Newspaper of True American, November 27, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 27, 1838 Page 3
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OP EVERY DECRIPT'IONT IPEEDILY,HANDMIIIfELY AND CIIEAPLY EXECtITED AT THE OFPICE OF THE True ~Imerican, BT. CHARI.ES SITREE'T, NEAR POYIDRAS. u123 TO LET. , A coA veirnt twl storv dwelling House, tall& s cornAer .f J.. Johe ntd Perdido strrate. For s paurticulars apply on the precises. WAN IlED HVO lireor purchnse a oon Conk en, WaiV elr-wo-n Anin. A1ply at the coiner ofCatlup lld dillierte streets. uov--i0 " _ HOUSE, FURNISHING S''I"RE. B . IROWERI & Ca. hae oi hand at 3 their exte.ouive estnblielielct, No. 17, Camp St. and Ul Conou stLreet, e very large aj.'rtmet t of house keepinae articles, corsittiug of Earthernware, China and ilass; Irass and Steel Fire Setr eand Felders; Kitchen, Utensils; iron, Tiu, Itoodware and Baskets; silver plndtd, brittonia and japanned goods; lamps and chaodcliers; knives and forks, and house fuTra.kifagoods uL genera, wliclIttltey are prep red to suplel at redecrd prices tn plriate dwellings,, htl:el, rhip, stetabtlbluats, at. New Orleant, Nov le, 11:3 MIRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Reatoerd from 17 Customhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR To T. C ARLES THEA'rRE, CORNER OF POYDRAs &. ST. CtHARLES STREET. an9--1838. '1U ILENI'. T HE four story fire proof brick atore in Camp atreet, at present occupied by Messrs. A H Vallace & Co. The three store brick store at the corner of Bank Al iey alld street, at Ipresent occupied by M1essrs. iHeath & Cuo.; the third et ry belig fitted for a bed Also, tie 'rd story of tie brick store in Bnek Alley, 4tI dor fron tthe last eated-the id alnd 3d atoriens well fitted up. Possession to b.e given on the I st November next* net5--tf CiHAr. A JACOBS. COMPTIWLL.ER'S OFFICE,--I.UtUt, MUNI CII'.ALIT'Y. New Orleans. Oct. 10th 1838. AGREEABLY to n resolution of ithe Council; dalte '251t Septethber, li311t, sealed prIpeosals will bh reerived at thie oflce enl Tteledlay the 27111 Ilay of Nnvebaler next.,r 'lThree Iltuedred '.tthousud Dollars. Bonds of this Municipulity, payhile ai thirty years, and belaring six per ceut ler utnntn interest. The il terest iyablea senmi-anmtally iu Laondon, New York or New Jrltteanl s mlay be agred on. Tie IlBlds to ae for $1110 le a, if llia ilnterest be payable in the Ulitedl Sates, adl Cfr £50 sltg eacil, if' Ite interest be payable in Ltondot. Tilea iroloals to be endorsed 'Proposalt ler bondsl.' JOIIN CALIOUN, netl l Comptroller. ldreaa de Cunaroleur-Seconde llaeipaliae, 1 NouvelleOrketsllt III:lt 182U. (-ONFOILMEMIENT a uoe resoluttioe deuCoineil CJen date 111 25 ,ltelttbtre 11131, des olfres ceclrlters serout recuas ce bureau juscqu'u tlrdi, le 27e jour de uvaeltlbte Irucluilt, pour trolrtst Clrt tille ilasres des Ilonds de u ette antcilta lnite, pyahtlu dlns trrente ale, elt partatl tll interet de six pour entlt l'a, t'ioteret uynltle liatr aeieetrr dls ,I.tltlres, Niaw York on a a Iuuv'i e rletll, oUllU er . era cuvellu. ebuns dlovellt rtr, Ilur e ielll piatrescnllaqae i I'iutero[cr t teyable drlle ies llt.te Unie, et pour deux cens eim(l loUto ivrce sterliog o'ils sont pnyubles a Londrcs. Iee _lFroleiosiuui doicuot etrradressees- 'Propouals fur a 1ollds " IllOct JOIIN CALHOUN,Couptroleur, JIEi,'l" R.ItN At ADE,\tY. RLEPAILAT'O Y to J lforson Col ose and to oth Sera eotltucted by lI. Lirttet,L L L 1. Exchange Alley, between tcanti tld I)ieville. Thit situation was tbe nost eligible that could be fount bei,. etutirely liee Irtln tle oies of thle strelas nld Ilte ralllilg lr drnly tlltd carlriags. - 'rlle gl't ras All dllly is divided intolu two deplrt. iieelnt The Junlior r elerlelltary deparlltint fur the vlariots brallcllch s l'olntuttt edueclion ill Flrencll alid i n Englilh- l'te Seticr deritlrtlilet filr Latin, (direk, Malthilatica, &e. Punleuality, order untI discipline are strictly erltllted atld otbserved. Terttts. JittcOt ttetartttc'nt,per Iuott; $10 Natier do 15 lt. Ita.t , lhes, paper, &e. chareed separately; 211d. A otthettl ttte begtt, to be in full; 3rd. N, deldulctliuel for ualseeter ftr tur lolid.: 41hI. i'nytll:lnl to be IIildl regularly eery llonth. Sleoul lture Irllrttl 1-Y ct 3 o'clock, lxeelpt 'lIurs lay.. epelt _ - - IrI- , - -" /ralll Uihi' Irsieird hit, rremoved hli Notarial ()Ofice j tolhe Vecrada, II .j Cl Ibarloe street, bctrerucr cUIIII . dl. lll d sis. l WILL.IAM C(IIHisT'Y. -'Ol1 .ALI, Hai, &c. r i urlllog, lawiong ailld Grin T dolle as u .uul by _J. O' I' . j A IRVAIII AI T'11 Ky rn -Ii 40 I'oydras at A 1Bit A11AM 'rhlER, iirovti L40 1'oyreo at "- Y e I te- it- l- I,rnilr, r-4ll)0 balerl EIatern l a, il, II 1,orr' ,ch(rr--300 IIIbarrels 33",,0(i ft. Northern Piine Boards, froml .hip Liverpool. I landig and r sle by EVI GALE, LEVI II dALE, no 9! 9:3 Csimon l t fL 1) N i'RiiT'ER-l- ca ka tiet BrowniBO out -I received per ship Crele, fror il.iverpool, for sale hby IIOLMSIE &1B MI.I. , noi9 9 Bank Place - AIN'I'S1 .-t4 prllk agez . c.i l aiai og Verdegrir, rnd J title bllck, arou wdl oil, laidiig lirom schoonl er Da-o vide Susribers or aat wholesale Ithe Bflllwing goods. HoA'S--1 caesl moleskin silks, as kIt idLes fNo aL edo do 001 do do No do do 100 cises best No 3, fasortea d izes and brims. T20 Ho eaver, a superior article; 50 do Fioo Nutria; 5 do0 Extra do 00 do Bla00ck ado doi:e RusNo o sia; 100 do beskrat No 3,lney lr broad and narrow Cp 50 do Fi-Fur, Oner, jur ieal, Ntra, uskral, and ha)r al, in Etwo dozen cases. Sl200 o lock n hie Rui;tte. Clo th Caps--Pickwick, Polish Avril's hat t bri, , for Leo ndontey tsorade; top Sdo Chilkdrensoilkand Russid Hotsallsiz. Cp-Fitary nfiler oress, ea, Nn, akr, nd ado r pater, is wg dozen cases patrs. tocklo-al Ca ik and ic, Polishn, ol tAr neatet - Ftyresorg, : :Ulnbrellae--il k r and cotton. Mlilitr ary , oiled re ik. ilk adkerie and Spiledg. d above gFooy 1 urbane, Plaid ade stok, etnd all Frthe lat patterns, and will be at l ad Snelo- wit Silkt and are oi New York pries. ate ubribrs illtake orders r soul wesn and UTebrl iarkesi For the houctt. of osup n Co Hal litNavaloe, ilitary, and Fashi.nable Haters, Silk Iadb oi-og Ee a chane HotelSp ld Bano ervlloefor aodr, ndoble foe darlegoodst TI. heie Olergo30,od allos a large ol rb ard all If the tt patter es-- d ill a onl at a oa ad lnseeit cornda riu harge arc Ne York thprie Loue subinb Lere n ill take order for Ios ordlbl, fisor then T P Mavuvri, aarket, for the ofA ow Isoip & Co., Hatn Manirfactuers, Ner York, eaid atrthe shortest possible Naval, Military, nod Fashionable Hatiors, i s-trun "ilisre EbJOHN p.eCO, o 1I cur t Ch Strles Cir:otnmon sat SALE O- -30,000 ga.ll- s .ir ale oil nor rale by b S P HDOISNEY, OUSIANEW MUSIC. ir, il ti seent lstory o a uina Wallere , Ia crnr a;roonelel ad I'ori daoo, arnder te die tionu. ainha ,Leiodrsi; Jaeger AcO oce! pe tide hib fr hof (ierA. ios ig erve Coal 'Iolles ofilhe nortprennd, by Gis P ravite ooae or aie lust celebrated univeroalisn ','h ..... ta l,,da ... bpE JOHN & CtOsemar no. Tle lsicl cudepart Cliarl, eon pre smoding th AYSi-a few imrr a n hador.ale, r Te demrll o moellangu in ehieh u. The Inaimttion cel and rdirtiophn al dyoprg gntlse corinerl ehofCreoililet tera Poiednc, tryihnder twohe direionom etrihe withi thi o r i iriterol a olo c ntlion to Survin inel gritr illastcriue ofi te ppro celbatod ueipe ecsiies Tie incored oflid itiedd to fhe puruid it Ocoemory 1. ev 'iresident eHANNOrtn, Ie.rliana Coll gte acakin,. r Te cl a I.UZEparteGt, coreeding h lti d C d C(icIuk N EIgages. f. Tre dr.r-nctrni-i ot moodei itloguages, ir ic wirlhe taugh ,lhe Frchr, Spail arid German lai 4. ' Ireroteo oandpiloopliadetom:lto nulie C,, oruen 1 dies, that he has received per slups I aitye-eI alid Murengo, a suppdy of tull und winler iAilli oirv, ulo the lItent and riche-t inatelials in Patit., which Scallnin expects to have upened and ready ltr exalte ilution on Monday and Tu'1'eday ei'It. D P1'C SN'AN, nov.a '._r _ _ _ .; -,r.. I EITW MIJSlC-is'ec llo. die- l Ile l to telld .l ,you Ier Itrume-'Thuu iltil leartl to love Another Sweet ,Altoin Water; The knilghi's Farewell; lie pas.o en her inl srrow; Hinda'eLamnenl; 'T'hey have given Tl'he to Another; Lovely lady Mine; The Brida Tlihe Ilroken Henri; My flenri it all Aleone; Oll! Men 19hit silly things yvou re; Oh I coulld love 11i; il(1! Patrick, Flyv froint e; That lhon art live Iv clh'll denay; Think ' lyv Love, Oi!. Thlik of Me; cYu tllink I hlve a merl v Henrt; The Vhit~ge Song; I'he sIhi in ready; T'le Silver Sloolnc No core ever grieves sie; Not lor Mel I've been vhere fresh Flowers ire Springl;in I deorly love Thee ' free; WHooddn ,iilnpre ihali liee; ' lhe \Vild Albatross; Rise IFuries, IRise: tue rof Jecsey; The Minstrel woo'd a hCeauteius Maid; The Guests were bidden; iMy a'ucthct I.Land; The lMaid ol'the Mountlain' Mi native .ove; M v heari's beat tree sure; ly Wedfuand Bride; Mine lotsi bhe i silent Tent; M y childhuood's hiulsa larewell; TI'w Greenwood Tree; Siluomen Loh, a cwulic song; Site wict a wreathll of lsesa; MAi prelty Jane, Juot received and for sale a( B CASEY'S Piano Forte and Music store, novl 19 Cintp c t NOTICE. rIllE Office of the New Orleans and Mobile Mail. I Line is removed, freor. under the Exchangec Hotel itL No.78 Poydras street, at which place a letter lbg will be kept open unliil I-I to 12 A At. ler way lettcic dee. Thise fhuerMlii leindfurthir East, will be lt in he Post Office at alol ile. luvr CGEi. WIHIT' MAN, i E,.IN SYRUP in bltiEa oe 1 doz. eaclh fn ralw by l EAD & IIAEmITOW, -m AGNESIA-A supply of lleery'e Cnicined Mag ll esi, anud Blutler's Mlegneiai Aperiel, war ranted genuiee--just received by ihe saubecribers. SICKLES & CO, ont27 40 Caiiiiii t RNISHES-- A large and extensive luck Iroull Vi tie manucaetory of PB Stnil & Co. comprisieg in pert tieP folluwii g: extra poulishing no4 , dlu ao .; furnitire no 1, do no 2, do 3; coach vrnilsh no i, do nec 2:vawnish no I, 2 and 3 fur urdiuary use; black and brownh apnl, far sale by J ptl9 R. CLANNON, 12ain stpt NOTICE. IH1 E FIREMEN'S INSUIRANCE OFFICE lin Sbeen temporarily rcuoved Re moved to 45 Canal street, niext to Lie Merchuhat'i and Trader Baunk. ncvl- I.3.lVIS-La Ceen d'AAarnia Ine Llellpin eat tei lurueieimeiut irausporte an no 4e , rue du canal ji gneit il Ba nllqUe lea Artisans. lovl COKE. ,i IFE price rfCoke foat aeld after ile lIt day of . Ocutober, will lie lifty cenat per iNrlel i tile (ile Wiork' yard, and if taken i quntitnqies i l nlfu hun dred barrels, will ie delifered free of dryuayge. 'lhe advantage that tlhis article of fuel possesses o ver the aintlhracite aud hbitumninluas cual, igniting nuore readily thln the former, and free fro1I the apleteant mukei of the latter,ahould induceevery falily to akhe use ofit. Orders reei.ied at tie Gas Office in iBank Alley. E W WELlS, sep29 80C'Y. FAL, & WINTER CLOITlINtG. J P. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, MOugzine street, . are receiing their supilirs of Fall slld Winter Clithing, and will continue to receive shipments regu larly throIghout thI eaeneai. Their assortment being large will enull teuric to auilely nlerclnts froei tile iecuUntre. it the lhortst notice; fur ale wholesale or retail, oni w ccuneaoarling terlms. ejictl d SoTAlE O e LjOUISIANA, ARISI ICOURT far tile Parih of hde Ciiy of New l Orlaeul, Present tile llonioraile Chaerles MSt riun,Judge. iicctber25ih, 181.1, Ni. 112113, Wil. I). Clooer, ens. lic Creditoers. 'ho ei oun of propertiy by ie Petitioner i u~eMpr d Icy thie Court for the ibeneolit otlls(CredOilors: it is iodered thati a incetile of aid creditors be hlell Ieefire E. Baurnett, Notary Public, out '"ueeday, Ihe '7th of Novellier, 1838, thlen lad there tii dcliberatae or Ih flfirs of ithe Insolvent. Iu the mecan tlile all pr.ceediigs against his personi and nrou - ery arc stayed. It is further oldered thae Jno. ý. 'rvloec, EslI. lie aippianted t rlepresenlt lthe absent rcrditor in hi-i1 case. By oeder of itie Court. Clerk's Oficer, New Orleane, O251i Ocitober, 1838. A l1 GUYOL, oct26--3t D'v. ('l'k. 1l'AT' DE LA IOUISIANE-Cuti de plroisce it cille de la Nouvelle Orleans: Prevecut I'llIon, cuble Charles Meiauriu, juge-No ll,203--WV D Ceooper oceure see crenceioers--la cpetitill des prprli. es Ildu letitioilluaire yanet hte uc,:eptie lipar Inl olr iour lebddlle ire Ih, eed crahllcierc, Icil et ecr(ei. qiu lee aloebuhl.e de-dits crh.onciers uit lieu anc grele doi I Biurnellr, notiuire lublic, ucrdi le 27e I jour le av ,li Iire 11::, at 10 Iocun resuu lcnluw ilhal'u dtlelo cll'rer sIr lee ,,iVaircs dtudit ipet ionullaire, el ell a"th d llr u touts,, ir.ltile s cuclstr ae perl slccji uu te o roprchies sllic Par irdrI de InI Cour-llureau du Gleillier-Nlle Orhianoi 5 Oct 184.t. 26 act A 1 GiUYi 1,, Ilp. Greflier. aof the geuuiuc aerticle, iuat receivedl Iby ILEE.SI& l)'LAN(GE, _no l:3- .I , i rfrlrtn the lhip Salel. A eh1Inlid rticle II (C - Iogl',lut, il ru x rel ly for thie reltail lolld : ; l.+ tllh Lrest fPllllth ierlfumery, eluhraillg every vaielty forI the toilet, for sale by & I.EES & I)'L.INfE, nrl3 18 Camtp at A SELECT and fresr suiply of Dry Colurd t ev. er desri .tllr, for Srcene palinling; i() itlod Wta ter colors; IIrusies and tleiat tools, aid all extensive stuck lof superior VARNISIIES. Irln the manufactory af P B Sllliitl & CO.,eaillrrlirg in Nas. I lt2urniture; Ns. &ii & 2 cIoCh Vareliat , i. ld I & 2ordinary domestic Illau.k Jatlan, aendm Ilrowun do. Also, 2(U keps Crlioe green, inll 5 I1b. each, ground in oil, and 15U caunirsltera elprior French green, also l oil. 12 brrrelsa Spirits of l' urlel:rtine ad IlMiled Oil. Artist's Colors, &e. (Reeves 1 Son, Ltedoti,) and 411 boxes French Lake, for sale at tile "llnt tore of the sulbcriber. 10ONl)ELIAt, an:til2 511 Cramp cet"I. NO CURE NO PAY. R.JOIINSON, Citiae ill liienville , cstr-e iles is practice to the treatlment f Venereal Disease, n all its different tfraurs. Dr. Johnson, from a residence of many years in lnls pial ill Europe, devoted to the treatlrnt of Venereal IDiseases, and tfrom his present extensive practice in tha rticular Ioranch of the profession, guarantees a safe, speedy and effectual cure to such persons as are tloubled with anly of the following diseases, vi: Gionrrboua. tileets, Strictures, Chaincres, Bubos, Seninal Weakneaess, Af.liouns aifthe Bladder, Kidneys, Loins, Urethra, Prostrate Gland, Swelled 'I eticles, Eruptionll n thIl Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in the Joint." And the numnerous symptomle which generally follow this ilisase. Recent cases cured in two or three dnys without the use of Mercuri, iaterreption Irom business, or altera tion in the mode of living. A nmedicine to prevent Venereal Disease can be oh tained of Dr.Johnlaun. It is lirm tie recile of the BamonLarry, a celebrated Frernch Surgeon, and was used by hbil during theseeral eatlpaigns in which lie aerved as Surgeon General in the Frellch Arny. Solad by Dr.Johron, at his alice., Thlle pearon having any afer.tian of Venereal Disease, and sbhnlt taking sea voyagen, or removing to the country, would do well by giving Dr. Johnson a call, as proper mredi winets or their cure in the shortest time can be pat up witlr writtet directions ftor their use. Oficeoplen from 7 in the morning until 10 o'clock at night. ABERNETHY'S DYSPEPTIC ELIXIR. Dr. Abernethy, the greatest of English surgeons was of opinion that nine-tenths of the diseases that affect mankind originate in the stomach. This Llixir was sead by hinm witl the moat unprecedented success in his private and public practice for upwards of forty years, for the removal of the following diseases: Loss rfappetite, Flatulevc, Distention of Cthe Srem asch,Pain in tne side, Heavinerss of the Head and iecli nalion ta sleep,Irregularity of thie Blrwels, and itu all eases where ldigestiou or a costive habit is found to rhis nmedicine must not be numbeled among the host of quack uostruals now before tile public, as it is the sole invention of tile ablet andl most scientific surgeor Europe ever Ireduced, and tile secret of iraparhulg it was urchained by tile agent fur a very large aut. It is t agreeaole and ieasaant to tile ttrte, acts as a ltid aper irent.always keeps the bowels Ire, imnparts vigor and strengtr to the systeml, and cheerfarress to ilte ind, and a few bottles removes the most eallnfrmled leaes of Dyspepsia or Indigestion, and prcventsa return at any future Ieriod. NEW YORaa,17th August, 1838. 35 Mattdisonatreet. Sta:-Inconsequenceofleadilg a sedentary life, I rhave been troubled, more or less, with Ithigestiirn fora rel yearsi; ior the last three years lmy sufferlilgs have beernirsaupportable. I have tried several Iphyicians, and a uaumblerof quack iedicinels, wthrout deriving atny henefi. 1 deslaired of ever obtaining any pernatuet relief, and resigned myself to the m rst hopelessaa deas ,ir 1 was persuaded by malry friendis o tIr Aberrnehy'I lyspettlic Elixir. I have now finished the faUtllh tu l tie.mad kblnw not how Ito express nv ndlnirrrlir of its rollnderfl virtues and tre.mrnlircle it has lertarlitll in returiatrg le to e lit Ihalth whlrich I thoughlrt lo-t fut f ever. Send nle half a dozen bottles more. and texaett a my Ihnhanks fil te blessings you have collrtrcd Iy rey storing mn to ptllect health. I remain roaurs, JACO MiONtRe - The agent has in his possession reveral hunldred tihmonials similar to the above, of the exrtaolditnary tles of tlhin edicinte. Sold by appointmelnt, at I) Juhllsuilla 140 Biaenilla-etreet. e. - b NEW ORLEANS Steanm and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillmarn. t No. 89, Moreau (near the Potchartrall Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Suda and Wine Riscuit, SSugar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. d All tile above articles are warranted to be of the first quality, antd to keep in any climate, being comapletely kilb dried. AI.o,-Kiln dried corn meal.. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagast, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydrae streets, writ receive u, prompt attention. Small kegs put up expressly tor falnily use. 15nov JU7lST reerrived at tile Loaisialna Faurnitur Wale RlltOlr, 53 Ilieuvill slereet,'2i Maple atd Cherry lBedsterds; a firs rate article. Also, a glld at.sort renrt of Maple, Walitit, ard Plinted Cltaire, wllich will bu salhl for the o.+et cacnti iing. j1 53 ltitnvllrl eonat. For Europe. F'lt LIVERPOOL. S 'rite lastsailitg ship NIAGARA, clptlin to(:yI will hlave imt,e..iltte dsplaloch. For " i"2J PWtIITNF Y, o notv 2:n 7I Culup street. . FIOl LIVEIIPOlL. The A I slip At:I'IRESS, Tol, Tool, Muster, regultr trat'r a.n very fast artlerhavilg the ,ri eiifa part rkf hereeargo ready and going on hIoard will Iavre qi'k despatlh. For freigiht or ias age l:Ivillng comfllllortable lirnishlled accutuduliullr , up ply to thepainll board oU r to orL LEVI H1. eALE, In n 16 93 ('.lnto st.n - FOR II\VRE. To rail n the l25tb lost. S 'I'. TeA and very fastaliling packet shi ROCHIIETER, c:hs Owen, will sail a, s nbnIalve. For pissage, havlng eery Ihl nlun me aconlaolatnl Ita, troly to ihe 11stelr n lllrhmd, or to LEVI II GAI.i. nnv19 93 iCo lolmon st FOR II .A V I;l:. S The A I and fast sailine ship MATTA tit KEE.TI'. ptprague, requires 3110 bales cenon to till. L:,or frciglt , 'wlihieb, or as ange, having very hIaidsunie aEccomlnldlinntsi al- at ply o ,L H (GALE, a nuvll 03 (omlson at FOil II \VREL Thei A I superior .lst sailing ship AREA .TUS', Cptaiu Snow, will meett with itmmedi ate desplach.l For passageolly, having very laud:odue accummodations, alply Ito LEVI if. GALE, 93 Cnniotn st. FIlOR AVILE. , A superior A slp can take 300 bales loltnI if iunlluuiae .lpiip:ai.,n beu mldete L LVL I 11 iGALE, AgKIt, The tine fast sailing AI ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, tnaster, wiM have immediate despltch, and wants 800 bales cotton to com plete Ier curgo; for Ireight or pasl t'e, apply to L.EVI II GAI.E, oet: 93 Colrlron at. oct - FORHAVRE S 'lTheo Al ship ALLIANCE; Ferwald m ster: ba yintg all her cargo egegrted, ex elt 51100 bales cotton, for freight of whlicl a p ply on board, or to 8&JPWHT ( S &J P WHIT'IINGr ot12 8 Conti traet Coastwise. FoRK NEW VORK-HIOLMI.ES' LINE. To sail on Tuesday 27th Nov. The packet ship TROY, D. Wood, Master, . heing un. voidably detained will sail as aiove. For balance of freight 211t baoles cotton or the bulk thereof, or passage apply on board, opposite the vegetable market, or to H C AJIIES, novtf 40 Camp st FOR ST. MAIRKS. 'THE fast sailing brig MAJESTIC, Capt. Ames, Ihaving mnost of her ceargo engaged, will larve despaotch. For balance ol freight or passage applly to S & J P W IIITN NEY, iov2G 73 Camp st FOIl NEW YORK.-HOL RES' LINE. Regular Packet fbr 51t December. -~ 1IE ship ARKANSAS, E S Denltr, lMan. Ste, will sail on her regular day, as abore. Fuor h'eigllt or passage apply on board, first tirer elow ilth Vegetoble Market, or to II C AMES, noot26 4t Camp t I FOR NEW YORIK. To sail the doy slier to-morrow. LOUISIANA AND NEW YOIRK LINE. 1'HE very fart sailing regolar pakert ship NASIIVIILE, Wood. Ilooce, will sail as above. For freight of :i50 bales cotton, or the hulk thereof, or Ilmsoge, plyl tll the Captain on boa, d, two ti rs below the Veertable Market, or10 J D I1E1' - A COIIEN, novri 90 olCotllnsot t FOR IBA.IIMORE. TThe flst sailing chllr ,.LOIBE, Captain osey, all sail in a lew invs; for passage only apply to WM "PaR'PER. Snov4 95 Common st F Tl IIOSTI-N. The fine ship i01110, Cutter, manster, hav ing iort oflher crg ellgtglled, will have dis palchi. For balance of frteigt or passage, ap. ply un board, or t STETSON & AVERY, nov 16 88 Girvierst. 04FlJ NEWi YORK. Passarte O(ly. - the f.t .sailing IbnreljeIjo .fytlte, .pltoaln .alldi+, will lt dlslpatcliled ill a tiw days. For passage, having handsome tips, apply to I1. (AIoE, oInto:2. 7:'1 ,(onllllnst F. II NE2' YORK. - 'l. s f"lt etailillng new brig J Il':IFltiSON. , (Cupt. WItue, will sail it a tesl.ays; for pas sage onlf,applly to \V1I IORtTFER, _-tv l I b ' ati on i - l 1OR ) Pi11 IIINII , (IN . l ) F_-..'.g. Tl(" fsit olihi A I u pper f,-.1 n ta taw days, havinvlL lilosl of her cargo eaiTI god; fir revty freight and .~iI haleo cotton, or passagu, having huadsomle aculconnunodatiluo, t I , nova 95 1'omlmon at FOIl 1it)STION. S The ie ba e ENRY, I)ean, ipater, ii now r.eady In receive calro, anld will lhave IdaipatcI; folur freightor pussuge apply on board, tr to S'I'ETSOIN & AVERVY, novo? i (;ruvier st FOR HAVANA. Regular Packet. = The fast snilillg packet brig (;ANNI CLEFT, Capt. Walker, lopper f teed and cop erl'l, 19i runs, will Illmeetl withll delspatclh. T 'Phis brig is ntelided to ull as a regular packet, and ia fitted a snell iltllhle handsolnest la-,iter, fnr the at ennnodntiondtliof l0 pussoetgels. An experiel:ed coIn nanlider, attelltive servants, and atlle suplllplied w t ev ery luxury thelarket atfltlds. Fotr freiht or ltssugo apply n board opposite the Tjriangle sttres, or to ,VM P IR'i'E 11 hov2l 09 Ctttttion att FOR FRRIGIITr OR CHARTER. I 'Itt'tlt schooner Win. Allen, - mtstlro, 850 olar .urilhea, coppier fatteted; altply to S&J PWHIINKY, 1 itlov'I . 73 Camp stret. r FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER. e Three good Brigr, from 15tl to 250 tons suitable for sugar freight; atply to n~ 73 CJ PWVII treetY, ie uv` 73 C,_ . . . . , treet._ WANTED. A brig cabl of r apout .o hhdt for a nortlhern port; for freight abply to0 L H GALE, nov24 93 Common at For the Interior. FOR MANCHESIER, (YAzoo) (WaVtor peraittiol,) Fort Adamas, ANtrher. RodRey, Grand Gotu; Warr. realu atnd Vicksburg. t IThe superior steatoer CASPIAN, James IBradioh master, harino ud . dergone most thorough aoldl complete repair, will be ready to rceive freight on 'hursday, the 15th inst;and will have quick despatch. For freight or plassage apply to the tonaser on boarl, or to TU'I'RLNER WOODRUFF. novl3 2 New Levee N i--The accommodation for passengers, are excel lenlt and superior. FOR MOBILE. lThe regular pteket low pteaure . steamer GIRALFE, Capt. Swiler, twill leave the lake end of the Rail too every THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS, after the arrival of the 12 o'clock care, and on or re turn, leave lolile, every Tuesdayiand Fritrti. For passage apply on boart tto CAPT. SWII.Ell. PS--Vhellrevrer nautfitient ttlltcl of pjaeon ttgers offer tile fiiratlb will toucheat tIiy of the lnterlediate landinrgS, upon previous notice being gven to Capt. Sttlder. nlrv7---f ItL)GA\S, .--76i tar, contaiieg Mlen'st attll Boy's ille kip i Brogans; Men's extra sire Russet Brogat, MlettKip, Calf ln I water IrootllootO, land inrt freot ship Norman, for sale by ISAACG BRID(;E & Ct), nSv9 1:14 Maoazine s I, AlOlNS--ltt boarxes NI Iltoitta; 1. I 200 bf lboxto do do tii qtoarter do do dot t)10 drum.i Figt, landing, fof sale by tCIIAMPI.IN & COOPER, nov9 821 Julia rli.lEETIN;S &+*blrtings-12 bales Russia shel, ad 5 bales Lovwell .imInsrys, lauding fromn shilp Normaot, for oule by ISAAC BIItDGE &CO, nov9 131 ttila zlnt * ALLA AD DEEN MAIIOMED'S DYE. For chantgitg thl Hiltr, Eye b,rows, or Whiskers to a permanent Brown or BIlk, by one application without staining tle akin or the finest linen, just received by BUSH & ALLAN, 17nov Fancy Store, c. St Charles & Comn. Officeofle Fir.neo'o lasurroce CoCmptany of New Or'leens. f tHE Stockholdets are hereby notified that the rtrTH Ill'tiulltllett o theitr rtock'li die antd awttble on the 81h Deretmber text, t t the office 1 tle i otoatn.v E. L l'lt.CY. toy9 __ "ec'y. IOUE AU Dn i LiiNCL EIT)ES PO.1Pflthf: DE 1,0 NLI.II-ORIIEANS. SI S At tiontaires utltt par eot avis noititie:laq le SCinquieme verselnllnt stur lIur loltinll, rat dol Pt r dtvrarerre paye It 8 Dcelmbre pl(.t,llll anll Bureau de a Cotmp.ilgre. GItiv E I. TIt.\CY eretaire OK .\I.l..t-t11ti,tittI liaIIat rgarn, to(l btaxes Ohtot F ,' Ct\Vineaao l tx, rei Mouent Ex fehla lali sins, lul t boxes do. Lenluosa, '5 Iruils dt. Altnotll. 511 it tierces < ri.onaCt:i r + ie, t, tlt, .ie tw crot', and :,1 t. nv.: -in Poydran or t. tl ol n lcr , h J. P. FREEMAN & CO., 55ltesaln Cl(t.hig I(st.wfisbmeltt No.3, Magazine street, HAVE.cnstautlondhand a large supply of Cloth in~t tulculaýtd for the cou.try trade. Their an. sorttntl being large, uterehmta fromu the countr can be supriied at the shortest notice. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Cbartree. lsreet HAVE aeoostant ply , f every article ertting to geatleln 's drecs, 0f the lasttt style, at New York prher. de, 20 J.B. RBoss! SURGEON DENTIST, nor 8 No.33, Royal atrent. 8. A. PE (ROSSIER, MERCHANT TAILOR 67 Comnmon street, -EG:SO to infortl the pulbli tiut Iehaving purchased from Moesrs IIt)Utit, SKEtIGS & CO. nart of their stck, he will tontinut the business at their old ttend, op osite Billop's tHote;, where lhe thtpes to merit ha reo tftheir pjtrmoe. tihe htn uoadef arrangoelllto at tihe North to be tiptplied onuo.tly witih thle laostf and m.lost fasliooaele goods tur 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Ioydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTUREHS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps Of all descriutiont. IVAR.MI, COLD, AND SHOTIER BATHB Fixed on the most aplproved principles. MI.L'I) LEAD, PIPE,, &c l]':Orders dxeuted it, any part of tIhe Southeln States. Dr. ]obelrs 1F Lindoe. OFFICE EXCiAnan HoTrIL. im CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Poyvdra. street, K ECP on hand a enttotrt supply of lead Pipe, from 2 in. diameter down to 3-0 in. diameter, for ORL.EANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLLIAI GIIEENE, PROPRIETOR art J H. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 0, FRONT LEVEE, UP sTAIRS. New O oleans, Feb. 2L. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOI.E,+ALE ANLI RETAIL. IDEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS A~ND WIINDOW GLAISS, turner of Cotmmon anod ch'ottpitoulas streets, NrW unILEANS. NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDRIEWS. A large apply o Garden Seeds, warranted the growthl of 1837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, ale AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 63 WATER STR'I'EET. - mi rTII1E undersigned, having establiehed thelisaleo in dri l Mobile for thle ptrue ofo traIlltihg tlhe Aucin - aod Cmiossiol business in Its vrionu brachesa, Ieg leave to iorlnr their frilens and thIe poulic, that they are now prepared to receive co.ltnt nents, and mnke liberal dvances olo the same, ciheer Tr private or tuhlie sale. S OLOCIAN I. JONES, ISRAEl. 1. JONES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Moblile, Fell it, 1838. feb I SCARD. A SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAM TLRIER. ot. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding A comminision Merchants, No. 401 Poydras Street, NEW ORLEANS. They will devote their particular attention to the sale of Voestorn Produce. References. Abijah Fitk, Req. S (; Ill hohard, aIlrt 1 Slril,; New Orleans. A MBNthtt, Messrs. Kohn, Daron & Co. J I)& & I, iliams, ) rigg a,Wild &Co. , Boston, 'Thotm Vten 'eSq. Rhb, rtll Brlhers & Co. Ievcret &rlThouta. New York. VoPl '41 & Ml (itll. oi ' Stnfior & Davis. St Louis. (ilaogow Shaw &. Tutuml. S S Itider & Co. ) Ilawley, Page & I)unlap. Alton. ag A It Skidmore Req. lG I Marshalll & Co.--louivie. IEL aTORE. B. T. s'TON. E & It. T. S1'1ONE. dN plrwlardig and oummissiOn Ylernchase, FUItNISIi:RS OF SHIP AND BOAT STORES, No. 114 TcatouPr rOULAS STREET. N. w-Orleans. Relerencest R Mernrd. tAt.l., BAKER & Co. Boston EEanurZEI Voo. k Co. A. Bl MFtcH & Cot New York. It. PUTNAM, J" & P. OL..ANt, I Cincinnati, O. WtRIhHT SMITH IAVIDl STONE, Dayton O t..COMSTOCK & (CO. CO nlauon n N. AI.DICH, & CO.. Louisvile, Tky VILLIS, .%TYvNs & Cchrta, St Loui sMo A. B. laso, Alto., Ill. WmV E. wVITHOW, Itushville, Ill. at J. & P.P. F'ATtrwE.L, Bayou Sara, La. SoLoarlo HItla New Orleans. 0i _nn_2 DOYL r M.4rl3T DEAIERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, i No. 3 CAONDtILET STREET. ol E Fi.t:,t EN 'S INSUR NCE COML P o RIS S AGAINST PIRE. OF F IC., No.24 Mussont' Building, Canal sItrel. I EL TRACY, New Orleann, May lb, 1838. Secretary, WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Porwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to Layet & Atnelung, New OrIen G m24 In ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camllp slrerr, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, e ntl30 Window and Picture Gilss, &e. 4e. c T. W. COLLINS' ATTORNEY & COOUANSELLOR AT LAW. I O\Y practising in the State and City Court, Cli elnts will find him at nh ll Clerk's ulice, U S Cireuit ii Court, in ite Custom ilHone building. je8 re A CARD. T IIE undersigned have opened a house in this city, for lts ipurpose ol tralnelctig a GENERAL COhIMISSION IUSINESS. rs OrlcsL , No. 10 GRaViRt STREET, UP STAIRS. to II P LEVY. t. The h.olre at (Grand Galf, Miss, will be continued In the above name. SRelerences. Get stolroy, Lnorie & Sall, Non Orleans. La. 4. L'rteta & Alillatd, 11 t Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. .tJohn 1 Giltonte, Vickaburg, Misas. Ilaper, lrlpltler & Co 6(era.d Gulf, lin. -Mluir Mloore & Cu, Sil n L.illtd. Natchllt, .lMIs. New Il)relme.t, al II, 1,1888. jyll A CAR[). TATH.tNIEL TOWNSEND having located him- a 1, self in New Orleans or thl purpose of transactilg ua Geleral Agency nltll:ottllleitlltt llisie.llls.,t wuld re espeetllly solicit frolnt the public it .hlre l' their ie trowoge. la int a house ill Terao, he will lttendlo the trans e eting ul na bhu.ineon thlat ntltly be deserd ill that cueLtry, etd will gourantee lrtlligt antd nalltittled tR to all lllu.iieoel ute d e rnl to Its c i.age. atlldll a e itl hful alplication tin reordantLe with instructions) of oall lu.udsthatc I tv tlloe into his hnldl. SOtlice in New Exchangl.e, ol iravielr etre,, oposite at to Iemv ttr ClnIl's chlrhll, and n.lJ,illhi) Ioitbeon'r reading taig t ofe I'l'elan C,,ttoaiale. Neweirllus, rNovemb er d, 1J37i. References. 1 Momte IlHlyer, Bush & Cu. 1N.w York. TH Altvarz F l, Natche , Miis. o RMt Sliroth r. L.oui., M1. Jt hn T G:r y. Loii.villn, Kyv. J, ,, 1, A aec e, Ihu ktsil le, Ky. n.28 6m FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY lle F NEW OIILEANS, et Of5co No. 24 Musson's Buidiag d J CA4NAL STREET. W INTFl) 4. ,SCI II()Of IIl if te ca city of 1110) hlds. Sugar ta t u lol lil. .Applt to l vl1 93 II l.nio tE, Ir o1E9 Coteo, rt itI o :_ ".f ýa>,I op r I. , iF. I). Newcom,, L] A Vr, opew t d a hourse 1.,r the tr nsacting Iof a ;vn - eral Cl.omm ion u usiness iat atbh z, nid nv it businese confided to them sall he fuilldluly at nd.l Ib Refnrelnoes:- ! IIt ( .otocl & Co., )I laiunlell Whitoe & Co. No: Orlina. Caldwell & licky, S octl--ecol tn. A CARD). CHRISTIE & SIS NOTT,' ~ Wholesoale (roreris ad Clnd ,.otlslon .1Ierhauts, No. 7' CLo non Sitrt, Nev 0.1leans. 'T 'Pnrtielarnttert tin paid to ill. puttinig up of N St, ,,,,out nod dbJip sores. OLELANS LITIIOGIAPIIIC OPPICE IB STAIi'AIil ElI fr the execnltion iof ips, lpI e A and drawings, mreolllnl' coiltars,busines. Uand lddles. curds of every description, afuneral cicl a r- onl drtetr noruino paper, nyptelltly ot Il dtlggle.t'llthee; t I besk clheek, dari receipts, &e.;.tint,. d a.1 c .1xettd in o a cheap and expeditioaus st It, Iy tfe preprietor. i NB. Bank Notes ne.*lv executed. n 4:4 of NEW IIAT STRItl. JUST received per hlle arrivals from New York, a' fresh lald fashionable tassnrtmtunt of HATS. s Tile sullbsilcrber woouldl plrti:nlarly cll the Attention of Ihe puhlie to it sty lle f beaver Ihts of n supteril finish, fa.e lextlre, ric I an Iuillliul luslre; InIso to a ftie plain llussia Ilalt of a superior quality and als a - s.lendid article of silk hlt, t-gotl er willh a general l ti sortmant itlaltltfctell by 1ilsell, spcotsly for tllhi market, wholeletaltelld retil J W i1JnOIhN,34 Cam I treet. N.I 8City and country dealer, are invited to ull. o 1 PO.ITRAIT PAINTING. SR. PAIR l el.Il I.oecolulluy Inlorma tie Ilblic that hlIe will remiain e. short timn in New Orleanu for the purpose of pailting ilrtraits. "uRos elrner ol Canll rid Si Charles, in tile hllll1e occupied hy P'armly & Lyon, lentisto,where pelleaeaens of his paoilg canll be selle. Eanrolle ill St (tlarlel street. mt'18 Iti OTICETO THE PUBLIC.-Unfiouded rumors of the undersigned having sold out, or discoutlnued his old and long established GARDEN SEED STORE, .tN 83 Custom house hSlret, Having been most industriously circul ited by self. I interested parties, the subscriber begs to assure his friends generally, and the public at large, that he still continues within two doors of has late, or former stand, to he furnished with a ithl and ex. tensive supply of all tile standard kinds of ktchenb or vegetable Garden Seeds, of the growth and im-. port of the present season, 1837. Sinee the early part of September, he has re. ceived ample suppises, by the packet ships Vicks burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in shllort passages, direct from Now York. By the Mioissi sippi and another packet, ihe is in daily expecta. lion of a supply of Fruit Trees and Asparagus Roots, having already received invoices thereof by mail. The subscriber begs further to assure the publio i at large, that he is at present as well enabled to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of GOrdent Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as le ever was since his first establishment in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market GOrdaeera' orders filled at the lowest and most reasonable rates. by the pound weight, and gallon or bulshel measure. Catalogues, either in French or English, mtay always be obtailned on personal apIlication as usual, to WM1 SMITH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Custonmhouse stres.. NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, mixed or plain; pulverized soupl; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,--witll a copply of peas and beans. CL(. , 11lN.-11 .l.. c i..n.....oblc ool[i,,.l, collding fromll lh Nroma, or ullle by ISAACU GliltilhuE & C(o, nov 8 1:14 tlae..zine st I;lIAIoTo! C1iA1teTe !! JUST received al invoice of Ulun's Chllarts, cn Sslating of trhte lilowing, Gutlfof Mlexieo, West In ]ies, in two sheets; Ishamuim II.,nks; West Florida, Coast .f Brlzil, two Chelets; Mlediterranean; Coast ,f Africa; Einglish ChanneI; -t. leoOge'0 Clulnel,n c olur ale by 1)AVI) FEll' & i', New York Stiouineeo' nll, Ilslr 8 2.1 Ctllllrtn at D UCK-JO I)C.e l. Bruan' Cwicoo : O I50 td X U do. O2 do W du 50 do Hleavy ltavens Duck; 50 do I.iglht'Ravenll do; Lanling frotm elip Nuranc, at for aslr bv 8 6. J P WHV'I'\TEY, el0 nn8 t'ontl at FiOR RENT, Suudrv lenllelleolt d idvacrtl Lots in tihe 2nd and 3ed l Muoncipanltties. Apply to DIr. ILice, No. 19 GlIu t iaer street, or hu, agent itr. No. bi t .IstreIet, niorlO IoL.doILU IoN. i HIE firnofSolater & Trier is disst bed fronl the I 9i1 inlat., by t he collnse of parties. 'Ihe llknr. of thd e oet l nioil ie liquidated by agreeullat iudicidually ty Ahcobrami Trier. AIIARAI ''tlEIlt. I htall continue the t(tnerol Ftorwarding iand Com mIlli.n busilneas for lay totI I'oUll.l at N o.4,1 'oi, d trt. lIIvt 'lti1,-i. 3l10 boxes New lhdlurd Sp,.rtm Cndles; 51 barrels (etlueld thaulettil 33 Cauks New liedt',,d W\Vatr Oil; 700 lexes moauld C'adle,u Jacksunu's brand; 100 boxes No. I thine; 10ll blxes No. 2 Sheel Colper thao 12 ti 120 its; Fine Souchumg th Tea, in half chests; Young l{yso Tea, in 13 lb hla,; to 15 balets tlist quality Cllalpaigne 'Wine; Black l.ed I'lt in cak, as, orted sizt r 50 boxes akile IlavaI a S.ugl, superiur qudal ity, in store and tfr sa.e by JOSl:1'1I COCKA3NE,0 i taIlSrrlE dire _____ t. GO'i | IthJz 18-Al' ut) d r IIoLMEIS & 111S1, ?e n -9 Buuank Plate ut MRSi. 1'ROLLOPE'S NEW WORK. - )OIANCE (S11'' VIE\INtA, by Franuse 'l'rollipet S utllhor of'Dolleslic allnller of tuhe A rtianell' 'Jonathlu Jel'Tersol' WiVhillaw,' 'lIhe VIar of\ IIex hill,' Parisand the Parisaana,' LSc.. in 2 voul. Just received andTor sale by . . I~l. a ovl5 ear of ('C,, anld Comoin Illt A Dwellnug house, suitable for a small fi f family, aituated on Naoades sir et, Irltingllll ToI'luli Circle. Alas', thie fhual:ts an aid #li hous lolr ale;it was all urcthasd at thle north a nm very low rate, and will be sold at a alrgian. Fur fur t th" particulars,eaquire of ID IIAV11) oiRi.r 4 Co, New a kt Ik Stttaer's lall, ri nov]2 21t Chartresa fr / TR\NB1 :I.|Eý-, in halfbarrela, for -ale ISAAC UIlI:)(;1E & c, I. tnolv13 131 l aguzinc alruet. On coasigme,,t: Jest ruuived and for al byb GOW Pritchard and J Tagart, jr: 100 boxes large . i buttles BIrsan wine; 50 boxes containing 24 bottles ebateau Lafitte. 50 a 12 aupor salad oil. 50 12 assorted cordials 50 '" Extra White Wine Vinegar, r OFFICE N. O)R.lEANS 6L NASHVIILLE It. It C a D WChange ofhours fstartling.iJl - VEl. )AY', Suadays excepted) u a tralit of '. aa .2 sage Cars will depart litom t the ,lelot. at the fb lat of Canal streal, tor Bath and the Gtreat Prarie. Departare. teturn. 2 1 51 41 .41 SUNDAYS. Departure. Relarn 6AM 8PM i0 " 11 M )t? 4PM JAMES I CAL)WELI, Presd't .P [l'asengera are requested tot to fire at the ganl o from tle alt ('ars. na --if CITY IBANK, a Nov..m.e,,r 1 Ih, 1238. 111HS Institatin Is pullltaaing Exclutatc t n NR w Yorr, ILUIBI'. J I'AllIRI. l, NOTICE. l1iHE suabcriers have in day farmed a Ca-part- I I ashilp, unlder thl e lirn a. (.: II'. IPrth'hr. l andt Jo. TaKert, Jr.,fJ* tle rtlttruleo' ( I he t irCt It t u sinrsba,uJ aue IlocatIed themselves it lthe crnllr lMagazinle and Poydras sallets. 'I'i., will kea n; i o staestlv on hanld a general Snpply of jh ,ilY );ro( eries ad sla.'al, hat tre, antld oue:it thie paturonago I their friulads tad (the Public. O IV I'III't'ClARDI) JIlS. ''AGEILTI', Jlt nnvl 2--1831 Il:I-'ICINES1 P 0INI'S & ILS: ~1 51111 kegs plreuand Nol 1 \W\itte Ieadl, 1510 1 all ILilated ltt, ln lieucs aud bat.reuls, 75 kegO Gret, t aint, il oil, I 41302 ancad aataut at a l alo-nine, a0 g toi ll It ntld'. I'tic Mixture, 45 boles a, Elilab .llutard, 511 hlurol Iltrl: Itt lla'e poma, Salt., l clunapowderedl Ilpicaa. 3 cases pawdered Rbltblah, -1 carbt.vs oil Vitiaul, Ground and Race Giilarr, Jalup, Engli-h aud American (Ialtnnel, Alc (ia, Sp.lts Itlarpetine, '':In aurnds, Window Gtlass, Puttv. toltether lltl a lull a. lotllenlu f \lcditllla s, Dy,,.I llllt , 'ait., l)it , Ac., Ibr sale at ihe lowaest prices, fir cas or vil Ia r, Ib \Ihleale L)ruagittus, 0. i0 half hoxes, 101 hbaoxs I.atlon; 1(;0 ,.as ilt p, :11 halftenkas sea t 11nIt la(t , now land ilg and fur uale by 1'1. 1l 11 l IV, U aa2l itl; utsip at L-8::.i. T :rtill. , t ai u ks ar il. 01:h2 " r tile . ti r tI . " 1 °-.+:." , ,i , DEPUTY SU V YOA Gt N Ni. ar LOUISIANA. O'Fl "itO irlr arr3ares to the publdic iih the depart e-mell3s ,l Sure)illg aind Civr l IEngineering, brth F in I wn al d dountry. Frmson trco idernable experie1ce in a rns i.uel si.lUn, anvd by ,ll.3trplle .riend lihleiit. in Ihe g.x . il ,lE at bstcr le, euletrtv to hirm, the hoplies to lertt nod ( elti~e a slaer,+ lly'opabie )trllsmge e ow e -' u ul.p ile'atllr e alld {cul lllt t the Ltx i thert l i f walls anhd no· Ii;iloIsH Ul e lh -ub(' l l o"l.rtr a tr, ee IE , e hd e stry Iuc .. jl7 ... .....(I,.r FAf 1iIN e a. d1. hi te ,ublic e'se3r3Dl", that thev ale ioA pac pered to exo li.bit st ir ia ve l oti.. i n Fashionabhlr Ilatcrs, Ixchlange Hrtel, os12 . Chr ll, t .lr at NEW VII.LEAN' iGX \/\lllh;IAL- IN'lI. • 1'E. m y l'caer Glrrel, brltweea .Morert and C(aeuahri, ,ub'b. H c t PI,:I.1. C(llurse of iclk l.epit. .--'p le Coe r rof ((cc. Keicp g cpeued dint. 3 verul ouths, will close ill. I:fiw .avst. .llr3ll groudi acilelsll, slog whle are enrle llelll e l hi h n 1r-P ,It 'i ' , I, , , bl ed l foe i tlln INar uill 33rid o ll Spublic Iaon Ir-e. .\ i n w e v,- ril r ,! it ch ai bi opssld so a a it n ts a f Giiwi nt v u:+d st ~'" u b r 'il~ar' will ha re .ed obtine ld; tU r l .-DDictiona 3olig i (tire it3(. plrt Of tbecity, all I vlllilo Y c ds. ih e Bl'e illl* i eek, i l lo opened n at lhe slrnlltr l"f . I.Ollis ald Exelellgr i'laue, It sub ael i in (ll rrek re cleiJcid.g p nov \E CFiw fior sl. M C Iobarld Chp Oct'ulger, opn' p t tL i33 sitete ege3trle a, k let. VAI.lUAILE AND SiARCE. SIR VM. i,; I"" PI'un preyan , R Rolas ine S. lu"Ir's a lleus, with altpert Colol ed plants HuIbbAh, L.a I'hlthsplde hr Ia Natur. 3 Civies, Paris 1791 re se ' n NE 11I2 74AI. Poo y a d Itlv' il dieal'Juri rs I der o oni Ina.nit lt3nles i it nFevr--PrlAchn d o lnsaity a Gi6son'.' r arer--l.iAton'3. urge.ry Mlidwifery Ilhls irrated-('oot(c popular M3rdiciur Ure',r l)ictilnar of (Iihenis tryIY Hlost3's A lytic D I 'heilcry CIII.MERI)II. AND NAUTICAL. Anlcri a Almr ac lRep 'I(ltor,, flr ' n, lCu lhnch' a clrin ll· ranl) I)itiunary, I.oudou Rlunt's N utieal Alan~uac f.,r 11.9 Cllst Pilot- BlowlieN 's A Navigutiou Sl llJ THAVER & CO ExLilus ope ti rll 11-us l on the French of V. L'orJd arltol. l R Ii rki alllr at i odl L od . n d Arhliicul tr :lnv, b l Iv 'royen r 'e' Arlhien LLded . Ii ) r gb I d'"tdtC 3l llrR nov2Ukespe6se. dJl,, id trmllion, 7 tins Ra t lland aD .hCliAAi-itical TE ar A d)les l L i 'ifi larks' OA er ima l nIDAp l, awda Cl asicI,. our i e seAlllro. hioel te FrNnnallc l ,Jor ll cire inC , L mmtr, Engice ad and te o , Sa nis D e i' ll rio L, il, of IiL eeiiree l. ID JOH Ar & i O, novtlr'I lor . S.'I ork . d CUh .a, nr. o ! U l 1) rdiLn .10 k 'S 1hI iv l.ES, Kfo:CII8 , & ) uk s tle, l n tol l an3 10 t 1nPP0 a 1er a l sl atr I nd rawM i StADA ine i DA J'3IA lclrl SCOi Ph8i 7a c th.,Msk u Nt nnc n uar SOaAlr NI)e., (l 3 pail. l A lh ri , ld Gi i, tI sa lhr cD are3A and fnr ad rAe d l 3D in tor ed for sa lo 1 J tlWIeTA &I tti, nov?2 74 Cap o PI(IC:l''-- | b ngrse iaa er e hlrret IsAr(nLD Daleh C aing lti a) (i'1 liinail for sIIUPS Irv I JAAC B1(IG &11 C nL vNt 1 i.OKS.-,lult ;r·eir'd a lIarg I nrvice of sluplllr rasks a lltlll alld dilig I·Ced rig L ua-I ostnn 1 3 Ir sall (b AYd exr illd bo& rs, f sal D its sor's ur ilglo book, by 1111'-) FE3W I' & AtA, IewDS(rk Stationers Hull, novrf6 7 Chrtslce bt I.LAN ]l tlf)Ke .-.lultr in, store ad itnr for salet on 6110 o rr ell, ' L I a lld Ingle . Bro n Strt, direct 3 15134 (ash SI3clr, Aln 3e .in ain es a truartfs, ae f tilct rg h I'l r r tal( d Vi3d IbolleIAt l A D, l , 3 hAc Ir ei clt, book e o .c Jarck rhrv r rrie ( lll trlery i ( -IF '0 thAs' .[ hdll i.c b iD hrig n unllFebr !i A lll l falnc by LII CAl,,, 6i dov thiCk 37tnl's Inl ahe lIt 3rDDA Io ArDn ared okVine htler, ll ice ri , L lOl.h e )h ( ).IA rid SD.lA c hor 'lek e cPa For irealtent and rlre qf the Ferer and Atare. T.' will Ie re.dilyv d'covered lherein the 'I'oni': Mix . i stllp.rilra to le lordinrr lnlca i, olf ttilng tle I'er,,llhr no AEo,,, I. th th. t hr platbt., IenB nt Veo± table Extrctl, and free frol anly and poion= ontt inoredients, it maIII e taken willh thie rInIn safe* tv even by the ieaer illnto. o. nerd itn.lid. It p.e vents rel]rtol I1t disease',mllli teque tle c lonstItI lin so01n reaius its woolled Ilone alld IIactIVy. It eln lishes H 1 a nollll nII erllm l Ia:ppetit by illvi ortinl tha,ald Livoes i relish to the enjoIwnenlt of tnote, In.i. plentliar in it., n, .rutoottvtploilty, it relltita hnt in the howels I.. iil-reioe ii lio.srder, or to create itler diseases, but thoroughly cle iseI the l eteral or cans of dibittill, antll thus the sti tem with whatever othlllr Ha..bliioe it may h.e oppressed. Indillviduals, ofter the use olfthe Tiloi. Mixtltre, have been exposeda II. .ll the usual cause.a of Ithe disease, It and hlave rscuped no. svniipiani s of rtorllln; whereas by u ithe Iaer fllte coln n renle.liec there i i wtlways ewn ted I inenlll edll libilie toI re.urrelce. lTh' llnger - of frequent relapses of i the .Agol, is. very evid nt, for tie at.llr will oon I fllllbOr.llle too m Inh rl· os.ltll to Ie Ahie It re rtv with mediinel, nli( speeiily fill a vic illln to -IIh ilt.rntl vitlrolel. The ITo it Mlixturl it offered iit such i reasonable price, as tii pl1es it wihhil I the reach tf e'rv orie!-so that the poor and destitute nre hereby furnishel will unirnricl'P, wilhlhot aolititilg lte aid' ttl atrelnll e whichlis frequently denied to theml. or else very relletantlv beatowed. 'I'1e publlic. oere1pertlitollationed agll nltt the apl. rilus .itlation of tlhi meLdicine, tlht are daily offered fir rle. it ip Prepared only by Dr. Joihn I. Rowand, at hil l.nlo' tory.. tn1rk tel'l. Il t tih l rfll fehin ti The ullbnri er. il rir wholel a.ents for tlhe South Westrnl Sitatre, anll will sell by the crorL, at the Philadelphin prices. 'I't be hlad at tLetil altoat ioltof the Apothllec:ri "a ill ri R cily. J.litIiM &, ANDREWS, Wholesaleh 1lrhggirta toe.O rI.. Cto oltl ll 'rchlmtitollta at T1llE M.,rclnl's lIIan dl, eml riein, ~tie prtiniples S of trade, coellrllle unr t hn~), with lelllchant' accounts inlandl id icin:1 J ills, I "r .of England: qa.ltioln of palllllneote &r, hy I F'r. Dem)ocracy in Awericn, by Alexis do 'toequevillie, in I vol. in hlsA physical structure'P, and .oi'lantions, by Robert itadie, T'e Flower G(nrden: contaiiling diretiiolns for tile cultivation of all curdeon lowert; with leelctd litel n the mIoslt tapllrotll IIllntIl, biellllil, alnd prreullitlf flower pln|tI, inl I ro., 1llm. (;ntllintgs of Nalture. c.lltlliing fifty-.ot.n grolliu I nfninlll. land plallt; , witl popular deacrlptioll of thelir tabit. Vy iohberl lild,. LTrhe % ititn. oft (amintg; icing telxtrnet frol thie Dif tv al't1 A elleri.atl 'l oltli.O. . I Oi vl illl ustlrl III ra tell llln' AdIIPIItItPIr hbl tile atltlor nflllntlill . ttRlo ft r,' IThe Old ComollllldureI, rw Pd tioll, ill t vollsl. m A Residence .f Eleatn YVtnr. i. Ihe Ne. iollrmd i sfd th, C'tarolinP Ih hdlvi.o the Adoentures of J. ni. O('Conllol., Edlitd o.lllll IIas ver ll lrrltlion; in t thedi . ('sit C .ii Il of North l tlll tril tl In ite,.d ' l, ardo , illulIratlt o vol, t I1 \Vel( l Ir'a E e. a.l ll~ol P I nc-, I Ii.a iN. t bloef i ofl.other ~t ihero Medie. weith a nif iir So tile author, in I oeI; jnllt i teelel and 'tlf alte Ilon l pi" OICtIIII) & COlnllllll Fit 'F ni! '$ It i.ACK lthep 11)in-The f r a temt ine An i * lknt t fllfor writilloe.--TloeI tpllrenotl l ott oflli Irtielerlllbove all oltl r writnllg fuitfi Atter otlered ,thep S dublic hl toriover f t rIli e ito i , whlt iIe' 1t h Ivr Ialiri.t in every toltin oftllle iniktd lotel whlere it Ile hen beet, "ld i itillenlolriJdlo be 8u)eio to iltp bll Oat tt ohlllt.r fluio d hrlhatt orl di olellr tt. 'I Iel truotleelfre ltotl'll -ill- ilVelfted IFd tohe oetyprPi' pllr oIt 0 11'4 oll tt iling. od allenlm tro llf itijtgnns nleterlotan dl llsellinnt Iae iIIllllerotlJ flidls her i.forLe F.lored to 1Ib lt I le. I t II th daet t onli abin f. r Iot e e01 i ueuliools,ct his . totd puoseanes prupe~ icot ctdin ball iblly ottler - Ivpetioll. The ttphlillo Io I thea I oet lo.elfal in,--redo oois hasf riled ttdulray its in lotlb ll nli..l tni if i IllItuuhltlr bit - b re rOlllt aIll crror-ellte.$ 1o dee.lrt ae to I1pelr hel c itle .lThe above. ltie i ioffereld to tile pubatlice altn i, every way de.erving uf their confidence stul ptlron. !' lor sale( biyt Ih Ell Icr, dotzen or i.ilnle bOtle. In -alnd purclasuerse, at I) FEL'r & ('O'S New 'Fork Sitaion ttot llall, . / t IUtlI F -io I t.+l en-rs reneunallle alutlinb. lJ ;.lu c'-es Il.:nlr ald bIrlgenl, "0tl c .s sil, I.ore. tor salI by Wllrl'lllRi E, & ', I- ..1...ii lgot,. i1, atI|} fllSib tJO-Y.PIIt IC C \Nt:;. a' noe31 Z5Glib. irra mamin In etmited on i. mracnt l an airy and mmua admirabei amtulinsims,i*lm atmlial Franklin, upon Im'e rail|'m d, ulie Meile Irom mime MIlenu 'Rsq Ibuilllng ist rge andmmmomstomanmedleliy divde.I into .di Hirtlaenll, leor kklepmoe muma dltlbrme. clause. and d llcr.l+at liseamm+. T'lhe inlmmmtmm isa upplied:swidt) me muoat akillul and nttetive mai.n ud temlam oulmesm., Uand pe)moaing tlhe r eiuu. .momm w 'lalJgm umae. |rouale ,ta.rn n ovr ty lo had by gendernen P live del. lure pe ,r Jmilly, i aclu in dtt begl, kme. 't'erms iin th mr iv we wmmde, dollmo, per dy7 *haves alo two 1 ti.etC . mnsmm I ' IPm'm in mie Urdiotem Sarda, five dollarm. All eopimll -tlmgim l operatlm.n ta. mt.., 'lime resimient phi*, Imi m m)r \l eddemam., mi whoaul applimdion- for dlltail.t, nmamr me mlladl. uso Io )r0 CA Lauzemumimeg, NoI i IIRampUart street. apittle New erlenla . no € Ellorellte Rail Bend Aemllgemtm'llt e'mtTr llllimmy mlme meir immll lRmm dmtle.t Fmsm L.mmsRmmmthmsetne m hmmlme +mom Omo.Lc lj.. T'ie horseemar ea4 o'e{ k A'M taeanum car at 7 A mA oteesnmmmr Wdmml im da doll' dio do 8 do mduio do ll do do a1b de do do I tam tcar 12 do im ms car at 2 dio ateao mcar 9 Jo o M do d.5 d' do o 6 do dm do doi de do do 8 do do Tl'e Jeklmeok streemt cars and l.afayire. hl' fpcu u'n.ik, A Mi. Camli ,omre. at o'mluoek .' MamdI rcmm 111ng hoiurlVy at, 7 o'clo.k. iThese cars willa eCUomimner uoimm.i migaertV mimbl imour, uad coaimtua thiuughout tiie dotl athiti7 clo,.a . 0 M 'I'"l arlransem.eni fmur diem La CotsmI rire ol oear the BatI;I ahe lr Jaok.ool tremt. .S - iA(il ýit 4IF"EE, in grass, recel+ed Q per brig Starin ltore, lr mta. i by i SLA'I':I R & 1I'Rle , mVa 4l Poydraa Motut. L CAASF', lo. 19 CamplO.reemo , haso jtt receved _)o from .ulldl, paer mlmip 'I tiger, elnJm JMediu ar Royal. Super Immmm al, mlnerialm, (Colmnbier, and' dmmbhlr Ciimeimomt imrawrnem impert T'mted IEsyil amd Itsmaris, do. l'ornhiril's [eBmrde. I'Iho and 'in e4 llmat, i buad;d Ivory oma'r; Tranparemt.r Horn fm per (oid and cihvor pmier; liold bmordera, .o Will and iGoae ad Rice paper. a DRA WING PENCILS.. Rleeve', & Snn'o best pmapzrd Lead Pencila; Urmok 1uu hS Langlldomll' l. i(fm . CmIon .OUt'R. de., &c. Reeve's & Son's Waoer Colors; Newmamnd doq bozo m .f Chmlks, smli Ceoram---3t, 7'2 snad 144 dinrsaasl iride; i.iquid (iold '.mil I smd ilver tlimelii; Marble and lhlinm Ink Slabs, China Samuerm; Ctiina T'iln, 3,4 amld 9 1dimmlOlle; Ivory, Maimgammny. and m 'lllltt Psliltta. Pollllll m brumm ma; best Iaiaier I'llmomh blmsiheal; POltla knives; AMusle and SKetching Poetllia', Paper, I.emot er srad Cork amtmulpm i Mimlisatale. lovmerire a.d Cane Swam (utill Pmnmiiw, do black tiSsble do. Preparedearass; Jtapamoed 'inti leon, Biladdrm Co Ibaurn, withll 'emels. Drawer., 4k,. prepared asonoa+ "7, 30 &;16i ichese, PO'CKE'' BOOKS & WALL.ETs!. Russianndl Mrlmcco I''ocketr n1.ksm; ieusoia Lsthera Wallet; itussia Leiheal, I'mekeL Ibooks, 3 4 Ivory leaves; patemt I'Taletls wit S"ilwer i pr.cil caaae. SCRIEW H 4NDiil" .. Plain and Ieerded Immes o"li, Bmxmwmod, Mat gold Burli.hed gold, Famny eoineod amd gold Screw Ifla dlie. PEN tOL.tmER1". Pearl and Gold Pen ILolder'; Peartl and Silner do. octli )lll.IAll) lALLt AND CiIECK..e--. large as 13 omsumlmet of Bii'iard Ballm of slperior iqoality .at thle lazar,cor.mer at. Cihaorls ammd Cuoa..uon-al. sra 17 Ii.saiamgoe letll. I )JCKEI' AI.MANACS fior 1839-Jast plblished a S ew tiholtmuni d of Louisiana P'oker Amlmomnosam, fur 1839, flr male b theo groue,I dIzeH or single comy by DAVID 1:1:1' &scie. Neiw York Stationecrs Hall, nool7 2t at S'l. 'lAiTY'S MIAiLKET' STEAM FERRY. l'rOTI'E is hereby giver. ilaist ill plnllle: of sor t) I diaillhte moaed'by 1the ('.ollloeil ofllte SeeusldMu 'mmi'ulitv on 'l'-seday thie mim day tf' mctmober, 181.3, Books of soubmc iption Io lmis capital stock "of $26,1i00, im sohmrms om$l'111imaso , in said (Cmm Impaemy 'ill e Olmneod atit lr. C lrle D)illmmlOd', No. 215," ' pilltollillltlm streetl n m'edmlemdno nIetx, tln '.I2st istalmoht, l will be kept olemm ii)timm'eb, A AIl moili 2 P . T'n I)ollars per shiare to be paid in coah mon bscmeri il m.v" e t.lrdimmmmee, 1,i're.oen, reitihmg in tmie d Muai cipalitm arm omly allowemd to smlmacriilm I lo Ihe ltrok. l.mI "i, ',, I. ('ommiassinea I'. ltImll'1TAII.F, N. B. A aopy of thlordilmucee may be seen a l Mr. Di)atod'o. uI;v I6. To RENT, lARTEof otero No. 40 1'd,, street. AIpleI to oacHAlaM ''1llPomo; nor]6 40 Paydtae et L).S'T oR Mi. LiiL), A N)OTE, drawn by Da, is & Iichardsnn, of LaIke PI'rovmdence, La., in fommm of Felix liosimth, mand emiuor.ed aim Ilia and Zncharimih for evoen hun dred and Shxiv dlnats; date anmd time bilank. As i can be m fmo iuse to the inoider, ie vi ill coier a f.vor, and receiso a reward, ifreqir'd, hy ileavig it wi IN G(iFO. E ilCHAlLm)e'tN, nV S 9 eW car Camp & Comslson at .PEtT'I'aR L iLA removed to N7o 6 1n'..q street. . . . O W rE in eto e nd ,offer for sale 7;, sic ksJava CoLui. 31l do Iio do 11)5 do Halona do 485 do Liverpool alt tul barrels American Ilrundv 1o do do d imitlolti barrels 15 pipes d, do 10 do Amerile.n d;in 5 do Holladl do 204 boxes New Bldford lSperml Cealdlea 7011 ... dO ýu""" p 115 do do aNo 2 10i bu Ill oxes do No j 7011 boxes sA I{ R.iitsino 5 barrels s s AolllllJd 20 dI, ha do 75 boxes I.emnon Syl ,u 1110 do assorted liKt, hlup 2111 .1 Cigars, variods qlalilerm 511 boxes (io0lcn CLheese 11111 do 'l'ea, sortedd 75 Firkinls (;osh n ulitter I.0 Ilaes asoorted sa Ze Pic:kles 7.5 ,oils Bloluillo llule 50 barrell I)lll's sunerior (;rockers dO do No 3 Alnokerel 75 hlfd,, No 2 do '5 do do No 3 do Withl a great varioyv f olither gouod in fllt Gltowory line, which will be s.ld eery low for case, or on tll ubsul ti00N. WINSTON d. SHAIlL, nnl17 7 Front Levoe E, JOHNS & CO, T'rATIONER'S HAl.1., cornerofe't. Charles and 1 'oin,,nll streets. Tle subsorilbes Iaving ree ei vel and now in store tlleir naortnetl of goods fromll Englaud, F"la.,eo and the ourtll, olfSr for tale tihe f c Ion mlg arti:les: EmllEh.leoDrawing papers al all slies, do ,ritilg do roper roal, roall nedito~ nod dewy, foolscap, lreter paper. en. large hin relilum; do blue laid; do do copying 1owr, tt alell izs Lotndlo Iaristuil blirds; do fevy letter and note paper, plain, embouoss d uud coal hro rae, American cap, letter atd writin8g papem from the haet mills iln ithe Union, lerltv:a I'enll of all descrlipliono; lest G(ermain anld Enlishb quills; Stephen's and Perryan's writing fluids, lorrisona' and 'erylurn's beat copymlg iu.ks; English and AmcrntlIn CI. a, d quarto copil.hg iaper inod jr donll's best cutlery, coulllanIl in dirk, len and desk knive., unutse and scis. Pockel booke and wallet's Russia and Morocco leather, E.glisl wnferasnod iauling wax, sulerior quali. t; l'Travellig dLesks anltd dreodoit cas.+o . Akerlllttrl' ald ,Newtna's beet fluure h ct.,lts, Brlllrkmn,,ll's anld Ackeronnu's drawing pienils, I)ruwmg books, Albums and Brilish and Aawr ical Annuals, for 1839, Biuus--Euglilh. French, s.unish, Italian, Orr lsn and I.atin, cosristiug in closainl, law, medical works, literary, &'. Jualt rireeivei aldl or sale by torin0 B JIOHNS & CO. NEWV iOORiS. LAND OF .HARKI & SEA GULLS, in2 ols. IThe Wife Hunter. il 2 vols. 'The Stranger in China, in 2 vols Alurders and Outrages committed in this counlry Itnmhellisbdl with nnmerou, etgravinga, lepleoseliag the lceuoes f blluod, nod corret likenesses r t tlhe crifio (:nl ioities of I.lterture and literary character ilius troted by J t)'lsrleli Esq, UC L, teolth edition, cou, plete in one volume. Nihola Nicklob'bpnrt fiktl . teolplete. HReports of, a rguetd nd odjul'ged a the 9i pree C e o utl I tates, January term, 11838,. Iy ltch.trd l'elurr.: Vol , Jubclived and for sale bl 1351 SI'KESN, n!v?0 aor Cellnp) ntd ,Uamoltlon (-_1 Ol- lo=T- aSlhoCrllbers Ilhve juJt Ooinsnd, seals. • al case of(Comlbs. HIGH TOP TORTOISE TUCK. Quill top l'orloise liuck, S do lwist, ,dio LIoug, do do Side. BRAZILIAN Co NE I1 all thie above variety of LEngliish, Frech and Alllericen inaltlacturl, Ivory flue toothl Cobs,in all Ithe variety oul sie and qualivty. Pucket, Rack, Horse. coarse atl inle, and all other Combs, for sloe by RIESd & IDLAlGE, tovl3 18 Camup at . kEW ANNUAI.S FhOR 1839: I Csarricanre A nnuala Lonidon; Finden's Gallery ol Gtrace'; Thle Il,ariai, it.ndtn Annuals Alarie A Wdttsl Cl,nrctmos T'I'ler l, fOr 1h)l I ,oung La.iy's Aaanul, for 1839; Sonltg lienllleman's Anuaol, I(r 18: a. The (iil; '1 te ,itlet; Ih .Ihllnr & t'.,' Louleina AAImains for %9 Jiht:e eiad t and lur sale LvE JIOHNa . ., holn,7 cor St Charles & Casmmons g"qOAL--ti)l t ous Altllreite (.,ola loiing from · the C boarqul t t kl,, ful, 1'hitdllahli,, Ia qatanliafi " ,ar t hsit usl hooeo;W0ou rl ,e 1700 I l ol bogd i y tola 1

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