Newspaper of True American, November 19, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 19, 1838 Page 4
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'h r taanEie, t4I Ot.," Y ; IItKLAN.t respeatetlly an. es to hor friends and the pialic gene. a is prepared to acctmmtat Il trin at he sovws eatablishmaent, and hopes tfrm her -a, 4asleao render vnsito rs'e4cnlrttihl;e, to racrivw "49lOlltiblitt aof formndifvarle. She ftelia'cont. d. that persons visitiuog Coviagton during the i. tloflnnh cannot id beit~coonq odationa i"tehi si bhan afford them, on more liberal ternms. ii ,Iso a s .plovaantly situated, and well supplied with every eouvenione; the bar is furnished with the.m(nt choice liquors, &a. in short, she promises n°tatnothing shall be wantisg on her part to give r t!U satisfaqtion to all who noay patronize the a ippi anti.alns Hiotel' je3 sftO TIlE IPUBLOuI' c rigcd. having Sstudied undpr DO. c.tidt of Charleston, Sooth Carolina, and for e aro his assistant in t..pactionee of medicine ard st*gery, has the honeor ~tofifr his professional services in this city. He keures the lsdies and g`eltlamen that rte most prompt attention will be i~d to the calls which mn be made; and also offers his al nies to the of slaves, being well acquai.ited with the common to them, having attended them in slager house in Charleston. Sfamousanti bilious pills after the composition ol fessr Smollette, with directions, can be lad ofthb.nder'igned. Theel-reet which they have 'p deedain this and other cities, has been attended trlli the greatest snccess, to which the best of reierences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Magsa sine street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLLoW WAi, t 0JSDiCREWS, SAD IRONS, &e. SlE HOWEILL WORKS COMPANY, No. Water, near Beekman street, New York, have ittlilved the past season, and are cornstantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock olOf the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing.assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hlollow ware of superior quality, consisting'ofl about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles. 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sises, frort 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bahkepane or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes fromn 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported prices. Sod Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20tb,. Bells for PleIttations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also steambeats and, other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and uplrn thi most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be the Inrgest and beat assortmeont ever offered for sale by any one establishment in tl.e United States. Merchants. by forw arding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, prices and terms, foom which no deviatioan is ever maelde, fnrnishled iy return of o:.inl.. All orders will receive ilmmediate attentior . New York, 1838. j,.3 EIION SYIUIIP Si PICKLIiS-Undvroood's lea SImon Sav-rlp alnd Picklesr, saaerted sizer: also, (ta hoxer tf voteis & Hlaskellsr Pickles ; Ibr sale., aloe u cou'ignment, by JAIIVIS.k 1N)iltr.\VW, el4 car Co'uon aInd Tehnllplitonlls d A) P'--i0ta half btLxe\I I a al. tarublrd IIIIo I am (h7G hld, fur le by ISAAC BRltt)(It it Ca). I 131 laearitr, ttv t.. i Nsna dwellin. heeaa on T'riton street, be Stwoeu Tivsoli 'irrcle ead I aruadabet .rreter. m29. Apply to J OTT, 11, I.ELIl\RROWS, &c--25 1. heelburrows, 25 dirt do. ian slu e, liOr rale by CIIA\IIPLIN & COOPER, n15 82 .lul'a st Ll. IAIN a;id ruledl Cup and la.ter Pl'slr,o.f ll ~iu litie, ron'istiia of very saperior le laid, bltu, .ir while w+ov", at, ll ati' anod ruald rough ttg's record are, cot,,t.atly taI itandllld ( . sale by MAVID It'ELT & CO. '.l1 N \' Simial.a' lH-all,& t4bhtaltres tt. - .I 1.) ,.; t a.....:, C" 1P. 11ýr ISlt 1) ,,l:S of'.1 llm eah Mlosel le t\ illS, 18'!1, 1all , d a a ht o 00, do 1821; 5t do of2 do I. i' P.rt, 181(); 511 do oft dl ILr. ltwa Slhorry, 11lt,. (1U lpipaes eoxlre .\tleire. For ale hy IIEILIIO tENL, lIttOaWN .'a Cat. ow q Cet.ti mtert. IuLANi I.OlOKS . f every vllriy.ty oif ratin a d I ilt.i, totrtaattIlv on handat:.btud "Pria'ittg, ulitit nlld Iinli.lg t eatlyt execttrll(( t a.h1 t . e : lllie, lly 0I11VII) PFItI '1 & CO. alil N t'Y ."atiaoers' Hlhal,t'1 Clalrtres ft. l a tIt t . tlal.ali .proof .iAmeriea, iraody ie teaig, ftr vale by IS \.tC BRIDGE & CO. In.I I'2 t 1 a'gazine street. A NEW two ,torlY brik lioune, sitante:l 5 doors bloan II' thar Cond .littitnialilty Htld,outStCtharies stleet. ent very lowt, possession given niiedllitel Ealqalirto 1at te trei_,e __, ___ .,'f eLUUI(t-jil bbltd e it,,o: for sala by a.nelO ( It)R.i':y, 44r New I. 5 CaSK IitACUIt stae aor attlc ly L m9 (i I)(t').IFY, 44 4New leveen. 150 coils Ilope, luatig Ionm A mbrs.ndor,fr sale by I,.\ET & AMEIUNG, Itll. 17 Cuonltorce st. f , ri;' i-i-ol iaea I(Keratckhe It gi .,, lanlld in ifrom a.e.lloer Goi \VRWairO. noIa tiu nolte hy YORKE, BILO'I'IIEIL', le6 5 Csnl -treat. NO IEBRCURY NOR COPAIVA New Orleana, Nov. 1t, l1"7. A BO[L"TWi lnauth' ago I had the misfortune It gal Sa s.lcr.eil dise, for which I hlave alplied to seve ral do:torc fIr caure, and thev dlid ot are lle. so nlO oil the labove date I put mysl f unider thi otle of )UIrto Hlet, and I exp.ct him tIi cure ure. Since that time Ile di"ea:e got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers Ill t.lollhr o1' six or eight on eal b leg, nl atll over ly Ilne, unit rore throllt, and not abl, to work at he pesilit till ot taitrit lf the direaro; large .leer oa the right aidl of lho Ithrolat. I aet iltl t lttillt mlyelf ofilentlllv ll ndr t .l. ctre of Dr. I1Hel, -f Pario. to be Iertortlt cured JOHN DEAN. leoIIb Jy I f CERTIF'Y ihat thIar hve meioiinedl diteate is Sqlite weall rd to I own ntllitif.Clioll (ll r lhich I thalk I)r. ltllet; and mi eover I .ortre that the iliedi chie I ine1 tkeIti akelstk o lit, H lli did nt iotJintre lily ilaltlh t.t ell; tbhrrtit I tdvise ll o Il Hot aallrers to ilane tilnul al apply to Ir A. lilet, 1It Calnal etrwet, heiweca ll 1Iuhticl I llourh.t btreeti. 1)r. ilier i at nalie tina 9 lao', A , iltil Ii' rl. hly tril Iind a ito ta otor nilr this copl aint. JOlIN I NE\N.I) tray era strreet. If le n'llp orto n s to e ie, cilil at No.4U r.oiIUiUI eneri, hid thoio'n ill hie sCiefid. t'Iv lre ptihlioihd, l the ouptiin of )r. tluet. JOHN DEAN. fewr O'reana. Frh 1, 7'tl. tnh 14 iv "iI~IE ie oaia, indtau Italotil uf toaverwr tau Iltn'ura 1 hutuird, ic pllt p in bohttlonat ti ltlw lprice ofl 5it .llld eaiUl, Coltaiil trile trenlh of Itret ir olllle ,if Lreilwotth, hooi b olt le t o i ittlt.ttl lt)i itnter totiti wlll lierbl k ian lan tra tc he ttdill. a s is t 'tiecrLt ii t'Itr:w:: oiiaaih)au v ,,ello ihints. 'le ii lll.d ollcesl wrhich hieretr ilila o ith kll ,, this ioettmldle mt -ri wit hevor i h hhrta Ito I vaito dlurel. hoa olltaild lhe eolnfinlee lIlu reiit.llllindll til neto I ptra,"tlllr dvici llos, for ithee elte of Coauglu :l thlio, i in the i-l,.waua lf tnt, op i:ting or ilo , litr oroaitlaict, tA "ao Wlto it h,,tiv llncern. Ilit is to taoeri trlht rwe have in our IruntLj" ferralntly [presoibe.)rl . i;ad aura Indira l toeptor r lio Lverwlr aIt c Ihdrll hd, wt i it doollid gaorl Ole1'et: we can tllrfor, tiron li klln, : lollge'lf tle intitrialo it is mala frym, :tld . bIei hat0lel aId exlpmrhue, ret:.lten·t it at a mleerin pIrnrlltl,i, or all thae ol.ttion.i of the logei for wit l v it i rer arnotuloul. Aly lhltt I' hii.LI -.thi.t, M. D. IhAeLVIN I.I .lts I). martIreo Oilf ws Bolttili Me litol e ilaobliiu . Ueotom, Otouber '25. ale by JARVIS & lNIt)I.WS, ,r~c '111} '.i (11·1t I 1 ll , 1 1 ,1 . , i 1 1. " It+ l 1 ,i t it I. , t ii l I SCT1,E'Ig' ElT'eresent l.agnesian Ali.lnai-Fri )dtlyatrph o. it. ligRerii-, iervot-i (ohltlit- , glii,headoele, nroiitv of itihe sthao, o lni!ua lr oet t ivaen-seutrneoo di.aou-et-,.goal gr el, o c. a,d ill uei uvlll,-id h it niln l oiditeol pltrotatriv. This . a .sirat)! a' .lp r a si~ has re&ceved the Gimro . a`. of nl" il PTiaant iltlrern oif Ile tiiof ~ ll0, hll from nti iI'(a: -llop I llblic eltity'rapala. Ilel ;lald Ilaceli. ,itell t..limililnl. ifot et-olaiyv asa nittrio halioin het, eel eliiritrd. t'ill a th lletr te.trlflti'ieo of a gllas of ,tln we er, iitI'esoeeILetl active tmedicinal roeilirties ir tlhe ImI.0 iltelr trell linoni pirgatives; it t pleasnit to li' ranlo t iil emlreful t III 1tllll0 cl. IPOJ'PAN+T (Art'l)-'l'l-~h ineresolg reptiti. tl, oiud great dnmonnd for ile Birnl' ll ,gIgn". tltt ALoprelt, l(no hetit 0n iyedl.elelo t for ,tellt, to of. I.rltniitintti-n othi valunhble littled i,. Pltorasra i.r ppar iteolay iarned ol ia ititt ft that itlV lny tie ont'hei pnrllrl, sld not p.llltta t iiopare oaic!e. The Iltllir ntre roepet(ttlly infor ed that tht .nllscri. hoer are .otlslltltly lutpplied ci h thle orig:nal lnI ge nui.e treparatoi 'a. For alwh Iwholtotle a d rt'ail. SICKLEu & ClO. Agents. bnI5 40 ('4ttC . ltreit, N O. T TA OSr Vegetable I;l'irT iifiire lthe; talOtion 1 in ..l"ýrouttha ofIlair, givinggheatlhald bueaut,,0d t rrVntinltug hahlne.. Refire thin Iir Oil w~vs ofl're.l to the pullic, it hnd Setrdlin lilnodrde .f erese of ba.ldnes, tbittine, ili' "liallqftiftle hair, and irn every i 1ttsro its oola'ar, pl r'u r hIon eollliod.It haonrt er rui!led to prdlutr a b ealitflt growth of hail olt heeds nlreadlv h +i&so wrhere i bhernrmnes dry nd eases eio Grot rrvery soi rnder ii hrelthv, alid llroilllec .dmDt'etinfot growth L hirt wi0out tt e lei rot l ito the heed. Tihis Oil glive olt aglretlble fr gi eod l piershble to any other IIt ir Oil fr per -qi ,rurlig mod glinting the hair. The h ir ool$hso.r dty afI!r whi,. i For sMale at ZEN & D' A` GP. O lnAk i0 I'&COnencin c irrin !r, Pow: . l ur shil Orle Ga. Eala i, liehlander, Kerr -'.),,l"I, I(O"ll.. " |lsll~ ; I !-4 8d b--8 h Bil iril Jalls; 8,9: O andl lt'tt WaineI tI io 'K ryl; L.eakIer ni other tiLvelJ[b.n ris.ln Can t-i Belt. l'.t+ket, Ilorentoan's ansd Dno ingPistols; do,.1 e aotlt lhate larelledl OGnaw G'gme Bages; Shat Belta.Pawder and Pistol Flasks; Dwni Bottles and Drinking Cops; Preareison Caps anid Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth: and Nail Brnpdie Orris and Cllori.e Tooth Washn Te"ch Pownel.?Psoilet and Shaving Soaps, in sreat vn. riet.; oiaoe lBranids, RinogP al Lfr ettese Pear; Aort. nildPs Pwder, Esmeery tlog; .ily Tab Coshionre Patent Shidee or a arlers;-.,Gu Eloatie Sospenders; Powder Ptl, and Boxes; (illt Chains, Seales aid Keys; Eardrope; Waist Bucklsi; Breoeleta; Beld Neeklaece and Chines; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Inldin Bedls. Bells and Plhmet: Shell Twist: Side and Dreenine Coebc; whirh, in addition nto tlheir fomnner ascck hand. makes their ansorntment very enomplete, and will be sold ow and on liberal terms, at the sin of the Golden Cobth. i.5-tf 70 Chartres street. THinK S bhcrihber, Agents ft,r the extensive houle of SW. & S. Bulther, Shefield, Enelland, have jts eelved a very extensive set of t ane rs, COnsistine of Taile and tDesert Knives of r'" .d deeiripthct, Pen, Pocket, Dik, anild Spear poiit Kenivest lnzorn , Seis aors. Edre Tcadll, &. &n. &e. whiceh they re ecpnred o exhihit to the rmale tor orders. Terots and conditions ill abe e rde known at the time. sil J. 1).BEIN & A COHEN.90 tonmme n let. NEW GOODS. I IMMONS, HARTT. CO.--Are nw oeeelving i3per ship Hunlsville, Eagle, Merry Amhew, High tder, French and German dtoubile henad plvincarlet: ter,hbelt atiln pnket pistols; plain, rihiled nl splilt calrim'easi; eap) holders; e rdaseis, ramers, tlen. Yes; Gillott's scmmeril and other nteel pela; Vih-0 ts; Violin strings; shell, ivory and itorn comhe; wafers; I, head and leather purest hair brnisl, front anal ask ringletsl negro ,Uffls; Gegnm trinln Frrih collogne water. Rowlaelcs M acceasser oil, imitation, dn; attiqsue nd Iears oil;l portnlile leni, andl dlceslcg r eases: pcctet bloeking; stotin tiad toilet glalnses convex mnlrror; op, cal glaes anicl viewst Indlin btends, hells an Idlumes; actnalenn; whhilwieie toilet and shoaing soaptl, toilet swclr, ae'nmelie wash balls; scented al, iuti aultionn; pool stanldsr srew cushiooa; faincy hcad oalcins and neeklaces; Ilioiardl ball; iacket iooks sall wnalletts; German honest razora'stapi fine and outnlaon, gum olanstie alperlers, gacles don; Bell. hIwifer matches nsil vea penails; C leycccs, Adc. &en. Tie hove in additiln to our former snlek of fancy alrieles, make ouer assortment very eoctit. i~t or ar:d wholesale or r.tail;as tlie sign of lhe Gollen Ucnm, 70, Clhttr, streete. nt.,. 1.l'ICE--' lile parlteorelip 1ttf Kelleye hnnonn dCo 1 of cNew (rlean ; ilMann, Inerria &C.c., cf Na.lelez; ad Hitis, Kelley &rCo., of RocIcey, was dinslvcrd on he2let of May last, by the death oul Samoel A Maison, tre of the pmrcnera oft tihe fires Thoe underoigned, surviving pnrtner, nwill be charorel with the settling nod elpinpg said IsineiCr ans fIlltoisa Levi C irerins will ntlend to the settliag of the Ic hme...e of Mason, lharrisn Ccc., it Natclhezr; anil Ilnrri, Kel v & Co.,at Rodnev; tnd Ilenry Kelley will attend to heatettling of ha bhineis ofKKeley, M\J ton & Co., at New Orleans. The ncnaes of the nseveran frcs will te teid in liqainlatioaonly. I'heae ii-hte t lte did firms are earrttcv requestced acotoe forwnrd anld tnakeearlv scettlelsetns; anl hllose haeing cloilne will l rle ee p irs ct tcrh witllh t delay. IENIlY KELLEY. New Orlearn, Jcune 27,1837. a l ases on m onelr tif itoillperinr Cololce vwater. just received and fir sale hv thle dozen or inhgle bottlv. Also Aniericnn eccis F'tenel tocilet pI,,wdersc poeder c-tlnnt arll, hanve tilncl toileta tc-s,cocctrctie wc,h iba, llcilk if rohaee, comeatic cold (Iretanti, xtr atr o Illtt.k, krepnltctc W.tirc' vegetable hair oil, cc atilla icanllce dprrc, Floridlan hltvedrlr, roe ond ioy watoers, Pre ale,: ' e sltrs Mlrsecilles ierfi nlerv its treccI.v erct:; tile c u ligncinl cuit e Chloriee aicittOrris tioth wasn, cl()lll,hnir, ttototil land flesh !,ru|iee; together with i"n tttlitonal aapcl F cfii.dlc+hioile Icro l ahrnd do ll -ttlbn :tinl jeccelrr tar aile lhw at wholiealie or rtaoil b, . tctli(cNS, IIAR'I"Il &CO, 711 fChartres strert. caiillc from en tlenrl.hipe lenizoo, sl Sarntogl aod lricg (.i'lotitn fitlr New Yiork, eh rel varien l if e-tacts inc thleir Iais. welstI tncethrr wcitth their termiaet -tllehk nni hn, tirlce ta their ttiiiirt, Pc l vntrVri ) pilete. The lctollilc eltc llgr ea p otrt, viz: elltwist,erl, tlcck nlld drlcc tttlg lld,: bornll h of ll tlstrri tint++ Io din rihtitcr, silk alntl woristedi elatti ellCtcrs, 11t-initi .tt& fine rlastic . tepenthere, ]lot Arlent o ll ioritifer iant|ithea, pocket hocks ait wnllet, nedh, books, shell, pearl, Ieory ahlld cvi(+|) etrd r'll ases, hbad Ornllalrllits, plain lo ral bhealds, nteokTal(..+ ant nee. ,~it hIclit v illin,l tie'd ridiari beads, bells and ,dutes; pistol at l large o.w lerfl sks, shot heh+s, han'se belt, peeklst and dueilin. t.ttst ccttloitetIsiule ralirelld autti. i IiBwiei kniveh, nllI rlirks. .e;i.*strs, shearsl, pocket Klivest i olrd tinitn, ted rinlrnn s, twaistttel n, h leoth, aiiir, ticli lctl)(Oib, +runlh. etllle, ilnateti, tloor nld tllrtilln brushest Ccitone, Florida, atvem edr, rose. nlld HV b WlLIra wa nIsrted essenllces, eai ll l mrh, aincceLnsttr, bhctlr Illltti( llt alrni iltltWr' i e getaile hair oilsh shaving ntt toilet stapS ol'all deOc eritcilons, ialice.' atnd gentlectplnS' dekk nd dresin musical work h axes, plallind sad ll, l'llrd, roult nodI nest Itle, I piiritrl e nd ivory hli ih)i shiri t stplltdd lde sanl silverlencil aetes, ttoihtlc ilck k a ,d tw(r.rzrs, an ted licd gilt Ineike-t it nitnitire (|o, oittr, ,rrss ltna steel ifiititet., hiokn aid evei, hair tin, iictttitmiii frtic Ilk ,.nd red intLhtne bhttiegi1 violins and gtlit7·,ri. llhed cecd clinctttctl erlic elor inid twin, u.c eltelicti- - tinl|,gold and Higter lage and friuatalcler ti1,ad lasle hag., ridinig w'i )+, walking rolult;r, layuing ealsr|I, Gola glitcl, Iit.tild eull gitt jiwellry &te. 'i'he aeve, tlirtlehr cwitht a inletl varaetviyf)riothir ar"ti les ar u oterld iat wholleali ir raeh oion uc-:ttollllllodtlig N B Shell coende retnirel. it I V1. S.I.()11IE-at thde sign of the go~lden ronh,),, t.71) (ha trley tcro,. T't,-a i,-ie'rior late e ceivied, iat i ditie n a their ne-a-ini .tla-hton I hold, t fi, ll and compll~ nete usortllt f ,lriailea icn the'ir line.; ir.: comb, perinetri;, .toneil,-,, Illn-Ilt, ltekitti glasse,, f-yc*nalkes, 5t e., eietiyi i iot as Odl:in, (NC tto)B-tnrnie ioc ell, oartn arhnl p llin ituch,ttrlt, rlailied hackt, long rountd, dressing, side pulll~i; curl and neak, tlrunilie, conlda of every ticscriptina moolngst which oare robeeMxienn pattern, Ivotl coms of every dnecriptiolhIorn, dressing aInd patkei, t)geher with a general taaortncotefinreanohnd Am.eiecan. I'ERFUIIFIRY-Colognge, toavencer, Floridat, honty, ity, rose, and orangte tl) waIer of very siore aInt e criptioti. catlnphorate-d Cologne, extratotof Ilnegoont, lanety soupn ofl ialltns, nllhaving dno ielhkea aItllmto, cream oaols i do, Ward's veaglllle hair nil, boars ail, au tiqnuedo. I rntanl's aielliag alts, Iplnain oint Inrlnoed toilet poader,pollrl poiwder, pa nl tpallh s lllIes po. tlattlo pitiist unit rlllslri and Olilt h loine tiot wuash iand t,,nat'dan, with tn Ien ,,rto,,-,i t of JEWVELIIRY-soaon .INI,,, lotet lan) most sltliotnc We, ser~lls, consistinlg olf white andc red carnelianl, trpaun· jet eardropo, ret in lilagree, bleani plan ofa grete' ne tv of ptitrnan, wa-mit trjlioiuiga', dillII nod silvC ack aiiiei, imole,, silver II~olpt dullt teiln and guard (llii llRtltES-Ciott,, hleuir, Iont. e,rnelull,hIelrtIflonr, hat, 9eirh, tooth, itlte, coull,, Nail, shavig, 01a0 anod whtitrearslettoludws. LIiOOKINlG (it.AOSISS-Germtn lctlumin and toilet glocoa,tlngoifallrlng nall Fencil, Idronioig glasrua, hoane do, with in varitia of other kiInds lttenumeIInItedII. 'FINUCY ANt) VARIE'T'Y A TottICtttA-Frcit, andAioieio partable tesks nol) dreSSinr cunn, 00o11e very rict uit fnelaly aninted ldliest work loenaad ires oillt cases, with ulnlt wthout music, l musicalbooeo, Ac. rortliaotnfant'ito kitdsniiolintlangeuitarsr, ilver lllla pltatedltpenciellilllltoleadtnlld pencils torloetclcaopentesad crnyons, wltle clotene,gunn uiu istols iltllunlmd iilanulllt peral, ltntsion gaps, nrtlrloion-enp cilhlgerlnpllplle necaolriverr, lllht ltaltnt,me Ln )tue', tnttaItlnel b ,k y tea aetto, Intdiintbeadlsot'niry kind,tlellls anldlonns, ftaeoud commonir konives, razors unitscissorshimbles, needlen, ttion, silver paiae d, steel aniaernuou poeta. Ileopoctket botHnIrk d walletaoln vrio llouklnl, Viitillg B lrdand ctal rdies, )lIllyitilu Clllr otFr' LroeliIGerman andt Ametricnnt Iotliotoreo, t dtlls, imnitation f ,uit boxes, tirtao if vaoriosn killlnodallll t ern' Pouli Eintteraon'a, Hiillmanooa and Halwkin's ororsteapts std metallic thnnes,dirkn, ottney )onat neckloaces, do with "-r drops, toy watches, uorl lnttnlotpowerller Ilnka, ol dlt plain seed beadsa, gill and silver doi, gait elastic e bllspen. ders, ead garters, pllinnaltd olwonrtinen,ilohukgnuunaot hoards, dine, optientl rietll, jetallnrpt, Itloetcu oIle),cl "and dtritnkingln cept, with lifegrt varietyof other alrt cl, l all ohI, tI will be sold fo01 eanht or city Oneeptan cec on t. tonthsi redit. 11 ftMI3tl: , .1'c co. td4 7110 Oirteaanl. 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Atnttno not,"' taiLn 01t ir atill NininasllI notes wilt le reaeivre, oi 10 tattERIc diieount foe gIIInda, or in paylnelltttf debslt. jr I to F LO)UR-=10(1 Ilcoding te itIttle ,icni,.i ettic, at 1 IIt)lh-ltt', ill'lJ .fIt len t,noa.. MR. WILLIBAS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JEFIERSOR HOUSE, JIMFERSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. Ti thIe Fldilor if te Louisviiie 4d 4egimrs. S Ii:-ilt pears bv thl tof the Vitorn S of hie Nashville "PresbyterinnytUnion and Trns cript, as well as thle editors of the Messhin E.squirer, that the "Old (Gentilen" is among tile Doctors:'. This in proved by his hinely rage, knowing that his time is tut short, ani thot she indspendlet Asoermon people tee able to jOtite fsr theoselves what are puffs and impositions. The worthy editors who are Doctors, the proprietors, editors or sub-edliors of the above named journals, call every letter fromn 1erons I have restored to nilht in thz above plaees, puff. 1. The fcri-l, that l never hod such great success within so litited a period as toen or twelve days. One who was seed about ten years, who had only seen the light from It Ilirth, segan to see ts ftillow teis master totvy hotel, instead of bein obliged to he led by hhin. Towo voune Indies, who had eachlost tihe sight of one eve, one for ten sears, and the other for nearlv two tears, having both of them the otiher eve very weak; set each of those .ole ladies began ton osee with oth eyes, wilch benclit I [pledge myself still continues, ex epting thiey are under the influence or dotinamtin of thie Medical Doctors. Another is thedaoughter oft rospestnole merchant, whose name I am boutd never to mentiohn, (os he p anil le my fee), who said she had lost the sigcht of one eve from the age of 10 months, hilt that site now hegins to read large letters with the other eve neelmleteli shut. This the doCetoseditore kre, ws. the geetleman told me himself he had eon. dnc'ed his dlnuohter to the office of tile oedical editors. that they might he inforled of the fact. The last I sIall menlon is an elderly gentleman by tile name of Yout, nearly seventy vears of age, who declared pub icly Iby letter, wtieh lie tok to all the differemt offices in Nnshville bht one, and hIself tol me e had paid for the insertihn woatever they detanoded, who deelar RI w iu that letter that ite Ie hotalli deprived of the oight orf oese e from fi ks ah er his birth, whilch bin motlerstated ti h ,.. - oeesioned by the measles or small poxi that nov she could not ionly ee the light of the um, fsr tihe first time that Io recollects, ut tihe stats also, and was heginnisg to distingoir h many obiecto; and did, before I left tihat ite, give ina ny proof that h eoobl ee to walk about tsle stareet with tile other eve completely elinsd. He said hie hal been oa temi er ot the Methodist Episcopal Chsnleh ior Snelrly Inrly rears, atnd thaot his word wa never idouht ed throogh the whor' e orse ofhis life. 2. I repeat isthIc 'aod never greater u oeeso then at Nashville, and thei tlie medical aood lerieal doctors haid neverhefcrdo meolh reason to be enraed. Theis piots indignatioo cfshe ier. clerical Dr Smoith proves-, when lie ~tsttdto me that abont sin yeare paes, he was. Converted from being n perfect infidel, te believe in the dtetril e of 'h Bible, that he muoost have m a t trifling veror-tllot I to nlus have nseant to av, tih t befoire the enr of nex years to coale, he hould he converttIr front his infidelity, as tle spirit of the trae in inister of the peaceful ood Idetien doetrinea of tse Christian religito lnoes iot Ibreathe ott destroction, rage, calumnsy and filsehoiod to please his medicasl flinlts, aginnst the ,ltc whtom se knlleW Iiar done so nueh good, and no i-. juery to anv one. All thie itllabitants of Nashvillre Slike of ihltoenat .'tuci s o htstad, r -ceIt the medical doctors. ilMot of them also had been itfe led by Mr Youot of the cure perfttmed on his totally blind eve. S. The frllrots c:nlih S. oafthis town. lretesr that r have ilost tohe lres I ginthe it tthe Nirtly sionce Imt arrival in ti S.othiest. This proves, however, I had, aos thalt keit thens tlutil [ arrived in thlits secliess. If I g'ained one in tile north, I ought+ to have eained ao__tl er ittie. stouth l nd *llltwest, ant I still bope to wear them on my very yoltthfi Inrow on the day I leave, in spite Of the ritaieratiort of thie gret I)ro.,$if t may jutdge from the ima i. I ave alreadj benefitted in tlis. city withit three days. 4. The olet llof the preesent is to ilefosr te medi cal oiiohas and editlors of the Itepblis a. or Trn s seript, s well c site rierioal lr Serith[ of the C. Presi Ivterinn and of the Ulsion, of Naes vie, s werll as tile eslitor ealsti tb mtedieal editor oftlthe Mephis itnquioier, cis well es Mr Prentice, it the esttor of site Louville Jotrll tt al s tll s te tihe lledicl Goliai editor of this cnv, the treat 1)i S., that I sltall ring actiotns agi tst tvna atit, fitr vlitperatlo, sliander or calus ny, itnoedi. tle i after my arrival i New Yotlk, os aes ll a ge nst their am title le I. rctro t li fthe teooo iGon i fttit i rtlh. I now hind lserlf by promiser, nevrto qoi this happy Iautd of libite., tntil I have ibrth, t slts noses of all sy imedical :oliatlts of tile nortl. as well as the soutl slil tst west, to the grindsitstne! Tite nlfilited, tIere. fore, may rielelate oi il lindig te duriln g the wit i oi cext year in New York, wrlre letters, post Ipaid, and l othlers, will be sltrt to reach elte. 5. To ittroll the ;stulic hlls t the i llI, so called, which the Rev. clericallv converted ielllnl pretend was. writtenl lillhn, w its writtetl i Tl re tlhtall . wek lior, tanl iltonsde for the Rev. I). llowtl, who rend it in imy iL-eSemt ilht ott ntnllft s ting s iny tdist,ll)rtl tinit iel tile contrary. lok it tto Iisstsdy sctlrts.deiell it it the wy liet dli, which li s aii lie tihht wsoht uld olt war oly postoe better; he delivered theittt botll t, mle, wilholt preeoilltr thItt I Wallted tio ht ile Ii fill t f 1t1; daOs, s l never could prestllllle to ollir thitt gottietel-.t or toty other, any tntt.tty fr stalting fa.t+s. The Rie 1)eurtr'sow -t'Wll ,ll nlt oll is lefoe thl e pll llblic: lad be l itd h examinlcal all lly, di plOlllSP/t :le. .l.e. wilh at ;IeIrlqln , art intinmate friend of his, a. well as tthe wilt r of st, atient id cotrtniny w,&eith &otithor clergymoaien, ud O tlll lltlt e afll II be n.lille, tri aiind till my t ien ts to ie Iore or less btlelolttedil, lie ileve.r cslli lav hobeen induced hv a Iti tranott sfer to draw uit s(ottth an tticltt :*s t wrote eiflfflr pitsliieoiol., lott addltrs...ed it to Sit eori,tltelt , edittr oftish S 1V 1; :iadvootet. ti. No tttt ee ti stile clear eigittd t.ediCitl ,liatiles f 7hln e .ottlo o th ,tin t . t. i tithe'etitie tsel ir sc ir.M said intellle~cltua~l t)',eve of' d to-hi-ttverotI ch'ie I ilnfidel. W e read i i the Bibl htt t ia t1'test. is ktttuttll by its li'ittt." i dare sty tlle eoulvc ed ilb te Ins prre~lr of srrer yhat c ssssie. 7. IN evidently' wnt';, t establih1,hi . hors) ttc:;tr st a Iulne Ibyt.heowhi thait I wl aboti itl ttttrini. tri hee t tlis eVe wloher shIe cafnt pfilll rcstrl t r. fi silvtr wttills lvt t hct u itre s v , a.i ll ttt Ws e ilt e i liesd itot a lii o ler e ll.tle l h itlie, wiol) , iofil iioib "h'i ih i etlornalhint of hin Divne .lloster, ll solf ncly sold him liar artile I sler teo piltiu ltif . oilver. My leswer ie , tiht itfe wan tru i nlever sd I I e. ail.te,n or could it b"e oan-ider eti st by -nite, u, st it wits elnet etf llq to the leuthl paru rlof"Ity he regular printer's fee, of $1 p' as Ir -pr. iCollllofilfnt wo ts three onlnnoloi of closel (l.el, te iiiifer, which wel e to be re easted three or iblor times: inl the I'resb Verina, UnioIn l ldl Manletr "jotrnll, hll I ever iltede to lribte hltnt. I should rlly r.offered ohi a Ilulsai-ftlv hte iwoulc itr thave tllilt, reeive as his ftie anti not 1. a bribe. Or i the contra lryif I I all been co 1tble of tuftre hrts be, I should certainly have done 0. iIt thbe reay. )octor been really i onerted toh the I'elhe.ff the doctrines of the saviour, hn wouhl not have promlised to alome and examnlhe ins. Ir(elusr- Isi out kenping hia word, as I have always fU al every minisltie of the gosp)el zeatlous to do, i. )fall he been really coutvtllvrtdhe ie wol lot nub lit Iv have spohkso g inot tle Alnteri.oin snstli ties, whicslls, is .sce lllbtntslt,;eme t lto ttrsa tad tt; Rlc are.I sulet.r to tilltllsy it settto pats Oftl Europ. it eondu<+t s [inatlh di.g( te( sole voting literary chalr l the spotcs l l.-Lit violent handsOll sif n i TIIe Rho. esutlettnnthousi h sit Seuotch attt, it withollt excuse, IIuIles he is tcshlnltintesd), tihtitttth he m stn tht llk le i r ao trI ri to tltt.e tt ile Atlerian isotlitnttl llS, teclslllllhe is a elt rlted ilnfidsel [ say le has o -as llt ought 4 eto s ak wll of thle hridge he goes sasfei. olvr. I fIlcy the gallant Capla tilo.dy aisnd severs.i otlher a yllabl sonu gel st eelltltltellt illll etf tll ie erolie well tle Cssslct i ttis 1pious expo under of ithe ioily detiptarest 11)t t nevtor aw seteih a demon iu hmanl shape lea ithe ilev. i)ottor wtos iho day I sil ed to rellson w th hoin, wshe ho asstesied nay grey hairs withi als pliftid gigsle cirt a s .0 if ice would have flled ioe ti t it gttctll,for dlring to drawo iiolls oioister aw otv froon his duet, b rit fltiit e of i0 siecrs..fsilver! I rellt ly tlrileulohd m.eo than i il te ".d (ienletsau" hadt ait ll pored in is iown sheit Ii. soiletl l v dclll're t i fiare God aid not tstt afraid l to call Id 1 to Wtlenss thae t I never, ile wili it l oursto of 42 year pfacticn its ant otttlist i tllGlreat llittio, trallceI l lrl t sl an .ttet ic, it. It ithlt e i ttttee o l ttetl ccils i ila at. aollnt Oliaoote dilocr of sy .jooetr silte s ae tici it tiia ls r tile eo foltlls . eJlll oe i treh cfre ho tAl. Goitlsof I'lto tlolllort h ill osl ur5 isl sts slYt oleti.-.ttos4 sstrtil stit Otlteoitfla sranths tric theloot iol sdetetias editors leritroeoisit.eitetr brethore leggacr,asnd yeoll wiill octho il..t IThoogh I paid folrsllsebr co n tl'elll sti oflt two aor 'Isrce wceses, i ts Y\otttiiipulpleasestssiac..rti iis biUn., yett ror)'our -e pseeorstd oblige yourst &e. tll acost r Clefie r .too the 0. II. C.dreeosate of she llth Jolie, 5557.t it the lertiv ostof ie. Williocsce see irtsoe site ll i is n- ss sslsr evll thIe Mlocr l t sfll Nato s liii, sto site itt Ilt:ecrhllo itttcscctillted ih eiiplslipltlltsoo stlOr ttt e. ti i sloeh l Ito rlr nasrl tltluilt !tlltlt -ogo3 Is.o eslluesee of a acIn Wr. \V willre=. instestdedi--oys beIsstdJl. SViliilts, itile ss'tlit, u5w it ticis city, ts cxsssitt his nutnerfsoe di5. sIsllls otd othser iLto sIseliotc eoist viw of its .Olltlll o s ic tt rine d I1esol e 5ri wit tsiti .s' Aln.. tleaitones I lttstti iesserf toIle lrtgesosIttt pe-r hi oleoitsl'tr, sddi.I ceo-ted stolsr. Wiiii ostlims, testl yig tbis geoll ttof ti she dilsdistoonlas frost sit Kisllsse of Fsrel, 5 eli a Ste cirv llhisi tsr n l tqre~tssssohy hcseultcsd. fitiOT. BI. C IIOWl"., , anti0TI. I. C. }!1. TENNIS I1'S 3a1 LoF' LC)Ul i.-N C c. A NtKIw MA P ttF I.OVISI*NI with its (·I1II11, roadsd anld distances, from)Il place to }dace, along the stagel~ sadieIaiu-o, otles, d y 11. A.'1. Mitdl. %IIIClrl ' ar I 0 T1E I EITR'u Sruj IIu LIrFil TH the pIrinceipal 't'urnp~ike unit cnlolau s road', nu Hlliclr fire nltu Ihu rousera s of the all-l and ralil rurila throlltgh cut( thle muntlrrv rcarflly compiled front thel~ beat uu llmlriti.'*-pulI;llt d byY S. Augulirll* ilitchrll. l SIITCIIE(.I. 'I It·Ht 71.tgH'.J (;u11E .TlllllHlrH THF. ULITEU STAT,.S; a leap (it' the roods, disucrs steap buout ad euuul re'Itcs, &c. juut receive utnitfiur sal W.VA M' K l A (1 I:iii: 11 ON j1'IIL~li:LI'Ill.t-I , gl l YOItKi. It ll'lIIER:S 31 li3(`:llny treet. FORtheanreofreolumilismserofulaorkingaevll,gbut, ielhtinea or hip gout, inciient a anuen, iadt rhetim, Ilitie and mernrial diseases, partitlaly uleera and fillatftionsofthe bones, uleeratttlroateed no. iulcers of eveD descrition, fever . ·.ag internal e .ss, fistalas, piles, ~sald head, lybl, ele .le more eyes ryst opelishblolhe aandbivsijfa. taseooaaalieotien, ebrenic Cralshe, head in from sayacrdd humort Imiur 'i~;. psipa nproaedinsg frlm variatotlnn,5Ib44thlt;iver, cbrotie infuhmation of the kidneys, n te debili y caused by a torpidaction oftheyesslsothe skin. It i singhleflicalous in remtovatlhlIhose eonastiutions whio ho vbeen broken down by injudicieous treatment, juvenile irretlarities.1st Igeneral terms, it is remom mended In all those diseases whiahnris frot imlmritias of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever nameor kind. Some of tie above eomplaintsmay reqoire some tri fling asistant applications, which theciroumstances of the camse will diotat; but for a eeral remedy or Purifenator to removetheoause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found soufficient. TO THE PUBLIC. Hlow true it is, that modern Physicians, m their am hitiol to excel in their professiont; explorelthe vast teldl ofscience by the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re medial agetts; in short, to arrive at perfection in the ipactice by meanst of art alons,--antirely overlook and eglet,aj bleteatlthrthetrnet,tsierich andl bountteous atores ofimlelieine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out oftheeartnh in every clime! And how mch more true isltthat while the American Physician looks to foreigt countries for many of his mosnt ~olnlU and 'teesasry articles perlstually clhnging an they are at the dictates offashiou orfolly, he is srr atnled in Iis own country withall endleusprofusion of medical plants, smiflicient to answerany indication in disease or to cure atty curable disorder; sld yet he is ignorant of their vir tues, anst they are sufferedto 'waste heir healig on the dseetr air.' Thle effects of vegetable medicines upon the system are tenlmt ry--those of Initierals lasting. The Iormer ex crt their ef.ets atl pass off--the latter, mercury in par tioclar, nct citesically lponn the solids, decomposing the Itotns anll usndermssitsg the cmsstitution by a si: and sure ldetrtuection. Tl'he congeniallity, efficionEcy and SAFETY ofvegeta ble retmedlies ever mineral, may be estimated by contrast. ingthe ancieet practice with thei modern; on, tio riog il more immediately under our own observotin, th Isndli an practice with thatof the whites. Who, it Aslerica, nas not knowneorhenrd of reseat(ed ihstances wherein some decreltil, ssoltrrcding female Inlian, by meansof her simple remotleaoalone, hns aff'eed the most sespid atnstonollihiss cures, afterthe lnteira Medlica of the tommtn tl'ctice. stitete in thie most skilfll manner, oas foiledst Andc who has lntt been rrised at the comt - parativeease notl facility with which the lndian fieesa hin self itm any lisease, and at the almost tots abstinence ofchronic discsate among them? 'Who has eve heard of all Indians with a constitution broken and rsined by illtreatmoento A:c d can a dosnhtexist that this happy en emition of the savage from most of the ills whichi the Resh of mal is heir tO, il chietly owhtg 1o amor Ileii csd ttLi remedlies which he emleoysi yl'his nstonish. insg ditfirenece in success, is a fair exemldification of the illofiitte slnrioritr of the f imple s ladl safe means of cure whisih (ost hnas created Ifr the benefit of his children, over Ithose whoich the pride and the art of maot tav in vented. From a long residence amolg a portion ofthehnborigis aliUbitaIntsosf thiscouittly, andan Intimate aquainh. tance with the, methels of cureof some of their most suceessfl pIsocttiioners, the proirietor of 'The Indian's Panacea,'acqoireda a koolelge of some of the most powerfli ansd favorite remesdie Fromthese he selected such as were most ellendious and alt ropriates, and after various experiments to test their rinnepilesand strengthl, he has scrabbled them in the tel'01 here lnrsentel, as tie most pcerl's at el denefieial tar the purpoase lbr which it is recommnended. T'Ihe proprietor offterstlis preparation to the lpublic, with tile conseiousess thalst he is itlacitg withintheir sea, a remedly eanpable ofrelicving many of his afflicted fel low beings, whlo tare sueritog ulttsr tile various r httric andl obsienate comliaints to which it is alsllicalle. To stch it will trove of intaleullble valsle, as thie olealls, anl i illt llmy mSsn, thie only means of lelieving theirsaul andI restoring them once sole to heai llth and a piness. 'Thlisist notolfrered as a ctmttot reedly, that may lper clhnnsee e bellrlyt good with ntaty others now u1 use, bill as oite M hjiI is a't table of sat iog life ill many extrvemecase ioall theuauss nlrenediestlln. 'lhis It has done recleatedly; aiuli tiis is the repttaition it hasob tillnes wleleeverl tii has eels illtro(lduced. It is olt' atllt tlhree o tos silese this plmrmstiont was presested to lhe o tublic:but in tistl shalo space of time, some htluhssi.ts of os)ts onstsllt he t'ltlllt, wise wonl snloiltty stechutte tIhat tiles" Itelievedt itesa thieir lives sel'to saved hy it, nult inll |oibtsesalter thev had tried Imnul¥ and leihaps all the comnon relncdies in vais. Vhler ever it is knaown it is ra polly cotlnilg into use, cad Ihi~s T'hte althte 'ditto l'atsecra i stost coilstietllclols ill those lontttsllsi m.t s tt tdiiliic tstd scto stloas ptr ticts ill tlloese cas wler llerllrv lls been so elai ly osed as to calEse distressilg saillsill tile btnses, lodes, nelrll .ri ultrs, sleralgeLnent t fttlhe dIigestive oltg:la.s, c'. 'Illese it tllltdeltelv I'elllt.te v, aldl i alltl catse it entire. Ih el'dtiaete tisealsete. aslll t'eiects ltl'lnerettly rtlo v~lesther t'oiSlitlltillt, :lIt l. altt sths e ls ltitent r sttl ltl ;tlld well. It r·l, tlnultislr :Illl; ill tllet ated surel l t oll ' t its halaljy Hettes ;alr ot lcs appl'ellot, gis itg ahitOst ItsItt-r dliate Ivcli~·f it I luxative s, al unti-spa ineentlc ainl anl o, k;,e; ala l inl iltrier etartl , ecs usnto hie arstl emiaosngogu.t,. e1ere alllv texpr essedl , it ills.eases atl the secretatio a~lS dtll ex elt'ti t tsl, gi ttsto t- to ti t tto mlat e and e xcits h s ctist i n the glandls in a particularen:mer,. Fr+oml these ],rhnci plets isollelatliols mlli(y be uldtrstooo. "l'hs mediciIs has been finan hi hlt wIdfil iln manliy iguo..s disteases not Ihere sp.etifie, ldo it hIas Ilsttt uIsedl with wmulerfl d uccess as a and u Fll Pu risler, by thoslr who s lre llle5 cl tt cotllll lillt of the c.lltl, atitd wltlose cslieottitlretluire newi vigor. Such Iue sones will r' wll l Slcs t vo or three bogtle8in sI all ll sew. W'hileltlner a diet dillk itn cnis~itrtol lecsst.ry nhis l alaea,takesll ill a su ll st;tt t "'a i all ti sw tr all its l l'lUo se s, ill nlllc h less ti l, at less t xpellsc,c l i 1 the meore agreenble mnsoasser i ts-ass tthe ctsssimon siet sritsk. IThe ltilowilg ceretiicatcs, out of Inmldrds similar wllichl nsight be irocured, alte. gisell to show the uls" et ol the slldla ll's l'llaste, in tellt. vr illl ll~lai l slstetioaelt; ettlsslo to eahilsit its tile tlttsl tnatsl'seturty Ioantlltr iltsslutptrrity Olcr tihe st rlol ill cantlllnoll tp.e. CASES oU HIIIeU.\iATISM. CoIIesToro, Nov. 15, I18". )uring tihelast winter ad st'rillgl was alllicreI witei a very rve'eo alltlisltsessillg irh umnlstinsm, onslioies Is ) ecipostteeistiseslweathterst.l tstossskogrest Itieasttrs. stttlitssd, thatsscix isttttlo t'th l,,itns I n liz.rstrt i se tl'lct ilteollttiiltl, '/ t. itlll idllrtlntlnlcllr io esll stiilarIy atlietosl. JOcllx l"lFltt;USON, Kisgst. Ce .oscSTON, .\Macl 7i, 0I3e. I was seaieldd as ttll'hreyear) a ille, with asbi.tressislg irhelllnatisn , acaustl b takihlgta sg velr coli, whille lllloer Ihtheilttencef moercury, cull which has disabled sl liln busiheeiss inieaIly ilseo. Iluilg itisil periol hlave le lI ta iltiellt ill thie la'hie Htoslinsal, ill t(is eit uiswatrlsiol hst'r smsoths, aod tearly the-snse leoglht" timt hreisstle llinsemro litslti il, alll tried allnoont ever ieneslv, whitll little bettett. Ot tlelGse if Iblrsldt last, atlhatt ti ioe slarcel' able to mnove aisut apon cruthle es, IEounrlenel theuse of Ihlhiln's Paoacea. In one stolsil Ifeasi'ii csy'nrlf'esstirelyt'tosesl ltom isOtliantstia itow Isclily to etate tLht I CUleo ilrsttlrttcrlfllsl.rfeclly oell. OV3I. °t'UCI(EIt, 1' Ml'aket at. CASES OF SCIOILUIIOUS UlCERIS' New Yesno, Septit. I1830. 'This maty ertlify ihat ill the lil ol 1825, t was seize with a swellihlgi lltyt neek anlll .lce, wllils aflerware ollecratell lld bee.cime large ghasitly ulecrs is my neck. Ali.erltyilsg .e'tslll 1ii)(sSis'iaIs tttso sltas\sIItgci I nelos ito Philtellihistasts ll t ltatcll nsttst lt t so lel thre calre, I)rs. l'Ph sit assil llesae, swhen, alier IYepealed salivattom to noietl'ec, I was troouliOnllled utterl'y ilcUratble. Alier. walls Itiok twetly botslesofl'Swail'lsPanaLeoaanld eil, bhttles of lPotter's 'attholiicos, witd io intoel'il bene1it Ilesnlaisi'g of lile, lsici hiall iow bhonsme a bithelin t ele, I iretuesll tto iy llarels in New Yerk, in 18t.1, anll gcavelcycfll' io It a luerilleg atler ,asis. Hrisg of dai }l'e oo atleese of 't'lte [laialt's Pe;lloeasio h-oeer, ill cae siasilalr to ly owIn, I was Persualled toitr) it, as last is. sortc. Tlo my at suorlse, as well as lrstais fetios, ionll'olsl Iytelfqyiselll y Ieoveo'lllg, Sid ulson takie ssveli ioltles, t sie ulereosliell asIul t Becaete ilerfeotli -ell i the court'se oftwo lmollhs, ald have remuaihetl so ever sic t, lae Isinis elatosenss aus wlsshitltshlihed i:r itel Isellestrtfiltose who t rse soteCltiteg oser sislsilar srlhnso snl.lshililci afltotioiss, thsts thsey cotiy ktsnw slat hie esir.eoloils who sac elseltlesl tolty thiing hlts ilealth, tlsd ah consitidertlS ti lilfe saved by the Habunc a WM. IlNIIA) C.itLEUs'roe. Jul) 12, 1 L.31. I was allclilr, fiser years with ai ulcer Ill tle leg, oc. casioli:,lly nuecopllllonied t wih crysiltelatous iltaisnalist asld etcesnive tlas iii itie leg 'slid nIcat joillt. Ss'voastl rent illlrlltsictiais excetel tleir skill Ulon it, bilt with tet iseranraet benefit. It shis case live bottle lndiall's I'atnacea nlale a pelrtect eolre. MAIIGAAIIET A WEIT', 1921 Market 41'or sale by HENIhY 1iONNAII.EL, dreggist, agen tartlse Itssuoietors, T'h'ull's itoslas street t1 NEW ORLEANS &r NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD CO3MPANY. II'\IIK nte-khil!er aif ttis comiany are herehbno Stilled ithat by it resoltio of thte Iboard of diree litn p taIed on the 19th inot. thlecall made on them i the l:lrll Iebruary inot, foir the paymentof five dollars ashre, wa~o r.ecinded, and the aid stockholders are further iotified that WHV i .RI AS, by a relution of thi board passed on tle 19th itltit. eall has been tite oten the slockhoelers of hlle New Orletan aiad Nashville Iaril IRld Ce ornlly Itr the tiolowing paytmeltct- oin the the stock ihil resilt. tivel. by Ilit viz:-two ,ldouiiar iel. pe silltIre, lyable ont tile liro dly If Se teOlller nl two ill.lro o ler sllre plviable oi lhe liret dny of lDecembher next; mld two iillarilter ilhtie payable on the ii al day of falrch vilh tilte jill neiatito of thie elrlter theV are leritt+d to posit liely pi yenii eaitld in ii ile stock ifetidh nitltaly ftor lhe terlll otiit"oit t dlls ro and ather d ilil n,!ihI' it is iuiite lpaLble, wit I the expiess con ltttiiiiil how tr, thainr ifllt reiulIrlv piid within tie htird Ilrtlllteoiol iiof ixty Clot e,friill iid it fir tl. tday onti whieh it shlout lhave Ieell pairl, tihen th e stol:k nil w hir: saidlptymnenllIts shlhlhldlv beeun ll e.l is alnd rrtllla fil ited to rile coiiltanyv , tihe o:hllrter litn tat "ohit h dinn impeateier. ;tI eie ti' y tf. l efore, fit taid cill, eil it k ofIhe i tile illuehleriti itn eid tltliltityi t tIliink llOlter tl f pI o tie pll tittellltl a t their stloei to lt+ .iiel ot tie dlitiiOlinl sixty dllye, lwhich the citldrter allow.s thl;litsn are etitied~l tl Ilnt lreplmnent of two dol airt i ir mllle cilltd fiand dut nin thie firet nl Sel. lerl er lluxrt il i tie iostll olse uniler thie ixe .t-iio iln tidl c liiter; unilli the :list tdty of Octoi! r nle t, tlil due imlll: firstlav f lleo Itcenldr next, mlay oe post Inell uluil ie 3till day ilf Jet rv ellitit iIK; d Ie aity etir ily I wllwllololllrtI.e shiire culhil tiilr anll dhIitiiele It litit day of larllh ilexlt Illaiy L lbe alItOll,'t Ulltil tle oIItl lnv of Airil itxt.. Extracts of iln mtinutes of the board. june li It AR lcNAIR, Sec'rv. !7 O1ttAti.. ,.6o--. tizet white- Wo . He t let, tireu JtIIN II KuhI{lIAK. sp IG STATE OF LOUISIANA.-lParish Court li'r the Parish and City of New Orleans. TIIE STATE. OF LOUISIANA. T'o all wihom these Presents shalll come, Greeting:-- lheleasr Jrnea H rase g prhned at rate nlade by the Shsriflof tire pariah of Otisoan tihe properly hirreioalres daernbed, ras applied to tihe clerk of tins Surt, in whose office tihe ded of sale was recorded on the fldady of April, A. D. ida, frtl a monitiou or otdser tiemeO t in eoro~tmhv t o an ret of tiheLegiolature of the brate of Louisiana, einlitled*'An act for tile furlther su rane of tites to pourchaesra atjudicialsalts;" approved the daay.rofrmarh, 183.4. NOW, iherefore, know re, and all persotrs interested herein, are kerety cited aetd admouisheod int tire oare rrf the State of Lonuisiana, aud of the Parish Court, who eab seat up any right, tite or claimn in and to the property hereinaller rdecribed, in coneqluence ofany informality in the tnier,decree or iudgoert of the court under whtch the sale was made,or any irregularity or illegality in.the appraisements ai ni advertisements, it tilme, or manner of sale, or for any oher defect Wnlltso everq to show ruease, withrin thirtv days from tie iday this motnaiao is first inserted in iho iublic pnlierechy the ele so anaie houl nor be conlirmrd ritd homo legnted. *Te said preprty war snld by rtle Shierif of the asr ith aforesaid oni tihe 4tit day of Aprii, A. D. ION. Sy virite of a decree of this Cou't, rendered or the 5tlh day of Febury,A. D. 1831, in a enit enitlred Aleuander Caldwell vs. lamies iianse, No 10,3fi6 of the docket of this Court, at which sale the said James Hase became the purchaser Ifar theb price of twenty lon tlousand dullatrs. Desncription of Property as given in the Jydicial Cnu ..-. veyante, riz: certain lot onf eannd ituated in the suburb An nunciation alias Laeourose of this city, in square No 5, and lot having rech omeaslu e,60 fetftroo Tehou prttolas street, ZlI fret froent on Oragrers street, and tll feet on l.aolarde dn Ilarci b .tre.t, in sechn a raenner that stid Iotrufsround is t0 fret wide fromn ore side of thie square to tie other logether witr a dwettng house fronting onit Thnpits i aistreet, tie kitchen, anrr ti pendeneiesa,j anl the dsite y estidiishmeents ereted thereour and oher i uihir srll dr irprovellelnts, tile mechinety, utesil, oimplemrents ald iturea behlonging to rairt rtillterv, its de terrdcrrino ie td lapplnee c 8 ,Ceu and the rigLitsaactions, antit privileges thortur belongilg or in any wise applerltatining. Clerk's Offioc, New sone-no, May 7. 183o. m14t,24&j3 J. OLLIE, topirrtv tlrhk ETAT.T.-e l LA LOin lLANel--tCuor de Paroissno poor In ptrirse ei tille rie la Nuroclle Olern-irs. l'Pl TIt DE LA LOUISINuL.-A tomrs ee 0e mr UJrIr l'setaots eooneenoet, Srtr: Attencdi rtu delea Hene eyaotn hetb A oun ruseoqe fuire prnr le Sheei tiela paroisse dst'hle-ltaa iprnpriht ci-atpr-s decritoe s'est edrret a OreRf ue deette Cor oniu hr dicqe v bntr eregistrtie I emrejopre ie bit tr le'tanfer 1838, ioar, un avia eoneraanemenot A on od tie hr Ltigislturue tie I' Elitte aI Lnuisiatne, intlir tul6 Au t ourn eotil'mec le titres des aqnoeres-a ont ventesjudiieires;" aoppeloroU le 10 uitMatSd h l Q'i|eitnoum, et routtesotpereonloes inthel'sseeant parse res petrtes lore, rtees t nilem te 1' INtt lte lit Lurrisiate ct ie s Ceer dtIe 'roisse, orvupnrrrrirntauieric itr.i lonproptibme Cirlgn.i deerilte, en oaures uenlce d'uno liont ie fsorale datsa I'rdlt le T ehrret ro lc juigeinent de lt ontur, rn ve-rnl que la ttlverti be a truite, ohr ile rtote ilutrgllIneite hU ilth'il lt ani Ionetmtionl'actin ule 0temps ut le iottt d Ia vrnts, Oil poor rnnnutlo ole nsetlolelrietrt dte iilre ic, hn renrte jores o tle doiree ih uition tie eilr ese lis, p~oulrluoi ] \on~te aiuSi fiito serait pas tenofinirbe yatp itt unegt.r heIomsologu~e. e paroprirt frut vendue pole soerllhnsri t , I, i as - troi&m3e lour d'tvril de I'tabniu I83, er verlu nn drert rie eere esIcr Icn 5 do fbVrier do tio lnnfe 18:30 dott I'alfhire 'Alerntner Caldwell, ontre damones Hersne, No 10,367 do dlheket de eetto Cnore, A ourIele veei Ile dit Joale iluone s'est rendu etuIireur poor io prix tie 21i lie. l.eriltion dlu PIopictit di.tSpen lemrnaofcr J udioiares Savoir"· Utinertain I t roe toerse ituta an filno'g de r. itnlnOi. ciula alias oe torsrec, tie celo viile, tars I'odet No 5, lerditilotde ftre avaot oresucr fr trisoiul coiconte trtodsiletir o trtioc ur T.oan)ititoulart ttois rent ,ciet rie raeo iA lt rue ties rau,.rer., et sriinotttc ifndi rie face Ai lt figirde tie h rue di :trt h tie sol-tse Irie ditrosonitd etorre iousvtrtc~tiedniiefrocceoc n s dir lot de terre a soixape plods de ars eur d'tll hgor, tic ilet i I'aitre: enerhe trl nae u toionq lieoi i t lir A li rite Tchotbounlues Irlloision ct Sea dee i espCr iceio lte ia iistillerin ciilrliito sor le donit ht, er ttlrr Itel tiseoc t of1i rti olun et lT c ils, Il0tmils rnaolwai aidons, oe. tlrp -rnwetrri A h lit lir tiiiilhlrio irs tildplil rlrcoretlrr aprtclrernr tl le ald oilt ciit, ls et tniihliiiec y alip tieast. ]lilcctI in greo r IiNoiccIie Oririf-me, 1e le if103b. 11n 12 IQj3 J. ¢)1,1,[I," I,.plltl· (:roEffler Royal College ol Phyusi.lre, I.lrrrrhit. IF< 1 o gtriirinthalt ile tHig n Unrivceril \leli J. Atrt, r. y ,V Mliohir, Esi.all ee i,1 rther It heel CIegni olf .UiegeOlR, LicCrstiaoe of Atilihe. eaevsatnetlpalllye eyllnwi eo' IthIi ttllo l Soiety, SIhoigio enicrIal U0ni0 Uron toecsion A soirrorin Inao ~lsce, \.Vate'hml FI 'idlle, :11 P)C 't ' m il I)opil Of Gu). sa i lt. "hnotowhousni I apln. Thris vIlla INiri, ie dh ieresh of IP llc v. : sk iii-l rqe uliA er-l sicm the iii es, lSc. ln t r'itlieA ti r tththi III L Ii in o lli I jub s nisedl hv\ ihle lilelll h ;Illrl IIO}lililh" :lIlt] isi IIIIW il|[rodu¢,lC~ .l to iLre t.i tirc Itt ir lne r .b-rl i 'l-,ie, ri n illc e: Ull t I Sli - :dl ii rll trilri- lit-rl corirI'' trio ,1 r II 11 IIhI, illlll , i rot e cl lhi, ni ;.c.lic - ii. ' i lnn I rn ill , ,l III :IlsnllR ltilhl e.S 1I( •~ rLv l' "pY ll'' 1 "311·.(11 :111) 1;I . ~.i ill u ',hoh',', el~mq% s ,;,. : cii' i ri-i alil-tin :l a'ii 1, ls l it.'dln origPI l'.VL't l ld. Ill' l~l, all I(I€S1 Wh.)~ll (jhl '"I,·Cl lIl leah ., s .ul' nei~lllllel, bel~lS u II( CIh I(· Ihe.. lll. '1'1., ;uEl. ,h -~I1(1: 11 Illl ii lnr1I.I I I~ ~I( cr0S cliil iii. llll ill pIlt'l'~ls~ Sl .)i~l.lltd) 4. I ;.JI -t. ilvlllbil( 11'. 1111 lu. ,.,c lahh! drug'isI. b .ksclh ii ii-in -u . lhao ,,iiii- . i, cll ii inai n., . it li I -Ie - i-i . -o . r h r cior , iii ,liIrr-i lr·Ilirn - logell.l'l'wi l th Pl.M~ii liuln, III ii ii c il'O i..s i i t? 1 i lli. .\llel'nclhy I rincsItI 1e11o riti .1. I)e \V Bk M ) .I. Ashmll Key , A . I·';,i, II .',,,II M\. 'l 'a,,,1II ,',,m1tq't,'.'. IIitllel.8 The' o h ss le (ietlt d Agr.l ,il xtonz cI(: nrun dire hi e is illrrui"ticir itii JNO. Iiinlgiii , I.9 nu:n e'h" l'lace, N. Vork,i : Sole (;tnlel tl Aoi clll |'hi'r ir i hei ni-ei 5.lrs, icr . Flrtoir ial y poilirollil li if Idl Ls Igill|.o 1 troy Any e Leoa; A. iruro:.nlruygi-tr No II, iiaiSIt' (-ireti) A reil toliStf e rii . l - MJitlY II LEE & co, No 3 Iogazi. stlreelt, lr J cow receiviog from I hipt Nashvi'le, la.nisoille, Klahok1, Englhe,.a! other late arrivals twn :b, :.thel'l ities, a large lnd new 'eleated assol'l"l, Boots, Shoes and Brogatls, nnlsirlilng l'glIen'lemei's llne calf ;ndI MmoUCo Ibuns ieo dA qualityl do buloPl, aul stout wao pegged bhoots o onriosllsqlliies; ilell's lieu Callf se nl '\ioroc. -htn. mopes nl lrogaljns, bIekskinl shoes, brogans al sllppels: mlell's line csllf iol kipplld lieggcdl shoesndl Ir'gts; Ido boots; do stoot kip utd aI .x peggedIslIllo Sl] brolgans; gentlemen's bst llIlity c all''sewei slhes, ,'ogsells aold Jack l)ownigs; do calf anl .\lorocco S lkle shloes allnd bogns;l do calf, seal and l lsrom,,. t dian shoes aoll slipipers, lo call, hff l a 11 seal will * .rew article; to lil.e cll, se:.l and morocco .so ter nots; Iboys', misses':Ii cI hhelll ll's pegged anold s1ll blogans, oa shoeslso elva:rl, liI aiol killdl. AIlo a general asaol.en tol of Illol's slol wax Ill 0.'0 IlOlolals and1 shoes, toelthe'r with 1,tI)t pair. I I. tks, made exfwtessly for pllahaton a se; a good u,. Stmtul' of men t 11 line and stoult ki 1'lll t hr1 gant, I Ss artis', aln. ge g uiliiy of n inriormat r ootI asl o wax rogalls. Ladies' ftinlle 01, seal, mllllOlr a.It I ll 1 01 0Igw i tanal sole aes; Ido lile Fllh lorolcc: mul kid 11n S.un slippers; dorol sh IlI es, willth Sl withoult Iluos I, cal , misa amd stout leather boatels; do P.unell- soe. t fallkinsou 111 1 Iua litits; do I lastilg hi ol) ; ) o ,aite n 11aoIxed bolotees. 'dlisos' loltilg spring shtos o . , os gal. Chlldren's coloredo .llorleto ld lastillg o i1 1 001n boots, Ibs. 'tentlelmen'still'lashionable hlaluk silk hats; do black l Idrelb beaver dIo n a s)lel'io Illl.uality; do imilation L Imll do; broad aoi uIIIIro1\ bri men's line ll ll'l ltl tlh ;k Rlussia daort na Sped hats, a new article. I;; at ; asize h1Its of diflti'ot iquallites; d hitEldro ., .I''n ald hs)'% bolak anal klls b wool hats of alioulls Alt pes, with gelnral assorlltment of bo) s' nd 1me11n's .' scllps. 'I lls Ias+ntlllmet will be replenishl l by the arrival o Sllhasliketsilrom thle alqote ilnedtl 1ities, all of whilh a ill be sold on aeeomoldatini g tlelrms. .0g I-It' NI)ONTAlGitll'S RJll,4 /A FOR THEll, TIEETI. lr IEmistablished replslttiou arod 't'ltiluo.lly il0le0 ;' emalllld filr thlis ei' lltill 1ollesly oI' 1)1a11u1 alld Io aerrative of thet tehll, has induce,] IO e uIlbOcrOibrI hlier it to ile Alllerirao public. Arrallglel'tlsllo toV heen mtade. to) rupplv Iaents ine all tIh ,riuoill cI al ol0d towns ill the i lit ld St ltes, so as 1to plac it ithi the reach ill those llaiering luad lik:ly to urlter thib run harusilng of all oche. ''looth-atlhe. Whelll applied toI olig lo diret"iolo given 111 Ibottle, it las Iever failetlo allolordt illlediabte illa IIIllellt relif. It also are'ts tile ite1ny 10 e111 feutiv' teeth, altd relievea that sorenless v, hieh slo lque .tly rnltlers a strong tooth I;oeless The apllliltl h I1IolI reley are simplle, illlllet, al not unpleasant; anlld th lasge olllmbor of tersonll ill ldilterelnt s0ecti0 s of II 'oaltryl tlhat have air ally exooperienced suchll 1eliht u1 lnd salutary effeicts I'ol0 tile u0e ot'lie Ba10, Ilre rear v rivallst] qstalitesi. It is an all i '1re111 h, 11 01 eilgiuarly nld ualxa.etltdly, 1un0l1 m1'0 Ite ragr o d sil I:itivililed world as the ost valtcla disaouvt'v redlllll of tile woobs. P'lce $1 tor bottll. So(ld byv J.kIt 1fS & ,IIRI:1V'S ,nr 5 CotrComonio alld '.Teap+itrlle s .+,. N EW OIOKe---Naval Sketch look, 1 , ilte cSrvice SAflolt nlt ashorel. \WVllIl charactristi ret iuisoen ce0, lragmllellad ni oplluisl Ily the uuthllor l 'I'na's o a r, ' c. s..rdllal ieies, illsa r O I . indomll(sel011 elleeiotb o tll IS IH oseI f 11,,, fil1e tihe year 18311 to tile elusaol 18;:15 I ,lading I +tuso )at sketIhes ofth leoliltng meonoer.--I olle 0 l Ill) par y,Just received and for sale by W Ihc' tt N, L'ATE 'tJPUIIt.Ill khls' . (" ROMWEIIl., nu Histori al rNove, bt ie au thur b h S"The' lirolllerso"&0. ill u toor. I'oiotlr \oo licine or Famolydlvti ,0 s-r0 '1111lo, ina o Ollliinee of Auatoury, PllwTOgy1 , a1lod Hflyie, ' iiio oaeh hil's lIkhe 11rtoliei'-Phsic,.Sorgrr t the diaraes IIf Wola'll and ohildrel, u t pr101 1 11 i titilicoe wheo regular phvtseik'ios casot he procured]: being a eoimpaloel and l luild fr ill hlliet !rue p ls of m tl5;5l. oeie, 0 11S, tli l abal i aoos nu 11 1, 1 sc l Lieas of g aoilie, ualer i f vesir.s, mitoas 11 11 oh r ainll engravins, in ") voh s JutlCroeiseol alld ir soale bo IV .hE.t\N, 11111 il II" alll' l j l )i111111)11 81.. NO''ICE.-'hs to w sorul'sah ru I puekksgru toobu hn SdiA.e Inarkp tMaiatulle . Arltlll lellllv. r shi (Brlton, lio'sl N.O ' York1 is hi'loV llIL ied that tlihy boohave la.oa stred Iby T'I''i'rsNAl',1VF &C(). J aiA |l ig l " lt u, JUSTPUBLISHEDPROM STEREUTYIPE PLJTES, The Fith Edtiinen of RIOWI.ETT'S TABLES OF IN'PRIrtET: T O hlich is enCww dlded ,hi Average Time Caleula tor, w. casy methods for fioting the aveenge time ot storage, notes of hiand or hill of goods, when pur chased ct different dates, on different credits, anti fEr vmlat·lumamlnltbilesidesnuseful ald comlnlete laoking Time Tn' le, tie best that ean be contrivedo. r that fi gures can I,rnduee within the samle eondesend comspas, and size of type. All aevee'tisement in the hook is in nearly the follow ing words: The high distinetioi this work has received through the ten Itgislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a re comnlend:tionl is itself, so lctnommon,, anci so eonclu slve, h t nothing is necessary mnre thmn by way of ad vertisement, to given condensed view of some of its pe enlliorities:nsferinstance, tle inttrest has been comps-. ed from.,and comlpred with, what is equivalent to four teen aetsef ealnulatione, examined in the press thjity file titeo, alnd printed from -.tereotype plates tested thirtyli-nene times, firom all which it most be evident even to tile skeptie (eseeially tytil it te.sonial oftle tie ilt ell' pirtont', tile preftee)tt tht tile wek nmst Ie arith ineti:enlly intillible, anid i eonfrlnmation of this helirfa prenmium of two hundred and li ft dtollars, i. lw lt. ed t tr ltie idetelrtinl tr an errrl f cenllt in tie Ilprrnsn'i or fifth editioln, aoexnlrssett in tl .t ielne, lalre illomiullli oilgell i'lo the '.aloe or im eth,,.it hslt Ilelintieltn inl the vear t.tin One of the most cotnstientnus ftl:res 'ln nthlt is i inthe arrangement of tihe Tl'ime "il Amnnlts, whi.i : for expleditins, roference ond~l p linieinity, wit tlltn ;I, oftheside and index, canIot t Ie excelled; ini. tlt, satvI ty anti ease with which the inl:rrest cano bte ftotlu t to hie extent of general business, without Idoubling Otafi slm is heside a econvenience so essenltil, that in the esthnalll lionof sOmle ei thle molt eompetent itld Il'let t i biel-i niess melt nlll pttlde offi elos wino hae ,tnIse gri, 111n It of the work, it lhas beeln distinllguishcll bi tho hionolbil atilellatitlhlfloa to Islter I)ace.) Anlll considerinng the intolliility of tihe nltlhod orifilltlly ltldotel' in composinag the work, alld tile extloran'ituary uumbner an variety of the examiatilons, and lests of every edition it hoas e sdit tthe, eotwittnindinngthe ai holeis in street)tYtne, collsnailertig, in nsht t, lie imsitive aneuerayv etht'eld ny the Itnpreeelolted ttillt elntlo oil, tIe vi - lumeihas hre teldl tIl atid esnphotieally st)led " the most wondetfil book In the wuslk;" mosnt cerltioly ntl manean namea figure work ofthe samne extent, wtlice since the begilning oi creation, has had the same nulll ber en'o vrniety of tests in the ame anumber of editors; no, nor Otne hail'f te inumnber, as is clearly shown in tihe Besides, as test andi standard, it as been tried and reeed in nearly all the b antik i publicinil offices in the nite States, and by tihe public gonleally, lurting the long period otfthirt)-fire :rea's, yet in elr of ihe ral lnlations has ever meetl l'oun it inplint, ahthongh colltillu oally challenged by tie offer of v er'y Iorge lprmiums. T'lhe i tihta explulr·ay adopllited hy all the ourts oflaw tc several ofitle Staltes as the rate of edculltlonl toralatute interest," as Ilso by latw for bhank interest, accordingas the hook is used, ansi as any he seenl in part, by .e naoes of the subscribers, ald a few of the sibsetquelt lpurchasers, in te list he otdlihe of ti hIonok, is i n ossessin lllfevery class of citizens in every quar teof tith Ullitetl Stltes. It ismnnrcover well klno'wn tIhat, by its rearly elheck, it ih so oftenti detected larget error.t , lonig alfter tiey were tlnde, evenll iy the most enall'u anil most comleteott arithlmeticinlla, t'at its usefniess, and the absolute ne cessity fir its tnn, have been extensniyely insisted uljltn, so evident, inoeend, have been its advntnages, anot its savings, thatt, setverrl yorgngo, whilst the first edition was searce, and out of plint, ai great Inumnier of second hand copies were sought for, sone to a gre t distance. alnd purcrased at various prices, as they n ulod i ceanion aily beo picked pl at tronm $.l to $25 per copy, nnit some iersols have iecen..y delared, and illnstances cr tl Ie onted tha that they would pay $65, $, andni $5() tin' a elpy, if tint to be hadll for less, alld an ilndlividual in thle latter illStallnte partiCvlrt'ly, hining at the samellt iille rxhillited satillaetory ptontl, to seve.ll plersos Ie sent thinto himn it wams really wOrth that ntoney atll mnore thlotgh tihe saving of his erv valnable tileo, lie beillg t oery ritnne nntand it n pubtliclofice. It is likewise worthy t'of nllt'ce, andi indleed proper to ilnnp en, Ihit su11ch is Ltne nIltUe olf ligne twork gtenerally and aspecilly whenof tlhe exteit .tl inmporttace of theset In is, ihnth.d this honk or its like thn, prepatr ed illn the usual uiilimer vl ne, I the most compLetent enlcuinurnini te tihe woethi:, I nnnlt tntern'Is priit d iosti cantillouly tiner hisowtn cnrrectionl of proof lsheets, it would, nnoltrto It certllin , have hlen unsa lls ill ri eellrenc, tlin deanr it any pl'.le, tIs l e f it'tfte Idartl.ln I:li'- e pl)llins. I lnl t sn lerit'el a nd l iniahle hlate the stle'eotype plites nf this workltbeen inn n, thi to sIenn e Ill.i), wtihiltheniIluelllculs chnd eiiloin'dll alv exallhio tions,eglinnst thi', iti tihe gllenral het fit, ditel iie (by _dtertiscinault) cilatonnntly kept ii a pllhe of bpeeial d:col'i), axcept wellilte e I ll Inntnlilnlt, Anloilel n .te toilell finnh iih m Iilks and sIcntatute Iitoir et with mliel ill iotIes, fll lliow the pretc e, llthich, il this fiih as is the two pr''cediig editions, cotihim milch i, fim',atinun cnmnc,.ng the two lon till ndes of colput ilg ilter stI, Ite ds Bt'f gltee, kE. mil oily no1i )s'itlo work, tIhllk ll wnllll tlih. btntli.e intirest tnhles ves hint ro.dc. i dtollas "'ll cien t.. li1 a bl nto ah tlll t n, h is heen so i, xlt si l nd sllito iernllyn Itrloik dc, it lais "ot l et so tlimlt'i, ,1. Ia ahl witfh ihtere'.t, tee het:l ,s " lt o "I " "l, 1( he llhni alla l ,lta I heii le, six te:, ;1n l l Ime l l ' n 1 9ti 180 ~ llst:linell Io It i sl editioni of i7llo li <it.,, wisii ig chiy) t'lmllll its pllhli.n p li n n t Ihti lltne, at ill, in t i tler p.eice,) tlt Io n tthin titof Incl"."':,ihn or ,t'ltil ifr . hot i t li-tlmenOt ,-.wL, ittil, nill- selnll \1 hi el.n ,'n Ihl, t luhir ln11 nn'tliet ot, Ihe I i i. l i,,to itn it In intn nyin tlte nlit. t'o n ali t :Ion i I S I ,tlil ' 'lt, p lic ti-' ill 1L I i I anine pali e. eh ealeh the E. iuninl, thi authm'of"1' Year in .Spoilh it, T'iar 1Y,,,1I,'o %, il .t' Bout.k , llilll l 4 , I,,M t ilIt r,,li .li ul l'evlcveet ad knor br h W . 31'iIu.\N, 1 ! E <L . .CII- FFER'S Compu(ti l' mild Ex h.i i ',l Sl i arI ll , Ii.,, i , tei itroe f o ti ,tt ... o, o , .. ..t., . i . t ... ,r .... .. . .. . .... oItfno; ,lr, ilt l tkI nn. tn r I ll , ''ne-tnt; i t-sc.; 1, ili.jn.'O no' torl iatiism; I L r; se' o tir, {;.., s.illi g; e)pnl iihl e uio,,oi , , ; arisine g Irulil al il estl i . residuepo- ina th cllma ;:e II. ten, i i: i,. t miercury. Alo.-Cave &' :' . irh 'ii I fot Presorvwtivle: tih b.-t pi .r. .:. I: Atlonig which are the follo I g:--r: nlll liy. forl, col riing the lairn; tar' O,; i Runsian ieat.' Gri s tl'l'ta;i P.o t o ic lin s Fr n ot ;1" !. Ip ttr P,,r l Po", h:i Liy \VWh:Il; . Clillli fii RoI .,; Vn',taI,. i ..; Ol" h In, 1iof li ; Li. S.ov,; Kri oito I'ut, i:l.; C.rhuonio |iJt',t'linc; Orangef W i'n ; Pn.te,, r Pnlint " a hux ,; An:ir. ca;ln Cnilrctl, Oently piu upn in tr vi; P.estoll Siall Clghghet; Kll.use,tLn I'ootlh.i:itch Drops; t ,tir ftrinl.he'; Eingi.o.. te . g Co I - I .ut II/ri Oil;--wti t Vauttety of ther Peet - Ierlnoo, &e. For sale by L W" GLENN'S PERFUM il.RI:S. J C TIRINC ARl), Cornor ol Conal aind Bourbon atroeta l(O\'l.l'. k \{1Y, Il~ase, Sign, d (to 1'nmoania.m I'uitut" a, ) ., , (I.& 1 .dule s.tweei, iwo doolrs iaoc (:taid s t iithl. llllios of the Illnwing oods anld marble avx acmlit l ii a mastnrl.:! tItiaIICt. wO" I4 M A II III.ES. OI'oieOltled or vtlr lt lilldn ci Chrled Maple, Ilod Sltolne, irits he tlo, I)lly (Granillie Satin \W:oo, Pilolmic, Iuair ood, Iole or llnrdello, Yeiw l'ee, Italian White, Colnalllllite or Bllack Siullli and Blictella, I(ose \\litu, AlLi:ln Grey, Ash \Wlitei Olk, I.k. k Ia. Curled Elm, SSpecimens to bhe seen at the shop. Paints. oils, ghase,lcopal . lrnish, k., ol hald iitlor sale. i lt), Pl I I & I JEA'VY it)OODS-int, eqttarc an-" bundll h ironi, nell a lsed. Ihop, s.roll and roi iron, nail rods and plough Coni, Gllriila, she., blisterld, splin,l sheet andll (Cowlce) steel I hllow wtare, cut and wrougenli ills anmd atikte Zihc, block til, mill anil grld tlllOe, lth kettles O, logl I d tlrlce Chaillns, cornlll mills .\lvils, vices, I liml nti" tlll hItlnws Wiree sheet, ig aid bi loatd; ituit CJ.*:l, atl enookulg stones Anies, Itowllid'sts oll thllelr s les allllhovels li.k alll plate hlinges, dol anId winlldow hooks nollins, Inuits, ShtIarps, ild 0111en at s l' a Manillna corage, lis ind wine Iul ualitdtsllealig olplllper; Navl stores aitals, litseedi and slieiin oil A ialll ssiortmentl ot hardwareli nedl ship chandlery, lwny)s ol hland, and which elnre olteredl tr sale at wlinle sale or retail, oi the most ftavorable tirns, by tad IAYTI()N k li. 53 Ol1 Ievee. UARROWGATN SPRINGS .l1 ulnigonterv nmtiln, Alniutait. TIHREE . 1,. JOURNE Fl O,MI E WIV ORLEANS. II EI proprietor of this establishnunt has the ile-t sira ut' uillll lcll t Ill Ilia li.ieuds illld tile public it elliie l,tI. ilt lie will llete ill rentlilhei ntfi y te firlt duv of listu I u-eceive viitnri. Ile will also ltate ltr thlh te net(il of' thoRe at it distance, lhat tllereo hIlv belen large improvements made,l and olllhers lnow lgoing l alld III rapid progIress f(ir cormpletion, awhich will enine tlhe susllr her to Illel:ommollldlt It I hariger lulnber than tlhl ullull., , ad e t tIle slteln time much betlter. hamtili ctuii be aectittumtdated s ith gt nl rhean, tr hee whla Irclot cull lhave large ,ctbils I eiached froul It is deemed unneceuss.ry ti snay anthilng it talh:ll. iar iti' the ctharaeter oi tlhes wautUcis, I5, it i genealilly Ltlievd thatut tiov are not intiterior to ntiy in the Snuth a r e Salt ttes. All tih i aLtuselila tint tlila getitI'aly till.t aWut Watri ltng Placeas will b faltall at ttlis. The esti music that this part if thit counlltry afitrdslt, hua leenl engn ged, nd will Ibe in coastnt attedanen at tihe during the whole Iletsllll. Si : hl l ihl't wll iltl anU iltim elf of t his t ,tiu uini't titI Io re inlt nitegeltei ined lthank ten it, ievry liaeral i,,r _ive. himI last season. and hatie by tine .xer Sthat have ,eet ,aude in imhproving and exteeedini nI:"l:. I m at ionllllii d s, lto m elrit a liberal untr lu nll 1 ti : " ;,t+.l -ea.±on. J NU CRAM\I. TO I'II1 I..\1)IlS. S'TIKINSON'St IsI, L11.1,. nT 1, tI r, amviag al i I perltluous air tfilon tih fi .e, neck unt anms, witn qi;lal .atety and certaitty, -atvg the skl finer erol, whitcrt that n b e iapplti,. A fr-sh supply just .eceivel ti (l:lO..'S I Nif I Ea.Jltnlg Hotell, lrnnl St '.aaics mlur ('Olnmo .,r 16. ; t '" , MAIL ARRANGEMEN'TP Wethern Mil,? FrI y oe EvSv Day at 12 . y an Closas very tray at ltq :1. A, we lsrr.. D Da rdvery Sundty, abF vP. ol. S of i Cloes every onday, Wediesd' Coat, and Saturdnlay, hby 9, P. it. TheLake Mail l)e every tieldav, Thursday, a Th l etladay. 5,tnn , .y 5 ,P. i. via Closet every [Molntay, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAI,IDEPARTUIRE IISTANCE &e. ofthe Express Mail, helir-- Mroilo and Naw York--letvin Mtobihle daily as 3 P. Mt. Norrtwar Neaw York duily at 5 P. P Souihwnrd. Arrives Arriver Northward. Distance. l'ime. I.etron'g Montgomery, ,Ala. l p. 191 a's 23 Ii 12in. Colo os,OGa. 11t14 Sinai Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 141 2 p.m Colnmibia, S.C. 7 aim. 11, 174 10 Raleiglh, N C. 54 215 22 12 Warreoton,Vu. I . 53 m. 5 it 'Petersbnrl Va. 10 pm. 8 In Riehllnn, Vs. 1 am. +21 3 ..r1 Fretdericklaoksug, l 7 7 rl p sr . I "hinl.a,hi, g. ma , Jh l) I1 l Nlew Yurlti 2 pill. 0id r "1305 I)I3 i. or b54 2l6 Northivlm.. ('uimintg Soouthrd t he vile h seligt ot rt i_ _ _; I nyi , d,- s 17 ouros. ji';I.tAItis'iiWAII 5n A.nAAeV forl,, 169 Crdoletst corner of Ilevia . creetsl n the eiahl of 3th of Aisgost, and wa. seeni,e next mornung in PAvdras street, a nigro oy nared ('HAIiLES, aboot 7 years of age, sl 5 fee or thereallouuta i heilit, very black, and Isso a iiied intenrt in his speecll,oniiof his legs is sore, ucansiintrd by a recent hurt; lie haId on wen he went oawlla a white .clin or linen shirt snld white eotaon ,notaloini. lasters of vessels and steam bhots are cautiol,n it geinst reheivint or harborilg Mid negro, as well as pni other persons, as tihe il)st rigour of the law will be enforced againslt tIm. The above reward will be puie firdolivo:ing him, ilt any of the jails of either ar'the mnnicipalities, or at 169 Caroiidelet, corier of lieei, steeort. ll t N UT l--'lrl6te eolsnrtnership hereoflre eltsting Inder the firm of dIlbois & Ganretson, has Ies dissolved. The subscriber will liq idato the alfairs the coinern in this city, and requires all Iorsh t inteb. ed to makIse avent o him onily, and all tAlornoaving claiis, toprosn tohem forseltleoeut. sue it-7t, H .tIulAETSO. W.W. SWAIN. M'o. t.LCanal &sreel Arte Orrot.s H IAS always on hand eontlnntly ho rueivi,,. lirl -- Iyes, Chenieals, tand l'aom:s,anoaii tle,. n r. ollivownig: ilt[tc.S. DYES, Anlimttny, ctrdle, Argols, red, do regnilo, Atatlllo, SpaI'. Arsenle, crllle, Aloul, do iiitsOEwel, Iorozillette Wot.i, t rlalo enpavnia, . Cochineal, 1loIx, oelride, Colpl is, Anleriun, no relined, Culpbear, erionstonle, orade, anstic, 'Tampleo do roll, ldo, lo flower, do Moaine, Iirmooth, irelnch berries, Casoroil, lmlio, Bengal, Cream tarlar, dot Moilla, Canthtiides, tin 't+'rseas, nilll aloes, do thi stn, do Aiia., Loowootl, (lairnpty do assaftatida, S t Domingo do amioniae, do Jamaisa, Ido beonzin, Cawnodol, do eoal, rough, lMadder, otbit, do o s.ripeld, NioSalorl, BnIIoseP , dlo do S Aiorie-o, do COlr, do amnplihr. dlon-le oo M'iaroib do ,o npil.ct i u i hi ee. . di) gniaenoo, CII 7IICAI.S. it, kito, Acti, tiatuiiu, Io mastic, ado iu tti iie, i di o il,,, , to P,,l og o, ii. h flo slhellae, iuei v rill, , ii itl'i te irigo, t: itl m llrrotItir, Ilo tIg aeallth, t :'loride af li , tC:on boge, SlitilOls, nouilper heries, Aitnerl i tllll.tiI elstie, do do Foreign, lted preeIpipiltte, aglesila, Rt glisb, l lle belh, Io Amlerieal~ll led chromate pu ash :ulnta flake, Stl clarp 0c''.,% o SOs, Suitnp pioaI [ll, ntaiie bsll, Sul, leas, (Oi Cllves, Stnl Iali doCllai .io, i ii ,, ii, l Ih l gela (-,h 'An 7l ll ll, itan see, i,,, tici pit,, ,.ii, *do iti o 'Lo:ii lu S I i,, ,llh t,, ol, l. ,Ihtt, l l teh, + L, ', l(dI l ,oill Virgl 1d .. t' l do d lll'l ailod , I +:ri, l l h i,-l,( , +l x lll, i! SI.(1 e, c''e1\',Sl. i.bgI I , 1,, Sni p, +Ii+ h+,lr , Si ]I l.Iit .,i i Sia dl , m, by f Nor tlt iel (-y ee : ! vol. i r +1 IN \,\ . ;!I of Ilieu"'I l' I'. ily L r + v ar S.l..ti .\. t f tet. , nw ,anlele anda lantex et n te, ,.f t ll'inIh i vit i t's tt ttks. t Thiy,,ns vrery ncrentatd yitri. io, rre.d It, the la treat n do tlatum wth a a n teinat'itt ltiattLtt Ao-Ae Ioliw or arede. solT Colle aSllrenthlog Tllrlattattls audla carbr 1rasger t • p ah e o h ill r nt i opnre t i otrlcth , anmerc ab ('loar nr gnr, u E Theu xolitical orheastroic alarhtlll of tin e Ara Jsat reeived, i ae d for ale tby e IVM lheA e -trenilatcd and snded titile newee s ollet of theUid S AIN REV ls liltE &, by i the lathro, , Ay A'ia a'd's utYllaing Tour . iaerpersed with charactter iatie anecdotes, ltvingtg and, sl io ollaf o:rt., ttets itn etadiaa aatieco of the crincipat crack riders ftaEaglatd wiltalal: ytical coate.t,. atad ge,,ctral indtx,, ...f,2 Serohala or Kig's REvil, Chroaic bIheunttilat, Chroitic Cll tateots Dist- 'aits itt tlte aones, by free cases, use of'Mecurc.y the blood being in vitiated state. This very concentreatead Sr.' is prepared with the at ittt ktwn etiiettey. iThe great desiderattlu, with ph 'ieiaas it belg ahl toa exhitit a larg'e qtantttVt of Stat'saartila iitl a ata dosa, has been atai'ned, i tltia tc tatla-they, be hio fitlly catviaacedt otits ttttctst, cottitlletlty adtiiniater the course of their practiea. Price $1 5l tar tattle. Sold only at SWVAIN BItO'T'IIER'S drug sttre, Na. I t Canal atrctat, tehe" clay be had, fresh aand geaaine direc t frioe the t rat t it tars, Swahtt's lanataett atil Ver'aitie, t'otter'a, con, Carpenter's Pretaraltiati, tnd a large aad gealera aaasortatat of fresa drugs, in | PINNO)CK'S ROME, &c. pINNOCK'S IMPI'IROVED EI)ITION OF DIL Gohldtmth's Abridgamnt atf the tlistora ctt tttme to which is )relixed an nlltrllJdttioln to) the Stlldy o Oll Ilisiltorva, alllld a great variety of vatIte inhlfer lutiol added tllltrotghoutt tltl wearkh, ti thie Matnters allle t ttitlltla liand Atlilititue of tile Lmtw itait N llt e ttIt mllemrots biogrtljhicol and hlitorical Notes; d oln Iboll.. tl" examinaionIi at the enld oif" eahll sleeti.tih II lututeld with tlhirtyentglttiegs atlt woodl, by Athertoi l'.itlten S htutmprovedt Edltitilll ft' t)i (hls itltit'a lliatary it' I:Etglutd, trml the htvasit of Jtlias Caaer to tta death of teorge itd, with a emltinnattt. 10t tihe yea 11131. With qaestiot tLt examlnttlati, at the ald a each seetion. lesalae a variety It' valuable ifittnna liu addled tihroegllou, the work. Clatistitag of table ant' c-lltltll)rcy Sovereigll alld eaidll llr -lrsull Copious elplaatry lltlteta. Itema+'ks on tit tl,li tila, tallaere alld oft tlte a.e, All tuttliae, lthe (.lltstitutinl, A.c. &a. dlatratetd hy malay ellgr GUya' Et.tetceaT ie AeTtaaaONOay, atII an Anerielagta of Keith'a New Treattae oo thte lite of iGlobes. New Americati editiha, with addititas and implroveelttt anti an explatiaa otfthe datrletaiaal part o tile Ain ricaa Altaaaac. Just rceived tad for sale be y WMI M'KEAN ulovl 24 cUrler of Calll| pluld (ommirlllltat, IhARPER'S CLASSICAt, . .1 tt1IRAtL ]L OILACE,treatalhtad by Plhillilt Fanuaia, I) I), with .1 a p atpttendix, eCallt:iah tranthltlt s Ut varitoas odes, &c. by BIte Jouteutt, Cowley, Miltn, Drvda I'Pope Addistion, Saif tett , t t;ktatlield, I'.rtaa Bryan, &c. atd settale atat, tItlteealllliellt pttt ta . f t' duy--and PIII)RUUS, wit llile apett tli I attittarsh, tad by lChristatolter Satlat", i. : al tta ,ta' votlaax u s. andta lofattllarelcr's Caltaatta-tiiryac 'li'ht. txpedittht of ItU IlIILEt CLINKEIR, by Stilollelt, .11 I), wilh a utere.r f. tht.; Author, I,+ TChos ta Rosee, Esq., new e.littct, with illastrettata, by G. l'akihahallk 'TilE aIIlSY a 'rTidey thba tlrt Itr r "iiclehtu 1Matt tttlI .argLtltd " .at., aew odlitiona, vult, utalltjn PI'AUl. 'LIFL'"Otl;lby ilt .tlllor or at "Palhl. 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