Newspaper of True American, December 3, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 3, 1838 Page 2
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RTOEFWOR IR1ANS. CLEARANCES, December 3. lp aomnm, G Kimbdel, Hare, N Wilikin.. Udi Leyu..d. Fimr, Lace Ma , 1G. BDdlbod. big Adulald., tiLGer. Gibrltr, G. 3.dAfrd. Adeaide, Cwd, A..Xahim.i. A L Adlditin Br Goe.. Reath, f B.alore. J W Z·btcril. art PC WdiiI.,. If Unity, Roitia Hondur.s, Master. &b. C.ledoli, P..tte, for Havens, J Vjgonic, & c obhr Eliza A..n, FloyI.d, b. Almu., D 0oldemil Sahy v..., P,..lll, V.,,... D. O, Id,,ih.. BehWm AllI,.C Conk, Cb.,rl.ton, st. Stenarnpack,,C .mble. W .de, Galveston,. RoJa,.i co, ARIUVALS. Towlboat Porpoie, D.ii., ftro tlb.s 8V Pau. Towed to vas 4clz~a'Elza and Sono, nd Chapmm· R rought up hipl IMI11(I nabs, and alrhr · -ium Left The ar on the 30th at oam . spor twohip...d I bark ofl tb. Bur. No t ing new n the river. Towboaot Tasmanian, McDonnell, from the Habit; went Sdown IIjbq and returned to town with ship Ympontia and bark Tib4#l.. LeAN E Pam..36th ell,t3 p,. U.amburgbk in the otstg; brig EmeiRO. of Bristol, an·Id brig Mary at the Banr. A bark previously reported and two ethos in the river. ''ntowboat Shark, Harin from the Prise.; having towed to sea bark Fattay, and prig Catbarinel returned to loan with bark Nimrod. owed boat Pot lBoy; bhe hb.,ln broke h.r cilindor and several othear pa s of her machinery Reports smitling in the Offing; nothing now I. the river. Left on lst a 2 t Imd n. Tewlmat Mohican, Eaton from the peen., havioJ proceede to the S.rligb, r..t.r.ed to ton ojit hip Empr.u. barque Gal.1... L.f tbhse 8 WPP ..a 3~obh . 10 A M. Ilport.. en Ship Proponllim 17 day. from oston, to Matter-carlo' Sbip SbeU.Id, Porter, II day Ifrom Baltimor.,. to G., Bed ford.. cargo. ·e'd mddl·. Barge 0.llileo, Lbob.,d, 12 d..y fr.m Ne. York, to C.. Bedl..d. Ship ...or.. Bl..on, ftro Liverpoolg 8bh Oct. to master.. Cargo, assd Milan nd lire sloek..4 steerag passengers. Park Tiberli., 5e..., 13 day. fr.m B.llio e..cO1.j. n.ed mdA.. B{+rk Nimrod, Chadbourne, Sndaye from London, I. ballast, 10 Mince,. Debt~ Cordes, days from Velasto. to MWutaer .urgo, lumber ode. ShipCon ptoJ 0 lBar,, 12 days fr.. PbiI.delphia, to N Brig Horace, Whitb. 14 d.y. from K.,bo,to motor, win Porter and Bider Brig Pel.bLI, S1,.kpd., 24 dys ftro. Th,...,wn, to 0.. ark F.....;AebtIy, from at. J.o.pbh. In bhli.1 1to tb. muer.. Sckr: PceIlc. Adanw,'fro Pesaeola, to muter. Cargo, Potatoes ud anion to order Debi CIllao, Ad.. f.rom N.. London, to master. Sioop Vet,. Nye, fr.m Peaaaeols to mateor. Carg, 150 bhi. Porn les an ontonr to order Borhr Mary Jane, yar, from Pensacola, to master. Stemmemr Nm Fretreh, St Reid, from laierllla . Steamer Walk~-ieothe-NWttar. rom lorence.. Ala. to matter ytonmer (hogs.,r T Wilson,, from Louisville. Slsella Algonqruin, Cadwallader, firom Onctennilti. Fleamelr New Albany , Montgomery, frnm Loisvlle.. Ms~ipter Ozat it, Hon.,, frnm CiceF~nuIU p tlleoa re Bullan, Pella, from emlllllln. "framesr Empperor, Auto, From Louisville. Siemear Bklokepsims. Warren, from L~ouisille. Streetelr Southerner, Barrett, rom Colool~hii. Towed down barqueu Marv. Balla~rd, for iverpooul. Brig L~udwig for New York, .111 3 bat tms. SlaelmHI Wartleefroa Columlbian. Steamerr Duy re , Gnr lln, from French island, t*te~tne- C:arolln~ Sutton, from Mobille. hSteiller IlllntorillP. Jordan, from Bayou Sera. Steaanler Hoom·a, Loyd, from Lo~uisville. 8t."aatlor Teccbe, Chenvini. from Ratoln Rouge. COMMERCIAL. l.nlle*i l~sll h,. 1.411061 1)44144M CiL0.,L.. New .... ......21l Wolhu ion,Na. .... .06 INe YorLk, Nov............ 5 ic , ..........2 Phbilncclphl~a Nor ..........?f I Jil·. b%·~· do ~.......... .7 Louis, ill'·, dol............... 7 Ialrilor d................ t..... S. .l,4h , Now...... .. .. 2 Ltlr( o.ol, N." ..........4 Ilouuol, ('1 l,) Nov...... 19 a' ri ,O l O................ 7 4,4, 4 No4v4 .4.4......... o u o2 Nov... . 3 Na1l4 ll, Nov ........... Lare do ........ ..... I.Xl'OK I'S. lAVRE. Par sp Garonlle, c~lrgo, 816 balo, coltonto Wil VE LASCO.. FUr pi r kByron..cargo, bundro Imall lots F -ruilts Proviainn,, &e. C44ARIL4STON..'Per P lr \tVln Aln..c nargo 4100 hehds sugar, 08 h-I~, onf d4o; 21 brl4 mohie, and 100 1,bl iron, to master. GALVESTON. P, ' laler Col4mhia..rurgn t.n,1 lols of fruit, flour, coffee, bIandy habdware whiskey, bacuu, 'ame. mlllato lansd bnaldware. IMPORTS. DAI/I'I1ORiE..Poo barque T, orms..Cargo 1453 Naga Rio (kMd'.e alnd suudry Iots of ln3.. KPNEIIVUNK..PI r rig llac,..aen4rg 3-,0(0 f6t llllu~ e n(l lbrls l lso; s Illt. eamply c4k4 . Ii orals 404'4IIO I 4S T N4 ..PI'N r hIl' I' go ,0l.t ,4, 4.Il4 ~ 2,1, 04.,. 3.,,. 10,1 I 0444,4,,,!,,,t (Io~l U edlirdl. I'S(ASACOI.A..I'I. er Br AI-1 Jan c..40000 feat In be, an Inc of hi hods, a," onlr r. NEW' VLON1 IN..IIV 4,,,r (:.alln. 8,10 fre I.,l nmr, 0') lIs I.Ill., r: I)0llb, and 7(N0 bu-llh b i tLuca to the insl itr. I46CI4:II'TS 0'F PRODUCE. C, 4lutl4-I-l',:r 0,e,4 W r' ..irn "rgo1 I, ll,- n n ISl4 le,\V , 1 r:.4 0, ,, d VBl o at., 'r o J, Ij R h 1w011,61, 74, tie po,k.4 3 4c.2 I04rdP Fhu.o 404,,, .Iro" 9,0.kegs, 44(444"and co; S 1e . do 4la4, , Pl,·'xil0l· ; and 0o; 0,0,do KoHe ,ld r(l,,44 A w. 44d W.l .,, ,.4ek.rl 4 Frn.n ,,, 414c; If d44o 4)4 I n r bOre. nd 41+n I. Nhhd J Il,:4 kand 0';l ,04n do 444 44ll ll 4oi Goo444 h; 1644 ,4444 1.544 0,10,03. to Kr0 44y.4h IIt0 Fi ld 1i n, ,, an ; 10,64d S4n. ad (0,5 16 docill IV 11tCarlr; :,:d* d, K··y. nd Bob. 1,:99 O ,t uIf ll e..0do I'su, n ux, l rl, r ll..,r d ,o; , ' Ml, ,.Co 4'l4"kl.l mi0nlld 4ro; 1 0 do dr, I0 ea. 4, l "ck ll4,ll,0 o4 14,44,44P,,414 4'41..don,,A44 4 ,.4 . wo, hirslk elly, parklesk· I.ýrd Y hnnr1on mýIII .| i.en9 i el 1,dA g2i1n.,I 4gt ld 0444 le ms eond ,1\lCaeill, 10t be cdoi,- L o hrlhl ed . Prk.. b ~ 444 4ell4D WI. ,1,, P ,, ,,I 1, Pa·lle eon; I horse j Tors; 115j hhel.lusar j H Fenld nnd 0'n.. do lmvllo..lkrr l +lnum Emud , II 0021 "'e, 6o A Nrl" vhiokly, :MI brls flour, 75 p''' ,"n bngpn1 Till h-Iran int I' 44,4l4 no4,n mid B r IC,.grl0 flour, 46;, 34,44 44n J I. 4 4&44on 36 horse, Kelly, 7 hot. eollo. 1 gin s444,444,.14,4 a n44 cn. ,S I'aies cotton Wo, Coinplmll, 10 do do Fnrr 1 all lisl rick, :1.1 do do Ilac kuer, S, 10 do AIo 7 Boelle, Ferridlav & rfit, 12 do do V Blogart. It do S 1V ).. ie4! lI do do N4 4d J Di, kanl d co. , 21d Wdo4 W 44l4 . do 4l4,d0l, cKel4nn4 4l4d Wlight, 16LI0 Ml-,in, Pla,lut . & c", 44, doe 4 rke. W4 1t and to, 464 do do l-yons, lHrris. 4"co, or am 8 Draper. r 1olumbia--',r ,leller Southerner..tactg 037 hol, ecot NI ut N;llo. WaVal and co, 277 do do Al %VI nrd. E7 do do Ly aLS, llari, .lad co, !10 doR oeck, 5e do Ngel,'ll . llrl, k I1 .o, 2li do Fr,.nkll adl Ilenderson, 2a1 do WV 1Murl, S do do S1\ Oake., l1 do J 1 i.eteriel .m)h0.o, 10 Pros oil, Jones nnA co, 47 dto JohnGo lll, I do Solnl h and Voorlloee, 3:3 do SDlollldou allnd o, :AIt d A .d0,,ol 0 4,4 I, V (.Url, 49 3do J}lllrmil, Ferridayv and ol. ('lnl(.4n4l..44 er 4 lmer P o .ain. .c• R, 111lhb's loor, .. tiro Dor4ey44; 44 4.k4 4h4coan, 4J 44lD444 0r 5 60 1,1 4 four, ,+nhnr III blotrd; h i W I Iakey, OuerU o board; 511 i|b iJ. ct( on, d ' G. iOkly; 2444 i 4o 4 Incom, ,nd, 7 do4 lurkoy 44, k.g utte4r. Owlll0 r on boad; 40 hi alpll4es,4 onr on b d; 2L ,e ch40ke;,, and I doz turkeys, OWller ou board; I.ooftl4 ho~ck oil board,.i I.,lll4dle..P4 r Slemer4New Albany..rar4 o 14 4 p4 4 44 mg4. R 1 o.4Tf4'4 h Co,'.. 30,ilsrope, Ogd4.& So 0.4, :,37 ,. i our, It F Il ,44. 4 0 o;.s lard, :6 4,ki. M4eoll id 151 e Parlsflour, 01' .....u 4, 2. br o, ...d..,. ower on I.oirvill. .Fcr *Ira-la· i'la~spslrs..Cergo 74 bales cotton, N V Dick 4 0o, .o moell, he r 'dlu k \Vl14- co; i1u l ,,lllll & Gooch; 14 do %V Ilega l: 8do Lamlbetlh & ''lO~pbol; 9 do LyoL Ilarris; 7 do 8 II Ilnet Perriday 4 ro; 40' rls flour J A Merri4l; 4 50 kegs la rd, 0 4 ,4k 4, c o4 4 ll a d 6 2rl , lo rd . a n & H l ; 4 11 i r , r k J Olro n. oil bo lard: r6.10 egbanes, U10 brlr d olm or + J H ardy, n ol hoard; 4 400 4e ,4 J l,,1orou o hard: 30(1 hog, FJ P - 1 4l-40y . o n board ,; 124c4 up , 0c 4ke n 3 hrll sundrie. d oi 3 Inre,,d F Mllher nn he rl bll LouI vll..Per amo.lener Gae4 s'carl4 aol00oIl4 rop• 7 1 " 44g ii4ll nd 411 bales4 co4l4 , 4,ubeth 2 4 Tllol4llo,. 15 bl Fotton, W 4440at,, 26 do Huckn4r, S4a4041 4 o, 192 do It.e. 6i nett, eFFrrid4 y &e ; 1aols Gardner 4 to; 13 do o.le. ne0 & 4o; 90 k.4 . knrd, A i Wallace & co, 7od 4 hores for Greslham A lorence,) AI. ..P r 04 L, am r W0 4.a n-5lhk -,I,4er . ir o Iio hll4lld Ib:icCOllld 7 h4 ale, calico. Aroat4 q L7 . e .,A, 2 ;l a :4, d,4lolu dV MB 4l h 44 b .ales do 44 D CoPler, 74 do A.ll:, 4'dn43, I4ot.el;1 A4'l4r 4 co, 31 do Lomri, C#hobluber : do F 4ne. Po s 4ane & 0.. o, 28 do Nkarl. & 'r Im 4" Donepre; 7 do Welll, AnderMn ! Ir 1dd J DLk .. Lo; 14 do glllthl Plellll~tl & €o; 7 do W Boxm t and 30 aeks c rn, 1o Pick,at t & Brnk.. To w rd down 9 Flat fleats will, 1010 hand cattle ou bord to Davi b Lonuisville..Per steamer Willam Freneh..rargo 669 brlla.a flour , 6 kel4 Ilrd, alLd 13 hhlo baron. Roht Buchn4n; 6 bre 4 whihe heana, 3 do potatues, 13 do .pphl., W W4illi-m, on. :aoid; 28 brla Ipplu aInd pottoe, w Merriwether; 13 moies L .nd 7 hon~es, 7 w 8berly; 16 boraeI Mr Foag I bone and lot o~f furniture. Loulile--Per lteamer Huma-a-U rgo, 340 1hll1 44r. 48 cl iIo Imlel+,3 kLf·do bUtter d Vairin andl co 51 cole roea age 4ln and Souhgate, 100 r brls dour A L A4nde4*n, 942a2 h. tanI Yeatmnas ind eo. h Pe. 6re44clerll 44;l, from l.oui.ville--4 y gn4n. d .... M4r4 Murr34, Mrs Mc44lla44. ,ir4,Missi.4ynll, '4rro, 4 nj 44 B Hrrison and 44 u.o qll,ulr . a; , t eh,, Klily, 4clpe; 1one, Coi,,lo, Valnerron, Judee llickey and 9 art, Lm men It ,m , 11 IIaI we, L .P+.lclletl. ) I * )uuve) Bolo,. Rouge. .44 4h4e, 4 se r'4a40l0. 444g4, :'94 44442. 444g4, 49440oml eAlnadWhtltt b ~"6 u~ai "localo dd D ki, :0 71 m olUM· S1ioo rail Lmd , 7. 4.0,1 rolm do do,71h .,4 ,lar, 95 br0l ml4s,4. A Mouore4 and co, 15 4hale cotton do do, 4 do do C Tolduo, I do d R, 2 bbhd. *gar PeyrouxAriue.l and co, 7 bl4ies otLto 4ard4 t" and innet. II dod.4o Henryand L4urend. CI .'.at Ib~lT rot Indian·Ul.cro ear oorn rod a horrel. 'oI'en"hll Iond..per teamoer Dui+ree..cargo 08h rll dlour 14myth74 44in4244444 267 Is.ll t4 4 t0' 04444,4164 .A belol,,, in Byou 4ar 4r4e mulr H ,ntslll.4(44rg 4 150 bt44 eotl hM, A Lod4m 4 . 40; Ili. do, u, Brk, O,, & cu; 74 bal4, Pa do M, While a co; 11j6 do ( M Le; 59 g,, Ido e.h & Thonlp ton; 40. d. Mor4 Wilardl; 46 do 2. F.ow4r; 31l du R4y4old, ire & co,, ~31 do A Ri.rdi .; 2do The..BmrretLt; 2 do 4,. WI y 1 (3; ,1 ,0o J I'luu4hi0 & co; I1 do Filldl4, B 0" lIOC 1ll.lg , 16 nd ., M Cut ; iI do (4;;0,444 4 ,l4rl4; 4 do I lli~ley; 5 do Ipi... lnlaiWm 4" re. 544; 44444 A4l44, 41404 4". is hhd sugar and d9 brll Molu3.s , J II L.o.rrdn 4 o ; CON)SIONEI., Pkiladnllphi. ~.P ar )bil Empire. .Cargo It.'d mdi I Ad 4m4; 4 Vhllaker, Ischards, Waterman A \V4,53, 1 (;.i4, Lokhart. Fenln 4 I 4k4ore A , A B 4ya4l II A W ,V ,, hk John . re, A Wh4i. V i ing & l 0ark A T44,, I,'mr, Sihanon & Weoll arm, J B Field, A.t ,ur,, )lak 4 iWoor (torc 1tbh. Bueknr & 41,,.j.. C .t A 44al4,,; 44 Wite C.I, Duplex Q olltllcll, R Grmllll, & co, C FMne, J D Dw.Ie'I ge, T C Wilkin., M4 y Cl.atdra. Kmll 4 Gren J4(1 o, Baker, W I .ralr, L mlLb th 41 . Iolmpn on glorrms W i ;ard, Jo t II Fi,1 r a co, A Aodg,, armwu,..ecl A ,o. It 1l..11,,, f V lh( Tarp,4 Ivld, 4icrl4 , hlk4s , ,e4 Fw44 el4o0 A D Cra. "ma. A amTlil NJlao, 02le.Rylds. Sy.rn& co, W AI 1llx N'a J Dik 4i c*n, 8llloeull,'RRikh,lrd4 , . cj olure 0 MlcCarty, Y lltma6 & eCA,.ato Hu. t In, Hart llrl 1llt& 0'o, S Enviln W H Wbittok 4 4 so Bruc A l.i4ep, BUlk, 4Vtlt4 co4 Pr. Ma;.e 4t co, Prescott Jones co, N J Comely & co, 8 Ad-i Q a0' Lay.dlI~ry, 4 older.a Ba'im ~Parb"4quTl'b.4rit,'..lo Lm..h4, 44,I340.4w Nic 44l44on,, Arour, Lake 4 Wallker. ,w.t &(4, A 4 anill4u.. o. , d C Hopki, Carruther. .I1 ,'Hur6 44Fro P1 N W1od, Real, 4 Dlon.go, Dubb44.d Brown, Oeaommn Brother., (Aover & Rrenn n , WhllinRg 484lar,. A nt, 4" co, J J.4di4 J cal WBo4rl4 'J A W BA c, 8A M o.1 I .e ' , H,.ha * .og;., 'Jrvi 4 An.. 600'6,L C Knnedy, David Adamsl Caruller, Il.rrls co, arlyCt 4 imerick, La, 4l4llai4 & co4 Cr44 ock1, 1. de4,. ,ails3 Tolodlno M O Deiy & HrBth " F T,-as, 40'oHe ford " 8oraelbry. Hyde co, Heo ery Vlrdi Itc;· I & lHaw of L~,koylb p. Il d ' . L .r . or, Lu , rre onegr, P 4.4 P \VIit44 4 ey( Moore4 * Clark, Copt Loa.ue. Plc4kett & (lnk. ad order. Ines Ier e, ll. 'lolwnuts Ul1 Bfluston..AdulllB mlA HulasEl. E 4and ,o, 4 ,na4l4tld Hu4llor4ll 4 vderf,. ou nnd G,,, "" $ .41u44 .do, C o. ' H J lon44 4., B4 bey eIn Brow.4,4 4 dTer "Idoco, lm~iJad lalwtl4r lo C.wyII roli Fovd I.ou., nd Al· • drisk. Whit ridld an co, tualdw,.le nd ltlrVatro, I ,h/" more co.JI Bo, J Karr1, A FDUuuhr Ilurhrp 01'att and co M I l4odger. AY lmy anco, Yo.,llpt,,, anu,l Ca:ppJA wea -ae, e From taxd e ,. U WVheeler, P 44V4oeer. , Prbl(q4eq4 4 i4o, fro2.4Gew Y4ork-W 4 Eylj4 2 Fol.,4 , gran no Limeri , 11 Beach anud en, S Pae. 40J H an'r , YI Mers adeo.J LJvoll and co J H Fiehld 'ico, I..liOU colta a-d Lsegeanr, H Percival. D C 8w0in .ad co, and uordr. le P A 8 8E N F ., E /R S . r it. PFile.4lph.a..Pr klp Empi.....Mr. RBid.. 44 1,,d 44 !r 1 t Lady, Mnr browy, Arn Hlopkins. Mi.. Crag'pnrof Mr l,,t a L.'dy. , Mrs 2yl1r, Dr Worrell, E H *4ulur, b' Fa- min, um, C Y Kuea,,, J8z WgTter, and 21 in steerage Poro 4I4l401o e.,er Brgqes 4lbrlu4..Duruli, 84ier4. 0ddk- to m. IS tJler,, Mll 014i(, 0l O'Couuell, Elwll4 , d44a4r, 441 4. Miller, Lou4il.4 r, Viel, DrateL an4d 1rollt4 r B-y.un', : t r M,.Do,* d. berq03e (iallil.., from 2.,t.,,--OIndd,,,C and dsShte., Miss M3I,,a and sout., i Racklunl, in LRLsinigThlsnna L Jones, and 8 in the aaeng Loaiaville.. Per steamer WVilliam sranrl,..Giar ohnson k and sisi., Col Hrrion., Fogg, Jan Berry, Tban Pop.. B R Holad , Rbersto BuDhs,,. Tos. Shirlhy and 2 s's. P bell, Mo. Csmpbtoll and not. H Spanglr ad art, MKoSpooe ler, C Codrkh aod ladyo Mr Bowie, Mrs Bowie At d na, M.s and UchildAoo, tins McCaoomwh, J R Dixoo, M IRad J Itistor. W C.,oa.. Mis. Ci,,d., C Inch.. B Cluk. AC Moon.ta, J WVhiltenoe. Ab-obsm G,1W Pas.on.. Bos,.Ctt. Florence,. al.e.Por ste.amos WaIk-b,-the.Wsonr...Uss8t. Coobros. Walks., J Carro. A J Mllh, J' Dabr, J Maatn.. Jso Itioh.I, Mn. F Wall, W Donring, Dr Bloomfield, Bi Jordans, U 8 H1.h. ILouis*111& Per steamer Gangca..Jns nrsaham, SaRml Spear 'rho Rodgers, John fikColliot,,, N IHsydnl mud .ot. Mbhll....Per steam.e Caroline...Majo John A Burok, BSAim m .. and 2sort, Mai,, Vadergaft, H PCoff,,y. IHCCoffey, OR Rainwter., C Daro.d, W Hsll.orth., Whtsosto. WV F Stoy. Warnor,, Bnksone. Byrd. Dtronett, Tim. Silo. hat, Thos Rsed, W, Alilso, Win T Towt.nsnd. Smoith, Woo Smoith, Vm, Collin., Fchrodor, John T Jaobs and ,. ol dck -2 horse so 1,1ard. Lo,,jsille.l 'r stoat.. New Alh..y. John CIylton. R Darl.Ing, R Thyboo, S Anadre., 0 Quik,l 1. 51.0tin, 8 Nally, John Iongsetnf Dybooso, J It Fgsoon. 1. Curota.. Ms Car .oon. M .t CIIsydon, VWtuker, KV Herrin. A Morrill, Col F W Gilman, J Wormood, 8W SpenocrCP Butler. Cinrinnati.'Por steamer Algonquitn..'1V een, Traverse, Fo.t.,. Duple, T Zoohrie. F Rryoh, F Borgoris, Shaw, A Bor sort., F Dtlrie, Z Gron, Mrs Cheotham; Oryao, Piarnoo. Louilsille...Pe oo...r 2bShsk,,pr ..M. I Mosm, MN..tsl Ien aod Son. M5, Garner and Son, Mi.. Lesiler. Mies Walton, Min SBloomfield, JW W1m, and Lady, G Glotmer and La. dy, Mi., Thompson and Son,, 8 8 Priit and sit,Judge O J Morga,, 11,S P Russ.lI. Cape Bail.y, Capt Rankin.. F Mille, and 3 sevu, Kelly, W Nixon, L Petrel and not. L Gonggaff, J L Besason J W Dough. D Brown, J N Richardson, W Ls bather. T H Cason, W H FPortiFor8Sctt.i J W;F1uros, J W Kelsey. T Forsyth. D M Hlghes, T Harri.b,,.ouh W W William., A Blonfieli, R JI inte.rJ J;,kson. J Elstorth, E B Scrrid and sea, D Aiken, JB S.,ld and nel, H Pe bls, G S ., 5 Thomposon, J M ll, W Paniploy. Armand, H IDaplmss, W PosoyG Brnin., Hard, an.d 31 ot deck. Par soomar .., lthrn. from Colmbi,..0 MCsl.b, J N Ogden,J EJones, J M Miller, lady and e., J F Know and lady. Par s.tam, SBultan, rrom Sithland..d rs Henderon., Mr Pitkooll. , M and H Mao.n.MissesM and F.and M L Thompson, DuctSNuno., Pjuitt, Farmer. Martio, .yon.Coop er, Crawford, Crouther. Nelsen, Stronge, Joiner, Coinage, Boongit., Archer. Coa Patrerson. Per oten ,ar Emperor, fr.m L.uivill,. .P Shannon & lady, W Wigginon, J Coompbell, Robt B.te. Cha,'tela,, Skrid~g, II Adamos, IC Shannon.2 . M Dpp.. JL Mitchll,, W Lutok. rtt. Js Shirley, Jae Abriham, Mon .Gesrd, ,hild and met,, C Duval, McePadden. Cincinnati.. sPr steamer Onk.1.R Hone, jr and Lady and mother. B T Stonoeand Lady.Thos Maltin aod Loady Mr. Sil le. ,Y Griffith, William Neville, N Looio, Hawkin., Rhods, and 50Iay paeogers P.O stoamrTsT,, from Bastn Ro1tge... F,,,!, M Gouot day, rd. Jacob. Doun Lssneur,.d fomily, J lohi. S. Bblooin Dooorsua.IA t.Ohoro.sgaos, A D Troauig, Capt Thompson, Castlore, R Rushl, C Flnyan, O W Cruoo and family, Rus. soli, F~llnaron, J Cltawvio French Islelld..Per steamer Duprao..J R Montgomery D Kennon MEMIORANDA. '1 he Steamer Ozarkk reports th~e IWm French agrund, at Cumbenrland : Davy Crockett broke her shaft at Grand Cut Off; Gean. Winfield Scott1 and Staff come passengers on the Oxark to Pallllrnh, By Steamer Sbaklrlpslm relrorls steamer WashhtglEen of Mobile anngged and g unk down to her cabin floor, on its, 29th ult. b'I'b boat and rnrgo it s total toss. Left the Emplonr at V icktl Steamer Ganges left Loaisrill 21 all Ithe Ohio had fall en IS. inchoa ; .nine day pane~d LIh. steamer Cuam Ineh, Bunk talon Ss'I River ; 2?d, passed Warne~lr I:.pire below Flintl Island; met Mar mien at Frnch talc red ; 24lh, Inns l . instants Wml French, Mloravian. and Rhine agroundl at Cumbllerland Bar; steamer Madrison lying Iwlow, una~ble to get over, 2516,. passedl Mobile, and Ban Franklin at Granld Chalin, bound nr St Louis ; tootI11 Platt at Ilalnd No 3; Antlelope at Iron Danko; Itia I below ; liov Shelb1y at Island Id; 20th paused SoFlowerao at Island 47 ; met Rienz~i oln~l United StatesP at No. 01l; Prairie at Wand 611;li Astoria at67 and 60; Richmond at moult, of Attonsun, Ituuslprto, below ; `.19II, premed t'.,Irick He~nri , below Princeton ; et Mediator at 05; left lilanllilll of Vies burg, Ellen Douglass alosodo; Ranndnlph it Coal Creeck; met dyne SanII~a NorthP Al Illmll sodl Clyde at Fair. chilrl's Island ; let Dec. metl Gen Gainese; Johln Jay at Point C.. "a. Schr l'arifie lef at the Turn "[olr P'roxy, achy Johln, Spof ford and bnrgne Osprey. Mantlua Nimnlnl o Sunda~y "lllh ON Lt 35 2RJ71 nag 50188 lha cook, n nag o11 man, on, missing: rlhnn last Ml,,n ha was going over the howl, anid In rlppoped to have fell overboard.. STHlE T'RUE AMERICAN. ibe EDIT'D BY JOlim atIDaMON. teof y' FAITHFUL AND BOLD. NE'V ORl LEANS: , MONID 1Y, DECEMRER 3. 11838 AiArriltof th Ltrerpo,l. We are too modest proplteir to make loud huaslings of our spirit of d'vi d tion: we ate not amnbitious of the htotor of I uirttrtlyrrdom, tlnr do we covet the gi ,ry of being hrnt ftr oa wit.h at S.lcm. Yet we cannot a~vol shaking Ihands with oursell on the gift li n prophecy w Ihich we suddenly foulld to our posses ie n Friday Inst, antl which Ite new by the Snext day's express so sangularly Illfilled. We do repeatt the prtdiction no,, wless sceptticinm regard nt our wtizard gitt of 'second sigh/,' we have in. dlced our rctndes to dlsmtiss our words too Iastily rd fran their memory, deerning it us ol C bbel's school tI Seere, wthose head, like Friar Bacon's, uttered egsame m r orahle words, among theas: 'lprophe rised Ithat, tlehogh l ncrer told any body.' 'Of the steomer Liverpool not a word of any sort n inas reached ,is, yer we cannot divest our mrinlds of on acerain vn , lecling tllat she lhad reltrned to 0her port of departure, or taken refuge at some Sotlier. Our wisth, perhaps, is falther to the tho ught, s btl o feel . prtersttterei thaatrsome such wrill be do found to he the eooe.' In fulfilment of which predi titn we lenrn theat the long lost, and muoh talked of saeamer, 'Li Sverpool,' arrived safely in New York at 9 o'clock to on Friday the r22 November, in sirleen days fron as which port she put back after beent out front Li o verpool nine days. Fron Liverpool site started on Sthe Qth Oct. w itih 60 tons of foul, but after being Six dnys, Calp. Fayrer found that from some defect in the escape pipe, so untccceesarily great was her consumption of fuel that already one half of his stock was gone. llo thort fttre deemn ed it prudent to turn about, and reached the Cove of Cork safely on the 29th October. The weather had been exceedingly bad, the winds adverse, and the s a unusually high, yet sie received no damage a whatever eiter In going, or teturning. Oo reach. ing Cork she had but sevrnty ltors of coal remain ing! The owners of the boat there inf',rtned the passengers that if they wished to leave her,ttheir berths would be taken, and paid fr, in the nexat Spacket atip frotu L'verpool, of which liberal offer sixteen availed themselves, including John Van Buren, Wie. Butler, and F. O.J. Setirh. The ne cessary alterations being made, and oan experimecnt. at trip havingproved their efficiency, the gallant ship started again for New York on ithe 6'h Nov, and in 16 days-beating the Great Western without accident,or difficulty, proudly saluted the I batteries in New York harbour and ranged uP I alongside the densely crowoed wharves. They who left her in fear, may console lthemselveswith their removed alarm in all the bumps and thumps, they may get on ship-board, but rust must feel some chagrin on their protracted arrival at hoane, to find how quick,and safe, a trip tle discarded steamer made. Even in Now York such was the alarm created by the supposed ancidents t the .Liverpool, that the steam ships of every kind fell down in the market, and were at a heavy diconuol: so mulch no, that ntnny intended pIasengera by the Great Western paid their forfeit, and sailed in the Roasiut,-among them were Madatmte Vestria, Charles Matthews, and Tyrone Power. The 'Lt verpoo!'made her gallant entry at 9 in the morne ing,and in two hours after, the Great Western de. parted, On board the former was a Queen's measenge, with despatches to Earl Durhamt entreating him, i t a isd, t o t na e t o n .- ..t . es . s· a rl w gone. 'iThe ateamer departs again ou tite 5th instant. The papers frotm E rope contain very little in formtation of any Interest or value. Frort Elgland we learn that a aerioua riot oc cured on thc31t Oct. on thie railway at Rolther am, where the Elnglish labolurers attacked the H, Irish and drove Ihem away. Tl'e caue of the dis turbances was that the latter were underwotrkiog the former. By the active intcrflerneae of the tmil rary, order was restoree. t Anticipationn are atrongly entertained, and even preparations made for the mturrisage of the young Queen to her cousin George of Catmlbridge, ra A thousand tons of potatoes have recently been shipped farm London to New York. Tithe steamer 'Northern Yacht' was seen to sink h at sea with twenty two on board: supposed all lost E The powder mtill of Messrs. Maroonus & C,, near bi Mtns, Belgium, blew up Oct 25th. The quantity to of powder in the mill was ahout 59,0001b. Eleven tmen were killed, Ilw limbs of of them being th scattered to a distance of 500 or 600 yards, Tne tai damage is estimated at about $75,0100, So tremendous was the shock, that tihe work. Ge met in a coal min, e tie0 leagues frolt the spot evt where the catastrophe took place, ascenlded in the it greatest sonstrea- ion. sill LIvennranoL.wo. t. Cotton Market. A steady dein.od fi, cOlt,,lt is cottiouted The ealto are 1,000. JLonsea, Nov. J. Mu,.ty e laretet. 'The fonds renoin ret 'Jthout perttcula vsaentiou, ad bueineb s ir.lac . ('oloates rccttttaoeeuaOaeY lead eccoae. ttnk saJrk otei' assetc1r h lb" Ltaulctuc)k 2511to tl Etehalurr Rll .s Curo les pre- aor atum. ipoidh AeoCteL Iwitl the HMay Ctoll.- wre Flit I. . Portuuese Ftveo per Ceoats 3 to 2, the Three Ip., C t ato Itraeeilian oP to ; atrleoc 23 to t , ctothtlolhleah, to 5 UutcOTwo tsd atla.alfie to t- th oe ttvetr a.ttI r. tt; t,"1. Titell'm rketfor rrailay a ares wac rth d t.preu " t, tI t ! ttt pi olr o ft tLs e tot t .o c1ot hk. W I.IVER ROOt, CORN EXCHANGE, Friday, Average Pit res..Wbra. per "u01be Irst dr le redt Oed It;: dodrld htea. ocv l t ts I'l..dto .o whitei t s . d it IOt.lited Englihnwbeabt, Il tsd (s It; Floor, perOtbll, Eangllsh and lri.superfn..e..5. 0o do, fn.e, s(ineo; do s.coadt. Su * 50e, du, Ihirds., lL Q W.' The reverend, and charitable editor of the Observer on Saturday repeated the account given by the Bee of the abstraction of money from the Post Office by an individual namned Smith, for the sole purpose of pervert ing facts to suit hie specious purpose of abusing every innocent amusement and utterly condemning all who participate in them. In his remarks upon it he trieo to make it appear that this Smith was an actor,--ergo that all actors are thieves, and all who witness plays,' guilty of tile samecrime. Sueh,at least,is the drift of thlis very pious man's logic. He says, we are also in I formed, that this same Smith, alias Adams, was lately and till within a very fe vdays past, one of the teachern in that "school of morals" called the Camp street Theatre." Thisa neer of the reverend scribe is as void aoftruth an the deductions he makes from it are deficient in that chlistian charity of which he professes to be a teacher! At the beginning of the season, for one night and one night only,he surreptitiously obtained entrance to the stage, whence he was neouted by the press, the public and the mapager. Since that titrme, with a brief interval, he has been employed as an undelatrapper in this office, to fold the papers we have published, and file those received: and that, too, on the strength of his coming to us from brother Latrence himself, of the pious Observer. The next sentence of his sneering sophistry runs thus: "will not this fact suitably illustrate the state. r mentor tllhe Bee,made made a few dave since, that the theatre is calculated to improve the morals and under standing ol the community." We will not ask his nmaning in thin species of taunt-it is palpable enough: but we would ask, as he deems the church and clergy fit school and teachers for pure morality, what conclusion is to be drawn from the black list of hypoerites in sable "who have figured so largely on the catalogue ofcriminals guilty of crilnes of the deep eat dial" lDoes hedlthink to do religion a service by rmcnlling these to people's minds, or by compelling them, in self-defence, to publish tie detailst He can not point to the name of "one" acknorledged actor on D tim crimlinnl roll, yet utterly condemns all who visit a theatre, on the strength of an uaproved charge agailat a man who indulged himself on a stage for one night ! Where can he find culprits on the stage of equal guilt with tlhose condemned criminals, E. K. Aeery,Joeelyn Dodd, and hundreds of such others? Yet those who do not publicly profess religion, have too much retal chari ty to eaondle,n those that dt,, because ofthese monsters who have disgraced the church: yet, this professed teacher of a creed, whose great master took for his per vtading ntributes-"charilty and mercy"-publishes sucl liberal doctrines as these: "Whlt will thle world tthitk ofelte religion of those Clhristian parets nIo allow their slildren to attend silill exhi itiolls?" Suclh opinions are any thing hnt Christian! T'IcC GlForrEtISCoec!-'This most eingnlar ail tnal, so frequently ona'nd hy noatralists, and snecu lated apon by erlIaents, has arrived among us, and will he exhibited in a few dlys. Never before was one of them teen tile American continent, and no intelli gent citizen ehotld let tile present opportunity paso unenjoyed. We received a later yesterday ma'ing two enquiries regarding the Giraffe, which we are hap py in answerilt. The VLRTeBRaE of the neck are only svenl. Not morer as supposed by our correspon dent. Th., proprietors of this living animal have two skh-letnol f ie ttheston species in New York wllich en tablish this ifao l beyond loubt. It is true that in meo ving the Girait . .es the two legs ont its right, then the tvo on its left, but it is onlv thuls when walking. When it rne; the mtvenal-nt of its legs is sintilar to that of a Ihorseu when alloping. Mr. Clayton who auglht this animall adlha hunted nAdi caught mallny otheri, is in attedttetunc, anl lhappy in flrnishing anly inflrmlation respecting its hdLi:s both in its present and n its R ild sltate. T'lhe,: ews fro.n (Calladt are mluchl like tile st y of Ithe"tllreer black crowks" The victories ofhThnanllan dians, ia, the cruel butchery oft',e lritish have beet , alikeexaggerated in a tlsinner imlneasurrtbhi absurd. The large parks ofenglish artillery, and the rofusal of all qtarter from their tIron ', ae equally fitbkl'ou.. From tite "ofaiaial accuolts" we find tihat Col. i)Dudatl had two eighteen pounders, and one howitzor to play on the stone windmill. So far from all being put to thle sword eighty-six surrendered, ant were traenmitted to Montlreal f'r trial. A large supply ofarms, 2d kegs of powder, anI three pieces of ",rdnnoee fell into thi hands of the Bri isl. Tihe polish general Van Sault did not plhy the rom in foil and fall by his own sword. but fell into lth,' hands of the govelnmen*. The victors had but onle nao killed. 'Tnus endetd the tragedy of Prescott whiclh differs widely fro i the raw bead and butcher bones account given by ltaunett's Herald. dAurble, Ithe Ya'ukec.--There is something in the tnnkeecllhracter, that is attractive, and whenever, a :tarito hle dramatic firemanet purposes to lshine with Yankee light, we never fail to go and tee if Ai he of the genuine atfftl Report says that Mlarble is of such material thaterilth e never n ses fire. If this bh so, and we have every reauaon to believe it, a full au lience at the Camn to-night will assist him il his endeavors to portray to titl eye and ear, tile Yankee character. By the by;--when are we t' have blarble's wondertel leap? In these dull days, we walt excitemenlt, nIt thlre is notling eowell caleulatol to roue this attention as to see a man pre:ipitate himself from an immnense height a d to be asured afterwards that he is aae lind sound. Make haste, Mr. Marble. with your leap. IrEAsI or aARKETrs.-.'lle St. Mory's an-I Poydras Alrkets,in the second Municipality were leased on Saturday, for one year from the Itt of January neat: ahe former at twenty-five thousand oilne hndred dollars lld iteh latter for evetllee: thousand seven hundred dollars. nn n.. he lu!ioiane laed sales commnence to-day. (C! The First Day's Race-at noon to morrow is sure to be one of the beat of the meeting, for,in. stead of the petty contesar so general on I first day, the great three mile race is to omee off. So great is the number of horses, at and about Carrollton, that a numn. be r of the cracks must go to-morrow or they will not P have an opportunity of running at all. MOBILE RACER. The bebat aeounnneae cn glean re ien ad hod gi iniat.and Sday. Swee yl kes2for7y d thNonember. eingle dlh of a mil c. J.3L Garriamll' b. f. Martha Owens, by Bertrand, dam by Oear, I r Dr. Wether'S ch. f. by Pulaski, out of latly Howrell, 2 I . Steveeaso p. imp, b. f. Antilan by Bird Catcher, 3 Tiloe, -..yl. Track h.avy. d RaDe. Proprietor' barrie sIlO. e Milehoats. J.L. Garrison' b. i. Kebhr, 4 y. o. by Bertrand. 2.... I HLad & C h. . Pate Whetstone, 3 y. . by evinatheu, 3.3.2 D. Stevenlon'simp. b. M. Frolekaoue Fanny, 4 r. o..y I tottery, 1..2-3 Tiatn.t , t. 51,-o-5,. Sacohetu. JockeyCl'b Purne.St. 2 mie J. L. Garrieon'ea l. h Charles M 5tlb, l y. old, by St. Chr:'a 1.. R {Vlther' b.. lo llurie.Ia, o.t 4 y, by Beltrand.. 3-2 lead Co'a . a.r . itlerepetlic, 4 y. old by D. S eueao'u . h Stratford, 4 y. olt, by hake- . aTinl, 3-.41...35b: The Pro urietors P larse of et0 n. i e heLats, was w lt by T 1 ,,h O eait ating AIc Gray, GC i o roy, end liar. toea l-54..t-.i atand .5 n. Tur.n Du ..J.i. aur.O$700. Theen mil hntet. J. L.Garron's eh.n . GlCrrioan, 5 y. old by tl. t te;ere' h. h.eool une., 4y. old by Witd n-. till 3---2..2 tle d& t:'s. ch. Pete WhestnSe, 3 y. old by 3-2.2 No tmrl ime.i. I dr. Thentriu. for the 4 mile day, rner Mel uir I y, o. by Iterll"nl: Virgjoii Fdirs lO,I , V old, by Tim lio1,: ad Pol lardBrowa, 4y.o ,It, by Vld II ltl. It is now quite certain that the notorioua oBilr J.thnaulo,' the thucaner of the Lakes, has been taken up, and lodged in N. York state prison. T lhbIiTe Ohio at Cincinnatii otn the 26111 wa rather drelhinig. Weather veary cold. In our paper of Frilday morning, we gave a hurried account of the loss of the astenmboat Go. Brown, in which it waos tated that the ste atbotn Ernperor, Gen. Harrison and Ctt modore eame up bul neverrr sat, le forter rendered any assistance, to the auffererser We Itae been waited upon by Cap. Reussell, of the Emrnpresr, who requests us to elste ithat Cop. laims IBlack and lb)iglton, of the Gen. Ilarriason and Commodore came up to the Gen. up to thei Ge,. itrown during the disaster, and rendered very uassistlnc i tllhilir power, and offered to re cialn longer than lthey did, but it wan not con. oidrted neleesary. We arc happy thue to have it in our power to remove aliy ilhagrealle imprsilon that may have been collve'yced, In one of our ablest and nmost goentlemanly ateam oat commanders. ai The l1le. S. St. I'retl ise nrriri inl our city out Sat tr.lny lant, ld left i et,,t:day by tile tait rctcei for WaVlictaug o itv, (i n1rNIcATt:n.) - "U. hbomme d'enprit arait Iien ermbarrassr sans Ia comtpagiec den sots." I have lately perreived a sries of nltempts to injure the character of Mrs. Francis Wright Dnrur mont, in-that would be little witrling the Picay une: aritlng no doubt Irool an ell.rt to obtain a few straggling subscribers, amongst the saints of oar city, and owing also to tits want of proper subjects to write upon, the editor pounces forth with on poor Fanny Wright, and recommends hart at once to the tender mercies of a lynching motl; by asking 'How long will she be suffered to in salt the American people.' Lynch a woman Heavens! what does he think the Ameritenl peopleare composed of? In his opinion, they mtuet be very despicable and cowardly were they f,,r one single motsent to suppress the liberty of speech and the heavenly rightsof man or woman freely to express their opinions. upton matters of Politics, Religion or any thing else relating to affairs, open for the discussion of all. Some year or two ago, the same writer I pre sutne,attributed to the doctrines of Fanny Wright disseminated, the prostatution of 60 or 70 thousand females in London. I then took the trouble to correct hinm by ahowing that more than two thirds of the unhappy number alluded to, were charity school girls, seamstresses, and servants out of place-all of whom had more or less, received a christian educatton, and then by comparing tle number of such unfortunates London contained many years prior to the birth of Fanny Wright, with what existed at the time he states, I showed most distinctly that there were for more prostitutes (keeping the population in sight) before her tinme than in it.The scrib~,ler could not say oughtegainet what I advanced but concluded that my statisto cal deduction, must have been the work of omtne discontented,disorgunizing, English radical-and that you know, Mr. Editor, is not the case. From that time till lately, he has said nothling more about F'anny Wright, but prudently kept within a splere, he appears to be quite at home it -natnely the filling up of one fourthl ofhin ttle 'whity brown' with negro dialogues, stale jokes of others making, and flat putts of Ihis own. He now renews his 'ribald sneers,' which with a few Ire knows that decies repeltaplocebit.* Under such feelings, he lugs into his attacks on Mr. Da ruamont the revered memory of Thomas Paine. Vain indeed omust tile above writer be of his puy picayune, if he thinks by his ignorant slanders ta bring into disrepute the name of thi w ho fought with his purse and sword to obtain that fIeedom, whielh the Picayune man wishes now to abridge. Well did Mr. John Adams observe 'that the Wash. hington's sword would have been wielded in vain if not supported by the pen of Paine.' But it II bucomes that little abortion, to revile the friend and companion of Washington, Adame, Joffers,.n, Madison anod Monroe. Yes, Mr. Monrre received him as his guest, and Jefferson inl 1802 offered hint a frigate to bring him Irom France, and procered him any office iu a is gift, and continued his friend up to the hour of his death. Yet he is rated Iby such scurrilous scribes as Cheethatn, (cheat hinm pun for the Picayune) Carver, and he of tihe FP cayune, as a low vulgar lellow. Only hear what Cheethnm, enemy and all as lie was, says of hil, : 'His first engagement in Philadelphia was with Mr. Aitrin, a repurable booksller. In Jan. 1775, Mr. Aitkin commenced the publication of tile Pennsylvania Magazine, and Paine's business was to edit it. His introduction to the Magazine, dated Jan. 24tht, 1775, is thus concludedo: 'Thus eccompasseod w itl diffltillies, this fist nunmber ol tIe Petnstylvantia lagazinoe entreats a favoratle reception; of whicl we shall only say, like the early snow drop, it comesn lorth in a barren season, and contents itself with foretelling. thot choicer flowers are prOptring to appear.' Htw beautiful atd poeiecol is that little extract. In conclusion, Mr. Editor, allow me to quote tlhe words of Mr. ClhoI Rckman, all eminent bookseller and publisher of Londonn,coefirniatory of the high opition Mr. Paine was held in b1y tis entempo. raries. Tlhe refllctiin followr, could thle 'reckless, corrupt crude anrd ignorant perforaoences' of sueh a an be courted Iry the shlrndlid array of geriue and tuheitr as Mr. Rttekantlll ent merate,. lie says. 'MrL Painr irfe ir Loadun .as ra liet rotnd ri philon,plrcral leisure anrd erjoy,yllllt. It Ietaoe. cupied in wririrri e - satr ni i r ' ll ry e r rsprn dences in walking nituta wtll ile to visia, dill'nrot friend., occaionallay ltuta itlg at callo iloeus sld piblle pluccs, or tlslot vlslleeI bn a select few. lord fI Iwsard Firtger;lld; the Frrenel and Amer icarn amhassadnlra, Mr. Sh;lrp tlie etroverr. Ihoan ne'thIll, ailler 1 lrs. \l'usIetrctir, ft Joal lIrrtrw, Mr. Ilillr Mr. U'rintie, C,pintt de Stark. I)r. Priestly, Dr. ''.wers, CLdonel OIwald, tile watk ing Stcwrtr, Captana Samtpson Perry, Mr. Tifflin, .lr. W. Cihrppit, Mr.- Il-rne l'aaoke, &c. were aRmontg tile tnurlmber of tli.ieds r ud n qollrattlllacllel and ol e.oursc a lie wal lly lttlllllt , ita mrosUt ot mty oaeciutes were trequlCtly his.' CANDID. SWlhrleir fr tile Plraoyne peerlior nccomrnodn. tion tray bIe trrllslled thus 'Thougih n tlinmes repeated it will plet ,e.' it ID The letter haog ofhe fet ethlin' chip Rochea.ser, for Ilavre, Cltre'cowea, ma ster wrill Ie ken away from tile Merhants' fxl;ltxle at 5 p, , III whichi ntime passcengere are reqeeted toII be on baurd, a tlhe ,f shil will positively leave tile levee at 6 1'. It. d LEVI II GALE, dec3 )3. Co eceon s IN GI.1ý1 AvNUA-. IT-OR i J-.--'t'hei'IS- .k u, Jl R yalyty, suplerb col' plates, a Firlr as allery of G(race ; Fbi.the,", IertigR Itoo . r. Re ook; lBenloves c t.r.tatte ; BuIdI alndlllonsso Waverlv Iec.paeike; I lt tllh Inetrital Orcental Annual; SForget le Not C iaricature Antnual; Friendslip's Ofiernti; Juvenile dketele Bsiok Yonu g Lad'es' Annuale Young Gucnlem fu's Almltna. Awncricans AJ strl. The Takes and Atlatic 9Savelir; lThe Violet; Tlie' Gillt The Juvenile Fr get-M n-Notr. Just receivtd ae l for aale by Wmie McKEAN, Idee3 corner Ciamp and Colm on est ()RI)ERS. ASHINGCiTON GUARDS--Attend a monthly meeting thlis evenin c. Dec. 31, tt 7 o'clock, p. Al. at the Armory, By ortter of tle Captain. S a CRO IKE, let Segeanoct. 1X7' BIlE ITALIAN MUI.IEil(Ky PLANTS. I Several lhundred whlite Italian Mtullerry plants, from three to six feet high for sale by tile undersigned, residing on the I hake shore, on Caslie Bayou, betveen tile town of ilatedeville and h1 Bher crd'e mtcri,.-v plan tationc3 JOHN FAUR E. dec3" HEsuberibcr Ihaving taken a eatdiouc fire. . precfwarelouse, respectfully offers ti. services to the merchants and traders of New Orleans for the iur ehast and sale of lites, furs atd pelics, an end to repack the same, as well as wool, more , hemp, tbasern , drn goods, &e. cc. He will also receive any kind oftmer chandize on astrage, at 155 Tcholltnitcnles street. dec3 R W ELLIOTT. THE H ubcacrihpee hrte now on heed and far sole: - 0 boxes extra soap, braod of'Jates Gould.' 300 do initatio Neot do 25,0 tallow candles, brand of Jaleks &Terowbridp e 40slpenn candles, N- Bedford and Nantucket 50 boxes Judd's patent do Io 100 do emaaln ctured tohacco,variols brands c0 ease s sweet Spanish chocolate 200 cases lyaen a'd young Hymen tea 50 boxes paste blcking 300 kegs Bolston nails li casks w nte r strained sperm ceeil 200 Sicilv, ladeid a Winee ill pipes, half pipes, q, cosk; and octavec, enettled eo debenture 200 coils bale rope 100 boles Ilalulplhire sheetliana eic, ., drilling 200 Lowell cottons, 718 aud 4-4 cot tonades, and lin eeye, kereeye, suitable for negro clnthine. iSAAC BRIt DGE &+CO, dec3 131 Magazine rl S ATE OF LOUISIANA.-l arllb Court of tlhe ePrish aend City of New Orleons--l'reseLt, thc Hun Charles Mauriaae Judge. No. 11290 Newltn Richerdci h.M ..redl , . Rihards on I e re cessin ofprulerty by tile petitioer is aceceptecl by tile court for the bieeftll of Iis credlitors and the credliors oe John G Bove . It is ordered that said credlitcors do mneet in tle oficee oef II it Cens, Emir notary publlic, on Frilday ctle 4th deey of Janc ety, 9SIX8, tle and there to deliberate ulon I e aflairsa of ithe ill solvent, andice the nelean tiece all peceedicg. geaincta tile person and property of said Newton Richlardo are staved.-tl ia furtlenr ordered that Mesere ElMure andcl Ki(4g Ile aplpoited to represetI tile absent creditors ioe thit case. By order of th c .rt a l. A IM eND PIT)T, cleok. Clerk's Office, December Ist. 18380.-P TA.'' E I.A LOUISIANE--Collr de Ittroisle ' c I yoar lt peroinse et ville de la Nile. Orleans--re- I eelt l'Ionorlole Charles AMaurian, juge--decetetbre I, 183--No. 1I'29g--Newtcn Riehardls s. sea ereancierel et le ereaneciers de John G Boyd & Ca. I.a cessi n I o des hiens du petiliooua:re eat aceepeo par In coet, at ct benefice de Re ereaneiere et des crennrei.rsdc John IG t loe l; ilect or lonne q 'une ns .em blee ies re ae iers . itil'lieu cc I'ecldede II IlCenae, tot. peleie velldredi' 1 4 'anvier 1838, poetr deli erer c ur loe nffaere d i(lit ic solvable, oan attlendant eor es peurauiea cutre In per sP ie et lee iiecs dudit Newton Riehard, son t orretees --11M. Elnor & King representc lee erenneices all ens--Per ordre do Ia oror-tlureau du (iref lier. Ir IDe. 1838. ARMAND PIT'OT, erffier. , COFFEE tlOU6E knowuy tile nalme of tlie "J.teamboat Exchange-" oa lt nl its sonal .eA ishhalliiecotI . ( tent rr, ieg thineegctplete. Caunter, clehrcre, cot lr. eccirc and lall ,i fi l+re. if-Jt rqacireell Ied and Icel"di chairs a Iw lolrc, cnd ila ac fllett erbh nl1ertielae too t . eicteca Iaeocitieti. h'he iteae ilthirteen c icanh, IIl - of it toaecec; raen 50 ddlolrs perj mth. Aee y perscc n odr reu.l a bcrgeil willr bhe givcn ei de-e 3 RI . ,IOBERT MILTCHELL.. cUI) lOclr i slatore ancI 2ar cc Icte I der:l AIRAiAM 1' R, ,l, ,oIi,.,Jcl. ew rase s Mn'o UAe verv elw priet~id lec,. teaper. bceel cite tile,plain Cuo le e V1.0VIle FEll1' t CI ic elre3 New York Stalionerce lnItc * * AVANA $EJAIs-311ice ell seor aeed fcgalt tce ABRAHIAMI TRIER, dee-S0 Ie'olmtttct , JOB PRINTING. l EVEY ai DEn tealirolN, l'L:I:III.Y, IIANDýO)IIILY AND) CIIHAPI.Y EXt.'I!TI^f AT THE OPFICE OP THE True JIImerican, ST. CHAILES STILEET, NEAR POYlRAS. TIIUE AMERICAN OFICIRJI. III cowllcrlio witll this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FoR TIIE PRINTING OF P.amphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Dill Forms, Show Bills Stoam Boat Bills Circulars And every dracriplio of Job Work talta maR "be required. I? 'l'he proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the publlic rto the aove Card, and acnlre Ithem that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short eat notice, in a style unisurpassed in this city, and - the I tmtsatater. COTTON CIRCULARS t17' PRINTED with Uie Greatest EKrlnd tien, and in a'style tnsurpassed in NEW ORLEANS, or else whte, t. (IRtERS left stComPTerNG R.eoM in St. Charles Ex. chnner, (Corner of Grarier St.) or at 'r R U E AMERICAN I'RIN'lING OFFICE, corner of Pl'odr, and St. Charles Strett., will be protmplly altended to. Dec. I-tf. NO'I ICE. Mr. GEOIIGE MLIhRtICK having resigned the of face ofchief Engineer of the New Otrhi'an and Carroll. ton RIil Road, Mr. John Ilampson lins been ppoint ed in his place, to wit an all personsi having huIhies with, or wiishing information regarding said Rlil Road will apply at the Rail Road (lfiOce, I'nydra street, By order of tlie Inoard. 7 (Signed) JOiIIN NICIIOLSON, --LAKEI'- 00U berrs in ltole iiad tio han l R AIILAIIAIM I'RI IR, de'3 40 i'ovdra~ st I a- BI AIIRAIIbll 'ItIEl, t. lh ! . .. .. 40 I'lyldrae st LEtMON -0 Ibotxes iaj stoltsl aw ftr eel, b SABRIAIA1M TI IEIR, deo3 40 P'oydraas o U ICE-2.0t oxes in stare end for sale by i ABRIAHAM tI'RIFR, l"ee3 40 Poydras at L ARI--2 kegs and 13 tallt kegs Laid landing dco3 74 Poetr , nsat MOKliKElI BEEF--l ibls ttoked beef, and Ibbi tongue, landing froet slteamboat Ozark, and for sale by J 'I'IIAYEIL & CO, ec3 ___74 'oydraon at SAN GIN -3 ipes Hilland Gin in otren on tforesale by J TIHAYER & Ct,, _ __3 _ 74 Ptydrao nt IE o R0S I 1'N U I'E -40 k tegs tri, -.e ( -oellLBtttr Sin sire. tlid for oitle by CIIRel'ATIE 0 INN(O)I'T, dec3 27 Coolnlnn st li r sale iy L.IRIISTIE & L INNOaTT l'v3 27 Colnmoa at tOAPt-'I(/i be.xs N I Sonoa Io- ile I.y S1 h CIIRITS'IIE & SINNO+I'T d" 7,r 1 I'ovdrr a st (,'1 ittN (, I lI: --5Itt tehru treat just tre cuivladtl lnd for salt, by¢ CHtIRIITIE & SlNN Ti"I', Irl'lSl So:htO.-i- I lotd t.o,, lood tits, fee s-le bye IIS(TIE& INO'I"T,' ihrc3 27 2 lllll llt st 13 IlE loekerl alip t$HAKSItEAHI:, 1Patie, Mu s. I te, fillts New York, iti lscbargiug tptptite he vlrtnlatble learket. (:Consigneese will peae atld to ... relt ,,f thetir agoods. SIIO I.-NOTICARCIOI.I-In ad after the Itl DIe., 1t38, lUil ftirther iotice, ani Exlra tightl Cat will leveo Ihe car Ilollse, I'ovdra ntreet, at tiilf tfst II o'cloetk, I. MS. for I afevtte and itlerlnedtil placcs. Single l'icketl a7 1-2 cents, or t $3o 5 per ltadrt d. JOItN IHASMI',.rt V3ttlI K+ I.l 1tNIt -Ai.'-3.f.-18 bt hels tttr Sah, laltlilg litomii lk Itohbeiiil, itlidfor sile bt LEVI II CAI, l1.\VW ANUA.'tt t)K 1t:t ........ (:n!nicarlire A nnulul, Londoii; Fidlrn's ii( llrry of rite n .,; tIA ll"ril, A a tnit, thri, a Tnlaslll e, tie 18:; 1IiII o ~Lig B ady'sAaii, fior f1839-l1 Tile tt ; gThd e Atitt ile I Jtttttt & i"o'Sl. tiiLieaao Aluino efi f- 1:3i; Jnllrcteivel anod li t sale kv E JOIINS & Itt _oa07 . . r .t l Cbanrl e & C,,.In,, iNEW PL t.Iti AlAIONS. Sllll]' Sirenger int ('hint,,lit Ii)tnvincg; I k ih e tritish Settle, i o2 ols; Romance of Vieota, Iy hMrs 'I'rolipe, 2T tot; S Peloyo; lhe last of the (Goths, in2 vols2 l'elt Pilgrim, by iDr. Ilird,2 vilet; Pieciloa, Iront the French ofi.intine; S The Wife Hunter, or the Moriartv fr'ality; Land Sitlrks & Sea GUlls, by Ciiptio (;lass cock, RN., in 2 vot, lor saleby S n ovo4 eor St tortes& .Co..onat 1 AILS5-3011 kegs nancrird sdzes,41t recived o nd Sfor sale by S LOCKE & CO. nov24 Front Levee - NNk-E)" OiL in store and fe roe hy a (G I)OftSEY, n v ov 44 iNew Levee 1- AY 30 bles now landing from ship Niagaran' and fur sal hy S A' J P WHITNEY, nuov24 73 Camp at I BCOFFEE--200 bhgs in store and for snle by T R iYDE & BRO, h decl 39 hcr (CoDt & Mngaeine sta E 50.1ISII MIRUSAIDIeIe5 cnoes,4 I dtciieh, i for sale by T IhYDE & BRO, reeal eor Con & Mlgazrine sts RAISINS--300 boxes and 210 half hebxes, Frrch taisleins, fresh importation, or sale by dech IIUSH & A.IENT, (IE EanFe i& BtO, ceel c ororer t Coarli & Mag Irlnr e s LIAL)Ult-100 bris lttoling frtnus itoaot Ihiber A COW FoR Si---t--r .... pla O ard ship" VclurtOl osit tle veg*-!l: dteel Preait rto i tgl e 25 per accuracy aud force of dccl CL . (lENt II v ivn Rite, Ml ' alo the r spii t c w et i oI tt tre tnd ; t 'v t ed San dechartetllrd, exr ed ntRit'u , Forheo it itit has s Iter b i e ir Iint d. l t ; cot;LOUl--i0 btrits Fnding from temboat 'itiber iand for stle by G Dlr; t"iSc ',i dfetl 44 New ev*ee ' Il E: ait i'e oi frt.; 'lt ior to-day Ni $1 95 per arrel Snceordiug I t li' the baii krs shat, IIri dua' . I, rli i.... t , ,, t o deenv l _ . EN 2 qN. Mpavr. .ct I C -PrrIut cll -f or o .e r ie-t i e it F t t Io th l e 1 you her ilalstlle--Thou hul.. learn I It, IveAl At,.n- r se Aon e Ie rts tell; Iei ofp lhce to Atr; Lovely L ty tille; The tlrid.d, T-he iroken lenrt; My Iheart i Aluc; 1h! Men what silly hnrig as (ohr 1 v' I lov'e illU t lb! I'o i Frek, Fl from m n; T .I t nIh lo -e h lW o 'd d e n y ; T ri sk I ly L o v e , ( I ! ' in k "f e e l'nul trok J ave a marly Hear;1 Th nt. $' i g . Su ig 'l'htell iis read,; hle Siher Moot;;.,. N re ter, are Irigug; eli detrly lTee to frree. 1\ do. ireic Ithat Free; Tlhe Widd Albhalrouss . F et, t 1 F' i I.+,cf Jri',s Tl , Mis wl wo11 t ;.'b a c lip Maid; i The t; 'sis were blddea; Jly FuItaw ILand; "le n of the|l Montain; t.,l Uative love; M, helimt'P, best treal +sre'm. y Wn ,,,dl' I der l lbte moa' a silent n'-etr. '1vy ."hilhmou'., h m,+ F'r.,w! e . 'Thu ( r enwId 'ree;it Soluutmn , ob. .a c,, omic , sung; the wn-re ,a . ,+ h of !ai if-g lion, ihi lr on, oIn, thrr Pale St. cCharles Theatre. IrS .t night ofltlr. e. rg.ent ofllr J KIt CO'rT. Tills EVENINGI, iEC. 3, \9 ill be perforlmed, ll tire thils seasonll, thie Play of JTl E WIFE. J tli irr'r',e; M lrJ R Scotl, _ nrialll_ t Muw C lIsmes. An O)verture by OrcheSlrd, 'T'o coctlud with theT lu-glable Falce ofF FAMILY JARS. Delpmll, Mr Barnes, Emily, Mrs Plaier. Dress and 3Masquerade Balls. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. EN W LEVEL STREET, Itnlldiutelv in front lo the slealt brot landinll. Thie above estohlislh enllt will be re-opeIned o Sal.lday evening, )ee.2d, 183t, for tlhe seatono. all drraV, SundaR , l'ue(ldays, arld IThIIrsodnv. Said estaIblishlIent will be ltlrnilhed with thle hoi'ert liquors, and a good Keotaurat will be attascled i to it. Ilte nmllsaer. of arid establilshment IlrOe engage suflficen Police oficers to keep good order throh.lota tile establinlhment; therem will be a Ilace to depLsit cloaks, canes, &re. No er.on shlall be adlmitted in the Ball Rotom with weapons of any kind. STEAM BOAT BILLS. O WNERS, AGENTS, or CAPTAINS of STEAM BIOATS Can have their Bills struck of, in one, or more Colored Inks on Ilain or Colored Paper, with despatch, and on faeorable Terms, by leaving their Ornt:asat TIt.jE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of Poydras and St. Charles streets. Nsv29-lf IA.S'I'E IIACK I NG--IIt0 gross, landing from ship U Forum, for rale by ISAAC IIBRIDGE & CO, Inov23 134 Magazine a UMlBEIIols- IPotatoi,;. ili,01lllIlbot clearseeaon. I- oei tlhulr. 11111 hbl, PI'otatoe., landlitg from lship lagrnltgae, and lbr sale by LEVI l GAL, enor19 93 Conlnon at JE h.T 'P t)Wit'tI:I-A large slotply of the ablove I Powderl lar mule by SICiKLES & CO, nov22 411 Canll nt ffiee of the I'irremre's Insuran ce C ompany of eNew Orslens. F 11EI RI: .lkhhl ders arrehy nlh oise d tllhat Ithe i IrTH S 'Ittlllent oil their eterk is 1e,1 atld Pavable o tIle 8th Deembe, r nIexl,atl te tithe Coimpa n. E L. TIRtCY. rov9 ,c'v. A I,,.1, N IItiANI) .--0 bbits illh proorf A ,roi t oll tlelllv, fir eala Iby Ia1A,\C ItRlilI)IE & CO, Inr 2i1; I'4I Mogn~teiloe at -1tAlA.-Atihultl'i(tt .ni nl hIulk and in carks, all I.iverpool coal in casks delivered in lots to snlit plrrhlraera. (rders left at thr ('oal Yard it Canal st. r oat llI.MIEN ,5 Mil1.5, t. No. i) Bank Place. =UGAII & MOLASSES. h0 hhds. Sugar, 10ll ,.blls hlasnes,landing frotl, stletlnr lemaptonre, and ftt tale by ADAM5S & WIIITALI., totv 29 w tit Grvier st. lips,tir sale by G DOIRSEY, nov '29 44 New Levee. , 4jig blls (Btrat dbury's brand) landing Grmm lt boant,l'uor sale by a I)()I;EV, oov '29 41 New I.evee. I.ATIIS. I lIIIRTY tlrouSand I-I inch landing from brig 1 Linoeal , and for stle Iby S & J P WI ITNEY, nov21B 7t Cam,.lp t O'tIrATO'l S.-75 hbIsr Polatoes lanlding frao brig SLancet, fur sale by S J P 'WHIIITNEY, leov(; 73 Ctamp st WINs-Il. ritenrler ranbk, and Indian IL blets., dry ted sweet, filr salo bv READ ]IlARSISTOW, trr.lrn2 7 Batlnek I'larce .AGi(INi(; and Ilale Itope ,r . hi bI t RIEAD & IBA'IL'l'OW, nnllv', 7 lBuok P)la('e IN AYO: A. or5 ofe Irtoty lir thee , n 1rr file Ed Negrorr, lalirg l r'om hip lrtr ulge nd Ar kaneae, annl for sale e y ISAA(C BIa(rtE & rr at 1nvY.l 1[I f Mangzin e l jI II'.-31rl rerl.l 'Tlhonrnr Cet I,, ladlo nodl Lo, s Fade by s & tJ i' %tlliN:, :J ki Will NE t, t SIM9MS' N1'EW N.ItVFi..--. . P lEI.AYt'): A storv of i! (GothV laiy te attilla ' ou'The P artisnA acrlil . er; Ar, t u v. jl re - e OREd n hfor sle by Wvr M e 'K AN, r 1p 1:onof1"r (PN r 111N G rece Co mpti alts b b il s It reha:l; lo; apply Iya 1. 1I ( 1,1.1', N .-W E\V' t t1t1t.e'tt Ii-! 5 hleee pri-me, ort e on pA ll, dt Irob Strlee the i b litAl) A 'lt A IS'I'Oa. Eixt',1 7 (Ianrk tI'o:e, IJIl'F Ib IF-1st1 ll-,l Ira- .Irr1,ill. 1, l nod mup " t ie l,, e rt u ie e , I.Itt &,t IIAIA'I0',W,t .re ly t oe t he ,ltr t ,lte ll tII, Iotre lirEt l ,r I t;I - anlnltd o r E S ilnhl b l i of l llte as ,o isw ip i, a nd AI. " New Vo', Sr I tSiterse I lel, L I) A N-IL)tL.e1- re , tollreet Ir Ins t rig e kimrr pbredogins ianl Ieauei bio t., lan dhg and e nsle Icy ISAAC 81eIlIE -tnO1 ____ _ 131 M..azit e t t l3Candles lardinrg, for eohi by ISAAC IRIDGE t CO, nov23 34 Maganzine n Blank Checks, Billa Of Latling, Auction Bills, Pamphlets, show bills, Cata togues, &c. &c. iEFORDERSfor the Above, an revery other des. eripiore of -'PIIN'i.INGo,_g receivedl at Coaopting loomn of TRUE AMERIICAN," in ST. CHARLES EX cHANG, 3d door from Grtlvier street, or at the Printing O)lice, corner of Poydrea, and St. Clharles starets. E.tensiee and beautiful Bloo and Joa FooNTS, fron lth besl Fourdries in the Unil Stalrnea, havejust been added lo i.e already twell.slocked Establishment; I -and CRD.ns will be execLted a L.ow, as Cheaply, Expeditiously nrd lBeauifully, as et any othel Office in the City. Noel-If Is erln Cndle,, asorled niex,, of apl roved brands 1. ) boxes otu ld ,.and le., Jacksoll's ralld ls niboxnes lifelh .oap 51 blls relined hale Oil 'lauI aign i II ne olfsupelio- qulir v ed, Ih per.iul, gulp vde.r, lu.ting Il).u & souehong Coplper, in sheets, from I 0 0o irfol lbs lolack Lead I'otsa, assored sip e.: f, r sre r Il t Iho JOSLP'll COCKAYNE, J t.t no l: io li,'er led ANNUAL A)ND ALMANA , FOR- 1339. 7 ult , lll.,b t"cl'tlolatro+; Fioulen's TI'bleauxolotd Pi h-rl. l rawing I9o,ll 0k-.-be lllll , r Ieaultieas to..e -Ih, It id Jl9,,omo,,; ilaverly Keep.ake,-The Il|Iril'; (hlo lllnl fnnujl; Flret nl NI t; Jordan '8 Port as Anina,]. C:,lric ul lr+ Allrll.l: ; CuIt),(. A.lllHl,; el, ,Fh ni ab n O f nrmgn; i I tvul I lt ll', nileltl4 AIIlk, l.k lA,,orsn, Aooonn.,. '1Its l,,koo and nlist,0 Soo ano ; TII . Vi.h,; The Gift 9a in, (s lo ml,,n , eouio er & Iinoi hit Ahna.a,,. n Amerie I u al & lielpl ryllfrv d Knowhld· e Sn, ( okrt ttntl('m(l -.Uoi, i Allllltlh l,, ru tlltl .l I lr y Io or 183I, .ta.iniug h k P:I JOIINO & (Cn.. Sr - . ornlroflSt Charle (d ,,mnolln sta. riNPli & ll le ) rljj j hIo,, Unooto Rotnish 'ines. , N'ietlmseha0.) , Mlareu run er, ra lef'rnger, Ilorhhoi tlter 'I' ot' il ler, Sittiheger ar I'to i.,div, 1ii9, l, " Lo;sle, -Sprkling Ilok, sut, Ihtnlohl wine tilasoes. ,f hlllatt In a f lRed mand White, ceehbrated n .llll n fluroguody. . I, rl, liong, Ram nli e, l'll d tiilil, ol's d Vol geot, ordlca rl ur. (ohd a ll, I.rlt mid oiMusoo tl l l, ,.ad ilr ( as o9 hi n .,l ienll , ntod t o.l loglio ll, lm ir lo 11 "lux n n i - , 1, ti , IT le a E, an t Juwi. |Hermlitage, Silll P Boroal t nd trl en'es. lllo i lll o,-1 pipi.. U ¢Ardin/s, b. (;erlllinle 0aralsl. lioli ltld li %,III, do i3Rlllllarh tin e a Und Illurn.x I'3tlN 11, .llf lllt ;itllt I l -l .-.1 i ille Ihl rainl" 1Yl"lr 1 toii r I I'.,,, .il,'by 'F'` J'I(NS & CO, .oral ." t (' id , -, l. .. , Oll llllflH it N\I"II -3l 3 bblh ' Sti ll's br a" t' .. . spal e f . I f I', r . ' 1 TO R -F ; V Eamnp St. Theatre. night of dt eganenelut of the celebrated per .etator of Yankee Ihbrneter MIR. 3M AlRBLE I. Iirstl ight onf tle Ft)REST' IRI)SE. This LEveanin, Decemet'er Itd, Will be Ierfolrmed the eelebratetd P.y of FOREs'T' RIOE. Jotllllltlll Ploughboy, IMr. 'lteble, Blanindlbl, Fivldiig; lBellnam, litedges, llarriel, (her first nppenrance) Mies S Cowell. Alier whibch tI Forae of the LOTTERY TICKET. Capina, Mr. Fielding, Wuenewnld, Jhenson, Mras.Corset, lir. Moellnl, Suoan, Anderson. Overture, by the Urceltra.n. The whole will conclude witls the Culedy of BLACK EYED SUSAN. William. Alr. earble, Capt Croslree, ielding, Onatbraln, Brown, Black Eyed Susan, Miss Cowell. Dress & Masquerade Ball, WASHINGTON BALL ROOM St. Philip treet, between Royal & Bourbon. TltlIl Manager of tile bve namted hll ItRona,gease Sfill to Illt frienls and il ite blie fitr thle etjral. lolled pelrontge bestowcd on htillorsevenl seasonsi retl'etslully informt ll tiet shat tlt, et.tllislttmesi Iman teen enlalged for thle amuseme nt of viitlOlr, and un dergone ilnmtene repairs. The bar will be surp eseel by anon ill quality of liquorse,adl Ite Ilestalet v ill Il keplt by the ableas Itleetauraeur in the United lntst.. Tile roon will re-peu oa Saturday even.ltg 3rd of November neXtl, Ie/ GRAND DIRESS & MAMQUERADiIE BHAIl., and will take ldatens usutl every Monday, Weldnes day asdll Saterdalv veillg, ohlring tIhe season, which will anld ilt ste Iet of MlIny, 183t!). N. 'i. The eleareI t l atention will he iun to k ep fet order Itriughout the cdablielumnt, al was dolne lust eaSoll. TO MERCHANTS. I1.M3ItRC('iAN'I'S ran hane an SItunit'retel. C(:ncu slruck .flt ftotr hmrs Nocsel by .'all/ng at the itCompling kItoen oJf TIRU A MEI ICAI N ItLirrnnaO O(P'FIE, Mt. lCharlta Es I.xehnge, aljoitinq Cite IREAD INti Room at .oriere l t'eiraviere reel, oratflhe Plint iltg Slli.e, t'corner ,f IPoydnras atd Sl. ('hlu ies strees. CITY IIOTt:L, - - ( of oa o nn and t (lllaltll treti. M1 R. & M1RS. Iln:t. SlilAM.I have the plcauro I f. iofirltll glllll their tI Idsllllaend lthe IIIhlc, thll e tlicw IiltsE settlati iv k now ie Iblilhi'e tHoeld, teill Iuve it) massre 11he traveller nod citizen, tttt whatever replt..tiol the house mly bile Io getired in pilt years, to exertiius on their pall shall be wanlting to ryn.aintaiu it herelfler. A Collation will be spread at 11 o'clock oe tihe morn ing f 'tlre Ilth inst., to which tile public in respeetfully invited. naovl3 LOIlUIIANA PURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienville street. Il,11 AMl II. CARNESa wotit respeelfully ta stanlly receiving fromt New YIorkanid Ioston a gold Nasortlleltl OFur niture le, sclll ran Illsltogily chalirs, asofil, Itedsteadt, iamte iand itilta l eldira, tample nei clerr be Iltellnstl, mllahlllgcaiy alll clterry tales ofall olies 1l' litll e iirn i `' , ti iletsIal Il 'tlllltllr , wrl iu dlesks, Wlrletttte af etbegecy and c.herrey, wal stands, itokitg glassiea, fethere, teddinig,&e. &c. NIl. Iurnitrec packed for Iranspoiittiot wile great Carr._Ii tovil13 p XCIIANIGE REIADING 11(lM. diln Ti proaprietor bIs ret-litied I eadileg Roo in, ilhe St. ~hlaerles Exclngeln i Carl r l Gravier and S ( iilies streee t, lit tl II lleatiii ,anllir. rn lisidel a thie orincipil 'o paiera i"tlhe (Ul ai l States, o every citav ntild tate. tha I natt s,Tieaura Mlexi ,'tIv sltpldied illl tle AIosIbII I lll aII u)peji L tvd't alla.i l t,'and k l ac' icn l i , t 'taii. .Ai l waa e "ly AiI i, K I t C R vII t lhr P liltrrv r eria odic a ls o tibl. dI a It t re. il.rrnOpliditt t ',iOWa i ndIlh kwoo I1 azine. i T1e North r.A y, e .re see t I hr ua eru lnitel u¥Klirk. ie.s .0. t li.hie ,, "a ....... tie . ,, . " ,.; a gnvineA At i u a', illl, I-.h s illsUlh, ,ihX p I u'l t'-l ll h ,imi,.iell R ' ie , ul ,d Ia1" a vlill ly ";1 liters. • 1 ti 0s 1 w o. r ,. a re re g lat l ylrlv tI 'llncr il t l l atn r . .i vtrd. 'l'he riunio is al so cn l'dhd ',,hil h I v. " v i i I P l' nit I nVliaid Na !lh Nil r. L ev I ,l 1, 'ri C. ,, . h 'lltl'r lllil l tl e ' lll 'l ("f lial, Iini (el," and nivaretyl tif wltIrkIs a thr e Al .tll iia a' ia ' otk A. t u Totl itac i nla ia c It ,, a, s lr, Ao HPrteIIl ler, plovedle tgve te 1 rli t a, rivel I, a.Inn aprpl Or.x rpenle will lIe Sa red rth tireldr Iis Reail lRo Ilnt firstte Iae o Inisl Si liens. I le ria it lir' ' rat e rupt'i r , tl . h rI, Itl "11I--II1 II I. IT I . t1 i t iAt aI( ' A I 1 AfltIE W EE11, Ilorso Car i 4 'lark, A .I r,,a. N'aia w a )lt ,. A t. ne t % a alit ti "iIi . a . I .. .' 1, l-After 10l,'li.k a ' C call I tre oltbined byr t l.ien t0 dol . la- trt. e i n l Tri dy. LInl at C aenl a b atr d ix, c llck Ab M. i r ab r At i.lg 1 s 7 rh' k ti ear wii f li gr el i ll liat ll r rl Ia illlllll y hraI hnue , alldl co nllsllll tlhrolltltll Ihe day till H IU.' I, I . M. ki g, tlll to ,, ii iae. ml ti.c A i cll k lreet. witbn, d eld I ca, tiio g yII 1Oclls I I a ke t ik, d b r d ltrk b ilr, (at e irlel Niw Orlt eans i lllA rrulnt aloa i l dwtl ndipaiy n lly , :l'lll,' EIg. N. l g l' R. R. STOP TIlE: J cUIanEIEI( S 1 : $e a $1015 ItRWARID, ly I.l, bepaid lahy the ulllersig t:l, for Ihe aappa. S hrnllsiou i of Jo i Step aind i 'ilomon tbap wil 'l eard arud srwin iF aley lie ie. olli te tlri Oittoeir ear a-Il"lfs ,erry id lllardl"y cOUty, Tclllesee. Joh Sti p e r a anbut:'1i vraara of Irepa5titielal or 9 in e- :iliell to curl, lilut very low Ibreheud. l'I'e mddlej/l nt i f I Ito fore fiolger ofli hi lls ight hnd is en'i idebl r enlar. a, get, Ictmbdi.ll .. .t is supo s, ty A a E , "urt. S t ,lu l tilt ir oak l l "'t "'r.4 earca agaI , t le 11 g ic l ,Caaigh, bwlt, u li.-e inclined ato e stoop sou lderd, Iark omlle)oIdll a drK eyes, dark |lair in ~s, clined to curl, and cry lig cheek bol e. ThIae bone. fhilright an Ihave el bit kealb iar the g ddle ol otCthe pbaln, iad occasioned d eunclerable ridge on tile t; back ib his hand. ,ly, The lSteps ferao rly re-ided in tboe Cherokee country ae in G ..rgie, and i is thiloughtl hey will e ther smake tler w'ai back to Geocrgil, or strike ,or ''rxs. 'Ibe above reward i ill be I' id on Iheir iilivery in Hardin iCOuIty, i elllldesrc, ori proI lp tiollable riwtard tii either. ed SALLY FARLEY, IIENI)EtihON (;. FAIRLEY, JA(:KSoN FAIi .t't, sAMlU-Id I.EN( X j-' dlobior 1Idt ~ • gh Tl',.mm a,"e. Alahutnal. a Mlis wilt gitne Ih'attl e l hia'ai iitieap Nitiii.u orwat r e hiner hharbtes, .ill, Firl' , I ll i 'c iurn l1 Itar . l coun ty, 'l'ltl. shalll Ie IPlI lii hai-Y od. been I Illaldlle bt Ileasls. lla I Lewes ) f th i ci'ty of lc at i 'ilttta " lelc u \i " I ti "'i. ( h i an e-s li l l tn ni' ll e o l iie a (ine i all ueellh Ia riair a ;ltd ii., a mrl f e teli dity, ri eA f hid Ill li &el.ra a 'a. r in estich lh,") of e reaperIoiwly ifterem d, toJo Tor hliet" I.t' kL, h Il'w J' t-,Iy ti I J \%' IIs)ir an' ,+It. J. lllhf·r It" Il. ,ilv 1,1 o Nc Y1,' k for tie beeflit Iof - "vrditer."rf ,.i'l i ,d' ....... Id, spr be COi. . Si i I......... ......... .... . Is , ....d whh'i id .... b l I'ii plr lis i II- ,di , In . id i ,.ri* 1 , eo qI re IllNIt' E. TIll )31.15, Il n .i -t & ,1 .% " iv,t er , id,-l--fit - oA I ll cirS .t, I .i . a lii . IBlair& laws ,r 'ell,'vi~lr. dr t, • r.' In prcpllele et 1 |eli. de. lllui,4 dtq..i lil lt let' II\ J n \ t1,1 ll(l . &. Ill",ir et \lVhiirm~ren 1 - 1'elll l Ir.,. ,hleulu dr" -ctllo ,ll- 1,, " "a ,1,1111 IelIIIIhe its s 'i 'ý-a.1' 1,"t ,iJ i ,h ,m , ,It, N.. .. . .L. IN.'PIrl Tl l elilirll a 'lle \\(·t\V ile ernl'i~r t i.l"ltalle#) 11 Bhlck or rm'ohllred I, ocellolle- lit, ht unislo ke, s"-at o ri.·e Idesil delfllreof c.'lll urlxll I in yio rrtJ duvoir,lb/ e ol Tli, lel AIt I . c O - 'Ili'-i Nrr l 'll It I1, l NIfil E '1·1! eeAS, ',uel Ag'ca ,.ldeddr# ls.'bgisR. Or' I h:IN'IEh , rs r he at flNlll otic.,llh iR In'hnermLt lElcl, W hi ke, r r I'rl ; lllin eta' Ct.(I ,or i l and an Offiee, cornier o l'oydla. & St. Charles ,reetas. n el --If Ple,, nrlll u',(luled the i to I wIiaI..l llr s e I nc onlely by ilI IAD .FT L co, e 9 ' b4arites Pt. (1 mnd hlr stie Cl- C; I)()RSEI', - ne,3l " 44 N,. ILevee. sal- I~v J. & J. 1'. \V1IllT,'l' y. ' II :(111" 1 11 b.-1 til . 1, r i IliI i ba - · 'II I . ~ ~i il{t

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