Newspaper of True American, November 23, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 23, 1838 Page 4
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eoveoaroN. LA 8 . MARY KIRKLAND respeotfully an nntnoees to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommod:ate thoemn at nh aboPe establishment, and hopes fr'm her )artioos to render visitors comfortable, to receive t eontinuanee of former favors. Siel feels confi dent that persons visiting Covington during tihe ummor months, calnot find better a ccommodaiions thansikhe can afford them, on more liberal termse. Her house is pleasantly situated; and well supplied ith. every conveionece; the bar is furnished with tipost choice liquors, &e. in short, she promises t'tt Sothing shall ble wanting on her part to give itire satntifotionl to all who may patronizo tihe diissippi and Lauisiana Hotel. je3 ,140-TIIHE PUBLIC.-The unidarsigne . bavig l steudied under Dr. ScLmidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to ' ftsl his professional services in this city. HieassUres the ladioes and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will bs paid to tie calls which mnibe msde; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being weall acquainted with the dii a sommon to them, having attended them in I eingar houso in Charleston. ame faneous anti bilious pills a Iter the composition ,Roresmar Samollette, with directions, coan be had qAtthlse.doreigned. Tihe effect which they have proedhbd in this and other cities, has been attended wit the greatest success, to which the best of rl[etbltlc s can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. iWhstreet. JNO. M'LORING. HL-f WWX!URTY OOiWiSCRRWv, iAD IRONS, &c. IPiJAlgIIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. R 11 38 Water, near Beekmnan street, New York, hae. received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortmeont, suitable for tihe southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pota of 22 diffeorent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromt 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froem 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilloets, . - 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . - 4 do Fire Dogs, i de Wagon boxes fro 1 4 to 4 3-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brans, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jalue's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for rptailing. Tailor's and hattoer's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 201hs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also stoambeats and other machinery made to order. The alove assortment of goods is particularly recolnmended to the attention of Southern and Western merchaonts, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon thle mIost liberal terms ;lit it he. lieved to be tihe largest and best assortment ever offelred for sale by any one outablishment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a priotred circular, with description of goods, prices and terms, fromi which no deviation is ever made, fvaraished by return of mail. All orders will receive iammnediat attention. New York, 1F38. ja3 ! 1'31o(N SYIiI' & PtI;KLliSd-Underoetda' I, ` a. ial.Satp telln I'icuce, n arid sizres; elrs, hle Lroxe of l.etsi. ,Il eelle's Pickililes; for sailaes icl-:e a couiaaallllalca ly ,AtilVIS& a Nl)l-tl\WS, St, \- - ll bo hT N oi l, Sn i ep, I r andn eOt.3n "s (lhla l fiar W soalelay ISAAC IilI tla;fE & ('t). Y dirt do. in stot 0, ei n· by >v mnl5 " 13 lf ust S),l.AIN und truled Cap lls tuer I'.larr.,of ..all qua litins, consiIting of vary superior ieue laid, bloc and white wage, awl phltin nd riled rough edge acCOrd T o o c ircle a id (rra ianl, I cra-.t. Ll" I lles IIAILtO ui eac-h -loille \\'inbrr 1,a 5t1 doi of 2 do 1. PPort, 1816;i 5( do oft2 do 1l.h' bmwt: :nhry, L810 f, 10 pipes extra drira . ens iule ICl III CIIAOIGEN0 11COtVN&)CUr. ,n 1 Car ti ' tr '. )[ LANee LOOKIS, ofril lie c Iv ivr% ,1f rlllan aiad apd Binding tnealy oaecuIatl, i l ,or noi CAVi) -'ICr & Caa. sin3 N I' Stntionerl ' Ili 11, a21 Chlarres.a c. t"a1 0 itlle Ifs Ibrat proiof Aterian 11andy. Slopdingpraeaadeira urc IIIILrll SAAC BRIDGE &. CO. m21 13 , 'agazine street. .lN Iiho stniory brink anae, ilerllntd 5 door street. Biten very low, posesaiol, git en r ne editel y E5quire at f AOe Irrlonet I et', `erf r FLU~t-ý tad l f - lh. for 11 'r1 &Ca ealt ( icatSigucr rarer-w I . l5 0 h Ai i a irONl a iel f ar vale by m`29 (; DIO tS EY, II Nev L.e.vee.. 'IGX'!'INT" Nt) RftI' 1'1" pi.~e tIC' g-n 150 coil Ropte, Illatdigfrltlont Alo1haasador rle by LI 1)1' 0AMllI.'(, tal9 17looeivcU"et. ý Afi(11N~i-501I i poe It Kutocko lloggot lno' l froTrm ato.llno r Gon Vavulc. an, filr sale ILv le6 fii tramlp itre~t. NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA Netw 't)rlt'.c, Nov. 11, 18 i7. 4 ROI1'' tin ninulh. ago I had thle tnisxlirnolte to Kul a Rrmet dt,;eas.t, for w I'ICIh I have app'jliedl to me~re ra1 doctors ti eir it cure,, andl tiro( did not oncl~le mec, sil Ilml ,Ith hv aeI pt 1110 thcl ,ild n(:(i fD eo ollIt', a I.t c aiprre hint tc Ž.. Since ttliA e the DliOCIeIIT g lt woo-, ao ast)ctbt'k out in to rgtlotl l.r to towte,, l'.t.r oi 1i0 or right on ea I ttIe, fllC til over Illy fiao, roid soPe throoat, an not hlo to work t 11 t ptresebttime='t alotioltiof to e disease; Inou- ot(lti ([It thle righlt side. of the throat. 1 ran non v potting mysl~elf cololnfidentlylodrthtt t re of Dr. Ulnti, of Iolll to bie porfl.rtly cured JOHN D; EAN. rbtvcul 1.11,1 I n0 C2;,-all FY that lth b ve Il l ' n 1,tt disoo tt it stquirte ,ol till corl lto 'own htd f thi~nk 1)e,. I tort; and o, lrem'rr I assure t hat the meta.i c 'rto It h Ivetllkilmll m(II fI , 1IC'c of It,. III njure heItlth aI t I'hrefore 1 advise air IF (low sufferers to lose niltinlIt('ll.d aly to Dr A. Il4tet, 121 Caal dItrit 1bet.w0 iitahi tillur niii 0 ourbI sIliii tlr. 1luet is t Ilhloie Irma 9'clrk, A 1&, until4 P ll JOIN~ I)EAN,.·UI cntvioe ntreet ,: IIt a0v ,oi tfwa t to acr Il% Cttl tlt tilt ti streIg, uat tlto,tttilltl Ite to iltll To Le puklriiihld at the oplil"l, of I)r. !I art. Jt)IlN l New Orlett'I . It Ith t, I2,11. P I'tIn l i o 00 eC10 Atl I~ lll RI 1 V't'lt : [JtItt ItCi. IIT EG (icId''I VIN lawfLirw+ I i Ii-'t' ttu teta of putall it it t ittttt "tI e o wd C111 l p b ht.'.s eacIhiiuin,'tire rirvi V Ht' iiIi Ire.: oonc Lvotwlcors l, OCOtC e i~e fm~ te ol' gatlolehpliy J1181"r hrl 'P ~lit I'' rnot.'Ili rt :~·ivIrr ThL 'T1ai Rillttrs'whlt haslll,'Ilcciitlrtl Apot'tttc ' 'sthod Ottnl~rio lit, t iO plPlt cltiron hrn n cIhr. bsdei1r.(.i ti ee )Itoiti'.'t bo toCI'clr'lI iroe lel t'tlyrrltntiraa tlttilI'tO llss t i t iI h ieooit ai IWto~tttlpn)to ltt 1111.l' Pat o rool'.p lg i at tIj ___ 4lnotolttotNO Ij7 llaJ i Vt'yll llto nle r hoisl t to otltt hlav inoure'ahti ofar, gi~l trenh otl)I ttehltPC lIIIcIlltlc'et.111~1.((.1kII~l~l t'olhre Indie I n i t Oilt' lfitlitotlte t'tthlt iyt a.,eceid w lolod rtfocilt" w-e etioeheof orl, thete, tloteto, e(ltta ers buttttt'.lllioIl.c-r rIl~t hoot tfi~ etbpt..,llItFi.. ibis I-i ofl 01e mteri01 atl it hs ia~trainl, au. dsr aim r t te bottlr . I'Itet il giea aul solreltv Ito ortr r isptht'llretIlttoany tht r 1igs for phch t ro u~t~tctriatl enld~ gInt'Ittg th hair. ' l·,;rho I .titaesc~r~ h IsftrtoitrIit~l hoc11·:111 sale d at HI o ihl of hIl, R ostonMd. a s Eited t~lll&)le bD'LJ I& IN roTl . w Pr, E(T·'rvP'CR eat MnI*rInsllaa Apl· r Llnlt- L "m. 13 dr llal e. 11 '(o ur iwligrult o, nervous dehl(C tl' at sit, hea daOhI`L()Nit' of the stc`onio. halides( tinl eetrcuttwron adts," a- rs, emit i.atII, O', ailrlllt This desir+Iide preparation has received the 1 p11 atr4 11 ((( hrtl f many enI Iif hin t mrlilhre of t e profl! Lonion, midr cited to iti toafa ls , fits e lljraoy as a rae., Ie, ur have her. elicitedi. Wlli aull ll th pleasing q alitis of it Clas o stela wet re,, it plll sesiIa the nc ie m l:0iciuiR p11 apert ae of te mot npr Iod oliuns a gaivr; it is pleas anttia to the poite, and rateful , tit stolelthnndbcntll nl I'MPOR tllipINnirO CAUTION-llrcll o incr easing repi ne.~ Tina and 0trea t demand for Rutille,'s I.Irtn vro rr R lllgoo Etioc Aperie nt, as been CO ' t h e t f it other s to of. faran itnlt lotion of ths ral ahie rued eiiw. l'rrhaae,, bal.I r l awr-eit(' ielat t warnd of his fct tht *b' tray bel on drat' gourd, sti·oll not pr i hcntlly an impure neiktl The I ahlitt Its rr RI1\Y1t1 of l iiror etl that (ho l lseri bera or~lt~e cunsta 'ly r:·p ied o i It theprig nal nd ge %A~ ND'S' Ig"C tmlee (fair (,if, fr the r ()il fnlt orl r' anti growth of Hair, givinga helth andhe h Ir n main(, ot ·o t· a Fair, and ine ry nst sllR sat rnr o ilt o ee elsd I anrnis poh' a no arl traotfulgroth o har e hon a tlraE i DiMoiiu ml rT , ta r aar rsanadnanag lrna IO on bored PL'.p Orleit~ Eagla, Iliathlanacr, rlaknr lealry Adlreawtrelasc dealien tnwlln l'tla-ir; Bank anlnlllan Blanla; l'lsratiam 2 1-4 natal '-8 inch in il nr.l InIld; 1,9,10 and it antl blade otowie Knive" Leal anal sthar traav,llitg Dresnian Gases; ICta . PIwl l ar' a I allors ,tml'.-b Itadlhlllnan P'istols;loaahla l, nl, niala, barr.lht| Gan-u a Gamne aga"; Shot Belta; Paowndh anI1 linstl 'latsks"; Dl.anIn ottles and Drinking (',a',-: PErri Iareraia lana Uand folarp ; hlth, Hair, Tnnetn. and Nail Inlrhh-; ilri ernd O.Iarhian tanll \\B-ada lltol ' PoWi'o'T'l r unpd ila oaao in p rIet n ditata; llor Ihlir traldsa Riaglaet andf.aiaaitea Peanr; -id T tihrt P vderd ; Ial .ry i a YOT, g lr 'l'aIar Inalder sn: Patentr Sdc ar.inartertsn' (ana e Eaain tluvnlrdaenra; Enaar-elroa-;a\aVai n Bckla; llanaa-lntr: eadllal Naneckhlae aaal~nnd hai; (lilt -aanl ,iinaraea Ieaal;Id. idan Panal.. It.k and PIt amaPakn; Sehll Twist; Side rad arndrsnPin .veals; wlhah, i nchditiamn i thala banner staeel an Vio atker, l ali r naa maaatllnla Iert' rinlll at,, and warill !aa an!i,! ow nndl onlibd tar'aaa at tlhr 'aio aa thle G'hlden omud. io5-t'f 7os (u l l d re attes osret. blointala 5Ž5-amitole l Plasrchaetaea or; p T~lllE talaaa-ailaaalgaaaaa Alall OI ala' xt·hannara laaaan af lW.&alaadS1an]er, Snhiaalladl, l ls..htd t pllm1 nehivod ai n vr - Ictnin t i f Ian " in tu I.ntl)llSi ill t obe rl i, ss:rt Icnives ofl scent ed .. ..d ri lth io, Pen, Panhat, Ilial, at,! Sin-na t aaaaaa . ar aaa I Ininlla .rar a pereil Edzt. Cyons&.. &;. &c. nate al I. It.lt1-111 n to (111 'a o lt t l'aaaann atf t. Artices, maes~tr ourk· a ls~osortment i v ri c mq~h to.~ For ile nex i t he r altea iof tia r.,. risalka 1araa0111 ian ve'li (,,tnlloll'J uolniX~ l ltt. i: l rlrl ol'. tnlILl; Vu na olan .lnillaera , l iva o t'rnlla r n ,a . lll nFn ta.rn. Ni 1'VI t ( Ot b si is(io s ka Maaaan, 1aalr!,tt a- T ta.Na naa faareeti el ne r Cloul Itodnev ad lll Hen r. IKu lley ~whi·ll ti lrgd : tart l d Inoalnata e slan ain s oft a litali ed l Ia n lta ; lt ~l~l eanil;i Iln:+ is;l~ p hmlrat;nlS (le.Ozis. ,P nstI a |.IZOI R9 e lat in; itg latia aanlllal nalea " li- ' ot h rn stee Iio ns le l a\Nle arI, e na ti n sTalall I, ilt.alill a tia l at i ill + re l t aaaaaa nra-na, anth aaaaa tn aa Itna - Alkt taeit'anll naet - r a llallalaan al dlae IaaHk a, a:llrillS ttdn b aatln aa; l eall -iall n t ol et i,a: e nat a oaaaa maaa wrsa gaa en~·l·II(H1 g las lll(Ia- 1 -alt-ta ala; l i .l n),ll, tlaIna nn l a llnllt l eo rln i+lin whir-twll it~l· talf !,.t rl d SIcll lucill! l;lellit.: loil aeipa -eUhnaliartleana,r & ;. se. i aa all a i.' , al li i n a ) lla alga; la liar t iia a l l t:.(.lrt ' laltaa a llllir s illa'aa tarl-ia drC ,ml ml 'I g \ lla-a by;ttr~ 5(8c~ 1110 Al T tr kllaaianlull' cl. ,.. a t n lls . aai - I lnaiaatiaa l an-aaaa-al,-aata laa. na,,a ,aa ana-ncut aa tin- ba-ann. r n h ''Ii:, Iaasaala-a nlaa l aIaai(.lllltiilaaaa 'l' ,ill a ,n alraa 'aa il l w nall slle I I,,' iaaaa atz tilla S 'ailitl Iln tiaaaa a laallalaa a S Isto S lr e ii u' t . lran a111-a-o in al oa lnaau,lr atarnri ahI -' -alt, alat , atI I I l a, tlrNtili ar&ljaalllllaa'laalaaa-nadPllnaa O-laCIPallaalll r .I R hNad aatrl-i.a;talh, Iaran'. ofn al jlviev ana ii a..lrd ato Setan ll ataaani tr nann alln n-at a;y c in tiqadaia hat, bu1 osi pf , T a ml d i v tory ,I h~iirt (10 hrl sht l dl go l dtl 'lna e iaillnaa or la, in,l at int an,,,- ih al'haa iln aaal'latt d Ilaia l bat. a-a-n t 'call L z( buish th wol i, n ,'l rin "slh ,pt yng ad,:+w.++ fih o Ioevit I~lrl+V.ll IlI rlh'iid tn lia roltlllillltr ofII the blShlPf of i~ lli+ lli+iloarrii+& I.lh. ll Stlh·llt'l, I1(I ill llal'i. Kl-Y Nh a Orlla-na, dahauIin n1- t ll.'t 'sla n -lll! al iV'ul hI, 'll pThla, e at all aa t harl a ta- lll IIaFalhll a ia aa ila n lha laaa t-ll tia l hlnar lai l la d - l walct aal aalr tal t n WIaaaa l lutr ingl !- , , , -,-a I-\ a-a-a,',,- !I , late, ai-,-1a'i -ta i' IP R1 N.%. I- (il- N I,:I ama a anal \% l .'!a 'Ir (.~lltsll\lmr n thll -iaa nii llla aani t mrla lln itla lln-, trait laaaIaaal l l aal aa I nan all ll | I~lil 1t lw'l'. annai-lal' rnI~lth andIloxI., liil-tl~lld a. I l,. ta -n'l t Ioh *t 'at II -t. III ) It, rlrkltdt llic- ·lk .fi~ l,,, ; ..lli nill.i.'col ~ (.ltilrli~i, ''lr li·l~l p n I tV Ihl ilih, a-a'ni nna. tt( t (lllalna Iltalna l a, a l-llna i l 'a, rtl-a'ltt aaaannal+. ~ ,l~ l.It ill"it~ !i a llli an i td ill ll] Ftl lla- I na rln-an lll n ri. a,,oh weahn a In hIII hair,~* (inlibl~, tl~'lil ;iiii ll,->hl' hiY~lrllilles t ·l~lhlrwilhl nn n nll l ilanaUlll(Vlie ihIan-- ilaalil , and shrll illalna- iianl-i itwe', l rna llaln I I a ,wI n anna It In a.llE n rtal ,ly:bl "lll I Sl, ,II' d~l ;t)1 11S · I l:\IUliI'T nl.t?(), |';W( Illttl *( nll , alalll L I anll ana nIlall nll a a-a -tl an ell ai' 1 L q.ll. l 1 fr~·;, L ~lllO lll.( (jlt 'L4 q iq. \'l~ltl, Itll]· S~il'tio(·l Snaa, ala inn Ih la, a lana,, , a.l a. nanal mann.. ai~ hrI.le Stilln-lllla hlan,!ai- illll aa. ani a ahf;1 -ll ar, i veryl ana li, ltlto anth " anal-l an-n- . talannan, ana ilaa,'I -, v l aaaall al +t ," ;e a- t al -a a aa aail ,l I ll ai n I -nan dti llll d+'+c rIl ) I ,.edlianta lnaalattaaalanlnl~,naaa,l,,lt. analian I.-a.s, thl analana ai rs"ant, Pii~, In1 n an 1nalna :lnl i1,,aanala ,, n tnanna .laaa atanan h nl, n iii aalnananll -n an Ia Ii lhln- ll -n alr l i, i llff (II atlI ena a an anl,'ll annnr l arislr, aa l,an i-an lnanna t 1n1-nnnnnn IX all- l c a-m • a-a-n shv la l n ta a ,l a~ ~tl n t1n,n 1 --anl lanlo' aaal-ih(s an l)tnal alln a,,,l Ik hairn ll, manna-, it-I an n ll -nn, I --aS 1 9 nanna a- ]d, n-attnonei~i a i,pa-na an atlh a ahalt atlal', -~lanaI 'rntl gh' 1-1.u nan-a - I'(l, ~l. , aanan i lnilal anna nan-alt(+ 'l'( {Il -tndglts h ll la-na-I, a+' l aid i -lr ahr ll h -aald. -an-aI aihianlatn, I, nanan l a anht" d s ba.H , i f lt, i anid -edink..hlan', ig .~ln.lll glll- li~l inata lll a e-l. i i.: : lllan ta'aaalaiaanaaatal ala~ < Ins - aa-tltagalnl aaaaal ailan-" Jat, annaii an!-1 , f ig' bilet Ia lala-a, -'aannaa 5lanapa niaina arh alii n a-ll l aaaaw: a-auaa i 'l alalta. l a- et'i~~ ht N It .1.1 Sma l ula-nl.r,- laltl 'V l Il(iESA EI, F M), ' I l , i' l li ANt v tcomb, 11ot( t .1'h tu' .el b .al . 81 The1 n' llrih I ,' - chaiVld, in eddlitiou to their prnvios stock .n hI fil Iul)€ e(o,1111teplrh; ) | O I ,IIIHI ' III (l I- :ll li nll i, t i l ".]'· : tip: (qllll l Il., -r ý', .i- e · ll rrl, . rt-·1 hr, I ý,.l :'i uv ., \vhh'h n l ti,"I , :ll lll r', 1," I) II 1 olll ' tS :,. \' I i { 'lll II 1 ("ladle *hIal, , king ll udi-llll" ,l ill. I.ln l rlfih·l~ q1e e, scl. lllll s IIa-I ~l' ll rllli , , '. 'lll , Il l \I 1' . 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I.'1i.111 ,em cllllllus pnd Ano riaeu rlti rhit i(lll'l ', ,II', irhlell i ar i +Al, i 1111 ;ln,-erson's, I Idhnu's ,ill I law kin s ralz.r ,t csI I a.. - : i h',aeiu e hb , c ll I ts f nyb st rs,:kltces, dlo wtt he t d ' rM nrd heads, gilt rld , gult elastic sUT n 'i .t"fhl i iris ll r persons -iran retuhe." WarHt thru 1':-,l. tru v,) hma s j ust haen .the us., L,,t" ic h ,'h, tlh; all;lhr L'l"tl· Llll oInl of the hd } IllTvoic ) I 1 llnl ,, ' l f 1 II1 ' . l:u'. 141%" I1. Wh asll |l . i heenll t ,Mr o t l·-. .1rr.' tlt aieh: vet v d,ý i m1u ri i t i r llllrl ar i llli I, ri t ; T ti oION-.i ' u t 'y b fl, , ir I' fee, illy and eImr ,-: . . I i lif io lltl l .i , itl a.i ia ] n, ' Ilsi·er WIND G· las Anw rienn, 1,rlis and; the in Sti'Itl' ro n t o E al I ,ll h11ii ll, i t11. ll e 1, i", ( lrn i-tli niio--K 5 I-+I bbl.i.. 1 I T or me Tr nilln l Ine n t bhll b r('cpl /u hI r t co s So I1 puaecs honl d e "; 1tti iuh ri pi e t Ih iti a r Ii sn ri-,art in srsr ýtn -m m'u n-I (6i,v1 'tria i y 1111-.[11 G· lio'll', ,erd. h -T tO * tur t( ,in taaIF~tl ai le.r , l r -I im rtby atlI,- J ro t-'.,i t -' mi nt I t 'i- be2 , l Ntreet .tl j, I ,,,r 1j I unlh, ie e1 jtillinlgl-i ila3 ,|iI ii e I.dro.. MlKt. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT TK TJEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. Ib the Editor of the Louos. lie H I well oas the ediltlls ofl the Ale llofhi t E lu ire, t.t I it' "'Ol Gentleman " ii -lmlloil g the, I,~ocr .I.' 1" n i.· " "'1 iro vet l b' Iris hl~l' y ra C kllmw\ingS that hi'+ tille iH ! I ish rlti)l thait ther ill<Iepelld eat( -A le'lal e l ure able to jtldge flir thmnlmqves what are putff and pl i ositioin. Tl he ' wolthy editors who are L)octors, tle roprietors, editors o sub-editors oI thi e E abovee l named j (rnta siejll every le ttr from ploaoos I have restorel to-e sieh iy tht' akoive ogllo.tlo p.o.ois 5 I. The fact is, that I naver had mllth great slucess ju withil lo o liil ol e oorioel d as ten or twelvo dhy o. One i 'hos alaoit 000, i tell yso- ears who edt d o lls "'t o0 too es, to iy hotel, io ofl bii' o0lsged to bof the hy him. ''wo ounlg ladies, who had eachlov t the sight of one n ee, oTne for tin vers, ando tile ohPtr for lerly two a v'ltrr , hau inS botI h of theml tile (otler eve very . eak; to t oelIt.lh lf those yollll~e ladies Ilro ll to ld eoe oIlth bothl ,.yes, whIch brenefitt I pled.,e mVseifstill eontinnes, ex 9 joltl,,o, ootia j Ilth ar , ulner t oee ill tolloh or dntiusi 0 .- of l; 5 eliont l)oo t orl. Aiioo lletl is thodaglee s fl oh r5('petoble diiei.chatllll whoose namle 1 am iloand never ito mentim, (as he -pnid e - my fees), who aid she hadlr O lot tiloe sit of e eve from th-en of 18 Inonth, bullt that she nlow beg in to e t sread , lr e hctlet s wi:h tile 1 other evIo eIo lpletel slt. This tohe docltor editors krevw, os the pletotlInlloa toll me hiel fhe :ld con- si -due'ied Ilia drnu ht tr to the olice oft the 0aedi:ll edltors. thati tlhey might be inft rned o f thr e fact. Thso ltt I ,slillll ei s i f 1is 0ehlerlCY gentleman e y the name of tI Ylount, nerrlly" FVVe:I 1 vea.:L of" ago,1 who declredl· pubh ticlv I ly lettosro whliegIto tolo to t ll0 Ib disge ret t stilt sIe in Nashville tLr one, nd hioo self told ml oe lhad paid f t ' it insertion to hacrevlr Io ey doancled, lwho dela r n~tiu that1 letterP theift heC hR (OltlllV deprTiY ll of thle silotoof ls ve from f ' ko sloeo( ofie birof slh whiclh his untherritat. d tl hu. ocalrsio nelt by the t Veanles oro n t se l o ; ti lthce t v l? v o e E plds lt roa- eoP I t li ll t ytS t e Ui o ll, fI r hie oils t tt lt a dll eio olfe t., at tnile trl f oiese, aritd rlas oettolnt tI dietionao sIhI fiony ltioito ation dio , tre ore I leit tlat Ir ., oSi lrnv e o eli prlso f liet Il t coloo te s wlk IU ollOt e tsi f s tls sloe oolroe eye oto fo fjtyo -l heher ioelh, n sle- t I'n rlvl * ~ftrts, sl, o l ,ht i , w ore R IeiisIter osthet 1e fl t anu il tth'te vt cth' r r e lrsu e rl'hi lit rn. s. n rt·t t]'.".( 5ll aebver treateer o t n racecemaysR atn Nh villch o od tl a 'le ois esedical elohiet, doltsct-trj sloet homs o liv Nets foo sloe foeeoioetlh lsore otlleeoin Iltl otrono eh;;oj loolt e inhto . l Iotoe enraedil. Thsote tihue i io i untie. r! th I(r. clerical lIr Sldhilh on tm ires oeoool jeo-toassototit h tho torltofs tthot pr'otooist Ita Isvoy tedf ltom theot Il pisit rit l inoldck, to Iorllito e ins te l se sr o y e ioi y ttt-vnlr eto ed. the sou solod in onor stoi- year tot romoo , Jloo tinelsl toie soavertcolsrms oil s wi, d eli l ths toi v rtto ti si , lif e of ti. 2 .tll e I r la liz II Ir o l rIIO (If t l i rrlet l lsih s .Oll pth,t: ith hireat Dr . , tou t i I+.t'l' a H I ll brin (a tious y slidt loii:t'heoeetiefheitW hsooloacdioool t'ie~l~. vso'eoi Stire Itliryto ny c oo .Ai l to t lo w iieLIot-lOn- SIIo IIo~I vll" u i Iof tiles erl.t'llerS s. Ih l t toe,.llt o t he s lllit.l e rlle (1r l ir o ii liiT i. lt, o s loer o s f I l s WoisoA t rtoot Erdoo t ls irrr I hav. I thle la,.rtlr I paillld inl the NorthI xll lee. II e trliv il e ill the - S siio-wiit. ' eollhi I -R h [ 5 llll d tloos lik pt Io lll I eiatl.Heed u tios -. tt,-loln. Ii iir iltll' 1 (0 I lll l d h ,++llhtev. 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(1,+ i i t ah. r' in eh edi . l.' \ t , A is in. 1 It I I Ijo-ll l 5 t io oilt hal I tll fr h..Sir 8 1 *:- m isn l b, - r tlqustedl lDr. l fo t I oi , it h nh, or t ," a" w ll : el I ti his cleica uini de..e- d r t li ihr -i ly ' tlis I ' b i n, , iy its frjile " l i 'l a1"i elo y ti e I m v re hni. nI r l h lv r ,e thal [e no ri , all h :i. your pat \ j- lolls- o to i sl e ;isinto iit. ldii lhi f si lrl hrii i I act.r it: 1)1111Hh, IlliiC: ,)'., hwiuffT hlhtlill %\,OIi lll*,-r bOfI: 1 i . l i -tll so IosI o en I o th ieiell i ri idt vll oilllollhe sv lOllv\viiiC 0oi-Il- .of ill tl dlle-i si- tl l illi , '.e lit u s covl n e)lsile Iij i taosloy hIyO l hi lui t 1 I I ltltjii ieIII rfi, i. i t of M lll l ii llliti pliv L j I1I~l-i +dl ~l]l hi l 'O.II r l 'ilill ('r'P l) 'e oIfijl lll· .. I H'1. :II;IFII % !1 Il1Il 1111111,I+\.,ill wele11 I<. It" I·i'i,( 1tt1· thlof 1~1')1 ,'olr 1ll++ ii Iloll- II Ii II f li- t lllsiji i li iihoisi ii il't 0 slitt I-i tills l:lt I s-es iiisosivtifii-e--col -jisir ir at iiii-Oi i it s I vlir Ii-l(li .T i she IiI I 11 1 t I hos ll-UIii- ri e ll 't, l.h d $5 i it b,,,l .,.dll(.t ) h i~l.l.:. s-,l'l i eltjil o . i- li l.ce- It- iii all tli111ills t l. tl hic I . <ill- i tilt l .i t.u111lli if' [ i l t - l t -i i l -il h1.jh , I sh toec 00iii : l rt t iiiilll ols ICI- l ll.i Ii'i .llll iioi'eltl), ~li- iiiilit 55l I -!l~l st i ; su 1 t<, il .' i -il -jjjIlIiIeIdII ii a L It Uio (1I.' :llti l0ll , \ I1 i'. l lu s i.r, jly i Ir(s y . I. Ih, tii' ,fii- I v hc ,h,'ii ricsi'si f Jiiiil' avoislllIi i m l, h: vl·1 .'rl ·i:.l>l~ c to v,.,i,, and e':allfillVu l· ulh' ti!. with il llt ll i ii II liii 1, 0 \ llsit' o Ii ilgui( li, l el v si i erl, elilon ii, o11 j' th,. i ll rIu t s leltuuli , ise I ti. I louh,. oi't ruih alc t iito otossiiilleel islot li -l Sl, hhi,-I . , l . llsi th Alellesi iii i ss I js ii ni- io x h l it slot I i -i t yll g-l) , ' tolt eItli e o vdh iL.O 1 (IO I tl~li III cll illl· hlllLI~l t~ortsl, R III lll',I~ :In. ills i, 1,1, II'' ic~ll·- IriLu'il~ tili ll*.ll sol(lli ll \',,,Itlf ]iiItt :Ti~tl'-ll It ~ctlS, tlS hrI) llt :il~l' I'lIII11:st ~ill('(~lllll t]OIII lrll;llll. him - - n ih,..,s ' ,o ly li\i lihlls l o hls f o c o iil i' s ll- li 111. ! l'h'llbl~ j . .'uil.l I ll't~il1l l th liuPhII1 ItIII(t, nilI . \ \,I Ith il i-l - v hh.oll h o iii ivolliiii utilslvrd .r l ljl h hr. mr t t I I-ut i-sj iitor - (i h it, ,q 5 iosis he ill sss illsoslltusioI , le( . il ct" iii I Loi) iol i'i,'riisst-sosne-d s 1 -I o'is o i lot-- l asit I - o . hi -,l v .t, I fi tloll l illle s, I g .s.-i-jot 1 itr · tlrl tli<.v 1 ),it tlll li (3rt[ htl tl -! l i'V ·1( t11ll 1 ..e llrid GtIv am\ bh ?ill· 4 /I:i I1.,lt I 11.1o . ~ ~ l. ,<ohc SI, 1 0 l ,llt I, - l' t o fiiI th e is iu I u I O Lu t t llcly t~ofleoe-j eese-4 I i l site - ssO aii:ii ·\ \l,,h Ii i uii li0 ' l li lls l ln' is1 11,1? ht |os rsoi,' Its+is's t \ii'tllh-- t]iisi I-i' liisiO l iu l i.o'to r s 1ooss .i t hIlllj.ll i otosseilslislullivt ii n livse rs lifth a ns lihsosl k intsitiisoss Iiii l woisiiiet ffoh siitioif e lihle Osodrtwi i pito" s iOOilli ll IirilaI, ITiro ] (li ,odlltl'+ ~y lll-l tsi'll's It) lli le t ilv,: Isllti s5 t'ir lllh l ii jo t sli if iht5 . li"jhs l eiil eoh l li 'llI h Sd is; o lh--ssi sosldn hiiis ttn ls'tvto Il 'lio- sl I oi If t o h'iil iluesiy ' e si o'1" o ri i nl td helll Il1 t t:ti d OisO irll iii. i I tIe. s i hi I ils Iu the whol e i lle - f I'2 i imt i a. an , Ootieo 5J1soC itre Oo, tl l ht . illl'r IIIL.C' l ..i.,~n 11 l Al· . ,;.,~1 I nII a·\ hl. P) lle h (·lsta ,.t. S 1 i'0d Is- bri e IlllV i11 111 ,lJ lh l o 1' iijll IIIr Is lliit Pl l~ Irill~ i iiii : rl~ii Iltlr thue -ll l(. l I iiid tlie tn i li-hch I i ( ed iihliii ils i dtss t h1wIII III asil is's eligl I-- I' . it's Ieite sos~r hslit lied is 0e,-is bo +their' tha tsihi 10u10 it-Os re .it WIitotonino - roiht li b. ooo Iontihls ittoie > l~zattlm m Ih-t in.siiou ,1th orh.alt I 'sh -s- i'lt ti Wool so Oisi o Irle -sit tol Or , ia bi sinlo rocs-oil"oll, slo hbr-iii"ar,.\i'i-eswill 'is tclsieeso --i"i'l'ie ,hits ~ So ilih. e i i h ,r tiii 5055 t,.00 in v trii ,.t )t is1 us si--sobige hullt. cl 1 00 e-ci 'st.iy In1,0 1. 1 S ,, lst t.IN v ii i ii \ i il, I li-li liIh I- - --t s~ilt srs vilit -e h, . I~iih" |:',i; le|7. .' t til- isiio ,iii Ii-- Ii l. "ut.i''les si silit, %t l iest 'l ii t li ta , - illool i,;',,t \V --e-iii (li ii tilic I\tJi lisitsi ii o' o -'t' lt ')l.llle 11.1 uc c t It' C W i rI JIi.\NI i1t'S 31 ' 01/)1' I,,,,5,, , \ll 0 .I\r" l, \ a1:,l1 rrNl llll ýlIt root-, by 11. S.'I'r on-r. ~JT111 rr IF 1. tS l tv -Ie THY. I ,t'I I'} r `rt I't's .·h(Yilio the III . "o1l"orol'' 11'I na lvl o I1Io1 mall., ,ali lrnhirl lae elrro the C IliIItI t"I'" ill -rile, lion, oar I (jll- r to ao L lierll ihlrnt ^- litoidi I· v Iht' 1. ioeo J o l ll) thei. ((Il }iKSONI'lI . 31 ,alby ()It the'. ureoft I..cnmatism,scr fulaor kingsevil,gout, o' siatie or hip geout, incirknt cancer.s, salt rheum, siphilitic anil mercrial diseases, particularly nlcers and painfl:l 5:ctions "fll, honies, Ilcrnsted tllroat ati nos trils, uicers of every deuc'rition, fever sores, and internal h absesses, fittulas, pIiles, sahid head, scurvy, biles, chro ni: sore eyes, er sinielis,ldelths, asnd every varietyof ces taneons stteltionel chronice Catnatrh, head ache proaeed ing fiomn any cerid humor, anin in the stomach and dys pepsia proe.ding fromivariation, alfuctios sof the liver, chronnic inflasmmation of the kidneys, and general debili ty caused by atorpidaction of thevessllsof the skin. It is singularlyefflcacions in renovating those constitutions which have been broken down by injudicious treatment, juvenile ittreglaritica. In genetal terms, it is reanm mensded in all thoseseissases whicharino tt'om imputsitetas oefthe blood, or initiatias of the humors, of whatever name or kind. Some of thse above comjilaints may reqnire so0ne tri fling asistant applicationstwhich thlslcircum'ns nees of the case will dicta.t ; but fora general remedy or I'urificator to remove the, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will geneCdly btfounnd sullicient. '1O THIE PUBLIC. Htow tree it is, that modern Physicians, In their am bition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fieldls ofscienle hb the aid ofehemishty, and seek oat new re medial agcnts; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--antirely overlook and egleat, as bIeneaththeernotice, therich and bounteous strenes of medicine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how mus h more true isit that while the American Physician looks to foreign conntries for many of his most common and Ieeesamsry'articles, perpetoally changing as they are at the tditates offiashine or folly, he is snroandedi in his own country with an endless profusion of medical plnsts, sullicient to answer any indiestion in disease or to cuore any enmbld disnorder; and yet he is ignorlnt of their vise tues, atd tIhey are sufferct to 'waste thcir healing on the detset air.' 'The effects of vegetable medicines upon the system are termlrtnTy-thoise of niserals lasting. The ftrmcer ex ert their e'ects rod pass off--the latter, mercury in pur tieuher, act chemien.ay upon the solids, decomposing the hones and underlmining the senstitution by a slow :nsd aure destruction. The corgeniallity, efficiaeny and SAFETY ofregeta ble retoedies over mineral, may ble estimated iy contrast ingthe ancient practiee with the modern; m', to airgn ii lore inmmedintely un:ler ar own observation, the lndi an p'actice with that of the whites. Who, int Ameriao, nao not knownor heard of repeated instances wherein sonme decrephi, unpretending female Intlian, by meansof her simple remedies ahone, has atfeted] the lmost railrd stanlltastoslishilng tuter, :fiesr le atcira Mletdicna of tihe I -ommoa pactice. directed in tihe most skilflill manner, isa Ifailed? Asset will Iets not been sn wosis:it at the cnm lassotivecase ans llioitite still wahich the Isaian fs'ces him self tirom any disease, astd at the almost tota abstinenee ofcelronie disn,.e among tbem? Who has t vet Ienard of ln Itall n willh constitution broknl andl tined by ill treatmenlt A:lnd can a doubt exist tlhl this haifpy Cx rntptlon of the sasage from most of the ills which the lieshe ofon is Ileiret, is ehictly owintg to more gensia 'i aslaolles'en rtcles which Ie eempsoyst "T'is ietlelish in; difnlrence in success, in a fair exemplifieatinn of the spel'riority of thle simple and safe means of etre which God ehas Cleated tlfo the beneflt of his children, over those s bicl tlhe pride aind the art of man ha:ve in vented. From a long rtidenee among a portionT nfthe abortigin ldlnhllaitantsofl tlisconntry, andtllan tlltimate acgqlain teane with thelmetheds of cure of some of tleirtmost sutetssli pnraetitioners, ile pr'oplietor of 'The Indian's I'aelllae,'s'nnitr ed a knowledge of eosne nf tile onst owes'rlstesll atlttortte remedies. r'l sel thi e htteseIleetetld tch as were ast icscitltous ansd a ppropraites, and after vs:uiols etttnTi nlsts11ts trot tetlt'it' prineiircsts strengthe , lie Its eoesslit d thse ifn tile lfa''' here pesesetsll, ats the tmost perF et all belnefieal Ior the purposlll e tir which it is ireollmended. lThe leiprietor oslrslthis prepalantioa to the public, with the ettllsciontt"ess that he is laeing withintheir st'a, v n ernerd cabale orflii alyvi mn of his aetlicetle fel tl Ifw ings, who are sulllti'iag underl the tarllllous chronic. and ebstinate conplaints to whieh it is app i sahle. To such it will prole of inealc:ul le va1'e, :ts the neallns, :and1t ifll enl:y e'ese', tht els u letltns oftelievilngtheir sut fltlrilgs and vll to rllng th mornl e l o te eto lhea lt :tld hap pifness. This is nIt nolbred as ta eCommon roentdy, that t utly :per chic:llll e he unIIy good willth nmLty others nlow bI ts'ini a:s onemt whicl iy c:lu blh of sa inglife illllIll. * :X1ll' llt1ieeas \+/ lll'h :ll ttIe elt111eeSell:le:.I'lleit's - ].t"i s his it ha:ls dine repatqedly; :ald thllis is thle reputation ithasob inaibed wherever it has been iotrit(eed. It is'nrly tnoutt three tearssne"this prepara.tion was 1V t.neelttel :tre Iltlllc: hilt t l than sht h irt sprce of thim , n;oIo . 'llllldlh "s o iprrConsm ight he lllllll , who wouh :u altllnll) do cle thlat thvy Ihlie\ted tl I: their lives wetre say d he it, ad in 1-st seu alterthey had ttriel many and perhap. s all l cllt, n lul ellt dit s ill ralint . \ he" 'tet it is knt ,ln it is ' aplt l) coet nig into e tlet , asi this atillds the ll, I, let bsla Intiall and convincing proof of it T'ht. toue , t'lle i:stnautc:l i no st fnspelolllllsi those oIItng sl lding and sphlllhl ic andlll sec'uiotuh s .el (t s Lich hate deiied all other rnirledies, and particularly in thae s ,t ,l t h ] e tlcet!nr has been so ta t i sttitl, s ll. c t t d Il'nUl i ll~ e :IIng t in thle sell(e ste Ils, l rs ellt iial iIlt't's, C I; t'i' il. L4llIl olfl tlh dig i vlS lie t olstc, of,,. 'ith se it e ltlr l.l nl's tal llltt llll llin all c,,:,ait enlai'' it elr aI carests lie th o e rt t uelt l e tt s tee ll, t ie t lls - thtel s a tllel atllnlillllil llb, r d Iaitne l ih ll ll e te ls llll ill ell. hI , ]hItte lete istn :ol il telst 'estte llo e tIl r tel' a:l i Ithi sy ell;,tseeau ntel .re spel , tlig, alo i t hslve takesn i ( rnp1 , w e, lo~t s, t11o itlll i'l eel'n Ctle 'nptlsltc I"s e ' aitll t S t ' dti t' e'gtte l a is l 'tlee't t i t .teles se, ally txpm lsse a e ilt Lflt l:aiSer thl e te ole n l a(nit'l'ti( T g ' tih+ glte r st or t' l -th e Ch, ani excid es slim in a the da s alt lllni a te , lll:ln nllelrl. ro. tlle pt inc. merto ilsone tl l s t oes hibi he l elt n ( od a btO. "atlhes i s linel Inlell e ot' I lnt hig l nsoIfill ie s t n.eV :tneasei. .s ditease.a nal here e tpotlitn , anl 't has hr't itselH ui thw .a e lw 'llrls "n't,,-,a'.e . r g : , as1 l ll icd I Iall j't I tiller, hl v r h s:w tl..e ,l)in t li u ti hsme ttt tlre ti e tbest, le . lts l Le lit t L ll: lleie nItT w r le lr. e 1:lu i t et Ilt rietvna la, taketne n : starnl dseie; ,lt :el er, wctiel,all Is Ithrei , in rinldl ler s luir , at sit'hhs ,esl, edll iln oThe rllni neelrlilyIever rut of hndrgthds esisel. , Ire belesi, t t ptenth beecnhd, are t ie lo ssow I, o t oi t he rltllllal li'ltlete hlth Ital'tnlS Itln e airo.tst ne er;l ; n wllleltin ;-' ll: d a lld .+o t o hiit in theC II t Ii sltc Itly GASEF S OV U UIIEITN VI'TI R. iN Yn'Rsa, No'" 'l1, a80lttsttt' eis itl tiltltetg ]Th ing e ss witl rt k 'at sii, hla e l l sl ali,. I ees elll w lll ,,y Iaevesellinsi lasnhy oelk i e illldtthe wic occasied r v tt itlaistese in stad weahllhetl', inltle n .Ii elt eastg l ( re. teaes Ht ileli'n't healts, and e Id e oidellfly reeot ne nlli tre rall i tea tsly at lu e ld. teels sla ll J(IN ]Une RItiUSON, Kingst. Iei o wisl 0,azts als t ttt'rre yieale sinotess itehil a di stes.eiel ry euatlismt caise tdha Ih tein t see itehl, .let inl cass s, th Tiytlllnteat" e'srrs, ael whiell as salhd It sfron Insin ess nelly evea sine' . lrve l n f ls f ried aslae pet a pattienltin n the Marine los retsd, in this act i lends ilottlo VIloe nlsll, ealnd nIea the san1e lengtlh, tile ill he hlli th e llslsitlrse :J·,: tried ahalvlst eviners Atec E i, witl little tien tte On the 16t itu blsrt tr lat, altheatni toite saeIv alltoNvet abnlt Ui tl cr i.ltch. ei, lat uts.Osneed th le o et, 11oil, a lt tela. tie odn inow happy to s ae that I conshdelmyself t e fectly well.a i lt it M. TUCK,1 3I lArkut t St - Ntaw YunxtI l S ,ept. 1,1S l. This may erti. ite hat in e e trs ll g it 1n , I was s onik. cwitth a swcigin ly iick ale d e ait ce which elaefto ilerwatn i eltedi tile slllre iate glgratle ulandlev ite in Seerl. .rslerllitllrl s serlallxhl t tihi ostlltn antage, I wenil ato Phildtnlpha, asd pelaced asN ro' under the a n'e it s. ['ll"lter Saal Itiach, thu, altr )repeited 1 itlin M ; ee t t nH iroetIs, TUea pilasttreel inhitble. Alter. d , arre teetelratitlaclr'te'l sth'ias'illintr's1 pnaeea fet cil Ilr +)l)til'i~ll. td"l)fit, \ 1 h ie ha stter asIcl a'|enhtteelan' so:~,r Toly reatY sli re)ses slele :ie'atoisfti oens. andt'cesie ai i te 'g +. at~lljuat SvuAl NEW FORLEAINS A NASIVILLE RAIL 10l11) Ci13114ANV. f I,; ofI this cotallsy are hereby no ! tilied ihal 7 byk a .sollutionl of the hoard of ditec. rn prls d o)L the. 1th in , the(,all mn, le o them ti lth Iir t 1 111 . 'lb'rs last, litr the a iytllll of t ive dollars a sharn., . ,,-r inIded, ua l the said stoclkhoslter are, f'urlhern' tiied thatl II IIt 4EAS,, hit resi.ll ii n if this hIard ipassed ion thel a1 9 IF Ft is F. n i', t 'it ha I sr n lithe stsi sll' li dt.r .fi'f th Now ()dens. n. ln Nshville flail ILe1d Cort lan Iny iie t ,il ,lwi na p'l allNit l Fll h ft it f i llhe i'tkat h eld i rl l iih Iby Ihem,.viz:-tn: d' iiai n per l sht r, pavahle o, iie firslt dlay of iSepte mh next; ltwo. dolla.s pe'r shmr eabllih .llhite 1irl" d yll of hecemlber lneIs :a I to() a :. N " :here brnF 'e it resolved, th ii the, ier, Fttr il,1 lti ll iicompany.It ll l otiiF i the s tre h i'rn if lltl' the illl t.l ht 1 itli t r iFlls ol the cil y, thatlilln o I lllts Silh 1Ii.t IIIIitt Llof the F hai ter, vlll. a peri l it ;ll SI:ll,-lpl ull· aIaV playlle ntcllll l d in ll n the 'lkck f.l..idp d vI I* II i,,I\ ll , tii ,!,,1 si-x"Ixy v lmn a'lllnln a d IIler thel :li` ll I oin rllll ul of sixty disl' iron anl d salttr I ii dIsv ; :. hiu h it nhs ut ha! s en,' paid, that lhFm the Fhikt on . hi i l " ah l dpl Vnisci shiulldll hIve hornII lll dli is all run t n 1 ' ri llvd to the o~Ii i n t, 'tiie litn ilr, ( ( i l e:,ll,ull,+i,~k of the : ho kh bhlers ill said cnulyll ten thilnk pro' er ti Iil l ol"O lht, nl i i r h ock ho hr F per shiiare calltd Fora n te first of ep t ii i i F n i r t u i \ t mioi Fltl 'it I iFl'ttisF hattet oil ths 'l11,l dey o1 (h'hd.:: Ieat, ih t due n itut list dais sssi sl" t,.'," ir s,., F, ,nay h- p.<r Ile III until h. Aliyh , f I + " IL trnacts rat (: mlhinuth' of the hurnl. Jlilt II A It \IcAlt, Sec'ry. s.. Itfo tsit Jul14 II riRAII N. I~ll I STAT'.E llF' LOUISIANA.-Pnrielt Ciurt for the Jt Parish and t'itv nof New O(rh,ns. SlIE SIA'I'E OF CLOUISIANA. o'i all whom l|ese Presents shall ome,m (re(atlill:-\Vhera I lliPes Han ullse hlving ipurcianeid tit a sale mattde by the Sllrrif'of tile purish oft Oleane the lll ery i herenahter ldescribed, as applied to the clerk l this cl eourt, in whosea otlice the deed of sale waa recorded on a the 2lddna of April, A. 1). 1838, tlir a monition ir ticser- 'I' tisement n confornmity to an net of thel.egilllatre of the gt bltte of Louisiann, entliled 'Atl net for ti ftil lher lssu- a anee of titles to tin:haPera atjualicialsales;" npplrovpvd the IOth daov ofnarcall, l;t14. i NOW, 'ereftlre, know vp ni n all pers.ns inlereated herein, are hlereby il(ed aid ualmonished in ile nlamlle oif the State of I.nuisiatnn, and ef the Parish C'oart, who encll ct up any right, title or claihm in and to th prolpety hereillerriesdeeritted, in rolseqlltetlctel aily iltittrtttlity it the ,rdcrdllero ee or idgiP nt c lf tlia totlrtt under whith tile salewan tnnrlee of l,' irregulanric tir illegalitv in the apprieinments ald ntvitleettaetenta, ill timne, or'manner ,of sle, or for any nlher I'etict whalte ever; to tshow cause, within thirty days tfrolnt the dtiy ti s moniion it first iiterted it ,ile itbplitc aita rsy wiy the sane ano iae sahouid not be cltdrnied nad ihon Loaeted. t T'tte said prcpertv wtnaet solt y tile Sheriff of the ptr.t isl; aforstnllt oil tle t1ith day of April, A. I). 18138, by viriu olen dac'es of this Court, reltereel on fl1 5th tl da of FebhtlliA. D. 1838, in Ia nait eatitleld Alexnnder Caldwall 's. James Hanse, No 10,367 of the dociket of I this Court, at which sale tlh satidl .James Inlnse becllln I tile purhase r for ile price of twenty oio tllouiansil dollila. Description of Property as given in the Judicial Coan Ayenylance, viza A eertain lot of ginud sciyltied in the suburb An nunciation alias Laroirse of this city,il square No 5, and lot having French ieasilue, ti0 leeit ilronit onTl'ehlo pittnlas ctreet,hit6 feet fnnrt on strteet, andl it0 feet on I afagode d Maleel: o street, it su, h n tnanner thalet saidl !ot oforolmnd is c0 fibet wd sa from oea side of the equare to the eliher, together with a dwelling louse fronstng on Tehoupitonlnn street, the kitlhen and dC-l petdencies, nloo the distillery esthlllialtntenta erected thereonn nd other Iiildilgs inld imiprovemlents, the nclhlttnery, utensils, implements and fixtulre behloning to said distillery, its dIrhelldenllies and ipptlirhenelloie. amd the rigts,aetiaolns,ind privileges theulti Ibelonging or in ny winse apcrttiniaig. Clerk e'r ic f, New Orleans, Ala? 7, 1838. ml4,2i4&j3 J., liep,itv Clerk. ETAT 1E l:A L:UUhlbIANK--;u, -it e ,, tiale poulr it pornisse et ills dc ia Nrl.,lle Orlealns 'F'IAT )E 1.A IOUISIANE.-A os iteux qne ers prnsentes conlcerneat, SaInt Attenlht qcel .ldmes Htalse t ynttnt'hrti A tan voteat faibe pll le Sheri I ilaliinloi 'te d'()ltletlltt Il proprapltil ti s-pr-s decriteo s'est aeaSi n"o etlheka'diefaa Cull ol ma hlie ilec, llftllt enregistrite I 2oele jour de M'in le do:an'taee Ittt, lpll1 aill ais eonfai meieenl tii new de lt I.itgislnatlre e I' Etat dre l Louisinne, iltitulli " Acto pour cnifirmer les titres des eroeure nlx ventes jtttliciiires;" appllronuv le 1 Mars 1831. Qaol 'il s ilemmia, ejt toites lipersontine ill 1risseessole t latl ces presentes sonllPes i al ml de P Etlt te la Lotisinlet et de la C(ur dit tibroise ,l qni poarl'ient avoir driit k ll trlri,.le decrite, en consequence d'un ditiaut do Lomllite datis l'ordre, le deeret on le jugement de Is clmr, en vertu diquel la I tret a ite Iaite, ol' de tolte irrigular.te oi illigtlit diun i'estin atiollltl is oule ienrmps et le mode lie ilnlventle oil Ipoulr alfaullrecstseqllelesqlulc e; lie filr, voir, ds trelte jnllrs na di ter de Iln i plianiion ie rellic avis, pourcloi la ftete aitnsi fad te tiseriit ipacs coul'+iri C et hoinologuic, La ipro rit'i e lilt ensl'il ld"e lr s rif snl.dit,i le 'ua forzie ' l oulr d'vrlil de I'annlle lli:8, en vertu I'l',n dimoet dl cete t itllr le 5 d 1vrir I't l'aicif 183i, dahns I'llhire d'Axlllexidr (Ca:lwlld . rolutre .lnlles Ihutlse,No 101,317 hii Ioiket dte certol ('on, tA ilquelle vena le Ilitl Jamel lhane .est reudti anel.'treir pour le prix de .id inst. lesclription lden Prlolpriti td'llrbs let teieuin·fJe, elaree Saivohie Ua:n earain t Ide terra silaT t ffmllorll . e |4nnnn viilhn alin e I.ucourse, tn eette vil'li, ans Illet iNo 5, Ictit lot dte term vnilt [mnvs llre f-rn isa,, s nll xn t pIttds di ti te l i iis T I houpiltll, i troi t pivd d l,: la ie aIt Ilani r it, 1I r fniler. , et sixuL te pi,,d Ii, lfare i in fi ttohe de ln,' ri lh l I ib, ,sort. t: I," lith l ut h. ,wrl , l i so ixnt, pwds t," tlam r d'o n bo+ t ie I'iler t PI' i ltrrln el llba] t e t Il' Ii L, , ll , nti' L lt ii t, n rue I'iehot rolas, a, i r' isiinp a e t rii . ial p ridtltIIsti i S e Ia lt..' el tn ." ti- r itr.r fitI , Iat '1 it les tt tittatadt au ,,l 1'ntI a'l's,7lsiI t i . 't left ils t:, iat tll ilj lls, Ba'. appar' lnt A I, , Cli ck, d I1th ri- c.,s litputd li te i, t nliipirtr a sn; lce lr ei a , olt,+ actiý'Il vt la1rishb ve. t lip. t ian 1t itilladItt i ,, dal er8l , fNua i Or1i a ,,, 1? ii i, i :'. I dfn1 jl 3to I n, I"v Ih te a I.:; ll- ir.iut , e' as ntl tis oaellee of' Phy'ica h 7/- I'. orighinal 'eg1"table ftlyegei: li n ,"r'el .\1, ,!i I , cl il ll're dl iby r .lic kin, Esi q. the ll . he IIt l l ICo llt.l r i I " i 1.i ic ii eni l. +'alt Atlll - ha the laovald Jnion P i'e"n" Asociotihn, l.tieui. r IPlace, W\\'nerhlr ridge, anid Pcrlrp-eal PIlpl ot i l.y' anl I S;t. I , l th. a Itlotl , Il m. Thills t lld d hi . tlins,v II !,i rIi . h it , I" till, t .( "', pex lriVitn :,1al tu'iar l, d Csm ceI'ls in tie: iii e'iyi a. sil hlgh' rI,"lIlh l il t hi (o l i ,oll -ly, It :kirt to th it , Ie. " i, sill ' a e tIII'n public, at t s l - lititaioe l a f unmher o getltilt.n d i :l hirlh shinmdig iu ! i. i, is h ,ls ,l, :s ni t .pr, ti uisi. li 1ll l ,m thIe I, ,lll,'of in . ls Nd Vaile, lostlll ASi"tld " ion the pu lie bs trI1 l ait' . tf i, ::ll,,, I prois,! nairi'cnaus eara 'al ithr itnuas, h. cia " i "1 medical .science, that it inios tile the nmo str 1. l0umi-n:i, n einv Ilon,<er go dowt wih, iht inlalhge. i o,'fsddetn illnass, for, Ib fei roi. ý. l : ,I.l ,, .ho.lrai, trhps, sp:a::lls, linertl' :il ot her nl: iil complaii ts, whil:h tau "heir +r< v ,,h , in:,l he vp ll. It eo'td or 1 ."n v lntelI. hi 11t, al! ihose "h. gý ,td hew ii , shinmhl iit,.bi,, h i t IlI e1.. "T'hev aer . Wl" 1 t :1 l -i I s ,Jl" ,lnof tw +,iI p f d . ,lilit, r ,!. Aston Pey, A.. IFoutn, ,<,t i. and i""".aruM Illers. 'l'.hlt rigihalh t a ru . i sestiiun .i tie el ra,'l Age t, iby wl' o fthl e m tlicine is ilmported into Ihis cuntryV, and to whom oil nll plimntions iliia lncies JN ). Il itJI.II IN, 1 9 I :,vel'll Plhlae, N. York, Sole Geinwal Agent lior It, United Slates, Lac. Fur ale by" apoiinienl of the, original propri-tor. by 5wAIv & l rihttrirl 1)rua-ggi't, No II Ciunnl llreet, , _enr'"" Agent ,afr S " Pit ...e.of Lois, .. jui ... III tiitY It tLt .3 to l No 1 g' Nt~olgoiti' ,nt ot tttttd ecivn fomsip'± NashIttot'.n' s teothtkoin I',gle, h oi her lilt e to 1"lo train ' it rn lectti t d,, g ttltt l,,ttti wt slot ted s('ll'llollld t IflOUllllrkr. ol ,tll lll~llll lS rrlll. I,.1l1| 1411al~l' lt'.i) I (J~ll S~ HittIl l , thtlt and rottn M <Io .Ld quaIlity; d1ol IIIIIlld and stout! wr:1 IeCgged hoot. vanrin u all:ll itics; men's lino calf se:al :anld .1O1 'etct rAnne nIInlllpS :anldl Ittogtn, htuctkSkis Shoes, ll'ogost lt. tIlpel s: men's Ie cllo t' ntlld killped l 'gg~ed hooeS:tit I tro#:s; dlo Ioots; Ido Otutt kip tot wX t 'tP'egge shotte I,"d bo~galsllS; ..gInItielmen's tbest € ulality callfsewsed hllot*, lto~mans and ~ J ick I)ownings; do call ott Slor c'E<:( it loklt shoes 'ltd rlt ogann; do calf,seal ansid Mo~ooel, I adian shoUts anl11 sit ~lter , do l, hlfi llf.'t ll ' ntt llts~ aIw Ulaicle; ido lille ctll sent .l nd sI ottctt o q t'trlllll lots; bloys', mnirsss'andl chlildien's perggel andl suewed lot ogalts, :nd slho's of1' tel'v' qlalitt anod inl. Also t g~tnr'lal asortmelnt ot tltell's totl wax ollltd rplM |lobr ntlos and ahkt, lo.cther t ilkt 10,olti t lltt h ogio toLst tltuality, rtlssEtt ltoo.ans, tniled in h( I, tllks, lll e expresslttot y fol lllltltatiot 1i ot a o go st . t lment of min' tinte tnl shllt kit ltlruett b'rqgw1n, r sct ll ll| WX· bL'nn: rrh. laties' line calf. seal, mtocct alt t rid n we·ltr, andl lp l l so"le Iho(s; dlo fille, FI Cn1,o ch .lltullrt, o.,,,tli kid It l I ftll kinds ando ualitio s; Ido tl stig botrt'tLts;t Io ,gitote' :and foted bIote.. Mlisses' lastintgpri' ttshtoes:i , ot gtns. (hihtitittn's cLolOteod Motootto to lastontg lo b' t's :*nd boots, kt. , ctutleen c'sfiul:nthsoablde black ilk hla; do Iblactk it tI o.d9t e r itot b .tltdof a soo qtoio ttltityd idit i tl ldl o i ot llll tl,) ottu i tn tno i's lie ti h to t' ill, k rtl sia thotitlll itu tot,td h tt l I w .a t~ic trhis' jI 7. size lu' ts of lo,. lp tet 'ltnt o litli,,; io chibL rel '.. I, 'tl't tttll. ' s I lt t ctkt It l thn o tl haol', oit itt Il ttlls, wi h g,'C e ll IlssI tin il o .s till Int m 11 'I 115 assortli·F.ll tl will he replenished by I th. arrival of t'.tt h packt(sll'V( 'l tilnabe lllllt ' n d ities, nl of which S it' st olo on ttlletllho til t s.'oIo , ottt I -ti f MO< NTIAG IH,? LB./IL I..I ,OI THlE "Tl'l+THl. Snllr I. IIrc E cs lfl·:.+h,d le lsoct lon a l~ld ontm fIly Ct:t-L |-III l|. Sel''ltV( o:r " t i1,6 tcllr pa~llit' It< lti*/ tlr· Pll sul-tll' iIbthr ol ,r it , thle t Amltlet tlt'll o tlliot'. Arrt' ll' lltllil to lo tdi o Iioto s ilt ttt ttio s in all t ile llll nal citio an tow.n in the, Utt iC t d Stitis, so a to place it ithi ith re<i ot th to poe s o to.l i ygnd lkely Ito tlt r tii l los 00rssnItoal tth,', Ttooth-otlodhoe. o" When applhed atccording to directions given on bottle, it luts never failed to · llbrd innediate ii llt t to relif It llc rrests h e d I e tiv t'th, rlieve thnt mteltss hi& h so l. l lt S r otloers i .tr'ol toItotolo The t lltpiltli. aiIo rlto(o tir, slttltt leo innocetti t ll t . i t t I leso t ;t a, d thIt, large n onher of l persons un tillbrtnt s1 ctin oflllll. | th co ntr,t t t I o t.l r ttd oxprieot nl d oo l d lit tht (ndsalll my ot' otllt.s tIrioo tlhus ofht'l ' tlonlt rI' r\Clll to hb'ar (f'the public god) their testitn to do nu ritlll d totalit s. It tttis gol dian reo edliV, " h' l iAR\IS &e ANDRtF\W+S, mr. 5 ___('or Co'mmon lind T"hach~lioul.,se - from ~EW letrt1KSto h' hksoh 1035k nr the ,I I.lItt, lottM, nohttok t\+oit cltct odrltit thr anthoti In l or nl t dl t uI t tlkll T IJ V ll (l v tl p ll ir ' `l'tlh,+oi t~llr~ l irl &t,.e'tll. 111? " | ~- l I '± I)tgtt 'It. |{illll d tlllrl l{+cctdlcc im ofl( p l it+ [Itu i·lllt+ll o[ |'(llllllhil "I l 1. 111ll l l:lt+ \e+|F 11;3 tlit lflt <l osooll l It;:+' I I~ l lll ( . i.<)_+ ut a ythiso 'the hnwdil`ff illil tr I i i, (11• i1,1; y, 0 jutcie m or anl hy i \Vd I cion A+.\ I,-\T I' I'I IBILi|;A 'I;I| INS _ ...... . (.- t(.M+,'E.I.,~~i iln Itl)tui al~ ~ I1Vt.,b it uhr (OlThltsoICE.-ThLnnly o lhsie).vra paht Ihsimec, an mI 31 | ll lS nstgnee...i; "G.t ' 1s. iv ll , ' f r~tl. i, Cr toi Srtv + 'l, iiI i" ~ l'.[t'n ll~l It - .. bi)J" lrenttlll;l~~li*+ Illy ie7lTs t'l+<, +4 11 In)al I s' m llcal+ f h~llilO. iii++tl-S *. x, Jee is"|:f ,,,l i '~ JUSTPUBLI.SHED FROM nr RiEOTT!'tr PL.ITES, 7the 1'ilh Idiliontf ROtwI.ETT'S TAntit:S O1 INTERtF.ST: I TUO hichI is now adotid on Aeraoge 'lime (oClenl' tor, or eosy metholds f, fimting the avrulage' ime on storage, notes of Ilhal rm ills of gonnls, a hen ptI' e - chased at different dates, etn lilterent credits, todo fr ariml amon ; hesIdel a ItIsottll idoll ompl.t liatnkin ;, Time Inll' oe, the Ieot tht can he eontrlived. or tihat fi gores( cn pr wh.ce within the same conesnd comuls, and size of tpe. Ant nt'tr'riesenrt in the hook is in nertly the follow ing wr'ds: 1Tie high distinction thits work has receivettd lthlYngh the ten Iogirlntive nets prefixed to he title page, is a re commendatioin in tself, sto ncmom n,, and, so ocl site, th ( nothing is ecestary more that, by wa) of dl vertisement, to given codcnse.d v'ie of snme of its pe Ellli:aritiel.S::l'.Je instal ce, t It h t'rest has been con I pos eld lioman.lld ctnIo ired itlh, what is equivaltentto ftll teen sets f 'e]culatiole, exclmie'd in the press thirtl five fintes, anl priltled from 'terroelype plates tehsted thirtytt-one times, flmn a't which it mnst he evident I even to tile skeptic (eo.eit.iallot hI, the .soo otlo. te-n tall of proofin tile tprelite) th.t the work most tle arith- I ,etinotlly ioldllible, and in confirma'tion of this beliiefa premiuml of two hlnndred and l filv dollars, is now offer ed ftr the deteetion of ta enrror offa cent ill tle ptresent ol fifth edition, as explessed in the preftee, nlaking fite latge premions o itfred or the samlt e rto r silnce te ilirt t p.hliettimlt in the )'enar 1W2. One of tht most colotpicrlott f·otlln'es of the tables is inthe tIrrlnogemetlt of ite T'ilme anal Atinltootst, which for expeditirns, rofetrece endlloerspieiity, with Ithe help of the side tant index, cannot be exdellel; andl the saliy ty and esae with which the in:ceresl em hoe fotnltl,t the extent of general bmsines, wilhont doubling of sols is tlsides a convenience so essential, that il the esllnn tion of some oi hle monst completent Iant prlctteal bllSi. ness men and ptllllie ofn'ees who lrivl Illlaee Grl·ent uls of the work, it Ihas been dittigeisted bytlte hotol:ttle appellntion tiofa ''lstterl. pieoC'. Amlo consiilteitg the infallibility of tle tletlhodl originlally nlolptied it eomlposring the work, Imlo thle :xtraordllinrt'y nlmber and vlariety othle examinations, and tests of every edition it Ihonspasert illnthepress, twihningthe pes Gilholite wholeh is inI stlreot Ipe, cnsidtelr.g, in ittf , t, e positive aeclrettly sem'lr'd by the unpretedclleted means pll llo)nl, lhl vOo' lnme has been heldhalll and emphatically styled " tih most wonderltiu book it, the teonk;" most certainly 1,, maiean nlmea figote work of the same extenlt, which since thile beginning of retion, has had the same nul1 btor notoi vrielt of tests ill 11ie stamle omi.t'r of ednitlors; n, not halfthe ttultetr, ast is clearlt y shown i the tetsitdes, as test andl standard, it has been ried aNold pre'ed 'n tearoloy dl the hantk and public oilicos in the UIjttedo Staitnts, olilllt h o it lhflic goetnallTy, ldurin'g the long perliod of thirtsi-Ftie re.r, yet no error of ihe I'oIt olly ch:tlenged by the olk. of vr t rge r, tniln'. T'he bonk is it, het expessl, optel by all the nn'ts oflaw c{ setlal ofthe: Shales 1,s 1h " ate of edculhtlon : ll'.lilollll rlh .re "'l," "va lso ht lAW loot' t h ili il tx l acemtlitgs Ithe. book is usIIC, lnd as L 'oly he as'pee , ill part, hy .,o," na0,es of" the .l dht no a fi w of h'c snllbeqtllent l pircllnsers, i. n the I tl I l iht e'lh id of t Ihl hook, isiIn teol'ionlll Ctot tvertl classIlf t itizc s in every gItlit' to elof Ithe Unlit cd Staile. It ise ltl'oteovt'er well known thIat, bly its enrlyt check, it o l ft1ilkotei l lrge et1'oo.., lleong fter tetv w te iadlle, t Iet b tiellI moost cIuatTid unolo innet n npeln lI aritlmclim ians, ftat its uisetlllnless, alll the tlhbsolte ll,' crassity 'ill its Itus., hIavt. Ilonl exhenaity ly inelisted itul aI so Ievilont, iceed, iate nonl , its ondnotoge, ud it I sanvillgs, that, sevtlrr n..rga whlilst tlhe firstl editionll wllns s.llce, nld illout of prili, a greail' t llli r of secondllll and purcrascd :t varioils pr ices, as lhey could 1c+casi on ily ho picked l i p at from l 'lbo to 5o 5 per copy' , allil persons hve recen.,y d"ehl.''d, :an "nillinstac coold Jeiotldt that they w:ltt 1) ,: 0., Sl(N, nnl ' 3In for : t' , It not t bhe had tt.l least , ui il a't indiid nlt ill he L itTil i s ll +,eht , ly, le ing at hle tsa, n iinet xtbbihed ntisinaclot+y prot, tott,.ral perIoni rlr sent that to hilm it was mrally wordt tha t no,,y nd mare tlloihugh the eating oIt Ii tern oaloable time, It ieiliiln iT ery rich uli ltaidl il l p hlic fiic. It is likwsc worthy :1"f nooti'.elan I ndeed p1ro1 r tli impre o, tnht such is tllo o inture of ige work gene.l .ill orsi lipecitlivt' when of the eitent '+ld iLlportll ce (o these to clos, thathad htol b, ok or ll I ke berm prepli ed ii 1 t k lat n ll ourlnill , lv t/11 most colinle t I tit ctn:llolla l in ttt ' o rllltt altt it i t pr'inl d Iotnl alinllll rLos his& oilt l'rit 'Itn;I Iof lroof i hehts h fWre n wlh , in r e :., t t"l' ý a li p l tilldl " qlll .oi I .il , ttt.t, o i g o tt, i f ,, r Il thtIito, tll l *' lli tolo. . 1i3ri b = I Ilr!p ex .plai.v , ill h li't 0lll, :hlino,,, l.' the' ter'el"; pct ptltes o tho1 w oh U - that i .n' , ihetn, it. th" l. l rt o, :,o" e o,, dill r i .o t li I t tio t elillt 1t 00il0o 1' 1i , Ie t i itr l p it .i' .I1 ot tt I il' ll VeAiiple olits to ffh11 obth ,tttuok. Ono stl, emou" ct1 %l tl .tl Wl t l t at ',Bllow ilt e 1,it hlto e, wt ,iet , itlon filo'h a tol , ltoit oot ,iece1,h1. h ,bolo 1 .,il Heh i lcr 'li llnlt i r '('l'hll. [he 1.1,, I:, .t fl l II". , "f'L nll ,ll itt In (ltor' ft, li lii tO a1.f t t etr, to t'. It rtoto msoole to E i io it n o g ; l',t. t! incmmn tt t v (ftl h .0iork, thith wasy t hýel ie Il 'oif illtel'lrei st 1: 1,-9 e ill il l ll' ll. li l d llwe l ia aI"o. -e ye'Illtau 0 la hml , {ash been , r. Ir ini y :IIIc c" I ,'a Leehn' lty lots, of I alll rI,?l' thlo'.and d, r,] 1,, u, s six .wol. l ile I'mrlmu Ii JU to 4, s0us.inl-d .it ' r t'd ion. 7i.t ,'n1 opie s, arislng chiuily h i.n 11 phhl' a= m tilono tflat lim to t an under pricet , In tSon nlyor hi nf mc nllil n itio i or prolil for lll osil NZlS I IhI ' lef 0d'- r, A !)oi I n il sacr lice. H htr hforee io u tho r o t ill relhie. on Iht lisa'ei'ill andl ill ncl ro ilt ofiihe po llie I,,1r ar intui l ririh,- f ul u rlli le,, in (i, fI roi,,.', n St I 'rv li"l,, NEW IWO ,· Ito l.-'ibllel. l i Ib nrIh. "l i 1 ll lo mllll il naile bt, W 1 1 ti A Iq\ '; l'u'il \FI"IIr'; Li (\,llIIun Iillili '",uoii 1':x -] trac.t l'.: .r..aparillx, for Ihoe u t, 1 m" i .l, cruplii n.s of 1th ski; pimp!,n. or pI,,luht ,f it, l'iv'e; bile,. wh h ar so r at, impure ,t u rt heI Sblood; dscaly e0,l oll .s; p i. 1:lholl bll es; cllhromell arheumnatism;l to 1 r; sucrofila, or kinl;g' evil; Alt swv l ulin ; syph}clllh Ilseas,'s, ad all tdilslordrtl risn .g trJm an nullrl e sillte of LthI ild , !ll" a tolng r'sidem11 iln hot eilmate, or lUe inj udic lous uTse ut Also,-Cav. C. Schutf r'. \ Worm Syrup, or In. Bu'nt l'reservative: the twst prepm.t lioo n.o, t xtalnt. Among which are tih followinph:-I-diall liy, for col ring the hair; Bhure', thl; Ruhiau Behar's Grease; 'lmaltul; ihtaws Froeedo Wash: Sit. perior Pearl Powder; Lily Whit,; (;eam of Ro es; Vegetable Rouge; lotto of Rose; Lip Solvew; Kre. ositl, Tooth WVasih; Carbooic DUeutlotic; (Jirangu Fl, Fiawer Water; i'otyowdr Ptltll and Isx .; Aiter, e ican Charcoal, nealy pal ilp in four nee vials; LP oston Salls; Cologne; IKroosntf Jooth-ache DI)rJp:i; hair Iirushtes; Eiglish J)ro 0.g Conbs li,,n U lair Oil;-with a variety of >Lher Purfo ilterlee, &a. For Salo by L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TRINC .,ARI), Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets 1B()YI,; \t MAY, Illlllsr, SignI, andl (Y, PdinlesIs, N-(SC ar-mdl e street, (so duo&s. & &, Imilatri nnsl of 'ho hllol\iilla riollls and n 1171·Lsrxt e,;utet io a miInatut' I wannerr wooloi wtit I "l''"d A llol ,,! la ) 11. 11 I\1:1: I )A, (,i 1ill, and llello, Pln·s, ollar d do ~i-, *,crl C o, I I mle ,.,,...,,., , I iol t Bills Es. rrl~, I s, lllr los : III IIC1 o1t1' sal. W 1 o o*,'o! I laid-W'II - ,.,,M".,, , II II. ., Yer," Troe, Itallil~ ellllClian \\ ilel(~il ( tilolulr olle n" ll. "t Ik Sinn,·o ;, and Il l L.Jielle lLIa\ IIu~~l I~llll- Wood, An Iliil.cll u FTo (;l ey, lb n IF Pitt~s,ý"'I'I:1:I. . I!: Y Y(111. S -ll/l ll lnl mud II~ I'lle i, m, well a- l 1 51 11 IN, m ol~r ll ll 5 IlII·, ill ,,d il l, nail rod. lilll iil Itllil ill I,,·l .i.;IN"O ill I III· -iIII( 111(,1 11· 11.1. hor 1 llow tsars-, land and \\ .lil \\ lf1. n ils . in~ 1 Isl '(·il lil 'l'ine, hl ·lu·k I;I', m ll and yillrioll stone ,, salt klil(ll I1I Ih l -,', ,,'-,, In u sh , A rils, rises, Il~n Ilrll ll fllo i rs N ir, shI t F ~ gadlrled :, Co T.lln, uts Sapsndi 1"a'd an )t mi a o l g:,li e m d , i, "Otad hahngcly r aaldl' MIAIL. ARHA i1V MERINNT Natta l i. t Evrt Day at I4 II. Norter Mail, C It I ly n at 10 A. 01 " / dAY. ly 1ma-aa- la v ttaaaaWalataa tatn Wetern' Mail Vr I i yWedrlday a.t by . i Ithe Ckla.e tv Molndta, Wednelda The Lake Mal( i ptv D 'l P'lm l Tlr'I'tllltirday, a vta C'lta~n' rrvry Manllnr, Wednesday "EXtI'RI:tSa 9MAIl.. 1'IME 11IF AIRIVAI,, ,IEPAITI'IIUR DISTANCI &e. fIfthe Expra1atl Mail, betw" a lnoile annl New, Ioik-leavirte Mobil dail- fit IIP. 1. Northwar New York at ly nl 5 1'. iM .Poatlwnatd. Arrivt' Arrive Ntrtltwardl. I)iltanrE. 'Timet . ett'rna'g Maltnlgllom rt, Ala. `p liti, I!i28 m'i 23 It 1 i,. C( la aabt, 1. j 4. Ii Ill t 3 a. in iMilldagill e . (a. 2 133 1I41 24 p.m ('Cllltl iC. 7t aln. 16:1 174 10 llalt-/al ,7t :N C. 251 22 12 Waenrnton, Va. 12 t. 5 t it I'trtt ilhiltag , Vt. 1 p . 03 10 On. i ,',itt lt n, I, .V... taat. ' .61 Flledllerivka burr, 8 67 7 I p m, Wahitatoaaaatt, t.l pm. 61 6 5 Ilaltiah ore, - il :8 4 o0 Ptila/delhia, 1; am. 110 11 2 New Yotrk 2 pin. 00 E4 13:05 143 h. or d 23 Northwardl. ('onii Solthal rdrtho tinm in six hours leas; b!ngs" dt.Y l-itl 17 itart . IN isil.LAIIS lIEWAlil. R ANAWAVY fiom If9 Caaadrollet corner of Ilehri . sti.tls,a tlo night of .llah of August, and woa an the nxt morninaga iag aIaylraa atrett, a negro boy Iallllltd :IIAhtlI.I: l, latar 17 yanra of age, and Sl fee or the'tnllaaIaata ill hlti:ht, very blnak, anai hatan imped ittttt in tt alpet:/t h, natt oft Ilgt s l is sore, ocEaaioned hy a recent hlril hll hnd on wlheln he went away n wiie cotton or linen shirt and wlite cottol n patntalnont. Masteras of vessels and steam oartt are cautioned a ganst' r'eceving or harbolritng nail neglo, a- well as all Iotl'er ptront., as the tlhe i tIst riaour'of tf e law will ba I albnrcl-d aangait them. The above reward will be pai fordalivi:ting him into any of leta jails of either of th. municipalitie8, or at Ifl ('Carondetet, corner of liev.i T I'i-'t:i:--l t'he ca-naaa,-la-i I/t, i a axi-ting, lrlIllr IIth firm of ull aaoi ' t G tIrreat, t.h t Ioll !itsolvr d. The aubao rilrr will liquidate thLIEalffirsao I the conrern in thifs cit, aild regllira a al Il,raona inileh c larlm , t prt ro'en )lat itall fr sattlattalelt. -I t II- t . ... . . ItAR ItI'T9I()N. W. W. SWAIN.- SAo. 1l('anal Atreet ,a-r O}rlarats I talaaaaa la aionda roll ta'aitly k rtatri-a/ a/a l ti va, (:i i c t .li t lt t'aaasaanlto«trti t iaa l a liltl'f-a. IES, .\uito.«y, crude, Argola, re-, t till rlguts, Anattto, St. . Arsnhic, crude, A lm, ltdo powdlheret, Ill'zil lte wno/ w, -!als--a tcopa, ia, Cochitcal, iart a,;aate, Cope'tas, Aatri*ati, i re.'fh il(jultll r, H'imstolle, OllCrude, Fastic, Tampio, dlt roll, do Cuba, d!.. fhowar, do Maitet Ilirtlll th, French borlips, CiasIter ii: }Inlign, H ngal,. (:lrnm tartalr, to llnilla, (anthnIrides, de ,-l a tacela, Ium ltle Lea, do (;l:tamnlia, do A i LoIwit Itn:lll )lltCyea I o asa lwt idt, dot St 1101niltgO doI aImie, ,Rnlo Jralrnicn, ido be, n7ilh (Camwood, do copll, romg, aM:ldt r, ombin, do scrapel , :lico. I r.t nti , llnl , h, do S Aaerac, do o, do do rit d. o imt,:h. 1 do gaincumt , CHJII :lMICAd.5. ado k- oit A ill,.'itta llt a' tIlltrl - Ill i do t" c. h t r I at, t M "t:,n ta , IS. "ali h, 1 mh. . - . Sd," rtns, iuhl r p pt ao I~np ,tt1 ir' l' ab:! , ,.l "i lll, lr Aalp 1otaa d:, I. (,,' ' I ..t ll rh ,, .I , .hhlag-ta e, a sht - , L .'" , i P AINa I.aa . II. 1 h:M, lai- -, f s t!it , 'tp- : ' {>, I .t i a', I t t t S tm p:! i, t1,, ll gt 1'i .111r , t , bor; , at1 tb ,ta til a it d,, s, rpt ,, l i,., I .tln¢t , a ll v I rt-ata ', t sl -illtl -a, tll" t, a t-aIn ' n i 11 i" , 11.11 . 1 1 1 t , 1;. €1 1 1.8 .tf d : tic, !'' e,,l, th }' . oir, a t , ,: ng l e, i ti t , 11 1 1 t th r i l , th y , F .g L 1. u'l, .],. \V '"aa I t taIt Ug , tltll ,,t d d t Hi t ,' IxD I tt y . -tia a I, I tm att I " I- d.l--, titt ltaar tla IarI talaa a t t at Inaal.a ais l'laaawatiag t-t d tI atai. I a atl r al I atltin alaIaI IaatI:tt aatIaa- S a, J. 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