Newspaper of True American, November 20, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 20, 1838 Page 2
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S Mail tegulat.ots. " nee taser r ut i. ealtosed everydy at 10 AibPd; A M-Is due every day t 111, M. The Eapr,.a .M'l is closed every day at half.past 10 A M-Is due with the great" Eastern Mail, e .h Mail (via Covington, La.) i cloned wry Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 6o'clohk, A NM-Is due every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur. day, at b, P M. 7te Lritiarille or River Mail is closed every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P M--I sent and rnthrned by steamboats.-Arrives irroga.' I arty three times a week. Tea Bayaou Sar or Ccrat Mail is closed every Taeads and Friday, at 8, P M-Is sent and re turned by the steamboat Brilliant. The le.andria or Red River J.ailis sent irregu. laxdy by iteamboats, twice 'a week.* Louieville or. River' Mail. Monday, d Wadoneday, and Cldtos at 8 o'clock, P M. Saturday, , Coast lall. . Tuesday and Cloe a 8 o'clock, PM. Saturday, S itbW-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. nrIeras w rvo TE vsat 1838. S. J. Peters, President, A. Quertier, lstiVsce President, W. L. Ilodle, Od do. COMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. Jaies Dick, , Thomas Barrett, John A Merle, I C Commack, Jamu Leverich, Albith Fisk, GEO.-W. WIITE, Sec'y PORT'I Oi NIEW ORLEANS. CLEAIRANCES. November 19. Behr Fragnmil, Wm Dean. for S.orafciOs, J Prtas.. tachr Jim Crow, Caplaend, for Galveston, Master. rig J Dao; LSaa, .laea .. J A Merle - ca. Bark Sophie, Dewera,lavana, Schmidt Werner. ARRIVALS. TowemrtPoacharlslip, Ebrinatom ,heto N E Peas; Inaon the ]eth, t a p m brought up brigs Loias, and.Mary Ramble, Lenschooners t N EPame. brig Louisa. Merhtesa, 64 days from eremes to Mneter. Brig Mary lKemtble, WoVst, 6 days from Thomanton, to labus.. crto, lime. Steamer Clas, Carson, from Galveston, Texas, in ballast to Bnogrt & Hawthorn. 7feemer RoIaparte, Mitim, rot Mouth of Ohio. BStacser unu.vine, Josrdan, from Bayou a.arc. Tsai COMMERCIAL. Iatal onte,.. Chrtotn. Noh............. 1I Wligton,Nov........12 New fork. Nov ............ 12 Cinucinati, do........... I2 Phlldlo.h I No.v ........ 1 ouisvill, do ............13 latimdore do ........... .13I St. Louis, Nov......... 9 aoom.h. Nov........... . I. iverpool, )t .. ........8 IIouiIon ('loot.) Nov...... U0 Paris Ot .............. 7 Hustoln. No ............. 10 I ooodon. do ........... 7 Nashvill, Now............ 14 Havre do............... 9 EXPORTS. SACRAFICIOS...Por whr Fraganovllle..eargo. 83 taltes paper, S ba steel, IU0O bxs cod dAb, and 300 booet raisins. GA.LVESTON..I'er achr Jim Crow..cargo. 4 bho. and 2 cheats cloli I eg, butterI koghhlet I chslarpner's ooalls. IIAVYAN...Par bark -ophie..cargo, ,300 bricks. IMIPORTS. I;RE3IEN..Per blrig I.ouilsn..cargo, s'd mdoo, aild gill., to Voalolluo 4 RuddookSrlehmidt 40 Wornor, J A Merle, R Glnollg A Co, F Frey, C H Ekd hords, F Biermau. IRECEIIPTS OF PRODUCE. Alath of Olio..Per steamer Bonaparte.. 44 bre flour, J sirin ,i co; blazs and 12 b.les jeans. M Cummis., 1511 doz Shickn., and 50 dog turkeys, owoorn o board. Baou Sooar..Per steamer Ill otsvi0e.•.14 hie coato Rus.. SMonlgomeroy.•9 do A I.edoux coa, 67 do A iirvarde 4 o. '. do Lamlleth & ''hotproo, 49 do Peyroux. Arienl 4 eo.67 do Ilurke. WattV 4 ro 18 do A Decnivoe,30 do Follain, Ilollocq 1Deglos, 29 do M Yhite A co, 26 do C 'o alooloo, Il do Forotall A tlro. 20do W Flow-er, 15 rlo Allaln & Trn,,olat. 13do L LeCarpellter. 26 do itRynold, Ityrll rl.,, II do Ilrlaio &A o, 9 doJ B Plauche ¢ rco, lido Iaoodumny. 5 do 'Ifihs I:rret0, 5 do S W Oakoy, 50 h[l'h sugar, N A- J Dick & ,. 1 baLoyal Case, 2 sark. eiroe iLeBlan, 3 bao. 2 hales Culdw ell A Hickey, 44 hzs and rease sundries to J Wallace. PASSENGERS. Mouth of Ohio..Per Bonaparte..Dichks & lady, Kous & lady, Woholer and Jody, Gridleyo and Judy.. lr. Buck ner and falllly. lr. Fooeailno ord family. Al lMarkst, Mils. JlorkOlh. Mi.. Rophel. lilse Allno, Al. Raphel, MAr GO dwin, 'atlo, Dick.. Pope, 9l00hll. Porllllr, Cpt Beebel. Levy, Bacon. Alfred, Landry. Denham, Vaternlan, Jeeks,, Allso. oJeffoero,. Robinson, Lougan, I)obliln, Cumlmins, Hosan. Sog6t, Van Michael Bayou Sara..oe P raa r Ia e Iltsldill,. F Donn, E H Wnle. J lWones. FI. Leroucho. Desur, D W Iomerville, O G Hail, FMlurtnoy, H Lobhdoll, W C Lnldell, (oreaim. I Frnyard. C Norris, Philip, 1,'key, jr, L Rild, Samuel O'Ronrhk, W IliL.. Cnrlisl.e, C C ol)olouell slid svt, A Hunrler., Medau and lady. Mad Dllpll liar; 2 dbihrloro Sodl 2 ,vt. Coin0g, lady and 20bl, Mad Pollard amd luoity, II Lafiro.t, 2 lodiej. and .t. DrOl 91i, and vt. Mayeor, J Bevil. II C Thihoudaux and 0evl, MOlakin, Bo.llsne, Ilo.rdique f Dr Itor,' Tri.t and 00t. Ogillot, J,.. 'Tlibmodaux,. II Ford. Goalveostron..Per steamer Cuha..Mr G,unan and lady L1. T O'Riley, S W Andrews., W G ill. , W Wointers, Bllt. i Foor, wan, tallbhury, t''alnpholl, J IE Sumner, Jas Scott David White, t D Steel, G 9 Cozieo. J h: Rnhiol.l, 1V Kern Shearl.'l bhos L Joos, J lcorlliek, Jot Polroer. Caot Morris and Moore. Dr 8tono. noad Shanon. TinToea. sG Mahklin, Jonoing,, J F Rohinro,, W0 P Ilodge, 8 ( Turpircy 1. J Mla:gt. Jolllsr. Walker, II Ito, lisv, Dvduo. Iinel, Groaor aodartl. m.hbt, H IShoroe, 8 Foll,, , Ioylio.., .od 4 on deck. CONSIGNEESC. MEMORANIDA, Nrew York, lth Noo..Arr. ship Missi.sippi, Blhbe, henc.; cl'd ship Alhabam. Boerry, for N Oi. oston, 01h Nov. .Cl'd slip Propont., for N O. Plilodelphia, 1311 Nov..Cl'd alip lieorge, Aiuott, for NSO; and ship Empire, Blkor, do, A Mexic,, correspondent oa French piloer has employed himseolf io ealrulting how ,lloll the bIlockade of Mlxico, fir the first three nlousll,, hao co t the world. Acrolding to lim- Tlrirtylfolr merrhant shlilp have rbee driven ao ay by the blockading squadron, out of which seven wr0e French, six Eoglish, lnd eight Atterican 0e0ases. Tie veossels seizerl oby the French ship. from Mexico, three in nu0ler, are valued at 500,0000f per oolltra--wlo rElIh vrorls vaIled st 1the l arme sum, have beoen seqestered by tile Mexirans T.ho ' io s in0 custom dutires to the Mexican govolnmeot is valued at 12,500, 000f; that of (the multolee,s ans d prsols emooyrd n thle tran sport ofmerrhondize, dtc, at 5,00.1.001f: IFreonl merchants in Mexico are calculated to have lost 1,501,001,f; ditto work. men, 500,10f1; Eglllish nloerrhunato, 3,0110.U0f; German. dlitto, .,000.,00f; American ditto, 3.5O 1,OWf. Total loss for Mexico, 18,h11,001 1f; toal los fHr Franoh noi European morerha. in .Mexlro, ll,606058f. To this should Ie added tile loss of mercantile hooUses Il Europ, tltO Ilo of private individuals, the oxpeuse of tho blockade, dc." MARKETS. MONEY MARKET--CITY NEWS. Now Yoga, Nov. 12. Svto--This hein thle eommnenmoreso of the sugar oseason in Louisian. all farts relain to the quality sld prolbales qlaaity ofthe grorwing crop become iutolooo g to tlle ltrade. Thus frar the p0lanter concur in the oirnlon tiht. the prorspect hs laltlriog; but tile moderate quantllty of sugar now making, prevents ally correct etiiate of what wills eventually he pro duced, as well by Italon of lhe unertainty of the aeooon, as of the diffoeece in prodorlron hert're, the ph ltl and raloon aooes, tle latter ltnin as yet only bee cut. In tile neigh bourhood of Aeelo.ill,, Dololdsonvrillo. tld Itaoto Rougo, th, crop promised equally well, and olly eollnfrls the esltmates giovo by is owle time siltce. The crop of last year was not farktrom 00,1.1 bhdo--this y0ar It will reach 101000 hhds. The growth of the one oa li. Ion regular aid nnitslrUoleod, anod the pre0sen seaoon is Im to highest degree favorablo to its manofaetureo I thi rity tile marketis nearly bare of Lousirna, and in Musovaodone tile trade la very limitrd. The Eoglish money market remail0 without change. Coo. oolS are quotd at tll a for money, and 41 (5 1 for oaconot. Ezeroh ueor lills at 6.l 71. preomo $0,OOO! Ctapital Prize. 'Tiakrl. only $3. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Dnrawuo numbers ofho Grand Stau L.olterv, CIo.s 53. 38. L13, 69,21, 4, 48,66, 7, 72, 6,53,44,. LASS No. 54. AuSl,orioed by Ithe I.cgislatore of Sthe Slate. Tlo be drown TUI'-lo.)*Y, Nov. Olth, 1838, t 5 o'clock, P. 51. at the Merchant's Ex clhanle. chogo. S. DAVIS &. CO. Mnaoger,. 75 Number--12 Drawn Ballolt. SCHEME. I Prize do $9 000 $9 10 t do 3 010 3000 1 do 24040 24400 I do 5500 1 5011 1 do 14(40 14041 1 do 1 011 1 20 1 do 100O 1100 8 do I two 8090 ,1o do 501 1000 10 do 24110 2001 10 do 125 1250 10 do 100 0004 165 do -0 13 200 63 do 30 1890 63 do 15 155 63 do 15 945 63 do 10 630 3909 do 5 19 5:10 23436 do 3 60 310 27 814 Prizeo amnunltng to $144,528 Tickets $3 (10- Halvera 1 50O-,uarters 75. PackagesR of 25 'I'icketo for $075, warranted to draw at least $33. Po'ohso of25 half tirkets $3750, warralnobl to draw 00 leat ¬1I. Pockages 235 Quartr 7 ichott $18 75 war. ranted to draw at least $8 2. For Packaged or sigle Tickescr apply at the i s, apply 0h MANAGERS' OFFICE. Snorl0 16 Chartresat SLANK BOOK--We am doil) receirvog our Fall rsupply ol Blank Books from ooar manufactory at Now York; our stock now conrists of dthe largest and beltasaorteet etver offered ffr sale in this m0arket. Of flers of Banks, Ionsurancs Offies, Strain B0als, Fac tor0 , Merolants and others in want of any deocription ofBlank Books; or stationary, are i4vitt0l 0o call and examine for thoemoles, all articleo sold hy 000 are war. rnatrd to g've sati fctioon or may he returned. Printing, ruling adl hinging done iin t 0e ost acc0. rate inm n.l, at the shortest 10:o0i0 and "0n reasoobl. terms by DAAVID FELT & CO. New Yolk 8lationers hall, noel9 24halnrt'e st NEW MUSIC. M IAGNOLIA Walotzs A Ia ooo oi1s" , rod'ndTl'riumphal Marches tor Ihe Lou. oial. Leoion; Jaeger Achtunlg! p0s redubl0, hor the Geru.n Jaeger's Comlra any. I he dove ro-np used, fy (8 p Manouaris, s.nd a variety of rOw onuAtC, ond 05.trtOttn3n1. E JOHN & CO, 9l6.v00 cor" 8IChnrlis &l2oommon og '3 PATOB--l0 hampera Pt0atoes, and 14 kogo Looh f Ha rolga rorceiod per n oro, foroolo HOLlIES & SILLS. BOV4 o 3 Loak PIoes TiiUE ATIflRR.tLN OFFIPCE. lu connection with this O.rioeis a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE b VonR TOE plt.iTtIs or I, Pamphlets mak Checks i Catalogues Bills of Lading g, Labels, DrayrReceipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Crculars, And every descriptleo ofJob Woerk that ony be required., fiJThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of t1 the public to the above Cord, and assures them that p all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short Uet notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. Tr1E 'RUE At'MERICAN. EDITED BY .l~JlO a;BtRON. FAITIWTUL AND BOLD. NEtW OR LEANS" TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1838 AtoTrnua DreAcL.TTR-The utmost astonishment was felt in New York at the latest dates, on the announcement of another runaway sub.treasurer, iff the person of Samuel Swartwout, the Itto col lector of that poat. Ilia enormous defalcations amount to a million and a quarter, and warrants have been issued against his suretirs. Mr Swart wont bas taken himself off to Europe, and his sub-treasury along with him. He held Itheoffiee of collector from the time of General Jackson's first election, up to lnst year; and it is well known a in the north that it wtaspledged to him before, in case of the General's success. For many years Mr Swartwout was the strongest man in the Tam. many party there, and exorcised also great control ° in the neighboring districts of New Jersey, where he always electioneered fao the Jackson ticket. His defalcations commenced in 1829, and have continued through the whole periitd of his rolen, tion of office, thus offering another illustration of the iniquities isepiarable from the suboLreisury scheme. Yet such is the perverted view party *p rit takes of every object, that the "Post" parides this instance of enormona peculation, as an evi. dence,-"strong as proof of holy writ,"-of the 7 absolute necessity for what he calls . a ennstita tioeal treasury." By whaet logic this is to hbe pro ed, we are not informed. tlow giving a rogue unlimited power to rob, and plunder, is to make him turn honest, is a method of conversion too subtle for any but " the faithful " The advocates for a sub-,reasury try to show that security would be given for the senf custody of the public monies, -have not sureties been always taken, and have they not prove.d :ineticntiouts in titis, atnd a thou. sand former cases? If the temptation to fraud were too great for resistance, even when the check a of a national, or deposite bank was held over the ts individual, would it be less so when that individual became, himself, the depository? . Yet such is the sum, and substalceu of all the arguments of those who advoctte til sub-treasury scheme, in the overy Ii face of these daily damniti pr .s of if s iniiquity. .Vero York /icclion..-All's done hut Sleouting. 'he exact whig emajoritycannot benscerlainediur a day or twoI,bt when tile officil returns come in there is little doubt that the number will be ai least'from 10 Io 12 thousand! Even the loon foco Post says-'it rains cats and dogs [mneating lhe shower of whig returns pouring down] in the western counties, and Seward is glovernor by a majority of ten thousand.' Otilher authorities make it much greater: the 'Whig' makes it iver fifteen thlouesd. lie says: Our expressaa arsived this mInnroilg,anid brinl the following ndditiinal returns; Seward. M arry. Erie cotnty, 31' 0 Lewise tlirty, 250 Genessee it.i. 9401) Ors.en, dol 100 Chutaunquc co. 23110 Sencen, do 1701 Noagarn ci. . 7001 Delaware co. 900 Orlansco 427 Chenanngo o. 850 F Iav six counties ihnr from & Swnrd's ma jirity nlrca ty I1,907. Elieven entiiis yet ito hear from, which will increase Ith in:,jja ily. The ounties to he heard Iromn, in I1836 oave Marcy a majority f4999 :in 111836, on lhe . .omhiv ticket they srood about 1250 majority for the Whigs. Foreign Item.-WVhen the 'Otxlord' ill Liver pool on the 81h Oct. Ihe sleanier 'Liverlpool' was on a pleasure trip to Dublin, andt no intention then existed to change tier day of departure fto New York. If she started as intiaded sihe had been out 24 dsays at the latest dates Iroun the north, the 1.2h instant. The steam ship Liverpool was hauled out of dock on October 3d. lier burinhn is 1148 olwe, out of which she thas slowage for seven hundred tons of goods. She can besides narry in her bullks upwards oftfour hundred and fifty tons of coil. Her length is 233 leet, breanth of beam 66 feet, d4 pth of holi 21 feet. Sihe has two engines ulof4O Iorse power. Scott, the Yankee sailor, who has been jumping about a la San Paotch, jumped his last into the canal at Stro.iu-'junmpt the life to rtllt.' Knowhse' new plny is ealled lth ',Maid of Mn riendorpi,' and was to hae presented at the Hay market on the night of Tnusday the ninth The author hiimself played one of thce eharaetersea~ thai 11 reenns lie cannlot get over habit,-that seconu nature. The luported origin.l no misiake Bayadores were at the Adelphi. They dance barefooted, and wear no troublesaome superbun dange of cloth, a. 'The dance, according o dlea' eripion, does not appear to lie a dance of the feet alone, but the swating of the whole body into at titudes, reaoeful enough perhaps, after people get used to them. Victoria still reiitined at Wigdsnr, in excellont health. The Queen Dowager Adelaise embark.. ed for Matta on bloard the lnasilgas, seventy fottr. The E.itperor of Ru=lsa is piroceeding in hiu plans for tile entire slhjugelion of unhappy Poland - Fifry thlousmnd Poles had been forced to leave their hotmes unler siroIIng military escort, and pro ceed to Rusein--heir place bring sunpplied by fifty thousand Russians transferred to Poland-and this will be repeated whenever a symptom of diseou. tnt is exhibi.led in Poland. An extract of a letbr from Cracow, dated August, says, "Th'lree great powers have undertaken to consumimnte the ruin. of a small state, whtth the faith of treatie had placed under their nugust protection, ani this ini. quitous work is now proceeding insilenie; for that which they fear not, is lest the groansof the victims he hoard, and kindle in the breasts of good inen feeling of pity and indignation.' Mr. Dunn, the amorouis Irish Ba'rrisler, whose intrusointnto nMies Angela Courtsa bed room at IlHarrogale has made so i much noise, refused to find uret ies, and was in pistnl awaiting his trial for a breach of the peace (M'iss Angela's peace) lie is said to be 'id--d handsome fellow,' and has written a letter to Sit Francis IBurdett, stating his intentions to be most honorable, and his love most ardent.' A sinage coach with a number of pnsaengers was prccipitated into the sea at Newhalls, on its way to Perth. The driver was putting on bag. gage, sn the coach stood on a pier-the horses started. Miss McDuff, daughter of Capt. Mco Duff, of Edinburgh, and a female servant, seated isalde, were drowned. A clerk of the Messrs R ,thachild, named Seml Green, aged only 18, has absconded with £2450. Joseph Brnddell,a privatein the 941h reoiment, has lately fallen into a property of £250,000o or f1,25,1,000, loeft by hie uncle to the 'next ot kin.' Tie iproper:y is principally in America. The English judges have deeidt.d that a spectrs tor, even though he is invited, juning a pack of hounds, is liable to a supplemnentary charge of hIII 13a. 6d.per a game certificate. CourAnrATIVl SPi:ED OF WOOD AND IRON STEAM" ERs.-The AntlerpCompan)'s celebrated steam ship Antwerp, or ived yesterday morning at half past six o'clock, after n passage of eighteen hours being the shortest time iq which the voyage has ever been performed by a steam packet of timber construction. (Londnn Standard, of Oct 4J Tile General Sleam Navigation Company's packet Rainbow, arrived this morning. She perlormcd the passage between Antwer sliand London, a disi tlnce of lmore than 210 nmie, in fifteen lhours and a half; having left the former place yesterday at noon, and reached her mooring at Blackwsll shortly after three o'eloak.--(l.rmdodtt ibSldard, , I tve. 4.) Tlfe Rainbow is built of nron, and though a larger vessel, has, we understand, much less power than the Antwerp. MAGNIFICENT lOans STEAnntl -Scarcely has the wonder created is tahe world, bv the appealance ol the Great Wealern and the Iiritash Queen began ti, subside, wllhen we are called upon to adllllre the rapid strides of enterprise, by the notice if an iron sttattship, the first oI a line of steamnras to ply brtwen Ennglnd and Clemnta, to he nilled the tQueen lof tite East,' ol 2,818 tlins, and 600 horse pow, r. This mtagifcent vessel is designed by M. W D IHulitres, tgnluer tO Ith tlengitl Sltail (olut. mniter, fLr a eommunicnt:nn la 'r-n T;nlnld en and Indit. limeitnsins:- Ex":itr lt n , I t31l en fel ; lenell ol oniinl ckk, 282 feo ;length bl t ta en pr lerpendiculers, 270 feet; length lo principal cabin th 1211 feet, notpler of private anprettenta for pas- a sengerse16; nnmber of beds for d,, 400; width of beRe, 45 feet; depth of hold, 30 feet, tonnage, di 2,617 tons 39-94tha; immersin at Ilnd waterline, hi 15 feet; engines, horse power, 600: cylinder 84 inches diameter and 3 leet strong.-Railwaycll.a gaine. . Ttis the Common cant, and cry, of the demo- d crate, that the whig party are friendly to the abol ition faction. Nothing more remote from tile faetsa of the case, could be suggested, but that mattersa nothing to the reckless party who make the asser. lion. In Ohio the whips were defeated entirely by the abolitionists, and Duncan, the man constantly paraded by the party press as the verjpatltern card nfpure democracy openly avowed as strong, and disgusting opinions on this theme, as Garrison, or Tappon could have dictated. Nay the Nashville Union, the organ of the loco foces in Tennessee boasted, and gloried in the fact that not only was Duncan's election secured, bat the gubernatorial contest entirely decided against the whigs by the abolition faction. In Maine it is known to all that the leaders of the Loco foecos and the abolitionists are one and the sameper! sons. In Philadelphia the mouldering walls of abolition Hall were poiated at hy the partisans of Ingersoll to stir them tip in strong oppoai. sition to the whig candidate Naylor! Could any r' evidence be stronger? In New York the only fearofSeaward's success, rested on the power of n the abolitionists being arrayed against him. The Courier, the leading Whig Journal of N. York says of the abolition faction that they "iavre for a mo moment seduced honest and highminded men into their 0 toils, and have thu.given themselves a political impor. Stones which is ns transtent as it is eontemptible. Wher time is allowed for relleetinn. all those thse deluded, a will find expressed in the letterof Mr. Seward, the only n opinions in regard to thin eceiting topir which any bon est mnn-any paritot In hold withot bheing guilhv of treason toour Union T"hen will politiral Aholition h fIleld upas a bye word anen a rerael; and thosem who o have teaporarily yielded to it look with scorn and in dignation upon the unprincipled men with whom it a originated. Does this look like a whig advocacy of abolitionists ? r No! the Whigs were opposed, and the tories supported by the abolitionists, and we glory in the opposition! if They have done theirbest, and worst to defeat our ean . didate,hbut they have miserably failed. The same jour ynal says: "The great victory they (the WhiPg) have achieved tis ntainted with thaa nea-fangled speees of Treason ito the Union." Fr From Franee.-The hltone, Rocket, from Havre, arrived in New York on the 12th bringing Paris papers to the 7th and Havre to the 9th. A letter from Galli e cia, dated 20th Sept. statte that the city and territory of a the republie of Craeow are about to he confiscated to to Russia. The Viceroy of R.gypt has resolved on pay , ing the tributet due to the Sultan. From Madrid we Id lear that the new ministry is tottering to its downfall, , and that no provision had been made for suppling the army for October. The news from the seat of hostilities was most unfavorable to the Queen, and yet Spanish d securttiCs were fir inll London and Paris, riesing it is said, from a report that negocintiuna are going on be ck tween Don Carlos, and Lord John Hay, which may to lput an end to the struggle. The degree of credit due e to the report is noct stated. e )iscovery of t aeto Continent.--. D bnhtzol an te officer attacleld to the Fretnch el xneditiom to tile Soutll Pole, hIls written a leetter, dleto Volpnaraio, alurcle it, r) ecti firnlitg the detals given bI 1. I). l)'Urville. A nw rircullstance mentioned hv him isl the discovery of gret co:tititnat to trie iouth ofl ,outh ShetlntId. "WVe entreftliy explorel and deIterlindtdI " sayL that officelr, "ftory tleagues of o.astl, notwilthotading the surtoll r ling ie. This dicovery ins a eal e se rice. to uUtical in and geogrnphical scien-o." PAatc, Ott. 6. The brig of war ' i'oi aiil.,a frmn Brest en Thurllr rlnv filr the Antilles; and lteh vessel l.'l:clair n, V.Ican sailed firom lnTolo on We dnesdy to join Ad miral Batdin'iat, iuclro oil the toast of|lexi:o. Thl French frigate Dirlon, wit h t'e Ol t of Admniral de In Bretlnniere, urrivetd at tadriz aonI l 19111 uithnit front New Yotk, andle th.corvete Ilervere, Captain H. de O1issiessy, came into the ;oadstead the day f)llow The two atnnasof tht lale 11. Cainlair Parier hate, nn tiedre! to t the elitor of the Natitt,n l their illutltion t I)prUt I'he plninlilt lay tleir datacs ait 100i,000 franc., tihe ine ,on , the jtudgmaent in nall trie I'atis jo rnals, and its publication to the n tnlttr lo 110,U00 copisa. In tite Mioniteltr Ptriticn thire is a copyof tile orlr of the1 day uddee sadl bv Admiral IBnaudiu" to ilia -rews of hi s andron before leaving Cadiz, whi ih lfeam.s tll that tt ll e sai tisfactilon iiis ln ediately obtained, war willcemtainly ftiltow. The joullrnal frm tile east of France cntinllt to Iritg as accOlllltt oftta e nrrival rt' t trops tli the fraitl tierttewards S'tilzerlitld,tand in lplaticutar Itettion tile marching o baIalion of infittry into Gex, within ait tfw Illises of Gencrn. Paric Stock Ulnrket,tet. (,. tive Ip r cents 109 .i11, 1011 5t; "l'bree tlr cents 80 75, tO 05; lituk h Oare, i.aitie. 11t0 atnd 5495. THE VERANDAt !--.e have ulttlority Ito ta'se hat this suptrrt establishment under the management of MIesrs King & Mi.eks will be prepari d to-mor. rolw for the reception of board, rs. Gentlemen who wish for rooms, where ore contbined both luxury and comfort, had better avail themselves of an early opp rtinity of selecting their rooms, which are so much in demand. [L' It is genteally believed, and indeed little doubt remains, that General Jackson is one tf Siwartwout's securities. These securities, even if mulcted to the limit of their reaponsibilities, will cone far from paying the amount due, although they may be ruined by it. What a practical illus. tration is this on the orthodox dostrine-"to tile victors belong the spoils." Thle Rivers. The Louisville Advertiser of the 13th has the following: Good NEiws. Navlgation is about to open again. A rise of nine inches has taken place on the Falls of tile Ohio, whicth makes a rie of 27 inches ahbove and below; and a hltter received from Pittshurgh dated 8th inst. states that the river was rising there, and rain pouring down at the time. The Cumberland is again on the decline. The 'Nashville Banner' says: 'our river is falli:tg: only 19 inches on the shoals. Foster's Cement.-W.V, have been fiavred with a spe cimtnl of this cement intnllded for pacemente, ftounda tions, cistern lining, and oilier purposeis in which is re quired a ialeable substanlce that on exposure to tie air becomesso hard as to resist entirely tile action of fire, water, or friction. This cement thoughl liquid when formed,iindurates to much an exteut as to become im penetrable by any saw nhowever tempered, or wear, tilhe moat unceasing. As a substitute fior brick, or fnlagtone, in laying tanquettes, nothling can equal it,and as a ma terial for roads it is more available in use, and less asub ject to consumpltintt, or atmospheric action, than asphal tuim itself. The specimen we possess has been submit. ted to a red heat witlhut visible effect, and is infinitely more impervious to fluids than granite. When first formed it is of tilhe consistency of paste, yet two hours exposure t tthe atmtlilphere gives it tile solidity of rock; ant as a coating to the fiouldations of our brick huil. dings, as a means of preventing tile rise of dalp so general in our city, this cmecnt is really invaluahle. We earnestly request tie attention of builders, and pro. perty holders to this subject. T'he specimen may be seen in our subscription reading room,nndevery infor. mation obtained to facilitate its introduction into our city. Governor Marcy, of N. York, has appointed the 09th November as a day of general tllankegiving: wonder if he imlagined that his own removal from office would be among the great gifts which the people would be thankftil ftr. The Ohioans are n early as ill off as we are for paos toes. iThose articles cost in Cincitniti a dollar and a half per bushel. Py the official returns Porter'a majority in PennsylJ vania is 6,8061 votes. Canadian Exiles.--The schooner PIerseverance, from Bermcuda haviga on Iloard a nmhtiecr of tose wlho were exiletd hv Lord DurtaI fromti the t'and:ea crrived i In l tHt ton itoads on Tiit rsdaly evetaiig last the 9th. Among tile exiles alie I)r. Nelson, tile mllost l irenl t of the insurienlt, alnd Dr. Boucher, editor olitlie Qua tidienlle, pub!isieid ill oitreal, and eighlt others of lesser note. They hlave gollne on to tile nlorth Thaese were tile person to prevent the arrival of whom in tlis country ind their return to n anai, Col. Clive ol'the Briaith Arlm wa. racenrly dltspatI tei ex. preoto fclnn Canada for Uentalln. Tile novemtecnl ia i collre too late. Teas.-T-lhe steamship Caba arrived at so late an hour on Sunday night that we were e unable to make anv extracts yesterday 'romn the news she broughtl.- The Galvesto Gazette of the 9h giveea flourishing ac count ol the rapid growth of that city, anl of' louston whlic is said to he teeming with people. Pres. Ilous. ton inid the Legislature are at loggerheind on some point ofetiquette a Ilich seems likely Ct produce nuch disquiet. Inldin hoatili'ie are dadly increasing. Two htndr, d and fifty men are It Ihe enrolled, and t$40,000 have been voted fitr their eqllipmenllt, lawhile oll adrdress o thie citilzen, enerdlly in Iprelpaliog Io call Ihlrn ou lt en mnasse to repel and eldue their oavage fore. So 51 ualal na fuote ns that embodied, and so trifling an ap propriation will do little towards succ.anfully opposing the numerous hostile tribes now hounded together for attacking the infant republie. Vast numbersof the In. dians lately removed from our own borders are nimem hling abdut the head waters of Trinity River. Flat-boats, with flour are coming in though slowly. One arrived yesterday, and that with the daily expected arrivals ofenuppliee by sea, hqve tended slightly tokeep down prices. 07 ECLIPsE CoURsa.-The races here commence on Tuesday the 4th of December, and not on the 6th as stated in the Bulletin. Nearly $8,000 are offered in purses to be ryn for during the 6days. Lconte.utcATDn.J To a real sportsman the faithful picture of a valuable horse is as precious as the portrait of a beloved friend. The tportsman sees in every line, beauties lost to the vulgar eye. He can sit for hours, and contemplate the air, shape, rize and proportions of every member of the noble steed. To look upon such a picture, is to recall the me mory of by-gone scenes of thrilling intarest hundreds following with anxious gaze, the swift coursers. as they skim over the plain, deciding a man's fortune at every hound. The shout o en thusinsm and of triumph, the murmurs of disap pointment, the hum and clamour of an agitated crowd, thousands lest and won, the bustle, the overwhelming excitement of the race course all three,' the mind by a glance at the picture of one of those animals, at once the f Idol and the docile slave of min. Have you, on some by-gone day, at some well contested field, been so fIrtuoale(so knowing I mean,) as to win a bet on a favorite racer?Would you not be happy, then, to look again at the fine features and figure f of your ehampion-honor him for his proitalnble speed and bottom? You would be ungratelul in deed if you did not entertain such a feeling. There are maln who have in their stables the deerendants (in collateral as well as direct line) r of some of tle greatest champions of the race Sconuie. If they own the sons and daughters, and are fondof them, what can they do less than buo I, the portraits of the dams and ires? just think how Smuch better the genealogy of a blooded horse will appear when set off with the portraits of his die. tinguished ancestors, nay-what can we do less, to honour and reward the great, than cherish the delineation of their noble countenances. It is, it therefore with pleasure that I call the attention of tile sportsmen ol New Orleans, and of other parts a of the Union, to the coilection of lithographic per. d traits of' elebrated horses, about to be published by Mr. Pointel du Ptrlail, an artist of great abil - ity. Tihe brat series of the collection commences - with the mighty Leviathlan. The members of'the Sdiffercnt jockey clubs would fail in their hounden duty, shlould they omit to encourage the effortiot d a mneritorious artist, who fain would do his part n in transmitting to posterity the memory of the great descendants of Bucephalus, the Alexanders, Ceasrs and Napoleons of the turf. ST. THOMAS. re . . .. lr'Mr. Piorre Gentin, consignee per ship John Holland, will please call at the subscriber's office, and receive his goods. LEVI H GALE, nov20 93, Common st T(>.-NOTICE. The ship Forum, from Boston, is discharging cargo opposite Post 81. Consignees - will please attend to the receipt of their goods. nov20 STETSON & AVERY. JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPPER-PLATE PRINTER, No. 3, Camp St. W 11i. engrave and print to order, bank notes. bills of exchange, bills of ladiug, diplomas, neercon tile and visi:ine cards. notari, I, consular and counting house conals.I dor plae:o, silver ware, re. -slways on band, no otsortuent of silver plated and brass door plates. P 9 Cards printed from platres already engraved. nov20 S UGiAIA--2511 hhds for sale on plantation, near the tile city, by READ & BARSTOW, nov20 7 Bank Place OAL--O 90 ton Anthraeiltr Coal landing from the1 barque Cossack, friom Philadelphin, in qunoltities i1 suit purchasers; I60 tns Scotch Coal on board ship 51tor front Glatgow, feor setl, by HOLMES & MILLtI, tnov20 9 Rank lPlace illt: senoerilo-rs hove in store and o+ler fr noale on I oln c lodolgtint termtt: '0l) 1 casks don' to and single Brown Stout, direct fromu london, 150 casks Scolch Ale in pints and quarts, 19l) ngroan Porter a ,d Wine botiles, 30 demlijohnl , 3 each, prime old Scotch 413 Jorr very, suerior ponarl Barley, S0 pieces heavy Ncoltcb Iloggin"g, I packaoes Linen d ull., bl.ached and unlleaclh ell, o boxe .tlcy neelltls, 65 don thick ewo ,let hRonorles, I iltchen grre Id .oog range, L case Londot droall Inrs, lHOl.MES & MAl tl e, Iovt20 oank I'lane e,, ANl' in u drugstor. in this city, annasi.+-ncl nl" toronchlty acl.uinre I with tl, .\lpoltecnry Cbusiness, wll. conld peak Frclllh nd give good roelor Ances. pply to boo 231, Poet Office. E, JOHNS & CO, ttTATIONER'S IHIAIl., cornerorSt. Charles and Commonlol streets. Tile subscribcls hIaving recei ver and now in stole tlheir assortment of goods from England, France and the North, ofilr for sale the fol lowmng articles: English Drawing papers of all sizes, do writing do super royal, royal, medioom and demyo, foolscanp, letter paper, ex. large thin vellum; do blne laid; do Indo copyin, p+pcrr, at all sies, London and lirilntl boardl do lancy letter and note paper, plaitn, etlbuossed and coral bro code, American cap, letter and writing papers from the I est stills intbhe ina,n, Poerrvan Pens orall desnerptilons; lest German and Enelish quillse Stephen's and Perryan's writing fluida, Morrison's and Pcrratn's best copying inks; English and Antricnn folio aotd quarto copnit.g loper; Rodger 41 Sn's beast cutlery, cotsatrinp in dirk, pen and desk knirve, razors and scis sors, Pdcket books and wallet's Russia and Morocco leanthr, Enoglish wafer and sealing wax, superior qanli ty; Travelling desks and dressing cas-a, Ackerlan's and l.ewman'm beat nature colors, Brenkman's and Ackernmn's drawing pencils, Drawing books, Albtnst and British and Amer. cnn Anonls,. for 1839, Boo s--English, French, panish, Italian, Ger man ani I.atin consisting in classical, law, nmedical works, literry. &cEc. Just rreceivea, mdfor sale by nodS0 B JOHNS & CO. NEW BOOKS. I AND OF SHlARKS & SEA GULLS, inl 2 vole. SThe Wife Hunter. in 2 vole. Tile Stranger in Chlina, in 2 vols. lMurderas odOutrlges committed in thit country emhellished with numerous engrevings, representing tile scenes of blood, and correct likeanesses of the crim inals. Cu riosities of I.iteratltre and literary chllaracter ilius trated by J D'Israeli Ecq, D C L, tenth edition, eom plate in one volume. Nicholas Nicklrby part first, complete. Reports of Cases, a rgued and adjudged on the Su preme Court of thle Uited States, January term, 1838, by Richard Peters; Vol 12. Junt received and for sale by WM M'KEAN, nov20 eor Camp and Common ast G UNNY BAGS-75 bales 2 busheol bags in store, and for enle by G DORSEY, novnd 44 New Levee LOUR--600 bblh. LBaker' brand, in stoe sitd S for sale by Gi I)ORSEY, nor02l 44 New Levee Stll-ie, l ,GliS-=t0 cases Itlccetd Slheelings, and S301 bales brown do., for sale by S\ til'T'IIDGE & CO, nov20 76 Magazine at CANDLES-100 hboxes Sperm Candles, New Bed. ford, Bristol and Nantcket brands, for sale by WHITRIDG E & CO, nov20 76 Magazine st / LO"HING--10t cases seasonable clotlling, 900 cses boote andl brogans, 2109 cases silk bose. for sale b WIIITI{nDIE & CO, nov20 76 Magan ne at OAP -1t15 boxe Soap, I 50 cnxes''tallsow oandles, lansding f(om ship Forum, and for sale, by OEPH COCKAYNE, JOSEPH COCKAYNE, •nov20 25 Gravier at EX('HANGE READING ROOM. HE prooprietor has re-lilted his Rdoom, in tlthe St. Charles kxelhange, Cnorner ol (iravier slid St. Charles street, ln the neatest olneer. Bsides all the orincipal taplers of the United States, of every city and state, the Canadas ,Texas and iexi eo andl I tatnnn, tnce room is regularly and extensive. Iv snpllied with the latest European pallpers, Loyd's I:ilte.andl Picu'a Priie Current. Also with nearly all the LIterarv Per.odicals of tie day, and has the to publlicntions ,of the London, Edinburg, Westminster I lerlopolitan Reviews and Blackwood Magazine. Thel'lr Nortb A muricen Review; toe Southern Liter vr,Knichk teker,'l'heAtlolican Jourutl af Sciences and Arts,t Cabinet Miscellany Deoulocratic Review, (eontlemenu's a gaoine, American monthly, Untly's Bliscelleny, the Mtexico Cbirurgical IReview, and a variety ef others. All ttese workuerereegulrly subscribed lihr td recei ned. IThle rooml is also slupplliedl with large variety ofmonps and atlases, Niles l+egoter, Levy'n Price Cur Irent frlit i oiomn cmnlltorneot, Gaiaatcers, andavearicty of works urafereurce. The molt active & intellicent news collectors are em plyoned to give the earliest arrivals, and no pains nor ,x will he spItred to rendor this Reading eoom thle first the Unitel States. Oulo.oriptitonse a respectfully received. Inti --it 11.111.tNIFEIt SAFES ,fall sizes and warranted tie- ire proof, fur'stole ihv IAAC IIIDE a O,gazine at nlovl t 131 Mutgnioioe sl LOUISIANA DRAGOONS, rl SI N - C ATTENTION! T HE company will nasemhle on Wednesday next, J lst the Armory Rloom, in Common et., opposite Capt. Johns' store, at 6 o'clock. P. M., in civ il dress, with Swords and Spurs, for Drill. The members of thie colllmittee will hour previous to the above timn ant'hour stated, say, - At 5 o'clock. All acttve moembers of th company will provide for their respective monthly dues, to be paid into the Trea surer's hands at the timre. g[iAll memlers asent, without being able to shew good cause, provided fir in article 11th, will he fined n conformity to art. tiltt of the Bye-Lowe of this con pany, and payment thlereaf oenrced forhlwith. By ordor of tihe Commander, CIIAS. ECKHARDT, nnol9 Orderly Serg't EI'rAIRIE RACES. - T HE Fall Meetin for 1838, over this course will commence oat Monday, IOlth Dfecembet. First Day-A match for $2,500 a aide h. ft. four mile heat'; Major T. . Well's names bl. f. Extant, by Iimta. I.eviathan, dam imp. IRoftgre, by Wanderer. .6 Gner & Sitmoon's name b. c. by Pacific, dam Ity Sir SCharles. S. ecod Day-A match ftr $5000 a side, It. ft. four d mile heats. Mjor 'P J Wells namer C'F Itreewing. by imp. Leviathan, tdam Black Sophia. (Birminlham's dam) by Tolpgollt. (Grier & Simmon' names ra . f. Wilhina Hernden by Wu.Vadpoeker.dolt by Whiputurn. a Second Race, soane day, a Sweepstake- foir 2 rear n old colts and fillies, mtile Ibcate, $500 entrance I f.serv. Sen subscribenhers. t Jas S Garrison CC S Farrar, S Iro Smith lmith, T Smith, Thee J Wells I) Stevenson. Third Day-Two mile leats, J C Purse, $500 Same Day, Two mile heats, J C Purse, 750 Fourth Day--Thlree mile helts, J C Purse, 1200 Fifth Da -Four mile heats, J C Puree, 2000 Sixth Day--Mile heate, hbet 3 in 5, J C Purse, 700 n Seventh ItDay'lThroe mile heats, Proprietor's S purse, 1000 JAS S GARRISON, at RICHARD ADAMS, 'I'tIOSJ WELLS. Snovl6l-tro NEW ORLEANS J3CKEY CLUB RACES. tg O .VEI trhe I"Eclipye a'oure, to eomL, ence onoTues. day, the 4th of ticliet .tL, lid Coutinue six days. e J tckey Ciuh Purse, $1,5l00, 3 mile hears; second best horse to receive $,30.t, provided more than two e start; if but two, the winlll.r to receive $1,200 re Proprictor's Purse, $1,(00, two mile heat". second ee besthorse to recoive $20!1, prouviled titan two p start, if but two tthe wilmer Ito receive $1,1100.. T'ItElD )liY. tIihe New Orleans 'lute--a spleudid Ten Service of ce ilver, value $m,0ht), 2 mile heal.'. In this race fotr year orl ttiad lll r, lryitf I h iropproprintew wigllt.; S5 ear olt s alld over Ill) iollds, It I tli'll Di AY. c Jockeyv ('lu PIar, 5 50.1l), ile h a.llt(:sOconed hiei horse to receive $ i, I). provide,,d miIo(.e thanlll to stlart; if but two, thle w1inler toe recive $,,l1100. h Psrprieor':: Pur-r,, $15,00 n)de heats, let three in five. ... 1 .l . . . .Ri . - A e i ln.o dt. . ll i I)h Poatoes, Inllllong froll ship I.nfm.po n1, ntilr .nTie In' by l tovl9 3 C,,3 , m JKAYi--.1 I nn, ntn h, IS., Ol1re of the Firru'er's hci , Co.,+;.ny of p , w ni tbnent iL's :ht-ir Pll-k" lislle alld in',a and tll o the 8tV Deremtber ti 1lat the oillle of the 'lll lll n. I_ nni_ _ ."h'y JIUItEA. l'e-n itt \,\1Ii ' IiI'S IitiII'l tellS iD) 1,1 I,.IL- t I', ANS. L ES Action l' *'r Font par ' t avil n f l/ sro ue le Cinquiem oeot.elm .olr Ir niti"'n , est do e devraetre pae 8 1t)ect'' re. pIoch:,in,,nu Bureau d a Complnenlie. lnov ' I. 'lit'(CY Secreinire A SCIIOONER oiflie lit ,e:ily of t00 hide.Sugar . to hond foP Itobhil. Apply to LEVI II G I., novl4 9(3 onmmon st NtW ORILEANS Steam and Patent Bi.seoni Bakery--Waters and lillman. No. 9D, Mtoreau (near the I'ontnhartrain Rail onad.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine Itiscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midfoird and Water Crackers. All the above articles urn warranted to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pri chard and Tagas:t, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive protapt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for family use. 15nov Nitl ICE:. II.RING tihe Ietenniyit obheroe of the ebhecriber fron thle cityr, Clhrls Ills'igr I.Aq. will act as hias athorised agent, and to him narl having business with Ihe undersigned, will plnase ap ly. FRANCIS ILI.EY,.JUN. novl4 1828--if One e'ew Orlnceann ant .rachri/h. I'I. R'd. Co., a N iNvh'mher 14th, 193.L. D RAFTS on N'ew York it sight for srle, in mas to sit purlchase, Ier cot. el, lreoliunt. JAntl l':S I1 CALI)WEII., noel4 Pres't. "ollIA" ''Tl IIAFFIE. T llE celebrated New York trotting horse, 'ROI.A,' will be rallied for on Saturday the 24lh instant. This very populr animal il1, wi'tdler of so many raes, antd posereingt 8etuh InidolIhted speed, and botitnm, is now in the best possible condition, and Itny be mearon at any time and particulars learned at the sable of tLIVEI IIUIIOIS, Tattilreall's. iin St. Charle est. eor0Grviier '.o"laern .e s $l0 iloe I noel fi--td. BAZAAR. Corner of ,St. Charles S Common street, F:XC AN G Ii 'r E ,. " USIl & AIIA'. .oild rtnsp.ejlfilv call the at telltilnlll .l ci Izen, Im ll+iingetn ii tlneirt:llllln plrtel nlatrllrlelltilol (;eottlhlcle'i' lien -jute, do inlithrie wit 1lilel reiai . fiii i t in ita le li en fr s nt: linen cii li lars: silk, etln allnd r Inor e Itllder shir~ and drawers: cambrit and ti lk ihanlkerthetief,: hlo t and fainy erm vats i glreat vdeliye: aoll ks of every descrilltioun gna elastic ndI coto suspenders.: silk, cotton Iand thread gloe: ents hskin gloves: umbrellas and ecaes gold Also,-Splendid assortment of landies and gents wri ting desks, dressing ncses, port folios, perfumery,cit. lervy, and rich i...ey goods. novll Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Allction Bills, Piamphlets, show bills, Cnta. logues, &c. &c. llORDERSfar the Above, ao'l every other des, criptionof I.TPIIN'I 'IN'; r-eceived at Compting Rooin of" TRUE AMERICAN," in ST. CHARLES EX CHANGE, 3d door from ntnrct. Extensive and Ieautnliful IHnK ,n2 Jon FOUNvS, from the beat Foundries in the United lState, havejust been added to the ahiretady ew//n-stokedt Establishtment; -and ORDERS trill be executed as Low, as Cheaply, Expeditiously and i, anal aniy other Ollice in the City. Nol--.f CARIDS 0' PRINTED at the shtoriet Niotice, in the most elegant manner, in Ilackor Colored Is,t l n on Ianmel led, White Flake, or Plain 1t urfaiced CAitns, and at Prices very reasonable at cT ilil+1 A'll'.ILICAN OF FICE, corner of P'oydrlnl and St. Charles sts. &'eeenl N'w and Beauliful l;'inual of 'TYPe ha.e just been ntlded to the Estltalishoncut. Orders received at Conplltini Rnomi, St. Charlre Exchange, :3rd door from Gravier et. no, l-tf Mondelli & lR.oynolds, ARCIIITItC.:TI'S .ANI) Ill ',I)idItS, T.-AVE r,.nevel thir usline eto llie \Ine lAuPre I7 it innllo(nE, it I .nltrN "i. lni.itte+un ftm Ixchni:'. Place. ln'itt-U L',I-t U.t:t:e. nuov St. Charles Theatre. 'rllS EVIs,~'W1¢ NOV. 20,. Will be permrted tlh dome tie Drama of ATONEMENT. Clarence WeTf rd, Mr. Harrison, .Ir. Popinjay, Debar, Sturdy. Farrero. Clara, Mrs. Farren. 'r An Overture by Orchestra, After which will be performed the Drnma of TRIAL BY BATTLE. Chnraclers by Mlesrrs. Debar, Williams. Botke, 0 Mrs Plume. &e 'l' LS . Two houses near Tivoli Circle; a~ply to its novl9 ItULI;s O1, U UtOURT'. T HE Rules of the Circuit and District Courrof the U S for this District, lbr ale at thei office of the Marshl of said Court. Apply to nov19 J P WALDEN. NOTICE. [7The packet ship Ocmnulgee, Leavit, master, from P New York, is now dislcharging four tiers below the Rail Road; consignees will plear. attend to the receipt I ol tcheir coles. nov19 - 3t NOTICE u3Moesars Sherman & Co, and H Browning, con stgoees per barque Dltnariasotla, will pleaus nmke known thrir residence to the dischargitg clerk oh the Levee. LEVI H GALE, norl3 93 Common st NOTICE. Mr. GEORGE MIERRICK having resigned the of flea ofehief Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll. ton Ralil Rend, Sr, John Iampson has been -ppoint ed in his place, to wham all petsonl having business with, or wishing information regarding said Rail Road will apply at the Rail Road Office, Plydras street, By order of the Board. (signed) JOHN NICHOLSON, I nvl77-tf Cashier. WANTED, A S"AR active Ioy o nttend in n atom;one who rlwtaks French ntI English will haven pte-n. nenta sittion, if found suitalle, y nl1 ig too New York Stationer's Hall, nov17? 24 Chartrest E tarin store and offer fur sate 75 sacks Java Coffee 31t do Rio do 195 H na do Hvnd 485 do l.iverpool Sell 50 barrels American Brandy 2aI o do in imitation barrels 15 pipes do do 10 do American Gin 5 do Hlolland do 204 boxesNew Bhdfordl Sperm Candles 200St do Mlechma's Soap 100 do Robbin's do 95 do do No 2 ll00 half boxes do No 2 l200 boxes M R Raisins 25 barrels n a Almtonds 20 do h a do 75 hoxes Lemon Syrup 100 do assorted Ketchps 211) I Cigars various i alioties 5i1 boxes (;ooln Cheese 1101 do Te'le, assorted 75 Firkintar(ioshn Butter 1'0 lonxes assorted s ze Pickles 75 coils Manilla Rtt,e 50 Iarrels Nltl's superior (rackers dI do No : Mlackerel 7 blfdo No 2 do 5 do do No 3 do Withl a reat tario'yof other goods in the Grocery line, which will be sold vry low for case, or on the usual tithme. WINSTON & SIIALI., noev7 7 Front Levee S- UMBEl.R & FISH-:15.01111 Lumberr, hod l onltiipt.tverptl atdpposite the Orleans Presr. AlI Sply on lboard, or to LEVI II GALE, Snovl7 9? (,on:nlmn at 5 AY-3-3(1 bales H(y on board dne .hip .loo1o dria, lolwd for solehby LEVI II GALE, nov17 93C(olnoln t O IL-1000 gllonI Wionttrot ool: Sperm UilI.Iod froooship P'rtheon, e sole by ISAAC IIlIIIR;E'& Co, no.17 Ill Mlognorioe ol LICE-3(1 tieirce, newIl prllm e(,eR icoforlr h nor17 411 I'Pvoor den LOUISIANA INSTI'I'u'rR. ?ITH1 InIlills o 0' for the edn'nti,,o of vnotn gpoeti he1r, in thie 'olnt iinrv .:f t1it: ,l('ll(Odlet ('hore-Ii, cfrnehr of ('nlo iol i one, I',, dllo , ho. der Ibe: ditlo li'm li erfod ,hlT es y.o~ e o, ho'n of';' :2tI:.let ho'ai c in. deprrlll 0'o ·01 11,ys 0 i . a 10(1(117 na ho o' Ll(11iopeb 4. Hi rout- of:lirlI n eprli 1i lia eenr ,%ill be c .,e.(((c.r le l b0 fl lil.l.l. iln; five 0(O( ,t( 1. Thyll 1";ýýglI: 1 d pll 'lell nl, ll. ll o.:rl(· nl F 11 the( 1J:J'2. '1 ln( sI o nei nllIre l Jrloonl J)Ipdn. ugoo tr e bo ri r o oilonrdr iend (4-k In l le.t 0erpo, 3. lil 'll ::' : alallr a. n:l ~ , Ijl lll gII go , in t. high C J lIoIAIl(ElL1IANJN, A 21. 2 (lIl.OiN Eoi, Eorr I'oeool.'olm t ,lI.hNNON, I.onnioon CIllog, lb( CI IL~lJ5o1lEllG, L, C JIUN~cArN RE1, av g Io(n, Al.SON Ei~q. Neiu Orlor:,o p i(1.3h--1113 SIAlIIIAL I~ ((F: rhE·;b' OYLIEA1\(. ¶1"rnin 111 'A2:~ luorin trlr'dn in $11 87 pin' horoL, Chemi trvIlustr.:I r W by nppmp Iorhe i xeIl l ,o ( osn rflroend l'rr ' Iljo(. [hood ((I (lb nr'1'(r((rl 1(olnh~ or 00ll~iO~edllro iigl~l12000ICe (.(or· loe. nio.1J(5,urICo.. ,orol7 o C. (JEt N IS, M tnylo. J"IESIooanI a iltln Cdon' ((( SinlO, ((ply nt o lnnd ((J o IArpDilol A oel. C ONVEE.Ai'ON' LEXICON, 12 ,oln, nd e'.notho,--SieilHAr, Lo)isiaa Cok Ww'ilolrd-L.'oniog, 'lb K,,ornor--Vron'lr Verde L'.anoonoo noigonal cdi' Zo~hohoiin &inllrolo; CI0.(oofl & Kind Nonellon, And nonrio~ry iF oouomnrl vorooho in (hoe (8omnao. Alno,Gerlnooo (~rnoo((nlo 0(1 .Id~eicniedonro (or husron (loll inl Foonchl, Eng] iall nold Spiniol. E :oHNS 8,. CO, nool7 cCr St nrln& Cnnonot ('I 'HE Oohoori;;-ilroo hononod,, Ir0.(ngoo((ooro w~ll I. Nlenson. V(ororoa & (ill(((((0, of donP Soo,,(I Bohe ry. foona ooonbobn((ppl od'III ((OOr B1 noad, bosh1 frno (ho hokr' Ilorso,olo( olnh·iehlwrhnsoorr're·iood and nifor bo nolo. 0(lnoioting of pilo, only aled onilbo houuse brood; Idodo Uiboob, Sogolr, I((ntno Old IWolco Crchoo, pot 0(fu i 8 barrelb , non. (2 RIV EICIIARI), nool7' JO TAIIARI' JR. A (INf oon (0a folr h oi. Bnd 01(1(- se Ood oolg it, op. reurdt we'I(Iigho (1l(per 00(11 b. Clolhig, (orlnce. 1a11-0 hate 1(0(1(1 Loo oor onlo, bpply ,hoard 00(7 Ooe hin Hop derrt N lyANU~S IlE~ 111391Ek o Coovlo lnoon(ILoolhe; LnONV- RSA LapI ON'l LEXICON, 12 solo, and by Findoo I 11(0 ofa plates (0 * net 'hS hiollrn n AlooieA Worn,, Chojodllolobolos, (or )885 boollg LKrody'o AVelnnl, f-or orgnli tion; nc nono'n Anoosi, lnr 18J91 ('~hok, in1( l &in 8(1(o01; E Jnhns & Con Looininoo Ahonnoc (or 183; d tob r ietiyod 0 orl wrr s lo h e 7 JOHIINS & CO, nov17 rSt (Clnrles & Comnmonat ALLA AD DEI7N MAH1OMEID'S DYE. Fno .llWngiogteho &lair, Eyn lrons, (0 WlliSnmBork Ino fpra onnont Bsoull or Iltsh, by r1i0 rpl lcntioh wiaklonI hno ng ths olio no horw fihalvr lile n, joot rseivodhiy BUSII o ALLAN, l'lnoo F~ooy Store, o. 5 ClI(oloo& Coon. XVR(ITNOr D.SKS.----V01111(17 pc, 'rrlbl Soda BicitoSlug Con, e I.nnli d Wortt 1rcno, koir pud CIN l Cow som , sahe oil board (hi pnoul, op AyO0(llltI, j((n rscrinod 0(111' I(001nob,0000,nrnl St. Clllrlolonoolol ~l O5 ln~n 8rel, Enehlralge Ilootil. ((ov Il NOLINICE (.(HEsrlhorihooo hogdfr nnnooioodsl(0nnoloo (((ho. LADin-50 older kIle fine Ln CIrII r'Is l SIN. Ncl'b"I', nold eeolioilo oorndo,(0000 of' (In, OI0(~nl(l(l~ (00 oisod bly (heir (lin ChoinE, ovlOlo AoVEduYig boolooro in his ou n 0,00, no Whobtools Grocor nnd ConoCnio.o Inre lloLn do. (OlIN CIIRISTIE, ono2'l-n N.Gl o N (rTI', Jr. T e1'ES-51 peonon ('nil SIopoa; 10 A (o(((lu arAie lo0.iJ: A 1,; n onVutti onn, jl'o(00110or 1i83 .dd%. Y((1 g t L A(rnl(nOesunl,, fo o n.8l39hv E LJOKEN & (O, N (I-ShoIYRn 0 ,nl~l((Ioll 1(0 (lne lcloo((I b (((1 fl i olly fOO( 0((l(1o ity 00 5hi0100(o0c. _ ca halS. I. & Comn For changng te (ai, uyeol br0ow(s(, torohsr Ito (a1p1rm (0 Enchongo Alley, botyeoln apoli cod nr. receivd by BUH LLANi( lknov Fancy Store, c. St Charles &i Com.l b bhavng ates LaiesWorlB,,e,,,wit an witou mel; CrdCacs Poke nikn o par, n Camp St. Theatre. Second npp this brinn of MI-S MEADOWS. This vecning, JNrtember ~0, Will be pefirmned the firce of THE SP'OIL'l) CHILD, Tng t Mr Brown Little Pickle, * AMist leaemlors. After which, Misa Miedocws will appear and sing a song ard donee, Osetfireby the Orchestra. The whole will conclude with the Extravaganza of TCOM & JERRY. Tom, Mr Barrett, Jerrrv, Brown, Logie, JJohnson, Kate Mrs Barrett. Dress & Masquerade Ball, WVASH I NGTON BALL Roo.YI St. Philip street, between Reoval & Bonrbon. 1JliE Mananer of the ohove nomed Ball Room,gralte T1 ful to ht friends and the pnblie for the innperate Iolled patronage bestowed on him lorseveral seasons; espeetfully informs tbeme that thi establishmentl hae been enlarged for the amutsement of visitors, and uni dergone innmene re irs. T'he bar will be surpassed by none in quality of liqmrs,and the tesaurnlt v.ill' ha ke .t by the eblest Restaurateur in the United States. The room will re-open on Saturday even:ng, 3rd of November next, byI a GRAND DRESS & MASQUERADE BALL, and will take parenas nstel every Monday, Wedner day and Saturdeay evening, during the. reason, which wilt and on the Set if May, 1839. N. I. The ereanest attention will be paid to ke p ing perfect order throughout the esabliahment, as war done last season. oct24 CITY HOT- ~L, Corener of Common and Camp streets. M R. & MRS. GiE. SIIALL have the ,letr atur efinforminsgll their friends andl the pltic, that the tlnuse o favorably known as Bishop's iotele, will be opened on Wednesdae, the 14th inst. li,r the rer.ep tinn of compnyt. The 'hnve had the Hiouse thorotgi lyrepaired eidnewlv iturnished throunghlnt, anl beg leave to assure the reaveller and citizen, that whaltever repatation tle house nay hlvie a ilttirld in pst tyears, no exertions on their poet shalt lie wrating to iIlUtau it hereanfter. A Collation will be spread t 11 o'clock on the morn t ing of the I Ith inst., to which the public is respectfully invited novl'1 LANCASHIRE POTATOES-2h0 hInmprs Lan cashire Potatoes, for sale by S & J P WISITNEY, novle 8 Conti at '/ANIFOILI) IWltITlb'l" .--( b latiui's Inmproved I1 Mauilold Writern in every style, just received at the Bazaar, orner of S. Charles and Commnon street, Exehanee Hotel. nov 17 B ILLIARD BALLS AND CHECKS.-A lrge an esortment of Bitiard Balls of superior quality at the Bazaar,corner St. Charles and Coeloln-st. nov 17 :xchani e Hotel. P ATEN'I' BALANCES--2 Patent P'latfirm Hal ances, weighing from 10 to 1800 Ilts. for sale at re dnced prices, by Nov 57 S. LOCKE & Co. DOCKET ALMANACS for 1839--Joist publishled U few thousand of Louisiana I'ocket Aliananon, for 1839, for sale by tile groce, dozrn or single eop. Iby DAVITI FEI;r &CO, New York Statilners IHall, noet7 24 Chartres at IC LO'I'HING--30 cass seonannable Clothing, eom pricingan assortment of satinct ickets and pnll taloins" I)erry and COttonade ants; o earyt white ctl itu; Caliol., .iverpool ntriped tiwilleil, anid lituein shirts, landing from shtip Dnlmltia, far ale byl ISAAC BRIDGE * (CO, r nfov6 134 Mllaazine 0t e ST. MARY'S IMARtKFIK STEI\ FEIItiY. NOT ICE is horhvl givenn thaturs: Or dhinaer sienl ise y tie lonci olof WSthe Stclis ni I'nicipnhlitv, on Tuerlnv tlhe IGth tInv of )ctluwtir, 1811l, Books oif Suhseriptitn to 11 stuck of $2011,it11, tin sitres of $tlureach. inl said Ctrimipiv will be jlpced at Mr. Charles Dimond's, No. 2.1, "l'cfmllitonlas street, on \Vednesday onxt, the lset instant, and will Ie kept olpen from IO.r:hk, .\ 5 1 uetil 2 P M. Ten I)ollars per shore to be paid in cash on albscri hI bing. t lBy the (rlinnni, " p.rron' msiuilng ii thle rld tI ii cipolity aret orly allowed to lleuslir to thine siunk. C. ltlMi~nl). i('iuin-iniiieri. M. ROIt'AIIE, ) N.I. A ropy ofthelrdinancee may Ihe snr it Mr. tlutait6i O9 1 of III-Is ' va l II) IsIIad well sinaoed Non- I 0 dr tile'. 7'h li'r,rad'!r," in bl Chill k,' ate, 1. · I'ha talhaudjini i iiig bu (.I'n ( nn St ('haste. street, andl the Iollrel n th e1(· fIII H nn·I) to o , floc,... n i ' lle I·1I flouI. ti lii,, An o (lm ee on Ilhe:ltd the,, molld tiro? 1 off ,.f elm ·11; 1 II lit lII\ LII Xi~1 UA1" N1. -CIIt i Ciii~~lrr adj ini'_ 'lu h' .I c ,,n, ell I,,,,,i i o " 47' ( 1:' . Ii , V 1 ''11 LAVICLNIL&. F: Cdl(EN)I: nor 6-5t ".1a, .i'iAyEIT So \ .H N(W",ON r lS''<I tr sloI, ((Hll (' KINE I:IEC-, la- ECa i so Ci9 i I- '1' ni ' Il eII .'+t noE 1s k f NcaI aaCi II -d/rll,'at et OFFICE,311 7I Cttr, hoelaia Inaweiiad 1'r,,ad (.l FALFSII'EI'ONN. AII1 pi(lI i 'J'e~aa i~k e, ,i~ la7e 1 IC S F~ib~l u all IiCti,, ar.m 175 ea-esl amwer o do it, 471 , IIitSP 4 10, 91ECI) FalhiCet ImC FIetIC I la hpI.y CII. CU i, iI, _ from New Yor,., for male by~,by~ru r h Ilyv '.'fa & 1t t LUZSI. or Ualuait-7 Itt-a Isl'etiIc at 1a COCCI t l iFTILLE ro'd CaI 'I'EBthiy, lath tli t%, co, Y 11 V A y, El a CI - 11 boxesg land. g, i n FOR AI.U;,FAIIIE(15(F i(ILD c for by I' Itk Ipu~ I tV i it1)0 nn 8 _ ar 1+ iazi e Nt l r mnfi, a Ill Ylath, thl' andli i P I CI CC r'It, " II byt ha 1 CllaF L i~in 'CCtI'I i~ttCIICDia&Iiadiia, nnetE tiiC lCe t i . a iitE ,tat l3 BUI-y El-I Cta0lt ei ns Igaer Ibiry BtCgter Iiifiuit qualtytit l iCg ttland f Iu s ite t t '('t Jll it ,Etlie tt at~ l'urty "lily I C lxalt IIt. S · 13713 rvirs SO U ('AIEIRIA T caIIn Ihoar I.a l1J I(Ii. iCIncu C EIt iI, Eoom Cf iltRilUE It a ltilig IC C CiP CINTING OFF~jICEEt ChaFrIIEF VExch ge I ali ottiC. h Iti IN RO tl Cone 11 CAIINE seet I)1I LIE euhecribern take leave to inflonrta, their pitonsy Rl nil ECOND MUrlnICIFAJ.I'ln tIlllr lEIRYCO 1 anllr d the public generall y, that they nllw c now plc-11 ba r ne Cad ibil lint lt l t e filr jl tI.. ilb Irii li- ifl hlia. Fashionable flatters, 1, xclmng e Ilet11 11·1 el,0 ill LI UU~v aIANAL J f'aaIIi le eI a il Fatale at ..a'riipa tinly C I lock,-at ill Ctli tn, Exihanti giit.i L aiit stiii, F O U Rll d-tIII V laglU tl li t-CSli O F i lla ),fi 7J\ d eniS~,CCIIII.,ia~ ll l CfI tiltEC lp~i l ol aeyttl vas with thrilue buidigsm reo, irin Ihcune 4 nI'ewLeve ndHouerstretjA lneiuel frontEIin kiheOlea n TaltoCE iC e ss~i, ldltg o F II thinr e p i hld r Irle wail tI.iiiltaiiyn CeInt at a hig), late, and ar tie much1 in dem and notwit~·1,' tnl ing the many Itlt prove labia ow progrEC sling L in II,' Tj(e 111 all IE~C the jtiIICaiCCLCC bnqEiCa tirea' r l paved.- AtI. 53 IIerit-. . rl iesniwshn t uit d G Dw llg at Sktore iitiil Jua.I.A 7eiJ.,lEIlt IiC*ICILCE walllt,.·lerlg hal newsfinu e I d VIinIoie tC te'tI, 'the , y Cll hi I. riu l. TlllellC 1 eIlbCI gait el a t jlite l ts I lal u I. 'Pesos will b libea I l I.iTabt, a Iga . i cllrrrv ~ ~ JOS -led AOEIIIy lrl llr, Jnlc II.III ` Go 13t~t~IIV 13OX CIIAInil S-1110 dozen 1lr ux chaos. Jual re\ 0calv a nd it ia ia. for Uhipping for IcIae atlthe oi i FuIIE ilE rn tilItpre eIiRadtnt. C Ii iviittalti Et' Naetti--il- II The Stockholders of llrvilis Co pany in, l· l ri b ,f Jb. i'ede that theiPr otsorthe i'nurtl, ln c nIl ta(imncrt willI bil~~ulre du adpaa le on the 15111 iaat.. Bt the (mice of the Fieraailm's Insuv~rance Company, No. 'li i Cana ·l steel. fF m i flnd adth ai( cththei soily rvevin fom owYor ad Ionun t oa cheeev bedaten d t, mahogany mud c ierr,! robins "fall desswallroul es of mahogany mid ',f erry wash t~l Al NB. Fnlurn alur peaked I''or tranep orllatiel with great .P care. auvl

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