl,s l insrssssl I gltndsls, In dical helidsl, be llhs li ol ots'; oiistoll ssel lill'ts pl - lpr li ssllkss sist bltsi holsrse bl.l p'ssectl and dullistc lo ai lstll odoeble dnsingle prr, lphd p OllCh Boin l, l es-,re alid dirks, sissol she postslsetsunllr sl pockt ki. d hli - russlslls,. shse, , lat, h ilossssss rls hl s luists , (slsls t ii Is'lsrida, llnsress,le rsses sssllss y Ws-ts''sstsdess'nisi', and exrctslls.s1lln:cilr, keir, lenis and Ward'sslo d enlsle hair oils, uhavinlg s ng tssIls snps o sall eihs cri IJOl. Indi:,' und gsntleiicssis' and dresuting Ctss hairerit',vieolet' frizs ss nd s r-sl sissp ishfancy a m usicasl sos'kh'l 'sacs, phsiso insl gilt,.urcd,,"ent nil v t. I toota , penal id ill i'), shihldol, hliri atllllll do111 taold siher perlsi curs, tostlthcks ls l ,i zer+,th 'ld gilt hik., ;isissot'sls dosilt-s. Ilssls b ssi' sn,-tcl ssohrllneslsssslos.usnild ees, hoh" pisi, imiihiios I'ruil,blk an sldrsl-disskislsel hlac.iCis vslissss nnd guss cni's,rislssil ielad plain polrrn'!lili, sliuts tsinhe,'.sus'ued eush lnss sogisld ats silver les nollsd snrisl.s, slnnsi tspaper, Issoe ei geld ih, te.Id oisl gilt ji"ehlerv &s. iTs Iise soloove, isethcs weth n grguts variety oflsher asli es ate offered at wholesale or retail nnceOnm inlosting N It Sisshell colsbs repaield.' V i1EtAL .F1\in lI Ait lAI. t)ttiANi V7 itE1YS'LOltt'at the sinoo athli goldoi cranI, Mo7i7 (' 00urtreet. Tthe tltliiu l Itohve r, Oeivetl, in adidition to their prCeiuttattttk ton huedt fulll atni rtitt,1cltirtl .t ot alrlicles in tihler liore; viz: combic, tool,,tacottat Jr-lrooar.oelriggoss otuntv ortto, lry, &r, cau itocý ittportt:1.+ folow+: (`t);u Iiji -Io hoit, silrc l, vit l pitt lt tI tplttl o kitc i q'llod hugrl,, rug Iend, tlredrten, sne ltl; cur tny, it to, Brilan CuIthlof evelipy clattliu nl mongot whlich are soma . JIlexiruI patters, lI1,ory rumba ul'I eve~ry dasetiotioy horn, dressiit and paketa ter with tPEFUlER, -Clo e , titotio, honey bay,1 ros*e, and w rungc slow rr m ill'rr of r'reT aia !n and lls criEWliln, cnlmptoY iottli C tltg, extract tof ot OtieOaa Inac sioupa o tall inld~ sIhaitt do in cakesi noo ttsttv At creamcistio ttdt, ditto, vegrtoto, hil, oigahooil, ooa's aul iJIIN. 1r(it. s smedlliCgIcntis, pin aInd pru mellet ltoinl etoitrfpryrl tlowdr, itw dooatgand glbototo it al ttulll in puts mid rollIsOort1S n an chlorinle south washJ an td Inow tcas, i itt a tt gmlrml t itif tt (Itr NE\ANC1IY AYt VAIIImoCh lal tleatI nLtmIostttnltion a ndatitot, cons ttisti g ttl gild i ied coltoliig, aait7IeA j it ra'ttdop faot inlclagreliotieoa ichla onaGrteldoca tv IfI"LIt'1 ns,· Vnt1CII tilnllil:ec, gilt anld silYCr .dlcklro, -sitoerthinlllller, slicer cad gold pt toils and coned c hainsll IIRUSHES.:-CIIIIi, Iam", eh-it t( e·CTruulh~~heueilnNHuolr, plid, het, tooth, platit, cutidt, Nail, iito, iolt, hoo unit white. Null brushes.1: 5 LcaattOING LASSES-Geranot, statlin and toilet tnhtsss, IllnrgifJ np ail Frenchi dressing CIIHaislS homel .to, with it , -iv otft pieto),r nin l r ntenmerated [F.1NC2' AND VA\ltreETY ARl'r CILESj- Frclnc h nd Almerican portabct le b deskao a lktt autcbitingj ca, stuoiti v~ery' ric~h noid burly- Eluilhnd l udiee worUk buxesaa Rldres-J ir ases ito md ito, t i msc, msalt toxe, ficittt coadidatt ot v triott kmttt violinsnlod gu itatrs ilVet ad plate~d perncils and~ Ie~nds,woud pencils for carpenters ta dlll crayonslllllltlt . nloKcufigu1 Illld pistols w ith omit w~rithoutl camasa, perculssio n raps, Iern·I-tlll fill Tlllrgms, Inpple1 acnerv dr~iver: oit, shot helt ihlog", pasta IichiogF oy tea se ,tt, I thdies s aonitity tkint, .hellrtnd pclumesd finenncttttItt t iklni.e, bay r oad II cissor, hiimnblesar needlesz, tins, silver pis red, steel anld caaunol~n Plpcotu clcs, pocktet books a nld wailer.n of variousl kinds·, v asitl, " cards andll curd artteo, pbitttt,;tiad citnorlet calntG ttcuurr~t mnuinet dul, gum oloatini moorcin boxes, ,rints of vaiuuu kit a, jot d a-pt, rs' 11nuetle Eo ~ottdttrinitillcopn's nid IHoovkicot rvoir stropla rnd cetctllin Ilofli,ditlnaiklI10ay boil dfcltro tit, dttelt-.r dropt, toy itnthet, roit. buttlul, po1 hter ttrtm, en & en plain seed4heads, gilt and silver do, gum 1io *rinot.on lers, anld grters, pjlaiad sword cn, talinroihaednUtao boarid, thrlt optical ptooaes, junotnps, Istatti o Aninitch Na a1n dtrinkinga cup, whittlonti-, lre idr iet tht urtc rigs, mull of wli It will hre mould for· cashs or city, nlceptltul ,'aton 1c Iutuuntiprediat. ilt It .ll tilt, , & o. ttinit't~t oio 70Ito lesl I O~)lliEA Il('S Sciencce ufl ulalllaaslii l receivedl, andl t lh e ttle ml their povitniat Writing ACUdumieC N,,. it hoooflls l re,, .i\,"w Ot frloan, na I tty New York, Da Iulunnell st., Nohib-.r It idllaiitulahl deoifguud fur privnlr, learniers, andl acilmrds, Nail is ilhcltin otc br Ilcraolls ofall acea. I,:udicr ad geIItII.III· t re invited to cull skll examulino the n ystems Iur the-i elves. Lessonsa are given at lcoh houss a", env soilt tier cunlveieuce o uf'll, uuld to clilsiua r timed it, any part~ at the oeily. Lutlirs nata prefer noon rcetive cocons at litCir owe ref silences.r ICers, s paving fior mo : t tree of letsos lare desired o attend uotttbhey nwritei tt~ll ao they wish. mlULjl4.EAtl & L'dt)1'ltt',R. D)EAFNESSi1. A NF.aV crtiste fCornerat Iron bcbled wiai dcaatoos, (ttro tle tlm Iar Irumipt,) I tn jh i IoIt a e tt in tid bybnhe usem 00 hitci, Ito nlihltetaci rultion i` Ilot ho ha eiat voice is distinctlytt ontotyed I tihe ma. Anyo ul lr wilt, has ever heou obiged to a'rrern taith a v0ry lea onrrraeaanet xpericaicd hitlh by ttotoscltes ttni rteIn h dividuala on u0fitrtittatoto nttictint. Il o use h f tt n Ealr Ta toittat thie obtjection is eutirtl. natitiated. TIhe n- most stc.pliaot havIc ' alIays a' t 4 ct 'ItwironUUbn attn Id hnvinag used tnnTntntpet. Ftor sale at F 'rp41ION'c-, to Fancystora'curoer orCmCaoaeon uod St LCatrlas stcccrs of olilriho E bic:lt jo Ibdel. foll, 1 at `PLuMI O11.-1,501 )ttlitou pure winter d Ai Spern Oil, in cabo and hbls, faor sate, by a- tAtIVIS & A NDREW S, a. Whbntoato Druggnitsl, caero C natoa mnd fochap If. Ias streets. ___ 1:1 ý,l ttil~' LUAU-5 bola, L i to 11t t ach; 200 do 255 ri- Engliah nd-2i 1t-4 mtle. 41) ,m* Il IPaint ltrutcnto, vartouaine 5 bltla Iipal VarnisB; 2 Japan ion I ' Coach iad SttpackaGoldLeafJ - 501 do Silver do; lad jlot do htitb l1etol. ita WINDOW (dlreitt, American. Pt o ch oad Freach try -1008 httoro,, vetasiao an d qualities. tee nalton aeruwa du.--500 boaes, onnaigaite:,t, will be dv nodlaw. ,w Also. a general asorttaent of artists' minoltars and ,oo:m, for onto by A \V SCAT ES, Nto No Iti COnal street. ,IN R. Alabama notee tnken at p r, and tlitanionippi er ntaes will be received at to per cant discount n orafoedv or in paynmean of debto. jr I Ic ~LOUR- 300 adia li i, ttnnnlnec dtapeld. oncer, On Jl onREY. sOW AT T JEFFERSON HUSE, JE FFERSON STiEEt, - C LOUISVtLLE. IO Use Editor of the Louisville ldeorrtirero: si tIRIt-t appears by thle observatloa. of the ditors pia .of the Neahville Presbyterina, Union and eTras- hile, eript, sa well ae the editors of the Memphis Iaqlidrer, ohim that the "Old Gentleman" is amonc the Doctors. lhis si a is proved by hlis kinlv rage, kowing that hiia time is torno but short, ad thatthu a indepepdet Aasleiicoaa pooples ing are able to judso for themtselves what are puffs ani pepn impositions. Ths worthy edlitorse who are Doctors, eoroa the prollnrietor, editors or sub-lditors of tie aboveo y ca isnmed jlurnals, call every letter from persons I have issin restoreld to ight in tl anb:ove places, puls. hi 1. The fact is, that I loeer had sulh great success juvea witliso limited periodl as ton or twelve days. Olne men who i aired raout ten years, who had snly seenle of ill light flo)t lis biirthl, bIegu to see to follrow lis ma-ter sam to Iiiy hotel, instead ot' beity obliged to be led hy hi. So 'lwo vomng lIldies,who hdb each lod s the sight o one (hag evee one fore tn veassr. a1d the other fir iearly twoooe vearsH, havilg both o them t e otlier eye very esk; to re vet each oif those alltoo ladies beun too see with bothb S eves, whs e benefit I pledge mvselfstill continles, ex e.ptina thev aore alser ati influence or doiautitis of t the oledicrl Doitors. Aisther is thea dungher iofv batie respetalle erlha tla whose ilbale I ant olld nover oso to mentioan (as he anid te sly feeso), whlo saidolte had list tile aigit of one eve from tle sgeol I1ll s thaLs, hill that site laow begis to read large letters wgil thet r other eye eonl ilell) shut. This the ldoctor editors le krss, nC the gentlaon a toll ua e hitself rlhe h:ad con- tOs duc'd hlisl dolbhter to tihe offllie of tie imedicsl editors. s• thalt theaty might be ifanlvtlrc of tle fant. fo last o l o shall omenion is n, elelrrla gestleoul Iy tilte amer of to II Yount, nearly seventv rvels of agfmwllo declallrss pll Inty by letter, wlih lie took to all ilso disfllei t officte the in Nnasville but one, snd himsellf oll me lie la id own far the insertion wlateaver they demaoded, wlhI dsclar- sah nRlin that letter that lie h - uotallv deprived of aiy the sihit af one ave fromi t fi ks alter hia tirsh, to which his olthe lr eld to Is , I . necusisned by the t des ieasles or small pox; tht now ihe cohld not any nte 'I the light of the eanll, Ir tile irst time thlat hi recollects, ( but the stars alsn, ald wa-blgilening to dinstiogish est . sa e objects; and did, befores left hat e:ta', givte eni- tit ny proof tllts at corld see to walk all tise Str eis ile ith tile otll eye apiP tely rtliised. tie .aid t he lhtl dil been ai member ot tihe telrtho'ldist I:piscopnal Clhurclh forli noailtv urty eea, ian I tlhat his word w sa never doubt- llt ed tlilough the whole course ofhis lie. itil 2. repeat 1tir I held nevoer rentr o lescess than at no Nashville, ared t ti'e maedical sall rnerieal diotars nt hiad neverhtafoito sU mah reason to lie eoarled• Theon piousla indiitatiia o. i:e ieR . clerical Or Slith ilsa-roes oIheli ::e tatedto mt that ansout six yernr past, m e wassit eionverted from beoin a perfect ilifliel, to Ielieet in thes doetrin a of l.he Btble, tl,t lie Ilast have Inosle trifling a error--tlat I e last have tlallt to env, th ,t before tile Ot end ofsi yearts ti roier, lie olsislsld ie coiverlte firelfas Iis illfilleliy, aO tilse o tpii e of the true, eiiiter of the I penetdl nli henign dotrinlesr to il te Christian relgiC n s does i:,t brealthe out diesntrtion, rsgeei cnlaty ntll ofl fol-ehlsoid to please Ils medical frieilld,, -eaillt theoi man whl , Ieale kiew hold doer eo Ilch Cto, llolslii ano ill .lty tisny oiner.l All the itlabitants of Nashvill espoiie to l of tle great sC.f:er I had vv-lcel thil e mledienls e ders. lMost of thems alsoo Illad Iea infirmed by Mr Yosnt of sl the cure pierfrierd on hios totllv blind eve. s1 3. l'rhe .iaus (Ghio'hinl S. ofhilds town alrotends thllt id If Ihave lorst the aasrsels I golen i thei Norlth, sic ae ,1 aneival ia tleSussthwest. Thlis iroeves,Irseeor,l hlal, ov 10 and that I kept tlcihem util I arrived in this setionl,. if ve Sl gainred oe in tile sorthll ought to havera aied anath • r isll ie sothill anid slllthiwtest, and I still hlie )I wer a ithen on iiv very youvihalfl Ibliw oslie (Inv I leave, in ho spite of stie vitlperaioa of lthe great )r .,if I layt si R jBudge frm the mnalI ave already benefitted in thlls I a ty within tlree drays. I . lThe olielt of tile present is til iinfrio the mrili-n i Gsllnhs nlod edilors lof ie Rrpilinn ir saill Ilasll r Iripti, as well as teie eleriiol tDr Suith of tile .C Prtes-. ,titisit anil. of ties Uifssif. Nilshville, as well is ti iihe Seditor nod snhl oedict l editor eofi th r Memhis lt :nt invti, l as well es Ilr, l'rcn,le, thie elitaor o thrie ol.i vilo : i t d, I astll llo tihe nirdlieal Gonlioh rediilr sf this s" vr tle itert lt rI S., that I shulll Iiave nrtiis gaginst it, th;m t lityl fur hie w l, ran , llldr or calumny, i:d lasdti Sately after ny aarrival in Nsw Yoik, as well s a ainsti l l the ir iiinblhe Illis c tine tdiirel Gslisl of he of lrth. n y niiiw bind ti toelf cy resnise, nevir to qait thius haipy 5 laid of liibeitv, n ntil 1 I have biriglt th nisesad i all i t mlledical toliahi of tile arlh, as well ns aile solltl I re Itt Il west, to the grindstonlr! The aolliited, there I II ie, . oy avt slilkti oilinit g te diring thle i oti-oif n o l neixt vei ill New York, aihere lmetcsv, pust ,paid, and i t o utllcrs m will be stulie tll reach lile. cr it. .5. Tii iifiras the Fubli tlit tile pnff, so esraed, he, swhilch tho levs rlvrsicslly ri.niierteiine ivCi.ptld was ii Ii- wriltien fit hisst, waie writlten n ire lhaon it irek irior, & sn iv intendedls lilrhe R lRevt. I). lowell, who ilend it inIu an, Iany plierllt v atitlhllt Ilsoni'dting iny diisapirilition erl, tilhe way e liii, which lie said he ihsouh lut woall ans 'u- ver Iny iirliosi betlier e drievrcid thiLs bilt Ii Ilei od aawilliit alretendia. thai I wntiitri s ii hii s Iiomn h is, dutyI as I iverI ev ul illlrvsumllie t toliilbr sllat gnliiveerlall - or inv otller, lly Ilonev tr tat le g o fls. l Th Iss euv if Doc tor'si a -i s wistteiit "is lfore tle pltl;: rad hy iot b, examhiled tl I mnlly d ildO'n ys . \ c. hLrri It il ea:l lilll , Is, n: lilntilc arit fiil of iiv, ls .e ll iis the lv ile of iliv bl, patinlltu, in i sllalsv,1 lith, i n iiilr slergyurlI null 'I d tr ivhivd ll iil ble nliin IIllli Iiiii t a ll'ay harIItI to I eI, ibe nt(l( r le hiclwiti lell, h II levrr i ,,uhl have hear o- inlued by it total slrlnler Iit draw tnl.v u al ill IIlIICe it ;r ,a wrote dli llelfl r pil ir tioll, nill. addslrl ed it to et Mer S itieilrldi editor ofl t iS \V ito oilt. aiini lr til hi, Nal woder the vlienr.i' ht sie dll edii d lls ofa i Nraulvllh took I ah ll iil IIIInd lhemrn.ui'e Ie tdileir I1- I tIl friit t,,ilin e with 1lee t h"r e a b- t nf alll, t a nli: ti, h, ii i v t cur s iisroa iiili ii i -e a su lici t i-s ollo i uali Islsd i Sch'ri, l infidel. IrV1 rent d in the Bi ore that " r thre is ualt kiovvni its finiss [e IiII e ire lilar nt v(vful'oed il ed dis l ,l'- hlas prlc.h, d l' will Ithat al;l L Thu hi I a, -alll siu viiii sl v ii hlit r uidllltv hislnu rll l csvr 7.Ie ae:,r as n o:al, Ii showing thmat lie twoar ahbov weiing ig ( rli slli oi hlivu , l h aure, I oll t l n r h iiit i l l .s l itc of siiisi r. tes anev tlle r is, tha l it leyp-rt la'-ll pte rigular printir's Ivii, of $1 i er ssu:vre. - ll ltakhillt Ivto iorilav, vol have oflose Icef d elsvra Iotl r mia, ich welc to l e repeated l hrl e ofi lir tIei. vils, Is. thesllre rllt IrnllUiin allte liilvormjli nraa had Iit ,eiytecr ihtendiled to bribe hilii 1 shlIld nve ott','ed hinu li hest3llt- his. reap iia r fgI, h.iistelad As' i, s leic, ialls l o-laios-iiv, ice wltusldsashv te.hgdlv sisivid cis hiti, ll, anti and lot as I s bribe, Oil fhe l-ill'ary' it I I nhl lis t.a sigde sofof'eins a lrbe, i shloul certaiuly hate done ian- iilln 1tsayi t have ivsslls ;, ll.o oe, plalle. tie I'elisftlhe idiicriielsiofls ao viUvll, he wouhl not ey hav, promiedi to nonce andil exisllsia e lily sastitl.s i" ilh ulrv isst kle ies, his iword, its I hav always r iCsl d every n iot, nisuviolei ,if sl II gosp iel eaflolh to ls , Ih-). .lhs, d o9l h H1 h aslcoo elll colvesried, lie woeld g iltflb lushe sisviha e aiiksinisasslh.t tlhe Anii erof i-i ihsrilutillrs ihet rhi the v id ell o llhtiss piusore nlmaerolt of isoe Ich3 S10.a speriror to lvany in o eas plrts o Iivo hipe• lis asherouoldal lSnoch digolde slome Vuung llllliltlerary char Usl slilnue .ol lssing as villiet lads lll htnim.i vlili i'lle Rev. h .oslsoe.llshsd a coglvtilul isji wlithout sea- tixsilie, tliei, if lie ahonia tedh, alll uhe llaiay Ice Inik le. lha ItI Igtieofille laie vlre Amlercn !it eialils, I ,Ple . aLe lie is a (couv.rted infidel I say 11e has aot--an oi ll iliogh to iapeauck well f tine bridges hIse rs safely over. Inv-silithe gallansCielisfeiloda dve anftsieveral otherao aeabl , a Irr Rvollreelltnle of Nahlville, rI'c llect oyl ilt we dll a iuset af this piou l expouaier o the I ll y Ollie erlipt a s! 10. I neser sateii suleh a demous hl in tnil shape tiss itclo thle . Doctor etll h ie dy] eal I calato reason with hhn whelle h llellsensesd nlyiriy tilr y . airsh list io Iliflted un gi;tao f re.t i riso v t svi lie w Iluld hsav ilslothe tjso the a .s 1 isilu rsl tii voaoi- it is.s aiinid otorslafo.-it vitretliled inrttilc inho i f th "old Geinlleianl" i had all oid loered ipiim owinss ells ll e Iil, lmoil Ill tel. beforel o Coi, endarnwoots befraid to avtl vinia to einsa fhat l'v, io Isfoa w doleoa.serlle sl of is.i- iears (hriltilo nsi ane dlveist, i eireii t ls hiuhiu, ofar s l lledlis alind imelria, in it iglilserotllasce oi o fer oill plese IIllb u resal io the leditor ofr any jut pu Ised peeledani go e o, Ledtr JollN WiIA.i.¶MS, the Egli .l Oculist. i.onirvill.Jly J Ii.: t. Copied itJ' the t. Wi. C. Atd.eate of the 2Ol4h iune, 10:7. At ihe rtito'e tof i)r. Willittt te, itleet I'( th J iiov illn. nol te lf l Ille a ei v. ~ill rh i r el qu, if N hill e, te ty le edillto of tihi :iItlt .Voteei I 'llrit titn A o en ta, ci hio, it lurl'~ liets i i aexll d the d eilhueell llld ohr duci |ints,evihnccito iulle onfetor's cihillls to puolllic ontravl. e. Iu C iLeIcI IA ce of ti Lccidn., rlr. o V, t ill r, main i Ndllvle a fr w tocdy log ll h tia le it fir oth inted.derd-nty thei list Julv. rev. Mr Strioglild:-iiuvtil g been 'rqueated by Dr. Willicon, the ouli-t, itotiw in this city, to xane his nllel-.i t dil tol oi t dl thel drle nltate teteiu iv. of Ihis claui to lvublic rne llltl ll his p.orfest*ion i have, c:ill coIIl lu kn nn li emII e |rieolln ldoUe tso h ill p .lslllne. At.Utitg thati I ftlllllld lett rI fitot Mrt l'aget, iat pre seottriO it Agttifiise a thiil e King of the llreech, at Wal.hilitngto, ottesledtil to I)r. Willii, tetifying ilthe atllotaelly.s lo toiH dit1oit ftt fr the Ki.tgl s i Franle, helgiuit, &c. as well as thioe frt i the Medicol Sucie ties of 'ranclle. Ilto s Ulllleous votltcheorf fronl tIe ktono. Il t he of hiielh reltlltlion ill this comltry, rel:cved sine his almrivi ill the Untited Stalte., detailhn iulacn en oif gret srio ced in t .C restoroation i f tiglht t the oI.:ud. I have seeu tie ',rl all hie poor ictielts it Ibis c.:v. I koew tinun, of ii.m prevaiotits to Itil e lllcing liier his care; bt all I hluve seen say tiey are un q:eiiu.loly behullittl. ItiiltT. lB. C HOWELL, Ntlshville, June 1l, I 137. 1'. S. Since wtilillg the auove, one of Dr. Willitmsa' itticallct hts uon it,Hld s la IaTe lld atitally ntl tainllc luit the aight of noe rye liar wetetty years, but Itow declaren hitself ibtte i that Inst inghti for lthe first time inilrs life. that le nlt ratcllete, Ire coaul di tingnioll,witLh it t ca., osoe if ltl prolntitett ittrs. Ilearn tlat thils tld ogetlemoln las lirtnd msny years in this rdcgi.aild srayt Ie has been a MICtlhadict during firty curs. Yourso truly, atgl0 R. B. C. tl. TE, NNt1'iS MAit' OF LOUISIANA,&o. &d, A N'w MaIP or LOUIsINAi, wit it tItols, ritItda and distantei,irot , place to li ht.e, ilong tho stage titdoteai1tboat routes, ty II. S. Teuter. I l'CHItL.'IS MoP OF THi. UtI'rEot STºre chiwin.g the triuiptul 'Turnttike andotolltn ou ucad ou wnhicl a.e given the ditatlcee in mtiles from one place to another, also the counres of the canals and til rn lsa tlroogl out the tcoutary, carefully c Ottiled fmont the beat ai thltritiaa-publitthed by S. Augtituic Mitchell. AiuITCULLL' TIHVI LER'I (tiUcaR 'alinIttLOR THE hEITEDn SITt.t;l a tealt of the roadt, ditistnees atenlie iboaUt t.ctI.el routo., &o. just receivet itnl fiir ,tle WAM M'KEAi, llEKS ON 'IIILADELIP IA-- I-r -te aleby C bOlKnt lt:tlt'HERSt 81 tJ Calu p slree. 'SItENI)lAN'S PANALKA. sr IUlR the ure ol'rhenm~tiesascrc.fulsorklogsevll,gout, F seiAtica or sits pout, ieirinot cnocersslehem, T slihilitie ancl meiourial dliseases, paurticuslarty ulerI and pahtlbclotfctions olhie hones, ulceroted thsroatced :ons- Joi til,,uleers of every descrptlon, iever soes, and internal by I beesses, ls ihtulas, iltes, could head, scurryvv, biles, ehro here siosoreey, crystyelis,blodtes, noid every varietycolu- ent Snneous atfection, ehronie Cetnl3trh hel, ache ilroeecd- tie ng from any ocrid ihuior, palo in tIle stonmch i nd dy- ti 1epsia proceeding from cariation, uhLietioceofsthe liver, t eloro ilcbonmtntion of the kihlnteysandt general iebi rl sy ctsetltby atorpildctio felof tleesselsof te oio. It the is.singalrly eliccious in renovatinltg those constitutions lhicoh hiave been broken tlown bl ijudicions cectment, ie juvenileirregularities. In genertl terms, it is reuomn- wh oentled o nil lthosediseases whih ariC friom im rarities tie of the blood, or initiation of tile hIumora, of wolaltcer inr b cameor kild. und Some of the above eomplaintsmay r'eqlirel some tri- tile il.asistantl applications, whltich thcircumstances of the tas will clictatli;hut for a getiralil remedly or Puriefiator ev to remove the nuse, thIe IN DIAN'S PANACEA will nol gnettally be fouod antioilet. tie 'iTO 'l'E PUSISIC. Sa Ilow trueit is, lthat modlern Phlysicians, In theeir am bitionl to excel in their I'rofession; explore the iast ields ih ofseiercce b ithe cid ofo henictr', oand seek out new re- vil medial agenits; il shilt , to arrioe at pecfetion icn the of. prt'tiac bIy liltilas of art aloue,--antirely overlook end Cu neigleett, as bceoenth ther iotce, therich and bheonteouts ti stores ofmedicine, which thie Almightly has caused to tit spring out of the earth in every clime ! And how mnch dcl more true isit lthat while thle Anmeriearn th)ysiiano looks c to foreign eaontriesfor many of Iis most common and ecesselly wtiele,, perpetually clcangillg as thley sre at the dietntes offcfshiion or folly, le is solu'ennded its Sis own coeuntly withan endless plofuiosilo of medical plants, tn snfi'tIaco to nnswereany indi'etion in disesro Or So cure any curablte disorder; anti vet he is igncimt ol tleirirr th tues, andi tlce)' are atflerd to 'waste their healing oil tile desert air.' 'Thle efcclts of vegetable medicines upon tie sysrtem are temponry--lthlose of minerals lasting. T'he Ior.ler ex nttheir effects andl pass off-the latterl, mercury in per- m tiellsr, act ohemically ctpon ttlc solids, decsmtposihg to the bones and niilerntcinig the constitution by a slowae cnil solre tlestel'ticoi. '[he conigecillicy, tllieian)cy mdl SAFETY of vegeta Slie tcetsccics aver oeilccecaul, niey tic estimacted by cnctRest iccgthc aaeionSt lccnetice with the 'loere; r, ti bteicig iS moreimmeditelyv unaler our owe alobsecaticOl, st" Ihllc 0n praetice with cuatof tte whites. Waho, in America, anis tot ktnownorihearld of teei ctecl instances whelrtit some ttcorecicic, icopcroti.'ictnllctsneiemiolcchy tectansor , tsar silotlle Iemccliecclone, Its afliccdt i tcie teost topic its eatdastottinlinog enr's, afterclce Nlateiral ectie~a of the oammnc lpactie, ilirocted in the most skiilfi malnelre, I:is fliledrl? Al who hilas not Ibeell solurseisrd at the eom miltiveonse and tiheility with which the hnlianfieeshim self i'om ony disease, andl at the almost tota abstinence ti of chrolic disease among lthesm Whio has ee hc r eard le olan Inlian witha constitution bionke anal rfited by i illtreatment? Ai? d amt a dout existc teaithais hapcyi ex- F etcticci of tIe savage from most of tei ills which tihe cflesh ofman is heir t, is chiclly owain to more gentia nd salofe enmeshles ehich he employsc 'his iastlonish ing diflFerence in success, is a tfir exempliication of the 5 iniite siecctcioeitc of tbe sircle cac saft measns OftIce ii ectiteh Gllo has ioonted frtcthe bioefic of his CchillIeeI ovr dthose whliell the pride and the art of man have in Svented. From a losng resildnc e among a orti'n olf theaborigin r alchctitcnntsof thisconlct'y, v ldan ihtim:ate alcuami stlacewiththe snlcthoisf ic''tneof somie of theire,most t Ssueccessliid nac'etitiloners, tie tlitniietor t 'cthe Indian's i Panatcecl'a'Cequiaied a kanowlege of soen0 of tile most pio.wefitland iatvoeitelntmedics. FromIthese hoeIselected I sutch as were Imlost eflicaciouls antd Iapprypiates, nd after ottsserec itttticcellionoicctio ancti aicicolcciulos, alcit after var~ious ex terilntlltSll tor tcst thecir I,t'ileijlles aid stl'engtlh. he l'lts coe'bicccd t at-m io tile Irl ietie tiestttlell, oas tile, most lpell, ect and becFiciailor the putpose Lor which it is r'econutnelaled. 'LThepiteoaini'tr oillcsthis ilceernation to tle lublice, withl the eo~l~mlggitcecics ticit hle intincg wiithhilctir oec, s ci.ented.apabtileaB oftecitiec -iccaya.a of ciS affliect fnl t low beingbs, who se sallet.ig ancCr thbe variols chronic and obstilale comlaeints tc ihicIh it is aplaicable. 'To such eit willc pc'oe of inccloutlabcle cal'e, as the snecans, I ani i lliat l: caise, the oIcly" Ileclins of'eJeving theihR sCl I leliltgs allsd ciertoinig thSo emn occnore to iealtlh tid lc - i . Iiles s. 'Ilhisis lIot o lled'c as aci elnlcllllcO eIIt icldy, that splai' 'e' 'h'nce be eaaaliiy gioo wcihh minty otheis no die Sin ise, but cs ra c hid is colubale of sac icg lile icl n "tay eXttfrne tcasesoc lhii ciall IhI IInusuitietii diesItCiic . This it i, lsdolle retlcealctl; illl thi is tahe IIcpitatioll ithuasob a I tailoe cerv a it as IbICene i etrItodued. It is Ocla y alt ut i lthre ) c;rs since tils prepa hati lon was Spreteted aocthe alubllc:cutcin tit;t shliort sacice f Illc, I sme. nlahnd .'s01o }elrsoIsnsmidt le ounlll, who woub lI l sol tnls dtae:lle th:tt they itihiieittl that their lives lieie saed ' h' it, ando il illostaasesi nlici l tihey ha:lc tsli .d ciint anl Ilevhap s nil th~e :olmanll r'emed~tit. in sail. t herl ever it is kibown it isb:pla'ly comiug into sc, g mta l this afllts'tiacn'utbubstalclulac t onuing tcio of it nlleit s. TIhe vale f tihe Panaclr i i lost c .clls.icaao ls ill thlose Illo g sIllillng and S aliliic anii sccIi iftills alF'ilctiollS whch hati ducl d all oithcii i es, t t ll ,it t lea.r lev in those cases w he'l'U Ilus·e:ctn, has been so Ilali !. iit ute as to caause distllessc iag paieliac thl, hiii s, nodes, IIhe lIulcs, d'anmll tiiCaatatcti n (a i tale (ciciia\C ti'g.cms, ec. co I tics i t c. tl l l y '1 1 o 5 , a n d i ll a ll c. s t:, it e n til , a-. itiii vocu~l~ IISitic ccc cccII) uclal(lll ad tl~ll tic111il IIy t.a viciia'a the t'cCII ses n t'l t ets of nI ut ' r ieno o voles theconst itiolllnL , us I tlenitqlt'. tie Iptit'llt sunndllll ;t i we ll. aI lcrivi i : ll , ; t'I tl h: I 1o , il hap eyi ctcaclacic.ii. aicp'm.t,ici'icgci t | 'akenll ini " ', " Il hp . eS , thehlmlha,'s P unce., , pt I 'alt S l e ias i enila tacite dtl. t'l' l d;ait ic t tll' il, and ui.. tilel n, 2Inl untlli-spo ul k a dI·llltr Itll siLm ; mllld iln lia ror ea'l s,'untatcitit lvccii Iou ccciii u tight . vuaca cci it aci ac gl) ex treasvil, it i lclr:ss al th l c l'.lta'ct s n cLt cx S c1'ealmlsl1 I'tlsll cetro thi a'ititSmc h, mul tc xici l .'i tir c i til he lalt incc l a III ll ttclc l ccc ' llc "o these l illci i des ithopercationls nlay hle unilrtlt<ood. r Thisllnedliline has'l bl'e'l lo01nd highly useful in mnil11 Samligueav disnasea not c Ilce sa cic i , "ia I it has hen si aed \ ttch io der'tlt sitv es s is l S piclc gsind c riall P u - 1rilier, h h lget ocmpi of Ihe he'.t, n. \ i trit i.we a Uo iasl'eoslitio e 11W wli Oo. llI Icc.a - socI'ts will do .l ttoik ce i Iaacci' thllrc bttlcs illa.amll dc - tic. Whenever adittithik ic s tc ciiiilt cess, this I'anuteea.taken in a suLl.dl Iset. \. n1 l wer.~l all i't+ i' s ellb S i l , h t e s cL i i l , :ic s ',t .I xii'e' ai il m re t agreeable illmllle21' llthei the C Conuman ttILE dr'k. lhe tllowic g acoi'' ii c .i, ciii of hucdriii simil whiuh mighl hti i aiea.i,c ae efico to shaow v Ib a tclct lhe Iccdlan's I ccaiera iit lh nions oml iia ntc clr itc eltioeid;alltaiisottovcxhicit ic the nii St sae istnlicory oi ncoraitcS yico a cc l a hc ylc t ita o en Ol be. ri C iALES'Ut ONi NOV. t, 18,i' ~utring the last winter and cpaicagi I wba olllict, w h aii vegy savitre calldiste'saitii ia' ragtntl, ocnsiolei cy isc neoycceiiecic iac ,llel. I ccaidctlcbe eccl'c cuvead i cc scicctating, ttriet i bacccvat'ies elhahclccac51'icctlnecci, hame to poeteolieallih~t,iattdaatccaidt~tl) rttctaJtcic~ti idat ar' lS acesuila ''cly llt~c ... .. ... .... .. sasscsctisl 1itiia NIctati 27, '182 9 c(tiiisu tiss, jbren ibW, Ma .irc t'huiatisislcausedii Is Sningseiere cotl, slhil'cnsite dlleinlluc Ie .f mercl'uy, and whic/h hllas thslle:dc Ir ti'onl bLusilless lneat'ly It\ silce. DurI)ing ' his period hae be, nta laltientinb the Marine Ilosp lit, in this i t IupwIardso( llll l' I uH\ths, 11and ll:aly thil: s e length I Ilno in the I:atinmoe Hlhspital, all tried almlos' ever\ remedy, with little bcntisi. Oi thellthh of EublsruaIa last, iit that tiilll s:car able to inove abnlt poll cruch es, I oltlll lleu l the use of Illlli:in's In on' a montlllllh I f Ituld lys.ll tir'ly Il'Ul'd tCll onlT diln, land al r nlow haippy to state that 'I iniicl lis'illlsi liitly tiellt CASES OF)l SCiROI:LI.OUS UI.CEIlS NEw VYItK, Stlpt. II1, 1830. 'lTiis may certill that ill tlhe til o L.5, I wuas suiz with a swcilinoiu my neck aod ftee, which Iliercwa'L ulceratedll and becmeli lat e gatly ulcers in i ll c necak. Afiteriryingsver'illhysititcianstoc adslt:uiag' I wela to Philadelphi, and pla;ced mself under the cares li)s. I'Ph sie aild lainch, whenl alter repeatedt salivatlo, I to no ielfet, was iIpronouncd uLtterly incurablelll . Alite. wards I oank twinsly tottlies ofasillla's l'otoiue. and eigh! boatles of Potter's Catholicmi, ai t 1 llo utnutrsid benteilt Despairing of lite, which Ihad iow bi'com a burtheln t tile, Irctullned to itmy paienllts ill ew Yolk, in 18 i9, :ti gave .mysell'up to a lingering death. lie;ing of tiO great success oflthe Illdlllsa Plllltsea, hoievii , inll e.l similar to myn own, was persuades d tl tar' it, ass last aII solt. To sly gl'sult sui'issise, as wella: stislt'ction,. soonflound mystIf lra idly IrecOvelrlngIalul upon tmkila seven bltles, ths uilct'lli.iudled sniL I|.lissallc plruectlysl well in tilhe course osftwo alonths, alld hale remnlasledl so ever sille. I siake tllis sualtiee ald wishllilt published Itl. lthlt betellt ofthouse whl are. .ulfering u1der simi ilar scm.ltlus or sy phlilitic allactio s, that they mayti know whath, caredone wiils has siulired 'lt'ry' thing but death, snd thos csasiders his life sat\cd y Ithe above aI IV. IINIIA' C(IIIALteirON. Jily 2 1, [ i31. I was aslliltes', ftimr yite s with aun ulher Ils t leg, ao as.i lllmll a lly acc o ii d il i i jl ipelatoti s illjit. llsat)us antti excessiive h ill nthe hoigi aklsnthlc i j tilct i SeIivaa out t ituuu belefit. li this case lice bottle Ipdiau's I'aaea made a perfect cure. MAIWIAIIEI I' A WE'ST', I'2l Market Forsale by H ENIH Y IIONNASlEL., druiggist, agen Io;n the propl'ietolrs, 'l'IT itdulas street 16 NEW ORLEANS NASiVLLE Rlib.,L uiil CIMhI'AN Y. /)IIE sto'lhiuiurs ! f ithis colmllpllay tlli hreIli' no t tilisd I tlt by a resolutiou of thils ilard if irsee. iorn ae silsed nl the ly)h inst. hl3 call lotok 1li the fl hio blll rttehrteyo v hist, Irt tlh' pcylsent of fitse ululli. a hari wa r.s'cidlldd, iad the said stollkhulders are I fU r h ttl itti uhl I hat w\VI 1.Ih';..S, biy a uesolutiua ofthl n aln~r Ird pned the 19h11 islt . au cll haIi Ibeen itido to th Ell sl elltstould' of tihe New Osleaii satd Nashvuill iail Ibie.I Com,pistaniy Isr h.lseilwhtg asiitu etsiotl itt t I s tcs hii o litaly li thliinl, vi:-itwio iltlr.s lei' santii', Ifyable ol-i the lirt thayv of S stellberlext; two dollar. per share IV a oiothe first liy of Dic'l lluer tu,; ai ullt os itiiltsa r o1 sa tit II til lab oa 11tili:s Iy itf Marchl lext i, it ot tll el'tltie be , it itchoiv tl , litll ile su.:ra'ssl mef ti ,iro n llar pe t share thle loller n thteii, ,ballru~l l It jlublic p • t+ o f tho tltvi lhllt ill (cy ltl'hlllo fllilt wilh tile sixltl 8Pet~illu of the c:haLl'ttir, tlhe. alle: pelruill;il to aostltolall any puaylluil.t eallcd ill oi1 the bi.stk l'fsaid sciI allf'lr the tlcnllf ixty dlys, folstlnd utier thle lay ao which it is timade s1yablWii ithte t Se XI.s con ditiitu hower, tlihait il nol reutII.rlyiitplid withiii tic said rtllillleluil iitit daixly iltlss, 'eiolll ac all ft r d't" I.iV olt wshl it iaulli htlave hIlcei plid, tutlt ihen the stos.k aon whir i'alid ilititiU .hutasishiultise teeii mCIad,l isiand rela ts': uli.itcd to Ihe uolupany, lhte bchatehr lI that puiut Iint isTlpelative. ICn lcouutneiy tlherelre, tb o said S aell, ll shuk of tile atockholtlers in said i ullly, Uas Inik ptltper to 1 it u o et th nilee pyoentsll thir tuiek ito Shea nld otIia udlitioual sixly days, abi.sichha clhrer allows Iltlhi, ara iotiied tlhat Ith payllleli oal iwo Ilo lars per silil'e calsil ibr,tnd lu llh the Il irstt oi' Sej' SI ematirller ituv ,a i potilstillld iuleter th si.lxth uetilll e at said chiirter, tiull Ihe ;list ilav of Octoiler uext that i ith payileitl al two ihillas ptiC siluar, t'illed liuiiid due o tlt hfiist dlaty of L)ieemilber sl't, city Is polt piOUn ulisl tue lli day oif' Jaiuiltry ia etyaslsihi isay meut ol two tldllasa ier slare tll. for ulliu sd.ll, sln t e .lstdlay if llaeirchl et,tlRy be ltllo nd untlliil tle 30th a dsof April nexl. jIsxtrtalst of altll iallles fd Ihe toard. josr Sii A IL Al.NAbllR, Sel'ry. - tf ,UI 11.\'i , in ,Ziis-2b d,'d r iiiia (bouu ' nts, tat sale JOiIlN 11 GiUahllI. SI' lst STATE OF LO)UISIANA.-Parish Court for the -JUS7 Parish and City of New Orleans. rIIE STATE OF LOUISIANA. To all whom 1 Presents shall come, Greeting -Wherenes, times Haose having purchased at a osale made 7 the Shieriffolf the parish of Oileansr tlie propertyo nt lerelialter described,'tae applied to the clerk of this hoe ourt, in whose office the deed of sale was recorded on vari he 2d day of April, A. D. 1830, for a monition or ader- Tim ioment in conformity to a oact of the Legislature of the gore elate of Louiioana, en itled"*An act for the furtheronto- andsu sIen of titles to paorecilers otjudicial sals;" approved A le 10th day oot larcb, 1834. NOW, elreflore, know ye, and all persons interested eorein, are hereby cited and admonished in tie nanle of the hle State of Laui-itun, and of the iParish Coors, co who cull set ep any right, title or claim in and to sive ileeproperty iereieftordesrcribed, in consequence o'any rest inoentality in thie Nrdor, decree or iudg ,tent of the coart under whnchthe sale was erode, or any irregularity or e ilcogality ien the oppmraiements and advertisements, in timer, or manner of sale, or for any other tw efect whetsao- ( tver; to show caruse witliln thirt days front tie day tii f onnceitlio n i firt ieeortod in the public palers, owihy tl te sale so made should not be coaufined and home ero ogaeted. tall The said property wros sold y the Sheriff of thde pr- toe lsh aoiresoid on tile 1ieh day of April, A. it. 18:8. by pe .irtue oft decree of this Court, rendered o thell 5h day l'Frebunry, A. D. 1I38, ill a reit entitled Alexander or Culdwoll vs. Jaeee Hianie, No 111,307 of the dockee of i this Cotnr, at which sali thle said ames illnseeeeantoe c l tme purchaser fer thie inice of twenty on thlousannd doll drs. in I)cscriptiln of Propierty ns given in the Joudicial Coo for kT" seyane, rviz: ot A crmerin lot of roond sitnuated in the subourb An nuoneiltion alinas I.enurse of this citv, in square Noe 5, and lot having Irench, 60 ts t L 'rtnt f on'l'eioe - it u piteulas street, 5611 feet frelme ten Orangers street, snd tie ill feet on l.aiendo du iarrcle street, in such e enonnser that said lot f ground i 60i feet wide ieom one side of ca tier sare i to tie otler, togetler with a dwelling leesnse front-ng one Tnhoupitoulas street, the kitchetn uod de- tPl pendencies, nalo the elisiillel'y establisoieents erected theieoult and other ebuildings atell iellprovemeesn, tile t' Enumachi6ry, utensil, imnplemenlt and ixt turer belongireng to said distillery, its dependtencis ned ia)pirtenaeet s, It, ald the rights, eiors, andll ,rivilegeo thereto belonging ste or ill any wise Lpperltaininlg. see Clerk's Olfi5e, New Orleans, May 7. 1838. toe mHo,2t4&j3 J. OtL.,iE, i leiletv Clnerk. se ETAT Sli LA LOUtI.ANF-Conu. doe Pa T pour le peroisese ct o ile, de la Nnouvelle Orleans. i T 'f'IAT I' 1)E LA LOUIS1AN..-As tos eeoux title l/ a pa'selltes colleonconlltlt, Salut : Atteutbl ryas ao del la roisse 'Olterian st tnprplisete ci-iape.s dierite, s'est deirsi tl, Gie.lnr de etre Cane oile i dite verte lte eltregistr6e It 2 mejour deMn at de L'anee 1838, pour r uo avis conlrmemenuet a den ate tie tla Ligiatibnte dctt' i' Etat doe I Lonuiiane, ittitulit Aeotte eour , ofirnlc lese I titles ties nctuerer r sot nrontesjtdiie e;" ppeltnav l lte lo as 18i34. Qut'ilist s lco.t let totes perrsoone of illntrsset ssont ei s r es e seo l: llitee*b itt tt dte an le I' Eut detin e a L tisine t ne la Cou de d ' naoisse, cli poaenicnt tonoir drotit i. Ia pto iihn ci-aiarotr d e ieoreite, e, cno.setqenrete a i c dts e e lt tio forte (arts P I'e.Ode, le declet ol le ilteounent tine la itonr, cr tel ite dut uel lla ns aei 6 ornte , iote, ou e ito iot retgar.iteti is illgaslite dns estimation,'st ies oit ele tempt et le mode de la iiti, o pour fI nel elte cause qaelcon sqie; le ie voiec, dasatis rol er t o er de ia picue s tin ote of eriet daonie icretlomi ln elt sllta ofittc lisc e Coieraci pase e lllteleeo s el tothologUnc at I ls N,reit, lt vendiee i r tle eshelt rsudit, le qtua tolezenie lour nd'avril de s'lulse 183n . ell vertu tanter declet dle cetoco Fopulde rir to te ic 'rlloi7o 1838, sa dans herteirie d'Aletander Canldwell, eM drio Jamesr oaonse, No i11,37 du docet de ceIi CIur, a Inlqeltee Is velr stle sit James Iltal etre reldu scqlBreur ico irn e Un eirteni 1, t die terre iitei atu flnlturg de t'Aron I elution alia Lacoarses de teeue ville, taes iilcet No le dit lot le terre avant [lueslre fr tedaisl] soixaete iptd te l taime it lat ;ue Tchoupiteutas, troits ent pieds Id lace A in rue des l r/anrel , et t soixatte pir'dso tde eoe i hi floitade de lit rile d el .lah de eloer ine qoleoei eit oit Iho ter's t aec nte pieds de narteur d'o oitulltg SI'if ;et ]ei ltre ensercllll te Ollairmul ti fantent e h It ticles ct an(i oralmtiom; elnnla Lhers, stensiles, insanl oittaiee , ae rc trooi eoilae dire distillcri, se a det t l ed-i alnels, itarleialncc i t Ils dlorits, act oiul t priviit ge Sie onll21&j3 J.o.e.111m ltepalielligreeri Ssoe ll Co llet e ol f e Physicns.e t oirdoil. S lE original Ve;etall e ltgeiat Univerdts Mecdi citne, trepared tic c V teele n, eIei . d mellee ee f ece Ceolhg. of St'ecn, Licetliate of AoeiecetI tywl uly, Fellow of lhDliot sourt Society, Stl'eell ito ihe Royal Uiton e chisi' o Aoisiai'n, Lauvl le ThIis .tlllu e nlcddcile, tele rcsllclt of wenty yeae:ee s' eex erlitlv e lcellt uc c llel r te ess t ill the etxlte lSi, ec Scllllcl k glll iestpecCI blo p).e elt IC of thei ptoellil Icille l I ised ib) i'he 'tfclllly atd Inobility, :ailtd is lOn W ihtrodttct'd Ile ilite lotice e of di c A o-ecll epuI blic a ll fl u lit lll i t ee Ir st *g l1 *oa d i sc auit ' lec linte elt' s leltI. It c IS heoe , as a pe lll'.t el-istt~g oll tie l illoe t I 1chc l'llc i ld dc tctt iot s i cc i elruml s heii tcf l f lit e t iet p licc ce r elt" ctie o f o)l.',eted i it il l e 'i;ci litl ac iillr l ,e il l h. 1 r111. s tll' l e, I lt it , I' i l elteeeo cit l' ec1 eIt it ill p.c h iell theiýee, inll, NI,u.c 1 Il I - cm i !o owl t inton, i . l Votahlli;,: i7 ei r Ull lle t is cioclllcti 'Agen vl.i tier, ,eiiid to, I tsI, to o t r re do edliac e e ecllll l il te of l ien ,, i gt.rl -tinihll i it-c-er. Ichlyere, lll& ps Siltlrlt , itt l':s, .llN ether' Cchcl l'o i , e clloc:ltcilcn, hi iestr t ilowofentl pc e hilt ilia.O be sI pevi I) ci t' ll o' i llx c d.e c td ll. In l tc, all Il-! wholl alt, gh.ou I)' eethI, shouIlld riolt bet ail i ic 11ithe . "l'hey :eal ' sortl ' it l s at5 Il dl e ti.ii its . i ,aid4 ', hd catch, e ITbym r r swcc t- ch fldhling elliliii tne ll itn le il: bii' A t.. tl Ctlo er~1 II LEITY It IRtl E '4o, , No it \lgazime street, are .- w rcciti,~.g from slhip, Nashrille, Luiiasvilie, (nlenlta E, Egle, alm othilr late arrivals Ireal :h. :-lheron cities, i. ia1rge and new seheeledl ssortmelnt t;,iso, Boolts, Slloe and Brogatn, onsillti gol g'nlem'li''. f e calf oand Mro'co hootsi at gt.lalitl); du bIfPd, and stout wax pegged hoots o iarious tidities; men's lino calf seal sod 31or'occ ,.v lun.cs anid brogms, Iactkslcin shoes, bl'ogfilns l tbpets: mbe' line call auul kipped pegged shousaod Iruga,; du tts; to stoiut kip wil owax plegged shoes tiul b'rogans; ge.lhtlemen's bst isdit calf lsewr.t shoes, and i.lck Iontioigs; do calf lloro.o r'ekiie shoes and brogns; 'iio calf, seal anti Nrocco I aliali slhousa a licppers, do calf, bf' arn; o seat wigs, a.low aticle; dlo filne wlf, sei..l and moroccoqualte' lots; Ioys', itisses':and chiilden's pegged anld sewed b. ogans, and shoesof ete ylunh lity and kind. Aiso a generall asslllo lit of tlen's siIt wax andl .r.t I l llns nllll shoe's, itogether with Ii,Oth) pairl :,t; l lllllt .it, lUiso.S t I.rog:II , nailed il Ili illks, tlllde expirssly for tlllnatillon 1s a ood :s Srunel.n of men's linle ill stout kip rulSSett llgans, A W articl', sld a urge quantityil u an infleriorqualay r. sliet al n 'ix blogall. llies' line calf, seal, mtolocen Iand grai welts, and Imp sole shoes; do tite lF'relh .luocco anll kid run n'lthdl sliities; dlo ioo:la sloes, with to 'hlllttotc heels; I: dl, seal ai d stotL lC.lher bonten.s; do t'olll'llo htio I i1ll kinds :ad qualities; do lasting ibrogansll; Io .:iter tI'atd loied boitecs. Mlisses' lasitingsprii g hooilesot ta ,uas. Childineu's colored .\oreoco and lasting bro i tnil bosll , tei. -heitleme'os's fineltshionabhl black silk hats; do black n Idrahb bavcr do at a tl superior quality; do imilationl tt run do; b'oad and I:aIow brim n Ien's line dr.ib :od bl; :k Klnssia short tonipped hats, a new article. Ynaths' ta ;e size hats of ddillrctit qualitios; do children's. .A Ib n ld b,:)'. black iad dnab wool hats of v:arious slu laes, with general tlasortolleut of bo) s' sud men's ii. cops. 'lis .ssotllnlent will he repletishi d bythe arrival of na h pck:lektsll rom tie oml l:laned cities, all of which :ill ol d o.oll acellllnuoi .ldatilg terms. atl: 1--I' .M iON TA.I . I E IS . Ba.LA.i FOR 'THE TEETII. F II established reutilationsaid cIuitaI.tlyilcrea oil " demand for lhiod el'lh.tual remedy of pain, and pre servative of 1tie tleth, has iladuced hie suboriber oiher it II tile Amlricn public. Arrangclements hay ieen mludle to supply olelllS ia alt ile rinciilal citie alld ttlollh ill thl Ulited iitate, soll ts to plae it iohi tho reach ti thoe saullinrino and hkely to suffer this maos alotsaihig of all aIoh.i,' Ttth-ache. \hel a plied aucotding to dircotihons given on bottle, it llt* never Ihileti to alirlld hi.u'ediatt and tlaent relincf. It also arrests the decay in defectiv' teeth, and relieves thait oreness whllich so frequentl rners a stron)llg tooth ulseles The application alld rolllodv olae hiliii..e illlloceil, a tiot Ualll.asumai;allll tho, l itrie inutber If 0el.l ill diftfelent soctioos of th country, that have alr.-ady expeictleed such delig.iif nlllllattary etlits t on thile un of tle. Balm, are realdy io beai (lir tile iblic gaod) their testlimny to its uo - rivohled qtlies. It is au ladia, remdy obtuincd ioilllonari nlJ aoapnepet dlll, sit salo ien o.goLntid In the civilined world as the iuoit valuable discovory rodlllll oi tile woods. l'ice $ toar bottoe. Sthd ely JAILVIS & ANDREWS, mtr 5 . (r Comion anotd Tlet__apitouaIs sta. 1 EW H.lOOKS--Noval Sketch Book, o, the Servile Alan;t and ashore. Wtit icharacteristic remnlaihcene Ier, .fragots and o pinions. B the oauthor of T'ulhs ou''l a r &c. second ICerie tI ti vol. |llo.dola IRetolleetioll tit tite' Hoi Jie o Coliionios, from thl seor IniiA0 to thie loset ol .cii, uti;ludiatg mrao 0ald ketelcs o f thia Icudin e llml:cberb-liv oi.n of 0o par y, jo.t Inecined nl ir sale by i h McKEAN, LiATM. I'UBI.IC(ATIONS. 'I ROM\\WEIl., an tlistorikil Novel, bi the author of I 'Ihe Brothers," &c. inll vol. l'oilth.r Medicine, or Fumily Adviser; consisting of Oulute, oof Aoatomy Pihysiology, aold Hyginc, with such llilt oln tile pri. lion of Physic, Surgeryn, oalt the dlisttlses of wolletn and childrenl, as ilan prove useful in fLllilies whetn regular phyicillS u lllllannot be prlcured: tbeigc a 'ol hitio l apd guide for intelligent trincipals of l tiullllleloris u atlon, intlttshs llumdillt g stchtIll. heads of fabmilieo , t astoaer of ves's's, oo iouoriesi. or tIravellers; .d a n useful skelch lfor vot, lll1 tini ellllull -l iog tnl.e stihlt of uedicih h . ty tle ncell Coates, it. It. Peter tnl'riey's Universal lietorv on the Ibaes of Gtography, for the uIse of ftlailies, illustrated by mapr ald chgrar~ings, ia 2 volt Just receivedi aid tnr oale y W McKEAN, 1I9 ..or nomp .land Common l s. N.lOT ICE.--Tohe toer of osevernal panckages mrcha Sdioe moirked hMladte V. Artiqueneave. per ship Grotrn, from Now York, is hereby noolfied that t they have tWeo stored by bET'I'ON, A YVERY'&CO. ao3l tonntarana "Gnso,;.l JUSTPUBLISHEDFROMO STEgREO'TYr' PLTES, 7The Fith Ediliono f IOWLETT'S TABLES 0F INTFIKEITT: i Nort 11 wohiah is sow atIotda Average Titie Caleoula Stor, or easy methodls for fidilg the avenage tinlme Wert on stoelge, notes of haod or bills of gootds, whet.lur- by n chiased at dilFernt date;, so diRlbo.t credits, oodl. to vanoriwos anolots; lesidesoaots:ful o na C oma platel tanklkig TAe ime Ta" le, thie test lhat can e controived. or that lti goures onl pr oluce withia tile sottoe coldstsend compasas, snd size ofl tpe. Al adlvelziusement in thebook is in nearly the follow ig wordls: Tli The high diistinction this work has received through ' the teln leoislative acts prefixedl to tile title agu, is a re conmeotiadoln iil itself, so aulclnnmoo,, and so eollctll sie, th ,t nothing is Ileessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to give a condtnsed view of some oFoits pe- Won culiarities:as fariinstance, the ntotest has been coa . Co, l ed from,and compared with, what is eltuivalent to foot- till teen setsenf aotlllatio0te, exumiued ill tile presthity- Colt five times, and printted Ihnm stereotype llates tested it.! ttirtyty-one timtes, from ail whic it rust he evident th, oen to the skeptic (e steially on the pei.stnal oftlthe ide- Pt tall of proof ill tile prefac) tat the work must te arith- Rir netically inIlltible, and is conlfliltion of this belief' a For preillum of tWo hlnodred ad ifo tiy dollars, i. n0ow olior- Wo eid I'nr the deteetio eot au error fa cent ill the tresent Itll or fifth editint, as expressed in the preface, ntldong five Phil largetpretiotos ol'i'ol tla the sonlo.errlor sicethel first Ne pottlicatitttl in ttle year lttt'2. SO the most conspiu etres of tOOt opita fe thle tables is in the arroagemett of the Tie i alld Amoountas, whichl Nor for expttitioons, rofiorence andlprstpietoity, witla thte holt, toot oftdeside ood iodeX, canoot be exoellod;aOda tt sody - ty :anld ease with whiol tbe intcrest lan befoundltothe extent of general business, wilhoat doualing of sums is besiders a convenience so esrsential, that in the estlmn- see tin of somne oi the most comletent and pratcticalbusi- n00 aliess ment stalt pttie t tielos wo hatoe notadegrrattttsea ol thework, it tas beet distinguisheod Itytta Itoooltl h ie appellation tof a aoster triooeo" Aold consideritg by the infllibility of tile oethotl origitally adotptel ill ompnsillg trle work, and tile extraoo.dieiar'y lumber an l(t variety oflhe rexminatltions, end tests of every editioa it ai has passedio ihe Itross, enotwithstadintg the wlhole is it th stereootoy, to siderntg. in slh6rt, Ihe positive acoo.rcy ftr srotred by the ollpreoednted ello oild, tile vo- u lum~ehnls hbeenheld up and empihatically styled *tile *tes most wooelor alfl hook Int the waslk;" moat certaint no - mancan tamoa figure work ofthe same extent, w lich since the beghinbgot crratio, has hald the samenaas- dio her and variety tf tests in tile samle namller of editors1 tie Sno, ntr one half the number, as is clearly alows i. the ed f preface. leridels, astest and stanttdard, it has een tried at lOd prod in Ilebt " all the btaokatl l tllllic aaleol in tit n tdltes thioo hty tttnttblt gOteoratllty dnlillg the long period ofthirtv-fiue rearls, set o error of ihe eoal culaltions has eer boeen found in print, althonugh coltitt- t ally rhallenged by the oflHr of tcry hlrge prrminms.g ThIe in ltct exsrestly adopt ted y all the aourts alt hflaw ca several o'thea States tis the " rate of eahiulatlon forstatute inlterest," asalsao ty low for batnk iontrest, At aecortdig als tile bookt is used, ld as lr:tay le scron il part, by ..e allmles of the subsuribtrso, and a few of the Ar ubsorqutltt ullrtlotselor, il thle list:tathetetd of lthe baook, ts in postessioan cfeero lossot ctfizellrs in ever) qular. r Sto of the United States. Ito It isaloreotver sell known that, Bty its rearly chee!k, it tas so olast dtetetd hillrtoe eorrrs lor o tllflef t trley wto elr e ade, evel by tile most atrrfoll aatd olst cotr etento arithlnetieials, taeat its sef0lllless, anld tile a0solhte 0 le osstr sitytaits oso hsve ho en obo e!oiyoely irsisiltd tt1to, it, Stso otiloent, inteecob, Ilatv beot. itt ltltatetl ao' ol its b i, savings, that, setcrrl yanagor, thilst thle fitrst editiont a wasstlarce, at olt of, pilt, o great t.nllber of seoaoll U Shald oeities wele sorlglt tor, sone to a glre t distallce. I ir andpurtrsod at r iot O pr prrices, as thty could ocetasiota ally be pickcd urp at front $100 to $l5 ptr copy, 00l e, solll eptorso tts h troer1. t.l rllr, at iolStoltoCe cotull be quoted tlhat thln wootlld pay $tI 5(110, ntol, s 50d S) n- for a opt, ti not to bethad fer les, ail alln ildiidualoto S il, tbe latro o istatce poleiohb 0 ryhaving tit the o111e to iinte txhilited sraisfactory ortodf to soereat persons pre sett thatrt to hi tt was rerlv wortth that rt otnII ey titd toe t tougt the savttg tof is teo s otdto hleotitoo, ht l t orit a or rich tllo nllld iea pblic ofice. it Is liketaise vlothy of loltlce, nllod ileed proper to io yr'an, that e suh is tll ilrture of lgue work gtlterldly and speciatlly when r f thlo e tlxtellt nit itllpollllle th. seto l os, lhatt Ih:l this took tot its .ilke tto. lporepta' eto in ti e Ilsll. 1 to nll oIne, t It y t II imtt otlllpetoot calculatorin too wortl, and t tie'ttrards priott toast es caulioluh"mdtT Iis o n cor ctoon otf protof oheeta, it awoul, alnost to a ctortile, O hae toorn nooitt itr rt - t ttoeotllr , lll t dear :t all' ptricct, s t1e ItIIPteatt oIl.iitl- . ola t ti exp hltis. olut o o to kl. ret an 'd i n outhle l i e Itnt I stelotal l tle ilolle tt is o ts w o klblttl tiL nit , toI t 00ISc0C0 ne ie. rwilhthllr numercus and e.xira:ordillars exialiinia o tionla,against e lolt, tr the galtTal htelfllt, htv Inr'e (hy ' alel.tisenctnlt) ctlollsltatlly keplt in a phlec of sloeeial t' t l tteltlol, l tt hoill ille t lili io O loot tt .o s iattpte.d iooetottett td b tothb t and soahtitt linttr-1 est Iit h a l t'flil otllol tilo w the rll-e, hih1 in this Iilhus ini the t .1 . prl ecedig dll idtionhs, co ain w hlltiil ICiI iCt fslit ntioo tot crn t ht tt oooo twoo t onfloooo tootnoio totoe lomt l0 11 t oo o o I tL. il Iltl. ot o o ot t o th oooloto I tt llo.olll ilI il w h. i ·lltl= 1 , fI. tw e l sa t aollt s , o l:" oot. S I rl ll o ot t ooti t ITo," ooll otoI' ,1 o l illllt . t lillll ltooi t lla lclationof70- stpti/ s rii ngr \l ab w subii) l h f to oot' I) tt.ot h t'''t l ll :Il, llh it'q W l:I1:1 IlOIlle(.dI l. I blj( l L) 0 sIIS 1lltl 1 1' 1 iI. ;ii; l iiidll.l lil~t'l :l1'!( 'n blll'xtl..(·· 1·'llki :t't l ! ,ll )tI ll I .I. I lt.: rll ,'lll i1.,Ii'i,1 I'HI1II . 111111h · 1·11-1 ~1 ·1 ihtl.ll~ l I hI· llllr'. Iil.*i~hl pra""" '1I"".'il. ;I abunstshi o e t, ln li eo . r loo o o toto t ill0edi el thelirt too. ot 10000 0001na a t- dt ,14 l 7lo t 0 t} vir 000s, 000~ t hit 0 1 ' ll isHiltt tool e 000 - t. \\ h h oo. h iunulal i m ora l li ot too of Wooooot to 1 3'Kt O tto'.. ... .. . .... oo.. .o . 0 .... ...00 . ... .. .... ... otito Il ll Oto tolot t.'ll 5lllolt 5l' l., .:1. ON0di S- AV E & SCH .F FI'EI '.Coi m U- oundi Fi'nd ELa LA tract ý:f ;arapaimrlla, 1lw the cur,) ofdotinate r ptio. s tlll " the iki. ; li, Jp hit:s or p sL: tui:", lit te f1ltXhle Io & t li t t b .,is ,ils:pnruolt of tbl l b:o,.i; trull lln'i; I sII s i te b t11 1e; ( rllli(: rhtoutatluo l; to' r; s [rotlit t, or ki 'a ulV i l'.; ti setllinF; +lphil+ue dne.;.ts, ad all elsorders traling l om au stul o ot Ot 1 500 tbulooltd, i) a aongi reailelice ill a ho. clilmate, or hLo lljudiethis Use Of nelcu ry. Als,--Cavo & Schaltl rs Wormn Syrp, or In. fant Presorv..tlve: the best prilaration now extant. Amonog which are the fllownlag: -Idian Dye, for col .rig the hair; Bear'a Oil; ltiSuioan (ear's Grease; Poomatuo; ichaiw's IFrUou \Vsh: u u. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Rores; Vegetable RIougag; Otto of Rloso; Lip Salve; Krt. ositoe 'l'oothll Wsh; Carboic Donlrtie; Orange IFlavr Wator; Powdeur l ulls anld Boo ,; Amerk. can Chutrcoal, nesily put up in four .neo vials; Ploton Sattl; Clotgne; l)rop.; Hliar liruoitc; Englisa l)reo gi Co ibs Il.ian Hlair Oil;--with a variety of ,thor P'urfu metriea, &c. For silo by L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TRINC(.ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets IOYItL kLt MAY, Itouse, Sign, and Orlntanuwta SPaitters, Nso a Caroudele street, two doors lioo C[.Inal sw St eet. lmhatiou s of the lollowoing woods oand motnibles,ex ecutedl it a mnlsteri) mnannler. wOlOlDS. MItn ll I E. SuosDt)ay, Egyltia iln llack atil gold, Pollard do, (drieltal or tcrd allliqlue Curld Matple, Iluod Stoele, lirds Eye ,:o, Darlb) tliunite, Satin Wood, I1otlnna, Hair \Vood, j love or Ilurdello, Yew Tree, Itali:m t Vite., C(oromandlt or llack ISiimisa and llroetlla, Rose Woodl, Ancri ian (Grey, Ashi White Oak, ke. to i . Cur-led Eilm, Splcim.lus to be seen at the shop. Paints, oils, glass, copal varnish, kc. on haud silor sale. tn 1 RON, ."llEl.& IIEAVY tut)l)5S-llat, squtre ands butlle iron, well assorted. Iloop, sroilli ato rod iron, nail rodes anti plough Coat, German, shear, blistcrvd, spring, sheetl and Crowley steel i{ollow ware, cut and wrought Ilails atd spikes Zinc, block tin, mill and gorind stoucs, salt kettles Chaiin tables, anchors, hoer Ox, log ald trace chains, eorn t.ills Anvils, vices, Il.unelrs and bellows W\ire, sleet, pig and bar lead; ahlot Coal, alid cooking stores A' es, Itowlatnd's and othersp e desatld shovels Ilook and plate binges, door and windodw hooks Ceollins, Iunts, Sharps, and other axes Iar'lsanl ld latilla cordage, lines aSnd twine ohlt and sheathing copper; Navld stores Paiuts, linseed and 1sperml oil A flul assortment of hardware and sthip chandlery, always on hand, and which lsi offered for sale at whole sale or retail, on tie most oaol abtle terms, by o 14 i.AYTI)N rO Co. itllhl L.rve. HABROWGATE SPRINGS tlolrtgolorery coalltv, A oltlta. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEWIV ORLEAN, . r.lIIE proipretor of thli eltablitinntnt has tihe plea J soure ofaanounoing to Ihis tiicads uinl tie pablie in geusitaltlhat tie will Ibe in rcatlieuasby tile fist daly of hltv totieceive visiters. Io sill also state fir the be nefit ofl thse at ia distaneO, that tiher haIi bellii larIe ikprttoents imade, and otherl' now going on and bn Intlid progres. for euompletiul, which will enatle the suboerber to a:comosodato a imuch laorgoe ultbor thas bheretotire, and at the sals till e mucl better. lalItili canll le aconelodltlld li good rooml, or thoseri who prleLr can have large cabies t etacseld from ilt IIt tlu hilding. It is dleeodl iuaecessrry to say anythilg in partic.. lar of the chuorater ol theoa wule.s, for it.ias geerally telitveid that they are out inifbior to any in tile South ere Stales. All the anmusemrenl that are generally lib d at Wluering Places, will be founld at this. The best music that tlis part of th l cauntry allrurds, has been ergoged, and will be intoosttant uttendanec at the Slriongs during the whole seasot. I rue srbsriibi e will avails Imialfuof risl oppnrtunity in returning his uuitrigned thanks fir ths. v.ry liberal tsupport gieill l ill last season. anll hpes iby the rxer tilse thit have been made ill improving ldol extrelling the autonuaudatilns, to merit a liberal tlatrot-nr tIh', present sleanon. J.. CRA.11. susI . ------- --------4---- TO Tlit I ADIES. A KINSON'S I)t.I'All,l.I'ItYt, i'lr ouosving sut I perfltuau hair frot hea tirce, week and alrs, I with equal safety and orrtainty, leaving the skin fliter aod whiter thaun bofot tue uappllioatiou. A firleh supply i suaa teceited at i 's. I r,1 ExclmaC llolei, olr:t 9I .,)Im llosel edrr:ci t'arma MAIL ARRAN(IEIMENT rthern al, Due Every Day at 12 M.A rt Ma Closes EvEryy day at 1.i A. 51 e M!a I)u sse every sundsy, W edressday an Jresteerna, Frillay, by o, 1'. 5l. ' 1y f/ Ar Closes every iMundny, Wedtlesd via o Closes every Mondlay, Wedlesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I)EPAITIUIFRE IDISTANCIE he. ofthe Express MIil, Atalelile esnd New Yerk--leavng Mobile dll', at 3 Pi tl. Nsrthwar New York doily ot 5 P. BI Southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Diotanoe. Time. teturo'g ldontteomery, Ala. 2 ptm. 198 ti's 2: 1 l . Collluloue,Ga. 11 81 91 3 a.n. Cilled.erille o, 2 133 144 24 p. so Cululel. io. C. 7 sa.t. 1613 17 1.1 Rnleigh, N C. 54 215 22 12 W\Varrenton, Va. 12 55 m Pterihbur ,V'. 10 pe. .83 10 a. m. irhlmolndVso . 1 am. 21 3 60 n Frederickreurps, t 67 7 I1 p m. Wlshington city, 24 pmr. 61 I 0 5 Philtdelplia, 04 mn. 100 11 2 New York; 2 pin. 90 8V 1305 143 It. or 5d 23L Northward. Coming Southward, the tine is six hours lese; htiine5 doys olIl 17 ihours. TEN DOI.L.AIS RESARD. RANAWAY from 169 C.rondelet corner of Hevia streets ,ol tie night of 30th of August, and was seen ;le next iorning ill sPeydroas street, a negro boy named CHAItI.ES, aboat 17 yers of aofg, ont 5 fee or therehout iin Iheight, very black, and hatsn impied imenrt in hlis speecl, nle of his logas is losere ocsioned by arecent hurt; ie hoid on when tie wemot osov n wllite cotton or linen rlhirt snd while cotton puntalnns. Masters of vessels and Rstcm ibots ere cautioned a gninst receiving or hrbring slid negro, as well a il other tersons, os the tlttnosr rigaoir fr toe law will bie enforced egairst thern. The libove reword will be plri ferdelivering htim inti any of thl joils (lof ithIer if the iunaicipalities, or at 169G'Crondelet, corner of levi. eteoet. oltt U1I'tlC--Tlhe euopirtnershlilp eretoire uxlrtino I leder tho firm of I)luhis c Gorretsrl, h.s bees dissolved. 'The sabscriber will liquidate the allirir o the concern in this city, ind requires ll persons indeb -. ed to marte payment to him only, and irl thosehavinlg clanims, reresent thes forsettleirrlt. nu it-7- (iAII E'I'SONi W.W. SWAIN. No. 11C'natl S'.reef Aire IASo always onlhand constantly k roceilini IIrt. il Dyes, hericals,and l'am:aamoug8 thlel, or. Ili UGS. DY'F.S. Alitil.lny, crude, Argols, rel, t regitlule, Anlltlis., Spow . Arisenic, ele rul.e, Altiii. de powdetrled, Ithrzillelei woor, Ialsten crupitil., Corhinlallt, Imis,citrde, Coplelrils, Ancerical, do refined, Cupblar, hrimnstone, crnle, Fustic, T':namico, do roll, do C(ls, do flower, o Mbiil', irmisth, FIrench Lorries, Castor oil, ltldigi, Iltirgl, Crernn talrtar, do .Mnilla, SCantrarides, do Iuerrlaccls, (lums aloes, do (.w tumrie, do .oloklie, Losgsoldl, (eimlua.tby do islltlilal, leo St )Dolinglo do amollloli do Jalllaicn, do benzoia, (C.amwold, Isdo copl,, erl"ogh, Midder, omble, deo do secirped, Nirouragur, lsiinre, do o o S Anlerli*e, do (o, Sdo camphor, orli tei do larlsalnib l i doh 't lia di luluits. iio g4itilnI o IelI I ses.s l do killo, Ac,:, niti'ns, do mnlstic, do nmriatic, Sit, ollplu , .... I .. ... ,pho.iv, do shellac, lilac vltlllo, L stelegal, Cllollil, p , it do smiriacl. .:orrosi\et sllimiIatlt it 4do trau.cathe b.lhhridedo linc, ai.mboge, tllli l lln ii t ic ,r- lu ip.s Le rries, A neriel,l.l i" i ltsi, Ilo Asi, ikaso k,,1t cl : ii Sluliltnas tAl :nma ol olke, nej Icplllarp s loIl.,e itl do surts, 5slp poits Liqhlice blall, Sugi lani t', I.- hc'lsdo 1 : s , ''i N lilal" ·lti'i tli l- gl(lllli t Ilhr1tti e 1.(. o 1 otilI nll :ll tnl'lliill' iii i,h : Ido s 'e'swa, :6 to Co li so ,it, , p , ' , shisre ,, lihe do i r si il, ss 0 , lt t,. Ata il , t ,i .h1.\ s, , t . r l ,rur le, A merican Is Ii. Slth Id d I .t e lll, \ cn t l l lIra I Qnek hllril A . . I', h, 1:4i'TI/r N /iA/.itbATT'c NEW N(I\Ili. aclth/e lee treefer,hy the niho/ r c P,'e "r Sie, ple, Ac (:Cumicc,/ fosr C Winlnter it S le I lilh'ld ll l, .Le. tteia , by Captree 1asil Ilall, hev Na1'v, Ft. i S., in i voel. LRo Rc's I/ch anitd ro celi h AllnCn ti~nr.i vhal, cru • theppatrd leee written iy ic/ecelf, in 2 vol. ci C.peic/ llistory of'alyp, to ,faheecd lt, ti e ccriec/tl lteitei hv Nathaniel Greeto , i t l ',ot ceiee No. 7;) efl ltirple'c Et, e eaily l,cibrre. he/s.: i& I lflhtce ew tcopleteslill lk m ediion If liatehicc-ie Irvioie's W/orks. Rgee's esFrench nel dEne/ish l/iri/ecry,/e I tte, e, s tueent's French and lEgtlish Diicliotry. tjew lmore copiesollf Co.lthe's Pllllroliogy "Rl~icl "L arn. II1r rveyll r 'l.V l, CoII.· ( "llllllll ofsop eI'P4Lriu) r qIuaI1 iiv, titih chains, Hilli/ d Iedl.sol'' I-.I i ild(! 1-Ji iltlee h /;/iliott's iepe eoved neeteLlic l'cus,jaepelened papers, wsaigheht &ce. &c. &:. .t-st received, and for sale by SPAIN RtE:VISI'rE.D,&c. &c SI',IN IIEVIctl'l'l, , &e,by the author c Syear iell SNcle,' in 2 vols. T'rails oflInd.:n reharecter, ntsgenernllr nalpliaele to tihe Aboriginiees of Norlt AcericL, by t Teeurner, Eeq 'The Political eiraneer, of titse Uniteid Stte.s, ir a conplee view of the theori t eeld prcetier a the i ee eera a lll s e oer'lllllnts, with tie relations hewe:ll tIIle] ddatced , ell ttdlted to thie )etrug teenof lthe Uneted Sltetese, bv E I) eteaeefecli, Esql. nA'irtod's lluntli,g Tours illtersersed with character ieic/llete llcelrete Slyige Hsed do.ihlgs oeIt itspetietrltnllcec in with analytiael coenlte.ts, und index o'tf ...e..,` volum~es. FOR TIHE CURE OF Serefunl or King's Evil, (llronlis I heumtise, t'hroeic Cetaneous Dis/- l'uins in chc Ilouces, by free eases, ueoif Meccs the Miood being in vitinted as toe. This very concentrated Syrnc is prepareed with the greatest cllarlacrutlul i ear'ee a neurnlr, cndooltnin thc rtier Il cae .r ctpl s ef ectyilnl h ill ths nllrls/ t / oat. trtted d]gree, coehbined with other vegetable subsanete e if kllwn lleicacy. Thle yoreat dreicefretns eitth ph/sicisc ie n beince cll[ to ixletiit a large c(q anteit/ l`c Silerecll /i/t ill c 11c e u dtest, has bee /sen olita / hlpee ith eper ) he/ee--thev, being fully cavinced f ites merite, colidecntly adminiester il/e ItOsee lf thier eipractioe. I'riee t1 50 aer Iottle. Sold only at SWAIN IiOTOI'IER'lS dlrug store, No. 1 ICanal street, whs hceyibe bad, fresh aeed gtcncicee, dirert from tret /ti e it luro, S /illlc'a Pteleeeeet aslnd \ecilul, Pftter 's l.t.llll eOe, C.a. enter's Preetarationa, and a large alld gelarr assolrtmnet of fresh dru gc, il PINNOCK'S lROM1E, &ec. 1JtINNOCK'S IMPR'OVEDI EIITION OF lilL SGoCldmith's Abr.ilgment of tie listor of lRome to which is prefixed an llttrodle/titon to ie Studv o R.ollall Il/llory, and i great variety of viulelfe / ile.+r Iletion added lthrougihout the work, o) the ./acnneres Institutions and Antiquities of tile Romani ; with nu tscrous biographigol amn historical Notes; and qc ee titnl fr exlnlllanutiol thire entd ofl elh seetillh. II htlstrted with tllirtyrengrnv/ng on wsodl by Alerltoel - Ptceeo'l e Im hleroved Eldition of I)r l(/lddmite'sc Ilistory ol' :elghuld, i'lll the lvasison of Julilla Ctrear to tihe deuth of Gcorge 2d, with a eonticlniioa to the yea 18:12, Will / uestions i/r exealnlatioc at tile seal c uari seesio/ecl Beesi/de a variety of valscb/a iiforlle liuu added lthroughoue tle work. Conaisting of table of ecllte escprsgy Sovereigo a ang [ cldidsent t)ersuoa Copioua explanatory notos. I/elecrka on the pell tics, manners ansd literateure of Itle age. Al an utlie) the Costlitutlio, &c. &c. dlusttrtted by maney eogrc Gars' E1L./tMers or A'TRONaocts, and an Aoridgmen ol Keith's New Treatise oil tle Use of Globes.. Ner American edition, with additions and inprovenlelt ane ant exphlioll oel'1e astrnoluical part of the At ricfl Almeluae. Jusrt received and for sale by WM IS'IEAN iov 24 corner of Camp and Co~lnulllll IIARPER'B CLASSICAL 1.1lItltAIY. OIACE,trnuslaotd bIy Phillip Fancie, I) I), with I l appendix, conetillllun translttall of vrioo odes, No. by Bell JtiaeOlle, Cowley ll, l/v/lt, I lyd Pope Addison, Swift Chatterton, i Vakecield, P'tlrsonl llrytll, &c. acnd soene of the ceceu oemlllient poete oe t 1 day--uerd PI(EI)ILUJ S, with the ppendllx i .hudli/u tranusle ted by Cri;/ltelee Sdrllt, il ifor volo.eeeeca veluenJs 18 eclr 19 li lluPCerre ClecieCl L.ibrar, Tl'hu lepuedlouue f LIU.'lltlEY CLLINK EIL, by Slumllet/, .1 i, witho a nlemoir of thee Acithcer, by T',I)l/. is Itusee, eiq., now sdition, with ill/atraeioee, by UG (tcc i/hcllte ic THIE IlPSY; T'leel/e, by the anthor of "Riuoels.e lMary ofi! .argeludy," ,/e,, tw edltictn, 2 rets s.cacPtle n Onle. IA/lUI. LIFFORD;hl y Itle nuumor or "Plellia Thle )icl i ad," &e, beiell volule, 1 It al oi naew s not"E l sur Coupleee i cact.. Jatc rreceived ale ,) . WM McKAN B ACON SIDES--36 casks Cinc.llunati ealla leadunlli foa t' leletn.llla<t Eco, anl ltor stet Dl,'lt.kI & IlAW r

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