Newspaper of True American, 15 Kasım 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 15 Kasım 1838 Page 2
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SWo99WS WS 3a-,2id 1a t1&F&.S . Tuasvon, 13ll Noveotuur, 1t3d.' The OnCtneil met pursuant to adjourmlinent; Pro. aeat fgn. Joshua Baldwin, Recorder; Aldheroen Caldwell, Uloyd, Hall, Lockttl, Moue, Nixon, Pste SeBwell, Whitiey and Yorke. as ,T'iJournal f the pruneding mesting having `i C' ýr d dnud al mtl, " Wi ekl.lteatment of the Treanurer wat sub.. mtlitth .h ing the r.eipts of'the past week to have S7d8-18; issue of Municipal Notes, $14,733o.Ifto this en, -33 933 9; hbalance leat RepOrt, 930 , 3 , xpended since, $9,016. 41; notes to carine, S5 55. Mesnrs. Willija tiobne and James O'Rourka were accepted as the seourities of Peter Cleary, on his contract for opening a reets, &o. A petition of Peter Cleary was referred to the Committee on Claims: thatot sundry Morchaato& ethbte, prayina the use , f an exclusive wharf Ior teamo.,m~ kqte, to streets and landings. Qf'. Fortin, il relationi to his ba.1 room, to the Pollee. Ver Davis, and one from C. W. Wilson, to aW Laudi go. o. . Gordotliand 8. oV, Sylvester, and one r0m EAhard Farrelly, tt iee. , Of Abij at Fish, to Cl.ns. e Mr. Peters, as Ghllalrnatmi Finance Com. mittee, presented the foullort;ig resolutions, which, the rules being d.sponsed with, were severaly adopted, Resolved, That one hundred and twenty five dollars, be paid to tile proprietors of the Co.nmer. cial Bulleton juo oficee, for printing 5'J0 cop:ea of reports on Paving. Resolved, That eighty six dollars be paid to J o. Hoey, for Watchmen's Caps, and other articles, furnished by him to the night Watch. Mr. Gloyd, as Chairman of tie Committee on Streets and Landings, reported the following, which, the rules being dispensed with, ws a adopted. Be it Resolved, That until after tile first day of January next, it shall not be lawful for nay person oe persons to remove frm the Bittur,, in front of the 5frnt and second Worde, any batture earth, ex cept from tie places herein designated, to wit: From between Wha ves, Nos. 6 and 7. Nos. 7 ad 8. S Nos. 9 and thenuisance wharf; it being understood that in taking earth from those spaces, the directions of the Surveyor shall to.e strictly complied with. Any person violating the plrovisions of thin Ros. olution, shall be eohjcted to a fine of froil $10 to $25, recoverbhle by this Municipality, before any court of competent jurledelt on. ORDER OF TIlE DAY. The following Oldimance being in order, was taken up, anda having I celt n amended by Mr. Lock. ott, by tile addition of the 5th section, was adopted: AN ORDINANCE More fully deflling the duties of tlhe Secretary of tho Council, and tile Sergeant at Armns. 1. Be it Ordained, thlt front and oatr the pas sage of this ordinance it shall bh the t duty il tie Secretary of the Council, witlin two days afterany O.i!inance or RIsolmtlion becomesi a law,to truans it a written certified ucpy of such ordinance orreso. lontion to the officer of the Municipality whose es. peeial duty it may be to carry the same into eh:ct. All Ordlinances and Resnlutions concernig the fi nanocil departront of tie Municipality and an. thorizing tile erxpiend:turo of money, or the mak. ing of contracts, must be transmitted to the Comp. troller; and all suelch as relate to the publio works, shall he sent to the surveyor, &c. 2. Be it Ordained, T'at it shall be tile duly of the officors of the Municipality receiving such cer. tified ordinanoe-s and resolutions to khcp a correct register of the antoe, andi if any errors are coin. matted by an officer of the Municipality in eouse qiotnce of not having anl official copy of the O di nance or Resolution under which lie wasn author icnd to act, he eha:l be rspounsible for the samte. 3. Be it further Ordained, That tile Council Chamber shall in kept open every dry inl the week, Suntdoys excepted, from the Iours of 10 A. M. to 2 P. AM., and tile Secrotary or Sorgeanlt at Arms shall be present during those hours. The Minute Books of r'the proceedings of tlie Council as well sn the Ordinance Book shall always be open to the insloetion of the Mayor, the Recorder, the Members of tile Council, and the Officers of the Municipality. 4 Be it further Or linted, T at it shall he t' e duty of tile Sergeant ot-Aran- to aid and dassist tile Secretary of !teo C uned in thoe performance of his duties, in sltuch tInnn r as the Secletary lally re quire; said So re ary being alone respounible for the currectnees of all Ordinance-, Ilecords, or other docuiments to which hI may f1fix his nalI e ; and tiLe slac:y of the Sorgeant-at-Arlos is hereby fixed at $800 per an unm. 5. Be it further Ordained, That no officer of this Municipality shall, under any pretext whlatever, take or remuvo out of the Ciucl Ifall any of the archives or records of' this Municipality, uldr the penalty of being dilmissed froml his offic. Thle Resolution presented at tile last sitting, by Mr. Nixon, providing that the accounts tit' Ilth Comptrollor, pIresenterd at the last sitting, be reflr red to the Finance Committee, being next ill order, was rijeeted: Mr. Nixon called ftr the yeas and nays, which resulted in Messrs. Caldwell land Nix ena voting agaillnt the rejection, and M.asrs. Gloyd, IHall, Locket', Meux. Peters, Sewell, Whitney and Yorke for it. Mr. Nixon then presented the following which was rejected, the ayes and inys were called for, which resulted in Messrs. C.lauwll and Nixon vo. ting for it, and lMessrs. Gloyd, lall, Lockett, Meux, Peters, Suwell, Whiting and Yorko against it. Resolved, That no Alderman or other officer of this Municipality, during his continuance in office, shall appear sad act an Attorney or Counsel in .ny Court, for any plaintiff or defendant, in any suit in which this Municipality may be the opposito party On motion the Coulnil adjourned to Tuesday. next, the 20th Nov. instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIlSON, Secreta.y. SCOTCII BONNES;'r-50 don for sle Iy HOLMES & 9 MIL.., novl4 9 Iln k Pilae SCTFCII COAl.-;00 tOll ( sal, sriled I-r house use, and particularly adapted fir ,team boats, being elle-rated for raising steam, arl huIning well aalsoard chip lMars, from ulasgnw, fr rain hby HOLMES & M111.1., aos15 9 Hank Place THE Soi-scribers otl r at wholerale he following gnoods. IIHATS'-100 canss moleakin silks, as. nolted size an. b rilts. 100 do bet No l d, do 1l)O do dio Nat a do 100 cases ebet No 3, assarted nizns and brims. 20 do leavcr, a suplreur article; S da Fina Nutria; 50 dn Extra do 200 do Sha:k nacl Whi:e Russia; 50 do Extra Illaek RO-sia; 100 do MYus-rnt & Coney fiarhroal and narrow bdtnn fiur Laree and country trndo; a di, All raukaofmilitary & navoI Chapeaans; " do (.hildres silk and Itua lin ltu..nll sizes. Caps -Far, Otter, far S&el, Jc~s*a, Mluskra, and hair Seal, in two dozen eases. ibealltte. Cloth cano.-Pickkick, Po'ich Arril's ha' shape, colt top,, Forage, do Leather finaging. Chihhen's Fancy '1 ndanas, Plaid and Valvet Caps, FRe.ehll itern. Stocks-Satin, dilk and Blahbazine, of the naraest styles. Umbrelnsc-silk and cottan. Military Plunes, oiled silk. ilk Handkerchieas-Plaogo and Spilal&dl.. Bandhopes for flatters, wood canae,dubhle f.,r dry goods. The above goiad comprise a large stock, and all fthelatest pattlens, and will be sold at a small ad ascee, with cot and chares no New York prices. "'I.e aoulai5ears will takes orders for mtlarn, weacem and Teads nmrkels, for the ioume ofA H Goinassip & Co., Hal Mansufaetrersr, New York, and at the shorlestl ioaesibl lotice. Germana and French Placsshbought. (iGSSIP "c CO., Naval, Military. and Fashionable Haters, Exchange Hotel, novl4 St Charles rt PERM CANDI.E--300 hoxes New Bedford Can dies, landing from ship Norman. for sale by ISAAC BIlIIGE & CO, nov15 - 134 alnesine st EM.OtNS-10l boxes fresa I.e.on. for sale by ABRAHIIAM TRIEI, n.l5 40 'oydras at IPERM CANDLES. Oil., &. SIlO boaes New Bedford lprrm Candles; O1 barrela Refnod Whale(til; 33 C asks New Hednrd Winiter Oil; 700 bdoan mold Candler, Jackson's brandl; 100 booae No. I Soap; I00 boxas No. 2 dce .Sbh ...rer frm m 12 to '20 tIs; Fine Souclong 'Tt, in hb elf Ost; Younag Hysono To, in 13 lb boim s 15 ba-kats first qualit, Claanpsigae Wine; Black Lead PotsI in ea"k, assorted sian; 50 boxes white I'asaaa Sugar, .superior qual. iy, in stre aud fr sa:e by COCK JOSEPH COCKAYNE, moi5 25 Gravier os ' n IA' OOFES--3I0 ropers'ic at Pote landing from p New Eangland, and flor ale b o6lS5 8 Conti at 'ON PORTE -t:o daz l.ondna Porter, land - from baqua Euphrates, fur sale by 5J&JPWHIINEY, s & J P WHITNEY, j r I 8 Conis t .( --C-elak on the U S Bank at (phicfor Mel sa by YORKE BROTHERS.rl X15 L3 I'ape l M-IOT IOk' NEI'V MI,{ia:A' CLKAIANCEdS. Notinls" I 1. No Cearnnces fhbl day. Tow' oat Tenl.saon, MdDnallnl. froy Lhefl p. Towed. to lea pllp()i o iofts th.e W Ptlt thi Ihat p m. Brmughlt up ship N.laarm .l quantity otefps l frot the U 8 sloop of war Vindblie. Sp Niag.ra, C:ol, t4 days rot Bostot, to Mahtor. Berk, F1emU. j6ddy. from PhdllAelphi. DBHthhr hlltk, HuterIt.4It day frotm Oravesed, to N & I ick c&o. I khr to.oerld. Ro.tell, trom St Jotpb, to Muter. t eport a hlihlpad I bril ihlolls N .; Bar. Stolamer Prairoe. reollgh. ftrol St Lotus. .tamler omlo. Grant, floor St l-ouil. ESle.lor Wil WIIlre. tHomnln, fron l Mobll. Stamlllr Caroline, eUttol, from Mubihle. seed. CUMMERCIAL, E.tttoIt Ilutn.. Cbsrll.ton , Nov ..t.......... I W hiuton,,ov, ........ 7 P~tI~tlpl.. ,.. . Slrtiooitt, A t..... 0I ew \Inrh, Nov ............. 7 Chicinuut, d0........... Phlldtldp. Not .......... I L.ouiville, dn..... ..... alnlrlnre do ............... 0 St. |Loui, Nov..........; 3a¥1nnah, Nov..... ........9 lverpool, Oct ...........2 lHoulloU ('iexlll) Notr ....1; Putt. Oct ........ ..... 3 llatu., Nov ............ B 1l ,odnl. do ......... 4 N.altoshrt, Nov ........... IU Hrt do ............... 5 IMPOlRTS. PHII.ADELI'HIIIA..Pr hlrk COllck..c.o ro,. 2M ton. coalo, 6 ,it marble. 4 h4 s Othor; 4 drAys. titd 22 ith.olhtrrmw, to Lockhbrt. Porsn ¢ Denogre, W J Oliver. Alsue, and order. GRAVEIEND.. Per ~hl Ghikh..eargo, mdase, to N .& J Dick So, J . Menrle & ce, Scbnmldtj& W(oon, r t 5W Andi & on. BOSTON.. Pr ship Nimgara..tarto, 259 bundles hay, 276 bagl salt, 40 rer.ns paper. I41 bhat ctofee, and ItOU ags altl pclr,. to J A terrett; Godfrey, Laurie 4 Smill; Buekner, Stamnon & re, Chase .. DiMry, Joseph Pttoon, W1od K Sitllntol.t R Riclhard.on. ahter ., order. ST JOSEP- . .Per Ichr Herald..cargo, 60 tbls potatoes, to .Sl Guiu. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. Pt Itoul..p.r sti. mer Proirie..crgo. 31trls and 1 ix Chasm & I)ixey. 375 pit., led Blidge; 8 brlo . td II hall do lbeef. 10.I brls Iour,3 br ts Iaxsed. hbrlsI behns, t1lt tacks brull. 4 knogs lard, Cotlnely r Elder, 712 pis Iead Ctnpt F',elill,, d hl~rlor, 90 hand cattle, 200 sheep, 1 1 ows lid calve., and 50 duxPn chi .ken., o r sit on board. St L ,uls..Per st,,tt r Mottor..200 r I, flour, tn Forsyth 4 I.lneok; all the remainder was d sharied t Vicksbturg. P'luqaPmine..Per stenmer Mariner--24 bales coton I,.I Carpenter . cto, 9 do Fellne, .IIdhcq & D&trlte.24 do Gard h 2r . Bclettt, 51 Ito A Rowordro & o, 35 do C Fu'dtn, 24 .1, J A IBtoild ,t ,Aldry, 4 lhhd sgt-nr, and 3 Iblis bolls do,.tI hin.s a*.er,tUlo,,. to, 1I2hItuland I Ittulolr, WV IlAvery, 23:1 Ihld sugr. P J. rd.,an 2o I b:s molatmeo , Bt Oley,. 451 1il., P 6 (ltlotvay, 5 ll, , s Bor. Varrellot, Prry & c.. 13 bbl. fluor, 7 haoes mlass, Iltldly coo,:* cooups chitluklo to owunr$ ou board. PASSEENtiEES. toslon.. ,r .shi Nlagonr.. raT,, T ISoarry, R Riclardson, G P Pond, H Apptleton, and @ +r ,tIgm. t L.oul,..l Pr steiannr Prairie. . l rs loillv and .v!, MPs Blgl and 2 cbildren, I,,t Btll, 1T Rt, I'yir' irooent, Jann,* Mon olirus, tlddlen. Ito .GIoU tin. Snnollras., Adam..(i;.od rdide, I.evy. B own sad 2 Illdte (l:o Innery, '":urit. Frost, lough,, Vart',,, Grnn.,,, Itlctho,n CUohvy. 'Willoto. ArtIur, Will ito, il,.I, Lily. Mi,,er. md t 5 a.n Id&k. ot l.,uis..Pa r P I Ol,,l ..Mr JAcksol, Alolore. iown., Jneoh Gr oll, P )Dnllon G'eer, p ITn Ldry.,A o (l(lule, J . U t d. Sootl,, Frs `to Ailhl .li'd and ., Cllharles .Itwnrl, Le V..ti, 2 Indis nod l t, l.I Porrett. 2 ldles nall , vt. Mnhile..Per Stletmer Carole..C Ct S II (1rill,, and lady, Mrs Wllkinlson mild daughter, MlrCurtisll nil ldy, Aire Ely, Mir Bnowoll aolldldy. T Iuromido,t lr lo O ltDl.Uatl, ThoW W at, 1' D 9Voodou,, T'hos lnrth. P' EIgile. F R WVtrd, Short, Jas Ioo ahlt y +,N.ttooTWlttp , t for lli0ot,. It I Jone., l'lerriau, Adomr, T .V Challp.aln, I'oltite. nid six o. dorck. .]oblle..Per It Wlll Walncee. Mrs Aull ridgpe, r E Darts, lad, allll 3 chilren, o eters ,onvinru, hlllrsl G AV SItnhIh.. R K Clark. P I' Iow, 'PT Gillspmt H6 ISinlpsot, (Aui, hI Caloart..nd 2 on deck. CONS IGNPE S. Lilt f C ,nll.i2noes of. urio. U S Io.n of w.r Vatlnli,. a dt. frotm T o.pit..,tt,92 dollars J W Z eharie J co, 12. 271.49 do A 'I'o, 141.13 do t o.llhtt & Warner, 27114 io f fA i2 Dllillnun I to. I6,Ot1do A Morrett 3,010 dt, Jt:robhy, 16,427 AdoM D I.izrdi i c1.,,66 do LoIItpe 4t lhtber, 24,21 A,, Kohl, Dtron ' rto, 1141 do Parreott & Call ty, t 530do Wlie, I'laquemil...Ptr ttnor Mtoriner..Mlaott r S cgh.r., hil Iren and servant, V II Marmtilliu , child and servant, Tunrmdi I. tecutl, Lady oltl 2 rlltldren ntd orvwtot, 5 , Attomttt |Donmeing, I,+crux, Iaogan, Anmons, UDimot, J Milnr J B Evanl., J Redden, J Ilnw,,ll, p Gonz.i e- M Soe leo, Judge Duffl, J C.valitelo, A Trotstlair, p Michael, J ll Ctest,, E Bergeron, A Rollrtrd Monlnfgu, Edrinoe,e, P F llullerell A S1t Stok, J Zeloar, J Ilth,,, t) Sougett, D. A Ca.eLio, DCU - all, anld 6 ou dock. MIElIORANDA. Now York, th Nov..Arr. .hip Clhaorles, MLanathao, frot Ntew Orleans. toelou,t 3d No'..Cl'd ship Froncouit , Blake, for New 2, Iott,. 'hiladelphia, 7th Nov..Cl'd slip Hgtrtlt, Odour, for No, Orlonns..lth, nrr hark Gaze.lle, Eldridge, fott N O..ol'l Itork Puachor, llowe, Per N O • IA R K U'l'a. MONEY MARKET-CITY NEWS. N.ev YOK, Weollttdsy. Nov5.. 1 m. Bllusllln at Ith Board oal Brokers has l,-,tn lorto todnv. Prioul hnsaler., firm tlld it some inslances 1illt, lr,,nlnt bin boell effclod. Farnler's "rrust C.n any 1 pair cent.; Oio .l;ftm tIt' netl tte Cntt; Hnnkof Klttttckyj pro cln; ,io. Ihawk Ri l Rpood t por re:ht; Ilarlnn Ituil Road, I per et.ii fStollilngtltOuI a ItoaN h le liVId h er tollt. "Otttto..A lill, lnrt ititltloll htt, begu apparent in this marketiloday,, us "t. .tlrh e a n .all ,L 3will I it, 'I'heN.ol's hich are giwn IClnw show a ,ll, 2v-lcel i ldeeo, tLranst 'liOiS rla ongly elroectl, by lo.tleslott on tbe part of b uyer o. Thit cropnf ..Pish re I toll ill c In Con viet ct im'll I sa, 100 hllsl hu Ilhe' 11,1al y is nmu1ch s.II: It i llt, evey r bo ;,re raiad in Lla atr~ioll of the counltlry, l ei:,.- quie e Pqul to t in .li soal .o _at loa f. A partlol, oftin. rerOp islnw in the maqrket. Now Vo kift.l Nov. TIh, rlllowilln is a tablo of itn i'mtna to day)', on lhe must pro hlan- point.l Ba l~imn, , 1 pr llll Charlrtoll, pr rt dis Sir l d, f " (il"+I£n, 3 ++ N. Ca,ill,,a. 9 " .eo a, N. Orlenoia, 21 " bo, ii., 21 Natellez, .1 h'lie u lorrlions il Fonreini E.xrhalllr In dny hnv0 IKlen at former rates, the U S. 1Kook still eollltinLuo. to Itra- iII . i cnllnlt qIantltie Ito nlP the .tna'l del ll lln. As the +"ili i of ]ihr Ll~erlpool aockets i. pust inllndl llntil lh Fthll Iprobahly there eitl be more done Io Inorruw, partrlyl,,]rly if th.e lIiverlnol steam boal should arrlve. Ohe is noW anxiously slud hourly expuctell. A iSEICT1 andil freh su ply of lry Cohlrs oIe tr eolor ; IIrrlllese nod artists tool., and an extensive stock lf aslperior VA RNIStI[IS. from the manufaetory of P' It Slith & Co., cnmprising illn No,.1 & 2 lurnitulre; Nlon. 1 & 2c och Vtarmli.l, :nad I & A ordinlry domestic Block Jnpaln, and HreII do. Alsao, 20 ked s Crone green, in o25 lt. each, ground in oil, nd taIS cannibters soape rir French green, also in oil. 12 berrela Spirits et Vurlertine and Boiled Oil. Artist's Colora , &n. (Reevee . e , on, London,l and 4I) boxes Frenchl Lke, for sale at the Pint Store of Ite eubhcriber. tIO. I)EII,, 53 cltntn st FALI. IFAAIIIONS. III[IE shbseribera take lese Io ilormn thleir palrona, Sand the poblic eenorlly, that they are nos pre mpared to eahibit their fall fashions. GOSSIP ,. 'CO Fnahionable Ilntters, ixcanne liotel, onvIt St. Charles Kt t,1' iL ,,Y .0 1,itt '.LA '. fValaMbl Real Edln e at .dlriion lllbe andotn ToeI'ullnv, (tl instant atit1,t' clock, at Ibt (tit,' Fxellnage, St. Ltnis etreet, FIOUIR VALUAJILE LOT'e O(F (GRtU.I), oTv. "1itll tbe hihlitngt thereton, Ifrmin- ht,n curne . nIi " t'nw' evee and II lter treets, imalediately frelinhg tIhel A rlao n i tn iPr'oe. Buildings on this elieile site wou'd now rentadily rent at a hlhitli rate, sod are math in dhmat l Ind twitholnnd itg the malty iltVetelrnlr s now t rllgrettint i n tile iclnlty, all of wbll.h are itngerln engtigod h.lore fin i hed; all the streets and ltanquattes are already teved. Ptrsalns ,titehing to hbilbl Dwellitngs at Stores have nov a e opl o tilly to invoeet proli:nlly their eapital. l'he pliti exlhiteP at Ilth Utty I xcblungl. Terms will be libhlal. Pal ti uolars at eale. n,,v 13 "OX CAt R.--l{ dozene Ittx Chairs, ju"t tt coive, andi smtllahlo litr for sale at the Louisiana Furnitiure Ware IRonme. novl:l WSI B CARNES. S010l. tS--Th. sathterihers btave jIst openred aever. ) al casel of (Cmbs. HIGH TIP TORTOtSE TUCK. Quill top Tortoise Teuk io do 'Twit, do do Lone', do do PuIf do do Sidl. BRAzTLIAN Cotme, In all the above variety of Engliht, French and Amteriean nanufarcture. Ivory fine ttooth Combs, in all the variety of size and quality. Pocket, Rack, Horse. coarse and fine, and all other Comubs,fbr sale by REES & D'LANGE, nnvl3 18 Caull at Uit., CA . Ji)L.E, &c. 51900 galls. Winter Ipreesed Sperm Oil, 51010 do Fallotraittd do 3000 do Refined Whale Oil, in barrels, 120 barrels Tanner's Oil, 10litt boxes Sperm Candles, 750 do No.1. Boston Soap, 100 barrels No.3. illackerel, for sale by WHITRI)CGE & CO, novl3 76 Magazine at NOTICE. S ECOND MUNaICPALIT ST EAl FERRY CO. A7 The Stockholders nt this Cnmptlay are bhery I notified.that their notes for the Fourih Instalment aI I be due and pa ayble on the 15th1 inlr. at the Office of the F irenan'as In aurneo Company, No. 45 Canal street. aOvl3-3t E.MERSON'S RAZOR TI'ROPS--Three cases of the genuine article, iust received by REESE& D'LANGE, nol3-- 18 Camp at OULO)GNE WA rTER--Perfutery &e. jOustnndrin from tve ship Salemne A splenlid article of Cta , logne,pat up expressly for the retail trade: also the purest French perfumery, embracing every variety for the toilet, for sate by REES & D'LANGE, noe13 18 Camp et LOUISIANA PURNITURE WARIROOMS No. 53, Bienville street. '7ILLIAM R. CAIRNES, would respectfully in. fIrm his friends and the piabtic that heis con atantly receiving from Now York and Boston a good assortament of Furniture, such as mahliganiy choirs, colts., tedtead'e, maple and painted chairs, maple cand heberry bedsteadn , umahogany and lcherry tables of all description., bureaus, toilets, secletarre, writing deks, wardrlets of maogany said cherry, wash eands, looking glae, serathers, bedding, &e. &c. NB. Furniturs panked for transportstion with great cure. noel3 / . %.,N l-,in iatllibrrele, for-si 7 Iy - ti .n AC' BItI IPItti+F & n, ni t3 1:14 Itagmlio 5 a-rest, DE LA Mlunicipalite No.; . MARDI, 23 Octobro, 1838. R6solo quo la pdtition do la Compagnio de la' Prooesse couton d'Orldans, dlemandrant 5 Otro mis oen poossesion do la torre on face do lour, soit rojet6e, dlitant plus qua Indite terro appartient I Ia municipalit6, et I'avocat de la municipalitl est autoris6 t prendre tolles mosures requises par la loi, pour proldgor les inatr6ts du public dins cutte af. faire. Sigrd, JOSHUA BA LDhIN ,IRecorder. Ordonnance rdglant I'erdre et la mani6re dans lesquels lee banquettes ou les trottoirs, dans les limites taxables de cette municipalitl devront tare faits et achev6s. Art. Depuiset aprbs la publicationn do cotta or. donancc aucune banqueott onu trottoir no pourra ni no devra dIre 16.alsmnont construit, dane le si. nites taxable. de In Seconds Municipalild, autro. nrent qu'un briques du lac do sl moilllerre qualild, bord6s on pierres plates, et un support pevd do trols pied., do la manibre la plus convenable et to plus solide, conlirmo ht toue djards aux instruc. tions adoptdes par lc conscil, daus Is l a nce do 5 join dcrnier. Art. 2. L'ouvrago devra Obtr exdcut6 dans t'ordre soulvant: lu. Ia rue li plus proche at parollble, oi presque paralible ao flouva at f la Levde, duct lee banquettes n'ont pas encore did acheva0s, depuis Is rue du Canal jusqu'au chemin F6licit6, cuntrm6. ment t laltuduo de la rue. 2. Toutes lea autrea rues progreesivoment; cellos parallbles at perpen. diculaires nu flcuve on semblable at alternative osucession et aussitlb quo les banquettes do quel. qu'une do deux rues parallblcs seront termiuuds, ot colles pour lus partics des rues perpondiculairrs situdos entre laditeos rues parallbles, Neront aussi exaeu'aes, alors on commencera collos d'une trol sibmo rue paral!Abe. Art, 3. Aprbf la publication do Isa prdento or. dounance, l1 sera do dev ir du curomissaire de cha. quo district, dans son district rapectif; do nuotifiur lcs propri6laires do terrains faisant face oux rues dms i'urdro r6gld par 'article prdeddJont, no2, d'avoir f. faire laire lours bfnquuttes on trottoirs dane P'cerpuc do deux moia de i notifiation, at danla oinoy coot i no 'y finrmeraien, p.ts, ou nod. gligeraicnt de m'y c nforomer. its sront responsables d'une amonde qui n'excodera pas $10 par jour, re. cuv able devant tout tribunal comptant :l et!a muniecipalit 'ora exd6uater lesdlts trottoirs; at le oe le propritlaircs romnbours roent lear ou leurs per. tones do ddponse conform6ment aux ordonnances at rdsolutions ncncornant le pavago. Art. 4. 11 e0t bieon entcndu qu'aucuno notifica tion no sera rservi I aucun ou aucuos propri6taires pour excutor seo banquettoe, jusqu't ce quo tous les propridlalrcs dos lots pr6c6dant leou les sions dans 'ordre prdcrddmment 6tabli, nit compl6t6 Ile lours. Art. Toutos -ordonnances at parties d'ordonnan. ces contraitos aux dispositions de la prdsonts sonot rappoldEs. Cousiddrant aIn grande irr6gularit do Ia chuate d'eau dans Ia rig. to et la hauteur donn6o oux banquettes dana divorses parties do reteo muni. cipalht at surltout dans le troisibme disrict, avec lcs consdquences qu'on dolt appr6dhender do 'eau tagnantao occaeionnd par I'une, et tPdl1vation ex truordinaire eat iulilo des lots voisi'ne cauado par I'autre, Ilcst r6solu qite lc voyer eat at demeure autorir6 bt tire fairo, pendant I'tex6oulion g6d6rsla dos ban. quettes on des rues It paver dans catte municipalit6, tols changemens dana le nivea, des gouttibres at rigoles, rt dane la hauteur den banquettes ou trot toirs, nfin d'obtenir tule poets rdgulibre et libre pour P'eau ct qui corresponde avec Io nivenu g6nd. ral ltabli pour toute la municipalit6, at qui obtien no pour lee lots adjacens uno ilauteur raisonnaLle lat r6gulibro. Rt6dolu qu e I voyer eat at domeure nutoris6 It donnear 'algnoment dos rues de cortainus parties des limites non tenables des premier et second dis tricts de cltto nmunieipalilm, at comma nucun plan rdgulier at correct de ces parties n'existe actuello. meat, it no sera nullemant blarm6 pour quelquo dif. Idrenco qu'on pourrait ensuilo trouver. RIsolu quo le voyer esat at demeuro autorie6 a faire diever t un niveau convenable touts partie do It rue Front, enatre t contre banquette at Ia ligno de faade des lots faisant face t lndite rue. Signr JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6solu quo Ia voyer est natoris6 I achoter une pairo do brouettes pour transporlor los poutros It Pousago des bateaux b vapour at dos naviroe le long do port do cotte municipalitd. SigHU B, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rb4olu que lo 7oycr cat et demouro autorir6 a annoncer dans l Bulletin oL lo True A'neric n, on Franqais at en Anglais, pour los propositions pour tlurnir tout le bois requoi pour poets at autres tra vaux do la Municipalitd pour uon an, B l'oxception .u uemont do bois pour lequal on a ddja contractd pour los wlharle, Signd, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Resolu quo la ptlition do J. B. Rub rt autree so plaignaut do ccrtaines moisons to tonvolo e mteurs ritudat dana In rue HIerculo, soil r61Atida a rcecor. dor do cette municiptalitd. 8igns, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu quo toutes personnel syant des licenoes pour tonir des calds, dos tavornes on des cabarets, dane les limites do cotto municipalitd, qui violea raiont l'ordonnanco envorts lesdits 6tabllssemuons aprns l'heure fixdo pour leour clbture, seroot immd. diatement poursuivies pour Io recouvromnent des amondos auxquels its sent sonumis par la loi, pourvd quo catto rdsolution n'ait d'effet quo jusqu'apros le ler do novombre et que toutes pourauitesseombla* bles iutentdes par le collecteour dos taxes surlea cafds, cabarets, &c. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu quo le comild do police soit requis 1'dant dans cette municipalit6, at do quelle manibre lea ordonnances y relatives sontexdautdas, at quols amendemons sont 1odeesaires pour c'origor lea odfauts du syslbulos ctuel. JOSHUA BALDWIN, recorder: Rdsolu qua la somme do quarante cinq pinstres Sset paydo au oapitaino J. B. Butler pour ddpcnsee par lui t.ites pour procurer une carte lithographido du mondage du fleuvo on face de coltt munucipalitd. JOSHUA RALDWIN, recorder. Rdsolu quo toutes marchandises, on autre objets saision par la police de cotte municipalit6 et main tenant as didpt soiont vendus P'encan public sous la direction du comptrr'aur, at les fonds provenant do la vente placds dons lo irdsor do e0tte munici palil6. Signd, JOSIIUA BALDWIN, recorder. R6oolu quo to comild do police lasoe une enqubte our I'6tat acueci de. Ina garde do la police de cotte municipalit6, et fasse son rapport aussitbt que possible de cc quo ledit comild croira cdnessaiae pour une p us co np!bt protection at la plus grande rdcuri!d des citoyens dot otto mulicipalitd. JOSHUA BALDWIN, recorder. SPERII CANDLES for sal by READ & BARS'TOW, novl5 7 ltouk Place j'EACIl Bit \'NI)Y--A few bhls oldl and suprior Sartirle, ftr sale by READ & BAIRSTOW, noel5 7 Blnook IPlace CITY B ANK, November I th, 1..33. T IIIS InsttIaioon is purchasing Exchange on New lvor. ROBT. J PALFRLY, nov15 Cashier. SI+Pt: .l.S I.-i-A It ISI S--1 ,00 whole -a-nd Shalf b.xes, for solo byRAHA~tb A LMONDS-25 frilt for aAo BI HABIAIAM TRI[ER. A novl 40 PI'odras st L ONDON POR'TERI-lln cask reseivl per Mars for sale by HO)LMES&AIMILLS, noev15 9 Bank Place MRS. TROLLOPE'S NEW WORK OMAINCE O,) VIENNA, by Frantas Trcllopr, author of'Dolla stic Uannrl of thefe o ntetit.ol,' 'Jonathan JeoTerron Whitlaw, 'The Vicar of Whcx hill,' Paris and the Parisian;,' kc.. in 2 vols. Just received and for sale by WM. MIKEAN. noov5 ror of Camp and Common at TO LE:T. A IDwelling house, suitable for a satoll Magain fand oly, ira stedets. on N es street. e on IrL. l'ivoli Circle. Alstt, dhe f ....l.. in said verey lonw rae, nd will be sold at a bargain. For fur itehr pIrtiacolaro,aaluir of DAVID FELT Ji Ce, New York Stitioaer' Hallm, nov12 24 Chtrtres a NOTICE. rlI IIE sahbcriters have this day formed a Co-part 1 nerohip, undertho firm of r. IV. PritcharJ and Jo. Te.ertJr.,for the transaction cl the Gracery Itn. (:ioesS,nB have ca runni themseles at the corner of Magaine anod Ioydras streets. They will keen con. tnely on hand a general supply of family Groceries and stcain boat stores, otonl solicit the patronage of their fricado oad the public. O W PRITCHOR.D, JOS. TAGEItI'F, JR. novl2-I_8_ SC.IRB S'l ONE.. .:0O ruonirg leer 12 to .2 inch. tl f PE'EW1 & MAII.I.A{I), noctal--It ll1k 'UCE AMERIUICAN. IDI'I)D br( JOn irt 316I3SO.. FAITaLVUL A.U SOLD. Ni, V R01 LEANS: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1838 NEW YORK ELECTION. Th f . From the Express. The followin is a statement of tile number al votes iolled, on the first two days of the present election, with the vale given thle sane days, last Fall, and last -Sluring. Nov. 1838. Nov. 1837. April, 1838. .--~---_._. ..._..___ .,---.-.-~ Ward. at toy. da y. l dy. 3d day. lI day. d day 1 1112 505 924 404 832 435 S 712 41105 69) 376 572 343 3 77 824 926 490 1011 4,6 4 649 P88 740 695 1003 7011 5 1250 744 1056 721 1440 6711 S 747 663 719 457 1012 567 7 1152 1140 14.0 953 1748 1009 8 17~ 1:314 1405 1078 199.0 t16 9 1496 1001 1100 808 1411 1224 t0 1394 976 1015 815 1358 970 II 934 174 54: 450 850 4;60 12 234 330 913 2:0 310 325 13 8110 813 690 641 1095 806 14 74- 764 P3.1 014 1317 682 15 1030 6e2n 894 560 959 4e0 It 712 744 403 400 861 500 17 938 878 757 598 1300 640 16,395 13,4468 14,484 9343 19,03 11,698 From Ills statement, it apporen that the nmbler of votes polled on MSonday andl Tuesday. is about 100 less then were polled onte twiw first days last Novem ber. The vote yesterday, was 1748 larger tlln h11t of tIB second day last Spring. On the third day last Spring, between eight and nine thousand votes were thrown; and it is b rotable that at least an e Iqal num her will be polled to dy. Tile entire vote of tile city, will not be fIr from 40,0010. From the Coarierand Enquirer. lntelligeance firo til river coulies and tile interior, is sullch os to indnce the ecneral beliefon the part ofelor friends that the W'higs have currield tit State. Of the Slate we can e corse speak only fromn rumor; bt we are ell oasslured that thbs fur 111e \Vllies ,re ahead in the city, and there is ao doubt of their lhaving corrid the Congressional and Legislative tickets. Inmber of Voles polled on the Jirst and second Joa the electioo, in the city of Brooklyn. Ist Ward, 213 10th Word, n 23 90 3409 7t11 h 7d 0 404 8th 62 4th 567 Oi9h 55 5tt 441 i By 0his .orn ng's Boal -We have collected p4rur pansengoer on boed the to\lbaniv otemabolt, arrived tis orninog, thle vllle inoy ioformation, alnd received tlhe slip we give below. )range county-Newhllvrg-Whligs 300 ahead. Grren co.--Sinre for tie \ll igs. Cloluolbia en.--Oourir tothIe \WhigS. Ulster co.-8OO to 1201) Whig mljolrity. The Poughkeepsie Eagle of tile 61t, after giling the second day's poll, winldo up thus : ALL LOOKS WELL; Dbtnheas will give Seward imfrom 700 to 10(10 majority. Mlondao Night. CanT or ALs on--I thik we shalle do the business iretty rclean in Albaony city lot Ward, 6:10 veotes-mabout 0o ahead 24 " 410" 70 3d 0 418 , 200 I 4th " 55 " If we do half as well on Toreslor and Wedlread y a we have done to day we fhall rly tile Ward by 150 majority. " As goes tthe 4th Ward so ges the State." 5tb warood 372 votes--37 Ilmjority. This will be close. Our majority i the city will be near 500. Newhurg, Monday night. ORAr E COUNTrY--371 votes have been polled in the town of Nwberg, ieing 180 more than ever was polled before on the first day. 90 votes were give in the Town of Now Windsor, be ing 0 nlore than ever wa h polled boe'ore. 217 votes polled in the toWnship of nlntgomery. Faom Faboai.s--Thie Savannah Georgian of the 8th contains a letter dated Fort Hlareli, (E F) 30th October, which say , Although Gen Taylor feels very confident that he can bring the war ton close by negoeiarion, vet he is unwilling to trust the wily; and his arrangements are being made with a view h, ovnil hinasetf of the assitaluce of force, should it be found necessary. A letter from a friend at Tampa Bay is receivedl, giving the best news ever yet receired; and his autieority is of the highest value. flie says, a numbeir of T'Illthasaees and Seminoles proper are here; from 170 Ito 200, i families. Amoi.t them is Eucher.thl.eko-Emohla, the prime minister of tho T..llhoasrse, oani tihe family ol Eelo.Emnhlil, king of hit band. Sovere Ini,,r chlels are here; and a principal sub-chieo.l thlie Aitllens Stirs, nnm ed Cosa-Ttustenngg..e, 0-as reoen ly ic, and gave O very reasonable and favorable talo. Ile has sinre sent in a runner, io ano, thiat v bthe fallI .f tis moon, lie will be in, adl a number of his people, not lo go out ogain. Salm Jnes is very sicI, and perhaps, by this ime, drId, a)d wilth lils p.oplrt, on his way to il1io niner, ('l'Tniuy.) Ile sent in runner to CIIZse (Allieator's Pit p son,) te say, ihat he would make o laryo fire down Ihe boay, evltn r Cozon mnst go ntit nd mleet him, snd Iten eseorn hin in hebe. Shuhld Saon Jones roue in, or die, lie nlongonony is over. Yiou perltas klnoW, that I hlave cever been sanguine; perhacs less sn thlan any officer in Florida; bt now thiink nio atlrs lmore lavorbli than they Ihave ever been before, and I confideonlly expect to sea oinst if all ehose now out on boeard slip, perhaps earlier t hab Slrch or April. The above is highly erotifying to Gen Taylor, and confirms nil his faverable anticipations, of bhe earlysettlemernt of this infernal war. lIe haa suiicceeded io shipping every one of the Apalachi cola Indians, (about 2080--say 90 warriors ) and this i a meatl important pointi gained. It will have a v'ery strong influence on the main point. (en Taylor's grand talk according to all his arrente. tenat, is to take place at Tampa Bay, on the 6th Novenlmber. Latefrort Taampico.-The U. S. sloop of War Van dalia, arrived at the bar on Tuesday, the 13th, in 6 days from Tampico. She brings intelligence that the Mexi can government troops, said to be 31000 strong, were within seven leagues of Tampico, intending to put down all appearance ofinsurrection there. We learn also that the conmmander of the french squad. ran had sent a flag of ttuce to the city of Mexico. The result of the overture was not known: but it wans sup posed that it the Mlexicans did not comply, Vera Cruz would be immediately attacked. Two french frigates, with the new commodore on board, had arrived on the coast. The Vandalia brings a large amount of specie, $95,050 consigned to various merchants, as may be seen in our shipping news. We are told that the gallant vessel will immediately come up to the city. Judge White's resignatro.-- l'he honorable se nator from Tenessee, although recovered from the fever is too weak to proceed to WVshingto. , in, consequence of which he has tendered his resig nation. This act of Judge White does houor to him, and is worthy of example. Goocrnor Can non has not accepted his rCoigtelion, but has written to urge the honorable seatolr's coontinu. ance in office in the hope that a short time will restore him to health, and hia country's services. Some fun, at least.-The "Post'"-the loco foco or gan in New Ytuk, pots fttrth the following hloast with all the gravity of undoubted fact. Elections are finny times, and must, like full moon's, turn men's brains if they can cause such things to be believed. U.m SHAME, WtHERnE IS THY BI.USH ?--tlindiedst ofpersons heloging to the federal pate, ca-ling ttlet solves Americans, have openly declared tltt nt, tman, no matter how intel'igent, hontet, or itttlUtrious le may Ie, is rapable of exerciting tihe right of outli'hgo w o hans n it trled to Euro;,pe and returuect with a pair of anu nellia.s!" Bennett, as unual, io playing Tom Fool :-fa-t and loos, hblt and cold. Denoun ing the candidates on homh sidesulternately as the frienlstaund ftos tf abolition: and hourly expressing a difT'rent opinion boh oas to whhoreill, or eho should succeed. Severe Frost. A writer tromt Fredonia, N. Y. on the 31st October, says-"it is cold enough to freeze up the last loco fen in the country." ""Denis PIritor, E.q. arrived safely in Phila delphia on the t:h inst. In the harque Gazelle, It is really tunny just now to look at the New York "Sun,"-neulral in polities, and passion less in feeling. While all its neighbors are phizz,. ing, firing, spluitering, and bubbling nial around him, the "atSu"holds its calm and philosophic course, as cool and collected as though nothing unusual were pasing. Tlhe slips from the 'Sun,' etanding coolly on our bulletin board amidst the fiery philippics of the Couoier and Po~ot, the Whig, and the Emr lokse like a lump of ice in a frying pan ua fIizzling fat. IMMENSE MEIETING IN MASONIC HALL. One of tihe largest lttetnnes ever held in Ma~ sonic Itall, was held last evening. The W\hil gathering was tremendous. We never saw lhe great Hall so full,-wilih all the, avrnues to it s, thronged, and thie street also. The lhveliesl enthuo staom prevailed, with the strongest determinetion of every man, to, day, nit to.nmorrow, ttt discharge his duty, andihts whole duty to the country. Ado ntram Chandler, Esq. presided, assisted by several Vice Presidents,and Secresaries. Several .rtlens mten addressed the mnleting, among whom were Robert Swanrwou, Jantes De Forest, and Red wood Fisher. G.o on.' said the au,!iene to Mr. Fisher, as lie was e.lcluding,. *io ,, ytourselves,'i retorted Mr. F. 'Yo,, are thl,.men Iit.w to go on. Be the Whii mattti now ao to. Be the cry trota Mso'nie |,ll II. ,, u ao so . Let tle Witht w..ath- I word rir the io. t4a t, come tre r; its.v. We have r..e gthiionIet y hlrtdr. .te tarty lo rroumphantly ourn ton-nIght, Then oo o."' All the audience responded,"wp will to on.' [7'Mr, J. M. Field plays "blenne;t" toenight at the St. Charles in his new farce called "Victo ria, or tie Lion and the kis-;" We hear that it is R mest laughahble afftir. The Burgamaster's Daughter continte .to delight nightly. Icowolntcorra I STEA\o SHIPS. Mr. Editor--Beforse proceeding with the suljent of steam ships, permit me to earrel an error wsllch crept into my letter yesterday, through a mitsake ill your prea.. Tils inaccuracy, Iy a alight confusion in words, may I mpress tIe reader with a wrong iden oftei mode eadopt e to conme at the power of the treet Wertsr a'engines, which, to avoid any flrthler mia-ake in this : Taki g the height of the vacuum guage, the pres. sure of steam on the boilers, and the revaolutions per minute, given in the engineer's log as the state of the angines, when weorling well; and dividing the result by the American estimate of a horse powacer, whick is 44,000 lbs. friction, ic. deducted-the engines of the british steamer appear to be of 445 horse power. 'This is the method of coming at the comparative poa erel thelia two steamers. 'IThe estimate regarding the " Ftiton" the power and weight of heretiginee, and the dtlf.orenes etween her endi tile Western I h.ave quo ted from the Army tnd Navy 'hronicle. I will now proceed to allow h Iw a vessel of 1500 tons can he rendered quite Inrge enough to carry ateicient teli for her european hvoyag, nedt yet have space for 600 or n70 toes uamerchandize, sad any required nan Fbe of psreogera. The pritcipe points being, to adopt the plnt of tile Fulton'e englues, to less cumhrnls, with more rtwer: to substitute ror tile prcetnt style of tnil er., copper onest sinlilar to thtose used in iuocomotivee, nhic oarve been proved by the Mlesrse. ttvens' of New Ytrk, to take leen fiel, lees weight of water, end less space. On this principle the following would be thie etitumate of weight: Four engines, of even 0u borse power, would only be 150 toie Four coller Locotortvre bhilers, 45 Water in loilers, 40 Hall's condensiang epparutuo, 20 252 Of the reat edvancages to he ganined frtm three boilers, there remnains no dotIl Iabr they Ihanve been ahondlanllv teted iv the Snwcvse's in Iwo if:ea ir l Amt)" boats; andt o antified aroe they ,f their superioriy, that they are resolved on supplyin o all Ie:r ].olts wilh them, as the preesent boilerv fill inTo diense: their superiurity in econtury of fuel, and in weight bah of nletel and weater, has exneeded all expactations! There two engines of 500 btree power, tIhisa onstru.ted , awoelnd reqti roe inlv one ton offurl pe hour! which is :diminution of ;Itie-filth consumption with one-eighth power added. TIle distance tfrom the liseiseippi In the Land's end, nlitt.ine tor the .cl se oif the Gulf stream is only 4275 tnile, agreeably to the estimate of an experietoed novletlor: but malaing all proper allowances, a hoat could reach Portesmouh in 450u miles. Tking into aonsideration the natural ad vantages of smlooth sen, the stream, and the trades. I believe a seiamt ship could orntmannd is knits an hour; hut allowing her only en average ol I , this dietatnct n-d he be completed in 17 days, with Ior less probability of failure, than that to New York can be acconllllished in 15. Even if obliged to carry her entire supply of coal, 500 tone woald allow 100 lor contingencies, over her requi. site contenpttont; but if depots wire esnablisohed at St hlichoel'a or Terceira, in the Azores,-st Bermuda, and in Havenn, the necessity for so large a qunntity would ceasi. Biut at the worst 755 tons is all the weight she need carry, as renards her m otive power, the enginee, &c, being h55 ltos, and the eoa 500. The estimate here made of the weight of engines is extremely large, being dtouble that of tite Felton's, ani yet it would leave one half the capacity of a 1500 ton ship, for any other reqoired purposes. Of tile great profit which must accrue from the unI deriaking I leave others to speak, and jldge, fll ifl the above plain sternent of facts tends in aity way to prolnote the important object of Ocean Steamt Navigation, my sole purpose is answered. Yours, H. P S. From what I have seen of the northern ship builders, I thick steam vessels could be as well, und eligibly constructed in New york as n any place in ahe world: tnd if to the eaxe!lance of the manufaectora there, be added the vital inlportance io havintg the entine, and hoat, built near to each tother, it appeers to irte that no better place Ihac SNew Yaork could be ftond for making both. SII. SistAn endtorsement on ltle way bill of the U. States Hetl stcge, dated Wheeliig, Nov. 4, at 8 A. M. say. t't asn ber.n raining all night and is still raining. tolerably fast. There is ,i do ubt bhut there waill he a s tlic rise tn let oar lareaslt otlt.'il'he stea nboan Camden is tal ready to leaen ominorrow, and severl olther boats are all realy to go.' OFF'ICIAL. I)EPAnTEvaT Oc STATE. NTtaeC.-lnfinrmntien ian heern il.itnlly rreiv. ed lrotl Ihe Churce dc'.\lftires o thie Netherlandr, that a liht htose has hecn recently erected on tile mott etuthlrrn point 1 the11 isie of Il-,neire,near ar Ceeoe, in the auitlIne of 12 dgreces, l miinutes, and 25 setondsl nortih, aitd Ito lonotiltle 0l 6Lt dee craees, 2mit, llilllle nd 4 5 ec.tldswest fcc ros t Greenwich. The light is elevated seventy feet above the sen; it is clearly visible at the distance Sof from six to len miles at sean, ht cannot bedis earned at the distance of more than twelve miles. Voessels conming fromt eastward towards Curscon, will be able to direct their course by the aid of I this light. They would, however do well to lay off and on during tile night, as soon as they per Sceive it, in ordert t eacnpap runningon the island of Little Curcao, whlich scarcely appears above ithe surface of the water. UNITED STAErs SENANOR.-.Ihe Leoislators of Rhode Islaid, on Saturday last, elected Nathan Fellows Dixon a Senator to the Congtreseof the United States, for six years front the fourth of March next, in place of Asher Robbina, whose term of office will then expire. Mr. Dixon was elected at the first bhllnting hnving received a mn. jtrily over all others. Mr. Dixon has been knoo n as one of the prominent lembers of the Whig parry in Rhoide Island. Timr CANADAS -The Montreal Hlerald-a source not much to be relied on-stales that a perfect systemr of organization is in operation along the frontier, and that the lonal inhabitants are hourly dreading a aattack. T'he Herald saya that a sort of joint seock hank has heon established at Detro t fir tlhe purpose of raising funds to pay the ex penses of the threatened invasion, and that mus Itres are t.llin. at Buflfalo at a nominal price to those who ir snify their intention of engaging in thre expedition. The Rebels it is said, hold meet. ing in various places and are well supplied with The sales of the Ctherokee Lands in North Ca relina have realised four times tile price put on thtrm by the State. 'lThe amount of sales was about $360,000. DIE,:D In this city, don Wedareday morning, the 14th instant, of Consumption, IMr. JAMES IVERSON, of Columbus, Georgia, aged no yeals. $15,000! Capital Prize. Tickets only $5. GRAND STATE LOTTERY Drawn numbers of the Grand State Iottery, Class 51. ' LASS No. 52. Aruthrisred by the Legislature of . the Stnte. To hbe drrwn THli DAY, Nov. 15th, 1838, at Bu'clock, P. 1t. at the Merchant's Lx c nurne. S. DAVIS &, CO. Managers. 75 Numhbars--l12 Drawn Ballots. S:IEME. I Prize of $15 000 $15 I do 4 00O 4001 I do 2500 2500 I do 2 N00 2 110l bl do 500 1 i00 hlt do Otttt 10 unit 10 do 500 5 tl00 In do 3110 3 to0o I0 do 250 2500 12 do 150 18 0o 15 do 120 1 800 118 do 100 14 800 6:1 do t0 3150 63 do 40 2 50 63 d) 30 1 .11 63 do 21 1 hi 1'.6 do 15 1 30 3,7d0 do 10 37 110 23,4t6 do 5 117 1ino 27,.14 Priet t atlning to $h"29 590 Tickets $a - Halves $2 50-QUI:rtera 1 25. PaenagesTf5 'rickets tbr$115, waranrted to draw at least $1dt. Prckagen ofO2b half tieketa$02 50, rarranterl to draw at least $30. Packages 25 Quartrr I ickets $31 85 war. ranted to draw at lest $15. For Packages or single Tickets, apply at the MANAGERS' OFFICE, norl4 1 Chunrtres at tIORSE AND WAGGIN FORi SALE. i FitST rate gentle Stare, aceuretoed to stand where left. Apply at l'a tersalls. P l'EEt PIliltthlt orthe Rumbler'a Recallertions. By ithe authtor ofCalrar, Nick of tihe Woods, &c., ; 2 vaea Piceirla: or, Captirity Caprive, by M1. D. Saitline. lThe Brrti- Senate; r, a accond serties of Random Recollectionsof the Lords and Cornote, Bly bthe au. ator el tile Golat Meteroplis, I'ilto Belnch and'tir Bar, in 2 vulr. P'rinciples of Political Economy: part rIte Second: rr t ae ceuns which retard increase in the prlodutiorl of VWeahth snid imroreentrin ter phrysical tuid arer rtl condition ot Sian--by H UC Carey, author of an Es. say on thie Flite of Wavs--I vol 8lvo. Just received sor t r.ale ty ',I M'KtEAN, f ort3 rt ,r ( .'tInn , Comollllnn et Camp St. Theatre. This Eeenieng, Noveber 15, Will be perfoaned the adrnired Comedy of JOHN. BULL. eret rire, I Mr. Fredericks, Job Thornbury, - Johnson, Tom Shufflaton, Barrett. Mary Thornbury, Mrs. Barrett. Ocerture,by the Orchestra. After which the new Vaudeville of the BARRACK ROOM. Marq uis de Cruzae, Mr. Johnson, Cot. Ferrier, Barrett, Clariase, Mrs. Barrett. ........ ~ ~ ~ ~ - - ... --h -. .. E- FOR NEW YORK. The feet sailing new brig J EIFERSON Capt. Watts, will sail in a few days; for pas sage only, apply to W.I PORTER, noel4 95 Common st PlItt IAltlL. The A l and fast anilitn ship MATTA KEES T,Cap t. SragbeM , req uires 300 bales eotton to fill. b'or freight it which, or pas sage, slaving very handsome acconmoidations ap. ply ito 1. II (ALE, nour4 03 (Common st WANTED A SCHOONER oflthe epaeily of 100 hhda.Suga, to loud fr Mobile. Applly to L.EVI BI GALE, novl4 93 Common at anu i IWCE. D URINGi h temporlary absence of the subscriber from the city, Charles Briggs, Esq. will act as his authorised ngent, and to him ill' having business with the undcrsigaed, will please apply. FRANCIS ILSI.EY, JUN. nod14 1828-tf Of/ice Newn Orleans andt ..eheille R'I. RId. Co., \oveolber 14li, 19138. D RAFTS on New York at sight for sale, in suma to anit purchasers, at I iercent. preatin t. JAME5 tL CAL WELI., nov14 Pres't. "tl.Ol.lA" TO1 ItAI:FLL:. ltE celebrated New York trotting horse,'R OLl.A,' will be ralf:.d for oil Saturday the 24lh insttant. hiverypophlar animal, the wialter ol so many races, nd posscaaia g sucg h uldoni ted siled, and bottatn, is now n the bt et possible eonlilion, aId may be seen at any time and particulars learned at the stable of UO.LEIEt DUBOIS, Tattersall's,. in St. Charles at. cor (ravier Dl'Chances $20 eat.i. novlf-td. B AZ A R It. Corner of St. Charles 4 Common street, EXCIIANGE IlnoTf.. B USH & AI..AN wonld respectfully call the at tontioa of citlzens atdil strangers to tleir comhi s t assorlt enment o ntlumen's lhinl .oli'ts, d cnd ubaric, with linen Pronto. fashionalo linen Trounls: linen cll lars: silk, cotton l Id lerino olldar shirs anl drawer: cambrie and silk handkerchliefs: lack and ifaey era vats it great variety: stockae of every description: gala elhetie ainl cotton esuspenders: silk. cotto ad thlread gloves: gents Ihoskin gloves: uutnbrllna and calnrs gold llouIntned. Also,-Splendid assoartment of ladies and gents wri tinag desks, dresstag cases, port folioe. perfumery, cut Icry, nod rich lifancy goods. L)rOTATOIM SK--80 hampers I'otallae, and 1.1 kegi Loch line Herrings reeeived per Mars, for sale by IIOL lIS & MILLS, noel4 9 Bank !'taco pAINLcS- r4 packges, .ontaiintn Verdegrie, anal ine black, ground Ol, loirditng from sehooner na vid Cofin, and for sale b SISAAC BHRIDE &CO, novll 131 Inngazine at lAInl.AiNltS:IL SAVES oEfll size and wAlrrueted fire peatoof, fotr hale by ISAAC BRIDGE & C), nnvl4 131 Magazinae st S.LASS-I84 pRncha gea A.othencarle Glasstr asorrted riams, atelein AoediclnIe dli, ": nerle ion. Cea tor il bulltes. and Viatl, lndiog fraom barig Swan fromt Phlladelllhie , for sale Iv JAIIlVIS & ANDIEWVS, Snov4 car Coma itl & lhelalit anlas PLAVING CARII).S-T- e i,,hneriliere ave lot Srecrried a large nsnoratlent oa I'ieyitag 'nlrd, fren tilaetotaamatieirrl of It lt]rier as, CrC.lii l, Barke ead,Snuzide, tarl, andlothers, tadt eaonilpritiag irary variety nflIliglan:lere, Oteriv Andrewsi , Iiarrv oud, l)eratar, Fultno, Engle, I.iperia, Lafayettr, Itakar &e. woletsale anld retail, by R EIS & D'lI.\Nl I:, norl4 o18 (:nmp nt oAi(IIn-.-Anod linHl e I ea lar o, e inH TRAI) & II.\hR'lTIt\V, Iovlt 7 Ilnk l Aln Gk Cltcks, luills of t.0ndllF), A eltion aillr s I'amro plrsIar Showu bills, CND lta IognscR, e. &r. I. RtlltlalIfifor the A:;lboe, nail erery otar ales ariptioi if JJ'l'.O LINI in fg rctireed at (' lalaliag iootai f'a '11111 A\IIllIllI .N," iu Sr. l'itiAnso : X C tn., F:, 3d dn re fron &ii, viir stret. Sr/einsrve narl aaterlail Ilatt antl 4lan a'oa't5 attrl (iat:ns arill be rhacalead ats I ae, as Ch(Iapla, xpedltlisly and reauiitiliill%, as at any otlitr ()liae Tin thl " ity. A'orl I f 1';WN I II O Ix. . .......l aIf l'oliiael Ethih da - andil Peilnirti; Book 5I. af' .hStaute. BI y Friances tor of tih UJited States GnzetCne. \ovn aii aliaaathltuIl Ne, iall WVomaan in IlT, Jrocial andl )mnetieClraenter, in el. Jlist reciived aniet for sale by \VAI. 1lKIn,%N, Oct 31 Corner of Caatp and Common streats. / UNN1 IBAGS--I bales 2, I& 4 buslhels,in store and for sale by T R I1'I)E & I1RO., oct2:I car Common & Magnzing etsieet S ORAGE--The bulk of 211110 barrels can Ibe tken in a fire proofl warehouser, ill Notire Dalta street nanear New Levee, apply to T 1 IIYIDE & BRlt, oct93 cor Caommnat & taagaziua- street NOTICE. SlIE subacribers have assocaiatdll themlselves in h siness uader tlhe fiam of ClIIRIS"I'IE 4 SIN NOTT, and asolicit a mnltinluane of thm patronage re egited by their John Christie, i lile coaidlet/atg business iu his own nalme, as \holaleels Grocer eota Commissin Mlerchant. JOHN CHRISTIE, nov--3w N. SINNiTI, Jr. CARDS 1L PRINTED at the shortest Notice, in the most elegant manner, in Black or Colored logs, on Enamel led, White Flake, or Plain turfnced CADos, and at Prices very reasonable at TI(UE AME.ILICAN OF FICE, corner of Poydras and St. Charles sts. Several New and Henutiful Foonts of TYPE hare just been added to the Establishoment. Orders received at Conmpting Rooln, St. Charles Exchange, 3rd door frotl Gravier st. noel-If 1ondelli &d aeynolds, ARCIITI'ECTS AND BUILDERS, H AVE removed thlir offir to the hIlERCHANTS S EacHANGE, 2hid Story, No. 2. Entrance from Exchange Place, near the Port Office. nov2 TEN DOLLARS REWARD R UN away on thi marning of tmh 31th October, the slave 3AtTHABIIN E, a grilfe, sged ,shout thirty years; speaks Frenchl and Engllish; is well krown, alnd will try to pass brslf as fr:ee. 'I'lTe above reward wil be paid fur her deliv:ry to the slscribers. DOYLE & MAY, 3 Cerondelet et Captains of veseel, ptraml houts nod ollers, are elu titscd anainst takin. away or brbelring tile above nao. reed Slave, tinder the penalty ol the law. ou l--18313 JUST received at the Louisiana Furniture Ware RoRoms, 53 icenville street,200 Maple and Cherry Bedsteadshn first rate article. Aleo, a good assort mert of ila le, Walnut, and Pni:oted Chairs, which will e asold for the lowest cash prices. W R CAlRNES, jy7 53 Ilinlville streer. COFFEE-20 hags old Java Coffee, new lauding andC or sale by T R IIYDE A BRO, nov7 cor Common & Mhagazine st TEGRO C I'rTONS-100 bales No. 1 and 2 Low ell Cottons, for sale by s.rETSON & AVER'Y, novlr0 thG vierr SHIIEETINGS & Shirtiogs--I12 bales Ru,ria ncheet it gs, nid 5 bales Lowell Liadsoys, landiniog from ship Normaon, f rr sale by ISAAC IIIIDGE & CO, SItu G.tNPS, &c-76 vaser, conlaiuti reo's -anod Boy's finoe kip blroans; Men's exira sire Russet Brolgani, Men' Kip, Calf andl water proof Boots, land ing frtm shllp Noraon, lor sale by ISAAC BRIIIGE & CI, nov9 131 lagozine e I AISINhS--IOI boxes \lt Raisins; l 20,n1 half boxes do do Ito quarter do do do 100 dreo. Fig., landing, for nale by CHAMPI.IN & COUPER, nov9 8,2 Julia pILOT BREAD-5-0 bblo Pilot Bread in store, and for sale by CIIAMPI.IN & COOPER, nov9 82 Julia nt IIi'ITUMINATED P'EFl'--A new article, t o hhls Slapndinlngfromt ship Euprates, o for saler ,v SJ L.CKI: A. 'o, nov9 8 I.rlot Inlven r )))4ACC(~-50 boxes ianuo.faa.ture d T'oisrc , of r varian by , alndr f Hr Falr &v hoer oole by ISAAC ililfE & St. Charles Theatre. Firt nligl et of the Air. J. M. FItI.DJ. TI'Ill EVENING, NOV. 15, Will be performed the Dramn of the BURGOMAS'IER'S DAUGIITER. The Burgonmaster of Cologne Mr. Parot Ephraim, Parron Lolon Pearon Hnae Bolt, Cowell Adelaide, Mrs. Farren Nine, Harrison An Overture by Orchestra, Previous to the Burgomaster's Daughter, VICTORIA. Mr. Bennet:, iMr. J. M. Field. Dress & Masquerade Ball, WASHINGTON BALL BOOM St. Philip street, between Royal & Hourbon. ITllE Manager ofthe abhove eaned Ball Room,grate. . ful to hl lfriends and tihe public for the unparal lolled patronage bestowed on him lorseverol seasones respectfully iforme them tlhat the establishment has been enlarged for the amusement of visitors, and un dergone immense repairs. The bar will be surpassed by none in quality el liquora,and the Reataurnt till be kept by thie ablest Restunoratur in the United States. 'Pite room nwill re-open on Saturday even:ng, 3rd of November neat, by a GRAND DRESS & MASQUERADE BALL, and will take place as usual every Monday, Wednes day and Saturday eovening, during the season, which will and on the Iet of May, 1039. N. IS. The greatest attention will be paid to khep ing perfect order throughout the establishmant, ta wal done last eeason. EXUIIANGE READING ROOM. T HE proprietor hal rer-itted hit Reading Room, in the St. Chale Excanlteon, Ceorer ol Grasier and St. Charlte street, n the neteast mnnenr. Ilesides all tIe oriocipal papers of tlhe United Stateas, of every city and state. the Cnaodas,'l'exae and Mexi 1a ood" loavanna, tue reom is regularly and extensived Iv elppliel with thle latent IEurotpean lperas, I.ovd' Iiet ,ant Price's Price Current. Also with nearly all thel I.terary Per;dioals of tle day, ttde has tlte r lpublicatioos of the Ltndon , Edinlorg, WVestminseter Metrol litan lreview sand Blackwoode Magazine. The Ncrtlt Amurican Review; the Southern ILitor trrKnick. bnekelr,'l'he Atoetican Jolrnd of Sn eneet. and Arts, Cabinet SMiscellany Democratic Review, Gentlemen's a gazine,American monthly, Bentlv's Miscelleny the aexico Chietrgicol Reviewn, and a variety of others. All tlhee works are regntlrly tsubsribcd for atld reei. red. The room is also lupliedl willt a labgo variety of mnp, and atlasee, Niles Itegister, Levy's Price Cur. rent from its comelttcolllelrt, Gnzateenrr, nod a variety of works of refererce. The mott netive & intelligent new rollectors arenm played, tol give te t urliest a rivals, and no pains nor as pense will he spared to endoler lthis leadiog Roomi 1 th first the Unto(i States. Sulscri tioens are respectfully receive I. [?rr'. II. MnColeh, Attorney at Law ban relooed his oifie to R anehonge Alley, between Conti and St. Lots streete. novl3--1w CITY tHOTEL,- Corner ofCommon and Campstreets. M R. & MIRS. GEO. SIIALL have Ilte pleaeure of informing their friends and the pnhlie, that tlhe IHose o favorably know as Birhop's Hotel, will be opeted on Wedoesdad, titte 4t 1 lst. tbr the rccsp tion of cotlpnny. 'T'hey vmvn eid the Itoseo thorogh lyretpaireld and noewlv furniherl tlhroughout, and beg leave to assure the traveller anle citizen, that whatever repltatoion tllt hooarse tny htve octoiredl in past years, no exertions on tlheir parot shaloll be nwatilg to mnaiotain it hereafter. A Collation will be spread at 1I o'cloek on the morn ing of the 14th inst., to which tie public is respeo tfolly inviteld novl3 FASHI()NArI.E PARIS MIIl.IINERY. rt'tIE nuobscriber hlas the honor of informing the Is I dies, that he has rcieivod per shbil, Inafnyette atid lMareego, a suplply of falll ond wiltler Mlillinery, o tl latest and rio:leht reotetnlea in Panie. whieh lrs. « SetlcI nomedn eppeto to reve pnld notready tor exam ination on Mtol day antd Tuesday neot. I)DP SCANI.AN, nnv3 5 (Cthartreu at r [IIll I 'NTINI :-15 bhrrol, teiris of lTurprentine u l ioolig frmo ohit I'l'rconnlett, for sale bhy JAl IIl & ANI)REWS, ortG eCr Comtnon & Tcllhoiitolln sIt I) inll ar.rt nd folr a, by I'.At BltilGF & lCO, nrv:1 _ 131 tineezine At _ gim- _ _ta (iri.. .luawthyli I ,,idng andl,r .tl'e bl "i G All IIA N II )lI. In 111, .:3 (;r' ier .t r The ealll , her oken Il :lrt I he r r yilllllIr all Iv ~hI s it do ; Thil k (In l ve-,- ( t) ' 1 'I1 ik i f MAl tou I:ink I lnve a merIry lll 'n' ; 'In hI int. I nle Song The chllr in i+ e'end,; Tbi, ,' il)Pr .llon; +N a:1 re rt.enr; lI' li li ,; INl hl r , e l; I've I en . l Itit llower a Jr pre llng I b rid or hI fre ln t o 0 ( lPEY'S Clhnt Ire . \'h inno Fortress; oae For',,.r treP ! F erirec.'Je un... r h ulir 'lrl pr oo'l on e rateion, liar , ile eo.l' amr le nlt elltll t . tl er Iln an ille 'Iln, T. Thilrdo 'I r hllil nard r.vllr; T' t d rrl be l'inre 4loO Ilh, i s)g; S wnc ere a ulrrhth ofQi n Ito.e.; "i rl're-lti .lane., Just ,cIvel and fore +Ia atip ntlll om aehnllnd rellarubper nlalet,aelnnline le It (' A SEY'WS noin Forte an lnare stare (' 1111 Oie ianthe New than5 ail Mob ie Mail TLine di removled, fr aer the I xcage tek, tV. No.78 P lvdras treel, it whe lan ce t le tarr bl g &e400 Tolese or Mobile and firter ane, wile t in Tnenenane E (lf. Ein'nni' 'l3ell llnnlepl 'A IIenIIsI, te IP Olnlce at 0: Alwe., not'l L GEr . lln I ITMA N, 'Its.ll M HlCINl.- ol w landitil froc shpl, lRabller ilend Colnll's; 123 pack'genic of Medi-Mtr. rines, sele lled under ,r personalep Opim, tion, Oil ly for this p an rket. Fotlr cases CClomel, Three do powdernned Barkn., anleb n Two cases l.nle DlEggiatea,, Ten barrels re Alc nlol, ll pillll a Tnilneel eel, ill rihole nl ni barrel Twet n boxesCd Fiwh, in Tonic Mixtr le b Poire nrsund Ginger, Jalap Opium Spoogie, Oil Peprmint il emEn, Tartaric Acid, Soda, ( eidlitaE. novf 12 11aelnet Iunana foIrs, Soda Powders, c.,ill fi r edley . n y lJARVIS & ANDRESTIV novl Ci r Coml Ie' JMnhnin all stApeeell t e AClI'dneiEI, and Coied iby s h. .ubneibe.s SICKLTES &r Cll, eh-127 b Conaoa.I T AI iI ndI A lnckerel, ind lntl ai half barrels-ke 10 boxes of Cod ish, in store and for sale by pt30 . CLANN2N,2 Custom Ilonse t LE N SIIIENUP INSUR NCef 1 dozFICE afo rantecd genuinejust received by thesubseribers. en tep i em ed 4 Canal in part thei follwing: extra olenie hinog an , do no furniture no 1l de n e do 3; coach varnish no do no. brown japann for sale by NOTICE. tE FIREMEN'S INSURANCE OFFICE ha bean temporarily removed Removed to 45 C anainle est tena lpailelent trie itorte an no 451 r It dt l can jofgnae t In Blll ll ded Artia FLS. novl S HEE'I'rVGS q I)I8I tLLINGiII Ch lea 4-4 brown r hectlng., lld I l hales fine dlimpshirn Dril liegs landiI raiirn s reip Dnlti ll in e rr sale by IhAAC BILIDiE OE CO, nov5 134 Maglnzines A Ml ;IL,,.*,s AL,1,rY,tN~;C lotr 1839--Just received." 11 a few copies of the At, risen t hnamnack for 1839, for sale by c DAVID FELT & Co, New York St tioner's Hall, nov 8 Y- Chartrs • st L f Iroln ship Ilalmatian. tie rail road, far nale by CItAM1LIN & CtIOI'EI, nov 8 82 Julia street A NOTE, drawn by Daris & Richardson, of lake A - 'rnvidenc-, La., in faor of Felix Bosworthl and endorcld ify hili and Zerlluiah FDorseV flr evenl hlln dred lnd Siaty ndollanrs; d1ae and tilme tblank. As it rtt be ofan usea tole iindelr, be will cnnr a fveor, and receiven a rewari, ifrequirrd, by leaving it with (G"O. EI HICIIAREDON, nnv9 S \V .r Cnlamp 4 Conmmon st Ojina of the Freunrene a Innmnrrae Cenenny of ANts Orleons. 11 I 1 E Stnkholdes ire heby nltifil d that tie rrraat SIntllninrlit oan their etn:k is dlle and payabld on the 8th Deienber next, tl lie office ni the t'omn ny. l nov9 SE LItACie'y. DE L. NLI.E-ORI.EANS. FiS Actinenairas cent par eet avi nntifieaqu lad dCinquirme verslosna tllr leer leutilin, ret du a ldevra tre pave le 8 Dncenmbre llnriclin,'all Breau d Ia (llempali. 8nov E L TRACY. Secrelaire IVElI.l"nULCnAL in caskn nf earious nizea to Ssuit purchncers, forslte Iby IIOLMIES & MILl.S, nna9 9 Bank inlaca FISH & BAIRREIlS-3001 boxes Cdlish-500 emp F yBarrels, in prln aorder. ' Apldy en bo!n d lship Dalmatian, or to LEVI I GALE, nov5 93 Colmlon GUNNY BAILS-S baled aaeorhtd linen landing ' from shp I)pelhi, and tor rale Iv acJ P \\ HITNEY, nov6 8 Conti e WIIITI2 LEAD. 310 kLgn lpure nad Ne, 1 Wrhi'e Lean, landing fram Brig Seuz.n,, from Phil. udulphu, for sale by JARVIS & ANDRIEWS, 13nov car C'omlnIlit and Tcli.npnelals ats

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