Newspaper of True American, November 20, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 20, 1838 Page 4
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steainppti ndl LOeislrna Hiotel, S. 3MARY KPIIIKLAND respectfully an. tonnfes to her frienodl and thie public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate thetm t he abhov enthabli.hmcnt, and thnpes frmn her lmertiont to render visitors comfartable, to receive a eontinnance of firtmer favors, She fiete confi. dent that Iporons visiting Cdvi-tgton during the cimmer months, cannot find better necommodationse than. she can afford them, on more liberal terns. Her house is pilvanntly situated, and well supplied with every enornenione; the bar is furnished with the moat ehllie l.qlnr., &c. in short, she promises "'It nOthilg shall b' wanting on her part to give trireatisfactionn to all who may patronize the .isisseippi.nd L,isianna lintel. je3 * gO TIIE PUBLIC Thu iIderigned. having I tudlied under Dr. Scimidt of Charleston, 8o t1{k ~o ina, and for somne mars his assistant in tbheI tcti of mndicine and sutrgery, has the honor to oaets'hli professional services in th.t city. lie assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls Which may Ibe made; and also offire his sarvieeo to the holde nfolavoes, bcing well acquainted with tlhe diseases common to them, having attended them in ie slugar house in Clharleston. The famous anti bilious pills a lter the composition of Professor Srnollette. with directions, can be ehad oftheunddreignoed. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest negeees, to which the best of references can be givlha. Apply at No. 166 Maga. line street. JNO. M 'LORING. liOLLO-W WARE. WOOlS)-UEWS, SAD IRONS,. &c. T IIE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Boakman street, New York, iave received the pat season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assorttnltt, suitable for the southern and wctar nt markets. Hlollow ware of superior quality, consisting of shot 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 difibreot sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizue, lrom 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fro: e 3:8 to 18 gallons, IB kelrans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillots, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 itehas. Wood-Screws, 211,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 It 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and loss titan Jame's imported piees. Sad Irons, asesorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, nassrted. Sash weights, 1110 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 201hs. Bells for PInotations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steamboats and other machinery made tp order. The alove assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, antd upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be the largest and beat assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishment in tihe United States. Merchants, by leorwardig a request by mail, can have a prin'r.d circular, with description of goods, pricesend terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will eceiv immediate attention. New York, 1t38. je3 -I.EION SYlI'l' & I'llI.liS-Uonderwood's i.e. _J metn SVt:l t mtdI Pickles, t- ssrtet sizele; also, hll Ibxes of l.eais & tl skell's Piklers; for mtle t:, clore a rusiCn tne:t, by JARVIS k 1 NI)KRI.WS, erl! rIr C tamnon and Tlchepitoilte a itAI'--llsu |1: loe.a boe I Sit-o1 . bhruentI Jtirat.a c t;ould, for eloa by IS.AC: ll IluhE & Ctt. nlli 1:91 M ,ll r ziv. llr ,,-t. 0 leeco i'inili ('jyjyl ueld ycl 0111P 1,1.PIl eyiS. Ap4liy l J (, alla lls~ i. illl/ll~lln l!~l ~lglrp lielrt 0.4 Viii lit'~l & Co. ·n1 N I~ y'liyj,y,l . ' Dell,~· 5-4 ibelty.'e et. ly fi ,, I t'yyt Ibie ,iy y'ii o I ' felley11ilIIlilii. LIdil 1:14i' IOiEI "1 L:, 1 Ill-l \lil & III 1 li1ANKiP b·lJOKSnll (Ill lneyled IIIri-lyllF It lll 34:1 N V' crlatieeorr ' Llell,¶2t I iurrllyl*t B iordteg, by el I? ISAAC fliltlliOE CO,. In~~l t:o Stegic~icel~ Cilret. Itll -n I. Yller if~ lll Chu I0 ( uhf~ II\ II 4)41401EV 4-Ir Nyte TI r n?! (; l-ll(~ie 114004 1114 ci U, t5il l,,ielalo~ll,ilulic~~Tllgeel l~lleRJlllnierirctcie by tI~dEI & lttEt.U.\i, utiff I7Celelylelee 111. YOIIKE, IhitO'iIE'R0, ic6 C,) Illael .Ileet. NO MiCROUflT NORZ COFAZVA nrh e ,le D ·e-c, Nclv. 14, 1407. A t14)'1L cms I~~llh bC cg L iCId beo lcjeinfelr e Ill eel ~.ttce'ereldli~ellsr, IceirHlCh I i-cI~ -ll-~lir tc tele ll ',ileeeienrceiiriee llb tee didl eIli Il'llC IC· tele fl lIitl lcdtyu !lelt 1 1111 "1~I cu llre e he. Sleyc thll ti~ny tIll iee.n l~lglle~l,eei, ell es lebrelcbIlut c.llrge ullrca IC Iltu aoLteylr ee yl iC elretigillelce h ieg. lcldieelt V~ lllyflcec nllc llrrclllll~ntc lld c lll lll elle ~lr l Ill 4lrcsn lllr II 1 ellltyylllly ef tile diuc~ec; blrgej Ilieronl tilerifiplt oidy O lClbeIlyy.It. Iullltll ~plltlillg llysflt eeftl'fielliy cldyr the dillOI of D. tIlrleI.yf Pllril, tu be peeFeetiel cored J~ihN D)EAN. fee Iriic Iy Ibllaiu Ill. hllIet; dlll l lleT.Yce, I lY.l~rdl li.t lle (I*llydi. lille.I blo l,lbl~nIylele~a fylb·Tltl aud dellltelejllure ley elt l alii blr,,fyye I fllviyjlyl ti Illlw llllfrelyrt II, CCC ec lice, lcl allpiy lo D~r A. FHllet, 424 CoccIl ely-ctr. bae-ec frlellllll- ld ttouublnll rly~l'y. Ill. hIuyt i aut Jtullefyllfclu'9ellck, ASi~ uetii4P1 '5t. 11411ywil 0~144C, C Irlly Ilic.llylllr fey ~l~lllll JI)hN. IIEAN.-IOii C orllyetryet. If IIIV1IO'lli In lt tl CCC II·CllyCI uc Nu· 4iit-loeDIe stICCI, anlS tiny cii b l I~oliciylI. 'Ic be p'ubiicilei CL lilyej hl~l~· ellAI. 111111. Ji)IIN IIE)N. New Oriecue. Fe) 1,134)n. fIyi II f3 HE: leeeniee~lu I Iby1ell c1IJIII0 llel-l leeC CoI11 nle ,reltcllyffCyllfllllll~li:LeClelrllylil eFliy Il~IlleeICR Ill Lircllcl-lr~ lllyii·lllllilc jllllleclclltlllt ITeebo bucunl I uleleff.s rlily I~i~cncC tttee:liedc It lle rieg t'ia l~tl: 114111411 IltIl·yluC \\le~llh but IlIlIldy fileeaill, d~ell. 14Illlt~ilrdyl tI ell~llliull~e dIllI lyyellell-tlllo 4i,11C ef Tecjll:1t1lllie Ilflf-Cicilllel Foe lily cllly ui 1eUgltelJ l~,ldl.Iniclliil tIle eidz,Cv'lllIl ec1' -l,yj-lblilg e' bleell, Fuoitlllljl ll yl~l r)cyell. t'lli~ii~tuLcy·i~' lilet lre 4111110111 C~llyl~l filly firFFrlllentiy pleereiliell Mtus (idyll 1111-c te(licll Iitl~iee~llelt .iyleeefo eiI lterlyflllllld*,ciflll ly~ltycuttlll ~uatltteie it iI 104 (CCrtt r lnli lHll cbel-eutllltt tll rl,tcnncil eeiellr.eullllld itulsa llineriu. 4'rl-4laetielll ernfttIleuel s.teiutlilcf tlul Iltey llr ll~li~·iit II lsa CAINYIN ElI-bI It. C). ttIIcf~yPeC orllqH)tl IC 14,11 yijeni Atceeilttjct. Cuet,,u. Delebee 25. ·II I?'~ ~ ~ V 1.11 ee·l~· l·1*i blylli s I 4f.l lyyee'l. l ye· IC l·iIcgellec libl~llrillllll YlU' i-.'~ ~ll iigeli!tb yeel ,iebiinia Alrit ei-F lf aclrlllyi,.lyelljly-lllllicll-elfleesrullfl lep--eiI1:licll.Clt Itam·s rl~tiln·lrl fidici· ele( lly eeytteleili 1111 1 llc eslicited hIx sllP ci te linElee I~llilllii18c uieo CChiIIW Crrr, if p eoleee8 ti·le , Iltl etieiee pel nl4Ceyjyt III lt. l~lln~lvlc ltt~lt.lCt Illml T eICtulecyh.~ii01 nl ha~n an Iiecrllet I~lCtl~ld Cc Hutie.' trfere'aole ltt htege.l 1141141 Ajtttetel.i~; 4 wei 4ueo CIill~t·lp ll4li mfor ithO ICnr of.l ne lie llle. \ill*Ylllrl tdlll ttiCoLtp Ilul teta of lps Iloli ?ccq· l llietu itlc cllltict~lo l l tete ll414!ltn t tn,l ge.r Blle tle l~~lC14 tcc. Feel yyje,~u pmtchen eca a S cccii. toIhrll-S~u 4ff (ftulIlleectN (I.h RfVS'Vegetretlc~m lWd la fuljt,' f.inr 111 el hatceot 3101 Il~t aleth Itlr lll,g~ RIilltucgbaeI orIltcllhyOI·RtlU T~nicGhce 114. heir l~ii c~lflaee lrl itrrtC'llrrhilC I ed ofof ic.ay ~lu,nr~ 081 iltell Fc h try lt,8181I1. ea-sh,ci tellstl nculjod Iothyye flcu Oll ldlr lprilll.e *b pia~ Irl1SU8ICIII EyIIW ·llit cnCo 414 Ihit lt.181 le llh~il balL n tml.--.wrltsee 4 .ltlttlecC by CC-I eliZlee ll l 01-C t4.iJ· ,rl'Pi wee Lo~tn'r 44; 4t-icti 814. p dru an hjy baa l d.Ti Oi given o.. treucll Ct-n pas audl Isvl pee tbeab eeany ctheeth~i Oil Coy peen ~.mining u·s antir ghi nth ta haitr. Tthe nlhic tIa ant~l hee bes a~~irod tre Foes oler 08'd oprd Li~ndhari, baA fIai 1 lr6nral Ai~~~~~~au &t D't.AN rhr thore k n ··1p Il e4 IM ONS IIARTT & COl e nrnaw rceeivtngtrl on board aship Orleans. Eagle, Ibichltandr, I'oker lerry Andrew. l.lanrh and iGerman play ards; Ruack aaniion RIonrde ; Cbeeneen, 2 I-4 anid 29i - inch Bil ard leRl!s; R,!). I antl 17d inch blade Bowie Knives: [.ether ili,I otier travellie inroasing Canses; 'Bell. .!'nrket, HnrIae.Ilco, ntd li)lllinug Pisntols;dohle and tingle nt'r-lled l;donsGaeln Bag'; SbMtllelts; Pwdlr and Pistol fl:akls; Gram Bottlea and Drinking Cllp: Prr'e rilon C(aps and Cn Ilield .rn; Cl[l oth I lair, TI,,ith; and Nail Glruhen.a; Orris end Chlorinue Tooth W\as' l Troth Powler: Toilet Anid Shanving Soana, inll grent va. tiery; lung $lair Braids, Ringlets and lricetters; Pear; ad "oilet Prwlr; Emineryv Ilas; Ivory Tulb Cllahioir: Patent Stele- or Griers; Gllam Eeastic S'.nperleln; Powder Ptitr endlloxe.; Gilt Clinin, Saleas nad Kel ; Ear-dramp; VWaist llecklua; Bracelets; Bead Necklaoer and Chlnia'; Gilt and Silvered Breaeln Inllnn Be-nl. He.lls and Plhinlls Shell Twist: Side anl Dre-aine Iavnh.; which, in allddiion It thleir Irereier tcie! on hainid. make itceir airsrtment very romnplete, rnd will bea nld cw end an liberal termson, at tie sil of the Goldlen Cofnh. i2.-tf 70 Charntrne etreit. Tc. tEi nlee- scgeans Fek r trn extnire lzoars of WV. &ll. otcItcher, Sle-meld, Enelanel, lieav ju.i reitved ea ery eoxtloen-ai set of rn' , r.s eon isein of Tblce andl Ilesert Knlives ofl e" 'e coriptioil, Pien, Pockert, lwrk, indl Speoir painlt Ihnitre Rloica-, Sris aorn. Edlre nola &e-C e. & ic. wcwhilh, tceb-rt a rerei nexllibit to tie trade lor norleea 'ri'c ansind conulaitioni will he'made knnwn niet the lilne. maf J. 3 I. IIl r & A CIIIIEN..tllfowesmn at. ' SIMMONl . HART'P & CO.--Are nno reeelcein lCper sthip llhndcville, Eagle, M err Anlhewr, tlighl ralee, Flreneh andl Germran dloit.le hel-d lalcvincards:c er, telt anid Ieeeket pitilol; clain, ribhred nd sllid eusing capi ; cap Ieldlels; eiee-i,,a. I.IZcer.1, leec.e vo (; illoait's aommieroci al al oilher steel l een.\'iyn nal Violil ltrings; slell, ivorey aid holacne!etllec wafitrs: kt, Iemald ael later haeir ulcomlt, fi.ot aid wclk Ieinslelt; iln cei, ll.c; (ieranan llel Ferlleln eColonle adaerr, RKlolaie mncraaaer oil, imilllio tin;c adiotllle nld hearanil: portcaIlel desk cnd delhcallo g ne:ias: past, bllcilotigt; ltaticlnllle tnilel rgloaes aonvex ill-eols; ol cllglctIatnl viewa; Inaian Illcheteeaclt, IillscIel lelnea; elrleon; whlit-lwiiPe toilet alnd schac.ilig sn:alp toilet oweler, Coami.lie wneh hal lle eerrelie'l llill lllllln perl standol; ancrew caslionsn; ficy he ral e.illan aecklaceels hillierdl icllac pocket Ibooks cand willelti; Germena hlnes; razor nlopc; fille aced nonleecee ge Ie hlalitl enc;elldeioa, gaillertdol Belsltlueife.r mlatcles; sil vel pAlneils; CrenodneI, w.e. .tc. The allln oe itih ioIn to alc forme-r stnek of fancy rtielcl, nmakes our :sslorinlct very eenlhc.lri o Foenale wholesale or citail; a thle sign re luhe Gohlecnl Crl,e, 7i0, hurac tir l sreetr. nenh. .•off New Orlean ; Mhlen, IlHurrici &Ci., cc" Ntccieeez; nd Ilnrri, Kelltey &Co., of aodev,t wena eli- lvred oil hyselt of Maiv Iase, by the detllt of Saimlecl A 3tasone noe of tile partners of the firm. Thc ceiitlersi.lid,c eurviving lcrtarne will bea elirfeil with tab.etllie.c ngd lonsing said ctlltllea it afiliIws: LeviC d larris will a tted io tile tctlie o" ton;a bailtleari of Masnll, ilnrris&. CL.. nie Nnic.ez; and I nrric, Krl- e h& Co., menee tl Iandry eirtlv el I. i iillatCei lieeoailing of Ita ilitnca of Kafllev, .It 1lo & C(i . eicl aew fOlr-nan. IThe lnecio of :lle actreill tli'ici wcill ces TPhlrla ialdced toe ai e r a re earnertly lreste d neole lierwnrrled lncarl lle er el n aena ard's Iaoe hlaving clullls willl! plcaso in.l'll thorn wilthollu dely. IFVI C IIAl HINRY¥ KEI.LEY. New Or.irnns, lleicee 27, 13a7. ieRAN 3lrkA E F.&IlIN' COl.GiN i lu l l TFR 2 ses of tllis su p)erior Cologit water," juswt i. reiversol eclr relc IV thiac dozen or i . tilize LOrtlt: Alen An:eric.n lie.d Ie':le ,h tilert twnraea, lowd-er ruaT ilabaci na ':li o. hlll d ii lilc l snai i lltut' t wa. Ianlls, mllilk if rIbifc ee .a,=h!ir ohl iu.iin, entirll llpk, kr e I h lli, V ki'., le i le pn l allllillllll tndllaeie prerFhmil ce, leino r, lip fceandht li cers, Ires" ov,'s sals,1t .aeill s+ !.erlam er v isvtretv i "l S th . ri eIlte t rl ei ae.ue ei Cc Chh lerite ceIte Orris tootc wcc ltc rombs and je-elr, crer-ale low net Wtole-cilh or re tail by " lnlbl1ONS,'"1'H' &C O, l I I ( 'hnrlr.-t a r t. 1i fleaifil.c ll on bitleedel lie Yazoo si;cd S.irllogn endthrit ci.iediac frnln Ne-w cIerkie a i erlc vnrerr Iof i geona c litihie line, wic tI licme-i t i r wihI theie r forIllll litock cii ccciii h uceilc= lht itcce e ,,ii ellcr e-e,: , : te.- i ila rubber, i ilk iIId woriII d Clncli, arho'., colnllloll & dilre elastic cclls lelll n Il i eo a d1' I ll:iiir I ellth , IIehliltz llpt iler., piOici r ice i dic Ci iii , t ol. ils. pow ,ng alcket aooks giill cclllefs, l tel le toinkca ligI n, iacecrl IPerl- llia1d imoro 1co eared c ci-c., hIlll ogl m ciiiae i llcii piv -c .iictci biediii. ie - (l icine - ll ne.llg e., elleu elni o iol, r i hdi litall bnd, e.ll nean plme'; pislol Ildline' paow Jeit Ilcmds, o hli lls, eho.e, Iel!. i olet galll dc ihgiic tle.l eih-uhl end ciiiJii el'reledcc cns, iBowicc kciv si aln dirkce , s,'icci i re , shel,: , o.kIII klvcs retrd rhillt. eind r ib i cas, ei c ie ccigks, cltih hal t, lowli, nail,:'n n , 'rn l l. bh ', piate, looi r mit rhiuc itnc brua i ihe. Ce ,, e lori ci I, eav-. l-, ic.i te lllll ccid I i'.llce .t I i lrt l c c i tmlr, and ll ltl , i . v. l scee', Iheo! , Pai it(, ( li, lle, m id ard' vn elllall'r hali ilr , Illia i iiug amli t ioilet selt i of l11 d,'s eicintihl" Sadieida', n etilcccc -' iii ke "iiicec ei lie rIowi I hugll ri. 4 1 11-,fri'rE lh lir hr'li t l ill llailoll nuill 1 nlnl nI h'" .."nell c-,as,,:P, tooih k ,,:L ilen tw.,,ze ai1. pllutte, nuc eigti Ieci'ccee, 1itiuiici i ,l, sii l :r, hrnsi n11d stnlc ceiinhle c, h ioek i ci eal ore.. ce, h cir pin;i, iiiiliiiitc 'iici hlk an cile red ie.tialki, i bnhlarkilg, vie licc ia nd e c ie.e, tihhteil ametieeplait iiia clrplec linen iaincc ,',',ted ctlc len nlffolltlillln ilter laceP aII i il er,:re, Iuter I n a Pr, q cllf i l N II Si come s cepili ai reccd. i~IIsfl .INTI) 4lil II. i'titi AdI - V: S•IIETYF" STIORE-at la- sign of lhn gn.den eomlh, lol Charhtres steert. 'The lls)ocril:rs hlve re ceived, ill lllitina to their prvildml, s.ok on hniml, a ill andi rnolllet e assortellt of atrt le in their line; viz:, perftlumery, Jewellrt, tliat-so, n'ki:ng glass,.t: auncv nrlitles, . ..Il eihni llg in part Ist Fullhws: ('0" lll-- lnrtoiim slhll,, hltl m a plain l"vi-t, quilled back, lhng rouln, drenitn., side plll, curl and neck, Br lZilihtlll onals of te-ry dIs'riptlion nmongst which are gainse ,lexionl poat.Its, Ivory comls of, every rlascriptih m, horn, (Ireonhln .nnl jlllkef, tglether withi ni]Pr H.-o+ltImlnttFt -tnti I Anttyritt:l. IPRFLIIUMERY-Cologne, l.r ller, Florid), Ihoey lha', rus,anlllr. ,ne Dower wat.ers of everv lzelnd des cription, catpllorlted Caoltogne, extrnaet f Ilare ot, ltongy snaps l'all kindsl, shavingt tdo in cal and tttlnota, tilltlul. Ir' totn'a melllngt t tltn, tlain ttd t ettil+ll tI toitletowder, pearl pwnder, pom heparicth nstlloxes fill tIattmtlttin pots and rolls,orii atll chlorine tooth wtold and nowdets, witl a genaCtllln alllorittllt of JI\VELLI.RY-some oflat ti at est nd Inmost tfaLioana hle seatt, cooistin of wllite and tlre cortelian, trpll ". jet enrdrlop, set in lilttre., hret, t piOtfl agree' p - ilver thitubles, silver anli ohi pt toils mul iuard -titin ILtUPdlI.E-Clothl, Iait, h duit. ItL,ertnnb,heatrth,tloor, hot, : Ish, tooth, plate, coanml, Nail, hav.ino;, shle andll hlitcwahl[ brultrne. LOOKING Gl..ASSES-Gernlan Mtatia and Iailet, nlagnifylia ind t rgtlch dlt cltinng lnasls, hltlntt d, withta vtnrieiv of other kimtl tat enumt rated. tIANCY AN') VARIETY ARI'ICLES-French and American portable dleks alsI dressing Banes, llOni very rich anll finely iniished ladies work bIoxtunl dll..s sintg eCstae, with anstI witholt I mtln ui, ial boxes, Ac cordians of varians kinds, violins amld npittl.,t silver n nl plated pencils ant. leads,wood pencils for t arpntelrs all crayons,sluandell ocslnlllld lisl113 with - od Without caes, percussion ca s pttrctt .np an ct hargers, e pple ecrcw lrivers, shot lell tigttnlam hai::s% paste Jeimhlla(,hv tea setllts, Indian blttth of'(very kild, IbIll. alnd tilleS, fiteand conlona knives, razors tand sissors, tlilbles, needllesl, piat, tilver d, steet L Ulld cOll111 tl speta cles, pokct book allnld wlalet ,,t o it i lous kill+d, visiting ctclts alld card cases, llaying cnrds oF'relch, tirllan and Al lnleric all ltantul .ic to1te, dll. i:nitatinall lllit, nu boxes, p tllllts oFl llriltlls kihlllis, SnBIIl 'rS' I'O el. ?'s, Ellllerstaul, hllllalla's ad Iaihkill' ratzor strapa notl Inetallic hones,tlirks, lfan-y ht-ead tntilat.c , tIn wth ia. drsa,lov matllara, lienrlt I owder flhlsks, Io.lll plailn 8Cedl htrearl. gilt dad rilver d n, gllll el:l-tlC st1plyo deora ml th r Oltln, plni llanll d awar Inr, flillclgo.£i111vih Ibnoatrdicultre, aptinl diasajtsnedar, oitacoinatnalt it so and drinkiag cle, with .rtrat vtarety oa other ri a-es, all alamL, It aill e .oll for Initd o caty ne: anll cess on 12 tllultn crctlit. II 8I.113.I(.., c. dd 71) Gtlnrtrnt.te -o n )I. e II 'S:A n ce of l'l:mai t to .h i r 'iv c d ,n uo , for sale ii llle lr Ir 'f.lllItli(lllft W llllln u,(::-Ia 'sin'is ,o. 8 (Cltttng asat, Nt o ltrltnlll, 1:.t littdwiay NIF te alrk, lt t1tpl . ait., \liliil . It IS parlict larly dllcl da ing dll fie i tlit lIu llr rer. , nld nldihoosla, tad it slt.tal'talll tia' atlltr niiall .n I. t .la ie ta llt d e.ktnlelta eta aie i.llVtllL t ll d i([ i alnlll alh svslelll fLr hCe altvlttn. a |Am'.s lla are given iat Itellllhnl PR HIQI. s y lit th,+" of lhe city. L.adies hlio prefer it can receive Iceasos at their own ref sidences. Ptrast ns pnving for onae : Irle of nsoane are l-sircd o nltead unttl lly wleit, i eAll as tle wllth. DEA IFN ESe. 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''Th o isoroed lo'itrn s ,ilo.:lv re e-o, lno i nl thaot hios ime is ltlot sortolcl i oht i ioldeelrodesnt Aoooerioooon oesole ore able to joolde fe~r thleoselves whlt ore pnls sorl impesitions. ?leo o.o'thv editors wlo tre D)oetor, tile proorietror, editore or suIt-edIitors of the shove ooooeoljoenareals, ell svore letter froee perolaos I have ms~oN, to oiyht in otloo ;,ve polaeeo, pouofs. I. 'T'le tiet is, t'hat t ns'over htolettu'ltole ent rtPess witlhil o liOiteld a periold a trn sor twelve dle,. One who oot' tssed elohlt teot VeOroI weIO Iod O.atleen tile ligtht lfr om is birth, la'ooo to +err o ftiliea' his ms.;toe to m hlotel, in.tend olf bein oblie'd to ledol hv him. l'Two o'nltg I:tdies, ole elnd esnh lost the sihlt of ner ere, one tfor tes vears, nl tile other foIr eoearlv two years, ilavinlg ot ool heoto the oleeer re eory VOeako vet ech olo tllose ellonr e ldiea began to se o ithi hoth 'ces, lwhichl benefir I pleldge mselfrltill entinues. ex eehtiolg tile's Iir IItee. ooe inth llelltere or de1niasli'', Of Ihe eolcol t)o'teors. onnthter is the dolouhtle ofo resperllel mole·or ohnnot. tvel nae I am baulld never to oroaion, (.s hle paidl o ey fes, who taid ehe hsd lest the sietIot of one eve from the ore of 18 ittlths, lbut thatL she now begi;s to read larte letters wio tlhe other eve co.lplltely ehlot. This the rincoreditors koeo,aos tile geroolemsn teld me himseelfhe II',d eon due'ed his dleoohter to the office of the medic:el editor+. that they might bhe ioforeed of the fct. 'I'lTe lot l shall senion inis an elerly gentleman hv tile otme of 'ooot, nearly pveee'T veseras of age, swho;Irletleold poh lislv t tetter, ohloi(.h" tIe took to all the din'reerot ofiotes in iNolshville Ihut one,e -od himself told mo hel had paid for tlht insertion wloaoovor they de'.canded, clto d.eclar el iol that leoter tihat he ha ra'lly dereived of tile sioht so'-00 ~Oe, from fo ho nfere his hireh, lwhich Ils mothler soato'olo Il.o -- ccasionoed by tlhe Iooeal'les oeosioooilpaso fott no v Is oollld not olsv os tileo Iht of tie suo, for tile first time thot I l frleets, hot the store olso, sRd was hglinnina" to dietisalgish mosn object, 0a0d oliol, oefore I left slot t;tv, fivre 0n or p.onf thtt bne coohldl see to owlk hlooot ttlelsoe'ret w;ithl the tler eve' rInsed. lin soid he hod Isol a sleelomr ol t le Mlethodist EpiseCOpal Chlo:h lor ,eo-ty' fority earss. anl that hlis woro wta oever dloubt ed thlrooogh tse whe'o eoourse ,ofhis life. U. I repeltosottce 1 'osd ler eoreeeter loeesshss tstnrl at Noshoille, ar o *hk.s ittht ooe medltal s erl e detrlltors hlrd neerrhferen moolo ronooto yn he 'neraefrl. The p00lAn indoianosfion tf -b- Reo-. cloricsl te oollloill rOCescO owlesn -'e otared to m. thot olooll eit Voorer post, ole woo rooloert,'l finsoom hetin perelct iofidcf, to btelieve ie the olooetoioo of 'oe Bible, tht loo mast too el loodse Ioridlie errnr--tlliln l n ust a Illlea laen to .l,Uv Il·l m,tIein? t I. eon of six ,eooso to (:ooioe ie Shou Iellotole oconverrlel froom his i.ofidhlot, ea thle splirlt of he true -inieitero of the peae,-i ls col oeoiooon dolo'trires of tile Cristian religios IloeIoot Ilthr acol o'lt deoooort'n, r alm ttd fllsrolseooo too oleoso' lhis ordiotoo folii'aols og-aisot tloe ma~n wh~lolll Icle~ a . llv IIIid doiIP+ ..o inn{:) ll .'Ifl, slid m)l iaI jrvy to anly ol'. Aoll te iohlo:litantsrof Nhvilll'Osloohe o cf "lhe great .ml~c css I hadlr, vs,-el .th tine medicl dultl+tra. oMlootlostfloo aooooo ooood oloIoe inlfiorooello y ih lhotlot of t. l 'lo'o o o iooooeol Goooolo S. ( ofl'hi town +preteethnt boot' loost toe hrarelonis totalio, ' in ooeoN.tooine to ars .ll in tc Southwest. Thio proves, hlowever,I hali, ad tha ll kel)t them fulill arrived in this seolrioo. If I e-inloed oon o Ioo north, olloolt to have o;'Ied ito olh er ill tie s0000 and sol .tulhwest,olall I still loel to wenr 0 l00 0 01 i000 oers vouololoo broos oo tillo ole I lhvoe, in soits of oo' o e.oooletioa (,f the g t Droor '. if leosy jolltpe frll.l th*.? Inau I .lre .b~rady henefitled in tIsll 0 rtt ooitoohio threl o doao o ,l. The olliet 1of Ih. pleosenl sa tIn itIorens ato medi Sneoilo, n or ell is othO, the I Ior's olo lsohe C.I'res: ot holo n ofto the 0rint0 of NosloThoe, ae essl ollI te the e1lil~r aud .lll l medica LI , dllt. r ()ilC,+ Jlemr· 11 lffit li Ihlq.ire,', Oa well e nrI Irle 000in00 g mioe odItori the f , ooolo Jtoooo'eoo, oilleio on Iloo oolooorl lial 1{oo Io eolii or of tlhis , t ilen trl t I lll oo, l t Itr selotl ril a'tos pa i, t hlle Illwe e rdi el , hi he t Inia rh thor el hnt ll.,, ll . uitpv:f.r I e blerslliooll beoo olbre.o ohoellto ooo1iooo uilh. "r I u er [l il o ml)r irt I e t o'il r 1(o a t or'the norl:. I oowhi r tnd i moe1t, i o ooll o otllli ol ort l t htt toloo v Ild ool io h, 0,ti orheoe t oht li: hiloo l oioll n tnhio o oediorh of ahe lor] oV u welottl oose 'ooL' d.o toho wooeseo tiooe cloroiogoole Teooaieg td 'lisolef too 0 'li n lt oo s ' ,lll o thtl o el t r o he rto' l rvelr ihl 11o ' re, 1' too e [ e i ttha ..oilroloooooo. wilolII|' looloI-Ie or('oloo oe. lllsol'eol, . ol infll orm ht;liolo'oaooe aoyt thie onlorlod ioeiole'l i. Iht. ] lev.den tl h nr e dl rr etlied hin Im rl eqltdr r bribltell Irr; hillt uas IW hthtth 1 ore f thhtlyo poooriioo oootaoololloOloelo'oaioitoo-si lisi 000r00n0i00n ohioo ooioioo Ioaolr, ootoloely oelo ' io for oo oillolelo feIr oth Flv.rD.o y ooowo l it , olin it wa.:S neverC inte·l~l:ln le I 04a bibe~, unr1couldl it ber I:nn-iderI r 0III l loll ( 00 ih( t wac nor eoi eno an l.o t l roo tent c art' l llrilLI 0l000 I )i , ll il ll Itioo oi c i'fooo ll i+ o. l oh 'l, o h0e e o lnmoo s,0 ,I " ,o 1 t wlo 00 hi('r wei r tqllrpi r ttel: he r(pet( eld th(rell ho th tnn ine r0t0 000ll , hio olll o -lo r f 0' is;tlll.dof f .. T ic, In I)pltllcrl ..tI1,nilOltllt "is h+, Irt, lh+ *III P~llh~c lllitl he1Y llOt 1II1· Ilrlll.;lal it(+ diI11 ·i)P 1+ lil.t? :lt'o\viI; h1I VUII L~l*tll~lll ooioot lo Ioo I ro ll o loo w t t l v l+ l it t 00000 i+ .llllo ih l t. ,r . rl he IItho l llo' o .e oI ooall lly"co o o Jl l to he. Inorie or he. dberelio h'de havio'r , ha e wouldnt l'It, I ',t o oJ f to lloo sed o i o "tol' A rS I V i) 11e a Ii titlo00 t wrhtch,t i(f wl,, k l'nf he ,'4 \ VlAl ','l.n " ro( hinul1tm eoun ah d hit o l,isltvlll too th*".! I .C l llt. Cl +il~jlli t rlel'{.f+H'e ilscd tlh'PIr l pert. io r tnIn m Lan it i eIrlll t ll- ( Iwe l uhol . thl 'ie p it. confluct o o ill o tc lll fiu nll l. i v" I aio +.lg, l It-er-arvyU e h on .rhe infideylayn \Viorent hand the Bdhim .tr',i *he oie lcro ,. u r cotbtrted i d think r'hedIu rilthsl tha .ab +l-e.te6n 7r. I t eyi .'th y d.nte, Grlndy hinI seral r~ too..l oLooo 0000I I~y.t wil tloo uto heoloo' loboo'ooI bololoo e, ploo . ohroiolo.I lut oooo.ung wh emt n o fl lllfilllf ovoootoo o I'oo l o palbo el f tohi 'oo .,o l ebe lou r Ol' o' e Ho hooos a Ohtr oo-olooart I oll ooell oo, o'h . II oocooo t l oo booIoil 000'at O t~t b'r 00''000 i. I e sloo ,r.o boot bc 00000 lh t i tor ocf'a enoe lcoo11l Ioo lolol oloot oot.l.. loeooo cot olo"ri. .+ .oeoooooooo+} of, ho'.k lboooo l osoet , a0.11 olos to Isrel ri~e 00. .. 000' 0000 ro otoos" f, oo. 00t 0 1d ot'. to,\. , tioo solo nr I o 0.. cotih .Oo l 0 h0 100000000'r. Ic','f $0I .ldbt~ t it ir iooo'lv o 00ave itoo~f. hie tet'1 eooto' loreo'o loocoP 'rf1iOOO~loo'rooi'oo ltoo oiooollooitoo+ llolopitloeolls 100.00 IOooI h' IioPosi1o Iolloo ( looer.d lrreooo dloo lo tiofole tool , toe .loolo Ooolo"ii o'oooooftDllleoo ls,ofl-clloeooocoo looolo.lcoloolcoo-oo-"'ntlo1 l hileerloeI ooo lo locooolylroooe. oooooooeoo'o-ooolo o ih, r lltt reo'o tlooo to |'ronI ll..l. lrI lnlolloo)~hvloooeoosooolloooeotroho.n oes eonlhoo "ool Ii lt oolto.ook 'o ooohooor'o-ooogoe.. h . ai 110.0r 1u000h' ''o' )llo'ioio oflooolot0tIin 'oooo' 10.0h00h0 0ro0000 ooeo'o'ool o loh(t ofo ithoioo oiooia. oooptooo~ r oofo tl. nsl Sqcl+oolooooo him 1i` ehell mie willl( lllnlrlltl-i ig hlri itl anI in P iltd .i.,lllr t+. 1:·11111' l~ ll+ Il.~·i.I '1 I f]i /O "I lt<l .]: ilI.t '.~lrl (l Illr IlnclGor i (urhlitff Io dr Il ill p tu (iiill tIte ti budllipll I hI . [tut , til , It I tlue ",u llulell n l'liut hilld tlt- uu p r Iitin duet ha'vie hiblu' !e I I istd e ll i h' reh beforwe God, and\ nm no.t I I fra I ti call lin utb wtu.s nhat I u eti r, in he d hole emu rse oi i u' r rrle l ,,,i . t o .ni..i .. lst in .. ..."eat l ' h erten, a.iihrhe ituo e tfiu Io th elrt hf wenvj, r"e he I t u it lu iii leli iu rIh lll ' I ou , e t ui p - i-,tuh i iiutu ui buillill cnl'll t hnn llti uuuI .I.I..Isnu or i mUEg .liuu , to rod lltlll.r Ihleltui t gim I P "iit)I ir Ihn'h biultuii or t a ,Ie e ditliilit. llhl' i l Cd I. I fll il I L .iileqiu'.-'lh n 1ie l. I en iri o' ele with +ihrll tllll· Hamb llil thrnt. 1111 tbinu A rb utetho'- vn.lier teetrnuiel:h.-tlavine been eqlireeied by Dri enit lute I Iuuthe ipom - frntu lie i'ugeuoee ranci I lieter, uul, e. ueell 'as tu, e ralin t ln'e hMedichl lie hiew of Fran ce 1y dv hrt s nmelttur ous vouhr s frol men',h c l ll.o' uri n-ll t t iI' I chi ioit Iion g' If [ et , t-uIi Ie u llu.e o rIyI fll-t hi( lti yo ur ti en ll I t e u, tl .o n uidii yu r. n .. ut eiit nint etoiuul gi-ut- u iih ti eime hint nt-igh iiY they are un t i-n e- ut Ill nIt. iibyll! . y ti ill T. B. C IIuhhWErLI, tue utnleo D hr iillinmt' upeeti,,u itt, iflie up. in I. , d u ae lI he i ll uI n dlld;n Atll Illt'l j I)r,,te~ I )r. \\iS I hllllf l ,n rrl llm~r l t ··1. \i'llr . iirrt tIne ilnl hi li t, rI hrcau ie -ifu recollehl, t h cold dip I lelluli. ill i tutu l I-l! lll" iile nli i ne n Dlied tunr . - \ ,e in llh l I. jaSo l sy ith'i be ian. been a A 1ethodisi durinf ourTly, i. C. II. t hI --sit i h i l.ut ititA h.&r. uhi' SNI li u tI ' mIisni ,tIitu it' 'enoInb, nrude hiiN iu.'l , nir i ine IN Tbinltinny tcet st ingd Vil ttiiiiicra e the ui ntis citny, r n .a hne iB e lll t orll Il nrllllle, fiiall mi t hen i' t*au-oo Id.. lan I o ldIi' I 'Oll!}+lel,{ rill Il ia +r,,li. ,.sl(ll nl.I! I vetIC~ SO w rienn- uliel d tin 1. A )ueui- tu iteb ell r AIll tlll·. ~lh,lr n | [+,llltl i tll er ICO~ll Slfli~rl l'ltgo t re· MIITI IuRI.I.5 ·((TRAT.) un's (;1:gr'E THIRol~lT TImC t'Ilrn -T rl'..iiun l p of tiiu roie' r iiftanut steinu m t lianre .tru ad5u res' u .-e I. ren Ior e S.,us 11·i~e ,... lmd ltt.rllqlI(!11* -· l( lhl'DiV· I.ilII of'II mcl e uuu-it m & '. u+vtie.ju in'ue iiuo unth fnediu, .ie (l IIE'liS ON PIIIL.LDEIl'I illh.-Fir mlii by YOIllKr. IiiTh'I'llERS.. SI3 n ip er-ri. N ORthe ite otlh eurh ! Itm ,t e fult or ka i kgs eoil,gont, Sniatlcat or hlip .ou., inOi t icntcanmers, salt rheosm, sihilitic atealm'c'tal discuses, slarticularli ulct·l' anis painhl'toetioe s ofsthe' bo!et s, uloeratedt throat or nos trils, ile'.o f'evoery h.ipttlitron fever sorss, ind internal thuxbsses, Ialles, ptler, cotdt head seturv' y ie, les, chr nic sore eyaes, corytiltishht'ohrs anod everp "ariety i'ct, osneous sflfction, ehrttoie Cotarrh, head ache proceel ing tfrom ao y acrid homer, p:in in the stomach and dsips pepsia proceeding lirom variation, affectionlsof the liver, elhroelic iofliammation ofthe kidtevs, and genenld iebill tv caused hv atorpidaction of the aesselsof the skin. It ii sinsg:tlrl3" omctaioss in renovattoo those eooasitcotions ahtehshnve heeatooken sown eshptoudcicous troatmeoo, jcveticil'regulariteisis. Ilgeneoal terms, it is , esom mended t n all tto se disetases whlicharislsefrom imtlpt.ities of the blood, or ioitiatioo of the humors, of whaiteves name or kiot. Some of thie shore eomplaiutts man require some tri liing oaastant opttlietionno, thichl thociretmntossers of the ease will tlietc:t; ht for a gttteral rememi or Ptriftoa!or to ren'civethlse , the IXIIIAN'S 'PANACEA wiill genetally hIe found sutfliie~nt. T'}) T'I'E PUBLIC. Ifow true it is, that modeirn Physicians, m their am iitiot to excel in tlheir irotlssion, exploo tithe vast fehlis ol'seienee by he aid ohcheelistro , and sJeek oolt uew re medial agents; in shctl, to alriavel at 1l'rtfoetion is the trtctice Iy smeanss of eIt alone,---ltirtel overlook tand neglect, as ieneaththe, rnoteice, thericOh tld boslteous stores of medicine, which the Almightly has caused to ftringto ott of the ecrh lt every cltmei And how moh more true isitthat while the American Phrsieins looks to Ibreign eounltries bfor many of his most cleaon sad seeesasop articles, perpetually changiag as thry are at the clictttes offotshioaorfollp, lie is sttt'rsndietl in Isis own couatry with anso endless profusion of medital pilnts, sfMllicint to answerany itddicnios in disease or to care any eut-sbhi disorler;n ndyet he is igncrsnt of their vir tes,d they era sofll mdto 'wastetheir htealing ot the desert air.' . ''The effects of vegetable medicines upon the sv'tem are tem.orat'v-tlose of mtinernls Insting. 'The flormer ex ert their effects annll ass off--the last, meorcury is par tiesshr,atct ches oitilly tspolttist solitis, decotmpotsing tile ihoes and tntlermttititng the coallstitltiol by a slow ands t sreidest,ctilon. 'The congeniallity, efficiency aInd SA IETY of vegeta tie remedties evern nlilltTr:llr, mna he estimated hv eontrhst itgthe anielent practice with thei modern; or, to Irilng it motre immediatelpy ontler our owts obs-rvation, ths Inlli an ptaetice with that of the whites. \\Who, it America, nas lot know't ot he:urt of repentetd Iostaoers whet'ein seone derepid, ucopretending female Indhin, hy meansof her simple remetliesalone, itas affected tsie most rapidi and lstosllsl lln curetds, cltcr the a1teira ,tMerlc of the - pmm)i atice, directed in the moost skilftill Ianller, t Ats f(iltld Altd who hlrs to0 Ieen slttit'se at Ihe eom rteireettsec tnt Lfoility cwitt, which the Ite ine |'rt'eS him sotll'f irom an iiseasec!oi et the almost totan abstinence oel'chronic iecseamnng theot Who has etes heard otntlltttiin 'witha onllStttitotion hloknl and rtitled ty ill trcatmentt A:l canl a doultexist that this hapi'" ex-s esnttion of thte sacoe fretm most of the ills ohici tite Ilesho of man is Ieireo, is chiefiy owitng to more gettisi ilg difernce in succe ss, is a i~ti etxemplilcation of the tlnltste Stl,eoiotictt of th'e tittople otndisfe oti eutns of cttre which (;Itot ita tots t'cira tr f it,, I c th e-teiot Itf Itis c iidrelt, over tose whichI thie pride alnlt the art of maIc havle in-I vented.] From a long residence among a portion noftheaborigin alinhalitantsofI thiscosntry, tndant intimate actqoain-t tantee wihhthet meothsts of te aeof some of their most successlhl practitioners, the lroprietor ot The Illdin's tatueen,'aclllired t koowledtg of some of tile most ioOwerthlatstd tioritse rottelies. From these ileseleetedi st-h asweree mtost efficaioust ao d liroorinrtes, and after vartotstex tertt eats t, test their roinct l ts'itt1i I stt teeogth, Ihe hmanse inewd them in the florsu here presente , as the [ most perff vl and:,eneu lUf'cil heor the ,uose to which it is retcmtmenlded. i he ihr"lwoietor oerislhsio prealatlonn the nlblic, wit tllle ceostiousless that he is ilacitlgo withhiltheir sea, a t.remeot t.o:ahble ofrtliieing manys of his atlllicted fel low beilhs, who al'v surii·I se ig11,. ulr the va1riuns chronic ald olostiate't' COnIsoi'otts tO whith t it ahitplit' itlei. 'to ouch it will rove ts in.clauth'hl' e 'talti, aeO toltd t lto0 al ioot att - caso, the olo y ~' anlsof t leelt lg their sof, lerings andl 'st oiln lell one,; a ote to) halleth tll ll hI phuess. 'This is noti offe:red< n' a coars'on ircmedy, that may per' chaice, he e.€ ud" good wilh ml.yi oth~ers ieoy in tst ot o taos i . which. ca mht'lt "o sit i1ti litto e iitntr Sextll, lie m asts cllhlui all th'eo t scll e I'tlll ctglilitl l. 'io1t s ttt ha dt toe It' tlt o u tl ; :Id Oti is t ot, ti n ,tcio it iasbti It is ollly hnlbout tl " ar' \(' '. silnet hl S I)lPrOpelal ion was i Ir Ist ottl to tIt ti: bu" t aitttt ss'o t Iot a l tIme sole nly ,Icch:..e that thw. Leclhi ved Ithat I hei li• vs were, sal\ t to h it,: I tin los' lu sc s ler thev oL rict l tot ,, n Io as det Iot hti :l l theoIoo c).o moto nlo l'o'l'-..dits itl .:unt . \sIe-'s - tc it-l ott, co is l itt.tsr \ o c rlol it' ioto ls' n I o it al. -r i -sti.e ttl Ilb t tttlt!: Ita ct'i'ote'aloncin 1 o l"oo oft ito It 'Otootog Otto ttt', ttott Itot The a."lu e lft,"he er:I i In stroln i <ll tll i (,)e ing' sitndi I . l sil iit. i s o, N :, 1 which 1 ,r n , k i R y t'. l olt hd. t` 1,we i',e . s l,,I puttcularl: ii Ilns,'"e"swhoic t'lt r Ila n I eenso Taoist) 1%.1,6A ll.111.IlIUli]Sll.bll ii hi~ t I .Il' hllii I i I1' illLI Its tle ca' distlrl i. g Ion. hei on mols, . rittl ulces, leraage1 of ih diits% 'hlo w it t onplll ll rl'ml'lll , l iniit casl.Is: llile - le' dnselites Ile" disieals st " efi ts of li erii r \:o esll'h hL'I :,ll'lillllilHI, I llh le'anl' fs the I,,t~iemi - modlll a,;, ,t ll [i h I It I.l i Isure p iit l t lfteTi d s e Idi'ql, il: hapAtSESl il Ol th1s11 l n nmiiint in - J ii:,tvI iii, f' i ''he.lmi"s Iha st'littlt tdihus ig,, :IS aill :III, utitel' Il'I Ih ' ýtt " I I t11 its fh s itca !I -lia lliu aw ll :ooelil' ; :IIlull ,, pTles itchsis.. ii, i l l el li tskandt. i '.tsi 1t istl. ý i 1 - 1I t" exnI'e L ' t I ,Ib % ll~llth It ....":- 1,1 die 11','1'a'nlllll,". :I.II v'.' IIIIV i'] i ;' it .s t ile mlllll%' the I III1m.ll httland e iles.. lll l( t'. Ihe..glalll is 111 I:,tW iuý.t r 11: 00l wrll~l. FI'lItII these |ll'illci. alesit~s i lr.hlellll ii1.'. Iit. h TS to ii. "'his ltwdieine lhas sect. ti l htighle t -fl' ItIf man ambiguo.t distsea not here ssFecilh, sNd it has hlet used wil, wumuzerful snuccess as a Spri g gnl :, F"ll P. rissil N those wihitrt'luht'ettl i'la'iiiiof theichest and hos costittumralths nw V ititit Sip Ich sXi ihseons will do well to use t Vo or three tit les ill ill uItt ses. \\'hel1mer n diet d, ink is couslit 'ed necesss'ol, this I'ahlme t, taken in ai small dse; . t l :uswe' al its pl'rflses,I ill M ui.hl less time, at less expense, a' i AIt gI.l IIllc I treeable mn1lner thAl- the coInm1on diet drink. The i'sIlo ii.g cr' t ili.sattes, 'il t (I " I ndreds similar,' thie might ."p P oc, u.ea d, a l e h i,,, to srrlow t . illf-e;1 Inettio ttd l lso ti exhit i t ill thal's' ui tm t s tlisl'liti) manller ils p riily nerlle s ~t tti'tsstln lttnon use.t C.ASES OF II EtU.\IAT1IS\I. " Cstnuitt.sut', Nov. 1s, 1si ' 3u . s iuting thlehst w 1inter tntrkinngt. ts, Itias allist. i h a ve`y severe .auid istresihn. rie s t aintss , itcs:.lo l hst e..posu~lre iln hand wel'411rl. 1 Imow Ilnkegrl' fllevu III'iM n 1 Stal~il,~ thalt Fix IirnIdhs Iol'lh.' |lres.i~ll 1I, ''.ltoril ImI o Iti lerl..L hcealthI Hold J1 c01lemleld ' rll v .Olllltn llll it it) :dl siluilo1`ly alili It d. 1O01N I F G4 HW'' N, K'inkst. CsutI- b L'-ox, .\11rech '27, 1..12.' I was wited aouitthreeyem'ssince, sith adistressieg T tliminatism, rsed s lt's king ettralst's i' , while underi NEWl ORl EANS~l UIJI ~lIt~l.{ &NAIIVII.LE R~ld h.iLROAD tilnfiuthn"ef mcrcm'y, .uI whicl has disabled r" ilnt businests nearly ever s.incil. s ring Ils period base he, li n patient in the Marine llospilt, in this c01 upwardslo.lll inmoths, Nod nearly the Same lehgth t" limn in Thu Iallimore. Ilospill, anI tried :h111, ever rIU t, wih lit ihtlehniies, I t ithelfiith of ebI'tiss. last, Iitplthatl iI1c wav.)ly ableto mITove shoeuttpo nis'tstclt tst1 |iiit.(lttlt uiud theI le I itf' Iiltis'.li stitsktstutsrt, ir( Stllh I-iii1 ll nn'Ilt 'tssil i tts sfti fsronit pslan nd air now happ li to lal:stte tha I cnlt.idle1 msit'lf iti.'etfcly well. \l1 \l. 'UCEI,131 \mrket. CASES )F SCHIOIUIOUS UII.CIS* N.w YP1,, Sept 1I, Iln, . This may ces.ify thtat iun the fidl of 1895i, 1'' was seize twiiih a '.,iitin my t .t k nt it.s l, which niterw'ar i se.r t1aut d hcllie larget' ghis'tly ulcers in my neck. AItltlilyilgsitste'lust . ilt 'ih.issutstsollsh'n I wetil ' I e Phsiladl p'tit, am h tlie t 5" slf milter Ihe arsel ters. .PhysicSltuillil.eis, henalteri pitii lh d stlit'aietsl to too ef..ct, 1 was rlllonlucd utterly inctumble. Aliet' wards Itook twenty bhrlesoflSwatimi's PIIanIceansI eighl bottles of {utter's Catholicon, with no s aterial benefil )esp:tiri.lg on' lile, which had now become a huil'then to IetI', In ret'rned ito ity parents in Newi York, in t l'1, an nto vs l lpto a lin cring dlath. Ilenring of tit( g,. 'cat sn ( of'"'hi hu li:un's fInua, Iowvever 1i1 case similar It my own, I was persuaded Io tI1 it,'s ilst t`. surS. 'o my gteat surpriseI', ias well as notlisatheflion, (o1101, 'o1111i vl.lfmsrtral'hlly recOvei ngTI , and '110 1 ,IIIItkinl) s'et ;t I~lhm's.'he" ulcershecaled :old I heeante liet~lflctl) well i lite corst' oftwo naths, atd have remaited so ever since. I Im.k this st.temen and w tish it published l t1`h. Ii entle.llstfthos willle sul.rill Iiuler similar scrurtluut.sor sepldtiliticallitionsl, that they mauy know what he aeI ed ose wsho has suf.ered s.erv thing hut dseah, f. d h coltsid'rs his' If sleaveld by tihe abovI si ,' \. IIINII \ Cliaty.wrov. lul) 1p2,il .1. 1 was a:flbelte, four 1` rs w111 l. W l a ith r in tihn Ig, ne Ession.,llty '1son1anie, with crjsiilelstsos inlltnslsiol jsnd ex.cssive vlai iln the leg :man uch joint. Sesty-. entim'nt physicians exerted theirskill upon il, but witlh o1i pem:l cLt bleneflt. In this eise tive bottle Iidi..s 1'ps1ce. made a p0i itr.. MA IGA1 l-RRI' A WF STI'21 Market .4or sale by IIENRI BONN AIIEL, druggist, agen to:. 1Il proprietors, 'T'chclpitoulas street 16 NEW ORLEANS -- NASI|VI|.LLE AIL, _ROAD COM PA N Y. TFI'II , smokhollers of lthis com11nnvare hereb vno I titled haa by a resolution of the board of direc lion pisi.el nn tihe 19th itls, theirall mnade nn ,hlm ol the 13ih Februll' tl fast,inr the ionaIymenlt of ive don1rs a.shlse, wnl reoehitned, ui1 ileStill stockholders are furlhr IrM itlled tlhat \II, REAS, by a r.solution ofthi. hoard passed on the 19th ins, . a enll has been .mle on the stockholders ,1f Ihi. ,Nw Orleans and Nnlbvitc Hail o ld Coinllany for the folinhwing payments ol. the the slock held resp ic licitlv y tvho,,l tie:L-.two iloilar, locl. Sh111re, playable on the first day of t.p!m' .hnel.`lxt; two dodlvar pe1r share iloable n the lii-s, d yv of December next; and two Ihllarsper share pnv!lile oie the fi'.t dly of March next. N1owrtherelbr he it resnlved, tht ,the snecrtars' of this cornmpan shall ntify tire share holeis therein, hdouth the flulic pr nilll' fhe ciry,that in ra formity with Iho sixth section oi' tits charter, they are permitted tio flostpone. U.Its luyvIInt called in tln the stotk ,f'said esmpan,' for Ihe ienno of siXty days, fronm and after the ,:ay on w.hlch it is mide payable, with the eCxlress atl :lition however, that ill or regularly paid within the said prolonteution of sixty la.s, troi and ItnPr th" day on which it shouhli have ,ern paid, that Then Ihe stork on w hich said symnents should have been m:de, is and reoonl . :orf:ited to the comlptny, Ihle charter 1o that point weing imperative. In conformity therefore, to said call, ali stock of the o'khuolders in said company, tas Ihink proelllr fo1 tut off" It1e pay'll~ll scus Ihel~ir stlock¢ Ii thad the a lfionhm nixlyla , w.lich tho charter pllows Ihemr. r notified 1hat the . a.llrntlll' of two (ioll. lrs :per sto.r- called f r,and dne ,m the first of Sel,. ll'llh(.rnelxi,,lay he€ pii.i olerl nalhler the sixlth seientll ot" said charter, until the. 31st dry of (),"tnherte, thatII],1 the payment n| two dollars po.l share called 1or, and dle on rho tIh1. dany of I)eenhber n.xt, mlay be post poned until the 3iltlt.iy of Jnnu1oarv n.t; and the pny sent of two dlollars per share ,'nlh,'d l'ir and hac on Ifo"t firxtdnv ofl 1llarrh next, maiiy Iit. 11ou1lillllwd nullil lhe 30lth day of'April next. E.trnels of toe minutes ofl' th1 Ioard. june. i1 A It McNAIII Ster,. .lipllftle 16 i OJ IGtIIM .S'AI''' (O ' IArt'lSIANA..s-arish Coirt thr tile I P'nrieh and Cit of New )rleronor. whom rjTHE SPII1t. O( LOUISIANA, 'To oil ohoi Ihse Preselt ' s-lta come Greetinni-W-\he'ea, J llm m oner It:-rai1y r t at llln ite by tir hlleeilr oi' the pclicir or (t)Iiacir the ic racrty hureillaher de,.(:rilhet].1 Il~,'ltqsiiell to tll e oerl. oi thris ounr. in whos! otice, tile id of sale wac recrdel ion cite tdl day of April, A. D. 1838, fir a moihirto ,rr raiser t roemeet in raitormitv to nn ettof theLegilstroer of the atnte of Loniionn, oriilred 'An acnt for t furlher narsu rlette titlesr to ptrehasers oljudiciat sales;" upprwved the 10th de;" ol Mlnerih1834. NOW, lerefr, know ye, nld all prer*onan interestedl ilerein. are nhrerv rcied nndodmonish.d id tilhe name of tile State of It.aision, notd nf the Earishl Couirt, who can set uip niv rightr, itle or claim in anrd to thpe p ho'rt t i leraiiot deiincribed, in rconseqruerncnt ifmality ii tile .tlicr indecree or iUIdgrIt of tiles eort uieder wrobeh hilo rie wai andce,nr tavi irreglariiy r illttality in tile appraiemeatr rn nd i drrrriscc nents, ic timte, orotnner nrsale, or for any oaher i.iferr whItso ever to *how canue, awithin Ihl;rtv lans from thi loday this noitio is frst interted in ihe tublic pt rs.elhIby tile salt solo had sould nt be confirmed aont hanlo lo-t red. i'l'e said prrperlev wao seii I y the Shll rif ofr the par eh afneoresnid oil I+ 14tl liy o" Aipnrtl. It. 1838, by virtne ala decrer of thiS Coartrenoired on tihe 5th day of Flbaahro, A. It. 1838, in m it enotriclt Alexonder Colwwl a-c. Jacero ((ane., No 10,3i7 of cile dichect o this Coutrt,anl r ilch sale tile ss i Jrlamens Ilnlne became tile prehaser for tIlhe pice of twenty one tolmusand ditllar.. Itescription or Property as ginen in thIe Jrdieiol Con ', eyance, rig: Acertain lot of rnand nlr:ted in the suhurb An anncirtioo rlins Lacourse of this city,in sqIare No 5, and lot havrinig Irenach leasme, O Ibet frotit on Tchot pitoulns street, i: i fi-ct I'ront on Orangers street, etd ti0 feet on I oftirgtrie itll olare' bectrm.c, in nechl rctanner thatnsaid laccFgroand is f0 roet wideo tieno ante cide of tile square o the other, iogelher with a dwelling hoase front.rng on T''hciopitoial s street, the kitchen and de pendencis, also thle distillery estbllirshments nrecerd ereon ad other Iculillgs ail improvencets, sthe m enhiocr, entesniln, implnerento aind ixcAter hlonoiog tic osid d;lilleetv, its dcireindcacino orird cicpel'ltnarte.oe nod tHe rights, nactions nti privilcgen thretoa belongirig or in ncy rise pprerctainin g. CIrler's Office, New Orleans, May 7. 1838. cld,8-i&jA J. OtLLIt, t)enpitt Ch(lek. ETAi'.IE l--+.-A taUUtItlA.NE'-- e tie Ponro ponlr ait anoisseat iilh te deIo Nruclle OrLlearns. Sl'ETAt l )E I.A LIUISIANEt.--A orca, crme qe L cr rcs cronetnes enrccentjt, S rIatl: Antendr (tin oInltos tarlse yonlncQheti', A coo nnaetn ftite plrl c Sleltif ItelaprOisse d'tfrlnans t preopriain ei-orim a tir derl, s'est nttrse all Greffe de eete Cnouota die rcente it oeregialre hcrt -eronr lie M Imet Pnnie lan 183R, pon r IIn nvis ula forentane a itn oned ie o tn Lgsirlcnirleie I' Ehtt ,te In Lnouisiana, irriticrl- A .Ll+ Pourt nonfir-mer ICS tilres reaieellrrrol Ottxo eoiter jrclieicireot" olpttrouoi Il lt h dIt) 1s s183 3 i. m i s 1e'iseon l et tat es perles modn dl nvlte, onolS ur-h Qct'itsorrcoenr tqatcnlue;esoors intirscesnt strnt orrs presaices sonmpbe ail nt m lie I' aint ine In Iculrouein .- rte tn Coor ne Paroissne qrai pouantierct aeir drhiat A hr peopnrifte ni-crprinr eltc-citc, err eonseqnr-ee rl'on r tilut rLc tinrlllOe ctr ats I t(le le N ct oc, le jgketnt decrite not ecrl., nl eetll ndlrncl la vento o ate e-lill·,s t rIe ontld culre'glllHri pr nl iltigriltio clfn I'restimnioilrrais onle temp el Ic melI e do In, velt| oil t ollr r111sin u e anl f hllp rleeontn(t tie ft r1n e vatir, intitett rjuiirs n, d or ttel pnhtlintill nr tint -n ie Ot it OIrtaerni I O'eitih t fnsi ailne srut pas eonllpr inf-be ct hroatrtloguot, c.t Iroaitre fit v earatire lnr in iheicinlt, le qa IRa ttoir r a'hnlitil dc I'rincae 1838. en nrtu d'ins dcclet rie retti erre cnrc rite fur laier Int le 'attnho 13t, dno I'in~firr d'i icantler Unhlwnelt, centre Jamne Iltnso, Nt 10,Iti7 cl do k Iietr die en-te Cotr, i ihlqnstlli ocec Icltilt Jrmra Ilrllse a'eost rtlinu ailqrtbenr t Oe r Ic prix tie $t i iti. I)LhirDclpt lo rle hr Irlwnle'i ia'ir n'iiclc:ser'l 'deiore I S Sevnir- I sln r, rto i, I t ee tlhr .icl i n nt flle, n lr n dItlt eon-i eltir ali-ar Id :tie lll tna dr [eti il c IIe f r isa]I Alet iac rri t i e ntlt d. , l.rri nea llt c i nC. lab, Ip itr' sci , mcOiXciii plod+ de: fae~e Q In I.IIe 'IC~l'cholplhq tltam,'Irohlet fle~d++ hli ie ii C it l r -i c ll ee u CIrs, el*tialllite i piteid cIcdicrctlctafcn cell I1c rile et cI04 Cart-itijiCatcetii.y r +to fthe. Pi ];t Uioan' I Plq H+d ~~rh"den sorts Lnte It" :it Iet de : rlo o rhirr lt , . and - nrpi.u llr of11 h n', T i hlt Ialrre c PIlicIe , ihii I ei llit liton ie i I e I si ne an dlltil¢,rlr unpllll "ll lp stlr It' Ilit h~the t rt ivel clirc l IcIcit l 'Hi(Hi-; Iiccicet-- llil 'e'· tltllg ih itlll HtirO iii, .¢ge, p Ii "(iIan i li l!iic i-e eiii ;,lp:i litict II-a aicaci'e, atiC tip -nit tIccII ct. l ' dr it i.tia +ICic en i.lDvi re i-tcccii enrt -cc cccleme iciciicc licnili-andh y hi k n tlhn1£t o e cc l n I isth m n cei Sillrcilnll-ci rc grfie,N accvlaerile h ii .'c-, It. 7 'Ic Iul. I:l •] 'tr h l :l ,. t tUll Ell. 1 ti.nlttll ( Lr )IcIe 1.1 Ka o ii.r lti t-ilnu icIsl i I ogiclit tni,.i-al a hil eln .i As 1on " 0,A XFr V t-ia.hh, .sI meVtrani I; -ira ll otlit (tciict. t hi' Ilttitica. I ic cit ni V. i Ali t-Ih. Srat -li cictJici-il Ilel, 1 tbcciti c cllll 't c~ it i llr itl Icr hut rii n i cto w o . 1 piciIt io c A a tcc ncc,, J- , Ihe Oli i . la WIycciitt lltlll Ilih n. inllY T I Solle'~Il~nt t.]l lliL .e cI t| i ' tii liclI i ltcc ilc I l Ai r ,l Statth .nd 11l :,va lhl. :It 1. u b, I(Ion Jillt· I '. nist{ by'·I l·Ei~ 'l. (I:,1.1+11 :,ll·d .,,hII((lhv,)~ l~ ll(.l i,,H i ll ii' I e,+ (;()lh+'~I nR(lllt. I, iai lhll: .I++,i ~Iti:,il l'+bi,, nt h i+,rllt+Sl~ s111 s:it llh~ l e ( l :lt+ l ri+i...+i.llt 'il h il tm I 'lli ,l Silrs, i+ ch.? Iin'l"+ 'lf k\- n~ l])ill':'C':!:jIi. 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Vai,,llll\ ta lt-n - h< l-n .1ci , NI. tu 1 l-i..ici t. lllll. hiiiiiii itt JU'it Pr. r Itill]N, c.-ti \Vt,-ctic tlciar, N. tack!, hyn ici~':l ,, l liq"ih c fii-ttcial Sc~itit, &tc, (ac-al,-!{ hi" cliniciiiicctnec ccf 1iii- +,iriccci itiiititn~etci,, lit \VAinci 2 h-ina, tititiu. hitior~ili No I Cccltiii +ltt .tccitcir-c, nn4citrtict .ic-ihctrc i ticcitaitto. jicia'l coitho i.ofnhgo.r ien's tin; Iedf aind Aoroco |toro s o rs, unlity; do Ini fl. and si tot was gl ] oll)Oits 0 ;I oul ,squll itie; m.:"n's an calln senltd a . lor l.lte * *ll s"hlootbros, Sul nhiql .hoesi oall n. Il|pen s: mell t's line call iand kipped peggeI showes.n A l' brogans; genitlie n'.Is est quality enal sewedl sll oel, .. gl.s Iand Jack i ,nigs; do taif se Moroccoi i lckle lshoes land rogans; I calfl seal and tiorooei I diin shoes nal sli pprs, Io Ialt, huff onu sotl wings, ionl; lllvs, iises'antll chifti'i lt peggedl and slcl adogins,land sh lin ackind. k ogrln mlill alr l,'f l' rl n iillily ',o lll thnil. Also a ge'neril assIori en of nen'illi stt wax and ^" Ili r(ogian llll sho t-s, together will n ,. ,lrllI pairr irn I , il gnlil, r.. ssain tt llboanl , 1naihil nlo tl I ouks, ooade ex pressly fir plaitooion ue; a good is wn of n, i's line n d sand t kIip r issei "ll gaos, a I lr l cl, a a ar. quantity of an inl ' rior illtit l lies'lrin h c all',.sl, ' rocolll' d llgrain wlts, aniI plll soie shoes; do fl-lih o hi Stt o iillLIoo ni kid rIil b call', al trod stI u leat'her 'hootels; do Ilrunella shoei. inil s kinsd inill allli n d l brog ; iltl -aiinr. I n fe.lll l led Ail Ialssl' ui ogspn gI llis hollll at glls. Chitlren's colorled ltoreoco nod ainsg hiro s: . and boots, tee. " enlltileni'sfiilalshionnble black ilk haltl lo Mlack e1. sk lissia short nilp s iillo ai, a nilew article.. Yhs,' 1.ll sie l hail of tlll o ,.rlt qualities; do n etildre, 's. illll 's and by's black and tdrab wool hats of various I slu ies, with general assotaIent of boy' old i .en's e ll! caps. nu packetslro n the aoe Iiiuni cities,i all of wihi* it tie sold on acron nonnating terms, aulog I-tf Sl \ ci in il' r nr 1?,.V . O R TIll. TEET'I. rIIIIEnostblinshei d i repi trtion anil {oaiollrltyfiitnrem tuoilll for this elIo .a d t tL'{l i t nl'ph n ai d pri s ."an e of tIlltli nl th, 1h1t inl,1u d Ie s - rl.n .r it Ill tlhe Ainricoa public. Arrarngemenits linv rnd It ninS h i he t ii i lf Stiiinti. soi a po 1 lil, ilt ithi tie reaiel aof thol e;uhin and nikcly to lsui c this Uton Whini, anppliedol eliidiafng" to direli.inns liven oii hbotlen it has never faia to ilf'old imtetinofie ad iiatient re!iof. It also arrests tihe dear an defectivn teret, and relieves lthat soreness lr hich'so frequlentl ronders a strong tooth useless The anpplicntrion and muedy aore sinpe, inncent, an not uip lelasl.tiil ito large nuoxbar onpersons in diftenent sections of , t colntry, that have alridy exi'eriened i uch delihttiilc iln salutary el>cts Irort the use oflhe rnlm, are readv o heair (for ite iblie od) their t testirnnn V to ii s u • ivallted gmires. It is n Indhin remedylytlllintsd ingilndiind m oonr1x ctd n ml v adno , ha r'i ogrhd hr the drilled woild as the moat vldutbled dscoverv " reIdlno iof the wood P' ce $1 for boittle. Sold by JAR.IS & ANIiTREWS, _ r5 _t . . Counoaiii ofd T'oapitoli.s is. S__EW 1IIt'OOKS-Naval Skeihl flook, or,the .ervie Afloat and ashore. With characteristic rejinisen ne, fragments anild opinions. y the author of ahs ol Tar, &e. second serie ,ur vols. iiiliuiiio l.teollocniorni of then lile on ' ,'i1]1"1 botiihi yi near 11;iill to the cla of8l 35f ilS. ta liting pers oal sketrles of tie leading minebel ra--y one of tin p'r y, juuit rteived and for sale lby V McKEIAN, LATCE PUIlIEAT iNS. _- ROAI'WEILL, an Itistoril It Novel, i the authorl of 1 / "'iTle trothers," &e. in armls. I'opular Mldicini , or f'amnily Adviser; con inting of Ontlae. of Anatomy, Plhion,, lr anid Ilgi w.i.h such his on the peralie. olf Ph'sic, Saur.eiv, ali the diseaases iof womll', and illhrenl, on nIay prove !refill in tiiilies wheni rcgoltr pliy.inins cannot be procured: bitng It acomparnionu and Rile fiýlr Itllioiert principals of oiini'etri:,s, pi mta'tio, and bha.d.i. , hooln, hfade of famillea, ,nasteralnla vsrels, misnionariehn,or iraveller-; ii a ulfli sketch flr lioil iiaren Croan. eft.. 'oeer Piey'si I[niversail ilistorv no the hasere of .irl nrniphy, for the tl eo fatnilieo, illustrated by mfln Jur received and fir sale by I' 1IjcKEAN, ontor nonamp and Conoan pts. IO ITIC(E.-Thoe ,rwnerof several packa"r omerchan 1•dirie marked \htirdnnuY. Artolueneove. per ship (:rnion, front Now York, is hereby oot tied iinri they have been stored by S'tETSON, AVERY & (rO. wml Contirnees "(:radon"' JUST P UHLISHEJ FROM STEREIOT' PE PLJTES, 7he Fith, Elddliion rf ROIt.lETT'S TABLES OP IN'T'ERFST: T O o Iell is new arilld Irl Avenrge Time Caleuln totr, or easy methlods for fidling the average time oll tonigro, totes of hard or bill. of goods, when pu - chnbed at dlitffrent dates, .on different credits, .d tfr v:'iolot tmolntc; heides a Itsl:at and colmplete rtauking Time To'a Te, tilhe heft that can e conllriv-el. or that fi glt'res can pr hlice withi tile siie conldesedell copo'9., and size eofth p. An a, vert'isement in the book is in nearly the follow iog words: rI T'he lhig distinetlion this work hasn receive th rough the fIlu h'gislatlie act prefIixedl to tile title sage, s n.t - commend,,.tin in itself, so nconlmon,, and so n onclu sive, Ih t nothing is neces.rn- more than by way of ald vertiisetnllo , to give a coml ne ed view of some oflits pe edlln'nilil compilred with, what ii ,llluivialn ntto fibut- ' teen sets t'eal clatione, exaoriued in the nresth irtr five ticeo, and c prilted Irin telrolypee plateis est. I thirtl1-o ie tlimes fromi ol a oli it it most eviilent even to the skeptic (cospecinll oni tie Ipe.solo ofthe d e toil oti pronofin the preface) thl thie werk mist lie nrill oteticnll iniallihble, anti il conlfilration o l'tlis he lifa p ien'llitn of two lllunred at lfiftV doltar, is now ollis' eol f trihe deteetion lf a conioter lH cent in the lpersril or fifth edlition, rihexprshed i lthe pretace, ntakni five large piteionsa cnl'ered fo the semnterrlor t inc the tfir sti pthlieatioe in the ,ear 10t2. One of the most onmp ieonts tatndree of he table s is inthe arrngemient of' the line o elAenoints, which for expediliets, rofroeneei onltlpiepienty, with ilelep oftilheside oani idex, cannot he exoelled i ndl thve noly ty and ease witll which the in:'eresl cn hbe foundl to the extent of general busines, wiltlhot doubtinrg oflstms ismlh, sene a convenie ire so essental, that ie the estima tion of some i tn e nmost comn etent had pnthe cal busi esr nmen aed public ofte, ors wie . e n ucme io reat rise of the work, it hns been distinguised clily hi honolable appellRtlinn efofa "Imaster peoce". Andl ontsiderlng the infotlibility of the nellne l oliiglolly iadlopted in comlesil tie work, and li ext raerditli ry Uumiber and lariely o'lelte xamillntioen, and tests if 'everi ediiien it has passed itll ie llns, eo'ilitanedigi tle wobele is int stelreotype, onsiiderlln, in shtll.t, e positive aeconacy secarel hlv lenhd by th e oi.rltCl ans emnloe oil the vi - lume iosn hreen hehl lp andl eplaictiedy ally tled " he most wolnderful hook Sin the waslk;" rnst ceranlain oni man can nes e figore work of the same extent, eiich since tile beginnies of t eil tio, ie s ad tile tse nouio be oilttl enietv of tests in the olne alnha er of editorso no, sr eone Ilflthe numober, ti i clear ly slo lill tlhe prelhee. prrels i ten neo'ly alllhe a blik oanI pblic ufloces in the Uoited Staten, iiai by the pulic ghlerally, doring tlie lOar peti'eid of tllirty-fi. 'reins, yit no erro of ihe eal cl ttlio rs fiHs ever ben fbnll ill print, olthongh eot nli - ally eihallegred by the offer of ernl hnige sirtemiius. "'lhe ii lHtexr oesnsly eihilt.otie by all the ons oflaw cl evolal o'tlie Sltils as thie '"'ite oft e'lettlanc fOottlute inlterest," as tnls by" lin fte banlik inletsi, aecordicngas the beok is icll, cdlll ar e horllo ill part, by ,u nallles of the olbs)illrr, el a it fw o"f Itih nsubsetllpe i t nllasers, in thle list iilth cal lif Ihiirk, isio msses iiq cl'evel}' calesul'ciltiznll ill ever) yna: te of lie Unitedil Stattv It is moreover well kinowron Itha, b3 its rearly ceek, it has s o ift detected large errols, olung .fter they were iorle eveth lo the llmoit eaofi a ll fmost eonlpl elent aritmileli atiiai, tat its nseftlllles, anll lit-e ebsohlte ne cessity for itn Hts, lhave beioon exlnsioel itsisteil i i':i, so evilent, 'ill(otel, avityeiin its ;hl.iltaiige, 11i1 itsi savings, that, neverr ycnrsage, ,6 lst tlhe first editiont was scatore, Adi ot of pirin, it great Ilber of seconll alod olpies were senrht fitl, stnle 1t a olrLe t dihnctc. ulld Iinraned :lt llrintln pt)iers, as tIV CoIlul Oteailill.n ally Io plihked op iut from $.to !25 )Cr cnrioee . o. e sotn pe trsos hlne rcc ths. y i ecln ml, alldl inlt:eenrs e n l tlh, i h tu htel l thant tl b ,s w or l d pJe n) ni ,, $ It , m ,l . 5ni o for nI ero'il-,il'llln t i to thie' ti eil he , I a ll ii lUa l iu lheht.r ibtnnl) otanc li eilarl, Ihavig at the v:nel lime rxhihbi l: satisle tOI I |II i , tii si l sisul lr a it"- ingll i i e :"I yn lic l 'ie. tlis l,vl'i wllot ithy w , ' Icee I'cll· f lu 'prpr to inpre ., that sllh is th e nalole oli;le Wink gi ..rdlr and inlli y Iiclhen oI" the e.xtntil"nItv' i mc'alvet ' ( ,et -e tot~, Ii ad had thi hoi k ti its like hi c prepar d ill u if tlelusual h: Ln. r 'ollil' I I l llt I111 letlt ictlh n.i ,r i Iit tih o lIIt , rt o r u I a psii e it ons ftor1"1avlll allm i :t-t ti y llp i' e. asiIS i ler. d . icl Stei'( lt pte p::,:ten of this nn; s kll, nise , 11 c. that , wet're A11. lllltlrieer"at. I e f d I+ ;ll' l , ks amt'n.ti. ,i , ,,r o,-n,.., :111 1 ; ,t In, "'4 i 1 al.I Il, il!n.' 1 rI· . p'+,tlti:u: I)1122 I. 1 ":< 1 ;\I' 1 .IU i :Iý.;.e.-' ( L.". . ii -e 222l22 22222222 , I,1·". 12'22 122l .\n, Del,, f i\ 'n . hil'.' orl. T he Y mi Il i \ "' it , l all;nuiil] " . llllil rl li \22 12.1K t 12, .2l 2 2re 2iv.l a4 d 6i)r- 2 2 ,2.' 2.? II. '1:11, 2 2AVE & 2,22llAi'FF2I1-,2 (R:,, ilnLn., i''U d "lxi t tract, f arsupe.rifll,, h he I lrn , ,l'.:..lina ,. etrnplions of the .kil.; l.Iapl-,s or p):u -tl.. o1f the lai.; ilu'.;t li h alse ltem ll bI .. l l ..l e o 'lJ b ,od; scly c rll tlon.; I, Insi ill tihe b ,nl'; hillll: C rh 2m2t'h t ; to t r; 222r2,2l22, or i 2nl 's cavil; w i2 t nE,, llig; 1Y2philiic d2 se22 se, a2 2 1 d2o2.rdjs :arising Iro a mrnl ti ull lUr ttht: e oI h o l, I a i rl ,ilduln in a lle cllllLate, or L;ilo il2 j ljudi i2 U one et' Illlmrculy. AJso,-Cave & Schatlf s W'i ori, Syr p, or In. falnlt P'reservativel: the hi st lprl 8tillll ll i w (extlntIL. Anlong which are the tllh·nt IIg:-l.,h tu il)ye,. ftr lcol r2ln the1 haiLr; ear'I I.) ; R i ,l . ,1 ir Gr'stll; P.llnatum; tha' Fill r r . la a sh: 2 l. perior 'e,.rl Pow1 r; lily Wilit; C l' of Ro2es; V,,1etalle 1Range; 2 lt+ .2 f I. ,.; 1 'llp N. , v2 '; 1Kre ie2 Too1,th VWash; C(,arbonic 1)u rAlice; Orange Fl'2,,'er V'ler; Powder Puli.s a I 2 ,; A rlllrl caIll Cltlre al, . 2)ll!y put tip hin 222lr li2 vial,; 1ole 2n Snall; CIliloglle; Iresoto '.th.a.c Drop,; l1,.ir I2n2irh; r.2 ug 2) i . ho.s lllllman Hlair Ot;--with it tilty of .ter Plerf mneries, &c. For sale by L WIV GLEGNN'S PEItIFUIM fIES. J C TRIN( ..AlD, Corner of Canal and Biourbon stroots il )111', k& MAY, Ilousd Sip, and 1/loro!.r C II I ' snti r % , 3l C a rl'e11 dll " tl'tele , Itn t!oors's Ironll (:221al sn er,. hlliliins of ,he fdllowing o,.,Is andl llwhles,tx ecitesd it a masterly Inatl elr. M21h2gyll . Ego 5ptlin, bl1ick ia"d gold, (Olk, (,i:,lll and, A22co2e, oi l hl -d Il , ( r i e n t l o r i ue d a nl iti te , Curlnhd Maple, Hlh. Stone, hArds Ee IJo, Itby rll n itellllll Sal ti 1 W ood, 22oltnmaic, Ilair Wood), 1122 2 Hrlrdelll, Ye(2V Tr'Iee, I)l 1ial 2 Whilte, ICo'n.)Il le or Black Sinliall ll Ihlectlla, osill)e Wt ll , AIri 'nl Glqtrey, Ash IIh ite OILk, e. k kc. Cirhlet Fihl, pl)ecinMIs Io hi se 'in at il2 shl, . Pai)t, lit oils, ghlass, tosal tarnish, c. on hand i llor sale. ilN2'2,ST) -2 12i2::l2v tI22 : 22,2l)l .)fur, n,,r11.2 alld undl' itlo , well ii-sea lt d. Ielie I scrol tll and rod lott , sail rolds a ld pl gh Cwi, Gentianlshear, blisterld, spr ing, sheet and I[olllow wit, 2e22... 2an2 .2r22 Ihn il.s 4 aI1d spikel (1in , Iblek ti2 21 ill a d g)l2 m stones, salt k2ttiles tlhal~ cab llelles, achor'., hi". Ox, log2 a1 I trace thains, corn 112ills :lllnti \icrs, Ilallum ersandl hllIows I Wire, lllsheet,igI1 aud liar ladl; h22ut Coal, anlld cooking stores Ame,, tl2ownllnd's lilland other spadellk arnd sho'vels Hook aI plate hinges, door and wind2i12 hooks l'ri and .Mania codagIte, Ines tnd twine fai2 2 lineel.a2t lu2c2int 2il A till asnrltnt e aot h .ardwre anid ship chanllery, alwayson lhand, and whichuty til ired f:r Illlent wlil .' sle or retail, oi the mnost fItavor ahlc term. hbv an-i L...4A 2"')N Nk C.ll. 52 ()hi Levee. HARROWGATE SPRINGS T 1 2Kll2u g erv 1202i2, . Ic2 ,,,,. TIIRPL DII YS J'22112A'F I i11K)]) .I 'II' ORLEAA'., Na i proprietr of this +ntblishlintnl has the pla. lsure tnlno uning to his frcluls 1 2.1 : l 'e puhlic in gl eralt he will w hi' realdine-bhy the first day of Ma I. receive v'i~itl'r.. Ihe will aleo slate. [or the he. Relit of thlse at a di.ta ice, that there lhave.leen large slbser her to ac:onmmnodute a analh iev'r nlmber than hetreiire, attd lit the same time much bett r. Familie can he accumnlureited s ill god rooms, or 1h.e who preolr IIan have large c1bilt2 etanched lfrom2 It is deemed inueees.ry to say unything in partieon. Inr o2f 2h2 ch2rn1ter ol these waters', f21 it i(s generilly belieted that they are not interior to env in the Suth 1i2 2 2d2at) Viterhig 222 .........ill 2 e f22lunI at 12 il' T e. best imusic that this part of th* comutry tft,,rdn, has bees ingae(d.atnd will be in coin unt attemLnmrcea the 1'2212 2222tl22riil2'2 will a22iil hiii2elfof thiis 22lil2nrlunh2y i ipnl't gianil him Iast season.nnd Imp-s hv tshe exer ions !ht hllve been made in inlprovmig and extmibe toe accounnidationst o nmt-lit u hbelai pantonae I plese n tlsns. JNt C it M, . •e :C l safety andI rairtl, leUVilig the. kin liner td , l t,1 H2ci2led 2t 22l2)N'2,- " r 2 ire J2,. Ap 1 i I MAIL ARRANGlEMENT Northern Mail, nDue Evt ry ty atl M. Closna Ei'ayv Ialy at 104 A. M Western Mail, FDue ever l. n Wd, We slay an tt o .e F ariday, by o, P. ,1. by ray ojl Closes every ma,nvy, Wednesda Counl, anid Stnrday, hby 9,1P. ;I. The lake lail ( Itueevery Tellay, Thursday, a anturcnn, oyv 5,'. M. via Closer every Monday, Wednesday EXPIRESS iMAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, ItEPA''IITUtII I)ISTANCE flc. oflthe Exprress Mail, betw-r. Mralin and New York--leaving Mobile dvilr at 3 P. MI. Northwar New York daily at 5 1'. 31 i5oalthward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. 'ime. etlurn'g 1luontgorerv.Ala. 2 pm. 198. m's 23 h 12 m. Colutabua, Oa. 114 OI 94 3 a.m Dfilledgeville. Ga. 133. 14 21 p. In ColambiSia .C; 7j am. 16t: 174 10 Raleigh, N C. 5 215 m 22 12 Warreton, Va. 11 atn. 55 I' ii Petertburg, VV. II pin. 63 l 9n. er Rielmon, V. I anm. it21 3 6an Frltkriehlihurc, o 67 7 I1 p me . \Voahington actv, 2 epm. 6i 6o . 5 nititlitiare, 614 31e 4 04 Plilealdlhin, G1 siae. 100l II 2 New York; 1 2 ian. 90 e E 1305 143 bh. ar Blat NorthwErd. Comina g S Athward, the time is six hoen lesa; baig5 days ana 17 hours. R ANAWAY fraio 169 Corondelet eornar of Ilevls streets, on tie night of 30ih of August, and was Oen the next morningi i Pnyidran street, e negro bay named CIIAI{LI:S, sbout 17 years af" age, sil 5 fee or thereuhaite in bh lt, verv black, andil in an imped iAvnt in his spceeh, one of hiA legs is sore, oaelsione by a recent hurt; oelnhad on when he went nwany a wh t cotio or linen shirt and white cotton nnlatlonta. Malsters of vessels ad steam bonts are anutioned a gainst receiving or hbrhori g aid negro, as well a sall other persons, as the ulolnst rigocr of tle lnw will ble enliarccd agaia"t tlkn. Tie nobver rearldwill he asi freaivteliring uin anlt nnv of the jails of either on th iun iipalities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of Hevi. stao et , leo p . o'lpl' ' l r--'he elomtnershl i lhretofre existking 1 a under he firm of Itbnic & Gnrretmn, han been dissolved. ] sAubscr iber will liltlaio the alto ireo the conire in thin city, nod requlires all pelts iaiseb - ed tn Iplke in vmentlto Ihiln oel v, un allt thoe hving el nil,, to predt lieino l 'orettlev. lriOt nui- It-71t It tbAItICE'TSO90 W. W. SWAIN. A'o. 11ZCanael .reetl RAetr O)r(in T Al" alway oni hand eoa;tamtly i revtiri'i iart. L t tvaes, (CrhIienlacnl a,a d tI'sal ', t2 -lie, nr IMIUGS. lEs,$4 .\liiv.y, inrudi, Argols, raid, to cigt',.l Aaiatto, Slias' -. 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All i)ottlinle the ConPti tutioe .etilc. Illstrated by Inny oigr (u'5 I. EMtEate OF AI lr ROnOatad ahin .N Sic ri:hmlo et ILl n )l expiation oftrho ,ttronoullllr l part <of thle Aar I It'ttla Almn act. II.R all appendlxcnlt~tini. transhtnllsll .f vaios11 nd l l` ul'"|lllnrlrr'n ihin lce,.l l Lit rarv "

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