Newspaper of True American, November 16, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 16, 1838 Page 4
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rj t ' lS.U ppi and Louisoana Hotel, . OovR.c(TOO. tO *jdF . MARY KIRKLAND asM. fnounes to her friends and tbhe public gene. tl4b ¶aa she is prepifed to .Oeornmnodala thees at he'iht .e estnablishment, and hIopes frsm her g5 rtion to render vieitorsn comforltsldc, to rLceLive ICipotinaonce of firnwr favors. Shie felts cont. Sdent that persons visiting Covington during the tmmer.months, canot fi6nd better coslmodatl ionrs thaneie s on. afford them, on more lihoberal terms. 1et hl~tts Is pleasantly situ ea, and well supplied l'titIhry rnonrveniene; o-r is urnished with the mit choice litjuors, org, she promises oa.,iatlsng selral bh. Wotibls'..l, or port to give oJtilt eatislactieon to jil iq ily pulronsizs the S dLiappi snd L.,,olsian It _ js 3 istudied under Or. Sqgltidt .f Cttarlestoa, Boqtht Carolina, and for snmo yars eIdahaiettnt in of medioineasnd sftry, laps the lhonor to offol his pirsfssnios l n8vi~es 4Ni this city. IHonseree the ladies sid geotlemo n that the most Sp spt httentiont will bi paid to the cills which Smsbn made; and also oflera his servinces to the -.w WOltrs of slaves, being well acquainted with the dthnecommon tothem, having attended them in ' Ib ,rgar Iouse in Chnrleston. Smfa mous antitbiltioa pills a tcr the nmpomstion PO" O ofessaor Sumollottedith direotionse, can be had S of the undorsigtld. Thes4pt which they have prodonedli this and other citts, heas been attended with tie greatest suceos, to which the best of' references can be given. Apply at No. ]66 M.,o. Eilna street. JNO. M'LORING. i~UiWfEOWTA SCREWS, tAD IRONS, &e. TIHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. JL 238 Water, near Beckmanastreet, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock ottte above goods, which now consists of the blhwing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Iollow ware of superior quality, consisting of ablmt 1500 tone, via, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:5 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, kettlos, 15 sizes, from 3:8to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 diffarcnt sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do , FlaPSpidera . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . .- 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 indhes. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inchl, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 214 of a superior quality and finish, and lebs than Jame's importedl psices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hettor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from I 4.4 to SObrs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, clhurches, &e. made to order, Also astalnbeate and otlher machinery moade to order. The albove assortment of goods is particularly recommended to thu atirttion of Southern and Western merchants, and are oafered for sale at low prices, and lupon tle miost liberal termse; it is boe. lieved to be tle largest and best assortlnsent evr offelredsl for sale by any one ceotblihmenit in the United Stalas. Merchants, by florwarding a reqeest by mail, can have a priterd circular, withll decriptson of goods, pricesand terms, flom lwhich no deviation is ever mande, fnrnishled by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. j._3 I EMON S\YIlJP & P'ICK1.lHS-Unil-rth ood's L.e d soen Ssus assd Pickl-s, osesorte *les; o lso (sit ; hexes o tl.i: is & tlahsk'll' PiCklois; fi,r r:le I, cln:: a:e cunsirnment, Iy tAllVIS. ANDISIVS, all eg (JorCn:l:ons and Tshtlltli'llh:iisl W ;ufrsd l,y I.,t.\C thD(I,~it & Cts. osl O1.011 Ohapsilr·*·1lr eRrsl t en li('iitla an:d ta arodahtl it. t m29lll~. IApplyOVS ao --'T J (I'Tl;~~l, {5 edirt.du. ill stoe, tsnp lv CIAMPLIN & C PtI'l', LII.AIN and ruled C:..s ilnd L:,i l I':, .'rsi ,f al;l :1u: iliesr,':n-sties ,,n rery su lerlior blu,. lh, id , lie and s i wh ,irl w,, si, ,l ,l ai,, aldr e rIse t'I,.Ii' ga recor nl1 N ' Cttillll,: ' (lll, :4 ( str , li ti ' d, ,l t l hIw1h r ilt; . ,1 I i, i l,, di l. iI' I, li Ill l Ii'' i. li ,to I "ll 2 sl , I F Ilr isiOll"e r', llhl [ U ,iipes aiS t 1Ohslr's. For ul by' II 1.(ti 1i' 5Nll, II, 'lN & tI , sill N, . .it i. hll u 'l tr i5 ( . mm lit\ l M nIs l,',t ''la et 1. A Nhllia hl r . 'si s s', shtl, t -I ( L' rs if. --Ion the-, lsd iissi, e alti n lsfwii ast, lo ssa' rs Estqsi as han sey o': pnaio ie suneitel I mls tORsEY.l 41 New 1 Ci CIaoi iIA N r id'ls lr eale l "i 5ImetS Itist Ys'1 dl neo soreet. •t(I coils Riope!, ltling lfront Ambas.dor, for all e by I. AYE'P & AIEI.U.\G, nl9 17 Commerce Ist. 13iiaiill'{u-iiiiiel eie, Ki hint hy IS ieivgi, fo I i ,ri) sto..ini r EI \\ Iaie. eind fir sctl Iv YORIKE, Bli)TIll RS, je6 6 (1a Cnp I-tret. No - : ijy NOR COPAIVA -v y ew Urle:,le, NiV. 14, 11,7. 4 fBOli . go I had the misfirtuuae ti got aLIL n 1,.11r .:,:r which I have appdlid to sese rel do:tore for n cutre, anid they lid not iiiiro iie, so net)t on tle abeve date I put nyself unlier tlu cItle otf lD)itil ]lustie, anid I expect hi to cure un.. Since that time thle diseasl e got worse, soi uas to break out it large ulcelrs to the number of six or eight on ru hI leg, anld all over mly iaeoa, and sre Ilwont, anId not able to work at he present tiah, ii acllllillt of tile lit'ealnt; Iarie ,lder il the ri.hlt tid oif iiitile tireat. I i .i. Inie t ilp t nysell' colloIetl uder tle cure ul Dr. I llt, ," ITloLA, ito be perfeitlv icured JUIN DE.AN. fe 14 ly I DO -Ž'RTIiF1' that the ihove ntetttnedl disease is quite well eirn.r to inY own saiu li-elion, for whici h I thank I)r. Iloter; and morleb er [ assoro that the inedi cine I have takell natesl.. leIt. and did lot ijljtlre tloy nealth at all; theretlre I advise my I f llow ilT.rtrs to losenoetimeaud ppllly to lr A. linen, 124 CailI straet, belween Ilk.iihi.le ntltd Iioarulii striets. 1r. Hiet is at heII lii.itn 9 n'elhk, A Al, utuil 1 P 1. They will flnt a troIle dtor fil h9 Oi rl triiit. JOHIN ]DEAN,.II Ur cvier street. If any one wants to tee tie, call at No. 40 ,i avieI street, and thiv will be satislled. To be published at thile optinu of 1)l. Iluct. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. FIeb , 1,18. fell 1 I Iv HF Gen(lltle llanll .aitlh l aiut Ltverwelltiillllt lIiuc hbottd, ip tilt ap il bottlet at tle low prie of Cit eents encl, containuing the strength of three ounces of Liverwort, hBii lea the v'tt.tne oe mal other rootr and herbs known atng thes Intadians as elticacious ill curing pllnmonary compllinta. Thit nI i'valled success which bI+attindet, the me of this inestiutble Ihulsll ll e xlillevtr it hlll elro diced. haits oibtilled the aonllae nd reconlllendu tione of respectable plly.iianes, lfr ith ih r lllte of cougils, coldC, piin in the i:i1, want of re-t, lupitting o4_ blood, liver euomplint, &ie. To wheatl it aiy oncern. This is to cirtiiy that we bare il oitr practice frequently preeiriled its (nardl ner's Intdliinli eIl uaiu I.iverwert ai nd ! lIoarhlnud, clth a decided good effect: we can thetr'ellll, liOl the kitnow e of the tmsterinal it is made fronI, and < biiel vilon .dexpe.llte, rcuolnella it ,1a asuletri+" prelr|lation or all those alhctiolsi of the fior wir tl iut re mmaedeil. AihRfIl \VIIuI.4h1S, l. D. CAI.VIN ELI.IS l. 1). Msmlbe.s of the Boston .ledical Association. Best'., October 2-. saleby J, RkVIS & ANl)RIIhE\tt' Itl 19 i lltlr it iit I { l,' lt l'l-+ stn beesllmelllleti ily ti e u M,!,rii al s iiiuivi. UTLTLER's Efferesenllt aittueeinn Aperient--For dyspepsi or hldigeetitn, Ilneroit debdhlit , githli. ltrs,headnlehe,niidiity ofl the etsunilt, htbiiual en. livesueie, eatinioeuii itseaes, gout gravel, &c. andl luch w·ated as a gentle, eoolinr purgateive. Thio desirable prepafsratn fat reteived the petroll ge of maeny eiineint ntesere of t"e iteti;eillll, arid om esa diseernhi eli. e lle ninny re . etbltle tiid tlntli. cited testtittonals r(fits efficay as a mnediecit have been elitited. With all the pleasitg qualities ilf a glese o mde waner, it pos.esses the active ledicinal terperpeties of the most sit, )sitalihnits pur5ttivee ; it is plesitut to the palate, and girtaeli t eh stmainceh. IMPORTANT CAUTI)ON--The iherreaing redptt - sloe sad great demansd for BuIlle'Ot' l,ene.isuet Mlunea eiae Aperient, tlu beein n oltldeerelt for others tieI f er an imitctin of tllis .hlal,le tied cile. tir'llituers. aI par itelarly eirued of this fact that tlhey n bhe on t eirguard, and.not lslprcur.nallnur e article The public are rerept..iullv ittifr edl tht ttn usttheri. lers aeretcoUntaitly ecttdil. witih the oeriginl and get euiite pepr.eti sn. For salte' wo erode a d reail. bI.I(IF.S & CO. A genGe, ml 40 (santl i.trI,. N (). ranhd gelet oH air, giivilttbalah aid beaut.,ni d e reveeutih baldlecs. ehfore this Hair (Oil was ofI.Ise I ithe ptblle, it had ,cat tried in bundmrds e fecs ulofhbaldeda, tisnees, andII 4tllst1 'ol the hair, end illevarit ienlt it- tiea -.ll et! irftj ,esteeu realised. It haieeterfaited to prnlupei a sswe J. Mtiful srowtl of bair ae bends already s catswhere etibecainte dry end Cet itetgisi will vey aoonrensder it hlalthv, and producle t sad . Iautiful growth of hair, awitSyut th least VW5 head. This Oil geives as isgereelle fro. in. I+ l to any other II ir (Oil fr Ier 1 1 clrPg eai._ "ng the hair. 'The it ir < it t's at.}t.-rri' For sale at +t 4. ma t, iee.. EEti & D'I A\GE. iS I.-tNy HARTT & CO are now reeeivmgeIrr on board ship Orleans, Eagle, Highlander, It'oker etery Anadrw, Fmrnch and Gernmn play earts; lack f;]ttttntl loaeloo; Cleasama. l-4 and 2 3-a iab WI ard Hall; 8i 9, 1 0 and W iach blade Bowie Knives; Leather and other travellirrg Dresaing Cases; relt, I'ckt, lorseman'r , and Dueling Pistola;doub l e and icln 'errelled RGunsa Game BRag; Shot Belt; Powrder ondl itel kinteka. Deam otloetee nod Drinkaag COpe; Prc Piun Ca and Coap HOelder; Cloth, Hale, T ronlte and Neril hruhas; Orrat and Clloerier T rth \a GReI l'ooh Powrre Teoiat laad Shaving Soape=. in great va rielt; nlag Heir ra d Rinalete and Friettres; Pear ad "lihetlowdr nerr y eIng. Ivory Tb Censhiona:e 'clenat hr l cla c crarr. Grin Etatle S.c penlete I'arader Paut" ead RoXerSi Gilt Clhein Seals and Krey; Ear-deropea XVis t abbeklo; R.mleeste; Beed Necklabes adrl (hbrol; trilh ar r ivednre lenal; endien BoeRts, SI'hr;ahall inhliarddionrto ler frmrner stock ln hande, akhe urlreianar rlrertot very ealrlterto, and will be sold crw and o liberl terrsr, at tIre igrtn of the Golden r Cal. P25-tf 70 Chartrosn treet. r I'.llI.-l,scrrilrre, Agentra far the egteneiee hbet of h X. & n rrr rher, Sheiflel, Entlntld, Irene jtat eeilaedra vera exhanrive set orF aea tr.e, aooeistinoeof elale enal lesrsert Krnives or ale -, t drleti, en Pe, Paocke. Pilk, and Spear poiarl nlven ; Rnaor, r Sale. Oare Edge t'rmar, . ka. te. cwehichtenv are prepared Sexhehil i tr A arlre nr onlrals. Terar .nd eandrtions ell e 13tait- khrrrre tat the imeP. m"ll J. I). EIN & A COIION.9 Ceo,nmrn et. IMMIOS, IAIATT & CO.--Are nnw rereOing Ipr snt rrit ni lInel, Eagle, Merry Alttrhew, Hirh n er raer r Fheene aed (ir ohele herl plvane nearrl: scer, kl l pret pistols; pl in, rlrhe tend saplt eareinn rper; ca, Iorlrler ni as rs, r Zes, Coa ne. ces; (iilloe'a rnmrtarirrl aid onter ateel tres Via as; Violl strins; a hell, ivoryeand lonreacomr;watfen bN, ea n eatha l lrearher ; hair barhse, afint and ask rilgletn; negro ~pnlf? ermcara tl'Ptlcaa eologne wa ter, rrewlcarls mareatser oel, imitetion do; adgique rrd herrars il; errtlhle raske aet drearlhg ases: ieastr hhlckirlr; staterl nrad toilet glemerr;eotrvex mterorar al. eal gl;asecs nrrl cirws lerndlan Irala, bell anrl Irlrmes; rleerroi whirCrIWine; toilet andl sthravirg soatst toilet ewder, alsmctie wsrrh halle; .,,seted ratio nrshlione; pool staeda; accw ellrbioeas; farty Ircr l .is Bsad neckleaca; illialrd bhlle; ptorket reooka artr walletts; acl'ltle beases; c.zor strapa; finC atei colrloten gtnr )* atnetlrrtrlwnrc rprrleeesrdr; Rellselufiar tatehes; sit r peorncila; rea Oarr, Ice. fan. The ahrlrreinr -adllitiona to omr former .eek of tency catralra. areesoc eascreetoeae veav e. m .lt.r Per sale whlolesale lr 'tail;asctr.r sie ilgorirle Gclrlerr Crrtmr, 70, Clart,.ll e sreert. 'R ____mI2S. N 0'(1111 P the peetacachip ef Setter, lInPac fCe Ila Neaalthlecn :r )lcnr, Hearet &Cc0 C NMatcher; od tirri terKelley &eo., of lodaey, rea dirraced oa helst oreflv la'r, hI raue deatlt of armutl A Mtaon, )tie ofth r(1 |'tncllllr tl e e firerr. T llrterrlrrrirlll t r-vavrna g Irtrera, will be ahnrged with Ihre aettlilr acrd clnciag acid bhuse iae an fnllown: of e lrearr,tltrrearcis I Crr.t Nat'clher ard Iberria, KEel & & (ro.,er Il-lreer all( llenr t ac ¢v will attendrr tr, lhe saeerli .r cf thlrtal[rannsfe'llev, I ,-ne a, Co. at Nerw rlrenre. I lrrnarnree oefero crat frrtsrwille urred itrlln ]il~idafio on v. 'thrlrh r rlrrrerd to sld firnl rar eaeernetv rleequreterd octe (il·vilr rrr nd errrly ertleRaR-llrrtt; - err thrrce rhrvirrg clis will lreas l pre.rat thm wi~tlmut delay. llENRTt I(ELI EY.. Nrw Orlelacr Ilirre 107 1ir. IFi]',N-StIR AIEi"NRA' 0)1 (O.-),N-O WXVAF.R 2J cllara e+. nre of t opis spraree (:Irrrre raeteR-.. juet errr'eearcr·l ,.:rdl ire saIe irV tile r(Ocer or sinrgle bOttle. rhia Aecrri-rr earld rrlr randhtie prweedro ;rwerate rllni c n Itret carl d r s ' ~+aopih n t= )I caIoe twemeh brllsl, rrrilk rrl rrevs reattetie teoldr Cr-t n exr r ate a, rIr'irhlr[XIt car verrrlrelr , li p eril r POrrlllta rrrrllle r lecrer 'Fotridt.ltlVrI r rlrr Irc arome hId ilrVrel erw Pre+'s:,'s sa~lts( .larme :ilies IIe'" P1ry rl (llk; · VLSPII aet, rI l t rear-t ler (' reel rre tn Orris tOolh wasrh clrlthl, Ilair, to rl,, u:il a I te tgert er witlr lan ari ticls s:;r :Iv rrf frr iltitnr tlr lfr and shtrrr Polnlbs rl~d je l~lee y aor ile terw at wlrrissaleas or retail bry et lMMOSir tlAlT1l' &CO), i n!v 6 ' 70 (t 'hc rtrer street. i~jlTAsr IiittS.~llteI~i-e.: rrrrrrale- &~l; errw arare Lleuivin liroloa oil tI a trdShi ar)s YIeO d Sh a aratoga Ceicbria (flwrrtrliajtaros etae eok retacerieteeto i-arrrrdI irr heir lirre, whirrh trrcrtether xthr threir frojtee Tiheihriirrir+rgtertcrirtrtee part, ece: t eiltw'rat +er[cide, trrr- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tm rrrilerarr -rr lalrrr rirr * aititea-irierI ,itelrk lie crcrmllleeellc .e deteeo Coerce +etnero f I lia ridleltr, silk alld worrled e am il ' ffrlr*, lo men & gc eletcn~ir- alsl~~lrea, r-rl-ee, rrcah nltcel Lrtrifre tttrteltet, i rrt rtasic-rlse att re IS crfil oartLe terile tie tder. ·Leil litz p)owderls) ptll(drpI· ])IffS and I axes, to letp Iwde r, porket carks earld oallete, reedle heblkR, shrell )earl ivory· 111ld1 fl~1eoeneoro ard . aheed raellcaite, plinreo Irrll irerrr, rer-khlcr rr oel negligeel tead ctainotreat .irrclcnes, ca( glrst c ao pearlphrhPed oilaerod ghltbeedse Indnn h~cnd. II* andl Itr rerp sictel all Ierr ptrw I.etll;diranlrh, Irellar, blrt lro elt al tcter rteilitt trrrrlleliO r, wal-l blkller cirrrhl hjair torrrr ltorbil, oerrb, •IIII C *refllb ,. lilot% dale {]iarl ed itll +'4 inrt C oI P ).nll ca erri rrre,] rrrrr csrrlrll eratirra h lrrrr rlt.o Celrtgrre . n rr-rtll ,Xtl£ % trrrrrarrrtr itie rtrq tirlle o rt (X tr risce-. rre rirb r I arllr r ril hbI a roilettrroerlolltlea 'lIl, hil, I~~rk .]1,., ertlrl rrIrtt a , rairl r err r 11 ta t i(Irn HIII lls~icl JIII..k'~l..xv I~l)P(lab=~ [.nd .ll 6,~..q"'l 'oat* nl<el -rs Iul~. a*'tl arrI a''crc, shift da l 1 r at (..:..~ ,led.$111 111lt Ictt £llll~ltrt do.I 1( fj e" • .8 a11~ I PP . 71 l1 ,rtrhlv. h,,it irtar.rrevrretrrr hatrirerlrsthta lnt rrrtrir 'errlirr,,hkairelt. Irrraeri."itlrrr ten',.=. e an'r I1ahl l,', ll lit )s rerdti al trrr. it, tri, rel~ trrr1rlrattrr i~te re c'r-tact, fatetrpapallertget h. , I t l ratt i t _- I +h1 ,+ ,1 ,,11 1·)i11"vlh l ,. " ' I"; ·111% ll 110 .111;1ffl (ff11 A i ':1 ` l" I.I".'I' .'lI'(· l':1--.t tim sii' n of a t gi oldeii comb ,h, Mo71 1t'hn(rt1 sw,.eet. 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Hill.- oass, withll) d vwrit llllt :.llh' uSlit'ical boxes, An. lordllSi of varifl g kinll dfiililid fii ilaid iiratlial, r aae ud a ta ,.;etl, indian blda odin've7ry kil, Ialia andi piuff, tialetld coi'llllon knives, raklizors lad gafisala , tliif blae, nee liis, ii-, siter aated, steel aad nta a lfecta clha, rockiet heodksr Isult walet, UI variona kinds, visiting, entodt catIrI d case', faaiuga cards ofI'ireaIh,, GeCItie 'Lld Amlllrl'iCllatl nllllll|it('L , d'lls illlitatioli fruait i ni boxes, Prltrn ll Villrilla kiads, Sai esll ra' lOICIeay'e, Elnlllrai ,aa I lillailt'a and Ilawkill'a ranr straps aend rlnllic honeil, dirks, filltly iBcad iecklaal, da wih tll -a dlaistoy watches, f i artilt baaltrllipoler flafa, eat and Nlan atonil beads, gilt nai a' silver do, agai aailiC ssrpet dlers', da garters, di;liltnd s ewold iascs backagaaaaaoa essRal drinking clups, witll ia grut variltly ia othier arta cles, all 'wii II willillfifsold tiir casha or city aaeptaln ee 1 oil iiai mahIL crediti. B 11 SIMMO1.:i8, & o. t14 7 Ghurtrcasa. El.lflAlt'i S .iea'iie aof FIi taniahip reeeaved,and Lliar sale at their a'aar anhtl Vriilna Acadolli a Nao. ' ( 'lnra' ste ll, New l)rlean, 111J Bllltadlway Naw Ynrk, I)tlattiline l.,.\1hdfih. f ifi iarli lllaly desali'iai ild Il" ivate learner, a d at.oii'a algd is t'aifatallted for peraolll of all eami.e e the eyati titl I lell eII...' I'.aaals airi givalal all s ri laoaa N a.ev lla iiatei'icaii'l'eal, afalnd to Chiiacea larianed ill 'lly part of Ihe oity. aI.e1hs hli prefelr it aail receive lessols al tleir own ref P'el-.14 rovilln fur one . , Iiral of lisans are de aired o attend ulltl theay writ- Il wa l as Illeya wih. tiL DIl. dEAIt & Bil0OTHF0R. 1)EANI'":SS. NE\W amtle eb rperass troubale witl dea ess, (called thle Eaur'''ru a,.af) hla just beedra r irved, by thie ulst eI o hich, tole aaiightest ilarllatil Ol f fhe ilu Iila voiice is dialmf ly teaieyed Lo lthe alr. Anyav lI wlrll, blit ev.r hailo bliged it,. oiitveraa witi a very dCa Cerns-ll, moat1 )e fullly etn 'dhle of the dlilficulty and llll barrasannlt exlpel-ina.aued both c I hease lve aa d I ae in divllllS so aallarallllleaii afflicted. By lie uae af the Ear 'T'ruapel. this ohijeltiun is eliiref obviateci. l'he ilaait sceptfal halve alwaya s u, a .adaI ,d' doubts altel havriag uaaad tlii Trumpetl. aor sale at 'I' F G(UION'S, 'anca slcorn, curner of.,ntn!noa alld St Charles streets ah."r wt, ., Ix.1 t.t ;+a Hotel. filh 13 .a I'EILIIOIafL-l:ilf gnlfffia rura winter d'per:.i i)il, ia aakesaail hbll for sale hy J.10\V'IA & ANDiREWS, Wlfi,.alalf I)ragg ats, caeOllref.' uiiloa and 'lafeap lIa tre t, ir 13 20 do 2.5 " IElglish di--'.'. 1-4 be,a. 411) i 0 111f I'auilt rllaabua, varieuia; I ca,,ne V'erillion; 5Ibl l ,a i'pal Vani.h; Jp " afiin Mt paclks lold Ileaf ,fI do Silver ,h+ 111f do Dult.i NttIlii. \WINIfIOW (;L.aSS, Aiieiera,a E1 alisf and Freuach -I10ll3 boxes, ,anonal rlot aind gnlilies. Beaion rl.illa da,.-a.1li Ilxeicaliha gaetllif lill be 'oll low. Also, a general aailrtamet a of artita' calotra aad tiofs, for sale by A \V SA'I Eel No Ji iallaal street. N B. Alabahnma not,, intaae at pi r ntd Miassissippi otes will lie received ait 1f per celt dicuiait for gooda, ar ill pia.mlleit of diebt. i I 1w ,L l-q aa7ndiiig lfe ai ailelller lndepeud. . toner tine j l~tt.aEy. wW2i dlNewrLarae. hil. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, INOW AT THE JEFRERSON HOUSLE, JEFFERSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. To the Edittor of the Louirsville .Adverrier:e SIR--t appears by tile observation of the Editors of the Nashville Presbyterian, Union and Trans cript, as well as ithe editors of the Memplhia Enquirer, that the "Old Gentlemsen" is amotg the Docttors. 'IThis is proved by his kiogle rage, knowing thoat his time is but short, nil that the independent Aomerilan people are able to judee for themselves what are pnffs and impoeitions. Thle orlthy editors whlo are IDoctors, trh proprietors, editors sir sub-editors of tihe sove named journala, rll every letter from pesons s I have restored to nilht in 1th sih ove places, puffi. 1. The facthe is, that o never hal su'lh great nucreoss within so limited Ia period as tell or twelve days. One who wn aed grilshout ten ears, who hado oly seen the light from hio Isrth, began to see toi filorw his nls.ter to my hotel, instead of being oblieged to be led by Ihil. Two yoong ladies, who .nd each lost the light of osne eve, one for tin vears. sute the other fir oearly two aearn, having both ol them tile oilher eve very weak; vet eeach of those vyoon Indies begun to'see witll both byes, which benefii I pledge rmvsef'still continues. ex eepting they are under tile influece or dominati -n of le Mredical I)octors. Another is tle lauglier of o resprectable Inerlhant. whose name I am bound never to metiosn (as he paid trme my fees), who satill she lhad lost the sieht of ole evye from the age of 10 months, lbt tlhat she now blielos to read large letters w;ai tlhe other eye cesipletelo shst. This the doetor edlmtrs knew, nas the geotleoan told ne himseIf ie h:,d eon tdnc'cd his dsaughter to thie office of tse medical editotrs, that they might he infroed of tlhe feet. TIhe Ilast 1 shall neunion is ot elderly gentleman by the naooe of Yount, nearly seventy vears of age, .ho dlerlord itoh licelv hby letter whlich fie took to all ilia dif ere it ofliree in oanlsoille biit one, oid himlself told me lb hll paii for the insertion whntever they doraonded, who d.clar ol it that letter that lie Is iotallv drepr;ved of the sieht of one eve from f ks her derh Ie, whichi is mother..santrd to ht., . neeasiooed by the measles or mallI pox; that nc.v he cobld not oely nee tihe light of the sun, for thie first time that hIo reroiinets, bet the starns also, and was hrginning to distniungish many olbjects; and dlid, before I left that etv, give mn ny proof that he could see to walk about" the .lreets with the other eve completely elosed. He said lie hall beon a melmber bt the Metlhtdist Epiesopai Cisreoi sor nerrlv forty ears, anil thiat hi word tva never doubt ei tohollsgh the whole oursu ofhia life. 2. 1 repearba t sI 'Inll never retrar rlreess than at Nashville, and the to'e mediecal ad elerical doctors had neverhnfr;eror mnch reason to he ears red. The pilns indlignatican sfth.s er. clericMn Dr SlilhtiI proves, when ie stated to me that lt ct se yetsrts poet, e wses oennverted from h.ig n infidel, ts belerve ill ts dotrin "s of-he BIihle, th.t he met havre made a trifling error-that I a must have meant e ttssoe, h 't before the enl of six yearr to roose, lie nhoul ibe ronverted from his infideliiv, as thie snirit of thie triue mioistcer of the peaceful and bonin dlorites r of the Christian religion does not breothe olt dlestructiont rage, cailumny and falsehood to ilea-re his medicail friends, against tie mnn welobn he knew had doe so mntch good, ald no in. jury to an'y one. All the inhlbitanls of Nnasvillea spke of the great uoererh I hail, v-eept thei mcdie dldtiUor. Most of them also Ihal been isfortled by Mle Touut of the cure perforfetod n Isi totally blind eye, 3. The fnols (Goliab S. oftits town, pretends that 1 have lost the laarele I gained i the North, since ty artival inllhbe Slthwest. Tlhis proves, hownverr lto aod that I kept thetm until I arrived in tlits setieon. If I gaine lone o in tle north, I oughst to hlaoe 'ained tiost r intthe sonth and sesllthwtest, al I still hope to wear them on oy very youlhful brow on the dao I aveo in spite of ithe vituperation of tle great Ilr S.,if I toay judge from the mato I ave alhadyv bseefti ed in thi city within three davs. 4I. The oleet lof the present is to ienfom the medi. eal Goliahsaniil elitors s ff ithe Ilepirns n nod Trals script, as well as thie clrieisl fir Scnilit itf the (. IPres Ivteriin ald of thle tUlion, of Nashbville, as nell ito the i or ad suismtds a o lieM editor of the Menmpiis Ir Esqsier, os well e Mr Preetiie, the editor of the l.onisville Jo rnllltl, atill ale tie mctieliea lisll edliior f this ety, the rent l)r S. ill ti.t Isaill blrie ac.tio s acoiest tl'lnm itl, Icr veltllperotrin, lsinler Or eonlshsy isltidi. ately after Ivy arrival in New York, aos well i :tsaiant their niableire Ihren the imedical Golialls ofthe iorti . 1 now bid nitnselfhey promise nererto quit this hlipV land of lihfett, untlil h IvC IIirought tiso nases of all Iny metdilcal oliiahse of tie nortl, nas weoll as the s ith od thlt west, to the grindstols! lThe alllictesd, llere fore, nmay calelate oiu fiolinig tie dining tle seals of next eanr in New York, where letters, postipaid anil io otilers, will be sre to reach Ine. 5. To inform the publir that the puff, so rcaled, whiec the lirev. cleiriclly ronvertedl inidlel pirseluI was written fitr hillt, wtes written n sre thnsn is week rio ansd istasnsed for the Rev. I). t lowall, who reai t in my presence witlhoot manifesting any dislnpprobation; on Ihe contrary, took it to his stndy" Hind c-lln sed it int the wayn he did, wbieh lie said lie thoughlt wouol an wre my purose better; hie deivered tlems hls to le, without pretending tlt I waolted to Ibribe hin frot Ih:sa duty, as I uevcr coul presoism to offer thlat gientlemano or soiv other, any money for stating fots. The Rev I)oetir'srovns.stenlc.ot is before ile pIllic: ld e not ,exanined all iy diploinlos, Ce. .si. wilh a Sgrnelltllls , al intinmte fisind of his, ., well y s tihe whIi oif myi patientsltiss sll COliiepny wislh noil'er i lergnii std fonlld tllen l all to be nnthtllnl cll, d till tioy et cl s to bie m)ire or less ihensfisedi, ie never eoll v been induneed 1b it iso l stringeor to draw iII ll ns all atile 1i as Iae wrote hil-elffor pIsls'atii l ,i osn, asl nlrlr'e d it to 1er Striuefieil, edimir of te S W C .ivissvtes (i. No woti.i.rthe r learsigt ed ne "a Goller; i NashvIle took tihie al . i lr. ad t. ess lieitrell e thlir ee - tlo'ls o roiln w s I te tln i ell -powe'fi , sii i i , ilit.-. irion ndie. iille.toi l fs'ien ol ti h sai ti i-bei-c.vei id cleric. infidel. l e a readI iin thei ilhh that 'a tri isi k sinlo by its s'nl. s." I darase aoy tse oniveried ilidll pert t'bll flle I.teho1 that e. is Hi , evidetls wiattd lt eita ts i i.nrd gat at4:!, r e.9 a anate, byv sewing that he short Iv Leto bribed. ts sis whetter ts s i sit 1esi f bi"io y (1ieiices of silter wssill ops Ii t tnr, h ns llc ais it was wel L)50 ppi it itle' ulr c tt C in li isfielh, wro , i t lie tars ofi lite ti alrnation of his Dirine ii ellst'r, absohltcoyir s,, ll in for t i.t numblier of pie of slilver. My noswer is, t ht it wailsnever l reldel as a hl i ilia, uor Colu il e Conslll ider' e~d so[)vyliar OilS, as i ¢ wa noter egnIt(llll to th e tent Iart ("fll I h rr f .ilreg a p nist fi'i, oif t1 pe• so n , Cuullntallbn Itwo a1 Ithree oleonie of close lynv p ted tsole etoic p eirs'oie sre'atoe' tfh'eeo$ eor rlo imese inllthsosse 'resloterlane Uniio sslls ofitt ije rnpsiies I1 ever ieltendet to risboo hl, s I shoulh hlle otilrnid hicl It least $o0, hi regular f'e, instead of $ 0, w •i, in oil prohabisity, hie weoul hr e eladly received is his free, oil t not itlsi rilie. )n the contrary, if i d bseen ca ipable oftifel e ie Ibclie, eI should certainly lave done oit illest wl to have insulaed tie arse)lllse'e. S. Ytaci hle Rae. Doctor been realy ronvoered too the clicftf tise dorinesein of ti e eoavoIuo lie wouol oti ihave iprmilsd tso em nd examins stal ents with ot keepsring hi w s wso s I havoe tlwsi lisa sud every minister' of ithe gosste]l eetsoisr to 'is, 9. ltie ie b resreallly roiverIr, iIe wold nt Dub lib.y have sptkss against the AnIerisos insoititisons wtlri, it is well known, irnc more ne meroisrs and whicil are Stluperiore to mally ein snie polrts of E tpe. Ilia condsct s is nuc i disgnstsrd some voting literary char actersis to he sen eely restraines frotn pishissg him on tile spot, by lasing nioleit hanido ot tin. The lev. eutlsemntihoughs a Sootchman, is withlo t excuse, ontls. hlie is oalunIintted ), olioigls ni say think ihet' has i right to abse tie Americisi aisiliions bieise l is .i.II coierld infiderl I s nli e lt siiltsso all ought to sleak well of the briigets lhef I e es stfily inver. I falny sile gallaits Css(,sis ieth'li, and several other sinablo young; eotI'nmen of Nah villr, resollect well the iondrct of thi pious exponder of the lloly Scripsturesl ill. I lreet' saw sh olla demolnl n u in u mis sllle ni the iRev. Ii)otir was te slsay I aol ll dto realso witl [him, when lie mnaclHed any greyv hairs with attl ulift.ed gigntir arm, ots if he wouls have felled ue ti time grosdil, l.r durig to drslw a piiomsell r s erway foI . hlisdte, byi a bribe of :ill IsIfieeeosofisi ver! I re.lIy trembld ante' tha il i the "sad leniliema "' hid el pered i lii own sLhllet I1. sleolnsi dc laresisbeiforeeGodaanri ttl siflalei rtiiollTin lntoi winess [oth r, I inrio ll tie, whole courser of . 4yearl pe eatice 0s 0n ouliest, 1 (:renst ibrilei . Felare, lle anIsclIld llloerica, isn la single instlre iof feress bribe s y s osnttoooroth IOteed iireofejuiore.-- bnt nnstos sO:I selstsiisll ifisriil ot [sestiii e'l otslslset nnor !u ltled to redIY fUTrtwo er I le e add evq hnlevt sllrO wllnlnssi to 'lluesesusl+ie tl wotolo t1. Lssotle.--fhe Memsphisi Eoquieerfortwo or hisree weeks o ooo i"s o liessneort liogront forisoltslod, Wle rise sssedioal litliah eslitrsit teoriesI frmostsli rtie ofsse t. tsliir ofste Norslr, and I hlsil teent thes wrsitll shl eiiorsoselnisstsLti rite proler tnia sriesos'' Uuless il is iruoownhs I hon e bceesittfr7oireI Soeo begger, nodyoetmwil cate.0Ic L- " ThocghlIpoid hicifo rotyoidv*'rtomeoorsofor twnoor blrce wnekso, iev Soomwiluileoneaset, insertstbio letter in yousraneatpo per, and ohligr yooro, Re. to ionie, .tOllN WII~l.I1AM10, the lisngiisis clit I.e eicoilie, hoip uy 13. c Gos .ouisville, Jnly 1837. hie t"tglsoln Oculist. Capied freom te . tt. CI. drlneate of t, r tl1t Jot., te1t. At do.'eqten., oDr. h \ lot m, w liinh erte the d w inltended-vet the lev. Jtr Ilyou N".lill to tl. elhlorof tIh, Sumlh \retr m(n t'hri.iian" ,b o, iet a Slearsu, les tetaminedll ke n ,td th .1I c nter dr til nll ,enr,evlfcivo Of tlh e Diot:lor's cl tiltn to tbicn p tran l t n toI b collSqllele of' i an eilend t, Der. tt V il a main in Nastthlle a fetw days ltnger ithan lie at lit intendend--say the Kst J tlv. Rev. Mr Siriogflll:--I|ving been requested by Dr. 'NWilliam, Jine oculist, now it il cityI tO exaLtie ti illllenrou dinio11e1 and o.ther tlrlnlletllte t evineivt of Iklts Ctn i i0 lu oillitc el tidU L it it It tio, l h I. , in colllany with a valued triend,doae so with ieasare. tlnng the t I foelld a letter tott tn r I'ageotl, lt re tent. Charge d'Afl tire o te e Kin of tiTE Fre tll, ati Wushlrgtron, addressed to Dr. Will ans, testiyvin tte oll:othune s o" p the diploas C dru Ithe ingas lut're Ilelgium, &h. as well as those from lthe hlhdlical Socie. liee of Franc.t. lie has o lnerot. voluhers oll Iflen knowl to be of high repltuti o in Ilia country, receivedl since is arrival in ihe United 1 tats. , detailing iala.n. ee of great slcess int tile restornlion eef srit to tie hntl. I lave seen nt rly all hist poor pnet in this ci:r. I klleW t oiin1 iof Idhel previoush to teir colillg ler his cre but al I ave seen say they are lur qtesltonably bennertTtd. aOn"'T. I. C I COWEI.L . Nashville, Jne 21, 1837. I.NS. ,,iwe writing the amove, oneA , Dr. Williams, iptienintna er , alld saysit ate ts tayetlte hatdt utlunlly anr totaletlttthttt-ttt t of ol.nee t.fovty years., ut l0ow declt r t ritlel' Lettert tint last er.B.n, fa the first tlne i.n his lifin thtiea lttt rncollect, he t onld dis ain d dishiit tfrompe ttt o pnInttd lon: tltartg nI learntat leurehs ly Iettthied a.u[nt .an-s ]s tis n ciioenrned hes tl eat beenl a lt hodist irillg fotyt years. UNTEit aIAP OF I.antnpfithn, nith its tenttste roadt tatnd entdtant rtnlte, b&y I. s .lnnn rl I thre IprinriY 'urnpilk. d coammlu " 11411, onwhich are 1.40 the coned l If the :anals 'lld red-- ro... 1through1 IIE: I It- Oy - O t YORKr, Pitttt'iliSRS, 31 ;(Ytp v rtett 'ltE INDIAN'S PANACEA. OR thlecureof'rheumntism,scrofulaorkingsevil.gont, F sciatica or hip gout, incipient cancers, salt rheum, siphiltie anti metnarial diseases, partieularly ulcers anti paitifulalfctitnus of the bones, ulceratedthltls ,ts' nsos trils, uicers of sery descrlption, fever sores, and internal absessas, fistulas, iles, scald head, scurvy, biles, htr. tile sore eyes, cryttielisblotlhes, asd every narietyofen.. tancous aifeetion, ehtonie Catlrrht, head ache proceed ing from any acrid lhumaor, pain in the stomach anti dlys I pepsia proceedingfromivariation, al'ectionsof the liver, chronic intttmmation of time kidlneys, andl general debili= ty caused by a torpid action of the vessels of the skin. It iss intgtlarly elcabcious i renonatin; those consttetions o hioh have beeo broken lown bh injudleinna treatmelt, juvenile irregolarities . In genercl terms, it is rogom imetlndle mn all those tliseases whlih atiis From it po'ittie of the blood, or initiatioti of the hIumors, of wnlatener name or kind. Some of the ohove eomlailntsman y require some tri fling asislant altplicctiotns, "otiob thccirenmttances oflt e case will dietot.; but for a [eneral remedy or Ptrifieator to removethe eause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generailly he found snoticient. S TO THE PUBLIC. rIfow tr it its, that modern Physicians, n thleir sm= Bition to exel n their prolssion explore tie vast fmelds ofseieace by the aid ofnrhemistry, anti seek ot new rm medial agnisa; in short, to arrive at Iprfection in the prectie by means of art alane,--.ontircly overlook and negleet, as heneath their itotre, tllericli and haoltteous stores ofmedicine, which the Almighltly has caused to spring ont of the eardh in ivery clime! Anei how imho more trie sltthat wlilethe t meriean I'lyicinn iookbs Sto foreign contries fior many of his most oommon and necessary aiticles, perpettally changing as they are at the dictates afhshion orftlly, he is ntrt~tntled in his own country with an endlesasprofision of medlical planto, anficiolti to anewerany idlination in disease or to care 0 any euntls disnrder; anl yet he is ignorant of their vht ities, and they are sufferedto 'wastetheir healtig on the desert air.' The effects of vegetale medlicines upon the system are terntiotiiy--those of minerals lasting. Thme former ex ertiteir efeets anl pass off--the latter, merottey in pIar tiollar, act chemically npon the solids, decmposiJng tie tihonesaid nItereitinng thle consItiiuiaOn by a slow 'Iand sere dcstroletirln. The congreniallity, effliciency and SAFETY ofvegeta ble remedies ever mineral, may hle estimated bn e rtast ingtheancielnt aietiece withthemolern; or, tobring i tmo nre immeiaitely oi :ler o on obselrt'atio, th- Iell. an practice with thlait of the whites. Who, iin Aneriica, nas not knowlolrhe:ird ofl repated instntceu wherei some dreilpiti, onniretendiln emale Indian, by meansof her siln de inemldies alone, has afhicted thie most rtpid and astouishio n cures, after the -lateir Medlina of the -nmmon iraottee, itireteed in the most skilfil manooe r, has foiled ? Al i who has not been sutrpiseil at the aom parativeense anti heility with which the Iadian frees him self from any disease, and at the almost tota abstinene ofelnonic disease among themn? Who has enes head otanlndam withea constittion boken cod rained by illtreantment A:ld cat a tionbtexist that this happy ex emtiot of the iavage frot most ofthie ills wich the flesh of man is heir ia, is chietly owing to mome genia I and safe remtedies which he et itys " 'hI'lis astonish itg diffl'erener in success, is a fidurexemplifi etionn of the i. fimofte stuterio.ity if tihe siotleaotlnsfein meaas of cure whichf Gid hbns ereted for the henefic of tis nhih "e, I, overt whioaltich the pride and the art of nlan have i vented. From a long residlence among a portion oftheaborigin al ionhabitants of thliscountry, antdan intimate neqonic tance with thile. methods of ctre of some of their imost Ssueeessthl prailetnitioners, the phel.intor at 'Tlhe Indian'is P;anacea,'acquired a ktowlelge of some of tie most powerltillandl favorite rcmedine io. From these hleseleeted suelh as weremost cmcaio tciusad it)aOIproiates, an(i atlier vnrious expel'imnets to tent their lilnciltes aidI strengti, hie has oecobinlo them in the Iforl hebre plsenlted, osi tie most If e blll a eioi ll tor tile ltrliose tar wai it ''is I'f'eolnnlelillell. TIhe iproprietor ofeistlis preparation to toe Ittblic, with e cnscitontsS that iet iis placng withintheir s, Sa renlmely caalde oftlic'ing mlnv of his atllictel el low beings, holi atl. nl.ltlf'tii nnt~r tile tvarinoa Chloioi ;c andl olmtilatcomplainlts to which tt is atpliteitto. 'ITo sluch it will prover of inteniclable valt'e, as the m'leal, and ill nally cass, Ithe olnly nreallsof telievigtheilr st" I lerliligs an llrlerstoilng thenm olce moe to Iealthl alnl al Spealn. T'hisis iltoiOlilctl as ncoonontel lectett', tnit ito iC lihhe be et'auii' good wiml mi i ot eot'sno I it rse, butan ot e which Iaca i able ofsatingililto into .o extr'eme ctses wiiioli aci tile itnuosutll i'emeliis ltil. T'ltis it hlas dole releltenlly; tnut this is tih repIutattioti ithus ob la tIeilletthCEvC' it Ilas hetnu iltliudneei. It is oly'oiuteu ttre'e yoetrs since tiis in.epai"atiloi scan present ell nti tie nbliciobntinltilotshornt Slate *I ute, some Itunth'Culs ot l'eroSot might lie Iaunll, w o wt sohnlylllb leehn'et thalt they believedl thnt thlel r s'es were saved by it, ahd i mnostCasesal'fte they had tried manly and perha ps all tihe colllnlll remnediel s in vain. WIhel· evil it is knor' he insll ca hec Oibg ilt us, nvll uh s iii taLr'rsit' osonmustutln'aitr cttnnill' prtoot on it Sas to cause distressingX pa~ins inl thel hone(·(IIIIs, nodsUsercI I a eIoV li cerInS doI t it th i tUl t, i tstilllI s tt t lte.t v' n hgtiiniolnstilig o, 81I1 h .le·ih n otlc ptie snitl;:innil m.hll I, tit meti Ooulloth e i t ttl't' le o t1t tiont, itsI h' I y t is nee notttles'tpp''oi13.tsae t miin al out ine amighutouse diseas i ers no-t hrT lis been~r an v i h,- b Iste wllitll woism l.€.Silleru l tlsu e s ll t l.a b l il s llt Il. t rifiale c'''r lthos whoaa ll nvesdirec iton1 c nf l ai n s f h u II1·ds t, his PannenIake in sali ls; i answer all hi" eC lo c t mon .t . . l, e ., hI d r i. il ' mle raiondieat n l soth e xhi, i i: n t h osIIbut. si e t f ry, 'e - ml'ikeco r to a 5 t th( j I Icoe tumm ut'soe xosell I tit wethe, n,.'. . o.t tll te tluttesreit ol lt CdntiuttEa'trc ttot I 'oam'bs.tlltnti lttroy 'ts ihnoitl lt'' tn . tt 'pl,.t Itod hasl Ibhest : lnelkn i ltl.' tin lnl t oillp iaile , i, "sit m!wad oltmouennn ntittttit erlyth same intot tItineo, I a t rt illau aslnilcitint'' nh lll'tossnll ill- it nsed nhe whlh lionrel sllllle itls 'i tiHteanl ' lial Imotint ril e, hoeenctailo tt.titiorllle ouittoe otnl intons tint ittito1 tind to h ito litttiluionelit. nl notew ciitd rib u - hsilt oihght tie piteitcel ah'iluet io no tict n~in l .rtc I the Imliman'c a tans, i i ina r nalOose enotl" IIt'ialnolrnits prposes, inl lss to timle at i tle toast n :intot Ina.itn n l le I tel' tnttli thitti iitn yitnerilte1nrt CASES OF lIlFlU,'A LTISMl. Chtii-noST'oen Naov. 15 1"t, Dm'ihltg Ilhlasl whitteralnd jlltiilg, l Hlsalllichd wt I with a swv l iue tl tliStines'ill IyihoI neck an he 8wi iicll i w y rxltnSut'e ill baml wltie'r. l' iilooiikegt''o Iyr -s, lln m statitg, thnt sit httlies ollnthen leian's Itantecl, n csit.ll't'o e to ipectl , Iea' liol uid I t ontdlcntly i rciui t lileci it to ll sirelarlcy nliti ctd. ,OliN I'Fl',tUSIi), liog st. CelolEsT'ra, 3 larch 2;, I S'.J I was seived aOtlt hTureeyears sinee oinn iiomrsinig iwhellllll tismn he ntus hy twkollnt s.end eolll, wlnedlib ole culdu rspictatic alectiohii tic at t' eyo ci thItllUhiCeiRt on a ltr' I I dial wieht d iels tnlsti ck mi ti'om ihUsituens ineirloy ever sitce. I)nlh.ttt Ihis " 0 ( haveo lieu t ic pntienit ini the 'tlarhite Ilonsitic, i.i tI i s i nenll , and iho chlusds his life sU1 ed b th e bo tlailll timle in tihe I~lllilhhnm~e ltostitall alibl ii·ied l 111(5 st'.eer I'emcv, with llitle htelli. O the 16mi to l'tmt.iit'rj last, ai'liat time scarcly aileto mottalttut ltol igi til es, t'conletit etl til rittse t lnegf nt elll's I'ot.ntiaL. nell emionh 1 hilylsnl nIselx'eiiltP f1th e ' kill Iuoin it, iIt tiL Indo hanacey to miade tliait I tlll'illCInysulfllt.H'ectly ell. M %l'G1l . AI W;IST.I, 11 M\ai'ket tL CAPES ()I" SCttOI"UI.ItU. L'LCClS. NItW 'OoniH, Selln. lgt, This nay eeetiry that io tihe utll of 18iS, I was coiz llcel-itell clllin bcane Icl'gg ghttly 'nlctrs in nic tool. Aflitlt'till 'ing'cil tIh) sionilUls to ino :oIh.lltoco'', " Wccn' to t'liilatielihla, ittd ildacot Ill, sell" lllltlto tie ealrn I)rs. Pbh!slanii Ihtcenit, n'heo, cl'telr loltclntll salienatoni in no ettcni, i was 'iti'rtoticontn ittC,5Y iinuinMittoe. A ter. wmars 1tnoi twemlty boltloseol'S watltitt's l'Sillmcte anitl niiht iottlea flt'Poctet"t Cctio icol, liiti lo tiatotteral bhinllcl I)eoptldl'iog of Iite, whichb bild itmnw becne a bn. llm1ti ar me, It rtnle'nedl to lily planocts ill hNew Yolk, in 189, ac pine titsetfim nlo a lig geting dlhci. Ilenaing of itt ::veat 81recess it "Thle [nlh~anl's allnaean, holterel· ill east siouilsr to niy ownn, 1 wars Itatltle lly it as olites . uont. To Tcy gt'rena 1r'iSe, as wetlan ncolitiScthtolt,0 snentmmdll I1ysel~i rlndl y I'ecovermlp. lll ando1 tlp~itkill) hotiil bonles, the nihorshre.rlei alcd I broaoe Ieeni'tcti) well it tile ioosetefl'two o ollthis,tald hcve renuainedl so ever siiee. l iabeithiaois stlteinllnui alIto wtit'itllis l tt i Itltu ltl Ilel ttlPtol'aclsP whOarc under silitar so i'l'iihlols eln s)"ittiliti c nfl'.'ilitt thto t Ile3' t ty kitone wl'nntie h. reiitelcie Whlo ihons sulnnttitll enin thinig bitt aeai, lu.lnd tilio Oticotlls Ili lift sate y thi e aboy u it . 3V*V.l. I INIIA ti Colault.ns'lrt.,Jujly12,tsth31 I was titlictet, fs'aryetl'o' otithaitnhcr in1 Iii tic,, Fea'ioll:dly) Hneulom ~ic·le with ar)'si llal~tous jjinlo~a;:1 allt erC'snite lltill ini th d e1o' attit jat .l cji -Iiii eminm11 ,I hysicianS exetrtedth leh•. skill uplol it, hut witll ont pl'n'tillletm bellefit. Illthisnt,'ttse Il'ebottle Illlliitil'a I'tnlae'a imelo n Icrl'ont cllte. MAIIGAII.I'2T A \WE.S', l1 Mlitket Z3For sale by HEl'NlY IIONNAIIE;. drlggSt, slerttg too ticu tl.tpltietora 'l'tonultitululas street 16 NEW ORLEANS r NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANV. T IIE stockholders of this company are hereby no tklind tlhat by nt reslutiotl of tIeC boa'd of diree. trae passed on tile 19th inst. the call atde on theam on the 13Ih F'ebrtuarv ast, fbr the payment of five dollars a sh are was resinded, and the said stockholders are fI'urt her notified Itha WII.REEAS, by a toesolution of this ,ooar passed on the 19th inst. a call hnee t n ,aade on the stockholders of the New Orleans sand Nashville Rail Roadl Coutmpsay for the following payments on ie the te stock held respec tively bIy thitt, viz:-two doiliaro pe.l siare, iaable on tihe tirst day of Septetthterteat; two dollars per slhare pavable oat the first tiy of December Iext; and two dtilartspr share payaiale on the fiat tiay of ilarah ilext. Now tiherelore o . it resolved, [hit taile se(raraa v of this conanlyv shall notify the share holders Iherein, tt troth he ' als the l ity, that it tetloe at iy to post Ple aUV aymylent called ill on tIe stock eltsaid ellpatlly fotr t;e troiaf ixtv days, froni tlld afier tie tray lra iclh it os trade a ayt be wilh e oxet s t eal diliona however, that if not reguaoRly paoia withti tie oaid ~troalohat ion tof mixtat Jiy, itr alle tati tier the dtV ult Atit eh it should ave hBeen paidi that Ihen the stor. :n whic:t said payments should have bCee Ilade, is and re tant: !ioafated to the co.lany, the ehatcei r a ,it thai point attiua illlataltaive. Ill ctnfortlay tltaorefarte, to sati :ll, allstck hof tihe stoecklhianers in said ltllollounv, as Ihillk tproper tot tao ti ytt etais oat thiltr tck to the nadof the additiolal sixty iaya, t ich ch tl arter allo.s them, are notifitedi that the ptaytaeatt of two l tlarsper shtre culeellAdi ata tte tn te first ofoep plnIersext. may lie ipstonell under tit, sixth sti+ af said charter, .lttii he31It doi of eoctetto e i xt thl tite i)yatlelt t, tWo i dlars I, er ctiatre c llel for, ill lue nt tlte litat dnv of DPeelnher ai nt, ata e Ie post poledlli until tie 3t0il dayv otf Jttnt rc lyter; nold the paw nellt of twohdollars per shtrr i a llnh d tl'a r iand ht t tiha firstllay of .tareh nca t, iaty bt liltipttttad tlll til the 0th daL of April next. xLtraets of tilta minutes of hie t theard. juneI21 A R MeNAEIR, Seearv. i .-/OOi |lA'S, in'aS.s--25 i,,zcn nhit- lt-ut SIta, for sale JitIOHN I1 GIl.11AU. %p 113 StATE Offf LOUiISiANA.-Panrirt Court lir the Prihh aned City of New Orhlamnl. TlIIC 9TAT1E: OF I'.OUISIANA, T'o all whmull Jm thrae Presents nshall Ome Greer °:--Where ., Jmea tanse h ring p jurh ia l at a sale madeo y tile Sheritffof tile prish of Orleono the property hereinatterde.eribed too epplied to tie clerk of tile court, in whlose office the deadrf yale was recorded on Ihe 2ddar ot April, A, Di. 1838, tr n monition or odver titeeent irn cerorritiy te an ct .egintre of ttite oun htnte otfLouieiann, enlilled.'AtI net for the ftleherttoSn enci oftioles to prohtertd at jdivial slntes iaproPnrd h r 10th u d uy of Ma nrch7, 181. NOW iherefre ktore ve, end nil persons inicrested ercin ,ore Ireey cidrrdon adlroilt tin tle na lseof tire St ate of Lenisin, narl of the a rtoinr Curteu, who cart set rp ny rigt title or ciaim in an toI tiproperety i ereiafteerieer ihc.d he eonsluce r ofrany in abieaoity in tire acinr decee or ug Lielr at ofre court adelr whoi the snre, in ta trtle, tr on irregoulriety or tileglitv in tiree npprrisr entes r ntien rlrtnicrsentsr, ir ntirmee, raontr eoct or for eeny ooher deit wolelso rer toa howe ausowirie it irv day afron tel aroy tisi ontion is first isrtrod it iha ie purorlic pers, ciy tle oe so onade honldnerot be eontrmed nmld Iolao togated. TlIae id prsrcrtv wan ,sld hI ly t e Shriff at re poe R[I foteeside a thrr [llth dy of April A. 0., hy artue of a decnre of thit cruti't, endeerr on tihe 5ti d OfOhlreb rv, A. . 1).18f in a solit errtitird Aleoader CIrhlwell rN . Jrtet iluot te, No 10367 of tire rirrhrt la this ioartr at t iri talo tite rrid Jmtes el[fhe hecare lire p ar"ch s lirue er of weear eIrc tloueend Descriptione olf Propert as givlet in the Judicinlr Con A certain lht o tlendre sitToed in tlohoe hahrb An ncicliot alias Locnrseo of thie tilyv, ls lrore No 5, andh ait havinrg rIrea s "eo o OrIeet t lirolto ell'l'eh-l+ pitIta la treetrrlCtpiol t fionee n OragrtS trerotr lI li feet on dte ul At laince i ptlt ill erll reloranller thet oaih lot oufroetal is 6i feet wihe fion oils side el tie squaro In tie otrer, orelher ir tiarn raeiig ril ne leottgg oil TnIrehouioalas set eel, tile tc tein oi Il c peadeniens, also te disltillery rleslbliirshrtrs ercte tiereo and otherr Ireiisine orrrI ilrprrve elraes, tire aehiniry, tensils, i, a enielts antl fiaxtu"la bioengig r eid dietillery its rrrre orrrier eroi and rrisirrrrlrtac. trdt tire rights, ctiore, sa1 Irivileges trecert bhelonging r in tny l e aprtnirr. g. Cler's Office New Oriemos, .lay 7, 18nt. JnIl,2Bj:l J. 1 ) W IaIE, Dlae, N. CYerk. ETAT DE LL--t-IAUNEL t'e n emrolss pour Ielaoisse ct e ilhl die It Neturoll Orllrrrs. T 'ETAL' I)E LA LIOUISIANE.--A totrs cux coa LA nes 'itostrtes eonecrllltllr, Strut: Attrirlrrtrr Ioales Has anatene ht. un vrt e Uite fe te S ireri in 'taparoiose d'rileralen il tropr'iitr ci-ttpfrti tecritr, o'eet adri:reri etr GreoSS doe octs1 COIrr 00 kl rlitie etse tlirt el,regictfre Ic 2 eSronjon de ent lo 'tnrie 183i, poor art avis ronrlbrtremeat o i Ila act de It Iligititttt uro e Etat dri tt ILr.oisitno, intitrtlr it ''Ante irsre COIrrilletnr lee titres ties raerlrer uratx vera tesejtrctioiitres;" otpprouvn le tO MetI s 1i3,o. Qrr'i soitconnrrrr, t to otes perso iartl.rt'seesoe otp ecsrprrsentcs so:ue u noortm riot' Etat tie ia Leutsiane et do la Cue.r de I'a'oisse, ori peulrrair. t aoite drroit lf priiu pr li. eiteen teotselttllr e d'tlll rrtihiot ltie frer nst ll I'orthrt le tiectet ot Ie ptlgtlncllrttr is laotr,lr. eleLIt tioqul a veots a tre faitelr ou die tomte irtrrn lagi t rlu tilgallire dnlrt I'esrinittion,l'aitis oer le rte rn te nirode [a~l vaulte oil l)Olll, "(' """ cattaltl n lllm t le o te; llp fllhe voit·, dials (If'enlt+ joil'S ad:·1ter tLela pnllldicalion ti+ .rells Ri,% POI1rqalOi la \O1I :ite ini faite ale serait pus colltit'lll+U tl t irtt fit crrdotr pr re qcrtoirtocnrirrrIeftrito rCxi .l, e lollr d'avril tlt ltItt'etj 13Bo, o orll Ll'0lll rcict de cette oatlt It: 5 r tiit1rit~r loe tltnetna 18tfti diltt I'ileoirte d'ttlexolller (ealdwhel, cenlitle Jplme0s tl1se, No i()r3.7 dar rlrreltet tiot crrteCour g it vnlOl le ,lit Jitlllrs Irlallnt t'cot rendu acqlltrcellr 11o01r Ie prix do $q1 ,Itl. Dercrri liiri it to'alws tettralsfrirlriinciare, S:lvoil.: Lra rertl~it Idt l0 telrro rtlllrr atl Rr lirr lllroo rIei' olllo ll le dt lo deterr awt [tsrc fre cri boo% '1c Nr Srt rtrds rie titei ti r I rt Trchru ritlllrrt rttrtor Itict1d rio ace t. 1 rit e t trrro tr, l o rxilte id de firlr t lcl it rft drlc r (rir ir ororirt f lrrde ero oqoo ele +it .r I e rrc a Srixetlltr Ip lls ol e ]r"(ttlr dlrtr Iit (t it it t drrrie i' aurrrr er~trt- lettrr orr Ic i ro e:titrrto ni't raa 'l'hosllltoul~t ht c~ isii t ttsos rrt r t r, r , Ir at iir trte la diitilh t ri,, clnstruite Fltr It' t +t, ct tltr ,h Illionsa, ills.1111.1 al]piltenaa i) lhi ,!ieP Ilticrlil-ie .[:s (Ilil' ill ItlI('OSi Illllill.!pCI:llt~lnC e ct Ies drolits, at'litHISl. a 1t )lri·v'i6. . y tlpi) ttorrlltlOr tlurte drr grefthr, Noollrcle Orh.iecr, Ir7 ltir Tf. ml,rrl1&ji I. OrII ill it rele tIonl Collete of rehYtirtr.,cnt ,lldotrdl TLq'll e rlghml VegPetalble lygeir al Uivcrm I 3h, li Ihc I~o-ll t olltSg; of til'rrrhie l I.ictiritia le orf .lit e r:P.ll'ys LolelllalliV' I+'cllo sw +lr11rd Ctllli, Soeci I Sill'.to l Iote oa hyWin Sensher scieqll. S~iittlttr~i ri:tice fiellnd o I(irirg'eo :.lioeIio I rrrr of Orionto a trnl SI. Th onos,, f'olrirlS, l.oirhti. This r hlhcqtr llc illdt thiiic or trIh, rrrrih nr I ot rt1,i yes' cxl".ril+ !il~e n1uul Ullilr:illhllh·l stll·t,.,+s hi ilie· c\-lt+.isi,,i Iliid ri rrlrht. r rlC r.h c1ir"c l ritr .r itltll,, irtf Orle. Ir terra lli..tll Ilr·rire A rt:llll Ilhlljtt :r iS i(.w • C ,> bit n: t ie Io t rtrt A ietro I tlqre% l . aluls, ll rti tratl i t rtlilt it rIilllll Of It it lt 1(rlilr s.lShiI I I I; ch('ck tl.v silsllldi.1! 1 :lti~l Ill. Il l.i...l i, I''S"l ri'li l 1 111 +:l* 1 II .l. :1" ], 'lll l Fll lS·1 Iill~ll) 1 \i h ;·tl'lO , I.srll,+Sjll tni~lu u(,,,u I1,f,'. 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U itc ,13 i~, ~ Li It i t il iii iiiiiiii 'co li' , lie ,e II gIc cl ow ii:! f'! si N a9' wi ll n i, iIee, iloisc' ill. Sllrn .ink , E o ogIe, 9 .l lotL te Ile ar[r als tr] p, s :I , Ilai1c Ilools, Shoe', and Irogiccns, lsiri ii o lg ,ll'] iillalkll ) o1 adl cl l'i iiOCO and M oc do "le qsoilys; do Ill'h, ansdsl stult eg d iIro cco otrioi sq , lites ' ciiisbt calf h ei l c ll e", o|ed Rll)~ou, ou ll |sI .hiogls, buc kkiloe s /c, iot s anIit (l..ii; I I Iolas .l ;i SIIoIei ki rt wu 'i Ilrx :iigd sh( e aoi bi s lll.l al it, 'g lt l lls.lst po nll alf nl d sliln o , ,l'ro.i i :il lack lD ownieng; to i f a.i ini [o i oul i It g n shocs a. blrol 'llS iIh c:lll; it : d PI i onal'Ce( i Sdial, lih ll s, il' t 1 do cl o sel will s , el.eW alliclet; sho ti ne cltl a s·. l il l a hd(at)s; l "(121o c ots io is', Illiiee'a.l c ii.l l ien' s gges ad iu wedl 0bT aols. t.1111 shiOi s ot' i l.I) liqu ail ty l ido khid. 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" c l7'/" c 7' ie' lr lit e ta b lii h e r ud i c ('c i a oni e l c o hie di , hic dellllllld ealr this .Illis, tuull l i.rIe v I) 'ill, .1 pro o cci o t .lli. hlo. ind,3 the sub'raior afltr it to thle Atme+ra piuhlh:. Artaulltroic ntr; Ihnv Pnuce tow in the o irtt.{l e tlolu. , s to lllu it illi tlut reaich It illose sillLi alnd likly to AullN r Ilis iw i ren)re a C..tog tomoit ciless ThIe iai icnit , td rel y edv lre uilple, inlloento It' I u t utin lereltll; aIn tle largei l hbr ofliersOa in dliflerent c t cctii s cof ifh ollutry, that lhve iln lldy expeuiensel scuch d; elcl .'it undialutary eItcLc llIin tile uof of hii 111 c,.B c Ce ieidyi ileter (inir the public gooud) tlheir usi, onv to it sc . rivnlled lltilitlc. It is an Iillia rel dy, h oi lhbtaincled Oiiecularlcc l cnd unexllpcteudly, clll t lie reot led b3h the civilized world its the soat valuable discov'rv " rehlulluli of tlie Phice $I Ltr bottle. Solci by J:otlVl, ANDREW:Ws, li r 5 Cot Coonloiil ld h l 'I' s. EW ie P)OOlS--Nu l Ske.'tch Ilok, olthe il' ci Afloat anul ashore. Witht chll/rntl iistic Ielillistc ll 'sc, frlgl'lielte llli ld opfnionu. Ilc the iuleh e o i 'uleliy o af l'er l s. oiicoud sei'hs, t1 ; ullso. Bellll'ln C tee. lletionie of ten Ioletise of CoieclllcIS fimu the y'ear I.5:31 to the close -1 181.5, Imohtdinu prrsn i,'l i slketches of the ledill' lolNb.ct--ivlne o(' ot pa. ys jllt ltEivet md for sale hy WC ighocc UlN, ' . . i;'t'1: I'll 13tr,1 -). --)_,S 'iIU)M\ VEI, , nlit llisturi tit Novel, by the aultor of )"1Thc Iirtllrher," Lc. invwllg. Outlined of Auatolav, l'hysi.l.tgy mal Hylvgene, with W .,uc :h h i u:t on the p rs acticu o f P h y sic, S lr rg /r"n , a nd th e It diseases ofwolmen tlnd children, it mIayl prove e e lli. In famnilies w0hen re'gular phy~isiians cannotL be pr cuiredl: beiug it ct llllo llll itlld gulide fr ilr 'li go t rirlncipal.s Ilo -ll s o f f uul i iiih e ), ilm a s te r s i I .f r I. i s. h is i wt n -e s , o r i" t co grablly, for ' the u'R of fal uiliea illu istra ed by Lops(I And e ll kl' ants, in `) w lS e Just reie tred adl Oiar s.ale bv WI I· lh 1N, I1l) ,,or ( 11!)) i lillf (+I a ln l Co in ,,,, ýTO)'T[ICE.-The wncr of 'vraerl Ipluleag'-s luercl, +n thedice nlotrked a.Vllllr . Aitiq tne.llt•+tvo. per. sll, i lIrotol), Boon1 Nuw York, is her,.i)y nohel hi n ht h1y hutve Iti ll stoted by 5"tI':TaS oN, .1 \'V1:4; Y , Ci . Y fy3, Cull.-l.liie. "Clroiou,' SJUST PUBLISHED FROM STEREOT PE PLATES, ?The Filth Editionof ROWtLETT'S TABLES OF IN'i'ERE T: T O which is new added ao Average Time Caleula tor, or easy methods fr finding the average time I o storaage, lntesn of had orl bills of gooads, whenpur chased at diilferent dates, an ldifferent crelits, and for vnainusanloents; biesidesan uscfu sel n lcofplete biankilg Time T1a' Ie, the best Ihat can be contrived. or that tIi gures ean ertdaee withii tile same condeseed eompass, and size of t) pe. An aeveetisement in tihebook is in nearly the follow ing words: Thelhigl distinction this work hau reoeived throengh the tell legislative acts prefixed to the title nag, a a re esommnlcteion in itelt, sllo unommon~ana, o nclu sive, tht nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, ta giveo cnu asetd view of some of its pe eUlirities: as for anstanee, the fetsrest leas been eompst ed from,and compsred with, what is eqluvalentato our teen sets aofdeolntieone, examined in the press thi et file times, and priltedl fronm tereotype plates tested thiertyty-onle tiames, from al whihe it moat be evident even to the skeptic (especially on thl pene onal ofihe de tail af troofin the pretfaee) tlt the wteik most he f rith metiedly iefoallible aned in coetfit mation ofthis helisfa preninm of two hlneldred and flftv dollars, is now offer ed 'r tlle deteitiln at an eroer tet cent ill the present or fifth edition, as expressed in the prefoce, nmking fie larae teroinems offered for the same error since the first Inllcation in lthe year 18 io2. One of tho most eonsplcuons features of the tables is in the arrangement of the Time eent Am ounts, which feI expelitiens, reference onclirtspieltity with tlte hel ofelte side andl idex, cannot e excel edanf nd tIe snatey ty anld eas with wlich thle io:rtretl can e fotendlto the extent of g teranl blnsiness, wihlon th oubling oltsus is Ies,icts a coenvenirnen sg essential, that in tfie estiman tien of come oi tie most comletret tanll practical btesi ness melt andl oulie oRfiera twho htave iade greant use of the work, it has been listinguishaed by tie honable appeellatin eefosa rcelnater iace". And ennsidlerig the infallibility of the metholl origiae nly adopitel l comensieeg tie work, and the extnao;diuary omnber and veliaty ofllle examinatilons, anl tests of every elditin it has pssedi e itaelss, eatwieistlandlig thie whole is in sterentotle, coesiderieg, in selt t. die positive oneenucy seented byti toile n eeealted means enplo) l, tho e vo lnue has heen heldaup anl emphatically styled 4 tihe mlost wonderfid book in the weslk;' "most certainly no mann oea mes figure work olfhe same extlelt, wlhieh since the lerghiing ol creation, es hadl thle same tem ber tlltd variety of tests in tIr same nember of elditees; teo, nerene Itallthe lmanlber, as is clearly shown in tile preface, Besidesti astest and stanld, ithks been tried and paoed ill nearly aoll tie bank etland Ilic offices it le Unite(i States, and by ihelpblic ghenelly, tdouring the long period oflthitetvofi r rey, ytt no earror of hie ral telations lha ever boee fiord ilee tri, altlongh conn ie ally challenged by thgeoee rof nry aT ge fermiou:sI ;The ie fact expressly at ipted by all theounrts oflaw lo oftlle States as tile "rate of calelntlotoc 'oreeatett intererst," a aslso bly law for bank itlereat, aenedlitngas tile book is sced, anil s tay ie saee ill part, by .,,c tlalles of tle sneleterit.n , and a few of Ihe subseluentl purchasers intle list att ecn dl of la bnok, s ill plosessieen clfevete eolss olcitizeues it evely euar te of tine Unit ed States. It is mnreover well keown that, y its rearly chlenk, it has so netel deteteed ael elrors, lo ing lftr they were made, eve rn the moast e lrelt andl most comnpetent oritllmelicin:ls, t-at its esefulness an, d the absolate le ccssity flne its ese, have be xen rtetsively insisted n telln, so rvidetle, inlcee, icave Ihsel its dlvanoatges, ate its savings, that, sever yearsago,e whilst the first edition wasescarce, and oat of puint,e i erest unbcee of saconl alld copies were sought for, snme to a gre t distalce. stll in)lllolasf various plies, as itey could occasion rlly tio licked p at fionl $10( to $5 p~tr ucoly, ant some persoes have oreoen.,y dcanared, and instancee etoll ieln cteil telca they would eoy $50, $101, allel $501) fler il eOeo 11 nlet to e Ilai for less iantie all inliv idoa ill ntle tttr nli sta nllie rticviarly, having at tile satloe iiee rxhbll ited stolstilory Irosf, to seveal·n persols Ire scnt that to blln it was reat:ly wo(r thaelt l oned,y asln irare tinnI h the acieing of his tereer obls li tmec, le ,riil ave i e cty e ti mly and i m pnblSe o ofce. Itis likt.hise winrtly o tce nrs ilt erld poin er to ilfnllllte, at sucI is tihe lattll.e of tigle woik genO ly and anlri:ally wllen l ll u tllel it ilnl otliallce ot tlose e it ltn1 I catleed this blreok orl its like be m C eol eale tel e i ll th Ia illllll erOlle, l tie most n l eil la ent lohllter i tle worle eil alalra nds c inletd most calttiouly Milailr hisontv coectlyu i n f e r.oo' c etse eelit woAunl, alnelse to et etltaillvte litle baeet nlnsafcet. Iet. Ielrloi ce tian tltar il; it alvil e s e lt le p lee icer u larlI) I- . Bll It l r ft so p I lrilC t ian tr l e II·ihle Il theii altn stelreOtypell p.lanltes st' this wnrkibeen Ia'-e, flat aln seenre i nem, hil obvir illlnmrells stllll exlltordlnarl xanlhia riols, againlst li0r., fill. tli gelllal ie fit, , Iie ae (byy Ldvei'tIsen-tiv) GLEitintly ket ins lie " special sacu-en except while use I in pci e-cit ec. A Ca o rllr iilclliS Io llllh aleland Bc sltllte inlto "sI ili usteful notes, fellow Ihe i rteenitee - wV l il i, 1 ia is tltlle c· asf lit h t' . itlsl. cl ll · e icll i cn e Ictlll i I u i nC - 'c':l ccil cl li ccnh g I hel ec ctW lice-i Ic lelw h elll a s l'c ui - li I fngi rlT s-s, teel. din% s ;f gtl neel,, her, it rle'lloll nll y' I f111%" email rk that, notilt I ilt. it s l:l lin lilhi J innconloln . costly w(oll'k, wlilh w .s!,I ii ni {. I:i.,beio re ihol':st I:d 's were;: fltl'ore Ce I ini dolla Is andce I h 'ei r lan .h,, h s i lntl sn t'xl illtllnter It I ,l lil etallrl lctoi~r,,lf d, it h." i 't s tletlleo as c ic d wilt hi,.rcst I i. t Ie IfIt ,tf L"eIeL 1 Iilll. I fblot't o ll ee-i Ihlb.% esilc s .x v t:l. s oft Iln lio, I . l i 91)t91o 1 8(11, sio~llilli(,d ell I1,. l1l M 7 G 00i ý , ' " r 7\ . . i ., i n i l s l it t ) ii Z t s [l l h l i t a - t lo ir :tl hill i ll, :, i a i l (l T roi' .t ol Ii. s:') at tiling ,I" crm!Irn 1:ull lll rlll l i tl, I 'lln I alilt -th .e ol' -1 I i,, I. c c I c'c_'. c\ cleL'n c e'e I .:tll ilth r Mll ', hi(es nIl e l : ,hh; ,, -,I ;oo~ 1 ~hi t ro il c 11ei'h pceh I ,' i Icret . il: olin' tlo ii ,:, 1':Ii",n.- o l', ll , ai t l'ca c . Iby i' 'llt f t i in lit /i -S'il- i illF lc lichs Uin ellc ie ,Iet , ece"lles ci t l ean-etlcl-' c NIt:\V \V'tc'.e c c..-.v n el \ t'ti hl ,: i t[ ; i, E eh. E c tel " en\ V"1 i ltn e eil'" inh N I crl e c ii ices!2 it m ice snc e cls. Tc one ,1 \ lol "onfsl,, a mel se s merel rcei cc,,tit c cyev eic nelllies. erl, r, il ,l i id n r , y .i.or l e . jdii.o, : 0 orN, Aln I': & - .se &.I F Nccf n W nau lyr lap, or I-'x traict',i' S:r plirilla, ll" he ellro oful' sthl at., crfupti.ns ce the tclrn; pineicctis er puctleecv o1 tict A n'adcil. n ct I d are fl'ointeaeii gre leecli oft Iilye, - bhled; see y c I , ; I ) lo Iec l e 1 il h lebos; clIreoI, rlrl( lltln; h't.o r; scrofula, or kinic 's vvivi whit lse.v Iia c; snphilitc dily a ics t lid -all f iordort vidunlel' lr l'ng im re tclvt of tlot blood, Ky a ong ro'clln ,- ill a n lo ilotty eor iltle injudicious use ofv AIsir,--Cave & g Sehaff, Ke's W torm Syrcep, orc In. flvact f.leirvative: eLe besL n l.p.ratien nlew 'xta cb Afoiig which arI thILhef olcewiy g: ofedic nli)ye ntr e ri ,u. Ionihr; Beary s Oil; ssia Bear's L wer a LENN'Sr; Power PEFUf and Bo . ; Amo Ca Chrcol, ialy put uTl in folr llt Vials; ,intii ilier tOil;--with a vacieiy of i hat r i rt'7e - Corner of" Canal and Bourbon streets .I0 \ 1 .'I .I t , M\ Y, I h 0 1s7 , S ign. , a n d ( he77t7a77 0 f ,l'ainters, 3 (.S uoam!ele str7,7 two 7 doors ion ( an:leal ste'el,, hml llllaos ll ll hi will7 Wellds nllld ulrbŽles,ex wcoml in a fsletli manler, i I mana. 4 &H i* I.ES. No.1.ah.nny, l .l.,Egyptin I d gold, k, (illa anlldl Alltico, Pollrd do, rPilltid or verld nt:llllique, C 7'.led do, Ah 77777, C'led M~sple, .lo dl Stone, Ili rs Eie o, lhr1nby (anite, Hair \Veod, I)uve o' Ihirdello. Yew"l'rcc, htalian While. (7or7omll e or- Black Sianmu and 1ractella, Iose \Vood, Amcriiau Grey, Asl \VhMite Oak, ke. &r. ec. Cu:tIted Elm, Spleeiwllnl7sl to tie seen at the shop. Paints, oils, glass, copal vmrnish, e. on hand ndlor sole. m 1 -PIN ',ST''EI7 Il IHEAVY (H701)DS--fhlt, square llandl bundle ilroll, well assorted. ll7, ), srol.l ad rod iron, neil rods and plough nmoulds C.t, G nrml0, s ,car, blistere7d, spi0g, s sheet ald ( 10Iowle) stcI 7 lHollow ware, cut and wrought n:lils and spikes Zinc, ,lock tin, mill 7 llld grind stores, ailt kettles (ohli.t cabh 7,7 a 07ho71rs, hloes Ox, log a .ll tlace chains, Co111 mills An ils, sices, Illmmers and bet7llows \\ ire, sheet , rig atl bar lead; slhot (C'.l, and t ctuking salves 'Ames, Ilolal'llllallld othelr Rlnpdles all sh ovells I look and plate hinges, door lind wilndow Iooks Collills, Hluuts, S.harps, and ulher axes I'oll1 nd1 Ma11 llilla cordage, linei and twine Iohl and shealhhilng coppe; ) Naval stOLres I'illts, liliseed a.til 1,per-m oil A lull a7sorl.llitnt ol 7lil7rl1ware and ship chandlery, ailways oil handI, t0nl wi~ll ar'e ofl77l771 7ralie at whole sale or retail, on thie miost fvorable terms, by mn4 I.AY'TON & Co. 53 Old Levee. HTAUOWGATE SPRINGS .1lolltgullmlery eounty lai~allia. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NE IV ORLEANS. 'IIIE pIroprie7tor Tof his establishmnt has t7le plea sure of anuouncing to his friends ad, the public in enera, l,that he will be in readinessby the first day of l7av to receive visiters. Ile will alo sloate for the hc nelit oflthose at a distance, that there lave been large ilmllrovelmlents Ini1de, and tlllers fnow goia" 771 7al i7 rtlllill Ip'I)Lgerss for t'Omilpletillo which will enable thle sll;olber to ucronlnodate a muach larger numnber than heretolore, and at the same time nmuch better. Iamlnilie can be accollllmmodated 1it7h good rooms, or Illae woll lPlaefr can haive large. cubins ,:etached from It is deenme uImeeesscry l 8ilV t yanything in pnrlses. lar of tIle chllrlctlr of these wdtels, fll it is gillenrally beleved Ilhal tlhe are nol inl7trior I 77nnv in th7 Sollt era Stales. All thle ln 77l7en 77 that are generally 000,ld lit Vaterinb Planes, will be fo7lld at this. T'he best imusaic tlhat this part o" th. oilntry affords,. h7s t 17re0 Fgdnile 7, annd will be in comntluort attenldance at the Sp'rings duriug Iho whole seaonl. '1I le suihscibr will avadi l 7imslelf of this Olpplrtunity in returiilg his unfelbigned lthanks for tlhe .ev liberal SI Iarit ,ivel him lant season, land hopes by the exer lions thai bare beenrll md in il!pllrovinlg and extehding Ilie ael'onilnilatioiI, t0u 7l7eit Ia liberal pa7lltrig7 th77 Ipresn7 season. J ,O CIAI. 'I 'l' LADIES. I IN":[ tS N'S DI7I.LATOI'.Yy, o Ler reavin7 g el 1 •[7ertlnu7 s hair from 7 iho face, neck and urnes, with lllltl safety' and elerltailtv , lea-illg thin ski lln Ier nd whit7 r th1 n 7 .i7 or tI e .70 17 i ltiliati. n. A 1fr7 l0 0 pl i i~isl rv, eivod oC G;I-N's, Nlo I 77ella7 1ge Il7tel l c777! l SL7 Ch1arlsl and Clor lI aUO 1. ý, ( MAIL ARRANGEMII ENT Norher Mail,) Due Every Ila at 12 M. Closos Every day at 1l) A. ll esterMail ( )u evev San Ay, Wdlday an W e o j Friday, by , 1'. 32. by ýay of the Closes every lnlaiv, Wednesda Coast, tand Saturday, by 9, P. A1. The Lake Mail Due evaw Tiesday, Thleursday, a TSl e t rd s, y Iv 5 "'. N . via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, )EPAR'TUI'U DISTANCG &c. of the Express Mail, Ibetween Moclile nl New York--leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Northwmar New York daily at 5 P. 1 aouthward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Return'g fontgomery, Ala. 2 pn. 198 ma's 23 h 12 m. Coluimus, Ga. 11 81 91 32a. Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 144 2 p. in ColehmiaS.C. 7jt .a. 163 174 10 Raleiegh, N C. 5 215 22 12 Warronton, Va. 1'2 m. 55 i 6a ItVr burIGt. l 83 10 a.. 8t Riehmooy,Va. 1 am. r21 3 6 Frederiesburg, 8 67 7 lp an. Washingtn crmt, pt. 61 64 5 Balainmore, 6 38 4 0 Phildelphtia, 64 am. 100 TII 2 New York 2 pin. 00 8s 1305 143Ii. ar 5d 13b Northward. Coming Sonthward, th tie is asi hour rles; beeing5 days all 17 hoaurs. T'EN DOLLAIRS R VAAlD. _-ANAWAY from 169 Carondelrt corner of llevi a RU s ctreets, on the night of 311th of Aaguit, lnd was oeen the next morning in I'ydras street, n negro u y named CHARLES, abaout 17 years ao age, aoln5 fe or thereihabouts ihi eit, very inaok, ani has an iped ioaent in bhis seech, oae of his i sore, oevasioana by arecent urt; le lid on whlen he-wet nany a whi, ction or linen shirt nod white cottton Iiatlooiis. Masters of vessels and ntean boats o re enlltilll a gainst receiving or lorinog said negm, as well as nl ollher lersoes, as the itenot rigouorf the law will ta enforced taganinstlt-mt. 'h'lleaboverewnel will be rtitl htrdellveing hini.inoh tnayv of th oilsoaf either of the municipalities, or at li") Caroodelet, corner of Ilevi. street. _ p , Slander flle firm of I)ubhin & (arrtoltm, has Ieen dissolved. 'IThe slubscriter will liq ilte tile afluhtirao tile concern in this city, and requires aIl prmoinlneb ed to make ityateotto him onoy, ad all tbosehavitg cluims, toelreaset lthll forasttl.ullt. I nllo 8-7t 11 iARR ETSON W. W. SWAIN. . pNo. llCanan a N.Sreet Ane, Onlet TAS alwavs oahaudcon taoll. o rctit.ii . 11r1 f l yen , lChanical,ond Pamnit,aoouor t thetr enar DIt UtU . 'YS Antim.ny, crntit, Argols, irtd, do itogItte , AuititIt t l,.aIl . Arstict, eriole, Aalm, do powdltedAl lleanillette woors, lalstm oollaria, Cohineal, llalto, acriule, C.oppeots, Ameriean, do refined, Cupbeor, Briltstone, clallte, Flsitai, l'ampico, do roll, do Cuba, dio flowaer, in Mltliti, Birmtth, Frteth Ilt iis, Castor oil, Iodigo, lcng, Crcsm tatlar, do Slaonilla, (itiatllsriities do (eIt-.o:rie-m , Haii naloesa do (tn hottt:-tI, do Alabic, Idogwnml. d Caml.e hy do assal'mtida, do St Iominogo do beanloiln d do o sI rplllcl , Niaat:iluall I s-llIcu , do o S Ama'i-'e-i tdo Cioro dio taclllllhot e- , do lalullcaib do do thi.s do liachc. t. gritctnm CI II t 1t1CAi.5. t kino, Aetn, nieo.,,A . sdoasticdo olmll.i:ei1. dlo opitm, i... xI i ,,11,o,,ip, In lhellac, I lit t ilt l, d:d a.enet. , Ctdoetn p, 4 nsanrse t- c i:orroi.-sithliateie] redo ItaIieilh.l :hlolideo (" liner GamiIboge Epol so e *tt Jutllli er kcri es, Aol(rie cltl llnlr entllll hltgnesi l. , toglish, Itet hlle tit, 4 do Aintleicaj Rctd chltiutrt potash lan -t fla ke, Sh p , o sorts, SlIp pel, tl"eic boll," h ciloes, Slt zinc, I leitt, 5 11, ttli ti i e. a Io hxtql.alll 'I';n+al "11. tInIIIi.·t nIl- r nt, h11111, llgentia(hllln, lll " I't IIWII, ll'r, do ii vi a 11 It til dll , do Iti-ot, .h , ii 1 i ,ttt ill,-k dIo rhnollhlitl *l I, I.a lhh:: k $.',ht ",, o1,1 t vir; , I t hIto;);. " ..+ , lilt l II - s ,' Ip .''l.1t 1^.l , ti. \ t.".t it .t. do,, ait[ i, t At I oI ---P, l'. tI .0 . ' ... O lttt , d , ,i,1:., ,, ;o:i1 b .limllalSl" I'glsh, \ ,ie -d" I.M +1111 i,1 111--io n I i Ufit t tll he /Qrclr+.p/, bly lthe autheor tJ Peter Silolql (, Ane ( a"r+oin+" s,er ua W'illnter at .ctinloi lin'fih il .... la,1 plyainh li it iHall, R l Navy, F.I. I Srrd ., iml v .ii. ' ' t ord 1/drr ir, rosnIe. ' y l.\a ('unnigfa0ln, l o l ri l I l , byr forrl'l i e ir , iny ol olr SX'ils :l. I & I oftthe ew relll dtn` alnd trr editned lo-.r's r"1ant /". isl Di "iy' in 1vol, :io iN,;uel'ts A.reunh rlrr tlllyish Dit/io rigrt. h ,s ei-A fiew viore cliapis Con e'erl'ure g ill t'sn i i d t li ' n,n PINC liR,,c. lv:' S'AIN RlVIl'IT lEI,&e, it iby flt e attl re A ear iJ Sc p ai a,' ian ' "o s a bK "'riti c r.if i lt rhro'crl era sC enperal IC imp lielui to, thie \ligioirS rf NrlUh America, by ( 'r e, Est 'hir lo/liica, rammior, of th 'ilu;trd tllrler, or a olnlrte view ITI'the theoran ild poilicee "i.rf I erla andlay ' flt r''verun', wit the itreluti os ete:l th - 'lItd and adpted t tile young , I e oileth Unled Stalll"', b t: I) t:ansfield, Esq. Aim,o ' I/latiny 'l'our interspere with rl ra ter ietrli ancd re, sayicngs nd donlgs ofspopr me, in Alnllnlud": IlllCe of [tile prIincipal rackH riders of Engllcld will' l:lu:lyie" contentri, and general indlex olf tlrne,'J P-FR TIHE CURE O1," 'rerunln or King's Evil, Chlronlic theulsatirln, C'lronie Cutcneous D)ia- Pains ic thie Innes, by free ellse. us of Mercury the bhlood being in vitiated stale. Thls very concentrated Syrup is prepared rwilthi tl greatest lianrnaclutieutl care tad (curteatyad cullotain the a,-ivo rincip le of Snarsapl f illr ill tl nl)t le 'cc en trated degree, combined with other vegetable ubstal tcle ofknowll efficrev. 'l'ha great desideratum with phensilcians in belg ail toexhlibit ta large iinltty 'leapact ri ll in a s ac doseU has been obt d in th1is Iprepurntict--ccie, heihl lilly clnvinced elits nillerits confideitly ilrilcntier tile collrse oftlleir practicre. P'rice $1 50 par rbottle. Soldr only at SW.tIN ltt0I'tl'tR'S droal store, No. I I Cald trettrl, weh mary I had, frrecsh l d gernuine,rdirertr t {rrm, ti" rrr. il turs, Swiainr'a Panacea anti Verniilge, Puttrl'r's ('t.t.lrl cOls Calrpenter's Prt laration, anrd a large alrd genert assortlrenlt of iresht drnRgs, Il PINNOCK'S ROIME, &c. 1 INNOCK'S IMIIPROVED) EI)ITION OF lII SIGoladsnith' Ahrilglnreat of the listorlrr lf Rorlle to lirhl is pIrefixed an Iltrodurtl trrii tthe rl llrly o Ronlnr llistorv, anll i great variety ofvahlable infor n ctio r addedll r'rghoul trhe worl oo tlil 3,|anner Inrtitutilons and Alntirtluties of tile irorn; Willr In mtrernlls briograrrlhol irnlr ristarriicrl Notres; t[rr gIei lions rBr exanlination at rthe end of erct srrcltil. II lustrrelr witlh tllirtyelgraving t oc wrood, by Aiherton ltcOrrt'c Ihrprovedl Erditira oaf lr Gidrlsoritr' hlistory ofE'nglad fri. thlnr Ie lvasion of Julius Cresar to tile deoih of tieorge dI, with a etalirtirr to t t ite yea 1832. Wilth qoetirsa far exatllrlatila ntathe ld o each aectilal. Besides a variely of vatlaarla illaflar tion aIdded thrornghutl tile work. Consisting of tablo of econtenlplray Sovereignr aall emlne5nt perseos Copious explat atory notes. IRemarks oh tIhe }oli ties, ttnta rs antd literatlre of tlre et An outrlineitr tire Constitation, Ai. As. illutrutted Iby Iranry ergr-a Ilgs. GCuvs' Et..m.arsr of AtaRONOMa , nrIi allo A)r'rignrnen of Keitlh's New T'reatise ot tre Use of hillbes. Noew Alreriicar editil, writh addlitioas anl, imprlrovrement aalln r'xitliorn cr tie tl astronomical ail.t lof the At. ri'al| Ahlluanlla. Jlrt received and for sale by \VWM II(KEAN nye -. corner of Crlrrp arC ! COllll alr stl HAl{PERl'S CLASSICIAI, C .AlIlA Yi'. Iol iACE.,traurslatl by iPhillip teracis, 1 t, with lodes, &e. hby lien Jolnson, Cowlaey, :Mil, Iti rlrllt Pope Addisi'n, Seraift C'ratceetor, t' rakelie d, rrorro IlI(EIDRUSU , with tile appendix af :;ali]s fransi ted by Crriatophecr ' atrl in ol f v rre fg". vliuaes L8 and 11 ul f"llarper's |} assie: iI I.ihrarv ts 'axpeditirr orrr IIUiI'{IF'Y C'.!N.ICIIR, by nlo ll iet, AI It, writh a rrcrrm ir rrftlrr rIlrrteu, Ir 1 irII u. rtrarr, Esq., nUw edritiUr raitht illllSrauraaoI by tie 'lllE -IPSY a Tiale, by tile ratlrrrr of "licahelieo Mary oit orgrndr,d " .ce., arv editrrn, 1 volr tarnplte II One. IPAUL .LIFFOtlI);b1v the nllrter or "Ptlhs. Tho li't Ir'ed," i&c Ilr'rlt vlularnei of att new o4 8 Iot"e tsor re Cornrle. Verks. durt received a sale,) WM lcKk;AN _.ACON SIU'S--36 calka Cincinnai anmok luhllN' 'UnaI.' dte3allb)it Eat uO. iraliit lii .arety thOill' N IiAW '

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