Newspaper of True American, December 6, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 6, 1838 Page 2
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ot*0tstcil of o0tstI t(. lab TUESDAY, 4th December, 1838. The Conneil met par eant to adjurnment: Pro fnt, flon. Jonhua Baldwin. recorder, Aldoermen Ge Idwell. G'ovd, Lockett, Nixon, Peters, Sowell, C Whitnny nd Yorke. TheJournal of tle preceding meeting having of e rend and approved: A cmnmn nioaqtion from the colnptroller, was re-rrr mivd, trannitting the letters ol C. J. 1'. Fonto. Cu an, to whom was adjudicated the larm of the St. ary'a Market for the year 1839, offoring as lhis ni oeritiem Messrs. Peter Hannan and Elisha Crock. ant r; who on motion were accepted; and one from $1 Frederick Pulter, offering as his security as farmer wi ofthe Poydras Market, Mr. J. C. Wagner, when di, men motion it was Resolved, that Mr. Pilster be required to furnish additional neourity,for the firm of Poydras Market. ie A petition from John Clayton was read, when Ci on motion the rules being dispensed with it was ed Resolved, That permission he and is hereby pa granted to John Clayton to erect for two months, a th canvass pavillion, f r tI ex ,ibition of his Giraffe al and Menagerie. to Petition of Amolia Gordon and ethers, laid upon the table. t Petition of G. W.Boslwick,.andone from the lI Sergeants of the Night Watch was referred to the Police committee. il Of John Gibney, to Claims. ir Of E. Johns & Co., when on motion the rules oi being dispensed witlh it was in Resolved, That the Recorder he and he in hereby ri authorised to anbecri e for len copies of the Code w of Practice, about to be published by E. Johns d Co. d Mr. Peters as Chairman of the Finance Comn. I mittee, presented the following Report, accompa. ti nied with the annexed Resolution, which the rules tl being dispensed with was taken upand adopted, ii Mr. Nixon called for tihe yeas and nays, which resulted in Messrs. Gloyd, Lockett, Peters, Sewell, f Whitney and Yorke votie: in the affirmative, and Mesrs. Caldwell, and Nixon in the negative. The Committee of Finance havehad under con. sideration the application of Mr. Seth W. Nye, the r late Comnptroller, that his official bonds be cancel. - led and that lie and his securitles be released from t all further liability, ac. The Committee feel it to be their duty to report against acceding to the request of the late Comp. I troller because it would be establishing a precedent a lie interest: and is besides not sanctioned by law p or usage i similar cases. The bonds of a public or er are on their face declared to be null and void in case the principal has faithfilly perforied I his duties, th|refore when a public olfier has faith. fully performed his duties, his bonds being null, it is of no importance to him or to his securities whether the bonds he destroyed or be in the pub. I lioarchbive. Were bonds destroyed or returned tothe parties on leaving offico alter an examlina.l tion of accounts which appeared correct, and it t should subsequently be found that they were not so, much difficulty and loss might ensue, which could have been avoided by retaining the bonds. The late Comptrollers Books and Accounts have I undergone a most minute examination, and are found to be correct, of which the Council has the evidence in the archives T11at gentleman performed I his duties, in the opinion of the undersigned, with the most scrupulous integrity and not a shadow of I a doubt exists as to the correctness of his accounts. It is therefore without any reference to the indi vidual making this reqciest, b It solely to prevent a departure froim a salutary rule generally adhered to by administrators of public lunds, and salc. tioned by the Supreule Court of this State, that the unldersigned are compelled to report against gran. tinlg the request of Mr. Nye. Resolved, That in tile opinion of this Council it is inexpedient to annol, cancel, or deliver to the parties, any Hond or BonIds of any offlcer or other persons who has been employed, is l ow or here. after may be employed by this Mullnicipality. The Financeo (lnllittee have autlorised a set. tlement with Mr. 'J'Tlomas Banks, by which tile amount due by him to tile Municipality has beenl received in tihe notes of eundry individuals, having a few weeks to run, cndor.ed by Mr. Bronkl: a statement of the notes will be firnished by the Comptroller. The Committee submit a resolution authorising tile Ireoasrer to collilleoe tile collection of the Tax on real estate and slaves for the year 1838, on the first day of January next, instead of tihe first day of May, the day now fixed by law. IThey also lbilllt a reLolutioI atlhorising the paylient ofltwo hundred and filly dollars to (;eo. Doane flr having made a copy of the Assessment Roll for 1838! oIr mlaking an index of the same and Tax Btlls. SAM'La J. PITERS, Char'n. EWI). W. SEWEIIL. The same Chairman also prescnted tie finor fo . lewing resolutions, which the rules being dnpenIed with were severally taken op and adopted. Resolved, That thi ''reasurer coelllnllnllc the collection of the Municipal Tl'x lr 1838, on the io second day of January 1830. after giving ten d ye previous notice in two of the newospapers of this I city in IEnglish and r'nho ; and ithat he institute suit against all persons who fail to pay said 'Tiax within Itn da.s aili'r notification, for tie amiount of the 'lTx incnludng intlrest at the rate of eight per cent. per oanum from the date of notililetion. i Resolved, 'That tie sium of 250 dollare be paid to Gen. Donre for having made out Ihe tax list for 1538, with an alphabet of thie hame, and tax receipts. Resolved, Th'lat the T'Ireasurer pay to J. Ellis on warrant of thie Mayor. the sun tof thirty five dollars for lstamping 160,400 Mlunicipal notes. Resolved, That tile Treasurer pay to John Tohin on the warrant ofithe Mayor, the Lur of twelve dolulrs fter grading tlihe Levee at the foot of wharf No. 2, by order of the WIharfinger. Mr. Gloyd as ehairmani of the (Commit e oil Strectraand Laidings, ofllred the 'ullowing Report, nccompanied with t o two lnnexed resolutionsl which the rules being dlipensed with were taken up and adlopted. On the odop ion of the Report and first Resolu. tion, Mr. Nixon called for the yeas and nays, which resulted in Merrs G(loyd, Lockett, [ltors, Sewell, Whitney and Yorke voting in the afirmatlive, and I Mesars. Caldwell and Nixon in the negative The Committee on Streets and Landings, to whom was referred the protest of N. Holmes, J. S. Mc Farland, E. V. Jourdain, Wi,. F. C. Iupltlessis, 'hiin. Duplessis, and others, against paving Cir. cus street with rotid IIstones, and praying that said street be paved with wood or square block stone-, Respectfilly Reporl: That they have liaten thin Protetr and Polition into consideration, and in the performauneo of their duly ore compelled to rto ecoimrernd its rejection. ''The Ciouncil of the Second Municipality is alone veste:l Iy law with the power of deciding whten, and in whlilat mnner the stremts within its limits shall he paved, and Io authority can lie rhown by which a few property ohlldrs on anly ptar ticeular street. hive a right to interl're with the Muinlcipal authorities in the exercise of their legitimate ulow er ; till lers will it lie preteded tllat nonnrlei. dents of the Manicip..lity, having oie voice in the select-on of the miulllera f the eouIncil, (arid tmany ucll have r a gned this protest,) hlive a right to dictate in what mllalnner the pelople of the See ond Municipality shall, thlrough their relroesenta tive-, condllct their effrs. No reason is assigned by the parties protesting why they sliou'd have a pavement in front of tlheir property, that would rost fifty per cent. more than pavements that the owners of prolerly on mor inn m portant and valuable strauts are well satisfild with; nor have they deloemed it necessary to enlighten us with respect to wood pavements, which have been so repeatedly coildeinned by the Coneil, as tihe most expensive and least durable of pavoelente- to say nothing of tile unfaviorable illfluence on the health of tile people, trat is apprehiended by intol ligent physicians from their deconmposition. The first ohjection, however, is conclusive to the minds of the iundereigned, why tiias doeounentt should not he eltertained by the Council; and they sobmnit a reso!ution for its rejiction. Your Committee have also taken into considera lion the proceedilds of tie solckhodr of of the et. Mary's market 'toeam aerey Coumpany, and are constrained to report against their demand. Said Company ask of this Council to augmloent tihe value of tile privileges to which they are au. titled, as subserlbers to thelatock, under the author' ization of an Ordinance ofthit Ci,moeil--by increase. ing Ii tir capital, extending the period of the privi. leges front five to ten years, and releasing them from the annual wharfage tax of $1200; during five years. Tis stock was by order of tihe Council offered to the public for a fiir and cquitable distribution, with mnany conditions that seemed called for by tie pub. lrn interest;--they pehhops seemed onerous to many, who therefore did not subscribe, but wlho would willingly have done so, with the adrantnges thatare now asked for by the Pe.ttioersa.--lt will doubhless be recollected by the Council that the Ordinance authorising the establihmnot of said Ferry, was passed at the instance of two rival par. tice, and with tile lrudable object of pleasing both. Utuler these circumstances it reems to the underr signed to be unfair to increase the proffired pri. vilges immediately after ott of the parties had taken the whole stock. In the opinion of the undereigned the estab. lirllment of the Ferry ill questioni, is of great importalne in a general, as well as a local point or view; but bleolre increasing the Irivi. leges ol the Company it must first be certain thatlll it cannot go into operatnlion uder tile exiting Ordinatien, ntid tlhei Ie lstock ahiuld be nlt'red oanw to the public It will reairily be perceived, that it is rather to th modle sof procceding, than to the additional privtolger sug geted, Itht the underligend ojei--arid on ano Irtindoanenlt of the atock, iniltrodiaito steps may hb taken to e. 'ire the advanntages that will result froma tie re tablilalunont of sacid Ferry, without comprrnttinitg in any ann r tihe character of the Councel for tlrlnroea and lstrict ilpartlnity. SPENCER GLOYD, Chr'n., SAM'L. J. PETERS, BENJ. WHITNEY. S Resolved, That the Protest and Petition of N. Ilohnes, J. S. McFarland, E. V. Jourdain, W. F. C. Duplenis, and others, protesting against the ordilance of this Council, drecting tiho piving of Circus street with round est.nes, I.e rejected. Resolved, That it is inexpedient to grant the rert sat of the St. Mary's Market Steam, Ferry Comtpaly at this tena. N Mr. Caldwell as chairman of the Special Conit mittllo .to hich was referred the resolutrod pro. ronted at the last meeting in relat on to a loan of $300,000, made the following Report accompanied witll the annexed resolutionr, which the rules being dispensed with was taken into consideration, and adopted. Your Committee, to whom was referred a com. a tlnticetiaon fron Robert J Palfreay. cashier of the o City Bank, proposing for $300,000 bonds authoriz ed by the Council to be emitted by an Ordinance, passed on thoe 25th September, 1838, having taken the subject into consideration, have come to tile ananimous opinion to recommend to the Council to accept the same, for the following reasons.: Ftrst, Because your Committee has addressed all the Banks of the City upon the subject, and they have declined to nake any offer for the bonds. Second, Because after the published notices re. quired by the Ordinance of the 25th Septembhe in the Northern Cities as well as New Orleans, only one offer Ilas been received by the Comptroller, and that for no more than $30,000, at no higher rate than is offered by the City Bank to take the whole. Third, Because your Committee deem it expe. dient, necessary and proper, that Municipality No. 2 shonla redeer. her notes in specie, c oval with the resumption of specie payments by tile Banks; the object for which the aforeasaid Bonds are to be issued. Your Committee therefore, beg leave to offer the following resolution: SReeolvrd. that the offer of tle City Bank for the $300,000 Bonds authorized by resolution of 95th September, 1838, for the redemption of the small note circulation of the Municipality; to wit, eighty I. dollars for every hundred dollars of Bonds, be and n the same is hereby a, cepted: And the Mayor is hereby authorized to cause to be issued, and deliver. t d to said Bank threen hundred Bonds of this Municipality for one thousand dollars each, in the ut asi fItora, with interest warrants annexed thereto; s,- aid Bonds to be dated the first December, 1838, payable in thirty years, bearing six per cent per annusm interest, payable semi.annually at the d Treasurer's office, or at such Bank in the City of d Now York as the City hank may designate. JAMES II. CALDWELL, it E. YORKE. is Messrs. Peters and Loekett at their request were a. excused from voting; on motion the ayes and nays I were call di for, Messrs. Caldlwell, Gloyd, Sewell, I. Whitney and Yorke v.ted for it, and Mr. Nixon it against it. at Mr. Caldwell presented a petition from J S. is McFarlane, offering teo dispose to the Councilof certain property at the corner of Circus and Poydras re streets, which was referred to the committee on to Streets and Landings. to On mirion leave ofabsence for the remainder of rd the evening was granted to the Recorde. h The Ordinance in relation to tile Assessment and of Collection of Taxes, being in order way taken up, s. and on motion the consideration of the sarle was i- postponed to next ineeting, nt Mr. Nixon presented the following resolution, d which was read and made the order of the day for c. next meeting. Resolved, That the' Treasurer nod Comptroller n. of tile Municipality and tihe Secretary of the Council shall furnish a copy of any public Docu. it nent or Record in their respective office to any r Ahlderman or other ofieer of tio Municipality re. qer niring tle aarene. O. O in rtion, , ti Council proceeded to the elec. lion of a Commllissary of the Poydras Market. tt. Eight votes present, on counting tile votes, it ap ioe poured that Mr. John C. O'Grady had received 6 en votes, G. Brown one and J. Vance one, so Mr. rg O'Grady was declared duly elected. a On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday to next, tile lith December instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON, og Secretary. ,icae mHmam _ - . t'OI-IT OF N \V ORII, NS. wA . C:I.EAIRANCES. December 5. Ca hip Na.hvilln, Wn.,d, . nr New Yo k, ni H. ft ohen w rig ChiicAI Ccro.C cll tor Ilavaa, J Ox rnl.le Drlg ttgoa.t, Pfiter. for Bt iz., llndura.., J (1. Jekin.. Acir IExchange, Andrcew, for Mobile, Ahlricdge. & AKIIIV AI.t . cII 'l'owboalt hludnn, Ilouril, from the Pas.el; havilng towed nr to r.a hlleS1 Troy, undi Actree.ff It c thet t \' t'as of I tihe :ikl I.ft. BrouIght up ctilp, P aacrain.cnd Katicltfrinc J.6tdff,t, c lral t fllr y, td icrcilyiv l. (6 ie tll. sh f, one bark, fut 3 I , .r rs of tl.e Bar; 'aulnt aid ser aorbt anl l crol in bh. Mec, 1A Toeholat Paci1·fic, Milrailn from thn N E Dar, leving lowell d chip I.iaita. teturned tc the city wit h ship. N lJnMllc on, t ll is, ip ii. ud I , + h.c f. fc; and I chrl Ni vc i A n fll i l t SuLtlnlo, no1 Ontario. LefPt lhe tlPasl on the :J Id 1, ;at nooll. r lOrIts dhilpcntland, and 3 others ,m tcile pilg. ft olhl0,1 ,.c,, Il thte I-{r sollp Il;,cin,:o g, I fllltilgt fcocll NI New otrk, 2d Novnlbft a r, I to M terr A Sftcc1 I'arli., cVin-.o, I5 Acy from BoItci, at Malter. :i`f Katcfrf e Jcckou- , -c orrc , t. Al ayl (lout i eorgtotWc to .Mastor Balrk ¢).rl1'r~, laylord 911,laysv ftlnl N'alw I.nndnn, to Martor. Hrifg .lloslsepli, Scoff A, 16 days fron 1Ioyanar, to \V (4 6lewes [ cN o. ftric Emld- lio., PiBllnn 17 dlnay fron Ift ri.t . N J. to .,t..r lrle \tVI.Ih a), 14Nlur, i doelv, trit., t' vid-, ll re, to +Master. p +Mtlhr Proxy, IHradnrrl., from I'enrase ·ll, , to M1aster. Schr Jhllo Spoflhrd, .poffard. frolm \lobile. `'cihllr (ier cic) nte., llemrd fromtn (ailtrnn. Schr N ,nubilu Saltmn, Foush 5 dayl ffom fft vana, In Crull*ullu, tapXyre A re. ',Ir Onlo . \.AItd,., 7 day, front r'hl 'l.Aeto,,, to Ml-ter. ft hr i fradty d i f, Orf t, 46 days frof Pti ankl , t1 .ft.,.r. [ chr el tory, l~ong, 5 datys frumn GStlte-tol. to(lien Bedfurd. Stalno r Will (\ila,- nw, |o, tletln, from lrol:ir1ille. Sto"dlner JeITrrla l. Allhn. frolu I.oltli. tile S~nlUto.r Elu Ilon~lh t , Rt ily. ff)nt f tickfburg. _.COMMERCIALA l ~ \ l nrllllrto... 'v. .." Ch (lln A l.n f No t f...........30 1 ,fIfltf. a.ifhl ictO I ..c . ...2 7 N wN ' York, No ............ f 7 ft Cinifnttft . d ...........d . 2 PlllladclI Ihl a Nn..v ........ 27 l.nuisville, do............. .7 Hal tllmer d",.............. 2S St. l~olll., Nov....... .. 2.1 S., allA . NA v ...... ... 2f i.iric pool, Nov.. ......... 4 DI sto u u "n l ('le l onec...... I Paris Oc't ..............27 FiB.,-o,. N, Nv ............. 23c elo,ocn. Nov .......... 3 ahilh, N v .......... .fcc. H lacvre do ...............l 2 ' EXP'OtU'S. NIhEW YOK..Pecr ship Nfchvilt..cargo, 574 hIc coiloll, c SA hdf ION bac. c , 14f Ollftlc+.ccgar, 8 Idts, ftricpc, 47 ke ft tlt i ttr e, I d ftcf. ailltl ,t tx dry glftAd 5 quarterOc skl wilne, 21 rclks bllt 0r, af d t0c kegs [+tit, rics. FIAVANA.i Per brig (C-lceftcln, a(IrgcL, .cf2c bclit flOli R. rIiA LIZl ., ItONIDU ItAS. . Per hrlg Itntgola..hla bt~ll.t~. MO IIF;II,+..' etr .rllr E.erlhan .,e.. rea go, 13 oil. lap+,, and 50) cibuckt c cllangplc. t M Pelt 'TS NEW YORK.' PNeO F fclipr Olamil..c...c. go, i00 bundlef hay, OY'6ANAO..I A Icr ci. 1isippi..cargo, 7010 bri s.alt,to c r C. Ilrw.. A" (IIl6tto., N J..(I r brig Els liuc..carco. 60 rll polatoel and 4010 bunches onioll, to Master. IIAVANA..Per Ii Nueaa Ai'il tdasalumo.. argo, 315 sackL II cflKlt. scll Indlo of fruit, to Cultllc,6 Iapeyre , "t ro. d CIIAR Onltrio..arg. IbO11 Ice rice, 50 arlt tr,, atI 50,do pal;t l l' . to Miller. fBO.TON..Pfar hilc Plcf rltllitcff rgo. fc :d ilte.., GEOILGETO\VN..r .holllp Knlhlrlne Joek&Oli..r.rgo 131 slae ,, pot; to;tc, and indze, to cmaster and orde.r. G tt.VE.TON..Per elsr HOenry..elrgo 300 hidet., D Grray. FRANKLIN. Per f ofllr t rilui wine..cdarc., 119 hhd&Kc uglr r and 41) brll molasses. NE i LOcNDON..Per harkt Ocrcy..ccargo, 34tc) Ionut paing storltes, and lot elmpIIty racks to oader. PROVIDE.NCE ..l'r blig kVilhm...caIgo, 4;0 Lrl. poteatos, lc i cafsks, cluC furnitur. f .ht f lltl7A . t o uindry c enaigllrr. PENSACOOAI.A.. ';.Pe hr Prn'........ 70,010 feet lumber, ff A c SimpcoJ . Ictd owner oi Aoncrd,. e MOIllE..l'er Behr Jokn Spoffard..cargo, "250O0 brick, tn order. IFRANKLIN..Per c chr Rol4rt Canterf..crgo, 163 hhdt ugar c nc d 6 Irlsl mulaccct, to Barker & L.ynch, 2oAc order. BECEII'TS OF PR(ODUCE. la I.nulo ile..Per d tecnlhr Vm Glacfgow..0 hrls whitk.f, P tc c IJ rF C cOll; 14c col.s ropy, llcd J2 cfcf A bingA I'nerce t , %lllnn ,Z Rat I(0I pea Lag?.i ig d In d bl.3 ,l. li.aleVI ( d '; 113 Ilx. tNaft ccof . A I. Addioll & cN:o; 126 irct our, A II Witaeo ,, co; 7 s piort Will,, It Cooper; 55& rl. Molasssc I.- cllcd- ncnln c 14 i. ask Viftc Lirof ; 66 brit A. BoorG A I c (iray'; 4 d1 I Is6cot. c & & Kemcp. I.o(uictillc..cpr & ler csc ffcrJcc llcc ..,84 hl- cotto.n, , M eal, cl firco I. ,cenrt, F 3rn f&t' D 'tcte fft tt f5 d tlentf t Ferri dAA6 & i. cckio N & J Dick& cco, c do AlIlcn q A her ct.o, Ii65 do. I. F ..ed & co. 64 dcl. Marlic, icleaAnllct c n; f7 deo ictcc. hals, d . ( flnltc, 4. cf Amft, L f.iWalker, F . do WV o1:tart I7 do ILaumbth 8 T`homnpnn. 1"2du 51 White & ano, 'h I0 do Frieronc, .ile co. 5 o P A hlrcg v, , do Ifnlcrd ,a.. Hinren. 5 4o Conner f Gridley, 5 do J Armour, ; do Pickett 1. B, annkt. ,.lnonl, Ellen D)ougln.$..93 Ils cotton, \V 'M Bcilf. 47 dl, fluckclr. Sttcnkell cc I to. rrc do tftllrtft, Fccrri de &y A. co, 25)dl rtlgll.tenut ll \V&al. 1"23 do, W IloBart. tUdo Ilurkc. NVt (,6 co. I do Rceyoldc , 4 co, J1 brit to forn tcal, t'c.frtoux, Arciful & co. Jcieton..Por i hipA V f tlhnfts, W Frert, A P Gft yray 4 r, J A c eirret, Adlam.c , Whitl, Yi.atm au & c; b t.nwrcll-c & Ic elre.Jc n.s . ne'i,f c ft f Ic llcn tt .c . Mt Johnc , to J W Strtnon, Allrnla, leed. R.lylhs & Brownl; ArmnoUl, Lake t c Walker; J F Drake; J O I'rlftinhllll; t aci( t& Rlobaert. Acicd W flafrk; FriArAou, Dcly & "o \V & J Gasquett. V I9 Doter, M Ket, Ilu J C(:ockkvnt, Edward SI,rong. Ia iii & ill Iullck,t A G core. Ililer "t 'aterlncn, J Cclli, F M IV.cfJ EcE M jcl, t Alln'l.1 & AfTirrel, I nlcbrcc. 3 oHeiFctc , cltJtor i D avi' , FulfY . , 'c1,B el, f De, i p- , AN d, order.&tl c PAScE.NGERSI.. tc l.oui ll.John \ nrray Sweat. L Jnles. J N 51oRftt, P Craig anlld I'tnily, J M Stockwell, 1r, Kerr. A It Rlhlll s.m. M Br rkPnlridgp , im.lllth, Priesott, pi B'Ierlin, W Blril! . II IV(.kmarn, J G~regory. ,d .nuwville..Per steanler Jufferoll..Ml. F'ry 4 Ivt, Mrs Jordan, cllld und avt. Vlandrl~ ylribl Allen anld rvi, Illee, Cape Jokllhlnu, Locke, Z II I|alnllihlr Robt Strloother, Connor, J It ,b" ..',er+ R ,,lilivall, It Kl.dera'l; DU . Barly, J Va.lhlb I' W. SatA Wood'tllazenhall. . ll'rerste , Ellen )ullllns+.. Shaw, Zutor. I.u tony, J Pot,Pr, J A Braud, C Jt luufurd, J A Due., Caltain v'.Striker. "Vhite, Aniry tat ,1'o +tn..l'er .bil Ph.araliao Me Tirre l, lady .nd chl, 441, ngiVllolt. Mr L.ynde, Miss Pora D)ixoll, Dr Gasllue, Mr Willism +d o,, Mr Leo,.,l.*d G eorgetewn..Par ship KathliLine Jackson..F E RU.aell. J wE~iott. jr, Or \V Morlin. L Ino(, J If Porter, I.irut J B din Pet .l.t P. el-.e', 1' R S la.H . . Or J Sinoti. lnd6J .ItPreage. h0 fd(veton..Per erhr llent.y. ,Slluh, (hr, iy, Tlobias, Taylor, .'111,+ l'u g, I'alter, thlfrlki-s x.. , nI, Miller. of prn,, dallte..PIer i rIS Wi'lli.n..Di.ovt, Ilarriogt, lt, and ea larutd. TIUIU AEIIIECAIIAN OFFIUE. Iht cnnection with this Odice is a tot SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TIIE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Ohecks Oatalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every descriptlom ofJob Work that may be reqnired. p Lfhl'lTe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of _ the public to ther above Card, and asllres them that all work intlroted to his care shall be done at the short eat notice, in a style unsurpassod in this city, and at the lwest rates. TIDE TRUE AMERICAN. EDITED BY Jelanll aI.Il1)N. SFATRFUL AND BOLD. !E TV fiR LEAN. i STHIURSD\Y, DECEMBER 6. 1838 The Express mail which arrived yesterday hrotglht only such slips as were due on Tuesdty. The New York intelligence is to the 27th ult, while that of the 28tlt was doe. h The lolt .Mtail The missing bags of letters and ,e slips had not reached Mobile when tile Wallace and Isabella left : the fault therefore does not rest c with our contractor. The extreme fogginess of a the weather on the waters utterly preeltdes the iossibility of making their passages. Even tht II Ferry Boat' was obliged to stop at noon on Tues Y doay, it being too, thick, and too foggy to cross the rd tiver,-we can readily suppose what is the stateof tile weather on tile Lakes. ta IJWitin some days past we have frequently ; been asked, whether we intended being a candi I date for the State Printing at the next session of tr the Legislature. This question has been put to us of by some whom we thought well informed of our intentions, and in a manner to induce ns to sus pect that some sinister current has been set at work againat us. We therefore take this opportunity to inform our friends of the Legislature and the II, members generally, that we shall apply for the an Printing, and that we have most amply supplied ourself with type, pressen and all the material to o execute the work in the most perfect and expedi a tious manner, a they may convince themeclvel to by calling upon us. Tlhe dicua.inns incident to ihe great d'fatentions of larg Mr. Swartwout have elicited aone singular facts. ten- N ding to show that an individual may It trusted for pint years with half the country's revenue, for any care, or precaution, which the treasury wouldrexercise,providedl the always that he was a thick, rnd thin, adherent tn our the most patriotic, and single minded ahdministration! No. thing huthihis unflinching davotion seems to hlave been required of Mr. Swartwout, as security for the safe dhe custoly of the revenue of New York. tis defalea tions,it appears, commenced with Jackson's presidec y, and continued through the wlhole of that, anttd part ] of Van Binren's; for from the flrst hour Ihe catle into oflice or at lenat from 1831, until his final turning out. his accounts with tile Treasury depnrtmret were never once settled, nny, never examined. Thisi is a precious specimen of the care taken of the people's money by Ber our professang eoonomists. What pnoss;hle apologyv I can these public servantts offer to their defrauded coun trymen, for such palpkble connivance at robbery 7 Nonh of the"Star" aay--' it in a fact w ithin our knnwledge [ that Mr. Swartwont's bond to the government for thie lit faithful discharge of his dlties, lay whole months iere Yo without being exectted : and we elieve it was burnt Gr with othrrpapere when ti Trerasury was destroyed by fire." The taking seclrities at all is a mere farce wheni coupled with suneh acts ofonision nas the government g was gudly of in regard to this efahlter,fir it now ap- re pears that the neglect of the departnet' to examine hisc accounts a narterly, according tolaw, ever since 182t9, (the Star aeys)-and their enrele.. indifflirence, and neglect, ia reapet to his personal ,raods, have entirely exonemrted his asecuritie fromn all repon -ilility! iTherl then in the country saddled with tie w. hol of this imn nelnse lo s,hy the neglect of its public fticers! hor Sthened with the very intlerate brilie of a million and a quarter of dollars toF.sN, literally given, ky our prte democratic Irlentury to secure a strong political prti ,tn! It wouldI Ie a crrioltas 'alclation to show how many n illions on millionts tile crhep go ernment of Andrew Jack.n, anld hi shaldow, has cost tile people, directly,nnd indirectly. Directlyi, int, the increased an nual expenditures, from twelve, to thirty millions! and indirectly, byv tleenormlcs amount stolen by defaul. tin party pets, and the ftill vncter sums taken from tie r. pockets ofprivate citizens hy the crisis bracht upon colmerce by theirlnuinous experiments on the car renoy. rnttis Swart.nout had been for many years a cntnri nsm, and immense speculator in stocl.s: he is soid to have been alwys ai buyer, and never a seller,like the woman, hr went tip stairs fifty times. aday, yet never came .town: and yet still did the Cerberus of the Treasury sleep at his post. Would this patriotic rec-1 retary have been sn blinderl had his personal fuds breen in such specnlative kecling. Our entermed fellow citizen Denis Prieur left New n York for Liverpool on tile .6'h Nov. in the packet ship Roscina, Capt. Ctlllins. In the amie ship welt Tyrone 3 IPower, but we do not see in the passenger lint the names of Mladam Vestris, and Chau. Matthews. 3 'he HIldsoa, Cold, 4c.-WhVile our citizens aren hourly complaining oft' e heat of the weather, and the oppressive state of the atnosphere, we hear from New VYork continuel accounts of the unusual cold with . which the empire city, and state, have been visited. ik Un the 27th tilt. the river was frozen up 11i above lind son, tie Canals were ice lotked, and the thermometer stood at 15 = in tile cit, andi a Iltw as 5 o in the coun try. Thle chllange Ihd ben mst sudden, andi severe, for on the 24th at 8 A. M. the glass indicated 31 e-at y 3 :. M. it stood at 31 while at 10 it wae down as low naus 18.. Such intease coldtin November Ihas been un knownl for many years. ks Anniversary.-The Nov. was elebrated with are unusatl pmp in New York, it heing the anniversary S of the evacuation of that city by tire British in 1783. The Whigs of Newburg, N. Y. rel, brated their victo 131 rV in great style oil the 27th ult., and alarge number of rd the Whligs of te city went up the river to participate in their festivities with liberty cap., banners, and other :a' election symbols. nO Flour-Ow.nig to tie sudden, and severe, frost in N. E., York, the owners of flour hold it at a higher price than ry in thie previous week. Thie advace, however, is only 12 1-2 cents, and if the weather should become mild to again, the price-will tm doubt recede. ar Eilen Tree, 'the admired of all admirers' is on her way hither. She was to appear at the Na. tional on Saturday last. e Ne York Legislalure. Th'le official account of the state leginltittre is published in the Albany ci. Argue. The result in ci. In the Senate Whigs 14 Loco foncos, 18 M 't House While 82 Lco falocs,e46 o' Majiority on joint halnt 32 for the Whigs. to Slocks in New York on ihe 2fl h were dull,and e declining. U. S. Bank stock at 118 I;2--the bank u was checking on London to go out by the steamer a Liverpool Ior yesterday, the 5rh. The ship RItusell RlBldwii, from New York was plast on tihe 12th ult. on Elbow Keys. Sihe was co, driven upon the reef in a sudden squall, and in 15 min i.iters. her bottom was entirely detached. HIte at. crew, and passengers, were saved by a wrccker, . and have arrived in lMobile. tor Stleater lrst. By inlelligence received froem Key West, it appears that tile pssaengergrFethc ert. low pressure bhoat 'Wilmingiton' treo the l)eln all ware to the Lake, were brought inro that port by a wrecker; thle boat being run on shore, a'though re not a total wreck. Tie'\Wilntaiglon' was intended It for the Mobile trade, to be commanie dd by Capt Benjamin Vancent. 'i"' The nontrious Wilson who has broken prison nr some once or twice, hlas lmarried two or three wives-all livine ,-i- hs been .uiiy of fraud in the Splural inltber, alnd sundry other little acts not e strictly in conforlity with the code of I. 'isamna, ri hl, s helnu again apiprlelenr d., and onice tte east and into durnltna sile. -L rr Te I fa.{ s ling brig I.ANCFI"I', •. _-- goegageI, will Irave ill lJi , e dcsu"Iti h; for balance of igreiht, or pas, I'y Will .IN. '.. thi dl 73 Camp t -FOR liLT, i fe iE tI l entheill . T h e f s, a * i l i . s cL b " ( ; l,( ) llO , l i a l be l, h t ntt' er willsui hi.. i tvi Ir e tthe blulk of 2 ;dill.+ elfto. For b.daes of fr'i'ght, u.J I r pI'augr, having good acconmeodntonlala , aplpy on borl'd re. opposite the Triangle stuors, orto WM PO ER, dG t95 _ommon et t FOR LIVERPOOL. - _ The Al and fiLst sniling ship MO IIAWK,Capt. Thing, requires 1300 IhlesClt ton to fill up, and will receive |inlediate de , patch. For termso, apply to I. H (;ALE, t dG 9: Ctnlnon t FOR MOBILE TillS DAY. e Immedlttiately fter ther rrival l thel 1 o'clock cars, thile tinle low 1 Opressure. snteame, r GIRAFFE, Canlt. Swilrwil lenve the Lake end of the Blil Roend, as nbove. ___16 - Far Shtcee orbttndn l/ nladinga on Red Ajeec. '.The well known sleamer ALE.lrT, Catpt. H. Taylor, now utndergoing a nthorougb rnlnire t Harrods &, Hugh' Sltip yard, wit (if weather permit) be ready to tak freighton Wednesday, 12th inst., and will run the en. ing season in the above trade. For freight or tan sage apply to WINSTON & SHAI.Il.. dfi 7 Front I.eve Nt'l'IC - i..Mr,. B. Oelbrich; eonsignee per ship Oecolo, frolll Now.York, is requesttdd to call at the nttlbocrbero of fice and take his goods. [lMlessrs. F. Bertram, J. B. Couverti6, Armand Duehemier, Mallet, Alhin, Michel Charrtn Pctel, eon signees per ship Vtlle de Ptaris, nr requested It cullnt the subseecilc,'s office nol take Itcir goods. [1 [Measrs. Beaucherrv and Chas. Vouillarmet, con signees per shilt Zotof, crta Havre, toe requested to coall at the subseriber's office anod take tIoir goodls. [l'TThe consignee of 1 bale marked ;. E., per tarque f amnrirscotta, froml Iondon, in reque-ted to call at the subscriber's office and receive the same. t1'MtMaame Cinasse, !Mesrs. Joliv anld Bestlre, L. Riehe: consignees per .,ip Rochester. from IHate, are requestedto call at the subscriber's office and receive their goods. L II hAlE, d6 93CommDon at CYCLOP2EDIAS! DICTIONARIES!! EES' Cyclopaedia, 47 vole.; Edinburg Encyclo. Y Penny Cyclpaedlie,vol 11th. Encyclonpdia Amer leans, 13 vols. Penny Mngarinm for 1837; * Gorton's Biographical Dietiotary, 3vohr; to Walker's Dictionroy, I Voeel. Buyer's Dictionary, tr I tol, Websler's do I vol. Johnson & Walker's D)ictionary, I Vol; *t Newman & lnrrett's Dictionarv .2 vol.. Johnson'. I)itionary, 4 vole; Webttcr's DIictiona r e, 2 vol; Dictionary, vole; Also a large supply ofEnglish St nvenire. &c, for Snsale by WnI McKInAN, -d6 .. c arCntp ajnd CtmttmoI tnst FURNITURE! FURNITUiiE!! J UST received at tie Laouiliaa Furniture u W a e-r l house, a orge sutp)ply foat New York and Bao t toll. Persona in tile want of forniture wotld do well | to call, and select their artieles frot onle ,f thetat atd largest stocks now in the city. IV R CARNES, d6 5:3 licnrille at C N B--Partielar attention paid ttopaeking lnd clop ping Fcrniture, free ofexpectt. - d.t-2w QTCAMI MBO iTS FOR S.ALE-Tlt. tpleodid steam, ShbotSmt W\V,.tIAaM WALLACE, Iow rounning on n the Lake, is well ada ted to the river'trade; bIa passed the inspection law, and is in coamplet, ordear. The steatm boat SI)UTH AL.AnMA, which in now being rep irel, and will be it com1plete order ia tew days. lor ternt .a, Ilcl will be libercl, apply to GEO \V III11 AN, d6S 73 Poydraas t JOt A'ITOES-;i 00 barrels, inlding frotm brig lior J race, opposite the matrket, ITc, Sale 'y JUi T rec~icedattht lottltAl IatltO tr W\Va E lRonM,5:t Rienville street, 100 Matple anil Cherry Bledted, t a first ratetile. Alo. asort ancut o'f Maple, Vuallnt, tand pinted Chaisi; which will he soul for thet lowest cas prtcrs. WV R (C tRNEt, dfi6 511milenville at L MPORTANTTo MASTFIRS or' SilIA'l lIlT" The subscribers iove in store a few barrels of ilittnllinated Peat,n slw aroticle lntIly invtrd in New York. 0 few barrels of this Pent was pat on hoard the (;rect lVenter ot It r last Iri:,;tlhe enginer eotles thlat tle resutlt of the trial lhi slti'i'll him thl t O110 Itb. of Poat are t qual to 311ill Ib. l Co(.t, an I that in case a tere there i in cau~tmitg or keetoig a al gol, h'ad of stnti, this litel tc iodiipettaltl. Th cd3i rectors ofith (Ireat \Ve'tert rd a rOc thI plrcc he of 100 hbrl f.r the iire of the ship, whllich was put board on Iher last de;arture. For a troI]oltltIy to l,'t(K &l. S N r Foll I tolev.,r at N Il--lHt 2 bris at a tilllm Pc~4U,3y lie d livered to ole strm hboat, until we get a filrther SupplyV which it, dec"1" dr 1 Nyw I.& eve -W Po1tF EitK INtWlitt \N(' h CO) N. il NW-I 0i, d 'rern next dlit toe lotec In (1. rime Pork 20 bil. Iriile blcl', ft rt h a" r b G by I. lit'Y, l j df J4 New IL.evee Samnn for sale by (;I)()Il SEY, di ,II Nu,, I.evre 'a OAilt % SCANFINI,\-I5 H lt't te'otItet Ir White Pie Roarda; 21 I feet Ihlelck Stant ling, lezling from schr Coasius near Levee Pre,. and Sai 737 Camp st I e I 'TARITI JOCKiEY CLUB. et Ar MtlF:TING if the ,lembersa of thin Club will be A ie held at No. 19, Exehagge Mhttl, THIIS EVE. NINI, ;,I 7 o'clock. A full meeling is requsLed, Ia bltsinesu of iltmportance will be breollt hefote tlhe Clubt. S0t REAMt, Iti dec'y w 7,0001 Capital Prize. - Tickets ontl $2. 'p GRAND STATE LOTTERY. SI)Drawn numbers of the (;rand State I.ottery, Class fi6l. he 1l, 12, 19, 4, 10, 51,31, 45, 3, 1I, 128., CIASS No. il. Authorised by the L.egislattre of tilhe State. To bt drawn TillS DAY, Dec. re lt, OI3t , at 5 o'clock, P. 31. at Ililhop'a Hottel. he S. DAVIS & CO, Managers. 75 Numbers-,T2 DIrawn Ballols. lbC SCII51 E. I Prize of $7 000 $7 0ll0 3oI dt 2 I10 2 0101 - Ier 1 do 1 )(10 1 010 in- 2 , 5011 111011 S10 do 1ll 1 11011 n- 132 70 12 7t 03 do tW 1211 do 3 11 110 ih 390611 do 4 t15 24 r 2:34316 do 2 It 172 27 814 Prizes, nmctttinlte to $11 5:19 a. Tickets $2 01- Halves 1 tI0--Quartersl 5 50 :. Packages of '25 'ickets tor $ 50, warranted to draw at least $214. Ple Ptckagea of 2S half tickets $25 00, warranlte to draw at leasl $12 00. Plackages 5 Quarter Tickets $1:2 50, warranted to draw ai least $60UO. For Packages or single 't'ickets, apply at the IMANAGERS' OFFIC'E, N. 6 16 Chartre at " O ILS, PAINT.S AND TUPILI'N'IT'tINE-:ol ensks O l I)t, Dutch ad Amereican L.inset'l )il; 51 Id caa k purre let'm il; 0!l Iltb browlt tallner's oil; 6 tIli No. I cntttr o'l; 0101 keus New York white letnd; 2511 keg. I'Piladelpltia w htte lead; 70 kegs green paint; dry on ellronte rea- aonl yllow; 1I5 hbjr spiriets T lollllle 2lttin do; Horthler wlh an nssortmlc t of fresh drugs and metdieitle,, 'or ale by JAIl.VlI. J ANI)IEI'WS, d5j - cor Colalonl & Tclolpitollas as I of EWIV l AN & AiiROII.1,JON R. . CO. y I NtiNce-During tile Race dvcla he. cars. will ltcse tte car lotse, Itydnts strett, every half Ilor atltr 9e1 A. M., Ulltil 5 I-.3 P'ch mk. P, 01., and will lave. 'ar rollto everyc halflhonurafter 8 A. M.. uttil Ii o'clock,' P1. M., and lteon regular. JOI1N IAMIPSON, d5 Chf. Eng. N. O. & C.. R. R. and CARDS tnk - PRINT'EIDat the saortest Notice, in the most. ter elegr.ato tanner, in Illaekor Colored ItKS, on EnmtPel led, \Vhite Flake, or Plain llrftaced CAnl, and olt I'riceso ery reasonrbtle at TIUiFE AI1'.ILICAN O)F was' FIE, corner of 'oydrna and St. Charles eta. was Several New and IHeautiful Fo.als of 'TrE hare S15 just beended to Ithe Estanblishment. Her Orders r'ce"eied at Comtpting Rmlll, S.. Charles ter, E'channge, 3rd doer fron (:ravier 0t.,or ot the 'Prilting Office, corner of Poydraa & St. Charles streets. noecl-f the I')lr.A NDI GIN, &e-6 casks ofk al surl'inr qcali Eln- li itv; an Itctcrttlnl lt it rel Ilantzle thtI os, d tirect i t'porttti t2tt1 ,o1 t Potlish Linen. t0 Itl 40 It ty i ehe itle, sttable for bnline el obacct, d 1auvnasU. ets, e Stecttto Shtit.ig.,t. Iinltketchief+, I'latilln-, del trte Ilctatlllg e c EIIctttjilltn, ce., dirtlic oi' th' I an ;apt a totes i.Sile.a. I Pecuia,) andwarranto ed iohepd re Inlen. Also, an ssortl.rllllmt oIfllta"ns ad ll , yok filr san" Irv JOIIN i MALIR INS 1II"IN, d5-3tp 122 Royal t isan , I-TIIF XIII ES-Attikttn lb'pillttatlry,ftrr- h .ce 1 movicg aoprclloua hair frol tIhe face, I,.ck ncl at,lou with eqtol Loftc and cetrl.tilty, leavig lthe l ',n itnetr andl whliter Ittt ibtlitee the op3is tttiot. A Iehit not supply just rcrived at tIe lIazoattr. InIIS I & A1I.I.N, 1, F.xchnoer llotel, ear St Clhat'e ll & Contttstt eat Alo--'urkish tIte, for changing t'he 'i tllker cc Ihir, to a benau ti. brlwn or bloek. I,15 3l. SIt & AI.L.LEN. CITY BANK, New Orbeana, 6 I),c., 1831. N t YI'l: A of e '.1 ooil.lity No. 2, If Nea Isriese,-, tit the Idellominutel olinre, Two, and I.h', 16,111 to~, will beu r."eeivell in payment and1I1I in~ delll it fly tlhi Isl,,k. and onand atlertlhflirat Modlllay in Jtau ry m st, will be edeee in .Iaiase ie. Iwlil'. J. IPALLREn, ~l'(i('"shier W Ti IIi l lTAi.iAN dTuLIII4MtIIv Pt. tdteralhlundlrdwl wlhi Ilalinn Mulberry ellalls, from three t six bfeet hilt fir esale by the mnleaer..d, re*s idin )ithe Ilae slore, son CuanBia Ileytween Si lth town oflMaadeille lbs snl 1 Ileroard's ma.rig.v plana- C l.tion, JOHN FAUBRE. I sbae3 F n 1CKl gRE.-Nos. I; 2o 3, in l,,iela,L-- blar 1'1. ruls, s,o nbite for stile by WINSTON & SHALL. .1 ___ 7 Front Levoe ' I'rA:islae boxeas f tFcelebratyed la~ k :amity I .'ea; in store and for sale, by wINS'I'ON & SHALl., ,16 7 Froet Lsa ve LJ T 0 ItEI.I.AS-25 coaes bllek ,,snuLaa Um.,brellaa, in store, anl for sole by ISAAC BRIDGE &. '20, _.16 134 Magazine of1 ALE OPE-00 cis, supriorrtieo, fr sale B by SAACBRIDE &.:l, 5, dfi 131 Magazi..r at IjA1.EOI'OPE-2001 cds , orlltern Bale Rope, fry ) nbys & J PW IIITNRY, 16 73 (Samp at 3IEAN-lOB 13l1b lobas-17 6 1 do-and Y7 ell sea I2 rpiasrrs achl, for srale by IINS'I ON 4' SHAL.L, .16 7 Front leeee d'I(IAL.-Aaioltsrei.e Coal t bulk alnl is casks, an kJ I.iverpoolcoal isab.s dslivelred in otsoto.aui puchasorso. Ordelrsl leftollhe Coal Yanrslji (s.anal st. I ir at HOLMIIS & MILLS, N b. 9 B lk P'lace. a 1JAS'rE Ill..ACKINU- l00 gronslaa dsill gfo 601al.ip I Fai not. for eale by ISAAC BRIDIGfE & CO, nov23 1:4 Magaziea I UNIIIEIR-Aral I',,sa rsis 2'616111) ft l ear season. i a Ilaalole. l0ll tItle IPoatoes, landling from e 0hip Lagsnge, and.l or sale byL nasl9 93 Coonlttta sI e Y/EAn's POWIWRSU-A large supptly o~f liar above e 1. Powders for mal., by SICKLES & CO, novnii2 410 Canal m1 I('! LAKEr- 201U boes in sisrtsaatl or Rain by v AIRAHAM IRIEBI, s" dre3 40 Poydrasl t r. t inINS-1500 wbhle and half boaes for bl e by ABRAHAM TRIER, derN 40 Prtydloe s * LEMON5 11 bolaes instose ndltfsor sale by yr AIBRAIIAM TIIER, dec3 401 Povdrras s% M IcE2 Ilblora in, tase tunu fat o eleb ABRAHAM TRItF.R, a. ac_3 40 I'oydraydas jAllI 0 kIl egs i.sll 13 hblf begs Laid landing froms eleasutboat rO)eor, aslndfr axle by or J TI-lAYER & CO, dltN3 74 I'o dlrslea IIIIRItl Bbt.:Ie-8lls Imke teef, an.s 11,bl r ossle. load ing from rItambosat Oz.ark, atll Ifo satel.. 'IIAYEII & Cl), 71 Ptatlrassl SOI..AND GIN -3 pipes Hl,land Gin n n trT and orfaale by J TIIAYERL & CO. dec3 74 Poydran at 'iOSiENI iBUITIER-40kegs prime Goshen Butter - inatHn waa Farale by CHIISTIE A- SINNOTT, r dec3 27 Common at SEAF I.AIl)--6f0kepa I.eafLardjnst received and L fr sale ly CIIRISTIE & SINNOTT, O d Ic3 27 Cohlannou at Poi SOAP-00 al hes Nio 1 &ot JP WHaITby , CHRIST IE & SINNOTT, toe:ic 74 Pnydrnn t Of 7OSt IEN CIIlE.ISE-5O Idation Cheaesajuast - cinT C IId C t STIE & $1sNNOTT, the dec3 27 Common at llf WISALMON-ia luaand twa foaknd tnis, far r asale IS'IRIE& SINNO'TrT, nco3 1 27 Coann at na UI- KS ISLTANDI SAI'--31,0 1ala T. .ei l'nrka i Sot, lading front bark IIohelia, and for sal by LEVI II GALE, - ldov. r .' (o C llalllon at rI1 RTY ut lrsand 1-1 incb, t landing fromn bri a ILineoll.S, anrl f I b'nty h, nov26 7:1 iCnp Pl F )rA'tFe.75 It Paiatno.n I-la ndmling frn riabg A 1r ILanaca, far sale by n 9 J P WIITrNEY, fn nove2 73 Camp at ta U.. KisY., dry a ond awe , l,, r sn le, i REA, tt.I) lARS'tI'W, ano'2- 7 Iank I'Plnae . AI EiLA: All I', tr nnt waoll th, yfirs rate lalt oI II stress, (ll r, h, t r, anl d a ook: . otd Iertnnit ill evrvs rspel; wr arrllltel IrA., from the vices and trcIl adau.d pres- td a law, WMchAir, a 8p.\lIllll: aw I Ra I Itanian,, A IA t d urc: a er 7 i' , ,a o 17 C IIst ma at ) D IRADI & IIA ILSTIOiW, nov2.. 7 (tank 'lnee S N le.r , lllliland Irlll So shipls {ntlilgee anid At kaEtsr, Cad for sale rIs, l ISAAC BRIGIiIEI+ &. CO, nov2. 131 Maga'.ia at lllE by S & J P IWI'i'NEIV, nlov:4 73 Camp st U CK-A cUmleA i r7tmeantt i ,rie, fort sale by S &J IP Will IRNEY, IOV24 7: Cttlnp at I SIMMS' NEW NOVEL. I -)'IAYO: A slory af t. Gotll, bi the nathaor of IMe ollichanea' 'i "Tle ianalmsee 'Gu! IRivers,' 'The arlisaut Martin Foler,' &c,inr 2 vol. jaai receiv ed nd flr sae by WnM r IcKEAN, dle :3 car C~n i &C a COainn at At.T1--511(Ol Hacks Ivie, rpool Salt, afloat in lot to a it p rchatrerT; apply to a IIA (GA1cE, i nvf 93 Colnoaane st S II IOGlANS-100 cnaes, colnitlting alfenl' primte kip Sbraganat and heavy kip boots, landing alnd for Stasle by ISAAC BRIDI)liE & CO. ,nov23 t34 Magazine at `` PERM CANDIES--25hICKan Neln Iedford hperm . Candlea slalding, for sale hv ISAAC BRIDGL E Q' CO, nov23 134 llagazilt a of EW U ROPi' SUrAIt-275 hhds parime Itr iale on By plntation, above the city, by READL) & BARS'lOW, nnov24 7 Bank Ilace ; -EACII liltBNDY--Afew bbls old and asuperor • article, ftr aale bhyR A , ' EAD &BARSTOW, S_ nov2. 7 Bank PI'lace SI.MitANACtS FOI 13839-Jst rectived a artr i suiply ot thte I.ouitaina Ahnanae for 18n39, cnl Scuated itr tlesatale, of tltiantllta, iaosisipikpi, alnd Al I0 ailnttt, ol lale by D FEI & Ci, 0 New Y'ork Stationers Illal, 1o nltov3 r 4 Chortres rt ta AilS-- .t Cegtametead a II fir sale by S LOCKE & IC). iio l l+ It Front levea r :il lNS'IID OIL Ill store and fin ante by I; or TOSEY, 4 alov2 44 Niew Levee 11 It)', tIFFEE--200 bags in storer i atnfr allr. by a9a T 'IL II YI)F. & BIl1, deel 39 ieor ('nm L& MIagaihlla sia iat ,N NL/talTfl3-S- bI t a+. - 4t- . tdu.. . tla, foIr staala by 'r It IIYDl: & ikIO , aw _decl ell Clll & Magaltine ata , AISINt--30i hlioe and l'1iill half htales, Fltent:hl ;l Raisins, frills importation, fta ale, by T IL IIYIFlE & IO, atit l fnr CoirC & Miagalzile ala NO'lT'CE. lilMr. GEOIRGE MILRRICK laving rsaaigned the ll IAfice of chief Engineer of the New Orleans and, Carroll 1 Inn lhil loand, Mr. John latmpsoan has been plinlt Try ,,,ll i his place, , , h ni all a persotIIs blvlig ausiness Snidtll, or wishint ii,,i ttnliaton regarding said Rgaii aind nill nplt at tlbe Iail Rotid Office, I'oydra tarett, aI B 1y odler of ihe Blarl. (signd) JOIN NICilOISON, 0. va7-t-f Cnaltier Is R ----- A CUi" FOR SALE. FIRST rae ml ill Cow for saae. Durllnan, lreed, n, tclkl Ir katv ,a, ,oard ship Vicksbahrg,ppoisite thie vege , ,tap nlarkel. I. (' "'91l'S I'iE'I'NT ItIFI'l.-Juat rte.i,edtlClit's -lJ Ptenl tShut Rifes, fir nc.llr.lcv sdll fIlce of tile fire, anl also the raiapliitt wit wli.cll tlY nart lnliedi til ' la ldai targltd, eceed a.I thinitg of n It Iillll tict llas ItU- SIl & AI.IEN, (Enachlang Iltncl,) t tdecl aorner St thlarles &n Ptvdrnla in .IF. 1tiLOU"+110 r itia liditg franm st -taaiat 'iibter Sand ulr sale by G D" ILE\, ,, 44 Ne_ Lee,( _ . IAV.t.LALI1-OF NFW O:)LEANS. /f\I1 ~rice Irell flourll to-day is $8 25l trnr rel, cs : .1 ac'or, ng to the It nif; tie linkers shall give dn gihg rillg Ill iesuina week (frln anl tl'y l hit 3I .) :d 35 liIn h.n of bread foraa hilt. Breatd Iite setoind lulality is iirtd to weigh t7,t per cent. Itnl,viz: 1,l ounces. dlrrl C. GENIO)IS. lta,'or. as, J iiig froll sip Lollin, for tilt b 40 & J' WIIII'NE'Y, an t 1- tiillt galln W tintel,'r strati'i S tnelm i)illanIl Sn', ( l fro lin I'arlheoln, iin sale los IIto ISAAC BRIIDGE & Coi, re V'7 1 l'. i Magaciue st I I'ltll,, Rules aof the Circit aud ialrit.t ('onrtnf aie S U S . r Ilie I)iitl, ifr Sale at the lttice oft trt- 'feal afraid Coa't. AppllV o and .a.. I ' p "AI.DEN. tal, -A-hVI. I... t'a. ....itable tat .....l. I lii ..n., ta. ' i t, a t 1 3 ('_ i'p ats u I i I citcc lad ldor -life hv CItIIISTIE 1 n' ,I 'tOi'r', . fo,)t :!11) -, l'innuio. 0 SI. Chndrles Theatre. Secold .ight of the en et of. el oWf Mr. JAS. . .BIltI\V.E. Mr. IIHol.IANID will appear. •- rillS -VFNIN(I, I)I,: .fC, \Will be plrfroorlwd the Cored) of I" TIlE RIV.1LS. Sir Allnll n A olale, Mr. Irno, O Capt. Absolute, Harrionll, IRob Acres, I:troWe, Full land, I'earsol, Itarid, Hllhlltmd, rMra nMaorop, Mrs. Br es.. Lydia LrmogISlM, Hlnrrison, Jr lie, Mliss Brnell. An Overture y Orchestra, (;renl Pan Sr11l, by hMad'le Ihteanot. To cORllclud.m with hde. Oratad of IOBEIIT pI ACAI rE. IIlRoert Mc nire, Mr. Brown e, I uert orend . :Cowell, Clharles, I)ebar. st Mrl. Mrs. Fnrren. Dress and lMuasquehlr e nalls. : SMANSION HOUSE HOTEL. ' ScFW LEVE. 'i'REFTr', Immediately in Tront ll , h stl eall boat landing. Tie above establish i neant will ae re-opened on Jlndalv eveniag, I)Dee. nda It3r , furlthe eason. Ball d wno . undays, Tuesdays, it ald T'huroedar. Sair eotartlisthrert will be frnisheds with the rhoelet liquorsr, and a god Rle.utaurat will be attlrrilc d 'o It. tile mInngaeras or rid estalihmebAnt ave egnge sumficient Police oicreers t o keep good order tthroughout OT the esanlithrelt; there will he a iplace to drloasit cloakr os llen, lr. No person oholl a be nditted in tie Balh Itran wiol weaporas ofmany kilnd. lThe ImPrerial, I.onlrn Arsmlal dt Alnric A Walt, lChriAllrnnO I'csE, tor 1839; oe I P gLo I.dy's Anllnlal for 1839; Sungll Gerllltleloao'o Anlraal for 1R39i Thr Giitr; The I irlet tit .hrhrars & co'a Louisiairn Almtnoar ot l&39 Jurt ecteived nro finr sale kv F JOHNS & CO, nov1l? yrrr rs Chatrles & Common e .t-t - ' NI',V W 'lIt . l A -I . SIIE Sltrmager in Chis, hy lrownng; S iThe BRitisih Senate, in' vole+ st Romrner of Vienna, by Mr, l'rollope, 2 volo; --- Pelay(o; ile last of tile othll, il 2 vole; PeIner ,Pilgrim, htor r. Ilirdr i vole; tt Picil ha, r rl, n tie French i f fSnintio e; The Wife Ilrlter, or the Moriarty fasmill; LInrd Shrilrkr. & Sea (ilsr, bry Caltart (1mam. rethck, R N., in 2 vain, for sale by I JOIINS& CO, ling nov'24 car SRt;I(Irle &i Common at 3THE ou rri,orriilrr h- inr.t rtoke. co ranoriorn fire pronoFwrarrehou respctfllty oaters hi servicer te s rt the mrenrlantls aml tldera of New Orleans for tile llr irnl oantd sale of Iite,ls fore anrd pelhrieor, and to relick fur the samle, aln well a , wool llora, hIeml, srtobrrco, drr goods, &c. ,l. lie ill al.,o rrecrive nny kind ofiner art chandize on statoragelat 15l'Ic"rclltitroltn street. anc dec3 It VW EI.LIOTT. is St STEAM BOAT BILLS. Ittr OWNEIS, AGiENTS, or CAPTAINS of ST'EAM BOA'TS Coan hare ltheir Bill. struck of, in one, n or mare Colored Inks on Plais or Colored Paper, rith nI despatch, and on favorable Tera., by leainsg their and ORtDERS atTRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of i5 Poydrans and SI. Charles streets. - _N, -2.-t. Oficoe of the Firemen's Insoraoce Compony of Nee Orleans. 1 1HIStockholders ore heIrby notified tiot the FjT NI InsItaltnot on their 'toek is duoe and ypbyrle he 81h Deceomlber woet, ot the office of the Comptny. E I. rRACY. noN Seel'y. RD SMREII1CAN IIRbAND't -20 bi 5th pooof Aomri- Inc tA . tanI lrdd, for sal. by ISAAC IRIIO(.E & CO, reo 26 124 Magazine' at lOt11SE FlRNIStItNG ST')RE. B lttC)WEII & (7o. hotte c',,ontatly) on hand ot Ityih otir oloxtive eolehlitoteot, No. 17, Caoop St. arol i4 Co,,,ont oIeL, it very large neorto,,) C tol house' ke'prio nrolicle, 'tonsiting of Earthenware' ('Chia, ,d Gilas; IlUr,. tot Steel Fire Se. twtn Fenders~r; Kitchen Utensils; Irn, 7'in. l'noodwnre and 'eel Blakket; sivre pI,.t't,brithocotin toodljaopanooed lownd; fn. ,owpsr ad ,h,,deliero; knieos ad forks, atd house furnishing ood tioo gena, whti,'IhtheVytre prpoettared to Fcptly t reduced~ prices to pIrivate dwellings We benrdinglh uxreII CR I leI ships, lsil ee(uIIIIaceII. Jici 1)1 Nttw Orleans,, Nov It, 1111 : iN)4l.t.It ANNuljAIS I)1 l ))0The Ito,)k of Fiolto,,, t),oooIog lot, Iir ic Fii~hcr'. 1rlrawiog Wolin Scrap I) L~lo:: tl ltrnncý', t:lo-llllre; Hu1IJ nila and lilu lllll; I I 'I'li,' h Co Ip-·( Oitt An l; IFoooet 1e No'; to11oo(to1t A usal; t'rijnl phi' o ( I trio; ; J tivcnile Sketchl Illlo3; ; Von ag 1 l.ild:e·(1 Allnllll; tl 1"nuns / :1·11111n111!n11 Ann101· It Th .lrt I,o, ft;,,,ltoo TI,, Juoe.oile Ittoot t-Nat, .,o-r o reived'I ontd I,,,oal, Iby Wton Ml,(EAN, tie,3 ,,an,,r Camopo,,nI Cm ottii IN tWi1R ,4I.K o . CAR Oll.L'lON Rlll. tc ROAI) I]) 1.-NIIT)('t.-( to nod antr the lt I),D., 1R380, ,,,,il frthter notice,, no Extra night Cr will 01 t leve the car boom, Poy dnlu street, tit hall' past.. II I o'laok,lt. M. forl.nlovo·tte and nteor,,o)dine piters. f Single'ickets 37 1.2 cInt,,tt, : t$3:15 per otnndrell. JOHN IIAMPoi'N, ooolt-tf Chf. Eog. N. O.& (. R. It. a 9 \IIF: Huh-ririberlhae now) on hannd anid for Hale, :All bloxes extra nomp, brand 'James o foooldo 3010 do, iitationt No) 1 I 230 t"olow condlet, Ibrand ofJo,,kro,, 4.Trowbridgooe 400sperttottlcltt, N Idlfurtd and Natulckeot 50 hefboooa u'sopateot do dIo 3110 do oodfiri, to 100) do ttslnclureIo ttobnero,sorioto brands 120 eooes'sweet Sptnioohohoolatc. it 210 lcasoes lyot and vousng lytsun ta 50 lboos paste blaclkig 300 kego Iootuon astilt 16casks" w roter sotrinodsperm oil 1 00 Sicily, Mtdteion Wine, in pitees, (alf pipes, qr casks and octaveo, ontitlod to debntoure 200 coil ltle rope liI0boleo Hompshire shootoings,.ltirtino, & drilliogo 200 L.owell cott0ns,00 18 and 4-4oottonsdes, antd tin Hey., karweys, suitable fho oegrtt lotol. ISAAC IlK)I GE &s C(7, doodec3 1:34 Mogoritte ot Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Auction Bills, PanphletS, show bills, CaIt logues, Lc. &c. 4J'OIRDF7RSfot- 1he Abore, to.! every other tdes crijtir dof.I PIrI N llN~ii.fl ,to'reirciv to Comp iltg (tw, R ooflIO cf UE A)1ItlCl)AN, inST. (C7et)AO s Ex. lnAN*E :,tI 31 oor from, treet, Dr at the I'rintinlg Office, torner 'tt l),o'Ivdr- andt,) Si,. (iohol,, sstrelts. Es Eorlettoireeotl ht'ttti'lltl t),tct, torl JtOo Fooors. front the lot Fttoundies in the Unicd NStales, htoe juL e, here added to tlhrtotI rey ,oel-estace 12Atabllsoloter; - -tool fOtstot rio!be !.srrcted to tot, to Ciotupit, Expeditiloutly td olelouJellt', to at aoty other Offic in the City. Noel-/f ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FORl 1839. olo I'LENIDID ILondton Atonltsl,,-l'te hltok otf ltty. Sltly, sttprrb rol'dtplate1 ; Fisnede, 'oT'ableaoo, and tOollery of Gracer; 'to e~e I b o lootog ttot, Itbottnil ltottb3; Wael Kesk,-fe nlei' llrootrod Cltstlt,,tco,-lttt,)o ot,,I JIItt.otoo~r ,1- Orieant'. Sanestin; Furaet me Not;or t. Jttrdictti xfort. ctt A tttttil; it. l'arieaulllr.? asI; Comoc Annstil; Fttetotnolttjtto (Offring; Jisder',,orsile Slott Iltook; otd YIoung hloIiotottttovtttt" georthtlltOnetroAntnttol. tttri tt-; A ( lhtototto Ttule. t,ciert'at Anttttttts. l·I1H Tokenl nod Atlanltic Seciveni,; or Mlr, (.ilmtot', ottttal Riegister t- Illttttttsiile Almonac. ,llttottttos. ad, Atorritj1n Almanac4.e Ret-sittry , Knowledgo ,a- blast's Nautica l :!!consul,;il~ :e- Illns Il Co''.. Louisianalll Almanac;l(· C10' eJ.ttooCto. n tti'iGottno AImoot,o, t'. St war', I)it'ototor 1o 6), containing ,t a ttbl antto emo ihe randoml for every leyr of thec yyen,. Plll JO NS & Co., led corner of SI Chlarles anti Clon non etc. too oo 2I1~-3Cw I INE)S & Cl)tlIlAI.S-P'er Jttiio, fw,, Blortat antlI late arrivals, herll'nioh tioes. NeeteeitlooIroitruotott, litttcrttpt-o, llot"Ithti tttse, 'I ol,,,,,,orbcreerr, NOteitltc-gr, Ottr l.oy, Milk. Stein o& Looot-t, Sparklittg DIto, otd RIltoti Wo\'ee, Clotmptgtte. Red and White, celebrated brands.l111/6 ottlsrottlltc ot-t-Irottot pIoorkltttt Ito,,, noco, Chtu.bohtitt, Clot dc VoNgeoo, att,) Nurl). rJed otrt'to.r. C'hltotcs lfi oOt ,, ,,,,d t'1ot).oto )I,,roli,tto ~ vil toteoe, ftt, cot. J tli,"n I, ti SI. Ecl'tilion PItomttt Moo Ma- aitO 000000 of3 ,Ioo. Goot) Eo~tetito ant St J tliltn aid Wht Dns Ilcati;iogt, S,,,,c,,cr, laretttt nud CroRco. ofser ot1tt sin )st. 't Genuinell I·I1IIPI and Froctignn u c M nludC . Madeira, -- .3111 .111.1 pure a. importeTI d in coin=.b tthe Winlntyito d Chtpagnti , io l IArrrrd os ot It 2d ('ordie·ls. 0)1e oot,,or taacinoolt dd es _ de iturliugn" slild Llilln, c·lur (`oldcillsl Iolr \Vbice nud la Ird 13uldall x A nis~tto ill " re,,* 0) lIotd lntofi ilr ae st Al,.cccc be and KiliilIllwa.hetr, Ire u V s l tit is,0 1' F *tt n c1), cl ,,,,v:.l c (i . .:i 1 ha I. ,. t orono r Cauap SI. Theature. =ý--,This, IhDet d'a r fti, -. ... \\ ill Jelt pealllrue!d the cel ibr ed t'anedly of t'lHE LADY OF LYONSI Claude Meltlle, Mr. FIredticks, C .t n, Di as, II rrel t, I 'nu line, ,lh'. Iarrett. Widolw IMelnlttec. OvertureI by Ith Orchestras Tihe hlel will can Ilde with tlh ID itana of .1 E PP' A. MaP.plp, Dolhr, Ahblder KaI, Fredericks. llrolinski, Brown. Olinski, Mrs Green. Dress & Masquerade Ball, WASHINGTON BALL ROOM Mt. Plhiip streetI, betlweena Roynl & Ihrhlnn. rIl Mattager of hea a,,ve It ated Ball llomttutgrate L I'l tIlhsil'rienls anl the pablie fill thle ilnral lelled patroange bestowed onIl ilot rsevetra eOtalns, rejpectflly nfrnt thnel thIat lhe estahlishltellt has bee elllatgeJ for the nallsielntof visitors, and l dergonnn itnneae repalr. T'Iel bar will be lrpassedl hby onn in quolity of liquors, anil l he Reetaart till be keit by tIe eldest IIeatiRetruleur in the United Staten. The roelllwil re-op oll l Suuratlay ovetling, 3rd of Novemher llet. Iy ai I- (ltND DRESS & M ISQIIERAI)E AI.\1.1., t anI will take plhaue ts raual evr Molday, WeInts Il, ,y ll atllrldav ovenilng, lrin i tIhe sea.nll, hieh .will Rod om t ile le of May, 11139. ' b. B. Tnhe nreatest attltlion tnill ie paild toi keetp ing perfel order tlouolit aul tile eslahlislaitt, ast wus don,: last season, tit 0nir*'I T inNTO MERCHANTS. IM TIEICItAN' S ran hane a II.eonTIF'et. CtICne la strucn k of t nlfier oursn No'lcrn , By .:tll.anF at tle Caopting Rotal of 'InRUIE AMIERICAN I'tsl'rltno OI.ItCe, St. Chrles EXein,.ie', djuiiniaig Ike REIt, ING ROOm ta Corner of nti;vier ntnret, or at e t eint ing Office, crert "eef I'oydras antd St. Uharles st'eels. -- NOTICE, S COr F FEE IIO1d SK, ktnown hy thle h ine of tie' aI "Stealllblot i'rexhnlgc; for en e t htill illille I o tenat, every ting coll plete. Colltne, helele, he ltli E t rant dllt i kt fXtixtres. if re uiried, bed ain beddittl, en chlars lld tlblres, llll iller ofrllierticlets t eoo e ditto t ko t ttltatll. Then ii thirteen tUnthet, 12 f t to coen re nt1 kI0 dolllra ner iinolth. Any peelent Sisilltg to p'tihtse will llelt Itattentlitll at 13 l inrodlt I;For cash a barai ill OI t ITCHELL. dee; 7J'WE, proprietor Ilae re-flltel his Realitlg btemn,in tl. I e St. ('hale Ex ae.lltge, Crner ol iratier and St. (hallrles strei, ll tlke neItest tn nletr. I at Besides ell the l1 ri lipal I plers If'lhe Unit ed State s, ttf every :itv atd state. the Caollndtt,'l'EXnliI anli Meci ir eo nie 1f alln ttltlt, Ilh rlll i regalarliy tllnl xtettive I v Ia Iltliel rl ewiatl tIe lat lttEulloelln.ll llpers, Lerd', r- Lislas, Ilt Picu' Price .liirentl. Also wilth earlyl ack all h te Ilterllv Per.t diltlil olf fl' dav , alil( lals ItIe e+ t- tletropoltlltn leviews and llilntkwohell atngenin. The Norlh Alilrileae Ileview; tihe Souternll Ile lrv, Knick I. hoeker,Thll tAlntuticu Jolrlial ial Stcieii.e aiild Arts, C aiet Miscellany I)henllel ie Ileview, (ilniltlelen'. a gaRic, Alnrieaiel aittttll, Bently'v's Mienllhny, tllthe AM Meieo Cltirurglcat Hevien, and it variety if olhere. ne, All thesen works iet regularly suhescribedl lor illd recei red. The room is allt suppliedl with a Intge vttiety with ef atps aud etlasns, Niles tR giselr, I.evy's P'rie Cur ei rent'nrot i.kts llnllnkelllltlilll (;Gzaternt, and( t variety of fworks ofrtt refa net Thke liit iactivel & intelligent newn collectors are enn plvene, to give then arliest arrivals, al lo pains nor , rease will he sparled to rcler this Reatdig IRaol the arst the United States. A atn Sltherilptios t re resltaetfully reenive I. cetl I--t" ItT NEW ORLEAN-C..CA RIt)I.I.rN R-,Ali lROAD ," RANGEieMYNTa FOR THE W+VEEK flOAS. tey n, Cnerrolli. Fitle New tirlenie. Froe. 1nete e tlollli. A. M. Iersi Car lit o'cniek, A.M. l mcomi tivenitE I ., IlelncolOtlie 7 1 .. .~ . e " . Ate. Aker 1l0 ollnck na (nara II ohtllliiitld by ltyin) 1tI dIl it tflans for thl 'rip.l rae. tIE JAIKSIiN ANI) I.i)lti'RE Si'rltEI't :Att S a I.t e t .t( t l sti eelt allti oi-hlllkA A . illllt rlti hlltl,. At aar eeI(l aet 7 or hl k tli, is n will iultllllll.llili rtllttiti eria y half l ola tll, nll.t otIc l lnt )lt rghut lh dhy I llllil 1 tclck, P.I M. ftrontl tie hcte l e t'Ja. k-tn ttett. tns 'er o lls Olto g ly lp ithe l ll~ llll l C t pIrt'L I tldlr h1 llelrte lingC, tilce New ()rlenllS ollut Carrulltol 111 t Jtllltl Ctmppan v .... Clhcf Eng.. N t 4_(C. I. R.+ JIaor treanta'aa aaIandru .F clh I,'aaear nnd Aq'ne. T,,., wil I ,c r*'mld. dz,.,,vt:,rcd s Iwrti h, the1 Tloli: d1ix tlorl i* r;1llpiol t the odI n r m dllllelr i o:d, 1" trentliln tihe I:elr a hr Aaan,. ln iie ia-I I li he. e, bling a Vea'c - tabll- xlrx act alll rl: t l-rol l- alaa ly a lh aaaa'aa nala poe till, ill,erl'litll ~ll~ il In~ IzVh tzkI· li l hh. I h,' I nlll 111·111 f11*1 o) I r ei. lla tihe Ian laatr iufua, I IIIe ,el ila ll . II lte vq·lllP+ r~r/l~rrlrlell' lhl' jl~ll.l.(l~ll~l'l'11~1? l1t'cl lltIlltrll~lll o Iloll Ph1lll re' lnaill i itis . alt -ed It ll I II'a . b 111 " eIll a Iat l a s e CaLa I amul )r in t 11 Ietilr, bl r inlvi rlflinl the st 1ran hiai glriiai . iilla llir a mllllvla i llle i ral.llllinlt lltI( ill llm1 Il'.l,,+iI'I. h ill(+ll'll~l`( I1111 +,11i tlll r, I~I 1+i l.rl·1lllr. li-ataar diall.+e, but i lhloroiaiae iIa ,. · 1t, i-. e iiaaIa1 l-r gFans of dligtesltil ulll Ihllm k nell'lilsl the" L.¥ mP(Il lialth halavl I, r I ltha ala111-ia-a a io i I Ilt I ' Ii a l-rallla Inldhiv ails, dier the, ime it.: '|', h ie " Mixture, have aIIIe ' L.n.o'd a al l lthe a--ll + i-ei h. 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It is prepared only ty Dr. John i It.Ie wndI, at his lnl -m Ciry, amrketstrlileenhilaa ,l i aina lis ii h ihliaaae lmlb acr ycr em-ar e ilh y wllamninaaa elt. i irtn Sotlii Weaaelrnl .eales, alld will sell by the, i a ihe Plhildllllphia arices. Tai' e had at retail allo,.td Cians tofthe Apothocarins ib th cit.N Wy. JARtVIS C ANDREWS, WVholesale lartlggiat, llvIi n' a l 01rl Cy llllll.ll I, 'l'laa ilpito lais £ I 'l ICa i io s herel y l iveill iata llo ignt nl hiie a l en made l y Messle. Blair e Lhwa, tf l thi- cityr oala fIlhef ri iertv n a sl atilae oif evliry Iecril aion Ite , lsilt z II. O ,I lallr erert & Il air lsi( .+.+l+tt enmrcr , l| a r As aj.a forlaerly oi i lli i 'iay, andi ci f i ahl l lan ir &i .lwea ,r in sthh'h theyv ale rartllustivt'ly iniheret··dl toJolmh "ry 1(Inr 411 Nc.,nrk, +New Jersey, arml to31I John %Vm~lwrlh an i Wm. J. Milher of t aim:city of .ew Yo, for the ShellefioF thle reditora. a ul'nid ellr c allll d lll r IIl con dltioes llt ';J11iied ie satidllt .;lialllrl)I+ .llld whhdcl said as tAillpll).ll lllS ilchl i.Ii lly /et+il'lb r1ii*1 Iisn oi~ly.RIJI NAllelicK. ihchmlel a aiitiuse aarc regaraca toi at pan llld nil elditori ,f i he alle are requested to pre a let their tl.ains ila-lllll l I eirMA·& lIr f IrIISLY I. TIII )MAS. de.l--(i n No [ Chart(rot, ea'. Canal. 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