Newspaper of True American, November 19, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 19, 1838 Page 1
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Pai.cic 12; CENTS. NEW ORLEANS MONDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 19 1838. Vor..-Vl No 1809 'Jieroiu ithe neiij'lpee' rreuuigrrs J rrnn uanoni4iiionl ,'6 d t tlr l o inilune rllndl Inneing ilf tlhe l1'ruqlritrsl , hl utiW c lh' Ihih niof oitrh 1817. SunScl rwvo =--'lw.:liv DIolliar fr lhe drily pa poer nlltnI, pIynlile .ie lli-.noiaolly in advance: tell dllars ftlll rho tri.weekl countr)llly pper, pnrIhle one ,eer ill ll.ll. oei, wirer In city rile relclCo i giViII. NoI i.tac:riptii nwill In dimtliTriued o l iiiiarrenrngescare nettlnld. lte:al of di coltinallll, one woelk's llotice .e ritilng uit iin iinvarnlo'y given, prcviius to ti o Au ectrinsi,.o. )110. loller perruore for the Prof S.rt itn ani Ilil t!it priin toru e lach Rtllloinbett! le emn) ,nteuial nltrationl Iru!n the origin ll u rverti.euaen albl Il erhatrgeol as a lew ine. '1aonIn AoetaVgotoSno.-..ereiaits nail 'Pme err, frty dollars fai Elglih alone, and sixty for both lol: wplgno; haRitke, onuralnce (hlfeis, ant ether sdrisel' 1ltlelic nnstitoti , fifty donlloiri is l tlih stiuy, Andr vi~h[te" for bout lanlguag;es; iShip and Stlitnloo ltt Fe. slitr, o ,Cueisaini itn im'serbntu sixty dollars ini English aei, lld eighth for botil lngllotes. Sfl tiiAEiia , OIl tirn .r NiTaICes, uni artire lce tei in o tl attenittii onf rthe polic to salets o property, p ,ril ocstengero, betelita, r het i . will p buhelnlrgll SIo dollar per l ary flr it it iu'siorti o ine oh ltn + n n, i. ... .. Nin, or. ,l o Butiuuis i r . o. . re i. . rsruat I ,tclri', 'olin. r i nt I iide, ll! Ir e thn ged dg l toble, oIl ni l hio.ce. A 'dlietin of telre pcel. llwill he ntutde it Anu tiorlier?, herlfn, irii~ rn' ie"f %Wi!l, coll' ilurfoohal SS.lle oif rell notate, iolllilhel il both laigliigr r naid 511 pri tllrl. in Eilhll alone: l 0 ptlo clllt. Oindsaleas o'" other p, roperly. AvR'rlsc.1er.s r nit o tfllf, direIt line i , Iusinas oi the nadvertiser, sillch ast legal, a.tilon, nitl planti t el salon, runnaway nslav., itriy iantranl, &ci. &'. will bo charged for supnt.nely and at the urdlinr, remn. Altrrtistnulenot II pecifuied ia to tine, will be pI' libshed nie inulli, aut cat arn onl acrintogly No udvertiaorin lt if b Intekruptcie will bu phlisellcd in any tcit', mlllus n pailld fir re"violu t inserti in, or plvmllin ginutited by lin rtpolatible iperson in town. 'l'loaitreo and oither pilaes of oinnseonenl, advertiisig dutily or tlie saicn, to I e lhargeld $10U for L.tigliul a le It, aod $151i in both langutagen. All oannoulcells ntoof candlilotet for pliticnal omlheens will be chonrged doauble the pr'ice if other advertise it) th, illlnoene IlSOa anitlclell by pr'"Iie'ltor. thiev hIve c. ie ii the cl ieIItIn.iloii iit illte lles tof perolun whbso ArCCollt Ibae nnot liceln nid witlh l tne inlth aftner iruiorlo tionl, ltall ib nilttle kllloV. (ut) Iftr its prIctildlleti It) PtItch (lihr-thley odll g iti.g thilrlllrveo nllt o annlertirn or print for 0uch1 tllliorllll.le , iilcnn ill lrte o I ndlanlee paymenls. tiigel ll J.C. I)fr St. OIMES J. BAYON, P. P. I1l'A, ,t, 1. it'ENDERGAST, JefflN GIIISON, L;1MSDEN. W}i+.y Pr'ens,.--We, tlre uiILdersigIie gree to abiile ion tile Inlivr Iilitii)li, Olc tan as they are applicitle tol wnoekle pIlero. (llignedll A. B. I.AWILENCE. SN1i noouhoeripitittns tare ltken for les. thtin 6 o)nltho. Letiero iiill t ill tenlti, he pniot paid. ...i. + j-i-il'j~.j -.¥INi-i sI'ftnim'€,ic. I PIAIN RI:VItS'li'Il l by tile nutlhirof ". yr.r in N'. SMii,.iiogn 2 v. il- Ileoi'i :.' ilerly t, niovel, hy r: a.t ifor of "Cecil Ilylde," in' vel. The Actlres of Pol eiilr, Ired O i tlrurii'ec he tI, rii thl r ii f ,'hP i fi ri a .I;.. i12 vu, Nli. treie['llllltlll l ''lltro.; iittqrrpcrold 'll r ' urr h mro i' teii svlingL , and lil ihohn ilof :oio l ier ieiiitie ill iiiho iiiiileil' lo hpriihliciaiil crack lees o ,1 - d with uluil . tihl, r tcuii itei.llo r .eneo rtIl ilea I,1 I t . i w ri llrrsie iddd, Niiirirl'o roiters oii ",ieig .'Illueneds ill viIi . Ihap nlrn ir 11e, last ol hrlt, il'1' .lg 2 tilielli O . bly CuItIl. p ltllla ieiar It. N.,llanthor 'ti fe l tiiif iifif a ''ihll"' &c. Io r vols. Coulntrirlltie' nil' ipllilietl Jiiris'rcll teler a aul nuiiiorrl io l--anllod leiil hll rllle ii, Palr ' sp IS.iitoeii . . 'c / (l,yldliri oii others. ii 'rav . f.ioli, i iN o l,_10 and l ci "Ifrp oqas lnlncu .noierul eult, U. S. Ari n iu' vjl. 8 ut Alie..ti', nr.lld fvr siale . qy "%,1. McKI+.I N, 7 "toer c c tder i . ( nillillp n tIi . NI I" l1U1',. S1' ai. I I l r . I l.e ,l" ee o it fila ir; iir li i t i is I, IS, ee!leey' I i i ILon', or' v ,l whi Itouei; I lve' t ll II e lu ii' In lclr'lrill rel i liiiuith ll ill noe 11 er,; UJ a n ', " ) ( i l ; (Jlt~ tie' t.' r.e l ilc o iundii \ 1" 1 hI ' tI ii1,i IV, i= chld il i i'er the, Billoi ; 1'u1. i.e,.el II 111,11 \Iv Li; lt I~ri'a iet ie; ()b i t iIot s++ v i,'' e v~iii .'ye. I . `; c'i eille; l\'i, ,w; Slmg -, , e." l N ' t l 1ita~rl~ 1'I ,I IIe fr~eu i li let lti , .I',: ".,i =' 'raa It. \'',il. h ranlrolu 'l h U'ti'; it Ii l 19 i 'utaIi o t oin! Creieiic 'altteFree.!. A. ,.+...r. , an , :,i"oo ++L , ·'r l io , + di--''"l eI dl)r l.weed Iht. byastl Ilt e oll trtl i e 6.l.,.ald 1o.. illt" re ilt ooe I I' I:LIIHH(I .4"d ulse ' rl U< +rio a w lll(+., '1'I,,!: ao.iL+l+" So , l.led~c t I c,·')+ll .+,l~llll I I·h t,? lntll~ltl ' lil.''cel.l: v III 'ItIl I,'w I'ltl'a. rNl l e mitutl I :l 1't11 t rdnl t1111' 1:vorita l et I':1 1.l el, 4 , 11 1 1 II4 Ut hilalre d v of l ','cli m rlThhs..I II er,", hI tawl \-itll t ,, Cllllllillilllng: 1irt e ,\, l tl.:i ,htt "l. ' v t il|.'t.+,Icl" lu~tlU, tiar Itr s.Ch illll An ex ,ellent ,,hrn ,ik rtl, a , cotaetria ted paastin ly the lltll, idil l i .e I ,l r 'l'vte rl a sl. i s:ehlit1n1 tiler &l lie'e. The twllah lt +dt I b al in so rtd i euti e o h sli te ' .l lte i reiatlll U llb re . "lhib l·e, r io i'elll l wint l ihose o itIIe l nIalis h. IA ettlll lior, on 1ree th Priier, or teId S IbColar's ti l n eu ati betio I s r d i as ( o, t h l in n,+thogre iy of tre px Ie ' Ui Ip S forlceoth teclIvd tI ilt'e ,l eateI , , .rell.l Ierto., ietl.; ~l;l.tat ct orl in e ite er+ ta i e r eeit a Vir .ti. e AN, I t;lt + :,{ \ iS C1 I,;mt 5+ ? a* 1 . ' \ *IIt t'4 \1.( ' I I | ,4 f 'llay 8rite .v at "r u, .' se t ll tie. lI1111 iU. nle W nhot i ,' ulllh r, wi" h e 4 l ll <p i due e,i sl r i. o i h r. Vti .te, f llelllU e . Io. a ri. ilol llt i'lll e. oltvll clv aitl e ,l ll t. din e thle I ttl e it V..Allth5 clv; tt.dla ..I. o llrllli d i etnlld of iat iu. h+-I it lladi r ell t du t I iie. n atdel l 1110 te i lli liliy hibg: 4lller.tiu tr lcU ihtlat ll halve ev Ih" Ist.l' Jully, hr'li illlti or. An ell se ailllt s tIoaI pike, r CLIe i et lle onstrulllrte i rIwp a Vsll I t rita aore ir lll r er i l att. rl Ar i , e e th e K h t l e neiar e s iri. llve e leis r. lL, by dirve icaon of ie perl oCtdic lah rntueltr, e.; + a n. Boehliu, galker &or cas., line of iol uiaoitl s+ .o i ll Iun. A IOr f N ie llce bile g es tablished at the spail ticll sireiels mtly r-eilse eileW ,eld ivr n tod1 dalily reals a lfd wil. altef the pUed ehb litie. IOftell te ,lIa .D'rsI . t a roptieorl'lll d ot peta. 'Phet la e ll lllll td .tid y lllle u pro sed CtRem iI aos-l AlUl at Lhi h istrlt vend u til te vRuable ir lgrd eies al pnino smid llkolrmlsprn c af n i VrIgrr Iogll in, H lp werlli1 oif bI.l ie l s h, r llrm llo f b ils, in Iiir Illol.e of Im' Silue".tlba , , I lla M ritlltole of Sod, alre, e>hilbi ell it, dis ses Ill'c entllto l lula l le ld cirll e itorye.ltll- of the W NUr.neh liver, ian c bow thees; il. rel allcltiheue or dise of l of tlheerkin n rlll ldy Wer.e poten illt ei a 'ivl t ct'll'l.cin v. iie lte lulrate. belt eretl: contiguo s Il rill . Visitors lell at allte tes ertejoy tie I.Uie r r a f rnteri cay their be nign cd wR ellles ll e ifte .ts .. e, t M jer Wt illilam Vas will coutio 0 tie uerlliulend lL'ate if clle et e sril. Everltitei l rioh )11 his pl" tan 'llU lIho, pal't of tle llrO prielours hlall be r eled o insul.lrll r ie lu Sulpr a br he f i public pat Cl .l ro r.lletrs o the lle ltl0. ll t rinrl IiL-wi: be iberall ietc, e e tle r of eiltt tls eCa ic ll SI te. ry ild Les a aukl w l ' ; il re Ollt i deredl nlls tw0tC r. ! \VFU. I ur' s ci'ls of ,aria iute"i Iof he lolel Diaeu Nu oI MA lrucd., t..h 1, wrilhiit anll ptudie ,coil u .iniu. , pard cI .eeptioat a t llrsleitlya; part _d, S le et[l of her tacrtitl , Itecpa, I., Riev w ivtivea, icase.. s ti ' tlpbleuet, gi vie g 0cintre parltlte r S tli c ira, 'l,. lrd,' the year ills ItraI d by ar plt ,.I " theb e:treric eloek ad the.t Nuneryi if the ilecl Diel-a-be i.,tt uutCariIcv let l c viit l t itt Coe nelltlar c c tl ,r e31v.l aaI reic'utati.l of the "Awfl' Disclo u .ure," by W, . Lat. .'i urlb elcelpeimelll clttr f Livilg. Liviug, wlthout means. The Studeut'% llstr ellhP i i Drawni ug d working Jth vat r'll rlil striki ag regular a id quired nlouhe fo.r dimiaishiu. and glutiug 'fehln. ic aad capiclt; ibr findntg the true d.ISeteroflan ord'r to any given heigbt; fir striking tltl Iicl Volrteviretulur ir telplicah witl tiiblthe examples, on a large cale, of the orders, theirc plutnl'l 's &c.; aud .otile t1le 1 in·rl l for door eases, ele a r.lall hll~l'Uvl tin flrty-ole pnltas, with explates--by "A P.ractioaol Tre tis0 o1u the C lture of Silk, adapt ,It to the soil r t*l citlt ate of the, Uaited States--by J. t:. Colua totk. secretary eol'fthe Ilrtlurd cualty Silkl So "'l9h4 SIlk Iaiser's Manuul, or the art of raisiIg" and of lFr ttle.l+fUt the your 1807 to tie year 1u1." by W. in the (lutrterly Rieiew; witu · 1OUte remarks to Allr. je2ti 4.1 Ne,v Levee. t.i G 1)1 N. wLure, ii. Ursowter & ICo. j [AY. ist slnloetvlit thieir utrnishing WVre-houat 1 No. if LGaatp ltret, by recent arrvatls ioln t",. a e. l a tid li+lt! Nortllh Ille altltti to th iloi slmck il leetively (they blhelr.) fill.rll tiln s Ise ll-l,it Mov.e r' :t a iln l uuio llei hI L: h"i - lli l l :i;!,, i n t , iy si il er'sl.:i l l lnll.ia m knowi; o isille of Cotlfee anti te set; pitchet.s, t titers, ctt-rls, uaudl. sticks, cll I, tumblllet a c dl , i,": ta"lean{lstrt I l ,rks table, dese't aml (CO spoons; it 'l-row .id ,;navy, or I iut spoonsl.; sugar tonga; sugau", ... . and soup lles ,ll r, ilt, it dlllllltli aitd til:tl ktlivcir pickle tool iesert t eie tiellll.irty)l of ILt II. (;irltlltn, of New York, wlhose longl. celablihlell elputation Ir the manufacture of silver wee. is sueicient guatnllltee of its superior qtuality. L'LArtI " 'A:itgll OF SIttEFFlELI AND Bllt MINGHAM. Ten and ottfe. lirn, ten setts; c:Ltors, lilonr anti cor dial stalnls; sullperl) eanllebrs, :Ia Epl:gue with Inilr rot plateaux, .lr oeltrt of Ithe diner or sppler table; watelrs rotlnd and oblong, frolm 8 to 1 iltnches; beef. stel. anlid vegetkabe dishes rich dish coverslt; ake and bread baskets; decanter standsllll; mntle anod llchamber candlesticks; winel strainers; colrlts tllla sllls; decal ter labels, claret corks, ten strainers, table bells, ten, ta. ble, egg sarl mustard spoons; egg boilers antllllstudls totlrsttes, ce. SILIER ON St'EP.L WVAItE. Table anl desert knllves, forks and sipoola soupl anod salice Indles; butter and flsh knives. cheese scoops, as. imragsi tongs, vegetable folks, ete. JAPANNERIY. Fine Gothic Smndwleh and round coarnet waiters, it setts and single, rom 8 toist inches; do of papier manhe bread, cheese, and knlife trays; large upright plate wilrers; slite, sogar nod eash boxes; pressing easos; Ilindia tea tables i tleLts, saddles JaliLiutttal astd of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assm.tmnlt, among wole re Astral lanmps, all bronzed ano gilt, anl of rchll cut glass mantle lamps do, do, eachiplail and with glass prisms ; very ollenlldi cut glass do ; brollzed ald Japamled side or brackot laots. CIIANI)EI.IEFtS AND lIANGING LAMPS. Englishi and Fretnch Olt glass chamdeliers or lustres of 8, 10, it5, 18, tb, ald 24 lights; FPrench bronzed and gilt Grecian ontsops, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lanlpis and Ian terns, rich bronze boat or centre lamps for drawitg rooms, from 1 to 6 lights, lamp shades, glassesald wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEBIRAS AND VASES. Bronzed and marble; bronzetd andl gilt, and all gillt, with fixtlres, etc; counting Ihous aond kitclhen oloeks; bronzed inkstallnds, ceg"r doin; paller weights, tlheraomise rs, carl nrcks, canlllletticks tet. CHINA WAItE Olt PORCELAIN, English nidl IFrench dilnilg desert, tea and colfee ser vices of plain white, gold edge, mlld very rich ancll styles; splendlid toilet setts; water antl milk pitchers, allatle asesi; fancy earl rneks andt baskets. LAlt''-ITHENWA lIE. I)iting, desert, te, eno!lee, ibrteakcflstn aod supper setts; toi oe ware; pitchers. Also, Cr:tlton clia dinner settlls, CCUT GLASS. )cclnterts, plithiers; tcllret antd tolted irll eok Ilecantre; Iltwls, tlilltes, celery vases, alit ietallll, sllaltr hlowls, bllter tltbs, Finger baonns, tllbllers, wite, oite, titmpaigne, claret, cordlials, lemonaule anI jelly glasses; itto collolired Ihok glasses. Also, cllndle shalldes. TAIILE CUTLERIY. Fine ivory alanle handlellls, self li ip andl luck lhandle klites land Iorks of 51 anle 53 piices, or by the dellttf; ivory ln.tiille kniveCs only for silor forks; guiarid andi g.ane earvers; lonp alices for romld beef, oylter knives, nIIt crecks Iln picks: saagr l lt.Uoi( I, Iollk sLeews,! (tl., IttlTT'ANIA ANDi ULOCIK 'IN WItARE. Teea ti co.t'ee slttlndII rlls, with I antl 2 iotlcels, ullilable flt. hloalls ulal stealbIIIOts; spoons lll.l landlesi vensln dishes iC h if cOver's, W) sternls o clllningsl nes; dish covers, late heaters, cotier gtecgs; tu,, kettle onet stand with lieaters, egg biltns, etc. FANCY IIAIIIIWAIlt. Iltras amli wire Ienders, helalatil,.ma; tnsi l ttatt. steel sllhvt:l e.;e l i nlgs, elre; copper co:al hans alNI Innc!h kel ties; ltes s ltntus, cliinev baok.; ,lal anled, ban, and lbronze hadle Ieaerttl Itrushl , tcthy)- belilws tani rttnllt tbrushes; crimeig ane tiing t r :hines; uct brclla shtid, glll te Tol nslli fallr wlmalilg phaeIla. IKIT(Jl'l;ll I:UltNITi'(Url,:-- nsiistinhgofiron, tint, all irtm i, llasaallyt- rclt tirellld rcul 1hr' lltt'loses, aet ill rlie:lltmol e.ciy article wantilled I;t t"'o keepersl can be uti t itt Ith ir letaillld itti I. , 'o ti Uise' al lt ,latci were relraitlt al'nd lI 'eoi t linsitlll t: Illw. Lalalp IaCrulaird and reClertlzed ie 31, IlillD I' t It I:: II IV l ) i'lilt It Ithe Iltt+,llee, No. l'h \l'l-;tzim I lpXCIl, N'uo;l 'llii tII llE i' ItOT T. tIl). 4.IU Oft PO l IGES-Iotl.'e f/it. l'o' :a doble liUn i · l) wo or mIre ten rack eliiel. t aking· 1II)s.a: la i i , l tid. 'T II, rlh , aIt i*.s. ca. .ct .. , t e , lr. lIto b:i.t ( u .)Ni l ti he t ettla' cre ,e ."I <t ' iii N, I, ! , ".' i it, n-tic n , o .il-le,i &. lt w pe `ti H o :f ri Ot , . at el r I tcc Ietlttlttk It R)ttts For f ido. l'Pn saw : w hl ic ). , S.. - il 5 p'r \ 1w , a. l e l.ol ot ..t l .1u or a . wit 7 titeertsea lthe i mber o't,-et htt', aboit t ci $al Ia I ' lallltlb oni ws. t )le s et Of I ?' i i . Fiu 'red lolnl ell, will lrla olu tw" I or tI he sets ot Ss. E xtil is awsste, lie, l i :3II) htsie . Tll rifh o drtillle, s wlB i e livCi.ltre I te aets of il'erin tn o5th pr sw, rt etom ,l athlto litei (le ittrII, nami itf clhe lG.Arl Gii ; Ig ,ill le sclt wit Ie I;ili tio Flt t ihen I wlwre le ailell; tlle cihalells for whosl servicllei will be exlra, but inu aleate. Ir c untnll i gefhrcsan also he olt en, where desired, on realuable, but will be charo d l exra. i orise Itower, ofaely vlesrit tio, caill be turtlished oet like sllms. Satll steag l es ines canl alco be ordeiee if de It inSlesira bl, whe s planters r ive or lel's for Gits, thiy shutl iCCuaniy o lielm witI r hehin viewNs id luougar.l to tile ar.atllelelutl oifw, aleain brushes & It is iirea n Iablhey dit, bt willbiol. SoIle ldesirex rw ofr lareerr oiay tlerth i otitr. 'h be Imntisb d mon like is tor 10. iS esl te . ;gine wislan also b1 iderhes. oif de w ti. 5 ier i rolws, I brushes oin an ale, while oLh'S do liot wanlsl nore tha.tisyat most e Ole iVeisr saws wit r tl oIr9L1 eth to the inch, while othe, iwant 10o0 ' II. Wto lcllltlatertr l ews, brefer tlys, bruslolll, c It wislles, altld the Ilialliturers t cl n tidMll thelml i 1 ever y Suriculr t. iWhelr it is left to our isretion we sha oll likge tiel oer the ot mioder alhe atlllr covell iple iA ol lir Icll be exrs; utel, tioe n isthl ime it is eC Selved, wts t -he ext irow, tal res out a;to e, ie tile hollds oft ttt twailustieotlrersy the faIt or misltto e of n as;a oitis for ;llatiols whetreethey earlate i ollelly til to pisck o ir ti cto l ll t Ntar. WI. e Lltellt Righ, for tan oo e of tcr e ealtol Ilrowl eState, will be sal on reao uallo e tero is. gowitig Stmutewtb etlseaoo antc Ooo SI'AT'F OF LOUliIANA.-First Juticial Distriet uourt. 13flF 'iSTATE OF LOUISIANA, 'l I whom thela Presents shall aollie, reeting:-lWhereaf Williaul .lackey having ipurcased at a sale male by tile Sheriff Lo tile parish of Orleas, tile preperty bersi tatier do riel,es, hasa a plied to tdhei elcrk tf t it ourt, ill whoasee office tie de. , stile was recorded on tie 51h day ao" Mai, A. I). 183, a iaaitia ora ad vertiSrtlltet ill cnageturlat to an act of the L tegishtte of the state of . ,e t Loua ta, eorttla u "Ae: art fir the filther asuranee of titlesa to Iplrehalers at jud;cial salc;" atp pr,,vedt tile 10th day of lMarchl, 1831. NOWV, tlhereare, kaow ye. anld all l t erson. interested hiere rlinoe Ihlreby ailed ea dlo to ised ill tie naure t tile State utf Louiia asnd of tile irst Judicial Ilistrlct oulrt, who call et p ally right, ttietl or chlaia i ad to thue prolary hereinal elrdstrt detbed it cnse buence No a v iufotrulnit in the orderd crlae or judgment of tile catuit under whichl tile aase was male. or any irretgolaritv or illbgulity in tile a riettsa7tas and adlavertisnaeeat-, it tite, itr llttlner of alle, or for a l oer ti.les t what oe eveat to aita)I |Ilsest wittill thirty days taol tile day tthiat luletiua is tirst insetted i tile pulie papers, tit tile sale sao tade sdaild oat Im eoltirsed ad hloluaul. gated. 'Plea said proptrty was sold bh tite Sheriff of tile par ish a ireaaii otaa the 23d das of April, A. 1t. 1tidh8, hy virtteiit na derees of tIsI coias, tr' redeel 'uithe 3d te an of Macih, A. ). 1838,it a saiit entitledl William ,leckeh, vs. -atuial Baell, No. l0,535 of the doketof this court, at whichi sale aaid \Villial Malrckey becaeme the par laaer lfor tile ipl.l of $3,:t0, cash. Desceitiaon of Pro-artvy as giveI in sae Judicial Con ,evan:e, vtz: A certain lot of graund, taeether with all tile build ings and ialprovenettsa thereonl, situated its tie parishl of Orleans, in ttle sqare hilboundedI I NVew levee, Louisa, Paul ail i)lrd streets, designotedl by the No, 9,on a plan drawishy C. F. Ziipel. lDesptturveyr General, on tile Iitlt DIee'tnher, 1831 adl dellasited ans pldn No It, in the lahk of iloans Oh F'elix tililllls, stlarV palie. Said lot .eeasures i0 feet I t inches etioit cu New Levee astNet, 75 ftieet il deplth on Ijie lidel adjuiili, lot Ne 8, ald I iet 7 inches eod 4 Iles in dleith os the • ide adjoining tile propeltly nnw, or lately, bebmlgir,- t,. Ni hr iti frontsl on a i aler ,f thrtee fe' ll i: ,r. a, pItiin'alt to Itlst Na. ,, 5, ;, 7, a sl, d is. "lark's O:Ai e,t, 't a.',. mll b Ii ý I "' . ý = lc, " t. p er . S I t. W I Il ,A a, I, I 'I. I'. , rI.outwitt.:. t:, .Ial v 21. St . V Itli ntdllilu Ilfiul t It ht I o i n a V 1'11,1, tei ,r{.t.: t . . ,.r,: lt'illl' rull a11iha liet,,, c+,Io!o til oo t l. d rtv ,' f i.tlltre kli,tl a tirenrite b, . aiat [, i ih1 retn.r hilwever cprovl thst the thbi ote tIle hi Uan ol i u orplieab te to nte Jitepl. The iab lthe t,,l cape to r" lre fthie --aon e e fil ltate: nice l "A hr lo a oallld ta ateloth ten w d ov e d ll rtt , Wiloatie wll tlpeapard; eto ei,,g either t 'foatnn an li tlilor'stn pa r aliar, fiteqoIra:lvcried oat 'te wolfin een r,' to the grentdiaanay of the ctl.,.ee b nT ve last found nut is real iaraoeter: thatl ie woo a liar, ad not to be bel:evedeven when h spoke the truth." The fct i, that enaiet met produce their eTfect. So it will prove, f the ell-wiue writer, ie. Stip & Co. in the Jd rnaol. I weald advise them to provide thea fsrlve awil, a steanl eagine press, in order to altet tli wclllterfHldIemlad andl incree of tlat nra let Ir, it iti owell knnon, tbee re trenly who eek fir trlrnthiinr hllr wfalehorldallit of sihrer leje lu tile vendtlllr , tf I ,rli rile. it finn'entralet for emlont Snii ftie rreele ni thimrble celebrity, tiho reat mons of the iillirns of tA tllcoian people, nra faReld, and r farltarl a nlvers a or trlth. '"'herfore rthey will, (as elloet proiriedl hy the aIaIt P t) Initry lly ant readt a rl aper, that l ony rely on, thlrerfoe I rill eejt ouat e uch, aid heeome a other, whose stntemtento will not penr,. taloz. 'Their 1lst statermenltr are too pal table to requlite ru.fotatioa yet I will .ltte: 1stt rt. lll n gai tIo I t ia tel. 2d. 'lT'hat I t lut rotnnan t Ihe rLste Jal, , 'tla It) Snip & Cao. have teot tee a letter threateninag ly life, if I relanelld after the2tlltb. 3,1. That from th,'!, rhalll proceedl t Cinlcinrai,fo. foarteenda Holy ofwhiechI wish l)r Slip & Co., to inform tihe aflicied, in their owi allolliao never fails to brinog aie patients. 4rlth. TIt froein Cinc ati hall prced to the Fills of tile Niagara, to e at I.Rlide, (if Itr Slipt i Co. do noat take away my life,) on tile lot of Uepteolerrf onna atNew Vorkon ite IstoefNrrnvemrlr, ponil the ihole ofre neat nt lller, ill order 'U laor hI at all llh Uholll Philitilnee; the medical (iGolirb of lrotorin, 'Philadel. pliia, Alenphis, Naelhville uind Louisvilre, who wiei probhablv. (before t1,t tie arrives door'l, orlia lrlt Ripe anld thre Gnololh'd. Crlrier &c. iGota make. ftr ansses, innes, &c. tGolial 4t1i. Corn crr er. (Goli all 5th, Paillats anti dro, and riokle tore. G( linh i th the onst alaognificent of all, Ire. slni, alins Bell, &c. patelrer to Cthe proprietora and of ftlre .Iornal. Lnatlv. I would Ilave the aoble 1)r. Surip &, C, r knrw, that l. t bieflbrethey were able to Itamad a rlnr rlrer spredl a Ilister, I lhaol rea tir years, in tile hill it of restoring sight to ithe lliodrl, ndthat ton welt oa w i a collerter of Ilia Majesty' Cllrtoiilll, ItI (;rert Iritl nil. I was even then ta emlnoyedl. Did lirn Ilhreor tlnllner; the currier; tie IreeIse Ilooker fir #ORae; tie corlln clltter; tihe paint and drug otare klhe;lr alid tile rlnoifieleltdlloctor e1ltiover, eveIa miore tlltan drteam of blein able to io the like I wish tile JoInrlil t rlate, l shlll receive lnerolieond lern gern hll,)i to I A I. lld getnneamo froa :1 to t5 aShllnt Po l, ooery dalto, obttailn ily rilirrirn willrlt ion a f s tl0.qal ir 'rear hoste, JII N vI t I .tl . IlOculint J.rfersel Holuse, l.nlivillu, Jlty :1, IU:i7. IP. S.--hltre writllhlgilr lant, I have n, Ic i fnrrrrr', Ilat ,nneof the eaoue, ihv rthe piour lacqoer of the I Journal, anid hi nrolble rmrlricpr,at ar well ploee w,•l Inii, tilir not aairoeklire tllhei tOretIler,I 1 tYv lute re, Iarks, as thriey eo lerfectly r ooirblr alenn olrt: tiey tirlil tirealhrgo, Ihdrlas oif i Itrtlir iliok togethere" ir. F ie otll a i ty ithe IHte,, 1r. tPreter liror . "knelilt oif Ilre rail." lit tie cotinlv of (lotlotelirra,llIe a.e, It intrtl, lIo iliaght Iha ieeln en elevatedl, ad, ornrlrrnl ot with tutr, and the i Irllle ofe anollnor"ltoern ir.i his own darg-hill " wirrirt or, moral merit, doi ireselvilnr lisr parl; li w. lind byh incieit iliitarn, thlllt sore were burllt alive, otllers han, Iby a liaer, whilist 81+! a were nraisd tI he ell)orrrilo nr'lovctel le klgtllas oft the rill. ' I'hou 'll omiste sir I O or . tt tire rether beien the knighis of tihe eiti'r" Ilia 'ti wrollrhy knirir i vet itllr only liver ti l i , i' fron , i "r "Irally iit, Ini i hro e thorn' p + I h ii tllllm i itlhl ilch lh llgr e il rlh e ll ', ii t is. siolr l io or1 iP4 hat ill ti iih in (' h r , Icr •r ii iit on th' Ithillllde, 1,c, willexihpl In eI, iit. lhS lyinlg Ew, 'eht i.r i 1,, e rll, anid iit oihtra r ,it, n i. elir n a pair, lim, 1,. e,'orll,, fnron'ie ofnlll ri, leeks oiuo., o mt ullcln(h s1 plr v,,d of rv siome I ul a,, Id. ' aill tnI II'llo ln y 1or ani, tlrI .ns- i .otl . -'' nt, ntr,fia 1,r, . a.i...n,, , a,,cracnr ...... , call-ft r IIi' a blllr, ll hr i .itn of , -l e paiiIIII ta n ick iiiadores It Iemtiirs, 't'hos,- moon I nbert N. f n'rid: ult wie til . .pi, I l hl ri 1 1 $lll t nr. l ot I latnafil l'lll l hl: f I hllll, c parr. l ill Rri lll+ l |, ro ls ,[ irr I loni trll , I L arh i mlll th t k . ,l +,1'*. I ~l" lh.r l ' . 1 In z 'n , pe i i, 1,« l ni'i h i , 1 ra, t," ...,% In ' r.... if"! g o: ...I 1... ... ... ; . .... ... . ' ,' i," 1.i oI l r nlh, l IIaI -l l , :. . ,t,. ...r. itr . .io ,i' r - ll if .1 .o,, rlr. i i .. i, r i, i eIll. It .ot il ,I, i It ii 'iogi ?"rirri i. n'' anie'. '' ':.;?,;?+ . ,' ,. roo'l -kd if lie aprovntriye ioe'edhaaf wi ii wla I dIress+ed hh+~evc ,l.s, said hIa wlld rather lay 11, thn lot:- intl.iile dlinl. ]]e .t..e i .pwa. i lrit' OO Ite ileil to k t a i tIhe ro terel )ePI rf ilia worthly krnitino of tl i roil rad Ito hilliblr , will ace.ileiy Inllrk nrgiibr, iatier relaing ithe fil ve hasty hlter. II owrevar it Iitte ailltdtlor i the form of it~' drink or two or(ro1 will net all rilght nllaiI. nlpetitoc of Ihoir read er,,It brea t niit A len dn :l i'rrg. Icarneyr flrtlo rely Itrlertr,'i, tr I. i.Role Stkkl Itdny,(Il. tio'rowf iniwncl ihthy aln II tlo it diyv works. J .liIll, i N.. 1.-I Ihavejusltreoeived lt hir, ellrl1t liltJ Ii Sini lll i i iv ii k i ll lIRl ro i , to. the di rgnii st Sl+ lhin oily. Tl'ice writers style thiroel I+Cyes ieigentne Srernriiioi's'" Iprerlellil:g thatl 1 I alirlu tothr In ny IL.i itlora. They Iitv real r sasliri, , di Ino kllW n .o even sapllect rat GllrihurithIs inI; g tie dIhug;nier ill LIr icvil,'; yet, if thIe ca ritr any g'irleman l ie u t Ir course wear it, though not intended by ale. J.W Jeflersan [ltase, Soturday, S,1l July, lRt37. JYYlsneaN loausE, I.OUItaVILLE:, July 13, :1737. To the Editour f dlie City .iarete;: Litt--Having lirteted to the entrneaties of my p) ratttients, I an reslrved, ifiy healielttlperitsta, to re. llilt in this oily till the aid of luly. 1. 'T'o try to ldothel llItare nood. S. Ta convonce tbe ilrnilrhturns llat the vile tpi tiainr the Medicol lh.lijoir S. &, luritr arpliaed to oie. belnig to lhelii as tlhir lkiw'il right. 3. T'htt I t lt readly tio delriaitc tlr li ndIredI dollars, it notera if the U. S. B.tink, in thie Ihais fu Ilia IH no tllhe lItilr of thisa city, aglilnlt a siulirlr anit ir) ke de opaieie" Iy all tlhe grli ad ordfi gkty Ioctrs S. & Co. tllt I Ia tiglta illlre aged, itI ddle-aged, yuting eeirllto anl cllildrena whi tioally or partiall) hliln, tllan thel dol aidl[ thait Ia ci .naieid It core e -geeater ituillm iif alhort, wenk ir dial-slighted Itearaor dariog li sholt visit, tlllhan tey di. Yet 1 I II allura trio isecahnlttiliatolrs taolliini Itlir aid all tile oer deservedly celebrated rloiessors aed In torea o l t ellt iltedial collegesa, as well 0s all tihe doultors anil luIIck dortoec a be falllid in prilate ipractice, (who aere lrIt fenw1 ill the States of Koaltlcky, Ohio, ItlJdiaia otid rvee it 'I etleseeel where there atire irndeed oeIte tw ithril fallolus doctors, whose ilanleaOllg t to baehadcd dutw no lain ow p Italie ta Ilatent ttaatpoeitc, 4. Itritiat be elearly uandleoeoud thladall lire core if Iii, ott) bthIr rridl'e, "trialt be Irnreovt nihatl ravn kaon whatever. 5. 'TIhose o.lin mally nerhil tire eitit lera thley mloa o heneliteii flilnerahnola Il euaes ill ociiytnodiiiolhepae ty ohllltll tike back lila twri 01, oituoaehe nr lie or tiuay be. If enro tilkiendgko ltedicrIkauniur a i hoiider irot aaeI f rtie ou'ca.tII rlallaidarate,1 wi li intlil aile old jirovocrb, olrd ginoae 'had gonirlleiotara" iii, ti. Ar oil oitnI rWaollthirirdaioe thlel ae.ntiiniedtoc lirll S. nlut taoIdle ithLt loller to nlitndir iloe, ig rrone ilr aaiilt,lklrl" Ito wall ito hoort~ i lrrt,' roth yeiteldlati elntlal oolSlll. i A rS tlaeeI hrlire it, iii lliln retittitl irded tlhcii lhe tild~e ieat'nt inllnbitrillta iatrti'Ie iy woold al wmay knrow trie weilrr hy bte ointhidy of nii e oiei.. ,10t'% \VIId, IAl.. treull;,, , i* wua weak elclugh to rend thle mass of hlsehoodt eiinied S., wiich deserve nothing but my silent colt tellltil. lHad t known lsti vlnlilngof tll great inportine ot A Si S,I should haI treated the laest of tlhe tree son . whllt ditlhreutlv: but let tlllhatPi s. I will. holwever culn.llilliellt hils moter if tihe Jiournial fir li to eilipoy ie firOiier lliglht (ou el'thile igarter or. the tldile, but) uotlie needle aud tiLiblr., in order I:it Ihe ltI kill two birlds witlh ole st.ine, i i. err Iitl h tle hIiles Ilat illy le in his IntnurIl or pohlltiiI.l gir.oits lnu,, ii+ I inny jliP froiim tlhat excelleiit laper,the Ad verdiser, Dr. Sliltp iUslater is, pi. litical y, ilt cisti a Ileed elets h ltCI.iL»e. Whenl auv cirlunmistnce occurs, wllether domesticul I or lpolitically, hichi re.qir.s a blister, whethlr hi I ,aWgi tice lr tile reputaitin oftlese wnit dul not han sarii tl heae hiet, beig ulilliRliiu, wliich lIUlln be. irentl iiiforlulie) tIllet in ilue rinas his ULBEL.L, wlici uler all is lthillig nlone thol if it we 'ousulndiiil brine or a tioliug cviubnl;' yet, to view it tIlius-Ir. Hill looks wil;l hut witlh an M. I.) A. S, S. nal"e it, uhiljme iigoilileen. !' JOHNi WILIIAMiS, iculist. Jull 14. [IAVANA SW\EET3IIEAT' S-in e luire no l ianle 11 t ay T It+ ityi,+ i !ili j . .oH r b ~ .1 LU Io ,I .1 i:,. i'l . in ...~; by 'n ".. - :i. OCu-I.. flnouc.;u:,t. MILES' CUO. OUND EX''IOACiT OU TOMATO. A SUBOItOlUTE 0OR CALOMEL r itli don ito h promulgatedl with so nmucrh ostonrle tliCile will cure all d-urses, is lot , mtlln iovelro cat be IIs(IPor d iooe l who ossrts it, is either n ifol olran im sostlor. Itot it is a tiltl tltlll onttrltl ble by-experiel. e, tlnt comilntio/io of mlloicit s Ios I Iit tyleo f ii"lllt o tile v tsertAi.s lnuotllno, tlltit will act sot)lltivert-llny ot1 tile is stem, whten tlakell seatslolbll, alld inojtlli.icUioo iro lolliolls :nt tt n te, tl illo e oooseo.n. lt ilt te o, all dimn tSt with-i the re, otd ftowero Flomn In werll keoroo n n-id oot:lllio~hl rol-lutatioll of Calomel, it has long bon etloto)ei by the etpin'i mltd scirotitlo pltireiaill, toe one of tile loot loooiholfll tgelts, fior tshe tIeolotOi of di.sse. By thl leorler, e l oost eor- laldhl h.os bteelo dhlgeol /itll lottrullltll, Iia!t their outhlors claimed ait speolieIs in every dicu-sne inci dent to the thumon o!npilh. Tite fItly of ltheoe leten .inlls nleelds Iio comlmelltl, for acclulr;l chlelllicln l ialvelni gaLtiolt hlalhowll, thatllo ttlshe tueol tollt of tile P1ll'aaelt, (:otllolionlls, te. hsichll have beeo trumpettettd beloreie tllE cOlllmmllulltV, witlh mso tmloh aosl.rlloe, is Clo/nel, or llerlOelly ill linllU oo. Now, if tills pOtellnt otllioe even in the lhnl oflhoe most skillIl phy sieisan, fi~queot ly exerts aol inolloetco ol tilhe hmrn systell Illllollrelen alld entihely benyod tltheollttt ol ofrt; otdolronilllllo.r Is, eoetstitutioe, anll 'rioqinlfwsr lwtmttunteltosld li disw ot-/ilho hoy the ip~iristost /otoulo Ihlb / tottnty lhuonitsotv votimts slpok, a voioe linot thie tomb wosll sootdlio lt he +spsrnf! 'i dnltsion thirt ow swrys the mindos of the liosog. livHomao Pliysinisns tleplor tle tao t evoo ; ..rno ltisg ft-ot toe stmeooer'ial watleot -0, otod toill ghsdIh hs-il the ilt tti.hldt/ots ol'fa otrtistle tihat sool sofely toe obsttiuttoe for enlomel. T'Isy feel, tand thlat ke/lpy, the utlertahitt -f its Iprim1, ei~rl~nlsoro tohty tntOtl tty wltrtther it o ill he foso/l/o olt .tI'of:toonilie. They olso koton,w tio freel, tsl:t its use is colnllnltld for ano ontsil//toble time, it jllrious secoldayo coseouteooes motst Itllow. Btut tley mnst cllohotoe the leats of two eils: they knotw tio other article that will arouet a torpid li/see, rtemove obst trotc tlion, onl set in fire atoioll tile wholle glndololalrt syostelt, allol it being inldisolnsthly cer$ssalty to dl itni, lhev oltilllle its use, notwill/thtlading tlhe evil olelqtltitltc .. lleh Iullow. ''lth slolou lontg deshied and sotught an tarlireu 1hat wotulld poduer the w:ood effects of this idrugio witoti sitjetij g tile atielnt to its deleteiouds retllts. Sqltb o ldelderatum, it is iheheved, llha at lengthl been obtailnou ill ttle article now oprlented to the iuoblii. Thie iproprlietors of this article keeptlg in view the lift, that a -in/e and betovro/ol Bei/g, ht too es with ill the oealh of til, enmtli.tlst athlPtell to tlie dlltetseit it, /inlett ito the tlitmote tihey i/ohohit/ o,, kowitollt, lil. wiser, that most of Ihe diseases of the .o0to/h and W'est :ltae itbsetl uolpoll oorol'gio or llllotionltl:l tdeonoemsnent iroh the liv/o directed toth itieotitntt to L/tose arti/les which/ anot more eSro si/tly oi t0ho bil/lre oro.ans. Alier lolg oinoo, l otoron ad t eXlnive re-searCh, It lhey lave stucceeded til r etrtitg a stlubstllce froltm ite T'I'O MI .L'l'(, t hich, fromt its toetular /o- l ellct ito te thepo 00e or oiitityl't)"tl'foii thery toat·e letlontioo/ lol olooltmit. It is a oohoiie stl /tot Willl/Oiltlitne il tite Iorloofloitot It'sltls of Cololtrl, in lboth neute oand Elonic t !ilaes, / ilionlt thie tosoibit / "lity of rottioill toit ltetlttiSl/¢e 1.otti seitlll/teitoeet n itolo to I;that article. Its lotiottlll tIo ilt O le lollstilltutto i sllitveY suI tIo toPo of i/i y) tlll eoc E looti its illnleliCe. It i, hIow 0, r, upog hte orgons ol' t eclretiot lat ext ettit n, t m its glrlat IpIwt.l' i ' plaiiticulaily m nll ifeht('dI : henlltce ii i, pe ltlilialiy ihiphd tI) t..e tre tlltnent of bil//o olie lf/-t il-n oethel' iise 0ses i0 0itoi/O a ttoltithly ot Ol l.oe't io lo/ t'oll livelr andti porotl oie/eo lltreooti. It is alhlti. ible in t l cases, wher' it io ltncess rlv to cleatlse the stlom:h adlI bowtls. It wI'to.ts obo.iotlo tion,o.olitet-o oa q/o-ichk aiid t/.lthy actioo ofn the ltitr adotihii ogithulthioott. o oeo'a oE Ithe oioitoot·ltii. /lellog dil filhl e hi iits oIelati loll, iot lolilhllltuoe t tie .ott tootici olo in/ to e veit _h oteo i the stollo. -de o/" tl i-t bod ot oebmo aPilto by I o gelltlte ierslilatlio it does Iot exllaus t lik dlas tie oell -sto till, its aclioll is mo- e t llo i 0/to l l, 00 lll) olfltn hIe r altted, tlltll Ini rehl witll safi ty but wilt h gl a bt'it tiit T"l'his beconies indllaspenstlhly iictss;lr'y ill uls, o' tlng tttt- ingi t eti ii thiemll illoelo/e tlnlolllnlu imp'es .loons imalde by stl'ngI m,¢Icinle, sehldom if ever, do lloodI but toel ti o itort the t! b lal oll he CCLstit HIn It isl eatlll tin.g i ii p i i ing . . te so ........... h lt halumni l, tll , tht' knowni laws IIl Iife, nllil is uI5lh Iob l one to i/t/ m-t ntltoble altoi lts ovot u/loi •'d Ihr tlbli 111 O i11(1 1ani inscps tior rio 000-iei e, t hi.n itieto otto 0- is0formed i0t00 00 ito otoi epills. 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I)r PoAti Silot -br, SUrtre f Ito(e t i. n IWi. e tu r j nt.- l ary, to 0//to, otet-t,. -. n ''llljltll'# j gllt bylll· ( +.=% B'l'II .l'lem il~a Ael¢ teo Mudontr eolnIt 1ottetrlll/to I'oo/oroas tlld ntlll stl o,,to.ehrs.m'+. tI Tn oplitooe, tlltoi oSUrli o e. o. ti J e t t. t t L nu All l'tthr, ptot /o id, Lene hlg o olys uteld/'d to. 0hr iouoeeod /00r /oTtdotIhot ooiitooul by oste toodid .to.'l l$ 00rSet S 1'i.\ 'ii? LOIJ I ItA.1A. PAIL[liI COURT. tlr tite lParidh utd City of New Orleans. P.reolt tle H-e. UCha;hlet ~lrim, Juidge. J.le 11ith, 81i3 -Ne. Ii0tii4.-Jutque1 ultier v, his crtditern.-lUpon rteaing and linlg the petislo ntd tlt.iettulet in tit. t.a..e, It i urlt-red by the (wart that the creditot s .f tite itttulVettt d, rtI|o ruuae to Open clurt oil alltrtlt tihe 7th deay of July, It;,, wiy lie ashould nlot be dlahlt.irtged aordg to laue; all ItI tlhe mealuinte all proceedi. ng ugainl is I person and prIu etly tiea slyecd. Clerk' Otiic, New Orlcite, Jet. 11, 1833. leuusrn.-Prceint I'eu. Ciarlt crm* ntui , t ttjttgc la i, !433.--no. 111.91.--J: calgar Poltier co']L:e Ses ervan -iertl,-Sar lectur' e atl ett t ttl t I . c lit I etlit llel iithtlddthi duns celte litre, II eat (iecrrcb par la j ott que lea chilttjrcra de I'i iulv,Ic tllir slaves leurs ni l cll tP t C tOllr tvett, t edt 7 i tlie mll l. I:t1iti poueliuo i rail poirnit hchit ,e r ufeitti e te a tt thi, ,t ,e ltellnldt routes plo llniies clntre Is persuoI e oll ee. propriuties ROalt lrrr.eLB . jel42aw AKI.ANDi PITOT'I, (. ier. LINSEED (lit.--1l bble, lundulll i'oii ale uZli SAltntyv,.r uealdeby Ui Ilt)IL h. jel:l 44 ew l.evre. f ARLY'S hUPERI:IOi IIA hId-Nit latndiug from n. lil.llu l ur a lltlltlhl at sutln.l I i thl e lwve., put up 1 8.LYE'T P AM.II.U'(;, ieS 17 t t Ceettei strc.t. Si.dL hI )l Ohl--l° bhbls tued c ' tkiet. l.ittseed ,;,.iw la lg from huip Ne -hvilh., and tue ale J.1KV6i .& A ,IVIIWS, \ i'htlt e IJ tl)ri l ttz, the lel iiiy ItlL3Ja 4:14 i LILLS, .I, nINI,(I S, l (ol L.S I~lICl~IttlliBll, nl Ju:tr .~d--,l'6 16.1100 feet €.rTirlae, beer qcealie, F'lilri XSIO I i 2:1X2AI; 34)4) begr wrhite lend, Iere; :xrtl 'dr+ grcen tailr , in r 'l, libr. keet; i dlz ldnarpned tins tlnr'igllr;i1lll40i It lirhrae'e 2)4 doe splerldid l1)0010 ground bruihPte, aler, o)'014(t4) cled oI40 do; 2les ore greell in powder; sterir artic untie tli c, ttee;cr ry ulnrgu retlrortull of sash trrrrl clf everv die .llIt ri tiet; er. rlle ettei tir r IcitRn l e•]it ttrrrrbkie. brllrles hr r Cir rc'.lll nts; nrtist's colr ll' oil reud\ re Indrci lt Ixee,lhited ' h ith all neccsr'.y brurhec; artint'seIoo111, tern lPhke andl r,,itr i wlhtel; t t aeks gold leaf; whlite told yellnow wxi; gnIr rrtllhic; nt.l a tlarge ull choice as errlitn~tofrtt'jainte,d terlrr¢eohr',ol lrlntte ali &rrIrrea.l' whrltaielur dll eta'il, atlrrne, r e by 31t)tNil)ll.l.I, - 2O 50 c('np it. I'iituoPlh I U.c. il'E EDITIOiN OF TIIHE CVII, CODIC O LOUISI.9N., . T has been i r soeer time miade kllDwbi to trle putbhic I that tie sb-lr:ther.te are enrt.tedl in Iprparilll for tn't prea neCw edition oIf the l.otrir'm t'ivl C('deb - 'hev weret,. 4,ll tilre firlr, nawunt of thie greart di)fcllulty rnd reseejr siriiiti attermlirg rie bldihe rdon rif tre wnrrek, . l t w ith o tt pr ..t i th a . m,.mJ .. +m,++,+ ,:. + .+.~j +.llrrdenla ,9-. P+ t.++ rlllcllt jio ++ll. Icllir tllmllttl+iltd ¢OLll it wl hirlnr tht tnilt' tnlret thtitiiucir i co teoit'l ".':at enilolv |llt of Iiillr. F~or Il).'es thlln two Yearx etati tile nlllnl prie, ci tIre wuek Ilme been lreon idirlv In (ietv drrlilrn. It i e nystemn of wriltel rules wnirh e r ilmellitely oIli'etes u I4n every individluIl I1f ite tlftte.intrtr'meted eltlmrn in gRnritlltntle or ttltmlll ner.t cltnd wldch .noPrnlu ith diulnsitiinn ef te llenteh property tolnillrrg t tla tioln ttlher lerttee, thlut--ulbke mlherrrtiretetine u n+e lnw--it ioat tntleh thie lext-hbrnk relld lllllll l' olt Itterlhatllt nd tlle rlatnter, r it ie if lhe rlitiFLe gentle rman allld tlh profel.,ioinllllvol: te. ' 'he lawI ere of tihnjrllinirrg n1ntrelann in Ore) f cle ihonsetllerte I:tpI thie )Iptil alil Ai is.tirp, i rivnes ' dlst rtin l illr fir i',r peroedtr ill tt ll .ei: llh , Ilntn ailr qllrrt itceen'iev i" r etl l the erlrde lnri Illllklr irlreiI itl.islmtonirle "rqlle s hite Ire1 linir ilrcnrjcm; end ill the citie el New Orltcrrrcile. i nllhk in file eLe iii I.. !fellllte in tile nlerchltll'e c tlllling room ninlnpl t Ii Ihe desk of the j tll e ne, lr rla le rf thl' ttII tne.lllle, Iis i lee lll)riill"ng til'reiire tlhlt tIhe first ellirirln Ifl'lhe nwork walln sl rlltiok ly dispolleld ol; illd nllhollgh e a nlre Ineplr"lt f it wllll in1 stome iare s!tpplr the pnlrlirr reope-it', yet it wmnli hre intperiBct andrn Inetifilntlt'r Inle u. Innllrtted wtih referetces il etrp Itietrteem OLirtttl , in errr to elt rae tie rirlnlmerortllc U Ilnrrrerrr) writter Il:lc te ite. tlrlla e by thie eI.t titlllrl', lrll d Ihe jlp rllltlllt drlecilrllr n and Cllllliill8 whlichl Ille aeen givel u poll Illulv i Tihe publidelore r lrr ue 0red, I;r tlre ipnerdpl PuPer intendeller e lrrid rlillrrl l i lrIalrlrllr' llt 1fr tile cork, ithe priee.illnrrl e.ncicen i| Wlhe-!clrrek S Ii r11 EC:q.Ii ilr,lriorol tIe here ( Orlellen litr. 'l'hre hirn. J rrre Hullnlrld, .luee Ilerlllrlrnrrde, nn HIn Gl'rrr(e e I'llntir, Irire eachI kiiie ivnieteld Mr l'e io? :oritri thl vlllllP let wih tlhely have eoellc.ltedl it ire 'llltwe o thoir sltldies alld Ipractice;nrl Ito ir N It Jeneliinhe lrt ner o i er U rtrltlt whor is lrriir rlene.r1i ill thie workl Gee irawbrhttre, I·q. lllH lrlentedl tile p Oreat iras of1 reeP - renos dortletilledrl irl hirnlinsi. offie 'i the llle Iind wiirch 'r 'e been ritle by him rr rtrtti'ir rhr whriln rtrire oi his di .:in lishell prlltolf .illlial hlborS. The pubillsh rmerr lay rtherl brelrr tPll trlll thr t thllr llnr elllltionll r' IlIh lrIrk will die all lrellt illelltlV Ittl I lte Our. tsI ted Iby lanielln ln.d exllerilnllce, Iln pirbrl. thll 1th+ thatl th e .Logi-.laturle of+ ~Louisianln hlas witho~rizedt rrrrekvrtier'n4rrrlriirlrein Irrire ire rIr the tleritri ilr rlr.i rrr relnrrllltrr i ani rlirnr ifr 1rr rl lire r erreerri rre i. rrr " tile IIr.. r rieI rlrlle'ri'JI teI ' ii irirh lilr IIIIIIIT WII IIkr I'e rie AlSr'enhiv, evinced heir jPilt e nlto llIhe vRhl r i tlhe woelrkeilndel thoe Ih-rbt eh'T ll _ ta11it c hlJ ene anll o thlll Ire ibility f thie publi.hi ,rs n d :.litulr- wic.'hi i . ho ,'d i! not w'hollh ,,lldhserved. jTh."e wori wll I. Irhire e ir rllr rllCh nnll Enllish, FI ire ll ll llr titn ll with itt t'rr i llr llr f .1,Io 4#. iItr lllh l per lr Ille Irle er l'r il~e will eit' 1,e' m ul mir htei-( ll re11 rIrlell'lr.--l e ; olltrr l tir be pa d lt I ll tlnrlr ore ' ire xelierr rirrll eee-'-ie wrdrrlirrtrt rrtire lre -nlrirr'rhlrn lists onine clotreI, thi store prirti i tl r t- turi y rrllat rsc p r'. cr il .uriir apo: I JiLINS .n CI. ltunrlihllrrte. IHUR NSI·\V YtRlllK. [l- ui iaarnid New N Iak Iiiof Packlb. .] 'I"1+111 allih a el llll )( ill' e wi l l *:lil tnrH IIIi QC,. •) LI mllr:III L~oW .·l'iik lilt twoi'y?. (1rrmllellerrllrlrlty enonllenlr cing o the Il ttl ii0n ve ,lh,.'r allI to igluret" th,+e eir relnt punLiulrtrrlily ill thll r ti iie l r.iill ig lllr litle 'wil l hrelitr c.' I 1 'l Ac Ir lile r tVi e lt: . rintllIoiiilertr:ilrt P)ulier1, to leiee oil tilre 4th lt eitnherr it i Hlir t Irhllreitlc . lpt raili Eldli'bIer to leIve ol ithe Iatll |l,.·celllhl t, Jh ill I'ckshlrg, Capltainl 1.'oodllho , : o leave on tlle Slllrt a|t pi, lil ap..r ltulll Invia, tu leave oli tihe 13ilj Jlrtllllltl. eL 'l bo lhve shiI,. are atll now, of tlh th'>t cla..., ik )llre r llrllrr r'ir;e r tI.el I lln ant u wrlrf l, Il 01) r 11d . b rIlerI i i rie rt l'ight drlllehrti ofr' witell' lreirel tl rew York re.lrely thr s]e trneree. lrhe irir'errl'i n isn i t felid c'i lre OImethlnd rl.r/t·r. 'li ie llr lre qiirrliti will Ie irerrvidel , rnrrl 4 el r nr l had i the conOllrtllnd eiirr l illr r ir llllcionl ·1rerlr eil rs, whor wiil plI1Ise tike rrlii' irrlllt tern heith r il Ire se tr i till 1 r.eait lreRlit th i lrlr It o of thlr r'onrriecnl . '1ttl ..~l ti= 1.11;( ~ li rP t'll ll1 111 rllti CICn.~'lh . |lllq . .1,x T'ikrlrr p'ritrkr in tre enrrrcunradeI in' Crprtilrrr werl lir iprriellcPre ill tIre llllde, wnIll will ivrt' verv tllliOIll nll e ex ell themstlves to acnlnlolollrll lll e. 'tlhev will 111 ll lreeIa be tLowed u4 a,1 , errll) rir i t sre lisi-il)lii r y e lllnhllls. ni ie sltrilrlet irunmct ualit y lsertel l ill t he o wiiere . hip will ... I r....ibe net let er mrel or pececi ir iie hg e )r e )tllre 11' rn il hor it tihe IelltinllD hlosl of th'e lellt or owllerd. I .o irtlir priticuiiir:lc,a (tiHlEli il It i(EIN &% .A (ieiIhN erre_1i '... . . .. A . ... ti'nt,.rtrrr . c ' A 2,u itnd ifty 2i Il!22ro i2 the it t lolizer,te m n 2of J2llv, a 3u2rg2 e h32 u2:l,1 (F7:n liah Ii. ihl 2 oi3 l I2tetles, 3llll hllat bee3n 2 o er)ed, atht i3 s 2y !fiat long, anld eight feet Ihein; *tohd Ilas Levn slo2) riger(d, as there are ironll strepsor2wrn)ll fo)r ri2 g il23 . Whoevel r rl said launch, will I ,,ale ca2a32ll t o d 70 2)l Livel-, n I" 1 Ui`UiAU.--..3,l.W , 2 itc article, fu sidle bv Je2. 4I1 N23r ! ever i3U\IPilI7fVY'S FOREIGt1 N 'ti3U33, &r. G. REAT' IRI I'Al N, PILANCER and IF3L.GIU3i, - a 22tort I' 22r ill L2l35--Yv I3(e3, I(linnl leer, 1). I3., Prte'..l,b'fAm3e2Cl.o ('llhe, in `i vols. "2 'Th.6 I1rk ,f l/' r.l . herrtood.--1tllla tIle only c,)oplete and ulliform e2ditliu2n ever ilbhihe'd in the Ullitd,, yul. 13. J.. st re:e:ved and fir rsale by W I1M'l' AN, Corner Camtiw &nmCmlo.l streets. PENSACOLA MIANION iHOUSE NEW CITY, PENSAC.I.A. iE " I subscriber havilln pur bhalsed tl e lu;Iane 3 ,nl 2 it niture2 f thisf. well khuw2) 2a2tbl2l2n2t3 , frott i(3r 'layvi r, tihe late Ire2riet3r2 will be lready o toreive ' i. itera bv tIle Ila of April next. Numlrous and costly ilmplrovemls wil be fah2tl2 d inl thle 2rr22nglnllellt o" thle iausi'l) ri2 2lo).. New a2l2,l mrere comunodious bathtiag hsen will lie built, illd warlll b Ili, will be provldd at all hours. A stal.e will be atilchedl o tIlt hllue, with god at oUlllllla lions t)r horses alnd carriages. Ft'i. ru2 e hll2'e lllld car2IaTges will also be kept fin", hire 2t iat laler3ate prices; rilld sail and low bu"ts, wIlltI pe2oila to lllllanlge, thelta for th. e use 3 2 v 2tui'a. 2illiard il otih2 an2iu2ell 2ilntq 2 n2,l2ily 1Iulad at 3 merin2 g plarcis, 12 2 il also be lirnhis3ed, ,,ll. n conduchl thted as not [If tyterl ithl the Collllmlfrt be ula thie best qllalllyv, illand to ellnsulre a ull n'pply of c"", Ia rarg.,o ial itlr'auld2 beacu un:rred, whi2.t will mraie ab3t,2*2222 I1l. AIf;ay. Mlr Frederick lartnard, who formerhly kepl si popla h2 a hotel at WashindIonn city, will +.ndiy)t fait h e fd t3e pr y etr, who, wilt such ail i2olid2tiv lv 2nsure 2the HaIerl1l'2 o' last VIyear, d his lilend. generally), 3that tihey wilt na.:we every possible .ttentiUn; and thereby exleetat to Fi e enx-rnl salisfacttilnl. The local advatlnt2ges ofIll ti. a lh2uts, arlr tnoo "ell I3o2wn 2 to -d a2 lengl. eled d2 . tcrlptic, ba-re. Tie lacts II at Prnsncala is the mnual latihn of tie ilov*rlillaUl; line glncral rendetzv.ous iof Ite (li;lf Iuad ons; tilhe s:d uti v ofits edlate refry.shed unstutiiiiY du ling tihe sullllnr lmonthsl bV thile eoltest I e:ic .s litllo ri2 l) ill2 ; the I, tl'll2l2 y of 2 lle.2 2 l2 ' tl thel 2 lie2lgl2 2 ,,llllilll to tire bes2t Southern 2 lltrkets, 'iv2 Pen2) cllulu ll2 h pre l3+2le32 over ll other 22 . lace2 il tlre-e latitudes, as a 2ul2h) v tnI2 d22li22 t'22 l t t lll' lltle rretl 2,3t. IFilast late lbts ltwillru bdeterea Pensaclla anld Mro hile, nd will all tintes be alle to tl.e tllhe paeil ngretr ftulill1t .thNet Urltmilll leIS N II AIRNOLD. Penaacola, F~et. 1 th, 18:18. , (ie t1llenll w2llill32 ng to) enlie roomsl2 for their fumilie., (ra. :trli drts ' sthe pllI up olr l, at IPenennlja, a 2r Newel, T Taylor, tlrhe t 2or tue p 3t2p2i22 Lor, at . 2ew 2t. leans. or ic, tlt Carlet Exlhr i. lt . pn ,. Kih rv inolln , Idesir T; T of takinrI ' hea, Eaqll in rloe. P N-A lettie bats, in reeoive comriatans ftOlllli l-ill l· lr personlla hilt fie bola hoItei linlaiced at thwu Whr itImlnll'si o3013e, 3.l 3it Charles 2t2er . lr32 . 2)3,ellet. desir2us of taking th. Floridh, rou22e, via Pej.nuatuto the Northr le intlrmed tlhn tits rlle hu.,ts win,! c an tumly rum rimi. +,lbile t, Ple u-+, la, letving iltbile and Peniscl t every t thellr dn, lf ir.r I1, Ist of alay. Ic;nd ltalyge will always he prolvide ol t'e subscrirto te he in rtaliles tr2 o Iakle Ipaseg.llrst2 ful,. Mobile, in ,Cse hi the ,ula, . ant he2at' N 11 U ( N NOL',Y3 The s:'a:u.r2:w t.'isht2 eila',nh,2 '.2.2. ,},. r Fh n, 2 32t3l, 222l2 2 , a 3121.22.22 . Lt e 2 y A ask+ aL')uriu A SFTA&L Co1 d.t" ,r " A'll M !1 ;T" LIN F_ tRoiG(H 1n FIVE AND A HAL5 DAYS, From Mobile (Alabamna) to Algutsta .';eoj T RAVE'S lMolile evgtyv othir dth, lnmm..iltely atlti 4 the arrival of the m.dil fronm New O-rlets, per tie itoItmlltot Et.'rs to Illakely, otolhles to 'Pentateolt itenmliosi ( per 'Pellaeolat liay, St Ilons mslllol nl (hoe. tsnl:ohire liter rod Hlyyl to Cedor tIlhiu; coaoches the+t vbi Mariatna, l t.Chattaoloothee. (trmrlety Moulnt Ver Iol[,) lBininolltlge, Plidlreon; Ilnwkioslilleanll I.oid ville, to Anultse. A ttassegeerrtakinlhis msent at Mo. bile is ins Io dcnoger of beig tIlown out or losin his ltt.elete by othLer conlitcting ilteelts, as 'lIe 'l.Old. )1A LINE I. but oult conoern, and ueder one co tro throligout, atd may rely WIlr eTlOwrAtrtY upoe hi' trritolst A~ugta ia time sipcitiet, lthrolgh all wetih olr sttl et sov 'ossol, unless 0ime unoslt t fotOsteeti etflfr ilhliouhl d rlllir.0~11 ' Tb- Clret N.ew O srsltl( Mci is ssrt-id t y this oltsle. 'rhe iAgents for seoommnoder ti.oioe Tem, Colches alld DrivUrs ae ot sitmtssIad tihe so!ither l e tt ss ts s .t . . . ]'+h. .m bl.,-I. .,t.,mi mm* ,,+e ,,r<; 8el ui ." toet. . - ltiteinsolrtslt Intes lib w'listot ltt o. nl)l'.l] JWlll. hl.\e ulpr lie~d ertaiitt i. oinlrot, and1l 1 lle=!l hng varivet; colineclell as it e.rl~e whihthe lIl+l Iloall C.harlestos, . . aells ttie stbno im ckets to Noew York CIi rLe th New York frot Netw I-loils LEsS TI i tL olers'-W\asdsrtoin sttityi in 1|. tI.rtit CthastaltHoohee, ior16tida, we Ihave a Iltrte I.sol viq sstyolnty all oTt.!tlthsee, to St Motrkc,- -Iho post OsebiPre, ate, tWl IrAsoehes ftrots IIowkiltnsotU olle to llilslbS' it' le tist sse to .teools, ight to t ll" oa~cller.St'I)UI( rIONS CI c~ AUtrwrA, 'nthilmn. 1535 Ollitt. 1t t!Atsis o lisloe Ntobtile S isullllc.,, ]ew ()OrIcns to Mollie, 1511 mtile lobilr to Angnte, 54) t Auglsta to tCbharleston, IS O itrlt(stonl to ]eo ' tlor 0., 1t- 1il) Time, Nw tlilc·an ti Mobile, ti. hotrt Moullil ton Agltltsl, 5 Allt.' tl Chitrlett tonto 19 " (:Irleston to New York, cIC- Si hlskilg Isg miles ptE doyt or 7 miles per hor, itCh. .ive i~ll" tst olllrlar ge, Ilo, IIl N. I. I htg leare to ittfotmi ttoe lltlhis ,bhtt Ih blilges ver the tt t(:latlooeswHmps asls d Htlltl I.:Ltl clrek hIvt just Ileel esolltyeted y tlhe glelestsl giOtelrll mesot, (Iet titt ostls lesl oleratibg a iinsti this t tt fe al spoeedt roitit ote thusehalpily t-riioOvt;t.-ol Ithtoot' tlesure of Ile to )ng from trovellels tha, the collchethot as , sthriversand tens are otel I irs Ih'mi (eir; atnl i. t th wa5re' ttoll!y jfrom t ellnstcttto Io oettr lhiln; it it tltmit t ot hy olt whI tlov ,airt thrttlgt it Ito lre ttttsltstoss hlwiO i tes tetuty . tnl slo. T t t-to'teo tltoug Ceortsi th vealslot; tenreopaeitif. J M1 IAli "it IIA RDWVARE.--. 29 XeafACA21N STnExT, NE W-OII,EANM. TOSEPII KNIt'PI'E. & Co.-Itnportlrt ofFoorig i tllt i)llllot tlio Hnltrdware , are re' eivinel ftrell- Ltt rlope ullsl tile Atllnnte Cities, direct frolI ttt t ut, ll, itF t t lurers, oni exteilnive amortllellt't l allc anild Hlear's Ilnrdtt1e rn'e iui rihin govery article ill tile lineu wliih tltoy tOlM+' Ito.y i'tolUittlr, thlrclatltcs antl otlltrs i te inv'ihd to ooll and txanli ie titbru i i tk wtlit t' tr Sittt in 'ttt of tohhd,' inut sher' lioCkte l, . thllheras illr , .ll'Ii ksar m a Inre y il te el and itrst tet st tollitn r no lltt dlst r itr , ti ttt iit t tb olen es ittPI vei els u. llill tIB(P.llpP, shovel+, Itbtlers,1 Hlllrlil'OllPJl Ilrh lousi nroto tillttsell l e.ttlls hr itto, h ohtk Io ttk , and .tit p1r, Itckiblo, olosror anttils, nicpr, slertw phsets, tI tilll. plirerltel!n hlil , bIrhaselurlln bilhs ImlhlwA ierhan tllll Ies.un <:olis Itlltstr,ctr s t, oltar, (lo.t's; n ln Id l ittSy steool. 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Ineb t i tti, tthr I.e titelll t t tie te I I(ttur ct tt iih teloi .t I'ncoilalllbr e mIsir Vtt illo e L. ct es oo dot le'll b li te Iid (illrnulllnt RIntL anle dritet I'etenldant A~ quIIIlreVIngs nloon Pis et o ilssl otlts otttlttinetic- r le lont . e St tlolts-lttlon te Six ll llt rIiuiti iet oll. e illot uc.s .t t i-r i t8l be ii 1 la viill e r. IloI toltl il l Itr lllt ott t t tll l t }it tt sIt, I s ulute tt r to te ctlll :+lilrllt villlR~I i scll ttIit'llls 4II Illltc i ~I It:I· lesll 'iue ell t e et o "t s ,illllie eilio lle 1 1 uOle Ilerlls 1et shue .u· Iiielllxb uurg ltlllillll lc lni I·, i cllsle fit ll~ninl~tllIl iia otroh Irieils· n i iue ,s N n iocIlalo r l-- lrltie (ii plran re au I{ahenflin VLoj *ilie la l. hi lle, Iv hitilsoA, rosn, Joteod l. tiii tetsttse tel cos lh I jt.e p lh r lit . - I~i~lie 'icil. hi ~ rieil ele el l III tAE iC I li.i lnrll h O eIL |ill~ li l ilicl lllui ETA' DIE LA1 LiIUIOJANE-Ctaw ju Prrioirr Die 1,4 l Jdiciary. Ef11 lil, l,A~a.OllolAA.\.E, A tau Onu titl A'c's 11e0ellteo coihorrlner , itlut:-..rte. u iniA W8illiam o OIlRv avlatr 5.e jort It: srate Iflute pal OhelleiO,0e Ila pathou 11 IIOtIjI r Ip uurittC 0 iujprie Or a,'':t, tp Oett aIddiels' il Slr', k e c83 tt. 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Iti l 18.38, dawn t 'sltuire de \\illium 3ix.HI·Lr 1'-. iullmee IGrit, \,o i55:4i rdu darkerti ,lere (I'ur, A Vlo0iellr vcwltd +r din \\'il lath Ill(·ktl\. :eat .Blld ueqi 'leolt p,"mr le, prix de $,100, canr phut. Itu~cripiuudi d Prplott flupr l:e diufr uii li, li ret~OFj la~on a r tI qrlleta in ltu -e te i etOtlv l l i r di ot, br tisrnt it a Nwlmrollnra il.11" uo i iirofiso., tr cans, e l filet bor ne dunn Itr II s t ie t It, tI . I:ll.' 1. CIt a, l PNauotan I)S, urd, if rFlal par Ie No 9 d'eIrrxn 1i,18i1 der=. o pr C At, Depute Venue irlerll, Ill rt( I)FCFrII(rI. 8:31, it t et u'k en I'or llle deu Felix (iil~n Ctotir o public, a tro , p Iljtoo 1:3lie lit tto f dcerr 'l6'heuhrrrjb i'r oire 0 raoeipniirg farom it eir (Is I Nouvelle · Irrtlie,.niilllut lluille pn-lfOlldleudu tor qui inehe I ow t NolI, eo it hoop ronsiu iey on buandrs at qutire Ii res Cu rul trta t. r toilt o irn oouurb or Iswiopri loe, au de ofSreiult anpotier oud boot Go ypion, Iltolvm iond e lo nzp, AonerIrc dnnc In pralsa,nreo l tlnnsil lTce a an d Bll,, Groveii. pled, nmufoouled and puulmuslls avsr lIn Irte NSrhlo l5cig, sItro 9t BPir tilt &o i d 3 IAIRBI.E CHIMNEY PIECEGL W uartiar:rs, uIrtotlihosetrwet, oplpiteitle posetnotlie. The euheeribera lire now rrueipilng from thleir thle. trooos ino Now aVood, and, will krep codnstantly on hand a genera~l aetortmulnt.l Marble Mantle Piere, trsupot nr wlrktanointtp and ofthep lproro patterns. Lade of the bgd t Egyptiin, Italian, Irioh d led ulaertan miuarble. Also, Mlootmerotea Tombsn and Grave Stlones, mculdecd and plain sills and lintels,, marble faI~cingsa, hesarths anld bIoundary stone plasterl of FParis, It( an & 6 I~ydraolic( C!tnsal and !Taster. nn; Flaiir, togethler with a splendicd assortment( el beam mounted acl nd plainil Grates andc Russia iron Grates of the newest ar nd Most approved pattern.'.. Lettering dolea inl theH neatrht manner and tit o the rllurtost notice. Thely have f irst rule workmen to~ a"ct thle baovesork. t5 't 01 FIS KAIN & STROrtru. 1W- I : t'. 14W S'AT'lE )' ULV i:IA\hA-,lratMJ55M i StA Court. TJhE S''tAT ( tF P I.Ul SNA, ''t all hinm Pie~el~lS frll ault. I o (il..t~ili].:-W 1,¥|i·rt'l IJihet hll,ril )Ios tie. ,iirbh g -loti),'la dte polyssieh Illartrr i elribc-li has aW.lie l o,-othe ereoft thYi ellrt, in whose oitir tie -deed of olr ace -retorded o' the eid dlay of A il, A. J). Iis8, for i i.ociitiol tor advertiLe neiit ill eoolut-mit, to l .ot ofl the logilatule of thlI State of I.tnoioiaonetitiled -"Al act ee e the fluther aesua ralceot' titles io Iulrchasers at juldric ial sle o' attpro ¥e . ite 10t h i t) of March, 1838. NOW, thllelroiLre, klnow e, ad :il resoo.t htetle.Ie It reil, are hereby eited and adll na bldlI ill thle Ia of Ite SItole Ljulloies, ollml ol 'll Fil Ph a iiJll[iJ 1Mcli.t Courl, ,whs lo let tel ot rikhil, title or ldift hi at it the ,to w-rly heleihctterlthlo.-ril-d, io eeOletljltrolrifnrset itlF ,t-rlli lt ill Ihe ordes t-.l-e* t )l-jUegtt llgtelltof tile Eol-e Illldel which the sale wco, or ay irr'Kularity UP ilhgalilo int the aeilltit nsenetr'I otl tdtterticllettts, it lllam, olmnllltr olstale, or it :l.1. ote'r delec·t hats . 1er 01to, Io0w ause, withil thirty tais.llr te thLy tshit moiltto is firlt i.trled in thi lllelo ea t.feyi.tth toh.- so nlelt oetouhlr.ottee.onflrtted..e etecntlttg+- :0 ,lle hlver'it cip mitt bhy-thYt rrltrif ttrtw etti tist-eitil, thlU;toellh leo ft Motosfo, A. !) 10:1,, )i/ rl Itte ofo doecre o" this eomot,,rerlki ei oil tilhe i.tJ dat 1. J.lelUre. A. II. 1838, ith a sit olotitlhdl JtmeTfit' r~ Iatiggs h· s. lltsil til0re 151o 1 .otit oil re( tok. CIosa. ot wllhich salte said .lhonel B;.res .gs the purchoter for tllo liriceof twot'- t-filve illnt t (Lscrlliptiot of pIroIlerty as giRrlt li ti c .ldil *e)anee vlr: A ..'iatt pteee t of l otlt-nl~ ly o crl e1 roilllhl 5t5ll' oih .Il tie ilhi dilll: ill t ltt iipl r-nletllo hIore(i hes.nhtt Oli t Joeg¢ ilis.ethe-lellolsergig ll0ori io l0t eiletif. tillmliell to ell tte ll h lelg e t Olo l trio ,ln e tr n itl r'an"l und exten ding tr ,.I 'll ll me u l tet whr en lui I tni!e i ndlll .x I. s.e a i s o f e n I sofn usel ,,h I' t thrv iuhloro, l .ll'lltlii Iteu .01.1-i II, hIs" 1it 1 ,h11,i( I sll ohitto trill-elr ttibotutthllkrlhrloptl l TIo1-lj.7off,..r I lN I.IIII~Y. ,, i 'el . I t ol)fc l ( ,iri iI 10 ll l ti I-r pllh i io llll tr i"-lI tr o. I ~ tItI lreitd laomr gio sti11 i -\ el ihto, inlihi. wo-etc Iligih oll uleot liel ooithe I: l.Ihol ioree lc Igohh T i ,ll' 1 uilal s il ohi , u t ll Sii litr is e'h l, l. . 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