Newspaper of True American, November 15, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 15, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, ZIANDOOMEI.Y AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFPPIO OF THE True .mlerican, S'r. CHAIRLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 WAN'I'T D, A NLURE WANTEDI-A middle aged wonln would be prelirred; and onle who has ot objec tion to travel by sea. Nonl need ao)ply wilhountu alood reference. Apply at Mrs Hawsy s privtt" borirding house, corner, .tlagaziue and COImon streets. nilv 8 'i'O L .l'. A convenient two story dwelling flouno, u corner of St. John and Perdido streets. For l particulars apply onl the preonses. novu WANI'EI) T O Hireor purchase a lood Conk and Washer-wo mon. AIpdy at the corner of Camsp and iillicerte streets. nuov0--tf HOU.E FURINISHlho SI"T'OIE. B DROWER o Co. hnve consalntly on hand at B their extensive establishment, NoV. 17, Camp ye. and 84 Conmmon street, a very large nsoortmeont of ,louse keepiag articles, consisting of Earthenoware, Chiina and lassr; Brass and Nteel Fire eltls and Fenders; Kitchen Utensils; Iron, Tin, lWoodware and Baskets; silver plated,brittannia and jopanned goods; lanmps and chandeliers; knives and jbrks, and house furaishing goods to general, wlich ll y are prepared to supply at reduced prices to privato dwelliogs, bonrding'-nousea, hotels, shlips, teantboants, k. New Orleans, Nov . 1183J. MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Rrmoced from 17 Cultomhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CIIARLES 'THEA'IRE CORNER OF POYDRAS &. ST. CHARIES STREET. aug9-1838. PRIVATE BOARDING ItOUSE, No 13, Toulouse st,- By Mrs IolT'maor.n, T IIIS house is speiou, andt onveniently situated for men of business, near the Levee and the New xcllotige. 'I'he talle will be well supplied and attended to, and Ibo charge moderate. BoaInnrders wihilng tO hnve loldgino, coll bte nvrololno dated, at dilfrernlt n'ices, witll ci0n0nn0ioooion fnroiishled ,rooln. Boarders will bove t .he oioaction toi o m0 0eet hoer, ,rs on l sIonakin; tlhe Freoch, English and Span si lInllglng. eS, oolgl:3:hm PENSION BOIJIiGEOISE, Rsue Toulouseo, n. 13, lease par Jude Ve. II'fmennt. SI El' it,itblissemlent eat spocioux, et se trouvo situb ) pros de ia .Leve et de OI Nouvelle Bourse, c' ct lire an ceneotro den afiires. Ilt table sera bien foournie, proprement tenue et an prix moder6. 'coun qui prenant pension dolireraienrt y loger an rent des aoppartoleens de dlltlrenta prix, blin, garnis et comlnnodes. Lea pensionnlaires n0ront I'agrhoment d'y trouver des personnes porlant lee langoes franeinse, noglaine et iepagnole. 1a3o 'ITO RENT. T Hl E four story fire iroof brick store in Camp .l stroet, at present occupied by Mtessrs. A Wallace & Co. The three story brick store at thie corner of Bank A I lea slid Natchez street, at proento teset oioo ilb lsrs. ileath & Co.; the third stry being fitted for a bed Also, the 3rd slnory of tIe brick store in anko Alley, 41t door from the last named--the 2nd and 3d stories binig well fitted up, Piossessionl to h, given on thle It n . t' oe15-llt' CIIAS. A JAC()OS. 0.1PTI i UTiiLEI'S ,FPICn l -SEIojNU IUNI CI1'. 1LIT''Y. Nzew tlenna.Oc t lIth 1833. A RF.I+ARLYto a reisoluthion lf the Council; dated . . 51th S'icptemblor, 1348, oealed proposals will be receiived at tIlte olieo notil le'oesolav fol: 27th ,Itv of Nolveber nlexlt, r I'trlet Ilundretd 'i'holllllud Dollors. ,ootns of hi 1sitlnicipolilty, palyable ill thirty years, Asnd tbearing six per centl p0 r lnnul intlerret. The iln terest payable semi-out cilly in Londoll, New York or Ne'ow tioooe r os Ollv bIe agred oil. Th''e 1Illto dso 0 ll. r t fo)r Ui'R I'IehI, if tili inl be pat ableo in Iho o Uoite.l t , and Soooo, .o uor 0 st elach, ij the inerelt hle paylable in Loodon. The propotsals to be ndornroed 'Proposals lor boods.' JO()IIN CAI.IOOUN, oratl Comptroller. 'oureoau ot tL Controleur-.'ereonde Municirpalie, - N,,ouvlle O(rleOti u 10 I00,1 H01:3i. I.SlNFOlll11lilt,\'rlI a une Ireololtion dol('oe-oril Senl daot d: L'5 sepeto brrlo Illt3l,der otto, eo.acteoi. eltt reers n ce b'lranu juoqu'a inlordl, le 27e'joo' de tu . itelll r o ,r onlll , poo r ironi , c:nt ol ille t io'lse0 Ils00, o.l is dollr t Ioho o. Il rilil0 , pInynloo Joo tr,an, a, el oiri n/l l o intere,i de sx 1,; :r c.uo I'ntI , ill, telo l ay a blel !o r s ,+,n stre , lld a Ie, i ,n+, .\ e Yllr k ui n 01 000 ,l l lli oo, t l' I Til poll ar Ier t llo l i llltaIl e i l'i i payr ble dt to l oe a lnis,.l iour 1 u 1 i mt " I nt ll vrtlve) eterlin, s'tl a sent parables 0.., roiot.o o .i dotoent soreoadroeneeo I00 0t J' OIN C ItIItOUN ,Cootnooroller, lSSI .S. . ''KE & S i).. IK lnv.i , reomorved tlrer .t1 ` hip C~h. dheri.y I lard Were Strock "f g. fro No. ''2 (I d i'.eve., to N l. i tllr nl I au r 1 whezre Iht v ,,lo.r i, -ale a n.w and extensie stck of f. , i ,t rI L l'i s. theL i l lalle artva;ls. 'They il(o tltlnlleo &ttno manullatotor, of Copper and shet rn rt t "rt1,, E ,Le IN A A117lrl1. I)IlREP,\ l lILtY to J'i rson l a . and to ith S ere emdu cted by II. reseot, I. 1. I). I:rxchael go lley. , ts l en o nti n oid iirville. Trhi; aitlnsion ,a thle itoo, eligilde that could Ie found bIeig entirely free traiol e ile o s(e of te streets and the rattling of drLays sad carrriage. The Jefrnon Academy is divided into two depart mnents. 'IThe Junior or elelntarv deprrtlment for the nariourn bruches of cnOermn eductiorn in Frenci anl in Euglib-- le'o -enlrer oldepartrment for .Latin, Greek, lalthematies, &ce. Punctuality, order an I discipline are strictly enjoined and observed. Tertms. Jun io,, Ip;artmen(,per nrouthi; $10 Senior do 15 Spanish 6 int. Boos,, slates, paper, &e. charted separatel,; Sod. A month once began, to be paid in full; 3rd. No deduction for absence nor for holidays: 4th. I'ayme:nts to be mnade regularly every month. crhool hours Iroulm 1-2 to 3 o'clock, except Thurs davys. sept27 j OLL.ANI) ti[l, Brandy, re. 1 5 Pipes Holland Gin; 10 half pipes 1805 Boandy; 2 puencheon. fine old Jamaica Rum; 15 barrels Cherry Blounce. landin from ship Osueola, and for sale by ocIl9 PETERS & MIl.LARD, OPPER-l10 ases of light lrazier's Copper, froun 9 tool I b weight. measr.ring fi)l by 30 inch., al oe 3 boxes 20 by 50 firom 7 to 9 lbs,frraleby 51(1 DEVERIEAUX, octl9 26 'Ichopitouloa st I 'I'OVES-A large assortment of Cooking Stoves. iZ Parlorand Bar Room Stoves of the lUtest and tmbstapproved paterns, in store and for sale by M H DEVIIREAUX, oct09 2ti'lT'uopituulas st IREMIOVAL. T HE Undersigned has removed his Notarinl Office to the Veranda, on St. Charles street, between Comermon and Cantlt ate. WILLIAM CIIKISTY. o;29, 1858--nm. 1 ET'ER I'AI'ER.--Justreceivedfrom the Brandy LJ wine Mills, 6 cases superfine blue letter paper; some very low priced; 10 cases superfine white letter paper, do; cases thin pink letter paper; I cases supe - flue packet post large size; 2 cases sperline letter assorted colurs; 2 caero sperfine octavo assorted colors. for sale, wholesale and retail, by D FELT & Co, New York Stataoners' Hall, oct15 24 Chnrtres street NEW .rreicln. Just received at 531, Biroville at., a superior lot of Armour ledureads, suitable for ofbes sor nsIall rooms; thie palbli are repepetlully invi ted to call and examline the saite. W R CARNES, RA\D) '--75 bble A rncrtclu ItI proo; Blrandy for sole by ISdOAC BRIDGE & C t t, novl 13l lagazine st rOR $SALE Tthe nmnufanrtnry of the ubsecriher llouiting VWheels, Lead Pipe, of all size Onasl, Planster Ilair, &c. 'Turning, Sawing and Grinding doue as usual by J. OT'T. ILAKRET WINE--LOU ha,,no in store, for sale by AILAB ItAI.I Ti'IElR, novl0 40 Poydrao st )oPE--12U oeole in store ant Ior sele by ABIRAIIAM TI lER, novl6 40 Poyr'rns at TEWTE MIISIC-Pon r Rosalie-I don't mean to tell Syou her oame--'hlou hast learnt to love Another Sweet Alfton \Vatrer; The Kn ght's Farewell; He pans. e o her iu sorrow; tlijda's Lanment; Tlhey have given T'lhee to Another; Lovely Lady Mine; Vewc Orleatns and Ynashrille Rual Road Oicre Nnv. 5th, 183`1, NOTICE "i') LUMBIER MEN. S ~EALEII L Poptoals will be recived at his office tr until the nrrth irst. tr tlln Iollnwiung luolbcr: 1000 Yellow Pire or Cypress piles, er feet long and not less thao 8 inclt.e inadiametcr at [tle smnll eod. 50,000 thousand feet of mudsills, flattened en both sides, to shew i0 irnhea on the flat surface, and 10 inches in Ilep h; 1Il,000 cronsties. nine feet long, 10 inch ea aqlltare, clar onf sap; nil t, be:lelivered t such points o thbe shore of Luke Ponchurtrain as eloll be designa ted. D HOARD. nnov9--10Ot NO I'ICE. I.i Nethnniel Townsend has removed ilria officu to -the corner of Can:l and Malg-trzine -treetsa, over the sttore ol Mlesrs. A C &- W Squier &Co. nov9 H AY, Potatoes and I.umb"r-400 hbales Eastern tl Ilav, in p.imn or, -lur-00 hbrrels Potatoes- 35,000 ft. >nrthertn Pine Boardsl, from ship Liverpool. .landing ani Ibor sale by LEVI II GALE, not9 93 Cmmmon tl * ' N Rfih'N,-"l conbn rest Brown rtoer .J received per ship Crnle, from I.iverpool, for s.l by IIULL'MES &A .ILL, nos9 9 Bankl Plac I[-ji7lsA 0 on No-e York, lor alen by AD. lS 18& '.VIITALL. nov9 f7 fitarier et JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &r. T IIE ROBBER, a Tale, by tihe author of' Rich' - clieu,' 'The Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &r. ia 2 vols. TrE Love CIHASE, a Comedy, I flive ac'.s, by Janmes Sheridan Knowles, author of 'Virginius, 'The Daughter,' &c. &c. I, it Tragedy, in five acts, by T'Iholms Noon Tallburd; 4th edition. SoesETY AND lMANNEIRS IN AMEt:ICA ; by Harriet Matinonau, uthlior of 'lillustratolll, of Political Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Praclical Summary of the Lawo and Usag of Bills of Exchange and Proomisory Notes; togeth. er wilth a series of tables, sllowing whn bills, noles and loans, drawn or accepted at any dte will 1til due; to whicil er ardded, rates of c nlllllasioan and storage, equatioll of lpayments, and general infer. rntiion connected wish businless of lth countinlg house; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A Concise Treatise of Book Keopinrg,' 'TI:he Clerk' Guide,' &c. TIH LITTLE SEETCTc BfIo; a conrse of very easy lessons in Landscal,.s, Figures, &c. by George Childs; 1st and 2d series. Just received and for sale by WM McKEAN, jy8 cor. of Camp and Common sts. ALSO,-An additlonal supply of "Three Expn. riments of Living.-Living within the Means, Living up to the Moans,-Living beyond the Meann;" "Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" 'The IHrcourts;" "-The Saving's Bank," &c. W INTER CI.OTIIING--I cases, containilg ln oasorillnll ofSoainet n Ollfo lou ar b ol I'al'ta loons; benvv Mletlluan U10rry' putl, lill Liveroocl etri fld itilled siltias landig Ifro ship ll'ullgus, a 'r rale byI.aAAC BRIDGEl . & CO, act6 124 lManazine at l IOWN Sl1irinlga--AJ hale heavy brown shirt iogs, landig from sahip Paugus, 'far sale by ISAC I.BIIIaE & C), neit 131 lnacazine at .l'IEIM OfIll.-Ill coaks prc, Ila.ltcbd, iu,1,er .'- Serin oil, landlinig 1from ship 2liolsOslf.i suitalble ior plaulations, and tor sole by ISAAC 1.RI1 CF C' (IO, Oct4 1ll 3l.gazine St. NEW ORLEANS tOIlMIEIRIAI0L IIHtAItY PTHE following now w rks have been rec, tved by the Library Society, at their room in thell Mor, halcts' Exchang,,, fronting on Royal street, Lady of Lyons, by Bulwer; 1 vol. 2 eopli . Hllulphrey's Tlor t',rough Great Britain, Fr.,nc and B Igin ,, in 183'; n 2 vola. 2 copies. Love, by Llldy C. Berry; 2 vols. 5 copie.s. The Two Flirtr, and other Thles; by Lolly Bles aington, Ilulwur, and others; 2 vols. : copics. Rivers and tie Doernrt. by l1iss P'ardoc'; 2 copies. Thb Rtbboer, by G I' R James; i elpics. The Adventures of Nicholas Niihlcby, by Iozn, 5 copioe. CIIAS. RITCIII"l, Librarian. T. IA(Gf I:t)Ff Ci t:-ftl,l coais o, sotulior qras ty, lr cle lby SI.ATI:R & TRIE'R, Oeell 4O Poyi,lrns stroa Q UININE, 1 2 fl4OM S.\IlTS, AND CAfI)MI-lI. 150 iunces Frenih f.luinine,, Il0 blil Ep1som1 Sall. : elsks h'earl Ashes, 4 eascs Cal.oimel, lec c.. Jalo, RIhubarb, &c. &c.. laadilg from rig VWilliam, frboo Boalon, and for sale byiARI Nl JAR'I & ANl)ItREWV, \W'holesale I)ri.,'gists, jv7 cor Coulllllllln L TCl' hol pill toull S street. 11() ftlt RRELS L111E lauding tfroi brig Uincle Sl7L. Saii, a or Sale by jyl9 S & J P WHIT'NEY I Ul.lfil) IRecord Paper--Just r.eeived a liow rea·ta Iluldson's very line blue record (:, p, Lotb plaia and rulel, fr male be nDAV l' vI :L'l' & Cc, . octl5 NY S.lli',-r r' . l all, 2 ,. Chartres. S l'ERM CANIJLS-I"or sale by ) ILf-. 1) & f Il. iSlTOWV octl5 7 Iluk I0,acte. IIA\I. I fll RS. - UST received t liw l're of lf'lto Bankl Books; P ul.,o u ith d Medim Basloik hooks, for sale by Ithe grace, dozen or single by I).\VIII 1".1T & C, etG N V Stationers f. lldilharres .t r I qlit1\ASTi' N A1.111. AFI.)t )T-100ill hl la Lime S tla ding opp.,'i . l o t 7,ll . irll l ni i' . t, ll ll Ida to S & J I' \1!I'I' I", 1ctl7 ; Co ti 't ci Ill f: prier, oftker fl lo I ll:o'r oilt." Ioi Sy of nle'll , S--ia ll.ll .«h lll , I,, hurlel in tbt, (:as V'llk's c ndrll, al n if tal.ken II i l]n)lli.i o) u(tl lllnl (ied harrO i, ,ill ho I hv rf,- t're ,f hoaC e. Tr ie nl onhll r ill i 1, i tll l io! i ,fI iol" i poll. Io renLlidvil i ftl: lF) th," f,,r noll lld h;'t, IO 11 hle ollllli )hHlllll slloke of I lthe lultl. l, shounhI l ldht, 'r .vI:I. ,nllily to Illllakl, ord,.r.+ o i'vee at the Giats 1l5, ein Ihmk ilbjv. ;S1, \ hlI\1, ,I.. 1', 101,, 1,,,,, A - fait " S c, ke, ]lee t in;. .lust leen ved pet stipl, JP ld, xsett and Cur ly L eril.) I I";'I IIPI' ý ' l l I| 1,1i)d P " . FIR 1:t:\ 1 \ & (i'., No :1, t Ia i tin ,strI'a ', I . ,,a'e r :e i itin thelir ', p li, .I Illl a , ia \ tlier t lilt II c, hcllrn l .t II Il t.n I . t. l e .. rlilt oat s I. t lr a lllrl taIi, l l , ge ',OI , t l 11 ,ir L- li!llllt I 'ito g rilSee wil e a d. hll l I, Ia i t rsaty It I hIboo- ly lll l. I tl e illltllr , , tt ti lla t a n.,; ir tal t hllole.ille 1 nr re lail, Illta luc llllll tlalllnt" f rlll+. tt E tit h.ari ex. rt th veir nitcd eIta it- rtn , lea hitile t ir the, fil of q, I) N )\ %I'I. , & 1 ,l' A ti the xehlan e llnlt l, ,,r t it . n c lltlt t . frott t and a at. Inlll id l llally undPr ir lie nllion s 1, tlhre cli zen; t -an Yrc ei prewhile oPhilladulitin e.raIl, tl Seltelon sI tn Atie a cilt, plea ub li-I the alllltlllllree tllleir, ad fI rall trI t;l a terttheir ut iled efit rtt to le,, ohiil. Atri StCor th r ast arlnI h g w oa t Imlb ityl ofN Ie gtlles , 11t hiti ,e i la lcpty Io h lllll a CrIt tlt h ne. t public fritoarand iptroage. JNO. MI'IONNEII.. The Natchez Freetrader; I.uirvile J rtt trtl l; New York tExpress; Philtndellphia I l lt Sentlih el nl It ton Atla r will ploease Ihi-rh the nb olve three tilnl e nll f lwrd the Oi ce, Ne ou rlnt to this o h t rice. 1ct 15--is E. eA I.- 'A('Ev 0I.1, OI.e.eIAN, allS CIle COURT fia r tile tt ari-h fl the - ilv o, f New ,i O llensr, Presellt thle llloarnbllrl l.!to.llPS ltulip rinll,Judge. lIctoher25111, I,!318. No. 11'2)3, \Vln. 1). Conper, tr. his clreditt rs.LThe prs-ii t of properly li the Petitioner is niret ed bvy the Cutrt c lr thte bneitr o fli a I.aletirers: it is crdert d thar t lelietin oelf lild ereditors be htt l hit re b . lI, arnett, Notary P e t ii, on ture 1dv, Ie h It1 . trc Noven a ert, afia d, le.t. brahertre to dheltbrate on thie afilirc of the Insolvent. In the le rty Iaires dy dit It ittt lairr, Ft etnd tel tha t tJtl . f( o(;rvu,,, Esq. be alpoionned to eprtere i the a sentaa t v order f Illa CorBur Grlrt. "Orle rk's Oct 1 w Orleans, ' h Ocloer, 188, A 0 tUau ,I)I , act,--3t 1 . C'k. e 'Art 1)1T I.t I.DOUltlA ' tl:-n II c tia lle lrser c , at rill e do In Novully e ....ol... Pr.i .. I'lluoI tt i Cooper contre sen creaNneicrsoa petiion des ll IOliii, t6s ui l p.tlitinlnire aynnl .lf i ti s )lccepcO star Ilt duner letUt r ..l nl1liel . do ses Clrein v:iIers, it ent dli··l(r (16 !lio oIls Iljelltb te tlc.ris t cr a ilrr a ait lietla a rll t e t E Irett ottire ut lit , n mrdii ole l Te jourde nov am nre l8O:1, A 10 leucane oil IieItin, ooll de tecibtt r tllr INs itatires d auit ptic i ltt irtt ett In attenda t ir lltson pouruitles centr e sr onnvs oe a enlr taa roprincC tes llan arr(htns. Par ordre de Is Cour--Bureau tdu Greflier--Nlls Orleans 25 Oct 18:18. 2G ont A Mo GUYOI,, T)tpv. Graeer. ID t I l, tn t y tielC ll Pt-A l) tin~lete uar.itilent itol bale1b1 11 CANNON, ato r P. t t 11 tcr T tsal e It CFtI.OTIIIN(i & , iroe~mslle B casIe-.i s, contr~linill Iin C a orlll lt of me'lls a tlli t Iho. c nare, al 1.c ses seonblc clothing, lauttclat Ir'mat .hit Delhi, fat r pal,. hv ISAAl lKtItt. & Co, 0l:t13 131 t1 Ziaettte-ft lEXP ing from shin Dclh, telh sale by lAA-I LItlI)GtE & CIO, ort30 - 111I .tl le ngen at NKv--Jus t received 6i grIce o-l ilt sncrior Bla ck Ink, in 8 doz. Illiesltlo packed it I tolxrs of titl d.lz by 1) , I) I"vIC I'Fe. p & CO, i New ork and St.iaer's ail t I\V 11) I. ,r' 111. o, New York lat tn& tr'n Itltl, oct,9 di ('Faun'a at A t l'ntll,' ; l .t. CU, , oet'2G L o t reelt.llllL ll' ntX(tlIAN5 E on llosmn, for ale by ISAAC lhuill)(;lt, ,- C(, nov3 L:l4l Ma..azine st HITE LED-- 1t)1 kegs t o l. ! c t, ground i S oil, in stolnre aIl for sir Iy SI.OCKI C a (:n. EAPFI -t0) keg. of t litt e q liyit . irnre le sid f O I sale by SL ]rEIR S TR(IER, octl7 4,0 Pvctrt r -I t' YDE ,.'e BRI, o t24 cr Collltion c . e ltctgazine nst HAY. 200 hales Northern T,tt, thy Ilay ie store, for sale by t"II.\M\IPLIN & COOPL:R, 1ntoar Parlnun amve", j'st r td and ftr tale h i(t 31 . c. 8, Front ILevee. OtI)FI.tII-400 t l xetS, ltr .i c Iv j1.\.C I0ItRIhGE & CO, nnvl 1:11 ,'daa ziinc st "]1.t EORGI:; GIo.EE \ hits ,'1 4I n , r'ed a 'n-pert will contlllnue ,th Cai 'nl-,-irn Bil.llni<B trllu er the firm fl O ct 7 3t :'b lamp sir: t' - HIPPING. . For Europe. IFOR ill IVIEPOOL,- (pssage only.) ' ihse fine A I ship .St II)NE ', Cat. C'w Oca, will hve immediate deseatcI. Apply to LEVI it GIAi.s:, nuvll) 9f l o n.lll sat lFOR HAVJI,. A Auperior A I ipl) .an take 31,0 hales cotton ifnnmldiu:r aime l ari. n oe alude to l.if I A (ALE, Aestl, 3 Common sat. FUOR iIAVIRE. The fine fast sailing Al ship ZOTOFF; Jacoh Merrill, master, will have immadiale d,'e:satih, and wants II8 bales eotllo to com iiele liru .crgoi; flr freight or palsage, ap;Ih, to t.EVI It G'.kI.E, oct|3 93 Comlnon It. ' 'lih Al ship ALLIANCE; Ferwhld master: baving all her cargo engated. ex . et 51il0 hbles cotton, fI freiglhlt of whih, ap-. ply on baIrot, or to S &J 1' WIlll''ING, ,c tl2 8 Conti street Coastwzse. NEW ORLEANS AND B,\LTIMTIORE LINE OF PACKE TH. T HIS line will consist of the following vessels which have been ibuilt, or purcLased expressly flt the trade, viz: Slrip SEAMAN, Captain Miner, Ilarque MIARY, Nickerson, IRAI) FERRY, (tiw) Stevens, SSOIOMION SA.\I''US, Lathtm, Brig ARt HIlTECT', (iray. These vessels ate of tihe firt class--have lhandsomem fuirnished accollmlrdllti its, and Ire of It light dllrft I water, as to adtlmit il their treeivin i and discharging -ait ctris .oes il li lsaht re at the City. Fr, ight will bs taken for plorts in the Chesapeake ur on Jlames' River, und fI'oa ldred by Ilhe agents, Mlessrs.Clark & Kellogg, 1t Balimore;l Expensesa on goods shipped will be nad vaneed lwhell requiredl. 'The pr:e ut' lassae is fixed at $G0--alple stores of the beet qualils sill Ibe irovided. Stenia tu and down tie t Mibsiplpi will be taken oil all oecaions For Ireighllt orpnaeagnll appl tio - :EILRGE BEDFORD, selt -lilt P2 Iitasilha at FOR NEW YIORK. t Packet f tle 17th November. 1.OUISI \NA AND NLhW YlORK I.INE. I sThe very fist saililng regular pock pt liI) IU NTSVILI.E, IEltdli'., master, TIa. . . Viln tihe principsl panr of her enrgo engiigel lIll s il Itlitlve; fur Itlle r nlinlsder oI freilht,,r a nlet, taai g Ie.legant aecoslodtioilns, spply on board, ol5l'li te tl'Vesetable Mnarksl, ir t, J D IIEIN & A COIIEN, ilnv l'! D' Coaltnon st FOIL P~lU.,IrNt.E, (It. L.) Th'ils fast sailint A I copper fastene ,l bri SNOW,Captiit Thorn''l dike, will sail id a- few IdaVy, havingtlmtotll of her largo etlglai .,l;l fr hasvv lfrigltt andl 51) holls ottllol, or passage, ihuing hanl.lsuoe accommnledalionl, apply lTE \It:. 'IIIITER, nov9 95 Coml lllnt FOIR BOSTON. The fie in harque HENRY, Dean, master, , i now ready to receive cargo, and will Ihave dtiespatchl; lor freight or passage apply on ,board, sr to STETSON & AVERY, nov7 88 Gravier st FOR NEW YORK. The A I packet ship ItEPUBLICAN, IRusnnll, master, will be ready to take in on S lnlldlyl the 5th inst.; having one ialf of her ra'go t''ly to co on boatrd wilt have htitselinteal de p lch; for 'tiEht or pa+wre, Ih vlnl ele-ntly falrllih. mrd c nllll ntll s.llOl n, apply on board opposite the Ve ,tlnbli Ihllrkel, or Ito I'PETER I.AIDILAW, lovt 6 ICatmp e FOR BOSTON. The first class ship IIAROLD, Ilowes mnRa. r, hanving oa hellr carago, engagedI ,.lllatlnt with despalltch. For reauainder of freiglbt,ar paseage.apply on b orad, ar toI S'I'E'I'SON & AVERY, or1'll 88 IGraaier st FO)I NEW YUIEK. . The Al last sailinl ship III.All, Cnpt. 1llalinond, is nowr readv to receive cargo, r.ind "ill meat depateh. "Fit freiight or Ips. IIce apply to the Capt. oil board, oppoite post 55, 3rd S &J IP WIII'NEY, octl7 _ 8 C.)ti st . Two Bris liof t e rl palilt of 2 to 3110 I-lah ctton, to load for it Northern port;ap lr93 Ca]tln at IOll FIlit lltI' ial CII Nl I'EIt. S Il The ne, sriilllOllOr Cf.Il'iN, Callt. 11 Melvi, 1aa tnsiurlhe All , S & J P WIIoiTNEY, arl ill 8 Conti lt For the Interior. I, .i11 MANtIli'iSTIit. (lYazoo) (l\Vater permitts i,) Fortl .Idatms, nalfeh. Ro!ney, Grand Gulf, tIler. reatol and Vielksbtr/g. 'he superior ste mer CARPIAN, e "'.£ J nes tradish master, havinj ud ., dlergone most shoroagh and complente irelir,il Ibe ready to receive freight on Thursdaly, t 15Lth ihost ; alld will ]have quick despltch. For freight or seasage aelv to lthe IasPr oil bor1 or to 'URKNE, R . WOODIIUFF, novl3 2 New Levee N I h-The accommodation fir passengers, are excels tent and aeieri. I FOR LJUISVILLE, AND ALL I.\TEKRtEDIATE LANDINGS. - The splendid steam lent DIANA, F. Carter, maarer, will leave ir the - above ports on 'iuesdayv 3th inst.,at 3 I'clock, iP. For freight or passuge, apply on lbord or to LAWRENCE & LEGIFN1I E, l2 & 29 New Levee tR AIEXANIRIA. TIhe seamer DENMARK. will run as a regular packet during low water, from month of lied River to Aleasndri. For particulars apply to st'2 iJNO I GRAIHAM. FOR MOBILE. The r,'gular packet low prtsstie ;stemer GIRAFFE, Capt. Swiler, will leave tile lake end of the Rail THIURSDAYS & SUNDAYS, after the arrival of h 12 o'clock ears, and on er re turll, leave Molcile, every Tuesdays and Fridays. For passage lapply o l board to CA PT. SWII.ER. P S--Whenever a out cient ntmmntt, ale utsengera oftl'r the (;irnlte will touch at any of tile intermediate htndings, upon previous notice being given to Capt. Swiltr. nLv7--Lt JIANCIIESI'EIII, Capt. Fabriqeae ma - ,tr ,ill poestiliely le ave otn Sal r day lth ilrs., at 10 o'clock, A M. For frerght or passage, apply on bload, or tol LAWRENCE &. IEGENDI , N'L'Ov' S-- Laeli ag froma ship iloh, rt few Parlour Coal Stoves, a new article and very handsome; 30 Round Coal tover, suitable for bar reomaa. Also Porllabe Grates and S"ialalndlrler stoves for counting roololms ill store and for sale Iby lct123 8 Front lIevee st N li--Mtovea pi .e. made to order aud pat up n iny art elo thle city oil adort nutice. S. I. & Co. At it dN( .r 1el n's eottucky lo ggitg in tr L.YET & AMEL.CNG, olr. t' It Conltoerc.: e If. Itopc; assorted sizes: 3Rio du Maeillu do do do 39 (lo do Iatters assorted frnlo~ to7 inch. o11 kegs No. I & 2 KRbett'a hbert's Whnite Lend round in oil; 300 caniisters (rome e Greene do. lied uchre, Yellow OrIltc, Spant.ih Brr-own, and lllaek aintr, intteggrouod.L in o:lP :lt ar. role Potts,, Cllain Chbles, Atltote, Iloinks ah d ttlt im. bhle, Ptttilo and a general asoettnenot of shap thand Iery, icr sale by S LOCKE & CO, oct23 3 Front Ievee t'U KEN 1', IAIIAT large and corveenet ithree stor warehouse at tle corner of Cmolllllleree ld Notre Dam street. Possession given on the I st of Novetmber. Ap ply to LAYET & AMbELUNG, oct23 17 Commerce at J PARKER'S ROCKY MOUN'TAINS, &c aJOURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography. ge. ology, climate and productions, and the nun' et, manuers and trutonte of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. 'I he River and lie Desert; or Recollections of tile Rhone and thIl Chartreuse; by Miss Pardoo, author of the City of Satan, &e. il 2 vole. The Robber, a Tale, " "- the author of Richelieu, The (Gypsy, Attila; in 2,.: The Tw'o Flirte; or Adca"mare in a Country IIouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E L Rultl'r, MrsNorton. Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life ane Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, edited by Boz, with llutstrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just roceived and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. I Oii.--100 ncnh,,ls white Corn in prnme ordet CHAMPLIN & COOPER, vetl3 8R" Julia st. r is usore,and ,lr.ale hJ J THAYER & CO, no.1 74 I'andmsa t BUSINESS CARDS. j. P. FREEMAN & CO., h'kolesfle Clot.hig Etablihssmeet; No. 3, lMagazine street, Li AVE conatantly on hand a Inrge oupply of Cloth . ing, calcul.ted for Ite countrr trade. 'IThir os. oortraent being large, merchants from tlhe conntr, can he supplitd at the shortest notice. oet4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartreos trees HIAVE aconstanllt nlply f every article pertlllilcn to gentluemen's dress, olf tie lattest style, at New Yrk prih a des 20 J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, non 8 No.33, Royal ,troet. S A. 'PElROUSSIN Ei, MERCHANT TAILOR 67 Coumonl street, B EGS to informl tho publi: I:It havIing ptrrlteedt froam lMesrs IIOUIIt, .INt';(iS & CO). tort of their stock, he will continue thla busitness at thleir old toand, opposite Bilhop's Ilotel, where Ite tIhpes to meri tohore oftlheir potroncre. lie llrIrs mae arrnlgcments t tlre North tl be oolpplied mon hlly with the Ittest aod eost fashiotlble goods tor 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 I'oydras street New Orleans, MIANFAC(TURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps Of all descriolionto. iWARM, COLD, AND SHO|'WER BA'THS Fixed on the lmot t a.,proved principles. MIlL'DI) LEAD, PII'ES, &e O(rders executed it any part of the Southlten rtates. or 9 Di. Iobelt F. Li,lndoe. It F F 1 tE\ IltoHtt.. fs, CILAY & tI.'rKI, Plumbers and Load Pipe Manufacturers, No. 1i I! P.ydroHtreet, T Er P on Ilrodr a ornttlrnt uprply of If.ead Pip, . f.rom 2 in. diameteo r down to 3-. in. diameter, fit. ale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING EST'A BILISl .1 llENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite llanka' Arcado. IVILLL42.I GRIEEI.VE, PROPRIETOR 3 Ii. PARKER Commissioun .andl Forwurdintlg Merchant, Noa 6, FRINT'I' LEVEE, UP STAIRS. _New :lre ., Febr. _. JARlV1S & ANDREWS, WIIOLlESA.LE AN)D TAIf DI.ALERIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIE ST'LUFb'S AN'1,) W'I"VDOTV GLASS, Corner of Commonll and Tcloupioulau streets, NEW ORLEANS. NA'I'IIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 atl 163 WAtER STREET. TIlIE rndersoaied, Ioving establitCshed ttemoalvo in l lobil, fir thle prrloute ofl tratsacrting the Arllctio an (Commission bo.inoos in Its variou brancllhes, lbeg leave to iulorm their friettas nllll tlhe polllic, that they are now prepared to receive conls.lrri ents, and lmake liberal advances on the same, either or privarte or puhlic soal. a t..LIOIAN I. JON ES, ISItAEl. I. JONES. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. Moltile, Fell 9, 1838. feb 13 :1 CARD. AMUELr. SLATER. ABRAiAta TnliR. SLATER & TRIER Forwnrdintg i& etoumnission Merchants, No. l40 Poydras Street, NEW O RLEANS. 'lhey will devote their purtioultr attention to the sale oi \\estorll IProduce. Referenrer. Si Itlounlrtu ool Ileut tl Shillt, New Oleoans. A It Nut oln, tMessrs. o h. , o aron & Co. J1) &1 1 illitats, ) Crigges,Wild Co. Boston, ''hunt Vose Esq . Leveret &'l'brntro . s New York. V\ol)llnblN ,, te hill, ) Stal fird & .a .is. u St Louis. (; btla.w, 4haw . ' Tatum. Itawhvy, Page & ..unlp. t Alh n. A it .kithnore Esq. G ' lMarshall & tCo.-I.-ouivilhl'. FLI STONE. B. T. srunE. E & .T. STONE. Forwardsn g and Cotuuissiolt Jlerchnuts, FURNISIIERS OF Sill' AND IIO.\AT STORES, No.114 T''cHur1rOULAS STREKr. New.Orleans. Relerelloce : Mesrs. dALL, BAKER & Co. ) 08, EMENEzR VOOE .. o CU oton A. B' MEACH & Co, NeY Yr. K. PTNAM, ew or J" & P. IIO "ANII, Cincinnsti, O. WRViHT SMNITH fDAVID STONE, DltVtonl B.COMNTrocK & Co. Colunous N. Alootlo, & Co.. Louisvtile, Ky WILLIS,STEVENC & CCt.tLS. St Louis Mo A. B. Ror', Alton, lit. WM K. WITHItOW, IRushville, Ill. J. & P. P. F'ArWELL.T Bayou Sara, La. SOLOmON HIlGH. New Orleana. jan 22 DOYLE & IATx, I)EALEIRS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONDELET SrREF.T. 01 FIR l 5 l EN'S INSUIRINCEE COMP o NES ORLEANS. This Company are now prepnred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. oFt Ici., No.24 Musson's Builhing, Canal street. E L Tit LCY, New Orleans, May 15,18 I:3. Seretrrtry. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission iand Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to Lnvet & Amelnntte N) w Orbn. Jos. Landis & Co. N ROBIERT CLA\N(tN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp rl'eer, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, VarNtishcs, Brushes, la30t) WinVdow and Ptcioure Gloas, &c. c. T. W. COLLINS .ATTORX. Y & COUASALLOR? T LAW. : NOW ) prm'li.i.,l iin the Sltot atLd City Courts. Cli- I I elts will itld hitllt ItheC tClerk'v tatlct, i .,C.ircit t Court, in the Custom ilouse buiolitoe. jle8 A CARD. T HiE undersignet havle Olpeed a house, inl thi city, for tih purlpoe of trua.acting a GENERIAL. COIMtslttS.ION ilUSINi:SS. I)rFIC., No. 10 (GRAVIEI STREET, UI STAINS. II 1' LEVY. The Ihoose at GrandGlf C , Mlios., will be continued in the above name. Godfrey, Lasuie & Sd all, N~ n Orloans. I.. H IB Hill & Co, Louiaville, Ky. John NI Gilmore, Vicksburg, 1liss. Inrper, Carpenter & Co l.and Gulf, Miss. luir, loore & o, u Mile I.illard, Natchez, aslln. Nesw Orleans, JlvJ., I 8l. jyl2 A CAIRD. Ni ATHIANIEL TOWNSENI having lcurted hiom n1 self in New Orleuns for tlh purpose of transacting t iGenerall Ageoncy tltd;itlllltt tnl tlbusine would re spectfully solicit ftot Ihe pubic tL ohore of telir pa Ironnge. Ilaving a house in Texas, he will attencld the trans acting ol anu business that t alt be desored in that country, and will guiarantlo e nd ulnrelnittet at tetion to all hloiness entrusted in his chlarge, anll a aithfill application (in accordance with instructions) 1t all oundo that may come into his hands. Office in New Exchange, on tiravler street, ;pposite to liev Mr Clapp'a chtlrch, and aR.jlining Gilbsoln's eanding rolnt.slgn of thn'I'rxial (ollsuiatlo. New erleans, November N., 183:7. References. Melres rlillytr, Bush & iCo New York. Burr Ws.o'sltt. N F Alvarez F sL, Natrhe', Mits. R M Btroth r drt .Lot, .11o. J hn T tr y. Lonisville, Kv. StA Jolt A ~lee e, ilktnl)v;illt, Ky. m28 6m PIREluMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, Ofice No. 24 Musson's Buiding Ja CANAL STREET. Iv TOVES--ti StMoves landing from shint luntern - some of which are of autiely new Ia terns-al.o 30 )r. Pool's patent mil stover; !28 conical cooking Stoves, in atow and for sale by S LOCKi. & CO, 8 Frost Levee N B--Stove Pipe :ad-, end put op Ii any part i!t the .irt:y a hort nntiee, oct31 BUSINESS CARDS. IH. e, F. D. Newco mib, H"A V eopent u ihouse fir the transactig of a gec eral Co.llmi'son husilnes at Nftah z, l.d lnl Iitlicess confidedu to them hall be fhaithfully alllededd I efrence. : II C C l'c -k & CokC., ))) liuaneel White & C. , New Orleans. C hllwell & liccky, ) o( 1l2--ot h o. A CA Rl). CHRISTIE & SIn. 'DTT, Hl/olesele Grrcrs and C,nlm,,essinc .lerrchds,e. No. 27 C('cll:ccnon S.ll't, Netw Orleans. cFlrairticnlnratctenti,.n pad tlo the ipulting upo lI Steanl bat nlld Shlip stUlrs. novw ORLEANS LITnOGRAPIIIC OFFICE A ah m drawin gs, lleescha cse' cicetlnrs, usisiess tand alldess lalrds of everv decllllpion, fun'tlleral ilrcullr onil deep Illnurnlllg paper, nllothel:-Iy iandl tllugglsts'l Ibels; bank :checks, dl'lry receipts. &c. prilllt and execlll d i alcheall nld expedition tll e blI by lIth l :NrilCtr. NB. Bank Notet executed. nia| NEiW IAT SRIIi;. TILST rececived perl te arrivals frognc New Yolk, i fresh atll fashionable assrttultetl of tI I\'S. The sbscribller woul particltarly ill thie ulttntiun ofl the pitlbli to a tle I teaver !ir I1 atl 1upllrn i.iesh, tlic e Irtre, rie I an bn tifuin ll nlue ru; lo e at u fise pl:lin lRusill hat of a superlior quttly anlld lsc 1 lendidl articlte ofsielk int, tcgell er citc a general as sotllnelllt minllfetl ed by hIlnell, expiessly lir thlil imalrket, wholesale nld rtclil J O.t li)ll N, : C clllol stret. N. Ii city and countlry dealeri s are invted Iti o all. PORTRAIT PAINTING. ,ll R. I' \ ILKeI'.I lh rms lthe public that fh I " willr 1 mn ,n s i +It is n 'ewn Ilorl la s Ire" !he uIrpos! ul ulilc e p crtlccc lies. or 1111 lr l (nlllal 11 ni Clharl s, inll 'eIllF lae nccupic vc I.rnlv y& I.coe . Denli- c.,wher specicc ens of his pIaintis, al. be s ee'n. C:tance inl t ICharile, .i'.. In; tl\ III.L S \11' l'N \ -\ I l -\NIlFA(."rt Y l C.K Nhi l C A N. Old e, have in , st o ,, f thelir ,O, ii, l, lt 'llcc:trel, n , ~ 1e e 1 I'X Irn-iv e ( l e't elrrlt ial till \w" ir-,. vh..'h ih-"v ilnvtell ( o:1l ,"rsI ,r, the I clic cc: to dcclhh; g c U,." . I hAse.c; ckclel' . ccci do. .c.llr I.,llc; c211 doc. Ci', s1aTlr I nll '; 71 IIll.tu 1 cs as. Il d ,lz ; ;IU llPr, asorlled ,siedl I 'ollfl UGligI s. N. Il-toc.l of b,;ldinc cv red with zinc, ecp',ir Stin. CpI"p ir aid ti c g Iecici put up onc tbe she tesC ow , c,. e le ll ill NOTICEi TO T1HE PU.ii li.-Un ccc..ed. of the ultdercCl asigled bhvic reatld uen , or diicutc lllccd illle Id Illclcg )eclalielishted Iacinfg been mcl idlctrii cllhly chlc Illtied by self' intaeresll, per lie, tbieatllerrllc bcleg to a ure his tfriends generally, aned tile public sc large, tallt he til coni. suiils th-in two dop oor of hi' friend, or lo,.ncr stcald, to beo rlccihlled willc a en ll illd ex. tensive ,upply of all thell tlndarl kitds o kiiclct or vcgctbitble icarcdcn Seccis, of the growlth aned icn. port of e e n dersigned aion, 13 d ut. Since tbee early pndart of Strisly rc, ie by re. interested aple scppahes, by t crdr cet ips ti Vicslr. bufriendsg, Kenerally, and the pubic, all arrved in sh st i contiluecc within two doork. ofy te Ili, oi sippi anmannid, to be pcktnihed is in dill nxp ex. tion of a supply of all the standard kind A kitchen ioote , hlacving already received ictvcices iereof by or vegi sublcrieir bes flrte, of to asure growth and i port lrof, the presen at rseason, as well 837 bl. d bureeg andextky, and Arkana, all a rrived in shorte Seedss,direct wfrom Nle York. By the c'r wsi since tis lired estebliSclcccit ic Jcncccrcy, 16i2. Coippntri y an ers ano lat pact, he is in daily expea. at lared thate leow is and prot r eas ll enable r b the puand wxecute, crter gr allo the kisc l of Garden Catalogues, eitller in French or Elghlsah, nilav always be obtained on personal application ,a usual, to WI. SMITH, Girden Seed Store, 85 Custonhiouse strcei. NOIE.--A constant supply of lircd Seed, itl er mixed or plaiin; pulverized soup; erl's, and ShaI , rs' drid hcrtsh-ec itb ic-.ltl pcin. treeanccd Icece. S ICi11AdI)S, 'Tollbacco and bnulf nanufe,. t:urer, No. 077, Ca"n' :treet, New-()rients, wialtesrtol attt iom his tt tt s and thie public in grut:ne that hi. i.r now prepared to fu'rnih llil thing,l i the allove business, lt lihas constuantly foi r alt the foillwming Mrlticles: SNUFFS. linse, t rman a tappee, lart lh boy, I11lis t ll i liegelnt, Amtli:leln Rappre; Natchito lesl Imlittaled, A lelianll gentlemlunit 's ittlllI guard, S tl. an r itiu CFuaotn, Paris, Ifaluat N'it'Pilt K ' uAreslp tish, lialf atsll Itappelte, Scotch, and genuine tooth powder. "I'OIBACCO. 'ine cuit chew ug, sweret scented or plain. Fine cut smokinig, of C arious qualitics. Iti-foot Virginiai , Spanlishl , kc. ThealboveSarticlesareall warranlltedasg l, ai'fotso perior to any thing of tthe kitnd ilmpott d, nd will b furnished to dealet ton the most liberal terms. mIn 4 rAVANA. Ct OFFi ,-59 ttos priime green Ihaai t na Coffee, of the new crlqo, now lallding lboon brig Charles Carroull, for sale h JOSEPIH COCIKA oNE, Octl 5 ri FT;'lrY KEGS FliORSiH tIOSIIEN 8' I'T:lEI., II n tii! boxA icisi t at u0 nlf r elnlts t I' l i teeft 10 ihalf barreo 1ls", Shi d; 1110 boxel Mlllltin' ChampIllaii, Cider; i5 Iixei Soda Iiineuil; 5 hture'ls Smoked llrh:e 10 half barrels Ickled ''onogier; oc120 PETR IRS & Ii ,1 LI..XLI). 'V IIOI. ESAI E & IIAE''AIL --lttl) ullllllull. \\'lhe Lead, pur,.--7,511I do do No. 1. p.ut p in k.a, Irom l5a to 1)10 unittds etch; just ladmbut ad fur oale at the Paint Store uf the t llhul lear. MONIaAA .1, 05127 58t'' Cta up f t 1)(JU HONU O halttt' laint teo ship Out'ol, and ltlr gtll i iv J TA IlAVlEII & CO, nI clO ",i i'atlt t us , trneut. LD A :,T-- -\ few Ciei lllnl 1l)liv nrl ilid, IIIha d l Di ar soo t tby 1 tt5nIt1 ( , atlff irn 1 New lev.i tra sale by Lnov ) 1.t tk ltlat , Gf d st s ty se Id o11 cnr.lledouih warll \iatiillgltl Jely t' adiong Irmu shii iNorknn, for cale by ISAAGC RI'IIGL &k Co, no 80 131 ,nega1rine Lt U L 't 'l IN t - -ilf ca , sefaeun atile clollitIg tla dii, L uJ fli' ll Norman, Illr ialte ib ISAAC iJIDGE11 & C o, nov I 15- I li t t WII U T rceived all inlvoice of l lut '." ('i lrt , le on t uilini f tnltt illlwil lr, (lulflul .l xitr, \ fort -li C It A of Intad, Ntio t hent ; , iiit i'jutt,; ('tat ,f oor Is y t\ '1":t.' & i',N Nop w _ ork Sl ali mp alil. " l Ill jj C tiN tStIit S-+ I t i ltkntt t oft ittlt r Cintii n tit S II.iurd, in. stlre anid fur atlt I, IlovlO 4II N) I. 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II:;!RY AUJ'l'lS --IFor >,tlh th i dlly, llul ..heckl rl tk-l' I,;:r : f m.,ll., , No+w S'trl I, dliffei ru |a su.ns. Api, ly tt tha -nl-.l , S11 I1)NE S. I IEi,\T1iFiT Iend Ifhair it' lbernndeer ort, mrl Itllonein" l. till housll ibo:o 'n~ a . IH w rlflan ev ly tbhe losrs l itl r' rtP ' I(Ih o i tl'rtncet ,an n prrma tuil, brinrl s on tit npitel et oi r ot f oct ll ,ee ich O Ii :.P4 /.ttn li ()lr ,:oif at b inil!w I...lll v rPd. n l. | ' oIt' tiel rvetn t Yo shv aoeilty to uchoiI h lbirate IlTI sno r ee of llt ir :ne'q1u tnfll , r rlnll llrl r e c IIt'er lives rre cl t ,'c lti tly sit, ,t i lii r t. nihrl ll ort, ne t -.i'n the )1 1 ·II of , , ,e' h .t Pt I|n=t hnIr fTrom Ftlll)ne ofl,;n thfe irst appliecntit n. Htlt a few . ,ttlte retnresf it aaoti. It liketwis,' prolwt teet e bhnc' ttll t whiskers; 1.eP'cventi the ir romI turnil.etvt'etitek i tti itcu]l'ttttii'tinit', ntc d ll.' t II fcmtl -'ot'lr N ml enr,,e cctcifiettce 'tt heI first lt"iern'thilitv it slpport of the vicrtts of Oldridlge umittl aruo wn by thte roplietori . 1I. Read the lilhtwing: lobert Whltrteon, F't.t Inlte Mnver nof Piilnrlrlph fins certifit' a Ilml be seen below, to tile high ehar ern f h.e fielwine entlemen. The nndr'e'teld dto hereby certif' l't' t we haive utsed hee IAlm of Io 'nh id. di' ov*red by I. ()ldridge and Ilve fimd it hihlt lv eirn viceaeble not otilv at a preventive gsR inl th lle fdlin otlf' lir, but also eertlat retor live. II.l, A A11 Tit h'l''AT EIR, Senior, Milethldli it Minister in e t Sc Io'ig caItL't JOtil' P 11(tI.IS,:i. A,\'it street. 1J1 N 1) iT' , 11ASe , 11 1t, 1' 3 Itneast J. ulllltN . Fi 'I I I, 1 l( trll .i' srret. 111 I I.II tl.: l'l. lt l ) .21:l il 5nutb ,d Is. Itt l lt . f;iARtI ,Jr,l 3 Achet irel. It it knowl dhint Vhen, of the ah ve eiener+ are i ior, thilan S . genrs ofn i , sld the others nit less thou 30. [Fr> ta e .Mllatr.J et:c lnwii aldt o ' f e'tt'i t, e i ,Tv lnt n l (le 'iv I f I'ieladrll , 1, Rolbc e 1,'h rtro,. 1lnior of'inid t it I'hlhle. live d. .tb c. i tttcIat t I o o rl! , ot ine d wit h 1 t. Ia.oer lli lll',t't'le ti, to' ile eh ve t crtlllll h ati tltleiehetr TO lE stI l tlciller ch hlilllc I t t tllltl, ine tithe , .. ias nlilld .I I ll la ii lleron which is ret pr : niter Sole hly vlll and retalil hye Ihp o le ln entt fr nita ri e" io FI tlethe. s tre it, n l'r e1cid te lane, one loel betl Pearllelt rell etnd by Ilmost drut islte l iell o nr t e,:gh h couItr J R . v 9 \lll ehs. -. cc rdig to Llt "elrl o 'ters't. PRCoOS-Pn -d RIprt.-. Thl'iE whor is llt in tpe partlio n by l . in the or ialring, Et, of o itsi cityer, an iS .oed by Willilm F. hrand, 'Icti. T'1ie IC'litcor itt nlseo ctermclieti by a ditiuity vgthld rtirel Jf dge Oldf itend S Sp rie ort, t.tntiI t'a Lot isi tune cil rt s, to tIge, o nr ei d ec f'tut v lollumele 1-1.I llcorillog to tJ lt i m delY o Iof Peters' Condenr persedll. . eporis.i ll t e edvicnc eih SThis work is oiW in preparation by J. urton clarri n, ls , o his citylal asi ted vl y W iin , e llialivF. and, tisa. Anine ditr i cualoity pertoo ited by an ditin tuihed retired Judgt e Uo the t. prt e fl'ert,ce circulllmst of the itingJcro u s rcil, l ert frlie cid ed in ith aijusttttett tI' ttontt'ta of lal ; etc their ers.tnlledge o' li' O a ll It jdg 't dv c ae l.tro which lllty latul rally j i l. P,, rtollm toll .ir U xp, Lriri. ll , ('Suecl, a wint tesco, i ng nilratg he paralll e c t tiary, as t te or ei tel iv t v elnII lll ,r xltein' I til, and scrsae. Ai inou crunand o ucsin naly troo is tiii oret, in tho tri ler Statrsof the oiltiler Sil re, erlce to the ad e lllto arj lfis ru a nct o1 L t i.ainil a;l and ihe Tircu k oillt l tea fourii pme IIIIya IO . eorll l t det, ido ll th e h djuiisimer t fI cnfll, lito Itofo lor a m es the knowlen of ourtl adjudgeI d be ers o" pricme uti. limy tro th int f t iree h whleh: Uthiton. 5ic rto v , ihe rising pt'et't 'ttt lelttttl 'tttha ptd or 1 cotes, strie'crs 'ill bt d7 leenr a. Snd hus there i rila eited by A' MtiiKEAN, jde isio tsr 'ro , InN (i ofI hi n sirtirI i('olP :lle nilla 're, i it liLt g the pralI e cu se acide cd i et atn. llt , no-lll i ll lloare In the Alore ntttritttiv, atots of the other Sat c tte, wil 'al'] WOntli Wil frl m fo uvrtll llr ,'iv lll llft , rroyal octavo, c ri er will be a 7 ' v ll ell eS c cr (at t ' ,tllT and aat' ' n netlta its 'l-- I;'1' t",,-- FRED. WILKI'NSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL ur tUUISIANA, ( l"IF ' l.. hio sr, ices to ithei' lullic ithe depart i ann S.t rU ice acin Col i:;gisreering, both i1|o n and. c e i v~. "'r [ i idied, i expericince in his p lofi'Ln , i snltd by p)iopti1i ev c old lidehbi ill ihe ixee.tlin lll of buinel 1etlir(i' I i t io hiim, he hoiP e to Inerlt anlld ,eceic a shlll, llf p llic pat:rll .n1,u , Ilh wr.I Ialso lcIr s e land alcuccti' hllt e I Olllllle s f wiccI soill Sx'calilsls.ll Ouli. Nu .i hrtresII treel,sIeco., trcc y 'I AT1 INt II D..'I EIIi \ tHlrw I'lcir ,, a tiree qu sirtitr of sipecrir I. iini sheetlic ir n, efir1s 9 to 15ez. : eilhr. Al.s, a iructity of E g iIh ihee Irnl JuI.i recivCC I l an ncrlcllllt f Ci.kli ali Prlo lI'SlI'I' IN & AMI'INA.I.'S ' .11PUUND TON It:C '1X'Ultil'.-- A peedv Sand cot.ill cure for tie FIcver anld Ague, rnittent and intermittiri t fivers; prrparud irol the original recipl. Used wlth rrnirnetit and nlli versal success in 1832, by perralro nof the hlighest resl:ctabihty icc thisl city, is stated ill the aInnexed Thlis nedi:ccin is highly reornmenderd, and has hbeern extc!icrvely use]d in tiI abilhve! dL.iecsPe withl ucllh dlstingiir isit0d llsuccess, Itha:t ithe proprietor of thlle p rcIhal ben inllluced tIo ofler it to ihe phub. ic i i its pr,.Int tri ii. n i thu hope thlat it may hII 'tht means of rcllevinlg Tirnly of tlmse who arey i rutfringll uldi:r the scourge oi rlr cou.llry. It is it uItdihelrln p|l,,ctsilg great virtue, anid when used accocdiicg to the diretlois has never fadld of eili!ctLng u criier, reven in th Imost obstinati staige ol the disorderr. it is lotr ait all cthaurrreahbll, ndlll hripersons t i il i wekect ltoach, anid crlrirtren may akle t witll ilmpllliity. It streIgthens the dligertive organc, ere ites, n apprtt, an l seldom require lure thal one, or ill obstin;tl casts, Itr' bottles to eff:ct a cre. 'lTherle is nei'her imercury nior arsenle ill tile icreelile, lor any thiing injurious to tlhe humlilllan constitution. 'lhle prprietors arn so wcoll convinllcd of is elliinlay, th.n t lihey anree to rellndi the price of every Ibttle which has Ieen tckall inl accolrdlanc with tlhe dlrections anld has not ell:ctled it a perl; et c.crc of 1ilt Lwver & agie. A. OLIVER, solo agent for New Orlansci , at his wholesale and retail drugl nld medicine slere, cusrner of llleniille anld Clhairtsre trcts. For I)itriet Ageieles alpl,!v I j.5 T. . 8311'11, .18 Conti ct. dl i t : ilillr i,"c ll'.ll i nl ltg I.l hi Icl i a piiin rer Ie I ltei e I|U·llltUr lll, the l llrlij'clh'il llncrir CmlllcI of the State of Loscacu., r ccnissicncers to estimac aInll .-t++ lhe 111.' timte la d e!hxpenls, I) ol)p ,ning a newl. tl e n H l, olir x to tGohlodi, hietl en1 l cirzine anci resam uellh an llllhplti,oill t ·lll con ytt ell llllili ltig h e i T ih ii illr i rl e Ic r i r I i iIIr I t l .ll l lrl e thil, , ii , I ,,I ri ' iini 'pction of 'll hon it iimay cr erl . And pllll hc lnor i hby ge~slen, IttIii s cid erli i t, n nslllllslllltlll UI bllll ll h lloecutd 111 said (wIConr I r Icou nlh ti 1, I n ,1r d1 , I l tl t..ll h d ll llt of llivem Ian I assewinsient toe her"iby no tit l ito stke their or ji etrioni . If aic ti, i ha.wc', it iiid ' till r tit ni d asi ews itnlcl oi or i)1fire rhie cd i lire cci N ir Iui hrb r ri te, rhe FIllCr (rln beiing ten day, after Ilr he last lublication of thils notilve. cew iOrleann, 19i1h it'cohr, 1131. C ici.tlcSlMAN, ) Joi I\N .l IIA1il , i Commissioners ` VI "--Le i s nlyau at e nommes par I'ho i arale L. our ,h~ "relir r dirlc-I jlltl.cilr e pho I'Elat de l a In llllo ini arne I ri It'evahlation et tlllellu du dttun g ot I enlipil.t II enlll'irr pour I',uver lure d'une nualelle rte, d • le lhe P'urdtan a In rue Gi r , elllle cl;l. ,ilicc i t Lc 1',har pitlllls, out termine ll eur I blll: dlont uI. vr e rclpi', Iv're I plen, rat dltepce .in huire:lu cl ii grctlir dre II di coturpour c I'ctpc'ion d tousecrc i c ( ea pent coeic-tiree. vS"i pubr c e it par I pr, ,els t dinLie. ll u Ihedit tableau Ifd', luai 1 on et da'lls ssm.el t, sera pre-ct,+ It lnaile cmir pour I Itico' n, sliedcii l Ie . or j- de Nciveeicrp, I 3;S: ct tonhts persilli inresse"e, thias ledit ihlecau d'vlia (llililln et dl licasr sm. t hreeiiPes deC lilar. leIe objichtIno la dertl.are dal; clllll di, jmur% a ea ll il publicatlton dl. Pcl lvis.e S. ILOSSMAN, JOIIN L BACIt,JAS.RIEES, Nile Orleacinc'e, 20 1;3. IT°Ei YElo llc hcirle-pundinc e, ill I vo, Slichard lIardi;or, ihe Aven:r of Ilood. A Tiae ofiAlalbania. Just rcce.vold aold fCr cola ic \c, c M'KtAN, ortl7 ror Camp & Common ot lt INirXdyc iiper nuperior ccliI Brandy, in store, Li ior once by T Is 11TYD & BIcOTII11E , mctlt ,ot;r C.oi,.,hen . .1l nt. 'in at SLATER & TRItER. wlit IA P',gdrns emet. FRANKLIN 1NVaEr11 HEI|l* public, ore rbepeetlully inlnnod that till.s m tution io ereterd on the mol t improved planu,.d in an airy and int n.mir irnbie alraion, in the fadabar IFranklin, upon tile railroad, one mnle from nle M ilii The building ir large. ond mot commodliously divided iata or ikepi)inog separate diltferent cllnesl tll acbrclt diseusrp. The intnattlin is suI liCd with tr mrnart skilful ad, :tte:tive mlle and lwif le rItUeI.,ao lld spleaking therml riss i nxll( e laagunlll.U I . PIrivote Ionlt mIati be had by gentlemen at ive dol. IJr.s per dnv. incliuilin uttenI da.ic, A . ' l'eInw in the or ilare wnerli,tro doilarl par nday. Slaves also twoi dlillito. SUml l'.a P i ile ordhoars a Ilds, five dclludrs. All l caiha ulrri...i ll np, lmrat nlurn estra . Tlan :c..ris plo nlhsh n lr o eildeman, to wiesi applcition for adhniiaIIsmIl must be nsade. or to Dr C At .iizeiIheIig, No IT; la.partstreet. oplly New Ortenn. rand Carrlitei Rail Iind A.rrlloeolnlll"0 fir rlolngl llol elr.i fltluo tilotn dra. IF`ROM l.t:oIt il.tlK F~o'M N4I:l eitiLEmAmS. l'he ho'ec at I o'rcl'k AM team car ar 7 A n1 +,reca cr 6 do do do do Y do do 1 do do do I letOllpar J do d steolll ear r at do trcalior '2 Jo P0 do do 5 do do do 4 do do do dro 7 doi do do 6 di do do do 9 do d* do 8 do do Tllhe Jackson streetlcars and liarovetre. illltrat o'i,,ck,A \1. t..allil rinecr rt o'ehleck A n, 0anrldlPl'I niu horly at 7 o'clnck. These ears will collnmiled eruiigiivIrv hall holur, alrd eoroionue thloughout the doi until7 o'cih o:k, IP At. 'f'loearranerri:entl fot the I.a Coriroe street ears the aell I+ bilr i lgcna ll erect. 'I. JAiU ii)IFFEE, in groas blip---O0, reeol.Sl per brig Star, ia store, tirr lbv & TRIER m'i 41 t'ncdrea old. A Card. ORL.EA \;i LITHIOGRAPHIC ERTABLIlhI AE 2', 53 MAGAZIN'E RTREBT1I, OI'POSITE B\lK'S ARCA-E GIllN ritllro, his sinclre thliiks to ItI f1ri idi aldl tih publi of New Orleuans, for Iho ;-atro llle i estowed on hi I r the hait ti o years, and ;,1 begs Iliave to -suire thile that all oilrders cl)rii;led to his clnnge shall le punlciallyv uted d tcl; he will as Usal, keep tlhe oeice open during tle auiner, alnd shlall i.e hlwlas r, adv to strike ftf mlerchaunt's cicu ora, hIusine-. allnd lddleanS eurds, fu n ral lotices.mapll, pla , alld drawil go, of every dilcrictin,ll at the lohTret antice, aId on the m0Int0 im.asonuale terms. li'in, as .i'ed by articls %uperr to any rother establish ItI II. -te ciity t c at ll loe r pcri~o n 'e ii n the ith+.raphm line, h lhe eats con.lient of giving entire . 1; Aplllheccries and nugo+te;otsr' labels exetitedn Ht7 naitrdr iei leitn colppoellate ligliuving, undj at one lolrd o(i lfit eotlcre. js24 II AY'S I.INIMENlr.-No 1cioni-This ex. traerdlnary chemical coiposibllont the reCult of scincee, and the inventrilin , a elicebratld inedl cal imn, the introdtoi. i t of which to tihe publha was investied win, the solenitly of aI deathbeod bcqnuest, has sa ce gained a rerutatioi unparalleled, ftily sustanniig tle correctness of the larnerltod Dr iGridley'rs ht conessloni tht h heo dared rot die without giving to posterity thle berefit of his kotwledge on this s.ubject," and ie ltherofonr Iucqueathed to his Jliind and attendiant, Soliolou Lia.'s, the retosl of his dlscouery. It s inow ueld in the principal horpitols, mhd tile private practice in our country, first and most certainlvy Ir the core ol' the Piles, and so exten alvely and ercctulaily as to b.allo credulity, unless whlur its ellbcts are witnessed Externally irn the fiilowing complaints: For l)ropniy-Creating extraordinary absorptino. at oircc. All Swellings-Reducing thoremn in a fei hour. Rhirniuatit nlo-Acute or Cilroie, giving qui1t Throat--By Cancers. Ulcers or Colds. Croup and WVhooprng Couglh-Eixtrnally, and over thle Chest. All BruisesO Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a few ioure. Sores and Ulcers-W-Vhether fresh or long otaodilg, and fiver sores, Its operations upon adults and cilildton in rteda ing rhleulatiaic swellings, and looseninig coughs and tightanenu of tile chest lny elaixatlil ,of tile parts, llao beecl surprising beyond conception. Thle ionllll rellrk of tihoCse wloi hare used it in the L'ile, is " It acts hke aicharlnl." 1TI'h: ' I l'En-The price, l$ is rea'nded to any iperson wsho will use ia hottle of liay's Liniment tlr the Piles, and return the erlupty bottle withourt being cured. Thluse are the positive orders of the prolpietor to the Agents; and out of many thoU. atlds uiol, not toe hasl been unsuccessful. Wi mlight insert cerllficates oil any length, bat prefer that those who slll the artlce, shluuld ex hlllit t1ce ariginal to prcehasers. CAUTION-Nou, can hre genuine without a splenldid ougrvuld wrapper, on llllch is my name, ald also tihat of the Agellnts. bOLOMON ITAYSi Sold whlole.alo and retail, by COMhb'lOCK &d Co, New York, and by one LDrugglt in every town in the Ulion. For sale by the \Vholenalo Agents, corner of Com.onri & & 'fhtoupitoulas strelet anid by the Apotnhecaries goenerally jn30 STATE OF LOUISIANA, IfB'T Judicial District Cort. 'hotoas 11. Jen kill, vs. Is Creditors ind the Credilurs of :ortar \ (. ?'lie ie " t it Iolu' propcriy to uccrleteh IY c lle (,tlCr fur tile i.,++tit o Is uCredl to a, rnd nt itardCerb tit tredito etin lid reditors ualcill,, eit ler s i raof rtrs & t.o, Uta ke pl-ce at the tllicta J I. l Marks E.q., \otu y PAubiic, ,i Mondayn th*i. ill .dt Nov mber n ieat, t U c'o'u k, .t. M #,lor tile purpo e of de iberrting oaillie anltltrs oe' nid Joukina ond toers &o Ce., nd in tie Iirel tice all judicial poroeedis aglanstg h tt)hre ron and proprly ulf said J ckOla iesne tayedl. Al. I. Cttllen, Esq. is aipoinled lu relrc""" ti absent creditors. \t, urlc the Hlo. A. I. lBuchunan, Judge olt Lh Ciourt aneaid, is 4tllý Octe1 ober, I C3. ' LEIII.AlNC, oct:-1-3thd&n D'y. C'k. 1j'1 Ir LA I.UlUl iNto-Ciue dT u Prrsiner l)iii t nit Judliriire-l'l.u. 11 Jeukins coutre oil rcauciern et lea rertls or'r de Stclns &. Cio--La esh Son, d hi ditle l'tsohl able ayaeplt te accepl Ihnur Io . Ibeotice doe u so croUCmio a i oe t ordotn qu'tmt n aenn. blt'de coeorrOllu ors of de celu de Sterns (tiu, ait lien ou i' deill MIarks. nousTe public, luodi, 2o juur do 'Tovembre, a di( Iheures du tntiut pour dtlibbIer our I.e ,tlrrto deu,tlts Jelukius et Sternll Sc ,ie; er meua it., oute proIcedlures judiciuires enotIre la peruonna ct to pFetUotue du)l Jenktins un nrrretees-r. Cohet eot llnlllle purd reipreaeter lea creuciers lbna. 'l'm tin i 'th A 1. Ituchunun, jugs de la courut citlhtiu., ce 24 , ctobre, 1838 rpiot o1' A LEByLANC, Dep G(emer. pr J. l'alzur. r rWhoever ht h aidu trunk will gire nolice of tllce uae to J D BEIN D A COHEN. Oro'2f 90 (:oll rUna at *) {AYS NC.. 4L18, C0a,9n.1 610.101 ", 3116 1j 9,1029d o 137, 6t1ru, 197, Id1, Iob 68't: autd 4o6 will rilng in tbl) r raetl tua for gu lla bnhrd Irnno thie hip lauuib,d,, or they R ill be proeeruted atI :rdaog it law. LEV -I H iALE, Orid3 9 OCuoumIo l1 re HAI&E OIL,--3,t000 galls whale oil fr al by IS & J P ,II'TLNtEY, octl7 lIt Coti Iat NEOV iHOOKS, NAPOI.EON and Iis Tiumes, by Cauliugcourt, Duke of o'lceo.a, in : vols. The ItIT' .'WiIITTEN and other talea, by the O3 liora loaltiily, it t vols. JOitlKt, iC'S J.,ndts and Jollitie.; or, tIe bhrti hloltilg. lanelg, driving, sailing, eating, ercentri es elatvnatrllrt ex itilt of thdt renowlned sportine oitie itr. Joult Jorruoks, if Si. ioltolpr Lane and (ire Corald l street, irll 2 vols. tll &-I.'r I i BEAUTY. Ati explanation of the late oflirortl aod Extrcise;throigh which a plea slllg conlllr, y onlietry of ITre, tlld grreftil carriage oi tl ui ainc ad chest prevoeted, By John Biell, M i. lust e- rived ad for snale by WM MPIrKEAN, orrt eor ofCuaip & Common t iA\ I 1. utAlFCR anti Book Blde y-Our Irirends andl the puhblie in gntrnl are informed. that weu now hlave our Printing Oflice and Book ulde-c ry in toll epertion, and outdurted by competent and exprrienced nten. 'lie type lbeing entirely new, we are pretaIred to do every variety of plain and fanev job printbii' talsi, retry vanirtv of ruling aned llt hlg neat. ly and prmptyull executedI'y DAVID I EI.T & CO, N Y lStationer's Hall 24 Chartres at. cet20 B CASEY, No. 19 Camp street, hnajust received Sfromt Londlo, per ehip 'I iger, aneav, Ildiu uc IRtval. Suuer Ruo el, Inmprial, ('olumbier, and double Elphant I)rawinig paper Tinfted Royal and nperil dto. Tutrnlhill'. London hoards. Plain and Tin'ed Iltstol boad i Ivory paper;, Transpareut Horn papee; Gold and Sitter paper, Gold borders, W hites and olulr. cd It ice paper, DRAWING PENCIL'. Reeve's & Son's best prrpred Lend Peneihl Bretk. mna & Laogdun's do. tou. COL.OURS, &e., &e. Reeve'n & Son's Water Colors; Newman'n dt bou es of Chalkni utif Cravo'us-31i, 72 and 144 ditifeent shallrdes; Liqtud Gold; 1Lldand Silter Shells IMarble and ( hiut, I nkt Slab ChUinas Sacucers; China Tiles, 3, 6, atid 9 diviston; Ivory, Mahogany, and China Palettes; ttonah brulshes; best Badger Ponih brushes) Poinh knives nIusic aund Sketrhbitng Pttlule; uPaletr, Leath er ail Cork stumps; Mliniature Ivories as.d Cues Swan Quill Pencile; do black $able do. OIL COLOUI't, Prepred rcnvrss; Japanned Tin lBoea Bleddid Co I,-urn, witlt Pentil. A)raweet 4.L Prepared hssesa' ;7, 30&36 ituehe. POCKET iKOKS & WALLETS. Russia and uMoren o Pkeet Boonll toeir Lesther Wallets; KuetiaLeathet Pecket i 7i Z 3 44 Ivny eIr~tue; pateot Tablet, with ilorer ..siI case. SCREW H kNDI.RS. Iloin and Rorded Roceunud, Bttwoodl, Neat id Burntuled gold, Fauuy colored and gold S m s. dnes. PEN =. noER,. l'en and Gold Pen Hdd,, I'uane asnd 8Mvsral. LIDG-11 h'lts Bacon Sides,in good coen~ h in , steen aid f toaaln by & novl0

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