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November 21, 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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dl*ia U#IRIsiotu L.att;ssia M lotel, I iwcT., , lo. &s M I tltY KItKLAND respectfally an. nounces to her friends and the puhlic gene. ally that she is prepared to nceommuodate them at he abov establishminct, and hopen fr tun her Ixertions to render visitors eomfnrthble, to receive Soontinuance of former favers. She feols conti. dent that persons visiting Covington during the ummer monthl, cannot find better aeconmmodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terns. Her house is pleasently situated, and well nlpplied with every eonvenience; the bar is furnished with the most ehoice liquors, &e. in short,she promises na:t nothing shall be wanting on her part to give , ,tire eaisfation to all who may patronize the S*isissippi and Lmmuisiana Hotel. 3 og'O THE PUBLIC. The ut nsin . having e studied under Dr. Sol.midt of Charleston, Both Carolina, and for somi years his assistant in he~rnotice of medie;no and surgery, has the honor tn :P1our his professional services in this city. JS assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be mado; and also offers his sorvises to the hold6rs of slaves, being well acquainted with the diseases common to them, having attended them i. the engar inuse in Charleston. The famons anti.biliomu pills alter theeompoeitios of Professor Smollette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The effect- riich they have produced in this and other eities, has been attended with the greatest mccs.., to which the best of tolbr6aces .a be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. zine streot. JNO. M'LORING. JiOLLtOVfWATRE, WOO) SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. rIIllE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Bookman street, Now York, have received the paut season, and are conrtantly receiving large add extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowiig essortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Htollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tone, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallon., Kottles, 15 siaes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kentles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallon, Ilaktkpns or Ovons, 7 diffarent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillert, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 dto Oriddles, . . 4 do F'ire Dogs, . i de Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 incites. ort do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior q,:tlily and finish, and less than Jame's imported piceos. 0 ad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 thb for retailing. 'Tl'ilor's and hattor'o Irene, assorted. Sash weights, IO0 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 201hs. llo!Is for Pl ntatioos, steamboats, churches, &c. mi'dlo to order, Also stuabbeats and other machinery made to order. The atove assortment of goods is particularly rrecommendnd to tIs attention of Southern and lWstern merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and opon the most liberal terms; it is be. lived to be tLie largest and best assortment ever .~t rd:l for sale by any oe oestablishment in the UI.ilcd States. Miorchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'rd circular, with description of goods, Ipices and terms, from which no deviation is ever olhde(, farnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 I il.:ON SY'Itl 11 & PICKIt.HS-Underwood's Le AI cn vrp nled Pickles, aesorieU l rsize; als, fill Ii, \ ,' l.e is t loaskerll' Pickles; for nile Ilae, lie a :,-imet, b JARtVIYt k ANIlREiWS, 'I· te C ( uOlllm tn lS · l'eii piilllll s ii '--ill lll goest Nio i ioial, braidll a I'JUlIJe h for .le by I+SAAC BItDGE t CO. (. \I "l:, , . o hI,,lln hosg.o o Tritmn slroei , be,. Ap-+ } AII to J ~o'Ip "1', iý din I Il ti nio. it S atie, Br D l .by A ..11.Iiph N in J ( 1'OIelt, .IAIN sttirlieed C.,l- J. ,] l.ller 'p, .r ffall quot lilies, can1-1iltig oI very silllle~il)lt Jior I liP ) laid, blle mlll " bile ', wa d Jlllald alId ruled rough , dge record t*,! , el]lel 1 t Jlhllo d aelJi lIrsale b v -.111 N VC ,"n:o .ioegi .' 1felail, l '04 ,1g _ 1 ;01 t I30 o i u d U an o l c It lCa ll v,' ' S N5(box I :in doerg.h %1e,, '-lle \\ iae, 11,16. ciI do el"' do a. do 18N1; 5I1 da lif2 do I. i Port, 1811, ;I id, ol'2 dii It Plirown aih grv, tll L.I) piie enxra Mnldirai. Ifor - h hyl ItiEIlOiOEINE, IBiOiWN & Ci, . sou ,Ilhiil:g aeatlyo emea:utl,ai hIolur lotlie, bv LOAVID lE' PT' .0. :;1 R N ! Slati,cmora' II.ll,11 Charnlre St. fl II F NIIY-lil h tl i jiitroif Amnrieoi ni rmeid ainding, itr sale by ISAAC BRID(;E ,&CO. :2t 1:11 IMagazine street. .)1 ILET. --. - 'ElD' g,'u nOtrv l,rick liguae, situntIrl 5 doors in frio the :e,:,d 01mnicimlity Hll oii StClarlesa tt.vt,. Iirllt very lIow, polenaiuti giveo :illnmedlately. li .i llc.,dh premib - -imif. S|.t.'It-;L-- J lia :+ 1" Floulr., loPr Sal"l hv Ill 1 (; I)OILSEY, III New I. r a t: XO('I\, IttCON sidle uIr osale hy lit.!1 Ii ;I)l)ItNEY, 44 Nrew Ilevee. 37Y NTl. 'Sf Rt-td iteimT i o giog,nnd . l tbO cuila ftinji, landiig from Atbiasoador,fr.aleu Irv I.AYET & AMELUNG, ,r19 17 Comimerce at. '-. i. Ni';--5in i pie:es Keatacky Baggin;, luad ii D LiiII tt toaIier liel oWahY ne. and f)tr Iloe by YORI.KE, BIit)iTIf'tRS, Ibit 65 Camnp trot. NO MERCURY NOR 0OPAIVA Nw Orleb-tn, Nov. 14, 18:17. IT . O1 T six mnonth ago I had iho misfortune to got -it a ret dioeuas, lior , hich I have applied to seve r' , ,',:;ur filr a Cll, and tiev did not ,cre Inne.o now rn lhe ll v,. dnate I nint myelf under thi eare of I),, iihet, al c I expnect hiii to cure mre. ince lthat titme tld ,li-e.e rot woiroe, onall to Ireak out in large unlern olli its cll-ll .r of eix or eightli on - II lehg, nam ial oval i ni ll , nornalr n tleroit,nlll not adle to wollrk at he l.llt tillll o acountlll of the diieaon; large firer oni I m1 riht sidl' of the Ithroat. I am aI v putting myself ,-.ltiu!,l"dy l ider tle care of Dr. Huesr,.f Paris, tou I: piertetly cured JONII DEAN. In|ll ly ID) CitITI F'Y that the .b,,ove anretoned disease is d- nll erai d to fs .owl lntiietioii, llor which I ll r.1), lH tl ; and moreover I ass-,re that the miedi ollp I lltv, kein onlsel. onle I. alld lit not inljre lly IdthI it ali; tierlefo I advise m- f Ihrw tuferers ti, Ims,"o ml oin,, m nd epply to lie A. Hint, 121 Cotnal nlr. n-t, bitl..,nl, I)naup;,toI" ald lollrnlllll streeto. lir. SIlh'Ir is p t h roo irn o'chck, A , lotil 4 P 11. tlny o ill tird ute' tnydot, liir this eoiplainn. JOIIN It AN,- IU (iruvier ltneer. lr nv e wonaint n to e re. calul at No. 40 inUiu, street, ;ld tlhev woill It oalielifle. 'fo be piblited iat tller optlion of Il)r. hIl. JOllH IfE'N. Noew Or-lraoo. Phb I, I^"1. Fol, I Iv '.IIiE (ititttile Ilan inalsllmot I.iverwrlr nml line IItnhI.,is n IsIti in bottln, nt flit low price of 50 , tllt I:-Iio Ctlltijiog tine trength of three o,,nee of I v -:l-lcrl, 'asi leg the illeS ol many otlster roolt and hitibs known ammong the India.ns as etficacious in curing ,, .n , lV comnlnts. i'1'h" cr itlled s aleees which has attended the are of il1 il. .o llln l Itall l wherever il hIns tnelr ihtlrl t ei,n- hls llbtaoined tie iconfidence ani roeontielkii li,+l< .f irespectCable phyicians, for tihe cure of eaughs, i.Ih, pain in the. aide, wolt of rei'l ittig of blood, 'iu ii hsl it Dray crncern. Thisis ni heo-rtiv hlat we I ,. in er pllrtetire freinunlny pronCnritl Mri (nard-t i-cc'.. ! a to o, I ral uff of .inerwri ii.,d I hlarhuntnd, with nl ,I ,,ighl';td rThct: we can therellre, from the know. llra he tllll.iterils it is mnlad froen, anid cbnelrvatlon aI i e v t-imleoii, necolellliao it a isio fle re lrpaanion itrc alli.t- !le,'tiii of ihe lioniirirt whiic it ii re iuncndtlol. AI.IEtKP WII.LIAMS, . D. CAI.VIN fI.I.1 S M. D. Mnetllhebr of thq linBost Medical Association. locitot, October -25. dsaletiy J.\RVI & ANIDREWS, II 1n01 .t1 1 I ':eb italt l.t s ti t hle' eu,,-mn rded bly too Mdilcal Faculty.v. I . L I'{' E,.erves:enet alaeonnian Atlrient-P.r ilc d "ej-sia o" inldigestion, nrveus dehotitie, giddli ,l-.+,, lcJlitit lif flio totlnach, habitual cos t vetu, iallt ae"un liea-ret,goet rtoel, llnutch v.lcltnd i e llgIe, tolilf purulivPe. This desiradie prempartion has received the e stron ane! h-c1.nye ilnallen lllulmber of tle prol;,iion, ald Imtn tolil,:rrcilg pullic nmany respceluble nal, uneulil SJit t .i,-tnialn fito enTonoy an a .medcine lave leen ilicited. \it all tihe pleaslag qualitien of a gluas of wil er, it ps,,snen thile native menioinal prtspertios of the n. ro d alinonu prifiatlves; it Is leauant to ihn rnlnt.clod grareful tt, th toaechb. IfI'OliTANT CAUT'I'ON--T).le i.uraeaeig repute. lion and reat dlemand for Butle's lkerenrncelt Mange-. si,tlt A erienlt, has beean an iudfueeet for to of firs! h iitaitinllofrlis vealunhls tnicdriie. aren traI i:.hnt, iy warnei of stlih at ths theirPy may oin' flrd, aid nlt prooerean ia Impue article. in'le l.lic ira reoapeltflly infe ell Ihat h ile t ub ori tero tro ru:-iotel tly ieplied wioh ilhe originIal nd g rUi-to Iriparuti au. For sale who wale a d retail. Ii('KI.EO 6 &CO. Agemat, l5 40 ('utel streeeN 0. 1 . AI S)'8 V-grtoule Stoic (, for the re-toration .I, I'voh of [air, uiuing hacihh atl becut) ,Unat ,,::,n- I,,. Banr Oil ,w- i ,o 're, li th, littliri, foil r-, triut ilts htmdr le 'onsitty of l..ldo n, f ltit oueaol ntilin gi otitfi, hair, tad illetery inetane e il enltnllrv Ini:. to lver hi-en rnilinod. It hin niaer 0f1ei f lp.tldue'e S o-.' an.,l Ilati ,l rmwolh of hail ni, henbrilrteIvy !t, i i. I,- """'s a it heeo,,ea dry sad rde It, grmo II:." n will veryo i.r.,oderd n hvh'olthy,oand lprlu.e r b-uitltul ronftlh if Iair, withnufl tle leasl i;tinrco , t!o iod. Thit Oil glvess an. u lf frtn r.:,-e t, d it preferable Iao nv other i ir Oil th per i,--i , c:urling and glasiong tie haeir. The h it .-t beou-e uy al.jir "e iii' For ale at EE & D'LA\.GE. ý, so lMMOIONS HART'T & 'CO, are now receivnraglrn on board ship (Orleans, gle. E Highlandler, i'Poker laity Allirew, French and (German pclay carda; lBack Pammon Boards; (iCheasmine, 214 and 23-8 ilh IBil and Ilills; 1, 9. 10 and 12 inch blade Bowia Knives: LeathrC and other travel!ing Drvining Canses; Belt. Pocket, lloremln,'s, and uilulling Piaaleh;dolble n.d iinrle Irllml.d Gnns; (iaine fag.'; Slmt Belts; Powder tnd Pistol Flanks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Capn; Peerews-ea Caps and Cap Holders; Clith, Hair, Tootlh; and Nail llrnusher OrrCn and Clilorine Tooth Wanlh Totmh Powdllr Toilet and Sharving SoRps, in great var rit;' long Hair Irahid, Ringleits and Prisettern Pear: id 'oilet Powdler, Emery age;- Ivory Tub Cuoshions: P'atent Sliden or Carter; Gulm Eloastic Suipenders; Powdeirr PuffR and Boxes, Gill Clnins, Scals and Keys; Ear-drops; Waist Bueklae; Bracelets; Bead Necklaces tand Chanim; Gill and Silvered Beadns; Indian Beade. Bells and Plumesr Shell Twistc Side and Dreasinr Cnkbe;which,in adldition n o their ormer stock on hand. makes heir asiortment very complete, and will be sold ow anl on liberal termn, at the sigi of the Goldeo Comb. i25-.f 70 Chartres street. 1if'H *..b..rirlwre, Agents fir the extensive Imoet of e W. & S. hteher, Sheffield, p Einand, have jent eEeired a very extelnive set of paut' c.r, eunsisting of 'table and Denert Knives of e -. diescriithln, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, nail Spear d int hanives; Rcamre, Scis sonr. ools, & tc a. r. c. which the are prepareil o sehibit to the trade Ior ardern . Toersla and culilione will be moade known at tie lime. nl6 J.I. BF.IN&A COHEN.90 ) oCmmon it. NEW GGOODS. ChIMMONS. HARTT& CO.--Are nw receiving p3Nper silip Hunmt ille, Eagle, Merry Andrew, High nder Freneh ,uil German double Iheadl lilavingtars: ater,belt mad packet pistols; Ilain, ribbed and splil aenion nallni rap hollers; ealas r, iranis, pee vel; (illolrt h omomerial and other steel pens; Vie am; Violin stringsl shell, ivory and horn cmbls; w .oen ; i, bead and leather puraes; hair lralls frmot snd ain ringlets negro puis; Germio lld PFremch cologne water, Rowilands ma.orlcer oil, imitatiow don; antiLle till hearnoil, poranble lee es adi dreslng eaes: lastn blacking; statiaasll toilet glahase; convex nmirvn; op eal glaseh aml views; Indliao enls, eli soil plumes; cnloeleon; whit-wirne; toilet and ihavig s aps; toilet ewdrer, esamnetie wash balls; .eiltedl atin eslhilooa; pool aundsl; s.mew eulimos; faiiey bead ehrians sal neckloesal illisrl balli; iloket books anl walletls; German heonc; razor strapv; fine anod common g.lm. olasti maspeelora, grlersdo; Bells luaifer matchesi sil. rpencils; mreyoos, &c. iea. Th above in nddltion to nor former stckir of faey articles, aneur asorment very enmlleter . For le wholesle or retail; s tie aigr of sile Goldeo Comb, 70, Chartrmn. ine, mAo. OTICE--The parlnershp of Kelley, cason &Co of New Orlean ; Mason, Harris &C.., of Nntchez; id iarris, Kelley &Co., of Rodiney, was disandIedi on he2lat of Mayv last, by tle death of lcunuel A Mason, ume of the pariners of the firls. The undersigned, osurviving partners, will he eharge. with the lettling and closing said hueinnesa fridlows: LeviC Harris Will attend to lthe settling of the lbusincess of Mason, Harri& Co.. m Nathezls; and uiarris, Kel ey & Co.,at itucnev and Henry Kellev will attend to hesettling of th bua's;ea of Kelley,l Marsl & Co., oa New Orleans. The names of he evearal finns will rie ured in liquidation only. l'hose imlebted to said firms are enrneilly requested ocoie forwal and lmake early settlelelts; anud tlhose having cluims will please risent them whilutcdeliy. . EVI C IIARIIIS, O1ENRY KELLEY. New Orlenv, Jaone 27,11837. J EAN MARIE. FARINA'S C-tt.OlOG E WATER 2cases of thic slperior it ln lce wvater, jist receiveld andll for sale hbv tilhe dlozen or aiiigl hiltl'. Also American ald Irench toilet pewdcers, powder puffs and boxes shnuiip isid toilet lson O,m ,osiciI waslh halls, nlilk of rimes, colmetic ecold enrnlUi, extr i: it musk, ke'phhnl, Wardl's vegetahle hair nil, poellltiim eretc do iwrnI.,Florida.lavendilr, rose nd alyv waters, l'reeso'a oaitsc, Mlarseilles perlfmllnerv ill trillks. vedril Ile rtd lirqidl rnae-, Ch,1iri;ne andilOrris tioll wash, eloth. hair, tooeth ,ail nei flesh rluliesi tigether Wmitl; n additinnal supply of fashioinabl o lIrnnd shell combs and jewelryfor sale Iiw at wholesale or retail by SIMMONS, HARPT &CO, july 6 701 Chartres street. N EV G(Hln-iv ocnnl or en are nomv cc 1caiving from on benard ships Yazoo, acil Saralog, and lrie (Concordia, from NewYork, a greatl variety ol giods in their ine, whichi togethlr witlihl ir folrmel clock on hu.rl, makes thlir assrm enl very- t plte. The following comniple a port, viz: i elltwist c.,,r!ilde, tulak anl diressing conibsi, hirin do nfall descriptions, I n Ilia rubber, silk and worstcd elastic garters, comnimon c fine elastic suspenders, I,;o fcenad Lucifer ulliher, Heidlilz Imwders, powder pniffs uand Icxes, toilst powde., pocket books and waillts, ineedlie baooks, shell, pearl, inory nnd imoroccl~o card c:ases, head nrllullets, plaill (.tu ral IIeilds, neckllcem Icu Il.clitgeev, IeaI 'kcillis, he aeeklacei , rill class aiid plnin,seel,silver land m gilt bIads, Ilndialn beadsl, Ills anil ilumes; pistol nndi Irge Imjw IerIfmlasks,,slat Iehs, hl,.se I,el.liiket adI dlvii,, .iuitols; doulle lind lilleIP imrrctlled clon,. Bl,wip kclivce, nod dirks. eiiori, arel,,r pieket knives, .iard chains, and rib,hons, waist blikinklv, chil, heir, totlh, vail,inmbII, .rilllUb. lshoe, plte, filtor nand dullstlng brlshos, Cullogac, Floridloa,lavender, rose anil Ilnv wnter,vEiiE'trd essences, anti extfrets, }lacenesnea br~r, h ll rlollle, acolt Wtrdl's vw getnalle hair ,ile, shaving nald toilet voips aio il Id,; eriptions; iadii.n:' and centoleies' (leek.' lni dreilin eaes, hair ricglels, frizaltis aid lbridsl. plaii, fioce iand musical work oliaui, plaihh nind gilt, fitr.ld, coat ald vest huttnl, pearl and iviry sliritl ,, shill trtldds, gohll and silvfir perneil cases, toilrtocl.aa nd tweezers, palatn lnlt gillt Itiketi ,iniaiture linc I,, silvir, lIcrass v asteel 'hitlilev, hick. anud eves, hlair iius, imiatlica fruit, blk and redink,csia b, l.ckiIg, viliill ncll a iiiare, ri|lbed vnd plaih perivussion csls, liilli twie, ICeieCilcd eachU rens,,l, ldid nilrver Ilci tllcd ifri.e,liitte piiuper, riane bag u rhding wlips, wilkinc cli,s',dapingmvlds, lno gild, apled and r ilt jimwellry &n. TIle unove, togethelr withll a great varietyv f oilier arti Sle re oliriLd ait wmlltiid.sC or rIetil oiil i11e111i1iiiltuodutg Nerils. N B Sherl enm.. repaired. VV RIF'Y STORE--h t ll sign of tile golden conlh, MoT0 Chartres steert. The subwirilners have re ceived, in addition to theirprevious stock n huand, a full and conplete assorUlent of articles in their line; viz: conhmbse, perflery, Jewellrv, brushe locking glasseso foanv artieIsR, &n. reonaiting in In tn' as fIIdlwn: C)5I lit--tortoise. shell, wronht ,and plain tuck,twist, quilled back, long round, dressing, side pul;, curland neck, Brazilian combs of every dlscription amongst which are some Mexican patters, Ivory connbs of every daecription, horn, dressing anid pnket, together with a general aoeeorlnenlll of Frenah ani Anmnrienln. 'PERFUMERY--Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, Iay, rose,nmid rangea flower waers of every size and des cri'ption, cannphnrated Colognllre, extrnt of lerglnont, anmyn soaps of nll kinds, nhavlng lo ill cakes non nots, cream soo p do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears adr ann tiquedo. I reston's soelling nsalts, plain lnnan perfmaled tlet powdnIer, pearl powder, pow lerpufis and bnoxes po matno in pots and roll,orrns andl chlorine tooth wash and nowdens, with a general assortment of JEWELLRY--ome ofthe latest annd most fashionn hle setts, colnisting of white nnd red corneliau, tolpur s jet eardrops, set inl filagree, breast pins of a grean ,loe ty ofpattrusr , wetlch trinlmninngs, gilt annd silvn .,lckles, silver thinibles, silver anlld n oln pt ois and gnuard chainso BRUiSHIES-Cloth, Iir, h dust ng,crnumb,hearth,flor, hat, 9els, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewash Ibrusheo. LOOKING GLASSES-German stanti and toilet lasso, magnifying and French dressing glosses, unens do, with a vreny of other kinds not enoumrntledl. FFANCY AIND VARIET'Y ART'ICILES--Frenchl and American portable desks and dressing cases, soone very rich and finely finished ladies work hoxes and dres sing esese with and without music, musical bores, Ae eordians of various kinds, vlino an t goitars, silver lnd plated lencils and leads,wood pencils for carpenters and crayons,mantleeloeks,gnns and pistols with and without eases, pereusslon :iaps, Irenasioun cp chargers, nulpple screw drivers, sholt helt,ganre lings, Ipanste blaklnig,toy tea seits, Ilian beands of every kind,i belils and plmellla, fneannd common knives, razors and scitsors, thimnbles, needles, pina, silver plated, steel and conienon specta rles, 1sket lonhks Nnld wallets ol various kils, vlsitilng cardsn and card eases, laying cards of French, ermnnn LadI Annriea n manulonture, ndvll, imitaltion fruit,slu boxes, prnlts of vsaions kinds, Sauendras' mPolnerny', Emmnrson'e, fillman's and Ilawkin's ramor straps and s metallic hones, dirks, fancy bead necklaces, do with nwr drops,to y watches, pearl buttons, powder flasks, eo I and pltn seed beads, gilt .ad silver do, gnn elastnic uspen. ders, and garters, plain and sword cnneo , naekganrmon buansl, lice, optical viennose, jewnlharpo, Ienofboo mnatch ea and drinking cups, with n great variety ol other arti Nles, all ofwha:h will li sold ftr cash or city acceptan ces on 12 laonthL credit. B H ~IMMO5S, & Co. d4 70 Chanrtreast. OI.BEAR'S Science of Peenmansihip received aend for sale atheir perantnew t Writing Acarld aleies No. 8 Chatmrs sreet, New Orleans, It9 Iltondway New York, Uttnnphinc e., Mnobil,. It iparticulasrly designle fIor private learners, ant eslhols, ani iT celrulated fir persoells fall ngcs. Ladies and gentlemeno are insvited to all I an eAxaiine the aysem for tlhennselves. Lessons are given at sbeCl houses as may slit ihe convenience of all, and to rlstoea formed in nny part of the city. Ladies wiho prefer it an receive lessons at lheir own ref sidences. Persns paving firone : r tre of lesste mr desired o attlnd until they write t i well as they wsnh. nll 1)itL IEAI & BtOTIrI.t. DEAFNESS. NEW article fornersonna troubled with deafness, (called tine Ear J roumle,) has jast ieen receivel. by tile nor of a INlih, tile sligiltelt Ortrnnlatien of the Ih man voice is dinitillctly conveyedn to tihe ear. A niy olnr whno Inas ever been obliged t. cunversoe nith a venrV den peaeon, nlnUnlie fually onesible nnf tine nlinieulty alnd enn Lnrressaneetexperieneed both my themsnelves and tihe in dividuals so tufonrtunatetv aiicted. By the use of tihe Ear Trnmpet. this objecltion is entirely ionatedl. l'ie most sceptical have always a, andoned their dounbt alter having used tis 'l'rulnpet. Fur sale at T F GUitON,., Fancy store, corner of Comnmn and St Charles streets rlder tlinl, Encllhn Hotel. febl 13 SPERM OIL-1500b galons pure winter d Sperm Oil, in casks and kbla, for sale by JARVI3 & ANDREWS, Whilesale Drugg noat corner C )nilIonnn osd Theap Ia astreet. nr 13: IA HITE LEAI--hbbls, 5Iom hie te.h; 40 kegs, ltlO -0 200 do 25 English do-25 1.4 bbh . h 010 " , 100 Point Brnshe, various siles; I site Vemrnilliont 5bblnUopol Vornidlo I" Coach " '. packo Gold Leaf; tit do Silver do; lull do LDutch Metanl. WINDIOW GI.ASS, American, Ergtllo and Frenth -If11fl bius varous sires ann d qualites. Botlnl t.rowa do.-l urkee hoxsntconignonent, will he sold low. Ale., a general ao(rtnmet of artists' colours and tools, for sole by A W SCA'I ES, No 16 aalsl sreetl. N B. Alabohnma mtes taken at p r, ild Miosiseippi notes will he received at 10 percent discount for gaols, or in payment of debt, je t Iw LOUR--II O0 ndining lr s eteoner lonldapelnd toni 44 New lerm., MR. WILLIAMS, OCtIIlllrIST, 0oW AT THE J.tSTERIoN HOUSE, JEFIYY.WIts STRIET, LnOIlVII.LE. To the Fdtlor of lhe Lt.vireille ..qderei,er: ot--It nppecnr by tile observatinma or tie Edltors -of Ihe Ntilshville Prebyvterian, Uni.n and Trans cript, noas well o. thie eitors of tie lethie Enquirer, thlt the "Old Gentlemnen" is amolng the Doctors. I hi is pnroved by ie kingly rage, knowing that iias time is het short, and that the independent Amoerbn people are able to juhtne for themnaelve what are pufs and impositiona. The ewotihy editors who are Doctors, the pr prietors, editors or mous-editors of the above namedjoumrals, etll every letter from persoons I have re.torh d to elghtt in tho ab;ve places, putf,. I. The fact i, tlamt i never had euch great success within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One whol was erd abnot ten years, who had naly seen the ightt from hins irthi, bern to see t" follow hie master to my hotel, intttepd of being obliged to lie led by hien. Two young ledies, who had each lo.t the sight of one eve, one for t.n veare. and tie other fwr nearly two years, having both of theta the otler eve very wenak vet each of t lose vouoe Indies began to ree with both& eyes, which bheneit I plelge myselfstill continumes, ex -epting they are under the influence or dominatimsi of the Medical Doctors. Another in te daughter of a respectable merchant, whose frame I am Iound never so mention, (as he paid tine my fees), who said she had lost the sight of one eve from the age of 18 months, bat that ste now begins to read large letters with the other eye erorpletetd, shlt. This the dmocor edltors knew, a the gentllenmn toll me himself he had con dlc'ed his daughter to the office of the medical editors. that they might he itif,rled of the fact. Tie last I shall mention is an elderly gentleman by the name of Yount, nearly seventy yveorof age, wheomlelaclred ob otly by letter, which l h lotk to all tie differenmt oIce in Nashville but one and hilmself told me he had paid for the inuertem whatever they deanded, who ti lamear eI iu t that letter thot It ha totally de rired of the sight ef one aye from fi ka momter hie hirth, which hie mothllern sted Ion iie. .- ece.aioned ti the measles or small pmmX tlhat now h eould not ollyl ee the light of the mun, fmr the first time thamt it rntIleetse, but the states alan, and was beginning to distinguish many objects; and did, before I left that ritv, give nma ny proof that he couldi see to walk abolutthe resteta with the otrer eye cnmdretely claned. He svo d he had been it mlaber om tile Mlethmtliit Epidcopal Clhrcht fo naelrly forty yearn s an that his word wae never doubt ed through the whlte ceurlla nfhia life. I. I repat that I 'sad never greater -teeess titan pt Nashville, and that tle medical and clerical doctors had neverhoefre aso nth lreason to le enraeio. The pionsindignalmkn f ihe Rev. clerical IDr Smith praves, wilerm ile sated to me tlin ahnllt six years past, he was converted from bessa perfect ilfidml, ta believe in the doctrin a of e Rihlbe, tlhat he msot hlave made a trifllin error-that I muset hIave meant to say, th "t before the end of six yearn to coae, hae hould be converted fron his infidelity, as the rpirit of time true minister of the peaeefill and hbeig doetries of thle Christian religion does not bireathe oat deatruetion, rage, calumny and falsehood to please Ilia medical friends, agaismt the man whoml he knew lha done so much geod, and an in jury to any one. All tile inhbitants of Nashville spoke olf the great ueccna I Ilad, c-cepm the medlical doctorn. Most if them also had been infirmed by Mrl Youat of the cure performed on hias tamllly blind eye. 3. The fanmous Gotiaml S. oftmli town, pretends that I have ht the laarels I gained in the North, since mvey arrival in the Sothweat. l'lsn proves, hetwever,i hod, and that I ke it them utlll I arrived in this seetion. If I gained set i, the north, 1 oight to imave gained annoti or in tie snuth nd sausthwect, and e still hope to wear themn on mly very yotlhflll breow ol the day I leave, in spite of tile vmuapertlil, of the great Dr S.,if i may joulgnroimt tihe ru man. I ave already benefitted in tims city wibit three dayl. 4. The objevte of the present is to imform the merdi cal Goliahs llll editor if ithe IRellnlielcan anl Trans script, its wel the tclericaml Dre hlitll of the CI. Plie bvterian icd rmf the lUnitml, mf N:slville, as well a tthe ei;ltor and smtll tllediInl editor of the Menmpnis Enquirer, tor w nll es Mr i renlltie, tile editor of the ,otllasviill J oI ur al, umle i dclthe e elt lll i (;titim l t di r odFin t if rmi lv, telli i itt Dr ., tlhat I lltrtllll int actioi o agains tIocm all, f-cr vour tpratie shantter or caltnnv, inatmwdi itticly arrivnal i New Yiolk, os well tnes iaimot their aniabll re hr!n theIiedilcl o(olialio of thee norteh. I now bild mroelfty proli ei nrvelem quit this hina epy latd mlf lmhemt, ntnltl have llroillglht ha noses il all tiy medlicanl (oliahe of tllhe oril, has well as tfie mouth llnd lit west, Ito tlhe griidtone! ']'he afflicted, ltiLerm hfre, mayn mlotime lfic du litmlmimgmmte during tile wclml of nlet year in New 'Yorkl, bere letters, lot paiid, andl ie others, will be sure te reach tire. i. To inlrorim tile pllic tat thle lu,t so eallell, whichl thle R. clericolly corvert edl infidel retendi was wriltte for him,l was Wlilttell ,ore thall a week prior, and intenRlded ftlr tihe Rev. D. lowmll, who mnll it iii illy pesenme roitholtlllt maife.ling any dlisdaprobaiiiot; in tire contrarv, ook it to Iins stlldy ani etndelreed it itt the way lie did, whiihll he nlid he, IlIulllt woubl an we~r my p~rlIsc bitlter; be dnibvered therme, m th tt tine, willinllt r rettltll lltm Ihr I waItePd oi o lr ilto Ito ilm fri It hei dItyV, its i never coidIml itre.tmli to tilntr that gl-tittilmttta! mr toy otiler, anlly ImoInmv liltr t:lmtin fnitt. iThe Roy I)tortur't.wn stoitem t "is elcfort the lm hic: lend im e rnot 'X iihed all tine dim 11 mi s, At. &i~e. wilt it mm h li a anm invinlmte friend mf leis, is well its the whletie tf nmm ptirlenlt, in tmpoiy illih m otlhm r lervm n, awl tnidllllt l tiem tll tto he tntltaic, and all my"p m ienrt te, hee nmore or leos ihImtefiltem, ite Ilrev .r could havo Ioetn induced Ibv a total trel-rI tl draw tll su(.ch In :,'iht til no " ewroie lhilllmself fr pmlimtitaioo, andl addressed i tto Mr Stringfield, editor oltilhe S . C Aldvocote. 6. Nm wondaer the clear sightedl uledianl tiolimhs of Nashville k the thita, .;anoi tlmeeimm.rc used ihmir ci fmmrto Iojhim with ttn, mime all-powerfl, athleltic, pitysc ieml elul iltellectual fierce of tim sid to-Ihe-uoitverttmI clerical infidel. We readc in tie Ilille ltha! 'it tree is knowan hy its fruits." I dare .ay tihe .ulnverted iulltdel lhav preamhed from that paellengr. 7. lie evideillly waimned to estalIisiI his ilmnmea octer as a mwmar, by Ishcwing dhmt lin ie hebein lI ibte'l. Iel iilnlmiee wh tlhcr illc0 lils t IhIlity 0llleces It to atther conmcrte.m itmttiei, who, in itt, thtes of tie ine camretionmm of is DiVimiteiSmutetr, lm.tuottlltiy 11 iiiimo fir tllat nmll bter oltiucs onf silver. lyv Illswer is, tllil it wIts IOver itlltellded mas ai btiim, ,eorr c;imll it Ie cmlaidelr ed so by any ille,a it wia ii tmtt Cven e(trll to thle lentil irrt of ill time regular Iprliltr's fee,. of $i per sgnllmre. Cmmonttning two mi thlree eolulntm n f closely prilnted illattlr, whlil were ito I repealed tiree or flowr tilnee in the I'pesbvtlrinni, iliion anli Monillr jonrnalom , hbid t ever inmtlenir.t I biribe hima, I shuld haIve loffered imii at lmlst $3110i, liim reglnimmr fee, instead o1" I, whlwich, in all probahility, hc voold havem mm gladlv received os lis fee, and not ast bril-. (its the olntlrlrv, if I I ad Ieen ca pnible ofluffmrritm itellme I should ceertlinly have iotne it in imwt to lvi e incsued his ac:eiltance. 8. Haid tihe Rev. Doetor heel, really cloverted to lme 1-cli'of tihe docirilces of tihe tiiaviumr, le wsnuld oet have pronlised to momme amnd exaominee lV patients eith= ol* keeping his wordl, as I hlave always himy ld every ~itnhister ifi the gospel zealous tm d,. 9. lhid t Ite hel, really cmoverlted, lie woulil mllt nlot littly ohaow sllokn against tl.e Anterimmn institutioas, wlilch, ii is well klnlwn, are lre e nlulmermoun, and whclh' are eul.elcior to mmaliy illt somle parts of Euiropo. Ilis codlltmict cml IlItcbi disgusmted samle ymuiign literarV char nactcrs, aaI t he sClclvi reetlnined femtill iouinimblg hill Tihe Ra:. gklmteiibml, thoIugII m SotlchlltUln, is withiut exense, (u tle.s lie is cahnlummiatcd), itllhough lie iimmy think tino lean a riglh tm lbuse tihe Allltiiemi l ilimimtiltlja, s bcecmne lhi is a ellecrltedl illfidlel I say Ie atsm 11,t--a all ouglil tmo lhink wll of ithe bhrimges he gles slifelv over. I ftlnev timh gailant Cap.ti in rmledmv, nlld sIeveredI other amlaihle yoang genetltmlen of Nnhevii(le, recolleet well thel coluct of this lmic exIiom ounmo er of tihe Holy Ocriplturo.. 10. I naeer saw rlltrh a demon ineimmn shape s as tie Rev. Dloctor Wloe lie dav I cal'ed to reason with himl, whenm tnemen ed mly grey ioira with an uliifted gilgnlic arm, oa. if he would hIve imhlled vte mit tihe grolund, for daring l, dralw ma mlite Imhliminter awayv fim Iid duty, bIy a tribe of 301 pieeenm f ilver! I really trelilbilld lumre thanl il the U"id Genltleman" iad ap pieared ili linown shailme' II. I allemnlvy rdeclarebef .e God, andmramenot afraid to cnll Flilh to witlnels tlhat L never, i tihe whole lf 42 yurs practice a aaa mmmmliesl, in (ireat Britain. Frame. liel.Iitim anid Almeriea, ill a single insimtance of.a fcredaso bribe ommaneomomt tle edilor i aofniivjllumm --j but ae a aommolimcooien fmmr tbe silaeva [ lammel piedmd the teruhlem whlich I mmclmmionled mllelllmtm ltlmth I win always monre inclihiem Itm redacerother tlmalmamId asy ttlaley to die printer's imili whiinl ia a suneient proof timt I had nointenoian mo brile. 12. Latly.-TImele Memphib Eni uaierfortwo or three weeks eositine a tinomme of Ifagrant es lse lea(i, wilicel time medical tintisll eiitoirs leadtei fromi eiicir brebhrenm of the M, Golialh8 of the North, and I shall treat theim with ailent commemlot mllltil tile prolter tinii nrrives:- Umless it is trne wham t imave imen infremned--"iinn a beggar, aind yeml will catcm a L--!" Tlhatgiih I aid himsm for lily otdvertisoalllent for twoler Ihree weeks, he nouly iesmrte Ibcal ti ne, . Yoa will ieame to itsert this letltr in your next pa per, nmmd oblige yunrs ,&. JOHN WILLII142., thie English Oculist. I.nuievillc,Jely 1817. Copied frm tIke S. W. C. Advocate of Ile 21iA Juse, 187. At the reqle. t of Dlr. Willi lms, we itsteret the filw-. il note frolu the Rev. Mr Howell, of Nashville, to the editorof thie Souith Western U(.ristian Advocate, whoe, it appearn, lia examined the dipittulne antd other docu. enants,evittcive ofthe I)oetor's clalus to pulblic patron. age In consequeilee of n accident, L)r. WiV will r. main in Nalvillle a few days longer than he at first intended-any the Ist July. Rev. Mr Stritngfield:-Heving been requested hy l)r. Willintes, the octliit, now in thit city, to exanine hie elnlteroua dipinceH and other documents nevinciv of iis claihna to eblic t onfideil Iin hir prufenssn,l hane, iuk citeally ewitlh vttlued frend,dtue lu with pleasure. Atnutg nheut I titnd c letter from Mr Pageteut pre sent Chlrge dl' o the Kint of the Frelelt, at ''atScllglitt, nitlresxedl to I)r. aWilliaum, tetif yiig the ginrlUitetess of the dliplomas front tihe Kings of, Fraece, Ileiltl, &c. as well as thoe fromt tile Meulicail Sacie. ties of Fe'nce,. lie ihs numeroue voulheri from ueen knowne to Ie If iligl replitalion in tkisecolntry, received sinc tie his arrival i thile United eStte, detailing instan eee of great sueCees in tl.e restortion of sight to the clutl. I hav Ieu utter rlv ill Ipis poonr itients in this cit. I knew ntone of diemql previous to tlsieicoming uier hiis care; ht all I haeen ael leey theiy are uu uorestiolnbly henefitted. u (or'T. H. C HIOWELL, Nashvillei J Aune 21, 1837. I.: n. Siln e writing ie aenlle,one of olr. Williatns' p lienlt called pon tie,tand ctle he bll actulely ned tolnlly lot the sighlt of one eve ibr sevelty veers, but ntow de!lanres himself beter Ifir t lnel light, I(r the firet time ill Iis life that lie eai recllleect, lie could dis tinenuish, wiii tit t ve, Iotte iolte proti nentiitre. I letarn thtc this cd getlteman las lived I tniav year. ill this rdgiut, rid ecysn hre nle been a Metl" disi durigtu Itrty yers. Yours, truly, -ugl0 R. I. C. H. TENNER's MAP OF IOUElIkANA U .&. ~E A Ne:Rw MlAP O tItU, r Awi h i.ts Heunls rnll a. d distneees,froe uhtlp e to place, loucg lie sttge cllel l .ste boat rllh r, b i. S. 'Vrlltener. II'rCHF.L'S MAP Or THcE I tNtEri Sl.r.s .ee wing the principnal Turnpike and tetlecuu reoid, on whicm are given tihe distances in mniles Ifte oie jtoiue to anothertr alsoI the couruse of the cenale aimt reil roads through outl thle ncountry, eefudll clmpliled fecn the bet .. tllhoritia-phublishtl by S. Auguntus Mitchell. IITrcHt.l.'e TRAVei ten'st (GtUIie TIROUiH THE: aunITT eroJer.e; It nlat ofi the roadl, distnleen stene boat and ennal routes, &c. jnt.l receired anid for ile WM M'KEAi, I( hII:t:Keu IN llIII.DlIhli'tl t--Fir sle he El ( Ciep t treet. 1i lIE INSlANO 'A\A1IKA. F OR thecuref olreumtisat,wv: fula orkingsevil,gmtl, aeiatiea or hip gout, inci ,it nancer, aitrheum, I slphilitic and meremtial d!israses, r:ttictulrly ulcers and ainltfidlf:ectinns oflthe bonest, u.leratel thntatsol nos. trils, ulcers of evert descriptolu, lfeer,a tl internal I shsesses, fi ttulas, piles, scald head, scurvy, biles, ehro I oe sore eyes, orystltelis,blothtis, atd every varietyofeu toneous t'eetion, ebroenle Catarr, head aehe proceed ing from any acrid humor, pain ill the stomacl hnd ldys pepsie proceeding fromm variation, affeetios of the liver, ehronie inllammation of the kidneys, and genend debili ty caused by e torpid aetion of the vessels ofthe skin. It is sngslrlyefiteaiousin renovating those constitutions whiahihve been hroken down by injtudicious treatment, juvenile irregularitie. IL general terms, it is reuom mended ll those diseuases whih rise from impuritiea ofthe blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name or kind. Sole of the shove complaintsmay require some tri flilg asistant applictions, whllich theeircumsotanees of the case will dicta:'; but for a genenrl remedy or Purificator to removethecaue, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sumeilent. TO THE PUBLIC. Ilow true it is, that modern Physieians, in their am bition to excel in their profession;eovplore the vast fields of science by the aid ofehemistry, anlt seek out new re medial agents; inshtert, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art slone,--entirely overlook ane neglect, as beneaoth theo notlee, therich and bounteous storesofmedlicine, which the Ahnmightly hals caued to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how mueh more true isiatthat while the American Physician looks to foreign nemtries for many of his most common and neeussary articles, perpetually ehanging as they are at the dictatesl offadsllion orfolly, Ite is sunorr.ndel in his own country with an endless profusion of medical plants, uflciemt to tnswerany indieation in disease or to eure any urable disordler; and yet lie is ignorant of their vIr tues, and they ale suflerl to twastetheir healing on the leselt air.' The effects of vegetable melicines upon the system are tem loary-those of minerals Iasting. The ifrmer ex ert their efects nd pass off-the latter, meresry in isr tiet.lor, eEt etmtieally eiMl the solids, deeomposing the bones snd umlmerminig the constitution bya slow andM mire destrtlrcio. The oongeniallity, eflaieony and SAFETY of vegeta ble remedies aver mineral, may be estimated bynintrast ingthe ancient pratice with the modern; or, to bring it more immediately untler or own observation, thl Ittli an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, lts not knownmrheard of repeated Instonces wherein some decrepid, unpretending femalelldian, by meansof her simple remedies alone, has affected the silost rapid anl astonishbing cures, after tile Mlateira Medlic of the 'emmon pIeette, directed in the most skilfuil manner, has foiled! And who has not been su.rprisel atthe com. parativeCse adll itiellity With wlhich the Ilndian fres him. self from any disease, and at the almost tota abstinence ofchronie disease among them? Who has ever heard olf a Indian with a constitution broken end ruined by illtreatment? A:nl can a doubtexist that this happy ex enm tion of the savage from most of the ills which the fdesh ofman ilheirto, is chiefly owin¢ to more genit ond safe remedlies whichl Id ow emllloys, "iis astonish ing difference in success, is a fairexempliftcatioo of the infimte superiority of the simple and safe means of esre which God has e"osated for the benefit of his ehildren, over those which the pride and the art of man have in. vented. From a long residence among a portion oftheaborigin aliohabitantsof thisconntry, andlnn intimate acquain oame with the, methods of clre of some of their nost tuccesaful prietitioners, the proprietor ot 'The Indian's Pauasea,'aequtired a knowledge of some of tihe most towerfnlanl favoriteremedies. Fromathesehesleleted such as were most effieacious anil appropriates, and after varios exllperiments to test their priciples and strength, he has ombtined them in the fornl here presented, as the moat perfe ct and beneficiall or the purpose for which it isrecommoended. The proprietor oftersthis preparation to the public, with the consciousnrss thtat he is placing withintheir sea, n remedly capable ofrclieving manly of his afflicted fel low beings, who arto suflrilg undtler tie various chronit and obstinleecomplaints to which it is applicaiele. To such it will prove of intalctlable value, as the means, and in many cases, the only meats ofrelieving their suf lcrings anl irestoeillg themonee Itole to heittla anld lhp plness. This is ntol fered as a common retmedy, that mclty pe-r chanc be etlually good with mansy others now in nuse, t us ie ~hich asttle " I vlitg life innciny extreme acuess w hiclct t nllSll i Culiesil. Thislit has dlnne repeatedly; anil this is the retlllitione ithasob. tainted w'helrver it has een intrltduced. It Is onlyhboulttlhree yaratssittcethis repraltion was presented to the plhlic: butil tit short space of tlitte, somi hulrlnels oif perlsons might ie tiil, who would solemuly declare thtl they believed ltht their lives were savlled bylv it, ald in nost, susesalel'r they had tried liI nly and pterhaps all the cooonon relediet in vain. WV'her ysTe it is known i t isvlvaoi ll nlllicni inlto Ius, nld this a I'lIathe it ost subsataittclan llot;li.cIIg lproo of it Tile vailh ltllthe P.ltee i olilOst c(lnspic in tlthse i long stanlin, nut sv hititic and saro.'lu.s utfi .ctions whll.h i;sme deiclll e . r ll ir r.,nlies, nIe. l partiicnllarlyI in those tinss where usese}Ii llonlh been so lpvis l y lused as teo case distressig llii u inll the hlt'sI nodes, elere viil licers, d i.angeiment oflthe ,lieslite organs, de. These it otnpletel)y re. .s, and in t ll tcases it entire

ly etcliltes tilte ditases :otld ilt telt t'ercluryt eo0 aolesthe conlstittllll inlll, t Illl Itt t ilient sound :mll c:ll. li Iehl Iullnl tis li :.l.. ill Ili it:l'l'lt .: l'e t t i ls . , its hItppy Ioliv'ls a:lr lo. ic. apIllpreat:ll, gi, in.l :atHlm i I iuue 'ia*te r"eiitL~ . .. . . 'Tl'akenl inll Ipro dloss, lthel l li:- a peiraes neall slerinative nll dl 1'etlerge 1 s hpi rtllel ., dillunrtic, allaxllative :it ntlli- lpas:lInoli: :aIll ,lllll) e; alll inl 1'propern11 ss, sasm.tB aacllaia :nlti I ra m l:aa nagaglllle. . (;nll"l ally expr(essld, it icre:ri's a'1 the11 secreati llns I a ex cra tisns, gitestone In the .at o ach, Mori excitsa'ae ti ia Itheg ll sl iln a r I ln.Iicul l' Illalllan '. I"a'(I n thee pri i. pI aes its ll la''ltim lls 11 a ) II,' Ilde u l hrst 'Thisnedicine lhts Lell fonl highly uselill in many nhiglno,.s dlisease.s (lt Ilere s eciltd, and it :has bee ised n ilt wonderna l success as a a ball Pu rifier, h) llhose who are SISS Itoco lnlailltso flt'he ch..s, and wl lanle stiatlla ioalat II rll'la e a, w Ilw cihll. Sellb a ula e a.oIsn S will do well to nsr t vo or lto-e hl tlsin small dh ses. Whenever a diet ('ilnk is ca'nsil!ered lnecessouy, I'aaaaaauncn, taken in a smaall dose; all answer aaaa ats p arptses, i ll ach less ianll, at l'sns eln.ens, all iln ia'r staore agreeable h anner than the cniion diet drink. ThIe finlllawiag ceaatilI:Lntes, O of IhIndreds similar, wlhich might Ine prlloculedll , are to show tlIIn ellict of the Inllllaa'sa Ilaunanet, in ntherarious *amplainatnell rin ilmellntnedl;nl alsotl xhibit ill te nllmost salistfletalry nallll r itssaelllllaai'aiaY nov'aler ! I'harlls ino llllo ll inn sn a . CASES OF IIIIEUMIATISi.I. Caa.llLa'nrs, Nlov. 15, 1832. Durilg lhe lasl n.iln'er anad slriag, I.l asllictled witll a verny severe ald disanllessing. rh. uIaalisna oaassinneld by nexposure ill bal weatherl. I IoIW Ike'great pleasurl e ia i slating, that six balll s Ia'lll.e le llind ll' lanlnetca, restorled me to a'lilrtt enallh, anld I collnidellll racoimlmelnd it to all similarly affliltedl. JOHN PII:RIGU'SOIN, Kl{igst. Canon.asroIL a, llarclh 7, 18X:2. I waseizend allult three years inlace, till a disl'essillg rheumatisml, causeld bly lakilg a snaver·a coldl, while ualner Ith ielluenea maoeraury, .mld whiell s adasablecd r from business nearly ever since. a h. n iat ahis period have be, i a patient aiaa e Ma.riane Ismii:dal, in this all" ipwaal'dsol Ikanr ilmontlhs, andil nearll'y lilthe sanalla Ilela"I tilm ill Ilhe Illdlianiore Hospmital, :aIa tlIitdl alaaaitn ever reaedv, with liUle bLlleali. O thlae 16lh of kalanaara' last, atlthat time scarcely able to move ablout uplOl crutcI.. es, I eommmelnced the use of Indian's Pant ea. In our Imoalbat I folund lmysell'etirely tir'ed from pain, aadl ar now hay toIn state hatl I n ondell l nlaye lf -r.fetly well. IVI. I'ICKERII, 13 Ma'ket sit. CASES )OF SCROPULOUS ULC RS New YolaK, Sellt. I(, 1830. 'Illis may cerify Ithal ill the laill ol 1825, 1 was seize with a swellingin nmy ineek Sand liee, which alterwarl. llaerated and becamree larle glastly ulcers in my lnet. Anlerr yin g verillal lhieialan Io a edvantage, I wen' to Phlailadcllpha, adl ee1lad meal eltf ulder the carea Drs. Plhysie and I.eah, when, after lepeated salivatolna to inoeffeet, was pronounced utlerly illeunlble. Alier. wardls tIank tweltay bollltlesufSwaaial' PaIIcea andl nigh' bottles of Potter'se Catholicn, wita no material eeaefla I)eslpa.iiag of Iile, which hadl now beonnme a blrtlhen t me, I rturllned to myll rets ill New York, illn 182, an "gave myelrlup to a Ingerai deatl. tHeanring of lth gre4at asness of Tlhe Illnaata Planaace, hlowever, in n Eaa sinlilar to ay own, I was l'taIluaed a tnry it, asa last .. sort. 'ToI ciy great surnarie, as well as Satistatation,. soon found nayellf'lillly recovering, alnd ullon taking seten hontla l tld e and I ahecane lperfecl) well in the ourse ofatwo lmonlhs, and lhave remeained so eversince. I sakelthis ltatemln and wishliltpublished lI.r tie Ibeefict oftihosae who are sll'ering undler similar weslillousera lylliticafll etions,that thley may know what hin eaa .nalo who lhas suelfaed every thilng hut death, and who considers his life saved by tle above cv. . M. IIINHA" CnaLunesTON. uly 12, I L31. I was afllicteat, fouryears with an ulceraa la tIe leg, easimnally acncomneiedl with cr'ysillaatoaus inllamationl ald excessive umin ill the leg alld Inacll joioat. Several eminent pllysiians exerted tlheir skill upon it, but with atll pernlalent benefit. In this case five botlle Inldil's 'anacea madee a perttct cure. MAIIGAIREI' A WETI':', 121 Market -For sale by fIENIY IONNABEL, druggist, ags for le piroprlietons, Telhoupitoulas street Ia NEW ORLEANS b NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. T HE at l tkholders of this company roe hereby no Stifieald thla l)y a reselutian nf lthe lardl of Ilire. tion pasned onil the 19hl inst. tlaerall made aall tlheml on ile 13IlL February laal, for the alayaaaent of live dnllars ashare, was rescinded, and the aid stockhulders are furtlher naatified that WII..REAS, by a rodilltion if this alard panasd on the 1alal inot. a cail has blee l :,alde oa Iila nSockloldnern of dthe New Orleans ald Ndshville Rail Rond Calpanlllly for the fallawieg paylmenls oa the the salik liheld reasp livelbyIn tiblam, visa:-two doiloarn pler silhre, Ipayale on the eir.l day il' Sepltealernexr; two dIoll.r peIl r share pabllle on the lfet day of IDet!llsber next; allld two dollar per shlae paovale on tile fi st dvy If Mlrch aext. n ow thelerfln be it resolvedl, ilhl thel seerl.aoaay of thias compIanIi y shall nolifY tile llllhare holders therein, throuagh he public prDeas of the city,lhal in in:liforlnity with the sixth section of thle clharter, they ale IpcrnllilaEd to lpostponie Ally llll called in nll tlhe stck of said ealmplany fur Illeterl enaf sixty dlnvs, li',anada. alfer Ithe day ou which it is mnde ilaahle, wilt it thela e c.o dilaln hoawuver, halt if laln regalaarly paid lwilhiall th said lloloaneulioan of sixtya days, froml an llafr thl day on while it lshulMl hale bee, paid, Ithat then thlle stock n wllic:l aid lpayment lllshould lane beenl ade,·l is anlld rem a oirfailled to the companl(layn, Ihe challrter oil that pailalting inllleralive. Ill coaa rnaiae thlal'efore, oa ail cull, all of alae nlackllnldere in said c(aiitnyn, as think prnper to put off the laylnelalt aIaa hla-ir toaaak an lhe' eal al l an aahe al i lila l nin.y dlay , n u .t ai i . l rte Ien alws thl, are nnoitied lhit the palnVn.l of two dal lars per llare called Lfr,aud ode n the lir.t of .e ale led al next, maiy lae io=lnel alnder Ihan ,ixlh s*thlil of said charterantil the 31sl dty af a atualn.r naeX, Ialaa (lan aaymaeaaaa nI ac awadllarlae nlraaaotnulle 'naur, unaa due o f the nnenaladay of December nant, uony Ian post poned eal alas Ila3ah day ol Joanarn net;unalnal day meat of two dnllars acr slanre callal l ir Iud.lnt n nea dae of Apdil uext. Etraets of the minutes of the board. junenl A R McNAIR. aea'rv. 1"I Ilnata,fi cola JiON II a IltlA;a. a't 1l STATE (4 l.OUiSlANA.-Parhtlt Co urt tr the Pariah nad City ofNew t)rleana. TiIE STATE OP LOUISIANA, To ,ll whom t PresIsoe shall come GOcetinge-Whereas, tnmes fange hahisg porclhaed at a sale made by the Sheriffof tile paoish of Orlenes tthe property Itoreinalter doacrihed, ts applied to the clerk of title ourt, ill whose office the deed oa sale was recorded on be 2dda7 of April, A. b. 1838, (hr a mooition or adrer ttmeoat . econformity to an act oftheu.egitrrem of tle hale of Louiaena, entitled "An act for the further aasu mnee of tiles to purchasere at judicialsales;" approved the IOth day oa March, 1834. NOW, themnfm, nolaw re, and all persons imnareled, ar hemby cited aald adrnosuhed in the ntne of he State of Lonisilann, ond of the Parish Court, who can sete up any right, title or elaim in ani to thepapeerty herelnater daecribed in conseeqenceofany informnlity in the tnddr,decree or iodg.tentt of the court aeder whieh the sale wo madoe, or any irregularity or iIlealite in the appraisements and alsectiaetnstet in tlte, or manner oftle, or for any other (efect whalso oer. to how caese, within shirtdays front the day tlis sttttion is fire? inserted in thu public papers, why he sale so maie should not be cotfirmed aId Iome lojoted. olh srsid prepeart was sold by tise Sheriff of the par sh aforesaid nil th's [4ltt day of April,A. D. 1838, by tirtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th day ofFebuary,A. D. 1838,in a ettit entitled Alegaesdr Caldwall vs. James Hanse, No 10,367 of the docket of his Cort, at which sale the said James became he purchlaser for the ptioe of twenty one thiousand dollsre. tescription of Property as given in the Jodicial Con Sve lanee vll. ryass, et: A certain lot of entad situated in tim oahurh An anciotion aidsa Laourse of this oity,int square No 5, snd lot hoeing Frencis measure, t0 thet froet oea clthos pitoulas street, hO0 feet front on Oratgers street, and l0 feet on L.alugade dt Mare. street, in such n manner that saide lotofgrund is 60 feet wide from one side of the square to he other, together witll a dwelling houae ront;ng on Tehoupitonula street, the kitchen and de pendencies, also the distillery establishmlnts erected thersn. nd other huildings and imsprovemen s, tihe maehinry, utensils, impletttonts and fitumre helonging ma aid dietillery, its dependencies atod appurtenanees, and the rilghtaactionts,atl privillego thsereto bhlongitg or in an.. wise appertainlng. - Clerks Ofia eNw Orleeans, My, 1838. ml4,24&j3 J. OLLIE, Depoty Clerk. .TAT DE LA L.OUIJllANk--Cour de Partmee poor in aeiaoe et villt de It NScvelle Orleans. T- 'E'AT DE LA LOUISIANE.--A tots ceux que Ad eel prsentest coanersent, Sualt : Attesdu qoue lames Hanse yastnetaheth & ne vesct faI.te par le Sherif delapnmwiue d'trteaan tlo prtrii't ei..ltnhos teerite, ='eat asirea nit Grl.ffs de eettte Cour on Ih slite veote fi, enreginusteli8e mejour doMsl de i'anetle 1838, muor Ot arvis oaformemena I uot actd tie Ia Lgislgnotstt I Ie tat de ls Louisialne, intitulf "ActA pour oofimensr lea itral dea alueqeurer at venteajudictirenl;" approv6 I n0 Mnrn 183. qu'l soitconnu, et toutes permones ttharnseeslont par eesapresentes sonlmes an nom dte I' Ptat de Io Louisaine et de la Caur de Parmiu, qi pounrraient avoir droit A la propitite ei-upres tectler e omsequentee d'n ttleut de fornm dnss i'ordre, lecret ou le jugement tie la cotr,an vertn luquel la vente a Ate foite, o de toute irrg.lsritl on illrlsl dins l'nestimation,l'avis oule temps ect le mode de oa vette, ou pour uaaattre canse qeloto ett, tde feire rot, dtl ot reoo journa o ttter deia IsttbtiUtt tie l elte ovis, pourqluolia reite aitst faite ne serait pts conlfrmse et homologote, In propri~tt fat renduc par le shehif susdit, le ojtta toruibme lour d'avril de I'nllshe 18138, eot veretu 'un dtcelt de celte cour le 5 do lhvrier do I'.nc6e 1838, done I'tffaire d'Alcxnaedr Caldwell, ototre Jases Hanse, No 10,367 do dlocket do eette Cour, A laquelle vente ledit James lanuse s'est readu ucqulreur pour le prig de $21,000. Deeriptiou dela Prleieit( d'apras le trtald'ser Judicire , Savoir* Un eertain i'at de terre titn a ua ftltotrg ,l I'Annon :iallon alias l~aoutrae, de cette ville, duns 'ilet No 5, le dit lot de terre arvca [nueaure If uisite,] soixaate preda te face a n rue Tchouptitounlas, troui cent cieds de lace I lu rue lea t ragltsro, et ouitanse pi'ds tie face A to fusade do rIa dc i Strhl t, do norte quo to dit lot lie terre a soixaoste pieds Ilt amrtour d'us l t de I'ilet A I'aollrre ellelllble o ntle aiou tUeant face A la rue Tleihompitoulas,1n I.elisine ct ses 0i· pendances.ninsi quae la distillerie actstruite sotr le slit lot, etr ttres ht tisme etaolloe l rtti lllrs; le a lill .. tuitenllies inuatl orions, & r:enant h la tite distill, ri, o so dtopend anes(o appsrtenances ct ics drolltit ctio etp ri vilges ay ulp.tlt tanlt itreau du greflier,Nttvelle (OrlSea.t, b1e Mai, 183c. ml4,l24&j3 J. OLLI I)Plt pui'a r(:rolier RoTal College of Physicanllx, .ottott. TIlIP origiual Vegeahle IHygeian Utivernal Medi dcine, prelur Ity W Miski,. Esi. Slemorto of Slie Iltval Colh'cv uf hluttgrotns, Lice.tiale of AcItlho alytli Coinpaoy, Fellow citlit.t Coati Stoicts, SIIrgeoan ;t ilte lloyl Unsios Pelsion Asociattiolli LncasIkr. Ilace, Waterloo titdtge, and I'erp)etotl Pupil oc Guy' :ns St.Tlhom ~t Ilospltl:IsI.totieI. This vaing t lle le,'ot citn, t hc i'tt llt of twenty scIt s'i expctrilhce siand UitolltlllaIti Ii tllt elies 1 Ih tce extlsicte to itie sintioc oi Ilie Ansotticacl clhtll,l(, clii ch ilitstani c licisusioa of u ltttttll]et olgitlit Illlt'tec i hl , iii I hI-it tnsstlirg in the smfession. 1t is Ito ptd, ae. a ioelim atry saelt, it hcck tIle evils astll tal corseicelnces arisinigtg hIt til It e sta s lllllllls ts ti ltosit lll n l eIiious llsllrun ls foistell l nll lll lt, olulic br thl e ;did o)( rella telnlClttt prlo ofal'mil-, tlhllst elllltw , antll o U irlC lau , l,+x ;I aCt fI I Ia titim ot il tist Is, tou SII'IClI4+ t ttttttetit~lle wt t'tt'' tl locteostl ) c s lllst lll, lh tcl tmtelicil acilettee, thats is ttitcc c() li l] Iit |llmlO Otdi t) any ltgt.r go down itit Ihe inttlltttlltgett tootle ofthlscsustry. 'ithes. llst ,ill :sittgtagicate it, thicr naturc, shlell-]] h kept ill vcy·ry tlulrmil, ill case. lf shkl c ileln ss, itost I," Int ttt lc ir h "Ic nt nldttoul tisttlit l chlolem, en1.1u11ps, s plInsen, ItVers, notl. o~tlh r al:llln ill Compllai111., wliichlow r .n ot l, pote hfatal, nolS+ ble slpeedil I lor prlveel. I th., nII i hosi tt hi vtlseegtt. ls leaolthc shtll uc et withlt ihel. Tly. arc tt lsel i; packels at 5so cenI, el and 6:!a ycll I)) ety re s L.C taide drssgglos, h cok.ltsr, isti tenlha e'ileill in th UnitediStatesnt I Ie ton;hs with ,,iousdweetios, tieel rih otsttti6IS tlll pictIt.nIllllts ats ilits f'ol the foil ootsllh c|ietlttnt goestlotein: Sitl.c.\sth t.iOsiisr, J Ale~thrrtyjsco tttosttltinhl, 31. i., WV. llick, M.D., J. Asiaton Key, A. Ilsnlcltoill, t. I), till ulllloub othelrt The origillaIs Ii1:I) le seti I 1ossl:ssion of thshe (;elleral Agent, by wlhonl tlue stsicitea is imttltnortl ilto this eaountry, alld to whum all appilicatittns ilsageaaci olnst he maele. JNO. HOlItlEIN, 129 Waerltv Plane, N. York, Sole Genereal Ageot for the s lUited States, *0. For sale by uppointmnsnt of thie erigiialt Irermrieto. hy SwnA EL IlHn1stiron, l)rctggists, No I CoItil stret, rsenelr Asent afor Stattllec of ILuislana. jul vR [ ENIIRY R LEE & co, No 9. tgaoziue street, aer now reeeiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, xetttcky, Eagle, awl oither late arrivals tram :h, ::llffern cities, a large aot new selested assortment H1al-s, Bootso, Shoes anld Ilygtano, consisting ol'gentlemeln's fle calf and Morocco boots do 2d quality; do bIll'd, onti stolt wax peggled boots a nvriousqollties; men's fin. calf seal aMd Moroecc lhesr paOps and brogans, Iuckskin shoes, brogRans ai sillpeiss men'sfite calf and killpped pegged sloesand Irogans; do boots; do soult kip and wax pegged shoes ad broanos; gentlemen's best quality call'sewed sloes, I,.e.ans lal Jack Downings; do calf nlld Morocco i Iele shoes and brogams; do enlf, senl and Morocco! I tdian shoes and slippers, do calf, buff' ani seas wlngs, artile; do floe calfl; sel sld moroccoquarlte t0s5; loys', misses'aond clildren's pegged slid sewed b ogans, and shoesof every quality and kill. Also a general ass.olment of men's stout was and ros hIroanss and shoes, together with 10,ton pairs agro belt quality, russett brogans, nailed in thc hInks, madtte expesly for panltation use; a good as. i rtment of men's flne anl stlot kip irussett bogans, a t w article, ai a arge quantity of anl inferior quality r, sset and wax brognls. llafies' fine salf, seal, moroaen aind grain welts, and piunp sole shoes; Ido fine Frenchl MAlor o lold kid rla e-,md slippers; do roan shoes, with and without heels; It calf, seal and stout leather hootees; do Prunella shoe. I fall kinds and qualiiels tldo lasting brogons; dtt gater. ,'inl fobed hooters. Mimes' lasting s1oilg suthoeo111 M geant. Clsildren's colored Morcocao and lastitg bro gll tinsand bhoos, de. ýientlemen'afinefadlionsble black silk hats; lo black t Idrab beaverdoer lao c a ct iortqualiity; do imitation its ramdot breod oIml Inaow brim menn's fle dlob mald .hk Rassia short imapped hats, a new article. Ytouths' lr;e size hats of diflerent qualities; do children's. Mim's and bcy's black and drab wool hats of various sa:.tes, with general assortment of boys' and men's 'lahl soertment will be replenished by the arrival of earlpacketslromm tlheaooe oamed cities, all of which sill be sold an ascommodating terms. aug L-tf MONTAGUE'S BAL.M FOR TH2E TEETH. f Hestbliehed repltatioln ad eonallttly titreat-ing demand for this effe..tal retnedy o puyllt and opm aervalive of the teeth, has inducedI tie ,ub. criler offer it to dle American public. Asrraitngeents lite been made to ,opply ngents in all the princieal citio and towns is tke United States. so as to place it ithi th reach ol othom sufferilg and likely to snaffer tis aone harassing of all cela, 'l'tolh-ache. When applied aceordiog to diroetions given on bhille, it has never foiled to afford immedaltte and Itanent relief. It also arrests the dlecav n loefectiv" teeth,and relieves that sorenesa hich 8so fIrequentl remoders a strong toith useless Thim aptplicatiton and remedy are simple, iinnoent, an not unplealant; and the large number of tersons in different sections of th onntry tliat have alsrrady eltersieneed uch delightfu undtsalutary effoota toam the use f til BUlla, ane ready to bear (for the public gcdl) their testimonv to its on rivalled qualities. It is an Illdiant remed, obtainaed singlasrly ad uneapcctrdly, mtd ,It hbe regarled by Ithe civilized wIorld a dthe most valuabledisoavery " rednan of the wools. lisice $1 toe hattlo. Sold by JARVIS & ANI)REW.S, or 5 Cor Common and Tlealilulaas seta. jN EW BOOKS-Naval Sketch Book, or, the Service Afllotand ashore. With eharacteristic reminioses rea, fragMntn s and opinions. By ike eutlhor of Li'slea ol a Tar, &e. seeacl erien, In 2 vols. Itlalom Recollections of c it, Houase ,of Comeonine, froa tle year 1310 to ttle close l- 1835. ttclutditgl pero nol sketches of tl leading melnbers-by one of no pao y, just received and for sale by W MeKEAN, LATE PUBLICATI OaNS. SROM WEI.L, n Hisori~al Novel, by tte uthlor to ) Ties Brthers.t &c, in e vole. I'opulr Meliciaes, or Famly Adviser, cansiting of Outlines of Aiatomny, Physiology, ontll Hygiene, withlb such hinta on the praclice of Physic, Surgery, tnd the dia-onse of Woluen and ehbildrell,s iiity tetiove Iueftl in falltilic wlell ragtlnr lhyoieiaena elllltol be procured beillng a ctlml nllollr iIland g dlie r iultltllileol pnuvilll of ll llllloatur Iie, llstla aS, atid IlltllJdilo, a lchol Iealds of fanmilies, taatersa f cvroel,, ttiaaitt;taies, or trameller-; old a nefltll osketcl lsr - Dg lloeatll o.llleee hig tie utludv tofmedicin-.. Iev tecell Coates, II. I). etesr P'oh-.y's Universal ltiatt;ev o, thie toss of Greograpy. for Ihe use of faInllice, illustrated btv mape ntll engreviega in 2 aolt JLst reeived adl fur sale by W MKE %N, my rnld m.otnllltla..15· OTICE,--Tle swneraf eoversl packagra terchlta dice marked Madame V. Artiqueeeavc. wer ship "'talce. T troll NW YUl ki horltobV not li.ti llt.y cite bron sotted by STETS)!NA.1VENhY &t 01. M3 ."ýtinc s ^ ;, ,r JUSTPUBLISHEDIFROI STEREOTTPE PLJTES, The Fith Kdition, o ROWiLETTri TAliFO OF INFS't.REfT: T O which is new added an Avelage Time Calens-l tor, or easy melhmds for finding the average time tat Morege, notes of hatl or bills of goodis, when ptr ansedt at lferet dates, an different creits, and fnr nrionsnsmounts; hes el a sefuol snd completetsanking T'ime Ta'le, the heat Ihat can he contrilved, or that fi gures cal prolune within the same condesend compass, and sie of t1p e. An alvertiemaent in the book is in nearly the follow ilg wos:s fheighl diltnction this work has received through she ten legislntive ets preflixed to the title age, is a re commendation in Itself, so onummon,, and so consl. sde, th t nothing Is necessary more than by way of adl vertisement, to gives eondensed view of some of its ye eniisrities:as fr instance, the Interest has been eonmpaJ ed from,and compared with, what is equivalent to four teen setsef ealculatione, examined in the press thirty five times, and printed from ,tereotype plates teasted thirtyty-one times, from all which it most be evident even to the skeptic (especialty on tit pe.sonal of the lie tail of proofi te pre~aie) that the work muo he nrith netieally infallible, and in confirmation ofthis beliafa premium of two hunddml and fifty dollars, is now offer ml for the detection of aon error ofa cent in the-jrenent or fiflh edItlon, so epraessed in Ite preface, makag fire Istae premions offered for the same error sine the first imhliiealokm in the year 1Y04. One of the most eonpiceuous features of the tables is inthe artwngement of the Time and Amoonts, which for elpeditinas, rofereneeomnlperspimtlty, with the help oftileaide anti intde, eantnot he e aelled; and theI salty ty and ease with which the ts.ercel can be foondlto the eatent of general business, without doubithi of tsms is besides a convenience so easential, that in tac eslima tieno of some oi he most competent and practical basi. men and poblio omficr who hate mnde great ... of tlewrk, it ht s been diatienuished by tho henoaable ppellation effna "master piace". Alond cerltind g the infallibility of the melhod originally adopted its nomltsing the work, and the exntrorlisary noumber na vanriety athe eamltions, am tests of evry edition It has pauselin the press, eotwiIhrlandingthe wholea in stereotype, onliderstng in siteit, the positive accuracy secured by the unlrecedentel neans empuloyod, the vo lumehas been eld up and e kintsalhly styled " the most wonderful book in the waslta. n ast certainly no man can names figure work of the same etent, which snbce the beginning oai ctetion, has and the same uom ber and variety of tests in the soae number of editorsi no, nonrone halfthe number, as is clearly shown in the preiboe. Besides, s test and lstandard, it has bee tried nnd roeed in nearly l the ank and puldic ofaicea in the United Staiesiad by the pusllic gnerally, durinsl the long period of thirty-fine rars, yet so eror of iheti l eulatioas has ever been found in trint, althongh on tinu ally eallenged by the offer of very large premiums. The in fact expressly' adoplted by all the courts oflaw ul several of the States as thet " ulte of calclatlon formtatute interest." as also by law for beank interest, soeorsdinges tim book is used, and ans y he eenl in part, by ,lrs names of the rsubsribers, and a few of the subsequent urelhascrs, inthe listotthectd of the book, lsin losesaisi clf every dosr of citeizes in everS quapt te of the Unit ed States. It is toreover well known thit, by ita relady cheek, it has so ofteu detected large errors, alog tiner they were wade, even by the most eanl'ul and most compeeset arithmetiocns, tsat its uefulneas, anti the absolite te ceuity for its us, have been extensiyely insistedt upn, so evdtlent, iseead, Ihave been its ldvaiethges, nod its savings, that, several ytearsng, wbilt the first editiln was stree, and out of print, a great .umber of second hand nopies were sought for, same to agret distance. and pnrerosed at various prices, as they coul ucc arsion ally eo picked op at ftom $~r to $25 per copy, ant some persos have treen.ny declared, and istoneces hemld Ite qnnted that they wouhl pry 511, $10i, annd $500 for a eoa, tft fto be Ithd for less, antan inttividoal in the latter instanle partievtarly, iauieg at the samte lime rntihited otislactory proaf, to DIeverl persM s ilre estl that to him it wan really wrth tihat tmoney and ilore thntigh the sh ving of his very vaolable tinmt, i being a very rlch man and ic Polii n eoffce. t s likewise worthy of no/toe, tndt isldeed prler to immren., lthat smcl is the natore of' gfie work gtntlily ant espesially when of tie e xtent anlld imiio ilue ol iera tin Ise , ithathad this book orits lilke hiton ipreela eol in the usal monner nrlnoe, Iy tise most cotlo,/leltte aleulator in tie waitd, and afterwnrdi s prils ot lst cautionuly stnler isiowt correction tfprtof ireoo sa,it would, alnlosnto a nertalinty, have Sthens sIlo oir tec fereec,anld lear :d nny iprice, as the prefeace dariic Irlps explains. But so pel:ect ndl vaistblie have tisr stereotyfle ptates on tis wtoklbeen nsac, that i nsecure thlem, withtheir nlmernus ell elaonriUnlvi exnaila tints, gnitst fire, for the geeal trl" fi, tr ity alte (by edvertisemnet) ,e mlsttatly ket i. a las i " special oaf.ty, except ttlre enit it ptitstig. Astpeiletirecios to fi salt bl :ks h nd st11tilllt.tN e at wis ll w tini tntryitfintay Ito' tlln e lln ieh, i thist fith its i the ten prteedins siteth, rtomatit nuci in acr..;,1 i(l ,) t'llIl h g thirse rtwo lan impu r m des (" ol l lt uillte altel ei, tir llo.snsit si ts t a t ns Lic iht rcaos lntty to rt ,isia k hiat, oat. ittisisvuilsg this nfmlngolly costlyi wolrk, whics h waldulihd ht'll(disrdr int grest t ts trom ani im luretatc. i ou tlla, s alod c neh t lo yrsci aou :dnnsis ., isisthc n mt txl ctrtl t al .oli'yll) paellonisd, it Ias noit yc so im uct, tas paid with inltee:st. tete hAUlCy loa of n harl.v fIler tlhosWnlld Sylarp, Iorin.t tsix .etrs rf ti/me t 'a t t I tr5, .v.t:,n t tin ins tlis t Acoiiinl olllI 7i itis,iareieits nticl rlns its uLn Ilil, peaicrt aion t or t dr pielilr attost iilti-time t' are, toil, Vand saurifuce. \it \ l(u IOilCtt he lttr st;il rei ; IKrlin the diHoraeTooh Wau gCIrel, nil c Dffth s lubllc I Or' a cniuIII cli sr of icsrst: .e stid lsuosrttro. I.ralr bi) tle I'rsrsrilal ltikn , i/t i./. lsn e .Utt li Svt/,ta. `` ]to S ;l.l.' NEWV Krlt't ,t.-t''ste .Loo thot i S F:l:i, by Ihr nuslhlroel 't\ 'tir itr Spua ,' inl Illlllli til. itt i v ysr. Tle Y ni lllil if es. a I k, a iu li l i Juint vrietl andi fis.nle iy \VIt. i'tII tN, S'IAVI & S& IIAFIFELL' S CE RpF,,uMi c rFIS .i I r' Stract I'f Sarlslparilii, tor Ilin ciro el"f oillinitla erttptltne oef io sIkitl; iilldesit or puoatuloe of tithe one; iilea whis h arise ftrotlt ii itllpue t tlatte of tl.e blodl all.ty eru,viona; p Illo in the honlr; chronic rlseumatism; tot t I; sarufuia, or king's evil; wiicti sol ling; syphsilitic diseisc,l and ail disordeer riasing Iroet an imnpure atte of the blond, lontg residells,: in a lhot elinate, or the isjuadiioula use of' mercury. Also,--Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrtp, or It. fant 'reservativo: the beat preparaition ntow extalnt. AtansOig which are ithe fsdlowl'tg:-Indian Dye, for cnlrltg the hair; flovr's Oil; Russian Bear' Greaos; Poniatunlt ichaw's Freekle Wash: as . perior Pearl Powder; Lily Whilte; Cream of Rnnao; Vogetable Rouge; Otto of Roau; Lip Salve; Kre. onin Tootlh tis uls; Carlosice Dosntrfice; Oarsg Finwer Water; PoIwder Puffs and Baa ,; Amtner. can Clsnreoal, neatly put op itn ftar see vials; PFenton Sails; Colognet; Kreosute nt oo.l-aeho Drops; Ilir irusheoc; English Dee nng Combs' Inmsian Hair Oil;-with a vnriety of sther PerftI merien, &c. Fr sain by L WV GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TRIINC ..ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets OYLE & MAY, IHuse, Sign, and Or'uoanwlvts I) Painters, No 3 Carondele street, two doors lirom .anl street. Imitatiols of thle following woods anid narblesex ecuted is a masterly matnner. Msahogany, Eepgylmi blaclk sad gold, Oak, Gialla ald Anti.o, Pollard do, Oriental or verd antique, Curled do, Jasper, Curled Maple, Illood stmne, Birds ye do, lDrhy (inmile, Satin Wood, Potomac, sair Wool, Iove or Ilurdello, Yew Trie, Italian White, Coromandle or Black Simnao and Brectella, Rose Wood, Ameriean Grey, Ash White Oak, ka. & &c. Curled Elsn, Speecimens to be seen at the shop. 'ainlts, oils, glass, copal varnish, k&. on Lhand asior sale. ml SKIION,STEELa HEAVY (iOODS-lIat, squnrr and bundle iron, well assorted. Hoop, scroll anid rod iron, nail roils and plough moulds Cast, German, dshear, blistered, spring, sheet and Crowley steel HIollow ware, cut andl wrought nails and spikes Zito, block tin, mill and grand stones, salt kettles Chaini cables, anchors, behoes Ox, log and trace chains, eorn mills Anvils, vles, Hammers and bellows Wire, sheet,pig aml bar lead; shot Casd, and cooklng stoves Ames, lIowland's aml other spades sid sdhovels Ilook and plate hinges, door and window hooks Collins, Huots, Sharps, sutil olier axes 'ar' and Manilla cordage, lines anldi twiue iolt aml sheathing coplper Naval stores Paltms, linseed and spetla oil A full assortment of hardware and ship chantlery, always on hand, and which are fir sale at whole. sale or retail, on the most favorable terms, by m4d LAYTON k Co. 53 Old Levee. l&RROWGATE SPRINGS it.'nlgolnery countyt Alsltaina. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW ORLEAN,. THE proprietor of selia e shmlent 1has the plea I sure oh announcing to tlis frioeds and thie pllie in general,that he will be in readineesby the first lda of May to receive visiters. He will also slate fir the'be aeit of those at a distance, that there have been large improvements made, antd others now going on and in rapid progress for uomupletion, which will enable tile oubserldar to eutcommodate a mnuch larger tulmber thtan heretofire, and at the same time Inuh better. 'tamilie can be accanommodated ith good rooms, or thore who preoer can have large cabian tetached froam the main building. It is deemed aneaessar.ry le say anythling iln parlicn. lar of the eharater ol teo sh wniers, foro it is generally believed that they are ant inferlior to nn in the Soult ern States. All the amusemmens that are generally found at Watering Pnlacer, will be fonnd at tIis. The heat music that this part ,f tha country afifrds, has erse eaig.tged,aund will be in ecstanto atteindancait the Sjerings diarin" the whole ln a.'c n. 'l Ihe shibtusiner will avail himsealf of tlhis oppartunity in returninig his unlfigeld thanks U alr tih very liberal support given him last ratison. and hapes by the exer tios tlihat have been nmade in ilmprving aml extending the srtonumndultions,to merit a lhlberal panllaangae abt piesent season. JNO CtRAM. a3 STKINSON'S I)EPIL.A'I' t lt, il,r remnoving en: .I. peerluous hair fron tihe face, neck and aris, with eonoal safety and certainty, leating ti akin o iloer ian ahiter thin htbiore tne upl liatitn. A I'resh sppllv just received at GUION'S, Na, I ECrhangt thIel, t,.irnt St lnnrie, andl ('mnnimor itareI. ap i MAIL ARRANGMME IoNNT Nortr Ma, Due Every Day at 2 M. Cheeses Every day st 101 A. M Western Ml Due every nmlay, Wdnesdady as -Wesern n.+ J lrity, by 5, P. M. bys f th Cloaes every Monday, Wednasda The LakeMai" f Doe every da l 5P(I ,Thursday, a via | aturd n., by , 5 ,P. M. v ~loses every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTURE DISTANCE &e. of the Express dail, bhetwl. Monile and New York--leavin Mobile doily at 3 P. M. Northwar New York dd7y at 51'. M southward. Arrivesa Arrive Nlanhward. Distance. Time. Return'8 Montgoinery, Al. 2 pm. 196 m's 23 h IS2n. Columbus, Ga. 11 81 91 31a. Milledgeville. Ga., 2 133 141 2 p. tr Columbia S. C. 71.m. 163 17 1 Raleigh, N C. 54 2(5 22 12 WaurentoneVa. 1, as. 55 It a Prtersburg, Va. 10 pmr. 13 10 n9a.m Richmond, Va. 1 nm. 1 3 61 Fredericksbhurg, 8 67 7 i p m. Wausioagw city, 2p I 61 5. Ballimore, . 6i- 3 4 1; Philsdelpbia, 6 eam. 11011 II 2 New York, 2 pm. 90 61 1305 143 h. or 5d23 Norwriwurd. Coming Southward, lhe time is si hbea lea,; being5 days aud 17 bours. TEN DOLI. AR lEWAR-. R ANAWAY from 169 Carondelet corner of Her streets,on the night of 30anb o Alguse, and wae seen the neat morning in Poydras saets, a aegro bay nametl CHARIES, about 7 eat Oa age, ndl S fee or thereabouts in heigit, very Ibeb, andl is iman lspel imntl in his speech, one of hi Iags i sore, oeasioned by a rercet hru.dhe h Au o ache, e weal ewy a white cotton or linen shin oal while cotton w.ntalools. Masters of vessels and seam boats are cautioned a gaihsa receiving or hn.horinl satid ceg, as werll as a ether per msaw I atic Wne rgser ea ale law will hI enfred gaael Ithefm. The abo uae r.ard will he psi. fordelivering him irnto sov of te al s efher oft s municipalites, or at 169'Caestnlee, e esoroM I Mek .reemt. rsni NUOTICE--The colmrltnes'cshp eis inrg utdrr the lens iof Ilabotie & fareersscn hoss lbces iaelred, The subecriber will liqunilse t1i affairs o the concear in thin city, and requiire all pernam imdeb. ed to make Doymeost to his only, mod aIl sllmoelvoiner claims, to prosenothem a terset lleatt. aug 8-7s " H GARREI MON w. W. SWAIN. No. Ci.e st A &ree& Ner , Orlunns "AS always onhaml ceoatomly Pa rceih iog bsi, IID Iyec, Che.l.cls,edo Pmwaumrcng ilhc.. nae ollownoln mr"s Antimoy. crude., Aigolsl rcel, do nrgulus, Anneato , Sper. . Arsenio, eratle, Alum, do Iwd'lerd, Brszillette woOet Illama oopavia, Coelineal, Ilonerxoir, Coerere, Anmereican, do refiiiedt, Culiear, Urilnatonu, erole, FaSlti, Tamplon, do rdll, do Cuba, Castoroil, hialigo, Ilengal, Cream tartar, do Manilla, Contharides, de ilseer tin, Gom aloes, do intaeslala, do Amble, Lrgwood, Cuanipeaehy t,,i ,auoafmida. tc St Domitg. do amoisuo, lo Jamaica, io lrzeoi, Caniwoold, do uor ., rough, Madder., omio, ddo l lrapeld, Niearulaua, lImloire, do do S Americoa, do Ciro, do camptaho, o rule, do Slarmaeib do do afit a do hellc. ille coiaumi, CIIEMIIAIILS. do bini, Ars,il, alitroeti, ito mastic, lit maruiaic, ito opium, do )Ilplllria, io shellac, Hle viiriol, anoegal, 5.alotel l1, p, ilo amlr,. . :otron.iv. ,,lilii,,tij . ito raigocitHllk, iloridiof lim, laboge, Ypeom sutts, elries, Alericuatlnoir eaniS.tie, do lo Foreigo, lold pricipitae, Mlugnosin, IEnglishl. Iwtioulle illt dot Aneriaic l aliiii lHe chrom ate I Maiuau flakeu Saie Camp (.A% o me.lsta, Soalt Ipiac 1 i ti hcoball, Saogu leon. Oil lohves, SSlll zinrc, d0otssia, Stlip tlljinl.. obehg•mnto, "aririetl tict ,i limen, IPAiN'l',.--Iache Ih.I geltiao , tlrtic Plelrt., dr, d ,pia~e., do do. i, oil o K alap, I- 1 ,'ri, dr), I iIitOr iiitt, I I- i. oil, ido rhhriot, I 1, liamlcak cll t1t,, I, +an , llnlo1 rFog:rah, I roto ll igt sI1 , i, Illtr cu'g irt 11 i do A.. ,l irc,, r':iri- whits' l+?gli sh t , nItsi, It| A. eIcP, n+I di cL mtli illt it, (00 l gllcllkr., I ull l,i A . o .rr eri ,I lltluln I grteck, Jo \ .l'n,,lll h, nil So do< poli, d ,o l(n I1 1 llel I l d Io Am a iltaI, E.,,,-Ilbh, • ,v., --f,+, _ _ ' . . CAP.TAIN tMAR. A'rAT'S NIEW NOVELSt RatlJin the ueefljr, hy thie aulollr of Peter Simlle, &e in 2 vol'. '.um.+ingas,or a Winter at cIshloss Hai fibel in Lo., Styria, Iy Captain ltheil Hall, Royal Navy, F.I. (nhe pard L ae, written bI Iill'lelf, iln v,.ir 4 t mprNliisr Ilialt'y f Ianly, Iran sheld Fro n ti olrigill Itallln,l by Nlltllhallniel G(rere, in I el. for ning No,.79 of HHrler's Enmtily .ibrary. Viol. :i & I trhe ea ctlnpol'e anul uniformO edition ,f I l'aneslj..l Ireint,'# Horks. Royer's. Froenu . and English Di)lionary .in I vol, 3vo Ni nt's 0 teit 1h land IEli"h lirtiontarV. At.s--A few more tlople, of Cmllll's Phrenollgy "ljtiezi." ".Lrre, 'SlrVeyllr'e Cu.t tnpasses Itfslperier qua itv, will eLhnins, Iilniard Ball II 21-4 lld 2 1-2 inthes i;illlnt's illlpruoednlelalic Pene,japaned papers, weighlr &e. &c. &c. Just receiven, and for sale by Tln;l BIENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&e. &c PAIN REVISI'fEIt &ec,by the notor o Ayena in a Ylain; in 2 vols. T7'raits olay.ia crrnater, am generall applicable to the Aboriginien of North America, by Ioi motncr.Easq " vols. The Pol tictnl lrsnImr, of the United tante,, or a nllle Ble view oilthe theory and Itllotie aft thi, genera and stae glvternrlnellrt, withll tie reltianels it, oa then, -dedlliatel rId iadllpted Ito tie )y'ung en of the Unntad Stlltae, by E It Mtanfield, Esq. A'imomrr /tlnthn.l 'Tears iotertpertlel with character inlie anecdoote, sayintg" and doings ofsnlorting melt, in llllditg notices of tile princilr stak rltrekr Sf gland with analyticnl cnlnto andi general inlde ofan tten2 v o l l n ne s . I C IMPR THE CU. I O N Scrlfitla or Kiog's iEvil, Chronie Rheuatisnm, Chrlnic Cutaneous Di- Pains in tihe Itotlen, by aoses, uie of Mercury tle blhd beinlg in vitiated state. 'lThis very colcentrtced Syruin is pretlred with the grelatst phonrmtreuticol care hal ncllntl:vnl cosdain e actie i ll ciple of SnrMnlprillo inl tiae 1nn cnen trlted degree, colbiled with tlliler vegtab EO substance Iof klllwn efficacv. '1'ln grout deidrlratl t with [lhysiciia in leing nibl to exhibit a large qullllltity of Sarp)rilla in a maia dors, has been ohtuinle oil this irepurantion--thev, heinl flly conuvinced ,fl ilta tritt conltidhtly adttitnlitcr the cuorse oftheir ipractice I Prie tllt, 1 5,pr I .ttle. Sold olty at SWAIN BO'T'Hek'S drug store, No. I 1Carlle strect:, wh-" rlmy oi hnl, fre al, col getnlie, dire tinfr tllhe pr.lia tors, Swain1 s Panacea and Verlnifil.ze. Potler's Call, Carpenter's Plparationsllt sod i large and genera lnassortment of fresh dr gan, nl4 PINN(CIK'S ROME, &e. P INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR Golllnitll's Abridlgnent of the Hllito ,r f Rollle to, wici is prefixed an lntronluclol to tile Stutdl o Rlltlan ItHisory, and a great vllriety of vtaittie itfa Illation adlded througphout tle work, on tie Manners Ilntitutilns and Antnquities of tihe Roltttna; with nan soerous iougraphtiol and historical Notes; and qletn ttins for exotattttioll at the end of selt eection. II ltstrated with thirtnvenravingn on wood, bIy Atherton Pltnocd's Iioroved Edition ofal)r Goldantiti's History of England, front tie Invasion of Jtliuo Caenar to the ldeath of George t,, with a eattinuation to the yea 18t12. With quesotions for exartilltion at tile end o each iteetion. Besides a varietv of valahblt infortna tiuu added throulgllout the wolrk. Consasting of table ot contanlperaoy Sovereigns and eminett persona Copious explanatory noltes. Remnarka ont te poll ties, loattera atd literautre of the age. An outlinei the Constitution, due.&o. tillustraled by ltlny eng.' G;us' I.Etnee.P OF ARTROnOMr, and in Aoridgtnm n of Keith's New Treatise on tile Use of Gildlbe. New A llcrican editionl, witt additioons and iptrovement nd all explutila of tile atronawnical panrt of the At rintP AillutanC. Jnlt received tad for sale by WM 3I'KEAN tIIIv 24 certer of Catp and CLmmnon ta HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. GORAICE,tranloated by Phillip Franeis I) I, with I an aptlendix, cllotainig trunilaltwns of varioun wle, he. by Ben Jon.ot, Cowley, Mliltln, DLrydon ll'le Allddio, Swift Cltltertol, G Wakafieib, Porwt Bryaoo, &e. and nonie of te lnureemieut pont of ih dav--atd I'ji(EDRUS, with the appeldi i +ltiua Iransua ted iby Chrilstplllher Sllart, illn valls Cirliilln vlluluest aldl 19of"lhrller's I'llns+ticl Iiila , v ThIt, IExpedittcm ,f IItJUMPI'IL, CL IK(ER , Ity Stlointt, .11 i, with i lellll,,ir o' lit,' Altlllhor, by I'rhta a tllO llue, .sqL.. 1ew ediiition, with, by li 1'IlE 2IS'Y; a Tole,ry tie althlr of "Rltheliea lMary oil' trguulldy," duo., tmw aditiol, 2 vole conaplel PAUtL 'LIFl(IOR)D;y the outlihr a UPalhae l'ln I)irt fr +," &a, Iaihng vhla,,' IV ofltesnew at Itof"EL ,r ra Co,,pinta I iks. Jlut received a a.le, ) WM MhKIhAN B ACON SI)GS-36 caJ k Ciciuntli nasg Saudlio, frogs tile ilesltll'Onl nl.lo, mwt lor aauel. I<)GIiERT IlIAW r .x ,

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