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November 17, 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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S Mall egllatleens. I Oresf Espern Mait is claoed eve day at 10 A M--a dIue evry day at 1~, a tM. -1e Faprr u Nail . elaoed every day a4eallf.past 10 A M--le due with the gFeat EUatern Mail, 'Sitd ,Ta eial (via Covlt en, La.) is closed quMonday, Wednesday .ad Friday. at 6o'clock, 1-- doe every 'Tuesday, Thursday and Satur. t dt P M. LanieW, ilU oAe kiver Jail is ch.sed every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is seet and returned by mteamboatsoe-Arrives irregu. I arly three times a week. e7e Bayoe &ara or oarut ifll Is closed every Teley and Friday, at 8, P M-I msent and re. ime by the steamnboat Brilliant. J're exoandria or Red Rirer Nail is sent Irregu lari by teambnoats, twice a.week. S ouiMsvilte or River Mail. "edneoday, and r la* at 8 o'clock, P M. "++ aturday, Coast Mail. uoeday and Clone at 8 o'clock, PNM. 'Mew-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. JrrtnEas romt Yea gA. 1838. S . J. Peters, President, A. Quertier, let Vice President, W. L. Hodge, 2d do. ;.. MMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. Jamea Dick, Thomas Barrett, John A Merle, .H C Cammack, Jam H Loverich, ~bijiah Fisk, GE.. W. WIIITE, See'y. 0FIt'I' O) NIW ()RLEANS. CLEAl ANCES. November ty. btkp Lafayette.Trepant, Havre. A St Georges. Skip Wiliam Badger, Tripe, Liverpool, J H Aehbridge. Bark Mar. Nickerson, Baltimore. Gi Bedforrd. 'B-r Ploreoce, Samth, Mobile, L H Gale. er Louisianao,E Auld, Maagordad Bay, Ten., WV Bryan. ARRIVAIL. eTowhet G eampu. Morriso.n, from the Palrye. H lavin towed towea ship. Hdah and Pagun. brags Arabian 4, Anolio. Broght up m hip Onmulgee, iod leoft he N E Pas on the 15th, at 0 ani. and W Paee 1el pin. Ship Eacho and h bri inside the Bar; nothingin the offing oas W Pa.s. Ship of N SBare. Towed U ,ohr Vandal round rondfom Went Bay to lSouth Point, en the night of the 13th, hence to sea. Towboat Moleeall, Eaton. from thle Paise. Brought up ship Lagrange, sud brig Eagle. aft the N E Pan at n, P M, on the 15th loitL Report blrig Clhampion, atl thle ialie; sbip NePui and hhr Cletultio, a.t tlae Coat of the Prairie. Towbohat tudsoia,. Howriln, frot the Pae.. Brought up hip Encho, and barqniae Marson. Towboat Grnmpu, Morrlaaon, fran the Englioh Turn; hro't rpship I.oadoa. Rtporta Br. blige Cathrile, at Ferrybahk. Shlp I.olndan. Patteo, 16 days fron Bath. toI nter Ship Echo, Mallett 15 days frol Naw YorS, to Bain 4. Cohben. Ship Lagrange, MarhaBll, I. days from Bath, (M E.), to maator. dship Orutsr, I.eavit, 12 day. from New York. Bnrk Meilo., Marti, 1I diays lfrm Newblrey Port, to ralter Brilg Eagle. J Martin, 409tdyl from Hnlamurc, to master. See amer Manchttera, Stocktann, f, om Ilarrisonblrg. BSLeinor Levant. Laureaut, rln hIoiu Sara. Steamer BI ian Boroihme,nweeny, froo Fort Adonta. dý ý1 CUoCMMERCIAL. Cho Iou Nov. I .... ..o.,t s.ol ONl tols"o It sshiugo,oNv.t.8.. ews look, N...... ..6 4I.c~~o ..6 aennali. do........... Phid.0 yip a Nuv .......... 9 l-t·OO50iIIe, do............0( lsis d o............ 0S1. tol. Nor.......... 6 801umh. Nuv..... .oo I L" ooi-. l l Oct .........2 ousto (...) Pnri ........... Il.souo.. Nor... ........ . I H.lna nits........... 2 ootl dll ,, Nos fil H ....... 5. ?BAVRP..Perohip I s0oy ete..'srgo. 9U5 hals. coltio. LIVERI'OOl.. Ito Oop 1il,.,,, lildg r.0lu150 1B'6 bhoes B.A L7 f.IORE.. Polr look Mlrry..rarqoo 430 bb cotton. 50 folds. IU elsla l Udoo I shlep kinos, 1"n trn'tl , it t l noil 1 trunkk rlotkiolq. Il IB1LE. to , oI,, F loeouoo ·'.o* I00 hhds sugao, 40 Los sld 50 lorts mule,.,. TEXAS..1'er "or I.o 0' ion. 0 '5 60 P00657 p 1 , mdz1 1bagg oolfo t fnlldtt L ohtioe. 31 br'. 3j ,Itd 20 00 aon,', 10, hIstlimn. I I,l.iad tablslo id Ilt of ', ollour 10O,00,Bdinlo.s, 9 kce trils, I26 pse dot 5 0,rlloor, I .·'o glnpowder, uni Icowl boIotlad rialo0u, '2oh:olis,, Obe. 6hos igoo.,I bo Lks t, 6OI ,o d ,trusk cloth,,,g. IBfAMIOCD.. Per brig Fo.71: o.1'd ...ohoo,,dio.. 6A1'H11 r ... , liParnlEp I Po'.g o.': c , 56,101' foot lumbIr; s0 slrrosl and Ill0 IOs.O.a A polao,', to ,omtnr. NEWBURY Puft I'.0'oo Isark .lurIsuo: so~'d oloaoohosnde to NEW VOER1tK,,P s!hip Ech: ;.-.'d moto.,,diso, BALL, Nll....l'er 'hip I.ondon 311 0bl0,0. pol s a.d 20,000 fe1 lumoler, Iso martor IIECEII:'T4 OF PRODUCE. Fort Odoms..P1'r .tIoso, Mn i orikooe..Ot .Balh coston. Sot,,P Fe, ,dsay & co t i3dl, TO tolrk, 3, do K1ynRldlR Byrneo 0 o, 52 do s IV lo0kr', '. do 'Pylo', Gord,,,r 4&co &5 do J.l. AI, lovr S. cl,,151 dodN' IJik A roldII, do BIrad & LIandry, 13 d.l Vallorin, (iourdilin 4" to, A do R 1; Lowl rents, t7 do A 1.,ure,, & co, 10a duC TolldOnn, ,6 do, JIlet,, 03 do G M Le.,n 311 hhds slUgar anld 2 d, mljohus syrupal Lsroque Harr ianl,org..C. Per of earn Manrhhslrnr. .47 bbr cotton lom. both 0 '1'oIlpoo. -00.1do A MI.oulin, t.·,,3 4 o,1111 & Oh II,,. kiua,,25 do ,i 0,,. & 0., 2I do J OI1.sotnch wo., 25 do Eollsio.Ilollocq 4 Dcgollos, 5 do A Loduu,,ss o; ado RIP S6...P,1'sPor,,,1 Laosnt.. I47 hs! o'.-on, to A Le dlo,, co; 57 do2I,,ono,",',I all 01110,, do Taoylor,,sl O,,r . cu; 711l do O( 31 1~c(; 42 do Ret·IIOlda· R'rue & o, 3n d T1 Ihos ,!nrel1; Odds I' oro,o.,I, toi l o co; 23 do A RivnrooI cn; .IOVIo 1V ,,s,. WI,, 100 10 0akoo 'ddo Jt PIo.oe; 74 do to or Oir; 2, du Lanr, Foilul dn a ,n: 12 do Pr'srora, Jon,'s 4. en; tI do (0.,I. & ola,,olrl, I:r I'o C loollI IA Hleko0; ' do Ja1net, 1 llnu Id Is P'ount' y r ,rridoy, S co; Il6o, Io le sobll Whilts co; IIdo 0, 0 1 Cot 11,1001' I.inno 13 do P A llnrdy; 14 do J O. lalrk: 7 to Pollster, HBclcocr 4 De. goloo; 0i Io Ilr.solr,, Bc naoo,,,o ; 5 do B00ord Dun Ion; 5 0, L Coo,,& PA 061' ', 1 P,1 Port Ado,..P,, atel, B'o IlrlcnBooi,,,,. RIosl fro,,, Idyoond 2 chi dri,.o 2'. Dovi,. Cl'ooni A Ito.o.l., Godsu Beady, 0.,, Galtos A0L hail91, C3,00,,,,, P I' ouolofuod, D R Mloeso. I I,,,. New York.. re, shin Or m e.. Mo,, NflPoIno, M ,, De Po.,,t.Ats 0'ot., n, J Iploro Kidd I..:;,,doer, 00l R..,0,,ol~d. 6WIV Soo,,-,o . Inds, % IFKn A, lady. V,,l, RoaoIdi, lady .1. 4 1 (LodliFr I kI ,,ilu. F. l Akl A tI,,, . H Ig, Stantlon, 11 F <:anl i-N.i·OSPllyeLlll.)WJRd.. )i ~Tl Per brig Cagelr limn Hamblurg: Capt. Ash. I'or slop'oogo, from Both; Ieoj' Rodont, Tb,, it,,,. op. Jog E111,ott. Per stcillllr NatchrhFurr. from l/errironbnrg: Ala. Onh~m, re B Iurns, Coplt C C Rhodestln, G IV Tirol, y. . 1' D lO11·\ W A B terIo1,ClntP J I'0llo,11i1o G IV', U Is,,oV P ,.W k. Ito H Olo ooao.3 I tPhillip., Adnl,,h ProdIh,, ,,,,On . dIisot ,Pn,, Add1.,10 1.110,1' 8'r 'LOI.BO C Hewers; Kiilgply, Sea, Jo~ep) Donchll queue, e. uvett, suit BElk,0.pp, h Per .,cam,',' Lovsst rim flavs Sore: P Lneomh. J Me- j Clao.,. If S 0h,;t,,Lo,,I ,.,,, dtJ hatier, Itsiomll, I. C Farri,0 11 Hnilty, I0 No'... II 6o0'.uo, J7... 21,1.,,, Dr III. RCr , Wnr ll.pp.1,3 Fool,,oo..,A \ltlllo,,,,I MCIIl.0. O~I DvosI. J~lok, JAPito~lo,,l1, 9. oII~do. 11C0 Nigoossod srv't, i bIo V V Poubcho and0 orro'1. Ipl ship 0.1,,; fl"o Now York,: At,. O,,leko, 1hll ,,,d d niece; Ales Garrison, J IV Thorur ll nod led),, l·Bfrlse, lady s0sd child; Ll1,rs, P,,'os,, s.Oo',buro. D Jdoll,,,, IIs .rt, Pond, to~lu Hot. Prevost, A. Anau, two other cull u pssaoo. gees and 50 is tIho els,. 100. CONBIGNEEB. g Nw Ysrk. Portship 1 Ocoolgo..A HIodges, jr, A Roff011, ii IlLos, o. CoCoao & 9I'B olio,,,1V'o..ot 1 A. n'"".R Ilogi,,,1 Aso.ooad 6l& 0 n J W3D0'1oyor, Coc',o1o, I:ork,. W~stl e,,,Ilei FId & ogcf"". J 11 Bltsal inn, .1 i',onks,\T \I' A Fo rls, Dirk. 0ou,,klp r ,', J hol~b~y Cl.u.,.. S 0, lldollll,,,1li,. galo, Ss1~m..t v W\\erillr, J lI 'u llnnro l arc Ituloln A ll-l·IIEF, It J Alber.', IPO'1i, V.o, tops, t·l1,1& ro. 0,,,0&U Clorke, E John.N&dt. orId,' ,, i'dooIh ,,o.31. ,1_- .0,, I 1A. i,,o'.,- h' Alan., N & J Lrs.'rl" I'S t6 o, hon.,). 4 lionolllin Rn(bi19(1 & a l cu. `mdh S Parish.',, J I. ri , go 4' co, W Topl,,la, , E 1V Tolo,or. sI IltosAo ,o, I dshol todos., Tllo U I& a r. user.,. P'oollurr A co J Tfrly~r a u,, J a P Wild 3'. 1' t 1 Doloo,,, Ly.'0ov 00,1 I',.,lam. T Bo,, 1 RII a lnllt & Pooht, 11 Lawrence, . Inenrt & Hills -if,(,,i W Pheslps. IM A. IS a ll"o0',. Pll1Oonirk. J I'ollhs 1 co R. Sory A so, JIItiFied II A- rat, B KOp, 1 NPJ.(IO , I K*Inyonl I'll, ilh & Thsok~r, It i Tu&o6fo 31' J G Kollos,,,, 1. IYE.t a Co, Td.Vor P Hnddlll i PIt Enlly. J H l. roJI Ioojo , W rio.quet & cu, J C park, j IV Motion.0 J Ito, tin,, I's'is, C [,'noneIt' 11.11oI.1 4'ooi, L I. Tlo,,s,, ChPc.,.lo IIEi,: E.rl. . Sw d ek A ' : J S0L35 r; it~rthe;,nv: C.oopauei;~l Ii:,Lud.~a A Crlipo., S H SlaI;;ltiu: Talmo,,, .Chalrt,,. S L"liau-I; J C IY,-gneiV & co: Jn..A ndwsoall Wolodo', l~oll,oob l,o. J AMerle 4-0I1 K4 iol Io,,&on el oo; Ill~cbn & ,"o; .1 d," I oarrt 4 co; C AW Z'lle.;Aossp.p to otoos I co;: Jo,,, u. It' orok..P'ol'ldpl Eoho..T I s Leo Bsco: R nIOC Oi- a toaid: W1&'Ili Mo,,n. F H IQuick; Wood &OSho,,oolos; ,A, Ill &0'oIAk': J lion ld.'bocAol o (,1R lloIug ,roil; 1llo.Ao, F~or,, v So o en:s, Eo,',I; 1o,.o& o a t1 0s;,3 ct S0u.1io. "IloA,, Si. 4o 643us PX'Jl,, II0p.11 Ile Ik 4t 1.," i,1; II' A&, Iho.O C Fh,·; .1~u or A ea; Oo;Ill,, 91r odn. & coD lo Kass AoIlo& hlos ,o J 3l.s 01,i.t; . I, l,, ISIo o, j I 8Llo'oIly,.-, t o 001..,'oVe 2001,o I\ I'I 010 hrok,, IlA os.; V lliu 31 En os ,,: .' lo. 1o er ; & a ilaAdus;TItoi,so'nodi 60 P. Go" 11 S ; E WC'I'.,,,,h., I.)O Horrt, & r.. F'i ·. It nit A to, A E (:iann: I'obnes 4 J'Inr,nsn. Ail sIooen AIO~o; I~ye,, ~'~I Ra~i; I,,, II,l.;oodaoo., S bO 9II l.·ill'113 ·(l0ffAADA oII \'1811~ 1 It 0e" tern; D Fs. ts..4 n; A so,;ma~ 0,coI; D. 9Isns 0soo'; l H Cbs,&o.. li.. oolio. do Od 1. s'horp fiBk W Smill; Poe 41'lk J inns;t'lol :I' ti N'Du0B.. V Wrill; J C herons,'; Feign an It l'~err; W & Moon; T fringe,; B \Z Fn-to,; Dehnioe t r0 pi; IV C'I'emn.kin,; I ra B W wanto A oOo; A El'y 1'A Doyle; IIyf IlOihllh i silp $euf ey, and order. MEOORANDA, ) Nt.w-Yoga. Yn. No. .,Arr. all Il Or Iona, 9.a, s. bons.: ship a id totIN ,.w Wistria; schr 51.ý. C'l'd bllp Pick-6lli u.g.Lfucr, Pet W ' Clcn;e Illy E~ilzabeth. )·dllOI· for du. E NIARBOE'I'. ,Ns, boos, VIel,511,,, Nr. o. 14 . the ctYrns..TIhoro Isoll '1 II0 , OOilrollo, to nlolts eitherol a price, o' dsmaor. The a., co include 4l) I.,gs , I~t4,l at 111 a Ara 12k'00ts; 110 loojos 1)0 a 12s lolce.lnts: Selgo 'o pri' ji0 r w11 Cubito L ls l.oo 'st hou., Ino Igho . 13069l 6 osi, pro rarroor..l)ur sur,:k ,. .lilt fu'tillr ,rduu'ed, & the demandn, listu slosioh sa Uo, rather lisgh, lioos os, loto, Il.l 1ost, eoo.0in0I y .. eloalusivuay firholnsus*. I, pribsa.Iml to., highl to warrantl:yO ship"o~olo a' road at pr-not. Boidm I01A, of ohiclh p110 JYot were Uplandr at I I a 1:1 fo~r "Il. 14 a 141 fu, yew; -Olt N." I A L5t0-'Allh sonlosply alst o5 ktI, 6,os. 'shejtosllsm.rkt 0oy 1i now I0Aiuciplly ,1I lill o1nds of1true 60o10. , T rid Is till st 5k hUULaosw..Tbs I0,,,s,.l tro., oh. s15,io i· 011i0 P,,]1l j OI ots, sod poffos 5010,1 10l.0 potsi u .100011 nutc NOTICE. .er, UrThe b oooigtb o lf follalO Per 11'Lip Ohio, from, nos. nood ttom oteolk H 'I ,l.il0, Is requIjestd toI ll os 0 the tILl ,,p I6IjnIe asind receive IIl" same1. WVE'I'sON & AVERY, solt novi7 13 ,iravi~r . ail Ntl 1tCE' J'BtMisbg fr5m he 5hip Nsto· j 101, (1110 tale otfull hspr msokrd ALW, No. 5,; otloner blsts oid buod will ples reurn itto beg J D ShIN & A COIJEN g ABRtAHAM THI.kt, sgl .O1 - 'I P odron ! Istr o Il A .oiiirA wiiln ln ctamcrion with this Offibe is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE rag Tgri PaturrulTe o Pamphlets Mlank Cheek. Catalegase Bills of Legal Noses, Awestiea Mill., ill Fermi, Uhow B111. stam Beat MNitI Oicralass, And every dsaiptlem of Job Work that may be requred. lYThe prorcietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short esat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates, T'IE I'RUE AMERICAN. BDITaD B1y Jav s sel IBa On. FAtTlTRUL AND BOLD. 1NEIkV OR LEA1VN: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1828 T We had no mail yesterday, so that our frinds must restrain their impatience regarding the election in New York for another day: but they have this conso. lation to cheer them up, that the very chap fallen as. pects of our enemies prove that in defiance of their bra. vado, they believe themselves thoroughly beaten. atsy such glad anticipations be fully realized. The demoerats are sadly put to it to find consolation under their defeat, or to invent probable causes for un pleaning effects. One of our loco foco neighbors said on Thursday, with a degree of candour most unusual with the tribe "we have little else but election news, and that not exactly of the character we either wished or expected." Now this is frank andl honest; and far better than blinking the question as others do. But the emost amusing way of getting out of a bad Ilace that we have yet net with, was that adopted by a democratic contemporary yesterday : he does not go any halfways in the matter-but boldly calling on his intmgination flr a fact, manufactures it to suit his purpose without re quiring any patcir.g up, ani then all that is wanted to make a genuine story ofit, is sufficient faitl : " We have,' says on r contemporary, "given the re ported majorities in the diffBrent counties altogether up on the authority of the whig papers. It is a singular and esuspicioue fact; that however regularly the demo cratic slips arrive at ordinary periods, they almost in variably fail when information is required of the result of an election, Can any whig post master explain this peculiarity ? A wlig post manser ! where does he think to find him. That redoubtable hero of renown, and nurseries, v'clept Tom Thumb, is recorded by that ange historian and courtier, " Grizzle" to have "made the giants first and then slain them afterwards:"-end tie facetious Dean of St. Pareick, when compiling his veritable history of " Gulliver," Ivented a new race of men. as he could not find uty ready made to snit his purpose. And so did our ingenious neighbor. His need required a class of mortals here unknown, and his fertile imagination forthwith supplied them, and Swift has exhibited no greater ingenuity in ereating Brokdignage, and the Lilliputians, than our loco foco Iriend has shown in mnnoulaeturing a tribe of whig posthnstlers! But let not iourcottemporary deceive himself, or try to deceive his readers; for if he could conjure up a race of whig pottnastere who must, until 1811, remain as fabulous a tribe of beinga as the Centaurs oIfThessnly, he could Cnt obtain fr m thle eleion return oflthe city of New York even as slnder a re.isolatin in his uirsery as the prisoner had in his fellowoltip witil thespider. We can uot imagine what claus of converts was sought fur in promulgating this oingolar doctrine. The torires, whose motto is tto the victors belong the spoils," well know that postmasters and all other officers of the general government, are necessarily tlken from their ranks; while their opponents are aware from ruefiu experience, that no extra courtesy will be shown to them by the party now in pwe. Thus then this brilliant efot of our neighbor's [imagination must wholly fail in its in tendr d effect: for both parties are just about as likely to believe i thie existence of tle " Iolnhvmn," as cre ated by IDen Swift, as in the race of " whig postlnast rs," manufaeturted by tle Iler. UNITED STATES' CIRCUIT COURT. On Monday next, will commence n term of the (fir. etit Court of the United Siteen fitr this D)istriet. 'Ther qneition with roatnd tothe clerkship remains underided it cannot hue nettledl uitll thle espreme court opens in January next. In the mean time the terms of the court cant b of very little advantage to the publir ; for, if bu siness is done, in many cases, processe. whlieh light lltimuattly turn out to be perfectly legal,w ould be set nsilte, and parties tlbjrcted to great ineouveniuence, nlo sunrs, ccsts, &c. We think the court cannot remumn is rfelctuol and urethl action till the question of the clerk ship is finally settled. D PYR.AMIDAL CEUIE'EERIIE'. De It is related of Moliere, hlie celebrated french writer ii that being one day ncyuoed of plagarim, and it being e harly proved that lie had taken the main iden oflune lof P his heaL pieces from a aore nllcient author, he, made no defence, buit contented himnlselfwith saying--" I laok my !a property where I found it-I took a jewel from n fool m who stumbled over the gem without knnwing its value." W Without the genius of Mnlisre, the jewel might have remained in eternal obsecarity; for he zave it the shape andi ladiah necessary to he enxhibition of its pure and h- brilliant qualities. lUnfirtuately the principle so well rnuiceiated by one man of genius had been before, and was oflnon lerwards unl ed aa formnidable weapon against ', men of genias thetnselves. The efibrts of many great d minds have, alai! only turned to the use and benefit of y grasping, "ractical pleculature upon the credulity oflhe world. Thi- in a and truth; take for illustratinl that ever enduring initance of successful humbugery, the gift of the nnam of Americus to the new world, alter the discovery by Columbus. To this, hundreds of rore ob nn scure examples might be added. A The qaetlila lmay now he asked as the soi-diantn, "inventor" of;pyamidalnl cemeteries in this city,' to be e, loked upon as a Molierv, wlho takes his properly where he finals it, or as an Americua, who given his name to Sn.other's diicovery. l will not undertake to dt cide . ile qPestio; bnt it in eertaint that the wor'd is indebted to F WILON, an architect of I.ondon, for thie first plani of a Pyramidal Cemeterty. Iase PUtISHED his plan in 1830, eight yearn ago It was noticed, and descrihed in the ~neropean papers; anad even now, I have befolre me an old number of the London Peany Magazine, which gives mi anel a nt of 3Mr. Wilson's projected strue ure, and I will extract soame details: " In order to obtain a general idea of wht iat intend. edl, the arclitet in his prospectus, requests his readers to imagine a massive square building diminishing to its apes, the base of which occupies an area as large as IRianoel Square. to a height considerably abner that of St Paul'8, and exhibits on every side, toiit very summit, Svast flight of sutirs, the u hole faced with nlusare blocks ofgranite and sunrmonted by an appropriatn obelisk. The enclosure, arroundling the pyramid, would con!ain arveral acres Inyoall its base, which might he ta-tefilly laid out for the reception of cenotaphas and munuments. It is considered that Ite hold, imonmotonous and sombre hack ground of the pyrnmi:l wonul present anl ample field for the display at such works of the statuary as might he daslinled to enrich this Cemetry, bing, by con tranr, a fine relief for iniauta. objects of art. Thie retl t uire would also contain a chapel and a register office toi nrrenpond. Four seat dwellinge would alsobe pie. vided for tihe keeper, the clerk, the sexton and the st. perintendant. The approach would be through the Egyptina port .." 'The Architext thea enters into minute details an to heIl plan of the iant.ior, the arrangement ald size of the ataeombutbs, the height, thi.ltaess, and material of lbe walls; thesanitary precautionsi.,&,, Isehort,the plan proves its projector to be a scientific and practical arch- p ituct, of great abilty, sand of enlarged idias. I send you, Mr. Editor, the pa at you may judge for d yoursef. o AlI the datails gien serve to show a strange resem. a blana. between the City of ithe Dead, projected in this at city in 1836, and the Pyramid Ceametery. as planned in London,iu 1830. I leave the reader to draw his own conclusions. I merely stalt a fact. It is, howe,ver, probable that the plan of a Pyre. a nmd Cementery will not be adopted. Many persons gi hame asked, very properly I think, why the pyra. ro mndsl form should be adopted rather than a per at uendicular elevation. It is clear that of two mau- y soleumsi, covering an equal apace, and elevated to of au equal height, that one whose oater wall would sh as tahase of ordinary building., rise at once to the ii full Ii, ight, would comain exactly twice the num. bher of bodies, and consequently save twice the qi g'quald, and large sma i to various other wae. A amall pyramid oilfra but little economy. To nmake a grna:t sainga the pyramd maut be large: but a A Iwrge prait0id, suach a praoieted by Wilson, for Iv S ty anaon, wtatd take th6tethIhn'a naa tary forits completion for it would hold 6 millions of bodies. A pyramid three hundred feet square would contain forty times lees, and would in New Orleans, (in proportion to the population and num. ber of deaths) take at least thifty years in build" ing. During all this delay, the whole interior walls and cateeombs would be exposed to the rain, which in this climate, etnaidering the quality of our materials, would hi dreadfully destruietive. This and many other dififeulotes, too numerous for recapitulation, would be me swith, in the Son. struction of a large pyramid; whereas a manso about sixty feet square at ths base, and three hundred feet high, could be raised in five r or six years, would contain front fifteen to twenty thousand bodies,and would consequently offer the desiderata of convenience and economy, while, in I beauty it would he equaluo the pyramid. It would present the appearance of a great column or pillar surrounded by an elegant spiral gallery, One mausoleaum of the kind, being completed, another would be commenced, or several might go up at the same time-one on each of tihe grave yards. With these crude suggesttuno, Mr. Editor, I close this communication, intending, however, should this letter be inserted, to trouble you with - others, on various subjects of public interest. ST. THOMAS. SID7' The whole of the New York congressional a ticket, four in number, with Moses Grinnell at the *t head, Ihas been elected: but besides them, anttother " goad and sound whig, Charles Johnson, has been chosen in the 5th district, (Dutahess County,) in place of a thick and thin locofoco. to 7 Braham, the greatest english singer ever " known is engaged to come over to this country, id and will arrive in New York on the return there of at the Great Western.- The reputation of this extra ,' ordinary vocalist is too well known to need remark. ing, and as he has for so many years been the an. arivalled " Prince of Song," we hope he will find a time to pay the south a visit before he quits the icontinent. Va There were mote rotes polled at the recent r election in New York than were ever taken before, to It is computed that they numbered about 40,000, while in last spring they were only 30,318. I,- Our adversaries are like drowning men in their nr despair, and clutch at floaeing straws to save them selves. One thinks the trhig postmasters-heaven n- save the mark--Iave internepted the returns: an It other finlds consulation in the exoression ofa Mobile is friend who is "not quite sure that the whigs have carried the state of New York." Now, consider. n0 ing that their partisans in thle north were recently Pt etting on ten, twenty. nny, even fifty thousand d majority it is clear that they are thankful for small mercies. Of The small pox is said to prevail extensively in Id Halifar, and Pierson enounties, N. C. The whigs ore certainly possesed ofa large share of tn the milk of human kindness, and knowing that the ar ot, duous duries of Cambreling were wasting his energies, te and detining him from his family, they have kindly in given him permision to remain at home for the first et time in a large number of years. When the premonito re rt ceases to operate, it in a tolerable proof that collapse ig is onming, and so it is with tihe New York Ie folrcos. us C. C. Canibreling, the well known premonftory, has Id cetasd to exist publicly, and hence we nalurally infer w that the body to which hie belongs is looking exceeding. ,e ly blue. A clearcase of floor. The editor, of the Ohio Statettman bets " three rpoiled oysters, that Col. Bond does not make another speech to please Mr. Biddle. Columbus Reg. 'Tie very natural forosuh creetures to insist on betting at "spoiled oysters." Nothin, but carrion will suit the ; taste of these loco-roso buzznrd,. Louisville Journal. 1 Bravo, Prentice: we go in for you. of Louisville and Lexington are quarrelling about the n- superiority of their respective schools. (Cn they not l find fitter advoontes than political editors, more eligible e- tribunals than a party presst O ( Large fires, great coats-closed doors, and thick blankets, were at a premium yesterday and bid fair to be as much in demand rtnlor. TO MARIA. "Oh say dear Alartn." Itow can the hoeart forget to ltIo" Its thenouht upln an absent ftiont; tR r frost thbce p e of te orylllr 'ear Thie utlite of frietodship writolle there. t Ohb! no. upon my fnitthful ,rsat, "thy tnoo, ity virtues ire i tnnmar't i And not one tnt oril tt e r Shiall time or a obemce ere effnce. a fweet is the dew by eventtni s red r m Upo, ath itu shillg rate r bed; en et is the, voice of love ould truth Upon the uar of joyous youth. lult saeetes r oitn the memory cometn To this food heart its welenotd home; Avwtinint nya et g r lu ptedoauspat itognett boy. .. . . J. C. S. 'The races-oce lbe L.ti.iana SCourse whic, were to hove taken place on ithe '8th p itstant. re put tfl' ntil tile 2th Dectember, on ,I which atiny they will commence. The cusen of this delay must he visible to iall. The ltw state of ilie rivers will prevrnt ilt y hore` recnlhig its from above, atd it is usele-s to olffer lanrg parses when therenare few or nottll to contend fltrthete. I Errata. 'Sinlll hlpst.' I i tie letter on this t sUbject sigeid 'II,' and inserted in our coltlmn t on Thursday, in the estittite of itoltion ptter re fquired by a shlip of 1500 tons, fr'fjour engines of 500 horse power,' reed 'toa engineo' &e. with four Iocomotive hlilhrt, he te The .old weather ha. set a ,, and with it Irge b. quantitiee of game. The prairie, the wampes, the lake, and the bayous teemt with bitde. Abun. id, dance of ducks may be got on the lake without be jumping into it: and lots of game can he shol at ro all day long, but particielrly by 'gun fire.' The '" Mazeppa starts at 3, today, to skirr the Inko, to paddle through Pals Mntlanchr, ascend tie Tich f.w, k visit Rome eltd Warsaw. GullnePr are ere io ofsport, nnd their friends game; and as tie boat returns by sundown tomorrow they will have nooe re to rail at them for the R,=il they bring. 7e Thenlres. lThe St. Charl:s tonight offers the Sttraction of the 'lluronastler'e Daullghter,' with the two alhimtsical farces which Mr. Field has written and played in hast night so much to the oi amusemenet I our mirthful citizens. Tomorrow a 'Gustavus' still be revived, with great additions, ,f and improvemcentis e the nmusical departmetas. At tile 'Cutmp' tonight we hav thile charming co. a tedy ot the Way to get Matrried,'-a subject so very interesting to the youtl of both sexes. To. Uttrow tIe e.ttnllypany act tihe poptltr burtletta o I''otn &Jrrty,' or Ltle in L.tndon, the toever Irlng variety of which pleases lhke thle old and young. NOTICE. Mr. GEOIIGE MNRRICK having resigned tihe of fice ofrhief Engiuner of the New Orleans and Carroll. ton Rail Road, Mr. Johna Ilampson tan been ppoint ed ill is place, to wh.lm all peoion bhavi.g business with, or wihaing information regarding said Rail IRoad will aptly at the Rail Road Olfice, l'ydras streer, Bfy order of the .htard. (Signed) JOHN NICHOLSON, nvl17-tf Cashier. Front the N. Y. Whig. IIvasovs or rna ELacTIro. In the First Ward the utmostgood humor has prevailed. The jolly tars came up manfully for Giiilnllland the tarpaulinl glistened in the suit during the wholeof the last two days. One gang of true hearlt as thety emne up in an omnmbua,gnve three gi-rio-1 cheerrs. \W'hat are you at ' inquared a locoloeo Customlll [lour harpy. Comne Ito holy stonle the deck of the lship of state, old erllow,' was the reply, 'aojusl clear the gletgway,' LVole for Eli Milore,' teurnted Ihu lokey. 'Eli Moore be - .' 'No swearing, Jack,' said another sailor, an iei clapped his hand oe.r tihe mouuth of his friend --'No swsoerne, Jack, don't be Irightenintg tihe gentleman.' By this tine a party had formned rouud the Iokey, and the eaxclamlnions were quite amuling. 'Lend that chap your ewnlb Bill.' 'fake a tit'ol niggerhead, Mister.' .What rationsdo you get for leaving the Custom Ilouse to take care of itself' 'I say, my harty, instead of dle ring ships, I guaes you cleared the whlole Cstollol ltusa at one go;-Dio'in you tHal, he, hlI.' and the taellow was completely laughed toflthe groitnd It tie Sceund Ward the lokies slippoed in very quietly, and the jokes were Inostly between the : whigs sad Ihu Tllammany abolltioIssit, who wrre t.rytllng, ll wool urno wool. fllaek wool tr whliii wool. lere is the ti kell No de.ocracy hers.' As one abhtlitiU atIL w.a very busy in thee ridies. ( lla ecleaatitlOni, a straniger Ia pped U, and ask. ,-d htitn.,$r, i nn, ye r name #-iaesnt..m-4' = 'Yes, sir.' 'Then 1 would merely remark tht black Betsy of Orange st reet, wishes to ee you be." fore she goes to -the pliee ollice about a certain oecurrente which t ok place on Stalday evenling.t 'What was it? what was i~t?' exclanimned a dozen. 'I am out of tiekets,' aeid the noisy Iriend ol black Betay. 'I must go and get some more, and off he went amid the his, s of whige and tortes. TaIRD WARD.-Here Mr. ReIll was the butt of the wits and scorn of every honest voter. He was one who was cleared from the Cilirem House, bound so noport in psrticulsr. Finding he was challenging every one, an honest thopkeeper chal" longed Mr Riell in:urn,to pay a bill of nearly $400 for fancy woak in the pictureraie lifra e h. It seetms that this sub treasurer is fund of pictures, but an for paying for them, that is altogether another matter. FoURTu Wean -In this ward the rough necks sca attered among the cellars and grogeries. One roaring Tory dove into a cellar, rl aecoe'ed three men with 'have you voted?' Being answered an Sthe negative, he said, twell come on, the infernal r Whigs are drumming up every man they can raise. Come 'on, or we shall be beeaen all nut?' The keeper of the cellar told the intruder that he had r men enough in tire establishment to till an oe. t nibus, and ii he would scud ene down freeof ex pense, all hands would corna up and vote. The I bargain was agreed upon; the omnibus came and took eleven to the pulls, accompanied by the gia. r, terseraper. When arrived, they all got out and It were addrecseed thus by the boss. Norw, gentle, men, every man ought to vote. We have been brought up by the Tammany men. This is a free country, and you can vote as you please. For my own part, I go the whole whig ticket.' 'And Sso do 1,' said all the rest but one. 'Look here, a Mister.' said the scraper, 'this here is no go,' 'I er know it, my friend, so the sooner yoru are off the better.' Finding he lad been tricked, the scraper got into the omnibus and drove itI Tammany SIl.ll, to inform Mie Fanny that he was out. 'lTea Firrs Wnea was scraped li.e the Fourth, and turned out as unfortunately. ar StXi -Here ato was fairly afloat, mixed up with a aprinkling of wrath. Tihe Baonber business run high, and the Irish were disputing with each at other about etricking of Marcy's name from the loeofuco ticket. We cannot go further, though we have same capital jokes that open richl.-hey will be served up heresater. The commanding officer, the im. Id mortal and giorious Fanny, was on duty at Tae. ae many Hall during the whole three days, and ora tor Ned made himself conspienousa in the 5th ward. Eli trotted about as fast 'as his it "Lean and lippered pantalone"a would carry him, and Cam sported the golden e, trinkets in every quarter of the city. Fanny was ;, constantly engaged in sending and receiving des patches, and Eli wae chief messenger. lie thinks there is considerable fun alter all in bending to r petticoat government, and declares that Fanny can conduct a renconlre equal to any one he has known. There is no timidity or backwardness n about when she gets fairly woke up. Eli got so completely wrapped tip wilt is chaiTrmer that he e forgot all about the speech he lies been so long wtudying, and never though once to deliver it. e Never mind Eli, you can keep it rill the spring r. election, and by thant ime Funny w ill be able o ly correct the proof impression, and have every tilog rd ight and straight. We cannot say much fon Ell's morality, but certain it is, he worked hard enough 1I to let the Whigs carry the city. WANTED, in A SMART active ,Boy to atend in a sts;oe who speaks e rech ander Englist till have a person. nent situation, if liund suitable, by a pllyinig to of DAVID) FEI.I'& Co, New York Sautioner's Hll, nnvl7 24 C truesrat ly . W ave nstoe ainrd (Ofbfe for sare 75 sucks Java Coffee it 300 do Rio do t95 do Hlvntna di 4 i5 do Id.icverpoole Salt 50 barrels Amler:icta Brandly to do do in imitiration barrels in 1 pipes di do 10I do Anneriian Git 5 do nolland oin 204 boxesNew Bedfitrd Sperm Candles 20U tIo tlechln'a Seap 1iIi do Itobbin's d.i d 95 do do No . h 200 lhalf boxes do No ,: 201) boxes M R Raisins 25 barrels e a Almonds g dto It h do m75 boxes lemon Syrpn 100 do assorted Ketchu)p 2110 1 n'igars, varioas qlrttlities 511 eones (Golthen Cilercoi 111 dir Te, assorterd o 75 Firkins (los, n Iluttler t t100 Ioxes aesortedl a zee Pickles 75 coils hlnillm In, e I0 I1barrels Di0l's superior Crackersa :0 do No :3 ,;kmel1 75rhido N02 do S 25 do do No 3 do Wd With a greaet sarisy of otller gcids ill tIre i-rorroc liue, whll wil. ilbe sold verr law fi,r eza., or irn ttir usual timte. WINSTON & SIlAI.I. noel7 7 1front I've f 6IIEtR hi iFl[1,-:iS tr5.11 eet I rtinre,, . sl ohip Lirpol lpplrsit the Orleans Tress. Ap pl? on Ioardl, or to LEVI 11 GALE, nno7 _9.1 Conri n at eIr AY--'3lt mIes Hay on Ioanrd the ehi1 Alrx"ýn L dri, and for tale by LEVI II GALE,

1 t17 i9:1 CoIiiLuo stn L.1..--II(111 gullh n Wlinter strairrnelt, en oOili lad S T lrol it hip i'rlellrnr,r r l si fle ll I.AAbC B(lil.i.(l Ci o, novl7 1:4 MaIlgazine st . . . . 4 I)40 aydrns St LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. STHIS nrtritulnen for the education ofyountg gontle iTh, eWill Kga to topeirtoent toe first t Ohto her, ill tile haItnent e tot y of tl, fletllhodt s lokcl th cer of Caroodelet and I'o) , u nder hie diotiuo on the f ort.Tdeeihned tiwho hnI ncejcd the choir of -lf"'l ,,lien ..... Fal Colleo. uDo-RlANr, hlld wlh . is od gadnteo foe lof t.he Gt ce:oebruted un.ier.itieo to of Europe. 'I'.7 eo.ur.e oftudie to hoe p.r.uetdl in th...etinary will be comprehended t the following divinsio aov en 1. The Englti dept t(lent, erltrcino all the ebronche ofa thorough and accowplished. Engliki ed. . 2. 'iTh elaossieal doleprtmnt, co reolrehtndlng the Lati e slld (;reek langoges. Tis e. lte deplrtmoenlteoto lde o anagee, in aleigh ntill be toaght tioett'oclt, Spanlisah and gormnan Inn of guages. 4. The mathloetntie dand pohiloano hi al departmenr or en'eprehendine Algeebra, ,eomerv, tle two Trigo ottt. elries with their Icralical appli:loon to Survevinro Navigstion, cstonlolll, &. ioralol l'ltilorphy a:td e Chemisatry illttus.otcdh I ny ioppr at eex ..l ltts IEot nit (lasses L t the lModen t.anguugnes aill Sbe flrtted and attended to ot the rile lt o(etot r. IC J IIeADIe HIANN, A nl, AR K·rg Lti:aecis: J GIB3ON I:sQ, It Ree Presideat SHANNON, Louisiana College, DIr C A IUZENBERG, 'L C IDUN:AN E oo, J NICII)OLSON Esq, New Orleans. sep2S--t 833i iMAYORAL '1 OF NEWI ORLEANS. T1 llEpoe of mresh flour to-day in $11 87 per barrerl, e accoreding to lte laif;, tle irnkers shall give do. ling the lpresent week (otnn Mlondty 19l1 inst.) 28 oun ces of brhead for a bilt. Bread ofthee second quality t required to weiglh 5 per eOlnt. more, viz: 35 ounces. nol7 C. tGENOIS, Mayor. A F ,TS1 rate Mlilclt Cuw for sate, apply fit ttrt uts/iTp O .nee, opopositO IHospital treet.. SdERAN i O A tilS. ONVERSATIOz'3 LEXICoN, I2 nole, and Gloeotle-Sclil er, ) Treck-H-llhlra, }Complt works. \W'ielasd--Lesion,. oh. Th K-enerr--Vondler Velde Casatora, original edi Zchokke, inh 1 & is 8 vole And a vericrv stlanoonrd works in tih German. AAlsoe,iGernan Grommoaroand Diettonaries Ior instruc tion in Eltetchl, English and Sllamish. nov17 E JOHNS & Co, tnoel7 ar St t:liarles o 30 ,Coo mon st \l-Sn s oodvem arer.t.,, enlt wtlth i"leta \jpoero Hit0,, ofth o -o Ilohke ry, forna rotelatnlot uppl of the ir lretd, freslt t'ron the bahe houe, c lot of l lich we have reteived and foranle, eonsi-ting ofpilot, tary and coffee house bread; Soda Biscuit, Sugar, Butter and Water Craokere, put up in barrels, heboxes. G W PRIT'CIAID, nnerl7 JO TAGART' JR1. 1 t\ E e . ior Otlt ooedoar Wltip Otototlgcr oup. P oitoe the Vegetable Ma ket. (!JLOtH-IIU-lae s soeaesoetohlo Clolhitig, land- . i o lg and for sale by ien ISAAC BRIIDGE & Co, noel7 134 Mlagatint st LARD-588 kage prime LeantLrd, for le y STE'I'TON & AVERl, nuv7 . 88 Gravier : NVEW ANNUAM. FOIl 839: - .l ()rricniure Annual, London; F'inden'e Gallery or'(inraes; 'IThe Itlerial, Londnua Aooual Alarie Watts, Christoans 'Pales tfor 1810 ItoDung Lady's Attual, for 11139; Snang Gentleman's Antoai, tor 19.19; The Gillt; The 1 ionlot; E Jolln. & Co's Louisiann Alnmanc for 11839 Juat teeeiredad d for sale by E JOIINS & CO. , novl7 cor St Charles & Common a ALLA AlDEEIW)ITK117(j D0 E - For clhangilg the Har, Bye hrows, or Whiakera to a pertttauentl Brow or Blak, by ono application without staining the akin or the finest linen, juast received by BUSH & ALLAN, 17noa Fancy Store, c. St Charles & Con. 1 RIT N hVGg SKSc--NVritifjo ees, aoeni Shring Ce, Lodires\V orz Bnute. wilt and It withount tsal-; Cardl Caoe, Pocket lto kre ofpearl, vo- of r and esll, just received at thle Bazaar, con ernl St. 1.t CUtrlenand oouula,en strete, Enahange Hotel. ro nto 17 ME PAIRIE RACES. r IHE Fall Meetlinfor 1838, over this course will . commencer o Monday, 10th Decembeh. Firslt De yA match for $2,500 a side h. ft. four mile heat,; Mlajor T. J. Well's names bl. f. Extant, by h im. Leviathan, dam imp. Refugee, by Waaoderer. Grier & Sinmo'a namne b. c. by Paecific,dam by Sir a Charles. S SecondDay--A match for$5000 a aide, .It . four a mi heat. Major 'r J Well's names C F Beesrwin. Sby imp. Leviathan, dam Black Sophia. (BirminPgbhan's Sdbm) byToppgallaut. Grioer & Simon's namese c. Willies Herndon by Woodpecker, dam by Whipsten. SSecond Race, same day,a Sweepstakes for 2 year Sold colts and fillies, nile heats, $500 entrance h f.sev d n subscribers. I Jars Garrison, CC S Farrar, L Ira Smith Bmith, T' Smith, e 'ho J Wells I) Stevenson. rd Third Day-Two mnile blats, J C Purrse, 500 S Same n layTwo mile teats, J C Purse, 750 4 Funrlhb Day-Three mile healns, J C Purno, 1110 Fifth Da)--Four mile heans, 3 C Purse, 2000 or Sixth tray-Mile hen, reeSt 3 in 5, J C Puree, 700 iSncvcnth IDay-Three mile loats, Proprietor's S purse, 1000 SJAS S GARRISON, Id RICIIAII ADAMS, S tTtlO SJ WELLS. , nOv16--tro e JIrANIFOLD WIT'ERES.R-Wilson' Improved SrL m lnanilold Writers in ever styale, just receired at ry tie BaZaar, corner of at. Charles and Conlon stra et, Execharnee Hotel. nov 17 LARD B ALLIS AND IEUKS.-A large ns ,p suttment of Bihiard Balls of superior quality at a rthe Bazaar, corner at. Charles and Common-st. nov 17 Excthanre Hotel. s DATENT BALANCES-12 Patent 'latform Bal a ances, weighing from 10 to 1800 lbs. for sale at re duced prices, by ue Nov 17 S. LOCKE & Co. s. POCKET ALMANACS for 1839-Just published a U. few thousand of Louisiana Pocket Almanats, for a- 1839, for sale by the groce, dozen or single copy by t)AVID) FELT & CO, it1 New York Stationers Hall, nov17 2$ Chartres at C1 LOTHIING-30 cases seasonable Clothing, com S priing an asortment of saiet jaetjketsa nmd pan as taloons Derry and Cottonade pants; heavy white cot s- tn;( Calico, Live pool striped twilled, and Floannel ka shirts, landing from ship Dhluatia, for ale by to ISAAC BRIDGE . CO, nov6 134 Ma8gazine st a RAYS--A lew Cincinm.ati Drasen y hand for sale, S,, G)ORSEY, so novi 44 New Leve he ST. MARY'S MARKET STEAM FERRY. g OTICE is hereby given that in rioraruOce of n or - dinoace ssned Iry tile Council of the Second Mn ne nicipalitv, on Tl'ueida the Ill day of ictober, 18:13, lBnhks oi' Sublcripimi trr toi canpitl stock of $_,O000U, , in shares of $8l0iao tr in said Coml)any will be opened i at Mr. Charles Dimond'r0, No. 215, I'chapitnulaa street, on Wednesday naxt, the 21st instait, oad will bie kespt rr ofen from 10ollllclrk, A l Intil 2 ' M. TelDll Iaollrs per chare to be ipaid in cshrOl reubscri bing. Bv the Ordinanl'e, r perrorn resirling io the 2 Munior cipralitg aru uhly allrolved to sllbserie to te stoclk. ap S. 11t11i, . C. I)OIMONI). .- Corriseiunera. t. l{OBItAILE,) N. 1 . A copy of theordinancee rmay he sai at Mr. Dilnrad'fs. t nNov 16. O NY( of thot a vaulhble and well situated storres tn. der the " Tlie Veinrdar," io St 'lCarles street. ALSO, ThIe store od i.liarig E. Johsil Ci., rn St CIharles street, mil tihe ollice on tihe gau Ilour, and tro olficos on the 3rd floor. ALSO, An office on tie 3rdl foor, iurl tine .of of thre torl adjoliinrig. ALSO, Two nflit es oi tile 3rr fl hr of tlhe I.ofi of thIe stre adjoining Piutiliing's Ilirsernir wll aInpteil olr a 0news papirn, or Prirloig Istablishmlent. Fior termriI ap.III' to Grt. hV, Plltlr'C(IAIRI, nov' f-5t cr anaz ine & Povdras st TO I1EIN1 , )ARTof vitoe No. 40 l'ovdtrir snetrec. Alyllr to A'lRAk l htIllM Ilt; inrvlfi 411 I'ydraIR st rIIEtS-dituO lib braxci JrIie iil lea anid (Gul 1711 ll lIln d dlo dl do 175 In:¢se Cearlnr 1oI do do 47 1-2 Chslns Pouchlorig Tiis 1iI iboxe's Slnr:ih.g bindrlhhg Ifrom lip IRsaac Ilile, fril New Yorr,,, liar Ir l re I.A'ItlNCE & LEVtiEN1)IIE, r. alltv7 l. 7',i 'New y.C. lie Býb murdlien Ie rel P -, u' 1 t.\ 01P'.\T \E l:l(IL:I.--- u Iru;;; I.~dl., , nut ni fnek elr yi"t, i ll tk & rmlllllllFt it 'I' II IIYI, II:& IiRa, B UT'rIt,':R-tI(10 klerr ir ien hIney latterr of lirst utI (rralre r rri iiiI 'That comfortahl,a dwelling house in Pov a .t. rs street adjaiinig the new Methldlnot a~' Chur; it at iaelv ipaned and lited u, rnt tst as eV - aceolnlcotndatiotl i,,la family. Appily to 1)UILE ,, MAY, to7 I Cnondelet at S TO MERCHANTS. 11 ITj'SIEERCHANTS can hate a IF. UTIIrFL CIRCU Of Lta stlrck ofat four hours NoraCE, by allnS at the i Cot C pting R..oo. of TRUE AMIERICAN PNta.a.NG OFFICE, St. Charles Exchange, ailjn ain.g the tREAD ry I lNG ROOst at Corner of Gravier street. he FALL FASIIIONS. d- illE ubscoribers take lave to inforn their Iatrons, nnd tile public ee'nertlly, at they are now pra he paced toexhlibit their thll fashions. I GtOSSIP 5,. CO ich Fashionable tIltteta, Lxchange Hotel, In- ovl "it. Clharles Ft -a i ,Y IUU k Lt(Lt I ('. V aluablt Hail EStlote at .Iurelion ! rILL Ib eo'd t T'ue.daviy, 2111 instatt t tt 12 ' ad clock, .at the City I,.xcl'J...e, St. louis street, SFOU VALU.AIEtit Ll(YIS OF OItOUNI), iltm mr , ith the building thereo firn, t ing tie corner ft6,li, oat New Leveoen l IIuter stretets, iOnediately froacieg tee (rleans( l'tooI t'ess. Iuilldigs n ta this elinible cite wt.andl tow readily rent at a high late, mid are'mlehl ill dti.tled Iloithtltuod iag thle many i111 "/OVenIIII: , IIeUtV II'ttogressi g itte eticiity all of wthich tre t agerly catgaegd btete Iit - islhe; all the streets anld Ibalneattes re altready pved. PcIersns wi lling to build Dwelling ofr Stonae have ino w I lill e olo po ltu nitv o ill el p o bly !tih ei c apital. Thle a ai'xlnbtilet the City Intltt;ulgl. "l, 'h a will be libernl. Patti ulars at alt . S-lOXe:ttli it-ote liecx Clttols, juat Co L o ved, t led a u itsl io Ior sippig for uale alt tl 0 _ I Louislana Furn iture \ tIle Illltuo . AOv' \V')t It CARNES, NOTICE. SECOND 3MUNICII'ALtIT- STEAM FERRY CO. The Stocklloldlero Il thids C(otpany t e ereby ibe dare atd payable ot tl 15th iast., at tie Otticle of tIe F reettan's eIlurance Ctompanty, No. 45 Canal street. nuvl---3t FURNITURE WAREROO1WS No. 53, lienvllc tIreet. W ILLIAMI 1t. CAItNES, wouldl tesoectfullv in form hits fiendt and the plbtic thlat 1ie is co-l stetliy receiviag from New York and tlston e a good a ussortnltettofFtllitllle, suhlt s a tlllaegaoy cltie., sofai, I,ed-teaesa maple aett patinted chairs tannple ted cherry bedstuotd, mahoganv aud cheer) tables ofeali dcescriptlion.ll, Iurca - tloetlls, ,sevetlarys, wrliing Sdeasks, wrdtolres of mabgletatly atttd cherry, watsh I Santds, looking glasses,feathers, bedding,&c. &c. NB. Furniture packed for tIruaptlrtation witl great Enrre. n1ov rCITY I~. 1, November 1 ithl, 1,38. rIlIIS Institution is purchasing Exehatego on New l York. ItOt 1'. J I'ALFRtY, noal5 Cashier. NOI'ICLE. rTIE subsctribers have this day formed a Co-paert nerlship, under tte firm of it. Itf. Prihye rd an t Jo. Tagertl Jr.,for the traelsaction ct tie Grocery Itu tillretessalld ilave located tlltltetl.hs at tte curlner tf ,tagazinae od Ptydras streets. TheIy will keep callo .ttltly on hatnd a geelntal suptlly ofl failyy Groeries ntd steam boat stores, and solicit the patronage of their frienlda and the ptblic. G \V PRITCHARD, nol2-1838 JOS. TAGEIRT, JR. -U-RB STONE-3 runneitg leer tort It lire 1ig ntEI'TEIUt & MILLARD, nev9-3t - HO1 SEc ANt) WA'OGN FORl SAI.E. SFIRST ratlegnl M1are, aecu.mtao ed to stand wher tleft, Aply atterll Tatt to `OAP0 111 lanesTtitienJ NeVe.tsap, bcund tt S George Rtobbins, landig frtmln shit Charlest tal, for pale / nov5 ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. 1341 Malgazioe Et M U ,,\ C llE SI U beaoes t nslton Alttl d n O lles, Jucksok's braud now ladiad from ship Daltmatia, and for sale )y ov5 JOSEPII COCKAYNE, SLOLbKto .t. t.,(a, , Fr., t Lert treet, tate Seceived by late arrivals frol the. Northern At teri ecities tand It rope, a laree addition to llVte stock at Hardware notd thip Clhndlerv, whice naw makes thetrsttk netrly ctmpltte aud wbich they off o lo- ti vorable terms, Camp St. Theatre. This Etaoing, N.vemberr 17, Will be perfoned tile admired Comedy of THE h. AY TO GET MARRIED. Tangent, ilr. Barrett, TobyAllspie, IBrown, Capt. Faolkner, Fielding. Juli Faul kner, Mrs. anrrett, Clementiaa Allspice, Brown. Oterture,by the Orchestrn. Afler which the Furce of TIHE WAG OF WINDSOR. Caleb Quotemt, Mr. Johnson, JuOnt ump, BIrown, Looney MeTownolcter, Green. Grace Gaylove, Mrs. Green. WANTED A SCIIOONER of the capaity of 100 hhda.Stagr to load tor iMubile. Apply to LEVI H GALE, nonv4 93 Common at .u 1 ICE. D URING the temporary absence of the subscriber froee the city, Clarls Brgge, Etaq. will act as Iie atthorised agent, and to him all' having business with the undersigned, will please apply. FRANCLS ILSLEY,JUN, enol4 14828-tf Office Ne Orleans and XNalshilk R'I. R'd. Co., November 14th, 1938. 'RAFTS on New York at sigbt for sale, in sums to ,utt purchasera, at I percent. premium. JAMES H CALD\VELL, rAovE4 Pres't. "ROLLA" TO RAFFLE. I IIE celebrated New York trotting horse, 'ROLLA,' t will fe raflt.d lorao Saturday the 24th instant. This very ,opular anial, the winner ot so n inty races, and possessing such undoubted speed, and bottom, is now in the beat possible condition, and maty be seen at any titme and particulars learned at thestable of OLIVER DUBOIS, Tattersall's. in St. Charles st. corGravier [L-.Chances $30 each. BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles & Common street, EXCHANGE HOTEL. ]USH & ALLAN would respectfully call the at i tention of citizens and strangers to their cmplete es Ortlnte s o k Gentletne' line irtsrts do cdaembric, with linen atnts. fashionable linen tetttts: linen col lore: silk, cetton anti merino under slirts and drawers: cambtric and silk Iaondkerehiefs: black anid fancy cra vats in grelt variety: stocks of every t(scrrptttt ttgoto elastic and cotton suspenders: silk, cotton and thrend Itgloe: ntfe ost it gloeves: uttbrellas and canes gold mounted. Alm,-Splendid assortment of ladies and gents wri Stting desks, dressing cases, port folios, perfulory, cut leryI nd rich ftancy goods. It OTA'I'OES-80 Ibuatpersa Potatoea, ntd 14 kegs i" Loch fine iherrings received per Marse, fir sale by IOA O .LMES & MILLS. novIa U Banik Place IAIN'I'S--14 pelages , tontaining Verdegrise and I line black, rroundt Oil landing friom st:hooner tna vid Coflin, and for sale by ISAAC BRIGOE & CO, nov4 13. Mangazlne st S ALAMIANE SAFES ofanl aizes aand warrantted fire proof, for sale by t rISAAC BRIDGE & CO, noel4 131 Ma gazine t LASS--84 packages A pothecaries Glass, assorted vials, patnclt illedicine do Essence do. (Cas ter Oil bottes. and Vitae. landing front brig Swan, fltom Philadelphia, Ifor sale by JAIVIS & ANDREWS, novlil ror Cnallllo & l'choapittlltrs jLAYING CAIL)S4.'hTa solhaeribers have jest received Itlarge assortment of IPlayinlzg Cards, tole thle ataulio-teetri- of tl iuattllro, , Crelore, flarke et, Saezande, Fordl, ldl othller, and conetprising eveta variety of Ilighltlandrs, :erryv Andrews, Harry viii, Decatur, Ftlt, Eagle, Icoperil, Lalityette, tPoker &c, fwholesaol nnd ratail, by ILEES & )'LANIE, AGtING--Andd le Iil, Ibr sale C tt I HE AD II& tt'I'OV, 1erd4 7 tlank Place. Hlanik Checkls, Hills of ntlading, Auction Bre Bills, IPamnphllt, Show bills, Cata - logues, &c. &c. I27ORD1.'nSfo.r te Above, enl erery other des it cripliaon off lPRIN 'lNi j.g i receivedl at Compting Roons of' TRUE .LIIEI ICAN," in Sr. CnAhns.s Ex. CtIIANGE, :d door froie UrnVier 1troet. Js Extlensive aal Beautiful IoomK and Joe FooUNrs, - faOm the best Foundries in the Ulnited ,altes, halleju4st been added to the already well-stloked Esltblishnment; -and UniEs rr ill be e.crruted ais Low, a.i Cheaply, Expeditiously and Beautifully, as at an othiler Olier s in the City. Noel- f ere IIlV lt()(liBK.·..-\:lnul of l'iPliil I Ehics, ide. ro, - sigrn ed ei fly Inr Ih " i. of (r- l Ir a l ,ltdrd ts ntd Inolili'al; lIit II. 'lThe State. IlBy Frallc -- Ri cord . of Travels, in one v inlumei . A trip to tosmn in Seris of Letters, to Ith Edi .omnl. a n she Shoubd Ie, land IlWomanlil in II, Social, anll l)nlt'. it: (:ho st e r,+ i ll vol. JOM rroe&it , -d anll St Ott :i C:orner o i C tlnip a it I (; . ii ll sI,,. Urst N I Ne . 35l i lt- l balti2,iiiN -I. l iis tei i 'tore , find fur salu by T RI 11 )1 & , Rl Ill 1., et l :,r e.t i ( l.iln lir li .'hi[lnIs l IIclaise ! ' ill a lir praot %nrellouse, in Noifreu Dlam strert tnear New Lever, apply" Io T It HYDE & BRO, orpt'2 corCommon& L1ingazinesstreet 7111lE hiass +snliintitd li-i ieensilve in h • ilP** nllr ll d t illt m ir ClIIIISTIIE & SIN NI 'T, nl olic ii t rontinuisnre of the patt.llrtll e. Ir ivediil Itliteir Jihnl Crilisti, tii ie o nduluitnlg ,he Irsiin I al tiiinei, nIs Wholesale Grocer and ; illlttilliiin i lcrcliian. GJOIIN IIIRIS't'IE, Snov-- N SINN )TT, J CARDS I PRINTEI at the sholrtest Notice, in the moss elegant manner, in Black or Colored l.Kes, on Eosel l.I led, Vllite btlake, or Plail turfaced Calsns, and at Prices very reasonable at iITRUE AMI,.IlCAN OF FICE, eor:ecr of I'lPydras and Sr. Charles sis. ,&real New and Beautiful Founts of TYPE haRe just been added to the Establishment. Orders receired at Coomptint Room, St. Charles ,Exchange, 3rd door fromt Gravier st. I), noel-tf Mondelli & Reynolds, it AIRCIIIl'I'T(:l'S AND BUILDEIRS, d 1 AVE rlneoveld their ofslce to lth \liitictr's - I, 2idl Story, No. 2. Entrainl fromi SEExschnnglu Place, near the P'iti Office. STEN DOLLARS RIEWAI1U R UN awat on thi, inroing oft he 31sitt October, lthe slavew t/A'TIIARINE, a grill), iidc alibolt thirty st; sisliseak. Freclh sardb EnglihI; is well known,nttd will tr to ass herself as free. Thelr above ewarri will be 1 tlid (Iur her deli wjry to tile lsub cribers. i IDOYLE & MAY, 3 (stiroisdilet of Captains of reaserl,, lsatl boats and othIrs, sare cau tisied omainst tiking oway or hlnrberitg the above iti . ilrd Sltella, ender ilie pnnnlty of tihe law. S 31- Ll-1838 C T JUS'T reeiived at thie Iouisittna Furniturte \VWre l Risllsts, 5 Liolieville stretI01 hMaple antil Cherry iBedlstenuads; a first rate Article. Also, it good aiiort nillt of Mliaile Wlnlt, sand Painlteld Cairra whici will be sold ot tlih lowest csnit prices. W It CARNES, jy7 51 Ilisonville street. (1 COI'FFEE--20 bags oll Java Coffee, now laading . adl or sale by T 'R IY'DE & BRO, .nov7 co Cotmmon t lgazii .t lN ElrliO C 'TlONS_-100 hales No. I antd 2 Leo ell Cottlts,l fr sale by I .t S'ETSON A AVE iY novl0 88/ liR rs o SIIEE'I INGS & Shirtings-- 2 Ilhals Ro'ittis sbeet i S iags, end 5 bales Loweill Lindsays, hlllt iiot tn l ship Neornii, fir sale by II -ISAAC BRIDIIIGE &CO, n o nov9 1:14 Jiesziai I ROGANS, &c--76 ruse, cotaiiinK enlcll'a-lld I loy'a fillne ki1p Bnrguns; Mlen's exla sire ltusset 3irigss, Men's Kip, Calf andl water Iroeol Bioolts, latd ies fromn laip Normnll for sale by ISAAC RIlDGE & CO, nov9 131 Magazine f, e I' AISINS.-0Ii0 sluIes NE R 4ainme; 2 11t) LbI boxese do ido 100l. quoarter do do do 100 drns Fisip landing, for sale bby novu 82 Julin ILOT BLREAD--b0 bbls Pilot Bread in a.ore, aid CHAMPLIN & COOPER, en nov9 8"2Julia st de J ITU[.NiA't'Ell PEERT-A new aeticle, ;i 5bis be landing frotin ship Euplhralnes, an fir stile lbye e S LOCKE 4. COi, erv9 8 l'inttlevlee SjI'OBLACCO--15 boxes nmaufactured Tobaucco, of aL arious brands, iid fir Sinle l 1 foir rsale by ISAAC BItlI)GE & CO, lorl 31 Magazine stth iAl'ltER--100 reantia Sleasttuig Pititer iiloltli and II Ir sale by S & ' P WHITNEY, nor7 T oCnnt st A-I'PINti pp.R :l1 rti. in store fie-rAsalet , Y inovl2 67 Magnltie st den -II'EET'Ih.,.S. DRIILINGS--40ble 4.4 brwn In licJrtiegis I and 10 bales fie li.tnplbire Dril- r lin e,liniltll tIrlam sltip Dahnatia, for sale by IS.AC RlIID ,E L CO, gaov5 13- Magasuines St. Charles Theatre. Third night of tile eFaenement of THIS EVENING, NOV. 17, Will be perfilrmed the Drama of tile BURGOMAST'ER'S I)DAUGHTER. The Burgomaster ofCologae Air. Paret Ephnraim, Ilrrell Laban Pearson lens lPlofr Cnowell Adelalde, Mrls. Fnrren Nina, Harrison Grand Pan Seul, Mad'e Ravenot. An Overture by Orchestra, After which the laughable Farce of VICTORIA. Mr. Bennett, Mr. J. M. Field. Victorlia, iMrs. Farren. The whole will conclude with the new Piece of THE WHITE HOUSE. Mr. Bennett, Mr. Field, Mr. Kiaderhook, Frreon, SPinace John, IDebar. Victoria, Mnrs. Farren, Dress & Masquerade Ball, -VASHINGTON BALL ROOMI a St. Philipstreet, between Royal & BUrbon. flE Manager of dhe above named Ball Room,gratne Sful to Illsa friends and the public fat the unporal. . lalled tatronage bestowed oil him lorseverul seasonl respectfully iformns thtet that thle stablishtreaat has been enalulged for tle amousement of visitors, end uo Slergone miae.ase repaira. IThe bar will be surpassed y unoe ian uluality of liquttrsnae tile esatrat vill ha kept by tile ablest Reataurutrur in tie United Santes. t oe r will re-open onil Saturday eventeg, 3rd of November next, by a GRAND DRIESS & MASQUERADE BAIL, and will take place as usual every Monday, Wednaec. day and Saturday lvening, during the season, which will and on the let of May, 1839. N. B. The creantet attsetiua will be paid to keep. ing perfect order throughout tile establishment, a was done last secton. .:(iA. EAb f -ti.------ M X:UIIAN" ( RRA UINC dtA I()t)11 leIIE ro "urietor has re-litted his Rending Roona, in thie St. Uharlas Elxeionge, Corner ol Graier r and St. Chadles street, in tie neatest aanerr. n Besides e tall eri eiipnl l.apers of lhe Uitod Sates, dof every city and stateo the Caaudas a'ele and lMexi dco hotl Iiovunna, tile room is regularly ani extensive ly supplied with tihe latest European paplers, Lod'n Listse, and Pricu'e Price Curreat. Also withl early a- ll tlhe Laerary Perodicals of tler day, antd os te tpubllications of tihe London, Edinburg \Vetmitnter Metrop olitaa lteviews and Blackwnods anlgnine. Tihe NaotI Amarican Ilevietw; te Soutlern I.iter.arvKnick Shocker,lAs tlet icat. Jouroal of ScienTee ald Arts Calbianet Miscellany I)Demncrltic Review, (Gentleamea', a gaziae,Aamericau Ilmont! lyt Beatly's liscaella-y, tile e atMexico Clhirurgica Review, and a variety eof ere. id All these works are regularly nbncrie fotr anld retei vred. 'IThe roomt is also su ltied will, It lIarce vta lety of manps anld etlaes, Niles Rtegiater, I.evy's I'rite Cur. acelcot tits comotleltcmeatat,, anal uarelty ot of worksofreferetce. 'The inostactive & intelligent news collectors are re mo ploved, to give the earliest arrivnls, und no pains nor ex peone will be epaeld to render this lteading Rooma tllto lrst tile United States. tt OSubcriptioa ore respectfully receiveO. d oct-tl 0 Oz-'. II. AMcColeb, Atrey at L.uwj hIas teaavea at his office to Exchange Alley, Ietwcen Conti and St. Lotus streets, novl:l--lw aCTY f-OTif7, ..... -t Corter of Cocaaaoa nda (;amp stre',s. , R. & MRltS. GEG. SHALL have the plraa ro ,e 1 of iufoniwng their f'iends and the: palht(e Ithat hte lathouso auloaurably kanown ats disholp'u litel, will ho opalld on WVednesday, tile lIlth iast. ir te rC e l ion of aaulaa a y. Te hh avn hcadnla oIuto a. ly relatred ald aewlv ltarnisheadl thrltgaglo t, ntd beag leave to nsure the trveller all citiua, that whatever relputatiou thie haua' illcy lave la uired in pust years, no exertions ona their patt alanl bt. wanting to aintain it hurenfler. A Coll.tion illbe lt at I o'llck on tile morn 'iagg of ttthe lIlt tst., ta which thead plic is recspltfully - ittoited l W 3tt - NEW ORfLEAN - Sleam and Patetl lliscuil Bakery-Waters and 'Jillutta. No. 89,-M a (tar t.he l'm I ,tr.l a m . toil Itaona.) Pilot and Navy roead, Soda and Wine Iltocuit, Ig ºaagar, Butter, Mldlobrd and WVater Crackers. All the above articles are wvarranted to Ia of llo first quality, uand to keep il any climate, behing complctuly kiln dried. l Alt,-.Kiln drieda corn meel. Orders lefslt at G(. W. Pri char ad ndl'aga t, Ir. corner Iagalaineo and Poydres stral., e il1 recoive prompt uttattLict, Smalt1 kegs put up exprtcely far e iFaily uoeno, 4.:44; Pullrr- L 44·lr l Ii4ll 444444' lirlll al r 1 IS N ,. 53' 'rd4[) $ 1444444 171, 8:8,at5 'alek 1. )I a b 5er b ots 1x rlinuge, S 72 54.44 Bt,, ci Prie 0 1 11 ;!11111 d , : (1!11 i 111111 do " :,!III 1:,11) d o I Ilk) 4. (t (ii u 8101 1 1111 1F ' (u Nob 2 110ci el (i ,l 51'1 (I) '7il l 1 5011:I I)4 do 21) 444444 4,44 444 14444 12 444 44 4, u .4( 3 4.4) 4_ 464 d~4 41) 1 e- 0:3 do if 1 8.'111l 1 ~ EIj,(lj 4 64 Ih t 204 1 24044 d 4,3 do15 4445 644d 1 4 30)44 134 436d, 4 44.4 7.44 "l 1i, 4l $4 1444- 44al4,,,, *26424-44t,.,,et 1044. P44cku7'44 ,o445 'Pickets 44w$4444, warranted444.4 t44 d4444.4 at 4,444.4~ *44. 4t P144444444 o44. h4,2 tick44 s $.50 $ 044, ,arr,,,,,,,, l to ab 44- 4 le4,t 44 Packages 35 Quarte4r 1 iekits d$2 (444II44. 44444444444ed m dra:.'t 4,a,, $412. For I'44,444ts or 4444gl44 'lick,),, applly at thea nIIMANAGERS' 44tF4-'4t, LANCA-111ICL POTATOES-1.;--~0 hnuqaper a~uu ua.,hire Polal~ure, for sale hr navlR SS&r J PWIIITNYI::Y, novl6 3 COOKll st 44.444.4,: OIL,-J 30, 00(1 f4444 w4'4444etl 4. 44,; ,,4 by ea tH1i ,llt a ,a Ttl E SaI)lrlhe'ra oi f r at 111tueenle at L te following goods.. - ATS-t100 44444,444oleskin 44444 , an _ stited sizes all" hamslls 1(10 do best No 1 d0 do 444(0 4do d, 4tNoe' d4, t100 cases bet No 3,4 , 4ltd siz and brim,44 s. 213"I do Beaver, a superior artic:le; 440 dl), Fi44e Nutria; 50 dol Extra de, 20114 , do 4Blk .4..01)1,0 Rusei ,t 50 do Extra Black RL u-sin; 244 4,, ll4ak44,4 & Co44 y 4 or broad and narrow brims, for L4ven an4d country Ir,,, 4' do All ranksof,4ililnry & nav,4, Chap;eus; 44do C4lidr4444 silk and It4s444. 144J ,)444 444444 G'C444a-Ftr, Otter, fut Ne,,), Nuria, 4144*,,,-, 4nd Shair Stat, in two do444 4 44es. Y Sealr~tte. Cloth Cnp)4-Pickwick, Po4lish4 Atl hat It . ehp,4,sylt 444 444 4, 4Fo44ra e, 4 Mlilitary unldress, Chlildren's FancRlly 7 Lrbblil L, Plid anld Y·t Yvt cal), Ft enehl putterna, S4Sto4444-Sat444, Silk and 444444a4i4e, of th~e 4444444 U 4brell4 s-silk and4 otto4 M4ilitar4y 4444 4,4Pla 4, oiled silk. 44444 l44ttlk H 44444rchiel44 -4P4g,. an444 S4.il44lf4t.4 13uudbobxes for hatters, hand 11( IsnPsl~double for dry goals.n The ar bove gongs comllprise a for~ra stock, told 4111 of thre latest patBternsP, and will bre ellrl an a Rnlall ad vI)nrr, with cost a nd chas*es oil Now Yorlk prices. Thelt I sabrer!)erS Will lake orders for southern, western and111 144x.4444444444et4, f4 r 444e44h.44 o, A 4444444 ip , & Co.,4 Hat BlasanPlclcrurers New York,~k nod a t1 Illu hortst plossible: notice. German an Uld Frenchb I'lualrs cGoSSII' & CO. Naval, 444i4ar 4, and Fashionabe4 H44444r, nor14 Exchange Hot4l, St Charles at A SIEII N A161,NA( C fr 139-Just received a fn ew eopies of thle AmeIrican Ailnelllck our 1839, for sale by D)AVID FEEL'l' A Co,. New lurk Stati444cr's 44ul4 toc 8 24 (:ho4e4 4 I( I-U ha ese coarse timothy Imy, uoe Ilr )V1Ud;I .. N' Ima savillalntatia, near file t)il road, for sale byv C11s0311'LIN A, COOPER,1 aov 8 82 Jotin street Al NOTE1, drown bry Davis & Itilllardaon of Laker Pro~vidence, L4., in favor of Felix 140)0,444, a44,l endorsed byr hill) anld Zueharinh Dorcev for Seven 1hIII dred anld Sixty dlollurs· date anld little bIlanrk. As it salt be of no use to the (labor, hr w uill canter it( favor, and receive a reward, ifrequired, by leavingl it withl (11.1,11. U RIICHAI:ISoN, lov9 S W ateI· CampaCommoe n 44 Ofic o te ___ c' 444rnr C4,ra t o'Aw, Orleans, III1 E Smrckliolders are hereby notified thalt the FIIFTH Inr(,lltllrlt on their martOk is don and paya1Vble on (lie Silt Decemb~er neat, ur the uffiee of thle t unlpny. aov9 , IRAY 1I:S Act(Ltnnairer soot par cot avia s llotilie16 qua le JCiuquiemell versrrmrnl s tir ear actionls, eatdu devrartre pave le 8 Dscembre pto IIIICIIBIn, nti Bureau d In Canpngui, 8h o L TRAC Scretaire J Kg~I'OOI.COArL in cocks o rrour morn to L suitpure is ors for sale by BOO l1O$.ES & MILLSL~ nov9 Baunk PI ce-

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