Newspaper of True American, November 28, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 28, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DOOCRIPTIOt, IPIESILY, 2IANDnOUME 2Y AND CHEAPLY EXECUTEID AT THE OFFICE OF THE True Jmcrican, S'2'. CHII l'IE STREET, NEAR POYD)RAS. u+12:3 '2O2 LET. A coolvoenieot two oro dwellingHouse, to , crner ifSt. 5John an,! PerIjdo otrotat. For .i1 aricjloao , aplply on thle 2r00002s. tlovu WAN I El) SO Ilire orpnrboae a oourl anI Wsooer-wn ,,on. A~pply at the co00,er of (ooup and dlilieerte xovllrl)-If iio)URo F2JRNSo2-22,o, 2s'2' )2E. I I.lt0WER Co. lulle ,,instatly on hty ndbat l " tlt ir col."nsiv eolah~lielllllnt, 1V. 17, CampP St. and 84 Common sltreL, a very large a00ortn2002 of 'hotse /.n,,opi narticles, coOointing of Earthenware, China and ,2 /ass; Brass nod Steel Fic Re elland 1'ood2ort; Kjthla Ufensils; Iron, T'in, Woodware and B'aket,; silo,,, p!,sboboiilonnia mtd japanned goods; lnaps ,ood chandoeliets; anive, and forks, anddbaose /trn/t, ,, pgpudo in general, w.ic.,g he are prepjred to eulojoly nt reduted prces to private dwollioge, booediiugeItuoeo, Ioolcl* ,rllipe, oteattobontn, ,,. New )Orloatt, dov 11, 8S.2 . AIIS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Rlconor dfront 17 Curlo,nttouo St. TO NEX'. DOORr To Sr. CI022 .22ES T22EA'0'RE, CaaNoo or 01' 212 & ST. CIIAI.IF.0 SToEET'. Ott 2!-t8321. S'It ) ILENAt. F III!,it ur story tie . ,rnt' brick stkre in Camp .1 'et,,, at torenoct' oclupield by Meoor,. A 2 WVoiiooo & Co,. Te'lt tliee ostori brick s'tre,.a the oeoonr of Hank A l e y and : Vltcl,."· street, alt ;'resenIt oCCUPied by Masers.l I Hot!t & Co.; the; thirid ct ,y being ritted fon a bed Almo, thle 3rldlot,2y ofthel brick ao:ne in Botk Alltey, 4thtd20r fron, toti, laoot mtned-thec 2nd,, and 3d stories bring well tilted up. Possessumt t hlr. gbien nn Ist 2st Noveotberneoc" Goo-(IliHAS. A JACI 1220. ()012AM 2'l~ut2.EiC -u'S tF2't1:-c EUJ.\D AILNI New (e)rlonton. 12,t. lOt 1:328. A(1 llEES tYIl t n it 2,nllt u.2 uI tte Clonoill llnt,,' A 21hitS'rptlttreo I.:oN, cly proonoutoa will be 00212'tr,2,t t!2,lj,. ulietui 1unihty tlt.2i7tb dayof o NaoHIIIIlr r 1: t, folr Titrescl Illllldrod 5Ihlluusn ld Itollllrlr B~otots'l"t~is .22 2tini1,iptjlt, t22yltttO In thirty )ears, t ond l,,oerinN Nixper - tt peI Iannn tnterett. lba itn teruat Iuyuble se ·Slii-alnlll.LII in Lando, N1( Rew Yorkk lor Notwt)22!2oonit, st22122ifin LI2,,,2 o turo. b d The Hands n~wli·r$10 0rack, if tlta interest lie Ihoyablc II the IJtiton 2,10e 21111 fo, r £ 151 Ito Ittct , i1 h ,ot,2,,,2lojin.,,,d,,, 'A'ttn protpotalstuttber JOAN CALhO0UN, 2rtII C,.,tjttrur.,ie. hareandil Cabnn!leneo -'otnndeo htnnioipCjprlilet Net0,'tln Ir l)kciO, 101) lIt 13:1:.,3 C t\10til2022II '!2f\NI t1,1. one t122t10tt (InIot 22 Ca dat e 111 15 c' llitlll u lire 1 II!3lll, Rjs ills. a,:ltlbleR nov·I, 1II·,* ru.:r tin, p oor Ir t+ cent ifle ,insures d es C~ noonik 222222 !21t2.22 J22.qpnltet2222e,2 toot tretstl, jetY ,iron'' ,222, o22..r 2222 si t2pour 10t'n Y,'1, fiton ~ tyb 2202!,,:rtn dp t222u2, Itne pr'teescbrltqu .Noun. .222 .0s I , Meru 12b0,2!!otniepmmil pistesoohaeoo Ai I'i -. I··1 a It I·Iv'I( e dons s 1":11t, Uni I et pour den, rout raI· .\l~nV. te Ito".!, Merlin '; Nile Mont plC· ·Jya ; ·1 I(tout J2(2 2 '.2 220220 to22tptrole~lt, rO II ill I OlIN At 'iI.2:I)2 - t [)ll"t I 51at25,: IIt10toJ."IIII t : 1220/ n go dto oth. t ar -unt ·· e byIt Iinue, 1 . 1,0t,1 I t. 2222 Alto oaIr , t22,2r01222aI .111trollr 22,,; "l" at22222222222222t22e must 202it521t2 Ithat cot Id be found to 2t2222; '12212 Joy Iris (re, 22he 022200 of theo 0100020 'Iod Ithe2 220lioi' 2lr,2,, ml I'2!,:n,oIij1 muss. t02t202 (2 I022222222nlndon u dvied 2into twtot Ieitrt-lO v 1ar 112o 2, 21222222 22tt2112202t j222t , 2!en in Froocl nd tO I2,2212\-h-112'b tl22trt212no12 ~t, t tar Latin,,Greek, Mai2s ,itis 5&o 2'22222222Iuhty, orero 2itst disciplineo Ccru++. . Il1,I'uot Ihl kpu tllitrnt, per m on th; $10FP Svniur dii ISI))1 IIII1 .Fllll veyIIIIII·; :e 2oh. a, re ttl vr w it' I1 2,2uol l1uur(2,2 0 0a', tl- to 3l 2112k, a aes,' 'Chars- I 20 da02! 71222! 22222 I,, 1 0 yt22 t/1, --~~_I 220 'IIIl: tlulri 'rneld hli removedOhi, Nutarianl (OlICe a it , V,',a, da, .11 S. th aslcs sLreet, betwee:u ( h~a~l l~d('a dsL1. ILIIAM CIIlRlSTY. (:IIull~.1III(i+ I.d}--l .i. . . . . Ihe u l t il 'it U totknoblseiuut, Ihoioi,,, 'ti { ,', Af al~l site; ... . .. M I r 4it. I'=i+ aJ in , .tw ngi a;. i G;r-,imN~ ..... I . rt it is I A T l IIou R,. n9! llv 40 Joyfron at + l" . Y, r',tlhl,z.l- aLnd hluub ,,r-t-l(0 |talc| 'R 1: telrrn :l.i.llltl ft. ,I tOllF 1h.1 Botllt u o. u 'olii. lulro ilo l.ivf rllooul . ltuncho and lor s-ale by LEVI II GArLE, i1,') .);1 (+:.trillimon nl I, r~~u,'ullc Ier $hip Crrtlde, Ii'Oill l.iverlloclI, Tor sul+, "I10'+.1 Y} ank Place II)AINT,'.'--I·I .I,;a~h.+, eoutaninin. VvdenlnsI andl • Ii11+ )/l.k, .rhtlllll t)/!( ]nntding iU1 | lll+ln U 10 i U~oo Lo ISAAC BRIDGE &CO, i~ol I1341 DMmgazine st I liEAD BARSTOW, 11o1¥17) 7 Bank Plhee T'HEI Setlcrihoers offr at whoeele Ith following goods. HATIS--100 ninohskin silks, oa silttll sizes aIln+ brims. ottobest No d 0llll o do No 2 do do 1[0 ctos herl No 3, aIsrorted Iizen and brims. i20 :I1 a aIt .... U peri . ..icle; fl ' l. utry 200 :Io IBlack al \ :hi:e Rus too; 511 (h, lxtra Block Iturning 10l dlo Muskrat & Coney furbroad and narrow (Iill; bt,,sfi r LRI( ......... .........y ,raIIl.; AlN rutltlkttd okotmihr inv~ Huoileoults 1II(:lhilthl·t·np silk I1tllt IPdus+ a ll, tLs, a s zet. Ca*--u'r, )Otter, fTr ~eUnl, Nutria lnmuskratu, andr hair ,¥+',l, inr two dlozetn cast's. IS.IAES& 11.1 ('holh 'a .va--Pickwiclkt Ptli++h Avril's hat hp,,. ,, ,olii opl I trii , l rnk oL' V d iihtaiiiv oilouire.o Do hil l l,.y Maid lO t an Velvet Caps, Yluacl o~it~hpderll·. Fl¢(:h a--Natlll, -illt llllilnllb|z inI of the neutest Imhie -: l lx- -ilk ,and (eOtro I. Militaryv Pl . , , uil rd olk; Silk II;t.+.krll hil;l-- 'Inal ea'd Silitalfii.t,. Ilulllla u t,. d hlutersi i noiood c.esd,ioble f. r dry gonde M lnie aes N lw tuknotd at ul sorts dossbn Th-1.1 ni b(nt NoU 3,l nosot I norc l and brion hll 20 o ieor, aouprin artono 511 tile llt.,ln ando will e alrhl a mnll as ,ll·1\·111. it tI:0*t UhlI cIlrPO*l till S0'd+ Yolk ilricp· .l.:e+ "fl alll).:ril~ars'uill S akte dlrs for snolllernI wed arlln iiulltut. (:tl+;lllllI UIJ.[[ I,'TPOnJI. J'JIIl~nls IItoI~l·ghnl Exchange Hintel, lovl I t or o1nrlcs o to I.\I l OIL,--30uln)i .li wloll oil itor olo bv e to t J Pi i o IIi'FlnEKI, "tod Inov l-t olrli st a ... .. ..... .. .. . . .bo ~ ln NEW MUSIC. - s .I. ,; otLI ii Wl, .. .idiant Woltze+ a h u Slulilun;o'unoo Iriluoopho, S rohSend. 'Olr ChoIpo,, -i Ssit',o; J-gi r AChIkI, Sluu :litsrdob, o if th r then t I{;erl~l~ln Jrl~ll:'.r Colnltllalllv. Thle nbuoe co'nporse, Cy| P I , aud at variety oif new iinuic, m vocl t in iS-tIItiiil.llnl ni " JOHIN & CO, ha nua cr t Charles & C:olnn~nor st It+ ilk lli-lA ,lu l i.inuu, nalior lSpo-.lln.d a , LOU' i 1 New Levee rle l olloiS hi iot i-n for the educalion of vobnlt gont.e m n, v ill go int,) lperati n on thel irl. ano . a d ic ihu t he t uiclaoooouo Noiu nook pdroio nntb nIo.e Ii.uulbS Ioorll l emi l l Ih ig n 0 l illiMAN, A 17l., Ne o IlANLO,, nod Pnnltiotoui, Sollao, Uo, erllnl'hl+ oll'thl~lnlghel~ andI 1·Cl l~ln i I EdPILB diled- .llll e, i. h , ,tll ,+itnal ltl talinncooooit ofhdin the . 'rhA hln lt ll)eSL,;liyiolt t giillo nh leoi (i n o b1 h ' 'I'leE(II.·C lf(Ulil·iInheI~lr Wall i ior hh ne Inn will i1(. ·l,l:,lel!..hltho Ldl-ltlleh W.ll~lrvinh nd Giaonllllrl itl 1.' III ·rllj:e':l" . . at l ....... ic i1and p h,.old i,~ nl dp ...... br'll~llr~ llehll t ll.Aluegll~lrl ,IP ullelrv!ilhr twl 'nlria ii - ]" !tihe; I.oo lt S loittonl %llo n ll, l lJo o Ili at urg l Ina hs n ar l, hu anth hlto iito u.lorguueo ivaIoo rlir Sleuo pe bot' o o, by b·l l+llcrlml ll..l lltltl~r? toI.:ICI l'rliill d III+I t (')el 111hr. 1 t K J'It.SD&RCAN , hoM --io PedS ln SitNoN, Chouaol n &Coltoootia|t to ti loiiiou ioyootuodoouio Eelr ".I. IS IIJIIIISG , I.Sl SA, SN(XTST)Ul b, ,I. -- Ii Vfhl ISISy o-ilil~cttiut1 ollr ~leuilolino tiC i-non.; pootlo t tlo,( llgt. N , uiponiltuuiuo rllnllit lir. B +;H+ '.i+': .'.7:''-+'.'''' +; IIB''ld 'M \+'31 pORTER aol? PrllerYINtidun, aitniir I~no diieo iii, onkaltluuoinindnittiunitsle.hIti~ltt iitot 'llol.ioaiiootollo.,aiirihonrt~nl,,i tr U~l;l~.- Koluol diluo~vi-oiul~ua.nt ontbrootn all " onlieuooulongoo coopih-dolohS O F.ASHI[ONA'ILE PARI.S MILLI.INERY. T HE subleriber hna the honor of infurming the In. S dlteeI that it ll receicad per ships i.afayette aud Mnlarengo, a supply of ioil and winter Millinery, il tile latet and rilche-t materials in Pa,ia. which l ir. Scnnlal expects to hlae tpened and readly lor examn iaatioh oin A daty alli 'u.sdnav eext. DP P SCINl;AN , _ . . hv:lrtre s a t lei E1' A lilat-P aotrje-i dtot't meautoI tell | vl I her lluu ie-- Thl hllo l learnt I n love Allnother SwnectAltnn War; 'lThe Kng tht's Farewell; lie laus O herin inCsorrow Ili inla's Lo'intl; T hy haiv given 'leea to Another; Lovecly Lady Sline; The Bridal, The lBroken Heart; MIy BInrt in all Alea; Oh! ,le hl wut eily Itbingll vol a rr; Oh i ecould love hint; Oh! I'atrick, , l from t.; Tnht lhau art loe Iv who'll deny; lThink Siy Love, Ol! 'T"1hik of Mre; 'ot nthhik 1 iitaco a meIrryon; The itiaoe ae San I; 'The siree in reudv; 'lte Silter nlo; No cnar em grieves ile; Not for lie; I've reen v hiere Irest FIaowers ore Slprtogln; I dealrlv ve Thee free.; Wo.oiliin spare that I'ree; ' lte W Fild Alblror,; e at Furies, icr Roste f Joter; Tile inlstrel won'd anl ial teoaus id l'iAn tiellal were hidtleli; ly Iather LandI; Tlte lnic tl'the ilonulait; .u tnlttive I.noe; iv Ihert'ebest treo otre;.lly , d\E'ldIlnt ilhrile; .liHine mist b ilet I Tet; ,tly clhildllnoodl' b(ttts Ftreoel; hlle lreenwon,1 Tree; S ollllloI i,oh, a tomlic song; Site wore a wrealth of Il anse; lit trett r Jttne. " Just ree ivej nald for sale ant B CASEY'S S Piano Forte aid lnusie store, novl_ In t. iClt .t riflE ffrice of the New Orle n d loaltile Mail 1 Line is retioved, liider the Exchange lintel tf. No. 78 Povdrs stneet, at elwhi Ilaee a lotter tng will Ite keptItprIn eltil - I-c 12 A Mi. "Frli' oyletters &aT. rte fir Mhile ned ttfrtherl t East, will be lh t in lthe Post Olfice at Slit: ia. tiool B__ E). WHITMAN, I EitISN SHUI' i- in hIxes I flttIo. .tth ift . -le by KEAl) & IIAITOI'O\V, IJAGNESIA-A autlily of Beary' citlled Sing. -¥ ntsia, andil ltler's Magneniun Alperieit, war rnted getauiie-jtte received by the sublarihern. SICKLES & CIO, oct27 40 Calla t I-TdlNISHESl.. 1 . -nrge ned extoeiiive stockl Irum V tile tntntateory of P II S.lith & Ctt eitiprititg in pur ll tit folltwing: extra polinhing no 1, do io 2; fritiltre no I, do no.', do 3; coatli vallrsh ni 1, do no 2; varnihal no I, 2 ntid 3 ftr ordintry ti-; black and hrowna j taptttti r sale by Lrt a , --- R CLANNItN+D2Car olI at Ni 'l'i-I. r (lIEI FIRIEMIEN'S INSURANCE OFFICE tinh been telnporarilv retlnove Reaoved to i. C.allal .treet,t .xt to th ,tlen.ltatt's and i'radersihank. Piat tl iortirellll lt IrlltpOrte lit n 415 re dll cantn el oifgtmh In Itll diet Arli+ntt . tlllvl /1IIE price ,f +oke f, mu alnd after ii" let dly of O(tltober, will hen lfiy clittl iper ,arrel il. Ihe Gacu otrk's yard, llll if tnkI . i It f titie e of f oil. hye - red Ilereel,, t, ill hl rlttliv-red fre.n of "auynge. I'irl advantatge lhtha this nrtitle ift t.lel p srene. o eer the ntlllhrltil .e llll bittlllonl Ie.l.,ll, igliti g e tmoree Ieldilv tlhan tile Inlrer, antti frem from, tle ullleasnt tloko of Ihe laitu.rt lhoe himl nee evwry litnily to illake o. ofil.t Ordirs ree,,ived at tile Gas Of(I .e in Bank Alley. E \V WEL.S, al'l") ee'lcy. IA II, u. A IN'I1k 5;i,ý SlING. - I'. Fit I8CSIAN A. CO., No, 3, Ml gnietti,,,, ýý r e titheir suppli~e of Fenll eel WVineS, Clethitie, andl 'till eoniinue to reerivte sipotettt. regu. Isler Ittllei tie 'teao. 'Their atertmettt Iteing Inr_"a w~ill Plnliill. 1he!1 t o supply no rIIhannlR froth Ir retail, oil sect nttnunattng Ierll* M I'rO 18 I., 11,tIN AA, 4.3A 111.911 Cllli: he thfo Itharieh of the City ollewr tlrlrtllls, Present thrie Ilonollable CIIHurfeII AIIu rjilms, J dee e'ehulere5,h, 18.13. No.. 11"_'13, (in. I). CoI. ter vu. tiCredttor.'I'l.The *iS-i*IOnlf proprl'y b the l eiilionl~er i..". ac rep Ie 1he Court Sbor the . "nefi Irednr he hel h ell Se iK E. Balrett, Noetar Pubtli, ee 'leec-dy, th5e '27h o Noebr 1333 cthe u itte. Or·ldo* , :rrl. Ito uppooltll to repreient tiee abte t creditolr iu Illi case. BY ordellr olf theu Court.. Clerk', Oflicee,Ne Orletnns, et Oclober0t, 311. A RI CUY(I., net t ville de lar Nouvolll ( )rte in: Prrent I'l loonte ri, o t.htarles ,laeerinse jehee-No 11,203-iWe tt If ('llper centere rt, oet, etlltleuie, Ltdj petition djes ptrle 1('s IsI 5 pl li(earc ,tynut eu, nstepl,8. jIve, ryour Ipor letob tie- cit yes c,,encrs, St e rlest rietel, ae aaeeI o nllte de~ditt Crurllerettr t is (Jeglirer-55 Is te1, tet A (I (oUYSSL, ndc,. (eiller. .5 I-llt e l lcente U p- siAA vs illRtrles-lle,- gou 18 (ou tre t,,,, I1u'I 51('lS 5 Ii-'I'eteee A''i) t.,rtet cttesl,, f) S ,ts the ,tlttt ztlttsts. A SRtiettll d ,tetielt tS Cte lIs l flc tht, fc otlt ed tnv1i3 13______p I t SI 1. (' I: \ iseltctts'ly erfutiiryC,,ltjt itingS Iet gue, put up rxpr, Rly fur P e retaitl ae:; (i, I I 5',, the toiletIIfur saNet. noit IdI ClptIetE, SEEC adfrshsupy f ryclos l'v & r itstttusi5a, foe Sleek ttt e 8,,tilOil nod 11n. 'lIs,, z'Sllk~EtC'lrr geteat, is se lslhe,,I, elt~g,,,,ti, til, 'lere elc npritstttl IIte1,e,,tt alTidLl 9·:lleileIS1) l. ,srlstitcC,,Sr-t. At (lI~teeec ,%Ss:jt, Ltis,,Sei,, et,,] tr btxtr er eenstr Lukex ndle cle its Sito Itjl aextensiv mock o sup~erior~r ite ottittlt, upi r nhge alS In _il____ _____ Spirts of e endileO . NO COU :E NO PAY. R. JOHINSON, Office I Ill lien lille, ar et, ra S fines his practice tom the treatmenrat of Venereal Disease, an ll its dlftr'rint frin-aes. I)r. Juohnra, fro a resil ce ra i niny years in Ho . Ie titnl il'Euro pe, dtueid ' it the trta ntnlt of Venereal Iises, and rolll his (Iresllt extensive practice in that pl rliclr e itrnch of hIae profession, guarantees asot, rsped aInd(ellsbtoal rare to rth Itrsrnse at are naibled witl any of the tFllowing diseases, viz: (ioanorhec ti;lraeta, Strictlles, Chancres, Bubos, Seminal hVeakneasa, Atfetiona oftthe Blldder, Kidneys, Liins Urethra, Prostrate (land, Swelled 'I b stiless, Era ttiohns on the Skin, Sore Throat, Paine in the Joinls1 And the numerons symptoems which gEnerally fellow this distrte. eeeIIt ntases rtredi in two or three days withoet the nte of aMrctur, inttrrnption tren bsess or nltera lien n inl' elrne ofliving. A mrlchine to preenlt Venereal ti.neae ren he ot tualied ,,f D r.Joh sm t. It is 'r ,,t the ec ipe f t e lirarn Latrry, a rclebrahtil ertel. Serge, aind was usedhby him during tlles.verul enmm tsi.ns inwlhiclh le servedas Slligernl u aeneral ie the Frepee Arny. Sldr by Dr. Johnsonn, at his olice. '1 hoe peronts aIlnill affel.tien of Venereal Dissn , Ilan erllat taking soa voyage.. or re nevig t 111e conrhy,, woeld iId well by giingll Ire. Jehnsart call, ts proer e irnes ar ther cure in tla slrrltetta ae an be pal up weih wrirtteni relcti ons fal their tere. ()ttice open liurt 7 t ir the miing antil li o'clock il ABERNETI'HY'S DYSPEPtPIC El LXIR. l)r. Abertethv, tlll.e greatest .f Ilne!iah urgerira iwas oa opinion Ilat Ilinr -telleths r f tlre ditneace tih.t aillhtt mninhld originate in the eteainlh. 'This i.lixir is Iled by illl wiilth the most npllllree ented saceain i lir privateh and Iluhlie iructiec, hir upawarls of furty yeari, ier Ih reitoval ti fihlidlrwing diseases:t Lranpa lietrite, Ftutrleaev, Di'ti.iin if ti Stoe - tnh,Pn n in ti alsrh, I leeg ntitl sfrtile llead atl inch-li in ice t raliep, lrregulariy e'tie it e hwel, atd i all ciseL. wl oe Indig.t+dton or nt .ostio hlabit is t'itend to This medicine ainetnot be nntheleiled among hehlrt ofqnack IOStltrllil Ilorv elbre tIh l iie,. as ii is tile sole invention of tile ablest Iand[ Rmost ecielltilic sargerol EIrople ever iroduced, anni tile secretri of prepillg it was r'rlnated by tie agent fir a vey large sutr. It is ngreeaole itrnd pileasant rO tie tirte, atss a Irlild IpIer ient.always keeps tl bowels rliee, imparts vigoar end ntrengtl to the .system, anl ehercilasa Ito tihe cild, nId a fetw bottles removes tile most eniirmed cases of ar l)ynlpepsi or Indigestion, and preventsa returr at ainy hletre teriod. Nt.r Yotena,7th Augnst, 183118. 35 ihladisoestrret. 'Ita:--Ii onsequeneneoflead ing a sedentary life, I have been troubled, more or ee, weith I.iligestion fire tell ears; rt r the last threo year s Iv sulha inghs ihave Ilae insupportaloe. I have .i it everecl phiy-iCi'la., nld ae nI hetllrtf iuak ledicinesi, withuat deriving any lionlirt. I dralaured if ercrobtrinirrgaley terllanenl reliut f ad resigned myselfn- t to ire m irst des.ea ir Swnaes iersuanled by ainey friends io ary Aherllelhy'n t)ietpepric I-lixir. Ihave now lnishedhli foaihli bllh tih. ndi knew not how ta exprees my ndmiratiea rf its oandrrhnl virtuies and the mwacle it" has perfort+e ii restoiiring ie, i that health whi e(ll thoughlot iotr ever, 'elld e!e ha!f s ozea n blter es moreh si excut t alv it'enll* i'1. ila e btes.hie S Veig have contcrlrd by rre ttoring ei a tn'wfett heilth. I ralnnin nairs, J.tco im 3tO'" The nelrt ! in hii pIrseenri several hniedlrd linloninls silnilar t tire above, if ihe iextarardinler tle ,otthisnerlii rinn. S ld by ppnllloilltniellt, i'I l -IIIIr ia', 1411 irIatvillr itreer. iriv. 5 if NEW ORLEANS Stenam and Patent Biscuit Biaery--laersa and No. 89, Mtoriaa (llar the Pota:hartririn IraRit lo;iad.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Suda and Wine Rnacunt, I] Sugar, Bailer, Midlbrid ad Water Crackers. All thie above artiele re eararrated to beha lof the i firat qnality, and io keep in any elielrte, being completelv hiln dried. AI.o,.-.llt driredl corn meal. Orders left at G. WV. Priclhard and T,0ga I, Jr. earner Mragazelu anid Poydras streerts, wIl recoivn prnmpt attaitiuan. Small kegs put up enpressrely ter ie alrtily use. 15nov a JUSt' receerred at tile I.Oatllrca r nerlulr a lhlle Romesi, fienaville etreet, lOU i!np'e aerl Chert ledsterds; a first ratte article. Alar, a ul aesord - neat of Msple, Walnut, and Piiat d Chairs, which ,t nill le, Bll for lthe slret- cash pinCe-s . V It CAlr\n J!17 . -t is l'*Jlle atrv . SHIPPING. 11e For Europe. )i" FOR LIVERPOOL. Sille Istrrilirtg ship NIAGIARIA, crpttin j Cole, will have iot tletiato darapoh. For trcigtrtl IIl 5U bnles or puonrgr', hlving good at rcrm,,odatttor npply olhoftrt,orrtot 11S 5J PWIIITNI, .r no 2:173Camp street. 11111 LIVEI(IPI11J. ''tt T A I slhip AT:ReSSl r, Tool, ster, Sord rod tratder aotrery Foot ,.odor, ltnvin¢ the 11 -- prnop ' prt of ler clrgo rrllll mill going al d hoardl will hnve quick despatchrl. ForI freightl or lisp. sage, I tgtootalt le rt to rne ithe dccutin cait uuedap Illy IC the captttt on ooard, or to LEVI H. SALE, 3 nr17Cmrnro at. FOI HAVIRE. To soil en tte 25th iont. ThreA I and rerystl soilittg Ipoketrship ROCIIIEOTIER, hlan (rowt, will Ioe r ttstngeIn hvIing noreyltrttdtttol accurlll atonat s, apply to thotawsler it boiled, or to I' 1 I II v ;1: 'Ithe A I II n t frot wIlt eship MIATrA. KEErtETI' Spertg, r'quiree 3110 cation to lill. Ior ftreight ll roch,o arg!, Ittving very huItdouuor arcomttmodltions, ap" Ply t, (IhALt, nuv14 0.1 Cotmuon st Th'eA I rulO~iott liott sailinga sill ARiE.% T'Uor,Coptou Snowll t'et wto nri Irotldepnttlt Fo, It oo goe oln ltrrving tary htrodrauorr narcntrdoironr, Oltlvtt Ltht II. AIE, 9:1 Gammoln n at. FOIl IIAVIhI. A superitr A I Os',p ron take 3510 brales , nttun if ltiloriu:r npllttorrr.rn be naesle to LEVIt ItcAtLE, Agent, _ 9:3 ___ ,torrn t. -- -- - -1'1)1 IIAVIIE - IlRs linre foot railittg At ship ZOTOFF; Ja0b Merreill, otater, 'ill havt imatadirte IthIatelt anndl wnnts 011 btIes eotton to coot piete retr cargog; litr bright or pnsen50, apldy to 'EN IIt OL,\II, oct;I 9:1 C'orttmn at. FOR IIAVRIL - Th't At ship ALLIANCE.; Ferrttld marethr,rgin all lar arero encased, ex cIp, 51101 bales cotton, fir leriglttol'whitrh, all. r 'ly olnboard, or to S &JI' WYIII'l'ING, otIS Ii Colni street Coastwise. FlOR NE\V YOI)lt-IIOl.rIES' 1.IE rIo sod on 'It'rrdny t-tlb Nov. TImP parObet rhip 'I'tIO, It. 11 uod, laster, being on. voL(I- Yidldhly detfained· will sail as show.p Fortlrr htnc r ofltfrightlII r2"-0 t cotton tele th Ibalk thelrtol fr ponrrgr. apply nOt Ihoarl, rrposite thr vegetable Otoaoet, or to I C %IE nor29 :0 Camp an FuR rd'1'. AI Alht 1l. StHE Oat soiling brig IAJESTIC, Capt. Amtrot, hoalog mort lrr'r cargo trtngaree rwillltrrrlrrjrrttr:lr. For lralao eo ('rrlt ( or potrogooapply to S & J I' ItIN1'' rl1:V, 11117 NEW I rrll.--Irlltlr. 1 l; LIN.! IlRpOolr J'rrkklfo,lIIr Derrermrr. S'IIE rlhip AR\ilKNSAS, I": 5 It, r, trill sroil ton er e; it a , o b ve Ilot Irrigrlrt or IttloRoor trlltplr ol Iorood, firet A lier below thle Vegetable Markelrt, or ail II C AMSII, o I tl8 ('alrtront FOR NESW Y'OIlK. TA 'o sail tie day utter to-morrow. L OUISIANA ANIT) NES\ YORK IoINE. Ai 'III very fast sailing retlear piacket sIhip v NASHVILLF, Wood, 3lser, nvill sail as 1 above. For freigll ht l bales Iott a I or tihe bulk thereof, or pstnage, appyla t he Cuaptai ona bkii.d, two ti re hulouw tll, Mlarketr, r tou IJ I HIN . A CI)HtEN, n 'J Colnnrln st FOR BIAI.TlIOlE. 0 . u only apply to W1M I'OILTER. ____. 95 Coammon at FOR BSTON. - - - SThe fl1in ship O0I11, Co'tter, tlaser, ha i j ing mst ofherIcarg, eag.tgel, will Ihanve dis S hitchl l or balance of litright or pusuage, ap ply on bcald, or to STE'ISON & AVERY, noyv .... . 80 Grvier at. - 'zIU( NEW YO)RfK. - Passage Onl#y. L-'- ob. ard The ite t Trling bar+ L/aYle oressr +to , ILandi+ w I d, espatt bed i a Ihw fdasv.- 'n'b iat) sailing Panuetl ERtulN. ,,3.= For passage, oilving, o ItandII*I onunodo liotts tl,Iply to L I GAI.E, Fi NGIIT YOR KI 'llI railint aew hriet 'l. "FEIRON. C4> pt. aia llu, will , ail in a fe w bduys; for pas rag only apply t e WI. PMORTER, S or vll ;r 5 G lf uao, atr FOR- PI'I)VIDENt+:I":, (it. I ) the fast rstiliag .1 I ett f tr ftolens, ,br S"NOW, Icsattitn I''urtike, will sa il . a lag w llhva hllvu rl. ilolm if IIh r e rge'i llgan g'dl; for II ,'vv freight an I 5 t INaes , "attmo ssag0, hlaving hI( o t nllulunllt llll-rta.t i Hl , VIIIIIph to, The file b~arellle RIIYI\, e n nster, i. mllw realdy 1ou e'tet've cargo, sI }d will dti'Itc Fr ; Iur freiglhter itastg apply ly board, or to STETSOi + & AVERY, nov7 8 l(;rsier st FOR HAVANA. - Rlegular Pucket. 'lThe fast tailig packet cbrig I(;ANNI. CI.EFT', Cupt. Walker, coppler fasteled and cott pered, lii uons, awill neet wt ldepaltch. ',lia hrig is intentled to rua a a reghlar pa'cker, and is titred as such il the hands omlest ma' ner, for the as colnlllndulioof :o0 pasrengetls. An experienced coa ander, attentive sereantsa, and tahle alppliedl a It erv ore luxury thie nark!et oalrdl. For or passage I aply on Ioarnl Ipaosite theT'riangle stlores,or to nov2 . 95 Cornaonst FOR FREIGIH O1. CHARTEIR. aei schoner VWt. Allen, -- mastcr, 850 rls urthe, canoper Fastealled; apply to & J, P W H1'N EY, nov 2tn 73 Camp strreet. FOR.'REIGII.T OR CHARTER. Three good Brigs, from 1511 to 250 tona- stiable forauigar freiglht; a, Ttly S & S P WHITNEY, naoe1 73 Ctamp rtrcet. WAN ED. - , A brilg rapt he of earrn i ne abollt '20 llds fora o'atlhern o ,r firieightr upl to nuvnS! 9:1 (olatuonr ror the TInterior. - FOR11 MANCIII:STCl ER (azoo)) C F\;tler pe rtnittittn ) F'o·l.hbnsr, ,Vnllirae: Rou,,,ey. G(rtad GUlf IWItr'. renlouand IieksbarI . -' t t T e ..a.tttrr C.\SPI.\N, &-i .4, Ir r R.ame a rudisth mastero hnavin, u d « n-''- derou attat tIott roitgl ( colmaplete repair, will be rean , ito rcetve r eightl oi ''huralsay, tl 1i51 inst ; ad ,will ihaverr quick d,laalth. For freight or ltasagea lply to the illltlsler ol barnl, or to t'INJIINE S' XS'.VO tl)IhFF, 1 nov!3 2 New Levee at NII--'l'the aiicolrlllOdation far passeng,rsai , uoel. h,,, and su|,,rin.y.;:.: . .. . . . . . . Nile illtl, !apt. Sailer, tw;ll teauve the lake el-. of the (ail S'IIIU811.t i'S & SU;NI)Ai", Sfitert iabr tilll (IiL IL ol'cloe k ca , aadi on r ea t turn, Icuve .1 tilt, everv Tuesdaynand Fridays. IFor passage alply nt boars to ' S,--\Vhlleever ua s nficie 't nu bs Iit btssatntra ofrr the (iil'all s wil latch dtt nv of the iternetrliate laudi gs, Iqa l, pruviou. n t... breing give un .7 Pa'pt. i os't 5 iXt, kip tlr n" toi ; Mten't extl.i sisc ttseot lrog'an, a le'sKip, c'nll an I wtler proof Boots, land stine tlell r Stil NIorsI t, tmiatie byh ISAAC :I)DI & Ct), Mnoagazine 11, llt quarer d i t d dlo 10i0 daml Fl g, landin, Ifr sale hv IIli'r.IN & 1 COOPIER, nov9 ,2 Ju tlit IIE'TIN &S(; htrtieagv--12 tiles I tR'shtl sIhel tltgo,lI l balths laJ,iell Li,.t'eda isalitig fisoa s]ilt Norlano Aor ale by) IS.tAC I I'IIIIGE & Co, iotvt) . .1I l. t zillt tit ALLY AD DEEN MAIIO.L.D'S1 IDYE. For cIlhagiig the llair, Eye brows, or Whliskers to a perniaent Brown or BaIk, by oneo applcatioin wilhout atainllg the srti or tile finsttt hInet, just received hy BlUS1 & ALLAN, 17lnuv Fancy Store, c. St Charles & Coin. f/ice .,,le Fireme ,, P,,,r: Company of,,,, ew, J tIII E Stocklholcrs are helelb nutified that thel FiFT1 Itn-h u tla t a· brlle oDrck is dIe and aroable on the til Decemnber nsu, at tile l ,uffia theI t I'omitvi . t:L ''ItCYi nov9 ,.e'v. IUtIEAC: DA1 euht&XC tS~bit ttiff iifl~ 1)1D Li NLI.E-ORLEANS. f IS A titnntire,' sntu pas cat avis leifif..sque te L Clqtlia v.,,,trsentt,. stir learetiint, it du l devrattnre, paete it I)rentlhre itro tin, su BIlteatudo a Comps.grine. litov EL't IL.tCY ecretlalre Olt SstLtti .E- tl, stlint, Ilnvr iegars, 1I1' huxva itChanbela Nie 2 il hnx rtMalN.11a R il aits. lul bio ,,- di. L.etltlsl ,t lails 5 ,h. lll on l s . 5.1 heare-s Crsti('sit ,in iliac, a.ft . hi w rr-,, ad 511 I l. It,,t -;euer, , l -al, bys AIl!R1131\ TRIER. BUSINESS -CARDS. fI . Li. i E rIAN & CO., IP[r.Leti Ct.lDthir iastblslesmet. in No. 3, h llaioze street, o i AVF.contntlynIonhand a largetipplv of Clotlh j ien, ciculaoed for ltoe couttry trode. 'Tlheir ao. sorneotlt beig large, merclo h hefi l countr) can be supplid ai thile shortoe sitteie. - ect F PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, v. No. 14 Chnrtrer Mlreef IhlAVE aeeostant soppjly f eer, tIttccle lWrt .tiaE to getletoea's dress, of tli, lotiist tyle, Iat New Yrk pt-r.e. dee 20 J. ].. Ross! SURGEON DENTIST, Iio, 8 [No,:8:, Iroyal street. S. A. PE R.ltlIolER, MERCHANT TAILOR 67 ('Commont street, B EfS to liforel tle palllic tIit havling purchased fromn Mleelr O II(Ut'l, SKEGlS &. C). tart 1f theirctncok, lie will contine Io thi brsiaei at their old stnnod, up ,ache nishlnp'a Ilotel wlhiee lie ,opes to merit a sithar rofthlelr patromige. lie has ollade ariraeornetoiet at the North to be supplied mitoatflv with the liiatl and moio41 foashhmaile lgiotde. Ittr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. IUt' y!l'ldras lsteet New OIleans, y ANliFAtrl' RFRNS OF fi Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps Of all d.ocriptionlo t. WARM, COLD, AND S.I:)IIER BATHS Fixed on the moset oaproved principles. MILL'D LEAD), PIPES, &c Oetrders executed in any part of the SouthPln States. - nmr 9 Dr. lRobwer.' . I.londe. OFFICE Exerl.tne lIotr.r. m a CLAY & CL;ilKi Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 106l Pvdrui street, " EL'P on hand a cit.ttint sIppl of Lead Pipe, l. from 2 in. diameter down t i:.o i.. diameter, fr or sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTAULISItIM1EN T, No. 53, Magazine Street, rr (ipposlite linlks' Arenado. WILLI..41I GRE.,IEN, PROPRI.ETOR Ie Inrl J II. PARKER Pt Cotmnisa.lon anld orwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT IsEVEE, LP STAIRS. New 3 le ru ,'ell. oi. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIIL).t..i.IE AND IRE'"All. If AEtf IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1)7, S'U.,LI'N .l3\') IVfVI).OIV Gf1..ISS, at Gurner of CtOlulmnoll aId sehopitlloulas streets, I •L\%. Of I EA.NS NATIHAN JARVIS. JOIN WV. AN!I)tEIWS. i A large apply o GardeIll teetl .,wrraoted the growthl of If3 , fill lill AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, a AUCTIONEERS. No. 61 and i63 WATER STREET. T 11E undersiIned, having estiblished tihemsaoltna in di Muobile fhr lithe f'IIOeer oI" irtIieRCtrlng the Atieioti - arid lComirion business ilo Its virition htitelheo, teg( leave to hlormN their friels andl he pPuolie, thai they are now irepared to recei: tonlgnltentios atd ta tte lilberal advancso on the oaome, either ir privaite or pttlie sale. SOLO.IIAN I. JONES,

ISRAEL I. JON IES. Refer to aslklr, Knight & Co. New Orleanrs. IMot il, Feb 9, 1838. feb -13 A CARD. CL, Aft AMUEoL SLATIgR. AIRAHAM TRIIR. SLATER & TRIER Forwardillng &i (Oitlunisuiot Merehanft , No. 411 Poydrua Sitreet, NEW ORLEANS. They will dlevote their lirtiiiular attentiln to the sale of Wasters Produce. Rieferioeer. Abijah Fiek, Req. ) S f It.htichlrd, lhit ihl Shi.t; New Orleane. A 51 Nathan, ! tesesrs. KIlhn, l.roan &Co. 1I) & 31 Williamt, ) Grigga,Wild &Co. } Boston, ''homn Viot Esq. 3 Roiferta Brothers e & Coi. ,everet & Th mna. Ne Neit Yirh. Von hl to 31c Gill. ) 1 S taafoird & Davis. St Litoaf. (Glaogow, Showo &'reotaint. 1 S Rider & Co. )Ott Ih twley, PIoe & DItunlap. ) Alttn, A It Sflttidore Esq. ) U Is iMrtohall & (o.-l-titville. H ELI 5000E. H. S. srtnN E- & Br. T.STONE. rr, erwardlng aand Conaluiuniorn Tlerchnmn., FURNISiI'ERS OF SHIP AND) BOAT STORE: No. 114 TcHoorlroaULAS STREET. Nw-Orlealns. Rtlereoacent : Moesrs. 1ALL., BAKER & CO. I- EsENEzEl VoE & CO Boston S A. B' MEAH & Co. New York. h. I. PUTNAM, SJ & P. OLLADO, Cinci.nnati O WRIGHTSHr SMITH tO. - tAVID STONE, Daoton 0 B.CoMSTOCx & Co. Columnou . N. AI.DrICH, & Co.. l.oinidleo, Ky WVILLIS, STEVENS & (Cr.Tlds St Louis M A. B. Boor, Altuo0, Il. Wt Wi E. WI'rHRow, ItushvillO, IlI. -J. & P. P. a W iLvL lkt O Sara, La. SOLOMON HIGH. Now Oilear.s. DOYLE & IIANT, IDEALERS IN AMERItAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, NO. 3 CAROSODELET STREET. nl I'IB1t :3EN'S INSUe 19NCWE¶ CO3IR ' S Thii Compan'v ar rrow prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. S No.24 Mouoson', Builing, Coanal -to,. New Orleans , Novy ',183o. SLreTitoy. wii.AanM inwas Cornmission 0nlo d n orwarding Mnefelihnt, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to Lanyet& Anl New Orlan. Joos. Lanni & Co. NowOrios. ,u`l1 I it R RO[BE.RT CLAN'NON, 1HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 CaoImp street, Wl..ores I)ealet ia Paintst, (,il, Voooirnsh, Uorushe, m3O Window antoi Picture Glto, E&c. c. T. W. COLLINS .1TT'OR.I EY & COU.AS;ELLOR .17'T L.I1lV. NOW protibin; ill the Sllto and City. Connrl. ('Ii' et0 l0 ill fihd hritm at it Cierk' otrice, U . Cirurot Cornt, io the Cnottoua tlonstI, uildiog. j5't A CARD. VfHE undersigned have opened a house in this city Sour rlls lrlos of Itrnllleng it GESNERAL CO 11MISSION IIUSINEsS. tFIoIttE, No. 10 (GRAVItR OJIKEETT, Ui A STIAIs. l I' LEVY. Tihe Ihnnse at Grand Gutlf, Mliss.. wiltl be ouob eod in the l abve null. lteterenoe,. a Lodtre, Lan ie & S I. t N Orl. Lo. 1'ot-.n " tlill d ot S, It It Hill & Lo, Lonioniille, Ky. .ohl,, M I(ilmore, ilekbburg, Mies. Ilolpr, C,ee.tntoo & Co Iut ,a orif, li5.. Sil s Lillurd, Natcher, ltL,s. New ()rlcas, July i , i./Tt. jvyl2 A CARD. NIATHANKIEL 'rTOWNSINIl l"oavlg Iltatcd himi. sell'in New Orienns for the puo p'o'e of trranuhtitg t ainerolr Ageocy oita la*otlloosiuotPr ,,nleooo, would re. opeotfttlly ou'ioeit fronl the tioilklic o laliof of thanir pa. tronige. IlHavig a house in Texas, hIe I ill ,ttendrA Ithe trans acting of ally business tht any lie deired in thr euilull v, Illd will glillratalit ,t l ire Ie ylI II a l unrel fit ed n' Ifitlhful lllllicalil, i (inill ae ulud,i leth nilnl'tc~ io )lo )ul SIiI lld hll nl to I:I . il.lll ui d .,lilll~o. Oftice ill noia "n.l'hanhe, on llllllo1l trJp O.c),ooitc to Rev Mr iJhlli' s ,:llr elh" ntaid A !j -I , liis llb s ±cadlog rootu.sng..of tltlo'eoon C.t-uuoe. tewIltriao., Novormhe .;., 1837. MLsorr., .lillooer, 1'u5h & Cu. ( No. York. Alvarc F Ph, Natrhe , .Mins. lB I Strlh r lll -,lil Johu T to y. .,ofniville, Ky. I.r Jo.l A N.l e 0, Iloptkltnsvilln., . n.28 8o PtIRMEN'S INSURANO. COMPANY OF NEW ORLE4NS, Omco No. 24 Masson's Umiding Jo CANAL STREET. I SCII(XINER of Iho oollil oif .f 0' hido.SugnI r " tl load tloo Mobile. Apply In nvl _ _t Co. mon sot " ,O. 'ilU fOeeM to lOtli, pply Iu BUSINESS CARDS. II*. . F. D. Newco mb, H IlAVE openrd a houec I;,r bie tri.llnsJ g I v n el-ul Colllllntssr:o n Isusinll. at t\ntvll z. alzd +aV nth busines conllfded fo them ahlil be fuilhh~ Iv atltleded Referenle:- cnn II U CaG nniok & Co., latn Ill W,,t.. & C. Ne.w Orleats. aldwetll &e Iickny, A CARD. C CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, Irk I lesale Grocers and Ctommrs.eon .ier,,, No. 27 (Con.nt Street, New Orlean. [tIF'Parlic.lnr fteti.p luidto the putting up of Stctll, boat atd aSl,, sloNtu, . ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE NjtL .4 eua,cmu I flnt, t, ite· . i,,tke' A4l ,;, SýI'sPA Ii.iSI tIt ftr il.err teexetli. nl' turps sa pls 1d t ral rae awings, Intrehtt.t ' ifsc`tri I...r. s, te i ,st i t r ed altlem+ rnls o1 evecry descpltillon ll u erI a nolaL llloar on cif deep t} lrtlrnllng iperl e iolecatryllel tIfl, tlaLg g .I ) ols ; ! Li Id ballk chaeks, drav receipt, &c. pri.t-d a.llt:l.d cac d i',: cit acheap and expeditiutns th.., Iy tie ppri.rltor . . . . W I I.t 1 .0 t l It IE El t . fi ,g NB. lnllk Notes nt.Iv executed . n4I NEW IA.rT STORE . J ST r.eeivel par late arrivals ift.. New Yok, a tirea cl ffre tCIalltaable astortlntut t f HATS. rhe rtbarrier wtoull pccticutartly cll e teo . ateitat of the aallie to a style t bICaver ,tr an t r finish, fil, texture, ri; .tet c. alntiflt larcs:ru i t to a fle tlltin Russia hit fa altlCIer)r qUlity and tal. a - oAI letdid orticle aca silk Iln, trn etl er ita it t gTleral at sartnetlll annaf.ctbtt ed av Inasell, expteaaly fr thisl .aarket, whollcalethfttnd rtail J W vSORON, 31 tdatp strset. N..t Cit and coie ltrv dealers are inlvited to rall. rb 8 PORTRAIT PAINTING. - R. I' ' ten It resdpland llu tltlicrlte t lt Itcie th at tlre will retllilll ,t . dAnttt i Nawt lt. ill ts tar !he purpose at inlth. i oilrlhtraits. l .euuns cro of ttal a ttSt Charlo, in the thtcae ore iteetabls Iart .d" .Lynd, lof th+ wh eand •timell af hii paillliy.g .,ll Ibe art, . Etrllan.c ill St tharle vtreet. 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Tihe subcriber begs further to ars:re ti,. ptlt!ia ft at alr,. rth e at li is .t present a ll tt.,ltbledi to allltt alatd axcici. ordera lur all the kil.s of GCtrd.cls Suatels, eitll,:r twcltlrl ttr rettail, cs In ever waa ainceu lis first ,stubllahmolt in Jtllll;ry, 1822. Country Dealcrs acld litlet Gardcliecr.' ordcr r. fillad at the lowest and most rcasolable rates, by til pouncd weight, cnd gali. or busscol enarc..c CaGtalogues, eitllar in French or E.,glish, may always be obtained oa personal application . [ usual, to WM. SMI'I'TH, G crdea Seed Store, 85 Customt onsl..o streu,t. NOTE.-A constant rsupp ly ofBird Stedl, mixeC or pilain; pulverized sou); herbs, and Shakers' dried tterbs,--Witl a stpply of peas and hbnnea. MLO'crl INtie h ca;yl;,na,1 ble nl~i.l, landin frud srll) l p N rll mllta, flr t lle by ISAAC I tItlDtEE & ('o. nov 8 1:i4 h.aJ zi , A t TJUST reeivel an invce ob lIl 's C art sictitg tftite tiiltwi.ia, (iulftf Meaxico, West Int ties, in two t.ieetl; ltithar.,ll II ihks; West Fll"id.a ,f " Brazil, two a .'ls..iabt Medlterranetur Cost f.. Africa; Eaglish Chttlntel; mot. tIon agta Chaacllll 4. tar cale by l t 1E'IT & C New Yorhk Nttit.e..' llhll, a1sno 8 C'lrr r t 50 du a U do b0 Ite \V c(I 51) In Ileavy R. nls u;ck 50 do Iighlt allveta do Lsndiag flout iip Norman, aal for sale Isv S 42J P \'HIf'h,:Y, talnt10 0 2ucltl at FOR RrET, I-, P', I I -1 '.-U I | "'I ll S HI firmof v later+"riS ra is dsn".hed the The althira of tt conern wilr bu liquidated by ;;AM'I.,11 SLATER,1 ANA . r A T 'lt.?ft , 53 Casy Nr e w liediu rd W it er+ O1i l I hal.l contin..e thek (Nierw a I.e crd a dig t.ld Can.r 7mi fein b inesa R IIor d ,nllle , Jcka. N . is I'ml druea, in hl eh Ivao Tar u'I 1ER. 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TCLLOPt'sW NEW WORK t A\NCY Illn VINNA, Ihue Frneuata 'rllopr a iuth fr t'I onii e A tanner' nf tihe . inr -a , 'Jonathae Jeter-enn Wl\ihIc,' "'lTn Vicar nt'- ll e. hlill, PrionandI te a l risia " & a.. in 2 vLat . alr st received ao d fr sIal by WMl. %IaKE.A N. no l, c f CArtanp and _C.nor nn 0 A Dwelling honue, nuitanble for a s3mll Fi ilv sit.uae d R ln N.n adsi stel1, Irrf. inu g r l ow atng, .usd tll i', slenied at 'ici,nF r o In b tte chr an1 |,,,,l ilt+;g Dhoe pnrc tlorsa. g o. e t 50 vl' Nan lfttkfftii ' hnlftrrea our , .il . cn?' I0 i, 1alt eieeo , as Mane.ivl 131 nI', A ,t 1 ,r isran . nvlt- nlgai8 n.:f .Juat J .niv.'edanl Iand -r .a ly GW Plitcllhad and oJ h Irsgis, jr: 10ine h i la I gen abtl e - 1ar , l u fl T; 3i o f 111e a. xtl'ue,,aiotaa . 1 a tl l, chnnhtie. , Lralila. 50 46 12 aper d 50 "l 1 uni tnd cord1. ls l f 5) brel, 50 x .itr W ii A . W i Vi n, ,f S uIo'.al'.n1 '.ein S A i ,ft.t ' lm.1.I.I ' jr l " IIChan' 11K rr IINS a rNhal . 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WLHUENSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEHAL A r LUISIANA, O "FLfRS hi secrvicesr to th. public in the depar | mente ol _urveying andi Civil Elngineering, hot in lwll ulld coutlly. |'rosscon-iderub e experinnnee his plrfsion, and by ronytIness isnd idelia n i sn uxedo | lslness entrnsled to hMlll he ho(pes t_ recet and ,eceive a shar-of publhil p rtn.. Ilewi oC sill'easirae s, l cul ulNate ln srill[ntsrl g af wn llsd an eIlalFonlns. Usl.ciae so 8 hl:rtres ~reet~P detirs d sr tor FALL.FA3l - nsiE unbr iensrs -awc leave s1Iii IE nin nhr prrrn pared ti ex! a t teir l ll ns lnl lhiulsaa. n 0O';51I' &CPI) PFuslionable llstreiri, lnase aheel, no. I. +.t. Cssarlers a NI+II I~i l+A+(jk\,II N ' .LllLCAI. INSTI. liaee ltrelt, brillreil .M~Oaou aid Cusaaerls, sub'. .' lurryl~.. H PC Il. ('ur~se h Bsu.k ieeli.rn.-'flhe crias I f , . , e o p e n . ,l U ,in c e n v wra l m o n th s Swill elo~e in a few days~. Ilis'llnv go nt ecIisaiU nts, alIIongsI whom are gentle nin hig ii d lli +ublic I .arr .l i.. rbee referens I Bciellt nlu:,lher Ill wolb~e'ihePr, ++ill bare* L¢.Ull oberonnod it sill cle iii ue Nov.l ber i next. II1I eVellillq elittss Ihree sitilllnii uinid sal lse oelle ssd sl ioisler e.l Indi iis h ani e u PaI l rt L tes cistab sl itll in s are lecei red. 21 sl S EC~,,,, fr,, +;l.. oi ,; ll h,;.,I- +itf+,.+ib.'i I "i e ti i fr Iee avgtble shia, ket.p NEWl, Al I UAHII I D Xlis.sAn VAL'.lBUlIE AND SCARCE. SlIl \VM. U:I'l";TT:)llnnpr? alttl,2 vol, bllna Encvrhl ssdlse d iu Joi l est Ei es in c F's s e n.DICaI, wo1 sa. s FI.ewi s on For' r--P.illni is d ; I,, i,1 3 lise ' ls si r t riJure lirsldis l on s s lUer i ly [hI)]lII e. '.n lil e:r--l'r tollteed o.I lnHutlily Gibtll'ssisnrers--l i .nrtCrV MidriierI I stdd-Cuisle poiiular lMedicis, (rreon's |iefisly ltll'. ,tl" (.'Ie llli . i· ' Itose's Aunytik-, i 'herat try r'uJmMPI:CIAI. dND N...t-rrtr.. 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C tsn the II 1V) ak t inlnding Irbo g~p; t anhe L r sale by 1, It GALE 'lnt'2. .bt3a Clrmnn st Mlr. ---- - 1i 9 i lll,-erlbcera h'rav n a a; ll/d f:rfr f ar le on eCmll(' l n llod nl I lermTL s: J0i i'Iv ddI' nl ingal lllte Blwll Sto, direct S15 r ka . nc le r in i qIarts, 1901 fIran P(rlrr lrad WIIIr a) rer, by 30 ( e i-, 3J galls euneI , paiaie uld Scotch 43 Jar near plelriorpParl It .lYV, 819 pi-cer heavn Seate: h i Haegins;, i6 laekaaes Li.nen dulla, blachedl ard unbleach b' O nxe· fhnev rechlltll J 1 Iill'lllEarat e llllernoalklelgrtnage, I I cae LuehI,,nLr abiiur[ 1OL.MFs & M31l.ltS, ____(__ an"k I'in" Il\V. IIAVANII'sriC, ,\ItI'TUilE", - IFnr reatmente nld cure of the I'revrr and Agne. ST' will I- re lv Ig aVe'Ied Illrein tim e Tllia: ,lix * tllr ii ei allnn'it Il rilhe ornliaarv IlT do fl trele in " l FePIrCn and Atll,. 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